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155 dollars to enroll my baby in her Sr year tomorrow...I can't believe school is starting already

Wasn't There A Story Within The Last Few Days About How Great the Euro Airlines Are Doing?

Two women defend themselves with a gun

Bush Buys Congress, Screws Workers, Keeps Corporations Happy - Bush History,7/28 it just me?

What is the good faith aspect of the torture program?

What was her name? Some help?

How do you compete with the right wing media?

Feeling Nostalgic? While the US heads to a 490B deficit, let us remember candidate Bush in 2000

2009 Record Deficit Estimate Increases-$407B to $490B

Four suicide bombers kill scores in Iraq

McSame's version of winning -Iraq suicide blasts cause carnage

What a beautiful morning here! I tried to take a picture but


Russia Bringing RICO Suit Against Bank Of New York

Your "WTF" moment of the day: Obama/"Craig" buttons!

Governor Ahnold Schwollenwallet threatens 200,000 State Workers With Below Poverty Level Pay


In news that will shock, well, noone....The rich are faring much better than the rest of us

I can't believe that there are nuts out there who would actually vote for this freak?

So, my wife and I are enjoying the beautiful day yesterday with our kids

State Senator accused of breaking into ex-gf's house hitting her stomach and stealing her phone

State Senator accused of breaking into ex-gf's house hitting her stomach and stealing her phone

THANK YOU, republicans & George W. bUsh!!!

the surge worked. the surge worked. the surge worked.

I think this is why the media won't actually show us the success of surging

The Nation: Iraq: Poised to Explode

Rhetorical question re: the 'experience' issue

Didn't the M$M pundits/hacks tell us

Select front page news for July 28, 2008.

Vulnerable Republicans decide to skip GOP convention

99 Days

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Americans, Government, and the American Dream

Bush History,7/28 - Bush Buys Congress, Screwing Workers, Keeping Corporations Happy

Saluting a Tough Job (new HBO doc on recruiters)

Cuil is here. Former Google employees prepare rival search engine

Homeless Issue Lands on Official's Doorstep

nancy pelosi has written a book and is on the today show....where did she find the time?

Bush Refuses to Set Timeline for White House Withdrawal

22,000 veterans have called suicide hot line

Question about inherant contempt.

How about this idea for one of the debates.

Your tax dollars at work.....$40 million for an empty prison in Iraq

Breaking: Justice dept report sez politics were **illegally** used in hiring prosecutors.

A lyric: NOVAKULA's "Little Black Corvette"

100 days left for the repubs to steal the election from Obama.

Aren't you tired of hearing this sort of thing?

the role of Private Firefighters on the rise

Performance Bonus? Top Officials at Bailed out Fannie and Freddie Rake in Millions

Republicon FAIL # 666,666,666: A monument to waste

Bush Vists Arlington for some golf with Iraq war veterans.

Federal Taxes. Your Opinion?

Sean Hannity Inspiration For Latest McCain Attack Ad?

Guess Who Gets An UP On Beltway Boys

Oh the irony...another Monica scandal...

Is it terrorism yet?

Do you think the MSM's obsession with trying to keep the candidates

Statement of UUA President on TN shootings

Inciteful pundit says we'll learn veep identities either before or after the Olympics

Congress stuck on stupid on energy bill (link to story)

Tabloid reunites UK politician with stolen bike

MarketWatch: No end of financial turmoil in sight, IMF says

With the details of the Adkisson murders, who's ready to defend white trash and rednecks as decent

Breaking: National Weather Service takes a bold, courageous stand and issues

Chairs Conyers, Sánchez Consider Criminal Referral on DoJ Politicization Report

Hairs found in Indian jungle are of 'no known species' say scientists

Will the Right-Wing Noise Machine decry white male racist homophobic terrorists?

Germany's Lufthansa Cabin And Ground Staff Go On Massive Strike

If I could have just one of my three wishes come true...

surge update - Bombs kill 28 in Shiite pilgrimage in Baghdad

What would happen if for just one day Congress acted in OUR best interests?

Why do some people enjoy cockfights and dogfights?

Pelosi on The View

Distributive Wind Power Offers Solutions to Energy Crisis

If a legally binding contract, forbidding you from EVER earning more than minimum wage,

The Problem with "NEWS"...

Sweden and algal poison - didn't used to go together

What happened in Knoxville IS NOT terrorism!

Global PV Market Set to Take Off

Haven't been attacked since 9/11? What do you call this Knoxville shooting??

How would you feel if it were illegal for you to earn more than minimum wage unless ...

For my 5000th post:

More from DOJ report: Schlozman urged hiring of 'rock-solid Americans' while US Attorney

Hartmann sort of talking about TN terrorist

What exactly is it about Obama that scares the BeeJesus out of repubs?

Some KITTEH photos to lighten up the mood.

Ten economic predictions for the second half of 2008

Dumpy Dow Jones

Man Shot in congregation because of its "liberal" views.

To Republicans questioning Obama's judgment and experience:

Homegrown terrorist targeted "gays and liberals" at UU Church

If this "recession" becomes a "depression", RW radio will blame Liberals...

TN. Church gunman a Freeper?

This is what we're up against:: CNN - Constitutional powers hearing "political theater"

LEOPOLD: What Does it Take to Get a Guy Outta Here?! (impeached)

A possible solution for the Outsoucing/Offshoring Dilemma.

has there been a sudden epidemic of meningitis?

Conyers Considers "Criminal Referral" For Gonzales, Other DOJ Officials. AG Won't Pursue Contempt.

The one question nobody is asking about the Knoxville shooter . .

Check out this American Family Association poll re: hate crimes laws

CommonDreams: Are We Facing Just Another Market Problem or A System Collapse?

PLEASE make the SCARY man STOP!

Chairs Conyers, Sánchez Consider Criminal Referral on DoJ Politicization Report


Abu Gonzo's Atty says Reports Confirms Gonzales' Hands Clean

McCain TOON: Unfair? or Not?

Teachers Get Nurse Duty as Schools Are Squeezed

Goodling interview questions: "What is it about GWB that makes you want to serve him?"

Quick Quiz, Part 3: McCain's month

Goodling Rejected ‘Outstanding’ Attorney’s Job Extension Because Of ‘Inappropriate’ Gay Relationship

We are not hearing 'Bush Republican' nearly enough, or seeing the famous Bush/McCain hug pic...

Fox News :'Next President to Face Record Budget Deficit'

Well, I felt like a complete shmuck, but I did it.

Best Obama/Batman toon

Southwest Airlines Reports 2nd Quarter Earnings

The day after election day expect there to be a massive financial implosion...

Gonzales aides politicized hirings, investigators find (CNN)

Freepers admit to another terrorist attack on US Soil since 9/11...(warning, freeper posts)

Should the donations of the CEO affect where you shop?

Juan Cole: Controversy Swirls Around Baghdad as Member of Parliament Calls for President's Ouster

Report: Repairing U.S. bridges would cost $140 billion (CNN)

Beijing Weighs Added Pollution Plans for Olympics (new events)

Is there anywhere we can send flowers, cash to help the victims of the Knoxville Hate Crime?

In A Blink Of An Eye

Robert Novak has a brain tumor.

But is this just the calm before the storm, with Iran? - Today’s Headlines 7/28/08

Keith Olbermann: Crazy Like a Fox?

Is the corporate media talking about the political motivation behind Adkisson's murders?

"W" The Movie trailer. Oh. My. God.

Why are there f**&^i right-wing ads in the posts on this site?

Did I just hear Buchanan say that McCain has a mole?

Is HATE RADIO responsible for the Tennessee church shooting?

Heads up. Pelosi's gonna be on "The View" today. n/t

Remember Rwanda. Radio was used to incite genocide.

FCC To Punish Comcast For Traffic Blocking

Berlusconi declares state of "national emergency" over immigrants

Kelsey Grammer has a heart attack

Iowa law professor: Improve World Bank accountability

which has enriched america most, cheney's energy policy or bu$h*s economic policy?

Trickle down economics bumper sticker?

WTF? McCain AHEAD of Obama?

Bush Advisors to join Obama's Team

So is the McSame 'mole'

LA (D) Senator arrested for battery and theft

200-300 in fight at Raleigh NC mall

Finish this statement..... The GOP is the kind of party that...

Well done Rove, Limbaugh, Coulter, Norquist, Falwell, Robertson, et al.

T. Boone Pickens the water barron...

Someone Tell McSurge - Bloodiest Attack In Baghdad This Yr - 48 Dead/249 Wounded

The national average price of gas is of $3.95.... It's $3.89 in my town.

Up to 5 pct of those over 70 lose memory each year: study

French prepping for war in Arizona?

next president will inherit a $490 billion deficit-enjoy america!

Call of Duty 4 game - pro war propaganda?

NYT: Gonzales Aides Broke Laws in Hiring, Report Concludes

I saw a picture of Cindy McCain from the back today. It was as if Mae

This video will break your heart

With all this destroying emails, hiding documents, executive privilege crap, how'd we get Abramoff?

Huffington Post: "Bush Leaves $482 Billion Budget Deficit To Next President"

'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure

Are You a Socialist or Capitalist?

Read Bound by the Law - Comic book on intellectual rights

Here We Go Again....Department of Homeland Security Raising Vague Concerns About Possible Terrorism

Robert Novak hospitalized with brain tumor

Congress: "We don't have time!"

Youth & Political Ads

Kansan (Dem!) sticks it to election system

Can anyone who has proposed a new DU group (successfully or otherwise) PM me?

Uh...the guy on Hardball just said "full bush" and everybody is giggling

Responding to the Shooting at Tennessee Valley UU Church

The Drug War and Plan Mexico

Conyers threatens perjury charges against Gonzales

Michele Bachmann taps former lobbyist for faith-based charlatans to run her re-election campaign

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh -the arrogance factor is the new spin

Freeper denial or insanity (or both) re: The Knoxville church shooter

Trailer for Oliver Stone's 'W.' shows a partying prez

Americans Move Left: "The Trend In Public Opinion Is Unmistakenly Leftward"

Why is it that when I try ANY political video, I get the message


Injured vets tell pull Dick Cheney invitation over security demands

This Guy Is So Competent In Everything He Does

MarketWatch: Stocks fall hard as financial worries take over

Right Wing Lies and Irrational Racist Hate of Obama Plague My Hometown of Wichita, Ks.

MarketWatch: More pain in store at the (grocery) cash register; Shoppers seek cheaper alternatives

Can someone fill me in on this Porter Goss thing?

Can someone fill me in on this Porter Goss thing?

Can someone fill me in on this Porter Goss thing?

McCain has 3 kids old enough to run for President.

anyone see the mccain ad where he says obama wouldn't visit the wounded troops....

I'd rather vote for "Dole" than for McCain

Leahy Says DOJ Scandal Harmed National Security


Another strange incident regarding the Air Force:

The Most Oil-Addicted States

I found this video in my old files back from 2005

Church shooter left letter citing 'hatred of liberals' as his motivation

Rice Adviser: Iraq Invasion Was 'F*cking Stupid'

Man shot brother with bow, arrow

DHS fears 11 months of 'heightened alert': Developing...

Jon Justice! Hate radio shock jock thinks rape is funny!

CNBC - the real Comedy Central

Suicide Bombers Kill 57, Wound 300 In Iraq

Robert Novak has a brain tumor.

SHooting UU's in America = SHooting Monks in Myanmar

Wtf? -- Does your state have a homicide map by google?

Nancy, Oh Nancy

Did Novack release his medical condition or was it leaked before hand and

Re: AG DOJ Scandal-- What about FBI and Homeland Security?

Half the story, All the time.

5 more arrested from west Texas polygamist sect

A Word from Wall Street's Bartender

Didn't McCain make an ad about Romney during the primary that was an outright lie too?

Claim: Ad Attacking Obama For Canceled Troop Visit Mainly Intended For Media

why isn't dick cheney called before congress to explain where his energy policy went wrong.

why isn't dick cheney called before congress to explain where his energy policy went wrong.

John McCain,as Chair of International Republican Institute has Stronger NEOCON Roots Than Many Think

Is it possible to reach into the TV and throttle Candy Crowley?

Why is Wolf Blitzer talking to O'Liely on the phone???

Caught! A freeper trying to create an Obama hoax!

McCain hedged his bets on the surge,

Firsthand report from the Yosemite fires

Mike Barnicle?

Is it a coincidence that Michael Savage was the first person who came to mind after the TN shooting?

Who wants a cleeeeeean house?

What's missing in the visit to wounded troops debate is obvious:

Vote Vets.Org coming out STRONG against McWerther'sOriginal's horrible ad re: troop visit

KO about to skewer McSame over the ad

Audits Find US Contractor Wasted Millions in Iraq

Defense firm, ex-employee spar in court Whistleblower defendant targets plaintiff’s venture

Blackwater Got Millions Pretending To Be A Small Business

TOON: The Mad Dog Follies!

Breaking - Novak Has Brain Tumor

3 Leading Political Scientists Say U.S. Media Presentation Of Election As Toss-Up Is Myth

ko knocks it out of the park in the fist minute

The Nixon Tapes Re: Health Care

Report of Defense audit scandal makes waves

This Monica Goodling is a real right-wing idealogue nutball....

Ad For Paper Ballots

GOP Gaffe Watch.

Do you think it would be a good idea to have some sort of "sink flag" you can put on your replies?

How Tim Pawlenty made his case for VP by wrecking the Minnesota economy

Drunken women force flight to land in Germany

There was a civil war in the Russian Empire starting around 1917.

Anybody catch Keith Olbermann on "The Soup" on Friday?

McCain ought to make a campaign stop to a Remote Area Medical screening here in the USA

Support the troops? This shit isn't an isolated incident either..

Mercenaries to drop Guitar Hero, X360s over Afghanistan (Blackwater)

Call me crazy but I think VP has to be Hillary

Man, the times are a changin'

Don't know if this is true, but I'm passing it along. Rec'd this as an email today.

Is omitting Women's Rights from one's MyForums choices a sign of complacency?


bu$h* inherited a 128 BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS

So, how are people dealing with the incredible frustration of high crimes going not only unpunished,

Statement on going after Big Oil

A Timeline of the Mortgage Crisis.

Freedom From Mildew (FDR Library)

Better keep an eye on your mutt..


I want to know WHAT is going on at these Georgetown Cocktail Parties

WNOX News talk 99 in Knoxville

Robert Novak has a brain tumor.

Per CNN, Al Q in Iraq can't get in, so the surge is working.

My local UU church's mission statement (I can see why Freepers hate them)

Who's ready for World Politics, er, The Olympics !

Right Develops Economy Blame Narrative (Recycled Meme)

VIDEO: Obama Pushes Back On David Brooks

Six Questions for Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, Author of "In Justice"

SURPRISE: Fox News Doesn't Find Murderer's Reading List Newsworthy!!!!!!!!!

Massacre shadows Mexico, Olympics

Goodling Passed Over Experienced Counterterrorism Prosecutor Because Wife Was A Democrat

Obama on Road to the White House on C-Span right now...

The Wrecking Crew

Healthcare System protest idea:

Torture, Political Manipulation and the APA

DoJ implicates KARL ROVE in DoJ hiring crimes

U.S. Headed For Record $490B Deficit

Some select Sunday front pages...

This BS will just keep going....

New McCain Ad Bashes Obama for Not Visiting Troops Using Footage of Obama Visiting Troops

I got phone-polled by the County Democrats and

Rightwing Terrorist attacks TN church

Repugs not happy with McCaint campaign - "schizophrenic", strategy "churlish", will not resonate

Reputable Think Tank Finds Media Tougher on Obama

Need something succinct re: Glenn Beck

Worried Banks Sharply Reduce Business Loans

World Trade Organization counts its last days

WashPost: GOP Critics of McCain Restive

John McCain still sees three capital letters in Putin’s eyes - KGB

Want a happy thought? As I read this AM about mcsame's

"Retail Politics:" Donate $5 to Obama win flight/backstage pass to the Dem convention

"Retail Politics:" Donate $5 to Obama win flight/backstage pass to the Dem convention

Citing his ‘draconian’ demands, veterans group revokes Cheney’s invitation to speak.»

The Germany stop was different from Iraq...

Amber Alert -Search For Missing 7 Year Old Boston Girl Moves To New York

CBC UPDATE: Rep. Don Young (R-AK) is Like a "Rat Head in a Coke Bottle"

Joey Scar & Buchanan trot out the "exotic" and "not one of us" lines this morning

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

McCain is clueless and ancient and gaffe-prone. He chooses

McCain/Bush Condemns Obama For Not Visiting The Troops Injured Due To McCain/Bush Policies

2 Questions about the anti-gay marriage CA prop #8:

McCain says, "If I had been there, I would have visited the troops."

Ladies and gentlemen, the strike has been made against us

One killed, hundreds stranded by New Mexico flood

Al-Qaeda's Mad Scientist May Be Dead

Did Steve Fossett Fake His Own Death?

Another ad appearing in posts needs to be banned...

Another whooper by McFlipper

A Hug for Obama, a Handshake for McCain

R2000: Obama Holds Double Digit National Lead 51-39

When do we reach a "French Revolution" moment w/ bush & company?

When was the last time McLame visited Walter Reed?

US Stock Market Woes Must Have Caught a Transpacific Flight.....

I very briefly heard something

Chuck Todd just had a Freudian slip!

Dear EarlG, how many children does McCain have?

Joe Scarborough -- WTF is his problem?

Obama leads in fund raising in 5-county Milwaukee metro area...

PHOTO: McCain's inseparable polyp

Robert Gibbs shows what a hack Joe Scarbourgh really is and how week the

Fear Factor Alert: Next months will have US on "heightened alert" or POHA

who is stupidest?

Governor Feinstein?

Governor Feinstein?

Obama should stop playing basketball!

McCain says: Go see your doctor...

Thar She Blows-Last Hurrah for the Banking System

The Rude Pundit: Brief Comment on the Shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee

Wow; Robert Gibbs, Barack's Sr. Strategist may have just put to bed the troop visit

The FBI and the IRS launched a joint investigation into Cuyahoga County

“There are individuals on the streets who have masters degrees and no jobs.”

Rec'd two copies of 'Barack Blew Off the Troops in Afghanistan'

LOL- NYT cover, above-the-fold: "McCain's Lobbyist-Laden Group"

Nancy Peolosi is on the Daily Show!!!!

I have a suggestion for Captain Combover ..... that baseball cap with "Navy" on it .......?

Ben Stein says McShame should use Karl Rove

Funny one liner at Kos - "McCain Tries To Throw Election, Media Won't Let Him"...

Today's "My Way or Highway" photo moment: "Bush gestures in the briefing room of the White House"

Which congregation would Jesus shoot?

Where is the outrage from our Democratic Leaders at John McCain's comments?

Harold Ford On Morning Joe agreeing with The Scar Barack should have visited the troops, that is all

Tucker Carlson recounts Novak's encounter with DU's Symbolman

McCain won't admit he was wrong about his original decision to go to war in Iraq.

That scinitllating RW spokesmodel, Frank Donatelli, is droning on about Obama not visiting w/troops

Stunner: Ben Stein endorses Al Franken --- calls McCain campaign "pathetic" "shockingly poor"

Petraeus: Level of violence in Iraq tapers toward 'normal'= Bomb attacks in Iraq kill at least 56?

CNN Poll of Polls update: Obama doubles lead, ahead by 6

Obama poster

Obama Stars Overseas as McCain Stumbles at Home

U.S. Department of Media

Can an honorable man run a dishonorable campaign?

Free Speech? Or Incitement to Violence?

Now that Obama is back, what will McTantrum whine about?

Please support Al Franken in the Give 'em Hell, Harry! contest

MSNBC teases poll. 60% want time timetable.

Kitchen Sink Redux

Dupe, sorry

Daily Polls : Monday July 27th

Romney's Effect On The Map (

ABC dusts off the White House's Fear Meme for '08 since it was so successful last election.

Another AP Hit piece on Obama. Not even an attempt to be fair

Obama's huge advantage, everyone (even those in power) wants to meet with him

Enough with the "McCain is a honorable man" crap, Obama

Radio Shack, Home Depot, Budweiser and Sears pull ads from Michael 'Savage' Weiner's radio show

100 days

Seattle City Council Approves 20-Cent Shopping Bag Fee

McCain "has until now been loathe to employ" his New Tactic: Savage Obama's Character

Romney's Effect On the Map

Paul O'Neill & Donaldson Endorse Obama;

Media Fails To Fact-Check McCain Claim On Canceled Troop Visit

Rendell on Clinton backers: '90% of us are there' - says new voters key to Obama win

Obama Campaign PowerPoint for PA Ground Game -- target is 700 neighborhood-based teams in PA

Obama Campaign PowerPoint for PA Ground Game -- target is 700 neighborhood-based teams in PA

Hey McCain, If you know how to win wars and find bin-laden, will you tell bush???

Two former Bush Advisers Now Advising Obama, Will Appear at Economic Meeting Today

Bush appointees DELIBERATELY threatened national security for political purposes.

McCain tells vets to F&*K OFF but he and the MSM want to call out Obama for an alleged snub?

Yes I do have compassion for Jim D. Adkisson.


Why are they so jealous of Obama being able to draw such crowds

Jack Reed on VP list?

You wanna see an impressive list of people?

Check out the list of participants for Obama's "Economic Summit" (note: a former Boosh Treasury Sec)

Whining Wall Street Journal trying to get SEIU investigated.

Did I Hear Right? Now * Is Meeting With Pakistan ..........

How about this idea for one of the debates. cross-post from GD

Is America ready for an elderly president?

Let's give "Blue Dogs" the boot By Glenn Greenwald

The Misdirection = Always watch the unseen hand!!

I wish I could have bet something on this: U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage

Where was scumbag McCain when the Senate was voting on the GI Bill? Oh yeah, raising $ in CA!

Obama turns focus to economy with "economic summit," diverting spolight from McCain again

Rasmussen is more of a joke everyday...

Join Obama At The Democratic Convention!

Article Re McCain's New/Old Approach - Attack Democrat's Character

Democrat from Kansas raises $95,000 after posting cartoon on his website

Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity on accused shooter's reading list

I'd like to get Brad Blakeman into a dark, deserted alley

McCain camp releases statement from 'Black Hawk Down' pilot criticizing Obama over canceled visit

Former Medical Chief at Ramstein: McCain's ad is dishonest and shameful

Democracy Group(?) Gives Donors Access to McCain

Ari Berman: The McCain campaign is playing fast and loose with the truth.

If McCain were a Democrat

MCCAIN AD: Presidential Campaign Gets Caught Lying. Why Isn't It News?

Record U.S. Deficit: $490 Billion

McCain: The Iraq Invasion = A Matter For Historians; The Surge = A Matter For The Voters

Shrum: McCain effort is more like a temper tantrum than a campaign

I can't believe this fucking lunatic got away with posting here for so long.

Clinton's donors backing Obama

McCain's cancer back? Maybe

"McCain has a serious Latino problem."

***Obama roundtable...SORRY - seems it's behind closed doors, after intro***

Good News For Obama?

A pot of soup.

73% support offshore drilling per CBS? - What BS!!

Prominent GOP Strategist To Marc Ambinder: "Insane."

Amy Winehouse Hospitalized

Ousted Delegate: "I'm finished with the party, the Democrat (sic) party."

Venezuela: Deadly massage (interesting article from The Economist)

A stranger knocked on my door and wanted to know where I got my Obama yard sign!! Whoo-hoo! I just

Conservative media group finds media bias - for McCain

The Ignorance is astounding. Talking with locals in a blue county, I just cringe.

For anyone getting the email from Cpt. Porter in Afghanistan, here's my response

McCain has understood that the MSM is licking his ass

Obama would drag US into depression: McCain camp

At "The End Of The Day".....

Obama Promises to Move “Rapidly and Vigorously” to Revive Economy

36% of Voters Say Racism Bigger Problem in U.S. than Sexism

You've Gotta Be Kidding Me: WSJ Compares George Bush To...Batman?

"increasingly dishonorable campaign" sez Obama re: McCombover...

Poll: Jitterbug owners prefer McCain; iPhone users overwhelmingly favor Obama.

McCain: Budget News Makes Balancing "Harder"

McCain uses Swift Boat tactics. Hires Black Hawk Down pilot to attack Obama.

Claim: Ad Attacking Obama For Canceled Troop Visit Mainly Intended For (Lapdog) Media

Republican Sen. Larry Craig shown on button alongside Obama

The perils of Pinata Politics

Blair 'war crimes' case launched

Former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo Hasn't Endorsed Obama

Gonzales Aides Broke Laws in Hiring, Report Concludes

Does anyone feel like the VP pick might be a tad overwhelmed?

Court records: Accused shooter threatened to kill wife, himself

McCain's Latest Strategy

TYT: Another McCain Gaffe? Calling Gen. Petraeus the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

If Obama wants her, Bill shouldn't stop Barack from picking Hillary as his VP

My very informal, ultra-low sample US Navy poll...

Are You a Dumb American?

Tim Kaine would be a good VP pick, I'm taking back my post from last week.

Terrorism (n) the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.

Prominent Repug strategist blasts the McCain camp's "insane" Rovian turn toward partisan attacks.

Pentagon Official Who Sandbagged Obama=Bush Appointee & Former Aide To Helms & Lott

I have a serious problem with Adkisson's neighbors.

McCain ad attacks Obama for not visiting the troops by using video of Obama visiting the troops

Here's a potential VP pick I haven't seen mentioned: Debbie Stabenow.

McCain Adviser: Budget Will Balance Itself

Obama's senior staff, including Plouffe, altogether in D.C. today...hmm...?

Terry McKullife said Hillary will speak TUES at CONVENTION in Denver

More outrage against Mcidiot for his misleading ad!

Here's what I would say if asked about McGaffe's new shameful ad

Forgetting His Vote To Allow Waterboarding, McCain Says ‘We Could Never Torture Anyone’»

Breaking News: $490 Billion Deficit Does Not Include $80 Billion War Spending

MSNBC: Upper-income people under Obama: Greater tax burden. Under McCain: TAX CUTS

I've given up (for now) watching cable news--Is McCain's swiftboating of Obama having an effect?

Frankie Valli's Label Gets McCain Video Pulled From YouTube

FREE Obama poster for your use (Bandwidth warning)

Are m$nbc and Shuster going for a record? While denouncing

Voter rolls PURGED CO,FL, NM, OH, NV....

Pick your favorite Monica Goodling job interview question

Republicans STILL pushing Trickle-Down Economics!!

Obama Doesn't Sweat. He should.

Dan Senor Senior Advisor to then-Presidential Envoy L. Paul Bremer III,CAMPBELL BROWN'S HUBBY

Fuck you, Andrea Mitchell...

Michelle Obama Unveils Blueprint for America’s Working Women and Families

Michelle Obama Unveils Blueprint for America’s Working Women and Families

This is not a big surprise...Youth Vote: Obama v. McCain

Savage Loses Advertisers Over Autism Remarks

Check out the new Move On ad on First Read

Bounce in picture form for the idiots who keep asking "Where is the bounce"

Just drove 3,500 miles around this country. Didn't see ONE McCain bumper sticker. Not ONE.

MSM Flash Back - How Much of the Media On The Take? nails McCain ad.

McCain has spot removed from his face for biopsy

WTF?? USA Today/Gallup has McCain up by 4 (49-45 LV)

"national polls are useless unless they take the college into account."

McCain screws up YET AGAIN!!

McCain: Can you go 3 days without using the name Obama? Can you outline your OWN plan

Jeff Danziger punks Bush re: Wall Street got drunk

I now believe that McCainus' candidacy is a Republick dirty trick. Here's why...

I know of a republican who actually justified the church shooting

Streisand Talks About Obama and Hillary

Viva Obama!

100 days to go: The Presidential race's red-letter days (Sept. 22, the first vote is in the mail.)

Comment of the Day: Is McCain Ready for a Fall?


McCain grandstands haughtily near dog food cleanup on Aisle 7.

Why are we not outraged at being under attack?

I'm tired of Pat Buchanon saying Obama cannot close the deal.

Obama the LIAR emails

Who will Romney pick as his VP after he takes over for McSame (due to medical reasons)?

How much does the media know about the vp discussions w/in campaigns?

Kill Liberals-- The TN Unitarian Church Murderer's Motive

The Duggars are expecting #18

lol. The NYT's Adam Nagourney strikes again. "Where's the Bounce?!"

Obama's reluctance to admit surge success is not aarogance!


Edwards, Clinton are Top Favorites – and Top Unfavorites – For Obama Veep Slot

Obama Plans a Hawaiian Break in mid-August --- Is the Obama family Olympics-bound?

"one of us"

When is someone going to out Pat Buchanan out of our misery?

McCain homes worth over ten times Obama's - who's elitist?

Lower third banners undermine Democrat, support Republican messages

John Nichols: A Serious Question of Character

McCain campaign smears have a limited target audience: the media

Grampy is gonna get nasty. Real nasty.

Bill Kristol is a tool! Says "I'm scared of Obama rubber stamping Dem. Congress."

Obama's hair is getting whiter.

PHOTOS: Knoxville hate crime murders. J'ACCUSE!

Short stuff Wolf Blitzer: "Is the media falling out of love with Barack Obama?"

Obama's trip has dealt him new cards to play at home

So what is Monica Goodling doing now? Does she have any shame at all?


New NC Poll: McCain 43%, Obama 40% (Obama's getting closer)

MSNBC: On second thought Obama on MTP seems to be ruling out Senators for VP

Randi just threw something out there....

In advance of the announcement, let me be the first to say that

Why do they keep saying that the McCain ad is 'desperate'?

After a successful, historic world tour, the major talking point is now the "Troop Snub" meme?

Please allow me to say this about MSNBC's Michael Smerconish:

Picture Of McCain's Top Economic Advisors

Obama is going to build an Army in PA

All day today, MSNBC was DEBUNKING McCain's ad criticizing Obama for not meeting with injured troops

McCain Mistakes Arizona for Iraq, Says Phoenix Is 99% Pacified

"Portraying Michelle and Barack as the beloved Brangelina of the political world" -- is working

Presidential Myths Quiz

Obama Olympic Ad Buy - Because Olympics Moved Back 2 Week?

McCain Had Mole Removed says Andrea Mitchel on MSNBC

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/28/08 - Obama 45, McCain 42 (O down 1, M up 1)

What I Loved about Obama’s Berlin Speech

I am getting tickets to see Obama in Springfield MO!


What is it with ATC on NPR - ran the audio of that damn McSame ad

McAuliffe: Clinton would make ticket a "cakewalk"

Love and Rainbows.

Day one is over, I won't be around much till the first of the year or so

Day one is over, I won't be around much till the first of the year or so

OK, Sen. Obama, here it is. It takes 33 muscles to frown and only 13 muscles to smile. However...

Yoda 2008

Russert successor named by NBC: Mark Whitaker

Mr. Straight Talk reverses policy, again.

Obama heads to VP vetter’s office building

The Daily Widget – Monday, July 28 – Obama 364, McCain 174 – More Comparisons to 2004

Encouraging Stat pointing to an Obama Victory (from Lou Dobbs, believe it or not)

Will the corporate media (or the DA) cover up the Tennessee church murderer's letter?

Bush to leave White House $10 trillion in debt

Big News Orgs Fail To Label McCain Attack Ad What It Is: False

Weekly Obama Smear Email Count (28 July)

Coulter, Limbaugh, Savage, O'Reily, etc. should be SUED over what happened in TN

General Clark on Abrams now!

deleted dupe n/t

Anna Quindlen: Why McCain needs (to learn how to use) a laptop

Anna Quindlen: Why McCain needs (to learn how to use) a laptop

Body Language: What McCain and Obama Reveal

What is up with Obama and the capital gains tax???

First McBlunder gets a pass from the media, now he's being helped by rigged polls

MSNBC says Obama Could've visited the troops if

Obama Spotted At Veep Vetter’s Office

MSNBC twits trying to paint Obama's international trip as "a little too much"

I LOVE KO and Rachel!!!

Fox Guest Ties Obama to al Qaeda

McCain on Iraq: "I said we would have an easy victory, and we did."

So Obama catches shit for not visiting wounded troops that we, the American public, you and me,

Feminists cry foul over Fat Princess

Oops! Larry Craig on Obama button

Fox News Calls The Election For McCain!

Who paid for Obama's trip?

"The Slime of the Ancient Mariner." Best blog post title of the week! (re: McCain's new ads)

HBO's "Generation Kill" ? I love it! But..of course, My Perspective is always with the Boys !

digby: Working The Kewl Kidz

Politico: Kaine 'very, very high' on VP shortlist

Former Progressive Media 527 Has Become A McCain Fact Check

Noun, verb, SURGE!

Wow, Time publishes incredible fiction in obvious attempt to bolster McBlunder's maverick status

What's your favorite McCain bonehead idea?

Wes Clark on Dan Abrams NOW!

Re: Veep polls: Our man(woman) has to be aggressive to cover Obama

Inspirational political quotes... which one doesn't fit with the others?

John McCain and the GOP have decided to go Racist/ Sexis t/Homophobic /Anti-Immigrant to Win


Pelosi on now with Jon Stewart....first question should be:

Dinger's VP Poll

Stephanopoulos Corners McCain On Timetables

GOP: BHO = GWB ... WTF?!?

Tim Kaine may be Obama's choice

WTF!! Andrea Mitchell: "Obama was too Presidential"

Bounce much? How does 12 points sound? That's right. TWELVE!!!


NYT: Clinton Doesn’t Seem to Be High on Obama’s List

David Gregory: I watched MTP with someone yesterday, who said "I just don't find Obama impressive"

McCain is always bragging that supporting the surge could have cost him the election...

Confidential Silver State Bancorp Update - for your eyes only - do not pass on

If "National Security" was such a big deal then why...

Novak has a brain tumor

Meat Ax McCain Goes Over-the-Top Negative

Who is more obnoxious?

Neighbors' Obama bumper stickers fill Kristol with 'moroseness'

Obama takes widest lead yet in Gallup Poll

Why is the GOP-controlled media pushing the idea...


Pics Of Obama Meeting Some Of His Top Economic Advisors

"I'm a Liberal who shoots back and I won't miss"

Monday, 9pm John McCain on Larry King Live

Did Nancy Pelosi just called the Democratic Party

Many here don't seem to get it--the best way you deal with these people is IGNORE THEM!

FLASHBACK: "It's Gephardt" for Kerry's Vice President

How to Set Up a Hotline!

OH MY GOD! The guy who shot people at that Tn church said he

Apparently McCain has won the election...

Lets talk about the "independent" voter

Sorry Folks. But I'm seeing the same mistakes Kerry made..

accidental Dupe

Bush approves soldier's execution

Bill Richardson is looking better and better to me

MSNBC Gets It Right: McCain Attack Ad Is False

Watch McCain knock over grocery aisles...Embarrassing

I lost my temper good and proper on Saturday at some Abortion protesters.

Awareness-raising post; Heating oil

Lay off of Pat Buchanan! He lost a relative at Auschwitz.

This is the guy who sandbagged Obama

David Gergen says Gallup poll today has McCain up by FOUR!!??!!

Rice adviser: ‘The biggest stupid idea was to invade Iraq in the first place.’

on Tim Kaine...

Please Tell Congress: No acts of war in Iran - No Land, Air and Sea Blockade!

How to Get a Job By Shooting Up a Church

Did anyone say McCain and Photoshop? (Bandwidth warning...)

Former Ramstein medical chief denounces McCain

Nader: Obama supporters are in 'political slavery'

"Obama Defangs Maureen Dowd?"

Is anyone knowledgable about how prominent racism was in the early 1900s through 1960s?

MSNBC's Witt aired McCain ad without noting misleading claims about visiting wounded troops,

Morbid facts about your birthday

The VP grid all laid out.

Tom DeLay: God Created America To Propagate Christianity

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll pee yourself...McCain Photoshop thread

DOJ Report: Sampson, Goodling Broke The Law

Are Obama's People Aware Of What Happened To Kerry?

I don't prefer Nunn, but here's one reason why I think he might do it

Yes another VP poll, WP reported top three

Dear John

* DU / Obama donation question *

Happy humans on planet Earth. NASA video that will make you smile big.

SCOTT HORTON: Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Siegelman Case

Jon Voight is a F*cking Idiot

OMG, Andrea Mitchell is defending Obama against McCain.

Call me naive - but thanks Keith - I think you read my email?

Obama-Biden 2008... all the way, babe.... let's WIN THIS F*CKER!

In 2006, she got cheated out of a House seat by electronic voting machines...

A story that everyone should know.

Jonathan Alter and Wes Clark on Verdict - in case you missed it

Knoxville murders. You know it's a hate crime.

Oh my FUCKING god its an election year so Bushco* raises TERROR alert WTF?

John Edwards' 'love child.'

Obama and RW Smears - Key Needs To Be Grassroots Support

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Suicide Solution

Alberto Gonzales aides broke the law in hiring : NY Times

Rush Limbaugh had more of an effect on the TN killer than Marilyn Manson on the guys at Columbine

If you are a little disturbed by Porter Goss being appointed to co-chair

3 hour VP meeting between Obama, Caroline Kennedy, David Axelrod, David Plouffe and Eric Holder

Overheard while waiting for tickets to 'Hair' in Central Park: Why one New Yorker isn't voting

Possible comment by church shooter found on Fox News

Quick Question. My wife in her new job has a chance to sign up for a

Did I do wrong?

Is the word "househusband" offensive?

Why haven't the 2008 Bulwer-Lytton contest results been announced yet?

I go to the movies and all hell breaks loose.


abortion...let the pregnant decide

YESSSSSS!!!!! Obama in Cedar Rapids, Thursday.

a "Tron" sequel is proof that God wants to keep nerds out of the sun

I'm bored...

Peace OUT!


Okay, WHO is Ashley Paige, and why the hell does she have a

Do they *actually* sell tamales

What's the best way to clean a CD player?

Dog flea medicine horror

Flip Flops & Clown Shoes

Dog behavior question.

If a man wants to shoot his lawnmaower I say this is AMERICA dammit he should be able to do it!!!

All of a sudden it's REALLY humid!! nt

a "Tron" sequel is proof that God loves us all and wants us to be happy...

Worst movie, film, short, video, etc. you had to watch in school or for work?

Why Get :Uber-White-Looking" Soledad O'Brien & Not The Brilliant and Dark Gwen Iffill?

So, I leave for a couple days to come back and find a dozen locked threads.

It's a joyous Monday

My radio is broken!

Geography Fact: How far is it from Banning to Tombstone?

How many of you are here in the hopes that you will meet someone?

Bohemian Rhapsody on classical guitar...

think I'll go out tomorrow and carve me up a whole tree stump...

This is What Hate Radio Can Do

HELP! Need advice re: computer stuff.

Another shooting in a church today--UUs this time.

What's with all the locked threads?

5:41 am Central Time

DuStrange reviews SERENITY (spoiler alert)

Do you tend to ramble when leaving a voicemail?

Thanks mom for being such a lady.

LOL. My neighbors across the street have twins, boy and a girl.

I think we have a "special needs" kitten.

What are your plans for Election Day

What are your plans for Election Day

What a beautiful morning here! I tried to take a picture but

Plumbing service rescues kitty from drainage pipe

I CLICKED on the DU Lounge

For the first time since early April, I have no chemo scheduled!

I live in a ridiculously large house, yet somehow the critters ALL

Cat ..Barbecue

the talk with the boss went okay

Skinner has made me a Moderator!!

I had lunch with Turtlensue and JerseyGirlDem on Sunday - ask me anything

I think we should start the celebration today!!!!!!! Who is with me

What's the last CD you bought/downloaded?

Anguine is...

Anybody here from New Mexico or Colorado?


Russian speakers! What does the word "nefte" mean?

Skinner Denies Making Philboy A Moderator

So the Y drive is down

Is it sad that DUers are my best friends, and this is the closest I come to a social life? nt

We had a massive thunderstorm in our neighborhood last week

Can someone please tell me what is?

**** CALL ME WESLEY ****

Sex thread

I came online to check for responses to my freecycle offer.

Learning to speak English has never been more fun!

Anyone seen "Mamma Mia"? Thinking of taking the wife and kids, but unsure...

DO NOT click on this unless you are in need a picture of a naked girl

"Puppy Games 2008" -- Will you be watching?

Apparently one CAN be denied coverage during open enrollment

I just saw JerseyGirlDem nekkid...ask me anything!

List music that makes you happy

I just dropped an open bottle of lithium tablets on the floor

Springsteen in Jersey last night...

I humbly submit, for your viewing pleasure, the world's greatest hot sauce:

OMG - this is a REAL Obama campaign button made in Idaho.... I shit you not!!

I just dropped an open bottle of trilithium resin on the floor

Man, talk about shit dreams

I am enjoying sliced baby cucumbers (some of you call them Kirby cukes) with

Happy Anniversary bicentennial_baby & sniffa! ! ! ! ! !

I Just Got My $25 Borders Gift Certificate

Cuil, pronounced cool

So what's up with all the locked threads?

I saw a hair in my soup from the delicatessen near Central Park last night,

How do you like your bananas?

No wonder the evangelicals don't like McCain much - MTV Quote 2000

Freedom Kissing a banana in public?


China-free vitamins and supplements?

Bush and Osama

A Poem For My Dear CaliforniaPeggy

Indiana Jones Star "Shia LaBeouf Arrested For Drunk Driving

Stories From the Road: Tina

What if there were no stop signs…

Something crashed on my computer and my mouse is missing…

All this 'Banana' talk is giving me nightmares

DO NOT click on this unless you are in need of a good cry.

Confession Time: What right-wing sites do you routinely visit?

Hey, LanternWaste! Every single TV show you watch sucks eggs.

A question for the ages. If a tree fell in the woods and no one heard it

Either I'm getting extremely snarky, or everyone else is...

If Someone Pushed Jack And Jill Down The Hill And You Laughed At Them

It's official - there are no hotel rooms left in DC for the inauguration

WE seem to have a new distinguished member among us

100 degrees, 29 % humidity, feels like 104

Oh great, our new car thinks she's a princess!

More gun craziness, I tell ya! Man shoots his lawn mower!

QUICK, lets all make fun of Kitchenwitch before she wakes up

Damn these Stella Dora Roasted Garlic breadsticks!

immature and pic heavy II...

Well, I've dumped Firefox for the time being.

One of my cockatiels died this morning....

Which Actor Would You Like To See In An R-Rated Full Frontal Movie?

I've had old friends popping up like crazy the last few weeks.

Mean Midlo Started In On Her Boxed Wine

Well, its not cancer...its definately Chron's disease...Just to be safe a mamogram is scheduled tom

Anybody see "Mad Men" last night?

Something came along and grabbed ahold of me baby . . . .

If XemaSab took me off ignore, she'd totally crush on me.

MrCoffee After A Few Cups Of Espresso

MrCoffee's jealousy has made him delusional

They can stop airing that Pepsi ad with Justin Timberlake anytime

beware of the Spy Ware....

jasonc VS KitchenWitch

Buried loot a mystery to officials

Baaaad lolcats....

I wanna learn how to sing spanish

I really, REALLY hate that ad for Secret anti-perspirant

Some good stuff, if you can get it. Tabasco Mash.

You guys are killing me

Bush left the Next President with a 482 Billion Budget Deficit

Guess the former DUers.

**Happy Birthday, huskerlaw!!**

How do you deal with a burning online rash?

Is anybody using the Skype Extension with Firefox?

Dear coworkers . . .

How to avoid being caught up in a riptide (danger while ocean swimming)

well I submitted 3 job applications today. My work is done

My new favorite smiley!

Chicken fried meatloaf?

In defense of Irish cookery, is there really anything as good as

Reading On the Origin of Species for the 1st time: I had no idea this was so accessible

Watchin' Keith and posting on DU at the same time.

Post your own "word cloud"--

'Cause I've got a golden ticket ...

Wars not make one great

Outside Lands Festival! SF! Radiohead, Tom Petty, WILCO, so many more

a Thank-You thread

The cat came home...after nearly a week missing.

Skittles v. Eminems

I am a closeted republican

I'm agonizing over this %&$@#! oil painting. Help me finish it.

Now *this* is a good condom commercial...

i just retrieved a pants-less child from my yard

Iron City Beer Appreciation Thread!!1!!

Okay, it's the official lildreamer, Huskerlaw and JulieRB Birthday Thread! The bar is OPEN!

Question: Black comedy about the "trolley problem"

Lolcats? Lostcats!

Best. TV. Series. Ever!

Some KITTEH photos to lighten up the mood.

I DID IT! Four! Four exams down; three to go!

Under the blacklight, out in the garden...

Does anyone know how the Washington Reagan Nationals did this weekend?

80's music video time!

I could take Skittles!! Any day of the week!!!

ya know what we REALLY need around here?

Who uses ChaCha? (not the dance, but the text messaging service)

Fat princess? Hmmmm...?

All Teh Kitteh Thredz Are Giving Me Hairballs

The Portland Maine Whole Foods Market totally ROCKS OUT!

Okay.. what is normal water consumption

Romanian Joker

Do you want to accept my offer?

3 Libras

Tool - Stinkfist [hq - fullscreen]

Good Vibes for my coworker, please.

Any (ahem) interesting piercings in teh Lounge?

Tool - Sober [hq - fullscreen]

Yes or No?

Numb - Portishead

Red hot chili peppers- Pea live

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

WP Kaine in Serious Talks with Obama-- Bayh and Biden also

Good Night Beautiful People Of The Lounge

Be Sure To Wear Your Helmets, Life Is Tough... and Aim High

Cuil, dude!

Cuil, dude!

Bookstore closed. No kids tonight. What to do?

BASEBALL UPDATE: Baltimore Orioles 11; New York Yankees 0

Okay, it's my birthday, and I'm doing something fairly significant this morning!

Snobby mail?

Primatene Mist. Anyone use this?

I saw Hair in my shower last night. Ask me anything!

Ack, I usually love that the kiddo only takes 1 nap a day

XemaSab Has A Crush On Me

Parche is a filthy liar

Spending time with the Kucinich's

Obama should name his VP choice THIS week.....

I've fallen, and I can't get up!

Turtlensue & JerseyGirlDem came to Wilmington and showed me their boobies - ask me anything

Lounge-Type Fantasy Poll For VP

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/28/2008)

Ah' whittled me a tooph.

Why is my toolbar vertical and how to I make it look normal?

Presenting to the Lounge; My new tooth!

What Gender Is Your Brain?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/28/08

You all ruined ceiling cat for me!!!

What if the answer isn't 42?

So has anyone had a candygram? What do I need to do before? what do I expect?

How do you deal with a burning online crotch?

Bought myself a Mac Book

help! there is a republican in my bed

I saw Hair at the Delacorte in Central Park last night. Ask me anything.

Doorbell sounds in teevee ads

What's the best way to clean a DC player?

Have you ever had a nose job? (sorry, I'm spamming teh lounge tonight)

Skittles v. Chuck Norris

You know what food freaks me out?

JackMN sent my FIL a 10-minute long Google Talk voicemail.

Happy Birthday to Me!! I love you all.

I'm going to be in Paris soon.

i just want a frickin' phone

Do you donate blood?

Cat Check:

Okay, so I get it

I am about to play online Dominoes...

I got a second-degree burn on my forearm from the damn oven rack

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday July 29

Tonight's menu: Blueberry crumble and vanilla ice cream.

look what I made this past weekend

Why is it, when the subject is pornography that degrades women,

Stars who have NOT aged gracefully: Post one!

Stars who have aged gracefully: Post one!

Recommend this thread if you doubt that McCain will support Crusade Finance Reform.

Anybody who can't deal with me bitching, please ignore. My fucking CAT

I just nabbed about 5 seconds of my 15 minutes of fame!

Damn, do I hate the Big "D."

So has anyone had a mammogram? What do I need to do before? what do I expect?

Lately, modern music seems to sound an awful lot like the 90's music I heard growing up.

Woot, Kitty PICS!!!!! 56K beware...

I have a strong dislike for chainsaw "art"

OK hit me in the head with a bat - I'm going to start going to church (UU)

Will You Join the National Marrow Donor Program (or another marrow donor bank?

Question for my fellow cat-lovers.

DU computer geeks: I need some help.

I am in a very bad way today...vibes, if you would!

PuppyCam! Pups are about 6 weeks old now, and starting to eat regular food.

what would you consider yourself religion-wise?

How do you deal with a burning online crush?

Question about 64-bit computing...

Paula Deen jumps the shark with her "Cheesy Ham and Banana Casserole"

Suicide hot line got calls from 22,000 veterans

Qantas probe focuses on oxygen tank

Four Suicide bombers kills scores in Iraq

Worried Banks Sharply Reduce Business Loans

Thailand and Cambodia open border talks

Report: Empty Prison in Iraq a $40M 'Failure'

Bush official: 2008 deficit will set a record

BREAKING NEWS: Suspect's letter indicates Tenn. church targeted because of liberal views, police say

Peru declares state of emergency at Canadian mine site

Hundreds rally for immigrants

Pelosi on The View

World War II veteran dies hours after Army apology

Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak says he has brain tumor

US church killer 'hated liberals'

Iran seeks 'common ground' with West - Ahmadinejad

U.S. Deficit to Hit Record $490 Billion in 2009

Parts Of Oxygen Tank Found In Qantas Jet

Buried loot a mystery to officials

US corp distress could mean big bankruptcies-report

Thailand, Cambodia agree to pull back some troops

Buried loot a mystery for authorities

Hate Crime Investigation After Cops Say Church Shooting Suspect 'Hated' Gays, Liberals

GM to cut production of SUVs and trucks

4 female bombers strike in Iraq, killing 57

Larry Craig tied to Obama campaign with accidential button

$150 million lost in failed Iraq projects

U.S. Military Says Soldiers Fired on Civilians

A Deficit Forecast of $482 Billion, a Record

US slams China, India at WTO

Obama Quietly Visits Wounded War Vets

Fault forces (another) Qantas plane to land

Suspected U.S. missile strike kills six in Pakistan

Bush offered $115 mln in food aid to Pakistan

Verizon Refuses Phone Records Query

Two former Bush Advisers Now Advising Obama, Will Appear at Economic Meeting Today

Sugar company CEO blamed in fatal refinery blast says OSHA ignores dust hazards

Justice report faults illegal use of politics in hiring federal prosecutors, judges

Economy hitting the elderly especially hard

Stocks plunge on earnings fears, uptick in oil prices

Air Force officer (Brig. Gen.) found shot dead in home

DOJ officials broke law in promoting partisan hiring practices

DOJ: Former aide broke law in hiring scandal

Accused church shooter threatened to kill wife, himself

Terry Lloyd: No charges over death of ITN reporter killed in Iraq

Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity on accused shooter's reading list

COLOMBIA: Indigenous Groups in Danger of Disappearing

Pentagon screens grisly movie at Gitmo trial

Injured vets tell pull Dick Cheney invitation over security demands

McCain has spot of skin removed as precaution

U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage

Obama promises efforts to revive economy

Obama would drag US into depression: McCain camp

Obama would drag US into depression: McCain camp

Obama visits doctor to treat sore hip

Rolta set to acquire Chicago IT firm for up to $50 million

Democrats Fail to Overcome Senator’s Grip on Bill

5 more arrested from west Texas polygamist sect

"Shanghai Six" and the Collective Security Organization are to React to American Missile Defence

Merrill Lynch loses another $5 billion


Gonzales Aides Used Politics in Hiring, Report Says (Update3)

Yeshiva student returns Obama's Kotel note

Army Recruiter Caught Using Scare Tactics

22,000 veterans called suicide hot line

Bush approves execution of Army private

3rd Wing CO at Elmendorf dies of gunshot wound

Mexico dig fails to find 1970s victims

After immigration raid, Iowa town deals with Somali immigrants

Lawmakers Agree to Ban Toxins in Children's Items

US election: Buffett joins Obama to solve economic crisis

Out-of-state money floods to (California) Prop. 8 (gay marriage ban)

Democrats Dangle Drilling Votes

Officials: US Talks To Iran To Legitimize Attack

McCain sides with ban on affirmative action

EPA e-mail to workers: Don't answer inspector's questions

Unpaid Payroll Taxes Total $58 Billion

Pinochet's daughter seeks office in Chile

McCain backs off his no-new-tax pledge

NGO claims the US was involved in coup against Chávez

FBI searches county offices in Cleveland

Charges Possible for La. Cop Accused of 9 Shocks

One in four U.S. bridges needs repair - report

Extreme Makeover’ house faces foreclosure

Gonzales Aides Broke Laws in Hiring, Report Says

Novak Hospitalized With Brain Tumor

Rights group: US, UK should suspend military aid to Kenya over torture allegations

Record deficit expected in 2009

Home deaths from drug errors soar

Virgin Galactic Rolls Out Mothership "Eve“

Al Qaeda chemist likely target of US missile strike (Pakistan)

HeadzUp: John McCain Kicks It Old School

Fake Empire

Impeachment Press Conference 2 of 2

Barack Obama's Official Inauguration Song By Shanice

Vote for Ike! 1952 Disney Propaganda Film

McCain Loses His Own Argument: He Hedged On The Surge In 2007

Obama Defends Trip - Stupid Questions - Great Answers - Funny Stuff

COLLATERAL DAMAGE! America's War Against Iraqi Civilians

They Can Play This At His Sanity Hearing

TheRealNews: Was the surge in Iraq a success? (HINT: No)

MoveOn ad for MTV & Comedy Central: Hope: It Could Happen To You

Headzup: McCain-Visit As I "Say", Not As I "Do"

Backstage with Barack

Obama's campaign responds to Dead Intern Joe about 'wounded troops' non-controversy

MSNBC- Rachel Maddow takes on conservative Noah Oppenheim

Red State Update: Obama Won't Visit Injured Soldiers

TYT: Classic Republican Sexcapades Story (w Cliff Schecter)

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: McCain's Campaign of Honor

Media Whores and Presstitutes talk about Obama's 'flub' w/o mentioning that Pentagon forbade visit

Obama: More Stimulus Needed in Economy

Nightline 1984: Vanessa Williams/Miss America scandal (Part 1 of 2)

Keith Olbermann appears on E!'s "The Soup" Part I

Keith Olbermann appears on E!'s "The Soup" Part II

Leave John McCain ALONE!!!

Gusher - Flip-Flopper McCain in the Tank for Big Oil

Cancer Survivor McCain has another Growth Removed from Face

ABC News: 15th Anniversary of Woodstock

Impeachment Press Conference 1 of 2

COUNTDOWN: McCain doesn't care about the Troops

Obama Surrogate Greg Craig with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC

Now This Is Teamwork

Guantanamo: The Torture of Omar Khadr Aged 15 (Disturbing)

Nightline 1984: Vanessa Williams/Miss America scandal (Part 2 of 2)

Letterman: Great Moments In Presidential Speeches

Barack Obama: Meeting with Economic Advisors

MoveOn AD ::: Hope: It Could Happen To You

Barack Obama - Word Association Gone Wrong

Nancy Pelosi interview: George Bush is "a total failure"

AG Mukasey Questioned About Sending Detainee To Syria

Montana Gov Brian Schweitzer smacks down Real ID

Andrea Mitchell: McCain ad is 'literally not true'

Oliver Stone's Bush movie W first trailer

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

TYT: Cenk On Crazy Right Wing Conspiracies Against Obama

TYT: One Of The Dumbest Things McCain Has Said...

TYT: Cenk's Take On McCain Basically Agreeing With Obama's Timetable

Hottest Fox News Ever

Conservatives are Cool!

John McCain's Neverending War (Buck Power Mashup)

Church shooting: Police find manifesto in suspect’s car

Christopher Hayes: MoveOn Is Not What You Think It Is

Ivory Tower Inc.

Bush administration official says 2008 deficit will set record

What the University of Chicago right thinks of Obama

Keith Olbermann: Crazy Like a Fox?

Bolivia: Tensions rising as vote looms by Federico Fuentes

Paul Krugman:Another Temporary Fix

T. Boone Pickens' Bold New Plan: Power 'Swift Boats' with Wind Power

Jerusalem Post impressed with Obama, not McCain.

For Sale: High-Tech, Lethal Weapons (From Private Military Companies)

Americans Move to the Middle

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Coming Re-becoming (James Kunstler)

Chalmers Johnson: The Vast and Dangerous Transfer of American Spying to Mercenary Companies

Happiness is a) Warm Puppy, b) Money, c) None

Obama's Trip Bounce: The Media's Obsession with Polls Leads to a Bad Case of Premature Pontification

Bush Forced al-Maliki to Back Down on Pullout in 2006

Eric Alterman: Marty's Mini-Me (Peretz and the New Republic)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 346

It's All Your Fault

UK military may have used banned interrogation tactics in Iraq: rights panel

Matt Taibbi: McCain Doesn't Have a Prayer

Getting to Know You - Bob Herbert (who is McCain?)

The Bush Administration's Secret Biowarfare Agenda (Stephen Lendman)

NYT: The Story Behind a Canceled Obama Visit (NYT sets the story straight)

How does outsourcing radiology impact the US workforce and economy?

ELECTION 08..The cheating has already begun!

Women's Advocate Is UN's New Human Rights Chief

Puerto Rico's environmental movement stops some development

U.S. Power Rates to Double Over Next 5 Years

How Coal Shortages in China Will Spark More Foreign Takeovers of U.S. Assets

Beijing's Olympic Village Opens Under Cloak Of Smog - CBC

In China, "People Want A Car That Shows Off Their Status . . . No One Wants To Buy Small" - WP

Avoid The Olympic Even-Odd Car Limits - Buy A Second Car!!!

Peak Oil Review -- July 28th, 2008

Stanford physics lab embroiled in naming spat

Saudi Officials Deny Reports Of Failure Of Diesel Fuel Supply To Rural Kingdom Residents

End of cheap flights

Senate Republicans block heating aid bill

Somerset County Council First Transition Local Authority

Namaste Solar Electric Installs Solar Panels and Hope for Clean Energy

Americans ditching the car (

EU plans action over new hunting season for crows (and turtledoves)

"The Sclerosis Of American Life Is Shocking" - Cruising Through Upstate NY With JHK

Nukes Are Not the Best Way to Stop an Asteroid

Some Indians fear Green Revolution is a killer

Scotsman's sporran (pouch) doomed by European ban on sealskins

George Divoky's Planet

Just how thin is the North Pole ice?

Mainers question geothermal systems' role in groundwater contamination

EPA Tells Staffers Not To Talk To Congress

China Considering Cutting Private Car Traffic By 90% As Anti-Pollution Moves Fail To Move The Needle

Canada Kills the Electric Car

Statement on going after Big Oil

White Nose Disease Source May Be Fungus Itself - Researchers See Huge Bat Dieoff Potential

Beyond batteries: (methanol) fuel cells are the future

Combined Heat and Power can cut total net energy use by 55% in dry-mill ethanol plants. - US EPA

OECD report on biofuels confirms higher oil prices are largest contributor to higher grain prices.

Some could get $100K in retroactive benefits

Critics blast move to end DDG 1000

Colorado State University-Pueblo to Install 1 Megawatt PV System

Recruiting duty, with perks, opened to E-4s

TEPCO:Don't expect quake-hit plant to restart '08/09

Greenlands glaciers hold enough water to cause a sea rise of 23 feet.

Video: Gays continue to be targeted by Islamic death squads

This video will break your heart

Trans Formed: To Be Homeless and Transgender

Judge: Principal Went On Gay Witch Hunt

The message adults send ( a cross post at Pam's House Blend)

Assemblyman doesn't want to live with housing covenants that endorsed segregation

Fuel Subsidies Overseas Take a Toll on U.S.

In Volatile Times, Investors Tune in All and Any Predictions

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 07/25/2008

Waxman demands accounting data from phone cos.

Short sale of a house

IRS (back taxes) cellphone rule called outmoded

Insurer offers discounts to drivers with monitors

Bad News and Bank Runs

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/28/08

McCain: I'd move embassy to J'lem

Olmert: Living with 270,000 Arabs in Jerusalem means more terror

Demonising Hizbullah is a blunder

Palestinian Authority Might Declare Gaza 'Rebel Region'

Israel blows up "illegally built" Palestinian home

What Obama missed in the Middle East

Father of bulldozer terrorist decries life as stateless East Jerusalem Palestinian

Pentagon chief: War with Iran would be 'disastrous'

Top PA officials to Post: 'PA on the brink of bankruptcy'

Palestinian official: Three-way meeting in Washington last chancefor peace

Torture widespread in Palestinian jails

Does "Pro-Israel" Mean Anything?

Today in labor history July 28 troops burning to the ground a shantytown built near the US Capital

China Imports Workers to Build Embassy in U.S., Sparking Anger

OSHA Seeks $8.7 Million Fine Against Sugar Company

Bolivia: Tensions rising as vote looms

Pinochet's daughter seeks office in Chile

Ecuador's Roman Catholic Church attacks draft constitution for gay unions, abortion

Brazilian University Will Fill Half of Its Vacancies with African Students

NGO claims the US was involved in coup against Chávez

COLOMBIA: Indigenous Groups in Danger of Disappearing

"U.S.'s neglect in narcotics war is obvious," Dominican drug czar says.

Mexico dig fails to find 1970s victims

Who are you more sick of? Manny or Brett?

Boxing: 7-30 to 8-2

Remember the storm Cristobal?

Distilling The Alchemical Brew

The Great Way (Hsin Hsin Ming)

Prerequisites for developing the wings of awakening.

Track of August 1st eclipse- arctic in crosshairs

DailyOM: "Taking Our Turn To Give - People In Need"

Happy Birthday, lildreamer316!

Sweet Little Kagome has gone back to the Cosmos..... :=(

Anybody following Oprah's conversation with Larry Dossey? (pt. 2 tonight)

Very bad dream last night.

CDC offers buyouts, retirement to 106 employees

Help wanted: U.S. has a shortage of trained health workers

Weight Drives the Young to Adult Pills, Data Says

Teachers Get Nurse Duty as Schools Are Squeezed (crosspost from GD)

Some cancer patients at N.J. center may have to move

Compound that Helps Rice Grow Reduces Nerve, Vascular Damage from Diabetes

As Doctors Cater to Looks, Skin Patients Wait

Doctors Ignore Proven Alternative to Coronary Stents and Bypass Surgery

Pear-Fair pics, 3 ~ Courtland, CA

Pear-Fair pics, 1 ~ Courtland, CA

Victory Column in Berlin, Germany

Pear-Fair pics, 2 (the cars) ~ Courtland, CA

BREAKING: Heller files suit in District Court against D.C.'s new gun laws...

VP Poll with the "top three" from the WaPo article:

VP Stuff--

Goddamn it - I can't stop myself!

Russian-European Manned spaceship design unveiled

Harvard Researchers Create Computer Language That can Penetrate the "Mind" of a Cell

Wild orangutans treat pain with natural anti-inflammatory

Sooo, what information does Ed Mitchell have that I haven't

Malaysian Shrew Survives on Beer

Tab's jerky thread sparked this query. Dried fruit procedures?

Gravity Observation

If I hadn't already bought a new stove

Children of God?

For the immature atheists out there...

All belief, regardless of source, is dangerous if unquestioningly given.

Iraq's Christians form new militias to combat Islamic extremists

Satan is ...

Does Newton's Principia demonstrate that miracles do not and cannot occur?

A bit of a religion conundrum:

Kerry speaking on Christian-Muslim relations at Yale tonight

A Third of British Muslim Students Justify Killing for Religion

True or false: Jesus is to Christianity as the Koran is to Islam? n/t (e.o.m.)

Duplicate: Delete

"Member of 101 First Airbourne" = PSYOP

San Antonio lawyer to steer Obama’s Texas campaign

Fourteen debates - This is what

Any thoughts using Jetico Personal Firewall

Saving webpages permanently

and...weirder; my Menu Bars are Pink

Fax software for Windows. I have a friend who, for whatever reason

Without telling me why, my boss asked me to do research on

Having trouble with broadband cable not holding connection and affecting my voip phone.

Suggestions for webhosting?

U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry tonight at Yale is to give a major speech on interfaith dialogue

Bernard Obama is Barack’s (Half) Brother - The Sun (UK)

How to Set Up a Hotline!

Michele Bachmann taps former lobbyist for faith-based charlatans to run re-election campaign

Listen to Bachmann Debate Energy

California school districts ending or reducing bus service for students

Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?

Hopes are on hold in down job market

Question about classroom materials and curricula.

Judge tosses voting lawsuit

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 07/28/08

Voting Groups Caution Michigan Election Officials on eve of National Secretary of State Conference

Surely we can do better than that !!!

Greg Palast: "Where Are All The Votes?"

EarlG's brainstorming thread needs some ideas. Let's move!

The Fight to Hold on to Our HAVA-Compliant Lever Voting System: Keeping the Air and the Facts Clear

McCain's Latest Strategy

W. trailer

Believe it or Not

CIA X-files Support Astronaut Edgar Mitchell UFO Tale

Irish dissidents 'UK's main threat'

Typhoid victims locked up for life in mental institution

Barack Obama's Kenyan Half Brother, is a ManU fan!

Waukesha's own -- Injured gymnast Paul Hamm not going to Beijing

Summer Jam at Watkins Glen - 35 years ago - 7/28/73

SF Mayor Newsom marries girlfriend in Montana

my vote no on 8 designs, so hopeful for this to be defeated - it will be monumentous US history

Does a tactical pretext belong in the category "opinion"?


immature and pic heavy...