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OMG That B*#$%, I Can't Believe She Did This!!!

This so-called sex scandal should make anyone with a brain realize the Republicans must NOT win.

Anybody got a good link to Rush Limbaugh going on welfare?

Charlie Rose: 'Bob' aka Robert Kagan saying let's go in! And

Denver has primaries tomorrow. Any clues on who might win?

Bomb Plot Reveals Bush’s Abysmal Miscalculations in Qaeda Fight - Bush History, 8/12

Moscow Times reports Georgia's economy is collapsing. Fear of Russian hackers.

Bush could weaken Endangered Species Act

I propose a constitutional amendment banning the practice of Flag Knee-Whacking

"Not Ready to Make Nice" with Power Point

Anyone want to comment on the Paris Hilton Video? And How Insane In The McCain edited it

Re: AsherHeimermann.

hand over heart ??? pledge of allegiance - yes - national anthem - no Right???

International Youth Day 2008 is Today (Features Ava)

"Vacation, all I ever wanted"...just like her shoe shopping & Spamalot during Katrina

South Ossetia: Russian, Georgian...independent?

Who is there to come to the aid of Georgia with troops on the ground?

Travel Warning-Please apply to American troops

Are we all really just a bunch of Peons?

Does Extenz work? n/t

Help me with answer to bogus Jay Leno email

Oh geez, Michael Reagan on CNN talking about the scandal.

Check this s*** out

Putin Rules - "What Are You Going To Do?"

WJ this morning - Travy Dove from Russia Today

Russia policy: THINK about it. We're screwing up

Georgia: Another Bush screw up

In Manhattan, Big Bro Lost On Congestion Pricing But Intends To Track All Cars Under Terra!

UBS losses rack up

Vad "the Impaler" Putin is a thug. Of Polonium 210 and his army of brown shirts the Nashis.

New Robinson for Congress (D) T.V. Ad, Ohio 12th

North Atlantic "Invest 92" bears watching (WU)

North Atlantic "Invest 92" bears watching (WU)

Willful pseudo-ignorance followed by disingenuous shock or outrage is truly pathetic.

Georgia: Russian Attacks Continue; Despite Russia's Claims

Bush looks to weaken Endangered Species Act

Has anyone asked Boosh if he has taken the military option off the table for Russia?

John McCain's Deception. McCain has ALWAYS been cozy with New Right leaders.

Republican convention swag...

Tale of two headlines: AP vs. Reuters

The Coming Cyberwar: Inside the Pentagon’s Plan to Fight Back

Why people hate politics

Most companies in U.S. avoid federal income taxes

Woman Accidentally Shot and Killed by Police: Right-Wingers Blame Victim

John McCain: No Maverick, just a Status-Quo, Ultra-Conservative, Party-Line Republican

I care!

“No One Could Have Predicted,” Republic of Georgia Edition

Student aid requests soar as economy plummets

Russia 'ends Georgia operation' - BBC

More thug coppers in West Palm Beach FL.

Wilderness of Mirrors - Putin and Bush Could Simply Have Cut A Deal

another Top Al Qaeda Leader killed

France (Sarkozy) helped in brokering the cease fire in Georgia

"Saving Grace" shows what government prohibits

Rice will not interrupt her vacation for Georgia. US donates $250K

This Modern World: The McCain campaign's mockery of Obama knows no bounds

All the bi-pola news you can get...

MarketWatch: Goldman downgrade reflects financials woes

Is there a moral imperative to warn others when you perceive danger to the group?

Delete please. Wrong time of year. Thanks. nt

Which One Will YOU Be In The Year 1984?

A Third of New U.S. Homeowners Owe More Than Houses Are Worth, Zillow Says

This photo in the LA times made me hurl (Bush spanking an athlete):

Today-An Extraordinary Primary Day in Colorado

MarketWatch: Falling into 'fuel poverty'

Mainstream Media Helps Us Move On

Bill O'Reilly In Full Gloat Mode Over John Edwards

2008's First Disenfranchised Voters: Injured and Homeless Veterans

More opening ceremony fakery: 'Olympic Balladeer’s Voice Was Dubbed' (NYT)

Ben Sargent nails bush's bag record on terrorism

Perle: "Bush and his expert Condi Rice have misunderstood Putin from the beginning"

Russian Offensive Imperils U.S. Aims on Iran, Energy

Jim Hightower: Big Oil Song and Dance

MarketWatch: Seven reasons America needs a 'Good (not Great) Depression'

What is that in Barbara "Turquoise" Bush's hand?

Bush History, 8/12 - Bomb Plot Reveals Bush’s Abysmal Miscalculations in Qaeda Fight

Job Woes, Health Blues? - How gloomy economic news may be affecting us physically


Sen. Ted Stevens "$250,000+ in gifts" trial belongs in DC, prosecutors argue

AK State Sen. John Cowdery Pleads Not Guilty = $25,000 BIG OIL bribe

DNC Releases First Exxon-McCain '08 Web Ad: 'Exxon John'

Lawmakers Still Seeking Details On FBI's Illegal Records Demands

Tom Clancy's 2001 Video Game Ghost Recon predicts current events in Georgia?

The Reason Most of the Main Stream Media will not report the story about Corporations not paying Tax

Just a quick short question:

Wall Street Mortgage Losses Cut Tax Bills to Zero, Reduce New York Revenue

The latest shining star in the Fox News galaxy? Why, it's batshit crazy Pastor Mike Huckabee!

I made a misstatement to a rw'er the other day

Memo to Next President: How to Get Cybersecurity Right-Obama has a cybersecurity plan.

Israeli Has $1 Billion Invested in Georgia

Olympic girl seen but not heard

remember that article I posted recently about sewage in our water?

Huckabee to join Faux News

Huckabee to join Faux News

Evidently Condi took the job with the provision that she didn't

Get ready for it ..... I predict the next oil price bullshit explanation .......

Perspective from an American civilian living in S Ossetia

5 years after blackout, power grid still in ‘dire straits’ (US)

Slavery Reparations Fred Reed!

Bush lets trash collect on ocean sanctuary he promised to protect

Will an Obama presidency result in lower gas prices?

Massive Military Contractors's Role In Iraq Documented By New Congressional Report

"We Thought We Had An Understanding With The Russians"

Pelosi: Fire BAD, Bread GOOD, Impeachment OFF TABLE, Offshore Drilling MAYBE ON TABLE

Mukasey--NOW do you see why it's a big deal that he has an Orwell poster in his office?

Good analogy by Thom Hartmann about offshsore drilling

Republican Children Say the Darndest Things About Barack Obama!

41% say Bush "worst president ever"

Clinical trials test potential of hallucinogenic drugs to help patients with terminal illnesses LINK

Russian's UNOMIG mandate

Clinton era critic featured as Dems launch “Republicans for Obama” campaign today

The Katrina Memorial in New Orleans will entomb

BETTER THAN GOOGLE-BOMBING! now has "Custom Aliases" available! Fun! Fun! Fun!

US, Allies Weigh Punishment for Russia

Why Are Republicans Bailing On Their Own Convention? “Nobody Likes A Funeral.”

+++ 4,138 +++


Pull in your claws, this is NOT an Anti-Obama post...

Financial Times: China to overtake US as largest manufacturer

Cheney to attend fundraiser for congressman caught with prostitute.»

Florida...last in education, life expectancy, quality and quantity of doctors?

Freddie to Stop Buying Subprime Loans in N.Y. State

So what do we know about McCain and this Georgian lobbyist?

Wall Street Mortgage Losses Cut Tax Bills to Zero, Reduce New York Revenue

Michele Bachmann: To hell with saving the planet, it was saved 2,000 years ago

If all had gone as planned/forecast, we'd be fine. It didn't.

Has McCain taken the military option off the table for Russia?

As my mother used to say: "If you can't say anything bad about McCain...

MarketWatch: Credit squeeze getting worse, banks say

Stop & Shop Groceries to Stop Selling Threatened Fish

Stop & Shop Groceries to Stop Selling Threatened Fish

Russia & Georgia, US & Hamas, Cheney & Musharraf

Does cheap energy equal hyper-individualism?

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered a halt to military operations?

Mukasey confirms it --It's No Crime If Obama should hire just Dems in the DOJ and fire all Repugs

The Rude Pundit - "Hot Chicks Dig Obama": Blame the Impotence

Looking for objective info on where Russian forces have been and not been

international house of pancakes.....or....chemical muntions bunker?

McCain, Georgia, and change you can Xerox

This Mamma loves Obama bootleg tee-shirts @ 3 bodegas in Newburgh, NY

Indian law says a single man is not fit to adopt a baby girl

DU'ers need help debunking a McLoon statement he made today. "No Naval Nuclear Accidents".

The Fictions of a Free Market

dupe - please delete

Anyone been watching the BBC during the Georgian crisis?

Rutgers Center Keeps Tabs on Down-Ticket Women

Juror: 'Hamdan Didn't Seem Like Al-Qaida Warrior-Kind Of Like Using Hand Grenade On Horsefly'

illegal allies

More olympic ceremony fakery

The president of Georgia is a New York lawyer?

What if your job required you to be at work 100 hours per week

What's Barbara Bush (daughter) thinking?

Are there any DU football fans?

McCain says all Americans back Georgia in struggle - AP

My stepson and his wife just had a healthy baby boy!!!

Think what you want about Russia but they just made the Republicans look like scared little children

Olympic girl not cute enough for TV

Dean Baker: Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Comes to Brookings

Suskind will be on Randi in the next hour

Sweden Relaxes Rules on Naming Kids

At least the Georgia Russian conflict will serve to remind everyone that the US economy is not the

Didn't Georgia invade S. Ostessia first?...Was Russia then

Didn't Georgia invade S. Ostessia first?...Was Russia then


U.S Ranks 15th In Broadband Speed: Support Affordable High Speed Internet For All

caption *

Flying dog poo art causes museum chaos in Switzerland

How many Hungarians, Kurds and, now, Georgians have died

Flying Without a Wallet

Does anybody else think it is presumptuous of McCain to act like he's president during this war?

Is there no one you people won't shred apart?

No Take-Home Swag: Stripping Bush and Cheney of Retirement Perks

GA-Sen: Chambliss Leads by 6 in New Poll

Unanimous Decision of NJSupreme Court Results in Precedent-Setting Victory for Farm Animals

Anyone know what the deal is with Bush's screwed up right elbow at the Olympics?

Federal raid stuns family when son suspected of shining laser at pilots

Ummm...Maybe Accelerating the Expansion of NATO Isn't Such a Good Idea

Did John Edwards ever speak ill of others in similar circumstances?

Stephanie Miller arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest

Russians Move Toward Gorge Despite Cease-Fire

How many of you think Focus on the Family was kidding ....

Financial Times: The new age of authoritarianism

Old Cold Warriors Never Die Brzezinski Compares Putin to Hitler

Hawaii for Obama

Say It Ain’t So Miaoke: China Accused of Faking Nine-Year-Old’s Song at Opening Ceremony

Say It Ain’t So Miaoke: China Accused of Faking Nine-Year-Old’s Song at Opening Ceremony

Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran

What a real oilman says about off-shore drilling and McCain..

What Bush Got Right By Fareed Zakaria | NEWSWEEK

How do conservatives reconcile the "sanctity of life" with...

Soldiers pay bag fee on travel to war

This is a poll taken of Which presidential candidate is the best choice for the auto industry

TEDTalk Tuesday: Must-see Origami

Remember the saying you are not a man until you walk in Tehran?

McCain: We Are All Georgians Now. ....Really?

GOP email: Do the Peloisi dems deserve a vacation - This from the GOP!

The Pundits Speak: Keith Olbermann and other traditional journalists on gay issues

I NEED my Obama "fix." (pics of him in Hawaii).TIA nt

Flight of the dead: Suburban families move loved ones from Detroit cemeteries

Another Fine Story of Republican "Family Values"

Don't you have to agree the surge has worked?

McCain thinks he is qualified to be CIC because he crashed a few planes and

Iran, EU to continue nuclear talks

Colorado Retirees: McCain Should Reject Social Security Benefits

Al Franken's new ad...

So, McCain says he's "speaking for all Americans". . now.

Georgian Conflict Leaves West Reeling And Russia Walking Tall

Bush Photo, 8/12/08: When using one finger to point at your addressee is simply not enough

Swift Boat Vet Financier Dumping Huge Money Into Key Senate Race (Udall-CO)

She's back: Condi Rice ends vacation to tackle Georgia (OH, dear GOD, NO! She ended her VACATION?)

Focus on the Family's 'Pray for Rain' video:

Was Adolf Hitler born into a world that was biased against him?

Iowan faces felony charges over 23 dead dogs in Neb.

"Not every violation of the law is a crime." PLEASE can we make these Republicans go away??

100 BILLION to contractors, yet the govt. refuses to pay the Native Americans .5 Billion

Iowa expert: An early Edwards exit would have aided Obama, not Clinton

Vincent Bugliosi: Bush Impeachment unlikely due to time and Speaker Pelosi

What a wonder job CNN is doing covering the "Russian atrocities" in Georgia. To bad they don't

MarketWatch: More middle-income households falling into 'fuel poverty'

unbelievable Rep. John Kline dirty tricks...disruption by people who make money off him

Police: Boy Starved For Not Saying "Amen"

Russia/Georgia war another bush foriegn policy failure

surprise! surprise! Mukasey Won’t Pursue Charges in Hiring Inquiry

O’Reilly Uses Edwards Issue To Again Minimalize The Homeless Veteran’s Plight

MarketWatch: Credit squeeze getting worse, banks say

They are out to get us!

losing their minds

Where is my right-wing bro getting this,

More states shred bills for awful medical errors

NYT Re McCain and Neocons - So, McCain Is Extra Strength Bush?

Vote Against Torture Collusion: Psychologists Vote on Referendum Against Participating in Bush Regim

Russia is not Germany after WWI

Totalitarianism vs some semblance of democracy?

God is an American?

Meet McCain's bro --- Mikheil Saakashvili, the man who lost it all

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/12/08: Melting Polar Ice Can't Beat Jesus

1-20-09 Bush's Last Day...(humor)

Robert Parry: Neocons Now Love International Law

Quick. Who's the Secretary of State?

The role of race in misidentification of criminal suspects

Why do we want a small number of oil companies to control our energy supply?


cnn saying nancy pelosi flip-flopping on offshore drilling vote....

April 1, 2008: "Bush stirs controversy over (Georgian) NATO membership"

Codpieces for free!!!! . . . Just first come CAPTION!!!!

Where is that alphabetical list of registered DUers?

Chicago 2016: Not On Our Backs

To those here that think bringing back a draft would be a good thing:

Stevens Indictment Leaves Long-Dominant Alaska Republicans Facing Meltdown

Obama's 'no income taxes on seniors' draws critics

Awww, little Asher left us.

US court won't resurrect lawsuit in CIA leak case Against Rove/Libby

When did American become a country of such chickenshits?

Fed. court refuses to resurrect CIA leak case

Economists' Letter on Offshore Drilling

GAO: Most Corporations Don't Pay Income Taxes

Rice: Russia must halt operations in Georgia

Bush may be leaving, but ....

Former Q-C congressman Jim Leach backs Obama

Fox: John McCain Has Known Georgia's Pres. "For 25 Years" - Since Saakashvili as 16 yrs old?

Is RIA Novosti being blocked on the Internet

America Out of Economic Ammunition

CEASEFIRE IN GEORGIA; Putin Outmaneuvers the West

Product Placement? (Georgia President quotes John McShame)

1969 interview with John Lennon on tape

Trojan Donkeys: Anti-Choice Groups and the Democratic Party

How the U.S. Invited a War in South Ossetia

Momentum Building to End Ban on Voter Registration at VA Facilities (But it Might Be Too Late)

Dkos diary: Partial list of violations of the law that are no longer crimes

Where is Chris Matthews??? Please? Anybody?

NY Times Retracts 12 Years Of Calling McCain 'Fighter Pilot'

A Bit O' Nixonland: Were You There?

Fundies say California Assembly wants to turn all school children gay, blame Harvey Milk

Obama singing AND dancing -- best smashup EVER!

The Lip-Sync Scandal Widens...

new Fun With War Crimes episode -- with Dubya's special friend, Jesus!

Flying the tense skies: Unrest at United Airlines

Since when did mercenaries become contractors?

Oops! - Mc* pic

I don't get the Neocons problem with Russia

Military strike on Iran won't detail nuclear program, U.S. experts say

Cops Throw Cameraman out of Rossi (R) event (Washington Governor Race)

Andrew Sullivan: Vladmir Cheney

Bush: Why don’t you shut up? (Russia Pravda)

Analysis of the Georgian-Russian Conflict STRATFOR and ORLOV

U.S. rebuffs Israeli request for arms geared toward Iran strike

Miso soup for the liberal's soul.....from Mort Sahl:

U.S. oil companies have been exporting record amounts of gasoline this year

don't think Larry Johnson is a racist? read his latest blog post on No Quarter

Russia after communism punished like Germany after WWI, why did we expect different outcome?

How would Pelosi rate in any other job?

One of the people I talked to while phonebanking told me I could get "educated"

September 10th: The day before our world changed, a day to change the world!

County Approves $1.9M For Ballpark Scoreboard

Gossip Break: Sen. Russ Feingold is dating actress...

has the womans gymnastics gone yet? Do you think they can take first?

I wish Russia would invade Lou Dobbs next

SHOES & VALUES ...a few pictures telling a story...

Meaty Danger Strikes Whole Foods

Dan Abrahms really letting edwards have it.

"Frank Burns of News"

"Haunted by Elizabeth" (insightful article on Eliz Edwards)

People claim Obama will turn the US into a "socialist" country. What is "socialism"?

More "deviate sexual intercourse" from the GOP

This kitteh haz change she can has believe in

Judge says UC can deny class credit to Christian school students

Republican Lawmaker Wants Environmentalists to Know Jesus Has Already Saved the Planet

Republican "Family Values"

Cold War II - John McCain - A More Extreme Hard Right Neocon Then Cheney or Bush?

Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin is the only listed guest for Charlie Rose tonight

"No Take-Home Swag: Stripping Bush and Cheney of Retirement Perks!" --Huff Post

Obama's VP Text Message: Be the first to know.

How would Pelosi function in any other job?

OK, I'm not planning on watching the Aryan Nation gathering otherwise known as the RNC, but......

DSCC Plans to Spend $7 Million in Ad Buys to Oust Dole From NC!

CBO: Scale of contract operations in Iraq is unprecedented (Iraq War: $1 out of $5 to contractors)

The Contractor Surge: Woah!

Bumper Sticker: "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less"

Leach, Chafee start ‘Republicans for Obama’

I have truly and completely had it with "Nationalism."

Thank you, Chuck Schumer......

Key U.S. Real Estate To Lose Another 1/3 Of Its Value!

John McCain, riding his campaign bus into a rally to the stirring theme from "Rocky,"

demand-side economics

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Just found a pic of Cheney getting ready for the fundraiser in CA...

NC-Sen: Dole Leads by Five in New Poll


Someone other than Phelps wins GOLD! US Soldier Strikes Gold in Beijing

190,000 contractors working on U.S.-funded contracts in Iraq

Just pondering something here (science related)

The Biggest Environmental Disaster in American History-The entire nation will reel from the losses.

Limpballs: "Edwards might be attracted to a woman whose mouth did something other than talk" (MM)

This guy ........

Kerry's Regrets about John Edwards, and a Marriage Made in Politics That Never Quite Fit

Mike Huckabee to join Fox News

Ceremony sham - Little girl 'too ugly' to take part in Olympic showpiece

Please,DU,rate up and comment my comrade's ltte!!!

I think Angelina Jolie may be a Neo-Con

Anthrax ... the Bin Laden & Carlyle Group connection:

Question about citizenship in Starship Troopers

Puling, lying, drinking, evading, murdering, waring, brush-cutting ..

Malloy: The Shoe Lady Speaks...

Running Wild, Chupacabra Sighting Caught on Video

Rape victim had compensation cut by a quarter because 'she was drunk'

Being skinny is no guarantee of a healthy heart

Where do DUers think I am on the political spectrum?

A perfect example of when it comes to foreign policy, BOTH parties serve the fascist agenda.

Gobal Poverty Act--Obama?

This lifetime legislator who owns 9-10 luxury homes cannot understand how the rest of us live

How about this painting by Ron Keas?

Suskind: Senate Intel Committee has launched an inquiry to substantiate the evidence in the book

According to our attorney general "Not every violation of the law is a crime"

olympic opening ceremonies coverage--beyond awful!

Wise Up and Rise Up or Kiss it all Goodby: Must read

Oil = Power = Money

if you have to ask, you can't afford it

New Right-Wing meme: Obama is the "extremely radical, pro-homosexual" candidate.....

Americans Don't Have A Clue Of What Happened After Bush/Cheney Decided To SPIT On Geneva Conventions

Can't stop thinking about the 3000 on 9-11, the 4000 G.I.'s, the 80,000 wounded, the million Iraqis

The FABULOUS ELITE life of John McCain

Saudi Arabia does not allow women to compete in the Olympics

Focus on the Family prays for rain on Obama.

If you didn't want to hear about John Edwards any more you are out of luck.

Thank you mods!

Uh Oh! McCain Caught Lying To Children! Says He Works 24x7

NYT: An Indiana Democrat Offers Risks and Rewards

Waiting for the Corp. media's indignant calls on McCain's Presumptuousness and Arrogance.

No way. Pls. delete. nt

BREAKING: Shocking Rasmussen Poll Released!

Public Policy Polling: "Obama lead still at 4 in Colorado"

A V.P. Hint? VP's Convention Day Is Veteran Themed

Hey McCane, go win this war for us!

On my drive home from work today, I spotted 5 Obama signs, 2 Ron Paul signs

What Can True Christians Do to Help Speed Up Global Warming So Jesus Comes Back Quicker?

Want to turn offshore drilling into something Republicans won't touch?

Do you reckon there's a mole in the campaign?

Russia's military support for Iran will undoubtadly grow now

Phelps wins gold # 11

How does Bush stack up to past presidents?


Karl Rove: Michelle Obama Deserves FOX News’ Attacks On Her

The New Republic "Life Sentence- stop kidding yourself: McCain is a pro-life zealot"

Ridge, Portman, and Thune.

I personally think the leaked memo's help Hillary with Obama supporters. . .

Barbara Ehrenreich: When Pastors Go Postal

Oregon Rasmussen Obama 52, McCain 42 Obama +10.0, Why is McCain tanking in the polls? MSM?

Is Bush drunk at the Olympics? Sure looks like it

A thought about vacation spots

VERY interesting, and possibly totally irrelevant, article on Obama's VP pick


Longtime Republican voters are airing new views, thinking of switching parties.

dupe, please delete.

Them of the 3rd Night of the convention (VP night) same name as Clark's PAC

Please turn the empty suit charge back on McCain.

Suskind: Forgery Created In Direct Response To Wilson's Debunking Of Niger Forgeries

Democratic Convention themes highlight unity; Convention is being termed "America’s Town Hall"

Wes Clark, Jr. doesn't think it's going to happen.

Pelosi to McCain: You weren’t even here

McCain to critics of "celebrity" ad: "just relax, shut down the computer, go outside..."

Mukasey Doctrine: It is the system that failed; the perpetrators were just following orders.

Does Obama today, support or oppose the Democratic Party’s New Southern Strategy?

Obama Camp to Court Republicans - Jim Leach endorsing Obama

A One-Term Pledge From McCain Is a Really Bad Idea

Here is the link the near final draft of the 2008 Democratic Party Platform

Mukasey to Bar Association: "The System Failed"


Orwell's "Big Brother" would be proud. Guess what the theme is for the RNC Convention on Thursday.

What is Howard Stern saying about Obama and McCain?

Tell me how it feels.

“Nobody likes a funeral"

Speculation Mounts

More than 81,000 people have signed up to go to Ron Paul's Rally at the RNC. Where's the MSM?

This Georgian issue has me spinning

The Democrats won't need an ark in Denver after all

Election Education - Tax Cuts 101 - The Truth

Outing CIA Agent Was "Official"+Gov Employees Who Engage In Questionable Acts CANNOT Be held Liable!

Obama hats and Tshirts being worn in the commissary! In NC!

Mukasey Refuses To Prosecute Officials Who Politicized DOJ: ‘Negative Publicity’ Is Sufficient

Sen. Russ Feingold continues to drool all over McCain

Indiana Senator (Bayh) Offers Obama Risks and Rewards

'Republicans for Obama' launch search for converts

John McCain is a pro-life zealot

Why do I feel like my boss is going to be a 5'2 Chinese dude with large biceps one day

How Clinton's Exit May Boost Obama-Journal of Marketing Research.

FLASHBACK: Barack and Hillary were right about Putin and Russia - spoke out in February (VIDEO)

Exclusive!! McCain Campaign On-The-Ground Report from Virginia

The McCain campaign’s $42,000 lie

What will we talk about after Obama is elected?

"Barack Obama Doesn't Blame Anybody...But John McCain Blames Obama for Everything..."

I feel sick and dirty

Good Article Re Why McCain Is Bad For The Economy - Mortgage Crisis and Phil Gramm

Half of overweight adults may be heart-healthy

ABC-Cheating on a Sick Spouse-Gingrich/McCain

The Only Division the Clinton Campaign Memo Exposes

Huff Posts notes that Wed night is Nat'l Sec/Veteran themed. This is of course the VP night....

Cokie Roberts and Her Slide Right-July 23, 2007


In a Changing Corner of Pennsylvania, a Glimpse of Obama's Age Problem

Election Education - Investment On Infrastructure - McCain v. Obama

Seems like a lot of elected Dems don't want Obama elected.

Why is McCain Allowed to "look Presidental" but if Barack does it he is being Presumptous???

Iowa Republican endorses Obama

ABC: Cheating on a Sick Spouse - "John McCain. Then Newt Gingrich. And now John Edwards."

Head of the University of IA Hawkeye Poll: An early Edwards exit would have aided Obama, not Clinton

Obama signs up lawyers

Scrubbed From CNBC... Before Georgian/Russian Conflict..US Participated In Georgian War Games

I know he needs the rest, but I miss Barack Obama.

Current and Former Republicans line up for Obama.

Mara Liasson asserted "irony" in "a liberal Democrat showcasing his faith.

What will happen in 2012 if Obama is elected and Repubs Manage to Block Everything He Tries to Do?

Why Is This Ad Being Allowed To Run On DU?.....

Republican Mayor of Fairbanks AK endorses Obama!

McCain's only shot is that the youth stay home, and old racists GOTV

Mike Myers to McCain Campaign - You're Not Worthy - made them pull Wayne's World clip.

I'm Watching The Olympics Tonight: McCain's Commercials are HELPING Obama

ACLU takes on Sheriff Joe

McCain Can Not Break 44%

The U.S. can greatly boost clean wind power for 2 cents a day.

Joss Stone to Pen Song for Barack Obama

Kilmeade on FOX: McCain "one of us now"

Bush, Manson, and the Media Blackout - Interview with Vincent Bugliosi-Michael Collins(aka autorank)

100% Snake Oil (McBush's drilling scam)

McCrypt: "Today We Are All Georgians". And some may question Obama's patriotism and "loyalties."

Howard Wolfson is a LIAR


Ask this of 3 McCain supporters today

Ed Henry, there are not THREE voices speaking for us .. only TWO

Did I just Hear The Georgian President Mention McCain On CNN

Any chance McWhine thinks "offshore drilling" means "f*cking foreign women"?

Sobering new(ish) feature at -- "This day in 2004"

We cannot trust the "other side"

What Time of the Day or Night Will The E-Mail/Text Message Come?

Pelosi, Michelle Obama to kick off Dem Convention

Did Obama Actually Register for Selective Service?

For all those predicting a landslide, it's going to be close.

Am I the only one who finds this headline offensive?

I love the VP annoucement by email idea.

McCain, you do NOT speak for me.

McCain wasn't kidding when he said ABBA was his favorite band. Yikes.

Hays Research: Obama Leads in Alaska - 45% O - 40% M

Obama leads by 9 among all Christians, poll finds.

Republicans cross over for Obama

Bill-O: "We had the Edwards story last year but didn't air it for Elizabeth's sake"

Josh Marshall: "McCain is simply too dangerous and unstable to be president"

FORGET SCROOGE! Enthusiastic Crowds and high soaring oratory is just what this country needs!

Obama's Walking on Water--Pat Oliphant

InsiderAdvantage Poll has Obama down 4 in Florida.

McCain pulls the "Hot chicks dig Obama" some heat apparently

i quitted teh democrats... but i can't quitted u!

McCain Supports Tax Breaks For Oil Industry -- But Not For Wind Power

McCain: Still 'The One' For Lobbyists

Former (IA) Republican congressman endorses Obama's bid

Hooray to the Georgians, but Fuck the Germans?

Hays Survey: Obama leads 45-40 in ALASKA

McCain Supports Tax Breaks For Oil Industry -- But Not For Wind Power

CONFESS!! How are you exotic?

03-Bush Was In Trouble-"Bring in some nuclear material from Soviet Union & pretend they are Iraqi"

After seeing the "Hot chicks dig Obama" ad, I come to the conclusion that McCain's the most INSECURE

DNC Opening Speakers Announced

McCain: "Today We Are All Georgians"

Tour one of John McCain's homes!

You know your party's unpopular when your office holders are told to stay away from your convention

Olympic girl seen but not heard

McCain: Ich Bin Ein Georgian (actual quote was "We are all Georgians")

Women's Softball being dropped from future Olympics because the US Women can't be beat

New Gallup Poll: Obama leads McCain 45-38

GOP Senate aide calls McCain Convention "a funeral"

Over on Kos it was mentioned by a poster that Rachael would make a good press secretary

Obama radio ad accuses McCain of abandoning U.S. manufacturers

Veepstakes: The Sunday Tryouts

Did Georgia commit genocide?

Securing America's Future?

Looking for a very simple graphic of taxes under McCain & Obama (saw it here a few weeks ago)

Warrior John McCain: Far More Dangerous Than Bush

Quick Question: Who's more powerful? The Government of the United States or Big Business or What?

I love Susan Rice.

Portrait of the Candidate as a Pile of Words

Obama picks up GOP support

A Truth Squad for John McCain

Leach, Chafee start ‘Republicans for Obama’

Very sad, but do former Edwards supporters feel they have been conned?

Are there any websites with polls that include Barr and Nader?

BREAKING: Obama sees movie, has popcorn...developing...

Stem cell backers doubt McCain’s support

McCain Is A Pro-Life Zealot-Voted With Pro-Lifers-125 out of 130 Times

Wonder what Barack is gonna do with all those cell phone numbers


A Two-Prong Foreign Policy (excellent letter to the editor)

Has anyone noticed how the republiCONS...

Bush Looking Drunk At The Olympics

Heck of a job there Condi !!!!!!!

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, Aug 12 – Obama 335, McCain 203 – Obama Down 9

John Kerry Fights for Veterans

Anthrax Spin and How BMI Came to Develop Deadly Weaponized Anthrax

Lieberman Attacks Obama’s Patriotism

John McCain, Internet dunce -- not the chief that an increasingly technological world requires.

Zero McCain ads in Florida.. is the fix in? (again)

There is too much of the world in Obama's identity for the international community ...

The role Southern Illinois played in preparing Obama for this campaign.

What does it say about our society that we have gotten to this point?

Look what them internets have done Faux News get the debate boot...

My Endorsement of Barack Obama, for whatever it's worth...

Help me deny McCain a vote

Imagine: Obama's Veep generates more excitement / bigger celebrity then he (B.O) is

Rev. Wright book tour is a LIE!!!!!

Morning Cable Ratings: Friday, August 8 (it matters even though it's 4 days ago)

I just got visited by Obama Canvassers

CNN reporting that McCain's TAUNTING actually worked.

Wes Clark on Rachel NOW. nt

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/12/08 - Obama 45, McCain 43 (unchanged)

Say It Ain't Jew, Joe - Marty Kaplan @ HuffPo

2 Famous Minnesotans will not be @ the RNC in St. Paul

WaPo carrying A3 story about McCain's Georgian Lobbyist Advisor


Obama "Hands" commercial just aired on Olympics - Holy crap is that a good ad

Carpool Buddie and I doing a poll, Obama will win by 1900%

Choosing Hillary

Cold War II - John McCain - A More Extreme Hard Right Neocon Then Cheney or Bush?

It's a GREAT idea for Obama to offer supporters 1st info on the VP!

I have a feeling it's going to be Evan Bayh

Colbert about Bayh

Once the VP nominee is known

David Plouffe just said on Air America that

Why do I see more McCain ads than Obama ads on TV?

My Endorsement for Senator Barack Obama

Dem's drop "safe, legal and rare" language from abortion position


The Swing State on the Black Sea

If Hillary would have won, and announced Bayh as her running mate....

McCain supporters are energized!

McCane casts himself as Rocky/CNN

How does Focus on the Family keep their tax exempt status when they run political ads?

"Hot chicks dig Obama," a new John McCain ad proclaims

Senator Obama, You Will Lose My Vote If You Do This

Good News: "Daughter: Rev. Wright NOT publishing book in October" plus he is in Ghana.

Effect of Racism upon November

The media in this country is very dangerous

Alex Ross' (Comicbook Artist God) Super Obama Artwork

General Wesley Clark Fans Click Here

McCain: We are all Georgians now

will Hawaii be Obama's "Crawford TX"?

Survey USA: Obama closing gap in NC, trails by 4 (was down 5 last month).

Stunning revelation from Scott Ritter article

Sen. Chuck Hagel: "Will not endorse, will not be at either convention"


Any guesses at McCain's next ad?

Tire-Gauge Industry Pumps Up Obama Campaign Coffers

Another Story About Obama's visit to Afghanistan and THIS IS 100% TRUE!!!!

Are Tickets Still Available For Obama Acceptance Speech?

The Rove Game..... TPM Reader KD not optimistic ...

Russia Must Stand Down: FT Op-Ed by Joe Biden

Ike's Granddaughter Calls Obama 'Future of America'

Ralph Reed (Abramoff Buddy) hosting John McCain Fundraiser

WHY Wes Clark should be Obama's VP

Protesters to shut down the RNC

Were the winners of the "Backstage with Barack" tickets announced yet?

Who will be the Keynote Speaker? Any guesses?

David Plouffe: Make an ad with Susan Eisenhower

What should Obama's strategy be for dealing with Fox News if he wins?

Black Men for McCain

My house was vandalized today because of my Obama window sign.

This is not news. This is propaganda, pure and simple.-By Dave Lindorff

Was Idiot Son really drunk in Bejing?

Challenge: identify one specific carbon atom in GWB that has ever DEMONSTRABLY harmed America.

Hawaii senator responds to Cokie

Cool Obama poster spotted in Chinatown, San Francisco... can anyone translate?

CNN reporting that McCain's ad are working!

Help!! My head is exploding! McCain rally in York Pa. Rant


Out of respect for A PROMINENT DUer can we just stop the gossip already?

Mike Myers threatens McCrabby with legal action for using his image in ad

Report on the Wal-Mart union "threat"--this is getting ridiculous

Texas Television Station Running With Obama Birth Certificate Nonsense

Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke, Plastic Jesus

I just spoke to Helen Thomas. She is on her way back!

Arianna nails it.

Ohio sues e-voting company, can't ditch faulty machines

Three Questions about the Assault on Science to Ponder, and the Outline of an Answer

It's time to say it

Perhaps she wasn't quite ready to lead on day 1...

Explain, Dems tell Clinton delegate

America is no longer the nation that can "fix anything"....that has changed now.

Thank You Hillary

Jack Cafferty just made a very good comment!! Anyone watch him just now?

Report from the front lines - protesting Pelosi at her book tour! Two arrested!

Report from the front lines - protesting Pelosi at her book tour! Two arrested!

Obama, I beg you

Very sad, but do former Edwards supporters feel they have been conned?

Cokie Roberts? What About John McCain Being Born In Panama? Is That Foreign or Exotic?

an Obama Scrapbook

Talked to Thomcat tonight

(UPDATED LINK) Obama animation I made with nothing but keyboard characters (Ascii) Whatcha think?

Hope for Nerds!!!111!!1!one!

Ahhh this is great...1974 Grateful dead...Spanish Jam>Mind Left Body>The Other One

Why Americans will do nothing- For BigBearJohn


U wanz do WHAT 2 my ESA?


What would be a good intro book to Buddhism?

Obama's Florida ground game four times as many staffers as McCain

When will

Do any of you know how to report a hospital for releasing

New York Times Hits Bayh For Membership In NeoCon Committee For Liberation Of Iraq

How in the hell did this become a sport? Cup Stacking

Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Giraffe

OMG That B*#$%, I Can't Believe She Did This!!!

For Those About To ROCK...We Salute You.....

What is Obama's position on gun control?

Do you think the time will ever come when Americans get fed up enough to actually DO something?

Anyone here ever try Fellatio?

Amway is a Countdown sponsor?

I wish we could leave comments on the stickies

At this point I think Biden may be the best selection for VP

WATCH THIS - I turned almost 40 republicans back from the dark side with it.

I don't want to meet any of you freaks, much less five of you!

I love it when people do this...

You have a very cool car...jesus loves you

Pelosi, Michelle Obama to kick off Dem Convention

At the dawn of the 20th century, Germans developed the flying breast

Mmm! Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter ice cream is so yummy!

Wow , I return to DU to find the thread I started in GD has 142 replies

who were the first 5 DUers that you ever et?

Has there been an "Obama's VP Pick Predictions" thread yet?

Shave first...

I'm hungry!!!

Anyone here ever try gelato?

Anybody ever been to Cedar Point amusement park?

a car in every garage and a kitten in every pot

Leather Couch $300

Leather Couch $300

Giant dog turd wreaks havoc at Swiss museum

Do you really start a thread about something you do give a rats a$$ about?

It doesn't take much to make me happy...

I think is that this is gas price related, but it could be sheer stupidity.

So... that whole "Rick Roll" thing made it on to NPR this morning

I believe we should lie to all polls especially exit polls

will anyone be my friend on myspace?

I'm bored, what should I do?

Ooops. Wrong spot.

Grover Cleveland, being unmarried at the start of the first of his two non-consecutive...


Carpools take off with US commuters (

Man my state

My uncle, a Vietnam vet and Green Beret, wants to do this to McCain in mid-October

What do you smell like right now?

Flame War

'40-Year-Old Virgin' actor arrested near San Diego

Mercer / Heimermann '08

Ohhhhh weightlifting is on!

To Brita filter or not to Brita filter. That is the question.

A Red States rebellion is breaking out And the battles are waged over the essentials of life

Where do DUers think I am on the political spectrum?

I Challenge LynneSin To A Risk Duel

This Georgian War smells like "Wag the Dog", and the Prez of Georgia talks too damn much!


is there a meteor shower tonight?

Virgin America Celebrates 1 Year 'Birthday'

My endorsement for turtlensue

My endorsement for DUStrange

When you're in the Lounge, do you look for the poster's name first...

Hey, I found out why Matcom hasn't been around lately - he's in Longmont Colorado

This is for the people who do get mentioned in popularity threads.

Is it against DU rules to have, and use, more

My totally original, non-plagarized short essay on this country that I wrote myself.

My new intern is 26 and sounds like she is 13!!

Challenge: cite an example of any post on DU that has ever DEMONSTRABLY harmed the Democratic Party

Challenge: cite an example of any post on DU that has ever DEMONSTRABLY harmed the Democratic Party

What Is The Four Letter Word You Use The Most?

Xemasab Is Still Awesome

Giant Turd Wreaks Museum Havoc

Amy Winehouse and Linda Ronstadt mix

Conference call cancelled in 15 minutes

Fool me once...

Did you feel the earth shudder & shift on its axis?

My endorsement for LostinVA

I think they should invite the Dixie Chicks to the convention.

If I have to look at one more colonoscopy picture today, I'm going to come unhinged

Too Much Popcorn

My endorsement for Polycom

Grovelbot put his hand in my pocket and all I got was

Does this look infected?.... Photo of rash on my upperlip....Any Ideas on what it is?

Sifl and Oly sing "Fake Blood"

What Do You Smell Right Now?

If you don't give a rat's behind if you are or are not mentioned in the popularity threads

Man says he's porn inspector, demands free videos

Name five DUers that you wish to beat....

Do you enjoy ghost stories, how about ghost stories with subtitles? "The Orphanage" is that.

My ass hurts

Hey Ash Hole

This is for the people who never get mentioned in popularity threads.

Can I say something about the 'Midlodemocrat' stuff here?

Uh. Yeah. Huh. Uh. Chicka chow. Hatcha. Uh. Get on down. Ha.

I Am Tired

This "China Replaced Opening Ceremony Singer With Cuter Mime Girl" thing is cruel and sucks ASS.

peanut allergies and school bans

The blue team convenes in Denver in 12 days. Predict Obama's veep in 1 guess.

I must have it!

It's very difficult to type when lying flat on your back

"Bank Job" actor Jason Statham attends Hefner's Midsummer Night's Dream Party and gets the boot

Yet another Pelosi CAVE-IN: Let's drill offshore!

Who Are The DU 'Gossip Girls?

Post some of your favorite local bands from back when you were in High School

That damn old cat is smarter than I thought!

Leave Midlo Alone

Fundraiser to replace GoPsUx's pretty bug

Mildo's sockpuppet is more popular than I am!

8/12/08 Here We Goooo!!!!!!!

I Miss

What do you think of the lost Brazillian tribe?

I've got a message for my clique (For my cliques eyes only)

Can I say something about the 'poplar' stuff here?

Sudanese man forced to marry a goat

I'm dead to Midlo...Ask me anything!

I Want To Join Midlo's Popular Clique

So they're eliminating softball from the Olympics after this year.

OMG. I can't believe it!!!

Ok. Disregard my complaints about my lousy dream the other night,

Bizarre Mail boxes...

OK The Lounge Needs A Time Out

The Clique of Infamy....

Ha Ha -- check out this photo of Dubya...

I love the Lounge!

so,this usually radical lady posts a letter about her dying dad.

One of my favorite Web Sites: ("Images of Chicago-Style Food, Edible and Not")

Screw cliques. I'm forming an evil cabal.

Fear will keep you safe.

So Much For That Conference Call We Were Going To Make

We are Clique of Borg.

The reason DuStrange is not getting any mail (Thanks to WakeMeUp)

Ahem, please do not post anything that will make you more or less popular

So if I decide to hop on the Stickie bandwagon

As if David Byrne wasn't already one of the coolest people on the planet

Of the gigantic sham that is the Olympics, the thing that has people pissed off is a lip-syncher?

At what age are you too old to talk about dinosaurs and too young to talk about politics?

The benefits of raising your kids in the same town where you grew up

When you have sons, you find out interesting things

Very bad idea for a menu item name.

I'm Captain Hi Top the Love Commander

US Men's Gymnastics Final SPOILER

I would just like to state for the record

Do you really start a thread about something you don't give a rats ass about?

Midlo Has Done It Now

Post Here If You Want To Join My New Click

tonsure = ?

If was at the Olympics in China there would be no way that I would...

This Stuff Is The Best

People are still stressing about "Lounge Cliques"?

Too much Porn

Don't flame me, but I'm looking forward to seeing Oliver Stone's movie about Bush.

Sharing the pain of Entertainment Weekly's "20 Greatest Boy Bands Ever"....MMMMMMMBop!

DU as High School

Heavy Metal Monk.

2,000,000!! (it's not a donor base, it's a political party! - the GOP - Grand Obama Party!)


Too much Gorn

Ohio Burger King worker takes bath in utility sink

lyme disease.....what fun!

There are too many cliques in DU! Quick! A conference call in 15 minutes to address it!

I think we need several more threads about cliques

UK Bees going extinct in 10 years

Cleeks R Us now hiring.

Do not clique on this thread

Bella Karoli cracks me up.

I'm sorry but who is that mustached man in the stickie?

CaliforniaPeggy is at it again

"One bee gee gets in the car and you freak out."

What the FBI Knows: For Bruce Ivins and for us

My Son, The Jim Boggia Enthusiast (Amusing dancing toddler video link within!)

So... remember last Thursday when Mr. Writer and I were freaking out about a job?

Cliques..Post #202,000

Clique Clique Boom

wow.... someone just gave me a star!

Can I say something about the 'popularity' stuff here?

My daughter was watching the olympics

Hi, folks!

Trampoline Fail

You know what? I'm in a really bad fucking mood.

Cliques can blow me.....if you belong to a Clique, click here!

I'm gonna be in Pittsburgh tomorrow!

Advice needed on electrical heaters

I have a question about cross dressing for an interview

I have a diet cola monkey on my back

Rant!!!!!!! On CLIQUES!!!!!!!!!

OK, DU baseball experts: How rare is it for a batter to hit two home runs in one half


So who else stood on the street waiting for Gannon tonight?

I need some Lounge vibes here...

OK I'm lame. I just lost my toolbar - you know, the one with "file" and "edit" etc.

Police: Woman Hits Bicyclist, Strips, Flees In Bystander's Van (yes, Florida was involved)

Of all threads that aren't about AsherHeimermann, which one is the best?

I have a question about dressing for an interview

'40-Year-Old Virgin' actor arrested near San Diego

btw, if you're planning on taking that top 100 English words test, 'clique' just leaped to 94th

Tuesday night dinner thread

Alright, Bloodsport is on!

$386 later

Would you be willing to trepan yourself for $1,000,666?

There Is No Justice

Why Do The Mens' Volleyball Players Have to Wear Shirts?

I have a question about salad dressing for an interview

Sometimes the planets align just perfectly.

I just set a new world's record for stupidity

I was lost, today...

Olympic Spoiler

new Fun With War Crimes Ep. 5 -- with Dubya's special friend, Jesus!

I need to join a clique fast! Lest, I fall victim to raiders.

Today is my 25th wedding anniversary

When did Law & Order jump the shark?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/12/08 (warning: graphic language)

I thought a clique was

I just overheard something weird about the Olympics here at work.

Liberals against Hippies - now there's something I'm down with

Rowan Atkinson Roll Call.

Forgive me this senior moment: What does IBTL mean again?

Advice needed on electrical haters


Hi, I'm Betty Crackhead, how about some tasty muffins?

Who wants to be in my clique?

I have some research to do

God, sometimes I wish I was a sociologist.

I'm afraid to go back to my hairdresser. He's going to yell at me.

Senator to Pastor: "Your Arguments Are Bull*#@!"

Okay, another one for the gamer geek crowd here...

Lo-og! Lo-og! It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! Lo-og! Lo-og! It's better than bad - it's good!!

Can we please get a flow-chart??

"Look at me, I'm gonna go tutch the but!"

Damn, it is strange in here tonight....


thanks to anonymous

Who's the f-cking c-cksucker that put up that most recent sticky?!

when my dog barfs she always first finds an expensive carpet to barf on.....

How kick ass was Pantera?

Nuttin' like having a gigantic needle stuck directly into the knee joint

What the crap are you people shooting at, anyway?!

So who else stood on the street waiting for Madden 09 tonight?

Alright. Let's go ahead and get this over with... if we have to.

Check in here if you don't give a whit about the Olympics

Today I saw (in a newspaper, no less), the word "fourty."

Who would you like as your sockpuppet?

Thats it! The Bar is open and Everyone is welcome!

A word about the Clit...

The DU Military Industrial Clique

golly gosh darn it . . .

CONFESS!! How are you erotic?

Undergraduate DUers, I need your input

Any more news about Paul Newman?

Good news everyone! Turns out I'm not getting old.

I have a sunburn on the back of one leg and on the tip of my nose

So, class, what have we learned tonight?

Hey! I Love Log!

A word about The Kliq

Well that was graceful.

Ho hum. Michael Phelps and his gold medals.

I am so freakin bored

Get ready, 200m Fly final is coming up. Phelps going for all-time medal record

Finnfan is teh sexah!

4x200 starting now

just a reminder...I'm getting arrested tomorrow

Anyone have any ideas on a California-specific gift I could give?

The Olympics are sexist!

I'm a Radiohead widow.

All this talk of popularity and cool kids and such makes me wanna listen to Sceeching Weasel

Who wants to join my kitty clique?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday August 12

There are not cliques in here, but there are GANGS.

So, sex threads are not allowed here?

Fairness Doctrine Could Control Web Content

US Men's Swimming 4x200 Relay SPOILER

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty

The difference between kneeling down and bending over...

Need BIGGER Lounge vibes...(Update on my dad)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/12/2008)

I have been gone all day and night...

sticky with pic of kid and big calf

I have a FANTASTIC idea for a new clique.

Stealing from LaraMn...why the heck would I dream about a Packers/Browns

Man, I need trepanation like I need a hole in my head.

going home fucking sucks!!

You're all a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys....

Oh, fuck. Now it's logs, for Christ's sake, on top of cliques. Guys, I really like the Lounge, and

Can someone post me a link to the smily banging its head against a wall?

Who else in my Clique loves Trader Joe's Mac & Cheese

Just why is it that the Soviets boycotted the LA Olympics in 1984?

I think I am going to kill mo

I Feel Like Going to the Bookstore..

Weren't original olympics in

Advanced AFP Flying piece of art causes museum chaos in Switzerland

Fuck the cliques, I'm forming a Secret Society.

......los lobos......."kiko and the lavender moon"

My husband claims that I have some "Egyptian disease" because I have long toes.

What's the current ringtone on your cell phone?

Leeroysphits, how are you doing???


road signs . . .

Calexico love...who loves this indie band?

I am a horrible awful person.

US Women's Gymnastics Team Final thread! *Spoilers*

Get your accounts now - I'm conquering you pansy beyotches in Online Risk!!!

I've logged my poorest day of eating yet!

CONFESS!! How are you exotic?

Beach volleyball - boring excess or exciting display of skin and talent?

Why all the party disunity this year?

A tribute thread to the men and women in law enforcement

Is "Bad Mutha F*cka" a suitable name for a kitteh?

Anyone purchased a "used car warranty"?

What would you look like in anime form?

my 5 year old wanted to post:

It's a beautiful day, but I have a horrible cold/flu. Ask me anything.

Men, you can look like Michael Phelps

i has no nose.... and i'm deathly white


Quality Education Wins Again!

Has Anyone Seen "Tell No One"?

Justice for Yang Peiyi !

Why isn't curling in the summer olympics?

The not-so-pretty boy

We're trying a new pizza place tonight...I'm skeered!

Just Some Photos I Shot

My Birthday Is Tomorrow, Give Me Some Love!

OMG! I can't believe it!

Flowers. Post 'em if you got 'em.

Genital Herpes. Would you keep that a secret from someone you are dating or living with?

Dog guarded owner's body for weeks after suicide

How do Bikinis enhance Volleyball players performance?

What political issues do you and your SO disagree on?

First day off in 9 days, what should I do today?

So I had a date this weekend.

We had a sort of intervention for my mom this weekend.

Do polls get more responses than regular threads?

Joker Cat - Hilarious Photoshop

Picture thread! Show us a smile :)

Hmmmm...anyone have any ideas about my dog philboy?

In what Olympic event would you like to compete?

Is there anything sweeter than a strawberry ?

The standards for Who's Who are really slipping.

uh oh, you better be good, ceiling cat is watching us

Ceiling cat! How did he know?

Marxist Novel written in 1929 climbs to #1 in Japan- Economic Angst

the whole damn LOUNGE is a clique

So I have a camcorder - the question - has the DV technology improved?

Georgian websites forced offline in 'cyber war'

Auditors question Blackwater contracts(may have improperly obtained more than $100 mil in contrants)

Soccer team causes surprise by coming home

Schwarzenegger sues state controller over pay-cut order

Cambodia reasserts claim over border temples

Bush may be leaving, but ....

Georgia to pull out of CIS - Saakashvili

Mental disability groups protest 'Tropic Thunder'

Study: Agent Orange linked to prostate cancer

Rape victim had compensation cut by a quarter because 'she was drunk'

More violence in western China

ICC prosecutor says may probe Georgia violence

No prosecutions in Justice hiring scandal

US advises all Americans to leave Georgia

(Va.)64 percent of state's new voters under 35 (200K new registers)

Police: Boy Starved For Not Saying "Amen"

BREAKING: Multiple Fatalities Reported in Easton, MA Plane Crash

Flight of the dead: Suburban families move loved ones from Detroit cemeteries

France: Cease-fire, not peace reached in Georgia

Immigrant's death splits blue-collar town

War Puts Focus on McCain’s Hard Line on Russia

Underground FEMA fuel tanks could leak

Appeals court upholds CIA leak lawsuit dismissal

Thousands of Georgians Rally to Support Saakashvili

Cambodian tribunal indicts Khmer Rouge jailer

Voter Registration Is the New Battleground: Republicans begin to scrutinize eligibility

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 12

Appeals court upholds CIA leak lawsuit dismissal

Russia 'ends Georgia operation'

Budget deficit soars to $102.8 billion in July

Chinese abuzz over lip-syncing singer in Olympics opening ceremony

Le Pen sells party HQ to Chinese

(Former GOP Rep. Jim) Leach to endorse Barack Obama

Sheehan Qualifies To Challenge Pelosi

Report: Iraq Contracts Have Cost $85 Billion

Students learn hard lesson in school budgets

Mugabe signs deal with breakaway opposition faction (but not with main rival Tsvangirai)

BP shuts down Georgia pipelines

Bolivia To Sideline U.S. In Anti-Cocaine War

Pelosi indicates openness to offshore drilling vote

US, allies weigh punishment for Russia

Countrywide option ARM home loans deteriorate more

U.S.-Russia ties soured further by Georgia crisis

Man continues quest to depose Dick Cheney

Olympic girl seen but not heard

Former Republican congressman endorses Obama's bid

Conyers Announces Review of Allegations of Bush Administration’s Forged Iraq Intelligence

Heavy damage in Tskhinvali, mostly at gov't center

Surrender or else, Russia tells Georgia, Kremlin calls halt to offensive, dictates humiliating terms

Appeals court denies Plame's attempt to sue U.S. officials

Iranian VP summoned by parliament after saying Iran a friend of Israel, U.S.

Alleged Mata Hari of Al Qaeda Could Provide 'Treasure Trove' of Intelligence

Former Ohio congressman to be released (Ney)

US denies troops fighting in Georgia

New York Times publishes correction... 48 years late

Mukasey Won’t Pursue Charges in Hiring Inquiry

Mukasey: No prosecutions in Justice Department Scandal

Homeland Security organizes new division

Russia and Georgia agree to peace plan: Sarkozy

Ron Paul's wife in serious condition at hospital

Illegal immigrants found making military parachutes

Bush Administration Readies Gutting Knife for Endangered Species Act

Progressive Candidate calls on opponent to give Big Oil money back

A Tribute to Bush in Beijing

McCain: Still 'The One' For Lobbyists

Countdown: Worst Person August 11, 2008

FauxNews: Are Personal Attacks Legit? Let's Ask Ann Coulter

George Bush vs. The Flag

Obama Obama

Conversations With History - John Yoo

Lennon's killer denied parole again

John McCain's Surprise VP Selection

Michele Bachmann on saving the planet--or not

collateral news 54 The provoking of the war with iran

MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA-Curfew imposed in Helena, Arkansas

TYT: Cenk On Bernic Mac (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Dem cameraman is evicted from Dino Rossi event (Seattle)

McGovern Urges Clinton to Leave Name Out of Contention at Democratic Convention

China's authoritarian capitalism a global trend?

'The One' For Lobbyists: AT&T donates $200K to McCain group


John McCain Pork Crusader Bane of Taxes

Countdown: Russia Invades

Obama Condemns Russia's Invasion of Georgia. Calls for Russia to Stop its Bombing Campaign

CNN Barack Obama talks about Russia

Reasons to Vote for John McCain!

POW mate calls McCain 'liar' over 'turncoat' charge

Fun With War Crimes Ep. 5 -- the heat's on Georgie and Co. -- with a very special guest, Jesus!

GAO: Most U.S. Corps. Don't Pay Income Tax

Republican Alaska mayor endorses Obama

Obama Web Ad: "Fat Cat"

Focus on the Family Guy Stuart Shepard Prays for Rain During Obama Speech

McCain thinks companies paying NO taxes need a tax break.

"Elite" HIV wife may hold secret to AIDS vaccine

Countdown: Bushed! August 11, 2008

Hands Off My Laptop

McCain Can't Pronounce Name of Georgian President

Global warning just a sign of the Second Coming...Don't worry, look inward.

McCain Casts himself in the Role of Movie Hero "Rocky"

TPMtv: A Chat with Don Siegelman

Countdown: Worst Person August 12, 2008

Countdown: Beating the War Drum

Hardball: Frank Gaffney Interview August 12, 2008

Barack Obama Art - Unveiling of 6 new oil paintings by Keas

Countdown: Bushed! August 12, 2008

Countdown: Factor Fiction

Let's Change The World! Barack Obama!

AP IMPACT: Underground FEMA fuel tanks could leak

TYT: Spanish Basketball Team Creates Offensive Olympic Ad

McCain: We are all Georgians now

John Kerry Fights for Veterans

Al Franken vs Norm Coleman Farm Fest debate (full video)

TYT: Georgia War is Bush's Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Countdown: Department of Injustice

Kay Hagan: Voices

Ohio GOP holds secret meeting on Ohio's voting system

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili runs & hides from Russian forces


Judge says UC can deny class credit to Christian school students

Robert Parry: Neocons Now Love International Law

Pat Lang: Rice's interview as quoted in Israel

Breaking: Georgia's army flees in disarray

Joe Klein: It's Raining Nazis--Continued

Bob Herbert on the energy crisis

Are We Neglecting the Next Activist Generation?

America Out of Economic Ammunition

The Killers in the Lab

Operation Musashi Q&A - Sea Shepherd, Japanese Whalers

Funding shortfalls squeeze educators: ‘There’s just no hope right now’

Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili's 'calculated gamble'

Desert coup: Democracy loses to the military in Mauritania

One Teacher’s Cry: Why I Hate No Child Left Behind

MarketWatch: Seven reasons America needs a 'Good (not Great) Depression'

One Third of New Owners Owe More Than House Is Worth

Newsweek: Chasing the Mythical 'Obamacan' Masses

Forget Putin, Bush Has a New 'Soul Mate' in Medvedev

War Puts Focus on McCain’s Hard Line on Russia

Stand up to Russia (Max Boot)

Scott Ritter: 'Where Are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?’

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 15

Immigrant's death splits blue-collar town

Bush and Cheney are gone in six months. Secure the evidence - NOW!

ON CNN "Georgia's President believed he would have support from the West"

A Truth Squad for John McCain

Jewish International Opposition Statement Against Attack on Iran

Are Americans science-savvy enough to make informed decisions?

Guardian UK: Bush rebuking Russia? Putin must be splitting his sides

Labour leaders report back: No to Colombia FTA

Russia responds to American anti-ballistic missile systems in Europe

McCain’s Kyrgyz Connection: The “Freedom House” That Isn’t Free

Convicting California

The Mukasey Doctrine by Scott Horton

Use of Iraq Contractors Costs Billions, Report Says

Rush to Arctic As Warming Opens Oil Deposits

Beware of politicians bearing gifts for the Cold War Hydra

McCain to Replace Randy Scheunemann, with Randy Newman

Endangered law: Bush rule change ignores science - again

Solidarity, solidarity, solidarity, solidarity, solidarity.

Bush rebuking Russia? Putin must be splitting his sides.

XP: ALERT - Could the Endangered Species Act become extinct?

I'm Sigmund Freud, and I Approve This Message

Yes, they think we're THAT stupid

Fannie Lewis – A Cleveland Original and a Treasure

The Convenient Tax-Time Invisibility of America's Rich

Drug oligopoly windfall

The Punditocracy: Speaking for the Wretched of the Earth

Beautiful review of Suskind's book - from Juan Cole's Informed COmment Blog

If I Were a Betting Man, I'd Wager that Cheney Was Behind the Anthrax Attacks

The Fix is In - Again!

Prescriptions for Health, the Environmental Kind

Preparing now for a hard winter. (high oil/gas prices, etc.)

Big guns turn their sights on solar (in Australia)

State faces backlash for killing pups

Peak Oil Review - August 11

US (DOE) sets firms 'zero-net' energy use targets (Zero Net Energy Commercial Building Initiative)

Solar Power, Inc. Contracted to Power Two Los Angeles Landmarks – STAPLES Center and NOKIA Theatre…

Saudi nuclear plan gets green light

Potential attack on Iran nuclear sites would accomplish little, report says

New high-level nuclear waste dump could be slated for the South

Cost per kWh of various energy sources??

JCI-Saft battery venture wins $8.2 million U.S. contract

Underground FEMA fuel tanks could leak

US oil demand falls -800,000 barrels per day compared to 2007

Over the Humpback: Some big whales recovering

Corn Plants Exhibiting Harmful Mutations (Northwest Missouri)

Canada's SCISAT: Keeping an Eye on the Ozone Layer (Montreal Protocol is working)

USDA Corn Crop Estimate – 2nd Largest in History, Despite Floods August 12, 2008

We decided to use foil for our experiments.

Farmers on the Cutting Edge of Energy—A Small Minnesota Town Was Years Ahead of the Country…

McCain Adopts Cheney's Energy Plan

(BioSolar) Backing solar cells with cotton, castor beans

Democrats Considering Energy Options

Could the Endangered Species Act become extinct?

Little devils may be saviours yet (breeding program a success)

Sun-Powered Construction: Contractor uses solar energy to operate his tools; …

Putting the screws to metal thieves

Can Sustainability Save the American Midwest?

Another Excellent Anti-nuke Point: Spell Checkers Hate Nuclear Power, Therefore Nuclear Power Is

Help for butterflies living on a wing and a prayer

Federal judge in Wyo. overturns `roadless rule'

Seniors Lead The Way To Green Living (many recall the Depression era)

Scientists warn that the North Pole could be free of ice in just five years’ time instead of 60

Environmentalism sprouts up on corporate boards

Tap the SPR?

Fighting Big Solar: Environmentalists clash over paving the desert in order to save the planet

Alternative energy hits the road—(Using pavement as a solar collector)

New novel *Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes* out soon...

Students fight for equal rights for gays

US pension fund opens London office

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/12/08

Florida consumer advocate opposes high insurance rate

SEC sues WexTrust, alleging fraud (Orthodox Jews targeted)

Hm ... with the GAO's newest revelations ... I guess that Corporate America's "Tax Freedom Day"

Bloomberg: $500 billion in writedowns by firm

In 1976, a fictional character tells us what we're facing in 2008

Bush's War in Georgia; Will it be the Flyswatter or the Blunderbuss?

Think America is in debt?

America's Fastest-Dying Cities

The Taiwan of the Middle East Aluf Benn

Just fire a rubber bullet at him? (Ha'aretz editorial)

PA rejects Olmert's offer to withdraw from 93% of West Bank

Israeli reporter Tsadok Yehezkeli seriously wounded in Georgia

Today in labor history August 12 Coal company guards kill 7, wound 40 miners

Mine contractor fined in deaths

Florida's teachers union wants top court to hear appeal on voucher votes

Corvette ZR1. Made in China?

Tenet nurses file unfair labor practice charges

Boeing Wants End To Traditional Pensions, Union Requests Executive Pension Information

Labour leaders report back: No to Colombia FTA

Venezuela's Chavez helps Peru quake victims

Cuba Sweeps US in Women's Volleyball

Puerto Rican statehood party seeks English ballots

Venezuela eases price controls on food

DEM NOW Analysis of Referendum with Jim Shultz of Dem Ctr in Cochabomba

A different take of the Bolivian vote from Rebelion - Washington and Oligarchy Win

Who is your favorite Olympic swimmer?

That review process for gymnastics is a mess

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band to play at the Next Super Bowl?

Ok, where's the boxing (specifically Warren) thread?

Breaking Swimming SPOILER

Will the Rays be in the playoffs? Is so, as DC or WC?

What the hell is going on at Fenway?

Oh Lord am I going to be grumpy this NFL season.

Eight Belles Honored at Derby Museum

Why are beach volleyball uniforms so different for men and women?

"The Continuing Energies of August...In the Eye of the Storm" - Karen Bishop - August 11, 2008

Would this be wrong?

Wickfordbard's Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Newsletter

My stepson and his wife just had a healthy baby boy

Prescriptions for Health, the Environmental Kind

Having Cancer, and Finding a Personality

Most Medicated States

The Democratic Platform For Universal Health Care

Ethical Warning Issued on Health Care Coverage

Anyone else been treated for scoliosis?

Merck - $1.2 Million lobbying in 2nd qtr - Merck wins, Seniors lose

Oh. My. God. There are explosives in our medicine cabinets!

Being skinny is no guarantee of a healthy heart

Gardasil Vaccine: 21 Reported Deaths

I have some excellent news.

A few more pics from St Julien (12th cent. chapel)

In the DU thread below I mentioned AL Dem candidate Mayor Bright

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Judge rules: No guns in airport

Handle With Care

Advocating an Unusual Role for Trees

New discovery opens window to the past

Guilt on their Hands (bullet tagging)

Meteorites cause Earth to gain 500 tons a day

Artichoke Benedict

Are cheese cakes easy to make?

Um, any one here ever bake utilizing Ganja Butter?

What's your favorite way to eat shrimp?

Hey guys...remember those tweaked brownies I was on about?


Catholic conservatives trying to undermine liberal Catholic groups

Biden op-ed on Russia/Georgia in Financial Times

Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thread on Joe/Georgia/VP qualifications.

Look at this post! And then check out the thread -- Another Biden for VP

Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination

Dr Greg Jenkins - exposed

Heroes: a video tribute to 9/11 activism.

9/11 Truth: Insider Trading?

HD-32 Update: Juan Garcia Campaign HQ Grand Opening & the Chron hits Hunter

A question about that C-130H on 9/11

Firefox won't work with Vista, PLEASE HELP!

I know the nVidia GTX280 chip is superior, but the GTX260 is price/performance better...

Is anyone else annoyed by webpage design Nazis?

Nonpartisan "LIBERTY PARADE"

Nice op-ed in this morning's Strib

I'm so bummed --- I just found out "Snot" died yesterday

XP: Florida's teachers union wants top court to hear appeal on voucher votes

(xpost from GD) Quality Education Wins Again!

Bob Herbert quotes JK on energy crisis

This poll re JK Senate campaign could use some votes

pic thread for sticky board

great ad-Kerry for senate!

Michele Bachmann: To hell with saving the planet, it was saved 2,000 years ago

At the convention--national security and honoring veterans

Momentum Building to End Ban on Voter Registration at VA Facilities (But it Might Be Too Late)

Ernest Partridge: The Fix Is In -- AGAIN

BALLOT STUFFING HOLES-built into our so-called democratic electoral system

Rape victim had compensation cut by a quarter because 'she was drunk'

A letter my friend wrote to the Journal's Jim Stingl

Nate Myszka fund raiser was a hit

September Clues Updated Version