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From The Guardian on Obama and Clinton Talks

California District 4 Du'ers, McClintock is leading Ose right now.

What Americans want most is a Good Night's Sleep!

My take on it

No Ménage-à-trois for Obama

In celebration:

What's Terry (aka Baghdad Bob) saying now?

Obama's Crucial AIPAC Speech

dupe-sorry mods

dupe-sorry mods

Hillary wants to hear from us before she makes a decision? Well, not quite.

Cheers! To Obama, the Human Heart, the Hope for Humanity, and all of You Crazy Guys

Can You Stand It ?? Larry King Live Featuring LANNY DAVIS...

Taking the mystery out of politics...

Taking the mystery out of politics...


I don't get this. Obama has MORE than the required delegates. Where is Hillary's CONCESSION????

Hillary's campaign posted on Craig's List

No way in hell Obama can now pick Hillary as his VP running mate. It would show that he would

Senator Frank Lautenberg Wins Democratic Primary in NJ

Just curious, do any Hillary supporters honestly still think she can win?

LOL @ Lanny Davis on CNN: crew packing up stuff behind him...

We'll never know what the BUMP could have been.

Obama's supporters are a cult?

The most jaw dropping moment of the night for me...

Welcome to the anti-Reagan revolution.

McCain Lost to Romney in Montana.

Please Fight On Hillary

Obama 'favourite global candidate'

We should mentally bookmark tonight as the day in the 2008 election when

Website to view all major newspaper covers?

Obama just SQUEEKS by - barely...congratulations...

Oh, for Pete's sake, she didn't say that she is contesting

153 Days

153 Days

Obama is going to pick his own VP, regardless of whether or not HRC "wants it."

Congrats to Brack Obama

This is the moment

"Obama can't close the deal!"

Repubs will throw everything at Obama but he will win in a landslide...

favorite part of clinton speech... "and they thought we lost this 5 months ago"

Why do I get a bug every time I post, and it posts anyways, and isn't in My DU?

NYT on Obama's debating skills: "His debate performances tend toward the erratic"

NYT on Obama's debating skills: "His debate performances tend toward the erratic"

"We will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment..."

We finally have a Nominee to take the White House

Hillary got about half of the media attention on THIS night. You've got to hand it to her.

Has anyone ever limped into a nomination as badly as Obama?

Lift a cool frosty to two great and honorable Senators from Illinois and New York

Wow. Just took a look at DemConWatch....

Interesting comments in The Guardian on Clinton's next moves

Lee Mercer's concession speech was graceful and humane...

Yowza. Now that's an organization I'm glad to be invested in.

I have the confidence in Barack Obama that he will overcome Hillary's latest moves

If Hillary didn't make it. THen why blame us isn't it down to her supporters to help get her elected

Tucker's annoying as hell

... and the cannons all turn toward McSame

Thank you Lanny for the symbolism.

Faux transcripts of Obama and Hillary speeches - lil bit skewed?

Please help. What did Hillary have to say about Obama in her speech?

Senator Hillary Clinton ran a great campaign

Senator Hillary Clinton ran a great campaign

Shannon County is the only county in SD left to report

Crank up the unity music and dance! "Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another

Crank up the unity music and dance! "Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another

I'm wondering could it just be the money?

What Obama should say to Hillary re VP slot: I'm going to pick the person who will help the ticket

Vanity Fair article

HEY!! I think the GDP 3-posts-per-day limit has been lifted!

new graphic on Obama's home page:

Front page of Hillary's website --

Front page of Hillary's website --

Letting go of Hillary

Someone gave the candidate to over-ride the defectors vote

Classless, graceless, shameless, relentless

Anyone got a link to a video of Obama's victory speech?

For all who think we should give Hillary a break...

Why does Hillary want you to go to her website?

What do you all think about Gore as VP?

Pelosi, Reid, Dean To Go Public: Democrats Need To Endorse

Hooray for OBAMA, WHO cares about the other guy, she lost! the end, let's focus on the winner!

Hope, a brighter future

John McCain was more gracious to Hillary tonight than most of Obama's brigade here.

Did anyone actually expected Hillary to concede tonight?

Can the DU racist slurs against Obama stop now?

Hillary: " I want to start tonight by congratulating Sen. Obama and his supporters"

One word to the republicans...

Hilliary winning the popular vote is a lie.

Be very, very afraid of old people!

The Top 15 Most Popular Videos on CNN

Truest, most relevant statement tonight (Jon Tester): "Some people love her...

Obama Supporters: Have You Noticed The Clinton Supporters Tonight?

We are past the point where an Obama/Clinton ticket could have been

We did it! Congrats to Clinton and her supporters as well, hell of a contest!

MSNBC Live Vote Regarding HRC as VP

Yeah, keep 'em riled up Hillary. Keep your supporters thinking

Last time an unexperienced politician from Illinois

Do you honestly think

Do you honestly think

Obama Supporters, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow! We have a long road ahead!

Relax. Hillary doesn't need to concede ... she was decisively defeated today.

This is why Hillary's speech tonight was fucked up! it simple math??

Frontpage, New York Times, June 4, 2008

Frontpage, New York Times, June 4, 2008

A sitting Senator is not the best pick for VP

The damn primaries are over. Time to get over it...

a prediction

Error, please delete

So here's the math...

If I'm curt with you it's because time is a factor.

In-Fighting and Clinton/Obama Supporters

"when we finally win the battle for healthcare in this country, she will be central to that victory"

Should Hillary concede?

Breaking: Clinton Phones Obama. No Congratulations to Him. No Plans to Meet.

NAME THE GATES: In honor of tonight, in valediction, let's try to remember them all -

NAME THE GATES: In honor of tonight, in valediction, let's try to remember them all -

why were the results in South Dakota and Montana so different?

When GD-P closes down, will there be another forum for

Can we please lay off Hillary for the time being?

Bill Clinton, the "Human Thermometer" - the closer SHE gets to actually Losing, the Redder He gets..

Hillary's speech.

Hillary's speech. which Storm Bear explains it all for you

No to Hill VP after RFK comment . Don't tempt faith . Give her Universal Health

Hillary Clinton: Supreme Court Justice

interesting article inside the Clinton Campaign, (Mark Penn should NEVER be hired again)

My take from both the speaches.....

Close GD P

why I love cut and paste ...

I am sick of hearing how Hillary just needs a little time to sort this out...

Hillary should drop out today.

Why is Hillary having money problems if she has 18 million rabid supporters

Hey, I just noticed that there is only one thing pinned up top.

Prediction: Hillary will drop out on Thursday.

No one makes demands to be VP

BREAKING: The primaries are over!

BREAKING: The primaries are over!

Cult of Personality

Yayyyy Barraaaackkk! Congratulations! Yes We Can!!!!!!!

Wake up, John...wake up...WAKE UP!

McCain in Louisiana = Jindal as VP slot?

What Is It About This Party



Seriously - time to switch gears!

Mods, you are doing a great job tonight! Thank you for your dedication.

Dear Senator Clinton: Take your time

It's a new day and we are about to MAKE HISTORY

Between the SD and MT primaries, Obama netted 16,000-17,000 votes

WAIT A MINUTE! don't let this fact escape you about Obama's victory:

WAIT A MINUTE! don't let this fact escape you about Obama's victory:

Tell me why it would be in Clinton's best interests to take the VP slot.

On embracing our "friends."

We are getting a two track message from the Clinton campaign

We are getting a two track message from the Clinton campaign

When you look back on this election many years from now, who will you remember supporting?

Obama's speech last night..

Obama's speech last night..

A Statement by Democratic Leaders on the End of the Presidential Primary Process

Political ironies: Carter ,Kennedy, Obama, and Clinton

A note of genuine congrats to the Obama CAMPAIGN. Well done!!

A note of genuine congrats to the Obama CAMPAIGN. Well done!!

Terry McAwful on Morning Joe

for today, I refuse to think about Hillary Clinton: it's celebration time!

This primary was Leonard-Hagler all over again- Exciting, historic and controversial.

Purge Them: we now see who are democrats, and who are only "Operation-Chaos Hillary supporters"

John McCain is the enemy.

But the real number to nominate is 2210!!

Hillary you did not win the popular vote so stop lying

Your so classy Hillary Clinton

What Does Hillary Want?

WP: Obama Plans Campaign Rally (Nissan Pavilion, VA, Thursday)

WP: Obama Plans Campaign Rally (Nissan Pavilion, VA, Thursday)

Obama: 2162 delegates (2117 needed)

For the last time: I am not asking for your vote.

Bush issues statement congratulating Obama on getting nomination

Don't overlook the fact that Obama NOT being closely tied to the Clintons will help in the GE.

I just made my first donation to the Next President of the US. GoBama!!!!!!!!!!

Obama pulls ahead in Rasmussen tracking poll 47-45.

We say "Let's unite behind the nominee ".... but

Hillary may still be in it but someone forgot to tell the MSM because she's nowhere to be found

Superdelegate Bomb: The List of 66 Superdelegates that Endorsed Obama on Tuesday

Surprise Hillary Clinton is still here and she has given us a nice gift and a connundrum

Pelosi, Reid & Dean Begin The Process Of Shutting This Thing Down Tomorrow

Dear Senator Clinton

For those of you who want to ridicule HRC supporters here - read this link.....

Anyone have link to McCain's speech?

John McCain Came in Third in Montana

This is sad.

Since we know the Democratic nominee; It is Time...

I have a question about Paster Pfleger being asked to step down.

Why He Won.

Obama about to speak live MSNBC

Very emotional night for me last night.

The end of big-donor politics?

I know it is historic That Obama's skin color is reflective of his Kenyan father...

Rasmussen daily graph for 6/4/08 to eternity - Obama up 51 (100), Clinton down 42 (0)

President Hillary Clinton on Sam Seder

With Obama beating Hillary by 30,000 in MT. She can no longer claim she won the popular vote

Oh shit...Joey Scarborough's back and


Tonight was the night for Hillary to be a Leader; instead she took a pass

Hillary it's time : Clorox the cesspool and get on with uniting the party as promised

Does anyone know how and why Hillary won South Dakota ?

It's time to move on...

Why Clinton CANNOT Be on the Ticket

Why Clinton CANNOT Be on the Ticket

Clinton won't concede, says she's "willing" to consider VP...

Clinton won't concede, says she's "willing" to consider VP...

A Great Pic of Obama

An apposite headline

An apposite headline

Clinton Supporters going on Rush Limbaugh to bash Obama

Down Ticket Democrats Will NOT Put Hillary On The Ticket As VP. Her Support is Very Narrow

RNC Already Using Clinton's Words Against Obama

A non gloating message to hillary's supporters

Attention Hillary Supporters!

I think Hillary wants to not have to make a concession speech

Obamamania in Damascus: Syrians like the candidate’s approach to diplomacy.

Congratulations Senator Tweedledee!

Mission accomplished, CNN: Huge CLinton picture, huge headline about her plans,

Do you want to know who needs unity and needs it fast? The Republicans

Obama surges in Rasmussen tracking poll-up to 55% favorable-leads Mccain

My name is endarkenment and I am a GDP addict

*********Heads Up: Clinton, Obama Now Live Join Israel Conference*********

It's 11:15 on the East Coast - Six Supers for Obama, -1 for Hillary

Vice Presidential Choices

I see a similarity between Senator Clinton's vote to authorize the war and her speech last night.

McCain's speech was SO BAD they only have clips on his web site......

I told you about my 69 y/o mother, well she is having major surgery today BUT. . .

Hillary can still be the nominee, according to the anti-democratic Super Delegate System.

America, I'm proud of you today.

Mondale endorses Obama

Clinton's biggest bonehead move was not running against Bush.

Clinton / Lieberman 2008 (I)

Thoughts on staying home or voting for McCain:

About last night - Clinton's Non-Concession

About last night - Clinton's Non-Concession

thank you howard dean and joe trippi. barack stands on your shoulders.


I just watched McCain's "pre-buttal" again, and I have to say that I was right...

Joy! Joy! Fox "News" rant about Olbermann!

On the front page of GDP I just counted 36 attack threads against Hillary and Supporters

Hillary: "I know that Senator Obama will be a good friend to Israel".

thank you Hillary

CNN is covering Hillary's speech live at AIPAC today.

HRC is doing for McCain what WJC did for Bush.

Did I miss anything?

For the millionith time; it's time to get behind our candidate

Imagine This!

I did not like Obama's speech to AIPAC

Fl. did it again

So now that Obama has the required delegates locked up.... NOW she starts being gracious.

Following AIPAC's speech. To Peace in the Middle East

And Now It Really Begins ...

Hillar(it)y: "If you don't let ME win, I'll join your enemies and gang up on you and destroy you!"

The difference in the speechs between Obama and Clinton was stark

You go, guy!

Rahm Emanuel backs Obama

Hillary don't wait to long......

to the most passionate Hillary supporters... Turns Off Comments on Obama Stories

One way to get the Republican crossover votes

Where Can I Find A Really Great Descriptive List Of Accomplishements Of Barack Obama.

Obama's potential running mates

I hope McCain and Obama have a few YouTube style Debates

self-delete. Sorry

There's a reason we want Obama. I can give it to you in 5 words.


MSNBC (Andrea Mitchell): Clinton advisers claim "She knows she has maximum leverage right now"

For the first time, I am excited!

Which gives Obama a better chance at winning the GE?

If Clinton is VP and Obama dies or becomes incapacitated...

Today, Gov. Rendell acknowledged that Obama in the Nominee...

Wanted: data on 2004 aggregate primary voting results

Click here to tell Hillary Clinton what you'd like to see her do. *contact link NOT donor link*

Maybe Hillary needs to watch this...

There is no party unity

Hilary made an excellent speech, but it was the WRONG speech

Can we stop tearing each others throats out now?

What if Hillary refuses to concede?

I just received this idiotic email from a repug..and my reply

Ok it has to be done. ***Official Non-Gloaters Thread***

Last Nights Drama Queen

Rhetorical question: Is Bob Scheifer an idiot?

NBC Breaking: President Bush offers Obama his congratulations on clinching the Democratic nomination

HRC has no "18 million person army". The vast majority of her voters are Democrats first

Let Ben Smith over at Politico know that you are in full support of

I still support Kucinich

Remember everyone, Obama supporters have no problems with Democrats who do what they want

Let's all remember Andy Stephenson at this time. Let's make him proud. n/t

old storie mods get rid of this plz

Stick With the Green Background, John

Stick With the Green Background, John

I missed johns speech.

McCain's Image Problem

What are we supposed to do with ourselves now?

Obamanoids Obamabots Obamatons Obamamaniacs --- Knock It Off!

Vote in Poll


The tough choice

A message from Hillary

Where do discussions about running mates belong?

REC this thread if you want to stroke my ego

Why Hillary had her rally at Baruch College

Fund-raising stunt??

Hillary requested opinions of what she should do -- I sent mine!

Hillary and her non-concession speech, a precedent?

So who won SD and MT?

Soul on Fire: "This Is Our Moment, This Is Our Time...."

Finally, A Nominee Who Is By The People and For The People: Barack Obama

Maureen Dowd: She’s Still Here!

why isn't mccain's running mate HIS FIRST CHALLENGE? such horseshit from the media

msnbc scroll...hillary refuses to concede

McCain truly is Bob Dole 2.0

Welcome to the GE, now it is official

Today I'm pissed - tomorrow I'll work on unity.......

I think Hillary must NOT be on this ticket...

This is the time for HRC to graciously admit that Obama has won

Hillary Unfit To Be Obama's Vice-Presidential Candidate

Rahm Emanuel endorses Obama

The Rude Pundit: A Few Observations From Last Night's Big Speech Threefer ...

Faithful Clinton Supporter: What are the odds of Clinton becoming the nominee?

In AIPAC speech, Obama "clarifies his position on Iran and willingness to meet with rogue leaders"

Flashes of 2000?

LOLPOLL - A new poll in North Carolina has Barr at 6%

Where the hell is Al Gore?

Hill Democrats fall in line behind Obama

deleted dupe

Here's one for you Obama fans

"Taking it to the Convention"

Can we get an around of applause for Senator Dick Durbin?

McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too

Is this forum obsolete?

Oh noes! They found the Michelle O video!

Post your reasons pro and contra for Senator Clinton as VP

They are warming up...

I would like to be wrong

This morning Lanny Davis was saying he hoped Obama had the "wisdom" to chose Clinton for his VP.

Hillary and Obama have reconciled-- Dream Ticket a GO!

So please tell me why Obama is still painted as an 'elite'. If anyone imo

Jesus. Can you impeach the Veep's husband, like for

How out of touch is the Clinton camp? Authorizing Bob Johnson to launch VP drive?

No shame, no gain

Hillary supporters, you have my admiration.

Hillary supporters, you have my admiration.

Let's have a POSITIVE Obama thread.

I did not like Obama's speech to AIPAC

Dear Senator Clinton

I'm looking forward to the books that will be written about this Primary season

I just re-read Skinner's entry about the primary season. GD-P's venom will exist for an extra week.

An Extraordinary Speech !!

Why don't we have a general election forum yet?

Why don't we have a general election forum yet?

Obama's mama (with pictures)

Question for Skinner: Shouldn't you rephrase the statement about supporting the Democratic nominee

Hillary Clinton is a power hungry fool and a LOSER.

Hillary's top secret speech to her top secret supporters last night:

We helped carry Yellowstone County, MT!!! (by 614 votes)

So McCain REALLY wants to have town hall's across America with Obama TOGETHER

It's not just the economy stupid. Lest we forget the real reason we need change

Where Were You Last Night When You Heard The News?

Party unity, Obama style!

Caption Barack and Michelle - Pic taken as they watch Hillary's non-concession speech.

A Change Of Heart..

What if Hillary decides to run as an independant?

Dem Party Leaders Issue Statement - Not Many Have the Stomach for an Ungracious Clinton

I believe that Hillary Supporters

CNBC speculating the drop in stock market due to Obama win

So I'm listening to Ed Schultz today

call wasserman shultz regarding her out of line petition to get Clinton on ticket

Ok some DUers just need to grow up. Everyone Please K&R.

Wow. Just wow. (re: Will Bunch's post on historic nature of Obama win)

Hillary will be a huge help to Obama

Obama has chosen three people to help lead search for VP.

Hillary Clinton Has Never Lost a Political Campaign in Her Life.

How will women fare under a McCain Presidency?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry to the vast majority of extraordinarily reasonable Clinton supporters. But...

Thank God, oh wait i'm agnostic, thank the voters of America

Thank God, oh wait i'm agnostic, thank the voters of America

I saw the next President of the United States last night

Question on the VP choice.

Question on the VP choice.

This toon explains why Hillary won't let go, IMHO.

Congratulations to Obama and his Supporters!

Why are you obsessed with Hillary?

For all Obama supporters:

Is she a compulsive liar, or just opportunistic?

Is she a compulsive liar, or just opportunistic?

Why Hillary Shouldn't Be Obama's VP

First thoughts: The Big Upset

Addiction to Shared Outrage

Anyone know where the Repub VP list choices website can be found?


Long and emotional primary, and some of you think unity should happen 24 hours after it is over?

So now Hillary's 'campaigning' for VP ?

Ready on day one...

Give Hillary a break.

Do you believe Dem leadership can, and will if necessary, place very...

Give Hillary a break.

Not only have Bush, McCain and Rice all congratulated Obama for his win, but CNN is reporting....

Why Hillary won't be able to secure the VP slot: The Big Dog

Obama is now sprinting to the Right as the GE has started

On Superdelegate endorsements: My DINO Rep. is the biggest effing coward in Congress.

Thank god, Obama is making a move instead of waiting for the Other One to do so.

Well at least she finally answered the freaking phone....

Everyone posting negative threads about Obama, he's OUR nominee. Why are you doing this?

Everyone posting negative threads about Obama, he's OUR nominee. Why are you doing this?

Anyone see Terry McAuliffe on TDS last night?

Farewell and thank you, worthy opponent. May my candidate be as tenacious

Robert Johnson: Hill Authorized Me to Start VP Campaign

Ed Schultz: Obama just formed a 3-person VP search committee. Caroline Kennedy on it.

What is Obama's path to 270?

LOL! Grampy Wants Some Town Hall Debates

There are still 132.5 uncommitted superdelegates.

The Way of The O


Obama should bring Samantha Power back in

Rendell: Obama would have to be an “enormously big person” to pick Hillary, she would upstage him.

Very important question now that it is clear Obama is the nominee

***URGENT: Tell Hillary What You Want Her To Do***

Some Random Musings

Breaking: McCain just congratulated Obama on his Democratic Nomination.

Breaking: McCain just congratulated Obama on his Democratic Nomination.

Obama opens 60 electoral vote lead over McCain (

If Hillary forces - or publicly attempts to force - her way onto the ticket

barack obama on blackwater

If Hillary forces - or publicly attempts to force - her way onto the ticket

Two separate but very nice things happened to me

Hillary Who???

Tornado Warnings in Washington, DC


Even in victory, the Hillary Clinton haters shows no

Last night, I managed my anger poorly

Countdown for peace (on DU): 6 days, 19 hours, 38 minutes

A breakdown of how many times each candidate said "me" or "I" last night...

How Hillary Accepted her Party's Nomination:

I'm glad I switched my support from Hillary to Barack on May 6 after NC. It's time for everyone

Photo from McSames speech last night

Obama Supporters, No More Negative Hillary Threads, Please.

If Hillary the nominee, Obama to African Americans:

Rec this thread if you think it's moronic to judge Obama by his MIDDLE NAME

Rec this thread if you think it's moronic to judge Obama by his MIDDLE NAME

Rec this thread if you think it's moronic to judge Obama by his MIDDLE NAME

Time to donate again

Veni, Vidi, Vipi?

Thom Hartmann changes his mind

McCain Begging For 10 Debates This Summer Reeks of Desperation

McCain Begging For 10 Debates This Summer Reeks of Desperation

McCain Begging For 10 Debates This Summer Reeks of Desperation

McCain Begging For 10 Debates This Summer Reeks of Desperation

What does Hillary add that couldn't be made up by Webb, Richardson (yeah) or Sebilius?

Sorry But Hillary is Still Fair Game

I was talking to this older lady today outside the building

This is not the impression we want left as women

What the fuck Did Joe Sestak just say about Obama when responding to Rezko's conviction?

So I'm curious. How many of you went to last night...

I Hope DU Doesn't Develop 2004esque Head-In-Sand Syndrome

Open Left: the Case for Wes Clark (as a Veep choice)

Clinton Supporters , If You Support McCain .....

Clinton Supporters , If You Support McCain .....

A Solution to the Hillary Problem

Hey everyone! CALM THE HELL DOWN.

Today's Front Pages...

Regardless of candidate preference, can we all be proud of our party today?

Regardless of candidate preference, can we all be proud of our party today?

Regardless of candidate preference, can we all be proud of our party today?

In Defeat, Clinton Graciously Pretends to Win

Give me down-ticket primary news

McCain openly courting Clinton supporters (AM1090 Sea, WA)

Rangel on MSNBC now:"We are having difficulty explaining why she is holding back on her endorsement"

Rangel on MSNBC now:"We are having difficulty explaining why she is holding back on her endorsement"

The "Blue Dogs won't support Obama" story is garbage

The "Blue Dogs won't support Obama" story is garbage

When Hillary said "my 18 million voters won't be invisible" I think she meant one of two things:

Negative Clinton Posts Will Stop!

Negative Clinton Posts Will Stop!

....Clinton campaign “is likely to come by week’s end but could be signaled as soon as today.”

....Clinton campaign “is likely to come by week’s end but could be signaled as soon as today.”

Great article pointing out the absurdity for Hill supporters that want to vote for McCain

Great article pointing out the absurdity for Hill supporters that want to vote for McCain

Jimmy Carter tells Barack Obama not to pick Hillary Clinton as running mate (Guardian)

Obama appoints team to help find running mate

Prediction: Obama will choose woman VP--but it won't be Hillary

Everyone who criticizes Hillary Clinton is not a "hater"

Great article on the absuridity of Hill supporters threat to vote for McCain

Is McCain trying to lose?

Remember, when you donate to a politician, your money goes to the Save the Politico Fund...

Obama Can End This Drama In A Heart Beat If He Picks A VP Now.

Does anyone know the exact pledged delegate counts if Michigan and Florida

NPR: As delusional as Hillary

Skinner it's time: CLOROX THE CESSPOOL as promised.

Skinner it's time: CLOROX THE CESSPOOL as promised.

Skinner it's time: CLOROX THE CESSPOOL as promised.

Militant Clinton supporter ready to help campaign for Obama.

Congratulations Obama for becoming the nominee.

McAuliffe: Obama-Hillary ticket would mean "we would have the White House for 16 years"

McAuliffe: Obama-Hillary ticket would mean "we would have the White House for 16 years"

Obama has now secured the absoluite majority of Super Delegates as well.

Obama has now secured the absoluite majority of Super Delegates as well.

Is John McCain actually a * WORSE* Presidential Nominee than Gee-Dub?

I'm sorry

The best way to make a lie believable is to believe the lie, while you are telling it

Being ready on DAY ONE also means being ready to lose gracefully on DAY ONE!!

So now that the primaries are over

I've just contributed again @ Let me explain why

GREAT site: Newspaper front pages from around the world

GREAT site: Newspaper front pages from around the world

How Does One Close the GD/P When Hillary Keeps the Contest Open Herself?

How Does One Close the GD/P When Hillary Keeps the Contest Open Herself?

How Does One Close the GD/P When Hillary Keeps the Contest Open Herself?

GREAT site: Newspaper front pages from around the world

Hartmann said that Hil bashed Obama at AIPAC today

When does it become time to put aside our differences?

Offering Hillary the VP spot...

Carter: Unity ticket would be 'worst mistake' (would accumulate negative aspects of both candidates)

The more Clinton tries to strong arm the VP slot, the less likely

Carter: Unity ticket would be 'worst mistake' (would accumulate negative aspects of both candidates)

Was Obama lying?

IS HILLARY refusing to concede so she can access funds earmarked for the GE?...

MSNBC beats FOX among ALL VIEWERS Tuesday Night.

Enough "Obama Supporters Quit Being Mean" threads!

Clinton Haters check in

Wow - the republican strategist on MSNBC is smokingly hot, but DAMN does she look and sound *MEAN*!

Wow - the republican strategist on MSNBC is smokingly hot, but DAMN does she look and sound *MEAN*!

Wow - the republican strategist on MSNBC is smokingly hot, but DAMN does she look and sound *MEAN*!

Clinton Says Goodbye to Campaign Staff

Is Hillary a fighter or a bully?

I am not a bargaining chip. I am a Democrat!

From Bartcop, oh how I wish there were more like him.........

Yawn. OK, I'll comment......

What will be the next silly speculation that someone here will ask about Hillary?

At AIPAC, Clinton shows no signs of quitting

Jimmy Carter NAILS IT AGAIN -- Without Father Pfleger amusing rhetorical florishes

Do you think that Senator Clinton could possibly run as an independent?

Hillary Clinton is going to concede soon enough

Open message to Hillary

Walter Mondale switches to Obama.

Dems need to keep their options open

With respect: It is CONCEDE, not CONCEED

OMG, but I LOVE this picture!

Obama kicked Lieberman's Ass in the Senate Today

An Aussie take: Public celebrations hide private consternation over the new nominee

Here's what won't happen:

Hillary's Comment Form is a Petition: I am with you Hillary

BREAKING: The next Primary races, since as Hillary Clinton says, the fight continues

The 2002 Steelers-Texans game (Or why the popular vote argument is stupid)

Thanks, Rush!

____________Hillary will drop out FRIDAY___________

Last, desperate gasp of the Die-Hard Hillery Supporters: The 'Whitey' Tape...

Last, desperate gasp of the Die-Hard Hillery Supporters: The 'Whitey' Tape...

Last, desperate gasp of the Die-Hard Hillery Supporters: The 'Whitey' Tape...

I have confirmed that Clinton is in serious negotiations for the VP slot.

I have confirmed that Clinton is in serious negotiations for the VP slot.

So when is Hillary going to drop out?

I get it -- Hillary will drop out it.


Is what Hillary threatening, is to join the McCain ticket, if she doesn't get her way with the Dems?

After much study, I have ascertained that in last night's speech John McCain was actually signalling

Quick Quiz For GDPers: If You're Down By 3 Goals, And You Score 1 As Time Expires, Did You Win?

BREAKING: skooooo "Gets it!"

Just a quick reminder to all ....

OMFG!!! I just read on DU that Hillary was dropping out!

"one day" was officially yesterday

Barack Obama reggae song

Great Article on the folly of the Hill supporters who want to vote for McCain

Feingold Endorses Obama

Feingold Endorses Obama

Feingold Endorses Obama

A major fallacy no one has spoken of--Hillary Clinton does NOT have 18 Million(?) behind her.

Like MacArthur,

New York Times: Clinton Will Suspend Campaign and Endorse Obama on Friday

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary dropping out Friday

Dont take the bait.

VIDEO: Will Ferrell's "Funny Or Die" Web Site: "HILLARY: No Decision Tonight!"

Politic say she is quiiting on Friday

A Quick Summary of Hillary's Mistakes during campaign

A rather bizarre and totally incoherant attack on Sen Obama

Senate be damned Obama- Warner '08

Ladies and Gentlemen....I present...

BREAKING ABC NEWS: Hillary to Drop Out Friday

May I offer an appropriate video for this occasion?

HRC quitting/suspending campaign Fri & endorsing BHO--Breaking news MSNBC now

Last night on CNN, it was finally revealed...


Does 'Concede' mean endorsing Obama (with him next to her)?

Does 'Concede' mean endorsing Obama (with him next to her)?

I'm going to make a ringtone of Hillary saying "I endorse Barack Obama"

The neo-fascist, AMERICAN, right-wing corporacrats LOVE hate-fests,...

Thank you, Senator Clinton

Thank you, Senator Clinton

McKookie's idea: let's fly together and have a fucking laugh riot at our own town hall meetings

Hillary Surrogates and supporters have been gracious today..

And here we go..

WOW I can't believe no one has ever posted this photo

WOW I can't believe no one has ever posted this photo

WOW I can't believe no one has ever posted this photo

Obama gets hero’s welcome in Senate (and a conversation with Lieberman)

So Hillary is suspending her campaign soon? I thought I heard this somewhere.

Clinton will drop out on Friday

Germans vote Obama best US presidential candidate (67% v 6%)

Clinton setting concession speech to coincide with the anniversay of RFK's death?

Toon Time :)

Please respect our nominee and stop bashing Hillary and her supporters!

Breaking on CNN: Lou Dobbs

She is Suspending, I get it. Thanks everyone!

I think that if Obama really doesn't want Clinton as his VP

I think that if Obama really doesn't want Clinton as his VP

Michelle Obama to be a guest host on `The View' (June 18)

Self Delete

Dear Hillary:

Thank you Hillary

Thank you Hillary

Thank you Hillary

Rec if you're sick of the "racism" card and "sexism" card being played...

Thank you, Hillary.

I'm concluding Clinton's problem is simply that she's not a politician

Where Hillary SHOULD be right now

Posted without comment:

How different would GDP been last night and today

Obama should agree only to stadium sized "town hall" meetings, open to the general public

***** WHEW *****

Lou Dobbs Poll: HRC...Independent?

Carville: "Gotta hand it to McCain's advisors, they put together a room where he was the youngest."

An apology

Anybody watching McCain's "news making event"?

Anybody watching McCain's "news making event"?

What if Hillary's Hints at Veep were to both Obama and McCain?

CNN- Cafferty to Gloria Borger "Did you just say 'Money shot'?"

How many threads do we need announcing Hillary is stopping Friday?

Miss America?.... ..1st Runner up?....... Miss Congeniality? ......

Any thread that begins "Rec this thread if..."

So, next friday... the sky will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing...

Hilary Rosen: "I am not a bargaining chip. I am a Democrat."

Any Predictions for Friday?

So you female voters REALLY want to vote for PAPA who allegedly called his wife a CUNT

Question Regarding HRC....$$$$

Oh, Senator McCain? It is officially on

Something that strikes me as odd and maybe a little sexist.

Something that strikes me as odd and maybe a little sexist.

Isn't Friday the worst possible day of the week for Hillary to endorse Obama ?

What should DU do if she doesn't drop out? Let's give the admins our input

One thing I'm going to LOVE about running against McCain...

Why are people quoting Rupert's Wall Street Journal?

The fact we had a female and an African American compete to be our nominee IS CHANGE!

So how is the Free Republic dealing with yesterday's events?

Keith Olberman comparing Obama and McCain's speech

after 1 week period, all anti Hillary posts should be deleted

Did anyone bookmark that hysterical picture thread yrs ago about "Obama"

So, does this mean that we can all STOP bashing each other over the head?

Obama Tried calling hillary last night and got voice mail twice?

Kumbaya, my lord, Kumbaya ... EVERYONE sing ... Kumbaya, my lord, Kumbaya ...

After Watching McCrazy's Speech Today, I'd Like To Say

After Watching McCrazy's Speech Today, I'd Like To Say

Radio Lady: Democracy for Dummies at the DU (or how I explained my current position to others)

I went to hillary is 44 just to see how insane they were

This country is different today- and yes, better.

Clinton to CONCEDE on FRIDAY according to her call w/supporters

Obama/ Clinton Ticket Highly unlikely!!!!!! because..

So What Color Pants Suit Should Hillary

BWAHAAAAAAA! Obama and McCain: The Art of Speech

So why did Hillary think that waiting to endorse would increase her leverage?

Should Obama "Dump" FANNIE MAE's Jim Johnson for SEARCH TEAM FOR VP?

Should Obama "Dump" FANNIE MAE's Jim Johnson for SEARCH TEAM FOR VP?

The stinking media acts like Obama didn't get female voters

This is love

Hillary's nasty veepstakes game on- First targets the Black Caucus.

PLEASE respect our nominee! He chooses the VP nod; Hillary has no right to force him!!

Some of you need to spend some time in front of a mirror

I'm sad because Hillary supporters and republicans have left my board

Hillary lost because of her "yea" vote on the IWR.

Hillary CAN redeem herself -- BY DISSAVOWING EACH AND EVERY DEROGATORY REMARK in her campaign

Barack Obama AND Hillary Clinton appreciation thread!


Would it be a total insult to Hillary if Obama picks some other woman to be his running mate?

hey, um, "some" clinton supporters: do us a favor and do try to be entertaining at least

How was Obama's speech at AIPAC received?

"I want to be there when you vote for him."

Friday, June 6: the usual "class", Hillary!.. just on the 40th anniversary of Bobby ASSASSINATION!

Clinton to Endorse Obama on Friday

Clinton to Endorse Obama on Friday

My sophomore year of college, I had this boyfriend.

Can someone post the pic of Obama...

Whoa...Lisa Caputo on MSNBC...Still spinning the popular vote

WATCH OUT, McCAIN! We're comin' for ya!

McCain has a Problem with Women

In the spirit of coming together!

Research from the AW Center has picked the can't lose VP candidate for Obama

After the digraceful Mr. Obama says this I hope Hillary NEVER endorses him

Great pictures of the Obamas >>>

DU this B.S. Lou Schlobbs poll: should Hillary run as an Independent.....

Hillary Clinton is helped offstage by her husband

Potent reminder in NY Times this morning -- why supporting Obama is crucial


Obama VEEP Search #3: Eric Holder.......His Background with Clintons:& Marc Rich Pardon:

GW Bush is the father of Change...Not Obama...

John McCain is trying to walk a mighty fine line.

British, U.S. Reaper operators fly joint Afghanistan mission

CNN: 'Assassinations' Of Obama & Clinton Covered Up By Police (Art Exhibit)

******McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too*******


Is there video online yet of Barak confronting Lieberman, yet?

Hillary supporters on the fence and unsure of what to do come November, please see this.

This needs to be posted again

Clinton Supporters Offer To Help McCain

The end of the Clinton era

"No, You Can't": The Secret Groundskeeping Strategy

So, now Friday does not work for you? Re: Clinton conceding.

Clinton to formally endorse Obama Saturday

Does anyone have any stories about Obama clinching tonight?

She should be conceding TONIGHT. Not tomorrow or after.

Just to show how disorganized her campaign really was

Bill Kristol At AIPAC: Obama And McCain "Don't Actually Differ On Iran"


I'm Tired. It's been a long time since I've haunted GD on a regular basis. Expect to see more of me.

MILKYWAY, you're up! On 7/24/07, you posted "I have seen the future, & his name is Obama"

I was wrong....

Ciresi leaves door open to Senate race

To paraphrase a line from 'The American President' about McBush's speech:

Team McCain

It is interesting to watch the continuing attacks on Hillary today.

'Win Without War Meeting in Albuquerque' - Notice

I wonder if John McCain will remember to wear pants for the first debate?

A warning ignored about China, today in Bush History (6/4/08)


Obama said No to a Hillary VP spot!!!


I'm glad that Lanny Davis and others are pressing to put HRC on the ticket...

Woman escapes conviction for carrying a knife - after she was spotted handling a sausage

Woman escapes conviction for carrying a knife - after she was spotted handling a sausage

Did you ever wish you could take something back?

Lanny Davis is starting a petition to get HRC on Obama ticket

Yo, mermaid! Here at DU, on 7/27/04, you posted: "The First Black President - BARACK OBAMA!!!!"

Concerned Obama "supporters," briefly lend me your ears.

Leaders Do Not Consult With Supporters On How To Proceed.

Why the contined Hillary hatred? She clearly knows its over....

Pentagon powers into the future

Breaking Hillary Schedules a Sunday Event To

I can honestly say I'm proud to be an American tonight....

Tucker Carlson leaks McCain campaign theme

Kerry rival fails to make ballot (Boston Globe 6/3)

Umm, stop attacking Hillary and her supporters

When does the moment of reconciliation and unification happen?

MyDU is back - levels calming - yay! nt

ATTN: Hillary Supporters

seriously, though, how could McAuliffe introduce her as "the next president of the United States"

NATO wants Russia out of disputed territory

Mebbe we oughtta put HILLARY on 'Ignore' and believe she'll concede when..


CNN, a panel of three Clinton supporters all think HRC makes a great VP.

Should Obama join Clinton on Friday (or Saturday per CNN)?

As One Journey Ends, Another Begins

The Field Negro

Yes, No, Maybe, and why?

Random thought on Scott McClellan

Closure is possible.

Anybody know how long champagne will keep if it is refrigerated?

It is sexist for Hillary to demand that there not be another woman on the ticket

Obama and Edwards?

Legislating Tyranny Bush's War on Civil Liberties

Hillary doesn't want a non-Hillary woman as VP?

Newsweek Warns Oil Prices Could Hit $200 a Barrel in the Next Few Months

Why have Jim Gilmore and Mike Gravel stopped reporting to FEC?

Congratulations To The Most Obvious Winner - So Obvious That I Forgot

Women who Support Hillary will not vote for a Sexist President

Does anyone know if Sen. Kennedy's cancer is glioblastoma?

Update the Hate Mailbag!

Ron Paul v. Satan

Are you "presumptive"?


It's his choice...

Network Repub spin already in evidence...

Is Anyone Watchin' Dan Abrams?

If you think there's going to be a concession Friday, I can assure you...

Barack Obama- his life in pictures

At least he likes girls...

I guess my neighbor doesn't understand what trespassing is.

Concession Speech Delayed Again (snark alert)

Venezuela 'spy' law draws protest

WOW, GD without the stickies

I think this needs to be posted again

Obama campaign: "Barack has the support of at least 2,179 delegates" (only needed 2,118)

Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World's Food System

How many more times will Hillary Lucy pull the football away at the last moment?

Clinton plotting for VP, recruited Robert Johnson (BET) for launching campaign


HEADS UP! Ted Sorensen to be interviewed at 8:30 a.m. EST by Sam Greenfield!

Why isn't it conceding when you say you are GONNA CONCEDE?

Any Burners on DU?

3 US soliders killed in Iraq - Someone tell McCain it is still not safe there

Morning Joe Goes Back To the Basics: Attack The Dem (and have a DLCer "Defend" Him)

I am leaning to Richardson as VP

What I want Obama to do NOW: put McCain back on his heels.

War Criminals Must Fear Punishment. That’s Why I Went for John Bolton

Marijuana university offers 'higher' education

THE MATH Daily Widget – Wednesday, June 4 – Wigand +0.00 – Total +0.00

Hillary must denounce and reject Larry Johnson, Susan Hu, and No Quarter

Cop admits to planting drugs on people and using fake informants to secure search warrants

Obama's Secret Weapon in the upcoming Obama vs. McCain debates

Anyone see James Carville this am on one of the network shows?

For Hillary supporters contemplating supporting McCain...

24 Hrs with No Ignore List - ITEOTWAWKI and I feel fine!

People that think HRC would make a good VP never paid attn to Obama's Campaign

Oh Oh Looks like McSame is Gassing up the Double Talk Express

T H E K I S S ....thats it...come Friday...they gonna KISS...swap spit......a Gore Kiss./ Hug

T H E K I S S ....thats it...come Friday...they gonna KISS...swap spit......a Gore Kiss./ Hug

Can anyone post Newspaper Front Pages from across the state and world?

Serious question for Obama supporters. Has anyone heard anything from the campaign indicated that

What won't Hillary haters denounce and put down McCain instead?

Time to suspend all Hillary dissing --- at least from me!

Time to suspend all Hillary dissing --- at least from me!

Look folks what is now happening on the HRC front is in many ways

Tonight, I know how Clinton supporters feel.....

The Republicon recession leads to record evictions

It's not Narcissism.

Maureen Dowd: "Obama will never be at his best around Hillary"

Anyone else offended by this "Masters in Military History" ad that

Question; Would Hillary as VP energize Republicans more than Democrats?

HardBall for Hillary?? More like Boomerang Bean-ball

Will Obama pull a Reagan?

Hillary, it's over. GO. THE. FUCK. HOME.

CBS poll has Obama up by 6 pts.

Any losses Obama suffers from Clinton die-hards will be more than offset by Bob Barr

Attention, Postman! You here? Here at DU, on 7/27/04, you asked "Can I vote Obama for Prez?"

I'm crying for Hillary Clinton.

Who is dating John McCain?

Too Much Stuff! America's New Love Affair With Self-Storage

Its Hillary's time to be a leader... Come on Hillary. Do the right thing for all of us!!!

Ford announces 35 mpg wagon

Only On DU Would Someone Think An Ad Of Her Saying It Is More Powerful Than When She ACTUALLY DID.

McCain speaks and the crowd goes wild!

You know you've spent WAY too much time reading GD-P...

'Satanic powers' to fall, Israel to disappear: Ahmadinejad

One expensive dinner!

Damn! Joey the Scar is back on MSNBC's "Morning Joe"

NOW Tim Russert wants a debate between Obama and McCain?

Heather Wilson (A Karl Rove hitwoman in Congress) is HISTORY

US Airline Workers See More Bad Times As Oil Rises

Oh BTW about the Republican nominee in 2008

Is "Blog radio"populated by right wingers ?

Hillary has chosen to define herself as the last public figure to acknowledge this historical moment

McCain Fills A Ballroom!

Be vewwy vewwy quiet, we are hunting wepubwicans

So much for "Operation Chaos"!

Canada's parliament votes to grant asylum to US war resisters

Please help Alabama DEFEAT Jeff Sessions

From the site: 5 reasons Obama won, 5 reasons Clinton lost

The fear card is all Hillary and her supporters have left to play (or ever had)

If we could save just one life, this Iraq war.......

My father-in-law thinks that high oil prices are a "bubble" that will

This nominee is our gift to the next generation, our children

Weird front page at

Bush History for Wednesday 6/4/08 (A warning ignored about China)

Corporate Media Pundits remind me of drunks in a bar...

Reminder: Ruben NAVARRETTE is a wingnut-tool/ p.o.s.

GM, Ford, Chrysler Lose Sales of 1 Million Pickups, SUVs as Fuel Increases

The "Dap" seen 'round da world

Obama supporters please read this ! More neocon spiked 'new-media'

Bush KNOWS Obama Now

2 more reasons for Dems to be proud.

What will you do when GDP shuts down next week?

Rapist Talk

“Our problem is not being able to determine when the hell the end is.”

Video round up of the speech heard 'round the world...thats right...McCain's

To the skinny kid with a funny name

Hillary honey, you don't have to concede...

HRC has brought all this hatred and resentment on herself

Hillary is "Rick Rolling" the Party

Aren't senators run through a security clearance?

Are there already plans for far-off states using water from the Great Lakes?

Group of 20 Former U.S. Attorneys Files Amicus Brief Over Firings

McCain's new campaign slogan-"Hold Bacon"

The Clinton Intervention (Mentally Unsuited F/POTUS)

Zimbabwe's opposition leader has been detained by security forces

My 90 your old white grandmother in Arkansas plans to vote for Obama in the GE

So now we have our guy. When does the war end? Obama will say,

some male history

I believe Obama should wait as long as possible to announce VP...

Make your GOP 527 predictions here.

Is it now ok to post Pro-Obama threads in GD?

"Obama‘s problem is he doesn‘t seem like a guy who can go into an Applebee‘s salad bar"-David Brooks


When the Media talks about "regular people". . they are hurting the Repugs now.

Tim Robbins on Steph Miller, "It is like a party where one guest will not leave."

Such a nice thing to see on this morning.

NM-Sen: Wilson, Pearce In Close Battle

Heard on NPR yesterday.

why edwards and richardson should not be a vp choice

Don't tell me you're a Clinton supporter.

Today starts Hillary's audition for VP.

Obama gives Lieberman "the treatment"

McSame campaign wish list

Obama's first test: Handling Hillary

Thanks-for-nothing: Flood of Shrub tell-alls coming (AFTER he's gone!1)

I supported and voted for Obama.

Hey Everybody....LET'S GET LAID!!!!!

Obama: "I won't wait until the waning days of my presidency" re: Israel and Middle East peace

SUSA Poll: Obama 45% McCain 43% in Missouri

McCain finally has a strategy to get over 200 people to his events: OBAMA!!

McCain's speaking voice

== Stay home, read, have sex = By Mark Morford

My thoughts (Posted on WesPAC)

Message for Grandpa:

Hillary for VP ---the best choice

To those who think Obama barely won the nomination and

Obama's Boon: Givers Who Keep On Giving

Hillary Clinton is now driving a white Bronco

Obama speech at AIPIC being carried on GEM$NBC and

There's A Seriously Good Chance That Obama May Be The Only Minority President We'll Ever See

Battle Of Midway 4June 1942

Obama MUST directly speak the AA community and other ardent supporters

Following in my father's footsteps: should I do this?

After Insane In The McCain's Speech

My suggestion for "Lucas" Mccain 's campaign event song courtesy of Mr. Warren Zevon

Barack Obama and James Webb

WSJ: "Shedding workers" & "cutting back hours" = "sharp rise in Q1 productivity." USA! USA! USA!

If the heterosexuals here knew what gays generally think of Andrew Sullivan, they would not post

lol. McCain says Obama's Europe subcommittee should have held hearings on Iran despite its location

Does anyone else think Obama refused to cut deals with Hillary and Edwards?

New agreement lets US strike any country from inside Iraq

Disgusted with AZ Democratic Headquarters AGAIN!

Hill's Bill's...Clinton leaves trail of debt in Oregon

Iraq - more surges to the grave: Deadly suicide blast in Baghdad

Would the bigots come out in droves if Obama picked

Now is the time to join together . . .

ALERT: Last Day of AIPAC Conference, C-SPAN 3, 8:45 (et). Obama & Clinton addresses.

It's been an honor . . .

5 reasons Obama won, 5 reasons Clinton lost *

At AIPAC, Pelosi stays away from Iraq

Political comic relief from primary fatigue: Michelle Malkin calls Rachel Ray a terrorist

Ariana Huffington's book - damn her.

Polls: Obama leads InSane by 16% in Washington State and 10% in Oregon

Swiss newspaper asks if Bush was behind 9/11

This poll needs help...

That tells you how bad the Republicans suck

Wasit a second: can we not discuss the national ticket here?

well, it seems we're going to find out how deep the tendrils of racism run in american society.

McCain wants to emulate Kennedy/Goldwater campaign and have town hall meetings

So Long, Heather (Wilson) (R-NM)!

Ogonowski's challenge to Kerry collapses; challenger misses signature mark

Kiss My Ass Joe Lieberman

Goodbye Bill and Hillary.... The end of an era (download warning - lots of pic's)

I have a dream...................

The person who could beat slimy Norm Coleman

NO to an Obama/Clinton ticket

Oh man, I don't like all this hatred. Really, I don't. Damn it. I don't want to do this anymore.

Angry Clinton supporters flood Majority Whip Clyburn's office with racist calls-staff devastated

Hey, maybe Clinton will be McCain's VP instead of Obama's...

Why does it always seem to take "human sacrifice" for mankind to move forward?

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday June 04, 2008

Statement from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, and DGA Chair Joe Manchin

Obama is kicking ass in his AIPAC speech

DNC's new website banner: Senator Barack Obama Democratic Presidential Nominee

That crazy oil thing...

I want to re-post this terrific video that compares how Stewart and O'Reilly work.

Do you support assisted suicide, euthanasia?

Special guest star in the Republican campaign against Democrat Barack Obama: Hillary Clinton

i am awful proud of america today

Grandpa's doing Damage Control - LIVE on MSNBC

DU This Poll Please (on McCain's Home Turf)

Help Me With Picture of Obama

‘In God We Trust' proposal fails in Fountain Valley (CA)

Guess what just happened in South Dakota?

Anybody else have rightwing relatives? How have you dealt with them?

Help me out here

if i could ask barack one question, it would be this,..

Gee, if only Obama had won! - Today’s Headlines 6/4/08

This one thread will bring all uniters together.

House Democrats cut unemployment extension to fund wars

Jimmy Carter tells Barack Obama not to pick Hillary Clinton as running mate


The Iceberg Lettuce Conspiracy (or, so we were eating some arugula the other night...)

Report: In White House Meeting Today, Olmert Will Urge Bush To Attack Iran»

When McCain steals the election in November, I hope Obama is as persistent as Hillary is now

Everyone who realizes how quickly 152 days will pass, raise your hands.

Obama AIPAC coming up on MSNBC

Canadians favour Obama over McCain in poll

eeeeeek!!! There's a talking monkey on my teevee!

World welcomes Obama win (AWESOME!!)

How not to apply for a job

Anybody listening to this Jefferey geek on Tom Hartmann

Screwed up poll, please delete

Obama's not getting much love on the MySpace blogs

Mock thine enemy: Get your John McCain jokes RIGHT HERE:

McClellan on NPR Talk of the Nation right now - just tuned in. nt

Hey look! two wingnut un-indicted criminals talking to each other about starting an unnecessary war!

Women who Support Hillary will not vote for a Sexist President

What would a Dick Durbin bring to the table as VEEP? n/t

McCain: Some people call you the elite...I don't call you my base (he cares for the LITTLE people)

WP: Senator Byrd doing better - glad to hear Cheney apologize for incest joke

Anybody remember in Reagan's first term that he was caught

"It’s like watching the out-takes from an Andy Rooney kvetch." Rolling Stone on McMore's performance

So, McCain wants to do a series of joint "Town Hall" appearances

Bill Clinton's desire not to reveal financial dealings fatal to Hillary's veep aspirations

Question: who is anchoring CNN right now?

McClellan: Hagee Had Influence In Bush White House, Could ‘Quickly Get Someone On The Phone’»

After watching Obama at AIPAC, all I can say is--PUT THIS MAN ON THE WORLD STAGE!

My dad said that there is alot of oil on american ground and we should drill it.

Avian Flu Found In Tyson Chickens (Orlando, FL)

My mom didn't miss a beat

Its 12:15

Have you lived in a foreign country?

George Lucas: The force is with Obama, 'Star Wars' creator says

Bob Barr will be on Colbert tonight - Barr is already polling 6% in NC

Lieberman attacks Obama on Republican conference call with reporters

Is America ready for a black President???

The long, long, long-awaited Phase II report is scheduled to be released tomorrow,

I just got back from the Xcel Center in St. Paul.

Should be pay off the Clinton campaign debt?

Obama Aide: You could have just E-Mailed

Obama Aide: You could have just E-Mailed

11th Hour

Jeffrey Toobin had the quote(s) of the night last night

Fox News finally (informally) identifies Karl Rove as McCain advisor

Fox News finally (informally) identifies Karl Rove as McCain advisor

Has Hillary committed political suicide?

McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly Too!

"Droopy" Lieberman: McCain's attack dog

It's morans like these who are the root of all evil...

Rice on Obama: We the People' is Beginning To Mean to All of Us"

Hillary haters are delusional............

My trip to see the next President of the United States

Ed Rendell: Obama Campaign WOULD Control Bill Clinton...

When GDP closes, those who enjoy a "spirited debate" can go here...


"Bush is not to blame for high gas prices, he is TOO RESPECTFUL of the Constitution"

If voters in Montana would have had the same choices as Iowa,

So, the word on the MSM is Town-Hall Debates? Everyone is saying McCain will do well in this format

Obama is Trouncing McCain in the latest Electoral Map 287-227!!

The General Election: A Democratic Map to Victory.

McCain didn't lie last night- he IS the "real agent of change"

What qualities do you like to see in a top notch VP pick?

Freepers review McSameoldshit's speech:

McCain spoke before a tiny audience last night "by design"

How the Democrats and Republicans will deal with Hillary: (read)

Let's start walking the walk.

You Simply MUST See This Video of McCain's Self DESTRUCTION

Obama gave a truly great speech last night

Sen. Thune (R-SD) is on MSBC now, touting McCain as the..."green" Republican...

Hillary Supporters who are on the fence...

I can't stop thinking about Caroline Kennedy as VP, I love that idea

Can Hillary regain the esteem of the Democratic Party?

Prosecutors Drop Siegelman Appeal = seeking stiffer 30 year prison sentence

The 10 Most Memorable VPs in US History- Besides Cheney

A Food Summit Without Farmers?

McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too

***All the bad feelings are fading away even as I type: "we are the ones we've been waiting for."***

BREAKING: GRAMPERS Alert issued for John McCane...

Today's Front Pages, 651 of them!

HRC, Please promise not to do a "Lieberman"

even Ed McMahon faces foreclosure

ABC and Fox New's Challenge - Make McCain Look Like An Agent For Change

John McCane: Change you can depend on.

I want to apologize to LoZoccolo.

McCain's Rough Opening Night

On the use of middle names

Stay the hell AWAY from the Senate

Group of 8 Neutral Senators Throw Support Behind Obama

Caroline Kennedy picked as part of 3-person team to find VP

Man discovers how to turn water into gasoline

A 24 year old should not look like this

B.S. Hillary bloggers now claiming they have a transcript of Michelle's so-called Whitey comments.

US/IRAN: Larijani's Election Can Boost Congressional Diplomacy

Hillary Rosen; I Am Not a Bargaining Chip, I Am a Democrat

So McCain graduated 5th from the bottom at Annapolis.

Breaking: Tony Rezko Found Guilty On 16 of 24 Counts

*Breaking** MSNBC: The toilet on the Internatinal Space Station has been fixed!

If you have an extra computer, loan it to your local Dem party. Ask if

Number of days until McCain positions himself as heir apparent to Saint Ronnie Reagan


When McCain speaks of change this is what I picture

Should "rec this thread if..." posts be outlawed?

who's the right wing-nut lady on with david schuster....she's disgusting


Who should be our first Female President in 2016?

Crooks & Liars: "FOX News rips McCain’s Kenner Speech: Is Carl Cameron a Lefty Blogger now?"

Chuck Hagel's Interview with Der Spiegel

Watched McCain's Speech last night. He's Bat**** Crazy!

How GM could leapfrog over it's competition and save it's soul...

Federal prosecutors are no longer seeking stiffer prison sentences for former Alabama Gov. Siegelman

Would they say that about a man?

DC Area Weather Warning.

Breaking: McCain camp asking Bush for speechifying lessons

One thing--If the Republicans steal the election for McCain,

Republicans prepare to play terror card in 2008 election

If the Hell's Angels can put this together for just ONE of theirs...

Did anyone see ABC’s "unbiased" coverage of Obama’s St. Paul speech last night?

The really strange thing about this battle on DU between the supporters of ........

Now if the Hell's Angels can put this together for just ONE of theirs...

Selected Crude Oil Spot Prices....

Algae: Fuel of the Future

Demand for oil down 6 per cent..

High oil prices fuel development of new hybrid batteries

So when is it a good time for Obama to

The two Hillary supporters on Tweety both think that Clinton will end...

Soldier's skeletal remains found on Miss. base

For VP pick, which is better: Sebelius (to get women's vote) or Webb (to get white males vote)?

Are we even worthy of as fine a satirist as G.B.Trudeau?

This is my olive branch.

This is my olive branch.

Some random observations from righty radio today

Report: In White House Meeting Today, Olmert Will Urge Bush To Attack Iran

Anyone watching C-SPAN 2 ? *Senate floor debate*

Preview of McCain's inner thoughts during the debates. WARNING - PIC HEAVY

VIDEO: Terry McAuliffe Downs Shots On "Morning Joe"


McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too

Oil prices, economy leaving airlines in a worse state than post-9/11

Man discovers how to turn water into gasoline

"The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder "

John McCain still needs a definitive nickname

Why the Democrats' Cap-and-Trade is Far Better than McCain's

MN's Gov Pawlenty (wannabe VP) ok's killing kids w/cancer

Wednesday TOONS : time to pay attention to the old geezer

IMAGE: ROOTS: the Obama Generation

The Rise Up Of Countdown

This Clinton supporter is excited about joining the Obama team.

Brokaw/NBC Devoted 32 Words To Anti-War Speech When It Counted-Yet Still Deny Complicity In Iraq War

How John McCain dumped his first (disabled) wife and married the heiress

Calls for ban on 'polluting' patio heaters (UK)

The potential VP analysis thread.

How stupid can people be?

I'm headed out the door, hoping to be a part of history in Denver

Seder vs Maron just starting

Gimme an "O" !

Uh-oh.. Lou Dobbs just ran a poll saying 66% of his viewers say Hillary should run as independent.

Mitch McConnell's press briefing on Judicial nominees

Prices from the past: crude oil, gasoline, Evian, Coke in 1998

Opponents of Evolution Adopting a New Strategy: "strengths and weaknesses"

Jos A. Bank boycott: Hey everyone Jos A. Bank is a new sponsor

So I thought this was funny (anti-McCain).

The Climate Change Bill is going on right now....

"Cindy For Congress" Rally in San Francisco!

Instead of continuing to fixate/obsess about Hillary, let's turn to McCain.

Question For You Believers Out There

In 2004 after listening to Obama at convention I said he would be pres in 2016

Pr. William (VA) Broadens Citizenship Checks

Obama bumper stickers, tees, etc

After last night, McCain should stop making stump speeches

OMG! Did You See Rice's Congratulations to Obama?!?! Downright Surprising (GOOD)

Pittsburgh Mulls Gay Partner Registry

So I just saw McSame again...

anyone listen to the gas bag mush limpballs? What did he have to say today

I asked last night, but it got lost. When are the conventions? Why isn't mcNasty's convention in AZ

Comcast Is Hiring an Internet Snoop for the Feds

Kind of sad, in a way.

Who's crazier?

There's "Fire Between Those Sheets"

Supposedly the tape of Canadian Prime Minsiter acknowledging a bribe is phony

Rachel Maddow: Obama won't help talk radio on the left

McClellan suggests historians may not be kind to Rice

listening to Thom & Randi, I am sick of some callers claiming to speak for all women

Is it traditional for a presidential candidate to pledge allegiance to the defence of Israel?

Is McCain planting questions at his town hall meetings?

Has anyone else read "The True Patriot"?

George Will left Stephen Colbert speechless last night; he said, "I'm an agnostic."

George Will left Stephen Colbert speechless last night; he said, "I'm an agnostic."

Obama 'talks' to Lieberman.

Who is on your short list as Obama's VP?

Hillary supporters have been treating us like absolute dogshit for the past several months

Kurt Schmoke on MSNBC as a commentator

Why?...Why is the first speech given by Obama is to AIPAC?

I am wondering - shouldn't McCain have pulled way ahead

Supreme Court choices/options for Obama?

I am wondering - shouldn't McCain have pulled way ahead

Supreme Court choices/options for Obama?

"Republican Congressional Medal of Distinction" winner has to notify probation officer to go

"Republican Congressional Medal of Distinction" winner has to notify probation officer to go

Lou Dobbs knocking Obama because of his past refusal

McCain or Obama?

Central time reminder: KO just started.

Obama didn't win the Democratic Presidential nomination because he's black


Republican king makers have to be considering how to get McCain off the ticket

If you had to list 15 problems facing this world...

What is Harold Ford's deal?

Thank You Barack

Thank You Barack

Thank You Barack

Thank You Barack

Yes. You. Can.

When talking to a Republican which mental state should I encourage?

Is Hillary really saying that her 18 million voters are lemmings?

American Journalism Review: Whatever Happened To Iraq?

tornado warnings from colorado to maryland and beyond....

Myanmar as classless as America.

Chronology of a Lie: Iran and EFPs

Barbara Boxer SWITCHES to Obama

Bushco - "Outsourcing The Oversight"(DOD) now employs contractors to keep contractors in check

Quietly and with little fanfare, superdelegates are doing something very wise today.

The NYT is referred to constantly by MSM as a reliable source..

The Perfect VP for Obama


I agree. What this ticket really needs is a woman running mate.

Hagee, AIPAC and the GOP

Tommy Thompson awarded contract to treat 9/11 first responders after failing to protect them>>

Christian Science Monitor: Mass transit demand rises, costs soar

This is my new favorite thing about the Obama haters...

Breaking MSNBC: Wall Street Journal, Obama camp saying Hill will unlikely be VP nominee because

Oh stop with the pathetic begging for recommending a thread

Obama expects GOP to attack his patriotism

Obama taps three people for the VP search


Collections question.

I heard that the right is warning Scott to be wary of his "left"

Breaking news: Obama wears flag pin at veterans ceremony!

Does anyone remember/have that thread yrs back of "not obama" picts?

"Mister, you can be a hero."

I'm having a naughty thought...

The "MEDIA BUBBLE" is imminent!!! ,

Even more disappointing behavior: Bill swears at Rep. Clyburn

Keith Olbermann v. Fox and Friends

HELP ME! I am trying to understand why a Clinton supporter would

The earliest Hillary will concede/suspend is Thursday

I am an Obama supporter, and I want to take a moment to recognize the Clinton supporters



GM says it is closing plants. What do Canadians immediately do?

Bush History for Wednesday 6/4/08 (A warning ignored about China)

In D.C.'s Trinidad, Police to Set Up Checkpoints

I want to open a music club called "Bar Rock-O-Rama!

Hillary Under the Radar: She Never Criticizes John McCain. Why Is That?

Ed Shultz: Floridians! "You need to vote out Debbie Wasserman Shultz"

The Onion has some pretty politically incorrect cartoons

A cult? I don't think so! (why Obama's enthusiastic supporters can lead us to victory)

Hamas blasts Obama.......Guess McCain can't use that talking point anymore

The "Carrie" Ending.

Farmers expelled from World Food Crisis Summit

Iraqi Parliamentarian: 70 Percent Of Iraqis Want Withdrawal

They are predicting MASSIVE tornadic activity Tomorrow. In Kansas and surrounding areas Hubby is

All I have to say is

One word of advice: just STOP being so fucking SELFISH!!!!

Iraq First Lady Narrowly Escapes death

The Rise Up Of Olbermann-Countdown More Than Doubles Its Audience-O'Reilly Eked Out Pitiful 13%

RON KUBY?!? Is AAR management capable of getting anything right these days?

A New Normal — an absolutely remarkable article by Ezra Klein

Bush not welcome in Arizona

The War in Iraq Costs

Whats Al Gore Waiting For.....

Bubble Juice: Compare and Contrast "Change" vs. Change

Old pic I made

Caroline Kennedy


Got this from a right winged nut. Please tell me what to say back

Hero or Villain: You Decide

Michelle Obama to be a guest host on `The View'

Want to learn about the Sheriff in AZ. Here is a look at the despicable.

Dear msRnc, please drop dead, You SUCK, let me count the ways:

Dear Andrea MITCHELL, you SUCK, why not (I can't say it)?! n/t

How much credit does Pelosi and Reid get for making Clinton concession happen?

Focus on the War

My pick for VP.

thank god congress was able to pass those tighter c.a.f.e standards for the auto industry...

How about an online poll and petition on the Hillary for VP question?

Cell phone users secretly tracked in study (AP/CNN)

Local carrot farmer donates $100,000 to fight gay marriage

just one of those koinkydinks - tony rezko

Ladies and Gentlemen.....I present

The GOP-controlled media says McCain will pick a VP...

Hillary acquiesces!! Tells Lou Dobbs to go fuck himself!!

Sometimes Obama sounds like Michael Strahan.

Wow! Fineman on KO...

Fun with McCain's Green Screen

I STILL haven't seen any McCain bumper stickers...

I STILL haven't seen any McCain bumper stickers...

Interesting take on why Hillary won't quit from Earl Caldwell (Pacifica)

TYT: Hillary Holds Her Voters Hostage

Delete--forgot about the time difference! Sorry about spoilers!

Fuck you Lou Dobbs!!

My dad and McCain has something in common (just found this out)

Fundie nutjob lawyer Jack Thompson walks out on hearing, Florida bar recommends enhanced disbarment

A message from an Edwards supporter to Clinton supporters.

McCain lies, again, this time about Katrina

"Joint Town Hall Meetings" .... sure, Johnny .... whatever ........ you dumbfuck


Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

BUSH - 25% Approval --- CBS Poll --- Obama Leads McCain

I bet your street could use one of these.

Verizon Online Services Email

The lunacy of the "different gasoline blends" argument as a contributor to high prices

Freeing minds from the Matrix of consumption capitalism.....

Last year we got threatened by some opec countries -

McCain is copying Obama's slogan and his logo:

TYT: Michael Hirsh of Newsweek With Cenk About The Role Of The Press In The Run Up To The Iraq War

What It Really Means When America Goes to War * Collateral Damage

I love Rachel Maddow. She rocks.

Hillary really, really creeped me out last night. When I first heard

TPMtv: McCain Leaves Fox Speechless

VERY Big Swing State News out of New Mexico

Pre-victory CBS poll: Obama Leads McCain - Good News. But there is some bad news.

Lieberman goes after Obama, irritating Durbin

Just as I expected - Right Wing Radio is now officially TERRIFIED

"Goodman, Schwerner, Chaney, & Viola Liuzzo must be smiling. Medgar Evers, this is what it was all

**Breaking News** Rockies concede World Series to Red Sox

Is this turncoat the Senator from Connecticut or the Senator from Israel?

Clyburn: “I got home, and I was so emotional I couldn’t feel myself. I was numb.”

Obama wins the poorest

Sibel Edmonds Case: ABC News investigates Hastert scandals and the Turkish Connections.

Hillary Rosen said I am not a bargaining chip

Obama Introduces CLEAN UP Act to Increase Transparency in Government, Decrease Lobbyists' Influence

I fucking hate George W. Bush

VIDEO: "That's not change we can believe in!"

BOOYAH! Jon Stewart nails Joe Scab with his own video...

I finally realized one reason why this latest Hillary stunt is not sitting right with me.

Collateral Damage: What It Really Means When America Goes to War

DU Evolves: Open Source Democracy 2.0

Hillary: The latest from the world's cartoonists!

Hillary: The latest from the world's cartoonists!

FYI-Kennedy refused & snubbed Carter at '80 Convention.. SO why all the fuss now over Hillary?

Andrea Mitchell: She was using trying to use supporters/emails as leverage but Dems put a stop to it

I personally don't hold it against McCain that he caved to N. Vietnamese torture

(TOON) Steve Bell on Simple Scotty's tell-all

6-Year-Old Saves 5-Year-Old Friend From Drowning

Went to church and heard Rev Al Sharpton preach tonight

Hillary supporters.. IF she concedes Saturday and asks for you to support Obaba..

Obama gets hero’s welcome in Senate

Huffington Post: "I am Not a Bargaining Chip, I am a Democrat", by Clinton supporter Hilary Rosen

HEADLINE: Clinton to end historic candidacy, support Obama, plea for party unity

PHOTO: Politico dresses up 6-year old son as solider to meet McCain

The FIRST thing I noticed at Hillary's speech!!! Plants!

Great song about the WTO-IMF "riots" in seattle

Great song about the WTO-IMF "riots" in seattle

Will the Real John McCain Please Stand Up?

Honkies for Obama...


McCain: I'd Spy on Americans Secretly, Too

PHOTO: Lookit all the purdy lights.

William Jefferson's family indicted

I am shaking...just kicked my BIL out of my home...he said now that that Obama is

Q: What's missing from McCain's campaign bio?...A: Mrs. McCain! (wife #1)

George Takei sets wedding date; will marry at Democracy Forum at Japanese-American Museum

I won't salute the flag, or stand during the anthem, am I unpatriotic?

Another shit stain on Bush's presidency.

Obama Campaign: Clinton Unlikely as No. 2

Thoughts on ageism and McCain

Yes, people are being critical of Hillary. And it's justified.

Clinton supporters wowed with warm reception at Obama rally

Did you sign the card for Senator Kennedy yet?

Are we sending anything to Robert Byrd?

*** Please note - repost of one of our Administrator's comments : GD - GDP posting ***

Gramps invents new word: "Chosed."

Anyone listen to SIRIUS Left.... ever? Very frustrated with that station...

Brooks says Obama is an eltist & Americans can't picture him eating at an Applebee's salad bar

Ok so after all this mess I feel more sorry for Father Michael Pfleger than anybody

Warner to join Obama in Bristol

We need to replace 'elitist' with 'intelligent'...

The VP scam: phase II of Hillary's 2012 strategy.

Democratic Primary Boosts U.S. Image Around the World

Here's an answer from Du'ers to A.Q. Khan!

Obama confronted Lieberman?

Hello GD and WELCOME to the VP Discussion!

Amendments 7 and 9 on Florida November ballots are blatant attempts to mislead.

Who Was The 1st Black Presidential Candidate Listed On General Election Ballots?

Best. Cartoon. Ever.

The Unifying Choice: Wes Clark for VP ~ Matt Stoller

Gov. Phil Bredesen (D-TN) endorses Obama for President

Dear Hillary Supporters

I cannot BELIEVE I have to say this AGAIN:

Here's something parents should know.

Life is going to be hard for Clinton. She will go back to being a senator and will know people are

I'm going to the Nebraska State Democratic Convention!

Can Obama win a debate against McCain?

Why hard-working Bellevue man was killed a mystery

If you've ever donated money to someone you couldn't vote for...

CNN: Report that Clinton wants to give Obama 7 days to select her as VP

CNN: Report that Clinton wants to give Obama 7 days to select her as VP

Clinton refers to herself as "senator from New York" in remarks to AIPAC

First things first.


WHEN Mr. Obama is elected, here is what I fear....

As Always, Digby Gets it Exactly Right.

Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings on another Stanley Cup Victory!

"You don't bargain with the Presidential nominee." (The good, the bad and the bitter)

Randi and Mike Does Dallas

If DU picked the Cabinet: Who would you choose to save us from this 8 year nightmare?

Gore congratulates Obama, but wants no role in possible administration

LEAKED - BUSHCO's SECRET PLAN - for Indefinite US Occupation of Iraq (The Independent)

The Shirley Golub/Nancy Pelosi Primary Fight Results

I'm sorry but I just have one question and a comment.

I'm too old. I've seen the rich and powerful in this country get away with murder. No one wants



McCain's voice, grin, and rapid blinking (or is he just twitching uncontrollably?)

McCain's voice, grin, and rapid blinking (or is he just twitching uncontrollably?)

Last time it looked like this 22 people died

Goodbye, GD: P!

Jimmy Carter: HRC as VP would be the "the worst mistake that could be made"

Here's what Obama should do when president: have Hillary Clinton replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Marrah G

The choice for VP, my 2nd GPD post this season

Pittsburgh Penguins Meeting with Top Aides About Possible Saturday Concession

Could someone PLEASE explain why some Clinton supporters are so angry?

So she allowed herself to be publicly pushed out?

Want to really irritate conservatives? "Defend" McCain

Big Cover Story Jackson Free Press On Rove DOJ Corruption In South "From Karl Rove With Love"

LBJ said on tape that US assassinated Diem

The GOP picked McCain because

What are the Republicans up to?

I am asking both the Obama and the Clinton supporters to please bury the hatchets.

So, Dick Cheney tried to politicize the Justice Department 30 years ago..

Unity ticket is the best way to go...explanation below


Ahmadinejad says market full of oil, prices artificial

Goodbye, Right Wing trolls

Emergency Preparedness Forum ... another appeal!

The Hillary Problem: Welcome Back to the Show that Never Ends

Here's what Obama faces in Florida.

For Those Pondering Sexism:

For Those Pondering Sexism:

Obama's Nomination: A Conversation With My Mother

Why the one-week waiting time is good


McCain Bravely Ignores Hunger Strike at his Arizona Office!

McCain's 10 town halls.. a money issue?

My God it's humid!! 94%. It's summer in the Midwest!

There is not one documented incident of a misogynistic Obama supporter.

There is not one documented incident of a misogynistic Obama supporter.

Will Rev-Acts come back now that Primary season is over?

Congratulations assholes!!!

How will Bill Clinton be received when he returns to Harlem?

Pic of the "Clinch"...

Pic of the "Clinch"...

It was in the stars...

R.I.P. Mel Ferrer

It was the third of June

It was the third of June

I've gotten sucked into another stupid argument in GDP.

Did anyone else hear Joan Walsh of Salon on Hardball today?

Ban Republican Marriage

motorbikes, dames, and.........Mel Torme?

Win-Win Solution for Obama camp: Have list of VP candidates, including HRC, submit FULL disclosures

Who is Kimberly Caldwell and why are so many people searching for a picture of her?

Happy Birthday, Angelina Jolie!

Just dropped in to see

US elections: Jimmy Carter tells Barack Obama not to pick Hillary Clinton as running mate

YouTube: Marshall Tucker Band, "Can't You See," original lineup LIVE early 70s

It's late, I'm tired, so Khash does lyrics again

The Cesspool has moved

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I've violated my own rules and don't care

Draw up Obama's veep nom shortlist.




It's time for all us eyebrow fetishists to come out of the closet

Carter says NO to Clinton VP

Hehe! I just know the Hate Mail Bag is filling as I write!

Teen Horniness is Not A Crime

Can I tell how much I hate Web Ex?

It's a wonderful day!

34 million votes cast, wall to wall media coverage, over $200 million raised

34 million votes cast, wall to wall media coverage, over $200 million raised

Yesterday was moving day

Complete the following-I plan to rule with __________________

Say it aint so Deep13 . . .

You know you're totally screwed when watching television

HAIM... FELDMAN "The Two Coreys" only 18 days until season 2

go out today and make a difference loungelings

Can anyone give me some advice on being self-employed?

So when do the Candidates talk at the German PAC or the Irish PAC or the Korean PAC???

try this

i'm never going to post in GD:P again.. never

I know some people feel free to be horrid on the Internet, but...

I'm @ 999

Which are you: Bottom line get to the point or beat around the bush?

Olympic swimmers to be required to swim nude (warning partial nudity)

So now I am apparently an anti-semian

McFossil. Just saying...

It frickin' snowed here last night.

It frickin' snowed here last night.

Obama backs Lieberman against the wall (confronts him on Senate Floor)

woot!! Just interviewed my new intern!!

i scored a christian dior jacket and a pair of ralph lauren boots at the thrift

"Katherine Harris crazy"

Sometimes I accidentally hit the button in the middle of the mouse

Some of you people need to log off so I can start hiding threads again

I feel icky


Wow! This is intense!

Man, do I want some flapjacks right about now.

It's Wednesday, dudes - Match Game! "Inebriated Iris often mistook her ducks for ___ power sander.".

So would you be mean as a snake

A question for job hunters...

IT'S HERE!!!111!!! YAY!!!!

self extinguishing cigarettes

Hackers try to cause seizures on epilepsy site

So now I'm apparently an anti-semite.

New Hints Seen That Red Wine May Slow Aging


I just made Banana Bread

87 days, 0 hours till football season

My fundy cousin is preggers again

So now I'm apparently an anti-dentite.

Were many of Hillary's 18 million 'supporters' Republicans all along?

So now I'm apparently an anti-bunco-ite.

I have a fax machine question

I'm about to die of anxiety

I wish it would rain Steak And Lobster

Red baiting Obama!

Jeez. First a tornado almost touches down last night and

Ed McMahon May Lose Beverly Hills Home, on market for $5.75M (he defaulted on a $4.8M loan)

Boy there are tons of foreclosed properties in FL on the BoA site.

I wish it would rain chinese food.

So I had my first professional manicure and pedicure

Goddamn it, we need a Ramones thread in here

Me? I wish it would rain beer and hail 8 oz buffalo sauce drizzled hamburgers.

Hey, sniffa! Brown or White?

Dang it, I've shrunk my Keds

Are white men viable Presidential candidates?

I wish it would Purple Rain.

You know, I often mock Phil Collins for his '80s output, but

Why can't they get rid of Thursday?

You know what would be awesome?! A pool made of play-doh.

Here's a hilarious lock

HillLuvr appreciation thread.

Lara MN -------

I had my last day of classes today!

I wish it would rain $100 bills.

I am changing professions

I wish it would rain in Spain, and mainly in the plain

Subject: LA Driving Tips

Obama Heads to Election With Some Weaknesses

"We like to ask our patients to arrive 15 minutes early." Yeah right.

I know where sniffa stands on the Boston-area jingle-off

Cat people: what's up with your eyes? nt

I wish it would rain professions.

Am I the only one who wonders how much bandwidth this eats up?

Will You Idiots Just Shut The Hell Up And Stop Hating On Hillary? She's Dropping Out For F*#%S Sake

How cool is this pendant?

Storm warning for DC Area Folks.

Post here your favorite band and I'll tell you why they suck

I think she's trying to kill me.

I've spent too much time in GD-Pooflinging! Help me!

So who does one get to talk at their funeral if they are atheist?

Dang it. I've shrunk my Kids.

On top of all the other awesome things that happened yesterday

You can check out headlines around the world here. Every paper

DAMN you, vile Lounge!

BRAD BLOG: My Votes, Four of Them, Were Flipped Yesterday Before My Very Eyes

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/4/2008)

So I've got a question about that impending meteor

Old fogeys: What bands were ruined by MTV?

........ a picture of michelle and barack....

Dear Hillary Supporters: Take your time.

If I hadn't quit, I would have been laid off Monday

She's suspending her campaign Friday and endorsing Obama. Now get over yourselves.

I don't think GD:P should be closed. I think the name should be changed to The Clinton Haters Forum

I didn't get a Full Matthews, but this passage from a NYT article did give me chills.

S.U.V's are going......going......gone!

It''s sad to watch favorite shows from the past jumping the shark.

Video of a DUer after being banned in GD-P

Do you know why some don't like Michelle Obama?

Calling Swamp Rat Out...

Calling Swamp Rat Out...

Calling Swamp Rat Out...

Need to buy a new cat carrier today...Which kind?

NPR: Hillary says not so fast--no concession, and not on Friday

The Doc thinks I picked up some Strep Throat at the Obama Rally.

Wicked Little Town

There can be only one...and this guy is it.

My bestest idea EVarrr — Monty Python Camp for kids

Is this you? It was hard to exercise, but you finally made it a habit. HALP!

My husband told me I can not get a box turtle.

Lawrence of Arabia

If I hadn't walked into this particular PetSmart...


I Wish It Would Rain Boxcars!

I wish it would rain boxed wine.

prepare for defcon

OK someone posted this in the pit of venom and despair and 'concern'

Spell checker changes students' names in high school yearbook

I'm so pissed off. Around the corner from my house is a pit bull type

The Doc thinks I picked up the clap at Bill Clinton's Rally.

When they outlaw magic

Cat owners: what is up with cat tongues???

IA-Seth and rurallib would like your help!

McCain Endorses Obama.

Do you use paper toweling to open public bathroom doors?

Obama NEEDS 15 of 16 Clinton supporters to win: based on DU, does he have them?

I wish it would rain box turtles.

I really hope Obama picks Biden for VP!

Your FAVORITE variation of OMFG

Your FAVORITE variation of OMFG

Field Trip to the State Capitol with 4 fourth graders in my charge...

RNC newest AD....Thanks Hillary.

No matter how many times a lie is repeated, it's still a lie.

Lounge vibes for ThinkBlue1966, please?

I wish it would rain purple box turtles with cartons of Chinese Food and 100 dollar bills


Are we having fun yet?

Any tips on developing fat acceptance

Breaking on Countdown: Hillary's top campaign strategists begged Senators to push Hillary out

Never, ever forget this picture

I can't help tearing up every time I think of FINALLY having a black nominee...

Bertha Katzenagel..stay safe....

Just tuned into GDP - I get a SENSE Hillary is dropping out

"Hillary is 44" is still hoping and praying...

Post here your favorite band and I'll tell you why they are awesome

So instead of planning my dinner menu...I hung out in GDP drinking cosmos

Me: "Do you want me to make a pizza tonight?"

OKay...sleepy...aka EMBER (daughter's idea) is pretty young >>>Kitteh>>>HELP>>>

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/4/08

an old British Country music fan

Input on compatible microphone for a Sony HDR-SR11 Handycam?

After the primaries are officially over, I think we should rename GD-P

Breaking: Hillary's Friday Endorsement Speech Leaked

Another parish family is thinking of BUYING A PUPPY

One Ply Or Two Ply?

Last day of school today, how long until


One Of My Favorite Movies Of All Time

Anyone ever try Almdudler?

Butt-freakiest crazy movie double features you've seen?

Fucking local NBC affiliate.

What's for dinner, DU?

A thread in which I give props to Rabrrrrrr.

Really "thick" men's dress shirts?

We had a good day at the shop....

WTF? My 5 most recent emails:

where is Maddy McCall?

Best Soundtrack for GDP?

Half-day for me today

Half-day for me today

Charlton Heston was not a saint.

Misery by The Beatles

I live in a country

I ordered pizza for dinner

Is that a young Chevy Chase behind McSame? Check the chin cleft.

YOWZA! Queen concert film on teevee in an hour!

Kitteh has discovered catnip...hehe

It’s a hockey night in Pittsburgh!

40th anniversary and no documentaries about RFK?


I has a post on teh greatest page!

An engineer's guide to cats--good for a chuckle

This OP is my 16,000th post.


Japanese patient's 'tumour' turns out to be 25-year-old towel

If I Was President Of DU Which DU'r Should Be My VP Choice?

Top chef thread?! (THERE BE SPOILERS.)

So, here's what I don't get about GD, or GDP

My latest but not new favorite song.

GDP is stressing me out...I'm off to cook dinner...

What song cant you get out of your head?

So, How happy are you that Obama is now the Nominee

Is Hillary conceding on Friday??

Tornado Watch until 1 am.

Any fans of the dB's in the lounge??

And a hockey fan is born

Share those names given to your genitals

Congatulations SULU On Your Upcoming Wedding

'Yes' cancelling their summer tour

BEWARE! Computer virus!

BEWARE! Computer virus!


Looking at cars on CL- an '01 Metro costs more than an '01 Expedition

What in hell does "yup" mean when it is in response to your response?

WTF? Not one word about teh hotness that was Michelle Obama last night?

Anyone here from Indiana?

Congratulations, Red Wings fans!

Congratulations, Red Wings fans!

sniffa is causing problems over in that love-in known as GD-P

!!! A cute blonde girl just ran into my room, sans clothes looking for a towel!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Lisa Appreciation Thread

Deep 13 appreciation thread: He gave me $500 to buy my meds...

Okay, DUers! The STBE has put the house up for sale in Europe. Check it out

Wings Wings Wings Wings Wings!

Could someone paint my toenails for me please?

OK, who else wants to yell at me

Cat people: I have a question.

Okee - now I really would appreciate a little input on this whole house selling "thing."

You Can't Truly Love Another Until You Truly Love Yourself

You Can't Truly Love Another Until You Truly Love Yourself

I'm kinda sad. Hugs appreciated.

You know what sucks? Yeah, this sucks.

This will drop like a rock but has anyone here read Carlos Bulosan's

When someone burdens you with a secret you don't want?

So I Am Painting This Persons House In Virginia And She Walks Out From The Shower Nude

"I like Dylan, but not his lyrics"...WTF?

Top 11 Naughtiest Animaniacs Moments

Yikes! What a day!

The drug war is anti-child

Best doomsday story?

Why does Denise Richards have a reality show?

Wii fit is freaking the cat out.

Kittimus is sleeping on my lap...

Dogs and mushrooms growing in my lawn

George Takei to wed!

Update on my Dad...he's fine!

Update on my Dad...he's fine!

Have a hug thread...

$600 in 10 minutes

Right now, I'm sticking a needle into my belly

Ex-cat-hating dog mothers four stray kittehs!

The first time in seven years, I feel hopeful and liberated.

zOMG! I did not expect to see THAT...

Listen - my little girl is posting here, so I want this place tidied up.

Whatever happened to billyskank? He used to be posting here all the time. nt

Favorite cola?

My kids didn't understand the significance of Obama or Clinton as nominees.

KPOD... that is Kitten Picture of the Day

Cat owners and everyone else did you know a group of kittens

Dylan Thomas

Post video clips of your favorite movie scenes here:

On Tuesday, My Ex and I will till and plant the garden at my parents' house

Fuck politics, let's dance.

SENATOR McCOVER-UP: Abramoff & the GOP Foreign Money Machine

Bo Diddley, giant figure in rock, dies at 79

Lawmaker asks McCain to talk with 9/11 theorists

Priest who mocked Clinton told to take a leave

Crooked Hyundai chief gets no jail time from Korean high court

May Job Cuts in U.S. Up 46% From Year Ago, Challenger Says

Extension of Benefits For Jobless Is at Risk

Obama says Iraq War weakens Israel

(California) State high court refuses to put same-sex ruling on hold

Layoffs just keep grinding at Ohio

Judge in Cunningham-linked case rejects secrecy

Paterson Releases Campaign Finance Reform Bill (NY)

Rezko found guilty on some charges

Bloomberg Said to Explore Third Term or Albany Bid

Experts: ‘Credit recession’ could last two years

Fishermen clash with police at EU

Caroline Kennedy To Help Obama Pick VP

(5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals) Court hears case of man accused in Cuba, Venezuela

Hyundai boss avoids prison again

(6,000) Las Vegas Construction Workers Win Safety Demands (6 workers killed in 18 months)

McCain Blasts Obama, Breaks With Bush On Energy

World welcomes Obama win

Jury: Rezko guilty of 16 counts in corruption case

Indicted Saudi Financier Gets $80 Million US Military Contract

Calif. Supreme Court Refuses To Delay Gay Marriage Ruling

NYT: Clinton likely to suspend bid on Friday, former first lady will reportedly endorse Obama

How Hugo Chavez Courted FARC

Is Anyone Watchin' Dan Abrams?

Michelle Obama to be a guest host on `The View'

Clinton to formally endorse Obama (this Saturday)

Xilinx To Cut 250 Jobs

Feds say immigration case in El Paso wrongly dropped

Obama appoints team to help find running mate

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

St. Sabina parishioners rally in Pfleger's support

Google in deal with NASA for more space

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 4

New probe into Victor Jara murder

US Human Trafficking Report Faults Gulf Allies

Prosecutors end Siegelman, Scrushy sentence appeal (for longer sentences)

United Airlines announces 1,100 job cuts

Barack Obama Has Captivated the World (Dominates Newspaper Front Pages Abroad Wednesday)

Obama Thursday Town Hall Tickets Run Out (Virginia)

Schwarzenegger declares statewide drought in Calif.

Police Shut Down Artist’s ‘Assassination’ Show

Bernanke tries to exorcise ghosts of '70s oil shock

Pelosi, Reid, Dean To Go Public: Democrats Need To Endorse

CNBC: Verizon in talks to buy Alltel for $27 billion.

Mukasey Defends Military Commissions For Terror Cases

Bush congratulates Obama on Democratic nomination

McCain Challenges Obama to 10 Town Hall Meetings

Indicted Saudi Gets $80 Million US Contract

Oil dips below $124 on concern over US economy

US: Don’t Railroad 9/11 Case Through Military Commissions

Judge tosses school official's lawsuit against Fox News

Rezko found guilty on some charges

Stop Iranian bomb by "all possible means": Olmert

Democratic Poll Predicts Big Wave in GOP Districts

FEMA trailer resident killed in standoff with police

Democratic Primary Boosts U.S. Image Around the World

Chicago picked as finalist for 2016 Olympics

Judge Allows Blackwater To Open San Diego Center

Hamas hits out at Obama

J.M. Smucker buys Folgers for $2.95 billion

EU-wide alert as Slovenian nuclear plant springs leak

Senate Select Committee Unveils Final Phase II Reports on Prewar Iraq Intelligence

Denver Host Committee Cancels Delegate Parties

Lanier plans to seal off rough ’hoods in latest effort to stop wave of violence

Obama's AIPAC Speech, Rahm's Endorsement

Clinton Will Drop Out of Presidential Race



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Prosecutors Drop Appeal Of Siegelman And Scrushy Sentences

'They can go 40 miles for a dollar,' if cars get made

CDC: Tomatoes eyed in salmonella cases in 9 states

Judge strikes down some Philadelphia gun laws (PA)

Ed McMahon May Lose Beverly Hills Home

Jury acquits Marine of covering up Iraq killings

Barack Obama's Primary Victory Speech: Full Remarks

Obama: I will be the nominee

In honor of the late Harvey Korman.

Birth of a New Manchuria - Japanese exploitation of Antarctica

JTMP.ORG - Musicians speak out on the Iraq War

Thank You Senator Clinton!

Barack Obama's Victory Speech (full)

Hillary Doesn't Concede

AIPAC and the American right

Bob Beckel Faux Noising, tries to insinuate Michelle Obama 'Shoe to Drop' Rumor

Toobin: Clinton's Refusal To Concede "Deranged Narcissism"

Blockbuster Politics

DOJ IG Glenn Fine: Defense Department Delayed Torture Report

DOJ IG Fine: Ashcroft Had Concerns on Torture Effectiveness

Obama to Hillary: I look forward to you advising me

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC's SD/Montana Coverage

ABC: Overview of Barack's campaign

TYT: Cenk's Mixed Feelings About Hillary's Non-Concession Speech

Pastor Pronounces Hillary Madam President, Declares Obama Win a Fallacy

Iraqi Parliament Member on the Future of US-Iraqi Relations

McCain Denies Voting Against Katrina Failures

Republicans begin to highlight Clinton’s criticism of Obama

John Bush McCain vs. Himself: Lime Green Speech Mashup

ThRealNews: Olmert at AIPAC: United with Bush on Iran

America's Heart

TheRealNews: "Apocalypse Now" McCain: An Israeli supporter

Roy Orbison calls the Democratic Primary OVER!

AP: Clinton to Cede Nomination to Obama Tuesday

Barack Obama in St. Paul, MN

NBC Analysis Barack Obama Speech DNC 2004. (it is actually PBS)

TYT: Cenk Comments On Obama Winning The Nomination (At 1:32) & Hillary

Hillary the feminist icon: "Don't offer V.P. to another woman!"

Fox and Friends: Russert is Olbermann's Poodle

Scott McClellan: Karl Rove should've been fired over Plame

Bill O'Reilly "Worst Person in the World" re WMD remark

O'Reilly Says Media

Condoleezza Rice Comments on Obama's Election

Barack Obama - AIPAC speech

When Young Obama Met Black Dynamite

OBAMA - Amazingly Inspiring Video!! Must Watch..

Barack Obama - If You Believe! (Music Video)

RNC Uses Hillary and Bill to attack Obama

VERDICT: Rep. Wasserman Schultz on forcing Karl Rove to testify

Carter on Hillary as VP: "The Worst Mistake"

TYT: Cenk's Thoughts On K-Mart Selling Abstinence Clothes

Red State Update: Waiting For Hillary To Concede

Obama Victory Speech: 'We Are Americans First'

Grandpa Abe McCain 2008 - The Metric System

RFK - Final Journey

TPMtv: McCain Leaves Fox Speechless: "awful" "pathetic" "struggling" "worst"

Hemlock Semiconductor Starts Production at New (world's largest) Polysilicon Facility (Michigan)

eSolar and Southern California Edison Sign (240 MW) Power Purchase Agreement

Bosch in 1.1 Billion Euro Solar Power Bid for ersol

Sea Shepherd video on Japan exploitation of Antarctica

Biggest US public transport fuel cell deal agreed in California

State braces for possible battle over N-waste (Maine)

Siemens to build R&D wind turbine center in Colorado

Electricity from the Exhaust Pipe

Nuclear research lab layoffs raise security concerns

Oil prices may have peaked

NSIDC June 3rd Update - Arctic Sea Still On Track For Extreme Melt - Includes May Summary

Truthdig: Joseph Stiglitz on Recession

Is the Military Cutting Troop Activity to Artificially Reduce Casualties in Advance of Election?

Puffin Population Collapsing At Main North Sea Nesting Site - Down 30% -Telegraph

Gene Lyons calls W a cat among the pigeons

McCain Engages in Appeasement … of Hillary and Her Base!

Asian Makers Outsell Big Three For First Time In May: Sedan #1 Seller For 1st Time Since 1992 - NYT

Republicans panic and try doing some work in Congress; afraid of losing more elections

Toward a new Washington Consensus (NAFTA) Sirota

Minorities hit with higher fees, AG says

AlterNet: How Our Sexuality Is Being Restricted One Bad Law at a Time

Fatih Birol - "We Are Entering A New World Energy Order" - Foreign Policy

Homebuilders offer bleak outlook and post losses

This moment in history

Disaster Capitalism An Offer You Can't Refuse — Or Can You?

Coagulation and Adulteration — Building on Science and Policy Lessons from 1905 ( New Eng Jour Med)

Obama, Clinton and What Has Been Achieved

Google diving into 3D mapping of oceans

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas

Index funds investment in commodities went from $13 Bil in 2003 to $250 Bil this year!! NYT.

Some Envir. Sci. Tech. Commentaries on Invasive Species: Weeds for Biofuel and more.

True irony: Bush on personal responsibility

Thompson Awarded Contract To Treat First Responders After He Failed to Protect Them on 9/11

Hewlett-Packard is licensing flat-panel display tech for CPV

Hart, in rematch, says she learned from her defeat

Bush's secret deal would ensure permanent U.S. occupation of Iraq

Sources Report Hillary Still Seeks 'Poetic Revenge' for Florida and Michigan

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer To Step Down Within 10 Years

Bioenergy: Fuelling the food crisis? (BBC)

9/11 families excluded from Guantanamo hearing

U.S. cities, firms to push consumer climate fight

Obama's rise predicted as far back as 3 yrs ago

Houston rewriting its energy game plan (Vestas Wind Systems coming to town)

Commodity fund investors help drive oil prices higher

New report identifies dangerous Web domains

DC Police State

Harlan Watson Spreading America's Can't-Do Spirit At Climate Meet - 2020 Goals "Not Doable For Us"

CNN Apologizes to China

Worsening Amazon Deforestation Embarasses Brazil's Government - AFP

Chris Hedges: Collateral Damage-What It Really Means When America Goes to War

Dow Chemical ordered to pay millions in Colo. nuclear contamination lawsuit

Exxon not ordered to pay a damn thing because of dangerous fossil fuel waste contamination.

US nuclear recycling plans raise proliferation risks

AQ Khan recants nuclear admission (Pakistan)

18-year-old worker dies in WV coal mine accident

WTF?? General Electric Press Release Claims CO2 "a possible" Factor in Climate Change

Hydrogen Highway coming (Baja to BC)

Something wicked this way comes: Monsanto Plans to Boost Food Supply

From $6 Billion To $10 Billion, Now $12 Billion - Total SA Estimates Of Cost Of 400KB/D Refinery

Bush’s laws will be scrutinized if I become president, Obama says

Nevada demands end to Yucca Mountain project

Hillary as Barack's V.P? The Trail

Nature's End by Whitley Streiber and James Kunteka. If you haven't read it, do so!

Amy Goodman: Obama Strikes a Chord With a Disaffected Republican

Farmers switch from diesel-powered irrigation

Texas wind farms choked off from grid due to insufficient power lines

Electric boats.....?

State Braces for Ignorning Dangerous Fossil Fuel Waste and Dumping It In Flesh. (Maine.)

Death toll in Siberian mine accident rises to five

Japanese nuclear (reprocessing) plant in quake risk (Nature)

Obama at AIPAC: Some Doubts Eased, Others Created

Lawmaker retires from Army Reserve

Small-arms fire kills 3 soldiers in Iraq

Family asks Army to reopen pfc. suicide case

DoD to spend $1.65 billion on new cargo trucks

2nd soldier in 3 days dies in non-combat

Rule may endanger attorney-client privilege

Raids net 2 al-Qaida suspects, Shiite leader

VA denies money a factor in PTSD diagnoses

Officials to break ground on new TBI center

Fatal chase through Redstone spurs review

Navy ships ordered to leave Myanmar

Truman strike group returning

Mid accused of rape won’t face trial

Whidbey takes first Growler anti-radar plane

Marine to be arraigned today in Fallujah death

Editorial: No justice in secrecy

Obstruction charge dismissed in Hadithah case

Some mobility bag gear expired, missing

Lt. arrested for allegedly pointing gun while driving

Colonel: Anti-tribunal stance cost me a medal

Predator crashes near Balad Air Base

DoD treated crematory unfairly, owner says

Crane used at 9/11 crash site melted for ship

Juvenile record unsealed in Army murder case

Senators: Marines bungled video system

Army sexual assaults top all services combined

Cuomo Nears Settlement With Moody's, S&P

Insight: Old thinking to manage risk

Las Vegas called 'mortgage fraud ground zero'

Shareholders blast Wagoner's pay

Today in labor history June 04

Tennessee Union Members Tell McCain: ‘It’s the Economy!’

Labor watching to see if candidates live up to promises

Las Vegas: Southern Nevada Building and Construction Trades win strike for better safety

The Senate investigates higher oil prices

Helped Create DADT, Moskos Dies

Jan Morris enters civil union with her former wife

Court Declares Turkish Gay Rights Group Immoral, Orders It Closed

OBIT: Charles Moskos, architect of DADT

Call NY Gov. David Paterson supporting his actions on recognizing same-sex marriage.

(CA) State Supreme Court won't block start of same-sex marriages

Ky. Gov. Reinstates Gay Protections

Please DU this poll on Same sex marriage

Was I "too sensitive"?

Israel closes Gaza fuel crossing after Palestinian hit there

'Satanic powers' to fall, Israel to disappear: Ahmadinejad

Report: Olmert to urge U.S. attack Iran

Obama's Crucial AIPAC Speech

I did not like Obama's speech to AIPAC

I did not like Obama's speech to AIPAC

Palestinians condemn Obama speech

Report: Palestinian textbooks portray Jews badly

BOREV on Bolivia: Humiliation, Flogging, Racist Chants - US Democracy Efforts in Bolivia at Work!

Argentinean judge asks for arrest warrant for ex Pdvsa vice president

Luis Posada Carriles' Immigration Case Wrongly Dropped

U.S. Merida aid initiative angers some in Mexico

Was interested in getting some information on Chavez Intelligence gathering changes....

FLASH: Cuban 5 Convictions Upheld, Vacated Sentences of Three

How Hugo Chavez Courted FARC

MACHETERA: " Bolivia: The Crime of Indigenous Insubordination"

Help to counteract some Biden bashing



I dont understand the call on the third Red Wing goal

Big Brown.....#1 post for the Belmont.

"America's Heart" Great song and video!

"Peace at Last...But Only for Awhile" - Karen Bishop - June 4, 2008

Ack! I may have to drive a 14' panel truck Saturday!

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (June 4): Morozevich takes Sarajevo

A tiny accident in my neighborhood.

Meet Honeybunny

Cast your vote for June's theme.

Antibacterial wipes can spread superbugs: study

Drug companies drain scientific brains from FDA

New Hints Seen That Red Wine May Slow Aging

F.D.A. Reviews Arthritis Drugs for Cancer Link

I'm not mad, I just want to prove all the doctors WRONG!


The Great Evangelical Decline

Lawmakers say they won’t pack heat (D.C.)

DC to seal off neighborhoods...

Nutter Gets Slapped Down in Court

Question For You Believers Out There

What is the overlap of Atheism and Materialism?

Discovered: The Milky Way Galaxy has two (2) spiral arms!

Stem cells 'halt nerve disease' {in mice} (BBC)

Physicist Claims First Real Demonstration of Cold Fusion

Lawmaker asks McCain to talk with 9/11 theorists

Swiss newspaper asks if Bush was behind 9/11

Failing on purpose

9/11 Families: Gitmo Tribunals 'Tainted'

What Elias has to say about the MA Senate race.

The last FLDS child leaves foster care

Sued Texas GOP ordered to follow convention rules

Less than 12 hours before ginbarn and I hit the road to Austin, and...

Build a $150 linux computer.

Whoooheee! Obama-rama!!

Just curious: one cannot book the Xcel center on a moment notice

If you went to the Obama speech last night (inside or outside) post your experience here.

"Another Day, Another Fat-Cat Sponsored Junket for Michele Bachmann"

Photos from Obama St Paul Event

Quickie registry fixes for many spyware/virus-related problems

Is Franken worried about endorsement?

Listen to Sen. Candidate Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer today.

We Still Have Hillary Clinton To Kick Around

Obama Won First Skirmish With McCain

Hillary Clinton Should Not Be Obama’s Running Mate which Storm Bear explains it all for you

Hillary's other last chance option

Why Obama Should Not Negotiate With Terrorists (Like the Clintonistas)

The Top Ten Things Heard At Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters

Obama Receiving Jewish Support, Along With “Unendorsement” From Hamas

Vetting Bill Clinton


How Should Obama Handle Hillary Clinton

It’s Obama’s Party Now

Vice President Choices

Toronto Star: Khadr reports 'speculative,' Tories insist

What the fuck? THe Cadman tape was doctored?

Graduating high school seniors roll the dice with wait lists

Government buffing Prentice's Wikipedia entry

Stockton, CA teachers be forewarned!!

Excellent short video highlighting the dangers of electronic voting.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6/4/08

Bo Diddley, giant figure in rock, dies at 79

gableman's calls escape scrutiny

local news in Sac is saying prop 98 has failed.

link to today's election results

Deja freaking Vu - CD2 - Sekhon is winning the primary again

Los Angeles Times (June 4): Prop. 99 passes; Prop. 98 defeated

Private firms 'to run failing NHS trusts'

Congratulations to Jeff Morris in winning the Dem nomination for CA CD2