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Speaking of Language, Monsieur Romney

Bush blamed Dem's for high oil prices......yet encourages us to spend money

Is Battlestar Galactica's Col. Tigh modeled on McCain?

Best Bush T-Shirts

Fox News Host: Rove Should Get a medal for Betraying the CIA-Bush History, 7/12

Great GLBT poem.

Admiral McCombover's Latin America trip, in pictures...

Gay Republicans

July Photo Contest

Help me out: Is this the definition of a concern troll?

Fisa Cartoon

Come Back, Hillary!

As a tribute to Tony Snow Fox News will be lying all weekend.

What the hell DSCC.

What the hell DSCC.

Ruth Greenglass, key witness in trial of Rosenbergs, dies at 84

FISA Bill's Real Target: What Remains of Our Open Society

Skinner should take DU offline when people

obligatory Tony Snow deification thread

Proposed ban on illegal immigrants stirs uproar in Fremont (Ne.)

Everybody Is 'Cane Fu' Fighting At Senior Centers, So Watch Out

Audio Feature: Proposed budget cuts in California would slash $52 millionfrom supportive services

Oh dear. McCain's Alabama campaign chairman outed?

Let's do like the movie stars do ...

Cell Phone Spies. It's no wonder people don't think FISA is so bad.

On the question of manhood: Real Man Magazine via FReak Republic.

By 2003, the first year of the war in Iraq, there were 228 instances in which torture was portrayed

Have You Seen My Wedding Ring?

We also have "mental recession" attitudes right here on DU

Chris Rock-on McCain, Hillary, Rev.Wright, and Obama

Off to block walk for Dan Barrett, our DEM State Rep to Austin

I have a question about conservatives

I have a question about conservatives

New Iranian Multiple Missile Shot from Faux News- Watch out World!

Wow, Iran fires rockets & oil prices soar, howzat work?

How to End the Housing Crisis and Take Back the Land

Marine's graphic interview describes killing of prisoners in Iraq

Fox News Host: Rove Should Get a medal for Betraying the CIA-Bush History, 7/12

Guardian UK: Markets plunge in fresh US housing crisis

A question about Tony Snow concerning health insurance

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Turmoil Pose New Economic `Headwind'

F.C.C. Chief Would Bar Comcast From Imposing Web Restrictions

Time: Is Florida the Sunset State?

In Japan, cases of abandoned families can be ‘extreme’

Cardiovascular surgeon Michael DeBakey, dead at 99

Breaking News: Tony Snow dies; ex-Bush press secretary was 53

oyster die off is crisis for France's shellfish industry

Bush Radio: "That provision can be taken out as easily as it was slipped in"

Fast Response Cutter decision delayed (your tax $$$$ at work)

Are you xenophobic?

Snake handling pastor among suspects in illegal snake bust

Tony Snow was a wonderful, loving fellow who liked puppies and kittens a lot

Will Bower says Obama's people are "fascists".

Last call for Bud before takeover?

Sorry I feel compelled to post this - GOP reps are NOT supporting bushco impeachment!

Let's send flowers to FoxNews Studios for Tony Snow.

Iraq War veteran is fighting to bring troops home

IRAQ: In one 'Black Night,' another Baghdad neighborhood is walled in

Former U.S. diplomat gets year for anti-Arab comments

You know what pisses my wife and I off....Where is the manhunt for Rove?

"If you want (or need) office supplies at work...bring your own"

Lions For Lambs

One stinking poll comes out with a lie and that's all they talk about.

Gordon Brown announces new anti-knife measures after 20th London teenager dies

Why do I get a very bad feeling about this?

Goodnight Bush

Faux Noise decides that 'Books For Soldiers' charity is less newsworthy than a snake in a WalMart

Midtown can get wild after dark

The Dark Ages . . .

Being affable and having a good sense of humor does not remove blood from the hands (or soul)

MSM sense of proportion

2004 Irish interview with Bush on Huff

Dr. Michael DeBakey, innovative heart doctor, dies at 99

Bush in Paraguay. The reason is fairly obvious.

Army to review firing of Arlington whistleblower (Gina Grey).»

So, let me get this straight

New forum suggestion - Recently Deceased:

Do Blogs Take Labor Issues Seriously?

T Boon Pickens... who is this guy and why am I seeing him EVERYWHERE?

Malloy will be back on Monday. I'm interested in his take on Tony's

Hillary Clinton's "no" vote on FISA should not be overrated.

Britain urging return to wartime food frugality

To what extent is the Main Stream Media completely controlled by Repugs?

GOP site seeks platform ideas


Game Over: Thirty-Six Sure-Fire Signs That Your Empire Is Crumbling

Mid-summer madness? No Sweat. Sale on vegan belts, sneakers, jackets, jeans, etc...

just so you know - US HAZMAT event

I hereby give public notice:

so how's your electric bill doing? ours will go up 6%

Cheney & Bin Ladens Jihad on the American People is a Sweeping Success!

The price of gas is so high

A UFO poll...seriously.

So, there've been bad Presidents before

Woman, .357 blazing, chases intruders from home

How a law stops being a law: FISA

I just ordered my "McCain=Bush" shirt

Just think of the surprises our 3 kidnapped contractors will confront after 5 years of captivity --

'Wall-e' the movie. It says it all.

Israeli fighter jets using Iraqi airspace and U.S. bases in Iraq to prep for Iran strike

Call to Support: Leonard Peltier - U.S. Penitentiary Lewisburg under Lockdown..........

Why is Tony Snow getting more protection than Tim Russert did?

Noam Chomsky: Bush & Cheney Always Saw Iraq as a Sweetheart Oil Deal

Blogger Fired After Criticizing US Attorney

****National Governors Association Now Live On C-SPAN****

Get well soon dick cheney...

If they had the power and the lack of conscience to lie us into a war...

Pull-out Demand Signals Final Bush Defeat in Iraq

Why do the Rethugs always want to become friends when they are about to get their asses kicked?

The news of Tony Snow's passing

I just heard president Clinton's speech at the governor's annual meeting.

About Tony Snow

Starbucks closes just built store in Washington Missouri...

Bush is handing out $600.00 to us. His Iraqi puppet is handing out $8000.00 at a crack

To paraphrase George Carlin, "How fucking stupid do you have to be...."

Iran Missile Launch Photos Faked (Updated)

Anyone listen to NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" show?

Brain Region for Overcoming Fear, Anxiety Found

Arlington National Cemetery media policy to be reviewed

Obama could win even if McCain should poll more votes

Did you know you can't take photographs inside of a Starbucks?

Are They Streaming Netroots Nation (YearlyKos) This Weekend ???

Anti-Gay Alabama A.G. Caught Being Gay

Monsanto patent fight ensnares Missouri farm town

Former U.S. diplomat gets year in prison for anti-Arab remarks

Capitalism's Reality Check

Another useless thread !

How is our beloved Helen Thomas doing these days

Another close call for 2 jets at JFK airport

Alex Rodriguez passes Mantle with 537th home run

Newsweek: Forthcoming Pentagon Report Recommends Steep Drawdown of US Forces in Iraq

I really think I liked Tucker better than I like David Gregory's show.

Glenn Greenwald: Torture and the rule of law

Greg Mitchell: KBR Charged With 'Homicide'-- By Mother of Electrocuted Soldier

Mayer's new book will restart the torture program debate

Health Care Coverage: Your status:

You don't really know what you got until it's gone

Send Me Your Obama Pics

Oh by the way Cheney is in hospital today

"If I were a Terrorist" A very painful punch in our collective gut.

The proposed "Electronic Message Preservation Act": is it retro-active for 7 1/2 years?

Do you americans have any other parties besides the big three? (Yes, I'm counting green)

You know how you can tell if a state congress candidate is a Republican in CO?

Mexico probes online 'hitmen ads'

Chipping away at privacy chips also chips away at reproductive rights

I hate McCain-Feingold

The California-based IndyMac Bank, has collapsed

Why would the Post Office want my drivers license number?

"Liberal" New Haven censors doll likeness of mayor.

Well, this is kinda scary...

In just four months, we will see the biggest shift in dialog EVER!

Thoughts on New Hampshire's open carry law?

is it "progressive" to express your "progressive" views by abusing a store clerk?

There's that word "Psychology" again on ABC NEWS tonight...

Christian Right group aims to put gay married couples in prison

When the oncologist said, "welcome to the wide world of cancer"

I don't even know why we bother with elections

Cal man awaiting trial tries to slice off genitals

Simple solution for right wing friends and families

Do you or someone you know need assistance buying gas to get to/from work, etc... There's help!

So they're trying to blame Chuck Schumer for the collapse

LBN's stories could've been consolidated:

Germany: The campaign for euthanasia

LOL! Dubya's "Pic" on a "Flasher" Costume Package!


How much is your water bill per month? And how is the quality?

Graeme Hamilton: Quebec feminists erupt over Molson's 'Goddess' calendars

Right Develops Blame Narrative (Democrats are the cause of our economic collapse)

10 real examples of how Americans are hurting

here is what I would like to see photo shopped

Are Credit Unions generally safer in times like these?

"The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don't Trust Him and Why Independents Shouldn't"

I met her canvassing! She's jobless, disabled, unable to pay rent. Where does she turn? Jack Markell

Earthquake Destroyed China's Largest Military Armory, Says Source

Anyone here in the Lake Tahoe area?

Help identify the mystery man!

What has happened to reason here?

Tony Snow's death made me think about my Mother who died from cancer over a year ago... but

Experts say EMP blast could cripple country

How busy are the stores in your area?

A Republican's take on CA's Prop 8...the ban on same-sex marriage...

The kids are lulzy again!

Robert Novak: Democrats Wave Goodbye to Lieberman

Is there a full throttle attack going on here at DU?

Stupid question did any of the networks cover the fact Rove fled the country?

Best example of anti-intellectualism in America

Retired Military Leaders Oppose Provocative House Resolution on Iran

With the courage of an infantryman?...And Tony Snow?

Change!..One baby-kiss at a time

Question: What magazine subcription costs $1,020.00 ($24.29/issue)

Colonel Lang questions propaganda surrounding Iranian "missiles"

Scott McClellen & Tony Snow, a tale of two spokesmen.

Oh for fucks sake.

Please explain the good that Snow accomplished

Need a repub-to-English translation of "small business"

Another notable American passed yesterday as a result of cancer

Bush Administration Cut Funding For Cancer Research

Karl Rove, under subpoena, flees the country

Do yourself a favor. Read this post by DUer rpritchard right now.

Did anyone else get 3713 Emails meant for sen. Obama?

Taxi to the Dark Side and John McCain

Tony Snow, and cancer

KKKarl is in Crimea

Re: Snow -- We buried Jenny last year -- my mom's best friend. Breast cancer.

Alcohol sales thrive in bad economy

Does the front page background color look gray to anybody else? n/t

Poppy Bush: "Tony Snow has gone on to heaven."

Drove through beautiful Cedar Rapids, Iowa , today!!!!

Two held in attack on kittens

I feel kind of stupid.

HR 676 Medicare for All gets its 91st co-sponsor -- Rep. Andre Carson

ANWR and the Pittsburgh Zoo (dialup warning)

When I came to DU I was not as liberal as I am now

New Camera Issues Tire Tread Tickets (yes, tire tread)

Bobby Murcer

Tony Snow died with the courage of an infantryman - Brian Williams

DU only 14 user registrations away from mystical alignment

Sunday Times UK - President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran

A privatized world out of control?

AFA President Don Wildmon: Culture War Lost If Prop 8 Doesn't Pass

Rove on the run. Flees country from subpoena

HuffPo: "Dems May Kick Lieberman Out Of Caucus If He Addresses GOP Convention As Planned"

I Fucking Love DU. Can I Get a Witness?

Alex Abella author:Soldiers of Reason:The RAND Corporation and the Rise of the American Empire

...Once the Large Hadron Collider gets going...

Breaking news! Alabama blogger fired from job for writing about Don Siegelman

Internet Users Stop Comcast, Net Neutrality Win on the Horizon

Black community denied WATER for decades, jury says (1956 - 2003)

If the commander in chimp orders an attack on Iran before November, I expect mass desertations.

A Toast to MSNBC for serving themselves and us with Rachel Maddow

9-11 Commemorative $20 Silver Bill?

Rove: above the law?

Obama wants YOU to help form a platform for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY

Proselytizing at the Pump?

Gold up $70 in past 15 days, $20 today!

I'm just wondering.. would DU have the same reaction upon hearing of the death of cheney?

Why Are the Tombstone's Sexist?

I know for a fact that Bush will attack Iran

American Liberalism Making a Come-Back

Tony Snow's Death: Olbermann Statement

Please define "Progressive". What does this mean now?

We need to send Police Chief Marge Gunderson after Rove

Secret documents on Gitmo's youngest detainee revealed

Snow Brought a Measure of Dignity to White House

Gadzooks: McCain discovers that workers pay into Social Security to cover seniors....

3 days ago the corn behind my house was shoulder level. Today it is over a foot above my head

Bill Moyers : Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column?

The Neocons have successfully shifted the political spectrum of the US, including DU, to the Right.

I met her canvassing! She's jobless, disabled, unable to pay rent. Where does she turn? Jack Markell

Northern California friend says air quality is poor in the Bay Area

Northern California friend says air quality is poor in the Bay Area

Well, gas is $4.17.9 at my local gas station today. What about yours?

jesse jackson & the state of american politics

I just sponsored a child

Your Skin Produces Marijuana-Like Substance

UNDERCOVER: Lobbyist Offering Access In George W Bush’s Administration for Six-Figure Donations

Strange and unsettling: my day trip to Chernobyl

GOODBYE LIEBERMAN: Democrats May Kick Joe Out If He Addresses The Republican National Convention

Coming soon to a mailbox near you:

women find way to outwit the religiously insane - re: abortion

France's national train company had a $1.5 Billion profit last year

it's not necessary to say everything that crosses your mind.

Is There an Oil Shortage? Supplies and Speculators

I gave the moderators instructions to delete inappropriate posts about Tony Snow.

Oh! Hell, yeah!! I just drove a Tesla.

The U.S of A: Where Politicians Apologize for Wanting to Educate Kids

In case you haven't looked WWIII about to begin

BREAKING: Israeli Planes Landing In Iraq

Do I need a shrink?

Kitt Kittredge, An American Girl

why do people ask if you have an extra cigarette?

Chinese Government is Top Foreign Holder of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Bonds

Liberals STILL suck at explaining why abortion should be legal.

hey, i'm going to my state convention as a delegate from my ward.

what should the limits of non discrimination laws be?

Cool!! Just found out that unemployment benefits have been extended!

Volcano Erupts in Remote Alaska (I hope these 9 people are okay!)

Volcano Erupts in Remote Alaska (I hope these 9 people are okay!)

Has everyone looked at T Boone Pickens' website?

Tony Snow Dies at age 53

Death alone is no reason for beatification.

Was there illegal manipulation of the markets yesterday?

Pakistan: U.S. not hunting bin Laden on its turf

Working Family Issues

Yeah, actually, I love DU too.

A request: No negative posting about Tony Snow for the next few days

Tony Snow was as neo conservative as they came

Email from rightwing family member.

Slaying victim had been an advocate for domestic violence victims.

North Pole news

The Age of Bush, Part I: The Formertative Years

Serious post. If you have any extra money at all, please read.

CNN Is Terrible, And Here's The Proof (It's Worse Than You Think)

You Know What's Cool About Being A Manimal?

No dogburgers at the Olympics

A few youtubes from my new favorite rock group.

Congress Daily: Sounds like Dems are really going to go for the off-shore drilling.

"It's a number"

July Photo Contest

NE1 know where to get a flag pin that Obama wears?

Frank Rich: "Top Bush Hands Starting to Get Sweaty About Where They Left Their Fingerprints."

You know what's cool about wearing Garanimals?

Something that I'm posting just cause I can...

You Know What's Cool About Being In Hannibal?

Live in Paris: I Love Being Here With You...

Brett Favre eats babies

Brett Favre just finished a nice steak and masturbated. Can we be done now?

Brett Favre just stole my barbecue.

I took these a couple of years back on a place our company painted...

Congratulation! Here's tonight's nightmare fuel.

Where do you go when the net gets you down?

Live blog - How much "The Love Guru" sucks

JFK and Reagan - Two of the scariest airports in the world

Conserving my compassion for compassionate conservatives.

You people are killing me

Our Favre

Stupid question: How do I find my bookmarked threads?

I don't know about y'all, but this asshole is going to bed.

Post your favorite Stand-Up Comedy Clips here!

Oh, good grief...Some days I am such a n00b...

Pastor among suspects in illegal snake bust

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: No More War

normally i would stay up late....

You know what's great about camel toe?


Ani Difranco - Joyful Girl (remix) - for Miss KItty

Speaking of Iran and the NPT...

Jack Johnson feat. Handsome Boy Modeling School - Breakdown

Danger Doom (Danger Mouse & MF Doom) - The Mask

boobies! Lots of boobies! Come and see the boobies!

Rednose Distrikt - Your Shit by Grete Gutmann

another schadenfreude hootenanny!

Buckshot LeFonque feat Dj Premier - Breakfast At Denny's

We have much to thank Dr DeBakey for

Bob James "Nautilus"

Requiem pour un con

Ashley Slater - Private Sunshine

Janet Jackson "Got Till It's Gone" (Official)

Soldier - Erykah Badu * New Amerykah *

DAVID HOLMES-69 police

A Tribe called quest - Electric Relaxation

A Tribe called quest - Electric Relaxation

Contest: Create a complete sentence combining "epic mount," "Brett Favre," "soy" and "Leon Trotsky"

Ganstarr feat. Nice & Smooth - "DWYCK"

Les Fleurs of Minnie

Lewis Taylor "Stoned pt 1"

Nicola Conte & Lisa Bassenge: All Gone

Thievery corporation - Shadows of ourselves

St Germain - Sure Thing

J-88-the look of love remix

Brett Favre is a great QB but his Donkey Show antics

United Future Organization - United Future Airlines

A sirius question about FISA

Menino - Patricia Marx & 4Hero

What's your favorite new iPhone app?

John Legend - Used To Love U

Anyone here been to a Foo Fighters show?

Talib Kweli - Get By

Midlo and LynneSin appreciation thread

Anoushka Shankar can freakin' PLAY

Another republican for crim son. Damn!

Archie the Kittie . . . in his well-behaved mode

mafia - dub syndicate - 1991

DAVID BOWIE - Stay (1978)

Just in case some people whom I adore got their feelings hurt.

David Gilmour is a god who walks among us in human form

Brett Favre unretired.

I saw Brett Favre breastfeeding at Olive Garden.

Last Video

Ow. Late night vibes needed, please.

PARCHE, if you don't get your airplane ass back in here...

If you have toddlers, gather them around the computer to see this

If you have toddlers, gather them around the computer to see this

What would your reaction be to a "pre-emptive" attack on Iran by ISRAEL . . ?

Another MrScorpio PODCAST is up and running!

Jamiroquai - corner of the earth

Where is radfringe? It seems like months since I've seen her post.

Do I get peanut butter now?


So I bought a Wii Sport, for reasons like these:

Talk Talk - Life's what you make it

Are you "That guy" ? Take this quiz. (and WTF is a Wine rabbit?)

The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School

For FSM's sake, who the hell STILL doesn't wear their seatbelts?

Important Public Service Announcement

My back hurts....and it's only going to get worse, the older I get.

There is a thread recommender loser on chronic in the Lounge.

any DUers goin to the Riverfront Music Festival today?

The admins keep sending me bumper stickers...

I am off to the Apple Store...

Does anyone hear from wildhorses?

when did it become hip to say "I appreciate you?"

This picture is just all kinds of wrong.

This god-damned gnat won't leave my pizza alone!

Now THIS is a sure sign of the apocalypse!

They weren't all that clever if they got caught

I have seriously had it with the beagle eating cat poop!

Jesse Jackson reads Green Eggs & Ham.

You know what's great about being Brett Favre?

Why did I reply to an asshole flame-bait thread?

Another great Cyndi Lauper song

PINK LEMONADE PIE awesome on a hot day

Super Mario Forever, aka the most frustrating video game ever

Happy 50th birthday, Jennifer Saunders!

A remake of Robocop?? WHY???

Trading Places is one hell of a good movie.

Something else that's always bothered the hell out of me

Right. I'm shy, intimidate people, people find me intimidating...

I saw Brett Favre drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's

A remake of Rabrrrrrr?? WHY???

Is there a nice way to say...

A question about the TV series "Flipping Out"

Der Spiegel presents: The Lesbian Man

'Married with Children' fans - Season 4 DVDs were cut. Want the uncut episodes?

At the end of the day, this is still the BEST PSA EVER!

Brett Favre doesn't believe in hunting

BREAKING: Major Brett Favre announcement

Will you do me a Favre?

Why was Temeh tos'd.? I liked him/her

Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and Brett Favre die and go to heaven

has anyone watched the train wreck that is Jon and Kate +8

We are going to see Jim Gaffigan tonight.

The Phillies need a new pitcher. I want to draft Brett Favre.

FAVRE, Manning & Brady in heaven -- alternate ending...

Speaking of dogs I have a problem with my cats. I have to go away

Will you vote in this du poll?

Yankees great Bobby Murcer dead

Random questions from a Test for Systems Analysts

Brett Favre or Chuck Norris

My thread in GD ...

My gas and electric bill is $325!

This just in -- FAVRE voted in favor of FISA

I know Brett Favre. Brett Favre is a friend of mine.

Yay new sig line!

I know why Brett Favre came back...

Can anybody tell me the current vehicle mileage rate now that

Is this Sen. Pat Leahy in this clip from "The Dark Knight"?

Glyco - Thymoline Mouthwash and Gargle...

What if McCain asked Favre to be his VP running mate?

Earwig appreciation thread

What's the smallest country that can be considered to border two oceans?

MODIS (false-color satellite) imagery of California fires:

My dog just head-butted me directly in the throat

More sad news from Redding-- our Superfund site burned down!

Why are they redoing 90210?

Hey JGD..I'm watching the Phillies game..

iPhone 3g bag on ebay

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/12/2008) (Cuss word alert)

What's a Saturday night without a music thread!!!???~

Ah, Saturday night in the lounge...

Would one of you get off your BIG BEHINDS and...

zOMG ..... Macaroni?? Cheese?? Pizza????

Dying from cancer is a horrible way to go. I've seen it happen to people in my family.

In my day, we did not get a school lunch, we had to kill our own food or Favre...

I just got back from seeing WALL-E. Holy crap, it was amazing.

Destined for best of craigslist: Mack Daddy selling his bed.

Warning To Coloradoans!

Do you lick yourself?

Do you weigh yourself?

Apparently, I am addicted.

Man, I hate that attractive couple on the eharmony commercials!

Warren Beatty Gets Emotional at AFI Tribute.

Stupid commercial-"Viva Viagra"

In my day, we did not get a school lunch, we had to kill our own food or starve...

Indecision 08 Game

Betaben and I took Betakid to the Pittsburgh Zoo this week

93 degrees F. in Portland, OR at 6:45 PM PT. It was hot as blazes today.

Spandex_Liberal appreciation thread!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday July 12

Fuck it all.

Mmm.... ice cold Spaten Optimator in a frosty glass.

What's a comfortable inside temperature?

It's Saturday night. A very few appropriate music videos for you consideration.

How do you pronounce Favre?

Someone at Disney REALLY screwed up...

I'm extremely lonely right now....

Did they shrink the size of what you can upload for an avatar on DU?

I am a bad American

Maturation. It has nothing to do at all with men. Discuss.


I use the lounge as my own personal graffiti wall

Do DU avatars cause "shrinkage"?

LSD fans, I saw Richard Milhous Nixon today in Toenail, Missouri

I am now the legal treasurer of our neighborhood civic club.

Hugs and good vibes needed...

Photo: The first New York steak cooked on my new Char-Broil gas grill

Photo of my daughter at her swim meet today!

She Who Took My Virginity sent me the 'untimely deaths' e-mail


USB Pole Dancer! Gettin' this for each and every guy on my Xmas list this year!

Am I weird for posting a very political comment on a thread about something very raunchy on OKCupid?

Otherlander amateur-ish poetry thread

Will the Real Theory of Evolution Please Stand Up? - Scientists Meet To Remix Evolutionary Theory

Breaking: The California wildfires are over!


All through the night...

If giving the new kitty tiny bits of chicken is wrong,

Does anyone know when new fall clothing collections are introduced?

Freakin love fest breaking out in GD....

Where are you from, and what did you like most about living there?

Who cares about gas prices when you got this: "Britney, Madonna to perform nude 'bondage' routine"

Fellow Wii owners, check in!

Should Favre stay retired?

When's the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Good Bye DU !

Apparently nobody doing product design at Disney has heard of that new internet thingie.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/12/08 (warning: graphic language)

Who wants cake??

LOL 1960s LSD Propaganda Film

the confederate battle flag

Which family member of yours can just kiss your ass?

Squirrels! *shakes fist*

Do you believe in the existence of spirits or ghost, or jinns any other form of what might be called

Are you smart enough to be a German Citizen?

Your Skin Produces Marijuana-Like Substance

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

I have a theory: squirrels are liquid!

Here's something to get behind:

Would you pay $280 per year in a 'television tax'? Why or why not?

Brett Favre--Bears? Vikings? Ravens? Bucs?....REDSKINS!?!?!?!?

Miss Kitty, my 18 year-old cat, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday

Just got back from the Jim Gaffigan Show. (Pic!)

I wanna be erected

An interesting computer art pic I did a few years back

This song makes you happy no matter what your mood is


This commercial by Jack Palance used to freak me out as a kid

Attorney General Troy King Has a Record of Homophobic Rhetoric

swag: Roller Girls Give Chase in La. Version of Bull Run!

Bush Takes Credit And Points To His Policies As The Cause For The Economy

I've got a great idea for a new drinking game

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday July 13

Do you love easily?

is there any hope whatever for a black nominee with a Muslim-sounding name to be elected?

Dean Backs Obama in Waterville (Maine)

McCain and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I double dog dare McBush to pick Bobby Jindal as VP

New radio ad ties McCain to Bush, Rove; charges "McSame" "makes stuff up" about Obama's tax plan

Obama's trip to Iraq and his search for a VP

There He Goes Again

Obama listed #3 in a poll of stars people would most like to take a vacation with. (Clooney #1)

Rachel Maddow: "Watch McCain squirm and squint and try to will himself out of his own body"

To everybody who posted, Thank you for your posts.

McCain campaign depresses conservatives

Will the media ever talk about McCain's admitted adultery?

Flip-Flop? Confused? McCain on teaching Intelligent Design... YES!... NO!... Sometimes!

Reid Chastises McCain for Not Voting Since April 8th

Fifteen Weeks until Bush is GONE - and WE are debating if it's OK to ROAST our Candidate?

Dems paint McCain as Bush on economy

NYT editorial: McCain perpetuates Reagan/Bush fantasy of ever bigger tax cuts and balanced budget

Mother Jones - John McCain's Very Bad Week: A Cheat Sheet


John McCain even gets football wrong

Mark Penn's Wife Feeding At The Democratic Trough

Obama Passes on Potential NASCAR Sponsorship.

Barack Obama - "Conservapedia"

A Look at a Chicago-Style Fundraiser for Obama–”Hoes” on the Agenda

Serious post. If you have any extra money at all, please read.

McCain campaign: Phil "Mental Recession" Gramm remains a "trusted friend"

Democrats can't take yes for an answer ? Letter to NY Times

McCain is Lord Voldemort?

home breaded fried chicken, home cooked mashed potatos and Cream Style corn

Republican spin: "It's understandable that McCain committed adultery

The American Federation of Teachers: 3000 Delegates Will Vote To Recommend To Endorse Obama

Obama leads McCain slightly in latest Missouri poll: 48% to 43%

WP ombudsman: Enough About Obama's Loan

A Hint of New Life to a McCain Birth Issue

How is Hillary 'working her heart out' for Obama right now going?

Must Read NYT Editorial: There He Goes Again

RNC Website for the GOP platform

It seems to me that most of the articles presented at Real Clear Politics have a right wing slant

Hillary Clinton asks American Federation of Teachers to back Obama

Hillary is helping Obama so I'd like to help Hillary. Where Do I Donate?

politico article on McCain's media "access conundrum". So sick of hearing "let McCain be McCain"!

A Missed Opportunity On McCain's Position On Birth Control

J-Pop or Japanese pop music

Indymac failure, Freddie and Fannie on the ropes

Does Kathleen Sebelius scrapbook?

Obama will change victim politics into yes you can.

Has Phil Graham been laid off yet? No. Proof positive that McCain is just a place-holder.

Bernie Mac Joke Bombs at Obama Event

FL Looking Good! Voter registrations show 'huge swing' toward Democrats

Talking with someone who knew some GE execs in the 70s, they had prototypes that did 75mpg

new MO Poll: Obama +5 (Research 2000 poll for the St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Why is nobody in the MSM (including Dems.) asking why McCain hasn't dumped Gramm?

Analysis: Obama revels in contrasts with McCain

Prediction: McCain WILL be the GOP nominee.

MSNBC Veepstakes Final 4 - Clinton Vs Edwards & Biden Vs Sebelius

Send Me Your Obama Pics

The Times Interviews John McCain (Transcript ) Published: July 13, 2008

Front Page of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today: (McCain and Steelers)

Daily Kos: Newsweek Polls: A Tale of Two Countries

Anyone that think McCain will not be the Nominee knows nothing about politics!!!

So... what's going on? Who won Iowa?

Holtz-Eakin: Phil Gramm Is No Longer ‘Giving Advice To Senator McCain’»

Congressional Insiders Poll of VP Choices -- Hillary Clinton way ahead

Developing on Sludge: "AssHat Considering Stepping up Pullout"

7/11/08 - Obama speaks out on potential job losses in Ohio - 12,000 jobs in one week

"We Got the Mo"...Why? Because these could be your kids.

Clinton: Only way USA can start solve its problems and be respected in the world is to elect Obama

madinmaryland appreciation thread...

The race is very close...

Hagel for VP? Seriously?

Obama takes "center" stage

NYT, Bob Herbert: Phil Gramm is "Feeling No Pain"

“We’re the only nation in the world,” Mr. Gramm once said, “where all our poor people are fat.”

Bill Scher: Phil Gramm Is Conservatism

How could anyone POSSIBLY support McCain???

I just returned from an organizational meeting for Obama in my county and I am inspired

Pentagon Report to Call for Steep Iraq Drawdown

*Breaking: Tony Snow dead at age 53

I thought I was incurably cynical and immune to Obama's message of Hope until I just realized...

Bob Herbert nails it - again - on Gramm's comments and the Dems.

The Denver Group: Maybe Outside CHANCE Hillary Rodham Clinton is to be the 2008 nominee after all.

McCain's "answer" on whether gay couples should be "allowed" to adopt makes no sense, as usual

Seniors seen as crucial bloc for McCain

sucky Morning Show lineup in general, except Obama on Fareed Zakaria's GPS!

Chuck Hagel voted for the Iraq War

Former Yankees OF Murcer passes away at 62 (are the purists happy yet?)

What happens if McCain backs out?

HELP! supposed Liberal Forum getting freeped out!

Bush + Pot = Bob Barr

Another Former Aide To Senator Clinton Joins The Obama Team

I feel really good right now.

The Denver Group: Maybe Outside CHANCE Lee Mercer Jr. is to be the 2008 nominee after all.

I just met my local Obama staffer in mega-battleground Missouri

Water Lillies

I'm angry about FISA. But I'm angry at the right people, and not for primary reasons.

Hi! Just wanted to share, and thanks to bigtree for this. I miss him!

Hillary would be Obama's best choice as Veep if....

I'm throwing in with the "McCain is senile" contingent

What did you have for dinner?

10 McCain Gaffes from This Week That Should Have Ended His Chances

How are we looking Senate/House - wise?

Small but heartening sign . . .

Hagel to endorse Obama, or so says

Obama Won’t Commit to Event at Military Base

I voted for Nader in 2000 and 2004 but...

Before getting worked the OTHER Rasmussen story...


Obama doesn't rule out Hillary for VP - Big Dawg makes desision "complicated"

Breaking: Obama raised more than $30 mln in June - campaign

Troubling Newsweek poll.

If Chuck Hagel had a "D" next to his name, would we all like him?

I'd like to take a moment to reiterate that Obama is the presumptive

This election can either save civil rights or destroy civil rights for several generations

The Media is like Gravity. Inconvenient, but unavoidable.

Maybe there's a few DUers who have not seen this. If not, you must. Vogue.

VP Prospect Kathleen Sebelius Takes On Coal and Promotes Wind Power With Veto

What, in your estimation, is your favorite word in the English Language?

McCain Economic Adviser Phil "Nation of Whiners" Gramm and Wife Wendy Brought Us Enron

Have We Missed the Key to Obama's Leadership Style?

Corp. Media strategy: Really bad McCain Gaffes to report? Then report Worse Gaffes by Obama

Are They KIDDING???

Buy McCain Condoms

You Want To Know What Obama Did Today?

IMO, Obama has only two choices for VP, within the party or outside the party. If the market

Trampled yard signs, defaced bumper stickers, crappy relatives

Parche and madinmaryland better get their asses back in here....

Hillary Clinton supporters- Do you say YEA or NAY to Gov. Sebelius as VP?

Sebelius No Longer Denying VP Talks

Obama's Courage Is Why He Ultimately Is The Underdog - Media Ownership

I Talked To Two More Republicans Who Are Voting For Obama Today...

John Kerry speaking with passion on AAR > 7 Days in America this week.

Obama could choose from many acceptable Republicans for his cabinet

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, July 13 – Obama 402, McCain 135

This oughtta be a good flamewar - wash your cast iron pots with soap, or not?

Green Party names (Cynthia) McKinney as presidential pick

McCain: "I don’t e-mail, I’ve never felt the particular need to e-mail,”

Just a wake-up call: Mccain is the co-frontrunner/frontrunner right now

Serious post. If you have any extra money at all, please read.

Prediction: John McCain will NOT be the Republican Nominee

"This time the crime is worse than the cover-up and the punishment could rain down on us all."

Well... Denver May Just Prove To Be Interesting In More Ways Than We Think !!!

Clinton Saturday

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (Are the purists happy yet?)

Dr. Phil Gramm knows what ails America (LA Times)

Well, I drove out to Montauk Point today and...

Question: Where does profit come from?

THE POW card....Just a short story of a guy I knew...

Mark my words, Chuck Hagel will have a role in Obama's administration

Pic Thread! Hello DU From Pittsburgh!

Pic Thread! Hello DU From Pittsburgh!

Who was Vice President when you were born, I have no idea myself.

John McCain on Equal Pay-be very afraid

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/12/08 - Obama 43, McCain 43 (M up 1)

Three word story *FUN!*

Muslim woman deemed too submissive to be French

Venezuelan, Colombian leaders meet to bury the hatchet

Tony Snow. Dead.

Tony Snow Dies Of Cancer - AP

Sorry, Dupe

Thai Tourists Cancel Cambodia Trips over Security Fears

Dem's comment "caused" bank failure

Why Islam Is Unfunny for a Cartoonist


Sudan seeks Arab League talks about Criminal Court

Former Yankee Bobby Murcer Dies

Army Secretary Asks for Probe of Firing (re: blackout of media coverage of war dead)

Ford Motor Co. sues feds for overpaid taxes

Syria, Lebanon to open embassies

Bush, Democrats bicker over soaring energy prices

Green Party names McKinney as presidential pick

VA picks up pace in processing claims

President George W Bush lobbyist in ‘cash for access’ row

Schwarzenegger: Bush 'bogus' on climate

Benihana founder dies in New York from cancer

2 kidnapped U.S. soldiers found dead in Iraqi desert

U.S. Considers Increasing Pace of Iraq Pullout

Argentine police get life term in 'dirty war' case

Second near collision at JFK prompts changes

China 'is fuelling war in Darfur'

Pioneering US heart surgeon dies

Widespread corruption alters landscape for Colombia's popular president

Cheney's heart OK, doctors say

Ex-Bush spokesman Tony Snow dies of cancer

U.S. Census Bureau won't count same-sex marriages (even where legal)

US contractor (KBR) in Iraq accused of electrocution deaths ("burnt and smoldering body" of soldier)

Bobby Murcer has died

World Bank's Zoellick: Food Prices High Until 2012

Fort Worth dad deploying to country that took his son

President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran

Democrats May Kick Out Joe Lieberman If He Addresses The Republican National Convention

President Clinton warns of growing polarization

Church Cancels Teen Gun Giveaway

Pakistan says US not hunting bin Laden on its turf

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu

Countdown: One Weak Week for McCain

McCain Is Out Of Touch On Economy And Advisor's Comments Prove It

Who's To Blame for The Price of Oil?

Obama on capital punishment for Bin Laden, and the Iraq distraction

CSNY: Déjà Vu (2008) movie trailer

Real News Debate: Why is the US threatening Iran?

Barack talks about energy security in Dayton, Ohio on July 11, 2008.

Watch McCain Squirm on Women's Health Issues

Former White House Spokesman Tony Snow dies at 53

The Headzup/ GoLeft TV Week In Cartoons

Bill Hicks - Politics, arming the world montage

Coundown w/ Rachel: Bushed! July 11, 2008

Gun Sale at the Church

Iraqi Deformities: A Result of White Phosphorous?

MSM biased towards McCain, then asks 'why isn't Obama winning by more?'

TYT: Too Many People Still Think Obama Is Muslim...And Jewish?

MCCAIN = BUSH : Best Friends Forever!

Conyers talks impeachment with Vets For Peace Pt. 1

Collateral 49-Do as you're told. Obey!

Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Threat Raised in US Congress!

Barack Obama: A New World Leader

Countdown: Rachel Maddow and Jon Turley discuss Bushco war crimes, possible prosecution

No More War

Bugliosi On MSNBC Talking Murder Charges For Bush

CNN:Pulling Out Of Iraq Will Not Save America Money

Conyers talks impeachment with Vets For Peace Pt. 2

McCain’s True Torture Story Really Reveals His Age

Independent UK: Calamity as distressed US mortgage companies head for the buffers

United States Announces IV Fleet Resumes Operations Amid South American Suspicions

Maliki and the Timetable: It's all about Blackwater

The Straitjacket Express

Guardian UK: Freddie and Fannie fall down

Pittsburgh Steelers Give Name of 'John McCain' to Avoid Trouble

Al Jazeera English looks at news through a different lens (CS Monitor)

Um, I don't know! "Jihad Rehab".

Life In Iran

Tom Hayden: Pentagon Fighting Off Peace Majorities in Iraq and US, A Crisis of Democracy

Steeler Great Franco Harris Criticizes McCain for 'Immaculate Deception'

Dr. Phil Gramm knows what ails America (Los Angeles Times)

Good Riddance to the Bush Doctrine

Yes They Can … Govern?

Bob Herbert: Feeling No Pain

Bob Herbert: Feeling No Pain

The Woman Who Died in the Waiting Room

History Deleted at the White House

Obama not doing NASCAR sponsorship

Social activists hunt for congressional seats ... in G.O.P. districts (CS Monitor)

Andrew J. Bacevich: Collateral Damage

Noam Chomsky: Bush & Cheney Always Saw Iraq as a Sweetheart Oil Deal

Bush Looks to His (Secret) Legacy

The Nation: Can NASCAR Be Saved From Itself?

Time: Is Florida the Sunset State?

Shell Games. Are They Really Oil Wars?

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, July 13 – Obama 402, McCain 135

Altenberg 16: An Exposé Of The Evolution Industry - Investigative Science Report By Suzan Mazur

Another Washington Post Op Ed defending the pubs, "Phil Gramm was right"

Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column?- Bill Moyers

Heath Ledger grabs Senator Leahy's head, and thrusts a knife in his face. The Senator freezes...

Florida Power & Light building biggest U.S. photovoltaic plant

Drinking water toxic enough to light on fire

Too Little, Too Late - Time Magazine On G8 Non-Accomplishment, The Lost Bush Decade

Financial Times - Possibility Of Any International Climate Agreement As Remote As It's Ever Been

Though 3 Million Vietnamese Suffer From Agent Orange Poisoning, Little Recognition, No Compensation

North Sea Oil ROI Down By 1/3 Since 2002 With Production Down 40% Since 1999 Peak - Economist

ChimpCo Moves Quickly To Slam GHG Comment Period With Raft Of Negative Agency Statements

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Cornerstone Of Bush Air Pollution Policy - NYT

FAIR Has Great Handy Guide To Four Leading Denialists, Plus Facts On Science Non-Controversy

FT - Qingdao Algae Bloom Spreads From Sailing Venue Hundreds Of Kilometers Along Chinese Coast

Local Town beats Private Company to own the rights to Local Tidal Energy

Wilkins Ice Shelf is experiencing further disintegration

Swiss Adopt Aggressive Feed Law for Renewable Energy

GM Installs 12-MW Rooftop Solar System (in Spain)

SDG&E Launches Largest Solar Power Initiative in San Diego (70-80 MW)

US judge blocks gas drilling in Michigan forest

20 Russian Arctic Scientists Scheduled For Emergency Evac From Ice - Melting Faster Than Expected

Cuban scientist attends symposium in Fort Lauderdale

Arabs fear fallout of nuclear conflict

Lifting drilling ban wouldn't do much for gas prices, report says

HR6049, the Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008

Zero waste

Turning algae into ethanol, and gold

Oil has now reached $147 a barrel

the Saudi Princes have announced the arrival of Peak Oil

Nuclear power prospects uncertain: Worldwatch Institute

Living on 2,000 Watts of Energy Per Day

Green-loving California may dodge utility bill bullet

Coal Industry Hands Out Pink Slips While Green Collar Jobs Take Off

Automakers tout clean diesel as new savior

So what's the solution

Pope Express Worry About Climate Change - AP

Fannie, Freddie Bailout Options: Shareholders Screwed No Matter What

If Cheney died this weekend, would the market go up Monday?

Take Downs and Drawing the Wrong Straw

Protected by Washington, Fannie and Freddie grew

Fair Game: The Fannie and Freddie fallout

Was there illegal manipulation of the markets yesterday? (X-posted from GD)

If you have over $100K in an account, learn from these people.

Labor quote for the week of July 7, 2008

Cool labor site for the week of July 7, 2008

Kentucky Working People Protest McConnell’s Bandage Solutions

Obama Supports Closing Pay Gap for Working Women

I need some help on a paragraph or two describing our forum

Professor Carries On, Despite Being Followed by Management Security Guards

Today in labor history July 12 Bisbee, Ariz. deports Wobblies; 1,186 miners sent into desert - 1917

Protests in Ireland against Starbucks anti-unionism (story & photos solidarity with US/Spain worke)

Starbucks Union Demands Reinstatement of Fired Baristas

Mashantuckets reject talks with UAW

July 5th Global Starbucks Day of Action in Philadelphia (video)

Great TV news video: Grand Rapids Starbucks employee firing triggers global protests

McCain challenges accuracy of labor-sponsored TV ads

5,000 University of California Researchers Join UAW

Iran to target `32 US bases` if attacked

West Bank village sues 2 Canadian companies for building in Jewish West Bank settlements

Hamas rejects Fayyad's call for unity

PA wants 'festive' funeral for coastal road killer

U.S. Tries to Help 3 Scholars Barred From Leaving Gaza

United States Announces IV Fleet Resumes Operations Amid South American Suspicions

Chavez: Venezuelan prisons need overhaul

Cuban scientist attends symposium in Fort Lauderdale

Colombia, Uribe, Hostages, FARC, Rescue Videos: Help, we need a music break

CORREA Angrily Rejects Mending Fences with Colombia

FARC COMMUNIQUE-Countering the Lies Concerning Escape of the 15 Prisoners of War

New regional trend: Crises are brewing in Latin America's leftist bloc


The US Military Descends on Paraguay

Brazil sees rise in bulletproof cars

Holy Guacamole! 900 American military personnel were deployed to Colombia for hostage rescues

Rest in peace Bobby Murcer

Favre asks Pack for his release

Oh dear Lord no.

Google Earth--uploading pictures.

I am SO not participating in any Tony Snow threads "out there"

Recent crop circle "reminders" of upcoming lunar eclipse?

Prison is a terrible place.

This is a moral dilemma for me...maybe you have suggestions

Hospital error blamed for more infant overdoses

Study Warns: Melanoma Cases Increase By 50 Percent Among Young Women

Salmonella Illnesses Now Top 1,000

Resveratrol Kicks Ass

Magnolia compound hits elusive target in cancer cells

Water Lillies revisited


Iran Missile Launch Photos Faked (Updated)

July Photo Contest - It's on!

Need Advice. One of my kid's has some raw photography talent and..

Went to CVS to check out the tracFone on sale tomorrow. Think

Alu Jeera (Indian fried potatoes with cumin)


Cucumber Sandwiches ummmm good

Rally for gun rights in the Loop (Chicago, IL)

another "I just made this stuff and it was GREAT so I better write it down while I remember what I

Sweeeeeeet Potato Pancakes

finger lickin good fried chicken

For arthropod fans: Nature make the best body armor:

Jupiter's Third Red Spot Destroyed

On Campaign Trail, Democrats Put Their Faith in Book of James

Is atheism a religion?

Are Human babies atheists?

9/11 Truth: How Many People Question The Official Account?

The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites

Descent into the dark side was to cover up for the Bush White House’s failure to heed Qaeda threat

Pastor among suspects in illegal snake bust- Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name in Middlesboro, KY

Pickens and his website

OT, but an honest question. Did DU get crazy these last few days with all this love for Hagel?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/19/08

Wow. Via GDP, listen to Kerry on Air America.

Sederista (Sam Seder) meetup at Netroots Nation in Austin next week !

speakers with built-in sound card?

mouse or firefox?

I need convincing to go back to Linux, will you help?

North Tarrant Express or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Toll Roads

Good turn out for Iran Peace rally July 9th, made National News

US teacher is suspended for letting pupils read bestseller

Sad Case - Elderly Missionary Couple Attacked in Kenya

The house where Al Purdy lived is on the block

A second chance for American's bill for asylum

Food inspection 'disaster' looms - Harper deregulation

"Lever voting machines are "designed to prevent and reveal tampering.""

Such campy good fun! "Sunset Boulevard" with Gloria Swanson and William

Who's going to see The Dark Knight?

Bush is coming to Napa County week of 7-14

Off-topic: I may be moving to San Jose... Trying to figure out real estate options...

Atheism is...