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Whole judiciary oversight hearing up on c-span

You know ...... it was even worse when ........

Bush Surgeon General: Politics, not Science, Decided Public Health Issues-Bush History, 7/10

how much is too much??

Has anyone else had trouble getting into Firedoglake today?

Teddy's Return to the Senate Elicits Cheers and Tears

If Sheehan DID beat Pelosi, would this be any great tragedy?

Ted Koppel on Iraq. Where was this Ted a few years ago? -- Charlie Rose tonight

Gas Pump Blogging (warning - graphic)

Gas Station Customers Duped by Hidden Fees

Gas Station Customers Duped by Hidden Fees

And the bigger long term problem for this country is ......

FISA Fight: Attack of the Epic....

The last thing Jesse Jackson wants is an Obama Presidency

Romney: 'Now is not the time' to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

New DNA Technology Clears the Family of JonBenet Ramsey

Man robbed buying crack calls cops who arrest him

"Canada has 'no real alternative' to U.S. military's handling of Khadr" (GTMO)

I think i found the coolest Obama shirt ever!!!

Bush Pleased by Passage of FISA Reform Legislation

I supported Chris Dodd for President this year

Kucinich's resolution to impeach Bu$h gets another co-sponsor

Kucinich to Reveal Text of Impeachment Article Thursday at 2pm Press Conference

Trumad reporting from Narita, Japan...

Naming a band.

G8 Summit - our rulers might have overstepped the bounds, finally

Deportations in Florida jump by almost 50 percent

Doesn't Russia still have about 6000 nuclear warheads aimed at American cities?

New name and line up on XM 167 on Monday July 14th

Canada Gives U.S. War Resister Second Chance

So who do we vote for?

As of Tuesday, day 1,937 of the war in Iraq…

As usual, George Will gets it wrong.....

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XIII: The 'OMG! Barbara Boxer better apologize' edition

Why won't Iran's leaders capitulate to Bush's demands like Saddam did?

Welcome To America

Tom Engelhardt: "Why Cheney Won't Take Down Iram"

US foreclosure filings surge 53 percent in June

the list of (the only) 28 senators with guts and integrity

You know this is really happening in the WH

House Passes Electronic Message Preservation Act

Bush to G8: 'Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter'

Iran Fires More Missiles In Test Last Night

U.S. Shifts Carrier to Afghan Theater; Taliban Activity Unabated

If Hillary and Obama were in switched positions....?

U.S. Foreclosures Rose 53% in June, Bank Seizures Almost Triple

FTC says it won't intervene to protect Internet user privacy

Michele Bachmann Watch, 7/10/08

Patrick Leahy up now on Washington Journal

Bill to Hold Contractors Responsible for Fraud Needs Our Help

GOP looks to new NRSC chair for revival

A message from Russ Feingold

Bush's buddy Berlusconi caught creating files on Roma people

Ok so now that we agree that corporations

Bush History: Thurs 7/10 Humiliating Words for Bush from GOP Rep('06) and Bush's Own Surgeon General

Congressman Conyers Meets with Impeachment Advocates

Taxi to the Dark Side and the FISA Amendments: Did the Bush Administration just escape the Hague?

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Losses Make Them 'Insolvent', Ex-Fed President Poole Says

Orlando city commissioner takes offense at historical photo showing barefoot black caddy

K&R if you disagree with the Bush Administration over Berlusconi

Dennis will present Article of Impeachment at 3:30-4:00 pm TODAY

Financial Regulations Hearing on now

Let it be said...If Israel and U.S. attack Iran and all hell breaks loose..

iran, just like iraq, is a threat to the united states???

The Iran rhetoric is heating up - WJ this morning

What really gets me about this whole Jesse Jackson episode

Will the DOW fall below 11,000 today

New York & LA still most populated cities

NC State employee won't lower flags for Helms

Putting Her Foot Down, Getting the Boot: Arlington Director fired over images of Iraq War casualties

Regarding the MSM: Then and Now

Can't afford to attend Netroots Nation in Austin, TX? Then go for free in Second Life!

Change involves destruction and construction

"Iran Making People Jittery All Around the World" .... that was a verbalized headline.....

Japanese man dies from overwork

AP readies pen; Relishes Bush boy's "victory" over wiretap bill

New Home Market Giveaways (Desperation): Free Prius, $75K in options AND...

My imagination? Or Does Condi resemble Lord Voldemort, more and more?

"What is your major malfunction, Democrats! "

One more reason why Democrats should NOT appear on Fox "News"

Anybody who is more knowledgeable about finance and exchange rates than me, what do you think

When You Take Cops Off The Beat (Finance sector)

Iranian Missle Image Was Digitally Altered

Where is Osama bin Laden?

Top McCain Advisor: Recession Just in People's Heads (Phil Gramm)

Guess Who's Standing Up to Bush?

Okay, you can't tell everything from a tape with no audio, but this TSA thing at National Airport

Super-Sized Incentives: Behold and Beware

Is Iran changing its nuclear strategy?

PBS showed Ken Burns Huey Long Documentary again tonight....

I usually refer to the U.S. as an Imperialist Economic Autocracy as opposed to a Republic.

This sort of reminds me of Clinton signing the NAFTA legislation

About The FISA Bill

Dean Baker: The Meltdown Lowdown

Tomorrow is my birthday. My wish is for Rove to be arrested.

Another gripe about Osama-bin-forgotten

Coral Reef Meltdown (our coral reef)

Jesse Jackson apologizes for saying Obama talks down to black people

U.S. Troops in Iraq Face A Powerful New Weapon-rocket-propelled IEDs

Idi Amin - wackadoo.

My fellow Americans...

On that Rove Prick, a what if question

Fundies: Canada to honor ......'ABORTIONIST!!!!!!'

Anybody heard from Cheney lately?

===== DAY ONE of the Age of Agent Mike =====

New York's Chrysler Building Bought by Abu Dhabi Fund (Update2)

San Quentin's Gym Becomes One Massive Cell (NPR report)

No words necessary: The cartoonists tackle climate change

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "Talking with Iran is a form of appeasement."

Okay, I'll shut up and wait for the excuses before I get upset

Third Iraqi Official Suggests Withdrawal Timeline

Utah is going to a 4-day workweek to save energy

Demons haunted soldier made famous by Iraq photo; dies huffing aerosol, couldn't get VA psych help

Republicans investigating supposed "voter fraud" in largely black areas of Alabama

To those that favored Obama over Edwards or Kucinich: Are you surprised?

Are we suppose to believe that "terrorists" use the same phone lines that ordinary folks do?

ACLU: Senate Passes Unconstitutional Spying Bill And Grants Sweeping Immunity To Phone Companies

We will be forced to react not with diplomatic, but with military-technical methods

Nancy Pelosi pressures the House to rename Washington D.C., George W. Bush City.

So how's that stimulus working for you.....

Health Care For America Reform Has A Long Record Of Failure

Leiberman Must Go Website!

Senator Richard Durbin May Back New Offshore Oil Drilling

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

iranian missle pictures were "photo shopped"

Wow, I just saw the Rice woman on teevee. Speaking.

All I can say is...

Forget FISA, how do we keep George from bombing Iran?

The Axis of Photoshop....

Tired Of High Gas Prices? - It's Time For Action

Global Warming

A Women’s Declaration to the G8:

I guess we can't take pictures in public anymore - cops might think we are child molesters!!

Rice Warns Iran That U.S. Will Defend Allies - from what?

Iraqis to get £3m in MoD damages

Repub Senator Plotting to Close Down Senate Until 'Vote on Offshore Exploration'

Who Owns What on Television? A handful of companies control what you see, hear, and read

Holy See in the Red: Vatican blames weak dollar for pushing it into its first loss in four years.

KK Karl WHO!!!!

Apparently you don't read your bible enough.

Is this Checkmate for Israel's warhawks?

Iranian Missle Test Photo was Photoshopped

Impeachment Article to be Introduced today!

Federal Charges Filed Against Alaska State Rep

Sea Shepherd Protect Whales Campaign 2008 - Operation Musashi

US Weapons Research Is Raising A Stink-is projectile peaceful or hovering on the brink of illegality

So tell me...why ISN'T Congress issuing contempt charges on Rove, anyway?

A nation of fraud.

Listen to "The Guy James Show" today. Totally pissed over FISA

Greenwald/Strange Bedfellows -- I wonder what would happen

Create your own right wing Obama smear

Broken Bridge Conservatism, Redux

Another member of the "Corrupt Bastards Club" indicted - Alaska

Hows the Freepers taking to Bush's new FISA Bill knowing Obama is going to run it soon? Not too good

So in a few months we will be spying on them.

Great Bill Day cartoon

Student Loans Gone Awry in Auction-Rate Market Trap Retirees With 35% Loss

"Like a Third World Country"

Housing Market Meltdown Will Cause Massive Losses in Household Wealth

Naomi Klein coming up on Randi -- nt

haven't been online this week--does anybody know where KO is? not that I don't love rachel

Democrats' strategy: Strength through bowing

I say feed them grits and chitlins: less tasty inmate meals

Who is this idiot trashing Kucinich on C-span?

Wait, war with Iran was supposed to be an OCTOBER surprise! - Today’s Headlines 710/08

Thom Hartman is on FIRE today!!!!

Republicans better hope there is no terrorist attack against America between now and the election

Did Kucinich have his press conference releasing the content of the Impeachment

Our Phony Economy (Jonathan Rowe)

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the FISA Amendments Act of 2008

Getting closer to having Solar Panels on roof of House!

Doesn't the market normally open by now?

Shipping Justice

Bill Scher: Here's A Little Straight Talk, My Friends. John McCain Hates Social Security

Getty News plying photoshopped Iran Missile launch picture

Conyers Stalling

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Karl Rove's refusal to show up: "That's not even the point."

Did I miss Rove's testimony?

Pick yourselves up by your bootstraps you whiners!

Save Democracy and open a savings account

Are the ballooning home foreclosure lists *the new caging lists* in voter disenfranchisement?

Penance you can believe in...

David Corn: Why McCain Needs Iran

McCain's top economic adviser: Recession Is "Mental," America Is "Nation Of Whiners"

Did Conservatives and dittoheads WHINE when Clinton was President?

Fuck U fil graham & your 'nation of whiners' & 'mental recession' quotes

Naomi Wolf: Sex Crimes in the White House: *NOW* Can We Impeach Them?

FISA Vote Aftermath: Day One - Hey, did you hear the latest about Christie Brinkley's divorce?!

Last NC county furniture company closing (Lexington): Prepare for WHINING about jobs, Sen. McCain

Who Voted for the FISA bill??? Need link to yea's and nay's

Mother Jones: Attack of the Planet-Pummeling Baby

Cell phone question ( one month block of erased messages replayed)

Goodbye DU. I'm taking my 36A's and leaving.

"Has Barack Obama ever had to tell anyone they had body odor?"

Please Return Your Trays To Their Full, Upright Position -- Or We'll Have To Zap You

Who Knew Seth Davis Was an Obama Supporter?

If you are a Hillary Supporter, Which stage are you in right now...

Sometimes I think of the weirdest things in the shower

Canada steals the American dream.

Are Hoyer and Blunt fillibustering Dennis? They have been ...

Here's what I don't get about global warming and defense spending...

Call the Civil Rights leaders to march on Denver

Reid mum about Lieberman's role next year but won't rule out removal

Senate OKs promotions of Iraq generals (AP)

Ft. Bragg military wives to protest radical church’s celebration of pregnant soldier’s death.»

Damn. Why can't I seem to last more than a half an hour on that other site?

McCain "rips" Gramm AND manages to insult a foreign country all at once!

It's all in your head.

Has anybody heard that the Democratic Platform Committee has invited Rush to

BREAKING: The G-8 Digs Into the Problem of GLOBAL WARMING!!!

Ellison Resolution Urges President to Accept Iraqi Government Call for a Timetable...

Kucinich up on our House Floor now! IMPEACHMENT

My personal symptoms of mental recession listed here. Feel free to add yours.

MCCain ran a campaign ad in the Jerusalem Post. Is that normal?

Vanity Fair Photoshops the Faces of Fox News

Now that we've got FISA....

What does it say about our political press if they are the dog and Drudge the tail that wags it?

Rove ignores committee's subpoena, refuses to testify -CNN


Follow The Money Trail To Find Out How Telecom $$$s Influenced Congressmen To Vote On FISA

Ted Kennedy returns to Senate to break Republican Medicare filibuster

Did anyone notice the look on Bush's face as he walked out to sign FISA bill?

Freeper got a suspended sentence after getting caught with a rifle altered to be fully automatic

David Sirota guest at Virtually Speaking in Second Life tonight 9 eastern

Redding Penlight Article of the Day: Same-sex marriage's effects are everyone's business

Hey Congress, I'm running low on TP, could you issue me a subpoena?

DRAFT - Version of New Article of Impeachment against George W. Bush for high crimes & misdemeanors

Rec. for a DUzy!

The fastest-growing large U.S. city over the past year is...

FISA for medicare?

What jail is Karl Rove in?

If the impeachment resolution has been

So, what will McCain's macaca moment be?

email from Chris Dodd -- FISA

Thank you, Mr. Gramm. I'm so relieved!

T Boone Pickens and the Pickens Plan

This one goes out to the Freeps & DINOS...Aimee Mannn's "WISE UP"

Hardball - catch the replay for the beginning - mccain/gramm

Phil Gramm is ... wait for it...Wendy "ENRON" Gramm's husband.

The Tax Rebate. Didn't Bush and Republicans Defeat the "Trickle Down" Theory when

Captain Combover does fake outrage for Gramm **really** well.

LA Times: Jackson's Obama comments almost went unnoticed

AP: An American life worth less today

"Responsibility" (Warning- Skewers everybody)

If you and/or I had refused to follow a lawful subpoena we would

repugs running against "Liberal Environmental EXTREMEISTS!"

Conyers, House should just ignore Pelosi on Rove's contempt charges.

Senator Ron Wyden - OR - coming up on Air America. Universal Health Care.

8 years of George W Bush summed up in one photograph:

Where in the world is KKKarl Rove? (photo)

My son-in-law will attend Sen. Harry Reid luncheon.

does anybody besides me wonder who funded that "secret report" that shows that biofuels are

Consumers blamed for having too much debt (but does the article mention all factors?)

Why did Dick Cheney tell a colleague "to go fuck himself".

Protester at McCain event had a right to stand outside

So when our imaginary down regulation market correctionary period is over

Criminality-"RATIFIED BY CONGRESS"New FISA Law & the Construction of the National Surveillance State

Republicans talk down to the People, yet Democrats are the elitists?!

A Repentent Rove Bares Soul to the House Subcommittee

Hundreds Push SF Man on La-Z-Boy 8 Miles Through City

Our Friends at Velvet Revolution Wanted Us to Tell You:

Japan's Lost Decade Threatens to Be Global Norm: William Pesek

Did Rove just double down? Did he raise the stakes? Why would he leave the country?

UC-wide strike set for Monday, July 14.

Rachel's doing a great job on Phil Gramm here

'Calling All Angels'... "I need to know, that things are gonna look up;"

Guardian UK: Negative equity fears grow as house prices take record tumble (Britain)

TYT: Director Of Stop Loss W/ The Real Stories Behind It, Obama's Popularity, McCain's Flip-Flops...

This is the best FOX could come up with

Wisconsin Law Bans Sex with Dead

And I have a Bridge I Would Like to Sail You

John Nichols: Pelosi Slips Impeachment Onto the Table


The real FISA slap in face to America.

We'll do it live!

If you vacation abroad, never call home without it....

2 good reasons to continue "bashing" Bush after January 20, 2009

Of all the legacy disasters * is leaving us with, which will be the worst?

Economic Report: This Winter's Heating Costs Are Already Heating Up

Forget impeachment. Let's start focusing on war crimes charges.

This Post Is For All the Humans

All Rove on Dan Abrams

wow dan abrams show just played rush limbaugh commenting on jesse jackson

Sam Seder subbing for Malloy is on his SammYCam.

OPEC: War With Iran Would Cause ‘Unlimited’ Oil Price Hike

Israel Hints at Pre-emptive Attack on Iran

Breaking: Rove's claim of executive privilege DENIED by House

Should George W. Bush be tried for war crimes?

Man breaks record by sitting in 39,250 seats

CBC: Iraqi Translators (video)

OK you nation of whiners

Didn't Kutisnutsov play on the Russian hockey team.

Exxon Ruling Helps Close the Door to Civil Justice Remedies for Citizens

Cheer up. Let's plan our DU trip to The Hague for the BushCheney Trials!

A week of watching the fire above my home & I return here to the ashes of the 4th Amendment...

Jack Davis (D-NY26) challanger offers $1.50 gasoline

Russia May Scrap Missile Deal Over U.S. Shield - Military Expert

A dispatch from the Summit

Is the McCain Campaign a train-wreck or what?

So, if I say I want to cut someone's nuts off, that makes me a racist?

Communist party membership no longer a fireable offense in California

Can you sue God's publishers?

Any bets that it will hit $ 150.00 soon?

If you're feeling down you may want to take a look at this. Most adorable.

Holy shiznit! Newsweak link: "Will Iran's *Nuclear* Missile Test Trigger War?"

Can someone explain the medicare bill to me. Democrats are voting to give doctors more tax dollars

delete-wrong place

What is with the Rachel v. Keith threads tonight?....They're on the same team, and they both rock!!!

A Bit More on That Surprise Kennedy Visit

My 60th and final post

So, we are going to sue OPEC and restrict export of US domestic production

Who was behind the fake Iranian missile test picture?

The three pillars of right-wing ideology and how we can win elections without moving to the right

Rebate/Sweepstakes - insider info for those who may need it

"a government bailout of Fannie or Freddie" would lower "rating on the creditworthiness of the US"

Bill Clinton and the Vietnam War

I've been getting a lot of checks in the mail. Have you?

A short report from the top of the world

Now, that's a nice image - OMG, it may come true!

Please read.........Please help if you want

So I started readying Moral man in an Immoral Society again

Is "black hole" a racist term?

How about Rachel Maddow as Tim Russert's permanent replacement?

Clinton: Why I voted No on FISA

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder Subs for Mike!!

"Only If It's OK For Me To Slap The Shit Out Of You."

The Return of the DU Activist Corps

How optimistic are you about the economy?

I trust Obama.

If Obama wins, things MIGHT change

Rove refuses subpoena, leaves country

Remember the Sunday Tim Russert held up the photo of Bin Laden's Mountain Fortress?

How Futures determine oil prices

Jay Rockerfeller's FISA vote explained

Report: Bush Officials Not Happy About Possible Obama Speech At Brandenburg Gate


GB Leaders tell the press (on background) how much they detest Bush ...

So the Pew poll predicted Obama pounds McSame by about 8 points?

Emptywheel: Bush Did NOT Invoke Executive Privilege for Rove

"The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power." -Jeff Sharlet; Rolling Stone

How much are you spending on food a day?

Rachel Maddow is smarter than K. Olbermann

Patrick Fitzgerald left undefended by Mukasey

Tell Me How To Spend My Money

Conyers to Rove: I Mean It This Time!

Dear US Congress: Please pass retroactive immunity for all non-violent drug offenders...

Democrats Strategy: Strength Through Bowing To Bush's Demands by Glenn Greenwald

It’s the nature of the game that puzzles you

Algebra according to Jon Stewart:

So now that Graham is out, who will Lumpy McSame recruit as an economic advisor?

Telecoms Give Obama $200,000+ For His Election Campaign

Bodies of 2 missing soldiers are found in Iraq

Man sues his church for $2.5 million because the Spirit moved him & nobody caught him

Dear latest ltte (#140)printed today...rate it up and comment at site

This Post Is For All the Woman

White House Confirms: Rove’s “Official Duties” Included Witchhunts of Democrats

'america already has one doctor phil'

Walt Disney World Fires Back Against Gun Lobby On Guns At Work

28 FF Bra size

Corporations should be able to do anything they want, with full immunity

Longing for a small government?

Crazy Monkey to G8: ''Goodbye from the world's largest polluter.''

New "Gang of 14" on oil drilling

Italy's persecution of Gypsies is now the shame of Europe

Georgie explains M.C. Escher to the troops

Wing Nuts defend Pig-Boy and Bitch about hateful "Libruls"

I hate to be a bitch, BUT --

turns out you CANNOT pop popcorn with your phone

Why I don't give two S***s about FISA

Project "Balls for Congress"

Is the United States of America an empire?


Are you doing better now than you were eight years ago?

Bush's Banned Interview: An Insight Into Insanity


FISA - The End of the World as We Know It?

BREAKING! Bush Administration began violating FISA 7 MONTHS before 9-11 !!!!11!!

Leahy/Mukasey "Know Exactly WHO Sent Anthrax Laden Letter"

"The core issue is simple: are we working to return the country to the rule of law or not?"

Can someone explain the offshore drilling issue to me?

My vision of Obama's Inauguration...

My husband thinks there's something to this mental-recession idea and furthermore...

Porsche set to move closer to VW takeover

Not a joke - Hollywood is remaking "Red Dawn"

Who is the best company for car insurance?

I confess: I like Rachel Maddow far more than Keith Olbermann

Well, it seems that I am now the Treasurer of the Civic Club.

Song needed to be ID ed

Is DU being Hacked? Our business is having weird disconnects and stuff..

This is the 50th anniversary of Casey Stengel's classic Senate testimony

This is the 50th anniversary of Casey Stengel's classic Senate testimony

Does the speed of DU responses spoil you for other boards?

So would this have made the cheese-ass American Idol cut?

Some folks are just too stupid.

Yes, I want the new Kid Rock album

screw you guys, I'm going home.

Could anyone tell me just which laws are still good in this country?

Anyone see "The Wedding Date"? The first scene on the airplane

Can bugs be brain damaged?

Salon's Greenwald and Walsh react to Obama's FISA vote

I wouldn't be surprised if * vetoed the FICA bill for spite, and because

Sometimes I think when Congress gets together, after the cameras are off...

I have decided that

Oh and did I even mention that ACLU and EFF is challenging the FISA law once it's signed?

My three favorite God breeds.

Public Service Announcement

do dogs/cats get sexually transmitted diseases?

Congratulations MI, NJ, NY, VT and WA!!

Woman Kills Husband with Folding Couch

Lil Bush put a little birdie in Merkel's ear about Obama visit?

purity of concerns concerns me

Grrr... Kathy Griffin concert postponed

Is George W. Bush a Saint? Author unknown...e-mailing.

So why was I intelligently designed to have a stomach ache right now?

Read the complete list of Republicans who voted "Nay" on the FISA bill here:

How Does This Election Directly Affect You? If Proposals Are Carried Out?


I have to go to Orlando next week

Getting very frustrated with Obama... (PIC)

In all sincerity, explain to me how my thinking on this is wrong.

I will hold my nose and vote for Obama come November but ......

Respond to this post if you wish you didn't know now what you didn't know then.

I'm not going to ask how much, but who has a credit card

English Only...

What can we say now that we can't say,

Someone at Google should be fired

Why, oh why do people come into the office when they're sick?

You all can pick your friends,

The choice is simple.

Oldest Joke

I guess I just don't care about America

Soccer ref gets drunk at halftime and needs a little help.

DU Acronyms (like YMMV) -- get your definitions here.

Democrats take Obama shift in stride

In Soviet Russia, English Learns You...

If you're pissed at Obama's senate votes, keep this in mind.

Jesse Jackson did Barack Obama a huge unintentional favor....

Obama Making Gains in Red States

Fantasy Football - you know you want to brag about kicking my ass

Anyone else watching "Diary of a Call Girl" on Showtime?

One difference between NPR and the BBC

I got someone's stimulus check

Five Parent Questions.

Morph faces together

Free online waxing?

So I had a dream about sniffa and Bi-Baby and they were WAY MEAN to me in it!

I have a friend

PSA: The average female Lounger is 39.4% bad

Free online Sexing?

Arrghh!!! Make me unsee it!

If Sarah Jessica Parker and Mr. Big adopted a poodle....

Please respond if I'm on your Ignore list.

How could anyone with half a brain think

According to the ACLU, your 4th Amendment Rights were shredded BUT...

Things that make you go "ZOINKS!"

Who is coming to my place - I'm serving BACON MARTINIs

I don't care what you say - I hate fricking Poodles!!

I got into a rather profound conversation last night about...

Bill O'Reilly claims FUX held back JJ's more damaging remarks:

Best Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey 80's movie

Porn Appreciation Thread!

So my wife was watching "I survived a japanese game show" the other night.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/10/2008)

Prawn Appreciation Thread!

"So You Think You Can Dance" Why does YAHOO think this is featured news in the first place and

**Breaking new scandal: NUTS-gate: JJ wanted to cut BO's nuts "OFF" or "OUT"?

I bet this gets flagged

What is the purpose of dance competition reality shows? (Other than just to showcase dancing)

Where, oh where, are you?

Only 2 choices, folks

I have a Hillary Republican neighbor

When you think you have a beef with Obama...

Do Squingilli and Gnocchi sound the same?

FISA: Passed less than 6 hours ago and my life is falling apart already.

Walking, a Beagle Sucks Horse Balls.

Naming a band.

Their is a kronik misspellor lose in the lung

Any body have a link to the next class of space shuttle's?

Joe Cocker... with captions

I like German Shepherds

From USA Today/Gallup poll: Obama 48%, McCain 42%

That one poll that had McBush leading among pet owners - not really true

Wisconsin to outlaw necrophilia - Better late than never

Recommend this thread if you dig my music posts

More so than FISA it's these issues that worry me...

How many DU'rs had a dad who carried a "water bucket" and wore


Do Dawn and Don sound the same??

Bruce Springsteen...

how soon after Obama is elected will the impeachment movement begin?

Ugh. I have a bad dream hangover.

One of the boys at the shop bought a min-pin puppy last week

WTF. Can someone explain Hitler to me...

I just realized what "Reality Binge" is...

Has everyone seen Matt Harding's new video? hits McCain locally Wednesday

Bring teh popcorn to E/E!

Nozzle rage: Terror at the Pump

Best Use of Your Time...

Rush, thy name is shitbag.

My inner Pepe LePew:

Dead cricket in a box of lettuce from Costco!

Obama is Not A God - The American Prospect

Yes, the FISA thing means America is *just* like 1984

John McCain -- 61 Flip-Flops and Counting

A little diversion at the office today

Sometimes I wish DU was called "America's Underground". Lately I'm feelng more loyal to America than


Obama is running for President of the United States.


Impeachment Is Begun

When will McCain get the same treatment from the media as Obama?

Squirrel Nut Zippers touring!

****Heads Up: Obama And Clinton Now Live Campaign In New York*******

MLB website glitch?????

Short note to my Senator, Senator Obama....


The REALLY serious pronunciation issue facing the country today: Do "bat" and "bet" sound the same?

Obama Underwhelms (Novakula - Front page of Washington Post)

Giving Up The Drive thru FOREVER!

Cyanide and Happiness is one depraved strip

OOooo, Arbor Mist? Let's get wasted!

Dick on a plane

I received a Thank You post card from the Obama

The desperation of the right: Criticizing Obama for being reasonable

Even The Nation strongly disagrees with today's FISA bill passage

Post five things that are unrelated

New Rasmussen Polls: Obama by five in NJ and McCain by five in MO

McCain literally phoning it in today-'tele-town' hall meeting

So romantic...We're celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary by...

My head is exploding -- RANT!!!

I think it's time for a song!

McCain advisor calls economic "slowdown" a Mental Recession, says US is a Nation of Whiners.

off to make some healthy bean dip for raw veggies and some hummus w/

Fuck the media, fuck them! The Jackson hysteria is sickening. How many of us. . .

What happens when you select Ignore for your own posts?

Well, at least George Bush is going to bed happy tonight. Who knew

What confuses most about FISA

Almost all television is essentially little more than State/corporate sponsored propaganda...

Spot the whoopsie! in this recipe for Fizzy Sour Cherry Lemonade:

"...this place pretty much sucks giant horse cocks"

Dehumidifier water...question:

Naming a Band

Favorite Fictional Governor?

Hey LostinVA, how did the intervention go!?

The World Of Kamandi

Dammit! I KNEW those fuckers weren't giving me my mail!

What exactly did Jackson say?

AJC: Obama's Frequent Regrets May Make Us Sorry

Number One Rule of Politics ---pix--->>>

FISA: At least when the "October Surprise terrorist attack" happens, it won't "all be Obama's fault"

McCain's Memory Excuse

America Gets to Know Obama, and Vice Versa

Obama and the Latino Vote

The stream has ended.Delete.

Reports: Husband killed in bizarre couch incident

Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA) union endorses Obama

Bittergate vs. JesseGate ....

Something weird happened to me today


Goodbye DU. I'm taking my 36A's and leaving.

Jesse Jackson re Barack Obama: "Cut his nuts off"

Obama and Iraq: A General Election Strategy

Obama’s Changes Raise Issue: Can You Believe in Him?

How powerful is the Media during general elections?

What Dennis Has Done

Is Obama getting out ahead of this "flip-flopping" narrative?

Your poems for the day: H.P. Lovecraft's "Star Winds" and "Antarktos."

Rebates: I'm officially done with them.

Did Susan B. Anthony die in vain?

"Walking Beagle Sucks Horse Balls"

re: FISA...why did we even let it come up for a vote?

Dont know if bee hive collapse is still going on but

What body grooming procedure should janesez post before/after pictures of next?

Question for those "upset" at Obama: Outside of FISA* what position do you feel he flip flopped on?

Breaking!North Dakota Poll: McCain and Obama Tied

Barack to visit Virginia and discuss economic security for America's women

North Dakota: McCain and Obama Tied (Rasmussen)

Cool interactive radar

I want to see a buddy movie with Tom Jones and William Shatner

So...years ago. My dad asked me for a quick read. I gave him "The Old Man and the Sea"

BARAAAAAAACK!!!! i'm BEGGING you!!!! make a speech! go to a controversial sermon! ANYTHING!!!!

Dear George: So excited for Jan. to come! Can't wait to hear about your late-night calls to Condi,

Reprobates: I'm officially done with them.

Favorite Fictional President

Rasmussen Electoral college update: (11am 7/10/08)

My customer is listening to Chris Matthews in the background.

Montana, North Dakota, and Alaska=9 EV's

Information regarding the accident I saw yesterday evening -

Jackson's `Crude' Remarks May Be Boon for Obama

How about this for a dumb question about Jesse Jackson's comment:

Yah know - Janis Joplin's music and story were tragic

Prez campaign TOONS

This thread is for the DU men

I'm going to see Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr. impersonators tonight...

Walking a Beagle Sucks Horse Balls.

Barack Hussein Obama has NO executive experience!

Get a grip, DU. We all understand your concern.

Democrats in Congress could knock the wind right out of McCain.

Need some input: Am I wrong to be furious with my Sister?

If you're drunk on booze that cost you $30 today, I have but one question for you:

I had to share. . . .

Michelle Obama on making life easier for the American woman

What a relief. Now we can listen in on bin Laden's domestic calls here in the States.

Newsweek blog: The Obama Veepwatch, Vol. 6: John Edwards

Question for Deadliest Catch fans

New Burn Notice starts TONIGHT! If anyone's interested.

Do you have to be attractive to be considered a 'cougar'?

Analysis reveals more lopsided race than polls show: Obama dominates most energized voters

VP announcement timing: Looks like the week of August 4 to me

Is Obama Throwing the Summer Away?

RAS Poll has Obama leading in Illinois 50/37

What could Obama do that would make you not vote for him?

Obama Response to "Mental Recession" Phil Gramm - McLame in Damage Control Mode


MSM is really pissing me off today.

McCain avoids Viagra question

Today's music - what's the prevailing tone?

Blue Bell Chocolate Covered Cherry Bars...Mmmmmm....

Zogby's "Equinox voters"

Hey everybody! GD is really fun tonight! Head on over and jump in the pool

Rasmussen, 7/10: Obama 45%, McCain 41% (with leaners, 48% to 45%)


Damn Earworm! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Possible scenario: Obama leads a filibuster against FISA. Come October,

So I read through my high school yearbooks last night

Here`s a nice diary: "I just had breakfast with Barack and Hillary"

I am trying ubuntu 8.01 right now

Science Geeks: If the Earth weren't on a tilted axis, would life still exist?

Do "dick" and "Dick" sound the same?

I'm drinking

Karl Rove "wet pants"

I am a bit peeved at Direct TV right now

This sank without a trace in GD; maybe it'll play better here:

You people, vote for Obama!! I'll be damned if I'm gonna

Boston and San Francisco-Beautiful

inside info - the next KPOD (kitten picture of the day) is rockin

You got $1.25? You wanna puke? Well, then step right up!

Behold the Malta Mobile

DU trolls outraged about Obama's Spanish language comment....


McPain is about to blow, live on MSNBC..

Never "drum" your lap to a rock song...

McCain Advisor Calls Americans "A Bunch Of Whiners" On Economy

This is so true , it ain't funny , or it is .

Critics slam VP wannabe Carly Fiorina: imply she is a liar!

I have concrete proof of my geekiness.

"A chorus of anger and disappointment from the left but those voices are a distinct minority."

Obama's Ideology Difficult to Pinpoint: Dems Decry Move Toward Middle, but GOP Still Sees a Liberal

Why do you sigh?

Why the FISA vote doesn't matter.

Jose Canseco: Madonna Begged Me to Impregnate Her

Did Obama ever correct his goof up on our kids speaking Spanish?

"I don't know what I voted," McCain said.

Mr. Writer was just laid off again.

Obama camp jumps on Gramm comments

McCain YouTube Vid "Alot of this is psychological"

Obama: Oh, one more thing...

John McCain -- 61 Flip-Flops and Counting

When I was growing up in Montana our family doctor would make house calls.

John Cooper Clarke - Chickentown 2

The Rude Pundit: A Condemnation of Barack Obama Preceded by a Defense

Can someone repost how to change Youtube videos from mono to stereo?

I feel sad tonight.

I'm bored. You come over and play RIGHT NOW!

McCain in presser asked if Gramm would be considered for Sec Treasury or some other such post...

Obama only leads by 13% in Illinois - Come on Rasmussen who are U kidding

Have you EVER seen a more innocent face?

What would the Republicans and willing corporate media say if Obama voted against FISA?

McCain Adviser: The US is in a "Mental Recession".

Bring back new thread post limit?

Voters reject Obama's call that our kids must learn Spanish

Was Home Improvement the most inane sit-com of all time?

Hey everybody! Whoa_Nelly's is really fun tonight! Head on over and jump in the pool

I was in Sugar Land, Texas yesterday. Ask me anything!

Who remembers, TOASTY?!?!?!!

Obama's Theme Song?

We have to have a talk about Barack Obama - Gail Collins NYT

Forum proposal: GD/GDPPM*

frank sinatra(my kitty cat) is coming into catmanhood

McCain asked about PNAC

******Obama Live Now************

Any word on Obama/DNC June Fundraising?

Rasmussen - 7/10 - Obama and McCain tied in North Dakota

Sabato's Electoral Map: Toss-Ups are CO, MI, NH, NV, OH, PA, VA, WI - 99 electoral votes

The website is down!

Frackin' Dish Network

Is CREDO Mobile for real?

New Jersey: Obama--47% McSame--44%

Small town health care: who has had GOOD experiences?

2 new fractals - variations on a theme

McCain campaign originally stood by Gramm’s comments.»

Clinton and Obama "put on a bit of a show for hundreds of donors"

To DU members who understand the power of solidarity, this one's for you.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/10/08

McCain's Economic Adviser, Phil Gramm, called us a "nation of whiners"-we should exploit that!

McClatchy: Poll shows Obama leading McCain with independents split

If your so upset with our current democratic reps

A study in dives for those who like bars

What's the last foreign film you've seen?

introduction to sausage

Free online faxing?

Can I please vent about my car repair bill?

"Because Jesse Jackson said those remarks, it defines Barack as not being cut from the same cloth"

newest 'Icanhascheezburger' LOLCAT!!! The Ultimate 10 Commandments

Could someone please explain to me what people find objectionable about the FISA bill?

Dear DU moderators,

Obama votes no on FISA, FISA passes anyway.

This is so much bigger than Obama... It's about America and your children and the future

A true leader and patriot comments on FISA

Giuliani: Obama's Support Of Bilingualism Reinforces Anti-Americanism

Obama's Accidental Sister Souljah Moment: "Jesse Jackson did it for him solo."

You otter be in pictures!

FISA has now thoroughly been discussed. Let us please move on.

Obama voted for the FISA bill - EVERYONE PANIC

McCain Plans to Spend $200 Million Before GOP Convention

There are more important issues in this country than FISA

Bush Whines About Congress

Do "pin" and "pen" sound the same?

The FISA vote for Obama was the same kind of calculated risk he

Obama Should Go On an Education Tour

Are tennis shoes/walking shoes from Target and similar stores as good as the pricey

Lyndon Johnson best described McCain ...

We're working to elect a DEMOCRAT this year, Not another Republican

Bottled water, tap water, or water from a filter pitcher?

Gramm about the recession: "I'm not going to retract any of it. Every word I said was true."

Na na na na na I told you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it. Booked my flight to Argentina!

Oh Oh, McLame touches the third rail

Pew Research Center poll: Obama, 48%, McCain 40%

MSNBC fails again by equating Gramm and Jackson stories.

What Russ Feingold Said:

North Dakota: Obama and McCain tied at 43% each

The baseball gods are fickle

Serious question: Why is it conventional wisdom among strategists that Dems can't be too "left?"

McLame just made an incredible gaffe!

McCain Campaign Emails Out Youtube Clip of McCain Bashing Own Economic Adviser

Progressives Must Guard Against Helping to Promote Republican Narrative

Will McCain have a public temper tantrum sometime before the election?

DNC, please USE Gramm's remarks and ADD Arnold's "don't be economic girlie men"

I have a problem

Feingold on FISA: Elect Obama to reverse 'terrible legislation'

Just publish the list of Clinton's debts, we'll decide which ones to retire.

Record Voter Interest Likely to Help Obama

Record Voter Interest Likely to Help Obama

The FUCKING Bill Would Have Passed REGARDLESS of how Obama Voted

McCain will Lose Because he Doesn't Know CRAP About the Economy

Rasmussen Wisconsin Poll: Obama 50%(+5), McCain 39%(-4)

I Am Determined to Spend My Time Attacking McCain on His Strengths, But......

If Obama Voted Against FISA it Still Would Have Passed, So The Question Becomes, WHY DID HE DO IT?

Anyone have information on the new Volkswagen TDI jetta's?

Meet Zeus....

What are your favorite sappy movies?

Is There Any Difference Between McCain and Obama? Is it worth working to get Obama elected?

McCain Campaign Announces New Economic Czar

The week that should have ended McCain's presidential hopes

What I like about FISA

Obama and McCain are tied in North Dakota


Barack's remarks from Fairfax, VA today

Obama: "America already has one Dr. Phil. When it comes to the economy, we don't need another."

Oh, come ON, folks (DU Activist Corps)

McCain campaign originally stood by Gramm’s comments.

Obama Opens up HUGE lead in Wisconsin

Pride Month Recap

John McCain used a horrible misogynistic slur against his own wife in public.

Ok, so "Fox and Friends" altered photos of NY Times reporters...

Better "Dr. Phil" response by the Obama campaign

If You're Not Going To Work HARD To Quell Dissent Please Stay Out Of This Forum

My moniker for the R candidate is no longer McCane, it's McAnus

Hey, folks. Want to really make a difference this election?

Is "Coupling" misogynist?

Clinton offering debt reduction t-shirts

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday July 11

I suggest we send pundits hotel room keys/cards with a note: "get a room with your boyfriend McCain"

Now that we've discussed the pros and cons of the Fourth Amendment,

OK. The YES vote sucked. Now what?

Let's report thought crimes to the thought police!

Phil Gramm's Mental Recession (toon)

Pics from July 4 hike at Point Lobos (near Monterey). Dial-up hell!

do you have any material possessions to which you are particularly attached?

David Gregory's 3 Questions:

Has anyone noticed fools on MSNBC without Tim R. guidance?

President Obama: Who will he nominate as next Justice of SCOTUS?

Man, it didn't take long for GD:presidential to slide back down to the GD: Primaries levels...

we aren't electing a messiah, we are electing a president

David Gregory tonight...first headline .re: Jesse Jackson:"Is Obama Glow Gone?"

Listen, I came here to dish it out. Not take it.

Countdown: Russ Feingold on the FISA Capitulation

Question: concering Fisa

Time to jump on stuff like this

Why don't the Democrats just call the Republicans Borrow and Spend Elitists...

Pew Poll - Obama with twice as many strong supporters as McCain

Anybody remember the recent thread that had great info about polls/moe/% lead and what it all means?

"Ghost Hunters International" Why? Why do they do that? **SPOILER**

Having a "pajama party" tonight!

How about a "back stage pass" Lottery to help with Hillary's debt?

Rebates/sweepstakes: here's some insider info, for those who might need it

Gerald McEntee : McCain's Ignorance about Social Security Is the Real "Disgrace"

Bornaginhoolagin and JenniferZ appreciation thread!!

You are simply not going to believe this poll

The Truth About Obama and Texas

Pretend that you are Majority Whip Dick Durbin for a moment

Why don't Dems get social issues on the ballot that help turn out OUR base?

To the purists: You would fail Obama for giving you 95% of what you want?

Re FISA: Anyone know the exact date to which the retroactive immunity extends?

All McShame has is the M$M.

Barack Obama will be tomorrow in Dayton, OH for a town hall meeting!

Response from Barack on FISA and Discussion with Policy Staff

It's CAPTION TIME! (((Goofy Hat & Goggles Version)))

Computer editing question... Email keeps inserting the characters ">" into various places.

OMG McCain freaks out at the mention of the word "Viagra"

Pemberton GOP committeeman resigns over Obama/O.J. remarks (good!)

Get Off your (me too)ass and do something New York City!

Who would you vote for if you knew that candidate would win?

this thread is for DU women.

Senate Passes Kerry e-Prescribing Reform in Medicare Bill (McCain missed his 76th consecutive vote)

ALERT: Sam Sedar attacking McSame and Phil Gramm right frigging NOW!1!1!1!1

Just got this response on a dating site:

Learn the difference between "bashing" and "criticism"

Is there a way that HIllary's campaign debt could wait until after the election?

McCain's Melanoma Cover-Up

Time Out !!!

My baby is going blind...

McCain attacking Social Security & calling it disgraceful should scare away older

I find Jackson's comments offensive.

Politicker: AZ GOP calls Obama 'almost as scary as Iran' on Social Security

Did anyone else feel this way about the Jesse Jackson tape?

ANOTHER issue McCain didn't "recall" voting against...

Who gives a shit about how Hillary voted, she's ancient history

Could Obama's "right moves" cost him the election?

I'd like to dedicate a song to Phil Gramm & John McCain.

THIS is the week that should've ended McCain's campaign...

I had a truly wicked thought about McCain...

Tweety has been good this week. I know, I know. He'll flip on us. But, he was great tonight.

McCain and Carly Fiorina - With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemies?

It's the economy STUPID........

Wolfson: Clinton not being vetted 'as far as I know' (his Fox debut, take it for what its worth)

LAT: Complete text of Hillary Clinton's "Women for Obama" speech

David Gregory just called Senator Obama "osama" again.

With Phil Gramm in the news, I remember how Bob Graham defended Iowa in the Primaries with its role

David Gregory's campaign to succeed Russert on display now.

Sex Thread

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/10/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 (unchanged)

Another Obama-Osama mix-up on FOX "News"

McCain's Birth Control Prob, what "internal polls in swing states show for Repub and Indie women"

Imagine what life in this nation would be like under a President McCain.

David Gregory leads his show with the TOP STORY OF THE DAY

On the flip side: best (recent) celebrity baby names?

Our pledge: put the whiners on ignore until election day.

Is the Democratic Congress starting to fear an Obama Presidency?...

Post five things that are underrated

Is Jesse Jackson jealous of Barack Obama's mainstream success?

I've never seen a dinosaur and I've never met a "Reagan Democrat" either...

Why Jesse Jackson Doesn't Like Obama

Could Edwards make Texas go Blue?

In the privacy of the voting booth, Pat Buchanan

heh, McCain is such a tool. His "Dr Phil" comeback...."Obama is Dr No! Dr NO!"


Green Party Candidate Cynthia McKinney Names VP

Strategic mistake... so let's try to 'splain this to you


House OKs homeless veterans bill amid veto threat

Do you want peace?

Except for Nixon, has anyone lost a national election to come back an win?

“Hillraiser” Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild calls Obama an “elitist” on CNN

We Californians have NO IDEA how good WE HAVE IT!!!!


What do you want in the Dem' Platform for '08? The DNC wants to know

Where did your campaign money go in June?

So long. I doubt I'll be missed.

I saw a dead person today. (Warning: possibly graphic)

Picture time

Just checking in and gobsmacked by the passionate newbies being driven out by DU habits

Am I the only one who thinks McCain is a little creepy??

The Constitution & Rule of Law Trump any Candidate with me. I lost my motivation for now.

What is Obama's nickname?

I think we can all agree on this:

Since GD is gone haywire again...

The Truth About Obama and Taxes

I give the fuck UP. The Obama haters have won for today.

There is a chronic thread recommender loose in the Lounge.

The Return of the DU Activist Corps

McCain, RNC Had $95 Million On Hand At End of June

In Pittsburgh, McCain tells "a rather moving story" about himself that turns out to be wrong

1980s "college" music video thread!

A few words on FISA and Obama's missed opportunity.

AP: Obama camp seeks info on Dodd in veep search

Something is going on in Belt Parkway in NY

The hard truth about the 4th Amendment

Hoo boy, calling the American public "whiners" isn't going to help McCain!!

Surprise Rasmussen Poll: North Dakota now tied - pointing to Obama northern sweep

How many percentage points will Obama's FISA vote net him?

What was the alternative?

To all the purists

Anybody see this CNN Viagra/McCain segment?

Pics Of Obama And Clinton From Today

Sex and the City fans, i saw Cynthia Nixon Monday in San Francisco.

Post a picture of a place, then let us guess the location

Will you support off-shore drilling now? Our Democrats are ready to give in.

Who do you want in the White House in 2009? Obama or McCain

Barack Obama was right that kids need to speak another language. Especially in a global economy.

WORLD NEWS TRUST: My Kingdom for a Backbone (Mary Lyon)

McCain's Arizona Woes Continue-New Poll Shows Obama Up by Three Points in McCain's Home State

McCain raised $22 million in June. How much did Obama raise? n/t

CNN just spent several minutes calling Obama a flip-floper, with out once mentioning that McCain...

Bush pressuring German gov't to nix Obama's Brandenburg Gate Speech

Obama forgets to urge help for Clinton

And now, for something completely different...

The Daily Widget – Thursday, July 10 – Obama 366, McCain 172 – About “Zogby Interactive” Polls

Three Options

Dear Obama campaign: This is not 2002. Please don't fight the last war

So Shoot Me

Unless You Are Attacking McCain, or Supporting Obama, Get the Hell out of GD:P

Who stands with Obama?

Grist: What's not the matter with Kansas (Sebelius interview)

B*sh a disgrace at G8... shocks world leaders with a "joke"

I thought ANY Obama-bashing violated the site rules !!

Gail Collins: The Audacity of Listening


I just bought Michelle Obama's dress!

A Nation of Whiners?

Spike Lee takes Jackson to task - We have to "move away from this so-called image of what black is"

Obama’s Judgment on FISA

Obama’s Judgment on FISA

7/9 Election Model-Zogby Edition: Obama (55.6%,420 EV) landslide!

If You're Not Going To Work HARD To Get Obama Elected Please Stay Out Of This Forum

"Democrats shouldn't be crossing party lines to help Republican ideology dominate"

To all who are telling people to get the fuck out of this forum, get the fuck out of this forum.

Cable news anchors choking on Jesse Jackson's "nuts"

Comparing the Senate voting records of Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain

Do you want to see a President McCain or a President Obama?

State Farm Agent in Louisiana Perpetuates Bogus Obama Quote

My screen is going crazy, I can hardly type this, and I am very happy!

Kennedy returns to Senate to break GOP filibuster on healthcare bill

[Black] Networks commits to Obama-coverage

Canada's secret documents on Khadr's treatment revealed

Half of UK forces 'ready to quit'

'Irregular' oversight of KBR work alleged(Whistleblower says Pentagon putting KBR over soldiers)

AP Shocked by Cameraman's Further Detainment for 'Security' Reasons

(Former GOP Congressman Curt) Weldon's Firm Made Defective Tank Deal With Iraq

Physicians' group apologizes to black doctors (for history of racial discrimination)

Ohio preps for Nov., reviews voting machine practices (prohibit workers from taking machines home)

I-64 sniper wracked by guilt after rampage (Va.)

Has Iran joined the axis of Photoshop?

Iraqis tortured by UK military settle case for $6M

Pelosi says House Judiciary may hold hearings on Kucinich impeachment resolution

OPEC chief warns of 'unlimited' oil prices if Iran is attacked

TV anchor promoted sludge deal

Nine injured in 'friendly fire'

U.S. General: Iraqi Forces to Be Fully Ready in '09

Bush leaves G-8 with a joke about pollution.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 10

Rove ignores subpoena, refuses to testify

Bush signs bill overhauling eavesdropping rules

4 out of 5 sunscreens inadequate, study finds

Antarctic ice shelf 'hanging by thread': European scientists

June home foreclosures up 53 percent

Whale watchers disrupt whaling ship off Iceland

No missing parts or tampering found on Obama plane

Judiciary Committee chairman requests special counsel to investigate CIA rendition

Bush to G8: 'Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter'

Convicted ex-diplomat: Sex with teens OK in foreign cultures

Business begins push for post-Bush trade deals

Massive Demonstrations In Peru Bring Life To A Standstill

US will not hesitate to defend Israel, Rice warns Tehran

Forensics expert says ex-Chilean president was assasinated

Hedge fund millions reduced to nothing

OPEC chief: We can't replace Iranian oil

Alaska legislator charged with bribery, conspiracy

McCain adviser (Former Sen. Gramm) talks of 'mental recession' (we've "become a nation of whiners")

Fears rise on trillion-dollar trouble for Fannie, Freddie

Father: Body of missing soldier found in Iraq

Israel 'ready to act' over Iran

EPA knocks $900,000 off value of a life

DNC to Limbaugh: Go ahead, send us your dittoheads

Obama Blasts McCain Over Advisor's 'Mental Recession' Comments

Brazil's Lula visits Vietnam's General Giap

Greenglass, witness in Rosenberg case, dead at 84

Feingold on FISA: Elect Obama to reverse 'terrible legislation'

McCain criticizes adviser's ‘whiners’ remark

U.S. Troops in Iraq Face A Powerful New Weapon

Switzerland widens probe into BAE Systems (money laundering/Bandar Bush): government

In Pennsylvania, McCain Tells a New Version of Heroic P.O.W. Story -- Subbing the Pittsburgh Steeler

Rice Warns Iran: US Will Defend Israel

Toyota to Build Prius in U.S. as Fuel Forces Shift

Bush to G8: 'Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter'

Reports: Iran test-fires more missiles

Rove refuses subpoena, leaves country

Canada's secret documents on Khadr's treatment (at Guantanamo) revealed

NWA cuts 2,500 jobs; hikes baggage, service fees

Pelosi Says House Judiciary May Hold Hearings On Kucinich Impeachment Resolution

In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many (launch photo is partially fake)

Wal-Mart sales surge on stimulus windfall

Speier (D-Calif.) proposes national speed limit

Barack speaks at a fundraiser in New York on July 9, 2008

TheRealNews: Canada gives US deserter second chance

The most radical President in history (Sy Hersh)

Why does US need military bases around the world?

Coundown w/ Rachel: Paul Reickhoff discusses McCain's claimed 'support' for GI bill

Rudy 9ui11iani praises Reagan for pretending to be insane

Coundown w/ Rachel: Countdown: McLame Humor on Iran

Don Siegelman calls for contempt charges against Rove - PART TWO

FLASHBACK: McCain on Recession: "it's psychological" (January 24, 2008)

McCain "I don't believe we're headed to a recsssion"

Red State Update: Boycott The Olympics?

Bush heckled 4th of July

McSame Camp Distances Itself from Gramm's Comments - Pretends Like McSame Disagrees

1980 U.S./Soviet talks breakdown (Sen. Lugar's comments on M.E. oil)

Is the US 'encircling' China?

Giuliani: Obama Captures Europe's "Anti-American Feeling"

John McCain: Your Economic Problems Are Psychological

Stalling on Impeachment

MC Karl Rove Rap REMIX!

Memorial Day 1985, Reagan claims Dems win = threat to National Security

Never forget what we are fighting for

Women's Rights Birth Control, Viagra Question Makes McCain Squirm and Bullshit

Evangelist mom on global warming, evolution, creationism

New Norm Coleman ad is terrific--and so true!

Barack Obama Address at Fairfax, Virginia Town Hall

Similarities Between 1960 and 2008 Pres. Candidate's Speeches

New Max and the Marginalized video/song about FISA

Barack Obama: We don't need a Dr. Phil for the economy!

TYT: Conservatives Attack Obama's Kids

H.R. 6304: FISA for Dummies

McCain just lost PA

Air travel for slaves:The EMD Safety Bracelet

Democrats & Obama Cave On FISA

Jesse Jackson re Barack Obama:

Hardball: Cramer and Buchanan on Gramm's Remarks

McSame's Economic Guru Phil Gramm: You Whiners

BUSH LEAGUE JUSTICE: Congresswoman Sanchez Wants Karl Rove In JAIL!

BUSHED! Ignoring the Constitution-gate & FISA-gate

TYT: Cenk's Take On The Vote Yesterday (We Are The Guardians Of Freedom)

CNN's Jack Cafferty Hits McCain On Social Security

WTHR News: 1980 Kurt Waldheim in Iran

TYT ANA W/ ANA: Is it A Good Idea To Fake A Heart Attack?

McCain Stumped When Asked About Viagra

Jimmy Carter - the Solar Panels on the Whitehouse - What Happened?

Rove avoids subpoena by fleeing the country.

Kucinich issues impeachment article

Barack Obama - With A Little Help From My Friends

McCain Squirms Out of Answering Question on Women's Health Care

Mukasey Argues That Torture Authorizers ‘Cannot And Should Not’ Be Prosecuted Or Even Investigated

Republicans to head to ANWR (trip called the "American Energy Tour")

Arianna: Karl Rove's Contempt for the Constitution and the Public's Right to Know

Putting Her Foot Down and Getting the Boot

Inside the Bush White House's Nonstop Propaganda War

Tough act to follow? Jim Bunning in the U.S. Senate gets an earful from Byrd

Bush (accidentally?) misquoted Jefferson at Monticello on the 4th of July

Tomgram: Why Cheney Won't Take Down Iran

Florida's sugar deal puts Clewiston's fate in limbo

Mainstream Media Ignores FISA's Biggest Threat to Privacy

Jesse Jackson Apologizes, For His Failure to 'Rhyme'

Obama's Southern Strategy

Obama assails McCain adviser for 'whiners' remark

The FBI's plan to "profile" Muslims by Juan Cole

Focusing on 'The Family'

John McCain Claims Phil Gramm is a Figment of Our Imagination

The Women’s Development Bank in Venezuela: “Creating a Caring Economy”

Robert Parry: Mukasey: Bush's New 'Mr. Cover-up'

Matthew Rothschild: Forget Retroactive Immunity, FISA Bill is also about Prospective Immunity

Independent UK: A life lived in total security is no life at all

The Week that Should Have Ended McCain's Presidential Hopes

Today's coverup of surveillance crimes and Barack Obama - Glenn Greenwald

A More Confident Iraq Becomes a Tougher Negotiating Partner for the U.S.

Carly Fiorina Explains McCain’s Governing Philosophy

Foundations Have No Right to Immortality: Why subsidize indulgences with little public benefit?

A diplomatic message in Iran's missiles?

George Will: Beer: Is There Anything It Can't Do?

USDA opens conservation land for grazing

Iran Apparently in Possession of Photoshop

Does eating an 18-course dinner help you understand people who don't have enough food?

This can't be legal! "Sadam's Nukes"

Hagee's "Christians for Israel" Meet in DC, Seeking Conflict with Iran

UCS - Good visuals on climate change predictions for northeastern U.S.

tomorrow's World Population Day

Decade-long Australian drought worsens

High-speed trains seize short-haul market as fuel cost cripples the airlines

India: Crude oil price hike plagues plastic makers

Gas Prices Spur Drivers to Cut Use to Five-Year Low

Th!nk! Can This Eco-friendly Car Start an Electronic Revolution?

Total withdraws from Iran amid political tensions

Asphalt shortage could shut down work zones

BP report shows we are in sharpest, most prolonged oil price rise since records began

Murray-Darling River Basin Flows Hit Record Lows - Key Water Source "Little More Than A Creek"

South China Tiger - Subspecies - Flickering Out In The Wild, W. Maybe 20 Left At Most - Reuters

Royal Society Report - UK In Danger Of Returning To Pre-Antibiotic Age In Face Of Superbugs

Brazilian National Parks Underfunded, Routinely Poached, Mined And Logged - Reuters

China's Crude Oil Imports Up 11% YOY In First Half Of 2008, Refined Up 16.4% - China Daily

In Wake Of Rat Boom, 1 Million In NE India Face Famine - 80% Of Rice Crop Gone - AFP

Dengue Fever Caseload Up 36% YOY In Philippines - 2008 Could Surpass Previous Record Year - Xinhua

ESA Imagery - Thread Holding Wilkins Shelf Tethered To Antarctic Disintegrating, Even In Midwinter

4 out of 5 sunscreens inadequate, study finds

Bottom Line Is: We're Screwed

'Alarming' plight of coral reefs - BBC

World Bank report could undermine biofuel support - Reuters

The Desert Boom

Mean Age Of Menarche In 1900 - 14.2 Years. Mean Age Today - 12.8 Years

Reef Corals Face Extinction Due to Global Warming, Over-Fishing

New Kits Turn Any Car Into a Plug-in Hybrid

John Michael Greer On Trailing-Edge Technologies & The Fallacy Of Speed - Energy Bulletin

Pakistan: High energy cost forces millers to halve flour production

Breakthrough in solar energy: ten times more effective solar power may be available in three years

New Creutzfeld-Jakob-like Dementia Discovered In 16 Americans - New Scientist

Mother Jones: Attack of the Planet-Pummeling Baby

Huge shale gas find in north Louisiana, Shreveport area

Cutting Out the Middlemen, Shoppers Buy Slices of Farms

AlterNet: Get Ready for the Post-SUV World!

Bush Says Farewell At G8: "Goodbye From The World's Biggest Polluter" - Independent

Listening for ET at Mount Shasta

Radically different engine designs, 40 percent efficient and above

Space aliens hold key to free energy, speaker says

Utility shut-offs jump

Anyone else feeling the sluggish economy?

500 jobs could be created with new prison in Fayette, PA

The Fannie and Freddie doomsday scenario

U.S. Foreclosures Rose 53% in June, Bank Seizures Almost Triple

A message from Bp. Gene Robinson (Episcopal Bishop)

3 1/2 Weeks!

Rite-Aid doesn't like the gays.

Legislature to take up repeal of 1913 law shortly

Lesbian couple sues BlueCross over denial of spousal health care benefits

The Corruption of Words: Gays and Food

A 25-Year-Old Gay Landmark, Built Before the Civil War

Gay man sues publishers over Bible verses

Today in labor history July 10 A federal grand jury indicted Eugene V. Debs Sherman Anti-Trust Act

East Boulder union workers approve contract (Miners and support staff)

Workers strike at can-making plant in Kingsburg

AFL-CIO Launches Union Veterans Council

AFL-CIO ad criticizes McCain on war, veterans (union $ go to war)

Thousands protest economic policy in Peru (they blame on the free market policies)

AFTRA Deal Approved This Week Establishes New Media Residuals For Actors

More than 100 cargo trucks enter Gaza Strip

Too easy on settler crime (Ha'aretz editorial)

Israel approves expansion of two West Bank settlements

Palestinian military court delays verdict against collaborators

Al-Aksa official: Hamas nabs two gunmen for Kassam attack

PA official: We'll freeze talks if settlement building continues promotes website advocating genocide and terrorism

'This is like apartheid': ANC veterans visit West Bank

Unarmed Palestinian killed on Gaza border

Ancient ruins found in Bolivia

Brazil's Lula visits Vietnam's General Giap

Former Chilean president was killed, examiner says

The Women’s Development Bank in Venezuela: “Creating a Caring Economy”

Ecuador's Correa stages coup against media

Massive Demonstrations In Peru Bring Life To A Standstill

Competitive Eating Under Investigation

So Senator McCain, Was that The Packers, or the Steelers?

"There is no peace of mind, only peace of no mind".

Effortlessness..a personal story

Anyone here familiar with Chinese Herbs?

Things I learn on DU: Bidens have a cat

Energy Shifts and locations, circumstances

Nice video collection of Biden from a DKos poster

Did you guys see this ?

Well, well, well..... Taylor Marsh is liking Biden for Veep.

This is interesting you guys --

wanna see more of JB on Judiciary?

Could Biden help win over women voters?


Who here has had Reiki attunement?

Okay, I admit it. I have Biden withdrawal.

AMA to apologize for racism

Fromn a nurse~

talking about immune systems is hardly "medical advice"

Genes from Middle East families yield autism clues

Herb shows potential to reduce cancer-related fatigue

Death by “alternative” medicine: Who’s to blame?

Measles Outbreak Is Worst in a Decade sponsoring a Photography Book Contest - $25,000 prize

Bastardo! I missed X again

I keep missing "T"

Dog Days

I really wish I had had film on this one

July Photo Contest!

Beach Time: Washington Oaks Garden, FL

Enhance Your Immune System The Natural Way-- FOR FREE-- if You Hate Modern Allopathic Medicine!

You otter be in pictures!

Oh, Maestro............

Women and Guns- A photo essay

Good news - Police-officer shooting deaths at lowest level since 1960.

One of my favorite salad dressings.

Progressive NASA and Space Policy Under a New Administration

Pi, Pi, Mathematical Pi

Cool pic of the Phoenix Mars Landing Site

Noob question regarding Europa

A message from Bp. Gene Robinson (Episcopal Bishop)

Sniffer Dogs To Wear ‘Muslim’ Bootees

World Youth Day to exlcude homsexual youth in Australia

"Hancock" - Great movie!

Lawsuit: Negligent 'Holy Spirit Catchers' Cause Injury

Grassley Investigation Update: When Is a Parsonage Not a Parsonage?

Catholic League Targets PZ Myers for Threatening to Desecrate Eucharist Wafer

Some criticisms sting, others just make you really sad.

New Scientist: New legal threat to school science in the US

I contributed to Bob Jones University

J Hauer knew a lot about how things worked - July 27, 1999

Public Conference Call with Dennis Kucinich

For those who might not have seen this, Kerry e-prescription provision passes

I wonder if Kerry is in any position to help out here: Brandenburg Gate-Gate

The website is down!

Incredibly slow bootup

New Norm Coleman ad is great--and so true!

Sirens are on... high wind and perhaps hail

Why would Senator Larson want taxpayers to pay for a special election?

WCCO's Kessler says pro-Coleman labor ad is a lie and distortion

Personal Opinion on FISA

OMG. What the hell?

Victoria's Secret, CU sign deal

Globe and Mail: Experts say there are options for Khadr

UNCOUNTED team launches weekly YouTube series on election fraud

VR: Hold Karl Rove in Contempt - Siegelman

Mark Crispin Miller: No Opscan in New York!

Arstechnica: French latest to realize the perils of e-voting

Links to You tubes from 2004 showing crowd interaction

GOP here in Sheboygan

Oh how the mighty have fallen, i saw John Doolittle (R) ca-4 at the airport