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bush had a plan

two part empathy

Looks like the NYT is set to do a Bin Laden search story (Drudge red ink)

Let me run one by you:

Libby Szabo - Stealth Candidate

Army study: Iraq occupation was understaffed Anti-Science Conservatives Must Be Stopped

Tom Engelhardt: U.S. Continues To Brutalize Iraqis In The Cause Of The 'Surge'

WJ this morning -Energy policy

Brown Brothers awarded ‘Golden Toilet’ for bathroom break policy

Careful when you're playing with your guns.

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support.

Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) is a resounding success

How would YOU prosecute telecom companies?

Preparing the Battlefield: your comments please

WW3is beginning to look a lot like WW1. Did Iran shoot our Archduke or something ?

National Review Falsely Accuses NASA Scientist James Hansen of Violating The Hatch Act

Stock, Bond Slumps Signal Worse Than '94 in Return to Inflation Era of '74

Disorderly Dollar Decline on 'Rush to Exits' Can't Be Ruled Out, BIS Says

Good luck Andy!

John McCain Trying To Have It Both Ways With Gay Community

Newsweek: Global warming causing extreme weather

Let's pull way back, leave the detail and look at the biggest of the big picture...

Could Someone Help Locate A Thread ?

Information on global oil consumption is needed by DUer

My yahoo homepage story: "10 reasons to Embrace a Recession"

Bush Nominee Guilty, & Bush Diddles While Earth Warms (Bush History: Monday 6/30)

Anyone know anything about Bankers Life and Casualty company?

Conservatives Who Ripped Obama For "Race-Baiting" Now Silent in Wake of Norquist's Racial Remark

REPORT: The RW Domination of Talk Radio and How to End It

McCain vs Obama on drilling: two cartoonists' views

Network TV viewers' average age hits 50

So what's the July 4th weekend plan this year

Does anybody have information on the Time Warner Cable Settlement?

What pair has more in common?

Veterans Long to Reclaim the Name ‘Swift Boat’: "the synonym for the nastiest of campaign smears"

How Long Does Drug Prohibition Need to Continue Before It's Declared a Failure?

Drilling and framing

Liz Cheney: On 'The Really Important Issues,' McCain is 'Advocating' Same Policies As Bush & My Dad


I met Earl Albert last wk.

A little perspective on Bush's agreement with North Korea.

McSame is running off to Mexico and (Columbia?) so he doesn't have

Dominick DUNNE: When I wasn't a Dem I was a total bleep-hole!1

Bob Dylan cited in US Supreme Court dissenting opinion (Roberts)

U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals

What is the dumbest Fake News Corp talking point.

US Sends Tons Of Food Aid To North Korea: "U.S. doesn't use food as means of diplomatic coercion"

shocking news!!!! British and US companies win Iraq oil contracts

Bush gets another $162 Billion for Iraq.

Bush is trying to impose a classic colonial status on Iraq

Copays and deductibles

Bruce Tinsley (aka Mallard Fillmore) channels

How are DU archives from 2001-2003 accessed?

Bush received a job offer today!

Heads up! Terry Gross Interviewing Seymour Hersh June 30, 2008

Pentagon refusing to clean up chemical spills on military bases despite EPA orders

Pentagon fights EPA on pollution cleanup

Does shrinking (or even vanishing) polar ice cap = wetter, more sever rain/snow storms?

IMF finally knocks on Uncle Sam's door

GI Bill Opponent President Bush Lauds GI Bill Opponent John McCain For The GI Bill Expansion»

On CNN this morn.

Despite Bush's denials, U.S. officials influenced Iraqi oil deal

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Orgy

Where's The Line? Fox Shows Footage of Dead Supermodel

Oil Rises to Record on Concern Iran Supplies May Be Disrupted

Oil marches towards $150 a barrel

going to buy a Cadillac convertible and put those big horns on the front and wear a 10-gallon hat

Question about Obama


"Obama May Produce First $1 Trillion Deficit, Pimco's Gross Says "

CIA Role May Grow in Preventing Terror Attacks

"Fair and Balanced" Fox News over the phone?

Frontline scandal between US newswoman Lara Logan and her two lovers

The usage of "we" in DU threads.

60 minutes:over 1 million christians have fled or died in iraq.much better off under saddam hussein

About the Clark comments regarding McCain's service ...... what a bunch of whistle asses.

A moral dilemma....

San Francisco paying for international flights to prevent crack dealers from being deported

The U.S. military confirmed the mission, but said nothing of civilian casualties

LA Times: Mass Transit on the Front Burner: House approves more funds for thriving public transit

Marc Maron in for Thom Hartmann.

New Smear: Obama wants to kill live babies!!!11!

The Obama campaign must get out in front of the coming crises, or else


Alito, Roberts and "The Politicization of the Supreme Court"

McCain denies his record of supporting Social Security privatization

High fuel prices put pinch on Nevada brothels

Jesus H. Lion kills eagle in front of family at the zoo

When the divcore of Madonna from Guy Ritchie goes through will ....

BushenFührer Decided CAFE Standards on Gas being $2.42 a gallon in 2016

After Denying ‘Involvement’ In Iraq’s No-Bid Oil Contracts, U.S. Revealed To Be ‘Integral’ To Deals

5 days of sandstorms - 100 km phr winds - Iran

These are the sweetest words ever reported by Froomkin....


Talking head Matt Lauer "Today" just said it "Obama, I'm sorry, I mean Osama...."

col david grange on cnn.....when asked if we were doing psy-ops in iran

Is there a list of those "Pentagon Generals" who are being paid

piyush jindal flip flops big time

Brown Brothers awarded ‘Golden Toilet’ for bathroom break policy

The infection of "Military Madness"

Texas Supreme Court: Beat a Teen for Jesus

To people in the area of Tennessee: I need a small favor if you can. (Absentee ballot info)

breaking news cnn: AP: Former Abu Ghraib detainees suing U.S. contractors in 4 states

Can't say it often enough: Ethnic "slurs" without structual violence to back them up are MEANINGLESS

Sy Hersh on Ed Schultz right now

A question regarding the arctic ice melt

Should sex be included on ID?

California Under Schwarzenegger Underperforms Davis

just listened on KPOJ am 620 an interview about "the family" the christian mafia...

Experience, My Ass!

Maron on for Thom

How Many Times are We Going to See Dems Bend to Faux Rage

Is White House Blocking Search for Bin Laden? ABC news

N Geo VIDEO: Amazon Tribe Attacked by Masked Gunners

McCain putting together a "truth squad"? per Ed Schultz

AT&T Billing Site Jokes About Company's Participation in Warrantless Wiretapping

I am sick and tired of hearing the press repeat the lie that

This Vid Needs To Go Viral Before The Election

State, city layoffs: 45,000 and counting

Has Corporate America Turned Callous Toward Its Workers?

Here's why the MSM painting this general election as bullshit.

Now here's a creepy photoshop...

Who do you think will get the boot first? (local gov'ts flat broke)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Iran, Fearmongering & Election '08

Obama and (Pres) Clinton have just spoken

Exactly what is a "counterculture icon"?

Army's official history bares its Iraq blunders

What I wonder is how are they going to spring it on us that we are not what we've always thought

Annual euro-zone inflation hits new record in June

Monday TOONS 1- Supreme Justice

Are the Democrats chasing the gelding vote now? The steer vote, maybe? How about the eunuch vote?

Beach Blanket Obama

Wexler is on with Randi now. nt

End of an Era- Here's what we'll be missing in 2009

Freaky Fundies take aim at ACLU and other "Prayer at Public Meeings"-grabbers

Drudge Report of June 2000 Shows Bush Blaming Clinton for High Oil Prices: $20 - $30 a Barrel!

Hard Times for Student Borrowers

Newspapers, reeling from slumping ads, slash jobs

Bush Aide: Polls Don't Reflect Shift In President's Growing Popularity

Southern Baptist "scholar" says spousal abuse stems from wife’s refusal to submit to husbands

Anti-War Vid That Was Banned On Youtube

Hey, that fundie science teacher that burned crosses on kids' arms? FIRED!

Powered By Innovation:

2.5 Quake at Yellowstone

What's going on with Tom DeLay's criminal trial?

Bush Praises McCain For Expansion of the GI Bill He Had No Part In

Anyone else notice an uptick in the number of US Army ads on cable?

Obama and the Veiled Women

McCain’s new Truth Squad has former member of Swift Boat Veterans.»

Bush's top general quashed torture dissent

DOJ to Oversight Committee on Subpoenas: DENIED

contessa brewer....a five watt bulb?

Reports show U.S. growth weak if not in recession

Auditors say nuclear power plants aren't following safety rules laid down after 1975 fire

Anti-Hillary E-mails were in the works too

Gotta have one more war! - Today’s Headlines 6/30/08

Final beg! Help DUers rurallib and Ia_Seth

Tiger Woods needed reconstructive knee surgery

Rachel hosting Gregory's program n /t

Defending the Tyrant

McCain aide: Reporters ‘have to earn’ special interview area seat on new ’straight talk’ airplane.»

GI Bill Opponent President Bush Lauds GI Bill Opponent John McCain For The GI Bill Expansion

Monday TOONS 3 - Evil, thy name is Bushco

White House REFUSES to Greenlight Plan for al Qaeda Hunt in Pakistan

Algorithm determines 'ideal' VP candidates for Obama, McCain

What would be the best mutual fund to invest the day after Election Day?

Let me put the Nation's current problems in a nutshell

"Professor Plum" has a ** Must See "You Tube"** Mitchell & Buchanan agree that Bush is a "Dictator"

Does anyone really believe that..

Penelopsky Aaryonna Goldberry

sy hersch on cnn NOW

After Denying ‘Involvement’ In Iraq’s No-Bid Oil Contracts, U.S. Revealed To Be ‘Integral’ To Deals

If republicans were dog food, they would be taken off the market -- Tom Davis (R-VI)

The increasingly insane John Bolton.....

GOP bad luck.

The MSM steals from Narco News!

Schumer calls for probe of Iraqi oil deal

Flood washes away Negro League star's memories

What is going on in Iowa,Missouri,Wisconsin,...

McCain Contradicts Mullen:Yes, We Have Resources To Fight In Iraq w/o Hurting Efforts In Afghanstan

Bush Nominee Guilty, & Bush Diddles While Earth Warms(Bush History: Monday 6/30)

bu$h* failures: Troop deaths in Afghanistan top Iraq toll

EXCLUSIVE: How the FBI Botched the Anthrax Case

Depsite tough times, ice cream still sells well.

Lieberman: U.S. May Be Attacked In 2009

Did you see Jeopardy tonight? Diebold machines!

Final numbers, not good for the home team

my local nbc affiliate just reported the seymour hersh story...

DOJ Cites Exec. Privilege; Rejects Clinton Precedent in Revealing Documents

Father shown in YouTube Taser video pleads guilty

SavedGirl wrote: Peak oil is a myth, drill off shoar. The people of Texas will never except Barack.

Iran to commemorate flight 655 victims.

Rachel Maddow hosts "Race for the White House" on MSNBC today!

Indymac Bank claims Chuck Schumer caused a mini run on the banks

The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind - Daily Mail

Of ice, and oil, and the price of tomatoes

US Military Deaths In Iraq War At 4,113

Torture Advocate John Yoo Lied To Congress To Cast Aspersions On Philippe Sands’ Credibility

Chicago area man is charged with possessing neurotoxin

The bar-fight is on, and Obama just threw the first sucker-punch.

What does a bear do in the woods?

How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis

WH Blocking Search For bin Laden

Two weeks later and people's homes are

An Impossible Coexistence: Transgenic and Organic Agriculture

Cindy McCain appreciation thread

Guardian UK: Influential bank expects more financial turmoil

Do you smell it? The atmosphere REEKS with republican and MSM hypocrisy!

John McCain is Not the Moral Authority on War

National Corvette Day

A call to all patriots!

Photo: "President Bush listens to a question from the audience" and hates every effin' minute of it

Minor point ....... there is no "e" at the end.

Clark on Abrams MSNBC!

The Rising Tide of Civil Disobedience in the Middle East (It Could Get A lot Worse...)

From VoteVets: Sign petition telling Wesley Clark not to back down.

John McCain, Are you listening to me?!!!

Fundie study (paid for by the US DOJ): Christianity makes men better husbands, fathers

Wes is holding the line...

Student Gets Credit for Expletive on Exam

What Is Michael Mukasey Helping Dick Cheney to Cover Up?

Didnt Mcain kill the POW/MIA search in Vietnam? n/t

Guy auctions off life, selling price disappoints

What do you think would happen if Bush actually invaded Iran . . . ???

Will Bush bring out red, white, and boos?

Thank you, Dan Abrams

2 US firms sued over alleged Abu Ghraib torture (CACI International & Titan Corp)

repost: SIGN VoteVets Petition to Support Wes Clark

Those fuckers are gonna do it, aren't they? (RE: Preparing The Battlefield)

Michael Klare: The End of Oil

Christ Shot Down, Missile Shield a Success

Re: "We're going to Invade/Bomb Iran" -- Ever notice that the closer an Iraq oil deal is...

“Terrorism Liaison Officers”

Republicans need to come out and directly apologize for Newt Gingrich

Unconstitutional MN video game law struck down, State must pay damages.

Too busy to cook? $40 per person a day for three meals

Terror Watch Uses Local Eyes; Privacy advocates worry that officers' snooping will entangle...

Israel: New Gas Mask Kits To Be Issued In January

Democracy Now! - Seymour Hersh, Congress Agreed to Secret Operations Against Iran

A reply to the OP (which is a worthy find itself)

Please take this health care survey.

Should Wes apologize? I dunno, should Colon Powell apologize for

Dems using * impersonator in ads to tie GOP congresscritters to *

KO has a special comment tonight

When these European Bankers say the US economy will meltdown

Should Wes apologize?

I really love you guys!

"Prepare To Be Kristolized" This Modern World

Big Media Talking Point Of The Week - "Obama Flip Flops!" By John McCain

Editorial cartoonists share their hate mail

Hersh's story corroborated by Andrew Cockburn's Counterpunch from May '08

House negroes for massa McCain and massa Bush

From the lounge - not what you think

Should Dan Abrams publicly apologize for having the worst panel in TV history?

Preparing the Battlefield: The Bush Administration steps up its secret moves against Iran, S. Hersh

Possible Obama, McCain Treasury picks mulled

Check out "The War of the World" on PBS

Awwww, James Dobson is getting the congregation to bow to him

The Facts on Joe Horn since so many are unable to actually read them.

Ok lets play WORST CASE Scenario, shall we?

Holy crap! Dianetics commercial! (on Countdown)

Nearly Four Score Ago...

General Clark needs to explain himself better.

UN investigator blasts US justice system, death penalty

Jeremy Scahill (Blackwater) on with Tavis Smiley tonight

McCain supporters get points for blogging

Possible Obama, McCain Treasury picks mulled

Thank Goodness for the 28th & 29th Amendments!

McCain Meets with 89 Year Old Billy Graham ---pix--->>>

The supreme irony of the coming election is.......

Bill Clinton says Obama must "kiss my ass" for his support-Telegraph 6/30/08

Giraffe helps camels, zebras escape from circus

Has it occurred to anyone but me that PRESIDENTIAL elections are

Nancy:She's got a ticket to impeach...


Do high schools still have "Debate Teams"?

Fuck you whoever you are! Clark owes NO ONE an appology!

Attacking Iran and the presidential race.

Favorable article comparing tax policies Obama vs. mccain

Wes Clark was right! And that doesn't mean McCain is not a war hero.

I'm sure the Obama campaign is aware of the "voter caging" problem, right?

May I drop a new name into the Veepstakes? Bill Bradley

Latest RW blogger wet dream about Canadian health care.

Anyone hear Sy Hersh on FRESH AIR? Anyone care to discuss?

A little levity: Please post your junk/political email titles of the day

Wingnuts: Only Bush And Rove Are Allowed To Question McCain’s Military Record


In Case Anyone Thinks Iran Attack Is NOT Imminent: "Iran digging 320,000 graves for invaders"

Lack of funds hobbling the 'Republican attack machine'

Lieberman: U.S. May Be Attacked In 2009

Please help unfreep this poll on Wes Clark's comments on McCain

“Making A Billion Hindus Glow in the Dark"

I'm so, so tired of the republican patriotism pissing contest.

Haven't heard much about "Operation Chaos" lately

If a thread is an obvious falsehood, shouldn't be deleted?

McCain Has Big Lead In Georgia: New Poll

John McCain goes to Colombia and Mexico! The REAL reason!

I hope some people with excellent talent will make a series of short vids w/all the McCain scandals

The media confirms its double-standard

What about McShame's treason in 1968?

Hearts, Not Minds: How Emotion Trumps Analysis on Obama, McCain

Bush approval in NH 16%, 75% disapprove & get this, 9% don't know

A whole town devoted to sheeplism!

Are Iowa and New Mexico now surefire locks for Obama?

McCain Picks Joel Osteen as Author Who Most Inspired Him

NRA lays its cards on the table... Morton Grove folds.

Clark was wrong, McCain is NOT untested

Why the weaker dollar is not mistake, it screws you .... simple, short explanation

I was just reading the London Telegraph and found this fascinating article

THIS is precisely why we NEEDED Obama to be the nominee - summed up in the NYT on Monday!

Happiness is rising around the world: U-M study

Should Four-Star General Wesley Clark apologize for saying that Senator McCain ain't all that?

Reply to another right wing spam email; this time on Oil Prices

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support

CNN: Obama to deliver 'major speech' on patriotism

I guess the GOP doesn't need those Purple Heart bandaides anymore?

Is it time for those Hillary websites to go? Hillary endorsed Obama, and yet, Hillsites are often..

Wait A Minute...I've Shot Down Planes...

Vote in the MSNBC Veepstakes

REQUEST: Please do not cite or quote Ted Sampley when attacking John McCain

Why does it seem like The Page's schedule for Obama is always off?

So the McCain's have over $100,000 in credit card debt and

Crap economy hits home. Next door.

Email about Obama that I received today

Obama's TOP FOUR VP choices (the Completely Unofficial but Mathematically Exciting version)

Campaign Finance Deadline June 30th - Donate to your favorite local candidate TODAY!

The McCain people are lying once again.

In Flag City USA, False Obama Rumors Are Flying

The soul killing magick of the market

How Long Does Drug Prohibition Need to Continue Before It's Declared a Failure?

Haven't we been down this "Why not nuclear?" road before? Like about 30 years ago?

McCain may feel pressured to name his VP in the next few weeks?


Full Fellatio-fest with media whores and John Schmuckain on M$RNC

Nice ad placement, McCainus! (screenshot)

Does this Scene Look Familiar to You?

I wholeheartedly agree with Wesley Clark's assessment of McCain

McCain's "temper" is probably PTSD, and that should be a valid campaign issue

Obama candy — Sweet!

Politico: Romney tops McCain veep list

check in here for McCain's news conference live

Richardson to Help Clinton Ease Debt

Mark Maron in Hartmann's seat - "McCain is a loser"

Unnatural roots of the food crisis

Campaign Manager: McCain "Loves To Tool Around On The Internet"

**********Obama Live Now Campaigns In Missouri***************

My pint of Haagen Daz made me sick, twice. What should I do?

My pint of Haagen Daz made me sick, twice. What should I do?

Did Grampa legally change his name to John McCain, Maverick?

"Simply reinstating the Fairness Doctrine will do little..."

Obama's Patriotic Speech is kicking ass! yowza! Gobama! nt

"“Support the troops” is an American lie."

NEO-CONS trying to STEAL the 2008 ELECTION

The focus should be on JUDGMENT, NOT military service

george bush's military record - the Gold Standard for Republicans

Just because someone went to law school does not mean they will be a good lawyer!

Still need more signatures on the Ben & Jerry's petition

The Republican corporate media is parroting Repubican talking points...

Christian Right group ridiculed all around for accidentally calling Tyson Gay, "Tyson Homosexual"


Western states may swing: In-depth look at Nevada and Montana

So - Clark's truthful comments about McCain supposedly disqualify him for a VP slot

Michelle's focus as First Lady: work/family balance, military families, national service

The Poisonous Soup in the's LA Times...

Can we at least try to get Obama into the Oval Office before we rip him apart?

Obama needs to start making some news, any news, just create a buzz. Like support for XP

Southern Baptist scholar says spousal abuse stems from wife’s refusal to submit to husbands.

McCain/GOP aren't having their way with Ret. Gen. Clark's comment

Unacceptable dissent!!!

I agree 100% with Gen. Clark - sorry Obama didn't make a distinction...

A powerful piece of subliminal propaganda in yesterday's "Parade" magazine


IF the corporate media and the republics are going to paint Sen. Obama as a radical

I've been accused of being some kind of left-wing radical for opposing the immunity bill.

Obama Camp Thinks Democrats Can Rise in the South

Parade Magazine McCain propaganda photo

Keith you rule!!! Barack please listen to this man!!!

DC Press Lords Lay Down Fire for McCain

Martha Raddatz from ABCNEWS: Is White House Blocking Search for Bin Laden?

Ray McGovern: Sacrilege at Monticello think Sy Hersh is "Crying Wolf?" Listen to Amy Goodwin's Extended Interview w/him Here:

did some of you miss a memo??? the primaries are over

McCain breaks the law four years in a row and the news is about a war record observation?...

Are We Going To Go Through Another Election Where The Dems Capitulate

FoxAndFiends on "Hussein": I didn't know that there was anything wrong with having an American name"

Seriously DUers have you seen this hilarious Fundie madness

GOD DAMMIT! Clark's comments were not over the damn line! The damned talking heads and media. . .

Why is John McCain's domain behind WHOIS Privacy?

Obama Camp Reacts To NYT Story About Al Qaeda in Pakistan

I just lit up the McCain Campaign PR wing: the media

If Michelle Obama Had Gone 4 Years Without Paying Taxes Would The MSM Report It?

Iran In The Crosshairs: Fears Of An Air Strike Increase, Little Opposition Is Heard

"McCain responds to criticism of his war record" - M$RNC Talking Head... No joke. n/t

Jr. Has A Birthday Coming Up What Would You Give Him?

Gallup Daily: Obama Leads McCain, 47% to 42%

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton speak by Phone

Facebook members check out Wes Clark's status update from minutes ago!

Dems need to step u...

Obama sounds a little 'coldy' today.

Look What I Found In My Youtube In-Box

Monday TOONS 2- The race

Question on McCain Taxes for California DUers

The media is fucking disgusting. Keith O. MUST do a Special Comment tonight

Best place to retire, most affordable place to live lists, etc.

When they attacked Wesley Clark I denied him, because I was not Wesley Clark

Will McCain speeches be a noun, a verb and a war hero

Wes Clark's mission accomplished-Debate whether military experience matters

Further proof that Canadians are smarter than the average American

Quick check in here if you had an Obama House Party this weekend.

Do the Dems need to grow a spine?

Andra Mitchell calling Wes Clark remark dumb and stupid, yeah showing

I think the GOP is going to try a last minute ambush.

Do you understand the unique situation Obama finds himself in

Ok I have officially changed my mind on the VP choice.

Obama (my #2) will never sound and/or act like Kucinich (my #1)

Obama speaks with Bill Clinton

So is getting shot down in an airplane a ticket to the White House?

NRA gathers ammo against Obama- $40 million worth!

McCain's military service is all he's running on

A cartoon we will see on Jan 19th ...

Obama Snubs Once-Powerful DLC

Analyzing Obama's speech: "No monopoly on patriotism"

Why is it unfashionable, unacceptable, unpatriotic, & ridiculous to even mention revolution?

Ah and SUV plant slowdowns now leading to worker layoff

Can someone give me a logical reason the EU should allow britain to print pounds?

Thank You *President George W. Bush PLEASE READ

Who is your Favorite Unlikely Vice Presidential Running-Mate?

Press all in a Twitter over Gen Clark's statement that getting shot down does not make you a foreign

Gov. Bobby Flip-Flop (LA) for McCain's VP?

This should scare the crap out of you....

The latest video from the senate hearings!

Call 1-866-675-2008

Why doesn't Obama throw-out the opening pitch somewhere already?

Andrew Card: Citizen's DO NOT Have Right To Know BUSHCO's War Plans

Barack Obama calls Bill Clinton from Kansas City, Missouri for Monday phone chat

The redefining of reality, and the spinelessness of Democrats

Here's a theory about General Clark's remarks...

"Unite for Change" and "Carne Asada for Obama" events in Tucson, AZ on Saturday--My experience

Donate to O's campaign before midnight tonight (for June) but donate through DU link at top of page

American Family Association website gets burned by autocorrect feature

Anyone familiar with WavePad audio editing software?

Freestyle Flip-Flopping of John McCain

Obama People please read! This is what we're up against.

McCain and the GOP base are not in harmony

John McCain on the Issues - Part 1 - Women's Issues

Juan Cole: Chalabi and McCain

NYT's just pitched a nice, slow one straight across the plate for Obama to knock out of the park.

It is becoming painfully obvious that right-wing does not want to run against an Obama/Clark ticket

Obama Seeks to Add Black Voters: Registration Efforts Come to the Fore

Is Sen. Obama (& colleagues) doing anything to STOP BUSH from going to war with Iran??

McCain and his surrogates claim Wes Clark's comment part of a pattern...

"Obama Rebukes Clark"

Old fart Schieffer was the one who framed McCain's "credentials," not Clark...

It is not group formed. The Denver Group.

I just saw a new Obama ad twice in a hour here in NC

Remember the old saying: "No one can ever take away your education"?

About the cries of Obama's so-called "move to the Center"

Arizona: McCain's problems grow Rasmussen: McCain down to 9 point lead

Jeff Farias Show discussing Clark comment about McLame ...On Now ....

Wes Clark Walks Into McCain’s Giant Wood Chipper

A good reason and argument to use against FISA:

Gen. Clark's statement and Obama's campaign plan controlling the news cycles this week.

Robert Parry: Iran-Contra's "Lost Chapter"

Have You Learned NOTHING? This is the USA; not the USD!

Donate Before The Deadline!

Barack Care vs. John Care: Health Care Under the Next President

Clark will be on Abrams tonight. Verdict. Good, he'll get a chance to answer. Can't wait n/t

"Wes Clark and Obama are on top of what's going on right now; it's a coordinate effort"

Are YOU a sarcastic son-of-a-bitch? Well then - smart-ass - your country NEEDS you!

Obama and Bill Clinton finally speak! and the praise is effusive- AP

Did Wesley Clark hurt or help his VP chances?

Why do "NRA" People find gun rights so sacred but civil and speech rights no so sacred?

2004: Cheney, "Vote for Kerry and Osama will strike again"


I'm sick and tired of the media using the term WORKING CLASS voters

They're back: the black Republican bigots who tried to sell Michael Steele

I Gotta Say....I Like Wes Clark as the Attack Dog.

Here is what the right wing rag free republic said about McCain's military service in 2000.

Here is what the right wing rag free republic said about McCain's military service in 2000.

Some are saying McCain is a wonderful guy. I was going to write a response.

Iowa checking in.. 127 days to the election

Pay backs is a bitch PAPA'S war record should be an issue just like Kerry's was

John McCain Campaigns on GI Bill He Opposed

The Daily Widget – Monday, June 30 – Obama 359, McCain 179

I Just Heard Obama.......

This is not supposed to be about Clark vs. OBama - Please see here......

This is not supposed to be about Clark vs. OBama - Please see here......

Roll Call gossip section: Whispers of Webb as V.P. heard at Senate

Republicans Propose Amendment to the Constitution (satire)

The hard truth: Attacking McCain's military record gets us nothing.

4 shot in Washington, 3 shot in Chicago, 2 shot in Texas

Some fear debut of powerful atom-smasher

Getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is not a qualification to become president

I can't wait to get my "YES WE CAN" free teeshirt with my $30 donation to Obama's campaign

NRA gathering ammo against Obama

Why McCain's "Drill Here, Drill Now" Proposal Fails the Supply/Demand Reality Check

Speaking of Patriotism - Why No Mention Still Of McCain Taking Credit for GI Bill He Opposed?

Obama supporters add Hussein to their names!

"We must always express our profound gratitude for the service of our men and women in uniform."

Wes Clark on TV tonight and tomorrow

Yee Haw! GALLUP: Obama 47%, McCainn 42%.

So am I to understand that the Obama/Clark/McCain flap has totally eclipsed his patriotism speech?

We Democrats Thank You Bob Barr!

For those who want to relax because a landslide is inevitable -

"Those Whispers About McCain" In 2000 Come Back To Haunt GOP

I'm going to say it: Obama learned a great lesson from Karl Rove

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.)...McCain "compromise" VP pick "if the senator can’t stomach picking Romney"

The Baseless, and Failed, ‘Move to the Center’ Cliche

"Yeah .... well .... but ......George Bush denounced the Swiftboaters" ......

Donate before the deadline

Continuing the Primary Contest by proxy on an issue by issue basis will HURT us in November

So my insight here isn't going to be too popular.

Strategy: Why People Need to Back off Obama about the Clark/McCain thing.

Can someone help me reach my 500$ fundraising goal?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Please somebody help me with the Clark as VP logic a la his shot at McCain.

Wesley Clark on Verdict with Dan Abrams at 9PM

Breaking!!! Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln wre all shot down in fighter planes!!

Clark to appear live on Abrams now!!

Arizonians who ran for President

Bush And Congress Are Probably Going To Attack Iran. Does Anyone Give A Fuck?

Fuuuuuuck You!

Fox: McCain ‘Proud’ of Service, Calls Wes Clark Comment ‘Unnecessary’

McCain is owed an Apology?

Kerry would not air the infamous McCain/Bush ad. He made a choice not to.

This may be the nastiest general election campaign we've ever seen

Did House Dems really call for "nationalization of refineries."

So McCain, a Veteran, has a Swift Boat guy who attacked Kerry, a Veteran, go after Clark, a Veteran

Timing the unveiling of running mates will be tricky

Both Bushes crashed Planes

Warden on death penalty: "This is wrong"

Digby: On why Wes Clark had to be "cut loose" by Obama ....


Bow Tie Fucker and Washington Times Lady need to STFU!

MSM talking point of the week: "Keep Clark's comment on McCain on the front burner"

Should Monticello Let Bush Speak?

Call Tara Wall at (202)636-3000- If she ain't there, leave her a message!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/30/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (Ob down 1, Mc unchanged)

Clark's comment out of conext?

Lots of Obama Commericals on in DC Area

I'm curious as to how some on the left are taking Obama's speech today.

Pointer: Vanity Fair - Hillaryland at War

Of course Clark was taking a shot at McCain's record.

What happened to CNN??

Fucker Carlson sticks up for Swift Boat Vets like a little schoolboy

AP: "Obama disowns critique of McCain's military record"

Do You Think The Media Will Question Mcain Abt Taking Credit On The GI Bill Which He Opposed & Bush

DO NOT make McCain a "victim"

Tara Wall

Jimmy Carter, Man From Plains

Black GOP Group Running Ads Calling Obama "Elitist"

Just in case no one noticed. Sooner or later Obama will have to take on McCain the "hero" himself.

Beware: Shallow Waters Ahead!

Obama's just doing what he has to do

Obama's just doing what he has to do

Obama table in Madison: June 28 Edition (tenth one in 2008)

Obama Opposes California's Gay Marriage Ban

Well are'nt we the smart ones. Leaving Clark out there. We are just so smart it's cute.

Why did Media throw Clark under the bus?

Would you rather have great sex or great service at a brothel?

No reason to post this pic really, except that it is...different :)

Wesley and Barack have got SKILLS!!!


"Daddy, there's a dinosaur in our backyard!"

I agree with Barack Obama, I agree with Wes Clark...

Could this kind of muddled thinking be why we let them screw us?

For years I have had my grandfather's scrap dental gold.. and now I want to sell it...

Wesley Clark did nothing wrong. Once again the media fucked us over, we fell for it & succombed

What do you think happened with the Obama/Clark disagreement over McCain's service?

Um... White folks! Please take the Blinders Off!!!

I've fallen in love with Wes Clark

Will the circle be unbroken?

Leftist Obama Critics Should Study FDR

Who is up for a $25 donation for Obama after he kills the FISA bill?

John McCain's Cowardice - Avoiding Public Appearances With His Adopted Daughter

Great article on Clark's comments in Columbia Journalism Review

Pick your city...

I did hear Campbell Brown do the McSame tax story today

Wes Clark has nothing to apologize for

Obama, Clark, McCain and Us

which of these movies do you like best . . .

So I'm already in the dumps today and what do I get at work? a night full of writing death summaries

I am eating Bugles and drinking a Shiner beer, I am turning into my Grandfather.

Are there any builders here? Electricians?

Paging mycritters2 - I need the phone number to that deep fried ravioli place!

I'm going to Taco Bell. Anyone need anything?

A poem... just for all of you!

Further dorky happiness "My Name is Bruce" is finally going to be released!

Nudi pictures!

San Diego music scene...

Want to see something adorable?

woo hoo! someone gave me a star! I love you, whoever you are!

Should I make another margarita or have I clearly had enough?

A Little Night Music Before Retiring - Yundi Li - Chopin - "Fantasie" Impromptu, Op. 66

Okay, who left the gate open???

10000 B. C. _____________________

Remember band-aids at 2004 RNC? They taunted Kerry over his purple heart.

A BSG dork (meeeee!) finds consolation

So I met someone from an endangered species this weekend

Compare How The MSM Handled McCain versus Kerry On Vietnam - McCain Gets A Free Pass


Tell me about your Unite for Change meeting.

SeaMonkey browser question

So about the ignore feature

Did anyone watch Design Star tonight?

More Must-Have Software for Your Mac

I'm thinking of getting rid of my cable

Heilemann on Obama’s V.P. Conundrum

We can put a human on the moon but we cannot develop a sunblock that does not irritate the eyes?

Joe Horn no billed by grand jury

A perfect song for June 30th


Will Smith's school insists it's not Scientologist

Where does this quote, lyric, line come from?

OK...I have a question for all you smart-ass folk!

The prospect for confusion is great on the DU Lounge

Douchebag is too good of a word for this guy...

Spring cleaning time, DUers. Get rid of your owls, frogs, dolphins, dolls, fleur-de-lis, etc.

JackMN had his first haircut so... pic thread!

Uh Oh. I've Been Messing With GIMP Again!

So I went to the NYC Heritage of Pride March yesterday expecting to be a Group Marshal


So I did my interview and it'll air tonight.

If i ever find jesus I'm kickin his ass..He's gonna wish he was dead (5:56)

Who wants to go find a pot of gold with me?

My Dear Firefox (A DuStrange Poetry Moment)

Need advice - About a neighbor who leaves his little dog outside all day yapping away.

When the divcore of Madonna from Guy Ritchie goes through will ....

I'd like to take this moment to announce that Rock Band 2 was announced

Listen up, you Crazis.

The difference in attitudes at websites and forums is astounding.

People search/reunion search spam is pissing me off.

ITT: Fireworks

I don't know if all of you know this, but you can watch Arrested Development online at this site

Which catchphrases should be "thrown under the bus"?

People are leaving Bosch, Heironymous comments on my dog!

Anybody have a clue an approximate hourly wage clerical work at a doctor's office?

People are leaving assholeish Euronymous comments on my dog!


2008 Campaign Donor 'A' List You're Not Going to Believe . . .

Man auctions life, but disappointed at bid price

The next 5 months of republican strategy, encompassed in one toon

Comcast people, esp. in NE: I can't figure out if I'm going to lose MSNBC or not

I think marriage should be defined as: MANY WOMEN and one Priyanka

Tracking husband's flight from UK. Tracker says "0 altitude." Should I be worried?

This is a little too much Prince Harry for me

Flame me if you must, but I do not think that Barack Obama is responsible for the destruction of...

Where can I buy a groovy peace-sign lapel pin like this one?

Nutro dog food ***Alert***

Listen up, you Nazis.

Caption This PIC

People are leaving assholeish anonymous comments on my dog!


People are leaving Hieroglyphic comments on my dog!

What Wesley Clark said was right on target.

'So All-Fired New, They Make Tomorrow Seem Like Yesterday'

So what happened today in the lounge?

Currently, on the front page of GDP,

I just filled up my car with gasoline.

My newest poem...The Sheet

The FBI removed the man's experiment at his parents' request

So I got a check for $3850 in the mail today

The "democrats" evolving excuses for aiding and abetting the traitor in the white house

From LBN: Midlo's Next Minivan To Be Canadian

SIGN VoteVets Petition to Support Wes Clark!

Paul Begala fails to mince words...

Post some of the most memorable magazine covers you can think of:

Monkey Munch recipe from Jon & Kate plus 8

Kerry responds to McCain surrogate statement that Swift Boat attacks were the ‘truth’

Why do people do this?

(Vets for Obama's) Lt. General Robert G. Gard Jr. defends Wes Clark

Chimp With Troubled Past On The Loose

LOL - best television episode trailer ever!

best lunch ever

This is the coolest thing !!! ... until the next coolest thing

Salute to an American Hero: Ensign George Homosexual.

Why is generic techno even CLOSE to popular?

PUMAbots think that Dean/Obama moved the CONVENTION to Chicago

Waxman Going To The Source (Fitzgerald) To Catch BUSH/CHENEY In Thier Cover-Up Game

Man shoots, kills two, gets off scott free. This can only happen in Texas

"Gonna kick the monster's ass"

My 21 year old co-workers has never seen/heard of The Monkees

A gigantic HARUMPH to the Chicago Cubs

Media Matters: Claim that Clark attacked McCain's military service media-driven and "patently false"

Is there anyone left here who's NOT angry with, disappointed in, or concerned about Obama?

The pool is open!

You never ever believed in me...

Jeebus, we're screwn. Republican father and son in Maine

"Fun with plagues of the Bible Day '07"= "Kickin' it with the Qur'an Day '08".

Would you stay here if someone paid you to?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/30/2008)

People who mad at Obama because of what he said regarding Wesley Clark's comments on McCain...

Interview with Obama in KC today (video)

McCain needs to fire Swift Boat Liar Bud Day (updated)

Blessed are the cheesemakers.

So, I cancelled my invite to the "playboy party" in favour of Galaxium!

Civilization's golden era is teetering on collapse

Pictures of Obama in Independence, MO today

Guess which boyband is playing on VH1 nowadays?

People are leaving assholeish anonymous comments on my blog.

This new NASA swimsuit is tyhe technilogical equivalent of DOPING!

What is the origin of your DU name?

Signs You Have Grown Up

It's fun to be almost 30 and still crank up Bonzo goes to bitburg

Why do so many people think the computer (the tower itself) is called a modem?

Entertainment Scientists Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013

I like my women like I like my coffee....

Does the English language need a sarcasm mark?

I don't believe in an interventionist god

Two weeks until I head out to Las Vegas!

Strange Boat, by the Waterboys

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/30/08

I am now very angry at Obama

They took me to the Olive Garden against my will

Some of my dogs are exceptionally "clingy" today.

Alright Lounge...What kind of Pet food do YOU feed your cat ??

10 years smoke free....

I've got a French Tri-Color flag lapel pin around here somewhere.

Are humans animals?

Alas! No responses to my GD thread...

I found out I lost my job about a week ago... today.

I may be scarce around here these next few weeks

I *need* one of the new Threadless™ t-shirts..."Don't Play With Matches":

Wes Clark, Jr. If you are on the board tonight...

I'm curious. How many DUers have cable/satellite TV, and how many do not?

can anyone point me to the c-span subforum or whereabouts?

Recipe: Potatoes + olive oil + eggs + rosemary + Parmesan + Gruyere + cream = "D" effin' LICIOUS

So, THIS is what it's like to give that 'HEY Kool Aid' guy a Blow Job!

Most touching / moving / sensitive movie EVER: Fanny (1961)

RAHT!! Who farted?

So, I was at the grocery store...a mini rant.

Which hotel chain do you recommend highly? Ohio or western PA?

To fix or not to fix, or,How I Saved a Bike from the Trash Heap

Is your neighbor a closet republican

jasonc - you watching?

so when doctors can't figure out what's wrong, they just accuse you of malingering?

I rented 1408 with John Cusack...

Stream of Consciousness thread: Post EXACTLY what is on your mind this minute


Anybody seen "Southland Tales"?

What is the most annoying music or sound I could play into my neighbors' backyard?

Blah blah... no donuts today

Veterans Respond to General Clark's Comments

I got my flag lapel pin!

'An enema is almost a symbol of our region'

Self delete

Bond trailer premieres.

Possible Kitten Picture of Tuesday

Question, does you town or city have a search light everynight,

How do you perceive Kollyforniya?

I do not believe that General Clark set himself up to be thrown under the Obama bus.

Canada day starts in 8 minutes.

Castle Teck, near Stuttgart *pic heavy*

Feminine Intuition

So, I start my new job tomorrow!

Which of these will send me to HELL the quickest?

Which would you rather bring back: Dinosaurs or Neanderthals?

The other day, I was told my neighborhood was MILF Central


More observations from Montreal

Gas up tonight.! May be just a rumor...

Remembering Tanya : RIP June 26, 2008

Anyone heard from Thomcat lately?

How's your garden growing?

Bad Idea - Combing YouTube for scary movie scenes.

Favorite donut?

Awww...the kitty loves his daddy

Right after the 2004 election.. we read this from a blogger's wife. About victimization.

Any country music fans here? I'm trying to remember a song popular about

My dog won't shut the hell up - any advice?

Any opinions on AARP? They keep sending me cards, but I'm not interested.

My cats have gotten fat, spoiled and lazy.

Note to the religious right: auto-replace is not your friend

How do you get rid of dog shit?

Have you read "Dreams from My Father" by Barack Obama?

Ok people, a lion in Canada has attacked an eagle. We've gotta make a lolcat of this

Clark won't back down - Reiterates and clarifies remarks.

Greatest Musical Individual / Group of the 20th Century

HuffPo: Obama Network Organizes and Revolts Over Spying -- (WooHoo!)

The plight of the white girl:

Who Should Obama Add to the "Axis of Evil"

Winning. UR doin it wrong.

Dear Cleveland Indians

What kind of pie should I bake for our 4th of July picnic?

What music do you like to listen to while you work?

This Obama fan is disappointed in his gratuitous comments about General Wes Clark.

Can We Not Take a Page from Obama’s Playbook?: “Dissent does not make one un-Patriotic"...

Sleeve + face = Sleeveface


KO: John Dean CONFIRMS with ACLU Lawyers: No Blanket Immunity for Telecoms or Fed. Government

McCain's Reckless Charge: Under Bush Foriegn Assistance going to terrorists


Dream VP for Obama

Give an example showing how American cinema motivated you to lead a better life

Wes Clark is a very brilliant man. He has started a debate that has only 1 answer

****Official "Thank You, General Clark" Thread****

In your opinion, what is the most overrated 'classic' rock band or artist?

Did You Know Obama Was A Centrist Democrat During Primaries?

"The America We Love" -- Obama’s Prepared Remarks in Independence, Missouri

Hey plane buffs! I just saw the Martin Mars go over my house!

It's Better to be Nice than Right(Left)? And what's your sign?

Battle of the Batmans

Joe Horn Cleared for Killing Neighbor's Burglars

Hey Skinner, wanna really piss the Right off?

What a bunch of snotty, spoiled children we are.

10 Things Obama Will NOT Do If The Terra-ists "Test" Him in 2009 as Joe Lieberman Predicts

Racist Obama t-shirt auction(s) on eBay: "I is U president"

The Palmer Raids

VoteVets and Me: We've Got General Clark's Back!

Obama Snubs DLC

What was the place for drunk food where you went to college?

What is the most inspiring protest song?

Mission - Accomplished?

Obama has DEEPLY disappointed me (re: Wes Clark)

nobody should say "boo" to the Obama campaign until after the election because...

What's the single scariest scene you've ever seen in a movie?

I'm trying to write bad poetry. Please help.

A story of a crazy economy

Special Comment: Olbermann Challenges Obama To Do The Right Thing On FISA

Goodbye Windows XP

9 in 10 see rising gas prices causing family hardship


The Douchiest Phone Message In History

Good cop:

Once good cable TV channels that now suck

A New Era in Politics? It's time to give Generation X its due.

Keep your Dunkin' Donuts ... KRISPY KREME is the best there is!

GAY MARRIAGE: For It or Against It???

McCain Surrogate Condemning Attacks On His Military Record Was In Swift Boat Vet Ads Against Kerry

California Peggy meets Firefox (a poem)

First picture of water on Mars: Outstanding!!

Hoarding Nations Drive Food Costs Ever Higher

Gay Ohioans Optimistic Despite Marriage Ban

Blasts Heard Near Pakistan's Capital

Man auctions life, but disappointed at bid price

Guard chiefs gather at Virgin Islands resort

NYC keeps the cannoli but drops the trans fats

Amid Policy Disputes, Qaeda Grows in Pakistan

U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals

3 coalition soldiers killed in vehicle rollover in Kandahar province

First draft of UN Zimbabwe sanctions ready-Britain

Lieberman: U.S. May Be Attacked In 2009

Saudi Charged In USS Cole Bombing

Thirteen arrested in protest at Dominion today

Chimp With Troubled Past On The Loose

Five Iraqi judges escape Baghdad bombs

Colombia polarized by Uribe's battle with courts (Bush ally)

Lack of funds hobbling the 'Republican attack machine'

Gay activists to march in India's biggest ever gay pride parades

White House backs Lieberman’s warning of attack

McCain Gets Praise, Not Backing, From (Billy) Grahams

European mediators seek out Colombia rebels - source

No comment from White House on Iran ops

Wachovia quits offering risky mortgage loan

Man Accused Of Killing Pr. George's Officer Dies

Man Cleared for Killing Neighbor's Burglars

Abu Ghraib inmates sue contractors, claim torture

Former Abu Ghraib detainees suing US contractors in 4 states for alleged torture

Chrysler to close Missouri plant indefinitely

Dem Guru: McCain 'Limited' by POW Years

Accidental fungus leads to promising cancer drug

Canadian loses U.S. appeal in Syrian torture claim (Maher Arar)

Oil Rises to Record on Concern Iran Supplies May Be Disrupted

Andrew Young: Obama Would Be Good for America's Image

Pakistani ambassador: U.S. diplomacy a 'complete failure'

U.S. Department of Labor Awards $49.5 Million to Improve Education and Career Opportunities for High

HP Purchase Of EDS Gets U.S. Government Clearance

Ga. judge halts construction of coal-fired plant

Oil is making millionaires in North Dakota

Bill Clinton, Obama have 'terrific conversation'

Bush Signs New GI Law (Jim Webb's bill)

HIV 'locked out' of sabotaged cells

Canadians oppose Iraq war: poll

Network TV viewers' average age hits 50

LA Times: Bush approval rating at record low

Swedes e-mail lawmakers, protest eavesdropping law

In Flag City USA, False Obama Rumors Are Flying

Romney tops McCain veep list

DNC protests will be behind fence

Ohio residents give governor pass on economy

Some fear debut of powerful atom-smasher

"Swiftboat" verb wounds vets

McCain Truth Squad defender was Swift Boat Vet member

Troops use live ammo instead of blanks

(ABC News) EXCLUSIVE: How the FBI Botched the Anthrax Case

Ebay fined over fake goods sales

U.S. may act unilaterally against Zimbabwe-W.House

World Trade Center Owner Dumps Rebuilding Schedule

Autopsy: UNC student shot multiple times


Double life term for Pinochet secret police chief

Congress subpoenas Wecht, Siegelman documents

Calls in Louisiana to Require English at Commencement

Obama May Produce $1 Trillion Deficit, Gross (manager of the world's biggest bond fund) Says

Giant Saudi Oil Field May Pay At The Pump

Pentagon announces charges in USS Cole bombing

Iran sentences Israeli 'spy' to death

AU slams Zimbabwe vote as Mugabe faces peers

Gangs Increasing in Military, FBI Says

US, NATO deaths in Afghanistan pass Iraq toll

Judges cite nonsense poem in Guantanamo case

Iran won't be allowed to block Gulf shipping-US Navy

Iraq fails to sign contracts with foreign oil majors

Terror on the trail: Bear attacks teen bike racer

Grand jury clears man for shooting men (Joe Horn)

Diego Garcia: Chagos islands return 'puts US base at risk'

Obama rejects Clark's statement

3 Facts That Could Change This Election (If We Share Them With Enough People)

Ahmadinejad target of 'Rome X-ray plot', diplomat says

American Family Association reverses course on 'Gays'

John McCain Protested Repeatedly: "Your Silence Is Consent To War Crimes"

Colorado Unites for Change

Social Service "Time Out"

TheRealNews: Is Obama a conservative or a progressive realist?

VERDICT: Politicization of DoJ Hiring

"Dignity" - Obama General Election TV Ad

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Sunday Smorgasbord

Michael Savage VS. The Homosexual Mafia

Just How Much Is the Iraq War Costing Us Each Minute?

McConnell on GOP Winning Back Senate: 'Impossible'

Voices from the Iowa Democratic Convention


Calm Before the Storm

Lieberman Suggests There Will Be Terror Attack In 2009

Obama: "We must always express our proufound gratitude for the service of men and women in uniform"

Sy Hersh says White House attacking Iran now

TYT: A Gay Senator and a Hooker-Loving Senator Defend Marriage


Morning Joe: Andrew Card on the Sy Hersh Leak

Gore Vidal: History of the national security state

Bullied to Death (Don't Laugh at Me)

Countdown: Special Comment on FISA and Telecom Immunity

Faux News on Sy Hersh & New Yorker article,

TYT: McCain Lies About Supporting the GI Bill

Ollie Iran Contra Affair Sold Weapons To Iran Traitor POS North calls Wes Clark petty and small

War Crimes Hearings: Bush Cronies Squirm under Interrogation

Red State Update: Hillary Loves Obama

Wes Clark on Verdict June 30, 2008

Jim Webb on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann

Morning Joe: Katrina vanden Heuvel on the Sy Hersh Leak

Countdown: Special Comment on FISA and Barack OBAMA

CNN: Hersh on U.S Activity in Iran: Be Nervous

This Weak: Hewitt Called Out For Fear Mongering

RSU-Bud Sale has got Jackies blood aboilin'

President Jimmy Carter pounds Israel

TYT:Gen. Clark Getting Attacked For His Comments

UK Launches New Blueprint for Renewables

Pima's solar power could double under 4 new project plans (AZ)

San Antonio looking to dip into solar pool

Hawaii Requires Solar Water Heaters for New Homes

High helium prices limit gas balloons as sport

Iacocca: Throw the bums out!

Offshore Drilling Follies (Cont.)

U.S. Continues to Brutalize Iraqis in the Cause of the 'Surge'

Iron Woman-Why the sure-to-be blistering GOP attacks on Michelle Obama won't work

Microsoft to stop selling Windows XP

Boeing, Lockheed May Lose as Obama, McCain Reject Big Weapons

U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals

Meet the New ‘Press,’ Without Wriggling Guests

American supremacy in innovation at risk

How much oil is there really?

"McCain's Low Road to Victory"

Bin Laden Hunt Botched

Running Out the Clock on Plame Documents

EXCLUSIVE: How the FBI Botched the Anthrax Case

Vacation home investors struggling to find renters

Jacobs Engineering spent $200,000 to lobby in 1Q

McCain to Rid His Campaign of Lobbyists, in Favor of 'Mugabe-ists'

New street crime: Thieves lift manhole covers

We're the Patriots

Robert Parry: Pretending That Bush is Not a Tyrant

Pentagon's Gates warns against targeting Iran

The Private Character of John McCain (A McCain-worship article, presented to me by RW co-worker)

Living on Earth: Tipping Point?

John McCain and the International Republican Institute

Living on Earth: Small Technology, Big Questions

Energy crisis casts dark cloud over Massachusetts

Hill battle over Justice Department records likely to escalate

How the “Dear Leader” Blackmailed Bush

Independent UK: People still look to the state in their hour of need

Congress to Bush and Cheney: Do What You Want in Iran

Living on Earth: Warm Water and Small Sea Creatures (phytoplankton)

Independent UK: The perilous joys of middle-aged sex

Bush's top general quashed torture dissent: Chairman of the Joint Chief Myers

Business Week: Nuclear's Tangled Economics

Fall Canceled After 3 Billion Seasons-- The Onion

McCain mulls run as one-termer

2008 Security Survey: We're Spending More, But Data's No Safer Than Last Year

Dems Set To Cave on FISA Again: Agree to Family Immunity Plan

Seymour Hersh: Preparing The Battlefield (U.S. clandestine operations inside Iran)

Spanish PM firm on phasing out nuclear power

Britain seeks to set pace in carbon capture quest

Does Obama's Rise Mean Less Clout For Democratic Centrists (DLC)?

Fisheries, Not Whales, To Blame For Shortage Of Fish

VIDEO: Coal Protestors Protest Dominion - Upset Over Proposed Wise County Plant; 13 Arrested

Solar Industry Gets Aid to Fight Shade (SolarMagic™ can recoup as much as 40% of the lost power!)

Ausra Opens First U.S. Solar Thermal Power Factory

“Attacking” McCain’s Military Record

Treasury chief on 'wombat leave' (BBC) {Oz ... where else}

Solar and Wind Will Drive Natural Gas Up

VW to join Toyota, GM with 2010 plug-in Hybrid

Israeli ex-general says attack on Iran's nuclear plants feasible

WORLD NEWS TRUSt: Not Your Grandma's Depression (James Kunstler)

Deep thoughts... will the universe implode if Prof Goose registers "" ?

Rolling Stone Cover (no words needed)

Bush Administration Confirms What We Knew All Along

Breaking News: Georgia judge blocks coal plant over CO2 emissions

Nation's Largest Private Roofing/Solar Company Responds to Solar Challenge Issued by San Jose Mayor

AlterNet: Democrats Are Blowing Our Best Chance for Clean Energy

Report: Montgomery Ward fails to alert victims of breach

If you deny Americans are ignorant, read " In Flag City USA, where false Obama rumors fly."

We're a very different country than we were in 1932.

George Monbiot: This economic panic is pushing the planet right back down the agenda

Can Weeds Help Solve the Climate Crisis?

No babies? European birth rates face steep decline

A day in bankruptcy court would make you sick

Why we won't get attacked with an Obama presidency

Tesla to build new ($60,000) electric (5 passenger) sedan in Bay Area (in late 2010)

Algae overwhelming Olympic sailing venue

Robert Parry: Iran-Contra’s ‘Lost Chapter’

Center among competitors in race for turning algae into biofuel

McCain Supporter - 'John McCain Is Aware Of The Internet'--The Young Turks

Sinclair dreams of 'flying {and electric} cars' (BBC)

Proud 28-Percenter Defends the President

Cuba's sustainable ecological footprint leads the world.

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 343


Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 06/27/2008

Globalism – An Historical Fable

The central bankers' bank renews fear of second depression

Bottomless: Home Prices to Fall Another 10-15 Percent, Says Schwab's Sonders

Energy stocks...

Indymac Bank claims Chuck Schumer caused a mini run on the banks

So I went to the NYC Heritage of Pride March yesterday expecting to be a Group Marshal

Seattle Pride parade draws a crowd

San Francisco Pride .. Cindi Lauper

Barack Obama Opposes Prop 8, the anti-marriage amendment

Irish PM Blasts Critics In Own Party Over Gay Unions

My 1000th post

American Gladiators has a gay contestant tonight

NY Gov Marched in Gay Pride in *1976*.

No on 8 Avatar (California Gay Marriage)

O'Reilly declares victory as British mayonnaise ad yanked

My gay $$ at work, and Sordid Lives.

Today in labor history June 30 Alabama outlaws the leasing of convicts to mine coal, more

Trade Unionist in Turkey, Meryem Özsögüt, jailed for 6 months, get E-Active to help

Video: Elaine Chao, Bush's Sec. Of Labor get's her nails done for McCain fundraiser, Bill Moyers on

New GI Bill passes, opens paths to educational resources and future employment for our returning vet

Union asks Peterbilt to resume talks, 330 locked out

Talks stalled, Port Authority contacts labor board

Don't Expect Fireworks From Labor Reports (slackening demand fuels further layoffs)

U.S. Labor Department Obtains Court Approval of Settlement Restoring $2.2 Million to retirement plan

Cocoa Industry Fails to Deliver on July 1, 2008 Child Labor Commitments

Snake Eyes

Union Members Set to Take Action on Bush’s Failed Economy

Immigrant Protests—What Every Worker Should Know (flyer pdf)


NYT: Why Oil and Wages Don’t Mix

Michigan Nurses Association Leaves The ANA

Unions: We didn't endorse Diaz-Balart (R-Fl)

Chacon released by Astros, union to file grievance

Global Day of Action Will Protest Starbucks’ Anti-Union Terminations

PENNSYLVANIA NEWS FLASH: Mine-safety bill gets OK from union, mine owners

Unions’ election drive means TV, money and troops

R.R. Donnelly Settles Unfair Labor Practice Charges With Teamsters

Teamsters Organizes Kingston School Bus Company

Steelworkers Power Up New Website

Haitian American Snags Top Post In Obama Campaign (SEIU)

Foreign Ministry: Ministers may be arrested in Spain

Thousands gather for London's 'Salute to Israel'

Israel’s Diplomatic Offensive

Egypt to Reopen Gaza Border

Gaza reporter: Israeli security officials broke my ribs

Cuba's sustainable ecological footprint leads the world.

Brazil's Lula Learns with Chavez a Recipe for Happiness

Peru Set To Strike

Ecuador assembly head: New constitution to be ratified in referendum

Bolivian president: Revocative referendum to "knock down" opposition

How the US Government Framed the Cuban 5

Colombia polarized by Uribe's battle with courts

European mediators seek out Colombia rebels - source

Brazil to authorize 3 new nuclear plants

Ex-Chilean intelligence chief gets 2 life sentences

Argentina urges greater interdependence in Mercosur

Mercosur diplomat urges food, energy cooperation at summit on small business credits

John McDonnell retires today (30 June 2008)

I see the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have the best record in baseball

P == are you okay, fire-wise?

Look at this -

Shout out to tsegat!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/30/08

DVD - Jimmy Carter, Man From Plains

A few guided meditations...

Aura Patches

Cupcake needs money for his senate race!!!

Nolle's JULY Astro-forecast

July 2008 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

From Darwin's Finches to Canaries in the Coal Mine — Mining the Genome for New Biology

Maybe I’ll Get Better on My Own

Please take this health care survey.

The Worm Turns

A light show

Views from above

A watershed

I have a bunch of peaches that I want to freeze

If the "assault weapons" ban is reinstated, can I sue under the Americans With Disabilities Act?

Their is only ONE gun dealer in DC....You will NEVER geuss who it is...

here is an interesting ?

A little of that "ultra violence" prompts judge to advocate arming selves...

“Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America”, CATO Institute, 7/17/2006

Texas man no-billed by grand jury - Joe Horn

Fire in the sky: Tunguska at 100 (BBC)

Tunguska: 100 years ago today (SciAm)

100 years ago today: KABLAM!!!!!

Recreating the sound of Aztec 'Whistles of Death'

Brigadoon and Theology

Disruptors and Religion Scams

Detailed account of how the perception management operation worked ended up on editing room floor

But there is surely a point after which incompetence becomes an insufficient explanation for failure

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Please recommend this diary

In case you wonder where Kerry is this week

Diary I wrote about the Swiftboating & how it relates to McCain.

Anybody with an account at TNR to counter this lies?

This just makes me want to cry. NYT: "Veterans Long to Reclaim the Name ‘Swift Boat’"

Just wonderful. Swiftboating is now allowed on HuffPo:

I knew this was going to happen

Campaign Finance Deadline June 30th - Donate to your favorite local candidate TODAY!

Texas Democratic Party Convention/Caucus System Survey

Netroots Nation offers Dallas Air America members & friends an amazing $75 discount on registration

Texas Budgetary question - Environment

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is this a battery problem?

**TXDot Outsourcing: Plans Tollroad in NE Tarrant: Loop 820-N to I35-W...$4.00 one way 6.25 miles**

Now that's a riot. Little governor Timmy criticizes Obama for not bucking his party enough.

Michele Bachmann 's New Campaign Website

Just got my Rolling Stone in the mail, so GREAT

Senator Barack Obama, "The America We Love," Independence, Missouri, 6/30/08

Can someone point me to Democratic Underground?

I am so damn sick of all the doubters at DU!

Are humans animals?

Harper Index: Foreign takeovers welcomed by self-serving panel on competition

Trudeau, Niagara Falls among top Canadian icons, poll finds

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 06/30/08

Sorry DUPLICATE post

YO!! Obama, Dean, and Dems -- it says right on your own website:::>

Glen Brower Endorsed by SEIU!

Job salary question HELP!!!

With all the brouhaha over the Pew religion survey, does anyone remember ARIS?