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My Take on Obama in Washington

What Are Hilliary's Chances - Check This Clip Out From Dumb & Dumber.....

What Are Hilliary's Chances - Check This Clip Out From Dumb & Dumber.....

If you try to defy the Democratic nominee with a boycott then you are all a bunch of


Elite? "Deja vu ~ all over again?"

Secret Mccain Campaign Slogan Memo Leaked

I can not believe this video.

ACU releases senate ratings

About those nuns. DU is exaggerating as usual

Honest question for Clinton supporters

Mods would tombstone Hillary for "white vote" comment

Obama's been flooding the Kentucky airwaves with commercials

what if there were no super D's


Did she say "Deja vu ---all over again?"

There are so many people like me. You have no idea. But it's over.

Republican Trolls...


If the Democratic nominee wins the Presidency, who on the opposition would you most like to see the

**SUPERDELEGATE Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon throws his support to Obama

**SUPERDELEGATE Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon throws his support to Obama

Did Hillary crash DU?

Is This a Secret Signal to the White Working Class?

Another SD defection from Clinton.

McCain Pushed Land Swap That Benefits Backer

Aren't politicians interesting? .........Obama open to Clinton as possible running mate

Obama could bring us a landslide....

Obama could bring us a landslide....

Obama could bring us a landslide....

One last picture

HRC supporter Rep. Dale Kildee: “I got straight A’s in math,”: impossible for Clinton to overcome

Obama Also Runs Even with Kerry Among White Voters

The MOMENT the MSM begins swiftboating Obama, I turn my TV off!

Lordy be...I'm starting to see a lot more anti-McCain threads here on DU....

Even someone I know, who is known for cracking insensitive jokes-

SDs are speaking: Obama has netted 15 SD endorsements

You know who else needs to harden the fuck up? Well, I'll tell you ...

Please DU this poll

Please DU this poll

Short of Cash, Clinton is Forced to Cut Spending

Stephanopoulos just said on GMA - It is apparent now Obama IS the nominee of the Party!!!

Reminder: John Edwards on "Today" today.

Could Buchanan be screaming any louder on

Unbelievable: McCampaign Blows It On Day One!

Unbelievable: McCampaign Blows It On Day One!

In the end, Michigan and Florida won't matter.

She bows out BEFORE the convention and here's why:

We have Hillary supporters nominating threads from Free Republic

I just saw Obama on CNN and he just said he would consider Hillary as VP

Ready, Set, OBAMA!!!!

NJ SD Donald Payne switches from Clinton to Obama

"Obama Ranked Most Liberal Senator in 2007"

"Obama Ranked Most Liberal Senator in 2007"

Do You Realize That Clinton Replaced Penn With His Boss?

ABC News is reporting that Obama now has the lead in Super delegates

Interesting analogy: Hillary is the Terminator, and Obama is Sarah Connors

To people that bash Hillary as a loser here

To people that bash Hillary as a loser here

To people that bash Hillary as a loser here

To people that bash Hillary as a loser here


Bush Business Donors Shunning McCain for Democratic Candidates

Obama has not made himself electable

John Edwards to endorse Obama!!!!

From brutally honest to moving on.

Obama has certainly claimed leadership in the rhetorical contest

McCain Pushed Land Swap That Benefits Backer

Has Hillary become the George Wallace of the Democratic party?

I'm a Hillary supporter but THIS Obama article swayed me: "Obama's Consolidation of the Party"

Two more...

A Special Gift for Some Here...

Obama's ULTIMATE superdelegate argument (why Hillary can't win)

New SD for Obama - from Maryland

New SD for Obama - from Maryland

Want to know a huge problem we have? The convention dates

Did John Edwards just say "I just voted for him on Tuesday" on the "Morning Joe show" on MSNBC?

A little math help here, please re: Indiana

2/13/08 Mark Penn Memo-"The Path To The Nomination"

Vote in Charleston, West Virginia Gazette poll: Who do you think should be the next president?

Only two things will survive World War III: Cockroaches and Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Technical question about alleged Obama pay off of Clinton's campaign debt

Clinton campaign may be contemplating an exit strategy

Super Delegatse moving to Obama picking up the pace. SD lead now down to 7.5

If Hillary were running under Republican rules, she'd be the nominee by now

DEMCONWATCH: Obama Within 7.5 Super Delegates of Clinton. Could Take Lead by Monday!

DEMCONWATCH: Obama Within 7.5 Super Delegates of Clinton. Could Take Lead by Monday!

Connecting dots: Cindy's tax returns/Arizona land swap

Peggy Noonan just abused Pat Buchanan on race

Sorry, didn't mean to offend

Maybe it WOULD be a good thing if McCain won.

Should Sam Nunn be disqualified as Veep material because of his homophobia?

***Choose Obama's VP/Cabinet***

Limbaugh's 'operation chaos' won't work in Kentucky, thank God

Clinton Supporters: You were outraged by the bitter comment but are shocked at the "hard working"..

Rasmussen Says They'll Stop Polling Obama-Clinton Matchups!

Do You have a Donnie-Tude?

Edwards: Obama can beat McCain

Rethugs Have 1,000 Pages Of Op Research On Obama, 1,200 Pages On Clinton

I too am cleaning out my ignore list

There's healing going on here, seeing a lot more Humor being shared between Obama/Clinton backers

Bill Clinton's Angry Confrontation With Voter (VIDEO)

This has probably already been point out, but

Hillary Surrogates: Being out spent also means "We cannot raise funds like Obama can"

If George Wallace would have made the same remarks to USA Today.....

Blue Dog Democratic superdelegates holding out endorsing in Florida.

How would including Florida and Michigan delegates "unleash hell upon earth"?

How would including Florida and Michigan delegates "unleash hell upon earth"?

WSJ: Obama to unleash attack ads aimed at defining McSame...soon

WSJ: Obama to unleash attack ads aimed at defining McSame...soon

MSNBC MUST have made mistake: reported 10 min ago that AFL-CIO will be HELPING McCain

Officially the Official Picture of The 2008 Democratic Primary?

To Hillary supporters (nice, respectful question)

It is in the Obama campaign's BEST INTERESTS that the Clinton campaign go on!

I think DNC is waiting

Can we reach a consensus on DU about a "Cindy McCain Exemption" for use of "The C-Word"?

Obama wins endorsement of government employees union

Here is an easy and cheap way for Obama to cut Hillary's lead in WV

Hillary needs to pay off her loan by the convention or else its

This is the funniest cartoon of the week!!

Any gut feelings on who Gov. Schweitzer will endorse?

Another silver lining to a Mcain win.

Racism, sexism and an Obama-Hillary ticket

McCain didn't vote for Bush in 2000.... WOW!! What A Maverick!!!

I met an Obamacan this morning

Tomorrow. may. be. a. sun . shine . day ~

Obama is going to make us white people slaves heh heh heh

Hey McCain! Why not give us gas tax holiday legislation for this Memorial Day?

So we're now supposed to don the kid gloves and play nicey-nice?

What about Ted Strickland as VP?

HuffPo: Obama campaign wants to help Clinton pay back $11.43M, $10M (or more) will go to Mark Penn

Hillary's "White" Voters?

Saw Hillary Appearance in Sioux Falls, South Dakota online

just heard on the radio:

Non denominational Geoffry Chaucer- politycal analyste

Go BAM BAM!! We are ready for McSame!!!

ABC: Obama Now Takes The Lead in Superdelegates Too

Lay down your sword and shield.

How does Obama raise 250 million dollars without significant support from white people???????

Didja know that Obama spoke at the 60th Anniversary of Israeli Independence yesterday?

Rahm: It's Over

I was wrong when I said Obama made a mistake Wednesday

I was wrong when I said Obama made a mistake Wednesday

Clinton SD's to Dems: "our responsibility is not to choose simply to support the eventual nominee"

McCain's Rev Hagge says the tornado destruction in NC is because they voted for Obama....

Who does everyone think the first women president will be and what year it will happen?

Who does everyone think the first women president will be and what year it will happen?

so how many SD's has Obama picked up since Tuesday?

What John Edwards actually said on Morning Joe

Hillary around for 16 years: 1200 pages of RNC oppo research; Obama, only 3 years: 1000 pages

Clinton calls for debate in Oregon

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Hugh Hewitt to Barack Obama: You Better Shut Your Bitch Up

With Obama as the nominee, we can have the debate about the war that we want to have

To those who feel it is up to Hillary to heal and bring the party together..

McCain Advisor Accuses Obama of Underhanded Reference to McCain's Age

Any idea which Super the could be talking about here?

Obama picks up 3 superdelegates, union endorsement

Rasmussen: Obama leads Clinton by 11% since NC victory

Why Hillary and Obama benefit each other by her staying a few more weeks

Presumptive" Means That Something Is Presumed To Be True, NOT That It IS True.

Rahm Emanuel: Obama is Our Presumptive Nominee

Obama gets another Super - California DNC Member Ed Espinoza

Negotiating the terms of her surrender

In Her Own Words

Screw another debate! The only thing that will REALLY settle this race:

Why Clinton will Go On to the Convention

Is Obama Giving Us The Finger in a New GOP Ad?

HILARIOUS pic a friend just emailed me

To Obama supporters.

Obama Snags Another Cali Super

Barak should make it perfectly clear that racist, "hard working

Poll, for Clinton supporters only.

At this rate we've about 2 weeks before Clinton starts following Obama around in a chicken suit.

Clinton: Delusional Or Trying To Destroy. Here's My Reasoning:

An oh so appropriate article for GDP: When Democrats Go Post-al

OBAMA on CNN live stream now - no idea how long he's been on

Super Delegate Vote for Sale - $20 million for my vote !!!!

There are so many people like me. You have no idea. But it's just beginning!

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/9/08 - Obama up 3 (50), Clinton down 1 (42)

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/9/08 - Obama up 3 (50), Clinton down 1 (42)

Confession: After Tuesday's primaries, I admit to feeling like David Lee Roth

Joe Conason - Was Hillary channeling George Wallace?

Breaking Edwards Update *** REP Payne NJ SD switches to Obama

I cannot wait to campaign for Obama in NH!

Presidential historian Gerald Pomper urges Obama to pick Sen. Webb as his running mate

Conversation between two Hispanics in FL and NY about the Democratic race

ABC: Obama has MORE SUPERDELEGATES than Clinton: 267-265

Don't Listen to the Media Or Gallup: Obama does Better Among White Voters than They Say

Does Clinton hope conflict with Iran will sway Super-D's to her?

Relax About People Saying They Won't Vote

Swing State Democrats Say Hillary Best For Top Of Ticket

Swing State Democrats Say Hillary Best For Top Of Ticket

This is NOT the first time Hillary or her staff has negatively highlighted race during her campaign.

Strom Thurmond in 1948... Hillary Clinton in 2008..... The same campaign strategy......

What is the single most important trait that Obama's VP needs to help us win the GE?

Funny story about a Low Information Voter

Obama speaking in Oregon....LIVE

Joe Conason - Was Hillary channeling George Wallace?

Tammy Baldwin Obamas VP.

Do you get a feeling of deep sickening disgust wondering what Hillary might do next?

I'm curious - Do HRC supporters sincerely believe she "won" MI and FL fairly and above board?

There is only one "race." The Human Race.

What's up with Huff Post?

When good people make bad choices

This is what Hillary supporters think of Obama supporters (I think)

I am a 48 year-old WASP, "born, bred, and live in the Bible Belt"...

Clinton Supporters Send Last-Ditch Obama Attack Emails To Supers

"They're not booing. That's the sound a nation makes when it heals" J. Stewart


The discussion on race is ridiculous.

I'm an Obama supporter, but I take no pleasure in HRC's defeat

Mr. Super (Calif. DNC Ed Espinoza) endorses Obama

Simple question for you all

What Senator Obama should say at the first debate...

Someone simply has to make a commercial....

What if it's all just one big lie?

Edwards Campaigning With Obama During The General Will Go Far With The Working Class

BIG Mistake by the McCain Campaign-Bringing up his age themselves??

Hillary recording on Daily Show - the end of her campaign

Hillary recording on Daily Show - the end of her campaign

Obama picks up 5 superdelegates!

I Don't know If You All Noticed But, John Edwards Might Have Slipped On Morning Joe.

Haven't you had enough?

What is the goal of the Democratic Party? If it is to nominate a

Mr. Super Endorses Barack Obama

Did Obama and clinton have an even playing field?

delete, posting bug error

David Quigg: Panic and the Ruin of Senator Clinton

Notes on the Primaries from Edinburgh

Early Prediction: It's going to be Obama/Sibelius vs McCain/Pawlenty

This sums it up...

The DU Platform: Call fellow Dems "racist", Screw voters in FL & MI, Don't debate the issues.

Obama supporters, don't turn your back on Hillary just yet...

“The presidency of the United States is not an internship”

Please, spare us the rhetoric.

Zogby: Top Clinton fundraisers concede race is 'all but lost'

The worse run campaign in modern history until a month ago: J. Alter on MSNBC

Has Obama laid a new roadmap to political victory?

What if Hillary had won?

talking about race: the clinton case

talking about race: the clinton case

The View from Pennsylvania Team Clinton: Going Down Ugly

Top 2 most recommended posts at DU are from GDP

Why Barack Obama fears a sudden end to Hillary Clinton's campaign

My Path to Obama


Obama's speech on the economy in Oregon this am ... text


Can someone tell me how many SD's both candidates have picked up since Super Tuesday?

Hillary's fatal flaw: her Irrational ambition

WhiteGate should carry more weight with the media and the public than WrightGate

I'm addicted to stupid! I come to GDP for my fix every day. God help me....

"Where did the Web rumors about Obama come from?" by Matt Stearns (McClatchy Newspapers)

And Another Super Delegate for Obama (Number 6 Today)

SD's for Obama today (and this week), so far...

Hillary, it's time to go home.

Bittersweet symphony......

I am so tired of hearing about Florida and Michigan

I am so tired of hearing about Florida and Michigan

Hillary is 44!

Hillary : "I'm more electable with the racists"

Comedy....errr, sort of

Rasmussen isn't asking an Hillary Polling questions Anymore

BWAAHAHA Per LIEberman We Should Let Hamas Decide

I've done a complete 180 on Hillary. I think she's unintentionally helping Obama with her comments.

Atrios, The Best Primary Prognosticator, Spreads More Wisdom....

Gallup, May 09, 2008

BREAKING!!! Bill Clinton: 'White America will wake up and get it'

BREAKING!!! Bill Clinton: 'White America will wake up and get it'

ooohhhhh....I don't ordinarily (never) stray into GDP, but thought this was interesting.....

IMO, Obama handled the Hamas thing very well

HRC people: Look, I respect your dedication, but...

NJSecularist is a Republican

Thank you, Hillary Clinton. It's Only A Matter Of Time!

Democratic Party Gives Hillary the Royal Shaft

There is only one reason why a white Democrat would pick McCain over Obama.

How Obama would/will (in the fall) do well in WV.

'I just voted for him on Tuesday" - John Edwards

Barack Obama, I do not want my contributions used to pay off Hillary's debt

Brent Budkowski: My prediction is Clinton will be done May 21st

Rassmussen stops obama/clinton tracking. race over

Five Stages of Grief for the Winning Side, Too

That is it! I'm alerting the Moderators

If I switch from Starbucks to Dunkin' Donuts, can I be considered a Hard Working White American?

Clintons campaigned as Bush-Rove at a time America was ready to reject that type of politics

Does this video ruin the prospects of an Obama-Webb ticket?

Bill Clinton regarding those who say Hillary can't win: "they weren't for her in the beginning"

What is the difference between Hillary exiting graciously vs being dragged out the door?

It's amusing how now small, red states matter to the Clinton campaign

the stars seem to be aligning: any thoughts as to when Hillary calls it quits?

the stars seem to be aligning: any thoughts as to when Hillary calls it quits?

Yes, It's Obvious, Hillary Is Not Going To Be The Nominee. Just Ain't Gonna Happen. However,


So I have reached my decision

Everyone by Hillary knows it.....

What's the Huckabee Index at?

Lanny Davis goes off on CNN Primary night coverage, rips MSNBC, and says Fox News is the most fair

Friday Primary TOONS Part 1: It's over, Hill....

Friday Primary TOONS Part 2: The fine line between trail blazing and scorched earth

No it is not gloating time. More like puzzlement by Hillary's actions and words.

You Want To Blackmail Democrats In Order To Secure Your Vote?

Hey..did y'all know DU is listed on the NYT blog..?? "From Around the Web" Section

Rasmussen: "It has become clear that Barack Obama will be the...nominee" (Stop tracking primary)

ALL of US should be ANGRY:

To my dear pro-Hillary DUers

On election day, Obama might have more than a million individuals volunteering on his behalf.

I'm ready to start fighting McCain & the GOP whenever you guys are.

John Edwards on now on NPR; also summary on website

Check in HERE if you lost in Michigan!

Ok. Let's stop this shit. I'll start. This is a goddamn family. You are my brother and sisters.

Barack's Economic Discussion in Beaverton, OR

What is Hillary Clinton's future in the Democratic party?

Clinton advisers talk exit strategy

New 5/9/08 ARG West Virginia Poll. Clinton - 66 / Obama - 23 Clinton + 43

Hillary is General Woundwort

The unspoken message behind "White" and "Hard Working" is Black and Lazy?

Americans with Disabilities for Obama

Leon Panetta: "..a time now to concede and unify the party"

Democratic Vice-President Selector - Whose Your Pick?

The difference between a Hill supporter who won't support Obama and vice versa...

Who wrote the code book and who is USING it now?

Is it over? Not Quite Yet.

There could be video of Obama at church during sermon.

I'm really surprised that there is so little communication between the Obama & Clinton campaigns....

I wish people would stop posting about the "hardworking whites."

McCain Says He Did Vote For George W. Bush

So, it looks like the "gloating period" has started already

My Prediction Though About Hillary in The Next Few Days

Poindexter (Cool Kid Wannabe) gets it right: Clinton wasn't being racist.

Hillary's Achilles Heel: High Negatives (so why continue with the attacks?)

Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

Jack Kelly: Obama Needs a History Lesson

Raise your hand if you are a recent (since 5/6/08) Obama convert from Hillary

Raise your hand if you are a recent (since 5/6/08) Obama convert from Hillary

Ah HA! I got it! Hillary's Campaign is like Spinal Tap!


For the first part of the 20th century, the Democratic party was the refuge of racists.

Uh Oh -- Is it coincidence that McCain has been talking Hamas recently?

BREAKING: Bill Clinton says West Virginia will make the earth move for Hillary Clinton

SUSA CA Primary Poll: Obama 49, Clinton 43

I heard Thom Hartman float the idea of Hillary as leader of the Senate

I heard Thom Hartman float the idea of Hillary as leader of the Senate

How is saying the phrase "Hard working white American" demeaning

How about a topical issue thread? Mountain Top Removal.

Judge to ex-pastor: 'You lied'

Anyone who keeps supporting Clinton's delusion at this point

Guess what my 5th graders did today?

Inside the Clinton Bunker (video) Funny!

Clinton, Obama spar just miles across Portland area

Obama Unlikely to Pick Clinton as Running Mate, Kennedy Says

Shame on the GOP for choosing that poor old madman for their candidate!

Clinton panders to PWT (poor white trash) vote

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on why she's sticking with clinton

Was Hillary channeling George Wallace? (Joe Conason)

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. I Just Received an Obama Campaign Fundraising Letter, Today

Joe Conason: Hillary equating "hard working Americans" with "white"

When GDP closes, why not have one forum to support the nominee and one to trash the supporters?

Oh.My.God. This is hillary-arious....

2:05 PDT - already a long line waiting to hear Obama at 7:45

Will Hillary be a Ron Paul (still in the race after he's lost) or a Mike Huckabee (withdraws late)?

Obama makes clearest hint that Clinton could be running mate

for those who still think colin powell is a good guy, and deserves a place on the DEM ticket

Hillary -- fighting onward

So what happens if Crazy Clinton never conceeds?

Link to Obama's live town hall meeting in Albany, OR

Wait one darn minute...please

IN Sec. of State final total: Hillary only won by less than 1% (When rounded it becomes a tie)

IN Sec. of State final total: Hillary only won by less than 1% (When rounded it becomes a tie)

Is McCain Trying to Lose Michigan?

"I was never supposed to win Indiana!"

Obama would win California primary if it was today : SurveyUSA

What are your concerns - and hopes?

Friday Pentagon News Dump Breaking On CNN

McCain and Hamas, doesn't it bother you?

PHOTOS: Obama Love

A California superdelegate is offering his vote to Clinton or Obama for 20 mill?

Does Hillary often seem superior to the "working class" and if so, do you think

I'll accept the fact that Hillary's still "in it to win it."

I'll accept the fact that Hillary's still "in it to win it."

I'll accept the fact that Hillary's still "in it to win it."

I'll accept the fact that Hillary's still "in it to win it."

I think Clinton's WV victory margin will be slimmer than most people think

Hillary Clinton is on her way..... to becoming a national joke,

Let's follow Obama's lead and focus on the GE, not the Obama bashers

Latin Rocker and Political Voice, Juanes, supports . . .

I donated to Obama, not to pay off Hillary's debts

Who CARES which Democrats Obama did or didn't win?!

"Let 'em up easy, General"-- the wisdom in being a gracious winner...

QUICK someone run this over to / Mydd / and Taylor Marsh..

If I refer to Barack Obama as

If I refer to Barack Obama as

The 2008 election in vintage video games. (warning dial up)

IN a show of detente, and healing, I am taking everyone off my ignore list

The Butterfly & the Scorpion in a Bottle

Fun Facts E-mail From My Momses Superdelegate Friend, Chairman of NC Dems: The Democratic Surge

The Super Delegate you do not want to be!!

Strongest at top of ticket?

Note to Hillary Clinton: The Singing Fat Lady is in the Wings - GayWired

Note to Hillary Clinton: The Singing Fat Lady is in the Wings - GayWired

Note to Hillary Clinton: The Singing Fat Lady is in the Wings - GayWired

So only HRC can attract hard working county stats tell HRC: BULLSHIT!!

Will you support the nominee?

Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame-Wilson make an ad for Hillary.

Faux outrage - Clinton and her supporters are racist


About this "let them all vote!" meme

Thanks have to go out to the Secret Service in these primaries.....

EffieBlack, could you check your inbox. Sorry for the callout, but from

Has Hillary mentioned her "Poverty Czar" in WV?

Bonior, former Edwards campaign manager, endorses Obama

There are times when you just can`t hold it in any longer.

Obama beating McCain in four new polls!

I checked Hillary's *old* speeches - she consistently uses "hard working" to mean "working class"

What's the matter with team Clinton since Tuesday?

Cheers to the Democrats

How is Obama an unknown???

How is Obama an unknown???

CIA Guy Spreads Rumor

Good Move: Obama Says He Is "Not Yet" The Presumptive Nominee but plans on it.....

Finally, the Candyman came home. Too stoned to care anymore.

McCain's Pastorgate troubles are just starting.....

Sympathy for the superdelegate: Emails from the edge of the blogosphere

Remember P.T. Barnum........didn't he say there's a sucker born every minute?

Obama snags 9th super delegate for the day.

The Florida Paper Trail bill which led to the DNC slashing the voices of 1.7 million Democrats

Race, and I still have two posts to go....

I want to ask the hillary supporters to ....

Clinton could have some MI delegates, but refuses compromise deal

Clinton could have some MI delegates, but refuses compromise deal


The cover of Time...

The cover of Time...

McAuliff is an amphetimized moron

Have we discounted John Edwards as a VP?

An Un-Angry Black Woman

If Hillary Clinton is a racist, then Barack Obama is assuredly a homophobe.

To excuse these blatantly racist tactics is to enable racism and division.

When was the last time Hillary blasted out one of those fake-assed laughs of hers?

PLEASE DU Larry King Poll: Can Hillary Rebound? link inside They're live now


Would female Democrats rightly take offense if Obama said "Hillary's support among men is weakening

You will NOT believe your eyes & ears on this one..(codewords)

This party is NOT throwing Hillary "under a bus"...

Fox news fires person who said she voted for McCain, McCain "You're not supposed to reveal that"

Wow, even Rasmussen is calling it a day on Clinton...

I can't believe I now look at a picture of Senator Clinton and think about "White Power"

Hillary Didn't Win Ohio By Double Digits.....

An alternate idea for clinton's debt solution

Does anybody thing Bill and Hill will break up after this?

Did anyone hear what Hillary has been saying about the GasTax Holiday since tuesday?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigning today in Beaverton and Woodburn, Oregon

I think it would be a very good idea for Senator Clinton to phone up

OMG! Can't Believe What I Just Heard!

Obama Only 166 Delegates Short of the Nomination Now.

Obama Leads in Superdelegates for First Time

Link to Obama's live rally in Eugene, OR at UofO

Bush seems really eager for Jenna to marry and have kids

You know, I can't say I am really angry at Hillary Clinton.

Obama and a woman VP poll

"I won my constituency. I won 55 percent of the white vote."

Friday night challenge: When will Hillary end her campaign?

Why with a 40 point lead in WV and a 25 point lead in KY would

MY 1,000th POST!!!! (WARNING!!! Obama pics!!)

Kübler-Ross Stages of Grief.... and Hillary's campaign

ABCNEWS: Obama Now Takes The Lead in Superdelegates Too

Hillary is secretly organizing a massive write in campaign for the November election.

Obama mobbed, congratulated on the House floor (WP)

Why this Oregon boomer supports Obama - I’ve been waiting 40 years for this moment.

The Supreme Court; Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer

What to do now? Clinton supporters particularly welcome

The "narrative" for Tuesday is being laid now....Obama can't connect-Hillary still in it...

Wes Clark for VP!

***** Breaking News - More Super Delegates Announce for Obama Updates

Missouri: another 11 electoral votes down the tubes with Obama as our nominee.

Am I the only one would would donate some money to Hillary if she campaigns for Obama......

If Jack and Bobby had not been assassinated the Clintons wouldn't even be on the radar.

Pics from my Obama town hall meeting later this afternoon.

To all my fellow DUers here in GD: P...

**** Friday Super Delegate Update Thread*** Obama up 5 10:30 PDT updates below

"Obama won't end the war"

Does Hillary know something regarding Iran that keeps her going and will Obama be swept aside by

Wow the Hillary Campaign people on Larry King

OK...she may be down, but she's not out--SHE CAN STILL WIN!

How Hillary WILL still win the nomination

Let's talk about sexism and respect for a moment

This needs to stop!

Hmph. Hillary is right.

Repost from DKos: "Today I stopped calling West Virginia for Obama"

Apology to Hillary supporters:

Obama advisor fired over talks with Hamas........

So Bongo Prophet wins the contest?

My Prediction: Hillary will suspend her campaign on Tuesday, May 20th.

Obama supporters, it's time to start acting like winners

It is INFANTILE to throw stones at the likes of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Bill Richardson

At this point, Hillary Clinton is worse than Ralph Nader.

On April 13th ABC interview with Hamas had Hamas endorsing Obama - has he responded?

Dont bother me I am eating!

Dont bother me I am eating!

NYTimes goes off on Clinton!

Obama may help pay down Clinton's campaign debt. One hell of an olive branch there.

Hillary surrogates, from denial to disgusting, they can't admit that it's over

I'm no longer donating to Obama: "Obama says he may help Clinton retire campaign debt"

This is personal...

My case for Obama - I just turned 57 (born in "51), was 12 when JFK died, & was 18 in '69...

BHO the Precious One, is calling for hope and change, but, he has Kennedy

Race to the Bottom: How Clinton's Campaign Divided the Feminist Movement

"Vote for me, I'm WHITE and my opponent isn't"

Once again, BartCop sees what most thick-headed Democrats cannot.

Barack Obama Running in Oregon to Change Washington

These people are racists ......

Gallup: Clinton still beats McCain, Obama not so much

Hillary Clinton Flying Against the Wind in Oregon and South Dakota

Hillary Supporters - Vote for McCain in November!

Hillary Supporters - Vote for McCain in November!

Hillary Supporters - Vote for McCain in November!

Hillary Supporters - Vote for McCain in November!

Buchanan: "Hillary's Coalition is Bigger and BETTER Than Obama's"

Buchanan: "Hillary's Coalition is Bigger and BETTER Than Obama's"

(Updated!) 9 Superdelegates Endorse Obama Today and Counting!

(Updated!) 9 Superdelegates Endorse Obama Today and Counting!

I Think This Is Pretty Much Right... 'White Voter Trap' - John Dickerson

Media Choosing Candidates - Women Candidates Not Allowed at Convention?

Media Choosing Candidates - Women Candidates Not Allowed at Convention?

Can we do haikus also?

The Clintons and Jim Crow Racism

Usher, Etheridge, Dave Matthews, more: Obama's GOTV

Usher, Etheridge, Dave Matthews, more: Obama's GOTV

Let's show a little love for West Virginia:--only 14% think Bush is doing a good job.

We can agree on this-Hillary is no Mitt Romney!

I think Hillary really wants to be Obama's VP

My superdumbo just threw down with HRC

Clinton Supporters Turn Off Uncommitted Superdelegates

McCain: The Most Reprehensible Of The Keating Five (1989)

Clinton and Obama supporters, let's reconcile.

Friends just got back from Moscow. Nice restaurants costs $475.oo for 2 dinners

Take a Look at Hillary's Sad Little Powerpoint for the Supers (slides inside)

Attention Ladies! - Please Tell John McCain: Equal Pay for Equal Work!

Randy Rhodes:Hillary is making an ASS of herself

If you are in WV. GET OUT THE VOTE for Obama.

Kennedy: No veep slot for Clinton (edit)

Kennedy: No veep slot for Clinton (edit)

Obama/Dean 2008

Hillary: The cartoonists have spoken

McAuliff on Larry King: "The race is tied"

McAuliff on Larry King: "The race is tied"

Hillary's PowerPoint sales pitch being emailed to all House Dems

Will Obama's U of OR rally tonight be televised?

Hey Hillary, Pay Off Your Own Fucking Debt!

Hillary's southern Oregon visit a bust

I am a Hard-working White Person and I support Barack Obama.

Consensus: Hillary is playing the race card and it's backfiring

Obama can NOT pay off her campaign debt, he is bound by FEC

Consensus: Hillary is playing the race card and it's backfiring

Consensus: Hillary is playing the race card and it's backfiring

Rasmussen To Stop Polling Clinton Questions

hard-working Americans, white Americans

hard-working Americans, white Americans

Can not wait for GD:P to go back in to the mist for the next 4 years

Lost in space

Rahm Emmanuel: Obama Is Our Presumptive Nominee

Be a good Dem & Help Stamp Out Hunger - Sat. May 10th! Leave food by mailbox!

Obama Leads in Superdelegates for First Time

Obama-Feingold anyone?

Clinton Surrogate Carol Simpson on Larry King: "White People will not vote for a black man"

Damnit, I will vote for Obama!

My last post about the primary! It's over (with the math)

Ready, Set..Obama : Esquire Magazine cover!

The new Dan Quayle? Obama: "I'll be President of every state. All 57 of them."

Analysis: "Hillary Democrats" Could Be Up For Grabs

mcthuselah. Just sayin'...

As an Obama supporter I have never been so embarrassed by my fellow supporters.

Obama has had trouble getting the BLACK working-class vote (not just a problem with white voters)

The pendulum swings left... what must be done in order to enact "change."

McCain calls his wife a c*nt, yet 'feminists' want to enable him by not voting for Obama.

Florida's Alcee Hastings to Obama: shall I "kiss your ring now or when you come to Florida"

I lost three friends yesterday.

Hillary supporters Price for Supporting Obama in the GE

* * The Countdown to Huckabee Index ZERO * *

Obama supporters owe thanks to Sen Clinton.

Kathleen Sebelius is currently "leading" the VP selection in the Obama campaign

I will only withdraw from the race if Obama chooses Kurovski as his VP

FUN STUFF: McCain Graphics II - more clip art and toons

From Donna Brazille, Al Gore's campaign manager and a stalwart of the Democratic Party

California Voters would switch their votes to Obama if primary held today: Obama 49/Clinton 43

You want to see what "insulted" is? C'mon in...

You want to see what "insulted" is? C'mon in...

It's a fact that if you didn't support Hillary you're a sexist....

My Take: If Hillary Nets 540,000 Votes Out Of WV, KY, And Puerto Rico..We're Going To The Convention

delete, posting bug error

The problem with rearing children on religion

Al-Qaida in Iraq leader reported arrested (they got a number ONE finally!)

US judge orders CIA to turn over 'torture' memo-ACLU

Strange Days Have Found Us

Historical Perspective: when to quit the campaign

Clinton Supporter Rep. Charlie Rangel: "I can't believe Sen. Clinton would say anything that dumb"

Today at Hillaryis44 (sorry, I can't resist)

Does this look like Al-Qaeda to you?

Bill Clinton Loses it in W. Va - Obama Supporters Think They are Better Than "Us"

Bill Clinton Loses it in W. Va - Obama Supporters Think They are Better Than "Us" consider yourself a patriot? (yeah, another rant)

Miso Soup for the Liberal's Soul.....from George Orwell:

gimme a fricken break...clinton is a multi-multie millionaire and will continue to earn millions and

Excuse me but did DU and the Twilight Zone temporarily intertwine today?

Manda Bala -- Is this the reality that the neo-cons wish on us?

Manda Bala -- Is this the reality that the neo-cons wish on us?

Bill Moyers on Charlie Rose; I just tuned in,

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Less appetite for dining out

Obama could mean a landslide victory, just think about it.. no link.. just thought.

What would it take to get your vote, Clinton Supporters?

Why do the same people that brag that Hillary is a fighter, turn around and accuse Obama supporters

Maybe I'm masochistic...but I'd pay to watch Sean Hannity...

Has anyone realized the irony of Limbagg's Operation Chaos?

One more time people - the problem ISN'T the price of gas

Senate Majority Leader

The pictures that horrified America

Neocons and the Truth: Bitter Enemies to the End, By Glenn Greenwald

What was DU like in 2004?

200 Arrested in Massive Show of Civil Disobedience Over Police Acquittals in Killing of Sean Bell

...a former senior Al-Qaeda leader in central Iraq, now working alongside US forces...

...a former senior Al-Qaeda leader in central Iraq, now working alongside US forces...

AlterNet: Will the Mortgage Industry Pay for Its Crimes?

Any word on why DU has been so wonky tonight?

Why are you supporting McCain -WJ this morning

Iraq: US Is Digging in for the Long Haul

After 5 years of US-occupation, food situation in Iraq becomes worse than during times of sanctions

Anyone see CSpin this morning? The top lawyer for Human Rights was great

Dick Cheney's spring reading

Robert Fisk: Gun battles as Hizbollah claims Lebanon is at war

Switzerland to ban catch and release fishing...

While the US government is aligning the full power and might

Police: Man Steals Suburban, Then Reports It Stolen

Police: Man Steals Suburban, Then Reports It Stolen

If gas went to $100 gallon, would congress do anything?

When did they go around with loudspeakers telling residents to flee areas of Tokyo or Berlin...

Pat Tillman's Mother on Dan Patrick's Radio Show Today

Can someone PLEASE explain this to me...

AlterNet: NYC's Staggering Arrest Rate for Pot Achieved By Police Deception and Scams

NY congressman admits child from affair (Vito Fosella: family values enough to 2 families!)

Soldiers Say Porn Ban May Hurt Morale

Are there a lot of Atheists for Obama?? I am one of them.

Is the drug war a "progressive value"?

Killing by the numbers

Killing by the numbers

Miami Herald: Democrats tout shift in Hispanic voting

'CSI' star Gary Dourdan charged with felony drug possession

EXAMPLES of Hillary's shifting strategies and positions

FZ re: Government and Religion

Juan Cole on “evacuation” of Sadr City-Apparently there’s a golf course at stake

Multinationals make billions in profit out of growing global food crisis

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Judge Plans To Review Opinion on CIA Tactics

Iraq's first lady unharmed after her motorcade is bombed

'West Wing' actors confirm McCain did not vote for Bush in 2000

TONIGHT on Bill Moyers' Journal: The California Nurses Association's fight for Universal Health Care

ACLU Skeptical of Senate Report on “Homegrown” Terrorism

John Anheauser McCain

WSJ: Real-Estate Drop Has a Green Lining "Developers...selling (land) for... public parks"

Headed down to the SCDMV today to register a vehicle. CLOSED .. STATE HOLIDAY.

A Question for Potato Head Russert....

Winter Soldiers testify before Congress on May 15th

The US War on Journalists, By Amy Goodman

Rep. Miller (D-CA) Wants Criminal Probe Of 2007 Utah Mine Collapse

Stimulus check, did you buy the tank of gas you've been eyeing, or maybe pay your electric bill?

Aaron Brown resurfaces, again

USA Today: Mortgage crisis seeps to prime loans

Tuscaloosa AL Op/Ed: Rove Must Be Called To Testify (Discusses Bloch)

INDYSTAR: Aging sewers threaten environment, public health

The nearly 240 year Washington -Adams- Jefferson- Madison...

Our Media Have Been So Wrong for So Long

Republicans Vote Against Moms; No Word Yet on Puppies, Kittens

The Masters of your Universe is the US Air Force.

Report: Movie Mogul Weinstein "Threatened" Pelosi Over FL & MI

Caption this - McSame & Junior

Plame files appeal to resurrect lawsuit against Bush Administration

Hepatitis C Outbreak in Las Vegas linked to local clinic

Why is her campaign being so divisive...using racism, using threats toward the chairman.

dupe. sorry

dupe. sorry

McCain, Obama and "the age thing"

patriarchy still grips Japan

Aid groups: Sadr City devastated by fighting

Let's not forget the lack of enthusiasm for McCain

Insensitive school mascot names - Is okay to use Indian?

Something light - Vote for who gets to be Superman!

New Hampshire’s Atlantic coastal waters have algal poisoning

Check out the anti-Hugo Chavez propaganda in this AP story about $125-a-barrel oil....

"bottom Dwellers"

A friend of mine made this video..

CommonDreams: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Where is your Loyalty?

Alec Baldwin for New York governor?

Just some observations on this forum today.

Are you tired?

Panel: Rework 'confrontational' King statue

CommonDreams: Why Big Media Needs Propaganda to Survive

another explosion in Texas - this time an oil rig

Looks like this primary might keep going until June. A few comments.

LA Times: War's shopping cart

Daniel Eytan Marshall


Obama/Sebelius: An Unbeatable Ticket

Obama/Sebelius: An Unbeatable Ticket

Letterman: "Hillary Clinton has a substantial lead in the state of denial."

I heard on NPR News at noon that the bankruptcy protection bill passed by the House

mods, pls delete, posting bug

CNN's live feed. Option 1 - Obama in OR. Op 2 - Bill in WV. Op 3 - Hulk Hogan's son in court.

Filed electronically, DD, Here's where your check is

Californians: Prop 98 and 99? Confusing as hell

Detroit Free Press: $3.59 (bargain!) gas in Garden City causes havoc for motorists, police

Detroit Free Press: $3.59 (bargain!) gas in Garden City causes havoc for motorists, police

Blow them up, and THEN talk - Today’s Headlines 5/9/08

gen. myers is a clueless idiot

Child labor in Mexico puts food on tables of Americans

Sen. Bernie Sanders just said live on Thom Hartmann that the Gas Tax Holiday is a good idea.

Is Italy sliding into fascism?

Is Italy sliding into fascism?

just saw that Jenna gets hitched tomorrow

Breaking: UN suspends aid shipments. Myanmar government seizes food.

Corpses dot waterways (and) Charity Scams

Cheney: Baghdad’s Disney-style Theme Park Is Evidence That Things Are Going ‘Swimmingly’ In Iraq

McCain's reason for high gas prices: blame OPEC

Rumsfeld blames the generals for poor pre-war planning.

Republicans vote against Mother’s Day.

The incredible shrinking Republican Party

Playing with an Astronaut.!! (Thank you Stephen)

Playing with an Astronaut.!! (Thank you Stephen)

Move-On Is Telling McSame Where To Stuff It As Far As Equal Pay For Women Goes

Barely surviving by using their credit cards

Do you believe George W. Bush could justifiably be ...

American Airlines Jet Flies From Dallas To Paris With Exposed Belly

stimulus check

A rival to burial: Dissolving bodies with lye

Duzy's today? nt

Ok, seriously - SERIOUSLY - wtf is wrong with FOX News?

I have a confession, I need help. Someone tell me- wtf is "The Huckabee Index"??

The winds of Fascism blowing across Europe

Slowing down save money

The lack of action from Washington on a long lasting remedy cannot go on... OIL 124 Barrel

Bernie Ward pleads guilty to child porn charges

A Matter Of Conscience, A Plea For Peace

WHY ARE WE STILL IN IRAQ?!!! Dennis Kucinich

Police: 3 Suspects Used Corpse Skull to Make Bong

I don't give a fuck about Jenna or Henry or any of 'those people'

You better be careful...

Copper Caper: Thieves Nab Art To Sell for Scrap

Clipping the Eagle's Wings

How many Dem Voters in WV & KY, and Voting Patterns?

Michigan high court says gay partners can't get health benefits

That's it!...I'm moving to Canada!

Political limerick time. All comers welcome.

Just got my "economic stimulus" check

Dirt deteriorating

What do you think of Motor Scooters?

They don't want our help? Help them anyway! We can spend billions Iraq..where's the compssion

John Edwards continues his campaign…

To Camp Clinton: STOP STEREOTYPING White Working Class West Virginians as a bunch of Racists

McCain pushed legislation for land swap to benefit his campaign?!


Canadian train in quarantine after death, illness

I just had a $60.00 fill-up on my car, 16.4 gallons at $3.659 reg

A Pollyanna with his feet firmly on the ground?

Every four years, during U.S. presidential elections, the same thing happens,


Who should be Obama's VP Choice?

Yesterdays Orval

New CBO Report Proves McCain Is ‘Full Of It’ In His Opposition To Webb-Hagel GI Bill»

TLC's Duggar family with 17 children & PREGNANT again!

Reminder: California Nurses Assn.'s Fight for Universal Health Care on Bill Moyers' Journal TONIGHT

How far is Sinkhole De Mayo from Crawford? Any chance the wedding might get

Clinton now comparing Obama to Bush

Lieberman says that he has checked McCain's Bearings Personally ...LOL

Steve Harrison for Congress

Myanmar Flooding Seen From Space

Conservative radio host busted on larceny, child support charges

Behind the Scenes: Escaping from cyclone-ravaged Myanmar

Behind the Scenes: Escaping from cyclone-ravaged Myanmar

Laura Flanders show starting to air on Free Speech TV on Monday...

Disabled Vet Recalled for Iraq Duty

Glenn Greenwald: CNN, the Pentagon’s ‘Military Analyst Program’ and Gitmo="FAIL"

Today's unexpected headline: "Men charged after skull dug up, used as bong"

Today's unexpected headline: "Men charged after skull dug up, used as bong"

Who was Marc Maron just interviewing?

Spoke with my neighbors; regarding crated dogs in Arizona.

Woman Dies on Commuter Train, Passengers Quarentined

George Bush toast at Jenna's wedding tmrw. What can he say?

dupe - self delete

American Legion to Congress: ‘Pass a Clean GI Bill’

Shut Up!! Important stuff!! BLM : Keating 5, Iran Contra, etc.Talk to us!!!

No McBush - pic

Congrats to Josh Marshall and his wife, and welcome Daniel Eytan Marshall to the world!

I wish Walt Whitman was alive.

McCain: Obama Has Nothing In Common With Hamas -- But The Voters Think It Should Be An Issue, Anyway

bush fuckup only covered by Satirical Paper

RNC Launches New Anti-Obama Web Site

Remember the flak over John & Teresa Kerry's homes?

'West Wing' actors confirm McCain did not vote for Bush in 2000

lol-moment: I Just Tried To Imagine Bush Playing Taboo!

Tweety's Hair: back to normal?

Oliver Stone's W. movie


Gore: ""I won't accept a cabinet post regardless of which of the 3 candidates wins the presidency"

The ACLU is starting a project to defend the Guantánamo detainees

New net neutrality bill introduced

A simple thought about a new, revised FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

CREDO: If you like Fox News, please ignore this email

I just heard the DOD has been cremating soldiers.

Contact YOUR Mother-hating Congressman NOW!

U.S. (forgetting Katrina) "outraged" by Myanmar's response to cyclone

Man loses 28 relatives in Myanmar village hit by cyclone

REUTERS PHOTO: The Shoes of Doctor Condoleezza Rice

Does anyone have any recent news on the telecom immunity issue?

Report Says Crandall Canyon Managers Should Face Charges (+ video)

Foreigners feel the heat in China

Question about Edwards on NPR (actually after that interview)

Double Standard

An Un-Angry Black Woman

click here to donate for Myanmar aid, w/ matching funds from Google

The Republican Party is proof why you should just say NO to drugs

Blue Dogs don't support education benefits for veterans...

All-time oil price record: $126.20 per barrel n/t

Whoopi on politicians: ‘They can’t do sh*t’

Official: Troops sent to same crematoriums as animals

Friend leaving for Afghanistan

Torture, what does your spouse make you do?

AFL-CIO: McCain Revealed!

Florida Substitute Teacher Fired, Accused of Wizardry

Florida Substitute Teacher Fired, Accused of Wizardry

Elections Can't Really be Fair, Free and Accurate if Eligible Voters Can't Vote

Elections Can't Really be Fair, Free and Accurate if Eligible Voters Can't Vote

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Less appetite for dining out

If Vito Fossella (R-NY) resigns, don't weep for him.

McCain in 1999: On Bush "He's as Dumb as a Stump"

So, what shall we call Mrs. McSame?

I wanted to give a special thanks to the Secret Service

Fuck the Burmese government

Citigroup Leads Wall Street's Drive to Punish Taxpayers in U.S.

Please Tell John McCain: Equal Pay for Equal Work !

Psycho RW Patient today...

Final Heads-Up: Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: Cal. Nurses' Assn's push for Universal health care

Friday Night TOONS: We Knew....

Are any bin Ladens attending Jenna's wedding?

Military considering new cremation policies

"Brisk business" in Crawford: $3 Jenna and Henry key rings, $10 Jenna and Henry mouse pads...

"Diaper Dave" Vitter cleared by Senate Ethics Committee over her cold dead body ...

McCain wrong - again - on civil rights

DMX Busted at Home for Pot, Pit Bulls

We HAVE to GEAR UP for November!!

Republican government at work: Pay for your own digital TV converter

I think it is time to begin to start "branding " criminals again...

Missouri GOP pushing PhotoID requirement as a Constitutional Amendment

Another Republican comes out with an adulterous affair and child born out of wedlock

Al Qaeda endorses John McCain (for real)

Occupation's Toll: 5 Million Iraqi Children Orphaned - December 18, 2007

The nearly 30 year Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush era

Arizona is now in recession, experts say

Portrait of an Oil-Addicted Former Superpower

Haiku to arch-conservative Rep. Vito Fosella

A word of caution to anyone taking up two wheel motorized travel..

Say Farewell to Bush 43!

"Bad Voodoo" on PBS here last night....

Blackwater unlikely to face charges for Sept. ‘07 Iraq shootout

My repub friends went nuts when gas went up 25 cents under Clinton!

so, it's a *military junta refusing aid* to cyclone victims -- who refused the Katrina aid?

Did LIEberman actually do it???

Let me give YOU an earful.

Al Meyerhoff: McCain to Me in 1999: Bush "As Dumb as a Stump"

Al Meyerhoff: McCain to Me in 1999: Bush "As Dumb as a Stump"

First pic of Josh Brolin in W.

McCane can only win if the DELUSION FACTOR remains High

Am I paranoid?

Post your opinions here about Mc Same and the word "c**t."

LOL. --178 Republicans vote *against* Mother's Day

I'm watching the Bill Moyers' Journal story about the CA Nurses Assn's Universal Health Care Push...

There's a critically important message in the Scott Bloch case

Name one GOOD scenario for this time next year!

Does the Pig Farm have a name?

Is this good?: $30 a week for gas.

Special Counsel shut down probe of Siegelman case last year

Hosed at the Pumps

Lt Cmdr: Corroborates Evidence Of Torture Of 15 Year Old While In US Custody (ACLU)


Amnesty International Steps Up Pressure on China

Jenna's getting married tomorrow, what time on Sunday are

Biggest Republican Hypocrite - A Special Award?

Journalists Predict Scrutiny of McCain...Some Day (FAIR Media Advisory)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Yay!! Mike has a new Website

Ctr. for Constitutional Rights: New Abu Ghraib Torture Claims Filed Against Military Contractors

Is it against present Internet access law to reject requests from open source OS machines?

Behind the Scenes: Body hunt at Manson ranch

As Attorney General, who would do the best job prosecuting Bushco crimes?

Michele Bachmann Watch 5/9/08

McCain to Me in 1999: Bush "As Dumb as a Stump"

Some of you say Lindsey Graham is gay. He may be, but how do you

Here's an Email I received from my right leaning relative and my response.

The true purpose of Mother's Day

Rape and murder in West Africa. A personal story;

Citigroup To Shed Nearly $500 Billion In Assets

Transcript: John McCain And His Mother (& video)

Stay out of Texas tomorrow

Cindy McCain's Business Relationship With Charles Keating and Why She Must Disclose Her Finances

McCain: Not Old, Just Lost…

Blackwater unlikely to face charges for Sept. ‘07 Iraq shootout.»

Which movie character does John McCain remind you of?

Kucinich Announces $14B Plan To Fight Foreclosure Crisis

BREAKING: Congressman Vito to Bag It

Anyone from Africa? I am from Ghana and have not met many from my land.

Pastor problems -- on STEROIDS for McCain

"F" the Clintons

Ann Coulter's website brags about her appearing on "David Leno"

Geman Supply Plane, not allowed in U.S. to help Katrina victims ...little known fact.

DNC Calls on McCain Campaign to Release Cindy McCain's Tax Returns

"The Road To Hell Is Paved With Liberals"

N.J. Vice Principal Makes Students Eat On Floor

Get to know the real John McCain...

US war dead cremated in same facility as pets:

Obama just brought me to tears on CNN

Politico: 'Deafening' Silence on the Pentagon Propaganda story

I got this email from Jewish Voice for Peace.

I'll bet NO ONE has ever seen these two together

There are only two ways to lower oil prices

Sick and damn tired of this crap!

Sick and damn tired of this crap!

Ask the Pretzeldent a question

'Maverick' McCain is a myth-When it matters the most, he seldom bucks his own party

Peak Oil report done for Bush admin says we are screwed. We should be screwing big oil instead


Put me down for a no vote on the Mother's Day resolution as well...

Man who lost homes in Katrina claims $97M Powerball prize

360 post-9/11 workers have died, including 80 of cancer, says state

Why is it considered bad/stupid to have a savings account?

Help Stamp Out Hunger - Sat., May 10th - Leave food donations by mailbox for local mail carrier PU!

War With Iran Might Be Closer Than You Think

Who here finds it hard to eat a good meal these days?

Who here finds it hard to eat a good meal these days?

Shirley Golub's "Rubber Chicken" TV ad started running on all 3 major network TV stations

Oops! Major BUSH-SHIT Event Cancelled - Another US accusation proves ill-founded

Let's design a grass-roots campaign to help out Big Oil!

Today's word: babbitt

Breaking: Lanny Davis Will Never Appear On CNN Election Night Again!

Left Turn? Liberals in Congress believe that 2009 could be their best year since the New Deal.

This Week on NOW: Prisons for Profit + MOYERS: Philippe Sands TORTURE ... more

Face the FACT: America just isn't ready to elect a...

Face the FACT: America just isn't ready to elect a...

Sitting down to play DU

ASPCA Issues Statement on Eight Belles’ Tragic Death At 2008 Kentucky Derby

Is it mean to wish for a small tornado in Crawford, Texas this Saturday evening?

Have you seen these signs at restaurants?

Vincent Bugliosi: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

My solar water heater to be installed today

Chevron (Kindasleezy's company) profiting from Myanamar oppresion

Every day we hear about the mortgage crisis and the tragedy of home foreclosure, but...


McCain talks into a upside down microphone..... picture and video

How old are you?

Starbucks dubbed ‘Slutbucks’ by Christian group because of new logo

MSNBC not only lurks here at DU; they lift our stuff, too! They just swiped "Sinkhole de Mayo"

Russ Feingold group is taking a poll...

How I paid it forward.

How many religious nutballs will McCain associate with before MSM wakes up?!

OMFG!!11! Call Congress RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Jenna will be my neighbor, sorta.

The Last Sane Republican

I've got some worries:: MSNBC. / Keith /

Say what?! google 403 forbidden error??? for "garlic salt recipe"

Code Pink protesting the wrong people....the troops.

Brit company develops hurricane resistant mobile home--why not US?

You tell us, WHY do "hard working whites" favor Hillary???

It's time to turn our attention to McCain. Let's list some of his finer accomplishments and talents

Laws Under Lock and Key: Government in Secret By Senator Russ Feingold

New Hillary Ad Stars Joe Wilson And Valerie Plame (oregon)~"If you care about ending the war,"

New Hillary Ad Stars Joe Wilson And Valerie Plame (oregon)~"If you care about ending the war,"

Whatever happened to those color-coded TERRA alert warnings? .....

Orchestrating Famine: A Must-Read Food Crisis Backgrounder

BookTV Schedule: May 10th - 12th

HANNITY on Foxnews: "Republicans need a New Contract ON America" (CAPS for emphasis)

Some of us do understand the right-wing. Some of us understand them far too well.

Lessons in 'Sexism'

FBI worried as DoD sold counterfeit networking gear

Most under appreciated occupations?

Fundy Alert! The Duggar Family of 19 will be on the Today Show with an announcement?

I've gone over to the Dark Side...

I just ordered 2 dozen roses for my Mom...

Add-on to Bennyboy's 5/8/77 Cornell thread...ticket pix followed by thoughts....

Ok Beeyotches, that's it...Indexed:

I may have just signed my death warrant with my employer.

Lots of tornado warnings near DC tonight...

Another update on my BIL's heiney zit

It is just me or does youtube suck lately?

Yoda shows his true talent!

U.S. lease of Waterloo fairgrounds raises questions

Is DU having problems staying up or is it me?

Nightly Roll Call for Insomniacs! I did better today ...

So, who here has stopped reading a webforum because you couldn't ignore certain posters?

Fastest Granite Cookies and an oddity.

To my friends in the Lounge:

K everybody, link to the DU PanicRoom


Neighbour killed radio DJ's cat because it 'bullied him and smirked after it knocked over a vase'

What sort of person would go out this weekend with the intention of

flower power

I need a new "shaper.*" Ask me anything!

Tomorrow will be my 28th wedding aniversary

OMG!!! I am finally DONE!!!!!

Must see video, this is hilarious

What do these lyrics mean, do you think?

The right wing fundie Duggar family is expecting baby # 18.

ARG! Waited 2 days to post my new LolPEG thread, and then the servers go down during PRIME TIME!

My HSA approved my all of my submittals!

Awwwww. Peregrine Falcon chicks.

The further adventures of FTA....

I'm tired of working for the man :)

Headline of the day, courtesy of New Scientist.

Why we won't get our stimulus check in the bank....

The list is OK, but passion for reading is better

Texas teens tell police they converted skull into bong

Can someone come and mow my lawn?

I Just Ordered A $50 Target Gift Card, I Had Enough Points!!!

Veterinarian myths, Debunked

Dumb pondering--I wonder if any spam mail is legitimate...

Is Ptah around?

~~ To My Mom (1912 - 2000) for Mother's Day ~~

~~ To My Mom (1912 - 2000) for Mother's Day ~~

The numbnut congressional candidate from hell is back

Have you rec'd/heard a .wmv file called Bush_Uncensored? Help!

What a Wonderful World

Red State Update just indirectly made me understand why Midlo has an anger problem

Queenies in trouble ... WTF is this -youtube

Will Britney or Lindsey do drugs or wreck their cars so we can stop hearing about the Duggars!!

Bullshit new Colorado traffic law (the expletive is warranted)

Tell me if I have a legitimate gripe or if I'm being a big ol' hypocrite

Friday, at work-jus chillin for the rest of the day!

Craigslist post: Philly man wants to share his imitation crabmeat, smash model trains, and touch you

Could it be that NBC is about to get a whole lot PERKIER? NBC chief seen leaving Casa Couric

Questions for Friday

Moose visits Camden

Wheeeeee! Working on my first research project for my Internship!

why did the chicken cross the road?

White House Anti-Marijuana Propaganda Machine in Full Catapult Mode

Anyone seen the movie "Deep Water"? The library's showing it

Still stuck on the medicine-go-round

Child-proof drawer

Three guys drive through 48 states in 106 hours...

I Just Sent My Mommy Flowers For Mothers Day

Great tits cope well with warming

Why You Should Always Shut Down Your Computer At Night

Male Rock Fans likely to Vote Republican

Earlier this week I posted a racist joke circulated by public health employees in OK. I included

How lucky am I?

Here's a birthday shocker from yesterday....Toni Tennille:

This photo made me cry tears of joy

This photo made me cry tears of joy

No Frills Airline

Tombstone history just happened in LBN

So guess whos not pregnant AGAIN?!?!?!

Hello dear,


*@$^@* Insurance company!

CNN Headline T-shirts???

So guess whos pregnant AGAIN?!?!?!

Green puppy

Anyone read "The Raw Shark Texts"?

Yesterday I downloaded a 1.5 GB update to my navigation system

Who wants to see a great tit picture?

Bird? Turkey size-grey body, black head with white horizontal stripe

Am I the only one who has zero interest in seeing the "Speed Racer" movie?

According to my Fiance I spent WAY too much on...

Playboy is searching for the Girls of Olive Garden


Oh the humanity! Lindsay Lohan fired from "The Manson Girls" movie!

Who remembers 'Go Go'?

One of my neigbors put a flesh-colored toilet on the boulevard,

Anyone else think Scrubs has jumped the shark?

Nick Hogan Gets Eight Months Jail for Injury Accident


Share the fumiest graphic you've seen today.

The Gong Show Returns

OMG - ESPN will be airing the Twins on Sunday Night Baseball this week

Rapper Arrested On Dog Abuse, Drug Charges (DMX)

So I had a very tiny sip of an excellent Dalwhinnie 1990 Distiller's Edition

I friggin' love this video.

Ahehahemahemahemahem. *cough*

A Different Genealogy Question

I am trying to figure out if there is any way at all that I could possibly care any less about...

I'm just not happy...


I Have Enought Points For An Amazon.Com $50 Gift Card Also

My brother-in-law RAWKS!

How do you refinance student loans to take advantage of the 2.25% fed rate

thats life

I'm at the tail end of listening to Pink Floyd's "Under Construction" - pretty wild!

Counterfeit $100.00 bills:

How do you avoid a spoiler?

After last night's huge storm, I have a great appreciation for Meteorologists

Who do you want to win Survivor?

Silly Sayings in Pictures--I'll start

OK, what the hell is a JO

I think I may have just invented something unique/clever...

In case you need it: don't downgrade from Human 3.0 to Anthrax, Plague, and TB Neanderthal 0.5Beta

Am I an asshole for DESPISING the movie Into the Wild?

My Discovery

A new kitty

Watch a cat play a Theremin.

Oops, they did it again!

XP Users, Service Pack-3 is here

I wonder if anyone will market Jenna Bush and future hubby cat box liners?

Parche is introducing a new airline into Delaware..

I've often thought the greatest weapon women have at their disposal against men...

I have reached proof

Which of these beers should I try?

Holy shit, the things you find on the Internet(pic warning)...

take that biotch!

nothing to see here

Bright green puppy born in New Orleans

45rpm cd`s?

Whad'ya say? Feeling lucky today?

Post your old family photos

I can be happy too!

There are 13 now?

I'm calling out lost!

I'm Rather Strange

I'm calling out Lost!

It's BIG, it's ENORMOUS, it's GIGANTIC, and it's...

One or two spaces?

There's a dragon with matches that's loose on the town (Cornell 5/8/77 youtubes)

Torture, what does your spouse make you do?

be sultry as you drink your drink

I feel like dancing

I received my Rebate today!

Apple blossoms and lilacs.

Who would win in a fair fight?

Zwack Unicum Next.

I'm so shallow

NanceGreggs and JeffR are involved in some kind of conspiracy

Honky Tonk Woman

How did you propose to your spouse (or how were you proposed to)?

Happy Mother's Day, Woman Pregnat with 18th Child

I lopve you!!!!

Help Stamp Out Hunger (Nat'l Assoc of Letter Carriers/USPS food drive) Saturday.

Darn it. Dropped half a cube of butter on the kitchen floor.

I reign as the ultimate thread killer.

My Neiman Marcus experience.

4.1 Earthquake Southern CA 3:38 PM Friday 5/9/08

Does anyone have baby pics of themselves? Here's a couple of me..

I'm fucking leaving DU. No one ever makes one comment about my pics.

Ever been in Love- or something like it?

Favorite movie based on a song!!!!

Just in case you ever need to know: not a good idea to downgrade from Mac OS 10.5 to 10.3.1

eBay can be so damn confusing - help, please?

I will marry you ...if you buy me this car. If you're a male...We'll work something out.

President Laura Roslyn's mother looks like Barb Bush!

I've been having digestive problems for about 2 months.

Keen. This malt shop has a jukebox on the table.

Good morning DU! Need a chuckle to start your day????

Pollen. Love it? Hate it?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/9/2008)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/9/08

OH NO! It's another 'not Gay!'JO partner craigslist ad! This guy makes Tornado-man look normal

Fuck pollen and the bee it rode in on

Do you ever get in a food rut?

Cat Wakes Up from a Nap -- Much Kitty Cuteness!

OMG... the perfect guilty pleasure?

Friday night! Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW!

L O S T (and I lost DU last night, too.)

My daughter scanned some old family picture

Hi Lounge! Can you please send some good vibes...

I can haz parshul skolarship!

Anybody going to see The Cure in Philadelphia tomorrow night?

This thread is dedicated to RetroLounge, BlueIris and California Peggy.

Fuck you

6,391,000 views on an anti-Oprah video that talks about Ekert Tolle

In My Life: My final art project finished! *dialup warning, lotsa pictures*

In My Life: My final art project finished! *dialup warning, lotsa pictures*

lizziegrace, check in! How'd the interviews go this week?

lizziegrace, check in! How'd the interviews go this week?

The hair goes today!

Great. My mom has decided Joel Osteen is a really cool guy.

Do you like horror/scary movies? What's your favorite?

Data recovered from hard drive on the Columbia disaster

Could not catch a break today

Contact your mother-hating congressman NOW (crossposted from GD)

my back yard

Let's all make fun of Rev-Acts and see if she finally shows up!!

I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a bunny with...

Happy Mother's Day: Woman Pregnant With 18th Child

Share the funniest graphic you've seen today.

Lelapin, meet yer new daddy!

What food are you leaving for the mail carrier to pick up tomorrow?

Anyone else have a heavy accent?

The Bush Presidency (naming contest)

I finally did it...told hubby he had a drinking problem and better fix it or I was gone

Any Motorhead fans in the lounge? Seen "Eat the Rich"?

Why do I have to pay a "convenience fee" in order for my payment to be on time?

good news all the way around......

For Our Hard Working Mods...

This is my 10,000th post.

World Health Org Praises Cuba Achievements

Bolivia's President Morales ready for national vote of confidence

Bolivia's President Morales ready for national vote of confidence

Man Allegedly Pimped His Teenage Bride

Pentagon Drops Post in Pakistan for Top (Guantanamo) General

Race Over or Not, Obama Takes a Victory Lap

McCain Pushed Land Swap That Benefits Backer

Judge May Make CIA Torture Memo Public

Mexican stand-off after top officer slain

Senate ethics panel dismisses Vitter complaint

US military denies Iraq report of al-Qaida arrest

(Iraq) Vet Seeks Plea Deal in Trailer Burning

Myanmar says no need for foreign aid distribution

Advisor to US general visited Gaza: Palestinians (Hamas denies the claim)

Rocket slams into BBC office in Baghdad

Happy Mother's Day, Woman Pregnat with 18th Child

Northwest Air To Boost Fuel Surcharge $10 Each Way (for a total of $65 each direction)

UN halts aid to Myanmar after junta seizes supplies

Obama picks up 9 superdelegates, union endorsement

Barack Obama picks up support of superdelagate Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-HI)

U.S. forces say kill 14 militants in Baghdad

Obama picks up 9 superdelegates, union endorsement

In Oregon, Clinton hits Obama while he targets McCain

VIA train quarantined in northern Ontario, 1 dead

Violence spiralling out of control (Lebanon)

Blackwater unlikely to face charges in Iraq shooting

Social Scientist in Army's 'Human Terrain' Program Dies in Afghanistan

Carney announces support for Clinton

Carney announces support for Clinton

Carney announces support for Clinton

Social Scientist in Army's 'Human Terrain' Program Dies in Afghanistan

Gas jumps above $3.67, oil passes $126 on Venezuela concerns

Judge sentences Vic Kohring to 3½ years in prison(former AK lawmaker with ties to VECO)

Military adds armor to Iraq vehicles as roadside bombs surge

U.S. makes changes to cremations for slain troops

Lawmakers OK program to buy foreign medicines

Military adds armor to Iraq vehicles as roadside bombs surge

Siegelman's Out, Why Not Me?

Plame seeks to resurrect lawsuit against Bush administration in CIA leak case


Texas may claim Amazon owes sales taxes

US official: 1 shipment to be allowed to Myanmar

Brazil sees no Iranian threat, despite US warning

Colombia's V-P dismisses rights criticism as left-wing bias (Bush Ally)

Hezbollah Routs Pro - Government Gunmen; Controls Beirut

Russia puts tanks and missiles back in Red Square parade

U.S. pondering response to Beirut violence

US govt 'gags' Congress on Nuke deal

California: Whooping cough outbreak closes school

S.F. denies financial claim of tiger-attack survivors

Fox News Assistant Fired For (Time 100 Gala) Red Carpet Disclosure

Edwards: 'Obama likely nominee'

L.A.Times/Bloomberg poll shows Clinton and Obama beating McCain

McCain Says He Did Vote For George W. Bush

Postal carriers to collect food (This Saturday, tomorrow--Nationwide food pantry drive)

Khadr abuse claims probed, Pentagon says

McCain likely to be outspent in election

U.S. crude sets record high of $125.98 a barrel

Ecuador: U.S. supported Colombian cross-border raid

In big concession, militia agrees to let Iraqi troops into Sadr City

UNICEF: Child pornography networks uncovered in Colombia (Bush ally)

Principal who punished 3 who sat pledge foresees policy rewording

Brazil president finds 'risk free' US economy laughable

E-Mails Show Derogatory Banter at Secret Service

Colombia shows new rebel documents

Chávez Aided Colombia Rebels, Captured Computer Files Show

Cheney defends economy ("remains the envy of the world")

Oil Lobby Reaches Out to Citizens Peeved at the Pump

NY Times, Washington Post Confirm Arianna's Story That McCain Did Not Vote For Bush

Obama Now Takes The Lead in Superdelegates Too

Taser jolt can cause fatal heart rhythm, probe told

Military considering new cremation policies

Oregon Senator Gordon Smith: Bush's Best Buddy

McCain compares himself to Churchill. lol.

Bill Clinton Argues With Voter (CBS News)

Countdown: McCain's Pulpit Bullies

Dramatic Obama


Hillary Clinton's *EXIT SIGNS* ~Olbermann


Bruce Gagnon and David Swanson at Stratcom, Omaha, Nebraska

Murdoch's Meeting On The National Conference For Media Reform

Obama: We'll Have Strong Claim to Victory on May 20

John Edwards: Today Show-May 9,2008

Obama: Anniversary of Israeli Independence

Operation Chaos Fights On

Democratic nominee Barack Obama stops by US Capitol

Sharpton: "The worst thing in the world is when the entertainer doesn't know the show is over."

RFK, Jr. interview w/ Gov. Don Siegelman - Part 3

ABC: Obama takes superdelegate lead

Be Ready - A Tidal Wave Of Liberals Is Coming

Tavis Smiley Interviews Don Siegelman

Henry "Mack Truck" Harvey - McCain and Oil

McCain on Bush: "I did everything I could to get him elected, and reelected President."

The Butterflyweavers : Sages, Mothers and Midwives

Obama on the Israel's 60th Independence Day

TYT: Mark Penn Should Take Responsibility For Clinton's Loss

John Edwards (nearly) Calls for Hillary to Drop Out of the Race

Zappa Interview Today Show 1993

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams - Barack Obama

Economic stimulus... Wal-Mart style

McCain talks into a upside down microphone..... picture and video

Hillary Supporters For McCain - "I have no trust or no belief in Barreck Obama...he is a Muslim"

Obama Remembers His Mother & Wife On Mother's Day on CNN

TYT: Why Do TV Personalities Always Fake Outrage?

Countdown: Keith Interviews Pat Tillman's Mother

DU goes to Sesame Street.


In Pot We Trust (Full Video)

TYT: McCain Is The Bear! (This is fun and makes a great point)

Mike Malloy - Karl Rove's Police State Part 2 of 2

Mike Malloy - Karl Rove's Police State Part 1 of 2

Chelsea's Mother's Day Message

Obama Claims He's Visited 57 States

Lieberman "Personally checked John McCain's bearings."

Mother's day

AlterNet: Our Media Have Been So Wrong for So Long

McCain Denies That He Voted Against Lincoln

David Sirota: Acknowledging the Race Chasm

The Lucrative Art of War

EJ Dionne: Obama’s Weather Balloon

Matthew Norman: American democracy in all its filthy glory

Rap the Casbah

CNN, the Pentagon's "military analyst program" and GITMO

Aid and Hypocrisy

Paul Freedman is an associate professor in the Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics at ..UVa

Paul Krugman:Thinking About November

Living in the Past

Race Over or Not, Obama Takes a Victory Lap

Rev. Hagee Blames Gays for McCain's Former 'Straight Talk'

It's So Over

Hillary Clinton's Sunset Boulevard

Guardian UK: Lack of media interest in John McCain's links to a theocratic Christian is astonishing

The truth about Tony and Gordon – by Cherie Blair

It's Lying ... and It's Murder: How KBR Electrocuted US Troops

Eugene Robinson: Desperate Clinton is Danger to the Party

Uplifting signs in U.S. political debate

Diagnostic jobs the latest to be outsourced

How Rising Oil Prices Are Obliterating America's Superpower Status

Andy Borowitz: Bill Clinton Switches to Obama

Guardian UK: With BushCo angling for war w/ Iran, Chicago is considering going on record opposing it

A flat tax for Californians

Keeping Secrets From the CIA. Why was CIA cut out of clandestine meetings with Iranian informants?

Pastors May Defy IRS Gag Rule

A world class challenge for the innovative among you

Home heating: Otten bets Mainers will warm to wood pellets

09 May 2008 10:20 GMT: Tapis breaks $130/bbl

Using a gasifier to burn coal to make electricity rather than direct burn,

New Study Shows Genetically Modified Crops Produce Less

"Where did the Web rumors about Obama come from?" by Matt Stearns 5-8-2008

Lawmakers urge Bush to shelve Russia nuclear deal

Yemen seeks French help to build nuclear plant

Latin American Food Security Summit Calls For Increased Production, Limits On Markets - IPS

UK: Thefts of heating oil rise

5/4-9/08 - Large Areas Of Beaufort Sea Ice Already Down To 1-3/10ths Or Less - National Ice Center

Energy Problems SOLVED! All Hail The Hello Kitty Solar Charger!! ENN

California's Urban Peregrine Falcons Have Highest Levels Of Flame Retardant Found In Any Organism

One Fifth Of UK Honeybee Colonies Died Over Course Of Past Winter - Guardian

Climate Models May Have Overstated Antarctic Water Vapor, Hence Potential For Warming - AFP

Even In Burma's Wealthiest City, Government Can't Restore Power - Shortages Of Everything - NYT

Bipartisan Companion for Extension of Renewable Energy Tax Credits Introduced

Oz Scientists Call For Planning - Murray-Darling Basin Drought May Be Permanent

New idea in mortuary science: Dissolving bodies with lye

Continental sees 'good chance' for Volt win (Electric car batteries)

Nuclear Pork — Enough is Enough

Big MTBE settlement to benefit California

hooRAY!! New Mexicans Win on Waste Pits!

Centrica warns on wind farm costs (receding horizons)

Portrait of an Oil-Addicted Former Superpower

Demand From Residents Watering Lawns Shuts Down Florida Water Plant

State's highest court OKs bans on personal watercraft (Maine)

Central Illinois Moving From Hardiness Zone 5 To Zone 6 - Galesburg Register-Mail

No-till farming in the U.S. would sequester 300 million lbs of CO2 per yr -


My solar water heater to be installed today.

Georgia Power to pay $6.4 billion for (share in) new nuclear reactors




Kick the oil habit and make your own ethanol

The deniers are winning, especially with the GOP

Winter Soldiers testify before Congress on May 15th

“When the Draft Calls Ended” succinct summary of the draft, Air Force Magazine.

Friend leaving for Afghanistan

Today in labor history May 09

From Eric Lee: Zimbabwe: Union leaders arrested


AFGE Backs Obama for President

Tell Us What You Think: The 2008 Working Woman Survey

McCain to 14-Year-Old Girl: ‘No Fair Pay for You’ (video from CNN)

Working Families Vote 2008 shirts for sale (blue like our party)

One hundred plus farm workers evicted following news coverage. Take action now.

A Fear of Big Demand for Corporate Loans

Map of misery

NPR's - Transgender Children report

Lesbian Protection Order at Issue

McCain Stays Silent On Hagee’s Homophobic Slurs

A wolf in GOP clothing

The Religious Rights’ Unreal Understanding of Homosexuality

A touching episode last night on "Grey's Anatomy."

No laughing matter" When is it OK to tell a gay joke?

Perez Hilton.

I am coming home!

Signs of rapprochement

Tension at opening of Turin book fair honouring Israel

Arab leaders split on Lebanon; Abbas: Palestinians should not get involved

The loathsome smearing of Israel's critics (Op ed in The Independent)

Palestinian mortar kills Israeli in western Negev

Full Text Of Sen. Obama's Statement On Israel's Sixtieth Anniversary

Gaza mortar attack kills Israeli

Obama Pledges Support for Israel, Blasts McCain Hamas Comments

“Israel’s Original Sin”, interesting piece by the National Post, Canadian pro-Israel paper.

Hizbullah fighters impose control on Beirut

Hezbollah controls West Beirut - Robert Fisk

Israeli Occupation Forces forces kill Gaza mother in front of her children

UNICEF: Child pornography networks uncovered in Colombia

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 9 (Reuters) - Brazil sees no threat from Iran, despite U.S. concerns that the Te

President Morales agrees to Bolivian recall vote

Chavez: Venezuela won't tolerate secession in Bolivia

Files Show Ties Of Venezuela - Colombia Rebels: U.S.

Colombia: Uribe Offers To Release Rebels For Hostage's Freedom

Pic of Joe

Somebody's been listening to Joe.....

the final insult (Clemens)

Turned over tapes reveal Pats stoles Offensive signals as well

Healing Hands

Well this should be interesting

The Employee of the Month

Group Urges F.D.A. to Take Contraceptive Off Market

~~~May Photo Contest Schedule~~~

The Myth of ‘Best In The World’

Resources for Children with Developmental Delays

"Melts" - assembly does count.

mmmm I have 4 lbs of chinese tilapia fillets from wally world.

James Packer Quits Scientology

Private citizen's legal defensive gun use 5-9-08

Concealed carry apps. up 40% over last yr. in Texas...

Nutter being Nutty again

Kinetic Energy

Closer encounter: Nasa plans landing on 40m-wide asteroid ...

Cassini Imaging Lead Scientist To Provide Cosmic Perspective For Millions Around The Globe

The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

Concealed Carry responsible citizen shoots and kills family.

New Article by Eric Larsen: The Debate Over 9/11 - Notes from a Dying Nation #3

WTC Fires.

So .... what does everyone think of the near end of the presidential primary?

Nice to see Kerry getting involved trying to help a family in MA who may be deported

Pot kills Millions, Hostess disputes!!!

Bachmann and Kline to motherhood: FU!

Vote in a poll for group to donate to Ashwin Madia, who is running for Jim Ramstad (retiring) seat.

Volunteer for the State Convention June 6th-7th

Hello Tarrant Obama, *** Email I received today ***

LULAC sued Texas Democratic Party over primary delegates

Cal Farley's needs your help.

Question from another list - radio programmer needs help.

Hitachi 200GB 7200RPM laptop upgrade kit - $160

Great news! Brisket is health food!

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Thursday 5/8/08

Hmmm.... They reject the good ones and embrace the creeps - surprise, surprise!

Open Thread - Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 5/9/2008

Women's Voices, Women Votes: Operation Chaos in Primary States

ABC Shows Obama Taking Lead Among Superdelegates

Obama’s General Election Math – Friday, May 9

Hillary Clinton Continues Negative Campaign

Boy did I empty my Ignore list too soon

Hillary Clinton as the Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Who Won't Go Away

The dream/nightmare ticket

Hillary Deathwatch

Is Obama going to campaign in West Virginia at all?

Are Hand Counted Paper Ballots a Realistic Solution for 2008? Doesn't Democracy Deserve a Debate? blog: Don’t cry for Max

Reuters: Canadian "torture victims" press Ottawa over probe

If Canada speaks up, world will listen, Balsillie says

CP: Bernier affair a security issue: experts

Top Colleges Dig Deeper in Wait Lists for Students

Today I was "unriffed"

This Is Not America.....

I'm trying to decide if I should be indignant - opinion, please?

To those who didn't have time to watch 'em before: "Schoolhouse Debate '08" Parts 1 and 2


Off to Michigan to see some friends

Keith blogged on dKos tonight -- and responded during the show

5/9/08 - Please don't pay for Hillary's bills Obama Edition

18th child on the way