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Archives: August 10, 2008

Independent UK: War: 30,000 homeless as a chaotic conflict intensifies

Exciting news I can't discuss here

Argument Against Edwards=RW's Argument to Impeach Clinton

Well, now, the Russians are lobbing missiles at civilians. What a surprise.

"We Care because most of American Oil Comes from this Region, Don'tchaknow"

Anthony Russo, Pentagon Papers figure, dies at 71

11 Minutes Before Comments Close, Cavuto Tells His Audience That the Fed is Accepting Comments

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Go and sin no more...

A celluloid-obsessed friend of mine had an interesting metaphorical observation on America today....

A celluloid-obsessed friend of mine had an interesting metaphorical observation on America today....

Abortion Stance Theorized to be Anthrax Suspect's Motive

Evidence was Weak on Iraq Nukes, & US' Shameful Example - Bush History, 8/10

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Our Government just spent SIXTY-SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS to fly

Chevy Volt Still on Tap for 2010

An independent body should review the anthrax case?

A Travel Agent's Experience With Politicians

McCain wants to cut taxes for convicted felons and child molesters

Georgia pulls troops out of South Ossetia capital

Caption? should buy a copy of Nancy Pelosi's new book!

"Statement by President Bush After Church Service" (Lordy, Lordy, is he full of it.)

I'm Awake Ask Me Anything,,,,,,,,,,,

Practival Vision Explained: A preaching-to-the-choir Defense of Voting Democratic

Washington Journal Sages are out in force.. :)

Here's how the Pentagon reacted to the Dugway Sheep Incident in 1969

Let's Talk to Coca Cola About Saving Children's Lives

It's not all politics

Who I think would make the best Attorney General for Obama...

Olympic Update...Out of deference to...

Olympic question

A bit of non sequitur TOONS

Emotions and the Edwards Scandal

Just this April the French and Germans Objected to Bush's plan to put Georgia in NATO

The Born Loser

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/10/08: You might not want to seek MB's legal counsel

"Agree to observe a ceasefire . . Hours later, Georgian forces launch a surprise attack"

U.S. guns arm Mexican drug cartels

Man o man it was easy, fun and quick

'I called for help and now I'm facing prison time'

Who said it first - George W. Bush or Derek Zoolander?

FYI- USA v China Men's Basketball just tipped off - on NBC Live

CNN reporter just referred to * as "a devout Christian."

OMG Version 3.0 (((PIC)))

Still miss him...

Greenwald Aug 10: What's the answer to this?

Human cloning for reproduction

Rove on Face the Nation from an undisclosed location.

China and Russia reap the benefits of Iran sanctions

Irony: Iraq to revive oil deal with China - AP

Subliminal anti-Obama message in McCain ad (Obama / Al Queda)

And in other good news: Neo-Nazi violence 'on the increase'

Putin to Bush...My "surge" is working for me too...

Shouldn't the Iraqis be paying for all the scummy mercenaries we hire to slaughter them?

I wake up, turn on the tube and what do I see?

China spends $40 billion on these Olympics and they can't even play the U.S. national anthem right?

John "Exxon" McCain

Cheney Backed Musharraf-U.S. intelligence agencies tapped Benazir Bhutto’s phones.

Georgian troops have asked the US for a ride home from Iraq to help fight Russia

What ever happened to those folks gravely affected by the "Iowa floods"?

What is McCains position on watching one of our allies getting Shocked and Awed?

Of course, George Will changed the subject (Edwards infidelity).

Something that needs to be cleared up, in regard to Edwards.

Fuck you John Cornyn.

WHAT is chimpass planning now???

Russia is bombing the shit out of a U.S. ally and Bush does nothing

Can we pay China to just keep him (W)?

Lost Sovereignity: Oil Rich Funds Eyeing Foreclosed US Homes.

Hey JeffR...wake up, no DUzy' for 2 weeks...WTF!

The Chimpster at his best!

'Honor' killing comes to the US

No other choice

US begins flying Georgian troops home from Iraq

Georgia: There's more than meets the eye ...

A quick oil quiz.

neo con religious nut Peter Wehner was on Wash. Journal this a.m,

Levin to Cornyn, Iraq's surplus actually a failure of Bush policies

43% of terrorist groups no longer exist, ended as result of political processes NOT due to military

Wolf Blitzer's nose deviates to his right...

McCain married his former drug addicted mistress but no one asks him about that

Adultery punishable by life in prison

McCain calls on Russia to withdraw from Georgia but US should stay in Iraq forever

John Cornyn, delusional asshole

another nuke story - this time in Alabama

Military assigned a full-time bodyguard to protect atheist soldier out of fear for his safety

U.S. Embassy staff in Georgia have been placed on "authorized departure" status

Of scandal and hypocrisy

McCain meets with Ohio residents facing job losses (His campaign manager did it)

Top McCain adviser lobbied for Republic of Georgia

How are we looking in the congressional races?

Thomas Frank ("What's The Matter With Kansas?", "The Wrecking Crew") on with Bob McChesney - 2pm EDT

Mysterious explosion may have killed whales

McCain's Partisan Politics and Proposals Fall Flat in Address to Disabled Veterans

Do your protests actually matter?

Iraq, China Set To Revive $1.2 Billion Oil Deal

BP Operations Continue Amid Georgian Fighting, Pipeline Fire

I just found out I got a 32GB IPOD touch when I bought a reverbished 8GB

Bush History, 8/10 - Evidence was Weak on Iraq Nukes, & US' Shameful Example

NYTimes 8/9/08 - Anthrax Case Had Costs for Suspects

Russia bombs Tbilisi airport

I am pissed (discrimination at work)

Triple puke alert Rove on CBS's Face the Nation today

Why I think J. Edwards kept on campaigning for President

Have you ever cheated?

Is the FBI on the ground in Georgia?

I wish people would stop with the Edwards thing

DNC Releases New Video: 'Job-Killing John'

"There's always one SOB who doesn't get the message"

Was the Georgian troops leaving Iraq part of some cease-fire deal?

Nausea alert: Little Boots lectures China on religious freedom

AP IMPACT: Kids working in African gold mines

I get the feeling that "Good Ole T. Boone Pickens," wouldn't care as much

McCain lied to Cindy that he was younger. She lied to him that she was older

Considering recent events, I now believe 9iu11iani will be the GOP VP.

Russia claims to sink Georgian ship in Black Sea!

What bandwidth addiction will cost

Great article in Saturdays NYT about the South Ossetia situation

The Looming Nuclear Nightmare in the Backwoods of North Carolina

I'm going to be blunt. I think anyone who says, "it was just impeachable offenses" is an IDIOT.

Anthrax Case Had Costs for Suspects

does anybody have a recording of the Olympic opening crowd boo'n Dubya..?? i want a copy for my cell

Speaking of affairs, let us not forget Vito Fossella, Reich-wing hack

John Edwards speaks for me.

outrage spikes on DU

Describe the party you plan on having on 1-21-09

The two Johns

Scientist Caught In Terror Web

Can someone help me out please?

Airports brace for fewer flights, passengers

Representative Steve Cohen: "EMILY's List Needs To Apologize to its Members'

Blackwater, security contractors set to lose immunity in Iraq

USDA to spend $50M to subsidize Hog confinement (torture)

So, is the Georgia conflict the best guess for what could start a new world war?

Sign of the times: 'For sale' outside Ohio church

Massive propane explosion in NW Toronto

US is transporting Georgian troops into battle to kill Russians - This is going to escalate

Language and ethnicity tend to trump borders (JE-free post)

Wehner is on WJ to attack Olbermann

Why Republian candidates might prefer that Rove testify sooner rather than later (Murray Waas)

which recent stories more important: Edwards dick or Dick Cheney & Baby Bush's war lies?

Bet you didn't you know that in the Bob Woodruff interview Edwards pointed at McCain

Photos from the Georgia war (Warning: Some pictures are graphic)

Plucky little Georgia? No, the cold war reading won't wash

McCain admitted, she had stolen the drugs from the American Voluntary Medical Team

Rollerball: Multinational Dystopia Has Arrived

Supremacist silver lining?

Interesting Video of American in Georgia/S. Ossetia

A pattern of Bush DoJ Scapegoating DoD?

Iraq Demanding Obama-like Timeline from US

China - the inventor of fireworks - used fake CGI fireworks during opening ceremony

Kookie ROBERTS -- proof that headstart advantages in life can go BUST!1

WTF? On the Hillary Clinton Forum They are saying Obama's COB is a Forgery

Opus: A summer is a terrible thing to waste

Dear Elizabeth, my heart to yours.

Am I the only one mortified at Edwards' behavior?

Anyone in Toronto?

Yo, Pentagon, you can't maintain military superiority while our economy goes down the crapper

Today's drive-by provocative comment...

With the Russia-Georgia situation, and leaders looking "tough," I am reminded of Lincoln.

The Oregonian printed my Op-Ed in today's paper!

Military Leaders Make Weak Advisers

Here's a question for T. Boone Pickens...

Megachurches software help keep track of their members (tithing/attendence)

Should the media have changed the course of our history?

Cyber War, Defcon 5 for Georgia

The Way of the World

Can America confront Russia on Georgia?

And the winner is.... the National Enquirer (and other points)

Cyber Terrorists Attack Russian News Agency

George W. and Laura :Cute couple. Probably need a caption

The Ukrainians aren't going to enter the war on the side of Georgia are they?

U.S. intelligence agencies tapped Benazir Bhutto’s phone.

I better not see anymore treads about gay Republicans and hypocrisy

RIP Isaac Hayes

can we even get to the oil in anwar any more? thawing

Its Sunday morning and I am not going to church.

Jewish Georgian official: Our army has IDF training to thank

Lawmaker who pushed for tougher punishment for sex offenders, is now accused of being a sex offender

Can we make the money drive banner BIGGER please!

Iraqi Foreign Minister calls for U S withdrawal timeline. "Suck on this"

Iraq demands 'clear timeline' for US withdrawal (again)

What is your take on 'creative capitalism'?

The Case Still Isn't Closed (Newsweek/Anthrax)

What - No Donate-To-DU Games Or Anything?

What - No Donate-To-DU Games Or Anything?

Remarks from an acquaintance, need advice.

With CIFA closed down last week, a NEW Pentagon spy shop was opened to replace it!

I just donated to DU, and am one of the first 10! Dammit, you addictive site, you.

US, Ukrainian Troops Launch Maneuvers Near Russian Border - 14 July 2008

If anyone has 5 dollars to spare, PLEASE donate to Jeff Morris for congress in CA-2

No immunity for security contractors in Iraq

A question about the military tribunals

Major neocon Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday - to see whatever you want - when you want

U.S. intelligence agencies tapped Benazir Bhutto’s phone

* and the Flag - pics

Have you noticed how the cable channels are shifting away from programming

Child gold miners face dangerous conditions in West Africa

Can't you just see Bush and Cheney talking under the cone of silence?

Reports: Russia sinks Georgian ship trying to attack Russian navy ships

Firebombs and tomahawks: Sydney man on the warpath

* doesn't go to church here and yet this is a big news item WTF n/t

Union soldier's grave correctly honored

Three key questions still unanswered in anthrax case

Obama' stop economic advisor Chairs co. that helped wealthy US taxpayers hide BILLIONS offshore.

Barry Levine Says "MORE To Come" On Edwards Scandal & They Will

"The truth about South Ossetia War, Georgia attack, and Russia's response"

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

UPDATE Paul Rolly: Is dog cloner same woman accused of raping missionary?

ATTN: Possible cheating in Women's Gymnastics scoring (update: or not)

Guess the age of these athletes.

Isaac Hayes is dead

CBS Sunday Morning lists sex scandals: only Democrats.

Get that fuck face off my TV and get back to Gymnastics.

Hypocrisy, Delusion, and an Entangling Alliance

W, "the history of baseballs"

Three key questions still unanswered in anthrax case

Benazir Bhutto's asassination; why is Cheney's stink on this one too?

Sec. of Housing: We are in the middle of the housing crisis

He's baaaaaa=ack....

How do the Georgians pronounce Georgia?

Attention, DU Smarties! Can you identify/translate the language on this?

Winner of 5 draft deferments Dickhead Cheney: "Russian aggression must not go unanswered"

Olympic age requirements.

In honor of Isaac. The movie theme that will live forever.

opsie daisy

Mahvish Rukhsana Khan. Chapter 18. Guantanamo Casualties

"She begged her parents to let her come home..."

George W. Bush: Olympic Mascot!

Favorite Olympic champion and favorite Olympic moment?

This could have been soooo much worse - pack of pitbulls attack a guy

So, Narcissist "Ken," walks into New York bar and meets..wacky former Gotham Party Girl...

We helped you kill, rape and torture Iraqis - now help us, beg Georgians

Okay, if there was any doubt the M$M has been propping up chimpy

which story has more lasting impact, Edwards mistress or Bush ordering fake Iraq letter?

This about sums things up (in the US) IMO...what do you think?

The media never even questioned the lobbyist woman McCain was banging

Catch me up here (I've been traveling across three time zones)....


If we pull out our troops from Iraq I think the Russians will pull theirs out of Georgia

I have finally, after seven and a half years, figured out Pickles' Joker face

Haffa ton of coal ......

Help! I can't upload this image for my sticky!

Help! I can't upload this image for my sticky!

War Criminal apprehended at Olympic Swimming Venue at Bejing

Is the USA headed for an economic depression ?

New ad from Al Gore on energy...

U.S. spending spree to end: Consumer spending expected to post its first decline in 17 years

The Russian-Turkmenistan Gas Deal -- Is This Why Georgia Attacked When It Did?

Russia is not going to stop with South Ossetia or even Georgia. They warned us

Georgia gets its war on...mccain gets his brain plaque

Are we done talking about Edwards yet?

Bob COSTAS interview with Shrub is as Dan RATHER with Saddam!1 n/t

Gettysburg 'witness tree' falls (AP/CNN)

Have any of our ELECTED presidents ever gone to the Olympics....

Amy Goodman: Army Recruiter Threatens High School Student with Jail Time

Barack Obama "about to pick running mate"!

Megachurches count on software to help keep track of their members

Do you guys suspect they were going to anthrax our own people?


Holy effin' shit......(W. the film)

Gas Hydrate: What do you know about them?

DU Public Service Announcement: Stickies Like Linkies

Bush is having trouble keeping upright again

Would someone please explain to me.....

Proposals for disabled fans worry leagues

Why does Bob Schieffer hate me?

Credit Card Industry Faces Reforms

Mark Crispin Miller: Interviews ABC News Did W/ Spoonamore On Diebold, Etc. In 2006 & Never Aired...

4 Stoning Sentences Commuted in Iran, But This Cruel and Barbaric Form Of Punishment Remains Legal

Yo! Who's talking now, France? (SPOILER!!)

I Think I'll Wear My New Shirt Tomorrow

Olympic deference to.

Edwards' mistress' bizarre past: born "Lisa Druck", subject of a Jay McInerney novel...

Larry Elder: Worse than Coulter?

We aren't allowed to call out other DU'ers, but are we allowed to call out bullshit stickies?

When did the Good Samaritan slip from our public discussions?

War Criminals R U.S.

Um, is this supposed to be acceptable?

Can we stop with the moral outrage?

Update on inconsistencies in FBI's Anthrax case against Ivins

Iraq's dead should be counted

Russo/Georgian war just gets worse and worse. And I think we just threw our hat into the ring.

Sunday morning Coffee & Quotes: Observations on corporatism

I thought this was interesting and wanted to share - Fareed Zakaria - What Bush Got Right

PM me if you need help donating.I can help 3 DUers.

Wash Post ombudsman on Milbank's lie, and my email to her

Edwards is just like Kucinich.......

NATO chief deplores 'disproportionate' force in Georgia - Mum on 'disproportionate' force in Iraq

America’s decline will not be easily reversed

I was just thinking about how things were in WWII in Los Angeles.

Dubya's Big, Olympic Frat Party!!! (((PICS)))

How old is 'old enough'?


Caption this * pic

I just saw Schindlers List yesterday ,for the first time, and you know what boggles the mind ?

Did Anthrax Powder Come from Dugway Proving Ground?

Mods, kindly set up a Republic of Georgia War Forum

George W. Bush is a total waste of skin, waste of air, and waste of space.

the man that designed the entire opening ceremonies is a genius

I love my sister, but she is so ignorant.

American Troops Training Equip Georgian Military **LET'S REMEMBER**Did the U.S. Prep Georgia for war

Misunderstanding, scuffle at voting site lead to arrest (galloglas)

You're so vain... You probably think this song is about you. Don't you.

Former Dugway Scientist Tells All

Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery

Beijing fireworks were faked?

I'd gladly trade a pound of Edwards' philandering

I'm probably in the minority on the Edwards thing.

Infidelity? How much of it is simply opportunity?

The streets of the Georgian capital are plastered with posters of George W Bush

Accidental fire-starter furious at punishment

Was Georgia given the greenlight by US to attack?

Anatomy of a HSEC cyber attack !!ALERT!! Read This!!!

THIS is what a 16 yr old Chinese girl looks like

The Olympics and beach volleyball:

Dennis Kucinich thread check in: has lead the way on Health Care, Impeachment where

Gerald Ford: Warren Commission skeptics "no problem"

Why I am behind Gov. Dean 100%

Massive US Naval Armada Heads for Iran

"Viral Sovereignty"- Pandemic here we come!

Mark Crispin Miller: "Will Rove & Co. Steal It For McCain?"

The dilemma of the stay at home mom/wife

On steps of Beijing church, Bush talks of religious freedom

The movie "Swing Vote" made me proud to be involved with DU

Obama Leads Better Than 3:1 in Field Offices (

WTF? Why Is Bill Clinton's Affairs Being Brought Up Re Edwards, Not John McCain's Affairs?

McCain 08: Taking pride in being ignorant

Market Watch Lists Reasons Why McCain Would Make a Mediocre President

Does McCain have anyone that isn't involved in world catastrophes?

Has anyone seen the newly edited McCain addy SANS Paris and Brittney?

McCain’s attacks on rival fall flat with vets group

Sunday, August 9 News Show Lineup

Wowzers. Picture I hadn't seen before:

Lieberman being vetted as possible McCain Veep

Great CSPAN caller question about McDummy

Its Sunday morning and I am not going to church.

Why polls aren't worrying Obama's team - Sun Times

Quick! Somebody give me some oxygen!

How do they know its not really him? Looks just like him

Obama takes on McCain in Nevada TV ad; watchdog group calls McCain ads 'more deceptions'

Wow, Nixon's enemies list--I just found out that a former colleague of mine


KC2 reviews "Jersey Boys" (the musical)

Ok, who's the wiseguy who posted this on Fark?

I am Kitteh...

I have been here since August 2005, and I will FINALLY reveal to you who I am...

If you want to cheat on your wife and run for President, at least tell us first.

60,000 Obama Tickets Sell out within 24 Hours !!

Don The Snake Prudhomme forecasts Obama Victory!

The World Is Not Enough

Barry Levine Says "MORE To Come" On Edwards Scandal & They Will

CBS Sunday Morning lists sex scandals: only Democrats.

Mother-in-law nightmare

How do I influence people?

Edwards' mistress' bizarre past: born "Lisa Druck", subject of a Jay McInerney novel...

Sometimes I Feel Like

Can they get rid of Dr. Who and those cheezy monsters and just show Billie Piper for a half hour?

Iraqi foreign minister demands "very clear timeline"--again, Obama was right.


Rare 111-year-old reptile to become a father

How do I make friends?

It's All About Ebay!

Obama leads McCain nationally in AP-Ipsos poll

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/10/08 - Obama 45, McCain 43 (O up 1, M down)

Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut

Donating some money to Obama. Every little bit helps.


Obama Leads Better Than 3:1 in Field Offices

Why I think J. Edwards kept on campaigning for President

Bill Clintons's testimony as written by Dr. Seuss

McCain lied to Cindy about his age...I wonder if he lied about his marital status.

Where is Biden? He hasn't been out on tv in a while. He should have been

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 45 (+1), McCain 43 (-1). W/ Leaners Obama 48 (+2), McCain 46 (-1)

How come I am still hungover????

Hey bird dawg, get away from my chick

I'm Awake Ask Me Anything,,,,,,,,,,,

DU polling experts: how are state polls superior to national polls?

Red Eye Standards Go Even Lower With Ann Coulter

GM is retarded. This clip from an article is yet more proof:

Going to the Brewers game...

Uh-oh Chris Wallace gonna get canned...

US men's soccer result (Spoiler obviously)

Chicken crosses the road, then stays.

Anybody else feel like they're too bound for their own good?

I can haz anuzzer?

Fez has the cutest new FEZ dispenser

Breaking News: We Have A New Golf Champion

Russia, Georgia, and McCain’s reckless belligerence

Edwards demands maternity test

Barack Roll

People are fucking stupid

McCain’s attacks on rival fall flat with disabled vets group -- one of 14 interviewed voting McCain

Obama camp and Clinton camp starts to unite

Wall Street Journal publishes pro-Obama editorial. (Adios, John McCain.)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/10/2008)

Roundtable with Michelle Obama Today

WPost Admits Bungling Obama Quote

No mention of John McCain in Raleigh paper article "Edwards joins pols-behaving-badly club"

Shameful! Misleading, anti-Obama article on WaPo

Why polls aren't worrying Obama's team

Just saw a McCain ad that was an absolute lie!

Is this election a remake of Carter vs Reagan

Vicki Iseman in a NUTshell

I just woke up - NO HANGOVER

Lesson Learned from the Primary: It's OUR money you're spending!

Why Can't McSame Get Above 40%?

Great diary on Daily Kos: "The Obama Campaign Sets the Record Straight on YouTube-- Updated"

I guess "No, You Can't" isn't in his genes!

I love this list of film credits for John McCain. Talk about celebrity!

Stefan G. Bucher's Daily Monster

In Las Vegas, McCain’s attacks on Obama fall flat with vets group

Anyone watching USA vs China basketball?

How Obama Should Respond to the “Celebrity” Charge

Just a question: why do the biggest Edwards bashers have post counts under 200?

I'm stealing this from another DUer: We should have Paris Hilton speak at the Convention!

I guess the 100 year plan backfired: Iraq + China = Oil

Isn't McCain Involved in this DHL Deal in Ohio?

something's been bugging me about the latest mccain ad

Like cats much? You'll get a buzz out of this, then:

How do you guys do it?

Pez has the cutest new PEZ dispensers

I live 13 degrees south of the polar circle...

Cuba paragraph in the 2008 Democratic Party national platform document

Wouldn't Russia v. Georgia be a red phone moment?

Oh man I messed up you guys.


What should I have for breakfast/brunch/lunch?

Hey - no fair. Why does the DU'er "Me." get punctuation while the rest of us DON'T?

Looks like Russia has gotten some lessons from Bush on war

One voice of sanity in the corrupt media

Does the Lounge have an anti-bog dais?

Just saw movie Zodiac....Why so few basements in California?

Uganda beat Burkina Faso in the Men's Choad Toss

if you post anything, please put a spoiler alert

******SPOILER ALERT******** OMFG@!!!!!`

National DU Meetup - Less than 3 weeks away - any interest? (DNC Convention in Denver)

So ABC and CBS "News" are now both editing their reports to favor McSame


Dancing Properly: Some help for graywarrior, who dances like Steve Martin:

This meme is working "Obama is playing the race card"

What will the public reaction be to hearing McCain cheated on his wife?

Obama versus McCain ("wrinkly white-haired dude") at the Olympics

They've arrested a suspect in Lebanese Singer Suzanne Tamim's murder

Great moments in Olympic History

I just found out I got a 32GB IPOD touch when I bought a reverbished 8GB

I can't wait to see how the convention is this time around.

Sunday Dento-political Thread - GD-P Edition:

if the lounge were a shopping experience

Connell, Rove and the GOP Boys, Positioned for McCain?

If you post about the Olympics and have spoiler, will you please indicate **spoiler** in the title..

McCain - between a rock and a hard place

Edwards' girlfriend was the subject of a book

McCain Finally Apologizes to Black Reporter, Insists He’s Not a Racist Because He Was a POW

So the blond on 'This Week' (don't know her name) said Obama's campaign

Okay, here goes: My cat DROOLS.

Universal truths

Great moments in journalism

A Loose Cannon

Let's no Forget the History Importance of this Years Democratic Convention

The picture says it all

Good rest stop in Hawaii!

Oh noooooo, GOP Finds They’re $10 Mil Short for Convention

McCain Camp: Obama "Bizarrely In Sync With Moscow"

Top McCain adviser lobbied for Republic of Georgia

My first You Tube. Made with my buddy as the subject.

I have 4 extra tickets...

The Presidential Candidates Money Matters

How Obama Should Respond to the Celebrity Charge

Who You Calling Preppy? Yet another bit of RNC hypocrisy.

Republican Strategist Karl Rove said On Face The Nation Today

MSM Hypocrisy and John McCain - The Husband In Absentia - Classic User

After tabling yesterday, I think we need to bring back the Draft.

After tabling yesterday, I think we need to bring back the Draft.

The Reason why Obama has not fully unloaded on McAnus is...

Post-Bush FP - Interesting Article From Fareed Zakaria

Michelle will be the star attraction on the opening night of the convention!

James Bond is getting a Divorce

Cool! Watching The Olympics and Wow!!!!

My Daughter has befriended a weed.

LAT: McCain can't be sure veterans will fall in behind him/ LVS: McCain’s attacks on rival fall flat

Senator Barack Obama Delivers the Democratic Radio Address

Any Advanced Bloggers around here that can help me with publicizing tips?

McCain's home in Arizona is called what?

2003 Greg Palast video

Obama has consistently been between 46 and 48% since June

I just got a text message from Obama...about to pick a VP

Road to the White House w/ Michelle Obama round table...

Do you think archived internet material will be of use to future historians?

With all the outrage about the Penn memos is a sad fact, the attacks worked and she didn't do enough

Which ad will play better with voters on energy?

Why haven't we heard more from Michelle? Now that she is the star on opening night

10 Reasons For The False Media Narrative of A "Tied Campaign"

Psst. Ronnie was stooping Nancy before he was divorced from Jane...

Cokie Roberts said Barack is no where close to closing the deal..he is tied

The coming Republican fall

Disabled Veterans not convinced by McCain

Better watch out for these crazy PUMA people at the convention. Watch the video at this link...

have we won yet? is obama president? do we have the house? do we have a filibuster-proof senate?

McCains stategy fails when Obama gives DNC speech

McCain's Internet Troll Jill Hazelbaker leads online censorship campaign

It was bound to happen...

My apologies to the

Fat-assed corrupt traitor Rove disses a VP choice OBAMA HASN'T EVEN MADE on "Face The Nation"

Man tries to make his own "beautiful agony" video

Smple question we must pound to win the election in a landslide.

In the end, isn't all news tied directly to Britney's crotch?

are there any current Olympians from your hometown?

Why does anyone think Obama will win? Almost every DU'er seems to be the only vote within their

Subtext Conflict: Celebrity Vs. Otherness

And now for a little much-needed levity... RIP Pillsbury Doughboy

No cat will own me...

Barack Obama podcast in 2006 about lobbyists, mentions McCain

It was Georgia that struck first in South Ossetia, not Russia!

Protesters greet McCain in Liberty Twp., OH

Why weren't there more Jews in Exodous?

The coming Republican fall


About that stripped WI Delegate.........

I need info on McCain's votes against veterans . . . the more

So, I'm watching a congressional hearing on C-SPAN, and I'm wondering...

McCain: "If I put in three or four 18-hour, 20-hour days in a row, I'm not sharp."

"A Missing Elephant" (post from Repug Reader to TPM's Josh Marshall)

I'm bored...

So, when is Jimmy Carter speaking at the convention?

Wow! I had no idea that Angelina Jolie was such a pinhead.

Encouraging signs

Where is Vicki Iseman?

Aides try to cut down McCain's use of his gold cell phone

I knocked on 50 doors in SW MO this weekend

Enough with the rain already!

Are Loungers the red-headed step-children of DU?

Desk/Office Chairs: Which model do you prefer?

Stone arch collapses in southern Utah park

Looks like foreign policy expert McCain has all the answers on Russia-Georgia too

Why is race continually been mentioned in this campaign?

Isaac Hayes has died.

Today's "Good things about Boulder County, CO" Report:

Russia Furious At Georgia Terrorism - Is Putin Following The McCain/Bush Doctrine?

Russia Furious At Georgia Terrorism - Is Putin Following The McCain/Bush Doctrine?

LA Times - Big Media Complains About Local Independent Media Access

What the hell has happened to MTP?

Compared to 2004, the 2008 election doesn't seem as intense

He's back!!

They said Obama did well in states like Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon and the Dakotas

Grovelbot is back!

optical illusion thread

Post today's high temperature

NYT op-ed: Calling All Votes; How a roll-call Convention vote could benefit Obama


Michael Crowley hits it out of the park-If dems want to win, they need to get rough

Obama's VP Pick: An Unconventional Approach

NYT: Obama: At Home in the Islands

Crooks AND Liars has the Rick Davis interview on FAUX Pukes today

Could GOP Consultant Karen Hughes Be The Source of the Hillary Clinton Memos?

Watching Olympics all eve I've seen 2 McSame attack ads, nothing from Obama.

There's a thread subject here that would make a pretty appalling copycat

LOL - nice banner for the fund drive!

Forget that sticky note, I thought 'Anarchy was the goal of all governments'

Governor Bill Richardson on the Conflict Between Russia and Georgia

Upper Decker! LOL! Ok, fess up. Who did that?

This thread would make a pretty appalling copycat.

I just watched "dazed and confused" at TMP

Randy Scheunemann, McCain's top foreign policy adviser was a founding PNAC board member

2 weeks ago, a reporter asked McSame why he voted against birth control but for Viagra. 9 awkward

"Dark Knight" leads box office for 4th weekend, 3rd biggest movie of all time

This day in baseball — Aug. 10, 1944


Bush with Costas looks like a "B" actor trying to portray a president!

Penn advised Hillary to portray Obama as as having a “limited” connection “to basic American values"

When you come to Colorado, you need not worry about PUMAS.

McCain to Pledge 1 Term?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/10/08 (warning: graphic language—also hella funny)

The Danes just kicked our asses in crew.

"Shaun of the Dead"

why is Monogomy glorified anyway?

Obama communications director on VP announcement timing: "Sometimes an email is just an email..."

Obama communications director on VP announcement timing: "Sometimes an email is just an email..."

Hey, baby... What's your sign?

Absolutely nothing

real beer goggles

McCain could sink the economy

More extreme stupidity

Whoa! Ben Stein slams McCain's, Republican tax policies!

Top 10 attributes of really lazy people

What's that smell in here?

what do you think of lowercase-ism?

"Oh No!" Reviews of The Dark Knight on Fandango: A Real Fundie Fest

I see Chimpsrsmarter is the one of the latest donors to DU

i got tazed

Anyone else up tonight?

McCain is gonna pick Lieberman.

Who is the hotter MILF?

Weird. I thought Bob Hoskins was dead.

My State by State Election Projection

What a fucking great GAME!!!

ok that one got me

Chelsea Clinton, not Bill Clinton, to introduce Hillary Clinton at convention

Why do my achilles tendons hurt

McCain Camp Manager: He Could Make One-Term Pledge (VIDEO)

My BIL got picked to do a part in a B movie... now the director wants him

Trueblood, For the Vampire in you

I'm going to teach Sniffa how to ski this winter...

OK, who posted the Larry King mug shot?

Obama Is Handily Winning...a little deduction from the polling

And people make fun of me for being afraid of driving over the Bay Bridge


Would you PLEASE quit playing with your camera and play with ME!

Why are state party infrastructures all over US stronger now than in 2000, 2002, 2004?

Coincidence? Mark Penn's Other Client? Yup, Poss. VP Choice Joe Lieberman!

The glowing squirt gun of JUSTICE

Greatest Heavy Metal sculpture ever.

I look at Obama and think.......what a godsend...

Omg. I love this. Barack Roll!

Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks?

And people make fun of me for being afraid of driving over the Rainbow Bridge

Heartless Heathers 125, Breakneck Betties 83

meet Charley..... he's not like other cats

Are you a Right Brain or Left Brain person?

Suskind posted the transcript at his blog, saying, "This posting is contrary to my practice across

So i rented the movie "The Orphanage", have you seen it and should i watch it during daylight hours?

I premiered my new Gold Freeskate program yesterday....

To any PUMAs out there this is not helping Hillary.

Do You approve of kidnapping, rendition and detention of children - Yes, you read that correctly.

Suddenly I have new mail all of the sudden. I NEVER get new mail.


May PANG?!1 ------------ OR, ----------- Yoko ONO?!1 n/t

What the fuck ever, I stole your fluffy kittens too.


just saying hi...

Is it okay for your kid's teacher to hug them?

Beautifully tragic singers?

Cokie Roberts on Obama's "foreign, exotic" vacation (MediaMatters)

Fess up, which of you men shower with a scrunchy

The Jed Report not happy with Feingold

I Had Cornflake Crusted Chicken Breasts

Jewish DU'ers: Is there any reference out there for us Half-Jews?

Wow, look at the Drama playing out on the big board!

Aww...Somebody posted the tiny tortoise on a sticky!

I was watching diving on my new HD tv and the picture dissolved into little squares WTF?

I've become much more disciplined about exercising, and I really do feel better.

I don't want to know what happens when we reach 1000 donations.

I'm headin' to the kitchen for a pb&j. Anybody want anything? nt


How do I alert on a sitckie?

Why couldn't Tim Kaine run for Virginia's 7th Congressional District instead?

Whoever posted those last two stickies is a douchebag.

Sniffa is hot.

Ok now, maybe that's enough.

Bernie Mac Another Casualty of Conventional Medicine?

A really "fun" detour getting home tonight.

Every time China wins a medal I think...

Who Is Behind The Lies Being Spread About Obama? Look Inside ---->

Life lessons from Bernie Mac:

Whoever posted that "BAN ME NOW" sticker is a fucking asshole.

Democratic platform draft changed again - now includes the phrase "same sex couples'

The One Current Fatal Flaw in Obama's Campaign

Spine-Chilling Video -- Needs to Go Viral

I have this sinking feeling that a post war feud is developing

Hooray! Tomorrow is my first day working for the mother fucker that stole my job!!!

This website can read your mind

You know, I enjoy posting with all of you.

Guys, if you are as offended as I am about those two stickies, send a PM to a mod.

they changed our operation system at work and I want to quit my job

People owned by Cats, can you explain this please?

Do you know somebody (especially a dem?) who's thinking about McCain? send them THIS:

I have one question:

Ohio, Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Indiana.

Senator Clinton to headline second night of convention

So I was alone in a hotel room with CaliforniaPeggy and ThomCat.

Soldier Swayed By Bush's Performance at Olympics


I survived a weekend at sleep-away camp....

More Pics from the NY Meetup!

I don't like today.

I'm reading some psycho stickies up there

I went to Ozzfest yesterday...ask me anything.

Why is Obama so much stronger that Kerry was in the west?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday August 10

If Skinner can know who posts in polls, he can probably know who posts stickies.

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

The woman who says no to champagne, says no to life

What have you stolen from jasonc?

The awful truth: my first trip to an IKEA store

"It's against my programming to impersonate a deity". Pfagh! It's the only thing I'm programmed for.

Is McCain the Antichrist?

sunset after the rain

Why the hell does NBC think that the only Olympic events are Swimming, Gymnastics, and Volleyball?

It's a picture perfect day in SE Michigan

Why do some people treat kids like shit

Anyone want to hear how my date went?

For those watching the Olympic Gymnastics:

Well, I was born an office supply salesman's son - you?

What should I play on the record player?

Barack About to Pick VP?? Email from Plouffe... anyone else get it

This year I have finally begun to see...

Do you believe Romney creates a long-term crisis for the GOP --

How would you mess up your olympic chance?

The Internet Is Ruining America's Movies and Music

I'm watching ROBOCOP

US Men's Swimming 4x100 Relay Freestyle SPOILER

Bear attacks woman gardening

So yanno those planes that fly over the shore with banners on them???

Beware of new brakes.

Okay why are we not making any money on our new pay to park?

And if the phones are down, please feel free to use our back ups.

Interesting bumper sticker.

Some pictures from our meetup this afternoon

* Dialup Warning * I know it took a while but I have pics from down under

Why you should never follow so closely on the freeway.

This may have already been discussed, re: Cokie Roberts on "This Week"

Yep, here is why indoor cats are so cranky.

Cheap and affordable GPS.


A (perhaps silly) question about tattoos.

Soooo. I'm back home. From vacation.

A picture begging for captioning

This has to be photoshopped, but if it is not, I would be getting off the beach.

I'm bored. Let's have a *** Picture Thread ***

Ok, What am I getting for 3.70??

Xemasab is awesome.

Does anyone recall there was a COURT CASE where a 9-11 family sued Iraq and WON?

A woman just squeezed my 21-month-old son's cheeks and legs because he's so cute

It's my birthday, I am now officially a fossil...

What's your favorite frozen novelty item?

Why yes, I caught these myself...

"One bee gets in the car and you freak out."

What has Elrond Hubbard stole from you?

Bush: America has no problems

"My greatest investment was paying to cut the letters R A S from the start of my name" -- PUTIN

Guess the age of these athletes.

Greatest Heavy Metal singers ever.

John Wayne's teeth *** edit to add spoiler ***

I know that nobody here knows me. I know that no-one here has reason to express concern but...

Jean Shepherd

Anyone want to meetup for drinks this saturday in Milwaukee?

I never want to emcee/judge a fashion show again

OMG , I am in this small indepent cafee right now ,

Beautifully tragic sinners?

I watched Transformers tonight on the HBO...

Do you take vitamin supplements?

United States hold little leverage over Russia in Georgia conflict

Cyclists Wilt As Beijing Competitors Feel The Heat

Pres. Bush declines to slap Misty May-Treanor's bikinied butt

Russia confirms Georgian troop withdrawal from South Ossetia

The Case Still Isn't Closed (Newsweek/Anthrax)

Anthony Russo, Pentagon Papers figure, dies at 71

Afghan president urges military action in Pakistan

Georgia under all-out attack in breakaway Abkhazia(Separatist rebels & Russian forces launch attack)

US Russia's actions in Georgia could harm US ties

Georgia crisis triggers war of words on White House trail

McCain meets with Ohio residents facing job losses (His campaign manager did it)

Georgia 'calls Ossetia ceasefire'

Iraq demands 'clear timeline' for US withdrawal

Iraqi FM: Iraq, US 'very close' on security deal

Megachurches count on software to help keep track of their members

American killed at Games was coach's father-in-law

Russian news agencies report sunken Georgian ship

North Korea and South Korea: The gulf grows

Georgian troops retreat from South Ossetian capital

U.S. suggests Russia wants "regime change" in Georgia

Russia aiming to take over Georgia - Saakashvili (has spoken w/ * and signalled his "full support")

South Ossetians describe escape from fighting

Georgia: Vladimir Putin leads from front to send US a bullish message

Supreme Court of Canada to hear Wal-Mart anti-union case

US backs Georgia against 'Russian aggression'

(Rep. Candice) Miller (R-MI) says it's time to get out of Iraq

U.S. and Iraqi forces wall off threats in Sadr City

McCain, Obama step up criticism of Russia over Georgia

US, Russia Trade Accusations at Security Council Over Georgia

Reports of explosions at propane depot in northwest Toronto

Paulson says won't stay at Treasury past January

Unions and MPs back 'dream ticket' to replace UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Russian Ground Forces Assault Vital Georgian City

Russia says it is ready to negotiate with Georgia

Verizon, 2 unions agree on new 3-year contact

Musharraf stole war-on-terror aid, says Zardari

Bolivia's Morales wins recall - unofficial results

Germany, EU Step Up Efforts to Help Caucasian War

Oil fight could trigger a federal shutdown

Levin: U.S. should work with Europeans on Russia

Iconic stone arch collapses in southern Utah park

14 killed in Iraq attacks, including US soldier

Georgia move fails to halt raids

South Ossetians describe fleeing from the fighting

Al-Qaeda No.2 issues video in English

Average gasoline prices slip to $3.85/gal: survey

New Draft Democratic Platform Omits Mention of Gays and Lesbians

US begins flying Georgian troops home from Iraq

Voters in (California's Central) Valley fleeing the GOP

Bush: Russian response to Georgia "disproportionate"

Isaac Hayes Dies

Iraq to revive oil deal with China

(UMich) Law students to work on freeing innocent inmates

Cheney: Russian action 'must not go unanswered'

Georgians Protest Russian Invasion at UN


Troop Withdrawal Plan - Troops Out By 2010?---The Young Turks

The Politics of Stem Cell Research

Go Get Em Paul Watson - Japanese Whalers

Russia Georgia WAR

Davis: McCain Is Third Bush Term

Permission Ad (marriage equality)

John McCain's lobbyist friends

Kissing Up to McCain (friggin hilarious new barelypolitical vid)

TYT:New Bush Security Plan Admits John Kerry Was Right

TYT: Even McCains' Donors Aren't Voting For Him

Ron Suskind On How The Bush Administration Kept Secrets

BUSH / COSTAS Interview! (From the Olympics)

Ukraine says it may bar Russian navy

Thanks for Calling the DNCC, How May I Direct Your Call?

Cokie Roberts Such A Tool

U.S. guns arm Mexican drug cartels

Barack Roll

Guardian UK: It's (economy) worse than we thought, admits CBI

Militarizing the Social Sciences

The Pentagon's new strategy: Show us the money

The war that Russia wants

American-style credit ensnares consumers overseas

No executive privilege for presidential advisers means more accountability

All Guns, No Butter

Florida let crooked brokers keep working

If the Democrats want Obama to win, they have to get rough

Taunting the Bear

The Nation: Getting Georgia's War On

Russia, Georgia wage PR battle for hearts and minds

What Bush Got Right

NYT editorial: Energy Fictions; With voter discontent over fuel prices, Dems, Obama shift on energy

Friedman:Flush With Energy

John McCain Takes the Olympic Gold in 'Gymnastics'

Georgian soldiers shot, mocked us: refugees

Fact Checking John Tierney

In Georgia clash, a lesson on U.S. need for Russia

Did the Son of the NRA-Connected Private Spy Lose His Job Because of Mom?

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 14

As China Proves, Olympic Panel Can’t Separate Sports and Politics

Edwards was Bad, McCain was BADDER

Hiroshima Never Again

Why are key Iraqi records at Stanford?

Chris Hedges: What’s Sex Got to Do With It?

Mr. Murdoch Goes to War

Plucky little Georgia? No, the cold war reading won't wash

How Tenet Betrayed the CIA on WMD in Iraq

Putin Applies 'Bush Doctrine' with Georgia on His Mind

Small towns haunted by war

Trial by Tribunal-Osama bin Laden's driver should be freed.

Ralph Lauren Humiliates America

Russo-Georgian Conflict Is Not All Russia's Fault

Support Surging Among Democratic Delegates For "Guaranteed Health Care For All" Plank

Whispers of a Watergate for Bush

Haaretz--Jewish Georgian minister: Thanks to Israeli training, we're fending off Russia

State and Local Prosecutors Can Take Down Bush

Guardian UK: Go on, admit it. Beijing is boring. Call off 2012

How *’s claims of executive privilege for the U.S. attorney probe could prove to be cataclysmic...

Marvin Gaye Sings The National Anthem

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 348

Part VI: An ambush produces a hero (part 6 of 7)

Army thins warrior transition entrance rules

Navy, Corps shelve shared missions boost

Search launched to find Marine JSF test pilot

Minot base to be retested

Afghan police depend heavily on U.S. support

Naples-area landlords must solve water problem to stay in database

Russia Expands Bombing Blitz in Georgia

Summer break delays confirmations

National Cemetery to be Built at Fort Jackson

Studying Great Salt Lake’s High Mercury Levels (NY Times)

Obama Ad Attacks McCain on Yucca Mountain - posted in PV,GDP,LBN

Wildfire risk to rural Britain

Tuatara couple expecting babies (111 year old "father" to be)

All is lost on climate change without clean coal?

'Alarming' elevated cancer risk in South Seattle linked to air pollution

(WA) District to chop nearly 70 trees at high school

Feds to redo environmental review of ski resort

EPA rejects Texas request to cut U.S. ethanol use

Arctic meltdown speeding up

Environmental groups faltered this year

Intense rainfall due to climate change could raise flood risk

British waterways make a comeback

Seals delve Antarctic secrets

'Big Dry' claims River Murray lakes - Observer

Seattle a mass transit basket case

ABC News: Chevy Volt Still on Tap for 2010—Looking Ahead to GM's Electric Car

ABC News: Chevy Volt Still on Tap for 2010—Looking Ahead to GM's Electric Car

New London Mayor backtracking on the environment

Locally grown faces financial challenges

Offshore site sought for wind project (Maine)

Reclaiming an Ecosystem: A California Success Story

Beijing Orders UK Scientists Monitoring Air Quality To Restrict, Then Shut Down Website

Arizona Developers Welcome Spillover From Las Vegas

A month without plastic

Colorado shines in the solar rush

Well Whaddya Know? Chrysler Unveils First Hybrids, 11 Yrs After Toyota's First Japanese Release

.2% Of Georgia Electric Customers Willing To Pay A Few Dollars More Monthly For Renewable Power

Time for Oregon to cash in Columbia water?

How Denmark does it and does it right.

Energy efficient lighting systems (light tubes) revitalize old Wisconsin factory

ABC The Electric Car that could save GM - Video

Clinton Foundation mulls world's largest solar project in Gujarat

Giant Retailers Look to the Sun for Energy Savings

Auditor: Nuclear plant company could go out of business

Are we going to pass last year's Arctic melt record? Record your prediction!

It would seem that most Americans don't care that Mcdonald's supports gay business

Castration law for Swedish transgenders

why don't we run ads?

Dean Baker on Investment Bankers

Is Cheney Betting On Economic Collapse?

Mahmoud Darwish, poet of the Palestinians, dies

Hamas demonstrators urge Egypt to open Gaza crossing

Settlers ask B'Tselem for cameras

War in Georgia: The Israeli connection

So if you have some extra money

Zionism's dying between Hebron and Yitzhar

Today in labor history August 10 widespread violence and the dynamiting of work sites - 1905

Today's working family cartoon: Drug free

Union Plus Offers Tools to Address Debt, Build Credit

Economic Report: Stimulus Checks Didn't Help Retailers In July

Today's Carol Simpson cartoon: Promote the Guys

Union Plus Credit Card: Carry the card that works as hard as you do

NYT: Theology Finds Its Way Into a Debate Over Unions

Feds should pursue charges at Agriprocessors

Toledo-based farm labor leader tackles tobacco in North Carolina

PhillyDeals: Benefiting in their labor, but refusing legal status

Qwest union OKs strike if contract talks sour (20,000 in 13 states)

Dispute with TMJ4 goes to NLRB and the streets

Labor Department's Secret OSHA Rule

National AFL-CIO says 'honor commitments' (The McCain deal)

Tyson Foods union reinstates Labor Day as paid holiday after Eid backlash

Huffington Post: Wal-Mart's Anti-Union Threats Lead to Backlash, Call for Federal Probe

Farmworkers shouldn't have to die providing our food

This is about Karma. And catharsis. And sweet revenge.

Labor's 'swarm offense" aims at Congress (repeal right to work & Patriot Employers Act: by Obama)

Union bosses joyful over Obama lead

Wet or dry, policy should be the same (Miami Herald op/ed)

Unofficial results: Morales keeps job in Bolivia

Cuba Tourism Considered (by Bahamas, if US travel ban to Cuba were to be lifted)

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (August 10): Wang, Chepa lead Sochi; She plays with the boys and Hou!

Michael Phelps and Jason Lezak are AMAZING!!! THEY ARE F***ING GODS!!!

Barry Bonds joins Giants' outfield reunion

Nadia Comaneci's natal chart

Circle Eight Crop Circle

Anyone have any intuitions about what is going on in Georgia / Russia?

Very weird encounter this afternoon.

Okay. I think we need help...maybe a small miracle.

So, how do the eclipses affect humanity? WAR in Russia/Georgia...!!

The Stars This Week: "Pay Attention!" - August 11 - August 17, 2008

Why do Leos tend to get me all fascinated and/or "overheated?"

Lunar eclipse and making changes--what's best?

Bernie Mac Another Casualty of Conventional Medicine?

Book, beer and BBQ

Bavarian Summer pictures

Street Fest

Macros (big ol' dial-up warning)

***Submission Guidelines and Instructions for Calendar 2009***

Leftist / against the NRA / wants t o buy a gun

Whole Foods Pulls Recalled Beef

Science close to unveiling invisible man

"Miracle Berry" update - controversy

Checking out for a little while

Oops! Wrong forum! LOL

Tonight's Repast...

Dutch Baby Pancake

interesting quote from Joe in Des Moines Register article

Just more boring German scenery + sheep video clip

Boston Globe speculating on if Dukakis had won - mentions Biden

Countdown to 20,000

Bwah! The Donation stickies are running the gamut!

This is so sweet

Slaps Forehead

Have you heard of text entering backwards?

Extended website icon in Firefox

does (dial-up) connection speed affect cache?

This is a stretch... anyone use WCF?

Is there a good way to script a change to default user ntuser.dat at boot up?

A nice piece about energy policy and Kerry (despite an inept title)

Good TYT in videos forum

do any chain stores still sell dialup modems?

(Education lobby) Petition idea doesn't add up

Washington County schools hire own lobbyist

The Oregonian printed my Op-Ed piece on "accountability."

Anyone in Toronto? (Canada forum, xpost from GD, LBN)


Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, August 10, 2008

Know a website with info on voter ID requirements by state?

Check Your Voter Registration -- easy way to do it and help others

Independence Man Denied Right to Vote; Arrested.. Excellent 8/10 KCTribune article (galloglas)

Cols Dispatch: FRAUD CLAIMS IN OHIO '04 election critics still unmoved by evidence

Is the DNC doing *ANYTHING* regarding election protection?

A-Z of messageboard commenting for the right wing

Mark Thatcher ‘paid to promote despot’

What's up with Russ?

Anyone want to Meetup on Saturday? (The 16th)

A bit of Mencken insight

Issac Hayes