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Archives: June 25, 2008

Why do the people in the middle east hate us?

The Bin Ladin tape released 4 days before the election in 2004..

Planned Parenthood Hits Suburbia

Bush Rewards Failure. Also, Teens Beg Bush: Don't Torture(Bush History: Wednesday 6/25)

Anyone want to critique my LTE before I send it?

Is one of the biggest douchebags in Congress, Rep. Chris Cannon, about to lose a primary?UPDATE-YES!

Human Rights Violators: DIHS Nurses

If you have been flooded, please read this for help with mold:

Let 'Em Hear Us Loud And Clear

The letter I sent to my Rep regarding his FISA vote

Obama could lead the Party in this fight over FISA...

Check out this facebook group...

Ray Taliaferro: "Americans need to grow larger testes. We need the guts to do what is right."

Which of These Entities Has Had The Most Impact on the Economy?

Latest must-have home feature: A short commute

Iran's Guards say U.S. to face "tragedy" if it hits Iran

Bush Rewards Failure. Also, Teens Beg Bush: Don't Torture(Bush History: Wednesday 6/25)

Florida to sign massive sugar, Everglades deal(with video)

LOL - Today kind of drove it all home for me (and cell phones in cars...)

New title: joey's an asshole...

== We are doomed! Sort of! = By Mark Morford

Mika reading the news: "...huge tract of land."

Companies ask prospective workers to try the drive first

Eric Margolis: "Energy is more important than blood in our modern world."

Waxman Calls for Declassification of Information About U.S. Bases in Iraq

Angry sheriff revokes Shaquille O’Neal's special deputy badge due to his anti-Kobe Bryant rap

Afghanistan attacks up 40% in east, Pentagon says

Iraq war vet with traumatic brain injury accused of killing 3 yr old stepson.

Housing Crash Depletion Of Wealth Hits Baby Boomer Retirement Hard

All eyes on the Supreme Court, part deux

Zimbabwe won't LET Opposition Leader Withdraw from Election

Carlin's seven dirty words - The Word by Stephen Colbert

All eyes on the Supreme Court

McSame '08

WJ - the"Neo-constitution" a la John Yoo..

Technical Question - HAs DU been running godawful slow for you for about the last week?

Senate confirms new FEC commissioners, ending long partisan standoff

40th Congressional Hearing To Be Held Today On The Cause Of High Oil Prices

Dem will bend over, grab the ankles, and say, 'Have your way with me' to African-Americans & gays..

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/25/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (unchanged)

Religion and Its Role Are in Dispute at the Service Academies

Fun Read if you are interested.

Vote in CNN poll about Obama and Dobson!

At least these don't star his pastor anymore

Poughkeepsie copes with housing fallout: NY town's woes signal rising foreclosures spreading

What Is With The British/USA Tit 4 Tat

new AMEX commercial embeds and minimizes fascist behavior

If you can't afford to live in a big city, why don't you just move to where it's cheaper?

George Carlin - Daily Show Guest

TIME's Joe Klein goes after the NeoCons


5 stages of grief and oil. as I see it...

I love it - the price of 23% Popularity

Uh oh...Chrysler will offer wireless Internet access in 2009 models

Group proposes way to end terror and stress over delays at airport. Fly High

Email from John Edwards - DSCC Donations TRIPLED thru June 30

Felton, CA Reclaims Public Ownership of Water

DC V. HELLER - Supreme Court ruling tomorrow

New York City renters are speeding toward poverty; 500,000+ spend more than half of income on rent

surge update - 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed by Bomb in Iraq

Message To The Federal Government: No, You Can’t Search My Laptop!

Another 5:4 Decision by the SCOTUS

If your income can't support your family, shouldn't you just find a job that pays more?

"John McCain stood up to the president and sounded the alarm on global warming.

Supreme Court rejects death penalty for raping children

Business Week: McCain Tax Plan Benefits Rich, Obama's Benefits Middle Class

SC cuts Exxon Valdez judgment form $2.5 billion to $500 million

Bipartisan Group (200 former gov't officials) to Speak Out on Detainee Detention, Torture

Can people lawfully carry concealed weapons into their workplace in Kentucky?

no matter your belief system (fuck Dobson)

Supreme Court bans death penalty for child rape

7000 head of livestock swept away in flood

On choosing priorities...

Wowza! Obama opens a nearly 2-1 lead over McCain in California

Been able to keep our air conditioning usage at a minimum this summer.

Insideous diminishment of the term "liberal" (this time by the Assoc Press)

Repugs desperate for convention volunteers

Can someone explain the difference between National Defense

Former porn actor eyes U.S. Senate race (against McConnell)

Local columnists in my old college town's newspaper gives Cal Thomas a right royal smackdown!

Carlin - There is no blue food.

Outrageous CBS Mike Wallace - censoring & manipulation of American public

Obama putting infrastructure behind the effort to raise money for HRC: has a prominent fundraiser,

Scary Thought: If Obama wins, will we see a replay of Santiago 9/11/73?

Are the Democrats voting for FISA out of touch with the people?

Please call Sen Webb - his aide said he hasn't decided his FISA vote yet

Reminder for LA DUers TONIGHT: Bugliosi

Obama blasts McCain on ANWR drilling, nuclear power.

Hannah Montana VS High Gas Prices

Gitmo Detainee’s Lawyer ‘Not Allowed To Tell Him’ He’s No Longer An ‘Enemy Combatant’

Is this really about immunity to the telecoms, or... ?

Romance is a construct

Next time, someone says Obama is a flipflopper, send them this:

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Abstinence-Only Policy Is Bearing Fruit

Big oil friendly Supreme Court slashes Exxon Valdez damages. Alito recuses because he owns stock.

Rove, O'Reilly slam NY Times for 'outing' of CIA agent

John F. Kennedy: Definition of "liberal"

Need Your PSSST!

Ford talks with Chinese to sell Volvo

Al Gore: 2 Legit 2 Quit

Rove picks the wrong metaphor to slam Obama

CBS evening news interviewed a downwardly mobile family yesterday (Tuesday)

New FISA bill adds the practice of trafficking in WMD as grounds for eavesdropping

Jon Carroll's Russert column.

CBS News no longer stations a single full-time correspondent in Iraq…

Mika again: "Aww, he(Shrub)'s NICE. Don't do that to him!1"

Chris Dodd delivers one of the most compelling and inspired speech for STOPPING THE FISA BILL

Can the Media Continue to Ignore "The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal"?

If you live on a fixed income that isn't going any higher...

American Express Says Late Payments Are Increasing Faster than Estimated

A very entertaining and informative website

7 ways to win an election in Zimbabwe

So this $300 Billion bailout is going to pass?

McCain is a practicing homosapien! How can the Religious Right support him?

First we had trickle down economics, now drip down economics

Paul Revere 2008: "Three if by greenhouse gases..."

A possible antidote to jingoistic pro-Bush songs on Independence Day

Are they actually VOTING on FISA now? They're calling the roll.

John McCain, by McCain family standards, might rightly be termed a "failed son".

George and Robert - not much difference for their ......

Ralph Nader sez Obama "Talks White"?

Morning at the Mall-soleum.....

Sen. Chris Dodd Says 'Enough'

What exactly did Charlie Black say?

Nichols: Congress should answer the call of conscience

Battered Congress Syndrome

Same Old, Same Old - new Mc* pics

Schumer to oppose FISA bill.»

What's that jerkoff Lionel doing

"Former porn actor, 'Predator' co-star to run against McConnell"

Can someone tell me why Israel has so much influence over the USA?

Senate Vote on FISA Bill May Wait Until July

Mining under the surface vs. Mining above the surface

Mining under the surface vs. Mining above the surface

Gas problem? We no have no stinkin gas problem! AZ gov gets it wrong again.

Judge dismisses suit charging VA with shoddy mental health care

Scalia Cites False Information in Habeas Corpus Dissent

How will law & order McCain vote on FISA bill?

Sen. Chris Dodd Says 'Enough'

Senator Chambliss just explains why Pelosi CAN"T impeach Bush...

5 Years for threatening Bush? The defendant is mentally ill and still got 5 years.

Are there any equestrians out there who can make sense of this

Dean Baker: The Housing Crash and the End of Granny Bashing

18 suicides reported in national parks this year

Gitmo Detainee’s Lawyer ‘Not Allowed To Tell Him’ He’s No Longer An ‘Enemy Combatant’

Boys & Girls - Time again for 'WHAT PARTY DOES THIS ASSHOLE BELONG TO'

Like the nation, this place has shifted so far to the right that it should be renamed.

Rove critical of NY Times for ‘outing’ CIA agent

FISA: Why It's a Lot Worse Than You Think

long live Heather Wilson!

American Airlines, AA Eagle to End Flights to 8 Airports, Cut Flights at Hubs, Axe Jobs

2012 The Odyssey

How to save the airlines:

Limbaugh: ‘Democrats Will Bend Over, Grab The Ankles, Say Have Your Way With Me’ To Blacks And Gays»

Firefox 3 continues to amaze

How will Admiral McCombover vote on FISA, and how will he justify it?

Barack live in Chicago on CNN

Rockefeller: "Steny Hoyer is a SAINT"

Carlin's 7 dirty words offensive my fat pink ass

Mandatory In-Car Breathalyzers Coming?

California median home prices in freefall: down $200,000 in year, $3,800 per week, $549 per day

MTV to allow political advertising

Obama vs Nader

Bob Herbert and Joan Walsh on Hardball ..... all OVER that asshat, Nader

HAHAHA - Look at the Class of 2008 before and after :)

Do you hate your job?

A cheap high.

Pelosi Supports 'Fairness Doctrine'

Is retroactive immunity even constitutional? (FindLaw)

Rebate checks diverted to pay $2B in debts

Hey, remember Carl Weathers's "The Other Guy from 'Predator'" skit on SNL?

Invoice from Obama coverage another view of campaign

FISA debate beginning NOW on CSPAN with Bernie Sanders

Sometimes, your life is going along fine, and WHAM, fate rips your guts out

Should Child Rapists get the Death Penalty?

who exactly does bill bennett represent?

James Dobson and masculinity: a parody

Madison, WI official advocates ban on drive-thrus to fight climate change

Bill Bennett....shut your mouth, except when you're stuffing your FAT PIG face!

Where is Stephanie Tubbs ...`

Homeless man gets nearly 5 years for Bush threats

obama to give press conference in chicago....he's on cnn now

Let's bomb Iran.....

I have a question for the so-called 'pro lifers': Why do you not celebrate kids' one year ..........

Beaver dam built in England, may be the first in centuries

good for tweety (whaaaa?)...he's nailing Nader for his asinine comments

I Put My Carter Hating RePuke Boss In His Place: So much fun!

"deep recession", interesting language in news article

TA + E = R TDS at it's finest..

ACLU Threatens to Sue U.S. Naval Academy Over Daily Prayer

Bush is not a failure. Bush is a success.

Nukes & Spooks:Gitmo detainees headed to Fort Leavenworth?

Has The Vatican ever said anything detrimental of devout Catholic Robert Mugabe?

Which best describes your relationship to the global economy?

Senate debating FISA now - CSPAN2

Welcome back to the United States. Now let's see what's on your laptop

Will people finally stop defending Nader now that he's outed himself as a racist?

In Defense of Robert Wexler

Paul Krugman: Home Not-So-Sweet Home

Look here...a NW Ohio RW Nutcase-Candidate for Top Ten idiots maybe?

Question about Dumbya's legacy...

Is anyone else watching Susan Molinari on that stupid David Gregory show on MSNBC?

Brought to you by the Bush Administration....

How did Reid get the job as Senate Majority Leader?

Ralph Nader: Barack Obama wants to ‘talk white’

NSA not commenting on whether they wiretapped lawyers or not

Rapture Ready "Christians": Dobson speaks for me; Obama listens to "monkey god"

Will Bush attack Iran before he leaves the White House?

LOL! McCain spinning more than a cyclone over polls

Smile or flip them the bird. You're being watched more and more.

Rove critical of NY Times for ‘outing’ CIA agent

Where's Dick?!

Time for a Grand Inquest Into Bush's High Crimes

Bush History: Wednesday 6/25 (Bush Rewards Failure. Also, Teens Beg Bush: Don't Torture)

Graduating Senior Arrested For 'Mooning' Prank

Spy, phone protection bill clears Senate hurdle

KO leads off with Charlie Black - MoveOn says Charlie Black must go

Dems Who Flipped On FISA Immunity See More Telecom Cash

ACLU Sues DHS For Information On Deaths In Immigration Detention Centers

Paul Krugman is on with Keith

Question about election fraud.

If you were Ralph Nader, what would you do?

How I responded on another board about the USSC decision on child rapists

HBO2 is running Carlin all evening.

Marcy Wheeler (Empty Wheel) has good insight into why Reid is holding FISA Hostage to other Bills...

MTV to Rock the Vote, Will Now Accept Political Ads

MTV to Rock the Vote, Will Now Accept Political Ads

The real reason they went to war isn't the oil Iraq has now

McClellan: Cheney’s memoir could be called, ‘I Upped Halliburton’s Income - So Up Yours.’

Watching the Capitulation


US News and World Report: Seizing Laptops and Cameras Without Cause

Well they can change the census here in NJ

Behind a Utah Republican's Loss (hee hee hee)

Info/Links on 1026 California wildfires Crosspost from Env/Enerrgy

105 years ago today, George Orwell was born...

Two Quotes From Martin Luther King Jr.

Did Tweety just fuck up again?

It looks like the trashing/smearing of Laura Logan has begun!

State of the Media: CBS' Kaplan Says Tiger's Injury "Of Major Importance"

Gordon Smith (R-WishfulThinker) channels OUR guy in his relection bid. Hahahahaha

Why we should not have off shore drilling.

Please....can somebody help me with "Active X?" I can't get on

During these times, people of all faiths should remember these 4 religious Truths:

US to probe alleged Chinese-made ammunition cover-up

WTF is wrong with people?

Climb Aboard The Bush Bus!

Words don't exist to describe .......

FISA roll call

If you were John McCain, what would you do?

Congressman Robert Wexler Fla. is a rising star.

Americans Curtail Spending, Blame Bush as Gas Prices Surge, Survey Finds

Accused pipe bomber may be released from jail

Is it safe to come back in here now?

Sen. John Kerry: America looks to a nuclear-free world

Wanted - YOU!

Will the FISA Bill get Passed Tomorrow?

George Carlin's linguistic skills are truly amazing

Beck: I Wouldn’t Detain Terror Suspects, I’d ‘Shoot Them All

McCain: World War III Would Justify Draft

Terror "threats" timed to thwart Kerry in '04

***TV REMINDER*** Carlin marathon tonight!

FISA: (I'm being pushed to Antisenateism). Will the Senate Succumb?

Tweety did it again

Glenn Greenwald: Chris Dodd’s Speech and a Glimmer of Hope for Stopping the FISA Bill

How many republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Color cartoon: verbal suicide bomber

CAPTION needed???

Another workplace shooting kills five.

Bush To Filipino President

NBC resolves lawsuit over 'To Catch a Predator' suicide

McCain "allegedly assaulted a woman in a wheelchair" Senate Ethics Committee Failed To Investigate

General Wesley Kane Clark OWNED Repubican stooge Joe Watkins on Abrams' show.

Pro Life Republican pays for girlfriend's Abortion

CNN iReport: Send a message to Pelosi

I have seen the enemy

The subject is fascism . . .

The subject is fascism . . .

James Fagan in MA wants to be sure children that are raped suffer for life

ANWR: "A flat, white nothingness"

Hatch compares FISA critics to those ‘who wear tin foil hats and think 9/11 was an inside job

Observation time on divisions

Yet Another Death Penalty Thread

Mark Crispin Miller: "It Took Me A While To Realize That This Is NOT A Joke:"

This Is The Funniest McCain Green Screen So Far...

So I have this relative...

Did you know 'there wasn't a drop of oil' spilled in the Gulf during Cat 5 hurricanes?

high gas prices brings kids out to protest....

Caption this:

Why is it so hard to get an Obama bumper sticker?

Six Years Later: Boston Globe Admits It's Blood for Oil

Watching Carlin at Carnegie Hall on HBO and LMFAO

What did Oleilly say about George Carlin????

Non-voters: It's all in God's hands

World is home to more than 10 million millionaires acorrding to

Texas Real Estate Slump Lets Mexicans Take It Back

Feds charge 22-year-old defense contractor with 'wide-ranging fraud'

Why is it that when Republican Senators want to block something...

DOJ Fires Official Who Refused To Testify In Congress

Fruitcakes and Air-raids--or: I think I've Got It

Neil Young Continues to Speak Out on Bush Impeachment

Mr. Smith Goes Ballistic: “The rule of law has rarely been in such a fragile state.” Chris Dodd

TYT: Democrats Cave on Telecom Immunity and Lie About It? (Cenk w Glenn Greenwald and Russ Feingold)

KERRY/SMITH: America’s unfair HIV/AIDS policy

I just figured out why Tweety confuses Obama and Osama continually:

When the Republicans ran the House of Representatives

Police teams drill for crowd control

Did Dubai ports get passed just last week???

Dems cut surveillance deal with White House - msnbc

Dodd to Bush Admin: "Oh Really?"

The Minnesota I-35W bridge nearly one year later

So if Obama has to vote FOR the FISA bill

Maneating mountain lion snared & killed this morning

turn to prostitution to provide for their families because so many men have been killed

John Kerry: 'FISA Bill Tantamount To Cover-up Of Bush's Blatant Assault To Constitution'

A Curmudgeon Leaves Millions to Poor Children of Panama, and the Battles Begin

My current favorite pic - crosspost from the Lounge.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Johnny Wendell filling in for Mike

War is coming (and the press is napping) Mark Crispin Miller

Chafee: "People think everything changed on September 11. No. It was wild in the first months."

"Angel of the Trinity" interrupts wedding; warns that gay marriage will invite hurricanes to CA

Larisa Alexandrovna @ HuffPo: Paul Minor - Don Siegelman, But Worse (Siegelman Just Tip Of Iceberg)

The Truth

PUB Spin Machine in OVER DRIVE.....Using Negative Gossip Nit Picking Mode

Robert Reich: The Great Pendulum of Economic Outrage Is About to Swing Again

What the hell happened to the FISA vote in the Senate?

Is talking about executing sex offenders the political correct way to act like a rabid wombat?

today marks the 132nd anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn (warning: pic heavy)

Nuclear Power? Nuclear Waste?

Bush Administration Losing Control of Media: Fresh Air Breaks Through

It just struck me tonight how horribly Vietnam affected me.

Kit Bond sober!!

From on Wes Clark v VP business

The aftermath of one suicide

Check out this cool pic from today's Obama rally in LA

Check out this cool pic from today's Obama rally in LA

Obama to Hold Chicago Press Conference Wednesday

San Francisco group wants to re-name sewage plant for Dim Son

Obama asks [his top fundraisers] donors to help Clinton with debt

MTV to Rock the Vote, Will Now Accept Political Ads (reverses policy in place since MTV's inception)

Republican Gordon Smith's ad touts ties to Obama, and Democrats protest

What does "talking white" mean?

You scare them, she scares them, together you are their worst nightmare.

You scare them, she scares them, together you are their worst nightmare.

Obama agreed to help Hillary Clinton pay off her debt!

Ring of truth to McCain adviser's terror comment?

Is America Really Ready for the First Comb-Over President? ---pix--->>>

Where do you fall on the line on the left?

We were attacked on 9-11 on republicans watch now Black says a second attack under republican watch

Real Clear Politics Average of 6 Most Recent National Polls: Obama +7.5

Rasmussen, 6/25: Obama 46%, McCain 40%

Breaking: Supreme Court cuts Exxon oil spill punitive damages

Plouffe Powerpoint Sets The Stage For The General Election

The whole country's turning blue!

Grandpa out there talking about World War III

In case you missed this...front page, Huff Post

Charlie Crist

A real life comparison of air vs rail

So, when will Rove & company wheel out the next Bid Laden video?

Pool Report on Obama’s Hollywood Fundraiser: raised $4 million

The make-believe "strategists" on cable TV: They really don't know what they are talking about

McCain says being the underdog suits him

McCain's Deep Foreign Policy Wisdom

McSame '08

Obama's battle with Clinton split Hollywood A-listers, but they come together at $5 million gala

there is one very good way in which the next president could follow in hitler's footsteps...

Clinton Thanks Obama for Helping With Her Debt

Let's play REMEMBER WHEN from 8 years ago

Good column by Bob Beckel about why Obama should choose Clinton

MSNB-f**king-C carries Charlie Black's "big advantage" water, asking "Was Black speaking the truth?"

Some cheerleading from the DNC treasurer, with some interesting sidelines

Obama leads McBush 58-30% in California

Did McCain take his so-called "Maverick" positions on partisan

Land Trust Executive Michael Feeney "Excoriated" John McCain

My son has an appointment tomorrow to get laid off

What do you think about UFO's?

Congressional Democrats Prepare for an Obama Presidency

Voters say McCain better suited to handle Iraq than Obama

Spying Before 9/11 - NOT - Covered By Immunity?!?

Ha Ha Ha...I'm dying with laughter here.... gives Obama 328 electoral votes

Rasmussen: Obama leads by 28% in California

Voters split over McCain, Obama views on Iraq

Women for John McCain

Barack Obama shows James Dobson and all of us there are other sides of religion


ANALYSIS-McCain foreign policy susceptible to Obama attack

Anybody hear listen to George Galloway's talk show online?

Criminal Charges Dropped Against CODEPINK Women Who Shut Down Berkeley Marine Recruiting Station

We're coming up on July and Obama is increasing his lead.

Feingold on Cspan2 - Is this the Filibuster???

Lieberman Must Go - Robert Greenwald Films (video link)

Who Is This Andrea Tantaros?

Obama Camp Hopes To Organize Thousands Of "Unity" Events Nationwide

Focus Group: Pennsylvania Voters Are Suspicious Of Obama -- But Support Him Anyway

What will next week's coordinated media assault be?

David Sirota: The Growing Power of the Fair Trade Uprising

No to the death penalty.

One less GOP buffoon in Congress, and Obama targets 14 Bush states

On Oil Prices

Pay off Clinton debt with a caveat- no 2012 run

"Boogie Man"... a movie about Karl Rove's Godfather, Lee Atwater..

Evangelical leader, defends Obama vs. Dobson: "I was there for the speech, Dobson was not"

Dr. Dobson just handed Obama Victory

Whose fault is it that Hillary's campaign is $25 million in debt?

McCain Camp Responds To Poll: No, We're Only Trailing Obama By Seven Points!

Obama’s “Aim”: 14 Bush States and Local Races

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/25/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (unchanged)

Eventually, I believe all the Bush/McCain comparisons will...

So, why did 94 House Democrats change their votes on FISA?

Obama needs just 10% more Dem voters under 30 to but Iowa and NM in the blue column

How can this be? Reporters often write McCain is more accessible than Obama?

Clinton Fundraising E-mail

Ron Burkle's Business Partner Arrested on Fraud Charges --->

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, June 25 – Obama 335-203

Obama’s Sister Stumps in Denver

I'm watching McCain speak in Vegas. It's painful.

McCain's first exec order: "we will never torture another person in the custody of the United States

What's On Obama's iPod - Obama Talks Music With Rolling Stone (Good Stuff!)

To Fellow Du'ers - please, quit looking at this election with logic, morals, justice and fairness...

To Fellow Du'ers - please, quit looking at this election with logic, morals, justice and fairness...

Sorry Delete please

Obama Making Private Calls Appealing To Hillary's Top Fundraisers-And Sometimes Hearing Criticism...

14-year-old Makes 1,100 Phone Calls for Obama

Why are the deadenders so god-awful at webdesign?

Plouffe: We will play 'offense' ("Obama's aggressive, nation-wide plan")

The death penalty is not civilized

I had a conversation with a 30 year old that doesn't care today.

The Stevie Wonder Geek Returns to the Cover of Rolling Stone

McCain In 2004: "Bin Laden May Have Just Given Us A Little Boost"

Gallup Daily Poll,June 25: Obama (D) 45%(-1), McCain (R) 45%(+2)

my worry: the "secret racism" polling will be used as excuse to steal 08 from Obama

Obama's challenge: Maintaining grassroots enthusiasm while appealing to Independents

Rolling Stone: What's on Obama's iPod?

Wes Clark: "It's about judgment -- and I think the answer is clear"

Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) ad touts ties to Obama, and Democrats protest

OBAMA IN ILLINOIS - CNN Live 4:00 p.m. ET - Today - Wed June 25

McCain misses staggering 58% of his Senate votes during the 110th Congress

***CNN Live has a stream up for Obama's press conference***

The quandary of the Obama fashionista

Wanted - YOU!

What do you Want Obama to Take Care of the MOST his 1st Year?

Ralph Nader: Obama "talking White," "appealing to white guilt."

Media fumbles again during Obama press conference...

Why is Obama getting a pass on FISA?

If Ralph Nader were to kiss your ass, he would be kissing ....

Obama Camp Installs Another Hillary Operative In Key Ohio Slot

"But what’s puzzling you Is the nature of my game"

Lest we forget: we all like to speculate and chit-chat about the election,

Lest we forget: we all like to speculate and chit-chat about the election,

Huffington Post: Dr. Dobson Has Just Handed Obama victory

UPDATE on FISA: Glenn Greenwald with latest on Senate Cloture Vote....

Great Obama Quotes

Open carry crackpots on Nightline now.

Wolfowitz chilling speech (Few Months Before 911) "Military History Is Full Of Surprises"

CNN analyzes Barack Obama's press conference, and their go-to guy is...

Kerry: America looks to a nuclear-free world

Obama campaign finally goes there, accuses McCain of illegal campaign spending

"Obama has deep faith in Lord Hanuman"... ???!?!?! LOL!

Indian group asks Hindu monkey god to lead Obama to election triumph

Buffett: The economy and inflation are worsening

My email to Obama

I saw Charlie Wilson's war last night - how depressing

Obama Camp Says Documents Prove McCain Broke Funding Laws

Hume: "We regret the error" ..........

AP ignored previous reporting on Obama's questioning of Petraeus

Plouffe: Obama "Enormously Competitive" In Over A Dozen Battleground States

Read this paragraph from a Pro-Lifer in my local paper..Personhood explained...

Bush wants to train spy satellites on U.S.

Wolfson to Vogue Mag: "We already have the women's vote in the bag. We don't need you anymore."

FISA: can someone post the cliff notes version of the bill?

Have you done any Bush-based "I-told-ya-so's" to friends or family?

KO to talk about Obama's "cower" quote right now!

You know things are changing when John Malkovich supports Obama.

Former McCain Strategist Blames Charlie Black’s Gaffe On ‘Tremendous Reporter Cleavage’

Tweety says Obama instead of Osama again!

AFL-CIO Obama endorsement to come on Thursday.

McCain misses more votes....

Gen. Wesley Clark: Bush's Third Term

Who is the BFEE front-man going to be?

Dear Soon-to-be-President Obama

On the motivations of the mass media...

Obama's coat tails are so long, even Republicans are looking to jump on board....

Obama/Fallon anybody? How about Obama/Clark?

I've decided that the only people in this county suffering from "white guilt"...

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA heads to LA from Las Vegas for a Hollywood fundraiser yesterday evening

Glenn Grenwald is being tough on Obama with this...but, it's worth a read...

Ralph Nader, you are irrelevant!

How is it that so many hardcore Obama supporters didn't know his death penalty stance?

Stunning evidence of the dishonesty of Republicans

Obama "On The Cover Of Rolling Stone"

Ask John McCain the questions you want him to answer at this site -

Have you ever said "Obama" when you mean "Osama" (or vice versa)?

Idea for an Anti-McCain website

Independents prefer Obama


Discipline, honesty, respect, grounding, humor, patience, intellectual

McCain In 2004: "Bin Laden May Have Just Given Us A Little Boost"

Michelle's Thursday Schedule: Women and Gov. Shaheen in NH, Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council in NY

My favorite internet non-issue issue

Domestic oil drilling: I say call their bluff

Um, the new SurveyUSA poll for MO is a crock, here is why.

Wow..... Maureen Dowd skewers Rove and praises Obama... is it opposite day?

Obama up by 28 in California

Obama up by 28 in California

Eating our own reconsidered

Is Barack Obama a Jedi Knight? Ask George Lucas

Obama rejects Ralph Nader's claim that he tries to 'talk white' and appeal to 'white guilt'

Cindy McCain praises Diana as 'inspiration'

any other non-religious types and atheists who are loving that Obama can talk religion?

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The 'G' In GOP Stands For 'Ghoul?' (Mary Lyon)

You've got to love the Obama marketing machine

California Highway Patrol wuvs Barack Obama

Wesley Clark on Abrams...

Some Reference Items - Senate

What about Florida Congressman Wexler for VP???

Those against the death penalty need to remember something about Obama

If there's an October surprise it will prove warrantless wiretaps don't prevent "terrorism."

How the Game is Played (Level 2)

OK Freak out time. Guess who started "Dobson Doesn't speak for Me" Website???? KIrbyjon Caldwell

Former McCain Strategist Blames Charlie Black’s Gaffe On ‘Tremendous Reporter Cleavage

Obama now leads by more than six million votes

How would the media report the story if Obama visited a mosque?

Michigan: Arab Americans To Discuss Election Strategy Tonight

Clinton Embraced by Democratic House Members

Nader accuses Obama of "talking white"

Greatest Obama Quote Ever

Obama & the Party, need to prepare now & be ready to respond inevitable wkend b4 election surprise

Obama: I am going to need Clintons

Obama Tilts Toward Center, Irking Some Activists

Obamaniac Overconfidence

Your Laptops, Please!

James Dobson is bugfuck insane.....

Kerry on FISA: Congress has an obligation to protect both the American people and the Constitution.

Oscar's adventures will be published in November! (begging the Mods/Admins indulgence,

Domestic oil drilling: I say call their bluff

I seriously do not know how Obama is going to deal with all the smears and all the disgusting

Check in if you gave to Obama this month.

The simple mention of race turns Americans into mewling, sputtering morons, part 1: Nader

Dodgers lose in two hours, five minutes

I'm Your Puppert.

vacant lots, half finished houses, leaky basements, poor workmanship and construction waste

A little bit of weirdness on a summer evening

Obama's trying to innoculate himelf from Oct. surprise w/ FISA vote.

I love Twitchy McXanax!

Check out this cool pic from today's Obama rally in LA

It is exceedingly difficult to lose a 14-1 game.


Russ Feingold is the savior of the integrity of the Democratic Party, discuss

Watching the Twilight Zone wax museum episode is probably not a good idea...


Ricky Ray Rector

Tick Tock? Questions On FISA - "Something Doesn't Add Up"


Obama disagrees with high court on child rape case

Tryin to use some stuff we got 'round teh house...

Methy O'Houlihan

Nebraska, June 25, Rasmussen Poll: McCain (R) 52%(+2), Obama (D) 36%(-3)

It is exceedingly difficult to win a 1-0 game.

Does Obama really have a double digit lead

Is my sig line picture up to code?

KitchenWitch Buys Amway Products With $100 Bills

Its 1:30am Pacific Time Is Anyone Else Up?

Midlodemocrat buys Franzia, gasses up the van, and pays toll in Delaware with $100 bills.

Best location to download Ubuntu from?

Spencer Pratt: Heidi Montag album on "a shoestring organic...It’s gonna get hot"

Where did the phrase "wouldn't throw him/her out of bed for eating crackers" come from?

Investing in a Dead End

I went to an Iron Mill today to pick up 300lbs of iron

Am I straight? (copycat thread)

Am I a Gay Mythic Bad Person?

Who is the better E. Longoria? Discuss.

City of Zheleznovodsk unveils a golden monument to the enema (no joke)

I have to ask what is up with this Benji Madden guy...

What is this photo about?

Set Firefox 3 to Launch Gmail for mailto Links

When you were a kid how forthright were your parents about family finances?

UFO Footage Emerges from Recent Sightings (Follow-up)

Send Obama your baby.

My sister-in-law made puffed wheat cake for the kids.

Ice-T should've called Soulja Boy "Indiana Jones without Indiana Jones"

So I need some help re: working off the clock

My daughter got her first check for a piece of her writing!

Is monotony a myth?

HELP - Need a new pet sitter FAST. Pet sitter sites?

Sorry but I just have to vent, big time.

Obligatory 349754 Compliance Posting

Obligatory 349754 Compliance Posting

DemoCRATIC Underground Lounge! Come here right now!

This thread is *not* about Midlo

Beatles Bootlegs?

A bird just landed on my window sil and scared the bejesus out of me!

My ex-boss from hell strikes again...

Who's your favorite New Monkee?

John McCain: World War III Would Justify DRAFT

I got a ticket from a smartass cop in Iowa.

What wager should I official propose to Turtlensue in advance of this weekends O's-Nats series?

The Third Sector (Foundations) as a Protective Layer for Capitalism

Obama says he wants a VP who offers sound counsel

If there was any question Douglas Coupland is boring and uncreative;

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/25/2008)

McCain up by 7 in Missouri

Wes Clark Classic Smackdown - video

So that math homework I was up all night working on?

Sarah Lawrence College, Writing Seminar, Tuesday Recap

**EuroCup 2008 Semifinals Germany vs. Turkey**

my sweet husband brought me back 2 unbirthday presents from North Dakota

I got my birthday presents from ThinkBlue1966 and OktoberKid. Best. Presents. EVER.

Robin Tragedy

This is wrong. And I laughed my ass off.

Wes Clark is auditioning for VP! I knew it!

Jimmy Carter's "Crisis of Confidence" Speech

Am I blue?

am I glue?

A Little Wallflowers This Afternoon... and more...

David Hasselhoff compares new Knight Rider without THE HOFF to "Indiana Jones without Indiana Jones"

Who's your favorite Monkee?



If I sneeze one more time, I swear that I'll blast the rest of my brains out through my nostrils

My cousin just got an A+ in Civics from a Fundie teacher who hated her

I have a favorite new soda!

Fashion week. OMG. WTF? LOL. TMI. (pic)

Petition to Oust Lieberman

iPod question

Schlitz is back in Milwaukee!

OK, I guess kids are good for something

Kittimus "helps" with the laundry

I know things are tough in Illinois right now, but this is a terrible use of dolphins!!

I need to go find some 'summer chic' for a party tonight

Am I married?

What happened on Free Parking when you played Monopoly?

WTF is Chuggo?

There's a parade of Germans waving flags and such up my street

I feel as though I am a bad person...


100% classic and INSANE Stephen Stills & Manassas concert posted to Wolfgang's Vault today...

Okay, all you grumpy old men (and women). Top this:

Just a few thoughts...

Yes, this is a link to don't open if it bothers you

Denverites: If I might suggest for Friday... Girlyman

Jesus. Mini Me has made a sex tape (Warning - pic included)

Heed my words of wisdom.

100th person executed in Virginia since death penalty reinstatement.

You know you've wierded out a cop when he calls and you have "No fun" blasting in the background

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break. 6/25/08

What do you think of the reality show Baby Borrowers?

Today would have been

Any DU love for "Soap"?

Wow, Midlo defended homeless people today!

Telecom Amnesty Flip-Floppers Got More Telecom Dollars

My herd of cats ...

Obama's non-Dukakis answer, on the death-penalty for child rapists

OMFG! BREAKING: Wednesday June 25 2008 1:43:33 PM PT: Abe Vigoda STILL ALIVE! OMFG! OMFG!

If a cement truck overturned on Rodeo Dr. killing Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen...

What should I do with my $600 stimulus check I just got?

Game: Guess the Song from the Mis-Heard Lyrics (mondegreens)

175 cats found in Fond Du Lac home...

The Money-Laundering Operation at the Heart of the Democratic Party

I hate flip flops and the sound they make

The seven dirty words you can't say on DU. Please list yours below....

Is it fair for a work place to use someone's paid time off for an injury?

So the motherboard I am getting for my new computer allows me to set up my own boot logo.

Man, Keggers hosted by devout Muslims suck

Lets see what happens if I Google: John McCain....

jesus CHRIST, Obama surrogates>> STOP accepting the Right Wing Premise, as in:

Photo question

I can't decide what to cook...I'm so worn out

My current favorite Lolcat

Want a laugh? A GOP blog in Ohio... They are so PWNED they can't respond...

Summer reading list, did your kids get one?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I'm here to testify:

What is going on with the Lounge and its dickheaded posts these days?

If Stonewall Jackson's corpse dug it's way out of ground and attacked Britney Spears with a saber...

NObody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

My mother-in-law called me

I just watched "the worst teeth in Britain" and I feel much better about myself

Do people in Delaware ever pay the toll for the person behind them?

I know that we're not supposed to call out other DU members, but...

Which website links posted would you never click on?

Is it possible to be *turned* into a vegan?!1

Mr. DTBK is off to the UK today - keep me company?

How many hours do you have to work so you can fill your gas tank?

What should I have for dinner?

BUBBA CROCKER strikes again!!!

Against my better judgement I have questions about All My Children

No, really! These are my jeans.

If I die tonight...

Kunich impeach Bush resolution gets another co-sponsor: Rep. Sam Farr CA-17

Why does our cat scratch the floor after drinking?

I really like being on a message board with adults.

I played with the Journal thing

Hey KitchenWItch, what is up tonight?

Be careful what you wish for.

Whoa... we are having some serious thunder and lightning in Denver.

I do not support the death penalty. PERIOD.

How many here read Playboy?

It's snowing here!

I just had an in-home dog trainer come, and the beagle is behaving better

Anyone seen Hollywoodland?

I'm sorry, but these are just the CUTEST PUPPIES EVAH.

Kitten Picture of the day for Wednesday June 25

I'm going to go visit my son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was your favorite George Carlin?

Sewage Plant May Be Named After Bush

Sewage Plant May Be Named After Bush

Ya Know, Willie Nelson is THE BEST thing about Tejas

Can't get sound out of my computer! What to do?

Fuck fuck fuck Fuck.

Who has looking forward to a great vacation, this summer?

Cool picture, could give you vertigo.

Has The Military Always Recruited 6-10 Year Olds At Cub Scouts????

I would like some opinions on a job for which I applied.

Unbeknownst to the princess, but knownst to us,

I am living in some exciting times right now..

Match Game for LIV's: Dumb Dora was so dumb, when they asked her what was on tv she said 'blank'

Kittehfest! I put these up on Facebook (cuz I'm cool like that) but thought The Lounge needed some

Its time sing "Das lied der Deutchens", translation "The Song of the Germans"

If you have not voted in this poll, please do. And it is Coke, no matter what it is.

Senator Dodd says "ENOUGH": "A jeremiad against Bush and his lawlessness" like none before

Do you have a journal and if so, how would you descibe your journal?

Do you Wierd Al Yankovic songs? If so please share :o)

You know who's not around anymore? Stalin.

Great mini DU meetup in Detroit last night!

Post a Band Or Song You Typically Wouldn't Find On The Radio

Fibromyalgia folks--about the pain.

Describe the plot of a movie in epic/saga form, then let us guess.

A note to the squeamish

As far as I'm concerned, Obama can do whatever he has to do to win this.

How can the world stand idly by?

I think the Mayan apocalypse is upon us here in Northern California!

Spin a movie's plot like a freeper (i.e., in favor of bad guy), and let us guess what movie it is.

Good vibes are still needed for our family...

Paging Enigmatic

Thinking of a number between one and ten.

Kanye West is very angry!

Who would not want this picture in their home

A few questions for "Weeds Fans".... (possibly spoilers for those behind)

Let's not forget to give McCain proper credit for his incredible military career...

What's your favorite 3 piece band?

I think good manners are a thing of the past.


Recent Flooding: **Farm Animals Need Your Help!**

KIitten Picture of the Day for Thursday 26 June

my own mom is picking on me about my hair tonight

Any of you play Second Life?

My mom doesn't believe bisexuality exists.

Describe the plot of a movie in haiku, then let us guess

What horrible foods did your parents subject you to as kids?

Dutch prepare for Maya apocalypse

How Evil are you - Take the quiz

You know who's not around anymore? Salin.

OMG!! I'm out of Cheerios! What'll I have for breakfast?! How did this happen?!!

Yeah he said he was going to stick it up my ***. I said "I dare you."

So the College World Series is over, and the winner is ...

Match Game Story Style: "Olga Orange-head sat smugly in the fo's'cle, cursing the ship __ bloodbath"

Dating advice needed --- Please help

Dubai plans "moving" skyscraper

Black Forrest Impressions *pics*

Post a song that never gets old and always sounds fresh.

Describe the plot ot a movie using smilies and we'll guess the movie.

For thems that remembers Oscar the Mixed Animal.

I post in your lounge

I'm Going To Send This To Everyone To Fight The Ridiculous Anti-Obama Emails. Please Do The Same!

Hoyer: FISA bill passed to keep the Blue Dogs from demanding a stronger bill. Absurdity.

Alhurra Paid Former White House Aides, Washington Journalists

Senate confirms FEC picks

Cribs recalled after 4 children trapped

McClellan Says He Hasn't Ruled Out voting Democrat in November

3 Americans killed, Shiite fighting in south

U.S. Funding to Pakistan Plagued With Problems, GAO Report Says

CI-100 (Montana abortion ban) fails to make ballot

Mugabe backers threaten voters

NY civil liberties group sues over FBI data on immigrants

Obama Assails Remarks by McCain on Offshore Oil Drilling

Bipartisan Group to Speak Out on Detainees

Report Assails Political Hiring in Justice Dept.

22 militants, two foreign troops killed in Afghanistan

Joe Bruno wanted to know if quitting would affect U.S. probe - source

Panel seeks testimony from Rumsfeld aide(subpoena for Feith)

Driving Cabs Instead of Building Bridges, Iraqis Languish in U.S.

US: 3 American troops killed in northern Iraq

A Curmudgeon Leaves Millions to Poor Children of Panama, and the Battles Begin

6 dead in Henderson, Ky., plastics plant shooting

Health insurance lags most in Southwest, CDC says

U.S. crop damage from weather tops $8 billion

World is home to more than 10 million millionaires

U.S. Sugar to sell land to Florida for Everglades renewal

Internet Provider (Charter) Halts Plan to Track, Sell Users' Surfing Data

Exxon Valdez $2.5 billion oil spill ruling overturned

SCOTUS throws out damages in the Exxon Valdez oil spill case

Abramoff ex-partner gets reduced sentence

BBC: Africa leaders seek Zimbabwe plan

Obama asks donors to help Clinton with debt

Dutch prepare for Maya apocalypse

Nielsen to lay off more workers in Oldsmar, Dunedin (TATA)

Rove critical of NY Times for ‘outing’ CIA agent

Bush eyes early lifting of terror listing to reward North Korea

Queen Strips Mugabe of Knighthood

Court bans death penalty for child rape

FISA debate beginning NOW on CSPAN with Bernie Sanders

Dubai plans "moving" skyscraper

Marine jailed for refusing to testify in Iraq case (unarmed detainee killed in Fallujah)

Justices Cut Damages Award in Exxon Valdez Spill

Ex-Cabinet Members Press Bush to Ban Torture

Senate housing bill snags on lone lawmaker (Ensign)

Mugabe backers threaten voters

Citigroup Considers Repealing a Pledge (no universal default), and the Slogan With It

Citizens sue after detentions, immigration raids

US to probe alleged Chinese-made ammunition cover-up

Pentagon Contractor Was Suspect Company Accused of Fraud Had Been Flagged by State Dept

Army flayed over 21-year-old's $298 million arms deal

Mandela condemns Mugabe regime

San Diego disobeying court order, Blackwater says

Casino Kings Wine and Dine McCain in Vegas

Man convicted in grad student's rape, torture

Report: FISA vote may be delayed until July

ANALYSIS-US strike may delay, not stop Iran nuclear program

Senator Stalls Housing Relief With Call for Energy Credits

Feds took too much of dishwasher's cash, judge says

LAT/Bloomberg poll: 75% blame Bush's policies for deteriorating economy

bushs approval hits new low 23 percent

Indy judge strikes down sex registry law

Dam Inspection Data Withheld From Press Under Patriot Act

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 25

Bank of America's Countrywide Tab ($5 billion) Signed by Taxpayers

Dow Chemical Raises Prices for Second Time in a Month

Pitt, Jolie give $1 mln to kids impacted by Iraq war

Congress halts mining near Grand Canyon (Repubs walk out in protest)

White House tried to silence EPA on emissions

Bill Clinton offers support to Obama

Report: Kim Jong-Il invited to Beijing Olympics for possible meeting with Bush

Man fined for Mexican diesel

Queen Strips Mugabe of Knighthood

Fed Keeps Rate at 2%, Ending Most Aggressive Easing Since 1980s

Military facing $100 billion in equipment repairs

Report: Global warming may endanger U.S. security

5 dead in plastics factory shooting rampage

Supreme Court bans death penalty in child rape cases

Gallup Daily: Obama, McCain Tied at 45%

101-year-old Oakland newsstand to close tonight

White House Refused to Open Pollutants E-Mail (EPA report)

GOP Prepares To Scale Back Aggressive Anti-Voter Fraud Campaigns

E.coli In Beef Linked To 19 Illnesses In Ohio

Iran issues warning over nuclear program

The Greenest Show on Earth: Democrats Gear Up for Denver

High court reduces Exxon oil spill damages

Former Colombian legislator sentenced in Uribe's re-election scandal

Colombia: Two More Trade Unionists Assassinated

McCain to visit Colombia next month

(Art Buchwald) Famed Columnist's FBI File Shows J. Edgar Hoover Was No Fan

Feingold: 'Perverse' secrecy in unchecked laptop searches

Bush says Zimbabwe election appears to be 'sham'

Bolivian region rejects US anti-drug aid in favor of Venezuelan aid

Rejecting oil sands means pricier gas, U.S. warned

Fisa to be voted on tomorrow. Cloture vote passed 85 - 15

Study: Higher Interstate Speed Limits are Safe

Obama supports rape executions

San Francisco May Name Sewage Treatment Plant After Bush

McCain says only World War III would justify draft

Budweiser deal puts pressure on McCain campaign

Diabetes rates skyrocket among Americans, CDC says; 8% of U.S. population

Rethinking the Country Life as Energy Costs Rise

T. Boone Pickens Says No Deal on Swift Boat Bounty

Nader: Obama talking white.

Obama in Working Women Forum- New Mexico

Red State Update Says Goodbye to Liz Garrigan

The Natural History Of The Chicken (pt. 1 of 6)

MonkeyBama - Funny Japanese Obama Parody

Charlie Rose - Antonin Scalia (Bush v. Gore 2000)

Christian Masters Worry Obama May Detour Theocracy

It's Not Domestic Spying, It's Terrorist Surveillance

Apologize to the World Mr. Wallace and Return that Emmy

KO and Jon Turley discuss political litmus tests in DOJ hiring

NBC: U.S. Commanders In Afghanistan ‘Complained To Us’ That They Lack Resources Because Of Iraq

Democrats Need Not Apply

Robocall to Steny Hoyer by Reverend Lennox Yearwood

Faux 'Democrat' Bob Beckel says Iraqis 'owe' US oil companies 100 year leases

Turd Blossom excoriates the NYT for outing a CIA agent's name. Irony is dead.

Glenn Greenwald On Antiwar Radio = Illegal Surveillance and FISA

TYT: Pro Life Republican Pays For Abortion

TYT: Republican Rep. McCotter Makes an Ass of Himself

Hu's on first?

Gibbs: Nader Comments Were "Reprehensible and Delusional"

The Daily McBush #9 - It's all in your head

Bush: WH Dinner Reminds Me of Philippine-American Talent

KO: w/ Rep. Wexler, Playing Politics with Terror. "McCain is wrong"

Senator Obama on the Economy and Energy, statement at Chicago presser today

Ralph Nadar Says Obama " TALKS WHITE "

McCain video uncovers hypocrisy on Yucca Nuclear Waste Site

TYT: Politics Determined Hiring in The Bush Justice Department

"Presidential" Obama takes media questions, today in Chicago presser

Candid Camera in John Edwards' House!

TPMtv: Bush DOJ Scandal, Update #1

Matthews: Terrorist Tape Out Of Obama-- Er, Osama HQ

McCain's Got The Moves - Elvis Style

TYT: Sen Russ Feingold discusses new FISA Amendments Bill

Obama: Telecom Immunity Doesn't Override National Security

Dubai-Plans for First Rotating Skyscraper Unveiled

INTERVENTION- Democrat Reality Check (WARNING-RANT Rated R)

McCain Vogue Green Screen Challenge - Hilarious

Noam Chomsky Americans Irrelevant

Dodd Fillibusters FISA

How do we avoid becoming North Korea?


Here's why carbon capture and storage is a dangerous idea

Trying to make sense of it all

International Whaling Commission Puts Off Votes on Japan commercial whaling

Obama energy speech: A Serious Energy Policy for Our Future

This Just In From The Secretary Of Duh: Climate Breakdown Will Impact US National Security - AP

EIA - Non-OPEC Production Down 1.1 MBD By 2010 - Global Energy Use Up 50% By 2030 - Reuters

The church bells toll for global warming

Markbygden & Enercon To Erect 3-GW Wind Farm in Sweden

Dems well received at the energy fair

Justices Cut Damages Award in Exxon Valdez Spill

Indonesian police use water cannon in fuel protest

SF Chronicle: We are doomed! Sort of!

As tire prices rise, drivers delay purchases

Area Of Planet's Ocean Dead Zones Up By One-Third In Two Years - IWC Report

Climate Study For Queensland Projects 0.9 - 3.6C Warming, More Droughts, More Intense Typhoons

PEMEX - Oil Output Barely Up In May (22KB/D) But Jan-May Output Down 9.3% YOY

Global Warming May Force Native Californian Plants to Migrate, Study Says

Most Of $11.4 Million FPL Received For "Green" Energy Spent On Marketing, Admin Costs

Environmental Groups, Activists Not Buying Tar Sands Industry PR & "Education" Push - IHT

S. Florida Sun-Sentinel: More people are bringing bicycles along on their mass transit commutes

Biofuel use 'increasing poverty'

Yukon River King Salmon Run Looking Terrible - Feds May Cut Subsistence Fishing - ADN

John Todd wins first Buckminster Fuller Challenge prize for proposal to restore strip-mined land

GWU Study - 300,000 Americans Affected By Neglected Tropical Ills - Dengue, Schistosomiasis, More

Hansen’s famous 1988 testimony

Glenn Greenwald: The New Republic syndrome

Japan aims to restart solar subsidies in 2009

I hesitate to bring this up...

'Just Us' Inbreeding Blamed for 'Justice Idiocy'

Kentucky attorney general's identity stolen (Democrat Jack Conway)

Great balls of fire... Mo finally nailed one. MORE PHONY [ROVIAN] MYTHS

The American Workplace Is Stuck in the 50s

The Price of One Iraqi Life

Canaries in the Uranium Mine: Navajos gear up for renewed legal battle to protect their life & land

Talking to Iran Is Not So Controversial

John McCain gambles on nuclear power pitch in Las Vegas

Gene Lyons on the ‘Royal funeral’

'OC Register' Outsourcing Some Editing to India

McCain slips the Terror Card to the Corporate Media

Gary Hart: America’s Next Chapter

The Facts on Drilling Slowly Surface

Video: Carbon storage in action

Dems & Obama "can't find a message that resonates with the voters"?

Not with a bang, but with a chimp

More offshore drilling does little at the pump: EIA (Energy Information Administration)

After eight years, DOW closes just 85 points above Clinton high of 11722. (Bush-o-nomics).

(Kansas City based "Ethanol Startup") Alternative Energy Sources closes up shop

CLARK HOYT GETS RESULTS! Three days after Clark Hoyt’s piece, Dowd kisses Democrat keister

Higher (British) gas and electricity bills to pay for shift from fossil fuels

Time for a Grand Inquest into Bush's High Crimes

Wells Fargo California Solar Home Program Lets Buyers Apply Rebate to Down Payment or Rate Buy Down

America’s Next Chapter - Gary Hart

More Phony Myths (from Karl Rove)

Garrison Keillor: What Barack Obama can learn from Jesse Ventura

Charlie Black's History of Dirty Politics

Will Rock the Vote Rock the Vote in 2008?

Gov. Goodhair Demands Cuts To Federal Ethanol Subsidies As Costs Hammer Ranchers & Feedlot Owners

As California Battles 1,000+ Wildfires, Another Lightning Storm Forecast For Thursday

Time-Life Issues the Definitive Collection of 'Bush Scandals'

The Pentagon's merchants of war

Wallis rips Dobson's ripping of Obama

John McCain's ‘League of Democracies’ Is a Frightening Thought

Anti-War Soldier Jonathan Hutto: People, Not Politicians, Will End the War in Iraq

Scalia Cites False Information in Habeas Corpus Dissent

Sharp announces: Mega Solar Power Generation Plan in Sakai City Waterfront

Energy expert: U.S. gasoline use may have peaked

GOP bashes bike to work

A Second Wind for Aging Wind Turbines

FPL Group plans to build world's largest (25 MW) photovoltaic solar plant (in Florida)

If we want to reduce human impact on the planet, our first priority must be...

We are here

After Good Early Rains, Australian Farmers Planting Wheat, Crossing Fingers - Reuters

Want a Canadian Oil Sands Vacation?

(Longmont Colorado) Industrial building to go off grid (will serve as a prototype)

Info/links on 1026 California wildfires-Nat Geo NASA news etc-air is hazardous in Valley

Global warming threatens U.S. national security, study finds

False Promises: 'Clean Coal' Comes to The Land of Enchantment

The larger picture...

At its current pace, warming could take huge toll on California's greenery in 100 years

Chevron starts work on (14 site) Milpitas school district solar project

Congress Looks for a Culprit for Rising Oil Prices

stanford experts et al say abandoned land in world should be used for energy crops

Bush Administration: Tech workers won't be hurt by visa extension

Anchorage Daily News editorial re Exxon Valdez decision

McCain wants $30 billion for clean-coal research, 45 new nuclear reactors

Washington state begins ban on dishwashing detergents

(Japanese Company) Ulvac to Produce Turn-Key Thin Film Solar Production Equipment

"Distrust' grows as Obama tilts towards center

Lieberman Must Go!

Big Coal Fires Back Over James Hansen’s Criminal Complaint

Let's say for the sake of argument that half the price of oil is due to speculation

African Nations Working for Maritime Security

Violence in Iraq Drops to Four-Year Low

Failed lawsuit could cost Texas pension fund $1 million

How Chinese Reform Worked, Part 8-B

John Williams' Shadow Government Statistics - HYPERINFLATION SPECIAL REPORT

Do I smell a Nigerian Scam, here?

American Air, Eagle to End Flights to Eight Airports

Government Intercepts Stimulus Checks

Chicago's Congress Hotel Strike Is Longest Active Strike In The Nation

Today in labor history June 25 Congress, bans child labor and sets the 40-hour work week

Iron Workers Endorse Obama (AFL-CIO will happen in Aug.)

Iron Worker Says OSHA’s Safety Failure Behind Brother-in-Law’s Fall to Death

Nebraska Road Worker Wins Primary Contest for County Commissioner (2 friends running)

Working Women Need A Raise And A Break

AFL-CIO leaders preparing to endorse Obama (AFL-CIO expects to spend about $200 million)

Hospital Sued After Dying Lesbian's Partner Denied Access To Her

I try to be tolerant of religious people, but some groups make it VERY difficult...

UN team head says more follow-up needed on allegations Syria hid nuclear program

Israel: Egypt to keep Rafah closed

Former Mossad chief urges Israeli talks with Hamas

Israel closes Gaza crossings

Ex-Knesset speaker: Time for two-state solution running out


Former Colombian legislator sentenced in Uribe's re-election scandal

Colombia: Two More Trade Unionists Assassinated

Bolivian region rejects US anti-drug aid in favor of Venezuelan aid

Dispatches From The Edge:Laptop Doubts

Well who's gonna get the live coverage at 7:00am tomorrow....

Sheriff wants Shaq's badges back after Kobe rap

I'm so angry about the Sonics' pending move from Seattle.

He wants a VP who gives good counsel....

I just talked w/Biden HQ in Delaware!!

...Is it safe to come out now?

If I know of an event here in Delaware where Joe will be around....

Just - why do people have to be so mean?

Biden Office NON-statement on FISA

...edit delete

Please send Healing Vibes to my Goat Casper

The $10,000-a-Month Psychic

From NJCher's UFO threads:

Radiation buildup from CTA scans, etc...

WHO launches safety checklist for surgeons

District Sues CareFirst, Says Provider Must Donate Millions

Rising Challenger Takes On Elder-Care System

Doctors Say Medication Is Overused in Dementia

“Overzealous drug war claims another casualty” -- SWAT & War on Drugs, Pembroke Pines FL

Salt substitutes?

Obama's Response to Heller

Scientists unearth key fossil of primitive creature (AP/CNN) {No, not McCain}

Register clears out 'fishy' names (BBC) {redundantly names species}

New theory on the two faces of Mars: gigantic collision

Dubai to get 'moving' skyscraper

When Threatened, A Few African Frogs Can Morph Toes Into Claws

'Neanderthal tools' found at dig (BBC)

'Hospital risk' from radio tags

Our Genome Changes Over Lifetime, And May Explain Many 'Late-onset' Diseases

"I know I'm somebody, because God don't make no junk."

Religion and Its Role Are in Dispute at the Service Academies

Threat of Anglican Schism Fizzles

What if everyone just admits that WE DON'T KNOW

Scary Thought: If Obama wins, will we see a replay of Santiago 9/11/73?

Kerry wa a "NO" on motion to procede on FISA

Anyone know anything about this Disney bill? Kerry is a co-sponsor.

Small Business Hearing on heating oil prices

We need some baby pics. Cuz, well, we do

Tell Governor Perry: Stop Offshore Oil Drilling

UUUhhhhggg... I can't take it anymore.

Keep on keepin' on.

This is just ridiculous...

To Avoid Student Turnover, Parents Get Rent Help

Holding Back Young Students: Is Program a Gift or a Stigma?

Soaring Food Costs Hit School Lunch Programs

Nurses' Offices Overburdened

Rogue code could seriously skew US presidential election results

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6//25/08

Noel Runyan rocks!

North Carolina, Instant Runoff, and the Flying Car

Feingold makes me feel like the anti-Grinch -- my heart is 3 sizes too big

UK's funny bone tickled in tourism campaign

John Nichols: Baldwin should answer the call of conscience

Herb Kohl is a worthless piece of shit.


Highway 1 closure south of Monterey-- who lives in the area?


Anousics are indoctrinating our children

Haha! I got a feisty one here...check it out.