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We Were Told -“The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. "

i have seen a thousand predictions here in recent months and it's getting old

Lucky me! Kollen Pollen has emailed to say that the Nestlé Foundation wants me to have $2 million.

Has Bill Richardson been giving a speaking slot at the DNC yet?

'Joker' jailed for one day for attempted theft of movie poster...

How many "MORE WARS" can CANDIDATE John McCain start?

It takes money to protest the GOP

Obama's VP? If you had to bet your life savings.

Somethings up: US military to take aid to Georgia

Rwanda: Government report documents French role in 1994 genocide

Caption HolyJoe and DodderingJohn (photo)

Cheney Says Invading Iraq Would be an Error; the US Would Get "Bogged Down" There! Bush History,8/14

Great Obama/McCain comparison .......

Thursday night in Denver and the states allotment of tickets

2006 election redux

"Some People Say...."

Unfit for Publication: Corsi's The Obama Nation filled with falsehoods

Ohio voting law may be a boon for Obama supporters

WSJ op-ed: The Obama Tax Plan by Jason Furman and Austan Goolsbee

Iraq/al Qaeda connection simplified

what ever happened to daryl kagan?

Republicans' Fortunes Falling in Nevada

O'Reilly Tries Intimidation To Get Obama On The Factor

Paul Abrams: McCain Flies to Atlanta, Proclaims Support for Georgia


New polls: Obama leads in Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Obama visits grandfather's grave at Punchbowl

Experts Accuse Bush Administration of Foot-Dragging on DNS Security Hole (Wired)

Russia: 'Forget' Georgian territorial integrity

Fundy views on public education

California DUers, please explain this Craigslist job ad


IF McCain manages to WIN the electoral vote, but LOSES the popular vote

GOP polling firm Strategic Vision has Obama up by 5-points in Wisconsin

Obama Family Tree...

Listen now to Roland Martin interview an author of antiObama book

Fighting the good fight.

OK, you crazy kids under 35. That is 18-35...

House Republicans at Risk in Northeast

Number 3,483 in Amazon Books

The DU Has Sold Out....

Someone needs to tell these wingnuts who say Obama can't close the deal the election is in Nov.

NBC must have missed these events

Saakashvili mistakenly tells Georgians US moving in to take control of air and seaports...

Register to vote online

Under McCain, I can't afford Health Insurance.

Obama, McCain Aim For Faith Vote At Civil Forum

My Thread was Locked -- So much for Free Speech Here (I used to love this board)...

New Obama Indiana ad: 'How can John McCain fix the economy...

Group who prayed for lower gas prices now gives praise

Did you learn any lessons in 2004?

"The Truth Will Not Set You Free": Please read this article (re: Darfur)

CNN's Drew Griffin on Terror watch List:

Advertisements in DU Treads - Kinda' Like seeing the Burger King guy...

So a 50 Year Old Guy Randomly Walks into Dem Headquarters

Why do our Pres. candidates keep taking Aug. vacations?

As big as Georgia is we must still keep the eoconomy top issue. They can't hide from that issue.

what's your opinion of Politico?

I have a bad feeling about the US aid to Georgia

Berserkistan's Bmzklfrpz Vs. Georgia's Saakashvili

So Lieberman donated $100,000 to the Dem Senate Committee

U.S. to take control of Georgian ports: Saakashvili

Documents detailing early spy network released (Julia Child spy!)

How much of a laughingstock is Bush? Two quotes tell the tale.

Digest Number 1577 Anger management by piratejohn2

When's Obama coming back to put an end to the silliness?

New National Poll: Obama 43% (+3) McCain 38% (+1) Obama expands lead from July

"When developing your political viewpoints... "

thank goodness for DU

Explain to me why I shouldn't be totally cynical

SFGate: On Conflict In Georgia Follow The Pipeline

Obama reaches 2 million donors

AFL-CIO hits McCain: "If John McCain lost his Social Security, he'd get by just fine. Would you?"

What happened to Corsi's lawsuit against Regnery?

Obama Turns to the Humble Infomercial

New Obama Olympic Ad

I predict Lieberman and Graham will not head to Georgia

U.S. Troops Deployed Abroad Reject McCain’s Iraq Plans, Donate 6:1 To Obama

Gallup Daily Tracking - Obama 46% McCain 43%

The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database

Calling Swamp Rat, Calling Swamp Rat!

Obama and McCain in "statistical tie?" Not so fast!

Road to 270: Mississippi

Dem convention to set new trend for engagement parties?

McCain channels General Alexander Haig

looking outside the box for registration opportunities.

I try not to ask for too much

Home Foreclosures, Bank Seizures Surge as U.S. Housing Slump Intensifies

Please DU this ltte in my paper..I am SO proud!

I just google coris and came up with this.

I understand that Jerome Corsi drinks the blood of unborn babies

Cyberattacks on Georgian Web Sites Are Reigniting a Washington Debate

Just noticed some newspeak by the GOP regarding the Obama campaign, they call it Chicago.

Huckabee Says Problem With Romney Is His "Inconsistencies," Not His Faith

Sorry, but what is a PUMA? eom

What Woman In The Republican Party Has The Best Chance To Displace Hillary...

This place has gone completely bonkers!

McCain Recycling Hillary's Old Attacks Against Obama

Rasmussen, 8/14: Obama 43%, McCain 42% (with leaners, Obama 47%, McCain 46%)

Does this make Sentor Obama a Puma?

Obama Hawaiian Fund Raiser Sold Out - Film from Hawaii

Precinct Captains for Obama - Prince William County VA

Would it kill NBC to ease delay a bit?

I found out something pretty cool last night. My mom's friend's daughter knows Barack Obama.


is Obama's taped message to the firefighters in NV being broadcast anywhere?

When should Obama name his VP? Should he do it prior

U.S. Consumer Prices Rise Twice as Much as Estimated on Energy, Food Costs

Inflation Jumps to 17-Year High as Consumer Prices Soar- AP

McCain Energy Ad - MisLeading - Check This Out.....

Laura Flanders: Resistance Heroes in Tbilisi - In Baghdad, only Terrorists

Nader to rally supporters outside US conventions

i like Joe Biden for VP because the guy can talk, he can think and he can attack with a smile


Murder of Bill Gwatney - Don't be so quick to rule out a political connection

What's been bothering me about Biden

Cheney Said it!: Invading Iraq Would be an Error - Bush History, 8/14

Looking for link to Larry King last night

AFP: Oprah to join Obama for Democratic Party crowning

Obama's Giving McCain Enough Rope to Hang HImself With Russia Georgia Reaction

From Obama ActionWire RE: Jerome Corsi Book of Lies...

U.S. personnel responsible for training the Georgian military remain in Georgia

Computerworld: Is the U.S. ready for its first BlackBerry president?

I received another e-mail today telling lies or half truths about

31 years ago I smoked my last cigarette

Do Not Adjust Your Set. Mainstream Media on the state of the race.

Target Obama: Why The Press Must Fact-Check Campaign Claims

Charges dropped in Danziger Bridge shooting after Katrina

Racism is not going have as much effect as I was worried about this election

Is it just me...

Road to 270: Mississippi

Anyone know the origin of the George W Bush Library plans? They need thanking. ;)

On a lighter note - I live in Arizona

May God have Mercy on your Soul, Hillary Clinton

Don't won't be Biden...

Rick Warren hosts Senators Obama and McCrotchity Saturday;


Ohio May Face Mass Voter Purge in Coming Weeks (600,000 eligible voters)

Craig Ferguson: 3 quotes

Just for fun, you too can "review" Corsi's book at Amazon

Meghan McCain Writes Children’s Book: “My Dad, John McCain.” - Omits that he divorced first wife

In the guise of humanitarian aid Bush dispatches US military forces to Georgia

Fire fighters back Obama

Michigan Man to McCain: "Give us something to get excited about"

Obama just got his 2-millionth donor. VERY COOL.

Anyone notice reporters can actually stay alive covering Russia's wars?

Barter Candidate: Trading Free Obama Stickers for Data!!!

Nobody has asked whether Cindy got pain pills for her sprained wrist?

Karl Rove was not "vacationing" in Crimea last month.

Karl Rove was not "vacationing" in Crimea last month.

34 years to go

"both Senator Obama's and Senator Clinton's names will be place in nomination"

Is the "Whites won't be the majority" story a rallying call?

10 minute vid to understand whats going on with the media...

Breaking..Obama will still be the Nominee after the vote at the Convention

Ambinder: How Obama's Campaign Is Confronting Corsi

I can not believe what Gates is saying live right now (11:00 AM)

I can not believe what Gates is saying live right now (11:00 AM)

New Obama Olympic Ad: 'Three Bedroom Ranch'

Neocons or Neoliberals - would your rather be hung or shot?

McCain is getting sued

AFL-CIO files complaint against Wal-Mart

Don't need faked letter to indict Bush team

Statement I recieved last night from the Arkansas Democratic Party.

Bob Cesca: The Exotic Candidate Is The One With Eight Houses

Unions Seek Probe of Wal-Mart Over Election Law

Troops Deployed Abroad Give 6:1 to Obama

Prominent Republicans, Lobbyists will skip Convention - Twin Cities not convenient enough

Putin's war enablers: Bush and Cheney-By Juan Cole

Pelosi: Senate Dems Won't Need Lieberman After The Election

This … is CNN

McCain has never applied for a job

Jesse Jackson: "The good news is that it's behind us now. We’ve gone on to the next stage."

How are we any better than Russia?

Abramoff Co-Conspirator Ralph Reed: Meet my New Friend John McCain

What PUMA Really stands for--

Hillary producing her own video to show at convention - WTF?

Firefighters union backs Obama today; Biden will attend their convention on Obama's Behalf

Now I feel MUCH better/superdelegates update

Did anyone hear that Obama will accept the nomination from a group of firefighters?

Democratic Undergrounders should join The Nation on their "Bye Bye Bush Caribbean Cruise!"

Pics of Nuclear bomb explosions

Doesn't the Bush administration make us all look like idiots when they start...

Why is the media giving this slime ball who wrote this book about Obama major attention

Spain's 'Slant-Eye' Team Photo Stirs Ire

Lieberman: "Remember Ed McMahon? I sort of play the Ed McMahon, ‘Here’s Johnny’ role.’’

Here's how I think Georgia played out.

Hillary for President

What would the US do if China moved to re-take Taiwan for the US arming Taiwan like we did Georgia?

So what do the SDs who now support Obama do at the Convention (like Ed Rendell, etc.)?

Man fired from job kills Ark. Democratic chairman

FOX Banners Repeatedly Suggest That Obama Campaign Requires Volunteer Work To Attend His Speech

FOX Banners Repeatedly Suggest That Obama Campaign Requires Volunteer Work To Attend His Speech

Saying that John McCain's POW experience qualifies him to be president...

Joint Statement on Clinton’s Name Being Placed In Nomination

Gravel for President

Obama camp says Detroit mayor unwelcome in Denver

NRA to spend $40 million on anti-Obama ads...

Foreigners found in Iraqi voter rolls

ANY chance it might still be Jim Webb?

Russia May Change Iran Position Due to U.S. Support for Georgia

How to safely have an Obama bumper sticker:

Corsi On White Supremacist Radio Show

WHEW!!!!! - WaPo: "Left Behind" Authors: Obama Not Antichrist

After the Convention:

I took this photo in April 2007 while visiting Little Rock, Arkansas

Rwanda: Government report documents French role in 1994 genocide

McCain's "Abortion rights vice president possible" = "Kiss the Evangelical vote goodbye"

Is puma a kind of cougar?

FRAME: John McCain is MORE DANGEROUS than George W. Bush

Anyone else have a Prednisone story?

Today is the 73rd anniversary of Social Security...........

Patrick Murphy gets prime slot at convention (Wednesday night)

Will a Hollywood celebrity address the Democratic convention?

Message to Senator Obama (campaign please read this!)

Message to Senator Obama (campaign please read this!)

A fun-time group activity: Let's all make up rumors and innuendo about Jerome Corsi!

NY Times Caucus Blog: Anti-Obama Author on 9/11 Conspiracy

Does the right wing really want a homewrecker for a first lady?

Where's Al Gore When We Need Him?

anybody know what happened to the "USTroops found among the dead" in Georgia story?

its not Humanitarian Aid - we are taking over the ports/airports

BREAKING NEWS: Defense secretary Gates says U.S. does not want another cold war with Russia

Thank God!! U.S humanitarian aid has reached Georgia within 24 hours...

McCain nailed for unathorized use of copywrighted material ....AGAIN

Hartmann just said the Russia/Georgian war was set up by Rove

Obama has 6x the Donations from Troops as McBoosh

About entering Hillary's name in nomination at the convention.....


Thom Hartmann is great.....but what clearance rack does he pick his right-wing guests from?

Ad idea: Republicans Are The Party of Lies

Al Gore for VP

Politico: Reid gets prime DNC slot to talk energy (Wednesday night)

Know Your Big Pharma: Merck

Oh shit! Ken Lay found alive and in hiding!

"first global crisis since cold war"

Restoring dignity to the White House: "Drunk Bush @ Olympics" makes Yahoo's "Most Emailed Photos"

just heard on the news that in va

If Hillary were the nominee in waiting ....

The Rude Pundit: When Do We Get to Beat Up an Old Man?

Obama Camp Slams McCain’s New Technology Plan

TV ads During Conventions

a number of days ago someone asked how the flooded areas are fairing

Obama = Kerry? In this instance, no.

Invader gobbling up East Coast, Caribbean fish

Quick question

Obama is NOT SCREWING AROUND about winning in New Mexico

Dean and Rapid Response go after the Corsi book email

Holy shit! An actual move toward actual impeachment???

Obama Campaign Mapping Out Aggressive Counter-Attack Against Swift-Boating

Why do people keep using phrases such as "...not wanting to downplay McCain's service..." ?

what did the gunman write on the wall?


Troops deployed abroad donate to Obama over McCain 6:1

Hillary & Bill should vote for Obama at the convention?

In Hanford, Wash., the country's most polluted nuclear reactor site draws tourists

There's only one reason they'd agree to let HRC put her name into nomination...

Drat! Limousine shortage in Denver rears its ugly head.

So is the New Corsi book....

Poll: McCain, Obama in virtual dead heat (Pew research poll - Obama leading by 3 points)

VP pick and abortion. Question for Hillary voters on this issue.

Gates "economic reconstruction" Two words that tell the whole story!

Breaking: Clinton's Name to be Put in Nomination

Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick to Denver? Not so fast...

Jerome Corsi vs Paul Waldman also included 21 min Larry King video

Harvard professor says it is possible Hillary could get nomination.

Another great ad: 'Approval Numbers'

"Truth Fights Back" Kerry enlists grassroots to help fight RW lies!

Great Youtube video against McCain - tying him to Bush

Hillary being nominated at the convention actually is a show of UNITY, not division *JOINT STATEMENT


Story about whites becoming a minority by 2042 sends Freepers into racist frenzy.....

Phil "Nation of Whiners" Gramm Is Back -- Attends McCain Campaign Briefing

Georgia absolutely did have it coming

I have a Big Tent inbox

Seems every recent presidential election a poll is out that nonwhites will be the majority sometime

there's nothing wrong with jerome corsi being a cross-dresser

Need help- being harrassed about Obama

Expect a lot of "taking babies out of incubators" stuff about the Russians.

What's with all the Clark = VP posts?

Shuster opened "Hardball" envisioning "blood on the floor" of our Convention --

WP: The new ABB is Anybody But Bayh.

Fineman: McCain wouldn't approve of his own message, so that makes it okay

Anyone watching Hardball?

Clinton will cast vote for Obama at Convention, so DUers who smeared her...let's hear it.

McCain gets a "D" Vote from veterans - Obama gets a "B+" vote:

Sorry John, your wife can't buy you THIS house!

Govt will NOT redefine birth control as abortion...medical practioners can, though...

Forbes: Retailers Brace For Ugly Fall

VetVoice: Afghan Militants Butcher American Soldiers

AFL-CIO Union Veterans 2008

Corsi Appears on White Supremist Radio Show

just asking - what's the difference....

The Real McCain

Phoenix Expert Sees Real Estate Boom Ahead

FCC Commissioner’s Scare Tactics Reach New Low

Didn't Georgia have it coming?

Mukasey confirms plans to loosen post-Watergate restrictions on FBI's Spying Of Americans

Something not reported by the "liberal" media, *60 million* Muslims sign Anti-Terror petition

"....and that is why I am proud to cast my Superdelegate vote

"President McCain"

MN POLL: Franken and Coleman tied at 45.

Kerry vets say fight back hard — and swiftly

For Most People, College Is a Waste of Time - Freepers revel in ignorance

Colorado: McCain Edges Ahead for the First Time

Rachel is on countdown tonight

Convention rick-roll

Bush Admin & British Gov-KNEW BEFORE THE WAR-There Were NO WMDs"-They Just Didn't Care (Suskind)

One other thing about Clark as a possible VP--I think he helps deliver another state to us...

SCREW YOU Mary Matalin you lying Cheney whore!.


***BREAKING NEWS: We finally have a Chimp SEX SCANDAL!!***

Biden to speak at Dem convention (Wednesday night)

In 2001 McCain voted to save tax cuts for the wealthy over a Strategic Reserve for SS

In 2001 McCain voted to save tax cuts for the wealthy over a Strategic Reserve for SS

Media Matters original expose of Corsi as a knuckledragging freeper

Woman I work with just got her "Obama credentials" via email.

For those with short memories: having multiple candidates names put into nomination is typical

Does Biden's absence from the media lately make it more likely that he's the one?

Does Biden's absence from the media lately make it more likely that he's the one?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/13/08 - Obama 43, McCain 42 (Obama down 1)

Openly-gay man runs for Missouri legislature.....Fundies outraged

Cafferty blog post

When there is a rollcall at a convention

Too Bad Obama is a Black Man

Hey! Have you guys seen the cover to McCain's kid's book?

"Portrait of the candidate as a pile of words"

Jackson Browne sues McCain campaign for using his song

None of them are going to go to prison. Allow me to be pessimistic.

White, male, normally Republican from GA is voting for Obama...

Damn Obama....just got a text messge on my phone but not THE text message......

Obama campaign: Keep focus on winning White House, not Kilpatrick

If Hillary's name being placed in nomination is not supposed to be divisive

Has anyone heard any news on Biden or seen him in the last couple of months?

South Ossetia's victims

Has anyone seen the irony yet? Planes, ships, provisions sent to Georgia

Losing to China Where It Matters

Biden, Bayh to Speak Wednesday at Democratic Convention, the same day as the still-unnamed VP speech

Chet Edwards is a Champion of Veterans Issues - VP day is Veteran themed.

Big Media Question: Who Gets More Coverage? 65,000 Cheering Obama or 100 Alleged PUMA Protesters?

Whatever happened to....

Russia to U.S.: Choose us or Georgia

Did anyone watch Hairball tonight?

Some advice to McCain on how to remain youthful:

Look. PUMA cages

Wouldn't Patrick Murphy fit the change message and Vet Day at the convention?

Troops Deployed Abroad Give 6:1 to Obama

Election History Oct. 2004 - Oregon and Nevada - Democratic Voter Registration Forms Destroyed.

VP Poll, 8/14/08

Does anyone know yet what the Arkansas shooter's motivation was?

Veep Clues in Obama's Schedule? :: Sat in NV, Sun in ?, Mon and Tues in FL, Wed in ?, Thurs in VA.

"Freedom Fries" lawmaker now wants to prosecute Bush (fan of Bugliosi’s book)

Senate Majority Leader Reid will discuss Obama’s energy policy at the Convention

Just got back from 8 days in Orange County CA

Just got back from 8 days in Orange County CA

Very interesting piece on how Cong Cleaver switched from Clinton to Obama

Whenever I see the term "Puma"...

do you understand television?

Scumbag Corsi to promote his Obama smears on white supremacist radio show.

Is anyone egging these nuts on to kill Democrats?

Will Edwards do the right thing, like Vitter did, and step down as Senator?

Rice to Vladmir Putin: Oh, grow up.

Is the Obama Campaign Being Too Ruthless Re Corsi Book?

"The Original Maverick"

McCain's ad on being opposite to Bush

You know what would be sweet? If all musicians and actors

OK now. Let's think like a Republican. (I know, hard to do, but try.)

Obama campaign on taxes...

Inside scoop...VP pick unmasked

If Rove were a Democrat ...

Condi and President Nicolas Sarkozy talk about the Russia-Georgia conflict - pics

Crane collapses in Quincy, Massachusetts.

OH NOES! Larry Craig isn't going to the GOP convention!

It's the Black Sea, stupid! US Navy headed there, now.

John McCain says a pro-gay running mate is not acceptable

ABC: FAA Tapes Reveal Drama of Obama Jet Incident... Audio Contradicts FAA Account of "No Emergency"

Is it time to swiftboat McCain.

The Daily Widget – Thursday, Aug 14 – Obama 328, McCain 210 – Obama Down 7

How DARE the Russians disturb George’s and Condi’s vacation fun? - Today’s Headlines 8/14/08

Devout Christians seem alien and scary to me. Watch this vid!

Remember the name James Hatfield? Why the Obama campaign needs to hit back harder...

Man do I LOVE the idea of Biden!!!!!

Man do I LOVE the idea of Biden!!!!!

Vicki Iseman and McCain: National Enquirer Has Higher Standards Than New York Times

another letter published in my paper today re Russia/Georgia

Obama buys shaved ice for children (Photo)

my county's residents are speaking out...please DU this letter!

When Will Barack Choose His V.P.?

Ok, time to go negative on McBush - lates Rasmussen poll has McBush +1 in Colorado

Great. Two PUMA supporters on Hardball

Obama get's more contributions from US soldiers than McCain

Looks what's going to swing states for the 73rd birthday of Social Security!

Help! Need Info!!

Guerrilla warfare against the new swift boat book. One small step!

Consumer prices rise at double the expected rate.

Shocking - John McCain Lying To The Evangelical Right? Big Media Will Praise It As Maverickness!

Thom Hartmann: "THIS (Georgia) is the October Surprise."

Good WTOP series on life in a US submarine

US minorities to become a majority by 2042

The Next Memo-What Democrats Need to Hear: 'STOP IT!!!!'

How I became an Obama Supporter.

NPR TOTN talking about what FBI did to families of anthrax suspects

President Seen Quitting To Head Off Impeachment

Randi is devoting her show today to debunking the Obama smear book

Hackers Spoof MSNBC Alerts in New Twist on Malware Ruse

Georgian president (American trained lawyer) ran on the platform of reclaiming South Ossetia

I heard the Exxon CEO last night on teevee..

Anti-Obama Author on 9/11 Conspiracy (Corsi is a 9/11 Truther)

Rambling McCainiacs campaign says he needs more rest to focus; limits his time for press and voters

"Russia is not seeking territorial expansion" Statement by Mikhail Gorbachev On Georgia

Wal-Mart Caught on Tape Lying to Employees

TruthDig: Georgia War a Neocon Election Ploy?

McCain's Reed Fundraiser Revives Scrutiny Of His Abramoff Investigation

== The great untethering = By Mark Morford

The entire world has been destabilized as a result of the last seven years..

Truthout: Big Bad Russkies and Nasty Neocons

Newly released files show Julia Child was a spy

Bush plans on making birth control pills 'abortion.'

UhOh The Naked Chimperor is on CNN

Can someone tell me what we have gained as a super power in the world after 7 years of wrong polices

AMERICAblog Gets Some Interesting Email...

CNN looks to double domestic news operations

The parable of Freedom River- just a cartoon, but WHAT a cartoon!

AFL-CIO files complaint against Wal-Mart

Folks Bob Barr also cheated on his wife who was diagnosed with cancer before LEAVING her!

Obama has bent over backwards for the Hillary camp for this convention

did anyone see bush on cspan a minute ago?

RIP Snot--the world is a bit darker today.

Yanno ..... if Musharraf gets bounced ......... it could come back to bite us in the ass, By George.

Gates: U.S. won't intervene in Georgia; 'Is that clear enough?'

Man charged with threatening O'Malley, other officials

Why is Senator Feinstein making it easier to steal votes?

Three Jeb Bush ideologues rejected for Florida Supreme Court nomination

Hair Samples in Anthrax Case Don't Match

Gas prices are NOT the reason we are in this mess

Huffpo: Clinton's name likely to be placed in nomination at convention

'The Georgians just ran, they didn't even take their (expletive deleted) stuff with them.'

Breaking on CNN.COM: Another crane collapse .. Quincy, Mass.

Should I attend a Republican Fund Raiser on Saturday?

Amazing Grace Just on the black notes: You'll be AMAZED!

does anyone know how to find that video game clip Rachel played a few nights ago?

Labor groups call for investigation of Wal-Mart's anti-Dem campaigns

Republicans voted against clean renewable energy 95 % of the time for their big oil friends

Owner of Gay Sex Website donates $2300 to Grampy!!!

wow. Seen the Mother Goose and Grim cartoon today? Geopolitical pun.

Angry residents in S Ossetian capital

New Obama DHL Ad

Fox News Ticker full of errors

Jerome Corsi, Author Of “The Obama Nation”, To Appear On Racist White Power Radio

Is BushCo trying to start WWIII?

So did Georgia start this war or did Russia?

Clinton adviser: She never pushed for convention compromise (& will cast her vote for Obama)

So Georgian forces fire on FOX NEWS crew, then FOX NEWS reporter talks shit as he is running away. .

Remember Randall from The Apprentice?

Cancer patient, 55, mauled by dogs in Washington home.

DU HOME PAGE DOWN -- (PROBLEM FIXED NOW. Wow, that was fast).

March 24 2008 Article on McCain: Georgians tempted to start a war if they could rely on US support?

recent Russian assault on Georgia has made Iran even more attractive as a energy supplier

McCain's Affair Exposed on Faux News YouTube Video going VIRAL!

Open season on Democrats: Some people think it is funny-"Got Ammo?"

CO-Sen: Udall Leads by 8 (+)

John Wayne Republicans, Mr Peepers Democrats? HA!

A nominee for the greatest poll ever.

Russians Set A Trap & Prodded By CHENEY & NeoCons-Georgia Walked Right Into It

MN-Sen: Still Close (+)

Caffterty is tearing McWar a new one


What's going on with the US Navy and the Black Sea????

What's going on with the US Navy and the Black Sea????

Civilian diplomacy -- preventing war with Iran (Robert Koehler)

So first I read at Huffpost that the Olympic gold medals are actually lead

We send supplies and help to the people of Georgia but

Obama-McCain town hall interview at Rick Warren's church

Rep. Sali: There ‘Could Be Up To Forty Barrels Of Oil In A Single Tree’

Corsi's Greatest Hits ("hereditary eczema" He's ITCHY?)

Where is our Freedom of Speech? How dare they harass us like this?

Olympic medal-winning women called "gold-diggers"

Osteen Wife Found Not Guilty of Assaulting Flight Attendant

Minorities expected to be majority in 2050 (CNN)

NRA to gun owners: Beware of Obama

he's baaaaaaack!!!!!

As of this day, I vow to never, ever use the term Mainstream Media again,

Gas pump malfunction sells premium for 38 cents

Joe Klein exhibits uncharacteristic revulsion for John McCain and Joe Lieberman's Bushist tactics

has cnn hired the georgian president saakkashvilli as a reporter

APA report: Abortion is not a threat to women's mental health

"Clinton would not be the first woman to have her name placed in nomination..."

Please tell me these fuckers are breaking some law.

Mr. Bush, take a cue from your (one-time) buddy Pervez Musharraf......

Fleeing Famine, Bees Seek Asylum in Cities

Eric Burns (formerly of the cancelled FoxNews weekend media show) on with Rachel

How is Hillary's name being placed in nomination at Denver....

Corsi gets ripped apart on Larry King

surge update-remember iraq?-A double suicide attack has killed at least 19 people and wounded 75

Swedish athlete throws medal and quits!

Russia to Bush: 'Forget' Georgian territorial integrity

Liberals Are Patriots, Unctuous Joe

Stephanie Miller on Larry King Live tonight!

MarketWatch: Wall Street cheers as Gannett cuts 1,000 jobs

DNC Research on Corsi: Warning this is long

Jackson Browne Sues John McCain

Study: Troops Deployed Abroad Gave Six Times More To Obama Than To McCain

Some perspective on Bird Flu.

Obama has received nearly six times more in donations from soldiers deployed overseas than McCain

Chinese state media reports gymnast age as 13.

Post any news items you find of Democrats and liberals being assaulted or killed for their beliefs

Corsi uses World Nut Daily as a Source?????!!!!

Huffington Post: Documents Reveal Underage Chinese Gymnast

What are Obama's successes?

Union mailer hits McCain on threatening Social Security (he received $24,000 in benefits last year)

Union mailer hits McCain on threatening Social Security (he received $24,000 in benefits last year)

Dick Morris is an Evil Stooge: How EVIL?

So 20 years in the North Conway Valley, Polartec Made in the US Chuck Roast is closing

So the French are our best buds again?

Should Hillary's Name Go Into Nomination @ the Convention?

I think from now until Jan. 20th when anyone says they are a republican or conservative to me I'm

Jerome Corsi Appears On White Supremacist Radio Show

Beer goggles theory proven true

The New Gen X Manifesto?

Hillary's Name on the Roll Call Will Be Historic. The Republicans Can Not Match That.

Newsweek, NYT & LAT - Russia/Georgia - Tough Talking Neocons Lead To Another Major FP Screw Up

HA! I just found one reason that new anti Obama book is a NYT best seller!

Clinton Backers to Make Noise at Dem Convention

4 days ago, the NYT's Michael Falcone had a fairly positive story on Obama's vacation. Not today...

Rare opportunity to hear/address/protest Nancy Pelosi IN THE FLESH in person TONIGHT

Obama Woos Abortion Foes With Platform Embracing Motherhood

When will the Righties realize they got had...? Used and pawns on a chess board..

Rory Kennedy on Helen Thomas Film, Coming to HBO on Monday: "The Role of Journalism in a Democracy"

U.S. Tests Unarmed Minuteman 3 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Taser company sponsors police convention

"Corsi writes for World Net Daily...lead headline Thursday...Dead Bigfoot stored on ice."

Edwards' "other woman" revives memories of a gruesome scandal

American Airlines fined $7.1 million for safety violations

LOL- Ernest Brognine drops the "M-bomb" on FUX & Friends, live!

The Riff: An Ode to "Calvin and Hobbes"

Top Story on AOL- Denver Fight

Anyone have any data on how the US public views what's happening in Georgia?

Caption *

Alabamba, Florida, and Georgia water war heads to Supreme Court

Open Apology to Hillary Clinton

In a melee, who would you want to lose: the Phelps clan or Scientology?

Libya Says Russia Emerging As Counterbalance To U.S. Dominance


++++ 4,141 ++++

I was watching "Ulee's Gold" with Peter Fonda, made in 1997

Georgia/Russia, and now a US/Poland missile agreement.

Wikimedia Foundation replies to McCain plagiarism charges

What have you heard about the pedophilia issues of Rush Limbaugh and Jerome Corsi?

The symbiosis of international business and the big 3 of authoritarianism

For fun: 20 Ideas For Making the Olympics Kick Way More Ass

Let Me Guess: The right wing is buying all of Corsi's Books

Sickening Military Propaganda....Listen to this Democracy Now! re: a recruit threatened w/ jail.....

Join the DNC Rapid Response Team

"If the American president can take Baghdad, then why can't the Russians take Tbilisi?"

GOOGLE : Truman Commission

NY Times: Downtowns Across the U.S. See Streetcars in Their Future

Did anyone else just see David Shuster kick that woman's a**?

For whoever is posting those "What would you do if...." stickies

This Man Won’t Be Swift Boated-Obama campaign releases a 41-page, point-by-point rebuttal

Breaking News:Turkish Airliner Missing ATC Trying To Contact

Massive Spam Campaign Spreads False CNN News Items With Fake Flash Player Malware

'if the americans can take baghdad, why can't the russians take tblisi ?'

Neil Cavuto Proclaims That, "The Cold War is Back"... Neil is playing 'Wag the Dog'

When did the Washington Post go psychotic?

Jerome Corsi eats dog shit and buggers farm animals, it's true

Jackson Browne files suit against GOP: Browne: You Should Know, I'm Not Team McCain!

Who Would Name A City Poti?

Ugandan man hacks wife to death over HIS HIV infection.

And now for the real Olympics - 100m heats coming up

To those who stream Mike Malloy on KPHX from Phoenix...Who's the person who does the local news?

Judge who freed Mayor Kwame for a trip to the Dem convention is a fucking Republicon

'in the 21st century, nations don't invade nations'

Tomorrow (8/15) is the Statehood Day holiday in Hawai'i

It's Rachel tonight

Caption this * pic

Holy moly! Fred Phelps to picket Isaac Hayes funeral: he cannot PROVE he didn't "support sodomy"

Question Regarding National Enquirer

"Timothy Plan", a "Christian" mutual fund, shuns McDonald's for "promoting Non-Married Lifestyles"

CONGRADULATIONS!11! We have a new Freeperism

Ga. Men Claim to Have Found Bigfoot (Pics at link)

Rocky Mountain News: Colorado still in top 10 of foreclosures

Will someone please please send McInsane some Denture Adhesive?

Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Decline to 10-Year Low; Median Price Tumbles

Why are we able to breathe? (Something unsettling to know about fossil fuels)

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Larry King Live tonight....

I saw something that was kind of cute.

Alaska Republican Mayor Endorses Obama

Cancer and stress and... Elizabeth Edwards

What books should be required reading for citizens in a democracy?

U.S. Ties With Russia Being Reassessed, bu$h* Aides Say

LGBT Suicide Line Seeks To Educate Youth

Kansas State School Board Candidate needs help!

Today is my dad's birthday! He was born on 8/14/1920. 88!

Is anyone else having trouble replying to threads?

U.S. Role in Georgia Crisis

I'll happily donate three additional amounts to DU for any three DUers whom ...

Fred is at it again!!

I wanna celebrate, dammit. Two historic contenders agreed to honor an historic

Phil Gramm returns to McCain’s side.

Folks are there any rumors about Caroline Kennedy speaking at the convention? nt

Well, I guess I once met a spy

Olympian Amanda Beard Poses Nude to Help Save Animals on Fur Farms (photo)

video attempting to tie Mayor Kwame's lawbreaking ass to Obama

A Few Words in Defense of Our Country - Randy Newman

"Ill and in Pain-Detainee Dies in U.S.Hands"

Olympics. Is it me or is NBC showing more sports.

I've decided to remove my Obama bumpersticker from my car.

High drama, and why Hillary is not going to be VP (updated)

US troops donate more to Obama than McCain -- 6:1

Why not invade Iran?

Hillary is not planning a coup at the convention



Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

McCain thought the party could “exclude people” for being “pro-gay rights“

Man banned from girlfriend's home after noisy sex

PHOTO: Oh wonderful, Cindy McCain is out of the hospital. And looking so much more RELAXED.

We must show the world, that we, as a nation, will never allow this to happen again.

Georgia: Russian Cluster Bombs Kill Civilians

VIDEO: Kate Winslet calls the mentally disabled "Mental". BIGOT!

Police: Gwatney killer a stalker

Dean Baker: The Meltdown Lowdown

Weren't Russian troops massed for weeks on the border before the "war"?

Sen. Stevens Of Alaska Asks Judge to Dismiss Case

VIDEO - FOXNews -12 yr old SanFran Girl to Russian Troops: Thank You

The Edwards affair would have been handled differently if he had been the nominee

Calling all History Buffs:.. Kingwood College Library

Obama Camp: McCain Could Raise Taxes On Middle Class

Russia Capitalizes on New World Disorder- opinion from Germany

VIDEO: Georgian television reporter shot in forearm on live TV, continues her report minutes later

Another serious threat against a Democrat: MD Gov Martin O'Malley

Rasmussen: 31% favor restrictions on political blogging

Why we are in this mess?

Who would you like to see as the first woman President of the United States?

The Constitution clearly states that there's not a damned thing we can do about bush & cheney.

My Obama yard sign didn't last 6 hours

Will bush finally go after bin Laden when Musharraf resigns, or let him go free again?

What would YOU do if you were totally above the law like bush & cheney?

the flag is down and the ref signals a drama time out!

ok....who put the salamanders up on the big board?

on Abrams: something was seriously wrong with Obama's plane

For Chr@#$@kes! The Housing crisis ends when the median income can afford the median home!!

Obama Was Right...

Remember when murdering a million people used to really mean something?

Remember when murdering a million people used to really mean something?

US begining airlift to Tbilisi along with troops and the US Navy headed into the Black Sea.

Evan Bayh: No Memory of Neocon Iraq Liberation Committee

Attorney: 'DC Madam' left instructions if 'ever found dead of apparent suicide'

Gwynne Dyer: Georgia's huge South Ossetia mistake

Wow, the Georgian President is so busy taking orders

Victoria Osteen is POSSESSED!!!!! (LOL pic)

Cut. Their. Fucking. Mics.

The repub smears against Obama are NOT working, nice try though.

Kathy Griffin: A Funny Thing At Walter Reed

An Ossetia Thread - Stan Goff

I need help .. I am cheering against the American beach V-ball players ....

There has been discussion of Voter Purges in some states...

'Oil, Israel and Iran' Among Factors that Led to Georgia War

Obama hits back with a 40-page rebuttal to “Obama Nation”

Conyers on Democracy Now!

A Shout Out to All Atlanta DUers

Your opinions on an odd little religion/school issue.

LOL! leaked "schedule" for the RNC convention!

Obama's Swiftboat Liar Gets Smoked on CNN

I'm flyin' WHEEEEE!

1,000 U.S. Marines Began Joint Military Exercise In Georgia On July 15th!

What theme song should go with the McBush-Bush reunion image up top?

Att: DU lawyers and legal types: re. political shootings.....

In light of the most recent RW terrorist attack/political assassination in AR

Kathleen Sebelius, Tim Kaine, Bill Richardson, Ted Strickland, Brian Schweitzer, Ed Rendell, Janet

A "concern" I have about the georgian conflict.

There ar idiots asking should we go to war with Russia are they stuck on STUPID !!!!!!

SUVs aren't selling, many owners 'underwater' on the loan

The Nation: Hannity Freaks on McCain-Edwards Sex Link

TYT: John McCain Forgets We Invaded Iraq and Afghanistan

Going to see my oldest daughter for just the second time ever in 35 years

Rumors are surfacing that "swiftboat" Corsi is a pedophile, among other things.

Just when you think an inbred toothless freeper could be more stupid...

Lieberman the reason the Dems are not impeaching?

Fixing our broken media... a few thoughts

Georgia: "Western press continues to operate as the propaganda-arm of the Pentagon"

GOP accused of fraudulently signing up voters in California

John Conyers : Tea Whistle on Democracy Now

Zombie Reagan to Attend GOP Convention

how corporations destroy humanitarian ideas..

Why have so many "liberals" embraced paternalism as social policy?

Abrams - JSTFU! just shut up already

Dr. D. is at APA in Boston

Paul Craig Roberts on Georgia crisis: "President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"

Detention camp Setup for DNC Protesters and Mass Arrests

23 Dead in 24 Hours in Escalation of Mexican Violence

US Rejected Russian UN Statement For Both Sides 'To Renounce The Use Of Force' On 8/8/08

Musharraf Is Expected to Resign in Next Few Days

What would you say when staring certain death in the face? Here is what my dad wrote:

Weigh in. Have you ever felt threatened for being a liberal?

Met Randy Scheunemann (apparently new) U.S. Top Foreign Policy Adviser

Florida Residents - start watching this -Weather folks are saying this will be Tropical Storm Fay

The best way to help Obama is to donate!


War pictures from South Ossetia

Best photo, ever

No more 401K matches anymore? - Article

Police Find Note Bearing Gwatney's Name, Phone Number in Gunman's Home

Links between Ark. Democrat leader, killer unclear

I'll take sins for $200, Alex! Warning! God's Judgment Is Coming!

FBI's "Smoking Gun" Against Ivins Evaporates

Tenn. teen battles school's Confederate flag ban

BushInc used justice system to blame Iraq for 9-11, and to exonerate Saudi Arabia for 9-11.

Saw a real genius in an Escalade at the gas station

Obama swimsuit photos have arrived, as have the bodysurfing pics - don't be afraid. It will be OK.

Trouble In The Tropics?

Rush Limbaugh uses Michael Phelps' diet to justify more oil drilling.....

Bookmark this site when the Freddoso hatchet job breaks the surface.

This Week on NOW: The Border Fence

If ALL that matters is winning,.. pick Chuck Hagel as VP

Target Has 79-Year-Old Taken In For Mental Evaluation After She Demanded Cash Refund

Freakazoid Fundies Want to Put a 40-foot Wall around San Francisco

in praise of boys

DU on Facebook

12,000 calories a day!

Jerome Corsi is a necrophilic, pedophile with tendencies towards self-mutilation and cross-dressing.

Watched "Lawrence of Arabia" last night - made me sad

Greenpeace Activists Deploy Banner and Lock Down Knoxville Office; 7 Arrested.Including Mrs.tekisui!

The flip side of all the indignant PC nonsense about "Tropic Thunder"

Ok. I love you all - good night. See you tomorrow from Princeton, NJ

Oh God! Did you see that fall off the rings?

Omigod! My face is above a hickey!

A really, really, really good joke.

Please make me laugh...

I'm so sad and so scared.

Heads Up. New Duggar Family show on TLC (on the West Coast).

Some info I sent to TPM re: McCain, Georgia, and the felony they're about to commit...

McCain and the Same Old, Same Old

Hey, Rev. Smitty


I'm finally trying out youtube

So now that all the kids are in bed, whadda ya wanna do for fun?

Ladies and Gentleman, I am a stupid male

Dang! I spilled my Ped Egg feetsie leavins in the sink!

Because trained monkeys still bite. And only 1 out of every 4 3 year old

So, I heard John O'Neill and Jerome Corsi had a couple's spat and broke up and that is why....

Vincent Price tipping acid?

Bang bang!

Old love

These girls are not 16 years old!

Okay if I would have known that badmitten was an Olympic Sport...

Jason Lezak is HOT.

Tenn. AG: Person with PTSD can obtain handgun

The Goonies DID kick ass!

Somebody needs to turn the hose on GD:P again....

Julia Child was a SPY!

Tackling the DISGUSTING job of the year award goes to: ME!

I just watched the most bizarre video...My friend is an embedded photographer

I so should go to bed...I have to proofread 40 pages of Marx in the morning.

Let's all sing along to "Rock Me Sexy Jesus."

Is Mr. Snuffleupagus supposed to sound like a guy on a drive-thru speaker?

How I crave getting high right now

More Campaign stuff

Inspirational thought of the day, 8/14/08

Matcom should be in good spirits today - his girl Kelly Brook is single again

"Xenon head lamps" Sorry I have to vent.

when does the new startrek movie come out?

Major Celebrity Sighting Last Night ( And you all know who she is )

A Florida school's solution to encourage achievement. T-Shirt with FIRE on the front.

Ripe and Green

No live nationwide feed for 400 medley relay on Saturday night

MrsCoffee reviews the commercials for "Lipstick Jungle" on NBC

My crappy mood has been redeemed!

Marge Simpson is flirting with me.


would you tell your SO if you had a sex dream about one of their co-workers?

alright, which one of you spent a ton of money to keep reposting the Muslim video?

How long is a reasonable time to expect delivery of an item you purchase online?

You know those small, gentle "whirlwinds"?

I had a sect dream last night.

holy shizz

Thank you Anonymous DU Patron!!!

Would you tell MrCoffee if you had a sex dream about him?

Where are the beer mugs?

"We came here to swim, not sing."

Oh shit! Ken Lay found alive and in hiding!

If it wasn't for sex dreams...

I don't think John Donne said "We Are Each Apart of a Whole"

Why did John cheat on Elizabeth?

Priming for Burning Man, Flames in Hand

Is anything more frustrating than typing out a carefully worded,

So last night I was watching the Men's individual all-around

Spring Awakening

Do you enjoy a really good poke? You know, one of those "uh-uh-UH!" pokes?

I have now officially been married for 26 years

So when is the Olympic figure skating going to be on?

Japan vs China

For London 2012, let's go nude.

I cried like a baby last night.

Orrex is the 2nd best poster in the history of DU...

If you built a modern day 'Noah's Ark' what critters would you leave behind

If you see me walkin' down the street, and I start to cry each time we meet...

Is anyone else dreading seeing what happens to Bush/McCain?

Can I just vent about being freaked re: female issues?

IT and Web Gurus, I have a question...

I just put grovelbot on ignore.

Has anyone been getting fake MSNBC and CNN email alerts?

I haz a naughty sticky!

Last night watched the finale of BBC Life on Mars...and the trailer for the US Version

There's something that goes bump in the night at my new house...

How to handle the cops

Rachel Maddow tells America to "Google 'Truman Commission'" -- and they do!

I'm severely depressed today

Oh, give it a break

This has been a wonderful morning having coffee with the DU folks but I do have to do other things

The new Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young CD, Deja Vu Live

Nekkid twister!!!

More evidence mounting daily that john mccain is indeed the anti Christ.

The Hunger is about to start on LOGO

you know what's good?

Black Moses

Should Dem Conventioneers wear fake arm slings this year?

Should Dem Conventioneers wear fake arm slings this year?

Should Dem Conventioneers wear fake arm slings this year?

I'm glad I don't work for a big impersonal company

Your Favorite Bread?

Wow. I really have to give props to the person who paid $10 in order to post:

No Grovelbot in the threads

My Jack-O-Lantern:

Who'd marry a real person if a robot existed that looked and responded like a person?

Our Boss/Owner Just Bought Us Chinese Food For Lunch

China's Yang Wei is GOLDEN!!!!

This is what happens when you don't "Look at the pretty bug"

Meh- I am just in one of those moods today.

Why do so many women date men who aren't interested in the women they're dating?

I saw people picketing a Planned Parenthood center today...

The Mukasey Doctrine = blog by Scott Horton

If you thought the weight lifter video challenged your stomach

Yeah I'm angry, Very very angry!!!

You're the IT for Humanity.... It's time for upgrades, what software would you install

The remaining disunity in our party is not coming from Obama or Clinton

'Bigfoot' Trackers Claim They've Found Their Prey

She's about to eat that sentient taco

Only *5 days* until the *NEW* Glenn Campbell record!!!

AWWWWWW. Thanks for the sticky.

Alaska Airlines Waives Fee For Up To 3Bags For Military Members

Dammit!! I'd lose my head if God hadn't had the forethought

Rick Roll...Obama-style...

Nice ad by Obama

Mr. DTBK is pissed at the Williams sisters (watching Olympics tennis)

Help Stephen Colbert Better Know YOUR Canton!

Not exactly Olympic caliber diving (aka dawgs in the pool)

"and then everyone had tea and cookies and a carebear flew out of my ass."

(shows of hands) Who wants to see Al Roker eat a scorpion?

Don't Tune in to Black Radio if You Want to Avoid Harsh Things Said About the Clintons Today...

Do You Have a Lot of Pet Pervs? What are some of yours?

Snarf Snarf!

The official DU Men's Swimming Physique Appreciation Thread

Vibes urgently needed

Talk about a sore loser

To whoever did the Dr. Who hugging the Dalek sticky:

Here's an Olympics picture to make ya go "What the fuck?!"

Is puma a kind of cougar?


the splint has come off and my pimp ring has returned to its rightful owner...

OK. Made 3 stickies

I got rear ended on my way to work this morning, ask me anything.

Can somebody be a self-described MILF?

Awww. Poetry Thread Sticky!!!

I'm scared.

"hot sexy asian thai girls stripping naked boobs tits breasts"

Time Magazine story: Spray-on condoms still a hard sell.

2 Cows

Where did this guy go to stretcher-carrying school?

so we aint all rednecks(Shania and Elton at Memphis)

Man charged with stealing 50 shopping carts

Would You Trust A Spray-On McCain?

The Age of Bush, Part VI: Austin's Powers

I had a dream that Donald Trump stole my laptop.

Where JFK was born (bed nearest the window):

I thought there was another pretzel rod left in the bag and there was not!

Perhaps Bush's penis could be impeached, but Bush himself cannot be impeached.

Odd sticky there; "CODE" with a salmon coloured background...

Billyskank Is That You?

Dixie Normus

Official drool over the US gymnast thread.

Check your "My DU" page

Blind Item

"What Makes Men Fall in Love?" (one of those sites I happened across by accident)

I have no meetings or anything tonight.

Should funeral orgies be public?

Who Wants To Be A Passenger On My Flight?

Is Janet related to Scooby?

JetBlue Has Grandmother Arrested For Refusing To Delete An Unflattering Video Recording

JetBlue Has Grandmother Arrested For Refusing To Delete An Unflattering Video Recording


Remember that tell-all book about Madonna written by her brother, Christopher Ciccone?

Videos your toddler likes to watch (or used to watch) over and over again?

Kan I haz cookie?

Your favorite baked food?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/14/08

One-Ply or 2 Ply?

Something weird happening from

Is anyone else disappointed in the Olympic coverage? (Rant)

Has anyone heard from KitchenWitch lately?

Why Bugliosi Wrote “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”

If you were an Ikea product what would your name be? What would you look like?

my toes - a random picture thread.

If I came over and used your bathroom for 20 minutes, what reading material would be available?

Muslim Sticky Abuse Rickroll!

Harry Potter movie delayed from this Nov. until NEXT July.

DU Loungers.... I have a nephew!!

hey loungers i have a question

Anyone one else remember "Long Ago And Far Away"

My ex boyfriend just dropped in and brought a woman who kept falling asleep

To the person who put up Annie Hall:

Omigod! My face is on a stickie!

I found my very first thread ever in GD. Interesting to note that

Anybody know who posted the Starlight sticky?

It is very hard to create an OP that gets no replies, imho

I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy, we fought ourselves.

Sticky: Loosing erections?

Astronomy Picture of the Day - perhaps the best one ever! Humanity dancing.

I'm tired ... keep me awake.

Just how exactly do we "loose" elections?

Your Favorite Fed?

Ack, somebody bleached Quinn!!!!!!

Well, this is a nice charity idea that will be launching shortly online.

Songs that Make You Bawl Like a Baby

Does anyone know where I might find higher-resolution images of the 08 Olympic mascots?

August photo contest invite

Behold the Blue Ball Machine

I learned a hard lesson today about friendship

"There are strange things done in the midnite sun..."

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/14/2008)

éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é

I had quite a day.

Calling out TK421

The more I hear Kings of Leon the more I like them.

My cat just totally screwed up.

Army Psychologist-Who Ordered Torture Of Juvenile Detainee-Pleads 'Fifth' At Gitmo Trial

Match the area of Boston with it's sister, foreign city


I heard that Paul Newman is dying

Looks like the recommend fairy is back

Alabama. Allah... Bama...?

Holy mother of Jebus, what a week it's been

Hey Billy Mays and the ShamWow! guy

Popularity threads suck, but so does Elrond Hubbard.

I would like to thank Russia for . . . .

Turns out...I am not buying a Kia Sedona after all.

I am

Ahh....fuck it....I'm drunk again....howz everyone else doin?!@!!!

something I wrote...

For those who appreciate irony:

Ellen DeGeneres and Fiancee Portia De Rossi to Wed This Weekend

I will be in the Outer Banks in N.C.


has anyone ever used a sedation dentist? I have a cavity that is getting PAINFUL and I hate pain

US Men's Swimming SPOILER

Your favorite fried food?

Any Garmin experts?

Can someone answer a Netflix question for me PLEASE?

Tell me something good.

Local Bay Area Drugstore Chain, Long's Drugs, to be swallowed up by the Borg (aka CVS)

Would Obama be our first Hawaiian Prez?

Walker, Texas Ranger

Damn Copycat Freepers...They've got a fund drive too.

FBI presumably fingers anthrax mailer.

US - Belgium Beach Volleyball game (spoilers probably)

Alright, WHO posted that "Janet Doobydoo for President" sticky?

Ministry of TOO MUCH INFO: "Video: Ernest Borgnine: "I Masturbate A Lot"


Project Runway: Thoughts, Feelings, Impressions?

Heath Ledger as the Joker is the 2nd best casting in the history of film

Bad News for those with Restless Cock Syndrome

What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?

US Women's Gymnastics SPOILER

Brian Austin "Beverly Hills 90210" Green as The Riddler in the next Batman movie? No thanks...

Lux Aeterna or Carmina Burana?

Wedding gifts etiquette question


Feral Cat Killer Sentenced

Top Ten Reasons Why Biden Would Be a Poor Running Mate

Announcing a new group: the Society for the Rehabilitation of 0-response Posts!

Genetically Modified Obnoxiousness: Post your best ideas for a sticky here.

When was the first time you heard of a certain groundbreaking technology you now take for granted?

I need your opinions on this odd little religion/school issue.

Would you trust... a spray-on condom???

FAIL. Post your favorite FAIL here.

Noisy British sex emerging as a counterbalance to Ernest Borgnine's masturbation

Aren't pain doctors supposed to treat PAIN

Van Halen's last worthwhile effort

Your Favorite Fred?

Nekkid video!!

Cat Proverbs

Sticky: Loosing elections?

I need a hug... badly

The Super Theory of Super Everything...

Iz in your manshun, recrootn your childrenz

Man gets 2 years in prison for killing cat

I made onion rings tonight, and they were AMAZING!!

Curiously: Is administrating DU all Skinner, Elad, and EarlG do?

Pictures on the road with Dean as the bus travels to Indiana and Ohio.

Have there been any bands in the last 20 years that are like the Beatles insofar as CHANGING music?

For WoW players - World of Wifecraft

Talking to my girls about breast cancer

Jango or Boba

Let me get this straight The Saudi Kings can't be arrested

Now Wal-Mart LIKES trial lawyers, sues own hirees for its own greedy mistake (Route 65 landslide)

You say you want a revolution? Yeah, I don't think that's asking too much.

Why is Nancy Pelosi so hated when she has virtually the same stances on issues as Senator Obama?

Does your car reflect your political views?

Mr Rockefeller he won't give me no loan. And Mr Brown, he don't want me back home

The Georgian war is over now, correct?

What's the last band you've seen live?

Match Game Story: "Rotten Ricky was so rotten, even his lilac-scent air freshener __ grotesque."

That's numberwang!

Would you tell your best friend if you had a sex dream about her?

Kerry Launches Obama-Helping Anti-Smear Website

Cindy McCain's handshake injury

Brazil's Lula Silences Aides Pushing for Punishment of Dictatorship Torturers

Jewish leaders seek improved ties with Chavez

Former La. Police Officer Indicted In Taser Death

DoD to let expert testify on sex assaults

Man fired from job kills Ark. Democratic chairman

Clinton Backers to Make Noise at Dem Convention

Arkansas Democratic Party chairman is gunned down

A lone anthrax mailer? Skeptics question FBI case

White House Pushing Musharraf To Step Down

U.S. Census: Everyone will be a minority by 2042

Cambodia and Thailand to begin troop redeployment

Cambodia and Thailand to begin troop redeployment

Inflation Hits Annual Pace Not Seen Since 1991

Afghan blast kills three soldiers

Rash of Iraq Bomb Attacks Kill Five, Injure 18

Zimbabwe: Govt Seizes Tsvangirai's Passpor

Downtowns across the U.S. See Streetcars in Their Future

Press split over US support for Georgia

Officer charged in death of Tasered man

Judge lets Detroit mayor go to Democrat convention

U.S. Navy: 6 sailors accused of abusing detainees in Iraq

Hillary Clinton's name to be placed in nomination

Obama Woos Abortion Foes With Platform Embracing Motherhood

(Female) Suicide bomber kills 18 in Iraq pilgrims attack

Russia-Georgia conflict raises worries over oil and gas pipelines

McCain foreign policy adviser paid by Georgian government

Troops contribute more to Obama campaign

Russia: Georgia can 'forget' breakaway provinces

U.S. Navy charges Iraq camp guards with abuse

US and Poland sign defence deal

Saudi Arabia Wins Appeals Ruling on Sept. 11 Lawsuits

Georgia's bitter defeat plays out on road to capital

Another crane collapse

1 Dead In Quincy Crane Collapse

Arar lawsuit to get rare review by U.S. Appeal Court

Big Union Drops Tough Social Security Mailer Hitting McCain's Wealth

Mervyn's closing 26 stores this fall to cut losses

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 14

'National Enquirer' Settles 'Love Child' Lawsuit -- But It Was Ted Kennedy Allegation

Judge Permits Detroit Mayor to Attend Party Convention

Senators say US report on oil prices is flawed

(Sec Defense) Gates sees no prospect for U.S. force in Georgia

Daschle buys Ivins as sole culprit in 2001 anthrax attacks

Russia: 'Forget' Georgian territorial integrity

Debt collector may add 700 jobs

Poland, U.S. Reach Missile Shield Deal

FAA Tapes Reveal Drama of Obama Jet Incident

Insiders say Musharraf to resign

GM To Build $445 Million Diesel Plant in Thailand

No Drama

Best News I've Had All Day

Naomi Klein China new disaster-capitalism trough

New Mexico GOP House Candidate Accuses Dem Opponent of Cutting Troops' Throats!

47% Favor Government Mandated Political Balance on Radio, TV

Psst, information tips on the rise from public to FBI

US demands Russia ensures Georgian port access

Mugabe rival 'barred from travel'

Bank analyst forecast Georgian crisis 2 days early

Higher Costs

Buchenwald liberator, American hero dies at 83

TheRealNews: The geopolitics of Georgia - Part 2

'One Nation Left Behind' Campaign

What Has Gordon Smith Done?

Injured Iraq War Vet (Tammy Duckworth) to Pay Tribute to Service Members at Democratic Convention

McCain Press Conference on Russia's Invasion of Georgia

Doctors May Be Denied U.S. Asylum for Treating "Terrorists"

Great Malloy rant.

Smear merchant Jerome Corsi exposed by MediaMatters on Larry King Live

When GOP Talking Points Collide

Radio host (Savage) drops lawsuit against Islamic group

Corsi's book discussed on Hardball. Very little mention that his last was full of lies

Colmes once again brings up McCain's infidelity - Hannity once again excuses wife-cheating of Repugs

John McCain Cursing

New Obama Olympic Ad "Three Bedroom Ranch"

McCain - Unfit To Lead

John McCain - Clueless

The Solar Bus Fuels Up At Costco

Fascinating: Hitchens and WF Buckley re-argue the Vietnam War

Nancy Pelosi calls Joe Lieberman 'irresponsible'


McCain's Georgia Debacle

Russian Military Concerned By U.S. Cargo Flights To Georgia

Bill O'Mafia blames Obama for Corsi's smear book. Amazing

U.S. Ties With Russia Being Reassessed, Bush Aides Say

Siegelman to Speak at Democratic Convention

Rejuvenated Georgian President Cites U.S. Ties as ‘Turning Point’ in Conflict

Speaking For The Troops

Need 'closer look' at peace deal-Georgia president

Democracy Now Headlines- Thurs. Aug.14, 2008 = CIA breaks law

New Obama Ad for Ohio

COUNTDOWN w/ MADDOW: GOP Keeping Away from John S McCain

Obama an "angry black man" out for revenge?

Capitol Crimes - Bill Moyer's Journal = w/ Abramoff addressing Republican Convention ....

TYT: McCain - 'Nations Don't Invade Other Nations'

TYT: McCain Lobbyists Have Made ONE BILLION Dollars(!)

Russia begins Georgia handover

Countdown: Bushed Aug. 14, 2008 w/ Rachel Maddow

Clinton’s Name Will Be Put in Nomination

CNN - Obama sightsees in Hawaii

News Item: Jackson Browne files suit over McCain's unlicensed use of song (Musical Interlude)

McCain: In The 21st Century Nations Don't Invade Other Nations (!)

Meet Sandra VuLe, candidate for Texas State House of Representatives (DU'er campaign manager!)

John McCain Unfit To Lead (final version)

Judge bans general from Guantánamo trial role

Jordan bars Jews with religious items

Canada says Russia showing "Soviet-era mentality"

Garden Wedding - Let California Ring (For Gay Human Rights)

Hair Samples in Anthrax Case Don't Match

US: Russian peacekeepers get wider Georgia mandate

Did Bush speak too soon about U.S. Navy aiding Georgia?

Merkel, Medvedev to discuss strategic partnership

When It Comes to Obama, The FOX Is WRONG! (foxattacks)

Countdown: Convention No-Shows = Grand Old Party Poopers = w/ Rachael Maddow

Wow. CNN's convention coverage is sponsored by ...

Casino Jack = new film in the works on Jack Abramoff

Georgia’s (USA) jobless rate highest in 15 years

Stevens questions FBI authority in corruption case

Countdown: The Slime Machine = Jerome Corsi's book Obama Nation

Suicide Note from a Guantanamo Bay Detainee

"Fix the Economy" Ad by BARACK OBAMA

Gorbachev: Georgia started conflict in S. Ossetia

US, Poland agree to missile defense deal

DemocracyNOW: Ron Suskind - Bush Admin forged documents = Day 2 w/ Rep. Conyers

Who needs Rocky when you've got Baracky? Baracky II

Study: Troops Deployed Abroad Gave Six Times More To Obama Than To McCain

Jackson Browne Sues McCain Camp

Russia occupies Georgia towns, tension with Ukraine

Arkansas Suspect Quit Job on Day of Killing

Obama camp says Detroit mayor unwelcome in Denver

Court: Saudi Arabia not liable in Sept. 11 attacks

Appeals Court Orders Cuban Militant to Stand Trial in El Paso

Georgian Soldiers Fire on Fox News Crew

Obama campaign issues rebuttal to book's claims (40 page rebuttal)

DNC Ad: FDR's grandson speaks:"John McCain, keep your hands off our Social Security"

FAA Tapes Reveal Drama of Obama Jet Incident, Audio Contradicts FAA Account of "No Emergency"

Obama Hits McCain On DHL in Tough New Ad for Ohio

Lawyers’ Edwards Ties Suggest Extent of Hiding Affair

TYT: Inside Edition Has Cenk On To Comment On John Edwards

Fox News: 12 Year Old Girl Tells the Truth about Georgia

Detention camp Setup for DNC Protesters and Mass Arrests

Graves Found From Sahara’s Green Period

Approval Ratings: The Public v. McCain

‘Where Are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?’ By Scott Ritter

Arkansas State Democratic Party chairman shot, killed

Conflict in Georgia narrows oil options for West

Why Georgia Does Not Belong in NATO

Russia Capitalizes on New World Disorder

What a crock

E.J. Dionne: Parsing the Clinton Memos

Rosa Brooks: Who got Georgia into this?

U.S. hidden hand pushes Ossetia war

NYT editorial: Russia Takes Gori

Georgia and U.S. Strategy

The NYT Finds Heroes in Tbilisi — In Baghdad, Only Terrorists by Laura Flanders

The Long War: How Many Iraqs and Afghanistans Lie Ahead?

South Ossetia Through the Looking Glass

Russia-Georgia conflict raises worries over oil and gas pipelines

U.S. Debates Putin’s Ambitions

Russia's War With Georgia May Reopen U.S. Rift With Europe

Georgia's Israeli arms point Russia to Iran

AP: Green Beret says Leader Shot, Mutilated Afghan Civilian

John McCain on Russia: Angry, Bellicose, Belligerent and Extreme

Georgia's bitter defeat plays out on road to capital

US raises stakes in Georgia, but rules out military role

Civilian Diplomacy -- Dialogue to Prevent a War with Iran (Robert Koehler)

Guardian UK: Athletes from US & China are unwitting soldiers in a superpower in decline...

The same old smoke from Hippie Hill

Georgia on My Mind: Imperial Rivalry Fuels Tussle over South Ossetia

It’s The Economy…Ratings of President, Congress Near Their Lowest Points Ever

Haaretz--Georgian minister: Israel has sold us out

Water Bosses Punish UK!

"The Predator State: How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too"

Georgia War: A Neocon Election Ploy?

American Airlines waives fee on 3rd bag

Bomb kills soldier, Iraqi interpreter

Green Beret: Team waited to report killing

Group opposes Army war simulators at air show

Sailor recalls shipmate ‘slicing my throat’

Bush orders Navy to provide aid to Georgians

Sailors could get high-tech surveillance help

Bill would let troops get help at Vet Centers

Navy steps up to irregular warfare

Pentagon puts Cyber Command effort on hold

Ariz. official sues over growth near Luke

Troops blast through a bomb-strewn route in Diyala province

Exit of Georgian troops unlikely to impact security in Iraq

Lead levels high at play areas in Kaiserslautern and Grafenwöhr

Global Hawk sales allowed

Scientists say Navy ships need power boost

AC-130 gunners training with WWII ammo

Future ships could zap enemies with lasers

Good WTOP series on life in a submarine

Army deserter ordered deported from Canada

U.S. Leads in Wind Power Production, But Policy Uncertainty Weighs on Industry

xpost: after the floods, Cedar Rapids still a wreck.

UK Ruling Forces Shell To Pull Greenwash Ad On Canadian Tar Sands Project - CanWest

One In Three UK British Beehives Lost In Winter And Spring, 2007 - 2008 - Telegraph

Polls, Damn Polls and Offshore Drilling

Video: The Solar Bus Fuels Up at Coscto

Russia's Richest Man To Hold Talks With GM About Purchase Of Hummer - Guardian

Consumer pressure works: Monsanto to drop rBGH

Mexican housing boom threatens black bears

London Zoo polar bears make way for Australian Outback

Willows, Calif., plagued by egrets

Greening the grave

USGS Report - Nation's Ground-Water Availability

Bosnia Faces Fuel Shortage

circling the wagons: Korean consortium loses rights to Russia oilfield

Nigeria warns oil firms to share gas or be punished

(MASS) House Committee Passes Solis' Green Jobs Act

Canada: Shortage puts gas stations in a bind

Portland gym will run on pedal power

Podcast: Keeping the (Renewable Energy) Industry in Check

Shell Rebuked For ‘Greenwash’ Over Ad For Polluting Oil Project

Scripps Report Paints New Picture Of Outlook For Oceans - "The Rise Of Slime" - ScienceDaily

Media Matters: Myths and falsehoods about oil policies

Maryland solar power grants prove popular—State runs out of incentive money, starts waiting list

(Maurice) Hinchey slams energy companies—Accuses oil companies of ‘wanting to be in control’

New Poll Shows that Americans Prefer Clean Energy

Converting gas-powered cars to electric

Mexican housing boom threatens black bears

Wind parks take over indigenous lands—Transnationals dupe campesinos by offering low prices for land

Greenpeace deters trawling of German reef with giant boulders - Commentary Sea Shepherd

Massive solar project garners protests from solar energy industry

NREL Solar Cell Sets World Efficiency Record at 40.8 Percent

California State Fair to Feature First Known Amusement Ride Powered Solely By Cows (err… cow manure)

NAS Study - 95 - 98% Of Earth's Amphibians Gone - "No Place In CA Wh. Frogs Are Thriving"

Number of Ocean 'Dead Zones' Doubling Every Decade

Chevy Volt Design Details Slowly Emerge

Oregon farmers design a breakthrough for fish, growers alike

lol-ocelot I made, and a petition

Two Large Solar Plants Planned in California (800 Total MW of PV!)

JC Penny To Install Solar and Wind Power

Interesting poll on - "Homophobia Questionnaire"

An amazing little video that isn't political enough for the political section

McCain Takes $2300 Contribution from Owner of Gay Sex Site Manhunt

* * * ARCTIC ICE WATCH * * * . . . . . . . . . . silver medal edition

John Russell, Democrat CD 5, Fl Addresses Ridge Manor POA

The Remains of the $1 Detroit House

Slow housing market complicates divorce

The intellectual perpetrators of the corporate predator state

I'll never understand Wall Street

Israel says woman raped by British is war vet

Olmert offers to absorb 20,000 Palestinians into Israel over next decade

(MP George) Galloway wins damages

Changing man

Will Iranian 'friend of Israel' be dismissed?

One for the shelf

Rupert Murdoch Unveils Plans for the Global Dow

Today in labor history August 14 President Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act

9,500 Carhaul Members (Teamsters) Vote to Reject National Agreement

As Charges Mount, Caregivers and Supporters Call on Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange to Stop....

Potlatch woodworkers poised for picket line (1st strike since 1948)

Nurses at Providence Medford vote to unionize

American Rights At Work Petition Calls For FEC Investigation of Wal-Mart

AFL-CIO Files Complaint with FEC on Wal-Mart Electioneering

Study: Guaranteed Pensions Cost Less

South Carolina State Employed Smokers Pay An Insurance Penalty

NYT: Social Security Too Hot to Touch? Not in 2008

Fatal wrecks prompt revocation of labor license

Cops arrive before union auto workers for Chrysler rally (The move will lay off about 2,400 people)

Obama’s Record Backs Teachers, Building Trades

SEIU Statement on Announcement of KKR Prospectus

Brazil's Lula Silences Aides Pushing for Punishment of Dictatorship Torturers

Brazil's Lula Silences Aides Pushing for Punishment of Dictatorship Torturers

Brazil Lawmakers Pass More Generous Maternity Leave Than Europe

Land Reform Conflict in Venezuela’s Strategic Water Source

Jewish leaders seek improved ties with Chavez

St. Vincent starts new airport work with int'l aid (including Cuban aid)

Colombian Bogota Fines Femsa COP201 Million For Pollution (Coca Cola Company)

Venezuela July Unemployment 7.2% Vs 8.8% Year Ago

7 killed in paramilitary upsurge in Saravena, Arauca

Venezuelan intelligence allegedly gave Antonini USD 1 million

Castro Turns 82, Quietly

Baseball replay could be in place by end of August

So what's the verdict on "ESPN Live"?

For the first time in 13 years...

Olympic tennis...SPOILER!!!

I 'm ready to share my recurring UFO dream now.........

Favorite Classical/Choral Music?

Gender and Culturally Tailored Interventions Help Curb STDs in Black Girls

Infant Transplant Procedure Ignites Debate

Halving your risk of macular degeneration (Wet)

third cervical cancer vaccine on the horizon

Moisturizers Up Skin Cancer in Mice

Prevention of vascular disease by broccoli, including the damage

The Kinesio Tape on the Olympic Volleyball Players

Does anyone here remember the polio epidemics in the US?

Help me pick my August contest entry...

Canon Question

~~~SUBMISSION THREAD for the AUGUST Photo Contest. Theme: Old dilapidated structures~~~

~~~COMMENT THREAD for the August Photo Contest. Theme: Old dilapidated structures: ~~~

looking for "Armed Liberals" photo-essay...

Tenn. AG: Person with PTSD can obtain handgun

Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race Of Skeleton People

CERN to Start Up the Large Hadron Collider. Now Here's How It Plans to Stop It

Remains of cemetery found in Sahara

NOVA - Cuttlefish,the kinds of camoflage.

Check out Grovelbot's Board

What's your method of freezing?

Here for a few days, I guess - BONUS: The Buttermill Special

Julia Child in the news

I made Chili Rellenos for 12 people last night.

Pa. minister gets year in jail for stealing the identities of members of his church

The Afterlife for Scientologists

The Right to Control Standards

I was in a Sunday school class last Sunday, a class with mostly middle-class

Delete - VI beat me to it.

OK, I made a funny

Okay - how did you guys do it?

Biden statement on Libyan Terrorism Victims claims

Biden press release - response to Bush's remarks on Georgia

I just had the coolest thing happen to me.

Taylor Marsh again praising Biden for Veep.

This is interesting,

Did you guys notice

Holy SHIT! - EDIT - wrong link. Correct link enclosed.

Oops, made a mistake

You guys! LOOK!

What´s this all about?

John McCain, 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theorist Nutjob

Tenet's mentality

9/11 Truth: How Did Those Buildings Come Down?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich says Bush Admin Let 911 Happen

Check it out: Texas State House district 112 candidate Sandra VuLe on TV

Computer won't boot up with external USB hard drive connected

I just interviewed Al Franken on the radio

Noise noise noise.

Support Protest of RNC, Silent Auction Friday 8/15 at 7pm, St.Paul

Hi y'all !

John Kerry: "The Liars are back, It's time to finish them off"

New diary at Daily Kos

A Swift Boat Vet finally gets what's coming to him - on the Larry King show.

"No Umbrella" documentary and Fannie Lewis

The Sleeping Media

An excellent Bob Koehler column -- on civilian diplomacy with Iran (X-post)

British libel laws violate human rights, says UN

National security: Plans for 'secret inquests' face defeat in Lords

Gethsemane: David Hare's satire crucifies New Labour

Any Brummies onboard?