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This summer may see first ice-free North Pole for first time in recorded history

Who can tell me about Alex Jones?

Is this the same Iraqi market McCain and Lindsey Graham bought their rugs at? 2 for 2 dollars

Levees still failing: Floodwaters Threaten 100 Homes as a Levee Falters in Eastern Missouri

Officials: 30,000 troops heading to Iraq in 2009

Conservative demands

Looking For A Miracle: We Test Automotive 'Fuel Savers'

Is This a Moral Person? You Decide(Bush History: Saturday 6/28)

Military to pay $400 million more per month for fuel

"Americans waste 27 percent of all food available for human consumption"

Government of Iceland grants church the authority to wed same-sex couples

6/27 Election Model CONFIRMATION: Obama 53.6% (State AND National projections) with 365 EV

Chicago Tribune calls for eliminating the Second Ammendment

Camera trickery suspected in (sen.) Norm Coleman campaign Ad

Food prices 2007 vs. 2008

Detained by Montgomery County Police For Buying Sugar (left wal-mart w/o receipt)

What's with the hat Clint?

How Discounters Do It

Mexican Kidnap Victim/Chairman Reyes

Cuban Gay Pride Attacked By Police

Survey: 8 in 10 businesses now using Macs

NY Times: Travelers Facing Deep Flight Cuts by Summer’s End

We were in the theater watching Wall-e when the storm hit (OWH: Thunderstorm lands heavy blow)

A Candidate Runs to a G.O.P. Chorus of ‘Don’t’

The Pubs are making shit up...lying fuckers. They think they talking to kids? Like we stupid? WTF?

Justice Antonin Scalia: Al Gore to blame for 2000 US election mess

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: Justice Scalia's Constitution Comics!

$400 million poured into the "drug war" in Mexico

Senate Legislation Blocked Constantly By Obscure Political Maneuvers

Your Understanding of the Bill of Rights

Why are the Republicans running away from their Party brand?

Italy Watch: Berlusconi granted immunity from prosecution

Constitutional Originalism - A Mistake Big Time

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/28/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (unchanged)

Has Santa Claus and Rudolph drown yet?

U.S. and Europe Near Agreement on Sharing Private Data About All Of Us

What Keith Olberman is missing about FISA (keeping it criminal vs civil)..

deleted dupe

Thanks George Bush

Why did Obama pay Hillary's debt? What is the "Unity Tour"?

The original "Ron Burgandy," TV news anchor Ron Hunter, dies.

I'm assuming the US has tomato barons

Joining GOP's Bold March Backwards, Jindal & LA Democrats Pass "Stealth Creationism" Education Bill

His extreme ruthlessness, his reputation for skinning prisoners alive, was considered a plus

Reopening black farmers' suits could cost billions

Fundies: Heinz in pickle over "homosexual-laced" mayo ad

1000 points of fire. Central California to Oregan in flames

The United States is occupying a country – Iraq – that had nothing to do with the attacks, while...

Reminder: George Carlin hosts very first SNL tonight, October 11, 1975.

MSNBC Breaking: President Bush calls Zimbabwe's presidential runoff a 'sham', seeks sanctions

Extensive storm damage to the grounds at Omaha's landmark, Joslyn Castle

"It doesn't Gitmo better than this!"

GOP reps. advised to avoid party brand

Just finished reading Vincent Bugliosi's

In direct oppostion of the B.Clinton said,"Obama can kiss my..." post in LBN

Last request to help DUers rurallib and IA_Seth

The Shrinking Influence of the US Federal Reserve

Holy crap! McSame just got heckled BIG TIME - Silence= War Crimes!

Are speculators helping keep gas prices down?

McCain Gambles with Awkward Joke

Skinner needs to rename this website to

Celebrity sex tapes have jumped the shark.

Republicans attacking Democrats for not solving energy crisis, then attacking anything Dems propose

Why the Oil Industry Benefits from Bottled Water Sales

The other day I watched Caddyshack again…

Charlie Black Plans Terror Attacks in Key Swing States (satire)

House Judiciary Committee Denied Citizens Access To Public Hearing

Is This a Moral Person? You Decide(Bush History: Saturday 6/28)

Why do all my friends have to die like this???

Child prostitutes sell themselves on Craigslist

"then the guy sitting next to Nader on the park bench said, 'Shut up!'"

The World’s Top 20 Public Intellectuals- according to Foreign Policy Review Mag.

McCain, Iraqi president say progress being made

Phoenix Country Club members piss on fellow club member’s pecan tree in support of "men only" policy

Gas Pains for One and All

Brad Blog: Supreme Court Decision Derails Hart Qui Tam Lawsuit

I don't have anyone to talk to about these things. No one cares. Do

Will Obama’s Universal Healthcare bring back Manufacturing jobs

EU to open cross-border healthcare

With friends like these, who the fuck needs cointelpro?

Isikoff: Bush wants satellites for domestic spying (W/Video)

Seeking a sign of CEO excess? Look up in sky

Honey, there's a likeness of a dead actor in the kids' cereal!

What do you think about this airline frustation?

Guns, Gangs, and Prohibition Law. Don't be lazy!

Bush Concerned About Environmental Impact

Ask Yourself Why They Lie

Supreme Court, long quiet, ends term with a growl

Freeper Sculptures in our Gallery

are we getting anything near the truth out of iraq?

Watch the magic: 9/11 changed everything. 11/4 will change everything back.

Why are Iraq and Afghanistan still funded with EMERGENCY appropriations?

'SNL' to rebroadcast first episode TONIGHT. **George Carlin hosted**

VIDEO: John McCain Speech Interrupted By Anti-War Protesters

Who remembers this blast from the past? (McGovern 1972)

Google map techie question:

Sex trade thriving in Afghanistan

Political Freelancers Use Web to Join the Attack

It Was Oil, All Along by: Bill Moyers and Michael Winship,

And God Said, "Just Do It."

Dr. Mercola's website: Oil Barons Continue to Rape U.S. Economy

Question about the oil and gas company leases not being used...

Richardson rips McCain on offshore drilling (Dems' weekly radio address)

Bush Radio 6/28/08: "The hungry, homeless, sick begged for deliverance, and heard silence in reply"

Economy Trumps Rights: Gun Sales Get No Boost from Supreme Court Decision

Mercedes: Seven Years to Zero Gas vehicles

Tucson soldier leaves behind 5 girls, last born March 07

Without a war

John McCains Gives 18 Minute Phone Speech - To Dead Air

The Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

Mrs. McCain, San Diego County Would Like a Word

Northern Wisconsin school district to close due to debts...

Fears rise that key Pakistani city will fall to Islamic militants

Why I am so upset about the FISA cave in. Goes back to 2003 and even earlier.

UGA's popular mascot Uga VI dies of heart failure

since we are in GEmode and the primaries are over

Are there no good barbers in Virginia?

Counterterrorism inconsistencies

Wmd futures reached almost $143 per barrel on Friday. Is this the start of peak wmd?

Amazing Free Pass On McCain Stealing Credit For The GI Bill He Opposed

CNN just cracks me up.

Does anybody know if Bush's disgrace at Monticello on July 4 is a closed event?

Woot! Ordinarily I don't post stuff like this but , so flame me.

Gay Soldier Murdered in Afghanistan? Military Rules It was Suicide

Does anyone have a link to the ENTIRE Addington/Yoo hearing from 6/26?

So what are the actual standards for fair trade?

Outstanding "Frontline" documentary on the lives of young people in China today:

Cheney ‘tried to block North Korea nuclear deal.’

Just bought the material to freeway blog for around $5.00

FoxNoise is beginning to feel the heat.

State Guard leader, wife went to Virgin Islands meeting (oh! th'high cost o'war!)

I hate it when I do stupid things like this

"I hope"

The U.S. Congress could cut crude oil prices in half within 30 days

Saturday Night Live from October 11, 1975, hosted by George Carlin tonight on NBC.

U.S. Supreme Court's Gun Grab Decision

Fake Speed Bumps-cities try to slow traffic

NY Times: As Bill Evolves, Mortgage Debt Is Snowballing

**Gasp** Pentagon worried that Gitmo detainees might be tortured if allowed to return home.

Four Brooklyn Teens Charged With Hate Crime

delete - duplicate post

Eleanor Clift: Mapping a Win - Inside Obama's 50-state strategy

Envisioning a world of $200-a-barrel oil

Six Months into the Year and the Oil Crisis is Getting Worse

It looks like ol' Mallard Fillmore has gotten smacked upside the head

'Israel within Iran's missile reach'

Indonesian cocoa output threatened

Anyone concerned about the McCain-Jindal rumors?

10 Things to Know about Charlie Black

From McCain's Site: His plan to criminalize ALL abortion in the US

Barr Says He’s Drawing Paul Support

Vote for VP - Wes Clark is winning!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/28/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (unchanged)

Can someone translate some spanish?

National Lawyers Guild Unanimously Passes Impeachment Resolution;

Looking for some DU links about McCain

Obama primary supporters should help Hillary retire her debt

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live To Speak At The Natl. Association of Elected Latino Officials*****

anyone want a cookie?

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Green Stages Of Grief"

The Wild Differences in The Polls, Explained

Saturday, June 28, 2008: 4113

What should the '08 party platform say about marriage equality?

Should FISA related threads be posted in GDP?

When posts are moved from one forum to another, journal links die.

LTTE Political implications of High Energy Costs

ROFL! Website wants you to "write in Bush"

I'd like to see Chelsea Clinton and say... Caroline kennedy team up to schtump for Obama

This thing about McCain's lack of computer skills....I think they're using it as a ploy

Following Up: More on Michelle Obama and the Power of Rumors

McCain addresses a Jewish group by phone for about 20 minutes– without knowing the line had cut off

The Track Record of the Reasonable Centrist

Billo Vs K.O. -- The Sequel

Summer 'war' camp kids chant 'Ooh, aah, ooh, aah, I want to kill somebody.'

Of swift boats, baby mamas and long term cortical storage

I'm sensing a lot of negativity here. How about something to remind us what we're fighting for?

Hypocrisy alert! Bush declairs Zimbabwe runoff a 'sham'

What is the birth defect in the ad with the kids that look like they

McCain: Ich bin ein Latino (courting the vote)

Obama supporters vs. McCain supporters: What Snopes can tell us.

Barack Obama quietly visits wounded war veterans

Is it my imagination, or is a new ad for McCain has a voice over

Diaper Boy and Wide Stance team up to SAAAAVE MARRIAGE!!!


Olbermann to have special comment Monday; repeated John Dean's contention telecoms criminally liable

I find it hard to believe that the polls are really as close as they are

What is the one biggest personal flaw of George W Bush ?

6/27 Election Model CONFIRMATION: Obama 53.6% (State AND National projections) with 365 EV!

Norway already won McCain's battery award. lol.

Who would like to bet that both Clinton and Obama gagged when their handlers...

"Obama is leading but can we trust the polls?" Only if they show the black guy losing!

Who’s that man?: Obama asked for ID at gym

Anyone else having trouble with the recommend feature?

Who is more likely to get the Death Penalty?

The Israeli Insider is saying Obama's birthcertificate is photoshopped!

Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules III = Addington & Yoo

****C-SPAN Is Re-Airing Obama`s Speech At Latino Leadership Conference Now****

To all Obama supporters with sincere hopes that he'll win and sincere questions RE FISA, etc.

Leaked GOP Internal Memo Shows That No Republican Seat Is Safe/Talks About "Empathy"

Untold Wealth: The Rise of the Super Rich to re-air tomorrow and next Thursday.

Norquist: Obama is John Kerry with a tan

Obama plans Europe and Middle East trip this summer!!

Huffington Post: "Obama Undercuts His Brand" (FISA vote bites him on the ass)

Oh, the Horror! Obama trashes the Constitution!

I hope Obama comes to my base here in Germany

Bush History: Saturday 6/28 (Is This a Moral Person? You Decide)

Bush History: Saturday 6/28 (Is This a Moral Person? You Decide)

Mcain's Malibu home in tax default?

Perspective on FISA and Pyhrric Victories

War protesters take their cause to the mall (NY)

So is there no longer any need for any "Militias"

Unite for Change: House Parties Video


Which protest do you feel is the most superlative?

Primary Deja Vu. Why are some people fighting the primary again?

WP:"An Attack That Came Out of the Ether"...How Freepers spread their Obama smears

I wish Al Gore or someone would have a website specializing in how to save energy.

Telegraph article details Bill Clinton's continuing meltdown; why Hill can't be VP

Obama to visit Colorado Springs on Wednesday !

How many here are just waiting for the election to come and go and then?

Who Got What for Changing Their FISA Vote - list of $$$'s since Jan. 1

US cut its consumption of gas by 50% it would'nt lower gas prices???

A newly elected President Obama will probably declare.....

Harry Reid and the filibuster

Are Congressional Democrats Leading Us to War With Iran?


WP: Indian Americans Take Note of Obama, Thanks to Hanuman

NY Daily News: 'Bounce' from beating Hillary Clinton has Barack Obama out in front

TOONS: Doonesbury - This Past Week's Entire Obama "Fight The Smears" Storyline (Alex Says 'Wingnut')

I hear John Magoo McCain's next campaign speech is gonna be held on a carousel.

McCain = Guerra ---pix--->>>

I hear a lot of talk about HRC's campaign debt being paid off, but what are the current numbers?

Bush Cites Enviro Concerns to Curb Solar Development…While Accelerating Oil Drilling

So-called "former Clinton supporter" Carmella Lewis at Unity event. Is she a Republican plant?

McCain's failed to pay taxes on Cali home for 4 years, currently in default

SNL coming up, NOW! n/t

Palace of Justice - Court Room 600: 1945/2008 (pictures)

Want To Get Pissed Off?

Everyone is to immediately e-mail all of their friends and even their enemies

Most of the people angered over Obama's drift to the center are NOT former Hillary supporters

The Real Full Text of the Current FISA Bill ...

Bush to Zimbabwe: "Stop the sham elections"

Mrs. McCain, San Diego County Would Like a Word (Newsweek)

America.. A beautiful woman with a dirty neck

I'm glad The Magistrate is back....

VP Choices - Top 10 - Ranked By Foreign Policy & Military Experience

Feds Suddenly Environmentalists? Halt Solar Development . WTF?

How Do You Handle Having Insight

If we end the Iraq war immediately,...

Anyone know if these rumors about McCain are true?

Part of the unifying of GDP was that the primary wars were to be left behind.

Chris Floyd: Big Dog, Little Tail: The American Elite Resolves on War With Iran

"The McCain of 2000 would not vote for the McCain of 2008."

McCain: Gun ownership "sacred"... how over the top is this?

Tickets to see Obama in KC were all given out in ONE HOUR

Do you think Cheney/Rove/Murdoch will allow the farcical McCain campaign to go to November?

CNN: What Obama means by tax the wealthy

Obama quietly visits wounded vets at Walter Reed might want to start stocking your freezer with meat when it's on sale.

V is for Voting

Obama confirms he's making a play for Georgia

Hey McCain. She's coming.

Obama and Ant Traps: the Feminist Candidate

Crow celebration. A good day in Montana

Man, I didn't know that Obama was the king of the Senate.

Is Obama's FISA vote his Clinton Sister Souljah moment?

How to become independent of Foreign Oil (US EIA already knows)

After Oil Hits $300 a Barrel (PIC)

TIME: Should You Drink with Your Kids?

Countrywide CEO, Mozilo, Helped Many Get Loans, many who wouldn't have otherwise qualified

Republican controlled groups, are using the Heller case, to raise money!!

Now, Barack Obama camp puts out strategy discussion video

I did not know that the Clinton's also donated the max to Obama

Here's What's Really Going On With Obama

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaking today at the NALEO Conference in Washington, D, C.

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaking today at the NALEO Conference in Washington, D, C.

"He has the merits which can energise young Muslims..."

Shocking Photo Reveals Obama's Buried Past

"At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt."

In CO - "By 10 points, more voters say having HRC on the ticket would make it less likely

WALL-E is Idiocracy-lite

McCain is soooo boring that even the opposing party activists don't bother to attack him!

Gas price update.....What's the price pg in your burg?

Mr. O___ wants Mr. O_____ to be his President. EXPOSED in major WaPo article as conduit for disinformation

McShame Shouted Down At Latino Elected Officials Conference

230 years of White Rule in the USA.....Its Time for a minority at the Helm..

McCain's dellusional campaign is running commercials in California

Government-by-Blackmail: FBI investigates Monica Conyers

Credit where credit is due: for once, Bush is doing something I approve of.

Is a person qualified to be President who doesn't have minimal

Check in if you attended an Obama-Unite For Change Meeting

So the corporate media (ABC,CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOX) absolutely despise Obama-why?

Plouffe is right about Obama, Kerry and McCain

Who are those assholes trying to shout down John Mccain??

LIVE RIGHT NOW on CNN: McCain's speech interrupted by heckler

Obama Speaks With Iraqi Foreign Minister

Well, if true, this is depressing going into the campaign: Your Brain Lies to You

How did your local UNITY PARTY go??

Cartoon: Republican Gordon Smith trying to win re-election in Oregon

McCain can't remember the last time he pumped gas and how much it cost

Tell Senator Obama: Hang up on Big Telecom


VIRGINIA (Public Policy Polling)- Obama 47--McCain 45 _3.3moe_

WAs the LA counterculture a covert op?

Tell Senator Obama: Hang up on the telecoms.

Let's settle this once and for all - Is Obama a "centrist" or a "liberal"

Your premonition on the Pukes' veep nom?

Does Obama's Endorsement of the Rewritten F.I.S.A. Bill Trouble You?

McCain: I ‘Don’t See How It Matters’ That I Don’t Know The Price Of Gas

Handy Guide to John McCain Record on Women and Veterans

“It’s Over, Lady!”

My car payment...I don't understand it....

Mike Wallace...

Cum Undone

It was I shot that the sheriff

Lissen, I wanna ask you sumpin'....

John McCain broke through a major glass ceiling when he earned the Republican nomination


Du Made Me Promises......................

Is Madinmaryland really naked?

Listen, I wanna ask you sumpin'....

Its Been A Long Week

THE MATH Weekly – Saturday, June 28 – Obama 336, McCain 202

I will post this until it becomes a DU icon....

This will be my last pre-pizza post here. I'M FUCKING PISSED AND I AM EXPOSING YOU.

I'm eating some Pepper Jack cheese, and this shit is quite lterally...

Not going to bed for a bit...Decision:

To ain't good, but it is mine and ours

see through computer screens....sort of

That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.

More of my writing, a recollection.

I love you guys.

I am a sweaty, disgusting pig.

My facial hair is getting toward that "Fabio in the morning" stage. Thank you. n/t


Goodnight, DU!

Gas went up 10 cents a gallon today -- I think we need to do something

Have you ever taken a bath or shower when it is storming outside

Any reputable Canadian pharmacies online?

Song association thread

I hate it when i'm PUI naked.

"Though Shalt Not Eat Thy Refridgerator" - Post a Fabulous Misspelling!

north korea


Meet Archie and Garcia


After 12 hours of no electricity, how much of my food is still good?

Jeebus H. Crackers, Jurassic Park III sucked


School closed after Ninja sighting

The very first SNL is being shown tonight

A scarry little stroll

Which book should I read next


A Must-Have App for Mac Users

"Keep America Strong- Vote George W. Bush 2008"


Radical Activist, I have 3 questions for you;

History/archaeology buffs: Has anyone read Evan Hadingham's "Secrets of the Ice Age?"

Amy Winehouse just started her set with "Rehab" after talking to the tv people about...

Primetime track & field on NBC tonight-then CARLIN on SNL

I found a picture of DuStrange when he was a kid!

how i made cookies for bush 1

When did Canobie Lake rename the Crystal Orbiter the Tiki Maze?

I HATE Tigger!

Hey, um... Why is this lampshade on my head?

I HATE Chicagoans!

Why the ACLU says the current FISA Bill is a bad bill.

Barack Obama is a far worse flip-flopper than John McCain

I hate Trigger!

How would you handle this return to Wally-world?

Have you ever been called the wrong name in a moment of passion?

The Etymology Nazi speaks: The word is "Tetralogy", not "Quadrilogy".

Can we all agree that it CAN'T be acceptable for Obama to go to the right on any more issues?

Russian City Immortalizes Enema With $42K Statue Held Aloft By Angels

A Must-Have App for Crack Users

Dick Cavett reading "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".

I have an answer

AT&T Whistleblower: Spy Bill Creates 'Infrastructure for a Police State'

Bravo has been rerunning Carlin on Inside the Actors Studio

I watched "Vantage Point" last night.

LTwife is a fundie

Gore Vidal: 'The US is not a republic anymore'

is it "Get your stinkin’ paws off me..." or "Take your stinkin’ paws off me..."?

Childhood photos, anyone?

Where can I find free wireless Internet while on the road?

What does "Soccer cheese" may *you* think of?


Okay, this is a stupid question, but I have to ask. How does one interview a landscaper?

Okay, this is a stupid question, but I have to ask. How does one interview a skyscraper?

Okay, this is a stupid question, but I have to ask. How does one interview a poop scraper?

Am I Tri?

Google has immoralized me

Post DU rumors

What kind of Animal are you?

I have been drunk twice now in one week

The fluid from 9 tana leaves keeps Kharis the Mummy alive

I have the entire Red Hot Chili Peppers discography and too much time at my disposal.

Picture of three very sad POWs.

I HATE chiggers!

I'm 56, and a cynical Boomer with a GenX daughter. Then I see this, from Millenials. I tear up.

I hate chuggers.

Your favorite Simpsons episodes... Share them with me!

I hate Chargers.

I'm babysitting tonight and thought you might like to meet the baby!

Air conditioners and kittens

Drumroll please.. my new babies! (pic)

If you want to shoot people online, this game is for you

I'm kitten sitting tonight...

Need some advice: Is it obvious what this picture is supposed to be?

Best question about probate ever!

Carlin timeline

Ready or Not, Bird Flu Is Coming to America - Officials Advise Stocking Up on Provisions

I just added another podcast. Grab em

Has anyone seen "Death at a Funeral?"

I am making sloth food for the sloths

*****EUROCUP 2008 FINALS: Germany vs. Spain - SUNDAY 12pm*****

I am making dog food for the dogs

I see that it is pet-sitting night in teh Lounge.

Spear Chunking in Alabama

Where do you think Praying Mantis was? (no poll)

I made the hardest decision of my life tonight.

Chester Gould was right.

If you could change your name to a fancy foreign sounding one, what would it be?

Close call with a blender.

I went to a burlesque show last night.

a message for you rudy

It has been a few days since I watched my wrist TV...

If you like Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, you'll love Baby Charles

My Style is THE BOMB!!!!1

American Tennis Player and fucking psycho POS misogynist Justin Gimelstob needs to go "F" himself.

What the hell is this shit...

That was then. This is now.

who can relate?

Am I Great????

Lyrics to a song I'm working on: Without a war

I'm going to Concentrate on Slamming McCain, since so many DUers are so busy Slamming Obama!

The N.C. DMV really upset me this week

Chez trof ce soir: Fried chicken, mashed taters, butter beans.

You know, 'geek chic' is going a little too far...

I sold approximately 20 books for a whopping $17 yesterday at Half Price Books

So the dog got up and ate my snack when I left the room.

Grandmother's "Two-Finger" poi recipe.

In TOTAL seriousness, I had lunch this week from the Olive Garden

In TOTAL Seriousness, I Saw Someone Breastfeeding At The Olive Garden While I Ate My

I hate chiggers!


Can one capture the picture/image from StreetView?

Have You Ever Wanted To Be Moderate At DU? Now's Your Chance!

There be a DUer on my Jeopardy repeat!!

Why is it that John Carpenter's movies are either good or suck wet ass?

The blowers daughter

The question isn't whether or not Obama will ask Hillary to be his running mate

Your favorite Soth Park episodes... Share them with me!

I'm going to the movies on Tuesday. What should I see?

Photos from my five mile walk today.... (Dial up warning)

I'm going to see my ex tomorrow for the first time in nine months.

Summarize the plot of a movie the way Chuggo would say it.

Looking ahead

Uh oh. Mr. LIW just brought me a margarita.

I'm totally stuck at this point of my sock...knitting halted!

Where do you think Mylanta was?

The very 1st SNL show is on right now...with George Carlin as 1st host!

So, I took a nap this afternoon and dreamt I was the illegitimate daughter of George W. Bush.

new art project

I got my Physician Assistant School student ID. Wanna see the picture?


Who went to a Unity Party today?

So I got someone else's meds in the mail today.'s Saturday.

Science fiction who's time has come and gone.

Hola, amigos!! We're back from are a few pics to enjoy

Should I apply for a job up in Calgary?

My computer Mouse is stuck.....

What a great day for...THE BEACH!!

I STRONGLY suspect that some of you wore mullets in the 80's

Phoenix Country Club-Nice Spot to Eat After Golf, but Women Are Barred

I made an appt with the plastic surgeon

Where do you think Hotlantis was?

Anyone here ever use an acoustic coupler?

Another long rant... and... advice?

What do you think about when you drive past a graveyard?

I went to IKEA for the first time ever today

Where do you download your music online?

Where do you download your music online?

I have a question

Reminder: Saturday Night Live tonight

If MissHoneychurch drops by this evening....

Jeebus wants me to go to sleep, but...the knitting gods do not!!

Just got power back here a couple hours ago. Over 24 hours without power.

*BLECH* it's 100 degrees and I have a cold

Favorite movie featuring a love relationship

DS1, and other Marines, look at this

I needs me a hug. Today was just very, very bad.

After the GE who will change their ID to Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure?

Over 37,000 People Think Lieberman Must Go!

Saturday morning nature pics (7)

I'm ridiculously hot.

ahhhh. summer

Here is how it goes (a rant of sorts).

An Observation About SUVs

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/28/2008)

I was just ambushed by this girl!! She chased me

Long time no see Lizards.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/28/08

Joan Rivers...WTF?

Breaking: McCain's California home in tax default; havn't paid taxes in four years

Well Kitchenwitch, thats that...

No one can breathe, or open the fridge, or heat up the toaster,

BEST song to include multiple NA NA NA NA NA NAs

Can Dogs Jump?

My little "olive branch": special t-shirt for Clinton supporters

Kitten Picture of the Day Sunday June 28

So, which of the original Indiana Jones Trilogy do you like best?

Saw Pixar's Wall-E Today... no spoilers, really...

Would you rather be in the bitter cold or high heat and humidity?

Holy SHIT, the Sopranos are coming to Minneapolis...

Do you people have freaking amnesia?

Here's the kitten I'm sitting for my sister over the weekend.

NYT: Obama Supporters Take His Middle Name As Their Own

Do not take your eyes off the prize

Here is the Full Text of the FISA Bill. I'm not seeing BLANKET immunity to Telecom.

Where do you think Atlantis was ??

Anyone remember 'Night Flight' on USA in the '80s?

Obama, McCain, jobs, and globalization

John Dean Weighs In On His FISA Comment

I have questions for those who think Obama is a moderate /centrist/ conservative.

Most Underrated Sitcom

John McCain's Eight Most Inappropriate Jokes ( btw, did I forget to mention that hes a war hero )

70% chance that the North Pole will be melted by end of summer????

1975. First SNL, Chevy Chase: 'Live from NY, It's Saturday Night!' Carlin is

A request concerning water towers

McCain Gambles with Awkward Joke

Ransom Frees Lawmaker's Kin in Mexico

Reports: Germany's Siemens to slash work force by 4 percent, cutting 17,200 jobs globally

U.S. and EU seen near private data deal

LIVE RIGHT NOW on CNN: McCain's speech interrupted by heckler

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support

AT&T to move headquarters to Dallas

2 dead after severe storms strike Plains

Literal interpretation of obscure state law threatens Smithville restaurant

AZ Legislature puts gay marriage proposal on ballot

6 Mexico Police Officers Killed in Ambush

Axle CEO awarded $8.5-million bonus

Economy Bodes Ill Wind for McCain (Moody's Economy Model Predicts 'Big Victory' for Obama)

A Candidate Runs to a G.O.P. Chorus of ‘Don’t’ (GOP begs Barr not to run)

McCains Defaulted on California Taxes

Official delays stop Baha Mousa's father entering Britain

Credit scores hit by card limits

Iran says Gulf oil route at risk if attacked

Obama Plans Trip to Mideast, Europe

Clashes in Seoul over US beef row

Report:Iran will use oil as weapon if attacked

Dutch marijuana coffee shops brace for smoking ban

Nelson Mandela removed from terror list

15,000 Protesters Defy Government in Seoul

Fox News Finds Its Rivals Closing In

Occupation Plan for Iraq Faulted in Army History

NY policeman charged after woman body-slammed

Mrs. McCain, San Diego County Would Like a Word

Bush seeks sanctions on Zimbabwe after election

An Attack That Came Out of the Ether: Scholar Looks for First Link in E-Mail Chain About Obama

Children protest Government's apathy towards Bhopal gas victims

Luring Affluent Renters in Manhattan

Japan shows whale slaughter to 10-year-olds

Boy killed at Six Flags Over Georgia

NRA Sues to Overturn S.F. Gun Ban in City Housing

Authors@Google: George Lakoff

Countdown: Bushed! June 27, 2008 = Blackwater-gate

Bobby Jindal Claims Katrina Caused No Oil Spills

Fair and Balanced - song about Fox News

Larry Craig & David Vitter Protect Marriage

McCain Endorses Bush

SF Federal Judge Refuses To Order Overhaul Of VA

John McCain..."WAR CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Al Gore VS Weird Al Yankovic


Not Available, Delete

70 seconds of Hannity and his direct reversal of his own talking points

Green is the NEW Red, White and Blue!

Israel Threatening To Attack Iran If U.S. Doesn't--The Young Turks

Rep. Wexler talks impeachment on Fox News

Obama Speaks to Nat'l Association of Latino Elected Officials - June 28

Message from Dennis Kucinich: June 28 (PART 1 - Attack on Iran)

Big BAD John- Democratic challenger Rick Noriega spoofs Sen. Cornyns ad

Limbaugh: 'Democrats will bend over, grab their ankles'--The Young Turks

Message from Dennis Kucinich: June 28 (PART 2 - Oil in Iraq)

The Social Service - ONE DAY

TYT: GOP Internal Memo - No Republican Seat Is Safe

Morning Joe Gets Schooled By Obama Advisor Susan Rice

Rep. Wasserman Schultz grills oil execs over high gas prices

Americans Have Gun Rights! gnooze 6-26-08

TYT: Cenk's Take On The Supreme Court Ruling on Gun Rights

National Black Police Officers Association stand up against Police Brutality

Fuel Prices Boost Cause of S. Asia's Maligned Rickshaw

A discussion about sustainable air travel. (Ideas Welcome!!)

Recycling political yard signs.

Nandor Tanczos resigns

exIntel Chair: Electricity in transportation has to be done...urgent. everything else is secondary

High Oil Prices: It's All Speculation

Why the GOP REALLY Loves Bobby Jindal

What I believed as a child, I only hope it is real for all our sakes.

Republican Turmoil and Democratic Unity

NY Times: Fuel Prices Shift Math for Life in Far Suburbs

U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

Michael Ware: 'Surge Needed in Erogenous Zone to Hold Off Lara Logan'

Vancouver: North America's 1st carbon tax rolls out under fire

Keith Olbermann and Glenn Greenwald Exchange Accusations of Wiretapping Each Other

LA Times: Obama is shifting toward the center

Repeal the 2nd amendment (Chicago Tribune editorial)

It’s Nice to Be Rich

Obama’s First Presidency

Guns for Safety? Dream On, Scalia.

Think YOUR gasoline bills are high? $3.8 million for a fill-up!

Obama and Hispanics: Another Myth Exposed

Uncle Sam Rolls In a 100-MPG Solar Plug-In Hybrid

The Political Economy of Media (Part II) by Stephen Lendman

No cigar as banks cut off Cuba (... on US interference)

The Other Gas Crisis by The Other Katherine Harris

Bush's Environmental Wager on Climate Change Will Burn the Rest of Us

Saudis press United States to put an end to rate cuts

Bush's Capital Crimes in his own words

Recycling CFLs and Alkaline Batteries

Planet Heading Toward Climate ‘Tipping Point’

Frank Rich for Sunday, June 29: "If Terrorists Rock the Vote in 2008"

Huff Post: McCain's property in default for non payment of taxes.

Antonin Scalia & Friends' One and Only Upside / THE FIFTH COLUMNIST by P.M. Carpenter

NYT: Army's Official History Of Iraq War Faults Occupation Plan

Vanity Fair: Mad About the Guy by James Wolcott

The Great Mexican Oil Takeover

Abstinence only “sex education” and what’s wrong with Democrats

Mexico plants trees to protest border fence

Bushco continues to allow uranium pollution in our water

End of the Petroleum Age?

From They said it.... You said it, in the Edinburgh Evening News:

Prius owners: What's your MPG? Please check in...Civics welcome, too!

TIME: Walking Away From Your Mortgage

Wachovia Corporate Treasurer joins Carlyle Group

WSJ opinion: Private Equity Can Save the Banks

A Letter to my Stockbroker

Condo Association Seeks Foreclosure On Wells Fargo

Untold Wealth: Super Rich to re-air tomorrow and next Thursday.

From Barnes Capital Insight

US Military Fuel Costs Set To Soar


Today in labor history June 28

Obama on Jobs (voting record shows how strong he is on workers rights!)

AFL-CIO Launches $53.4M, 24-State Effort For Obama

Air Traffic Controller Reno Health Emergency Underscores Staffing Crisis

Obama trades ideas with labor leaders

AFSCME Relief Team Makes a Difference in the Midwest (Floods & tornado relief fund)

McCain returns to battered Youngstown area

Can I cut it as a day care worker, one of the most exhausting, worst paid, and smelliest jobs in Ame

REALITY CHECK: Anti-union ad is no joke ( spot light on the Center for Union Facts )

NWA pilots to vote on labor deal

Labor Dispute Looms For Chicago-Area Funeral Home Employees

Bracing of fallen wall that killed 3 under review

Dock labor talks continue (W est coast)

U.S. secretary of labor (Elaine Chao) hails U.S.-China dialogue

TV reviewFactory : Labor yields some laughs

Child Labor Contributes towards Poverty; Says Minister

WSJ: Labor Audit (green cards) Frustrates Companies

BCTGM Supports Obama for President

Kick Bolthouse Farms Out Of Your Refrigerator (& E action)

We Now need a "No on 8" site ASAP

About 60 arrested at Bulgaria's first gay parade

Otto the strange: The champion who defied the Nazis

Today in GLBT history June 28, 1969 The Stonewall Riot

A couple of interesting shows, which show how portrayal of gays is maturing (Spoiler alert)

Right-wing extremists try to break up Czech 'gay parade'

August 1966: Compton's Cafeteria Riot.

Why Union Construction? Safer, More Skilled, Better Wages & Benefits

Arizona puts gay marriage ban on ballot - again

Economic Report: More Than Half Of U.S. Workers Plan To Skip Vacation

Strike 2? Hollywood nervous about contract talks

Top Hamas official: We'll stop anyone who breaks Gaza truce

FIDEL on 100th Anniersary of Salvador Allende's Birth " His Example Lives On"


HATS OFF TO CUBA: More than 100,000 Cubans Provided Civilian Aid to African Countries

Yoani Sanchez' Generacion Y blog was never blocked as MSM claimed.

Guatemalan interior minister killed in crash

No cigar as banks cut off Cuba

Córdoba interrogated by U.S. immigration authorities

Anyone home? C-Span I NOW!

Examples of (somewhat) mystical thought in GD

It seems that many ancient sites - henges and mounds- used energy to charge seeds for crops.

Asking for blessings on my step son's wedding day today

Fifth Day Cycles In The Mayan Calendar

So that's what happened to the resolution Biden was trying to pass before the IWR vote.

A Conservative's View on Reincarnation

*CASPER my Pet Goat didn't make it she died early this morning, we are HEARTBROKEN

WHAT is with all the fear right now?

Experts to Discuss One Puzzling Autism Case, as a Second Case Has Arisen

Would Docs Pick Cash Grabs Over Patient Health?

Childhood Allergy and prebiotics, not drugs, not chemicals, but

Belated Tulips (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Sometimes it's so foggy, it actually works against you

ahhhhh, summer

Some leftovers from an unanticipated photo gig

Tomato 'repacking' vexes salmonella trackers

Started a batch of strawberry preserves

an authentic ragu bolognese recipe?

Question re BREYER’s dissent in Heller, arms for defense of self versus defense of state.

Rev. Jesse Jackson on the Courts Decision

ACLU’s latest statement on The Right To Bear Arms, (6/26/2008)

An abomination

American Voters "Overwhelmingly" Agree with Supreme Court Ruling

When it comes to guns, there are Two Americas

New collider could find evidence of extra dimensions

"Love Guru" falls prey to Hindus' boycott call

Best Answer Ever

WARNING: This video contains no lies, or "White House" spin!


Petition Requesting Broadcast-Quality 9/11 News Videos

Kerry & Zimbabwe. Must read post on KerryVision, including part of his Senate floor speech

2 Kerry items on the front page of DailyKos now

Thank-you John Kerry

Networking question

HJC Subpoenas Documents About Replacement of USA Heffelfinger

Bernier, keep daddy out of it

6/27 Election Model CONFIRMATION: Obama 53.6% (State AND National projections) with 365 EV!

Florida’s 2008 Election Landscape Looking More Like 2000

Brad Blog: Supreme Court Decision DeRails Hart Qui Tam Lawsuit

I will be in Milwaukee for a day. What are some good things to see,

Deeply indebted Wausaukee school district begins dissolution process

Anybody know where to get Obama swag locally?