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Falafel Day is July 30th!!!

Iraq's rebuilding planned at nearly $120 billion

oops. self delete

"Member of 101 First Airbourne" = PSYOP

$1,000 To Ask Pelosi A Question & Record Answer: She's Coming To A Town Near You

How many listen to RW talk radio? And how many of them shoot up people at churches?

"Three Most Absurd Moments in the World's Political History"

Wish a happy birthday to 48percenter!!!

Scott Ritter At Truthdig: America Is Already Committing Acts Of War Against Iran

Illegal immigration measure voted down in Fremont, Ne.

DON'T let them blame bush's failed wars on Democrats, just don't let them.

Soon to be President Obama's birthday is the 4th of August.

Got any good info to refute this LTTE?

If they can indict stevens, why not bush & cheney & the war profiteer traitors?

Ted Stevens Surrenders Committee Posts

Steven Greenhouse: Why We're Working More and Earning Less

Jon showing flies landing on McSame! Fucking funny!

rep. sessions - family values and fund raisers in a strip club

The Nation: Want Some Basic Human Dignity with that Burrito?

U.S. Profits May Drop the Most in a Decade, Led by Lehman, Merrill Lynch

Caught on tape: Army recruiters threaten high school students

Remember the Stewart, Colbert, Conan backstage brawl? Here's

With Commercial, McCain Gets Much More Than His Money’s Worth

"My friends"

Many of you may already know all about this site, but I just recently found it.

Follow-up to puppy kills baby: beware of infant swings/bouncy seats

McCain honors troops by partying

Bush's Air Force Nominee Facing Trouble In Senate

"Deep Throat said, "Follow the money." Duh!"

John Nichols: Stevens Indictment Comes Earlier Than Dems Hoped

HuffPo: Afghan Ambassador Trumpets Obama Agenda

Developing nations to the WTO: Drop Dead

Strange days, indeed

Caption this....

The MEdia wants to talk about hubris, arrogance. Where have you been for 8 years?

Brownback On CNN Bitching About China Spying On It's Guests

Bush Rewards the Saudis Again, Even While they Undermine US Efforts in Iraq - Bush History, 7/30

Hey Ted Stevens? PLEASE stay in the Senate! Don't resign!

Stevens arraignment set for Thursday

McCain can't close the deal?

Search string Monica Goodling used for DOJ applicants

Fed Extends Emergency Wall Street Loans

If you have some suggestions regarding table setting or anything else to say to Mdm. Speaker. . .

Charles Manson never actually murdered anyone, & neither did dick cheney.

== The end of the SUV = By Mark Morford

Petition calls for Rove to be held in contempt

A question on how to blog...

The Daily Show Goes To Trader Joe's

NOW: House Judiciary Committee meeting on Rove's contempt (LINK)

Ted Stevens bribed Pakistan.»

Banking on Bigger: The Roots of Our Financial Folly

Juan Cole: Forget the Surge -- Violence Is Down in Iraq Because Ethnic Cleansing Was Brutally Effect

Could someone explains what is going on at Merrill Lynch?

Lest We Forget : liberals want to stop Reagan from selling [WMD] to Saddam

Remember the OKC Comic Book Guy? He lost....

Another NYT hit piece on Obama: "While most colleagues published by the pound, he never completed

Liberal Affirmation for the Day

I am sick of GEM$NBC's overbearing non-stop speculation on who will be Veep

+++++ C-SPAN3: Senate Judiciary Hearings On Judicial Hiring +++++

"Series of Tubes" Ted Stevens bribed Pakistan

How low can you go, Joe? (Lieberman whoring for the Rapture Right, again)

Battling the Parasite in Your Local Pool

Stevens woes = 60 votes for Dems?

Ummmm... Illegal aliens?

Conservative family-values Republican Pete Sessions held his fundraisers in strip joint

What have you sent the GOP (or any other org you don't like) in the prepaid envelope?

Dupe delete n/t

Toby Keith - Pro Lynching Tour

Not so fast on Sen. Shepherd, now look who might be going to jail

MoveOn is giving away free Obama buttons

In Contempt Vote on Karl Rove, the Ayes Have It

Can we all agree that advocating the death of ANY group of Americans should be illegal?

Sorry guy' this election cycle has really got me thinking what is the use.

"Third" World to the WTO: We're not your bee-yotch anymore!

Media Sources: Speculation Mounts Ahead Of PM Ehud Olmert's Personal Announcement

Ari Fleischer is now consulting sports teams about how to handle the media: "be honest"

Of Madmen and Martyrs: A Unitarian Take On Knoxville

ABC News> Obama to House Dems: If Sanctions Fail, Israel Will Likely Strike Iran

Panel to Vote on Rove Contempt Resolution TODAY

Warrantless Wiretapping Supporter Sam Brownback Now Outraged Over Chinese Govt’s Domestic Spying

Savage's "Liberalism is a Mental Health Disorder" found in home of Knoxville killer...

smirk is going to Thailand next wk. to say goodby, among other things

CNN is fullofit, again: "Analysis: Obama, McCain both have lobbyist ties"

A Lab Is Set to Test the Gender of Some Female Athletes

Because flying just isn't unpleasant enough.....American Airlines' baggage system breaks down at JFK

February 15, 2008- The House votes to hold Bolton and Miers in Contempt

Troubletown TOON: Pulled over by Congress...

WaPo's Obama liathon may be "untrue" also

The Church Shooting And All The Rationalizing Make Me Think Of This Song

Leonard Pitts Jr.: The Knoxville Shooting: The Liberals Made Him Do It

I don't trust mail in ballots

Colorado 'fusion center' to step up intelligence gathering during DNC

Because the most important thing right now is decriminalizing pot.

"A Whole Lotta Ugly" in Church Shooting"'

Joshua Holland: Did Right-Wing Shock Jocks Motivate Knoxville Killer

Thom Hartmann just mentioned the Freddie/Fannie bailout bill, and all the $$$ the Fed will print...

Pentagon Knows Nothing About Electrocutions of Soldiers

Democrats To Republican Incumbents: Return Contributions From Stevens

Bush's brain held in contempt

Wordle based on Bush's statement calling on Congress to allow offshore drilling

The TN shooter case is a reminder that Obama's security detail better be constantly vigilant

Proof that John McCain lied to that little kid about not raising taxes

Government Piling on Debt

Politicians say and do whatever they surmise they must say and do to win.


Remember Murdoch's fuckup with the VP pick in 2004?

Oliphant on the * legacy

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels

Church Shootings

Join PDA and The Nation Magazine at Progressive Central During the DNC Convention in Denver


Dispatch from nutty Fundieworld: 'Deck stacked' against pro-family (read: anti-gay) representatives

HOLY COW! WM has 4,000 locations in the US! Check out this map!

Looks like the FBI is after me!

Homer Simpson leaving the Republican Party behind?

I wonder if everyone in the US is going batguano crazy.

Senator Stevens is trading tubes for bars. - Today’s Headlines 7/30/08

Woohoo, got this great e-mail from Michelle........

Gas is suddenly down to $3.67 in Dallas- they must be desperate.

Happy 50th Birthday NASA - maybe they could send a probe in here to look for intelligent lilfe?

The problem as I see it

The problem as I see it

Help Save the Middle Class

Teaching Law, Testing Ideas, Obama Stood Apart

Windows Mojave? Really?

McClatchy: Does John McCain have a Cuba embargo problem?

How Orwellian...

A taste of fascism. Funny, but a scary reminder of what can be, as well.

I Have Contempt for Contempt of Congress

Bush, not wishing to "herald Democrats who shepherded socialistic housing bill," signs in private

Pete Hamill really let Joe have it

I almost don't care at all who the VP is.

75% of 70%

I think we need mandatory health-ometers strapped to every American

Is San Francisco going too far with its ban on tobacco sales?

Bill Scher: Who Is Coastal Drilling Really For? Follow The Money

Ooopsy. R.N.C. Deletes Comments on Obama Parody Site

Why is the Democratic candidate always a flip-flopper? (Jonathan Chait)

In no way is there cognitive dissonance in the positions of being for legalizing drugs...

Do you believe that Nancy Pelosi will allow a full House vote on Contempt

Look - Coming After 8 Years Of * I Believe That ........

I just had 2 lovely young ladies from Switzerland check out of the hotel where I work.

TSA ramps up program to psychologically screen airline passengers

Senators Call for EPA Administrator’s Resignation

Romney getting the heave-ho?

Well, now the EU is the responsible one in leading the world, US chooses block progress

McCain Charge Against Obama Lacks Evidence (Washington Post Front Page)

from a purely practical pov, I think Kaine would be a big mistake for Obama

For SECOND Time: Anti-Gay Lawmaker Sally Kern Attempts to Enter Oklahoma Capitol with Gun

Something we need to remember about an Obama presidency, he is a Black man and will be held to. . .

Religious Discrimination

Obama Tells House Democrats: Emphasize Responsible Government

WSJ Editorial Page lambastes McCain on his "no new taxes" flip flop.

Evan Bayh and his record

McCain Campaigns for Big Oil, While Obama Prepares to Govern

Mystery woman found under van Gogh painting

A Song for Nancy Pelosi

Statement on Barack Obama's Canceled Troop Visits

Statement on Barack Obama's Canceled Troop Visits

Terrorist Head Scarves!

Crusade Finance Reform

Here's an Obama joke....

Why aren't people bitching about their right to use lead paint?

Obama Abroad: Not Just Another Rock Star

Fournier/AP should stay out of this campaign being so close to McCain

The new Move On "Hope" ad is ok (well, actually it's a little silly), a much more effective ad

Continued filibustering by the oil industry whores, the Repukes!

McCain Ad Links Paris Hilton, Britney Spears To Obama

2,000 line up for tickets to Obama event in Rolla

any commentary on the UU shooting from hate radio today?

Obama Would Order Review Of Bush's Executive Orders!!! This is OUR candidate!!!

LA Times: Stash Those Barack Obama/Ann Veneman Buttons

Sucking Up to the Bankers: A Bipartisan Lovefest

From The "Department Of Best Names EVAH!"....

White wisps of smoke willowing away WE HAVE A NEW POET LAUREATE!!!

The 3rd Straight Mac Attack Ad

A sad way to die: alone in an aircraft (Delta Airlines) lavatory.

There was no shortage of warnings about the electrical dangers in Iraq, just a shortage of will

Big News Orgs Start Declaring McCain's Troop Visit Attack False (a good sign?)

Don't let Bush veto our safety! ETA ACTION >>>>>>>>>>

Jealous reporting makes me want to puke!

A bumpersticker I saw on the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday

republican fiscal policy:

Updated poll with more choices: Will Pelosi allow full House vote on Contempt

Can I please see him on Morning Joe?

Officer Who Shot 8-Year-Old Boy Pleads Not Guilty (case of "apparent road rage")

McCain Goes Negative, Worrying Some in G.O.P.

Which party is likely to name their VP first?

Let's Do It

61 Obama lies

Please Print Name Here, child accidentally named by parents, is 10 today.

ok, 12 days until we get the kids back.

Yet ANOTHER crane collapse, yet ANOTHER worker killed (Texas)

Anyone else love Swampland?

McCain MIA in Senate...could end massive solar energy project in AZ.

The Case for Pardons . . .

Bill Could Ban Facebook, MySpace At Libraries

'Hidden' Van Gogh painting revealed

Obana didn't release the note he put in the Western Wall

VP's and the Olympics-timing is everything

Local Rumor on the McCain Bethlehem Super Market Fiasco

Crude Oil Prices Up On Olmert Resignation Announcement

Veepstakes: America's other pastime

Speculators Trying to Buy Control of Food Supply

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah - Bush opens up town hall meeting

"How many more times are McCain and Repugs going to repeat what is a thoroughly baseless charge?"

Watched Fox News - With An Entire Network In Its Pocket - GOP Will Get Some Occasional Poll Leads

Update MA: Missing Child, Father Spotted In Smyrna, Delaware

Wexler speaks up on residency (Opinion article by Robert Wexler)

Harris Ranch in Coalinga...a disgusting sight.

Obama Reportedly Told Democrats Israel Will Hit Iran If Sanctions Fail

McCain campaign admits they lied --- backs off 'cameras' charge

Obama blasts GOP economic policy as `reckless'

New Michigan Poll (PPP)

With Commercial, McCain Gets Much More Than His Money’s Worth

Question for any attorneys here.

Anne Armstrong died today.

Justice Department asks court to keep wiretapping challenges secret

Blair Job (a definition)

I can tell you exactly when the real estate markets will recover

Adkisson was an alcoholic, and maybe was depressed or

TPM: House Judiciary Committee Votes to Hold Karl Rove in Contempt--20 Ayes, 14 Nayes!

Memory Files - Exclusive: First Published Photos Of Wooden Detainee Imprisonment Crates In Iraq

RNC Accidentally Mocks Messianic Lutherans

Do you reflexively 'feel good' to see gas under four bux?

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3: Nuts

Kaine on VP hype, "kind of weird" and "surreal," hasn't spoken to Obama in weeks

Are 'arrogant' and 'presumptuous' the new 'uppity'?

Nancy Pelosi's new book is called "Know your POWER". Is that a printing error?

Out of these 3 who do you prefer as Obama's VP?

Amber Alert: Massachusetts - 4 Children Missing; Female Found Murdered

Sometimes you need to consult the stars....

Obama Still Does Not Know His Place

Has Obama himself countered this "doesn't care about the troops" ad?

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: The crooks in charge

BIDEN/LUGAR Global AIDS Bill Becomes Law

Hillary sends out email via DSCC -- "Our commitment to Barack" --

GOP congressman wants to send Iraq contractor to Gitmo.»

Liberals have no one to blame but themselves

Squeeze the American people at the pump, until they cry, "Drill!"

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: Comparing the Candidates...

It's time for Harry Reid to stop compromising.

Awesome; rodeo going country folk hit with good question

Most beautiful people in Washington

The Page: Dems Say Washington Post Obama Quote Yanked From Context

"Bush Admin announces plan to borrow 27 BILLION to cope with" . . . .. . (wait for it). . . .

Obama Death List the next attack route by party of no ideas

Congressman holds fundraiser at strip club

Pelosi is officially a waste of carbon...can we openly support cindy sheehan yet?

Public Policy Polling (PPP) Michigan: Obama 46% (-2) McCain 43% (+4)

Michele Bachmann & the Alaskan Pipeline: Photo captions needed

I would just like to remind everyone of the fact that

Half-priced oil by end of year?

Anchorage Airport Changes Its Name From Ted Stevens International

'Oops! He did it again.'"

McCain Camp: "We see him {McCain} more as a global leader than a global celebrity.”

Mark Begich - a key to Alaska

What about McCaskill?

If Pelosi can't win this oil fight, she needs to resign!


Has the "press" asked MCSame about his troop visit ad?

Obama has private meeting w/members of Congress and Contessa Brewer asks "who does he think he is?"

Bush @ event raises his voice and pounds podium while defending his foreign policy

Is the New Right a Destructive Cult?

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now****

DAMN the GOP!! What is their problem???

Check your voters registration status online, now!

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton featured in new McCain ad

Thousands of Youth Rally for Health Coverage

This Church Supports Marriage Rights

Bush Administration Wants To Block ACLU From Wiretapping Law Litigation

White House: "We simply want to place as many of our Bush loyalists as possible"

MSNBC STILL asking if Obama's "presumptuous and arrogant"

LA blocks new fast-food outlets from poor areas

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/30/08 - Obama 45, McCain 43 (both up 1)

Who's the celebrity? Which candidate has a lengthy IMDB entry?

Obama campaign response to McBlunder's current false ad: "Oops! He did it again."

Undocumented decline by 1 million per report

Link to Kuchinich petition to IMPEACH

On The View they're saying Obama released his own prayer??

Help!: Omama V.s McCain side by side tax chart comparison

T. Boone Pickens' 'clean' secret|

McCain just said about 10 false things about Obama, reading it all from a piece of paper

McCain said yes to putting Paris Hilton in a commercial for his campaign.

No matter who the VP is, 1/3 of you guys will be upset.

Extremely anti-Obama buttons sold outside McCain's Nevada town hall meeting

Rasmussen, 7/30: Obama 45%, McCain 43%

Gotta bridge to sell? Don't believe me? Fine. But New York has one.

Sen Brownback is whining about China spying on visitors during the Olympics.

The Empire Strikes Black: McCain Leads Team of Saturn Oil Prospectors

Seriously how more arrogant presumptuous & Condescending could McCain be before media calls him on

DOJ asks court to keep wiretapping challenges secret, and gets worse:

Last thing we need is some Germany-loving, arugula-eating elitist

RawStory: Obama reportedly told Democrats Israel will hit Iran if sanctions fail

would Kaine as VP help Obama win any states he might not otherwise win?

Nancy Pelosi: Bush Drilling Proposal is a Hoax Unworthy of Serious Debate

Ted Stevens won't give up on re-election try despite indictment

We ALL need to start calling the media the "republican media"

MSNBC: Ignorant or Incompetent?

I think McSame has a crush on Obama....

McCain just called Joe Lieberman a Democrat. When did he jump back in

Car Panels Made from Hemp.....

"Legislative laxative" needed...

Anyone listening to Randi right now?

Joe Klein takes on the neocons and McCain; "When Extremists Attack"

Commander In Chief Test

About that USA Today/Gallup Poll: More Proof of Number Tampering

Media spin and offshore drilling...what do you think????

Honorary McCain Chair Accidentally Shoots Self While Fixing Bike !

Please don't laugh but I think that Obama's VP will be Tom Daschle

John McCain's Ads Are HORRIBLE - Pay Attention to the Images

OK, DU. Let's analyze that Milbank hit piece a little more closely.

MSNBC Brunette host just defended Obama re: the full quote from WP

Behind the firewall: Bush loyalist Mike Connell controls Congressional secrets as his email sites

McCaan uses Spin to Win....GOP 101...Obama uses Reality Change for the better, and Truth

Bravo Rachel

Klein:I believe there are a small group of Jewish neoconservatives who are pushing for war with Iran

Gallup: O 46, M 42

Defeated in Iraq?

Clinton: Obama needs 'filibuster-proof Senate'

MSNBC: Mr. Arrogant vs. Mr. Negative. WTF?


Iowans Washed Out of Homes Find Their Future Hard to Grasp

Before posting concern threads, be a good citizen and check for duplicates

Whoa! Check out this MSM article about Obama

TPM: Keeping Track (or, its Harold Ford all over again)

Obama's to do list: pick running mate, convention, vacation

NYT - Editorial: Low-Road Express

Breaking: MA- Missing Kids & Mom In Amber Alert Found Safe In N.Y. - Dad/killer in custody

if you think these McCain ads don't work

Famous Yogi Berra Quote describes McCain's latest campaign strategy

MSNBC does not deserve Rachel Maddow. She should be her own network.

John McCain will end worthless scientific studies on bear DNA

Now you KNOW this poll is bogus

"John McCain Isn't Like You, Either."

If you missed Barney Frank devouring Tucker Carlson on

For White House, Hiring Is Political

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Indicted

i was told about a program to be on TV this Saturday/Sunday about Buddhism in a violent world, but

Isn't McCain's attacks on Obama's popularity the definition of elitism?

The MSM and Republicans will Begin to Use Obama's Popularity Against Him

No country for old men Pat Buchanan was just destroyed by Rachel Maddow.

Reid invites Republicans to stay in DC all summer

OBAMA is wallowing in Special Interest Cash!!!!

McCain releases new ad comparing Senator Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears

Sorry Kaine.... VP is not you.

I am worried. Should I be worried?

Surprise, surprise... new McCain ad lead topic on upcoming Stituation Room.

HaHaHa! MSNBC - Schuster just interviewed a Republican woman congresshuman (Heather Wilson)

The expectations are SO LOW for McCain in the debates that if he just lives they will help him!

So, what about Gay Porn?

Church shooting gives victim pause on death penalty.

Which petroleum producer Senator McCain?

Pelosi will/will not allow Rove Contempt charge final vote

How does Paris Hilton's dad feel about his daughter in McCain's ad?

Full Obama quote:

McCain's 'Two-Face' Problem

"The Republicans run the same ads every four years, they just change the name."

Ted Stevens accused of extortion involving Pakistan

63 Years Ago Today - USS INDIANAPOLIS

2005 White House hiring directive: ‘Place as many of our Bush loyalists as possible.’»

Judas Helping Clinton Retire Her Debt

Alcohol Legalization Vote Results from Asheboro NC (and church's response)!!!!!!

Why, dmsRoar, don't Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls agree?

Delta Air is increasing their second checked bag fee to $50 from $25

Obama can win Colorado

OK, brace for it, here comes the "uppity" part

Stop Blaming The Mediawhores. They've Been That Way For Years. If Obama's Team Can't Deal

I would like to share a joke I heard on the radio yesterday.

I'm getting tired of MSNoBodyCares playing the crap out of McSame's attack ads

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA holds a townhall in Springfield, Missouri

Living in Fantasy Land: I hope Obama gets a crowd when he visits FL this week.

So now, I go home. A rant on health care, employers, and America

Press coverage of Obama eating lunch in a diner

On the campaign trail, McCain not always sure of the details of policies he supports

David Horowitz calls Democratic Party the "Party of Defeat."

CNN is reduced to reporting on this?

Ok, why is there not a single news source that has decent quality pictures? AP photos are about...

WORLD NEWS TRUST: I Dreamed I Had a Bull’s-Eye on My Back (Mary Lyon)

Obama the Untouchable (Slate)

Anyone else see the resemblance between Paris Hilton and Cindy McCain?

Pawlenty: Let's govern like Sam's Club (McClueless' new economic plan?)

When it comes to Karl Rove, which is more important?

When it comes to the Knoxville shooting, if the media weren't controlled by the GOP...

Want to ~* Boost *~ Obama's July Fundraising numbers?

Has anybody seen this bumpersticker?

Obama's Vp Choice Should Be Either

Anyone watching Keith? Is Dana Milbank on today?

John McCain: I Suck, Vote For Me

Bush History, 7/30 - Bush Rewards the Saudis Again, While they Undermine US Efforts in Iraq

Eventually the Media Pundits and GOP Operatives Will Slip Up and use THE Word

John "Sticky Fingers" McCain Facebook page!

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now****

The next President must resist the temptation

Can’t Get No Health Care Satisfaction

There's Something About Mary: Unmasking a Gun Lobby Mole

Momentum grows for Aug. 2 protests to ‘Stop War on Iran’

Obama is missing a good chance to get back at McCain!

Bear stuck in jug is shot and killed for "public safety concerns"

TYT's Jayar Jackson: The House is Set to Apologize to African Americans

Who should Obama pick for VP? NOBODY who gives something to the republicans.

How come people who've had serious drinking problems or were raised in an

McCain, Berlusconi, and Netanyahu

New CNN poll Obama 51 McCain 44

FOX identifies Osama bin Laden as Obama - AGAIN

Oregon state senator accidently shoots himself

Who saw the Hairballz segment with Rothenberg and Cook talking about the Senate races?

Has Senator Obama said anything about whether he'd look into the un-American

Obama, Axelrod respond to McCain TV ad

You know, in light of McCain's recent ad, my feelings are starting to change

Amy Goodman: ‘It’s a Global Election’

dupe n/t

I do not know much about Chrystia Freeland...

Congratulations to Howard Wolfson on his new gig!

Questions About Siegelman Jury Center around Auburn University (Forged E-Mails)

War Architect Richard Perle Looking To Enter Oil Business In Iraq»

Enough Obama Rumors

Tweety's substitute host...

Does someone have the tape of McCain saying Bush "deserves not only our support but our admiration"?

Schumer introduces S. 3350 regarding FDR documents

Email from Obama 10 people picked with back stage passage with donation

Media Matters: McCain flip flop gets called "truth telling"!

Obama-bashing G.I. retracts claim senator 'blew off' Afghanistan troops

Former McCain Adviser: "Celeb" Ad Is "Childish"

Washington governor (Gregoire) forgets ID, can’t get into bar

wow... just saw the McCain 'Berlin' ad snippet....

They're taking a stand against the war, one step at a time

'the war on terror is a bunch of crap' keith olbermann

Obama's Patriotism Response

Bush threatens to veto equal pay for women

W will never be impeached or prosecuted/Time to accept this hard truth.

The GOP convention opens on Labor Day!

Our 2 largest media related stories this week had to do with the MSM changing/altering context

Will there be spying at the China Olympics?

If Barack Obama wins the Presidency, he should interrupt programming and say these words....

For those who missed Obama campaigning in Springfield, MO can watch it here...

Barack must go out into the "sticks" more often....

Barack must go out into the "sticks" more often....

Reuters: IOC Admits Internet Censorship Deal With China

Would you like to see a major cut in the...

CIA concerned about Pakistan intelligence service

I think we will have a VP nominee next week

Mud Cookies

No Mention of Housing Bill Bush Signed Today? On-Line Credit Cards.

North Dallas office building foreclosed, Coit and Central

Singles 'face Alzheimer's risk'

Bush blames Congress for not acting on gas prices

Three US Senators Call for EPA Chief to Resign

My present to John McCain

Kerry To Ride Part Of Pan Mass. For Kennedy, will bike 110 miles

Hillary people told Luda to make that song

Obama is attacking McCain. He's letting McCain define himself by McCain's own actions.

Dispelling the Obama “hubris”/uppity charge

2005 White House hiring directive: ‘Place as many of our Bush loyalists as possible.’

Do you watch Cable news

Bush drug warrior crashes pot press conf., & hands out...wait for it..."2008 Marijuana Sourcebook"

Christian the Lion

Back from Canvassing for my State Senator... (responses)

Bush threatens to veto equal pay for women.

So what influenced YOU???

I'm starting to think Tim Kaine was just a really good fake by the Obama team.

"We don't need the same old tired answers," Obama said. "We need something new."

Political Play: Obama claims link to the Wild West

School To Put Students In 'Prison' Jumpsuits As Punishment

Does dismissing profs cleanse everything? What if managers and workers were educated by them?

Did anyone, like me, at one time find Dennis Miller funny?

the 30-year george w. bush tax bracket

Isn't Maverick McCain the experienced candidate who Obama is suppose to have a hard time defeating?

Breaking: McCain doesn't have to raise money because MSM shows his ads 24/7

Why September?

RE: New anti Obama ad. Are you ALLOWED to use the pic of a celebrity

How about two celebrities that McCain can be connected to

ABC: Without ‘creative White House accounting,’ Bush’s deficit is...

I just have to ask this

Idea for a Rachel Maddow Show

Longtime McCain confident calls McCain's ad "childish" "mockery""tomfoolery"

Work at Home? Your Employer May Be Watching

Craig Venter For Obama?

So now its Obamas fault that Ludicrous came out with a new rap song

Is Tim Pawlenty popular in Minnesota?

Is Tim Pawlenty popular in Minnesota?

McCain Pledged To Run "Respectful Campaign Focused on Issues"

Guardian UK: British Gas provokes fury with biggest ever price rise

The actual citizens of the US are just an irritant to the Congress

OK who the hell payed Luducris off to make Obama look bad

Tired of Tweety? Hit here for Great Populist Radio! Greenwald Interviews Sirota!

The Repuglicon Leaders -- The Faces of Amurika (pic heavy)

Does any body else turn off Tom Hartman when he has this asswipe on?

McCain’s Health Care Plan Fails

What is wrong with getting high? Stoned? Drunk? Jacked? Tweaked? Tripped out?

Ladies. China wants to finger you

Phil Gramm and Fascism

Governor Bill Richardson will host fundraisers to help Clinton retire campaign debt

I call BS on the media and the McCampaign. "We don't know who he is..."

Pelosi to Oppose Impeaching President McCain

From Va.-Sabato weighs in & Top 10 Reasons not to choose Kaine

Buchanan just said that Milbank is one of those journalists who's in OBAMA's camp!

Bushco preparing to raid mass transit fund to pay for highways

Does anyone here do volunteer phonebanking for the Obama campaign?

Obama camp launches response ad

Greg Palast NEEDS Us to Help Him Get the Word Out About Electon Fraud:

Guardian UK: Here comes the global recession - let's eat, drink and be merry

Nancy wants to wait until Sept. to decide on Rove?

India and Pakistan exchange fire in truce zone

Swift Boat Redux? Two Anti-Obama Books Hit Shelves Next Week

Lobe: Neo-Cons Make Their War Aims in Iraq Clearer

Was the Stevens (R-AK) indictment a desperate attempt to keep the seat for the CorpCon Party?

Barnie Frank v. Tucker Carlson - MSNBC Now!

Anyone remember this guy?

After shooting off his mouth about a veto, Bush signs housing bill

So 600 Bennigan taverns closed yesterday.

CNN poll: Obama up 7, McCain criticisms aren't sticking

HuffPo: McCain Is Taking Foreign Policy Advice From This Guy?

that Obama/Brittney/Paris ad has already been shown on CNN/MSNBC more times than

Constitution, 2008

Had enough racist attacks on Obama? A call to arms.

What if Obama publicly invited McCain to be his Vice President? n/t

Will Joey the Scar play Obama's new ad tomorrow? I hate

Song that reflects your mood about the state of the world: It's Nine Inch Nails' "Terrible Lie" 4 me

The Obama ad vs. the McCain ad

Poll: Obama's Lead Slips In Michigan

Kucinich is sponsoring an online impeachment petition - sign it today! He will deliver it to

Obama: McCain thinks nation on the 'right track'

Is the Obama campaign out to lunch? Just wondering. I said the same thing 4 years ago replacing

Rachel Maddow had an amazing "the press is racist" rant on her radio show today!

What are the odds that McCain's choice for VP will be

AP's Ron Fournier exposed as a McCain shill

Hillary Clinton agrees to Denver keynote - sign she's not running mate

FANTASTIC Times article on OBAMA's time as Law Professor

How many times are we going to hear this from Fox news?

John McCain doesn't like black people.

HELL YES the Arrogance meme has racial undertones!!!

Time to google bomb the University of Denver

Obama is being treated like a world leader because Bush is *deficient *

Um. Holy Crap. Executive Order 12333. Scariest thing Bush has ever done in my opinion.

Lott accused of encouraging witnesses to give false information

I'm not that much of a conspiracy theorist but every time I hear

heh, I was kind of hoping that KO would call out Dana Milbank for not including the full quote.

Is that the sound of post-mortem equine flagellation I hear?

Same Data, Same Website, Same Polls - Two radically different pictures

Is there any way we can trade Harold Ford to the republicans for just cash.

Jon Stewart is brilliant! That segment on CNN was da bomb!

CNN poll: Obama's trip didn't change race

Pentagon Attempted To Cover-Up KBR’s Negligence In Electrocution Of U.S. Soldier

VIDEO: Rachel Maddow calls Pat Buchanan out - Is this clip shortened?

Now that it's plain Pelosi is on Bushco's payroll, how much

A few things are dawning on about Democrats in general, one about the public and media...

I'm getting sorta pissed, what does the gov't have to do with gas prices?

Cook and Rothenberg on key Senate races...

Response to "Celeb"

McCain praises Pelosi as an "effective leader". They can both go pound sand, imo.

Paul Krugman vs. Ben Stein: Larry King Live, as I type 8:11 CDT

CNN Uses Racial Extremist as Source for Its 'Black in America' Series

OK, enough of trying to guess who Obama is going to pick! Time to guess

we need to get organized befor th next election, to hit th streets in millions if they steal another


ONCE AGAIN, Pat Buchanan is a racist fuckhead on my t.v.

Esther Slater McDonald

Barack's new ad - the sound "mix" is terrible - on MSNBC only?

Wa-HOO! Obama releases new ad featuring the Bush twins! (George & John, not Barbara and Jenna)...

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Don't mess with her!

A question the media must pose: Why is McCain FLAILING already?

How can the public NOT know Obama??

McCain is odd and an ass. Plus, he thinks that his odd-ass-ity beats mere audacity!

Bush drug warrior crashes pot press conference

Crosby, Stills and Nash on Colbert Report Now

About Ludacris - can we look at this issue another way?

Obama Camp Sees Potential in Discontent on Right: May attract disaffected Republicans

Josh Marshall is asking for help:

Breaking on MSNBC: Rove voted by committee to be "in contempt"

Pay No Attention to the Skewed Kantor NYT Article -- Check out These Great Quotes from Law Profs

Kriminal Rove is on H&C

Poster over at Kos is saying Obama's Veep is Daschle. Fits Bush picking Cheney

Have there actually been any polls (outside DU) on the impact of VP choices?

ugh... Ludacris has done Obama no favors.

Kucinich on Pelosi's Claim of No Crimes Committed By Bush or Cheney

Al-Qaeda expert re-killed by CIA

Interesting tidbit I found re: Alaska politics.

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, July 30 – Obama 358, McCain 180 – Poll Question on Swing States

This Just In!!! Rove Found In Comtempt!!!

New poll confirms Senator Obama with massive lead in PA-Is PA safe for us?

Beautiful rant by Rachel Maddow about McCain's lies

From Tom Tomorrow: sean insannity, Obama and duh-bya

God grant me the serenity to accept republicans whom I cannot change

Cindy McCain on May 8: "My husband is absolutely opposed to any negative campaigning at all."

Is Richardson really out of VP consideration?

Août en France ! Woohoo!

Any AARP members out there? Is it a good thing?

I hope McShame rejects & denounces Sylvester Stallone's support soon...

Marijuana Decrim Bill is a total waste of time.

Here are the debate dates:

Obama May Be Presumptuous, But Would It Kill Dana To Get His Facts Straight?

Guardian UK: Starbucks to go: The US coffee chain is closing 70% of its Australian stores - hooray!

Flame Away (I'm used to it). McCain MUST add some veritas!

Pentagon think tank advocates LAW ENFORCEMENT approach to counter Terrorism & NOT a Military one

Should Conyers Impeach or Write Another Book on Bush's Crimes?

In 02 it was patriotism and securing the homeland. In 04, it was gay marriage. In 08, it will be



Today's GOP Talking Point™ regarding Obama...

NY Times - 12 PAID Commercials - 100s of Free Showings Of False Ad

Mike Malloy took off on Nancy Pelosi tonight..anyone hear it?

If you have a moment, please conatct The View re: Obama's prayer

The Pottsville, IA immigration raid and the further destruction of Due Process

McCain thinking of picking Lieberman for VP according to ABC

McCain Tries to Define Obama as Out of Touch

Newsweek admits McCain's attack ads contain lies, but calls his strategy "SAVVY" anyway...

Kucinich on Pelosi's Claim of No Crimes Committed By Bush or Cheney

We have heard a lot about Obama's meetings with members

Obama's Sista Souljah: Ludacris (1 of Obamas Favorite Rapper) Releases Hateful Hillary (B-Word) Diss

is it just me, or has McCain unleashed a shit-storm of filth that the MSM is playing ad-nauseum?

News networks refer to McCain's "Low Road" tone and risk for backlash

Clip: Obama Responds to McCain Ads

Need DU help with local yocal Ted Stevens poll...

CNN POLL: 40% say McCain is attacking Obama unfairly.

Exclusive Pic! Jittery McCain Campaign Convenes Strategy Summit

Obama will announce his veep -

John McCain and the RNC are acting 13 years old

Why can't the McCain campaign close the deal?

The way to deal with Corrupt Bush Republicans and their corrupt friends is to make them poor....

whats so bad about feeling good?

McCain's veep? The tea leaves favor Franklin Graham.

Cheri Jacobus on MSNBC w/Shuster , YOU LIAR!!

Halle Berry...

Just returned from Obama rally in Union, MO

I remember when "Contempt of Congress" meant something.

WashPost mostly ignores UU church shootings

Joe Biden and his record.

John the Ripper Attacks Barack's Balloon

What would a progressive cabinet look like?

McCain "Arizona ranch" more like "weekend retreat"

I'm not interested in having a same-sex romance, but I support the civil right of gays to marry

Obama says McCain, not him, is the 'risky pick'.

Obama Camp: Ludacris Should Be Ashamed

Obama's VP Choice should definitely be a Sharp Attack Dog

McCain gets bitch-slapped on taxes by Club for Growth, WSJ. Folds like a cheap suit!

Computer to TV Dervice...I want to have what I watch on PC go to my TV...Any way to do this?

Biden for VP, even though he's DLC and Mr. MBNA, won't deliver any swing state

I hope Dana Milbank loses his Guest Pass on "Countdown"

Doctors may have found a way to destroy HIV

Has the Democratic Party earned your vote based on past performance since 2006?

VP Choices Ideology Poll

Fox News Labels John McCain as a Democrat (Old photo)...

Great find by LynneSin,check it out.

Great find by LynneSin,check it out.

Harold Ford says there is NO RACISM in the "UPPITY" attacks.

All together, do millions of smokers around the world make enough smoke to reduce global warming?

Hey, All You Free-Marketeers, Anti-Environmentalist Types, Take A Good Look At China

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Will the real George W. Bush please stand up!

GIANT RAT May Greet LIEBERMAN at GOP Convention

Preacher arrested in pulpit after body is found in freezer

Will KO have Dana Milbank on tonight to explain himself?

Why not Sebelius?

Breaking News: McCain Vs. Edwards?!

John Edwards affair? (forgive me for asking)

Props to Obama. At the town hall meeting today, Planned Parenthood volunteers

Cindy McCain's plane

NYPD cop intentionally knocks bicyclist down, then arrests him...

Message from ACLU Exec Director re Mukasey's absurd & dangerous demands

IRONY: Pompous Presumptuous Pundits Point their Pretentious fingers and make Pronouncements

Unitarian Forgiveness

Did Keith Olbermann say anthing about that POS Dana Milbank tonight?

Whoa! St. Pete Times eviscerates McCain -- "From 'straight talk' to smear campaign"

Take The Gloves Off: In 1973, McCain admitted he collaborated with the Vietnamese

I Want John McCain To Answer For Toby Keith's Pro Lynching Song!

Calling a committee to investigate the break in at the Watergate Hotel....

How financially secure do you feel in your own life?

Oh the Humanity!! Prius Owners - Where Do You Put Your Magnets?


Why Do All Of McCain's Surrogates Look Like Younger Versions of Cindy McCain?

In my humble opinion, I think Obama has held his VP cards incredibly close to the chest

More Judicial Horseplay? Paul Minor says Judge Henry Wingate piled on extra prison time

Jesus I love Rachel Maddow.

Parents who take responsibility for their adult children's bills...

Rick & Kathy Hilton (Paris' parents) gave $4,600 to McCain and he disses their daughter in an ad.

Being the nice guy doesn't win Presidential Elections

Big Media/DU Myth - Obama Is Not Attacking McCain Or Defining Himself

The Brain-Dead Don't Vote

How Far Would You Be Willing To Go Have Obama Pick YOUR VP Choice?

McCain will not be the GOP nominee after the convention.

I have never met a pushy Vegetarian or Vegan

Olbermann: White House sent me talking points too, ‘I still have them.’

Record Number Of Women Victimized By Murderous Ex-Lovers

someone who is personally opposed to abortion can still be pro-choice

Obama coming out with new LOW ROAD response add tonight.

Tomorrow is the financial reporting deadline for July - donate to Obama!

Ok. Airlines are being forced to put up fees. Fuck it - I say NATIONALIZE the airline industry

How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis - 7 Tips To Get Your Home Sold Now

Aide To Senator Webb Found Dead

LA Times: In An Administration In Which Ideology Trumped Justice, Some Said No

DUers what do think the code words/phrases being used against Obama to reinforce racial stereotypes?

Whistleblower Assists Larisa Alexandrovna Investigation Into GA Diebold Patch (Max Cleland Election)

Creating homegrown terrorists to commit hate crimes in a few easy steps: preach hate,

Some good news and some bad news

Media critic calls Dana Milbank "the worst pseudo-journalist in the entire world"

Sometimes I wish ALL rappers would just STFU!!!

Utopianism as an accusation

Who would you like to say "Go Fuck Yourself" to and why?

Mom and Dad are now both in the hospital

Map of Jobs Lost To China

Right-Wing Pathologies Revealed After Adkisson Shooting at Unitarian Church (Freepers laid bare)

Notice to Nancy Pelosi

Notice to Nancy Pelosi

fuck you david gregory

Arkansas Yanks ("Racist") NGR License Plates

Arkansas Yanks ("Racist") NGR License Plates

When the ‘presumptuous’ meme jumps the shark (calling out Dana Milbank)

Rappers, Italian shoes and fucking arugula..

How long will it take for conservatives to be de-programed after the election?

Lets say we were to drill in ANWR.....How much oil is actually in ANWR ?

Tom Lehrer is alive and well and voting for Obama

How Scores of Black Men Were Tortured Into Giving False Confessions by Chicago Police

The McCain Camp Walked Right Into Our Trap By Going So Negative, Now They're The "Same Old Politics"

The Million Mom March "code of silence?" (re: Mary McFate)

Hit piece by Dana Milbank

While we're waiting for the VP pick, what about second spouses?

Wayne Slater of Bush's Brain....says Rove started the "arrogant Obama" stuff and media fell for it.

Obama's convention crowd: Biggest phone bank ever . THIS IS AWESOME! MUST READ

I am afraid for this country because of our inadequate, complicit, incurious media.

Impeachment procedings would *not* help "defend the constitution", they'd further endanger it.

Do we win or lose in November?

The U.S. Air Force helped with the production of the film "United 93"

"The Rise of the Rovians" ....Rove man in charge of McCain's campaign since July 2

I want to thank McCain for the pro-Obama ad.

McCain wears $520 Ferragamo Loafers

Does anybody here watch the CBS News with Cutie Couric?

Gotcha! Gallup Commits "Polling Malpractice" Startling New Info/Controversy on Poll

Orson Scott Card further reveals his whackadoodliness

National Media TOTALLY IGNORES church murderer's READING LIST . . . WHY????

Get it Straight - It Is NOT ABOUT SUPPLY

Who reads Angry Youth comix?

Has anyone watched Wanna Bet this week?

I see all these "Married" OP's and WTF...are you scared of?!?

New energy in NM! Just LOOK at all the offices opening in New Mexico!

What's your favorite gameshow?

If Obama really wants to alienate Hillary voters -- and millions of other women --

DU thursday morning dance party

McCain refused to be released by Norht Vietnam, not out of courage, but out of self-preservation

It hasn't gone too far enough!

Sky Pilot............

WE WON! Strata (Tenants council to you americans) have apologized

Does America "got talent"?

Asbestos Shingles

someday when we meet up yonder

help for the writer's block?

Anyone else going to Lollapalooza?

Listening to this lied on a loop for the past hour can't be healthy

Wow - I had no idea there were so many spigots on DU!

I need to be working on my dissertation

goddamn it's fucking late

I feel like crap

Kierkegaard in '08

no comment

Wow - I had no idea there were so many frigates on DU!

Gillian on Kimmel

Does anyone know who recorded this drek?


EuroPride 2008, anyone there? Give us the scoop!

The joys of insomnia: EWTN edition

we are lost in time and space

Campari is truly the drink of the gods

It's that time of night again. Why are you up? Ask me anything. And I'll ask you anything.

e pkel rief caIl

i came to a glorious realization today

I want to be a Patriot Guard Rider!

This is the weirdest frickin' story I've read in years

Who am I? Same rules. And I'll try to make it easy.

There were sexy dudes on High Chaparral...especially this one...

I know some of y'all have to watch Big Brother

The MSM plays "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader"

Game #2. Who am I?

Update on the girl that took pills on top of alcohol --


I just gotta say this. I love MrsGrumpy.

The tinfoil only makes Amy Winehouse look all the more awesome: agree or disagree?

Game #4. Who am I?

In my day,we never had blue smarties.

My mechanic wants $800 for a night of unbridled passion.

Just wanted to say hello tonight

Wanna have some caption fun? Colbert's site--I am doomed! (oops! Link now in post)

Does everyone like my new sig.

I fscking hate granting agencies

just checked my post count - in retrospect

I'm being sexually oppressed by the Lounge! Series!

Well I slept about four hours last night.

Wish a happy birthday to 48percenter!!!

Rap and homophobia.

Rap and homophobia.

Why am I getting so much spam about improving my love life, or Viagra lately?

What happened with CaliforniaPeggy's clock?

Game # 3: Who am I?

Help please, who is the artist of this music? Thanks.

Game # 5. Who am I?

Have you ever seen a clown with glasses? I don't think such a thing is

I believe the term is "ELIXIR OF THE GODS"

oops! Dupe post

Did anyone else notice the GOOGLE box yesterday? It was very cool

In 3 weeks I will be considered full term.

Hmmmmm, yeah... Right

So Indy's in the Map Chamber with that amulet on the rod, waiting for the sun to come up

Will someone start a damn plague or something - Rapture Index down AGAIN!!!

Has the tv show "Cheaters" ever caught you by surprise?

Lounge vibes needed...

After taking Ava's religion quiz, it has been determined that I am in fact

Computer Users of DU

OK, George Taylor and crew lands on a planet in the distant future...


Haven't seen much of From The Ashes since she announced getting a kitteh- correlation?

PSST graywarrior - Alan Rickman is on my TEEVEE

DUers who live in / around Charlotte, NC: I need restaurant help!

Pelosi Explains Why She Won't Impeach

Capri Sun is truly the drink of the damned

Game # 6. Who am I?

I think that I created a monster

The History Channel stopped airing "Civil War Journal", one of the last few good programs it had

Why all who are hip say you try aim for veg way...

I'm going off caffeine cold turkey - is that a good idea?

How do you post pictures? Is there a 'how to' button somewhere

I think I may have tonsillitis

I see that they've cast Catwoman for the next Batman film


The Sweet Pea is a pea above all other peas

Jeez. My neighborhood is a hotbed of infidelity.

"Ice Road Trucker" fans:

Did things ever get out of hand at the bachelor/bachelorette party?


I was making a snack...and then I read Midlo's post.

Straight men and Lesbians...

Nothing like having one's finger on the pulse

I have a question for anyone who can answer...


Game again. Who am I?

I just dug through 10 big boxes to find 3 books ....

7 graphic novels in one day...Weeeeee!

I need help on an insurance claim...

Someone Just Sent Me A Fedex Package With Their Pedegg Shavings Inside

Body ID'd as priest who flew on party balloons

In the world of "I Shit you Not": I post they'll do it and 4 hours later Faux News Does it

Attention KitchenWitch: Twitchy McXanax coming up on ESPN.

I'm getting really tired of reading about this Amy Winehouse chick

So my leg hurts worse than ever

Another question for automotive experts

calling INTJs -- do you get fidgety when you don't have something to fix?

How many Don Dixon albums do you own?

Anthony Hopkins arrested for murder

Have you ever 'Cheated' on someone else's spouse or S/O?

"new and improved" things I hate...

You are free to shoot me... (Play Along)

Hey, NPR's got a great story on, you'd nver guess what it's about...

OH NOES!! Cows are taking hostages!!

There are "tea cup" dogs. Why aren't there tea cup kittehs? I want a tea cup kitteh!

Halle Berry shows off who she loves - - - - -

Do You Disagree?

FUCKING DVD burner!!!

Movies that can make a grown man shed a bear

A rant on behalf of short, jiggly women.

There's something brewing just for Oeditpus Rex!

Are You Right Handed Or Left Handed

OK Where the hell has Oeditpus Rex been lately?

Do you/does your mate use CPAP or BiPAP?

Married DUers - did you change your DU name?

How can a dog bark continuously for three hours....

Okay, this really pisses me off.

The self appointed Lounge Police, can fuck off...

Here is how I propose improving "Reality Television"

Lindsey Lohan and Samatha Ronson - Couple or just BFF?

Who wants to pet my doggie?

does anyone know who recorded this track

I Am Not The Lounge Police

I Am The Lounge Police

For JasonC: The Lounge Police

For JasonC: The Lounge Police

I'll send an S.O.S. to the world

I am not the lounge! I am not the police! I'm not even the cars, devo, or dire straits.

I police the Lounge the way of Tao - by not policing.

Their is a new Sheriff in town(And his name isn't Reggie Hammond)

Give me a link for an online game to play.

You act as if you just don't care

Posting with one hand...

Match Game Story: Parche Plié-ed in the Lounge so much he even ___ his big gun.

the eh heh heh, they live inside of my head.

New KITTEH photos from danagsk8! ;)

Doorman who won $5M, said he'd stay at job gets ax

I Am The Lounge Sheriff

Before the DU Lounge was, I am.

Any one here ever use Dumb Cat spray?

Worship the Police

They would kill me for a cigarette,

Ever feel like you've driven someone to drink(ing) ?

Halle Berry makes biscuits

Favorite Frozen Pizza?

You know how you get that headache from eatin' all that ice cream at once?

Chanson, S'il vous plait?

Bailar de Tango, Mi Amor?

Movies that can make a grown man shed a tear

There's no kitchen implement more annoying to clean than a chinois

File this story under "Stuff that only happens in my hometown..."

Thank god Project Runaway and Shear Genius is on tonight

Starship Troopers 3?!?

Slim's Return

God is okay with a flying Nun, but turns up his nose at an airborne Priest. Why?

Go Cubs!!!

I'm buzzerer than hell off 3 beers!

I don't care who started it . . .


Fairytale Generator...

Straight men like lesbians. Why don't lesbians reciprocate?

I am having the hot flash to end all hot flashes...


I enjoyed my vacation but...

Who is your favorite project runway contestant?


Anybody ever really find anything over at

Manny the Marlin?

Do you/does your mate use ALL CAPS or no caps?

whoops, heh-heh, like totally the wrong place

The Dangers of Mastication (warning: graphic)

hell is getting awfully cold: Marlins are in talks to get Manny!

Rumor has it that Ed McMahon was the "straight man" for Johnny Carson.

Any Empire Strikes Back-ONLY fans?

Has anybody here ever been on the Atkins Diet?

there is a huge wave of cosmic shit blowing through my corner of the universe lately

Taller and taller {dial up caution}

Straight men like lesbians. Why don't lesbians replicate?

I had an awful day.

I shot the Lounge sheriff

Why balloons are pure evil

Very relieved today! My family had a pretty bad scare yesterday.

Ok, Cuil flat-out SUCKS. It's the single worst search engine ever

Do the Lounge Police hang out at the Olive Garden?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/30/2008)


Afternoon soundtrack for the Lounge - Bob Marley

Mom and Dad are now both in the hospital.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster manifested himself in my spaghetti! I saw Him!

I can't be interrupted, Walker Texas Ranger is on

They're back! Cheech n' Chong launch "Light Up America" tour in Sept.

I have decided that the lounge is just not very interesting when I am not posting.

Busy schedule coming up!

Has anyone ridden cross country on a train?

Hey this a relative of yours?

Lesson learned: fly nonstop, or don't fly.

If elected President first thing I would do.....

Simple fried chicken batter?

Help! Need last minute Manhattan hotel. What's the cheapest way to book? Priceline? Orbitz? Hotwire?

Tae Kwon Do is awesome for 5 year olds

Good night everyone.

When I was five-years-old, I told my Mother that I was running away from home

Today was Progressive Politics day in my sub...a happy day with happy people

Is it the idiot gene at work or simple teenaged shenanigans?

I think I've become boring

It's BS he is the only one singing it.. but here is a song for the old man

Did I mention my son just got cast in a movie?

Toby Keith, African-American Studies expert.....

Toby Keith, African-American Studies expert.....

Daily Mail (UK) photos: Britney's kid plays with her pack of Marlboro Lights while mommy puffs away

Daily Mail (UK) photos: Britney's kid plays with her pack of Marlboro Lights while mommy puffs away

Whoa - Pudge to the Yankees for Farnsworth!

Mead is truly the drink of the gods

I saw the DU hearse yesterday

The "Half-Blood Prince" trailer is out!

DU cat people: some advice plz!

That animal rescue commercial just breaks my heart every time.

Happy Birthday 48percenter!!!

Project Runway Thread: *possible spoilers*

Need cat help.The girl child's crazy yellow cat needs to be shaved. I told her DUers know stuff.

Do you ever maul your cats until they run away

Attention Lounge-Clear Out. I just Told WannaB about Pudge...

My son has turned 6. How should I tell him it is time to get his own place?

Princess Chunky 44-pound lost kitty

Thank god Project Runway and Shear Genius is on tonight

I have a very serious, ugly confession to make. Some of you will think less of me.

is the university of phoenix a legit place

Came home today to find a UPS ticket on the front door.

Have you guys tried the shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Filling at Trader Joe's?

I saw the DU curse yesterday.

I grind my whole beans and brew my java in a French press ..

Game #7 Who Am I?

Platoon. Barnes or Elias?


I had to do an ORAL EXAM at the DMV

Name a great movie ending....

Post your favorite movie scenes

Post a painting or photo, then let us guess the artist or photographer

Anyone seen The Bank Job?

When You Entered The Witness Protection Program...

The Wiley and Excellent Boy Cat Named Ginger claims another car as his own.

Sweet tea is truly the drink of the gods.

I'm calling out DS1!

Oh, fuck (I think). The doctor wants more blood for tests, just a few days after

Question about 83j-bit computing

Because I love Blue-Jay SO MUCH, I am going to fed ex

Holy Cat: Jesus' Face Seen In Feline's Fur

Have You Ever 'Cheated' On Your Spouse or S/O?

More Cat Talk...what kind of litter do you use? I use Fresh Step

Don't fuck with Colorado cyclists.

Aide to Sen Jim Webb fround dead from gunshot wound, Brig Gen Tinsley also found dead in

How many members in your family went to conceive children out of wedlock?

PFFFTTT .. C# is very easy , practically as easy as Visual Basic

What would you rather be doing today? Me...I would rather be


MOTHERJONES: Unmasking a Gun Lobby Mole

What's the difference between all the "F" class fighters?

It's the beginning of Harry Potter season

A poll for horrible nerds. What's your favorite of the Final Fantasy Games?

What are three things about yourself that might surprise your buds in the Lounge?

*Requiem for Khashka*

What color are your eyes?

My son has turned 60. How should I tell him it is time to get his own place?

What is the most bizarre fashion statement you ever made?

I watched Emperor of the North last night, and the life of a 1930's hobo looks pretty sweet.

Teaching Law, Testing Ideas, Obama Stood Apart

R U ambu-textrous?

AP's Ron Fournier -- Who Is Directing Campaign Coverage -- Considered Job with McCain

British NASA hacker to face U.S. trial

Iwo Jima flag raiser gets citizenship papers

Afghanistan More Deadly for U.S. Troops than Iraq So Far in July

Indictment of Stevens adds to bleak GOP prospects

McCain ads assailing Obama get wider free exposure as news

Iraqi parliament calls session on Kirkuk

Study: China trade deficit cost millions of jobs (2001-2007)

CIA Cites Pakistan Spy Agency's Ties to Militants

Fed extends emergency loan program for Wall Street

Smokin' Cheech and Chong reunite

Israeli prime minister to resign in September

Reuters loses right to use crucial IM technology

Study: Some Americans cut credit card use

Strained by war, U.S. Army promotes unqualified soldiers

US Troops Kill Three Iraqi Civilians In Anti-al-Qaida Operations

Dems wield oversight cudgel on Bush administration

McCain Charge Against Obama Lacks Evidence

Karadzic set to make first court appearance

Karl Rove in contempt: Is it justice or a witch hunt?

30-ft.-high rat may greet Lieberman at GOP Convention

Ky. weapons depot confirms mustard gas leak

Karadzic Extradited to The Hague

Court upholds flogging researchers

Politically Connected Immigration Judges Unlikely to Face Consequences

Italian troops set to begin street patrols

Federal Authorities Shut Down Small New London (CT) Credit Union

Obama links McCain to 'reckless' GOP economics

Financial Title Co. shuts down in California

'Terror' school turns out to be moderate madrassa

Nicaragua offered health aid for missile destruction (Bush offered)

U.S. Army deserter caught at Ontario border crossing

Strike On Iran Still Possible, U.S. Tells Israel

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 30

Salmonella outbreak tied to irrigation water

Olmert to quit, leaving Mideast peace initiative to uncertain fate

Israel's Olmert to announce he's leaving office-TV

Soldiers may have been exposed to toxic chemical

Democratic Senators Urge Head Of EPA To Resign

Is Your Student Loan Safe? (Dozens of Lenders Drop Out)

A 'big rat' may greet Lieberman at GOP convention

Not in Afghanistan to guard pipelines: MacKay

Report: U.S. 'wasted' $560 million on Iraq repairs

House Of Representatives Apologizes For Slavery, Jim Crow Laws

California to sue EPA on greenhouse gas emissions

Zimbabwe devalues currency; 10B becomes 1 dollar (now THAT'S a devaluation)

Lords rule SFO was lawful in halting BAE arms corruption inquiry (Bandar bribery case)

Aide to U.S. Senator Jim Webb found dead from apparent gunshot wound

Specter seeks meeting with Raul Castro

FASB nixes Jan. 1 start date for consolidating off-balance sheet entities

Mixed ruling on controversial Florida gun law

YouTube Video Exposes Cop who Attempted to Cover Up Assault on Bicyclist (Given Desk Duty)

Gov't Opposes Appeal By Imprisoned Attorney to Visit Dying Wife (Larisa Alexandrovna on Paul Minor)

Bush signs new rules, roles for spy agencies

Beer buyout a hiccup for McCain?

Bangladesh gaining land, not losing: scientists

Soldier reported shocks before electrocution death

(Qantas) Jet explosion took out crucial instruments

(Hillary) Clinton to speak Tuesday at Democratic convention, sources say

Jill Simpson Calls on Pelosi to Find Rove in Full Contempt

Strategy Against Al-Qaeda Faulted: Rand Corp. Report Says Effort Is Not a 'War'

House panel votes to cite Rove with contempt

Bill to aid paralyzed vets blocked in Senate

Obama calls offshore drilling a 'scheme'

3 West Coast governors oppose new offshore oil drilling

Cloned Beef Has Already Entered U.S. Food Supply, Even Before FDA Nod

Republicans seize on Obama comments to House Democrats; Attack "audacity"

Leahy, Specter ask Bush to condemn DoJ politicization

U.S. inflation to hit 6% (within six months)

McCain ad calls Obama 'biggest celebrity in the world': Features images of Britney, Paris Hilton

Documents Show Georgia's Secretary of State Knew of Diebold Patch (Whistleblower Provides Documents)

Huge chunk snaps off storied Arctic ice shelf

For White House, Hiring Is Political: "Sometimes crossed legal limits," "unprecedented"

Time Is Running Out

Countdown: The Ted Stevens Indictment - 7/30

Countdown: Bushed! 7/29 - Blood-For-Oil-Gate, Goodling-Gate

Young Turks: Siegelman and Cenk Discuss Rove's Witch Hunt

Young Turks: Ted Stevens Indicted (w/ Director of CREW)

Donald Rumsfeld Caught Lying

TPMtv: What's Next for Afghanistan? interesting discussion w/ Wes Clark and Richard Clarke

Countdown: Worst Persons 7/29 - Charles Krauthammer, NY Cop Bicyclist Assaulter

Barack Obama & Nancy Pelosi Speak with reporters

EPA Admin 'Repeatedly And Deliberately Lied'

McCain's sleazy ad linking Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears

Vintage Rachel Maddow discusses Ann Coulter w/ F*cker. Bonus: Bowtie argues against McCain

Vintage Rachel Maddow smacks down Tucker Carlson. Bonus: says closeted queen Ken Mehlman sounds gay

Democracy NOW: Historic Hearing on Impeaching George W. Bush

O'Reilly, Ingraham Call Torture Nonsense, Rank Propaganda

Vintage Rachel Maddow smacking Tucker Carlson down about 9ui11iani's run. Bonus; calls him 'hideous'

Everyone rise for this musical dedication to Ted Stevens...

Obama on the Economy

DOJ IG: Gonzales 'said he wasn't aware of what was going on'

Young Turks: CNN's Disgusting Bias on 'Impeachment' Hearing

Bill O'Racist too stupid to understand a scientific study. Presumes to tell researcher his job

THE MOMENT Obama prayer snatched from Western Wall

Dana Milbank does not read blogs...Wonkette

The Irony is Too Rich! Brownback complains about Chinese domestic spying

Obama Pledges to Not Raise Middle Class Taxes

ABC News: Election Night 1972 in Columbus, Ohio

NBC News: 1965 Northeast Blackout (reporting by candlelight)

Red State Update: Obama's German Crowds There For The Bands?

Poison Immunity

A piece of the Rachel Maddow radio show: McCain's complete pass and winning 'hands down'

"Catfight!" a Play Based on GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Ludacris- Politics (Obama Is Here)

John Bush McCain's Worst Nightmare: Barack Obama Fights Back

Countdown: Obama Challenges McCain to 'Duel'

TYT: GOP Is Losing The Off-Shore Drilling Argument

Headzup Interview On Air America Radio

Britney and McCain Heart Bush!

Barack Obama: Town Hall in Springfield, Missouri


Countdown: McCain Takes the Low Road (w/ Rachel Maddow)

ABC News: Election Night 1972

Crist: 'I Have No Idea' if Obama Wants to Lose Iraq War

Obama TV Ad "Same Old Politics"

Dennis Kucinich on Democracy Now Responds to Nancy Pelosi's View Statements

Olbermann: White House sent me talking points too, ‘I still have them.’

They wanted war and they got it. (a timeline)

TYT RANT: This Govt Has No Morals-Another Rape Case Involving Troops

How the Media got "Class" Wrong in the Democratic Primaries

Congressman Brian Higgins blasts Bush Admin for Partisan US Attorney Hiring

R U ambu-textrous?

The Nation: Extreme Water Emergencies

Bowing to environmentalists

Gene Lyons: Kidding ourselves about high price of debt

Our CEOs, Their Foreign Agents

The Low-Road Express (NT Times)

Low-Road Express -- NY Times Editorial

OF PATRIOTS AND PAWNS: Carolyn Baker Reviews Mary Tillman's 'Boots On The Ground By Dusk'

The WTO Is Nearly Dead, Long Live the WTO

This Was a Warning .... seismologist on the importance of bracing for the Big One

What Cancer Victems Need To Know by Dr. Gerry Lower

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Like the Little Satans We Are (Jason Miller)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: ICC and al-Bashir: Ocampo’s Justice (Ramzy Baroud)

Obama to House Dems: If Sanctions Fail, Israel Will Likely Strike Iran

WSJ Editors are unahappy with the Republicans

Voter Laws Need Reform, Groups Say

The Ted Stevens Indictment Is an Earthquake in Alaska Politics

Rand Corp: To destroy Al Qaeda, we must end the war on terror

Goodlings Amok: "This administration will leave office having trashed the place."

McCain’s Skin Lesions Ask That McCain Be Removed

Sucking Up to the Bankers: A Bipartisan Lovefest

The Rat Trap

British Forces may have to rent helicopters (from Blackwater)

There's Something About Mary: Unmasking a Gun Lobby Mole

US investigators continue to pursue new regime (BAE)

For White House, Hiring Is Political

Obama's Iraq Fumble by Karl Rove

Field of Schemes: Congress Probes How New Sports Stadiums Turn Public Money into Private Profit

Karl Rove in contempt: Is it justice or a witch hunt?

The Knoxville Shooting: The Liberals Made Him Do It

Republicans Should Be So Lucky To Face Obama-Kaine (National Review Online)

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

RIP Doha Round - Another WTO Collapse

Obama Retaliates in 'Celebrity Wars': Compares McCain to Abe Vigoda

The Fictitious Economy, Part 2, An Interview With Dr. Michael Hudson

Holy shit, my neighbors are insane Republicans.

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels

Sgt. charged in death of pregnant soldier

Body of soldier found at Hood

Lt. col. pleads guilty in contracting scam

Lawsuit aims to stop Puget Sound explosions

Lawyers appeal dismissal of Hadithah charges

4 Hill airmen face charges related to shooting

Top Air Force aide to resign

Backtalk: It’s time to scrap military war crimes trials

3 Virginia Marines accused in weapons scheme

Sixth brother joins National Guard

David Robinson for Congress Ohio 12th Honoring and Supporting Our Veterans

Army says U.S. soldiers shot detainees at Iraq canal

State shuts down 'FL Power & Light' renewable energy program

From LBN: Governor (Schwarzenegger) vetoes climate change curriculum

Jerry Brown may challenge proposed McCloud water bottling plant

REpower Installs 5-MW Wind Energy Turbine at Thornton Bank (Belgium)

Fisher (Body Co.) says it can save gas in mass transit

Five Ways To Trigger A Natural Disaster

Coal paucity may force Nalco’s alumina refinery to shut down

Pedal power challenges car culture as cyclists seize Los Angeles freeways

Experiment With Sea Urchins In Water Cut from pH 8.1 To 7.7 Shows 25% Drop In Reproduction - ENN

UK's "Increasingly Mediterranean" Climate Pushing Northern Bird Species Out - Telegraph

World’s Largest Wind Farm Planned In Oregon

McCain Supports "Updating" 1872 Mining Law - But Don't Worry - Companies Shouldn't Have To Pay More

Microcosm: Chesterfield CO (VA) C Of C Votes Unanimously Against Cutting Phosphorous Runoff

Nigeria's Production Falls Below 1 Mb/D - Cannot Meet OPEC Production Quota

Royal Dutch Shell Declares Force Majeure For Bonny Light Contracts July - Sep - Reuters

U.S., China lead way in tapping wind power (CNN)

Observation: Chimp opens mouth on offshore drilling - oil jumps $4.69 a barrel

DNC: John 'Not In My Back Yard' McCain Brings His Yucca Support to Nevada

Pierce CO, Washington, Cancels 48 Miles Of Chipsealing - Supplier Out Of Asphalt

India's #2 Aluminum Producer May Have To Shut Down Orissa Plant On Shortage Of Coal

Anti-Nuclear Advocates Receive JBL Awards from Tides Foundation

IHT - Russia Deepens Oil Shipment Cuts To Czech Republic - July Cutbacks To Date Hit 50%

Volcano alert level for Cleveland raised from 'advisory' to 'WATCH'!!!

Environmentalists, businesses reach compromise

Some thoughts on the coming changes

PBS Nova: Car of the Future, with the Car Talk guys.

Whales’ Lower-Pitch Sound Has Experts Guessing

"War on the Poor" or a fight for big oil?

One Day After TX Claims Improved Beach Quality, Green Group Finds 12% Annual Rise In Fecal Outbreaks

Question about the history and practice of offshore drilling

Environment presents cognitive dissonance

Gas Crisis Fuels Dubious Online Offers

As Most Of Alaskan Interior's Permafrost Temps Reach 30 - 31F, Ground Begins Shift - FNM

1 Million Electric Cars on Spain’s Roads by 2014

Gulf Ethanol Begins Testing New Cellulosic Preprocessing System

Interstate Transmission Superhighways: Paving the Way to a Low-carbon Future

About the eBox

Oil surges on gasoline shortfall

U.N.: Millions Hungry in North Korea

A Principal Comes out to His Students, and His Bosses are Fine with it

A sweet, sweet, decison out of Florida (yes Florida)

House passes 1913 repeal

Man leaves Homosexual life to Glorify Jesus (so he says)

I caught myself worrying that posts in this Forum

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/29/08

Take A Load Off Fannie!

Ex-Enron Official to Pay Millions to Settle

Treasury officials puzzled by loot

Churches Converted to Condominiums

Setting Standards for Microfinance

Fed extends emergency loans to Wall Street firms

Who's going to buy these Bonds?

GM to cut 15 pct of US, Canadian salaried workers

Apocalypse Down Under

Another credit union bankruptcy

A friend of mine was laid off last week and was hired yesterday.

The Military Holds the Dollar Up by Catherine Austin Fitts

IDF vets train NY Jewish paramilitaries

VIDEO / Hamas summer camp teaches Gaza kids to hate, kill

Boy shot by Israelis becomes martyred hero for Palestinians

Olmert announces will step down after Kadima primaries

Poll: Netanyahu is public's preferred choice for next PM

Ruling Palestine II: The West Bank Model?

More injured in Naalin riots

Abbas vows to dismantle PA if Israel frees Hamas prisoners for Shalit

Poll: Netanyahu is public's preferred choice for next PM

Today in labor history July 30 President Johnson signs the Medicare Act, Teamsters Hoffa disappears

Answering the Rumors About Obama

Time to Act Now on China’s Devastating Currency, Trade Practices

Machinists say contract talks with Boeing "in deep trouble"

Edward Gorham: Reject smears against Free Choice Act

Obama supporters step up effort to woo Hispanic, union voters

Six Little Words To Fix America’s Wage Crisis

Nicaragua offered health aid for missile destruction

Specter seeks meeting with Raul Castro

Wife of convicted exile bomber asks Bush for clemency

VENEZUELA Marketing Coffee in US through CITGO Stations

Meet your 2008 World Champion

Where's the party at? Univ. of Florida, study says.

Who is your favorite NCAA football team? Who do you hate

I am soooo bummed out right now: Why is the Cosmos playing with my emotions?.?.?

Emotional Overload with Romantic Fantasies - Assistance Please

Excuse me for butting in. We have a friend in pain. Link below.

Request for impressions on a situation.

New Matthew Message, earlier than it usually is....

Would anyone be interested in a weekly group healing project?

Lisa Williams' New Book

Populations Exposed To Environmental Uranium

Frankincense provides relief to arthritis sufferers

Mothers from affluent neighborhoods near highways increase odds of low weight babies by 81 percent

U.S. food portions: Monuments of decadence?

A fish! Freeze!

Calendar theme

Happy Birthday 48percenter!

Happy birthday, Zen! (cross-posted from the Pets Group)


Austin, Tx Gun Sales Up: "Thank the Democrats" sez Austin Statesman

Prediction: If Democrats win in November gun legislation will be introduced, but...

Just checking in.

Pressure cooked a turkey breast

Speaking of Stoves Part II

Arthur C. Clarke Center, Web Cast live Solar Eclipse of 01 August

NASA and Internet Archive Launch Centralized Resource for Images

Post with lots of detail on Joe's voting record

Fantasize for a moment . . .

Is Aging an Accident of Evolution? Stanford Scientists Say "Yes"

Biden / Lugar AIDS bill signed - poor Biden had to go to the WH

Why are there no green stars?

Biden also met with Pakistani Prime Minister today:

stumbled across Race for White House VP discussion just now

Help! We have TOO MUCH fresh basil! Any advice about keeping pesto from

I'm generally lasagna obsessed, but I think I just made my best ever.

I take a little break (solely b/c I've become addicted to Facebook)

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

Our tomatoes are almost ready. Almost time for what I call "Pasta Alla Margharita:"

Flan? Anyone?

Global Correlations in Random Data

Greg McKendry Jr's Guest Book.

Question re McDonald’s versus the Muslim religion and hijab versus bacon?

preacher arrested for incest and murder

Be brave and admit that US public school teachers who disbelieve Darwin face persecution...

Challenge: can you prove that Pope Benedict XVI isn't a lesbian?

Why didn't David Koresh consider John the Baptist to be his ideal role model?

More Suspicious Deaths?

But it was a very tasteful strip joint...

Cool to see people recognize when Kerry does something good

My LTTE on the Energy...

President signs bill that lifts HIV travel ban. Rec this diary please:

Kerry To Deliver Speech 7/31/08: “A New Approach to Fighting Terrorism”

Need rec for best phone system to speak to a soldier in Afghanistan

Anybody use the new 10000 RPM SATA-II 300GB hard drive from Western Digital?

100mb/s or 1gigabit switch for home LAN?

Might be a dumb question. I've been trying to download

John Kerry holding event at Faneiul Hall 7/31 about health care

Kerry met with Pakistani Prime Minister today

Can somebody give material to the Boston Herald? Nothing about Kerry for week,

SWAT Team Honored For Raid On Wrong House

This MUST be posted here in the MN forum... "Catfight"- musical based on Michelle Bachman

Going to the Fringe Festival? - See Bachmannesque Play "Catfight!"

Grilling GMAC on the GMAT Cheating Scandal

Alberta's health minister says low wages didn't drive doctors away

Provinces enthusiastic to being granted more autonomy

Riveting Videos of the Lawyers Bringing Suit Against Rove in Ohio for 2004

Voting Systems with "Open Source" Software are Computerized Voting

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 7//30/08


Smokin' Cheech and Chong reunite

"Mama Mia" is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer.

Has anyone seen I O U S A ?

I've got an extra ticket to the Brewers/Cubs game this evening

Why does Wisconsin have to make everything so complicated!

Wedding Pics :

Assembly Candidate Mike Hahn called up for active duty

Charter Cable moves public access, C-SPAN from analog to digital

Harris Ranch beef feedlot ... a disgusting site in Coalinga.