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Archives: June 12, 2008

Hate Speech, or Free Speech?

"He has a very Dark view of the world..." Scotty on Letterman.

OK, I want to see just how far out there some of our tinfoilers are.

Update on tossing-puppy-off- cliff video: Tosser has been expelled from the Marines

Hey, what's going on here?

Did anyone watch the USHR hearings today on OIL . . . ???

The "urban warfare" training area at Camp Pendleton? Has a mosque in its center.

So I guess Laura Bush is George's Baby Mama? And Lynne is Dick's Baby Mama?

I want a big gulp

Shocking: Iraq, perceived hypocrisy fuel record anti-Americanism: report

local news tonight in Sacramento they reported Meals on wheels budget has been drastically cut

Carol McCain? You know, John's first wife was married before John....

"You're right! I agree! It is illegal."

Countdown, June 12: Special Comment on McCain's "not too important" gaffe

Is Hillary going to denounce Fox's sexist smear of Michelle Obama?

Breaking: China and Taiwan to set up permanent offices in each other's capitals

A must see: 9/11's a Lie by the Free Bees.

Bush Suddenly a Man of Science (Bush History: 6/12 Thursday)

Bush Suddenly a Man of Science (Bush History: 6/12 Thursday)

The Internet and Nixon

Gordon Brown is as bad as Bush - The British Govt. Disgrases Itself

'The Memory of Bush Will Darken America's Image for Years to Come'

Why Oil Prices Are So High

Direct Washington tel numbers for Conyers and Kucinich

Europe's last executed witch to be cleared

Practically & realistically speaking, how much worse could bush have done

"Kick their ass and take their gas"

To all my DU friends who live in Tornado country

Independent UK: Fade to black: Is this the end of oil?

You know why 'not so wealthy' don't trust/like 'wealthy' people?

She is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't!

"Too Liberal".. what a stupid thing to say..

Weekend at Bernie's

If McCain wins this falls (shudder), does that mean that...

Harry Truman, Where Are You?

Faux Noise: "We distort, you decide." Re: Michelle as "Osama's Baby Moma"

The worst airline — ever

June 12, 1982 Rally For Nuclear Freeze

Hymen restoration as "valentine's present" to husband. OMG!

AlterNet: Worse Than Fascists: Christian Political Group 'The Family' Openly Reveres Hitler

Progressives: There Is a Fresh New Face Coming To Congress Soon!

'Carbon Belch Day' Promotes Un-Green Actions

Why the Oil Price Is High, By Paul Craig Roberts

Italy greets bu$h* with anti-war protest

Nancy Pelosi: Criminal. by George Washington's Blog

$4 a Gallon is Cheap

Take 2: Prosecute Bush for Murder Tonight

This Concerns Me

Fundies say the darndest things...

US SUPREME COURT-Guantanamo Detainees Have Rights-Can Challenge Their Confinement

Bill Moyers Addressess NCMR 2008

German Politicians On Bush: ‘Definitely Made World Worse,’ ‘Disgrace,’ ‘Damaged America’s Image’

Bias Media Caught Red Handed

Separated at Birth?

What's wrong with this picture? (rant, no

The Society of the Owned . . . a seven-part series . . .

Impeachment and Obama

'Hotline to Iran’ Aims to Head Off War

Derrie-Aire: Pack Less, Weigh Less, Pay Less

Post your concerns in this thread!

Gingrich: McCain explains dangers of the world to the public like Lincoln had to do in the Civil War

Help me with the name of a book.

Here's your chance to vote for impeachment!

You're next

Obama’s tax plan would offer middle class families three times more than McCain’s.»

Salon: "Conservatives angry at Bush over his statement of regret" (his "morally bankrupt apology")

Bush Suddenly a Man of Science (Bush History: 6/12 Thursday)

Nevada governor has filed for divorce but his wife won't move out of the governors mansion

Iraq: What Happened To The $23Billion? The Greatest Heist In History

Ex U.N. weapons inspector rips U.S. approach on Iran

this week's Texas explosion

Security From What?-By Gary Hart

Very important development in Florida politics.

Okay, I need a new sig line

Now, what's THIS shit about one of our Marine heros...

"America's greatest presidents."

On war, deception and now denial

On war, deception and now denial

BREAKING NEWS: Lawyer for Osama bin Laden's ex-driver to seek dismissal of charges at Guantanamo

Just a reminder: It was a five to four decision.

Brian Schweitzer was on Washington Journal this morning

Dog Owners Beware of Cocoa Mulch!

The Government's Insane Quest To (Illegally) Lodge Itself Permanently Up The Ass Of Every American

'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies

On Fresh Air - Authors of A Nuclear Family Vacation: Travels in the World of Atomic Weaponry

'Land of Confusion' Iraq film details futile search for WMDs-filmed by a soldier

So Bush is returning from his European trip next week...?

lil shit bobby jindal (Governor of Louisiana) showing his true colors

Lou Dobbs running for Governor of NJ?

Media Double Standard: Jim Johnson vs. Phil Graham

Court gives detainees habeas rights, stunning blow to the * Admin

No tomatoes at the salad bar.

la la la la


Here we go again: Politicians and FEMA bureaucrats holding press conferences

10 year old Yemen child bride granted divorce from 30+ year old man

"Justices Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas also dissented"

Bush forced to rethink plan to keep Iraq bases

Stimulus Checks bolster retail sales

An alternative to lolcats

Today's Date In History

Myrlie Evers-Williams on the 45th Anniversary of Murder of Her Husband

Senator Clinton and the Right-Wing Family

Evil only thrives when men of good will refuse to take a stand

Cspan caller suggests Obama on cocaine, fails to mention bush snorting Peru.

Bush, Cheney, and Rice sink to lowest ratings ever.

Toyota exec tries to cool plug-in fever

All the money the war pigs have made should be taken away from them...

Since 2003, dozens of union activists in Iraq have been kidnapped and killed

The Hillary Clinton Forum is an interesting study in group hysteria

Governor Bill Ritter says that Focus on the Family participates in fear mongering

Bush: Wants to "leave behind a series of structures that makes it easier for the next president.."

The Rude Pundit: Antonin Scalia Says Gitmo Detainees Can Suck His Gavel

''China is not drilling in Cuba's Gulf of Mexico waters, period,''-LOL Repubs caught in another LIE

bu$h* hints at military strike against Iran

Some Buy a New Home to Bail on the Old

Anything to the Arrigo CIA story? Maybe so...

Ted Stevens almost popped a vein just now on the Senate floor

How do I "inblack someone from my PM's. I accidently hit the wrong button and hit

SCOTUSblog-- daily Supreme Court doings...

June12th-Anne gets a birthday diary, Medgar Evers, Loving v. Va., "tear down this wall"

Hillary Clinton should Officially denounce and reject this crap being used in her name

2006 National Geographic survey: 94% of young adults can find the US on a map

Ex-HealthSouth CEO (Scrushy) returned to Ala. to testify

Have You Ever Seen as Much Sorrow Under One Administration

Holy Crap - the City of Lake Delton, WI had "opted out" of the FEMA flood insurance

Question about the leaking of Valerie Plame's identity

Phones for Conyers & 1 other HJC member were not busy. Are these guys getting any pressure?

United Airlines Will Also Charge for Luggage

Real unemployment approaching 14 percent.

Wanna send a message to your loved ones after you've been raptured?

listening to Mccain on CNN

Gore Vidal’s Article of Impeachment

Marine expelled for throwing puppy over cliff in Iraq

Reefer Madness: Study: Marijuana potency increases in 2007

Tax Policy Center understates cost of McCain tax cuts

Remind your neighbors how Republicans Support the records

Breaking News Parody: Cheney reacts to SCOTUS Guantanamo Decision

Terminated my friendship with the lady over Obama

Christian service 'sends email from the dead'

Anyone know what the upcoming Senate floor vote is on?

WaPo: Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment

Anybody been over to the Freeper site to see how they like the SCOTUS decision?

People with higher IQs are less likely to believe in God, according to a new study

Mofaz: Israel will attack Iran

WARNING - DO NOT USE COCOA MULCH IF YOU Have dogs or cats it can kill them

A sneaky way to attack Iran - Today’s Headlines 6/12/08

The reasons I'm voting Republican, DAMIT!

Some insights into the right-wing mindset, written in 1956 and very relevant today.

AUG. 2007 POLL: 54 percent support impeaching Cheney, 45 percent support impeaching Bush.

Milwaukee under Tornado warning

New book on RFK & J.E.HOOVER - how old Joe's stroke was the death card for the boys

There's an article on Yahoo that the GOP is going to smear Michelle; so does that mean its okay to

Poll: Should there be a forum ...

Happy Habeas Day-A Big Shot Right In The Guts Of Whole Unitary-Executive Bull-Crap!

Corporate media finally wising up to the real McCain?

Do you agree with John McCain when he says.....

HEY !! what is Canada doing????? put that thing away!!!

TORNADO WARNING MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Storm Near Mitchell FIeld, Franklin, St Francis

Little Sioux Tornado

does this Supreme Court ruling nullify the Military Commissions Act?

Make your pledge to Conyers here. I, pledge $100 donation, IF Articles of Impeachment proceed.

Shuster on now - GEM$NBC

If Oil crosses $200 per Barrel, People Will Be Screaming to Drill ANWR and off the East Coast

Senate vote now on Medicare Improvements Act - voting on cloture

Swinger club ordered to stop hosting sex parties Has Posted New Downloadable Impeachment Flyer Following Yesterday's Vote

I think a "Don't blame me, I vote Democratic" bumper sticker could be a big seller right now

Katie Couric: sexism in society & media, the minor footnote to the Democratic primary

I Think There Was Another Very Big Court Decision Handed Down Today

fire officers guide 2 disaster control (ufos aliens)

Key senator (R-asshole) slams Supreme Court ruling on Guantanamo

ABC News: McCain-Lieberman 'Bro-mance' a Two-Way Street ("My affection begins with my respect")

ABC News: McCain-Lieberman 'Bro-mance' a Two-Way Street ("My affection begins with my respect")

7 Million Quarts of Blood for Oil

7 Million Quarts of Blood for Oil

House Panel Approves Report On Lobbyist’s (Abramoff) Contacts With White House

Ron Paul to make major announcement tonight

Should the Impeachment effort get its own forum on DU?

Iowa Democratic Party Postpones State Convention (flooding)

Bah. Religion Scores A Punch On Intellect.... Makes America A Little Stupider....

VIDEO, Jon Stewart: McCain's C-Bombs "just salty Navy talk"

Idiotic statement on rising food prices

They will ultimately come back

John McCain is "crazy old" -eats dinner at 4:30pm at Bob Evans: Video:

NRCC report: NRCC Treasurer Chris Ward transferred $725,000 to personal account

NRCC report: NRCC Treasurer Chris Ward transferred $725,000 to personal account

John McCain..Wanting it both ways..

Where Christianity went wrong

SCOTUS restores HABEAS CORPUS . . . for now!

Secret papers left on UK bus??? Re: Iraq & Afghanistan-Need info!

Secret papers left on UK bus??? Re: Iraq & Afghanistan-Need info!

When is the American public going to realize that Repukes have a different idea of government

House GOP wants to ban Fairness Doctrine, even though one doesn't currently exist

McCain's War on Women

McCain’s Long History Of Opposing Habeas Corpus

A Flashy Facebook Page, at a Cost to Privacy

Abramoff's White House "Fruit"...RE: Rep. Henry Waxman's Report


"Who Would Have Thought?" .........from Louise

The Education of George W. bu$h* - dan froomkin re: supreme court ruling

Holy fuck!

Berlusconi endorses McSame because of his age

Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bush cannot touch the Supremes

White House Names 6 for Medal of Freedom

Framing the "tainted tomato" issue -- it's about the FDA!!!

Cheney: "I think we've done a pretty good number on al Qaida"

SCOTUS "gives detainees habeas rights" in a "stunning blow to the Bush Administration"

Rasmussen NC Sen. Poll: Dole (R) 53 (+6), Hagan (D) 39 (-9)

One of the Parents of the "Boy Scout" tragedy said this morning...

six year old children in iraq know nothing but war.....

Are the illegal immigrants not paying taxes?

Jerri -Finance-reporter on CNN uses some highly charged terminology.

Teachers defend shock tactics in DWI program


Will anyone sing for John McCain? (

Bumber Stickers

FOX worries: Activists Preparing Against Use of ‘Brown Note’ at Dem Convention

List of Judiciary Committee members, and contact info

Just a little tit bit on the radio this morning about drilling for oil in ANWR.

Urgent: Block new wiretapping "compromise" = CREDO Action ALERT

Ann Coulter on the Iraq war: 'a stunning success'

Keith Olbermann is doing a Special Comment tonight!

Tweety Just Called Me A "Low-Hanging Fruit"

Ron Paul is suspending his campaign

No wonder the GOP is broke...

"Rumblings" about Scotty's mother running for Austin, Tx mayor...(again)

Sorry, but I can't be so jubilant. To me, it's more like "Pheeew! We got lucky!"

Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes?

Hear that popping sound? freeper heads exploding on the scotus ruling today re: detainees.

PBS' Newshour covering the Supremes

CBC News: 'The blueprint for Forward Base America'

$23 Billion Gag Order

Preview of KO's Special Comment on "Not Too Important" available now

If you are against impeachment, you are by default for and/or give aid

pssst do what ever you can to distance yourself from him with a CAPTION

Budweiser buyout by Becks and other Belgian brewers?

Family Felt Like 'Lab Rats' In FEMA Trailer..Hat Tip to DU'er "Rage for Order" for this..

Thank you President George W. Bush for this Father’s Day.

Okay David Schuster is just making crap up about Obama using McCain's age against him.

Why I think the idea of impeachment helps Obama.

Impeachment is just a euphemism for inevitably-doomed impeachment procedings.

Making trillions off the deaths of soldiers & innocents doesn't make you a bad person does it?

MSNBC now. Blogs are smearing Obama. Not any specific blogs just blogs.

Keith Olbermann's special comments ........

Hey Georgie! We need some help out here!

When an army officer is stationed in Korea and Germany don't they take their families

Richard Clarke's suggestion is better than impeaching Bush

Inside Rush's Head - If You Dare

House Passes Unemployment Benefits Extension

Hannity Admits He’s A ‘Surrogate’ For McCain. I know this has been posted, but I just want to make

North Carolinians in the Raleigh area -- can you smell the smoke?

Epic flooding in Iowa and rotten tomatoes! I think

When does upholding the constitution become a matter of convenience?

Senate Republicans girding for losses

Public Citizen has a blog! Some great stuff here.

"Having an idiot-proof system doesn't mean you don't have idiots."

Gas Station Owner Joins Wisconsin Protest

PAST time to confront those who ADJUDGE others as "unpatriotic" or "traitors" when,...

Nevada governor says 2 a.m. text messages to married woman were a "mistake"

Three-Union Coalition Scores Big Organizing Win For Colorado State Workers (22,000)

I was just polled by Rasmussen....

How Much Protection Does Your State Provide Against Insurance Company Abuse?

Economics Questions for GD: 1) Is Economics a dirty word to you?

Olbermann Special Comment coming up in two minutes...

KOs special comment on now

Y'ever feel like a fart in a wind storm?

Olbermann To McCain: "The Iraq You See A Figment Of Your Imagination... You Sold Them Out, Senator"

Olbermann To McCain: "The Iraq You See A Figment Of Your Imagination... You Sold Them Out, Senator"

Bush History, Thursday 6/12 (Bush Suddenly a Man of Science)

Rain, rain, rain

Rachel Maddow .........

McCain has sold out the troops in the pursuit of the White House and will sell out the rest of the

Photos and stories of the 4 Little Sioux City scouts

Transgender rights laws spread, not always calmly

This administration and its constituents advocate FREEDOM TO OPPRESS.

Is Obama a New Democrat?

BREAKING: Supreme Court backs rights for Guantanamo detainees (AP)


Is Media Matters suffering from mission creep?

Ari Fleischer's bullshit propaganda counter-Scotty piece in the Guardian UK...

Just a little something about the Constitution that Roberts and Scalia are missing...

The Right Kind of People

If McCain can't defend his family, how can he defend our country?

Would you die to protect our Constitution?

If we drill for oil in America, will it be sold to other countries instead?

McClatchy: Supreme Court ruling could free scores from Guantanamo

The McCain Pathology.

Cheney reveals he was kicked out of kindergarten.»

Another SCotUS smackdown to bushco!

Judge wants panel to investigate his porn postings (WARNING:graphic)

Tornado warning and raining like a Mofo here in the QC

21 Legislators from 109th Congress Investigated for Corruption

Poor Bush, ya gatta pity the dude ...this afternnon at a presser, he makes his comments re SCOTUS

Oil prices are due to rampant, unregulated speculation - Alternet

FEMA sucks!

Five symptoms men shouldn't ignore (Health info for men)

do you think democrats are being blackmailed by Bush's illegal wiretaps?

To get what I want later I will let you line your pockets.

JFK: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Moved -- Long frightening article “American Murder Mystery” (Atlantic Monthly)

National Republican Congressional Committee Treasurer-'Loses' $725 grand

Did this guy fail where Ken Lay perhaps suceeded?...

Once The Farm Bill Passes Oil Prices Will Go Down?

Molly Ivins: where is a copyright-free photo available?

M*Cain says we can stay in Iraq for 100 years IF our soldiers are safe & there are no casualties...

If tomorrow you could impeach and remove either Scalia or Bush which one would you impeach?

HAHAHAAA: GOP says fraud may have cost groups $750,000

Toyota iQ: heading to a showroom near you

Heres the thing about this whole Gitmo argument that the Repukes do not get

Is Corrdry back?! (n/t)

"We just shouldn't elect someone with the middle name Hussein".

Army Spreads Partisan Attacks Against Obama

Blessed silence with INGRAHAM off the airwaves

My God, Pat Buchanan is losing it

Kerry: No one is above the Constitution.

Phishing on them internets. Soldier needs help bringing back millions from Iraq. Make big bucks!

How Google Thwarted the Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

Hahahahaha, political email spam

Lynn Woolsey Supports Effort to Impeach President Bush

Cheney Issues Correction on China Oil Drilling

LI shark tournaments draw protesters, fishermen

Kucinich went after the wrong Party first.

Advice to flood victims from EPA Administrator, Stephen L. Johnson

FOX News: McCain lied to us

the editor liked my letter so much he printed it in a sister paper-DU it,PLEASE

Here we go again TORNADO WARNING Wichita KS

I had a Lambretta scooter when I lived in Chile to get around. Of course I was

Scalia: Court’s Decision Restoring Habeas ‘Will Almost Certainly Cause More Americans To Be Killed’

LOL! Pat Buchanan just called Obama ... get this .... "Exotic!"

Been rewatching the videos at They just tear me apart *sobbing*

Will it really be possible to prosecute Bush for crimes committed

how can slashing someone's genitals with a scalpel not be torture?

Colbert: McCain green screen challenge!!!!!!

Chapman, KS wiped out by 6 block wide tornado

Where would you rather live?

I nominate Keith Olbermann for "Worst person in the world."

A message from Patrick Leahy

Declaration, Reloaded

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/12/08 - Obama 47, McCain 41

Just called Kucinich's office to say thanks.

Is it time to increase the size of the Supreme Court?

MSNBC just said EXXON was getting out of retail gas market.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Significant tornado damage to K-State University in Kansas

Chris Matthews we don't want to hear about Obama or McCain

DU This Poll - Re: Guantanamo Ruling

Pelosi threatened Conyer's chairmanship if he pushed impeachment?

Gore Vidal’s Article of Impeachment

I'm going to see Snotty Scotty McClellan in Seattle a week from Monday. Hmm. What to do?

McCain’s Long History Of Opposing Habeas Corpus»

TRANSCRIPT: Keith Olbermann's Special Comment "McCain Should Know Better"

Fight The Smears.Com

Impeachment. What does it have to do with the war, the economy and gas?

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder **ON MALLOY TONIGHT**

Fox News to Try Out Laura Ingraham on 5 P.M. show

Fox News to Try Out Laura Ingraham on 5 P.M. show

For those of you clamoring for impeachment:

From 1975 to 2000, the U.S. (EPA) received only one permit request for a new refinery

Is the Al Franken campaign a winner or about to go down in flames.

There is NO Gas shortage. - Business week - great article

HALF the House needed to impeach. ALL the House is up for re-election.

Democrats take jab at holders of unused oil leases

I wonder why McCain is pushing the "town hall" style meetings with Obama?

McCain bumper stickers ...

Well it looks like the global warming alarmists may have nailed it

4,000 homes evacuated amid flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Hey Scalia! When did National Security begin to trump the constitution?

bush in in the same league with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot- Over 1 million dead

Tornado in Topeka!

Today I had a little taste of universal health care

Bush "strongly disagrees" with Supreme Court. Will "study" habeas ruling.

GRAPHIC: polls show support to impeach Bush rivals Nixon day before resigned SEND TO PELOSI & CO.

proud2Blib! Are you out of the basement yet?

For those of you against impeachment: A few questions...

One piece of legislation is why the price of everything is going through the roof


Spamming the internets about the LA DU Meet-up... DUer Fly by Night is in town- we gather.

What is Dennis Kucinich hoping to achieve by introducing articles of impeachment?

Now Texas Monthly uses 'baby mama" to refer to MRS Obama

Are Impeachnophobes UnDemocratic and/or UnAmerican?

Who should be Speaker in the next Congress?

Have you SEEN the radar over the midwest???

Thirty miles of I-80 in Cedar County have been closed in both directions

If you're fluent in German, have you ever listened to Hitler's speeches on

At Largely on the Arrigo/'CIA insider' mish-mash: "Take this story with oceans of salt..."

On soldiers and dolphins--Check THIS out!

Fight the Smears: Some Utterly Fascinating Domain Name Information

I couldn't stop myself! I finger wrote Geo Bush Sucks in the grit and dust of a gas pump

Cedar Rapids Iowa, under water

Ok folks once again, this is WHY Congressman Kucinich is "pulling his stunt."

Video: Keith Olbermann - Special Comment

Pro-Iraq War Liberal Christopher Hitchens: "I Might Orgasm In My Trousers" Over Fall Of Bill Clinton

Study: Since Pa. Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal, Deaths Up

Bush says successor likely to stick to the current policy

This Week on NOW: Fighting the Army & Justice for Gitmo Detainees?

Dennis Kucinich will be on Friday's HeadOn with Bob Kincaid in the 1st hour

Our city manager just declared a state of emergency....

Hey Democrats: Obama proved that you CAN impeach

Cheney: "It is not an accident that it's been now nearly seven years since 9/11 and we haven't

I saw "War, Inc." yesterday. In light of the 23 billion dollar theft I have

If you think someone is guilty of a crime, what do you do ? "Bring it On!"

let's take 10% of the military budget and eradicate cancer

Al Franken: groundbreaking

To sign The Petition to Replace Nancy Pelosi for Purposes of Pursuing Impeachment:

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Gore Vidal Questions McCain's Time in Prison Camp

A world united as ONE state

Bush Tried to Destroy Medicare

Impeachment: Which of the 35 articles do you consider most important and why?

KO's voter ID law segment

McCain STIFFS 'Southern Baptist Pastors', NO SHOW at annual meeting (must read - he's fucked)

Obama Arrives at His Chicago Home ---pix--->>>

Fresno, CA Homeless Residents Win Settlement

it's not McCain's age, possible health issues aside, it's that's he's totally out of touch.

Struggling with energy bills: Low-, middle-income households cut back in order to pay utilities

Right wing is fighting evolution a new way now. They do not give up.

It's so wierd that Obama's our nominee

For those of you who wonder where the gas lines, shortages and riots are...

14 Republican Congressmen refuse to back or endorse McCain

Senator James Webb was not born in Virginia...

What would Barack Obama be looking for in a Vice-President?

Dan Boren is a huge wimp

You know what would be nice, if instead of presidents and presidential candidates telling the press

hey everyone!!!!

Obama ground campaign

A good VP pick for Obama.

TYT: Who Is The Leading Candidate For VP?

Obama's selection of Jason Furman as economic advisor is criticized

Company newsletter poll this week

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

McCain attempts a Rovian conflation . . ."guns" with the Constitution.

"John Sidney McCain the third"

New Gang of 14 won’t back McCain

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Thursday June 12, 2008

Obama needs to get more media coverage. The Johnson resignation is being talked about constantly

Voting Republican? You will get exactly what you deserve

McCain Scrubs Mocking Comments From Web Store

Andrea Mitchel aka skeletor is an IDIOT

***New numbers reveal that 12 of 20 McCain Donor PAC's are Financial Groups***

Poll: Obama Leads McCain, Dominates In Key Demographics

Getting to Know Jim Webb

IA POLL: Obama Expands Lead in Hawkeye State. Obama 45 (+1), McCain 38 (-4)

Tom Toles: Obama for president:

McCain is no Trojan...

Impeachment hearings would destroy the Republicans

Because no one who has ever vetted a nominee's VP candidates has ever been controversial, right?

"I Don't Care If You Have To Display The Remains On Dry Ice. I Want An Open Coffin"

Mark Penn Is In GQ

Those Poor Fallujah Babies


AP: US Has Photographic Evidence Of Genital Torture Of Gitmo Prisoner

A Bold President Is Needed

My top three choices for Obama's running mate and why...

The Fundies are deathly afraid of the Liberal Agenda. Here it is...

DOes anyone know McCain's current position on federal funding of stem cell

Time's Joe Klein: Getting to Know Jim Webb

Washington Post Fact Checker: McCain vs. Obama on Taxes

Check out

Obama will win by Landslide.Top 10 reasons and please add more folks woo hoo

At least 14 Congress GOP have refused to endorse McSame at least 12 more mum? (loser!!)

Can Anyone Help Me Debunk This?

Rasmussen, 6/12 - Obama 47%, McCain 41%

John McCain And Reproductive Rights II

Anyone know what Obama's schedule is today?

Well, Let's See Where We Stand Now On IMPEACHMENT

How Obama Can Expand The Vote

If you haven't gone to youtube and put in search "McCain" & "green screen" you must!

My LTTE to the New York Times

My two favorite candidates for AG - John Edwards or Jonathan Turley.

David Letterman with Scott McClellan - Dave rants on Bush/Cheney

BREAKING: McCAIN website indicates he'll build an international coalition.

So has McCain told Bush to STFU & stay out of the campaign?

Summer 2008 Forecast: Heat, Weather Catastrophes, and Attacks on the Obamas

Coloring the Presidential race-making it easy for the kids (LOL)

The supreme court ruling on the detainees show the importance of electing Obama

What the FUCK is the matter with you people?!?!?

Morning Joe panel was getting on my nerves today

TPM Cafe: "The perfect VP for Obama"

I'm Voting Republican video

Who has the list of veterans in congress compared by party?

KUCINICH: Articles of Impeachment of President George W. Bush = ALL 30 VIDEOS

Union Critical of Obama’s Top Economics Aide

An Obama surrogate smackdown of Gramps McCain and Repubics in General (Clark)

**Obama launches new website to fight smears**

New poll: Obama up in New Jersey by six-points

Exclusive: Obama's Anti-Rumor Plan

How many Dem Congresspeople won't endorse Obama? Cause 14 GOPers won't back McCain.

How Hard Is It Being The President?


Penn Speaks "Why She Lost"

Obama Camp Memo on Economic Tour, Day 4. Obama offers three times tax relief for middle class

Editorial Note: No Gallup Daily Reports Today

“Hillary has asked us to do all we can for Barack" -- but some Clinton fund-raisers are hesitant

I read the news today, oy vey ...

JoeScar and his band of minions suck! They spin "not too important" gaffe into attack on Obama.

Why is the Punditry so Stupid?

Webb's percieved "connection" to the Confederacy is NOT necessarily a bad thing...

I am so much happier.....

A very, very short history of the real Mavericks

Where exactly did Cindy McCain take the prescription drugs from?

Women will support OBAMA by 5 to 1 margins...McCain will CHANGE the SUPRENE COURT

So McLame Say's Obama Should Be More Carefull with VP

hey New Yorkers, do you think we have any chance of seeing Obama over the next 5 mos?

Hillary Clinton should Officially denounce and reject this crap being used in her name

Crooks & Liars: Joe Lieberman’s Obama Betrayal (Obama came through, Joe's thank you was a f**k you)

The Real McCain is relaxed, the talking point McCain is nervous. Watch him carefully and you'll see.

Gallup: Large Democratic Base Provides Big Advantage for Obama

Daily Kos: Obama leading in Iowa, Wisconsin

I've been bodysnatched. More "Unity" from the Hillary supporters

I just don't understand John McCain's plan for victory

John Mccain just said

McCain's Tax Plan Favors Wealthiest, Analysis Says

Obama 304 - McCain 221!

Okay, Senator McCain; I'll go to Canada. Carpool, anyone? Phoenix, AZ:

For you guys in the middle of this storm nightmare, some water guidelines

Went to descend to amend for a friend of the channels that had broken down.

Time Mag Online: Obama askes supporters to help FIGHT THE SMEARS!

Part II of the Sidney Poitier interiview with Tavis Smiley is getting ready to come on...

Weird thing I noticed

Bad hair day

Pelosi: “I have said it before and I will say it again: Impeachment is off the table.”

Max Cleland? Max Cleland? Can I get a Max Cleland in here?

********* OBAMA LIVE RIGHT NOW ***************

Yay! I have finally Aced Diner Dash 2

Chris Matthews said Biden will be VP last night

Government run healthcare

What is going on with this GAS rising daily?

YouTube: Neil Young Double Feature (Powderfinger & Down By The River)

LIVE CAM - Lion and her four cubs *swoon*

I just made custard based fresh mint ice cream..

I'm watching "The Ultimate bear" It's nuts!

Obama within 2 of McCain in NC.

The wailing wall Obama must scale (Sydney Morning Herald).

I have a floater in my right eye, and its driving me nuts!

DNC and Obama campaign are merging operations in Chicago

Iraq Vet: McCain's 'Not The Only Person Who Suffered In War...He Doesn't Get A Free Pass'

Fist Bumping

Is a two-senator ticket a good one?

Rasmussen Iowa Poll: Obama 45%(+1), McCain 38%(-4)

Take Action and Fight the Smears

Rezko: Feds pressured to incriminate Obama

Study Says McCain's Tax Plan Benefits Wealthy, Obama Promotes "Tax Relief" for Middle Class

Senator Obama On The Importance Of Habeas Corpus

Oh Noes... It's Teh Bed time :(

New Battleground Poll Numbers

What bothers me the most about the articles of impeachment

Argh! I can't get comfortable tonight!

Time for Americans to denounce and reject Fox Noise

My advice: Never go to a book-signing at Borders.

Sign Up @ "Fight The Smears" to help debunk false smears


Kitteh lovers UNITE HERE> this story is horrible man kills kittens

Something's wrong with McCain's voice...

Some unfunky white boys pretending to be the Horny Horns

Have you guys seen this video?

Hey!! Wait up... I'm goin' as fast as I can!

Suffolk MA Poll: Obama 53, McCain 30, Nader 3, Undecided 13.

mythological beast?

Malcolm & Albright Urge Female Voters To Get Behind Obama

"18 Wheels"- Fred Eaglesmith and The Flying Squirrels

Obama campaign co-chair talks about security contractors in Iraq

McCain: "If you want government run healthcare go to Canada".

This is a dolphin

Ever rant on an Amtrak sleeping car?

When The Democrats Don't Need Joe Lieberman Anymore

McCain campaign spends big ad dollars in Michigan

McSame surrogate (and potential veep) participated in exorcism

Obama speaks out on faith and religon

Excuse me while I puke... (I mean, SMURFS??!!??)

Be generous

KUCINICH: Articles of Impeachment of President George W. Bush = in 30 VIDEOS

So.... the media officially sucks...

Obama Break Through 300 EVs on! MAP GOING BLUE!

Ann Coulter's column just serves to separate McCain from Bush. Which is exactly

It's not polite to point, but why?

McWobbles Blog.... ROFL

Watch Barack Lead the Pledge of Allegiance in the Senate.

So lemme get this straight; Obama is leading among women,

In the interests of full disclosure...

Bush NEVER trailed Kerry in the 2004 NBC/WSJ polls - Obama wins with this trend!

Economist trashes economists

Rezko: Feds pushed for dirt on Obama

Feds pushed for dirt on Obama from Rezko...

The Triad--I've heard this about mass murderers, this page says serial killers,

The Incredible Hulk; worst CGI ever?

DNC convention has triple the number of needed volunteers.

Obama's palm reading

Obama's palm reading

What is "PWNED" ???

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA holds a townhall meeting today in Kaukauna, Wisconsin

What do you call it when your kid needs something?

The right to shoes - vote Obama


So now a Repuke tell me Obama raises taxes on those making more than 75K & it's all over his website

Public Thanks to the Person Who Just Gave Me a Star.

Anyone care to share their favorite websites with electoral vote maps?

Many of Obama's best speeches (including his '04 DNC Keynote Address) available on DVD

Who'll announce first?

HUGE event this weekend on a 700 acre farm in Tennessee--BONNAROO

A new Obama website "Fight The Smears"

Obama needs to lay out his tax plan in exact detail to fight the WSJ/Republican lies!

Audiophiles: given the choice between a new Sony cassette deck and an older Nakamichi deck...

Poll: Voters Favor Obama on Economy, McCain on Foreign Policy

Katherine Heigl Quits Emmy Race

man - did i have a bizarro dream last night . . .

Eh, you know what...

Disco Lucy!

Please caption this:

Wired (via Ben Smith) has a great point about Obama's launch of the site:

If impeachment wasn't meant for this administration

Today's Polls: The Bounce hits the Badger State

The Sex Speech: Should Barack give it?

Hmph. Effective family planning advice

LOL! Italian Prime Minister Backs McCain

People Turning to Medieval Technologies to Save on Gas

One of the boys killed at the Boy Scout camp is from the last town

KUCINICH: Articles of Impeachment of President George W. Bush = ALL 30 VIDEOS

Where's Parche?? I haven't seen an jetliner in a long time!

Snapping gum when you chew should be outlawed from the workplace.

Rezko: Feds pushed for dirt on Obama: DOJ Politiicization

Maybe it's the alcohol.. and what I'm about to post will sound weird, but..

I think the folks at PBS Sprout just made a Naughty By Nature ("OPP") reference.

Same poll, different spin: Obama Leads McCain, But Race Is Looking Tight

CNN Poll shows Obama with economy edge ("could be a warning sign for McCain")

Sunset on Kachemak Bay

The Outrage Game Bites Obama: Lobbyist ties as a campaign issue

This caller on the Ed Schultz show

iTunes question

Thanks to everyone who replied

Things Younger than John McCain

Any drafters here? Can I say for the record how much I absolutely hate

McClatchy: Foreign nations overwhelmingly prefer Obama, survey finds

The Cockettes

Any drifters here? Can I say for the record how much I absolutely hate

Please DU this poll....

Dems To McCain: Won't You Join Obama In Cracking Down On Foreign Lobbying?

There really are unicorns

Noooooooooo!!! AC/DC sells out to Wal-Mart!

Man steals 15,760 bricks from cemetery gets 6 months and fined $7,407

I heard Skinner has some money to spruce up the lounge!

McCain Releases Own Birth Certificate In Answer To Obama's!


What's up with Apple stock?

Coulter: McCain A "Lickspittle" Unworthy Of "Kissing Bush's Behind"

Contact Montgomery Blair Sibley!

Lion Cub Cam!!!!

Hey Ladies: Only 15.00 @ the Obama Store

The Daily Widget – Thursday, June 12 – WEA 53.72% 599.30 Obama 313-225

Well, while I'm enjoying the McCain "Not too important" coverage, I do have to say...

I think I have strep throat

VOTE FOR OBAMA at this Site, McSame is currently winning

John 'Gramps' McCain's Creepy Handshakes

Anyone else here love fire: any DU pyros?

I have no experience with yard signs....

The new GD/P: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Laura Bush: Five Years Too Late

Saw Pearl Jam last night and heard one of the best antiwar songs of the Iraq War era:

Anybody switched to driving mopeds these days? Pros/Cons?

So, at TM's Baccalaureate on Sunday, the school gifted the kids

Oklahoma is closer than I thought it would be: McCain: 52% Obama: 38%

X-Post - Please DU this poll at link. Important

i'm feeling the need for a hug . . .

Obama needs to go to Canada tomorrow

A very good friend died Sunday

I just need to quickly vent.

Clinton Dep. Comm. director: "Matt Drudge Bastardizes the Press"

We ate at Outback last night.

Watch The Entire Obama Town Hall Meeting In Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Go Chuck Todd!! He just said admitted the media needs to be shooting these rumors down!!

It says here Chuggo also specializes in Dutch Pop....

New GDP same as old GDP - Negativity is everywhere. What's up with that shit?

You may call this atheist the Reverend Book Lover, thank you very much

Does anyone resent their favorite band/singer's most well-known song?

Alice in Wonderland Tattoos!

The greatest thing about the Lounge is....

Wanted to share my response to a McCain cool-aid drinker

Wisconsin is Obama country! Obama beating McCain by 13

If we say B*sh is "confused" or "out of touch"

Spotted at Olive Garden


I'm not invited to my friend's birthday party.

Tweety: How Does He Connect With the White Guy.. the Regular People?

Bye Bye Ron Paul

Obama moves DNC operations to Chicago

This is the first thing that google images comes up with for "sorry I missed you"

The Daily Tweety: "palpably patriotic," "low-hanging fruit," "elitist" or "African-American"

And now, for your listening pleasure...

Oh No They Didn't. Texas Monthly repeats Baby Mama lookin at me?

I am hosting a barbecue for 400 people today...

I'm posting here exclusively, before I get myself banned.

I'll sleep when I'm dead

Hey Ladies! Guess what!! Katherine Heigl lost 14 pounds!!!!

New addition to my parent's household, I introduce Peek-a-Boo. (Picture of kitten)

I have had it with Tweety and the average white guy and white women.

I never have to take another chemistry class ever again.

Will You Change Your User Name During Amnesty?

Study: UFOs Have Been Visiting Earth for Years

Will You Change Your User Name During Amnety?

You know how there are dating sites for people who would like a mate?

I love Rachel Maddow, but she's too smart

have you written personal letters to the Obama campaign? if so, what's the

That's it, I am AXING the Indiana Jones theme from my cell phone

methinks i have either a cog or a dat . . .


Army Shows Its Colors: Public affairs office publishes "Obama World peace thru surrender" propaganda

Fresh batch of Where Are The Dogs Humping toons- Political edition!

Firefox 3 to be released Tuesday

One pound of sausage for 32¢. I've got a good feeling about dinner.

Provocative.... Camilla Paglia is a misogynist windbag and her admirers are contrarian assholes

Who misrepresented Obama's tax plan? Anyone? Anyone? Ben Stein

My electoral scenario - share yours

I have to really look and wonder what the hell !

Why Caroline Kennedy?

Before I depart for an extended weekend, a poll. Chuggo v. Cthulhu: who would win?

Germany is teeing off on Croatia and I'M MISSING IT!!!

An illustrated guide to our long national nightmare: how to wake up and impeach

Saw the Sex & the City movie last night. It was excellent. Who else has seen

WSJ's Henninger: McCain is a don't-drill zombie

"Trash can full of sausage" Modify a thread to include "Trash can full of sausage"

Wow some creepy lookin guys behind McCain at that news conference

Amber Alert just now on other info...can't find any online info!

When Letterman interviewed Scott McClellan, I wish he'd asked him

Ingenious - Obama - Site Of Ill Refute......

nothing has ever changed from bad to good in this country without somebody first saying this is bad

My cats are fighting with each other today. Is this normal?

There is nothing wrong with "customer service" at the cable company that nukes would not fix

We can destroi teh sity of Sandy Eggo now?

Who's watching the A-list awards tonight?

song.. who.. where..

Brad DeLong calls out the LA Times writer for inaccurate piece about Jason Furman

McCain and Technology, Building a Bridge to the Nineteenth Century

Umm, McCain wants to keep cheney in the government? Hell, that alone

What is the Top Tax Bracket Obama is Proposing?

What is the Top Tax Bracket Obama is Proposing?

POLL: Divided Democratic Party Myth Debunked -- Dems More Satisfied w/ Obama Than Reps are w/ McSame

KSFO's Rodgers on voting gender gap:

McCain leads Obama with "White Suburban Women With a Tan Who Drive a Mercedes Benz" by 65-35

Man Who Fell Off Couch Laughing at TV Show Ends Up Pepper Sprayed, Arrested

Do You Like My New Sig Line?

DU is a sad place for me right now...

Youcan find anything on the internet, including fake weed

My husband bought a couple picture frames for his desk at work.

Thanks, mods

Time to expose McBush's surrogate Carly Fiorina

PCWORLD - DIY Identity Theft Protection

I don't like Obama's income tax proposal...

Obama Should Agree to these Townhall meetings with McCain

For all of you who believe...

Networks Firm Up Convention Lineups

McCain won't even defend his own family....

The Daily Apology from Faux News: Baby mama

In World Poll Obama is HIGHLY favored vs. McCain....

Trashcan Full of Sausage - Reverse Cowgirl

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/12/2008)

Remember that word "strident"?

LARRY SINCLAIR has an OPEN Warrant out for his Arrest! See Here!

I'm seeing my cardiologist tomorrow...

I know Rod Stewart sold out, but DAMMIT...The Faces were SO EFFING GOOD.

Is Chris Matthews only "concerned" with Obama's voting group problems?

Once, my uncle showed up here with a trash can full of sausage.

Just to help out your Reverse Cowgirl pictures here!

VH1's Dr. Drew Pinsky says Tom Cruise has "mental illness we can learn from"

Hey just been poppin in the last couple say Congrats

Obama in 2004: Don't bring the troops home

Now accepting application for cabana boy/girl.

Hip Hop N' Obama

McCain goes after second Obama VP vetter

Which Democratic voters here now really fear that Obama cannot win ?

Poll: N.C. up for grabs for McCain, Obama

Is Obama ahead in key swing states??????????

Okay, Okay. I'll admit it.

Just watching the Euro-cup why, according to the play by play guy....

now comes the FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

I don't get this loldog. Can anyone help an old lady out? What does it mean?

New Massachusetts poll: Obama 53%, McCain 30%

Barack and Michelle Obama - a partnership

Have John Kerry and Barack Obama already made a "deal" ?

HELP! Looking for that thread where Obama's Birth Certificate was posted earlier today,

Hey, entreprenuers!

More on Obama's Lead

Anyone have any cute pictures of dogs wearing Obama gear?

What is a "sidebar?" (slang)

Carville: Gore would make a great vice president…again

No more Mr. Nice Guy (I think)

Aughh! My land line's crossed with someone else's.

More choo-choo stuff

In case you didn't know, Midlo can't be trusted

Your guide to the shady 527s who will be playing a major role in this year's presidential campaign.

Awesome Japanese map of the US

Which has the greater negative impact on a Democratic Presidential election?

Republicans Gird for Big Losses in Congress

Inside Obama's 50-State Fight

I am so totally addicted to this game

All tattooed "loose women" check in here

More lyrics

R2D2 is one of the few redeeming features about Star Wars, particularly Episodes I-III.

Why is the "Incredible Hulk" green?

Perspective on Obama's lead in polls: Kerry NEVER led Bush in the polls in 2004

Strange trip through Washington State- (No Obama bumper stickers)

McCain & Carly Fiorina Tour for Women Voters

Marijuana Potency Reaches 30-Year High

anyone watch the poland austria match today?

If you're over 40, does graphic violence/gore in movies, TV, books,

Argh!!!! Dilberted! Cell phone and IRS madness!! aieeeeeee!!!

Does Anyone here have a Zune?

I can't pay my electric bill.

The perfect VP for McCain.

Where were you when overnight, Gore lost the election? (RANT ON)

Couple Claims to have had Sex for 101 Straight Days

Obama widens lead in NY

Poll: Dems Satisfied With Obama As Nominee -- And Republicans Aren't With McCain

Sure, Pat Buchanan is a sexist bigot, but...

I'd Like To Take A Moment To Show Some Appreciation For The Hillary Supporters Here...

Having a hectic day ? Beat this ....

"How many of you make more than $2.8 million a year?"

SCOTUS; Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal in Civilian Courts

Summer classes for the guys (Ladies, send your hopeless cases back to school!)

Is anybody Else Afraid of Obama Overwhelming local Democratic Committees?

How we can really lose

All together now, AWWWW!

I've been havin' sex for 101 staight days in a church confessional.

Former Buffalo Bills lineman Mitch Frerotte dies at 43

Call Chris Matthews - 202-885-4200 (ask for Gary Lynn) and politely ask him to please stop

Here are the top 10 V. P. picks according to Rasmussen Markets and Intrade Prediction Market

North Carolina: Obama is down only 2 points (rasmussen).

Wisconsin: McCain vs. Obama U. of WI Obama 50, McCain 37 Obama +13.0

It's 4:15 on my last day at work. I have no more work to do. My boss won't let me leave.

OH NOES!!!11!! I think Obama may lose to McCain! Epsecially in West Virginia!

I could use some advice about a lost/stolen cell phone

7 weeks in a row, on Tuesdays, gas here has gone up 10 cents.


EMILY's List Warns Hillary Dems Off McCain

Photo: DOUBLE KITTY RESCUE (flood-ravaged Cedar Rapids)

Questioner in Wisconsin: Will you make Bush ambassador to Iraq? Obama's reaction is priceless.

What game shows do you watch that you KNOW you would win if you ever got on

Headset maker comes clean on cell phone + popcorn gag

WooHoo, I am HOME!!!!

Kathy Griffin's My LIfe on the D-List starting now!

What's up with this McCain bumper sticker?

E.D Hill good riddance

My Kaghime is going camping

Olberman about to light John McCain's @ss up in his special comment in a few minutes.

McCain is a loser!

Well I dodged a bullet, or rather, a tornado!

Dean tells reporters at the CS Monitor breakfast that he is "dialing back rhetoric."

McCain Must Go Down. Why? ABBA!!

MTV News: Europeans Think Barack Obama Is 'Cool'

It's Thursday!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/12/08 - Obama 47, McCain 41

The ban-flapping-shoes and flipping-heels threads reminded me of this workplace flapping joke

Okay. I admit that I'm naive... wtf is Reverse Cowgirl?

South park is killing me

I say we make GoPsUx share his wine!

mythological breast?


If your uncle showed up with a trash can full of sausage, what would you do?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/12/08

I just caught my kid watching a pilates dvd and eating chalk.

No So You Think You Can Dance fans?

Forgive me but I was just struck with a completely random thought

Waiting for that phone call that says we hire you.

MSNBC: Democratic Veepstakes 2008 Interactive Picks from Sweet 16 to 1

MSNBC: Democratic Veepstakes 2008 Interactive Picks from Sweet 16 to 1

I wear flippy heels and I will not apologize for it!

local produce (link to your local farmers market)

I'm home!!! and alive

Government WARNED McCain that his Campaign Manager was UNDERMINING NATIONAL INTERESTS

Leo Says: It's friggin' HOT!

Obama: The University of Chicago Democrat

Anyone just hear Contessa? on MSNBC....

Mmmm ... Blackberries! Fat, black and ripe.

Wow...21 point lead in the first quarter!!!

Even with the AC, I'm wearing as little as possible...

Ow. I got hot sauce on my skin about 10 minutes ago, and it still burns.

Obama's "Suburban Women" Problem? Experts Doubt It. MOE=9+ / Gap=6 pts(44-38). Polling Stat=USELESS

Probing for Oblivion

Thursday night picture thread...your laps!

Question for the lounge: Is my wife cheating on me?



Anonymous letter to jerk wad neighbor...

Does anybody know where I can get

Gjetost and Strawberries

BabyG is HOME for the Summer!!!!

As a Missourian Democrat, I'd oppose Claire McCaskill for VP!


Should we click on McCain web ads?

VP HRC ratings.

National press club to give Larry Sinclair a speaking spot?

Prolific and influential composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart OR Colin Mozart, Ratcatcher?

Dude, I swear this one guy, he's totally not a newbie.

This is how we lose:

The Mickes Family and Tax Relief for the Middle Class

“McCain’s Yesterday’s Maverick” George Will: A Follow Up To My Last Anti-McCain Strategy Guide

For the man who has everything: McCain condoms!

What's the longest anyone has been with out power, in their home?

Democrats woo evangelicals: "disaffected with Republican leadership and increasingly up for grabs"

According to my friend's very politically astute mother who is almost 92

Mars Attacks!: Yea or Nay?

The Media is trying to upend Obama's Bid for the White House

Todd Rundgren's new CD "Arena"

What's on your mp3 player/stereo/TV tonight?

Play a cover tune you prefer to the original.

Red to Blue - States that have moved to Obama

Google Question

As long as McCain brings up Obama's youth, his age is completely open, fair game

Postcards from the Edge of Civilization

I was gonna yell at kids to get off my lawn, but instead I'll yell at you to get out of my lounge.

So, I had another bit of a scene this morning

I am going to threaten to quit my job today...

Okay y'all

Would you rather have a pat down or a 3D body image scan at an airport?

Master baiters, a question...

WT*?! Why am I killing threads tonight?

Obama's astrological chart

Honest Contractor =

Good God the "verdict" on MSNBC is disgusting

I might have a kitty. Long story.

I just submitted this review on

Amazing Map Showing Impact of Gas Prices on a Percentage of Income Basis

Help me make a CD of all the stupid fad songs you can think of! EG Macarena, Lambada

Which size picture is most pleasant?

Post music you like that nobody else has heard of.

Say WHUT?! Celtics beat the Lakers *again*?! V.2.1...Ha!

The gay thing.

Loved "Kung Fu Panda"- no spoilers

Hello. My name is R.I.G.H.T.E.R. Writer, and I have a new television show on Fox News.

I'm Voting Republican

need help with a wildlife rehab question

Thursday 12 June Kitten Picture of the Day

Fat Dog.

Well, I spend the day getting ready for the wake for my friend's mother.

I "graduated" from cardiac rehab today!

Obama's birth certificate

Oh joy...we have *100* boxes of textbooks coming in tomorrow...

VIDEO-Jon Stewart ---- McCain's 'c**t' comment is now out there

I made an animated smiley in honor of our awesome DU Mods:

It's a big day for the Shine household.... Celebrate with us!!!

PSA: When attempting to remove relatively fresh cat puke from a small throw rug...

Hey,folks. An UPDATE from IOWA

Okay Dammit! Time for an LA DUer meet up- THIS WEEKEND!

An alternative to lolcats

So, do you have a survival kit prepared? What's in it?

could someone please do me a favor?

That Damn Creep Larry Sinclair Is A Wanted Fugitive

I'm depressed. How did we get to the point that...

It's official.......we're screwed

Lakers 106, Celtics 93

As of today, cheapest gas in our area is $3.99.

Lord, I hate myspace. Be my friend on it, will you?

Radio Lady: $4.17 a gallon for gas today... in western Oregon

I can't pay my electric bill.

Republicans eyes Michelle Obama as their next plan of attack!

There Must Be 50 Ways to Win in November - add some ideas you think will help us!!

Must See!!!!!

Why Today's Gitmo Decision Is A Gift For Obama

The Infatuated Press Tosses Its Panties at John McCain

Folks we need to have a petition to remove Lynn Samuels from Sirius left morning time slot

Kittimus Prime has a new addiction (***kitten photos***)

43 years ago today...

Can Obama WIN North Carolina? Yes or No? Feel free to chime in!

what do you think of me?

"This event is not affiliated with the National Press Club or the Eric Friedheim Library."

Obama Statement on Today's Supreme Court Decision

Lizziegrace and lelapin have left Columbus.

HOW is it possible that after 8 years of Bush, ANYONE could consider voting for McSAME???

Good Story In The Nation - Perhaps The Anti-Democrat Smears Aren't An Accident

21st Century Candidate McCain PC v. Mac answer: " I'm an illiterate that has to rely on my wife..."

Since I am out of the loop due to work and shit

I borrowed an animated smiley in honor of our banned DU trolls:

Ya know, if you dislike a certain activity, there's no reason to crap on those that do.

Personal cooling devices

If you're against DUI/DWI you should be for public transportation


Central bank body warns of Great Depression

Current electoral map looks good but still close: Obama 304- McBush 221


whats in a name?

Lieberman Supports McCain, Causes Friction

KO or KC! Who do you trust to deliver the news? ACCURATELY!

"In Major Shakeup" - Obama Takes Over DNC

My wife and I sent our rebate to Obama

Ok. Since that's over, let's talk about favorite cuts of meat.

I don't like hearing McCain referred to as "Grandpa" or "Grandpa McCain"

Why my hair is skipping gray and going straight to white:

Name something that really shouldn't irk the living shit out of you, but does anyway.

This ends it, music is dead.

Can we AGREE on Basic Facts that should drive the V.P. Selection?

About Jim Webb and that alleged "Confederate Affinity"

Obama Aide Quits Under Fire for His Business Ties

Dems to try again to extend unemployment benefits (today)

Panama reports about 60,000 child laborers

Tornado Kills 2, Damages K-State

Mullen: ‘Stop-loss’ to continue

Nevada governor: Text messages not 'love notes' (Republican, of course)

(Rep. Frank R.) Wolf says Chinese hacked data

Marine expelled, another punished over puppy video

Some Cuban emigrants return to island to live (from Miami)

IRAQ: 'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies

Breaking: Guatanamo Prisoners have Constitutional Rights

Barack Obama recruits staff to fight web smears

Timing of Iraq Troop Withdrawal 'Not Too Important,' Says McCain

Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal in Civilian Courts

Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal in Civilian Courts

Obama launches online campaign against 'smears'

BREAKING NEWS: Lawyer for Osama bin Laden's ex-driver to seek dismissal of charges at Guantanamo

Obama aides grilled in Dearborn

US Supreme Court rules against victims over Marcos money

Ex-chief of Colombia secret police freed

Cheney prods Congress on tax cuts, oil and trade

Lehman ousts chief financial, operating officers

Ron Paul to make major announcement tonight

Italy greets Bush with anti-war protest

US Top Court Rules Against Americans Held in Iraq

Union Critical of Obama’s Top Economics Aide

Analysts Say Obama Offers Three Times the Tax Break for Middle Class

Ron Paul to end campaign outside Texas convention

House passes jobless benefits extension

ATF: "Molotov" cocktail started Governor's Mansion fire

Bush Disagrees With Court's Guantanamo Ruling: "We'll Abide... Doesn't Mean I Have To Agree With It"

Clinton Fundraisers Ready to Aid Obama, Party

Beware of FLDS enforcers, Texas told

Hicks conviction 'could be overturned'

Iraq war could cost taxpayers $2.7 trillion

Poll shows Obama with economy edge

ExxonMobil to sell 2,220 gas stations

American says few will be hit by bag-check fee

GOP likely to attack Michelle Obama in election fight

Quebec companies charged with fixing gas prices

Supreme Court backs Guantanamo detainees

Joe Lieberman supports John McCain, and causes friction

State Farm drops Miss. coast

Exclusive: Obama's Anti-Rumor Plan

Chavez predicts oil could reach $200 a barrel

Mike Huckabee Joins Fox News Channel

Fox addresses baby mama drama: Producer used 'poor judgment'

Wilkes free -- for a night

U.S. cities promote bicycling as gas prices soar

Marijuana Potency Up, Says White House

Bayou hedge fund manager believed to fake suicide: report (partner to John Ellis - Bush cousin)

Ron Paul to End Campaign

Ex-Capital One employee files whistleblower lawsuit

NASCAR hit with discrimination suit

Probe Reveals Hundreds of Expired Products at CVS, Rite Aid

Breaking news:at leasta 10,000 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ordered to evacuate, official tells NBC News

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 12

Kucinich Vows New Round of Impeachment Articles Against Bush (If Measure Dies)

Anti-war protesters banned from demonstrating against Bush

Mayors urge Congress to help fix US infrastructure

Rezko: Feds pushed for dirt on Obama

Village opted out of flood insurance plan

Thousands block roads in Peru to pressure president (Bush ally)

US women voters head to Obama after Clinton departure: poll

Marine expelled, another punished over puppy video

Laws can't stop all illegal immigration

Robert Mugabe's militia burn opponent’s wife alive

Fox News calls Michelle Obama "Obama's Baby Mama"

Jim Webb tells Tavis Smiley about his G.I. bill

Obama in Indonesia

Scott McClellan on Democracy Now

Melting Arctic Ice Model Video Clip

BUSHED! Steal the Vote-Gate

TFF O'Reilly versus Moyers - The Fear Factor

Susan Rice on Morning Joe: On critical issues of policy & judgment, John McCain has gotten it wrong.

Bush: Were You Born An Asshole


Veterans for Peace Demand Impeachment of President Bush

McCain women's clinic part 2

McCain women's clinic part 3

Blue Balled (nsfw)

Headzup Interviewed By The Young Turks

Put Kucinich on Meet the Press

P.U.M.A. (Must See - This Crap is Fake)

John McCain Cursing again

Pelosi & Articles of Impeachment

Guantanamo Guidebook - Caution! - Dudity and violence.

Arianna Huffington on McCain (

In Regard to George Bush's Impeachment.

John McChimp: I TOTALLY support Bush

Hardball: Obama Fights Back Against Smears 6-12-08

Countdown: Worst Person June 11, 2008 (and the winner is...Katie Couric )


Pelosi & Articles of Impeachment

Your Government at Work -- On Light Bulbs!

Countdown: Faux News Goes After Michelle Obama

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Kenyan Documentary on Obama

America's Handshake

Countdown: Rachel Maddow on McCain McMedia Darling

TYT: Cenk's Take On The Terrorist Fist Jab Apology

John McCain can't keep his story straight about George Bush

The Shock Doctrine by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein

President Hugo Chavez tells Colombia's FARC armed struggle is over

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Kucinich, O'Reilly face off over impeachment

Homecoming 2009

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AL Gov. Riley dodging Siegelman & Rove questions gets caught in a LIE!

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Hardball: 'Not Too Important?' John Kerry Blasts McCain

Is This Really Necessary?

A note to Bush apologists regarding SEVEN MINUTES.

Michelle Called "Obama's Baby Mama" by Racist FauxNews

FOX News Gives Crackpot Clinton Fan Undeserved Credibility Because She’s Now Supporting McCain

McCain women's clinic part 1

"Cheney couldn't care less about Americans"

Who Is The Leading Candidate For VP?

TYT: Cenk's Thoughts On Letterman Grilling McClellan, Cheney and Bush

Britain should not build Severn (tidal) Barrage says report - Reuters

Texas mulls power lines needed for more wind farms - Reuters

A Discussion About the Price of Oil (video)

Feds want to license saltwater anglers next year

Group: Naval sonar may have killed dolphins (xpost from Veterans)

(Passamaquoddy) Tribe's tidal study wins energy grant (Maine)

Average cash price for heating oil in Maine hits $4.60 a gallon

McMansion builders are polluters - go figure.

Bus Service, Farming Disrupted In Argentina By Diesel Fuel Shortage - DPA

Peak oil notes

Environmental Skeptics Are Overwhelmingly Politicized, Study Says

E.U.'s New Rules Forcing Changes By U.S. Firms

Off San Clemente, an artificial reef is going up, er, down

'Environmental issues have also been raised.'

Australia Whaling policy appears high and dry - Kevin Rudd Not Standing Up

NOAA Proposes Rule to Require Saltwater Angler Registration

Wake up America! Asian Development Bank Drops "Clean Coal"

Interest in wind turbines picks up steam (Scituate, Mass.)

(Town of) Freedom: Wind power can't be stopped (Maine)

German solar industry sees sales doubling by 2010

New Nuclear Plants Get More Expensive

Former TVA chairman rips agency’s nuclear plans

Squids and octopods beware: Contaminants now in your world (CNN)

Leading Australian Economist, Author Of Climate Plan - "Just A Chance" World Will Face Problem

In Wake Of Strikes, Lisbon Airport Out Of Fuel, Spanish Factories Close, Supermarkets Running Low

Neil's Cadillac

Interview with IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol

Global Warming Could Release Trillions Of Pounds Of Carbon Annually From East Siberia's Vast Frozen

Guardian UK: Climate chaos is inevitable. We can only avert oblivion

Algae is it

Grand Theft Digital: How Corporate Broadcasters Will Hijack Digital TV

Did Anyone Notice McCain Has No Energy Policy?

Pricey Alternative: Nuclear Energy

Unlike Others, U.S. Defends Freedom to Offend in Speech (call to limit free speech)

McCain's Health Care Plan for Americans: Don’t Get Sick

Lieberman an “Unconventional” Republican “Asset” — Bullcrap

Gap Between Latin America and Washington Still Growing

Talk Radio's Last Stand? Shock Jocks Fret Over Return Of Fairness Doctrine

The Fruits of Republican Rule: More kids in region suffering, study says

Bush Does Europe Incognito

Ari Melber: White Male Pundit Power

CIA blackmail so that the Bushes could rake in war $$$$$$$

Independent UK: Fade to black: Is this the end of oil?

How Iran Has Bush Over a Barrel

Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal in Civilian Courts

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Old dogs and Hard Time (Joe Bageant)

The Road to Hell

From Realclearpolitics, a conservative leaning site

Hillary estrogen impaired

Why Obama Should Have Picked Me

Analysis: Court's course in next president's hands

Grand Theft Digital: How Corporate Broadcasters Will Hijack Digital TV

Greenwald: Supreme Court restores habeas corpus, strikes down key part of Military Commissions Act

Maybe We Need a Real Vet to Vet this Vet

The Sex Speech by Obama

Global Image of U.S. Improves Slightly

US elections: International community rooting for Obama, survey says

Unlike Others, U.S. Defends Freedom to Offend in Speech

Will the Spiritual Leader of the Republican Party Please Stand Up?

Elizabeth Holtzman: An Analysis of Kucinich's Impeachment Case Against Bush

California solar plant shutdown triggered by night.

Opposing View: Prepare To Attack [Iran]

Will the legal strategy that brought down Big Tobacco work against Big Oil?

Arianna Huffington: The $3,000,000,000 Question

Thousands who earn $200,000+ avoid paying income tax. - USAToday

The Education of George W. Bush: "Slow and painful schooling in Constitutional law"

Is this the beginning of the bounce after hitting bottom?

Independent:- Fade to black: Is this the end of oil?

Free For All! Film about voter supression w/Greg Palast

Navy, AF money keep Army running until July

Mullen: ‘Stop-loss’ to continue

Army: Friendly fire may have killed Ranger

Army IDs Green Beret candidate found dead

Soldier dies of nonbattle causes in Iraq

Benning soldier killed in motorcycle crash

Scammers back to prey on troops’ families

Army to recognize greatest inventions of 2007

Video released of disputed Pakistan airstrike

Internships help wounded soldiers transition

Iowa Guard activated for flood relief

Casey holds Army birthday pageant Wednesday

JSF makes landmark STOVL test flight

Group: Naval sonar may have killed dolphins

Gates looks to ease eventual SecDef change

Comments sought on increased Lejeune training

3 units to be redesignated as missile wings

Sheiks’ deaths lead to questions on progress

House considering ombudsman for VA

Group: Beef protests are not anti-U.S.

Air Force personnel suffer minor injuries after bus hits guardrail, flips over

Army’s last active Personnel Services Battalion inactivate

Dems reluctant to touch policy on gay troops

AF clubs no longer will require MasterCard

Future Combat Systems on the Way

Master sergeant found guilty of inappropriate relationships in ranks

Punishment handed down for puppy toss video

Pentagon Wants 'Autonomous' War Robots

Pace tapped for top civilian honor

my 139th letter...hopefully printing Monday

Guard misses May recruiting goal

Our goal: $125,000 for Barack Obama ... (link to the DU/Obama fundraising page)

Our goal: $125,000 for Barack Obama ... (link to the DU/Obama fundraising page)

Pension liabilities loom as states try to help retirees

Downgrading of bond insurers affects market

Self Delete

Today in labor history June 12 260 die in Butte mine disaster

NYT: Union Critical of Obama’s Top Economics Aide (Jason Furman)

Bonior: 2008 Election Could Create Historic Change In Worker Dynamic

UAN Endorses Obama

World Day Against Child Labor: Children Should Be in School, Not at Work

Steve,et al...any insight into the increase in crane accidents?

Unions rip GOP, cite oil policies

NYT: Safety Starts at the Top (CRANES) corrected

Four in 10 Americans See Their Standard of Living Declining

W Post: FAA's handling of controller losses blasted

Would you please DU my latest letter to the editor?

Greer - Is This The Time To Begin To Try Saving & Distributing Scientific Knowledge?

Nat'l Gay Lesbian Task Force Staffer to head LGBT voter mobilization for Obama

From a redneck backwater....

anyone going to DC pride

I was pulled over for carrying a purse.

LGBT hip hop...I'm sure it exists, but where?

With love and pride, Governor Deval Patrick’s daughter comes out publicly

Audio: Obama campaign's 'gay lifestyle' gaffe

Shia Sorry for Using Anti-Gay Slur

As a non-gay I would like to ask a question.

3 killed in powerful explosion in Gaza

UN to approve resolution banning construction in W. Bank settlements

(Israeli) Supreme Court upholds law to detain 'unlawful combatants

Israeli students slam American 'Israel Lobby' authors

Rocket and Mortar Barrage Hits Ashkelon and Negev

Israel to seek Gaza peace deal

Mortar Alert System to be Installed in Gaza Belt Region

Netanyahu: If I'm PM, I'll urge Zionist parties to cooperate against Gaza

Gaza Blast, Israeli Attacks on Militants Kill 12 Palestinians

Mofaz: Israel will attack Iran

'Jewish settler attack' on film

Diplomat: U.S. faces test in Latin America

Panama reports about 60,000 child laborers

Ex-chief of Colombia secret police freed

OPEN LETTER FROM EVO MORALES Regarding EU's "Returns Directive"

Colombia Deal Done Before Human Rights Study Complete

City senior wrangles Cuba caravan

Thousands block roads in Peru to pressure president

Another young former NFLer dies: Ex-Bills lineman Mitch Frerotte dies at 43

The beanball: Stay or Go?

Billy Wagner Appreciation Thread (BWAT) n/t


NBA Finals ....

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Interesting post in the Lounge..

I was searching on Google for information about grand water trines with kites...

New kitten at my place.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/12/08

Obama's chart

The Fire Valley

This morning I was able to sleep in, for the first time in a long while, and I had a great dream...

article on Biden-Hagel friendship

McCain's Chart

25 precious photographs from the web:

Homer, Alaska - my new Smugmug gallery

State vows to ensure moth spraying is safe

End-of-life patients need big picture

FDA issues precautionary note on silver fillings

The Plight of the Underinsured (Michael Moore was right!)

Whole body vibration may do muscles, bones good

cabbage rolls or bell peppers..

Does anyone know of a recipe that has collard,mustard or any...

Fluff question: do you use a spoon rest or lid caddy?

Is it true that you can freeze hotdogs and sausages indefinitely?

Long frightening article “American Murder Mystery” (Atlantic Monthly)

Firestar .45: Story of a Gun

Teen Shot, Killed In Hunting Accident (Grandpa shot him with AK-47)

'Unicorn' deer with rare single horn spotted in Italy

The Symbolic Monkey?

'Non-planet' Pluto gets new class

Online coaching for women in science and engineering

Southern Baptists Could Lose A Million Members

People with higher IQs are less likely to believe in God, according to a new study

Cathoic DUers: Do you ever say the rosary?

Do you think that polls are ruining this forum?

Gun Control Group Braces for Court Loss


9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics by Peter Dale Scott

Did you all see this...

Beautiful diary written by a psychologist specializing in helping Vietnam vets. Re: JK & Vietnam

Mass Breast Cancer Coaltion story. (Because issues matter.)

Kerry on Kos's Front page, right now! (Talking about his Republican challenger)

Kerry on Olbermann and Interview re Running for VP

Kerry as Obama's VP?

Stupid Globe oped

Enough nonsense here-- the WTC towers were nuked

PC/Zune Help Please???

McCain, Obama invited to town hall meetings in Austin and California

SOS stepping down. Anyone know the back story?

Michele Bachmann: Liquor Lobbyist

RE: Saturday Meetup location

Kerry Criticizes McCain on War; Kerry Interviewed on Running for VP

Obama's Anti-Rumor Plan

Scare Tactics of the Wall Street Journal

Obama’s Philosophy and Economics

Judge to chair Mulroney Inquiry was appointed by Muloney

Conservative MP sorry for 'hurtful' remarks

Couillard scandal just exploded!

Chance of Chaos Still on the Ballot

6/12 Election Model: Obama 52.3%; 314 EV; 99.9% Prob

Anyone interested in Ohio THIS year?

From the Texas Democratic State Party Platform...

Just another example of our current governments ineptness.....

Smurfette Endorse Obama!

Age appropriateness of sex vs violence?

Congratulations, Top Chef Stephanie Izard!

Need to convert a file?

Obama 50%-McLame37%: June 12th Badger poll

Help Elect a Practical Progressive from the South Shore!

David Davis 'is to resign as MP'

Obama's sister going to be in bay area

Pledge Project: Audience Participation

Todays' dose of cross dragging

Well, I guess we've got all the evidence we need

Give me your best exaggeration.