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Ventura will not run for Senate

Bush Seems to Renounce the "Bush Doctrine", and a Bushel of Bushisms-Bush History,7/15

A Concise History of the Bush Presidency

Pentagon Looking For Boise Actors

Ventura says on Larry King that he won't run for Senate

I dreamed last night that I shook Obama's hand. I also once dreamed that Bill Clinton

Uranium Enrichment Plant in North Carolina?

New Bushism: "The ball is squirrely in Congress' court."

China Concerned by Sudan Arrest Plan, Considers Blocking Plan

I'm listening to MSNBC now, havent had cable in 4 years, wow!

Fiorina says we must ‘fully fund’ NCLB, forgets McCain voted against full funding.

Oil prices reshape how Air Force flies, trains

"Hard times a boon for repo men"

S.F. officials locked out of computer network

Fannie problems, anyone? perhaps a little Prep. H is in order...

MN-Sen: Ventura Won't Run

Little joints, big hurt: Torn ACLs, other injuries hit young athletes

MSM blaming Sen. Schumer for "run on IndyMac"- what's this?

CREW wants Justice Dept. to investigate Stephen Payne's scheme to sell meetings

I don't know what I'm listening to, but it's damn good

Franken vs. Coleman for senate poll

wall st. gonna be ug-ly today, mon...

Drilling For Dummies

Holy %^&*!: Inflation Rate Now More Than 20% Per Year!

Rachel Maddow on the Today Show

U.S. Stock Futures Slide on Bank Outlook, Economy; Shares in Europe Slump

this is not a photo-shopped job...but a real snapshot

In bad economy, life is good for the repo man ("A lot of this is self-inflicted")

GAO: Govt. Not Securing Radioactive Material

Torture: MPs call for inquiry into MI5 role

Ga. governor says guns should be allowed in nation's busiest airport under new law

Waxman Sets Sights On Homeland Security Adviser (Steven Payne)

Who knew CNBC was a COMEDY channel?

Apropros theme song for the stock market today......"Ground On Down" by Ben Harper?

Stimulus checks......not so stimulating, apparently......

California leaders denounce Bush's lifting of offshore oil ban

Lawyers in YouTube lawsuit reach user privacy deal

Hard times a boon for repo men in Florida

Dollar Drops to Record Low Against Euro as Credit Losses Erode U.S. Growth

O’Hanlon ‘livid’ over Obama’s plan for withdrawal from Iraq.»

I heard that the poop flinging moron* is supposed to do his* best imitation of a human at 10:30am

So * wants to let the oil companies drill at US shores

Bush History,7/15 -- Bush Seems to Renounce the "Bush Doctrine", and a Bushel of Bushisms

District Gun Bill Goes to Council

Jim Hightower on Pot -- Sharing His Thoughts on Pot, That Is

GM eliminating healthcare coverage for SALARIED retirees over 65

Euro hits new high versus dollar above $1.60

Europe: Our economies are struggling, but the U.S.? Lord Have Mercy....

Iraq Army Base Attacked by Two Suicide Bombers; 30 People Die, 50 Injured

Bush to speak to a nation of whiners on the floundering economy at 10:20am EDT

Bush's Presser

How Can * Even Get In Front Of The Camera's And Face The American People?......

Gitmo video offers glimpse of interrogations

Prosecutor On Terror Watch List Says List Goes Too Far

Petition online to draft Zell Miller to run for President

Conyers may hold hearings, but plans no action on impeachment

Quote for the day:

Whining US CEOs: Economy is "Dismal"

The "satire controversy" is just an excuse to keep the Obama-as-terrorist cartoon on TV...

$4.25 a gallon this morning here in West Michigan.

Bush wasting everyone's time again, media no tough questions, Don't we

Apparently people should not have more than $100K in the sez Geo Bush

June retail sales fizzle despite stimulus

HuffPo morning SHOCKER: "Bush Holds Press Conference On Economy: Blames Democrats"...SHOCKING!

We have tried 8 years of tax cuts for the wealthy and it has only screwed up our economy

He just called himself the Justice Department

Monkey is on screeching and jumping up and down saying our money in the bank is safe

"My big, fat, collateral damage wedding"

I'm watching a war criminal speak on TV about the economy.

Who profits first, middle and last from OCS?

Poll: Franken up narrowly in Minnesota

6 charged in attack on dad protecting daughter at Valleyfair

Who guarantees the FDIC?

CNBC: Price of oil falling (down almost 7 dollars) as some bank selling winners to raise liquidity.

Chimp on teevee explaining the intricacies of oil well drilling.

What turned the DOW around? n/t

You find prophecy in the strangest places.

The fallacy of the "oil-troubles"..

About Westboro. This is all anyone needs to see.

Dems are being pitched a slowball over the plate on offshore drilling

Great Caesar's Ghost! look at the roman columns on the stage.

Kucinich to introduce another impeachment article... Soon...

Thanx to D.U. ..... the wisdom of W 7/15/08

Why can't Presidunce get through a sentence without one of those annoying "I'm clueless" pauses?

"We hurt al Quaida hard."

Is there ANY doubt now that Rachael Maddow

Kucinich. "Our Constitution is being destroyed. We are losing our nation to a war based on lies."

What timing! Al Douri, a voice from Saddam regime, "supposedly" surfaces

Bush: Reefs are important for fishers

so mr. nails on a chalk board* comes out and says he's* always


The Stockades of Fort Dix - When Torture Was Practiced on U.S. Soil

Just met one of the 12% on another board.

Huff Po: Phil Gramm May Be Gone, But His Porn Lives On

Bush said the "Banking system is basically sound."

Question: where do employment opportunities come from?

Chief Dickhead just said all our problems were caused by

Inflation At 20%? Banks Failing? Dollar Tanking? Whatever.

The Incredible Shrinking Dollar Passed 160 Euros. What will Helo Ben Do?

It is the end of the nutball Christian right. Here is your proof. To go

Must Drill Here......

fish in 4 mi. of river wiped out

NAOMI KLEIN ("The Shock Doctrine") will be a guest on Thom Hartmann's show today

Impeachment Resolution: First Reading Today

After 9/11, it was, like, ‘anything goes’ in the name of terrorism. (Harpers)

Text of my live chat with a Comcast representative concerning MSNBC move off of basic cable in PGH

Can You Keep the Earth in Balance? - take the quiz.

BWAHA!! As if! from DFA e-mail - Joe Liebermann (sic) can still make the right decision

The Bush Wars: Till Death Do Us Part

Mr. Fish's take on the Magazine Cover....

Did you ever wish you had a pre-printed card

If Today's Congress Had Presided During Watergate

a giant glacial wave kills two in Greenland

Middle East: Grave Mistake To Attack Iran, Warns Syria

Right-wing a**hole watch: O’Hanlon ‘livid’ over Obama’s plan for withdrawal from Iraq

Irony (by the *)

COLOMBIA WANTS OUR STUFF !! Dammit.,.George is pissed

Jane Mayer talkling war crimes on "Fresh Air"...

Report: Pentagon official says Israel has 'amber light' for Iran strike

In case you missed it, Pres. Douchebag presser being repeated on SPAN2 now (12:30 E)

Curious: the monkey is wearing a yellow tie... (not the usual red or blue)

Social responsibility rankings for major gas stations

Help the GOP with their platform!

Bush on gas prices: ‘Where are they now?’

Tancredo's July FEC report. (Issues)

Five years ago

video released of 16 yr old Guantanamo interrogation = GOP astroturf

1000 US troops Start Training Exercise in Georgia

Since when did all Repugs become psychologists?

Dupe, mods pls delete

For Anyone Interested In The Fannie/Freddie Debacle...

TPM: Stephen Payne Worked for Pakistan (Musharraf) after September 11

Should death row inmates be allowed to have web pages and pen pal postings?

"This is a horribly unfortunate story," Payne is a synopsis of the Bush years

Guardian UK: Worst of the Worst: Bush Administration's Torture Policy goes Beyond Waterboarding

Betancourt Unbound - Off the Script in Colombia

Another coverup happening with Brent Wilkes? Sounds like it!

Pricey gas: Fewer cops, more potholes

Well it looks like....

ACLU: Terrorist Watch List Hits One Million Names

Greenwald: Why Congress--and Democrats--are moved to immunize Bushists against prosecution

Freedom of Information Act reveals Pakistani General met US Central Command

Life in the Bush economy: Atlanta leaves 53 police jobs unfilled; Delays hiring of Fire recruits

If you live in Canada or a state that has real cold winters, do crime rates go down in your state

How In The Hell Did This Guy Become President?.......

Bush shows his command of the issues at his news conference today.

Is there any way to tie a requirement for a reduction in Medicare fraud to the restoration of fees

Oil Brings Americans Closer to OPEC Debtor Dependence

CNBC Keeps Cutting Away From Financial Market Hearings

Bill Scher: What Bush Didn't Promise: Lower Gas Prices

Is the economy a perfect storm? Should we get out of stocks, mutual funds, maybe even the dollar,

Speaking of satirical New Yorker covers...

I swear, this site has been 'Assimilated' - can't believe how far to the right it has swung.

Fired Alabama blogger on Thom Hartman radio at 215pm today!

speaking of satire

The New FISA Statute-- In Pictures!

And so....(Froomkin from WP)

Teen in coma after wrong dose of medication

Naomi Klein up next on Thom Hartmann.....

PA Lobbyist Charged With Destroying Evidence In Weldon Case

You motherfucker ...........

Lifetime limits on insured healthcare vaporize rapidly

In his speech today, Bush confirmed Peak Oil.

U.S. Banking System Slammed With Its Own 9/11 Magnitude Catastrophe Shaking It To Its Core.

So running AC reduces your gas mileage. By how much? Does it depend on

Some great, thought-provoking New Yorker covers

Been watching C-Span2 committee hearing on Fannie MAE/Freddie MAC bailout at 10am (ET) Douglas Feith-House Judiciary Committee inquiry into detainee interrogation

Rules on tools could handcuff DNC protesters

Americans least satisfied with their health care system in survey of 10 industrialized nations

G.M. Suspends Dividend and Plans More Layoffs

I believe that every few days this is worth saying:

William Greider: Wall Street's Great Deflation

Torture for the Torturers

What Americans Want

"Some People Do Bad Things"

Why the Bail Out of Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae is Bad Economic Policy

XM dumps Lionel and changes channel 167 to America Left.

Bush murder trial book, blacked out by mainstream media, thrives on Internet

my 142nd ltte printed today...on ANWR and McCain's support...please rate up

Matthew Rothschild: Irresponsible Bush Clueless on the Economy

First Guantanamo video released BBC News

Some info on National Bank. Anyone bank with them?

The Rude Pundit: The New Yorker Cover: Really?

Notes From the Telephone. (Wexler)

Fitter. happier. more productive.

Karl Rove denies political ties taint Fox News role

Mmm I don't see where it says you need an executive order to CAPTION

*KkkkkHhhh* Attention campers-Friday's missile test has been delayed

Hutchison: "Afghanistan is NATO's fault. They were supposed

Soliciting $ For Presidential Foundations-A Question:


This Modern World: Obama phenomena

In Defense of Bush -- The Mind of a Freeper

Damn! He must be merikan!

Family Wins $40,000 Law Suit over Urine-Tainted food.

Trent Lott on MSNBC, "Not a drop of oil was spilled during Katrina"

Anybody want to buy slightly used light bulbs cheap?

A question regarding what is "satire"...

Bear breaks into Circuit City

Phil Gramm says Americans are whiners? More "strict father" bullshit, is it?

The Republican platform committee wants our help

There will be no legitimate investigations, nor any chance of impeachment

Bush Vetoes Medicare Bill. Override Expected This P.M.

Libs v cons

Billboard displays burning World Trade Center with slogan, 'Please Don't Vote for a Democrat'

Apologies if this is a duplicate


Drivers who cause fatal accidents while on mobile phones face up to 14 years in jail (UK)

Live on C-Span: Medicare Bill Back After Veto- Overide Veto vote shortly

UK and European Parliamentarians Oppose Bushist Tribunals For Violating Humanitarian Principles

Denver rids parks of homeless meals; charity says DNC is to blame

First Guantanamo video released (excerpt) - Omar Khadr

Deadly raid on U.S. military base raises doubts

So, where's Rove and when does Congress issue contempt charges?

Holy shit! I just realized that Limbaugh and I were born within 10 days of each other.

I love these fwds by my right wing friends

The UN's United Buddy Bears, The Art of Tolerance, have come to Stuttgart

Turnout reported to be extremely light in Georgia primary today.

New Activist Corps Action posted: The Truth About John Sidney McCain III

Is Keith Olbermann back yet?

TPM: Homeland Security Advisor (Payne) Provides Emails To Back Up Claims That He Was Conned


New War on Second Hand Smoke

Nadler: In a ‘just system,’ Bush ‘would be impeached.’

bush says the economy is basically sound...that means we are royally FUCKED.

caption time

Democratic Party Was Co-Author Of This Economic Disaster

Want to REALLY save some gas? Reduce congestion!

I got yer satire for ya, right heah!

Articles of Impeachment to be read in the House today! 5 pm EDT!

Congratulations, George Bush!

Pastors for Peace is back in US

The waiting is the hardest part

Has anyone else been noticing the "Freepathon" when lurking at FR?

President Bush vetoes Medicare bill!

Lame Duck Republican Strategy - Scorched Earth

Tueday TOONS, Part 3! Bank shots

GAO gives U.S. food safety low marks

Thanks a BUNCH

Dennis Kucinich will be reading articles of impeachment

C-Span3 - House Judiciary hearing on detainee torture

My mother-in-law is in a hospice dying of lung cancer. (VENT WARNING!!! )

Who is this person reading the Articles of Impeachment on C-Span?

Tuesday TOONS: The Economy is Mental, and so is the Prez

Tony Blair Cancels Gaza Visit After Israeli Intel Uncovers Plot to Kill Him

Will they ever admit it doesn't work?

It's satire, get it?

Is the position of senator greater in prestige than that of governor?

I want you to KICK THIS THREAD, not just recommend it

Atlanta DUers what do we need to know about

Ex-Pentagon Aide Denies Favoring Torture of Prisoners "Some people do bad things."

We have Fucked ourselves into a corner...every few 11 to 14...we double our consumption

New Web Site: Require Candidates and Members of Congress to Wear Stun Bracelets!

Parole board denies release for Manson follower

Iranian Solution...

I don't want the press to use the word "plummet" in describing daily oil prices

Sicko Part Deux: Newt Gingrich wants to do for healthcare what he did for government

Senate Overrides Veto

Senate Overrides Veto

Senate Overrides Veto

Can one still donate to Democratic candidates through DU?

8 Years ÷ 2 Oil Men in WH = $4.00 a gallon gas!

Jesus Christ was Un-American.

"She kept begging and pleading and begging and pleading and I got sick of listening to it,

Flashback: Labor leaders boo McCain on immigration, Iraq

See, this a senator who actually has balls and does his job:

Bastille Day - our 8th Birthday & an important message to our supporters... Investment opportunity?

VIA Jay Bookman: McCain sending his cyber minions out to infiltrate liberal blogs

Ron Fournier and the AP...changing from factual reporting to opinion and bias?

100s line up for their money

McCain's Ape Rape

This "satire" is over the top and in extreme bad taste:

Can anyone tell me how to find recalls for Nestle product

Saudi Offers Russia Arms Deal To Curb Iran Ties

Guess which post is mine

Feith in the System There's legitimate interrogation, and then there's torture.

With a minute left Kucinich Resolution is headed for failure

Oh George. You've done it again. (Bush at press con today)

'You don't care about me,' Omar Khadr sobs in interview tapes WE ARE TORTURING TEENAGERS

'You don't care about me,' Omar Khadr sobs in interview tapes WE ARE TORTURING TEENAGERS

Bertha is the longest surviving tropical system

Guantánamo video released teenage inmate calling for his mother and begging: "Help me, help me."

W's coming to Redding. How should I "greet" him?

Is it just me, or is this country going to hell in a handbasket?

Laura Ingraham, The show is OVER

Motion to Refer Adopted. Just Announced on CSPAN. n/t

Can you even imagine how stupid he was BEFORE he went to Yale?

U.S. states, cities welcome investment from abroad

Feith Lies To Congress: ‘I Championed A Policy Of Respect For Geneva’»

"I'm not an economist, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night..."

Kucinich May Get Hearing On Impeachment Resolution

FLASHBACK: If White House press secretary Tony Snow won't save for retirement, why should you?

Consumers in for higher prices as costs surge

Obama just ahead on Larry King - I believe for the hour 9pm CNN

Snark time: offshore banks have no FDIC coverage. Think the offshore account holders are worried?

Chimpy says the economy is growing. Says "I'm not an economist, but

Once again FOX displays its disrespect for Canada

"In Arizona, the only way to get around the state is small private plane."


Phil Gramm and Al Franken

Bush Joins In: Says Economic Woes Are All in Our Heads

Democrats Are Weighing More Tax Rebates, Pelosi Says

Author: Some in Congress calling for war crimes trials.. (we must encourage them)

The Death of Reaganomics

Hey, the poll on out-of-state gay marriages needs some DUing!

CNN is being deceptive about the tape of the young Gitmo prisoner.

Texas Registered Primary Voters: Dem Party Survey re PrimaCaucus System

Bush: "They have no disregard for human life"

Dayum. Scott Kleeb is babe-a-licious.

Bush: "The president doesn't have a magic wand"

Laura Flanders: No Bail Out - No Bail!

"Hell, Dick Cheney went out and rented a soul"

Who do you want to see as the next US president?

Saudis give the Pakistanis 5.1 billion of free oil...WTF?

Obama is consistently wrong on foreign affairs...

Fun With War Crimes fans! Ep. 4's coming next week -- in the meantime, here's the Bush blooper reel

Blue America Thanks Doug Tudor (FL-12), Among Others

Colombian military used Red Cross emblem in rescue

Why don't the cops drag Rove's treasanous ass in?

Rep Kucinich did another "Resolution of Impeachment' against George Bush II...and it was Read on

Mortgage Giants’ Collapse Could Herald 1930’s Style Depression

Les Crane, Talk-Show Host, Dies at 74

California Targets New Menace: Helium-Filled Foil Balloons

AP: Downturn gains steam as inflation roars ahead

Doesn't the moon look full tonight? - Full Buck Moon - July 18th

PHOTO: Bush gives honest assessment of the US economy's direction

Oil Brings Americans Closer to OPEC Debtor Dependence

Miss Bud's other license plate

Multiple bombings kill 40 in northern Iraq

Billboard displaying burning twin towers reads ‘please don’t vote for a Democrat

If you want to learn more about the US Petroleum Preserve and the dangers of depending on Oil

Offshore drilling ...............

Phil Gramm = UBS = Heinrich Kieber = Super Rich Tax Cheats Outed by Bank Clerk

With the New Yorker in mind, from "Queen Victoria" last year:

Boehner falsely claims there’s no ‘wildlife’ in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.»


Ditzy Michele Bachmann (R, Minn): there are no trees at ANWR

Angry IndyMac Customers Prompt Police Response in Los Angeles

Why does God need money?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

People are pawning anything and everything according to local news report...

Just what the fuck is a "Reagan Democrat"?????

The future history of America and the world (part 1)

What went wrong last time the dems held the white house and health care reform? This might help

A few words about Afghanistan, and why the US Warlord gangsters will never force Afghans to submit

Is It Inevitable that Unbridled Capitalism will Consume Itself and Come to an End?

I assume that God did not speak to Jesse Ventura...

Is there a secret presidential succession plan?

Flashback: McCain joked about how much women love to be raped.»

I need debunking here, please, of RW propaganda....

Question about the off-shore drilling debate.

Radical religious right EXPANDING McDonald's boycott: domestic partner benefits "promote" Teh Gay

ESPN hacked C-Span??

Ah'm so sorry

ESPN hacked C-Span??

ESPN hacked C-Span??

Some idiot posts Obama is a monkey on my blog and is arrogant enought to leave her email

What is the worse that can happen through the adoption process?

What is the worse that can happen through the adoption process?

Overriding the Veto of Medicare - Senate Roll Call Vote Tally and Names

As a Democrat, I am tired of our party being led

TVNewser: Helen Thomas has not been feeling well the past few weeks

Heh heh! On Sunday, I went to see a parade in Chesaning MI. County Dems

BREAKING: U.S. Meeting with Iran's top nuclear negotiator will take place

I love Jon Stewart

Impeachment Resolution: First Reading Today - SIGN THE PETITION

What would it take to truly develop a class consciousness in America?

Medicare Veto over ridden by House (383-41) & Senate (70 - 26) !

Mass. Senate Votes to Let Out-of-State Gays Marry

Is this inappropriate, or right on target?

Camping with Cancer -- my friend's incredible saga

I just paid $1.32 for a nectarine

Glenn Greenwald: The motivation for blocking investigations into Bush lawbreaking

Maggie Thatcher, you're no Winston Churchill, according to Britons

This shit again....Billboard displaying burning twin towers reads "please don’t vote for a Democrat"

Dems Silently Killing ANY Effort To Hold ANYONE Accountable-BECAUSE They KNOW They Are Guilty Too!

What books must I buy immediately

Won't someone please tell this insignificant little shit-kicker to shut the fuck up ...

What Will You Do Personally If There Is a Stampede Of Bank Runs?

When the time comes Obama should make the White House available ...

Yay! New poll has Franken edging past Coleman in MN

How did Tony Snow die broke?

Since when did running government like a business become gospel?

WTF is wrong with Conyers? “We’re not doing impeachment, but he [Kucinich] can talk about it”

Kucinich wins hearings but not on impeaching Bush

It isn't the "no disregard for human life" gaffe that is important. It was what he said NEXT:

Listening to Kucinich can be depressing for me

Hick Hop.

"Revolve" The Melvins..

Tuesday TOONS, Part 2: That darn magazine

Lounge Drama, Dali Lama, Dolly, Llama

I'm not running for the Senate

Hot Chocolate - You sexy thing 1975

Karate, Matrix-Style

OMG I can't believe I just watched 10 minutes of a hamster video and cried!

The Conservative Disease

Dear Chief Prosecutor

Super-rich American tax cheats busted in Liechtenstein....

Laura Ingraham Unhinged! Behind The Scenes Video: Angry At Producers, Thinks She Looks Shiny (VIDEO)

mc stupid: 'I know how to win wars', oh yeah, what wars have you won asshole?

“Why on earth is the * admin trying to discourage ...contraception to people who need it?"

Foster Sylvers - Misdemeanor

Lying evil pieces of shit! Waste of food and oxygen! Murderous bastards!

Make A List: The differences between private and public health coverage.

Crowded House's "Nobody Wants To"

Talk Talk - Give it up

Ever feel like your body is going haywire?

Daft Punk- Around The World

Ooh La La

Lucky Scrotum Pouch! --Who wants one?

On the question of the internet and real life...

Any Yellow Magic Orchestra fans?


Emanuel Santarromana - Métropolitain

Lavish - Mark Rae

How cruel is Life

The most beautiful thing ever

Any Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark fans?

Doctors: Woman Died After Stepping on Venomous Caterpillars

I just obliterated my clock-radio.

"Our Constitution is being destroyed. We are losing our nation to a war based on lies."

The DU Lounge Quija Board. Play Along

About a year ago, I posted that I had placed an ad for my daughter on a dating site...

This is a cool video

massive attack - Be Thankful What You've Got

My dear Khash...May you rest in peace...

(Poll) Question about voter fatigue.

An interesting little factoid about Bush the brush clearer

Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman

Why Christie Brinkley and her daughter

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile Atlanta '69 '70

Zero 7 "Destiny"

Gorillaz - Dirty Harry

Portishead - Roads

Luiz Bonfa -"Menina Flor"

OMFG, How soon untill this thread is locked?


American capitalism is dying ?

The Blackbyrds - Walking in Rhythm

Stereolab - Jean Seberg

I like London in the rain - Blossom Dearie

Grace Jones - Pull Up to the Bumper

Hard To Get

Minutemen Scream "F@$k You Brown Boy!" at Latinos Attending Obama Talk

Kanye West ft. Adam Levine - Heard em say

Golden Brown

Good Morning DU

The Late, Great Adult Swim Bumps

Level 42 - Lessons In Love (live)

DU etiquette question

I believe that all the Kucinich naysayers here at DU owe Kucinich an appology...

I have to drive a lot today, and I don't wanna...

Battlestar Galactica - Tribute to War

Sorta like deja vu backwards

Broke my side mirror off my car this morning..$500 deductible..what should I do?

That outfit you're wearing today? Ridiculous.


Do you DU mostly during the day, or during the night?

"The War Is Over"... Originally published 04/30/2003... REAL SATIRE [PIC]


Reality bites

Lewis Black...Damn this clip makes me laugh!

90-year-old groom marries 88-year-old bride

Fox News host: 15 year-old detainee ‘maybe deserved’ harsh treatment

Satire is satire, whether a wacko gets it or not! The New Yorker was right to run it.

Susan Atkins will stay in prison.

Aren't you just pissy at sunrise?

Building a home entertainment system out of a laptop

You SEXY Thing!!!!!

These asswipes are out of Project Mayhem

What does the "buddy list" do, and why should you be my buddy?

Author: Some in Congress calling for war crimes trials

Funny event on the way to work this morning...

I'm thinking of taking a mental health day one of these days soon

How close has Obama come to saying the GOP pillars of deregulation and privatization are scams?

Shortages at the gas pump, nationwide.

Steely Dan - "Black Cow" live

Need help from DUers with car repair knowledge.

This weekend I'm going to see the one Clinton that Liberals & Conservatives can all agree RULEZ!!!

What do they call turkey in Turkey?

Want to hear Julian Lennon being interviewed by John S. Hall (of King Missile)?

What do the Danes call danish?

My little suburb must be getting desperate for cash

Sibel Edmonds Case: The Central Asia Islamization Cocktail: Mosques, Madrassas, Heroin & Terrorism

What do they call Belgian Waffles in Belgium.

Finally, I Received the Coroner's Report on My Dad's Death

When your favorite rock star goes to Heaven, don't you think the MSM

What do they call French Ticklers in France?

FINAL VOTE RESULTS FOR - The Kucinich Impeachment Resolution - Yeas = 238 Nays = 180 !!

What do they call Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese in France?

What do they call "Going Dutch" in Dutchland?

What do Chinese call their China cabinets?

Do you save your pm's, or delete them?

What do they call Columbian Neckties in Columbia?

Anyone here ever use an Arab Strap?

Tony Snow should be a lesson for all young-ish DUers..

What do theey call an Arab Strap in Arab countries?

If they MUST put a McDonald's in the neighborhood........

It's Teen Madness!

God help us all. Bush is giving us an impromptu press conference right now!!!

What do they call French kissing in France? nt


Joe Satriani is 52 today.

What do they call English Muffins in England?

Just a reminder:

What do they call hanging chad in Chad?

Brenda the goddess of housekeeping was here yesterday.

Breaking News: God files for bankruptcy protection

What do they call Swedish Meatballs in Sweden?

Just downloaded the latest iTunes, and...

What do they call Turkey sandwiches in Turkey

For PeterU: What do you call gnats at Nats Stadium....

What do they call rich Corinthian leather in Corinth?

I think I'll go for a walk outside now - the summer sun's callin' my name.

You've all been in the liquor cabinet again, haven't you?

I dreamt last night I was on the President's cabinet.

What do they call Indians in Indiana?

Canseco pummelled in 97 seconds!

What do they call pizza in Pisa?

If your aunt had balls, would she be your uncle?

Do they have Belgium Waffle Houses in Belguim?

I'm so upset I COULD SPIT NAILS! My neighbor is throwing

Hey Terwilliger (or anyone who can contact him)!

What did they call old grease in Ancient Greece?

I had a very enlightening conversation with a disabled woman earlier this evening

Does anyone else prefer studio music to live versions?

What do they call loungers in the Lounge?

What do they call calculators in calculatoria?

It appears that way too many DUers don't understand what happened in Congress today

What is your philisophical view?

Did you see the Miss Universe Pageant?

Is Chimpy the first president to be installed in office based on electoral fraud?

Anybody seen this crazy ranter?

What do you call potatoes from Eastern Washington State?

I hate commercials, but Dolly Parton's Target ad rocks

Coheed & Cambria to perform their entire "saga" over four nights in NYC and LA (Oct. and Nov. 2008)!

What to they call an Afghan in Afghanistan?

Quick! I need excuses, and I need them now!

What do Gypsies call gypsum?

I know you've all been sick with worry that I haven't been around much

Is there any where on the net to pick up the skit last Saturday Night

Is there any where on the net to pick up the skit last Saturday Night

Lack of bank note paper threatens Zimbabwe economy

I just ignored all the threads that I have on ignore...

What do they call Freedom Fries in free countries?

Sweet, I just found this in a pile of records!

I just put all the "ignored" threads on my "do not call" list.

What do they call people who listen to police SCANners in SCANdinavia?

What do they call a Mexican standoff in Mexico?

What does Dick Clark call his...nevermind.

People who listen to police scanners: Informed or creepy busy bodies? Discuss.

What do they call Jordan Almonds in Jordan?

What do they call Russian Roulette in Russia? nt

Who turned off the A.C. so they could get some more hot air?

What do they call Scottish Terriers in Scotland?

“We’re not doing impeachment, but he can talk about it,”

Obscene: Dole tries to name AIDS bill after Helms

Don't you just love pussy at sunrise?

What do they call earth on Earth?

Rush Limbaugh Defends His Work By Claiming It Is Satire As Well

Thats it, enough tip toeing...I will say it.

What do they call lima beans in Lima?

More Humor

What do you call a "what do you call.." thread??

What do they call German Shepherds in Germany?

I just ignored DS1

What do they call your anus on Uranus?

What do you call an Ignore thread started by

What do they call Irish Coffee in Ireland?

What do they call a Polish fire drill in Poland?

Priest, rabbi and minister walk into a bar. . .

Do you watch The Office from the office?

What do they call a Chinese Shag Swing in Tibet or Taiwan?

What do they call ghetto blasters in the ghetto?

What do they call Klondike bars in the Klondike?

In hell, how do you tell someone to "Go to Hell?"

What do they call an unoriginal copycatter in Douchebagadonia?



Sorry to ask a dumb question ...

raise your arm if your sure

I just put all the "What do you call" threads on ignore

Truly tasteless picture...

Gas price humor

I just broke up with my girlfriend.

What do they call a Galaxy in the galaxy?


what would YOU do?

Hey Midlo, is your printer still all in one piece!?

Hey Midlo, is your printer still all in one piece!?

What do they call fucking in Fucking?

Roy Orbison wrapped in Clingfilm

School Project Gone Wrong.....

Any Electric Light Orchestra fans?

Why so few students do science

this is going to be a long, hot day

Angelina's obstetrician Dr Michel Sussmann ...

Anyone else getting a ton of robo call spam on their cell phones?

You are cordially invited to the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library

I Can't Get This Song Out Of My Head (Chikezie);

Anyone have experience with natural gas drilling, particularly in NY or PA?

Let's play he or she is dead to me

My mom's parakeet is a pev..

Let's Play Dead Or Alive:

GD:P Janitorial Services Status Report

"I was in the jungle, the bush, we called it...

I know what you're thinking right now!

Tonight at Tavernertavern: The long awaited debut of Blind Pig in a bottle (again)

white lion cubs from the internet

A Brazilian iphones? Say it ain't so!

Life is short my friends, let me tell you about our trip to France.

Today is the day of the pay

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/15/2008)

If I were to throw my printer out my office window


I'm on the world's worst musical hold

How many DU Lounge Lizards does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

This cracked me right up just now...

I need someone to help me convert an MP3 into a youtube video.

Lousiest Fictional Product


TYT: The "D" Word

Who here LOVES reading and correcting cover letters while offering suggestions?!

I want to post something inane

Political Irony: "If today’s Congress presided during Watergate"

Political Irony: "If today’s Congress presided during Watergate"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/15/08

I have returned from my journey...sunburned, tired, and happy

Dane Cook - who knew?

538's take on the New Yorker cover hits it on the head (as usual)

Does Countdown troll-lurk DU for stories?

I have two tickets to Motley Crue for next week, but no one to go with.

Can someone please tell me why the pre-game couldn't have started an hour ago?

How the New Yorker cover hurts Obama.

While DU is outraged over a cartoon, people are losing their retirement money.

Colbert, Stewart & Maher comment on the New Yorker cover & reaction (in NYT article)

Putt Putt

So if a prospective job calls your references

They just got married ... in a Waffle House parking lot

Just so you know, the Krogers in Greensboro plays this over and over

They can email me until Hell freezes over

so, i bought a new computer tonite

Photo or painting?

It's not well know but Tony Snow loved puppies and kittens

Would you give up all of your possessions if the end result were to wipe out war, famine, disease?

McCain says: "Slash Social Security Benefits"

What I've learned from DU: Attacking Clintons = Not OK. Attacking Obamas = OK.

Tampa's Club Reubenesque: What do you think?

Who wants to pay $195 so I can attend a CIA class taught by Marcel from Top Chef?

At least there's one silver lining to the New Yorker controversy

If You Were the President of the Pirates

My knee looks like a grapefruit...

Does "FRINGE" look like something that you want to watch?

Those Dish TV ads with Frank Caliendo impersonating chimp make me ill

About that Chicken Marsala Recipe...

Great pitching display going on at the All Star Game tonight.

WTF is a Joss Whedon?

WTF is a Joss Whedon?

The Mother Of ALL DU POLLS!

Thank goodness it wasn't...

Heads up tomorrow morning 10:45 AM EST Obama giving address on Iraq and national security

Excerpts of Obama’s Speech on Iraq/National Security, -- "This war distracts us..."

I predict the X-Files movie ends with JR Ewing waking up and saying "What a weird dream"

Howard Dean to head South this week for votes

I smell a skunk outside

About McCain as Commander-in-Chief

McClatchy: For Americans abroad, bridges symbolize their Obama hopes

A toast to our late buddy, Khash. May he rest in peace

Barack Obama magazine flap shows an irony deficiency

Breaking News!77% of Americans Think Barack Obama Would be a Better...

Just so you know, Hannaford's Supermarket in No. Conway plays this over and over and over

Obama leads McBush for the 12th consecutive time in Iowa polling

Here is the best plan going forward

Teachers, give me the name of some good professional development magazines.

Paul hit a cat today while driving

Anyone else like the smell of pipe smoke? (crack, not tobacco)

Would Obama even think of a Repub for VP ??

The Page: DNC head Howard Dean kicks off voter registration drive in Crawford, Texas

Went to the gas station this morning...

The Doublespeak Dictionary for 2008

Omar Khadr: The Interrogation

Yes, we need change....and fast.

Fun With War Crimes fans! Ep. 4's coming next week -- in the meantime, here's the Bush blooper reel

Comcast trying to silence liberal voices.... moves MSNBC from channel 31 to 183 in Pittsburgh area..

I am posting from the bathtub during a thunderstorm!

Phil Gramm May Be Gone, But His Porn Lives On, by Max Blumenthal

Young Frankenstein is on Fox Movie Channel


The Big Book of Enron: Domestic Spying, Election Theft and War Crimes

I keep hanging around the Lounge, looking at that thread...

Will someone PLEASE bring the suitcases up from the basement?

Anyone else like the smell of pipe smoke? (tobacco, not crack)

Is Obama getting STEALTH "google-bombed?"

John McLaughlin calls Obama an oreo

Cool new Guitar Hero

Bush is on TV throwing out an oil fish with McCain's face on it

Josh Groban?!?

How's this for spam:

Does someone have a Complete List of McCain Flip-Flops?

McCain's Ideological Flip-Flops

I have a weird intuition that Obama is on his way to Iraq. What's the venue for tomorrow's Iraq

Dean taking voter registration bus across the South...starts Thursday at Crawford, TX

Your favorite thing to happen in a Star Trek: TOS episode

Obama has lots of ammo to use on McCain regarding Bush's press conference

I'm gonna go watch Austin Powers 2 - I've not watched in a long time, and I'm in the mood.

Do you think the timing of Bush's press conference is meant to steal the spotlight from Obama. . .

Blackberry users - convince me it's worth a look.

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 44 (unchanged), McCaint 40 (-2)

McCain Camp Hits Obama Over Iranian President's Scheduled Visit To New York

*****Presidential News Conference Thread*****

One possible upside to the offensive New Yorker cover

In honor of his press conference I'm bringing back a nickname courtesy of Sally Baron

McCain defies organizers attempt to end La Raza event on time

The meme for today is....

My nephew likes cartoons... I mean he really likes them... *Dial up warning*

wow.... the next time anyone disses Red Sox fans

Supposably, there are some words that Redstone does not like, but...

Is Bush's Presser scheduled to be at the same time as Barack's speech?

Obama's speech on Iraq is right on. TURN ON CNN

Obama is really tackling the national security issue

"This is a war we have to win"......

Anti-war activists target McCain fundraiser

I hate to see Brett Favre acting like a whiny boy.

Fetuses for Obama...

"Of course McCain doesn't worry about Social Security; he married it!"

Hey Lounge, I heard there was a party in your mouth...

Frau Blucher!

The week from hell continues

My one post on this New Yorker cover thing-a-ma-bober

i did not get in for ween, and i am slightly aggravatied

Journey AT the Center of the Earth

New Simon's Cat!

What do you expect from an Obama Campaign?

I love The New Yorker.

Someone should ask John McCan about this video:

Obama’s Iraq Flip-Flop? Nope.

YouTube Music Video Thread GO

Obama: "I Strongly Stand By My Plan To End This War"

Calling OmahaBlueDog! It's storming again! Our lights are flickering!

Worst song (Now with **Mitigating Circumstances!!!**

New Obama Spot Focuses on Nuclear Threats

Obama`s Major Iraq Speech

Who is the greatest asshole in Lounge history? Post your nominations here!

Hillary Clinton Asks To Keep Donor Money for 2012

Listening to "Get Back" right now - the album

McCain's Small-Business Bunk

My night at the Playboy Mansion, in support of medical marijuana

The McCain Flip Flop Number is Now 70

No fuzzy math: State Dems sign up voters 7-1 over GOP

"I wish Obama was my Social Studies teacher"

Is the surge working? No, Democrats just stopped Blackwater .

Do you have a favorite joke based on wordplay/pun?

Pizza employee: Surprised to see dad when wig falls off robber

Bush declares McCain too old to serve as President!

Another morning on CNN and another backhanded way to bash Obama.

Obama On Loose Nukes (new Ad running)

Heres the shoe on the other foot:

What journalist will jeopardize his seat on the Straight Talk Express and ask McCain

The Expert on Political Photo Analysis on the New Yorker Cover

Check out this campaing ad idea

What I wish Obama had said about the New Yorker cover.

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Giving Major Iraq Speech****

Obama promotes foreign policy cred in new ad; cites bipartisan work on nuclear security

It just doesn't add down ---- Why are states showing the bottom following out of the McCain campaign


McCain Again Refers To Czechoslovakia, A Non-Existent Country

Got my first John McCain e-mail spam

What kind of stuff do White People like?

First convention protester: Bob Dylan? - Helps convince son Jakob to not play for Repukes in MN.

Idiocracy Fans - check in here!

I am so essssssssssited!

McCain reading from a piece of paper on a podium-trying to slam Obama on his remarks

Obama on Larry King Tonight (Tuesday)

Christ, will this yankee stadium circle jerk last all season?

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel break up

Quinnipiac POLL: Obama 50 (+3), McCaint 41 (-1). Obama enjoys a massive +26 favorable rating.

New Polls: Obama up by 10-points in Iowa and massive 18% lead in Minnesota

Can you handle just one more wee little post about the cover of The New Yorker?

McCaint campaign is FUBAR - Check out the backdrop for his big "foreign policy" speech.

reflecting on a world without ice

Rasmussen Polling Gold: Obama has big leads in MN and IA. Also within 4 in SD.

Am I evil if...

When George Bush leaves the White House to go to Crawford,

Just got a email about how great Cindy McCain is and bashes Michelle


It's a dog's life- and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Who can tell me any more about this song lyric? "Save Your Confederate Money, Boys...

What is with the freakin' arrogance of country people?

ABC News: "Hot Mic Moment." WTF? Why is this news?

Obama Phenomena! Some even observed in the wilds of DU!

Found a tape of some instrumental pieces I wrote in college. Enjoy the naive whimsy, won't you?

Leno just played a video from JibJab website, pretty funny.

Did Obama Force McCain To Flip-Flop On Afghanistan?

Why things like the New Yorker cover are so dangerous and effective.

Obama: The Half-Billion-Dollar Man

Breaking: AP officially joins McCain Campaign

A waste of bandwidth, but it is about Obama.

I got a speeding ticket today.

Brick by brick

Will the ‘Dream Act’ be a nightmare for McCain?

If you have a Youtube account and no scruples, could you help boost my rating?

Talkingspointsmemo's Josh Marshall: McCain Now Playing Catch-Up On Afghanistan

Obama consistent on Iraq (CQ Politics).

We all get it.

PPP South.Carolina Poll: McCain (R) 45%, Obama (D) 39%

Show your Desktop, Tuesday edition!

It's the Crashing Economy Stupid

Obama on Larry King tonight-ask him a question~

Pic thread! Welcome to Western Massachusetts!

Barack Obama gave a big speech today

I'm not one to spread rumors here, but this one is disturbing if true.

Is it just me, or are these Chick tracts getting a little weird?

Best quote of the week.

Post 2 names from the cast of a movie, plus the director, and let us guess the movie

Because this one photo pisses me off so much....

Peggy Noonan is a real piece of work.

CNN: Obama argues U.S. wars with Bush (Now, this I like!)

do you believe in hell? (the recent deaths of jesse helms and tony snow returns this to my mind)

When are Obama and McCain going to debate?'d you like to be Dan Uggla right now?

I am trying to understand why the Obama campaign decided to call attention to the NY Mag.

I'm probably certifiable.

"You don't have to live in the ocean to learn about fish!"

McCain is...

TYT: V. Bugliosi Discusses Why President Bush Should Be Prosecuted For Murder Once He Leaves Office

I have a Ped Egg and I am not afraid to use it.

Why are people being attacked for not liking a NYer cover?

nothing better watching Bush and the Dow in real time

Watch Obama`s Major Iraq Speech From Today - Full Speech

What Nixon Knew

TPM: Obama Doubles Down on his 16-month withdrawal timetable in big Iraq speech.

Barack needs to eat more. His cheeks are hollowed out

800 rec'd Hillary-smear that praises dead repuke propaganda whores as well

800 rec'd Hillary-smear that praises dead repuke propaganda whores as well

A stern message for John McAnus

Cindy McCain finally releases her own, non-plagiarized cookie recipe

Jon Soltz: Is McCain Flip-Flopping, Calling for Draft, or Just in Fantasy Land?

Is Bush trying to bigfoot Obama's speech today?Bush is holding a press conference at 10:20, Obama's

"This country is not a private preserve for Protestants," Joe Kennedy once said.

"This is Nixonland we're living in. So damn it, play by its rules."

Obama's speech on Father's Day sound almost verbatam like Farrakhan

McCain Adopts Obama's Afghanistan Policy

NYT: Want Obama in a Punch Line? First, Find a Joke

What do they call "going Dutch" in Holland? nt

A Frickin’ Elephant

"David Axelrod: Architect of Obama's Unlikely Campaign"

Yeah! Talking Points Memo is aiming some fire at Mark Halperin, as well as AP.

India Post: Indo American Clinton supporters merge loyalties with Obama (at Clinton's request)

Obama's "shift" to the Center or the Right and the Media's role - Interesting Analysis from FAIR

41 Days Until the Start of the Democratic National Convention, When Will Veep Be Announced?

I guess the New Yorker can't tell a joke

Why is McCain getting credit for stealing Senator Obama's plan for Afghanistan?

McCain: Two gays only count as one parent, therefore they shouldn't be able to adopt

McCain Now Playing Catch-Up On Afghanistan

Latest Quinnipiac Poll Gives Obama Solid Lead

Obama Team Jumps on Multiple McCain Comments

Did you know that Mondale led Reagan by 2-points in a NEWSWEEK poll four months before '84 election?

New Yorker Outrage Guide: Offensive things you might not have noticed

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA from Hyde Park Barber Shop to major Iraq policy speech today in Washington

SUSA NC -- Obama within 5

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell gives platform for Trent Lott, John Breaux to shill for big oil today

Obama on PBS tonight being interviewed by Gwen Ifill; Newshour

Is it possible that Republicans and Iran only pretend to hate one another?

McSame says "I'll turn it around in Iraq and Afghanistan" So the repukes

Federal employee groups step up political efforts as fall elections approach

So how, exactly, is it funny?

Charlie Gibson: Coming up, poll show doubts about Obama's foreign policy readiness.

Barack Eisenhower vs. John McNixon

Howard Dean heading to Crawford, TX to start voter registration on bus trip through South.

McCain is the second biggest idiot to run for president

Canada to Deport U.S. War Resister Today

Caption this pic.

I found the cover of the New Yorker offensive

Hillary campaign garage sale. Desperate!

Is the surge working?

Bauer: 'America cannot endure four years of Barack Obama'

McCain wants Obama to go to South America. Where should McCain go?

Obama on Larry King? No link? nt

Breaking: Smoking makes you smart!

PISSED OFF (Caption)

"That's why we've got the first amendment."

Thank you, Dan Abrams. "John McCain has what, THE WORST attendance record in the Senate?"

MSM says that John McCain mocks/ridicules/etc. Obama

New Yorker Cover of Obama Being Lynched

John McCain thinks rape is funny.

McCain on the Issues

What would you expect from a McCain administration?

Past McCain Rape Joke Comes To Light!

Cindy McCain:"In Arizona The Only Way To Get Around The State Is By Small Private Plane" (VIDEO)

LTG Robert G. Gard, Jr.: Marketing a Myth: How John McCain Actually Got The Surge Wrong

NYT/CBS POLL: Obama 45 (-3), McCain 39 (-3). Obama w/ enthusiasm. McCain w/ negative favorables.

New Yorker Cover: I can't believe so many of you are that stupid.

Susan Atkins will stay in prison

WTF???? "God Bless America" instead of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" at the 7th inning?

Obama proves he's never visited DU

McCain Ape Rape Joke Recalled By Sources

Guess who lacked Foreign Experience....? W Bush ...he hardly left the country prior to 2000

I don't know

Two Centuries Ago a Band of Patriots......

why I love obama

John McCain, today: "I know how to win wars."

"It's a cartoon Larry, that's why we have the First Amendment..."

Obama Accused of Treason: My Letter to the New Yorker

So, how the hell are we going to get enough voting machines???

They'll attack Iran to help put John W Mccain in the White House...

WTF - "I know how to win wars"

Nine British women arrested after oral sex competition on Greek island

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, July 15 – Obama 386, McCain 152 – Big Sky, Baby!

Ok amuse me I am waiting for results for my son he may have a ruptured appendix. It is funny in a

Obama's foreign policy speech today was superb.

Is there a big rivalry between Maryland and Delaware?

Hmmmmm.... Something Tells Me McCain Could Be on this List!

Will someone please explain to me why the DNC isn't pounding McSame on his lies, gaffes?

The neverending explaination.

The neverending explaination.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/15/08 - Obama 44, McCain 40 (M down 2)

Dayum. Scott Kleeb is babe-a-licious.

Score another for Tweety...

Barack Obama just now shown on CNN talking about the New Yorker cover

Barack Obama just now shown on CNN talking about the New Yorker cover

Appeasement...of sorts.

How Bush might swing the election for McCain.

Are Obama and Mc Ebbing or Flowing..

NEW Satirical John & Cindy McCain Magizine cover debuts (National Review)!

Those from AZ - is Cindy McCain right that you all have to have small private planes to get anywhere

George W. Bush makes me physically ill.

Anyone here have any experience raising money for charity?

Gallup and Rassmussen National Polls Continue to Embarass Themselves

McCain says: "Slash Social Security Benefits"

No John McCain. No. I'll Tell You Who "Knows how to win wars"

McCain Picks Genocide Advocating Statesman as His Role Model

I was annoyed at the cover & avoided all threads, but something came to me. I have a question....

I would say to Chris Matthews, "Shhhh. We need to use our indoor voices"

Obama drew loud applause Monday night at NAACP demanding blacks to take more responsibility

New Poll - ABC News/Washington Post: Obama: 50% McCain: 42%

Understanding Recent Changes to FISA — A Visual Guide (Flowchart)

For once I agree with Pat Buchanan: GOP deserves to lose the Reagan dems.

Jonathan Alter: The Power of Images-The New Yorker cover only reinforces the silly Obama rumors

Crippled by capsaicin--for two hours!

What do they call lettuce in Oregon?

Photographic Proof that John McCain "knows how to win wars"

God! Please give me some guidance on a personal pet issue.

Muslim = Black in the minds of a lot of Freepers...

Battlestar Galactica - Tribute to War - Bear McCreary

To those who blasted Obama for endorsing Barrow in the primary (GA-12), check this out:

A new Lounge game: Guess the DUer by the image in their sigline.

Rachel Maddow's video compilation of McSame and his love for * has to go viral.

Today's Obama Iraq and Foreign Policy Speech : Full Text & Video

Re: renting the movie Vantage Point (non-spoiler review inside)

My daughter just destroyed her second cell phone since Christmas.

Art Spiegelman, cover artist for the New Yorker, gave a strong, STRONG defense of the Obama cover on

Do you believe it's acceptable for supporters of Republicans to peddle their crap at DU?

* Sending Representative To Iran For Sit Down Talk

Wes Clark thanks "the progressive netroots community". And will speak at Netroots Nation

McCain announces plan to visit Constantinople in the near past

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Electoral Vote Strength Factor

MSNBC - Obama makes the hardliners in Cuba nervous - editorial in local

To the people who were kind enough to ask, pics of the kitten

What do you think about when you are brushing your teeth?

Kucinich Says Unidentified Foreign Official Wants to Speak at Impeachment Talks

Newsweek Poll Large sampling ERRORS

Today do you think a Clinton VP is more or less likely?

Who are you?

Horsey: "A John McCain Magazine Cover"

What ever made McCain think he was funny?

New NYT/CBS Poll-Errr, Interesting "Angle" By The NYT

Biden Praises Obama's Spine, Tells McCain To Study History

Hey, I heard there's some kind of anti-Democrat billboard in Florida...

The problem with republicans isn't that they're stupid...

Follow up: Susan Atkins denied "Compassionate Parole"

Obama's speech today was an election game-changer

The worst clock of all time

This Modern World Obama phenomena.

FRANKEN takes the lead!! 44-42%

A wonderul DUer has died.... Khash

That's what I'm talking about! Obama Camp nails McSame for flip-flops on gay adoption and more.

Did anyone see Obama's senior foreign policy advisor call out Andrea Mitchell today?

Earlier, Thom Hartmann quoted BronxBoy's Monday posting about The New Yorker cover

HHS Moves to Define Contraception as Abortion

Woman has 140-pound tumor removed

Hillary gearing up for 2012...

Senator Barbara Boxer on Hardball DESTROYS the Oil-Drilling Talking Point

I just really want to say this. Yell it, actually.

Email addresses for Jon Stewart, Comedy Central and Viacom

7/15 Quinnipiac poll: Democrats would like Clinton as VP, 56% to 33%

Bush thinks GROWTH is GOOD?.....WTF? No one told the dufus?? Growth is now BAD

What do you expect of an Obama Administration?

Brangelina clearly hate their new son

New Activist Corps Action posted: The Truth About John Sidney McCain III

Time to Consider HAGEL?? The short-list has been shortened by decliners. Hagel is now more likely

I gotta give McCain credit

Rasmussen: Obama Leads Bush by Twenty, But Clinton Does Better Against McCain

Pittsburgh-area Comcast has moved MSNBC off of basic cable

Thank God for Vicodin...

Tonight's "word" that makes me cringe when I hear it: "Supposably." For God's sake, is it SUCH

Radio Lady: Need your Dark Knight movie fix before Friday? Here's some of the buzz going on:

Joss Whedon's - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Part 1 is up!

Word Association thread. The word is "terrapin"

Take a current thread and delete the last two numbers from the url.

Design the cover of the first issue of "The Dee Youer" magazine.

Lousiest Fictional Planet (not a poll)

To women who pee all over public toilet seats: I HATE YOU!

My dear Khash...May you rest in peace...

On building a website...

"Imagine, for a moment, what we could have done in those days, and months, and years after 9/11."

Question to Assist Research: Confederate Flag Perception

Downie (exec editor): 'Wash Post' Chandra Levy Series Worth The Effort

Low health insurance caps leave patients stranded

Betancourt Emerges as a Possible Rival to Uribe

Two suicide bombers kill 20 at Iraq army base

U.S. Producer Prices Rise 1.8%; Core Rate Gains 0.2% (Update1)

First Guantanamo video released

Poll: Obama holds 9-point lead over McCain nationally

Police say German man detained after 12 Iraqis are found in his van

Ga. governor says guns should be OK in airport

Live: Obama delivers anti-war speech

Violence returns to Anbar following months of relative quiet

Pizza employee: Surprised to see dad when wig falls off robber

Central bank leaves interest rates at 3 per cent

Venezuelan Lawmakers To Review Car Pricing By Dealerships

Bombing campaign (further) intensifies in Afghanistan

New Quinnipiac Poll

Al Douri, a voice from Saddam regime, supposedly surfaces

Bush Vetoes Measure Blocking Medicare Doctor Fee Cuts (Update1)

U.S. troops start training exercise in Georgia (VAZIANI, Georgia)

(New York) Post and Daily News Explore Print Pact

Lieberman: 'I won't run with McCain'

Volkswagen Chooses Chattanooga For Plant; Deal Means Jobs For Ga.

McCain says he 'knows how to win wars'

Official: Thai troops enter Cambodia

FDIC chair: Deposits in nation's banks are safe

House votes to override veto on Medicare bill

GM To Cut Salaried Staff, Dividend, Retiree Health Care

Republicans Pick a Party Rebel to Run for Fossella’s Seat (NY-13)

Google, Viacom Reach Deal Over YouTube Visitor Data

Fed chief details woes in markets, housing, jobs

Bush: Financial system is 'basically sound'

Suicide Bombers Kill 35 Iraqi Recruits

Catholic school principal caught in public gay threesome


(Indiana State Univ) Laptop with students' info stolen

Euro soars to $1.60 against U.S. dollar, a new record high

Bush says he's 'a big believer in nuclear power.'

Court Backs Bush on Military Detentions

Customers furious in Day 2 of fed takeover IndyMac

Consumers never gloomier in 27 years: ABC poll says

Bush Hits New Low: Ties Carter Approval (ABC News Poll - 28%)

DDG 1000 destroyer program facing major cuts

Blair postpones Gaza visit, cites specific threat

Rove defends defiance of congressional subpoena

Terror alerts misused, Sen. John Kerry says

Undeterred, Kucinich to introduce another impeachment article

SEC to Limit Short Sales of Fannie, Freddie, Brokers (Update1)

Conyers may hold hearings, but plans no action on impeachment

Congress Overrides Bush’s Veto on Medicare

Killers of 2 homeless men for insurance get life without parole

Oil plunges to $135 a barrel

Rep. Markey urges more conditions on Sirius-XM merger

Brit Hume to Step Down as Fox News Anchor

Labor Gets Its First Openly Gay National Union President

US assured State that CIA flights never used Shannon (Ireland)

U. S. deserter loses bid to stay in Canada

12 anti-Nader PA Dems charged with theft, conspiracy

Videotaped interrogation of Gitmo suspect released

Nazi hunter: We're closer to `Butcher of Mauthausen'

Russian Warships to Again Patrol Arctic

Wholesale inflation is worst in 27 years

Apple suit: Psystar's Mac clones must be recalled

Day of Reckoning? Super Rich Tax Cheats Outed by Bank Clerk

Billboard displays burning World Trade Center with slogan, 'Please Don't Vote for a Democrat

Democrats Are Weighing More Tax Rebates, Pelosi Says

MPP-TV, Profiles in Marijuana Reform with Jim Hightower

Barack Obama at NAACP Annual Conference

Pat Roberts - A Record to Run From

New Obama Spot Focuses on Nuclear Threats

McCain vs. McCain on the DREAM ACT

McLaughlin on Calling Obama An "Oreo"

Robert Newman - History of Oil

McCain Rewriting History

Defenders of Marriage

Roy Zimmerman's ode to W: 'Don't Make Fun of the Crippled Boy'

Obama Policy Speech: "A New Strategy for a New World" (Excerpts)

Obama: Iraq war 'distracts'

Bush on gas prices: ‘Where are they now?’

Obama Talks With Larry King

1984 Nightline: Sen. Christopher Dodd/Roberto d'Aubuisson debate part 1 of 2

1984 Nightline: Sen. Christopher Dodd/Roberto d'Aubuisson debate part 2 of 2

Guantanamo Bay child soldier CSIS interrogation - Omar Khadr

TPMtv: Iraq Back-to-Back (Obama vs. McSame)

John McCain: I graduated fifth from the bottom of my class

Guantanamo Bay interrogation video released - 15 July 08

McCain On "Czechoslovakia"

Red State Update: Obama New Yorker Cover

"The Dark Side" Of U.S. Policies

The Onion: 'No Values Voters' Search For Most Evil Candidate

You Dont Have To Live In The Ocean To Learn About Fish

Video blog on Jesse Jackson

Freeper v Liberal

Fun With War Crimes fans! Ep. 4's coming next week -- in the meantime, something for you ...

Michael Skelly for Congress -

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Collateral 50-Would it surprise you?

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The End of Suburbia - 52 minute documentary on oil

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Barack Obama`s Major Iraq Speech, July 15, 2008 - Full Speech

Barack The Casbah

MT Gov Brian Schweitzer commemorates new park/wildlife habitat

Obama on New Yorker Cover: Insulting to Muslim-Americans

First Guantanamo Bay VIDEO Released

Tempting Faith by David Kuo, Countdown 2006

Printer dots raise privacy concerns

The Value of Life

Betancourt Emerges as a Possible Rival to Uribe

I got your "whiners" right here

Barack Obama magazine flap shows an irony deficiency

The New Yorker's David Remnick Claims 'It Coulda' Been Worse'

Rush Limbaugh was right (Salon Magazine)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Event Horizon (James Kunstler)

Want Obama in a Punch Line? First, Find a Joke

It's the Economists, Stupid

The Nation: Term Limits: Our National Obsession With Late-Term Abortion

The New Yorker Continues its Irony Tour, with Bush on Rushmore

Dear Chief Prosecutor

WORLD NEWS TRUST: I Think I Saw Tom Paine On The 4th Of July (Carolyn Baker)

Major R. Owens: A Peace Surge in the First 100 Days

The Bipartisan Road to War in Iran and The Activist Response

Independent UK: Credit crunch hits hollywood

Guardian: Torture: MPs call for inquiry into MI5 role

How About a New Yorker Cover with the Editor's Head Up His Ass?

Richard A. Stitt: Can Barack Obama Dodge the Republicans' 5 Percent Doctrine?

McCain/Obama Campaigns Bedeviled by Iraq

The Financial Tsunami: The Next Big Wave is Breaking Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and US Mortgage Debt

For all the irony challenged literalists who were upset by the New Yorker cover

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Get Daily Reckoning


Fox-Owned National Geographic Uses Gorillas as Cover for Exploitation of Congo

The Wedding Crashers: U.S. Jets Have Bombed Five Ceremonies in Afghanistan

Self-Satisfied New Yorker Cover Fails

Climate Change Means More Kidney Stones

Take the nuke-heads bowling, take them bowling

Canada's Boreal forest gets some protection

Bush on the Environment: Wrong, and Proud of it, Until the Very End

Can Anyone Own The Rain? - Water Rights and Rain Collection.

State rebates lead more people to go solar

Wegener Institute Projects Near 100% Probability Of 2008 Arctic Ice Extent Beating 2nd-Lowest Record

Asphalt Shortage Headache For Colorado DOT - Delays Or Extensions Possible For 34 Projects

UK: Farming industry reeling as key input costs double

Behold, The Power Of Albedo - 2007 Fire Means Tundra Soil Temps Up 3.6 - 5.4F Over Unburned Areas

Biden On Bush Oil Plan - Just Another Last-Minute Giveaway In The Last Months Of An Expiring Admin.

Holland Confirms Marburg Fatality In Tourist Returning From Uganda - 1st European Case Since 1967

Dubai: Cement shortage spurs black market

Time for our Moment of Bjorn: The green inquisition

Peak Oil Review -- July 14th, 2008

Efforts on 2 Fronts to Save a Population of Ferrets

Bill to Protect Right Whales from Shipping traffic - pending in Senate

Archbishop Of Sydney - Breed! Breed Or Die! Ignore Global Warming - It's Just A Hoax!!

McCain spokesperson lies: Katrina and Rita ‘didn’t spill a drop’ of oil

Ken Salazar Eviscerates Bush On "Oil" Shale - Great Op-Ed Piece!

Boehner falsely claims there’s no ‘wildlife’ in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Energy tsunami coming, ex - policymakers warn

Relax, it's just satire: "Pour un monde nucléaire"

Electrify 36,000 miles of mainline railroads

Natural gas rates could increase by historic amounts this fall (Pacific Northwest)

Scientists Map Out "Dream Reservoir" for CO2 Storage

Five psychological stage of grief

Australia: Study Projects 40% Water Loss In Murray - Darling River Basin In Next 20 Years

KY: Plans Unveiled For Four Billion Dollar Coal To Liquid Fuel Plant

New Studies Comparing Renewables to Nuclear; Nuclear power is a false solution to climate change

Oil Falls Most in 3 Years ($7.38) as Worsening Economy Threatens Demand

Extreme Swimmer Lewis Pugh Will Kayak From Svalbard To The North Pole - Starts 8/29 - AFP

Gas crisis kindling new interest in bicycles

Thousands of veterans may have been denied payments, Kucinich report says

Defence Tech: MV-22 Engine Problems in Anbar

And you think recruitment waivers don't cause problems?

Here's an idea. Why don't we kill the sugar tariff, reduce the cost of sugar and import sugar for

FDIC Insurance

Monday night/Tuesday morning - Asia indexes hit 2 year low

Who killed Bear Stearns

Dow below 11,000

Why is the Stock Market necessary?

Inflation or deflation? Here's one essay:

Would you be willing to pay a lot for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage...

Lesbian singer-songwriter Reider dies at age 30

McCain against adoption, equal marriage rights

We lost on the NC Bullying bill

Gay Egg Pelting Ruling Draws Intense Criticism

False Equation: Opposing Same-Sex Marriage and Opposing Interracial Marriage

One down many more to go.

Heterosexual assumption and 'passing' for straight

Mass. Senate votes to open nuptial gates

Labor Gets Its First Openly Gay National Union President


There seems to be confusion as to what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are and what they do.

Today in labor history July 15 Leader of the Share Croppers Union, is murdered in Cap Hill, Alabama

Hotel workers in Indonesia need your support today

Are You One Of Millions Of U.S. Workers Chafing Under Bad Bosses?

Ohioans' jobless benefits in crisis

Despite a temporary restraining order, pickets ignore order, demand better pay

Breaking... Farmworkers call for action against 3 heat deaths (and 1 activist Macareno murdered)

Wal-Mart signs collective labor contract with employees

Just in Time for Latest iPhone: Union Plus Offers 10 Percent Savings

TV, newspaper ads attack Al Franken on union views

GM screwing the Union again

Children of conflict: stress takes its toll on both sides of border

WORLD NEWS TRUST: A Kodak Moment: The Not-So-Historic Talabani-Barak Handshake (Ramzy Baroud)

Hope, pain in film about Palestinian organ donor

Bolton: U.S. should help Israel hit Iran

Synagogue becomes terrorist training center

Two Palestinian collaborators sentenced to death by firing squad

The collapse began today

Who wants a solution?

After eight years, Gaza student walks to freedom and an education

Argentine Tax Plan Lands a Tough Ally

Chávez, Lula to visit Morales

Gunmen kill Guatemalan prosecutor


more student protests

more student protests

Pastors for Peace is back and got 32 computers back from Homeland Insecurity

President Correa welcomes Chávez in Ecuador

What is the Venezuelan News Media Actually Like?

Dueling gauchos: Argentina pro and anti grain tax rallies

Painful task: ID'ing Guatemalan dead

Former Haitian paramilitary leader accused of mortgage fraud in U.S.

Derby announcer Kruytbosch found dead in Indiana home

Phillies shouldn't trade away the farm or clubhouse chemistry for mediocre pitching.

Favre does an interview with Greta Van Susteren? I mean WTF!

Butkus or Lambert?

American League by 2 runs

I admit it -- I get choked-up when they introduce the old-timers

Yankees won't rule out pursuing Bonds

Boxing: July 14-19, 2008

They made a big deal about Hamilton hitting out 28 home runs.

Thank Goddess!

Wickfordbard's Capricorn Full Moon newsletter

Vivid dreaming...

Oil Pulling!

Check out the pic of Joe they used at

Biden Praises Obama's Spine, Tells McCain To Study History


Biden crushing Hillary in the veepstakes!

Aging Brain Can Learn New Tricks

Take Two Prozac and E-Mail Me in the Morning

Bad karma: When yoga harms instead of heals

Camping with Cancer -- my friend's incredible saga (x-post with GD)

Interstitial cystitis and quercitin

Squibb settles with states for $403 million

Flowers and butterfly

Tubing Down Boulder Creek

D.C. Council Chairman Gray’s statement of intent to restrict RKBA in D.C.

Link: Activist Corp needed to protect a basic civil right under attack by local government.

I Gourmet is having their 50% off Cheese sale

Taking a Cue From Ants on Evolution of Humans

not all christians love W

The fundies were, unbelievably, correct

This is why so many of us have problems with Christians

UCF Catholic Group Faces Hazing Charges For Protecting 'Body Of Christ'

TPM: Stephen Payne Worked for Pakistan (Musharraf) after September 11

I Just looked at a computer simulation of the JFK "magic bullet"...

This is just awful and unacceptable news about Iraq and Maliki

Interesting post up at DKos

"Kerry's camp responded immediately,"

"Ode to John Kerry"

Kerry gives an interview to the Boston Herald.

Weird one- desktop is replicating copies of pics and docs

Do I need a new wireless router?

Whats that? A Minneapolis Police Officer charged with corruption? Say it aint so...

Rep. Mark Olson Quits

SimonDelivers to shut down in two weeks - citing high gas costs

Apparently, the Obama campaign was right not to run TV ads in MN

Micxhele Bachmann: ANWR perfect place to drill because it's dark all the time

Calm Down or Else

Khadr video splits Canadians

CBC: Elections chief counters Tory defence on expenses practices

NY: 50 Percent of Sequoia Voting Machines Flawed

My night at the Playboy Mansion (in support of medical marijuana). X-post.

In case you didn't notice, a bill for paper ballots was just voted DOWN in Congress.

Netflix vs Blockbuster

Interested in being an Obama intern for August and/or fall?

so farve finally does an interview.... on FOX news????

Fellow Waukeshites

Money Magazine lists Roseville among best 100 places to live