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I believe Obama, like Hillary, will make the point that his nomination is a historical first

On MSNBC: People holding "Hillary signs chanting "Obama"!!!

Rachel Maddow: "There isn't a Hillary crowd and an Obama crowd any more."

This Convention Will Have Been The Best Convention Ever!

I would recommend that Obama do a little campaigning WITH Hillary

A Very Quick Note About Clinton's Speech

LOL, these Obama supporters on MSNBC...

THIS is the Democratic Party I remember!

McCain voted against the violence against women act?

Campaign Idea: Hillary + Michelle (?!)

thats 2 nights in a row....we have some awesome women in our party, setting the bar very high.

HAHAHAHA Faux BREAKING NEWS - New Obama-Ayers Records Uncovered!

Bush/Cheney's 2000 Platform - Wonder Whether McCain Will Just Xerox

Tweety is working the crowd! Ha!! I Love it!!

Another Obama supporter for Hillary!!!

Bill Clinton's first words tomorrow night......

Debi -- Hillary just shouted out Jill BIden!!!

Keith Olbermann: "I thought Senator Clinton hit a 5-run homer tonight."

Pat Buchanan's dogs just aren't hunting tonight....

Hillary showed tonight that leadership changes minds

Does CNN stand for Conservative News Network?

Twilight Zone: CNN GOP Panel Is PRAISING Hillary. SCARY.


Ok, someone help me verify that McCain did vote against the violence against women act...

NYT editorial calls to task negative tactics against McCain

Repugs become slightly more literate - Change platform to read "Democratic" Party

Hillary Clinton, Lioness of the Senate

If you think Hillary was great, just wait until The Big Dog steps up to the podium.

I bet you anything that on the Commander-in-Chief front, Bill Clinton will compare Barack Obama...

piece of shit on Larry King right now

DUers - We are first and foremost DEMOCRATS! That's how we WIN back our COUNTRY!

Get Moving: make Hillary SOS

Bill is skipping Obama's big speech. :(


I missed Clinton. Is there a video up yet?

THANKS HILLARY! I am going to donate to help her retire her debt. Please join me and kick in a few

Michele Bernard just said...

It took me about 3 miutes to get banned from

It took me about 3 miutes to get banned from

lots of good convention photos on the dem convention site

I'll give you an ad for Obama to run....

POLL: ***Hillary Clinton Address in Denver***

Let me shamelessly pat myself on the back and call it a night !

Montana's Gov. Schweitzer- I liked him

GREAT point from Nora Odonell. "They don't HAVE to love him,

Hillary and Obama should do a TV Ad together

I can honestly say that Hillary's speech was better than anything Bill has done. And I love Bill.

Oh kids ... good night ...

I don't expect all or even most so-called PUMAs to vote for Obama after tonight...

I don't expect all or even most so-called PUMAs to vote for Obama after tonight...

Fox News! Records: "clearly put Obama and Ayers in the same room for meetings"

we have a 52" HDTV...i want Obama to come watch tv in MY living room!!

MSM: Sharks Swimming for Blood

MSM: Sharks Swimming for Blood

Where in the world is Al Gore?

This blows my mind

Fuck anyone talking up buyer's remorse! I like Hillary! I love Obama!

Blog Post from Denver: Taxi Cab Conversation

Hillary delivered all that could be expected of her, and more.

Puma's make me laugh....

Watching Larry King...Do all these PUMAs want Obama to personally ask for their vote?

Hillary "Supporters" Will Be Disavowed By Hillary If They Keep it Up

I would support Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court, ASAP!

CAPTION: Barack watching Hillary's speech

OBAMA needs to rush a add like this!

Fox News breaking... Records place Churchill and FDR on the same porch with communist mass murderer

You go Michelle Bernard.....When Matthews questions her about how her

OMG! Drudge finally admits the truth!

Pat Buchanan makes an excellent point on MSNBC!

No Springsteen at DNC

All credit to HRC, great speech, but I just visited the HRC forums

some strong campaigning in southern and central Indiana could swing this state...

Whenever McBush & cronies mention the "Hanoi HIlton,"

Hillary Clinton speech in full.

Who gave the best speech tonight?

Who gave the best speech tonight?

I haven't seen this posted here yet, so here I go--

Spotted: Michelle Obama with XM's Gayle King

I'm glad to see that Al Gore will be speaking on Thurs. n/t

New Hillary E-mail.

I can't wait to see how Maureen Dowd twists Clinton's speech.

Write to MSNBC to complain about coverage.

Mitt Romney: Nobody ready for Joe Biden

Spotted: Michelle Obama with XM's Gayle King

It took over five years to reach my 1000th post. I'm glad it was tonight.

On MSNBC tonight did anybody notice McCain sign that said...

I'd love to see Biden, Hillary, and Obama tour the rustbelt together (OH, IN, PA, MI)

You will hate me... but my prediction is....

In speech, Obama aims to fill in details

A vote for McWorse is a regressive step for mankind.

A message from the great American troubadour Lou Reed:

Photos from the Convention - Day 2

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

C'mon DU'rs, comment where it counts.

So... is this fucking PUMA bullshit finally over?

I just sent Hil Clinton a thank you email, for her amazing speech

Of the States that are important to win, which of them have Democratic Governors?

Is everyone forgetting Bill Clinton is speaking tomorrow??

Obama to Highlight Tax Cuts

How McCain feeds the blogs:

McCain Owes America An Alzheimer's Test

What Are Your Expectations For Obama's Speech?

Gooood Morning DU!

Bill Clinton (08/27/08)-Babe Ruth (05/25/35)

Someone please put a muzzle on the Big Dog

It'll be tough for anyone to top Schweitzer's speech

TRUTH: Hillary did a FANTASTIC job, for HERSELF first, OBAMA second.

I hope y'all are e-mailing all your friends and relatives..

Putting PUMAs on TV is like putting Intelligent Design people on TV. Or Climate Change Deniers.

NBC: Michelle wouldn't return Hillary's calls??!! Obama didn't call Bill for a month??

watching this dumbshit PUMA on Larry King

i liked Hillary's speech.

CNN Sound from the floor graphic....

DNC - McCain Watch: The Romney Edition

Fucking MSM

The soundbites that will come out of the puke convention are:

Things McCain supporters say about Hillary...

Prisoner of W:

I do not envy Obama's task tommorrow night

David Brooks: Cindy McCain shows America how to solve the Housing Crisis

DUers, please look at my LTTE re McCain and health care!

Call me crazy, but I actually like the fact that McCain's Hillary ad ran last night

Will RNC try to cast McCain as this century's Reagan ?

RNC meets in "Twin Cities" = "Bush/McCain Twins".... PROPS to Hillary!!!!

Scenes from the Convention Floor: Hillary Clinton

I am so glad that Hillary's speech was not ruined by a bunch of key jangling

cnn radio in their 2 minute radio news on the hour is pretty dem positive

If you are:

If you are:

Schweitzer Speech Energizes the Convention

Schweitzer Speech Energizes the Convention

McCain- Romney Dream Ticket - for Democrats (Flip and Flop)

In tears.

Here's what Bill Clinton will say tonight!

Obama and Biden need to tie foreign policy/national security and the economy together

Maybe today we can be kind...

Montana's Schweitzer brings down the house

Awesome line from Brian Schweitzer regarding drilling in McCain's backyards.

I'm headed out in about an hour to put in at least four hours today at the Obama campaign offices

Bill Clinton will not attend Obama's Invesco speech

You will never forgive yourselves

I'm a Hillary fan all over again!

PLEASE participate for Obama

MCLame being a POW 35 Years ago has nothing to do with him being qualified to run this country!

I got an LTTE into our very uber-reich-wing and ONLY local paper!

Florida: A Report from the Ground

Bad enough that "they" stole Ohio but now McCain to say Veep choice here?

NBC, MSNBC anchors ignore Political Director Chuck Todd's criticism of media "hyping" PUMAs

Thought about the roll call tonight.

If the pukes manage to steal the presidential election, I say we impeach McCain on Jan 20th.

Political hacks needs to STFU

Political hacks needs to STFU

Why are you folks even bothering with Faux or CNN?

Don't expect any bounce from this covention

Bill: "Hillary made the only argument that matters...This election is not about a politician."

Hillary's email to her supporters received this morning.

Warm fuzzies for everyone, DAMMIT!

McCain was no hero

KUDOS to our "Official" and "non Official " DU Reporters in Denver

Even G4 (video game network) isn't safe to watch anymore

Are Nader and.... Barr on the ballot in all 50 states?

Hurricane Gustav no respecter of politics -Cat 3 storm headed for Gulf Coast during Repug Convention

A Salute to Senator Clinton, by an unrepentant Obama Supporter

McCain will not enforce net neutrality

I put up several DNC videos on my blog

Joseph Palermo: Hillary's Redemption: " of the best political speeches I have ever heard"

Obama needs to push for as many VP debates as they can get

The Convention from the Perspective of Education

Remember the black woman CNN found after Hillary's speech who said she still couldn't bring herself

I'm more interested in Bill Clinton's speech

how many republicans do we think are lurking here trying to influence opinion

Has Chelsea Clinton had any "work" done?

delete me

who are you?cheap shot artist or active democrat?

Caption Barack Obama!

McSame Burger, Mmm Mmm Good!!!

Sign petition to media: Ask McCain to take an Alzheimer's test!

So the MSM setting is "stuck on Hillary". I say: SCREW 'EM!

Obama-Biden Launch Bus Tour Friday from Denver - Heading to PA, OH, MI

What do others really know about McCain?

MSM question


Why do we even need to have a media anyway?

Why do we even need to have a media anyway?

McSame Owes America an Alzheimer's Test (and other stuff from

Please don't skip over those "Please DU this poll" requests.

Was Scarborough reporting from the convention floor last night?

What do John McCain and former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf have in common?

We are getting what we expect re MSM - why do we expect/hope for any different?

** GRAPHIC NEEDED ** .. "Twin Cities" Photoshop

Hey.. I've been watching PBS and they are doing a good job.

my fantasy football draft was last night, did I miss anything?

What Hillary needed to do...and didn't

I take back my previous snark re Hillary's speech

I am proud to be a Democrat!

Hillary - John McCain is unfit to be president

My Prediction: The Big Dawg will do the right thing, delivering a home run speech for Obama tonight.

I can't wait for Biden's acceptance speech tonight!

Watch the convention, gavel to gavel, in HD on your computer

Any Idea what % of the electorate this conventions will sway??

Boston Globe: THE BEST way to watch a political convention is on C-Span.

Clinton's convention has been going awesome so far..

The republicans and the MSM are going to be so screwed when we win BIG

Muslim Democrats make political impact despite negative attacks

The McCain campaign decides to get nasty...

Kudos To The Mods!!!

TV audience up 20% over '04 Democratic convention

First thoughts: Hillary delivers

Seriously, MSM are run and owned by millionaires not wanting to lose their tax breaks and power

Obama Nomination!!

Trapped @ work, need some help

McCain and Alzheimer's--let's think like Karl Rove for a moment:

McCain and Alzheimer's--let's think like Karl Rove for a moment:

Shuster stumps Giuliani: Why are Republicans sticking Bush on the first night of the convention? 8/27: Obama 273 McCain 252 Ties 13

Rasmussen, 8/27: Obama 44%, McCain 44% (with leaners, McCain 47%, Obama 46%)

full video speech intros

McCain to World: Get off our lawn

McCain: Too Reckless to Lead

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson will deliver the pledge at the DNC on Thursday

Any new polls today showing how many Hillary Funders will be voting for Obama?

Any new polls today showing how many Hillary Funders will be voting for Obama?


Why are the tracking polls moving in InSane's direction?

Intriguing post on TPM on role of authoritarianism in left/right politics -

Psssst... Hey.... MSM...


Analysis: McCain's Iran ad misleading

The Detroit News: Clinton's Michigan leadership uniting behind Obama

Does Ron Paul get to speak at the Evil Twin Convention next week?

Dems United! But the Republicans deal with a Ron Paul revolt.

MSM played the disunity card to our advantage

Wow!!!! I Just Saw Dennis Kucinich's Speech On CSPAN - Wake Up America..........

CNN: Biden to be the attack dog in convention speech

Obama should at least be a decent president

Do you think there were any would be PUMA's in the Obama camp if Hillary had won the nomination?

R's push experience as an issue - D's need to push COMPETENCE and TEMPERAMENT to the same degree.

Obama's small-town outreach will crush McCain's

Giuliani in Denver: "People forget {the threat of terrorism}...this is ongoing"

Joe Biden who??????

Rec this thread if you take back all the nasty things you said about Hillary

All we need to beat McCain is 8/27: Obama 260 EV, McCain 176 EV, Toss up 102 EV

WSJ: McCain ads using Hillary's words barely being broadcasted - letting MSM amplify the message

IMHO McPOW should worry about Repukes vote that he is losing, there won't be too many dem's voting

If McCain has panic attacks every time a keys rattling.

Ken Blackwell siphoned $495k illegally from the Ohio GOP to run for Governor... LINK

Psssst: Let me tell you why national polls are meaningless at this point.

CNN is reporting the Bill will not attend Baracks speech.!!! WTF

Can the horse hockey get any deeper..Guiliani says Hillary helps GOP

Morning Coffee in Denver

What blog is asking people to contibute 20.08 to state leg. candidates?

Have the would-be asassins done us a huge favor with their jailhouse interviews?

A Great article from CNBC Business Channel FINALLY admitting stocks do better under Dems.

Photos: Hillary Clinton From The Floor Of The Hall

Photoshopping Geeks: Have I the opportunity for you!

Ask not for whom the bell tolls,

Faux News: McCain/Keating ?

Neil Boortz complaining that Hurricane Gustav might destract attention from GOP convention


Jill Biden, Michelle Obama join 100s of volunteers to make packages for troops

I liked Chris Matthews' "relay" analogy last night. I think it may even be an unspoken plan...

And here's what Obama actually said, back in May:

Apparently, none of the pretty people in the m$m have EVER been to Washington DC.



Friendly Relations About to Change -- Biden about to deliver a full frontal assault on McLame

In it for her

WORST POST in the History of Democratic Underground

Chillin' at the Pepsi Center

Pawlenty steals Sharky Laguna's tricked-out ride from Everclear

Pawlenty steals Sharky Laguna's tricked-out ride from Everclear

Media Panel on CSPAN LIVE now! Insider talk about the Congressional races and election game.

DK is speaking on Ed Schultz right now. nt

I am glad my Party is whole again! Now, let's kick some McCain ASS!

Teacher from Dover, Delaware will introduce Joe Biden tonight

The Democratic Party is treating McCain with more respect in 2008 than the Republicans did in 2000

AP: Clinton may cut off roll call

sign an online survey to have McCain take an Alzheimer's test

Obama/Biden Launch Bus Tour Friday From Denver!

Plouffe Sanguine About Obama's Prospects

i just got chills...

McCains 72 YRS. OLD. 72!!!! Who cares who his VP pick is, McCain is 72 YRS. OLD and it shows

So after Hillary's speech what do you think now

Plenty of Duzies on Tuesday - Let us catalogue them right here and now!

Election 2008 Voter Turnout - Can We Beat the Record of 60.8%? 40% Have Not Cared

Cokie Roberts preparing for the trashfest in Denver

New York Daily News: Hillary did great! YAY! New York Post: Hillary did terrible! BOO!


I love Michelle's intro is beautiful. Clip...

The media propaganda is in full force today.

Freakin' MSM! Newspaper front pages show...

The GOP has made a HUGE mistake in Brining out 9/11 Ghouliani

So Far Over the Line

New Movie: McCain's Million-Dollar Parking Lot(includes video)

Note: Stephanie Miller and convention coverage

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/27/08 - Obama 44, McCain 44

If McSame wants to make it all about judgement, remember this, Grandpa ...

Sullivan: America against the world

Obama supporters flooded Sinclair Broadcasting with 93k emails threatening to boycott over Ayers ad

I was just thinking what will McCain's intros be like

No need for "preemptive excuses". The election is now Obama's to win or lose.

Robert Novak: Avoiding a Lieberman Disaster

One First Is Celebrated. What About the Second?

Yeeeahh! Just heard John Kerry will be speaking tonight !!

Anybody think that the Greek columns are for security purposes?

I would welcome Kay Bailey Hutchison...Big Oil's favorite member of Congress

Mark Warner seems like a great guy, and he's got a great political future.....

Brian Schweitzer downplaying the importance of his speaking role at the DNC.

Buttocks unremarkable except for some very light tan freckling

Wasserman-Schultz To Give Seconding Speech

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Billings, Montana****

I heard a rumor that McCain was a POW

Can anyone explain this "morning vote" of the delegates thing?

But I was a POW!

Delaware teacher to introduce Biden

GALLUP TRACKING: Good guy takes lead again! Obama 45 (+1), McCrap 44 (-2).

Biden and Clinton really were the 2 best choices for VP. Barack did well in his choice.

What if Obama disappeared for a week..........

Tonight is nomination night!!!!!

'Obama" $3 bills removed from GOP booth

Don't forget about the DU Denver meetup tonight!


Bourbon with Bill

Anyone who has worked in a losing campaign where there was a

McCain offers new reason why he dumped Carol McCain and his kids:


Why doesn't the campaign run ads using the Repukes' descriptions of McCain from

The one thing I can say from watching MSNBC last night...

"It was the same way with Ronald Reagan in the last few years he was president," Leahy said

Lieberman Warns McCain Against Picking Him!!!

" Lincoln gives short shrift to Gettysburg valor".

Quit crying about the MSM and drop your cable/satellite feed.

My TV is in an alternate universe! It's only praising Mc Can't !

Leading the Pledge of Allegiance: Bud Bucha

Raw Video from Invesco--from helicopter

What a "Rove" would do to a McCain....

great pic of Michelle and Joe...

hillary gives mccain

A question RE: McSame's constant POW talk...

This Obama supporter does not want the vote on the convention floor cut short

Tell The MSM This: If Obama Was President, 4200 Brave Soldiers Would Still Be Alive Today

"No poll bump for Obama" after the Biden pick or start of the DNC? A bit early to say that.

If "POW" is an excuse for all mental and moral deficiencies...

Damn, I'm ready for Biden's speech

I've not had access to a TV and been busy since Sunday.

The PUMAs in the plastic bubble

Is This The Election That We Finally Recognize That Big Media Is NOT Being Manipulated By The GOP...

Is This The Election That We Finally Recognize That Big Media Is NOT Being Manipulated By The GOP...



Where is John McCain???

Has anybody else seen a "Republicans For Obama" bumper sticker?

Which remaining speaker, other than Obama, are you most anticipating?

Charles Barkley: "Dems for McCain are idiots!"

Conceivable scenario: Osama surfaces in late October...

I caught a glaring difference in editorial comments last night.

tonight ...

DU this MSNBC Poll-Did Hillary Clinton's convention speech helped unite the Democrats

Need your help DU

Mark Penn, Dick Morris, Howard Wolfson...why do the Clintons pick these people?

Obama-Biden Launch Bus Tour Friday from Denver

Howard "logcabin" Wolfson lashes out at Tweety and Olbermann on his fav network Fixed Noise

Nate from puts the Tracking Polls in Perspective

Hello? Hello? My name is Joe Biden, the next VP of the United States. I'm

Why does MSNBC keep Pat Buchanan?

Today the MSM is showing some clips of the speakers going after McCain HARD.

Delete ---

One of the best political speeches I ever heard in person....

Sneek Peek at Invesco: Behind the Scenes

Poll worker report from Martin County, FL

I Tell You I'm Friggin' Sick Of IT!

The greatest misconception by the MSM:

Will GOD pee on the Republican's Parade?

TV bobble heads whine about GODDAMNED SET DESIGN when we have more important matters to worry about?

HELP! A friend thinks that Republicans are the FRIENDS OF THE MIDDLE CLASS...

A McCain-Guliani ticket would make a formidable team, cover all the bases, give them so many options

Senator Hothead: Is this the man America wants with his finger on the button?

Great McCain smack downs from the Democratic Convention

DUer needs moran pictures

Giuliani's economic credentials: he spent $59 million for (1) delegate

So, the Repigs are having 2 separate conventions. I wonder how much the press will talk about that.

The MSM has Decided McCain is to be POTUS. How to Combat Their Tactics:

Time to change the narrative

Michelle Obama on C-Span, Emily's List

Overlooked part of Hillary's speech - her skillful weaving of the civil rights and women's rights

I wanted to share with you a bit of my grandfather's wisdom.

Obama called both Hillary and Bill Clinton - loved "No way, no how, no McCain" line

Clean Coal Ads on DU - You HAVE to be kidding me!

McCain should go with his stupid kid brother for V.P.

Where's the Democratic ad with "Bomb Bomb Iran"?

My sister was going to sit out this election

Anyone know when roll call is today??

Health care crisis, Iraq, Student loans, Iraq, Georgia, Russia, Iraq,

I caught Maria Shriver applauding loudly for her uncle..

Developments on the roll call:

Help - times for speeches tonight ?

Rachel Maddow Calls McCain Out on Playing POW Card

Biden, Democrats prepared to attack McCain on foreign policy

Is there a mass "walk-out" planned at the convention tonight?


Official Schedule-Democratic Convention-Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The Surge" in the upcoming debates

I can't find any source online for the Tubman quote as used by Hillary.

McCain: "For 5 1/2 years I didn't have a zipper...."

Leahy saying McCain gets a free pass,compares him to "Reagan in the last few years he was president"

The MSM is financing McCain's campaign by continuously playing his ads....

The MSM is financing McCain's campaign by continuously playing his ads....

Looking Ahead to Next Week's RNC

MODO senses "High Anxiety in the Mile High City" despite Hillary's great speech

Will. I. Am. to recreate "Yes We Can" video live at Invesco

The Word For Invesco Set-Up Is CLASSIC, People. CLASSIC. It's A Nod To The Founders

Hillary's speech was even better the second time I watched it

Excellent Reader Post on TPM re; MSM Convention Coverage....

Wow. The mods are playing whackamole today.

Can someone post pictures?


The Daily Show - Healing Clinton Supporters

If Condi is InSane's running mate--that ties him more to Bush and forfeits economic issues to Obama

We will never win when "The Ritz" Is A Priority

Hillary did what most of us who respect her expected her to do.

Anyone have really good pics of Obama/Biden?

McCain ad on Iran "Not even close" to true...

Biden Throws the Wrench Into McSame's Veep Plans (Politico)

Latest state polls show Obama at 273 Electoral Votes today and McSame at 253

Bill Clinton's Speech - He Could Give Everyone The Bird So Long As He Says Obama's Ready

Take a fun look back to 2005 when Freepers foamed at the mouth at how much they hated John McCain

Damn right it's presumptive!

A broadcast I would love to see from the m$m...

Who's watching CSPAN?

CNN/TIME Polls: CO: McCain 47, Obama 46...PA: Obama 48, McCain 43...NV: Obama 49, McCain 44...

ABC Calls Out McCain For Lying In His New Ad!

All this talk about the Sanchez sisters I'd like to give a DU cheer to Linda Sanchez

All this talk about the Sanchez sisters I'd like to give a DU cheer to Linda Sanchez

Should McCain's Early Alzheimer's Disease and PTSD be Used Against Him?

MSM (Joe S) mocking Invesco stage set design (Roman columns)

Next week, it's going to be all Hanoi Hilton all the time

Final post for tonight... thoughts on the speakers...

Poll: How many times will we see this one...

Pic of Republican Convention stage:

Tonight's DNC schedule, hour-by-hour

If you need any proof that Hillary got the job done

What time is the President scheduled to speak tomorrow evening?

Handsome Howard Dean on MSNBC Right Now

Clinton Releases Delegates, Sets Stage for Smooth Obama Nomination

I LOVED Hillary's speech but any doubt we picked the wrong VP will be answered tonight!!!

The Thursday night speakers...

Who do you want as Obama surrogates?

Stop the media complicity and stupidity:

The good Rice

Obama's Investco set is the White House

Republican War Vet To Perform Formal Nomination of Obama at DNC

Fuck it, I'm voting for McCain. How can you not vote for him, he was a POW!

Hartmann said the MSRNC repukes wore making fun of Crist's phony engagement

I think the music that is played when Biden comes out should be "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel

House GOP's Planned Ad Buys Suggest Big Dem Gains

The Nation: In Search of the Elusive PUMAs

Interesting conversation with patient, #1,687

The key: Attack McCain's character.

Denver weather for Thursday

Poll: Which is the most important issue in this election: Plastic Keys or Greek Columns?

PHOTOS: Joe Biden and John Kerry DNC walkthrough

Blogging from Denver - Convention Night 2

Obama, Biden starting bus tour in Beaver Pennsylvania,on Friday

The ad I'd run (McCain/Boosh "The Hug")

OK, I have found the phrase to "innoculate" us against the "McCain was a POW" excuse.

Brian Schweitzer is not fat


The one line that was edited from Kucinich's DNC speech...

I just got back from watching Former President Jimmy Carter speak

Republican veteran to nominate Obama

Obama, can you get rid of the 30 mile No-Fly-Zones on Presidential travel stops, NYC, and Disneyland

Tragic Joe Lieberman: A VP Nevermore

What Should McCain's Convention Backdrop Be? I Suggest A Giant Bag Of Shit

Whew! Those are NOT Greek columns, people.

RACISM From WorldNetDaily

Can You Imagine If The Olympics Was Covered The Way DNC Convention Is being Covered?

Can you think of any differences between John McCain and George Washington?

This Convention's a Downer

Susan Eisenhower saying a lot of her family supports OBAMA

Giuliani: McCain isn't qualified to be president

The MSM and their talking points on the Hillary speech are pathetic.

Clinton released her delegates

Hillary just released her delegates

The difference between Biden and McCain - Biden doesn't use his tragedy as an excuse for anything

New Mccain ad attacks Obama's Children.

Big GOP whores stole their anti-Denver DNC phrase from famous Platte river quote.

These people are freaking nuts.

Obama due in Denver within minutes

Keith and tweety are on right now

Any Pictures of the Invesco Field Set Design Released Yet?

I don't know how Media Matters is managing to keep up this week!!

good god david gregory....have a little professional decency

Thank you, mods and admins!

It's time to deliver the knockout punch.....

did anyone catch this last night?

I hate that its called the Pepsi arena and Invesco field

The vote is about to start!

The best (worst) part of the RNC convention next week....

Breaking: McSame Tests Listening Device for Upcoming Debates

McCain answers some pressing questions:

The Annenberg Foundation was run by Walter Annenberg, a Republican

The Annenberg Foundation was run by Walter Annenberg, a Republican

Giuliani compares McCain's al Qaeda in Iran gaffe to Obama saying he was in St. Louis Monday night

Idea--Add more Justices to the Supreme Court?

What do you think of David Brooks latest column 'The 21st-Century Man'

Any delegate who boos Clinton or Obama should be thrown out of the hall

Any delegate who boos Clinton or Obama should be thrown out of the hall

Bush on Training Dogs: I Call Mine John McCain

Obama arrives in Denver

"How much will Joe Biden get under Republican's skin?"

Obama has an Iraq Vet giving the nominating speech!!!!

OMFG T. Boone Pickens just replied to

I am so fucking tired of people telling us we need to tip-toe around the Republicans.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is seconding the nomination for OBAMA!

Republican veteran to nominate Obama

Keep Limbaugh's racism in mind when McCain and VP pick inevitably go on his show

I'm kinda jaded and skeptical, but Artur Davis is making me bawl

Has the roll call been this early before?

Poor 'ol McCain, couldn't even raise interest if he set himself on fire.

McCains new ad; Fearmongering, Lies and Distortion at its best

Here is today's official DNC schedule...

It's time to deliver the knockout punch....

Howard Wolfson is simply a rat

New State Polls - Pennsylvania: O +5; Nevada: O +5; New Mexico: O +13; Colorado: M + 1

Sorry "pray for rain" freaks.... the weather forecast for Denver Thursday night is for clear skies

roll call streaming on starting now 5:50pm ET. nt

WTF Happened While I Was Sleeping?? Now Hillary "Didn't Do Enough." ???

You're either for OBAMA, or you're a racist

It's great to see the fire re-lit

Howard Dean on Daily Show tomorrow night from Denver.

Just in case there's DUer who doesn't think getting our ass out of Iraq...

Any People still think McCain Supports women?

Convention Day 3... update from Denver... Deval Patrick surprise appearance @ Big Tent

Convention Day 3... update from Denver... Deval Patrick surprise appearance @ Big Tent

Democratic Convention Getting Good Ratings

FOX News filters Democratic Convention for viewers

Mason Dixon FL Poll: Obama 45, McCain 44

Can someone explain to me why

I know what those Roman columns are!!!!

I hope they don't cut this off at New York

Ghouliani on MSNBC right now- did he get new teeth?

Guess those who worried about stealth Michigan delegates worried for naught

It's El DORAYDO, and I've never been proud to be from there, but I am now!

So are the Dems going to have a WAR ROOM at the RNC?

Gallup Shows 3-Point Swing to Obama from -2% to +1%:

Uh, that stage set at the stadium is over the top. It just is. WTF were they thinking?


McCain VP pick...Who is our biggest threat (politcally)?

Bush's 2004 temple

Obama's Invesco Field Set

David Brooks is a troll

***SIGH*** I just had Tim Russert cross my mind

New York Coming Up!

Democratic Convention Getting Good Ratings

New Hampshire...

HOLY SHIT! This is the UNITY!

Will there be a roll call for Biden?

Will there be a roll call for Biden?

Roll Call-- The Tension Mounts

PBS: Roll Call! C-SPAN: Roll Call! CNN: Roll call! MSNBC: Roll Call! FOX News...

Carl Leubsdorf: Obama-JFK comparisons run deep

Against MSM Bashing: We've gotta find a different way.

Wahoo. Go Gov Corzine!!!!

PBS: Roll Call! C-SPAN: Roll Call! CNN: Roll call! MSNBC: Roll Call! FOX News...

This is GREAT...

NEw Mexico

Our VP is ready for the fight

Just saw the smiling face of Charlie Rangel


Illinois was supposed to put him over!

Inside Edition Slimes Joe Biden - "Investigating" car crash

We are sooo gonna win this... nt

My favorite picture from the Code Pink Denver Protests

I love Rachel Maddow.

I love Rachel Maddow.

Roll Call Thread #2

After watching this Roll Call vote...


Ill sleep easy tonight!

McCain Attack Ad Makes an Issue of Iran

Here We Go - Over the Top - Illinois - And A Punt

Howdy, gay times! Cloudy gray times, You are now a thing Of the past, cause:

History was made today.... and with it....

well done, Senator Clinton.

Shut Montana up!

Shut Montana up!

She's making me cry.

She's making me cry.

**** Official Day 3 Democratic Convention Thread *****

Thank you Hillary for one of the most beautiful, moving things I have ever seen in my life.


Senator Schumer speaking on stage..... saying we need a majority in Senate

MSM wants 6 words out of Bill: Obama is ready to be President.

No sign of Feinstein at this convention?

I have tears in my eyes!!!! n/t


Has this moved the schedule up? Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak at 9pm Eastern-

Will he accept??

The Champagne is Open - Congratulations Everyone!

I'm really impressed with Montana


Illinois is now pimpin it big-style like CA.

Yes We Can!!!

The pundits can put to rest all that BULLSHIT!!!! the Dem's are divided

The pundits can put to rest all that BULLSHIT!!!! the Dem's are divided

Where is a donation site for Hillary ... let's thank her!! We only need 10M or so

THANK YOU HILLARY - we all know how hard it must have been for you

I hate to call out a DUer but


Jonathan Alter, "I love C-Span"...

I think Hillary dissed Obama by not suspending earlier.

Is Bill Clinton still scheduled to speak at 9pm Eastern, or has the schedule

This is a very emotional moment!

KO just called it the "story book ending"

Beat that you Slime ASS REPUKES!


Three Cheers for Hillary Clinton!!

Why does Thomas Udall from NM look like Brian Williams?

Most of the time we tend think of our states as geographical lines represented on a map.

Chuck Schummer is ripping McCains ASS right now


Anybody See or Hear From Al Franken at the Convention?

Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr.: "No one wants an angry African American man in the White House"

I didn't understand the "Four More Months" thing from yesterday.

Am I the only frickin 'idiot jumping up & down and screaming in their living room?


by acclamation

Roll Call Thread #3 - the clincher!!!!

Suck it PUMAs!!!!!!!!!! Your cause is OVER!!!! nt


I think CA passed to set up this scenerio.

Why is Katherine Harris doing the roll call

Its a Shitty Job, But Someone's Gotta Do It.

What time is Bill Clinton's speech going to be? Anybody know?

How Cool Is THIS?


PUMA nutjob: "Wait it's not over! Obama might not accept the nomination!"

how to get cspan to show the whole pic instead of from the nose up?

Less unity and more anger, please.

For those who I've known in my lifetime, who said this country would never...

A Convention ain't a Convention without a Roll Call.

Tonight, real Americans....

Tonight, real Americans....

I think Bill Clinton is going to knock our socks off tonight with a great speech. I feel it.

"Well, I don't know what will happen now...."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Senator Barack Obama is the Official Nominee of the Democratic Party.

Whoever the GOP VEEP, McCain would be a fool to announce on Friday.

NICE NJ! Yo we have an attitude What of it! n/t

Subliminal Message, or Stupidity?

This is my Olympics, my Football

Thank you, Hillary!! You rock!!!

Who's the twit on CSPAN1? Saying married women are deserting the party

Louise Slaughter is my hero!


Dear God, Fox is effusive, the party has come together and

Jeanne Shaheen's name misspelled on video

Woo-hoo! It's official!

AP: Big Dog will give "full throated endorsement of Obama" tonight...

Look out for that banana skin!

When McSame picks his VP, his polling #'s will finally break.....downward.

Smerconish: Obama's Biden pick allows McCain to respond by picking Ridge, who is handsome and loyal

Obama holds rallies in NFL football stadiums - McCain uses minor league baseball parks

Susan Rice is on Fox right now!

What time is Biden speaking tonight. I'm MST and don't want to miss the speech.

"Energy independence" - a recurring theme

Hooray for Bob Tiernan!

A special shout out for Malia and Sasha,

FIRST READ: Obama Says McCain's Service Not Enough

If Greek columns are so "uppitty" how come they were ok when Bush used them in 2004? pics >>>>>

Wow, Some one from the MSM calling McShame on his shit.


What time does Melissa Etheridge come on?

When do Bill and Joe Speak EST?


And then there is Micky Mouse, from the Kos blog

Pat Buchanan unusually quiet right now on MSNBC

So, Is Al Gore At The Convention?

Did Joe S. really say he seems people as "color blind"?

Flipping back and forth between C-SPAN and faux's coverage of

STFU Buchanan.

Ooooh! Do you think he will accept?

I just saw the "former" Hillary delegate commercial by McCain

LOL! My 9 year old just said, 'that microphone looks like a big wart"

McCain electrifies RNC!

Discomfit McCains--challenge Cindy: ''Tear down this PRE-NUP!''

K&R this thread to give a hug to a former Hillary supporter.

Where are the large 3 dimensional signs with the state's name?

Has McCain Answered Questions from the Media Since His Gaffe?

Dear pundits and other second bananas

So how did Mark Warner do for himself? He is running for an important seat in an important state.

CNN Convention factoids.

CNN Convention factoids.

Help! I just tuned in - did I miss the vote??

McCain voted against the minimum wage 19 times??????

"Shallow Throat": McCain Is a "Catastrophe Waiting to Happen"

OK .... rumor is ...

Wexler!!!!!!! speaking now ..... don't miss him

Scarborough bragging about how "colorblind" he's always been.


Who is this woman on MSNBC?

Let the donations speak for themselves

Where's Rachel Maddow?

MY congressman on with KO

"The dream is here...we are living the dream..." Eugene Robinson

MSNBC: Bill Clinton will say that Obama ready to be president "on day one"

I am looking forward to Melissa Etheridge's performance tonight!

Hutchison for VP???

Can we have another official convention thread please?

Melissa Etheridge ROCKS!


Rockefeller ... telecoms little boy ... fear fear fear!!!!

CBS news is reporting New York and Hillary herself will put Obama over the top.

Help! Where is the video of Hillary asking for the verbal vote?

Reaction from the Big Tent to Hillary putting Obama into nomination...

Photo of Denver DNC SWAT Vehicle

Just saw John Lewis and James Clyburn interviewed on CNN

All we are saying, is give Peace a Chance...

Richard Wolfe...

"The Times They Are a Changin'"

Okay, this is so cool it really deserves its own thread > > >

Melissa Etheridge rocked the house!!

How long before the GOP nominates a minority at the top of its ticket?

Chance of precipitation in Denver tomorrow...

Jimmy Carter Appreciation Thread


I've seen it 3 times now, so I know it is not my imagination. What's with Andrea Mitchell, ??...

McCainOpoly T-Shirt design at Cafe Press - I think this will Keep the McCain ELITISM meme Kicking

I'm So PROUD of Our Party

"No way, No how, No McCain".........I just love that.

BBC news just now talking to Repubs voting for Obama

Somebody wake me up when Bill's on

ANOTHER REMINDER: Have a 30-second spiel put together for talking to neighbors, friends, and so on

So, does anyone honestly think the GOP will have this kind of moment...

*** Please don't let the media get to you tonight****

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives in Denver!

In the spirit of generosity, allow me to invite our local trolls........

Thank you so much, Senator Clinton

File this under: the world has turned upside down


McCain's "health care" plan...

Show us your heart, Sen. Obama

Just one more reason McCan't must NOT win: Inhofe, Coburn et al.

Harry Reid may be a good guy, but he puts people to sleep. He is destroying the mood of the

Do we have actual video of McCain totally losing it and going off on

Anyone else find it hilarious that the source of unity on DU ended up being Hillary Clinton?

Senator Reid speaking now

Jimmy Carter with Keith on MSNBC interview

Is it me or we sounding a little hawkish tonight?

The meme is "John McCain will be 76 at the end of his first term". 76, 76, 76 Can a person be an

Madaleine Albright speaking now

Madaleine Albright speaking now

The Dems. are going to set up shop in Minneapolis next week!

Bill Clinton wrote his speech today.

HERE IT IS: Master Schedule of DNC Protest Events

Evan Bayh is up

Thatcher's Alzheimer's Disease Was Evident When She Was 75.

Thatcher's Alzheimer's Disease Was Evident When She Was 75.

Bayh using McCains signiture "My Friends" I didn't know who he was, and in 10 seconds I'm

Leahy Mentions Raygun's Last (Alzheimer's)Year's in Reference to Mcpow

Harry Reid, Better Than Ambien.

If only Reid could speak like Michelle Jones (speaking now)

I give up. Just how many delegates voted for Obama?

California passes?

California passes?

Barack Obama's sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, just stopped by to congratulate the bloggers

New Mexico CNN/Time Obama 53, McCain 40 Obama +13!!!

Jimmy Carter is the greatest!

Why the Cheney Vice Presidency may backfire on the Republicans in November

I'm So Velklempt.....

Barack may have made a tactical mistake today...

Dr. McCain's Offshore Drilling Magic Elixir

Anyone watching Schweitzer on CNN?

Holy crap! Look at the homepage.

OK - these Areva commercials....

Didja ever notice that

Didja ever notice that

HRC, I'm delighted with your unity and have sent a small donation

HRC, I'm delighted with your unity and have sent a small donation

Evan Bayh talks like John McCain, OBama made the right decision

Evan Bayh talks like John McCain, OBama made the right decision

Mason Dixon Florida Poll: Obama 45%, McCain 44%

Mason Dixon Florida Poll: Obama 45%, McCain 44%

NONE of McCain's putative VP picks is tenable.

Reed (RI) voted against the IWR?

So what song do you think they are going to play to introduce

So what song do you think they are going to play to introduce

Jesus!! what a downer!! who is this Mike Murphy asshole???

CRAP, McLame will now accept the GOP nomination at this location!!! CRAP

Has a candidate ever announced their VP pick during the other party's convention?

Roll Call Thread

John McCain: Alzheimer's You Can Forget About!

John McCain: Alzheimer's You Can Forget About!

Brian Schweitzer is Your Barack Obama

Wolfe:Obama campaign saw speech 1 hr. ago and it will (surprise) be much looooonger than 10 minutes

I'm much more interested in what Biden is going to say than WJC

Democratic Senate colleagues take aim at McCain’s temper: “He has a huge anger problem.”

"The First Quality a President has to have is the Ability to Learn"

Will McCain wonder "Who Let the Dawgs Out?" after Big Dawg speaks tonight?

Tom Dashcle is up

CNN misleading the country in front of our eyes about Florida polls

Good moves at the Convention!

Call me Carnivorous!!!!!

Here we go...Clinton up next

Big Dawg, Kerry and Biden back to back to back

McCain= A noun, a verb, and I was a POW for 5 1/2 years

Daschle is doing well.

Did you all just see Jennifer Garner over at cspan's convention coverage?

A modest (though serious) proposal for the Obama campaign:

Here. We. Go! nt

How to Attack John McCain--What Would Rove Do?

I predict Bill Clinton will give ONE HELLUVA SPEECH!

Big Dawg in Da Hoooouuuuussse!!!!

DayStar is rerunning the Obama/McDim "debate" by Rev. Warren

Ok Big Dog, let's see the magic.

Drudge reporting that McCain has selected on VP

Big Dog up now!!!

Ladies & Gents: For your consideration: The (((ULTIMATE))) bumpersticker (I hope)

McCain will continue tired policies of corn-based ethanol instead of cellulosic ethanol

Joe Scabrous = DEBBIE DOWNER

PHOTOS: Obama's nomination touches hearts at the convention

Obama and McCain missed the filing deadline so now their names are not on the GE ballot.

If Grampy McBush turns on his TV at 8 tonight, he'll get a lesson in dignity

I just watched the replay of the The Daily Show from last night.

WTF is wrong with Harold Ford?

Do you think anyone can/will mention what a historic moment this is?

What party does Harold Ford belong to again? The man can not be a democrat.

What party does Harold Ford belong to again? The man can not be a democrat.

Okay I WANT to like Luke Russert but...

was that Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner?

FIrst sentence...

10 minutes is up!

"I am here first to support Barack Obama!" -William Jefferson Clinton

Evan Puke Bayh sounds like McGramps

PHOTOS: Yes we CAN!!

PHOTOS: Yes we CAN!!

Silverspooner speaks: Romney: Democrats using 'politics of envy'

He's starting to tee off now...

John Kerry Set To Rip Into McCain

Greatest line yet

Bill said he wants all 18 million who voted for Hillary to vote for Obama!

"He (Obama) Has the intelligence and curiosity..."

Convention. Music. Chain of Fools...

Obama is ready to lead America!

Obama is ready to lead America!

Obama's or Hillary's moment?

"Barack Obama is READY to lead..." -- Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton: Barack Obama is ready to lead

Intelligence and curiosity

love you BUBBA, so far anyway

"BO is READY to be President"

I believe Bill thinks Obama is ready!

Haha, this is why we love the big dawg

Bill Clinton: THAT MAKES 18 MILLION OF US!!!

"Y'all sit down!" God, I miss that man.

"His (BO) selection of a running mate

President Clinton: Barack Obama is READY!!

Bill Said it!!!

"The power of our example, than the example of our power..." - Excellent! n/t

THIS is the Bill Clinton I remember

Place your bets - what will the FOX NEWS spin be after Clinton's speech?

"Everything I learned in 8 years of being preseident

Every speaker is one-upping the last.

I try to get out, and he pulls me back in....I swear...

Clinton jus mentioned the Repukes Cronyism...NICE!

Foxnews code words.

Ladies and Gentlemen ... I give you BILL FUCKING CLINTON.

Poor Johnny McLame...Desperate for attention. Sludge says he's found a shuffleboard partner.

...And what about Katrina and cronyism? The big dawg rules!!

...And what about Katrina and cronyism? The big dawg rules!!

And some wanted to run the Clintons off?

"By the power of our example rather than the example of our power."

List of things the Pundents have been right about this week

"Barack Obama is the man for this job!" -William Jefferson Clinton

"This time the third time is NOT the charm"

"In 2008 BO is on the right side of history"


Holy cow! All 127 NJ delegates for Obama!

"Join Chelsea, Hillary and Me

"Join Chelsea, Hillary and Me

I'm supposed to be going out for my birthday dinner, but I can't tear myself away from the roll call

Hillary and Bill BOTH gave a shout out to the gays.... THANK YOU BILL AND HILLARY!

Thank you Senator Hillary Clinton

I love it when Michelle smiles!

The Battle of Camlann or a return to Camelot?

Bill is STILL a rock star!!

Now THAT was a good speech

Let's look at the BULLSHIT Rumors that didn't happen

Canis Major.

Jack Reed: Soldiers flocked to Obama overseas because they know a leader when they see one

"Addicted to Love"

Thank you, Bill


Note the pro-move Bill is doing with the crowd noise...

Note the pro-move Bill is doing with the crowd noise...

A veritable sea of quotes.

The MSM Myth of Democratic Party Disunity

Just wow.

You know what--

OMG! William Jefferson Clinton is throwing Hillary's name back out for nomination!!!

Something tells me that Big Dog is going to bring his A game tonight

"Kumbaya, My Lord, Kumbaya ... "

Folks just remember about this Hurricane - it is nothing to laugh or gloat about

THIS is the Bill Clinton I remember!

Why is no one talking about William Jefferson Clinton's orange pantsuit?

Well, this has been one hell of a birthday!

Just for fun, while we wait...

O.K. So who chose "Addicted to Love" following the Big Dog?

I am really enjoying the band playing at the convention.

DAMN the Big Dawg's good!

The unofficial "Thank You, Bill" thread.

**** DU Meetup in Denver at Racine's ***

90% of George Bush is more than we can take!

Okay. If Bill wrote that speech himself. What better tribute could you hope for?

Kerry will be ripping McSame a new one

Wow, Obama better deliver a barnburner

Was that Chevy Chase?

I actually stood up in my living room and applauded when he was finished.

I actually stood up in my living room and applauded when he was finished.

Why did they schedule Bill now when they knew he wasn't going out



"Myth of the Maverick"

Candidate McCain vs Senator McCain!!! Perfect!

"People have always been more impressed by the power of our example


Thank you President and Senator Clinton. I'll send $50 to help with Hillary's campaign debt tonight.

..."Are you kidding me folks? Talk about being for it before against it. Before

"Before John McCain debates BO he should finish the debate

John Kerry: "John McCain should finish the debate with himself"

CNN, in pursuit of the Trivial....

"BO will shut down Gitmo and will not torture...not now and never"

Candidate McCain Vs Senator McCain

Anyone else hear David Brooks squeeze in a snide comment - Shield noted the

Before John McCain starts the debate with Barack Obama

I would like to make a motion to put into nomination the name of Dr. Rachael Maddow......

FL POLL: Obama 45, McLame 44

Ladies and Gentlemen, the LAST legitimately elected President has still got it!

John Kerry up

Even Karl liked it

"The power of example rather than an example of our power"

Kerry painting picture that McCain

GOP platform backs off pet issues to help McCain

Before McCain debates Obama he must finish the debate with himself

The Democratic Convention - what could have been

I Was Wrong. Bill Done Good!

Wooo Baby! Get those digs in, Kerry!

JK ripping McCain a new a$$hole! Go, JK! Git him. nt

"Not Yrs in the Senate or Yrs on this Earth"

Proud to be an American tonight.

CNN Lying their Asses OFF - Showing mostly RED map while talking Hurricane news + fake Polls

My gift to DU... Free bumper sticker that doesn't suck... (PDF)

Kerry knows how to burn a barn! Who knew?

Use a grade, rating, or word to describe President Clinton's speech

Gawd, the contrast with that fool in the White House.....................

They Wont Cover John Kerry?

Whoa! Obama's Uncle (from WW II) in the crowd...

John Kerry showing once again you can have no better friend on earth than he

How far has he sunk??? MSNBC stepping on Kerry.

kerry ripping mckook a new one

GREEK COLUMNS!?!? That's ALL They Have? We Are Gonna Kick Their ASSES!

Fired Up and Ready To Go!!! Fuck the vote let's take DC NOW!!!

Best line by Kerry "Before he debates Obama, he should finish debating himself!"


Bill closed the deal!

Who EXACTLY is in charge of the music?

What kind of Democratic "pundit" derives part of household income from Corsi Obama swiftboating?

This poor gal has to feel like the

Kerry called the right the "Merchants of Fear"

This would be President Kerry's re-election convention

Michelle loves it. And if SHE loves it -- we all should!

Proud to be an American tonight.

"Before he ever debates Barack Obama, John McCain should finish the debate with himself."

Todd says Bill's "people" are concerned he might get booed tonight

CNN's Covering Kerry Now - They Finally get their red meat

THAT'S Not going to go over well with the MSM

COOL John Huston from Franklin Pierce Law School is up-


"The Grand 'Ole Party is no longer Grand, it's just Old"

"The Grand Old Party is no longer Grand..."

Chevron sponsoring a commercial on PBS during the Democratic Convention...

I salute John Kerry, a real American. Loved his line about the flag blelonging to all of us.

Man, I have to say, the DNCC Video site is working like clockwork every night of the convention!

Obama And McCain Won't Be On The Presidential Election Ballot In Texas!

Hey, all you Hillbots I got something for ya if you're not chicken


Adm. John Huston up to speak

Bill's evisceration of the Republicans has Rove's knickers in a twist

Okay, now I'M concerned!

JMHO, I liked Hillary's speech better

"The Grand Old Party is no longer grand, it's just old!"

Kerry: Are you KIDDING ME?! Talk about being for it before you're against it!!

Obama's Uncle "Charlie Paine is at the Convention

Are You Ready For Him?

"The Grand Old Party isn't grand any more.

Here's the Headline: Clinton Forcefully Endorses Obama

no one likes Bill Clinton

You know Lewis Black or Red State Update would have been great comic releif

I'll bet RNCC won't use Silverlight ... who wants to see all those wrinkles in HD

Secretary Of Defense?

Swift Boater behind Ayers ad voted in Democratic Primary

Kerry: "Are you KIDDING ME folks? mt

Kerry: Unfinished business from 20th century: fixing healthcare

What's that weird feeling, is it optimism, yes i think it is.

What's that weird feeling, is it optimism, yes i think it is.

General Claudia Kennedy up to speak

Rep Chet Edwards from Texas up to speak

A Cork-Popping Moment. Congratulations Americans and Democrats. I predict a big SURGE

A Roll Call Even Hollywood Couldn't Top: "Can the Republican convention even come close?"


Gallup: Obama 45, McCain 44

Joe Biden is nominated in 30 MINUTES!!! Are you READY??

I hope Obama's prepared to investigate, prosecute and imprison Bush Officials when he takes office

Get On Board!

Kerry, Gore, Hillary -- what is it with Democrats who lose?

OMG, IT'S !!!!!*****---CHET EDWARDS---*****!!!!!

OMG, IT'S !!!!!*****---CHET EDWARDS---*****!!!!!

Anyone know where Al Gore is?

Chet Edwards on VP short list?

Steven Speilberg made a film for the DNC, on now on cspan, it's about veterans

John McCain's Veep Choice Dan Tompkins

Beau Biden will introduce his father

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Dem Convention -- Day 2: She Wore Gold and She Was Golden (Mary Lyon)

28 Year Veteran and Admiral John Hutson, Former Republican- The GOP is not Grand, it's just OLD! HA

Happiness is just a thing called Joe

Harold DINO Ford talking about how great McCone is

the thing I loved about Bill's speech

I voted for Perot. Twice.

Who is the douchebag sitting next to Harold Ford on MSNBC

If there weren't a such thing as term limits, he'd still be our President...

Clinton's speech being replayed on CBS here.

is that tom hanks narrating the speilberg film showing now?

is that tom hanks narrating the speilberg film showing now?

McCain Has Made His Pick and Is Set to Tell on Friday

This Is Why We Fight

Outside of Michelle and Hillary...Kerry has been best speaker.

These words come to mind from another man from Illinois....

Speilberg made this film

I'm gonna get smacked, I know, but - TOM HANKS FOR PREZ IN 2016!!

They are one. A true team.

In honor of Sen. Clinton and her incredible speech, I'm changing my avatar

"He loves our country every bit as much as we all do."

Ha! I love the immediate crowd feedback on MSNBC

Was that good enough part 2 ????

when will John McCain announce his VP?

when will John McCain announce his VP?

Who is this blond guy and what has he done with Tweety?

Dear Bill and Hillary - I'm relieved to love you again

Repeat after me: "More of the Same from John McCain!"

Wow, check this out. Guess who might be McCain's VP choice?

'which had nothing to do with 9-11'

McCain won't want to ruin his VP surprise, but WILL want to mess with the convention

"Addicted to Love?!" Fucking BAD taste.

name checked beau biden

Tammy Duckworth and Barack Obama from 2006

Tammy Duckworth and Barack Obama from 2006

Bill was great. Can't wait to hear the pundits, starting with the KOS guy

Doesnt Mittens remind you of...

Let's Be Honest, McCain Didn't Pick His VP. Karl Rove Did.

I really hope that Mittens will be McCain's VP

What is that beeping? Time's up? n/t

Nancy! nt

****Biden**** is our VP........ invited to do an acceptance speech

David Gregory is a horrible piece of crap.

Olbermann: Bill still has "100% of the fastball"

Biden nominated for VP

Change the bloody channel

Happy for Biden here

Keith O says to tweety about the reTHUG IDIOT.."Let's shut him down"

** Hey! P.O.Dubya....... Thanks but no thanks **

Who is Mike Murphy

Will Hurricane Gustav ruin the Republican convention?

John Kerry is hitting home runs!

Do we need the intese close ups? n/t

I have looked at all the McCain VP Choices and I think it comes down to 5...


Day 3: Greatest Hits!

Day 3: Greatest Hits!


Kerry doing Good! job here contrasting "Candidate McCain" with "Senator McCain"

Kerry doing Good! job here contrasting "Candidate McCain" with "Senator McCain"

You can tell they really like each other


ARE!!!! YOU!!!! READY????

Barack Obama PROVED BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, he knows how to be a president

Tammy Duckworth on now.

Let's go Beau!

Our Dem pundits can be BRUTAL during the Repuke convention

BEAU asking us to be there for his dad (Biden) and BO this fall

I think McCain is too chauvinistic to pick a woman

The cable channels are not showing Kerry. They aren't worth your viewership.

Michael Dukakis: "I apologize, if I'd beaten the old man, we'd never have heard of the kid ...

What time does Obama speak tomorrow night?

Meg Whitman??

Ladies And Gentlemen.....Joe Biden

That was a look of pure love Joe just gave Beau n/t

"The Grand Old Party is no longer grand... it's just old."

The O Man is about to be in the house. This is AWESOME!!!!!!

This is going to be an exemplary administration.



Can this feminist be a little sexist? Contrast Jill Biden with Cindy McSame.

He's warming up...

Big Joe Biden "called Milosovic a war criminal to his face"!!

John Kerry is Reclaiming Our Flag from the bastards! God Bless America!

Man. ... It Just Kills You Nancy, Don't It?

Street Theater in Denver

Are the DNCs usually this emotional? n/t

Damn, he's good. (Biden)

"George, I mean John..." Love this guy, LOVE HIM! nt

Michelle was in full out tears as Beau talked about his father's commitment

Wow. It's been a day and a half so far...

Well, I have decided to adopt


I friggin love Joe !

I can't wait

george...err..john...err george...hell they will be in the Twins cities

Good night, give the guy a break and some credit. He saw the light.

"John MCCain thinks we have had economic success...

My wife Jill,the only one that can leave me breathless and speechless.

BEAU asking us to be there for his dad (Biden) and BO this fall


That's not CHANGE...

Photos form Today's DNC Protest March (dial up warning)

Buttons Circulating in Denver

That's Right Kerry!!! F*ck Him Up!

Shame on you, MSNBC.

Joe Biden has a great smile.

Shame on you, MSNBC.


Heads Up: Barack Obama expected to join Biden on stage after the VP speech.

Is Wesley Clark at the convention?

Okay. I'm a pervert. Nancy is one hot grandma.

Is it really going to be different this time? n/t

Is it really going to be different this time? n/t

YEAH, BABY..."Freudian Slip"...GEORGE McCAIN!

I'm glad Biden is Obama's side.

John McCain was wrong - Barack Obama was right! nt


What was that about the Dems not hitting hard enough at the convention?

yall realize what's going on here, right?

yall realize what's going on here, right?

Listening to Biden, Obama DEFINITELY made the right choice


God They look great!



No mention of Libby and Plame?

Obama ROCKS!!!

Obama ROCKS!!!


The future has arrived

WOW!!! I'm pumped! Let's kick ass and take names!

Videos of Kerry's speech

Would Joe Biden shoot a lawyer in the face with a shotgun??

Would Joe Biden shoot a lawyer in the face with a shotgun??

One hundred years ago, I had relatives who couldn't even vote in elections.

Obama pulled a Richard Dawson

Genuis ...

Here he comes....BO

Barack the house

Forget it. No way I'll vote for Obama now.

Damn it! I am crying again!

Somebody better get Michelle

We are gonna SOOOO Win this one!

"bloody their nose"

Biden's mom is still alive?

Breaking news:

It's so refreshing to see a President-VP Team who actually like each other....

It's so refreshing to see a President-VP Team who actually like each other....

How good was Biden's speech

Now I can't stop smiling!!!!!!

Now I can't stop smiling!!!!!!

WTF?! Bill already spoke?

People have asked, "What kind of Change will Obama bring?"

People have asked, "What kind of Change will Obama bring?"


who's this fat Rove wanna be on MSNBC

That's not a leader, that's a lackey

Bo and Joe vs. P.O. Dubya.

******OFFICIAL DNC THREAD #1********

I am so glad this primary season is officially over

I did something I hate tonight for Barack Obama. I phone banked. What are YOU doing?

STFU, David Gregory (Part 2)

STFU, David Gregory (Part 2)

STFU, David Gregory (Part 2)

and they close the night

and they close the night

Are they pulling the Osama/Obama "slip" with George/John?

My fortune cookie has a message for us all:

If you think asking for recommendations sucks, recommend this!

Tom Brokaw is a non-accomplished pompous "legend in his own mind" newsreading ASS!

Join me in a toast to Charlie Paine

I am so proud to be a Democrat today.

I am so proud to be a Democrat today.

Barack and Joe look awesome!!

Too many good things to worry about an awkward heat of the moment kiss

I am so proud of our Democratic Party. We have made our Mark on the world!

What are the odds...

Daily Show is good so far tonight. Slamming the slammers.

Daily Show is good so far tonight. Slamming the slammers.

Democrats the same as the North Koreans????

Is it a no-no to say that we don't have the power...

Is it a no-no to say that we don't have the power...

A nation's REAL leaders: Kerry and Patrick flew back to Mass yesterday to attend soldier's funeral.

Fired up! Ready to go!


Oh that mega-watt smile...

"The people who ACTUALLY attacked us on 9/11...THEY'VE REGROUPED..."

eat your shriveled little hearts out, repukes.

Can we match this guy up with Phil Gramm? the MSM going to keep talking about how divided...


for the welfare of the people I hope to god it doesn't happen, but if the hurricane strikes

Great night tonight....

OH!!! HELL!!! YEAH!!!

What if everyone refused to second the vote to recess.


Hillary Clinton: "the reasons I support Barack Obama"

MacKenzie Phillips arrested at LAX for drug possession.


Cspan taking calls, so far so good.

Where is Rachel?

0% chance of rain tomorrow in Denver. New Orleans next week? Problematic.

What a night! Great night. n/t

Biden: Together we get back up.

Biden: Together we get back up.

Beau. Wow!!

I AM CURED of The Diease of PUNDITRY Holla if you are with me!!!!

OBama has been Right, and McCain has been Wrong on Foreign Policy ! Get it Pundits?

Mike Murphy and Howard Wolfson

Tom Brokaw says Bush and McCain going to hug again next week

RNC leaks official GOP Convention poster

God HATES REPUKES. Evidence #19432 - Hurricane Gustav set to disrupt media coverage of Repuke Con.


HUH?? Bill just finished speaking on my local CBS (NOLA) network.

The 2008 RNC platform

BWAHAHA! C-Span caller just said McCain is "family devoted."

"I think there's a time delay...this is like inside John McCain's brain"

Beau Biden is making me cry

I HATE John McCain

Megyn Kelly Sends A Message In Republican Red

From now on....George McCain?

Joe Biden's son good looking well spoken kid. Has he been elected yet?

Oh, c'mon Barack: is Mark Warner chopped liver?

Oh, c'mon Barack: is Mark Warner chopped liver?

Quick Question: Why are Democrats still affording McCain ANY praise at all?

Will the corporate media ever like Obama's speech tomorrow?

Will the corporate media ever like Obama's speech tomorrow?


If Lieberman is McCain's VP, it will bring out the Democrats in droves

DAMN, McCain is going to have the biggest audience possible for acceptance speech!

DAMN, McCain is going to have the biggest audience possible for acceptance speech!

Chuck Todd doesn't think Biden speech effective--I say Bullshit!

Do people actually take Fox seriously?

Barack Obama August 27th, 2008-the day he is nominated

I Am Glad President Clinton Waited Until Tonight for His Public Endorsement!


Will Bush do the Presidential thingy next week, or not...

We have the two best candidates in the whole World on our ticket.

We have the two best candidates in the whole World on our ticket.

Rachel is on right now ..... on MSNBC

Kind of ironic that Bush may be speaking when this hits New Orleans, Monday.

We are witnessing

I don't know about you, but I think this convention has been a smashing success.

Has the Right Wing media done the Obama campaign a favor?

Has the Right Wing media done the Obama campaign a favor?


WTF is a lunchbucket Democrat?

"Neither Can I..." said my 7-year-old son


Fired UP!

I am sooooo proud to be a Democrat tonight!

"They love you, man."



Claire McCaskill is great: "Only long faces around here are on the media"

What happened? What did Hillary do?

What happened? What did Hillary do?

DU this CNN poll


Biden on 9/10/01 warned the ‘real threat’ may come in ‘the belly of a plane’

McCain will find a running mate, but how can he ever find someone who genuinely likes him?


BREAKING: Leaks Reveal John McCain's Vice Presidential Choice

BREAKING: Leaks Reveal John McCain's Vice Presidential Choice

It's sing-along time. Help me out here!

This ticket is more REAL than any in modern history

I can think for myself! Biden's speech was great...and it was

Sebelius/Obama versus Jill Biden/Obama

Colbert has a real Repo Man on talking how good the economy is!

Rate Biden's speech

McCain's Healthcare Advisor: "There are NO uninsured Americans"

ROFLMAO at some of the C-Span callers!

ROFLMAO at some of the C-Span callers!

Did ANYONE get the phone number to support Obama on CSpan?

'Talk About Being For It Before You Were Against It'

Concern troll at Politico...." Dems fear Invesco effect"

Barack Hussein Obama's "Family Problem"!!!

HAH! MSNBC predicting "split screen America" next week if Hurricane hits!


Latest McCain screwup-- reveals who is behind tactics to divide Dems

Latest McCain screwup-- reveals who is behind tactics to divide Dems

to all i fought with during the primaries and since

When is Gore speaking tomorrow night?

There Better be a VP Debate.....

Michelle Obama and Family Pack Care Boxes for Soldiers

Joe Biden was "on" this evening, I think the speech was great

Kerry hits a home run. Great speech.

Kerry hits a home run. Great speech.

I would rather have heard John Kerry's speech

As much as I like Gore and Kerry, their VP picks couldn't hold a candle to Biden.

OMG, is Chris Matthews drunk?

Rove tried to kill Lieberman VP pick

This WILL hurt, but it is needed. No more heads in the sand. Time to come out in NUMBERS.

Breaking: Washington Insiders Pan Biden Speech, Reveal They Have No Clue About Common Folk...

Wes Clark In Denver Tonight: "We Must Win In November"

Minor point, but Michelle is in teal again. Teal is the color of freedom! nt

I like the INVESCO set up, like a Greek Theater...

This isn't about Obama vs. McCain anymore. This is a life and death Corp. Media vs. Obama...

Folks: This is why I defended them so hard here.

Loretta Sanchez now unhinged according to Telemundo

Loretta Sanchez now unhinged according to Telemundo

Bill Clinton is allotted 10 minutes. What's the Vegas over/under?

Welcome back, Big Dog - We Have Been Missing you (updated to include speech text)


Chelsea Clinton is a political superstar in the making.


Kerry on now - CSPAN

Kerry on now - CSPAN

On-9/10/01-Biden warned Bush the ‘real threat’ may come in ‘the belly of a plane’

LIEberman is on McSame's short list for VP? Gawd, please let it be so.

LIEberman is on McSame's short list for VP? Gawd, please let it be so.

thank you That's all. nt

My President is giving a hell of a speech right now

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, Aug 27 – Obama 321, McCain 217 – Polling of Young Voters

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, Aug 27 – Obama 321, McCain 217 – Polling of Young Voters

I have hated Hillary more than most. Tonight - I love her and Bill -- and I

OMG, Did Obama just french kiss Jill Biden?

"This is truly historic."

Did Barack smooch Jill on the lips by mistake LOL!

OMG, Did Barack Obama just make babies with Jill Biden!?!

Obama on McCain's service

Is this really what so many people are getting their panties in a bunch over?

Is this really what so many people are getting their panties in a bunch over?

You will love me... because my prediction is...

Both MSNBC & CNN Are Saying That Biden's Speech Was Not Good.........


GD:P Guide To Trolls

Hear me out: My hat goes off to TS'd Kerry2008

What purpose does Lynn Samuel serve...

Wait... was Evan Bayh on fire tonight?!?!

Hurricane map shows it hitting New Orleans at 8:00pm Monday! (here is map)

To any of my old Kerry Freedom Fighters left out there I say ahhhhhh!

To any of my old Kerry Freedom Fighters left out there I say ahhhhhh!

RE: Columns At Invesco, They needed To Be Stacks Of Old Rubber Tires

McCain Advisor: There are no uninsured Americans

McCain's Repuke Convention doomed

MSNBC: Condoleezza Rice being vetted for McSame's VP

So Why is Hillary being nominated again?

Is Gore going to speak?

"Sources: McCain to reveal VP Friday in Ohio" I loved this bit...



Obama within margin of error in latest NC poll!

Woo-HOOOOOO!!! Obama showed up!

Biden is wrench in McCain's VP choice: Politico

Biden is wrench in McCain's VP choice: Politico

Biden is wrench in McCain's VP choice: Politico

Deval Patrick learning to blog...Howard Dean has BBQ and tells bloggers they have best access.

John Kerry's Speech was truly powerful but was not well covered!

Two Clintons. Two homeruns.

Somebody else spoke in front of Greek colonnades many years ago...

If you think Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan, etc., are assholes, please recommend this.


Just got an email from Denver - Obama to meet with IVAW!!!

Join me in a toast to the Clintons

Are we too defensive? Have we gone after McCain enough? Are our ideas clear?

The world is more impressed with the power of our example than the example of our power.

******* Let it Sink*********

George Bush standing in front of Greek columns on the 2004 GOP convention stage

Ok - Obama's Girls Are So Cute It Makes Me Wanna Puke....

Thank you John Kerry

Tell me, GD-P DUers, is this photoshopped?

The Minnesota Twins

That last line was probably the biggest one-liner takeaway of the convention thus far...

Republican platform now calls for BAN on ALL embryonic stem-cell research

Rove tried to kill Lieberman VP pick

CNN has officially jumped the shark: Examining body language: What did Clinton's say?

How old is Joe Biden's mother?

Chatter over Hutchison as possible VP pick gets louder

OMG! My boyfriend just called me to pick him up!!! n/t

Do you appreciate HRC enough to help?

Bwaaahahaha! NBC News just announced that there may be a huge

The day in Denver (image heavy)

The problem with continually telling people "CSPAN!"

Did Barack just kiss Jill Biden on the lips?

The Clintons have delivered the election for Obama

Is Wes Clark going to speak at the DNC?

Everybody listen to Michelle Jones, Army Ret. right now!

Everybody listen to Michelle Jones, Army Ret. right now!

do you think McCain's VP pick will be "accidentally" leaked tomorrow

Breaking: Botox Brokaw barely able to crack a smile or show any sort of emotion

MSNBC watchers: How much does Brokaw suck?

What does DU think of the Pickens plan

* * * Official "I STILL Love The Clintons Thread * * *

"To warm up the crowd for joe biden"

Shut up, David Gregory, "Is America ready for an African American President?"

Obama's stage at Invesco field to have greek theme

Driving home, stuck in traffic, I turned on Rachel Maddow

DOLE GOES DOWN!! --NEW POLL in NC --Liddy Dole TRAILS Kay Hagan by 3 pts! LINK

Did you notice that NONE of the main networks carried Clinton's speech?

"the biggest purge of voters in history" (2008 election)

for those who need a laugh.

Daily Show welcomes the RNC to Minnesota

For all who are wondering why there are protests at the DNC:


Hillary Clinton delivers the goods. (Again.)

NEWS FLASH: Mayor Nagin will evacuate New Orleans next week...

Great big columns

Great big columns

Fellow Democrats - I am asking a favor -

Where the hell was this john kerry in 2004!??!

John Kerry: Full text of his amazing speech

An African-American was just named the Democratic Party nominee for president. Wow.

I have a feeling that, some time during the Repug convention, Obama will announce

I think the Obama camp has been leaking fake disunity stories for suspense value

Who was the first President you ever voted for (or are going to vote for!)

Who was the first President you ever voted for (or are going to vote for!)

Has there ever been a Classier Loser in either party.

Hillary's speech is worth $$$ to me

Tavis Smiley: "Hillary electrified the crowd."

Jon Stewart, "Everyone knows Republicans love America.."

Hillary's Speech Replaying NOW on CSPAN ......

DNC taking page out of ALI handbook

We should give the Republicans a taste of their own medicine for their convention

Your choice Bobby Jindahl.....

My tear jerk moments of the night .......

Sex bots, brothels and why Sex Toy Research and Prostitution should be federally funded.

This convention is alright, but I think the 2004 convention had more heart.


Ohio Gov Ted Strickland: "Bill Clinton left George Bush on 3rd base, and he proceeded to steal 2nd."

You**know** they know she's known as 'Noron' ......

Wow Rachel said if the Discussion tomorrow is About Bill Bill Bill

One thing I would like to see done at the DNC

eww... unwanted company

eww... unwanted company

If you haven't already met, please allow me to introduce Gustav...

AP headline: Gustav hits Haiti, ***drives up oil prices***

The desperation of Fox News. Breaking News. Bad for Obama

Frankly im sick of both parties.

I have decided to leave DU .....

OK, some kind DUer please tell me how to use this damn silverlight thingie, I want to see Hillary

Personnel security became a high-profile issue at Fort Detrick the day Ivins was fingered.

Can we start calling them the Regressive Party?

I saw some PUMAs today..

More black students are taking advanced courses

TPM: McWorse

Mark Begich sails into Alaska Senate general election w/ 91% vote.

Weather modification: US Airforce Paper 1996

Hey Joe Scum

Did She Get it Backwards?

Breaking: Fox News: Obama was a North Vietnamese General

SCO summit to strengthen its international role

Amy Goodman broadcasting live from Denver

Creationism Vs Math and Science ....loses to Logic and Reality

Ossetians and Abkhazians rejoice over independence

My goodness will CNN stop airing this weepy "Obama has to cuddle me" woman?

Michael Moore's pals make documentary films

MSM needs to tell the truth about these phony polls;;;;;

Former Soldier to Face Civilian Trial for Alleged Crimes in Iraq

Did McCain Lean on FCC Commissioner on Iseman's Behalf?

Michael Savage is a racist PIG!

Seriously, where can I write to complain about Joe Fucking Scarborough.

Jon Stewart lectures reporters:

Democrats to be out in force at GOP meet

Ordinary Americans pay Georgian price

Obama ratings better than Kerry's after 1st night

Fun little game that lets you balance the federal budget

No Terror Attacks Since 9/11? BULLSH*T!!

Serious question - how did GE Money profit from the sub-prime

DUers at the Convention

Is there no end to Compassionate Conservatism??

BREAKING: Anbar Province in Iraq will be turned over to the Iraqi Security Forces on 9/1

Darth Vader Watch: Why was Cheney's guy in Georgia before the war?

Mika - you female Lackey - just SHUT UP.

The original M*A*S*H is on AMC right now..

FDIC may borrow money from Treasury: report

Does retail have any business at these levels?

Is this a question that shouldn't be asked? Where is Jimmy Carter? : apparently, it's always up to the woman to make a marriage work

Schuster just smacked down Rudy G on Scab's show.

Barack to Jimmy Jubes "I f'ed up by not picking Clinton but I will make it right"

Happy Petroleum Day, Texans!

Happy Petroleum Day, Texans!

I guess this is why we have delegates at our conventions, and the dumbass electoral college.

Russia eyes new Syria arms deal

Gotta love this biased crap reporting RE Kuchinich speech from Yahoo "News"...

Michael Dukakis on Bush: "it's all my fault"

repubs keep saying Obama wants to 'surrender' to Iraq. BULLSHIT morons.

Bush administration sought to extend troop presence in Iraq through 2015.

Iraq: bu$h* sought troop presence to 2015

Sweet holy mother, the AP's Ron Fournier delivers *another* load o' crap tonight

Outrageous CEO Salaries Are a Nationwide Scandal -- Where Are the Politicians?

Soledad your High School is calling...

I am so sick and tired of the MSM

Please... No more close ups on Andrea Mitchell's face...

Don't be fooled by the polls or the media misinformation, we are in much better shape

So the media asks us how come Obama isn't doing better? I ask them how come mccain isn't


Oh Really? - US Army Sergeant Described As Murderer Today In NYT-"The Best America Has To Offer"

Georgia and Russia - Iraq and America

Olympic gold medailst Shawn Johnson to be at Dem Convention Thursday

Haha, MSNBC got Rachel Maddow a limo for her ride home last night in celebration for her new show!

I went to Iowa for Hillary ......

Former Gitmo Prisoners Seeking Religious Rights and Protection from Torture for Prisoners Who Remain

Experience ......shexperience......

A counterspin for our NotFriends in the media who are whining about Hillary's speech .......

Help me figure this out.....

Fmr. Gitmo Prisoners Seeking Religious Rights and Protection from Torture for Prisoners Who Remain

Koreans Start Dominating The LPGA, So They Mandate English-Only.....

Is Gore speaking at the convention?

I hate most all Pundits .... For the DNC C-SPAN rocks

Knee pads Brzezinski seems like a nice person

NOLA Be weary.

Laugh break - Joe Cocker video, captioned

Fox News aired two minutes of Democratic keynote address, discussed Ayers instead

Syria, Iran Warm To Russia As US Tensions Grow

Does anyone know if John Kerry is speaking?

Does anyone know if John Kerry is speaking?

*** Dalai Lama to undergo medical tests, cancels international trips ***

It's Wednesday, can we get another John Mc(insert name here) thread?

FTR the PUMA's have nothing to do with Clinton

Fundies: Proposal to deny adoption rights to gay parents isn't anti-gay.....

Iraq Hero Shows Bush What Honor is: Picks Truth Over Administration Lies-Bush History, 8/27

You can really see the love between Hillary and Chelsea

I didn't know John King was married to Dana Bash

New maps of Gustav NOT looking good. I hope FEMA and NG are getting ready NOW

'A Holiday in Iran' : Interview with blogger and globe-trotter Michelle May

I'm so pissed! Somebody stole my 6-day old Obama yard sign last night!

The Rude Pundit: Hillary Clinton Is Not a Liar

Sorry, but I do not want bipartisanship

Anti-abortion zealots attempt to deface a mesa near Denver with a sign, overcome by heat exhaustion

I've only been switching the channels for 1/2 hour, but picked up the talking point

wait till next weeks will be the toe-tag crowd

(Jack) Davis warns of a new civil war with Southern states (NY-26)

Gustav NOAA track and NO page on preparing. Nagin ribbon cuts.

The mere possibility of a hurricane in the gulf has sent oil soaring toward $120 a barrel today.....

James Carville sending a hidden message? (PIC)

McDim HAD a house BEFORE he left for Vietnam! WTF is he talking about?!

Another stupid FEMA rule

Please tell me WHY was Romney allowed in the Pepsi Center?

Tweety - "Wolf Blitzer - now there's a street-corner guy"

Crazy-ass Freepers alert: Check out their reactions to Shawn Johnson giving the Pledge at the DNC

Scabbrow at his VILEST!1 Mika, too!1 Two count'em TWO separate themes of VILENESS

Teacher from Dover, Delaware will introduce Joe Biden tonight

High winter heating bills may burn through wallets

Overplaying the POW card

One Year Ago Today, Alberto Gonzales Resigned

repub: 'I bet Obama wouldn't stick it out as a POW like mccain did'...huh?

Late entry in Presidential race!

Army opens prep school for recruited dropouts

In a too-brief life, a legacy of inspiration

In a too-brief life, a legacy of inspiration

anyone watching cnn right now? Toobin is having none of it.

Joey the Scar & Tucker are so awful that I couldn't watch MSNBC this morning.

U.S. Soldiers Executed Iraqis, Statements Say - NYT

What's the deal on network cameras at Obama's speech in the football stadium?

Note: Stephanie Miller and convention coverage.

"This is truly an unbelievable chance to have some Democratic dirt."

Problem bank list keeps growing

Excerpts From Mike's Election Guide 2008 by Michael Moore

Source: Bill Clinton will not attend Obama's Invesco speech

Fresh snow on the mountains this morning


Ugh....Thom Hartmann, you're the greatest.....but can't you spare us Terry Jeffrey during DNC week?

Sen. Ted Stevens is winning Corrupt Bastards Club primary by a landslide!

Our Corporate owned News Media- A couple of Toons

At the risk of sounding really dumb......

McCain "I'll only be 66 this year. I didn't HAVE NO BIRTHDAYS AS A POW!"

Denver gossip from the oldest "Cindy" -- no, not *that* one (MAHER one-liners)

Fosh electric car announcement was a big hoax

Hillary Clinton's speech tonight at the convention was directed to ...

Bushco Asking Federal Appeals Court NOT To Force Them To Comply With The Law

Trickle Down...R.I.P.

Is Lumpy McSame in AZ this a.m.?

Why do fanatical Clinton supporters blame Obama for his being nominated?

Fox News interviews a refugee from Georgia

it's times like these i sure miss hunter s. thompson....

There could be a hurricane threatening New Orleans on the opening day of the RNC

Hail, Judas!

So are we leaning on Biden to kick all their asses by himself tomorrow?

If it doesn't rain during Obama's speech, shouldn't that mean God approves

Stephen and Scotty prank called the White House!

Military ops in Iraq - does anyone know:

Hezbollah Presence In Venezuela Feared

You know, for 7 1/2 years we haven't had a responsible government

It's only a pic of Giuliani, but this photo still begs for a caption...

It's only a pic of Giuliani, but this photo still begs for a caption...

The U.S never stopped fighting the Cold War.

Newsweek: Would Someone Please Give This Schweitzer Guy a Keynote Address?

Interesting observation in today's AJC: where's all the McCain bumperstickers?

Revealed: The Internet's Biggest Security Hole (Wired)

I'm convinced now, that the GOP is truly the "party of the big tent"

Limbaugh blatantly cheering on the Bradley Effect

Just once during this convention, could the TV pundits get out of the way of the show?

How can pundits ask "is Obama qualified to be President" when

Was David Gregory ever on "our" side?

Does anybody have an email address for MSNBC programming?

So Mitt Romney is calling John McCain a whore?

Jake Tapper: McInsane is a lying asswipe

Dole behind in latest NC Senate Poll against Hagan! Woot!

Karl Rove’s Ukrainian Sojourn

"Brawling anchors on MSNBC"!1

FCC Anounces 80 City 'We're Not Listening' Digital TV Tour

Why is there a Free Speech Zone in Denver?

POLITICS-US: Housing Fund Seen as Grassroots Victory

DNC › Celebrities and Parties... (gossip)...

Faith leaders to take aerial "prayer tour"

Delete.. Dumb poster meant this as a reply elsewhere :^P

Michelle Obama rallies Hispanic caucus

I'm all choked up...

Bumper Sticker Line for Independents...

God bless the unions, but ...

Why is it fair to say John McCain opposes equal pay for equal work?

Marylin Musgrave down by 7 in Colorado

Tin foil time...Are the Republicans trying to create an incident with Russia before the election?

Arctic sea ice melts to 2nd lowest level on record; scientists see ominous signs

Dave Lindorff: Remembering When the US Government Was at Least Approachable

Mychal Bell of 'Jena Six' denied fifth year of high school football eligibility

They found evidence of the missing kid in the mother's trunk

Why was $50 million given to Denver for security and who authorized it??

Please help me DU...quick response needed

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Taking On Poverty and Inequality

The "America Is Going Out-of-Business Sale": All Public Assets Must Go!

Any updates on the murder in Arkansas? (Democratic Office)

Dennis Kucinich Urged Us To "WAKE UP AMERICA"

Hurricane Survivors group, FYI (regarding Gustav since no emergency forum yet)

Bush's exit strategy revealed (maybe I hacked into their planning session and taped it?)


Out of Slammer, Ney Slams Bush Admin: "They've Taken Bloodsport to a Whole New Level

Obama to Pelosi.... "SHADDUP"

5.2 quake in Vancover, Canada just now.

Lovely pix from the Convention

This is just scary. The latest advisory.

Bill Clinton needs to state over and over again during this speech that Obama IS qualified. He owes

Endangered Species Act at risk!! -- Please comment

Three years ago Thursday ---

Something baaaaaad could happen. Too many bloody ships in the Gulf of Tonkin - oops-Black Sea!

Woman Kicked Out of Federal Building for Lesbian T-Shirt

Lawsuit accuses S. F. of discriminating against disabled homeless people

Brian williams is asking..

Willie Giest: Bloggers, are cheetoh-munching,

Bush's Deal With Iraq: A Time Bomb Set to Explode

Why orange is such a cool color.

Poll: Swing States Want A Democrat

My nephew took some pictures of the protests in Denver he even got teargassed. Want to see them?

Judge Allows No Delay of Miers's Testimony About Fired Prosecutors

Elections officials vote against voter penalties

NYC judge orders release of testimony in Julius & Ethel Roseneberg spy case

Has Fred Phelps shown up in Denver yet? Is he coming to St. Paul?

Assassination plot was not politically motivated

The sorry state of American journalism, as told by Dan Rather

I was talking to an associate of mine today. He is a republican, have known that for a long time

Ohio GOP illegally funneled $495,000 from federal account, top campaign finance official writes

Question: If we donate now through DU does that go for the General or the Primary $$$

Husband gets guardianship in Schiavo-like case (UH OH. Schiavo Part 2?)

Cheney defends Torture - AGAIN! - (Why would ANY American Vote Republican?)

wake up america--virginia has rain

2008 Republican National Convention Schedule

Clinton releases delegates; criticizes Republicans

Link to the final draft of the 2008 Democratic Party Platform

We are Outta Here Saturday Morning (Gustav)

TOONS: McCan't and The Race

Largest protest of week marching toward Pepsi Center

CT delegation DISSED LieberBush by not mentioning him, but instead...

Senate candidates coming up at the Convention...

DU this Poll please

Madonna courts controversy again over McCain video

Now We Can Focus on the Real Enemy...

Historic. Transcendant. Chilling. Joyful. Inspiring.

I'm so proud to be a democrat--the party of firsts

Army opens prep school for HS dropouts to fill ranks

Motion by Hilary to suspend voting!

Honestly how did you feel when you heard Hillary ask to suspend the voting?

Anyone else watching the Roll Call of States

DAY 3: "Kickin' Asses" - Roll Call Suspend The Rules! (Also... 4,000 Marching On Pepsi Center?)

That roll call thing was pretty emotional

MSM has egg all over thier faces.


A simple solution to the columns issue- replace the backdrop

Is it True Link TV and Amy Goodman Were Not allowed at the DNC?

We sure have a great political party

Has anyone posted video of the nomination process yet? Where would you look?

Is anyone talking about poverty at the convention?

when mayor daley went through the littany of illinois stuff on the convention floor.....

I'm happy Shawn Johnson is leading the DNC flag pledge Thursday, but...

Brokaw to Tester: Ron Paul is on the ballot in Montana

Commentary by Dmitry Medvedev on Georgia, today...

Did Chuck Todd try to "out" Charlie Crist?

a love note to our nominee

Melissa is on CSPAN

So...States after New York don't Matter anymore? No chance for them to Bloviate about Candidates

The most important video facing Humanity...a must see.....

Hmmmm... I Don't Like Gustav's Track

Gov. Deval Patrick Just Walked Into The Big Tent...

Leaked UK report blasts lack of planning for Iraq War

Has any official at your job ever told you how to vote?

What does "Moving to the Center" really mean ?

New Orleans Considers Evacuation as Gustav Looms

Education lost in hubbub of campaigning

serious question: how do limbaugh, hannity, o'reilly, etc walk the streets in public.....

Proposition to replace FEMA

Are you having trouble streaming C-Span? I am.....

Daily Email from the McCain Camp....

Are you listening to Harry Reid on Cspan?

Want to see some long faces? Turn on Fox news

Gov. Napolitano tells New Hampshire breakfast: "The West is turning BLUE!"

Elad And I Are Heading Out Of The Big Tent

This just in: Shepard Smith reporting important developments...

McCain's Age is No Joke

After 232 years ..... a black man.

Convention grade...C...( he originally said B)

What if LIEBERMAN was the nominee?

Exclusive Poll: Obama leads in Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania in TIME/CNN poll

Every time I see Jimmy Carter, I feel proud to be a Democrat

Some protesters won't get peppered sprayed (thank goodness)

if obama wins this selection, will the 2012 ticket be obama/clinton?

Gov Jindal Requests Presidential Disaster Declaration, Activates Guardsmen

Is America ready for an African-American president?

Bush steps up fight over congressional authority

OK, Louisiana, this is getting MOST inconvenient to McCain's birthday and "W's" party plans

Hahahaha Those goofy "flesh-colored" microphones

Bush History,8/27-Iraq Hero Shows Bush What Honor is: Picks Truth Over Administration Lies

Reid says McCain would be dangerous president due to his temper

Louisiana declares emergency as Gustav nears

Ikes Granddaughter Backs Obama

Interesting background behind the MSNBC Broadcast right now. Behind Carter, KO & Tweety....

Keith Olbermann I love you

WHOA! Just found out where Obama got the uppity, presumptuous, Al Queada-ey Romanesque Columns Idea !

M5.7 earthquake: Iran-Iraq border

"He hit is outta the park"-BC nt

Dennis Kucinich might not believe in war, but his battlefield is for justice...

"McCain POW-POW-POWs Yet Again, This Time On Leno"

== Small: The New Cool? = By Mark Morford

Live Convention Coverage on The H.O.R.N., Day Three

DAMN ! BILL is Breakin' IT DOWN ! n/t

sigh,ltte on the same page as mine Re: Ted Kennedy..consensus of my area.

BillOPieceofcrap just told Dennis

Who's excited for the Republican National Convention?

Uh-oh!.....All this unity is breaking out in Denver......

Poll shows voters support military action in Iran

Wow! Who's the Democratic HOTTIE! We sure do have

Ok, you've got the Big Dog, Kerry, Richardson and Biden tonight - what songs will be played?

I've always noticed the subtle bias of specific news shows, but lately it's become BLATANT!

Did you all just see Teresa Kerry hugging Michelle Obama

McCains golf cart ride with GH Bush will go down in history with Dukakis' tank ride into oblivion

Karl Rove this is exaggeration... ah how damn PREDICTABLE!

Damn! Bill is kicking the Repukes in the fucking teeth.

Bill Maher is on Leno tonight, how come he never goes on the Daily Show ?

Will senator John McVeigh...errr I mean Mcain's wife do her Miss Buffalo Chip

"John McCain should finish the debate with himself"-JK n/t

I liked the way that Bill Clinton said 18,000,000 votes for Obama.

There is something disturbing that we are going to select our Presidential candidates

US and Russian warships line up in dispute over Georgia

These are stoners

Jan Schakowsky On McCain’s Women’s Rights Record: ‘He’s Not With Us’

Who introduces Barack Obama tomorrow? Al Gore maybeee???

Who introduces Barack Obama tomorrow? Al Gore maybeee???

Gustav kills 22; US Gulf Coast prepares

Is it my imagination or do 90% of the camera shots of the

Bill has all but said "PNAC"

"The party's no longer grand, it's just old"


Barack Obama's Uncle, that was so cool.

Browkaw just plays the POW card for McShame.

ACLU Asks Appeals Court To Affirm Decision Striking Down Patriot Act's "National Security Letter"..

Atlantic Monthly reader:"The heroes I knew in my youth from WW2 & Korea never said a word about it"

Kucinich "Wake Up" call ignites Democratic Convention

Tom Brokaw hs lost his ever-loving right-wing mind....talking about how

PBS is playing a very emotional Anti-War video from the DNC....

CBS is the only one replaying Bill Clinton's speech... and has nice things to say!

Bill Clinton is on stage

Are you waiting for Joe?

Listening to POTUS 08 on XM radio, after Evan Byah's speech they said, that was another speaker

DU would you respond to this

The Grand Old Party is no longer Grand....It's just old.

THAT'S why we loved the ROGUE!1 He's broken our hearts B4 but kicks Rethug-ass!1

It is 60 years since Hubert Humphery gave his civil rights speech at the Democratic convention

Cable News coverage of the convention is nothing short of shameful.

The Greatest Collection of Porn Stars Ever

OK Let's see if this is what we've been waiting for!

Pelosi just confirmed that Biden is the VP Nominee!!!

This video on the military is way too sad

I've been crying through each speech



What do you have to do to be considered a credible alleged would-be white supremacist assassin?

Here's a link to an ingenious video done to welcome the Pubs to

OK, I think we have our shit together now. n/t

The party of family values? We're seeing it..

Here comes Barack!

Hmmm.... A picture of Lou Dobbs with the caption "What issues are being ignored?" I wonder...

Biden has a mouth that don't quit

What's with the introduce - himself - to - the - American - people bullSHIT?!1

golly gee. I just got told in a thread that I live in the most totalitarian

As a single parent, I have to say it warms my heart to hear that term used over and over at the DNC!

Dammit anyway, Bill came on when I was driving home and

I really can't stand Harold Ford...Seeing him represent the Dems is really, really disgusting

Can we PLEASE end this "The Clintons" crap in the media?

For those folks really bored, I found some things to offend/piss me off today

MADDOW MADNESS......Rachel Maddow's Curious Interest In Fox News

is the MSM pissing anybody else off with the "all black all the time"

Can someone post the stream link to the convention please?

OK That REPO man bit on Colbert needs to be a commecial for the DNC

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!

Song for convention "Chain of fools?"

Duckworth: Bush 'let our warriors down'

Out with the old, IN with the new!

Obama, McCain neck and neck -- CNN/Time . . .

Calling Chuck Norris! In case you have not heard:

Hi Adminsitration . . . you have a number of links on HOME page not working ....

Pundit Scorecard

For those who care: Bill Maher is on The Tonight Show

How anarchists DNC 08 deal with rape

Letterman has his sidekick at the convention seeing how many people he can touch.

Whether they like it or not, the police do work for us. Something needs to be done.

Where is Gore?

Are there REALLY Democrats so petty about Hillary's loss that they'd vote for mccain?

Are there REALLY Democrats so petty about Hillary's loss that they'd vote for mccain?

Say A Prayer For Him Please...

OK, I think there may be something to this disappearing honeybees thing....

As a photojournalist,

Was informed one of my co-workers died today

BREAKING: Young (R-AK) winning the Corrupt Bastards Club nomination (maybe)

MacKenzie Phillips arrested at LAX for drug possession.

They Can't Get ANYTHING Right : Repukes PRAY For Rain On Obama's Speech...


Why was Cheney's Aide in Georgia Before the War?

WTF is the US Coast Guard doing in the Black Sea?

Can someone explain the "column-gate" to me?

I am trying to understand why every Delegation" AFTER"New York" got a chance to VOTE and BE HEARD...

OMG - mccain image

Frustrated, Rush Limbaugh tries to take "Operation Chaos" to a Denny's on Belvedere Road

Pushing Agendas Poll #2 ...

An article from the American Enterprise Institute that is inadvertently humorous

WAPO: "Rachel Maddow, MSNBC's Newest Left Hand"

Any women that supports Hillary and votes for McCain is a..

I've got to say it!

Abuse of the Patriot Act *please read*

I'm reading about Jim Crow laws - I can't imagine every living in a world like this

Welp what do you think, are we unified?

Gold medal gymnast, Shawn Johnson, will lead pledge of alliegiance at democratic convention

So I like to look ar FR and come over and share what they are saying.

Where's Edwards?

my 152nd ltte re:Obama/Biden and vets...please DU

Nazi link in 'plot to assassinate Obama'

If they steal the election again, what then?

Citibank settles with state, to repay millions

"Torture is wrong!! The USA does not torture! Not Now! Not EVER!!!!" ~ Senator John Kerry

My first cavity search

What Would You Do If You Had Guaranteed Health Care?

A left-wing view of Obama...

OMG...can you beleive Gustav is projected to hit N.O. on day the Resmug convention begins??

Kucinich's Speech Edited By Obama Team....



Bush's 2004 Greek Temple


Thank you Alaska Republicans for helping us gain another Democrat seat in the Senate!!!



GOP convention plan leaked…

Obama And McCain Won't Be On The Presidential Election Ballots In Texas!


Woman wearing "lesbian" shirt thrown out of government building

I couldn't care less that Clinton didn't serve in the military, did YOU serve Tom Brokejaw?

Some newspapers are cancelling AP services.

Faux News - Megyn Kelly regarding Michelle: "...bluish-green is not the color for these women."

Andrew Sullivan slices and dices McWarmonger

Photos: When Michelle Met Hillary...

Lesbian activist Del Martin dies at 87

Every man a king...

Fox is running the cameras

What happened to Richardson?

Hello Veterans, FYI

TYT: Hillary's Best Line: Were You In It For Me?

SF Chronicle bans 'progressive', will use 'far left' or 'ultra liberal' instead

What causes people to make a category like this for religious demographics?

Johnny B. Bushed

Breaking: Obama To Meet With IVAW?

MSNBC prez defends convention team

The reasons why there are still people who believe Obama is a muslim.

DAMN, did Bill tear the repukes a new ass or what!

Kerry on torture- his best speech ever

Pelosi Fatigue

McCain: Don’t Question me about Veterans or Military Issues if you Haven’t Served your Country

New Meetup: Hands on Building House Walls with Straw Bale Construction

Billboard: FOX News "We Deceive - You Believe"

Limbaugh's contract threatened?

The Denver Police Department ARE THE TERRORISTS!!!

I heard a really intriguing fact in the roll call vote today. Nebraska has a unicameral legistlature

Protesters Have Arrived Outside Pepsi Center

Why are the Dems ignoring the fastest growing "religious" demographic in the USA today?

Glenn Beck is worse than O'Lielly or Insannity & Colmes

The Possibility of US Environmental Leadership Combined With Solidarity With The World's Refugees

Joseph Edward Duncan sentenced to death

Official Meet-Up - DUer Kaiden: Obama Will Walk To Invesco From Pepsi Center

i wish i could wake up one day

I'm going to be more disciplined or die trying. So, 20 minutes of centering prayer,

Midlo did you get the new Kenny Rogers' cd?

well, a good friend of mine steve goodman wrote this song

"100 Things To Do Before You Die" Author Dies At 47

Happy Birthday to KoKo01!

I'm out of Frosted Mini-wheats. It's just well I'm going away tomorrow. nt

Is your glass half empty?

Is your ass half empty?

Just a real quick

Without looking out of my window, I could know the ways of heaven

pssst, loungers.. here's my blog posts from the DNC today

A shameless plug for my newest Youtube videos

I just saw the thing with Obama's kids. That was great.

Steve Colbert sounds like he has a cold or something...I guess I'm not the only one

Is it possible that Jill Biden or Michelle Obama are

I have decided to leave DU .....

Richard Dawkins reads his hate mail

Who's up? I'm so addicted to the convention and repeats, but going to bed soon.

News just in

I missed my 35,000th post, but I guess it's never too late to


Funny , took Ambien, then remembered the horror story

Vibes please for my SIL, Emily who has pnuemonia.

Nicollette Sheridan, Michael Bolton end engagement

Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but i'm gonna go down on you...

Abe Vigoda is still pregnant!

Who else has been to a Democratic national convention?

It's bad enough when you go into a room and can't remember why you went there.

I had a crazy dream last night!

Michael Jackson goes into studio with Robert Burns

The Shittiest Horror Movie Ever Made.

Who on earth decided that Milk Duds was a good name for a candy?

Those Hooter's girls on Leno are so precious.

This thread has twice as many recs as the OP has total posts

Great lock by Skinner

Where should I have my birthday dinner?

I am still stagnant!

I caught a little bird in my garage eysterday.

Mccain, Bush and Cheney have been MUGEN-IZED! Whoop that ass!

I am still regnant!

I Can't Stand the Rain

I like pickles

I like nickels

My mom used to call me at 5:12 p.m. on my birthday

Happy Birthday Pee Wee Herman

Dialup Internet is teh SUCK!

Kitteh bunk beds!

Toon! Earliest known picture of Michael Phelps.

What's the best cover of a classic rock song ever done?


Actual quote where I work from an email about a power outage:

For LeftyMom

I'm the king of cube-maze running with a mug of hot coffee

Love 'N Licks Puppies

How can Zappos deliver so fast? I ordered some shoes last evening

Serious question for the lounge: why are so many GROWN ADULTS

Let's say, there's a jellyfish in a mudbath

What EXACTLY happens if you Tutch the But?

I peed in the mud!

I wish Keith Olbermann would go back to SportsCenter


Chris Rock at the 2000 RNC

Who Peed On My Mud Statue

My cat is meowing in her sleep

Rapture Ready: tackling vital theological quandries since 1996

Let's say, you have athletes foot and you're in a mudbath

Any bird watchers at DU? We're onto you, you perverts.

Please Caption this photo:


So after 10 years, it's time to kick MrsCoffee to the curb

Scary Monsters - the last great Bowie album - who's with me here?

Bullshit Job Interview Questions Happy Fun Thread

I don't care about listeriosis! I'm eating my Maple Leaf top dogs!

All hail the death of compromise.

So I'm supposed to call the IT Help Desk if I have a problem with my telephone

du computer people..question for you!


NOREOS! Oh, god, someone please help me stop eating Oreos.

All this talk about the Sanchez sisters I'd like to give a DU cheer to Dirty Sanchez

All this talk about the Sanchez sisters I'd like to give a DU cheer to Dirty Sanchez

Uh-oh! turtlensue is playing hookie after a late night of partying!!

Firefox Question

You Are Alive To Me

Name something that's more stressful than a house closing

Opening line for selling Atheism door to door?

in honor of shakespeare...

College football returns tomorrow!

Fish removed from boy's penis

Share funny songs about the clergy here!

DU Diabetics Check In Here I Have A Question

Promising band with a tragic flaw...

There's a word for people who claim credit for stuff they didn't make up:

So I was cleaning the fish tank the other day when all of a sudden I had to go real bad

Is there anything you can't do with olive oil?

Parche Appreciation Thread

Tom Waits is good

Olympic Games Humor -2004 Summer

My TV has been is the shop

Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the Australian national anthem

My Bot Itches Who Wants To Tutch My Bot

Am I going to have to trademark Dead to Me?

Alan Moore fans?


Work pet peeve...

Ok, that's the oddest incentive for taking a survey...

There should be a name for a woman who dates her peers

I am in the market for a new digital camera

Led Zeppelin Enters Studio!


Uh oh...

flvegan: dead to me.

It puts the ketchup and mustard on top of the sauerkraut. It does this whenever it's told

My arms hurt.

Anyone who wasn't just watching the roll call vote MISSED OUT

Midlo Is DTM

best tearjerker songs

Springsteen and Escovedo: Always a Friend

Cubs in 1st, White Sox in 1st and no more Jay Mariotti....

What's your favorite bulk food?

Special DU Poll FOR CATS ONLY. Do you prefer dry food, canned food, mice, or birdies?

WOOHOO - Twitchy is pitching!

So, what should I do with my hair?

My daughter got a pink Nintendo DS for her berfday

Hey! Happy Birthday to me!!!

Chefs and magickal folk: if you were going to grow herbs

For teh Lounge - My latest parody

Spanking the Monkey.

Guess where TM is?

Live video from the DNC

Back for a limited engagement: William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Man arrested after sending 2 hostages on a beer run

I am ordering Steak And Lobster For KitchenWitch

dinner thread!!!!!

Man, I've done stupid things while drinking and drank WAY too much

OK - so is this gonna be the Cubs year?

My boss gave me a direction: "Be lazy." How cool is THAT?

Where can I find the exact longitude & latitude of an exact address?

Stand up to Cancer, donate a star in someone's honor for $1 or more donation.

Let's play another round of MRSCORPIO'S WHO AM I?

Let's play another round of MRSCORPIO'S WHO AM I?

PSA: I found this AMAZING website that REALLY helps you improve your memory


Am I strange because I like to travel alone?

If You Were Going To Open A Bar What Would You Name It?

How do you feel about stores collecting for charitable causes?

My doctor gave me a prescription: "Be lazy." How cool is THAT?

Am I DuStrange because I like to grovel alone?

I just got a job at a fancy day-spa!

Bill Clinton is on now.

The Big Dog's about to speak

I Think I'll Leave DU Now...

Guess the movie from the quote game.


Update on Emily, my SIL

Anybody remember M.A.S.K.?

new do......

Thomcat......your art is in the mail.....

Happy Birthday to Me!

That's it! I'm fixing a pot of coffee.

When did Chris Matthews grow an afro? n/t

Sometimes (only sometimes), the knee-jerk outrage in GDP is highly entertaining.

Shee-it! Raining so hard my Sat signal went out!

Bill O'Reilly: Melissa Etheridge = "Banjo Player"

Do the happy dance with me...

I think I'm dead to everyone.

I found out today that I'm on the "to hire" list for Norfolk Southern.

Mackenzie Phillips busted for dope possession

That guy talking to Harold Ford on MSNBC...what the hell is wrong with his crotch?

...we aint ready to have a black president


News of the weird: "51 Poisonous Snakes Found in Bite Victim's Tokyo Condo"

"Toy Story is a Meditation on the Trials of Puberty and Sexuality"

My president is black....

No matter what clique you are in...ketchup mixed with sauerkraut is NEVER cool

Forgive me for asking but what exactly is a "kick"...

Happy Birthday to Southpawkicker!

"Smilin' Bob" is gone for good...

Your morning *POP*-Nada Surf's "Whose Authority"


Found Cat

I need a HUGE hug

kick ass changes!

What can I use to fill the gaping hole that has been ripped into my chest?

Can I get some vibes??

Please keep my sister in your thoughts today

RIP Stevie Ray Vaughan October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990

My mom is trying to drive me insane.

I'm sad tonight-- a friend and neighbor was killed Monday....

MSNBC: "they were trying to take the wood to John McCain tonight"

Here I am, everyone

So is it proper to put the ketchup and mustard on top of the sauerkraut

Pizza's in the oven...w00t!

Really Young Republican

If you were a REPUB Convention Speaker, what music would you play as you come out?

Day 2 of having an ear infection, still hurts.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/27/2008)

Doctor's offices drive me crazy

OK - what is it about Bowie, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan that just works????

Can anyone do a search on google or yahoo right now?

I'm watching Grindhouse: Planet Terror. Lol.

May I have permission to wallow in my depression today?

headline of the day: naked man wreaks havoc near city park

Two-headed baby born in Bangladesh (graphic pic warning)

LBN: Blogger Arrested for Implying that Guns N' Roses is Still Relevant

Should relatives charge interest on loans (discussion at work today)?

Should relatives charge interest on loans (discussion at work today)?

Is it possible for a classic great band to lose a member and still be a great band?

Fuck it, I am calling Pizza the Hut

LIving in Houston, I was just wondering who many others here live along the Gulf Coast.

I knew I was in love with Jenny Lewis for a good reason...

If you were going to open a restaurant, what would you name it and

Pennsylvania has some of the stupidest names for cities and towns, name one:

In the process of cleaning my horrid disaster area of a bedroom...

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday August 28

Coolest bar you've drank at.

I hope everyone here is happy in their lives.

Can someone please tell me...What is a PUMA?

Flaxbee Appreciation Thread

Let's play the first round of Mr. HamdenRice's You'll never guess who the fuck I am

I think I just violated the Hairy Ball theorem

My Favorite Cock Pit

Mehr...Please send us a PM

Words you've coined (ex: a stray eyebrow is a "Rooney")

HOLY SHIT!!1!! Half of Delaware is on the stage tonight!

Need advice re: Neighbors cat

Post Here And DuStrange Will Moon You!!!!

some much needed Dylan....

How do you like your tea?

DuStrange and Turtlensue are awfully quiet today

After a clam

I just formed the DU college football pick'em league, sign up now

I just got a phone call from my principal. My student has died

The Worst Concert You've Seen

Kosmas, Feeney showdown set; Armitage moves ahead for Mica's post

Democracy advocate released after 16 years in Chinese prison, human rights group says

Dalai Lama, battling exhaustion, cancels trips

(Don) Young vs. Parnell too close to call in Alaska's GOP primary

Deal shifts (some) GM pensions to Delphi; retirees fear its default

Republican Keller barely holds off rival (FL-8)

Dr. Dre's 20-Year-Old Son Found Dead in LA

US aid ship avoids Russian troops

U.S. soldiers say they executed Iraqis

U.S. assessing possible military aid to Georgia

Delegates begin casting ballots for president

Obama, Biden to start battleground bus tour in Pa.

Exxon agrees to pay out 75 percent of Valdez damages

McCain, GOP's platform at odds

Ted Stevens Wins Primary in Alaska

Clinton frees delegates, Obama roll call next

Charge dismissed in case of dog registered to vote

Green Party sues for Ohio ballot spot

Court rules in favor of unions (won another round in their 14-year legal battle)

Live Thread: Massive street march enters downtown Denver

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 27

Ohio GOP illegally funneled $495,000 from federal account, top campaign finance official writes

2 Iraqi officials accused of aiding al-Qaida

Jerry Brown gets tough on medical pot clubs

At least 2,000 join massive antiwar street march

Mystery fever claims more lives in Kanpur

Snohomish County GOP pulls "$3 bills" smearing Obama from fair booth

Vet leaves message for Obama aide

Lesbian Activist Del Martin has died

(Bill) Clinton: 'Obama is ready to be president'

Police block off streets to protesting veterans

Cells Change Identity In Promising Breakthrough

Cambodians eat rats to beat global food crisis

Fear for weekend in gulf...Major hurricane tracks to N.O. on eve of GOP convention

DNC on Monday Draws Nearly 22.3 Mil. Viewers

Prosecutors seek to slash Abramoff prison term

US aid ship avoids Russian troops

FDIC may borrow money from Treasury: report

OSHA: Boy injured at construction site was 13 (child labor outlawed 1938)

Vets' protest may have police escort

Army Hopes Dropouts Can Fill Gaps-Opens First Prep School Aimed At Students Who Quit High School

FBI investigates hacked FEMA phones

Cheney slams "unjustified assault" on Georgia

US soldier killed in Iraq

BREAKING: Iraq vets win offer to read letter to delegates

No 'smoking gun' in Obama (Ayers) relationship

Obama's Acceptance Speech to stress change

Two detained at Anarchist Center

Lesbian activist Del Martin dies at 87

Louisiana eyes Gustav, activates Guard troops (New Orleans considering evacuation)

US, Russia anchor military ships in Georgian ports

Georgia War Shows 'Weak' Russia, U.S. Official Says

Iraq official: Baghdad to build giant Ferris wheel

Bush steps up fight over congressional authority

Families of Nepalese workers killed in Iraq sue KBR

Fed, ECB plan to take foreign collateral - paper (Fed to use Euro for lending)

Police confirm Denver officer on shoving tape

Sale of bills mocking Obama cut off at GOP fair booth

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer ropes them in at convention

McCain Selects his VP

Schwarzenegger could be no-show at GOP convention

Schwarzenegger could be no-show at GOP convention

A Racial Plot? ... Suspects discussed assassination 'because Obama is black,' documents say

A proudly American shoe company ships jobs to China

Arctic Ice At 2nd-Lowest Level On Record (Experts Say Last Year not an Anomaly)

United Airlines to cut 1,550 flight attendant jobs: report

People of faith challenge Democrats

2008 DNC: Hillary Clinton 'I support Barack Obama'

2008 DNC: Brian Schweitzer - McCain 'Has It Wrong'

Hillary Clinton: "No way, no how, no McCain"

Rachel Maddow on Hillary's DNC Speech: "She nailed it"

2008 DNC: Hillary Clinton Compares Bush-McCain

2008 DNC: Hillary Clinton - Obama-Biden 'Great Team'

Reaction to Obama VP Pick, Joe Biden

Bill Maher And Joe Biden

Schweitzer: Even if you drilled in all of McCain's backyards...

Bob Casey (D-PA). That's not a maverick, that's a sidekick. 4 more years? How about 4 more months?

Michelle Obama at EMILY's List

DNC KEYNOTE: Gov. Mark Warner, VA = full speech

ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors

The Political Party-Bill Maher

Gustav May Rival Katrina as It Advances Toward Gulf of Mexico

Your Show Dan Rather Pt. 1 (From The DNC in Denver)

Your Show Dan Rather Pt. 2 (From the DNC in Denver)

Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner - Denver, CO 8/26/08

New from the Freedom Toast! Bush's

TPMtv Talks To Harry Shearer at the DNC: advocates for New Orleans

It's 3 AM; and John McCain has to take a piss

TPMtv: Convention Day One, watch especially for Begala on Biden

Women React to Senator Clinton's Speech - Denver, CO 8/26/08

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) Speaks to the DNC

Nancy Grace - an Obama supporter and born in 1910 - talks briefly about her political experiences

Bird-Dogging Bill-O'Reilly

Protesters Stage Concert

Russia warns NATO as West fumes over Georgia

Chris Matthews still positing 'Clinton plan for Restoration' to get back to the WH

John Amato interviews Sam Seder in Denver at the Convention

SEIU at the DNC: The Employee Free Choice Act

Michelle Obama's bio intro

Journalists try to connect Obama to 60's musician Kevin Ayers

Barack Obama Official Democratic Party Nominee

McCain's Million Dollar Parking Lot

Jim Hightower: The powers that be are the big dogs, and we're the fire hydrants.

Hillary guts John McCain

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Promo

CNN blamed for using misleading war video-Russia Today

The Bigger Picture

Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Democratic National Convention

Mo Rocca asks: What can Obama give to Hillary?

Mitt Romney Trash Talks His Own Party At Democratic Convention

Howard Dean on Denver's Your Show Part 1

2008 Democratic National Convention Hillary Clinton's Introduction

Chuck Todd suggests Charlie Crist's engagement is a beard. Panel laughs.

2008 Keynote Address: Mark Warner

Joe Scar show notes that the GOP is hiding W on 1st night of RNC, Labor Day, when no one will watch

Glenn Beck's Carbon "On-set" Program

Biden praises Michelle Obama's convention speech

Susan Rice Speaks about Joe Biden on Morning Joe

Obama: 'Heartbreaking' to see vets not getting proper care

Van Jones talks to Laura Flanders about green jobs

Jimmy Carter Shows His Support

Best Political Spoken Word I've Ever Seen

Emotional Night for Clinton Supporters

Civil Rights Icon Rep. John lewis 'America Is Ready'

Mary Matalin argues for funding for New Orleans. Glenn Beck responds: 'blah blah blah'

2008 DNC: Harry Reid - Offshore Drilling Is 'Pure Baloney'

2008 DNC: Bill Clinton 'Right For The Job'

DNC 2008: Jeff Merkley of Oregon!

2008 DNC: Bill Clinton 'I Support Obama'

2008 DNC: Bill Clinton 'Diplomacy First' For Obama

Michelle Obama's Update from the DNC

2008 DNC: Harry Reid 'Obama Is Unique'

2008 DNC: Bill Clinton - McCain 'More Of Same'

Ted Koppel admonishes the MSM for failing to cover the real issues

2008 DNC: Bill Clinton - Obama 'Ready To Lead'

Senator John Kerry (D-MA)

2008 DNC: Joe Biden 'This Is Our Time'

Mccain Caught Lying(exposed on youtube) Worst Nightmare

Russia's not backing down

2008 DNC: Joe Biden - McCain 'Not Change'

2008 DNC: Joe Biden - Obama 'Right, McCain 'Wrong'

John Kerry at the DNC, part 1

2008 DNC: Joe Biden - Obama 'Gets It'

Senator McCain v. Candidate McCain


2008 DNC: Kerry - No One Can Question Obama's Patriotism

2008 DNC: Kerry - This Time We Are Going To Win

2008 DNC: Joe Biden 'I Accept Your Nomination'

Dukakis apologizes - Says the shrub is all his fault...

DNC 2008: Official Nomination of Barack Obama, Next President of the United States!

2008 DNC: Hillary Clinton Announces Barack Obama's Nomination

HILLARY CLINTON: DNC Full Speech = 26:28

Dennis Kucinich Begs Voters To 'Wake Up' (interview)

Rage Against The Machine 8/27/08 @ DNC

Chris Matthews Call's The PUMA's 'Wack Jobs'

2008 DNC: Tom Allen - Barack Obama Will Make 'Right Choices'

John Kerry at the DNC, part 2

Obama Supporters Protest McCain Visit With Lobbyists

Chris Matthews implies that McCain has Alzheimer's

Melissa Etheridge Sings "God Bless America" at the DNC 2008

Please watch this video - Biden makes some very good points about the economy, health care etc...

CNN - Barkley: 'Excited for Barack'

Thanks for the Memories: TV Ad For the GOP in St Paul next week

TYT: Cenk's Analysis of Hillary Clinton's Speech (Ana Disagrees)

Michelle Malkin Attacked at DNC;

Brokaw: Criticizing John McCain Isn't Allowed. He was a POW

TPMtv: John Kerry at DNC

Diddy Blog #12 'Gas Prices are Too High'

Police Sieze Journalists Notes About RNC Protest Plans

Jim Lobe: The Ledeen Move

The Blogger Behind the Obama Hit Job

AlterNet: Hillary Electrifies: "Nothing Less Than the Fate of Our Nation ... Hangs in the Balance"

Robert Scheer: Running for War President at Any Cost

One Line Says It All (Hillary's speech)

AT&T Thanks the Blue Dog Democrats With a Lavish Party

The Christian Right's Got a New Stealth Tactic to Smuggle Creationism into Science Class

Gene Lyons: Democrats may be learning to fight dirty

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Dem Convention -- Day 2: She Wore Gold and She Was Golden (Mary Lyon)

A noun, a verb, and POW..

Katrina victims' literacy struggles hamper recovery

U.S. Soldiers Executed Iraqis, Statements Say

Taliban Gain New Foothold in Afghan City

Where’s the Prosperity?

On Politics, Women and Generational Anxiety

Democrats in Denver Should Skip One of Their Parties & Read the American Monetary Act

The “Ic” Factor - an oldie but a goodie

Twisting the Concept of 'Elite'

Guardian UK: List of at-risk US banks increases sharply as lenders' profits shrink by 87%

Col. Ann Wright: U.S. Military Keeping Secrets About Female Soldiers’ ‘Suicides’?

Fenced Civic Center draws criticism

Why I had to recognize Georgia’s breakaway regions -Dmitry Medvedev/FT

Kucinich captures late-night spotlight in Denver bar

Protesters say police used overkill; cops say anarchists had "rocks"

The Villains of the Housing Crisis Are Denying All Responsibility

Welcome to the Terrordome - Denver's Terrorism Museum

The Money Trail: Putting on the Ritz, VIP Treatment for Big Money Democrats

Study: India outsourcing potential in pharma R&D

Study: India outsourcing potential in pharma R&D

Johnston: U.S. has outsourced its self-respect (Good Read)

Guardian UK: Economists forecast year of recession in 2009

Guardian UK: Georgia is the graveyard of America's unipolar world

Hillary Clinton: "the reasons I support Barack Obama"

The Myth of Biden v. Bork

NY Times' Friedman: A Biblical Seven Years

Motorcycle cop's McCain bumper sticker draws complaint

No water or toilets at Denver's "Freedom Cage"

Grim outlook for U.S IT spending

Georgia is the graveyard of America's unipolar world (Bush Sr.'s "New World Order" kaput)

Billboard intended to remind people that religion's not for everyone

Corps to hand over control of Anbar

UN accuses US-led troops in Afghan deaths

Minn. soldier killed in Afghanistan

Iraq veterans make noise at convention

Army investigates alleged Iraq murder pact

Ex-soldier’s indictment dispute rejected

Mechanical failure keeps troubled amphib at pier

Former Marine testifies in detainee killings

10 RI Air Guard members headed to Kuwait

Charleston airmen to deploy

Witnesses ID three in Iraq detainee deaths

Commander urges Iraqis to wear gear

Report: Vets’ concussions still largely undiagnosed

Rhino Snot helps Marines combat damaging dust in Iraq

Soldier killed in Iraq

About 100 servicemembers in Georgia

Iraqi army leaders frustrated with detainee rules

Vets Put Boots on the Ground at DNC

Legion to VA: Outsourcing is Not the Answer

Judge Upholds Iraq Rape Case Charges

100 GIs to man Patriot missile battery in Poland

Police ban all firearms in Diyala

My letter re:Obama-Biden and vets printed today...please rate and comment at site

Army speeds buying of new artillery shells

Olkiluoto 3 Faces New Inspection, Strike Threat

Nuclear waste containers likely to fail, warns 'devastating' report


Nuclear engineer found guilty of concealing Davis-Besse dangers

You're Not Fueling Anyone: Ending fossil-fuel subsidies would help climate and economy, U.N. says

The great melting spot

Oil speculators are hard at work again

Big Oil- Effective tax rates. New Math.

Volunteers Help Meet DNC Recycling Goals

Canada to sell Obama, McCain on tar sands

UN Carbon Trade "Expensive And Slow", World Bank Says - Bloomberg

Marine Science Panel Calls For Reef Protection Through CO2 Cuts - .5 Trillion Tons Absorbed By Ocean

Spanish Medical Authorities Probing Possible nv-CJD Death - Country's Fourth On Record - AFP

Proposed LNG Terminal Off Alabama Makes For Hot Debate, Politics - Press-Register

1C Increase In Nighttime Temperatures May Prompt 10% Drop In Rice Productivity - Antara News

Oil Cos Defend Drilling In Israeli Park - "It's Just Another Place In The Desert" - Arutz Sheva

Wolves Moving Into Eastern Europe - Sightings Near Berlin, Hamburg, Throughout Poland

2.5 Million Indians Marooned After Monsoon Flooding Sends River Into Old Channel - AFP

Glacial Retreat Offers Scientists Insight Into How Life Colonizes Previously Frozen Soil - NS

Protection Zones Not Helping Indian Ocean Reefs - Collapsing Anyway Thanks To Warming, Bleaching

NYT: Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Limit

17 Fishermen, Buyer, Face Trial In Sweden For Illegally Fishing Threatened Cod - AFP

Gulf Rig & Platform Evacuations To "Begin In Earnest" Today - RDS Non-essential Evac Prep Underway

Russia coal exporters told to prioritise domestic supply

600 gals. of sewage sent into Battle Creek River

The Gustav 5-day forecast is a bummer.

Arctic Ice Cover Hits 2nd-Lowest Total Ever - New Record Possible W/I Weeks, Scientists Warn - WP

New York state says Indian Point nuclear plant killing too many fish

Sen. Cornyn Wants Offshore, Arctic Drilling, Lower Taxes AND . . More Highway Funding!!!!

Joint Venture To Deploy Compressed Air Energy Storage Plants

New Report: Offshore Wind Could Power Entire U.S.

LDK Solar Reaches 1GW Wafer Production Capacity (China)

Trying to fix the problems of civilization by using alternative energy...

Anti-gays mark DNCC with downtown Denver protest; one arrested

Does extra concern for your looks make you vain ?

To everybody here who is going to Southern Decadence ...

Gay Activists Target Businesses T-shirt Gets Van Nuys Woman Kicked Out Of Federal Building

UK Gay Rights Campaigners: Plan To Exhume Cardinal Is 'Homophobic'

Michelle Obama at DNC Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council in New York

This is so sad .... Del Martin died.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Do Kill

A summer camp for political dissenters in Israel

Salafist group signs Hezbollah pact

Muslim Democrats make political impact despite negative attacks

Agency’s Head Expects Banking’s Crisis to Worsen

I need some help. Recently I read something re the wealthy receiving more benefits than the poor.

Wal-Mart wants to build a superstore on Washington's childhood home

Running Out of Money, Cities Are Debating the Privatization of Public Infrastructure

Today in labor history August 27 Truman orders the U.S. Army to seize all the nation’s railroads

Unionbusting Atty's, McGovern on Labor Day CBS Radio Discussing Employee Free Choice Act

Union leaders tackle racism on the campaign trail

Philosophical debate on next (NFL) union head

Labor and business face off at Democratic convention

Labor Gives McCain Little Credit for Work on Immigration Bill

Hillary Clinton nominated by labor legend Huerta

Merced Farm Labor Surrenders License to Labor Commissioner Days Before Revocation Hearing (1 death)

California Supreme Court Rules Shopping Malls Cannot Prohibit Union Protesters From Urging Boycott

Interrogating, Threatening, Retaliating Against Nursing Home Workers for Trying to Form a Union

Jailed Cuban punk rocker to stand trial


Are the Mets going to choke earlier this year for the Phillies?

Just got the Big Ten Network TODAY in Seattle (Comcast)

So Who's Gonna Win The College Football Title This Season...

Cattle and Deer align themselves to the Earth's magnetic field

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill..

How is Massachusetts' Health Care Reform working ?

Another poll, on effects of the profit motive on medical care

A Decline in Uninsured Is Reported for 2007 - as did the number insured by private carriers

Black raspberries slow cancer by altering hundreds of genes


Study outcome won't sway company on eye drug

Maestro, you are wanted in GDP, bird porn?

Thank you all so much - I need a hug.

interesting b&w convention photos from alan chin at--->

Photos from Denver here, he even got teargassed

Just how is "concealed-carry" defined under Colorado law?

NASA Images Show Gamma Ray Bursts Across Milky Way

Ryhiner Collection

Crazy about goat !

I just made popcorn and butter!

Summer Pasta with Chickpeas

I have a pet peeve about how recipes are presented ......

Is this image offensive?

Window Washer falls 47 stories and lives to tell the tale

Did you guys catch where Sunder admits....

I have a question for the engineers here

Is the truth movement present in Denver?

C-130 slams into ten story building and guess what?

Need help re AOL email loading problem.

The listeria contamination may pose trouble for the Tories.

Minneapolis Cops Seize Journalists' Equipment and Notes

Editorial in The Hill by Sen. John Kerry

slightly OT (still MA-Dem):great Dukakis quote on 1988+2008 elections

Middle East forum now live! Oh, Kerry already spoke, but I am sure a vid will turn up soon.

TNR has a long article about Kerry. Not bad for TNR.

I did not realize that John Kerry flew home yesterday for a very important duty.

Kerry2008 got tombstoned

Boston Globe speculates about Kerry being Secretary of State.

C-SPAN: John Kerry to speak tonight at 9:15. Who is up for a liveblog?

Prepared Remarks of Senator John Kerry

T Boone Pickens live at the blogger "Big Tent" in Denver. I am shaking with rage.

Few problems with South Florida's new voting machines

X-Post From GD: If they steal the election again, what then?

Ohio GOP illegally funneled $500,000, allegedly to Blackwell

Democratic Party Platform Would Outlaw Lever Machines

LTTE from David Newby, AFL-CIO Wisconsin President about WMC

What happened to the wheelerreport?

Will Wisconsin voters be purged?