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Archives: July 14, 2008

Bush gave Israel amber light to attack'

Slap Bass.

A Message Of Hope

Striptease clothing drive enrages local charities

Pakistan militants focus on Afghanistan

Bush Administration: Weakening the CIA('03), Weakening the USA('06)-Bush History

Bushielocks and the Three Bears--an updated Fairy Tale

Rall puts it in perspective

Dog meat off the menu during Beijing Olympics

Let Their Dirty Blood Water Our Fields (Bastille Day - July 14)

Years of Lead/Strategy of Tension

Now Those Foreigners Are Trying to Take Our Beer!

Don't forget we have had a Rethug president 20 out of the last 28 years

Where did Cheney get the nickname Deadeye from?

How much longer can the Fed keep this pyramid scheme going?

Police State USA: Spying as Law of the Land



Teen-striptease campaign on Youtube distresses charities it benefits

Diplomat Denies Covering Up Weapons Deal

Don't TPTB realize high gas prices will put the US economy in the toilet?

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Rescue an `Unmitigated Disaster,' Jim Rogers Says

Bud Beer isn't even american anymore (at least not for long)

Citibank......Enron redux?

1,600 Percent Interest on Text Message Loans

USNews: Afghan Warlords, Formerly Backed By the CIA, Now Turn Their Guns On U.S. Troops

Who are you angrier with, repubs or Democrats?

Another fun thought on the US National Debt

an hour in and the dow is going down....

Pretzledent dickhead asshole thinks he can get us off foriegn oil

"Meet Dave" continues Eddie Murphy's rocky relationship with gay audiences

REMINDER: Katrina oil spills may be among worst on record (113 offshore platforms destroyed)

Fannie and Freddie: No Strings Attached

Two US allies (Kuwait & India) speak out today against US attacking Iran

Bush History,7/14 The Bush Administration: Weakening the CIA('03), Weakening the USA('06)

New York Times FINALLY Notices Bugliosi's Book

Borg Queen? Hmmm, they may be on to something

Are the repubs out to actually, literally destroy America?

Symbolic? (Miss USA Slips and Falls Two Years in a Row)

Sent this LTTE to the WaPost

Alternate version of the New Yorker cover:

Question: When we bail out a mortgage lender

MarketWatch: Monday's bulls need bailout

Republican Free Market Economy

Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In

A simple way to improve your memory. just link and read. from BBC

Brolin, Wright, others in film crew arrested (political film)

Woman with five dead spouses obsessed by cash

Polar base evacuated as ice melts early

A question for DUers from Connecticut (and nearby states) ......

Nine years ago, next Wednesday. (JFK Jr.)

Its hard for me to believe the general public is so stupid

Almost "Got it" this morning from a "Cell-Phone talker"

Many Retirees Face Prospect of Outliving Savings, Study Says

Reminds one of the reactions of Muslims about the cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed?

Who is going to be in Denver for the convention?

Regional banks taking it on the chin today.....

Spent time with one of my (my ONLY) Obama-smear-believing Fox-watching friends.

Chinese govt. top holder of Fanny/Freddie bonds - who knew

Article: Are We In a Recession? (answer is yes)

Bush - "Good-Bye From the World's Biggest Polluter"

caption this

French Nuclear Facility to Shut Down After Uranium Leak

Why has the left fallen behind on getting any message out in mass emails?

Erik Prince (Blackwater): We get the blame for any incident that occurs in Iraq

24/7 Wall Street: Who passes too-big-to-fail test?

Jim Webb: Spy Bill Too Complicated For Some Bloggers

17 dead ducks in Capitol Reflecting Pool - HAZMAT

Czechs to suffer because of the neo cons

Dear Senator Obama

Can we "bailout" ExxonMobil as well?

Isn't it about time for BushCo to release another OBL recording?

the band-aid comes off....dow down -62

feel sorry for the Italians

MSNBC BREAKING NEWS: President Bush to lift executive ban on offshore drilling, White House says

What part of the free-market religion

What part of the free-market religion

So, where's KKKarl today? Has he dropped off the map?

MarketWatch Bulletin: National City Halted - Shares Down 27 percent

Law School Dean Calls Conference to Plan Bush War Crimes Prosecution

Any Good Liberal talk Shows in the Morning?

NPR cancels the Bryant Park Project (Alison Stewart's gig)

Email I received re: Rep. Conyers...

In an international survey, Americans were least-satisfied with their health-care system

Glen Greenwald: Torture and the rule of law

Banned interview with Bush shows rudeness, how he ignores questions,and insanity..

*** Official Bank Run (or not) Thread ***

"Bush is unpopular"

bu$h* to go on teevee @ 1:30 e.t. to browbeat congress

democrats in congress....please remind the people that they are victims of the cheney energy plan

Perfect Paulson translation. See link.

the moran in chief is on teevee beating up on the congressional democrats

Off-shore drilling?

Sen. Bill Nelson: "The president cruelly is misleading Americans for attempted political gain"

How and where do these apply to DU policy as practiced today...

cnn cuts away from the democrats opinion on oil drilling

Exxon Mobil now putting production of plastic above our kids.

Harry Reid to hold news conference at 2:00

Have you noticed your natural gas bill hasn't when down that much for the summer like it used to?

Top Justice Dept. Prosecutor Appears On Terror Watch List

One more post about the New Yorker freakout - favor please?

Iglesias: Ashcroft Was ‘Pushed Out’ Because He ‘Refused To Sign Off On The Warrantless Wiretaps’

So I go to CNN's website...

"The War Is Over"... Originally published 04/30/2003... [PIC]

"The War Is Over"... Originally published 04/30/2003... [PIC]

Bush to lift executive ban on offshore drilling (Does NOT allow exploration to go forward)

Every time Bush gets what he wants, he immediately wants more.

Who's going to Netroots Nation this week? n/t

Lieberman Finds Middle a Tricky Path

McCain Campaign: Obama, Dems Want To Lose In Iraq Because It Helps Them Politically

Mad Pride

So do you think Bush Administration is gearing up for a war in Iran?

CNN financial "expert" Susan Lisovich.."The FED's taken the last 6 months to figure out....."

No child left behind. Except these.

Chimpy wants to drill? Here is what we do.

Bush 2004: "As a result of the United States military, Taliban no longer is in existence."

What Bush to mention today!!!!!

The Elephant Needs You!.....Volunteer for the Repug National Convention in the Twin Cities

Toons Corporate Socialism and Corporate Welfare


McClatchy: Officials recall little of what they knew of Tillman death

Is there a conspiracy among the so-called MSM to blame the Democrats for the high oil prices?

What should we do about Afghanistan?

I wonder if MAD Magazine will spoof the NY'er cover

Curious??? Any Word on Rove

Two N.O. Public Housing Activists to be tried on felony charges

a day at the beach....

Be GRATEFUL for $4/gal. gasoline! - Today’s Headlines 7/14/08

Ha! FR founder's name is on the terror watch list

10 Lessons From Recent Torture Hearings (VIDEO)

Just now on the CNN radio news, the friendly announcer reading his script.....

Fannie Plan a `Disaster' to Rogers; Goldman Says Sell (Update4)

Eviscerated Taliban overrun US outpost killing 9 American soldiers and wounding 15 more

The War of the World--some of you may be interested. It's on tonight.

Yes, it's another New Yorker thread. E-Mail:

Opponents say San Francisco sewer plant too ‘useful’ to be named after Bush.

Book:Red Cross report to CIA concluded interrogation of detainees amounted to torture and war crime

Please help! Why would republicans in congress disagree with keeping any US oil in the US?

Cell phones, washers, dryers and living to tell about it.

Randy Scheunemann, McCain's top foreign policy advisor has a long relationship with Ahmad Chalabi



For a break from politics for a change, announcing my next big project

Imperial Wizards: The Nangarhar Massacre and U.S. Plans for Central Asia

another robo-republican woman on msnbc.....she says shame on the democrats in congress

Dear Larry (King) and Jesse (the Body)

Is KKKarl Rove in California today?

Embedded Photojournalist Accuses US Military of Censorship After Being Barred for Publishing Photo..

Murder cubed that even McCain can explain in plain Inglish and Al G. Braugh with Homer, John, and 2U

New Yorker illustrations are drawn for readers of The New Yorker. If some publicity of one causes

26,000 US prisoners denied human rights in secret prisons and on ghost ships.

"I can't, this is important"

What is it with the crappy ads on Air America?

Idea for local media activism...has this been tried?

looking for an old painting/picture of social structure with politicians on top, religion, the army

I just tuned in to CNBC for a few minutes.....It seems that Koolaid is the beverage of choice there.

Fox News trying to drive people to watch their garbage network tonight

Senator McCaskill says employers don't want to locate in US because of health care expenses

Bill Scher: Phil Gramm Is Conservatism

Poll: Do you think the uproar over The New Yorker cover is worth the wasted energy?

Prosecutor flagged by US terror watch list

Robert Parry is on WBAI

Have you all noticed that the tribune just replaced editors of three major cities

Reid: No drilling votes in debate over oil speculation

Freeper Conspiracy Theory about the New Yorker cover:

The official results are in from the Tim Russert-Tony Snow "Fellate the Dead Guy" suck-a-thon.

PSA: Cartoons are often political and satirical.

Italians jailed over G8 protest

Why did some of the western states allow women to vote before the other states?

Anyone stupid enough to be influenced by the New Yorker cover...

Bush Sewage Plant in SFO

Non-Monetary Utility and the WSOP Bubble

McCain's nickname is henceforth "McThuselah"

Former FARC Hostage, Ingrid Betancourt , Praises Hugo Chavez

The Justice Department's former top criminal prosecutor flagged by US terror watch list

Why is there NO outrage that bush hasn't gotten Osama bin Laden?

"Willoughby...Next stop, Willoughby..."

Stick a Fork in GOP Rising Star Carl Mumpower (NC)

Anyone see that fantastic T.Boone Pickens ad?

Pastors for Peace returns from Cuba today

RE: FDIC-insured accounts. A lot of misinformation being posted here.

A Really Quick Point On Guns

I will be in my Union T shirt PROTESTING McCain Wednesday afternoon!!!

New Discovery - Why the MSM doesn't talk issues

NBC News: Tim Russert is STILL dead!!’s Anti-Gay Propaganda

So the guy on the radio said that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae will

Karl Rove's future official website for the GW Bush Library.

Bush will veto the Medicare bill on Tuesday. The veto override is going to be mighty satisyin'.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah-McSame and computers

So When's the White Satire Going Down?

For nearly 100 MILLION people, the New Yorker cover could be true.

U.S. birth rate rises.....Fundies attribute it to the "Pro Life" movement.....

A thought on releasing oil from the SPR.

Prosecutor at the Hague indicting Baschir of the Sudan

FOX TV Show "The Simpsons" does a NY'er cover type episode

Weren't the troops in Iraq scheduled to come home anyway?

Why should we chip in to retire HRC's debt?

Dilbert - Toon - Talent vs Time

A Tesla In Your Future?

F*cking goats

Fete Nationale...July 14th,,,,,Bastille day....Viva Le France

Why Leaders Take Their People to War

Bank watch list question

Punished for being HIV-Positive?

I'm more concerned about that hack poll in Newsweek

Beach Democrats call for Drake to cancel fundraiser with Rove

The Outlaw Presidency

KO is still on vacation

Listen, compared to what's coming, The New Yorker thing is a blip.

Did the anti-FISA vote of last Wednesday completely vindicate Nixon?

Is The FDIC Insurance In Banks Of $100,000 For Each Account Or Is It......

Freeper-type co-workers SOOOO upset about Tony Snow this morning.

Captain Combover goes beyond e-mail. What a high tech guy he is!

Presenting the "Indy Mac Dancers!" brought to you by your republican friends.

caption this Cheney pic...

Terrorist Watch List Hits One Million Names

It starts in 5 months

Republican Billboard in Florida causes Controversy

Afghan Government Blames Pakistan in Attacks


"This is not Nancy Reagan country, this is a place with reality". Just heard that during the

Peak Oil's ultimate outcome...

Uhm, Federal Reserve and Treasury People...About this housing bail-out...

Great Election Reform thread by tbyg52! Please check it out and give it some DU love!

They are not RUMORS M$M hacks

McCain forgets that Czechoslovakia isn’t a country… again.»

Back to work, like it or not: Women who left jobs for children find economy reverses the trade

An alternate Obama cartoon

Which is better? Roy Orbison in Black & White Night or The Traveling Wilburys?

Just to be clear, Alex P. Keaton was satire

The Rude Pundit: War Crimes and the Need to Wreck Before We Can Build

Has Anyone Seen This New Yorker Cover ?

Each time I hear TeeBonePicker in his ads, I want to scream.

Somebody help me with this ?. Why doesn't anyone ask the rep strategists when they are talking about

I swear, Craig Crawford has the goofiest voice

Hey, David Shuster's back!! Subbing for Dan Abrahms

What a sick, sorry, twisted little excuse of a country we've become.

Jesse Ventura Tells Larry King That He Is Not Running For Senate In Minnesota (VIDEO)

McCain calls New Yorker cover "inappropriate"

PBS "War of the World" Cold War Politics

The Right wing is "on point" about gas prices .... selling "the lie"

Citibank......Enron redux?

Barney Frank's Gone To The Dark Side - Democrats Back Bailout

Police officer on local radio fears loss of his *street cred* if forced to drive a hybrid.

Ventura isn't running for Senate in MN. He just said so on Larry King Live (eom)

Jon Stewart is back

Wow! Josh Hamilton! Home Run Derby! Incredible!

This needs some DU love. That peckerwood from Alabama is trying to block the HIV legislation.

All those people with over $100K in liquid bank assets don't know the FDIC limits?

Offshore Oil Drilling. Sign Boxer's petition...

Daily Show is slamming McCain and Exxon- Colbert later.

Why it's safe to parody Obama and NOT McCain

Jon just got Rickrolled.

"Obama is a Terrorist!"

Have you ever seen a hand-made sign "I'd rather beg than sell drugs"?

Kunstler: US is now the Wile E. Coyote nation (i.e. run off the cliff edge)

Bush sold the east coast for $0.33 today.

The message from the financial press is no longer "The Economy is Sound". It's "Don't Panic!"

With rising cost of everything and the failing banks, I am worried. Heard about the lines to take

With all the banks closing. How likely is the bank my wife and I or you

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back!

Socialism is bad. That’s what the righties will tell you. They know because Sean Insanity told them.

Gay tourism ad causes uproar in S. Carolina

anecdote on overqualified job applicants

Is My 8 year old on the Terrorist Watch List??????

Smear email debunking site,

Fort Knox?

We have an administartion running roughshod over the Bill of Rights, gas over $4/gal...

Looks like Helicopter Ben's rescue is failing to stimulate the markets.....

What do we do about bloggers who admit to "working" DU? (i.e. - deception)

it's Woodie Guthries ' birthday

Is The New Yorker cover satire?

Not that this is new information, but Alan Colmes is a joke.

What is the worst thing the media can do?

I'm not voting for Obama because he's black and has no experience

Is the New Yorker's Muslim Obama cover incendiary or satire?

Do you remember this New Yorker cover from 2007? I still have it!

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XIV: The 'Lawsuits and Things' Edition

Alternative version of magazine cover!

The Westboro Weird Ones are at it again! Take a look at their new target!

Dean Baker: Rescuing Fannie and Freddie: Let's Draw Blood

WHITE HOUSE: Refusing To Release Logs Of When Payne Took Clients To Meet Bush.

Pelosi On President Bush Lifting the Executive Ban on Offshore Drilling

I have a question about stocks, assets, etc

P.O.V.: The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez

Is CNAS the Democratic PNAC?

What The Hell Is Wrong With John Conyers??

No wood for this heating season.

'Keep up the fight,' Top AP editor once wrote Rove

Imperial Wizards: The Nangarhar Massacre and U.S. Plans for Central Asia

am i strange? i haven't owned a cell phone or a car for 3.5 years

Email address for Jonathan Alter? eom

Nikkei plunging; Financials dragging down markets worldwide

The New Yorker Edits its Cover by Adding McCain

Associated Press DC Chief Ron Fournier "hearts" the valiant Karl Rove: "KEEP UP THE FIGHT"

Lou Dobbs Is Acting Like An Idiot. You Knew That, But Here's The Latest Example

Economic Report: Are We In The Most Serious Financial Crisis In Our Lifetimes?

Enabling Tyranny Constitutional Incongruities PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Church gives free assault weapons to teens

Obama's Plan for Iraq

Did we lose in Vietnam and if so what besides 58000 lives did we lose?

Pancreatic cancer in ICU

AP's Ron Fournier responds: 'I regret the breezy nature' of email to Rove

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Tony Snow's Funeral

Found an organization perfect for Republicans to join.

It had to happen sooner or later --- Accidental shooting at DisneyWorld.

Can some people not "get" satire?

US oil EXPORTS up 33 percent over last year!!!!

Is Rachel still filling in for KO? Was she on MSNBC tonight?

My name is Cheryl Harris. I’m the mother of Staff Sergeant Ryan Maseth, who died from electrocution

A brilliant mind saw something coming, and this is it:

New diet pill swells inside your stomach to make you feel full.

It's not 'satire' if it can't tell you it's 'satire'.

WHY did so many people not know any deposit at a bank over $100,000

Funny moment during McCain speech today

It's BASTILLE DAY! Say something nice about France/The French!

Help me with my dilema

Attention scrabble players: "sipe" is a word

Anne of The Thousand Days is on.

I don't wanna go to work this morning...

Complete Beatles Recording Sessions book

You MUST decide: Is it car-i-BE-an or car-I-be-an?

I wanna go on a rampage

Drinking to AB's demise.

So who likes the movie Equilibrium

This past weekend, I watched "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" on dvd.

Uh oh! My mom has strep throat and pink eye. Am I a selfish bitch?

Azithromycin does NOT Like me.....

California Peggy is the wise Jedi Master of the Lounge

I am imploring you. Please do not make California Peggy angry.

Who was that teacher in Florida who was to hot to go to prison

Miss USA just tripped! (Second year in a row)

Has GD:P become a drinking game?

Would you good people please stop sending PMs?

A simple way to improve your memory, just link and read, from the BBC

I am imploring you. Please do not make Chuggo angry.

poor Albert

Fox News Racism: Intentional?

Would you like to go to a retro arcade?

How Do I Explain My New Whiskers? (to my spouse)

Rolling Stone Magazine . . .

My co-worker,Garry caught a virus on his holidays in Europe.

Does anyone else have a SO that likes to bite during play?

Crap woke up with a sore throat..

Did you know that the cranberry-orange scones at Starbucks have only 37 calories and 7 g carbs?

Question for editors on here.


Further proof of my boredom today....

I am officially done with The Simpsons..

Does anyone else have a cat that likes to bite during play?

Caption the Vaders and the spawn of their spawn

An old ice cream truck just puttered by playing "The Rodeo Song"!!!!!

What about The Dude as President?

Do you think they'll improve the taste of Budweiser?

Two ice cream trucks just raced by playing Sammy Hagars, "I Can't Drive 55"!!!!!

That whole, "You're awful!" "But I love you and we can work it out, really!" thing.

Okay, any huggers out there tonight????,

The Washington Reagan Nationals are not paying their rent...

Stop the persecution. Douchebags are people too.

Speaking of snooping... my ex snooped through my phone.

My assistant's wife and daughter must call him at least 20 times a day

The Wedding Crashers: A Short Till-Death-Do-Us-Part History of Bush's Wars

I am surprised we are not at Defcon 2

Why do deer killed by a car on the highway sometimes lie with their legs

Who is excited about TNT tonight

HILARIOUS fake Prius advertisement:

Grossest Movie scenes - list your top ones here

How can I delete podcasts from my iPod nano??

For those who don't believe it can happen

Who watched Big Brother last night?

I'm having the worst day I've had in several years

There's a warm pizza in the oven.

I had been thinking of pitching "Ahh! C'mon!," a musical featuring Chuggo songs, to a movie studio

I will never understand why any woman wanted to be married to Henry the VIII.

I boil my sweet corn on Mercury. How do you cook yours?


A great, unsung actor: G.W. Bailey

Gah, I hate this weather.

Wow, cut that sexual tension with a spoon

Academic/Life Advice Needed ...

Ain't my mom purdy?

Digital camera question

A story about my father and grandfather.

A story about my father and grandfather.

I just found out today...she's deaf

Trying to learn to live without air-conditioning...

I'm going to the Home Run Derby tonight!!!

Finally sold my magic carpet and bought a broom

Only Freddie can get away with saying "Fuck you" to his audience

Why are clothing sizes so f**ked up?

Miss Molly * is asleep on my chest. Should I put her down to go clean the bathrooms?

Do you believe this magazine cover

in regards to a banana sandwich --

I bring you the Big Broccoli Ocarina:

Fuck 3rd party wireless networking apps.

Never mind- Snoped!

Wii Fit - sold new for $90, but not available for the moment...

GM, Ford and Chrysler all had prototype 5-passenger cars that got 72 mpg, 10 YEARS AGO!!!

Uber geeks and code monkeys... I have a question.

The ONLY medicine you need is Lanacaine.

Well it's official...


Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, 61, 'runs away with 18-year-old Russian cocktail waitress'

Have you heard the wealthy complain that the poor are ruining the economy?

Happy Birthday dear "Cannicula de la Bastille"! Six years old today!

Reese, my floofy kitty is wanting scritches

Here's A Fun Tune For The Summer....

Post a cute animal video

Was it Matt or Ben?

What is your favorite PC or Mac or Linux games that you play?

How hard is it for you to find shoes that fit? I have a terrible time;

When you see my Johnny Rotten avatar...what do you think???

WTF, Food Network?

In honor of Miss Ava's Puppy Perv - - What's the creepiest pickup line ever used on you?

Somewhat random questions....

Good news single DUers!!! Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman Split

Poison ivy on my private male area

Holy crab-ass MNKids!

Hey HeyHey , why is the polar bear in your sig such a fatass ?

What are we going to do with the shmoo?

Your three favorite drinks.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/14/2008)

Advice: I'm thinking of taking a trip to Southern California in a year or so

Anybody else have a dog that likes to chase the flashlight beam?

I picked a zucchini from the garden this afternoon

Except for the genitals, is there any place worse to get a bug bite than behind the knee?

Favorite fictional misfits. Movies, TV, books...

Who here lived through Fernandomania?

I'm about to get some test results I had done.


Mayer: Cheney ‘Repeatedly’ Held ‘Highly Unusual’ Meetings with CIA


Woman plants dead rat in chinese food

Serious idea/question for DU formatwise... (Widescreens and stretching of the pages)

Who here lived through the Broadway Musical Beatlemania?

I never get tired of watching this video

Babies and toddlers not allowed at:

Anyone else watching the Home Run Derby?

How do you pronounce "cache"?

Straight Females only: Did you ever go through a "Lesbian phase"?

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !HAEMET

It is time for my annual GD vacation.

Cutest kitty ever!

more bank problems

Cat Loves Muhammad Ali

It's not true.

Why did they call them the Golden Girls?

When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers go bad....

Amazing traffic maneuver

Anyone here live in LA in the 70s?

Happy dance - and for taterguy no spoilers

Best grunt in a song, bar none. (2:16)

I finally got to use my new grill tonight! NOM NOM NOM

Perhaps total coherence is a quack

3 plus 4 1/2

I will never understand why any man wanted to fight for Henry V.

Who here lived through Bananaramamania?

What would DU 14.4.2 have?

I am a horrible, horrible person

Hey Flvegan, TOP GEAR is on

Please Use The Exits Immediately!!!!

yanno how they (me to) say "NEVER SAY NEVER"

What do people have against Enya?

Playboy: the Girls of Olive Garden

Found some great 'Satire' online;

north by northwest on tcm right now...

Who here didn't survive Beatlemania?

radiohead.......need i say more?

What Inspires You? - A Poll

FYI: There are no more escape pods in GD:P

If I never hear the words "New" and "Yorker" in the same sentence again,

Never Say Die!!

Leaving for the Piggly Wiggly in five minutes. Get your requests in QUICK.

Features DU 3.0 should have

The Monkees

hey. you there, with the computer.

Is it me, or does these ladies kinda sound a bit "Smashing Pumpkins-ish"??

Did you do a good deed today?

Best scene in GoodFellas:

On the subject of Lounge drama:

Repuke Customers of IndyMac Refuse To Take Government Handout from FDIC


Who here lived through Beatlemania?

What do people have against enemas?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/14/08 (warning: very graphic language)

What would you classify as a feat of jaw-dropping douchebaggery?

Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes - Get 'em while their hot!

The GOP are saying Americans are whiners...

Was the Kuwaitist Entity created on land belonging to aboriginal Iraqi people?

you gotta watch the HR derby NOW!!

RNC Media Flashback: The Al Gore Atlantic Monthly Cover Story

May I please have a hug, please?

Just Breaking......The New Yorker's Obama cover ( posted in correct forum now)

The New Yorker magazine sure knows how to drum up circulation.

Eight new nuclear power stations planned for England

Presidential appearance rating

Open letter to Obama:

A wakeup call from Jesse Jackson and the NYer to the campaign, start campaigning.

List things that had a "golden age" and are no longer any good now.

3 migraine headaches in 3 days.

OK, so I've been LIED to. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle NEVER wrote a book called "No Shit Sherlock."

New mullet wingnut, while troubling with Photobucket

Rather than burning the New Yorker, I have an alternative

This is going to sound really strange.

What baseball stadiums have you visited and what teams have you seen?

"Bitsy, you MUST see this New Yorker cover. It is riotous I tell you!"

Deep down inside I truly hope that Michelle has an inner Angela Davis


What's the Point of Including Michelle?

"We decided one day while walking down 5th Avenue to actually go see

ok wtf is up with the new yorker i missed it and need updating

It appears that I've missed a very important (inflammatory) discussion in GD:P.

The end of an era

I boil my sweet corn in mercury. How do you cook yours?

need advice regarding digital camera

Satire clearly needs to become a regulatory issue for the FCC

I'm not sure about you, but I think that the way Americans approach

People....if you are going to debate something, at least use valid arguments (Obama, New Yorker)

LOL! My mother is in a total snit right now, because I got "The Prosecution of GW for Murder" today.

What about this dude as President?

I'm outraged!!11!!

Defend the Afro on Michelle (who doesn't wear one)

I'm not commenting on that New Yorker cover anymore.

***ATTN BEER SNOBS*** What's with the hatin' on Budweiser?

McCain won't run 'scripted, structured campaign'. Well, DUH!

Can Progressives Unite or Will It Be the Same Old Bit-Politics Story? TPM

Poll: "Street View" on Google Maps - Creepy or Cool?

Goddamn motherfucking son of a pox-ridden whore of an excuse for "service:"

Did any of you like Mystery Science Theater 3000?

McCain: I've Earned Hispanics' Trust; Obama Hasn't

Freedom of Speech

John McCain's "Movin' on up!" economic plan

What are you rocking out to right now???

Man bitten by Walmart rattlesnake

Iran Condemns McCain's Cigarette Joke

Flipping Out

I do not think there is anything more baselessly arrogant than the belief

Morning Show Summary

Marketing a Myth: How John McCain Actually Got The Surge Wrong

Obama to Deliver Major Iraq Speech Tuesday

Need more info on McCain? Come to these websites!

This post might get lock..but I am going to say it anyway...

After years at DU I have had a real epiphany.

The cartoon's intent was clearly satirical. The only issue is the result.

Harrison Bergeron

I'm Mad About The Cover.

McCain the Elitist

What would you classify as an unparalleled act of heroism?

Obama "Traitor to a Losing Tradition"

Visiting Toronto and Ottawa . . . any ideas for sightseeing/attractions?

Forgive me, I've been away for the weekend.

"Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humour..."

When will America finally feel like they 'know' Obama?

"It takes a scary idea, and makes it nonscary -- literally cartoonish."

Psst...come here....I have a secret to tell you about the New Yorker cover....

that New Yorker cover reminds me of an old Ziggy cartoon I saw once.

The New Yorker's satirical Obama cover is the most important thing happening in his campaign now.

Elizabeth Edwards on Tony Snow's life and death

Two names associated with McCain that voters should be reminded of: Carly Fiorina and Phil Gramm

I am pissed as fuck at /The New Yorker/ too, but shoplifting is wrong.

The Dole 1996 Over Under-Will McCain get more or less EV then Dole?

It is not a personality contest between McCain and Obama.

Question: Weren't there many Right Wingers who thought Colbert was real?

Poll: Who thinks we need more New Yorker threads?

Hardly A Murmur ...

Do you subscribe to the New Yorker or read it regularly?

Bush Gave Taliban $43 Million Four Months before 9/11

Did Anyone See The Latest 'New Yorker' Cover?

The New Yorker Sneak Attack

A nit-picky detail: it's BARACK, not BARRACK. N/T

A nit-picky detail: it's BARACK, not BARRACK. N/T

The New Yorker cover makes me want to.... DONATE

Just curious, what would be the result if we didn't bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

I wonder if the New Yorker will roast McSame next, and if so,

Greatest thing ever posted on DU

Will Little Havana Go Blue?

McCain’s Conservative Model? Roosevelt (Theodore, That Is)

McCain to deliver Afghanistan speech later this week.

Rasmussen Today: Obama Up +8 in MI, Up +13 in IL and Up +2 Nationally

Your attitude toward Big Business . . . ?


Happy Bastille Day, DU

I'm not offended by the New Yorker cover, I'm worried

Rumor has it that Hagel will travel with Obama to Israel

Mods. We need an new avatar!

I Just Fried My Ped Egg

Obama's "civilian national security force"?

By failing to survey cellphone-only voters, pollsters could be undercounting Barack Obama's support

O'Bama to Ireland?

We really need to do something about these Low Information Voters

So When's the White Satire Going Down?

Actor to play "W' arrested in a bar brawl!

Shitstain on TeeVee now

Fox news to "explain" the inside joke of the New Yorker cover. The panel will include

For Every 100 People I Know And Have Talked To Only 1 Out Of 100.....

McCain Camp: "Obama seems to think losing a war will help him win an election."

If it was real satire.....

R.E.M Sings For Obama

Taser Used At Olive Garden, Pitbull Caught Smoking While Breast Feeding11!!!1

Bush on the Environment: Wrong and Proud of it, Until the Very End (via HuffPo)

So now Obama is deciding who should be allowed to have an abortion?

The New Yorker's Editor Remnick and Artist Blitt both respond to my letter

McCain taps Keating as spokesperson for new "Bank Happy" campaign.

Fred Barnes says McSame needs to resort to homophobia 1 week ago - McSame now says no Gay Adoption

The Barack Obama Flip Flop Express II

UK Poll: Britain's backing Obama: Democrat beats McCain by five votes to one


Obama sees "an enormous opportunity." in Iraq timetable

You know, I do miss the old Zell Miller.

Hey Klem, y'all see that magazeen cover wit...

here's the REAL reason the new yorker cover is NOT satire:

McCaint on Iraq: "The major point here is that Sen. Obama refuses to acknowledge that he was wrong.”

Perhaps the new yorker anticipated a NO vote from Obama?

New Poll: Obama up by 8 in Michigan

Obama Heading to West Bank

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday July 15

don't mock me for not liking the New Yorker cover

Dudes: Hasn't it been a while longer than usual for Obama and McCain to choose their running mates?

The New Yorker cover isn't funny, is stupid, is in bad taste, is satire & shouldn't be protested.

So the point of the oil drilling ban lift is to

It's a shame that the question, "Is Obama REALLY a flip-flopper" isn't asked about McCain, too.

WTF?!?..."Obama's Lead Has Faded, Poll Says"...

Obama's sister coming to Tampa Bay this week to campaign

Possible Connection between the FISA Amendment and Election Fraud 2008

I'm an artist

Obama campaign statement on Bush administration move on offshore drilling

Mo the Kitten is a shameless attention hog

The Lighter side of Politics....I just got DVR-

For those, like me, who think that holding the Bushistas responsible for their crimes

i must live in podunk city

Julie Mason (Houston Chronicle) on MSNBC-asked if Obama's op-ed about Iraq

New Yorker Post #843: Political cartoons are nothing new in terms of controversy

With WorldNetDaily readers, New Yorker cover apparently didn't come across as magazine intended

Can anyone tell me what this week's Major Distraction is?

Bush now has a "Library Gate"?

It's been a while since "post from your drop-down history" was played here.

Who are your top five picks for VP?

The editor of The New Yorker is to answer to complaints regarding the offensive cover.


McCain: "Bin Laden may have just given us a little boost. Amazing, huh?"

I've noticed something good coming out of the New Yorker fiasco, right here on DU!

Nate Silver's (538) brilliant assessment of New Yorker story: RW narratives blown away by article

This is another original post about the New Yorker cover.

In Iowa McCain opens state office - Obama has 15 offices in Iowa opened and staffed

Someone send me a PM or drop a note on my blog when all this New Yorker nonsense is past

Will We Have to Cancel the Colbert Report If Obama's Elected?

"Obama's Moving to the Center" alarmists...

WHY doesn't McNuts ever have his kids on the campaign trail?

The civil libertarian divide on DU and elsewhere

Obama Decision On Brandenburg Gate Speech Is Imminent

Al Sharpton on responsibility, civil rights

I think we give the general population of this country too little credit.

Illinois Senator Redux

The Satire is in the Over-the-Top Absurdity. And, the Danger is Our Reaction.

McLaughlin is facing fire Monday for referring to Barack Obama as an "Oreo" on his program

McSame's handlers have finally caught on.

Rasmussen - McSame +4 in SD ... PPP - Obama +4 in CO

So the New Yorker has hired me as their new cartoonist.

Happy Anniversary, sniffa and Bi_Baby!!!

Obama opens up first double digit lead in Iowa .. Rasmussen

Just saw the preview for the film "Swing Vote"...I'm gonna puke...

MSNBC and Republican operatives openly conspire to bring down Obama?

The New Yorker cover has a title. Can you guess what it is?

Obama crushing McCain in Iowa by 10, McCain only leads by FOUR in South Dakota!

The purpose of the NYer cover was, of course, to sell copies.

McCain campaign gives Flip-Flops to reporters on plane

I just heard this great idea for the New Yorker Cover instead of what they did.....

Voter registrations in Florida show 'huge swing' toward Democrats

Hey Barack! I have your pick for VP!!!

"Fear of Fun".... HuffPost is talking about YOU, DU......

Jim Cramer: "We need to RAISE taxes so bad to save the banks.."

Smear Confusion - Obambi, A Weak Naive Liberal, or Obama, The Ruthless Heat Missile?

For the first time in about 10 years or so...

FactCheck: McCain's Small-Business Bunk

"Any week the focus is on national security and Iraq is probably a good week for McCain."

**POLL** New Yorker Cover **POLL**

You're all invited to a party.

Tweety just called Obama 'Osama Bin Laden' - caught it immediately.....

"Choosing an economic policy that has been a proven failure is a bold and risky strategy "

On Mrs. McCain..from a Co-worker

Bush honors moms of recently killed soldiers by playing golf with Poppy to raise money for McCain

Biden and Susan Rice Kick McCaint's Arse on Media Conference Call (AUDIO)

John McCain To Speak At NAACP Annual Convention

My Plan for Iraq - By BARACK OBAMA (NYT Op-Ed) - "Ending the war is essential"

question about the new yorker cover:

I dreamed last night that I shook Obama's hand. I also once dreamed that Bill Clinton

McCain Starts Stumping in Home State

HEADS UP-Obama about to speak at NAACP event

A satirical cover would have consisted of

McRubber, McGlue

Obama should withdraw from the presidential race ...

Open thread for anyone in GDP not already involved in an argument

If only we showed half the outrage at the right-wing media that we are showing to the New Yorker

Another McCain co-chair resigns under ethics scrutiny.»

DUers need to organize a national "New Yorker" magazine burning! We can have a giant

Wow... DU is unreadable tonight


Obama tells NAACP blacks must take responsibility

McCain's long lost brother found

Obama tells NAACP blacks must take responsibility

Democrats who laugh it up to our collective peril.

W.H. Auden posts on DU from the grave.

Republican Jewish Coalition's Kurtz Spends Day Lying To Reporters About Obama



Hey, it's working! CNN said it will start broadcasting more candidate events live!

What do you do with figs?

Joe Biden: Military Commanders Want Obama To Visit Iraq

McLame and Mittens Now “Good Friends”

Has the New Yorker had any covers satirizing McSame?

Need something from main stream media that disputes that Obama went to Muslim School.

Another McCain Co-Chair Bites the Dust

Obama v. McCain - Economic Policy - MSM Offers Speculative Attacks on Obama

Why's it okay to write about the way Pukes depict Obama, but not okay to express it in a cartoon?

Transcript of Obama’s Remarks to the NAACP Convention

Hrmm....Sock yarn...$18.99 a skein...I need to justify this purchase...

Obama to Donors: 'I'm Skinny but I'm Tough'

Why isn't Bill Clinton aggressively raising money for the DNC?

Want to make a difference?

A refreshing moment of outrage at the opponent: Cindy McCain just made how much money?

Which is better? Roy Orbison in Black & White Night or The Traveling Wilburys?

There is only one major issue in this campaign: Get Angry About Words!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/14/08 - Obama 44, McCain 42 (O up 1, M down 1)

The New Yorker cover is satire according to Mr. Webster.

Imagine a new swing state Obama is trying to win, now, imagine where Nader is campaigning ....

Joan Walsh: "The cover obscured Lizza's BRILLIANT...and DISTURBING account of Obama!"

mcbush doesn't know it's 2008 and I guess he doesn't understand English either

In this absolutely must see video Governor Sanford explains McCain's differences with Bush

Reed says 'not interested' in VP role

I heard a sound-bite on Bill Press today. A potential puke VP candidate....

First exam of P.A. School today. I'm pretty sure I passed.

Democrats Look to Lobbyist to Finance Convention

13% of people believe Obama is a Muslim

The Daily Widget – Monday, July 14 – Obama 402, McCain 136 – Where the Undecideds Are

Profile of a person who takes the New Yorker cover at face value:

Advice re: using a table saw

New New Yorker cover released in show of even-handedness.

Mark Sanford Draws A Blank On McCain/Bush Economics

Driving home from the doctor tonight, spotted like five Obama signs in Salt Lake.

I see there are those who DON'T find The New Yorker's "Obamas as Terrorists" cover offensive.

Exiles in the Land of the Free

the problem the New Yorker has with doing a McCain cover ---

Obama To Deliver Major Speech On Iraq Tomorrow

New Yorker Cover: Dumbest Fucking Thing I've Ever Seen

Obama grabs big Midlands lead in race for cash

David Plouffe: What they're Bragging About

New Yorker: Obama should have more compassion for Clinton's War Vote.

Can you imagine the media melee if it were Michelle instead of Cindy?

John McCain may be outspending Obama on TV ads.

Rasmussen Minnesota Poll: Obama 52%, McCain 34%

Am I the only person who finds this a curiously boring presidential campaign?

If this were a different magazine I'd probably react differently.

Holy Crap! My Uber-Republican Aunt likes Obama!

MSNBC today (8:00 am CST hour and again in the 9:00 am hour) "How to Attack Obama" with only Repubs.

What if I had a crystal ball and could tell you that...

Watched Carville and Bill Bennett on CNN just now. Bennett was right, and Carville was a mess.

DU project: proposed Activist Corps action - need your ideas

NYT: Obama Borrows Page From Clinton

Do these T. Boone Pickens ads undercut McCain?

What I admire the most about Barack Obama is___________________.

Black activists say Obama must speak to all races

What birds have you seen?

Michael Collins: Election Fraud and Tyranny (1) - Featuring Mark Crispin Miller's Latest Expose

Christian Broadcasting Network's take on Obama New Yorker cover

The New Yorker Doesn't "Feed" The Stereotypes. It EXPOSES THEM TO DAYLIGHT. Exactly What's Necessary

What do they call Canadian Bacon in Canada?

Unborn for Obama

McCains to Profit on Anheuser, InBev Deal

APA: Suicide Among Vets Could 'Trump' Combat Deaths

How the New Yorker cover helps Obama.

NYT 7/14/08 - My Plan for Iraq by Barack Obama

Okay who is best pick for Obama: Bayh or Biden?

VP poll - for trolls ONLY!!111!!!!!111!!!!

Why does the media give McCain a pass on his chief foreign policy adviser, PNAC'S Randy Scheunemann!

McCain: gay couples should not be able to adopt

Back after long absence. Everythingsxen and I got married. I have a Real Job.

Cindy McCain was just asked about reports that she started seeing John while he was still married-

Has anyone complained about the New Yorker Covers on Bill and Hillary?

Obama would face tough decision on whether to retain Gen. Petraeus

Obama up by 8 in Michigan

Beyond the Satire


It didn't take the "mouth breathers" long to love the New Yorker cover

A graph about taxes that I just sent out to all my email contacts

Ok , guys you are scaring the bejeesus out of me

Finding His Faith

Let's devise lame one-liners for young guys wanting to hit on Miss Ava.

Trying to get back to reality!

Who is the greatest asshole in movie history? Post your nominations here!

House of lies: Is fibbing to your kids ever OK?

Troops in Afghanistan Need Help, Obama Says

Troops in Afghanistan Need Help, Obama Says

Foes want Thai govt and Thaksin charged in temple row

Obama to deliver speech on Iraq (Tuesday)

Magazine's 'satirical' cover stirs controversy (not same as other similar titled article)

3 die in grenade attack in Iraq

Suspect soldiers: Did crimes in U.S. foretell violence in Iraq?

White House: Bush to lift offshore drilling ban

Four shepherds killed in northern Iraq

Saudi Arabia has agreed to defer payment of $5.1 billion in crude oil to Pakistan

Palestinians: Obama to visit West Bank

Money the key to peace, says Iraq's Finance Minister

Rep. Markey seeks mandatory SPR oil withdrawal

Midwest Air to give 1,200 the pink slip

One million on US terrorist watch list

Repeal would let out-of-state gays marry in Bay State

Huckabee in talks for own Fox show

Kuwait (parliament) speaker says US provocative towards Iran

Sleep deprivation raised in bin Laden driver case

Reid, in response to Bush offshore plan, targets speculators

Italians jailed over G8 protest

Sept. 11 suspects may testify at Guantanamo trial

Fannie Mae, Freddie Rescue a `Disaster,' Rogers Says (Update1)

Bush to hasten Iraq troop withdrawal in bid to help McCain win White House

White House: Bush to lift offshore drilling ban

NY: 50 Percent of Sequoia Voting Machines Flawed

Khadr interrogation footage (in Guantanamo) puts spotlight on CSIS

Report: Gov't tardy securing radioactive material

Pennsylvania to lease forest land for gas drilling

Ravers Lose Sight at Russian Laser Show

Iraq says hope slim for security deal with current U.S. gov't

(8,500) University of California Service Workers Strike to End Poverty Wages

Analysts Say More Banks Will Fail

European officials ask judge to delay Guantanamo trial for Osama bin Laden's former driver

Bush to Veto Medicare Bill Tuesday; Override Expected

TCS pink slip to techies with fudged CVs (TATA)

Bush officials' 'lack of recall' thwarted Tillman, Lynch probe

Dollar climbs again

Sudan head accused of war crimes


Paramount forced to suspend $450m financing

In ’06 Bomb Plot Trial, a Question of Imminence

Tillman Investigation Hampered by 'Near Universal Lack of Recall'

Report highlights humanitarian concerns in Colombia's Putumayo region

NY: 50 Percent of Sequoia Voting Machines Flawed

Anheuser-Busch Agrees to Be Sold to InBev

McCain says Obama should visit South America

Apple sells 1 million iPhones in first 3 days

Poll Finds Voters Split on Candidates' Iraq-Pullout Positions

One million names on US terror watch list, says rights group

Ventura: I'm not running for Senate

McLaughlin takes heat for 'Oreo' comment

Obama would swap Iraq war loss for election win: McCain camp

'New Yorker' cover angers Obama campaign

Analysts Say More Banks Will Fail

Chávez to consolidate oil partnership in Ecuador; acts as peacemaker

Book (by ex-Rep. Hostettler): Iraq was invaded to help secure Israel

General Motors to Announce Further Restructuring

California on verge of banning trans fats in restaurants

Business takes sides in net neutrality debate

UN to withdraw staff from Darfur

Taliban Breached Base in Clash

Reality Check - July 9, 2008 (Deceptive Norm Coleman ad)

To The People Of Iran....With Love!!!

Despicable! One SEIU Mother's Story on Iraq

Happy Bastille Day, DU

Bill Moyers' Journal: The American Dream

The Girl Who Silenced the World At The United Nations

Clear Creek Dems Picnic - Idaho Springs, CO

FREEZE - Grand Central Station-"No War With Iran"

3613 - A War Movie

BBC program examines anti-Muslim sentiment and propaganda in the UK

John McCain's Immigration Flip-Flop

George Galloway Vs David Frum On Bush trip to Israel


Barack Obama's American Rhapsody

Josh Brolin Arrested While Filming Bush Movie

(2:07)Difference between W and McCain? SC Gov. blanks out-freezes

CBS News: Campagin 1976: Profile of Jimmy Carter (as aired on 11/18/1975)

Obama accepts the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers

Will they cover my son's inhaler?

In honor of Bastille Day...a classic scene from Casablanca.

Pat Roberts "I will not campaign against anybody"

Obama`s Campaign Manager David Plouffe's Strategy Update

COUNTDOWN w/ Maddow: Obama has always been right on Iraq

1975 ABC News: release of the Rockerfeller Report (illegal CIA spying in U.S.)

A Brief Peak into The Mind of a Commodities Trader

COUNTDOWN w/ Maddow: BUSHED! 2008 07 14!

COUNTDOWN w/ Maddow: McCain Learns To Use Internet

Thank Pelosi and Conyers If . . .

COUNTDOWN w/ Maddow: Richard Clarke Interview July 14, 2008

New Details Of McCain's Marriage Come Out---The Young Turks

COUNTDOWN w/ Maddow: This New Yorker Cover is Nothing New in American Politics

The New Yorker's Editor Tries To Explain Racist Cover

Bastille Day - Rush

Cindy McCain Questioned on Being A Homewrecker

Obama Camp Slams New Yorker Cover Calling it "Offensive"

It's 3AM, and John McCain needs to read an e-mail

Now this, dear friends, is SATIRE

JOHN MCCAIN & THE ECONOMY: You'll Laugh, You'll Cry...

TYT: 'You Would Have To Be Nuts To Vote For Another Republican'...

Cheney Thought He Had Lethal Anthrax Dose

Talk by Greg Palast-The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Flip-Flop Flap (Hertzberg, The New Yorker)

Clarence Page: Jesse Jackson's Obama Trauma

Progressives Have a Big Tent at the Dem Convention

George W. Bush Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

AlterNet: Africa: The Next Victim in Our Quest for Cheap Oil

Tom Hayden: Pentagon Fights Peace Majorities in US and Iraq

Syria basks in diplomatic breakthrough

The White Stuff

US Embassy Admits to Intervention in 2004 Salvadoran Presidential Elections

Sarkozy On A Mediterranean Union

Offshore drilling raises oil prices

"My Plan for Iraq" by Barack Obama

Obama Supporters on the Far Left Cry Foul

S.E.C. Warns Wall Street: Stop Spreading the False Rumors

Letter: "Longtime Kennedy basher tips his cap to the senator"

Outsourcing the Iraq War: Mercenary Recruiters Turn to Latin America

Katrina vanden Heuvel: NOLA Watch: Gulf Stream Fails the Smell Test

This Republican editorial in Jerry Lewis's district should be echoed to help get rid of him!

It Takes a School, Not Missiles


David Remnick Explains the New Yorker's 'Obama Terrorist Cover'

Pre-service crimes often go uncited when vets claim PTSD

The racial implications of a Barack Obama Presidency

'The Great Derangement' by Matt Taibbi *SPOILER * alert

'Standup soldier' who killed Iraqi journalist had troubled past

Powering the Empire - Oiling the War Machine

U.S. Mercenary Company Implicated in Mexican Torture Videos

Country, the City Version: Farms in the Sky Gain New Interest

In These Times: EPA on Trial

TCS-Nielsen outsourcing deal in the eye of a storm (TATA)

Drilling’s Lure

Low health insurance caps leave patients stranded

Even the New Yorker 'Cartoon Dogs' Are Pissed!

Afghanistan's Descent

Independent UK: The full extent of the crisis is only just emerging

Anti-Chavez students and M13 gang attack police in Venezuela

Krugman - Fannie, Freddie can't be allowed to fail

The Bad Frame: Why Are the New Yorker, Salon and Other Liberal Media Doing the Right's Dirty Work?

Event Horizon by Jim Kunstler July 14, 2008

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 344

Jet fuel from Kirtland threatens groundwater

Best Oil Price Forecast Of Past Decade: Jeff Rubin in 2005; Worst: Dan Yergin in 2004

Could sustainability lead to an authoritarian future?

Cleaning the Transmission Process

Maine's western mountains to be site of $270M (132 MW) wind power project

Fuel prices prompt Kittery couple to go solar (Maine)

enXco and SMUD Unveil Nation’s Largest Customer-Driven Solar System

Give Amtrak a Fighting Chance

French Oyster Farmers Hit By Die-Off Of Unknown Origin - 40 - 100% Of Young Oysters Dying - Reuters

Thousands Of Australian Tortoises Dying From Parasite Flourishing In Depleted, Saline Rivers

Chinese Arctic Expedition Head Announces Trip Will Focus Only On Climate Studies - Xinhua

Russia blasts oil majors on production

CT Beaches Awash In Stinging Jellyfish - Which Arrived This Year One Month Ahead Of Normal

Gosh, Who Knew II - Higher Rates Of Deformity For Toads Depend On Proximity To Farm Chemicals

Gas Hole - The film

Despite pricey fuel, Jetta diesel in demand

RSPB - Early Reports Show Full-On Reproductive Failure For UK Seabirds Across Species, Islands - BBC

The U.S. Needs to End Its Energy Dependence ........ Joseph Romm

Gosh, Who Knew? Weyerhauser's Extensive Logging On Steep NW Slopes Bred Landslides, Fouled Water

Australian Freight Transport Emissions On Track To Double By 2020 - ABCNet

Plug-in Hybrid FAQ

Whales On The Agenda

Make your own Exxon Gas Station sign

Glacial Loss Moving So Quickly In Peru That Most Will Likely Vanish By 2015 - Guardian

Commodity shipping rates up 600% since start of 2003. What's that do to the cost of imported food?

Researchers Flee Melting Arctic Ice Floe

Hung Out to Dry: Where Are the Clotheslines? (Canada)

NHC - Tropical Disturbance May Coalesce As Depression WI 24-48 Hours - 1200 E. Lesser Antilles

Bush On The Environment - Wrong And Proud Of It Until The Very End - HuffPo

Louisiana signs non-corn ethanol law for to procude a better biofuel

Guardian UK: Global warning: Melting ice threatens Arctic foxes

Blast leaves 21 workers dead in China coal mine

Scientists - Collapse Of N. Ireland-Sized Wilkins Ice Shelf Imminent, Despite Antarctic Winter

When all else fails, try the man in a flap (pesky flying foxes are hard to chase away)

Can someone tell me wtf is going on here... I mean aside from the

UK Invests Big Money In Bikes

Nuclear Makes a Worldwide Comeback (Der Spiegel online)

"Will Sweet Sorghum Save Us?" - ABC News report on a crop with higher ethanol output than corn -

Questioning the "rush to nuclear"

How Original . . .

Don't eat the brown acid!

Settlement reached with group soliciting donations

Citigroup's $1.1 Trillion of Mysterious Assets Shadows Earnings

Your psychic hotline

Off to a fabulous start to the week after serious pain last week

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 07/11/2008

Bubbles & Monster Money

Dow 11,038

Many more US bank failures likely after IndyMac

The Biology of Homosexuality

Mormon Excommunicated For Sexy Male Calendar

2010 Census Will Not Recognize Same-Sex Marriage Responses.

Email your senators and ask them to repeal the ban of HIV Positive immigrants and visitors

Support the Employee Free Choice Act: Sign the Online Card Today

Wisconsin Union Members: McCain’s Record a Disaster for Women

The Challenges of Extremely Steady Work By Robert Walden (Lou Grant & Brothers)

Senate Candidates Stand Strong for Workers Despite Attack Ads

Union election to be lesson on women's achievement

NM hospital ordered to negotiate with union by NLRB

State employees welcome to bring babies to work

Today's working family cartoon: computer-class

video Rock-Tenn Workers: Manufacturers of the Midway (paper recyclers)

Today in labor history July 14 Singer Woody Guthrie was born

NYC Museum That Honors Labor Struggle Refuses To Recognize Its Workers Union

For labor unions, polls show promise

Gov. Schwarzenegger Offers to Assist in Hollywood Contract Negotiations

Israeli government question

Syria basks in diplomatic breakthrough

Islamic Jihad leader praises Jerusalem attacks

Defying U.S., Hezbollah Stronger Than Ever

PM aide: Israel has no intention of giving Shaba Farms to Hezbollah

Fatah accuses Hamas of gruesome torture of party member

Obama to visit Israel, West Bank next week: officials

Amateurs' video keeps watch over West Bank

Settler arrested in failed rocket attack on Palestinian town

Report highlights humanitarian concerns in Colombia's Putumayo region

Pastors for Peace return from Cuba today.

Chavez denounces Colombian defense chief

"Haiti Violating Former PM Yvon Neptune's Human Rights" Says Inter-American Court on Human Rights

Anti-Chavez students and M13 gang attack police in Venezuela

U.S. Mercenary Company Implicated in Mexican Torture Videos

BoRev's Quick and Dirty News Recap

NCAA Basketball Schools as Plantations?

Report: Donaghy made 134 calls to fellow referee

Why Lacrosse is for Democrats

Is there any magical reason to

Abraham's 17 second technique.

I know I ask this a lot lately but could I please have your prayers again?

Generational dynamics..

Joe Biden: Military Commanders Want Obama To Visit Iraq

For those of you wondering "why not Joe?" this will explain more of why

MotherJones Blog <3 Biden!

Is Pirhana slipping? You tell me.

I love all my fellow Bidenites! That's all I wanted to say!

Biden or Bayh for VP? But beware - Biden committed plagerism and is a loose cannon

Another reason why I love Joe!

Warning: Habits May Be Good for You

Any painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis people on DU?

Do Scientologists condone insulin shots for diabetics? Am researching an article

Eating Less May Slow Aging Process

Genentech warns of anemia in Avastin combo trial

U.S. Health Care Gets Boost From Charity

Getty and Flickr Make a Deal

Man Arrested For Unlawful Photography

Church Cancels Teen Gun Giveaway (Oklahoma)

New D.C. Gun Restrictions Unveiled

A Really Quick Point On Guns

concealed-carry holder shoots cop 4 times in head,claims self defense


Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme

Boston Market Gazpacho - DO NOT BUY

Just finished baking some cakes for the county fair...

our over the top menu for the tea room/garden

Pork with lentils, brown rice and black eyed peas.

Anybody need a big pot?

Electric skillets?

Gun control in the U.S. is probably a lost cause

Ga. governor says guns should be OK in airport

Picking out the perfect ear of corn.

You may (or may not) recall my whining about having to sell my beloved Kitchenaid Mixer.

Might you buy one lottery ticket?

In Japan, Buddhism May Be Dying Out

Man to ask Dolan to help defrock priest

Church Cancels Gun Giveaway For Teens

'Host desecration' charges (such as against PZ Myers) have a long association with anti-Semitism

If Salman Rushdie announced that he has converted to Judaism then would he be safer?

Who ordered the murder/execution of adherents of Judaism who refused to accept him as a prophet?

Alex Grey - Sacred Mirrors

General Ahmed allegedly met with Wolfowitz, Feith, and other neocons the week of 9/11.

Thank you, you all!

Did Kerry issue a statement concerning the Continental shell drilling decision?

Why did T Boone Pickens donate to Kerry's Senate re-election campaign in 2002?

Letter: Kerry should have won.

Democrat Bell to run for state Senate

Star-Telegram: Sen. Brimer may have to fight to keep seat

Forgive me another Mac question

Crash space for Netroots Nation?

Hello Texas...sure is good to see you again

40 gig, - 500mb partitian, 100+ programs, about 1GB free space

Striptease clothing drive enrages local charities

Michele Bachmann calls Planned Parenthood the "Wal-Mart of Big Abortion"

County administrator WHINES, leaves MN for a better paying job in CA

Illinois Senator Redux

Credit crunch takes toll on student loans

Cheating on ACT, SAT college entrance exams has few consequences

Case that led to Calif. home school ban dismissed

Miles Lord's daughter to challenge Franken in Sept primary

Michael Collins: Election Fraud and Tyranny (1) - Featuring Mark Crispin Miller's Latest Expose

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 07/14/08

A True British Hero

Diamond Dan the Orange Man

~ official transmission: Drinking Liberally | 7PM Wed. July 16 @ Sugar Maple | 441 E. Lincoln Ave. ~

Glen Brower becomes nominee to take on Mark Honadel!

Lets play a guessing game