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Muddy Road

Barack Obama also made his most emphatic statement to date: "I strongly oppose retroactive

Comcast Voice for $19.99

Does anyone know why Public Funding was not given out for the month of May?

A flood of tears...

I won't let all the hand wringing over today ruin my hope for a better tomorrow

Yet again, some media fuckhead portrays FISA as a "left" hobbyhorse.

Foreclosures considered for homeless shelters

The Democrats have become like Saruman

The great unwinding.

John McEXXON wants to keep right on drilling...

The Great Office War - Vid

The Great Office War - Vid

Lets postualte there is a God.

One question on today's vote.

Obama gets landslide 15 point lead over McCain in recent poll

Pre-invasion, Iraq NOT Amongst State Dept List of 45 al Qaeda Operating Nations (Bush History:Saturd

WANTED: One Democratic Senator with the Courage to Fight for US

watching the journal...

My letter to Senator Mikulski

"Obama is going to win."

Anyone here remember Cindy Sheehan (sp)?

I'm sick and tired of 'preaching to the choir'!

is it the law yet?

A Dubious Milestone: Economic Opportunity and Out of Wedlock Births

How To Check On Your Congressman Or Senator And What They Are Doing In Washington D.C........

How does the Bush regime get all the media to identify 5 dead US soldiers as anything but?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/21/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (O up 1, M down 1)

"It takes X years for a president's economic policies to take effect!"

Blackmail and Legislating Through Fear

Used Truck Trade-In Values Plunge, Deepening Auto-Sales Decline

Best Michael Moore film........

Did someone try to MURDER a candidate for State Representative?

Steve King says a cryptic statement to Scott McClellan

Has anyone seen Phil Donahue's "Body of War" yet? .....

Can anyone help track down a great DU quote from Asimov's Foundation

How many Democrats do we need to elect ?

Ohio/North Carolina rivalry?

During the Primary Season, Congress voted against immunity...during the General Election...

A little Saturday morning Chomsky to chew on with breakfast:

Only $725 to go till we pass $10,000! Donate to Barack Obama TODAY!


Happy Solstice Everyone

U.N.: Bomb Iran and face Mideast 'ball of fire'

U.N.: Bomb Iran and face Mideast 'ball of fire'

Lamar Smith (R - Obviously) compares Bush Admin to Jesus

Exposed: Military Lied About Murder of U.S. Soldier in Iraq

Russ is usual

Them wimp spineless DEMs might not be....what they appear to be...they might be CAUTIOUS

"Our many voices can be one" kucinich' impeachment petition. He asks for our support.

Fundie organization: California LGBT community desperate to "evade democracy"

Terra Terra Terra.... On Wednesday, my son on his way home to NY from TX had to land in Atlanta to

FISA: The Lone Republican

Well, That'll Show 'Em!

if we don't get a new congress, will it matter who wins the white house?

Pre-invasion, Iraq NOT Amongst State Dept List of 45 al Qaeda Operating Nations (Bush History:Saturd

Congressman John Hall (D-NY) statement on FISA

RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert

These advertisers can really blow it all out their ass

Shameful bid to catch illegal immigrants

6th foot found on B.C. shore a hoax. First 5 still a mystery.

Snopes update #368...

The FISA Vote Roll Call

Peace, Torture Congress

How old is McCain?.... he's so old....

Harry Reid is lying and he knows it.

Torturegate Truth But No Consequences

Bill Clinton speaks of global warming in Edmonton

Did ya ever notice how Coversations Flow? Everyone wants their turn to say something?

Fundies "Pray at the pump"

(Legal Question) CAN WE SUE T. Boone Pickens????

Cheney in Orange, McClellan in Blue

Pat Buchanan Hitler Revisionist- Hitler never wanted the Holocaust

...when the government tells you to do something,...that is something you need to do,"

My Problem With Some Reactions to Tim Russert’s Death

The American citizen's catch 22: Can democracy be restored through the ballot box?

Maybe it's time . . .


Wash. state builders association publishes newsletter comparing environmentalists to Nazis

Broken Laws, Broken Lives: The Consequences of Torture

Huffpost Report on CDC Vaccine Safety Datalink Uninformative and Completely Misleading

Bullard High valedictorian to be deported

long range question on oil drilling

FISA -- WHAT was the "compromise":?

N.C. crowns new teen queen - more than a beauty, IMO.

Anyone Watch Malloy's Latest Video Mailbag?

As much as I see...

Union Sundown, Bob Dylan

All that crap the flood is taking into the Gulf- Record Dead Zone to be worse than predicted

White House Refuses To Release Documents On Air-Quality Policy

How much do we really know about this new FISA bill?

FDA inspectors to Fla., Mexico in salmonella probe

Why do conservatives not love the Constitution as much as liberals?

Positive spin for Obama's public financing rejection?

Watched Laura Ingraham last night for giggles, snorts and grins

Plame and Wilson vow to press on with lawsuit.

John Nichols: Contests for Senate Signal Big Trouble for GOP

Pelosi Is Pathetic - What Her & Hoyer Mean By bi-partisanship

Bushies cronies at the FDA fucks it up big time what with them Killer Tomatoes

Democrats Have Legalized Bush's War Crimes-By Robert Parry

I got a free pizza today!! WooHoo! How'd you do?

Descent into Chaos: How the War Against Islamic Extremism Is Being Lost

TOON: Buy a Chrysler and...

The Russert Send-Off

So much for that!

Jack Welch

The retarded Florida Republican bumper sticker!

EURO 2008: Holland and Russia 10 minutes away from penalty shoot outs

I'm A Big Dennis Miller fan...but

Bakersfield faces $10 million claim after police detain man suffering stroke

Bush History:Saturday 6/21 (Pre-invasion, Iraq NOT Amongst State Dept List of 45 al Qaeda Operating

'Curveball' speaks'

The Weirdness of Cable News anchors...

Bush Claims High Gas Prices Demcratic Congress To Blame

4th Amendment: Rest in Peace

Bush May End Term With Iran Issue Unsettled

Bush Radio: He reveals the ROOT of high gas prices..."Unfortunately, Democrats on Capitol Hill..."

US Asks to Rewrite Detainee Evidence

Farm-Bill Veto Overridden Despite Glitch


I have a few things to say:

OK how is this new FISA bill "Change We Can Believe In"

Minneapolis-Saint Paul...anyone?

White House Refuses Another Subpoena

Only $30 to go until we reach $10,000!

Anyone else think that Bobby Jindal will try to set himself up as the "Obama" of the right?

I think we owe Scot McClellan a huge favor

Grand Jury will hear testimony re FLDS next wk

NC numbers.

Punk the Press (an update)

If Iowa "gave" us Obama, Obama supporters could return the favor

Opihi Picker Union from Hawaiian Islands Support Obama and all DEMs

Convicted Sex Offender Wins Lottery

Jeb Bush And His Cronies Have Big Plans for Govt.-Funded Religious Schools in Florida

FINALLY! Some accountability in government

ElBaradei says he’ll quit IAEA if Iran is attacked.»

Obama will find his administration undone by an "abuse of power" scandal.

Just a passing thought on expanding marriage civil rights...

Police chase UFO over Cardiff (police helicoptor almost collide)

Hahaha, "Reply To All" Really Does Work!

US health official says flu threat high

Crooks & Liars Video: "Rep. Steve King (R-IA) to McClellan: Why couldn’t you just shut up?"

N.B.: We're not going to rock the boat...we're going to turn it over...

Michele Bachmann.....Bringing da Crazy!

People of Claysburg vs Police over shot bear cub - vid

Younger Than McCain - The Song!

New from McCain... with goose fat

Leading war crimes suspect sent to Hague Tribunal

In these economic times, you have to save wherever you can... Here's one tip

Ava to be on Air America's Laura Flanders' show at 2:00pm today

'Harassed' Iran student arrested

Attn: California Attorneys - Are HOA's required to maintain a

McClellan testifies to House Judiciary Committee

Thank you Bob Herbert for explaining the PLIGHT of many black fathers.

Martha Stewart denied visa to travel to Britain

More congressional computers hacked from China

Get thee to the farmers market: Now's the time for scapes and green garlic

It's 5:40 PM on the left coast and 106 degrees where I am.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi is akin to Neville Chamberlain over the FISA capitulation?

I just saw "the Happening"

CNN poll: Shoud DDDDDick testify before Congress?

The American Experiment: a short eulogy.

A message for Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, Gravel, and Richardson voters regarding FISA

What's your opinion on this cartoon?

Food Stamps Buy Less, and Families Are Hit Hard

How will we make our voices heard on the Issues after the GE? Ideas anyone?

Outcry over Sheriff’s Department search methods

RFK on C-Span right now

What hour do good Democrats have supper?

McCain: New Look, Same Taste

AP: Everything seemingly is spinning out of control

These made me laugh! Religious license in today's LA Times:

I'll be on Radio Nation with Laura Flanders(Air America) tomorrow

Cindy McCain:Prescription drug addiction, theft, and recovery

One way you can tell an incumbent has no fear of loosing

Photographer Documents Secret Satellites — All 189 of Them

One more thing: "A Modest Proposal" :

Michelle Obama and drug addiction??????

A Totally Lawless Regime

Whom is hosting MTP tomorrow? n/t

Pelosi (angrily) "We have the fight against, war againt terrorism. WHEREVER it may exist."

Dodd, Leahy and Feingold oppose the New! Improved! FISA bill.

Forget Canada

Is FISA a deal breaker for you?

Are You a Patriot?

Why Obama Kinda Likes the FISA Bill (But He Won't Come Out and Say It)

What the hell is the deal with Pelosi?

Get a load of this: Pelosi wants you to send money

Photographer Documents Secret Satellites — All 189 of Them

What Is Hillary's Position On The FISA Bill?..........

There is something we MUST keep in mind about warrantless spying on Americans

Contests for Senate Signal Big Trouble for GOP

The lawsuits against the telecom companies need to be withdrawn IMMEDIATELY.

DU this Senate FISA vote poll:

Katrina, Midwest flooding, etc. = torture through inaction.

Behind the Compromise on Spying -- Time Magazine

Arrogant bunch of Supreme Court sons of bitches . . .

Ten for Tudor (FL-12)!! Defeat the most despicable of Republicans!!

Obama: I'll Fight To Strip Telecom Immunity From FISA

Despair is not the alternative to futile hope,

Iowa Homeowners Experience Police State


Share your heat wave stories.

Italian Court Blocks Construction of U.S. Military Base

Do you remember this picture from '05? - "We Are Idiots!"

VP speculation swirls around Sen. Biden

HEAT EXHAUSTION/ STROKE --- Symptoms/Treatment

The Blue Pill People

Exodus of San Francisco's middle class

Penn. Police Fire Twenty Shots to Kill Tranquilized Bear Cub

William Haynes, chief lawyer for the defense dept, stated at Tuesday's

William Haynes, chief lawyer for the defense dept, stated at Tuesday's

U.S. Says Exercise by Israel Seemed Directed at Iran

"He said it first."

I never forget I live in a house owned by the American people

Shifting gears

TYT: Juan Cole on Iraq, Lara Logan Slams US War Coverage, Cenks Lays Into Obama/Hillary, Limbaugh...

And we wonder we why the US healthcare system is so fucked up

I just got this sick feeling...

Does anyone have the latest list of casualties in Iraq

Tomato salad, anyone? Bush, McCain & the Republicans have CUT food inspections

Rev Wright has every reason to be angry

What happened to the right to say NO?

Vincent Bugliosi / The Prosecution of GW Bush for Murder.

Just Out: Does investigation of the Pentagon's channel to an Iran Contra arms dealer continue?

Okay, who SHOULD be Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader?

Polls show US citizens are against warrantless wiretapping. Why support it?

Air-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010 at Sub-$18,000, Could Hit 1000-Mile Range

Do those that don't believe in Evolution believe that only Homo Sapiens

Latest STUPID Bushism

Early boomers and older: Which do you think was JFK's bigger dream ........

Did anyone see Scalia on The Charlie Rose show tonight?

Beaten to death with clubs and chains in Mississippi

Just out of curiosity, how many of you are actively working on down ticket legislative races?

Happy Summer Solstice to all my brothers and sisters

Barack warned us that we would be disappointed in him...

Does anyone remember that a REPUBLICAN, James Comey, fell on his sword to stop the wiretaps?

Countdown with KO lovers, jJust in case you didn't know...

A reporter, an airplane, a little cold tablet and a lot of guns.

Tim Russert check: He's still dead.

What will you 'hate' Obama for tomorrow?

Again. ACLU action link.

Spying on the Homefront - Mark Klein on Frontline

Now Look What Pelosi Has Done According To Ron Paul & Kucinich

“The Upside of Income Inequality”

Those furious with Obama over FISA -Bill Clinton signed EO 12949 into

Had some delicious tomatoes yesterday

I've decided to move to the DC area. Anyone have

NHRA driver Scott Kalitta killed in 300 MPH crash and explosion.

Why did 58 Democrats flip on FISA from no to YES since last year?

What's your SUV worth?

What's your SUV worth?

People tried to get Russert to stop repeating the "Saddam threw out the weapons inspectors." lie

Has your time at DU made you more liberal or less?

Ginny Brown-Waite and Gas Powered Air Conditioners Radio Address 6/21/08

Congress needs to wipe the slate clean and re-write FISA bill

who watched Bill Moyers? comments?

Obama: White House aides should comply with congressional subpoenas.

I just created a blog on Obama's page (also link to John Dean on Countdown YouTube)>>

Pool Report for Obama Jacksonville Fundraiser

SockPoliticians Site A Scam To Steal Money From Racists!

FISA Bill.........It has nothing to do with terrorism, folks

Obama: "And so there is no doubt that Iran poses an extraordinary threat to Israel"

Possum Hunters for Obama! Reaching out to Appalachia

Bill Richardson Lets On He’s Under VP Consideration

I wonder if Dodd will step up to the plate again

"There's no penis between us friends." -Alix Dobkins.

So ugly I don't want to pollute DU with this; my apologies. Pls. delete.

USA Today/Gallup poll: Obama 48, McCain 42

What is a "Credit C**T" McCain?

Mark my words...this election is going to be about who has the better energy plan.

Obama’s already got public financing

I'm buck nekkid.. listening to this...

I really hope it's Wes Clark for V.P

How Senate Democrats voted on previous FISA bill (motion to invoke closure)

So "Nuke the fridge" is the new "Jump the Shark"

Jay Leno sez: why do comedy when you can make fun of ordinary people?

We should each stab philboy if he doesn't go to the DU meetup

what actor/actress would want to see you nekkid?

This is American Graffiti weather

McCain’s Disappearing Corporate Tax Reform

Let's boycott donating to Obama if he supports Telecom immunity

If McCain wasn't good enough to lead in the navy, why should he lead the Country

A fundraising tie in May?

A poem in Honor of California Peggy's poem

Obama Making Christian Push

What actor/actress do you want to see nekkid?

40 things a drunkard should do before he dies.

Squeeeee!!!! Kitteh!

Obama widens lead on McCain - Double-digit leads in two major polls

So, I'm sitting here oiling my pecs, biceps, and tri's....

Phil Collins and... (?)

What the Obama and McCain Plans Would Mean for Real Taxpayers

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/21/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (O up 1, M down 1)

Columnist for local paper predicts McCain landslide

Blogger launches 'Google bomb' at McCain

Don't Slam Obama just Yet...he was Backed into a Corner

How long does it take you to type and post a reply ?

I'm going into GP:P to copycat every thread on the first three pages.

I'm going to bed down. Who's joining me? (and to what/whom?)

Obama did not flip flop on the PRINCIPLE of public finanacing. . .

Governor Bill Richardson has by far, the most diversely impressive resume of them all, BY FAR!!

Yo! Friday night/Sat. a.m. What did you do tonight? I watched a movie:

Leahy's statement on FISA

Before I go to bed...A pic of me that someone unearthed...Wow

It is 4:23 AM eastern. Good afternoon! n/t

i am the only one awake in my house

i love you all

It's Vetting Time! The history of the selection of modern-day vice presidential nominees

McCain Pushes Nafta in Visit to Canada

Watch McCain's head explode... (AGAIN)


HOLY COW!! Woman gives birth to 23lbs of twins!!

Can someone tell me what this cute little critter is?

HEADS UP-Obama speaking LIVE NOW-Campaign speech in Miami

A Repub Senator issues a statement opposing FISA

Will Obama move right, left, or stay the course?

Unbelievable....fucking unbelievable...

oops delete

A DAMN good album...

Jim Stafford's been EVERYWHERE!

What was Cindy McCain and her father's business relationship with Keating?

The Culinary Condom

Where's Matcom?

Khash does his lyrics thang again

The Guy behind the smear ads

Good morning!

Wallpaper appreciation thread!!

MSNBC: Ex-cook faces jail after putting hair in steak ("These are my pubes")

On the economy, the choice is clear


A New Poem: The Chrysalis


All questions can be answered by reason.

Motorcycle Riders.....


My 80 year old dad called me a snob and hung up on me.

Obama: "They're going to try to make you afraid of me"; "And did I mention he’s black?’"

I'm not supposed to let anyone know about this, but I have to tell someone:

Death Star Canteen... in Legos

Sandwich question

Has the hysterical wing of the party even bothered to READ Obama's statement?

The Wall (a funny)

McCain fundraiser sued by partner in lucrative contract with U.S. military

Obama Slams McCain's Offshore Drilling Plan(complete video)

Jason Bonham as Foreigner's drummer

So has Midlo been terrorizing people down at the local CVS today?

Obama could raise up to $100 million in June...

Are you the "comedian" or the "straight man" in your marriage/relationship?

Only $725 to go till we pass $10,000! Donate to Barack Obama TODAY!

Who ate my Fritos?

McCain and Bush, oil opportunists

NYT, pg1: "Willie Horton" ad guy ready to attack Obama -- if some money arrives

Newspaper birth announcements piss me off..........

Reps Fr Obama & McSame Cmpgn Agree To Debate In Twitter; Details In Msg:

"The Official Cheese Doodle of the Boston Red Sox"

Dodd's statement of FISA

Barack at the Conference of Mayor's Convention in Miami, FL(listen to Obama`s entire speech)

Obama is a blank canvas in many ways - we must keep up the pressure

Thunder! In Austin! Can rain be far behind!?

New Obama "Yes We Can" Poster available on his Store - from a different artist

I'm almost 50, and still wearing a purple speedo.

McCain's top economic adviser stumped trying to explain his "voodoo economics"

Obama: I'll Fight To Strip Telecom Immunity From FISA

Here's the deal as far as I'm concerened... FISA Bill and other Capitulations

This whole FISA mess is why Senators make such terrible Presidential candidates

NYT: Obama’s War Chest Drives a 50-State Strategy

Winemouse Remix

It's a virtual wedding shower for ronnyk and michael!

This is straight out of matcomnews. Dentist drops tools into patient.

Analysis: McCain Hampered By Missteps, Controversy Dogs GOP Candidate As Campaign Pushes Toward GE

Damn, I have to sell a loved one...

Another restaurant bites the dust near my house

Teacher accused of burning cross on student's arm

I got fish

Predict when Senators Obama and Mccain will choose their vice presidential candidates

Hey redqueen, seen the score?

Watch Barack Obama`s entire speech at U.S. Mayor's Conference in Miami, FL(from today)

Spore Creature Creator is addicting.

I've been stuck on a layover in Salt Lake City for 13 hours

Email I sent to my Senators on FISA

For the holiday, I've decided to create a masterpiece in cheesecake technology

"They added protections...that bring it closer to the bill...Judiciary Committee reported last year

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/21/2008)

Things like FISA can be fixed with an ethical administration.

Need good vibes for a local: Billyskank is not well!!

How much do you expect to donate to support Obama between now and November?

I want to make sure Hillary is NOT his VP before I donate again...

Obama contact information-- Urge him to vote against FISA bill

So much for stripping telecom immunity from FISA

Historical Legos!

I got a free pizza today!! WooHoo! How'd you do?

The make up of the Senate under Bush's Presidency

Only $30 to go until we reach $10,000!

Senator McCain brakes new ground on Credit Crunch debacle

I know you all are busy contacting Senator Obama's office about FISA, but spare 5 minutes

Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning?

It’s a delicate dance, and John McCain is ‘liable to break a hip’

What if Obama votes No on FISA?

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks during a meeting of Democratic

I don't think Obama is going to win

I'm telling a funny sad story.

Attention, Hank Steinbrenner and others in love with the DH:

Gimme Obama and Firefox!

New Sig Line.

What have you done for Obama lately?

Now is the time to be vigilant about Obama

Survey USA California: Obama up by 12; but McCain getting 20% of African-Am vote?

McCain is taking the weekend off; Obama is speaking to the mayors

So if the phone call/frito incident wasn't bitchy, tell me if THIS is

Conservatives and Progressives Unity

What Do Viet Nam, Canada and Florida Have in Common?

Bob Kerrey for VP

Today's Fine Beer Offering: De Proef/Port Brewing Signature Ale

Can the Frito and Relative co-exist peacefully?


Last time I looked, Jesus Christ was not our nominee.

The Incredible Hulk Review

NY Times sez Obama's budget for rest of year "could exceed $300 million." Best get to work, Johnny.

In which I yet again take Faux Sprots out behind the woodshed and beat it with a stick

Presidential Accountability C-SPAN3 now

Interesting Zogby Poll. Instead of multiple choice, this one

so ... do the republicans have the power to spy on the obama campaign?

McCain’s Boeing Battle Boomerangs

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review blog suggested "giant lead" in poll for Obama foreshadows his defeat

I'm priming and painting today......

Obama's meeting with Democratic Governors from Today

Ok I have to ask

I'm primping and paining today

...while swelling Democratic enrollment and supporting other Democrats on the ballot. (50 STATES)

An email I sent out to conservatives/indies:

Rec This Thread As a Promise We'll All Get Pregnant Together!

What's the point of getting all a twitter about Obama and FISA before it even hits the Senate floor?

Is McCain Losing His Base?

Just how important is the "Constitution" anyway?

If someone owes you $500 million, should you have to accept 500 bills of one million dollars each?

I just fucked with Wu-tang clan

Obama works toward government fiscal responsibility

Did you all see the footage that Keith O. kept playing of the guys ignoring Bush?

Gallup, 6/21: Obama 46%, McCain 44%

the 82 million in taxpayer funding

Who was "Agent Mike"??

Not good Obama .. :(

This time we take the fight to them. .... NY Times "Ready to Attack Obama"

WARNING: Scary McCain Photo

FISA vote and the election.

Surveillance Bill: The Worst of All Worlds

RepubliCON claims Obama's new seal is illegal....

Ohio Democrats get pro-Obama message

Obama: No Immunity For Telecoms

You Have Been Warned

Dems maneuver for a seat in Denver at state convention

oops, not a poll

I got your orange tabby right here!

Digby feels that Obama must have a "Strategy" on FISA with Pelosi/Reid as head of Party, now.

I'm an idiot. Can someone explain why it's 'wrong' for Obama to opt out of public financing?

I just sent a contribution to Regina Thomas for Congress

I got a fucking mouse in my kitchen

Ohio Democrats get pro-Obama message

You know if congress can vote to invade another country and kill all their people.

I Got a Fucking Moose in my Kitchen..

Giuliani Spotted Sleeping On New York City Subway

FISA - How Obama can choose to lose the War, but still fight the Battle

Does CaliforniaPeggy type out the full words "my dear" every time she posts it?

Obama campaign fights smears, innuendo and misquotes with "Fact Check" :

Words that won't yield porn on the first Google image page:

For Gym-fans, Scrap-bookers or Folks Who Like to Watch Men in Short-shorts...

Pass This Around - Obama Earns A+ In Middle-Class Grade Votes

It's Dave man! Will you open up? I got the stuff with me!

Arming Obama

The PERFECT is the ENEMY of the GOOD

WP: McCain Driving Debate, But Some Fear Swerving - GOP Insiders Want More Consistent Theme

Obama donations... Paypal?

Talking to pawpicker, almost choked to death on the phone.

Don't fuck with old ladies.

Choosing Obama, Not Hillary, Is Causing Tremendous Loss . . .

Today, I found out that our real-estate agent is a screaming, raving, dyed-in-the wool

Ladies...some sad news today

Today's fun fact:

I just donated another $10 for a better America!

Drag racer Scott Kalitta killed in fiery 300 mph crash

Just got back from registering voters...outside...and it's 106 degrees

So where are we in the Rome-Scheme?

Cool INTERACTIVE Electoral Map

You know Hitting the dollar store before the grocery store and Coscto

¿$13.00 for one meal at a Mexican restaurant?

Okay, who's on your Obama VP short list?

Keep Hope From Melting

Post your favorite Bach Werke Verzeichnis number. If possible link a youtube performance of it.

A forget it I need more sleep...

I wonder what some folks said about FDR in 1932 ??

What's your pesto recipe?

I won 1000 bucks from the Tennessee lotto! woo-hoo!

I just got off the phone with the boyfriend...while watching him on "Jeopardy!"

I think it's great we hold Obama to account but..

Obama Raises “Only” $22 Million in May

There's a rainbow over Chapel Hill--Tar Heel Town--must be for the boys of summer

Mr. LIW went to the fights. I don't like the fights, so I stayed home. I'm going to have a beer.

I can't get none

Poll question: Is it wrong to be apathetic about fellow Duers getting hit by a bus?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA today at the U. S. Conference of Mayors in Miami

Triplets-separated at birth?

Now this is THE ultimate Kitty Picture

Only $725 to go till we pass $10,000! Donate to Barack Obama TODAY!

This is officially the funniest thing ever.

Man tries to rob store using palm tree as weapon

lounge dude and dudettes!

The economy and the heatwave.

Battleground Ohio: Obama campaign sightings....

Is there Mike's Submarine Restaurants in the US ?

They Did Very Well Without Knife and Fork..

My son just asked if he could go to bed. It's not even 7:00pm yet.

Hey GoPsUx! I bought you a book!

Hey? Whatever happen to the Offshore Drilling Debate? Are we letting McCain Win that?

I just realized Cindy McCain reminds me of Sandra Lee

They tore down the Hooters in my city!!!!!!!!

WOW, sure is a lot of Defeatism over the Fisa bill

Ummm, what exactly is GayThugDating?

Obama says Republicans will use race to stoke fear

Caturday: Greco-Roman Cat Stretching

Please caption HEyHEY's bear sigline.

Please caption HEyHEY's bear sigline.

The First Lady Gambit

Re: I AM Legend the film (spoilers)

Whats wrong with Obama's seal?

Michelle Obama sends thank-you to first lady

So how often do you see police in your neighborhood,

Joey Liberal Poetry

They smoke a lot weed in California

I have become the basis of the local eco-system.

Gas station manager lets people vent about prices — with a dunk tank

Technical question for all you techies...

How is OperationMindCrime these days?

Weirdest Day Ever And How Was Your Day?


OH HELL NO! I love my Mom to death, but HELL NO!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/21/08

DU's "concern" trolls need to wake up! Obama is the BEST candidate not the PERFECT candidate. . .

88 deg F-- Sitting on my back patio in the shade--- posting on my laptop

Wendy, The Muscle Whippet rules

TPM: Why Obama's Support For FISA Cave-In Is Such A Downer

Mm ... mm .. mm .. my Sharona ...

Anyone drunk?

These are $10 a piece and my insurance has not approved them....

Stick a fork in me, Jerry, I'm done.

How are all the single Parents tonight?

Let's hear it for Tammy Baldwin! I gave her an Obama sticker AND button today!

McCain’s flourishing flip-flop is extensive.. USE IT!

Obama on Supreme Court Appointments

Linear inverse vectors merge at zero

Who lies more: girls to boys, or boys to girls?

Scary moment at Barnes & Noble

McCain Gaffe Update - long list

Is it wrong to wish that a fellow Duer gets hit by a bus?

What is a common word (or phrase) you'd like to see shoved into the arcane?

Good carbuying websites?

In Honor Of Ronny K, and What Should Be The Real "Defense Of Marriage"

I hope Obama wins, but if he doesn't....

Which pain is worse?

As expected, the US adaptation of "Life on Mars" is an absolute ratfuck of a disaster

Bummer... BBC America is cancelling "MI-5"

Kitten Picture of the day for Sunday June 22

Boston DUers - what are the pros and cons of living in your area?

John McCain does not support immunity for the telecoms?

Why isn't Obama out there pounding McCain for pandering to Canada on NAFTA

Circle Jerks

Have your feelings for Obama changed since he got the nom?

What's worth seeing at the movies lately?

Only $30 to go until we reach $10,000!

Why are the McCains not showing us their children?

Repubs upset over Obama's campaign sign/symbol

I need DU help: How do I handle this situation with my stepdaughter?

Cindy McCain wins a Daytime EMMY!!!!

What should I do when the aliens land in the backyard?

I will continue to donate Money to elect Barack Obama

Battle of The Front Men

I would consider a VP offer from Obama if asked.

Check this bitchin' tune - Talking Head fans..... sooo goood

Wife's beer company could cause headaches for McCain

Them Boys From Oklahoma... They Roll Their Joints All Wrong!

When you are the 'Change' candidate, the 'outsider', the candidate who promises to fight

No more money from me to Obama

Outrage and defense (Obama and Feingold) and keeping an eye on the prize

good god already with the "ideological purity" thing.

"VICTORY GARDENS" - an old idea that's new again!

John McCain: Big Props for a Tiny Man! (((PICS)))

Just cuz, I'm so damn happy ..... my wedding pictures!!

Ideological purity will get us nowhere.

Democrats gave in to fear and terror in 2002 and 2004. It did not help us win.

In 1799, Thomas Jefferson echoed...

It is my birthday Goddammit. Let me give you a smiley!

Obama team's 50-state strategy builds on Howard Dean, Bush campaign, and Harold Ickes

Organized religion causes more problems than it solves

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA and family prepare for a family portrait at their home in Chicago on Thursday

Obama: I'll Fight To Strip Telecom Immunity From FISA


Carry this picture with you and show it to every fuckwad who says they're voting for McCain!

BREAKING: Concern Trolling MORPHS Into Purity Trolling

67 senators voted NO on removing the immunity clause

Defending the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment does not make me a concern troll.

FISA: There's NO place for secret laws or courts in a democracy, and FISA is just that!

WHO the 'H' is Sen. Russ Feingold?!

Why is Obama getting killed by his own for his pragmatism?

Okay. I'm tired of what's on TV. Bring back the black and white game shows!

Gore bump? Shhhh. Don't tell the pundits

Obama Supports FISA Legislation, Angering Left: "substantive break with Party's base"

PSI:My girlfriend got a THIRD DEGREE SUNBURN on Wed.

For all you Bridezillas out there

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on FISA... ~~ Feingold for VP!!!!

so i think i have the list of universities i'm applying to complete

THE MATH Weekly – Saturday, June 21 – Obama 333, McCain 205

What's With All the UFO Attacks?

What exactly is a *yacht* anyway?

My mom is SUCH a bitch

"the NSA approached Qwest more than six months before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks"....

Democratic Psy-Ops - Would love to get your take on this:

Religious Right 'Caught Off Guard' By Obama's Evangelical Outreach

I bet you didn't know Gloucester, Mass., was such a rockin' town.

Alternative Music Fans----

I, for one, am going to trust Barack Obama.

ronnyk's wedding day!! ---- Major pics!

Anybody have a Neighbor (like mine) that doesn't know when to leave?

ABC's Gibson asks if the fact that Obama can raise so much more money than MdCain "Is that fair?"

What is an archaic word you'd like to see come back into common usage?

*********ACTION ALERT*********** National Housing Trust Fund

Where would you go for you little slice of real estate heaven?

Note: Obama has not retreated on NAFTA

Obama is not Dennis Kucinich

Happy Birthday, Kyra!!! (gratuitous kitty pics ahoy)

Britain Sends Information on Suspect to the U.S.

Was Fort Worth State Rep. Candidate Murder Target?

22-Year-Old Arms Dealer Arrested in Miami

U.N. Nuke Chief: Mideast Could Burn If Iran Attacked

Banks Trimming Limits for Many on Credit Cards

Michelle Obama makes $148 frock a fashion smash

McCain closes the cash gap with Obama

Analysis: McCain hampered by campaign missteps

Political pressure could delay US-Iraq security deal

Iraqi-Canadian contractor goes on trial in Iraq in stabbing case

U.N. inspectors face tough mission in Syria

South Carolina being sued over Holy number plates that carry the image of a cross

Democrats Rail Against Bush's Oil Policies (radio address)

(4) Soldiers killed in Afghan blast

Cops Ring Bell at 3 A.M. to Let Man Know Door's Unlocked

'Harassed' Iran student arrested

Rise in Renters Erasing Gains for Ownership

Iran accuses U.S. of backing Sunni Muslim rebels

UNICEF Says Child Abuse Rising

Brazil welcomes EU decision to lift sanctions against Cuba

Floods may widen (Gulf) dead zone(size of Maryland)

Saudis think you pay too much for gas, too

MPAA Says No Proof Needed in P2P Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

US Industry Requests Verification of Beef Age for Korea

Fake FEMA officials reported in flood-ravaged Vernon County

Saudi summit aims at oil prices

'Guest workers' protest recruitment tactics

Colombian rebels release proof-of-life video of hostage lawmaker

Obama: I'll Fight To Strip Telecom Immunity From FISA

Indiana voter ID law challenged again

Ark. man, others blame KBR for contaminants in Iraq

Bush says Democrats keep blocking his energy plans

US energy chief: Low oil production drives price

Pakistan troops 'aid Taliban'

Rice trip comes amid signs of N. Korea cooperation

Banks Trimming Limits for Many on Credit Cards

AG rules hemp bill is legal

The Week In Cartoons 06/21

Agent Mike: If I Were a Man, I'd Want a Big Dick

The Zen of Impeachment.

Parody of Everybody Must Get Stoned (Homeland Security nonsense)

On the Threshold of Liberty

Countdown: KO and John Dean on FISA and Obama

Obama bashing exposed.

Is It Better or Worse to Call a White Person the N Word?-The Young Turks

Does Being a POW Give You Presidential Experience?-The Young Turks

MUST SEE!! Treadmill Kittens

Barack Obama at U.S. Mayor's Conference in Miami, FL

What is the sound of one hand waving? -Bush. Raleigh. L.O.L. (00:31)

Cafferty: The McCain Flip-Flop

TYT: CBS's Lara Logan Slams American Coverage Of Iraq War

Pretext for bombing of Lebanon ...Was it a practice run for Iran?


Bloomberg blasts Obama rumors and whisper campaigns

Obama Blasts McCain on Opposing Flood Prevention Funding

"They Are Destroying the Constitution" --RFK Jr

The Obama-Simpsons-Colbert-Major League Baseball Conspiracy... whew!

McCain: "I do not support Roe v. Wade. It should be overturned."

Pelosi floor statement on FISA

Brown wants oil-rich states to back UK nuclear plants

All 34 bodies retrieved from N China coal mine

HuffPo's Chris Kelly writes: David Vitter Has a New Fetish

Barack Obama's recent comments on nuclear energy

Fuel costs sending immigrants back to Mexico

WaPo: Report on Climate Predicts Extremes; More Droughts Likely in North America

Paris to buy 4000 electric cars for public rental

French/US Sea-level Tracking Satellite launched on the solstice.

Walking a Nuclear Tightrope

US energy chief: Low oil production drives price

Nigerian youths blow up oil pipeline, output cut

What is a realistic sea level rise projection for the next 20 years?

We Can't Drill Our Way Out

Wanted - New Rail Barons

"Anarchism: What it really stands for" -Emma Goldman(1910)

Does Investigation of the Pentagon’s Channel to an Iran Contra Arms Dealer Continue?

EDITORIAL: McCain and veterans

The Imperialist Right Threatens Obama on Iraq

Robert Parry: Democrats Legalize Bush's Crimes

The Poverty of Reaganism-Bushism

The Shock Doctrine by Catherine Austin Fitts

Mercedes wants to eliminate petroleum by 2015

The Right to a Job, Food & Water, and Housing

Wikileaks Publishes US Counterinsurgency Manual?

We Rage, Europeans Yawn, Over Domestic Counterterrorism Ops

McCain Agrees to Forego '527s,' in Favor of '666s'

Telecoms Flex Their Muscles: FISA "Compromise" Locks-in Lawless Spying

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Status Quo-oh (James Kunstler)

The Russert Send-Off

McCain: 'I Didn't Love Evangelicals Until They Held My Nomination Prisoner'

Iran: Stop nukes by bombing oil wells, neocons suggest

NYT: Bring It On (a defense of Obama's decision to opt out of the public financing system )

Abu Ghraib: a disgrace and a calamity

Medea Benjamin: Iraqi Refugees, America's Shame

Sen. Jim Webb... Is Emerging As the Democrats' Military Point Man

‘He Should Never Have Gone to Iraq’ (Newsweek)

A Secret Oil Gusher Inside Citigroup

History of ...modern-day VP nominees chock-full of blunders caused by haste or miscalculations

U.S. 'Plans To Neutralize Russian Nuclear Weapons By 2012-2015'

The Ugly Side of Disaster

Possibilities In Colombia For A U.S. Military Base

An Honorable Way Out of Iraq

Economy Down, Crime Up

The Media, the War, and An Empire's Crossroad

Frank Rich: Now That We’ve ‘Won,’ Let’s Come Home

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Howling in the Belly of the Confederacy (Joe Bageant)

The real McCain -- The Guardian's Paul Harris uncovers the dark side of John McCain

Reverse Henry-Fordism

*Energy payback* on PhotoVoltaic solar collectors

Media Continues to be MIA on the Truth about Iraq War

NYT, pg1: Travelers Shift to Rail as Cost of Fuel Rises; Shrunken Amtrak can't meet demand

Gay Marriage Is Good for America

The Loud Silence Of Feminists

Israel Endorses McCain Campaign

A Trouble With Amtrak

Women who dislike football are stupid

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Economic Segregation: The Rise of Private Towns (Eran Reya)

Texas unit returns home from Iraq

Army Turning Trash into Energy in Iraq

Shareholders take brunt of banks' capital raising

Unauthorized Charges Gone Wild on Me

Regional Banks Spiral Towards Zero

GM Death Watch

It’s Not Nice to Short Bank Stocks

Older Americans in Bankruptcy--

Royal Bank of Scotland brace for a full-fledged crash in global stock and credit markets

Ex-Lehman Trader Launches Hedge Fund

Ponzi Scheme at Steve & Barry's

The FHA Time Bomb

Did Bank of America write the Dodd bailout bill?

Foreclosure auction firms accused of “bait and switch”

Today in labor history June 21, 10 miners are hanged in Pennsylvania (updated)

Did you ever reach a stage were you thought : "Let me leave this for another lifetime"

Gay Marriage Is Good for America

How Gender and Queer Studies Ruined My Life.

Israel's peace efforts widen

Possibilities In Colombia For A U.S. Military Base

Colombian rebels release proof-of-life video of hostage lawmaker

Brazil welcomes EU decision to lift sanctions against Cuba

FIDEL: "The US, Europe and Human Rights"

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (June 21): Magnus, Ivanchuk 1-2 in Foros

New York Sports Fans: Slide show of top 25 NY atheletes (I disagree with a few picks)

Effects of Steroids on Horses Unclear

ChiSox in first. My Cubs have MLB best record

Judge rules that Duke does indeed suck at football

Check out this ball girl!

Sigh.... Nothing To Watch Until The End Of August...

"I hope he doesn't ask me...but if he asks me, I would say yes."

The Mythology of The All: Volume Six-The Passion of Chaos

The Lion, the Witch and the Ego

Spoonful of Bacteria may lessen athletic ailments

Parent Separation/Moving Linked to Allergy

Soda drinks (regular or diet) linked to Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes

HEAT EXHAUSTION/ STROKE --- Symptoms/Treatment

Are Placebos A Betrayal?

Big, Well-Balanced Breakfast Aids Weight Loss

Investigation of Glaxo's Paxil widens

a few snaps from a few minutes ago

French Fry recipies.

How is this possible?

Palm trees contribute to crime wave

Do you have a right to worship wherever and whenever you want to worship?

Hard-line Anglican bishops make a mess of it in the Holy Land

Religious Right Gears Up To Push Political Choices From the Pulpit

Why Christians can’t dance

Religion and the Reich

Why the skeptic can’t dance

Messianic Jews say they are persecuted

Real ghosts from 9-11

"The truth is out there" ...

The War on Truth

Secret Service in FOIA request says sources cited by 9/11 CR on Cheney and PEOC don't exist?

Japanese Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global

Japanese Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global

what are the three biggest problems

Really nice story: a pool dedication for autistic children. Kerry was there. W/ video

Does anyone know Kerry's position on the FISA "compromise" bill?

O'Reilly to Release DRM-Free EBooks

I'm at the edge of throwing this gizmo into the trash. You all

My System Idle Process is using up 95 CPU

Has anyone else been having trouble viewing YouTube in Firefox 3?

Sarah Bazter at the Sunday Times says Pawlenty is on McCain's short list

Tinklenberg endorsed by Independent Party

Some on the Left are attacking McCain on the POW/MIA issue with smears. This is not right.

Recent Obama Posts From Liberal Values

NJ: Judge rules public can see voting machine test results

Finally got around to seeing "Hacking Democracy"....

Nasty and weak is some achievement, Gordon


Answer to Left Behind Videogame: Atheist Videogame has goal to stop spread of Xianity & Islam