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best RedCappedBandit on du?

Barak Obama Reacts - Tim Russert

Bush is straight-talker, so what's EU3?

Do Me A Favor - Please Defend George W. Bush . . .

Well golf fans we get to sit on our ass for four hours tomorrow

Happy Father's Day

Diplomats, Commanders, GOPers Condemn Bushn Record (Bush History: 6/16 Monday)

Mods: Tiger Woods threads should no longer be automatically moved to the Sports forum.

Bush-backer pens pro-Obama book

A really good is about to start on IFC, The Long Kiss Goodnight, check it out.

Elian Gonzalez Joins Cuba's Communists...Elian had survived a boating accident off the Florida coast

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report June 13, 3008

This is getting old....

know why some of you are still freaking out about the (over) coverage of Russert?

Bush and Brown press conference on BBC now

I hope members of Billionaires for Bush call the WJ this morning

Wikileaks Releases US Special Forces counter-insurgency manual

Is anyone else having trouble loading

code PINK for a week! come to d.c.

"Some carried handcuffs on the off-chance that Bush might present himself for a citizen's arrest."

Tacoma Marine among bomb victims

Tim Russert was a journalist of the finest kind

brown/ bush replay of press conference on c-span now 10:10 am

The Federal Reserve Says the Economy is Weak

While the midwest floods, Bush dines with Rupert Murdoch.»

Impeachment Daily - Article 1

Turlock baby stomper was shouting about "demons" ** warning graphic***

Car that runs on water (even saltwater) and air created in Japan

Vets returning from Iraq turn to war protesters for help

I miss JeffR. Not the DUzy thread, I miss JeffR

"The liberation of 50 million people"? My attempt at Special Commentary

U.S. Stocks Fall as Manufacturing Data, Oil Stoke Concern Profits to Erode

Gordon Brown to bush "We're getting out of Iraq."

So this lady died too

and the media generally concurred

Louisiana officials demand answers from FEMA

4 days of Tim Russert... Should the MSM be nationalized?

Rasmussen, 6/16: Just 47% Oppose Nationalizing Oil Industry

It is just me or are these oil rigs having an unusually large amount of fires recently?

Sens. Feingold and Hagel: We need a better map of the world

NPR four part story on drug war asset forfeiture programs

well used bullets...if a little late...

Will bush fly over Iowa on his way back from Europe?

Invisible Victims

Chocolate lovers rejoice:Synthetic Cocoa Chemical Slows Growth Of Tumors In Human Cell Lines

Oh good god! Send him Back to the Pig Farm for the Next Seven Months

Better plant that Tater before it sprouts...

Need More Signatures!

Bush: "I believe an accurate reading of history says that freedom can bring peace we want."

Talk show host Michael Reagan calls for murder of anti-war activist

Floods take heavy toll on U.S. grain crops; Impact likely to be felt on food shelves

Oil from public lands belongs to the People.

Russert Memorial Service at the Kennedy Center 4pm Wed

Conservatives Battle Possible Fairness Doctrine Return


Stone of Destiny is fake, claims Alex Salmond

I'm having a hard time getting excited over this "special mtg. rate"

dogs and cats get to eat salmon

today's floods

McClatchy will cut 1,400 jobs, 10% of its workforce, as advertising slumps

You Can't Take a Poll to Decide if the Law Should Be Enforced

Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.

caption this * and pickles pic...

Investigation Advances For U.S. Attorneys Scandal

Brokaw on Russert: "he wasn't going to forfeit his opportunities along the way."

Bush is conniving and conspiring as we speak...

MarketWatch: Housing, inflation getting worse, data to show

Courant Quiet On Impeachment

MarketWatch: Consumers cutting back, and the pattern may be lasting

Lukery and Sibel will be on the radio today.

The Many Layers of Brain-Dead Conservatives' Hell

Code Pink D.C. Unravels Banner At McCain Speaking Event ("Don't Buy Bush's War!")

What happens when a typical Republican visits Washington?

Preemptive Fox News appreciation thread

Nixon went to China. Would a President John McCain go to China?

McCain to continue Bush republican sub-prime government.

Wrongfully Imprisoned

Rocco's wearing a sweater that covers his belt buckle. Was he told to keep it covered?

Iowans must be wondering if they will get the "New Orleans Treatment" when waters subside...

Conservative talk show idiocy: Hillary killed Tim Russert!

Response from NC Congressman Bob Etheridge re: Impeachment

Study reveals a six RS-68 and 5.5 segment booster for Ares V

Bush said he was "sorry" that innocent civilians had been killed in Iraq

Verizon offers details of Usenet deletion: alt.* groups, others gone

For Mass Transit, Mass Investment

University of Iowa Flood Relief Fund link

Yale AND Harvard

Scarcity in an Age of Plenty

These national floods are frustrating. What, if anything, can be done to prevent them?

The next time the post office raises rates, the new stamp should be dedicated to Tim Russert

The FDA Wants to Stop You from Protecting Yourself Against Drug Companies

Why Aren’t We Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom?

Scott Horton: US Attorneys Scandal Enters Criminal Prosecutions Phase ("Effort To Slow Probe Down")

Thank you, Tim Russert...

Right-wing Pretzel Logic.......

McDonald's Outsources Hawaiian Jobs to Texas

Boil-water alert in Montgomery County Maryland

As Bush beats the drums for war with Iran, remember THIS:

Mexicans living in U.S. sending less money home

Did Bush sip Moon's 'holy wine'?

Three cheers for California.

LIMBOsevic just said, "I never mention him because he's clearly crazy" (Keith)

I'm not a sentimental man....

I'm not a sentimental man....

US soldier refuses to report for active duty in Iraq

Our Third World Flood-Control Infrastructure

Bush's fatwa decreeing that bin Laden MUST be captured before he descends the royal throne

"There has been only one African American Supreme Court Justice"

A little something for my cuberat friends who love golf!

The Iraq Occupation has Cost 5 TRILLION Dollars, at the Least!

Survey: Children reading less, 31% say they'd "rather do other things."

Judge rules for White House in e-mail controversy

Bush: Critics Of Gitmo, Abu Ghraib And Rendition Are ‘Slandering America’

Bernanke Says Rising Health Care Costs a Strain

"I Guess You Can Call It Torture"-"Retribution For 9/11"-Except Prisoners Had NO Role In 9/11

Don't worry Iowans, Bush will fly over when he returns from Europe....

Our top story: Tim Russert is still dead

CBS Wanted To Replace Dan Rather With Keith Olbermann

When's the last time you reviewed your home owner's policy?

Conservatives Don't Understand The Rule Of Law

NYTimes Op/Ed For Monday Is On Siegelman Case: "Congress Should Compel Rove To Testify"

'Iraqi Refugee Crisis Grows As West Turns Its Back' (MILLIONS Suffering)

Greg Mitchell: A Captain Kills Himself In Iraq - Full Story Of Suicide Finally Emerges

There was an Elian Gonzalez thread yesterday. I wondered what he looks like now

Why help the people of Iowa, the chose to live in a flood plain.

Oversight Committee Subpoenas Justice Department for Plame Documents

Breaking News: Tim Russert is still Dead; news at 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, and 11 and 12,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Tom Hartmann's got the harpies coming out in droves

Gay men, straight women share brain detail

the new thing in parties in the home for women - Taser parties!

Not one press question to McFuckwad about what he thinks of impeachment articles accusing him.

$5.29 A Gallon In Orlando...Not Kidding

Honestly - does anyone know any Christians or Fundies who agree with Phelps?

Best wishes to all getting married in CA today

Who started calling Russert "Timmeh?"

Next next person starting a 'Tim R. is still dead' thread should be tombstoned

Tiger Woods pulled it off!

Pelosi: "The constitution is off the table."

Breaking News..... MeetThe Press Tim Has Died....

Bush & Iowa is like the second set of astronauts to land on the moon (in a bad way)

So what have we learned this weekend kiddies?

DKOS: Uninsureds Experience with tried to rip him/her off big time.

The shit is just beginning to hit the fan. (Kunstler's latest blog entry)

June: One per day

Tiger Woods wins his 3rd U.S. Open

Dave Lindorff: Ducking Impeachment in Congress and the Newsroom

After * is out of office, we should just let bygones be bygones - come now, it's about HUMANITY.

Caption Bush

Stop, you're killing us: Bush Suggests Another Bush Term

NBC source: "No way" cable personality would be considered for "MTP" moderator

The Saudi family is indigenous to...

Correction: Tim Russert was only a Senior Vice President at NBC News, not Chief Executive.

Well, here goes...

Wiretapping: Impeachment Not Immunity

Conyers reemphasizes subpoena threat for Rove testimony

What do you think of Nancy Grace?

If A CEO Dies At An Airlines Should All The Flights Be Stopped or Canceled?

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Re Groceries: Dumpster diving isn't my thing. But THIS - this I can do.

Great bumper sticker I saw today today......

how many people die every day and how many are born on our little planet? n/t

Her show seriously sucks. (Nancy Grace)

Re: Tim Russert, MSNBC, and excessive coverage of his life, death.....

Bush: Critics Of Gitmo, Abu Ghraib And Rendition Are ‘Slandering America’

Judge backs White House office in e-mail controversy

'Pro-Life' Drugstores Market Beliefs-No Contraceptives For Chantilly Shop

Bush Becoming a Catholic?

What about the corn fields?

TSA's New "Policelike" Badges A Sore Point With Real Cops

rachael maddow is hosting david gregory's show

Is this catholic hour on Tweety?

George Bush "unplugged" for the "final leg of his tour"

The great Tiger Woods has done it again

Stacy Taylor is laying into the Beltway enablers in the MSM!

Caption this pic.

Chimpolini contemplates writing memoirs

BREAKING: There is STILL NO NEWS occurring. TimmehPalooza - Day ??

Cruelty to cats! Another reason to boycott Beijing Olympics . . .

Baseball Fans HATE America!!

Will Bush sorry McSame name

Fred Phelps thanks God for killing Tim Russert

Amy Goodman on Tweety now n/t

Rasmussen VA Sen. Poll: Blowout City: Warner 60 (+5), Gilmore 33 (-4)

I saw Mary Matalin today on CNN.

Finally, something * is good at.

I have a legal question re incorporation.

World trusts Ahmadinejad more than Bush ‘to do the right thing regarding world affairs.’»

White House office wins ruling on e-mail records

McCain Texas Oilman Fundraiser: “Rape is like the weather”

FLASHBACK: McCain Brushed Off Allen’s ‘Macaca’ Remarks, Praised Him For His ‘Courage’

FISA negotiators near deal

Che Guevara, 4 decades later, gets a hometown statue

Bush poo-poos idea of attending international conference to tackle rising oil prices

Has anyone else read something about the Big Russ story being bullshit

MarketWatch: Consumers cutting back, and the pattern may be lasting

Vatican bans 'godless' Da Vinci Code sequel Angels & Demons from Rome churches

Kucinich Vows to Return, With Other Reps, and 60 Articles if Impeachment Not Taken Up in 30 Days.

What about Rest In Peace?

What did you do before you watched the news 24 hours a day?

Gore to Appear With Obama tonight - to endorse

I thought Rachel did a great job filling in for Gregory, She has done KO. Now on to Hardball?

Tonight at 5:01...

Who's who in Obamaworld

NPR alert

sentenced to solitary for possessing a copy of the United States Constitution in his cell

Trucking Bankruptcies Ease Shortage Of Drivers; Legions of drivers are out of work...


Scientists Link Brain Symmetry, Sexual Orientation

How many days would tributes to Skinner or Will Pitt flood DU if they died suddenly?

DemocracyNow covering Extreme Weather / Global Warming connections...

Campaign Notebook: Unions Making Sure Obama Hears Their Voices

comparing rape to the weather: "As long as it's inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.

US businessman: Videos show torture by UAE royal

Must be nice to have so much money the only thing you have to steal is recipes

This video convinced me. I'm voting republican.

Are Arabs indigenous to Europe?

Endangered congressional Republicans are in George Who? mode

Have you ever seen a pundit/talking head associated with Politico dot com that was ...........

NYT: Plan Seeks More Access for Disabled (ADA 2.0 advocates say it does not go far enough)

Internet suicide case goes to federal court

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/16/08 - Obama 45, McCain 40 - Ob down 1, Mc up 1

Maybe NBC oughta consider Aaron Brown for a spot.

Kent State Student Wounded In 1970 Shootings Dies At 58

Well done mods...

Gore Endorses Obama

Exactly what would it take to 'catch' bush in a lie under oath?

Manhattan judge cuts Leona Helmsley's dog's trust fund from $12 million to $2 million

Those Who Will or May Be In Obama's Administration:

It's 5:01 PM PDT. Has the world ended yet?

Just a warning, if I am around when GW dies....

So, what's up with Tim Russert's mom?

Part 2 - McCain and the "angry" Americans: This is what we would post if we were like the other side

Part 2 - McCain and the "angry" Americans: This is what we would post if we were like the other side

T minus 30 minutes and counting until Equal Marriage Rights in California!

Waxman Issues Subpoenas for Cheney/Bush Documents regarding Plame

Joe Trippi: "While crazy, this may be the best shot they have" (on the GOP and McCain dropping out)

Bush to visit the flood zone Thursday

Anyone has a live link to the Obama meeting

McCain and the 'angry Americans'

Lawmakers Well-Off Despite Economy

I didn't know that Russell was considered so important.

Monday TOONS 2- Impeach, already...

Photos: "Bush reacts as another attempt at sinking a basket fails during game with Belfast students"

My health club manager didn't like the "peace" belt Rocco was wearing..........

YIPEE!!!!! In just moments, the first same-sex couple will be married in CAafter the court decision

Here are HARD news from the midwest

Mike Malloy Truthseekers thread for 6/16/2008

Today is a historic day for both straights and gays

Have been away from DU since Friday morning. Anything happen since then?

Hallelujah! Waxman subpoenas Bush/Cheney FBI interviews on Plame.»

It would look like Obama!

Thanks for upgrading the servers this past weekend

Gore and Obama up on MSNBC

Contempt Of Congress By The End Of This Week? (Hopefully The First Of Many!)

Re-electing the Republican party would be to "murder liberty in America" (Paul Craig Roberts)

If you see a link to the written transcript of Gore's speech, pls. post it.

I think we should have a national Tim Russert holiday every year, I want another day off.

Hartmann just entertained a freeper

We Remember Them

Bloggers are starting to boycott the AP

Maryland 04 is holding a Congressional election on Tuesday, June 17.

Did anyone catch what Gore said to Obama when he handed him the mic

Dan Abrams just cracked me up

If you got a "B" in school, were you pushed to do better?

Rec this thread if you think DU should start a Russert forum!

Breaking: Stan Winston, has died at age 62

I got to see War Inc. this weekend!

DU POSTS of the "ARCHIVED SOULS.".....Posts you Missed that are Worth a Read for the "Night Crowd."

Should fair-skinned Chinese-Americans be classified as white?

Wow! Just WOW!!!! n/t

"Just think what we could have done in the last eight years."

Democrats Back Down On Iraq War Conditions

Behind McCain's Town Hall Campaign - McCain Can't Compete With Obama

Gregory will take Over for Russert on Sunday and Rachel will take his spot on Race,for the WH.

The oil era reaches its desperate endgame

Judith Miller and "Liberal" New York Times helped legitimize Bush's case for invading Iraq.

US, China firms sign 35 deals worth eight billion dollars

I did not know that Russert's parents were separated

Oh, Dear Lord....

What sort of disaster could destroy YOUR home?

Direct link for Gore/Obama

Anyone know what happened to Delilah Boyd's Blog Box?

Debating Grover Norquist, America's Leading Fake Populist


This Modern World: The Republican good news fairy is here to assuage your doubts

American Red Cross: Disaster Funds Are Depleted

Overpopulation, & Its Remedy: OR: an Inquiry into the Extent & Causes

Scott McClellan on with Tavis Smiley tonight. -- He's the only guest.

Bush: Critics of gitmo, torture, rendition are "slandering America"

Might John McCain be nothing more than a big red herring?

I am going absolutely nuts by this continuing Russert coverage

I am going absolutely nuts by this continuing Russert coverage

When your freeper pals rant about drilling in ANWR,remind them

Gaps In McCain's Military Record Raise Questions

David Sirota: Debating Grover Norquist, America's Leading Fake Populist

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION for destructive energy prices:

"Lieberman would bring some excitement to the ticket"

As we get closer to this election day - a thread to remember DU'ers whom have passed on

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

So I was helping a customer in the entertainment department today

Chicago bound.

Vote Hagan!

Gay Marriages Begin in California - great pic

Congrats to Will I. Am and Obama!!!

More flooding worries, 26 levees in danger, and what's in the water

Do you believe that income plus education is equal to social class?

Bush threatens Iran with military action

even dogs and cats know that elections matter. Yes@@@@@@

France to reduce armed forces by a fifth

Chairs Conyers and Sánchez: Rove Must Appear

What's wrong with this idea? (electric cars)

Airlines Now Monitoring Carryon Bag Size & Charging for 1st Checked Bag...LINK

More underweight babies born in U.S., report finds; Number highest in decades.

What The Heck Is Fuckmookery?

Iran Removes $75bn From Europe As Brown Warns Assets Will Be Frozen If They Fail To Stop Nuclear Dev

Iran Removes $75bn From Europe As Brown Warns Assets Will Be Frozen If They Fail To Stop Nuclear Dev

The Imperial Party...

Lieberman pisses off Dems again

Bigoted CNN coverage of Africa?

Taliban takes 10 Afghan villages

Caption *! Nobody can look stupider than this.

How many women, African Americans, Hispanics, and other ethnic

Why has the GOP-controlled media ignored the flooding?

"Gay People"

Politically correct speech comes to the court room.

I had an epiphany on Saturday. I like my coffee like I like my President....

Photos from my trip to Disney World

"Walkable Urbanism" -- the New American Dream ?? (CNN)

OIL: It's a bubble, and we can thank Enron for it. NPR's 'Marketplace' 6/16/08

ACLU Urges Congress Not to Legalize Warrantless Wiretapping

Marines In Indianapolis for Urban Battle Training

The NERVE of that woman...

GOP Writing Off Two Key Senate Seats

Economic Downturn Only Going to Get Worse for Working Class (worst in a generation-only just beginni

David Sirota: Why NAFTA Is An Anger Point Fueling The Uprising

A Clintonite's Choice (Lanny Davis joins Fox News)

The Rich and The Rest of Us

So, if you were going to stock up on food/water

Temper, Temper..."Question about supporter’s ‘rape’ joke agitates McCain"

David Iglesias Interview on Daily Show Tonight: "I thought I was working for Jedi, not Sith Lords"

If you had the chance, would you meet the President?

Free Press: 'Comcast Is Not Above the Law'

GORE is on fire folks, he is just on fire

Race and Extreme Inequality

***Heads up, Syracuse/Onondaga Co. DUers - Tornado Warrning!!!***

At lunch today, I saw two Latinos give each other the fist jab salute.

My nephew joined the National Guard. I am soo upset!!!

Can the sale of Budwieser beer to non-US interests be used to help us?

Oil just hit $140 a barrel

New poll on You know what to DU....

Are DUers watching coverage of Iowa

Scot Horton talks to Luke Ryland and Sibel Edmonds today (internet radio)

McCain: "Treat our wives with RESPECT...REJECT anyone that doesn't!"

Alcatraz to open as a hotel

Protesting Cartography: "Places the United States has Bombed" (Almost Everwhere)

NBC, Pentagon-owned demon of lies, begone!

MUST READ Tent City USA with videos!!!!!!!!!!

Since DU is not a debate forum, what are some good choices?

Kucinich makes waves with articles

Chilling Time Magazine article, Aug. 02, 2001: "So Far, Bush is Only Play-Acting as President"

AP wants to charge bloggers for five-word snippets

Luke Russert pays tribute to his father, Tim, in 'Today' show interview

"When Men Were Men"

I heard on CNN tonight that McSame doesn't know how to

Should Manson Family Member, Susan Atkins be Paroled?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bush Is MIA - Again...

Hilarious video about McCain using the C-Word...

Poll question: Are white people indigenous to Europe?

Harsh Words For Celtics Fans Pulled From ESPN

Cheney, Powell and Rice lying on Meet the Press

What would be the best charity(s) to help the victims of the floods, tornadoes, etc?

Why doesn't Barack mention the flood victims???

Ok I will bite.....Let's say a smoking ban is a good idea....

My one (and only) letter to Tim Russert (sent in June, 2005)

Congratulations to California's newlyweds

Committed suicide in front of his troops

Vincent Bugliosi's book on Prosecuting Bush for Murder (He's serious folks)

Bush says in Europe "Only white-guy Methodists who are capable of self-government."

Freeper homophobia at a fever pitch today......It must be the arrival of equal marriage in CA


Al Franken in a poll.

Crikey!! Now it's McCain's turn to have his military record scrutinized

WTF?! A water main breaks so now everyone has to boil water???

Can we at least PRETEND to be decent human beings, please?

The Peaceful Revolution in Farmers’ Markets

I think I'll give MSNBC a big miss on Wednesday

Trekkies: Mr. Sulu is getting hitched

who thinks cheney is a piece of crap?


Let Sen. Obama know you support same sex marriage:

Looking for a list of liberal/progressive talking points...

The march to war by Democratic strategists. Two months after 9/11 they said "New World, New War"

Should an American Soldier, 2008, be allowed to refuse to report for duty without consequence?

Cast Your Vote in ‘Turn Around America’ Video Contest

Feral Cats to be killed with leghold traps and hunters

The Corporate Media: Language as Vending Machine

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Monday June 16, 2008

Obama, April 2008 & May 2007: "If you are tough, you don't have to talk about it."

Obama, April 2008 & May 2007: "If you are tough, you don't have to talk about it."

No Obama ads yet in Kansas City

Black conservatives consider Obama!

CNN Mentioned New Gallup Poll Released Shows Obama Lead of Eleven Points

LA Times: Women Voters Lining Up Behind Obama

Baby Got Barack!

There is a tea-drunk Monkey on my TeeVee!

Matt Taibbi: McCain's Playbook: Hate, Fear and Caveman Politics

Bush backer pens pro-Obama book

The Chicago Way - "He Pulls a Knife, You Pull a Gun"

GOP Convention 2008 now on MySpace!!! They have 17 "Friends"

Electoral vote site today covers possible (and impossible) VP choices from the senate for Obama

Rasmussen, 6/16: Obama 45%, McCain 40%

Obama to Unveil His Competitiveness Agenda at 11:45 am ET in Flint, Michigan - CNN will stream...

The Daily Howler Is Very Diplomatic on the Timmy Matter

Obama's the greatest POTUS candidate since Reagan.

Gallup, 6/16: Americans Predict Obama Will Be Next U.S. President (52% to 41%)

Poll on propaganda surrounding the Iraq War

What would happen at one of a McCain open town hall meeting if he were asked

McCain's War College thesis

How do I counter this?

Evangelical biographer warms to Obama - Young evangelicals agree with him on poverty and war.

"Keep Khan in Prison"

I must admit something.

Luke Russert on his father

Bush saving Bin Laden for October surprise

Cool thing my 17 year old said slamming the GOP

John McCain Wants Lieberman As Vice-President!

Historians see little chance for McCain

Is It Really a Woman/Blue Collar Thing?

Gallup, 6/15: Obama-McCain Race Reverts to Virtual Tie (15% undecided, highest of year)

Women voters lining up behind Obama

Obama Going at McSame in Flint, "Renewing American Competitiveness" Speech (FULL TEXT)

As Obama Aide, Reporter Dons Flack Jacket (Linda Douglas) plus guess who is the next Faux "Democrat"

The Cookie Conundrum-

To the Administrators and Mods- Move the Tim Russert Threads out of GDP

Saudis agree with McCain: Cut gasoline taxes

Fox News Gives Crackpot Clinton Fan Credibility

Obama has big Internet advantage as campaign begins

No Ordinary Candidates, No Typical Campaign: McCain's media, Obama's money, Russert's death

No Ordinary Candidates, No Typical Campaign: McCain's media, Obama's money, Russert's death

Full Metal McCain: The one-time maverick - just another liberal-bashing fearmonger-by Matt Taibbi

"Vote White. Vote McCain."

Well, you can relax and go ahead and vote for McCain this fall...

Separated at birth? John McCain and Sleestack from Land of the Lost?

McCain admits it can be difficult to be proud of the US (Reuters). Where's the video/audio?

How Russert et al Planted the Seeds for War

Obama's Flint Speech

Obama: John McCain Will Keep Us In Bush Hole

*****Obama Live Now Campaigns In Flint, Michigan********

Bill to Hollywood: "We Must Support Barack."

McCain's possible VP short list...

Stuff White People Like

Is America Ready for Another White Male President?

Shoot me!! Now MSNBC is dragging out Russert's son.

The 53 Corporations Hosting the GOP Convention in Minneapolis

Even Stephanie Miller is boo hooing over Russert

I'm in one of these moods:

Great... I have an early shift tomorrow

sideways. Resonance

The band of my namesake urges you to "put down the bong and vote for Obama"

Sam Nunn seen as "real possibility" as Obama's VP pick

Crap . . .

Chingachkook totally pwned Mogwa!

FINALLY! The Martin Mull / Tuesday Weld classic "Serial" comes to DVD July 1st

Boy, am I relieved that day is over.

Obama camp sees possible win without Ohio, Florida

Something Eddie Murphy Will Never Say

Obama's Lead Narrowing.

Republican VP poll; who's worse of the leading talked-abouts

We're never gonna survive unless.......

NYT/MSNBC Gore to Endorse Obama Today

Photos From Obama`s Fathers Day Speech At The Apostolic Church Of God In Chicago

McCain's first choice for VP reads list of demands VIDEO

4 years ago, today. lest we forget

McCain defends controversial Texas fundraiser -which was to be hosted by oilman who joked about rape

Obama, Trumping Despair, Can Win Comfortably: Albert R. Hunt (Bloomberg)

Most of you don't know this about me, it's time you do

For the O.D.B. fans in da house and otherwise... "Got Your Money":

GALLUP TRACKING: Obama reestablishes significant lead. Obama 46 (+2), McSame 42 (0 -- fittingly).

Interesting Media Strategy On Part of the McCain Campaign

MSNBC: Obama to visit Iraq, Afghanistan

Street-sweeping truck sucks dog away from owner in Bronx

Excuse me but

cnn commentary

Anybody got a spare $15 million?

Bush backer pens pro-Obama book

Trying to stay relevant, Lanny Davis joins Fox News


The death of the US as a nation

Obama To Visit Iraq Before The Election

I think that McCain's ad can be very effective

Obama/Gore: Solving the Climate Crisis with an Energy Plan for a New Age.

Eye Chart for guys

My electrician, a forty something white male democrat, just told me he is

Running of the Idiots

For Former Supporters of Other Candidates CONCERNED About Obama Speaking at a Church

McSame urges end to ban on offshore drilling (Flippity-Floppity)

Al Gore endorses surprise...

Carrly Fiorina McCains likley woman VP says women worried about Roe are

kitty in the snow


***BREAKING NEWS! MSNBC Russert Tribute to Go Through November***

John McCain Commercial - Bush's Biggest Critic?

Oh, Good Lord. is making fun of itself now.

If Beach Boy songs were updated for those who were their audience in the '60's...


Obama’s Presidency: Victory in the Culture Wars

From Al Gore

Kathleen Sebelius appears to be the complete package

To Obama primary and caucus supporters: it is over

BREAKING NEWS!! ***Danny Bonaduce recalls Tim Russert***

making the most of the shade

***Obama Speech on the Economy on C-SPAN @ 5:15 edst***

Dear Lounge, For my 900th post

We joined the POOL!!!!

Why liberals/progressives are better...

So, the END OF THE WORLD is coming tommorow!

Seriously, who *wouldn't* want a Vice President who can exorcise demons?

McCain gets Prissy to Reporters about the "rape joke supporter"

Al Gore to endorse obama tonight

Amy Goodman on Hardball **NOW**

Finally got to see the John Adams HBO series and really liked it

Anyone with a CREDIBLE link to the STUDY that 70% of blacks babies born without fathers?

Young Voters, Engaged and Online-or, Fired Up!

If Obama feels Sebellius is the best choice he should go with her and not think twice about it.

Oh noooooseeeeeeee not again........

3 days until vacation, and I get a cold

Share your Blue/ Cosmopolitan/ Moody Monday stories here!

Obama Promises to Visit Iraq and Afghanistan Before Election

Karl Rove advising McCain campaign

Reclaiming the Bill of Rights

Watch Obama`s Entire Speech In Flint, Michigan

Monday TOONS- Bumps and gramps

is thread to make english bad

Kittens are funny

TPM - Picks up the Cindy McCain Cookie Story - that DU scooped first

This forum is missing a little something.

Am I the only one on the planet that doesn't have a myspace page?

Ouch! Looking rough!

McCain attacks Obama's knife fight/gun comment because Obama is for gun control

Did you call your father today?

Obama is already forcing a change in our politics. Look at how closely

This is the best reply to a thread EVER

you are all inhuman monsters

OK lounge, I need some of those famous vibes... >> A REPUBLICAN Trojan Horse Website

Your Opinions: McCain's state of mind

Rachel Maddow Is Hosting Race For The Whitehouse RIGHT NOW On MSNBC In Place Of David Gregory

Ron Paul in the "Situation Room" on now!

Clinton Camp Statement on Solis Doyle Move to Obama Camp: "She is going to be an asset..."

Full List of 15 New Staff Appointments to Obama's GE Campaign.

John McCain - Medvedev To Bush's Putin?

What if Barack Obama Chooses Hillary as his V.P.?

Obama going to Iraq & Afghanistan!

I have a question about Family Guy

For my 8790th post

Isn't it great that a viable woman can be destroyed -- Onion

Al Gore Email: "My Endorsement - I intend to do whatever I can to make sure he is elected President"

So--who wants to use Obama in Iowa as a role model?

Jun 16 1999

Mitt & Jebb.

Obama's Evangelical Biographer

Al Gore`s Website

Hardball..Enough already!

Watching the Knighting of Prince William, what what!

John McCain Fundraising Controversy

When Bill Clinton dies, the news media will put the Lewinsky

Billy Liar works up the nerve to tell his boss he's quitting

Did Tweety come home early?

Why I think the Obama win was good for America!!

Would you take this bet?

The Other List: McCain's Economic Advisers

Well, I survived. Albeit just barely.

"I'm Voting Republican" becoming a hit on the Internet

One Face: McCain likes to show his healthy side

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA visits the GM Flint Engine South plant in Flint, Michigan

Who scheduled work the day after the US Open and the NBA Finals?

Happy Bloomsday

So McCain drops out just before the convention due to poor health/performance

Replacing McCain speculation growing - Huffington Post "When McCain Drops Out"

Does anyone else just love the new Discovery Channel commercial?

who wins in a no-holds brawl?

I have Bob Dylan tickets!!!!

Rasmussen: Kansas - McCrazy (47) Obama (37)

Wyoming did Washington California with Georgia and leave some Tennesee all up in her Virginia?

NYT: For Blacks in France, Obama’s Rise Is Reason to Rejoice, and to Hope

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/16/08 - Obama 45, McCain 40 - Ob down 1, Mc up 1

Will Gore and Obama's appearance and speeches be televised live?

Who is Carly Fiorina, you ask?

I can't wait to see Bob Kelleher and the GOP crush Max Baucus in Montana,...

All VP Choices SUCK!

And another one bites the dust . . . .

I'm streaming the US Open playoff at work

So I heard Lanny Davis is a new hire.,,

Because the Lounge needs more live Queen videos

The White House needs another Bush likes shipping needs another Titantic

Obama (With Gore) Rally Streaming Live Now From Detroit

Some weird shit - User 927 (AOL released search strings on users)

Is there a word or phrase for a movie/book like this?

Rasmussen VA poll: Obama 45 (+1), McCain 44 (-3)

Head of Wellstone Action to head Obama state campaign

Olbermann Carrying Obama/Gore Endorsement Rally Live

I'm extremely proud to be a Kollyforniyan today

Obama's comments on black men and fatherhood:

My Garibaldi is gone

A game for the office.

BREAKING: Senator Obama takes lead in newest Virginia poll-45-44%-wow!!

BREAKING: Senator Obama takes lead in newest Virginia poll-45-44%-wow!!

camping was a fantastic success (pic heavy)

How common is it for women to gather together and

I had a dream last night I had to kill a bear with ski poles while riding a floating pillow

What's so great about the BNL?

Great..I get out of the shower and the first thing I hear is a "boil water alert"!

Rooting for the Eagles is like cheering for getting a raging case of the crabs

McLame urges end to ban on offshore drilling!

Rooting for the Dan Snyder's team will give you...

Go Cougars!

Holy Hell The Wind Is Blowing Hard!

What is German for 'WHOOPS'?

Prieeeeeeeeeeeeest! New CD, Nostradamus, out tomorrow. You are NOT worthy!

Man throws sack of kittens into traffic - I want him tracked down

Does anyone else think that McLame will NOT be the nominee of the Repugs?

The Incredible (Hulk) McCain Girl

No offense to DU

So Clay Aikens is going to be a father....

Tech Heads NOTE: McCain TV spot is mixed in 5.1 sound!

Fight Poverty video

High-Level McCain Volunteer Worked To Keep Blacks Out Of Jefferson Group

Rooting for the Celtics is like cheering for the Plague

Rooting for the Celtics is like cheering for gangrene of the penis

What's so great about the Carnevale 2500?

Genghis Khan by Koei

Live stream: Obama rally in Detroit is starting!


Do they still sell regular old, plain TVs?

Does anyone here doubt that we pick the president based on looks, age and charisma?


We Need Change!

I love Al Gore.

Franken on CNN now

MSNBC not playing audio on Obama speech

Is my foot indigenous to ass?

Holy chrome! Went into 9-11 *&* R&T forums for the first time ever.

Tweety was just flat out rude to Amy Goodman


Holy Carp - Electric Bill

Perhaps Al should have endorsed sooner....

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 13, 2008***

I taught in an urban middle school for three years.

I get the feeling that we are going to kick McCain's ass this November.

You can watch Obama-Gore Rally on-line at the Obama Site - 5,000 viewers thus far!

Consider the source

This is a fucking spectacular speech.

If you could be anywhere, doing anything, right now, what/where would it be?

Rooting for the Cowboys is like cheering for getting a raging case of the crabs

Bush says '- I'll get bin Laden before I leave the WH'


Us? We stopped paying attention? We allowed corporate interests to divide us?

The Daily Widget – Monday, June 16 – Obama 316-222

The daily show isn't funny anymore.

Is Clint Eastwood a great director?

I don't know who this Amy Winehouse is but she sounds like a total wreck


So... There I was...

So if you always wondered why I'm such an anal retentive nutjob this is why....

What's so great about the ICW?

Wow!! Now that was a golf match!!

I like the Plug-in hybrid refrain in Barack's speech tonight.

US Open playoff

Shocking picture exposes Obama's Terrorist Roots. Can you see it?

Which is more powerful?!!

Well, I went and got myself engaged this last weekend.

Rooting for Tiger Woods is like rooting for the sun to rise



Ohio should not be written off.

Which one said it first?

Where do you place bumper stickers on your car?

The objection by (too) many here that defend the mouthpiece that Russert was

I just gotta say, GO DEUTSCHLAND!! Euro2008, kick some Austrian ass!!

I just gotta say, GO DEUTSCHLAND!! Euro2008, kick some Austrian ass!!

So what if Rocco and Tiger end up tied again? Sudden death or 18 more holes tomorrow?

Al Gore just sent me an e mail

that was a freakin' awesome speech....

What Hurts The Most....

When McCain Drops Out

Is Clint Eastwood a great dictator?

I got a call from California Opinion surveys tonight, only 2 questions, who am i voting for and

I got a call from California Opinion surveys tonight, only 2 questions, who am i voting for and

After being defeated by Cthulhu, who would win in the consolation match:

AQ Khan developing as the reason for war with Iran. NYT is helping sell it

Freddie Mercury was the best rock front man of all time.

Tim Russert proclaimed Obama the Primary winner early and was a Cheerleader for the Iraq Invasion

So I was sitting here worrying about election theft,

BREAKING: Patti Solis Doyle tapped to be Obama VP chief of staff

A Very Enthusiastic Weatherman

Feast your eyes on this great-looking duo ... an Obama/Gore pic that fills me with delight!

A store checker saw my button with my daughter's softball photo on it.

Bumper Sticker Unity in Arizona

Midlo just called Sen. Webb a bozo. Perhaps we should mock Midlo in this thread

And now it's time for a very poorly worded headline from

Well summer is now officially started at my house, daughters report card arrived today.

Stoned Reporter

I know this guy from work that shoots at roadsigns in Nevada from a moving car for fun

I don't get all the DU Rolf Love all of a sudden

Obama campaign hires longtime Dem strategist to "recraft" Michelle Obama's image


Et tu, Obama? Piling on black men and BLAMING THEM for the lives of poverty

Who do you think McCain will pick for his VP? Who do you think he should pick?

"Even Your Dogs & Cats Know Elections Matter"

Coming soon to TV: The Bionic Doggy!

I gotta get this!!

Tomorrow is going to rule!!! (Gay marriage, Coldplay, and Firefox 3)

More lyrics

John Kerry hints on Wanting to be Secretary of State

Feast your eyes on this bit of "brilliance" from The Conservative Voice.

Are people indigenous to Earth?

You can do something really stupid to a cat and they'll still love you to death!!

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigns today in Flint, Michigan

"She held up a navy blue pump"

Ken Bastida apparently is not that concerned about the welfare of his fellow co-anchor

One thing about Dem First Ladies vs. Repub First Ladies.

Rachel Maddow is subbing for Gregory on Race for the White House

REM on the Colbert Report

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/16/2008)

I thought this TMZ parody on TV Land was hilarious!!!!

Seriously disturbing

Anyone else feel like every task they undertake is thankless?

Oh dear God - please spare me from that KC Masterpiece ad

Anyone know an alternative to a coffee grinder?

70's Lyric Quiz

Color me ignorant, but why is it so wrong to put ketchup on a hot dog?

I feel like utter crap today....Blaaaaah.

Just returned from the Obama rally at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit......

Fatherless children summed up in three syllables

Question: What could possibly be more addictive than Google Earth?

Got a question about the first Mrs McCain

Bar the door and lock up your daughters.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday, June 16

I don't get all the DU Golf Love all of a sudden

Did anyone watch The Mist?

Rooting for the Ravens is like rooting for the only respectable NFL team in the Mid-Atlantic region

Men of the Lounge: This one's for you!

90's lyric Quiz

A late entry for the "Best DUer of the Primary Season".

Rec this thread if you think using "rec this thread" is a dishonest way to get recs for your thread.

CNN CUTS OFF Obama to talk about Tim Russert

Ok am I wrong?

GI Bill and UI Bill: Grand Illusion and Unintended Irony

Wow. I knew Michigan would be a close call for us.

I really want to post something in GD, but I might need a place to hide afterward.

I Don't Like Mondays

I Want to Propose a Ban on Break-Up Songs.

Bunny Jr. is pissed at me because I won't let her get her hair dyed.

Acronym Thread! Post a fun or fake Acronym!

Just dyed my hair green.

The real Perfect Storm

Just to be clear: the second Mrs. McCain actually stole the DRUGS from her charity, not money.

Yay! I finally realized I have a reason to visit the in-laws....

Nader and Ron Paul are out campaigning. Why isn't Mitt Romsert out there?

So I met a moose the other day... (lot's o' pics)

Lifetime's Father's Day Special yesterday:

who breaks awful news on a monday?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

It's 5:02 in California...

The cable lady told me the signal to my new DVR is "jammed."

All we wanna do is eat your brains

It is now officially official. Al Gore is not running for President in 2008

6/16 Election Model: Obama 52.2%; 324 EV; 99.7% Prob

Drews All Natural Organic Medium Salsa is the SHIT!

Can grass eat people?

Since People Can Eat People...Can Grass Eat Grass?

What cities would you like to visit (but haven't)

Can people greet ass?

How do I contact Stephen Colbert via email?

Cool New Show: Family Channel's Middle Man

80's Lyric Quiz

Today I saw a very nice dog locked in the car. The windows weren't cracked either.

I just went to my first antique auction!

Is She Really Going Out With Him?

how do you make a post with an embedded video?

I had a Clinique consultation today and came home with a baggie full of freebies

Subliminal message?

I've just been invaded by the Hungarians.

Got ya.

LuPone! LuPone!

So the new cat Siggy went outside for the first time today. I tried to show

Tonights Collection

Anyone travel by Amtrak on vacation?

I'm enjoying a pint..................of Breyer's Butter Pecan

I just don't think I can do it,...again. This drawn-out dying thing is too much, for me.

moby is good for something

From Jeffersons vs. Hemingses to McCain vs. Obama - a nice maacaca moment for McCain

The Derwood Water Main break

Eyes not down

I want this as my avatar...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/16/08

Who Wants To Have Beverages With Me

Woman tries to sell tigers outside Wal-Mart

Grilled Chicken breast on a bed of baby spinach w/ cherry tomatoes, sauteed asparagus

Ron Paul will not support McCain

Color me ignorant, but why is it so wrong to put catsup on a hot dog?

waaahhh -

The 'Gay'ing of California has begun

Woman tries to sell cougars outside Wal-Mart

Former Clinton Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle Joins Obama Team

All those who criticize Tim Russert.

The Church Of Jesus Fucking Christ (Caution Funny Sacrilege Shit)

I caught some Freeper pouring coffee on my car and trying to remove my Obama bumpersticker

Need some quick advice please - regarding washing a shirt

So I feel like an idiot.

Linguists Argue That Golf Doesn't Mean "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden", however

Here's a question only the Lounge can hope to answer.

Stop the hating!!!

SUMMER ACTION ALERT: Make sure college students fill out absentee ballot forms!

Fox Pundit Cal Thomas Says African American Women are "Angry"

L. A. Times: Women Voters Lining Up Behind Obama

What is your FAVORITE commercial?

Pretty good joke...

If any of us here died tomorrow, would DU eventually know about it? How?

Wow! Gen. Clark levels McCain on "Morning Joe"

The DuStrange Weakly Poem Thread (7/16/2008)

Do I need to rush around to see "IRON MAN" on the big screen or could I just wait

Wow. Fast new computer.

I'm a Yuppie Snob. So sue me.

Will Al Gore's endorsement help Obama?


Questions for anyone who has used Chantix to quit smoking.

Everythings heavy underground. ;o)

I'm watching The Andromeda Strain...

So when is Bill Clinton going to endorse Barack Obama?

Why are m&m's so damn good?

Did anybody watch Galactica finale? SPOILER ALERT

Do you know a pathological liar?

My latest speculation on an Obama cabinet

OMG! Will Ferrell is a terrorist!!!!


Re-Heat Offender: Cindy Bakes Another Whopper (Trollop McCain Plagiarizes ANOTHER Recipe)

having a huge yardsale Thursday-Saturday. Man I am sore and tired

need advice for jazz concert performance picks

HRC Bundler: Obama's selection of Solis Doyle is Biggest F U I've ever seen in Politics

McCain Closely Connected with man responsible for high Gas Prices!

Beets: Love 'em or leave 'em?

Key McCain Supporter Lied to Keep Out Black Jefferson Descendents

I don't get how Dem leaders could have such a problem with GAY MARRIAGE

Homelessness, "Showing" as Petition to Government, and Redress of Grievances

With all due respect, when people say "with all due respect" they don't generally respect you.

Meet: The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq

Al Gore to endorse, appear with Obama at tonight's rally in Detroit!!!!!!

Tell me where you live and I will reccomend a local beer for you

My elderly boss--a huge Obama fan--just got home from the ER...

What's your favorite cereal?

My son got a letter from Barack Obama today.

Another Tim Russert Thread

Florida news blog on Dean's fundraiser tomorrow: "See Howard Dean: Bring tomatoes."

The Puma Party: "Party Unity, My Ass". No, this is not from The Onion.

Peg's Scary Adventure w/her Laptop...or how I nearly lost DU...

Name someone who broke your heart, but give them a new last name.

Example of why Cable TeeVee Sucks ASS! They think we want to hear them instead of Barack Obama!

Has anyone seen bigtree lately? I miss his posts.

Why did MSNBC cut Obama off tonight straight after Gore's speech?

Can people eat grass?

Texas Republicans can kiss my ass!

There is a bastard of an acrobatic cat that lives next door.

DU'ers Are STILL Smearing Wes Clark With GOP Lies. How Pathetic

My wife is the best there is

My Tim Russert Article Generates Controversy

Let Sen. Obama know you support same sex marriage:

TOP GEAR is the best show on TV...

Any and all Jim Carrey fans and/or detractors might want to check this out...(re: autism)

I need coyote advice ASAP

Ever had a life-changing "ah-ha" Moment?

Gray's last day.

My brother's best friend has volunteered to re-deploy to Iraq.

... Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Cookiegate Is All Over the Internets!

Who else hates that "I Kissed a Girl" song?

What's so great about the BMW?

"You've Got To Be Carefully Taught"

Did you know this is not the first recipe that Cindy McCain plagerized?

Obama should give Bill Clinton more credit.

If you brewed beer, what would you call it?

Most unimaginative mainstream film titles?

Anybody use Skype?

Your favorite DU feature is ...?

If an Amazon is a Brazilian, then how much is an Amazon???

I had a growth removed from my jaw line several weeks back, the biopsy came back positive for cancer

Number of user registrations is now palindromic...

I hope the sanctimonious Russert haters are happy. KO was reading your bile the whole time.

THANK YOU, OBAMA: Obama tells black men to accept responsibility.....

McCain's Secret, Questionable (Navy) Record

"Put Down the Bong and Vote For Obama"

I Had One Of "Those" Conversations With A Hillary Supporter Today...


Interesting - Obama staff running models with loss of FL, Ohio, PA, MI but wins elsewhere to

All these celebratory granite-cookie threads are freakin' me out.

Hell Freezes Over: The Seattle Mariners finally fire Bill Bavasi

I'm back from my week-long field course! What did i miss? (pic heavy!)

My Stepdad Just Died

Weehoo! I gots me a job!

NYT: A Delegator, Obama Picks When to Take Reins's "Yes We Can Song" Video Awarded Emmy® for New Approaches in Daytime Entertainment

United Farm Workers Endorses Sen. Obama!

If there were a movie based on a story in your life

When HEyHEY met swaggy

Anybody here born anyplace other than a hospital?

Man kills baby and is shot to death by police

Illegal Chiropractor Snaps Man's Neck: Man declared brain dead

Four held in Dutch hostage siege

Bosnia-based lab to help Chile identify 'dirty war' victims

Mexicans living in U.S. sending less money home

In Midwest Floods, a Broad Threat to Crops

Foreclosure Crisis Brings Congress To Cleveland

Supreme Court to rule on whether Ashcroft can be sued

Top court eases rules for foreigners to try to stay in US

Wiretapping: Impeachment Not Immunity

Study reveals a six RS-68 and 5.5 segment booster for Ares V

No new EU decision on Iran sanctions Monday: Solana' office(contradicting remarks from Hadley)

Hundreds of Taliban occupy Afghan villages

Obama Says Encouraged By Drop In Violence In Iraq

Taliban fighters take over several Afghan villages

IRAQ: State Department reminds Americans to stay away

Court to rule in lawsuit vs. FBI head, ex-AG 46 minutes ago

FISA negotiators near deal

Obama adds staff, taps ex-Clinton campaign manager

Soldiers Risk Ruin While Awaiting Benefit Checks

South Korea workers strike in fresh blow to president

McClatchy slashes 1,400 jobs in cost-cutting drive

House committee demands Bush, Cheney FBI transcripts

Waxman Subpoenas Plame Documents From Justice Dept.

Washington State Mulls Assisted Suicide Measure

Soldiers risk ruin while awaiting benefit checks

Nicaragua accuses CIA, Spanish party of training saboteurs

Bush and Brown issue Iran Warning


U.S. asks envoy to Bolivia to come home to consult

A Clintonite's Choice (Lanny Davis joins Fox News)

Army probe of Reuters death tainted: U.S. inspector

CREW Responds to Court Ruling that WH Office of Administration Not an Agency (Missing E-Mails)

Father in stomping death said he had to 'get the demons out' of boy

Killed reporters' memorial opens

Bush Biographer Pens Pro-Obama Book

UK says UAE terror risk is 'high'

Companies get OK to annoy polar bears

Lesbian Couple of 55 Years Ready to Say 'I Do'

Bush, Musharraf, Ahmadinejad least trusted leaders

Dozens of gay couples get married in California

Dozens of gay couples get married in California

Berlusconi puts 2,500 troops on streets of Italian cities to patrol alongside police

Gore Attacks Bush in Detroit

Bush plans Iowa flood tour

Elian Gonzalez joins Cuba's Young Communists

Iowa Flooding Leaves 36,000 Homeless

Judge rules for White House in e-mail controversy

Second President Bush floats prospect of a third (Jeb Bush)

Charges may come against ex-Bear Stearns execs: report

'Pro-Life' Drugstores Market Beliefs

Gallup: A Majority Thinks Obama Will Win

U.S. Drivers Flock To Mexico For Cheap Gas

(Mark) Twain, (Edith) Wharton (historic) homes join others in financial peril (foreclosure)

Code Pink Demonstrators Bare Breasts in Protest

Court rejects appeal on Ill. horse slaughter ban

Lost Army Job Tied to Doubts on Contractor

Military lawyers objected to harsher interrogation

Robby Stamps, 58, 1970 KSU survivor

McCain Urges End to Ban on Offshore Drilling

Oil surges to new record high near $140 a barrel

Gore to Appear With Obama

Man Who Helped Create ‘Daisy Ad’ Dies

Stan Winston, dead at 62

A Book Club Courts Liberals

U.S. abuse of detainees was routine at Afghanistan bases

AMA issues first report card on health insurers

Immigration racket run by Indian busted in US

Company nixes monkey doll named for Obama

Mozilla Ready to Launch Firefox 3 into Browser Wars

Toyota hybrid battery outpaced by demand

Waxman: "Potentially Thousands of Criminal Cases Involving Fraudulent Contracts in Iraq"

Democrats to back down on Iraq war conditions

FCC Chair To Support XM-Sirius Merger

Canadian Embassy in Colombia threatened: report

Anne Frank's step sister endorses Obama - Just In Case You missed It a Look Back at the 08 primary

Unedited Michelle Obama tape

Bush & Cheney Have Plenty of time - and sing and dance about it!

Here's what four more years would sound like (McCain mashup)

Obama's classmates say: 'Good Luck Barry!'

TYT: Cenk on Clark's appearance on Morning Joe and his bid for Veep

PBS Now on The Uprising

CDF Cradle to Prison Pipeline® Initiative Slideshow

Brian Haw, London Bush Protest

CNN Crunches Obama and McCain Tax Plans

OUTFOXED: Fox News & Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism (Documentary)

Your Daily Moment of McCain #1

Mel Martinez Debunks China/Cuba Drilling

AP: Rising Water Heading South in Midwest

Rush Limbaugh's Cousin Appointed Federal Judge

Congressional candidate Eric Roberson (TX-32) addresses Gun Owners Caucus (TX Democrats)

Barack Obama announces Unite For Change - June 28 2008

Grandpa Fred on This Week: Detainee Legal System 'Liberal'

TheRealNews: US Iraq security pact - deal or no deal

Australia's Prime minster Rudd

Fight Poverty. Obama '08

Newt Gingrich: Dumb As Usual

Yes I can, Yes I can

Gay Community Owes Tila Tequila?!--The Young Turks

Barack and or Hillary tries to Swift Boat McCain

Jimmy Carter & Ted Kennedy at JFK Library (1979)

McCain reacts to attempted Swift Boating By Barack Obama and or Hillary Clinton

Obama in Flint, MI

Barack Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Officer Kills Man Beating Toddler to Death

Swiftboating John McCain and Barack Obama!

Juan Williams calls BS on BIll Kristol, Brit Hume saying McSame's tax cuts help 'ordinary' Americans

TPMtv: The Russgasm Sunday Show Roundup

Kimmel gives 'fist pound' to Obama via satellite

Hard right neocons and AIPAC

Debunking the Factory of Stupidity that is Fox News Situation Room

Anti-Porn March in Times Square (1979)

McCain: "We Are Winning in Iraq" ("Obama was wrong, and he's wrong today")

Oh, the irony. CNN reports on Jay Leno's 'JayWalking' segment turned into a book

Pox Snooze Sunday: Brit Hume cannot believe that we have to PROVE that EACH prisoner is guilty

McCain Hot Headed (parody of song Hot Blooded)

TheRealNews: Who funds AIPAC?

Nixon wins 1968 Presidential Election (Huntley/Brinkley)

TYT: Aryan Brotherhood Support Obama?- Find Out Why

Al Franken for Senate Inteview - CNN

McCain said it first about his wife.... now can we use it and how?

Gore Endorses Obama: 'We Need Change' (Full Remarks 2 of 2)

McCain's Latest Flip Flop!--The Young Turks

TYT: Best Part of Obama's Speech not Covered in the News

Gas, grocery prices drive cost of living up

'Global perceptions of U.S. improves' (CS Monitor, 6/13) Obama candidacy bump.

McClatchy Newspapers: U.S. abuse of detainees was routine at Afghanistan bases

Obama Criticizes 'Absentee Fathers' for Abandoning Their 'President Sons'

Private firm's work with visas raises concerns

Domestic Workers Unite!

No strings attached? How US funding of international press may be buying influence

Forget 'Black Fathers' — Obama Urges 96 Year-Old Mothers to Supervise Their Children

Financial Times: The Fed, the dollar and wider price concerns

Our Diet of Destruction

The Family's Values: America's Most Influential (+ Secretive) Religious Organization

WSJ: US Attorney Scandal Advances

Green-Collar Jobs: The Numbers

repost: Are you in favor of ALL countries having nuclear weapons?

Consortium News: Finally, Congress Looks at Plame-gate

'Pressure' on Rezko to discuss Obama in doubt(never submitted to an interview with fed. prosecutors

U.S. Wind Energy Projects

Arianna Huffington: John McCain's Flashback Campaign

Bush's Misplaced Regrets

Obama Insists 'Solis Doyle Hire' No Knock at Hillary

Independent UK: The oil era reaches its desperate endgame

Sweet Home Al-Obama!

Same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, 4 years later (CNN)

TPM: Senate Report Shows Intel Debunked Al Qaeda-Iraq Link Before Bush's Speech

Scientists Find Bugs That Eat Waste and Excrete Crude Oil

EDF Energies Nouvelles Starts Building 7 MW Solar Farm (France)

China's Wind Power Industry: Blowing Past Expectations

PG&E Adds 107 MW of Solar-Hybrid (Biomass) Power (Calif.)

Why You Should Care How Your Meat Is Raised

Laura Flanders: Russert (and a Million Others) RIP

Projected cost for new Alliant coal plant soars past $1 billion (WI)

Why the "Drill ANWR" hysteria is absurd.

Gas costs revive desire in Tucson for electric cars

Greenpeace declares war on coal (OZ)

Is America's suburban dream collapsing into a nightmare?

Let's use nuclear to make oil from coal! Brilliant!

World’s Largest Solar Photovoltaic Farm Coming Up in Portugal

Nuclear's changing fortunes: Public's concerns dwindle as energy crisis grows

Australia: Rising fuel prices hit fishermen

"The riots in Belgium and Iberia..."

Intel Plugs Into Solar Power

Here's an interesting alternative car engine

TYT: This Is As Good As It Gets For McCain

Automakers have done NOTHING in the last 15 years.

Debunking the Energy Myths - By Tony Hayward (BP's CEO)

The Peaceful Revolution

Top 75 Best Blogs on Clean Coal

Dick Cheney -- A Would-Be Planetary Dentist!

Thanks to Congress, Nothing is Easy - Fluorescent light bulbs by 2014

IPS: Bush, World-Bank Pushing Bogus 'Clean Energy' Funds

Floods push U.S. corn prices to records

'MISSION DOABLE': Israeli Ministers Mull Plans for Military Strike against Iran

IBM, Partner Aim To Cut Solar-Cell Production Costs

Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage: Grasping At Straws In The Climate Debate?

Craig Venter's CO2 eating bacteria

5 Myths About Clean Coal

John McCain “Cheapening” His Own Brand

Saudi Arabia's Leverage In Oil Market Is Sapped

Scientists Find Bugs That Eat Waste and Excrete Crude Oil

Barack Obama announces Unite For Change

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 341

"Wikipedia with quality control"

Five Myths About Nuclear Energy - Myth 2

We are saved! GM announces Hybrid Escalade!!!

A shot at stop-loss pay

2,800 N.J. guardsmen leave today for training

Iraqi soldiers find 90 rockets, U.S. UAV

15 killed in hunt for escaped Afghan inmates

Senate proposes 3 weeks of paternity leave

New PT plan redefines ‘Army Strong’

Editorial: Small fix, bigger problem

Waterfront training planned for new SWOs

Helo crash report cites waived safety meeting

F/A-18 pilot killed in collision identified

Reprisal allegations in adultery case disputed

Officials proclaim terrorism drill a success

Four Marines killed in Afghanistan

Family of dead corporal: Corps failed to help

432nd Wing gets prestigious new name

Ellsworth B-1s testing new sniper pod sensor

Illinois bid to save F-16s dismissed

Make sure your feelings will endure

At Yokosuka hospital, patients wait longer for care as staffers leave to fulfill military duties

Pakistan, Afghan Leaders Swap Threats

Report: Bagram Detainee Abuse Routine

Army lacks investigators to track down crooked contractors

GI wounded in Iraq in March dies at Brooke

Soldier Went From 'Role Model to Scum'

Keeping war trophies a slippery slope

‘O’ courses back, under new rules

Army plans new recruiting center with flight simulators, video games

sources: Goldman cuts M&A jobs as business slows

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 06/13/2008

Renters, soldiers feeling foreclosure pain

What Gas Price Will Be the Final Death Bell ?

The economy is BOOMING! For CEO's, that is. Even when their corporations

Today in labor history June 16 FDR signed the National Industrial Recovery Act

AFL-CIO’s Pedrotty Tapped as ‘Rising Star’ in Corporate Watchdog World

230 East Bay Journalists Join Newspaper Guild

Catholic scholars try to bolster unions

Labor vet Obama's choice in Michigan

Union Convention Makes Political Statement

al lewis | columnist: Where are the victims of unions?

Mall Cleaners in Five States to See Wages Boosted (raises as high as 54 percent & family health care

Video: McCain stumbling on Social Security privatization from

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire (D) will be Grand Marshal of Seattle Pride

FAQ: Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in California

Today is the day.

I asked one of my gay friends if he and his partner were planning to tie the knot

Happy Equal Marriage Rights in California Day!

Let Sen. Obama know you support same sex marriage:

Westboro Baptist will be in San Francisco on June 17

Don't kill me. I really want to be enlightened

Obama "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman."

Gay Men, Straight Women Share Brain Detail: Report

Grandma Jailed Over Beating Teen In Lesbian Clinch

Gay men, straight women share brain detail:

Obama now looks to secure Clinton's Jewish constituents. Pro-Israel record will reassure wary voters

Israeli Army Uses Live Rounds on Peaceful Protest

Gaza journalists demand Israel answer over killing

No murder charges for suspects in lynch of Jewish terrorist

Where's Healthy Debate On U.S. Policy Toward Israel?

Colombia wants re-election Uribe, says Santos

47 sent back to Dominican Republic

Nicaragua accuses CIA, Spanish party of training saboteurs

Bolivia's racial onslaught

Venezuela investigates slaying of journalist

Canadian Embassy in Colombia threatened: report

Hank Steinbrenner goes on rant about the DH

Tiger Woods Equals GOAT

Your attention please, Bidenistas

The Stars This Week: "Call Home!" - June 16 - June 22, 2008

TV Alert for Mon. Night, 10 p.m. EST

Your opinion please.

May I please have your opinion?

Another one of our cats has disappeared.

The New Yorker has a new piece on Chavez


Glowing cat eyes...

Going Whole Hog

Mr. Ketchup just said "That's better than the 'pie'!!" therefore....

I just made Strawberry Shortcake, YUM

“Double shooting shakes gun-weary Toronto”, violent crime in wealthy Canadian neighborhood.

“Man says killing witness was brotherly thing to do” (Miami Herald)

Is firearm ownership anonymity necessary?

America’s Shooting Gallery 6-12-2008

Guilt-tripping the open carry movement: James Carroll on guns

George Bush left a carbon footprint the size of Wales

Scientific-books treasure will be sold in New York

$50 interactive white-board using Wii hack

If a Moderator today sends a PM to say that he or she is very displeased with your history of posts

Outcry as clergy say calling God 'He' or 'Lord' encourages wife-beating?

Can we claim that the nazis were morally wrong?

Were there ethnic Jews before the existence of Judaism?

Matthews Promotes Russert to Master 9/11 Gatekeeper!

Big Pharma Conspiracy, Continued

Osama says.....

Complete bullshit conspiracy theories. (Why do we tolerate these people?)

Skeptic, James Randi Breaks-Off Negotiations on DogsThatKnow Experiment

article on Setti Warren (JK aide) running for Mayor of Newton MA

Nvidia GT200 sucessor tapes out

Electro Voice 664 VA

TX Monthly: You’re Rick Noriega. Do You Approve This Message?

Imagine the intelligence value

Got a router question/problem

Fox 9 - "Rep. Bachmann Proposes Slashing Gas Prices with U.S. Drilling"

Vote for Al Franken in this poll.

Norm Coleman's loose-zipper problem making it into local media outlets

'Two Million Minutes' suggests it's time to improve U.S. education

Hill Times letter: Can't imagine Zytaruk doctored Cadman tape: Marlatt

CBC: Karzai threatens to send Afghan forces into Pakistan

Taxpayers pick up Tory tab

Don't look, don't tell, troops told

Could this be the September Surprise to manipulate the election?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 06/16/08

Pins from the convention?

WisPolitics Poll: State has gotten off on the wrong track

Labour rebels pledge to campaign FOR David Davis over 42 days issue

Father in stomping death said he had to 'get the demons out' of boy

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

i was just called by California Opinion surveys re:California Renewable clean energy act?