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(Very) bad news: Obama appoints another leading neoliberal to his economics policy team

i was thinking about my grandmother

Hillary Clinton's worst fear. Two words: Kathleen Sebelius.

How with a few minutes in each post, you can help defeat John McCain

I am beyond fed up with the notion that Hillary ran a racist campaign

When's the gas price revolt? $3.97.9 today in NJ

Are You Happy With The Current Primary/Caucus System?

Tom Brokaw Slams Press Drumbeat For Hillary's Exit: "Inappropriate", "Commentary Disguised As Report

So if roles were reverse and HRC was the presumptive nominee would we be screaming RACISM?

Why does Hillary need the DNC to come to her rescue?

I'm all for reconciliation, but that doesn't mean I'm going to lie.

Wikileaks Smoking Gun McCain “Clinton Strategy” Memo: Bush AWOL Documents Redux?

Forget What Clinton Did Wrong -- What Did Obama Do Right?

Caption This... McCrazy vs. Obama

Let's make it interesting: How about Kathleen Sebelius vs. Hillary Clinton for Vice President?

So who are the "we"?

What kind of music does Obama enjoy?

Fresh Polls: NJ: Obama +9, WI: Obama +2, TX: McDubya +13

Here is my 1000th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( OR "here's all we need to do to get along")

Does Obama Make You Feel Old?

Should Obama pick a current senator as his VP?

Polls suggest Clinton would be a bad idea as VP.

Y'know, the media did dick over Hillary

Heads Up: Fuckstick Nader is taking 6%.

McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

I love this fantasy campaign poster

He needs to pick his vice president quickly

Does anyone know Lindsey Williams?

I predicted Barack Obama would be President 20 years ago

"With malice toward none; with charity for all...."

Salami Sandwich or Hillary Clinton for Veep

Update On My Students' Get-Well wishes To Senator Kennedy:

I feel dirty.

"Finding common ground", I'd like to remind Hillary supporters that my candidate lost too.

Barack Obama sets up internet 'war room' to fight slurs

To the Obama suporters who address threads, "To the Clinton Supporters who..."

Who did Hillary Clinton's Campaign the Greatest Disservice?

McCain still getting $58k/year in government disability payment? WTF!!

John McCain's First Wife Speaks Out!

The last word (I hope) on Mark Penn

"Brutal": The McCain video that just went viral

Are women shunning Obama? Pollster says no

Laura Bush has a classy moment (compliments Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama)

WOW....Obama is OFF THE LEASH! He is ON FIRE!

Hold everything! The party is at Hillary's!!!

I support Obama with donations, volunteering but not with my vote...ask me why

McCain Campaign Declines to Meet with Billy Graham

So much for unity and kumbaya...

TheHill: Obama could raise $100 million in June

Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles - LIVE on C-Span I NOW!! - Woot!!

The only problem with living in a really Blue state during the GE:

I just want to say ugh to the idea that Obama needs a white male running mate with

Japan loves the Dems too...

Donate right now to keep DENNIS KUCINICH in Congress!

My sincere question to Hillary supporters who refuse to support Obama -- Why?

Um...people....John McCain actually called Putin the President of Germany

RASMUSSEN: Obama does not have a woman problem - 52% Obama to 40% McCain

Can we please stop using "18 Million" as a talking point? PLEASE!!!

Photos from the Bilderberg meeting in VA::

This Modern World The week that was

Obama Campaign really going city's Dems seeking housing for Obama volunteers.

heh, heh...[Obama] looks like he's running for Jimmy Carter's third term...heh,heh .*crocodile grin*

I have something to say to Hillary R Clinton!

Wednesday Wednesday

Oh NOES! Picture of Obama Giving "Terrorist First Bump"... pass it on.

Jim Webb on the Daily Show

Breaking 2

John Gibson Tells Black Caller: "You Just Like Obama Because He's Like You..."

I've already seen Hillary Clinton supporters now supporting Obama with full force

***OFFICIAL Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush THREAD in GD ****

Caption This: Hillary and Sen Schumer

First Read: The expected poll bounce for Obama - how high?

Meanwhile, in the real world: Kucinich is introducing articles of Impeachment. NOW

John McCain's divorce...valid concern about his character or not?

Obama: "Every senior deserves to live out their life in dignity and respect"


McCain calls for moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

One Shining Moment for the Democrats, A TYT Tribute To The Dem Primaries

The Anti Rev. Wright: The fist bump

Did it ever occur to a few people....

Obama's campaign chief, David Plouffe: low profile, high impact

Ain't No Party Like The Democratic Party

Is Obama holding an IPhone here?

Hillary supporter on Abrams just said Hillary was already VP for 8 Years. What a slam to Al Gore!

Attacking McCain's age is wrong, in part because "McCain Aims for Backlash Among Seniors"

HELP on some infomation please.

If you go on the Obama website and see negative comments about Hillary or Bill please report them

Wow... here it is: the FIRST Mrs. McCain speaks... wait until this gets around!

Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?

Punditcrats: Why We should Shun them; not Regurgitate their Words

What a moderate GOP judge told me yesterday regarding Obama....

Did David Gregory just position Obama to the Clinton Right as a baseline of acceptability?

Before last week's primaries I CALLED my DINO Congressman and asked

Contact Your U.S. Representative in Support of Kucinich. (Link)

Does anybody know the story behind the photo of John McCain making the Popeye face?

Ooops, this was supposed to be a response...DELETE

Fuck you! you ugly fucking fuck

Jonathan Alter: "I Don't Think He's Senile"!

I Don't Want My Vote

Wisconsin: Obama 45%----McCain 43%

Tom BugBoy DeLay's wife voting for Bob Barr

An E-mail I Received From A Republican...Discussion??

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/8/08 - Obama 48, McCain 40 (same as yesterday)

For the Hillary supporters who refuse to vote for Barack because of his skin color,

News host calls the Obama's fist bump a "terrorist fist jab"... Can you guess which channel?

GALLUP TRACKING shows BOUNCE. Obama 48 (+2), McSame 42 (-2). Obama's strongest showing to date.

After the 11th, will DU still allow members to call others racists?

**** LIVE right NOW: Kucinich impeaching BUSH = C-SPAN *****

Obama just said he was partnering with Elizabeth Edwards to work on Health Care

I'm All Verklempt

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA blasts John McCain on the economy today in Raleigh, N.C.

Obama at the Salt Lake City Gay Pride Parade.

Are they STILL talking about the "popular vote"?

Amazing thing just seen on Lehrer news hour - Amy Walters and Stu Rothenburg, discussing election.

Gallup: Obama Receives Post Primary Bump - Obama 48, McCain 42

Saturday Night Senator Obama underwent his most exhausting mission of the campaign

Disappointed HRC Supporters Worry Democratic Leaders

This was a TOUGH Primary Season to Focus Solely on Issues

The Democratic Party wants YOU...

people who voted for hillary NEED to support obama. otherwise mccain wins.

I predict failure of the Wednesday deadline.

Could we just cancel tuesday?

The rebuttal to every McCain criticism of Obama on the economy


Gov. Brian Schweitzer (MT) for VP:

The Good American and Monsieur Obama

Secret recording of the Obama/Clinton meeting

Stephanie Miller Is Right.....I Cannot Wait For Bill O'Reilly To Say "Senator Frankin" ILMAOL.

The Daily Widget – Monday, June 9 – Wigand 53.72% – Total 600.50

I can't wait for Wednesday.

A poll on the role of superdelegates in this primary

Oops. Looks like someone finally reached ... um ... Equilibrium.

Bwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh McCain is flying around the country on a chartered plane from JetBLUE

Do the GE Polls Underestimate Obama's Support?

What happened in New Hampshire?

Is it safe yet?

new obama sticker from "sticker robot"

Obama hammers McCain, Bush on economy, gas prices

What if anyone who creates more than one GDP thread in 24 hours has to create a minimum of 20?

Some Hillary supporters piss me off

any chance of Gore being on the ticket???

Turn The Page

The Unger Report: How to solve the other "Clinton problem"

Assuming Obama does not pick Hillary for VP, what should she do?

Why can't McCain seal the deal ?

Can someone point me to Jim Webb's feminist issues......

DU THIS! CNN politics "grumbling clinton supporters"

Hillary Clinton sees new push to pick her for vice president (N.Y. Daily News)

Let's understand one thing: Obama is only facing McCain because of two people.

Barack in Raleigh, NC: "It is time to try something new. It is time for change."

Kennedy to Lead the Health Care Fight?

McCain claims he didn't chide media in speech - video shows different

Obama family joins neighbors for a lake shore bicycle ride (pics)

McClatchy: (Some) Clinton supporters angry at Matthews, Olbermann, media

Rep. Robert Wexler for VP?

Now we know why there is the rumor about Michelle Obama.

Will:"If McCain really opposes torture, he will take pity on the public and master the teleprompter"

******Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigning In Raleigh, North Carolina******

Ok, why can't we have a channel that allows us to see each speach or townhall

Anyone feeling like they just need a break from all this?

Obama won Texas. Again.

Jim Webb or Hillary Clinton for Veep

Veep Watch: Sebelius Raises Her Profile

We must never forget that we've seen a despicable campaign from Hillary, nor let it happen again.

My fellow Hillary supporters, I ask you one simple question......

DU predictions from 2005 and 2007 (Dem nom & both tickets)

Whoopi says about Obama, "I like the way he interacts with his wife."

Wasn't the Supreme Court going to announce a group of decisions today?

Optimist Feminists vs. Pessimist Feminists...why more women didn't vote for Hillary

Racial Attitudes Pose Challenge for Barack Obama

Should Dems consider contributing to Bob Barr?

Pelosi Backs Emanuel for Obama's Senate Seat (Novak - take as you will)

Mad Skills - The upside of Jim Webb's anger.(Fascinating perspective piece on Webb in TNR)

We must never forget that we've seen a despicable campaign from Hillary, nor let it happen again.

Gerald Pomper, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Rutgers: Webb adds the most to the ticket

Overall, how much money did you contribute to Obama's primary run?

I'm donating $$$ to Hillary, yeah I'm still pissed but she is like an estranged family member. . .

Sun Tzu, A.K.A. Obama, heads to battleground states w/ message for McCain: It’s the economy, stupid

WOW Anyone watching this Obama speech? When was the last time we had a Dem kick butt like this?

Breitbart on McCain: "He'll sit there and be adequate"

None of you are doing anything to promote Democratic party unity - MSNBC

Share this with disgruntled Hillary supporters! (Not a slam, I promise)

Ferraro "giggles" and loves to talk about sexism being the reason for Hillary's loss. STFU!

Guardian: Fuel protests spread across the globe, and Natl. Average Now ($4.02).

Well this forum is toast... I feel like I spent the Weekend with someone that isn't my Wife


John McCain: The Worst Presidential Candidate in Modern History? (tops even Bob Dole in 1996)


Holy Jeez!! Hillary Spent $109,823 per Delegate!! No Wonder she is Hanging on to Them.

What will be the fate of these two low-level Obama staffers?

Obama Campaign Manager Plouffe To Hold Private Outreach Meeting With Top Hillary Fundraisers

"Can You Imagine When Bill O'Reilly Has To Say...

Johnny Mac wasn't a bad-looking dude back in the day

Why Obama Will Win SC - Op-Ed from The State

Campaign memo: Obama begins economic tour today

TPM: Obama Privately Rebuked Lieberman For Half-Heartedly Denying False Muslim Rumors

Rasmussen 6/9/08 -- Obama 48% mclame 40%

Virginia will go for Obama without Warner or Webb on the ticket

Don't walk out before the credits!

Can we even discuss it civilly? I am open to Hillary as VP but I have some questions:

Here is a nice picture of some asparagus

Of these three candidates, who would you vote for??

Obama Privately Rebuked Lieberman For Half-Heartedly Denying False Muslim Rumors

Florida for Hillary endorses Obama

John McCain and his "surge" argument.

Forget the ceilings - it's all about the people in the basement!

Obama supporters and at least some Clinton supporters are talking at cross purposes

In retrospect, should Hillary have withdrawn from the Iowa Caucuses if she wanted to win?

The Wife John 'The Weasel ' McCain Callously Left Behind

college students: do they have to vote absentee ballot?

All Assholes Report Here! What Was Your Biggest "Primary Statement" Regret?

Two Cheers For Democracy: A Poem

Obama, Clinton, McCain Join Forces To Form Nightmare Ticket

UPDATE!-the sun and all life forms still revolve around Howard Wolfson

Why punish Democrats for sexist right-wingers like Carlson, Buchanan, and Beck?

Katherine Sebelus, is that woman a MILF OR WHAAAAT??!!?!

Forget ceilings or basements! The key constituency are the people under the stairs!

Donna Brazile said she'd quite the DNC if the super delegates selected the nominee....

It looks like the action in this forum is pretty much over.

***********Graphic designer fired for accuracy.***************

Will there be enough time?

Who Obama chooses for a running mate, won't make or break him

CNN Commentary: Latinos will vote for Obama

The End .....(of DU:GD-P)

McCain looks like that creepy old dude from the Poltergeist movie.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Death of a Statesman

June 11, 2008 12:00 EST Countdown Thread!

Kissinger making visits to Moscow, what is he up to? Which candidate Obama, or McCain...

Any Edwards supporters here who took a long time to get over him suspending?

This year in Ohio, our people will count the votes, not their people

are there any photos of the bicycle expedition (Obama family this weekend)?

Obama will be making a big mistake picking his VP based upon what states he/she may "deliver."

Out of these 3 selections who do you most prefer

Confused - why McCain seen as "THE" Republican nominee and Obama the "presumptive" nominee?

My 1000th Post...

Would this be considered flamebait?

Obama talks to his Campaign staff on Sat - calls them the best org. in modern American time

Warning: link to McCain's site. But this is worth talking about.

Action Item 1:"...I will not vote for Obama nor any person who endorsed Obama before June 3, 2008"

...and they say cat owners are crazy.

The reason they focus on DEATH and PRE-life is,...they can't get a handle on living life, here,...

Jason Linkins' Sunday talk show liveblog on HuffPost is the funniest shit I've read in a long time.

Pete Seeger | PBS | American Masters Please watch

High gas prices hit consumers worldwide

High gas prices hit consumers worldwide

Iran demands Security Council action on Israel threat

When a soldier makes it home....

No, it isn't just you . . .

20 quakes recorded in Reno.

Make No Mistake: McCain's a Neocon

Bush's Failed Campaign Promise on Gas Prices, Bush History: 6/9/08 Monday

Family voter status.

As I watch a repeat of Meet the Press, I am left to wonder....

Could The Simpsons' days be numbered?

Google News In An Alternate Happier Dimension

dupe, please delete

If Bush had, in 2004, following the election and the post-war report...

Americans are Getting Screwed

Interesting....MSNBC captioned a war segment "The Iraq Civil War" this morning.


libertarians are scared: Be Afraid of President McCain

Remember right after 9/11 when gas fell below a buck a gallon?

Remember right after 9/11 when gas fell below a buck a gallon?

Caption McBush...

RSC Clout Grows, Tests Boehner’s Leadership

McClatchy: Credit crisis expands, hitting all kinds of consumer loans

TPM speculates: Was ABC's town hall shot down due to shoddy debate moderation earlier?

A Free And Self-Governing People, Bill Moyers Video

John McCain's Ohio disconnect

Enough Blame Given to Oil and Gas Companies?

Great call on CSpan now

J.K. Rowling delivers commencement address at Harvard.

CSPAN 12:30 p.m. today: ACLU Conference - Civil Liberties and Terrorism

John McCain gets tax-free disability pension

Watch Out for Higher Water Prices

Bush History for Monday 6/9/08 (Bush's Failed Campaign Promise on Gas Prices)

Obama Campaign Memo Previewing Economic Tour

WH Lawyers Are Concerned McClellan’s Book Will Reignite Hearings;Fitzgerald Willing to Testify

Iraqi Premier Tells Iran Not to Fear U.S. Presence

Oil seen hitting $150 this summer: Goldman analyst

Robert Parry: Make No Mistake, McCain Is a Neocon

Citing History, Bush Suggests His Policies Will One Day Be Vindicated-Historians Disagree

Citing History, Bush Suggests His Policies Will One Day Be Vindicated-Historians Disagree

DC Media Event: Time To Talk To Iran by Philip Giraldi

DU This Obama/McSame Poll on Libertarian Party website

DU This Obama/McSame Poll on Libertarian Party website

Fewer Sexually Active Teens Are Using Condoms

Oil Prices: A Case of Supply, Demand, and Speculation

New here! Hello!

Global military spending soars 45 pct in 10 years (and take a guess who spends the most)

Teddy Kennedy is going home today

So now the RW is worried about ethics?

LOL, I think we may just win based on photos of McCain

Must-see YouTube, Brutal! John McCain-electable?

2008: The Making of A Landslide -- A Progress Report

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Private CIA (Mercenary Company Offers 'Services' To Fortune 500 Cos.)

Poll: Dem Challenger Beating Ted Stevens (R-Alaska)

TPM: Was Michelle Obama video rumor lifted from a novel?

Scotty will be on KO tonight to discuss

For your enjoyment...Video and Pics.

OMFG not Larry Craig again!!

I suspect that the USO is a partisan organization. Why?...

Dem Now!: Bill Moyers: “Democracy Only Works When Ordinary People Claim It as Their Own”

Obama, Clinton, McCain Join Forces To Form Nightmare Ticket

Bringing the troops home...

Seperated at birth? This could explain a lot...

High costs land on school cafeteria trays....Student meal prices up by as much as 50 percent

Hugh! Attention "Soliders", here's a DVD for you...

J Street Put Pressure on McCain & Lieberman to Cut Hagee Loose

Remember right after 9/11 when gas fell below a buck a gallon?

"You haven't heard...What have you been doing?" - Oh

German Pols Sound Off On *: ‘Definitely Made World Worse,’ ‘Disgrace,’ ‘Damaged America’s Image>>

Update the Hate Mailbag Protest day Six... JOIN UP!!!

Don't Take the Internet for Granted

Asia Times: Pentagon blocked Cheney's attack on Iran

Unprecedented: Gas hits $4 national average

The Women's Media Center

Ohio- "McCain's Volunteers could meet in a Phone Booth"

TV networks clash with Beijing on Olympic security

Stephen Kinzer, author of "All The Shah's Men" on cpan now n/t

Vote for John McCain

The Amazing Adventures of Supergrad

thank you ---coward bush and coward cheney

Want some good news?

Want some good news?

Bringing Down the Price of the Prius

hey mamas and daddies, what were you feeding your 8 almost 9 month old baby

what is happening with immunity for the telecoms???? any recent news?

Rasmussen: OBAMA 50%, McCain 44% (includes leaners)

1995 Profile of Barack Obama

John McCain 2008

Americans don't get real choice in elections

Does Apple pay the MSM to advertise their products?


One year forecast now is for crude to hit over $178.00/barrel

Asia Times - Petraeus and Cheney agree on attacking Iran

Who in the h#ll is Thom Hartmann interviewing?

DU this AOL Presidential Straw Poll

the other Cheney daughter Elizabeth's mouth has been open

The Tipping Point for Media Reform, by Megan Tady

GOP Insiders Worry About McCain's Chances


TDS: Stewart should have Helen Thomas back on for interview

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Taking On Inequality

warning: graphic

Anti Semites post on an Obama Campaign Forum

Celebrate Fathers' Day for Peace with David Arquette

U.S. Military’s Middle East Crusade for Christ

Lawmakers Urge Special Counsel Probe of Harsh Interrogation Tactics

Al Gore is at Apples WWDC keynote address...

If You Liked Bo Diddley You'll Like This Video

Our city is stupid!!! it is cloudy, we are in a watch and they "test" the tornado sirens

In the era of peak oil, a President Obama is the best choice.

WH Officials (Including Rove & McCain Adviser) Influenced By Abramoff

BA ha ha. I love going to candidates websites the day after they lose.

"Rock stars" have no substance.

When Is A Taser Worth $6 Million?

The Rude Pundit: The Coming Republican Attack, Part 1: Mainstreaming Racism

On Wednesday, Pat Leahy is meeting with Obama's vice-president search team

He Still Loves New Orleans, and Now He’s Mad - Dr. John

How will we pay for Obama's universal healthcare?

A Real Enemies' List

House Panel Details White House Love For Abramoff

NY Times: Rural U.S. Takes Worst Hit as Gas Tops $4 Average

Prosecutors See Disturbing Trend: Banning the Word "Rape" in Court

Barack Obama on GEM$NBC right now

Admiral John Hutson speaking of torture on cspan 2...

How do I stream Randi now? This is the first time I have been able to listen

How do I stream Randi now? This is the first time I have been able to listen

Oversight Committee Releases Proposed Abramoff Report

The Nation: White Male Pundit Power

McCain's pitch to disaffected Hillary supporters: he's a huge ABBA fan

Medal Of Honor Recipient’s Dad: * Must Sign The GI Bill If He Wants To Show Appreciation For Troops»

Your daily Shasta County bigot watch: Lakehead men to be married

Squeezing the American Dream: Workers Face Diminishing Returns

Many voters feel it's okay to find any reason not to vote for the "black guy?"....

Kiddie Prozac Docs Took Millions From Drug Makers

German Politicians Sound Off On Bush: ‘Definitely Made World Worse,’ ‘Disgrace,’ ‘Damaged America’s

Who are you voting for in November?


Think About This

Judge May Reopen Case Against VA After PTSD Email Emerges

who know 'the Slacker' was an 'American cultural archetype'?

FreeRepublic Reaction to the Fist Bump (Some classic idiotcy)

Would Big Oil (spelled GOP) lie to us ?

Which "war" is more of a lie?

Please Visit This Website

Where's FEMA?? There's flooding in Iowa and

Passenger commits suicide after jumping out of plane without a parachute

Passenger commits suicide after jumping out of plane without a parachute

"Hummer for Summer" worst radio station promotion in history

Today is Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference. Al Gore is in the audience!

Brigitte Bardot fined for anti-Muslim remarks regarding inhumane ritual slaughter of animals

McCain Revealed: The Briefing Book

Funny--- I started using the "pound" a few years back....

White trash racists are going to hinder Obama.

Friday's Oil Spike

Food Banks Ask Gardeners to Grow Extra for Hungry

Question on the "Phase II" report

French army falling apart, documents show.


Down on 18th and K Street: 4085 dead, 29,978 wounded

we REALLY need to educate ourselves and others on all McCain's minuses

DeLay: GOP Will Take "Years to Rebuild"

The rolling highway, or the way we're going to get the fuck out of this mess.

hope this isn't a duplicate: but GET YOUR FREE OBAMA BUMPER STICKER HERE

Police: Woman Set Fires Over Gas Prices

Gates asks Bush to Allow Donley to Start as Air Force Sec'y W.out Senate Confirmation

Apple announces the iPhone G3 -- $199

VEEP WATCH: Senator Jim Webb will be on The Daily Show Tonight

Anyone watching the Reptilian

The Mark of McCane (warning - kind of nasty pic)

Breitbart: McCain should allow attacks on Michelle Obama

Ok folks. Ready to DU a poll?

Charlie Black: A good reason why I'm glad that I'm not a conservative republican evil bastard

Drug Companies Slipping Researchers Secret Cash

Forget Chavez and Russia, ally and coalition of the willing member Berlusconi caught censoring...

Happy Google News!!!!!!!!

Are the Japanese cracking up?

Wikileaks.. McCain campaign doc. Has anybody seen this yet?

Europe Bristles at U.S. Security

1 year before Iraq invasion: McCain says no doubt Saddam has nukes and terror training camps!

Filling sandbags (Iowa)


Book TV watchers: Does any remember the title or author

John McCain Means Change

Jim Ryun (r) wants his seat back--thinks political conditions are different. Boyda will lose he say

Conyers invites Scott McClellan to testify.»

McCain campaign's delusional Electoral Plan - part 1 - Re:Oregon

Saudi Arabia To Hold Meeting On Soaring Oil Prices

Reid, Pelosi meet with members of Obama's vetting team

Reid, Pelosi meet with members of Obama's vetting team

Still don't think there are pockets of racisim....

today's funniest headline: Saudi Arabia seeks oil price curb

I'm sorry, but I don't want my presidential candidate flashing those evil Terrorist Signs

Many here have predicted the revolution won't happen till we feel it in the pocketbook.

John McCain is a Senile Old Coot...


Looking for some McCain footage...

Looking for some McCain footage...

Why aren't more Democrats playing politics with the gas issue?

Col. Ann Wright: Canadian Immigration Blinks on Use of FBI data base for entry into Canada ...

Caption This....

The REAL Reason for the "Surge Success"! Walls, Walls and more Walls

The REAL Reason for the "Surge Success"! Walls, Walls and more Walls

LOL! Another loss for Freedom's Watch - ALL of the candidates that they have backed have lost!

A Great Argument For More Abortions

Caption the stumbling monkey face in Slovenia

Why was Gerry Ferraro considered the voice of the "Reagan Democrats"? NONE of them voted for her.

Senate votes to screw food service workers

Today is a GREAT Polling Day for Obama! Gallup: O:48/Mc:42 -- Rasmussen: O:50/Mc:44

Caption this!

Fuck you Lou Dobbs! eom

Abramoff Plied Rove & White House Officials With Tix To Games And Concerts

Barna study: Obama leads McCain nationally 50-35 among likely voters.

The complete Obama speech today - must see TeeVee

Are DUer watching those homes falling into water in

How to Save $400 a Month on Groceries

Americans fear their government, it's a shame

Well, I got my first swill from RightMarch

Can some one help translate a Peruvian You tube for me

Louise! The History Channel has a program on pushing the "Bible Code"

Boy In Critical Condition After Rottweiler Chases Him

Indian Papers run story that Obama seeks-Hindu Monkey God-Hanuman's blessings in race to White House

The Joshua Generation Project -- Obama's outreach to young Catholics and Evangelicals.

the latest additions to my bumper sticker about yours?

Is that a smile, a grin, or a terrorist leer?

So who are you voting for?

Politico: GOP strategists worry about competence of McCain advisors

So, we're technically in Iraq BECAUSE of the Reagan Administration, right?

Pentagon instructs Gitmo interrogators to destroy handwritten notes.

McClellan To Testify Before Judiciary Committee

'Barack Speaks to HQ Staff' video gone!

How Do You Like "Politico"?

Does anyone ever protest these days?

Jonathan Goodwin right now on ABC

is it just me, or is there a sudden wealth in "racists won't vote for a black man" stories

Can people be blamed for not tapping into information sources that are available?

*Breaking*** McClellan Agrees to Testify before House Judiciary Committee!

CNN, Cafferty: "Should Bush negotiate long-term deal with Iraq?"

If You Think You're On A Government Watch List Or No Fly List Contact This Organization

McCain making Obama’s age a campaign issue

Obama's Economic Soul?

McCain on NBC & ABC tonight ... That was as good as he will ever be.

Bush and Abramoff Meet: Four New Photos

E-mail I Received From Jeremy Scahill About Blackwater:

I learned something about the Wage Gap today...very illuminating:

Depends for gramps

Rasmussen WI Poll: Obama 45 (+2), McCain 43 (-4)

Omaha VA hospital needs renovation, VA chief says

Omaha VA hospital needs renovation, VA chief says

Jessica Lynch disability: 80%. John McCain disability: 100% WHY?

OMG! McCain is so very LAME!

Is Wal-Mart Too Liberal?

Rasmussen Wisconsin: Obama 45% McCain 43%

next time i turn on CNN, i want to see all the fascists at faux news....

Minister launches drive-in church

Mommas don’t let politicians kiss your baby

Treaty Tensions Mount as Iraq Tells the US It Wants All Troops Back in Barracks

Bush's Failed Campaign Promise on Gas Prices, Bush History: 6/9/08 Monday

McCain: ‘It’s a Google.’ Or wonder why his campaign copies Obama's website design

After just one hour of CNN - I now know every reason Obama can't win

McLame resurrects the gas tax holiday

General Question about the airline industry - How are they going to survive?

The Press Seems Unable To Hear Those Obama Dog Whistles

Where are the good anti-McCain sites?

Time: Were African-Americans at Iwo Jima?

Time: Were African-Americans at Iwo Jima?

What does "Love your Country" mean?

A woman drowned today in my apartment complex pool.

An Extended Mockery of McCain's Gift Shop

McCaint on NBC News re gas prices: "Obama is another Jimmy Carter."

Vietnam's Troubled Economy

Pop Corn With Your Cell Phone -- Hoax or Real?

Seen Sunday's "Candorville" and "Non Sequitur" toons?

I Received This As An E-Mail From A Repug Friend And Would Like To Refute......

The MSM is a joke. Why do you think anything will change for the better even if Obama wins?

Obama to team up with Elizabeth Edwards to Fix Health Care

********** LIVE now on C-SPAN: Kucinich impeaching BUSH **********

Best site ever!

Lindbergh's deranged quest for immortality

Kucinich introducing Articles of Impeachment against Bush NOW

Cleveland Kucinich-hating daily's blog article on his impeachment move

OMG What is the world coming to......

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/8/08 - Obama 48, McCain 40 (same as yesterday)

McClellan to testify before Congress a week from this Friday, per KO.

Holy cow!! Amway is sponsoring "Countdown With Keith Olbermann."

Les Paul is 93 today and still plays at clubs

GOP Official: If We Only Lose Eight Senate Seats, We Win

Forecast: Dead zone off La., Texas coasts to grow

Forecast: Dead zone off La., Texas coasts to grow

Carville, Louisiana, was a leper colony.

"The Press Want To ‘Convince Everyone That The Economy Is In Recession’ To Hurt McCain"»

Broken-down war-loving nut or Prime-o-life Constitutional scholar? Seriesly.

I just sent Kucinich a contribution for his Congressional campaign

McCain resurrects call for gas tax holiday

Impeachment Happening in Congress Right Now

McCain's glass is half empty, and that glass is a urine sample

Ah yes portions have gotten insane

Should disclaimers be included in every satirical post?

MSNBC, Race for the White House gets the facts wrong again!

Alter on McCain's lying: "It's a learning curve for him to get up to speed on the new rules."

That Damned Mike Easley...pretending to know what "fist bump" is...Disgusting!

DUers it's time to Email M$M and ask why Dennis Kucinich

OMG!!! Yahoo front page!!!! Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren name their new baby girl.

Sorry, this can be deleted, there is no reason for threads to stay around after the question has

Guardian UK: Recession fears grow as house buyers vanish

Why is food so much cheaper in Canada?

Haha! Bill Moyers will be on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tomorrow.

A frank discussion on the Electoral College

A frank discussion on the Electoral College

NBC news w/ McCain on now. The election is over.

Does KO's show have 50000 ads tonight?

Does anybody remember the 1996 presidential election?

McClellan to testify "publicly and under oath" before House in CIA leak case

What happens to the property of the deported?

ARTICLE 14 - Valerie Plame Wilson matter - Obstruction of Justice!

Two more things that disgust me about racism

I saw my first real live "white power neo-nazi" at the convenience store today.

$4 Gas and the Stockholm Syndrome. Are we suffering from Learned Helplessness?

WTF does the TSA need a gold-plated gym for?

McCain's new campaign song to be A Whiter Shade of Pale.


ACLU/Americans United File Brief Objecting To Govt Promotion of Prayer In TX "Moment Of Silence" Law

Um, I thought we were going to impeach Cheney first...

Um, I thought we were going to impeach Cheney first...

WHOA....Hold the Phone. looks ready to go toe to toe on VISION.

Damn KO looks hot tonight

When there is no good choice: Tragic pregnancies at center of late-term abortion debate

When there is no good choice: Tragic pregnancies at center of late-term abortion debate

"You Just Like [Obama] Because He's Like You And You Want To See One Of You Up There"

Hasn't Dennis Kucinich done this once before?

Does anyone have the media blaster list?

Kucinich is mentioning Maher Arar!

MAKE Pelosi consider Bush Impeachment!!! Call her office 415-556-4862

Teddy Kennedy back home

$1.47.9....the price of gas...

Do you think Bush will be impeached?

Juan Williams on Faux News can KISS MY ASS

'AP Appoints Three Managers to Entertainment Posts'

I am so sorry,I put the wrong number on here for Dennis

Is he like Ghandi

Kucinich on Impeachment has made Youtube

cspan front page / tv-schedule page -- nothing!!!

Sorry I'm so dense, but--is "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" live?

Associated Press: Rep. Kucinich Introduces Bush Impeachment Resolution

How the Bush Cabal lied us into war.

Malloy is running Kucinich

DUer Tippy is having surgery today. Please send prayers her way,

For the GE, someone in Obama's camp needs to find...

Senators introduce bill to block military propaganda campaigns.

Glenn Greenwald: Comcast censors criticisms of itself and Rep. Carney


DU this poll--vote that NO the Republicans won't be able to beat Patrick Murphy in Pennsylvania

"I cried all day Saturday"

What's happened to Scotty?`

I Want to Win in November. If Hillary as VP Helps Us Win, Then I Am For It.

VA Senate Race: Two former GOP lawmakers back Warner

Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act

Obama's VP pick--You heard it here first!!!!!!!!!!!

Impasse on Spying Could Lead to Tighter Rules

John McClain for president!

Send a message! Donate $35 to Dennis's campaign!

Will predjudice derail Obama's bid?

Salmonella From Veggies in 16 States

Salmonella From Veggies in 16 States

Scientists Develop Fastest Computer (mind boggling!)

VOTE UP Bush impeachment stories on news ranking websites so more will hear about it LINK:

Why can't those tomatoes be sold at a discount price and let us decide if we want to take the risk?

Because of DU my local paper wrote an editorial against forcing Iraq to accept permanent U.S. bases.

Dennis just brought up NSPD 51!. That's the whole kitchensink and everything

"If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break,' ?

Thank you, Miles O'Brien of CNN for a clear explanation of ANWR

Isn't it required that the house has to deal with Dennis

Please, let's leave McCain's service, his time as a POW and the aftermath of it alone...

In all seriousness - McCain VP? I say it's Mitt for his money.

Freaky Fundie Alert: AFA's knickers in knots over CBS' "Swingtown"

msnbc - bu$h*s trip to Europe to focus on Iranian threat

With all the talk of terrorist scarfs and fist pounds...

Fox Anchor Calls Obama Fist Pound A "Terrorist Fist Jab"

Why Didn't Kucinich Include Cheney?

* arrives in Slovenia - pics

Self-Delete (nt)

(TOON) Steve Bell on Shrub's farewell tour

Laura in Afghanistan Photo: "I know, I NEVER should have married the moron"

Has Dennis taken a pee break yet?

Mega Disasters: Oil Apocalypse

AP picks up impeachment

'Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles' - Raw Story

Reason # 31 Katrina

Kucinich includes handling of death of Pat Tillman as one of his articles of impeachment!

Thank You Dennis

Jon to Webb RE:VP "all you have to do is decide who you want to shoot in the face"

I hereby nominate Dennis Kucinich for RATIONAL HUMAN BEING of the day.

Is there any doubt that....

Chinese officials head for crisis talks in US

The diff between principles and politics - Ted Rall toon

Let's play: NOT *my* Veep!1

Jon totally just PWNED the MSM for not covering the latest iraq war report!

I love how DK says "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution

Obstruction into the attacks of 9-11

I missed the first part of what DK had to say.

Want to help keep Dennis in Congress?

Parents Rally in Albany Against Forced Vaccination

Are we looking at the next Attorney General of the United States?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Even if only one out of 35 stick.................???

I dont care what anybody says to the contrary, but I think the VP was just on The Daily Show.

URGENT - Kucinich delivering impeachment articles NOW!

What was the woman in the piink blouse saying before she read

Fellow Truthers Enjoy!!

We should all try to call in to CSpan Wed am to talk about Dennis' Articles of Impeachment

Thanks, letter is officially the "Most Commented" -with the usual negative ones

Does the Patriot Kucinich Have a Wink From the Nominee?

#35 Endangering the health of the 911 workers....

Jesus! I just heard DK say of Bush: He has committed an impeachable offense..

Remember what Richard Clarke said re: Shrub Co.

Nightline to feature U.S. Attorneys scandal tonight!

Why do some parents get all paranoid about what their kids learn in school?

Before I supported Obama, I supported John Edwards. Before that,

Petal, oldest African elephant in US zoo, dies

Report on White House contacts with Jack Abramoff

Did anyone think to set a timer when Dennis Started this?

35 articles of impeachment but no lies about sex, no sexual misbehavior!

You've gotta f**king be KIDDING me: "McCain: Fundamentals of economy “very strong”"

Why doesn't our Corpratocracy ADVOCATE single-payer healthcare?

Article #36: "Nucular"

Interesting observation at the grocery store today

Elizabeth Edwards : Why Are People Like Me Left Out Of Your Health Care Proposal, Sen. McCain?

I have a real fear that Bush may resign and hand it off to Cheney

Ever wonder what happened to the guy who destroyed the CIA torture tapes?

You know, of course, that Dennis is speaking to an empty podium in an empty chamber ......

White House lawyers are concerned, very concerned

AP is carrying Dennis' Impeachment resolution

And now he's mentioning KATRINA!

And now he's mentioning KATRINA!

Is there anything that can be done about Larry Johnson?

Racial attitudes pose challenge for Obama

Update on Tomas Young

Bill Clinton's zipper problem pales by comparison, doesn't it?

IOWA--Another Katrina?

Okay ... I gotta turn Dennis off .............

Sadness in the family.

No Child Left Behind: Doomed to Fail?

I'm not crazy about the timing of this impeachment...

I hereby nominate Dennis Kucinich for Sainthood



Kucinich introduces Articles of Impeachment today, and the lead story on AP radio news tonight is...

Ah they will have to vote for this...

I hope DUers are paying attention to all the farm-food news

"Do you think the sixties was a good or bad thing?"

To Skinner and the mods: Ban the "gramps" posts on McCain

Why is Dennis wasting our time?

Those of you who've given up TV,

Where are the best Classics departments?

Here's a nice model of compassionate conservatism

Study debunks inbreeding myth (Cheney's West Virginia Joke Shot Down) (Link)...

Citing History, Bush Suggests His Policies Will One Day Be Vindicated

So what is article #35 DUers

Kunstler: "The Dukes of Hazard show is now drawing to a close."

law enforcement question: how far can people push hate speech?

What is it about the left that bothers people? And what's so appealing about the Center/Right?

$4 Gas Means MUCH HIGHER Food and Consumer Costs Across the Board ... and then....

We must connect McCain to GWB!

Int. Hotel Poll Finds American Tourists Messy, Rude, and Badly Dressed

And now 9-1-1.....

Tribute to the great people who have elected Dennis Kucinich

Contact Your U.S. Representative in Support of Kucinich. (Link)

Remember this picture?

So how much cheaper is food at Costco?

Really good article: William Shatner still conquering new frontiers

Thirteen years ago today, my father was brutally murdered. (warning: possibly upsetting)

Professors who pimped Prozac for kids took undisclosed millions from drug makers

Contact the M$M About Not Reporting The Articles of Impeachment Being read by Kucinich

Marbles...I hear them Texas kids love Marbles and love to play the many games they have

Woman Dies Trying To Save Dog From Fire

Breaking Impeachment News: MCCLELLAN TO TESTIFY.

What is wrong with Nader?

After meeting with Bush-Olmert: “U.S. action against Iran is imminent“

My early list for possible Dem senate pick-ups

How does electing "Blue Dog" Democrats help the country?

Marines to begin martial law training in Indianapolis

Email the networks and tell them about the breaking news here:

Meanwhile, corporations want to suck the life out of you

Bush/OPEC screwed Carter. Enron/Republicans screwed Gray Davis. BushCo will screw Obama.

CSPAN LIVE NOW!!! Dennis Kucinich ripping into WHIG and Bush's Lies - He's laying it ALL out!

Bush Fired Karl Rove During Church To Avoid Scene

(OFFICIAL Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush THREAD Part III)

Gun-friendly South reports an increase in murder rate!

This story made me smile -- isn't she a beauty?

Letterman, on NYC heat wave: ''It's 105 and miserable, just like

DU this forum!

CNN Latest News: Is Obama black or biracial?


PHOTOS: Somebody raided the liquor kits on Air Farce One

Those who control the media DO NOT care if you send

...Bush Administration Gives Polluters OK to Pump Wastewater into Drinking Water Supplies

...Bush Administration Gives Polluters OK to Pump Wastewater into Drinking Water Supplies

The Truth about Obama's "fist bump"

bu$h* in yurp - pic

(OFFICIAL Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush THREAD (Part II)

******OFFICIAL Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush THREAD *******

I'm visiting San Francisco day after tomorrow! Any suggestions/tips?

SUPPORT DENNIS: melt congress phone & email lines with demand that your congress cowards back him!

Oh geeshhhh I'm gonna go mow the lawn now ...... can I get a fist bump ??? (pic heavy)


My God! DK's speech is the most definitive statement of bushco's crimes yet!

Just what "experience" does John McSame have, anyway?

May 2008 : One Hundred and Eleven (111) Pro-Impeachment Candidates

Sen. Obama seen riding a bike with his family while wearing jeans...

Is it safe to say Kucinich has just taken unite the party off Obamas' To Do List?

we even have gay pride parades in Alabama

US dam bursts open after heavy flooding (Wisconsin now)

I am afraid Obama is more at risk than other candidates.


The BAE Bribes Funded Covert Ops

A question regarding economics and the economy in general

Dennis! The Most Honorable man in government!

Weak-as-water Olbermann interview of McClellan tonight, on Countdown

Here is why Dennis is "wasting our time"

He's a sacrifice.

Free Bees!

YouTube: Sklar Brothers, "CHOPPER 4...with airborne capability! With a self-propelling propeller!"

Would someone please report Kuchininch's Articles on CNN??

Political Theater! Checking my Buddy List and my Ignore List...

Fuck you! you ugly fucking fuck

I think I could heat a small country with my hormones...

I'm proposing a new group for furries.

Fundie Furries.

More lyrics but I love this song

YouTube: "Why, Johnny look like somebody just walked over your grave."

The honey harvest is in.

Good Morning!

The Crusader

Mmmmm...looks like I missed the orgy this year

Speaking of Steve Guttenberg.....

I had a bit of a scene a while back

I saw INDIANA JONES this past weekend. It was just one action scene after another,

My TV died yesterday. Bought it in '86, may it RIP. Can I buy a new

Thanks, DU Lounge, for the assist with 2 recent situations

GD:P is beat

The GoPsUx 5th (one time only )Poetry-break thread :O}

Happy Birthday to...

My heart is heavy

Sherman Hemsley and Batik: two things I've looked up on Wikipedia this morning.

House Report: Abramoff's White House Connections

Profiles in Tyranny: Contrasting Hurricane Bush versus Cyclone Than

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Just Said Larisa Alexandrovna's Name On The House Floor!

Dear Oeditpus Rex:

Should I post this thread in GD:Pffth??

Now that the primaries are over, we still need something to divide us. I suggest the following:

Want to see progress?

I'm glad I don't work here

Summer highlights some things i dont understand about Americans

I just watched Immortal Beloved on the Starz Cable Channel...

I just got an $8,000 dollar bill in the mail

I was thinking about turning John McCain's head into a whorehouse

Camping with a Great Detective

How much to tip when panhandling?

I've been busy

If You Liked Bo Diddley You'll Like This Video

I was just complimented on the pot of coffee I made here at work this morning.

Are the schools (K-12) in your area still in session?

Yet another reason why ABBA is pure, unequivocal evil....

‘Potty Whisperer’ toilet-trains toddlers in one day


Where's ih8thegop? (nt)

Is there any way to correct the clock on my Mac?


Where's Parche? n/t

Why it's not a good idea to challenge the homeowner

Wow! There are a brazilian panhandlers painting Midlo's house!!

Yo, foodies--Eric Ripert has a new video blog.

Do you give panhandlers money on your way to Olive Garden to order cornflake crusted chicken?

HAHAHA. The guys painting my house are Brazilian.

I took the day off from the shop today

It's a massive pain in the tookus to get a dead refrigerator hauled away.

oh, my god . . .

Why it's not a good idea to challenge the homeless

I was talking with my kids about our upcoming trip to NY to visit my Mom.

Hey now! The iPhone 3G 8GB will sell for $199. !!

I am WAY more progressive than DS1. He only gave PeaceNikki a dollar.

I was just complimented on the pot I made here at work this morning.

I was just condemned for the potty I made at work this morning

wish me luck . . . i'm goin' out into the 100F/38% humidity . . .

wish me luck . . . i'm goin' out into the 100F/38% humidity . . .

I just watched Mortal Hated on the Rabrrrrrr Channel

I'm not sniffa calling anysniffaone out, sniffa but homeless sniffa crackys need sniffa help. sniffa

Are there satellite radios for the home?

Richard Clarke On Bush Administration - “We Can’t Let These People Back Into Polite Society”

Is there a good PDA/smartphone out there WITHOUT a camera

Credit card debt question (help me, please!)

Can you miss someone when they're not even gone yet?

My turn to share with you what I consider the best. threadlock. ever!

You must choose.

I HATE this song:

Recommend me a cell phone

'No, the whole premise is silly, and it's very badly written'

Has anyone been panhandling...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/9/08

Didn't we just *HAVE* a Hulk movie???

Question on learning disabilities and 'Apple' program

Why does jaksavage hate gay people?

Do you give

Conyers Asking for Rebuttals to his Objections to Impeachment

Anybody else watches CURRENT TV?

Schools out for Summer (as Alice Cooper sings)

I'm hitting the pool

I just pissed on a pan handle

It's so hot in the UK, ask me anything

I'm wearing a sweater today

I finally got my mint ice cream

Hold the tomato

i pooped a clique

I saw the coolest, prettiest, smartest woman today...sigh

How do you piss off a Skinflute Handler?

An interesting (or maybe not) thought...

I've been out working (in this inhumane weather) all day. Did I miss anything in the lounge today?

My drive home is ten clicks to the east.

Is it me or is the intolerance that used to reside in GD-P now spilling out all over the place?

getting to know the hitler family

Click your heels three times!

Ruh-roh...things aren't looking good for the Azzurri

i bitch slapped a clique for not having ALL my motherfucking money

most of the cliques on DU have poor hygiene and bad table manners

Small rant.

Die Ärzte or Die Toten Hosen?

it's time for the uncle datasuspect happy funtime magical unicorn and rainbows hour

I am too sick to see Julio down by the school yard

I am too sick to get ready to go to Chico for this job

Men that Make Men Cry

I was thinking about turning John McCain's head into a warehouse

the test results came back from the lab and my doctor said

There was a fly on my toilet this morning.

Pick a band you used to enjoy, then tell us the point when you think they "jumped the shark."

this clique at the gas station asked me for one of my fritos

Chatlog with Oedi


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/9/2008)

Do you give money to panhandlers?


M. Night Shyamalan's THE HAPPENING ...

A silver lining in the dark cloud of a bad economy

What's Halifax like?

Are you okay,MrScorpio? Come back to the Johnny Depp discussion

I cliqued on a thread

Since there seems to be anecdotal evidence of Cliches on DU,

Led Zeppelin's Page, Jones join Foo Fighters in London for "Rock and Roll" and "Ramble On"

Homepage url question

Homepage url question

My tongue wart spillin' the beans

Happy Birthday, Natalie Portman

One down, one to go

Woohoo I have an interview to get a job at Greenpeace on Wednesday

Three words: Beer for dogs.

Movies That Make Men Cry

arrrgghh. applications and other stuff rant

Blizzard entertainment has announced details of the "World of Warcraft" sequel.

I'd appreciate it if you all could take the time to read this

Icky carpet gunk removal help needed - pretty please?

600 HRs for Ken Griffey Jr.

Wow, a double lock in a GDP thread

There are KITTEN pictures in this post... (***dialup warning***)

My Son & My Lovely Future Daughter-In-Law

Oktoberain was just inside of my apartment

MIchael Strahan retires months after Super Bowl win

The heck with impeachment; I say we get Dr. Phil on Bush's case!

I don't care if it's bad for the environment...Thank Jeebus for air conditioning!!

Fun Poll: Can you sing the jingle to both Free Credit commercials.

Tarantino remaking "The Dirty Dozen"....sort of?

Tavernerkids are watching Peter Pan

I'm making barbecups for dinner. What are you having?

What is biting me? I keep waking up with tiny tiny bug bites on

A lovely Quebecois film that I had forgotten...

Guitar Hero - the latest Wii game my son can't tear himself away from -

ok, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for this *&%($ cough

My backpack is running out of room for buttons!

Crash! Bang! Boom!

"HEY....would you eat the M O O N if it were made of BBQ'd spare ribs?!"

I'm watching GIMME SHELTER right now

Remind me again: what are the reasons to -NOT- commit suicide?

If you speak to the same person more than once in every 24 hour period

Why it's not a good idea to challenge the homeless with Sudoku number puzzles

What's up with my kitteh?


Lake Delton in Wisconsin Dells is.... well, gone.

Storm Watching---yes, more Kitten--- ***Dial up warning***

Powdered Tobacco Snuff...Do they have that in the U.S.?

Do not click on this link! (Unless you WANT to know what goes on inside John McCain's head)

What the hell is wrong with people?

This is the last week of homework for the school year!

Kid's leaving today....

Thinking about those poor cats and dogs with the food coloring (pic heavy)

How long would it take to burn 4 gallons of gas in a Focus that is idling?

Lightning vs. Lightening

I just spent $308 at the grocery store ask me anything!

**** LIVE right NOW: Kucinich impeaching BUSH = C-SPAN *****

Since there seems to be anecdotal evidence of Cliques on DU,

Listening to OLD Jim Croce right now

So, on my drive home from work...

How can we have thunder when it's freezing?!

********Happy Birthday, SallyMander!!!!********

For my *not so* little boy...

i need help lounge, i already looked it up so i'm asking for a little assist if you would.

Damn that McCain!!!


I LOVE Dennis Kucinich

Mint Water

Tonight's Beer Flight: We hit Denver, San Juan Capistrano and Chico

When geeks cyber

For the amount of goddamned time I spend on this site

Drinking on a Friday night is overrated

Tell me something good.

I LOVE Rascal Flatts...I would marry any one of them

New Paintings

I just want everyone to know I broke my "dry spell" this weekend.

Grammar Cop (actually Spelling Cop) says, "It's lightNING, folks"

Inspired by a post by pokerfan: What movies has the whole world except you seen?

My new refrigerator was delivered today is gorgeous

So, who's naked tonight?

What's the most horrible thing that you have ever PERSONALLY witnessed?

My new GD thread...

Parche has been missing the past few days

Crap.... Very Frustrating

It's after 8:30 and it's still over 90, how many other DUers are suffering through this heat wave?

My netflix queue is empty. What should I add to it? nt

I Don't Do Facebook

Monday night lolcats thread

Anyone ever taken a US Postal Service Clerical Abilities test? A friend is taking one in 2 weeks

the very things that would endear me to DU are the very things I avoid posting

Please identify a sports arena song for me.



All righty then. Thanks for all the advice.

Recommend this thread if you can't believe that DuStrange's thread hasn't been locked

While we're all talking about movies, didn't that last Indiana Jones movie really, really, REALLY

How do you piss off a Panflute Handler?

The Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone. It is gorgeous!

meet the newest member of our family - frank sinatra (the kitty cat)

I passed my thesis defense!

Movies on IMDB's Top 250: How many have you seen?

High noon on June 21st ...... I'm getting MARRIED!!

Do homeless people give money to you?

How much to tip when eating out?

I feel so sorry for the feral cats in my neighborhood.

Has Midlo made harassing homeless people fashionable in the lounge?

If anyone is in Winston Salem NC this saturday

Check out my horrifying new avatar.

Whats this talk of Cliques , this is not high school

Hello DU

Hello DU

The meaning of life is

If your meal is ruined by screaming children, do you complain to the manager?

Who speaks Gaelic here ?

Jury duty tomorrow!

Monday's Kitten Picture of the Day

The Muppets are coming back! So tell us which is your favorite one!

What books are you currently reading?

Who wants to join my army? I have put xchrom in charge of designing our uniform

how often do you say 'i love you'?

Drixoral discontinued?

US lawmakers try to save drug plan

U.S. presence main problem for Iraq - Iran leader

Colombians in U.S. sugar mills to produce ethanol

Spanish hauliers on fuel strike

Poll: Begich has edge on Stevens (AK-Senate)

Veterans Group to Launch Attacks On John McCain (Kerry Swiftboaters Go After Arizona Senator)

Chavez Says ' Out of Step' FARC Should Free Hostages.


Olmert Hints U.S. Action on Iran Nukes is Near

(Gov. Matt) Blunt on Obama: He's the next Herbert Hoover

Pending home sales jump 6.3% in April

Supreme Court rejects AT&T appeal in pension case

Court sets limits in government fraud suits

(Supreme) Court will again review $79.5M award in tobacco case

Obama launches economic attack on McCain

Governor's mansion ablaze (Texas)

Judiciary Committee invites Scott McClellan to testify about CIA leak case

Antiwar protest will greet President Bush in Rome on farewell tour

Supreme Court Rejects Appeals Over Pay While Changing Clothes

FARC accuses Uribe of trying to assassinate Chávez

Impeachment Happening in Congress Right Now

German sues for CIA extradition

Fed, 17 Banks Agree on Credit-Default Swaps Changes (Update1)

I am so sorry,I put the wrong number on here for Dennis

Son: Sen. Kennedy To Be Released From Hospital

About 300 attend debut of film about Crawford

Taylor: FEMA officials a 'bunch of buttheads'

Teens in U.S. Find Summer Jobs Are Elusive as Economy Falters

Parents Rally in Albany Against Forced Vaccination

Brain size 'not key to intellect'

Thousands of Bolivians protest at U.S. embassy


Illness Sidelines Helen Thomas For Past Three Weeks

Excessive Mobile Phone Use Affects Sleep In Teens, Study Finds

Obama: Give economy $50 billion boost

Gates pitches names to lead Air Force

Bush administration concedes it may not finish US-Iraq deal before Bush leaves office

Lawmakers worried about sale of night-vision

Northrop Tanker Deal Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers (extra) Billions

Pentagon 'urged notes destroyed'

Citing History, Bush Suggests His Policies Will One Day Be Vindicated

AFL-CIO Smacking McCain For Backing Big Oil

Impotent paraplegic told: no church wedding

2 million poll workers wanted for November elections

U.S. seeking 58 bases in Iraq, Shiite lawmakers say

'Willie Horton' Ad Creator Takes on Obama

8 die as violent weather tears across Midwest, 3 states declare disaster areas; more rain, flooding

Dem-backed group files FEC complaint against McCain

State GOP fears grouchy voters won't go to polls (Texas)

Senate Votes to Privatize Its Failing Restaurants

Waxman: Abramoff Influenced White House, Met with Bush Six Times

Waxman: Abramoff Influenced White House, Met with Bush Six Times

PPP Calls for Musharraf’s Impeachment

EPA: Water transfers will not need permits

Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush

Obama could raise $100 million in June, fundraisers say

Bush's last major visit to Europe greeted with hostility

Records Could Shed Light on W.H. Iraq Group (Walter Pincus: Senate Report Did Not Review WHIG)

Takeda's Actos prevents diabetes, study finds

Study: Same-sex weddings could boost California's economy

Rural U.S. Takes Worst Hit as Gas Tops $4 Average

McCain wastes no time in turning negative

For Clinton, Millions in Campaign Debt and Limited Options

Apple unveils new iPhone with faster Web, GPS

McClellan to testify in House in CIA leak probe(attorneys confirmed he will appear & be under oath)

"The McCain File" -- Watchdog group ad questions McSame's corrupt ties to lobbyists

President Bush doesn't know the price of gas: "That's interesting. I hadn't heard that."

John Adolph McCain?

John McCain Doesn't Know About Iraq

John McCain... Electable?

Profiting Off Toxic Dust

Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar) for Obama

Lunch with Barack - Muncie, IN

‘White House Lawyers Are Concerned’ McClellan’s Book Will Reignite ‘The Valerie Plame Business’

When the nukes start dropping...

Waterboarding is McCain's Waterloo

Even Bob 'Douchebag for Liberty' Novak can't believe McCain's spin

Arpaio's Goodyear Protest

Obama's on the road again

Katrina Vanden Heuvel on Sexism & Racism in the Election

Concern Troll (and perennial idiot) Richard Cohen moans about racism and sexism in Dem race

Barack Obama in Raleigh NC - IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID

Chris Matthews revisits the RFK assassination

American Households Lose $1.7 Trillion Home Equity in First Quarter

Obama Fist Bump: Extreme Easley edition

Diane Feinstein vs. Kay Bailey Hutchison on tax policy, Obama, McCain, debt

Why I can't handle watching Bill Maher anymore

TYT: We Need A Balanced Debate - The Right Wing Is Insane (Not On Homepage)

Obama thanks Hillary, Raleigh, NC

Obama Slams McCain's Economic Plan Calling it an "Endorsement of Bush's Policies"


Countdown: Bushed: George Bush Blackmailing Iraq Government. Also, Prez insane

Christopher Hitchens & Andrew Sullivan on Obama and Rev. Wright

FauxNews comments on Barack and Michelle's "fist pound, fist bump, (or)...terrorist fist jab"

Eric Cantor / War with Iran at McCain fundraiser June 9, '08

McCain Supporter- "How do we beat the bitch?"

Red State Update: Hilary's Out!

TYT: Cenk's Saturday Interview Of Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) Part I

TYT: Cenk Interviews Amy Goodman Part 2 (On Media Failure)

Countdown: 'It's the Economy Stupid'

The Video tape Catches John ' Bush ' McCain Lying Again

Republican Congressman Eric Cantor's Staff Try to Intimidate a Constituent

TYT: Floyd Brown & GOP Attack Obama On Death Penalty


Obama --- Change that Works for You: Raleigh, NC (more complete)

"You had me at Goodbye" (Hillary Farewell - lol)

Glenn Beck and Jonah 'doughy pantload' Goldberg create black hole of asshattery; Beck wears USSR hat

URGENT: "Usable Nukes" reserved for Iran strike

Countdown: Rachel Maddow on Fist Bump Slime

(D) Biden: Try impeachment if Bush bombs Iran 11-30-07

By the Numbers - Texas Democratic Party Convention (Must Watch!)

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Presents 35 Articles Of Impeachment Against Bush

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Bill Moyers IN BODY LANGUAGE SEGMENT!

Mexico rethinks fuel subsidies

Fuel Shortage Hits Nepal Ambulance Services

Scientists From Woods Hole, NASA Testify To Congress On Ocean Acidification - AFP

Canadian navy drowning in sky-high fuel prices

I notice that the midwest is having the shit kicked out of it lately...

Wave Power On the Heels of Wind, Bank Says

Big Coal Flexes Lobbying Muscle in '08

Cartoon for bicyclists

In Energy Policy, McCain, Obama Differ on Role of Government (WSJ)

Volt sparks dilemma for GM in Europe

Silicon Makers Ramp Up (C&EN)

Cape Breton studies huge geothermal project (Nova Scotia)

U.S. eyes solar as energy costs rise

Bush's plan to combat climate change: Engage in lots of meaningless talk about how great solar is.

90% of anti-enviro books have rightwing think tank roots

I read Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" this weekend.

Israels Nuclear Weapons And Bombs Are The Problem In The Middle East

Saudi Arabia calls for emergency summit as oil prices soar

Coal mine explosion in Ukraine; 1 dead, 13 missing

Nature - Bleak Future For Acid Oceans - Volcanic Vents Offer Preview Of CO2-Heavy Environment

Lobe: War?

Weak Pesticide Cocktail In Rivers Enough To Blunt Salmon, Steelhead Sense Of Smell - New Scientist

IEA report, Part 1: Act now with clean energy or face 6°C warming. Cost is NOT high — media blows t

Behind the scenes of `The Colbert Report'

Fanning the Flames of Youth Civic Engagement

Squeezing the American Dream: Workers Face Diminishing Returns

Corporate Institutions Devastate African Agriculture

McCain's Troubles, and My Sincere Thanks to Hillary

Call centers remain ripe for outsourcing

Energy Industry Cash Fuels Double Talk Express

Cheney's Plan to Combat Global Warming: Nuclear Power

Primary Reforms

iGate isn't only 'villain' hiring foreign high-tech workers

The Other Math: How the Democratic Race Was Really Won

Make No Mistake, McCain Is a Neocon

The Cons of Creationism

Wealth Evaporates in U.S. as Fuel Prices Clobber McMansions, SUV Makers

In These Times: The Right’s New Attack on Voters

Life, Liberty, Water - Maude Barlow

Travelling ‘Torture Caravan’ Disturbing Sign of the Times

Duke Energy Launches Solar Power Generation Plan

What GIs deserve

How Big Government Got Its Groove Back

(Gov. Matt) Blunt on Obama: He's the next Herbert Hoover

Veterans Group to Launch Attacks On John McCain (Kerry Swiftboaters Go After Arizona Senator)

The Unique Reality of Condi Rice

Three Myths About the Youth Vote

Committee on Oversight and Gov't Reform Releases Proposed Abramoff Report

Here’s a '527' Commercial That Could Really '86' McCain

To Hillary Supporters Who Claim They'll Vote for McCain

Abramoff Sentencing Date: Early September

Toyota develops new fuel cell with improved range

How the media blew it - a look back....

"This is the Story of Me...A response to More Dumb questions about Barack Obama and Black Folks"

Is Obama an enlightened being?

Intellectual Violence

Now It’s Really Official: McCain Loses His Maverick Status

To Hillary Supporters Who Claim They'll Vote for McCain

To Hillary Supporters Who Claim They'll Vote for McCain

Banks vs. Consumers (Guess Who Wins)

Indian Americans hail Clinton-Obama unity, wish for joint ticket

Worth Repeating - "Ross Perot Slams McCain"

How can "cap and trade" become law if some in the senate keep interfering with data like this?

The Bush/McCain Game Plan: What May Be in Store for Obama -- And the Rest of America

Water crisis to be biggest world risk

Two new polls -- one national, one from Ohio -- have glad tidings for Obama

Potential Future Hyperinflation by Stephen Lendman

Blackwater's Private CIA

DNC banning federal lobbyists is meaningless---

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 340

The Crime of the Century

Six Dollars a Gallon and Lenny Bruce

An open letter to the un-American coward who stole our Obama sign

DoD backs automatic TSP enrollments

Navy extends Idaho nuke deal 27 years

my 138th letter-hopefully printing thurs or fri..on our vets

Analysis: Are Air Force firings about more than nuclear weapons?

Missing M-16s Returned -- With Apology

U.S. military says it has captured arms dealer with connections to Iran

Navy officials pleased with Japanese response to USS George Washington comic book

Former Marine Acquitted in Slaying

Gitmo Lawyer Says Evidence Destroyed

S. Korea gets high marks for sex-trade crackdown

Army captain in South Korea is charged with murdering his wife

Moisture confused sensors in B-2 crash

Italy ramps up penalties for DUI

S. Korean, U.S. officials discuss moving 8th Army headquarters

Bases in U.K. do away with vehicle-pass requirement

Obtaining U.S. citizenship is now easier for servicemembers' foreign-born spouses

Patriot Express announces schedule for July and August

Good deals are difficult to find for those flying to the States

Report: Assassination squad leader captured

Democrats trim war-funding bill extras

Nude beach near Pendleton set to close

Stop-loss may get you $1,500 more a month

3-star tours Minot, says B-52s still coming

Sniper charged in deaths of Iraqi civilians

Corps set to begin fielding ITV this summer

CG wants $330M more for rescue network

Bill would give combat vets home tax breaks

Senate pulls captain from 1-star list

R.I. Guard lacks funds for funeral salutes

Storekeepers, postal clerks might merge

Goal for Guard: 4-year dwell time

Guard training site prepares for expansion

Drill sergeant contest sees fewer participants

Soldier arrested for desertion

Authorization bill targets DoD energy usage

Rep. wants sex assault database for academies

1 soldier killed, 18 wounded in car bombing

5 suspected militants killed in Iraq raids

The push for a deeper deployment pool

More knowledge, more power in new howitzer

Army consolidates drill sergeant training

How I Spent my Stimulus . com

Any economic scholars here have the skinny on Thomas Sowell?

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 06/06/2008

The One Silver Lining for the Sub Prime Housing Crisis

"Discover card offers you 1.99% rate on balanced transferred

Today in labor history June 10 Congress passes a law mandating equal pay to women

1,700 Westchester Medical OK 5 year union contract

Qwest, union begin negotiations in July (20,000 members)

Ford to slash salaried-employee costs by 15 percent

Former employees sue Big Sky Airlines

‘Catholic Worker’ at 75: Long Ties with Union Movement

Labor-Environmental Coalition Testing of Water Contaminated By Dupont

70,000 Spanish Truckers Blockade Highways In Fuel Cost Protest

Historic Longshoremen Mural Finds New Home in Brooklyn

Congress, White House, Set to Ignore Long-Term Jobless—Again?

Working America and Allies Rally to Demand Better Health Policies

Lawrence Co. company faces OSHA fine ($72,000)

Accidentally Backing over a Fellow Construction Worker

Young people need new lessons about labor unions

IN OSHA investigates after Michigan City worker is killed on the job (mom of 4 fell into grinder)

A Key to Staying Safe While Working in the Heat: Acclimatization


The school year is over

Obama has come out in opposition to the California and Florida anti-gay marriage amendments.

Is gay marriage explicitly prohibited in new york state?

Palestinians say attacked by masked settlers near Hebron

6 years after fact, Hamas claims responsibility for terror attacks

Deciphering Syrian intent

Hamas vows to continue attacks

Abbas popularity rises as Hamas's drops: poll

U.S. eyes possible new trainer aircraft for Israel

Report: Hezbollah willing to negotiate over Shaba Farms

Gaza: Mahmoud Abbas seeks deal with Hamas

Baradei Hits Out at Israel Again

Israeli ambassador: Britain has become a hotbed of radical anti-Israeli views

Gilad Shalit's family receives new letter from captive son

Palestinian salaries delayed as Israel blocks funds

US lawmakers try to save drug plan

Guatemala to put army on border in drug war

Colombians in U.S. sugar mills to produce ethanol

Cuba's urban farming program a stunning success

Top Cuban baseball player defects to United States

FARC accuses Uribe of trying to assassinate Chávez

In case you ever wondered how Fujimori got enough power to become the demon who ran death squads,

COLOMBIA, Land of Fear and Cover-up

Bolivia: Enron and separatism

Thousands of Bolivians protest at U.S. embassy

Heads up: Luis Plata will be pimping for the Colombian trade agreement

CUBAN FOR MIN: US Has Much to Learn from Cuba and is in No Position to Lecture Anybody

Okay - my fellow Bidenites that went to Obama, I have a question for you.

Okay, so I am ready to change my avatar.

Big Brown's Jockey Receiving Death Treats (Big Brown Drugged?)

There is a god-Strahan retiring


Celtics beat Lakers - Part Deux

I still believe Spectacular Bid was the greatest horse...

Among trainers, Big Brown's jockey gets blame

Dear febreze....

I was prompted to start my journal by a post about The Secret.

Go kick Scarborough's ass -- he's dissing Joe.

To clear the air

Just putting something out there

Completely off-topic, but just wanted to suggest:

Please, all possible light to Dennis Kucinich.

Anyone interested in the NCAA Men's 2008 College World Series?

Does anyone know of any streaming audio of Euro 2008 in the US?

Water Falling Over Things 2008: Part I

Health Resources - Enhanced Oral Chelation - Any info on this product

MRSA found in pigs and farmworkers-still no check on this in food supply

8 Years of Menopause Symptoms

Solid tumor cells not killed by radiation and chemotherapy become stronger

Okay, the election wars are beginning. The health care propagandists

So THAT'S where Alton got his flames!! (or: Pimp My Kitchenaid)

FYI - My local Costco had 4.75 quart Lodge cast iron dutch ovens for about 24 bucks

Chicago chef named nation's best at food 'Oscars'

Bamboo cutting boards

What'd you do for breakfast?

Who's the resident gravlax expert?

Free Bumper Stickers

What others think of the Obama/NRA battle

Is this a joke or for real?

What does "Biblical literalism" mean to you?

Supercomputer sets petaflop pace

9/11 Program On Investigation Discovery Channel Tonight

Anyone here, like me, still love both Kerry and Edwards?

Ogo makes Top Ten Conservative Idiots

Kerry, Gingrich, & Energy Advisors to Obama & McCain Answer Questions LIVE on Virtual Energy Forum

Sen. Kerry's speech to the Massachusetts Dem Convention

Army Times: Senate goes after DoD ‘propaganda’ (bill just introduced today)

Help needed. Shift key doesn't work with certain keys. When

State GOP fears grouchy voters won't go to polls

Animated .gif question

Green Party Gas Guzzler

Help me get more positive about Franken's U.S. Senate run.

McCain Having Problem With Evangelical Voters


Obama has a new health care partner: Elizabeth Edwards.

Give Clinton Supporters Space, They'll Come Around.

Libertarians and Conservatives for Obama

Where can I get Obama gear by the 4th?!

Charter Schools' Big Experiment (New Orleans)

Broadcast Legend Bill Moyers on Media Reform: “Democracy Only Works When Ordinary People Claim It as

Staffer Fired for Seeing a Movie

Witness to a crime : RH Phillips ( Some Chapters on line )

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 06/08/08

Got an anecdote about Norm Coleman's womanizing? Ed Schultz wants to hear it

Anybody want a job on Obama"s team?

Milwaukee on June 19

Milwaukee country residents...did your basement flood Saturday?

Lake Delton in Wisconsin Dells is.... well, gone.

"Conservative" justices approve of pastor who wants to kill gays.

Obama will be in Appleton on Thursday

"We don't need no stinking DNC fundraising rules..."

CONTACT INFO to tell LA Times to cover Bush articles of impeachment by Kucinich

Religion not always best for politics

Drat - why do I click on those threads?

Trailer for "Religulous"

"Intellectual honesty is not part of the atheist make-up"

Sci Fi Writer and Atheist Terry Pratchet Has Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s