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Archives: August 11, 2008

Soul legend Isaac Hayes dies

Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?

Gravity, erosion rob Utah park of popular arch (AP/CNN)

President Paris Hilton?

So, Lawrence of Arabia is my favourite movie ever....

Students On The Edge Must Push Themselves

GOP the Chaos Party...they want chaos, fear, division, instability, war,

Life is very short

Dollar at crossroads amid brighter US outlook

"Pole" Poll

Happy birthday DUer ccharles000!

Would the Olympic committee please award Bush a gold medal for being a World Class Asshole?

Dalai Lama arrives in France

Hamdan, cooks, tailors and cobblers

Georgia: Russia demands to be regarded as number one

So whos going to win your election?

Outrageous Quote of the Week 8/9/08

anyone else feel Edward's affair topics are becoming like Brazilian or Rick Roll bait 'n switches?

Personally, I don't care if other people have affairs.

Debating ‘I Believe’ license tag in SC

Facebook Under Massive Phishing Attack From China

Why can't we make oil? I understand how it was made in the past,

I need some help DUers- McSame, Romney, earmarks and the Olympics

Oil Rises on Russia-Georgia Conflict

Should jurors have to see heinous videos and/or pictures?

Looks like Russia is going for regime change in Georgia.

Opening Ceremony fireworks faked

Bush's War in Georgia; Will it be the Flyswatter or the Blunderbuss?

Georgia On My Mind.... Ray Charles performance w/ live band (YouTube)

Economic Slump in U.S. to Worsen as Consumers Get `Squeezed' After Rebates

NBC Today show must be desperate to find a guest--ex VP Dan Quayle

For felons, a nudge to the voting booth

A.M. Joe - That Scarborough - He's At It Again - What An Ass......

Yes Virginia, you have been used

FDIC Fund Strained by Bank Failures May Have to Raise Premiums

Caption Mitt Romney

Caption Mitt Romney

U.S. national pastime on its way out as Olympic sport

McCain donor tied to questionable contributions in Florida

Are any of you aware of the West Memphis Three?

Unless NATO acts to defend Georgia, no more former satellites will ask to join

OMFG! Tony the Idiot on CNN:

Fear of Russia ends Israeli support for Georgia

Every time America doesn't win a medal I think...

Are images from war between Russia and Georgia faked?

Russians Push Past Separatist Area to Assault Central Georgia; Russian Troops on Georgian Soil

Don’t Tase Me, GOP!

Bill Kristol thinks we owe Georgia. Do you?

McCain looking very Presidential on CNN right now!

Worst case mccain scenarios:

Holy SMOKE!!! Men FUCK and LIE ABOUT IT!!!???

So it's 3 am and I can't sleep. Watching Olympics and this stupid looking monkey

McCain -- Washington's biggest celebrity

i have a thread where i defend male, saying they are so much more than out of control, dna

Iraq demands US withdrawal timeline - anyone remember Iraq?

Bush: ‘I don’t see America having problems.’

Kilpatrick's Legal Problems: Detroit Leaders Want the Drama to End Quickly

Kilpatrick's Legal Problems: Detroit Leaders Want the Drama to End Quickly

open this page to see how librul the media can be....

Yay! A donor star!

The prostitute approached my truck and asked me for the time.

Guardian UK: Factory figures raise prospect of 5% inflation

Does anyone else's heart stop when they see a PM from Skinner in their mailbox?

The Poor Go to War, & the Rich Get Tax Cuts: Bush’s Idea of Shared Sacrifice - Bush History, 8/11

Sorry Olympic party poopers, but that race was incredible -spoiler-

Georgian President Runs for Cover (Ouch)

Georgian President on BBC live

Putin assails US for hauling Georgian troops into their war zone. Expect payback

Vlad "the Impaler" Putin complains we're "trying to get in the way."

Nice photo of Obama in Hawaii

BushCo’s Border Fence To Keep Out Illegals Being Built By Illegals

Prices for some drugs skyrocket

Thank you, mods and admins of DU!

I am doing something I never thought I would do.....

Did anyone else hear Tony Harris on CNN say "We are 'efforting'..."?

Republicans Eating Their Own- Continuing Civil War at Town Hall & Fox "News" over Der Mittenfuhrer?

Krugman: Can it happen here? (universal health care)

I was chatting with the Dems at our Farmer's Market yesterday.

Did The US Encourage Georgia's Surprise Offensive - Israel Iran Attack Preview?

Poland wants 'normal' Russia ties despite Georgia conflict - They are scared they are next

The Israeli incursion into Lebanon was 100 times bigger TV news story than the Georgian conflict

Is the Russian/Georgian conflict a pre-emptive end to the planned Missle Defense Shield??

“Battling the ugly crime image” 33,268 felons deported to Jamaica after US prison

Australians offered US ride from war in Georgia

OK,friends...177 donors,with 823 to go...who needs a star?PM Me!

If you're following the situation in Georgia on BBC, European

Russian Troops Continue to Arrive in South Ossetia

San Francisco may charge drivers during peak hours

Is Bush going to be in China for the entire Olympics?

Hilarous Nissan ad

US says big powers urge Russia to accept truce

Comment card about Guaranteed Healthcare in America

Quick, I need an example of how inarticulate McCain is

George W. Bush And Bill Gates Meet at the Olympics...

True or False: "Obama has the most liberal voting record in the Senate"?

Birds of a feather . . . McCain cozies up to Abramoff pal his Senate committee once exposed

The Rude Pundit: A Random Observation or Two Regarding John Edwards

We can airlift Georgian soldiers out of Iraq, but couldn't do the same for Americans

Breaking: Georgian city of Gori falls to Russian military

The true meaning of the Olympics in one picture...

Media Watch: Huffington Post going soft?

I find myself very saddened by the passing of Bernie Mac.

Party ties no longer bind Ohio voters

Brazilians win random Olympic Event! Bush asks...

A couple articles that I think people might be interested in reading about the Russo-Georgian war.

A couple articles that I think people might be interested in reading about the Russo-Georgian war.


The Bogeyman fighter: McCain warns Russians of "severe, long-term negative consequences"

Stupid Republican Quote From the Past

Springsteen, E Street Band to perform Super Bowl half-time show? . . .

Georgia Claims Russians Have Cut Country in Half

Who is this woman on with Thom Hartmann? He's making an absolute fool of her.

Great Quote on Conservatives

what's new with you, vlad...?

I hope Obama makes a better VP choice than either Kerry or Gore made.

Why did Georgia attack the Peace Keepers without, at least, giving an ultimatum for their withdrawa

Vancouver moms have "nurse-in" in H&M

Silly China - you went for the American dream.......

OMG! There are FOUR threads devoted to...

I have a favor for someone more educated that me..please slap down Joe Barton(in print)

OK..Hell is freezing over...I agree with John Cornyn

Boy, 11, Arrested In Drug Store Robbery

Does the birth of Rielle Hunter's Baby Coincide with Edwards' Withdrawal From the Pres. Primary?

Ayaad Assaad was the start In his honor we created this beast It represents life lower than yeast

Local right-wing nutjob strikes again! (LTTE about oil drilling and "alarmist propaganda".)

Associate of Dr. Ivins on with Guy James right Now

Oh Solo Meo, Soaking in Fritos, etc. Please come . . . CAPTION!!!!!


Bernie Mac Another Casualty of Conventional Medicine?

As a couple of sheriffs have said let's see the legislature enforce the law

I just noticed the Embrace on the Pledge-O-Meter....

Ecuadorian Assembly Approves Constitutional Rights for Nature

Yoo: How dare the Supreme Court ensure that the political branches don't violate the Constitution.

Zogby Poll Has Obama Ahead of McCain---IN ARIZONA!

BREAKING: New bird flu strain detected in Nigeria

John Boehner, militant asshole


Breaking: Bush admits he's ruined America, begs Chinese for help.

Breaking: Bush admits he's ruined America, begs Chinese for help.

AT&T will force arbitration on its residential customers; class-action suits (over spying?) banned

Freepers drive me nuts!

Good-Time George

Bush threatens use of nuclear weapons - Mar 16, 2002

FL Dem Accuses Primary Opponent of 'Rovian Dirty Tricks'

Everything bush says reeks of hypocrisy

Scientsts Continue To Question Anthrax Investigation And Case Against Bruce Ivins

Is there anything better than watching a French person suffer heartbreak?

NYT - Nice Analysis Of Events Leading to Georgia Russia Conflict - Bush FP At Work

CSM Background On Russia Georgia Conflict - Very Fair

Kosovo. Russia. S. Ossetia. U.S. - various articles/opinions

Is it selfish for Elizabeth Edwards to refuse to share John with other women?

Supervisors Consider Housing Reparations to Stem African-American Displacement

Bush Administration Plans To Gut The Endangered Species Act

OR-Sen: Smith Pulls Back Ahead

3 war criminals in one Olympics photo!

The Atlantic is warming up

Chimpboy on now! CSPAN1. Edit: Over now, nothing of value was said.

Homeland Security disregards experts in naming biolab site (politics as usual)

CO-Sen: Udall Leads By 6

Bush to Russia "an unacceptable invasion of a sovereign state" Laughable. Pot, meet Kettle.

dick cheney

it's election time and we have another terrorist audio tape!!!!!

Cincinnati church says priests should not kiss or tickle children or let them sit on laps

Chimp heading out to Rose Garden to explain the Georgia situation.

John McCain, Wiki-plagiarist?

The Bush Administration’s Plan To Make The Endangered Species Act Extinct

Where's Obama's statement on Georgia?

Pam Shriver

South Ossetians flee cellars for safety in Russia

Who determines Yahoo's top stories?

Neocons Call For U.S. To Launch War With Russia

My First Column for the UK's Guardian: On the Bizarre Case of the Supposed 'Anthrax Killer' Bruce

An indication of how bad the economy is for the U.S. Auto Industry

Is Tweety due to re-appear on Hardball today at 5 pm or

Revisiting the Habbush Letter: 'The Neo-Cons' Dream Forgery'

The Big Voice

McCain cozies up to … Ralph Reed

US left with little influence in Georgia crisis

Looks like EVERYBODY is going to party!

From Stupid to Moronic to Evil By Paul Craig Roberts

Did Bush give Georgia the green light for its assault on South Ossetia?

President Putin Demands Iraq Withdrawl

Hey ...... MediaMotherfuckers ..... Yeah, you .......

I love Stephen Colbert....

Bush's biggest insult at the Olympics was toward American citizens

What the hell is going on in Georgia?

Tweety's back

Google "Cheney BTC Pipeline"

Lonely Night in Georgia

Featured Special Report: BusinessWeek Investigates The Poverty Business, with Bill Moyers Expose'

Some suggestions for additional Olympic sports:

Okay, I'm nuts! Is it just me or are there no cities in Georgia on Google Earth?nt

Hey, anybody want to know what the Russians and Georgians are fighting about?

The West Would Be Wise to Stay Out Of Georgia

bush's foriegn policy? Anyone have any clue? Always wrong.

Pelosi on Larry King Live tonight (Monday) - send your questions!

Kansas bishops say a vote for pro-choice Dems is a vote for "evil"

President bu$h* Demands Cease-Fire in Georgia

MORE Forgeries From Bushco?

CSpan Iraq War Vets Series

FIOS: does it carry MSNBC in your state?

i can haz crzy vote?

Georgia To Drown Ruined City – South Ossetia

Heard new GOP talking poing during a Ben Nelson call in

Did Bush/Rice O.K. Georgia's incursion?

Photo of first Obama McCain debate leaked !

Foreign Affairs Chairman Says Congress Has Options on Russia

Words fail......Check out the American Family Association's poll of the day

Words fail......Check out the American Family Association's poll of the day

Fundies Pumping Up the Prop 8 (anti-California equal marriage) Fear Factor

I have to say: Love the OBAMA sticky banner up above. :) That is all. NT

Bumper sticker: "Thank You President Bush"

Upside Down Economics... Economy is too bad to give workers raises, job security...

The Moronic Party From Off-Shore Drilling to the Georgian War

Does anybody have Cafferty's e-mail address? Olbermanns?

Don't let T. Boone fool you. Along with the wind power project comes

As Fighting Rages In The Caucasus, Israel Playing Down Georgia Ties

As Fighting Rages In The Caucasus, Israel Playing Down Georgia Ties

Russia invading Georgia? BAD. Georgia's invasion of South Ossetia and Abkhazia?

Oh for the love of all things good....

US releases 250,000 dollars for emergency aid in Georgia

Does Anyone Have a Active Link to the Chimpy/Costas Interview?

Pelosi will be on Larry King tonight

Bush History, 8/11 - The Poor Go to War, & the Rich Get Tax Cuts:Bush’s Idea of Shared Sacrifice

San Francisco Chronicle: Student aid requests soar as economy plummets

Yanno ...... the Rice woman was a Russian expert ........

The $64 Question: Who told Saakashvili that he could bomb South Ossetia....

Toyota gives Prius improved batteries, slows pickup push

End of the "American Century" update: The Gap is no longer No. 1

I don't think I care for London's new mayor too much......

Civil war at United Airlines


Today: Bush tries to trash the endangered species act

Rice refuses to ‘interrupt her holidays’ to deal with Georgian conflict

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline.

Spitz, once the star, upset over Beijing snub

Children are working in African Gold Mines

Russia opens new front, drives deeper into Georgia

How about offering Nadar the AG position

Jesus!! McInsane's handlers have restricted his phone use!!

Mikhail Gorbachev: Georgia leaders to blame!

Yay for fist bump sticky! :)

Can someone please explain the Marilyn sticky to me?

Do you think Cheney is going into orgasm over the prospect of a new Cold War?

The Summary of the Bush Presidency (heh)

When to vote? (I'd like to maximize the odds of the vote getting counted)

Gorbachev slams US's 'serious blunder'

NY Times: Leaving Wall Street for a Job Overseas

War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation?

Thought Process Flowchart: Dick Cheney

Just a thought: Politicians should be like Arnold S in Calif.

Surge still working! Nine killed in Baghdad yesterday

DHL deal gone sour haunts McCain in Ohio: 'staggering job losses' expected.

Suskind is on TDS tonight! FWIW! n/t

An idea regarding NASA

Watching frat boy at the Olympics reminded me of this song


Where is Kurovski?


The constitution must die. a poem.

Massive stash of WMD discovered in Iraq.

from politico on cbs website: 7 Worrisome Signs For Obama

Why do some DU'rs have a problem with beach volleyball being an olympic sport?

Speaking of that McSame bumping and W blocking on top of the page?

Hey Asshole-in-Chief Bush: Or what?


U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's big adventure to Tbilisi on Thursday, July 10, 2008.

Bush: ‘I don’t see America having problems.’

Bush asks if Atlanta is safe from Russia's attack..........

if we are lucky, once in our lifetime someone trancends politics as usual and has integrity

A hurricane is headed for Georgia's breakaway republic of South Ossetia capital Tskhinvali

Can someone explain the Georgian situation in 5 paragraphs? Not understanding here.

This may belong in the lounge..coming to grips with my dad dying

Has bush & company been pushing Georgia & the Ukraine to join NATO?

we need 719 more donors.I'll sponsor 3 more

US military surprised by speed, timing of Russia military action

They Say They Were Born in the U.S.A. The State Department Says Prove It

“'Honor' killing comes to the US”, Boston Globe

I'm sorry about what's happening in Georgia now but we need to worry about our problems here at home

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Anyone else find it odd...

Georgia split in two. Saakashvili has hours to last, not days.

Ignoring forged war documents is a dangerous precedent

all of these news headlines on russia and pictures - but nothing on iraq and usa agressions n/t

If Cheney Forged Documents About Paris Hilton THAT Would Be Grounds for Impeachment in the USA

Heed the warning: The faces of meth

Her dream - all but gone

Did any reporter bother to ask Big Dog his thoughts on the Edwards scandal?

Wasting water so you can waste gasoline....

McGrumpy said Georgia was a European country today

Adventure Therapy For Veterans Coming to Incopah

Tarballs on Texas Beaches

Did anyone save the website??

The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Why are people blindly siding with Russia right now

Conservatives, what drives them ?

Thank You President Bush

Get Me Up on the Big Board!

Does ANY one realize more damage is done to Elizabeth by obsessing over their private matter?

The Permission Problem (excellent article on the evil of "intelectual property" excesses)

Do you think that Elizabeth Edwards should be given a speaking slot at the convention?

"For decades, he's been Washington's biggest celebrity,"

Bush Veterans Affairs Department bans voter registration drives at veterans facilities

POOTIE-POOT out of control? Blame Bush, Pre-Emptive War Doctrine, and by extension, McBush!

I am watching the Olympics and I want to say...the announcers need to SHUT UP

Hotel owner prosecuted for smoking on her own premises

Ms. Rice, Mr. Holbrooke said, should be on a plane to Moscow

We do not have to mess with georgie's photos anymore

Sultans of Smear.

Live Blog with Progressive Candidate

The Next Bubble Is on the Way: Credit Card Debt

A John Edwards thread we all can hopefully appreciate

It's a damn shame when your own president has lied so much that you can't

"Tree Man" has hopes of cure.

Our American "family" is in trouble, and yet, we KNOW how to fix it.

This is beyond captioning: note the hand gesture which is considered

We ARE running government like a business; too bad the business is franchising dictatorship

Pressure builds on Boehner to apologize for his violent remarks about Pelosi.»

So will the neo con nazis eventually declare war on the whole fucking world?

The Shockingly Destructive Path of Two Bullets...

Do you think soy protein causes cancer in women?

Do you think soy protein causes cancer in women?

What has changed in media standards since JFK's indiscretions?

What Is Really Happening in and Will Happen in Georgia

Europe to crack down on ‘passive drinking’, (second hand effects of drinking)

Larry Johnson is going to be on wacked out PUMA radio in a few minutes. Link below

If we aren't friends with Russia any more who owns the International Space Station now?

On What Moral Ground Do We Have A Right To Tell Russia What To Do?

My Funny incident at the Gas Station (Woman and a Hummer)

Financial Times: Whispers Of A Watergate For Bush

McCain's ad - A sea filled with oil rigs in red light - backfires

Trash-Talk: Edwards' Ex-Mistress Disses Elizabeth

"FBI Implicated in Anthrax Mailings Cover-Up"

Did mercenaries help Georgia?

Must Read: Brad Blog Makes The Guardian! "Anthax Killer" Remains a Mystery

My dad died 2 weeks and 2 days ago today - I just posted this video tribute to Scoop News.

Snortin' Cokie

American troops found amongst Georgian dead

DemocracyNow: Russia used tactical nuke threat to keep the US out of Georgian conflict

Another federal corruption indictment in Alaska.

Bush drunk in China..

The voucher delusion

The bastards saw this coming

Ever see a handprint of sweat on a President's back?

An Idiot for More Blunt and Sex, Less Violence and Greed

Did you know that Mikhail Saakashvili worked at

25%+ of all Pentagon money is unaccounted for

The Cover-up of the Impeachment Coverage

Nuclear energy development- Yeah or nay?

How Long Before John Edwards Publishes a Tell-All Book and Goes On Tour?

Hey Hillary and your aides... SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

God's Warrior's on CNN

"First of all, I don't see America as having problems." who said that?

Obama's Text Message Leaked (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT)

What a great pic of Obama on vacation.

McCain To Hold Fundraiser With Abramoff Business Partner Ralph Reed

Is there some reason why Joe Sestak wouldn't be the perfect VP choice?

McCain: Questionable campaign contributions, et al.

I can has Ipod?

McCane Selects Running Mate ------>>>

AP Exclusive: Obama policy book coming out Sept. 9

Obama Uses Cash Edge, Opens Offices in Indiana, North Carolina

Heard Hillary speaking at an Obama rally in Vegas

Juan Williams Aids And Abets Hannity's Bigotry

It's GOING to be Elmo...

A Big F-You To DU...

Obama Stickers, Pins, Buttons...

McCain has a LONG Senate record to defend

ST. Pete Times: Paper ballots could cause trouble in close races

The VP will not be announced during Obama's Vacation

Did Paris Hilton Deliver a Knock-out Blow?

Every time I turn on New England Cable News (NECN), there's a McCain ad

Obama to McCain: Who's the 'celebrity?' -- "Embrace" Ad (VIDEO)

Dems Announce "Town Hall" Theme For Convention

Obama policy book releasing on Sept. 9

TOON: He's got "Lucky Charms"

John Edwards is still better than...

McCain can't afford to choose a pro-choice running mate

Barack Roll'd!!!!!

On this date in 2004 - Kerry 307 Bush 231

Obama should start using "Republican" as a pejorative... for example:

Obama campaign will send you e-mail or text message when the VP is announced

Pro-Obama Group To Spend $10M On Voter Registration

A hint? Convention theme for Wednesday, Night of VP Acceptance Speech: "Securing America's Future"

If McCain wins in November but Democrats increase their majorities in Congress, WHAT does THAT mean?

NBC Today Show.... McCain Meets With Ridge

When will Jeremiah Wright, 3am, bin laden, commander and chief test, Ayers, drug use ads drop?

OK, I got the TEXT!!

more baloney from John Edwards.

Obama's new celebrity attack ad AGAINST McCain

Did anyone else see Dubya speaking at Olympics?

How many presidential ads have you seen during the Olympic coverage? And which ones?

We need a designated "wait for text" person.

Don't Forget Vicki Iseman...Lobbyist Liason for McCain

Endorsement From Winfrey Quantified: A Million Votes

If they bring up Edwards, who is not the nominee, remind them the GOP nominee married . . .

Golf Blog has fun with Cokie Roberts

Sestak? Sebelius? Sorry, but no.......

AFL-CIO hits McCain on DHL deal

PSA concerning Depression

7 worrisome signs for Obama

Does Anyone have an "Awesome" Flier?

Best video on DU evah!

MSNBC story about Obama picking VP but McCain video featured

MSNBC story about Obama picking VP but McCain video featured

You know I keep seeing the same thing in these polls released

Stars and Stripes' interview with Sen. Barack Obama

Anybody Here Still Pissed At Me?

I think I know which drinking game Bush was playing at the Olympics

Obama needs to make a major energy policy speech now.

Can we elect Obama before McBush starts WWIII?

Why is Clinton Still in Debt?

Obama, McCain: By their offices ye shall know them

Hey Obama campaign!!!! How bout a McCain GI Bill commercial in FL, VA, OH, MI?

LICENSE PLATE I saw on a Mini Cooper at the pool store yesterday;

The Speech Obama Should Deliver At The Convention

Am I just biased, or is McCain's strategy of running negative ads during the Olympics tacky?

Anyone have a link to the NEWEST draft of the 2008 platform?

Obama policy book coming out Sept. 9

John McCain - Alan Keyes! The Lunaticket!

I've been hearing grumbling about Obama's new ad "Embrace"

Anna Quindlen: "The Caucasian Card"

Hey Howard Wolfson, most of Edwards supporters went to Obama.

Bob Kerrey: McCain "Can Deal With Crisis"

Is Obama the End of Black Politics?

I like the new "Washington celebrity" ad, but...

With High Hopes, My Dream Ticket Post From June:

Should McCain be left at the Port of Athens (Pireaus) without a ride home?

Endangered plants and animals..... Just think what they would do to you.

When will the new bump stickers be available?

why is the press giving McCain a pass

If Wednesday's theme is "Securing America's Future" and the VP will speak, then it is interesting ..

If Wednesday's theme is "Securing America's Future" and the VP will speak, then it is interesting ..

Did Time photoshop Obama?

Platform fight: Activists win commitment to guaranteed (health) care

Why is DU ignoring General Tony Zinni as a possible Obama VP?

A vote for McCain is a vote for World War Three

"States" OF THE RACE - 08/11/08

RFK Clan Events in Denver During DNC Week

Did McCain Plagarize His Speech on the Georgia Crisis?

Clinton to forfeit $13 mil loan, unless…

Name for V.P. convention night similar to name of Wes Clark PAC!

Candidates' top songs — from ABBA to the Fugees

self delete - dupe

Will Obama announce his VP while he is on vacation?

What's the WORST that could happen if Obama picks Clark for VP? Let's think this through.

Stupid campaign finance question

Latest poll on Obama's VP selection......

Would you sacrifice your own son or daughter to fight John McCain's wars? Because he'll draft them.

Hey, I Gotta Say It, All This Talk About Clark

Where's Obama's statement on Georgia?

Email from Wes Clark: Not Going Away

Did the Clinton camp not leak the Edwards story?

Obama VP speech to emphasize security theme at Dem Convention

Tone Deaf? First Read thinks McCain's negative ad blitz during Olympics might backfire.

Tone Deaf? First Read thinks McCain's negative ad blitz during Olympics might backfire.

I think this Clark buzz is similar to the Kaine/Bayh buzz.

I am looking for a matching donation

Obama up 4 in Colorado

Obama up 5 in Iowa

What is McCain planning to do about the Russia-Georgia conflict?

What is McCain planning to do about the Russia-Georgia conflict?

Obama up 10 in Oregon

Obama's lead grows in Gallup daily tracking poll

The GOP has a clever way of minimizing Loss of Face;;;DEFLECTION Meme: BLAME EVERYONE

Obama Commercial for response to the Celebrity ads...what it should be

Which states will have Barr's name on the ballot?

Clark on Radar Screen for VP since Spring 2008

New Obama Book On Policy Coming Out This Fall

Not a conspiracy guy, but convince me Clinton is not angling against Obama...

So McCain's Doing PRODUCT PLACEMENT In His Attack Ads! The Only Way To Raise Money

Zogby Poll Has Obama Ahead of McCain---IN ARIZONA!

Obama running ahead of Kerry in 41 states

OMG Howard Wolfson is off the reservation and makes claims about Hillary

Rasmussen Oregon Poll: Obama 52%, McCain 42%

Gah. The McCain ads just keep getting worse.

Gah. The McCain ads just keep getting worse.

The Chimp has landed!

Message from David Plouffe: "2 million people like you"

Message from David Plouffe: "2 million people like you"

Election Forecast: Virginia in play

Several truths: 1. GOPMSM will say/do anything to defeat Obama.

Mobilizing 3 million union members


A thought about Wes Clark's 2004 voters (Blue dog appeal?)

Bush talking mad shit to Russia will he bomb Russia HELL NO!!!!!!

Now here's a dedicated Obama fan...

McCain inflates Obama celebrity more, raises sex appeal

John McCain the celebrity...

The Top Ten LEAST Likely Picks for Obama's Vice President

The Top Ten LEAST Likely Picks for Obama's Vice President

"Referendum on Barack Obama": The Unchanging Line of BS

Did we pick the right nominee?

Barack's "Top 10 Songs" List

Does someone have an absolutely terrific pic of Obama

******* Vice President Elect ********

Wikipedia backhand compliments Cokie Roberts:


Natalie Coughlin was cooking some good food.

McCain and the Georgia-Russia War: "a frightening foretaste of John McCain's warlike foreign policy"

brilliant posts here on many voters have we moved?

Veep choice Clue here:

Sweet, Super Troopers is on!

Obama to release new ad entitled "Embrace"

I don't remember: did Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore speak during the conventions

A warning about "Securing America's Future" night. . .it could be a misdirect. . .

Please tell me this is a joke.

Huffpo: Covention Schedule offers VP hint?

Obama Statement on Georgian-Russian Conflict

i can haz crzy vote?

Chris Matthews Just Asked An Extremely Intelligent Question on the Opener to Hardball

Chris Matthews Just Asked An Extremely Intelligent Question on the Opener to Hardball

I don't understand why Democrats give interviews to idiots like Katie Couric. I just saw

Neocon relatives on parade....

McCain's attacks are failing.

If it can't be CLINTON what about KERRY???

MSM Misses McCain's Pandering to Paranoid Christians with Tall Tales of Obama as Antichrist

Why isn't anyone bringing this up?

Obama Wisconsin Radio Ad Attacks McCain Over Harley Quip

Check out Obama's ad showing McSame as a celebrity.

TPM Compilation of McDummy's Flubs. Must See

TPM Compilation of McDummy's Flubs. Must See

Jesu! Anyone been watching CNN with John Roberts this afternoon?

Barack Obama Joins 2.5 Million Fellow Americans In Vacation Elitism

Does anyone else see a racist message

So McCain's adultery in the military isn't relevant but the sex lives of gay service members are?

Tom Ridge was on Hardball, telling Matthews that McCain will win Pennsylvania...

Oh Sweet! Futurama's on!

After watching McCain reading cue cards for his response to Georgia, I can't

Whoever put OBAMA on the Big Board rocks.

LESSONS FOR DENVER -- watch the video at the bottom of the link

On KO: Obama condemned Georgia's attack on South Ossetia as well

On KO: Obama condemned Georgia's attack on South Ossetia as well

A new poll shows Obama and Dem. Senate candidate Udall leading in Colorado

SECURING AMERICA'S FUTURE: It's General Wesley Clark, ladies and gentlemen.

Hillary's Statement on Georgia in April, and just look at Georgia now.

So when is Jimmy Carter going to speak at the convention

Keith O. is going to Cover McCain's Plagiarism of Wiki for his Georgia Speech

Wolfson: Edwards' Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination

It's going to be Sebelius.

DU Staff: Put down the popcorn, and DO SOMETHING!

Obama 'Barnstorming' in Ohio Today

It's going to be Robinson

Setting the record straight: Iowa Without Edwards

Ike's Granddaughter Calls Obama 'Future of America'

The Daily Widget – Monday, Aug 11 – Obama 344, McCain 194 – Cross-tabbing Gender and Race

Suggestion to Obama: Come off vacation and get up to speed on Georgia/Russia

I'm sorry; as much as I used to love the Clintons, they have no place in our party anymore.

About L'affaire Cokie

Meet the McPlagairists: her cookie recipes and his speeches

Guess who cost clinton the nominaton!

Looking at the fundamentals of the election

How Far Do You Think this Russo-Georgia Conflict Will Go?

OMG! Wes Clark is VP!!

OMG! Wes Clark is VP!!

Should McCain contact President Putin of Germany regarding the Russia-Georgia conflict

Publix Super Markets partners with Organic Recovery

A Wes Clark Email

NYT, how about reporting all the facts about McCain?

Obama to start looking the other way on 527s.

Obama would have won by even more in Iowa if Edwards was out of the race

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/11/08 - Obama 45, McCain 43 (unchanged)

This Modern World-The McCain campaign's mockery of Obama knows no bounds

CNN proves itself yet again. There are several wars going on, and a

CNN reports- Obama to announce VP via text, e-mail

How does Obama get 'Mad Bomber' cred?

How I calmly expained why I was voting for Obama today. A RW asked why. I didn't get mad. I spoke

The First Penn Memo - October 2006

think DU squabbles are bad these days? Imagine if DU were around in the 60s...

The Page: Obama's pick will seem safe but be risky and is coming soon

Check the stock markets when Obama announces his VP. Up.....

Jeremiah Wright's October book tour - the ultimate fuck you to Obama

Why isn’t Obama doing better in the polls? The answer no one wants to hear.

McCain would restart the Cold War.

I am so tired of hearing "Why isn't Obama ahead by more..."

The Boredom of George W. Bush

Negative ads: They really do work (article by Mark Penn)

The Atlantic is not really helping Democrats with this Clinton Campaign Email stuff!

How does this look? Is it something you could go for?

My new Obama Graphic :) Thoughts?

Obama Foreign Policy Team Member Richard Holbrooke On Georgia Conflict

Lo and behold! Mention 'celebrity' in an ad, as Obama did today,

Soul legend Isaac Hayes dies

OMG anyone watching the Mens Gymnastics. USA is Rockin right now

Anna Quindlen: The Caucasian Card

So much for John McCain’s “honor.”

If you need to spend $20 to call someone a name on an internet message board,

Where is the fish?

McCain puts immigrants in his crosshair!

After Promising To ‘Never’ Give Up Fighting Big Tobacco, McCain Gives Up

If intrade was to be believed, this is the map.

Obama, our Nominee's statements on Georgia in April and July 2008. OBama got it Right!

Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?

Logan Tom

The first time the dog bites you .....

Which of these do you think is the greatest classic?

Elrond Hubbard is awesome.

If Bush sent U.S. troops into S. Ossetia, should Dems back him or not?

Wolfson Backtracks When Confronted with Exit Poll Data

When will someone put up a Chuggo sticky?

McCain: SHUT UP about Georgia

Today was a good day. I got my mattress out of storage (goodbye couch), got some soap, got...

Can someone please explain the pole vault to me?

Can someone please explain the pole vault to me?

"Securing America's Future".....

Does someone have a link to the Olympic opening ceremonies?

GPS systems are useless in cities with major road contruction...

Holy inappropriate church signs Batman.....

What happens if you put Skinner on Ignore?

Want a real eye-opener on the Georgia mess?

The Bushies and Condi are stunned in their inability to influence solve the Georgia thingy

CNN: "Did the Obama campaign know about Edwards?"

A case of plagiarism - McCain would be busted bigtime if he submitted today's speech as a term paper

Holy pancakes! I just saw Batman, The Dark Knight, at one of our IHOPs

Just dropped my daughter and her sister off at the airport for a 6-week

Favorite Robot?

Meh... I don't have $10 for a stickie this time.. but I have better?

Ugh!! CNN's Candy Crowley and Steve Hayes are saying crisis in Georgia

Since this is teh lounge and we're all family...I owe someone an apology.

WTF? "Obama's 'no income taxes on seniors' draws critics"

WTF? "Obama's 'no income taxes on seniors' draws critics"

Me a few minutes ago....

Holy IMAX, Batman! Just saw "The Dark Knight" at one of our IMAX

Does anyone know who'll introduce Obama at the convention?

I think those muffins are kinky and lewd. Delete them!

You know where you are?

Creepy muffins should not have Facebook pages...

why does "our president" always have to look like an idiot?

Anyone read Vincent Bugliosi's "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"?

thanks to whoever got those off the front page

Stupid French.

There are worse things in life than getting kicked off a cruise ship for plagiarism


I just had to close all my windows, because it's 59 degrees outside,

Hillary was wise to ignore scumbag Penn's advice

"The Hillary Clinton Memos" - "The Front Runner's Fall"

There must be a way to find out how many times Steve and Cokie Roberts have been to Hawaii, eh?

Again my neighbor won't vote for a Democrat

Best punk drummer: Robo or Chuck Biscuits?

*Requesting some patented Lounge Vibes Please*!

woot! My new CEO was a corpsman-just like me!!

Jeez! there's still more than an hour just to get to lunch

I guess it was too much to expect...

3, count 'em, 3 emails from Skinner, the man, himself.

Something wonderful is about to happen to me... I can feel it

29 days of temp over 100 degrees in North Texas for 2008. And 27 days where the night time

Those last two stickies are awesome!!!!!

The prostitute approached my truck and asked me for the time.

Tonight - Its Bash The Democrats Night On Cable News! Big Media Divides and Conquers!

Once Obama Became A Serious Threat, Mark Penn Recommended "Releasing The Tapes." What Tapes?

Cokie Roberts ‘I know Hawaii is a state, but…’

How in the hell did I miss the news about Bernie Mac?


I'm so effing bored. There's a dangerous possibility something will get painted

Yikes! Tornado warning broke in the radio-- tornados HERE?

I just squeezed a baby boy's cheeks and legs to get his father to stop beating him.

Why aren't Beach Boy songs used in commercials?

I think I might be paranoid....or maybe not......

Name a country with the moral highground

I just got back from shopping.

Major Announcement from Apple

Wes Clark For VP! Here's Why:

How do you know when you text too much?

I found a 70 million year old clam shell

lol copycats.....

I feel a bit overwhelmed

I'm still in bed...I feel like hell

Wake up people. McCain plagiarized his speech today and you're lost on bullshit!!!

Did McBush plagiarize a speech given today?????

That's a nice-looking horse up there!

The situation in Georgia ought to move Wes Clark and Joe

Chinese Food For Lunch Today!!

DUer's: This poll needs MAJOR HELP!

Midlo's Living Will And Testament

Stewart Shepherd from Dobson's Focus On The Family is praying for rain

So what does the Democratic Platform say about sexism?

(xpost from GD) The true meaning of the Olympics in one picture...

Guilty Pleasure: Snow's Clam Chowder

It's August and I'm already blessed with nigthmares about snow.

Recommend some tunes

Annie Lambert appreciation thread!!

Hooray! They have the Hot Dog bar at the cafeteria this week


I miss Jpgray!

What can I do about a clingy significant other?


(WARNING!!!!!.) This thread contains questions about suicide (WARNING!!!!!.)

If making a puff pastry is possible, how about an anti-puff pastry?

Sesame Street has nuked the fridge

Two Brazilian athletes win bronze medals in Judo. Bush wonders

Call me a jerk, but I think I could make the US Olympic Badminton Team (spoiler)

Amazing how management clams up so quickly

JackMN heart attack-inducing episode #847.

JackMN heart attack-inducing episode #847.

Just found out awful stuff about my roomie's life.

Paging Call Me Wesley!

A couple of thoughts on the whole Cokie thing

Somebody talking shit?

OK, Who Just Slammed The Jonas Brothers On Their Post-It Note?

Check out McCrypt's new anti-Obama ad - "Fan Club".

More Fun With the Dumbest People on the Internet (Obama Birth Certificate conspiracy!)

John Edwards Ends Fling With Anti-Poverty Center

McCain Plaigiarized WikiPedia on Georgia Crisis

No more ding, ding, ding!

You'd think these fucking flies would spread the word

Favorite 60's Funny Cars

Have you ever wanted to be invisible?

Loungers I am impressed, not one locked thread until the third page

Anyone here work for the MN Department of Vehicle and Driver services?

It's so hard to stay in a self-imposed Olympics results blackout these days

Last night I finally got to watch the alternate ending for Jericho.

How the hell do you handle debilitating job burnout?

pics from my trip to DC on Saturday (56K HELL)

I need an inexpensive vacuum cleaner that really sucks.

Need assistance re: yard sign strategery.

Tell me about a good wine you have had recently

BoyMidlo cleaned out his room this weekend.

Answer the question, then check the answer: Was Bob Ross an Air Force Mechanic with artistic skills?

Have you ever said "shiver me timbers!" and been serious?

15 Things It Took Dave Barry 50Years To Learn

NoelMN says I have "mad skills of putting on lotion".

Who was the dude that had a crucial work project to do today and was extremely nervous about it?

and the winner of the gold medal for best name in the entire Olympics

Billy Mays Here With New Mr Rogers In Your Pocket

Teh cats have gone to the toilet.

Teh Nooz is creaming itself because gas could DROP BELOW $4 by Labor Day!

Should I have specified that the gum was sour apple flavor?

Going To The Bar Tonight For A Big Business Deal!!

Who's getting "Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People" today?

Tavernertavern Salutes the Midwest this week! Founder's Devil Dancer

okay loungers - I could really use

We need to start a pool to pitch in money to get Crim Son's daugher one of these

On my way home from work I thought of an absolutely brilliant response to a GD thread

Post here the name of your favorite position

I keep getting a "Server Error" from Gmail

Why would Obama's campaign "head fake"us on Clark?

Is anyone else having problems with the internets?

Answer the question, then check the answer: Was Mr Rogers a Marine sniper with various kills?

I *retract* my compliment about not having locked threads

I just had my house air leak tested

Screwing with AOL posters...

I Know Who Killed Me made me wish someone would actually kill me.

who should i put in the dog food?

it just hit me why the vp might be Wes Clark...

Wish Me Luck For Tonight

American Airlines Unveils 'Komen For Cure 'pink' Airplanes

Whoever put that Hedburg quote up - let's see some more Hedburg Love

Is this corn?

Online etiquette question

Why is monorisqué glorified?

Is this Morn?

Would You Swim With This?

The Olympics have brought out the "Hate America First" Crowd in GD

I'm at a coffee ship right now... and (yeah, this could get ugly...)

The trof One-Time-Only (not nightly) poem thread.

Is this gorn?

Yo, just got off the phone and I may have a teaching job today

Name 5 DUers who you picture having a little bead of drool in the corner of their mouth.

Edwards sex lie cost Clinton the nomination says former aide


Is this Dorn?

Obama vs McCain Campaign Offices Per State

i need a new car stereo. how about this one-

Is this Horne?

Is this Lorne?

"you're the reason god made oklahoma"

ok, so when did it become early OCTOBER in Maryland?

My phone-to-shoulder interface is fucked.

i just ate 0.75 gallons of ice cream. Ask me anything!

Usually I never stop at homes with a Kerry/Edwards sticker on their car...

Enlightenment or Persuasion?

Name 5 DUers that you would knock down your mother to avoid.

Monty Python Olympics; events include 1500 meter steeplechase for people who think they're chickens.

Holly Crap. My daughter was just held up at the store where she works.

The ultimate locker room pep talk by Alan Kalter

We are back from Boston/Andover/Sevierville!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/11/08

You know what I like about The X-Files?

Um...Olympics Men's Diving...

Oh, man, check out this new James Bond Wallpaper!

48 hours without a ciggy. Boy do I want a cigarette. Beautiful, beautiful cigarette.......

Does Go Daddy suck?

Who Is NOT Watching The Olympics?

Whoa, check out the board!

SurveyUSA Gives McCain 1 pt Lead in Virginia but says 14% of Blacks back McCain.

Great Song about the Worst President Ever!

Caption this...

I work with nads!

"don't tutch the but" makes the big board

Hey DUStrange....

Photoshopping Bush

What are your thoughts on the Olympic coverage so far?

"Don't tuch the but" made the stickies!

My path to bankruptcy

What kind of voice are you supposed to read LOLCats in?

Some suggestions for additional Olympic sports:

If you're going to have me on hold forever the least you could do

DU Fantasy Football League: Room for one more and Live Draft update

kudos to the naked mole rat sticky poster! nt

gotta go now, gymnastics is on nt

OK The Bar Is Finally Back Open

The But

Three Florida blogs view the failure of the FL Dems to select electors...

I was just trying to change my avatar...

DU ladies: What would you rather have your SO give you?

I just got 90% of my hair cut off, ask me anything

swimmng spoilers

I'm kind of scared of what happens when the Bushes get close

Who is going to the DNC or RNC, and why?

anyone else checking out every Stickie?

What should I put in the dog food?

Geography Quizzer--Olympics edition!

Cucumbers on rye toast with cream cheese and fresh dill....

Speaking out against the "war" on medical marijuana -- my MeTube spot

Olympics Men's 200 SPOILER

mo is on the big board! and she's looking at you...

Project Falcon is GO!

I threw my back out at work yesterday

How do I do a post?

Stop it, dammit, just STOP IT!


musings on paddling

Does his mother know about this?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 8/11/2008)

"The Florigan Plan III" from The Atlantic... the Clinton campaign WAS doing the rallies.

Give me some suggestions on new music for my Zune. Please.

My Anniversary Video!

If you are in to history this is a neat resource.

Dang, The Straight Story's wife is beautiful.

Tonight, I am definitely getting more than five hours of sleep

Please share your Grovelbot stories.

mo crawls across the top of the screen

Favorite Isaac Hayes song

Six down; one to go! Passed today's Immunology exam!

I want to be perfectly Frank...


If you could change only one event in history what would it be?

Anyone here ever see ball lightning? What was it like?

Is anyone familiar with Tretinoin cream or Clindamycin Phosphate?

STEVE Perry, Perry FARRELL, JOE Perry, Perry MASON, or former Friends dweeb MATTHEW Perry

Ok, odd question, whatever happened to JohnKleeb?

So I Am At This Coffee Shop Singing ABBA Tunes

The new Coen brothers movie

I am listening to my IPOD

New motorsport, Powerdrifting the train.

You did your best Phelps *SPOILER*

My brain hurts.


Post your favorite freeperism here. "Stickily lies" and

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday August 11

You're un-American if you didn't throw your dog food out at work yesterday

Should I go see Mamma Mia?

I actually came out of Walgreens with money in my hand today.

Laugh. A lot. My husband is getting a minivan.

Glenn Greenwald nails it to the wall yet again.

So who do you think will be VP?

The 100 most common words in the English language

Anyone have a spare vibe?

You're un-American if you do not like John Mellencamp.

what are songs that bring tears to your eyes?

Are you a people person, a loner or some where in between

Sexy List Time. Who's in your sexy list?

Digital Cold Shower (dialup, no, everything warning)

You know what's good, despite what people may say? 7-11 coffee!

Kindle. Have it? Like it? Hate it?

USA Men's Olympic Gymnastics Team Caught In a Three-Way...


Seriously... I will give my stash of Olive Garden coupons to make the turtle muffins go away

The Bush Administration’s Plan To Make The Endangered Species Act Extinct

I swear one of my cats dances to Johnny Clegg.

Oh shit. Does this mean life imitates 'art'?

It's a fucking beautiful day! August weather, where is thy sting?

straight woman's hell . . .

Name five DUers that you wish to meet

The next five months.....What's * got up his sleeve?

My new Roommate

Seen on baseball cap on flight to Dallas:

Economy: Shit's about to go down?

FDIC strapped for cash?

DNC "Renewing America's Promise" 2008 Platform: FORWARD...INTO THE PAST!

my hands are burning......i just made hot sauce with fresh......

Oh man. Just when you though this couldn't get any more tawdry....

KFC has the blandest, crappiest french fries in all of fast-food-land

"If Obama gets elected we'll become a Socialist country."

we need to coordinate the lounge donations/stickies

Do you ever make yourself laugh?

Once I was vacuuming out my car with a mini dirt devil and I sucked up my hair

Did Ralph Lauren Embarrass America?

Why do so many guys make the same first date mistakes?

Challenge: Can you make a GD poll that won't get locked...

I've been posting in the lounge for a long time... but this is the first time I am truly lounging.

Popularity threads suck, but Bridgit rocks.

Post: Who were the first 5 DUers you ever met?

2010 Camaro

Pakistani Taliban Repel Government Offensive

Isaac Hayes, R&B Legend, Dies at Age 65

Canada border closed after bomb found (at Peace Arch)

US to keep North Korea on terror list

US coalition kills 25 militants, 8 Afghan hostages

US disregarded experts over biolab

Gates Wants $17B to Expand Afghan Army

Refugees 'escape horror' of South Ossetia battle

Georgia renews South Ossetia bombardment

Petraeus: US is flying Georgian troops into battle zone

Mortgage-Market Trouble Reaches Big Credit Unions

Accidental fire-starter furious at punishment

Obama's VP choice imminent via website, e-mail, text message

1 Killed and 6 Hurt in Hartford Shooting

Report: US using 'money as a weapon' in Iraq

U.S. envoy accuses Russia of planning invasion

Jordan's king visits Iraq, urges Arabs to support

Mahmud Darwish, Palestinian poet, dies

Putin criticises US, West over South Ossetia

Friendly fire probed in Canadian soldier's death

Protesters sue to get closer to GOP convention

S.Ossetia: "Intense" Georgia shelling resumes

Spitz, once the star, upset over Beijing snub

Reuters snap on Georgia withdrawn

Georgian exit leaves vacuum near Iranian border

Bush to speak on Georgia conflict at 5:15 EDT

Russian forces occupy Georgian city of Gori: Tbilisi (or maybe not, edited with a new link)

Russia opens 2nd front in Georgia, seizing towns

BTC oil pipeline fire extinguished: BP

China to Cover 200m Migrant Workers with Portable Pension System

Wachovia boosts job cuts, probed on derivatives (11,350 jobs lost)

New bird flu strain detected in Nigeria

New bird flu strain detected in Nigeria

Russians decry Western "propaganda" over crisis

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 11

U.S. ship heads for Arctic to define territory

Obama tries to turn 'celebrity' label on McCain

France pens resolution urging ceasefire in Georgia

McCain Says Russia Faces Severe Fallout Over Georgia

Allies petition for third Uribe term in Colombia (Bush's South American ally)

Georgia's president signs cease-fire declaration

U.S. tourist hacked to death in Guatemala

Bush to relax protected species rules

Report: Clinton told to cast Obama as un-American

Georgia bombs South Ossetia - witness

Use of Contractors in Iraq Costs Billions, Report Says (CBO)

Russians advance in west Georgia

Media Outlets Losing Money Through Lack of Auto Ads

Web Firms Tell Congress They Track Behavior Without Consent

Russia expands Georgia blitz, deploys ships

New Obama book coming this fall: "Change We Can Believe In: Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise"

Armed Cossacks pour in to fight Georgians

Sponsors of (California) marriage ban to drop challenge to ballot description

Both Houses of Russian Parliament Must Pass Consolidated Decision on South Ossetia - Senator

Bush tells Russia to reverse course in Georgia

Gorbachev slams US's 'serious blunder'

Bolivians strongly back Morales in recall vote

Arrest warrants issued for Man City owner Thaksin Shinawatra (former Thai PM)

Polish, Ukrainian, Baltic leaders to visit Georgia

Russian troops enter Georgian port- Georgian PM

Report: Abkhaz troops pushing Georgians from gorge

German Nazi Camp Raided

Strong Energy Measures Wanted - Poll Shows Most Favor New Drilling, Taxes on Oil Profits

U.S. troops still in Georgia

Junk Bond Defaults Rise As Economy Slows (next shoe to drop)

Governor (Schwarzenegger) sues controller to force pay cuts

Group seeks federal probe of McCain donations(related to HarrySargeant III)

China to overtake US as largest manufacturer

Riot Breaks Out in Montreal Where 18-Year-Old Fatally Shot

Henry Rollins - Civil Liberties Under Attack

John McCain & Rick Davis - The Wrong Choice on Protecting...

Russia Warns Baltics, Poland To Pay For Georgia Stance-Report

Interview w/ Author Emmett Buell "Attack Politics"

Paris Hilton & Barack Obama Reply to McCain Ads

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: August Doldrums

Barackroll and Rickroll - Side by Side

TRAILER - Winter Soldier ll A Grassroots View

Wolfson: Edwards' Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination

Bird Dogging Dicks

Obama's 'no income taxes on seniors' draws critics

Russia and Georgia Hostilities Escalate Dramatically

self delete

Obama Radio Ad Blasts McCain on Job Loss

The Beijing Olympics - Are They A Trap?

The Beijing Olympics - Are They A Trap?

Hello Art, meet Reality

"The white christian male power structure"

Two GOP Campagin Ads 1980 (they actually uses gas analogy)

McCain Never Did a Day's Work (language alert)

Gov. Tim Kaine on Face the Nation, 8/10/08

George W Bush in Beijing olympics 2008 (barf alert!)

Barack's Message for the Disabled Veterans Convention

Georgian & Russian Conflict (Playlist)

Go home or go to jail Helena-West Helena Implements Curfew for All Ages


Another war for Bush to consider?

Georgia-Russia tests Presidential candidates

US president Bush

Obama: "We're In It Together" - Painting a Family Barn in Rural Ohio

Missouri DUer Arrested For Trying To Vote

McCain agrees with Bush (another "jedreport" gem)

Obama TV Ad: "Embrace"

McCain Fumbles Again: Foreign Policy Speech on Georgia Crisis

Did McCain Plagiarize His Speech on the Georgia Crisis? (Yes)

Poland fires missile defense negotiator

Northeast To Be Home Heating Oil Hell?

Ok, what the hell is this bullshit?

2008's First Disenfranchised Voters: Injured and Homeless Veterans

Edible Cities: Havana

McCain Advocates Invasion of South Ossetia: 'We’ll Be Greeted with Poinsettias'

Joseph Stiglitz: Why You Want a Progressive to Be Running the Economy

Help Our Veterans Vote!

The Spying Started BEFORE September 11 - That's The Whole POINT

Thanks to Today’s Global Youth, a Rosy Tomorrow?

AlterNet: StopMax: The Fight Against Supermax Prisons Heats Up

Media Salivate Over Edwards' Affair; Shrug Shoulders Over McCain's Alleged Infidelity

Georgia: another Sarajevo moment avoided

John Nichols, The Nation: Activists win commitment to guaranteed (health) care

Right to Life quietly influences elections -- again

Captives of the Meatpacking Archipelago

Learning to Read Democrat

Georgia and Putin: Where was Condi?

Georgia conflict could revive big military spending

US Risks Nuclear War With Russia

Iraq Withdrawal: Reading the Fine Print

From Stupid to Moronic to Evil (PC Roberts)

Jane Smiley: My Edwards Diary, Day Two

Howard Wolfson: Hillary Woulda' Won if Rielle Had Affair with BILL

Endangered Species Act Changes Give Agencies More Say

Doubts in JFK assassination, new info on Gerald Ford's role in investigation

Bush's Georgian Betrayal

NYMagazine: Black & Blacker-The racial politics of the Obama marriage.

David Corn: President Bush: The Clockwatcher-in-Chief?

Anthrax Case Had Costs for Suspects

U.S. knew Georgia trouble was coming, but couldn't stop it

Can It Happen Here? (Krugman on Healthcare)

Mikhail Gorbachev: Georgia leaders to blame!

BBC: Georgia Crisis Primer-Early lessons from S Ossetia conflict

WSJ op-ed, President Mikheil Saakashvili: The War in Georgia Is a War for the West

Destroyer Sterett commissioned in Baltimore

Part VII: Homecoming brings joy, new struggles (part 7 of 7)

Panel OKs stop-loss stipend

Karzai: Airstrikes in Afghanistan ineffective

Suicide bomber kills soldier, 4 Iraqis

Iraq FM: Timeline for withdrawal is a must

Al-Qaida said to lose key WMD operative

Russia expands Georgia blitz, deploys ships

Army integrating FCS, blue-force tracking

Iraq official calls for U.S. forces to stay

Special Forces expands

SEALs open doors to Coast Guardsmen

Sailor killed in Afghanistan

Former sailor sentenced for stealing

Fewer blacks, more Hispanics enlist in Corps

2008's First Disenfranchised Voters: Injured and Homeless Veterans

Security Forces take on a new mission

3 nuns detained during protest at Peterson AFB

Death of Canadian soldier highlights chaotic security situation in southern Afghanistan

Yokota pharmacy pulls anti-smoking pill

Air Force may help city fight mosquitoes

Waivers allow reservists to stay active duty

Why not a VA access card for disabled Vets ?.

V Corps investigates commander’s online posts

Researchers compete to turn car exhaust into power

21 US cities will measure and disclose their CO2 emissions

Companies announce Comprehensive U.S. {consumer electronics} Take-Back and Recycling Program

TVA nuclear plants beset with glitches

Opec crude supply faces disruptions

Alaskan Permafrost Holes Show 3-5F Increases Since 1970 - Recent Droughts "Catastrophic" For Fish

xpost: Media Outlets Losing Money Through Lack of Auto Ads

Breaking the political logjam on climate change

Having Escaped The Worst So Far, Australian Winemakers Now Face Drought's Teeth - Telegraph

Welsh Fisherman Finds 9-Foot Marlin - A Tropical Species - 1st Landing On Record In British Waters

(Connecticut) Governor Launches Residental Solar Leasing Program

Geothermal power tapping its potential

Lead may lurk in backyard gardens

Atlanta Arborist Who Issued 10X Citations His Five Colleagues Did Fired W/O Explanation - NYT

Algae time to invest

Invasive Brown Tree Snake Changing Forests In Guam, As Well As Wiping Out Most Bird Species - WP

Farmer turns to fruit tree to power tractors (CNN)

A Tall, Cool Drink of ... Sewage?

The Era of Catastrophe? Geologists Name New Era After Human Influence on the Planet

LDK Solar beats and raises; shares jump nearly 20%

Warming and Migrating Palms in Europe

Birds, fish may like (Bluewater) wind farm just fine — Technology has been proven elsewhere

Bush Admin GUTS the Endangered Species Act

Estimated 8 Billion French Farmed Oysters Dead Of Herpes Virus - UK Co. Plans To Fill Niche

German Nuclear Opposition Collapsing Over Energy Prices; Green Party Leader Resigns to Protest...

Researchers: Car exhaust may be used for power (AP/CNN)

Wind project along ND-SD border up and running

Eat kangaroo to 'save the planet' {from cow farts} (BBC)

Guardian UK: On a planet 4C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction

Meltdown in the Arctic is speeding up (massive ice loss in last month)

HOw much impact can ethanol have? How about 50% to 55% of total fuel demand.

For those claiming "energy" is a bipartisan issue

Nationwide hydrogen car tour kicks off in Maine

Nuclear Power Less Popular Than Other Energy Strategies

Roofer takes solar to the next level

Lesbian's death, a "message from God"

Central Californians - No On 8 SLO -

More gay men embrace marriage, fatherhood

At the risk of rooting for a non-American at the Olympics.

Losing in the stock market costs more than money...

Shoulder Season

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 08/08/2008

Trouble at Corporate Credit Unions

How did Merrill miss a $5.7B hole?

Student aid requests soar as economy plummets

One city, two peoples

Report: Israeli violence enjoys impunity

Barak admits Gaza truce success

Olmert gives Abbas detailed proposal for final status agreement

Palestinian Kids Who Conquer Tree Houses

Human Rights Watch: Israel: Don’t Destroy Homes

Jerusalem taxi drivers against new Arab boss

Palestinians doubt two-state deal

a Crewleader and flashl appreciation thread

Voting deadline looms for Delta, NWA pilot pact

Today in labor history Aug. 11 Drive some 1,200 jobless workers from Washington D.C.

Former Bell Atlantic Verizon units get agreement

Vote set for Stanford, Lucile Packard union

AP: Employers boost 401(k)s to meet workers' demand

Colombian Crossroads: Will we help an ally? By Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Allies petition for third Uribe term in Colombia

US tourist hacked to death in Guatemala

The North Node in Aquarius continues to rock.

We need prayers to expunge the low-energy bottom-feeders from DU.

An interesting guided meditation to blend your chakras with your higher-selfs

Whoops, did it again.

Question on spiritual law regarding entities approaching a channel.

Please help me through this crisis, in the way that you folks do

UFOS Controlled Air Space Near The Makinac Bridge

Need a star?

Minerals--(low adrenal function, etc.)-recommendation

Please, anyone interested take my Vitamin D poll

Rethinking Alzheimer's

National Academy of Science report shows psychiatric illness increases several-fold after anthrax va

Spending time outdoors good for kids' eyes

Pain 'linked with low vitamin D'

Ingredients in Gardasil include Yeast and Roach Killer/Borax

For those who do not know...

Lower vitamin D, higher risk of death

Poll on Testing/Taking Vitamin D

Despite Deaths, 9,749 Other Adverse Reactions, Feds Say Gardasil is Safe

I just heard a very disturbing stat about the Phoenix Police Department

look what Hubble snapped on its 100,000th orbit!

NASA: Space shuttle replacement won't fly until 2014 (CNN)

Who knew green peppers were going to be so pricey

Soy Vay!

awesome sea scallops recipe I made tonight....

Nine to stand trial over 'curse-lifting' death


Obama's VP choice imminent via website, e-mail, text message


Hey, guys

Yes We Can Has

Another VPOTUS prediction poll

I just watched the clip of Kaine on Face the Nation --

Google Alert gave me this tidbit about VP night at the convention...

well, McCain has no plagiarism argument anymore if Biden's VP

Can we PLEASE see a more spirited defense of the FBI's anthrax investigation here?

Web page question

Question about changing pdf to gif or jpg

dupe - deleted

Fact checking time! It gave me hope.

I think that Kerry should go back on...

Norm Coleman's attack ad saying how Al didn't pay taxes or benefits or anything...

Here's something I wrote on the Edwards group...

Very important JK question. (lol)

I got a look at my school level personnel file

We still have no contract; big union meeting today

Pro-war protest to counter anti-war protesters near the Excel Center

Fab new Kerry on Your Corner footage from one of our own!

I think I'm going to take a break from national politics for a while.

They changed our start time to 7:10 AM

Canadian soldier killed as outpost attacked in Afghanistan

Hurrah! Alexandra Kerry book being released August 19!

Getta load of this current UK TV advert

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 08/11/08

CA redistricting Prop. 11 Snake in the grass. ACTION ALERT

Stephen Spoonamore: details about the Diebold patch in Georgia 2002 election.

Arrest warrants issued for Man City owner Thaksin Shinawatra (former Thai PM)

Glen Brower Needs DU's Help.

Upcoming Conservation Listening Sessions

HelenWheels having back surgery today.

Beach church for sun worshippers