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Archives: July 20, 2008

"Iraqi spokesman's clarification" came via CENTCOM

9/11 could have been stopped. Did MN's Sen Coleman investigate ?

Sunday TV talking heads: President Gore on Meet The Press.

Tainted! Gargoyles! Bisexual perverts, effeminate Jesus & turning men into PIGS!!

Two reservists charged with stealing secrets

does it bug you when Iranians are referred to as "Arabs?"

caption this

LTTE: It’s time to reject status quo

C-SPIN: Fred Kagan "Neo-Con Is A Dirty Word"

Independent UK: Recession next year: forecaster says things can only get worse

Independent UK: Recession next year: forecaster says things can only get worse


A burned bear needs help. Quick, get the word out ! Immediate action !! Hit the streets !!!

Man says he isn't prejudiced, but his white friends worry about a "colored president"

Man says he isn't prejudiced, but his white friends worry about a "colored president"

ahhh...the taste of runaway inflation...

Oil is down $16/bl. Yet gas prices haven't followed suit. You know what I have to say on this?

Pope Wants To End "Materialism." OK let's start with the Church!

What causes women to do this?

McCain Aide Scheunemann Linked To Bush Library ‘Cash For Access’ Scandal»

Say the dems win big in November and

Replay Of Pelosi At Netroots On C-SPAN at 10:35am ET

4 Afghan civilians accidentally killed. Maybe more? - 9 more Afghan police killed in airstrike

Flag will fly for Scout killed in Iowa tornado

We have a DU $ for Obama page Why not start one for Hillary?

NY Times: Given a Shovel, Americans Dig Deeper Into Debt

Gramm knows how to pick a winner

Why Do Free Markets Hate Our Troops?

Exploding Fundie Heads Alert: South Carolina woos gay tourists...Fundies freak out

U.S. aid to Africa becoming increasingly militarized, resulting in skewed priorities

Iran is friends with Israeli people: Ahmadinejad aide - US "one of the best nations in the world"

OK. I've never liked Evan Bayh, but props to him for hitting the Lieberliar

Home Sales, Durables Orders Probably Fell: U.S. Economy Preview

I just finished watching "An Inconvenient Truth". What a brilliant movie.

Family announcements of note (updated corrected links)

Some Sunday morning Anti-Corporatism inspiration with your coffee....

Bill O'Reilly Exposes His Warped 1950s Perception Of Women

US gives Iran two weeks to comply with nuclear demand

Darrin Bell gives the MSM a real assburn in today's "Candorville"

Juan Cole Slams the Wash Post

US troops kill relatives of Iraq governor in raid

The US is Full of Wind... Wind Power Viable?

Tax what we burn.

Zimbabwe introduces 100-billion-dollar note: Hyperinflation drives country's currency through roof

After battling for U.S., Iraqi fights for citizenship

Army to Shoot Live Pigs for Medical Drill

GOP Asks Net For Advice, Paulites Answer the Call ... and Answer, and Answer

'Flood' of drugs from Mexico linked to area abductions

Rubber Band-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010

We are not in a home construction melt down.

First Class for Military Brass -- Not So Luxurious for Troops

Der Spiegel responds to CentCom and stands by the story

pelosi On leslie blitzer, Is It Me, Or Does She Seem Desperate?

Getting ready for war with Iran? US sets nuclear deadline for Iran

Getting ready for war with Iran? US sets nuclear deadline for Iran

Bush Failing the CIA, Failing US Workers, Failing Katrina Victims-Bush History,7/20

Are y'all watching the Lara Logan interview with Obama on Face the Nation?

Anyone notice Henry Paulson making the rounds this morning?

Gore's Bold, Unrealistic Plan to Save the Planet by Brian Walsh...TIME magazine

So what does everyone think of the Beijing National Stadium?

Phil Gramm calls CEO who received $158 million "the most exploited worker in American history"

Power of one; Pelosi resists pressure to drill

Is "radical Islam" really all that different than Christianity?

Soldier in Famous Photo Never Defeated 'Demons'

my ltte published -- Hello Mr. McCain: Price of a gallon of gas does matter

Ben & Jerry's makes `Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road'

Model T prepares to celebrate 100 years

So, Bertha is headed to Iceland; she'll probably be only a

Your opinion about 527's , such as Move On.

There was a Whistleblower from Lichenstein

Bill Moyers: Mortgage Meltdown

Only 2 Hours Left

Houston executive pay packages swell by over 30% (while US average CEO pay drops 16%)

I Believe.

Great Cars that Sip Fuel..(pic heavy)

Study: Eating too much soy may cause memory loss.

Unhelpful nitwit of the week: "Dr" Danielle Babb

Every delegate in Denver gets this Bag!....... Irony alert

Sammy helps pick out flowers.

If you have ever attended a conference, exposition or convention and received

Colombia: A New Beginning

Africans in Beijing harassed as Olympics approach

I really don't get the whole "home as a commodity" thing. Is it class-based?

Blacks, Mongolians & Others Banned From Chinese Bars?

Apparent conjoined barn swallows found in Arkansas

Iran Given Two-Week Deadline to End the Nuclear Impasse

Taking "Daddies Little Girl" to the Purity Ball

Now THIS is satire:

Thoughts on the new twin memes: Aspirational Goal / Time Horizon

LIEberman: " I Would Speak At GOP Convention "

Question about a Toyota Corolla

Engineer's small footprint leaves big mark on world

It's Amazing What A Phone Call Can Do

I find some of the funniest stuff on rw blogs - here is a solution to global warming

So, anyone know about this fellow, Louis Posner?

Has anyone else noticed the tight head shots on CNN lately?

Do you think it should be legal to bring a gun to the zoo?

Political hack Patraeus reading the tea leaves about where focus of war should have been all along?

Tropical Storm Dolly headed for tip of Yucatan, then TX/MX border by Wednesday.

In case you missed it: Al Gore on MTP on now (6 pm ET) on MSNBC.

rugged individuals

Ok, who of you here wrote this? ;) - Star Tribune forum response

US military jails 'black holes', say US lawyers for Afghan reporter

The Official George W. Bush"Days Left In Office" Countdown:

Inflation spinning out of control may pressure Federal Reserve to increase interest rates

My oldest daughter is 35, I'm seeing her for the 2nd time when she gets her Masters (links corrected

drill off the coasts? i thought it was a lack of refineries? that's what the media's been telling us

Mugabe getting ready to start seizing foreign companies.

Ick. Is this a random opinion or a blog post from the paper:


Prove Christ exists, judge orders priest

He's b-a-a-a-c-k

Who am I?

Columnist: Bush "good man" who awaits revelation "come his Judgment day." What "revelation" awaits?

The people at the top have to be scared shitless.

Any middle aged DUers going back to school full time

Bush's "Time Horizon" is an investment term. Doesn't that bother anyone?

Sacramento: Personal Bankruptcies Shoot Up 88%

Question about the Freddie/Fannie bailout

The price of gas is determined by supply and demand

Lions and tigers and guns.....Oh My!

Chaplain preaches the gospel of money

'God bless your credit card'

The King Fish: Preach It Brother Huey

Sam Seder Interviews Governor Don Siegelman At Netroots Nation !!!

Speech at the End of "Bobby"

Just when you thought it was OK to go back to TV again. Lou Dobbs baits again.

Just when I think my (TX) red repuke county can't get any more ignorant

Gun rights group visits Idaho zoo to make point

LIVE: Special Sunday Night Young Turks Starts Now At (Also, Live Chat)

I am disappointed at DU this morning...

The term "flip-flopping" doesn't do justice to Senator McCain

I guess our military brass can't fight the War on Terror in IKEA furniture......

Fineman: "You don’t want a Democratic admin coming in there while the evidence is still fresh"

Nancy Pelosi: “Two oil men in the White House” are responsible for high oil prices

Sad that... American Presidents and Candidates have to visit countries in SECRET...

More from the "Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic" files: Saggy pants outrage in Illinois!

Guardian UK: 'Thousands face job loss in UK'

Charlie Cook: GOP Is Losing Ground

Chicago gets the new peeper scanners at airport

Jane Mayer, author of "The Dark Side" is going to

Iraq opens new airport in holy city of Najaf - Bankrolled by Iran

Congress in their underwear

Hearing-Gate Exposed! McCain Has Worse Afghanistan Hearing Record Than Obama

Black Man Tasered 9 Times by White Cop, Ruled A Homicide

Rove Defies Subpoena to Speak at Exotic Getaway (along with Dem Bob Shrum)

Oh... Fucking... Barf... The Pursuit of Teen Girl Purity - Time

Why even call it "banking" any more? They are debt wholesalers.

3 specific questions re price of oil/gas. Please clarify for me.

A graphic illustration of why an economic collapse is inevitable:

Clinton vows to fight "insulting" abortion plan - a question about this?

Argentina's Economic Collapse 2001

Rev. Sun Myung Moon hurt in helicopter crash

For most of my life, Dems were the pitbulls of Congress.

Funny! Grassley (R-IA) investigates televangelists, then gets dumped from GOP delegation!

Autism Groups Plan Protest Of Savage In NYC

Bloomberg News: Bush Failures May Force McCain, Obama to Make Like FDR in 2009

Do you have a problem with the way war profiteers make a living, yes or no?

Pet DU Peeve: "If (fill in the blank), REC & KICK MY THREAD NOW!!"

Science (math) proves diversity helps cooperation.

“Not One Drop Of Oil Spilled”? Not Quite

If you're familiar with Rep. Steve King (R-IA), check this out.

Poll: Voters Think Supreme Court Is Too Conservative

When needy people get help from Uncle Sam...

Iraq as the 51st State?

Doonesbury!!!!!!!!!!!! Another home run!!!!!

Vote for McCain

We must demand lesbian crisis updates from Tom Coburn.

When people talk about offshore drilling... here is my response

Sunday Dental Thread: Short due to heat

Sunday Dental Thread: Short due to heat

Are the Dems letting * slide so he can't pardon anyone when he leaves office?

A "Tail-Gater" picked the Wrong person to tailgate today.

McCain mouth should require an environmental impact statement

Lima, Peru's water threatened by toxic mine stuff

Really, serious....

Discussion w/ republican arguing in favor of permanent bases in Iraq.

I am no economist, but I still have a plan.

Boston Globe: Obama's paid staff dwarfing McCain's

Impeachment Hearings: A Win is a Win

From my wife to you all:

I think Obama's plan to bomb France is spot on

Barr/Root win injuction in Ohio to get on the ballot

The Al-Maliki Walkback: "That's hardly even a serious effort at bamboozlement."

Mission Accomplished!!

thanks Barack

McCain, fundraising in the Hamptons while O's in Afghanistan, says he's surprised he's doing as well

So What Did Maliki Actually Say? Since The Original Translations Were Incorrect

Beer. A reason to vote Mccain.

McCain Aide Scheunemann Linked To Bush Library ‘Cash For Access’ Scandal

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/20/08 - Obama 44, McCain 41 (Obama up 1)

I Think We Were Spared Darth Jr.

Bloomberg: Obama Would Be `Strong' Afghan Partner, Karzai Spokesman Says

'Cheney's Cheney'.

The Shot Heard Around The World

Why are so many with great talent, such absolute jerks?

Frank Rich: John McCain and His "Fiscal Ineptitude"

McCain planning to be in Senate next year?

Now that the Iraqi PM's support of Obama's withdrawl time table has quagmired McBush

Take a Deep breath, and brace yourself for this article

Is ROBERT KENNEDY / Mr. KENNEDY / KENNEDY the name being redacted from this FBI document?

RAW STORY-Lieberman: Obama prepared to accept defeat in IraqRAW

Obama says situation in Afghanistan is precarious

Now They Say Maliki Did Not Back Obama's Plan Interview Was Translated Incorrectly

Tweety: "You want a 3rd GOP executive to hide your tracks while the evidence is still fresh."

LAT: Why vote on Tuesdays?

National Review Tries to 'Feminize' Obama

On Late Edition Condi Rice refused to Tell Blitzer who she is voting for

Pls. delete. Wrong again! nt

Face the nation: Obama getting airlplay for his redeployment from Iraq.

Obama makes another stealth move

Maliki Goes Obama's Way While NYT and WP Wait--For What?

SFGate: Left-leaning bloggers flex muscle in Texas

McCain spending more than he's raising for the election

red-state Georgia may go blue thanks to... Bob Barr!

Reuters: Iraqis say they like Obama, divided on his policies

Chicago Tribune: Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki backs Obama troop pullout plan

I was just watching C---i Rice and I noticed something...

Lieberman: Obama's Iraq Trip Only Possible Because of McCain

I just watched the video of Obama with the troops in Kuwait...

Obama in First Interview: Situation in Afghanistan is 'precarious and urgent'

Birth Control Pill = Abortion

NYT: McCain Co-Chairman, Under Fire, Steps Aside

MoveOn ad: John McCain: "It's All In Your Head"

"Iraqi spokesman's" "clarification" came via CENTCOM

Inauguration tix selling fast in Illinois

NBC video w/ Obama and info about Afghanistan

Obama v. McCain/Paul Wolfowitz - Who Is The Naive Idealist Re Foreign Policy?

About the videos of Obama with the troops in Kuwait and

Charlie Cook: "GOP is Losing Ground" (Senate Repubs in trouble...)

The two major parties' veep shortlists.

7/18 Election Model: Why election sites giving McCain > 3% win prob are MATHEMATICALLY INCORRECT- x

Louisiana doctor cleared in patient deaths recalls Hurricane Katrina

Obama is winning the battle over foreign policy...

Campaign memo sent out from Obama...

It's January 21, 2009. Barack Hussein Obama is America's 44th President...

Der Spiegel is sticking with their story RE: Maliki supports Obama's plan

Phil Gramm's UBS Bank BUSTED in $18B Major International Tax Scandal --- Where's our MSM???

By adopting Obama's Policies, Dirtbag Bush is attempting to salvage what little legacy he has left

So, McCain's top financial adviser helps 19,000 rich people evade taxes, and the media says: "YAWN"

Obama campaign putting more emphasis on ground efforts and GOTV

Lieberman Defiant As McCain's Wingman

Chuck Hagel's Voting Record

Blogger who was fired for blogging about prosecutor (persecutor) of Siegelman has been threatened

Dear GOP: Keep Doing What You're Doing (Heh)

Ron Elving, NPR: Romney Moves Up As Potential McCain VP

Al Gore On "Meet The Press"

Hey Alex Witt, AnchorWOMAN:

Obama to be on Meet The Press next Sunday

Spiegel stands by its story on Obama/al-Maliki

Please, relax about the polls

McCain camp seizes on Mullen's remarks about "dangerous" withdrawal. Lies about Obama's position.

Do you think the shredders are working overtime at the White House

NYT Confirms "The Bombshell" But Makes You Work For it

Eddie Izzard says "Vote for Obama!"

Heads up! Obama interview coming up NOW (5pm CDT) on CBS News!

I agree with this article... just don't relax, Add fuel to the fire.

Think Tank Calls For Bush to Be Dictator For Life

Obama, one million Germans, and history

Considering high turnout

Tinseltown To Decend On Denver To Witness Obama Accept Nomination. Scarlett J. To Continue Stalking.

What Obama’s ‘50-state strategy’ will look like

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents.

Was the surge a success?

Maliki's Obama Endorsement by Tom Hayden

Fareed Zakaria:"... in terms of foreign policy, he's the true realist in the race."

Chuck Todd says Obama will start VP hunt once back from this trip?

Repug Admits: WH Wants McCain to Win To Bury the Evidence

Should we, the taxpayers, guarantee the investments of stockholders...?

McCain Opposes Contraception - Pass It On

Video: Obama on "Face The Nation", 07.20.08

What/who is this crowd of people stopping to look at....

Reuters: Obama arrives in Kuwait on Sunday. Expected to fly on to Iraq tomorrow.

Lots of Obama signs in a very "old money" part of town today

Big Surprise! WP is reporting that Maliki's 'misinterpreted' statement came after U.S. Govt Call

Big Surprise! WP is reporting that Maliki's 'misinterpreted' statement came after U.S. Govt Call

Give this to anyone who says: "Reagan won the cold war by destroying the USSR."

Wings of Desire (The Victory Column). I'd Forgotten That Beautiful Movie. Let's All Watch It

Have the June $$$ figures from the campaigns posted yet?

DU please caption Sen. Obama in this fark thread, thanks!

McCain's "Fiscal Flatulence:" Frank Rich excoriates him (with FACTS) in today's NYT

Where are the NN08 *live* blogs.....

C-SPAN's Road to the White House: BHO's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng meets

VIDEO: Obama Eats With the Troops in Afghanistan

Independent UK: Barack Obama, the most dominant force in British politics

Will Bob Barr be on the ballot in every state?

Lieberman, Fox News Sunday: "I'm gonna go explain why I, an Independent Democrat, support McCain"

Latest Rasmussen And Gallup Poll

Miit Romney: America's Ken Doll

League of Conservation Voters to endorse Obama

Remember four years ago how some people here were advocating McCain as Kerry's Veep?

Why The Polls Are Tightening - McCain Is Blowing His Cash Right Now

Will The Bush/McCain Administration Allow Maliki To Live In Light of Maliki's Call For a Timetable?

PHOTOS: OBAMA meets with Afghan President Karzai. Commander complains of not getting enough help.

UGH! I just got 'The Real Cindy McCain' chain email.

The case against Obama's proposal to bomb France, what Dems & Obama don't get.

The case against Obama's proposal to bomb France, what Dems & Obama don't get.

Obama. a success in Afghanistan just like here at home.

The OTHER "Surge"...early ticket sales for Obama Illinois Inaugural Gala on Jan. 19

Bush Offers "Time Horizons" for an Iraq Withdrawal

Obamas: How they paid for their Ivy League educations and the jobs they held while in school.

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Progressive Future?

Ohio ballot must have Libertarians (Not good for McCain LOL)

Like Dobson was not going to endorse McCain.

NYT: Influx of Voters Expected to Test New Technology

How are the Obama coat-tails in your state?

NYT clarifies ... Translator works for Maliki. Direct translation validates Der Spiegel.

So who's going to watch Joey the Scar tomorrow?

Is the "War on Terror" winnable?

There will be an uptick in polls and I think you're already starting to see it.

EMILY's List: Hillary's loss a lesson for women

Courage - I thought I had it, until I saw this amazing person

!@#$% -- Now some German pols are saying the NEW Berlin speech site is a Nazi symbol


Today, I adopted a puma

Given a Shovel, Americans Dig Deeper Into Debt

The party than impeaches wins the next election

Where is Obama right now?

Man tasered 9 times in 14 minutes, dies. Winnfield, LA.

Obama unveils new plane -- poised to depart from Chicago for Mid-east and Europe (Big Pics)

Wolf to Condi this a.m."Have you decided who your going to vote for?"

7/18 Election Model: Why election sites giving McCain > 3% win prob are MATHEMATICALLY INCORRECT

Time for Campaigning!

What are your thoughts on Republicans in Obama's cabinet?

In major reversal, James Dobson flips for McCain

Giuliani: McCain "was right about Iraq when almost everybody else was wrong"

Memo to Obama, McCain: No One Wins in a War - Howard Zinn

Unlike McCain, many seniors depend on Internet


Media's assessment of likability doesn't match voters'

Almost 7 years after 9/11; The Bush Admin puts bin Laden's driver on trial

McCain Receives $23,100/Year in Social Security

OK, Colin Powell for VP, yes or no (and why).

Bill Moyers on How Money is Choking our Democracy to Death

The Toronto Star's pick for Obama's Cabinet


So I just watched the film "The Mist" (spoilers)

Picard Say:

Somebody make me get off my fat ass to go work out.

The final vote. "Dee Youer" cover.

I have some interesting personal interactions sometimes.

Who is a celebrity you suspect is a phoney and not so nice in real life.

Who is a celebrity you suspect is a phoney and not so nice in real life.



Have you started shopping for school supplies?

How many of you remember this song??

I just ordered a Nintendo Wii

How Old Are You?

Have you ever jumped in the rhyming circle and free-styled?

I'm thinking of getting a perm!

Swag just called twice for a wake-up call in like five minutes

It's HEyHEY - posting as SWAG!

I'm Swag... Posting as HEyHEY.

The Obscene Spelling Bee

To the Lounge and DU at large: "With A Little Help From My Friends"

I talked to real American gangsters tonight!

Which potential VP would attract the most voters who are concerned about the economy?

I'm so offended... I googled myself in the USA

If you're feeling down, here's some advice from Monty Python

I have HAD IT with my Lab/Rottweiler.


Isn't It A Pity...

If Ben & Jerry Name An Ice Cream After John McCain What Should It Be Called?

Too funny...

Obama's Wrong Turn in Afghanistan

Anyone else watching "Open Range" on A&E?

Red White and Drunk All Over (NPR Weekend Edition Sunday)

dating an older woman...

I'd like to cook for my daughter tonight

Electricity deregulation. Am weighing switching to an at cost coop, why or why not?

Last night Mrs. DTW accused me of spending all my free time...

Need a morning spanking?

The Bush Rag Doll Game

To drivers who chastize pedestrians

If Abe Lincoln had an access to an atomic bomb, would he have used it?

If Abe Vigoda had an access to an atomic bomb, would he have used it?

I can tolerate Evan Bayh as a VP choice.

If Ace Ventura had an access to an atomic bomb, would he have used it?

Ford to retool U.S. plants for European cars

AAGH. My nobe id dubbed up!

AAGH. My zuddini id dubbed up!

I just picked the biggest nose I have ever seen!

Good news and bad news (at least for me)

OMG, Dihydrogen Monoxide, the SILENT KILLER is EVERYWHERE...

When you haven't visited the lounge in a while, how far back do you look at posts?

Squirrels, being squirrelly, and then getting what happens to squirrels

Some one is using a flagbot to flag our business ad off of CL

Want to try something different for dinner today?

Which is better? Not quite sure how this one got started

Jim Bob Duggar, in a new attempt to support his family, has come out with a new brand of condom:

Sunday Morning at the Vatican

Has anyone here had surgery for a heart defect?

A Midsummer's Night Dream

if Vinny Barbarino had access to a nuclear jumpsuit would he have used it?

I made this

I'm Skinner posting as Newmajority

'Dark Knight' sets weekend record with $155.34M

British Open Final Round Thread

I just got my first taste of Windows Vista.

Possible Scam? I got a call from an Obama Bill Collector

How's your sleep cycle??

What was in the briefcase in "Ronin?"

The Obscene Spelling Bee

anyone else like the movie "Putney Swope?"

I just violated the biggest zucchini I have ever seen.

My husband is a fraud.

Friend's Day

my ass hurts. i hope barack appreciates what we are doing for him out here.

There’ll be no mutant enemy we shall certify;

when reading posts here and elsewhere on the advertisingnet

Help me find a good book to read.... please

Lets reminisce about the wonderfully hilarious movie, "Windy City Heat."

Sammy helps pick out flowers.

If Jesse Ventura had an access to an atomic bomb, would he have used it?

What, if anything, are YOU self-righteous about?

Greatest American General?

consumer product x sucks and has many flaws as compared to consumer product y

It cost me $55 to fill up my PT Cruiser.

Chicken Fried Bacon

i'm declaring jihad against my liver tonight

i ride a bike AND i don't own a television

Free Paul McCartney concert tonight in Quebec City

My husband is a stud.

i will solve all your problems in this thread

Diesel VW won't start -- any ideas?

Has anyone ever listened to this group - Blankey Jet City?

I listening to The Jesus Christ Show on radio, what a interesting show.

What kind of a dick is Dick Tracy? {Before Iphone was cool}

What kind of a dick is Andy Dick? {Before being a drunk groper was cool}

I saw Eddie Izzard last night! You can touch me.

I'm Not Ready To Go Back To Work....

I'm freakin' timeless, and I'm gonna give *you* some advice:

Really? There are people who don't want to live in Kollyforniya?

Question about car commercials. How long has this been going on?

Do you think it should be legal to leg zoo animals?

I'm 49, and I don't need any fucking advice.

Don't I have a cute front end?

Don't I have a cute rear end?

Never My Love...

Never My Love...

Book age.

Shameless toot. This couple's cute.

"We service what we sell."

Songs you remember hearing for the fist time

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/20/2008)

The the four horsemen of the Apocalypse wore the emperor's new clothes, would they look like this?

What was in the briefcase in 'Pulp Fiction'?

Don't I have a cute rear end?

My Dad's 88, he says, "I can see you. I know what you've done".

I'm in my teens and old people suck.

Last chance to catch Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog for free.

I'm in my 60's...f**k you! :-)

Any guesses as to where this is?

I'm in my Hundreds......any good advice?.... (recent Pic)

I've been dead for thousands of years and I've got some advice...

deleted by Radio Lady -- wrong subject.

Foo Fighters show was unfuckingreal!

Foo Fighters show was unfuckingreal!

Police helicopter spotted by UFO

'Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer!'

where can one sell a kidney?

FUCK It! Fit in As You See Fill _____________

I am still an egg inside my Mother waiting for my Father to show up, any advice.

What hasn't lived up to the hype? What has?

a poem: what comes to your mind when reading this?

One week until that holiest of lounge holidays, Shark Week.

I Was Abducted By A UFO And Spotted A Police Helicopter

An etiquette question for the lounge.

Do you think it should be legal to arm zoo animals?


I'm 50. I don't need your advice

Who here doesn't have Hair Conditioner?

Gun advocacy group tours Idaho zoo while armed

Holy Crap! I just wrote a poem....

Hey SPK - I have the "perfect" gift.

Brett Favre - any news?

I'm in my 50s, and I'm gonna give *you* some advice:

Eliot: T.S. or George?

UFO spotted by police helicopter

Elliot: Ness or Gould?

5 guys are putting a new roof on my house today. They started at 6 AM

I forgot to do my laundry today- now I don't have a clean thread anywhere.

What kind of a duck is Daffy Duck?

What's for dinner?

Spoon with Fidel & light some incense at your altar to Joe Stalin you America-hating dirtball hippie

I always hate it when I finish a good book.

I'm in my 40's, Got any good advice?

Help me with an old Twilight Zone episode (black and white).

What could go wrong?

OK. I'm in my late 60s. Got any good advice?

I Was Born In Illinois. Got Any Good Advice?

Should I shave my head?

Why doesn't Donald Duck wear pants?

Oh no! Tonight's remastered Star Trek

ok, if I can't sell a kidney how about finding a sugar daddy?

Did anyone see the new season of project runway.

Is "than" really much different from "from"?

Fox 5 (Washington D.C.) Reporter Turns Tables on Purse-Snatchers

My dog passed away this morning.

Firefox 3.0 SUCKS!

Batman Fans, It's Time Now To Forgive Joel Schumacher

I'm in my 30s, got any good advice?

Fill In As You See Fit: FUCK _____________

"CAUTION: For safety, please keep pet birds out of the kitchen."

What dead people whom you've not met would you most like to?

Rant. I don't give a damn about my bad reputation.

If I had access to an atomic bomb

I'm 26, any advice?

This is God posting as Monkeyfunk

Screw those who say Obama can't put a Republican on his cabinet!

Who here doesn't have Flair Positioning?

What kind of exotic pet would you have if it weren't too much trouble?

Alabama man turns 112, still spends days drawing

President Obama will be the first President during my lifetime who I can say I truly love or loved.

I want my life back

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday July 21

"Tell No One"

Is Obama's trip abroad undercutting Biden's shot at VP?

What kind of erotic pet would you have if it weren't too much trouble?

Question: Any guys here dating older women? Any women here dating younger men?

I'm in the womb, got any good advice?

Do you do the same job your father did?

Please choose a new profession for me. Thank you.

Cyrano: Yes or Nose?

I just picked the biggest zucchini I have ever seen.


Please, all of your vibes, prayers and whatever else for my dog Buddy

Bush embarrassed in front of White House guests when muppet says "Hello!"

"Rest Stop" - brilliant movie, or crap movie?

Help me choose a skin for my new laptop, if you would.

If I had to choose any sport as my favorite (as a spectator), it would be...

I'm in my 30's. Got any good advice?

Has anyone here ever broken their "pinky/little-toe?"

Wanna wake up fast? Watch this

i got my hair cut, straightened, and dyed blonde

I have a bladder infection. (Not advice-seeking, just a whine).

Just got my first electric bill from HydroQuebec

You know what part of the world I really don't know enough about?

Should there be a Batman 3? (SPOILERS)

Cilantro: Yes or No?

What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

Radio Lady: What is your immediate reaction to this Barack Obama illustration?

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Did Gardenburger stop making Barbeque Riblets?!?!

The neighbor kid who threw a rock through my window last summer

The author of the linked editorial states that...

DAVID HASSLEHOFF - Hooked on a Feeling!

I Just Want To Thank ALL DU'rs For Their Hugs And Good Thoughts

Who here doesn't have Air Conditioning?

who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

What cool autographs do you have?

We're adopting 2 kitties...

My puppy has a nipping problem - advice?

What is the absolute worst movie you've ever seen?

Lord of The Rings experts - some questions

Parkinsons & marijuana

Nevada GOP cancels convention

Despite all the manual recount in close elections in Florida.

i'm in my 20's, got any good advice?

Father of 9 kids by 7 women takes daughter to "purity ball".

Anime nerds, who's the best obnoxious idiot in all of anime?

I made fried chicken . Real mashed potatos and gravy and creamstyle corn NOBODY ate it

Modern scientific instruments cannot measure the suckage factor of the new "Beverly Hills 90210"

Coalition 'bombs Afghan police'

Britain's Communist Party launches "Hand-0ff-China" campaign

General Petraeus: Al Qaida May Be Shifting Focus Back To Afghanistan From Iraq

Cambodia reports Thai incursions to U.N.

“Not One Drop Of Oil Spilled”? Not Quite

US forces kill two boys, including Iraqi governor's son

Nevada Republican Delegates Suing State GOP

Given a Shovel, Americans Dig Deeper Into Debt

Borrowers and Bankers: A Great Divide

Argentine media: Lithuania willing to join U.S. anti-missile system if necessary

Murray says Bush, GOP block energy solutions (radio address)

The Weekend Economist

Economic tremors in the West reach China

Friends wonder about veteran care when system didn't save Army medic in iconic photo

Der Spiegel Stands By Maliki Interview (Refutes Iraqi Gov’t Statement Released By U.S.)

Maliki Aide's Statement Came After U.S. Call

Troop withdrawal timetable concerns Pentagon chief

Colombians march against kidnappings

White House Accidentally E-Mails to Reporters Story That Maliki Supports Obama Iraq Withdrawal Plan

McCain to speak at Sept. 11 forum on volunteerism

US Secretary of State heads to Middle East, Asia

Nine face stoning death in Iran

British PM demands end to Israel settlements

Economy top concern for voters as White House race heats up

Oil hedges turn toxic for weak balance sheets (next shoe to drop - margin calls)

Flint remembers GM's glory with parade marking 100th anniversary

Hundreds of baby penguins found dead in Brazil

Justice Department broadening investigation of Kent

Paulson warns more hard months are ahead

Dobson shifts positions, may endorse McCain

66 Srebrenica victims exhumed

Bush adviser says Iraq timeline "very dangerous"

U.S. troops kill son of Iraqi governor

Tropical Storm Dolly forms in Carribbean sea-Watches and warnings issued

Obama uses crucial foreign tour to promise more troops for Afghanistan

Soldier in famous photo never defeated 'demons'

Top US admiral says strike on Iran means turmoil

US ambassador: Ecuador's government is not collaborating with Colombian guerrillas

World Prout Assembly End of Empire

Iraqi PM: US Should Leave As Soon As Possible; GB PM Brown: Time to scale down in Iraq (AP)

MoveOn: All in your head

Sen. Lieberman debates Sen. Obama

When Their Lips are Moving

Raw Video: Obama has breakfast with U.S troops in Kabul, Afghanistan

Gore on MTP: Drilling won't cure oil price 'hangover'

Meet The Bloggers discuss Karl Rove 02

TYT: Majority Of Iraqis Want A Troop WIthdrawal Timetable

Obama visits Afghanistan (Al Jazeera English and Reuters coverage)

100 or more Protest at Pelosi's house on Saturday

Secret Photos of Bush's Abu Ghraib Prison WARNING:Mature watch!

John McCain - "The Straight Talk Express"?

Chuck Todd: GOP 'panicked,' Maliki sticks with 'timetable'

Argentina's Economic Collapse

McCain "Swift Boater" Advisor on Terrorism - "Either we kneel or they are going to kill us."

Insurance Company Rules

Israeli soldier shoots blindfolded prisoner

New McCain Ad: Obama's Foreign Friends. ...Oh Noes!!!1!1!1one

Lieberman: Barack Obama Was Prepared To Lose In Iraq

Barack Obama Interview on CBS's Face the Nation

TYT: Cenk On Hasselbeck Crying, Whoopi And The N-Word On The View

NY Times: Uncomfortable Answers to Economic Questions

Iraqi PM endorses Obama Withdrawal Plan!

What's Next for J Street?

Borrowers and Bankers: A Great Divide

NAFTA and the elephant in the room

The Misshapen Mind

Clarence Page: Jesse Jackson's N-Word 'Gotcha'

Sun shines on Obama's Iraq debut

Fixing the System Obama Broke (Public Financing of Campaigns)

Bush Failures May Force McCain, Obama to Make Like FDR in 2009

“People come to believe what they must believe when they must believe it”

Once again a Scandinavian country shames the rest of the West:

Venezuela Chavez May Hug Spain King, Won't Shut Up

India's outsource giants feeling the pinch

India Knowledge@Wharton | McCain a better bet for India?

Obama must curb our enthusiasm

We're Not Laughing with you, or at you

The AT&T Convention in Denver by Glenn Greenwald

War Zero: Nothing Honorable About the Vietnam War

American inequality highlighted by 30-year gap in life expectancy

People see in Obama what they want to see - that's a blessing and a curse

Death of Free Internet is Imminent..Canada Will Become Test Case

Study: IT jobs will drop in 2009

Myth 4. Nuclear Energy Will Not Increase Weapons Proliferation

Duke Energy sued over N.C. plant construction

Algae for biofuel check this article out

Emergency Beijing Olympic pollution scheme begins - Reuters

Kenya sugar, biofuel project stirs controversy - Reuters

Three Types of Doomers and Fantasy Collapse

Al Gore on Meet the Press

Question about effect of wind power on weather patterns

British Energy's repair bill for nuclear plants 'spirals over £50m'

Town farms to go ‘green’ with solar power (municipal solar farms, Mass.)

Curious about this site >

"Mule deer factory" under threat

Log rustler will do time

Oregon cities plan more bikeway projects as cycling increases

Congressional discussion on car efficiency, energy independence & climate change

Cristobal and Dolly form

Beacon Power Wins Local Nod For New York Plant (20 MW flywheel storage)

WSJ: In Japan, Resistance Rises To Nuclear-Power Plans

Antarctica's continental shelf sits at a depth of about 400 meters.

Insects as a viable food option?

Anti-global heating claims - a reasonably thorough debunking

Nuclear power decreased by 3.6% in OECD countries last year.

Minimal hydrogen required to dramatically increase diesel

Collegiate vets say campus needs often unmet

(Army Times) Editorial: VA adds fuel to fire

As wars lengthen, toll on military families mounts

Jones introduces bill to protect chaplains

(Navy) Editorial: Iran act wearing thin

Synthetic Pot as a Military Weapon?

Consumer electronics group defends world trade

Economic tremors in the West reach China

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/19/08

BLS BS Exposed: Commercial Bankruptcies Soar

Six Ways to Protect Yourself With FDIC Insurance

The Weekend Economist

Looming Water Shortage Creates Profit Opportunities for Investors

Need some help reading this report

A great post by Jim Neal at Pam's House Blend

Young, Gay and Murdered

What's the best cash-back rewards credit card?

I'm curious what multi-millionaires are doing right now with their money?

Ahmadinejad's deputy: Iran is a friend of the U.S. and Israel

Olmert's defense: It's becoming clear that Talansky is a pathological liar

Education Min. now seeking to adopt Leviev Jewish identity program

CanWest huffs and puffs while free speech burns

Brown pledges Palestinian aid, urges settlement freeze

Al-Qaida in Israel / Fertile ground for terrorism

There is a post at Greenwald's Salon blog that needs reading.

I'm fighting 2 wars, don't need a 3rd'

Hebrew U. students not surprised by al-Qaida arrests

Hamas condemns collaborator to death

Peace Now buses turned back from Hebron after settlers protest

Soldier who fired in Naalin incident arrested

Immigration frustration stokes fury in Fremont, Ne (packing house jobs)

Today in labor history July 20 Police began shooting pickets without provocation “Bloody Friday”

Today's working family cartoon: Tour Guides

PM announces extra funding for Palestinians

Bonus Working Family cartoon: clean air

NYT: A Fighter Now Fights for Herself

US writers target American Idol

Sony Ericsson to cut 2,000 jobs as profits tumble (handset manufacturer )

Lettercarriers stand up with UNITE against Aramark

Low-income women have ally to defend labor rights

Essential things Israelis and Iranians should know about each other

Az Leap in state unemployment ranks No. 2

Obama Supports North American Union Agenda

Employers, labor become 'foxhole buddies' striving for survival in tough economy

"Free Gaza" initiative to try and enter Gaza by sea and open port

Mexican Navy intercepts small submarine with drugs in Pacific

Mexico May Release Evangelical Suspects Of Massacre

Thousands march for Nicaragua's Ortega after protest

Bolivia seeks to nationalize pension funds

Colombians march against kidnappings

10 more hostages taken by FARC

US ambassador: Ecuador's government is not collaborating with Colombian guerrillas

FARC SPEAKS: 'We Will Never Give Up the Struggle for Justice"

Poll: Peru's poverty erodes popularity of president


Chavez party seeks changes for third term

Chavez touts socialism to Venezuela kids

Come on guys, it's Greg Norman. He'll choke like a herd of Linda Lovelace wanne-be's.

Jason Taylor Traded To Redskins

Can you figure out

The Stars This Week: "You're a Star!" - July 21 - July 27, 2008

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life by Barbara Martin

Hey guys -

Well Biden may not be accompanying Obama on his trip but . . .

Bidenites - Unite!

I'm bored - you know what that means - -- - - - >

Alabama man turns 112, still spends days drawing

Children treated abroad as U.S. doctors push for devices

Chiron Corporation Gets US Contract To Produce Bird Flu Vaccines

MS vaccine testing to start in US (BBC)

a Biden fan at a Pakistan newspaper

comments on Biden in Boston Herald article

Biden VP thread in GDP

Biden & Kerry interviewed on Iran - with a Midde East channel?

If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Heller Runnning for House of Representatives

D.C. Tries to Finesse Gun Ruling

Do you think it should be legal to bring a gun to the zoo?

Gun rights group visits Idaho zoo to make point


Thanks to Eleny's recommendation for Manjula's Kitchen

[OT] You'd think that I could own at least one working vehicle

The first zucchini bread of the season!

Grilled Pizza (with **lots** of pictures)

Un-intelligent design

Albert Einstein explains mass- energy equivalence in 57 seconds

Today is the 39th anniversary of the first Moon Landing-July 20, 1969

Intelligent design?

How reliable is DNA in identifying suspects?

Talk about not moving too far away from your relatives

Lesbians like straight men, researchers find

99 Cent ear of corn

Catholic activist group looks to change doctrine

Will the (Lambeth) conference bring communion? (BBC)

Question about effect of wind power on weather patterns

Guardian UK: Who knows what happened on 9/11?

Wonk question that may be of interest to Kerry supporters (contraception rule change)

"Soldier in famous photo never defeated 'demons' "

Question to Massachusetts Kerrycrats (OT)

UBS and Texas

Error 82

Help with Firefox 3

Let us not forgot 9/11 could nave been stopped. what did Norm do?


Globe and Mail: WWJD? Conservative Christian is Omar Khadr's last line of defence in terror trial

Bring back Khadr, former PM says

Have you all seen this wonderful new film?

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, July 20, 2008

Influx of Voters Expected to Test New Technology

Against all odds, still the nastiest party???

UK 'must check' US torture denial

Britain on alert for deadly new knife with exploding tip that freezes victims' organs

Did Jimbo fall off the face of Earth?