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202-225-3951 Judiciary - (202) 225-0100 Office of the Speaker

Terrorism:An Excuse to Help Big Pharma & Ignore Geneva Conventions-Bush History, Friday 7/11

Sudan’s president to be charged with genocide

dupe -- sorry

Mexican torture videos reveal ties with US military contractors

Claim of Executive privelege admits wrongdoing

The White House Nonstop Propaganda War

Painter completes zero-G artwork

Privacy protections disappear with a judge's order

If Limbaughs party can't win there is always Sabotage

Juicy January: What will Pootie-Poot, Grab-bar Merkel, et. al. say about Bush after he retires?

Teens and Energy Drinks

Men accuse restaurant of sexual harassment

Citigroup sells private banking operations in Germany to Credit Mutuel

Bush adroitly sums up own legacy:

Fox News Needs A Geography Lesson

Bush is ignominious.

Oil Hits Record; European markets dropping: Interesting day on Wall Street ahead

Least we forget: Start of the Mental Recession

Maybe phil gramm would like us to stop whining & ACT.

"The Kanun must be obeyed, The blood needs to be avenged."

Just about done posting here, too

SUVs will wind up going to poor people

Legislative vs. Executive - The Permissive Parent

NBC discussing politician's vulgarity...

47 civilians killed in US-led strikes: investigation

A Policy Response to Health Care for America Now from PNHP

British Government Pays Compensation for Iraq "Torture"

Marine's graphic interview describes killing of Iraqi prisoners

Just about done posting myself

Judge orders stun gun references removed from autopsies

$147.27 barrel

Scrap-metal recycling grows as economy shrinks

msnbc=bu$h* is meeting with his economic gurus...'big day for the economy'

dumb & dumber...caption

Acceptable topics for whining

This new iPhone craze going on this morning is

I have a question, but I am not sure where to ask..

David Sirota: Anywhere Becomes Everywhere

What would happen if Angela Merkel slapped W silly?

Well, woke up to a new oil price record and the markets taking a dump.

republicans are good for business? dow jones up a whopping 2/3 of 1 percent PER YEAR under shrub

Crazy George's Going-Out-of-Business Sale: ALL ASSETS MUST GO!...NY's Chrysler Blgd.

Book Cites Secret Red Cross Report of C.I.A. Torture of Qaeda Captives

Why hasn't the Bush administration abolished net neutrality yet?


I have a challenge for a first-class reporter.


FCC Rules on Net Neutrality - BREAKING!!

Rep. Sanchez: Karl Rove Should Go To Jail

Dow opened 3minutes ago - down 140 and dropping

family of slain woman sues waukegan -alleging it didn't protect her from estranged husband.

Jury: Black neighborhood denied water service Residents awarded $11 million for suffering

Rove/Bush: Forget-Executive Privilege-Going For-'Absolute Immunity-Above the Law'

Tony Auth is strongly liberal and pro-Dem.

Has anyone seen a documentary on Helen Thomas by Rory Kennedy?

A month ago, the Dow Jones Avg. was at 12,083.77......

If Bush was truthful about his desire to invade Iraq, would you...

Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'

We should ALL demand REPARATIONS from bush & cheney for all they've stolen & wasted in 8 years.

Bush History,7/11-Terrorism:An Excuse to Help Big Pharma & Ignore Geneva Conventions

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) to hold breath.

Teen Birth Rates, Homicides on Increase, Report Shows

Would a Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae nationalization be bigger than the Louisiana Purchase

Nation of Whiners? WJ this morning

My FISA response on "mixed" forums

My love/hate relationship with the Huffington Post...

Time to use the NSA and FISA to find Rove

Jewish DUers, can you help me find a reading for my granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah?

Very conservative AOL has poll that sides with ACLU's lawsuit

Who is most responsible for the failure to impeach Bush??

“He’s probably the smartest - not just economist, but politician - there is.” McCain on Phil Gramm

We gotta have a war with Iran.....GE's Earnings are Dropping!!!

10 Reasons Why Your Economic Pain Isn’t ‘Mental’

== Totally Gay Happy Meals = By Mark Morford

Our rulers are clowns

2008 is not 1984, or 1933 for that matter.

Maliki and the Timetable: It's all about Blackwater

When A Company Says You Won A Prize -- Tickets To A Ball Game

Court awards woman $14,000 after heel snaps off

American-Indians walk across U.S. for cause

Looks like McCain will have more $$$ than Obama.


CQ POLITICS: Kucinich to Present Impeachment Case to Panel

David Sirota: Anywhere Becomes Everywhere

Pelosi: If Democrats relent on drilling, “then we might as well pack it up and go home.”

Rove Flees Country......WHEN!!!!!

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Stays Near Lowest Since 1980

Broken Bridge Conservatism, Redux

Who are the ladies filling in for the last 1/2 hour of the Stephanie Miller show?

Who are the ladies filling in for the last 1/2 hour of the Stephanie Miller show?

Blast from the PaBlog past: NASCAR = Bin Laden

DowJones Below 11K.....-240 today

ACLU: Congress & GW Bush are giving away your rights!

Oregon/Washington have algal poison problems

Oregon/Washington have algal poison problems

EPA says the value of an American life has decreased.»

Sitting in line at the Apple Store.

Spying: It's not just for breakfast (or government) any more

So what are the cable news folks saying about the Freddie Mac

There's still time to plant Fall crops...

I 'smell' an opportunity...activists? RNC launches online discussion forum

Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? Be careful with the 2.0 upgrade!

Rove avoids subpoena by fleeing the country.» (video)

What does it say about our capitalist system?

Friday Sing Along with Rush Limbaugh: "I'm A Nazi"


The FBI's plan to "profile" Muslims

I like it when people throw insults at me..

Book Cites Secret Red Cross Report of C.I.A. Torture of Qaeda Captives

MLK's children sue brother, claim estate assets 'wasted'

Court Rejects Air Pollution Rule

What happens if your mortgage holder goes belly up? eom

Watching Greed Murder the Economy - A Workforce Betrayed

Jury: Black neighborhood was denied water service

Poor George. They are even mocking him in Texas, just to sell motorcycles.

90th City Votes to Impeach Bush, Cheney

UN to investigate killing of Bhutto

Airline CEO's Appeal For Help Against Wall Street Oil Speculators!

Airline CEO's Appeal For Help Against Wall Street Oil Speculators!

Impeachment and Inherent Contempt-From Congressman Robert Wexler

How Bush "honors" those killed in action

Eerily predictive political cartoon on AL Atty. Gen.

WARNING: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, WITH CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL...

House Dems Targeting 31 Seats, DCCC To Spend $34M In Ads

What makes Republicans so sure that ANWAR oil would be

Obama seeks info on Dodd in vice president search

Are you driving your car MORE or LESS than last year?

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: The $5 Trillion Mess

Dodd speaking now on the bail out for Fannie and Freddie

10 Reasons Why Your Economic Pain Isn’t ‘Mental’»

Here is a video that should be played over and over show

OPEC oil earnings expected to reach 1.25 trillion

This Explains Everything... 141st ltte says something good about McCain

Rove is out of the country and some people see ............ something to worry about?

George W. Bush, 2005: "You know, I don't email.. I don't want you reading my personal stuff."

The One Person Who Is Most Responsible for Our Current Economic Misery

American dream turns into a quagmire: America's mortgage chickens are coming home to roost

MarketWatch: And the Beating Goes On.....

Plumber's/Repairman's crack outlawed in Flint, MI.

I'm whinning today.......

Hate Speech Criminal Penalties

State Dept Terminates Flight Training Programs

Could the problem with energy be that there is no competitiveness?

New Gay Stereotype

Top 5 Senate Takeover Targets — Another Democratic Field Day

Link to the ACLU video on their FISA lawsuit.

Foster child denied shot at new liver (Fl. where else!)

Bush Tours Country to View the Damage Done by His Presidency.

Man in body armour withstands Taser shocks while fighting police

Chairman Markey: On Global Warming Decision, White House Hacks Slash While Planet Burns

I'm a Rocket Scientist AND a Brain Surgeon !!!

John McCain -- 61 Flip-Flops and Counting

Bush: EPA won't control climate gases

In Praise of Barney Frank's Flip on the Iran Blockade Resolution

New Book Contradicts Bush’s Claim That He Never Saw Secret Red Cross Report On Torture»

The gulf between Obama and Senate Dem leaders on offshore drilling issue.

Geez, are republicans already talking about a government bailout of General Motors?

boosh on CNBC now: Oil price is high because demand is

With everything facing Louisiana, this is the stupid shit our legislature works on

African-American staffer sues DOJ for discrimination and harrassment.»

I'm going to start a Third Amendment Foundation!

Thanks Phil Gramm - we're now going to concentrate on


Action on warming left to "next president"

If Telecoms have Immunity

Chuck Hagel to join Obama on his trip to Iraq. How about that.

Karl to Congress: You’re not the boss of me! - Today’s Headlines 7/11/08

Weak US dollar hits papal profits

Stinky just confronted a major Rightwing Asshat!!

The collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is the collapse of the U.S. home mortgage market.

OK, I read thru the "summary" of the FISA Amendment Act of 2008

Stocks will fall below 10,000 before Booshe leaves office on 1-20-09

Rangel Versus The New York Times

Joe Lieberman

The news from the DOW today and news on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are all but bright

Michele Bachmann Calls Planned Parenthood "The Wal-Mart of Big Abortion"

Did the GOP pay Obama to "throw the election?"

W - The Improbable President

When was the last time you heard of flooding - - in Arizona?

Rove: Then & Now

Where in the world is Karl Rove?!

Guess who's building nuclear power plants

gw bu$h* has proven that there is no consequence for destroying the world's only superpower

Predict the terra scare!

Can Congress put a bounty on Karl Rove?

An email I got from United about the price of Oil & Oil Speculation

Who would Jesus have a tall cold union made beer with?

We are so screwed as a nation

This is why they hate us. We have no taste. Germans subjected to ugly Embassy

Want to see a recent pic of Jabba the Hutt's ugly brother?

Your Skin Produces Marijuana-Like Substance

Obama Should Get Behind This Move Against The Oil Speculators

Obama Should Get Behind This Move Against The Oil Speculators

‘Longest Walk’ Reaches Washington

US missile murders 47 Afghan civilians, including bride, on way to wedding

It's almost Tweety time!!


To Impeach or Not to Impeach: That is the Question for Rep. Conyers

Please donate to Kucinich's campaign as a "thank you"

Quiz: Which one of the following does not belong?

CNN talking about leaked Red Cross documents re: charging WH w/ war crimes...

i call newsweek poll obama has 3 point lead over mcwayne 44% to 41%

Why does it take "weeks" to arrest Fugi-Turd?

Bush: Yeah, We Signed Off on Torture. So What?

Power brokers assemble today

White House Disavows EPA Plan on Emissions

Back to Whining

anybody listening to Counterspin on the radio?

Rove panicked instead of using the ol' BEAN.

Attack of the Photoshopped Missiles

You don't actually believe that politicians run for Congress

A peek inside XM's retooled 'America Left'

So did Karl Rove write his own pardon before he walked out the door?

To me, there's nothing stupider than voting GOP because you might have money someday

A Road not Taken (Reduce oil dependency/install solar panels)

UNited Airlines asks customers to push for legislation on oil

John Dean: Congress is "a bunch of wusses"

Trying to debunk a freeper-ish comment....

Franken: lifetime ban on lobbying for ex-lawmakers


The saga of Obama and the Care Bears continues...

More missles tested by Iran.

So I'm sitting here in my little cubical at work and a frightening thought struck me...

Cash Needed: Where Will Fannie, Freddie Find Capital?

Extreme Makeover Homeless Edition

Declaration of Conscience

KO guest appearance on . . .

If Today's Congress Presided over Watergate

Hey, Congress- FISA this.

Bank failure for the internets age

Who should be the Speaker of the House in January 2009?

‘S.C. is so gay’? State says no way

can you even believe this shit? cheney's staff censored EPA, ex-official alleges

How about Bill Moyer, does anyone know who is going to be on his show tonight

Pit bull victim of hate crime

McClatchy: 2 kidnapped U.S. soldiers found dead in Iraqi desert

Comedy Special: FR "Weekend Singles Thread!"

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah McSame caught again - Steelers or Green Bay Packers?

11/07/08 "Los Angeles Times": Marine's graphic interview describes killing of prisoners in Iraq

1% of this country thinks Obama is Jewish??? That's too bizarre

1% of this country thinks Obama is Jewish??? That's too bizarre

***Caption This*** One of these two will change the world...

This is DEMOCRATIC Underground

Private Groups Pocket Vet Donations

@Stake: Race Review (DCCC)

Interesting editorial on race issues in Europe vs. America

King children sue brother, father's estate

Rastafarians win right to possess more marijuana because of their religion

Rastafarians win right to possess more marijuana because of their religion

DOJ Apparently Doesn’t Know Whether It Told Fielding that Roves “Official Duties” Include Witch Hunt

Jesse Helms At The Pearly Gates

The Nation -- Our Warrantless Wiretapping Lawsuit

Wow the requirements for buying an Iphone are steep,

"A giant step toward fascism"-Warrantless Wiretaps Silenced Navy Whistleblower

The DemocraticUnderground is the Marine Corps of discussion boards.

VA Toddler dies after being left in car

Using Terrorism as another Excuse to Help Big Pharma at Expense of the People -- Bush History,7/11

Mr. Fish Strikes Again!

So, we come home from dinner

The GOP and Gays.

I don't think I can take much more of all this campaign noise from the cable...

Dallas to start turning trash into methane at McCommas landfill

MarketWatch: Fed can't save stocks now

Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair

McCain's Big Pittsburg Story He Screwed Up Bigtime. Heard today from Rachael

Origins of some labels for Southerners

Shitless Mormon's colon gets man in trouble

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Sam Seder Subs for Mike!!

why are the Republicans obsessed with drililng in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge??

just heard on Thom Hartmann, if Bush is being impeached he cannot pardon

GWB....a CLOWN to the end....

Must one think the American dream is dead in order to be a Progressive?

Huge storm wreaks morning havoc

Think about political discussions..."If you aren't for one class, you are for the other..."

By the year, 2000

Dennis Kucinich on GEM$NBC right now

Bill Moyers Journal tonight -What's the Future of the American Dream?...

GOP Senate Committee Director: 'We Have No Safe Seats Now'

PZ needs our help!

White House Releases EPA Report -- And Denies Findings Immediately

McCain was still married to his wife when he got married to his mistress

A Note to the Peace Movement

Mother: 'There Lying on the Ground, Was My Son's Body, Burnt and Smoldering'

AMD shares hit 16-year low as debt burden takes toll on strategy

OK. So a whole bunch of financial institutions crash....

Could the problem with energy be that we have reached Peak Oil?

Phil Gramm’s Greatest Hits: ‘Poor People Are Fat’ And ‘There Should Be No Minimum Wage’

david gregory

Call for Brain Scans of Presidential Candidates to Detect Mental Health Problems

What music does John McCain use for his campaign?

Southern Baptist Scholar Links Spouse Abuse to Wives' Refusal to Submit to Their Husbands

MarketWatch: Oil prices cloud airshow (Farnborough)

Nov '09: Let's hit the ground running with demands for the new Administration.

Freepers are shocked, shocked I tell you, by the Rove subpoena.

Hey phil gramm, you'd whine like Fran Drescher if you were out here in the real fucking world.

Wow - Rachel and war crimes on Countdown

Good Americans should work hard, save their money,

Vince Bugliosi on MSNBC

This would be an excellent time to impeach

GD Joke of the Day: What do you call someone who speaks three languages?

We (DUers) can fight FISA by donating what you may have to:

As gas prices increase, so do crowds at park-and-ride lots

Goodnight *

MIT develops "solar concentrator" which increases power captured by "a factor of over 40"

Rumors Swirl On Possible Alabama AG Troy King Gay Sex Scandal, Possible Resignation

Fox & Friends Carlson: " we're still trying to get the right message out...about the threat of Iran"

Fox & Friends Carlson: " we're still trying to get the right message out...about the threat of Iran"

FEINGOLD: "It Could Not Be Clearer...This President BROKE THE LAW"

Seven Republican Members of House Judiciary Call for Impeachment out of Duty to the Constitution

Red Cross Secret Report: -"Highest Officials In US Goverment In Jeopardy Of Being Prosecuted' (NYT)

New book from New Yorker's Jane Mayer: How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals

guess what's off limits to the FBI, US intelligence

Bob Kincaid & Jon Fox have written a new parody based on the Troy King

OK I'll say it Duers are a bunch of whiners

Allowing the new surveillance law to stand would seriously cripple our free press.

Bugliosi's recent LA appearance to air on C-Span Book TV this Sunday!

Holocaust siblings meet after 66 years

Greenpeace Japan Activists Charged for Exposing Truth About Whale Killing

Who should be the Senate Majority Leader in January 2009?

How many here in DUland really give a shit ........

msnbc - obama / mccain in a dead heat. if true, this country is farther off track than imagined

Sexual assault in religious Florida day care center...exempt from state scrutiny

NY Times Busts Rangle on Subsidized Harlem Apartments

John Kerry succeeded in getting some help for people struggling with mortgages! GREAT NEWS!

Republicans are afraid scientists and atheists will attack Catholics at convention in Minneapolis!

Space litter becomes huge problem WALLE we need you

Top News Story of the Week (ending July 11, 2008)

Blue America Thanks Some Of The Patriots Who Stood Up For The Constitution... with $$ !

Let's talk about the coalition of 28 groups who opposed the FISA bill

Phil Gramm’s Greatest Hits: ‘Poor People Are Fat’ And ‘There Should Be No Minimum Wage’

My Boss's financial adviser said we are headed toward the worst situation since Great Depression

The Constitution Needs to Be Amended To Add a Fourth Branch

Shirtless Mormons calendar gets man in trouble

Can anyone here read Latin? I have a

Roving Rove reportedly in Stockholm

You ain't seen nothin' yet: This winter's energy costs and the plight of the poor.

Q & A with Dennis Kucinich - 7.10.2008

55-mph speed limit may have found its Washington patron

Karl Better Keep Running-More Evidence-'Rove's Job In WH Was OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE'

Factories Turn to Refugee Workers

Classic movie coming up

whenever i get stoned and REALLY pay attention to things i read . . .

Unity or Solidarity

***DUzy Awards for week ending July 11, 2008***

Stupidest fetish ever?

People Are People...

Night All

Post five things that are unrelated.

And now for something completely different.

Freepers discuss a 'NEW' United States in their image.

I don't believe it's near 1:30

My Unk had a crazy thought

Why do you always have an earworm with songs

health insurance question

Where can I get some of them sexy checkered shorts?

Lady Freedom is still alive!

So . if the Earth can't sustain 6 billion of us without cheap energy

Questions for cat owners.

Two Trees and A Woodpecker ---

The corporate culture....Desk rage spoils workplace for many Americans

Olivia deHavilland is still alive

“The Right of the People to Be Secure in their Persons, Houses….”

Why do you scry?

PSA!! Free slurpee day at 7-11

A dive in bars for those who like studies

American Santas plunged into civil war

George Clooney is ugly.

Posting from Ukiah, CA, gateway to California's redwood country...

Anyone ever feel this way about an ex?

Stock market go boom

Did you ever think how hard life was before emery boards and nail clippers?

I was going to post a thread today asking about visiting California and what sites to see, but...

Do "Penn" and "Teller" sound the same?

When did you become a fan of Klaus Kinski?

Wow. Is it just me or . . .

Why do we like scary things?

The tribute to tribute bands thread

Safety Last! "He's doing it all wrong!"

Which pet should I get?

LOL! Rarely has the Andy Griffith show made me laugh out loud literally

The poor shall shall have no dominion.

Hey facebookers, if you hit post to profile on DU's facebook link

Top 20 movies with the best ending ever...

this thread is for all the DU ladies

FINALLY got stimulated by dumbya.....

Name 3 DUers that should be banned

7 min out of your day that will surely make you smile...

Good God! Why didn't anyone tell me that Shakespeare had been stolen?

I just thought of another feature that would be great to have on DU.

Best. Earworm. Ever.

Post here dumb cliques and swarms of DU'ers that should be retired.

The local supermarket is offering $.10 off a gallon of gas

I'm conflicted about Google Street View

Jesus - I was thinking of taking the ferry to Provincetown from Boston

With Luck, a Rocky Landing - extreme sport

I think this would be a great feature for DU.


A night from hell

crap nothing to do this weekend

Another reason to love my employer.....

There are so many in here facing challenges in their lives right now...

Man robs station with cheese grater (Indiana)

Which pet should I get.

The Lounge is a Nation of Whiners

I'm conflicted about this Sesame Street View

Post here dumb jokes that other DUers are whining about.

OMG, the mods are funny today!!

Do Crick and Creek sound the same?

Sunday on HBO: Generation Kill

Don't you hate it.

Roon, how is Daisy doing?

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

woot. got my raise plus COLA today!!!

Ack! I'm dual-earworming Radiohead and some puppy song of JackMN's

Do roof and rough sound the same?

Post a picture of a palace, then let us guess the location

Has anyone read "Replay" by Ken Grimwood?

OK, you frickin' village idiots! In light of all the inane and stupid jokes

One of my cats just caught and ate a HUGH grasshopper.

Hey guys can anybody help me out with this? re: Iowa flooding

Joss Whedon is giving me a birthday present!!!

*sigh*. Another "why did they have to remake this?" movie.

So I got this icky forward about Obama

Are the Berenstain Bears misogynist?

Post here dumb people we talk about here at DU who should be retired.

What do you think the MSM would have called the generation before

Post here dumb jokes we make towards other DUers that should be retired.

We need to brighten our spirits in here - Damien Rice!!!

Is Dolemite a bad motherfucker?

A sign - "Invest in Foreclosures" in the window of a rental apartment - Discuss

DUer kmla has inspired me! Me new name is philgrammboy! (dialup warning)

I'm going to start a Third Amendment Foundation!

Gas is headed to $5 you whiners...

"I don't wanna badmouth the kid, but he's a horrible, dishonest, immoral louse."

Obligatory self-pity thread.

Best John Waters movie

I got the best new dress, and I look like a million bucks in small, unmarked bills in it.

These gay Republicans are on my last nerve

Anyone read the Twilight vampire books?

His girlfriend gave up her toe! She thought we would get a million dollars! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

Breaking: Debra LaFave released from house arrest

Lately, I'm feeling so...oh, what's the word???? an

NPR: Health care lessons from France

My dog's vet told me that unless my dog is a lot better

Give me a crying baby in a restaurant ANYDAY over the lady

My best friend just stopped by and told me she's getting a loob job.

In what way is the subject of this headline about "Pro Football?"

The Many Uses of the Word Bush

"And I don't see you folding balloons in joints - no, you stick with me...

The best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie in the world

I just got the bestest news ever

Is there a surgery so invasive that you would prefer the alternative?

A question about beach fashion

Where's Parche?? We need to open the bar, Butt,

Is "Married with Children" misogynist?

Update on my daily nightmare

zOMG!!1!! Iran is launching Gorn.

So I opened my mailbox today..

"I tell him, 'Earl'..."

Microsoft kicked me off the web

Look what I just popped open :)

Asshole employers taking advantage of employees during recession

ISP reviews?

Arab, Alabama

OK, fellow geeks... this is pretty amazing.

Man suffers fatal electrical shock while fixing mistress' microwave

Hey carnivores...

I just met another of my neighbors.

Is "Diamonds are Forever" homophobic?

What are those sweet-smelling ants?

There's a GD thread about a Red Dawn remake.

Prague was beautiful,Berlin is awesome! I'm tired of drinking beer(dialup warning)

Is "The Bird Cage" homophobic?

Keith Richards is still alive.

a question for the lounge techno geeks

Someone, please make me laugh.

my sinks are completely backed up and my house reeks

THE Best DUzy recipient...EVER!

People, they're the worst. . .

Python fans: Brilliance struck yesterday — sudden, violent brilliance

PROGRAMMING ALERT! Joan of Arcadia is starting now, with Episode 1, on SCI-FI channel

DU Virgins: Let's Bust a Myth

I hit a hole in one at a golf outing today

"I'm finkin' the 'pocalypse is coming..."

Mozilla Thunderbird annoyance


How many of the bands in the 80s college music thread have you seen live?

Looking for a comfortable laptop chair

Hello. My name is Bertha, and I am going to Bermuda!

How I inadvertently wound up in the hospital.

Ceiling Cat's Eleven Rules of the Earth

Is GMail acting slow for anyone else?

Gettin' rid of FRUIT FLIES....suggestions....

For Mac & iPod users only

Hassled at the rainbow bridge by U.S. border guards. They are idiots.

My boss at KBR: "The military is none of our f---ng concern."


I went to the feed store to pick up 3 bags of layer mash and came home with

DU Vegans: Let's Bust a Myth

Harry Morgan is still alive

Scarecrow and a yellow moon...and pretty soon a carnival on the edge of town

Word Clouds

Anyone have a new iPhone yet?

Todd's getting up there

I think I tried the "pig blood rice appetizer" at a Chinese restaurant today

My 6 six year old son just explained to me that George Washington's birthday is actually February 11

How is a fly like a tree? A question from my wife's interview.

Best book you've read recently?

'Running of the Bulls' in Pamplona, Spain. I Always Root For The Bulls.....

Nothing more satisfying than the INTERNET SMACKDOWN!

You Know What's Cool About Being Carnivore?

I just had a horrible smack of deja vu....

Penultimate - stupid people

The skunk under my house is making me sick!! *retching*

those crazy russian heavy metal hd

It's so much easier to start a flamebait thread than an interesting one.

Society and politicians don't value me. Do you? (Single, non-homeowner, no children)

If Motown's 25th anniversary was 1983, that means Motown is now 50. Memories?

Agree or Disagree: Brett Favre is a whiny punkass

Beijing takes dog off the menu during Olympics

We're being asked to ration water, 'cause there's a danger the water plant will burn down

Democratic Underground is made out of ............... PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sent a link to a Conspiracy test

I don't feel like slauhgtering and skining a cow with my bare hands tonight

My best friend just stopped by and told me she's getting a boob job.

W00t! "Angels in the Outfield" on TCM

Indian Country Today: Natives help green the Democratic National Convention

XM Radio's 'POTUS '08' Channel to Cover Democratic, GOP Conventions 24 Hrs a Day Without Commercials

Whoops! Gramm "Spoke For" McCain Today At Edit Board Meeting

ya know, just when i start thinking i have no life, i get reassurance coz

I know that to you, I am just a hamster...

a sneak peek at food channel`s new "fridays" night program


I got a job today.....

Brett Favre is deliberately starving others and making them worship cattle

McClatchy: GOP opens another front in the campaign to win the Web

What NOT to buy your wife for your anniversary.

The Slickest Shop in Town -- a 1986 view of Charlie Black

Epic Ignore!

KitchenWitch is following me from the front.

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwords

Twitchy McXanax is pitching!

It's interesting coming back here after over a week away

Worst possible matchup of VPs

He? is Eh? spelled backwards

Saint Etienne17 is deliberately starving others and making them worship cattle

McCain camp: Obama needs $200 million to ‘keep pace’

Windows Vista "Sleep" question

DU Vegans: A Quick Question

Not only did those GD saps put me on the greatest page, but they

Anyone seen TK421?

Heeeeere's Johnny.

I'm atheist and I still thank god every day that DU is not representative of the general population.

The more I think about it the more pissed I get that NBC cancelled Las Vegas.

McCain criticized Obama for missing a Senate vote he also missed

When constructive criticism becomes destructive, the critics become part of the problem

When constructive criticism becomes destructive, the critics become part of the problem

Which would you rather eat if you had to?

Do Click and Clack sound the same?

Post a Youtube video (or something similar) that made you go Awww

Whoops! Gramm "Spoke For" McCain Today At Edit Board Meeting

Menstruation. It has nothing to do at all with men. Discuss.

About offshore and other domestic drilling (which is a pres. campaign Issue)

Hey Inchworm

What goes good with corn on the cob?

What kind of recession are you having?

What kind of recession are you having?

The Week That Should Have Ended McCain's Presidential Hopes

the good people of Baltimore voted on the 500 greatest classic rock songs

McCain Dodges Sniper Fire, Tells New POW Story

Brave, brave Sir Karl, brave Sir Karl ran away...

Its 10:30 pm on a friday night, that means it's Arbor Mist time at Chez Midlo

SIbel Edmonds case: Documents Shed Light on CIA Illegal Ops in Central Asia Using Islam & Madrassas

Am making something shabby chic***Am thinking of KitchenWitch

Lax on Its List of ‘Bundlers,’ the Obama Campaign Names Names

You Know What's Cool About Being A Very, Very Occasional Lounge Poster?

The Week That Should Have Ended McCain’s Presidential Hopes

You Know What's Cool About Being A Cannibal?

Here is another case where McCain changes his story

Regaining our Constutional Rights includes Defeating John McCain

Etiquette question...

If a cash register and an insurance card is so damned befuddling...

Obama Gets Help From Iraq's Prime Minister And from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The issue with FISA and criticism vs. supporting has largely not been FISA, but REPETITION

Godspeed, little mouse...

Oh, noes! It's teh Prisoner's Friday nite fractal art show! (Dialup warning)


Bush Privately Told Germany He Had Misgivings About Obama Speech

Cat Check!

Fired Up and Ready to Go

McCain struggles to connect on economy

Democrats, Republicans alike line up to see Obama

Mastication. It has nothing to do at all with men. Discuss.

Bush, McCain/Dr. Phil, Bernanke/Paulson (FED), Obama, and recession.

McCain Adviser Refers to ‘Nation of Whiners,’ Touching Off Rebukes

Am not using pronouns***Am thinking of Whoa_Nelly

Am I being inappropriate right now??

There Are Times When You Lose Control Of Yourself

Just about done posting here

You Know What's Cool About Being A Carnivore?

Masturbation as a way to avoid fucking people met on the internet

Who cares about the environment? The Rapture is coming soon anyhow...

So what is going to be the gaffe of the day today?


Name a city or town that could be somebody's LAST name

Pew Poll: Advantage Obama

Americans May Pay at the Pump for McCain’s Crude Jokes

"Good-bye from the world's biggest polluter"? Seriously, what the HELL is wrong with him?

"A personal incontinence consultant"

Holy cow. NPR's Mara Liasson just postulated her VP choice for Obama


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/11/08

The General Election

Obama 320, McCain 215

Why can't we count a dog, or other pets, as dependents on our taxes??

Holy crap - if there was a pair of dry pants on this flight, I'd be amazed it just me

I wouldn't be surprised to see Israel attack Iran to try and influence American election.

McCain Launches new Immigration Ad Targeted at Hispanics, "Children of God"

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! Post your weekend plans here.

McCain’s Eligibility Is Disputed by Professor

Hey McCain/Gramm, if Americans who are hurting aren't bitter...

Okay, now is the time for every DEMOCRAT to go after the media.

Please Help With This Important Issue: Violence Against Homeless People

A couple of relevant "A.Word.A.Day" words:

Kinsley - Get over it! (Time magazine).

President Obama

Obama, McCain battle for blue-collar vote

Does anyone know the origin of symbol on Obama's signs?

Interesting. Jack Welch's minions are trying to cover Phil Gramm's tush today.

John McCain: Bigamist?

Post something here that can NOT be turned into a flamefest.

We are a nation of whiners. Look at how we whine when we are called that.

Jackson Incident Revives Some Blacks' Concerns About Obama

For those of you that dont get out of the lounge very often...

Wolfson says Clinton not being formally vetted for VP

Chuck Clay: When 'Bad' Things Happen To Good Republican Families, Or - Why My 9-Year-Old Backs Obama

the Obama-McCain debates should be fun

McCain criticizes Obama for missing Senate vote that he himself missed

Went to a casino for the first time and found it...

Why doesn't John McCain (Bush's best friend) turn up in the Senate to vote?

damnit, they locked my thread before I found out if janesez was going to the Radiohead concert

Guy who hates Obama supporters sells "Obama's Chocolate Nuts"

Kos Diary: Obama Falls $20 Million Short Of $50 Million Goal!!!

John McCain also holding a "raffle" that's illegal in Minnesota?

Am I being anal here?

Eddie Money is making a racket in my neighborhood

Obama Is Catching Up to McCain In Television-Ad Spending: Erasing McCain's three-month headstart

Another Gaffe: McCain unsure whether Condoms Prevent STDS (folks, this isn't a parody...)

McCain's relationship with Phil Gramm prime example of lack of judgment

Mark Penn's Wife Feeding At The Democratic Trough

CAPTION TIME! (((Whiney Whiner's Edition)))

DayDreaminHippie68 left for Australia today.....

Obama Campaign Calls Out The WSJ On Their Reporting

Howard Fineman: Gaffe Alert! McCain doesn't need enemies. He has friends.

Goddammit... I've been posting here for two years

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

How much were school lunches when you were a kid?

those "300 economists" that McCain KEEPS talking about..Huffpost emails them, finds MORE dissent

Washington: Obama Leads By Nine in Evergreen State

To people who tell people who are telling people to fucking get

Dear Admins: Can we use GDP for people helping to get Barack Obama elected

DCCC Buys Over $34 Million In Ads For This Fall

McCain misfires on Obama attack

A reminder on Phil Gramm as a senator.

****Heads Up: Obama Town Hall Meeting Live Now In Dayton, Ohio****

Germans to Obama on visit: "We can work it out."

Some final thoughts on FISA and Fascism...

Oh, forgive me, but this is just starting to get funny.

Why Obama iss not vetting Hillary doesn't mean anything...

McCain't slams Obama for missing a vote he also missed.

Name a depressing movie made between 1955 and 1965

Bush's Rare Double! Two Separate Bear Markets - Dow Below 11,000

A Citizen but "Natural Born"? McCain's Eligibility to Be President Disputed by Law Professor.

Obama's Caribbean appeal

Talkingpointsmemo: The love that dare not speak its name...

Barack Obama says, ‘I am someone who is no doubt progressive."

Merkel to Obama, regarding Brandenberg visit: "We can work it out."

(Gallup 7/6) Obama gaining with voters with less formal education

Holy Jesus, I'm moving to London.

McGaffe's Campaign, Dead on Arrival?

asking this in two discussions, not sure who to ask?

I want to start a band called Freddie Mac.

Today's Obama's Ohio Speech and question and answers one of his best

Team discipline


!% believes that Obama is Jewish

McCain's Problem: Not Age, but Condition (Alec Baldwin at Huff Post)

In case you needed another reason to prevent a McSame presidency

My Local News station went around yesterday to gas stations, asked people if they were "whiners"

Reuters: Hedge fund managers throw weight behind Obama

McCain's new campaign billboard

If you and your spouse own a home, and a garden is being planted... should you fight? Read on:

John McCain president of "New Citizenship Project": Precursor organization to PNAC!!!!

Obama campaign just responded to the WSJ story on the reported $30 million haul.

My opinion: Obama will pick the best VP ever, because he has a lot of

*****Heads Up: Live Chat Now On The Obama Blog*****

"Paper Lion" is on TCM tonight. And the agony continues.

The One qualification the VP Nominee should have

Are McCain Surrogates Lying or Genuinely Confused?

New Polling Numbers for Bob Barr!

At the convention we should have a moment of "whining".

At the convention we should have a moment of "whining".

Abarack Lincoln?

McCain Slips: 'Get those offshore reserves exploited'

Is there a comprehensive list of McCain's flip flops somewhere?

For McCain, Another Problem Fundraiser

Candidates Are Slow to Identify ‘Bundlers’

Masturbation. It has nothing to do at all with men. Discuss.

"Obama is the New..."

I'm leaving.

Why is everyone so surprised?

Video: Obama Hits McCain on Energy

Obama's Remarks on "A Secure Energy Future" - Nails McSame for being part of the problem

Senator Obama, allow me to make a suggestion on oil prices:

A Hint of New Life to a McCain Birth Issue

Obama's report "The Impact of the Obama Economic Plan for America's Working Women" is now available

I really liked that interview with the Obama family.

Obama in Dayton, Ohio: A Secure Energy Future

Just had a thought: Perfect McCain protest sign, it will make him NUTS!

When are we going to see these guys debate?

7/11-Today's Gallup Tracking Poll: Obama increases his lead

CNN led the hour with the McCain "what's Viagra?" story...

Bye bye Germany

Hagel Mocks McCain’s Trip To Iraq: ‘We Did No Shopping While We Were Here’»

Does the NYT Have an Obama-Shaped Hole in Their Heart?

Who are you voting for in the Presidential Election 2008?

I find it extroardinarily odd that Richardson is not talked about as VEEP much anymore

For Those Who Missed Obama`s Town Hall Meeting Today In Dayton, Ohio - watch it here!

Unintentional MVP of the Obama campaign this week: It's a tie!

Why I'm Betting On Barack Obama's Victory by Bernard-Henri Lévy

McSame: Obama's policies would make it harder for women. Obama: McSame "stuck in an outdated view"

Kitten info needed stat: so we brought home a kitten today that had

Reading about Carol McCain is depressing. Poor thing.

The McCain hypocrisy RE:Clark comments

Obama dismisses conservative criticism

Let's keep perspective: Al Gore supported "The Clipper Chip."

If we hate Bush.... how could we not hate McCain? Reddit

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/11/08 - Obama 43, McCain 42 (O down 2, M up 1)

"Dr. Phil" Gramm WAS speaking for John McCain! They believe we are a Nation of Whiners!

People agree with Phil Gramm?

Obama on Writing

Breaking News!In the latest CNN Poll of polls: Obama ahead by 8

My Overarching Principle = Electing Barack Obama

John Edwards Continues His Anti-Poverty Tour

McCain slams Obama for missing a vote he also missed.» now includes Barr and Nadar.

Obama: Death Penalty for Bin Laden (video)

The economy... today's news from the DOW

Reid Rips Phil Gramm: "He Has A Low View Of The American People"

The press: Are they finally starting to target McCain because they don't want to back a loser?

Hard working Americans vote for Barack Obama, Whiners vote for John McCain

Why do the Rasmussen and Gallup polls always contradict each other?

Gallup: McCain 42% Obama 48%

Does dimwit McNuts realize he has TWO sones around his neck now?

Hey There...isn't our turn for THE BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT???

Zogby Poll: Obama Leads in "Must Win" States of PA and MI...

How do you upload a picture? I did one on Dr. Phil/McCain

As we work to elect Obama

McCain's adultery and divorce are back in the news today

McSame and The Fat Cats have 200M and we've only raised 13,000?

Who says the crazies live only in Florida? A news item from my home state of Maryland

This is why you MUST do everything between now and election day...

The President has gotten everything he wanted insofar as his terror policies are

McCain is Getting TRASHED on Hardball Today. It's Glorious!

Obama is...

Fans of Get Smart will appreciate this Toon

Who will Obama select as his running mate?

The Daily Widget – Friday, July 11 – Obama 366, McCain 172 – About the Popular Vote

This is soooo fascinating. No one can put up about FISA. What a bunch of maroons.

How do you feel about Margaret Carlson?

My main man did not say no today !!

HMM Now that WAS an interesting turn on a well worn meme

RFK Jr will be on Air America next hour to explain McCain's REAL history on the environment.

McCain slips: 'Get those offshore reserves exploited'

Question Obama all you like, Just please cut the Melodrama!

McCain=Bush: Support Free Speech, Get the Shirt

Will The Youth Vote? Thoughts on the 18-24 Democratigraphic

Como Se Dice? Obama Clarifies Comments Over Foreign Languages

On framing and waging this war

Worse than McCain

I have questions about Obama's vote and the 4th amendment:

New Newsweek Poll must be bunk, like the last one.

Cafferty: Berlin mayor says "would be delighted" for Obama to give speech...

David Corn: The Gramm Gaffe: The Real Problem for McCain


Obama the last-chance kid for Democrats, says Redford

How can I refute the claim of cynical people who say there isn't a dime's worth

Republican platform: Vote for us because technically we are not in an economic recession yet

Thank GAWD for BOB BARR!!!

Panty Raid!

Michelle Obama: Spend $600 stimulus check on earrings

Constitutional Law Professor: McCain Not Eligible For Presidency

McCain Has Police Remove Woman With "McCain=Bush" Sign

Is David Gregory becoming the most worthless CW pundit jackass of this campaign season?

Someone tell me what's so bad about Vista.

Politics aside I honestlly think that John McCain is looking seriously addled.

Another gem of a quote by McCain's economic adviser, Gramm:

McCain can really sing!

Do Zampolits win Elections?

Anyone watch the Countdown clip on McCain's fake claims of veteran endorsements?

What the heck is a "PUMA"?

I'm leaning toward Biden for VP

"Obama" added by Microsoft to Vista and Windows 2008 spellcheck dictionary

The perils of triangulation: Majority Says Obama Flip-Flopped

For a guy who "Does not feel comfortable talking about my war record", he sure talks about it a lot!

BREAKING: IndyMac Bank shut down by Federal Government, Huge Collapse...

Hagel as Obama's VP

Buddhist Yahoo Groupers Over Here!!!

Obama must promise voters "I will veto every bill that comes to me that infringes upon RKBA" and

"Can't you get a candidate for Vice President w/o going down into a damned rebel province for one?"

Let's play the FISA game.

New Obama Radio Ad Hits McCain As "Shameful" For "Makin' Stuff Up"


How does McCain get a marriage license before he gets his divorce?

For some reason I totally feel like buying a pair of earrings right now.

The Downside Of An Obama Presidency...

McCains AL Campaign Chmn. and a Gay-Bashing Alabama A.G., Caught Having Gay Sex?

2 HUGE Concerns and all is Silent ...even the Lambs...rising oceans and overpopulation

Nascar! Presidential candidate Obama to sponsor Cup car at Pocono race

KO is back Tune In Now for the Number 1 Story,

~ROFL~ they moved in as a group thinking they were cute

LAT: Front Page Article About McCain's Divorce and lack of Truthfulness about it

Dodd for VP?

Who will Obam select as his VP?

McCain's divorce alienated friends -- and his version doesn't always match court documents

As the LA Times noted, maybe it's time for Obama to take a well deserved vacation

Funny how progressives are taking ownership of Obama just because he won. Newsflash...

Bill Buckley’s “National Review” article shows Repugs intend to attack Obama on Civil Rights bills.

Clinton not being formally vetted for VP

I Do Not Hate Obama

So how does McCain claim the marriage defender mantle when he is a wife ditcher and

RFK, Jr. as VP? Why not?

WSJ: Hagel to Join Obama on Iraq Trip

John McCain's Candidacy for Presidency should have ended today

CaliforniaPeggyAppreciation Thread

Some of you get it, Some of you don't....

Anheuser Busch possible sellout & Cindy McCain's stock holdings....

UFO Sighting in Texas

Your principles are not running for president

Now there's VIDEO of Gramm making his comments. This is not going away-it's just getting started.

Here's a McCain story I haven't read here:

All right, I'm leaving DU.

Toon: You May Already Be A Whiner!

Is anybody else having trouble with Google searches lately?

I have one question:What is your attitude going to be when you knock on that voter's door

Please help me understand the Obama FISA outrage.

How should the dems best deal with the challenge from the left?

Collins on Obama - top NYT emailed piece in the last 48 hrs.

I had to Heimlich someone -- a scary story and a warning.

Supporting Obama and holding him to account when he’s wrong

Newsweek's misleading polls oversampled Democrats a few weeks ago and oversampled Republicans now

Who was the president when you were born?

Obama says NO to caving to Bush on expanded oil drilling

Duplicate Thread- Presidential Candidate Obama To Sponsor Cup Car At Pocono Race

Indiana gives a donkey kick to the GOP

The Obama Campaign wants people to help write the Dem Platform. Let's fix FISA

Who is your LEAST favorite for VP?

Why I am supporting Obama- in case anyone cares ;)

Hard to insult Michelle Obama for being an "elitist" when she wears a $60 Gap dress...

Newsweek Poll: Obama (D) 44%, McCain (R) 41%

Let's see the DU doggies!

Dean: "GOP had a ‘let em’ eat cake’ attitude last eight years".. "disdain" for ordinary Americans

Yet another chance to go to the Convention AND hang with Obama!

Best name for a butler?

Hello, My Friends - I'm John McCain

Obama Should Get Behind This Move Against The Oil Speculators

LAT: Barack Obama doesn't rule out Hillary Clinton for vice president

Quoting too many experts on the FISA bill ....


My favorite Nat King Cole song...

SNOPES ALERT: A bogus anti-Obama column by a bogus Maureen Dowd.

URGENT - Brett Favre unretires!

Iran says would strike Israel, US navy if attacked: report

Sudan 'crimes charges' worry UN

British Government Pays Compensation for Iraq "Torture"

Obama seeks info on Dodd in vice president search

Weak US dollar hits papal profits

U.S. Weighs Takeover of Two Mortgage Giants

McCain Adviser Refers to ‘Nation of Whiners,’ Touching Off Rebukes

Report: Israeli Air Force in massive night drills over Iraq

Belgians Said to Be Near to Buying Anheuser-Busch

US 'killed 47 Afghan civilians'

A life is worth less now, EPA says (Bush's EPA denies cooking books)

Bodies of 2 missing soldiers found in Iraq

Bush Signs Eavesdropping Law

Obama Says His Critics Haven’t Been Listening (‘I am someone who is no doubt progressive’)

Paulson: Keep Fannie and Freddie in current form

McCain staff asked for protester's ouster

FCC chief says Comcast violated Internet rules

Oil Sets New Record Near $147 a Barrel

Bush Riles U.S. Asparagus Growers

Nun sentenced for stealing from Omaha archdiocese

Fannie and Freddie Shares Fall by as Much as 50 Percent

Cheney to have routine checkup on Saturday

White House Disavows EPA Plan on Emissions

Iraq says no knowledge of any Israeli air drills

Stray Guns in Baghdad (Memo to Embassy employees regarding unattended weapons)

Leak closes French nuclear plant

Sudan president expected to face war crime charges

FBI agent indicted in Chihuahua's shooting death

Governor calls up 2,000 more troops to battle fires

1 killed in Calif. fires; more Guard troops coming

Russia, China veto UN sanctions on Zimbabwe

Colonia Dignidad founder sentenced for child torture (Ex-Nazi ally of Nixon puppet Pinochet)

Lawmaker calls for review of US exports to Iran to see if sanction exemptions are being abused

Court Overturns Bush Air Pollution Rule (CAIR) - Associated Press

Not enough crews to fight fires (California Wildfires)

Farc rebels denounce 'betrayal'

Court tosses White House appeal on visitor logs

CNN Politicalticker ... Polls: Obama Ahead By 8

CNN Politicalticker ... Polls: Obama Ahead By 8

Software problems bug Apple's launch of new iPhone (AP)

An American life worth less today

House Democrats reserve nearly $35 million worth of TV ads in hopes of gains in Nov. elections

Russia denies Iran is a threat and orders United States to drop missile shield plan

Amtrak expands random security sweeps

Bucking court, EPA won't control climate gases

Alabama US Attorney denies any involvement in university editor's termination

EPA Won't Act on Emissions This Year: Instead of New Rules, More Comment Sought

Israeli police air new allegations against premier

Squaddie makes Miss England final

Archaeologists to refuse help over possible Iran strike

Tests show US shield 'not needed'

Stolen Shakespeare Recovered In DC

Rangel Rents Apartments at Bargain Rates

Energy company inflated reserves, SEC says

Inquiry says Indonesia largely to blame for 1999 violence in East Timor

Peru police briefly arrest 3 NY college students

Bush blamed for Merkel opposition to Brandenburg date for Obama

Campaign launched to block Hall of Fame honors for James Dobson

Venezuela's Chavez mends Colombia ties

McCain Adviser Attempts to Clarify Viagra vs. Birth Control Comments

Former U.S. diplomat gets year in prison for anti-Arab comments

More confusion in S.I. congressional race (NY-13)

Black community denied water for decades, jury says

Reuters seeks U.S. army video of (Reuters) staff killed in Iraq


McCain divorce soured relations with Reagans

IndyMac is Seized by Regulators

Defendant in post office dispute charged with threatening commissioners

Analysis: Iran Fired "Same Old Missiles"

Presidential candidate Obama to sponsor Cup car at Pocono race

U.S. GRADUATE TRAINING: Top Ph.D. Feeder Schools Are Now Chinese

Muslim woman refused French citizenship for her 'submissive' views

Britain urging return to wartime food frugality

Satanist father and Christian mother fight for Sunday morning custody rights

Dow drops below 11,000 for 1st time in 2 years

Zimbabwe sanctions vetoed at UN

Thieves taking catalytic converters from cars

Hezbollah gains veto power in new Lebanon Cabinet

Dead heat for McCain, Obama in new poll

Barack Obama in Fairfax, VA

Gaffe could cost McCain


Obama knocks Gramm comments

TheRealNews: What are Iran's nuclear rights?


Unite for Change House Party - Golden, CO

Harold Ford Jr. VS. Markos Moulitsas At Netroots Nation

TYT: Is Iran Ready To Take Over Europe?

McCain On Viagra

Why are you a Democrat in 2008?

How to Speak Republican

Man who shot Pope John-Paul declares "I Am Jesus" (KGB-Bulgarian Connection trial)

GOP Jesus Commercial

1985: Funeral for Samantha Smith (wrote famous letter to Yuri Andropov)

NEW! Obama Responds to Rev. Jackson's Nuts Crack!

Maryland Rep. John Sarbanes leads a tour of Obama's website

McSame tries again - He really really doesn't share Gramm's "Nation of whiners" position

Devo sings about FISA (peek-a-boo)

"No Wonder" - (Franken on K Street)

Generation Kill (2008) Miniseries Extended Trailer

McCain Confronted About His Role In PNAC

Troy King and I'll Blow This is a video to a song parody created by Bob_Kincaid

Music Video: Nas - Sly Fox (Fox News Diss)

Q&A in Hearing on Iran Policy 7/9/08

1985: Largest pot eradication crackdown (Meese wants to destroy every pot plant in U.S.)

Red State Update: Obama's Balls

Obama for President Radio Ad Slams "McSame"

John McCain and Phil Gramm love-in

TYT: Cenk On Karl Rove Thumbing His Nose At A Subpoena

Senator Feingold says Barack Obama will fix FISA in 09 Now let's get him elected!!!

TYT: Does McCain Agree We're 'A Nation Of Whiners'? Check This Out(!)

1985: British leaders unable to stop Brit soccer fans from rioting (Brussels' roit kills 38)

John McCain Thinks We're a "Nation of Whiners" (Mashup)

Obama - "America Already Has One Dr. Phil" - Very Funny!

Kucinich, Repeal the Fed, Impeach the Prez.

Obama: A Change is Gonna Come - never-before-seen pix of O set to music - awesome!

Is the MSM Worm Turning? CNN Goes Negative on McCaint's Economic Messaging

Why are you a Republican in 2008? Well, DUers, here's your chance to make a 2 min. video........

John Edwards Defends Obama on Iraq Policy

Social Security is older than John McCain, but only Just

Migrants in U.S. fueling tech boom in Maya city

What Dennis Has Done

Watching Greed Murder the Economy

Just Why Was Turd Blossom a No-Show Before Congress?

AlterNet: Top Senator And 10 States Attack Veterans Affairs for Banning Voter Registration Drives

McCain To Support Morning-After Pill for Stupidity

Texas LSD/Pot Cookie kid CLEARED!

Truthdig: The Death of Reaganomics

McCain Tries to Flush His Gramm

Conason: The dangerous hostility game with Iran

Maliki and the Timetable: It's all about Blackwater

Bush outfoxed in the Iraqi sands

Summer 2008 = Pessimists' Valhalla

Phil Gramm: Wrong even when he's right.

Sub-Prime Mortgage Woes Are No Accident! by Catherine Austin Fitts

Rangel Versus The New York Times

Focusing on The Family

Tomgram: Why Cheney Won't Take Down Iran

Krugman - A win on health care, with more to come

Anywhere Becomes Everywhere by David Sirota

Forget Pittsburgh, McCain Now Pandering to the Broadway Crowd

McCain's broken marriage and fractured Reagan friendship

Stop the New FISA by Chris Hedges

The Seething

Friday Talking Points (38) -- Whiners And Cheeseheads

Should Bush Be Tried for War Crimes?

Emerging from the Drug War Dark Age: LSD and Other Psychedelic Medicines Make a Comeback

Bernanke, Paulson outline strategy to make working class pay for Wall Street crisis

Futility Vehicle

6,700 Tons of Contaminated Sand Shipped From Kuwait to Boise

Peak oil notes - July 10

Business Week (!) Claims Field-By-Field Analysis Shows SA Long-Term Capacity Around 10 MB/D

Ninety per cent of the World's Energy Needs from the Desert?

Math fix shows wildlife extinction rate at least 100 times worse than predicted

Indonesia: Minister asks royalties be paid in coal, not currency

Cotton futures fall precipitously in last fortnight (supply *and* demand falling)

Report: coal industry bleeds jobs while renewables boom

New Wave Energy Harvester

ExpressJet to suspend operations as of September

Lowering taxes makes the economy stronger. But what if the opposite were true?

7/11 16:50 GMT - Tapis At $152.69, Minas At $153.44 - 9/11 Global Spot Benchmarks Over $140

Study Estimates Over 1/4 Of 845 Known Coral Species At Risk Of Extinction - New Scientist

Gasoline prices: to trust or not to trust

UK Gov Agency Lead Economist Slams G8 "Plan", Brown For "Abrogation Of Responsibility"

Single District In Bangladesh Confirms 845 Cases Of Arsenicosis From Drinking Water Wells

EPA Quietly Releases Study Showing Link Between Warming, Higher Smog Levels - Reuters

Nigeria's Gasoline Tanker Drivers On Strike As Of 7/11 - Reuters

Gordon Brown Pledges Backup For Nigerian Gov.; Ceasefire Immediately Collapses, Goosing Prices

Petrobras' Offshore Workforce Threatening 5-Day Strike Over Travel Time Policy

Despite warming, peak's glaciers still grow on Mt. Shasta

Japan Refuses To Negotiate New Carbon Targets Until New US President Sworn In - BBC

3-Year Study Outlines Alberta's Future: "Volatile" Farm Output, More Forest Fires, Less Snow

Guardian Publishes Secret World Bank Memo On Biofuel Impact On Food Prices - Text/Link Here

Wasn't it just two days ago that everyone was happy that oil prices were on the way down?

El Paso Corp & SEC settle charges alleging inflated oil/gas reserve estimates

Leak closes French nuclear plant

USFWS: 2008 Waterfowl Survey Shows Ducks Breeding Farther North, Bypassing Dry Prairies

USGS: Spring Nutrient Delivery to the Gulf Estimated Among Highest in Three Decades

India - Crude shock: Fuel rationing may have to be formalised

UK Marine Biology Report From DEFRA Shows 70%+ Decline In Zooplankton Since 1960s - BBC

Canadians ponder cost of rush for dirty oil

Surprise! EPA Makes It Official - Zero Action On GHG Regulation, Climate Through Bush Departure- WP

Cost and timeline for the Volt to cut our gas consumption. link to spreadsheet provided.

Dyes turn windows into powerful solar panels

Hyundai's New LPG Hybrid Car

Zooplankton declines by greater than 70% since 1960's

Hey E/E... why the glum faces? It's time to GET HAPPY!

Your life has worth -- but $1M less than before

Banks: Under the hammer

Original iPhone owners: Beware upgrading to the newest software! It is bricking the iPhone

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/10/08


Fannie and Freddie are getting nationalized

How Fair Value Rewards Deadbeats

IndyMac bankrupt, seized by FDIC

Dow Chemical to purchase rival

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/11/08

The Death of Reaganomics

Okay, let's drill in ANWR ...

UK: Christian registrar who refused to conduct gay weddings wins case

Black Republican Ward Connerly Criticizes GOP, Defends Gay Rights

UK: Religious Rights Trump Gay Rights

Gay boycott urged of 2 San Diego hotels

AFA boycott, 'gay' bot draws corporate yawns

Here is some news of the weird out of South Carolina

Hyatt Hotel Owner Donated $125,000 to Stop Gay Marriage (Manchester Grand Hyatt)

Many bird species in severe decline, groups warn

Wisconsin law: Gay couples can be imprisoned, fined $10,000

P-Town advice for a newbie

Today in labor history July 11 A 9-year strike, the longest in the history of the UAW

Another farm worker just died from heat stroke E-mail Gov. Schwarzenegger today!

Buyout Monsters

Union hits health co. on ‘Gouging Grandma’

Union rejects contract offer

Here is your AFSCME Federal Legislative Report July 11, 2008

McCain Camp: Stop Whining

Anti Obama Anti Union buttons on E-bay AFT, CWA, SEIU, TEAMSTER, UAW, USW

Anti Obama Anti Union buttons on E-bay AFT, CWA, SEIU, TEAMSTER, UAW, USW

Officials: Israeli jets flying over Iraqi territory in preparation for strike on Iran

Israel denies reports of IAF training in U.S.-controlled Iraq

Open letter to Susan Sarandon: Follow UNICEF’s lead and publicly cut ties with Lev Leviev

Perks of penance for Saudi jihadis

Lebanon announces unity government

Israeli soldiers torture 10-year-old in his home

Olmert faces new allegations

Palestinians, Israelis Protest West Bank Wall on World Court Ruling Anniversary

Palestinians complain to US about Israeli West Bank raids

Women fight back on reproductive rights in Nicaragua

Migrants in U.S. fueling tech boom in Maya city

Miami loses two radio hosts to anti-Cuba bias

Morales' wealthy opponents win elections in Bolivia

Please help me debunk this sh#t via Charles Krauthammer:

BOREV: "Crime Pays If You Own a TV Station"

Cuba may never achieve telecommunication infrastructure without U.S intervention

"Paper Lion" is coming on TCM right now...

The Double Standard for Brett Favre

Premiership Fantasy Football (not throwball)

AstroCartoGraphy and the U.S. Presidential Candidates

OMG I'm so excited. I seem to have slightly regained an ability I thought I'd lost.

Mars + Saturn

DU poll asking for VP predictions

Just want to see how this pans out.

delete! Gateley beat me to it by 1 second.

For those of a certain age...

here's some clips of Biden grilling Mukasey

Hagel going to Iraq with Obama!


Biden indicates he HASN'T been approached for VP?

Anyone here have or know someone who has synesthesia?

Gene find offers hope in autism treatments

My SO is scheduled for triple bypass on Monday.

Download a free Anti-Smoking Album from

Cholesterol and altmed, Mayo Clinic

Effects of yoga on inflammation and exercise capacity in patients with chronic heart failure.

Cherry Blossom Festival Photos

it's calendar time

If you're looking for some low-priced, high-quality, fast glass . . . I highly recommend

Speaking of bread and cheese - something good with Gjetöst

Pizza Notte di Venerdì (pic) Redux

Copper enthuiasts, I need an opinion...

Supreme Court Gets Heller Popularity Boost, Majority of American Have Favorable Opinion of NRA

Nevada ACLU supports an individual’s right to bear arms

LAPD officer shot by his own 3-year-old son sues gun maker, holster maker, gun store

I have to share ~

It’s official - repeal of the 1994 ban did not turn our streets into killing fields

Fruit for the winter.

Salt & pepper calimari

Mars, as abstract art (Dialup warning)

NASA's going to test a solar sail spacecraft

Anyone know what happened with the LHC startup that was supposed to happen this week?

Mars Lander Test Hastened After Oven Short Circuit

A Brief History of Religion

The idea that when we die we have an eternal existence of peace and contentment,

Sept 11 2001 was largest religious massacre in U.S. 2nd largest occurred on Sept. 11 also

Dow 11,100. The Bush Legacy

‘SUBPRIME’ ‘SLIDE’ THAT MASKS FRAUDULENT FINANCE (wantagate)'s Cillizza mischaracterized Kerry statement about McCain's Swift Boat connection

AP writes a puff piece about Bud Day.

Fantastic resource on KerryVision: "Kerry at home in Massachusetts"


Great posts on Kerry in the Iran SFRC hearing

NBC Nightly News story on Pickens. Only mentioned he gave $ to "conservative causes"

Activist training, Dallas 7/26

July 17 - David Sirota in Dallas

150K!!!!!! Pictures, anyone??? n/t

USB flash drive software RAID 5 - possible? Or insane?

My computer will not recognize my CD ROM drive

Considering that Kerry talked Obama into opting out of public financing ....

Debates between Al Franken and Norm Coleman?

Greet Sen. McCain Friday July 11th at 10:00am (come early)

Buddhist Yahoo Groupers Over Here!!!

Surrey Now: If I (Cadman biographer Tom Zytaruk) don't speak out, who will?

7/9 Election Model-Zogby Edition: Obama (55.6%,420 EV) landslide! -- TIA

Americans face hurdles voting abroad in upcoming election

Ohio Republicans Sued for Ballot Shredding

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News, Friday, 7/11/08

12 accused of running Pa. political machine

NY: It's the VENDORS Stupid!

Let's Get it Straight: Bush did not win the 2004 Election Either!

Cross-post from GD re iPod Touch / iPhone 2.0 update

OK, I can't believe this hasn't shown up here yet....Favre?!?!?

Steve Kagen is in line for help from the DCCC

Norcal folks-Vellanoweth found guilty in crash that killed four

Robert M. Price

I posted a thread in GD that needs our attention:

Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but