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Anyone know the Convention schedule/agenda for tomorrow??

CNN poll --

George McCain.

Florida is in play: Mason-Dixon Obama +1

Florida Mason-Dixon poll: Obama 45%, McSame 44%

CSPAN says that Obama will accept the nomination at 10:15ET, 7:15PT tomorrow

I loved Joe Biden's speech and I thought he evoked the most real emotion

Oh so NOW MSNBC is going to cover Kerry's speech

msnbc's panel is right about one thing - the pukes WON'T SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT OBAMA next week...

msnbc's panel is right about one thing - the pukes WON'T SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT OBAMA next week...

What are the Vegas Odds on McSame's running nurse..., er mate?

Anyone else watching PBS with Charlie Rose - good panel except for Halperin!

The Talking Heads were right. Biden's speech was rough around the edges.

Anyone hear the FUCK YOU guy yelling while Pat Pukannon was talking?

Bloody their noses so we can walk down the street tomorrow!

Anyone remember Operation Chaos?

Main Stream Media

WE are smarter than THEY are

Don't watch this.

"I used to be a strong Democratic............"caller on CSPAN just now.

Corporate Media soooo Jellos of Obama!

Okay, I'm actually watching MSNBC right now and enjoying it

Ok - It's A Lock - She's Press Secretary Maddow Now...

First they don't show the convention, then they lie about what happened

Super POW Bros

YES !!!!!

Michelle to Cindy: Follow that, motherf***er

You know why the republican media is upset about Invesco? Obama will fill it up, McCain could not.

Al Gore tomorrow

Today was a good day

My biggest impression: Our convention looks like America

So funny! Now the Pundits decide what kind of Speech Obama should give tomorrow!

You Mean Duct Tape Tom Ridge? The Guy Who Gave Us The Color Coded Alerts?

About The Clintons...

Should I print this bumper sticker?: McCain has P'Lenty...How About You?



MSNBC's audience does not like Pat Buchanan

What a difference a week makes

Mike Murphy = Is he doing Oxyconten

Mike Murphy = Is he doing Oxyconten

Did any of the Cable channels show Barack's Patriotic Great Uncle, Veteran of WWII?

Michael Hirsh: The Anti-Cheney? How Biden would compare to Bush's No. 2.

Michael Hirsh: The Anti-Cheney? How Biden would compare to Bush's No. 2.

As one who was a pretty vocal Clinton critic recently, I have great admiration for both now

As one who was a pretty vocal Clinton critic recently, I have great admiration for both now

Will McSham Defend his pick for VP...

1001 wacky POW Jokes Tortures the Tonight Show

Matthews: A Pawlenty pick would be like two puddles of water splash.

Rachel just told MSNBC audience that McCain was with Bush when Katrina hit

McCondo HAS to choose an anti-choice VP and is hence SCREWED

Un Americans

MSM: fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — we can't get fooled again

Addresses to complain about mainstream convention coverage:

Here's hoping that McLame picks Gov. Poultry...

Norah O'Donnell says she was told McCain choice down to Pawlenty and Ridge...

BC: People impressed by the Power of Our Example, not by the example of our power.

BC: People impressed by the Power of Our Example, not by the example of our power.

Well - for this one Democrat - this convention, this night - did it for me!

Philly area DUers: Obama's acceptance speech to be broadcast live on Independence Mall

If Hagan Beats Dole in NC for the U.S Senate

Tweety doesnt know what a Cubs hat is???

Anyone Watching the repeat of MSNBC coverage? I watched CSPAN

Anyone Watching the repeat of MSNBC coverage? I watched CSPAN

McCain supporters told to wear red to Missouri rally "to ensure Missouri remains a red state"

Kerry - C-Span 1 NOW!!!

I wrote this in my local town message board. feedback please

I am So glad I watched the convention tonight on the DNC HD feed

I am So glad I watched the convention tonight on the DNC HD feed

You notice that Barack called it "Mile High Stadium" instead of "Invesco Center at Mile High"?

A sneak peek at the GOP convention theme

I think I'm in love with Rachael Maddow...

Its Time once more to sing the Irish National Soldiers Song in Honor of Obama / Biden

Wow! My local CBS news is praising Obama and Biden!

bob_weaver asked a question

Ground Game: Obama has 45 offices in Ohio and another 12 slated for opening

I'm Al Gore speaking Thursday?

Does an "honorable" man think it's funny to make up a song about bombing people?

McCain will pick Huckabee or Brownback......

I just got in. How did Bill & Biden do??


Bill Clinton - The Man We Knew He Was and the Democrat We Hoped He Could Be

Bill Clinton - The Man We Knew He Was and the Democrat We Hoped He Could Be

Bill Clinton - The Man We Knew He Was and the Democrat We Hoped He Could Be

Fellow DUers, am so proud of the American people but

Fellow DUers, am so proud of the American people but

Fellow DUers, am so proud of the American people but

Anyone who missed the Brian Schweitzer speech needs to watch!

If in the next few years the primary media audience changes to liberal like it used to be, ...

Underappreciated moments of the 2008 DNC

Just watched Biden and Sen. Clinton's speeches and DAMN...

Just watched Biden and Sen. Clinton's speeches and DAMN...

Murtha says Biden would make Ridge pick a wash

Obama Speech Stage Resembles Ancient Greek Temple

Obama Speech Stage Resembles Ancient Greek Temple

Democratic leaders speaking at the convention should be ripping McCain/Bush/ Cheney about invading

Who had the best speech of the nite?

What a lame Convention

Howard was on the Daily Show tonight

Just a warning

GOP is jealous. They feel the tide of power slipping out to sea

a PROPHECY dedicated to all my fellow Democrats

Re: Republic platform indecision...

"This 'ole house' " : McCain/RNC Convention theme

This is a REAL!!! problem for the rethugs that the media is ignoring

I'm watching the replay of the Big Dawg's speech....

Biden comes out punching

The speech of the night was not Biden's, but Bill's.

Two Speeches

A shout out to Mama Biden

Rhandi Was SPOT ON Today... F*ck The MSM!!!

Battle ground states.

I never believed in my cynical mind America would nominate an African-American for anything.

There are rumors that mccain may pick eric cantor for VP. This guy is worse than lieberman

There are rumors that mccain may pick eric cantor for VP. This guy is worse than lieberman

Apparently Biden was warned about exaggerating. "Obama got 150 more families insurance coverage"?

I'm 63 years old

I just wrote Donna Brazile a letter ...

Doesn't McCain sound depressed when he "talks like a statesman"?

Doesn't McCain sound depressed when he "talks like a statesman"?

Cease and Desist letters MUST be sent to those stations running the Ayers ad.

What's the international reaction to this moment? What are they saying about Democrats & Americans

Barack Obama: Search for identity - LA Times

RNC split-screens all week...

RNC split-screens all week...

One of my favorite lines of the entire convention so far:

One Week From Today,

Was that "The Rising" by Springsteen being played

Mika and Joe were making fun of the backdrop for Obama's acceptance

Mika and Joe were making fun of the backdrop for Obama's acceptance

Convention managers: Please.... I beg of you....

Gregory riffin' now on the acceptance speech venue tonight as detracting from the momentum

Coming Next Week (to a Theater of the Absurd Near you!)

Coming Next Week (to a Theater of the Absurd Near you!)

Coming Next Week (to a Theater of the Absurd Near you!)

Coming Next Week (to a Theater of the Absurd Near you!)

Today Is History

Today Is History

Obama should come on to the stage tonight wearing a

New Spin - Ralph Reed Says Clintons' Strong Endorsement Hurts Obama

Mika and Joe Scab say BIDEN KNOCKED it outta the park

It's tough to get roaring applause for foreign policy issues but at least Biden and Clinton showed

My criticism of the convention.

abc's nightline had some good old 2004 convention Obama interviews

Just a few of the Democrats seen in and around the convention this week (female addition)

I'm looking for an image from a Kerry/Bush 2004 debate

"Was it too much about the Clintons?"

McCain the Hothead

A unified Democratic Party - A slide show

What is Obama's best argument against the "inexperienced" and "not ready to lead" charge?

I may rail on Bill Clinton all the time, but tonight he was pretty incredible.

The Wednesday Kaleidoscope

God, it's me

God, it's me

Proof the media manufactured the Democratic rift ......

Please tell me they have one of those slick video montages of..

Please tell me they have one of those slick video montages of..

** GUSTAV **

Not getting the Ancient Greece stage

Right wing talking points are out for Obama's speech tonight

Does the Invesco Field venue tonight make you worry about organized disruption? Did your heart skip a beat when Obama said tonight, 'We want to open up the convention

On Larry King : First up......"and now we'll hear what the Republicans think".

Bill Clinton: "They want us to reward them for the last eight years by giving them four more"

Associated Press reprints GOP talking points as "news" about Biden

Epic Superfail

GUSTAV Update.........lets hope it becomes a weak storm....

Claire McCaskell (sp?) just had a great line..

Take back your mind from the MSM

McCain's solution to health care: Hospital Emergency Rooms.

Apparently some Repigs are at Democratic Convention called "Ministry Of Truth"

Rasmussen, 8/28: Obama 45%, McCain 44% (with leaners, tied at 47%)

Will McCain's VP choice be:

Finally, a TV critic nails the nasty, biased convention coverage

Novakula's Column: Lieberman says no to ticket with McCain

Kerry gave the speech I was waiting to hear (video link)

Mark Halperin finally gets it: Gives Biden an A- tonight.

Picture a McCain/Lieberman ticket

I fell asleep during Bill Clinton's speech and missed everything!

I fell asleep during Bill Clinton's speech and missed everything!

Best convention lines thread? Here's one: " George H. W. Bush was born on third base

McCain pick?

Snuffalupogus gave the dems straight A's last night on abc tv

The Time is Now

Josh Marshall: John Kerry's speech is the BEST SPEECH of the convention that he's heard

Josh Marshall: John Kerry's speech is the BEST SPEECH of the convention that he's heard

Rove tried to kill Lieberman VP pick

Rove tried to kill Lieberman VP pick (Ha Ha!)

Whether it was Hillary or Obama who got the nomination it was a historical year

Transcript of Questions & Answers from Saddleback

Great clip and write-up of Biden's speech -

“SCHMUCK”!! (LOL!!!)

“SCHMUCK”!! (LOL!!!)

What the hell happened to MSNBC last night?

Anyone know the combined net worth of a McCain/Romney ticket?

McCain remains undecided supposedly as to his running mate according to AP

Hillary needs to

Which is a better backdrop for a president?

What I love about the Obama/Biden ticket

Did anyone else catch Howard Dean on the Daily Show?

McCain's Running Mate To Be Unveiled Tomorrow At A Rally In Dayton, Ohio.....

About the Repub and Dem campaign managers

"Let's Listen In..."

New Poll: 74% of Dems feel unified, only 14% disagree

Who is speaking at the convention today? Any musicians performing?

first black prez & first catholic veep vs. oldest wrinkly white-haired guy.

Holy Crap! Walt Starr made Andrew Sullivan's blog!

Is there a site to download and/or see the DNC speeches?

fill in the blank

Iraq vets win meeting with Obama camp

Scenes from an unforgettable nomination (PICS)

Press Release from McCain Campaign: Find Out Who John Picked for VP!!!

Breaking News: McCain Has Decided...

What time will Obama be giving his convention speech?

Mitt Romney.. 55 houses?

The missing gap

John Kerry's killer riff...Sen. McCain vs. Candidate McCain.

Reid: "I just think he doesn't have the temperament to be president & GOP Senators think that, too"

Who do you HOPE McLame picks as his VP - LIEberman, Mittens, Pawlenty, or Ridge?

McCain: I haven't made up my mind on VP

MOST AGREE: John Kerry DELIVERED! Can we organize to lobby Nets to replay in their 24/7 Coverage

Springsteen - "GLORY DAYS".... save this one for the Inauguration.

Springsteen - "GLORY DAYS".... save this one for the Inauguration.

Has anyone heard details about the bus tour?

Obama Holds Leads In Several Key Swing State Polls

I want a magical not-so-mystical tour of the DNC heavyweights!

They may try to steal it again

Obama Bumper Sticker

MSNBC: New McCain Ad Tonight

Blogger HQ at DNC in Denver on CSPAN right now

Blogger HQ at DNC in Denver on CSPAN right now

MSNBC: "Polls showing Ralph Nader could be spoiler again"

Blogger HQ at DNC in Denver on CSPAN right now

Blogger HQ at DNC in Denver on CSPAN right now

Obama Electoral Votes with > 5% Margin: 260 (Strongest EV rating yet plus BONUS Bounce)

Obama Electoral Votes with > 5% Margin: 260 (Strongest EV rating yet plus BONUS Bounce)

MoveOn has free Obama Buttons

Some Fundie Asshole on MSNBC

Is anyone listening to WJ? These callers are nuts!

Al Gore to speak at Mile High early this evening!

Howard Zinn's Advice to Obama: "Be Bold!"

Carly Fiorina" "I Feel Your Pain" still trying to become McRubbish's VP

Photo from GOP convention rehearsal. Trying to copy Invesco scene

Here in Denver, the buzz and city is electric!

McCain to send secret message announcing Veep choice to followers--

McCain staff pauses busy pre-Convention schedule to pose for the cameras

RMN: When Obama speaks tonight, the words will be largely his own

Listen to THIS!

McCain-Santorum Ticket??

McCAIN Refuses To Define "Honor"

Mason-Dixon Florida Poll: Obama (D) 45%, McCain (R) 44%

Some good new from Rasmussen

FRONT PAGES: Our nominee and his running mate

Kerry's Word Cloud from tonight

How about a moratorium on "John McCain is a good and honorable man"

Linking McCain to Dubya: What are the best image and video URLs? Here's my favorite,

How many American flags will McCain have as a backdrop for his speech?

Tax cuts

Lots of compiled info at:

Chimpy might not speak at Repug Convention on Monday because of Gustav.

Poll: Lieberman As Veep Hurts McCain -- In Florida!

I think InSane's running mate will be a woman, and it will backfire on him

On Tap for the Republican Convention: Karmic Payback?

according to my republican/independent friends: what obama needs to do to "seal the deal":

Can We Crack 60% Voter Turnout This Year? Last time was 1968

The Straight talk Express: Bitter, Grumpy, Snarky, and Off Track!

Joe's Word Cloud from tonight...

MSNBC just showed Nader speaking to a group of

Poll: 20% of GOP voters would be less likely to vote for McCain if he choose a pro-choice VP

McCain's Million Dollar Parking Lot

Obama to echo Clinton, Reagan, JFK

Never mind!

Do people remember when A-Rod opted out of his contract the night the Red Sox won the Series?

McAngryMan gets pissy with TIME in interview

Obama and the Nuclear Option: The Mushroom Cloud

Look what's on Shirt-a-Day

John Kerry is back on duty

I CAN'T WAIT to see Al Gore tonite and

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/28/08 - Obama 45, McCain 44 (O up 1)

Where is all the news and ads debunking Obama's ties to Ayres? I can't find

Time's Joe Klein: The McCain Interview

Things John McCain dosnt know

MSNBC's Willie Geist to Robert Gibbs: "Will Barack Obama wear a toga tonight?"

A Call to action!!!

Bases Loaded: Cleaner Up Hitter Coming to Bat

Cool Time Lapse of Invesco Field Setup.....

Kerry grew some balls four years too late

Obama-Biden: Gorgeous families

McCain to give acceptance speech on top of a pyramid, invoking the Pharaohs.

2008 Virginia Republican Convention Featured Stage With Greek Columns

Loved the good Admiral's line about the Grand Old Party.

Catching the speeches now, and

Thanks a pant load you fundie whacks....

Are those... DORIC capitals?!

Pepsi Center?

Dear John,

Olympian to recite the Pledge tonight - per Stephanie Miller - who will it be?

Would old school GOP men or Evangelical Men vote for

LA Times - Story On Media Looking To Generate Conflict

RE: People Who Misread Michelle's Face

Republican National Convention Schedule has been leaked...

My right wing newspaper doesn't even have Obama's historic nomination as a front page headline!

Contrast with Nader. Press release: "Barr reaches 11 percent in state poll"

Is there a better way to organize Conventions


Senators becoming Presidents

Several McCain advisors, including Lindsay Graham, are pushing Joementum for VP

No way it is Lieberman for McSame VP

It's Thursday and I thought I'd remind everyone that John McTaint is one angry unstable dickish

Did you see that pundit get utterly pwn3d on MSNBC yesterday?

McCain Still Trying to Find Spectators

What time is all of this kicking off

"Please be there for my Dad"...I wish Beau Biden well in Iraq

McCain's health czar: everyone already has health insurance: the bankruptcy court.

Does anyone know of a regular news radio station in the Dallas area that is not infested with...

"Risks" of Invesco event worry top Dems

Shoot! Republicans trying to DELAY convention - (to get a late bounce)

I'm not going to watch the GOP convention ...

Why in the world did GOP schedule conv. for labor day?

Navajo Delegates Heartened by Large Native Presence at DNC

McCain Always Seems To Have Clenched Fists. (At Least Bob Dole Had A Physical Excuse)

Must Read from Time's Joe Klein: What Bush Taught McCain

"Hello Democrats!"

McCain supporters, as well as the nation, on edge to learn McCain's VP choice:

Ah M.S.M....will you ever learn?

Bookmark This Thread: It WON'T be Romney!!

Bookmark This Thread: It WON'T be Romney!!

Archived news article announcing the death of Joe Biden's wife and daughter

In Another Post From Last Night Pat Buchanan Was Said To Say "No One Has Gone After McCain"......

The devil !

Look at this electoral vote map:

McCain to leak at 6PM... no, not his Depends undergarment, his VP choice.

Perfect response to the Greek columns nonsense. Very funny and spot on.

Photos from Convention Day 3 (and some DU meetup pics)

Ohio DUers: Give McCain EMPTY SEATS

Ok, so now what do we fight about?

"Calm Down" Plouffe advice to Democrats:

Hutchison says she definitely was NOT asked to be VP

MSNBC gives Nader air time (Dan Abrams moments ago) yet no mention of Bob Barr or the Constitution ?

The GOP is chortling about the protesters in Denver...

McCain Still Hasn't Decided On His VP?

Joe Kissed Michelle FIRST!! What wonderful paybacks!

DNC plan to throw McCain “More of the Same” birthday parties through out weekend in key states

No Barack Obama TV Commercials

Regarding the crowd at Obama's speech in Germany

Come on DU, Democrats and AMERICA, RIGHT NOW!!!

Fox News Breaks Obama - Biden Secret Code!!! Ties to Bin Laden UNDENIABLE!

The Best Speech You Didn’t Hear: John Kerry

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Dem Convention -- Day 3: Is This the Day America Started Growing Up? (Mary Lyon)

Dean was awesome on the daily show last night!

New Ad From South Carolina GOP Is All About McCain's POW Past

CSPAN ALERT!!!*** Obama Foreign Policy Team Speaketh

Liveblog yesterday at capitalhillforum during roll call was hilarious...

GOP Convention could kickoff with Gustav and end with Hanna

I just have to say Bill Clinton's speech last night was AWESOME.

Sorry, mods....

Gallup 8/28: Obama 48%, McSame 42%!!!!

Breaking: McCain says he has yet to make a VP pick

Convention Schedule 8/28/08 - Local-MST

it's fairly obvious, the media believes obama will win

Nice to have Bill back, eh?

BREAKING NEWS; Gov. Crist will not be McCain's choice for VP

Nation Article Re McCain The Anti-Christ -To Respond To The Ati-Obama Left Behind Crowd

When Michele Met Hillary- Photos Time Mag.

Josh Marshall, "John Kerry---WOW!"

David Plouffe interview this morning

Breaking News: McCain has announced his VP!

How's the weather in Denver?

"Focus on the Nutty Family" prayers cause perfect weather tonight for Obama and.....

Sheryl Crow fans - What song do you think Sheryl will sing tonight?

What's the word

Rove franctically trying to convice Mccain not to pick Lieberman-GOP worries about convention crisis

Biden: We cannot win without Pennsylvania

Repukes begging for attention. WTF are they doing at our convention

Candidate McCain's Responsibilities

Report: Romney Family Gets Security Sweep

Biden: "McCain was wrong and Obama was right."

Breaking: John McCain's photo-op this morning. forecast for Denver tonight: temps in mid-60s, clear skies, 0% chance of rain.

Thank you John Kerry for using the T word at my convention.

Antiwar Demonstration Ends (Wow, great photo)

My Prediction on McCain's lame ad tonight

Hacking John McCain

See the GOPiggies preparing for their convention. Hilarious viewing!1!

All of you swooning about the "Hillary convention", take note of the polls

All of you swooning about the "Hillary convention", take note of the polls

So, who's feeling better about our chances now?

In all seriousness there are 2 stories that I would think are right up the media's

Why is it taking so long for DU to raise $50k for Obama?

Very low even for Lynn Samuels???

The Reich-wing media is trying to take away the excitement for Obama by injecting McCain

Fox on McCain, Gustav, & GOP Convention: "Sen. McCain has always been sensitive to national crises"

McCain: "'ll provide as much access as possible ..." - hasn't held a press conference in 2 weeks

Should Obama hold rallies next week?

Happy Birthday, LBJ!


Gotta love Joe Biden.... funny quote.....

Fair & Balanced: CNN runs blogger comment on Big Dog's "morals" as a headline on its Web Site

Who do you Want as McCain's VP?

Hey Mods

John Legend with (asshole) Brian Williams right now

Andrea Mitchell: How does Obama get his message through against Mother Nature

SHUT the fuck up Andrea

For tonight, I hope Obama doesn't talk like a southern preacher...

Ambinder: Pawlenty canceling interviews

When will our $ advantage translate into more, tougher, better ads?

"It's like being in John McCain's brain" says Howard Dean

"It's like being in John McCain's brain" says Howard Dean

It's not a Greek temple

OMG. McCain campaign running ad with word "HANG" over pic of Obama!

A story about Lincoln that bears on the Clinton motivation factor...

Drinking game for next week's republican National Convention.

Some Great Photos

The Audacity Of Dope

I just want to revisit a journal entry. It seems poignant.

Ambinder: Pawlenty schedule cleared today and tomorrow

The Daily Widget – Thurs 8/28 – O-325, M-213 – Nevada Switches; New Mexico Stronger; Florida Awakens

Speaking McCainish: Lesson 23 "My Friends"

War Hero Status

McPOW: 7 Romanesque column images for 7 houses ****graphic warning****

McPOW: 7 Romanesque column images for 7 houses ****graphic warning****

Which of these things makes Obama not liberal enough for you?

Powell Spokesperson: No, He's Not Going To Be Veep, Dammit!

The photo the MSM will NOT show today or tonight

In lieu of cable tv coverage this afternoon...

Convention Watch Parties!!

VIDEO: ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of

VIDEO: ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of

Where are the pics of ...

New Ad To Run In Minneapolis Is All About McCain's POW Past

McCliche - Need Suggestions For A McCain Debate/Speech Drinking Game

ACTION ITEM NOW - VERY IMPORTANT about the "Greek Columns"

C-Span 1 replaying Biden's speech if anyone wants to watch.

Kerry's speech reminded me of these: McCain vs. McCain

No Obama Tickets? John McCain’s Still Got Plenty For His Thing!

It will be interesting to see who the Democrats will send to St. Paul for the RNC Convention.

GASP!! George W Bush - GREEK COLUMNS - 2004 GOP Convention RED ALERT !!!! RED ALERT !!!! With PIC

Republicans GOPOW

McCain POW-POW-POWs In Response To Economy Question

DNC Billboards going up in St. Paul, MN

Dear Lord & Lordess, I pray that you will make my dream of a McCain/Lieberman ticket come true.

Republicans accuse Obama's stage of looking like a greek temple and being the "temple of obama"....

Meanwhile, back in the real world,

THIS MAKES ME WONDER!!! An Email I Received From My Sister In Texas!

Senator McCain vs Candidate McCain

Final post for today... DU meetup, protesters, and a special treat for DC DUers!


Cindy McCain's Half-Sister Tells "US Magazine: I'm Voting For Obama

Cindy McCain shaves her pubic hair in the shape of a swastika!

Its about "change", but what kind of change?

SC Repugs run ad reminding voters McPOW was a POW so he can forget how many homes he has.

Creator of "RATS" ad in 2000 on McCain's team - Subliminal Advertising at work - ILLEGAL in UK!

McCain: Get off my lawn and while you're doing that, buy my freakin 5 books..

TONIGHT'S DNC SCHEDULE, hour-by-hour, 3-9 pm Denver time

HEADS UP: Important info in GD re Gustav, NO and defective pumps that WILL impact Nov election:

Has ANYONE at the convention brought up the FACT

Convention Day 3 review

Winger Dreams Crushed - New Docs "Did Not Reveal Anything" To Link Obama To Ayers

Help Bob Barr to get on the Ballot

McCain Expected to Announce Running Mate Today

National Republican Senate Committee Poll (NRSC) of Colorado: Obama leads McCain by 3

National Republican Senate Committee Poll (NRSC) of Colorado: Obama leads McCain by 3

I'll bet McCain announces his VEEP either right before, during or right after

Do me a favor folks. Lots of people didn't get to see Kerry speak.

The Media Has Nothing Else So They Have To Use Tonights Rally At Mile High.....

Reid on McCain: "he doesn't have the temperament to be president"

Great Animated PIC/VIDEO of'Hugging/Whacking Off' Bush

Hillary Lost . . . can we all please stop talking about it?

ABC stirring the "disunity" pot again

Obama gets a 6 point bounce - before the final bounce even happens!

WOOT!!!! NEW OBAMA AD... POW! Right between the eyes!

the best part of Bill Clinton's speech is when he called McCain what he is: EXTREME

what does McCain being held POW 40 years ago have to do with being out of touch today?

Does McCain even want to be President?

Something that wasn't mentioned about yesterday's nomination:

Anyone hear about this super special McCain Ad coming out tonight

McCain's short list is reportedly down to Joementum, Meg Whitman, Kay Bailey Hutchison

McCain's short list is reportedly down to Joementum, Meg Whitman, Kay Bailey Hutchison

I believe the McCain "hang" ad is a rovian trick... here's why...

So.. whadda say guys? 15 point bump for Obama after today?

Who are the right wing newspaper columnists / journalists that spew anti-Obama crap?


Grampy McBush has attack ad prepared as a rebuttal for the Obama speech he hasn't fucking HEARD yet!

Chuck Todd is a an ass

Have you ever felt as emotional watching a DNC Meeting as this one?

It is certain we'll fill Mile High tonight, right?

if obama scheduled a last minute appearance in minneapolis next week.......

There is one plus to having our convention first, if McSame pulls anything

Joe Biden pictures - Thursday 8/28

Joe Biden pictures - Thursday 8/28

Dammit! It is Time to Attack the Warmongering P.O.Dubya With Alzheimer's.

Scenes from the Trail: The line starts early at Invesco

Tomorrow is the 45th Anniversary of MLK's I have a Dream- If McCain announces his VP same night...

Give me a B*ush 2004 podium pic

Quick what is more newsworthy, an acceptance speech from the

***Great site to watch the major speeches if you miss them***

Checked all the major news stations in L.A. last night.

Checked all the major news stations in L.A. last night.

"Joe Biden is one of us."

"Joe Biden is one of us."

Baton-wielding "bitch"-shouter removed from duty at any more protests....

Can someone tell me what difference it makes if Obama wins by one vote or by 10 million votes?

I just got punched in the belly by my boyfriend.....(not literally)

I just got punched in the belly by my boyfriend.....(not literally)

Joe Trippi works at CBS now--

Nasty McCain Now Just Yelling At People To Buy His Books

DU members, please PRAY that Obama does well tonight! We need tonight to be a homerun!!

I'm glad McCain has a positive ad tonight. It puts him in a box.

If Republicans got 99% turnout of their registered voters and assuming "normal electoral fraud"...

Why the GOP convention will have problems generating passion

ABC releasing "new" Obama Nightline interview tonight

Putin claims Georgian crisis is a ploy for a certain presidential candidate.

"We have TWO HUGE stories colliding-Barack Obama, the first African-American

In the Arena

Pawlenty cancels numerous public appearances

Who does he think he is??????

note to george mccain: being bipolar is NOT the same as being bipartisan

Gustav is already roiling the commodity trading pits in NY and convention preps in Minnesota

Has there been enough "Red Meat" at the convention so far?

Since when did Greek temples have glass windows?

Does anyone know what time the acceptance speech is?n/t

Lives in the balance our future at stake-*I* will ask the question no one else will

INVESCO FIELD weather report, tonight, hour-by-hour from

Those Poor Republicans!

Can we take up a collection to buy McCain shill Mike Murphy a new jacket?

When does it start on C-Span? EST please. I'm tired of the media.

Clueless Tom Brokaw just said the 'latest Gallup poll shows McCain with a 1-point lead!

McCain finally releases much-hyped ad of McCain directly talking to Obama

I think Obama should air McCain's ad for the audience at Invesco...

Go stream the best coverage of the DNCC from the source in HD (on now)

Biden's Window Onto America, Our Window Into Biden

So what time is the speech tonight? n/t

How Many People will Tape Obama's Acceptance Speech Tonight?

Forget what the Paid Pundits say...Obama will get a BIG Bounce from his Historic Speech Tonight

Inside Skinny From Chuck...

Who is the girl on NBC that just claimed Michelle Obama's hair is all pieces?

Why is it the RNC likes to hold their conventions where there are major structural failures that...

Obama's Cabinet Appointments - Suggestions?

Obama aides say speech will be 'direct conversation'

Wouldn't a set reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles be appropriate for

The Corporate Poondips can't even let history happen.....they have to "manage it"....

Have the media set out their list of expectation for McCain for next week?

Barack roll

McCain ad to rebut Obama's DNC speech

ABC News: McCain has selected his VP - will announce tomorrow @ noon

Ya know that new ad McLame is coming out with tonight?

Did Richardson speak tonight?

I'm hiding all "George McCain and his VP" threads - Cause I don't give a shit about that today.....

Video from Monday's protest -- this is an officer behaving correctly!

Old Man McCaint's Totally Cheesy Ad: "Convention Night" (VIDEO)

Gustav will definitely thrash Gulf Coast oil platforms and disrupt oil supply.

In a crowded arena of blowhard pundits, Steve Scully of C-Span ROCKS!

In a crowded arena of blowhard pundits, Steve Scully of C-Span ROCKS!

Sneak peek: RNC stage photoed, vaguely reminiscent of Hindu temples.

Who else can not bring themselves to watch the RNC convention?

Ah, the New York Post is in fine form these days...

FauxNoose: "The McCain campaign is desperately trying to keep a lid on this..."

Free McCain graphic for your usage...

Obama camp calls McCain's bluff on VP leak "We will pay his mortgages next month"

What time does Obama's speech start?

Columns? A tribute to stupidity

Why it's going to be Pawlenty (for McSame VP)

Is the corporate media mentioning Obama's bounce?

I hope they get the sound figured out on CSpan before Obama comes on

Is it just me, or does the stage look NOTHING like a Greek watchamacallit?

McCain settled on VP pick, sources say

Other Snooty, High-Falooting uses of Greek Columns by Politicians....

Plenty on Pawlenty: He will have a big Bridge problem if he is picked as VP

If McCain comes to town, here's what to do.

WTF?McCain adviser: Everyone in U.S. has some health coverage

McCain isn't trying to steal Obama's bounce with his VP pick

McCain isn't trying to steal Obama's bounce with his VP pick

NASDAQ: McCain's resignation from SSB "in noncompliance with the rules"

ABC reports that Republicans are mocking Democrats' columned stage, not that 2004 GOP convention sta

Conventions: Clinton and Biden Are a Big Ratings Draw

Obama Camp Response to McLame Ad: "a very nice gesture. We wish more of his ads took that tone..."

Those who are cheering the for the hurricane to upset the GOP convention need to reconsider....

An Open Letter to Barack Obama by Leonard Peltier

"Are the 'Greek columns' a mistake?" "Does this connect with the working-class voters?"

Sources: McCain can't remember if he has made a VP pick

Hey! Check out my new Obama buttons!!!

Sources: McCain can't remember if he has made a VP pick

I'm in Mile High stadium, got here early to try and get a spot in the blogger lounge (UPDATED PICS)

PHOTOS: The Set takes Shape. Looks Great!!

Is the media staking out any houses like they did Biden and Bayh?

McCain is officially a dick.

dupe. please delete.

This NEEDS To Be Said: McCain's New Congratulatory Ad = "Hey Everybody, I'm Still Here"

A Humble Request - - Please Call it "Mile High Stadium"?

A Humble Request - - Please Call it "Mile High Stadium"?

David Plouffe Speaking right now

Just imagine the breathless excitement in republican households tonight; who among that STELLAR

Gotta love this - Obama is outspending the Ayers smear merchants.

Do you think McSame won't pick any VP being discussed? Who?

Today's Convention program has started (Dish channel 211)

How can we promote LETTUCE GATE?

Sign of theTimes: Dayton, Ohio VP Reveal: McCain Rally Tickets Still Available

Carter: McCain 'milking' POW time--Adds: "Lieberman would be the least welcome here of any Democrat"

Obama Plans to Use Young Voters To Attract (More) Young Voters

It looks like it will be the “Trust Fund Ticket” for the Republicans

DNC Schedule for Thursday, August 28 2008: Change You Can Believe In

McCain's Response to the Houses Issue: POW POW POW!!!

they're going to leak the McCain VP today to upstage Obama?

The Nation: "Wanted: New Voters" Re Obama's Voter Registration Drive

Pelosi up speaking now

McCain's plan for "No more uninsured Americans"

Damn, I have to admit, McCain's ad is really smart

Jennifer Hudson doing the NA right now

What font does McCain's logo use?

What font does McCain's logo use?

Gallups Single Day Yesterday was Obama 54 McCain 39!!!!!

I just turned on the DNC and I like the stage - also Jennifer Hudson

Pawlenty cancels numerous public appearances

Why isn't Richardson being given a more prominent role?

Obama, Biden Joint Appearance on “60 Minutes” Sunday

Are they having trouble getting people checked into the stadium?

Greek columns. Whatever. I really like the setup.

They really are obsessed with him.

MSNBC -- "9/11 was an inside job!!!" - LOL n/t

Obama Camp Pitches in to Reduce Clinton Campaign Debt

A little bird told me that Gen. Colin Powell will introduce Obama tonight

A little bird told me that Gen. Colin Powell will introduce Obama tonight

John McCain: "Leonardo DiCaprio is an androgynous wimp!"

Maybe Obama can lend McCain a few people from the 75,000 to fill his VP annoucement on Sat?


"John McCain is my friend..."

Speech's Tie-In With NFL: Winner or Loser for McCain?

Undecided voters

Re: Bill Clinton: Is the general consensus

Pics of my cousin talking to Barack in Billings, MT

The stage in Denver is an homage to the site of JFK's acceptance speech - LA Coliseum.

We got Teddy, Michelle, Hillary, Bill, Kerry, Gore, and Barack... All "larger than life" figures.

The Ralph Nader Effect: Bad for Republicans?

Next week, The Weather Channel's gonna have the highest cable ratings

Jimmy Carter: McCain 'milking' his POW experience

Quick Question: Is it a 1st come-1st serve (seating) for people entering Mile High?

Doris Kearns, historian, on Charlie Rose: Compares Obama's strength to Lincoln's

Shit! It is starting to POUR at Mile High Stadium

It would be funny if Gregory or Maddow pwned these 9/11 nutjobs

Complaint Filed Over Mccain Stickers On Denver Police Car

Pawlenty: "I'd stand with Bush if his approval rating was 2 percent"

EXCLUSIVE: Cindy McCain's Half Sister: "I'm Voting for Barack Obama"

A Historic Moment: Newspapers from Around America

Jennifer Hudson is singing the National Anthem

Write one sentence of Obama's acceptance speech

Mile High Stadium probably has about 20,000 people there now

Mile High Stadium probably has about 20,000 people there now

John McMansions?

It 's started at Mile High the National anthem is being sung- Jennifer Hudson

"Journalists" treating national election like it's a sporting event - "What does Obama need to do?"

Thursday's Convention Schedule

Video of Dr. Dean! :)

We will all remember this night and where we were.

Signs are pointing to Pawlenty as McCains VP.

Cindy McCain's Half Sister: "I'm Voting for Barack Obama"

Chairman Dean Coming Up.

C-SPAN, Dean video, NOW!



John Kerry: I learned my lesson in 2004

Plouffe Responds to Criticism of Stage Setup: Criticism is Very Small in an Election That's Very Big

I think Reverend Jackson is in the house. nt

Too cute - Girls wanted the Jonas Brothers instead of Dad at convention

***Gallup Obama 6pt BOUNCE OVERNIGHT....YESSSSS******

McCain to go positive - one night ad stating: "Senator Obama, this is truly a good day for America"

Why This "Hillary Holdout" Is Backing Barack



My wife's in line at Invesco

My wife's in line at Invesco

Tonight marks a huge milestone for our country

What Harry S Truman said about the pundits in 1948

Breaking: McCondo can't remember who he chose as VP

Are they going to be able to fill "Mile High" Stadium?

MLK VIDEO Underway C-Span and MSNBC

MLK VIDEO Underway C-Span and MSNBC

Let's be clear

Here come the waterworks..

Tonight I simply cannot be a cynic.

"I wouldn't vote for John McCain if he were running against Al Sharpton and Snoop Dog!"

"I wouldn't vote for John McCain if he were running against Al Sharpton and Snoop Dog!"

Bernice King said that tonight her fathers Dream will be realized

Gov. Howard Dean speaking right now

Read this very positive review of the Convention from a former republican. It will lift your heart.

Read this very positive review of the Convention from a former republican. It will lift your heart.

My wife, 14-yr-old daughter, and I have had the best time this week watching C-SPAN in prime time

KO introduced 16 pundits in about 30 seconds

Why is the ya-mo-be-there guy the last musical act of the night?

The MLK tribute video gives me chills

I *knew* Cindy had said she was an only child!

New McSame ad just played

Are they Showing the MLK Tribute on MSNBC and CNN?

Obama’s Convention Speech Excerpts (TRANSCRIPT) ***SPOILER ALERT***

If it was Reagan accepting the nomination in front of "Greek columns"

Im afraid McCains speech next week will outshine Obama's tonight..

WOW...Lieberman to Reid: “Will $250 Thousand Be Enough?” - VIDEO

Response for complaint about McCain ad, should I follow up

Democrats Press Battle For 60 Senate Seats: Openly discuss possibility of reaching "magic" number

Who is the DNC music DJ???

Damn, that stadium is filling up and there are still almost 3 hours to go!

Great musical geniuses are lining up to support Obama...

Has everyone read about the John McCain "Prick" interview at the Times?

UH OH..for all of those concerned...MILE HIGH IS GETTING FULL!

Disparity in the media

Bill Richardson is the next speaker

Olberman re McCain's VP: "Obviously a post script to tonight's events".


c-span is MAKING me Dance, plus preview: Obama: Eight years is enough

Obama's pragmatism explained.

Welcome to Bizzaro World: McCain's plan for the uninsured


I saw a McCain sticker on an SUV today....

White supremacist fights to keep Republican post


New Drinking Game....

Word Clouds: MLK and Obama Speeches....

Word Clouds: MLK and Obama Speeches....

Wow - Legend and Will.I.AM Rockin the house

"America, we are better than these last 8 years..."

Polenta gone underground.....per Andrea

Will I Am: Live : Yes we can ... WHOOOOOOTTTTT

Terrific photo Teresa Heinz Kerry and Michelle Obama

Watching Live Shots from MILE HIGH

Richard Dreyfuss Calls Out Bush, McCain and their “Corrupt” Republican Party

Oh how funny! Keith on MSNBC!

Just a guess but it looks like the prayers for a storm did not work.

My wife's in line at Invesco

E.R. Docs: Ex-McCain Adviser Statements Are "Reckless"

Wow. WAVES of chills and tears. YES WE CAN!

Mittens says - Nobody will be ready to debate Joe Biden.

Yes we fucking can!!

Obama 75000 people tonight McSame maybe 10000 tomorrow

The crowd shots on C-SPAN are amazing!

Mayor Daly on MSNBC now doing a great job promoting BO

Mp3 of Beau Biden Speech Search

Mp3 of Beau Biden Speech Search

I just got a text message telling me to watch Obama tonight!

American music is one of the main reasons why I could never get pemanently down on this country

Don't miss a minute of the convention on CSPAN! Shooting Star, Signed Sealed Delivered, Cheryl Crow

Why are the idiots attempting to hold an interview right next to the stage with Cheryl drowning them

The Colonnade LOOKS GREAT! You freaking worry-warts. It looks like they're playing pool-side

The Democrats Have Been Head-Faking the MSM All Week

KO talking about McSame can't give away tickets tomorrow

Favorite and most effective part of Biden's speech was...

I'll Take You There

MSNBC Chuck Todd is a Douchebag on Crack

MSNBC Chuck Todd is a Douchebag on Crack

MSNBC Chuck Todd is a Douchebag on Crack


McHero? The GOP is into symbols...and the best Symbol for Politics are HEROs

McHero? The GOP is into symbols...and the best Symbol for Politics are HEROs

John McCain's 70th birthday bash held on boat of Russian tycoon

Whoa!!! Bumpity Bump Bump. Obama jumps to six point lead in Gallup! 48-42.

Sheryl Crow Performing Now

When does John McCain release the newsreel announcing his running mate?

A carrier pigeon just handed me a note telling me to watch the RNC!

A carrier pigeon just handed me a note telling me to watch the RNC!

Mark Udell Speaking right now


God bless the Udalls. The West has had few family friends as true as they.

Carly "No God-Given Right To A Job" Fiorina: McCain will jump-start economy, create millions of jobs

Gallop: Big Convention Bounce for Obama?

Andrea Mitchell Needs to be FIRED!!! Oh and who's Hardy from The Times?

You think the Convention is a fun party, wait till the inauguration.

Thursday DNC schedule is out.


Do you guys realize that every time the media has set the bar ever higher for Obama he has leaped


Everyone Knows Being A Prisoner Of War Is The Essential Qualification For The Presidency....


Why John McCan't CAN't win and Barack Obama WILL win:

I'm Thoroughly Enjoying the Marijuana Plant on MSNBC's Screen

I got a morse code transmission telling me I should watch McCain's VP announcement tomorrow.

oh SNAP! "McCain spends $500 for his shoes, but we're the ones who pay for his flipflops"

"John McCain may pay hundreds of $ for shoes, but we will pay for his flip-flops..."

John McCain pays hundreds of dollars for his shoes,

Richardson DUzy: John McCain may pay hundreds of dollars for his shoes

McHouses may LEAK (vocally, not physically) tonight

Oh snap! Bill Richardson!

Oh snap! Bill Richardson!

Freepers Unhappy with Pawlenty, Lieberman, Ridge, and Romney

"Not where we imagine them to be, but where we KNOW them to be..."

Obama Campaign/DNC need to put out a DVD set with

Red Meat Richardson, beard and all

Red Meat Richardson, beard and all

McCain/Pawlenty equals Dole/Quayle. If this is actually the GOP

Tim Pawlenty's Bridge To The Future!

Tim Pawlenty's Bridge To The Future!

Bill Richardson - Sec. of State.

Happy Faces!

On Intrade's VP betting, Romney sinks, Pawlenty surges

Stop Complaining

McCain's camp is sending out signals on his veep choice

Kaine and Richardson did very well

A Dream Come True

**Tim Kaine Speaks Next**

Can we text from home too?

Official Tim Pawlenty campaign photo, and t-shirt thread.

The M$M (aka the Censorship Networks) have been saying

The M$M (aka the Censorship Networks) have been saying

did Jennifer Hudson sing yet?

Richardson!!!!! nt

Thank You Governor Richardson - I can NOW Believe

At what time is Barack's Speech

I believe in the content of Barack Obama's character!

I have a great idea!! What does everyone think?

Bless You TIM KAINE!!! Oh my bloody God. He brought in Spanish.

Romney Family Gets Security Sweep

Looks like McCain is picking POW-lenty

Newsweek: McCain camp has a “contingency plan” in place regarding to tropical storm Gustav

Do we know how to throw a party or what?

"John McCain and Tim Pawlenty will be able to draw crowds much larger than we have tonight"

Woah! Bill Richardson is giving it to them right between the fucking eyes!

Hey....where's the rain? Is it gonna get there soon?

Hey....where's the rain? Is it gonna get there soon?

John McCain May Pay Hundreds Of Dollars For His Shoes But...


GOP platform supporting ban on stem-cell research?


The Bar Is Open, Folks! I'm Having A Tropical Drink For Now...

Is CNN retarded??? Richardson comes on.... cut to commercial...




Stevie Wonder on stage now

Wow! Way to go Stevie Wonder!

I'm a total Sheryl Crow fan and marked out when she did her song "A Change Would Do You Good"

I'm a total Sheryl Crow fan and marked out when she did her song "A Change Would Do You Good"

I'm a total Sheryl Crow fan and marked out when she did her song "A Change Would Do You Good"

Tim Kaine just gave a lesson

I think Al Gore is about to throw a jab, then a right cross, and an uppercut at McCain and Repukes.

If the tables were turned would Rove and company have any problem labeling McCain as a poor pilot...

STEVIE. EFFIN'.WONDER! Oh, hell yeah! nt

Freeps claim FOX reports PAWLENTY?

Just Got Home. What's the Schedule Tonight?

I love that I am watching this and I am sharing it with DUers.

You know, this party was a wonderful idea!

A Small Quibble about a phrase in Obama's acceptance speech

"We would NOT have been bogged down in Iraq..."


No way will the republicans be able to top this week. n/t

Regarding McCains same policies as Bush "I believe in recycling but that goes too far"


Signed, sealed, delivered! I love Stevie Wonder!!!!!! nt

Signed, sealed, delivered! I love Stevie Wonder!!!!!! nt

Thank you, Al, for speaking like yourself.

Is this DNC Convention larger than Kerry's was?

I want surprises tonight... I don't want no early releasing of speech

The MAN!!!!

Of course new Executive order is release today.

oK so I'm a little overly excited!

Mischievous Democrats to Celebrate McCain's 72nd Birthday!


Rachel Dancing and Pat in Shades

VP AL GORE taking the stage right now!

Gore- We're borrowing from China to buy fuel from the M.E. to burn

Gore- We're borrowing from China to buy fuel from the M.E. to burn

A tribute to DU Clinton supporters

NYT: Obama Speech to Cite Failures of Bush on the Economy

I beseech all of you!

Just got a text message from Obama campaign.

Joe Biden Word Cloud from Acceptance Speech last night

Is it me, or is Al talking really fast?

Applying the Latest Congnitive Linquistics to Obama's Message

Applying the Latest Congnitive Linquistics to Obama's Message

A Few Realities of Political Blogging at the 2008 DNC:

I LOVE the musical pun...

fucking A Al

Buchanan trying to look cool in his shades....FAIL!...n/t

Nothing against Durbin, but I would have liked to have seen Gore right before Obama.

Damn. I didn't cry until the end.

Line is reportedly 2 miles long to get into Invesco.

Rep John Lewis delivers the tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr

I don't know, I really have mixed feelings......Really, very mixed feelings!!!

I don't know, I really have mixed feelings......Really, very mixed feelings!!!

I don't know, I really have mixed feelings......Really, very mixed feelings!!!

Did you see the shot from the light stands looking into the all that stood in line THANKS

*GASP* OH, NOES! There are EMPTY SEATS in the Mile High Stadium!

President Gore is knocking it outta there!!!!


HAYSTAK ft. OKTAINE Turn This Boat Around...

I've seen every Dem convention starting in 1960. This is like no other. I can't stop crying.

Si Se Puede!

Si Se Puede!

Sikhs in the house ! Did you see them waving their flags?

Sikhs in the house ! Did you see them waving their flags?

Intrade confirms it is likely Tim Pawlenty for McCain

If I Hear Ya Mo Be There One More Time...

Pawlenty: LMAO!!! This guy will be SO easy!!! MUST READ!!!

Obama in an hour? What's in between?

How can Faux be controlling the cameras and yet be at a commercial?

Keep your eye on Hutchison.

Keep your eye on Hutchison.

Watching The Crowd -- a mass gathering of ordinary people.

Punch it, Al...

A speech of a life time. Unbelievable I am overwhelmed. A fabulous fabulous speech.

Most Voters Agree - The Democrats Have United Behind Obama!!!

Does this look like a man who is "sensitive to national

You go, Susan!

OK< i'm finally gonna tell you my Obama story from the night he clinched in St. Paul

President Eisenhower's grand-kid up!

President Eisenhower's grand-kid up!

"I believe in recycling, but this is ridiculous" - Gore on McCain!!

Schedule so everyone can follow along.

Schedule so everyone can follow along.

Want the audio to music or speeches from the Convention???? AWESOME SITE!!!

Obama uses speech for high-tech outreach -- 75,000 supporters text-messaging

Tim "Potatoe" Pawlenty?

Tim "Potatoe" Pawlenty?

Flip-flop Pawlenty: A web primer

Look at all of the patriotic Dems! Generally speaking - we are awesome!

Look at all of the patriotic Dems! Generally speaking - we are awesome!

YAY! Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!!!!!

If Michelle's song is "Isn't She Lovely" and Barack's is "Love Train," what's McGramps' song?

Miracles happen: CNN's actually showing the Susan Eisenhower speech

Michael McDonald is channeling Ray Charles right now..

Brokaw over and under

Brokaw over and under

Pass the Rumor Fox and CNN are Un-Patriotic


VP Joe Biden on STAGE

Bill Clinton's Speech

President Obama's Cabinet

Biden shows up!!!!

Biden speaking again!


This is historical and we are making it happen. You and I!!!

I'm just about done with MSNBC for good

Partial Obama Speech

Biden bidding for the Common Man Tonight

BREAKING NEWS! McCain Announces A New Platform

Roy Gross, Truck Driver/Teamster is a great speaker! He should run for office

Freepers Underwhelmed At Rumors of Pawlenty Veep Pick

Why the fuck did I change the channel from C-SPAN to MSNBC?

"Working-class families were doing well in Detroit, until the Bush administration took office...

RedState: McCain picks Pawlenty

Has Al Gore lost a lot of weight?

This Is An Awakening

Mile High Stadium chanting Yes We Can! YEs We Can!

Overheard Today... (And Why This Might Just Be Working)

The Dem Backdrop/stage/platform doesn't look Grecian to me

The Dem Backdrop/stage/platform doesn't look Grecian to me

MSNBC loves to spoil everything.


General Fig Newton? Seriously?

"Not ascribing it to you Tom"

Wow, I really like this Joe Biden guy.

Biden Seems Even More Buttoned Up Tonight

Holy shit there's enough Brass to Start Our Own Army

The Union man speaking (ROY GROSS) was VERY well spoken

I LOVE earth Wind and fire

Hey mods, in the spirit of the evening, un-tombstone the PUMAs.....

I know you don't want to know what they're saying on FNC, but this is just hilarious.

Where online can I watch Obama's speech? What time is it?

Tom Brokaw is a fucking ass

Spoiler: Text of Obama's Acceptance Speech

Al Gore for EPA Administrator?

Not clicking on any speech threads.

THANK YOU, C-SPAN for not censoring the Democratic convention

What happened to the columns? I don't even see them?

I love Janet Lynne Monaco.

These citizen speeches ARE the red meat.

Our Pamela just kicked their Debra's butt!

Welcome to the Party, Pamela Cash-Roper!

"We need a president that puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney!" Sweet!! n/t

"Barney Smith before Smith Barney" -- AWESOME n/t

"I can't afford 4 more years of this...I can't do it...I can't do it"

Best line yet! Put Barney Smith in front of Smith Barney~

"You need a President who puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney"

Barney! Barney! Barney!

Barney! Barney! Barney!

Why the hell is KO reading Obama's speech before he even gave it?

So cool: Barney Smith before Smith Barney (by Barny Smith)


Barney Smith before Smith Barney

Barney Smith, before Smith-Barney!!! I love it!

Barney Smith is my God

Jimmy: McCain "Milking every possible drop of advantage [ of being a POW]"

These Citizens Testifying For Obama Are OUTSTANDING!

These Citizens Testifying For Obama Are OUTSTANDING!

You guys see that Man in section 538 with the HUGE FLAG!

GO SKINNER! Has ANYONE Noticed That We ARE NOT at DEFCON Levels! The Servers ROCK!

You need a President that puts Barney Smith

Brilliant - the condemnations come from American workers telling their stories!


"We need a President who puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney!"

Americans Are Taking Their Country Back


So Dobson/Focus on the Family pray for a "Biblical Rain" today?

Born In the USA!

Up now at Mile High: Regular Americans speak out for Obama


Yahoo has a uninterupted convention link, if you can't access c-span

Oh Zing Barney Smith!

I am FINALLY proud to be an American again....

Wish I could get high.

Talking to kids about this historic moment.....

Michael McDonald--he's a dem, who knew?

"Hello...I'm Pam from Pittsboro, NC"

Anyone know a place just with audio for the demo convention?

Shoutout for Ms. Cash-Roper. Fellow North Carolinian (from the great

They're channeling 1968

The ex-Republican nurse just won us this election


What a great succession of speakers, regular people who all did awesome

What a great succession of speakers, regular people who all did awesome

Everytime the C-SPAN camera pans over the stadium I'm floored

WP: McCain campaign having trouble filling seats for VP announcement rally tomorrow

What did Brokaw say on MSBNC please?

You won't see David Brooks dissing the 'politicians'

Bill Richardson for something!

I want the DNC music sound track!!

Obama's acceptance speech word cloud

The moran snuck into Mile High "Wisconson Badgers." n/t

I refuse to shed a tear for Al Gore and what might have been...

I refuse to shed a tear for Al Gore and what might have been...

McCain Ad: letters "H - A - N - G" shown over Obama's Head

Republican Front claims to have broken Democratic Security

Republican Front claims to have broken Democratic Security

Just Out Of Curiosity I Just Visited Drudge And He's Already Posted Barack's Complete Speech......nt

They are parsing a speech that has not been given yet!! Talk about stealing the wind

Lennon....... shit...... John Lennon Power to the people.

Susan Eisenhower is an excellent speaker!

Susan Eisenhower is an excellent speaker!

How can the republican convention possibly compete with this?



Tim Pawlenty??? Am I the only person NOT worried about him???

MSNBC open thread•••••••••••••

This is just amazing - REAL people, REAL problems -- this is America! nt

DemConvention people: If you read DU, I have a request -

Pics of Shawn Johnson and Al Gore


Barney Smith before Smith-Barney!

Barney Smith before Smith-Barney!

I love these everyday people speaking. It takes guts to speak to a crowd like that!

Over 90,000 will be in Mile High to hear Obama per CNN. Thousands still outside waiting to

This is the best Dem convention I've ever seen.

Power to the People!

Power to the People!

WOW. That's a lot of people

Where are the limousine liberals? Anyone?

If nothing else our music sure kicks the shit out of the pukes

Wonder what Karl ROve is thinking right now?

Ok, when Pat Buchanan says Obama has a great speech lined up...

Wow - they just showed a wide shot of the stadium - all those people

Pawlenty is given a 75% chance of being the VP on intrade right now

Si se puede! Si se puede!

Barney Smith before Smith Barney!

I'll admit it--I had to look up who or what Smith Barney was...

Back By Popular Demand: John Kerry!

Glen Beck on wearing "Typical White Person that Clings to Guns and Religion" T-Shirt!

Folks, there are MORE than 75,000 people there.....

Michelle is STUNNING!

15 minute tissue/bathroom warning....

Pamela for Something!!!!

Thank you Sen Durbin

caption joe

He literally FILLED the ENTIRE stadium.

LOL! Huckabee Says He’s Not Going To Ohio For VP Announcement

The Repubs will try to SCARE their base. Listen to the FEAR-mongering

This is the anti-1968

Here we go!!!

Obama is not a celebrity - the movement is because we the people want our country back!

The math is simple - there is NO good VP choice for McCain - he's gonna have to 'Quayle' it

The math is simple - there is NO good VP choice for McCain - he's gonna have to 'Quayle' it

DOWN! with McCan't !!!!

Just look at how happy and enthusiastic Dick Durbin is

I have to believe that people are good. And good people will elect a good man.

They DemoncRATS are a' chantin in MEXICAN!!

Excellent Choice for a Narrarator

Hundreds in Times Square watching Obama!!

My stepdaughter is chanting "yes we can/si se puede" and blowing kisses to pictures of Obama.

can somebody start a thread

OK Done Blogging for the next 45 minutes! Time to concentrate! See ya on the flip!


** 15 MINUTES TO HISTORY ** .... Is this beautiful to watch, or what?

I wish the people pulling the MST3K in front of the big screen

I'm feeling a bond with all of you that I've never felt before...

I'm feeling a bond with all of you that I've never felt before...

Mile High Music > Pepsi Center Music, big time.


I think I will be sick tomorrow...I am staying up and blogging with you all all night tonight

I think I will be sick tomorrow...I am staying up and blogging with you all all night tonight

Voice sounds familiar...who is narrating this great Obama film? NT

If Sean Hannity were to get a haircut and an enema, would there be anyting left?

Gen Wes CLark is up!

There has never been that many people at a political convention.

MSNBC quote just now:

Are the major networks going to cover it?

Did anyone see Susan Eisenhower speak - she's is absolutely stunning!

Biden schmoozing with the "ordinary American" speakers.

Do you think there will be fireworks after Obama's speech?

Pass the tissue, please.

Barack is one of US, yes he is. He makes me proud, very proud.

Pillars of Democracy

Pillars of Democracy

Sad story on just now.

Sad story on just now.

Here we go!!!!!!!!!

The Man of the Hour has come out and the EARTH STOOD STILL...

Wow...Barack's mother was a real looker... n/t

Freepers heads are exploding. "He has a white mother?" Ha, ha, ha.

Congrats to Obama campaign - this event is spectacular

Just talked to my Repuke friend

Thank you, Barack Obama

Is the narrator the Ketchup guy?



My God this MAN is amazing.........Thank you for giving him to us.


Is Jill wearing the Michelle Gap dress? I think she is--how cool is that?! nt

CNN, MSNBC disrespectful to military

the girls are beautiful

preemptive tissues, get them now.

Shit! He hasn't spoken a word and I'm crying!

Behind the Scenes: Women pass Clinton's torch to Obama

Okay everyone Jangle Your Keys at 3... 2.... 1

you can't fake that smile


"Next week the party that brought you two terms of Bush & Cheney will ask you for a third"

Haha! Why didn't I think of that?

I'm not ready to take a 10 percent chance on change!

Obama Is America

I don't know about you but I'm not ready to take a 10% chance for change

eight is enough!

They are not whiners, They work hard,they give back,and they don't complain.

Sits on its hands!!! You know he wanted say with its thumb up its ass.

savor every moment, folks, we are privileged to bear witness to history.

Watching Obama's Profile, I can only keep thinking: Barack Obama Is a Beautiful Human Being

Thank you Phil Gramm and John McSame for your dumb statements.

Most Voters Say the Democratic Party is United Behind Obama

Most Voters Say the Democratic Party is United Behind Obama

"To Chairman Dean"... I like the start of that...

How can you not freaking love this ticket??? nt

"What does it say about your judgment if you think Bush has been right 90% of the time?

The gloves are coming off.

Awesome video. Just perfect. nt

Time for them to OWN their FAILURE!!!!!!

"It's time for them to OWN their failure!"

"It's time for them to OWN their failure!"

"It's time for them to own their failure!"

Trickle Down / Ownership Society means "You're on your own"

Ownership Society means you're on your own. Great line!!!!!

Gee no Columns in Barackolopolis?

Gee no Columns in Barackolopolis?

8 is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

"John McCain doesn't get it!"

Crazy're they going to do the balloon drop?

Crazy're they going to do the balloon drop?

This is the part where Barack kicks McCondo in the nutsack.

This is the part where Barack kicks McCondo in the nutsack.

God LOVES Obama. He denied the "prayers for rain" from the Molock Xtians. Ha. Take that!!! n/t

Contrast tonight against what the RNC will look like next week.


Barrack knows.

CUT TAXES! Yeah! Put those LIES to rest!

Michelle's dress is BEAUTIFUL!

YOYO: "You're On Your Own" Barack just said it and I've believed for years

I like my steak bloody rare.....

WE'RE GOING TO THE MOON! He's going to get us OFF OIL!!!!

"It's time for them to own their failure."


Who's house is this?

It's official. 2008 DNC kicked ass.

Obama just made McCain look like a petty, insignificant weasel with one line

"I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons"

Here's how we're gonna pay for this

Barack just nailed this game!

"I will cut taxes for 95% of all working families"



McLame and the politics of greed are toast!!!!

McLame and the politics of greed are toast!!!!

Remember this moment..

My friends.....

McCain must be pooping his Underjamz right about now.

Touchdown Obama!

"The Temperament to be Commander in Chief!"

Temperment!!!! Go get him, Barack!!!

To paraphrase an idiot, John McCain, bring it on!

He won't even follow him to the cave where he lives.

Trash talk about Osama...Fuck you, McCain!

Our Candidate sure IS one heck of a lot better looking than their's!!!

Are people around the world seeing this???

OH SHIT "McCain says he'll follow Osama to the gates of hell"

McCain won't even follow OBL to the cave where he lives! - What's your Obama Tax Cut? - What's your Obama Tax Cut?

This is a beautiful speech from an amazing man.

A debate he is ready to have.. Look out republicans

That's the magic: genuine Emphathy not just Sympathy!

Wheeling down the Page and checking out the Subject Lines (you people are beautiful)

Wheeling down the Page and checking out the Subject Lines (you people are beautiful)

He won't even follow him to the cave he lives in...Bush=McSame.

Only the word STATESMAN describes BO

McCain can't sell out VP announcement

"John McCain stands alone in his stubborn refusal to end a misguided war"

LOL! My dog just got on the couch and started watching the TV

Is it just me...or do the Faux News talking heads...


I can't wait to see John McCain try to give a speech like this...


I'll be surprised to even see John McCain show up in the morning.

I can't wait to see John McCain try to give a speech like this...

"I've got news for you, John McCain..."

"I've got news for you, John McCain..."

Patriotism has no party! Brilliant!

Patriotism has no party! Brilliant!

red meat being served ...

I got honks and waves and a big "Go Obama!" from an older white woman in a Lexus today!

"If you don't have fresh ideas you use stale tactics to scare the voters..."

"If you don't have fresh ideas you use stale tactics to scare the voters..."

I see Lily Ledbetter sitting behind the Biden family...

They have not served a Red America or a Blue America...


Out of the Ballpark

Barack Obama has won the election tonight.

Uh.. he's good. nt


Obama Republicans

"Change to Washington not from Washington".....

He's hitting the guns,gays and abortion hammer of the pukes!

He's hitting the guns,gays and abortion hammer of the pukes!


I'm sad.

I'm sad.


Best place to watch streaming video of this?

WOW! Every line in this speech is a KNOCKOUT!

Nobody does it better...

This my brothers and sisters is such a totally historic moment in time. Obama's kicking McCain's

McSame won't go into a cave

Here Lies the Old Boy Network Politics.

"This election has never been about me. It's about you."

Wow. nt

There is NO traffic at all in my neighborhood



I just made my very first Barack Obama donation for 20.08



This is Obama's best speech ever, and that's saying a lot

Is this really as good as I think it is?

I feel like I need to smoke a cigarette after that...

Obama is absolutely brilliant-he has spoken flawlessly for 30 min

Obama is absolutely brilliant-he has spoken flawlessly for 30 min


Taking on the fear mongering and slimy elections tactics. Sweet

WOWOWOWOWOWOW! He just nailed the whole Patriotism thing

And that's one for the ages

This man is fearless.

The next First Family of the United States of America!!! n/t

Hate Mailbag

I just love'em nt


Let's skip the darn election....

Who is singing this song?

Will you be able to listen to B*sh "speak" ever again?! I DON'T THINK SO!!

EVERY Frustration of the LAST EIGHT YEARS Has Just Been Poured Out By Obama!

That. Ladies and Gentlemen is our next President

That. Ladies and Gentlemen is our next President

Damn, now we're taking country music back from them too.

******************OFFICIAL THREAD FOR OBAMA/BIDEN #1*********

Did you see Jill Biden put her arm around the Barack Girls

My 3-yr-old daughter's a PUMA!

My 3-yr-old daughter's a PUMA!

I am humbled !

How is Barrack's Universal Health Care plan going to work

I like the unity theme of the blue and red in Michelle dress and blue and red

Please tell me someone will have that speech on MP3!!!!

He knows we are gouing to win this! nt

I know you don't want to know what they're saying on FNC, but this is just hilarious.

If Obama brings tonight's fight and sustained intensity to the debates, he'll eviscerate Grampy

Ok folks. Let's go win this thing.

I'm fired up and ready to go!!!

WOW!!!!! Fireworks!

I wasn't crying until right now

How did I never notice how gorgeous his daughters are?

NICE Fireworks NOW!

My almost 88 year Nana just called, "He'll make an excellent president Honey"

McCain is crapping in his depends

And.... Exhale.

Suck on that McBush!!



Sweet holy hell


I'm all in

Can you feel history in the air!

Uh oh he said Temperament. They are going to attack it

This so poignant..the kids are playing on the porch while the parents talk

Brooks and Dunn are gonna be PISSED that the Dems used their song.

Brooks and Dunn are gonna be PISSED that the Dems used their song.

There can be no doubt...

I really wasn't sold

After KKKarl Rove cleans the poop out of his pants, he'll

Someone asked earlier if there were going to be Fireworks...

Corky got it right...

Chris Mathews is crying!

Okay, I just lost it

FNC HAS YET TO TALK!!! They must be in full head explosion mode!!

I can't stop smiling and crying !!!!!!!

Mathews just said on MSNBC

Tweety yells, "YOU OWN YOUR FAILURE!"


Closing music is pure country. SMART, SMART, SMART!

Republicans: YOU'RE ON NOTICE!

I'm struck by how humbled Obama looks. Just now, and when he took the stage.

President Obama:You Rock!

Chris Matthew

If This Were a Fight, They'd Have To Stop It

He really kicked McCain's ass.

The scumbags don't know WHAT to make of all the fractured 'dimmocrats'

I have never been prouder to be an American than right now.

IMO: The Best Part Of All Of This Is That There's A Generation Of Children Watching This....

Much better than balloons

Much better than balloons

Chris Matthews sounds like he's choking up

How many demographics did Obama reach out to tonight? List them here!

I may have to vote for this gentleman. His name is Barack Obama.

Obama's political presence = JFK + MLK

****FULL TEXT of tonight's acceptance speech by Barack Obama****

Tweety: "he inspires me and the hell with my critics"

Tweety: "he inspires me and the hell with my critics"



my only criticism is they need rock and roll music now n/t

Guys this is HISTORY happening RIGHT NOW

Can I have four terms of this man?

And let's close with a COUNTRY tune!!! ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

I don't think they're going to call him

Let us go forward

Tried to logon and donate and the site says they are having issues!! LOL!

McSame. You've just been served.

We Americans don't deserve him....... but we NEED him

I think we've go the Tweety Bird on our side this year




After the speech, who was the old man on stage talking to Obama? NT

Donations at Obama website are processing very slowly, but still working

After that, is there anyone out there who thinks we can lose? eom

What was the song they were playing at the end?

What song is playing?

With any luck, Presidents of the future will not just LOOK different than they have in the past...

With any luck, Presidents of the future will not just LOOK different than they have in the past...

With any luck, Presidents of the future will not just LOOK different than they have in the past...

Landslide. Tsunami. Volcano. Locusts.

Have you noticed how so many of us are tearing up or openly crying during this convention?

Guys; The Daily Show is kicking republican ass. I know it's hard to turn away,

To the skinny kid with a funny name...

Gergen: "He's growing into the job of being president...

Gergen: "He's growing into the job of being president...

Oh, the Obama Girls and the Biden Granddaughters...




Secret service reported a crowd of 84,000 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NT

Is it even possible that we could go from GEORGE W FUCKING BUSH to Barack H. Obama?

For all the world to hear! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!!!

Fucking Nader

Jill and Michelle are holding hands...

lol what a mom mom

Did anyone hear the lady interviewed on NPR, right after the speech ...?

Did anyone hear the lady interviewed on NPR, right after the speech ...?

And I thought Bill and Hillary's speeches were great....

So, how are they going to drop balloons in a building with no roof?

So, how are they going to drop balloons in a building with no roof?

I checked DirectTV's viewers list

I'm so proud right now I just wanted to tell someone ..

I'm so proud right now I just wanted to tell someone ..

tons of great lines. What was you favorite?

McCain's acceptance speech...

McCain's acceptance speech...

I am sad.


I'm drunk

amen reverend

Why hasn't the MSM cut Obama's feed yet??? GOOD GOD

Well, until the last minute I thought it was a great speech....

It looked great on tv Andrea nt

David Gergen: "It was a symphony.... a masterpiece"

Sometimes politics is deceit and moral squalor and destitution and betrayal of

Sometimes politics is deceit and moral squalor and destitution and betrayal of

Sometimes politics is deceit and moral squalor and destitution and betrayal of

I kept thinking of the speech at the end of The American President

I thought it was really weird that there were virtually no posts about the speech on the main


Deleted dupe nt

I'm sitting here by myself...

How many does that stadium hold and how many are there?

Gergen: "Less A Speech than a SYMPHONY" ----- A M E N !!!!!!

He's DAVE!!! He's going to go through the budget line by line ...

You suppose Bush is getting the message we're sending?

Miracle drug

Gergen loved it! Ha! CNN pundits are all falling over themselves.

Rate Obama's Speech

Holy cow, he's going to take McCain apart in the debates.


I'm all alone tonight - and I just did the wave.!



Andrea useless Mitchell had difficulty expressing her opinion.

Bill Kristol says...Obama met and exceeded expectations.

I love that the Obamas and the Bidens really do seem to genuinely like each other.


Limpballs show tomorrow.

Limpballs show tomorrow.

K&R the people who set the DNC up.

"Are they even planning on having a republican convention?" My 11 year old son;

JFK + Dr. King = Barack Obama. n/t

JFK + Dr. King = Barack Obama. n/t

Brian Williams hit a good note: Tim Russert would have loved this night

After tonight Lumpy McSame has only 3 votes left! bushitler's, dickless's and

Obama can attract 84k while McSame can't give away tickets for 10K?!!!

I'm struck by how humbled Obama looks. Just now, and when he took the stage.

Andrea Mitchell---- Please SHUT UP!!!

Obama online donation website down...

Is it ok if I start a thread for those of us who've just decided to work on Obama's campaign

David Brooks was not wowed.

Two things - Beschloss on PBS thought it was better than Kennedy's speech.


That speech really blew

That speech deserved a $50 donation to his campaign from me. I challenge everyone here to match it

Brokaw just read the Repuke's response and said it was lame

Does anyone see a renaissance on the way for black music in the USA?

Best speech of DNC Convention 2008 is:

This kind of person comes along once in a lifetime.

What'st the music?

84,000 at MILE HIGH

Obama = JFK, MLK, and Lincoln

Time to Walk the Walk.

Future President Obama accomplished the impossible...

I have one question to ask.....


"(John McCain) won't even follow (Bin Laden) to the cave where he lives.." F*&^g GOLDEN!!!

Tom B. is getting his hat from Todd and Keith

Tom B. is getting his hat from Todd and Keith



Getting It

Wow you should see all the people who came to our watch party - pictures!

Awwwww...David Gregory looked positively ill immediately

KO in response to McCain's response: For their sake, I hope so

No rebuttal from the McCain campaign or the RNC?

Hahaha, KO just said to Chucky, "Analyze this!"...n/t


Did he say "occupy" Iraq?

Admit that it sucked......

I believe it was architected - like the movie 'And Justice for All'

McCain went to bed at 7:30 and missed speech! Damn! (nt)

Make your RNC predictions

MSNBC TWEETY is crying!

Did I hear Wolfy Boy Right?

Did I Hear Blitzer Right?

Self Delete....nt

Interesting--the Republicans are still clinging to this whole "Greek Temple" thing...

I just talked to my nephews who are volunteers at the convention

Poor McCain.

What Obama just did to McCain

Top that, RNC. Top that convention. Top that speech.

McCain's response


" can safely say this is unlike any political convention we have ever seen." Gwen and Judy

You know Mrs. Obama, today I am proud of my country, again.

A "symphony" - David Gergen

"I know I've been criticized for saying I'm inspired. To hell with my critics!"

Do me a favor?

How big will the post convention bump be?

I was waiting so long for "ENOUGH!" and " he doesn't know". Perfection.

Holy Carp, even the republican on CNN is giving Obama big, no huge props.

MSNBC Brian Williams is even applauding the speech AND the calling

Anyone Not Moved By Barack's Tonight And His Speech Is Unamerican......nt

Rove accusing Obama of using dirty politics because of his "thin" record.

Panic in the living rooms...

"If you see somebody who you don't know getting into a crop duster

I think Obama gave the best speech he ever has

Anyone watching Fox?

I'm looking for the Barack Speech thread, that occurred as Barack Spoke. Help?

So. Did you think it was a good speech? Go show exactly how much you did.

Obama Nomination Bump: 270++++ EVs.

So did McCain actually run negative ads in some states tonight?

Cable co. deliberately pre-empts Dems on C-SPAN with a test pattern

We have just seen a speech from someone who has the HUNGER to be President

Wow! Incandescent rhetoric, rock-solid logic, and starkly-lit contrasts.

Wow! Incandescent rhetoric, rock-solid logic, and starkly-lit contrasts.

Keith is going after AP and Fournier...

McCain Unveils New Energy Plan

KO is redeeming himself by dissing that wire copy that dissed Barack's speech.

KO is flogging AP hit piece. Edited to include link to AP piece...

Poor McCain. Isn't anyone excited to hear his speech?

Tonight is America's night

McCain ad questioned as word 'HANG' appears over image of Barack Obama

McCain ad questioned as word 'HANG' appears over image of Barack Obama

"If you want to move foward you put your car in (D)emocrat. If you want to go backwards ..."

"If you want to move foward you put your car in (D)emocrat. If you want to go backwards ..."

CHarles Babington, FIND NEW WORK!

Fox is still silent. SPEECHLESS?

Some insight from CSpan callers - very revealing, I think.

CSPAN Call-in:"I understand that Sen. McCain was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease"



GOP dude on CNN: "Whoever was not picked as McCain's VP today...

GOP dude on CNN: "Whoever was not picked as McCain's VP today...


MSNBC live: Guy on megaphone: "9/11 was an inside job"

Blasphemer on the C-SPAN phone. Proceeds to tell us what God thinks about Gays.

If I was McCain right now, I'd wish I was Wilford Brimley instead.

Wilfred Brimley will be McCain's VP

A Noun, A Verb, P.O.W.

How did McCain respond? All I read was... My Friends... and

Going down?

A sensible gun policy............OMG what will the NRA say.

If you are a PUMA and still posting here at DU - might I say a few things!

Ahhh! Cognitive Dissonance!!

McCain speaks his only shot...

"Its not about me, its about you!"

McCain might want to consider simply conceding

McCain might want to consider simply conceding

Some guy holding a WORLDS WORST PERSONS

My independent father in MI just called me and thanked me for volunteering for Barack...

From Gramps on Faux "news": "Congratulations, Senator Obama."

Not to be funny...but I wonder how the online Freepers are handling

Not to be funny...but I wonder how the online Freepers are handling

The buzz in So. Ohio about McSame's vp is that it's Portman

Proof it was great...I can't list it all

I'll never forget this DNC as long as I live

Rachel gonna be on MSNBC for a bit? Sounds like it

"McCain says he'll follow Osama to the gates of hell...

Pat Buchanan said the speech was MAGNIFICENT.

OMG, Buchanan said that it was an outstanding speech

OMG, Buchanan said that it was an outstanding speech

"It was a generally fantastic speech. It was magnificent. The Greatest Acceptence Speech" Pat Buc

McCain already planning trip to Gulf

Marc Ambinder: McCain can't fill 10,000 arena yet for tomorrow, they will be bussing in supporters

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

Wow... I expected dozens of threads started by trolls tonight...

Will the PUMAs... Ever... STFU?

84,000 people outdoors - and our Man is Okay

84,000 people outdoors - and our Man is Okay

The official "Juan Williams is a P.O.S." thread

MSNBC Pat Buchanon just said

I Cannot Wait For Morning Blow Tomorrow to hear Joe Gushing over the Speech


didn't McCain oppose a holiday for MLK?

DESPERATE! McCain Campaign Responds. You'll have to go read it yourself.

McCondo can't make a speech this long without stopping to take a nap first

Shawn Johnson doing the Pledge right now

Shawn Johnson doing the Pledge right now

Fox News reporting no "authorized" VP leak tonight..."in deference to Senator Obama"

Turn to CSPAN to hear the Repuke callers whining!

KO slapped the AP silly!

KO slapped the AP silly!

Obama’s speech being replayed on C-SPAN now

Even Pat Buchanan Loved the Speech!

KO: "We had to stop Pat Buchanan gushing over Obama's speech because of time"

McCain campaign livid over photo just released of McCain watching Obama's historic speech.

McCain campaign livid over photo just released of McCain watching Obama's historic speech.

Michelle Bernard on MSNBC just said this is the "most amazing evening" of her entire life.

Pat Buchanan: "Genuinely outstanding. Magnificent...

Jump! Roll over! Get the ball. Good Democrat. Fetch!

Pat Buchanan: "This is the greatest convention speech, the most important..."

Freeps chime in: 'Rate the Speech': "I'll give it an F- also. I didn't watch it."

Freeps chime in: 'Rate the Speech': "I'll give it an F- also. I didn't watch it."

Just heard on CNN...

McCain is Bob Rumson

Obama said "nuclear proliferation" and he actually said it correctly!

Obama said "nuclear proliferation" and he actually said it correctly!

I am ALL OVER the coming Republican Convention like white on rice.

Ambinder - Source: Romney will be in Dayton tomorrow

I think it's safe to say that Colorado is now in our column

Wow! A gracious ad from McCain.

Barack hit a homer, but the game's not over

Jay Leno's monologue : I'm not funny, love McCain and hate Democrats

In all my time I've never heard Chris Matthews on such a high!

Not to be out done and in answer to Obama's "Washington" backdrop, McCain

Faux "McCain isn't authorizing any leaks, but we got a leak and it's gonna be Mitt Romney"

There has never been a political event like this.

Tonight, America Makes History

Tonight, America Makes History

What a fucking patronizing fuck wad

"People already have enough opportunity if theyd just try" It's not Pawlenty

McCain once said of Romney: "Never get into a wrestling match with a pig" and other sound bites

McCain once said of Romney: "Never get into a wrestling match with a pig" and other sound bites

Ooops, it was a mistake... he meant he would follow

The "Divided We Fail" ads are annoying me.

Clinton Soap Opera, R.I.P.

Happy Obama Day!!!

can I haz teh obama as president!!!!!

November 4th! We haven't done shit, yet!

I am looking forward to the debates


Buchanan was a speechwriter, I give him credit for playing it straight

Nice Statement from Hillary re Barack's Speech

McCain to use zombies to fill venues. "They are cheap and don't eat much."

Lieberman or Mittens

Lieberman or Mittens

68 days until election day, DU. Are you ready? I can't wait! nt

“If John McCain wants to have a debate about who has the temperament . . ."

Keith: "We had to stop Pat Buchanan gushing over Obama's speech for the sake of time"

Breaking News: McCain's VP selection calls him back and declines

Music for Republican Convention!

Music for Republican Convention!

McCain's astounding lack of foreign policy expertise MUST be exposed NOW!!


Can I state this and not get in trouble? - I am so happy for black Americans....

Can I state this and not get in trouble? - I am so happy for black Americans....

Here's the real Charles Babington...

was bill richardson on fire or what?

I think the real problem for Repubs is this (ranty)

John McCain's... Response.

83% of those who saw Hillary speech rate it as excellent/good (Gallup)

Cindy McCain's half-sister supports Obama.

I was FUCKING WRONG about "keys"

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain Shits His Diaper

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain Shits His Diaper

Holy Shit, is the whole stadium going to lift off!!!

I have a confession: I've been enjoying Tweety even more than Keith this week

P.O.Dubya P.O. Dubya P.O. Dubya

Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson will lead Pledge of Allegiance on Thursday

Highest Frequency Word of Obama's Speech...and link to Full Text.

None of us should have any illusions, the swift boating will start next week

Sort of wish Tim Russert was alive to witness this

Sort of wish Tim Russert was alive to witness this

My friends...


Freep defends McCain against Obama's "Osama cave" remark by saying..sit down kids...MCCAIN WAS A POW

Just In...Pic Of McCain After Obama's Speech...

Rec this thread if you think tonight is O' Brilliant

I just knelt in front of my teevee....

I just knelt in front of my teevee....


Wow!What fun...look at the RNC line-up!

Wow!What fun...look at the RNC line-up!

Gergen on CNN thinks there is still a lot of racism

Keith!! Why are you spoiling the speech????

Bernstein: "Greatest convention speech since Kennedy."

Is JJ drunk or does he have marbles in his mouth?

Damn!!! We sure do throw a good party!!! How are we going to top this

"Democrats have become too bipartisan to make their own case"

Our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters!

No Such Thing as Clean Coal, Barack... and Nuclear?

David Gergen basically said after the democrats convention the republicans are fucked

David Gergen basically said after the democrats convention the republicans are fucked

I can't think of another person that could have accomplished what Obama did tonight in that speech.

Any guy that give a speech like that HAS more than enuf' experience for me.

Bill Clinton to miss Barack Obama's acceptance speech

I hope a lot of repubics were watching tonight

Keith exposing AP bias. Go get them Keith

Keith exposing AP bias. Go get them Keith

NPR outs Puma Cristi Adkins and the "informal group of Christians"...the ad.

haha, Tweety brought up McCain's "prickly" interview with Time Magazine

Floyd Little

Obama's speech has me ON FIRE!!!

Pat Buchanan on the speech: "Magnificent"

If you have C-SPAN, use it!

Have you heard some of of those calls on C-span?


I have never been prouder to have been born in America

No stupid flip flops, no stupid band aides. This is how ADULTS and respected people act


Pat Buchanan LOVED the speech!!

I'm looking out my hotel room window at Invesco...

"Hello? Hello, John? Something has come up, I can't make Dayton tomorrow."

Barack Obama just gave one of the best speeches I've ever seen and I am DAMN PROUD of him


What is going on with these C-Span callers.

Know thy Enemy!!!

oh you guys must be kidding me?

McCain's acceptance speech Word-Cloud!!!

McCain's acceptance speech Word-Cloud!!!

I hate that I missed the speech was it and where can I find it? n/t

This is a must read on this historic day - "I have a dream"

Anyone else's heart breaking wide open

Does anyone even CARE who McCain picks for VP? Not a SINGLE comment on it on the cable news

My first pro-Obama post

MSNBC Chuck Todd just said

Keith just ripped the AP writeup of the speech

Get FREE "Vote Obama" Sticker from HRC

KO just read Charles Babbington review of Barack's speech

Breaking News: Cindy McCain's Half Sister: "I'm Voting for Barack Obama"

McCain Still Trying to Find Spectators

Dear Barack's mama, you done good.

Howard Dean, I love you

Ye Gods--if people actually read anymore, this TIME interview would doom McCain's chances.

McCain can't fill 10K seats, and he's Neck and Neck with Obama? How can they keep the farce going?

Dammit, DU...

OK. Donate to Obama. He needs our money.

Whose speech did you like the best so far?

Mark my words: "Temperament" is the gauntlet thrown down.

8/19 Rasmussen - Louisiana US Senate Poll

My one big disappointment with this convention.



"Daddy, is he the first black-skinned President?"

Hey there, Floridians! Christine Jennings just stopped by The Big Tent.

After tonight, this picture is even funnier.

Interesting thing about John McCain's POW experience

GOP could delay convention if Gustav hits Gulf Coast

The moment before a historical event.

New Obama campaign ad (not really): "Dehydrated Babies"


Fucking BRAVO Al Gore! Bravo!

Fucking BRAVO Al Gore! Bravo!

It's all in the wording (New McCain ad hints at lynching)

BREAKING: God Endorses Barack Obama.

Check out the "Hand-Made Signs" for McCain's VP Reveal in Dayton, Ohio

I want inaugural tickets now........please remember me

Special Delivery for America: One Great Man, One Great President

Michelle Bernard watched it in the green room and wept alone

One For The Ages

Alright people - Obama and Dean and Clinton and Biden and Kerry did their parts

I watched Obama's speech with 60 other people at an inn on top of a mountain

Anyone have latest figures on how much Pickens has donated to Repubs THIS YEAR as opposed to

This Day in History: "I Have a Dream"

Keith reading an unkind commentary by Charles Babbington of the AP

Does Anybody Know The Title Of The Music Played After Barack's Speech When The Families Took The ...

I am a link in the chain tonight

OMG...We are within $400.00 of meeting the fundraising goal by conventions end

Can you imagine * saying "inextricably?"

OK, I know this is shallow; but I loved Michelle's dress last night.

Anyone hear that Republican on MSNBC who said Pat Buchanan's 1992 speech killed Bush's chances?

RNC sending a "large group" of young people to downtown Denver wearing togas

OK you Democrats. Ante up!!!!

OK you Democrats. Ante up!!!!

Personal testimony: Why I believe Obama will win

Funniest. MSNBC moment. EVER.

Is McCain going to be blackmailed with the propaganda he made?

"Kerry wasn’t on fire last night, he was fire last night."

You will never forget this night for the rest of your lives.....

BREAKING: McCain selects Dick Cheney for V.P.

Andrew Sullivan: Obama "the most lethal and remarkable Democratic figure since John F Kennedy."

Stop the AP bias - contact them to cover McCain too!

Reactions to Obama's acceptance speech. (Pic heavy)

The pudits say Obama's speech was a master piece

Obama is a genius

Some PHOTOS from Obama's Speech

As a Delawarean I would love to start a please K&R this for Joe Biden!!! - Great Speech!!!

To all of you that have supported Barack Obama from the beginning - I have one thing to say to you--

If you thought the last six weeks was dirty, get ready for it to be exponentially worse

Checking in from Dublin, Ireland -

Best speech Gore has ever given.


Leaked picture of Obama and Hillary road trip.

Right now....somewhere (PICS) a soldier

My Complaint Letter to World News Now ABC...

Rachel is on fire tonight!

Dr., Dr., Rx, Rx, "RN - RN"

anyone else think Obama could be Tweety's new man-crush?

DU Check In...Where Are You At?

NATO’s navy delivers weapons to Georgia under the guise of humanitarian aid

Anybody else here having trouble getting C-SPAN?

Rat meat in demand in Cambodia as inflation bites

National debt as a way of funneling money from the poor to the rich.

2 in military accused of taking bribes for contracts

Leroy Sievers, NPR commentator and blogger who reported his battle with cancer, dies at 53

What is wrong with me. There were so many touching moments this evening

Making Money on a New Cold War

Rage Against the Machine draws 9,000 in Denver

Bravo is replaying "The West Wing"?

It’s a Maddow, Maddow World-MSNBC’s fresh-faced host glows under the hot lights in Denver

Biden slams McCain and Cheney in accepting vice presidential nomination

My 85 y/o mother - lifelong, money-giving democrat who

'' T-shirt gets Van Nuys woman kicked out of federal building

regarding the $75-80BILLION of Iraq money in our banks

Meet Harold Simmons: the sole Obama-Ayers attack ad contributor

Getting Lipstick On The Pig

Anyone else sickened by the Morning Joe bunch's ass-kissing?

Iraq veterans make noise at convention (xpost from Veterans)

Former 'Real World' member running for Congress

McCain tries to explain his anti-veterans position

Ungrateful Afghan civilians resent dying for freedom

Prisoner of "w"(dubya)

Will Exxon call a special board meeting ?

If MSNBC gives a time slot to a republican, who should it be?

GOP revises GDP

Here's a guy who, if he's really that enthusiastc, should be headed to boot camp ...

Check out how the residents of a rich flooded neighborhood use public

Check out how the residents of a rich flooded neighborhood use public

Check out how the residents of a rich flooded neighborhood use public

Would you say that someone was bigoted who would not vote for a candidate due to their.....

Armando LALOCA aka (Big Tent IDIOT)at talk left bashes Rachel Maddow

I just heard on cspan a few momemts ago

Orrin Hatch (psycho killer Christian): this can be the year Democrats win a landslide victory

Where can I see Obama's Invesco Stage set.

Should Uncle Sam Be Helping CEOs Get Richer?

Gustav does the unthinkable and turns WSW overnight

While you're watching all these speeches, watch MLK's speech today

Newspapers and Hurricanes

Holy crap! Do these people vote?

Amy Goodman: Poverty Is the Real Scandal

Anyone hear from malaise? Gustav is hammering Jamaica

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... ha ha ha ha.... I find this hilarious per rovelieberman

What 15,000 Reporters Are Doing at the DNC

Wow, it really hit me just today...

Today's questions to the Bush Administration...

George Bush's Iraq

Dems Offer Survival Kit for GOP Confab

Fight it with THE TRUTH

Tomorrow Is The Bernie Ward Sentencing...

Beau Biden is great.

Beau Biden is great.

Denver Post: Tense But No Violence At Pepsi Center (Some Of My Photos)

McCain learns the internets, posts first blog entry

Russia missile test heightens standoff with West

China, Iraq reach $3 bln oil service deal

The Bush Years: Rich Get Richer, More Uninsured, More Global Warming-Bush History, 8/28

"No End in Sight" -- Iraq documentary -- to be shown (for free!) on Youtube

Video of 2004 GOP Convention -- See the GOPiggies practice their vocabulary words -- Hilarious!

SurveyUSA Florida Poll: Martinez (D) 48%, Diaz-Balart (R) 46%

MSNBC should dump Tweety, SloeJoe, Buchanann

Tonight Show audience tortured by John McCain's POW jokes

Renewable Energy Collectors May Be Right Under Our Feet

Some people can't catch any breaks: Gustav is now spending another


Enzyte owner gets 25 years for his frauds

The Rude Pundit: Clinton, Kerry, and Biden Take It to Third Base

LOSER. Boooo Boooo Boooooooo Booooo dial up warning

"I used to be a strong Democratic" sez the lady caller to CSPAN last night.

The Great Pundit Cable Republican PUMA Fraud

Did you ever have a passion for something for years and years, and then suddenly you just didn’t

Obama won't put his hand over his heart or salute the flag. Where do repub idiots GET this shit?

NOLA and gulf coast Dems check in. What's the mood, and are you preparing for Gustav?

Stranger in a Stadium

Katrina - Gustav - Even if we don't have to evacuate...

OK so I'm a prude.

3:00 a.m. short video

Meet Tropical Storm Hanna

NY Times does it again: More 'Judy Miller' tapdancing (Pt2)

The Republican Party is the ALL Spin Zone

2008 GOP platform calls for total ban on embryonic stem cell research

New Scientist: Social Inequality kills

The anti-McPLANES condoms

How do you think a VP debate between Joltin' Joe Biden and Joementum would go?

Earlier this year, I took my niece & nephew to the spot where MLK gave his speech.

David Sirota: The Rise of 'The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party'

Send a condom to a Republican delegate (through Planned Parenthood)!

How fucked up and in denial does a group have to be to do this ...... ?


Olympic Foreign Policy Games - Axis of Evil Defeats Neocons

CNNMoney: Bankruptcy filings surge to 1 million - up 29%

Washington Post: Our Inequality of Outcomes

Tropical Storm HANNA ... looks to spin toward south FL nex week.

Well, one thing about Mitt Romney that could be good for Republicans...

Whose brilliant idea was it to give Fox the "feed rights"?

By Vladimir, I think you've got it!

This sure sums up the Media: in a nutshell

When will Obama/Biden shirts and bumper-stickers be available?

Hutchison as McCain's veep?

Bush and hurricanes don't mix.....

McCain's Prickly TIME Interview (I don't think he's happy staying on message.)

Sears Struggles Continue; Profit Falls 62%

Did Karl Rove call Lieberman?

Laughably bad McCain interview for TIME...

From Memphis (1968) to Denver tonight (Keep the dream alive)

I think a new McCain fiasco is going to hit

Tomorrow ..... bless her little heart ......

Democrats Should Skip a Party and Read the American Monetary Act

Eric Alterman: Media Gone Mad

The Nation: "Back It Up, Bitch!"

Wendy Gramm, wife of Phil, sat on the boards of INVESCO, Enron, and State Farm

George McCain should get Dick Cheney help in the search for a VP.

Has anyone else here read Stephen Mansfield's, "The Faith of Barack Obama"?

Okla. - oil rig explosion kills one injures 2

Unions are under full frontal attack!

Faces of Obama's supporters. It is us.

Thomas Frank: We're Not All Friedmanites Now


If McSame picks ANYone from the Bush Admin (present or former) as his VP

From Yesterday - a clip of Rage Against the Machine and IVAW

Quick question: IBTL and IBTT ? Meaning ?

This little problem called Blackwater. What to do?

Beau Biden did such a good job tonight introducing his father. "BREAKING NEWS: AP reports that John McCain says he has yet to decide on his running mate"

Joe 6-pack wants to register young voters

I liked what the ex=Republican had to say tonight at the

If corporations were really "persons"

Guardian UK: Georgia is the graveyard of America's unipolar world

Don Siegleman on Stephanie Miller

Don Siegleman on Stephanie Miller

GOP rivals sling mud in race to represent Staten Island in House (NY-13)

If Pawlenty's becomes the repuke VP pick, I think we should

Community College Students Need Not Apply: Our Reward for Bailing Out the Banks

How to say "Screw you!" to the oil companies...

Caption Barack Obama!

"W" = White

Obama kissed a white woman 'on the mouth'? The horror!

Convention Schedule 8/28/08 – Local-MST

Romney Family Gets Security Sweep


Hey Dobson! God must love Obama and hate McCain!

ABRAMOFF: DOJ seeks reduced sentence for "significant and useful" cooperation

East/West Rumblings in the Caucasus & Caspian - Worth a look.

Despicable email I received from 'RedState'. this is how GOP wins election

Beardstown schools wrestles with banning books

Hillary looked so IN LOVE with Bill Last Night

Fox: Bush might not speak at RNC on Monday because of Gustav.

'Joke' Muslim bill Attacks Obama

Racist anti-Obama filth sold at GOP booth at Washington fair: TRUE GOP COLORS on display

Since Fox wanted to change words in Michelle Obama's speech, I propose "Foxifying" some Republicans

Is Laura Ingraham really that stupid.....or is she just a liar?

Convention hears of lost U.S. supplier jobs

$90K child care for union leader's kid paid from dues from $9 per hour heatlh care workers

NYC schools eye (90 Minute) math tests for kindergartners

The great Phil Hill of Road & Track magazine has died...

john mccain couldn't care less if G.I.'s are tortured, cause he was too.

The local gas station raised prices from $3.49 to $3.69 between 7AM and noon today.

Skeletor is ready to do a heck uv a job preparing for Gustav..

In the background, Sheryl Crowe is rehearsing...

Cspan just referred to Dean as the FORMER DNC chair. Did I miss something? nt

"I ain't your friend, Palooka".

On the lighter side -- why do they always point ?

Caption this Mc* pic

McCain Adviser: There Are No Uninsured Americans (from HuffPo)

This ltte in my paper Re: Tribute to Ted Kennedy,was SO offensive-I had to comment

Images of 911 to dominate GOP Convention....

I was a POW

Freepers heads to explode - Bush aides have visited Jimmy Carter Center re: post-presidency

Just when you think the Republickers have hit bottom, they plumb new depths

Repuks are 1 issue voters and Dems have a wider view. Talking to repuk friends and trying to see

You know what makes me sad? On the 45th anniversary of his historic speech,

Brokaw just got the poll numbers wrong - said there's just a 2 point lead. It's up to 6 in that poll

Dana Perino tells residents of the Gulf Coast

Just who is Pawlenty? Seems there's movement that direction. Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Democracy Incorporated (book-brief review)

Al Gore Pictures


"You don't know because you weren't there"

Slavery Haunts America's Plantation Prisons

Will the media have as many Democratic pundits .......

Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war

Jon Stewart nails it! Russia is Sooooo 20th century

Whose got a live stream from Denver? The convention website says it is "Live"

Tom Brokaw was driving on I-95 in Montana when Katrina hit.

For all convention delegates, bloggers, attendees

Let's be creative (look at what i got in inbox)

Would Obama/Biden beat McCain/Pawlenty in Minnesota?

Real Time is back tomorrow. Just think, but the time this season finishes,

Minn Lt. Gov. Molnau nixes antiwar billboad near cathedral (perfect view of Xcel

If being a POW makes you Presidential material,

I dont know if/ or to what or whom you may pray, but might I request you do it for New Orleans/Gulf

Bob Kincaid and Guy James live at the convention at 4 est

79 million or 28% of American paying off medical debt

The Double Standard : Why is it acceptable for the RW to denounce 'latte elitist treason'

Bernie Ward got 7+ years.

We need an independent swift boat group to go after McCain

Attn: McCain: For VP...?

Admiral McCombover says he's going to pick his VP tonight!

Rove: The weather is picking on the GOP "Waaaaah!"

Symbolism always seems to make such an impression...

Rec. this thread...

Obama speech

Malaise - how are you doing?

Next time somebody tries to say Obama hasn't "served" his country

OK, even though Jones is a total fucking nutcase...

Since it appears that the McCain campaign is trying to garner media attention

I heard :hahaha: something about :hahaha: Kay :hahahahaha: *snort* Kay Bailey :hahahaha: ...........

Hey, McNutso, I served my country.

somebody 'splain?....hurricane heads into gulf and oil prices fall

Invesco anthem NOW! n/t

Rove: "The Republicans can’t seem to get a break when it comes to August"

On historic day, man who helped pave the way recalls 'a year of hell' in Arkansas

On this Historic night what are the evening news show talking about.

Wonder what the cable news ratings will be like this week? If MSNBC

What's the guy with the bullhorn saying at the MSNBC outdoor 'stage'?

Rumors are filling the tubes that the Secret Service visited Romney's sister ...

These interviews are excellent examples of the differences between McCain and Obama.

howard dean on c-span only

KEITH will tell you he is an arrogant asshole

Is the C-Span camera placed so that the picture is kind of off center?

OMG I got here!!

The Ruling Elite?

McCain Still Trying to Find Spectators for his Friday Rally; Obama sold out.

Black Republicans Stand Three or Four Strong for John McCain

I miss The Camel News Caravan and John Cameron Swayze.

The 15 word response to Repbublican attack on taxes:

New Orleans Is In A Health Care Crisis Three years After Katrina

Merkel the most powerful woman

Creeping fascism to stop soon ?

Hissyspit, Elad Are In Invesco Field Mile-High Stadium (Photo of Stage)

Did you just get your text message from the campaign? Brilliant!!! A call for volunteers!

Ezra Klein: John Kerry brutalizes McCain

The Nation: Gay Days at the DNC

cuberats...msnbc is streaming the convention live without the pundits.

I shouldn't laugh at a serious internet hacking matter, but...

OMFG are you seeing those thousands of people

Forty-five years ago, Martin spoke to us. We were but children then,

Grumpy Gramps and Mistah Mullet 08?

I'd like to see Obama and Biden head straight into the hurricane path..

My dream ticket of the future - Howard Dean and Brian Schweitzer.

Where's Chimpy and RoboCheney?

Steeler Update


A Devastating Couple That Could Overshadow the Republican Convention


So basically the entire event coverage on MSNBC is a disaster?

Quick Impulse Thought Regarding Everyday Americans Who Say They're Scared To Vote Dem Cause Of Taxes

OMG! Did Tweety just have a genuine LAUGH instead of that weird crazy noise he usually makes?

Bush's Point: The Rich Have Accountants, Know the Loopholes;Taxing them is Futile-Bush History 8/28

A nice compiled list of McGigolo flip flops, enjoy and spread around

Yippiee! I live in the wealthiest city in America!

Oh My..."Bloomberg News" reports Steve Job's Dead? Obituary? Hoax?

MLK "I have a dream" speech...40 yrs later we have BO!!!

Michael Moore will be on Countdown tomorrow-Friday.

'Smiling Bob' Founder Gets 25 Years In Prison For Sex-Pill Fraud

Rolling questions for Dems

John McCain's Achilles heel revealed

'The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule' (book review)

I took a nap with MSNBC on and just woke up. Why am I suddenly sure 9/11 was an inside job?

Who else calls BS on Scarborough talking to Obama's top advisers?

Bill Richardson is tearing it up right now!

Rumor has it that the Secret Service just swept Romney's sisters house.

McCain has to make a sudden change in his VP pick. His 1st choice had a problem!

HRC's words come home to roost (McBush Advert)

McCain's obsession with his 5 1/2 years in Hanoi is not funny.

Just want to say: Three cheers for the DU people in Denver

Sorry to tell that ass who prayed for rain in Denver...the weather there tonight could not be more

Big Oil's Gulf of Mexico hurricane/RNC conundrum .. to lie, or not to lie.

a question about video resolution (pixels high by pixels wide)

We are going to my Brother in Laws home while Gustav does whatever he's going to do

Al Gore up now

Ok I'm 50, white, raised in suburbia


It Was Clinton ('92), Clinton ('96), Gore ('00) and...?

Line is reportedly two miles long to get in and it already looks full!

Al Gore!

I just read a thread suggesting Romney might be McLame's running mate.

This November you have a choice:

FINALLY! age old question answered "How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center."

John McCain will *always be a POW

Obama vs. the POW

The President is about to speak...

8 Great, Weird, Bizarre, and Fascinating College Classes

Watch the convention here.. avoid the MSM bullshit! Wonderful online picture.. full screen too...

E coli outbreak in Tulsa: 1 dead, 40 sick

The writers at WorldNetDaily are racist swine.

Al Gore's about to knock your balls off!

HUA TV (Looking for Love)

Al is an inspiration and I am proud to have him speak for me, and for the Democratic Party

'911 is an inside job'

Who are you going to believe about Commander-in-Chief qualities? Eisenhower or McCain?

So how many people are actually going to be there?

Calculate Your Tax Cuts Under Obama's and McCain's Economic Plans

Was that the dude from Lost in the crowd? The one who played the Korean?

Bumper stick spotted on a Prius in an upscale Seattle suburb:

Study: Bankruptcies soar for senior citizens

I saw my Dr. today

So how much of the blame for neglect can we blame on Pawlenty for the bridge disaster

the problem with the talk of "ending divisions"

Mrs. Dan Senor - Campbell Brown smirks just like Bush.

Mile High Stadium is full. It looks great! eom.

What's The Schedule For Tonight? When Is Al Gore On?


we have a General Fig Newton? that is SO cool...

Cheney and Rove apologize for the lack of war with Russia.

On the "imperial setting" - the appropriate response.

I would like to thank the rude pundit for his way of describing what's coming down at the DNC

Is anyone watching the DNC live on

Tribute to the Generals who retired rather than Petraeus the U.S. military! n/t

Who was the black woman general who was skipped in the introductions?

Why isn't this question on the Fafsa form?

Jesus Christ. No one wants to hear the speech from YOUR lips Keith.

WATCH C-SPAN! -you don't need no stinkin' talking heads

Another facet of the recession, not reported in the press

Pam from Pittsboro sounds like Molly Ivins.

Gore accuses McCain of policies too close to Bush

Gore accuses McCain of policies too close to Bush

"Ah cain't do it."

McCain to accept nomination at stadium in Minneapolis....

John Kennedy special on the History Channel right now...

Bumpersticker seen today in Durham NC: "MCCAIN'T" (pic)

Tee hee! A CSpan called ask it if was true that McCrusty has been diagnosed

McCain "strategist" on MSNBC says McCain is the "anti-B**h"

I just switched over to PBS and Brooks looks like he wants

Don't mean to cause trouble but I have to ask: How likely is it that McCain announces his VP as

Any jazz fans here?

Huffington Post: "MSNBC Implosion"...Fights Caught On Tape, Talking Heads Gone Wild!

scarborough's blasting of david shuster.

I know its a cliche, but I just LOVE watching the ..........

The Beau Biden Question

Did anyone already post about that guy shouting "9/11 Was an Inside Job" that disrupted Tweety's

It's so good, so refreshing, so renewing to hear democratic voices after eight years of silence.

Al Gore just gave the best political speech I've ever heard

I Think the Stage Looks Great! And Al Gore?

Place that voice: Who is narrating the Obama bio short?

Barney Smith

dumb question time!

Letters to court claim Abramoff is a "humbled, changed man" who should have reduced prison sentence

I'm BLASTING my speakers-C-span live feed to all my neighbors

Michael MacDonald

I just turned off Keith Olberman

You know who I wish was here to see this? Andy Stephenson.

Eight is ENOUGH!!! Hell yeah!

I'm BLASTING my speakers-C-span live feed to all my neighbors

It's time for them to OWN their failure!

Howie Dean speaking now

Gustov Is Now Joined By Tropical Storm Hannah .. and a couple of players to be named later

Holy OWNage Barack!!!

Pawlenty cancels appearances

I have loved the speeches.

Did I miss Sheryl Crowe?

You gotta love live TV!

Why do we even have to talk about this stuff?

Red. Meat.

I just visited the American Ex-POWs website

Is Obama's mom and grandparents all dead? I never see them n.t

Headless bodies found in Mexico

All those Generals making a statement the Pentagon

Happy Talk!!!! Gimme more happy talk, baby. nt

Woman spots baby’s eye cancer online

Susan Eisenhower looks a lot like her grandfather

What is the name of the band at the DNC?

Am I the only person who is not getting any form of glee over Gustav/RNC?

War in Iraq compared to squishing a bug: welcome to today's right-wing nutjob LTTE!

UBS CEO for Obama?

Calif. Assembly OKs ban on chemical in food wraps

Where are the teleprompters? I've been trying to see them

Good News for the Gulf Coast: Gustav seems to be meandering and weakening

You da man!!!! You da man!!!! OMG, what a speech!!!

DU remembers this time, 3 years ago, when we witnessed the unbelievable

who needs balloons when

FINALLY gloves are off

There may be an awful lot of things wrong with this country.......

Prayer Works!! But You better watch what you pray for!

Have they shown Muhammad Ali?

What no crazy wrestlemania-type battlecry?

I don't like or trust Pickens but some of what he has been saying makes sense.

DONATE NOW!!!!! let's make headlines!!!

Wow, 84,000 at the convention tonight! So says Secret Service.

Obama's so smart ....




Opinion: Obama nailed it.

At this precise point McWar has asked James Dobson

Is this worldwide?

Barack, you are 1000 times classier than John McCain.

Seeking good vibes

Tomorrow is the first day after the end of The Era Of Stupd

What was great about this convention was listening to intelligent and

Now onto CSPAN to hear the callers

Bad News and some good news about Tropical Storm Hanna

Holy crap----Man fatally bitten by fire ants that washed into his home.

President Al Gore's speech ...

WA POST: Abramoff implicated "scores of other persons not yet charged,"


AP does it again

McCain ignites frenzy over his VP choice ( that's NOT my headline)

Gore quoted TA Edison in his speech. Great quote here:

RS: How Bush Destroyed the Republican Party


That was the perfect speech for this time and this place

has anyone here ever bought real estate from an online auction?

CNN Blitzer spin

Wolf Blitzer makes me want to puke!!

Olbermann calls out some guy named Babington and his employers, AP

Bush's response broke the spine of the Republican party.

Unembargoed Excerpts Barack Obama's Speech Tonight

KBR lawsuit alleges ’slavery.’

After Obama's speech, which speech was the most inspirational?

Obama/McSame Poll

Right on time: "Obama sounded angry..."

Jimmy Carter Called Obama A "Black Boy" The Other Night

Sorry, Pal, You're Rich

David Brooks (pbs) and Elizabeht H (the view) are both need to be deprogrammed

Trying to find a "how to" type book

Hey Pugs! Gustavo and Hanna are come'n. You prayed for rain didn't you?

Damnit, there is no way in hell this race is as close as the polls suggest... I have long term Repub

John McCain was a POW

Want to know how much Obama will cut your taxes?

Cindy McCain's half sister: "I'm voting for Obama"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

45 Years ago today Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream"

OMG! Buchanan says it is the best convention speech ever! n/t

Abramhoff Ready To Spill The Beans For Lighter Sentence

I thought Gustav was on her way past Kingston

McCain adviser has solution to health care crisis...

The media are shocked - SHOCKED - that a Democrat went after the temperment .......

Republicans are such hypocrites! McCain is "an adulterer"

What is with this redneck dumbshit music?

Temper, temper, John McCain! "Tonight, Americans witnessed a MISLEADING SPEECH...."

That's why I'm a Democrat

Infighting/on air squabbles on MSNBC to cause it to implode?

Who else is in tears

"How can you trust a man's judgment when he sided with George Bush

Brokaw keeps harping on the columns, just called them 'imperious'

Celebrating Obama's Blackness

The Invesco Field idea was POOR PLANNING!!!1

Leaving the learning at home - More blacks choosing to teach their own children

Its official: cows point north

Does Bubba (Bill) remind you of.....

Did ya hear Tweety? "I'd be criticized by my bosses if I said I was inspired"

American Man in Section 538 with HUGE American Flag...

I Have A Righteous View Of History Here, Folks

Hey mccain, I got a big, fat PURPLE BAND AID for all your service in Vietnam.

principal in sons middle school announced on speaker this morning. historical time in history

Check your effing baggage! I'd sell this house in a NY minute!!

If military service is so important, why did McCain campaign against a war hero

a religiously insane caller on Wash. Journal this a.m. said:

Why do Republicans hate people?

McPOW, you've cheapened & exploited your military service like no man before you

Noonan compares tonight's DNC rally (with the Greek columns) to Nuremberg

CNN: "Line to get in was SIX MILES LONG!!!!"

stevie rocked! remember when the chimp waved at him?

I bet there’s no country where people talk about their own soldiers raping women.

I don't want to 'reach out' to the Christian conservatives, screw em'.


Do you think Pat Buchanan realizes how often Rachel effin OWNS him? On live TV? (nt)

so,who do you think would be a good choice for Attorney General?They're gonna be busy!

Need help with Katrina/NOLA bashing

Will Someone Tell That 911 Truth Guy To STFU On MSNBC.

Columns as a background?

PHOTOS: Barack Obama Fireworks!

There is no such thing as clean coal technology. /nt

Word Cloud and full text of speech tonight...

McCain’s Health Care Architect: There Are No Uninsured Americans

"New Orleans Hydraulic Pumps Don't Work"~~Whistleblower, Army Corps of Engineers~~Jesselyn Radack

Who was the narrator in the Obama intro film? Sounds familiar...**nm

There was only one thing he left out...

Who will donate to the Buy Tom Brokaw .......

I'll always believe that the Bush administration allowed American citizens to drown starve and die


Halliburton sued for human trafficking

Top 5 Convention Speeches 2008

What Putin really said to CNN

Q. What do Coulter, Limbaugh, War, and the NRA have in common?

So is KO turning into an arrogant asshole?

WTF - another Tropical System will be heading to the US mainland

Protesters denied access to attorneys, forced to march in leg shackles, ACLU charges

OMG!!! What a speech!!!!! n/t


WILL the Obama administration prosecute Bush administration criminals?

Jimmy Carter: McCain is "milking every possible drop" out of his POW time

OK, now there's a 'Jesus Moth' making national news.

"Conventional Wisdom" (Plus PHOTOS)

Army prep school draws dropouts

This Video is for Del Martin

If I see one more post analyzing the effect of Gustav on the GOP convention I'm going to wretch!

It is Eugene McCarthy! Not Joe

For Ann Richards Molly Ivins and so many others

Alright, I've had it.

Why did McCain spend 5 years in a POW camp?

Barack Hussein Obama, an empty suit

Folks, meet Hanna and she could be heading to Florida

What could be worse than a category 5 hurricane hitting the U.S. mainland next week?

US Sends Threatening Letter To UK: Rat On Us About Torture & We Promise "serious and lasting damage"

Dating advice from assholes: "Stop treating women well"

I flew over 250 combat missions and I was never shot down.

Do The Facts Support John McCain? (An Email To Read & Share)

Double barrel shotgun (120 hour wind speed forecast)

New McCain ad: "This is the prison cell where McCain was starved, beaten, & maimed for life..."

Should the Obama administration prosecute Bush administration criminals?

Lines into Invesco about 6 miles or more. Pictures.

Right Wing Watch: Joel's Army, The Call, Todd Bentley are "Arming for Armageddon"

Right Wing Watch: Joel's Army, The Call, Todd Bentley are "Arming for Armageddon"

Fox: Bush might not speak at RNC on Monday because of Gustav.»

Neil Patrick Harris is on Letterman,he's doing a great Regis impersonation.

Is it "Yeah" or "Yea" ?? Help!

TheFriendlyAnarchist is leaving

Anybody heard of or seen Swamp Rat lately???

Matthew Good - It's been a while since I was your man

Sheeeewww....I've been caught up in GDP lately Loungers, and I feel dirty....

Can Shawn Johnson do her 'Amanar' Vault off of Mitt Romney's Hair?

Is just Obama's speech at Invesco?

Great GDP thread for the Lounge:

I want to lie down on a couch

I pissed off a "friend" tonight.

Oh, smeg. Rimmer got whacked.

Recent pundit talk about race made me remember something I hadn't seen/heard in a long time

I didn't sleep at all last night.

Skittles is female!

My children are watching Joe Biden's speech.


Michael Phelps to host the season premiere of SNL.

I have new neighbors

Went to a new Mexican restaurant last night....

And today in food ideas gone wrong we have . . .

To kaiden and cathandler...thanks so much for entertaining me tonight

If you could change your user name today, what would you choose?

I have invented a new band. It is called "Aerohead".

I'm bummed today.

Why does Delaware have a Republican representative in the US House.

BREAKING NEWS: AP reports that John McCain says he has yet to decide on his running mate

I am such an idiot.

Bob Seger - Still the Same

The Audacity of Hops

Should McCain get a walking mate instead of a running mate?

Match Game Story: "Michael Phelps swam so fast he left not just a water wave, but a ___ wave."

OK... so the chocolate chip scone was a bad idea

Cat behavior question

Do you refrigerate ketchup and mustard?

Whoa - MrCoffee! Why didn't you tell us???

What causes DVDs to jerk and freeze up?

Why should you be on the ticket with me?

Separated at Birth

Hey, Kitchenwitch, how would you like it if the Twins' road trip went an extra 3 weeks?

Shawn Johnson Performing Pledge of Allegiance Tonight

quick take a pic right NOW

I wasn't able to watch any of the convention last night. Did I miss anything?

Sit and watch the world go by while all our problems multiply.

Movie quote for the day:

I Will Never Tease LynneSin Again After Last Nights Speech

Raise your hand if you spotted Tim Daly at the Convention last night

Post the Obama Bumper Stickers! Every one of them. And Obama/Biden.

how much better would that swingtown show be if it was on HBO or Showtime?

I keep thinking it would have been a lot more fun if Obama's VP had been an Olympic

Every now and then a celeb birthday makes me feel old

Woman uses her cleavage in attempt to see Obama at DNC

it rides like a dream now.

Mccains Health Care Advisor's Plan: SO funny it belongs in the lounge

What 5 different lunches would you eat at work Monday to Friday.

Bob Saget - Still the Same

GWB Library to Open in 2009

Have I Got A Tour For LynneSin New York Sex and the City Tour

Please Allow Me to Reproduce Myself

Please Allow Me to Disabuse Myself

Oy. My dog found out about skunks this morning,

Post something you know about me. Shameless ploy for attention.

I am so excited to hear Barack Obama speak tonight that I'm fairly giddy.

Because of another thread/Warning signs of Suicide

I have a lunch date in an hour and I'm too nervous to get ready

15 years ago today

One of my favorite bands is playing the DNC today!

Where should I post a McCain-tailored 'The Aristocrats' joke

A question of incest

Mares eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy...(pics)

There's nothing quite like a project deadline to motivate a person

Things you would never think.

Brady Bunch Fever Hits Kings Island

Dave's Donkey Sale

A metaphor

Post Here And Madinmaryland Will Recite The Brazilian Joke...Backwards

the DB formerly known as Pacman has been reinstated by the NFL...

Ever have one of those days when the last thing you want to do is wear pants?

LBN: I just saw a transcript of a conversation Sen. McCain had with his campaign manager. Re: VP

I'm getting a bad feeling about Gustav, and what may follow.

Best of Craigslist: Henchmen Needed

OK so I'm a prude.

Awesome Quote For The Day

Post Something You Dont Know About ME

Anyone heard from trof?

Facebook is standing between me and a dude who owes me money

Make me stop obsessively checking Cloris Leachman, 82.

Post Something You Don't Know About Cloris Leachman, 82

Cloris Leachman, 82, chosen to be John McCain's running mate.

Untimely Deaths Becase They Didn't Accept Jesus -- true?

Post Something You DO Know About ME

Hey DU Loungers...

So, anyone here got bar type event experience? Looking for advice

Post Something You Dont Know About ME


i've already got permission for this: ask me what you would like to know about Denkmar Olafsson

Post what you think may be in my stool

For those of you who avoid GD/GDP - you can NOT miss this thread (laugh a second!)


So..., I take it that you all are wimping out on me?

MyCritters2 Has A Sermon....

Who's up for another round of MrScorpio's WHO AM I?

Where's all the tapers for the YMSB performance at the DNC?

Lock o' the day in GDP!

Post something you know, but I don't know about ME

I am the key to the lock in your house, that keeps the toys in the basement

Harry Potter DVD for only $5, and it's legal?!

Was Jesus gay?

Midlo Has Started Something Here

So Cloris Leachman, 82, will be one of the Dancing with the Stars contestents?

Gustav and Hanna projected paths as of Thurs, 8/28/08

Please let me whine and grouch for a minute.

What are you eating right now?

Hey turtlensue, about your Sheepskins...

Interesting item re: Generation Kill

Anyone remember "Dinosaucers?"

Have I Ever Posted And NOT Responded?

Post Something You Don't Care About ME

DuStrange and Parche: what is the relationship?

I can't help it, I'm very sad (long post - be prepared)

Parche's favorite Hotel Chain...

What kind of fuckwit leaves the cap off the bleach?

The Axolotl: Depending which way you look at it, it's either adorable or obscene.

Philboy's Favorite Hotel Chain

Parche and DuStrange appreciation thread

Jesus, this convention is making me all goose bumply like. n/t

My favorite DU line of the night thus far...

The only thing that can ruin this night is...

Finding Homes from Movies and TV Shows

Post something you wish you knew about me

He taught that the duty of lovers is to tarnish the golden rule

Shades of Sniffa!

I suppose that he froze when the wind took your cloth

I lit a thin green candle

La La LALALA la la lala , LA LA LA LA lalala .

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

While my internet was crapped out for an hour

Cloris Leachman, 82, rocking a beer keg

Who Is 'Dead' To You?

He's on right now.

You can pick to play RISK against any 4 politicians - who do you choose and why!


Make me stop obsessively checking DU

‘Star Trek’ legend’s career at warp speed

It's "Mike and the mechanics" day in the lounge!

Parche's not here now.

Some dragons these days...

A tasteful addition to any kitchen: A NASCAR crockpot....

For you Yankee-haters: Fan ejected from Stadium for trying to go potty during "Gawd Bless Amurka"!

Did ABC just go black for anyone watching its coverage of the Barack speech ?

Pardon my vent...

Well, my doc's office just called to tell me I have a fracture in my elbow.

Anything going on tonight?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/28/2008)

It may be the time zone that NBC forgot

Plans already in place to possibly have Gustav Evacuees

Damned Internet!

n00b/non-American question - Why is Matthews called Tweety?

Anybody else too excited now to go to sleep?

Happy Joan_Alpern day!!


Cutting the dog's toenails: what's the strategy?

Okay, nitpick that probably belongs more in the Lounge...

Project Runway: Then There Were Nine

Thursday, August 28th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/28/08

my buddy, Jet.

Pardon my vent.....

Post something you wish you knew about me

I just had to explain racism to my 8-year-old daughter.

Anybody having a good dinner?

The world is busy with itself, as am I , and that is the greatest tragedy of all

Are you ready for some football?

Anyone interested in a DU NFL survival league?

Thursday night pic thread? Anybody?

Paging lizziegrace!

Ok, I'm convinced. It's long past time for me to get the hell out of Florida.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday August 29

Help! I am addicted to traveling to meet DUers.

Thursday kitteh!

Alright, here's what did it for me.

Hey turtlensue, about your Redskins...

Sniffa appreciation thread

Rr. Cheese. Mine. Possibly useful as a weapon.

Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden/Audioslave) has sold out bad

Did you ever have a passion for something for years and years, and then suddenly you just didn’t

lol cat fun! Check out this Obama website called YES WE CAN, HAS.


Make me stop obsessively checking

Cheryl Crow Sux

BREAKING! Body of Bin Laden Found in Remote Northern Area

OK, fess up - who would wear this wedding dress?

Sigh, I was just in Japanese girl heaven

Today we had to tell the students that this kid has died 12 years old. What a waste

Why can't hurricanes be named after lousy politicians?

What Are The Things That Really PISS You Off

Celebrity deaths that hit you hard?

Microsoft Word is a racist program

So I'm leaving for college in the morning.

OK so this older guy comes into my office, lost as can be, and asks for help.

some Dylan needs to be sung by The Byrds

I must admit I am a birdwatcher/photographer and apparently a pervert.

Can someone please tell me...What is a COUGAR?

McCain Attack Ad Makes an Issue of Iran

Billboard intended to remind people that religion's not for everyone

3,000 march in largest demonstration of DNC

Nepalese man sues KBR on human trafficking charges

Nagin tells CNN there are no shelters of last resort this time

Bush steps up fight over balance of power

Rove tried to kill Lieberman VP pick

NBC approves Pickens' "Iran" ad after complaint

Tests Confirm Decomposing Body Was In Casey Anthony's Car Aerial spraying for West Nile Virus-SE Pa

Breaking: McCain says he has yet to make a VP pick

Unemployment leaps over 20 percent in 25 New York counties

Beautiful Amtrak Story on Joe Biden

China, Iraq reach $3 bln oil service deal

City (Denver) responds to ACLU letter on 'Gitmo'

DOJ seeks reduced sentence for Abramoff in D.C. corruption case

New tropical depression forms over Atlantic

Top Iraqi Shiite Arrested In Baghdad (US Forces allege leader of Iranian-backed militias)

Abramoff Pleads Guilty to Three Counts

Relatives of illegal immigrant who was in coma at UIC Medical Center seek review of his death

US soldier killed in Iraq

U.S. to Hand Over Security in Anbar to the Iraqis

COLOMBIA: International Criminal Court Scrutinises Paramilitary Crimes

(California) Same-sex marriage ban behind in latest poll

Fossella trial delayed (to October)

China, Iraq Reach $3 Billion Oil Service Deal

Fox: Bush might not speak at RNC on Monday because of Gustav.»

Colombia arrests politician in journalist's murder

Strengthening Gustav heads for Jamaica

Defense contractor accused of human trafficking

Gustav AND Hannah to strike New Orleans?

Iraq seeks investors for ‘honeymoon isle’

Bernie Ward Sentenced To 7 Years 3 months in Fed Prison

Bank of NY Mellon data breach now affects 12.5 mln

USW gets authority to strike (nationwide) against ArcelorMittal

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: McCain 'health care reform' plan

Factory had tension between union, immigrants

2 Chinese policemen killed, 7 injured in confrontation with Uighurs in Xinjiang

Army Corps to drain Florida's rain-swollen Lake Okeechobee

Tropical Depression 8 Forms Tropical Storm Hannah in Leeward Islands

Lehman to lay off 1,500

Jury acquits former Marine in killing of Iraqis

McCain makes decision on running mate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 28

Russia And Georgia Still Deadlocked On UN Draft Resolutions

Putin accuses US of starting Georgia crisis as election ploy

Most Voters Say the Democratic Party is United Behind Obama

Gaps remain in N. Orleans flood controls (rushing to install temp flood prevention structures)

Another small plane crash in North Las Vegas

Gustav stalls offshore in Haiti after killing 23

Dozens of massacred narwhals found on Greenland coast

Obama Could Open Early Iran Nuclear Talks -Adviser

Obama promises to restore U.S. legacy

McCain adviser: Everyone in U.S. has some health coverage

Russia Proposes Plan to Counter NATO as EU Considers Sanctions

Nebraska attorney general voids layoff of Otoe County workers (R-AG: Fairness and decency dictate)

Abramoff lobbies for early release

Federal jury acquits ex-Marine in Iraqis' deaths

New US Census Data: Same Reality

Chalabi aide arrested on suspicion of Baghdad bombings

Gore Rallies Convention Delegates With Call for Change

Time (Magazine) says McCain got testy

Private contractors hold lots of US intel jobs (One Quarter)

Cindy McCain's half sister: "I'm voting for Obama"

Clayton County schools lose accreditation

Mexican Supreme Court upholds legalized abortion law

Lockerbie evidence not disclosed

Gas Prices Cause Airline to Remove Life Vests

Russia wins backing from China

Russia faces diplomatic isolation on Georgia

US Mulls Scrapping Nuclear Pact With Russia

US-Pakistani Military Brass Meet On Aircraft Carrier To Talk About Combating Militants

Gallup Daily: Obama Moves Ahead, 48% to 42%

Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war

Economic Growth Stronger Than Expected

Bernie Ward sentenced to seven-plus years for child-porn conviction

Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention 2008 Part 3

Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention 2008 Part 4

John McCain's Friends

2008 DNC: Obama Makes 'Surprise' Visit

Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention 2008 Part 5

Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention 2008 Part 2

Joe Biden at the DNC

Michelle Obama at DNC's Delegate Service Day

DNC 2008: Open Platform

2008 DNC: Joe Biden Tribute

Bill Clinton speaks at DNC

Who is the next president of the United States?

Barack Obama becomes the Democratic Party's Nominee

Let them eat cake (where McCain was when Katrina hit)

Introduction of Joe Biden

3:00 a.m.

Russia long-range missile test a success

Seniors: Convention Video

Rural: Convention Video

Women For Obama: Convention Video

Latinos: Convention Video

Hillary The Unifier

The Obama-Biden worldview

LGBT: Convention Video

Stenny & AT&T's FISA Party

Potential of a split screen between RNC & Hurricane

BBC Mock the Week: British humor at our candidates' expense.

John McCain, (like ALL republithugs) is a racist:

TYT: Rep. AS of Washington W/ Cenk @ DNC (He's Tough!)

Joe Biden accepts the Democratic Party's nomination for VP

Trailer for the return of Real Time w/ Bill Maher, Aug. 29th

Colorado Delegates Give Back - Denver, CO 8/27/08


Is Rove picking McCain's VP? Rove - sort of - denies it

Backstage with Barack

Carly Fiorina's bluff called on McCain's crocodile tears for 'women being dissed'

Colbert: Repo Man Success Story - Gonna miss Bu$h ...

Jeremy Scahill (Blackwater expert) on protestors at Denver

Interview with John Legend at the Democratic National Convention

Obama Backstage: Surprise (Road to Victory)

Tlingit Raven Canoe Launch - Smithsonian Museum

Sam Seder, Marc Maron, and Cenk Uygur discuss Bill Clinton's speech

Historic night at convention

Barack Obama: From keynoter To Nominee

Michelle Obama 'We Are Here United'

'The Rise of Barack Obama' Author Interview

Martin Luther King III: My Parents are Smiling

2008 DNC: Beau Biden (Joe Biden's Son)

Barack Obama's Candidacy 45 years After The Dream

DEM PARTY VIDEO: Tribute to March on Washington

Why McCain's Houses Matter and John Legend LIVE at DNC: "Yes We Can!"

Jennifer Hudson National Anthem Democratic Convention

DNC 2008-Rep. Lewis: We Must March to the Ballot Box!


Sheryl Crow Performs at the DNC 2008

DNC 2008 Video: Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Colors, Pledge and Nat'l anthem with Vets, Shawn Johnson and Jennifer Hudson

2008 DNC: Al Gore - Why Election Is Close


2008 DNC: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute (no graphics)

Diebold Covers Up Inadequacies In Their Voting Machines

2008 DNC: Al Gore 'We Must Seize This Opportunity'

2008 DNC: Al Gore - Another New Beginning

2008 DNC: Al Gore 'It Is Time For A Change'

2008 DNC: Bernice King & Martin Luther King III (Full Speech)

2008 DNC: Tim Kaine (Full Speech)

Rachel Maddow comments on Bill Clinton's speech

Evan Bayh speaks at the DNC

Veterans: Convention

Students For Barack Obama: Convention Video

President Bill Clinton at the 2008 DNC

Obama at DNC: Proud to have the Biden Family on this Journey

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'McCain Doesn't Care'

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'We Are Better'

DNC: Howard Dean speech

Bill Richardson's Speech at DNC

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'Our Work Will Not Be Easy'

Marianne Faithfull - Portland Town (1965)

Caroline Kennedy shuts down Wolf Blitzer

2008 DNC: Joe Biden 'Open Convention' (Full Speech)

Dan Seals for Congress: Tonight's Moment

Mo Rocca on other good things about Delaware

Joe Biden (and special guest)

TYT: Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington W/ Cenk @ DNC

Rachel Maddow on Biden's speech, Cheney, and war crimes

Rachel Maddow praises John Kerry's speech

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'I Accept Your Nomination'

Stevie Wonder Performs "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" at DNC

Mile High Stadium: Getting Started

2008 DNC: Barack Obama Tribute

Senator John Kerry at the 2008 DNC

Democratic National Convention- Barney Smith

Rachel Maddow & MSNBC panel connect Katrina, Gustav, and the GOP

President Al Gore speaks to the DNC

John McCain-POW

Romney 'Obama is a Senator Killer'... is gonna 'take care of' John McCain

Rep. John Lewis at the Democratic National Convention 2008

In Memory of Bobby Sands & his Friends

ABC News Producer Arrested in Denver

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'Eight Is Enough'

Joe Scarborough Has History of Flipping Out

Tammy Duckworth Iraq Vet addressing 2008 Dems Convention

Veteran And Registered Republican Michael Wilson Nominates Barack

Barack Obama watches Michelle in Denver from Kansas City, MO

US veterans demonstrate against the Iraq war - 27 Aug 2008

Thoughts From Within - Woody Harrelson

Cuba to try anti-Castro punk rocker Gorki Aguila

Protesters march for immigrant rights

Judge fears secret hearings over Guantanamo Bay

DER SPIEGEL: Biden Speech Brings Democrats Together

I’ll Follow You

What happened to the "I have a dream" speech?

Joe Conason: Questions for Hillary’s Zealots

Georgia War Shows Bulked-Up Russian Army Now a `Force to Be Reckoned With'

At 5,280 Feet, the Party Atmosphere Is Thin

Robert Parry: What a McCain Victory Would Mean

Johnson’s Dream, Obama’s Speech

Party's Left Pushes for a Seat at theTable

Bosnia, Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, Afghanistan....It's The Pipelines Stupid

McCain Roughing Up Sandinista: Smoking Gun in Campaign ’08?

UK Guardian: Biden shows why Obama chose him as a running mate

WSJ Editorial: The GOP's Alaska Meltdown

Obama Speech at Mile High Stadium to be Covered by John Madden

Protesters denied access to attorneys, forced to march in leg

The Candidates Are Monitoring Your Mouse

Most Americans May Back Strike On Iran

AlterNet: The Christian Right's Slick Campaign to Make Abstinence Seem Trendy

Guardian UK: Warning that two million Britons may be out of work by Christmas as economy slows down

Marie Cocco: Universal Health Care Makes More Sense Than Ever

Interesting international comments on the "Russia Situation" in this Reuters blog:

Beautiful Amtrak Story on Joe Biden

Teresa (Heinz Kerry): We won in '04

McCain, to Counter Age Problem, Picks Chinese Gymnast as VP

War With Russia Is On The Agenda (Paul Craig Roberts)

Kreutzer hearing pushed back to 2009

2 Carson soldiers arrested in double homicide

2 US troops indicted on bribery charges

Iraqi forces starting to lead but need US aid

Public invited to see MLRS exercise at Riley

Vandals do $50K damage at Bragg, Pope schools

City says spec ops urban training to move

‘Hero’ veteran has overcome dark past

Mechanical failure keeps troubled LPD at pier

Army continues Iraq murder conspiracy hearing

New Huey helicopter cleared for deployment

Navy: Gulf exercise to boost security

Todd Shipyards to continue carrier overhauls

Fallujah killing case sent to the jury

Iraq veterans make noise at convention

Military prepares for impact of SOFA

Iraq seeks investors for ‘honeymoon isle’

Anbar handover could come within days

Laser-guided bomb makes first strike in Iraq

Okinawa water reservoirs running low

Airman guilty after latest brush with law

Detainee rules frustrate Iraqis

Camp Carroll soldier starts 8-month (jail) term

Pair sentenced for burglary at Mildenhall

Police: 2 Marines sold drugs at Pendleton

Report: DOD mulls holistic treatments

Transformation moves mean end of V Corps

CSA: More Dwell Time for Soldiers

KBR Blames Military in Soldier's Death

A Signature of Transition to Peace

Army Opens Prep School for Dropouts

InSurv recommends accepting LCS 1

Earthrace Boat (Biodiesel) Crosses Globe in 60 days to Break Record!

Richard Heinberg: GM Pines for Electric Car

Renewable Energy Collectors May Be Right Under Our Feet

Toyota lowers 2009 global sales target

Xcel to Disclose Global Warming Risks

(ND, SD, MN) Some fuel terminals have short-term outages

Cow Power

Ain't no wind in T. Boone Pickens' sails

Warning everyone: online credit card scam uses fake environmental conference

It Is Time for the US to Sell Its Highways

Science that Weathers the Storm: USGS Scientists in the Field Preparing for Gustav

Today and Yesterday: Spot the Difference!

As Arctic Sea Ice Melts, Experts Expect New Low

MIT report: U.S. Could Cut Fuel Use 50% by 2035

Bush's weak dollar policy is what's been driving all commodity prices upward. good article:

Dry air impairing Gustav's development

Tequila endangered by switch to biofuels

Two hurricanes could make US landfalls next week

Manchester executive is troubled by boycott (gave money to the Yes on 8 campaign)

I'm an old hetro woman but I am proud of my Democratic leaders

2 Israeli Arabs arrested over suspected Jihad plot to kill pilots, scientists

Abbas: All Palestinians should be given right to return home

Israeli peace pioneer Abie Nathan dies at 81

Putting a Face on Iran

VIEWPOINT / The Down with Israel Syndrome

Summer camp sows seeds of peace

Made in America is Deemed Racist by Economist

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/28/08

10 Bank-Breaking Money Myths

Did the US government give GM money to develop the EV1? nm

Today in labor history August 28 march for jobs and freedom—the MLK Jr. “I Have A Dream” speech

Workers Not Confident In U.S. Job Market (1/3 can't make ends meet)

Employers and Labor Unions: a Partnership that can (and does) work

Social Security Gets Clean Bill of Health from CBO

Equal Pay For Equal Work Is The Rallying Cry From An Alabama Grandmother

AFSCME printing OBAMA-BIDEN shirts around the clock as I type

AFT's Randi Weingarten: Dems Are United And Energized Around Economic Values, Change

Assaulted youth center aide dies

Union leader's concern: Vote won't be colorblind

DNC: Even Celebs Talk Up the Employee Free Choice Act

Business China agrees $3bn Iraq oil deal

Colombia arrests politician in journalist's murder

Secrets of Colombia's civil war

Oh Brother! Colombian gov't hit by family scandals

Livingstone to be Chavez adviser (Former London Mayor)

COLOMBIA: International Criminal Court Scrutinises Paramilitary Crimes

'Lost towns' discovered in Amazon

Hey Pitt Panther Fans

Adam "Pacman" Jones Reinstated to the NFL

Pre-season superbowl picks????

Wickfordbard's Virgo New Moon newsletter

edit: never mind ..

Psychology & self-help book recs please

Two questions :)

"Something Wonderful Is About to Happen" - Karen Bishop - August 28, 2008

'Smiling Bob' Founder Gets 25 Years In Prison For Sex-Pill Fraud

Recent advances make cervical cancer control....

Eleven things you may not know about food irradiation

New tool to detect Cancer

Pharmalot: "Merck Launches A Charm Offensive For Gardasil"

Cannabis: Is there anything it can't do?

DU Meetup in Denver Tonight

I honestly thought if I post pictures here

I am a birdwatcher and pervert it seems.

~~~ Contest theme suggestions for next month needed ~~~

Guns in Obama's Nomination Acceptance Speech.

Do you think they really believe that?

UK lets LEO issue on-the-spot fines for some crimes and gives authority to private firms.

Why is Greenland covered in ice?

Strange Clouds at the Edge of Space

Bell Labs Kills Fundamental Physics Research

Underwater pyramids in Japan

Goblin shark caught on video

Anyone know any info. on the current earthquake swarm off Vancouver Island

Cooking in the Danger Zone

MythBusters Tackle Moon Conspiracies

Anyone else having problems again with AVG Free and a missing bin file?

One of our schools in the news.

Ottawa Citizen: Harper is in a fix

Government backs off claim inspectors spend half their time on site

Mixing Eugene McCarthy with Joseph McCarthy

If you haven't seen the latest City Pages, be sure to check out the full-page color ads

So, is anyone going to the march on Monday? (eom)

If anyone is around - Kerry's speech being replayed on C-Span right now.

Ah, the Herald raves about Sen. Kerry's 8/27/08 speech

AP jerks..on Kerry's speech.

DailyKos diary to rec & comment. Kerry wrote the speech himself!

Kerry: I learned my lesson in 2004

Lest we forget, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event

Wow _ NYT Kerry hits it home

Pic thread to celebrate! You are going to LOVE this one:

Blogger arrested over leak songs

UNCOUNTED: Elections inspector gets role in documentary

How Long Will Americans Have to Stand in Line to Vote THIS November?

Broward vote tally delays raise fears about Nov. 4 election

I heard that a long time ago in CA, one's first 2 years of college were free.


Newsweek: On Faith - Don't Exclude Humanists, Atheists from the Melting Pot