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Archives: August 1, 2008

Incumbent Senator Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) now trailing according to Zogby

Left-right ideology of voters, congressmembers, and senators

Luke "Baby Goebbels" Russert to shill for GE family of propoganda.

Senate Republicans Block Troop Funding Bill

NY Gov David Paterson speaking on economy at Natl Press Club

Join us in St. Paul, MN.. for RNC at Peace Island Picnic

Is it still against the rules here to promote candidates

'Hanoi Hilton' jailer says he'd vote for McCain

John S. McCain - Hero or Traitor? decide

Which current cult is the most dangerous?

why can't we make congress and other gov't official go on the min. wage for a year

Get Your War On - The Video

The Curious Mind of John McCain (amazing WaPo suckup)

In honor of a potential cure

Do you trust a member of The Keating Five to be President?


The Daily Show

Anyone have any info on

Steve Schmidt - the new Karl Rove?

Former GAO Comptroller General David Walker...

Actress Angie Harmon Advocates for Rape Victims, yet supports McShame?

'Raising McCain' (warning: may cause severe nausea)

Lest we forget: Exxon Chairman's $400 Million Parachute.

If I were a Republican strategist, I'd let Obama win.

I despise Harold Ford. He is as close as anything I've ever thought of calling an "Uncle Tom"

How Trustworthy is our News Media?

Another reason I like Tim Kaine (or Kathleen Sebelius) as VP -- those choices reflect well on Obama

I want to be on Fox .... because you can just make "shit" up.

Anthrax suspect dies in apparent suicide

This is how desperate they are: Obama too in shape to be president.

GM Posts $15.5 Billion Loss on Lease Costs, Sales Decline, Labor Dispute

McCain still lying about his earmarks

Has McCain pulled Britney & Paris out of the ad? Has run twice & they are not in it anymore. eom.

What this election is NOT is a referendum on Barack Obama

Kaine's Versatile Appeal Gives Him a Shot to Run With Obama

William Greider: America's Economic Free Fall

MarketWatch: July auto sales likely to be dismal at best

== Buy yourself a life = By Mark Morford

Minnesota bridge collapse discussion on WJ now - one year later


America's cracked code

Social Democrats Oust Prominent Former Minister

Inside the minds of Internet trolls

Did anyone else think McCain was going to punch CNN's John King?

Spider named after Stephen Colbert


Recognize the tactic of Rovian Projection

2,000 MW Wind Farm Will Send Power from Wyoming to Southern California

The Swift Boating Of Barack Obama Has Officially Begun

McCain is doing some damage. But just wait until the debates.

mcmoron accuses Obama of playing the race card. MAN the g.o.p is desperate!

"My husband is absolutely opposed to any negative campaigning at all." - Cindy McCain

Damn, I can't wait until Bush is gone

Overseas money flowing to presidential candidates (one in particular)

I want to know why John McCain needs to minimize Britney Spears

McCain's campaign has been reduced to: "Don't vote for him, he's too popular"

Opinion: Oppose Drilling = Lost Election

RCMP spokesman calls passengers' behavior "brave" and "extraordinary

Canton, Kan., gets a dose of Stephen Colbert’s satire

GOP hopes to skirt Minn. bridge issue

WSJ video on McCain's stupidity

Breaking: Breaking News: Unemployment Rate Rises to 5.7 Percent in July With 51,000 Jobs Lost.

Obama needs to start launching a series of ads about healthcare RIGHT NOW!


Cindy McCain Aggrandizement

I just sent an e-mail to Morning Shmoe and asked Mika

51,000 jobs lost in July; "Official" unemployment rate rises from 5.5% to 5.7%

you go Claire!

Any data on what offshore drilling could produce?

Poli Sci Professor: "You Just Sound Dopey When You Put Paris Hilton In An Ad"

Graph of Popularity of Candidates' Websites

July Employment Report: -51,000 Jobs, 5.7% Unemployment

To think that drilling equals lower gas prices....

Economy weighs on voters' minds-Obama fares better

McCain's problem is that he's not a sociopathic liar..


Mean Mitch McConnell is whining about the media - good times in Kentucky

GA town wastes $1 million taxpayers' money to buy strip club...

Anything But Talk About The Real Issues And Problems.........

"Elitest and Arrogant are code words for uppity"

Senator Leahy Demands Testimony From White House Officials

Morning Show Framing: Axelrod vs. Davis on the "Race Card" and "Celeb"

Is it possible John McCain is an Atheist?

Top 5 Daily Show Ted Stevens Moments

McCain is a continuation of the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Oral arguments set in Sen. Craig sex-sting appeal

MarketWatch: Unemployment rate jumps to 5.7%, 4-year high

Scarborough denies GOP ever plays the race card

DHS: No need to apply pesky 4th Amendment to laptops

Kaine offers Obama many advantages as possible VP choice

GOP stalwart arrested in 2-day St. Paul prostitution sting

It's a shame our convention is before McCain's

Jonathan Capehart is such a tool...

Interesting tidbit: In 2004 more voters thought KERRY attacked Bush unfairly

Rasmussen, 8/1: Obama 45%, McCain 43% (with leaners, O 47% M 46%)

Anti-Blue eyes bias in the media?

Fundies disgusted by McDonalds sponsorship of gay pride parade....but post link to "graphic" pics

Gasoline scam targeted by Texas attorney general


My email to Wash Post's ombudsman about Milbank

USA Today: Teens have harder time landing a summer job

McCain's camp suffers from a paper gap

A couple of predictions...

Obama proposes $1,000 energy rebates for consumers

Howard Wolfson is STILL a prick

It's good that the race is close right now

A headline you can love: Oral Arguments Set In Sen. Craig Gay Sex-Sting Appeal

"Obama's Global Tax"

Bruce Ivins Responsible for the Anthrax Attacks? What do we know?

NYT OP-ED: Terrorists might use UFOs to attack. Wait...what?

Preacher Arrested for Breaking into Home, Stealing Sex Toy

Reasons why 2008 isn't the same as 2004 (with respect to "Swiftboating")

Why did the Justice Dept go after Stevens

McCain supporters Rick & Kathy Hilton not happy with McCain ad.

McCain's Ad Formula Employs Lowest Common Denominator

McCain Google ads cost more?

LOL- former Hollywood buddies reject McCrap because he's ... phony!

LOL- former Hollywood buddies reject McCrap because he's ... phony!

Md. mayor's dogs killed by SWAT after cops deliver pot

C-SPAN3: FCC Hearings On Comcast Internet Blocking

Obama's 'emergency' economic plan

Attention Congress: We do not HAVE to have GM. Resist the bailout urge!

Bush Sr's Faustian Bargain with China

Stevens is going straight to the cooler, baby!

It wasn't racist in Iowa...why now?

Thank you Brad Blakeman!!!1 (Sic and Sick)

We need to fight for the prize Barack

Rand Corp: To destroy Al Qaeda, we must end the war on terror

Abortion issue puts local race in U.S. spotlight (Kansas)

I have tickets to see Obama tomorrow!

"You can vote for someone else or you can run for office."

What if the McCain-Obama campaign had taken place 72 years ago?

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: The Strategy To Win the White House...

Pakistan's ISI Linked to Indian Embassy Bombing; McCain client Musharraf Likely Implicated

Bush actually did something that I agree with...

Joe Lauria to discuss Sibel Edmonds case with Scott Horton at 1:15 PM EST today on Antiwar Radio...

Whoa! the IDAHO Senate race is competitve?

So China, are you opening up Amnesty Internation website too?

Obama in St. Petersburg now up on CNN/live, to begin soon.

David Sirota: Sanity From The Silver Screen

RNC's new website/directlink targeting Obama: Who Said it Celebrity Edition...

Obama is doing this just right. Let them keep going negative with their background they should be-->

John McCain: the "Great White Hope"

Paging Mr. McCain... you left your Cheez Whiz in aisle 4!

Remember the to call him Bush III

You guys ain't seen nothing yet!!! Now Obama is too SKINNY to be POTUS

Agent provocateurs interupt Obama rally. The timing is suspect. . .

D'Oh! Hilton family (McCain supporters) upset with McCain over "Celeb" ad

McCain to criticize Obama at Urban League -- speech almost seems written to invite a cold response

Maybe, just maybe, Andrea Mitchell is beginning to see the light.

GOP hopes to skirt Minn. bridge issue-one year anniversary today

Wal-Mart mobilizes against Democrats

Turn on the news!

David Gergen says something interesting, for once

Look who's polling ahead in Florida.

lovely. AP's Fournier "officially" named D.C. bureau chief

Tin foil hat alert: how convenient that with 94 days to go before the election,

WSJ-"Is John McCain Stupid?

EFF Releases "Switzerland" ISP Testing Tool

ALL Searches and Seizures are OK with this Administration...Unreasonable or Not...LINK

7/31 Election Model: Obama 370EV but GOP-friendly Nat'l polls (Ras,Gallup,USA/Gallp) wanna horserace

An observation of some evidence that McCain is running a race-baiting campaign..

Through the eyes of an Indy

Andrea Mitchell is defending Obama against McSame on Morning Schmo

Anthrax suspect dies in apparent suicide

Obama Economic Security Town Hall Meeting In St. Petersburg: "Are You Better Off?"

Its Friday, Job loss rates are up, and suddenly we have a "race issue"

Economic Models Predict Clear Obama Victory in November (Reuters)

Obama needs to attack, not defend and mock ...and SOON

After Obama takes Office He needs to appoint Edwards AG and expand the DOJ by 100%...

Is MICKEY MOUSE protecting terrorists?

I really think Obama should choose Bob Graham (FL) for VP

more of the media on their knees for mclame...

Fresh Images! (dial-up warning)

I don't care who Andrea Mitchell sleeps with

Obama, interrupted -- First Read and The Swamp reporting on the protesters.

Complete this sentence: The "surge" will never...

DU has too many Chicken Littles

+++ 4,127 +++

Hiltons, Blackstone Group (investors in Hilton chain) PISSED at McCain campaign for 'Celeb" ad

Hey Republicans (And Joe Lieberman)! Just a little reminder about the "surge"...

John McCain = Lloyd Bridges

Hillary asks not to be nominated at convention (NY Daily News)

I feel like going at Wal-Mart Today.

Chubby feline a foreclosure victim

Senator Barack Obama Announces Emergency Economic Plan

If you missed Jon Stewart's 'Dick Move of the Week', make sure

"Are workers demanding raises the next threat to U.S. economy? " Houston Chronicle 8/1/08

McCain campaign manager: "We've withered under the attacks of the Obama campaign"

Say Goodbye To Untaxed Iternet Transactions

GOP Campaign Chair To House Hopefuls: Flee Our Brand!

Where's Amy Goodman?

Oil is up $4 a barrel....I guess the traders want more from Exxon than a paltry $12 billion profit..

McCain slogans

It appears I was wrong

The Lowrode Express


JoeyScab/MSGOP, orgasmicly bashing Obama this morning

***** Senate hearing on Justice Department Hiring Practices *****

Hillary Clinton asks not to be nominated at Democratic National Convention

MSNBC's (First Read) assertion on race

Referendum on Obama = President McCain

just turned from the Obama event to the McCain event

Even though Obama handled himself well today, the MSM spin will be "angry Negroes at Obama rally"

U.S. Government seizing electronic devices without suspicion of wrongdoing

The Infamous Torture Memo, & Cheney Admits to an Error(Yes, Just One) - Bush History 8/1

Does John McCain have a Cuba embargo problem?

Unemployment at 4-year high

Obama Retains Strength Among Highly Educated

ACLU Skeptical of Intelligence Overhaul

A Prayer for America

Observation re: the polls

Barackis Dukakis? McCain Slings from the Sewer While Obama Says Little

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/1/08 - Obama 45, McCain 43 (unchanged)

I think Mika read my e-mail or someone read it to her. She (8/1) : Obama Outperforming Kerry Among Nearly All Demographics

How does McCain defend his "$300 million" Battery challenge?

Do we really need this guy elected president??

Are some wounded troops "better" than others?

So now we got black people protesting Obama?

Margaret Carlson was just on tv actually making sense.

Will you people quit whining? Can't you show some compassion

Obama Campaign Statement in Response to McCain’s Tax Attack

Clear Channel's POOR business decisions in axing KLSD and other prog talk stations exposed!

(Oh My!!!) Joe Klein: 'I Used To Think That McCain Was An Honorable Man-I WAS WRONG'

Wingnuts are floating Hamas/Obama campaign contributions can we debunk?

Aussie bank’s write-offs signal doom for Wall Street

Headlines that make my head hurt...

Media Matters is running a TV ad blasting media's McCain favoritism: See it here!

Maddow and...

21 tourists evacuated from national park on Baffin Island - climate change

African American protestors heckle Obama

I predict that Freepers will begin claiming the protestors at Obama's speech were plants by Obama...

Obama responds to race card charge

Bush-Linked Companies Hunt For Kurdish Oil

Where Has Swamp Rat Been?

Bill Clinton's Plane Aborts Take-Off in Africa; Fmr Prez 'Livin' on a Prayer' in Bon Jovi Press Plan

there's nothing more annoying than hearing Repubs on tv say "He thinks everything is about race!"

John McCain: Wanting the White House in the worst way

So, the mccain camp thinks they have WITHERED due to Obama's attacks? McWither.

Please relax over the polls, this should make you feel better

NYT article on whining about the media claims Obama does it too

Tell The Bush Administration: Hands Off My Laptop

An Open Letter to The Nation's Open Letter to Barack Obama

"We can't BOMB our way to peace, or DRILL our way to energy independence."

Why was there are recall in CA? Gov Arnold says: Let them eat cake (to State workers)

John McCain Exposed...

The Best Thing About McCains Recent Negative Ads

Emirates superjumbo takes to the skies

Obama's campaign strategy so far:

Where did Rove, Bush and the crowd get the idea to always lie and never admit fault.?

Get Pissed and Email MoveOn, DNC, VoteVets, the Unions, NOW, etc

Will the *real* Republican candidate please stand up?

Travelers' Laptops May Be Detained At Border - No Suspicion Required

Has anybody heard from Xultar lately?

Obama on economy, McCain negativity -- "The American people deserve better.”

GOP To Repub Candidates: Stay Away From Convention-Criticize Each Other-Do Whatever It Takes

Saudi religious police stark raving bonkers in enforcing pet curbs

Does evil explain the grisly Manitoba Greyhound beheading of Tim McLean?

I hope DUers are watching how M$M is spinning the

The McCain campaign has sunk below where the press is willing to go...

Center for American Progress: America's Middle Class Still Losing Ground

ACLU: “It’s My Country, Too.”

WSJ asks: ‘Could Sen. Obama’s skinniness be a liability?’

Nancy Pelosi's Book deluged with negative reviews on Amazon from Reich-wing zombies

One Month After 9/11, McCain Said Anthrax ‘May Have Come From Iraq,’ Warned Iraq Is ‘The 2nd Phase'

AZ POLL: McCain's home-state lead down to a measly five points (43/38)

So... the story is that Bruce Ivins sent out the anthrax to test his vaccine.

McCain Camp Makes Web ad: "Barack Obama Forgot Latin America."

What's the best way to respond to sleazy attacks like McCain is now launching?

Whether we like it or not, race is the elephant in the room.

Time to change the narrative before the race is "frozen" by the Olympics.....

This is really funny: "Who's the celebrity?"

McCain just played the "anti-christ" card...

Please help Robert Wexler stay in Congress

McCain the Maverick Guttersnipe Brings on the White Girls, the Black Guy and Race

Dollar Bill Images Obama May Have Been Talking About.....

Marc Ambinder Provocation of the day: Joe Trippi on McCain and Race

So, Captain Combover wants to talk race? Really?

Los Angeles radio station drops Michael Weiner (Savage)

Why didn't they blast the anthrax guy's house with a helicopter gunship?

There are only Fear and Love.

Gas down to $3.50 a gallon where I live.

20 Years of National Hate Radio - "Congratulations" Rush Limbaugh!

What's that McCain event with the bright red scaffolding?

While the MSM/ GOP are on the subject of race, let's talk about McCain's abysmal civil rights record

Top 10 Idiocies of the General Election

DUer's, please use sarcasm emoticon if you're being sarcastic.

Wal-Mart: A Dem win in Nov. will be BAD because they might, they might.....pass PRO-WORKER LAWS!

McCain Says Martin Luther King Jr. Played the Race Card

Gallup: Race tied at 44% each

Here's asswipe McCains new negative attack ad coming according to Drudge

Turtle Leads Police to Marijuana Field; Teen Charged

Obama should announce his VP soon so that he can get the

doesn't matter what mcsame says - he is for torture and war -

NY Times: More Arrows Seen Pointing to a Recession


Why isnt anyone pointing out

McCain: Dick move of the week

When has McCain helped the black community?

Bush's "Pro-Growth" Failure: Possibly the worst growth since Hoover

So when Obama wipes the floor with McCain in the first debate, what should he say?

Time for Obama to be the candidate of "Change"

McCain losing ground with men in Maricopa County (Phx, AZ)

Swift Boat Vets for 4 more years of McSame failed policies

Obama +3 in AZ says Zogby! Woot

ACLU Calls FCC Penalty Against Comcast a Step Forward Toward Net Freedom

37% think Obama is "arrogant".... 34% think McCain is.....

How To Elect Barack Obama

McCain calls for Iraq-style "surge" in US neighborhoods battling high crime

The $46,616.47 Oil Change and Size-22 Carbon Footprint

When is Senator Feingold going to admit that Obama was right to opt out of public financing?

National polls mean NOTHING

It's August, folks! Let's kick it up a notch (for some that will be a challenge)

As Bush Fights for Big Oil, Exxon Mobil Puts Profits at $1,485 a Second

Olympics of Dumbassery

Exactly what does heckling a speaker accomplish anyway?

One Toon to sum up today's politics....

Is it over if McSame picks a woman candidate? Discuss...

Is there any INDEPENDENT polling being conducted?

KSM to Military Tribunal: you are prosecuting someone who's job was to change oil filters

John McCain Committed Blasphemy!

Obama has been upgraded.

Should I forward this email to McSame to help him finance his campaign?

Obama rocks on handling pissed people!

"The populace doesn't elect the president"

What Do Cops Think About Pot Decrim and Pot Smokers?

Guy James Is on a Roll

John McCain: We go negative so Obama doesn't have to.

Will McShame's new Godly ad inadvertently destroy the Muslim meme for good?

I'm going to say it, McCain is a RACIST

Joe Conason: Wanting the White House in the worst way

State polls matter.

As McCain gives a press conference why can't one single reporter ask

McCain Campaign Devoting One Third Of Its Total Ad Spending To Britney-Obama Spot

McCain 2000 Ad - "Desperate"

Total Solar Eclipse view - fantastic - LINK

Glenn Greenwald: Vital Unresolved Anthrax Questions and ABC News

NBC News: DOJ is expected to make decision with in days whether to close anthrax investigation

The only thing McInsane succeeded at this week was

Ask John McCain about his sources for the Anthrax attacks being linked to Iraq.

What common Liberal belief makes you embarrassed to call yourself a Liberal?

Anthrax Scientist - show trial victim?

Has Fox Been Playing The Nazi Card?

TPM: Rewarding Greatness: Ron Fournier officially appointed AP Washington bureau chief.

McCain Camp regarding "the One" ad: "a bookend to a week that we thought was very successful."

August 1, 1921: Matewan, WV police chief Sid Hatfield was assassinated by coal company goons

Wal-Mart's Amped-Up Anti-Worker War

The Daily Widget – Friday, Aug 1 – Obama 365, McCain 173 – Obama’s Overseas Bounce

Barack Does Not Need to Negatively Campaign--But He Does Need to Factually Campaign

ABC Signs on With McCain

Attention: D. C. DUers

how many here recall A.H. Robbins and the Dalkon Shield? Judge Miles Lord?

We make the same mistakes time and again

Eleanor Clift: Can Obama Stay Above the Fray?

Why is Speaker Pelosi waiting for September to decide on

Why the McCain negative ad strategy won't work long term

8 years of Bush economics - McCain offers more of the same.

A couple of Govt Graphs to show how messed up our Banking System is

Pelosi Claims Republicans Want Impeachment

Pelosi Claims Republicans Want Impeachment

Why does this YouTube video piss me off?

I made calls and sent emails to the Democratic Leadership and Dr. Dean

CNN: Obama too thin?

What if the Anthrax suspect mailed more out before committing suicide?

Are DUers ready to boycott Wal-Mart yet?

It's August 1st & McCain already has sunk very low, but he will go much lower - bet on it

PUMA spotted near the Beltway

McCain: "I'm not sure that if we did go in on the the ground we could tell a Shiite from a Sunni...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Says He’ll Step Up (if Asked) to Fill Obama’s Seat

I see the light

Every ad McCain puts out there, it's him showing how envious he is of Obama

****It Will Backfire!****

I've heard that McCain wants us to have a 100 year war in Iraq

DoD official booted from sex assault hearing

Hunger Gene May Be Behind Obesity Epidemic

Reality and it's allies have come forward to endorse Obama

SURPRISE: Anthrax Suspect Commits Suicide

How to Beat the "Heat:" Anti-Surveillance 101

The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind

McClown now says latest ad is "having some fun."

Why anything McCain throws at Obama won't be nearly as effective as the Swiftboat ads.

Bush, his Daddy & Jeb call evil, drug-addicted radio host. Live, on the air.

Make a Kid's Year with

If this isn't already known: a little birdy told me that moron* is going to alaska next week.

If this isn't already known: a little birdy told me that moron* is going to alaska next week.

Now Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face.....

Please fill in the blank. All I can think of is 'limp noodle'.

'Children could be cheated of their innocence'

"I'm John McCain, and I approved this mess!"

538: Obama Outperforming Kerry Among Nearly All Demographics

George Orwell Blogs Starting August 9th

And now some good news

McCain: Our Campaign Isn't "Negative In The Slightest"

Patriot Act: My 81 year old mom could not open a bank account!

Would YOU tell a "sociopathic, homicidal" Anthrax mailing suspect ...

Is anyone listening to McCain talk about education?

Wow! Just caught the video of Eugene Robinson from this morning!

David Robinson (Ohio 12th) Challenges Tiberi for Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars

Blonde on Hardball: There was a band to draw a crowd

Obama TV ads unanswered by McCain in several key states

Yang 'em High: "Yahoo shareholders blast execs"

Has John McCain gone stark raving mad? WTF is this

The Power To Make A Difference

McCain spokeswoman Nicolle Wallace says she would "slit her wrists" without "campaign humor"

ROTFL somebody just called McCain "the White Zombie".

More Dirt on Obama Coming


"The One"

So I am driving behind a red pickup truck and it is clear where the driver stands

"John McCain called his wife a very bad name in public"

Obama Campaign statement on McCain's Ad: "It's downright sad..."

Bumperstickers I saw today.

Computer Glitch? Consider Calling the Phone Company

The Tipping Point...

Why doesn't Obama or some of the stratigists

Could McCain's Britney/Hilton Ad Be Considered Misogynist? Should Dems Label It As Such?

Brilliant statement?

NYT Op/Ed: "How About We Leave Britney, Paris, & O.J. Out Of This — & Have A Presidential Campaign?"

Please Sign This Petition

Is there any timetable for the first debate/town hall meeting?

Hal Lindsey says Obama is the "antichrist"

Got Hope? I do!

A day without a "Monkey Boy Bush" photo is like a day without sunshine. Let it SHINE, BABY!

You guys should know that John McCain is a liberal

Bwah! Evangelicals organizing to pray for rain during Obama's acceptance speech.

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire denied access to bar

OH BOY!!!!!! Big Ed is even saying Obama is playing the race card

I think that we need to run with Eugene Robinson's idea of McCain's "evil twin"

I wish Obama could run an ad like the one I just wrote

OK!!- NO, He's Not "Ready to Lead"

Democrats just turned off the lights on the RePugs

so I caught a piece of the pukes on CSPAN

Friday TOONFEST part 4: The rest of the story

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now****

Why the intertubes are teh awesome

Friday TOONFEST part 3: Bush's Legacy

Friday Night Bank Failures: Tonight, it's First Priority Bank of Bradenton, FL

Knowing Nothing About the Murderer, Wing-Nuts Tie Canadian Beheading to Islam

U.S. Authorities Can Now Seize Laptops Arbitrarily, Indefinitely

The commercial I want to see:

Antrax suspect Dr. Bruce Ivins' archived letters to the editor (wrote against assisted suicides)

Quick Comment: John Harwood is one the WORST pundits on television

Friday TOONFEST part 2: McSnoose and Obama

June 30th: Mc Cain puts Obama on the $100 bill...

Did Obama retract his dollar bill statements?

A letter from MoveOn (come to Columbus, Ohio)

I think McCain's "Celebrity" ad is playing a card all right... I think it's playing the Hitler card

LOL Hope of the GOP For Stevens Senate Seat: "George Bush is the Worst President"

Executive Order Integrity Act-Feingold, Whitehouse Introduce Bill to Help Curb "Secret Law"

Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama to attend Emily's List gala DNC week

Research 2000 North Carolina poll: McCain 47% (down 3) Obama 43% (up 2)

The Race Card: Who Started It - Obama, McCain? The RNC!

Remember... The GOP with Bush gave us the Highest Oil Prices in History


Why Are Democrats Taking Money From Wal-Mart?

Bush Calls Rush Limbaugh Show (Get Ready To Puke!)

What is wrong with people? (graphic animal cruelty)

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen warns McCain of race baiting

Send Letters to the Editor through Obama's Web Site

The amount of Land the Oil companies can drill on= All of NY and Louisiana

Anyone know why a Congressional Session went into total meltdown today?

Global warming means more raw sewage in local water: report


Hardball is worth watching tonight

Is Andrea Mitchell getting prettier ?

Actually, I think McCain has found a way to get all his ads run for free. Just let the news

Zimbabwe rolls out new bank notes

My **Urgent** Tip to the ABC NEWS Editors Submitted On Their Web Sites TIP LINE

Negative ads and the McCain campaign

Just where along the way did this country become a total fraud?

Advertising's death-grip on us all..

Nancy Grace Suicide Lawsuit Can Proceed

MSNBC Joe Watkins, "...Obama trying to start a race war."

HEY! Lurking Freepers, Media types and Concern Trolls...

McC released a new Obama ad today, titled "The One". Oh. My. GOD!

Chuck Todd on "bearhugging" Obama and Rs resentful of Ds being able "play the race card"

One thing that isn't very funny about the anti-christ ad..

Traditional Values Coalition smears Harvey Milk

Eugene Robinson nails it! --- "So Much for St. John"

McCain must have an evil shrink, in addition to Rove, working for him

Traverse City shop owners prepare for Madonna visit - it's Saturday, at the Film Festival

Obama would consider off-shore drilling as part of comprehensive energy plan

I'm very confused now. Is Barack Obama Paris Hilton or Moses?

Didn't I see something earlier that McCain actually put Obama's face on a dollar bill, a very young

The Perils of Pinata Politics

Md. mayor's dogs killed by SWAT after cops deliver pot

*: 'Life after the White House'

McShames "Celeb" ad has over 1.3 million views but rated as "Nothing Special"(only 2 YouTube stars)

Defense Department Defies Supoena, Blocks Testimony Of Key Sexual Assault Prevention Official»

We Are Surging Over There So We Dont Have To Surge Here!!


Holy Crap..... the 'anthrax' suspect just committed suicide

JUDGE-Re: Arresting Rove: "It's About Time"

'Black GOP PAC' run by white operatives?

I thought I had a visit from Bush & Cheney today...

That is it ..... now I am really angry.

So When Are They Sending US Marshall After Rove?

Poll: McCain's Lead in Arizona Shrinking

John McCain reminds me of Jan Brady.

Wal-Mart Warns of Democratic Win

He's Fucking gone Gravel!!! LOL

When Obama said, "THEY'RE going to make you fear me", he never said THEY was McCain

When Obama said, "THEY'RE going to make you fear me", he never said THEY was McCain

Fundies disgusted by McDonalds' sponsorship of gay pride parade.....but post link to "graphic" pics

Anthrax: Suicide or scapegoat?

K O and the Anthrax smokescreen...

Battlegrounds: Ten states most likely to switch party in November

Pssst! Barack Obama's birthday is August 4th....

"Our elections are like Three-Card Monte: What you see is not what you get."

Keith on the anthrax deal looks juicy tonight.

"How can someone half black and half white play the race card?"

Don't let my cats become bastards again!!

Let me get this straight...

Obama is back to being the Underdog! America loves a good Underdog story!

how fight back against the surge meme

Obama should put an ad out of McCain next to the Grumpy Old Men.

So ..... one of my brokers called today ........

Israeli Voters Favor Netanyahu, Likud, Polls Show

"The Case Against Barack Obama" book to be released next week!

McCain's Desperate Appeal to the Bigots

Santa Barbara Progressive Talk moves to new Stronger Station

Remember the bogus meeting Atta had in Prague with Iraqi's?

Obama: McCain 'Troublesome' In Amplifying 'Race Card' Charge(listen to the interview)

I think I will wear my Obama shirt & Cap into Wal-Mart tomorrow.

Prisoner 650 at Bagram Prison Camp Pakistan

Nvidia 790i board pulled by makers

WTH? McShame suggests using military-style invasions (surges) in inner cities?

This Week's Brass Ballz Award

Aside from the scummy Republicans lurking around the Senate...

Moses and Britney mockery Just isn't Presidential

GOP talks energy in dark House chamber after House adjourns for recess

Glenn Greenwald on Rachel Maddow Now...Discussing 2001 Anthrax Attacks

You all didn't actually expect this to be a cakewalk, did you?

McCain Ad showing Obama's face on US currency - from June

Obama willing to support limited offshore drilling to avoid gridlock

Admiral McCombover at the Urban League, 08-01-2008

7 Years After 9/11, First Responders Still Lack Medical Treatment

McCain Campaign Devoting One Third Of Its Total Ad Spending To Britney-Obama Spot

David Gregory is an asshat

Stand back ..... The Flaming Nostrils of Justice are gonna BLOW!!

Obama can do this, you know.

WA Supreme Court says privacy trumps identifying teacher in cases of unsubstantiated sexual miscondu

51,000 jobs were lost in July - yet all that's being talked about on TV today IS RACE

Re: Offshore drilling: Didn't Kerry say that oil companies have

Is it possible that I now dislike McCain more than I dislike Bush?

Send Letters to the Editor through Obama's Web Site

Am I really the only one so cynical, that I view the M$M's recent willingness to criticize McCain

Chinese plea for politics-free Games

MSM Challenge: DO NOT play the latest ad from McCain's shit factory

Ok. Let's say that Obama IS a racist.

Kitteh for president!

Grrrrrr! And The Lie Machine Goes On! Just Received Forwarded eMail re Obama in Afghanistan

"I think it's kinda stupid," McCain's Mommy on the Brittany Ad

Andrea Mitchell Nails it..*gulp*

Andrea Mitchell Nails it..*gulp*

Caption *

One last 'post'

By DNA "they" knew the A-thrax was from Fort Dietrich, Maryland

What happened to Obama's parody ads?

John McCain is like an old spittoon.

McSame and all his bushitlers are assholes! Now watch these puppies!

The Black Hole of the Web

Hubby worked for Corporate Wal Mart in 2000 they most certainly do "suggest" how to vote

My home town. The real story is in the comments.

Bush oks. soldier execution - a glimpse from the Freeper world.

DEJA VU!!! - Anatomy of Smear Campaign by Rick Davis in 2004!

Will this photo be scrubbed from the White House website?

How much does SMAMMITY *suck* - he's got a wingnut "chef" on!1

The word from an "Obamacon"

Comments on "The One" point to McCain strategy to paint Obama as humorless

Countrywide exec still part of jet set; this is Sickening;a trip on people who have lost their homes

British Airways chief warns 'airlines will go bust'

McCain is boring and attacks Obama's intelligence and likability as cultish arrogance

The Smoking Gun has Documents re the Anthrax Suspect

Damn You Obama For Being So Cool!

Americare has anyone ever heard of it? It was the company that eliminated my sisters job after

When given choice, Ga town shuts down strip club rather than improve water treatment plant.

Obama Received 100,000 Separate Donations Alone Yesterday

The net has been scrubbed of this pic. It's the only one I could find. It's all you need to know

Maybe it's just me, but . . .

Did Obama just take a question from one of the protestors?

Bwaaaaaaaaaah KO begins with McSame's anthrax from Iraq comments

New website Republican senators bought by big oil!

Apparently the criticism is getting to McCain's campaign blogger

NOW on PBS = Aug. 1, 2008 = Alaska: The Senator and the Oil Man ?

Now McCain is making fun of Obama's "celebrity status"? Real mature...real mature.

Kodak to reduce retiree benefits starting in '09

GOP framing debate on Off Shore Drilling, as McCain $$ from Oil goes Up

Who Celebrates August 4th With Barack?

US jobless rate at four-year high

Nancy Pelosi's book...bombs. Like her leadership.

Found the agenda for the 2008 Republican National Convention

McCain Scoffs at TWI Question On Truthiness


IOUSA: New Movie about how POS Bush, Repukes and some Quisling Dems have sunk our Country Fiscally

I hope Obama's ad team

Have people noticed this in the media? Claims both campaigns taking low road...

Scary Mess Of Right Wing Talking Points-Letters To Editor From Supposed Anthrax Villain

What do you think of Obama's idea of the oil companies funding rebates?

The first teaser promo for my vidcast, "The Idiot Box," is now online.

Although Rachel can have a glass-half-empty approach,

Mike Monsoor (I got an email about this Medal of Honor winner posthumously) snopes confirmed

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

McCain tries to scrub his website: They called him A Political Celebrity

Video from The View yesterday: Heads up - Obama on The View Monday, McSame Tuesday.

WND featuring Corsi's swiftboating -- now on Obama's alleged "direct involvement" in Kenyan politics

Is the Slime backfiring? 33,000+ NEW - yesterday alone...

Do you ever feel like there is a war going on behind the scenes?

Economic Models Predicts Obama Win

Caption McCane ---pix--->

Who is this crazy motormouth banshee on Hardball?

Survey USA's 5 point McBush lead in MO is NOT accurate, here is why

Okay, so I'm watching the Lehrer News Hour on PBS -- tuned in late -- but I *think* I just heard

"The media’s moment of disillusionment with John McCain appears to be at hand."

Do you think the Bush team/Rove has taken over McSame's campaign?

The race to unseat Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) is getting really interesting...

I'm performing music/commentary at a Barack Birthday party in Madison

Forget the Dream Ticket, How about the "McCain's Worst Nightmare Ticket"?

I'm watching a DVD called "Distorted Morality" with Noam Chomsky, help please:

Polling Biden - Activist asked Would he make you more or less likely to vote for the "Dem Ticket"

A few things coming to a head, I think - desperate people will do desperate things.

Anthrax suicide was legit, and NOT a BushCheney cover-up...

Anthrax suicide was legit, and NOT a BushCheney cover-up...

Obama needs to revoke all agreements/orders by Bremer in Iraq.

I can't do it anymore...I try but I can't...cable political shows are off my viewing list...

There is a HUGE Difference Between a Campaign Attacking and a Third Party Attacking

DU, I can't guarantee a win in MO but I can guarantee that we will not know who won it until late

Reincarnation Alert! The Depression Generation Is Returning! Meet the Upside-Down Generation

A Bullshit Bust and Time To End The Hypocracy...

Offshore drilling is a major weakness for the Democrats in 08. Obama 316 McCain 198 Ties 24

Kids lose touch with natural world..can't identify common animals

The First Time as Tragedy, The Second as Farce

John McCain, as of today, IS Nora Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard"...

shouldn't Obama be talking about the RW fear attacks on all Democratic pres.

My new beginning

Better "Montauk Monster" photo surfaces

Assume EVERYONE on DU has SEEN THIS! Incredible Composite of "OBAMA SMASH!"

Where are the leaders of the Democratic Party????

Atrios Nails It Again...

The Haircut - A Cautionary Tale

Repeat after me....

They've GOT to do SOMETHING and SOON...

John McCain's Respectful Campaign (scratch that)

This week strengthens the need for Hillary as VP. We need a true dream team to overpower GOP.

Friday TOONFEST part 1: He's on the Bridge to nowhere...

McCain's Mad Men

So the missing baby is MUCH MORE important than the anthrax "suicide"!1 n/t

Obama Outperforming Kerry in almost all categories

From Brave New Pac: Make McCain Disavow Dishonest Obama Ad.

McCain is spending over $140,000 a day to run the Britney ad

Wal-Mart denies that it told employees how to vote

Blackwater Launches 'Private CIA'

In Lakeland, Obama Says Florida Facing Recession

Good for Obama. Compromise on drilling is the way to go

People volunteering for Obama this weekend?

Howie Kurtz at WaPo: McCain's Ad Formula Employs Lowest Common Denominator

How You Look, How You Sound, What You Say: Lesley Stahl's parable.


DOJ won't release names of military, govt workers who claimed bogus degrees -- but newspaper does

Violence Is Down in Iraq Because Ethnic Cleansing Was Brutally Effective

Is there an organization that rates legislators on LGBT rights?

It's official: McCain kicked Obama's ass this week.

Today the first Airbus A-380 (Emirates) lands at JFK.

Some images from the solar eclipse seen across eatern Europe and Asia today. (warning pic heavy)

CNN Is Liberally Biased? (Another Egregious Counter-Example)

Just got back from the Obama Town Hall in St. Pete

Biden not just about Foreign Affairs

Hillary Shows Why Democrats Can’t Win Going Negative In Big Media

Tell me if you think I'm a bad person for suggesting this

Obama Camp Sees Potential in G.O.P. Discontent

Dems need to backup Obama's approach to terrorism this campaign - Kerry provides details.

Anderson Cooper is good tonight. What the next pres has to face.

Moses Was The Law-Giver To The Western World. After 8 Years Of Bush Trashing Rule of Law

Judge removed from 'Jena Six' cases; defense attorneys claim he made biased comments

Judge removed from 'Jena Six' cases; defense attorneys claim he made biased comments

McCain brings flip-flops to Florida, now opposes federal disaster insurance fund

Does McCain Speak for His Campaign When He Makes a Racially Charged Attack on Barack Obama?

When do you think Obama will seal the election?

About Negative Advertising


McCain is a Dick

Italy Run By Big Media Mogul Silvio Berslusconi - America's Future?

McCain condescension a sign of latent racism.

"When people study my presidency and find out how Bush conducted foreign policy, they'll see I..."

President Carter put solar panels on the White House.

Lil Bush falls off his bicycle today - got a pretty bad boo-boo HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

lumberjack_jeff wins "Comment of the Day" on the Anthrax King's "Suicide"...

Rant: I made ONE late credit card payment, so I called the company...

The problem isn't that Obama isn't fighting back. The problem is

Um, Al Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri-dead... now, on the same day...

EXXON profit works out to....

Bill Clinton Sends out a Letter About Hillary's Campaign Debt


Did You Miss THIS ONE?

Republicans call for emergency session

What the McCain campaign would be doing now if Hillary was the nominee

Have you received your Obama shirt for the 30$ or more June promotional?

McClown is losing. His maverick status, media pass, or so-called experience isn't helping

USA Today calls bullshit on McCain's claim that Obama went negative first. DU their poll!

Should Obama Even Debate This Guy?

McCain given preferential treatment at Hanoi Hilton

Anybody else having problems with some political sites in IE7?

Desperate McCain campaign plays the Clinton card

I want to see dirty, nasty, withering attacks against McCain from Obama NOW!

MIT energy breakthrough - solar and wind power just got much more feasible!

Alien: coming to a McCain near you

daily gallup polls shows Obama and Mcidiot tied at 44% each - is this true?

McCain and the Worst Week in Presidential Politics Ever

Comments captured off of John McCain's website. (Very funny.)

Brave New PAC: Make McCain Disavow His Dishonest Obama Ad

Any thoughts on why a bioresearcher with access to any drug, chose Tyl c Codeine

Big News for DUers re cell phone charges

New York Magazine: Is Mudslinging the Only Way John McCain Can Win?

I am losing respect for Obama and I have Always been a huge supporter :(

HuffingtonPost : Still no answer why McCain's Son Quit Board of Failing Bank

Obama would consider off-shore drilling as part of comprehensive energy plan

School To Put Students In 'Prison' Jumpsuits As Punishment

Shock Politics Designed to Get Us Off Our Game

The main reason Obama can't go negative, a Black man can't be seen as disrespecting an old white man

Question for Barack Obama, anyone?

Attention Walmartians

WTF is This Crazy Shit??? lol

What if the McCain-Obama campaign had taken place 72 years ago?

Did I just see MOSES part the red sea in McCain's new ad?

If you wrote a book or made a movie about McCain's campaign, what would you call it?

Obama McCain Debate Preview

You're seeing how Obama would handle Ahmadinejad

Britney, Paris, Moses - I'm confused. Who is next for McCain to compare to Barack?

I think McCain poking fun of the Bible isn't going to play well in the Bible Belt.

Children have lost touch with the natural world

McCain suggests military-style invasion modeled on the surge to control inner city crime

CNN throws it's name in the ring for mislabeling corrupt republicans as democrats....

Anthrax, Saddam and ABC News

Which McCain nickname do you like the most?

Another bank bites the dust.....

Does Obama's Campaign Send Out Talkingpoints To Elected Democrats Every Single Morning?

Most important news story of the week (ending 08-01-2008)

Hit MSM where it hurts

Obama: Would back limited offshore drilling

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigns today in Florida--St. Pete, Orlando, Lakeland, Plant City

Check out who will win the election in this poll!

What Andrea Mitchell said tonight.

Illegals in the US Army (fast track citizenship)? Corrected

He really did it. McCain played the Anti-Christ card.

Scott McClellan Dismantles Cheney’s Plame Firewall---Points DIRECTLY To BUSH

EXCLUSIVE: Media Failed to Ask 'Anthrax Killer's' Brother About Political Leanings

McCain is Running on the ROVE Playbook. Here's How We DESTROY McCain.

AP HEADLINE: "Answers in anthrax case may have died with suicide"

Principal Apologizes to Students, Staff, and Citizens.

I Latched Onto a Good Anti-Republican Email Item

Driven crazy by people who don't care.

Oil companies already have 68 million arces of public lands they haven't even drilled on.

Larisa Alexandrovna: More terrorism, of the bio-right-wing kind?

Weekend Message/ Positive Vibrations

Obama says he may back offshore oil drilling...

What John McCain and Dick Cheney Have in Common

My monthly budget amount for our gas company almost DOUBLED!

The One.

My Goodness...Why Would Obama Play THE RACE CARD knowing

HELP---Election day Drivers for Obama.

Are you using Obama's site's Neighbor to Neighbor tool?

PHOTO: Good heavens . . .

Hillary Clinton asks not to be nominated at Democratic National Convention

When did Mccain Jump the Shark?

The Face of Terrorism in America

Barack Obama has the best political team the Democrats have

Why did CNN cut McCain's townhall feed when the questions were getting soooo hard?

So I was maxing out someone elses credit cards today...

I was so pissed last night that I donated $250 to Obama. The bad news is

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XVII: The "Unemployment Benefits Extension Sucks" edition

Obama better grow a pair or it will be a repeat of KERRY 2004!!!

Digg: Urgent Help Needed to Fight the McCain Bury Brigade

"NYT Changes Anthrax Story...As I Was Reading It!"

Expect oil prices to go back up.

The Hill: Clinton touts her support for Obama (but wants her supporters' voices heard)

OMG....let's play Pollster!

Bush Family calls Rush to congratulate him for 20 years of spreading hate

Plouffe: McCain attacks 'helped our campaign,' moneywise

Here's Why Obama's Strategy This Week Was Spot On....

Wal-Mart Employees Speak Out About Mandatory Anti-Union Meetings, Political Intimidation

McCain assisted the anthrax from Iraq lie, on David Letterman back in 2001.

Mad for Rachel Maddow (The Nation)

um . . two white women and two phallic monuments? anyone else interpreting celebrity ad this way?

Hugo Chavez wanted to sign a ten year contract to sell us oil for 50$ a barrel

Focus Should be on Cheney in the Wake of the Anthrax Suspect "Suicide"

ANTHRAX & ABC: They’re not protecting “sources.”-They're protecting "fabricators and liars"

YEAH! I just got to opportunity to debunk an anti Obama email to 36 people!

Bill Moyers Journal tonight - The Abramoff Scandal

Letter to CNN regarding coverage of Impeachment proceedings

The news is very good. I could just kiss you all.

Do you share an ancestor with Barack Obama?

Sunday, 8/3 - Book TV - Vince Bugliosi

Democrats are supportive of offshore drilling and will not fight against it.

International Youth Day 2008

Obama Memo: Bumps in the Low Road: Fellow Republicans Condemn McCain

Man beheaded on Greyhound Bus in Manitoba, Canada.

Man beheaded on Greyhound Bus in Manitoba, Canada.

Obama shifting on oil drilling...upsetting!

I'm going to ask everyone to take a deep breath and...

More Slack on that Rope, Boys!

McCain tries to scrub his website: They called him A Political Celebrity

I Have Administrative Approval

McCain's Growing Arizona Problem (UpdateIV) McCain's number plummets 10 points

Wow, who would have thought we had world-class political strategists on this board?

Senate Dems Ask AG Mukasey to "Assess Damage" to DOJ

Judge on Rove’s citizen arrest: ‘It’s about time.’

SWING VOTER - I think Bud voted for Nader yo!

Teen in Gun Raid Had Teacher List

“The Commission” by Philip Shenon on the Bush Administration’s Ignoring of 9/11 Warnings

Obama shifts, says he may back limited offshore drilling

OK, I'm REALLY out of here (for a few days). We're headed up to


We had a Bed Race in town today (pic)

Don't piss off the judge!

Happy August 1st.

Eye surgery update.. Success!!!

Would you rather be George Clooney or Johnny Depp?

i'm going to be without internet access for a week and it's my own idiot fault

must.... stay... awake...

"In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man Is King"

rather than sleeping (like i should be), i'm watching the eclipse

Delicious thread in GD

Would you rather be an evil coach or an umpire?

Yay, a whole month of three day weekends!

Cat walking around making trilling noises.....



Oh No!!! I accidentally removed my browser's "back" button, and now I can't find it

44-pound cat's owner located

The DU website thinks I'm an arrogant asshole....

"Mandalorian " wedding?

Numb..... Nut

Would you rather be an coach or an evil empire?

McWobble is actually 168 years old

Princess Chunk, the 44lb Fat Cat from New Jersey - Abandoned because of Foreclosure

My World


Easin' In

I had a weird dream about DU last night

Actual headline: "Master Bait & Tackle and Tiki Bar Cafe hit by burglars

I loathe money troubles. How about you?

Try this one with your Google images:

For all you hatin' on Guitar Hero, here's something way, way, way worse

One More Chance On Love

liver and cheese?

Ugh..I just noticed I have a tiny hole in my shirt, thanks to the cats...

Jesus Fukin Christ %^$#&^$#(&^)(*&)(*& What Is Wrong With People

In case you have an extra loin of Banthu lying around & need cooking tips

Are you fruity or juicy?

Kitten potty training report:

Best boobies thread ever!

Wanna see my big jugs? *Dial up warning, pics inside*

Al-Jazeera just called my work...

Know whats sad. I have yet to hear from my big bosses re: my brother

Hi, Everyone!


Guitar Hero--do you like it or not.

I paid $3.69 per gallon for gas this morning, and got this strange feeling....

Have you ever heard of "Pilobolus"?

you guys are like my family..I found out my dad is dying of cancer today.

My 19 month daughter is quite the car traveller!!!

Pic thread- best feature?

Is there any way to set your cellphone to not accept blocked calls?

Boring post

Have you ever heard of SparkPeople? No, it's not a cult . . .

At what age is a person considered an adult?

Zappa et Deep Purple re: la fumée sur l'eau, ala Incendio en casino de Montreaux

Stax Attack

WOWZA - Looks like the big celebrities are coming out to write songs about John McCain

Lather is thirty years old today!

I don't believe in magic, I don't believe in I-ching,I don't believe in bible ...

100 Forgotten Sixties Classics

My experience with the dreaded New Jersey DMV

Today's word of the day is "Flugtag". Replace any word in a thread title with "Flugtag."

I have tickets to see THE POLICE tonight

The idiots on Sports radio yesterday were calling Manny Ramirez, "Man - Ram".

Shakespeare, the playwright, is dead to me.

Wow, audio books are really expensive

I don't know who these guys are, but they are the vanguard of the future in music

I think I'm on a death watch for my cat

Why the intertubes is teh awesome

The Heat is On


6 Terrifying Things They Don't Tell You About Childbirth

God my life sucks....

Mr. Writer's interview went well this morning, but he's still a nervous nelly.

DU sports fans: What do you think this 1969 Kareem Abdul Jabaar (Lew Alcindor) autograph is worth?

Asked of the Dalai Lama: "What is the quickest and most effective way to end suffering?"

movie with the greatest casts?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/1/2008)

LA's police chief speaks out on paparazzi, celebrity behavior.

Did we ever get that preparedness group going?

I HATE posts about kittehs dying!

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Are there ANY single guys over 38 yo

Shakespeare (the poster) is dead to me

Greatest use of feedsack in a song?

When you taught your kids names of specific body parts.....

movie with the greatest casting?

The news is very good. I could just kiss you all.

You know what we don't see on TV or hear on radio? Ads for scientific instruments.

I just wanna say, Teh Lounge rocks!!

Out-geek me.

Mad Dr. Bernardo has an evil scheme in mind for America...

Yup , hell is other peoples code

In the paper today

If a cat wanted to, theoretically - could one walk on the ceiling?

Ohhh yay. My mother is back.

Fuck. I have to go file a complaint against my landlord.

Dammit! I still get all soggy at that Sarah Maclachlan ASPCA...

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion

Was the continent of Atlantis an island, which lay before the great flood?

Who Wants To Join Me At The Bar Tonight?

i saw this dude strutting down the street in a lavender zoot suit with white pinstripes today

I can't believe nobody has posted that new energy drink. You know

Wow! Amazing high-tech sculpture. (video)

God I'm glad its Friday


What's a body gotta do to get a drink around here on Fridays?

God sticks pins in my eyes whenever he thinks I'm thinklmg I'm cool.

Gawd, Is Alanis Morissette The Most Annoying So Called Singer Out There

Yay! Richard Simmons is on Letterman tomorrow...

My new web-addiction: "Overheard"

For my 4000th: Something I'm writing.

For Swede for the fuck of it

Vanessa Huxtable is 35 today

Oh! I'm only 2,572 posts away from 40K!

Hey, the Tandy 1000TX was made in the USA!!

GO SOX!! And WELCOME to Jason Bay!

Does anyone remember Original New York Seltzer?

Just saw "the Dark Knight." *SPOILERS*

Tonights Dinner was GREAT, It was...

Greatest use of feedback in a song?

I know you people don't know me but I am freaking out and scared about having a biopsy monday

Just saw "Get Smart" *SPOILERS*

That worked out well.

The Salmon Dance

Now I watch the good/bad Hellraiser IV: Bloodline

I have come to the conclusion that whoever runs this universe has a grudge against me.

You know this forum needs? More COWBELL, BABY!

New website to fight Prop 8 ..... California

Ladies (and maybe gents - you never know) - would you wear these shoes?

Tell me about a really really good person you personally know

What music have you listened to lately?

Deep Thoughts picture thread. Here's me, trying to look like a deep thinker:

Check out this thread in GD. This kid is adorable. Our future is secure

why all the kid rock hate?

God I need money.

Oh look! The computer who wore tennis shoes auditioned for Star Wars!

Without looking it up--which countries have participated in EVERY Summer Olympics?

"Since you don't have an ethernet cable and you want to change the WEP key over your wireless..."

Keith Olbermann has an outrageously sexy voice.

The city is showing "Horton Hears a Who" for free in a park tonight.

I have a migraine headache,,,,,please if you ask me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/1/08 (by request: Stephen King)

God needs money.

Well, it's official.

Help me stuff the Flugtag Ballot Box

Post your own LOL Cats

Shit. Literally.

movie with the greatest cast?

DUer Intravenus DeMilo is currently on Jeopardy in the Tournament of Champions. n/t

when will the hurdy gurdy man come singing songs of love?

I rent and can't have a dog right now, but I can wish:

Free hugs! beYotches!

Friday night fun - ask me anything about me you want to know

Everybody brags about what "they've" done.

Post a song from the first album/tape/CD you ever bought

If someone IRL consistently ignores you, do you wonder why?

If you have tinnitus, yell REAL LOUD.

No one's talking about the SEA MONSTER who showed up in the Hamptons??!

What do you do with figs?

Little 6 year old girl wows Simon Cowell singing.. Video

ZOMG! Bi-Baby witnessed some despicable behavior by some cops today

An Open Letter to Barack Obama: Change We Can Believe In

Top advisor: "our military is stretched by the imperative to protect the world’s oil supplies"

A kid who interned at my son's summer camp died today...

Trip to Alaska

well shit...had mammogram tuesday...have to go back for more film, ultrasound and biopsy

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday August 2

I'm bored...Tell me something interesting!

A post b-day shopping pic thread...yay!!!

movie with the greatest cats?

Sunny is 1 year old today!

Z0MG! LOLiticians! (pics)

Frank Zappa on Miami Vice - the only 5 minutes in that shitpiece's run that was graced by talent.

What are you listening to right now?

Silver State Bancorp releases 2nd Quarter Report, Massive losses, CEO Resigns

Happy Birthday JERRY GARCIA!

100+ Degrees For The Next Week Here!

You realize most people don't watch the cable news shows, right? offense to snake lovers but


Have you been half asleep? And have you heard voices? I've heard them calling my name.

seger video

Ecuadorean gov't, City Oriente cancel oil contract (U.S.-backed oil company)

A Hidden Toll on Employment: Cut to Part Time

The Lowrode Express

Country star John Rich wants fans 'Raising McCain'

Report: VHA accounting system ripe for fraud

Report: Anthrax attacks suspect takes own life

Wal-Mart Warns of Democratic Win

Anthrax scientist commits suicide as FBI closes in

House panel blasts DOD over response to sexual assault claims

BAE Systems profits boosted by Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts

Say Goodbye To Untaxed Iternet Transactions

Obama slams McCain over oil company tax breaks

Cambodians pray for peace in temple standoff

Joblessness rises: 463,000 jobs lost in '08

At Guantanamo, Army officers testify for Hamdan in secret

Navy: No need to add DDG 1000s after all

IAEA green signal for nuke deal

IndyMac Files for Bankruptcy Protection

'US to help India get NSG exemption'

Gunman kills three teens at US river

Bush: Durable gains made in Iraq

Economic Models Predict Clear Obama Win In November

Economic Models Predict Clear Obama Win In November

Russian court finds Yukos boss guilty of murders

Controversial Obama ad upsets Hilton's granddad

15 dead as dorm collapses in central Turkey

Gallup Daily: Race Tied at 44%

Travelers' Laptops May Be Detained At Border

Mexico's Constitution may bar foreign oil firms from drilling

Nike: Malaysian factory violates major rights

Bipartisan group calls for more oil drilling

Oregon state senator wounded in gun accident

Suspect in anthrax-letter deaths kills himself

Employer told to pay illegal immigrant's bills

Poll: Country's Mood at Historic Low

Comments on "The One" point to McCain strategy to paint Obama as humorless

Silver State Bancorp, (tied to Andrew McCain) CEO, Chairman resign

Obama risks voter ire by opposing new oil drilling

SunTrust acquires 8th U.S. bank to fail this year

Law Makers Fail to Pass Gas Measure

House Panel Gives White House a Week to Provide Documents on (DOJ) Firings

Man Is Accused of an Internet Hoax

National Democrats launch ads targeting Dole

Judge taken off remaining 'Jena 6' cases

Businessman charged in plot to kill IRS agent

Afghan blasts kill (5) Nato soldiers

Gallup Daily: Race Tied at 44%

The Star-Ledger announces large-scale buyout offer

No more free drinks from US Airways

Navy sub leaked radiation

GM posts $15.5B second-quarter loss

House Tables Resolution To Censure Rep. Rangel

Hillary Clinton asks not to be nominated at Democratic National Conventi

US eyes weekend deadline for Iran in nuclear showdown

Scientist in anthrax case conveniently "commits suicide"

Governor (Schwarzenegger) orders layoffs, heavy pay cuts

Obama proposes $1,000 energy rebates for consumers

Drag Queens Sue Rockefeller Center

Horror on Michigan/ Wisconsin border, suspect arrested

Venezuela Cites Security in Chavez Summit No Show

McCain Campaign Mocks Obama as Messianic in Web Video

(ABC News) EXCLUSIVE: Anthrax Suspect Under Scrutiny Since 2002 (assisted FBI anthrax investigation)

U.S. denies reports of al Qaeda No. 2's illness or death

Congress is gone, but Republicans won't leave

Venezuela Chavez OKs 26 Laws Using Special Presidential Powers

Rough bike ride, wedding on Bush schedule

UBS lawyer Aufhauser at center of NY probe-source

Ron Fournier named chief of AP's Washington bureau (was acting chief)

Urging drilling, House GOP members refuse to leave floor for recess

Travelers' Laptops May Be Detained At Border; No Suspicion Required Under DHS Policies

Wal-Mart Warns of Democratic Win

Why Pakistan is unlikely to crack down on Islamic militants

Suspect in 2001 anthrax attacks kills himself

Source: US Used UK Isle to Interrogate

Comcast Guilty of Net Neutrality Violations

Idaho Welcomes New Uranium Enrichment Plant

White House Briefed On Potential For Mars Life

China launches high-speed train

2 die in Pa. warehouse shooting; fired worker held


Friends ID man killed on bus; RCMP charge suspect

Senate Approves Great Lakes Compact

Obama shifts on offshore oil drilling

Gunman opens fire on swimmers in Wisconsin 3 dead

Pelosi Blocks Offshore Drilling Vote GOP Wants

A tribute to the potential cure to HIV

VERDICT: No Immunity for Miers, Bolten = w/ Iglesias and Wasserman Schultz

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Barack Obama revisits Cedar Rapids

ONE is the Lonliest Number - Ask John McCain

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Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd talks about Animal Rights book - Thanking Monkey by Karen Dawn

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McCain ad fight (THE VIEW)

TYT: Judge Rules - Bush Doesn't Have Immunity On Broken Laws

McCain Ad puts Obama on the dollar bill.

McCain and Obama Campaigns Go Back and Forth on Race Card

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Proud Of That Commercial

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Barack Obama: Town Hall in St. Petersburg, FL

Barack Obama: Rolla, MO Town Hall Meeting

A trusted Pa. gun-control ally ... and NRA spy?

McCain Releases Another Web Ad With Full Of Lies: Rate It Down!

Obama Heckled In St. Petersburg, News Footage - "handled those protesters with ease and with grace."

Inside Look at Convention Technology from Aaron Myers

Gas Lies from John McCain

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This is What you Need....

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Sen. John Kerry: A New Approach to Fighting Terrorism

I'm a Railroad

You thought the other stuff was stupid? Barack=Moses

Same-Sex Marriage Expands

John McCain on the Surge #1 (McCain vs Video Tape)

john fogerty soundstage 2008 can't take it no more

Protesters Heckle Barack Obama In St. Petersburg, Florida

John McCain & the Surge #4 (Debate)

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TYT: McCain Had Plans To Attack Obama *Before* His Trip

A message from David Plouffe. Thank you.

McCain: Britney & Paris Ad Parody

Obama answers protesters questions

Rate This Video Down: McShame Continues His Lies About Obama

CAFFERTY FILES: Bush advisers are not immune from congressional subpoenas

Fascinating: sweet laid back mom and kid give Laura Ingraham no traction on long hair for boys


USS Forrestal Mishap July 29, 1967

Dan Ellsberg on Past, Present, Future

Luntz goes off message on Fox (Obama's Berlin speech)

Is Afghanistan a Narco-State? (NY Times Magazine)

“Black Clouds” of Coercion over Guantánamo

Medical profession must dissociate itself from torture & actively investigate & sanction offenders

So Much for St. John

RAND study urges end to‘war on terror’

Gene Robinson: McCain's Evil Twin

The folly of 'fixing' energy price hikes By Edward L. Glaeser

US Government's Car Fleet Numbers 642,233

AlterNet: Introducing DisneyIraq: The Unhappiest Place on Earth

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Ultimate Nuke Hypocrites: That Would Be the U.S.

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Celebrate, Don’t Mourn, Collapse of WTO Talks

The Flex Fuel Solution

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Neocon Flap Highlights Jewish Divide

New US Defense Strategy Stresses Terrorism and Small Wars

Can This Planet Be Saved? "Sheer irresponsibility may be a winning political strategy."

Wal-Mart to Employees: 'A Democratic Win Means You'd Have To Go Home at Night'

Comcast Unleashes the Lapdogs

America's Age of Denial

Religious Right Lies About Hate Bill

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 7

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 8

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 9

Leased, Last, Lost

Mark Benjamin: Did McCain's foreign-policy advisor profit from the Iraq war?

The Low-Road Warrior

How Do We Make Democracy Work for the Poor?

Bolivia: It’s All about the Gas Revenues

The price of Colonialism

Philadelphia Inquirer: Oil woes were foreseen

William Greider: America's Economic Free Fall

"Bleeding Afghanistan" Interview with Sonali Kolhatkar By Mike Whitney

The Political Revival of George Herbert Walker Bush

Is divorce bad for the parents?

Barackis Dukakis? McCain Slings from the Sewer While Obama Says Little

Friday Talking Points (41) -- The Silly Season

Physicians for Human Rights Demands Probe of Covert CIA Detention Center on British Soil

John McCain is a racist

Bush Reveals True Reason for Iraq War

America’s Leaders Violated One of the Commandments By Andrew Greeley

America's $53 trillion jumbo loan

The Weekend Economist Aug1-3

If liberals don’t give Obama total benefit of the doubt, our Democratic Republic will be extinct.

Glenn Greenwald: Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News

John Warner: Jimmy Carter Was Right

The American Voting System: HACKED | Howard Dean & Bev Harris

Inquiry into slain soldier’s absence ends

Body of soldier found at Hood identified

Gates: Force alone won’t stop extremists

Navy: No need to add DDG 1000s after all

Navy: No evidence stranding due to sonar

Veto threatened over extra vet funding

House panel blasts DOD over response to sexual assault claims

Truck carrying missile booster tips in N.D.

Gas prices up for sixth month in a row in Italy

Missiles removed from silos near Malmstrom

Audit finds lax oversight on LCS 2 costs

Conservationists Seek Firm Limits on Gulf Dead Zone Pollution

Ducklings die as a river's flow dries up

Smaller habitat for threatened bird proposed

Hundreds rally to help save the Murray

Updated USDA planting zone maps a hot topic


Natural gas find in Louisiana makes Jed Clampetts of property owners

A month without plastic (BBC)

Thriled to announce the bumble bees are at my place finally just north of nyc.

EPA approves air permit for Navajo power plant

Global Warming's Fish-Sex Effect (male/female ratio goes up)

Another sweetheart deal for the oil companies

Arctic toursists evacuated because of global warming effects

State agencies approve Bluewater, Delmarva Power wind power deal

Penguins wash up in the tropics

Idaho Welcomes New Uranium Enrichment Plant

Congress fails to pass solar tax credits

A Santa Barbara area canyon's residents are among many Californians living in harm's way in fire-pro

Post in GD about the crushing ignorance of people about the natural world

Did John Warner just say Carter was right?

corn based ethanol responsible for about 1.2% of the 43% rise in global food prices.

How much longer do you believe the "green" craze will last? `

Obama shifts, says he may back offshore drilling

This is Mother Earth - naked. Mother Earth naked reveals world's geology

I know lots of people dislike serious consideration for anything like a 'magic bullet'; however:

Gay Sex Trumps Corruption on Senate Sin List: Margaret Carlson

New Website for No on 8 (California)

Great T-shirt seen in the Castro....

is there a reputable site where i can post original lesbian erotica?

KBR Profit Falls Sharply on Charges

World factories gearing down but raising prices

Ivy Leaguers' Big Edge: Starting Pay (or, how to lie with statistics)

...and we have another bank failure.

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/01/08

This is how fucked we are

NY to file fraud charges against Citigroup

Historical financial crisis media

Syria's U.S. Ambassador Signals Strong Commitment to 'Land for Peace,' Urges U.S. Engagement in Talk

Israel Presents New Data to Change US View on Iran Nuclear Capability

Palestinians Capture Violence Of Israeli Occupation On Video

Olmert's exit may jeopardise peace effort

Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians at Nonviolent Anti-Wall Demonstration

Employer told to pay illegal immigrant's bills by court

Today in labor history Aug. 01 Police chief of Matewan murdered, “the Hilo Massacre”, & more

Lufthansa strike at Frankfurt having little effect on military

Iowa immigration trials scrutinized (ACLU comes to their aid)

Wal-Mart mobilizing against Obama: report

How Do I Picket Wal-Mart Without Going To Jail?

AP: McCain raps Obama over school vouchers, union ties

Stocks pull back after another decline in jobs

AP: Jobless rate climbs as 51,000 jobs vanish


Mexican oil reforms would cede sovereignty, critics charge

BOLIVIA: Declaration of La Paz - July 29, 2008

Pan American Health Organization Places Cuba as World Leader

Banana Executive Admits Participation in Peace Community Massacres

Pan American Health Organization Places Cuba as World Leader

CHAVEZ Nationalizes Bank of Venezuela

Hey Michigan Fans

Yanks fan thanks Boston for trading Manny...

I'm having heart palpitations!

FIFA: Whaddaya mean, the Olympics are an international event?

The nations number one party school in all its glory

Dream fragment about the upcoming eclipse

I have a prayer request for all of you please.....

In which I admit to everyone that I am a....


I'm making my rounds gathering my August readings,


I'm going to take a chance and post the entire message - he doesn't have a website is a newsletter

Fun personality test

Researchers Make Stem Cell Breakthrough In Lou Gehrig's Disease

Cloned Beef Has Already Entered U.S. Food Supply, Even Before FDA Nod

5-Loxin and osteoarthritis

Flu Vaccine Proves Less Beneficial For Elderly People

ISO 50...

August Contest - looking for a theme

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Ccontest. Theme: SCENES OF SUMMER

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SUMMER

Anti-psychotic drugs.

Placed in GD instead of here:

40-year-old suspect held in gruesome Manitoba bus killing

Yet another one of these "gun stories" on another forum:

New Yorkers' Gun Rights May Rest on Hot Dog Vendor's Case (NYC)

Owner gets back guns taken by police (NY)

Can you do a fine Brunoise?

Carbon dating and the Jersey case

Savant Syndrome

Earth-Size Radio Telescope Opens Its Eye

never mind -

I posted a very positive article about Biden at GDP

Someone's conducting phone polls about Biden as VP

Workaholic Biden needs a hobby; press release about education bill work

I have now heard (read) the most perfect comeback ever!

Wonder what they're talking about

What is the best brand of food dehydrator?

New doomsday sect in Penza 'calmly awaiting end of world'

Philosophically speaking, do you agree with Liber OZ?

Attacks put Americans into a state of intense fear of Islamic terrorism, far more than the 9/11

What If?........

Where's the NIST Report on Building 7? Dog Ate it or What? nt

Karl Rove protest in Clear Lake (south of Houston)

Obama Comes To Houston For Fundraisers

TX-Sen: Rasmussen latest poll Noriega 37 - cornyboy 47

A question re: PC security /anti virus software and its operation

Halp... sniffers via e-mail?

PCL6 drivers still don't work for XP?

Pickens...(Insert curses!)

So how effective will be promoting offshore drilling in Mass? That's what Beatty is doing.

Joe Conason on JK - and on McCain's wretched campaign

Pawlenty unveils plan to revamp health care system in Minnesota

Michele Bachmann and Erik Paulsen's stripper money

Question regarding the GOP convention.

House Acts to Overhaul College Loan Regulations

Ottawa faults Couillard for lost dossier

7/31 Election Model: Obama 370EV but GOP-friendly Nat'l polls (Ras,Gallup,USA/Gallp) wanna horserace

New promo posters from WATCHMEN film(dial-up warning)

'Stealing America': When Democracy Loses the Vote

Barry George is Innocent, OK?

3 Youth Killed in Menominee River Shooting Spree, Gunman Arrested

Obama opening Madison campaign headquarters on Sun. Aug 3rd

and WHY was there a REcall in CA? Gov Arnold says: Let them eat cake (to State Workers)

San Francisco - Freeze Action Aug 6th

New website to defeat Prop 8

"Atheism, good enough for these idiots"