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Archives: July 24, 2008

Anyone watching CNN's "Black in America"?

Gitmo prosecutor: Flight 93 was shot down on 9/11

"Entrenched, Embedded, And Here To Stay - The Pentagon's Expansion Will Be Bush's Lasting Legacy"

Jane Mayer on Letterman NOW 12:15 EST

Synderesis,Empathy,Synesthesia and a Mirror into the heart

Bush Seeks $12 Billion to Waste on Obsolete Missile Defense

Bin Laden's driver walks out on terror trial-didn't want to watch videotaped interrogation

World must stop Iran from getting nuclear weapon, says Barack Obama

IRAQ: Most NGOs Losing Face

E. coli conservatives

Congressional Democrats Confident of November Gains

My local dems made this video... Please watch and pass on "We'll Get There"

A U.S Company, that is doing fine...overseas...Scotchtape Comany, 3M

Dems rack up wins

Unemployment claims jump past 400K

The Daily Show Covers Novak's Hit & Run

$230 million per hour on health care, still U.S. falls short

BREAKING: Novak to sue pedestrian for bumper assault

Was the gentleman that Novakula ran over homeless?

McCainerly Hillbillies (Flashtoon)

McCainerly Hillbillies (Flashtoon)

Five years ago today, * desecrated the flag....

Another New Talk Show

Federal Govt. trails 23 states and the District of Columbia on minimum wage

John McCain - One "D'oh!" moment after another

Anti-War Movement Successfully Pushes Back Against Military Confrontation With Iran

Writedowns of $8 bil for Ford and Wachovia, $25 bil for Fannie/Freddie, soon it will add up...

Housing flip puts Bush in GOP doghouse

It is this simple.

Reuters: U.S. jobless claims rose by more than expected

ACLU Urges Congress to Define Medical Privacy as Patient Control of Electronic Health Records

Judge nixes some evidence in OBL driver case, ruling he was subjected to "highly coercive" condition

Off Topic: Anyone have experience with tracheal stenosis?

MarketWatch: Existing-home sales fall 2.6% to 10-year low

Any one see CBS pull the switch on Jane Mayer last night?

Poll: Latinos favor Obama by big margin

Will there be a national election in November?

Pentagon Auditors Pressured To Skew Defense Contractor Reports, GAO Says

Marie Cocco: The Starbucks Economy

10 Hostage Negotiators Prepare For GOP Convention

Slate's Interactive Guide To the Boosh Aministration's Law-Breaking

I love a good protest!

Repossessions flower as economy withers

Home sales at 10-year low, jobless claims jump

Anyone here work for Comcast? I need the name of a higher

I honestly have to say that I never watch the talking heads who stench up our media.

Nas: 'Out of control' O'Reilly racism worse than any rap lyrics


Matthew Rothschild: Musings on "Martial Law"

Pilger: the Republican ideological machine transcends the loss of electoral power

U.S. mine-resistant truck vulnerable to rollovers

An interactive guide to the White House's crimes and misdemeanors

The Rude Pundit: P.S. Just Sayin'

Breaking on GEM$NBC -four NY State officials

Front for American Enterprise Institute caught editing Wikipedia!

It's HERE!!! It ...IS... HERE!!! oh sweet heavens the day has finally come!!!!

A email scam, warning to Bank Of America Customers

Usisng Law To Justify Torture-Lawyers In Fact, GUILTY Of War Crimes

The TSA Is Undoubtedly A Terrorist Organization

Eastern District Court finds right to access DNA evidence for purposes of Clemency. Good decision

The "Surge" McCain/Bush Is So Proud Of Is Really "ETHNIC CLEANSING"

Reckless driver alert.

I saw some GOP talking heads say the price of oil was pure supply and demand, not speculation

CNN Live - Oil spill briefing

Funniest take yet on the Novak Hit and Run...

The Wilson's: 'Take Novak's Typewriter & Corvette Keys Away'

People's Court

Photos: McCain's Week Of Horrible Images

CBS Editing Standards - Re: McCain Interview

Former "Bush Puppet" Iraqi PM Calls for US Withdrawal

Finding out about a "Boil Water Advisory" two days late..

Forbidden Love

Dave Lindorff: We're a Nation of Lemmings

Nas Slams Fox News - Sly Fox

The Rude Pundit: Why Bill O'Reilly Ought to Be Sodomized with a Burning Cross

ESPN: Giuliani's son sues Duke, says he was wrongfully kicked off golf team

European Union ready to ban seal skins

MarketWatch: Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S.

interesting article on market manipulation

Perhaps Duncan Hunter should watch the Discovery Channel more often.....

Russia Opposes Deadline For Iran's Nuclear Compliance

DW TV this morning is all Obama

Woman kills self prior to foreclosed home being auctioned

CNN radio news during Hartmann's break just aired a story on the Salim Hamdan trial....

4 Spitzer Officials Face Ethics Charges

Two interesting words: dissident and refugee.

Bush pays his ‘director of fact-checking’ $60,000.»

Hurrah. Less than 6 months to go and bushy will be gone.

C-SPAN 3 playing a little David Bowie pre Obama speech.

Slate's Who's Who guide to criminals in the * crime family

Can Leah Daughtry Bring Faith to the Party? (DNC)

Does anyone here think that the underwhelming performance

"These, now, are the walls we must tear down"

Commercially Engineered Bees Spread Disease to Wild Bees

I get the feeling that Obama's role is .....

Lawyer: In Denying Role in Siegelman Case, Rove 'actually incriminated himself'

This is one great speech

"There is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one."

Federal minimum wage rises to $6.55 today

Here comes Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crowd is stretching from the Victory monument to the Brandenburg gate!!!

Is the term "ghetto" offensive?

They're waving American flags.

The New England Journal of Medicine had an article in it's latest issue

The RW Radio Propagandists are flip-flopping like crazy now. Bwah-ha-ha

Would McCain attract the crowds in Europe that Obama just spoke to?

Andrea Mitchell claims that "Thousands of people have gathered to hear Obama speak."

McCain To Be In German Restaurant While Obama Gives Berlin Speech (not a joke)

MAGNIFICENT... What a great speech, n/t

CNN International is showing awesome crowds around Victory Column and way beyond

In response to Obamas' Berlin speech, McCain will be giving a speech in Hiroshima.

Libya 'halts Swiss oil shipments'

On-going SURGE data on Iraqi War

Conservatives go bonkers over "esprit decor" if gays are let into the military

Limbaugh give running commentary during Obama's speech.

You know, it's sad.

Ford posts $8.7 billion loss on asset write-downs


Another crane collapse--this time in OKC. One dead.

If you want to learn more about the Berlin Airlift, I highly recommend "The Candy Bombers"

Walking in the open without shutting down the city with soldiers.

Ok everybody, just punch a right-wingnut in the face

After Obama's awesome week and McCain's golf cart moment, I may switch my vote to McCain

Good-bye, Google Bomb

Scarborough Defames Bloggers On ‘Surge’

How many people showed to see me? Five, the answer is five!

Conservative ideology is good for one kind of public construction.....


MarketWatch: U.S. stocks sink as home sales fall to 10-year low

Arab media cartoons depict 'Jewish control' of US presidential candidates

Dollar is now dropping with respect to MX Peso!

Are you sureyou want me to vote for Obama?

How You Ended The War

David Shuster - I LOVE YOU!

India's Workforce Revolution

McCain plans trip overseas

LOL...mclame upset that Barack overseas while...

Hello Earth....Its CONSTRUCTION,,....not DESTRUCTION...ya all got it backward.0

Transcript of Obama's speech - "A World that Stands as One"

esprit decor

Couric, defined. (Never realized how accurate this is)

Who’s Paying for the Conventions?


Obama Apparently Not Allowed To Employ Foreign Languages

Obama Apparently Not Allowed To Employ Foreign Languages

How has George W. Bush affected your life?

so the pig farm is, by his own admission, a stage prop--did you all catch it last night

Weird BBC newscast

Breaking: McCain Campaign aids leak time-tested strategy for pulling youth vote from Obama

Vote online: Who's will build better international ties? Obama or McSame?

Right Winger a Serial Dinger (Novakula)

Glenn Beck: " Coverage of Obama trip almost embarrassing"

Oh Noes! Obama is playing right into the hands of

Where's Will Pitt?

Another Bright Idea from Andrew Dimbart


Thoughts from Lee Iacocca

South Dakota's only abortion clinic closes its doors for now

lots of pics

So Obama is establishing a transition team. MSNBC is playing this

You’re McCain’s Campaign Chief: What the hell do you do at this point?

Looks like Obama wants to keep Iran from having a nuke...

Obscene, Absurd, Unconcionable!

Karl Rove vs. Howard Dean

Novak's victim was homeless

question: when did it become the "anbar awakening"?? I don't remember hearing that term when this

Caleb Campbell Still Getting a Good Deal

I now think that McCain is forced to name a running mate first

A few photos from the boy kings visit to Germany.

What is the size Obama's German audience? Media says Massive. Anyone got a number?

surge update - Female suicide bomber kills 8 U.S.-allied forces


I'm not an easy person to offend. But, today I was.....


Rice calls for Peaceful Resolution....

Juror e-mails in Siegelman trial were forged

Just strolled through my parking lot and took a poll of bumper stickers.

Kern found carrying gun at Capitol

Twistey Headline o' the Day: "Obama promises to 'remake the world'..."

'Imperial presidency' hearing to feature 13 witnesses

OMG. Are Hutus from Rwanda now working as mercenaries for Mugabe?

The Oil Man Cometh (with everything you need to survive - power and water)

DOW closes down 283.

Sound waves, goo guns won't be used on DNC protesters

German Virologist Stephan Lanka

NZ judge backs girl over 'embarrassing' name-STRANGE NAMES

Rep. Hunter won’t visit Chadian refugees if he can’t hunt wildebeest.

Rudy Giuliani's son sues Duke over golf dismissal

A Tale of Two Turtles

McBush frustrates young GOP

Wexler v Heather Wilson on Tweety now

the historic James River has succumbed to algal poisoning

Comcast took away my Olbermann :(

the whole world loves obama except the republicons petition: CBS, don't cover up for McCain

Video reports of NH tornadoes

If we could vote our Congress leadership - who would you want to see replaced and why?

delete (by myself)

Iraq Veteran Takes On McCain In New Ad

New Hampshire DUers - was there really a tornado?

Audit says USDA lost track of imported cattle, Canada has reported 13 cases of mad cow

Death by Taser: Police Accused of Cover-Up in Death of African American Man...

Death by Taser: Police Accused of Cover-Up in Death of African American Man...

Let's Compare Obama to McCain in Today's News

"They like him because he is not President Bush"

speaking of Europe in the news, and baby bears - whatever happened to Knute

One crazy man heckles Obama at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Watch for media vultures to swarm.

Half million gallons of diesel

Stern on XM/Sirius Merger: 'I Will Never Vote For a Democrat Again'

OK - Oil's down, the economy is down, every single market is down.

McC goes to German Restaurant to complain about Obama. For real!

Health care is really getting bad.

House of Representative 13th District - Buchanan accused of election fraud by former employees

I saw my first McCain sign today here in W.Va.

Obama Gets Attention, John McCain Gets Louisiana Fuel Spill

If you (try) to send an email to Pelosi...

This photo is all you need to know about old man Mc Ancient.

Obama = Proactive. McCain = Reactive.

McBush is "CompassionateConservative2.0" (air-brushed phony "moderate" sock puppet)

Woman charges w/ making terroristic threat for objecting to "Piss on Obama" bumper sticker

Heather neoCON Wilson covered up Hubby's sexcrime against a young boy

Sunday School...Saturday there's John School

NYT- With Arizona Changing, McCain Focuses on Home

"Will we reject torture and stand for the rule of law?"

Obama Sets the Right Middle East Peace Timeline

Russ Feingold, Robert Byrd to Bush: You Have no Authority

Obama Visits Western Wall (with pics from Obama’s Israel trip)

Dang! McCain was 5 minutes from me yesterday, and who knew?!

Polygamist sects likened to organized crime rings (by Harry Reid)

Key Benazir Bhutto assassination witness shot dead

In Case You Missed This Thread: ......

I have noticed a lot of people pushing cars and carrying gas cans

Warning to Republican delegates and Freepers.

Is this the lamest thing you ever heard or what?

Pics of Obama in the crowd in Berlin. I haven't seen that in 8 yrs...

I kid you not: A freeper at work just told me to counter Obama McCain should name J.C. Watts VP

McCain’s New campaign strategist…..Rush Limbaugh? Dittohead McCain?

Neil Armstrong - "We were 'warned off' (by the Aliens)"...

McCain holds a news conference in front of Schmidt's Fudge Haus in Columbus, Ohio- pics

United For Peace & Justice has a job opening.

Another "Alternative medicine Doctor" exposed...

Another "Alternative medicine Doctor" exposed...

Whoa - Mark Warner ahead of Gilmore in VA by over 20 points

TPM: "Stonewall" Johnson Refuses to Testify to Senate Committee

MSNBC in full spinout mode

One Click For Impeachment!

One Click For Impeachment!



Gitmo prosecutor repeats al Qaeda deputy's claim: Flight 93 was shot down on 9/11

I just heard on the NovaM news, BO makes speech in Germany and

Obama easily raises more funds than Arizona

Lawyer: In denying role in Siegelman case, Rove 'actually incriminated himself'

Political Consultants assume Americans are totally depoliticized, and they seem to be correct

The Militarization of Our Police

DU'ers Needed To Contact Stephen Colbert - Extend Invitation

This Week on NOW: John Edwards' War on Poverty

Pam Anderson hearts Barack Obama

Holy Acrimony... is it me, or is Scarborough drunk?

FEMA seeks immunity from suits over trailers

It wasn't the first time ... "Savage" Wiener Has History of Belittling Children with Autism

Scarborough - "(Olbermann) is too stupid to be on television"- Protecting McCain; Pounding Obama

Hoyer: Dem election outlook 'scary good'

Low FIDEL-ity: "McCain Campaign Running Obama-Castro Ad"


Regnery Publishing attempts to SwiftBoat Obama with release of

Fascism R Us

i absolutely fucking do not believe one single poll i've seen on these teevee 'news' shows

John Conyers and an Opening for the Constitution

I think i luv Naomi Klein.

Grab your TIVOs..."Republican Strategist" Joe Watkins gets his ass kicked by Abrams

Is this McCain's "Dukakis in the tank" moment?

Barack Obama in Berlin - The next JFK!?

The push to make Obama admit he was wrong about the surge IS A TRAP.

Fox host: Obama accused (just asked a question really) Fox of 'brainwashing our troops'

A long time ago a cousin of mine, wrote this. It's a very important read.

Agreement reached for FCC to clear XM-Sirius deal

How Much Did Kraft Pay For the Product Placement in McGramps Presser

Flitty Fitness Guru Richard Simmons Courts a Run for Congress

Long Islanders to join SF protest over Michael "Savage" Wiener's comments

Mitch McConnell says this on high gas prices:

On CNN: Sen. Jim Demint is bitchin' about how the "Democrat majority"

I went to a Platform Meeting last night and am having a House Meeting @ my house on Saturday...

I was just fuming when I got this from a friend of mine.......

***** S I M P L I C I T Y *****

My wife made an observation today after hearing a person's comment on Obama

I don't even know the words...animal cruelty beyond belief. Warning - horrible story

Fox BUSTED using footage of McCain from 2000

Rudy G9u11ni, please STFU.....

brian williams to barack obama: 'isn't ist time you've said the surge worked'

Look how much the military has contributed to AZ's economy and then

Antiwar? Read this and let's continue to grow it!

Word on the press

Jilted Bride Awarded $150K After Wedding Called Off

Will the GOP do something today to diminish the importance of Obama's Berlin speech?

Call me overconfident, but yeah, barring some disastrous revelation

New Zealand: Reward offered for citizen's arrest of Rice

Why are we still fighting in Afghanistan?

Is CSPAN going to cover the Obama speech?

Are Europeans more or less racist than Americans?

This morning ABC news claimed Lance Armstrong was going to ENDORSE McCain today. Has anyone else

Kucinich Robocall For Impeachment Came Up "Debt Reduction" on Caller ID - WTF?

Beck, Boehner: Arctic Refuge Is A ‘Wasteland,’ Wildlife ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ About Drilling

Pigs are flying - Frank Luntz is effusive in praise for Obama on H&C

Feds blame bob murray, mine operator, for fatal collapse

Why is Dan Abrams showing this lunatic Rush


Kiwis offer $5000 reward for successful citizen's arrest of Condi on NZ visit

Bad Boss Contest from Working America. Some real doozies here...

NZ students offer cash for "arrest" of U.S.'s Rice

McCain and the MSM still trying to spin his clueless and pathetic remarks on the surge

McCain 'jumped the shark'

You know, I think Republicans are losing their fucking minds

WTF? McCain To Meet With The Dalai Lama On Friday?

List of Michale "Savage" Wiener advertisers

A college student's ideas on how to fix the economy

Looking for the best way to see Obama in Germany

Cspan: Hearing on Polygomy and all the Sexual Abuse

I would like to ask for help.....RE: Edwards

Obama and German leader discuss war and economics

Michelle Malkin still clueless

Yes you can - more Berlin Pix

Watch your newspaper front pages tomorrow

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA meets with Angela Merkel, who decides to come to Berlin, after all

99 Red Balloons Go By!!!!!

The Best Way To Defeat The Terrorists Is To Offer A Hopeful Alternative Based On Human Liberty

Finally! a drug to cure Right-wing religious zealotry

IOC Bans Iraq From The Olympics

Do racist/sexist/homophobic games have a negative impact on society

It would be nice if cable would give you a way to opt out of getting the Amber

The Republican case for Romney.

Oh the eve of the Imperial President/non-impeachment hearing: What are you

When did McCain jump the shark?

Gaffer McBlunder's campaign hits Obama for being totally against genocide (seriously)

Obama trouncing McCain in the merchandising race......

Judiciary releases witness list for Kucinich impeachment hearing

Air America has been watered down

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA meets with the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit

I'm sure glad I don't have her job.

The Soundtrack of the Republican Party

Rasmussen, 7/24: Obama 45%, McCain 41%

Judiciary releases witness list for Kucinich "impeachment" hearing

Grover Norquist wants Ronnie Raygun on the $10 bill

Obama, McCain and their uneven gifts of gab

The John McCain Door Mat!

If McCain announces his VP choice tonight...

Tomas Young update

Are You On the Terror Watch List? Good Luck Getting Off It

Campaign is coordinating a blitz by the ‘Obamacans’

Price for Obama tickets? Activism (Denver Post)

Protester assaulted across the street from McCain rally location

Are there any ex-pats out there who will be at the Victory Column in Berlin this evening?

TSA needs to be among the first of many useless alphabet-named agencies

McCain's economic policy

Would it bother anyone here if * was impeached on his very last day in office?

Knudsen Pure Juices - Blueberry, Pomegranate On Sale $7.99

McSexist: McCain's War on Women

When will Obama speech be aired?

Smoke from North American wildfires may block solar radiation in the Arctic

Anyone notice how "Man of the People" had to check his notes to relay the price of milk.

Yad Vashem Moments from Past and Present ***PICS***

Is it going to be Obama vs. Jindal in '12?

Arkansas Pulls Hundreds Of 'Racist' License Plates

Any thoughts on tax free gas for delagates and other political members?

Bush Protecting Saudi Officials who Aided 9/11 Terrorists? - Bush History,7/24

Obama-mania is at least in part because how horrible Bush has been

New Executive Order released.

Bush Bans State Department Officials From Obama Berlin Rally

Norquist: Time is right to put ‘Reagan on the $10 bill.’»

Bush v. Obama foreign visits (picture heavy)

Just Breaking!!! McCain claims Obama only sank three-pointer because of the SURGE..

I would suspect that when Obama meets with Chancellor Merkel he won't do anything dumbass like this:

Stern on XM/Sirius Merger: "I Will Never Vote For A Democrat Again"

This Pic Rocks!!!

When do the debates start?

Watch Video Clips With Obama From Berlin (including the crowd at Siegessäule)

"Sharp" reversal for Obama with Latino Voters

Conyers' Impeachment Hearings - C-Span 10:00 am 7/25/08

Video Clip From EuroNews: "Berlin greets the man who would be president"

Why did Obama claim to be a member of the Senate Banking Committee?

Dow's ills spreading east: Asian markets sinking......

Dow's ills spreading east: Asian markets sinking......

Are They "Polls" or Racial Profiles??

More Breaking John McCain Surge News: "I'm Getting Boners Again Due To Surge"

Obama Team Begins Work On Presidential Transition

Christian Science Monitor: Berliners welcome Obama as they did JFK

The Conservative INSULT GENERATOR: How To Win A Fight With A Conservative

Crowds are arriving for Obama's speech (Webcam)

Obama in Israel: Tough Audience

Poll: The First Lady Free-For-All, Michelle vs. Cindy

FYI Berlin speech to be on CSPAN3 at 1PM EST

McCain's Confusion On Iraq

"The American Voter Revisited": Another Peek Inside the Brain of the Electorate

MSNBC: Lion reunion is YouTube hit!

Report warns of AIDS ‘crisis’ across South: half of all deaths

When Obama wins, I hope it's the Latino vote that puts him over the top...

48 Snapshots of Obama's visit in Berlin

Constitutional Limits of Executive Power - C-Span 1 at 10:00 am

How much of what they're doing is to kill the economy on purpose?

In the Primary, complaints of Media bias for Obama preceded weeks of non-stop slime

POLITICO: OBAMA doubts "a million screaming Germans"

There was a real estate auction down the street.

Videos from Berlin?

German newspaper reports

Obama’s Interview With NBC News from Berlin

Don't Sweat the Polls Folks. Stay Focused. Stay Active.

Breaking News!HUGE CROWD!Live Stream!!!

Brian Kilmeade.....repugnant piece of festering, rancid right wing shite

For McCain, Net deficit with young-Backers lament Obama's Web edge

Rove: McCain Got His Facts Wrong On The Iraq Surge, ‘But Don’t Make A Big Deal Of It’ (updated)

Anybody know why Katie Couric tried to inflict damage on Obama?

Price plummets on news of national speed limit legislation - update

CNN Has Excellent Coverage Today.......

'sympathy for the devil'

NYT on McCain losing Arizona: "Arizona is changing."

It's currently 6:49 pm in Berlin - When does Obama take the stage? Thanks.

Economists’ study shows Obama in driver’s seat


Caption McCain

We had better be right!!!

We had better be right!!!

Pray tell, what time does Obama's speech start Pacific time?

kos: June Fundraising

More Pictures from Berlin...

Announcement expected today regarding ticket distribution for Barack's acceptance speech in Denver.

Mike Doyle (D: PA-14) rips into Michael Savage on the house floor

Veterans for Peace Reminder... Don't Forget! - Impeachment Hearings Tomorrow @ 10 AM !

Does McCain consider the Dalai Lama to be a g**k?

CNN Live - Incredible Pictures - Looks Like A U2 Concert

Let's not forget this aspect of Obama in Europe

Badmouthing McCain -- all the fits that are news to print

Susan Rice Live Now From Berlin

Support ACLU? Read this!

Memphis police trying to out anonymous badged blogger

Der Speigel: The Superstar Has Landed. Enormous Crowds are Gathering.

TYT: The OTHER McCain Gaffe No One Is Talking About

Poll: Obama Now Beating McCain Among Israelis

Poll: Obama Now Beating McCain Among Israelis

Looking Back; Thank God the "Wright Controversy" broke during the Primaries when it did

das Mädchen in der Frontseite ist reizvoll

In Freeperville, they really believe the spelling of a name spells the destiny:

Heads up on new bullshit FAUX news poll. Obama 41 (-4) McCain 40 (-1)

A bit about where Obama spoke today...

What is a good site to listen to the speech live?

He's starting!!

Links* to live video of Obama's speech today in Berlin.

The RNC shows just how clever it is with new ads

Dow down 155 when Barack started his speech. Let's see where it is when he is done n/t

Rasmussen New Hampshire Poll: Obama 49%, McCain 45% (leaners included)

I will never be one to fawn over Obama ........

****Heads Up: Watch Obama On C-SPAN 3 Without The Annoying Noise****

Conyers' Impeachment Two- Step (and why tomorrow is just a lame fuckaround)

McCain Plays Catch-Up: Attends German Restaurant In German Village, Ohio

McCain's famous speech on German

Sugar Land - Woman confronts couple with bumper sticker showing someone urinating on Barack Obama

Scientists recover complete dinosaur skeleton!!

who should stand trial in the hague?

No Mistranslation In Maliki Interview: He Endorsed Obama

A world without nuclear weapons. nt

why can't CNN or MSNBC use a reporter/pundit who doesn't hate Obama to do these events?

FauxNews POLL: Who do you think will win in November? Obama 51 (+4), McCain 27 (-5).

Give me your best theory as to why this thing is even close.

German citizens chanting "Obama!" and waving American flags.

Next Big Smear: Obama Snubs Wounded Troops

If the MSM says it's 100,000----- it's a million.

Poll: Latinos favor Obama by big margin

What's up with the echo?

A question - What will Obama say in his Convention speech?

McGaffe whiners are out in force! They had the US platform this week,

CSPAN will carry Obama's speech - live streaming video:

There's a reason why Obama gets positive coverage!

Stunning news - I saw my first pro-McCain bumper sticker today

I saw the American flags waving in the crowd, and

Somewhere in Ohio


ACTION: Can we all please contact the networks and tell them not to

Watching RAGBRAI riders to by outside a little while ago with the grandbabies

Berlin Rally Is Off-Limits for Embassy Workers

LIVE TRANSCRIPT: Obama speech in Berlin, 24 July 08

How many of you called in sick today?

Sen John McCain: "My hair re-growing, longer and more luxurious because of the Surge."

The Obama / McCain visuals... the contrasts could not be greater!

Would someone PLEASE put a gag in Mrs. Greenspan's mouth already??

CNN still has a live feed 1:59 pm nt

Why we all should hope for snowstorms across the country on election day

McGaffe wasn't forgotten among the masses...

I've been thinking, you know who's fault the Iraq war REALLY is?

If corporations were people, we'd be second class citizens

CNN ditz: Obama even apologized for US actions

CNN ditz: Obama even apologized for US actions

Last week I saw one of these (right overhead) for the first time, ever. What do you think it means?

The second I clicked on CSPAN to watch Obama...

talking head reaction thread

Breadth of the crowd in Berlin

David Keene: Obama-MCain = Reagan-Carter

NYT has the transcript.

Obama makes me a proud American patriotism is BACK

Some Obama - Berlin (((PICS!)))

MSNBC is covering it. Andrea on better behavior as well

A new Best McCain Image Ever--"The Shadow of Bob Dole"

video of obama berlin speech

Live Mccain campaign event on

A man beloved by the world

Cspan has the speech. thank you JoeIsOneOfUs

2003 Flashback: McCain Bashed Germany and France


Last words of death-row inmate: "Vote for Barack Obama."

Right about now......

proud, proud, proud, proud, proud. nt

For your comparison: "Ich Bin Ein Berliner"

Here's DER SPIEGEL coverage of the Obama speech:

CSPAN3 just started their Berlin Coverage

Berlin Cheers Obama's America

A huge crowd and no burning effigies, how great was that?

McCain, Snake-oil Salesman

Wonkette wonders why McCain and Obama are tied LOL!!

I've had it with McClueless constantly criticizing Obama on foreign policy

Obama has thousands upon thousands of people lining the streets in Germany, waiting to get a glimpse

photos, which candidate seems to have more gravitas?

The Republicans and Drilling - Possible responses

Obama Berlin Speech...missed it...any video? (link) TIA

Putting the BS in CBS: WTF? They scrubbed McShame's interviews twice?

"My father was a goat-herder" (someone in the crowd ululates)- fun moment at beginning of speech

More than 200,000 people attended Obama's Berlin speech

From John Kerry, RE: Ted Kennedy

I'm crying at work

Separated at birth?

Sad news from the SCE home front

‘People of the world, look at Berlin’

Obama is BIG NOISE. DAMN RIGHT..... (photos)

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaking at the victory column in Berlin, Germany

After that speech. How can he do better at Invesco Field?

So McCain is meeting with the Dalai Lama tomorrow in Colorado

So McCain is meeting with the Dalai Lama tomorrow in Colorado



There seems to have been a miscommunication from the McCain team

Front-page of; "Obama's global message...Before a crowd of 200,000 in Germany..."

Without using "the google", guess who Terry McAuliffe just enthusiastically endorsed for Obama's VP.

The Age of Bush, Part III: TANG Dang Doodle

FDR was an idiot.

WTF is wrong with Faux news?

video of speech on MSNBC as well as cspan

Obama gives INSPIRING and THRILLING speech to the world from Berlin

Is it just me or is anyone just freaking gleeful?


NO home turf advantage for McCain in Arizona: Obama out-raised him by 38% in June ($432K to $313K)

If McAweful Is Saying Tim Kaine

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Did orders go out from the right wing to call liberal talk after Obama's speech?

Pat Robertson Advocates Israel Striking Iran Before The 2008 Election

I laugh at all you pollbabies out there

Obama Scrubs Visit to See Troops in Germany; Says “Inappropriate” Since Campaign Funding Euro Swing

Will Joe Scarborough's head explode tomorrow morning?

Out of curiosity, has Obama ever given a speech you DIDN'T like?

The McCain camp is trying to politicize Obama's not wanting to politicize the troops.

How great to see people waving US flags in Europe instead of

Please note the following facts:

Say hi to Barack

Der Speigel OnLine Photo Gallery: Obama Takes in the German Capital

Who just made David Hasselhoff jealous?

Terry McAuliffe Makes VP Pick: Not Hillary

Two Women - Two Hats - Two Candidates ... could it be any clearer?

McCain dares not make the same trip Obama just made.

My Two Pro-Obama Predictions in The Presidential Race. (VP & Nader)

Hey, did you hear McSame had a political rally today? (pic)

Lawyer: In denying role in Siegelman case, Rove 'actually incriminated himself'

Huh? CBS News Complains That Less Than A Million People Showed Up?

Brilliant strategy: Running for President? Act like one, and

Beck: Coverage of Obama Trip Almost Embarassing

Pssst... Hey Johnny McCain.... How brave ARE YOU?

Question re Constitution, Founders, and declaration (or not) of war


The world desperately wants to like the U.S. again.....


CNN misleads on cell phone - cancer research

New Republic's Jonathan Chait: President McCain "would put an end to the politics of Karl Rove"

Today, in images. Who do you think wins...again?

"People of Berlin, people of the world." Obama addresses the throng.

Hey, I know what McSame was doing in the cheese section of that grocery store now.

You can hear the sadness in the MSNBC voices...

All I Can Say Right Now...

I just got a call from MissHoneychurch at the Obama in Berlin Rally

Obama to Italians: Don’t Feel Left Out (video)

CNN poll: Who do you think would do a better job at building stronger international ties?

The Shame of Having A Grinning Murderer Representing Us to the World is Almost Over!

So far, this is my favorite freeper comment...

Does anyone have a Geo Thermal home heating and cooling system?

let's play historical what if. von Paulus rolls the Reds at Stalingrad.

20 AMAZING FACTS About Voting In The U.S.

He is Going to Be a World Leader.

Any crowd pictures posted yet.....

Gallup, 7/24: Obama 45%, McCain 43%

Repub. strategist, Phil Musser(?) on MSNBC just compared Obama's speech in Berlin to Kerry's wind-

Does T. Boone Pickens remind anyone else of DD Lewis in "There Will be Blood?"

The Democrats hated Reagan for his charisma too

Der Spiegel critical: "Huge Crowds Left with Mixed Feelings" - they quote 1 disappointed person!

I just had to post this gem from Rush...

Our smooth, creamy and delicious competition..

So the CBS newsbreak just says Obama gave a speech before tens of thousands in Germany

From "The Local" (English-language German newspaper): Obama dazzles over 200,000 in Berlin

of 100 Female Service members killed in Iraq. 39 are non-hostile

All Credit Card Transactions To Be Reported to IRS

Knock me over with a feather: Candy Crowley positive!

Crowd Sizes

ND POLL: McCain 45, Obama 42.

For balance, let's remember Cheney's big trip to Europe


McCain at his press conference, it's very exciting.

King Bush Bans State Department Officials From Obama Rally

If Obama is going to talk about the world being one then

Photo Gallery: Obama Takes in the German Capital (pic heavy)

Clownish McCain Camp slams "citizens of the world" line...used in JFK's inaugural speech

Lets talk about the worst corporations ever.

Obama raised more money in Arizona than McCain did: eom.

Video link of the ENTIRE UNEDITED Obama speech in Berlin -from Dutch News Service

Another John McCain Gaffe -- Iraq Was the First Major Conflict After 9/11

McCain Forgets Canada In Obama Attack

Another McCain "gaffe"? This is an epidemic

The Imploding McCain Campaign.

My kid will be born under a Democratic administration

Flogg'n Molly on world tour again! Woot.

Kerry, 6 Senators Pledge Support for More Diplomacy With Iran

Jonathan Turley links to DUer madfloridian's thread...

McCain's education plan

1 pic of Obama in Germany

Obama is making quite an impression in Europe...

They are already calling it for Obama!!!

British news story on Obama's "stirring speech" in Berlin today -- great photos, too

Wanted: 2 Million Poll Workers

An Obama kind of morning...

Any guesses as to which conservative talking head will be the first...

M$NBC... who the heck is that guy who is comparing Obama to Bush?

Who Will Lance Armstrong Endorse Today?

In Germany, Obama urges joint fight against terror

No. 44 Has Spoken

This race is close because...............

Can we have a moment of silence to thank God...

Photo: Holy Mount Rushmore, Batman (you WILL throw up a little in your mouth when viewing)

John McWhines's week-long temper tantrum

When will Brian Williams' interview with Obama air?

Nader actually helping Obama?

Abortion. where are obama's ads?

CBS news senior VP is stupid or lying?

Ben Stein is a Jack Ass

The Daily Widget – Thursday, July 24 – Obama 344, McCain 194 – Expanding the Base

Berlin = Portland "Concert" redux??

TYT Co-Host Ben Mankiewicz To Host 'At The Movies' (Thumbs Up?)

Tweety Bird Mathews loses a talking point: Obama up 5 in Pennsylvania

Obama Rising In Pennsylvania

Berlin Rally Is Off-Limits for Embassy Workers (W/Video)

Mpls Star Tribune: McCain/Pawlenty= Team Diarrhea

Do you think Angela was more welcoming and warmer towards

Daily Kos McCain Praises Bush for Wrecking the Economy

What, in your opinion, was Bush's most embarrassing moment abroad?

MAJOR fashion alert

I am feeling SO good about the spin the right is putting out there over the past few days

Spiegel Online: The World President To-Be

Who here wants to see Barack Obama take a dive?

TAKE ACTION RIGHT F*%&@ING NOW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Just received this email this a.m. on Obama's visit to Bagram Air Base

WTF? Is Tweety insane or am I?

On Hardball, they are simultaneously bashing Obama for being 'too showy' and 'not showy enough'

John McCain gave speeches in Colombia three weeks ago.

"They're telling me in my ear, 'don't be mean to McCain'." Ooops...Joe slips

Watching him speak in Berlin, and given the enormous problems we face, Barack Obama could very well

John Nichols: Obama Tears Down the Wall

Robert Rubin as Treasury Secretary

how obama is taking the wrong track

Without the MSM, what the hell would we talk about in GDP?

The Spin is getting more and more difficult, and soon overt racism is all they'll have.

John McCain: So Dumb, So Privileged

Did I hear it right? 200,000 people showed up to hear Obama in Germany?

McCain's 'commander-in-chief' numbers will remain high until the media does its job!

Maybe The GOP Is Right - Maybe Americans Do Like Being Hated By The World

I think Obama should have stayed home and not made this trip.

Ooopsie...McCain questions Obama speech, forgets Canada

Hip-hop artist Nas protests Fox coverage of Obama - USA Decay

The MSM Spin Is Becoming More and More Apparent

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/24/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 (M down 1)

Online Poll in Germany - Barack Obama in Berlin

Obama Supports Pro-Worker Policies—and Union Members Support Obama

Is anyone else getting that "V" feeling....

McBush's undoing will be the same as was Hillary's... They can't compete in the era of the Internet.

'Generation Gap' Widens in the 2008 Electorate

German paper: Obama dazzles over 200,000 in Berlin

Just got finished watching Obama's Berlin speech...

McSame calls Iraq "the first major conflict since 9/11." Afghanistan is bush league?

Who Was That Horrible Congresswoman on Hardball Today

Sick of AB Stoddard and her bs. Sick of this serge crap, Obama is right and he does not

Counter-messaging: McCain lunching in German restaurant today...

I seem to recall * consulting notes when he wrote something in

John McCain is really a big baby. He had the place all to himself and instead of working on his own

Who else thinks that Obama will pick his VP when he gets back?

"Obama Speaks to 200,000 in Berlin & McCain Visits German Restaurant"

We have not won yet

No jokes, No corny "down home" humor, No stumbling, fumbling, barely formed sentences...

Wasn't John McCain supposed to make a big announcement today?

A noun, a verb, and "the surge"

Do we have a full transcript of Obama's speech in Germany somewhere?

Another Hit Piece from the Associated Press; suggesting the foreign trip is a political ploy

Obama's Mideast/Euro tour has been very smart. Results won't show now

Holy moley the denizens of Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

These repub pundits condemning Obama for saying America has not always been perfect...

Obama in Berlin: "These now are the walls we must tear down."

The Democratic Party is in a great position to win, but..

Executed inmate makes presidential endorsement

Explain to me why the soldiers like Obama so much

Hey! Where's Cyndi McCain??

Did you all see Abrams tonite with FOX showing McCain from 2000 as if it was 2008?

Guardian UK: McCain's week goes from bad to worse

my mother heard a Lincolnesque cadence at the end of Obama's speech.

German Press Agog Over Obama

Pics Of Obama`s Speech In Berlin

"Young girls dyed their hair red, white and blue . . ." Can we truly be a beacon again?

PA POLL: Obama 47 (+1), McCain 42 (unchanged). W/ Leaners - Obama 51, McCain 45

** H O L Y S H I T ! **

We should be calling McInane a NeoCON. His unwavering support of the Invasion of Iraq merits it.

Obama Berlin Speech: US Foreign Service Workers Instructed Not To Attend

Watching/listening to McCain is a cringe-fest.

Democrats have to start hitting back hard on this Drilling issue

I'm sick of hearing about the LOW-INFO VOTERS of PA, OH & WVA!!

This guy is in real trouble.

Watching some Countdown clips - the tagline at the bottom of the screen...

Only about 4 weeks away from the convention. Any news on possible Keynote Speakers?

McCain believes Bush's word responsible for oil drop

“Obama House Rules”, according to People magazine

Just now on ESPN: McCain wants your 5 year old to do MMA (multiple martial arts).

CNN Online Poll : Who do you think would do a better job at building stronger international ties?

Photo of Obama not connecting with white people...

Anyone know where to get these?

Today in Berlin, Obama started the process of restoring the dignity to the USA that Bush took away

Hours After Obama's Berlin Speech, Fox Declares "No Berlin Bounce!" on Poll Completed YESTERDAY

VIDEO: Obama's full speech in Berlin (full video)

McVain uses a lot of "I's" and Fear/Blame GOP Mode ....Obama uses "We..." Truth, Hope, Change

Can we please remember that we haven't won anything yet.

Hey, McCane Had a Big Day Too.

Sarkozy: Obama's my 'pal', Obama victory "would validate" his strategy of reconcilation with the US

Guardian UK: Obama speech expected to draw at least 100,000 after meeting w/ Merkel

McCain Makes the Biggest Political Mistake of Our Lifetimes

Fundamentalist J. Chick goes after DU.

It's not Arnold Schwarzenegger who will be the first Prez not born in the USA.

McCain Closes In On Obama In Four Battleground States, Quinnipiac/WSJ/ WaPo poll finds.

Are there any DUers who were on the fence about Obama

The "Right to Dry” ....... Make hanging legal

These two pics were just added...

Why is McCain's popularity in Israel an asset and Obama's popularity in Germany a liability?


"This is what "proud to be an American" looks like in the 21st Century."

Now that Obamania has gone international!

I'm supposed to believe that voters are looking to the GOP for energy solutions?

Let's take a good hard look at the Federal Reserve

Scientists Find the Trigger of the Northern Lights

Robert Novak's hit and run "accident" leaves me to wonder what more does it take...

McSourgrapes: Obama=poor judgment to hold large rally in Berlin before being Prez

Are Pot Users Criminals? The Tragic Case of Rachel Hoffman

The latest ABC smear against Obama..

Another interesting shot of Obama in Berlin~

Ben Stein on Obama's Conv. speech: "75k people at an sports palace, that's something the Fuehrer..

David Gregory's "Race to Smear Obama" continues this evening...

My choice for the best photo from the Obama speech in Germany

I'm starting to get really worried

"Why Does The Media Fawn Over Tiger Woods?"

Hey, Lou Dobbs - THIS JUST IN!

I just witnessed a HO-KNITTER!!!!

I have a conference call at 8 tomorrow morning. Apparently, this is when normal people go to work.

Got BBC-America? Set your Tivos

Hey, this guy is pretty good. Anybody like Lou Christie here on DU? This guy gets it.

Don't flame me too harshly for this but,

Let's all chaw snoose together.

Dear MSM: This is Obama's time, and you can't do anything to stop it.

What do people think of the CNN "Black In America" series

Neo – CONNED ! - Speech on the House Floor - July 10, 2003

OMG the Locator add on straight out RAWKS

for Left Brain: 2nd chance to communally smoke a DU cigarette nationally !!!

How many of you have used CedarCide pest control products?

Project Runway!

I have never added so many buddies in one day as I have today!

So it appears that an evil Back Gnome stitched a steel plate onto my lumbar area.

Let's all go outside and mainline some heroin together!!!

Mr. Writer's and my hot hot HOT movie date night.

-. --- / ... . -..- / - .... .-. . .- -.. ...

According to NPR, 76% of Germans would vote for Obama - WHY are Americans so STUPID??

3rd Round: Who Am I?

4th Round: Who am I?

Jeebus! Skert me half to death!

Who am I? Same rules.

Anybody here had a "fish pedicure"?

More German news on Obama's visit

UPI: "Pastor injured during motorcycle sermon"

Attention A&E HD channel:

The fruitcake lady- for those who haven't had the pleasure:

How long do you think Bush will make the good people of Texas wait

OK, here's a trial cover for something I'm making, how do you like it?

This is why you never ask the audience to throw you a folding chair a ticket this morning :(

They chanted USA! USA! USA! (photos)

Goodfellas Peanuts: Funny, How?

Probably fake but just imagine

Hey Miss Honeychurch & 48percenter - 3 hours early!

When Bush visits Germany vs. When Obama Visits

And this week's top Lounge post whiners are...

Yesterday's weather in Montreal: waterspouty

New Poll; Israelis Prefer Obama

Washington Post- "Making His Own Luck", by Eugene Robinson

The World is Watching.

Night all. I'm taking my shitty life and going to bed. nt

This is a very funny picture

Obama disappointed in McCain language -- Excerpts from interview with NBC's Brian Williams

Larry Johnson loses it (even more)-directly compares Obama to Hitler

Hagel: Quit talking about the Surge and talk about the Future of the War


The greatest photo at an Obama event I have seen. And the best one for McCain, too.

anyone seen Dark Knight in both standard format and IMAX?

With hat in hand...

McCain's oil fetish...flash cartoon

I'm steamed about telemarketers- What the hell can I do?

Obama In Berlin - Embarrassing Turnout

WTH? Tornadoes in NH!

What is a good age to move a baby from crib to a bed?

Vince Vaughn best value for money - Forbes

Damn, I'm in the mood for some chips and salsa.

in for a break from grass cutting. at least got the front yard done.

Ok - I've just about had it up to HERE

My fart just catted

Shakespeare just got barded.

Ron Reagan Jr.: "Isn't it nice to see Europeans waving American flags,

My cat just farted

I just farted on my cat.

McCain: "I'd Love To Give A Speech In Germany... But...

Best news today? McSame reduced to Sausage Haus in Ohio!

DS1 just farted and blamed the cat

McQuaid: Edwards Love Child, Yawn

Link to a thread that cats do not and cannot recommend

Joel Osteen "God Wants Me to Be Rich"

Handheld Game Console Question...

I interrupt your regularly scheduled lounge activities for the most amazing set of pictures

Let's all smoke a cigarette together !!!

McCain is at the Sausage Haus German Restaurant in Ohio while Obama is actually in Germany

Recommending your own threads

This thread does NOT have a coherent theme.

alternative file managers?

117 cats, raccoon, rabbit found in Omaha home

chimpsrsmarter just hit one into the upper decks.

NZ judge orders "odd" name change

I DEFY you to name a company with a worse help desk than Verizon

Interesting Factoid: When Barack Obama wins in November....

I'm going to tell the lounge about my last date in a Smurfy fashion.

With the thunderstorm crackling overhead, I have a question for the techie-geeks in the lounge...

The greatest Obama photo I have ever seen

Anyone know where I can get old Godzilla music?

Has Obama made even one Negative McCain ad??

Post here what you'll do to get on LynneSins "tool" list

What is the most recent music group or artist that you got into?

If I recommend DS1's thread should he have to recommend my thread?

Get the funk, outta my face!!! Get.. the.. funk... outta-my-face!!!

WSJ: Republicans' Grip on Alaska Is Weakened

Waah. Why can't stores put up internet kiosks so we can look up reviews on the spot?

The Forgotten Man: Howard Dean Made This Happen

need computer advice and help

After TWO stolen Presidential elections, why would ANYONE ask why the polls are close????

I am NOT not recommending anything today!

Soooo lounge would you go to

Video of sea turtle mourning death of friend.

So when are we going to see the first debate?

Medical advice needed

Note to enterprising Veterinary Pharmacologists:

Post here what you'll do to get on Midlo's "Dead to Me" list

So best Buy has this big 'Batman' kiosk with all the movies and cartoons in it.

Breaking up in the new age

I think Midlo's posts are the best in reality show programming!

Rush on the Colbert Report.

Lance Armstrong? Endorsing McCain? I thought he cared about helping the cause?

I hate it when I forget whether or not I've printed something, so I have to get up and go look

What do you want???

'Terminator Salvation'

You know why the Rightwingers are pissed - because McCain can't pull off what Obama did in Germany

I know why they were called the Sith!!!

Man BATMAN must have opened *big*

Let's play "who am I?"

Tavernertavern is serving: Anderson Valley IPA and Lagunitas Maximus

"Schmidt's" "fudge" and "haus" are the words for today.

Looks like the "Jimmy Dean Sausage in a 16oz roll goddammit" family went to the water park

C.W. McCall. Convoy. OK - what's the purpose of this act of anarchy?

Family gone to seashore and left alone for a week

My dog & I both need to lose weight.

If you recommend five threads and receive five recommendations

So, I switched over to the "world news" to see a snippet of the interview

Dumb question: if more troops didn't make a difference in Iraq, why would they in Afghanistan?

A lounger calls a restaurant to complain.

Techies, please help! I am ready to buy a multimedia production PC and I need tips.

Leon the cat is home with a clean bill of health.


I am sure that this will be taken the wrong way and abused and snarked but

Beginning tomorrow, I will be here for three glorious days

Which would be worse?

The two greatest Hip Hop tracks/videos of all time

Did you ever get the feeling that your dog just didn't respect you?

Smokey and the Bandit: OK - Jackie Gleason just fucking stole that movie

Where's flvegan?

If the Lounge remade "Battlefield Earth" who would be the cast?

SPEARHEAD webcast tonight! (all weekend cast from 10K lakesDEAHEADS!

Teeny Bopper Thursdays!!!!

Which DU experience is the most frustrating:

Name the last song to get stuck in your head.

Here's an old Scorpions tune from the Lonesome Crow album.

Let There Be No Doubts About It Anymore. We Chose the Correct Candidate in Obama.

i am moving in eight days and have done absolutely nothing

I asked you to go to the Green Day concert, you said you've never heard of them....

if you were a documentary from what endowment would your program be made possible by?

Who robbed cock killin?

At last! Incontrovertible proof that "The View"'s Sherri Shepherd is indeed a dolt

Corn Smut

when* humans become extinct

The GOP Plan to Disenfranchise Millions of Democratic Voters

DiGiorno - the official pizza of the Green Bay Packers


I had no idea that Patrick Leahy was in "The Dark Knight"

Nepotism in the workplace.

Heirlooms in the marketplace.

How abut this new Vibing GIF?

So I've been under the influence of the Datasuspect and...

I am not recommending anything today!

Journey at the Center of the Earth

Official Vice Presidential Predictions :: Who and When?

HELP! Would You Please Tell Me What Mattress You've Got.

HELP! Would You Please Tell Me What Mattress You've Got.

Excellent movies you've seen lately. Mine are:

Lack of Musical Talent Crazy

Who killed cock robin?

About how much does it cost to tile a bathroom floor?

i remember i saw a beavis and butthead episode and they had a porno mag entitled "Spank"

The weirdest damned thing has started happening

Alanis Morissette "My Humps" video

women only ever want me for two things:

I have a huge blister on my left heel

If you're fortunate, you will see this before you die. The world's art and Classical Gas, 1968.

the best steel guitar player ever?

So. Christian Bale's sister was after money after all

So I've been under the influence of the Holy Spirit and...

Many women 'regret tattoos within five years'

does DU have a nudist's group?

BMW in heaven....

Sweet, My Cousin Vinny is on again

I'm outting myself as a Jack van Impe fan- now you!

Baby Bunny turned 12 earlier this week. She asked her dad for this:

Do you think about brain tumors when you're on your cell phone . .

Does it bother you when someone posts something goofy in the lounge?

This just in: "My Cousin Vinny" still cracks me the hell up.

Why do YOU think the movies suck so much these days?

Nudity in the workplace

I'm devastated. The beagle killed one of the feral kittens!

Cat owners: how do you keep ants out of the cat food bowl?

Quick report from BERLIN (live) from 48percenter

there is only one thing you can know with certainty:

I saw Criss Angel at McCarran airport

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/24/2008)

So I've been under the influence of narcotics and...

tortilla poll

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/24/08

New game. "Who am I?"

I propose a new official drink for the Lounge

I had to take two Oxycodone pills yesterday...

Weird names? This takes the cake... Judge: Girl's name, Talula Does The Hula, won't do!

Anyone remember Chip's Challenge?

You can become a potent agent of change in your life RIGHT NOW!

Last night I was in the ER.

There's a thread over in GD that could use some love

Soy-based foods may lower sperm count

This thing is WAY too much fun:

Gunman in My Office Building: Exciting day at work

Faux News reporting Obama/Hillary ticket likely

My dear friends...

Hispanic Voters Show Love for Obama

What did you think of the movie "Bank Job"?

I take a few days off, and y'all go crazy up in here, jeez...

I am so damn lucky to be here, and to have found all of you...

Hello from Berlin

I'm gonna get me a laptop to have at home. I want to be able to sit on my couch and read DU.

Just put the kitten in the dumpster....and her mother watched!

For Blue Jay: Disappear here

I'm going to be moving soon, and giving a lot of stuff away.

So, I'm going off meds this week

Which is the better movie?

Just applied online for a job . . .

If the Lounge remade The Rocky Horror Picture Show, who would be the cast?

I'm not seeing another movie until Uwe Bowl remakes Twelve Angry Men with the cast of Baywatch.

The Lounge needs some of the funk.

I think I may have torn something in my back.

Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?

I spent the better part of last night on suicide watch.

Pelosi appoints Porter Goss co-chair of Office of Congressional Ethics

I'm sorry - call me crazy but I just don't believe in speed limits.

Do you have trouble reading BlueIris's poem threads?

What was the best job you've ever had?

Phone-line Customer Service Question

Unfortunately, I have to revise my dead to me list.

Does the following photograph support the "gay agenda?"

Well, Mrs R FINALLY made me do it - I went to the doctor for a physical. And it turns out

I just replaced 5 old hard drives on my server with a 1 Terabyte drive.

I got my DU bumperstickers!

Little Ms. E.G. just asked me for some more "Weche"...

OK, I know half of you either don't know me or don't remember me, but can I get some vibes anyway?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday July 25

Need some Lounge Vibes for my Dad

Okay. Not looking for pity but just a vent. DUMPED AGAIN!

LOL Cats Poll - love 'em, hate 'em, indifferent?

MTV Remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I created two smilies. Pick which one that you like the best

So, these 3 cackling women harrassed my poor grandmother in the ER last night

If this place was Free Republic - what would our usernames be?

If you had to guess, which smilie gets used more on DU?

Archie Goodwin. Beyond Dick Tracy

Should the UN take territory from countries that actively or negligently create refugees?

Just got a 13% pay cut.

What was your first date with your current squeeze/lifemate?

Can Obama Take the 'High Road' to the White House?

Living with Panic

Okay, what the heck is going on with men's shoes?

With a jig President al-Bashir plays peacemaker in Darfur

Israel a 'miracle,' Obama says

12 more years to clean groundwater at Myrtle

(Max) Mosley Wins Court Case Over Orgy

Voter Unease With Obama Lingers Despite His Lead

Afghan, NATO troops try to seize Taliban-held town

Cambodia, Thailand agree more temple talks

Israel reneges on settlement pledge

Plan Would Use Antiterror Aid in Pakistan on Attack Jets

FEMA seeks immunity from suits over trailers

Gitmo prosecutor repeats al Qaeda deputy's claim: Flight 93 was shot down on 9/11

Weird BBC newscast

Government uncovers oil price manipulation

McCain, Dalai Lama to meet in Aspen

Report: Hate crimes hit 5-year high in LA County

White House Threatens Veto on Oil SPR Bill

House weighs overturning 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

100 U.S. female service members have died in Iraq

Court rules Army not liable for shooting by young recruit

Obama gives INSPIRING and THRILLING speech to the world from Berlin

Female suicide bomber kills 8 U.S.-allied forces

FAA probes jetliner emergency

NZ judge orders "odd" name change

Traders manipulated oil prices - U.S.

Judge Withdraws Threat as Reporter Pleads the Fifth in Spy Leak Probe(Bill Gertz)

CFTC charges Optiver with oil-market manipulation

Jobless claims surge as companies retrench

White House reverses experts on Yellowstone policy

Military works to prevent sex with minors

Rudy Giuliani's Son Sues Duke Over Golf Dismissal

Apparel Factory Workers Were Cheated, State Says

BBC: Obama looks to Europe as partner (first story on speech)

Pedestrian Hit by Columnist Is Elderly, Homeless (still in hospital)

Stage Set for Barack Obama to Take Germany by Storm

Price plummets on news of national speed limit legislation - update

Son of Iraq journalist shot dead by US forces

Spill closes Miss. River from New Orleans to Gulf

Housing, jobs send stocks skidding

Soy-based foods may lower sperm count

Wanted: 2 million poll workers for November

Man Boarding Tampa Flight With Box Cutter Gets Probation

Obama beats McCain in Arizona fundraising in June

Enforcement issues all that stand in way of XM-Sirius deal

Republicans block effort to subpoena global warming documents

3 shot at Phoenix community college; 2 critical

Okla. crane fall kills man watching construction

3 Wounded In Community College Shooting

Ford Posts $8.7 Billion Loss on Write-Downs (Q2)

Maine wages fight against toxic chemicals

Memphis police trying to out anonymous badged blogger

EPA E-Mail Concludes Global Warming Endangers Public Health, Senator Says

Berlin Rally Is Off-Limits for Embassy Workers

Group claims 100,000 signatures in 'Send Rove to Jail' campaign

Young Republicans worry about McCain's appeal

Heritage listing creates temple of doom

(Rep. Sam) Graves has less campaign cash than opponent (Kay Barnes: MO-6)

Two planes nearly collide over O'Hare, NTSB says

Prosecutors get a turn at defendants pleading for mercy, court rules (no more right of allocution)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 24

New disability regs prompt chorus of concern

Riches in the Arctic: the new oil race

DRM still sucks: Yahoo Music going dark, taking keys with it

Hawaii: All 6 in Bomber Crew Are Dead

ACLU: Memos authorized CIA torture

Stringbean's killer may be freed

BREAKING NEWS: Existing-home sales drop 2.6% in June, more than double expected amount

Is High-Profile Convicted Killer Getting Better Cancer Treatments?

Tornado ravages Central New Hampshire; Recovery effort underway in Barnstead

Ministers 'duped by US' over Guantanamo inmate's torture claim

Mortgage Writedowns to Total $1 Trillion, Gross Says

Republicans' Grip on Alaska Is Weakened

Lawmaker (State Rep. Cohen, D-N.J.) investigated for child porn, sources say

Bush seeks to pass baton on his "Freedom Agenda"

Air Force missile launch crew fell asleep

Gays in Iraq terrorized by threats, rape, murder

McCain cancels trip to oil rig after spill, blames weather

Leading Democratic senators call for US diplomatic presence in Iran

Poll: 'Sharp reversal' for Obama with Latino voters

Iran Faces `All Options' Over Nuclear Activity, Top Israeli Commander Says

Utah mine collapse caused by faulty design: probe

Memo: 'Good faith' protects against torture charge

Most Americans See Obama Win - Poll

Energy Drinks Linked To Risk-taking Behaviors Among College Students

GOP kills effort to release oil from US stockpile

Vast oil, natural gas reserves estimated in Arctic

Democrats blast Bush administration for targeting workers, not employers, in immigration raids

Gilmore filed false information on campaign disclosure forms

Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney

Iran ends cooperation with UN nuclear arms probe

Make no mistake and your rate can still spike

Same-sex marriage foes warn of kindergarten lessons on gay matrimony

House leaders double up on ethics watchdogs(Porter Goss gets a new job)

Iraq Olympics ban confirmed

Man revealed as bin Laden's bodyguard released by U.S.

Katie Couric On Editing McCain

McCain campaign video about how the media loves Barack Obama

HOUSE Judiciary Oversight of DoJ, Mukasey testimony, Rove, Voting Rights

VoteVets - Freedom

TPMtv: Just a Matter of History

TYT Congrats: TYT Co-Host Ben Mankiewicz To Host 'At The Movies'!

Maryland State Police Spied on Peace Groups

Barack Obama's Speech in Berlin Part 1

Michael Savage Back Pedals On His Autism Comment---The Young Turks

McCain Iraq: First Major Conflict After 9/11

Barack Obama's speech in Germany (clip)

Congressman Doyle criticizes Savage Attack on Autistic Kids

Debate on IMPEACHING Bush with Obama Advisor

Support for Obama crossing party lines

Obama Tours Western Wall

TYT: The OTHER McCain Gaffe No One Is Talking About

Straight Talk Express Crashes into Fudge Haus

McCain Changes Subject When Asked About Pre-emptive War

Obama's Berlin Speech: "A World That Stands as One" (Full Remarks)

Meet the Bachmanns!


Rep. Patrick Murphy questions Ms. Donnelly (R-Hate)

Rep. Sanchez grills Bushite AG MUKASEY about Karl Rove, Siegelman "matter"

Countdown: Brian Williams Interviews Obama

TYT: Cenk & Ben Discuss---Prince Of Darkness Ran Over A Pedestrian

"Ich bin ein Berliner" means just what Kennedy meant - "I am a Berliner"

TYT: Cenk's GREAT Break-Down Of Bush's Hidden Camera Comments

Plastic Bags - Just a low-key reminder.

Nas on Fox News "Sly Fox"

McCain: World's Worst Press Conference at Fudge Haus in Ohio

Jane Mayer "The Dark Side" on Letterman 7/23/08

Who is this moron?

POS McCain Attacks Obama, But Forgets His Own Record

Mammoth crowds for Sen. Barack Obama

Senator McCreepyLaugh

Barack Obama in Berlin (full version)

Female soldier brutally killed/raped by US soldiers. Army said "suicide"

Defense measure could steer billions toward contractors

Ties to Albany firm probed (John Sweeney)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Life In the Post Political Age (Joe Bageant)

Soldier's War Didn't End After Coming Home

A Crooked Man, A Crooked Road

The Real Story of Robert Novak's Accident: Made a 'Right Turn' ON a 'Red'

Arctic's oil could meet world demand for 3 years

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Pretend-O-Rama (James Kunstler)

A State That Never Was in Wyoming

Clarence Page: A big story is our biggest bias

The New John McCain Movie: 'I Know What You Did Last Dumber'

DOJ Memo Allowed Severe, But Short-Term, Mental Pain in Interrogations

The Oil Man Cometh

The Greatest Threat America Has Ever Faced: the GOP?

Iraq to IGMFU -- A McCain Meltdown?

GOP insider enviscerates Bush and Party: "Phenomenal Arrogance"

No. 44 Has Spoken

Independent UK: Economy heads for recession as growth slumps

What’s Lurking in Your Countertop? (Granite countertops pose risk)

Obama wows Berlin crowd with historic speech

Politico: An Interview with Naomi Klein

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 3

As I quietly watch the whales die

Sometimes suppression of empathy is necessary

Voter Unease With Obama Lingers Despite His Lead

Prediction: Canada set to take over as world biggest climate criminal

Peru declares state of emergency at Canadian mine site

Philippines Dengue Caseload Up 43% Jan-June Over Same Period In 2007 - AFP

Since we're doing polls on energy today, here's an offbeat one

The Oil Man Cometh

Oil Spills From Katrina, Rita Visible From Space, But McCain Says No "Significant Spillage" - WP

Lightning--An Aptly Named Electric Car

Seabrook Station not ready for McCain's nuclear plans

French nuclear leak prompts urgent security review

What do Senator Harry Reid and I have in common?

OK, I'm looking for an energy efficient hdtv

(Greenpeace) Activists arrested at oilsands protest (Canada)

AFSCME to 'go green' at national convention

I'm a Nobel Prize Winner

Sci. Amer: Top 10 Water Wasters: From Washing Dishes to Watering the Desert

NASA Climate Time Machine

Beloved Andean condor facing threat of extinction

Geothernmal System Can Cut Heating Costs By 60% (Canada)

"Confirm your flights. Avoid smaller airports. Drain your mileage programs."

South Carolina to test wells near nuclear plants

Bottled Water Costs 141X As Much As Tap, But Half Of Those Taste-Tested Couldn't Tell Them Apart

500 Emergency Calls In 1 Day Along 10-Mile Stretch Of Med As Jellyfish Invasion Washes Onto Shore

Video from SolarFest in Vermont

Saving whales from deadly ship collisions (CNN)

Climate Change Racing On Tibetan Plateau - 10% Of Permafrost Degraded In 10 Yrs, 4/5 Glaciers Shrink

A simple poll on Nuclear Power

CFTC says speculation is not the cause of high oil prices

Chop, chop: Firewood dealers struggle to meet demand

Bio Diesel help please

Gassing Up With Garbage

15-Mile Algae Slick Fouls James River East Of Richmond - Times-Dispatch

U Of BC Climatologist - It May Already Be Too Late For Most Of Planet's Coral Reefs - Guardian

Britain tries to block (EU) green energy laws

Slooow Food Savors Its Big Moment

Add Hail, Flooding & Army Worms To Ethiopia's High Food Price Woes - Reuters

Wyoming Hunters & Fishermen Call For Restraint In Energy Development

Wind vs. Coal - a monkey could figure this one out

PetroChina to control fuel exports to ease shortages

Don't panic: Popular (wood fuel) pellets plentiful (Maine)

Living Without a Car: My New American Responsibility

U.S. oil demand drops (3% YOY) in first half of 2008

Dolly's rains continue to inundate Texas and Mexico

Nation's Most Solar Integrated Utilities Revealed

Carmaker Mini plans to bring electric models to US

First hydrogen fuel cell for the home (Japan)

Next Generation Dye Sensitive & Organic PV, Part 1

EDF to Develop Tidal Power (4-6 MW France)

Arctic 'has 90bn barrels of oil'

Sockeye (salmon) come back in record numbers

Another simple poll on Nuclear Power

Vet care spending is at record level

And the pork rolls on

Filner: Expand care for Agent Orange exposure

Army not releasing details in detainee deaths case

U.S. military advisers say they're treated as misfits

Further Disgust with the VA Med Ctr and Nat'l Guard When I Offered to Assist Them in Treating PTSD

Air Force eyes contractors for refueling

Vermont State panel barred from nuke inspection by Republicans

Sorry We Asked, Sorry You Told

Trangender murdered in Greeley, CO

U.S. Olympic Committee Targets the Northwest’s Large, Hairy Gay Men

iPhone 3G network issues frustrating early adopters

Repossessions flower as economy withers

Hey, Corey, get a pre-paid cell phone

The Fox responds to why the chickens are missing...

What were they thinking?

WaMu Slumps as Gimme Credit Cites Liquidity Concern

LongHorn passes some costs to waiters

what to do about securities that are in securities side of

Bank CD tax question.

Visualizing Dow 6,000

Israel reneges on settlement pledge

Poll: American Jews Want Peace....

Obama: Jerusalem will not be capital of Palestinian state

Arab media cartoons depict 'Jewish control' of US presidential candidates

Israel reneges on settlement pledge

House committee probes medically unfit truckers (fabricate the medical certificates)

Today in labor history July 24 The original minimum, set in 1938 , was 25 cents per hour

XP: Apparel Factory Workers Were Cheated, State Says

Fremont illegal immigrant proposal expanded (employers verify applicant's status or face a shutdown)

UMWA Joins Labor Groups Endorsing Single Payer National Health Care

Blast from the past: IWW comes to MOA (Starbucks Union)

IWW comes to Starbucks @ Mall of America

W Post: Unions To Lodge Complaint

Midwest Airlines Pressing Hard For Pilot Concessions Using Bankruptcy Threat

Midwest Airlines Pressing Hard For Pilot Concessions Using Bankruptcy Threat

Election challenge arises to SAG leadership

NY: Union Dues Now Permanently Mandatory for Public Employees

Clergy, Community (LITTLE ROCK) Join Together to Support Sanitation Workers

Cal/OSHA Cites and Fines Farm Labor Contractor in Death of 17-Year-Old Farmworker ($262,700 !)

Jobless claims highest since late March

Surviving (or Not) on Minimum Wage

UNITE HERE Criticizes Apparel Industry Over Queens Sweatshop Scandal

McCain protest

Crane operator pleads to involuntary manslaughter

OSHA probing 2 sewer deaths

Fines aren't enough. There must be criminal prosecution in the death of 17-year old heat victim

Blue-Green Alliance Grows: Teamsters leave ANWR coalition!

Blue And Green Standing Together At Port Of Oakland

Why the bankruptcy of the government is inevitable.

If 12 people recommend this thread, a major financial institution will be insolvent within 2 weeks.

Ecuador's draft charter favors leftist president

Venezuela says media distorted facts on Chavez visit to Russia

Colombia kills 20 FARC rebels in air raid

Argentina Meeting: Investigation Of Disappearances

Medellin inspired chainsaw killing scene in 'Scarface'

Peru's Garcia unpopular despite boom

Bacardi's role in the Cuban trade embargo

Colombia Defense Minister Santos says Colombia to join So. American Defense Council!

Bonds among topics at Yankees' meetings

50 Year Old Nancy Lieberman Signs with the Detroit Shock

It was a big birth day for us

Starchild: The Energies for August - 5th Dimensional New Earth & Co-operation & Sharing ............

I want to ask a q about your experiences with flax seed oil..

Temple of Sacred Sound - July 24

Can anyone here analyze Obama's handwriting?

Rustle has died.

If Repugs love deregulating so much, would they be for abolishing this reg.?

State (Calif) freezes Medi-Cal payments to thousands of healthcare facilities

HHS to pay doctors to use prescription systems

Paying Doctors to Ignore Patients

Cancer researcher warns of cellphone risks

WBZ TV in Boston about to show a segement "Is Guardasil really safe"

Soy-based foods may lower sperm count

If anybody has been wondering

Damn that all talk/no action Biden....heh


Don't trust law enforcement, EVER

Pasta With Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula (from NYT)

Scientists Unveil Discovery About the Northern Lights

stunning gravitational lenses images from HST

Slow Food Savors Its Big Moment


The Legend of a Heretic

When does personal conviction become bigotry?

Is there an official Mormon website that shows the complete text

Who is more likely to be a Christian?

Neil Armstrong - "We were 'warned off' (by the Aliens)"...

Bill Bradley: "I KNEW I was going to win." (Proof of psychic abilities).

Mayer, Suskind, Shenon, etc.

Top Astronaut: 'Aliens Do Exist'

Has everyone's gas bill gone up, and why?

Kerry on MSNBC now!!

Leading Democratic senators call for US diplomatic presence in Iran

A couple news about Kerry -

Kerry speaking at the Senate Finance Committee hearing

MA homeowner commits suicide before being foreclosed. What a sad story.

Anyone up for defending Senator Kerry on Health Care? At Daily Kos.

I'm gonna get me a laptop to have at home. I want to be able to sit on my couch and read DU.

OMG, that speech in Berlin

We always knew that waaaay after the stolen election we'd hear more...

Maybe Michelle Bachman (Looney) should be telling T. Boone Pickens

CBC: OPP officer posed as journalist during 2007 Mohawk protest

A Lesson Not Learned

Scene from UnCounted (X)

NY: Vendors Flunk e-Vote Tests as Levers Linger

Top UK actors cast in Thatcher drama

Obscene! That's the only word for it.

(Max) Mosley Wins Court Case Over Orgy

"100 days to election" events in Wisconsin for Obama--this Saturday

Anyone interested in a DU picnic?

Arnold talking about slashing state employees

Signs of the times

It is done