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Bullwinkle925 is in the hospital - please, good vibes

No real update on Bullwinkle925 yet

Surprise (not) - its Bill Clinton in Blackface

Pentagon asked to block broadcast on Christian network

Funny parody of Dateline's "To Catch a Predator"

Conservative Texas county forces gay Teen Court Coordinator to resign

"Is that all there is McCain".

Terrorist attack on Saudi oil industry thwarted

Caption *

We're literally fighting for our lives here - (i.e. "how we live:)

Germans and Republicans Against Bush(Bush History: Thursday 6/26)

Nick Begich on KPFK

How can Alan Colmes be such a G-D liar and not expect to be called on it?

Since Congress seems unwilling to hold this Cabal accountable for it's crimes

Today on "Today" (an insult aimed at a minority religion)

Did anyone mourn Andrew Cunanan's death?

Our names never showed up as contributors on the FEC donor list.

People Too Gullible ?

PT109 Boat Pins

It's not "Telecom Immunity". It's "NSA Spying Cover-Up"....

Why do death penalty advocates always say "if it is applied in the correct cases"

CSPIN open lies. A woman just called and compared the netroots & talk radio

Self delete

John Nichols: Sign on for the Bill of Rights

Worst to Come as Credit Crisis Chokes Growth, Nucor CEO Says

15 Senators who deserve our THANKS...

National Republican Congressional Committee: No incumbent is safe

Iraq no nukes gets Shock and Awe - NKorea has nukes gets most favored nation status

Matt & Erin break down our "magic" oil costs!!

Over 40 percent of Americans condone torture

Tyler (you remember...slept during Bush speech) Crotty in trouble with the law

This vid from the NRCC is in need of some of your YouTube comments

This vid from the NRCC is in need of some of your YouTube comments

The Supreme Court: A User Guide

Dow Taking Its Morning Dip (-118 already)

With the actions of US airlines in mind, isn't it time for an *Open Skies* on a domestic level?

Kid golfers, strippers share golf course

The curious case of Juma al-Dosari

Two ‘Turn Around America’ Video Contest Winners Named

Oil on a tear, up $3.50. Dow on verge of collapse.

So.....Kim Jong Ill OFF the list but Mandela still ON the list?

Addington and Yoo testify on Thursday

Senator Robert Kennedy of MA?

MarketWatch: Banks, brokers battered anew, with further gloom in forecast

URGENT: Tell The Senate to Vote Against Immunity!

Cartoon: Imus at it again

After testing nuclear bomb in 2006 Bush administration to lift North Korea sanctions

FYI- Four YEARS AGO-DoD and World bank-global warming more of a threat than terrorism

CSPIN on Gun control decision from USSC - pre decision call in.

Afghanistan, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the USA all have the death penalty

Man charged with stealing boat in Missouri flood zone

HA! A discerning dog just puked on Mika

If things were going so swimmingly in Iraq don't you think we would be seeing some video of it?

Senator Obama,

It's Summertime...and the living is easy...

Yoo & Addington--Guantanamo Bay Interrogation Rules on C-SPAN3 at 10am (ET)

Elizabeth Dole's Republican Star Status May Stall Election Bid

Attn: all you airline exec's! Don't forget to charge passengers

Slate = FISA Bill: "one part Nuremberg defense, the other part Nixon"

Scarborough is more of a mouthpiece for McSame & Bush Than even

Watching Bush announce NK no longer a terrorist state is painful

Great news, we're no where near a recession! Or so says our government.

Senate Vote on FISA Bill May Wait Until July (after July 4th Recess)

I have an idea to eliminate unnecessary "quorum calls" in Congress.

Moonies Censor Embarrassing Bush-Related YouTube Video

Brunswick to Shut Boat Plants, May Fire Up to 2,700 Workers as Sales Slump

National Lawyers Guild Calls on Senate to Vote 'No' on Electronic Surveillance Bill, H.R. 6304

Will the Supreme Court's decision on the 2nd Amendment help the Democrats?

gas prices.......I don't get it!

Recapture the Flag - PETITION

Supreme Court strikes down 'millionaires amendment'

The Rude Pundit: North Korea's and Iraq's Weapons Declarations ...

Can America EVER redeem itself ?

Theme song for stock market: "I'm Going Down" by Rose Royce....or Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'"....

The late George Carlin praised Keith Olbermann's show as "the best news show ever"

Where do you feel you are on a left-to-right political scale?

Bush: Dems Should Worry More About bin Laden than heed demands of MoveOn and Code Pink

Bush: Dems Should Worry More About bin Laden than heed demands of MoveOn and Code Pink

Wanted: Somebody, ANYBODY, to volunteer for the GOP National Convention

Feingold: "The White House is shocked at how it got everything it wanted"

Congress Still Corrupt and Useless

we should encourage congress to give bu&h* & cheney immunity before leaving office

Leave No NIT Behind is the GOP's War Cry....Gangs of GOOPers seen

District of Columbia vs. Heller - Here is the opinion

Report Details How One Company Sold the U.S. 40-year-old Soviet-Era Chinese Ammo

Now that assembled guns are allowed in DC homes....

Russia says Taliban influence in Afghanistan steadily growing

Put hard times into perspective

NRA to file lawsuits against cities with handgun bans.

US drought report on RSOE

The media and its obsession with Bill Clinton.

I thought of Hissyspit this morning....

surge update - Iraq: Blast kills at least 15 as another US soldier dies

Axis of Good Guys Who Are No Longer Evil? - Today’s Headlines 6/26/08

Democratic senators who caved on cloture

Unrecommend option?

Bomb hits US-led patrol near Afghan capital

Bomb hits US-led patrol near Afghan capital

Scalia to US: "Guns are still banned from MY courtroom"....

The Greatest Failure of the Mainstream Media.

Talk Show Host Calls for Murder (FAIR Action Alert)

Proposed $541 billion dollar Pentagon 2009 budget

How many guns should you own?

Surgical US air strike on a house full of terrorists in small Afghan village

Hale "Bonddad" Stewart: It's Time to Reregulate Business, Part III

Military faces $100 billion in equipment repairs.

A Time To Demand a Stand With Workers

Poll: Second Amendment and Supreme Court Ruling

Since the "Democrats" are ending the 4th Amendment, what are our countermeasures

Jindal vows to secure death sentence for child rape

Jindal vows to secure death sentence for child rape

Obama and the School of the Americas

This is an interesting article/interview about the current recession

Despite a Congressional investigation of oil speculation,

Family friend reveals emails from Haggard, says ex-preacher a 'sexaholic'

Family friend reveals emails from Haggard, says ex-preacher a 'sexaholic'

AFL-CIO endorses Obama for president !!!

Nino is a shitbag ..... no matter WHAT he wrote or HOW he voted. HE IS A SHIT BAG

Chrysler Denies Bankruptcy Rumours

Congressional hearings are on a par with WWF (professional wrestling)

"The Rift" ......... is it real or is it a media concoction?

One of the lowest life forms is someone who swears loyalty to George W Bush?

MarketWatch: Stocks hit by kitchen sink

2 Plead Guilty to Army Bribery Scheme (took $9 M in bribes!) - 'Your Tax Dollars at Work!'

US Mayors Step Into Iran Fray Calling for Diplomacy, Not War

Bush said *WHAT*?

Why handguns are preferred - by Antonin Scalia

Reid plans a ‘Coburn Omnibus.’-Coburn is blocking 100 bills!

Anatomy of a Price Surge

Blackwater affiliate company urges use of Sharia law in American court

You have to get in shape to travel from Australia

Pro gun demonstration photo

Given the same script, could Bad news Bears be made in the here and now?

Can you foresee an Independent Progressive Party in the future?

7500 people will lose jobs from Countrywide/B of A merger.

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee...

Feds raid Blackwater's armory in firearms probe

Congress does it again... Caves on FISA

If Handguns are OK, how about Drugs for self defense?

Addington: Vice President Isn’t Part Of Executive Branch, ‘Attached’ To Legislative

Dow Jones -267....Below Bill Clintons High

If a corporation has the rights of a person...

I'm feeling again like I did in late 2004! Anyone else?

+++ 4,110 +++

John Warner (R-VA) said the telecoms volunteered to spy...

Housing bill, FISA delayed until after July recess

Dipshit is taking North Korea off the Axis of Evil terrorist nations list...

why is the stock market tanking today?

Market Wrap: Hoo, boy. =(

My solution to the gas price crisis

White House says spy bill telecom protection vital

Dana Perino: "I don’t know. But what — I don’t know. I just will say I don’t know."

I don't get these opinion polls, even freepers hate Bush now, who are these 28%?

Sgt. José Pequeño / Age 34 / Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

Groups fight abortion for 11-year-old Romanian Girl, who was raped by her uncle...

June marks highest monthly death toll for coalition forces in Afghanistan since 2001.»

11 US Soldiers killed in Iraq since Monday

Who benefits from the FISA vote delay -- us or them? Thanks. nt

Bombs kill 40 in Iraq, Anbar handover still on (18 dead in Mosul, 80 injured) - Surge working well!!

Spain-Russia 2:0

Huffington Post: "Dems: We Have To Let Lieberman Screw Us Over"

Cheney's Cheney - David Addington: "No American should think we are free"

Confirmed: Vice President Is A "Barnacle" On The Legislative Branch

You're a JD lawyer at work and one day someone asks you to work up a quick memo legalizing torture

Stock Market isn't happy today, -200+, Euro/Yen dropping

The weight of the world

All 30 of the Dow Industrials stocks in the red today......

Admitted swindler's victims testify

surge update - Iraq Bombings Kill at Least 30; Three Marines Dead

WHY is Deisel fuel so much higher compared to the past than gas is?

In the past 8 days, the Dow has lost close to 10% of its value.

Wayne LaPierre looks like Alan Colmes' older brother


Stock Market down 355 points today as of 4pm. Jeesch, now they're eating their own.

Thursday TOON Roundup part1-Bushco and buddy

What would happen if this FISA bill doesn't pass?

Take a look at the Peak Oil article in Wikipedia:

USPS Doing "Anthrax" Procedures Out Of The Blue....

Rumor on the street: Chrysler may File for Bankruptcy

USPS Doing "Anthrax" Procedures Out Of The Blue....


Thursday TOON Roundup part 2-Oil and other worries

Lieberman Attacks Dem Critics On R/W Radio: They’re Invested In ‘Retreat And Defeat’ In Iraq»

Lieberman Attacks Dem Critics On R/W Radio: They’re Invested In ‘Retreat And Defeat’ In Iraq»

democrats in congress cannot blame bu$h* for the war or for trampling the constitution

Bank of America to Cut 7,500 Jobs on Countrywide Deal

WTF is wrong with people's brains? Just saw Eliz. Dole on the Teevee (let her out of the pickle jar

Airlines fined $504m in US probe (BBC)

Doctor forecasts years of surgery for child injured by dog (update of earlier stories)

Teacher, 60, had sex with teens, police say (of course, Florida)

Worst June For Dow Since Great Depression

Contratulations Bush - DOW Is Now Below High Reached Under Clinton

American troops still dying in Iraq; Iraqi family wiped out by U.S. airstrike

ACLU Urges Senate to Reject Unconstitutional Surveillance Bill

Republican energy proposals, not ( long -from an email I received)

Would you be in favor of wiping out the wealthiest top 1% on the planet?

Americans Curtail Spending, Blame Bush as Gas Prices Surge, Survey Finds

Incandescent!? NO.. THEN PLZ LEAVE THE ROOM!

Have any of you seen John Cornyn's "Big Bad John" ad?

Watch Out - Here They Come

The Iran-Divine Strake Connection

And we have a new record!!! $140 a barrel!!! Weeeeee


It's OFFICIAL.. GE-NBC has LOST its mind.. "Baby Borrowers"

"Yosemite Sam" Bolton doesn't take criticism well......

Pit bull severely mauls 15 months old child, injures three other people

PHOTOS from Japan : "Torture is CONDILICIOUS!"

So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time

Dow down nearly 360 points

Americans United: Bush, White House Push 'Faith-Based' Agenda Despite Mounting Record Of Misuse

Polls: Dems Running Strong In Multiple Senate Races

So Wayne LaPierre, how do you feel about Bush's assault on the 4th Amendment?

3 US Marines KIA - Reported Deaths: 4113 - Pending Confirmation: 10.... more

Addington, Yoo Dodge Questions on Torture

Great video from Reuters on Iraq

Ask Pres Bush to "join the world" in banning cluster bombs. . ..

Pin map on CNN comments page has four Californias!

Check out the master manipulator's latest diatribe

DNC will no longer take $ from lobbyists or PACs, will now be purely people powered

Bush History: Thursday 6/26 (Germans and Republicans Against Bush)

WOW! Bush poses under a giant "ACTION" banner! I guess that means he's a MAN of ACTION, bee-yatch!

Judiciary Committee Prepares To Subpoena Mukasey

Judiciary Committee Prepares To Subpoena Mukasey

Calif. Group Says Stimulus Checks Went For Gas

Bush Foreign Policy 2008

High court strikes down 'millionaire's amendment'

Hogwash, courtesy of Glen Beck....CNN web site

This Week on NOW: June 27, 2008

Olbermann: "Bill, stick to what you're good at, getting your female producers."

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/26/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41 (McC up 1)

Our Congresswoman, Carol Shea-Porter, is sponsoring "Middle Class Forums"

County employees working 4 day work weeks to save on gas

Cook Political vs. Rothenberg?


An Asshat Holiday??????? Huh?

Dow's Worst June Since the Great Depression

More Charlie Black on KO

The oPod Revolution-Obama's iPod playlist is exciting, modern, and a little vague,like Obama himself

AG criticizes Justice Dept. in voter fraud probe

Cops: Baby, 2, Spent Six Days in Sacramento Home with Dead Mother

Huffington Post: The 15 Dems Who Tried To Block Telecom Immunity

I support the right of Americans to possess handguns as long as they have a permit.

Students to be drug tested (competing outside the school district with artwork, poster contests, etc

Joe Lieberman is officially a dick....

Fishing industry reeling from leaping fuel prices

Phelps family says George Carlin is in hell

Badly injured child is improving after dog attack (second separate attack by pits in hours)

Lieberman Must Go petition

Fun fireworks competition over two months every summer in montreal

Tell Congress: Show Some Self Respect

Watching C-Span - red faced chimp is on. If he says "Nukular" one more time, I will go insane!

Four thousand one hundred and thirteen.

How many "Worst ___________ since ___________" have we had in the last seven and a half years?

is Scalia healthy ?

McCain voted to impeach Clinton

OK, to everyone freaking out about the Heller decision

House Holds Historic Hearing On Transgender Discrimination

Is Coffee the next "Bubble"?

Is Coffee the next "Bubble"?

"It's a Dry Well..." [Political Cartoon]

Advocates: Law on humanity crimes needed in US

War Inc Blows


Jindal Authorizes Chemical Castration Of Sex Offenders

On International Day To End Torture, ACLU Renews Call For Independent Prosecutor

Is DU traffic down a bit post primaries?

California is on fire (satellite image)

Dow Jones Industrials has dropped 12.1% since May 19th. Almost a quarter of that drop happened today

Where the Hell is Matt?

Politics is like fairy tales for adults

***Senate FISA Thread!?***

American grad student killed in Iraq

Help me write my new petition, Ben & Jerry's is using corn syrup

You know what Scalia, that fat turd, had in mind when he wrote....

N.Y. millionaire gets 11 years in prison for enslaving workers

GM is dying. Dow down ~-303. Oil $140+ n/t

New McCain Product! Just in time for summer! (why?)

Appearances vs. Results: Karl Rove Throws a False Trail On Faux News to Hide NYT-NeoCon-WH Ties

Germans and Republicans Against Bush(Bush History: Thursday 6/26)

The Right To Bare Arms

Obama and US Constitution need grass roots help!

19th Dallas man (in a 7 year period!!) freed after DNA testing


Anybody got dataon how many times M$M reran the Swiftboat ads free?

***Thread #2 Official Hearing on Detainee Interrogation thread: Addington & Yoo on CSpan 3***

Who was the last President who was against the death Penalty?

Wexler is on Colbert

Why did the leadership agree to put the immunity provision in with FISA??

Free iTunes 55mins of Judy Gold interviewing George Carlin and his craft

George W. Bush in praise of North Korea on nuclear activities WTF?

Would the Chimp indeed be arrested if he set foot in a foreign country?

Obama Does Not Support Return of Fairness Doctrine

CNBC Poll: Everyone agrees we need more oil. What's the best way to address the situation?

With the SC gun decision, will the crooks in DC run out and buy handguns now?

Laughable: Rove criticizes Obama for "chutzpah" and "self-centeredness" (Karl's projecting again)

Didn't Mccain SAY he was running for Bush's third term?

Clinton: Committed to Helping Obama Win(video)

General Taguba Knew Torture Scandal Went to the Top

Obama Supports Winning Against McCain

Nicolas Sarkozy, a Berlusconi wannabe?

Tsvangirai - I am not advocating military intervention in Zimbabwe by the UN?

I'm impressed. A (reasonably) fuel efficient supercar.

Gun control is elitist

A right wing Supreme court gets it right.

'Weeds spring up along median of Ronald Reagan Parkway'

RePukes Steal Presidental Seal. Where's the Outrage?

Breaking News Bush to remove N. Korea for Terrorist list and lift sanctions in 45 days.

Elliot D. Cohen: POW/MIA Families Alleged McCain Assault: Senate Ethics Committee Failed to Investig

Huff Post: The 15 Dems Who Tried To Block Telecom Immunity

Senior AQI leader killed! ... Um, how many of them have we killed now?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

A Hidden Agenda: John McCain and the International Republican Institute

Another AM at CNN, another day to bash Obama

Obama, Clinton Anticipation Builds

Revolutionary "green" car set to rock automotive industry, save humanity.

Bolton: Israel Will Strike Iran if Obama is Elected

colin powell to endorse obama? Novak says he probably will:

O'Reilly wins Another Peabody!11!!!1

Take stock!!!!.....The downward spiral continues....Nikkei down 319 as of this post....

Bucky accuses Nader of "talking brown"

The 15 Dems Who Tried To Block Telecom Immunity

which of these candidates would you rather have as the Democratic Nominee

Rasmussen, 6/26: "Why Polls Sometimes Show Different Results"

Does anyone really believe the Repugs want a Dem President to have the power FISA gives them?

If you want to reward good behavior on FISA, John Hall...

What Social Security fund? It's already gone.

OBAMA IN PENNSYLVANIA Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:30 am CNN Live Website

Get Ready for Obama's "Persuasion Army"

Rasmussen 6/26 tracking poll: Obama 46%, McCain 41%

Alkaline Soil Sample From Mars Reveals Presence of Nutrients for Plants to Grow

C-SPAN 2 NOW - Big Fight over Medicare - Harry Reid just tore into McConnell

Obama's Essay on "Patriotism" in this week's Time Mag

Wanting MORE

T set the record straight, I want to make it clear that

T set the record straight, I want to make it clear that

Christians think it OK for Dubya to have his pic taken with Muslims at a Mosque but

A legacy of service Sen. John McCain’s life has revolved around the public need.

Help Needed: Report Fear-Mongering by the GOP

Will the FISA Amendments bill allow spying on OBAMA and the DEMS?

Conyers Get's Ready to Subpoena Attorney General Michael Mukasy!

For all the closet Repubs who use the term "far left" on this board--

Parking space size 84 sq. foot home. $6/month to heat-electricity is 'free'

The Center for Responsive Politics finds that McCain has accepted over $1 million from the oil and

6/25 Election Model: OBAMA on a 360 EV roll, but there's a catch...

Captions needed - * pics

We should all thank Ralph Nader for his tireless efforts as consumer advocate and...

HAHA! (((PIC)))

I'm officially endorsing Wes Clark for VP

Republicans contradicting themselves trying to defiine Obama

Republicans contradicting themselves trying to defiine Obama

what's the worth of a human life?

Another One Bites the Dust --A Rather Tasty Pizza Delivery

It is not possible to protect our Constitution and our country at the same time.

Do you suppose the families of the five dead people in Kentucky are celebrating

John McCain doesn't work weekends!!!

Um, yeah, cuz the " broken school rules" really trump killing a baby.....

I give up - I'm voting Republican

Daily DU Marketplace thread (please look and post things wanted or for sale)

Obama On Patriotism

Can You Help Us Identify These Mystery PACs?

New Battleground Numbers

Obama’s Chicago Stomping Grounds

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis pulled in $2.2 million in consulting/lobby profits through McCain

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis pulled in $2.2 million in consulting/lobby profits through McCain

Barack Obama will do an interview with Fox Business Network at 12:30 pm EST today

if you are

Martian soil could grow turnips, Phoenix finds

What Am I Missing Here? With * Being At The Lowest Approval Numbers Ever.......

What do you think of this cartoon?

******Obama Live Now Attends Economic Summit In Pittsburgh, PA**********

Bayh: I'd say yes to VP

Update on Helen Thomas's recovery


Democrats continue outpacing GOP in Pennsylvania

For years, McCain has said terrorism is a boost for Republicans

John McCain’s (Secret) Gay Meetings

Lawyer who brokered book deals for Obama, Clintons brokers their political merger

Obama's Campaign Manager: It's Good To Have $300 Million

Rick Hasen: Today's Supreme Court Campaign Finance Decision is Bad News for Corporate Spending Limit

A question for those bashing Obama's statement on the DP decision

Plouffe talks of Obama's "persuasion army" - emphasizes human interactions to trump media noise

A Hidden Agenda: John McCain and the IRI

John McCain and Charlie Black's October Surprise

Secret Meeting Held Between John McCain and Log Cabin Republicans

McCain’s Energy Plan: Correct Diagnosis, Killer Prescription

The Senate Honor Roll as Defenders of the Constitution

Obermann's explanation about Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" was wrong...

The 4th Amendment isn't a privacy issue, it's a slavery issue

Animal shelter accidentally euthanizes wrong dog

Novak says, Colin Powell to endorse Obama?

Fire Guts Famous Downtown Restaurant (from Top Gun)

Obama's lead in new polls: Colorado: +5; Michigan: +6; Minnesota: +17; Wisconsin: +13

Law firm being investigated for helping major corporations to disqualify American job applicants

Photos: Barack Obama speaks at "KEEPING AMERICA COMPETITIVE' summit today in Pittsburgh

Good news on the Presidential Front here in PA:

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the North Korean Declaration

Here's a good reason to stick to the issues and avoid personal attacks on McCain:

Obama camp plans 2 pm ET media call with OH Gov. Strickland and State Sen. Kearney on how McCain’s..

Bush and McCain Happily Presiding Over Massive Transfer of Wealth to Oil Companies

Rove Reversal-Jewish Dems Attack McSames "Strength" On Iran

one of my favorite songs

The proof of the pudding is in the eating...

Iran vs. USA WWIII

Yet Another Dem-Aligned Outside Group Closes Up Shop

Obama Internet Rumors

I have a feeling that gun lovers would vote for McCain

GM's Market Value Is Only $7 Billion—Half That of Avon

Sharpton Gets After Nader for Getting After Obama


John McCain will be in my backyard tomorrow at this shack...

Is this FISA vote really about presidential politics?

Carlin death hoaxed. He'll be performing Nov. 10th at the Mark Twain ceremony.

Obama on Faux Business Channel This Afternoon

Ignore this if you've ever been pissed at a Democratic nominee about anything. nt

"Insulting Dobson's integrity will cost Obama dearly with the evangelical vote!!!!11"

Today's USSC decision on guns is good for Obama

Franklin & Marshall Poll: Obama leads McCain by 6 percentage points...

No one wins with just the base.

Don't use Oil of Olay exfoliants

100+ reasons NOT to vote for McCain

GOP’s Colorado Blues

Checfk in HERE if in 2000, you were angry about many of Gore's positions (or lack of positions)

AFL-CIO Unanimously Votes to Endorse Obama for President

Distorting Obama

** Official Hearing on Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Techniques **

What Do you Guys Think About the Obama Campaign Closing Down Dem 527s?

Tennessee Rasmussen Poll: McCain 51% (-7), Obama 36% (+5)

America’s Next Chapter: Gary Hart on what Obama's campaign, and our future, could be

Faithful in pews might not be voters in November

Poll Confusion: McCain and Obama Are Tied, Close or Far Apart - Obama Strong in CO & Upper Midwest

Yoo Won’t Answer Whether President Can Bury Detainees Alive»

I have a question


Kucinich: 'We went to war for the oil companies'

Obama Camp Disavows Last Year's 'Inartful' Statement on D.C. Gun Law


******Sen.Clinton Live Now Speaks To NALEO**********

Amendment 2 saved by Supreme Court...Amendment 4 being gutted by our party.

Statement of Barack Obama on Supreme Court Decision in District of Columbia V. Heller

After donating to Obama through DU, go to O's website to donate and receive special car magnet

McCain plan revealed

Dow tumbles to year's lowest level under barrage of bad news

AFL-CIO endorses Obama for president !! (15 million union workers behind Obama!)

Obama Still a Senator

John McCain doesn't work weekends

Why won't the GOP give the telecoms their day in court?

Hillara & Barack are to meet in Unity, NH tonight. What time?

Poll: Most Clinton supporters back Obama

Poll: Most Clinton supporters back Obama

Anybody here read Obama's "The Audacity of Hope"

I'm so upset!!

New Proposal Reveals Debate Formats For The Fall

New Proposal Reveals Debate Formats For The Fall

Im OK with the SCOTUS gun decision.

Good editorial cartoon on Sept 10 vs Sept 12 mentality

Simple question: when are VP choices typically announced?

Obama To Campaign In ... Alaska?

McCain, GOP (and Rove) unleash anti-Obama plan: Frame Obama as conventional pol, McCain as patriot

Dems Who Flipped On FISA Immunity See More Telecom Cash or "Dirty deeds done cheap"

Republicans don't love their party, they hate the Democrats. They'll suck it up and vote for McCain.

Relax, folks. The new FISA law won't pass constituional muster.

Ahnuld, tell us what you think about McCain

Vote On FISA Delayed Until July

Am watching DNC's Karen Finney on MSNBC kicking some Republican punk spinner's ass!

McCain has a doofus rep on MSNBC, who can't even read his sTalking points

A modest suggestion for Hillary's possible role in an Obama Administration!

DU Vice Presidential Straw Poll (6/26/08)

DU Vice Presidential Straw Poll (6/26/08)

Obama within 5, Noriega within 2 points of lead in Texas!?

Novakula says Colin Powell to endorse Obama "at a time of his choosing"

John McCain's mother collects a few speeding tickets

I need your help with this entry in the Urban Dictionary!

Frightening workplace statistics from the book "The Big Squeeze":

New Quinnipiac/WSJ/WAPO poll just announced on MSNBC: Obama Rocks The Battleground States

Former Bush "pioneer" and Yale friend now heads an Obama Jewish group

I'm Sure Glad Hillary Came Up With That "Elitist" & "Bitter" Meme...

If you support Alternative Fuels but exhale CO2 you are a hypocrite

Steve Ralls on Huffington Post: Time for Clinton Supporters to End the Mourning

Gallup Daily, June 26: Obama, McCain Still Tied, Now at 44%

Pelosi’s Pick for Veep: Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas

McCain flip-flops on impeachment:

AFL-CIO votes to endorse Obama

Fuck you, Tweety! Played the old "bitter" HuffPo tape and giving NRA's Wayne LaPierre a platform.

This may sound like a snark, but it is intended to be serious: Gore vs Bush

The New Republic: McCain's Low Road to Victory

Attention Obama strategists and paid staffers, help please!

Watch Obama deftly brush aside ABC's "gotcha" question on guns, plus McSame's mumbling and bumbling

Obama Does Not Support Return of Fairness Doctrine

I keep on hearing...

I miss Sen Wellstone.

What We Need Is an F-Word Revolution, by Antonia Zerbisias

Gov. Strickland on McCain’s Ohio Trip: “I’m Puzzled”

Pretty please can we have this guy as VP with Obama?

Keith then and now

Reid to Coburn: Hold this, buddy.

Arizona Poll: McCain: 38% Obama: 28% Undecided: 34%

75% blame Bush's policies for deteriorating economy

Holy Tortured Logic, Batman!

yet more undercover video showing abuses of downer cows

"There has never been a time when Barack Obama has bucked the party line "

I see no evidence that Bill Clinton is angry with anyone, much less Obama.

McCain: Truly a maverick.

Great article on Obama's recent compromises ( public financing, death penalty)

Did anyone (not in Florida) receive a call from Wexler Tuesday night?

What should be Obama's number 1 issue to appeal to moderates and Independents?

Maverick? Try this one...

So am I right in thinking that this is totally stupid? (RE: my Obama bumper sticker)

Bible thump makes a big thud

Schwarzenegger: McCain "Blowing Smoke" On Offshore Drilling

Lieberman Plays The Wright Card

Matchup Predictions: I think Obama/Biden v. McCain/Romney

CQ's Dem "Veepstakes"... They are down to only 2 - Biden & Clark .. Go pick one

Looks like gramps needs those weekends for his sleep

Check Out This Band - I'll Think You'll Like The Name

Kucinich: 'We went to war for the oil companies'

Obama: "...even if the phone companies are held harmless..."

Obama: "...even if the phone companies are held harmless..."

Blitzer: "Did Obama Vote That Babies Born Alive Could Be Terminated?"

Blessed Reassurance - How Obama can lessen the intensity of the opposition.

If praying in a Mosque is good enough for the Pope, then why

Obama will compete for Neb. electoral vote

Reuters-McCain foreign policy susceptible to Obama attack

Carly Fiorina: I Want To Be Number Two

LA Times: Barack Obama's AFL-CIO nod gives him one more potent weapon

The corporate media is going all out to smear Obama!

Its a good thing the Presidency is a 5 day week job

With Reasonable Doubts, Unions Line Up for Obama

Am I the only one concerned about John McCain's LACK OF stance on abortion?

This is kinda WEIRD...

Surprise (not) - its Bill Clinton's younger, skinnier brother.

Obama's goals

U.S. Mayors Vote to Rethink Bottled Water Contracts

About the $50+ million the AFL-CIO is planning to spend

Laura Ingraham spanking Bill-O on the STUPID McSame "Dr. No" ad

Sen. John McCain the most absent member of the Senate - Hasn't voted since April !!

FFFFF you, Ted Koppel

Bill and Hill and Barack and Senator McCain and President Bush

Obama to continue campaigning in Texas

My Congressman just co-sponsored DK's impeachment bill!!!

Should Obama care that Bill Clinton is off sulking?

I wanna vote for John Hall for Prez. He has guts! It took enormous

North Pole to be ice-free this summer

Does Hillary Clinton Really Want Barack Obama to be the Next President?

I was raped as a child and I have something to say to the Supreme Court:

McCain tries to Assure Conservatives, pledges to talk more about his Pro-life record

"And When Has Obama Ever Worked With Republicans? Oops"

The Daily Widget – Thursday, June 26 – Obama 332-206

Quinnipiac Battleground Polls: (MN - Obama +17) (WI - Obama +13) (MI - Obama +6) (CO - Obama +5)

Clinton Makes First Appearance As Obama Surrogate

we have all seen the pic of grumpy embracing der chimpenfuhrer, which is pretty ick-making

'US builds 4 bases on Iraq-Iran border'

I was molested in a movie theater

Death penalty for raping a child? You bet...

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/26/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41 (McC up 1)

Inside McCain's iPod

Wouldnt it be sweet if Obama had to pick Justice Scalia's replacement?

Dan Abrams Is Reporting Obama Cut A $2300 Check For Hillary Tonight...

TPM's Theda Skocpol-Mccain shaping the GE agenda-Is Obama ready for the GE?

If you support Alternative Fuels but drive a Gas Car you are a hypocrite

So Obama has permission from some to do whatever it takes to win.

Who's that knocking on my door and making my puppy bark out loud?

AP: Obama winning over former Clinton supporters (WARNING: Contains unbounded stupidity)

Obama Steps Up Push for Big Donors; "Small-donor network is showing signs of fatigue."

I wish Americans were patriotic enough to give up their obsession with SUVs, McMansions & GUNS!

So...... negotiating with tyrants is bad and shows naivete...... unless Bush does it....

Ralph Nadar is Dead to me, He gave us Bush & now this crap.

Does Craig Crawford freak anyone else out?

Netroots feel jilted by Obama's FISA stand

This is a purity test:

Donate just 30$ and get a special edition Obama logo T-shirt!

Obama to continue campaigning in Texas

Thou shalt not hug [your children]...

Obama-Clinton Meeting Fest

Cindy McCain: "I will become the new Princess Diana!"

Executing child rapists... for or against it?

JOHN McCAIN : The Great Flip-Flopper; Impeach Clinton but not Bush

Novak: Colin Powell likely will endorse Obama

Is this REALLY McCain's new ad????

Bill Press: We Can't Afford Another Train Wreck

Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic: After The Press Leaves, Some Edgy Questions (for Obama)

Just spare me, Bill Clinton, it's not all about you.

Have you seen a McCain ad on broadcast TV this month?

Obama Is Pwning The Media

I think I've found my scooter!!!!

McCains ties to the infamous quasi-governmental organization require far greater scrutiny.

Don't Google! When was the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) law first enacted?

An Appreciative Shout-Out to Frenchie Cat

Virginia, Virginia, Virginia

The people who despise Bill Clinton

Senator McCaskill needs to learn to be a gracious WINNER!

Is it unconstitutional for me not to be able to possess a nuclear or biological weapon?

Colin Powell for Obama?

Is this true about US oil resources?

Barack Obama: A Faith in Simple Dreams

About that Nobama Network

Obama's best running mate?

I am very concerned that Obama hasnt done more since becoming the nominee....

Another Secret Meeting: McCain to meet secretly with conservative leaders.

Here is why I stand in absolute opposition to the Death Penalty:

Breaking: High Court strikes down gun ban

So-o-o I was just speaking with a big muck a muck in my state.

Michelle Obama Praises Clinton

Your top three political/historical movies please...for my netflix queue, Thanks.

"She has said she is not asking for help to pay back" $12 million of her own money.

Huffington Post- Clark Keeps Up Attack On McCain As "Untested"

Is Scarlett Johansson To Obama What Marilyn Monroe Was To JFK?

Daily concern thread

I Support Barack Obama for President of the United States

Arizona State University Poll McCain 38% Obama 28% Undecided 34%

Africans to Bono: 'For God's sake please stop!'

I never used to hate Ronald Reagan.

How many folks are needing to "cash out" of their 401-k's to LIVE?

What Patriotism Means to Obama, McCain (Iran-Contra defender and Keating Five member)

Why won't Obama say that he wants to form the Ministry of Peace

For those of you not familiar with Democratic Party ordering:

Under Penalty of Punishment

Federal Agents Raid Blackwater N.C. Armory in Firearms Probe

A friend of mine just joined the Army.

So the Senate FISA vote got delayed.

“Part 1: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests (Non-Pastors)”

Josh Marshall exposes CNN giving McBush a pass on Iraq, War on Terror (updated)

Has anyone noticed more freight trains where you live?

CHOOSE the presidential portrait that should hang in the George W. Bush Presidential LIE-berry.

A Conversation About the Death Penalty

When did Paris Hilton hook up with Samwise Gamgee?

HEyHEY ...Old Navy is having a sale on flip flops!!

What Am I Living For as sung by Chuck Willis

Tuesday Afternoon

When I was born, a man named George Bush was president.

Solve My Riddle!

If I hear cursing downstairs late at *must* mean House Hunters is on

"You Light Up My Life"- Patti Smith

Anybody catch the anti-Obama rant from that person on Larry King tonight?

Ruh-oh! A SECOND well known legal expert if calling for Prosecution of Bush for MURDER.

This is making me cry : Ioana Gandrabur , born blind guitarist performing

"It's just not something you do,"

Welcome new DUer Chuggo!

Obama donates, asks backers to help Clinton's debt

"RANT!" Obama could be Clinton II if we don't hold his "feet to the NetRoot's Fire!"

The Progressive Insurance commercial=don't buy it!

I just took a sleeping pill two minutes ago ask me anything,

So we are caving in for FISA to appeal to the greater electorate?

When she says: "jump", do you say "how high?"

I get to see Michelle Obama today!

Obama Waffles on School of the Americas (gasp)

A nice morning organ for ya

Saw a Bob Barr supporter in OH today gathering signatures to get Barr on the ballot

To set the record straight, I would just like to make it clear that

Obamacons "The Republican Party is a dead rotting carcass . .stumbling around like zombies . .

Went to hear Bugliosi last night and met fellow DUer Robinlynne there.

The picture that drove a Coral Gables cop over the edge

Lara Logan blasts the war, Rupert Murdoch blasts her sex life.

Chefs/Cooks/Foodies-a question

I discovered a new author for myself: James Welch

Congress Votes on War with Iran!

What is Admiral McCombover's biggest weakness?

this could be interesting...or proof that I play with my son's toys too much.

Surprise...Surprise... I did a STUPID thing...

Speedos :D

WTF is with the license plates?

Is it normal for Ambien to fail to put you to sleep

I'm going to see Michelle Obama!

I don't drink iced coffee with you!

I should be working. I have a funeral sermon to write.

100 on the Cute-O-Meter.

Fifteen Years of Wedded Bliss!

Obama's wife says he'll fight for gay equality

Gates Foundation: Africa as lab rat

Rottweiler adopts baby lambs

Is there any point in learning Chinese for only two semesters?

I thought of Hissyspit this morning....

Ever sit in really uncomfortable theatre seats?

McCain reaches out to gay Republican group

DJ Shadow - This Time (You'll really like this)

Get your guns and go to GD!!!

Swimmers-quite the interesting group

Anyone seen "Shining Through?"

Group at Obama's official website which wants him to vote against FISA bill

"Who AM I?" or my Six Degrees...

I need a good pasta salad recipe

I'm proofreading papers for someone I'm not getting along with...yay!

Do you have stereotypes about DU forums?

Need some dieting advice

Rapture Cat

Some people are Ambisexual

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/26/2008)

Perusing Craigslist "barter" section - it's all trade SUV's for a motorcycle.

Internet access in your car!

TYT: The Group Of 15 (Senators We can Be Proud Of Today)

Now that Bill Gates has retired, will the quality of Microsoft products...

Why do some people look for fights, or try to start them?

Now that we're down to one cat I know which one was the naughty one

Speaking of hams from Christmas 2006, I'm listening to a bootleg of "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed".

I am SO cute.

An amazing discovery!

As you can see in the upper right corner of this post, my Journal has been updated

Challenge thread: Use the title of a popular sitcom to describe a current event

You're an old Goat!!!! Oh Yeah? Well you're a cow! Oh yeah, you pig?

can someone explain why VH1 is doing "I love the New Millennium"?

Dont Poke Him In Church

Obama throws Scarlett Johansson under the bus.

Tribute to HRC from Obama - story about his Grandmother and Daughter, Malia.

Here's an example of a crappy momemnt

Candy Crowley lies: "There was a kind of 'people need to get over it' comment..."

I lounge in your post.

Describe the plot of a movie using smilies and we'll guess the movie.

Time to play Impossible Jeopardy!

has anyone here cheering the gun decision ever read the constitution?

MrScorpio: Good or Evil?

What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you on DU? In any forum.

Last night I dreamed that my mother hated me and wanted me to move out

Oh, no they didn't

Pineapple popsicles - YUCK!

Lanny Davis: Obama has agreed to pay off all of Clintons debt

Describe the plot of a movie using similes and we'll guess the movie.

Celebrate the right to arm bears!

6/25 Election Model: OBAMA on a 360 EV roll, but there's a catch...

Election Equipment 2008...will YOUR vote even be counted or verified?


My best friend just brought me a hot fudge sundae. For no reason.

Where the hell is Matt! Must See Video!

Left coast hell

Today's Euro Cup Semifinal: Russia Vs. Spain....Who will win?

To Death Penalty Proponents, a question, if you'll answer...

There is a girl in New York City, Who calls herself the human trampoline

You know how I know Obama is making the right decisions?

Caption this!

So Americans have the right to "bear arms"

Now THIS is how you do a motorcycle jump

Greg Morris was a sexy, sexy man.

Stiff DUers like

Top 10 things to do for 4th of July weekend (with apologies to Letterman).

Do you have sterotypes about jobs?

Sick Betta Fish - Has Anyone Had Success w/ Meds Available

Euro 2008: Who's your fave?

Country singer Mindy McCready arrested, charged with violating probation


IntervenousDemilo - I blame YOU for my hangover

HEyHEY and IntravenousDemilo holding it down in terminal city

Michelangelo's David is returned to Europe!!

Gay guys spatting with eachother is so fucking hot.

So they're evacuating towns to the north, east, and west now

Is 'Gringo' A Slur?

BIG Tummyache ... I don't feel so good.

Pa pa pa

Today is "fuck you, you don't understand me" day.

Today I am 3 months smoke free!

I think this should be implemented nationwide.


McCain Gray Ambition

Something that bothers me...

With Chuggo posting on DU, can Rick Astley be far behind?

Roddick out of Wimbledon after 2nd round, loses to unseeded Serb Janko Tipsarevic

A-list actors battle over new union contract (Jack Nicholson, and Ben Stiller vs Tom Hanks)

Now that the MBA students are gone,

Who invented mother-in-laws?

I was raped when I was eight years old...

I DEMAND that you SURRENDER to the GRANDEUR of Bob Dylan's "Jokerman" on YouTube!

Chuggo Plays Bunco At Olive Garden

I am not Chuggo

Chuggo sold me some bunc rock cocaine.

Is Chuggo Male Or Female?

Whoa...AC/DC isn't available on iTunes?

Damn, facebook is down - and I have a new friend request.

Quick. Get my secretary on the phone….

Fiery crash kills 2; truck carrying coffins involved.

I get the feeling that the movie WANTED will bear little resemblance to the comic

everyone wish me luck!

I'm not the hollerin' type

Stoopid Cubital Tunnel Syndrome!! Grrrr...

I just love a happy doggy

So, a 5 year study was done to find that teen drinkers get their booze from adults

Anyone catch "Borrowing Babies" on ABC last night?

The Reason We Have The Second Amendment

What every office needs!

I don't really think Stevie Nicks sounds that great.

What's your favorite accent?

Animal shelter mistakenly euthanizes family pet

The Good Wife's Guide ....Housekeeping Monthly - May 13, 1955

I find out my SAT scores tomorrow

Who Else Plays Strip Bunco?

I've got mail!

Hey! I'm finally seeing the other ad!

What the hell is the passive voice?

There may be life on other planets

What Sheldon Whitehouse D RI discovered in Bush's OLC papers just before he voted YES on cloture.

Those world-famous Lounge vibes are requested . . .


What radio traffic reporters REALLY think of you

Awesome Auger

Today's weather in Tucson, 9 am to 6 pm - hour by hour. {dial-up warning 500K}


Barack Obama's Chicago

Project Make McCain Exciting: The Gray Ambition Tour

My brother.. who owes me like 3 grand...

The other day I tried to get mud off my dead cow using a pickup truck

Watching "The Hustler"

Fun w/ church signs.

I caught JackMN drinking out of a puddle at a curb.

Celebrate the right to bare arms!

I got my first check from Sprawl Mart today...

"You ever tried masturbating with a ghost hand?


Unbelievable. I'm allergic to the freaking sun.

z0MG, I was just biking home from school and I saw

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/26/08

goth (or super pre-better goth)

After 27 days of no stove my new one is finally here.

Ever just cruise the web with a soundtrack playing?


McBush leads Obama by only 43% to 38% IN TEXAS! Outgoing TX Sen Cornyn leads Dem. Rick Noriega by 2%

"Just Out of Reach of my Two Empty Arms"

I think I'll go have a BIG bowl of ice cream

Bad memories of high school art class.

OK dog owners - today's the day for dog bite stories.

Apparently having a slightly animated voice means I am taking attitude with customers...

Handy tip for cat lovers.

Hopkins Medical

My Mommy Is In The Hospital Need Good DU Vibes

Solve a national or world problem, any problem...

Yay! I just ordered a book I've wanted *forever*!!

PSA - If you have an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours, please see a Dr.

Do you see me now?


Radish; gone to seed.

anyone know about A/Cs on the board?

I totally saw a scientology ad

Obama: Automakers need research funds

Check in here if you are angry about Obamas position on FISA

Going Home With the Guy What Brung Me

Really, can I go cut my neighbor's battery cables

Just told a young Libertarian "You live in a personal Norway"

The other day I tried to get a truck out of the mud using a dead cow.

***EUROCUP 2008 Russia vs. Spain****

Guess where I am at

Fantasy/sci-fi fans! Tell me your non-literary interests, and I'll try to recommend a matching book!

and by the way, how many houses does does one have to own before he's considered ''elitist?''

Hey, Monkeyfunk, how are the genital herpes coming along?

Post some 80's music videos.

Only bears have a right to bear arms.

I just realized today that I am officially old. has all 6 season of Highlander.


Feel Free to List Reasons as to Why I am Pure EVIL!!!

Name this character for my D&D game (the wealthy widow)

Describe the plot of a movie in a foreign language, and we'll guess the movie

Leonard Cohen is touring this month. (video clips)

Nobody Knows More About Chili Than I Do

Bees in my yard!

Can we get this Chuggo-shopped?

Guitar Music...

Do I have a right to bare arms?

"If you can haul it, you can have it."

Three accidents, three deaths

For the ladies of the lounge

LEGO Todd Rundgren!

Ahh, minimalist humor...

Do gravel/garden yards require more work than regular grass lawns?

Sometimes the Stupid takes you by surprise...


Chuggo is a crack smokin' loser

Time for a kitty pic thread!

***** Happy Birthday OKTOBERAIN! *****


Who's Happy that the SC Favored Guns over Lives? Why Freepers, Gun Nuts, and Murderers of course!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday, June 27

Today was a sad day :( RIP Reggie the kitty

What's worse than a snotty, demanding, know-it-all diva?

Stuff DUers like

Dangerously Amused and her guy are here.

Let's play the DU'er version of "Clue". Which one of us is Chuggo?

How Can You Help Solve the Global Atmospheric Oxygen Depletion Crisis?

***Official Hearing on Detainee Interrogation thread: Addington & Yoo on CSpan 3***


Somebody was murdered tonight in the apartment building next to mine tonight

I'm *soooo* looking forward to seeing "WALL E." Pixar!

Would you be upset if you were offered a place to stay on vacation and it wasn't 'perfect'?

On North Korea, Kerry was right, McBush was wrong and John Bolton is a warmongering jerk (update 2)

My cat is really sick....

Do you feel a little "immature" for your age?

San Diego, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, Hawaii, Rochester and then Miami.

Reviews for WALL-E - Pixar does it again.

I know this is not the cooking group but does anyone have good mussel recipes?

Rev. Jim Wallis Pushes for Abortion Reduction Plank

Medical horror stories!

Imagine being innocent of child rape, but you were still executed....

Eisenhower was a far left extremist

Scalia: Gore to blame for 2000 decision

Who is surprised by Obama's position on the death penalty? If it was a litmus test, why not before?

~~~~The Official GAS thread~~~~ .....(a.k.a - the pain at the pump)

North Korea to Hand Over Nuclear Declaration, China Says

High Court To Announce Ruling on D.C. Gun Ban

Supreme Court Says Americans Have Right to Guns

Bomb Hits US-led Patrol Near Afghan Capital

The 15 Dems Who Tried To Block Telecom Immunity

One U.S. soldier killed in east Baghdad bombing

Anti-Bush group motors exhibit into Dayton (Bush Legacy Bus will tour 150 cities)

DOJ Official Fired in Wake of ABC News Investigation

DOJ Slams Energy Dept ($47.7 million) Contract to Law Firm (conflicts of interest issue)

AFL-CIO Endorses Obama, Launches ‘Meet Barack Obama’

Family friend reveals emails from Haggard, says ex-preacher a 'sexaholic'

Dozens die as bombers target Iraq government

Congress does it again... Caves on FISA

Feds Raid Blackwater's Armory In Firearms Probe

California Sues Countrywide Over Lending

AFL-CIO Endorses Obama, Launches ‘Meet Barack Obama’

Kucinich: 'We went to war for the oil companies'

Militia in Saddam's home province told to lay down arms

Australia world drug hub - UN

A-list actors battle over new union contract (Jack Nicholson, and Ben Stiller vs Tom Hanks)

Widespread HIV testing sought in the Bronx

Housing bill, FISA delayed until after July recess

Ecuador to purchase warplanes to bolster border security

Kroger recalls beef possibly linked to E coli outbreak

DHS Lags in Preparations for Transition of Power, Study Says

Greenland bid to raise whale hunt quota fails

Bahrain wants early warning of any move on Iran

Gas could fall to $2 if Congress acts, analysts say

New White House Pool Report Restrictions Inspire Pushback

New high for Afghanistan deaths

'Waterfalls' art project roars into New York (First pics)

U.N. Finds Afghan Opium Trade Rising

Court: NSA can refuse to say if lawyers wiretapped

BofA(Bank of America) to cut 7,500 jobs after Countrywide deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 26

Uruguay in gas field find claim

Internet overhaul wins approval

Three U.S. Marines, two interpreters killed in Iraq

ASIA MARKETS Stocks sink in early trading

Sleeping Pilots For Air India Overshot Airport by 359 Miles

Wikileaks: Obama and the Kenyan deception

CBS to Appeal Military Court Ruling on Haditha Interview

Oil Bubble Set to Pop: Crude to Fall 25 Percent in 6 Months, Says Invesco's Garnick

Crews focus on fires nearing rural towns

Group Quickly Sues To Overturn Chicago Gun Ban

Lawyer wants world to see Gitmo interrogation

BREAKING NEWS: Congress passes war funding bill with unemployment and veterans benefits

Wave of bad news sends Dow down nearly 360

GM shares hit 53-year low, while Chrysler dismisses bankruptcy rumors

NY millionaire gets prison for enslaving workers

'Millionaire's amendment' struck down by Supreme Court

Nuclear missiles could blow up 'like popcorn'

MSNBC: Obama Will Personally Contribute Maximum $2,300 to Clinton Campaign

Crude futures reach fresh record above $140

Obama Leads McCain in Four Key Battleground States: Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota

US documentary maker seeks damages over Oscar film ("Taxi to the Dark Side")

Housing bill, FISA delayed until after July recess (PLS LOCK -- SORRY FOR THE DUPLICATE)

Paraguayan jeers singing US ambassador

OPEC president: Oil could soon hit $170

Iraq family is wiped out by US

US wars have helped al-Qa'eda, says report

160 Arrested in Immigration Raid at a Houston Plant

Bolivia denies expulsion of USAID revenge tactic

Justice Antonin Scalia: Al Gore to blame for 2000 US election mess

$7-a-gallon gas, 10-million fewer cars by 2012

Obama Does Not Support Return of Fairness Doctrine

Baytown (TX) teen charged with capital murder in son's death

Supreme Court strikes down DC handgun ban (DC V. HELLER)

Obama rips Nader's 'talking white' remark

Countdown: Worst Person 6/25 - Rupert Murdoch

Honey bee crisis could lead to higher food prices

Situation Room: Russ Feingold Interview 2008.06.25 "offering amendments"

To Be a Liberal

Michael Eric Dyson schools Pat Buchanan over Obama-Dobson argument

Countdown: Krugman on Energy Policy

Rendell on Bill's Hard Feelings Toward Obama:

KO Countdown: Bushed! 2008.06.25 - Karl Rove = Osama Bin Laden!

Change that Works for You: Obama in Pittsburgh, PA

McCain, The Draft & World War III

Yoo Won’t Answer Whether President Can Bury Detainees Alive

TYT: Obama Girl Speaks With Cenk

Hatch: FISA critics are like those 'wear tin foil hats'

Coldplay - Viva La Vida - Obama!!! (High Quality)

T. Boone Pickens, TX oil man talks about renewables in front of Congress

David Addington: Unitary Theory? I Don't Know What That Is

The World According to Monsanto

Hands Held High -

Pres. Clinton on the coming green revolution in Miami in front of the nation's mayors

WoW! Susan Rice Puts the Heavy Smackdown on Laura Ingraham on FauxNews

Daily Show - On McSame's Lame Outreach to Young Voters

Wesley Clark on Verdict with Dan Abrams 6/25/08 pt.1

Nelson Mandela - Special AKA

Conyers and Yoo:

Republican Sam Graves lies about Chinese drilling for oil off Florida Keys

Cheney Chief of Staff David Addington: I Can't Talk About Torture - 'al Qaeda May Watch C-SPAN'

Hearing on Torture with Addington & Yoo: Conyers' Questions

Kuato McCain wants to serve Bush's 3rd term.

Bob Barr: Having to choose between GWB or Bill Clinton, I will take Bill

Romney--the gift that keeps on giving: Nuke Non-Proliferation is a liberal position.

Phil Donahue-Where were the journalists?

George Bush: 'It's good to be the King'

George: 'Listen to Osama bin Laden, Not U.S. Citizens'

Karl Rove on the O'Reilly Factor yesterday. Warning: radioactive B.S. levels.....

Uncle Sam Wants YOU--To Own Guns?

Wesley Clark on Verdict with Dan Abrams 6/25/08 pt.2

Hearing on Torture with Addington & Yoo: Nadler's Questions

Olbermann and Alter on Obama's FISA stance

TYT: Great Citizen Tube Interview of Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks!

TYT Absurd News Alert: Good Reason to Not Carry Guns

Brick House by The Morans

Jindal as McCain VP?

Gov. Bobby 'Chemical Castration' Jindal (R-LA)

Glenn Beck: I Wouldn’t Detain Terror Suspects, I’d ‘Shoot Them All In The Head’

Iraq could have largest oil reserves in the world Sonia Verma in Sharm el-Sheikh

Senator Russ Feingold blasts FISA legislation "70 members" know virtually nothing!!

From Staffer to Contractor: Stopping the Pentagon’s Revolving Door

Is a Health Industry Turf War Delaying the Next Medical Revolution?

Empty foreclosed homes and homeless flood victims?

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet pushes whaling ban and Chilean coast whale sanctuary

Bush and McCain Happily Presiding Over Massive Transfer of Wealth to Oil Companies

Billion-Dollar Babies

Truthdig: A Teachable Moment for Teen Pregnancy

FL Gov. Crist Begins Climate Meeting Blahblah Clean Technology Blahblah Leadership Blahblah

Two Lion-Killing Diseases Given Substantial Boost By Drought - Scenario To Worsen As Climate Warms

Complete Reef Fishing Bans Can Spur Rapid Regeneration Of Species, Ecosystems - NatGeo

560 KM2 Lost From Lousiana Coastline To Katrina & Rita Still Underwater One Year Later

Japan govt to help fishermen pay soaring fuel bills

Drivers mixing ethanol with gas to save money -- fucking up their cars

Dave Zweifel: Drop in life expectancy shows health care failure

McCain Continues to Dim Clean Energy Future While Visiting Sunny Nevada

John Michael Greer On The Silent Running Fallacy

UK Lead Climate Negotiator - Don't Expect Much Of Anything From G8 Talks Next Week - AFP

Sea Shepherd Commentary - International Whale Commission Meeting in Chile

Parties Split on How to Expand Offshore Drilling

Japanese Envoy - United States Won't Even Agree To 50% GHG Cut By 2050 Goal - Reuters

Ex Weapons Inspector Says Iran Not Pursuing Nukes, But U.S. Will Attack Before ‘09

Feeling Good about Subversion and Throwing Bricks

Fuel costs drive bus company out of school contract

The Bush Presidency, History and the “United States of Amnesia” / Gore Vidal

Virginia's Carbon Capture Ready Coal Plant a Global Warming Boondoggle

The Great Pendulum of Economic Outrage Is About to Swing Again

Article by Wesley Clark

The Dinosaur Principle

Fearful of soft-on-terror label, Congress gives in to Bush, telecoms (USA Today editorial)

Supreme Court Slashes Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Fine to One-Tenth of Original $5 Billion Ruling

Socio-Economic Implications And Small-Type Whaling

Storing the Sun: Molten Salt Provides Highly Efficient Thermal Storage

Reeking Algae Bloom Covering Lake Known As BC's "Houseboat Capital" - G&M

The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was by Scott Ritter

The Black Stake, and All Our Stakes, in the Media Justice Movement,

US Mayors Step Into Iran Fray Calling for Diplomacy, Not War

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

$7 gas by 2010, 10 million cars off the road, 1970s style GDP growth

Should Madison ban the drive-through?

The Drone of Experts

No! Climate Breakdown Could Destabilize Nations, Increase Terrorism - CNN

Conservative Government Destroys Atlanta Like Gen. Sherman Never Could (H2O)

A Flood of Bigotry

POW/MIA Families Alleged McCain Assault: Senate Ethics Committee Failed to Investigate

Manmade Persistent Organic Pollutants Found In Food Chains In Deepest Parts Of Ocean - ES&T

Global wealth up to 21 trillion pounds in 2007

Beautiful photography exposes crude reality

U.S. Military Looks to Colombia to Replace Base in Ecuador

Could America’s fastest train whisk us away from $4-a-gallon gas guzzlers?

French President Sarkozy visits Israel to broker regional realignment

In the Straight to the Point column in the Daily Mail, the following

ICH: A constituent writes an open(ly hostile) letter to Feinswine

Scalia Cites False Information in Habeas Dissent

Mass Exodus from Cars Predicted in US

Real Journalists Don't Make $5 Million a Year

The Subprime Swindle

DOE To Invest US $90 Million in Advanced Geothermal Energy

Guardian UK: McCain's age is an election issue

Avoiding Torture's Taint (MoJo)

Libya May Cut Oil Output as Market Is Oversupplied, Ghanem Says

Forget 'Willie Horton,' Dems Plan Their Own 'Horton Ad'

U.S. Stocks Plunge; Worst June For Dow Since 1930

Law Professor Confused by SAT Word

Scott Ritter: The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was

Why The Right Isn't Future-Ready

SAS to Build (1 MW) Solar Power Farm (NC)

Jerry Seinfeld: Dying Is Hard. Comedy Is Harder.

Netroots feel jilted by Obama's FISA stand

HuffPost: Lara Logan in Baghdad love triangle

Can the President Ignore Congress? by Alan B. Morrison

The Shrinking Influence of the US Federal Reserve

Court Rewards Exxon for Valdez Spill by Greg Palast

American financial fiasco could take down world economy

Prius Owners - question for you about sudden mpg drop

Lords of Capital Versus The Planet

Gas Pump Gouging: Don’t Blame the Saudis

Recession, the US dollar and bombing Iran

Vital Part of Housing Bill Is Brainchild of Banks

Cheerleaders Will Face Reality, Eventually

"We are not recommending investors buy canned goods and bottled water at this point,"

Mortgage question.

Labor cartoon for the week: Spin

Today in labor history June 26 Two dozen strikers were killed over the course of the strike

Memphis Guild Slams Newspaper with Unfair Practices Charge

Obama urges Tesco to unionise US stores

9,000 Con Edison workers threaten strike

My letter runs in the letters to the editor section tomorrow (6-27)

Nurses Union, IBEW Give Support to Obama

Working Women Tell Survey: It’s the Economy!

U.N. Labor Organization Issues Blueprint for Fair Globalization

Working Women and Obama

Women, Unions, and Our Stories: Retail Workers Need Unions, Too

Labor probing work of major immigration law firm (disqualify American job applicants jobs to immigra

Custom made Obama bumper sticker, get yours too here

George Clooney calls for truce between actors unions

Local (Nashville) Kroger union reaches tentative contract agreement

Union ballot initiatives clear legal hurdle (mandatory health ins. sue employers workers comp)

New labor camp for E. Wash. cherry pickers (Bravo for the company Reddout Orchards)

Wal-Mart and major union join hands on tax credit

Worried Teachers Gather At KCMO School Board Meeting

Former Union President Gets Prison For Extortion (57 months)

Gay Republicans Laud Supreme Court Gun Ruling

McCain meets secretly with gay Republican group

Cyndi Lauper True Colors Tour!

Study shows 80% of families in Gaza live below poverty line

King of the West Bank

Israel, Palestinians trade blame for truce violations

Obama to Bush: Hamas must recognize Israel

Gaza rocket hits Israel

'Modesty police' patrols bridge ceremony

Ecuador puts off Colombian ties

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner sets his sights on Clarin, sources say

Chávez, Lula deal with Mercosur, FARC

Paraguayan jeers singing US ambassador

ELSALVADOR: Journalist May Lead Leftists to Center Stage

Russia wants Sharapova to save energy for Olympic matches

Let's hear it for Fresno State!

It's pretty sad when I have to mute coverage of Venus in the 2nd round.

The Pacers Trade

ESPN: Astros suspend pitcher Chacon indefinitely for insubordination

Let's hear it for Fresno State!

So TONIGHT I phoned

VP straw poll

Hello, Uranus Retrograde, I guess.

I'm up late and looking for a video recommendation.

An interesting juxtaposition of bumper stickers


Yesterday I saw an 8 year old kid on a bike get hit by a car

HE GOT THE JOB!!! Yay--my brother got the job!

Dang, it's between Biden and Clark in the Congressional Quarterly VEEPSTAKES!

Concidence vs Meaningful Event


And the latest from South Florida involving cops and photographers

New video of mistreated cows released

U.S. wants to open FDA office in Latin America

Panel endorses 2nd vaccine for kids' virus

So what's for breakfast?

Want to buy a printer for nothing but snapshots. Is there one out

Looking for advice - Wifes job threatened while she is out due to illness

Heller affirmed 5-4

"Smalean" pork chops

So tell me again the food costs have only risen by 7%.

Simple tasty glaze for chicken

'Twas the night before heller

is it incorperated


SAF / ISRA File Federal Lawsuit Challenging Chicago Handgun Ban

US Supreme Court rules right to bear arms is an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT!

Heller implications for Licensing

Heller implications for Licensing

I've asked elsewhere here: Does this mean that all laws related to gun ownership

Gun Lawsuit filed Against Chicago

Haaretz reports Israel’s “Knesset approves law allowing property owners to kill intruders”

Official Gun Forum Heller Thread

DC Plans To Implement System For Registering Guns, Draft New Legislation

Pelosi Says D.C. Should Continue Gun Regulation

Soup recipes...



Outraged Daley vows to defend Chicago gun law

Asparagus on Mars?

UCC United Church of Christ's Thomas Speaks Against Torture

African bishops denounce Mugabe's intimidation

'Demonic' fear drives U.S. torture, says Pax Christi head

What is your favorite blessing/prayer in your religion?

Please check the opinion, p. 19,

9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics, by Prof. Peter Dale Scott

A very neat visual aid to understanding HAARP

What was the extent of the airlines' liability?

The Great Illusionist Paul Wolfowitz

USPS Doing "Anthrax" Procedures Out Of The Blue....

Specific Engineering Questions

Wow. It's not that often to read an opinion on '04 similar to ours. Good read.

Richard Perle attacks JK as "soft multilateralist" and Obama as more of the same.

Travis grand jury calls on House to discontinue 'ghost voting'

Speaking of ridiculous--here's a hilarious Larry Craig video

McBush leads Obama by only 43% to 38% IN TEXAS! Outgoing TX Sen Cornyn leads Dem. Rick Noriega by 2%

Have you seen a McCain TV ad in MN this month? An Obama TV ad?

Study: Teachers not being taught math properly

Cut takeover control, competition review says - Toronto Star

I just spent my economic stimulus check in Canada....

6/25 Election Model: OBAMA on a 360 EV roll, but there's a catch..

Question about parliament...

Clinton now McCain Delegate

Attn: Madison area golfers!

Davis has 25 by-election rivals

Former state senator recruiting conservatives to challenge Milwaukee Democrats in fall primary

The Man from Earth.

Boston Globe: LTTE on Pew Religion Survey