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I have a Media Project at the DU HQ Activists - Could use some help

attacking Iran makes "good sense??" To Whom?

Silver Nights like This!

I can't help but dedicate this song to our wayward elected dems

Pakistan Rising

Donations to Chimp's presidential library buys access to key administration figures.

a new fast acting form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease found..

Bin Laden wanted oil at 144 bucks a barrel,ten years ago.. coworkers caRE more aBOUT A fucking purse

Iranian missile test confirmed: Needs More Cowbell.

For those who think there's not enough time/votes to impeach Bush, a look back at Clinton's ordeal:

Protected by Washington, Fannie and Freddie Grew

eveyone's post is great...keep it simple

may i say-I love any new artist who tells it like it is

"President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran"

Petition to add another smilie to DU! (Please K&R!)

Green Party names McKinney as presidential pick

Young American Women Getting Tanned to Death

so'''u wonder why i love "no bravery


regarding tony snow

Could all this Isreali saber rattling just be a cover for Bush to open negotiations

January 20, 2010

Is there a nice way to say....

"The War Is Over"... Originally published 04/30/2003... [PIC]

Nevada ACLU supports an individual’s right to bear arms

Red Cross finds Bush administration guilty of war crimes

Independent UK: British soldiers accused of sickening sex assault on Iraqi boy, 14

My cousin is on Book TV right now.

Pentagon Report to Call for Steep Iraq Drawdown

But does Jesus come in orange sherbet?

The National Center for Missing Adults need your assistance

bu$h* will withdraw troops from iraq to try and sway election

Imagine if Dick Durbin had called America a "nation of whiners"

Even the Pope is "whining" about the US dollar these days......

In spite of almost complete media control, there is another kind of advertising.

Tell Bush No War on Iran

Medicare Bill Passes Despite Veto Threat

Breaking: Actress gives birth to twins in France

Jane Smiley: American Psycho

Independent UK: World's largest mortgage providers teeter on the brink of collapse

HuffPo:An interview with *, Unplugged.

Is there going to be a second round of stimulus packages?

Anything is possible. "Likely" is another matter.

Brokaw is a genuine hack

Average apartment rent in San Francisco: $1,926/mo (+9.6%)

Both candidates need to stop talking about using the $$ from Iraq

Bush Supports Israeli Plan For Strike On Iran: Report

So this father screws with his baby's name for $100 worth of gas????

Let's Go Skating or : Why Did I Polish My Pitchfork Anyway?

Somebody MUST be held accountable for this...

Newsweek's new issue: Vietnam loves McCain; Obama's 'politically problematic' religion

Dodd kicking Kyl the biles ass on CNN re regulation of Freddie & Fannie

U.S. Soldiers No Longer Find Haven in Canada

the Govs are meeting - 2 of them were on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Bush's Record on Terror:Billions Spent, Thousands Dead, al Qaeda Stronger-Bush History,7/13

Ahhnold on This Week. Can you imagine being a surrogate to McSame?

My mom quit smoking a month ago after 40 years.

WooHoooo! House Democratic leaders will likely kick Lieberman out.»

Who was that puke just on with Blitzer?

Brother, can you spare a dime?

George Will Sticks Up For Gramm: Americans Are ‘The Cry Babies Of The Western World’»

I'm sure we all agree about a woman's right to choose. So why can't we allow her to choose ......

Breaking! Fox showing pictures of McCain being tortured!

Breaking News: Afghan attack kills 9 U.S. troops

Jeff Peckman was on Larry King - he will be in Denver same time as DNC

I just saw Peter G. Peterson on public TV. Giving $$$ to promote fiscal awareness.

Hey Jesse!

Sigh...John McCain really doesn't know how to get on the internet.

Congress has an approval rating in single digits (9%)

Unlikely ace for online gambling (Barney Frank)

Please help me answer this question.

Some Differences between Red States and Blue States - humor

We are getting out of Iraq ..... Fox News

Hijacking Catastrophe (video)

If, God forbid, you should ever have to file bankruptcy,

Good gods, the stupid in this post is just overwhelming...

There is no difference between a command economy and a corporate economy...

After one week of self-imposed TV news moratorium, I tuned back in and...

We saw "Get Smart" yesterday, I loved the way they made it

Iran government slams McCain for cigarette comment

Seigelman, Rove, Alabama, and featuring the newly outed Troy King

I choked talking to repug

What do you want to say to RNC delegates - The Unconvention

Anybody who tells you this election is going to be close is totally full of it.

The PUB Brand of CONSERVATISM is in the TOILET...Their so called

California to get electric powered Minis

Suspect soldiers: Did crimes in U.S. foretell violence in Iraq?

the washington post didn't report the red cross/bu$h*/war crimes story...

wow..the Terminator vs. Big Oil????

Sorry, that information is classified. - hahahaha

Official: 9 US troops killed in Afghanistan deadliest attack in Afghanistan since June 2005

Moyers: What's happened to the conservative movement in America?

WTF? President George W Bush may back Israeli plan for strike on Iran

Women 'using web for abortions'

Is Karl Rove still gone? Do we know where he went?

Sen. Schumer defends comments on IndyMac collapse

Protest disrupts bishop's sermon

No Permanent Presence in Iraq - Sign The Petition

Why is Bush saying he might withdraw troops from Iraq ??

Does anyone agree that Phil Gramm looks like a dildo in a 3-piece suit and glasses?

Forest Fire on Mt Adams

Weekend TOONS Part 3 - Kids on Drugs!

INDYMAC bank guy is on TV right now telling us not to panic our money is safe

Which mistake is more embarrassing?

Anybody here know anything technical about FiOS TV?


My Mother is grieving

No one deserves to die in pain.

TX: Instructions about condoms are couched in terms of how often they fail, according to state law

GWB could pop a cap in Pelosi's ass right on the House floor and they still wouldn't Impeach

New Iraq Flag Unveiled

Weekend TOONS Part 2 - The Failed War President

Gate's heifers - this article will make you ill

60 Minutes: "don't ask don't tell" policy revisited

Poll: Is this the dumbest comment ever?

That's it; we're REALLY all a bunch of whiners

Good Gravy I love George Galloway!!!!

4118 dead. over 85 thousand wounded. Enough?

Want to change the world?

Any word on where Rove *is*?

deleted - duplicate post

What kind of job did Tom Brokaw do this morning on MTP?

Anyone watching Duncan Hunter on 60 Minutes?

Incarceration Nation: Get-tough policies cause more crime, deny inmates a future, are unaffordable

Undercover Video:Homeland Security Aide Caught On Tape Offering High-Level Access For Donations

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Our Warrantless Wiretapping Lawsuit

India: Pakistan's ISI behind Kabul blast near Indian Embassy

There is nothing stopping impeachment

OMG. Deja Vu Alert! INDYMAC is not a "bank", it's a Savings and Loan!

What is the name of that book by a GOP Evangelical about . . .

bu$h* power grab: Rescue Sought for Fannie and Freddie

Government Not Expected To Help More Companies (except for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)

Mission accomplished.

Back in October 2005, I was excited and guardedly hopeful. In January 2006, I was thrilled.

From Jane Mayer's new book: 9-11 Preventable

US retail sales in surprise climb


The Crime of Kings

Bird species plummet as habitat dwindles

Israel attacking iran.. more sources

Living in a perpetual state of deja vu

FedEx, voter group hope to ease ballot shipping woes

My Boss at KBR: "The military is none of our fucking concern." / *** Cut KBR Off! ***

Do you support the war in Afghanistan?

Just to put things into context:

What is your first reaction when seeing a protest?

I strongly recommend that DUers watch the film "Sophie Scholl -- The Last Days"

Russia's Gazprom Looks To Expand Business With Iran

I talked to my dad today, he is not dead yet (and he is 73)

This gives new meaning to the phrase "praise the lord and pass the ammo":

Why haven’t oil companies sold back there “useless” leases to the government?

the mortgage/housing/economy crisis has occurred under the unwatchful eye of bu$hco

Who is Mauricia Grant? NASCAR Knows

the powers that be may want to consider adding a General Disscussion- New Yorker magazine forum...

Is anyone else having a problem with google searches being redirected?

What's up with Raw Story's headline about McKellan? (Uses a homophobic pejorative.)

lou dobbs is shocked that obama is courting certain ethnic groups -cnn

Are we at "war"?

Propaganda in America. Capitalism does not = Democracy

Unhappy with the Dem party? This is the best time to change it

What is the contribution to the culture of Science Fiction? Is there a good book on this?

There is only one reason Bush is escalating the Iraq pullout: IRAN

Jupiter's Third Red Spot Destroyed


Here we go again - the Atlantic is warming up

What do we do about bloggers who admit to "working" DU? (i.e. - deception)

If the U.S. becomes involved with a war against Iran, the repercussions will be very grim...

Bush Nominates Neocon War Apologist to U.S. Propaganda Board

Egypt is having religion problems - Iraq refugees

I am so proud of my mom.

'Bush Hispanics' Say Goodbye To GOP

Notice how fast Hezbollah went from being a terrorist group to a guerrilla group?

Need links for banking collapse please

Washington Post will run *12-part* series on Chandra Levy

You know what's really interesting about Evolution?

US told to stop Israeli planes flying over Iraq

I watched the morning shows today. I never heard "FISA." Did I miss something?

Miss Universe is Live From Vietnam

Wow we just had a minor earthquake

I just climbed down off the ceiling

Aussie science to make net 100 times faster

The more I hear about Iraqi President al-maliki

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae Nationalization / Bailout Plan Announced

A question about the California wildfires: I know a lot of areas have

Weekend Election TOONS

How will the average American react to an attack on Iran?

Cindy McCain has the coldest, deadest, most lifeless eyes .....

$359.00 - Three Hundred and Fifty Nine Dollars! - .......... for a pair of JEANS!

"abuse and torture by the British army is systemic. "

FISA and CONgress TOONS-Sometimes you just gotta rant

Michele Bachmann Watch, 7/13/08: MB calls Planned Parenthood "The Wal-Mart of Big Abortion"

I think Conyers is getting ready to impeach. Mark your calendars.

If George W shot kids on the White House lawn ... What would Nancy do?

How many of us thought Muslims were bonkers for getting so upset over some Danish cartoons?

U.S. Military to Patrol Internet

Lowering Taxes On Capital Formation DOES NOT CREATE JOBS!!!!

Send text messages from iPhone without a fee.

What were the hippies right about (My new t-shirt The Hippies Were Right)

Now that a Bush appointee is ON TAPE selling access, will the MSM finally do its job?

This is what Bush and the media that cheered him on are responsible for.

Torture - It's Different This Time - Naomi Klein

Should criminal convictions disappear from a record after a certain amount of time?

Bessie is doing her part to help save the environment with diet and lifestyle changes - video

"Mr. Paulson Builds His Dream House"

Think an attack on Iran without Congressional approval warrants immediate Impeachment? K&R this.

"This Time The Crime Is Worse Than The Cover-Up" (Frank Rich-NYT)

There is nothing in life that is not political.

Over 200,000 gallons of raw sewage "bubbling up" in a Florida city for many months.

Ghost Voting (Legislators voting while absent) in Mass., Calif., and Texas

Ghost Voting (Legislators voting while absent) in Mass., Calif., and Texas

Netroots shafted by Reid, Pelosi and Emanual.

Opus: Thank Goodness nobody is trying to do that!

Let Ned Lamont speak at the DNC convention.

I guess conservatives will be done with Budweiser since it's no longer owned by gawd fearn' Mericans

What should be DU's top priority?

I hope Lieberman speaks to the RNC Convention.

The clusterfuck is almost complete: US, Iraq Long-Term Security Deal Abandoned

When Did Jesus Become RW? Isn't Ayn Rand Totally Atheist?

$cientology protest UPDATE!

TYT: Have Liberals Lost Their Nerve To Be Sexually Free In America?

US school rebuked for ibuprofen strip search

Today's crunch feels like '70s

And When You Thought Bush Couldn't Go Any Lower

Republican State Senator takes live Baby Canadian Geese and Kills them in his BBQ

Ah, love. Until the credit crunch do us part

Is this country really insane enough to elect John McCain?

Five ways to end a debate without actually having to make a logical argument.

State funeral (first since Churchill) planned for Lady Thatcher

"She will stay for a few days. You know, in Europe it isn't like in the United States,

George Will Sticks Up For Gramm: Americans Are ‘The Cry Babies Of The Western World’

Universal, Single Payer, Accessible Health Care Is ..........

The Most Important Event In US Economics In Almost 80 Years

John McCain is going to raise taxes on working people with health care

First wedding I will decline to officiate. I'm still reeling after the call.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak is scheduled to travel to the US on Monday where he will meet

Why Exactly is it Bad to Speak Ill of the Dead?

Fergodsake, sniffa, get on the stick here!!

LOL Al Capone

Mastercard has ruined Mr Bill for me.

Oh my god! She looks like Courtney Love after a weeklong heroin binge; end...of...message...

I need help downloading an MP3


Two years ago, I'd yes by God for to say to you kind...

Write a fake personal ad!

New World Order kitty careful it's edgy!!

I've stayed in every blue light cheap hotel

Please K&R this thread!

Calling all Vodka Connoisseurs.

W arrest!

Your Skin Produces Madonna-Like Substance

So many things are scary right now....

Sober. Pictures?

State guaranteed health insurance

I accidentally unleashed some internet drama.

Call me when you're sober.

Hee. Thai Sylvania light bulbs ad.

Well I know that *I* feel the world is already a better place just knowing

The Emerging Model of Sociophysics: (LARGE Pic)

My favorite new smiley


ever seen Babe Ruth conduct a jazz band?

What's in your glass?

Word of the day.

These guys used to keep us in stitches.

Do you own a watch- winder? Ever use it?

They really should ground this guy.

I saw Al Green perform Friday night

The first woman airline pilot.

How do I tell if a component video cable is on the fritz?

sigh...apparently no libs in Ellis county,texas

Why is his name pronounced "Farve" and written like "Faw - vre' "?

Water on Mars: Photographic proof!

I am afraid I am about to be covered up with dumped pups- new law in town.

Which pic looks more... enthralling?

The Favre of your response is requested

Who the hell is this Brent Fava guy you all keep posting about?

sentinel kitty

Petition to add another smilie to DU! (Please K&R!)

my computer is acting funky. i'm working in safe mode because

Music anyone? What are you listening to now?

just watched Batman Gotham Knight it was awesome

Tinkle, tinkle, little star...

we got a live one!!

The forecast doesn't look all that well for Ohio

what color are your socks?

Who was Secretary of Agriculture when you were born?

Why use other anti-virus products if Windows has the basics?

we got a dead one!!

For those of you who understand 11 year old boys.. Am I being a good sister?

I had the best meal I've had in a year last night!

C-Rap or Canadian rap music....

Internet Cat

Favorite Canadian Whiskey?

Breaking! Belusconi's uncircumcized penis has disappeared!

Has anyone heard from Goddess of Guinness lately?

Could you lose this kind of pension?

So, aside from the whole "Hicks/Newt/Bishop die" thing, what do you think of Alien3?

John Madden Explains How to Win at Internet (with diagram)

This is a cat?!

Saw a jogger this morning around 8:00

3:10 to Yuma

An ice cream truck just went by playing "Swan Lake"

Do You Like COLOR Films?

No, THESE smilies should be added

The dogs don't respond to "come."

I've got over 5,300 Myspace friends. I want 6,000 by the end of August

PLEASE, do not drink and drive. Warn your teens about being out all hours

An ice cream truck just went by playing Zappa's "Briefcase Boogie"

An ice cream truck just raced by playing Delibes' "Lakme Flower Duet"...

An ice cream truck just went by playing Scarlotti's "Sonata in D Minor," allegro.

An ice cream truck just went by BLASTING Cage's 4'33"

Wanna see a fennec?

An REO Speedwagon just went by blasting REO Speedwagon

A concept car just went by playing music that hasn't been composed yet.

Exclusive footage!! Video of the first "tombstoning" at DU!

Do people like my new logo/avatar?

An ice cream truck just went by screening "M".

A bag just blew by with John Lennon's money in it

CBR files? WTF? (Cyanide and Happiness)

How big was the horse you rode in on?

Granny just drove by, on Colorado Boulevard

Chatty burglar overstays welcome, gets arrested

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/13/08 (warning: graphic language)

Christian the Lion - Lion Hugs

Finally, Putting my knitting out there!

RSS Feeds Anyone?

Post your favorite shareware games!

There was something very Freudian about Electra Woman and Dynagirl...

I just ordered S1 DVD of "Life on Mars" - anyone else watch this show?

Favorite American Whiskey

Forget Lounge Flame Wars!!! Now THIS is news.

The Cat's In the Bag

My electric rate has gone up 70% in two months.

Imagine my surprise... (OR I never saw it coming...)

An ice cream truck just went by playing "Koyaanisqatsi."

It's time for "WHO AM I?"

Prince just drove by blasting "Little Red Corvette"

***** Post your "Dream" set-list from your "Dream Concert" *****

Bret Favre just drove by in a giant hummer selling cornflake crusted fried lobster.

A helicopter just flew by playing The Ride Of The Valkyries

a little GTO just now went by blaring "Classical Gas"

Peach is within our reach

An Elk Just Went By Bugling The Theme Song From Mission Impossible

Baseball's AL East is looking proper again.

Am I the only person that did not know that Ricky Gervais (The Office) was in an 80's pop band ?

What's up with all of this dying going on???

A moose just walked down Main St. while the theme from Northern Exposure

Missile balloons, I need to buy some of these!

DuStrange and turtlensue just ran through my farm fields singing "Lick My Love Pump"

holy shit !

Reach for the Sky!!

Photo: Hot off the grill, a homemade "Double Double"

Now for another installment of MrScorpio's "Who am I"?

A kitten just ran by asking what the original thread was!

Modern/current songs that sound sort of like 1985?

A lifeboat just went by on the lake while playing My heart will go on

Why I rent after owning and thankfully....

The three paragraphs that hooked me.

A Weber grill just rolled by playing Nelly's "It's gettin' hot in herre."

A group of Czarists ran by playing the 1812 Overture

Here's a link to a flickr accout for all you kitteh fans:

A bald hunter just chased a rabbit in a barber's tunic while an orchestra played the overture from

Yum...I'm eating a turtle sundae

If I set up a personals ad to ask people if they wanted to come to my house and play with my Wii,


Post a youtube clip of a hilarious sitcom moment!

Best Thread Evah!

Holy crap you guys! We need an ark down here!

"LOST" meets Shriekback


What do you consider...

I got another Weight Watchers refrigerator magnet!

A naked man just ran by while a stereo played "The William Tell Overture"..

Anyone else watching "Generation Kill" on HBO?

Watch my beer for me....

When you get that notion,

Let's play BICOASTAL's "Who am I?"--since he enjoyed Mr. Scorpio's games so much. DIFFERENT RULES!

I found out today that as of June 30th I no longer have health/prescription insurance

Like my new house?

Post a weird vacation photo

"We Love Brett Favre" Video:

BREAKING!!!!! First ever picture of Pinky and the Brain!!! IN THIS THREAD!!!!!!!

Less than an hour to Big Brother 10

So how accurate are pregnancy test kits?

OMG! There are Indian Pipestems sprouting on campus!

I was a dam builder across the river deep and wide

Happy To Be "out of the loop" Here


Just how favre will this go?

Your 11 favorite bands and/or singers of all time?... (Because mine goes to 11)


Here's a joke from my 11 year old I promised I share with you all.

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

I am such a nerd.

How come the express lane at the grocery store....

Has anyone else been to Havre, MT?

Put 3 post titles together for one super thread

Time for another stupid question for those who know a thing or two about HTML.

Ok Jamaica had an earthquake

I found out recently that the new hires where I work are making a dollar an hour more than me...

I had such a nice day today

Anyone buying Christopher Ciccone's book tomorrow?

Duncan Hunter thinks gay soldiers aren't real fighting he-men

I'm kinda drunk, and I gotta say:

I've fallen, and I can't get up!

Jeez, Lounge, had to come over and warn ya.

Name up to 10 favorite indie music artists

Combine Brett Favre, Olive Garden, cornflake-encrusted chicken and Laura Branigan

Oh, I'm sorry! Did I break your concentration?

Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson making love... oh, what memories!

A German cockroach,a city,a flower,a rose,and a butterfly

Two great movies on AMC! Now: Million Dollar Baby; 8:00: Mystic River

Peace is within our reach

Peace is within our reach

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/13/2008)

My boyfriend and I broke up last night.

How many times have you moved in your life?

Best music video ever or worst music video ever?

An icecream truck just raced by playing Orff's "Carmina Burana"...

An ice cream truck just went by playing "Ice Cream Man" and David Lee Roth was driving it!

ENRON and the Gramms

BREAKING: Miss USA trips during beauty pageant - again

Tonight is the first night in about 4 weeks that we will all be together for dinner.

Just when I think I'm sick of LOLcats....


Bittersweet Memories Of Estes Park, CO And My Mother Who Died Here

"Mongol" (movie about Genghis Kahn) is a beautiful movie.

young guys can be such idiots... the WORST line ever

I can haz garden?!

Name "huge" celebrities who you are simply not impressed with

My brand of humor:

Finally sold my car and bought a bike

What bands have you seen?

A Very Happy Birthday to my friend JackBeck!!

Slap Bass.

Tonight's remastered Star Trek

Is there anything you would NOT do for ten million dollars?

Has The New Yorker lost it's freaking mind???

A second term Governor in a red state...

So, I got my CA Renter's Assistance check from the State. I gave a bit to Obama. Please chip in -

When it comes to Obama...

Check In Here If You're Pissed Because...

So I went to a Ralph Nader event today....

How big was the house you grew up in?

Wrong forum, mods please lock

Five more questions

Obama leads McCain by 5 in latest Missouri poll.

The Week That Should Have Ended McCain's Presidential Hopes

Obama's Detroit Campaign Office Robbed

Voter registrations in Florida show 'huge swing' toward Democrats

Obama talking to the press last night

What Obama Believes

We need a debate, a townhall, SOMETHING ...

McCain is either really old or trying to bullshit to the N.Y. Times

Almost anything could happen between now and November

Newsweek Conventional Wisdom: July 11, 2008

Kitten Picture of the day for Monday July 14

If you want to be President in the 21st Century you had better be COMPUTER LITERATE!

Should Phil Gramm Be McCain's VP Pick?


About what Jesse Jackson said

Fareed Zachariah's new show on CNN; I saw earlier this week Obama

AMERICA IS A NATION OF "WHINERS," -Phil Gramm- top economic advisor to John McCain

Well, looks like it's over for my best friend's cokehead brother - support wise.

Claire McCaskill is such a great spokesperson for Obama

Janet Napolitano will be on CNN in a few minutes (among my top VP picks) edit this is over now

An Open Letter to Caroline Kennedy--July 13, 2008

i had to work the last 12 days straight through

Kennedy gets standing ovation - Mc Cain is a no show

Harold Ford Jr is the DLC Chair -- He is on MTP now.

Has anyone else ever noticed how much time is devoted to vices in older movies?

Carly Forina and Brokaw have houses on Nantucket and are HACKS

MSM piling on? Comedian Jokes About 'Hos' at Obama Fundraiser; Obama Condemns

Meet The Press: Look, Carly Fiorina, only 1.4% of small businesses have income (AGI) over $250,000!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/13/08 - Obama 43, McCain 43 (unchanged)

Is Obama worse than McCain?

McCain campaign considers Middle Income = $250,000 per year

Schwarzenegger: 'Flip-Flopping Is Getting a Bad Rap'

The McCain/Viagra connection: It takes a hard man to be President

Fiorina Lies Again: ‘To Say McCain Was Aligned With Bush On Iraq Is To Change History’

Sanford Draws A Blank On McCain/Bush Economics

Obama: There us "little doubt we've moved into recession"

The knights who say "Paul" demand..... a sacrifice!

Clearly Barak Obama is worse than John McCain

Obama on Iraq Trip: “I Am There to Listen”

Obama's statement about June fundraising

Will Little Havana Go Blue?

Most of the world pays more for gas than U.S. drivers do

***Obama on Fareed Zakaria show thread, CNN 1PM EST

What do you wanna bet that Bernie Mac's little comedy routine is the MSM's Big Political Story

Is Calling Romney Satanic Religious Or Political?

John McCain's Whiplash Express

Chuck Hagel? E S & S? You've Got to Be Fucking Kidding Me

Phill Gramm's new campaign Ad: You're A Nation of Whiners

What is on Obama's schedule for this coming week?

If Obama chooses a Woman other than Hillary as his VP.

McPain Misses 62% of his votes; O 43%; Fiengold ZERO....

Obama suggests tax credit for business health care - an idea championed by Sen. Clinton

VP sweepstakes- Who will be chosen?

HIllary Clinton Hates Women; John Edwards Wants To Limit Lawsuits, Richardson Hates Hispanics

Forget about Iraq and the economy, we all need to focus on Bernie Mac.

Republican National Convention asking for videos on YouTube. Why I'm a Republican.

Which event should be labeled as worse in Horrendous Bad Taste?

Obama mourns US troop deaths, swipes at McCain

Go Senator McCaskill smack down that HACK Fiorina

Bernie Mac = Big Mistake Obama needs vacation, rest

DFA Activist Night School Has George Lakoff by conference call. Free Thurs Night

The Best summation of Gramm and McCain yet!

Funny McCain YouTube

Do you think the Bush & Cheny crowd are planning to attack Iraq as an election day diversion?

Which would be more offensive?

Guardian UK: The world is waiting to love American Again

So, what can done to prevent a stolen election?

Peace, My Bretheren...and erm...Sisteren -- A Soothing Report on Latest Poll Good News!

McCain Campaign Pulls Plug on Gramm - WaPo

How Obama can rise in the polls

A great Huffington post...

Obama has no choice other than to stick to his guns about getting our troops home in 16 months

Wes Clark in an Obama Administration

HILLARY as vp. what it means for Obama

You're voting for Obama, I'm voting for Obama, but lets get something straight

McCain outspending Obama 3 to 1 and Obama's strategy

Another idea I've thought of.

Why is Wes Clark now off the VP list? What are we, weenies?


Schwarzenegger says: open to serving as Obama's 'energy czar'


If Lieberman spoke at the GOP convention, wouldn't he be booed?

Need Your Obama Pics

One lesson from the VP speculation:

From YUMMY TIMES(Clinton years) to SUCKY TIMEs(Bush 7 1/2 years)...7 years later and whadda ya got?

Anybody want to re-consider their position on the Muslim reaction to the Danish Muhammad cartoons?

'New Yorker' cover angers Obama campaign

Hey Jessie!

Another idea I've thought of.

Divided [We] Fall

Reed and Hagel are both against the war in Iraq...

BREAKING: McCain does not believe that video games cause social problems for kids

It finally happened..some jerk stole my Obama Sticker off my car.

What a Difference Four Years Make

5 Choices: Who Brings the Most to Obama as VP in November & Later in Office?

Rev. Wright was caricatured for two weeks on Video. Did it help the Obama campaign?

Is this anything (or not)? Newspaper pic of OBAMA vs its online version

It's not just the cover........

I Just Saw The New Yorker. It Opened My Eyes.

tab benoit and the vow allstars are opening the democratic convention

What's The Case Against Evan Bayh For VP? 8 Years As Governor & 10 Years As Senator Is Impressive

****Heads Up:Obama Live Right Now****

Babies born in Fallujah are showing illnesses and deformities on a scale never seen before

Quit whining about the New Yorker magazine and start worrying about the real issue...yes, issue...

Uh people, sometimes satire REINFORCES the image!

Phil Gramm - Lover of Small Measures

Do people here believe misperceptions/rumors about the Obamas are an issue or non-issue?

Voter registrations in Florida show 'huge swing' toward Democrats

Fluff story on the Obamas a good read in the Chi Sun Times

IF... The New Yorker .... does a similar cover with the McCains, will all be forgiven?

Let's make this a cover! I think McCain's base, the media wouldn't find it hilarious, don't you?

The New Yorker is a great magazine and I support them!

Could this "controversy" help Obama?

Claire McCaskill for VP? The woman is brilliant.

Thank God DU has something to do now... making sure everyone in America sees the New Yorker cover

Thank God DU has something to do now... making sure everyone in America sees the New Yorker cover

Shit. This is why we almost always lose...

NYT Op-Ed Contributor Barack Obama: My Plan for Iraq

I Can't WAIT To See The New Yorker Do An Obama Cover With Him Shucking And Jiving!!!

I think Conyers is getting ready to impeach. Mark your calendars.

It just doesn't matter that intelligent people understand satire

DemConWatch Presidential Projection: Obama leads 305 - 233

Do you think the New Yorker Obama cover is funny and positive or disgraceful and negative?

If that cartoon was on with an article by Bill Kristol, what would you think about it?

I'll Give $10 To the DUer Who Goes Up To Obama And Tells Him....

The Gropinator wants a cabinet post with Obama?

Here's something I don't understand - why do we have pregnancy test kits?

Let's take a look at some more disgusting/vile/right-wing New Yorker covers

McCain spokesman agrees with Obama spokesman that it was tasteless and offensive

McCain spokesman agrees with Obama spokesman that it was tasteless and offensive

Obama table in Madison: July 12 Edition (thirteenth one in 2008)

I didn't think this could happen, but now I see Al Gore on the ticket as Veep. Can it happen?

I'm mystified and perturbed -- how can there be so many non-voters in this country?

Do you think the Bush & Cheny crowd are planning to attack Iran as an election day diversion?

What idiot thought of Obama/Hagel?

Barack & Michelle make the cover of The New Yorker Magazine (and it's not pretty)

Lets all sing in 'UNISON' ... "To Be a Liberal" .. la de da da de la da de de da...

Obama’s Initial Response to the September 11, 2001 Attacks, published in the Hyde Park Herald

RE: New Yorker Cartoon--Should Colbert be stopped, too?

Good God Almighty! STFU about the New Yorker...

New Yorker Cartoonist, Barry Blitt, Responds To the Controversy

McCain, whose divorce made his first wife a single-mother, is against gay adoption BECAUSE...

Holy sheeit, y'all!

Rush Limbaugh to send Republican Rabble-Rousers to Dem. Meetings

Bush is Churchill, and John McCain is TR

I think the Obama cover is hilarious.

Phone numbers and email addresses to the New Yorker.

Something I missed: McCain campaign gets free labor from Homewood Jail inmates

Typical day in The Lounge... In Pictures

The Chestnut Gatherers

What is your opinion of the latest New Yorker cover?

The Obama campaign condemns the cover of New Yorker as "tasteless and offensive"

Guys - I made Huffington Post! While begging for more Democratic backbone...


Imagery is everything...

'Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!' Stevenson called back 'That's not enough,

Dear New Yorker - stop the presses

A note to my Republican friends

Um...this New Yorker Story Paints Obama as a Cold, Calculating, Cut Throat Typical Politician

US oil companies are shipping record amounts of gasoline and diesel fuel to other countries.

Could it be...Joe Biden?

VP Sweepstakes, Round 1: Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Dodd

John Edwards for VP? There Should Be No Sequel This Time.

The Legacy of a Lunatic

The New Yorker's cover isn't satire.

Nuts and The Audacity of Listening

TOONS: Bush gives new meaning to the term "Narco-Terrorist" ----->

GWB could _____ and they still wouldn't Impeach

*** Mobius DU User Pics! ***

Five Questions. Snooping.

Protected by Washington, Fannie and Freddie Grew

Democrats call for Cambodia talks on temple

US, Iraq Long-Term Security Deal Abandoned

Bush gives Israel tentative 'OK' to strike Iran

U.S., Iraq Scale Down Negotiations Over Forces

British army in new Iraq inquiry after boy claims sexual abuse

9 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan, Official Says

Fannie, Freddie in Talks With Treasury, Fed Over Funding Plans

U.S. visit feeds Pakistani worry over U.S. attack

Alaska Volcano Erupts; Island Residents Evacuated

Iraq handing out cash to people on the streets

Ya can't make it up

Government not Expected to Help More Companies

PM hopes to lift Iraq by doling out cold, hard oil cash

Jesse Ventura To Run for Senate (Minn)

Ya can't make it up............(Just Breaking......The New Yorker's Obama cover)

Financial markets and the three bears (FDIC has 90 banks on "troubled" list)

US spells out Fannie-Freddie backstop plan

US election 2008: Britain's backing Obama: Democrat beats McCain by five votes to one

Move over Dad: James Murdoch overtakes Rupert

(US) Government not expected to help more companies (other than Freddie and Fannie ...)

At least eight US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan

Pakistan Marble Helps Taliban Stay in Business

The $5 trillion mess

Oil Brings Americans Closer to OPEC Debtor Dependence Supplanting Japanese

Iran discovers billion-barrel oil field

Rescue Sought for Fannie and Freddie

Colorado Voters Will Be Asked When 'Personhood' Begins

Schumer:IndyMac's failure result of lax regulation, not his recent letter about bank's woes

13,000 Japanese protest US nuclear carrier

Venezuela's Chavez calls Colombian defense chief obstacle to peace

Tribute to the ACLU.... You Rock!!

McCain Freudian slip: wants to "exploit" offshore oil drills (and more....)

Dick Cheney is a killer

Barack Obama at Annual NCLR Conference

Dem Rapid Response: John McCain & Phil Gramm: It's All In Your Head

Sanford: McCain Is A Third Bush Term on the Economy

What your gas dollars are buying. What if we spent it here?

JOBS FOR JORDAN: The Unemployment Epidemic in the Middle East

TYT: Bush Attends His Last G8 Summit - Leaves With A Bang

My Own Petrol Boycott and why bums pissing are cooler than suburbia


Michele Bachmann calls Planned Parenthood the "Wal-Mart of Big Abortion"

Yes We Can (Make it)- Tribute to Obama by Maria Muldaur/ Bonnie Raitt

TYT: John McCain Does Not Understand How Social Security Works



At 15, I made a video for my candidate!

"Jesus for President!" - CNN Report on the New Breed of Evangelicals

Obama with Fareed Zakaria - 'A Different Kind Of Interview'

Your Outrage Is Waiting! American Blackout pt1

George Galloway talking about war with Iran

The Everything Game

Rich: The Real-Life ‘24’ of Summer 2008

A New Fashion Catches On in Paris: Cheap Bicycle Rentals

Freddie Mac, When Are You Coming Back?

Crime, Punishment and ExxonMobil

Serenity Prayer faces challenge on authorship

Guardian UK: UK braced for US banking backlash

From the (UK) Daily Mail's Quotes of the Week:

The U.S. financial system on its knees

NYT editorial: "With no shame and no apology," Bush admin. will do nothing about global warming

When was the last time you heard a swear word on TV news?

NY Times Public Editor on Jesse Jackson Story: Paper's 'Obscenity Policy' is F**ked Up

Nouri al-Maliki ready to oust US from Iraq green zone

NewYorker: Making It: How Chicago shaped Obama

A Watershed Election Year

American and British troops face a switch from Iraq to Afghanistan

Jesse Helms and Joe Hill

Bush to hasten Iraq troop withdrawal in bid to help McCain win White House

Frank Rich - The Real-Life ‘24’ of Summer 2008 (War crimes trails likely)

Guardian UK: Ah, love. Until the credit crunch do us part

John Cusack: Bypassing the Corporate Media

Molly Ivins- On Phil Gramm ( and Dick Armey) - 2002 -

The silence of the lenders

Why we should get rid of mortgages

Was Jesse Jackson right in your opinion?

Britain's backing Obama: Democrat beats McCain by five votes to one

Suspect soldiers: Did crimes in U.S. foretell violence in Iraq?

Barack Obama NYT OpEd, Mon 7/13: My Plan for Iraq

Baytown businessman could hold the solution to the nation's energy crisis

Ford Fiesta Will Get 38.9 mpg Combined

NASA satellites show offshore wind potential, 10-15% of world electric needs

Presidential nomination

Has anyone calculated the carbon "footprint"

I should be banned from visiting energy tech sites...

Forests to fall for food and fuel - BBC

Do You Have a Panglossian Disorder?

Who will pay to get that oil get refined?

Anyone see the ad for the Pickens Plan?

A Warning From the Sea

This coming winter!

A new, holistic perspective gleaned from the book "Six Degrees".

Coalition Doctors Remove Tumor, Save Afghan Girl’s Life

Mi hombre...

US Treasury rescue for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Four fund companies may have lost $4 billion in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Where do profitable businesses come from?

IndyMac: IndyMac History and Collapse. The Saga of the Second Largest Bank Failure in History, here

AP: Gay US bishop, Robinson, fights exclusion from once-a-decade Lambeth Conference

MassResistance Tries to Summon Anti-Gay Forces AGAIN!

Italian Wins Damages Over Gay Driving Test Retake

RAW Story refers to Sir Ian McKellan as "Homo Gandalf"

Women Better Educated than Men, Still Paid Less

Obama says he used "poor phrasing" on Jerusalem

Ahmadinejad: We'll sever enemies' hands

Bill to revoke terrorists' burial funds to be discussed

Colombia tries to shake 'dark side'

Will Little Havana Go Blue?

Peru names new finance minister with ties to International Monetary Fund

Colombia investigates the killing of five indigent residents of Bogota

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (July 13): Rublevsky leads Poikovsky; Hou seeks GM norm in Budapest

Prophecy: Red Sox will win today

enjoy a good manager tirade? check out this minor league Kash Beauchamp

Don't look now, but the NL Western Division-leading Dbacks are just a game under .500

David Beckham thinks Zidane is the greatest player ever????

The Stars This Week: "Speak Up!" - July 14 - July 20, 2008

Volunteer needed to coordinate the August prayer, light & healing request thread

No Joe?

Psychiatric Group Faces Scrutiny Over Drug Industry Ties

Gene discoveries yield autism clues

Senator Barack Obama Announces Plan to Provide a New Health Care Tax Credit

Zinnias and Macros.

These Zinnias deserve their own post:

I know nothing about grenades, should I be allowed to buy one in your opinion?

Help please for my chicken marsala

Do any of you use an oil mister?

Over 100 Species Of Bats Found Within Several Acres Of Rainforest In Ecuador

Cape Verde (Mars)

Strange rock raises questions

Warp Drive: A Cottage Industry Emerges

Pastor Among Suspects In Illegal Snake Bust

Satanist Father vs Christian Mother Fight For Custody Rights

Hindu Godman Priest rapes woman in temple

Diocese of Scranton mum on sex abuse policy, cases

Forks are evil! Eat with your hands!

Ancient text sheds light on Jewish-Christian links

Was Abraham a Polygamist?

The original papers of Heisenberg and Schrödinger versus the Koran

Wonderful article on

Delete to post elsewhere. n/t

Holy Canoli! I don't think I'd go this far...

Well, well, well ...

Did anyone see the new Indiana Jones film? I swear there is a reference to the SBVT in it.

I got a 2004 Kerry Gallery Treasures Bear from my youngest daughter!

160 Organizations Lobby To End The HIV Travel Ban. The bill was co-sponsored by Kerry/Smith.

Connecting new mac book to our home network?

Where have all the real techies gone?

YouTube Link of Vet for Peace speaking out against attack on Iran

Green Party Candidate for MN 5 CD: is a Global Warming Skeptic?

Does anyone here have information on a Plymouth Company...

I have a project up at HQ to help Obama.

Ken Starr to represent AZ in English case

CP: Expert contradicts two other experts in Cadman-Harper tape controversy

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, July 13, 2008


I think Drinking Liberally should be this coming Wednesday, who's going?

SHARE Food buying club

TYT: Liberals Lost Their Nerve To Be Sexually Free In America Because Of The Religious Right?

Somebody's watching out for me. Or else they're pissed at my neighbors.