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Jangle your keys with pride to Help Veterans!

Tucker Bounds, the McCain spokesman, sounds like a boy who's voice is changing...

Its clear that not one of the pundits have ever heard Michelle Obama speak before tonight.

Welcome home, Hide Thread.

Why does Howard Fineman still have a job?

Police investigate possible PLOT to assassinate OBAMA

McPOW's latest quote on Leno "POW, POW POW POW!!"

So Larry King hands the first half hour of his show to Republicans

The callers to C-Span

Anyone see DNC Kennedy tribute on Fox?

Saw on MSNBC crawl that Ghoulini and Mittens to be in Denver?

Videophiles - can you please post the Tom Harkin clip?

A great reminder about the 2004 Republican conventions content.

My friends, it's clear the the Obama Convention strategy has FAILED...

My friends, it's clear the the Obama Convention strategy has FAILED...

CSPAN: RNC ratbastards hosting "Happy Hour for Hillary" right now in Denver.

Fox Identifies Tom DeLay as a Democrat

McCain's hate ad's were meant to be "funny".

CSPAN replaying the night's speeches. Caroline Kennedy up now.

What the hell is going on - Even Larry King has a backbone tonight

Does anyone know where I could view Michelle's intro video??

I want a DUzy !!!

DE-Sen: Biden to Run Again

How many of these polls take Barr & Nadar into account?

I got polled tonight! Two questions: if the election were today, for whom would

Michelle Obama speech replay on CSPAN right now!!!

Tonight was awesome!

How many Ron Paul "Revolutionaries" will turn up in Mn?

Sitting Here Reflecting On This Evening I Can't Help But Think The Repugs Have A Hard Act To Follow.

I want Obama - Biden to Lead Our Country Because I Care

Funny CNN Poll

Tweety: "We're adults. We know insanity when it comes along."

John McCain answers all questions to reporters and the Nation


Savannah Guthrie

Even the Brady's endorsed Obama!


Michelle Obama: "perfect from a human perspective"

Ted Koppel fans:

Republican Convention Schedule Leaked!

Michaelle replaying NOW on MSNBC. Just starting...

South Dakota Dems enthralled with Michelle

Full video of Michelle Obama's wonderfully spectacular speech!

Michelle's speech tonight was very moving

CNN completely in the Tank for the Repukes. Larry King should be ashamed

Fuk Yu Sue Zon Malvo CNN

Why the hell is Cindy McCain going to Georgia (the country) and futhermore

Michelle emphasizes blue collar roots

Biden: McCain doesn't fully support loans for auto industry (Detroit Free Press)

Please take moment for Ted and Bobby Kennedy......40 years ago.

Silver Spoon Cindy can't compete with what we've seen tonight.

Silver Spoon Cindy can't compete with what we've seen tonight.

Pope Mobile...

What will happen when McCain tries the POW defense in a debate?

This post is not tentative, timid or couched....

Lets Make a Bump in Numbers Where it Counts

Anyone think the pug party line is predicated on McCain picking a female VP?

From the rightist rag in my original stomping grounds: McBush makes an appearance!

Hillary this morning rejected McCain's ad and said we're unified. Clip...

Can I just give a shout out to Taylor Marsh and her readers.

What an excellent start to the DNC but the next focus should be:

Now, Barack has to outdo Michelle's speech...

Can some explain this to me.

Hillary's speech to the New York Delegation...

C-span is now reprising Michelle's speach... n't


Ben Stein on Larry King Live: "To cheer for someone who's done what he did just baffles me" (VIDEO)

Marsha Blackburn, strange little blond thang from TN, "Dems passed up an opportunity"

LCV praises Obama energy plan

I still haven't received my text message

Hillary needs to hit a home run. Not just in the convention

Okay, I'm going to say something on behalf of Hillary

How many portapotties do they bring to a PUMA rally?

How many portapotties do they bring to a PUMA rally?

Barack Like Us: Michelle Obama offers up her American family.

I love the way they have set up the stage at the Convention.

Senator Leahy says Maliki realizes Obama will win...

Would this attack against McCain work?

Joe Scarborough gives tribute to Ted Kennedy

McCain Email: Strategy Memo: Obama's Convention Bounce

Ok I'll say it

Clinton, Obama agree on roll call vote

I think they need to move Rachel to the other side of the table from Pat.

Democratic Convention: Official Tuesday Schedule

Convention watching suggestions

What is this....and why do some of the threads have this?

Dupe (sorry)


Will Larry King Live give equal time during the Republican Convention?

McSame - "Look, I Spent 5 1/2 Years In A Cell" in response to "How many homes do you have?" (LENO)

Is Al Gore Speaking?

Hillary fans, Hill Haters, are being played like fiddles.

The Obamas, The Bidens Do Joint Interview with PEOPLE

I'm excited! I can't *wait* until the Democratic convention starts!!!

Who should be the Democratics on Larry King during the Repug Convention?

Damn it Carville, STFU!!!!!

Halperin gives Michelle's A.

Aren't they lovely?

CSPAN good this a.m.

Mathews is going off about the south

CNN's at it again...

CNN's at it again...

Great radio coverage on

i think that if we all do our best to get him elected

Andrew Sullivan Reports a Reader Reaction to Michelle Obama's Speech:

has anyone done the new zogby poll?

Will Cindy McCain be introduced by her sister next week?

my mother sent me an email this morning that said.....

hey, frenchiecat, thanks for the phone #'s

Pathetic Hillary whinner guest on C-SPAN now...(colo delegate - Awilda Marquez)

See that little button right there? The one that`s stamped OFF?

PUMA = Phase II of Operation Chaos

Treatment of Cong. Jim Leach's speech captured the problem with the Media

Help! Can a DU expert on taxes help me out with this article?

Is it just me or does the POW thingy have zero to do with the question of housing for Americans?

Wanting to be at the convention, struggling- but hoping too.

What a moment!

Sweet Caroline

I'm going to be curled up in a tiny little ball crying on September 1

So what liberal 527 is going to run a peice on McCain's affair and ties to God-caused-Katrina Hagee? Angry PUMAs On The Prowl In Denver

Ya know, I think McNuts is actually getting BAD advise from his new

Did anyone else get the feeling tonite, while watching Michelle,

Our sign has already been stolen.

What poll was Luke Russert talking about on MSNBC?

Tennessee's Clinton delegates may be legally bound to vote for her

The Turning Worm: The Overplayed POW-Card

E-mail the Sinclair Broadcast Group about the illegal "America Issues Project" ad, here:

"If I may be so bold, sir..."

"If I may be so bold, sir..."

Rove Blasts Michelle Obama’s Patriotism: ‘I Don’t Think She Did Well On Saying I Love America’

Springsteen, Bon Jovi to perform at DNC

Hope, change, experience to get it done vs. revenge and a desperate need for the status quo.

Dems seeking to wrap up the New Jersey vote? . . .

Last chance to grab an "in-your-face" Obama sticker...

if you live in a blue state....

Psst, guys. The GOP is just trying to create division with all of these Hillary ads...


What Hillary needs to say tomorrow night.

Democrats Win First Night (updated to include today's line-up)

Hillary's job tonight: Punch, slap, jab McCain!!!

Jake Tapper: "Angry Democrats Distracted DNC Attendees in Denver" - MSM %^&*

The Official Ted Kennedy Appreciation Thread

With gas prices trickling down, do you think the drilling issue is running out of steam?

I wonder what the religious right thinks of John McCain's gambling addiction.

Will the Obama campaign have a presence at the RNC?

I have been watching...

Watch The Shuster/Scaroborough Smackdown!!! LINK!!!

Words I am getting REALLY tired of hearing on the mainstream corporate media

McCain is such a dick!

rapper "yankee daddy" endorses Mclame

CNN Contributor Hilary Rosen: Michelle hits it out of the park

CNN Contributor Hilary Rosen: Michelle hits it out of the park

Ben Smith On Politico: Michelle could hardly have done better in the biggest speech of her career

How come the Denver threat to Obama wasn't "credible?" What would it

How Hillary can REALLY help tomorrow night:

Sanchez has a right to vote for anyone she chooses.

McCain Camp says they are not behind Obama/Ayers ad - but continue to attack Obama for connection

Some Daddy Yankee reaction from a Hispanic writer

Rachael made a great point tonight. I felt included.

We need to bring out Keating 5 and remind the voters what it cost us.

Wanna feel good? Look at the pix on the NYT online front page:

Did anyone else feel really angry towards right wing talk radio when they watched Michelle tonight?

Three major troubling issues for me re: Biden

I hate to rain on everybody's parade, but did everybody notice the *TERRORIST* "Hi Daddy" last night

Full Text of Senator Kennedy's Speech.

Quinnipiac poll: Obama Leads In Ohio And Pennsylvania, McCain Leads In Florida

The Clintons bite the Dem party; anyone surprised?

Crackpot ideas for $100...

"I will not vote for Obama because he Stuttered last night"

Note to self. We have surpassed silly season

Is it me, or is Luke Russert a little full of himself?

Canwest: Daily Show heads for Democratic Convention

Were those plastic keys anywhere to be seen last night?

So McLame may announce his running mate Thursday (per Huffington)

next (rw) MSM talking point. Obama might get assassinated

The best way to get to Sinclair Broadcasting is to make a list of



Cindy McCain's speech outline

Our discourse is so stupid.

you want a response to the people who only 'know what they hear' from the msm?:

QUICK VOTE on CNN.COM - How did Michelle Obama do?

So, Tonight Is Hillary's Big Chance To Attack McCain & Bu$h...

I challenge both candidates to 15 townhalls after the convention.... 3/day for 5 days STRAIGHT

You'll like this

KC Star: Obama watches from KC as wife addresses delegates (O was very nervous-awwwww-more details)

****HEADS UP Joe Biden & Michelle Obama economic forum in Denver, Colorado

Get back Loretta!

Quinnipiac: Pennsylvania, Obama 49 - McCain 42 + Leading in Ohio, Obama 44 - McCain 43

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Kansas City, Missouri****

What will McCain do if Cat 3-5 Gustav hits NOLA during the RNC convention?

Screw the conventions.

DNC will be a bipartisan unity kumbaya. RNC will be a divisive hate-fest. Which will win?

Thursday Convention Speakers Announced

"HOPE" vs. "NOPE" ??

Dahlia Lithwick on Michelle Obama: "So that's what brave looks like"

Tweety asks: "what's this Crappola

Chuck Todd just played the Ayers ad un the guise of "discussing" it

WP: Obama Signaled Early That He Was Unlikely To Choose Ex-Rival

Great resource to debunk Ayers "issue" and the funny part is why...

Moderate Repubs Exit the GOP, One by One


Who the hell is Lady de Rothschild?

Watching Kennedy last night, I could not help but to think...

Florida delegation gets super seats, lousy hotel rooms....not much griping.

Florida delegation gets super seats, lousy hotel rooms....not much griping.

McCain on abortion

Critique my slogan, please...

Did the GOP pick the right Candidate? Is McGigalo FIT??? Can he win?


Are there an inordinate number of

McCainiacs party with the PUMAs

McCainiacs party with the PUMAs

Rednecks For Obama Hit Denver

What can we expect when Barack Obama is President?

McDouche shouldn't even be a Senator. Period.

Freepers on the radio in my city were talking about how hot Michelle looked "in her dress" last nigh

Dick Wadhams: "Just consider this the Ministry of Truth"

McCain is barely ahead in the state where he has the most houses

McCaskill: McCain's Emphasis on POW is Demeaning to this Campaign

5 Steps To Win!

5 Steps To Win!

Did anyone catch Leno last night? McInsain was on.

Gallup Daily: Race Tied as Democratic Convention Starts

Seems Hurricane Gustav is going to make landfall just as the Repubican Convention starts

Are there any big newspapers that were glowing about Michelle Obama today?

Mark Penn is writing Bill's speech?

[Analysis]: "Strawman" McCain or attacking the POW card

Writing Right Wing Analysis of Democratic Convention Speeches in FOUR EASY STEPS!

Do you know where your delegates are seated at the convention?

Do you know where your delegates are seated at the convention?

The haters will hate, but Clinton will make a great speech tonight.

CNN interactive electoral college map of US

Interesting discussion on Thom Hartmann's show regarding Convention coverage.

McCain: "Now I missed a few years of the Cold War, as the guest of one of our adversaries"

Cindy McCain Travels To Republic Of Georgia To Exploit Wounded Soldiers

Hillary's political future is tied to her speech tonight- and you

Positive versus negative.

Mother Nature will be giving America a rude reminder of Republican ineptitude...


I feel like I am being assaulted by John McCain

Hillary should call out those PUMA's in her speech

dreams of obama

EMILY's List poll shows Obama up 12 with women

Party's left pushes for a seat at the table

Obama Speaks the Truth: "3% of the oil reserves, but use 25% of the oil"


Warner's keynote speech to carry a bipartisan tone even if rabid Democrats don't like it

I just heard on Thom Hartmann that Fox is supplying most of the video feed for the Convention

Hey ... let's get someone to make a ringtone ...

All she needs to say.

As jaded as I am, even I thought Michelle did a good job tonight. She was charming and the kids

Observing DU from work all night on my laptop, I must say this...

Anyone have any idea how much Luke Russert is getting paid for his Convention coverage? I was

Michelle Obama's speech - isn't it sad the most important part was..

McCain. A Man Like Bush.

"If you're worrying, you're not working."


Jangling Keys Watch Day 2

Has this been debunked? Obama in Berlin

Has this been debunked? Obama in Berlin

TV ratings for the Big Three networks' DNC coverage

Jon Stewart Lectures Reporters For Lazy Coverage

I'm A Little Tired Of All These Divisive Posts Here (And The M$M Reporting As Well)...

Pins saying, "Ask me how many houses I own" will be worn at our Convention

Here is the dirty truth: Dem Convention OWNED by big-ticket CO Republicans

The reason for McCain's ad blitz this week....

"Three Democratic clans mix uneasily"

sorry, but...

Thanks Debra Bartoshevich...or Defense of McCain backfires?

McCain aide, of Clinton supporters: "if we get them we win, if we don't we lose."

This is just my opinion and my prediction- I think that Hillary

Let's hope no one watches Mark Warner's keynote capitulation address tonight

Are you happy with the choice of Mark Warner as the keynote speaker?

I have 8 keys on my key ring

Filmmakers ask anti-Obama admaker to 'cease and desist'

Sorry, but...

Gallup today McCain 46 Obama 44

Gallup Daily at moves into 2 point lead 46-44

Gallup Daily at moves into 2 point lead 46-44

The DEMs are giving away EAR WAX REMOVER the Convention

The juicy story that a ratings hungry m$m should be salivating for.

The juicy story that a ratings hungry m$m should be salivating for.

When did this "key jangling" nonsense start, anyway?

is anybody besides me annoyed that the only commentators cnn, etc, seem to be talking

How do we remove the Hillary wedge that the pukes want to slam in?

Anyone know where I can find a list of 2008 campaign donors by state?


Hillary Clinton MAde Choices During the Primaries

Who's causing the most disruption at DU?

Who's causing the most disruption at DU?

You know what I liked about Michelle last night?

McCain Lashes Out At Obama's Kids SATIRE

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Tears and Bookends (Mary Lyon)

Diageo/Hotline National Poll: Obama 44, McCain 40

McMansions is resurrecting the 3am ad

I CAN'T WAIT for Rachel Maddow's new show!!!

Obama or Stay Home? Voters Disgusted w/ McSame Weigh Obama or Nothing

Obama will be just fine--if some will just STFU ...!

Anyone using the virtual phone bank?


Without proper context, we cannot evaluate Bill Clinton's comment

Guess Not

Obama Moves Past McCain on Leadership—49-44, 18 Point Switch!!!

Obama's Challenge: To Be a Transformative President

Will Republicans continue to stoke the Hillary vs. Obama supporter

The horserace that the media is trying to portray - Obama = thoroughbred, McCain = old nag

Mika now complaing about Obama supporters and their emails.

Is there a chance that Obama could lose the popular vote but win the Electoral College?

self delete ... see Elad's thread about Michelle Obama

self delete ... see Elad's thread about Michelle Obama

self delete ... see Elad's thread about Michelle Obama

Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain...


"The future started yesterday, and we're already late."

Slideshow Of Obama's Security Detail. Plus General Description How Secret Service Moves

I will NOT pay money to retire Clinton's debt and Loretta Sanchez Can go to Hell.

USA Today runs Ayers piece: "Obama dogged by links to 1960s radical"

Video: Howard Dean on PBS very complimentary of Hillary. Transcript as well.


Congressman Sanchez is an idiot.

Hillary has no choice.

Election Markets

Late Night Thoughts with HBO in the Background...

My neighbor [you'll enjoy this]

Have you all seen this?

Obama plot was not credible threat, police say

Emotional Joe Biden Speaks To Delaware Delegates From Lynnesin's Porch

Obama does Rope-a-dope, hits McCain one time, polls respond in Obamas favor

Would it be funny if SOMEONE here, pretended to be PUMA, was able to make it on the news and Say...

Again, the national polls do not spell doom

Bill Clinton eats French Fries off other people's plates

Be a "concern troll" to your Repub relatives and friends.

McCain's worst nightmare?

FAVORITE PHOTOS : MICHELLE OBAMA with MALIA and SASHA at the 2008 Democratic National Convention

Obama now up by 3 in Zogby poll

OMG - Lunatic alert: "Man reacts negatively to Michelle Obama speech; SWAT team called"

Some Things to Ponder via the Polls

You know what we need? Another superb Nance Greggs thread...

The GOP's 2008 nominee is...Eldon Smith?

Blue Dog Democrats at AT&T's "thank you for letting us spy on America" party

Define "Rovian."

Whose bright idea was it to let Fox News run the camera feed?

Stop falling for the "Look what Bill did!" BS... there's no "there" there.

I want to see a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN MCCAIN" ad on Friday.

LOL!!! I caught this "news" on UPI... "Kennedy, Michelle backfire on Obama"...

Youtube's Barack Roll surpasses 2 million views!

If McSame becomes president(fat chance) but if he some how does...

Another suggestion about trolling that doesn't violate DU Rules:

Showing the world why she makes him better

We need a "Let it Sink" campaign for all these intentionally disruptive threads

McCain's Ambien Use: a Security Threat?

All of this talk about a Hurricane and McCain should be a major concern (politically and otherwise)

Hurricane Gustav headed for New Orleans during the GOP Convention

Hurricane Gustav headed for New Orleans during the GOP Convention

a few things have really warmed me to Obama since the primaries ended...

"You look cute tonight."

NYPost: Hillary called Michelle this morning - appreciated Michelle's DNC speech

Howard Dean's 2004 Convention Speech

McCain blowing smoke up Veterans of Foreign Wars' ass: about how he will support Vets as Prez.

President Obama's energy plan would create green gold rush

Tell me: are we beginning to see "Signs of hope"?

How this entire week is devote to Obama

Why would McCain want to announce the VEEP on his b-day

Question: Does a sitting President usually attend and speak at

I was a POW

Webb and Fiengold are on MSNBC together right now

Major FAA computer problems, I hope everyone who needs to be Denver have already landed. Why does my

Fox News: “Michele Obama’s speech was full of liberal ideas.”

That's it....I'm sick of these republicans.

Gallup Daily (8/26): McCain up 46-44

Why is poll data constantly posted here when most here believe

Wanna see confusion of something Mccain shoulda known??

Obama's VP text message reached 2.9 million people, Nielsen reports

Charles Barkley kicking ass on CNN right now

Romney: Trophy husband McCain earned his homes; Obama didn't

The love fest for McBush is getting out of hand

Let's REC this VIDEO to the top: Michelle Obama at 2008 DNC entire speech

Stalking the Shadows: Not looking for Superman, just someone stronger than me

Obama up 12 points with women

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Huge protest sign to be taken down

Ed Randell just kicked some conservative butt on MSNBC right now!

Obama asks Justice Dept. to prosecute swiftboater Simmons

Mike Mansfield played big role early in career of Biden

Disgruntled Hillary Clinton "Supporter" on Faux right now..

FOX Does Pool Coverage of Democratic Convention

Kristol sez Moldy Joe Lie-berman should be Grampy's VP

Must-Read from Salon: ISN'T SHE LOVELY?

In praise of the suddenly-famous Girardeau family

The local campaign appears to have a grassroots bent. Who's responsible for that?

Hearing Michelle Obama's speech was amazing

Why do the Republicans have all the scumbuckets?

BREAKING NEWS: CNN Beats CBS and ABC in 10pmET Hour

Latest Email from John McCain:

Huffington Post: Democrats bicker over how hard to hit McCain.

Did any of the morning shows play the clip of Obama's daughter

Great speech by Ted Sorenson, but....

Cooper Anderson is a dolt talking about the "Hillary Supporters"

If McPOW and assorted cohorts steal ANOTHER election, I'm leaving the country...

9/11 truthers behind Tweety

9/11 truthers behind Tweety

was that general honore presenting arms?

BIDEN!! - Russia's Medvedev now talking "Cold War"

Bill Clinton's Convention Speech to Be on Five-Second Delay

What Obama's up against (why we're not up by 30+, or whatever):

Clinton Speaks To Supporters:

US Snooze: Romney down, Pawlenty up because of McHouse flap

US Snooze: Romney down, Pawlenty up because of McHouse flap

Where did my post go?

Democratic Convention, Tuesday, August 26, 2008 Official Schedule

The brilliant Ted Sorensen is on now

Joe and Shuster are fighting right now on MSNBC.

If McCain is the Answer.....

difference between " objective analysis" and RW partisanship...

MESSAGE To All Democratic Senators

Notice that any Republican speaking for Obama will not get the media attention Ed Koch and

THATS IT!!!!!!!

Okay, one gripe with the DNC's site...

We will NEVER win by acting like Republicans and here is the big WHY.

I can't believe the Repubs will be stupid enough to........

So what was the latest biopsy report from McPain's sample??

Unity thread!

Linda Sanchez, Sis of Loretta, i.e., the Good Sister is on C-Span Now.....speaking at the convention

James Carville on CNN last night whining

Are conventioners patronizing Budweiser products?

I'd love to be a 'fly on the wall' at the Alabama delegation.

PUMAs behind racist "movie"

Biggest Laugh of the Campaign. You won't believe this one...

When McCain picks HIS VP I bet his numbers will fall

Even WND disputes Corsi's phony Obama birth certificate claim

President McCain.

From Dkos--let's mess up a Swiftboater's agenda today.

Tampa Man Freaks Out Over Michelle's Speech

I don't understand how you can rationally not like Obama

LIVE NOW: Michelle, Hillary, Pelosi Speak in Denver (VIDEO LINK)

What an obnoxious ahole - the guy with the bullhorn behind the Hardball set right now.

Stabenow: "we intend to have Mitt Romney for lunch as well"

New national poll: by 55-28 percent dems approve of Biden selection (by 3-1 think Biden helps)

McCain: pro-choice or pro-life? Can the pro-life faction trust him?

Attack ad producers complain of Obama 'campaign of intimidation'

Does anyone know what the protesters are yelling right now behind the Hardball set?

Daughter Of Rich GOPer Funding Ayers Ad Is An Obama Supporter

DO Freepers post negative articles and what progressives say about their candidate 24/7?

Why is Romney at the Dem convention?

2 Missing From the Convention -- and Not Welcome: "If Lieberman showed his face...."

Just Got Polled By Rasmussen: A Lot Of Bill Clinton Questions

I'm OFFENDED by the reaction to Michelle's speech, let me tell you why

Anne Richards' daughter is speaking at the convention

Heads up: DK will be on stage in 30 minutes.

Update: Dennis Kucinich speaking now. NT

Last night I said Teddy was da man - tonight it's DENNIS!!

John McCain sent me an emergency letter

Daughter Of Rich GOPer Funding Ayers Ad Is An Obama Supporter

The GOP Holy Grail - Taking Down Clinton and Obama - The Two Best Democrats

Dear President Putin, From John McCain

Sorry, this was meant to be a reply.

Before you bash Mark Warner....

M. Obama, H. Clinton team up to ridicule nemesis Limbaugh!

Haven't we all been Prisoners of W for the last 8 years?

NPR from Denver this morning: Voters who think the CAUCUSES WERE STOLEN...

I was a POW

Poll: Obama easily beats McCain among voters on how they are presenting self as potential president

"Clinton still won't tell her backers how to vote, but she will vote for Obama"

Michelle Obama For President

As you play with the freepers, remember to report new smears

there are more repubs on this forum posing as Obama supporters sowing discord...


Bubba strikes AGAIN!!!. Unreal

Standing O for Barbara Boxer!! The crowd loves her!!

Standing O for Barbara Boxer!! The crowd loves her!!

Standing O for Barbara Boxer!! The crowd loves her!!

Standing O for Barbara Boxer!! The crowd loves her!!

Barbara Boxer is the next speaker and the DNC- C-Span or other on line choices

Ed Schultz says Obama needs to get more of his surrogates/staff on the floor for interviews

AP just declared Michelle to be Irish. Seriously!

Watching the convention on CSPAN, I flipped over to CNN a few times and they are not

Landreiu NAILS AWOL Bush and FEME on Katrina response!!

In 2 days we will sing:: The Irish National Anthem:AMHRAN NA BHFIANN

Rendell Up. Fingers crossed.

Anyone else see that tshirt behind david gregory?

Did Clinton *really* undercut Obama? Or, the media gins up a controversy.

What did McHouses say? That has Morning Joe all tsk-tsking?

Thank you David Plouffe: "NATIONAL POLLS DON'T MATTER"

Michelle Obama made me cry.

no official convention thread tonite?

Hillary Clinton speaks at convention. The press concocts a story

MSNBC: Hillary will "vouch for Barack Obama"

Is there a counter to this RW smear of Obama?

I liked Michelle's speech, but...

If someone says they are going to vote McCain and claim

Rendell NAILING AWOL Bush and McCain on their allegiance to Big Oil

Obama speaks in KC today - video

Here is a revolutionary idea, given that if any of the legs of the coalition

David Axlerod: Hillary speech is great, polls are BS, race will be close

Anyone listening to Loretta sanchez on PBS?

Those Obama kids are remarkable.

Cantwell is LOVED by this crowd!

Oh geezus, it's Governor Flip Flop of DIEBOLD Pennsylvania.

No Matter What Hillary Says Tonight...

Arguably the best reason to vote for Obama over McCain.

Lisa Caputo puts Tweety in his place

Anybody going to be at the convention tomorrow (Wed)?

Whose SHOTS at McCain would get the most MSM cycles?

Rendell and the Clintons

My President is on!!

AP: Dems, networks struggle over convention coverage

McCain "said he was 'stumped' when asked whether contraceptives help stop the spread of H.I.V."

I'm sure all the networks are playing up AFL-CIO prez John Sweeney's speech

John McCain could be our worst (and last) nightmare

Let me tell you matter how many lies McSame tells now...

I think HIllary's objective should be poke John McCain until he becomes unhinged

Obama Bin Biden (can you believe this shit?!)

Obama Bin Biden (can you believe this shit?!)

CARL JEFFERS: Whose Job Is It Anyway? Clinton or Obama

If you're watching the polls, best to stick with the averages

New Poll: North Carolina still a toss-up

Can I just say I love KO

After seeing Michelle Obama speak last night, I've had an epiphany of sorts... her nickanme!!!

Chris Matthews just asked why no one at the Dem convention

Swiftboating 2.0 -- the Venn Diagram

John McCondo's Anger Problem

so let me get this right.....

Larry King's "opposition hour" convention format is unfair for one reason...

I'd like to give Rahm a thumpin'

I just heard on Rachel Maddow that McCain voted against the Violence Against Women Act

Fox News streamed the broadcast to all networks

Gallup Poll Update: Axelrod says Fuck Gallup!

Why I Can't Stand James Carville

The man up right now - John Chang - is defying Ahhhhnold's directive to pay minimum wage..

OK! NO MORE PLAYING NICE. Everytime I get a Repuke negative email about Obama, I send this response:

OK! NO MORE PLAYING NICE. Everytime I get a Repuke negative email about Obama, I send this response:

An attempt to clarify a post of mine from last night (re: "The Huxtables").

There is something wrong with the Sound system at this convention

I'm voting for the guy who's gonna get us OUT of this mess!

Are they going to interview any Obama delegates/supporters tonight?

***REMINDER****Best DNC coverage on C-SPAN - n/t

The panormic photo!!11!!!

The panormic photo!!11!!!

CNN: Cuts Out From Rendell Attacking McCain To Interview Rudy Giulani? Just Bulls*&t

Giuliani is awesome

First Read: Emotional Biden addresses state delegation

"Nutty as a Fruitcake: A Glimpse into the Madness of an Obama Hater".

You know, if Obama doesn't win, those two adorable little girls

Nice Hair, Tweety!


PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives in Billings, Montana

Rep. Kucinich up at DNC podium now!

Egads! I've been drafted!

Egads! I've been drafted!

You know, I am a big Linux supporter and user...

You know, I am a big Linux supporter and user...

Oh no... "we'll have no more of the CON they've been SERVING"

WOW- this girl speaking is terrific

OMG, I just realized that Chuck Todd is...

The P.O.W. Card

Steny Hoyer up now, actually giving a pretty good speech...

I was an Edwards Supporter... When he dropped out, I gravitated to HRC...

Biden's Memoirs Suddenly Becomes A Best-seller

Please do not post what MSNBC said. Many of us don't give a shit, unless its positive!

Could I love Rachel Maddow any more?

If you're at the Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama: Totally amazing or completely fantastic?

Link for watching Cspan please?


PHOTOS: MICHELLE OBAMA today with JOE and JILL BIDEN at an economic roundtable

Will anyone have the stomach to watch the Nuremberg Rally next week?

I liked/loved Michelle Obama and Ted Kennedy's speeches, BUT WHERE'S THE BEEF?

Mark Warner - a weak, self-defeating keynote speaker

I missed Kucinich???

What good is experience if you have poor judgement?

"People on television DON'T WIN RACES!"

Obama inspires blacks to action (Omaha)

I have to say it...

My Hero Howard Dean on MSNBC

My Hero Howard Dean on MSNBC


"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" McCain said at a GOP fund-raiser in Washington.

Rasmussen, 8/26: Obama 44%, McCain 44% (with leaners, Obama 46%, McCain 46%)

Rasmussen, 8/26: Obama 44%, McCain 44% (with leaners, Obama 46%, McCain 46%)

Challenge: Can you stay away from DU for 24 hours?

Where are these ads?

Eugene Robinson: Fretting All the Way to the White House

The Gloves Are Off: UPDATE McCain's "huge anger problem"!

Harold Simmons - billionaire backer of swiftboat and Ayers ads - serial campaign law violator?

Unless you are planning to vote for McCain...

Unless you are planning to vote for McCain...

Whiny PUMA interviewed on MSNBC coverage

Whiny PUMA interviewed on MSNBC coverage

We have an amazing talent here on DU: Time Travelers

This has nothing to do with the present situation, according to Bill Clinton. Do you agree?

I guess they couldn't find another "youth correspondent" other than Luke Russert?


Fuck it...I'm not watching the Convention anymore...

Ew, this sucks.

Please do not post what Fox said. Most of us don't give a shit!

Carville has new sneakers on, and they're not Pumas this time

PUMA fanboy in Ky. delegation still trashing Dems to media

BRACKING: Obamuhmuseyeu is going two loose!!@114312

Janet Napolitano on now!

I adore the MSNBC live crowd!

Oh crap. Pat is on with Rachel again. Good lord. How long can this type of brutality continue

A "registered Muslim?" Where, pray tell, are Muslims supposed to register, anyway?

Labor seizes the moment, unites to elect Obama

Bush v. Gore in 2000- Energy Proposals - Does McCain's Proposals Sound Familiar?

Bush v. Gore in 2000- Energy Proposals - Does McCain's Proposals Sound Familiar?

This is sad, but true...


If there are really 3 million PUMA then why don't they donate $10 each and pay off her debt???

Audience up 20% for Democratic convention


"There's no place like a home or a home or a home or a home"

Mittens: "McCain Earned His Homes, Obama Didn't"

Mittens: "McCain Earned His Homes, Obama Didn't"

Howard Dean "McCain is a Disaster"

There is a division in the gop, Ron Paul still has a lot of supporters and they'll be at the RNC

Did Tweety and KO just have a brief tiff?

This woman is terrible too

McCain Campaign Fabricates "Citizens for McCain"

McCain Campaign Fabricates "Citizens for McCain"

Yes! After a succession of boring Democrats, finally, a boring Republican!

Nydia Velasquez D-NY

Judge tells Harriet Miers: start squawkin'!!!

New York Times Tuesday evening: "Some Clinton Fund-Raisers Are Still Simmering"


A beautiful (snif) reaction to Michelle's speech from a man

I really love the regular people sharing their stories


Convention night 1 - A short review and some photos for you all

What the hell was THAT?!?!

What the hell was THAT?!?!

The speech I would love to hear someone dynamic give....


Sooo, who are the folks in the crowd with the bright orange vests?

Anybody watching MSNBC just see Tweety get huffy w Keith's comment?

Bob Casey!

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, Aug 26 – Obama 300, McCain 238 – Projecting Black and Latino Voters

"That's not a maverick...that's a sidekick!"

Bob Casey is doing pretty darn well!

4 more months!


Fox News trying to sabotage Convention?

Gov. Granholm D-MI

Casey did a good job

"That's not a meverick! That's a SIDEKICK!"


My theory about what is going on with MSNBC

Suck on this, Serpent-Head --- "Dems rip into McCain at Obama's convention" (AP Headline)

"that's not a maverick, that's a sidekick"

"that's not a maverick, that's a sidekick"

"that's not a maverick, that's a sidekick"

"that's not a maverick, that's a sidekick"

"that's not a maverick, that's a sidekick" best line of the night!

AP: Networks ignoring major DNC speakers

AP: Networks ignoring major DNC speakers

Republican Mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska endorsing Obama on C-Span convention!

"That's not a maverick, that's a sidekick."

Four more months!

Wow, I Just Saw an Ad for John Kerry Featuring AL GORE!

"That's not a MAVERICK, that's a SIDEKICK!" Casey

As a Pennsylvanian, I never thought of Casey as a red-meat deliverer....

Did Tweety just call Bush a clown who rules our country?

I just talked to the delegate I voted for at the convention and he said he was

Anyone see any keys yet? Day 2

LMAO Tweety getting pissed with Keith. MSNBC is bizarro. All their anchors hate each other.

LMAO Tweety getting pissed with Keith. MSNBC is bizarro. All their anchors hate each other.

******OFFICIAL DNC THREAD #1********

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

Or a clown rules your country...

Kathleen Why!!!!

** What to do with the SEIU's key rings! **

Casey (SORRY CORRECTED just called McCone Dumbya's sidekick

Tweety Mathews looks like he just got roughed up

DNC '08 schedule of speakers for Tuesday, August 26 2008: Renewing America's Promise

Let's talk about the pit band at the convention.

"A clown rules your country." I'm loving Tweety!

That, my friends, is why we have "regular" people speaking at the DNC.

Is this Peggy Hill?

Does anyone else think Lilly Ledbetter looks & sounds like a Carol Burnett character?

Please do not post what CNN said. We don't give a shit unless its positive!

For all of those complaining about the boring speeches, you gotta remember

Good Year has lost my business forever

Oh lord...give them VA and get the cane

Aaargh! I just lost my live feed on Dish Network - I turned to PBS and it is off also.

I love Bob Casey

Delegates Sure as Hell CANT Dance

I Love The Keebler Elf

Words and phrases missing from the Democratic Convention (that really need to be there)

The Gov of Kansas is a Dem?

The Gov of Kansas is a Dem?

"Let's go borrow money from China, so we can buy oil from countries that don't like us."

Alright so what will everyone be doing next week?

Alright so what will everyone be doing next week?

What's with the

Double Your Donation - Double Your Fun!


Hell just froze over

Hell just froze over

Now I Understand Why These Criminals Control the Media So Easily...

Barack should really start talking about women's issues more often on the campaign trail

DELETE - SORRY (Error on the DB again)

Deval Patrick is going to be speaking after Warner...

Can you believe this was Obama just four years ago?

Can you believe this was Obama just four years ago?

Let me be the first to predict Mark Warner will someday be President of the USA

So I decided to take a scenic route to Carl's (a local pizza joint that wife loves - North Denver)

So I decided to take a scenic route to Carl's (a local pizza joint that wife loves - North Denver)

Self Delete


The PBS convention coverage is FAR superior to even MSNBC.....

Did McCain Lean on FCC Commissioner on Iseman's Behalf?

See, this is the problem...

I've been watching Romney and Rudy G. BLASTING Obama AT THE DEM CONVENTION. WTF?

Michelle Obama in HD on PBS

So.... What's the over/under?

Consultant who quit McCain campaign to help Cindy McCain with her speech

I REFUSE TO WATCH MSNBC or CNN for the remainder of the convention.... PBS HD FOR ME!!!!


*********----+++ MARK WARNER SPEECH THREAD +++----*********

What's wrong with Warner?

Michelle Obama interview on PBS now

Media Wanted Blood, and they're getting it from Strickland. Except for One Problem....

Bob Casey Always seems high as kite to me

Deval Patrick up now

Warner's hitting it

Michelle Obama on PBS NOW

Michelle Obama on PBS NOW

How can they do Warner and Strickland back to back?

"An Administration that believes in science!"

Ted Strickland...first Ohio Dem Gov in 16 years

Pics of Hillary plotting at The Walk-through !!!

Shame on the administrators of DU!

Am I The Only One Else Who's Noticed...

Here is tonight's schedule

Rachel Looks Great Tonight.

Hillary Clintons Walk-Through Revealing

"Obama is 44" tells us the name of the lady on Hardball yesterday


Nice job, Chris, putting Keith in his place!

I hope this works. Live feed of convention...

What the hell

Woo hoo Michelle on PBS right now

Buchanan or bad, bad opera? I can't tell the difference.

patrick finally starts in on mccain

Dunno if this is against the rules, but just WARNING

Day 2 and I love this meme...

Is there anyone pegged to give a real good anti-Bush speech?

Is there anyone pegged to give a real good anti-Bush speech?

WOW! Thank goodness for all the new DUers who let me know how uninspiring these speakers are

Strickland just said

FYI for those with Sirius Satellite Radio. They have a 24-hour convention channel.

FYI for those with Sirius Satellite Radio. They have a 24-hour convention channel.

Warner makes the best case yet for Barack Obama

I was going to take some Nyquil...but hearing Warner talk is so much better.

Rachel is on NBC +network+ right now.

MAN! I love this Governor Patrick. LOVE HIM. He inspires me.


Um, why is Mittens actually AT the DNC (CBS interview)???

Kerry at the convention last night

Deval Patrick shoulda given the keynote

Deval Patrick shoulda given the keynote

Tim Kaine is impressing the hell out of me right now on CNN.

Deval Patrick is ripping into John McCain now on PBS!


Just having Rachel there makes me feel better

The crowd didn't even wait for Gov. Schweitzer to finish his question.

Tweety is def. having sugar level issues tonight

You're watching Virigina turn blue as we speak

The concern trolls are rolling tonight....

*********----+++ DEVAL PATRICK SPEECH THREAD +++----*********

How Much Of Bump Will McCain Get From Big Media's GOP Talkingpoint Fest With The DNC As A Backdrop?

Maybe Dennis Kucinich should have been the Keynote ... WAKE UP, AMERICA!

I absolutly knew, when she said that, it would come back on the Democratic Party in November.

This was supposed to be about "Hope, Change, and John McCain's Houses."

We're doomed.

McGeezer funds Viagra and not birth control...WTF???

I think Hillary is going to surprise all of us!!! I think she will kick ass!

Is it just me, or are all of the speakers tonight HORRIBLE?

Anyone else remember Yvonne Brathwaite Burke?

Seeing the convention in High-Definition rocks.... WOW!


Jesus must love Barack Obama

Rachael Maddow is on Fire tonight

Rachael Maddow is on Fire tonight

Michelle Obama just said there won't be read meat in the speeches.

Stand Up!

Big Brian should have done the Keynote

Goooood Morning, DNC!

Goooood Morning, DNC!

CNN: Bill Clinton will skip Obama's speech

PIcture This:

I just got home from work and saw GALLUP Oh Fuck !!!

Why couldn't Schweitzer have given the keynote address?

The smile on Bill's face says it all...

Ladies and Gents - Your Keynote Speaker -

I love that Montana red meat!


I'm loving this Scheweitzer dude. I wish he had been the Key Note speaker.

Who is Bill Clinton Sitting With?

MT man Brian Schweitzer on deck...woot!

Hillary misled her supporters into thinking the race was even.

Anyone mention the "A" word yet?

Anyone mention the "A" word yet?

Montana governor does it RIGHT! Now that's a speech!

CBS commentators suck /nt

Schweitzer's up

Schweitzer is bringing the thunder


People are usually good at doing what they love.

My husband and I just donated $235 to Obama through DU

Warner was okay, but Gov. Schweitzer should have given keynote address

That "ugly kid" that Limpballs

Here's to "hide thread. " nt

great tunes in hillarys video

Well, Schweitzer's got my vote in 2016.

I am not even going to bother voting...we're dooomed I tell ya...

I hope Hillary takes the baton Gov Schweitzer and bring it home!


Waiting and Watching!

That "Ugly kid" Limpballs used to refer to

"Hillary's husband"

Montana, enjoy Schweitzer while you can, 'cause um, we're taking him.

I gotta get some bolo ties

Ok Hillary knock it out of the park tonight!!

Gov. Schweitzer is kickin ass! That guy is GREAT!!!

Yes! Hillary is going to talk about torture and Gitmo tonight!

I'm no Hillary person

I'm sorry folks that was some thick Clinton cheese right there.


We are on the same team! - go Hillary!

While you were watching some assholes on cable news, I was...

WHat a woman!! Hillary is awesome!!!

Hillary's video sucked...

Hillary's video sucked...


You call that a keynote?

Big Dawg just said "that's a good speach" after Brian left the stage.


Chelsea looks really good as a blonde. She should stick with it.

MSNBC has Hillary on 7 second delay or something (not satire!)

Good start.. a proud supporter of Barack Obama

"No way, No how, No McCain!

Looks like Chelsea has turned into a fine young lady.

Big Head Todd and the Monsters...

No Way - No How - NO MCCAIN!!!

"no way, no how, no McCain" -- Hillary Clinton

"no way, no how, no McCain" -- Hillary Clinton

Good start, Hillary, good start

Good to see Howard Fineman's record of being completely full of shit is intact


Would there be PUMAs if Hillary was beaten by another WOMAN-one who "came out of nowhere"?

"No way, no how, NO MCCAIN!"

Hillary Has To End It All Tonight


"My sisterhood of traveling pantsuits"

I'll bet she does us right.

Brian Schweitzer is the man!

What's with this Hillary Video

These are Puma's aren't they? (on Carville's feet)

This Ain't No 1968, Baby, This Is A New Millenium

Why were you in this campaign?

Gov. Schweitzer of Montana is friggin' adorable!

Gov. Schweitzer of Montana is friggin' adorable!

I feel hope rising dramatically.

Oh good lord.

Hot DAMN....Hillary is telling her supporters to check themselves..

"Petrodictators will never own American wind and sunshine."


Hillary's Remarks -- “Barack Obama is My Candidate. And He Must Be Our President" (TRANSCRIPT)

Is Bill blushing???? nt

Okay, she's bringing it. Hats off to you Senator Clinton.

Ten seconds in and Hillary delivers.

I'm telling you - Hillary's hitting it all - all cyclinders are on fire...

"McCain...No Way"

Hillary. Flawless

Hillary's Best Speech Ever

If all you can comment on is what Hillary's wearing then, yes, you are a sexist.

Now that Hillary has expressed her support for Barack in front of the whole words

I'm thinking of donating to pay off Hillary's campaign debts tonight.


And next week we can watch the repugs splinter in front of our eyes

Did we ever find out the motive of the creep that shot Bill Gwatney?



"Not a Hillary Fan, but"

UNITY...its what the MSM can't handle, but its the truth. nt

In all seriousness, where can I find some video of these awesome speeches?

Pizza count; I know of a zombie that just got served. nt

Which M$M will be the first to have a "Clinton4McCain" clown on?

Bill Clinton crying

She's kicking ass!

Go go's live stream, click on the bottom "alternate view", and watch Bill's face ...

Who's the black guy Clinton is sitting with?

It's official.. RIP PUMA

Why are people so angry tonight?

***Those Obama girls were SOOOO cute!!! Come on, How Cute Were They???***

"We don't need four more years of the last eight years."

Hillary is doing a great job

Prediction: The whole Dem's aren't attacking enough is a set up of the media by the Democrats

Look at Bill. He's so proud of Hillary.

How will the m$m spin it against the Democrats? She's kicking ASS! nt

I love this woman.

Next week George Bush and John McCain

Dear M$M, take THAT shit and shove it down your throats. May you choke in peace, Amen! eom.

hillary video: totally self absorbed, look at me, 18 million cracks... blah blah blah...

Here's Mark Warner.

McCain and Bush in the Twin Cities!!

Best. Speech. Ever.

Ted Kennedy Gave Convention Speech with KIDNEY STONES

Simply said: GoHillary! Superb speech! Come in and say GoHillary now!

She just stapled McCain's ass to Bush... AWESOME

She just stapled McCain's ass to Bush... AWESOME

She just stapled McCain's ass to Bush... AWESOME

'Bush & McCain in "Twin Cities" because they are so hard to tell apart' best line

Is she the only speaker tonight to mention GLBT rights?

Accepting Nominations for a new Majority Leader in the Senate:

I'm sitting here applauding in my hotel room.

Seriously ... you have to go to's live feed; click on alternate views. Michelle, Bill, Joe


take that all u non god lovers lol nt

Friggin Awesome!!!!!! Keep Going - Elect Obama!!!!!


Simply.. Best... Hillary... Speech.... E V E R....

Simply.. Best... Hillary... Speech.... E V E R....

Don't believe the hype. Bill Clinton joins in chant for "BARACK OBAMA!"

KO: "Grand slam...Outta the ballpark...Across the street..."

So what are the PUMAS saying?

Hill-ary! Hill-ary!

Hillary Nailed it!!! IF YOU DON'T THINK SO GET OUT OF DU!!!

Great stuff from John Cole at Balloon Juice.

Whew - I need a smoke and I quit 30 years ago!

Olberman's very first comment was

Well done Hillary. Well done.

Eat shit PUMA's!!!!!

"Just Keep Going!" (The Harriet Tubman part was great.)

To all the whiners who wanted some ass-kicking ...

To all the whiners who wanted some ass-kicking ...

Ya done good Hillary!

That was just what we needed tonight n/t

That was just what we needed tonight n/t

this is equal to Barack's 2004 Convention Speech


Anybody here dissing Hillary's speech needs to sign onto the freeper boards


I'd like to thank all the DUers who are stepping up and defending Sen. Clinton tonight.

Hot damn. Hillary is a real Democrat isn't she.

All the pundits trying to exaggerate divisions in the party

She nailed it in the first sentence. Props to Obama immediately! Calling for unity!

I hope that put to rest the tension that has been eating away at us.

That was the speech of Hillary's life!


Sorry, but Hillary's speech tonight isn't good.

Hillary's speech will give Obama a good bounce.

Put a fork in him.

Okay: Hillary just did everything she needed to.

Hillary's going to do a GREAT job tonight!

I have never really liked Hillary before tonight...

Hillary Clinton's speech blew...

Woo Hoo she gave Michelle a Shout out, now she has me in tears

Well, time for Main Stream Media to say Hillary wasn't good enough.

Thank You, Sen. Hillary Clinton!!!

Holy shit, she just knocked it out of the park: "What were you in it for?"

Big props to Hillary for the amazing speech, for doing the right thing,

Great Hillary line, "Twin Cities"

Why I love me some Democrats!!!

My prayer for Hillary Clinton -

That was one sensible shoe square in McCondo's shriveled nutsack!!!!

Thank you Hillary!!

I think Tweety will just explode one day

Post speech assessments - PBS - Shields, fulfilled everything. read on -

Environmentalists are sad tonight... another species became extinct....

So what are the PUMAS saying?

Thank you made us all proud to be Democrats tonight with your awesome unifying speech

Thank you, Hillary!!

Hilary: Better In Cabinet Than VP

Hillary Clinton's speech tonight was the worst thing

Oh my God I love that woman.

So what if your life does not have the American Dream theme?

Hillary has given the best speech thus far of the convention

Hillary has given the best speech thus far of the convention

Howard Fineman was wrong about Hillary's speech, really wrong. Suck it Howard.

Thank you, Hillary!

Thank you, Hillary!

Hillary Knocked My Head Off Tonight

I think Barack might want to think about giving up now

2 nights...2 women...2 walk-off home runs

Was anyone else impressed with Casey's speech?

its now official

John Mcsame is crying right now

All right. Time to go to work and make a fortune selling a new bumpersticker.

Richardson's Beard! Nice!

MY...GOD....that was a fucking awesome speech!

Matthews is reaffirming my respect for him as a journalist.

Good Bye Pumas

Oh man, I feel so ashamed now.

I missed it...

I missed it...

Fantastic speech Hillary!

KO just read a report that Hill will be at the BO speech Thursday

Richardson just told Big Dog it's time to go all out for Obama

I can't believe Hillary's Mom is almost 90

Absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! Thank You Hillary!!!

Gee, What Is CNN Going To Do Now?

That's how us Montanans roll

How long until the speech is on youtube?


Fox News Analysis: This is gross be warned

If anyone gets a clip of Schweitzer, can you please post it here?

Hillary just won me back!

Class. Class and Style

Class. Class and Style

Many of you thought of me as a Hillary hater........

Many of you thought of me as a Hillary hater........

That was the best rallying speech since Bluto's in Animal House!

An ORANGE pantsuit.

Fears of a schism in the Democratic party--

No Way, No How, No McCain. Line of the convention so far

No way. No how. NO MCCAIN!

Gawd... my dad just flipped to Faux for a second


Fears of a schism in the Democratic party--


I am crying right now - Hillary made me proud I'm a democrat. Thank you!!

Ayers Ad Funder Ripped Off His Own Daughters

MSNBC: Dee train! Dee train!

McCain won't be just like Bush. He will be WORSE. We need to pivot this argument.

A Shout Out to Chelsea Clinton: A Truly Class Act....

She came through, she's killing it, crushing it...

That is one bright orange pant suit

Fears of a schism in the Democratic party--

Hillary knocked it right out of the park... FOR THE TEAM!

Hillary knocked it right out of the park... FOR THE TEAM!

Okay... This is beginning to sound like a campaign speech.

Andrea Mitchell just made an ass of herself, "why are you not supporting Barack"

For those who missed Hillary's speech, a transcript.

When Will the Roll Call Happen?

Remembering Barbara Jordan

Is it true that that bald-headed freak, Carville, is wearing PUMA sneakers!? nt

Cue it up,,,here we go... Andrea Mitchell's got the wet blanket ready to put out the fire!

My thoughts on HIllary's speech

Stephen Colbert has laryngitis tonight??

That Twin Cities line


LOL...Hillary supporter dumps Andrea Mitchell on her ass

That Twin Cities line was FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! Go Hillary!

OK..OK..I'll send ten dollars to Hillary now!

Oooh.....CNN found a Black PUMA.....she may not vote.

The talking points have been faxed and texted out

No Way! No How! No McCain! Bumper Sticker...

ABC has transcript of Hillary's Speech Up

I can't wait to here Bill tomorrow tonight.

Filmmakers ask anti-Obama ad maker to 'cease and desist'

THE TEST for Hillary: Can she cut-down McCain the way she did Obama

Oil Can McCain's Hillary Strategy Is Now Up In Flames

Clinton says election isn't about her anymore

I think Hilary Clinton secured

Hillary's speech sucked

I think some of us just had a catharsis

Hillary persuaded the PUMA!!!!

Look at what we have to look forward to the next two nights

Hillary just exposed any remaining "PUMAs" for what they really are....

India Arie ~ Heart of the Matter

They sure come out of the woodwork don't they?

OMG! John Oliver takes on the PUMA gang on THE DAILY SHOW

Forget PUMA... let's go crush the NIKE

Rendell gives his speech...and then...

Hillary capped off a triple play night...

Someone, please tell me....

Surely there must be a troll forum somewhere.

THIS is just one reason why I supported her -- she's terrific

Larry King, "Republicans that might benefit from the bitterness that's apparent still out there"

Rightwing Media. Because You'll Fall for Anything.

James Carville (CNN): If you're a Republican, you had a really bad night tonight..."


Suzanne Malveaux just had to interview a delegate that won't vote for Obama!

Party is not united.... funny to watch the media types as the meme is dead

Between Casey' "Sidekick line" and "four more months

"No Way, No How, NO McCAIN!" -- Thank you Hillary!

Great.... CNN found the one PUMA on the floor who won't let go

So McCain - What's your new Hillary ad going to be tomorrow?

Swung on. Belted out of the park! She delivered. (psst. I mean Hillary)

As many here know, I generally have distaste for the Clintons...but tonight I am happy to be wrong.

Idiot Debra doesn't even know what McCain stands for!

Any Hillary supporter who is not moved by THAT speech should be left behind!

Man, where the hell was this Hillary back in January?

Is it really necessary for them to play Disco Inferno?

Pat Buchanan needs to STFU! He doesn't even have the fakers in the crowd anymore

NO WAY, NO HOW, NO MCCAIN should be our BATTLE CRY from here on out.

What are Your Republican Convention Plans?

Steve Scully on CSPAN said Democrats will be in St. Paul

Hillary, you DID IT

If Hillary can unite DU behind her she will certainly be able to unite her true supporters

Steph is a media slime whore

This Obama Supporter Loves Hillary!!!

Voting for McCain would be an absolute INSULT to Hillary Clinton.

Is it wrong that I think Chelsea was kind of looking fine tonight?


Hillary to her supporters: Were you in it for me or for the people?

OK The Harriet Tubman quote is BRILLIANT

Excellent letter I just received from regarding McCone's Alzheimer's test:

Budowsky: To those who say party unity my ass, I say, kiss mine.

Tom Brokaw already spouted the Repub talking points about

Jangling Keys Watch Day 1

No MORE Maintsream Media for me!!!

"Obama Speech Stage Resembles Ancient Greek Temple"

Hillary just won me back!

Schweitzer is channeling Jackie Gleason...

Check out what the chicks are saying at Hillary's site

I want that T-shirt, Was watching convention coverage and saw a t-shirt in

Thank you, Hillary! Hate.... leaving body... Healing... beginning....


MSNBC...McAuliffe biggest celebrity on the convention floor.

Notice she didn't say a "PROUD WIFE"

=========== HILLARY SPEECH THREAD ===========

Gallup Daily Tracker: is this for real?

Was that good enough????

Predictions for tonight....

Obama calls both Clintons to praise speech

Why are the MSNBC hosts getting so pissy at each other?

O staffers offer standing o to HRC

WTF? "Keep going" was addressed to HRC supporters?!?!?!


Just wait until tomorrow night. Biden's gonna let it rip.

Call C-SPAN Right FUCKING NOW!!!!!!11!!!

To all the naysayers: A nice big cup of STFU, courtesy Sen. Clinton.

Hillary is going to be...

She broke my windshield. And I LOVED it. nt

Cspan callers are Teh scary. "Women shouldn't be paid the same as men"

no one wants to hear this but...

Pat Buchanon is getting trounced

Billings, Montana????? Why not Tampa, Orlando, Cleveland, Dayton, . . .??!?!?!?!?!?

Tweety, HRC, and DNC---Review of sorts

We better see some vicious attacks tonight.

Lets look ahead to 2016 for a moment. Who is on your ticket?

Can we please have unity NOW? And thank you - and God bless you - Senator Clinton!

Thank you, Hillary. Thank you.


She woulda been a great President!

Fox News' Barnes: Hillary didn't ONCE say Obama was qualified to be Commander in Chief

McCain tells Jay Leno "I know how to put Americans in houses and keep them in their homes"

I was wrong, God damn it.

Something's in the Air Tonight......

Obama supporters' reaction to Hillary's speech:

WOW check out this last request in an obituary

Keynote Address: A real snoozer. Warner wastes valuable time

Anybody notice how the posters who are still saying negative things about Hillary

FYI That gal, Cristi Adkins, who is claiming Obama is a registered Muslim

I hate Hillary. You all know it. She can do no right in my eyes....

Riding the DNC bus in Denver with Hillary's delegates

Did you see Bill repeating, "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you" as

Bill Clinton AGAIN undermines Obama. They want McCain to win.

Was Bill mouthing "I love you? nt

Hillary Clinton will one day be President.

So called Clinton supporter, who told Matthews to

Sauteeing Gently in the Big Tent...

"If McCain's the answer, then the question must be ridiculous!"

I'm in The Big Tent.

Schweitzer, the real keynote speaker.

Hillary after the first ten seconds: I, me, me, I, me, I, me, me.

"If John McCain Is The Answer, Then The Question Must Be Ridiculous."

DEAR "18 MILLION" Clinton Voters, Please send Hillary a dollar so she can retire her Debt

Anybody Old Enough To Remember The Name Of A California Politician That Was Trying To Look Like...

Day 2: Greatest Hits!

How should McCain be painted / labeled?

WAKE UP AMERICA! - Dennis Kucinich!

This online poll needs some DU love

Loretta Sanchez: Obama has to call me on the phone to get my endorsement

I am sending $10 to Hillary tonight! Flame away if you must. But she deserves our donations!

Idea for Fundraiser(s): Birthday Parties for John McCain

McCain's own Swift-Boat Nightmare About to Hit the MSM. Former GOP Congressmen and POWs ATTACK.

Spike Lee's T-shirt was hysterical

I must confess. I'm a PUMA....

Let's talk about where McCain's POW experience legitimately matters.

CNN continues right wing bias and finds the ONLY PUMA in the room. She is clearly acting

Somewhere, in one of his many houses, John McCain is hiding under the covers tonight...

Naomi Klein on Obama

That troll fuck Asher Heimmerman called C-SPAN

Was Hilary's speech TOO good?

Friends, save your sanity and your TV. Convention is on C-SPAN. Background provided here by DUers,

Between Hillary Clinton and his wife, Obama has quite an act to follow on Thursday...

The MSM idiots get it wrong again: Warner's speech isn't about bi-partisanship

Give Hillary a Thumbs Up on the CNN poll (on frontpage)

A very telling picture, worth far more than a thousand words.

I apologize Hillary

Shit, is Brian Schweitzer ALWAYS this good??

WATCH C-SPAN. NO commentators. Uninterrupted coverage of the convention.

Staunch Obama supporter wants to oust Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee because she supported Hillary Clinton

Hillary gave a wonderful speech.

There's your meat, Bitches!

Okay, I'm gonna come out and say it...


Are We Experiencing DeJa Vu With Campaign Advisors?

What's up with the fucking train on MSNBC

Why is everyone here watching the convention on CNN...

Why This Race Is Close (No, Really)

My letter to MSNBC on switching to C-SPAN

A Republican Friend from Alabama just texted me

NOT jangling keys is WHY WE LOSE.

McCain's Man, Scheunemann, Lobbied AGAINST Bill to Keep Guns From TERRORISTS

This damn place needs to lay off Hillary tonight if she gets it 70% right!!!

So remind me again... is this the Democratic or Republican convention?

Brian Schweitzer: Proof that pro-gun Democrats are needed in our party

I have no responsibility to pay off Clinton's debt! WTF Loretta Sanchez!

Republican Convention Schedule Leaked!

The streets of downtown Denver are definitely rowdier today

If Hillary Was The Nominee Would Casey Have Said He Disagrees With Her.....

I am sad that Stephanie Tubbs-Jones wasn't able to hear Hillary's speech tonight

MSNBC: Fineman just said Hillary would not attack McCain. Speech will be about her historic run.

Does anybody know where Sen Bob Casey stands on gay rights?

No Way, No how, NO McClowns!!!!

Ed Rendell compares Obama to Adlai Stevenson; says "he is not the easiest guy to identify with"

Gallup: Hillary’s Stock Still High Among Democrats (this is why Clinton-bashing here needs to stop)

Guys...... Obama's people are smart

Zogby Electoral Collage Poll Including 3rd Party Candidates, Obama 260, McCain 173

After today, I think Obama may have made a mistake in not selecting Hillary as VP

After today, I think Obama may have made a mistake in not selecting Hillary as VP

An interesting pic of Carville from last night:

Wanna Good Laugh? Get Ready CSpan Caller Time

Schweitzer takes swipe at Hugo Chavez, "Petro dictators"

Democrats call out Networks over convention coverage

Democrats call out Networks over convention coverage

Democrats call out Networks over convention coverage

Joe Scarborough is having a childish meltdown directed toward David Shuster, he is losing it

God help me, I know what Obama's official theme song HAS to be, and I hate the damn song.

A killer Hurricane to hit America during the Republican Convention

Hillary did a headfake and sucker punched the corporate media with her speech

I thought the tribute to Ted Kennedy was very classy

Off to bed -- LOCAL politics doesn't take a Holiday on Convention week...

Sen. John McCain, 2004 Republican National Convention

Anyone agree> After Hillary speaks she should ask the girls if she can join Obama's extended family

Fool on the Hill (from our own symbolman)

I would like to invite everyone to TURN OFF the MSM- C-Span or PBS Only

McCain Strategy Director: :"On Thursday, Obama will give a great speech."


Some interesting tactics to use when being shined on by corporate jerks

Michelle's speech being replayed on MSNBC now

Michelle Obama's story, as told tonight

A cute video for John McGigolo

Michelle, Malia, and Sasha

Politico - Michelle Rocked it!

NY Mag: Big article on Joe Lieberman's "Vengeance"

Political pundit phrases you could live the rest of your life without hearing???

Obama Assassination plot fears as armed men arrested

please ignore - duplicate

Will the Clintons ever go away?

Last night I was told how no racist piece of trash would try this, and how they are misunderstood

He makes sure Obama is fed and dressed well

Pakistan's Post-Musharraf Ruling Coalition Splits

Thai Protesters Break Into Prime Minister's Office

I officially declare the drought is over!!

Huurican Gustav will be making news next week

Reaction to financial difference between Biden and McMillions

Britain’s Thatcher Has Dementia

Feel like having a good vomit?

TMW - The latest stupid campaign season distraction that we in the media keep talking about!

This is the best account of Michelle Obama's speech I've come across...

Why the media wants McSame (one reason of many)

Why the media wants McSame (one reason of many)

Ah, Morning Joe and Shuster are going AT IT this morning!

i loved the speech by the head of naral last night

The media is now analyzing Michelle Obama's speech word by word..


Dmitry Medvedev signs degree recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent.

Democratic Underground Obama 08 Fundraising is not even half way met

how long do you think it will take for the rw shillsters

Anna Arena is a natural.

Joe Biden's pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record (Attn: tech geeks)

HAH! Gotta love living in my state.

Convention Coverage - Rate the Networks!

Minneapolis Star Tribune is against the Veterans (for Peace).

Tortured Prisoners of War

C-SPIN Joins In On The Hillary/Obama Crap

Awright, MSNBC, ya gotta do something about this Scarborough guy ......

Jon Stewart: FNC's Fair & Balanced Claim an Insult "To People With Brains"

Ah, the Brits and their bullshit detectors......

Muddled thoughts re: Convention protests

"Hey You Kids,...

CNN did not televise Pelosi

Why are wankers like Alex Jones and Michelle Malkin showing up in Denver?

CIndy MCCain " Winston Churchill told me to bring peace to Georgia"

Let's begin the election predictions (even though it;'s still two months away)

Linux Not Supported For Democratic Convention Video

Day 2 in Denver... update and pictures! (beware the bird porn supporters!)

Citizens Question Police Strong-Arm Tactics

Is the Pentagon propaganda scandal linked to the outing of Valerie Plame?

What does mccain's POW background have to do with the issues today? /nt

Fine. Bail Out GM, Ford etc. But . . .

Police Battons Code Pink Protester to the Ground - Video link

Police Battons Code Pink Protester to the Ground - Video link

Holy crap. Big Brother has volunteers...

At least 35 killed in suicide attack in Diyala province

NATO-Russian naval confrontation on tap in Black Sea?

“A Story of Two Mikes” a caution against jumping to conclusions before facts are known.

What's the Best Way to Serve Your Country?

Is War With Russia on the Agenda? Calamity in the Name of Hegemony

NY Times: As Food Costs Rise, So Do School Lunch Prices

FT: US to suspend "civil nuclear co-operation agreement " with Russia.

Politico - Michelle Obama rocked it!

P.O.W: Prisoner Of W--mccain captured & brainwashed by lobbyists & billionaire oil men!

Vancouver; Canada's answer to compton

Am I off base here?

Anyone watching MSNBC? - Who is this woman talking to Abrams? nt

Freeper prayer. God hates the DNC. Pathetic RW rant in the guise of worship

Home prices drop by a record amount

Social Security Solid. Ignore the Latest Scare Tactics

Democrats want leaders to lead as the people see fit

I've Written a Book I'd Like You to Read ...a note from Michael Moore

Oil Rises More Than $2 as Hurricane Threatens Gulf of Mexico

DU this Poll--FReeps have been at it!

New Census numbers: 37.3 million living in poverty; 45.7 million uninsured.»


Do you want our troops to come home now, or 5 to 10 years from now?

C-SPAN running Michelle's speech now.

Former Portland Trail Blazers center Kevin Duckworth has died.

Syria and Iran: an Alliance of Convenience

FDR 1932: "Unless I mistake its temper-the country demands bold-persistent experimentation"

I'm not sure if this was asked and answered but...

Irony alert!

Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller ....

Columbian Bank and Trust of Kansas Closed by U.S. Regulators

Hundreds of Workers Held in Immigration Raid

ACLU Says Police Have More Surveillance Documents

Greenland pissed cause US military won't clean up it's toxic mess

My LTTE on the Edwards/McCain double standard for affairs gets printed

Rumor... Recreate 68 is being funded by the DNC...

Take a moment and check out where Gustav is and where he may be going

Congressman Fattah Wants Answers on FBI's Failure to Stem Mortgage Crisis

New "95 L" bears watching too.

So, if the right wing brand of Supply Side economics hasn't worked in 28 years . . .

The Dream Of The Blue Turtles.

And there were some moments of high drama too.

U.N. Blames U.S. in Afghan Deaths

Ted Stevens Challenges Efforts to Strengthen the Case Against Him

"Luke Russert"

How much rebuilding is too much? Let's say you have a coastal city,

Wikileaks: Jihad fantasies of Obama, Dick Morris and Kenya

Wikileaks: Jihad fantasies of Obama, Dick Morris and Kenya

"My son lived a worthwhile life"

Holy shit! US to build huge airport near Iraq-Iran border!

PPP NC Senate Poll: Hagan (D) 42(+2), Dole (R) 39(-10)

Media Matters: Fox Noise &*^# , Megyn Kelly, lies about Michelle Obama

A DU tribute to Hillary with a K and R

That Debbie gal who did the ad for McCreep... I can't find any

read in Bloomberg that the price of oil going up because of storm

Who better to send to a war torn place that's in a hugh pickle?

NYT-Maliki signing oil deals with China and Russia

DU this Poll-How do you rate Michelle Obama's convention speech?

Oops, dupe.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters

I'd like to call attention to the huge silence about this time every 4 years concerning gays...

... Sasha — the hammier sister — blew her dad a kiss, he signed off for the night.

Michelle Obama - No Magic, Really??

They dismiss Sasha Obama as just "cute and hammy" at their peril.

These McGrumpies are really strange

Thank you Al Gore!

Veteran Republican Rep Shreds GOP at Dem Convention; Media Yawns

Federal authorities schedule press conference for Tuesday about Obama assassination attempt.

Cheney dispatched to Georgia, Ukraine, and Italy to address areas of "mutual concern"

Batton down the hatches NOLA

I.O.U.S.A. Movie Trailer

So what about this Keating five?

Baghdad Burning

Obama is older than JFK, or Teddy Roosevelt or Bill Clinton when they first became President.

"Any American can become President" reinforces the "national delusion...popular democracy exists"

There will be nothing uplifting about the Republican Convention

Cindy McCain Travels To Republic Of Georgia To Exploit Wounded Soldiers


After White House Pressure, Agency Scales Back Whales Protection Rule

So what are the odds that Morning Joe will have a substitute host tomorrow?

So what are the odds that Morning Joe will have a substitute host tomorrow?

The U.S.? Violating a deal? Hard to believe. - Today’s Headlines 8/26/08

Hurricane Preparedness

Picked up the brand new Michael Moore book today

The number of uninsured dropped? How did that happen?

I want a Michelle v Cindy debate!

I just checked

FEMA Has Paid Nearly $3 Billion In Hotel Bills And Rent For The Victims Of Katrina, Rita

More secretive than a Dick Cheney energy meeting - AT&T Blue Dog Party

If you need a little grounding after the fun of last evening - listen to Democracy Now.

Fox host: Madonna 'Dixie-chicked herself' with McCain attack

Hey, you assholes on the right....

Idaho Hallmark owner refuses to sell gay marriage/civil union cards....Fundie bigots rejoice!

GM receives Gulf Arab interest in Hummer

Marine Corps recruiter accused of sex with minor

Did you know that John McCain spent 5 and 1/2 years in a prison cell?

Requesting positive vibrations :-)

Breaking: World to end Thursday MLB to begin instant replay

FBI: Phone record seizure was miscommunication

The Blithering Media Idiot Award:

New Low- CNN uses one quote and Kos web postings to bash Elizabeth Edwards

There's hope for freepers! (freep stands up for Michelle Obama)

Wow! Hurricane Gustav has erased the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

NC-Sen: Hagan Takes the Lead in New Poll

Have Democrats given up talking about ENDING bush's wars?

Looks like once again, McCain will be trumped by a hurricane

republican convention schedule

"Evolution Is Still A Dirty Word "...Are Darrow and Bryan running for President? Is Scopes here?

GOP to Counter Dem Convention With New Strategy: It's the Obama, Stupid (satire)

Anyone catch this stupefyingly dumb caller on C-SPAN last night?

We're losing a liberal radio talk host this week

Considering that the filthy Bastard is still in Office, why aren't we blocking recess appointments?

A question about timing.

Who is this Alex Jones guy?

Possible assassination thwarted in Denver...

Possible assassination thwarted in Denver...

Randi Called the Corporate Media" Bottom Feeders"

FBI on Phone Records Seizure: It Was All Just a Miscommunication

Alaska Primary Today Could Change Democratic Chances for House Seat

This is the one line I'll most remember....

When will in the Democratic party start...

Can you accuse people of living in their parents' basement without calling them out?

does anybody have a link to just how many, if any, former POW's are now homeless?

Why trust big oil about drilling lowering prices when they paid scientists to lie on global warming?

" Heard Any Good 'John McCain's Got a Lot of Houses' Jokes?"

Will Cindy McCain be bringing her hair to Georgia?

Right-wing radio host goes after NUN!

So no planes can land or take off?

Carville and Begala can go eff themselves. I can't believe I actually used to like these idiots..

FAA having 'air show'.

March 18 trial date set for church shooter; bond remains $1 million

Cops: No evidence of Obama assassination plot

Help me compile a recent list of right-wing terrorists.

Transcript of Michelle's speech last night

Hurricane Gustav Could Become a Giant (looking at Cat 4/5)

Iranian Manipulation of John McCain

Tonight's Convention Schedule

I think it will be beneficial for Obama to be down in the polls a few weeks

Sudan Plane Hijacked

Sudan Plane Hijacked

We must never forget the way Republicans ruined Theresa Heinz Kerry'

Could we please stop with the threads about Gustav landing during the GOP convention?

diaper dave vitter campaigning for Mary Landrieu's opponent

Thom Hartmann is asking for your thoughts on the pool coverage

Pelosi says polls shortchange Obama

Live Convention Coverage On The H.O.R.N. Continues!

US 6th Fleet Flag Ship to Black Sea, along with a LA Class Submarine.

Don Siegelman is on with Randi Rhodes right now

We're all POWs now.

Did Sen. Ted Stevens rat out Dick Cheney? Oooophs!

Michelle spoke eloquently at our Convention, will Cindy McCain speak for the Republicans?

Gustav and the GOP Convention

Is it time to enact legislation to establish a one-child policy for Americans?

New Orleans repeating deadly levee mistakes

HU: Republicans Putting The "Labor" Back Into Labor Day

So I donated to Cindy Sheehan

Fox News Controls The Cameras At The Convention!

Why the Next Four Years Won't be Pretty...

For 8 long yrs, we've ALL been a POW!

$279,000 for a new condo in San Francisco ... 250 (yes, 250) square feet

Whose convention is this anyway?

Poll: Candidates Wives Speak Out

Terry McAuliffe to NY1

Which TV family did you relate to growing up?

Ever notice that at political conventions they all talk as if they're populists?

Dan Rather: "The best story here is who gives the big money to whom, expecting to get what"

There is a great Pro-Obama opinion in Newsweek this week

chuck todd: Cue Carly Simon.

Russia: we are ready for a new cold war

"oil prices leap as hurricane hits Haiti",

Deputies: Man Mad At Obama Starts Standoff

McJurk quote "straight talk on those two brats"

Patrick Leahy in the house

Alex Jones crashing Tweety's show!

Dennis Kucinch To Speak At Tonight's DNC

w00t....Today is my anniversary....

I talked to the FEMA regional office in charge of TX and LA.

Cindy McCain visits refugees in Georgia

AP intimidates DK diarist

The Rude Pundit: Michelle Obama Speaks to Idiot America

Speech of the convention

McCain and the Gilded Age. Or, Anyone Have Directions to the Bastille?

McCain breaks with tradition. Will the M$M report it?

2008 DNC Speaker Line Up For Tonight - Dennis Kucinich will be speaking at @ 6 PM EST !!

"People like me will never vote for him."

Bayer on defensive in bee deaths

MORE appalling evidence Iraq war "fixed" -- from NZ

Have Dems given up on talking about ending Bush's war?

Yay! Go USA! Hundreds of immigrants rounded up, and treated

There is an easy way to know if your're rich

MarketWatch: Housing hasn't bottomed yet (Don't bother chilling the Champagne)

Let's have hundreds of "Birthday Parties for John McCain"

Whoops! Top Republican Admits That GOP Is Running "Ministry Of Truth" Against Obama

So, there I am, my feet in the stirrups....

CNN Video: Pastor lied about having cancer as a cover-up for his porn addiction

Are the Democratic women of the senate the most


NFL Star Dennis Northcutt Accused of "Assaulting, Beating, Striking, Battering" Pregnant Girlfriend

Jon Stewart Attacks Fox News: 'It's a F**k You to People With Brains'

Mark Penn helping with Bill's convention speech

So we Dems are going to stick to the high road, while the Rethugs will red meat us to death?! Again

AP Video Link: Dog Rescue Takes 2 Days, Hundreds Saved

Kid just showed me the new Obama pic and rock the vote gamer tags on XBox Live.

Dupe, mods pls delete

Here is a sobering quote by Abe Lincoln:

Glamour Mag Salutes Hillary's Year of Colorful Pantsuits

First Horatio Alger, now American Exceptionalism... give me a fucking break!

Communities Rally to Close Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Every minute a suicide is attempted


Michelle and Joe appear at a roundtable discussion in Denver

Randi and Ed are making up right now on his show!

Judge Denies Stay: Miers Must Appear Before HJC

Sen. Joe Biden wipes away a tear while addressing the Delaware's delegates to the Democratic

If John McCain is the answer

"What's the Clinton plan to restore a Clinton Presidency?"

"What's the Clinton plan to restore a Clinton Presidency?"

Next week, I am 100% certain, all we'll hear about is the McCain Family Dynasty

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be oxycotin-addicted, scum-swilling Sow-boys

The "angry Hillary supporters who won't vote for Obama" ..... ?

Caption McCain

So...The Union called La Migra

Could Jim Doyle be our next AG?

How often will Reagan's name be invoked at next week's Lipstick on a Pig convention in St. Paul?

Obama Campaign: You email send outs are Slow!!!

To all of you disgruntled Hillary supporters who are voting for McCain

So Kim Gandy and David Gregory are chattin' on the teevee .....

Truth -o-meter

Is it True The DNC is Covered Only through Fox News????

Why are so many people so fucking stupid?

Wow!!! Kennedy Left and Returned to Hospital for Speech

Why is Chris Matthews' political roundtable in the middle of a protest zone?

If McCain is the answer

Where would Terry McAuliffe be without his

FAUX news

Western PA update

I swear Ohio has some of the dumbest people in the world.

Hahahaha .... even Noron is laughing at Buchanan .... oh my gawd!

Dick Cheney, so Certain about Saddam’s WMDs, and So Wrong-Bush History, 8/26

Pat Buchanan's definition of an American success story

The white supremacists can barely contain themselves over Obama.

Clinton Speaks To Supporters: No Mention Of Obama

If only Dennis was electable nationwide :(

I've never seen Kathleen Sebelius speak before.

So I saw a car today

Fosh Electric Auto a GIANT fundie anti-abortion hoax


"I don't want to live in a country where food, shelter, & health care is a right."

Did Tweety just SNAP at Keith?!1


What the hell was THAT between Tweety & KO? I was only

Democrats who backed wiretaps turn away Democratic bloggers from AT&T fundraiser

Thats not a mavrick

Why Hillary will help Obama and why she was not selected as VP IMHO.

Her name is Christi Adkins

I did it! Switched to CSPAN

CBS=Conservative Bull-Shit.

Casey said John McCain is a sidekick not a maverick

Cow pissing on a flat rock .. thank you Fay!

I gotta get one of those Obama dunking on McCain t-shirts that Spike Lee was wearing!

I cannot stand scripted applause breaks in speeches.

Cheney's AMAZING powers of "prediction"

Concern trolling has a long and ignoble history.

Why do politicians try to make us China when we really could be Denmark?

Rachel agrees with me

Could someone please loan Tweety a comb?

FAUX news cuts out on Warner.

Just released: Schedule for 2008 Republican National Convention

Did McCain Lean on FCC Commissioner on Iseman's Behalf?

McCain the 911 Fixer

What About Cheney's Feelings?

Lily Ledbetter is ON!!

I like this guy that is speaking now at the convention.

President Barack Obama

$1850--so far--to save one tooth.

Ya'll got a sec to read about this Ohio 'Big Pork' RepubliCONMAN, Mike Turner

15 minutes till the The Daily Show

Spare a thought for the people of Puerto Rico

Spare a thought for the people of Puerto Rico

Anyone watching the DNC HD broadcast? Tons of VIDEOS

No Idle in California

I'd heard about him

Cindy McCane Going To Georgia To Check On Their 8th House

Rove is at the DNC

FYI: NPRs 2008 election map, so you can find out what's REALLY

It is 8:30 here in Denver. Where is Hillary?

DU. . .help me. I'm growing tired of a good friend of mine's blindless.

Mary Landrieu's red suit is hurting my eyes!


Is anyone else seeing the Donkey humping the Elephant on MSNBC?

They should give Al Franken a slot at the convention.

I may have burned a bridge.... but they made me do it.

Tribute for Stephanie Tubbs Jones on C-span now!

Don Seigelman on with Randi right now

I feel a little envious.

Who's Biden? That's what a co-worker asked

What to look forward to in the Twin Cities during RNC.

Switched over to C-SPAN and enjoying it!

Ladies and gentlemen, the next Attorney General

Michelle Speech poll on CNN

HOME F---in' run!!!!

She's never been a great speaker like her husband, but ...

First I though Michelle Obama's speech was great. But I think it is very telling and very sad

Remember: Daily Show has all new episodes from Denver this week!

Geez...somebody take Andrea Mitchell's mike away from her.

C'mon Hillary! I hope you can help, that you CHOOSE to.

The Speech Banished the Rift

About NBC Nightly News' "Improving With Age"

How long is sufficiently respectful of John McCain's repeated use of his POW status ............

No way, no how, No McCain.

Pelosi? Sheehan?

HELP me! Fox News!

Col. Lang (ret.) says McCain/Patraeus beats Obama/Biden

Way better than TV or C-span

Way better than TV or C-span

Big Brother bigotry

"...That's Not a Mavrick- That's a Sidekick!"

Are you in Denver this week? Meet Dennis and Elizabeth on Tuesday

It was the totality of the speech .... but what part, specifically, do you think ............

Let's REC this VIDEO to the top: Michelle Obama at 2008 DNC entire speech

Tonight we took it to them, folks. Up and down the line. From the 2 min. speeches to the headliners.


Um... Madame Speaker?

Rachel Maddow...

Hillary is hitting a home run

YES! The higher the turnout, the more secure the Dem victory!

Check out this protest sign >>

New McCain bumper sticker, revising and revisiting an old saying

At what point does "inclusiveness" become patronizing?


Howard Dean hits back at criticism about lack of attacks in speeches.

John McCain's top ten temper explosions

TRANSCRIPT - Michelle Obama, Democratic National Convention, Monday, Aug. 25, 2008

You know, I'm seeing all these shows on Animal Planet about the Michael Vick dogs...

Miers Must Testify Says Judge

I am so pissed off, you would not believe!!!

Quite a nose on Bill Clinton there

About the train whistles on MSNBC coverage.

100 Things To Do Before You Die Co-Author ... Dies at 47

A Few Thoughts about Russia... from an email sent to me

Off-Duty Cop Kills Man During Traffic Altercation In Corona

Dennis Kucinich so rocks

Denver Day One - A Photographic Review

DENNIS IS UP! Right. Now! n/t

Good Lord, Rachel .... back off .......

McCain is toast.

Crybaby Capitalists Whine for More

Quick Tuesday Afternoon Update - Weird CBS Stuff And DU Reference At CBS News Blog

Wow, you turn on Fox and it's like bizarro world.

a drive-by rant* regarding the perception of protestors at the DNC....

I am Lovin me some of MY Governor


Hillary has painted Bill into a corner

Neanderthals were not 'stupid,' says new research

Can we all agree that Hillary Clinton did a great job with her speech?

No way, no how, no McCain

For those of us w/out XP or Vista, has anybody been saving the DNC speeches

Giuliani, Emptywheel, Anarchists, Riot Cops, Code Pink and Denver Mayor - Another Quick DAY 2 Upda

Sen. Boxer's hair color is way to light for her face and TV complexion

CNN - Interview after Hillary's Speech - WTF??????

Between a BARF and a SNORT: Daddy Yankee endorses McPLANE,who calls him "Daddy"!1

"They couldn't think of enough things to tell us not to do."-Ferrol Sams

BINGO!: John McCain's POW status as catch-all excuse .. an old Reno-911 episode!

Ayers Linked To GOP Governor Through University

'We live in a mud hut with only two rooms. I don't know how we're going to afford 10 children now'

"John McCain is a Certified War Hero"

no question about it, Obama is going to nominate Hillary for the Supreme Court

We Need a News Media of the People, by the People, and for the People

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Apparently, I'm not the only one nonplussed...

surge update - 28 killed and 40 wounded in suicide blast

Sorry all you haters but I still adore the Rule Of Law and Constitution

Conversation Overheard Between John McCain and Rudy Giuliani

Why was Cheney aide in Georgia before the conflict?»

I'm Trying out my McCain Attacks at Work

NY Times does it again: More 'Judy Miller' tapdancing

DNC Protesters INVADE DU!


A quick rundown of my trip across country, and the Obama bus I lucked upon in NM


Is the owner of eharmony a RW nut ?

Wow... Being In The Hall When Kennedy Entered And Came To The Podium.

The Speech Was GREAT! The Speech SUCKED!

Are you fucking kidding me????

I don't know much about Jill Biden, but Joe was right about one thing ......

I'm a big freakin' Redneck!!!

I have to get something off my chest

I have to get something off my chest

Wake up America

Chavez show pics of Bush drunk in Beijing on TV

The thorn in Joe Scarborough's side: Her name is Rachel........

The thorn in Joe Scarborough's side: Her name is Rachel........

CEO Pay Loopholes Cost Taxpayers $20 Billion Each Year

Iraqis must really hate our guts to be willing to become suicide bombers

Why the hell did they talk all the way through

Where is DU's Emergency Preparedness Forum?

What's wrong with self-determination

Dennis Kucinich waves as he leaves the stage after speaking........ You are gonna love these photos!

Some schools ban homework

The elephant in the living room...and bedroom...and kitchen...and garage...and

Sorry all you haters, but I still adore Madam Speaker Pelosi.

Which Telecoms provided information to the NSA?

Jon Stewart Schools The Media.......Again

Doesn't universal health care mean paying for people who don't exercise?

I don't give a damn that Obama didn't serve in the military, do you?

New "Fun With War Crimes" episode -- the soldiers speak out!

I am OUT. And almost happy about it.

U.S. helicopter to evacuate the disgraced Georgian president to the USA in case of a coup.

ABC: McCain's Ambien Use: a Security Threat?

"O God" . . . ???? What is this -- a religious relival meeting or a political convention?

why is it that, after so many years of working to have gender-neutral language, we STILL

What might a 'genuine left' program look like?

I feel I should only have to work one 40 hour job

I feel I should only have to work one 40 hour job

What's with Bill Maher?

HELP! This man will soon die.

Parche at the bar

My cat Shamu is watching Ted Kennedy. Seems quite interested. nt

Thread Of Love

Who Else Is Still Up

Why are all the threads about flvegan placing his beef stick in the mashed potatoes getting locked?

Has anyone here sold cars? Car sales.

Would y'all lak to buy some magazine subscriptions?

Check in if you're frightened by the sound of the telephone


Cloris Leachman, age 82, will be on Dancing With The Stars

Schools and workplaces should have been closed the last few days in the Southeast.

As to the democratic convention...

dropped my oldest son off for a week long

Sigh. Another classic rock song butchered in a cover.

What Would You Rather Receive For a Gift?

And all my dreams, lost at sea.


"Last night Caroline introduced her father Ted."

Your body...

I iz on DU

That's what she said.

Did I Miss Something, What is PUMA?

Breaking News: Modern Humans are using S-E-X instead of money to get stuff

This just in: Taterguy Gets Mashed

What exactly is a "radio key"?

Pencil Portrait

That’s what they all say

*Rumor* Catwoman in "Dark Knight" sequel..... CHER!!!

Madinmaryland Interviewed At The Convention

Mike Myers *IS* a "Bastard"

And that's all I have to say about that.

Who thinks Michella Obama should have broken into a showstopping rendition of "Bad Bad Leroy Brown"?

Here's something other old geezers out there might appreciate...

Get Back! with the cast of Beatlemania.... Effing Amazing night! (pics)

I was eating breakfast this morning and look what appeard on my toast!!

I am still un-pregnant

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

Can a cat cause acne in its human staff?

9-year-old barred for pitching too well

Ear infection, i haz one :-(

Somewhere, right now, in NYC..... American Idol is happening

Eight Crazy E-Mail Hoaxes Millions Have Fallen For

Fundie TV network named for Satan?!

Super-cute orange kitteh!

My first LOLDog. Whaddya think?

We're having dinner with SallyMander and Iza Friday night!

A tragic waste of a precious resource

Dear lurkers who are not registered users...

ok so I have a football draft today

We need some new emoticons at DU. This would be a hit:

THIS is the funniest insult I've ever seen - I want to use it as my own it's so damn good!!

OMFG! AP BREAKING! Right F**KING NOW! "After 50 years, Rogers still excited about hits" OMFG! OMFG!

Dead lurkers who are not registered users...

Kaiser Cartel's "Season Song". Yes, there *is* whistling!!!



Baseball to start using instant replay; except for Nationals' games

In honor of the Little League World Series

4 Out Of 5 Doctors Recommend This For Dandruff

DAMN!!! I sent a beautiful, poetic e*note to a old friend of mine...

Kanye West is singing at the DNC - I so want him to do "Golddigger"

having trouble making your car stand out??

What Would You Do If Madinmaryland Was On The Same Jury As You?

The God Warrior currently has 666 friends on MySpace.

LynneSin Likes It Ruff - what the f*ck!!

They want to bury me.

BREAKING NEWS: Midlo Really A Male Of The Species

So there's a wall of flames coming at us

Obscure but neat Google search tricks

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/26/2008)

Dandruff - what the fuck!!

Tom Cruise being sued for $11million by extras injured during filming of Valkryie

and I thought Mason jars were only useful for sipping brandy...

Knuckleheaded RW Troll O' The Day!

For XemaSab

Come see PeterU lay the skinny on GD:P

I she be your girlfriend. I will to be!

I got my BONE GROWTH STIMULATOR today!!!!! (Pic)

So my letter to the editor was in the paper today, and apparently the fundies

Cat survives being walled in for 7 weeks

A few thoughts on total loss

redqueen is being mean to me

Will Moxy Früvous ever reunite (or come back from their "hiatus")?

My kittehz are having a wrestling match....

I'm a little drunk...

redqueen thinks I am more specialer

I haven't let my baby outta my posession in the last 14 years or so that I've had it...

The chili is even better today!

Parche has Parche on ignore

Woo Hoo! This time next week, I'll be here:

Deadly Cheese Found At Midlo's

Redqueen thinks I'm special


Which of these magazines should I subscribe to?

Help With Squirrels

Why does the DNConvention sound like the Tony Awards

I've been saying for years that there's nothing wrong with the Turtle Bay Arboretum that a 50-foot

I wanna do this, Brutus, but I don't wanna pay

Proposed: John Dolmayan is a better drummer than Neil Peart

When I grow up I wanna be a CD curator

Who Is The Biggest A$$hat Of The Lounge?

Is someone a really drummer if they only use a drum machine?

I'm leaving for a few days' vacation tomorrow. And my house is a mess,

Good thing the economy sucks as far as jobs

Warning: If you read this when you are stoned, it will blow your mind forever.

Why is Linda Bove no longer on Sesame Street?

'Wall of flames' is today's Lounge phrase. Modify a thread title to include 'Wall of flames'

Gulf Coast residents Heads up! Gustav could be a very bad storm. Get

So, I walked into the Men's Room today.....

talk about multi-tasking

Quick, who should I take first overall in DU's fantasy Football draft?

I've had enough of dancehalls, I've had enough of pills

Jeez, this stuff is like crack. Best. Cheese. Evah.

Former Blazers center Kevin Duckworth dies at 44

I just painted my fingernails for the first time in 10 years...

A memorial note, in advance, for the two squirrels that will be dead soon.

So apparently I am a "fucking idiot"

Is the Jesus that the fundamentalists worship a different Jesus

redqueen has me on ignore


any advice? any HELP? I just found this hurt bird.

So, I walked into the Lady's Room last week.....

Two bits of news

Do you have messy or neat handwriting?

Despite my previous posts...I really don't want anyone to get the idea that I hate people...

What's the deal with "Juicy Couture"?

i'm gonna buy this town and put it all in my shoe

Self deleted thread.

Give me a good reason why I shouldn't do it...

I NEED to get Spike Lee's T-shirt

So someone stole Lisa's credit card information ....

Then she took my head, smashed it up

Concern Troll leader identified!

the secret life of arabia

Every minute a suicide is attempted

Where's the underwear thread?

I'm eating an ice-cream sandwich right now...nothing in the world could possibly

i'll be a rock 'n' rollin' bitch for you

Closer To Fine...

What is everyone doing for the Labor Day weekend?

Do I have to put my hand cuffs on you, mama?

Taking it means that you are greedy and inconsiderate.. You say to yourself!

Did Hillary say something catchy in her speech?

what's up homie, don't you know me?



Does pokerfan have a pointy head?

Is Chris Matthews' hair GREEN?

Since when does Chris Matthews have pony tails? n/t

cherry ice cream smile

Girl you ought to be on T.V., on Soul Train

I can't ever understand

you don't have to be a star

Holy crap, the WWE (wrestling) is at the Dem Convention

act naturally

Which window of which McCain house did the ball from Hillary's home run just break?

Time for another installment of MRSCORPIO'S WHO AM I?

are you capable of feeling truly unconditional love for others

BAM! Emeril Lagasse jumps shark, puts a whole chorizo...BAM! the middle of his meat loaf. BAM!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the greatest DUer of us all?

Your favorite DUer?

Eureka: I am so lost! Spoiler??

How many calories do you usually intake in a day?

god told me to skin you alive

Dammit, dammit, dammit!

I tried some alternative medicine for my arm today. I've been healed! I've been healed!

Is it possible that there is such a thing as a

Trying to make a woman my friend

Official Jar Jar Binks appreciation thread.

What direction does your head point when you normally sleep?

Fundraiser idea: Birthday parties for John McCain

Debi -- Hillary just shouted out Jill BIden!!!

Presidential trivia 2008

My GLBT martial status was questioned by the paralegal handling our house closing

File under "C" for CUTE!

* * * * * * HAPPY BIRTHDAY THINKBLUE1966!!! * * * * * *

Pictures from my day at the botanical garden

Post a believable lie about yourself

Poll question: Best character in the history of science fiction?

I think I'm officially depressed. Should probably see my doc.

I ate weird berries in the woods

Make a list of your favorites from any entertainment genre

DNC Protesters INVADE DU!

I am still pregnant!

OMG! ABC making fun of Hillary Clinton's suits

If you were a Dem Convention speaker, what music would play when you came out

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday August 27

What's the most unusual animal you've actually seen in the wild?

Have you ever hated a cartoon character so much that you want to punch the voice actor?

Hugs for MrsG, WannaBe, and BabyG today


Aha, I was right. Dean did indeed outraise McAuliffe.

Aha, I was right. Dean did indeed outraise McAuliffe.

Allow me to introduce to you my very talented beloved, the love of my life --

OMG Madonna just took the stage at the DNC!

I'll bet a lot of people tell you how much you look like Hitler

Anyone here besides me just never liked beer?

Is there really true love? That flutter heart feeling love?

So, I Was Sitting On Our Porch ------------DIAL-UP WARNING -- Photos-------------

New "Fun With War Crimes" episode -- the soldiers speak out!

Why do we want men anyway?

Simon's second trip to the beach (pic heavy!)

What was the most frightening incident/situation you were ever involved in

Fox Mulder won't be on DU, tonight.

Only "Bad Boys" get the ladies.

Atheists! What say you about all this God given potential?

Worst character in the history of science fiction?

Can you accuse people of living in their parents' basement without calling them out?

Enclave Hails Tight Embrace From Moscow

Cindy McCain to open beer distributorship in Georgia

McCain Email: Strategy Memo: Obama's Convention Bounce

Cheney will head diplomatic mission to Georgia war zone

Iraq bomber kills 25 at police recruitment centre

Russian threat to Nato supply route in Afghanistan

Assassination attempt on Obama Foiled

U.N. Envoy’s Ties to Pakistani Are Questioned

Miliband urges coalition against Russia in Georgia

Denver police hit protesters with pepper spray from cannons, arrest 100

IOC: Chinese gymnasts eligible

G.O.P. Tries to Upstage Democrats

Siegelman appeals to Colorado Dems

Terror watchlist "upgrade" is "imploding," legislator say

NKorea suspends nuclear reactor disablement

UN accuses US-led troops in deaths of Afghans

Pakistan presidential candidate Asif Ali Zardari 'suffering from severe mental problems'

U.S. Diplomat Safe After Pakistan Attack

Nielsen: 'Obama Text' Reached 2.9 Million

Senator Kennedy and Michelle Obama Electrify Democratic Convention

Armed men were no threat to Obama: U.S. attorney

Officials Probe Link Between Colorado Arrests, Possible Obama Threat

Bill Clinton in Denver again undercuts Obama

Dems, networks struggle over convention coverage

Russian threat to Nato supply route in Afghanistan

Hurricane Gustav hits Haiti, drives up oil prices

U.S. Says Banks on `Problem List' Rose 30% in Quarter

Alaska underscores GOP troubles

(Massachusetts) AG OK’s ballot question to ban non-resident gay marriage

Recession fears weaken sterling

Irked at U.S., North Korea may restore nuclear facility

Cleveland Has Second-Highest Poverty Rate In U.S.

Ecuador Poll: 53% Back Proposed Constitution

Russian President: Not Afraid Of New Cold War

Democrats Criticize McCain's 'Dial-up Campaign'

American diplomat escapes gun attack in Pakistan

FAA Computer Problems

Psystar responds to Apple suit, will countersue

Rice calls Russia's declaration 'regrettable'

As Americans fill trains, frustration grows

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 26

U of I at Chicago opens Ayers records (MSM reviewing records)

Jury: Worker covered up damage at Ohio nuke plant (worst corrosion ever found at a U.S. reactor)

Whale-protection cutbacks sought by Bush administration

US warships to dock in Georgia's flashpoint port

Reports: 26 people hospitalized after emergency landing of Ryanair plane in central France

Moscow Says NATO Begins Supplying New Arms To Georgia

Source: Bill Clinton will not attend Obama's Invesco speech

Democratic Convention ratings tepid

Obama scores with rank-and-file workers

McCain uses POW ordeal to fight housing gaffe

Woman forced from federal building for wearing lesbian t-shirt

Springsteen's camp denies convention performance on Thursday

Ivory Poachers Decimate Congo Elephant Population

Citigroup Limits Meetings, Pares Color Photocopies

Bank earnings fall to $5 billion (down 86.5%)

Russia threatens military response to US missiles

Determined to Give Speech, Kennedy Left Hospital Bed

(Minneapolis Star-Tribune) tells AP: we're canceling

Hillary Clinton Tells Democrats in Denver 'No Way, No How, No McCain'

Whoops Top Republican Admits That GOP Is Running "Ministry Of Truth" Against Obama

Why was Cheney's guy in Georgia before the war?

Russia recognizes independence of Georgian regions

White House cannot delay aides' testimony: judge

U.S. attorney: 3 men arrested posed no threat to Obama

LPGA to require English for intl players

Ohio Republicans may have misdirected federal campaign funds

Kucinich Electrifies Convention Arena

Kucinich Electrifies Convention Arena

Anarchists plan to disrupt delegates at Pepsi Center

Fosh Automotive = Hoax (and an anti-Barack Obama one at that)

GOP platform to call for anti-gay amendment

Gustav becomes hurricane, threatens Haiti [and will probably threaten the US]

Left behind by the U.S., Honduras turns to Chavez

2008 DNC: Michelle Obama -Obama 'will bring change'

Rachel Maddow - The POW Card

Michelle Obama Democratic National Convention Part 2

TPMtv Interviews Sen. Jim Webb At DNC

Highlights of the Democratic National Convention Day One

Nancy Keenan speaks at the DNC

Judge: Release Rosenberg Spy Case Docs

Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Limits

John Legend Performs at the Democratic National Convention

Police Investigate Possible Plot To Kill Obama

Randi Rhodes talks to an ignorant Republican

Cops break up protest confrontation in Park (anti-gay christians)

The Lion Roars! Ted Kennedy at the Democratic National Convention

James Carville criticizes lack of message on first night of the convention

Backstage with Barack: Lenny

Pasco man shootin' mad after Obama speech, authorities say

Senator Clinton Speaks to Hispanic Caucus

A short biography of Michelle Obama

Obama-Biden Nicknames-(Letterman)

Backstage With Barack: Marsha Shearer

Failed Barack Obama assassination attempt at the DNC

Ted and Caroline Kennedy at the Convention

MSNBC: Bill Maher from the 2008 DNC

McCain's Daddy Yankee Endorsement

On the Ground at the DNC: Day One

"If You're Out There" - John Legend

GASOLINA - Daddy Yankee

Chris Dodd w/KO and Chris Matthews: No one loves this country more than Ted Kennedy

Sen. McCaskill: "Don't Tell Me This Campaign Is Not Special!"

May all peoples of the Earth walk in Peace

Bill Maher and KO at DNC

USA Today: DNC Protest Turns Violent


Keith Olberman To Joe Scarborough: Get A Shovel, Joe

Grow More Pot - U.S. Army sent to fight American citizens

DemocracyNow: A Debate on Joe Biden's Record

Democracy Now Tries To Crash AT&T Blue Dog Party

Barack Obama in Kansas City, MO

Obama Joins Michelle & Daughters via satellite

TPMtv: McCain's Patriotism Two-Step: he questions Obama's patriotism while claiming he doesn't

Michelle Obama Keynote Address at Democratic National Conven

Rachel Maddow Chews Up John I was a POW McCain

McCain's T-shirt Contest

CNN - Obama speaks at Missouri town hall

Primary Day in Alaska = Mark Begich

Rachel Maddow calls Clinton supporters for McCain 'post-rational'

Michelle Obama's surprise speech at the Chicago Night event

2008 DNC: Patrick Leahy - Obama Is What Rural America Needs

Michelle Obama & Kids Talk To Barack In St. Louis

U.S. Officers Executed Iraqis, Statements Say

TIMELINE: McCain Does NOT Support The Troops

Republican Jim Leach at DNC

Jim Leach (R) Country comes before Party! Dems Convention 08


Michelle Obama: Obama-Biden Policies Value Families


Michelle Obama Addresses The Democratic Convention part 1

John Gibson is extremely scared of Keith Olbermann

2008 DNC: Rendell - McCain for 'Big Oil'

Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Wow!

2008 DNC: Mary Landrieu Criticizes FEMA

Independent Charles Barkely at the DNC: I'm Voting for Obama

Bob Casey: McCain isn't a Maverick, he's a Sidekick!

Montana Smack Down - Gov. Brian Schweitzer on McLame's energy policy.

2008 DNC: Warner 'The most important contest'

2008 DNC: Warner 'McCain more of the same'

Colombian court suspects stonewalling by prez

2008 DNC: Janet Napolitano - Attacks John McCain

DNC Tribute and Speech by Sen. Edward Kennedy

2008 DNC: Deval Patrick - Obama Understands America

McCain & Bush: Twins in the Twin Cities

2008 DNC: Hillary Clinton 'No Way, No How, No McCain'

Maddow vs Buchanan Round Two...Ding..Ding..Ding

Michelle at LGBT Caucus

TYT: Senator Ron Wyden with the Young Turks at the DNC

Montana Gov Brian Schweitzer steals show at DNC

Matthews Gets Testy With Olbermann During

2008 DNC: Hillary Clinton Tribute

bush Vs. zombies

Was Jesus Gay?

Discord on Denver Street

More Obama Bashing In Denver!

Clintons4McCain founder & PUMA gets smacked down on Hardball

Wake Up America:

Imagine :

ICE: Nearly 600 detained in Miss. plant raid

Gone in 30 Seconds:

What Are We Teaching Our Child:

Hood Robbin :


Bush's Repair Shop:


Leave No Billionaire Behind

Army of One :

In My Country : Move


Man I'd like to see Al Sharpton again - video from 2004 DNC

New! Fun With War Crimes #6: the soldiers speak out

TYT: National Press Secretary For Obama Joins The Young Turks @ DNC

Undercover (A Generic Other film)

Dennis Kucinich at the DNC: Wake Up America!

Shuster Smacks Down Scarborough! AWESOME!!!!!

Michelle Obama at 2008 Democratic National Convention

Rich countries once used gunboats to seize food. Now they use trade deals

Making Money on a New Cold War

Hundreds of Workers Held in Immigration Raid

Terror watchlist "upgrade" is "imploding," legislator say

PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Findings

GOP won't beat Obama with old strategy

Chris Hedges: Pouring Gas on the Afghanistan Bonfire

"Remembering When the Government Was at Least Approachable..(Good Read)

The State Deparment's Green Scare Wing

Citigroup Limits Meetings, Pares Color Photocopies

PUMA: Party Unity, My America

DREDLOCKED! The Biden Combover Bounce Knots Race

GOP to Counter Michelle Obama With Cindy McCain’s Childhood 'Hardships'

Bush as lame duck adds to Russia's bravado

Katrina Pain Index: New Orleans Three Years Later

Asia Is About to Give U.S. a Kick in the Fannie

Russia's recognition deepens crisis

Children Die in an Outsourcing Boom

DNC Protests: Police slam CodePink protester to the ground

McCain Distorts Tax and Health Care Issues

Warnings to Russia from Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham

UK Guardian: The Princip precedent

Dems rip into McCain at Obama's convention ~ AP

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Abyss Stares Back (James Kunstler)

Anarchists wander Pepsi Center perimeter

Code Pink protester still in jail after skirmish

History, Hope & Hillary: A Call for Party Unity

Hillary Tries to Turn 'PUMAs' Into 'NIKEs'

Heads versus Tails

As Americans fill trains, frustration grows

The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind

Eric Alterman: Blind Punditry in Denver

"Clinton speaks at convention. The press concocts a story." - Media Matters MUST READ

The 3,000 Mile Oil Change Myth

Romney: McCain earned his homes; Obama didn't

MOLDY DICK: John McCain's Fraudulent Legend

Chalmers Johnson: Looking Back at Five Years of Bush's Wreckage in Iraq

John McCain Trashes American Workers

"Shallow Throat": McCain Is a "Catastrophe Waiting to Happen"

Lewis helo unit returning from Iraq on Tuesday

Lawyer: 101st soldier did not kill detainee

Study: Transgender vets face discrimination

Son of VP pick deploying to Iraq

Soldier killed in Iraq

InSurv: LPD 18’s fighting ability ‘degraded’

Report finds no cause for deadly Hawkeye crash

San Antonio shipping out

Iraqi PM demands specific pullout timetable

Security Program Participants Join Iraqi National Police

Iraqi Army Takes Lead to Support Sadr City Clinic

Camp Lejeune Marine dies in motorcycle crash

Guard Continues Support as Fay Moves Across Florida

Law Firm Offers Careers, Support to Guard, Reserve Members

Cherry Point gets new helicopter squadron

Top brass to meet, decide on major issues

Brass at Hill: Your Air Force is coming back

Air Force back to using HUMINT unit

Pilot error blamed in F-15 collision

Malmstrom fuel project to be re-evaluated

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Air Force leaders must spend wisely

Iraqi teen arrested after being caught wearing suicide vest

Study: Human error causes most Predator crashes

Marine Indicted in Athlete's Stabbing

Twin Marine brothers deploy to Iraq this week

Agreement with Poland includes Patriot missile battery

Decorated Vet Sentenced in Theft Plot

Blackwater 2.0: 'Operator Disneyland'

End nears for CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter

my 152nd ltte-please critique before I send

Hurricane Gustav aims for U.S. Gulf oil facilities

Pounded By Drought, Iran Buys 1.2 Million Tons Of US Wheat In First Purchase Since 1982 - AFP

Harper To Visit Arctic As Bears Swim For It & Study Shows 60% More CO2 Locked In Soils Than Thought

German Prosecutor Investigating Bayer On Loss Of Bees To Clothianidin Pesticide - C&O

Oz Government Plans To Purchase Land, Remove Dams In Order To Restore Murray-Darling Flows

DOD - Cleaning Up Toxic Sites On Abandoned Greenland Bases "Would Set Bad Precedent" - CSM

Airline shrinkage to make seats scarce this fall (down 25M)

Canadian MSM report on wind power prospects

FOSH electric car unveiled: anti-Obama smear site!

Norwegian PM defends Snoehvit arctic LNG facility

Solar Generation Costs on Track to Achieve Grid Parity

Could $100 oil turn dumps into plastic mines?

Saudi Arabia Looks for Brazilian Land to Feed Saudi Population

Are birds the best hope for pest-ridden coffee crops?

AlterNet: Will Thirsty States Get Great Lakes Water?

Global warming time bomb trapped in Arctic soil: study

Wind Industry Announces It's Position On Protecting the Last of the 300 Remaining Whooping Cranes:

NSIDC 8/25 Arctic Update - "Ice Extent Declining At Steady Yet Brisk Pace" - NE Passage Also Open

Study Finds Bats Found Dead In Alberta Wind Farm W/O Visible Injuries Killed By Barotrauma - G&M

Ted Kennedy: The Lion Roars

GOP platform to call for anti-gay amendment

What really scares us about Obama

All of Lebanon Is Not Hezbollah

Israel detains peace activist for entering Gaza

Lest the media and such forget - McCain's glowing endorsement of NAFTA, 1993

Gee, remember the days when Repukes were freaking out about $400 hammers?

Gulf Arab investors eye GM's Hummer unit

Wait a minute ... oil prices are up because a hurricane might threaten oil rigs?

Today in labor history August 26 Fannie Sellins and Joseph Starzeleski are murdered

UNITE HERE charges Eagle Industries with Firing Workers for Exercising Their Right to Organize

Motion to rescind layoffs of Otoe County workers fails (members of my local)

About to Take the Stage in Denver (By John J. Sweeney)

Senior congressman trusts in Paraguayan blessing for Venezuela's membership in Mercosur

Cuban class act Part III: Castro alleges judges cheated Cubans

Ecuador Poll: 53% Back Proposed Constitution

Left behind by the U.S., Honduras turns to Chavez

Breaking: World to end Thursday MLB to begin instant replay

Could anyone do a quick chart for me? Tomorrow's my birthday.

The Georgia Guidestones

Intriguing and beautiful crop circle

Top Five Astro-Events for September

How to find a good attorney

Latest Gallup Poll. Asthma, fear or premonition?

Please give feedback on this situation

Profits before patients: another important side of the coin

Good thing the "Vaccine Injury compensation program" covers the HPV vaccine

Aussie Doctors Worry That Gardasil's Cost May Force Fewer Pap Smear Tests

Cancer Test for Women Raises Hope, and Concern

What do mercury, flouride, iodide, irradiated food and Gardasil all have in common?

Vitamin D Deficiency May Lurk in Babies

Scientists discover leptin can also aid type 1 diabetics

This week's Health Quiz for DUers

Governmental control of medicine.

Ayurvedic medicines often contaminated by toxic metals, study says

Iodized Salt Causes AIDS!

US Government Ponies Up $2.08 Million To Get Doctors To Push Gardasil On More Girls.

A way to stop the Gardasil threads, maybe.

An opinion questionnaire on various health issues

Mumps Outbreak related to...well, you know.

American Life League feels morally compelled to save us from birth control pills.

Yesterday.... and today...

Requesting positive vibrations. :-)


Lone man

The bill for Heller: $3.5 million

QinetiQ says it has broken unmanned flight record

Star Wars-style Laser Technology To Reach Battlefield

Neanderthals were not stupid

Cattle, Deer Graze Along Earth's Magnetic Field

Technology That Outthinks Us: A Partner or a Master?

Survey: Women Leaders Smarter, More Honest

Cook's Country TV Needs Your Questions!

tuesday beans- any ideas about refried beans?

Huge Statue of Marcus Aurelius found

Christians refuse mumps vaccine, fuel outbreak:

Why are you here?

The not so technical discussion of WTC 7 - Do you believe the NIST report?


Joe Biden's pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record

How do I set up Vista Ultimate so I can watch the DNC?

Linux networking problem

Argentum - anyone use this?

A coworker ate two sandwiches on the Maple Leaf recall list.

Face the Commons before an election

Globe and Mail: Critics blast Clement's absence

CBC Op Ed: Heather Mallick: The road to neo-con ruin

DU Bumper STickers


Star Tribune refused to report on National Veterans for Peace Convention!

Do NOT let them scare you. Join the anti-RNC events. The whole world is watching

Ron Paul adds to the Twin Cities Billboards

The Dorothy Day Center across from Xcel & Nick Coleman's column about it

The Republicans picked Minnesota, betting that activists from

2004 swift boat response ads

NPR interview with JK now online. Take a listen.

KV has the JK/Gregory interview from last night

I got my book today.

Negative media in Boston.

Will John be speaking at the convention at all?

I never saw this cartoon from 2004 before. This is hilarious!

Kerry talks to PolitickerMA: My criticisms of McCain are not personal

Cheadle's terror thriller 'Traitor' is scary good

No One Should Have to Stand in Line for 10 Hours to Vote

BAE boss threat: Keep paying us ludicrous amounts of money to make bullets or we'll go elsewhere.

'Imagine No Religion' signs to go up around town (Phoenix)

VIDEO: A little trouble at the Democrat's "Faith in Action, Interfaith Gathering"