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MSNBC NOW!! Barack Obama Biography

Operation Chaos II ???

Clinton needs to go out HUGE- like Andy Kaufman in Carnegie Hall

Great Obama interview with NBC's Brian Williams after win

MSNBC is doing a cool Obama bio...

Is Obama going overseas at all?



Since GDP is soon going to be gone....

Clinton Unlikely as Number 2: Wall Street Journal

My Last "Non-Binding" GDP Post tonight...

Congrats to Obama and his supporters

Well I know I'LL be tuned in on Saturday -- Clinton set to endorse Obama then.

Thank You, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones

Obama/Kaine 2008

Awesome map of Clinton vs. Obama primary support

HRC's FEC report: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors...

An effective leader leads by example. A message for ALL of us.

Superdelegates...what good are they?

An E-mail from Hillary.

Hillary to Endorse Obama at an Event on Saturday in Washington

Hillary to Endorse Obama at an Event on Saturday in Washington

Fmr. Gov. Mark Warner (VA) may be at the top of the VP list

OBAMA CAMP: Clinton VP Spot Highly Unlikely - Wall Street Journal

OF Course you all realize what this means--GDP is no more

OF Course you all realize what this means--GDP is no more

Newsmen and Newswomen Democrats CAN'T TRUST

Any pizzas been delivered?

Obama-Wexler Strategy for 08

Any Virginians here going to the Obama 2008 rally in Prince William today?

Any Virginians here going to the Obama 2008 rally in Prince William today?

What about Hillary for Secretary of Health and Human Services

Perfect timing!

Hillary Vows To Stay In Democratic Race Until Death

Hillary Vows To Stay In Democratic Race Until Death

Just one minor thing

Can we declare, say Sunday....Pivot Day on this forum?

What is Ed Rendell doing? Debbie W. Schultz? Corinne Brown?

Shout out to Hillary! The star of the first GOP attack ad.

“I have new goals for my little girl. She can’t give me any excuses because she’s black.”

Hillary supporters: Enjoy this blast from the past

That torch WAS passed...epilogue

"We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty"

1/4 of Hillary voters will vote McCain and Obama still up by 6 pts.

On her WORST DAY Hillary was much better than

Mark Penn on Obama in '07: "Flash in the Pan"

Sen. Jim Webb will Campaign and Formally Endorse Obama Today in Virginia!

If HRC can't pass the vetting process for VP, what was she even doing making a run for president?

Hillary's letter about getting out & getting behind Obama

It's the Bill, stupid

Survery USA: Obama/Edwards v. McCain in Missouri

By when do you think we will know who's our VP candidate?

Recommend if you want 12 noon ET to hurry up and get here. I

I want an Obama/Dean ticket!

Thank you, Hillary..

Thank you, Hillary..

Thank you, Hillary..

What happened to Operation Chaos? Obama got 54% of the Republican vote in Montana.

I absolutely can't stand Obama... but I will vote for him

Adieu -- Fair Princess. The saddest words ....

A "WTF?" moment from McCain's speech on Tuesday

So when is this place going to be absorbed?

YAY!!! The circular firing squad is about to end!!!

For some reason, only European papers are going with this photo

By the way, where's Geraldine Ferraro?

I say that the citizens of this republic are yearning for change

The Hispanic World Celebrates the Barack Obama Victory

Just Got Finished Watching Recount

Democrats: This is our year! Taking McCain should be a walk in the park

I can no longer vote for ignorance, stupidity, or governance by the gut...

My Promise to Hillary's Supporters

Here is an Obama flag graphic for use by any interested.

The Hill: GOP Roots for Clinton

McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too

Obama/Clark ?

Black lawmakers: " Many said they never thought such a day would come. Many cried."

Obama is now the representative of our entire party

Obama has cash advantage over McCain

I will look at all Republican charges against Obama very skeptically...

Since the GOP is going to use Resko against Obama

helping the Obama campaign: If you live in a heavy blue state...

Hillary could have a long and storied career in the Senate in the Democratic leadership


What led to Clinton's decision? Reports say it was her supporters' urging

You Want Change? Take a look at this link...... Its happening

If you are a Hillary supporter who will vote for McCain then.....

Hillary became the Poster Child for marriage/relationships gone wrong, turning rage into Hope...

TPM EXCLUSIVE: Portion of Michelle Obama "Whitey" video released.

Q: Aside from being a sitting senator, what is the downside to Carl Levin as VP ?

Clinton is "suspending" her campaign. Will she attempt to get the nomination at the convention?

Rove wants McCain to use his daughter for political points (one Rove smeared in 2000)

We better hope there is no video of Mrs Obama.

Does anyone have access to the photo of Sen & Mrs Obama from Minnesota last Tuesday

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm staying away from here next Tuesday

A Change is Gonna Come...

Unity Exercise: Hillary Supporters Only, Please Caption This Photo

Hillary Clinton as Tonya Harding...

Could someone please explain the "vetting" process?

huge breaking news!!!!!!!!

For Clinton, a Key Group Didn’t Hold

Take it to the bank: Obama will pick someone outside the Washington establishment

McCain Rips Off Obama's Slogan And Logo

Will I get 1000 recs if I bash a (D) too?

How does "no other woman but Hillary for VP" work for feminists?

How Could McCain POSSIBLY Win? Here's How:

Who, outside of Montana and maybe WY, knows Brian Schweitzer?

Is Obama personally wealthy?

Obama & Feinstein or Obama & Clinton


Obama and lobbyists, what's the real deal?

Who Has a Summary of HRC's Most Egregious Behavior, Worst Decisions, Etc.

I know I'm not supposed to link here, but...

MSNBC reporting that Hillary wants to keep her name in ballot box

MSNBC reporting that Hillary wants to keep her name in ballot box

U / H = PM: Cui Bono?

Hillary Clinton's email to her supporters

Hillary was a pathogen the democratic organism had to purge

Obama Campaigning With Potential VPs Today In Virginia

Hillary Clinton can regain my respect back

Have children? Who would want to baby sit them, McCain or Obama?

"How to Give a John McCain Speech" - Funny and Hardhitting - from DU

Hillary supporters, you have a chance to honor or disgrace your candidate

Get ready for new GOP ads re Obama and Rezko


A letter DEMANDING Hillary as VP?!?!?

MSNBC showing a documentary on Obama now

Is there a SINGLE Repube talking head NOT calling for Barack to pick Hillary as Veep?

Maureen Dowd: She’s Still Here!

We're watching "Bobby" on Showtime right now.

The myth of the "popular vote"

McCain speaks of whited sepulchres.

Too damned grim around here: Something to laugh about

Remember the good old days when, after he was leading, she wanted him to be VP?

Hey money experts, lit help pretty please? :)

Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control

Gov. Bill Richardson on Hillary last night: "I would want her to go to one step further."

Wrong Spot, please delete

I think Hillary is already thinking about 2012

"Community Organizer"

Was Oprah The Decider?

Brian Schweitzer for VP!

If Bush had Paid Attention to History... , today in Bush History (6/5/08 Thursday)

It's not just the Presidency. It's the people you bring with you.

It's not just the Presidency. It's the people you bring with you.

Who decides what happens at the convention?

The world says: "YES, THEY CAN!" (celebrates Obama victory)

The world says: "YES, THEY CAN!" (celebrates Obama victory)

A Joke for Hillary supporters thinking of voting for McCain

Obama: "DNC won't take any PAC money"

Teen Farmworker's Death, Probed as Heat-Related, Stirs Outcry

To Whomever Gave Me a Star...

******Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigning Together With Mark Warner And Boucher In Bristol, VA*****

The poor GOP...stuck with a weak and inarticulate candidate..McStrange facing the largest LandSlide

A message to many who have their feelings ahem bruised

Annette John-Hall: As Obama rises, Jim Crow falls

BREAKING!! Lee Mercer throws his hat into the VP race based on his experience

Club-hopping guys greasing up with Preparation H (paints a picture doesn't it?)

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Thursday June 05, 2008


Blowback? Emily's List Backs Steve Cohen's (D-Memphis) Opponent

Why Hillary will NOT be VP candidate...

There are some serious wackjobs over at the hilaryclintonforum...

Question: Does Bill Clinton have anything to do with Obama's VP decision?

The "queer as the day is long" guy on last night's Daily Show

Wal-Mart’s Detractors Come In From the Cold

I think John McCain has a modicum of intelligence.

McCain signs onto Obama-Coburn open government bill

Obama, a sign that we have woken up?

Obama, a sign that we have woken up?

At Some Point, It Has To Become About He Wants

The surest indicator that we are going to win this election-watch for it

People died so that last night could happen

GOP wastes no time hitting Obama on Rezko

Anybody but Clinton as VP!

McClellan on Deck for Election-Year Hearing?

Big terror drill by US & Canada: U.S. & Canada Team Up For Maritime Terror Drill

Vermont Secessionists Meet with Racist League of the South

McCain Tuesday: "Inflations"?

Kiss my wrinkled old ass, (on to the convention)

"train kept a rollin"

Today in history: June 5, 1968 Robert Kennedy was shot, he died about 24 hours later

I was alive and I waited, waited,I was alive and I waited for this

Obama's new DNC: No lobbyist money

Terrible, Vicious, Angry Obama Supporters.

Terrible, Vicious, Angry Obama Supporters.

Dear Freepers and Die-hard Conservatives: MCCAIN?!? Really? Here's some food for thought


Collateral Damage: What It Really Means When America Goes to War, By Chris Hedges

Self delete - dupe

Hillary supporters had Hillary ran against you personally

McClatchy: Obama, McCain are a study in contrasts in an unusual year

Christian Science Monitor: Mass Transit Demand Rises, Costs Soar

"People are running fast... This is what happens when the wheels come off a campaign"

Does anyone here feel like * used his family connections to get to where he is now?

It's a damn shame that Hillary wasn't able to rise above her own instincts and do the decent thing

It's a damn shame that Hillary wasn't able to rise above her own instincts and do the decent thing

David Sirota coming up at Washington Journal>>>7:45 AM CDT

If Hillary Was The Nominee, Would Obama Supporters Vote For David Duke...

According to GOPnation, Barack has 300 electoral, McCain has 238

I'd like to see Obama agree to McCain's townhall/joint appearance proposal

Disagreement does not preclude civility. Civility does not preclude disagreement

Obama will be the 3rd President in a row that used drugs, and he is the first to admit it....

WJ this morning - McWar's town meetings

Obama Backs Lieberman Against the Wall

To you Republicans: The PLURAL is Either "Democrats" or "Democratic" not "Democrat"!

Less meat, dairy, has bigger impact than buying local

What You Didn't See on C-SPAN: Written Testimony to Sen. Judiciary Comm. on "Handling" Detainees

has anyone tried Acetone in their tank to improve their gas milage?

If Hillary wants the VP post she should ...

obama to pay off hillary's debt?

They stood in line to marvel at the fact that Clinton didn’t concede to Obama

For My Brother Mike.. a true blue Clinton supporter

Schweitzer for VP!

McCain's Infidelity Haunts Him on the Trail

"America, This is Our Moment" BHO Clinches the Nomination-6/4/08 Newspaper Covers

President has "near-dictatorial powers," says McCain official

Retiring GOP Senator (Warner/R-VA) Not Endorsing GOP Nominee For Seat

Bush History for Thursday 6/5/08 (If Bush had Paid Attention to History... )

Did anyone notice the GOP shut down the Senate yesterday over judicial nominees?

In memory of RFK. His death resulted in me becoming a die-hard Democrat.

What's got two thumbs and is crazier than a crack house rat?

McCain and Lieberman, Grumpy Old Men

holy lightning batman, anyone in the midwest at the moment?

It's time to focus on the GE

GOP fears Obama's money machine

so *who's the elitist???

Federal judge allows Blackwater to open San Diego facility

40 years ago today

Who cares what the fuck Cantor thinks!

Drop in Housing Starts Indicates Unemployment Is Headed to 9%

Did you know there was a REPUBLICAN Primary this week?

Foreclosures hit ANOTHER record: More Americans Are Struggling to Pay Their Mortgages 6-5-08 article

Why are feminists so committed to a woman who got her position because of her HUSBAND?

Breaking! Hillary's concession speech leaked--

Another Repug knuckledragger pushes a federal same-sex marriage ban.....

Will SUVs become housing for the less fortunate?

About right on McCain

Killing The Innocent: Soldiers Discuss Using 'Drop Weapons' To Kill Innocent Iraqis

National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Corporations: June 19th!

National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Corporations: June 19th!

There's no rest on planetary duty - Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, UK Telegraph article

Looking For Audio Of Obama Crowd Chants

You are probably sitting there thinking-What does all this mean for Ann Coulter?

Check-in Here if You've been Falsely Labeled As a Hillary-Hater

Obama has a short list of Veep candidates; McCain

is the NY delegation endorsement up on youtube yet? and does anyone have a link?


Is Osama Bin Laden dead?

After January 20th, 2009, I can be proud of the President again.

Kiss My Ass John Bolton

McBush: Don't call me Bush!

New Poster with a few Points seldom(never?) brought up on TV

Don't you think that Carline Kennedy being on the VP team is a signal that it won't be Hillary...?

Mistrial in case of Seattle Jewish center shooter

Obama and McCain using the same shwag suppliers?

a bashing thread!!11!

What do you think he said?

London has caught Barack Fever!


Patterns of Bigotry: Hillary's Wreckage

The Michelle Obama "Whitey" tape: Bullshit. Here's Why:

Phase II report on pre-war intelligence on Iraq is just out

On fox News - McCain stammers like crazy when asked about lobbyists in his campaign

MSNBC: Drunk mom driver lets her 1 year-old steer car!

Bush/Cheney Violate Law Requiring Anti-Terror Plans

Bruce WILLIS's stormtroopers. Plus, vignettes of OBAMA and GORE (separately)

Hillary's Concession Email To Her Supporters

Bottom line: Who would you want answering that 3AM call?...

T-shirt fans who want to look cool this Summer/Fall, get your O-Gear here

What I admire about Hillary

Iraqi Lawmakers: No Security Pact Unless Troops Get Out

Home foreclosures set record in first quarter

******Heads Up: New York Dems Now Live To Endorse Obama*****

Damn. Continental Airlines is cutting 3,000 jobs

Damn. Continental Airlines is cutting 3,000 jobs

Stimulus-fueled consumers flock to discounters (Wal-Mart: up 3.9%, $350M in stimulus checks cashed)


Obama's two hugest flaws

Obama pulls Lieberman aside for “slightly intimidating” confrontation

Update the Hate Mailbag Protest day two

Please don't think I am shallow

GOP october surprise: "whitey" tape, does it exist?

Anyone have the video of Mark Warner with Obama today?

Bush Ignored Doubts On Iraq Arms -US Senate Report

Chris Kelly: Why Hillary Waits

If someone would just lock Lanny Davis in a basement for the next 5 months, then.....

Visiting the Barack Obama birthplace will be a little more pleasurable

Justice Department investigating US Attorneys for political prosecution.

news from the world of nuke plants

Nice letter from Hillary. I just received this in an eamil. Blocked out my name.

Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control

Would your opinion of Bush change if after he left office,

This whole "Obama/Lieberman" encounter...

15 child brides used to settle Pakistan feud

Alltel customers--welcome to the world of Verizon

January 20, 2009 Are you planning to be there?

me thinks Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tx) wants to be VP

Halperin: What John McCain Underestimates

* at the ceremonial groundbreaking of the U.S. Institute of Peace - pics

John McSame trying to copy Obama's website

Question: How many jobs will Southwestern Ohio lose by 2010?

What If RFK Had Become President?

To all the HRC supporters...

McCain has updated his website to COPY Obama's!!!

McCain has updated his website to COPY Obama's!!!

Why does the convention require so much loot?

McClatchy: "Bush/Cheney KNEW Iraq claims weren't true"

Here's the email Hillary sent out to supporters this morning. She is definitely endorsing Obama.

Even if Obama doesnt win (and I hope he does) the 6 months of discomfort he's giving racists

Dear M$M,

I don't mean to be cryptic, but does this phrase have any meaning for you?

McBush says it again

My apologies to the more reasonable Hillary supporters

Another record hit during the GOP administration: 1 million US homes on forclosure

Good for Hillary.

Sandra Day O'Connor to release a video game to teach, get this, jurisprudence!!

The GW Legacy outcome may be positive

Breaking - airforce Secretary and Chief of Staff asked to

So we are going to give Khalid Sheikh Mohamed what he wants

It might be a good idea if you have a few minutes to watch this

Wow, John McCain was so respectful in speaking of Hillary Clinton yesterday!

Iowa: Bush protesters who were illegally strip-searched awarded $750,000

WaPo: Obama Campaign Will Use Six Consulting 'Teams'

THE MATH Daily Widget – Thursday, June 5 – Wigand +0.00 – Total +10.50

Today is Marta and my wedding anniversary

Talk Show hosts Guy James and Mark Levine to debate AIPAC today

It has started already, SAD

Obama on Management and Team Building -- Time Mag. Podcast

International DUers - NPR's Talk of the Nation looking for your calls

The Central Urinal is back in operation. All sins forgiven

What gives John McCain that confident air?

House of Commons votes to let U.S. War Resisters stay in Canada

NYTimes: Clinton Disavows Reports That She Wants to Be Obama’s V.P.

"Between now and the Democrat convention"

Obama already mired on Middle East road

Jon Stewart perfectly summarizes the primary season and its conclusion

The Clinton forces also have another wish: whomever Obama ends up choosing he not pick another woman

The Force is strong with this one.

The Force is strong with this one.

Electoral Enchantment (the Udalls !)

Strickland Switches Support From Clinton To Obama - McCain distorts Obama's views on Iran

HRC Supporters, a couple of questions if you don't mind...

GOPer strategy memo leaked

AP Breaking News: DNC bans lobbyist money; Dean remains as chair

Senate Report: Pentagon concealed Iranian intelligence from CIA

Ev'rybody's talking about racism, sexism,

V.P. picking analysis

Kleeb to debate live in about an hour

Damn it the hell, we are Democrats and we Fight!!!!

Labor Leaders Against McCain

CONTACT congress about two new reasons to IMPEACH BUSH & CHENEY:

Keith O- Watch your back!

Will McCain petition the UN to make their meetings town halls as well?

Will McCain petition the UN to make their meetings town halls as well?

Will McCain petition the UN to make their meetings town halls as well?

Marine Acquitted in Haditha Killing Cover-Up

Well Denver is probably out for me

Well Denver is probably out for me

Michelle Obama to Guest Host The View

Who's better for Hillary? Obama or McCain?

Hagee Influential in Bush Whitehouse

Sen. Obama - Please break your pledge and forego federal campaign funds & spending limits

Underestimating McCain

Has Anyone Suggested Rachel Maddow for V.P.? She is one super-sharp woman.

4 incest charges against Warren Jeffs dropped

To all Hillary Supporters who won't vote for Obama in November:

Why have Jim Gilmore and Mike Gravel stopped reporting to FEC?

Obama targets 'Republican' states (BBC)

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Wants Her Name On the Ballot as VP for Denver Convention Roll Call Vote!

McCain: Don't call me Bush

foreign policy insight

Lanny Davis to head up VOTEBOTH.COM - I guess we now know it's not an independent site

Obama & McCain Toon...

Feel the genuine warmth and charisma

The Rude Pundit: Not a Requiem for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Are all lobbyist bad?

My "Dear Daniel" letter came today, from the Hillary Campaign. Its done.

What it ALL boils down to.. Our future..

Jury selection begins in case of teens in homeless beatings

Where is the GOP indignation?

Man Blames Marine Base For Breast Cancer

a Casa Blanca reprieve...perhaps? somehow?

a Casa Blanca reprieve...perhaps? somehow?

The Blonde Haired Asshole Who Is Steve Doocy

Ok..I'm back.My 137th ltte...why not start big?

Out of the box VP selection . . .

A Trade Deal We Can Support!

"Go West, young man, go west" (for a VP list); Schweitzer (MT), Richardson (NM).

After Standing Against Everglades Restoration, McCain Visits Park To Bolster Environmental Creds>>

Are There New "Bimbo Eruptions"?

John McCain Says "That's Change YOU Can DEPEND On!"

DNC Bans Lobbyist Money; Dean remains as chair

I have a question

Al Gore's new book "The Path To Survival" - out June 9th! McCain bumper stickers are out. We're in trouble....

HEADLINE (Canada): Fighting poverty, helping children at risk key to public heath care

Obama T-Shirt for 2- year old

The heavens HAVE opened, an angelic choir IS singing, and we all now have

"defeated" Democrats from 2000-2006 and their future chances

Pipes: Bush Will Attack Iran If A Democrat Wins The White House

Pipes: Bush Will Attack Iran If A Democrat Wins The White House

Why I am a Liberal.

Name some DU'ers you would like to meet in person

How many DUers are in favor of Hilary blackmailing Obama to

Iceland police kill polar bill, for fun apparently, after it swam 200 miles in search of land

OH-07: Neuhardt (D) Internal Polling Shows Close Race

McCain may go after that crucial comb over voting block...

George, Our Lame Duck

George, Our Lame Duck

"Ain't that Johnny Boy something? ::::swoon:::: "

McCain: "Don't call me Bush"

seneca falls declaration of sentiments

February was a bad month for Clinton

TOON: What do Iraq and Mars have in common?

Hillary, Dear, you do NOT have 18 million "supporters". There are 18mil people who voted for you

Let's beat the MSM at their own game. Let's make shit up about Barrack Obama!

Son of GOP nominee throws hat into ring for Staten Island's seat (NY-13)

Air Force leadership leaving in historic shake-up

“The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.”

Pipes: Bush Will Attack Iran If A Democrat Wins The White House»

Is Discover card going out of business or something?

The Lord made him avoid paying his taxes

+++ 4,092 +++

U.S., British envoys freed after Zimbabwe attack

McCain on Katrina

Is this homophobic.

Let's Roll.

Obama: How he ran, how he rolls, how he won, in TWO WORDS:

What John McCain Underestimates

So our county Elections Administrator quit over no paper ballots. So we hired the ES&S salesman.

Hillary "Not Seeking The Vice Presidency"

DC checkpoint plan latest 'police state' tactic: CouncilmanNick Juliano

Clinton disavows push to make her veep

Serious question: As more and more evidence of the lies is exposed

Bush gets rough reception in Park City (UT)... (greeted with "crude signs and hand gestures")

DO NOT BLAME Hillary For the RNC's latest Ad!

Win a trip to the RNC Convention!

Clinton backers begin to move to Barack Obama


Wow! "Nancy P. and georgie Stting in a Tree.....' This Is Disturbing!

Why you should donate to HRC NOW!

BTW, we're loaded with "McCain for President" TV ads in Philly

If I were able, I'd give "personal" KUDOS to the following DUers:

Angry Clinton Supporters Start Rallying for McCain Online

Has Grandpa's lobbyist-infested campaign commented on Obama's lobbyist $ ban?

40 Years Ago Today. Let's Not Forget.

impeachment--where are the repukes?

In defense of John McCain (sort of).

O. My. God. McCain is Painfully Uninspiring™

Dean chairmanship after McAuliffe Chairmanship is like.......

President Bush Not Welcome On "Idol Gives Back"

Here we go...Tornado Watch till 9 pm Stay Safe Kansas

Who we can believe - John McCain or Barack Obama?

Dream Team: BeBe & Karl Rove. "Netanyahu may hire Rove to help him challenge Olmert."

Dream Team: BeBe & Karl Rove. "Netanyahu may hire Rove to help him challenge Olmert."

***Official Thread - Senate Intelligence Committee Phase II press conference at 11 AM EDT***

Rasmussen Missouri Poll: Obama 43 (+2), McCain 42 (-5)

What I Want Clinton to say on Saturday

New agreement lets US strike any country from inside Iraq

They love Obama here in Virginia!

We've Got a Long Way to Go, and a Short Time To Get There

Are There Any Joe Lieberman Apologists Left Here?

Some people want blood

I am a Hilary supporter and I gladly support Obama.

Jim Webb Blasts McCain, Assesses Obama's Appalachia Problem

Secret McCain Webiste Edits Leaked to Press

Will we be as lucky this year with post convention guests?

Hillary Clinton faces bright and uncertain future

Hillary Clinton Announces Running Independent Campaign

Glaring weakness in McBush's campaign: His campaign.

Glaring weakness in McBush's campaign: His campaign.

The Niger forgeries?

Alrighty then...I now have irrefutable facts that tell me the RW is not

remember the cheney energy task force? don't you love the results?

Countdown Butt-Whipped O' Reilly again Wednesday 25-54 Demo

Bloodbath Alert: GOP Losing Its Grip On Multiple House Seats

Bloodbath Alert: GOP Losing Its Grip On Multiple House Seats

Did Iranian agents dupe Pentagon officials?


HRC reported to be on the short list for VP. Who else?

Sen. Wyden: Rumsfeld Should Be Held Accountable

40 Years in the Wilderness

Wow, today's been a busy day! I missed my 4,000th post

Just told a childhood friend to remove me from her e-mail address list.

Question about RW trolls

RawStory: "House Democrats Cut Unemployment Extensions to Fund Wars"

The lone gun man theory.

Hillary and inspiration.

Y'all realize that every Clinton-bashing thread just keeps this all going, right?

White House Exaggerated Iraqi Threat, Senate Report Finds

When do we switch to general discussion...GE

VIDEO: Daily Show: McCain's speech was 'going so well until his mouth ruined it'

A painful reminder of why we need change

It looks like my 1 hour of overtime pay will be going to Hillary Clinton

Senate: Bush misused Iraq intelligence

Senate: Bush misused Iraq intelligence

So, the Obama is an elitist meme is out and about

DU this presidential poll (Arizona)

Say goodbye to Bananas? Say it isn't so!

Anyone notice how long MSNBC stayed on the monotone John McBush...

Gas & Groceries over Guns & God

Gallup: General Election Shaping Up as Change vs. Experience

Have you heard of Dickipedia?

If you don't reply to the bashing posts they will sink...

Dell to invest more in India

Joe Bageant At The National Conference On Media Reform

Were the past two presidential elections stolen?

Clinton NOT Seeking VP Slot

World News Trust At The National Conference On Media Reform

DNC Bans Lobbyist Money...Obama Impact Already Being Felt

Rep. Waxman seeks access to Bush, Cheney interviews on CIA leak

Campaign Money

Would anyone recommend a news channel

Good Stump Song

Who we can believe - John McCain or Barack Obama?

Secrets & Lies: GOP Accused of Political Prosecutions = ROVE, USAs, Siegelman. ....

2 top military staff ousted

Billion dollars pledged for food crisis (CNN)

Tomorrow, 40 years ago

Your private health details may already be online (CNN)

Gloria Steinem endorses Presumptive Nominee Obama!!!

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher won't "apologize that someone put panties on the head of this 9/11 terrorist"

Will McCain Continue To Receive A Free Ride In The Press

Racist e-mail about India.

The "General Discussion Politics Forum" is now Bleeding on to General Discussion Forum...

Obama doing better among Hispanics than Kerry in 2004

Lets all give DemConwatch a great big round of applause. A Standing O is certainly appropriate,.

DCCC won’t follow DNC's K Street ban

DCCC won’t follow DNC's K Street ban

Great video. Wish they'd update it for the other primaries.

Keith Olbermann on Countdown will cover "They Lied"!!! Sen. Intel Comm. Report!!!!!

An uncommon calling: Common Cause quietly kicks some campaign finance ass

Jury awards $750,000 to Bush protesters

Wexler is on Verdict with Dan Abrams on the panel!!

Strike 1+ for the workers... oohh I'm so excited... I have to share..follow me in...

Jack Thompson Walks Out on Hearing

Remember Barack's fabulous speech at the DNC?

Can Hillary REALLY 'Go After' McSame?

Does anyone feel like they are waking up from a long nightmare?

Vilsack to Obama - C'mon, pick Hillary....

John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned

CBS: Memories Of Robert F. Kennedy (plus video)

Those hilarious 19-percenters!

4,092. Four thousand ninety-two dead and not ONE rec. Gotta love our priorities.

I'm worried about Pennsylvania

Senate Dems say Clinton leadership spot doubtful

At what point will Grampy McSame completely lose his shit on national TV?

Steroid dealer who recently met with NFL officials found dead

25 Words or Less: Harry Reid's strategy RE: Joementum

*****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigning Together with Kaine and Webb In Bristow, VA*****

We don't need to attack McW on his age. It's uncool, a losers' tactic,

Abrams showing a clip of an interview with Bobby Kennedy n/t

Boycott targets eBay over new policy

McCain's opposition to two issues might help give Obama Florida...

Obama on Congress: 'I'll whup 'em' with gift from 95 YO Black Man

8 ways how Obama will win over Hillary's army

Larry King's topic is home foreclosures. Ed McMahon and wife are the guests.

Olbermann vs O'Reilly ...See the ratings here

Reid: Lieberman's chairmanship is safe

It's time to donate to organizations that support PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS!

Two words that will get the msm to do their jobs...


McCain snubs major Bush fundraising dinner.»

If Bush had Paid Attention to History... , today in Bush History (6/5/08 Thursday)

Exposing the GOP’s Voter Suppression Campaign

Blackwater's Private Services In Espionage And The Drug War.

Day 2: Random observations from Laura Ingraham's show

Larisa: DoJ investigating two US Attorneys for political prosecution

Shame on Koryne Horbal and thank you Mari Pokornowski

Regarding this "security deal" in Iraq....

Jason Leopold at Intel Daily: Cheney Pressured Fed Energy Regulators To Conceal Evidence in 2001

Tweety celebrating 8 yrs of bashing GORE. Is anybody more UNhip/dweeby/geeky than Tweety?!1

Tweety celebrating 8 yrs of bashing GORE. Is anybody more UNhip/dweeby/geeky than Tweety?!1

Bob Dylan digs Barack Obama

Two very interesting events.

Obama: Dean to remain DNC Chair


Reid: Lieberman's Chairmanship is Safe

Record Today's Donations Here---->

The Obama Magnet Ad Says It All:

McClatchy: Did Iranian agents dupe Pentagon officials?

Hey Obama! Howard for VP. It makes sense...

Democracy Now! Special: Robert F. Kennedy’s Life and Legacy 40 Years After His Assassination

OOPS! Andrea Mitchell steps in it...

I'm not participating in any more Hillary attack threads starting now, who is with me?

ABC: Obama delivers stern rebuke to "Uncle Joe," asks how far he's willing to go for McCain

Will Ohio go red again?


Beyond gasoline: Prices surge for oil-based goods

Obama's Stick

ANOTHER Italian connection to the war?! What's really going on here?

Free broadband for the US?

Question about black heads of state?

The Clintons may stick around, but this election needs to be the end of Terry McAuliffe.

Ore. polluter sent to federal prison for 6 months

The US softened up Gitmo detainees for Chinese Interrogators...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

This almost looks like popular vote totals

The media hates the polygamists

backers from New York rallied around Barack Obama

AT long last, a president that chews with his mouth closed.

Conan O'Brien asked the three runners why they left home.

Statement from Oprah:

Teacher Threatens To Rip Out Student's Eyeballs

Zimbabwean Police Detain American and British Embassy Workers

Bush’s approval rating drops to ‘all-time low’ of 25 percent.»

MSNBC: Key figures associated with RFK's assassination: Juan Romero (busboy who aided RFK)

Re: Keith's item about MURDOCH firing (in the future) AILES...

Is increasing global food production a good way to stop famines?

"SO INHUMANE" Hartford Hit & Run Video - Is it Really?

NY Delegation, led by Rangel will Endorse Obama TODAY!

Dean Says entire Dem party will not take money from lobbyists or PACs

I think this is the latest NC senate poll.

While it's still June 5th for a few minutes

The press can't find Obama or Hillary - funny!

Obama's secret he does wear one...

PACE YOURSELF, in case you are doing the same I have

PACE YOURSELF, in case you are doing the same I have

Equity in Americans’ homes falls to historic low

Bobby Kennedy assassinated 40 years ago tonight

New CBS News Poll has Shrubbie at 25% Approval

Me and My Momma For Obama

Is being VP really better than being a Senator of New York?

Larisa Alexandrovna's MySpace Experiment

From Kennedy to Obama: Liberalism's Last Fling- John Pilger

It seems immigrant is the new gay.

BREAKING Obama Scandal!!!

LOL! * and baby - pics

LOL! * and baby - pics

Al Gore has endorsed Al Franken for senate.

A 78 year old man (on the news)

secret service hand positioning

Will SOMEBODY please explain how Obama is even with McCain in the polls, not winning?

Forget the Landslide Hubris: Anyone Remember Carter vs. Ford?

I hate to rain on everyone's parade but about them stealing the election again

You know how John McCain was having cake during Katrina?

You know how John McCain was having cake during Katrina?

I loves me some Obama ... he kicks some Joe L ass

Which of the following choices best describes your impression

FDA decides: silver amalgam (mercury) fillings might harm pregnant women.

Feminist leader says no to Obama. Would rather have McCain

Broadcom Co-Founder Indicted on Cocaine, Ecstasy, Meth and Fraud Charges

Obama on the pressure to select Hillary, or anyone else, as VP: "Everybody needs to settle down"

Any news from our friends in the tornado areas?

DU This Poll:

*gulp* Chelsea?

Who do you think Time Magazine will choose as 2008's Person of the Year?


Glenn Beck and ilk....Hannity, Rush, etc will the REASON the GOP will Crash and BURN

I Gave My Friend Nate The Obama Hat I Bought It For Him For His Birthday

A Total HOOT - Stewart's "A tale of two speeches"

WTF MSNBC? WHAT????????!11

just as a matter of curiousity, what would all you vocal Sen. Clinton haters do

ATTN: Obama Campaign National GLBT Conference Call Tomorrow at 6PM:

Obama says the DNC will no longer take $ from Registered Lobbyist

more respect for Clinton Supers who are sticking with her

How did Third Party candidate Perot make it into the debates in 1992?

Deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies?

Regular is $4.25 here in Burbank CA. How about where you are?

Senator Clinton's "To-Do" list:

I love this picture

If you donate to Obama through MoveOn....

Obama meeting with HC now in her DC home...

Hit and Run in Hartford - OUTRAGEOUS - what have we become?

Talkingpointsmemo's Rosenberg: At AIPAC Today, Obama Shows How He'll Win ( Note P.S. on Jerusalem)

Senator Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY)

Take time to reflect: 40 years ago today, RFK was assassinated

I don't think Hillary is certain whether or not she wants to run as VP .

Could New York lose Hillary's Senate seat if she was VP, a Justice or in the cabinet?

Barack Obama - One Class Act

Obama officially addresses the GARBAGE "whitey" rumor!!!

Obama 44%, McCain 43% (new poll)

***CAPS LOCK!!!***

No Republicans on the ticket!!!!!!!

Why are some Hillary Supporters mad at Dean?????

I think mccain's challenge to Obama for town hall debates is suicide for him

June is Gay Pride Month, have a PFLAG avatar to show support for our GLTB friends & family

So called "Hillary Clinton" Supporters are calling Rush Limbaugh

Top U.S. Air Force official resigns

Ok... This is funny

If Charlie Rangel can be APPALLED at Clinton's conduct, SO CAN WE

Hillary supporters. Let go telling us to let it go

Obama is actually attempting to change the Social POLARITY of America

Media criticized for creating too many fake primary scandals, (or "-gates")

McCain running mate

I thank God that David Axelrod didn't work for Hillary

Even though Hillary hasn't announced yet -- We should now be focusing solely on Obama's positives...

Regarding the Electoral College Votes: Should it be proportional in all 50 states?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Justice Investigating Two U.S. Attorneys For Political Prosecution

The Last Roundup Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

US was planning for Iraq war in Dec 2001?

A little something to make a happy Democrat even happier!

RFK Avatars for the Weekend?

Obama has great response to Larry Johnson internet rumor

How Hillary was treated

It's a hard thing to admit that your country is not your country anymore.


Many progressives think abortions should be legal and are against capital punishment

Dan Abrams: breaking news, Obama meeting with Hillary Clinton at her home in Washington DC tonight

Here's the kind of mindless crap Barack Obama is up against...

Here's the kind of mindless crap Barack Obama is up against...

JUST FOR FUN: What do you think Barack and Hillary are saying tonight??

It's Clobberin' Time!


Lobbyist ban is not applied across the Democratic party

Another VP post: So I was deadset against a "both" ticket, but now......

Anyone care to share their memories of Bobby Kennedy? n/t


So, the VP we ran in 2000 is now organizing for McShame. RW source warning**

John McCain had the moral compass to hand a cigarette to a five-year old.

Sue Katz: Perhaps We Should Outsource Our Sex Education to Mexico


Are The Civility Rules Suspended Until June 11?

***BREAKING**** Michelle Obama "whitey" video leaked.

"Al Franken can't be sure of nomination at Democrats' state convention"

Lamont still poking at Lieberman, heh....writes support letter for Kerry.

So, what, now

A link to Senator Clinton's message to supporters, and an idea I like from a fellow Obama supporter.

A link to Senator Clinton's message to supporters, and an idea I like from a fellow Obama supporter.

My pick won. So its easy for me to urge unity...

What do you think is a fitting epitaph for the human species?

MSNBC reporting a top-secret meeting between Clinton and Obama

Obama pays HIllary a House Call

You want riots in the street? Wait till TV goes all digital...

You want riots in the street? Wait till TV goes all digital...

A tribute to Victoria Woodhull...the first woman presidential candidate in 1872

Don't Shoot The Messenger...Rezko Guilty (16) Counts!

Are you in a "forgiving" mood? Richard Clarke says we must forgive

Who will win...

Squirrel's stupid VP poll

Going to post a link

Why Hillary Won't Be VP

Why Hillary Won't Be VP

"It's a Beautiful Day": the full story

This Hillary supporter says: BARACK THE HOUSE!!!!!

This is just obscene.

CBS 'News': Not a peep about Senate report on republicon lies to start Iraq invasion

"Those illegal aliens don't want to learn English"

McCain Is The Type Of Candidate You Throw Out There When You Know You're Not Going To Win

Senators Obama and Clinton move faster than I thought possible to unite the party-I'm so proud!!!

Sen. Sherrod Brown will endorse Obama

7 Days to cleanse the system of my Clinton-anger

We have to consider that Hillary's or any politician's reasons are psychological, not political.

And now we are together.

To the Blacks at DU

We are IN the basement...Tornado Warning


Official Former Clinton SuperDUlegates who have switched check in

*** BREAKING Obama meets with Clinton at her D.C. home ***

Most people I know in NH make $8.50 per hour and are paying nearly $4.00 per gallon for gas

Where is AL GORE???

Wreck this thread (X-post)

Should the Republicans use gladiatorial combat to select their future nominees?

OMFG!11!11 BangOne ! BangEleven!BangBANG You go Howard!

Montana Republicans have an "interesting" candidate for U.S. Senate.

FIFTEEN THINGS John McCain Underestimates

It was all about the SDs, Stupid

I'm Still In Shock That My Candidate Won

NY Times contradicts the story that Hillary had to be urged to withdraw

My guesses on an Obama cabinet. Please comment and/or add your own

Missouri Poll: Obama 43, McBush 42

OMG, I just realized one of our DU animated smilies is shouting "OBAMA!"

GOP House Candidate Has New Challenger -- His Own Son!

Obama and Clinton to meet at Clinton's house .... but no one has seen them .......

Obama and Clinton to meet at Clinton's house .... but no one has seen them .......

I need an Obama For Prez bumper sticker!

Why Hillary cannot be the VP. Simple.

Maya Angelou now is supporting Barack!

He looks like

McCain Rips Off Obama's Slogan And Logo

Everybody is getting too damn smug around here.

Another Fine McCain Picture

Black man and a white woman run the world

Faith vs. Science: The Consequences of What We Teach Our Children

Caption This....

buttermilk biscuits need lard for flakiness

Doh!!!! Why did this not occur to me before. Obama Dean.

I changed my avatar to Obama!

Damn, It Feels Great to be an American Right Now.

Hamas Un-Endorses Obama

We have a Florida issue to knock down any lead by McDoomed

Who Here Has Seen Obama Live?

Dry drowning:10-year-old died more than an hour after getting out of swimming pool

Gallup: Obama leads McCain 62% to 29% among Hispanic voters.

Idle Game Consoles Raise Your Electricity Bill,

Bob Dylan says Barack Obama is 'changin' America

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

The reason that Hillary should not be Vice President is because

Re the Media Right Wing smear machine - doesn't Cindy pretty much innoculate Michelle ?

For a good time ROFL laughing I went over to Hillary is 44 again

Oh boy, these people are friken nuts

Woman sets gas station rest rooms ablaze to protest gas prices

Two little girls in a CROWD, meeting Barack Obama....Photo

Overseas, Excitement Over Obama - WaPO

Phase II: the need to invent the “yellow cake” story


Message to Hillary: If you want Obama donors to help pay off your debt, don't use Ferrarro to ask

June 10th deadline for New Yorkers and Mandatory Vac.

America is gonna have a black president.

Obama meeting with Clinton at Clinton home in DC tonight, MSNBC reports

Is David Axelrod ..........

Breaking News! Skinner to "campaign for the #2 spot on the ticket."

An investment in quality journalism

Fox News in serious trouble

Verizon Wireless is buying Alltel

Gasoline is about $4.50/gal around here now. What do you think

I'm done fighting. Time to heal.

I'm donating $270 to Obama today. I encourage all former HRC supporters to join me.

McCain wants to abolish Amtrak...

Barack Obama's Journey through Video: Post Your Favorite Obama Videos Here!

If you aren't listening to Mike Malloy tonight, you should be!

If you aren't listening to Mike Malloy tonight, you should be!

Which foreign country should President Obama visit first?

BREAKING-via statement just put out-Hillary says she's not SEEKING the vice presidency...

CLOSING IN...It Looks Like A Conspiracy

THE MATH (Primary Edition) – Thursday, June 5 – The Final Chapter

Gasp... my 1 year old just saw a picture of Barak and said, "Obama"

Clinton: I want my supporters "respected" divides the party and damages the Democratic Nominee

McCaption this pic

Angry Clinton Supporters Start Rallying for McCain Online

Remember when McCain and Bush were partying during Katrina? Obama was busy...

A suggestion (for the sake of unity)

Democrats for McCain

Democrats for McCain

Democrats for McCain

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Alcee Hastings, 2 Others FL come out for Obama

BUSH/CHENEY: "Blackmail, plain and simple"

It's time to start donating to the DNC!

It's over......but a bigger fight is just beginning....

If Hillary suspends her campaign and doesn't endorse Obama on Saturday...

Barack Obama's To-Do List for today:

"How Obama Did It" - Fantastic article in Time Magazine (link)

Cool Photo from Key West...

let's face it.....McCain is like a true maverick....

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA returns to Virginia! Visits Bristol and Bristow today.

a word about hate

It comes out on Countdown why Hillary will not accept VP request

Question: Why is winning not enough? Why is Obama getting the Nomination not enough?

Question: Why is winning not enough? Why is Obama getting the Nomination not enough?

Fitzgerald to Conyers: “Okay, Now I’m Ready to Talk”

After tonights there any doubt that she will be VP

These were never Clinton supporters. They are anti-Obama.

Celtics or Lakers?

Holly crap, did you see all those old white men, McCain's age, doing daps

Gerry Ferraro Wants Obama to Pay Clinton's Debt.

The Final Intevention of Hillary Clinton

"View" co-host questions senator and his wife's public display of affection

On Keith Olbermann's interview with Richard Clarke

America's Medicated Army

Obama LGBT Conference Call Friday 6pm *links to participate*

New Clinton supporter argument: For VP she's INEVITABLE (lol)

Obama leads the party for two days and already hits two home runs:

Mark Warner for VP?

Depression Signs Emerge - Thanks to Bush etc. (Mike Whitney)

McCain catching up to Obama in $$$

"With Malice Toward None..." Funny how a Republican best sums up our current situation

$500/month and your kids will be taken care of for life.......

Obamas' DAP first front page story on Yahoo

Obamas' DAP first front page story on Yahoo

Never Forget: "All Iraqi Groups Blame U.S. Invasion for Discord" - Says US Military Study!

Clinton Did Not Inform Obama of Her Campaign "Suspension" - NO Joint Appearance Planned

My friend said,"Well, I like Obama and I don't care if he is Muslim."

My friend said,"Well, I like Obama and I don't care if he is Muslim."

Please stop.

The War is Over: Hillary Clinton, Harriet Christian, and Hiroo Onoda

"Saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it."

Florida...breaking party rules was merely an act of civil disobedience. Alcee Hastings gets bitter.

The Task At Hand

Somewhere up in Heaven Jackie Robinson must be smiling big time.

Do you support Barack Obama, or not?

I'm At The Obama VA Rally Right Now!!!

It wasn't DAP it was a POUND. . .

Only a person (Dem or Repub) with a screw loose would support McCain

Is COINTELPRO on the rise to factionalize the Democratic Party?

BlooInBloo Needs Help Coming Up With Another Name For McOlderThanDirt!

When GD:P closes, can we stop bashing HIllary? Please?

Three more Washington superdelegates go for Obama (14-3)

DeLay: 'Unless Obama Proves Me Wrong, He Is a Marxist'

A request for some help/advice from other 50+ DUers!

How many have been involved in the following Democratic Conventions?

Campaign surrogates you won't miss.

COMCAST Testing System Targeting Heavy Bandwidth Users

Did you sign up today?

AP: Us Set to Strike Iranian Guard

CONGRATULATIONS to Obama and his DU supporters of which I am now one

The Lovely Parting Gift (Mary Lyon)

The Semi-Official GD-P LOvE-IN!!!

Hahahahahaha. Larry Johnson is a total idiot...he got chumped by the rethugs.

McCain, in Florida, defends opposition to 2007 Florida Everglades bill

Breaking: Email From Howard Dean

Catholic group protests New York student paintings

Axelrod: We're Working With Dean to Redraw Political Map

Hillary Clinton... Acting like a 2 year old. Stop it!!!!!!!!

Axelrod: We're Working With Dean to Redraw Political Map

I don't hate Hillary, but damn

I'm in!

Why HIllary can't be VP

Today a co-worker called me 'Obama'

A must read debunking the Michelle Internet rumor

Huff Po: Webb's Audition: Blasts McCain, Assesses Obama's Appalachia Problem

Picture of Hillary and Barack talking yesterday in the hall at AIPAC

What about Bill Nelson D-FL for Veep

Let's see "Hillary for VP" = 14 Recs..."NO Hillary for VP" = 681 Recs...

Is Obama being used by the Clintons?

Obama smacks down Michelle 'whitey' video rumor question.

Can I just take a moment to say how much I LOVE Howard Dean?

As Obama's VP, would HRC push Obama off of the stage when he is going to be sworn in as POTUS?



I still love you Hillary!

I still love you Hillary!

I still love you Hillary!

I still love you Hillary!

Anyone watch tonight's Daily Show? It disgusted me.

Anyone watch tonight's Daily Show? It disgusted me.

“But Enough About That. What About the Clintons?” The MSNBC Obama Victory Atrocity

“But Enough About That. What About the Clintons?” The MSNBC Obama Victory Atrocity

It's Time for our Corporate News Media to Hold McCain Accountable for his Lies

It's Time for our Corporate News Media to Hold McCain Accountable for his Lies

Clinton asks her donors to support Obama during conference call

Know what? I still think Hillary was the better candidate. Still think she would have won in Nov.

Obama Says Webb Would Have His Back in Fight vs. GOP

I still hate her

The primary infighting on DU ends at 12 noon ET on Wednesday, June 11.

Nominate The Best DU/GDP 2008 Poster

Out of proportion outrage at rival candidate based solely on emotion.

As a Hillary Clinton supporter . . .

What radicals does John McCain associate with (that haven't been mentioned)?

Donation history of Ed Hale ("Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain"):

Obama Veepstakes: Your Picks Are NEEDED!

CRAZY Obama Photo...

Obama praise of Bill Clinton: pure DLC


Barack doesn't mess around.....

May I propose a new emoticon?

Dear Mr Bush/McCain: Go Fuck Yourselves, Blessings on you, the Iraqi Parliment

Tom Davis (R-Idiotsylvania): Jindal has a good "credential of color"

It's a Beautiful Day! ---pix--->>>

Obama backs Lieberman against the wall - Is Lieberman Senator Palpatine to Obama's Anakin or Luke?

Well....I never thought I would say this, but I'm supporting Obama

Great 8 Minutes of the Daily Show.......

Pictures of your candidate(s) that always make you smile

HRC and BO are Laughing About it all Right Now, Ya Idjits

St Pete Times columnist says Florida Democrats loved the early primary bill....and more.

This thread is going to piss off some Obama supporters.

confused: is clinton NOT going to concede on saturday?

"i won't vote for Obama now or ever. cancel my account skinner you ass"

C'mon Let's Play: WHO is your fantasy Press Secretary in the Obama administration?

Hillary Clinton Does Not Own Me

Join the NO KICKS FOR HATE campaign

* * * BREAKING: HILLARY *ISN'T* 44! * * *

Check in and rec if you are, or are planning to actively campaign for Obama...

YAY!!! BREAKING: Howard Dean to stay on as DNC chair

Hillary's new letter to supporters (Says she supports Obama)

Nightline Runs Shockingly Bad Smear Segment On Obama Last Night (You Must Watch This)

I think Obama needs a VP that is well known.

She lost me at "slumlord".

The Intervention continues. Obama/Clinton meeting at DiFi's place tonight

Man oh man! Talk about turning on a dime .............. !

Obama Doing Better Among Hispanics Than Kerry in 2004

HRC as VP?? HA! Vet this...

This annoys me greatly...

Holy freakin' crap, Lois! The Honolulu Star-Bulletin just endorsed Obama for GE!

Fuck You.

When Hugo Chavez Pivots His Nasty Rhetoric Toward Obama, Will You Take Your Nose Out of His Ass?

When Hugo Chavez Pivots His Nasty Rhetoric Toward Obama, Will You Take Your Nose Out of His Ass?

Well, the squad took the wife to the ER at the heart hospital today, and we have no insurance

I Think I Am In Trouble




Did I Ask Too Much, More The Alot, You Gave Me Nothing, Now Its All I Got

One of the best instrumentals out there

Lets Groove DU Tonight

Aretha Franklin on my PBS channel right now!

I was alive and I waited, waited

'Indecent Proposal'

I just completed online railroad safety training! Ask me anything!



God is good, God is great

Greetings from HOCKEYTOWN!

Happy Birthday, Roxy Jezel



Muppets for President

How cranky are you?

Hoochi Mama, look at those tomatoes!

This is the funniest video just about ever. (not a rick roll I promise)

Does it seem like Richard Dreyfuss aged awfully fast?

My brother's eulogy for Danny

How would one know when a "Jam Cruise" was over?

Goooood Morning DU!

Do you eat a big breakfast?

What's wrong with this picture?

I just got asked out...

Those were the days

See ya.

Not so great news from the hematologist..

There are people...bad people...with information that can ruin your brain

I'm right smack in the middle of a rickroll, and it's ROCKIN!!!

our 'Sex and the City' Ladies Night Out was great fun.

The perfect GOP candidate!

Talk about CALORIES!!!

the bells are ringing in the courtyard

Fuck me sideways with a chainsaw! I checked my email

Does anyone watch 30 Days?

A rickroll and a great lock by EarlG in GDP today...

I totally don't get this. Can someone pls explain it to me?

FYI. Skinner is shutting down GD:Pffth on 6/11.

I think we need a GD:B section

OK guys, I have an Obama v McCain dilemma

This really chaps my ass....

This really chaps my ass....

Why don't saguaro cactuses grow in New Mexico? nt

GD:P is a summer fetival!

Salad Standoff

GD:P to be renamed GD:Vortex of Crap

Accepting Nominations for Best Spam Subject Line


Parking meters as birthday presents

This is definately a fast food restaurant...


Jesus they roll up the streets in my town at 8:00 PM and this has been going on under my nose

It has been too long since this pic has been posted.

Weather alarm radios-possibly the greatest practical joke gift EVER

There is a circumcision post in GD, God is in her heaven and all is right with the world!

Invasion! I tried to warn you people, but did you listen to me? Noooooo.

Do you ever find yourself watching a mediocre, forgettable movie....

woot! i'm happy. i just took my first "critical reading"(verbal) SAT prep test

What ever happened to Lionesspriyanka? she still posts here all the time?

Cross-Post from Pets: Anyone here with feline heart murmur advice?

Is youtube sucking lately or is just me?

How weird is your IPod/MP3 play list?

Lee Mercer, Jr. for VP?

Boy’s death highlights a hidden danger: Dry drowning

I don't care if I fell for the marketing hook, line and sinker

FYI. Skinner is shutting down Patty Griffin on 6/11.

FYI. Skinner is selling his patio furniture at 7-11

Hunter S. Thompson documentary - trailer released

A poll ONLY for Loungers with "MN" in their user names or as the state in their profile

You're a star-bellied sneech... you suck like a leech.

I am off work in less than 2 hours and my vacation will start.

Idiocracy is on right now

Anyone have AT&T TV and internet service?

Should I be TS'd?

Top Darth- What's up with Padme?

What ever happened to madinmaryland? he used to post the brazilian joke all the time?

What did you do last night? I watched the movie "Zombie Strippers."

College professors, need some advice

Name some DU'ers you would like to meet in prison

Pssssst... DING! DING! DING! Pssssst... DING! DING! DING! Pssssst... DING! DING! DING!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/5/2008)

What does it mean when somone you're dating...

Oh yay...I get to teach my In-Laws how to use their new computer...

Photoshop types, I have a request

Hmmm. The Orioles beat the Twins last night 3-2!!



Well, sign me up for "screwed".

Did *NOT* get into the NYC marathon

Best Garfield comic EVER! (NSFW. Yeah, you read it right, NSFW.)

If I were able, I'd give "personal" KUDOS to the following DUers:

Margaret Carlson is in desperate need of some new glasses

Help. Can anyone tell me what "insufficient cellularity" means?

DU Ladies... a question about menstrual cups.

Who is the craziest DUer?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/5/08

I'm having girl problems. Any advice?

Favorite Celtic / Laker named after a Southern delicacy

&*%# CIGNA..

Smoothie dilemma

Why isn't Brian Epstein in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame???

Do you correct typos in your books?

DU is screwing up my reading attention span.

Come Here Boy!

Oh yea baby!!111!

PSA: I checked - it's still not safe to go in "there" ....

Random song lyric thread

I got those Smart Lidz- they don't work on your mouth.

Peckinpah's Wild Bunch just started

If you're bald, don't let the top of your head get sunburned.

Paging graywarrior.... paging Ms. graywarrior....

Favorite Cole?

147 pounds...

So Where's It At, Hep Cats?

Favorite cold?

What would you say are some of the most famous rockabilly songs? nt

Films featuring Dennis Dugan as the hero other than The Howling

I'm reading about Action Park in New Jersey, where I used to go as a kid, and WOW

What kind of Rum do you prefer to pair with your coke?

I've never seen Lost. What is it about?

I pass by this billboard on my morning commute, and I still cannot get over it.

It's only Thursday. It's not Friday.

Damn Swedes playing for Redwings.

Fuck dancing,let's read.

YouTube: The Tubes, "White Punks On Dope" & "Mondo Bondage," UK Channel 4, 1984

Anyone listen to Dan Bern?

Which is older?- 'Smell like teen spirit' or this year's high school grads?

And you thought your grocery bill was high?

Icky but interesting question: How did women take care of 'themselves' before tampons?

The Ultimate Fmale Joke

Is it ok to post this painting here?

I live above a Boston sports bar


why was the Michelle Obama rickroll deleted

Tonight is the last night I'm ever going to spend with my boys, the way they are.

Mojo Me! Please? As of tomorrow afternoon, I will be out of a job :-(

Lounge challenge: say something more insane than this

Fuck dancing, let's fuck.

O'REILLY: You sat there while these people...just raped the president verbally I became

Todays KPOD.... sleeping kitten

Top Chef - What's up with Padma?

I wonder how your feeling, there's ringing in my ears ......

My first day at Wal-Mart.

Dave Brubeck: Take ________

Say whut?! GO CELTICS!! BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.!

I love working out in my garden, out in the sunshine with the birds,

If you like a good bench clearing scrum in baseball...

Pet Lovers - do any of you do this? *sigh* I think I'm hopeless. ;(

I think my next record purchase will be

I think my next record purchase will be

I'm beginning to think I'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown

Any of you nerds know how to fix the analogue sticks on a gamepad?

PHOTO of a gorgeous girl... just picked it off of

Funniest Rick Roll I've seen so far...

Strategies for Keeping cool

Right wing ramping up "abstinence only" education again. Will Democrats cave again?

*****Rec this thread if you love puppies*****

My Son, The Puzzle Master (cute toddler video within!)

Do you click 'Preview' before 'Post'?

Body parts found in Thai bakery

Body parts found in Thai bakery

GD:____ (please help name the new GD forum)

Favorite comic strip ever

YouTube: Nigel, I mean, JEFF BECK: "Cause We've Ended As Lovers"

I'm pretty sure that JVS

Is it pronounced FebUary, or FebRuary?


I can't believe they put chicken on pizza.

Would you like to see my first effort at mosaic? This is one view

Would you consider this management?

Worst actor and worst actress?

Reefer Madness-- The Musical (????)

What's your favorite sitcom?

Dean in 2005 said we will make Republicans spend their money defending races in safe areas...

Hello DU

OK, the mosaic by itself wasn't good enough...*sniff*


Name some DU'ers you would like to meet in person

Who experienced the HUGE thunderstorms last night?

Parche will for sure like this video.

What overused political buzzwords and/or phrases are you sick to death of hearing?

What overused political buzzwords and/or phrases are you sick to death of hearing?

Anyone watch Swingtown tonight?

EEWW!! Jessica Simpson's dad tried to take over Romo's career!!

There is a house on fire and you can only save one, who do you save?

some vibes for my mom, please

Has DU ever upset you to the point where you were upset/angry/hurt

I'm calling out FromTheAshes

Post here if you'd like to meet ME!

Tonight's lullaby - Ode to a Guitar

A old friend of mine just scared the shit out of me on the phone. She is one

What's the first film you remember seeing at the movies?

Coyotes prey on cats, I've heard.

i'm kinda sorta maybe freaking out about saturday

I'm going in for a sleep study

Braggin' Rights! Popped a DU cherry tonight! WooHoo!

RIP Sleepy/ Ember ... we only had her for 2 days, but she was a doll

There is no global warming.

Correct pronunciation of "Oedi"?

My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die...

Road trip to anywhere... where would you go?

Wilmington, DE - June 14 - The Vibe Tribe (my band) at the St. Anthony's Italian Festival!

Wow. Major implosion with Maestro and Dad. Long, cathartic ramblings

Why do some Brits have so many names?

Your favorite one or two lines from a rock song

Forgotten 80's music thread

Texas justice of the peace sued over paddlings

Accused 9/11 plotters due in Guantanamo court

9/11 families excluded from Guantanamo hearing

World Environment Day calls for end to carbon addiction

Judge allows Blackwater to resume work on San Diego facility

Marine acquitted in Haditha deaths

Military commission head contradicts Pentagon's version of judge's dismissal

Election 2008: Electoral College Update (Obama up in CO)

Bolivia will pay US$240 million for nationalized gas-pipeline company Transredes

Olmert: Fewer question marks as to U.S. plans to confront Iran

Verizon to Acquire Alltel In $28 Billion Deal

Obama Camp Sets New Money Guidelines

Former Nicaraguan Official Wins U.N. Assembly Presidency

E-enforcement becomes reality

Strong EU support for the protection of whales

Former US Attorney David Iglesias on “In Justice: Inside the Scandal that Rocked the Bush Admin.."

New satellite photos show Amazon deforestation exploding

Dell to invest more in India

Breaking: Air Force Chief Secretary Resign

Why hard-working Bellevue man was killed a mystery

GOP to honor Hemmert despite drug charges


Obama's In Control: No More Lobbyist Contributions To Democratic Party

Congress sends a farm bill to Bush — again

Obama expects GOP to attack his patriotism

(ICC)Prosecutor accuses Sudanese state of Darfur crimes

Hispanics dying on job at higher rates than others

Study secretly tracks cell phone users outside US

Farmworker's death prompts calls for Calif. reform

Second Man Climbing the New York Times Building

Second Man Climbing the New York Times Building

Did Iranian agents dupe Pentagon officials?

DNC bans lobbyist money


US weathering 'oil price shock': Bernanke (silver lining to high prices)

Continental Airlines to cut 3,000 jobs, capacity

Obama, Clinton talk at her home, sources say.

India on US human trafficking watch list for fifth year

Clinton disavows push to make her veep

Americans $1.7 trillion poorer

Line Forms at 4:30 a.m. for Obama Event in Bristol (Va.)

Ex-Bush health chief's firm wins Sept. 11 work (Tommy Thompson)

Senate report: Iran intel kept from US agencies

Sen. Byrd released from hospital: spokesman

78% Would Vote For Black Candidate; Less Sure of Friends

US subpoenas BAE director in bribery inquiry

Jack Lucas has died. Rest in peace Marine.

Indian firms not among world's most ethical cos

Anderson illness prompts Yes to cancel tour

US reopening review of torture charges (Canadian engineer, Arar)

Adviser Says McCain Backs Bush Wiretaps

Accused 9/11 mastermind wants death sentence

U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures Rise to 29-Year High

US issues threat to Iraq's $50bn foreign reserves in military deal

Air Force leadership to be asked to resign

Lieberman launches grassroots organization {Citizens for -- McCAIN ??}

Senate committee: Bush knew Iraq statements were untrue

Wilbur Ross expects $20 billion loss in automaker revenues

Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control

Obama Campaign Open to Helping Clinton Pay Off $20 Million Debt

Facing criticism, Obama modifies Jerusalem stance

Reid hints that Lieberman may be booted from committee chairmanship

Reid hints that Lieberman may be booted from committee chairmanship

Video shows bystanders ignoring hit-and-run victim

Equity in Americans’ homes falls to historic low (1945)

Google loses big in H-1B lottery as Congress gets new visa push


OT: Once again we are in a Tornado Warning...storm coming in

OT: Happy dance for today.


Moderator Availability Thread, Thursday June 5th


John Bryans Fontaine


Devil Girl


OT --- The 'Whitey Tape' May Be Laid To Rest, My Friends


OT: I owe my fellow GDP Mods an apology for my absence.





Snip Please - Depakid

OT - MrScorpio's 'Update the Hate Mailbag Protest day two'



OT - CNN Jeanne Moos does DU


`Virgin' bride ruling stirs furor in France

Polk teacher arrested on sex charges

McCain defends position on Florida measures

Zimbabwe suspends aid operations

Zimbabwe police seize diplomats (updated)

Justice Department investigating two US Attorneys for political prosecution

Court annuls Turkish scarf reform

Harold Ickes at the DNC meeting...makes an a** of himself.

McCain is Not Afraid To Raise Taxes (his 2000 plan)

Obama a symbol of progress

John McCain: One Hundred Years

Meet our nominee

One of my favorite scenes from Jimmy Carter Man from Plains

DemocracyNOW: Obama Cliches the Democratic Nomination - Part I & II

Eugene Robinson talks about the historic Obama nomination

KO marvels at the gullibility of Pox & Fiends

I think Obama should consider having Mark Warner on his ticket

Today on Fox News McCain loses it when asked about lobbyists in his campaign

89-Year-Old Patriotism

Young Turks: Compare McCain's Sad Speech to Democrats'

David Sirota on "The Uprising...Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington"

June 6, 1968

Obama / McCain Town Hall Meeting Preview

MoveOn-Bush vs. McCain: Betcha Can't Tell Them Apart!

Cafferty: Dealing With Clinton

Kenyans Excited About Barack Obama

AIPAC conference 'no arena for debate' on Israel - 04 Jun 08

Braindead Media Blindly Repeats McCain's talking Point on his 'Town Hall Strength'

House Judiciary = OIG Report = Removal of Canadian Citizen Maher Arar to Syria

Brian Schweitzer on the Restoration Economy

Chimes of Freedom - Bob Dylan at Clinton Inaugural, 1993

The Young Turks: Should Hillary Clinton Be VP?

TPMtv: Panties in a Bunch = Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) & Torture

McCain has forced all senior members of his campaign team to adopt his creepily awkward speaking sty

Rachel Hoffman: A Cautionary Tale

Countdown: McSame As It Ever Was (w/ Rachel Maddow)

The Beautiful

Nightline: The Obama Campaign

Rep John Lewis: "This campaign is going to be like a crusade to save the soul of America"

TYT: Lieberman Continues To Support Anti-Semitic (SOB) Hagee

Homeland Security Checkpoint: Video Blog - Day 1

Obama vs McCain - A Stark Contrast In Their First Debate


DemocracyNOW: David Iglesias on Bush US Attorney Scandal - Part I

DemocracyNOW: David Iglesias on Bush US Attorney Scandal - Part II

DemocracyNOW: David Iglesias on Bush US Attorney Scandal - Part III

Barack Obama/Bobby Kennedy - Hope

Obama: 'I'll whup 'em'" --- receives gift from 95 year-old supporter and promises healthcare reform

Playmobil Tagesschau mit Angela Merkel und George Bush

Barack On Healthcare Reform, No Lobbyist Money for DNC - Bristol VA, June 5

Mashup: What John Bush McCain meant to say on Tuesday night

George Will vs. Stephen Colbert

Obama wins: Newspaper Frontpages around the World

Exhausted Terry McAuliffe hits the bottle on MSNBC (June 4th)

Clintons for McCain

Barack and Michelle Obama's Pound (fist gesture)

Oklahoma's Jim Inhofe habitually votes against troops and veterans

Today Show: What Caused Hillary To Move (Senate 'Gentle Push Not a Shove')

Obama Announces the DNC Will Ban Lobbyist Money

TYT: What Kids Really Do at Model UN and Congress

WTF, McCain? Deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies?

KO: Dana "Panties in a Bunch" Rohrabacher & Rupert Murdoch, Worse & Worst

Barack Obama at AIPAC - June 4

Keith Olbermann And Richard Clark

TYT: Down Goes Hillary!....Finally!!!

The Truth About the Assassination of RFK

Barack Obama vs. John Bush McCain Victory Speech Mashup

Obama's "Army Wives" Message

Red baiting Obama!

Looking Back on the Justice Depart Scandal. A conversation w/ former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias

California declares drought, governor orders water sent to worst areas

ANWR is not the answer

Electricity price flies off the grid (Texas)

Research finds wind power poses least risk to wildlife

Nevada challenges nuclear waste dump license bid

Dakota Oil Fields of Saudi-Sized Reserves Make Farmers Drillers

Lobbying law’s back door is open to unregistered lobbyists, watchdogs say

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Initiative to Receive Massive Funding

Energy Lessons

Dallas-area motorists running out of gas as prices make fill-ups prohibitive

U.S. Western Governors Seek 30 GW of Renewable Energy by 2015

Utilities Owning, Buying More Wind, Planning for Carbon Regulations

Already Stunned by Gas Prices, Shockingly High Electricity Prices May Await Americans This Summer

How to make fossil fuel power safe in five easy steps

Need advice on making bio-diesel

President Of Kiribati - Island Nation Already Likely Doomed By Sea-Level Rise - AFP

Pollution Robbing Mexico City Residents Of Ability To Smell - Some Can't Detect Coffee, OJ - ENN

Synopsis: A transition from La Niña to ENSO-neutral conditions is expected during June- July 2008.

Obama Nomination Gives Goosebumps

Mass transit demand rises, costs soar

Sheep flatulence inoculation developed (NZ)

Hillary's Campaign was Her Iraq

Bill Clinton's Party of One

Plan to save {right} whales strangling in red tape (CNN) {Cheney guilty}

Gadgets add hundreds of dollars a year to electricity bills

Why the Democrats' Cap-and-Trade is Far Better than McCain's

In Senate Debate, Inhofe Blathers On And On And On And On And On - NYT

The Power of Kindness ; Real clout comes from being empathetic, cooperative, and communicative

"Global Net Oil Exports Have Declined for Two Years"

Power Shortages Hit LUKoil Output

Australia: Miners hobbled by gas shutdown at Apache Energy

How One Reporter Challenged the Official Story on Texas Polygamy

McCain’s Greatest Enemy

Malaysia: River, land transport in rural Sarawak comes to a standstill

Dionne: Graceless Under Fire

What Does Hillary Really Want?

What Does Hillary Really Want?

While We Democrats Celebrate -

Tom Hayden: Bobby and Barack

Ethanol stoves provided to Malawi with hope of slowing deforestation.

Citing new report, Dems rip ‘heinous’ prewar rhetoric

Think Again: Hatred for Sale

James Ridgeway: Seeing Bobby Kennedy in Barack Obama

Mortgaging America

America's Medicated Army

Robert Dreyfuss: Obama Works A Tough Room at AIPAC

Race and Politics 40 Years After RFK

Charcoal fuels the economy and deforestation of Mozambique -CSM

NYT Editorial: The Science of Denial

Sens. John Kerry and Chuck Hagel: It's Time to Talk to Syria

"Summer airfares double, triple, quadruple"

Rick Santorum's dirty coal words

Charcoal production and the deforestation of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A chilling global warming forecast

Food Is Gold, and Investors Pour Billions Into Farming

First-of-its-kind (community-owned, utility scale) solar project planned for St. George (Utah)

Home energy consumption tapering in Bay Area

Lieberman-Warner - The Pissing Match Continues - Envirowonk

Bill Clinton Finally Sees the Light

In OK, Where No Democrat Has Polled Above 41% For Senate Since 1990, Rice Leads Inhofe By 2% - TNR

Chimp Apparatchik - Assuming Sharp Turn On Climate By Bush Successor "Miscalculation" - AFP

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Private Spies

Good Interview With Barry Scott Zellen On The Great Arctic Melt - Global Politician

Ted "Series Of Tubes" Stevens Concerned About Warming - May Block Gas Pipeline Construction - ADN

Manatee CO, Florida, Eliminates County Water & Air Quality Department - But Services Will IMPROVE!!!

Runaway Global Heating HAS BEGUN - updated version

Tar Sands Pollution Memos Hurriedly Yanked From Canadian Website By Advisory Group

Many Say Coverage is Biased in Favor of Obama (Pew Center report, released today, 2008)

Repairing the Damage, Before Roe

Future Scenarios - Peak Oil meets Climate Change


Green scene a flash in the pan?

3 of Bobby Kennedy's Children Write Tributes to their Father

As energy costs soar, America looks to solar

'Che' brand irks Guevara's children

Is "give her/them 'time'" paternalistic/sexist?

Now voodoo economics goes nuclear says Friends of Earth

Scientists Intrigued By Slow-Motion "Icequakes" Rumbling Twice Daily Through W. Antarctic Ice Sheet

Alternet: Spineless Dems To Capitulate on FISA

AlterNet: The Right to Bear Arms: A View from Canada

How to make nuclear power safe in 6 easy steps...

"If you really want to understand what this race is about, look at the two candidates' fathers."

McCain, Who Missed Vote & Opposed Everglades Restoration Funding, Visits Park For Photo-Op

Mother Jones: Seeing Bobby Kennedy in Barack Obama

How right-wing crap polluted Democrats' political waters (David Neiwert)

America has sold out jobs that supported economy

Journalist John Pilger Confirms Multiple RFK Shooters - June 5, 2008

Rumors of War: Is Bush Gearing Up to Attack Iran?

Reliance On Giant Wind “Foolishness”

The Girl Who Silenced the World for 6 Minutes

Soldier found dead at Polk

2 Wainwright deaths investigated

Guard plans pullout of New Orleans

War causing shortage of night-vision goggles

West Point adopts gender-neutral song lyrics

Wis. reservists return from year in Iraq

Mental-health bill focuses on substance abuse

Army: Chemical weapons incineration on track

Soldier could not endure more pain, wife says

Navy to use comic to allay nuke carrier fears

Cruiser, amphib test Aegis today in shootdown

Marine acquitted in Hadithah cover-up case

Marine accused of killing detainee arraigned

Confined to Afghan outpost by rocket attacks, unit finds ways to pass the time

Wife freed as stabbing ruled self-defense

Kitty Hawk last relic of Navy’s steam power era

White House Pushes GI Bill Compromise on Iraq Bill

Airman sentenced to year in prison in fraud scheme

Turkey, Iran Coordinating Iraq Attacks

Court Day for Alleged 9/11 Mastermind

Weapons caches seized around Iraq

DOD official says MRAP purchases nearing an end

New Army records system soon to become a reality

Heading outdoors on Okinawa? Beware the bacteria floating in the water

Nonhostile death of Okinawa-based Marine in Iraq being investigated

Gates: U.S. will maintain troops levels in S. Korea

Baumholder base will stay open

2 Marines sentenced for Okinawa taxi robbery

Airman killed in U.K. motorcycle accident

Navy seeks participants living off base for Naples health survey

Italy creates task force to fight Naples mob

Nunn: Time to revisit military policy on gays

VA officials answer criticisms in Congress

R.I. Reserve Marines readying for Iraq

Iraqi forces adapt to hold Mosul

‘7-day option’ gets second look

Gates backs 3-year tours to Korea

$5 Trillion Hidden Off Bank Balance Sheets

Stern Imposes Corporate Model on Union; Sets Up Call Centers to Handle Grievances

Audit finds Nebraska Department of Labor overspent nearly $7 million

6 Lattes: The Amount Bush Labor Dept. Spends to Enforce Workplace Laws

McEntee Calls for Unity to Take Back the White House

Buy American, Buy Union: MSNBC Feature Highlights Union Household

US Senate Restaurants Poised for Privatized Ownership (no link)

The Time Has Come for Fair Trade

Wedding Plans Underway In Calif. As Foes Rally Offensive (Replete with lies!)

Santa Clara County, CA: Same-sex Marriage FAQs

Some politicians want people to vote on Gay Marriage and that's fine...

Is Obama homophobic?

George Takei and partner to wed

Is It Safe Now to Discuss our Nominee, Barack Obama, Without Being McClurkined to Death Here?

Why Logo.

All right which is it?

So we finally have a candidate. I assume most of us are going to vote for him?

Lesbian Kiss At Seattle Ballpark Fires Up Gay-Friendly Town

U.S. House members form LGBT Equality caucus

Obama LGBT conference call Friday 6pm * links to participate * OPEN TO ALL

Al Qaida No. 2 slams Egypt for sealing border to Palestinians

Israeli killed, four hurt in mortar strike on Negev

Israeli gay pride holds head high in Brazil

Jewish group could lose U.N. credentials

Hamas vows to continue attacks

New type of migrant settles in Sderot

Pandering to AIPAC shows Obama in a poor light

German neo-Nazis: We're pro-Israel, condemn anti-Semitism

Olmert: Israel moving toward using force in Gaza

‘Radical pragmatism’ and the Jordanian option

Four-year-old girl killed in Israeli air strike on Gaza

6/5/08 Cryosphere Today Map - Time To Play "Spot The Polynya"!!!

Chavez's party revives re-election issue

Critics see spy law targeting dissent

Colombia's Uribe refuses to rule out third term

Saul Landau: "Cell Phones Will Liberate Cuba! Pigs Will Fly"

SPANISH Prosecutor going to Colombia to Probe Possible ETA-FARC Links

Models of Coming US Interventions: Iraq or Haiti?

Senator Piedad Cordoba exalts dead FARC commander

VENEZUELA Dismisses Human Rights Watch's Demand to Clarify FARC Relationship

Colombia's Horrific Labor Abuses Are Among a Long List of Reasons to Oppose the Colombia FTA

NFL Steroids dealer found dead (shot)

Hillarious Stanley Cup thread found in GD-P

I wanted to share :)

Belmont Picks and Predictions.

My kitchen

Anyone saying that Kobe is as good as Jordan is a fucking idiot....

Any Yankees fans?

Congratulations to LisaM's 'Wings.

Energy clearing affirmations or any affirmatnions for the matter :)


BEE-var22 has inspired me - Bee pix

Research Finds Wide Disparities in Health Care by Race and Region

Ah but to live in a civilized country...

A City Where Hospitals Are as Ill as the Patients

The People's Pharmacy - useful link

Mmmm, Jerky

Green Mole'

Although best in GD, this thread re: Obama will probably get consigned here....

Megachurch pastor arrested on online solicitation charges

DC chief of police, reiterated plan to block off neighborhoods

Son of Mexican immigrants ordained as youngest U.S. Catholic bishop

Fr. Pfleger and the Catholic Church

Confronting Right Wing Christians: Is it worth it or are we going about it the wrong way?

Mexican food recipes for casseroles..

A rabbi, an imam and a priest discuss their 'painful verses'

"Liczbinski Law" pushed

The Right to Bear Arms: A View from Canada

Will MS-13 gang members obey laws banning guns and knives in Canada? (City News, Toronto, Ontario)

Recipes for homemade biscuits and...

Strong atheism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive

I know why atheist are arseholes.

Science World Won't Be Sorry to See Bush Go

Has this video been posted in this forum? Looked but couldn't find.

Is anyone looking into Rick Rascorla and Dan Hill?

For Blair Gadsby - Video Inside

Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

Heroes journey, MA Iraq War vet walks for others

Letter from Ned Lamont supporting John Kerry for Senate 08

It's Time to Talk to Syria - Kerry and Hagel

Al Gore has endorsed Al Franken for senate.

I'm thinking of earning a teaching certificate

(Brad Friedman ) My Own Votes, Four of Them, Were Flipped Yesterday Before My Very Eyes (X)

Wreck this thread (X-post)

Voting Machine Company Salesman Becomes Election Director in Texas

Wired: Atheist Game Asks Players To Kill Prophets

OneCareNow has a big agenda for 2008

CNN: Atheists caught having sex in cathedral