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Big Brown is a great horse. And I pick him to win. But there is only one Big . . .

Robert J. Anderson, 75; child actor was young George Bailey in 'It's a Wonderful Life'

Big Brown Bust...

For my 1000th post, I'd like to get in touch with my inner nerd.

I have a dumb question.

Retrospective on PBS on Otis Redding tonight; check your local

The wars.

GOP Senator has to Remind Bush that "We have a Constitution" (6/8/08 Sunday)

Obama Email

"Just How Stupid Are We?" - Rick Shenkman NOW on C-Span2

Condeleeza Rice Enllists in Kiss Army

Obama vs. McCain :: GOOGLE FIGHT

My birthday present to myself

Do you believe cell phones are a health risk? OK It's a dupe and so am I!

Do you believe cell phones are a health risk? OK It's a dupe and so am I!

PBS has several programs about the cabal in Washington to view online

Indoctrinate U

Predatory Lending (A Little Middle of the Night Rant)

Predatory Lending (A Little Middle of the Night Rant)


I'm kind of a tough guy... but Hillary brought tears to my eyes.

If only it were this easy

Why is Bush taking a failure lap?

Why is Bush taking a failure lap?

Israel threatens war on Gaza and Iran

Legislating Tyranny By Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton

McClellan's 'Matrix' moment

National Average = $4 Bucks a Gallon - Thanks to the Bush/McCain team, we are now totally fucked.

What's going on with Iraq's oil?

NCMR program for today

NCMR program for today

So, is Maliki an appeaser?

WJ this morning - Vice Presidents!!!

for all of the bozos on the bus here...

I really can't wait to see Obama and McCain side by side

I really can't wait to see Obama and McCain side by side

I really can't wait to see Obama and McCain side by side

Oh and by the way I'm delighted that Big Brown lost yesteday

Oh and by the way I'm delighted that Big Brown lost yesteday

Oh and by the way I'm delighted that Big Brown lost yesteday

bushitler sent the lorrie to Afghanistan because he was too scared to go himself.

I really can't wait to see Obama and McCain side by side

Dem upset 9/11 families excluded from trial, only Bush loyalist was invited

How do you get images to work in sig file?

No camp 'gains' in Irish EU vote

No camp 'gains' in Irish EU vote

So, is Maliki an appeaser?

No camp 'gains' in Irish EU vote

3 dead in Baghdad's Green Zone today - Covered only by foreign media

3 dead in Baghdad's Green Zone today - Covered only by foreign media

Shame on us Liberals for keeping "attraction secrets" from NewsMax readers

Nigeria: Obamania - History in the Making

Am I the only one who sees this as a sickeningly insensitive comparison?

India and China compete for influence in Indian Ocean

It's a sad day when $3.99 gal looks cheap.

I am re-thinking my decision to keep my 2005 Honda CR-V

My girlfriend from high school -we're 52- her dad is getting an honorary

40,000 S. Koreans protest over U.S. beef import agreement

Update the Hate Mailbag Protest day five

Freecycler ad: Do you have any food?

What are Obama's chances in the G/E?

Retired Supreme Court Justice (O'Connor) Unveils Video Game

The McCain admirers around here are beginning to creep me out a lot

Would you support?

House Dems call for special council investigation into torture.»

Illegal Immigration: Graduates become more vulnerable to deportation

Jim McKay, Olympics and ABC announcer, dies at age 86

Jim McKay, Olympics and ABC announcer, dies at age 86

Shura member calls for oil production curbs in Saudi

Shura member calls for oil production curbs in Saudi

How I would respond to a RW email, should I ever get one

Where can I watch/hear Amy Goodman at the NCMR

Nothing to lose.

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) is on MSNBC with Tim Russert right now

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) is on MSNBC with Tim Russert right now

Rec this thread if you are a fatalist, drastic over-reactor, and think we lost today (6/08/08)

Oh YAY--iTunes now has "Countdown" in its entirety!

Dean wrote about how we gave in to the GOP on wedge issues, gave them power.

McCain's Radical Prescription.. another Butt Lackey of the corporations

Two more FL Dems weigh in against party...seriously negative stuff. Won't endorse Obama.

If Obama takes a big enough bite out of red states, but not enough to take those states...

!! Italy Prepares Prison for Bush's Visit

!! Italy Prepares Prison for Bush's Visit

update on permanent bases in Iraq - we will build and then rent them

Please DU this poll. Thanks.

"If the wish were father to the fact Lindsey Graham would be happy"

Hey cool! "Minneapolis" is a state!!

Hey cool! "Minneapolis" is a state!!

Kmart promotes abstinence pants.

Hillary Clinton on "If only" or "what if" . . . .

This is a bunch of hooey from Hillary supporters. Hotline playing it up bigtime.

What would campaigns be like if there was no Electoral College?

No matter who is elected, West Virginia will be flattened by mountaintop removal.

Where is Joe Wilson?

Thanks to Sen. Clinton for doing what's right; Now her supporters need to heed her example.

My last thoughts about the campaign

McCain's Base - Solid as a Sponge

Photo: The signs HAD to say "Mac Is Back," because "Mc Is Bc" doesn't really roll off the tongue

Obama taking campaign to Republican turf

I just don't get the cries of "sexism".

This post reference Hillary is 44, so if you have a problem with this don't click on it

History ,Legacy and the Shame of Media: NOW Statement on Hillary

This anti-McCain video, put together in February by a Ron Paul supporter, is just brutal.

TWENTY ONE WEEKS. 21 meaningful contributions to Obama's campaign?

Despite Hillary's speech, the divisive message from Hillary surrogates continues

Absolute fucking insanity: McCain campaign claims Obama would be a third term for Bush.

psyc. docs makes big bucks pushing pills for kids

Edwards rules out VP slot on Obama ticket

Anyone else not particularly impressed by Hillary's concession speech?

Breaking News: After nearly 8 yrs in the ceiling, Ceiling Cat leaves the ceiling, endorses Obama

The Town Hall meetings offer

The brown haired guy who is not Steve Doocy and the blonde asshole who is Steve Doocy are "gullible"

The brown haired guy who is not Steve Doocy and the blonde asshole who is Steve Doocy are "gullible"

John McCain equals King George III...

Suggesting that Hillary Supporters might defect to McCain is a put down of Hillary Supporters-

Has anyone seen McCain bumper stickers, signs or anything else ?

4.63 regular unleaded, 4.83 premium, TODAY

Who among those posting here will be voting for the first time...

Realistic Vice Presidential Poll - June 8, 2006

Do you think Obama is feeling more pressure to give Hillary the VP, or to not give Hillary the VP?

I Just Noticed

I hereby convert to Obama

Does anyone know if a mother duck will accept her baby back

My own apology to anyone I've offended in this primary season

Five questions for Brian Schweitzer

NYT: Mark Penn wanted Hillary to exploit Obama's "lack of American roots"; Bill wanted tough attacks

omg! Here's a big "fuck-you" to rwing email "spammers" ...NO MORE!!!! Awesome response!!

NeoCon NYTs Tries to Destroy Democratic Unity, Divide Clinton Supporters From Obama

John McCain says he is the "real" candidate for change.

Fareed Zakaria's CNN program is starting now - 1 P.M Eastern

Fareed Zakaria's CNN program is starting now - 1 P.M Eastern

In Georgia, there are 600,000 unregistered AA voters

To Clinton supporters upset about the lack of prominent Democrats defending Senator Clinton against

Is your baby dehydrated?

Obama needs to take down his user commentary ...

Family Felt Like 'Lab Rats' In FEMA Trailer

Laura Bush has arrived in Afghanistan for visit sans Boy George, "hoping" billions will be pledged

PROJECT CENSORED: Nominations for April 2008

Name your choice (only one) for Obama's VP with a short explanation of how

The wife John McCain callously left behind...

Would Obama Have Beaten BILL Clinton Had He Run Back In 1992?

Who do you want as Obama's Running Mate?

From an ex-Hillary supporter; Obama supporters here have been wonderful in their kindness and praise

GOP Insiders Worry About McCain's Chances


Allan J. Lichtman, Professor of History: the conservative era is coming to an end

Roof Falling In and We're Talking Glass Ceilings!

For those who attack Obama based on his experience, a little historical perspective...

Battle of the surrogates: Kerry hits McCain on ties to lobbyists, Graham tries to defend McCain

Are you Registered to vote?

Who do you think McCain will select to be his Vice Presidential Nominee

WTF is up with John McCains MYSPACE page??

In my red state today...

The Perfect Ending to a Great Week Polls for Senate races show big Democratic Increases

Who should deliver the keynote and who should nominate Obama?

Every time you see a John McCain Ad CLICK IT!!!

Will the Reverend Wright Hour keep its ratings up through November?

Got got back -> family reunion // 95% of the family donated to Obama

Only one person can unify the Democratic party:

What? McCain hasn't read the US Constitution?

LADIES....'Heeeere's JOHNNY!'

Dear GDP: You're all nuts. And so is GDR. n/t

Finally... he takes a bad picture

Clark Praises Sebelius

democrats in rural strongholds still reluctant to back Obama


Latest Rasmussen Tracking Poll: Obama 48%/McCain 40%

OWH: Obama rolled the dice on caucus payoff

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Everything's Fine. Go Shopping"

What is this "hands touching Obama" photo?

The cynic in me says, the number one reason to be optimistice about our chances is:

Man decapitated, dies

Question to those who supported Hillary: Honestly, what do you think about

Anybody Remember A Story About How The Vetting Of Bill Might Prevent Hillary From Being VP ???

In 1968, RFK said, "...a Negro could be President in 40 years..."

Obama vs Ditka; A Race That Almost Happened

Poll: Do you think Colin Powell will come out and endorse Obama before Nov.?

Do you have panic attacks?

What do you hate most about John McCain?

Does anyone say "metrics" in real life?

New Details On Obama's General Election Plans

The Other Math: How the Democratic Race Was Really Won

How could Senator Hillary give a great speech with an astounding endorsement of Obama today?

Obama supporters will be disappointed...

What's The Diff Between A Town Hall Discussion And A Debate?

McCain Is Not Mentally Fit and, Quite Frankly, Scary

It's interesting to note that Nixon barely won the '68 election

50 States by the numbers: You are who we have been waiting for:

The Real McCain

Graham: McCain’s Policies Would ‘Absolutely’ Be An ‘Extension’ And ‘Enhancement’ Of Bush’s

Were people chosen to be Organizing Fellows for the GE

Well, here's a revelation; "John McCain: Presidential Candidate, ABBA Fan."

Oh, Johnny, Ye Know Not What Ye Do! Who "Thunked" This Up?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/8/08 - Obama 48 (up 2), McCain 40 (down 2)

Lindsey Graham is the best Gramps could do?

45 years ago Bobby Kennedy predicted in 40 years, a "negro" could be President

Obama is a metal ox, McCain is a fire rat.

TPM: Obama Shifting Gears For General Election, Recruiting Hillary Staffers

I don't think Obama really has THAT MUCH "party unity" work to do.

So, do you think that the media will start scrutinizing John McCain more? Is it just a pipe dream?


BREAKING! Michelle Obama "WHITEY" tape released!

Oh for fuck's sake, how many more "my 'friend' will vote for McCain" threads are there going to be?

McCain has a Lincoln Chafee problem, and why he's going to lose

We must make "Marie the Flame of Florida" a household name ...

delete. duplicate - it said it didn't post. n/t

I'm going with Hillary on vacation! It's time ...

I'm looking for that video of all the headlines the day after

LOL! This "I won't vote for Obama", or "I will vote for McSame because my candidate didn't win", ..

Mark Penn = The biggest IDIOT in Consulting Strategists for Politicians

John Hope Franklin, Dorothy Height, Charles Ogletree, Roger Wilkins, Taylor Branch, Denton Watson...

So, Obama gets the nomination & MTP discussion is all about Hillary?

June 11th Can Not Come Soon Enough For Me

Now that Hillary is 44 has moreorless openly endorsed McCain...

Who's walking away? Women voters or Dem Party Leadership?

NYT: Campaign May Leave Blot on Clinton Legacy

******GOTV! Voter registration deadlines for all states******

Latest McCain Ad

How popular is Obama?

Gallup, June 08, 2008

How Obama could capture Florida

Senator Graham: McCain's Policies Would "Absolutely" Be An Extension Of Bush's

May I make a suggestion re "rehashing" the primary campaign?

FL was urged not to pick the delegate slate until issue with DNC was resolved.

Obama=Bart, McCain=Taggart?

Regarding GD: P. I'm taking my cues from the moderators.

When are people going to realize that U.S. presidential elections are not primarily about issues?

"Attention disaffected Hillary supporters, John McCain is a huge ABBA fan"

Obama = Bugs Bunny; McCain = Yosemite Sam

What's Your Best Strategy To Beat McCain?

National Popular Vote is a pretty meaningless number

Great Obama Cartoons Here!

Gallup Daily: Obama 46%, McCain 44%

Rasmussen Daily: Obama 50% - McCain 43%

Rasmussen has Obama up by 8% in June 8 daily tracking poll

David Bender, on AAR, just said that Bob Dylan endorsed Obama

will Obama outlaw Blackwater? ( neo con's personal military)

Hillary Clinton's Speech Reveals Why She Lost (a non-partisan analysis from VIA Character Institute)

Lone Star State Democrats Unite

Obama = Brett Maverick, McCain = Mel Gibson

Loser & Still Champion

How many Obama website points do you have?

CNN Scrubs Golf Clubs Story

WTF?!? Mark Penn Op Ed: Clinton's Problem Is She Could Not Raise Enough Money To Pay Me

dupe post. self-delete.

Proof that Obama is a Marxist!

Obama, McCain say no to Bloomberg, ABC town hall meeting

The Long Road to a Clinton Exit

One Historic Night, Two Americas


I reject the notion that Obama needs a VP with foreign policy experience

GALLUP TRACKING POLL: Obama 46, McSame 44, Obama Trending Up, Hillary's Supporters Moving to Obama

The Most Powerful Person in the Democratic Party is a Woman

Frank Rich: An Epic Showdown

As a woman and a feminist, I don't understand how other women don't see that voting

FYI: Even SNOPES has debunked much of the Obama Smears. Check it out.

"The Hillary Herd" - he we come!

Mods & Admins: thank you for your RAPID delivery!

A plea to Hillary supporters not yet on board with Obama

APB: CNN's This week in Politics

If you hacked Skinner's computer, had access to the admin functions, what would u rename this forum?

With all the airline problems and gas costs by Aug, how will the delegates get to Denver?

Election 2008: Obama And Overcoming The Shadows Of History

Who here thinks that Hillary should file a lawsuit against Mark Penn for incompetence

Now that the animosity is practically done with

Since there are a lot of questions about Obama merch at the moment:

Should Obama agree to these town hall meetings?

How about a shout out to ALL of our Democratic contenders?

Howitzer a hit with kids

Forgive and forget.


Mr Russert - Will YOU Ante Up For War Victims Like YOU Asked Of Scott McClellan?

First 100 days

Jim Webb and the 'loose cannon' meme

I cannot find McCain's voting record on Veteran's Affairs compared to McCain

PLEASE STOP SENDING Sen Bob Casey out as a surrogate

She broke the glass ceiling.

I have a 69 year old mother, a life long Republican, who won't vote for McCain.

Who'll get more votes..........Mcsame because the Clinton voters will

How long before McCain warns us all against "socialized medicine"?


I spoke with a woman acquaintance my age: "I love Hillary but NO WAY I'm voting for Obama!"

Any lawyers around?

How many votes did McCain get?

Missouri DUers, please go to the MO DU page and participate in some of the polls there

Is there anyplace you can buy Obama merchandise that is in stock?

****Why do the Hillary supporters think it'll be a cakewalk for her in 2012? IT WON'T!****

Please be honest: If Hillary Clinton were a black woman, would you still be upset...

The Page: Obama Appoints Matthew Nugen Convention Coordinator

I woke up one day in 1972 to the news that there had been a break-in at Democratic Headquarters.

Spotted at the Salt Lake City Gay Pride Parade.

Just want to give a shout out

They say they love her but...

Obama! Obama! Obama!, All day long Obama!

Police kept no arrest records in alleged 'prostitution sting'

My Two Cents

Kaine vs. Pawlenty on Fox Today

History: The last two months are what counts, not now.

I just donated for the First time to Obama.

NYT: The Long Road to a Clinton Exit

Change vs Status quo / Judgement vs Experience in Washington / Hope vs Fear

"Was that speech worth $30 million?" - Question I was asked. Answer:

My professional college educated albeit poorly informed friend from CA may go McCain

Let's compare blog posts

Pledge not to push Clinton supporters to decide right now...

Response to Obama's lack of experience.

Obama Supporters thank Senator Clinton here..

Is there any information yet on what Senator Clinton will do

thank you hillary clinton

Obama table in Madison: June 7 Edition (seventh one in 2008)

Senator Obama please consider Hillary for VP!

Join or Die

if Hillary keeps her delegates, and something happens to Obama...

Sunday News Show Lineup-6/8/08

Appreciation Thread

The key for Obama is to be up 5+ entering the Democratic Convention.

The key for Obama is to be up 5+ entering the Democratic Convention.

The key for Obama is to be up 5+ entering the Democratic Convention.

The Disneyfication of Baghdad

My girlfriends freeper husband has cut her grocery shopping money

GOP Senator has to Remind Bush that "We have a Constitution" (6/8/08 Sunday)

McSame Ads during Phillies game all week...

Dan Rather: Rips The Media-"The News Stops...With Making Bucks"

I'm seeing a push back by the left against the Political and Religious gasbags on the right-

Rev Lennox Yearwood went OFF on Fox News!!

Nation must commit to passenger rail travel

Nation must commit to passenger rail travel

I can't believe it I agree with McCain.

Juan Cole: The Real Question is, Would a President McCain be good for Women?

Graham: McCain’s Policies Would ‘Absolutely’ Be An ‘Extension’ And ‘Enhancement’ Of Bush’s»

Special Edition of Google News: Peace payments to Iraq a "phenomenal success"

Freepers Claim This Is An Official Obama Web Site

I bought a new car today.

Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot; Baby Survives

Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot; Baby Survives

I'm 52 and another peer of mine died a few days ago, a friend a year

What the fuck are you looking at?

Bill Moyers Owns Fox Producer (Video)

Has Wes Clark been out of the military long enough to qualify for Sec. Defense?

38% rise in Indian students going to US

McCain flip-flops on media at fundraisers

Wes Clark for VP!


Psst! Pass it on! The "surge" is working. "Only" 13 soldiers (ONLY US) killed this past week!

Blackwater's Private Spies {Blackwater gets in on the "war on drugs" action}

Obama Shifting Gears For General Election, Recruiting Hillary Staffers

"Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Finds Body In The Potomac"

VIDEO: Fox News Producer Ambushes Bill Moyers; Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine

Debt Collectors Pushing To Get Their Day In Court

Will Bob Barr be the next Ross Perot?

Will Bob Barr be the next Ross Perot?

Arson suspected in Texas governor's mansion fire

I wonder what McBush's lobbyist girlfriend is up to these days?

I wonder what McBush's lobbyist girlfriend is up to these days?

Obama = our next president. McCain = a pathetic washed up beltway insider.

UK: The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind

Iraqi PM assures Iran on security

ABC News: Laura Bush urges the world to "stand more strongly with Afghanistan."

Seniors Buying Prescription Drugs Across Border (The repub being asked about it is priceless)

Funny bumper sticker I saw yesterday . . .

60 Minutes: Industrial Dust Explosions

DU this poll -

McCain's Schedule

GOOD-The Obama and McCain campaigns reject ABC/Bloomberg Debate Invitation

YIKES! caption

Great West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade photo: a nod to a friendly Supreme Court

McCain, Obama reject NYC offer on town hall (ABC)


UAE to stick with U.S. dollar

I don't think Obama should go to Iraq

Air Force Chief, Secretary Resign (F22 controversy)

Obama and McCain: A study in contrasts

Keith Ellison is the Shit!

Rasmussen SC Poll: McCain 48, Obama 39.

America permanently at peace with the rest of the world: foreseeable result of a McCain presidency?

photoshopped McCain logos!

Producer of O'Reilly Factor ambushes Moyers at conference W/video

Blackwater’s Private Spies By Jeremy Scahill

Howard Dean e-mail...

Carlyle Group Targets Immigrants

While driving into town (we live in a rural area) with my son

While driving into town (we live in a rural area) with my son

The European Soccer Championship starts today

New Census Report - Median Net Worth - Went Down Overall

Why Does McNuts receive 58k of Disability a year?

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke at 2008 Bilderberg meeting

Post your cool pictures of OBAMA here

HEADLINE: OPEC sees no need to pump more after price surge (Nice jawbone, "W"!)

Odds that Bush will devote himself to a Habitat for Humanity type of effort whan he leaves office

What reasons do most companies give for night hiring someone for discriminatory reasons?

Fire destroys Texas governor's mansion

What's Up With McCain's Army Wives Commercial

Your Daily Dose of Awesome: Moyers Takes on O'Reilly

National Debt Clock Stopped! Was Running Backward!

Highlights from Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade '08

So my question is: If the only reason white women

ranting about re-drawing Khalid Sheik Muhammad's picture?

DiFi educates Kay Bailey Hutchison on tax cuts, then gets her to fist bump

Why no media bobblehead tsuris about MCCAIN'S VP pick?

What Did You Learn In School Today? -- A Tribute

So ..... I'm watching NHRA drag racing on teevee ........

The Economy: Why It’s Worse Than You Think

Media Reform Conference - pics

The wife John McCain callously left behind

My first bumper sticker for the 2008 General

What is the crap on PBS re rich women? Kim Kyocera and Donald Trump.

How Well-Known Is McCain, Really?

If oil is manipulated like gold

Spiritual Giant’s 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World

Dean on for another DNC term?

Earthquake swarm picks up again in northern Nevada

Why is Diane Feinstein saying

Just Two Peas in a Pod, aka, TWINS!

Nonpartisan activists in the intersection today...

So how will the overseas markets fare

Question about traveling overseas with a prescription drug--Customs?

Will you be more or less fearful if Obama is elected?

A GD/P thread you must see (REALLY!): "McCain campaign claims Obama would be a third term for Bush."

Obama supporters will be disappointed...

Still trying to figure the "evil "Gay lifestyle

Duffy: ‘White House Lawyers Are Concerned’ McClellan’s Book Will Reignite ‘The Valerie Plame Busines

Please DU this NC poll RE: McSame vs Obama in GE

Beware This Nasty Tactic from the Right!

5 years as a POW does not make anyone a 'foreign policy expert' or a 'military expert'.

BO should say to McShrub: "Townhalls?!1 HEY, GO for it!1 I've just had 20+ debates with

Read something interesting today about Noreiga and W

Robert Parry: Make No Mistake: McCain's A Neocon


Do you think bush knows yet?


Asian Stocks Tumble on U.S. Jobs Report, Crude Oil's Advance

Why can't I stop screwing with the heads of evangelicals?

Is anyone watching CNN/Issue/The Next President . . . identified Obama as a "New Deal" candidate . .

The many faces of FAIL

Deckchair trapped testicles

Vancouverites rejoice! Sam Sullivan will no longer be mayor!!!

Scottish parents who raised child on strict vegan diet may face charges.

Major Networks Sitting on McCain sexism tape?

Did anyone see this? Kunstler says it was right to go into Iraq!

The Pubs are in "Full On Attack/Defense Mode"...on all Fronts..Trying to Avoid Landslide

McCain supporters go wild (pic - Caption This!!!)

"Nothing To See Here, Go Back Home..." CHART: Oil Prices 1994-2008

Observations on my local economy today

Talk about a perfect picture to describe the last 8 years:

HuffPo Front Page: "GOP Insiders Worry About McCain's Chances, A World Of Problems"

Lesbian Kiss Is Too Much for Seattle Mariners Fans

Get ready for media abandonment of Obama

Heads up: "When We Left Earth" tonight at 9 EDT, Discovery Channel (Boomers, take note!)

Pakistani girls to be handed over to satisfy dispute that began with a dog.

Here we go again...Severe T-storm warning Tornado Watch

Election Reform in TN! DRE's Banned! Paper Ballots only by 2010!

Florida activists: Obama should adopt a 67-county strategy to win. (~Dean's 50-state strategy)

DU Fun-time: Guess Who Said This

I need full text of Obama's victory speech when he cinched the nomination.

Why oil costs over $130 per barrel: the decline of North Sea Oil

Marine removed from duty over Bible coin reports

Hey .... CNN ..... why don't you just yank his pantz down and give him a ........

HEY FLORIDA DUERS (or anyone who can travel there)! Lunch with Wexler?

Weater woes in Iowa. About a half an hour ago we were hit with a huge gust of wind.

Weater woes in Iowa. About a half an hour ago we were hit with a huge gust of wind.

Swiftboating begins: Producer of Willie Horton ad to take on Obama

I met a 76 year old Republican woman for Obama yesterday.

Sunday Dental Thread: Implants vs. Realism

Lunch with Congressman Wexler; Fire Breathing Liberal - June 30th, Palm Beach, FL

Secret Nazi tunnels in his garden!

Vote Republican - You'll get what you deserve

Nauseating Propaganda: Bush Resignation Speech.

Big Brown left alone after stunning Belmont loss

US quits Human Rights Council?

CNN Spins the Vietnam War and Contrasts it with Iraq...Says No One was in the Streets

Ed McMahon losing his McMansion a rerun on Larry King?

Ed McMahon losing his McMansion a rerun on Larry King?

Richard Shenkman at History News Network: "American Democracy: The 10-Alarm Fire We're Ignoring"

MSNBC/Newsweek - Slanted Article Suggests McCain Is Not An Image Candidate

John McCain on Women in the Military

McSame voted with bushitler 95% of the time.

The "Divide and Conquer" Social Engineering Strategy

The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind

The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind

Some weekend TOONs

America's general problem summed up in a quote from "Sicko":

Man jumps from plane with no parachute, dies

Calling People who Love Democracy!

In how many ABC-hosted townhall debates should Obama agree to participate?

With All DU Respect

Pew Research: sinking GOP voter identification demographics

NY Fed chief urges global bank framework

So, Hubby and I are sitting in a hottub Friday night here in Texas with a self-made millionaire

So, Hubby and I are sitting in a hottub Friday night here in Texas with a self-made millionaire

So, Hubby and I are sitting in a hottub Friday night here in Texas with a self-made millionaire

Former NSA director, "By any measure the US has long used terrorism"

Earthquake Swarm Picks Up Again As String Of Minor Temblors Rattles Reno

ABC offers to host first Obama and McBush town hall debate.

Hopefully the NixonReaganBushClinton Era has been vomited out and flushed!

Racist fear mongering begins

So what's up with the tomatoes?

Are we feeling the tremors of a revolution?

The Daily Mail: "The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind"

McCover-Up: Abramoff & the GOP Money Machine and John McSame

Terrorists in Canada Get Arms From Mexico

Oh, goodie, a public book burning

Going to the U.S. Open? Leave your cell phone, cameras, food and water at home...

Hedge Funds Buying up Land, Fertilizer, Shipping Equipment and Grain Elevators!!!

Will abortion funding sink health care reform?

"Surgical or medical removal of ectopic pregnancies could also not be performed under this law."

I'm gonna see Teresa Heinz Kerry tomorrow! Yay!

DU this poll

In case you're looking for funny McCain pics

The Globe breaks W's long-whispered cocaine use

Unless Tom DeLay proves me wrong...

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/8/08 - Obama 48 (up 2), McCain 40 (down 2)

Haye you ever experienced racism first hand?

Holy shit! I had no idea it was *this* bad...

Two Accounts Concerning International Test Comparisons: Same Lesson

How about sending a quick e-mail to Bill Moyers to thank him for all he has done? Here's the address

If Jim Webb is VP would Hong Le be the first minority Second Lady?

TNT is playing the film "Deep Impact" tonight starring Morgan Freeman.

Is anyone talking about the cost of delivering health care?

Damn Straight It's Class Warfare- Guess Which Class Is Winning

Why does Obama follow Bush’s lead re Iran’s nuclear energy program?

Is anyone watching CNN/Issue/The Next President . . . identified Obama as a "New Deal" Democrat . .

Why is McCain getting $58,000 a year in disability income?

Frontline on now. Fascinating!

From Stately Beginnings. . . Residents Protest Using House for Homeless (MD)

I just saw Joan Jett and now I too must make a lyrics thread :)

Okay... I have to know. My curiosity burns like passion.

There is disease in my house.

When Cloning Goes Wrong

Anyone ever put in custom bookshelves?

Okay, that's enough of this nonsense. I'm goin' to bed.

We've got a live one over in GD-P.>Never mind. Gone

Hey, if anyone sees ronnymarshall, tell him to call me!

It's officially my birthday, ask me anything!

There is a live one at GDP, at the top of the page.

i really should not laugh at this.. i feel totally guilty

Freaked out missing my family but glad to remember this:

I'm an idiot but I can change... If I have to... I guess...

Had a terrific party at my sisters, I brought the DVD's to watch!

Insomniacs! Do you have pets that try to kill you at night?

I'm always freaked out when my husband isn't here. Keep me company.

Ummm..Where is Redstone??

More lyrics, Khash can't stop himself

Cheesy or cheap local commercials

Anyone else can't sleep? Post here if you wanna . . .

I want 1,500 needles to this thread...

Summer is here-but we get a break on Tuesday

Devil Girl is my new favorite artist

Happy Birthday, Shilpa Shetty

What's up with all this talk about Big Brown losing, going under, and such?

A DUer made a LOLCAT out of my hairy devil Riff Raff

I don't really care if anyone replies to this thread

Note left on my windshield the other day: "I LOVE YOUR BUMPER STICKERS"

WTF Is Wrong with Roger Federer Today?

I am having a lot of trouble sleeping lately.

I just did the massive "Look Up People I Know And Send Friend Requests" on Facebook.

Sig line question....

ICQ - anybody still use it? is it still relevant?

Has anyone read

Get off your ass, you lazy hen. :)

Thunder! Lightening. BOOMERS! Sirens going off here! What the hell is going on?

Word quest - guy stuff

Kojak at home, doing the bills and getting pissed off at the Mrs.

DU Chicks only . . . or whomever would like to answer - honestly!

We are all sick

Post 1,501 images of primitive hand grenades in this thread

Sunday Comic: Garfield minus Garfield.

Somebody just started a LOLcat thread in GD:P

Khash posts more lyrics. I ain't gonna stop,kids.

So tired of feeling GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!

This video was sent to me by an elderly MySpace friend from Atlanta

These Fox people just made fun of a man who from Lake Pepine

Anyone read "Hollywood Babylon-It's Back" yet?

One of those days and all I have i music

Johnny B Goode

Relay for Life was awesome

Can somebody find me a pic of Sniper Kitty I could use?

Is it fair to post this on my blog?

Holy Zeus!1 I suppose everybody but me KNEW our Photobucket albums are OPEN

Another reason to think the older generation isn't perfect:

What is up with people staring at your stuff in your cart at the store?

What is you favorite ____(Fill in the Blank)____?

I found my fantasy Sanctum Santorum

How do you get images to work in sig file?

47 Minutes of Peter Gabriel, Album 4

When did screen doors on homes go out of style?

Thrill of victory, agony of defeat: Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2008 Video

Holy shasta, y'all! Dr Shrinker worked for Nixon!

Now I want to cry... I did it again.

Is Ion channel going out of business?

Playing with my macro setting.. Picture thread.

I just assembled a fan, disassembled another, and

Homeland Security


The sea was angry that day

Random, meaningless thread

If you want to see "The Princess Bride"'s on AMC at 6 PM Eastern

Dancing in the Bookstore Window!

The impossible: Cold fusion, perpetual motion and folding a fitted sheet ...

Am I lame for digging Nick Drake?

So I'm walking down the street today, and I see this total nut-case dancing in front window...

Tornado warning here in Macomb County

Everyone was Kung Fu fighting!

Another sweltering day with being teased with rainfall -- which never arrives

Oh and by the way I'm delighted that Big Brown lost yesteday

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/8/08

who has that corporate logo quiz website? I thought I had it bookmarked

Fun with anagrams....

Can I paint over lacquered wood (furniture)?

Does Yahoo know about this? I received this in my email today.

Crash! Bang! Boom!

What can we do to get people to stop bringing screaming kids to our apartment's pool?

my back is fucking killing me

link to 2008 LA Pride Parade featuring Grand Marshall Stephanie Miller

Peep show's latest episode - I totally called it!

Stir Crazy. The Movie. Just started. AMC EDT.

Word of the day: ootheca

A little too much magnesium... "Holy smokes...funny vid

Isn't there some rule

and now for something completely different.

X-Post from Gardening Group: Help! Mystery Plant growing in our garden!

God as my witness...

My work has 50 staff members, full and part-time

CaliforniaPeggy is feeling down. Let's cheer her up!

Which is your favorite world map?

In elementary school my class showed two movies to fundraise a trip

Best tours of Egypt?

Best portable microwave ever!

I hate Christmas!

Oh boy, in this youtube clip you can see a bunch fundamentalist harrass people at Midlo's local bar

Hey Dave the Wave

Sunday's Kitten picture of the day KPOD

Sad movie ending

Making the bed...EVERYDAY??

I stripped..........

I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU to make it through all 2 minutes 42 seconds of this version of "Pretty Woman"


Donald Rumsfeld predicts three Brazilian replies to this thread.

The Mother al All Awwwww Threads

The dude who just sat down next to me just wiped down his entire cubicle with his own cleaner...

Yum - best tea EVER

We are all mere prawns...

Sniffa and I are going to go blind...It's so dark in here

Do you require people to leave their shoes at the door before entering your home?

Five random questions for a Sunday afternoon:


for all of the bozos on the bus here...

I just bought four new bougainvilleas!

Happy Funkday, Monkeybirth!!

Philboys thread was awesome

I've got my geek on.

Ceiling Cat Endorses Obama, comes out from ceiling

This tastes of socks.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/8/2008)

Which flag is which - Thailand and Costa Rica

Woodstock Generation III

Abstinence pants, because chastity belts are soo 17th century

...and I'm gonna roll outta here one day. I just might not get to drive...

Hey Alarimer, about your computer...

i am not the type of dog that could keep you waiting...for no good reason

I am a miserable human being...

Have you the wing?

It's so hot...Ice cream or cherries?

Anyone else think A-Jax (Andrew Jackson) had the coolest hair of any US president?

3 min left in the 3rd quarter....1 more beer, or no?

Decline in Southern Baptists? "threatened because they have a very rule-bound God."

Weird collaborative fiction writing. Click here to begin.

What odd things are you driving around with because they got left in the car?

I hate #@%&%# hot weather

Cat location update

Say WHUT?! Celtics beat the Lakers *again*?!

Top Chef fans - interview with Colicchio in Salon.

Do you think this would make a cute night table for my daughter's room?

Willie Nelson - You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore


It was only 75 degrees today but, damn, I was sweating like it was 95.

The sweet sound of Ella and the sweet taste of Scotch Whiskey

I just made a reservation to rent a car, why is there so much price fluctuation between rental place

Just spent a week in Chicago. Ask me anything.

I am thrilled beyond belief - I found two bras at Kohl's today in my size that hook in front

Your Sunday lolcats

LeftyKid is wierd, yo. (pic)

Here's to the Democrats! United again!

More lessons from "The Histories" - How to milk a mare

I'm in a homicidal rage

"Ice Road Trucker" fans . . .

All right, A/V geeks - I need your help.

I want a B'SKILLION replies to this thread — because, dogdammit,

I need help with an unproductive cough

Just said goodbye to a friend who drank himself to death... in secret.

I made a HUGE mistake today.

MacBook Air: Good, Bad, Any owner's out there?

Sister in town next Friday!! With adult kids!!

Boosting antiques from my own garage sale


Anybody looked into installing solar panels on their home?

Ok, here is why I *think* I posted the thread requesting 1,500 responses

Post a random image thread...

Why did my kitties die?

I hate Christians!

Do you think that an 11-year-old who recently lost her father should see a grief counselor?

An older neighbor just told me that he hopes John McCain wins in November, in part because...

Spring and summer are crazy in our home. New animals. (pics)

Newsweek: "Anything Not to Go Back" (rising self-harm trend among soldiers to avoid multiple tours)

Anxiety sucks.

I Want No Replies To This Thread Whatsoever....

Dang! I never noticed that before. Mouse over a DU smilie and see

House Democrats Want Bush Administration Investigated for War Crimes

Who wants some nightmare fuel??? (I do, I do!) Well here ya go!

Any parents with kids in college dorms?

Why on EARTH is this dress $1,218.00????

Has anyone seen a commercial for Ocean County, Maryland?

Finally, a Facebook group even Rabrrrrr can love!

...and they say cat owners are crazy.

elad appreciation thread

Bad Religion

I just pissed off a panhandler

Trivia question: Which 70s/80s band had a different lineup for EACH of their 9 albums?

Coconut Bliss brand vegan "ice cream" is fan-fucking-tastic!

My evil neighbors have left for a week. What can I do while they are gone?

I think I could heat a small country with my tube amps...

Hey fat guys. Don't you just LOVE epaulets???

Ask me a question about Texas, and I'll give you an honest answer

Pippin kitten needs a caption

NRA Smears Obama's Stance on Gun Ownership

lizziegrace & DA's Excellent Adventure! (pics)

Tomorrow is Johnny Depp's birthday!!!

What the fuck are you looking at?

Invisible LOLCats. Post more if you got 'em. (*pic heavy*)

Happy Birthday, Monkeyfunk!!

The real truth about Furries.

The Population Nuke: 9G people

Bilderberg Announces 2008 Conference

Justices are well-off, well-traveled

Leaders of No. 2 union OK Hollywood labor contract

Strong quake rocks SW Greece, one fatality

Iraq suicide blast kills US soldier, wounds 18

Suicide Car Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier, Wound 18

Iraq will not allow its territory to be used to attack Iran

Union says will pressure GM over closure

SAS commander who attacked Iraq war quits his post 'over lack of resources for troops'

Obama, McCain say no to Bloomberg, ABC town hall meeting

3 Drown in Midwest Flooding: Hundreds Flee Homes



Rudd calls for nuclear disarmament

Israel backs away from minister's Iran statement

Former Regent assistant dean faces sexual assault charges

Gay Anglican U.S. Bishop Enters into Civil Union

Chavez urges FARC to end armed struggle

Arson suspected in Texas governor's mansion fire

Clinton's new job: Persuading diehard fans to back Obama

BREAKING: Texas Governor's Mansion is on fire

U.S. Government Sought Customer Book Purchasing Records from

Oil price victim: Hummer up for sale

Seven dead in Tokyo knife attack

New York Mayor, ABC News Invite Obama, McCain to Historic Town Hall

(Kuwait's) Agility could sign $2.5 billion U.S. army (logistics) deal: report

Former Saddam figures moved to Iraqi control

Khadr's interrogators told to destroy notes, lawyer says

Chavez urges Colombian rebels to free all hostages

38% rise in Indian students going to US

National Average = $4 Bucks a Gallon

Threat of world Aids pandemic among heterosexuals is over, report admits

Canada Reaches Free Trade, Labor Agreements With Colombia

"Handlebars" by the Flobots


McCain 2000 Attack Ad Compared Bush To Clinton

The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat

Letters Home from the Garden of Stone ... New Everlast video

Baby Bible Bashers - UK doc on US child evangelist preachers

TYT: DNC Gets Ready - Obama Is Taking Over

Brian Schweitzer Energy Policy I

"Yes We Can" --- In images

Donald Trump bashes Bush, Cheney, Iraq War

Yes We Can Can

Graham: McCain Policies Extension and enhancement of Bush

This Week: Kerry vs Graham Part 1

Jim Webb Introduces Barack Obama for his First Speech as Democratic Nominee - June 5, 2008

TYT: Michael Hirsh Vs. Tom Friedman On How The Media Failed Us

Terrorist Fist Jab

Obama is the Anti-Christ.... Wow!

Fox News & Malkin Making Stuff Up About Obama! The Young Turks

Has Obama moved to the right?

Bill MOyers Destroys Pathetic O'Reilly Producer During Ambush

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke at the 2008 Bilderberg Conference

TYT: One Shining Moment: The Democratic Primary Race

Trailer to New Bill Maher Documentary: 'Religulous'

Salt Lake City Mayor NOT WELCOMING BUSH!

14 yr old boy arrested for reciting bill of rights

To Die in Jerusalem

IEA study underlines essential role for wind energy

"Nine meals from anarchy - how Britain is facing a very real food crisis"

Alternative energy no quick fix for world -oil execs

Oil price puts squeeze on Indonesia (can't afford to fish)

Really neat green roofs

Market model costs electricity consumers $7b too much - NZ

Reformed carbon scheme could drive global change, says report

Major new drive for offshore wind power (UK)

Scottish company accidently doubles vehicles' MPG with hydraulic hybrid transmission

Biotech giants demand a high price for saving the planet

Algae to Oil - 100,000 gallons of algae oil a year per acre

Diesel thieves wreak havoc on California farmers

A grease shortage worries biodiesel makers

Why oil costs over $130 per barrel: the decline of North Sea Oil

The Manchurian Candidate

ˇHugo! The Hugo Chavez Story from Mud Hut to Perpetual Revolution

No Strings Attached?

Japan, U.S. agree to cooperate on methane hydrates

Christine Wicker: The great evangelical decline

Mark Penn: The Problem Wasn’t the Message — It Was the Money

The Populist Uprising

Tom Hayden: Obama and the Open and Unexpected Future

New Zealand: 'Big Dry' cranks out C02

Oil, Israel, Iran, America and the High Cost of a Single War-Like Remark

A Look Back at Campaign '08: The True Story of the Democrats' 'Color Wars'

Economy at forefront as Obama takes fight to McCain heartland

No More Drama by Al Giordano

Wm. Blum: Democracy American Style. You gotta problem wit dat?

The Tipping Point for Media Reform

War bill helps Iraqis, may ignore Katrina victims

US Air Force purge: Growing tensions within a militarized state

A General’s False Testimony

From the 'You Can't Make This S**t Up' File: Army Sites PTSD Tx Facility Next to Firing Range

Obama vs McCain? The choice is.......

‘US slowdown sees more LPO work sent to India’

Quest. From My Husband: Why Doesn't U.S. Tap Into Gulf Coast Oil?

How Hillary Clinton's power play failed

Prettified speech notwithstanding, where do Hillary's loyalties lie?

sad state of affairs

Military Looks to Synthetics, Conservation to Cut Fuel Bills

Pay It Back if You Didn’t Earn It

Why didn't Lenin simply start a company?

Today in labor history June 08

Today's working family cartoon: Uninsured-Lineup

Organizing Institute Grad Shares His First Experiences from His First Campaign

Massachusetts AFL-CIO, Sen. Kerry Co-Sponsor Breakfast at Democratic State Convention

Working America Week in Minnesota

Labor cartoon for the week: Bull

The Trade Act


NEW: Nontraditional Employment for Women and Yankee Stadium feature on NBC News

The NY Times actually mentions Indian Slave pipe-fitters, Rick Berman, need for teaching about union

E-Mail from the USA shows need for time consuming crane inspections

Video: Bill Moyers addresses conference for media reform: labor, health care, middle-class, tying it

NY Construction members take to buses to promote unions

Reminder: Labor on TV tonight, hope the DOL and OSHA take a look

Lighting Strike May Have Weakened Collapsed NY Crane (+ video)

Absaloka miners on strike

Christian Science Monitor: The job market's big slump (United States is now in a jobs recession)

Latin Amer. leaders discuss labor plan with Calif. farmers

Businesses Reminded of Child Labor Laws During Summer Break

Labor costs contained in first quarter, data indicate

Actors' Strike Update: SAG v. AFTRA

Nursing home's greed will put it in the labor hall of shame (Sen. Obama specifically mentioned)

NH tree company fined $12,500 in worker's death

N.Y. grocers sue union over leaflets

Global Day of Action Against Starbucks

Steelworkers union says no to bid (my granddaughter and I stood in this picket line in April)

How do you beat Mexico at carmaking business?

Statement by AFL-CIO Exec. Vice President Arlene Holt Baker on John McCain's Speech in New Orleans

Teens in U.S. Find Summer Jobs Are Elusive as Economy Falters

Wal-Mart, critics do some bargaining (unions changing Walmart operations)

Starbucks Fires Outspoken Barista For Union Activity In Grand Rapids, MI (not so blue after all)

(U.S. Chamber of Commerce) Fears Of A Union Renaissance

Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Made From Blood, Sweat, and Child Labor

What are your favorite GLBT quotes.

Weather man outed on tv.

This Man Is Dangerous!

Jewish Agency grants NIS 10,000 to Arab students at Haifa U.

Facebook group links up to try to build new community

Foreign worker lightly hurt as Qassams pound Negev

Calm returns to Egypt-Gaza Strip border after troop deployment

Palestinian carrying six pipe bombs arrested near Nablus

Gaza's 700 (and counting) stranded students

Israel threatens war on Gaza and Iran

The West's weapon of self-delusion

Nadal Wins Again at the French

That's What You Get For Being A Jackass

So Trumad what do you think happened? Do you think BB will ever race again

The Stars This Week: "Re-Invent Yourself!" - June 9 - June 15, 2008

My poor kitty is dying

Don't flame me but here is Michelle Whitedoves latest. I know some

I posted some kites in the Lounge

BackYard Plants and Flowers

Researchers Fail to Reveal Full Drug Pay

~~~~~June's Theme: Transportation.~~~~~

Seniors Buying Prescription Drugs Across Border (The repub being asked about it is priceless)

Concerned About Costs, Congress Pushes Curbs on Doctor-Owned Hospitals

Tight Rein on Blood Sugar Has No Heart Benefits

Kennedy cell phone use may be the cause of his tumor

Flavor ideas for beef jerky?

Mystery meat

Don't you hate it when you want to cook something and can't remember where you saw the recipe?

I miss cooking

interesting video on montana from the BBC

Followup: "Groups to monitor D.C. vehicle checkpoints"

7 dead, many injured in truck and knife attack.

Taser Loses 1st Product-Liability Suit; Jury Awards $6 Million

Packing in public: Owners not gun-shy

WaPo: Shrinking Flock Examines Its Identity

The sole fundamental of atheism: no belief in deities.

Fascinating document from Soviet archives on atheist organization suppression of religion (1934)

Of course I think I'm right

Biblical scholar Bart D Ehrman announces that he is no longer a believer - the problem of suffering

QUICK, I need HELP in the Gungeon! Anybody here question the school shootings?

Truther Elementary...

2nd hit video fakery proved in one minute: misplaced wing explosion in Fairbanks video

Odigo says workers were warned of attack

Have you all seen this one?

Diary to recommend about Dem Convention now. By Kerry supporter.

Hi all! Back from the Lowell convention

Another security question please

The Governor's Mansion is burning!

Uptake Video: Bill Moyers Turns the Tables on Faux News "Journalist"

Hey cool! "Minneapolis" is a state!!

The Coleman Files

Just made my first donation to the Franken campaign

Anyone here at DU working on Al Franken's campaign? If so I have

Meetup this Saturday?

Why Clinton Lost

anyone know how to get the html so i can put my Obama contributions in my sig.

(Senator) Kennedy getting honorary degree from Harvard

WaPo: The Best and Worst of Both Worlds

Canadian soldier dies on night foot patrol

Opponents of Evolution Adopting a New Strategy

Tories release new Dion attack ads

Edmonton Sun comment: Ask all you like

EAC Awards Five States $10 Million to Improve Election Data Collection

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, June 8, 2008

Calling People who Love Democracy! (X)

Paul Newman suffering from lung cancer.

Write your congressional rep about progressive legislation

Gov Doyle declares State of Emergency in Southern Wisconsin

Will Gard's Mark Graul be the next indicted?

Introducing Nick Leibham CA 50