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Archives: July 26, 2008

"Lord Love a Duck" just starting on TCM check it out

Going to the dungeon to talk 9/11 would be fine if not for the implication...

Let the jokesters begin!

Freddie and Fannie throw party for GOP in Minneapolis

McCain on 16-month withdrawal: "I think it's a pretty good timetable".

Former Repub. candidate Duncan Hunter's search for wildebeest in Chad

Drunk Suspect Licks Police Officer while handcuffed

The use of images of presidential candidates....

Teens charged in fatal beating of Mexican immigrant

Got this email from an old military buddy

McCain politics = Salem Witch Trials

Ann Coulter responsible for medical breakthrough

For Everyman.........

Denver Post: The Fabric of America is Fraying as the Economic Downturn Continues

Why doesn't this moron from the Heritage Foundation on WJ

Main Core: New Evidence Reveals Top Secret Government Database Used in Bush Spy Program

Republican Boycott Blocks Senate Panel Vote on EPA Subpoena

More college students turning to food banks

60 years ago today--- ExecutiveOrder 9981

Article today, Boston Globe about the Passport situation.

Quick Quiz: McCain's Month (Part 2)

I woke up this morning, and none of the news was good...

What atrios said.

What atrios said.

State Dept. Double Standard: Diplomats Barred From Obama’s Berlin Speech, But Not McCain’s In Ottawa

AlterNet: Massive Economic Disaster Seems Possible -- Will Survivalists Get the Last Laugh?

Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy - a/k/a the Kerry Report Transcripts

U.S. military admits to accidental killing of Iraqi editor's 14-year-old son

The Fabric of America Is Fraying as the Economic Downturn Continues

?? Laura Ingram is Ann Coltures twin sister seperated at hatching??

***LIVE*** Senate Debates Housing Rescus Plan -

msnbc pimping the surge this morning -

CAPTION the creep. Then pin the tail on him. Then . . . But CAPTION first!!!

T.I. partners with the Hip-Hop Caucus to form a voter registration drive

U.S. State Legislatures Slam Colombia FTA – Again

why aren't the dems loudly calling the repukes anti-american......

Wis. Democrats oust delegate over McCain support

Bush Lets American Workers Die by Handcuffing OSHA - Bush History,7/26

Tarantulas, fire ants lurk in Texas floodwaters

If it ain't Tweety, it's Faux: They're pushing a comparison of Shrub with "Dark Knight"!1

4,000 U.S. Combat Deaths, and Just a Handful of Images

Bush's super-happy 7/25 photo op w/ Military families: "Welcome to IL President Bush We heart you!"

If you missed Obama's speech in Berlin

If you missed Obama's speech in Berlin

Bush lost the war on terror

Rehberg: Surge is working in Iraq - He could tell from his helicopter ride to the Green Zone

Norquist: Don Young is Like a "Rat Head in a Coke Bottle"

Taliban using text messages, ring tones

Convention Welcome Bags need some stickies

Does anyone actually remember how a group of thugs like the Taliban came into power?

Check Out Alan Grayson's new TV Ad! (D-FL CD08)

Harry Reid is standing up to the Reps on the Senate Floor NOW --

Poor child.

And so it came to pass. A parable of Obama

Hip Hop Star Nas - 2008's Dixie Chicks?

“The censorship never gives up. It always return disguised."


PLAIN DEALER: Impeachment supporters get dais in spotlight

If Impeachment is "Off the Table" the DNC and Nancy are on my block list

Is anyone else here watching the comedy the pugs are putting on now on Cspan?

The Karma Train will take them all to hell!

I don't miss the primaries but I do miss Terry McAuliffe and all his bullshit

"Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!"

Southern Chile’s Chaiten Volcano still erupting

msnbc got the memo::'what will be the backlash of the obama trip?'

CNN has a feed to live coverage in India re: the bombings. Link on front page.

Is this man capable of taking a bad picture?

So today they threw us a bone.

Hey DUers! Are you carpooling? If not, why not?

The 3 year anniversary of Camp Casey is your memories here, please.

Stephen B. Presser (Northwestern University) "Ya'll are Conspiracy Theorists"

Seriously if things are so good in Iraq wouldn't right now be the opportune time to leave?

Obama defends world tour

So exactly what kind of help is this new bill that the Senate passed this AM

I just got this email from a friend. I'm not sure what to make of it.

Who do you believe gave the most valuable testimony at the

If Pelosi won't do her job and has some reason un-known

Fox News caught fixing video for McCain

Health Care Challenge to DU

15-year-old buried under hot asphalt

Texas Congressman accuses hearing witnesses of lying to Congress.

Rev. Wright is the reason I still believe in Obama, despite his recent centrist leanings.

Bolivia to fight cocaine trade with its own funds

Why aren't the reporters flooding into Iraq to show us first hand the surge success?

Amnesty International urgent call to save Soghra Najafpour

Bush and cronies up to more in our own backyard


Why aren't all Dems running ads like this?

Tornado Confirmed in 11 New Hampshire Towns - ( an F2 )

cnn is congratulating themselves on their black in america program...

Senator Fuses Controversial IP Bills into Big, Bad Package

i'd like to start up a group - "Narratives" - need people to agree

i'd like to start up a group - "Narratives" - need people to agree

It's now an official part of the Congressional Record: Michael Savage is a moron.

Money spent on Iraq War = Money spent on Vietnam War

What would you consider a useful contribution to a "self-grown" society?

How many time can they fill me with lies and I listen.....again

Tammy Baldwin Says Bush and Cheney Should Be Impeached


They are picking on Kwame Again!

'Video-Gaming' Child Predators Offering Points For Nude Photos

Escaped Chimp Fights Back When a Gun is Pointed at Him

Former Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman on Impeachment.

Sam Seder fans: Sammy's on Ring of Fire today!


McCain radio address: "I am feeling a little left out. Maybe you are too?"

Why is an ad for the right wing smear film "Hype" being advertised on DU?

My 12 year old daughter needs your help with an 'experiment'.

Discus thrower's Olympic dreams are crushed

The official coronation ceremony for the War in Iran

Weird FR post

A sanitized picture of war?

Are these guys ever going to stop letting Drudge lead them around by their nose rings?

Wexler Wants Real Impeachment Hearing Now

Whatever became of NBC Iraq correspondent Kevin Sites? Gitmo?

Fugitive Rice Makes Narrow Escape

How much longer can the media ignore the Impeachment Hearings?

Should John McCain trade in his "Straight Talk Express" for a Waahmbulance?

(ObL's) Driver told FBI agents U.S. could have killed bin Laden

McCain Embraces Technology

I clicked on this BUZZFLASH thread and look where it took me

Wiki's featured article today: history of Solidarity

Is Joseph White of aware that he cited data from a hate group?

Committee hears about trying Bush

Wife reports Sen. Ted Kennedy completes chemo treatment

the senate is in session today! bail out the mortgage industry

An open mic captures the true essence of the man, the myth, the legend...

Rewarding greed and stupidity

great story from our doorknocking for Dan Barrett this morning:

Caption McCain

Pelosi Appoints Dusty Foggo and Jose Rodriguez’ Buddy to Ethics Committee

I just saw DePalma's movie "Redacted". I was not impressed. many folks are with it at this time of nite?

uh oh....

WTF? John Edwards Caught Visiting Mistress & "Love Child"!!!

Iraqi athletes banned from Olympics...

Medicare Part D a boon for drug companies, House report says

Jack Bauer ran Gitmo

Well, now, Ms Pelosi's husband was at Bohemian Grove, 2008.

Hollywood movies, NSA & propaganda, what is going here?

McCain adviser: "in the places we went, we dominated local news."


Goss among former members appointed to ethics office - Why would Pelosi go along with this?

War crimes and crimes against humanity

Social Security Give And Take

Daughter and I talked last night. She wants to take the test, but is going to college for at least

McCain, hands free.

Going Undercover at Mad Pastor Hagee's Christians United for Israel Summit

Real Presidents can cry, but Real Presidents don't whine

You have to be stupid to believe in god, and other myths found on DU

Complaint: Man shoots lawn mower

John McCains sorry organizing compared to Obama's movement...

Gas expected to fall 25 cents by Labor Day

OK, I am Concerned about this John Edwards Scandal Brewing

Saw a McCain sticker today.

Iowans to congressmen: Stop immigration raids

Little help? Looking for a picture of a Houston cop in a squad car with a white hood on.

Audio Archive Of Cliff Arnebeck From The Peter B. Collins Show Last Night

I went to the grocery store today...(lame GD copycat thread)

Anyone know a couple good left-wing German newspapers?

Gas Fireplace? (Yes, in July)

Thank you all..keep my letter the most commented

Fighting spam, and winning a bit

Is Obama going to change the capital gains tax you could owe on

Jack Reed issues response to McCain Attack Ad....

Let me in, immigration man

LA Deputy Guns Down Man Sitting in His Own Car in His Own Driveway

McClellan: The White House Sends Talking Points To Fox News Commentators And They Use Them

CNN poll - housing rescue

Girls win 5 of 6 at Soap Box Derby Finals - YAY!

Stink brewing - Did senator pull strings for his son?

Mayer: Top DOJ Lawyers Spoke ‘In Codes’ For Fear Of Being Wiretapped By White House ‘Lunatics’»

Play along: Match the right wing windbag with their description

Fuel costs fail to drive down Hummer passion: these SUV owners have no plan to surrender

Reid Corners The Republicans - Unbelievable

Postville detainee: ‘Congressmen, be our voice’

Black Radio on Obama Is Left’s Answer to Limbaugh - NYT

'meet the press' will have barack obama for the entire hour.

'meet the press' will have barack obama for the entire hour.

Sunday TV news shows

Was Obama punk'd by the Pentagon?

Jean Schmidt Is A Lying B****!

IA's Rep. King Maligns Mixed-Race Military Families (What a Jerk)

13 year old girl charged with felony murder

Can The Fist Bump Mix With Business?

We’ve stalled the Iran blockade bill! Help pass the diplomatic alternative!

Part of bridge falls and hits vehicle in Minnesota (Thanks Gov. Pawlenty)

Lawrence King's killer to be tried as an adult

Just got that "obama snubs soldiers in Afganastain" email. From a fellow teacher no less

God Help Me.

Looks like Weather Underground sees Fox News as a joke too.

Five-Year-Old Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 4-Year-Olds

Bush History,7/26 - Bush Lets American Workers Die by Handcuffing OSHA

Allen Ginsberg said

Hypersonic Jet Concept Could Chop Travel Times

Dear Congresswoman Pelosi:

Is Keef On???

How do we 'win' the war/occupation in Iraq?

So what is Sirius/XM going to be like now?

Anti-war protestors try to confront long-time Bush advisor (Karl Rove)

Comcast about to get spanked.

McCain thinks Obamas 16 month Iraq withdrawal plan is a "pretty good timetable" now

New Yorker is so last week but this is the weed report!

I am John Edwards's Love Child.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Three Ways to Fight Immunity

What kind of abysmally, terminally stupid geek would buy this 9/11 junk?

Christian-Themed License Plate Program Goes Too Far

Upkeep of empty (foreclosed) homes falls to weary neighbors

WOW gas is ONLY $3.98 a gallon nationally......

Report: Iran plans mass execution, includes illegal relationships

Pentagon Admits More Electrocutions in Iraq -- KBR Denies Blame

US says women suicide bombers seeking revenge in Iraq

The Real Reason that the U.S. Tortures People

Should gov't sponsors of athletes for the Olympics offer passports to dissidents who are in China?

Bigotry Comes In All Shades....

State Police Call Spying "Case Of Bad Judgement".

BUSH:‘No regime should ignore the will of its own people’

Massive Economic Disaster Seems Possible -- Will Survivalists Get the Last Laugh?

Katie Couric claims she is a victim of sexism

Admin Told CIA Torture Justified “In Good Faith”

best McCain picture

the perfect place for the FLDS to relocate:

hey, how do you like my new buttons?

ex-Mossad chief says Iran no threat to Israel

There must be lawyers here on DU

If y'all see a new DUer, don't forget to welcome them! Just sayin'.

Kucinich ---- Is this all just politics...

Full response to ALL of McCain's latest attacks!!! I think they are great!

Has life really got this freakin lame???

Telecom Reporter Blogging on Wiretapping Could Use Some DU Love

Is enriched uranium harmless?

Answer this fundamental question about our banking system

The billionaire's club: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the numbers

The Obamas on the cover of People magazine

Newest DU Poll

I need HELP from DU to prove this is BOLOGNA

No Longer Any Doubt Big Brother Has Arrived

polling shows this is best DU post ever

NEW and Improved DU Poll ,now with ponies and Bacon!

Russia slams Bush over Nazi link

Submitted for your approval.. new smilie ...."screwn"

The best thing for me in regards to an Obama win

are you a member of the activist corps?

Obama's so tall

Who's the real President?

Backbone Campaign gets permits to march in Denver at the convention

200,000 people in berlin for obamas speech?

It's official, "Wisconsin Delegate dumped for choosing McCain"

McSame is working this weekend

Idea for anti-McCain ad


McCain accuses Obama of taking victory lap...yet McCain is the one saying "when I am president"

OK, this is gross. But I don't like the way McCain chews on the stuff he finds between his teeth.

Deep Thought - On Timelines and the Destruction of America

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 46 (unchanged), McCaint 40 (-1), w/ Leaners Obama 49, McCaint 43.

Obama's British Invasion (((PICS!)))

New Email Claims Obama Snubbed Troops In Afghanistan

Is it a bigoted statement to say "all Obama has accomplished is being the first black man nominee.."

Obama: McCain's timetable shows "convergence around proposals we've been making for year and ahalf."

Why isn't it noted that McCain never wears a lapel flag pin?

Defending Democrats with Right-Wing Iraq War Talking Points

Biden writing for Obama campaign on Afghan., Iraq surge, USA Today 7/24

More bad news for McCain

FUX caption you'll NEVER see: "Porn flicks and the "Surge"...

Does John McCain Know

Downright under handed sabotage

If Anybody Doubts Who The MSM Is Supporting

Please, someone sell me on Tim Kaine....

Troubles fail to drive down Hummer owners' passion

Ann Veneman for Veep?

Heard the meme about Obama's overseas trip



NYT, Bob Herbert: "How much do voters really know about MCCAIN?"

When John R. Bolton's the Only One Who Agrees with Your Iraq Strategy, You May Want to Rethink It

To defeat Obama, conservatives take the initiative (Ballot propositions)

"Obama Organizing Fellows" Share the Power of Personal Stories


Obama as the anti-Bush: World leaders already positioning themselves for a new U.S. President

Senator Obama's Press conference in London

Obama Praises McCain’s Comments on Iraq

McCain PROVES he's not in Obama's shadow by going to a PA grocery store and pointing at tomatoes

Overheard in London, Obama muses on need for time to think

Obama's Trip Changes McCain's Position On Iraq, Again

I was slumming and stopped by FAUX NEWS and to my surprise

Still trying to find a transcript

McCain embracing time table to pull out of Iraq..

McCain's son has abruptly resigned from the board of a Nevada Bank

Obama=Bush | McCain and Bush differ

Under the NYT headline 'Bush and McCain Seem to Diverge in Foreign Policy'

McCain Campaign Yanks 'Obama Love' Web Video

Senator Jack Reed Delivers the Democratic Radio Address

New talking point: Obama versus McCain's entourage

Why does Obama have to "defend" his overseas trip at all?

We could have a money problem before November.

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Bloomberg did not walk away from his independent run without getting something from Obama, what was

Obama likes to highlight the fact that he can work across the aisle

Inspirational Obama Vid

Obama praises McCain's comments on Iraq.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/26/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (M down 1)

For those like me who can't get MSNBC TV: I just discovered how to see it free

Where is Quinnipiac's July poll for Ohio?

Looks like McBush better forget the governor of Alaska as a running mate

Help me understand the "Fair Use Doctrine"

I heard Obama is considering keeping Cheney as his VP

Barack on the 18th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

PBS's Washington Week and guest "journalists" join corporate media in campaiging for McCain.

GOP Reps on todays hearing did nothing more than try to make chicken soup out of chicken shit. map shows good news for Obama - up 284 to 147, including 10 states Chimpy carried

Someone was passing out PUMA flyers in Berlin

McCain hints at supporting timetable

Obama defends tour, says McCain shifting on war (AP)

Gallup, 7/26: Obama 48%, McCain 41%

MORE of McCain; Saying One Thing, Doing Another

Obama headed home after Mideast, Europe trip

Obama battles McCain on issue of "Moral Amnesia"

Obama battles McCain on issue of "Moral Amnesia"

Bumper sticker seen today:

How many McCain pins have been circulated? - MoveOn: 600,000 Obama pins

Obama: "We don’t buy our own hype."

My e-mail to Debra Bartoshevich (WI Clinton delegate booted for supporting McCain)

RNC tool bar. Is that where freepers go to drink?

The first rule of picking a Veep

McCain: Feel the Excitement!

"The stakes are high. The corporate alliance is in the midst of conquering its final

The time has come for us to get over the PUMA bs and move forward

Repugs are even complaining about McCain's bumper stickers.

If they IM'd: Obama and the Media

McSame endorses Obama?

Re: Another Bad Week For McCain - Apparently it CAN Get Worse

Media Matters: Even while carrying McCain's water, media worry they aren't doing enough for him

I am absolutely furious every time I hear the

McCain adviser Holtz-Eakin: McCain may not speak for the McCain campaign on the economy.»

Defining LEADERSHIP....we hear this term bandied about...but what does it mean ? We should remind

McCain vows to back changes to disabilities law

BOB HERBERT: Getting to Know You

You've Just Won Mega Millions - $100 Million Cash Value

Do any of you have a link to an article that discusses the Bush administration feeding info to Fox?

Its July

Is anyone else getting depressed about this?

McCain Surrogate: Obama a "fraud", backed by "goons", & questions if "racial" people can believe him

124,000 new voters registered in Florida

A quick, easy and fun way to make a **BIG** difference:

Why Obama's Western Wall prayer, being stolen and published, will ultimately help him

John McCain's FP Legacy - That Of A Whiny Blind Squirrel

Did you see how the RWers are talking about Obama not visiting the troops in Germany?

Bill Richardson Campaigns For Obama Today In Denver, CO

Bumpersticker I saw yesterday on a truck

Senator Barack Obama to Speak at Journalists of Color Unity Convention Tomorrow

McCain gives in on Iraq, adopts Obama's position

McCain: He, and maybe the American people, felt "a little left out" by Obama's speeches abroad. HUH?

BREAKING: No Obama Bump!

O Kaaaayyyyy

McCain Surrogate - John Bolton Attack's Obama's "Radical" Berlin Speech

NYT: "Getting to Know You" by Bob Herbert

McCane Meets the Dalai Lama ---pix--->

Clinton donors give big to Obama, but not the other way 'round


ABC Interview: McCain's Pure Arrogance on Display

Obama Should be in Chicago By Now.

World's First Lung Cancer Treatment Vaccine Approved In Cuba !!!

AP anti obama piece

What Is Obama's Stance on East Jerusalem Being the Capital of Palestine?

I have had to convince more black persons to beleive that Obama becoming

"Walker" says McSame too old for the job...

Dick Morris Wants To Start War Against Iran To Help McCain Get Elected

McCain's New Ad shows Obama Visiting the TROOPS!

Israeli newspaper publishes Obama's private prayer

for all not firmly behind the nominee

To defeat Obama, conservatives take the initiative - They're putting questions on state ballots

Gallup Daily: Obama Retains Lead, 48% to 41%

WSJ on Candidates’ Latest Veep Lists

McCain: Whiner In Chief (the Angry Penguin Must Win!)

CAPTION: Weekend at Johnny's

Take heart, friends....Pawleys Island, SC for Obama event

Bush Giving A Terrorist Fist Jab

Isn't too early to declare "Surge Success"..after all...the war is still going on

Which TV Personality Would Make the Best VP for Obama?

Huffington Post: "McCain To Obama: Welcome Home, Troop Hater"

And now an important message for Citizen McCain

John McCain being made to look, um, 25 years younger in campaign ad

Is our next President home yet?

Buh bye Debra: Wisconsin Democrats Oust Delegate

When did Obama first mention the 16-month timetable?

Is the Obama campaign letting his trip be defined by his nonvisit to wounded troops?

A Kennedy Goes Public

To Obama's Campaign- I Want To See The Pentagon Memo Re: Not Visiting Troops In Germany

Saturday's News: From Paris, France

"I wish every senator, every senator would make this same trip," McCain said. (3/21/08)

Woman on a mission: Michelle Obama (Miami Herald)

How many people REALLY attended Obama's Berlin speech

Please delete

Very nice profile of David Axelrod in the Observer (Guardian)

On Gaining Seats, While Losing Power...

Open mic pics up private Obama conversation - talks of "thinking time" and making good judgments.

Black Radio on Obama Is Left’s Answer to Limbaugh

I hate to say it, but I can see why some believe the media is fawning over Obama.

ABC News Officially Endorses John McCain For President

Not all of NC is crazy. Howard Dean warmly welcomed in Raleigh and Greensboro - stories & pics

The Freepers are polluting the LogoBama Flickr Stream

McCain Exploits Troops For Ad

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, July 27 – Obama 359, McCain 179 (Link)

Yes or No

DOJ Lawyers: "Lunatics Had Taken Over The Country" They Feared Cheney & Feared For Their Lives

I love this ABC headline:

Heartland Voters Take Look Abroad

Interactive 360 degree Panorama Photo of Obama's Berlin Speech

Obama In England: Pics Of Obama Together With Tony Blair And Gordon Brown

Newlyweds Tasered at their Wedding by Police

Why must smart = elitist?

Kennedy completes chemo treatment so perhaps he could do the keynote

For those that get Obama Emails ..... here's one to send back ...And It’s All True 8-)

Back to the Future: Speaker Christine Pelosi names David Addington

Obama Campaign's Response: 'McCain Is An Honorable Man Running A Dishonorable Campaign'

Obama Considers GOP Running Mate

Everybody Is Talking About Obama

5 Words To Shut Down The Obama SMUT

What A Great Response!

Formal group start-up request

Highlights of Obama's Amazing week - enjoy! (pic heavy)

Disgusting new McLoser Attack Ad - *Update: Obama Team responds

Military hospital visit - Obama misstep?

Is Obama hinting that the Campaign is considering DU idea to Simulcast August 28th?

Obama uses Apple MacBooks. What computers does McCain use? Post your pics

Hillary'll be the veep

What in the hell is wrong with people in this country???

Frank Rich: How Obama Became Acting President

Lanny Davis and Memories of A Purple Finger.

I'm not waiting to get a knife in the back.

The New McCain Attack Strategy: "Obama Works Out A Lot, Plays Basketball."

So I went to my supermarket yesterday

"If ALL you did in the 2004 election was vote for Kerry, then you share the guilt

I am now a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Obama sneaks into Waziristan (wherever). Alone. Goes into a cave. Comes out

Barack Obama's Letter to the Dalai Lama

Police Taser 16 Year-Old... Lying On the Ground... With A Broken Back


How Should the Next President Deal with the Bush White House's Crimes?

Getting drunk by myself is cooler than I thought it was going to be.

Boondocks is on Adult Swim RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

You know what a giant shaved squirrel eats?

If worms had machine guns...

So... who wants to go to work for me tomorrow?

I don't think I fit into my pants as well as I used to.

I don't think I fit into my jeans as well as I used to.

Damn, but I am so disoriented!

Dammit. I came online to actually look something up. Now I can't remember what it was. nt

I just saw the an eye opening thing... I was astounded! (I don't get out much)

I'm naked (without pic's) sorry.

NEW and Improved DU Poll ,now with ponies and Bacon!

damn.I live in a R area,and I wish I had some friends!

Goodnight, Loungistas. Off to bed. Tomorrow will be another shitty day.

I'm going to make fried chicken tomorrow.

For those that rarely make it into GD - a new smiley

Can you save my seat? I'll be back in a minute.

Ever been to Griffin House?

If you weren't you, but were somebody else, who would you be?

Why the hell wasn't Corrosion of Conformity a bigger band?

sometimes life makes you wish you could take 1,000 years of kicks in the crotch

A prayer "I" would stick between the blocks of the western wall in Jerusalem

I'm dying of laughter listening to "Get the hell outta my store Hippie" by Red State Update

polling shows this is best DU post ever

I think I'll become a skunk.

Best version of the afterlife?

There's a damn gnat that won't leave my drink alone!!!!!

Someone at MTV decided to upgrade the programming

I'm in a good mood, so everyones thread is going to get rec'd.

What is your Bristol Myers Squibb type?

I posted a new game in GD, play along!

For the first time ever! The sounds I make when I sleep...

Anyone posting?

Where is Maddy McCall when you need her?

Post here if you're listening to the Complete Recordings of the Pressure Boys

I found what I was looking for - "nevermind" nt

Hey baby, don't fear the reaper, c'mon baby... take my hand....

Hey baby, don't fear the reaper, c'mon baby... take my hand....

Who am I? Same rules.

Help? Blue screen of death.

'No stems no seeds that you don't need, Acapulco Gold is

Just got an email offer for a "Christian mortgage"...

"Your Pets Will Not Be Tagged For Removal By Jesus During the Rapture"

i just don't give a fuck. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is one of the all-time great rock anthems!

I have narrowed it down to five.

okay I'll do it - 'Shaving' seats for people at public events .... disgusting!

Newest DU Poll

How many drunks does it take you to get you a drink?

Does anyone leave a tip when applying for a federal job?

Whatever happened to DUer "ROASTNEARS"?

Running Bear loved Little White Dove

Everyone go to teh ESPN and vote for Massillon, Ohio as TitleTown

Ladies, lets pretend that I meet you in a bar, treat you like a lady, and buy you about 5 drinks...

Question for computer experts out there.

I'm thinking maybe I should've told my doc today that I have depression.

I just spent $485.81 in less than five minutes on guess what?

Zoo welcomes second baby elephant

I think I'll become Punk.

Where will Clark Kent go when all the Phone Booths are gone?

Let's all reflect on these words of wisdom please...

Tuesday Weld: When asked what drove her to seclusion,

Today is "Joke Day" on Prairie Home Companion

Who knew Wii golf was such a hoot?

Stephanie Miller and Mercury Poisoning?

Long weekend already

How come it's so fucking hard to find an apartment that will allow an abattoir?

"Life on Mars" - what an awesome show!

Does your dog smell bad?

Why do people think I really need to have a bob?

i just saw a naked man on camera three

David Zucker, a traitor to America and the Boomer Generation

I have a cat that's scared of the rain

Every home has one....

Why are there so many GD posts here today. I thought I was in the wrong place.

Need at-tshu help here

The Daily Lawn Mower Repair Law News

Why are there so many Lil Missy posts here today. I thought I was in the wrong place.

The Lord loves a working man...

Today is Goodwill 50% off day

what percentage of your consciousess is original material?

Help me out in understanding the "Fair Use Doctrine"

I want a fish pedicure in the worst way

Why do children get away with singing songs about being little teapots, short and stout?

Today I became a


What the fuck am I doing fucking up so early on a fucking Saturday?

"Life on Mars" - what an awesome song!

'Bones' - wow, what a great fuckin TV show!

I just stuck my foot into a fan

Kid Rock can go f*ck himself.

Does anybody else here dislike attending weddings?

What the fuck am I doing up so fucking early on a fucking Saturday?

How many drinks does it take you to get drunk?

Crocs' stock drops by 90 percent

6-1/2 weeks to grandmother-hood...

LEGO Star Wars - the Complete Saga - video game review:

Anybody here ever play Robot Odyssey on the Apple IIC?

i vant your vlood

Lately every time I see a Hummer, whether H2 or H3...

I'll get you, Skinner, if it's the last thing I do!!!

veep Straw poll 7/26/08

Bermuda grass is teh suxx0r

Dinner tonight? Garlic Bread. AND THAT IS IT!!! I'm so bad.


Keep your fingers crossed for a Yankee-free October

A $37 leg of lamb!!! grrrr...

Anyone here ever use Rosetta Stone to learn another language?

Can someone ID this song ?

I really hope I'm not spontaneously lactating.

Need shi-tsu help here

If you could say anything you wanted to Barnabas Collins....

Any Toyota FJ Cruiser owners out there?

Talk about a banana republic...

If a baby is born past the due date, then should the doctor pay a fine to the public library?

I want to make the world's best Bellinis for my dinner guests. Anyone got a killer recipe?

You know you're getting old when

Kitty had kittens but I don't know where.

The world's classiest mayor

Who else is having a birthday this weekend?

i'm surprised we don't have a general health forum/group

so i'm sitting at an ATM machine talking with my two sister in laws

stop whining about your user experiences here

I'm off to the new Apple store that opened in Montreal last night

Mick Jagger and I made it another year

Max is 5 months old today (kitty pics)

Blossoms galore!

A bit unPC, but damn funny video

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/26/08 (Happy Anniversary, poetry lovers!)

I must be getting old. We were invited to spend the night at a $4-million beach house in

Fingernail biting milestone.

My dog is allergic to bees.....

Do we need an "Official Explain Your DU Name Thread?"

I Feel Pretty, O So Pretty...

Some people need to GET A GRIP!

"You get in line..."

So I made the fried chicken (no cornflakes).

They all don't grow straight and tall

;*Happy Song* !!!(yes with whistling) Kaiser Cartel 'Season Song'

The first two Austin Powers movies rocked and the third pretty much sucked

Woo-hoo! I'm sitting on my couch using my new laptop!

Which online comic strip should I read (and why)?

I just saw 'The Dark Knight' and holy shit it was absolutely amazing. *spoilers?*

some down home southern rock love bo bice style

Happy Birthday MICK JAGGER!

I dare you to listen to this song and NOT smile...

Naked woman dancing in a flame

PHOTO-THREAD! (Now with more Sea Slugs)

How come it's so fucking hard to find an apartment that will allow a golden retriever

Teh Recommend Fairy.

Effing Neck!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrr arghhh// rrrgrrr arghhhh ack!

So cute! an LOL cat that i HAD to share

vegan zombie

Here's a poem I wrote back in 1994. Looking at it now, it seems to be about John McCain.

The Appletini....

Janis Joplin biopic in the works

OMG - I'm actually watching HANNAH MONTANA: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - what's wrong with me?

Ladies, let's pretend that I meet you in a bar, treat you like shit, and make you buy me 5 drinks..

Any other DU Amateur Radio Operators out there?

Post here if you haven't been angry with anyone in public for two months.

Bat-dorks: Who should the villain be for the third Batman movie?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/26/2008)

Buddy Mother****ing GUY has a new album, dammit. Post your reasons for not owning it yet HERE.

1,000 post, WOOT!....Time for a fun topic - Movies

It would be wrong - don't do it.

I wish you peace

Post a really bad idea

So I waited three days for this response from T-Mobile's support.

Left hook from a leftist woman who has a strong left arm: significant?

I've passed the 15,000 post mark! That's right, rev, I'm catching up with you!!

Woo-hoo! My buddy just won *TWO* Eisner Awards for Y: the last man

I don't think there are enough Midlodemocrat I in the right place?

We caught a newly hatched garter snake at the shop

The TSA needs to get their shit together

I really think, ultimately, a lobotomy was the best thing for McMurphy.

Please say hello to our BRAND NEW CAR!!!

I saw a cloud that looked like a huge boob today on my way home.

A preview of Bush's Olympic speech

Dating service web sites

My husband hasn't spoken to me for 24 hours because I told him to "get your own damn popcorn"

I have met my soul mate

Need cheering up. Please tell me that dating is worth it.

Were you born on your due date? Close to it? Way early? Way late?

Man accidentally shoots self in head

An open letter to everyone who calls into a company's phone support line...

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday July 27

So I got me one of those quick release

Do you applaud when the plane lands?

Gillian know damn right!

I feel like starting a Lance Armstrong flamewar

"Saving seats" for people at public events. Discuss.

Are you more 'uptight' then you used to be?

New Photo Thread! New Photos too!

Want to play? Take two random words, type them into Google Image Search

I am going to be 30 next weekend, what are you planning to get me?

What is the worst pain you've ever been in?

Radio Lady: Friend sent this link to Shanghai Sculptured Gardens (2006) (PHOTOS)

2 more banks went bust on Friday

U.S. regulators take over 1st National Bank of Nevada

Obama, in London, Meets Brown, Blair

For Targeted GOP Senate Candidates, St. Paul Is Not A Choice Destination


Paul Bentley; Dallas Officer Helped Arrest JFK Assassin (Obituary)

Canadian teen dies under asphalt at work site

Iowa protest aimed at Karl Rove leads to arrests

POLITICS: Obama defends overseas trip

Troops say health worsens after deployment

Weight drives Young to Adult Pills, Data Says.

Iraq War's Price Tag Nears Vietnam's

Cancer claims Jimmy Chagra

Gates Wants to Shift $1.2 Billion to Bolster War Surveillance

Obama talks Mideast peace with Blair in London

Md. police to implement safeguards against unlawful surveillance

Obama Disputes He's on a 'Premature Victory Lap' - Has Words for McCain in London

Thailand and Cambodia vie for the high ground in temple standoff

Obama Defends Scrubbing Visit to Wounded Troops

Troubles fail to drive down Hummer owners' passion

Sen. Reed: no 'blank check' for war in Iraq (radio address)

Gay bias alleged in San Diego Bay shooting death

UBS suspends U.S. fixed income head amid probes: report

Brazil's Lula Wishes to Integrate Latin America and the Caribbean

(D-WI) Baldwin makes a call for impeachment hearings

'Nobody deserves to die that way,' dad says of teen hit with Taser

Scottish government hires firm accused of torture in Iraq

McCain Gives Qualified Endorsement to Iraq Timetable

Iraqis who worked for Army denied U.S. entry

Migraines on the rise across all services

Report: Iran Now Has 6,000 Centrifuges For Uranium

Obama's words of comfort for Gordon Brown

OSHA Seeks $8.7 Million Fine Against Sugar Company (13 dead, 40 injured)

DNC Chairman Howard Dean Stops in Atlanta

(UK) Army's torture of prisoners 'had official blessing'

Senate Republicans block heating aid bill

Title for Calif. gay marriage ban changed

After Iowa Raid, Immigrants Fuel Labor Inquiries

McCain's son resigns from boards of Henderson bank: "Personal reasons, no comment"

Maine lawmaker makes phone-spying query

Obama defends overseas trip, says dip in polls is possible ;-)

Schwarzenegger's pay-cut plan sparks legal controversy

Riverkeeper "Mississippi oil spill response inadequate" as details emerge

Spanish police arrest Spain's FARC commander

Several explosions hit Indian city

California bans restaurants from using trans fats

We have reached the 250,000 mark on the Wexler impeachment petition!

BBC News: Obama in London at 10 Downing Street

Obama Vs JFK - 1/3

Barack Obama outside 10 Downing Street.

Vincent Bugliosi - music edition

KO: Hearing on Presidential Powers, Abuses & Crimes

Timetable for Withdrawl - Romney vs McCain vs. McCain vs. Romney (if he's picked for VP slot)

The Great Rights, Part 1

The Great Rights, Part II

RIP: Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Howard Dean in North Carolina!

Dean: Dems aren't afraid of NC

Feingold's Prescient Remarks to Wolfowitz

KO: Worse, worser, worst - WE TORTURE PEOPLE!!! & Faux sounds "stoned"

Fight FISA on TV

Elizabeth Holtzman: a Prima Facie case for Impeachment

Verdict: Rove Speaks on the Siegelman Case

TYT: How Politicians Take Credit for the Ideas of Real American Heroes

Will TYT Sue John McCain?

CNN Talk of Bush impeachment

Shameful, Disgusting New McCain Ad: Troops

David Cameron meets Barack Obama - UK

TYT: This Is Why You Should Vote Democrat = the Rs "went nuts"

Guess who puts Obama's face on Mt. Rushmore and the $100 bill?

Alan Grayson (D-FL) TV Ad Looks Like A Game Changer

Torture Memos Makes DOJ Sound Like Mob Attorney (TPM)

Even McCain's Meeting With the Dalai Lama is a Disaster

4,000 U.S. Combat Deaths, and Just a Handful of Images (Graphic Images)

Juan Cole: Kurdistan Seeks to Annex Other Iraqi Provinces

McCain’s Gaffe, on California’s Ban on Trans Fats

The Democrats’ Schism at a Mexico City Fundraiser

Galbraith takes on the predator (socially just economy - debunks "Con"servatism)

Another CBS Cover-Up: Replaces McCain Interview with 'Matlock Rerun'

'NYT' Explores New Restraints on Images from Iraq

New Book from 'Wall Street Journal' Bureau Chief 'In Same Spirit' As Famous E-mail from Iraq

HBO Documentary Profiles Helen Thomas: Excerpts

There is no Nuremberg Defense for those who violate the Constitution – Take Note.

Israeli Leaders Find Generous Donors in U.S.; Americans Give Most To the Political Right.

Column by Bob Herbert--Getting To Know John McCain

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 5

McCain Melts Down (Ronald McDonald Rejects VP Offer)

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 4

Mr. Mukasey’s Justice

American Academic in Germany (NYT-OpEd) - Obama is too Kantian for the Germans!

Analysis: US Now Winning Iraq War That Seemed Lost

Slammed: Welcome to the Age of Incarceration

Black Radio on Obama Is Left’s Answer to Limbaugh

Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran (Nat Geographic Magazine)

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, July 27 – Obama 359, McCain 179

The Nation: Attack of the Global Pirate Bankers

Girls = Boys at Math By David Malakoff ScienceNOW Daily News

Investors Pressure Corporations to Address Climate

China's melting glaciers

State panel recommends strict measures to reduce plastic marine debris in California

Reinventing Collapse- The Soviet Example and American Prospects

Charcoal added to soil significantly improves tropical soil fertility

King Coal: Willing To Kill For Kilowatts

The Desertification of Southern Oregon

French nuclear accidents

Awards count rises past 500,000

Pentagon Discloses More on Electrocutions

A world map of the best places for wind power

Obama battles McCain on issue of "Moral Amnesia"

* * * ARTIC ICE WATCH * * * . . . . . . . . . . inflecton edition

Hate law expansion sought to make prosecutions easier

Penn. Hate Crime Law Struck Down

Big Labor Move For Gay Marriage

Univ of Texas (UT) banking on profit ($1B) from oil land deals

Assume I'm an idiot....

FDIC Sponsors Subprime Mortgage Mess

Questions about Mutual of Omaha bank purchase deal.

Will Congress Rebuff the Supreme Court's Anti-Consumer Activism?

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/26/08

Who speaks for American Jews?

Hamas arrests dozens after blast

Canadian student faces deportation from Israel following protest

Condemnation of Gaza bombing pours in

Report: PA mulling unilateral declaration of statehood

Counterfeit products and the effect on the American consumer

Today in labor history July 26: Chicago, 30 workers killed by federal troops, more than 100 wounded

Cal-OSHA broadens probe of heat-stress deaths (after issuing a record fine against the employer)

Los Angeles DWP: Wackenhut Corp. cites undue influence of unions

Workers Die; Bush Administration Idles. What About McCain and Obama?

Big Labor Move For Gay Marriage

Oriole Park cleaners vote to unionize

WSJ: Democrats Seek Tougher Crane Safety Standard as Deaths Mount

CUBA: Lazaro Barredo, Helms-Burton, Brothers to the Rescue

Brazil's Lula Wishes to Integrate Latin America and the Caribbean

Brazil’s Embraer to build plants in Europe

‘HH’ gives prosecution memory stick of Castaño

BOLIVIA: Total Recall - Divided Nation Faces Historic Vote

U.S. Rep. (MS) Bennie Thompson promotes Cuba med program

Anti-Cuba Groups Involved in Massive USAID fraud

Greatest individual effort *ever* in college football

Dare you not to get lost in this image

Could everyone send me some "de-cluttering" vibes?

I have had 2 weird dreams in the last 3 days and I would like to get opinions

Be wary of granite that glows

Does Fructose Make You Fatter?

July Contest Prelims Are Up In G.D.

Pictures That Changed The World

Calendar thoughts, thread 1

Interactive 360 degree Panorama Photo of Obama's Berlin Speech

Calendar thoughts, thread 2

Biden in USA Today 7/24 on Afghanistan - how'd we miss this ?

Here's the BIG Obama pic, me in the crowd. What an awesome sight!

Wonder what Joe will say about the explosions in India.

Senate is debating housing rescue plan --

Biden mentioned as VP again in WSJ story

stumbled across a great old Biden YouTube clip from 2003

Locked and Un-Loaded

Taser's Upgraded....Meet the XREP for a 12-Gage Shotgun; It's Wireless Folks

Toy rocket inspires variable-speed bullets

Chicago lays out handgun legal strategy

Shark Week returns! (Discovery Channel)

What is the secret to Fried Plantains?

Does anyone have the "world's best Bellini" recipe? I want to have one for my

This jerky stuff is trickier than you'd think

I want to pickle some jalapenos and can't find a simple, basic,

Not cooking related (unless you want it to be) but I'm asking my firends

Globular Cluster NGC 6397

Holy crap, that was a good first try (calimari)

"The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality" by Andre Comte-Sponville

Might the desire to read one particular book motivate you to personally learn a language?

Uninvited, Gay Episcopal Bishop Attends Lambeth Conference Anyway

You have to be stupid to believe in god, and other myths found on DU

Nablus summer camp brings together Muslims Christians Samaritans

Does music have an important role in religion?

The right to oppose religion and belief

Religion is not harmless

BBC Magazine: "The evolution of a conspiracy theory"...

Stephen B. Presser (Northwestern University) "Ya'll are Conspiracy Theorists"

9/11 Truth: They Wanted War, They Got It

The "conspiracy theory debunker" community's surprising non-attention to bigotry against atheists

please rate and post a response at the 146th ltte

Help? Blue screen of death.

Senator Fuses Controversial IP Bills into Big, Bad Package

Access 2003 help

Frank Rich NYT, mentions JK...

Laptop battery test??

Kerry is riding for Kennedy in the Pan Mass race

Coleman got some points?

I-35E closed in St. Paul after part of bridge falls, hits vehicle

XP: More college students turning to food banks

Personal information of 259 UH students exposed online

CP: Judge orders court-supervised analysis of Cadman tape in Harper defamation suit

Canada to send 200 more troops to Afghanistan: Emerson

Legal Disenfranchisement

Three States Accused of Illegally Purging Voter Lists

Will Foreclosures Affect Voting Rolls?

Saxophonist Johnny Griffin, 80, Dies

I attended a Los Lobos/ Los Lonely Boys concert and I know...

X-Files. some spoilers here so beware

Baby on Cover of Nirvana's Neverind Album Speaks

Flight 93: Cell Call Exposed?

David Cameron meets Barack Obama - Video

Why is Brown SO unpopular?

On Oberman last night: Man shoots his lawn mower...

Visiting the Bay and looking for travel tips.