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OT --- A Note On Rules And Vigilantism, My Friends

OH MY GOD!!!! Premature Etextulation, I hate when that happens...

FYI: Obama has NOT announced his VP running mate yet

IF it's Biden, I hope he was vetted to the extreme

Joe is Right.

Larry King confirms the Secret Service are dispatching to Joe Bidens house.

The point of the text message was NOT to find out first. IT was about adding an additional 5 Million

The point of the text message was NOT to find out first. IT was about adding an additional 5 Million

They are brilliant- they tied up the media the entire day-- Larry King is doing a second show-

I got a Text Message.....

How to get MSM running - with cameras

when did Edwards get Secret Service? is that part of the timing dance?

WNBC NY: "So far Obama's secret is safe."

Huge Congratulations-Joe Biden is the Vice Presidential running mate of Barack Obama (Steve Clemons)

Ok. Let's say he *did* go with Biden.

No Official Announcement Yet from the Obama Campaign

Since 1964 I have never, ever voted for or against a

Poor, poor Mitt Romney...

It's Not Biden...YET!

Obama Joe Biden?

Ok. It seems to me that it is quite likely Biden.... BUT, one other top name has not been eliminated

Can you imagine this headline about McCain?

Obama's going to bring Biden to the Mountain Top

Everyone else in the country is either out enjoying their Friday evening or in bed...

No matter how this turns out, we are observing a well engineered political orgasm!

so is Chet Edwards officially eliminated?

It's impressive- Gramm, Biden & Co. brought us economic meltdwn

Hey check out this genius!

CNN Confirms that Biden was offered VP by Obama and has accepted

*If* you signed up for the text message, do you expect to get lots more

In what way did Obama lead anyone to believe that the pick was coming today??

How well do you know your DNC? If you're good I'll give you 1,000$

Breaking..... CNN confirming it is Biden right now!!!

And Biden slurs African-Americans too

For everyone who is upset that they didn't get the text message before

until I get that text message, or I hear it from Obama's mouth.

Can anyone confirm a text?

CNN confirms Biden's the man.

It's official.

Some people's sense of entitlement is really over the top. Get a LIfe!!!!!

Biden wasn't my first choice, but he is an excellent one. Nice job, Barack!

HMM.-. new email..- CNN confirms Sen. Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Sen. Joe Biden to be his vp


Obama/Biden 08

I'm sooooo upset Obama didn't text me!!!!!

I can't believe "The Place For Politics" (MSNBC) is not covering this. Creepy prison shows instead.

BTW Cross-gate fans may get an opening

lol. That teacher who just called in to CNN was really annoying.

With Biden you get exactly what Obama needs....(now with awesome video)

Dearest sharp, witty, DUers...


Seniors Come Together for Obama

At least Biden isn't Bayh

McCain Can't Remember He Has 7 Houses — Cavuto Turns That Into is Obama "Bashing the American Dream?

CNN just bugs me with their smugness

Obama never said he'd announce today, did he? Those of you who are "disappointed"

Hillary confirms Biden for VP.

CNN Confirms Biden is the choice!!!

Team Obama. . .you little buggers, yooooooou. . .

CNN: BREAKING It's Biden, watch it now!!

CNN even more sources confirm....

GOP's Biden smear campaign already started (Joe Biden drunk singing gaffe on YouTube)

Fake Secret Service agents?

Remember November 6, 2000? I do. Don't trust the m$m.

Well, here is one of the first attacks that will be used...

OMG, can you imagine how bad Biden is going to crush Romney

I see one of two possibilities

Nothing on Obama's site yet. Will they wait until after the texts?

And remember the slur of Indian-Americans?

deleted- thought better about it

CNN busy playing the Race Card!

I need some help debunking

Biden vs. Mitty Mouse!!! Nice visual!!!! lol nt

Who never even signed up to get a text message?

It should have been Hillary---Too late now.

Biden is the anti-Cheney.

We Are The Champions

Rendell tells Obama to pick Biden for V.P

Biden, Biden, Biden!!!

Son of a goddamn bitch: Now AP radio (corporatist-right leaning) is reporting Biden as "official"

CNN confirmed it's Biden

I can't wait for the Biden/Romney debate

Biden- The Underdog

Biden Romney debate?

******* Egg on your face: Old Media vs New Media********

BREAKING: CNN Calling it for Biden

I got an email-- I really, really did, but about...

Will Biden be the first VP or Prez from Delaware?

Good cop. Bad cop.

Those bulging veins in Joe Biden's head worry me. What is his aneurysm risk?

Is that Keith on MSNBC? (edit: yes, MSNBC is finally covering. Chuck Todd talking now)

Holy Surrender: This Press Release Sounds like McCain is GIVING UP!

Did ANYONE get a text message yet? cnn could be f.o.s. nt

The Man and The Guy,

McCain has way too many houses and not one veep choice who can

So let me get this straight. The MSM announced Obama's VP for him?

No news sites online have any info on Biden being it. Is it just on CNN on TV?

Fake Democrat calls CNN "disappointed in Obama for not choosing Hillary."

Who the hell is this republican named Reed on CNN

self delete

I am elated with Biden


Who takes over Foreign Relations? Dodd? Kerry? (Don't know who's senior)

So much for change you can believe in....

Talk about a sense of entitlement: text messages.


Keating 5, That's the first time I've heard that on tv, in quite a long, long time.

It was Evan Bayh Who Leaked The News About Biden To CNN

Here's the first attack...

Has anyone seen the security detail actually arrive at Bidens????

Did CNN get the first text message - NO. CNN is lying to you - hoping to trump the Obama story.

Live on CNN: From the lips of a R/Wer: the Rick Warren forum?

There is no better attack dog than Biden

For those of you that think Biden is a rw or whatever you have labeled him---->

Is it possible Obama is swerving the media...

I just heard that McCain was home this weekend, resting up for the campaign...

It was Chet Edwards who leaked the VP choice....

Obama played the media like a fiddle!

I honestly hope it's NOT Biden

VP would be a great cap on Biden's career.

I hope this works

I have to admit: This would make a GREAT campaign poster

F.Y.I. Biden's Voting Record -------------->

***1986 World Series, Game Six, who remembers Buckner?***

This would be an excellent occasion to help me reach my 500$ O-fundraising goal...

Howard Fineman and Keith Olbermann are really praising Biden and his story.

All Networks Now Reporting - *It's Biden* - New Screenshots

Obama's campaign should conduct a full-scale investigation into who the leaker is

I don't wanna preempt the text message..

I Can see it! Yes I Can! 2 Senators will make history!

Just Visited Obama's Official Website And VP Pick Is Not Posted Yet.......

Official: Obama picks Biden for veep

Since it hasn't officially happened yet...Biden's credit card co, corporate lapdog thing

More Choice Quotes From Biden:

If NBC and Fineman knew it was Biden, then why didn't they take some time...

CNN Reporter: John McCain goes to bed at 6pm and has the early bird dinner at Denny's

Feinman is comparing Obama to GWB and Cheney in his selection of

It's Official.

I don't think anyone "leaked." I think CNN made it up.

Does this mean there will be no text now?


If anyone cares, I'm going to bed now.

I wonder what does Bush thinks about all of this?

If Obama wanted to delay the VP announcement to work the "Houses" an extra day, I'm good with it.

I am not sure but I just turned on MSNBC and David S confirmed Biden is the VP.

For your consideration...It was also important to make the papers (OR NOT, lol)...

Just got back from driving over to Biden's house

Best blog post title of the month: Biden: loquacious, loquacious, loquacious.

And once again, women are denied their rightful place at the table.

WOW! So, CNN, ABC, FOX always gets it right, right? I'm not buying it!

I don't believe that the Earth isn't flat unless Obama sez so!!!

McCain's REAL running mate in 2008 - GEORGE W BUSH

First statement from McCain camp is derogatory - no traditional congratulations - nt

Biden would be an incredibly capable president

Media feeding frenzy: They are all saying it's Biden now.

Media feeding frenzy: They are all saying it's Biden now.

Obama will appoint Hillary as Health Care Czar (a better noun will be used).

So if this is really bothering you, have a friend text you that it's Biden

To the mods: that was good, swift work. Thank you.

IF Biden is the Veep Pick, I think that Obama made an Excellent Choice!

"Republicans will be disappointed that Obama picked Biden" ~ Chuck Todd.

McCain Quote about Biden as VP

McCain Quote about Biden as VP

MSNBC has had wonderful coverage this evening. Olbermann, Todd and Fineman talking w/o interruption.

MSNBC reporting that Biden is the VP. So much for the text message

and once again, slightly overweight mid forty white guy living in the OC

Joe Biden Rips GOP On Iraq War Resolution

I;m so excited! I hope al the media is right and Biden is the VP!

So, am I the only one

Where's My F****** Text message?

So what if it is Biden? Are you really going to be disappointed because of the way you heard?

Mormons don't drink alcohol. Romney McCain are an odd couple given McCain's wealth comes from beer

Poll on -- about half way down the page is the link -

Hannity Blockheads laughing it up on Biden

How's this for a poster?

Too bad Obama's veep pick leaked early.

Joe Biden: "I'm not the guy."

As official as it gets.....

Answering back the Republicans' first attack on Biden pick

So the republican strategy for tonight is playing out on DU.

People, Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next Vice President of the United States!

One thing before I go

it took exactly 1 hr for the press to turn on Obama and Biden

It's going to be Bayh!

damn it...

I'd be interested in hearing Skinner weigh in on the merits of an Obama/Biden ticket...

FlightAware doesn't have a scheduled flight leaving DE to CHI

Poll: Which Is the Bigger Moral Wrong: The Iraq War or the Text Message Travesty?

Joe Biden will kick Republican foreign policy in the teeth



For those of you stil brining up Joe's vote on IWR.....

Obama Has Already Chosen Hillary To Be His VP. Get Over It Already. Get Behind It Already.

Will Biden be the Secretary...

I can not wait for the Vice Presidential debate...

What difference does it make if you learned the VP choice from a text message or

Wouldn't you love to be in Spfld, IL tomorrow?

In just a few hours, anti-Biden threads will be LOCKED under DU rules

my BFF obama didnt txt me 1st OMFG!!!!

'Are they yelling in Atlanta, Herb?'

Just forget I ever posted that...I love the VP pick, he was the guy I supported in the primaries 1st

So when Hannity inevitably brings up the old plagiarism crap Monday

Okay, this does it. I've picked my candidate and it is OBAMA!

Now how about a little Biden Bump !

This asshole Lynn Sweet's slamming the campaign on MSNBC

O'Biden gonna kick Ass

Left MSNBC, now watching Tarantino's "Grindhouse" again..

Let's hear it for the Mods working overtime tonight!

O and Joe in '08!

If it is true that it is Biden, how does that work with "Change"? And Biden is very DLC.

Text messages coming in at 3am EDT to us in the East.... People waking up all over the East Coast

My welcome message to Joe Biden and an opportunity to contribute!

The Freepers are SCREWN and they KNOW IT!

Biden Should Not Seek Reelection to the Senate

Good morning from Europe (on vacation). What a good thing to wake up to!

Slogan: "Finally. A Joe We Can Believe In"

Its funny, I post on a board full of 20 somethings..

So what happened to the text?

It's 3am. Your cell phone is buzzing... what do you do?

Lotta Hatred Toward The Party Tonight

Can't wait for the V-P debate!!!

NYT: Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate

It's hitting the foreign press! Biden as VP

HEADLINE: Obama's VP pick has deep ties to Northeastern PENNSYLVANIA

Biden has already been tempered and strengthened in the forge of press inanity

Heh... From the side

Welll just started redirecting to Barack's site.

Send Biden a welcome Message on

What a bunch of selfish whining. Did some of you REALLY think you were going to be first to know?

It is 100% official - Biden is the VP. It's on the Obama's campaign homepage

To all of Joe Bidens primary supporters

McCain is in trouble now (no matter the media spin).

DenverPost Poll: Please DU

Vice Presidential Debate day before Bidens son deploys to Iraq

Let's say InSane picks Mittens as his VP--who do you think would win the VP debate?

Go Biden!!


No qualifications or regrets - I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!! Obama /Biden!!!!!

How Maureen Dowd saved Joe Biden's life

So who WAS "the democratic official" who leaked the VP choice

It's 3AM and I guess McSame's camp is alseep.

How many of you just woke up?

Change? You want change? How about this redirects to

I wonder if Lyle Dean has just hit the domain name jackpot?

Old School DUer checking in on the Dem ticket...

Pic: This is how to handle McCain

3am cat APPROVES

I like Biden,Love listening to him talk,And he is one smart cookie.

When is the last time you saw news desks up and working at 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

OOOPS. Double post. My computer hiccupped. Deleting.

****Please Send Biden A Welcome Note****

God! Won't it be fantastic to have SMART people back in the White House???

Anyone not feeling it? Just for balance, I like Biden, but...

They work fast...

Obama campaign has a traitor. A weasel that must be eliminated now.

How can anyone who wants to win in '08 be disappointed in this ticket?

I can't stand CNN. They are showing Biden's comment over and over and the same words are now used in

As a Life Long Yellow Dawg Dem, I've had very few....

Another WTF as MSNBC: Alex Witt-less

Biden VS Romney LIEberman or Jindal......

AP Headline: "Biden Pick Shows Lack of Confidence"

DU this msnbc poll - what do you think of the pick?

my welcome letter to the next VP

I went to check out the site and it's down. Coincidence?

For All the Times McCain Said, "Keep your sense of humor". ....

Why did it take so long for Obama to annouce?

Why did it take so long for Obama to annouce?

Well that didn't take long.

Convince me

Question about Biden's comment regarding Obama at the debate

Important info on our new VP from

Anybody else sign up for the email instead of the text message?

this picture of biden explains why barack picked joe biden

Well, that was predictable... Biden attack ad released

Jeralyn the HACK at Talk Left continues her PUMA ways

I signed up for e-mail..

Was this an Obama/Biden joint appearance/announcement I missed?

Union Members 25 Percent of Democratic Convention Delegates

OBADEN 2008.

Son would vote for Biden as VP from Iraq

Mark Halperin: "The Vice Presidential Debate should now be a Pay-Per-View event."

I am ok with Biden.

Yes, We Can

Just got back again from Biden's house. A bit more crowded and he was still in there

Well, it's apparent that Andrea Mitchell actually likes Joe Biden

A question for Delaware experts

Biden's Plan For Iraq

So the Obama/Bayh bumper stickers were a lie or what?

The reality of Hilary and the Clinton's

An open letter to my fellow DUers


What about these quotes?

Barack Obama and "Regular" Joe Biden

What region, state, demographic group, or voter type could Biden help Obama win?

Can't wait for Biden to respond to "Obama would rather lose a war in order to win an election"

Joe Biden on The Daily Show, February 1, 2007 (VIDEO)

Hey TV news junkies!

Please, let Obama/Biden have the sense to point out...

Biden Question.

What this naton needs now is a bullet train from Chicago to Dover

Now maybe we will get some yard signs at the campaign office where I volunteer!

The Money Behind Biden

He didn't want to outdone by Obama's text message (TOON)

Does anyone really think "McBoarwalk" will choose Mitt?

Here's a different perspective of the Biden Candidacy:

Joe Biden on Environment and Energy

Holy Joe hearts Joe Biden!

25 Things You Might Not Know About McCain(Most are hokey, but a couple of interest)

I wanted Hillary for a lot of reasons but...

I believe in Barack Obama, I believe in Obama/Biden, ergo,

This Is My American Prayer

Nobody is perfect. But, I'm gonna LOVE hearing Biden rip the

Nobody is perfect. But, I'm gonna LOVE hearing Biden rip the

Remember Biden's Bullshit "Rave Act?"

So the one you wanted, Obama didn't choose for his VP?

So the one you wanted, Obama didn't choose for his VP?

LA Times: Obama chooses Gov. Tim Kaine for VP slot (Dewey defeats Truman?)

FOX NEWS: Mike Gravel Confirmed Obama VP Pick

Obama picks Biden, five hours later Fox News has a doctor talking about Biden's brain health issues.

I don't like that Obama picked Biden...

Obama picks Biden for veep (leaked?) -- updated

Obama picks Biden for veep (leaked?) -- updated

I cannot believe it. Morning Joke is on right now with Mika

New Banner Now Atop Obama-Biden Website Sporting New Obama-Biden Logo!

Can you imagine a debate between Mitt and Biden?

Mittens, Circa 12/07 - Illegal Immigrants manicure his lawn and pretty up his tennis court...

At least Obama can figure out who's most qualified to be POTUS

Biden/Clark 2016!!! Yeah they will be old as hell but after 8 years as VP and SOS respectively. . .

HEY! I just got the email!!!

So Who will McCain Select as VP?

John Harwood says Biden's gaffes (you know they're coming) will help Obama

How about supporting the Democrats ?

Shadow say: "Good job Senator!!!!"

Choice Of Biden Signals Vigorous Debate With GOP On Foreign Policy, But There Are Risks

LA Times: Obama Picks CLINTON for VP!!



"Bill Clinton would have been any investigator's dream assignment"

McCain ad featuring primary attack by Biden on Obama means no Mitt as VP

So will BO/JoeBi send Hillary to London as ambassador?

So now we know. Everyone, it is Sat AM - turn off the TeeVee! Live! I am going to

Help me out guys, I need to feel pumped up about this....

Was Biden the right choice?

Biden gets congrats from GOP colleague

This poll needs some DU help: What do you think of Obama's choice for his running mate?

Strange, huh?

So, in view of the Biden pick, who do you think...

For all your pissed at the Obama campaign because of the VP leak, a couple things:

What does real Joementum look like?

The Grapes of McCain (a screenplay)

Biden Was My Number Two Choice In The Primaries...

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. (DE) everthing you ever wanted to know......

Remember when Biden wrote

Invasion of 3-digit IQ's on Morning Joey...

Help! Looking for old DU graphic someone made, "Two Smartest Mofo"



I can't believe they're (MSM) trying to make the comparison to Cheney

So, how does Biden's choice impact McCain's VP choice?

When I was campaigning for Biden, I had many Repugs tell me...

When I was campaigning for Biden, I had many Repugs tell me...

New Obama/Mccain tax comparison chart from the campaign

Could all the DU's in the DC area please go to the Naval Observatory?

I'm gonna trust Mr. Obama on his VP pick...

Folks, save yourselves some aggravation. Accept that the media was going to scoop the text msg.

I'm very, very happy with Biden as the VP choice.

FYI: Count Down will be on Tonight!!

God, I love it when I'm right!! (And it doesn't happen often),

Ok- if it's Biden then:

With Obama/Biden

who's giving a donation to the campaign today in honor of our Superb Ticket, and what would be a

I think McCain's "defiining" of Obama is going to confuse some folks

How Many Houses Does Mittens Have?

The text message graphic:

Obiden or Jobama?

Rasmussen, 8/23: Obama 45%, McCain 42% (with leaners, Obama 48%, McCain 46%)

Rasmussen, 8/23: Obama 45%, McCain 42% (with leaners, Obama 48%, McCain 46%)

Joe Biden, awesome pick! He's already done more research on the Russia/Georgia conflict than AWOL.

Even Republicans Respect Biden's Massive Foreign Policy Experience

New banner this morning for my sig- opinions before I use?

who heard their phone buzz at 3:30am?

Bye Bye

Morning Joke's latest "Biden Gaffe" attack: the "Obama is articulate and clean" remark.

What grade do you give the MSM for their coverage of Obama's selection of Biden?

Biden - excellent pick, has the most foreign policy experience of candidates from ANY party.

Joe has a GREAT environmental record! I couldn't be happier w/the choice!

Biden vs Meg Whitman, will he be up to the challenge?

Boston Globe Editorial: Joe Biden was the right VP pick

On Beau Biden's succeeding his father. It can be done.

Whew. I'm so glad Obama didn;t pick Bayh

Rumble Young man RUMBLE! Shout Out

Got my email from Obama

Obama/Biden a REFRESHING change from Bush/Cheney

The first thing I would like to hear Joe Biden say:

These are MY boys, this is MY ticket, I will not be swayed, I will not be moved...

This ticket is SOLIDLY PRO-LABOR. Finally.

So who is going to track this flight?

Is Delaware's governor going to pick someone as progressive as Joe

Obama has shown he has better judgement than Al Gore or John Kerry

Biden on Bush's comments: "BULLSHIT".. Bring it JOE!!

A fun ad.... picture of Obama and Biden in Men in Black suits and shades...

25 Things You Might Not Know About McCain

DUers complaining? DUers saying "I won't if..."? DUers freaking out?

MSM- Obama/Biden = Bush/Cheney

Nothing says change any better than electing

Will McCain Respond With Lieberman as VP For An All Senator Race?

Late last night the coverage of Biden on CNN was positve

Obama: The buck will stop with me, because I will be the president.

The time stamp on my email was 4:44:22 am.

They're starting already!! (Ron Fournier)

how will McCain prove he's a regular guy?

"He knows McCain better than anyone else"

Obama is the total opposite of AWOL Bush.

Plane to pick up Biden at New Castle airport

Big Joe Biden's experience trumps McCondo's IN SPADES!

Operation Chaos comes crashing down.

Did you know the McCain's have a "vacation compound near Sedona, Ariz"...

Watch this video clip how Scarborough & Mika are so rude to Robert Gibbs, Obama strategist

Wow! Biden takes an 80 minute Amtrak ride back home every night!?

"Change and Experience"

Ok... That's done.... Now let's go kick some GOP Ass!!!! (pls recommend)

(since no one asked) my take on Biden-he is fine with me

Biden's plusses outweigh his minuses

There are a few key moments where the VP makes a big difference.

Photos Of Obama And Biden

Any Time Now

VP would be a great cap on Biden's career.

Biden would be only the second Catholic Veep ever?

Joe Biden Won't Forget the Number of Houses He Owns.

McCain campaign "Rezko is fair game now"

hey underpants, what's your take on Biden

My State by State Election Projection: Pre Convention Update

Send Joe a welcome note

IF it's Biden, the timing is perfect!


"Housegate" is game over for McSame

Everyone Answers: Do you consider yourself a Post-Partisan Democrat?

President Barack Obama, today, sent Vice President Joe Biden to assess the crisis in Turkey.

If McCain were smart he would pick a woman.

Does anyone know when Obama and Biden will be appearing together today?

Nice to see so many McCain oppo research dept. people out this morning.

McCain Houses: Why didn't the media know how many?

A moment of quiet schadenfreude for Sam Nunn

Is Joe Biden "Generation Steve?"

John Nichols: "And the winner is: Joe Biden."

Remember Lloyd Bentsen?

This has been the most exciting 24 hours in politics since Nov. 2000

Richard Lugar (R-IN) congratulates Obama on his selection of "friend" Biden.

There are a LOT of Bidens neighbors out in support of him on tv right now...that speaks VOLUMES!!

McCain: "My friends, here is the one I decided to keep!"

McWho? (crickets) Little Johnny McCondo is suddenly forgotten

Does it bother anybody else that the CNN bus is named the CNN Express?

What basis does this lack of foreign policy judgement come from???

Lanny Davis = Asshole

Obama Web Site: "Take a minute to share a personal note welcoming Joe to our movement for change"

The NEW look of the Obama/Biden website...

Here's a great vid about voting

Here's a great vid about voting

Glass-Steagall repeal Senate vote- 90-8 for, brief recap

Joe Biden will be 73 years old in 2016

Let's go shopping!!

I wonder if any of the news shows are following

Track Biden's Flight To Springfield Here

NPR guest on MSNBC still insisting Biden's "clean" remark was about taking a bath!


Biden Viewed Favorably by 43%, Seen as Politically Liberal by 41%

Fox News-Cavutos show

Kennedy/Johnson = Obama/Biden? Hmmmmmmm.


***Breaking News: Obama Biden Rally Later Today!!!***

The Old and New McCain

Ok...PUMAs! Now you can officially pick up your toys and go home!

Biden...If nothing else, the man rides the train.

Who Hasn't Received Text or E-Mail Yet

so did CNN really scoop this... did the text messages go out at all?

Well thank God it's not Bayh

Obama-Biden vs. Bush-McCain, pt. 2

Hey Delawareans

Tomorrow's media catchword: "gravitas"

Which candidate is likely to appoint a woman and/or pro women Supreme Court Justice

A John McCain Administration: "Prince Charming and his two Cinderellas!"


"Biden's Competence Will Help Obama Be Able To Remain Obama" Steve Clemons

I'm Still Hoping Obama Picks Bayh...

I'm Still Hoping Obama Picks Bayh...

Those of you receiving text messages, I have a question.

Morning Joe showed the new McCain Ad ... AGAIN

Can we be human for a second. . .I'm choking up watching Joe's neighbors send him off. . .

Considering The EXPANDED POWERS Of The Office Of VP Nowadays

What Happens to Biden's Senate Seat?

John McCain Discovers America: Senator McShame and the Wreckage

Biden is a corporanazi corrupt unchangey northeastern liberal McCain-loving loudmouth!

McCain's only choice is a male WASP for VP

The Political Compass is validated once again.

The Political Compass is validated once again.

There are already thousands in Springfield waiting for the speech

The McCain ad

Why are the T.V. channels allowing these lying political ads?????

Hillary Statement On Biden Pick

How are overseas media perceiving the pick?

There are a few different time zones, it's not 3am EVERYWHERE @ same moment.

Question: Is the Obama/Biden event being streamed on the web anywhere?

There should be a limit on the number of "Do you want McCain to win?" responses in a given thread.

I slept with my cell phone by my ear last night in hopes it would wake me up

An Op-Ed piece in the NYT today brings up some good advice for Obama...

Is Fournier Moonlighting for McCain?

Where were you at 3am when the phone went off?


Next Text Mssg: R U 6Y 4 Denver ???

Congratulations to DELAWARE! Something interesting finally happened within your borders!

My arch-neocon Republican father-in-law likes Joe Biden!!

The only drawback to an Obama/Biden ticket...

For those people disappointed that Hillary wasn't chosen.

Obama/Biden. It might be difficult for John McCain, but I think the rest of us

I don't get it--why do some people think Southerners will ONLY vote for other Southerners?


Could the Obama camp have sent out the texts before Secret Service covered Biden? I don't think so.


Hillary Clinton

If Biden is Obama's VP choice history will be made

BREAKING: McCain Chooses His Running Mate

Help me plan strategy for victory.

Can't wait to get my Obama/Biden 2008 bumper sticker and display it proudly!

N.O.W. releases good statement about Biden

**** Second Congratulations Thread to Senator Biden and Senator Obama ****

the unofficial count by msnbc

The more I read about Joe Biden, the MORE I'm liking him!

Now I can buy my "Veterans for Obama/Biden" T-Shirt and wear it on base!!!!!

Biden's Baggage

Biden: A New Kind of Joementum!

This just in: McCondo STILL out of touch with american workers

Our next Vice President (Picture Heavy)

What time is the Springfield event in Eastern Time?

One thing that bothers me about Biden is that he told reporters

What effect will Biden's selection have on the Harriet Christians of the party?

Biden is not some RW sell-out

Umm regarding McCain not knowing what car he drives

Now... If McCain Picks Lieberman, The World Will Confirm That America Has Truly Jumped The Shark !!!

Congratulations to Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the 2008 Dem ticket.

So can we call them Jobama now?

Chuck Schumer congratulates Obama on great VP pick

Obama had to notify the Secret Service before us

So when can one ask Joe Biden how soon he & Obama wll RESTORE bankruptcy protection for average Joe?

Joe Biden is a pre-Reagan liberal.

STUNNING: McCANE goes with ROVE as his VEEP

Picking Biden made the Catholic Vote even more complicated

NARAL's Statement on the VP Pick

Jill Biden's "" page

Biden: Truth To Power

Ok.......... VP choice is OBiden

The VP pick process was GENIUS!

I have more respect for hardcore right wing Republicans who vote for McCain based on the issues than

I'm confused on McCain's VP pick.

Biden: "Rich folks are as patriotic as poor folks"

I love it that the Rethugs are still saying that Obama is weak on foreign policy.

Favorite Biden quotes?

Warning: Nuclear Conservative Slime Bomb Incoming.

Will Obama's appearance with Biden be on ABC/NBC/CBS? I don't have cable.

What's the Biggest Thing Biden Adds to the Ticket?

McCain using Biden's words to attack Obama is moronic (doesn't he remember Romney?)

Thank You Rep. Wasserman Schultz

Thank You Rep. Wasserman Schultz

Joe Biden: Tribute to an Irish Mother

Obama IS from the Middle-Class!!

Who woulda thought?? From STRANGE FRUIT to the OVAL OFFICE in 60 Years?

Fair Weather Forecast for Denver Thursday

WSJ: The Obama Tax Plan

C-Span NOW - an interview with Biden from 2006.

How do you like Obama's choice of VP?

I got my dream ticket!

KO just asked a GREAT question, re. rethugs going after Biden's plagiarism.

The Pressure for McCain to Announce his VP is now IMMENSE. The Media will PUSH him to announce.

MSNBC is showing Joe saying goodbye to his Mom and grandchildren

Poll: 3 out of 4 dentists recommend Obama-Biden

Tim Kaine on MSNBC: "Senator Biden has always been about American values than Washington values."

Biden's plane has landed!!

Yeah? Well I went over to a couple of THOSE websites just now

The competition

You're right. I've changed my mind on Biden.....

Face it folks, the MSM will never report that Dem's are united behind this ticket...

My favorite Joe Biden clip

here comes Ed Rendell

Which one of "those" websites is the more pitiful?

Biden: Free-Wheeling Attack Machine.

Jill and Michelle - I hope they become FAST friends...

Biden, an "Unafraid Liberal"

Biden leaving his house now for the airport, on CNN Live

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on MSNBC now praising Biden.

Oh yay! It's DOUCHEBAG Gregory!!

***The Totally Stoked It's Biden and am Happily Willing to Support the Ticket Thread***



Sorry, I like Joe Biden

Was Biden in the military?

This is one of Drill McSame's newest homes

Okay, I'm really irritated with Obama on this one.

I see lots of newbies this week! Welcome to DU!

Chuck Todd on MNSBC: "Chicago decided.." WTF?!

I dreamed last night that Obama's veep pick was Elizabeth Edwards. Not sure what

Now this thing is going to be fun!

I'm thinking of Joe Biden's mother this morning..

Mother speaks:

The Washington Post SCOOPED the announcement??

The DU "What This Election Is About" Film Festival--your nominees?

Please take a moment to welcome Senator Biden!

C-SPAN showing Biden interview from 08/06 now.

Biden as VP: plus, minus, or yawn?

When can we expect the spam email rumors that Biden is like Cheney but Islamist?

I went over to one of "those" websites just now.

can anyone find that great quote by Biden, something like "no sunlight between Bush and McCain?"

Question: Can the president of the Senate preside whenever he wants?

GOP ad man-"It's the Britney-Paris ticket."

(Almost) 12 hours of harmony on DU ??? 'Tain't natural.

Am I the only one feeling the party unifying?

Am I the only one feeling the party unifying?

And now for the Denver weather report for Thursday...

Obama/Biden - 2 politicians who actually *understand* the US Constitution.

If Obama were confident, he would have picked a ficus tree

As of 12:25pm EST - we packed off Joe Biden to share him with the rest of the country

PHOTOS: BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA head to Springfield, IL, along with the BIDENS

PHOTOS: Biden leaves for Springfield, IL

I just realized how excited I really am about this ticket! I don't ever

Gov. Rendell looking good on MSNBC giving Big Joe a Big thumbs up!

Obama/Biden = The Resurrection of the Legislative Branch.

Do you ever notice how Republicans talk really loud..

Do you ever notice how Republicans talk really loud..

howard fineman on what biden must be thinking: "I'm the luckiest guy on the face of the earth." to

I see the crowd has Obama/Biden posters they are using for shade

mccone spokeswoman now on msnbc

Disappointed by the text message.

McCain Calls Biden

Our pick is in: Who does McSame pick?

CNN has LIVE FEED of Springfield rally

Anybody watching C-Span?? Look at the size of that crowd in Springfield!!

Turn on the Tee Vee! Obama and Biden!!!!!!!

Q: Do you think choosing Biden was a message to his Base (that's us)?

A disturbing trend...again!

A song for Barack and Joe and the United States of America

Joe's mom to nun: "If you ever speak to my son that way again, I'll rip that bonnet off your head!"

Self-delete. nt

Barack takes the stage in Springfield with U2 playing in the background

They're playing U2 at the rally! This day just keeps getting better and better n/t

Cameras on Michelle Obama in Springfield now. She looks like Marie Osmond to me.

Why Senator John McCain Is Not A War Hero

Attention second guessers and nay-sayers - do you know what 'vetting' means?

C-Span: Obama-Biden Rally in Springfield - Saturday on C-SPAN 3pm ET

how many at the rally? n/t

Obama: Joe Biden is the real Straight Talk

Here's one for the Good Dads out there!

I love Joe Biden's mom!!!


Chuck Todd just made a good point about how Biden was the favorite of many in the Hillary camp

Wow, Republicans must be SCARED SHITLESS about an Obama-Biden ticket...

"if John McCain picks Mitt Romney you got some serious houses on that ticket"

its all good...i'm down with obama/biden...i just want joe to cut his mini-mullet

It was only asked so I could find out.

That's not a worry John McCain has: he'll have to think about which of the seven tables to sit at!


already taking jabs at McCain and his 7 houses

"He has to figure out which of 7 kitchen tables to sit at!"

'Your kitchen table is just like mine....."

lol , hear that "next president slip" lol

Big Joe: McCain can't figure out which of his 7 kitchen tables to sit at.

"McCain has to figure out which of the 7 kitchen tables to sit at!"

Thank all that is Holy in the universe that Obama picked someone

Give 'em hell, Joe!!

These times require more than a good soldier--they require a wise leader

"These times require more than a good soldier. They require a wise leader."

"These times require more than a good soldier. They require a wise leader."

How about a moratorium on Hillary hating? I'm actually glad she's not on the ticket.

Dang Joe!!!

Biden was born on RFK's birthday

Thank you to the mods.


Hammer those themes JOE!!!

A wise leader!

Biden: "America needs more than a good soldier, it needs a strong leader"

Watching Joe

"Disappointed in John McCain." YES. nt

"Steel in his spine!!!!"

Who would have thought this day would ever happen..........

So when does Biden start eating McCain's lunch?

OMG!!! I am SOOOO f*cking excited about this ticket!!!!

Biden knows how to give a speech. He will get big crowds too.

biden knows how to work a crowd

McCain/rwsidekick will never even come close to matching the energy level of Obama/Biden

DUers without cable... ABC and CBS are carrying the event live!

I'm Scared..I found a subliminal message in the new Obama/Biden logo

John McCain. Now and evermore to be a polpy in Bush's colon. that's how far up he is being

did biden just call obama "barack omir"....

Joe has known since Thursday...

Please tell me someone here got the "3AM" pun

We're going to win this. I really believe it. And we MUST!

Biden: "This may be our last chance to reclaim the America that we love"

Biden: "This may be our last chance to reclaim the America that we love"

NBC/WSJ Poll says only 52% of Clinton supporters supporting Obama

he looks soooooo pissed!!!!!!

Any of you that doubted the choice of Joe,

What do you do about what seems to be a threat posted on YouTube?

I like Biden's focus: B*sh=Mccain. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Biden wasn't my 1st or even 2nd choice. Now I'm wondering why I thought

I was wondering if Biden or Obama wrote Biden's speech. That speech was Biden.

There seem to me to be a lot of regular middle Americans that Obama can connect to in that crowd.

We never hear about Chris Dodd anymore. Where is he and what is he doing?

Anyone have any doubts about Biden now?

Big Joe Takes the stage to the Boss playing in the background.

Obama VP Speech Introducing Biden: Read Full Text

Any dry eyes?

Barack America!

I like this ticket so much...

Big surprise-Charlie Gibson cuts away from Biden on ABc

Is anyone covering the convention online?

Any question that Obama made a great choice?

Analysts keep saying Biden fills the foreign policy hole...I think that is wrong.

***President Obama about to speak***

I can already hear the McCain response to Biden's speech

The M$M are gunning for Biden

Yeah, well *I* just went to one of THOSE sites and saw THIS:

OMG! Harold Ford isn't making me sick today!

Wow. Picking Biden flipped the game on its head.

There's something about this guy,....

Traditional media is rotten to the core. They spent how much time, money, and effort to find Biden

Biden is going to shove Bush so far up McCain's ass

A little glimpse of what we can expect from Joe Biden...

Obama/Biden ticket: A personal observation.

The "Run across the stage" -- Eagerness to enter the battle

Aw, it's over?

The Media Has Always LIKED McCain

Why the hell isn't Air America covering the rally?

Biden negative net worth: Why? Anybody know?

I'm curious - what are the PUMA's reaction to Biden selection?

If you had to chose between 5 years as a POW and losing your wife and child what would you choose.

The four of them (Barack, Michelle, Joe, and JIll) look FANTASTIC together!!

Biden on the attack!

Does anyone else find this irritating?

A glimpse into the mind of a PUMA - Starring Tellurian!

A glimpse into the mind of a PUMA - Starring Tellurian!

Tweety beating on "swiftboating" now and saying America

Seven Kitchens

BANG!! "McCain's seven kitchen tables!!"

SNAP!!!! He said McCain would have to figure out which of his 7 tables to sit at! LOL Love it! nt

Can someone remind me how McCain refers to his wife?

Republican plan?

Why loquacious Delaware senator Joe Biden is a terrific vice-presidential pick for Barack Obama

Obama/Biden vs. McHouses/McMormon

i just watched our next president

i just watched our next president

Joe will be a powerful champion for Barack. Our future is in good hands. nt

To former Hillary supporters who weren't all that pleased with Obama:


Biden ranked "least wealthy" Senator, McCain ranked 8th "wealthiest" Senator

You KNOW the Biden pick will piss a lot of people off.........

You KNOW the Biden pick will piss a lot of people off.........

Obama/Biden. Real Change. Real Leadership.

How old is too old ???

Was it just me or did Tweety seem happy that David Gregory segment ended?

Keith is on right now on MSNBC with Chris Matthew

David Gregory is a giant Fugly prick...

Looks like the DU adbot is still thinking Obama should pick Hillary...

I wish Martin and Corretta Scott King were alive to see this day.

Best "reassurance" VP pick in my lifetime

The BIDEN news will upset McLame so much that he will buy another house!!!

Poll: As Conventions Approach, Dems Trouncing GOP In Image, Party I.D.


David Nantucket wannabe Gregory and Skeletor Andrea Mitchell

Even Candy Crowley sounds impressed with Biden.

So when is McCain going to pick his boring lap dog?

I missed it!

Obama/Biden really adds up!

Has anyone yet coined the term "Jobama"?

Some thoughts on this Presidential Election

So what do you think McCain is doing right now?

You can bet the Obama/Biden campaign has an ad hot and

Predict the VP/convention polling bounce for Senator Obama/Senator Biden

Maybe Secretary of Defense Wes Clark?

There is only ONE (1) theme we need to push down America's throat in order to win:

OK, I'm gonna say it--this ticket beats the HELL out of 2004.

OK, I'm gonna say it--this ticket beats the HELL out of 2004.

Great column by Anna Quindlen in Newsweek:"The Caucasian Card"

Biden is a longtime Advocate for Women

Jamie Rubin on MSNBC now...

Joe is no Dick!

"these times don't just require a foot soldier, they require a wise LEADER."

Who is this dumb sorority girl on MSNBC from the McCain campaign

DU something about this poll

Thanks DU Members!!!! The Biden response is 1000% more positive than I ever dreamed!!!

LOL! Biden starts criticizing McCain and ABC cuts away...

That was the most politically-driven prayer I have ever heard.

The standard response to McCain

I want to punch David Gregory as hard as I can

I was very proud of Senator Biden today.....

Zogby Poll Has Obama Ahead In North Carolina 47-39!

Poor Joe Biden!

Would you say Tweety has made a turn, a decision? I think

C-Span replaying today's O & Joe's event from Springfield! Just started!

Biden: McCain has to ‘figure out which of the 7 kitchen tables to sit at.’

Biden: McCain has to ‘figure out which of the 7 kitchen tables to sit at.’

OMG!!! MSM Is LAPPING IT UP... Slobbering All Over The Place!!

Photoshop wizards?

I hate the McCainbot talking heads reliance on the line:

FoxNews: "(Biden) wrapped George Bush around John McCain better than anybody I've seen do it...

Now comes the real test - what is the Obama-Biden response going to be

Obama is going to run away with this from here.

Coast to Coast listeners....

Amazing- Obama SUCCESSFULLY "kept his powder dry."

The Working Poor aren't poor enough for John McCain

"Best-laid plans: Media beat Obama to the punch"

Human Rights Campaign on Biden

Let me be the first one to say:

"another old white guy who has been sucking the public teat since 1973."*

UH-OH! Another HUGE crowd! Obama is screwed!!

Photo: Obama and Biden greet supporters in Illinois Saturday

Tim "I don't believe in civil unions" Kaine is on MSNBC

What's that? You want to see a video of "seven kitchen tables," you say?

All The President's Men - And Women

ICK. Fox News said they were gonna read responses from "viewers like yourself..."

Cavuto is a jackass.

Love how McCain needs to make his announcement Labor Day weekend

Love how McCain needs to make his announcement Labor Day weekend

Look! This is important: Voting record: Biden vs McCain vs Obama

Biggest labor presence in history at Dem convention in Denver

A song dedication to DU--add your own if you'd like!

A song dedication to DU--add your own if you'd like!

Post speech poll on choice of Biden

CPAN's replaying it!

James P. Rubin: Senator Biden is the Right Man at the Right Time

Now that some of the excitement has wore down, let's hear it for Reggie Love

Get ready if McLame wins.........

Some Obama/Biden graphics to check out

Any idea how long it will take the Obama campaign to update their store with Obama-Biden merch?

Biden's a pitbull

Obama / Biden - Perfect Good Cop/Bad Cop

When elected, Biden will be the first Catholic VP.

PLEASE, everyone, go make a donation to the Obama/Biden Campaign

Former Edwards supporter's feelings on Obama/Biden ticket....

Tweety to Keith "Biden-Just Married McCain To Bush (In A Shotgun Wedding-With Handcuffs)"

The Year of the Political Blogger Has Arrived

O & Joe! Here we GO!

Every Single Pundit That Is Asked To Comment on Biden's "Seven Kitchen Tables" Attack

Fast forward to November. Let's say the GOP steals yet another election. What


What if they took McCain's cell phone away today, and he's trying

Biden has a great life story that many are not aware of...

McCain calls Biden

McCain calls Biden

McCain calls Biden, offers congratulations & good wishes from himself & the Beer Queen

Rec This Thread If You Think DU Should Ban ANY McCain Attack Video Posts

Why the obsession with PUMAs?

"Joe Biden is what everyone else pretends to be. A Statesman. "

McCain picks the cabinet that counts

McCain better hope Huckabee vets okay.

Video PREVIEW of what's to come: Biden fires back at Grampy McBush's multiple "forgotten" homes

GOOD lil' doggie: AP's Ron Fournier (told Rove to "keep up the fight") writes hit piece on Biden

(Sigh) Makes you wonder how Al Gore would have done with Real VP

here's something cool: obama/biden can rock out at every campaign stop with any song they want.....

This pretty much sums it up! (A comment on MSNBC's First Read)

So....Is It Still Going To Be Mitt?

It will be "O and Joe" VS. McCain Huckabee! And we will win.

Meet Jill Biden, the next Second Lady of the United States

McCain handed out tire gauges. Now that JOE is with us, THIS is what we should hand out:

Biden's Voting Record on Middle Class Issues

MSNBC thinks Obama's Biden pick might have screwed Grampy McBush and his "Mitt Agenda"

Joe Biden was without a DOUBT the right choice

What time is the Countdown Special supposed to come on ET? Is Hardball supposed

"There was a shotgun wedding today, Bidden Married Bush and McCain today"

Did folks get their text message?

The Biden pick kind of raises the bar for a Pawlenty pick, doesn't it.

Justice is comin'!

Can Biden out-Hillary Hillary??

Why Biden Was the Right Choice--for Obama and for us

Biden being chosen for the v.p. slot couldn't have

What would happen if McCain decided to throw open the pick of

So, when Joe Biden becomes VP

I have been watching MSNBC since about 10am and I have

point me to some freeper boards to browse?

All the media says nobody votes for a candidate because of their

Before anyone asks, people can come back from aneurysms very well, thank you.

In all our excitement, let us please imagine

Saving my 1000th post for this moment

has the Housegate audio gotten more than 23 million listens?

How to rebut the new ad showing Biden praising McC.

Don't Put a Muzzle on Biden

Go Sen. Debbie Stabenow!!! The Democratic Party is Fired Up & Ready to Go!!!

Free Obama/Biden stickers from MoveOn.

Has anyone ever heard of the National Democratic Institute?

My take on Obama and why the media got the story first.

Hey Biden supporters! Fuck yeah, eh?

Now that Biden got V.P., I'm looking at Richardson for Sec State..

Obama's team VP intro was genius

A poll that needs some DU love!

MoveOn giving away free Obama/Biden stickers.

***The Not Totally Stoked Its Biden, But Willing to Move on and Totally Support the Ticket Thread**

***The Not Totally Stoked Its Biden, But Willing to Move on and Totally Support the Ticket Thread**

It looks like Romney is out of the running

It's 11 o'clock: do you know where all your houses are?

Hey MSNBC staff, please study a fucking electoral map, Bush did NOT

Joe "Killed My Intern" Scarborough Latte Sipping Liberal meme in danger as McCain enjoys Cappuccino

Ugh, these are Yahoo's "Top Stories" as listed on my email's front page

Get your red-hot Obama/Biden sticker(s) from Move-On while they last!

How long 'til Candy (McCondo lover) Crowley starts telling us what "some people say"

How about a "McCain/BrighamYoung" ticket...(or perhaps as a Season IV team on 'Flip This House')

Well, now that we finally know it is Biden, and the latest "Drama"

Joe Biden: The Reckoning is NOW

McCain to text his VP announcement?

I'm one of those "purists", liberals, whining left leaners, and all I've got to say is

The make or break for Barack Obama

Ya know what I like best about Biden? He's articulate.

I just got a "Talking Card" from Obama!

Gregg Craig is mistaken about 2000, 2004.

Security makes US conventions virtual fortresses

How many people here were lamenting over the polls 5 days ago and are now ecstatic?

Who else is loving Joe Biden right now?

One of perks of "Seven" Kitchen Tables and the Obama "Seven" ad

One of perks of "Seven" Kitchen Tables and the Obama "Seven" ad

I know this may seem silly but I really like it that Obama and Biden

Shuster is really spanking tucker bounds n/t

I'm sick to death of those Starbucks sipping elitists!

Biden - Longtime Advocate for Women's Rights

I'm Biden my time...

Well, NOW we'll get the "straight talk," and not from McCain, either.

"National Gay/Lesbian group hails Biden choice"

The VP is the President of the Senate.

The funny thing? McCornered has to pick somebody.

tweetybird going after cnn, etc

McCain’s Damning Silence

McCaine is gonna ride with FRED THOMPSON.....??? close sources say

Does McCain/Romney body language give away VP pick? (Photo)

Obama and Biden in Springfield, IL: "With Joe Biden At My Side"

Intrade has Obama up 3.9 since choosing Biden

Imagine! O as President, and Joe as President of the Senate!

The new goal for Barack & Joe: Return our country to sanity, sanctity and solvency.


A thought... angry Hillary supporters may not vote for McCain

A thought... angry Hillary supporters may not vote for McCain

The fucked Corporate Media keeps showing the GOP ad for Free!

For the record, Drudge was wrong again.

just wonderin' did the media EVER once call out W/Cheney/Rove/ Rummie's REAL arrogance?

Am I a sucker for men who stand by their families?

California Repub party chair blabs on Biden & Dems funny

Very funny occurrence in Philly and suburbs:

Senator McCain, how many medical plazas does your family own??

Biden Quote about Anger

Klobuchar says Biden will make Obama better

"Denver Posting" NYT: Big Money At The Conventions In The Year Of The Political Blogger

Barack Obama Picks Joe Biden - So Does John McCain

So, how do we spin this: Biden urged Kerry to select McCain as his running mate?



Biden: "This Is No Ordinary Time, This is No Ordinary Election"

Is it too early to buy bumper stickers with Biden's name on them?

Update: I finally DID get 'the e-mail'

Hope you don't mind if this is posted again. I watch it many times a day.

Hope you don't mind if this is posted again. I watch it many times a day.

Rush Limbaugh likely to scream at his t.v. next week due to NO fighting on convention floor.

To my fellow Hillary primary supporters: YES to Obama/Biden

A snapshot from the upcoming VP debate!

Obama Biden speech starting on CSpan RIGHT NOW!

***** PURE BIDEN ******

Delawarians, Delawarites.....Congrats on our new VP! NE wrapped up I think.

Tweety's BIG NUMBER - $100,000 to $150,000

It is time for the Obama-Biden team to start selecting the

Gallup: Obama 46%, McCain 44%

TEXT of Biden's Speech (lots of good talking points!)

"We need more than a good soldier now--we need a good leader."

Majikthise - Ron Fournier: If Obama were confident, he would have picked a ficus tree:

Meanwhile at one of the McCain manses, Mother McCain, "Don't you pick that Romney!"

They criticized Obama for not having much experience & then for adding experience

Republicans are shaking in their shoes over Obama/Biden!

In a bar in IL small town last night I heard some old white guys who were for Obama

How many of you heard Obama speak at the 2004 DNC and KNEW he would be POTUS someday?

I have released all my Ignorees.

I need your advice and input!!!

Heh, heh...It was 3 a.m. and Barack and Joe were on the job.

Was the 3am Phone Call a droll Hillary Slam? I wonder if the Clinton supporters found it funny?

Hillary Clinton praises Biden pick

First flash scientific poll out on Biden choice (Rasmussen)

Biden and Obama both teach constitutional law!!! Wow, an intelligent President and VP!

Springsteen to play at the Democratic convention?????

This is simple. PUMA uses Hillary as an excuse. It is not a pro-Hillary organization.

McCondo CANNOT Beat Obama/Biden.

McCondo CANNOT Beat Obama/Biden.

McCondo CANNOT Beat Obama/Biden.

The DNC should put up a clock on their website until McCain can count his houses since they have the

It's clear and obvious, the PUMAs are HILLARY HATERS

Barack Obama and 'Toll Booth' Joe Biden, two of the 'LEAST WEALTHY' men in the Senate

How can we expect the media to stop talking about the Clintons & "pumas" when we won't? Is Giving Away Free Obama-Biden Bumper Stickers (even free shipping) Is Giving Away Free Obama-Biden Bumper Stickers (even free shipping)

I'm glad there's not a post limit's another one from me.

McCain Needs a Game Changing VP Just to Stay Relevant

Sen. O'Biden.

Joe Biden is McCain's worst nightmare.

Biden is a dominant personality....


Fournier is at it again...

Pharma-funded kitty cult goes crazy over 3 AM release of VP Pick

Photoshop expert needs to put Biden's head on Sean Connery

Ok, so a lot of people are pissed off at Biden about the bankruptcy thing.

It looks like Sebelius pulled out of the vetting process?

"Barack Americans"

Has anyone posted about our nice shiny "Family Values" ticket?

So will McSame get frustrated enough in the debates...

Biden, average Joe, works well for the blue collar vote

Family Values - Biden

EIGHT years of Bush telling the WORLD to kiss his FRAT BOY ASS, and CNN calls Biden "too frank"

So, I just contributed to Obama's campaign.

Is it just me, or is the McSame campaign coming to DU for Veep advice?

I feel so incredibly hopeful and that's an odd feeling for me.

McCain's adultery should be fair game for the Obama campaign because

Lets break down McShames VP choices- please real analysis only

Tell me what exactly ..

"women do not amount to much in themselves,"

GOP Fight in Nevada Could Cause McCain Trouble

How about a McCain/Thurman ticket?

So, when do the debates start, and how much popcorn will we need?

When will we have Obama/Biden avatars?

Old McCain v. New McCain: Here's the current definitive list of "Jukebox John's" changing tune

"Chris Matthews and John McCain broke up." John Cole (lol)

Wow, who just watched Matthews' opening remarks for the 2nd hour of Hardball?

Good Weather On Tap For Thursday!

so is Obama Biden's boss now?

Michelle Obama at the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council (DNC) :

Ok I'm bored - I'm going to drive by the Biden house and see what kind of mess is there

The Definition of Panic (PICTURE)

Incoherent ramblings from Cindy McCain...likens herself to a single mother.

ANALYSIS / Obama played it safe, but is Biden good for Israel?

Joe Biden (IS 65, right) and Drill McSenile is72 right?

McCain is putting out an ad tonight at 3AM (although they are premiering it on Hannity next) about

RW talking point re: Biden as VP: "It's a REVEALING choice."

Biden could give Obama a lift in Florida (Miami Herald)

If you don't like Hillary Underground 24/7 stop kicking the damn threads!!!

Who could have ever predicted that PAT BUCHANAN would be Hillary's biggest fan??

Can't Obama put together an ad of his own with all the lovely things the repukes said about InSane?

*** What if McCain picks Hillary for VP?! ***

Biden speech at National Press Club 9/10/01

I was away from the internet and TV for a week About McCain's 'Original Maverick' ad...

I was away from the internet and TV for a week About McCain's 'Original Maverick' ad...

McCaint: Biden A “Very Wise Selection”

Has there ever been a major party ticket where neither candidate was a white protestant male?

Already jonesin' for more of Big Joe Biden!!

Inside look at Obama's "very personal" VP decision

Video: Father Roy Bourgeois Calls on John McCain to Stop Torture

Is McCain now in a box? If he chooses someone for economic credibility the odds are

Meet Beau and Hunter Biden! (With Jill.)

tax & spend or party of the people

tax & spend or party of the people

Aw Righty now me Laddies...Time to sing AMHRAN NA BHFIANN

Holy cow, Andrea Mitchell is grinning from ear to ear after the rally

So Hillary is the meme of the McCain campaign rolled out today

"John McCain doesn't know which of the 7 tables to sit at..."

Anyone else think Ron Christie's voice is the most annoying on TV?

Screen capture from MSNBC home page is a keeper: "Biden Jumps Straight Into The Fight"

London Times reports: Barack Obama opts for ‘bare-knuckle fighter’ Joe Biden

Sooooo, what brand of alcohol do you think Rush is drowning himself in tonight?

Sooooo, what brand of alcohol do you think Rush is drowning himself in tonight?

Neil Kinnock Endorses Biden Pick

Just so you know, technically Biden has TWO kitchen tables to choose from

I thought there would be a special edition of Countdown tonight w/ Keith after Hardball???

The Republican VP candidate I fear the most.... Sarah Palin.... Governor of Alaska...

Best "I accept" VP speech ever

The Ticket (images)

Dick Morris Rewrites History: Claims Iraqi Government Invited US In

joe biden: hit McCorpse right now...shoot down his lame talking points about you being selected...

Susan Estrich on Faux trashing Obama

Biden, You Complete Me - By Edward Espinoza

It's clear and OBVIOUS: some Hillary Haters are Trying to Perpetuate the Primaries by focusing on

It's clear and OBVIOUS: some Hillary Haters are Trying to Perpetuate the Primaries by focusing on

It's clear and OBVIOUS: some Hillary Haters are Trying to Perpetuate the Primaries by focusing on

Too Much of a Bad Thing - - MoDo scoffs at McCain's POWitis.

Too Much of a Bad Thing - - MoDo scoffs at McCain's POWitis.

McCain won't pick Romney.

i'm upset with the VP choice, i was hoping for clark... however

"Ladies and gentlemen, the reckoning is now."

Last Call for Change We Can Believe In, by Frank Rich

New Poll: Obama expands lead in California

FYI-MSNBC supposedly has two shows on each candidate-McCain at 2pm ET & Obama at 3pm ET

FYI-MSNBC supposedly has two shows on each candidate-McCain at 2pm ET & Obama at 3pm ET

OnCSPAN today I saw Ann Richards 1988 keynote address

OnCSPAN today I saw Ann Richards 1988 keynote address

Who can say "no" to a $30 Obama-Biden T-Shirt

I would rather see Clinton as VP.

The Obama camp are fools.

McCain's VP: The bushes want Romney, Evangelicals want Huckabee. Who'll win the power struggle?

Obama/Biden - for homemade bumper sticker and teeshirts!

Unbelievable Repug tactic

Biden Spike!

Biden Spike!

AP reporting tonight that HRC told Obama "don't vet me unless you are planning to pick me".

Let me say this again: A pro-choice GOP VP candidate = 50 state Obama landslide

Hillary Clinton praises Obama's VP pick

"In his first truly presidential decision, Barack Obama acted like a president"

VP night fun with names!

VP night fun with names!

VP night fun with names!

VP night fun with names!

Obama/Biden gear, anyone know where i can find it?

NYT: Biden's Foreign Policy: A Philosophy of Diplomacy First, Force Last

It's official. We've got the:

Biden: McCain has failed the character test

What does the Deleware Destroyer do for an ecnore?

Do you have the impression that the M$M is sort of pissed off at Biden right now?

Meet Jill Biden!

John McCain is Bob Dole with less message discipline.

Let's hear from pre-primary Biden supporters

The so called Freudian slip that chills me to the bone. When Barack...

I'd like to share some previews of Biden's support of Obama and attacks on McCain

I'd like to share some previews of Biden's support of Obama and attacks on McCain

The Shape of the Race (IMHO)

Last night LynneSin posted that she was going to drive by our future VP's house

As a Primary Hillary voter, can I just say that Biden was an awesome choice?

here's a CNN poll.

As a long-time Biden supporter, may I just say,

Who would you like to see McCain pick as his V.P?

My new Obama-Biden pin! (pic)

Anybody know anything about these two links? I can't get them to work

Biden's 110th ACLU Congressional score: 91%, Obama 80%, Clinton 75%, Kennedy 85%, Boxer 85%

The best the Freepers have got. (Hint: not very good.)

Just in case there's a God, I'm praying it's Lieberman

Will McCain try to match Biden with Opus Dei Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

I never thought that I would despise a POS politician more than I do Bush/Cheney,

The ties....Red State, Blue State Symbolism?

CNN now back to claiming Obama has problems in the Hispanic community

It's Biden. So like Obama to pick the most qualified VP and......

All those that support Joe Biden for VP Post Here....

Ok, to those who think Joe lied about "not being the guy"...

Is "original maverick" redundant?

NOW PLAYING: BarackObamadotcom: Joe Biden in Springfield - 16:55

*** OFFICIAL Congratulations Joe Biden THREAD! ***

What a day!

Hillary Clinton is smart...she knows if she was vetted for VP, she would

Overheard at work today:

Overheard at work today:

Richardson says he was vetted for VP and under consideration

Geraldo Rivera is a real asshole


Joe Biden polls better than any D or R among undecideds

Now that it's Biden, two things are clear: First, McCain will have to pick

More Polling: Biden does EXCELLENT with undecideds and independents

Barbara Jordan about to speak on C-Span - 1976 Dem Convention, NYC

Barbara Jordan about to speak on C-Span - 1976 Dem Convention, NYC

McCain Email Quotes Biden: "Obama Not Ready to Lead"

New McCain Ad Uses Clinton Attacks it's Senator Bankruptcy Bill of 2005...

Went canvassing in NH today

I'm shocked, I tell you.


OBAMA/BIDEN-------- BRING IT!!!!!!!

My issue with Biden is that he is a LIAR!!!!!

My fear is that the Repukes will try to suppress the black vote in OH, PA, GA, MO, MI, VA, NC

I just understood this: Obama has trouble with Catholics, and Biden is Catholic. Brilliant! nt

McCain Tries to Rile Up Clinton Voters Against Obama

What is it with all the left handed presidential

I cannot fucking believe this McCain campaign "Freudian slip" BULLSHIT.

CNN Politcal Ticker-Clinton Loyalists Outraged-"If you think we were mad before..."

Do you realize what kind of ticket the Dems have?

Politco is reporting that Colin Powell is being considered for VP by McCain

I think that a McCain/Powell ticket is very dangerous....

Meanwhile, over in Freeperville.....

Is anyone else saddened by how vile John McCain has become?

Is anyone else saddened by how vile John McCain has become?

Is anyone else saddened by how vile John McCain has become?

The smartest move McCain could make right now is to go for Tom Ridge.

Here's another thing I really like about Joe Biden...

Wow.....Obama and Biden both teach constitutional law.....

McCain Tries to Rile Up Clinton Voters Against Obama with New Ad: "Passed Over"

McCain Tries to Rile Up Clinton Voters Against Obama with New Ad: "Passed Over"

Kerry Statement on Sen. Obama’s Selection of Joe Biden as VP Nominee

Okay. It’s time to shut up.

who's willing to admit they've been watching the news all day long?

Free Obama/Biden Stickers here:

Free Obama/Biden Stickers here:

Biden probably won't be able to run in 2016 due to age

i say we encourage use of the term PUMA

i say we encourage use of the term PUMA

MSM; Biden prone to gaffs.

I was watching Mr. Sanchez on CNN, got bored, and so I ......

Here ya go

Here ya go

Speculation now shifts to McCains running mate...

After the Biden pick, can McCain afford a pro-Choice nominee?

Who votes for Obama-Biden that wasn't already going to vote for Obama no matter who he chose?

Newsweek: On his own (about Obama's childhood)

If you don't like Biden, your spouse should leave you since there is no pleasing you.

If you don't like Biden, your spouse should leave you since there is no pleasing you.

The 'take no shit express' just left the station .....

MSNBC Planning Convention Coverage Bonanza (Times and Anchors info here) :

Republican Senators Praise Senator Biden


BREAKING: Romney drops out of McCain's Veep Race:

CSM: Joe Biden and his Catholic faith

"A noun and a verb and 9/11" one of the greatest lines of the primaries.

Ashley Biden is a Social Worker....

When Obama/Biden win, will this be the death....

Biden makes me proud of my Irish heritage. I haven't been, lately.

Well, so much for diversity. Once again we end up with two Irish-Americans on the ticket.

Biden: "These times require more than a GOOD SOLDIER - they require a WISE LEADER."

New Mississippi Poll: Obama getting 13% of the white vote, 97% of AA's

We have a ticket . I don't want to see crap about Hillary or Edwards or anyone else. We have a

Rules committee meeting in Denver today....some still declaring unfairness in primaries.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.: A Senate Stalwart Who Bounced Back

Chuck Hagel says: "Biden pick is great for America"


2 GUYS, 2 HOUSES, Obama-Biden in 2008!

Hagel Weighs In (on Biden)



Here we go again ...

Another McCain VP Bites the Dust - Sarah Palin, Alaskan Gov, Faces Probe; abuse of office!

Whoa!!! Tweety just asked if the crocodile tears CNN & FAUX are shedding

The mainstream media parses Clintons' support...

i missed the rally while traveling ...recorded back home

Don't get me wrrong I am a huge Springsteen fan....but The Rsing is a vey odd choice for a campaign

Best Biden quote yet.

Did MSNBC can Dan Abrams?

Woohoo. Biden just opened a big can of whoop-ass,

Obama Biden and Blarch in Springfield ...lots of *PICS*

Recommend if you think it's SHEER BRILLIANCE !!

Comparing Sen. Obama's voting record with Sen. Biden and Sen. McCain

Joe Biden is

So, it really is curtains

From Chuck Todd "Biden is the candidate many Republicans least wanted to see."!!!

If FDR descended from heaven in a Chariot of fire...

Biden got Obama call during root canal.

Do you think Hillary would make a good Secretary of State?

There's a bunch of shit I just can't stand about Joe Biden!

To those DU'ers who supported Biden for President, I'd just like to say...

"you act like you float the ether"

Recommend this thread if using the term PUMA is grounds for the ignore button.

You pick the next big McCain scandal:

So Why Did This Long-Time Critic of Bill Clinton Support Hillary for VP? Why?

First thought - nothing says "change" like picking the sixth longest currently serving Senator

Take a Guess... who will McCain pick as VP after Obama's pick of Biden?

"with or against"?

The Next Smear: Obama Misspeaks, Calls Biden 'The Next President'; Biden Calls Obama 'Barack America

he damn well better put SEVERAL women in his Cabinet!

Tell me about Joe Biden please. Thank you.

Frank Luntz, GOP word guru, is on with Tavis tonight

Sometimes, the littlest things are the ones that mean so much.

Is Barak Obama a Muslim?

ATTACK THE ATTACKERS!!! TIme to "swiftboat" the LIARS!!!!

All day today the GOP-controlled media media has been eagerly awaiting ...

McLaughlin Group is good tonight. Monica Crowley is fighting with

It is Biden...MSNBC. n/t

I was just listening to Phil Hendrie as I wait for Coast to Coast

WBBM radio in chicago just announced biden is the veep

Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a huge bedpan?!

Biden related screen grab off MSNBC for the hell of it.

smug bastards

JOHN KING live on CNN saying Biden is "officially" the choice.


I didn't get a text message!1!11!11!

"'Twas the Time Before Voting - a Poem" (re Don Young)

My Mom Was Right

U.S. Decathlete Bryan Clay Wins Gold (edited OP title)

Please go to Hallmark website and tell them you support their equal treatment of gays.

New York Times: "The Year Of The Political Blogger Has Arrived"

The GOP-controlled media have announced who Obama's VP pick is.

I gotta text message!!!

Heads Up! - An hour with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Charlie Rose - taped on Thursday in Iran

Someone in Delaware, would Biden have to take his name off the ballot for the senate if he

Dog saves newborn baby

MSNBC poll:What do you think of Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., as Barack Obama's choice

SO Do we really think it is Biden?

Unless someone hacked Obama's site, it's officially Biden

Ha! Ha! Barak Announces Biden VP (did I get the scoop?) & Fox Noise is Airing a Billo Rerun!...

Wikipedia - Aug 23, 1:40 AM PST calls Obamas vp pick

Our MSM needs a nation- wide recall if they want to save their industry

Tonight's Official VP Choice LOLCat

NY Times article on Obama choosing Biden

After 8 years of Bush/Cheney, who in hell can complain about Joe Biden?

Study: A bad joke could be dangerous

Is Measles Vaccination Declining?

Joe Biden

The Money Behind Biden

Biden On Energy and the Environment

Is the Vice Presidency now a terminal job?

Biden on the issues.

PHEW! Delaware Governor is Dem. Ruth Ann Minner

Wow!! The Biden VP pick is already posted on Wikipedia. That was freaking FAST!!

So what if Biden supports the banks?

Biden's Iraq Plan

Obama-Biden stuff for sale at

I want to be a pundit on "the T.V."

Librarian fired for book on unsavory patrons


I have still received no text message or email!

I didn't get the text message!

WaPo picks best biden pic for front page, msnbc too!

Rice says US-Iraq coming together on timetables for the withdrawal of U.S. troops - Timetable?

Inflation is stinging U.S. workers harder

At Last! The "ADULTS" Are Back In Charge

Well, the fix is in

did anyone see Linda Douglas on Morning Joker? She was fantastic!

ICE Scraps Pilot Program To Encourage Illegal Immigrants To Give Up

The State Department's Forgotten Continent

Olympic Spoiler

Was Bush pilloried for not choosing Liddy Dole as his running mate?

Protections Set for Antiabortion Health Workers

How come when the GOP is in the minority they can bring Washington

Sadrists denounce emerging US-Iraq deal

WJ this morning - Obama's VP Joe Biden n/t

Russian forces refuse to leave key Georgian port

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/23/08: Q&A with MB's opponent

Matthew Rothschild: Judge Sides with Maker of “Bush Lied” T-Shirt

C-SPIN: Tim Carpenter - PDA (Progressive Democrats Of America)

Anyone else remember Biden's 2002 Iraqi WMD Hearings with Hamza & Butler....

The Price of the Surge

This will get lost tonight but how about we wait until Feb. to restart negotiations?

Now that DUer gateley has confirmed that the VP is Biden ...

"The Body of Christ" held hostage by student, then returned in Ziploc bag

These two ass-clowns on CSPIN are hilarious!

Bush's Own Private Idaho, & the VP is Not Part of Executive Branch?-Bush History, 8/23

The Man With All the Medals Blows a Golden Opportunity

Franken has money. Take a trip to beautiful Minnesota for a week and volunteer!

DUers... Tell Me Why Biden You are Disappointed with this Pick?

Kerry had a problem getting media time. Not going to happen with Biden on the ticket

What a great day to stay home: Obama/Biden rally and Laurel and Hardy fest on TCM

Anyone watching Morning Joe

Breaking: Just got an email from Obama announcing his VP seletion!!!

"No Nukes" Ad From U.S. Scientists' Group Too "Scary" for Northwest Airlines

I am overjoyed with the pick: Joe Biden

Its turned a little cloudy here today

Would you have brought your gun in?

Lookin' GOOD Beau Joseph R. Biden III

Who thinks Obama screwed up!

Looks like all of Delaware are outside BIden's home

Never one to share the spot light, Admiral McCombover is ready for his close up ...

Caught Morning Joe for the first time this morning

Top 10 Dumbest John McCain Quotes

mccain isn't going to choose mit. Do not believe the B.S. from the MSM

"Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court on Grounds he is Constitutionally Ineligible for the Pres"

You know ...... if Obama and Biden serve a full two terms, we will be right back here again in 2016

Quincy: "Give Me Your Weak."

Who Will McCain Pick as his VP?

Franken turns down time at the Democratic Convention podium

It's time to call Bush and the Republicans on their bluff - Support NATIONALIZED offshore drilling!

Bush Radio 8/23/08: "This Congress has been one of the most unproductive on record."

[BARACKOBAMA.COM] Welcome Biden to the campaign!

Liberal Positions Gaining Popularity

Services arranged for Stephanie Tubbs Jones

I really hate to make fun of somebody's name, but HICKENLOOPER?????

Mitt why are none of your sons in Iraq ?

What is it with 3AM??

Joe's ride to Springfield, if anyone's interested

Meanwhile the freepers are all atwitter

Don't know if anyone has considered this Biden angle yet, but...

Great freeper quote about DUers

Why does Biden have the Repigs so frantic?

I hope Grampy picks ROMNEY! The veep debates will be CLASSIC!

Republican challenger calls on Biden to withdraw from Senate race

I'm Just Sayin': The idiotic "Biden undercuts change" argument

I already love Michelle's dress or blouse or whatever it is!

Cuban taekwondo athlete banned after kicking ref

At least he didn't pick Clinton

Did you catch the Joe Biden's Mom's story from Tweet Bird on the nun

Architectural Digests Visits McCain Home

C-Span & ABC : Obama-Biden Rally in Springfield - Saturday @ 3pm ET

Obama-Biden Rally Live at Raw Story

What a horrible pick!

What's the best web site to follow electoral college estimates

Never mind...

If you were a POW, are you also automatically a hero?

McClatchy: As Democrats gather, liberal positions gaining in popularity

Heartless Florida policies: Disabled Floridians Losing Services Under New Guidelines

For the ones who were here last night, who refused to accept the news about Biden

Attention my fellow DUers! Credit is due!

Erroneous, Fraudulent Medicare Payments Far Exceed Original Estimates

Joe! Stand Firm!

the boss introduces biden

There's our MAN! WOOT!

Boom times for the credit card companies!!

150 days until 1/20/09

Rules Let Health Workers Deny Abortions

In the battle of the 404 pages, it's Obama in a landslide

Joe Biden can talk for hours and hours like this in Springfield. I won't complain.

Sunday in the park in Denver...

DU PIC of the day! My new desktop image.

Fox news is critiqiuing Joe Biden's mother's house....LOL

"American Wife"


Mr. Biden gave us a little red meat, I want me some more.

For those of you who are also into this generational "stuff": An observation.

Barack & Joe show replay starting on CSPAN now

Obama did not choose a Southerner. Will McSame?

Obama did not choose a Southerner. Will McSame?

I want one!

Bush blames Democrats for high gas prices (that's funny!)

Why the Senator is Not War Hero McCain in New Context select POWS were introduced to very wealthy

Not to Distract, but NATO and Russia may be headed for confrontation on the Black Sea...

GIVE A HAND TO THE DU TECHS!!! The site hasn't crashed yet!!

Biden voted AGAINST FISA - the secret weapon

ok , how long until McRich gives up and says "I'm Rich, and I deserve it because I'm a POW"?

Okay, I'm excited about the ticket now!

Dear Joe and Barack, Although I love how y'all faced the media this time

Joe Biden on Iraq

Let's Hear It For Joe!!!! Great Pick Obama! Let's Kick Some GOP Ass!

Just when you thought Dick Morris couldn't get any more stupid...

Are American women pursuing chess success and facing obstacles?

AP's Ron Fournier - McCain/Rove Shill "Analysis: Biden pick shows lack of confidence "

Today should be a day of celebration, what's on Air America and America Left?

Today should be a day of celebration, what's on Air America and America Left?

First Rachel Maddow ad on MSNBC

Saddam said, "Come on over, Bush, and take down my govt"...

Obama getting free ad time on Fox ....

"The Reckoning is Now!"

Oh jeez, they wheeled Pat Buchanan out of the

What night is Obama speaking at the Convention?

Tucker Bounds on MSNBC just miss spoke



"We ask, but we don’t demand"

Joe hugs is mother, Jean

BREAKING: Thurston Howell III Defends Sen. McCain’s 10 Homes

Will we have the story of 2 Joes?

Is there an offical Obama/Biden website with merchandise yet?

David Horowitz alarmed: A Jihad in Academia !

When Dick Cheney privately meets with Saudi Oil....

As Democrats gather, liberal positions gaining in popularity

U.S. airstrike killed at least 70 civilians

What happened with Bill Gwatney's Assassination/Murder in Arkansas???

came up with a nickname for a mccain-romney ticket

The John McCain Energy Plan--finally revealed!

Hey Repubs- You can have him!

Getting To Know The Real John McCain

The GOP's 2008 nominee is...Eldon Smith? (McCain used an alias)

2 hour Hardball? Didn't KO say there was going to be Countdown at 8pm?

Admin/Mods. Is there any way to add an option to rec when you reply to a post?

I've got it--how about a McCain/Bob Dole ticket...?

Very funny occurrence in Philly and suburbs:

CNN is in full-blown de-construct mode. And they've been airing

The role of women in Mormonism

This could be a baaaad idea?

The Pantheon of Evil

Does Captain Combover need to have ID tags tied on to him when he goes out?

On This Date in VP History: Obama Picks Biden, & Cheney's Bizarre Assertion

The Army Corpse of "Engineers" is effing up NOLA again!

McCain is in favor of taxing the rich, NOT the poor.

andrea mitchell re mitt romney as veep: 'the ritchie-rich thing may not work'

What's really behind the GOP's criticism of the Biden pick?

Rachel on Tweety now

Without impeachment, there must be a truth commission

Analysis: Biden pick shows lack of confidence

Homes, sweet homes!

Pennsylvania DUers, how popular is Biden there and will this boost Obama's poll numbers in PA?

"Joe Biden, is he like fabric softener?"

NATO Sends More Ships Into Black Sea

Joe Biden is ready to kick some Republican ass

Totally off topic - whatever happened to Thomas Druce

Reid, Obama use Bush timetable to criticize opponents; GOP, McCain silent

Anyone know anything about Mitt Romney's dealings with Latin America?

surge update - Five killed in Iraq suicide attack, nine wounded

Men's Basketball Gold final: what time will this be on television?

Olympic Mens Marathon Spoiler

Independent UK: Wall Street fears the worst as US housing sales continue to fall

caption this photo

OK. How the hell can anybody call Biden a puppydog????

Where the hell is Keith Olberman?

Okay what happened to Keith Olbermann?

Heads up: Real Superhumans on Science Channel

This is a must hear speech from Anne Richards (TX-D) Keynote Speech. Dem. Convention 1988 !!

Sweet Jesus I hate racists so much! But I really don’t have an answer.

Susan Estrich has become the Joe Lieberman of Republican propaganda.....

wow....cnn's rick "dirty" sanchez thinks freeper comments about obama on twitter.....

Tampons: the root of all evil

Why would Romney's business experience be a plus for McCain?

NY Times: U.S. and Global Economies Slipping in Unison

PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Finding

Boyle possible perps Pentagon CIA, or private sector scientists acting covert contract with GOV

I heard John McCain is a mormon and has 7 houses for his 7 wives

NY Times: Some Fear Commercial Property Loans Will Be Next Stage in Downturn

CNN's odd "staging".... CNN Grill?? Rooftop?? Guy with "something in his hand" ..on a roof"

No emails from the Obama campaign today

Yeah, bodily functions.....does that include childbirth? n/t

Yeah, bodily functions.....does that include childbirth? n/t

Val Bertinelli book rocks AND she's a proud liberal Dem!

Republicans never cease to amaze me..

i'm confused......

"They" have control of the "Apparatus" my venue in Denver...I will have the following people...

just watched larry king on, the crusty old repub whores he has on the show.......

On Friday I was driving home and flipped to SAVAGE RADIO EAT SMALL CHILDREN RADIO!!!!

Make corporations once again subordinate to We the People.....the Democracy Insurgency Campaign

Obama Biden! Official Web from Obama!

I'm bored. Post your favorite 'Barack Obama Joe Biden' anagram here.

Does anybody know when Biden's wife and daughter were killed?

Ron Christie on Hardball

A song for those who are disappointed with the VP pick...

Usain Bolt celebrates really early - one hilarious video

Majikthise - Ron Fournier: If Obama were confident, he would have picked a ficus tree:

Biden's VP Stump -- "The Straight Talk Expresso?"

Unite under Obama/Biden or get on the mothership and leave

NY Times: That Student Loan, So Hard to Shake

So how long until I can get my grubby paws on an official Obama/Biden '08 bumper sticker?

Is schadenfreude always inappropriate?

Looking around, this occurred to me

Openly gay Olympic athlete (Spoiler)

Openly gay Olympic athlete (Spoiler)

Corporate Personhood and Restoring Citizen Control over Corporations - A Resource Guide

Thank you to whoever gave me a star! I really, really needed that..

Biden: McCain has to ‘figure out which of the 7 kitchen tables to sit at.’

Is the $100 bill the new ......

Good. Maybe Biden can show Sen Obama how to kick some fucking...

Did we lose the "recipe" for socks?

Where's Keith???

Jungle fever

POLL: How do you feel about Joe Biden being Obama's VP pick?

You know, I just don't give a shit.

Is this a Bumpersticker you can resonate with? Seen near Asheville NC today

Rachel Maddow

If ANYONE thinks Biden is the wrong choice watch this **Then what? Then what? Then what?**

TX school district makes plans to care for students if parents are deported

If Obama and Biden win the presidency, they're such ordinary type people .......

Joe Biden is a regular guy and KNOWS what it is like to hurt. He has lived like us

Bush says NO WMD in Russia was reason for weak Georgia response

Republican U.S. Senator Busted Using Hookers. Wants To Pay Legal Bills With Campaign Money.

I won two free travel anywhere airline tickets tonight at our cities Flight Festival

One House, One Spouse, Obama 2008 Stickers and T-Shirts!

TOON: Sunday's Opus - Is Nothing Untouched By Naked Political Rancor?

Paris strikes again!

My brother sent me a joke.

8/22 Election Model (TIA): OBAMA AT 335EV. But that's before ELECTION FRAUD - x

"Operation Squelch Congressional Investigation"

Cheney linked to Stevens corruption trial.

A soldier returns and gets a kiss from his beautiful young wife

Larisa Alexandrovna: Mississipistan - What Gives? (DOJ Persecuted Judge's Dissent Opinion Censored)

Very interesting phone call I just received about Obama...

Who Ordered Chaos?

Nothing says "inspire a lifelong love of learning" like GPS ankle bracelets.

Biden is a long-time supporter of Amtrak!

Biden comes out swinging.

The LADIES of The White House

McCain has never had a "real job" in the "real world"..He's always been a kept man.

Ensuring chess not taught to college women who've got body types that sports audiences like?

Mormon women and depression

Did Cindy McCain get John to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before marrying him?

Almost one week and four land falls later Fay is still in Florida

I don't think these guys are throwing flowers at Condi

Ya know, I used to be a Malloy person! I remember how pissed

Question for DU Progressives re Obama's Selection of Biden:

POLL ~~~ AUGUST Photography Contest - FINALS ~~~

I think Mccain will pick Carly Fiorina..

Please shout out here if you support the troops who refuse to serve in Bush's war

Please shout out here if you support the troops who refuse to serve in Bush's war

TOON: Obama v McCain (E Pluribus Unum v E Pluribush McCainum) ====>

Didn't Joe Biden sponsor or vote for the last bankruptcy bill?

John Russell Congress District 5, Fl., Tampa Tribune Editorial Board Interview Video Link

I'm finally relaxed after a long week, but I feel a little down.

I'm younger than I thought I was!

Kitteh teases

Hey! You kids get off my grass. God damn it!

Haha! These 2 kids are probably still teenagers...

The dude's a...Biden

It is Biden.

Olympic Soccer Gold Medal Final is on now LIVE (12:10AM EDT)


In your house I long to be.....

I don't know this song kind of reminds me of DU sometimes....


Another DYI/ HOW do you DO it question - about rotting flesh / preservation

Norwegian Wood

KQUP confirms Biden Veep Pick

I am so tired of being the voice of reason in the Lounge.


Michael Moore is mocked in a new movie. A satire from Zucker brother.

I hope the Secret Service has enough money for the tolls so they can get into Delaware.

Max Baer, Jr. , aka Jethro, aka double naught spy, confirms Biden as VP pick.

"Voodoo Chile"- Son Henry Band

Has Biden been critical of Obama in some areas of foreign policy

On Obama's website:

Does anyone use Avast anti-virus free? I wanna drop AVG 8.0

Is it Biden? I'm confused...

It's confirmed, it's Biden

KBHR confirms Maurice Minnifield still an asshole

So when did we pass 125,000 registrations?

BREAKING NEWS: Cell and text messaging services across the country have just CRASHED!

I thought we had a good time together....


VP, PeePee who cares?

Has everyone seen American Prayer?

I just woke up. Let me be the first to tell is Joe Biden. n/t

Does This Mean We Have To Accept Lynnesin And Delaware As Legitimate State?

Please caption this photo:

Post here if you think you're smarter than Joe Biden

Post a song that makes you extremely happy.

Translate a personal ad from some other country into English

Biden == good, Lee L. Mercer == ideal

So I've been working with the Obama campaign here in my town and

I heard the funniest quote today.

BIden -- got mullet?

Dialogue between Olympic long jump winner and her 3yo daughter

The funnel game


OK I Just Woke Up What Did I Miss?

I'm tired of trying to be a voice of reason in GDP.....

Did Biden safely get past the Delaware toll booths? I hear sometimes they can suck dry

omfd! Best thread of the day!

Gloom, despair and agony on me... Deep, dark depression, excessive misery...

Does the MSNBC Election theme song remind anyone else

Does the MSNBC Election theme song remind anyone else

Is it bad for me to laugh at my Brother-in-law's Sister?

WTF?!? My gas company only accepts online payments between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Mon-Fri?!?

Creepy moment!

The phrase being hit by a ton of bricks took on a whole new meaning for me yesterday

Somebody go check on LynneSin, would you?

Jimmy Page to play at Olympics closing ceremony...

A smiling Biden and LynneSin photographed leaving her porch, on way to White House

How many syllables are too many for a nickname?

My friend is a McCain supporter - what?

We found the greatest handyman.

I didn't see any exploding heads and we didn't go defcon X

i'm sick, sick i tell you.. something is wrong with me.. i'm messed up!

I just heard "Desolation Row" for the first time...

Thomcat......your art is in the mail.....

I was mad about the text message

:pout: I never got my text message

my tdoc never told me

The Caller ID said DON'T ANSWER


I just ordered my Obama Biden 2008 tshirt

I've acquired a new kitty.

Saturday earworm!

I'm slacking off on the job and browsing DU at work

some country.....

List songs which should be used at Democratic campaign rallies but never are.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

joy of joys...the college kids are back


Dumb question here...what's a "PUMA?"

Madinmaryland Ask's How Many is A Brazilian

Plane Change

My newest MySpace friend is a blues artist

Get the hose - maybe a fire hose

The beagle knows there are tomatoes in the fridge

Am I the only adult here who likes "Chowder" (the show)

In honor of Bush's remaining 149 days in office, I give you "Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp"

moving on to movie making

"The text message, the text message"

I'm meeting LynneSin for dinner tonight! Woot!!!

i'm packing for denver.. ask me anything

So, who here will always be punk rock at heart?

I'm eating LynneSin for dinner tonight! Woot!!!

Saga of the travelling back pain

What is Bush watching RIGHT NOW on his little presidential TV at the Crawford Pig Farm?

Friggin GDPrez. I wrote a fun satire and they give me no love.

So how many people had to have a nap or slept in from last nights early morning surprise?

holy shit

my therapist told me to quit DU

New game obsession: Cradle of Rome

I completed my summer goal

In all the Cialis commercials, why are couples always in tubs?

So, did anything major happen today?

My husband is spending all freaking day at a tattoo festival.

I don't understand the logic behind taking a delicious vegetable like okra , and frying it

Are Girl Cats Girlish?

Bad bad Kitty.....Stoner Alert......D.A.R.E. to keep your cat off drugs

Forget Delaware, Biden is a PENNSYLVANIAN!

Jazz hands!

Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say ("She took it like a puppy and rescued it")

I'm going through some tough stuff with my mom right now. Good vibes needed.

The Devil in the movies

New things I've learned about Delaware (Did you know it's actually a real state?)

Please keep a good thought for my sister

Lets see if any other DUer uses this lazy shortcut.

Must...find...ROLO Ice Cream Bar!

Anyone ever been to a Sandals beach resort? I won 2 free round trip airline tickets ...domestic

Oooh, I'm so excited to cook tomorrow!!

A request for those of y'all that don't come in GD

It's my life.....

Pearls before swine" is awesome today

I've had Wendy O Williams stuck in my head today

If I inhale one more freaking lake fly I am going to scream!

I think I need to go to "suntan lotion putting on" school...

Is that an eggplant in your pocket...

DUPE - delete

Re: Pawlenty- something you should know.

Fuck n A, when I have sugar AND caffeine I think I'm God!

Figured out why museums don't allow photography.

Sometimes ya just gotta hear this tune

Can we get five on this?

Tavernertavern presents: Ommegang Ommegedon!

Who will Biden picks as his Presidential running mate?

I was having a problem a few weeks back with the new kitty

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/23/2008)

Something is happening to the Mama cat and her 5 kittens that came to live in my yard.

Revolting bodily functions

Okay, who was the culprit last night that made me so hungry for hot wings tonight?

what a ruckus!

List of clichéd photographs.

What happened to the DUzy awards?

absolutely the best Pic of the Day! Obama-Biden!

Superman! (George Reeves) in 1940s War Dept. VD Training Film

Latin motto thread.

Anyone staying up to watch the redeem team?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/23/08

I have the Cape on my back. Ask me anything

Saturday night picture thread

Joe Biden has balls of steel.

Got a cold? I recommend Tom Yum soup!

Celebrities who have porn-star names, but aren't porn stars.

Anyone else used to watch this TV show?

My computer's clock is a god-damned liar.

Stone me, I forgot to send some bucks to DU, and I lost my star!


WoooHooo for Arlo Guthrie

To DU men: I'm curious...

Kitty quick sketch of the day #2

"The Body of Christ" held hostage by student, then returned in Ziploc bag

Has anyone else seen the "Trailer Park Boys" movie

What is up with the damn cops?

Ok, who is going to be McCain's VP?

Just saying hi! I'm at the Cape with two sisters and their families

Thought I would go out for a "girls day out" today...

HI!!! Back from the Outer Banks!!!! Did I miss anything????

I just made a cake that smells AMAZING

Forkboy is dead to me!

Is there anything that women find as physically appealing as men find boobs and butts?

We have 2 cats and I have to change the litterbox every 3 days now

I'm an Elitist!!!

I need a hangover prevention method....


This is the last weekend without College Football, so spend it wisely

Dear Young Mothers, toilet training and house breaking aren't the same thing!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday August 24

Pop Quiz: EXOTERIC means? (no aids of any kind to be used)

So is it me, or are the lurkers getting their marching orders today?

I'm back from Cape Cod. Ask me anything.

What foods are your part of the Country best known for?

DU Ladies: What's your ideal height for a man?

Make up a thread title that is guaranteed to get at least 50 replies.

I loved Tropic Thunder. Should I be ashamed?

What is going to happen when the conditions of Lynnesin's porch become public?

The Official Worship Lynnesin Thread

Why do old people complain about loud music?

Four out of Five Dentists Agree!!! Dinner with JerseyDem - Good Times for all!!

Behind the Scenes: Meet George Obama

Ed McMahon finds home buyer and avoids foreclosure

Obama picks Biden for veep

CNN confirms Sen. Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Sen. Joe Biden to be his vice-presidential runnin

CNN Confirms it's Biden...

Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate (official -- text received)

More charges sought against Khmer Rouge jailer

Obama's Half-Brother Found in Slum

Russia to keep forces at key port

NH Democrat says families struggling under GOP (radio address)

Colo. city official cancels Al-Jazeera barbecue

Clinton Statement on Obama’s Biden Pick

Federal report refutes 9/11 conspiracy theory

U.S. Forces Free AP Cameraman in Iraq

Tropical Storm Fay Not Done Yet, Threatens Gulf Cities

Jail strip-searches were illegal, (9th Circuit) court rules

Biden Got Obama Call During Root Canal (Clinton Never Seriously Considered)

Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai Accuses America Over Civilian Deaths

Bush blames Democrats for high gas prices

Morales sends troops to Bolivia's oil, gas installations

John McCain -An Out of Touch Elitist?

CNN: Larry King Live Reports Biden VP Pick

Hope, Change & Experience: Obama/Biden '08

Biden Says End Oil Subsidies

Biden: What would YOU do to break our dependence on Oil?

CNN CONFIRMS: Obama Chooses BIDEN for VP!

Bush Crime Family has been a smashing success...

Joe Biden - Obama Running mate (Chuck Todd via phone)

Joe Biden is Pissed!


Obama Biden 2008: We Will Rock You!


For Republicans, Democrats and Everyone!

Joe Biden Slams John McCain

Clinton supporters split over Biden as VP

1988 Road to the White House with Sen. Biden

TYT: Ted Stevens Fights His Constituents

Battle In Seattle - Movie Trailer (Final: July, 2008)

Sen. Joe Biden on Global Warming

Joe Biden CNN/YouTube :30 Ad

BIDEN @ Townhall: How would you end the Iraq War?

AP: Obama chooses Biden as running mate Targets AP's Fournier for Alleged Pro-McCain Bias

Joe Biden on Iraq in the Senate

TYT: Breaking News - Joe Biden For VP

Pakistan's Ruling Coalition On Verge Of Collapse

Obmama / Biden -Obama Introduces Biden @ Springfield

David Sirota discusses Biden on Fox this morning

Obama on Biden's experience @ Springfield

TYT: Joe Biden for VP - What a Relief!

Sen. Joe Biden on Nuclear Power from

Before a Bush Speech, this happens

Joe Biden 'Restore America's Soul' @ Springfield

007: GoldenMansion, starring John McCain

Emperor McCain Colbert Challenge

The Headzup/ GoLeft Week In Cartoons

Full Speech - Barack Obama in Springfield, IL

A first-hand look at the Pepsi Center podium design

Seven Kitchen Tables

Trouble the Water - The Trailer

Joe Biden on Barack Obama's 'Spine of Steel'

Dick Cheney on Iraq ~ 1994

TYT: New FBI Regulations - Just Ignore The 4th Amendment

Supporters React to Obama and Biden in Springfield

Joe Biden (Obama VP) Comments on Iraq

Senator Biden questions Clarance Thomas about his tendency to sexually harass women


Angry Mob Zapped by Heat Beam

Joe Biden on The Late Show w/ David Letterman

This is bullshit!

A speech that should be watched again - Barack Obama's keynote address to 2004 DNC

Madonna kicks off 'Sticky and Sweet' tour in UK (Mixes images of McCain, Hitler)

Meet Joe Biden - this is a MUST SEE video! REC IT! PLEASE!

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

The Dumbing down of America

Meet George Obama --*poof* goes the RW talking point (3:08)

BarackObamadotcom: Joe Biden in Springfield - 16:55

TYT: Limbaugh Blames Affirmative Action For Obama's Success

Biden gives in an unforgettable one-word response...

Episode 19: T Boone Goes To Denver

Inflation is stinging U.S. workers harder

More charges sought against Khmer Rouge jailer

Herbert: Voters Want More From Obama

The State Department's Forgotten Continent

Severstal to buy PBS Coals for $1.3 billion

Are Oil Prices Rigged?

Progressive Democrats of America Illinois conference

John Edwards and Fake Morality

Majority favor less religion in politics McCain's Rezco ad is false and misleading

Fearless prediction; A brighter future

Eric Boehlert: The AP has a Ron Fournier problem

After Musharraf, U.S. Struggles to Find New Pakistan Ally Against Taliban

Independent UK: Job losses, homelessness, bankruptcy ... grim, but just be glad we're not Italian

The Conquest by Presidentialism By David Sirota

Georgia was tricked, but by Russia or US?

What the RAND Corporation thinks are : "Eleven Emerging Challenges"

Independent UK: London 2012 faces dash for cash as top Olympic sponsors bow out

NY Times: In Central Valley (CA), the Ruins of the Housing Bust

Clear Channel Removes 2nd Anti-Nukes Ad

The best and worst vice president picks of all time

Jerome Corsi: How a Racist, Conspiratorial Crank Became a Top GOP Anti-Obama Point Man

We tilt at windmills as world war looms

After 5 years of war, Iraqis desperate for water

U.S. Mercenary Chickens Will Come Home to Roost

What Racism Does to White People

The right and men who live off their second wives' inherited wealth

Could this be... deja vu....?

Jan - July 2008 - PEMEX YOY Total Output Down 10%, Cantarell Output Down 36% - OGJ

New Zealand: Residents May Be Hoarding Petrol

(UK) Food costs warning as soggy August takes toll

Russian steelmaker Severstal buys American coal miner for $1.3 billion

SCE Signs Contract for 909 MW of Wind Energy

Israeli Water Demand Puts Sea Of Galilee At Record Summer Low - Dropping 1-2 Cm/Day - FT

New Oceanographic Study Estimates Marine Biomass Loss Over Pristine Conditions - Mongabay

Joe Biden on Environment and Energy

Geothermal power plant coming to southern NM

A Futuristic Energy Plan, 100 Years in the Making (tidal power from the East River)

REG Announces Commercialization of Technology for Algae-based Fuel

Solar electric generation facilities planned on mesa (1200 MW, NV)

Colorado - Xcel ditching 2 coal plants, going to solar

Michelle Obama at the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council (DNC) :

Biden has a pretty decent record on GLBT issues.

Joe Biden: "Nobody asks you if you're gay in a foxhole"

An openly gay treasury secretary?

Openly gay Olympic athlete (Spoiler)

Is "Nelly" a homophobic term?

Palestinian envoys head to Egypt for reconciliation talks

Israel allows boats protesting Gaza siege to dock in Strip

ANALYSIS / Obama played it safe, but is Biden good for Israel?

A bank in Kansas was closed by FDIC yesterday. I looked up their

The Path to Economic Growth: Bankruptcy

Inflation Is Stinging U.S. Workers Harder

Goodyear VEBA Trust Approved by Federal Court

Machinists President Attacks Republican Era Ripoffs

550,000 Sign on in Million-Member Effort for Employee Free Choice

Seniors Protest Gap Stores

Morales sends troops to Bolivia's oil, gas installations

Ecuador's Correa backers march for new constitution

Bolt to Rogge:"I will not change. I will always be myself. "

The Medal Count for EU countries is now 308

Past Perfomances for the Travers Stakes

IOC: Chinese gymnasts eligible

Free Reiki Attunement Groups Including One for Pets

Okay, folks. The VP pick is official. (Spoiler if you want to wait.)

Vitamin Shoppe has a new, 'raw' line of vitamins...

nightmares ALL night rest!!! - What's UP with the energy ???

A flight of fancy that I'm too chicken to post in GDP

What's your dosha? Quiz and info on Ayurvedic medicine and type.

For those of you who are "givers": How do you protect yourself from "takers"?

Obama's VP choice's birth chart.

What I've Learned About Alien Abductions and How it Ties to Spirituality

Weekly Healing Project #4 | August 24 - 30: Releasing & Healing Fear

Prudish, driven by right wing, unscientific, don't post that here, VAERS VAERS!!!

CNN: "Despite Love Canal's lessons, schoolchildren are still at risk"

New England Journal of Health: McCain verses Obama Plans for U.S. Health Care Reform

Inhibiting Blood Vessel Growth

Diagnosing Skin Cancer By Smell

gardasil works even better than what it was targeted for.

Toon: The hell with irradiated veggies

Gardasil Mandate for 6th Grade Girls in Virginia Public Schools - This Fall

of course one could always opt for chemotherapy and radiation

an awful lot of people are getting the protection from cancer offered by gardasil

Superoxide Dismutase?

~~~AUGUST Contest Finals~~~

WoooHooo for Arlo Guthrie (cross posted from the Lounge)

Would you have brought your gun in?

Biden for VP, a slap in the face to gun rights?

X-rays could tell Chinese Olympic gymnasts' ages, scientists say

Most distant webcam-Mars

Physics/Astronomy question

Italian Pot Roast

It's a pity that there aren't any skeptics here

al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar

Doing the reasearch (Mark II)

Specific technical problems, shortcommings, etc. with the NIST/ASCE reports thread.

NIST WTC7 study doesn't address the engineering aspects of the thermite theory.

CNN: The focus narrows on him

Well that was a short night, I think I got 5.5 hrs. of sleep

ben smith politico blog

This is so sweet

Turn on CNN....they are calling it for Biden

Excuse me while I keel over.

How are you guys feeling?

"I'm not the guy"

Let me just butt in here a minute to say congratulations to the DU Joe

I Can't Fucking Believe It!

Awww - my daughter just called me (first day at college)

It's OFFICIAL -- It's on Obama's website! check it out!

Holy Toledo...wait until the Convention !!! poll -- tell 'em what you think about Obama's pick.

So now when McCain attacks,

Bobblehead Cornyn (video)

And he accepted. Thank you Goddess.

The text messages are starting to arrive....

Who made the Two smartest MOFOS graphic?

Best/easiest software to make websites design? For beginner please

So when can we buy SWAG???? WOOHOO!!

Howard Finneman said

Everyone, everyone

Who is still awake? I just posted this in GDP


CNN - Biden is the VP nominee!!

It still hasn't sunk in!

Joe polls highest among undecideds!

This'll cheer you up.

Key Question about my free copy of Vista Ultimate

I've restrained myself for so long

I just heard!! Do I wake up Mr. Debi and Debi, Jr.??

fun new graphics showing up.

Grouping by ability - what caused it demise

What a nice way for Biden to finish out his political life.


Have you seen Barack's website? Leave a welcoming message for Joe.

I just bought Debi, Jr. his first Obama/Biden campaign shirt

Small gripe:

Can we say "Told you so!" yet?

Send Biden a welcome Message on

OH Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!!!!!

March on the RNC Sept 1st.. the Big one

Good morning fellow Bidenistas!

Heads up Bidenites - CSpan 1 is going to be having specials on Biden most of the day.

Decorate your Yards for the GOP and RNC

Congratulations you all. Reading your posts makes me feel Great

Aug 31st. 11am St Paul. Solemn Vets for Peace march (800 tombstones, direct action)

Sept 1-4.. RNC Welcoming Committee. Drastic times Call for Drastic measures

Now through Sept 4th. Code Pink needs Volunteers in TC.

The BEST birthday present EVER!!!!!

Sept 2. March for our Lives.. Poor People Campaign

Aug 31st Basketball Game: PPEHRC Vs. The Billionaires For Bush

I just got back from some canvassing in the neighborhood.

Seventeen minutes

cspan NOW

Sept 4th Peace Island Picnic.. at Harriet Island Music, Food, Kites, Peace

Aug 31st. LIberty Parade (creative and fun) Loring Park

Is everyone here volunteering regularly for their local Democrats?

I saw the most amazing thing yesterday

Here's what Joe should say:

video of Jill and Joe leaving home

Globe and Mail: Ottawa aims to put its stamp on 2010 Games

I'm betting JRB wears his shark tie at the rally today

Globe article on EOR and debate

MCain, which of his seven tables to sit at?

Chills - KO starts out with -

OK, am I the only one who was PRAYING it would be Biden so JK could be Chair of SFRC?!?!?

Democrats Should Not Be Praising T. Boone Pickens

Congratulations! Joe is a wonderful pic for Obama

Kerry's statement on Biden's nomination.

Joe is stoked.

Obama at the State House speaking now!

I'm releasing all my Ignorees,

Cspan is showing the clip of Biden dissing the guy on IQ -- he's pissed!

Obama was masterful today!

Check this out - from an Iowa Biden supporter

48 and others: The official swag is becoming available

take a peek out there - all aboard :)

The Mess in 61B

Free Obama/Biden stickers compliments of


WTF?? Why does Andrea Mitchell keep saying the two of them aren't close

Drop dead gorgeous AND a doctorate?

John McCain Did Not Buy Ed McMahon's House

I'm listening to James Rubin on MSNBC

I'm sorry to see that Manny Farber died, a great film critic.

Incase you're bored:

Check out this glowing review of Biden from The Guardian, Uk


Candidate Challenge: Joe Biden


Anyone willing to do the ER thread tomorrow (Sunday)?

Biden Quote about Anger

At some point

John Gard "Worse Person in the World" Aug. 21

Good for a laugh

JRB's motorcade being shown on MSNBC right now..

"Sheer Brilliance"