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Archives: June 13, 2008

Siegelman Case's Jill Simpson Fires Back At Alabama Gov. Bob Riley

Kansas tornadoes kill 2, devastate town of Chapman

Wait till you see Wexler in the film, "Bigger, Stronger, Faster"

OBAMA OPENS **significant** LEAD IN NEW JERSEY, WISCONSIN: 6% and 13%

Fire in Butte county, CA, at 19,000 acres and spreading

We live in the age of Galileo

Let's get rid of Dennis Kucinich - Ohio GOP tv - June 11, 2008

Totally unexpected SHOCKER! "McCain Stacks Fox News 'Town Hall' With Supporters"

Jeebus. 3 Attempted Suicides today.

Bush is popular! Well, in Nigeria (Bush History: 6/13 Friday)

Hearing: Administration Lawyers and Administration Interrogation Rules, Part II

Racial Identity's Gray Area

What does "K & R" mean?

Close Encounters of the Republican Kind

North Carolina polls.

Time/CNN: How Iran Has Bush Over a Barrel

Would like a logical answer for Reid(D-Nv) being leader....

Today is Friday the 13th

And now for a light stroll through the secret garden (photo)

I'm just laughing my head off at Ann Coulter and others

Bush has no intention of following the ruling of the Supreme Court on the Great Writ.

Rare event at Thut Greenhouse, Charleston ILL: Corpse flower due to open

Are bush & cheney entitled to a fair trial?

So what is the latest on the Air Force scandal?

Today's WASHINGTON JOURNAL on C-SPAN: "I'm a Republican...but I think Bush should be impeached"

WJ this morning - the Supreme Court decision

I think Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is coming up on Morning Joe.

Dems To McCain: Won't You Join Obama In Cracking Down On Foreign Lobbying?

Ariz. Legislature kills Real ID;

Not global warming so says, CNN

Governor Don Siegelman being interviewed live at 7:30 this morning.

How would you convince right-wingers to support impeachment of Bush, Cheney, et al?

Freepers Visit DU, Get Banned... A Tribute to DU Mods

Are the people FINALLY realizing what assholes bush & cheney are?

Why can't we just let Hitler be Hitler?

Poll: Despite Controversies, Franken Barely Behind Coleman In Minnesota Senate Race

The beginning of global order

C-SPAN3 = Forum: Rule of Law and the Executive Branch = 9 AM EDT

Cheney caught in bald faced LIE-by Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) no less :-)

Conyers Applauds Supreme Court Decision Upholding Habeas Corpus Rights

Impeachment: Could lack of votes in Senate legally immunize BushCo from being indicted post 1/20/09?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/13/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 - O unchanged, M down 1

Talks on US-Iraq pact at 'dead end'

CNN this morning

Holy Frak!!! You can watch the new ep of Battlestar Galactica here from 9AM-4PM

Zapped! How Irradiation Is Threatening Our Food System

Marine Charged with Fallujah Murder Refuses To Testify, Jailed

VA Tells Court It Can't Imagine Voter Registration Drives for Its Wounded Veterans and the Homeless

Fellow Iowans, check in. How are you faring this morning?

American Occupation at the Pump: Is $250 a Barrel Oil on Its Way?

A Constitutional Problem McCain Missed

Struggling with energy bills: Low-, middle-income households cut back in order to pay utilities

C-SPAN: Patrick Cockburn of the UK Independent coming up at 9am EDT.

Tell us Mr Pope..... Has "Help MidWest Flood Victims Link" On the Site

When it's raining, I can't fix my roof...

Spying Illegally on the Wrong Americans (Wired)

Bookmark this to send to your crazy right-wing relatives who email you.

Freeper neighbor lady informed me yesterday all the recent rains here proves global warming is bunk

msnbc impeachment poll: 60,000 votes to impeach already today!

Iraq PM: Security Deal Talks at "Dead End"

Nominate your choice as the biggest hotbed of stupid, uninformed, ignorant Repubic voters

Why does Mike Barnicle always criticize people's looks?

Article: God makes you stupid, researchers claim

Trial begins in homeless man's beating death

Cheney paranoia? Secret Service has everyone wear pins in meetings showing they belong there

The 13th of the month is most likely to fall on which day of the week?

How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis

Downtown Washington Area Loses Power; White House Operating on Backup Generators

== Thank you, George W. Bush = By Mark Morford

Washington, D.C. Power Outage Question!

BBC - West Bank attack filmed

Foreclosures Rose 48% in May as U.S. Bank Reposessions More than Doubled

Bush is popular! Well, in Nigeria (Bush History: 6/13 Friday)

Honor Iraqi dads on Fathers Day

LoL, the monkey in my TV said Berlusconi is working towards a purposeful Europe.

"The penis is the dipstick to a body's health"

Ugly: The Future of the Republican Party

How optimistic are you about the future of the United States?

'India created more jobs in US than US did here' - Indian minister of Commerce

Live coverage of Cedar Rapids flood

Two people shot at soda plant in Carolinas

McClone:: National Security, Safety, Victory, Honor, etc...Obama: All of the preceding plus

Yes, bush is awful. Yes, he's perpetrated criminal acts. No, he's not in the same league as Hitler

So if Bush is as bad as hitler because of the # of deaths

Today's climate change spotlight: Robins in Canada's arctic

We need a Habeas Corpus primer.

VA Tells Court It Can't Imagine Voter Registration Drives for Its Wounded Veterans and the Homeless

Hmmmm. So after a morning of posts on Hitler vs. Bush my little poll was too controversial?

Ha! This is great! Cheney had to leave the WH due to the power loss.

Today's Media "WTF" Moment: Do you like news? what about t-shirts?

1927 Headline: McCain stops runaway horse, saves woman and 4 kids

Newt Gingrich's Plan for our future... Drill Here... Drill Now ... Pay Less....

Danger in the Distance

Repug talking points I keep hearing.

British Man Stunned to Find a Dozen Illegal Immigrants Living in His Attic

Gas prices: when bad news is good news - Today’s Headlines 6/13/08

old but relevant: AP: Gitmo Detainees Say They Were Sold

U.S. Confirmed Deaths - 4098 - Pending Confirmation: 4 ....

Death and Bases

NYT: Media and Critics Split Over Sexism in Clinton Coverage

Help. What can you do if you are treated badly by the police?

Sunscreen's a bleach for aquatic life

Why Congress Can Kiss My Gas

bush's speech in Paris this morning

The Society of the Owned: Hazardous Morals

Obssession: Women think about shopping 900 times a day

"And Pope-y, yer doin' a heck of a job" (Bush tells Pope he's "looking good")

My last question - What was the extent of Bush's "diplomacy" before slaughtering the nation of Iraq?

E.U.'s New Rules Forcing Changes In U.S. Companies

Iraq cuts off talks with Bush, we have reached a "dead end".

Where oil prices hit the hardest.

Garrison Keillor: Obama has gifts that transcend race and his own slim résumé.

Who are we more afraid of: enemy combatants or federal courts?

THis is a president who will not go quietly into this night

Prices increase; Consumer confidence in the crapper

Bleak budget picture for New York MTA

Evacuations ordered for downtown Des Moines

“We got along real swell, Benny and I”-Bush/Pope Meet in Vatican, Condemn Things

George Bush's greatest achievement

Obama smears and Cell Phone PopCorn

Wexler, Lynn Woolsey, and Barbara Lee have signed on to impeachment resolution -- expect more

Is murdering seven people more "evil" than murdering five people?

Help. Seeking Master List of McCain gaffs & flip-flops.

GOP Despair: Party Writing Off Two Key Senate Seats

Privatization="Friendly" Fascism-True or False?

Privatization="Friendly" Fascism-True or False?

Woman claims police let husband bleed to death in SUV

GOP officials accuse AP, newspapers of bias, for poining out their corruption

Gun in woman's purse goes off accidentally inside health department

That 'new shower curtain smell' gives off toxic chemicals, study finds

There are two kinds of Americans

How old was Clarence Thomas when he was made a Supreme for life?

Bob Woodward's Private "Charity" Supports His Kids' School, Georgetown Prettification Project

Did you know that Saddam's "human shredder", "rape rooms" and "mass graves" were all Buscho lies?

O'Reilly does it again. that self-important self-parodying schmuck has got to be ...

Torture methods in teens' "tough love" camps banned by the Geneva convention.

AMAZING 75 - MPG Hybrid Electric CAR Kit ...$1,500

Is Sam Brownback delusional?

True Justice

MSNBC - Is anyone else not getting a signal?

The More Conservative the Govt - the more deviant the behavior?

caption this pic...

On Impeachment - How Sure are you?

Hey you guys in the arid south and southwest I have changed my tune. Want some water?

It Just Doesn't Matter

Which "recommendation" will Obama take?

Verdict In: R&B Singer R. Kelly Not Guilty on all child porn case

Sovereign Wealth Funds: Foreign Policy in Era of New Money (where does that oil $$ go?)

Road Closures in Des Moines Google Map

Tattoos of Three Republican Presidents

GOP Despair: Party Writing Off Two Key Senate Seats

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Bill O'Liely needs to be questioned ...Double L Phill Kline is scum

Grand Theft Digital: How Corporate Broadcasters Will Hijack Digital TV

Huckabee to join fixed news

Disney 'Noose' Necklaces Raise Concerns

Lindsey Graham wants to amend the Constitution, get rid of that annoying habeas corpus thing

90% Say Bush is worse than Nixon! WOW

Meet the Press sunday guests.

$4-a-gallon gas? Prediction surprises Bush

Crooks & Liars: "The Complete Guide on How to Deal with Bill O’Reilly’s ambush producers"

Bush Political Prisoner - Susan Lindauer - An Exclusive Interview

How to cut the crap on mass transit: tie highway funds to light rail on highway right of way

Goodbye Tim Russert

Fresno, CA Mayor's day in Court due to attack on Homeless

There are two kinds of Americans.

Feingold & Hagel worried about lack of Intelligence

May you rest in peace, Tim Russert.

FOOD- Are Americans aware of people scared of & protesting against WHAT WE EAT???

FDA STILL has no idea where killer tomatoes come from? A suggestion:

Oil market looks like tech bubble, analysis shows

Tom Brokaw is having trouble keeping himself together on NBC.

US Airways to charge $2.00 for a soda.

If impeachment goes through

Iraq war could cost taxpayers $2.7 trillion

Would you buy a home from a builder who is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Heath Ledger is now no longer the most shocking celebrity death of 2008

The Rude Pundit - Gitmo Decision Reaction on the Right: Have You Guys Read the Constitution?

When is Scotty going to testify? TIA nt

Reid ends contentious week with parting shot

i ragged on russert in the past, but i was just starting to appreciate him.....

Can you feel the rumbling under your feet ??

Does Google hate America?

A Nice Tribute to Tim Russert from Ezra Klein at The American Prospect

Laura Ingraham off the air

MSBC SCOOPED by other networks on story which HAPPENED IN THEIR OWN OFFICE.

Its Doesn't Get Any Stupider Than This

No more bumbling Homer: Marketers are reframing dad ads

I was driving home and CNN said a "broadcast giant died"...

So does the Constitution specify that only US citizens have the rights

I'm shocked

Fuck, I dont want to die at work.

Impeach Pelosi?

Positive Thoughts and Best Wishes for everyone affected by Flooding

To Those 'Giddy' About Russert

Meghan McCain registers as Republican as a Fathers Day Gift. I am not making this up.

Meghan McCain registers as Republican as a Fathers Day Gift. I am not making this up.

Heart Disease stats...

SCOTUS justices can be impeached can't they?

Merkel's assessment of Bush: "The kind of leader with whom she could call a spade a spade"

News: Cheney admits error! China 'not really' drilling for oil near Cuba

Will Tim Russert's passing a call for more consciousness of heart health?

RIP Bill O'Reilly

Russert was one of the players in Plamegate, I recall posters and commentaters have lost their damn minds

Sunscreen lotion is a bleach for aquatic life...killing the coral reefs

Iowa Mourns the Deaths of 4 Boy Scouts

Keith's voice is cracking...he's quite moved.

"He worked to the point of exhaustion" on this campaign....

Teen Shot, Killed In Hunting Accident (Grandpa shot him with AK-47)

"FEMA gives away Katrina donations"

RIP Tim Russert.... You've been there every Sunday for me. Thanks.

RIP Tim Russert I'll always remember this moment when you owned McCain

One of Tim Russert's best moments...

One of my favorite Russert moments...

Where's Tweety ??

Who Will Succeed Tim Russert On MTP.

Correct me if I'm off the mark here, but isn't the key witness in the Libby dead?

My favorite Russert Quote:

OMFG! Cheney Acknowledges He Lied

RIP Mr Russert

90 per cent of pandas in jeopardy after China earthquake

People shouldn't die at 58. People shouldn't die at work.

Rachel just said MSNBC isn't going to be airing their regular lineup tonight --

Every time somebody dies, DU loses it

Life is short & unpredictable.

I hope O'Reilly feels like the disgusting a$$hole he is

I380 will be closed between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City this afternoon

Olberman is running the MSNBC broadcast right now

We lost one of the Avenger clan to a heart attack Wednesday

Huckabee to be a part of Fox News

Anybody else crack up a bit at the statement from Mr & Mr McLiebercain

Please keep Maureen and especially Luke and Russ in your thoughts.......

I don't object to Google ads ... for the most part

Poll: World has more ‘confidence’ in Obama than McCain.»

Obama wants payroll tax on incomes above $250,000

I'm cutting back on DU time

Spud is fried

With Russert gone, will MSNBC move rightward?

A lesson from Russert. Democracy is not our government, it is the way we treat each other.

What "Friday Night News Dump" is going unnoticed

I hope to god Russert isn't replaced by Tweety.

FISA: What’s In It For Steny?

Understanding the media's reaction to Russert's death.

Not My Commander in Chief

The Republic on a Knife's Edge-By Robert Parry

I don't want to sound insensitive, but I'll ask anyway. Who can replace Tim Russert?

My preference for new host of Meet the Press is...Jon Stewart.

Meet the Press with Bill Moyers

NBC: "We have had NO credible intelligence on OBL since 2001."

Coming up on Head-On With Bob Kincaid

Whom would you like to see

I first came to like Russert through the IMUS MSNBC morning show

NBC will have a special tribute to Russert this evening 10:00 Eastern (nt)

Michael Reagan asks for murder of 9/11 Truth Activist Mark Dice

"It is our right, it is our duty, to throw off such Government & to provide new Guards"

Has it been confirmed that Russert was actually in Italy the last few days?

You learn something everyday.

price in los angeles - regular

Coming Sunday from McClatchy: 'Guantanamo: Beyond the Law'

Meet the Press - a bit of its history

Florida tomato update...not so fast

Cindy McCain May Reap Benefits of Anheuser-Busch Bid (Update1)

By no means do I wish to appear callous, but is there any other news to report

Here are three pictures of men's faces. Your task is to decide which is most honorable

Heart attack or DVT??

Waxman threatens contempt resolution for EPA’s Johnson and OMB’s Dudley.

WA POST - Mukasey: Detainee ruling won't stop terror trials

My bet. Russert is replaced on MTP by

Rachel will be talking on the weather horrors in the Midwest shortly --

Bush History, Friday 6/13 (Bush is popular! Well, in Nigeria)

Tim Russert

CNN’s Ware: Iraqis Reject Security Agreement Draft, May ‘Go It Alone’ And ‘Take Over This War’

IC and CR IA flooding worse than 93-100 year flood.. Best wishes to those of you affected!

What is a "Fundraising Disbursement" on the monthly FEC reports?

DUers any news on the floods in Iowa

The media and sexism.

Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote

omg... just got in and heard about Tim Russert! No matter what you felt

Possible battlefield fallout from today's Supreme Court decision?

I don't mean this to be mean towards Russert, but will there be this much coverage when...

What do you think Obama will say

On a lighter note - What the hey?

Missouri Humane Society rescuing pets in Iowa flood catastrophe

Sorry, but I am UNABLE to not link this:

Tim Russert dies from apparent heart attack

Tim Russert dies from apparent heart attack

Props to Foxnews for poignant Russert coverage

RIP Tim, now nothing against MSNBC, and this is NEWS to them

HEADLINE: McCain "forcefully sides with President Bush" in condemning Supreme Court

Prison officials may free Manson family's Susan Atkins due to illness - No please don't

Two unusual ideas for new MTP host.... Bill Moyers (I would love to see that) -

Just Found this....

Tonight's front page of the Omaha World Herald (Scout leader Jeff Baldwin hugs Scout Hal Emas)

Afghan militants (Taliban) attack Kandahar prison and free inmates

Just a reminder. Should mush limpballs kill over

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Behind the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Talk show host Michael Reagan calls for murder of anti-war activist

Now the Jersey 9/11 Widows is a new TABOO subject . . . ???

O.K. "other" threads KEEP over there. This one is a Dem "G.E Russert" thread

Dog Swept Up, Killed By NYC Street Sweeper

If he isn't still with ABC I think Ted Koppel would be a good host of MTP

1780 British warship found in Lake Ontario

Miss Teen South Carolina is a terrorist!

McNasty believes his superstitious "lucky" things saved him in TWO plane crashes

McClatchy: Maliki raises possibility that Iraq might ask U.S. to leave

Ok, I'll play.

Tim was a great guy but 5 hours coverage on his death? The media think it is all about them.

Poll: Republican support, enthusiasm down

GOP to go the way of the Federalists or the Whigs?

Good Night Timmy ..... "Sleep pretty darling do not cry"

Teen tied to tree overnight dies

DU Eulogies. Alas!

Tim Russert dead?

Bill Moyers Journal: The American Dream In Reverse?

There were times when I got angry at Tim Russert, but he was a true professional

How to Help with the Midwest Floods


So long Big Tim ....

Ted Nugent to publish his "Manifesto". " Obama is the illegitimate son of Mao Tse-tung."

Nurse got arrested after pulling cop from burning car

Once again: there is NO political argument that can put impeachment "on the table"

Exxon Mobil to sell U.S. gas stations

Julia Child was a liberal

Bakersfield, CA to stop ALL weddings rather than be "forced" to marry evil homos.

How bad is Bush - a reality check.

Photos: Bush Protest in Rome

but only four U.S. soldiers were slightly injured and one vehicle was damaged

I feel HORRIBLE for Tim and his family. Just don't call him objective...

One of my favorite Russert moments...

Who should take over Meet The Press?

Russert's MD on MSNBC now

Okay folks, I need help. Read this article and help me enlighten

Anyone know what types of dogs the Obama family has?

Tim Russert was a Saint!

Talk Show Host Calls for Murder of Anti War Activist

"I'm voting Republican!" (hilarious!)

PHOTOS: An Embarrassment In Paris

Ya know that Habeus Corpus dance the Supremes just did with a 5/4 beat ......... ?

Mukasey: "Fuck SCOTUS!! We don't agree. The Military Trials will continue!!"

Question re Bush possible war crimes prosecution abroad:

The 35 Articles Of Impeachment: Read Them Here

Put up or shutup. Give specific examples if you think Tim Russert was somehow a RW hack

Fight the SPIN on oil drilling

Taliban PRISON BREAK In Khandahar, Afghanistan!!!

Didja ever wonder what Donald Trump's

I take a different lesson from Tim Russert's death...

Chris Matthews (Tweety) is in Paris

Russert was a reporter

NETWORK....prophecy from 1976....

Who should replace Russert on MTP? One candidate only: Keith Olbermann...

Impeachment won't happen because Pelosi is complicit

It has to be asked. Is Tim Russert's death a blow to the Bush administration?

Regarding Russert's death

David Cook is in PEOPLE magazine; Tomas Young is in ICU

I supported Dodd in the primaries, but this stinks

Half of FR thinks Tim Russert was a commie. Half of DU thinks he was a neocon.

Dog owner alert: Popular fertilizer hazardous to dogs.

Did everybody read about Bush losing the list of LA's needs from Kathleen Blanco during Katrina?

I want to die like Russert did. One minute alive and doing what you want, then death...quick

Skinner, can we go ahead and shut 'er down for maintenance right now

American Occupation at the Pump: Is $250 a Barrel Oil on Its Way?

Kucinich asks how will it look if a nation prosecutes Bushco for war crimes & we didn't hold hearing

why I am glad mom was not famous when she died...

R.I.P. Russert - But Let's Not Forget The Others

Bill Moyers to U.S. Military Academy: Before you Assume that I am Calling for an Insurrection…

TV9 live feed to Iowa flooding

So......who takes over "Meet The Press"?

'Dubious harvest' indeed.

She was killed by a 50bmg gun

What will happen to Colin Powell from here on?

First NBC will choose a new Bureau Chief and that person

Dear Senator Obama: please promise to retire the word "Homeland".

McCain just said WHAT? Really???

FEMA and disasters

This may sound crass, BUT..should ALL the "news" channels

You guys really need to watch this.

Kucinich: "They Didn't Tell The Truth & All These People Died-Sorry About That-Pass The Grey Poupon"

Just got word, My cousin lives in CR Iowa...had to evacuate yesterday their home is flooded clear to

Did Russert have any history of coronary events?

My best friend

Iraq/US Negotiations break down; they could even kick us out

John Conyers, are you out there?

Anyone have KO's email address @ MSNBC?

Anyone have KO's email address @ MSNBC?

Digby: "Under Water" While Media Eulogize Russert ...Iowans Drown!"

In no way am I giddy about Tim Russert dying---

NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree

Support Iraqi Fathers & Their Families on Father's Day

His most memorable remark, that I will remember him by

Ok if you live in the Central US, this is for you, and a critical service from the ARC

Tim Russert vs Scooter Libby

For the history rewriters. Russert did everything but go to jail to avoid testifying against Libby

Veterans for Peace Deliver 23,000 Impeachment Petitions to House Judiciary Chair John Conyers

Remember Timmy Russert saw whatever it was that he and several others were sworn to secrecy.

Michael Collins aka autorank: An Exclusive Interview with Bush Political Prisoner Susan Lindauer

DUzy Awards will not be posted today.

What kind of relationship do you have with your father?

When someone dropped dead where you worked was production ever stopped?

Harvard psychiatrist corrupted by millions in drug money ,illegally

To those of you who are grave-dancing over Tim Russert's death...

Will Hillary condemn Fox's "Baby Mama" sexist smear of Michelle Obama?

John McCain, surviving the Keating 5 political scandal

with the dnc shapeup

McCain can cut earmarks by $2.7 trillion?

Obama and DNC Join Fundraising Efforts in New Committee

The DEMOCRATS are getting dirty? Hey Mika, guess what...

McCain Stacks Fox News 'Town Hall' With Supporters

OMG !!!!! General Clark

OMG !!!!! General Clark

145 days until we unseat Bush and keep McCain out of the White House.

Did you know McCain's great-great grandfather owned 52 slaves?

Obama's birth certificate is a fake!1!!!!!

McCain: Don’t Forget Obama’s Other Veep Vetter

Fox News anchor taken off air after Obama 'terrorist fist jab' gaffe

Dems attack lobbying record of McCain’s VP vetter

Great vibe at Obama fundraiser last night - "We're all Hussein"

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/13/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 - O unchanged, M down 1

Asked if he would use Dumbya as a goodwill ambassador, Obama does spit take

Top five states that Obama could turn blue (from 04' election)?

Wesley Clark surrogates for Obama .... strongly ...... on MSNBC earlier

New Poll: Obama holds a double-digit lead in Minnesota

Tonight's Lullaby - Hevia; Asturian piper

Obama The Preferred Candidate Around The World: Poll

Will the real tax-and-spender please 'fess up?

Lou Dobbs is a steaming pile of shit.

Taylor Marsh website has been hacked. It's back!

How do you spell "choke"

A plan to counter the fake Dems on Clinton/Dem sites saying they will vote mcCain

I'm seeing that McSame "i hate war" ad in NYC; does he honestly think he has a chance in hell in NY?

did anyone see McSame's quote about moving to Canada if you want govt-run health insurance in the

Tennessee Democratic Party Official Sticks Foot In Mouth About Obama

The Republicans and Fox are clearly not grown up enough to deal with race

think about this: if Obama didn't win the nomination, would Black people say they'd vote for McCain?

If he was ever in the hunt, Chris Dodd is probably out as a VP pick

I have to say... Michelle Tafoya looks OOLLLLDDD in High Definition

Obama Camp Dispatching Thousands

There's an astrology war going on in GDP

Donald! Don't read that!

Was there a basketball game tonight?

Ron Paul rejects McCain ‘values,’ praises Libertarian Barr

Testing, testing... Has pawpicker really gone to bed?

What about GORE for VP?

The Viral Mails

I love how they're making Cindy McCain look older than she really looks

Are you paraskavedekatriaphobic?

Mysterious Directs Voters To McCain Campaign Site

TODAY at, it's a chance to tour the Straight Talk Express!

The personal attacks have begun...

I'm Voting Republican

Been awhile since I made an Oedi Oemlette

Dean Supporters Threaten To Pull The Party Apart

Test for early signs of dementia

Hold it-McCain was using 'Still the One' as his theme song?

Holy Crap! Bi Baby just tried to kill my cat!

Countrywide Scandal Spreads to Senate

The right is going to hit Michelle hard and hit Obama on ethics....

I've got kebab-induced gut rot, ask me anything

Army's Public Affairs Office Spreading Partisan Attacks On Obama

HELP ME . . .

The ship sank

Tell me a good Shawn Phillips song


I have a candle, with the strong scent of field clover.

The veep Obama chooses needs to be young enough


So tell me how being a POW makes you a Foreign Policy Expert

Dave Barry's book of bad songs + youtube = big fun

Billionaires Defend John McCain at $28,500-a-Plate Fundraiser in Manhattan

John McCain is a fake "maverick"...

Rep. John Hall (D-NY) tells McCain to stop using his Song!

Dear CHRIS MATTHEWS - McCAIN can use age against Obama, but Obama can't allude to or reciprocate?

I Just Launched A New Obama Site

Camp McCain goes after vetter Holder--Marc Rich pardon

Obama: GOP trying to make me and Michelle 'scary'

Evidence of What Edwards as VP Nominee Would Add to the Obama Ticket

Please help DU this petition re: Larry Sinclair smearing Obama at the National Press Club next week

Today is the day we all wait for! (Well, most of us)


"Ghetto" Students-NOT For Obama-"Not because they didn't like him-because they were afraid for him"


One thing Obama has done that Kerry & Bush couldn't do...

The Pentagon's propaganda program continues ..

sexiest video poll

McCain will make the SCOTUS decision yesterday in Boumedien a campaign issue

John & Cindy McBusch?

Wes Clark told the NY Times he would have voted in favor of IWR

McCain Lies about supporting Social Security privatization

McCain FOR privatizing SS before he was AGAINST it, but is still FOR it for younger workers. Got it?

So I woke up this morning and smelled smoke.

Any way to get Vista service pack one right after you install the O/S?

This is what democracy looks like --- Obama Campaign Dispatching Thousands

Check out the spam message I just received from Mr. Big

McCain Spending His Way To A Tie In Michigan

Creepy music video of the day (WARNING: Brief nudity, disturbing images)

Obama Should Propose A Barbecued Rib Throw Down W/McCain At His House (ala Bobby Flay)

It is paramount that Obama maintain his positive image...

I would LOVE to see Caroline Kennedy run for office

In this day and time, I think the campaign needs a daily briefing crew to smack down rumors.

Collin Powell tells B.C. crowd he might vote for Obama

How relevant are the cable news shows to this election??

Fox Forced to Address Michelle Obama Headline

MediaCurves Focus Groups

McBush's town hall meetings idea likely dead

Why are you still up?

Mainstream media not jumping on the political rumor bandwagon

Lori Mehmen of Orchard, Iowa took this *INCREDIBLE* picture

My friends, McBush's town hall meetings

I'm training a young chef, here.

I am reading " In Defense of Food" and I really like it!

Students kicked off Facebook for eating a cat

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Friday June 13, 2008

DId anyone notice that McCain has no energy policy?

HOT NEW TOUR ANNOUNCED (and some slight message retooling) at

Am I hearing correctly? Now McSame doesn't want to meet Obama

Obama camp: McCain making townhall talks into political sideshow

I'm going home now, and soon I'm going paddling!

Buzz Bomb

Opiate For the Mrs.

DUers in the Jackson, MS area - good pickin' tonight!

McCain trending downward in swing states

McCain trending downward in swing states

Lately, I've added sound editors to my list of evil bastards

Just Got This Response From The TN Democratic Party

Paraskevidekatriaphobians, check in!

other things that may be terrorist connected as far you can tell...

Hartmann reading from Scalia's dissent - we're at war , so Constitution not in

McCain, Obama Debate Debate Deals

self delete.............

Excuse me, but rap is not...

Hot Fuzz

I think I may have started a chain of flamewars in GD.

Joe Lieberman For VP!

Obama: "The theory was, we're all Hussein."

ABBA Jazz (?)

WP, E.J. Dionne: Democratic Tide Rising; GOP risks becoming "minority debating society"

Cool advertisement or horrible nightmare come true?

WTF!!?! "...and he may be terrorist connected for all I can tell. It sounds kind of like he may be.”

Plouffe Responds On Town Hall Meetings Proposals

Does anyone have good info on Obama and taxes?

Poll: Dems Satisfied With Obama As Nominee -- And Republicans Aren't With McCain

New 'Lou Dobbs For Governor' web site launched!

My heart goes out to "Big Russ" its amazing that he outlived his son. . .

Holy Frak!!! You can watch the new ep of Battlestar Galactica here from 9AM-4PM

McJekyll and McHyde?

Anybody remember Vice Adm Stockdale Perot's running mate?

7 busted after cheers erupt at S.C. graduations

Free Ponies!

So what needs to be done on regulating airlines?

Taking suggestions for my 1000th post extravaganza

Obama Surges Ahead!

I'm Voting Republican Video. Check it out!

Could use a relationship...

The "Angry Candidate" label

You Guys And Gals Are "So Smart". Who Is Obama going to take as his VP?

Full Tim Russert story up now at



What movie should I see tonight?

Would it be okay for me to go cut the battery cables on my neighbor's car

Tim's last chat.

This Modern World.

New Gang of 14 won’t back McCain

Help John McCain pick a new campaign song

United Farm Workers to endorse Obama

I hated the English Patient.

Tim Russetts last interview was about the Internet and its impact on the Campaigns

Heard Bloomberg on the radio today at Congressional hearings.

Am I the only one who wants Obama on stage as much as possible next to McHundred in ANY FORMAT?

Mother who cut off her baby's arms "to give the baby to God"....

How freakin' cool is LittleCoffee?

Why Is NBC Still Covering Golf When Their Top Personality Has Just Passed Away? - LMAO


For my 1000th Post.

For my 1000th Post.

Somehow, I seem to compel all but their obstetric histories from cashiers.

Change that Works for You: Barack Speaks to Seniors in Ohio

HEADS UP: Obama in Columbus, OH -- (LIVE on CNN Livestram -- LINK) ...

I know some people are worried about New Hampshire, but are there any polls from Connecticut?

Top Hillary Fundraiser Has Questions About Obama's Trustworthiness (She Might Help McCain)

Fox News says Russert "started having problems breathing"

MSNBC's Hardball falsely suggested McCain holds statistically significant lead over Obama

Zinskaro - Hamlet Gonashvili

Anyone notice the lighting in McCain latest commercial?


Obama posters all over my city (and I'm NOT in the USA)

Study: Women in Bikinis

Excuse me, but poetry ain't litritsher.

How depressing.

Life is short & unpredictable.

Question about Jack Nicholson at the Lakers-Celtics games

i'm going camping! YAY!

I got about six beers in me so I know what midlo is like all day

I am all about fashion and want my baby girl to look cute, but this is just nuts!!!

Tim Russert consistently pissed me off .... but I feel really awful about this.

Just watched "The Eye" last night and IT SUCKED

Congrats to Lizziegrace and Lelapin, ThomCat, and California Peggy

Some groaners...

What Do You Do When Your Moving Company Destroys Everything You Own?

Give me one good reason as to why i hate you or should hate you.

CNN doing a lovely tribute to Russert. Mary Matalin on MSNBC,

well, hell my microwave oven is beeping all over the place

have fun!

As a sound editor, I've added Houston Astros fans to my list of evil bastards.

Additional Tip? WTF?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaks with journalists about the death of NBC's Tim Russert


What's for lunch??

The "Incredible Hulk" has got a good rating from Rotten Tomatoes

Alley Cat Allies: Get My Name Off the Contact List!

What the hell is going on around here???

Do you like big butts?

John McCain's statement about Russert started out ..... "Senator Lieberman and I would like to ...."

John McCain: Fraudulent Fool or Foolish Fraud?

Schoooool's out for summer! Schooool's out forever!!!

Love hurts

John McCain. Fool or a Fraud?

What Obama needs is the antimatter version of Dick Cheney... would that be Jonathan Turley?

I've got a constipated Kitty.

New law targets pre-teen passengers

Could use some relationship advice

PHOTOS: BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA at a townhall meeting, Oakleaf Retirement Community, Columbus, OH

Gallup Poll June 13: Obama 46% (-2), McCain 43%(+1)

Press Club defends Larry Sinclair event. They are hurting their credibility.

Well, that was annoying (Firefox and WD Synch)

Out of respect for those I may have offended

Michael Moore to publish his `Election Guide'

We'll go ahead and close this thread

Battlestar Galactica -- midseason hiatus cliffhanger tonight!

"We now know who the Democratic nominee is going to be."

Graduation day

No sign of Tweety yet on MSNBC...he probably can't make it on camera!!

Who wins this fight?

The ghouls at His44 are full of class

I just got a potential job lead!!!

Parents charged after boy tied to tree dies

McCain Caught Red-Handed

An appropriate father's day gift

Book Autopsies - Coolest Art Ever!! (Dialup Warning)

Should I watch "the happening" tonight?

Tennessee Dem: Obama "may be terrorist connected"

It Pains Me That Tim Won't Get To See Who Wins This Historic Election. He Was So Excited...

Man, it's heartbreaking..Brian Williams & David Gregory tearful..Wow!

Did you see where most of the pandas may be gone.

Tim Russert has died

What's your favorite commercial?

McCain couldn't keep from billboarding his time in prison camp while speaking about Russert

Reassurance versus WOW

Obama Could Give McCain Home-State Blues

ticketed for going topless in public?

Stop Reacting - Social (In)security - Time For Us To Play Offense

Noonan: Obama Is An Unpatriotic, Effeminate, Cynical, Immoral, Godless Opportunist

Cat Virtuoso

***For those who missed it: Initial Tom Brokaw worldwide NBC News Special Report roadblock re: TR***

DAMN!! Randy I love you but can you put politics aside just one day on the radio

If you ran the FCC...


the cat and dog like wassabi

I've got the wierdest looking rat in my house

Why Does POW Translate into Qualifications for CIC?

Whats on the Menu at the French Market this weekend?

Have you checked out Obama's site?

Colin Powell (yes, that Colin Powell) tells B.C. crowd he might vote for Obama!!!!

McCain on Gitmo: “One of the Worst Decisions in the History of This Country”

Just to lighten the mood, a laugh at McCains expense

So Who Will Take Over 'Meet The Press' Now?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/13/08

Admit it.....

Charlie Rose could almost fill Russert's shoes

Out of the mouths of babes. Gitmo and my Constitutional Law Class.

anyone know what raUI.exe is?

Mc****: Supreme Court Ruling on Gitmo "one of the worst decisions in the history of this country"

I just bought the spiciest thing they had at "Red Burrito" - Take that cold!

Michelle's Princeton thesis:

Obama Surges Ahead

I can get a free Eee PC if I switch banks...


janesez is a mean girl and she knows why

Party unity and the DNC

After the tornado...a double rainbow


Gotta love those Texas Republicans

Swing states jump for Obama - largest one day swing on intrade

Which city is more progressive? Vancouver or San Francisco?

Cute story about Dean and his flag pin.

When I think of Tim Russert, I think of him running around msnbc with that wipe-off board during the

Brilliant Democratic Strategy Revealed!

One year smoke-free as of today.

Jury acquits R. Kelly of all fourteen counts of child pornography

McCain=McSame=McDumbya=McBush: Just like Bush, he rigs Town Halls w/supporters

HuffPost: Will High Gas Prices Be A Campaign Issue -- Against Obama and the Democrats?

McClatchy: Obama 'considering' world tour ahead of August convention

LAX Girls...WTF????

Media Matters: Media suggest Obama "is different, isn't like you, isn't on your side"

What is the worst song you can imagine playing at a wedding reception?

If you love the idea of Obama/Clark. . .STEAL MY SIG! STEAL MY SIG!

Never a dull moment around here, eh?

Listening to Jewel today...

Keep up the pressure on Davis. "Davis' downplays suggested Obama terrorism link." It's working!

For the first time, I just took an ativan

Does Eye Cheney have a lazy dick?

Kitty update... happy times!

What happened to Matcom's ass?

Should Presidential Candidates and their VP's Have To Pass a Psych Screening?

McCain In His Own Words - Own Worst Enemy

SCOTUS Dissents

Here's to Tim Russert

Who the fuck is this Tara woman on MSNBC saying Obama can't speak?

The Daily Widget – Friday, June 13 – WEA 53.72% 625.20 Obama 312-226

So the Clinton supporters who are now backing McCain are just GOP operatives, eh?

Publix has a two-fer on this stuff!

Who says hip hop isn't music?

Saw Iron Maiden last night-Ask me anything!

"The Happening" spoilers...

When you signed up for Netflix, how long did it take them to send out your first movies?

Tim Russert's Final MSNBC Report: On Obama's site aimed at fighting rumor and gossip

For the Bauhaus/Peter Murphy/Trent Reznor fans in the Lounge

illegal codemakeRemote ('duboard.php?az =emotion_table')

Anyone ever heard of israelinsider? Is it legit?

Is it really bad to think while you are on antibiotics?

I can't believe that Tim Russert has died. Unbelievable...

Study: Women in Bikinis Make Men More Impulsive

Barack Obama calls Tim Russert "thoughtful", "irreplaceable", and "One of the finest men I knew".

Alleged Russia Ties Entangle McCain Campaign Manager

Tim Russert is dead!

Sexiest Athletes

Excuse me, but Canada is not a real country

Excuse me, but Joe Lieberman, is not a Democrat

Simply put, I'm Fired Up and Ready to GO! Wanna know why?

When I first heard about Tim Russert, my first thought was "heart"

Someone has opened a small glass pipe shop down the street.

Excuse me , but a grape-nut, is not, a grape,

Excuse me , but Muzak is not music

Excuse me but Catsup is STILL not a vegetable....

Excuuuuse ME!!!!!

Donating to Hillary Clinton is a very intelligent move.

Galactica will not return until "the first of the year" confirms Ron Moore

Excuse me , but FR is not a real Web site

What women want (according to this web site)

I don't get (about toplessness and such )

Excuse me, but "Excuse me" has become the new "I'm sorry but..." of the Lounge

As if they weren't dangerous enough - now Grizzlies are learning Karate

Excuse me, but MOBA is having a contest


I'll be leaving work in about an hour...with about three pounds of cheese cubes and crackers

About Tim Russert's last moments...

I made my daughter cry yesterday.

Beware of Larry Sinclair

Wow, it's been a while since I hung out here in the Lounge.

OMG! Today is a for-real Friday the Thirteenth!

Whoo-hoo! I was called Un-American on the DU!

Excuse me, but ringtones are not music

I got a compliment on my long hair today.... and now I feel guilty.

What day would you like to re-live?

Is it finally safe yet???

There aren't enough Excuse Me threads in the Lounge today

This thread is heavier than a rock.

Have you ever asked someone who you see everyday, but doesn't know you, what you do?

Sorry Liberal_In_LA I made one too

went to the dr today

There aren't enough Tim Russert threads on DU today

Anyone want a Tim Russert banner?

Does Dick Cheney have a lazy eye?

Liberal_In_LA wants more Tim Russert threads.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/13/2008)

Report from IOWA: Day 3

Why is it illegal for women to go topless?

Did you guys just see Wes live up to his nickname "General Smackdown" on MSNBC?

I Wonder How Terry McAuilffe Feels Tonight ...

Excuse me, but when did chemotherapy become funny?

"What's Happening" spoilers...

So, I have brownie mix and some pecans; how could I make these

is it just me or do most furniture stores not seem to sell any furniture

Study: Women who tie raw steak to their backs make men impulsive.

My first weekend off in three weeks and I get a cold!?

There aren't enough sniffa threads in the Lounge today

Question about TV viewing

good night you kings of maine

Obama currently leads McCain among Latinos, 62 percent to 28 percent

(Dies of Cuteness)

Excuse you!

Damn cheap v-tech phones

Pardon me, but Sniffa's morning events are not scenes.

Man Gets Notice Of Guardianship Taken Of Him...Dies During Night After

What would Paco Rabinowitz say?

Why are some people so bad at taking my money?!

There aren't enough Tim Russert threads on DU

Are my Iowan DuBrothers doing OK?

If you're completely indifferent to me, please don't post here.

Do you torrent?

Excuse Me!

Is it really bad to drink while you are on antibiotics?

Man, where was my brain yesterday?


My feet hurt.

You can't watch Andrea Mitchell today without crying

well, my new refrigerator is now officially completely installed. The

Do you torment?

Excuse me, but What day would you like SNIFFA to re-live...

I just made and ate a peanut butter and mustard sandwich!

Cat and bear can't "bear" to be apart

View from our room

I'm wicked HOT and I don't care.... I'm turning on the AC!!

my computer is fried

And in the only non-interleague game tonight...

McCains report more than $100,000 in credit card debt

Two weeks ago my daughter only knew how to do the freestyle stroke in swimming.

Check out the lame painting I did this morning...

Every man dies...

It's hard to write a book

Wanna see me do John McCain?

Kansas Internal Polling: Mcmore of the same (45), Obama (41)

Wolf Blitzer has the charisma of a toadstool.

Why doesn't a Dem in congress propose a huge public transportation bill?

My Dick Is Hugh!!!!11111

Happy Friday the 13th

Help me answer this email.

Register For McCain's Townhall Designed To Woo Clinton Supporters!

It's a little late for a dinner thread, but--what did you have for dinner tonight?

Excuse me, but mustard gas is not mustard.

The Zohan---don't mess with it, seriously. ****spoiler****?

The nation is falling deeper into the housing crisis: Foreclosures continue at record pace

Breaking: Forces of evil win, Ireland votes 53.4 % no on EU reform treaty

What sounds in commericals drive you up the wall?

Why it's illegal to sleep in the street

Obama Statement On Tim Russert's Death

DU is now a blog source on a NY Times News Web Page

Floods swamp Iowa town; Drinking water near gone

Insurance companies practicng medicine.

You tube test

OK, the lounge is closed now....

Cindy's "Drug Addiction" on MSNBC

NBC officially has now lost their last "real journalist". How sad.

Rising gas prices are a good thing.

Sexiest Atheists

Here's the perfect answer to "conservatives" who say Obama went to an "Islamic" school in Indonesia

Gwen Ifill as hostess of "Meet The Press?"

Tweety (from Paris) says something very interesting about Russert

Spread this around to Destroy McCain on Economy.

I just hope to Heaven no one gets the idea that KO should replace Russert.

Clinton Fundraisers Rally To Obama

Fox News host Banderas called Obama a "Halfrican"

KO put MSNBC on the map. He'd do well on MTP.

THE MATH Weekly – Friday, June 13 – Obama 314, McCain 224

McCain Cancels Fundraiser With Texas Oilman Who Made Rape Joke

My town is having a Cruise Night tonight. I won't be able to get out of my driveway


Has Kucinich Exposed the Dems Complicity?

I know some posters are getting criticized for mentioning Russert's

Tim Russert was the best...... the best NBC has left to replace him is Chuck Todd....

I Propose We Embrace Barry And His Blackness... Oh Yeah... And Barack Too !!!

Why not call on Max Cleland to stand up to the press and their defense of mccain?

OMG!!! My dog just about killed

Dog owner alert: Popular fertilizer hazardous to dogs

Clinton Youth Director Reaches Out To Iowa Students Threatening To Back McCain

Excuse me , but a tomato, is not a vegetable

If Dick Cheney dropped dead today

Friday the 13th Kitten Picture of the Day

*****Call to action! CONTACT THE WI DEM PARTY RIGHT NOW: Demand a reply * * * * Here's the emails:

I feel bad for him and his family, but if I hear what a fair and

DU Ladies!!! Mani-Pedi question

why is flea treatment so *&$@ expensive?

Post here and tell me why you intensely dislike me

I just got a crackberry, ask me anything.

"Is your shower curtain killing you?" Like I didn't have enough to worry about already?!

The Linda's Parisian Burger. WARNING: Graphic photo of double-patty cheeseburger inside.

This is scary, looks like there may be another serial killer in Vancouver.

Michelle Obama is "Obama's baby mama?"

Some very, very good news.

baby's first heels...

Don't these look delicious?

Favorite Mr. Darcy?

Obama speaks on his bicycle helmet dilemma: safety or Dukakis goofiness?

Rahm is okay with the elected Democrats who don't stand with Obama.

Article on McCains gobal warming speech!

$51.00 freakin' dollars to . . .

I hate my new doctor!! What a complete asshole!!!

Then again, if the undisguised female bosom were legal in public

Is it just me, or are all furniture stores secretly proselytizing for Buddhism?

So McCain has credit card debt????

Music or not music?

anyone from seattle?

Now, THIS is REAL music

FL Sun-Sentinel: For Obama's vice president: What about Bob? Graham, that is

Is no one else watching the tribute to Tim Russert on MSNBC?

David Plouffe on which states will be the battlegrounds

Post your city's skyline here!

Lincoln Davis's Chief of Staff not sure if Obama has terrorist ties...something in the water?

McCain can't use a computer and nobody cares?

BSG show tonight...(spoilers)

I , Hate phrenetic commas! ,,

I sure hope we're not going to "make nice" agian at the convention this year

HELP! Need an answer.....

Sam Cooke's "A Change Gon Come"

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now a redhead...(pics)

Elected DNC Clinton delegate to vote for McCain

Thank goodness it appears this time that our candidate will not hesitate to fight back

Have you ever told someone to eat your junk?

Petition for Civil Liberties from Obama campaign

Excuse me , but rap is not music

Which side of your car is your Obama 08 bumper sticker on???

First thought upon hearing of the death of Tim Russert::

Another bad thing about the "mama baby" thing. People hear stuff like that and then

Euro 2008 - Group C

Did a bit of trolling on FR... and found they are talking about how they're going to disrupt DU

Poor Fred Hobbs from TN....Wonkette stabs him for his terrorist remarks about Obama.

Ok,, if a genie (leprechaun, fairy godmother ) offered you one of these two things, which..

Chimp. Flooding.

Huge Crop Circle formation discovered in South Korea

Homeless in SanDiego threatened with Arrest

Excuse me, but opera, is not music

Direct China-Taiwan travel agreed

Japan to lift N Korea sanctions

Sovereign wealth fund 'interesting idea': Flaherty

Ron Paul Suspends campaign

Gadhafi: Obama fears Israel will assassinate him like it did JFK

'The End of Guantanamo as We Know It'

Yahoo-Google ad pact raises antitrust eyebrows

Mukasey says detainee ruling won't stop trials

Rising water forces evacuation of Iowa hospital

AU Challenges FL Ballot Amendments that Would Undercut Religious Liberty, Public Schools

Attorney general says detainee trials to go on

US May consumer prices up 0.6 percent

Study: Women in Bikinis Make Men More Impulsive

Iraq PM: security deal talks at dead end

BOLIVIA: Domestics to Gain Healthcare Coverage

Power outage, fire snarls Washington D.C. rush hour

Guardian: Rezko Says Prosecutors Pressured Him to Implicate Obama

McCain Goes Solo at Town Hall in Federal Hall

BREAKING: Light earthquake reaching 3.8 magnitude shakes northern Israel

Global poll finds optimism for future U.S. policy

Basis for offshore prison (Gitmo) is undercut

Mugabe Loses Honorary Degree From UMass

Breaking News 3:33 PM ET: Tim Russert dead of a heart attack

NBC's Tim Russert dies of apparent heart attack

McCain goes after second Obama VP vetter

Global anti-China sentiment on the rise: Poll

Health insurance falling short for more people (underinsured up 60% last year vs. 2003)

Iowa river has swamped 400 city blocks

In Eastern Iowa, the City That ‘Would Never Flood’ Goes 12 Feet Under

(Sen. Lindsey) Graham: Detainees get better treatment than Nazis

Power back in Washington after outage

Blackwater training decision delayed in N. Idaho


Tourists to Find Difficulties This Summer in Norway

CDC: Salmonella-tainted tomato illnesses reach 228

Iraq PM: security deal talks at dead end

Defaced E. Idaho stop signs with anti-war message for sale

Militants attack Afghan prison, free hundreds of inmates

Judge invites probe into his steamy Web site

Paraguay's president-elect appoints former leftist militant as Cabinet chief (US air base)

China's carbon emissions soaring past the US

McMahon Pledges To Bring 'Integrity And Respect Back' To The 13th CD (DCCC endorses)

Irish minister says EU vote lost

Cuba hands over accused pedophile to U.S.

Ex-GOP Leader Pleads Guilty In Sex Case

Lieberman Hopes to Sidestep Guantanamo Ruling

Congressman (John Hall) to McCain: Stop using my song

McCain: ‘I will get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice’

Obama (speaks) on Social Security Changes

London prepares for Bush visit

'Jews to be airlifted out of Zimbabwe'

Shiite cleric Sadr authorizes setting up "resistance cells"-Sadrist

Ecuador holds Colombia 'plotters'

73,000 homes lost to foreclosure in May

Israeli scientists grow palm from 2,000-year-old seed at Masada

Strong quake hits northern Japan: TV report

Unidentified object seen behind space shuttle: NASA

Vatican: Pope thanks Bush for defending 'fundamental moral values'

R. Kelly found not guilty in child-porn case

Hundreds escape in Afghan prison attack

Powell tells B.C. crowd he might vote for Obama

George W Bush meets Pope amid claims he might convert to Catholicism

McCains report more than $100,000 in credit card debt

Latin American countries call for end to child labor

Laura Bush: U.S. relations 'on the mend' ( heard 'pro-American' words in her travels)

Ex-Clark Co. (Indiana) GOP chief admits performing oral sex on a sleeping man

Cheney's false comment on oil drilling attacked

NY Post: Tim Russert Dies of Heart Attack

Fuel costs threaten to bankrupt airlines

After decades without a nuclear reactor being built, 13 applications before regulators

AFL-CIO says student visa extension hurts tech wages

Probe deepens in missing hedge fund manager (partner to John Ellis - Bush cousin)

Lightbulbs to Leadership: Lawmakers in the dark

Kucinich calls for Bush Impeachment (

Revisiting an evolution classic: Oranges and pet cats related.

Obama vs McCain - Candidates on Taxes - Watch This!

Disturbed on Barack Obama

George Galloway in good form -- Swindon, June '08

Cafferty: Why Won't Congress Consider Impeachment?

Anna Burger talks about SEIU's support for Barack Obama

Oil Prices Hearing = 13 Videos

TheRealNews: Kucinich & Wexler Call for GEORGE W. BUSH IMPEACHMENT


God's Speed, Tim Russert

Change That Works for You: Columbus, OH

McCain admits he's too old to run for President

***** RIP = Tom Brokaw Reports Death of Tim Russert *****


Pat Buchanan calls Obama 'exotic'

Obama on Russert's death

Obama vs McCain - Candidates on Taxes - Watch This!

Tim Russert Dead, Reported by Tom Brokaw

Another Flippity Floppity ::: John McCain Plays the Social Security Word Game

McCain Explains Why It's "Not Too Important"

Talk About Cognitive Dissonance: McCain's Puke-Green Backdrop Replaced with the Ramones

Ex-CIA analyst Mel Goodman on the failures of the 9/11 Commission

Wes Clark on "Morning Joe" takes on McCain, defends Obama

Do you know where John McCain stands on women's health issues? LOOK!

McCain Green Screen Challenge: "He Was There"

Canadian MP Libby Davies reads 9/11 petition in Parliament

CNN's Ware on Iraq security agreement

TYT: Bobby Jindal is too Crazy to be McCain's VP

Oh, McCain

(Environmental) Groups aim to protect Lily Bay (from development, Moosehead Lake, Maine)

Maine waters, wind touted as untapped energy

Hope fades for 12 missing coal miners in Ukraine

The Crown Estate Invests in 25 GW of Offshore Wind Power (UK)

Volkswagen Shows Off Its Hydrogen Ride (Wired)

BC Hydro going green to power 500,000 homes (Canada)

DuPont + China + solar = $1 billion

TYT: Cenk Celebates, Habeas Corpus Is Back! 'This Is As Big As It Gets'

World Energy Leaders Launch Energy-efficiency Initiative

Solar Power's New Style (Thin-film, TIME)

PebbleCreek Community Goes Solar (AZ)

How do his veggies grow? The no-dig way (backyard garden, LATimes)

Fusion quest goes forward (EMC2 Fusion News)

Iceland Orders Five Geothermal Power Generation Plants

Treehuggers Ball!

UA Fairbanks Researcher - Greenland Ice Sheet Runoff To More Than Double By 2100

"Deafening Silence" From Industrial Countires Marks Wrap-up Of Bonn Climate Talks - AFP

EU Regulators Ban Bluefin Tuna Fishing In Med., E. Atlantic Effective 6/16/08 - ENN

EU Urges Preparation For New Vector-Borne Diseases - Rift Valley Fever, Chikungunya, Dengue - AFP

Aww, Isn't That Sweet?!? Paulson Urges Other Nations To Support Global Climate Fund

In UK, Royal Dutch Shell Tanker Truck Drivers Call Four-Day Strike - Industry Week

McCain Doesn't Even Have "Energy" On Homepage, But Will Trot Out Plan In Houston Next Week

New? Saudi oil field?

Warming Pushing 30 Reptile & Amphibian Species To Higher Altitudes - If They Can Get There - MSNBC

John McCain 'Covers' Sam Cooke: What a 'Blunder-ful' World It Would Be

Pakistan: People take to streets against loadshedding

Asian steel stokes coal boom

Central bank body warns of Great Depression

Refinery oil premiums cast doubt on speculators

John McCain's Chilling Project for America. What a McCain term would do to destroy the USA.

Turkey, Syria eye nuclear energy cooperation: agency

WSJ- Obama has a lobbyist problem just like McCain

Thank you, George W. Bush

Hold H-1B visa? Will get green card soon

The Divided States of America

Offshoring Of Medical Transcription Poised For Growth

SENS. RUSS FEINGOLD & CHUCK HAGEL: On intelligence, a better map of the world

The Global Freshwater Crisis ... world's water crisis poses grave threats to our survival

McCain's lack of relevant experience

Mind Your Business: Does Congress Care About Your Creations?

Operation Iraqi Takeover Hits a Dead End (For Now)

The splash and dash smackdown

Diesel urgently needed for Myanmar farmers to plant rice: UN

Eugene Robinson: A Victory for the Rule of the Law

WORLD NEW TRUST: Location, Location, Re-Location (Carolyn Baker)

Nuclear power: The price is not right

Breaking: Terrorist attack in progress inside the United States...

McCain pushes nuclear power

Not in my backyard anymore (nuclear waste, tribal land, MN)

Burning the jungle -- Illegal trade in charcoal threatens gorilla refuge

Congress Learns Another Medium - Twitter!

New York Governor Encourages Unique Clean Coal Plant

6/7/08 - Arctic Ice Area 55,800 Square Miles Smaller Than 6/7/07 As Scientists Watch & Wait - CSM

Brazil's Superduper Gigantic Tupi Field Might Produce 500K B/D By 2020 - Reuters

30 - 31 May 2008 - ESA Records Second, Smaller Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse - 160km2

Tim Russert Gone, But Still Doing His Thing

Noam Scheiber: Tim Russert's Hidden Genius

Bush Pledges on Iraq Bases Pact Were a Ruse

Where Has All the Water Gone?

Gareth Porter: Bush Pledges on Iraq Bases Pact Were a Ruse

In Congress, H-1B issue pits tech workers against farm groups

David Sirota: An anti-Clinton for VP

Newsweek: The Economy - Why It’s Worse Than You Think

Elliot Cohen: John McCain's Chilling Project for America

NYT editorial: Justice 5, Brutality 4; "habeas hangs by a single vote"

Beware the Chicago boys (Naomi Klein, Obama)

Barbara Ehrenreich: This Land Is Their Land

Deep thoughts... the increment between gasoline grades is now 15 cents.

Big Box Panic - Why retail giants like Wal-Mart won’t take over the world

Gulf Times - Asian Refiners Push Back - Want Light Sweet, Saudis Offering More Heavy Sour

Anybody want some plutonium? (Economist, UK)

Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the internet is doing to our brains.

High energy costs hit rural Mainers hard

Media Charged With Sexism in Clinton Coverage

Is it crunch time for coal?

Joe Conason: What happened to McCain the reformer?

Ex-Manson follower dying, seeks release from prison (Susan Atkins)

NYT: Justice 5, Brutality 4

UK Protestors Occupy Coal Train - wanna chain yourself to a bull dozer?

Who Killed The American Car? - Time To Revisit This Movie?

Too few agents to look for fraud in contracts

Soldier’s wife sentenced to workhouse, probation

Pfc. found dead did not use emergency gear

Vet sues food processing firm over demotion

House throws support behind stop-loss pay

Vets testify on 1960s chemical tests

Supreme Court: Guantanamo detainees have rights

Woman charged with wrongly taking Navy death benefit

Murder suspect posts bail, ends up in brig

Space wings become missile wing

Boeing: Air Force miscalculated tanker costs

New group working with coalition forces to help secure Sadr City

Officials opt to keep curfew on Okinawa

Naples test results being withheld

Forecast: $4 gasoline will be here awhile

NLOS-C Unveiled on Capitol Hill

Youth Design Flag for Sky Soldiers

U.S. strikes kill 4 suspected insurgents north of Baghdad

Navy: Cards Pick to Report for Duty

Racist recruiting? Marine Corps ad draws fire

Report Confirms - Mud Volcano That Displaced 30,000 Indonesians Caused By Drilling, Not Quake - AFP

7-day midwest forecast:

Our goal: $125,000 for Barack Obama ... (link to the DU/Obama fundraising page)

Walmart Humiliates College Student, Then Bills Her For It

Today in labor history June 13 Hundreds of the protesters were executed, Medgar Evers assassinated

Union made union printed or stitched for you your local etc...

Two California counties to stop performing weddings

The weekly newspaper in this dumpy little town did a very un-dumpy thing

What does gay look like? Science keeps trying to figure that out

Talk of Nunn as Obama’s running mate rankles activists

Pro-gay teen beaten, video hits 'net

What I want to hear in the next Obama conference call

Israel to persevere with truce talks despite heavy shelling from Gaza

Palestinian PM reaches out for grass roots support with message of change

BBC - West Bank attack filmed

Hamastan’s 1st anniversary

Passage from Iraq

Palestinians barred from Dead Sea beaches to 'appease Israeli settlers'

Hamas claims responsibility for deadly blast in Gaza house

Gaza 'genius' helps besieged city survive a year of Israel's blockade

Israel to build 1,300 new settler homes in Jerusalem

Have the anti-Zionists overdone it?

BOLIVIA: Domestics to Gain Healthcare Coverage

BOLIVIA: Domestics to Gain Healthcare Coverage

Cuba deports American fugitive

Paraguay's president-elect appoints former leftist militant as Cabinet chief

Latin American countries call for end to child labor

INTERPOL CLARIFICATION: Never Determined Authenticity of Laptops

Boxing : ESPN FNF (6-13)

Some love for Biden

Caption this:

Biden's statement is up--

Biden was to be on Meet the Press but Russert just passed away

Crop circle in South Korea

Sometimes I have a little bit of ESP, but...

A humble request for good vibes for my brother re: job

9/11...from the inside...

Bald Eagle Attacks Swan

In The Garden

Don't Panic; Go Organic

Vulnerable Plaque the real culprit in sudden cardiac arrest.

Gardeners warned over wood mould (BBC)

Consistent significantly increased rate ratios

Julia Child was a liberal.

Of Produce and Pesticide.

Just dreaming

Maybe this is a lounge question

Gun ownership from a different perspective.

Open Carry Group’s lawsuit names Dickson City cops

Life's Raw Materials May Have Come From The Stars, Scientists Confirm

Microscope & camera for home use - recommendations?

Intelligent people less likely to believe in God

N. Va Islamic textbooks, "It's okay to kill converts from Islam and adulterers"

Why Bother to Pray?

advice needed on preparing flan.

Experts unveil 'cloak of silence' (BBC)

Study shows long-term 9/11 stress in lower Manhattan

Typical Anti Truthers.............

Informal Poll - No-planes or WTC Nukes - Which is dumber?

Correct me if I'm off the mark here, but isn't the key witness in the Libby dead?

Reagans adopted son Michael requests Murder of Mark Dice...

Polywell Fusion, WB-7 cranked up to hi power

Can someone show me any plane debris in the WTC gashes?

Blog announcement: MassDemsforKerry now live with video!

Let's talk Hedge Fund manager taxes. Kerry had a provision filibustered yesterday.

Will people ever admit that?

John Kerry on the passing of Tim Russert

Boumediene v. Bush - The Supreme Court Takes a Stand

Clayton Williams (wackjob gubernatorial candidate from 1990) raises money for McCain

OMG.......saw my first normie advertisement!!!

Amy Klobuchar for VP?

The Consequences of The Candidates’ Tax Plans

AR: Audit reveals human error caused election debacle

VA Tells Court It Can't Imagine Voter Registration Drives for Its Wounded Veterans and the Homeless

Voting System Standards: All Form and No Substance

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News, Friday, 6/13/08

Sfexpat has done some excellent work worthy of your recognition...

UNCOUNTED in Pennsylvania! Acclaimed documentary makes Capitol debut in Harrisburg.

People who talk in movie theaters: your reaction.

"You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!" (Galactica Spoilers)

Wisconsin fails to protect residents from health insurance abuses, report finds

Any DUers affected by flooding in the Oshkosh/Fond du Lac areas

Fwiw, I'm concentrating most of my energy into music again- so I seldom post here anymore

wood ticks

Anyone else here in WI or elsewhere still constantly seeing those McCain "I hate war" tv ads?

(Wisconsin) Clinton delegate to vote for McCain

A Beginners' Guide to the David Davis affair.

Fresno, CA Mayor sent to court regarding Homeless attacks

If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong (Classic Rant By Cenk Of TYT)