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Archives: June 18, 2008

Apparently I'm not allowed here at DU to specifically I.D.

Buckeye Poll

The Rich Need More Help! Bush to the Resue!(Bush History: 6/18 Wednesday)

Texas GOP Disavows Knowledge Of Racist Anti-Obama Button

Report: Israel confirms truce with Hamas


Donna Edwards won the special election tonight.


Experts defend witnesses' inaction to father's brutal slaying of boy

Where Is The Website To Fight Obama Smears?

Gallup poll confirms majority of Americans favor diplomacy with Iran

Election 2008: Alaska Senate

Ahmadinejad Faces Intra-Party Challenge

Hard core criminal caught by cops

Have you noticed the difference in the coverage of gay marriage in CA? All "girls" and no kisses.

BREAKING: Lakers insist they won the popular vote.

When bush attacks Iran, how will Americans react?

Paul Alexander, author of “Machiavelli’s Shadow: The Rise And Fall Of Karl Rove"

BREAKING NEWS: "Morning Joe" is breaking into its Tim Russet reminiscences...

How Do You Put A Picture In An Email?

McCain’s Tortured Logic

Two Amazing back to back paragraphs from 6-months more Tom Friedman.

I know that DU isnt 100% responsible for the ads.....

Fake headline: Vice pres. dick cheney found dead in his office.

Can WE Prosecute and Convict George W. Bush for War Crimes? Maybe... Law School Forum Info Here

== Hell of a year (so far) = By Mark Morford

Include GI Bill in war funding, veterans urge

Addressing America's "Deeper Malignancies"

Adam Curtis: The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom

NYT: Are the Democrats Still Caving in on FISA and Telecom Spying Immunity?

Bush closes defense contractor tax loophole

bu$h*s parting gift to big oil - offshore drilling

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/18/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 - McCain up 1

Report: Feds need better privacy protection for data collected about us

I wish I could buy what Chris Dodd is saying: I can't.

Safavin convictions overturned-gets new trial

Cops buying heavy weapons in anticipation of Democratic National Convention.

Bullshit on CNN just now about marijuana

The "Tragedy of the Commons": true or false?

Bush will be campaigning for his oilmen

For my 20,000th post, I have but one thing to impart.

Happy Birthday, Paul McCartney!

Racist, anti-Obama Button Being Sold at Texas GOP Convention

Truthdig: 50 New ‘Manhattan Projects’

Natural disaster

Conservative Pundit Dennis Prager Fears the Whippersnapper Vote

HEADS UP: Michelle Obama on The View 8 minutes from now

Another lying smear video of Barack

The Geniuses at the Washington Post (and their BS editorial on Iraq)

National Day of Action Against the Health Insurance Industry - Demand Universal...TOMORROW!

How Pro-American Are They?

Democrats To Back Down on Iraq War Conditions

Democrats To Back Down on Iraq War Conditions

The Rich Need More Help! Bush to the Resue!(Bush History: 6/18 Wednesday)

Meanwhile, Back in Iraq, The Carnage Continues......

Bush to Visit Iowa to Inspect Damage From Heavy Storms, Floods

Whose American Dream Is It, Anyway?

Paulson & Co. Founder Says Bank Writedowns, Losses May Reach $1.3 Trillion

GOP "insiders" nervous of McClellan's upcoming testimony

Does Al Gore stand to make millions or billions off of carbon offsets?

Denver stocks up on pepper-spray weapon for DNC

Some people are just so effing stupid. There are people who think protests and rallies

Anybody else hear something about ANOTHER stimulus check?

Bush on TV blaming Dems for High Oil Prices: Says we Must Drill OCS

Bush confuses UK PM Gordon Brown with "hip-hop-style" handshake

McCain risks ‘flip-flop’ jibes by voters

Teachers' union to sue over two voucher amendments on the Florida ballot in November

algal poison is back on Maine's coast

Need some clear examples of Constitutional violations of the Bush White House

polar bear news from Iceland - yes, Iceland

6 schoolkids missing in flood - Philippines. 7+ schoolkids dead in flood -China

Marriage is about love

Report: Exams reveal abuse, torture of detainees

The First Annual Darryl Issa Challenge Contest

Just because...

Denver Under siege

Checklist for Change

Gas in Scotland translates to $14.00 / gallon

Bush to Congress: Embrace energy exploration now (Creating causes and conditions...)

My comments on Michael Reagan.

John McCain is living in a pre - 1776 mindset.

"If you drink this water and live, tell me about it." Iowa

FBI Interviews of Bush, Cheney Subpoenaed

Greg Mitchell: Jeff Gannon Returns As National Press Club Activist/Blogger!

Sen. Reed castigates William Haynes: ‘You denigrated the integrity of the U.S. military.’

has anyone seen any unusual gas lines anywhere?????

The French respond to their smoking ban.

Nowadays, there's a real need for more of what?

12 cent gas

Giuliani Falls Flat Bashing Obama on Sept.11 & Obama camps response: Giuliani's Pre-9/11 Mentality

The President Continues to Slow Walk Americans on Energy Independence-FACTS


Williams to Hannity: "I can tell you, Sean. They support the Constitution that you should support."

Uh ..... media geniuses ..... if yer gunna cite it, at least say it right ..... okay?

Should bin Laden surrender and plea bargain down to writing an offensive book?

Blackwater's Bright Future

Mr. Bush v. the Bill of Rights (NYT Editorial)

Need help finding Army Corps reports about Mississippi River levees not NOLA

It's not just Blackwater: the SourceWatch list of private military corporations.

Larry Sinclair is a criminal

Seen these protest signs?

Nomination of homophobic surgeon general may be dead.»

Reader’s letter: Support Bush impeachment

Presidential terms in office by Chinese Zodiac

Oxymoron time. Gov't ACCOUNTABILITY Office sides with giving more tax dollars to Boeing

Accepts Harvard rejects Columbia, Dartmouth, Penn, Cornell, Georgetown, Stanford, NYU

What If Iran Threatened To Attack The U.S.

"Does Anyone Care That The Midwest Is Drowning?"


Bush freed millions - from this earthly life - Today’s Headlines 6/18/08

Ah the plight of the rich!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Woods is done for the year.


Start with a lie, blame someone else, never accept responsibility..

Law School To Organize Bush War Crimes Trail

So, the Chinese are looking at buying the Chrysler Building, and

I liked Tim Russert. Damn it, I really did.

Iowa's Sen. Grassley (R) has advice for * on his planned Iowa flood visit

The greater orgy of maudlin, needless sanctimony was .......

Anybody here know much about Charlie Brown in CA?

The 65 Percent Solution: 100 Percent Deception

Hope has two children...

Jury finds former Ill. officer guilty of 4 rapes

Old Dogs and Hard Time -- Joe Bageant

If Obama wins the White House, will we see the return of domestic terrorists?

Are obese people responsible for rising food prices?

A question about Bush

Trump: "I think the oil companies have been ripping off this country & the world for a long time"

Journalism losing its meaning

Question: When did McSame meet with the oil companies? n/t

You know that feeling? 17 year old just got a speeding ticket...grrrrrrr

If the Taliban were 'Eviscerated' nearly 7 years ago who are we killing now? Their children?

Yup ... everything went to hell in America when we started using margarine

If I add the word "fuck" to my post...

Rolling Highways: Save money on gas, get there faster, and get there safer without having to drive.

Feith Chickens Out Of Congressional Hearing On Torture, Refuses To Appear With Wilkerson»

An idea whose time has come....the pedicab.

Craig McCord: Empty Shelves, Empty Bellies

National Day of Action Against the Health Insurance Industry - Demand Health Care for all..TOMORROW!

Offshore Drilling

If you had any doubt about the incestuous relationship between

The Unbearable Arrogance of Oil

Jellyfish outbreaks a sign of nature out of sync

1/3 of Taser Victims Require Medical Attention

Sprint counters $199 Apple iPhone with $129.99 Samsung Instinct

Video of police beating of transsexual.

What Obama could do quickly to clean up the ties that bind this country.

Death of a Salesman

just an observation, not a judgement: the memorial service is 2 hours long.

Latest RW Talking Point: Just TALKING About Drilling for Oil Will Give Us $2.50/Gal Gas !!

Mr. Zebari's Message: Iraq's foreign minister has a chat with Barack Obama.

Ever wear a defective Thong?

Rove may be allowed to testify without being sworn in.

where did the order to torture come from?

RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert

"I passed the first seat belt law in the US ....... and every other state soon followed .......

Because he was a Lynrd Skynrd fan, Tim Russert should be elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Rude Pundit: A Defense of Comedians Who Run For the Senate

McCain's Absurd Backpedaling On The Environment

Why are defense contractors allowed profit?

experts say Torture 'stains US image, endangers soldiers'

Charges Dropped in Republican Politician-Escort Scandal in Wash. State

Torture memo author William Haynes: 23 don't recalls, 22 don't remembers, 16 don't knows

Talk of the Nation, June 18, 2008: 'What happened at Guantánamo?'

Please help DU this poll...

Torture, according to Randi actually made it outside the intertubes

The President's War Request: Local Costs Updated

Let's play a game of RISK

Tiger Woods done for the year - blown ACL

With all the storms Insurance companies are busy. Our adjuster was here and totaled our roof

Singaporean Man Gets 14 Years In Jail for Sniffing Womens' Armpits (NSFW)

How sad..people spent 4 days sandbagging, and it was unsuccessful

Broken Laws, Broken Lives: Medical Evidence of Torture by the US

Help DU this poll on offshore drilling.

Perdue set to make major health-care announcement later Wednesday

DCCC Announces Third Round of Red to Blue (14 more competitive races)

Texas GOP cuts off vendor that sold racist button

June 18th: The lastest from the nation's cartoonists...

Congressional Report: The Truth About America’s Energy

More Democrats Pegged for National Party Aid

Bush: All Hat No Cattle on Oil Drilling

Buffalo, NY needs to change it's name to Russert

Who Would Barack Obama Appoint To The Supreme Court?

Fuck Tim Russert!

Tim Russert's likeness needs to be chiseled onto Mt. Rushmore

John Lennon once spoke of Tim Russert, "He's bigger than Jesus!"

just turned on msnbc....they were playing 'freebird'

"Inside Tim Russert's last vacation"

Final DOW numbers today

John McCain Is Not George Bush.

Otherwise known as "Republican Disease"

WTF -they're bringing on Gen. McCaffrey

i actually heard the words 'george w. bu$h* and war crimes' on CNN

Impeachment Daily - Article 3 - Misleading Congress and Nation concerning WMD

Same Sex Marriage Has Local Talk Show Host All Tied In Knots!!!!

If We Drill, I Want the Oil.........

Horrors - another Tim Russert article - but read the comments

Feith: ‘We Did Not’ Exaggerate Iraq Threat, Just Made ‘Errors’ In Presentation»

Got bumper stickers? Then you likely got road rage.

As if flood victims didn't have ENOUGH to worry about

How do I, a nobody in the middle of nowhere, help my candidate get money?

Why Does Blackwater Hate America? - Blackwater wants lawsuit decided under Islamic law

He he he! I think I just owned a bunch of Freeper types

GOP = Gas and Oil Party

Help me out, here. Who was the last Celebrity who got this kind of send-off?

How many years until Tim Russert qualifies for sainthood?

Please please--post a new edition of the hate mailbag!! eom

Documents on Rep. Cannon’s website nearly identical to Merchants Payments Coalition

Space Race: A Battle Looms For the Overhead Bins

"It" takes a village

US says 4 helicopter engines worth $13 million missing in Afghanistan-Pakistan region

WH accidentally pings McCain as misleading

and where does the Mississippi River flow to? Thats right New Orleans

Wednesday TOONS: part 2 Shrub and mcshrub and Obama

A blindly optimistic reason why impeachment might be "off the table"

Breaking: Memorial Day moved to May 7th

Tim Russert - in Memorium

Kucinich on Impeachment

Kucinich on Impeachment


The GOP fights to increase profits for Exxon while Iowa drowns

The Dems need to make sure the public knows that the oil companies already

WaPo Interview w/ Kucinich: "I cannot understand what the political reason would be to not impeach"

On Hate

George W. Bush's 50 greatest accomplishments

Why will Congress cave on FISA

Kucinich threatens 60 impeachment articles if Judiciary doesn’t act

caption this pic...

Loopholes Poopholes! Sew them shut or

How to train death squads and quash revolutions from San Salvador to Iraq

I heard Limbaugh refer to Sen. Obama as "bin Laden" today.

Right-wing, conservative...

On C-Span, Steve King (R-Iowa) giving big oil a reach around.

I am watching the TWIT on the dumbest show...insanity and colmes

My report from the retail front lines

Remember my Activia yogurt "problem" in April? I lost 25-lbs in eight weeks. Beaver-Fever!

Just received a PUSH-POLL phone call for Sheriff Tommy (what civil rights?) Thomas (it's starting)

I've started to use a new term for the far right

"Getting terrorism advice from Rudy Giuliani is like getting cooking advice from Cindy

The Questions Tim Russert Could Have Asked Bush

BREAKING: Russert was paid by Rove!

So I was wandering over at Mitch and Nan's this afternoon....

Do you guys all realize how serious this Mississippi flood is?

Mother Nature copies genes better than people copy Bibles

'Kid-Friendly’ Sex Shop Opens In New York (NSFW)

Midwest Floods: 24 death, 148 injuries so far! Who knew?

Re: Disasters. You are on your own. Forget FEMA, Big Brother, and Charity

Iowa farmer makes a sorrowful choice

Conyers, Sánchez to Justice Department: Our authority does not stop at the gates of the White House

Bush History, Wednesday 6/18 (The Rich Need More Help! Bush to the Rescue!)

Bush prosecuted by the Hague? Ain't gonna happen.

House Leaders Agree on War Funding

House, Bush strike deal on war supplemental. No conditions, such as banning torture.

So the G.E.Russert service was the Liberal Elite that I am disconnected to

A Response to *’s Speech Calling for More Domestic Drilling of Oil and Natural Gas

Student hacker who upped his grades faces 38 years in jail

Iraqi re-Baathification law not being implemented

Larisa Alexandrovna-"Bush Admin has created the very monsters they claimed to be fighting against"

Kucinich - Congress Must Check Raw Power of Executive

Officer slams teen into wall

BARNICLE: "We'd never seen anything like it!1" (him & G.E., talking about the vast U.S.)

Luke Russert is Impressive. He Rocks!

Luke Russert is Impressive. He Rocks!

Faith healing teen dies at home (from something curable)

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back - mission really accomplished

Amy Goodman: Weather Reports Are Missing the Story

The Nation: This Brave Nation: Peace Takes Courage (Our AVA!)

I am voting republican (text version)

Do we not stand when the Star Spangled Banner is sung??? n/t

911 Prediction Revealed at Lindauer Competency Hearing in New York City (Michael Collins)

Time to Badger Congress About NO IMMUNITY for AT&T and Verizon (Telecoms) for Warrantless Wiretaps

So, yesterday I posted about a fifth foot found off the coast of BC - NUMBER SIX IS HERE

"George Bush doesn't care about white people...or wet people. " Wyatt Cenac.

George Bush doesn't care about white people!!!

McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors.

XM 167 renamed America Left, starting July 14th

Offshore drilling - I'm starting to have a conspiracy theory

Bush, McCain Wed In California; Few Surprised

GOP Insiders Fret About What Former White House Spokesman Will Say

Keeping Pace with the Times — The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (NewEngJourMed)

Did I miss something, re: McCain wanting to close Guantanamo?

Washington Times columnist calls AIDS ‘the gift of the gays.’

Small towns suffer big losses as rivers rise

“Freedom of the press is on trial in Canada.” Pat Buchanan has a point re freedom of speech.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Maine: US Senate race gets closer

The gap between America's rich and the rest of us

What are we willing to do to change the course?

Well, it looks like the Chimperor is going to do his obligatory Flood Fly-By

"The Changing of the Guard" by Dr. Zaius...a photo that really addresses the Bush 3rd term

Eulogy for the Winnebago

Big Media - What The Democrats Face in November - Handy Chart

Here's my letter to Michael Gerson of the Washington Post today...

Sir Winston Churchill -- Opinions?

Screw the stupid airlines! Carry-on bag Nazis

By the light, of the silvery moon... the Solstice moon tonight...

Springsteen on Russert's Memorial....n/t

My parents will vote for OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

What is this Michelle O. makeover bullshit?

Bush Says Dems to Blame for High Gas Prices

Stewart nailed it last night--we have lost our humanity as a nation.

Douchebag extrodinaire Larry Sinclair arrested after NPC

GREAT PHOTOSHOP: Obama as Abe Lincoln

George Galloway talking about war with Iran

What do you call someone who uses your wifi

Bruce Springsteen's Tribute to Russert in what he finish off the Memorial:

I love this. A great political cartoon:

For those of you who missed the interview with Lara Logan last nite....

If you're in or around LA.....

Sacramento wants to tax text messages!!11!