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Never mind, back to drinking...

Can someone help refresh my memory, Re: Superdelegates and Hillary Clinton?

Just in case we lose our sight...

Anybody else concerned that McCain would rather see our youth in war than college?

The Bomb Bomb Bomb McCain Campaign - Rec this thread

Two Reports Indicate A Hillary Holdout Could Backfire

Obama caught on video campaigning in Florida!



Opinion of Hillary is 44

Opinion of Hillary is 44

For those worrying about the SD's do not forget...

More yawns than cheers in Puerto Rico primary

A belated thanks to the mods...

Hillary could use the Disney excuse (for Prince Caspian's low numbers).

Hillary CAN NOT win the "popular vote" by any fair measure

Leaders in Congress Seek to Settle Soon on Nominee (NYT)

When Cheney Resigns in a Few Months, How Will That Affect the Election?

when is Hillary's senate seat up for re-election? Will she have a hard time

Thank goodness Nancy Pelosi is a female!


Hillary is a vulture.

Early morning thread to thank Bob Barr...

Early morning thread to thank Bob Barr...

VI delegate that was for Clinton, then Obama, then Clinton not sure if he won't

Since May 7 - 63 superdelegates for Obama, 7 for Hillary

We are missing a perfect opportunity

Paging the fat lady......fat lady to the stage please

Biden's strength in foreign policy recruited by Obama

Terry McAwful Is Going To Be On Morning Joe Soon - What Do You Think........

One simple question for Obama's Church in Chicago

One simple question for Obama's Church in Chicago

James Carville puts his penis into Mary Matlin.....

Is Hillary a bitter, self-hating woman?

"The Number" will stay at 2026.

"The Number" will stay at 2026.

The perfect crime election 2008

Ickes Expects Defections from Hillary Supporters at DNC Meeting - If Defeated, on to the Convention

All-Purpose PastorGate Rant

If you believe your candidate is the inevitable nominee, why bother griping about their rival?

Priest apologizes for mocking Clinton at Obama's church

The MSM needs to pressure McCain to fully release his medical records

If you're Hillary's strategist, how do you spin Obama's latest 'pastor problem'

Texas Democratic Party chairman (and wife) endorses Obama (+2 supers)

Whoa. This is telling: 50% of NY Dems want Hillary to drop out.

If Obama is deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger,

It's good to see Republicans happy again!!!

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/30/08 - Obama up 1 (48), Clinton down 1 (43)

Chris Matthews on Morning Joe laughed on air when watching the pastor video

Two new Supers for Obama

Pastor Pfleger Makes Me ROFL

Pastor Pfleger Makes Me ROFL

What Should be President Obama's First Course of Action After He is Inaugurated? (POLL)

You should know that the Pfleger story is a Faux creation and production. It was picked up by the

"Oh, the humanity!" re Father Pfleger

If the Clintons were personal friends, what would you do if you were a superdelegate?

Europe Baracks!

Play the Obamatch game!

My thoughts on this Pastor Pfleger thing.

Should Hillary Clinton Answer for These Racist Supporters - ON VIDEO!!@22???

So Mr. Pfleger said some out of place thing about Hillary....

Don't tell the M$M that Hillary has no chance...

Get over this pastor There nothing to see here...Enjoy this funny Bush pic

A plea to Hillary supporters

Where is the CNN story on Mcain Keating 5 past?

Sad To See So Many Obama Supporters As Reactionary Screamers

Why Hasn't the Catholic Church censored Father Pfleger?

Defeat the Bush-McCain fundraising machine

33 Or 41 Until We're Done.

Only 4 days until Senator Obama is the Nominee-Designate!!!

Hillary alludes to assassination, and Obama shrugs it off,

Glad he is on our side?

Clinton And Obama Crushes Mcshame In New York Poll!

If anyone thinks some DUers use ignore because they're too closed minded to hear an opposing opinion

Pfleger is pretty cool as far as I can see.

Relax about Michigan: At this time in '04 Bush led Kerry in Michigan according to various polls

Could Obama turn redder than red Mississippi blue? new Ras poll shows close race developing...

What do Robert Wexler, John Conyers and Henry Waxman all have in common?

How can PasterGate beat the viewing of an Alien video

BREAKING: % Reps expect party to unite behind McCain = % Dems expect party to unite behind Obama


Top Media Story of the Day? SCOTTY!

Will Rev. Pfleger end Hillary's chance at V.P.?

So a Hillary supporter visits a psychiatrist...

Conversation with Nader campaign worker... another reason to unify the party now.

I believe Obama should have to apologize for Pfleger comments

Since RFK Assassination Threads are Still Showing Up Here, Someone Please Explain

David Axelrod Calls Pfleger Comments "Offensive and Outrageous"

This pastorbation is why a 'religious test' is forbidden in the Constitution

Obama Must Give a Bunch of Speeches NOW!!

Pastor effectively repeating Hillary's own comments about elect ability

Please Stop Blaming Hillary Clinton for the Pfleger Video and MSM Reaction

Poblano unmasked! (originally posted in GD)

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: McCain to Obama: "C'mon, Smell the Surge, Barack"

The door has been opened and the stench permeates Washington.

Ways to know "It's OVER" — Retail department

Serious Questions About This Weekend

41 more delegates to go: Obama picks up two more Super's (from Texas)

From what little I've seen of the sermon, I wonder what does this have to do with Christianity...

Someone pass the kool-aid

Am I the only one who still has an empty ignore list?

Rasmussen Montana: McCain 48% Obama 43%

If a elephant farts in the woods, does Obama have to apologies

The Great Barack Obama Insurrection (today's Morford column)

Friday Primary TOON update

Demanding Apologies is for Assholes.

Give me a 4.

This guy was a failure...and very little on job experience, but..

My apolitical son likes Obama...

Hillary's Challenge to Collin County Democrats denied

In the end I just wish these pastors, priests, etc would just keep their mouths shut about politics.

*edit - Pastorgate II, The Resurrection (load of crap)

"Senator McCain has been devastating in his criticism of Senator Obama on foreign policy"

Nancy Pelosi says she will step in if necessary...

Is Hillary sending moles to Obama's church in the hopes of destroying Obama's campaign?

Is Hillary sending moles to Obama's church in the hopes of destroying Obama's campaign?

Obama Slaps McCain on Iraq Pre-Surge Comment

DUer's: I need help

Why do rabbis get a free pass on talking politics?

DNC Web Ad Uses McClellan To Nail McCain

Priests all over the US molest little kids and nobody in the MSM says jack

Clinton: 'You Can't Tell How Far a Frog Will Jump Until You Punch Him'

Photo of McCain's first wife, Carol

Clinton Letter to Super Delegates?

HuffPo: The Trap: Clinton's "Briarpatch" Strategy For The DNC Rules Committee Meeting

DNC host officials short on cash (Denver Convention)

What is their Native American zodiac.

Father Pfleger's rant is NOT funny- unless you are a McCain fan

McKinney is close to clinching the green party nomination thats bad news for Hillary

McKinney is close to clinching the green party nomination thats bad news for Hillary

Religion and Its Place In Politics

Two more SD's for Obama!

Ickes At The Alamo: Clinton's Delegate Counter Warns Of Defections At DNC Meeting; TX SDs for Obama

The thing both pastors did was to frame the race in terms of black vs white.

Clinton Rally Organizers: We'll Back Obama If He's Nominee

Why does anyone care about the comments of Fr. What's his name?

The more I hear preachers/priests the more I am glad I am an Atheist!!!

Would taxing ALL the churches be more consistent with separation of church and state?

Was the DNC right in punishing Florida?

What do someone's initials mean?

Gallup Daily: Similar Performance between Clinton and Obama vs. McCain

Hillarybots enjoy This pastor crap today..becase tomorrow it is over

Forget Pfleger -- has Hillary repudiated Doug Coe yet

GOP priest attacks Obama in invocation

Harry Reid: Of course Clinton won MI & FL she has name recognition.

It may be necessary for Obama to give a 'religion' speech

Biden's strength in foreign policy recruited by Obama

There are probably six or seven anti-Obama, right wing black preachers in all of America ......

On Churches, Politics, and Tax Exempt Status....

THE MATH Daily Widget – Friday, May 30 – Wigand -0.73 – Total +0.00

BREAKING: TalkLeft says: Clinton admits DNC was RIGHT not to seat FL and MI!

Rasmussen: McCain Trusted More Than Obama on Economy, Iraq, National Security

Obama Response to McCain Understanding of "Pre-Surge"

I think we will know tomorrow if she is kicking off Hillary 2012

I think we will know tomorrow if she is kicking off Hillary 2012

Simply put HRC supporters hold Obama responsible for others words, but Hillary is not held . . .

Who's the DU'er talking to Thom Hartmann right now? nt

Only 5 states had a higher Republican tournout during 2008 Primaries.

Only 5 states had a higher Republican tournout during 2008 Primaries.

Siegelman, McClellan book, the Iraq war, high oil prices. Is there any reason to vote McCain?

Hillary's Plan to Take It to the Convention

Hillary's Plan to Take It to the Convention

This is going to cause a stir... SD just not into your candidate

So Obama did something in 1996????

Unity Day in the Bay Area (w/Clinton and Obama delegates)

Is It Over Yet ???

Is It Over Yet ???

What happens if we seat fl/mi as is

Young Hillary Clinton

Young Hillary Clinton

Pfleger is all about taking McClellan out the news cycle Obama needs to declare that

MoveOn Wants Their "Cousins" Video To Get Lots of Hits...

Ok Everybody... See If You Can Say "Father Pfleger-Gate" Five Times, Real Fast !!!

so how is Hillary "fight for every vote" Clinton fighting for Obama voters in Michigan?

Howard Dean praises (Fla. State Sen.) Ted Deutch for Florida delegation seating solution

Latin artists support Barack Obama in music video - Podemos con Obama," or "We can With Obama"

Delete Dupe.

Breaking: Hillary considers General Zod as running mate

Puerto Rico Turnout Is Expected To Be 500K. Hillary Needs A Net 300K To Win Popular Vote w/ Florida.

Hillary Clinton Expects Superdelegates to Decide Next Week


I just have to say it - John McCain is FULL OF SHIT...

GOP Priest Mocks Obama Last Night At NY State Republican Party Dinner

Howard Dean finds a way to continue screwing things up.....

I don't think Obama is in any way responsible for Father Phleger's comments, but I'd like to know...

Well, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show for the next week

Harry Reid: Greenspan "a fraud", Bush "the worst in history"

Harry Reid: Greenspan "a fraud", Bush "the worst in history"

Obama's going to take Montana.

Pelosi says it's over after Tuesday

Has it occurred to anyone that Clinton's just playing this one out?

A Hat for Hillary

The Ostroy Report letter to Hillary WOW

Dear Hillary Supporters: What has angered you most about Obama or his campaign?

How will Hillary spend the next two months if she doesn't drop out?

For those about to Pastorbate...

Killer O Bees! Will you take the pledge...

Wow. I just got a look at that Pfleger video. I'm stunned.

Wow. I just got a look at that Pfleger video. I'm stunned.

Thank You Mods

AP: Clinton expects superdelegates to decide next week

We may be in real trouble in November election according to this prediction

Clinton: "I Believe The Patriots Should Be Allowed To Continue Playing Super Bowl XLII"

Obama campaign used party rules to foil Clinton

Let loose the Kraken!!!! I'm clearing my IgSnore list for the final week.

Even -IF- Hillary Goes To Convention, She'll Be Irrelevant. She's Swirling Around The Toilet

Clinton falls behind Obama in state (CA), poll says

Obama Aims to Declare Nomination Race Victory; Choice Will Be Clear After Tuesday

I do think Obama should pick a woman VP

Is Obama a victim of sexism?? It goes like this: Bill complains

Is Obama a victim of sexism?? It goes like this: Bill complains

Hillary Clinton - A Deal With The Devil [Fox News & RW Media]?

Has a deal been made?

She Blinks! "Clinton expects superdelegates to decide next week"

"Democrats" adopt binary thinking.

Kerry: McCain "out of step with history and facts"

For my 900th post. 900 reasons to destroy McCain in November.

for Hillary, it has stopped being about what is best for America is now pure power hungry

for Hillary, it has stopped being about what is best for America is now pure power hungry


Somebody Watch Cable News For Us Today

Hillary will not get what she wants tomorrow

On Policy , Obama Breaks Little New Ground

What if McCain's Pastor called Fr. Pfleger's church "The Great Whore"?

Some guy I saw at the grocery store made insulting remarks abt. Obama. Will HRC reject and denounce?

The Problem with Pastorgate II

Wait a FUCKING minute the Catholic League is pissed and blames Obama for something a Catholic priest

Hillarybots, Obamabots -- why can't we all just get along?

Obama campaign looking at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn for Tuesday Dem Nomination Victory

Why John McCain is in trouble.

If a Obama/Clinton ticket actually occurs, what will you do?

It's about more than Obama or Clinton

Did Obama pick up any superedelegates today

*Hillary Picks Up Superdelegate AND Largest South Dakota Newspaper Endorses Hillary**

*Hillary Picks Up Superdelegate AND Largest South Dakota Newspaper Endorses Hillary**

I demand that Barack Obama immediately denounce Spike Lee for nearly every movie he's made.

Hillary: you have to make up your mind!

Dear Senator Clinton, You said that you will work your heart out

I've had my Obama '08 sign up since last fall, and this week someone stole my

An open letter to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton RE: FL/MI

Why are HRC's supporters protesting FL and MI so stupid? I hope

Shake your bon-bon

I Found This To Be Interseting...What Do You Think??

TNR Blog: "And... the McCain Backpedal Begins"

Barack Obama backs Michigan Democratic Party's delegate plan

HRC gets in trouble for what she says while Obama gets blamed for what others say!

So Obama had to disassociate himself from Rev Wright and now Father Pfleger;

You can stream Obama's Montana rally here:

Obama and race

Did I Just Hear Scott McClellan Is Going To Vote For Obama?

Geraldine's Article: "Healing the wounds of Democrats' sexism"

My thoughts on Hillary AND Obama

Questions for Obama:

I am ashamed of the congregation of Trinity.

Since all the hardcore HRC supporters will be at the meeting tomorrow...

The Bar is Open!

If father Pfleger is racist, please tell me which race he's racist against.

An explanation of Hillary's end game: "The Irresistible Pull Of Irrational Behavior?

Obama and Clinton need to sponsor or support the anti-cluster bomb initiative. Who's with me?

Damn! Trinity UCC gets guest speakers like Father Pfleger and

The key thing to watch for tomorrow: 50% Delegates or 50% voting power

Ex-Puerto Rico governor on why Hillary will LOSE PR.

If they want to talk Iraq, maybe McCain can explain the Permanent Military Installations there NOW!

I called it. Another Obama scandal. Hillary WILL be the nominee....

Is Father Pfleger's mocking of Hillary any worse than Hillary's mocking of Obama and his supporters?

Single best analogy I've ever read describing our primary

Why I see HRC as the more conservative candidate

McCain's press conference MSNBC--very thin-skinned re his "surge" troop level gaffe!

Obama used party rules to foil Clinton

Obama used party rules to foil Clinton

OK..."She wasn't the only one crying. There was a whole lot of white people cryin'." What's NEXT?

Hypothetical: Clinton gets her way and Obama gets 0% from Michigan

This may be a repeat but

Kick for our Michigan OBAMA supporters...

Lanny Davis - Douche.

Lanny Davis - Douche.

Pelosi and Reid got nothing. The fight is going to Denver folks.

Bush and Mccain

Obama needs to FIRMLY reject all black people, and all white people that like black people


Willie Brown on MSNBC just now is and idiot

Has there ever been TV coverage, let alone LIVE coverage, of a party committee meeting?

So, what will Sen. Clinton's role at the convention be?

So, what will Sen. Clinton's role at the convention be?

"Born and bred in the briar patch." aka the bramble bush. Clinton, Geller

Are we there yet?

Bob Dole Calls McClellan "Miserable Creature"

Hillary supporters If, Obama gets the nomination what will he need to do to gain your vote.?

Keynote Speaker in Denver

Hillary was a Senator when ...

MarketWatch: Obama gets a claim to another Kennedy legacy

Pelosi cranks up the Warnings to Clintonites today: No "Scorched Earth" Approach


Obama rally Tuesday evening, St. Paul!

I Don't Think She Thinks She's Out....

White Women down on Obama...not that way!

What the hell is wrong with the Trinity church congregation?

McCain's voting record with Veterans - printable handout

McCain's voting record with Veterans - printable handout

McCain's voting record with Veterans - printable handout

McCain's voting record with Veterans - printable handout

McCain's voting record with Veterans - printable handout

McCain's voting record with Veterans - printable handout

McCain's voting record with Veterans - printable handout

John Kerry CLEARLY will stomp George Bush! May 2004


Share your reverse racism stories (This is fair since DU is, like, 98 percent white)

MSNBC (Shuster): Some people may wonder 'What's with this crowd Obama hangs out with?'

Hillary supporters, do you support Puerto Rico getting to vote in the General Election?

Which Will Turn Out To Be *More* Difficult For Obama To Win: The Primary, Or The General?

Hillary considers General Zod as running mate

Hillary Has Me Really Depressed

So lemme get this straight. Obama campaign speaks out against Pfleger remarks.

The Catholic League... and you!

Old ladies w/ cottage cheese thighs in MuuMuu For Obama - Rec this thread!

Celtics Will Beat the Lakers Just Like Obama Will Beat McCain!

Name one thing that Bush* did that Hillary wouldn't do.

Pfleger and GDP: peas in a pod?

More insights on the McCain Campaign strategy - keep your eye on the ball

The Political Preference Test....Are you really what you say you are?

The OTHER preacher at UCC

The pro-Clinton map that concerns me.

Obama supporters-Will you vote for Hillary in Nov. (assuming she's the nominee?)

Dr. Alan Abramowitz on McCain:No candidate running in such environment –has ever been successful

Ok I saw Pfleger's sermon, and just like Hillary's RFK comment was merely an example that HRC...

BREAKING: New allegations for Obama to defend regarding Trinity Unity Church!

Ok, so I've had 8 beers

Take it to the Convention or not, I won't live through the summer on GDP

Hillary is attempting a Coup of the US Govt.. with MI/FL.

Hillary's schedule tomorrow

HRC loses another delegate...... to Kucinich!!!

I'm OK with a UNITY ticket now.

A side issue on all this: The excellent UCC is being trashed

BREAKING HARD! Smacky the Frog endorses Mike Gravel

The Nation: "Hillary's Nasty Pastorate" - plz read and rec.

Poll: What pretense is behind the timing of Pastorgate II? Why Now?

Obama wants Biden to play more prominent role

Hillary Clinton Focuses on Issues Important to Voters in Montana and South Dakota

How can she be so stupid?

Florida and Michigan not only early primaries....think about it!

Argus Leader (SD): Clinton is top candidate for Dems

Argus Leader (SD): Clinton is top candidate for Dems



How long is the RBC meeting tommorrow scheduled to last?

Wishing Barack Obama and all Obama supporters well!

"Obama got 0% of the vote in Michigan...

"Obama got 0% of the vote in Michigan...

Honest question: Please, no flamage.

Has Hillary released her medical records?

"Clinton won't be happy until she sinks Obama" Dallas News/Blogs

Way to attack a good man there, Hillary.

Proposed: It's not because it's a woman, it's because it's that woman.

Racism and misogyny on DU.

Did the short bus make it to D.C. yet?

I don't know any women who support Hillary.

Bill Nelson says DNC will delay decision. Karen Thurman says DNC will seat half.

Hey! I'm from Chicago! When's Obama going to apologize for all the crap I say?

I simply cannot WAIT to see the first time Obama unnerves McCain on stage during a debate.

Breaking: Clinton Camp Concedes FL/MI Sanctions

Tell me what I'm missing: Pfleger is a white Catholic who did a guest sermon at Trinity.

Why in October, 2007 Did Barack Obama & John Edwards Take Their Names off of "the Ballot" in MI?

Bill Clinton's "Enemies List?" You guessed it--the media, and the "MoveOn crowd."

Get Your Scorecard Get your Scorecard for tomorrow's DNC Rules and Bylaw Playoff Game

Hillary: FL, MI broke the rules, forgive them, and no delegates to Obama

Pfleger previously warned about pulpit politics

Thank you Mark Shields! n/t

Thank you Mark Shields! n/t

I have noticed something recently - - Rightwing talking heads are scared of Obama

Why we can't stop attacking Hillary

Obama's new pastor problem

Obama's new pastor problem

Obama's new pastor problem

Obama's new pastor problem

Obama Fucking Destroys McCain On Iraq!!!

IT"S OVER!!! Hill getting smashed on the plane !!! PIC

Obama - just another politician playing political games-

Good News: Obama likely will hold his popular vote lead over Clinton (incl. FL)

Obama rally in St. Paul, MN on Tuesday

THE MATH Weekly (GE Edition) – Friday, May 30



Obama's Doctor reports his Blood pressure is 90 over 60 and AGAIN, the MSM is NOT doing it's job!

The inevitable end of the primary

No matter what, she's taking it to the convention (corrected)

The Father Pfleger Story has No Legs.

Obama really needs to apologize...

Pelosi stresses Dems must unite after Tuesday's primaries

So, was the right wing media correct about Hillary throughout the 90s?

Is Hillary having TOO MUCH FUN to quit this race? Is that what this is really all about?

Is Hillary having TOO MUCH FUN to quit this race? Is that what this is really all about?

Is Hillary having TOO MUCH FUN to quit this race? Is that what this is really all about?

A Brief History of Contentious Conventions

What a shame there aren't more Hillary supporters taking

Pro Clinton PAC created encouraging women to support full seating of MI and FL delegates

Pro Clinton PAC created encouraging women to support full seating of MI and FL delegates

Oh great. America is becoming known as the nation that hates women.

Oh great. America is becoming known as the nation that hates women.

For the record its FATHER Pfleger, that is important Rev. implies its a crazy Black pastor. . .

She cannot be FUCKING serious.........


Yes!! Kerry gets McCain to back down on his improper use of Petraeus photo in fundraising e-mail!

Who else will be watching the DNC RBC Meeting tomorrow?

Who else will be watching the DNC RBC Meeting tomorrow?

CNN "breaks" news about how Obama knocked off opponents to run unopposed...

Save the 2008 election

Hillary supporters check in: Do you support this argument?

Hillary supporters check in: Do you support this argument?

Hillary supporters check in: Do you support this argument?

Hillary supporters check in: Do you support this argument?

I think Rev. Pfleger's "Crying Hillary" act is a riot - and dead on!

If Reid, Pelosi, Dean and Emanual....

Hillary is setting the stage.

Hillary is setting the stage.

It's time to review Trinity Church's tax exempt status. I say this as an Obama supporter

Obama; his Church, our People.

Is the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul the place to be tuesday?

"Obama's" Church? WTF?

Obama takes heat from Catholic League over Pfleger

Obama takes heat from Catholic League over Pfleger

My suggestion is that we follow Obama's lead - stop the attacks and relax

WHY Obama? For the logically-challenged, a quick lesson...

Michelle Malkin's Hate-Couture

Michelle Malkin's Hate-Couture

Thur night Tornado news, NE, IA and 4 yr old from Hugo

Hemorrhoids - as seen on Fox News

Hillary supporters-Will you vote for Obama in Nov. (assuming he's the nominee?)

Hillary supporters-Will you vote for Obama in Nov. (assuming he's the nominee?)

Hillary supporters-Will you vote for Obama in Nov. (assuming he's the nominee?)

Hillary supporters-Will you vote for Obama in Nov. (assuming he's the nominee?)

Hillary supporters-Will you vote for Obama in Nov. (assuming he's the nominee?)

DU women, what are you opinions on Hillary's claims of independence?

If Chris Rock said what Father Pfleger said instead, would anyone care? (not that anyone does now)

If Chris Rock said what Father Pfleger said instead, would anyone care? (not that anyone does now)

**DU**Let's Join Hillary in one last toast**to a hard fought campaign**and one hell of a candidate**

Michelle Obama on Clinton's RFK comment:

Michelle Obama on Clinton's RFK comment:

Michelle Obama on Clinton's RFK comment:

Front page -NYPost today---Obama's new PastorDisastor

Laura Flanders

At every critical juncture in history this country has encountered

a COOL fathers day idea....ChEcK iT oUt>>>>>>>>>>

FINALLY! a Don't Miss the Replay (at 1:00am) of The Daily Show! AND Richard Clarke is the guest!!!

McCain, Bush Embrace in Closed-Door Affair (Margaret Carlson)

McCain (Mis)Speaks (Cerf and Navasky)

I have twenty-percenters in my family

If George and Dick resign, who would pick up the reins?

New Overdue Home Loans Swamp Effort to Fix Mortgages in Default

GOPeds the wave of the future?

I Listened To The Scotty Interviews On Both 'Today' & 'Countdown' And I Watched........

McClellan on C-span 7:30 EDT.

WHOOPS! Homophobic Christian Right activist posts report on site that comes from Anti-Semite

Guess what is not the New York Times?

Bush Checks His Latest Approval Ratings

From Scott McClellan concerning the media

I am very angry with Publix Supermarkets for this.

McClellan's shocking admissions may be the closest thing we get to total truth

Poor Brian Yellowhair.

McClellan: bit player in a drama called Quagmire

New Overdue Home Loans Swamp Effort to Fix Mortgages in Default

Sharpen your knives: Scotty on Wash. Journ. @ 7:30

Pseudo-Fest '08: Condoleezza Rice meets rock band Kiss


WTF! Now on The Today Show...Tony Blair to talk about McClellan book!

Memo To Pelosi: AHHHHHHH!

How much will Scott McClellan hurt McCain in the GE?

David Sirota: The Lamont Lesson

Phil Gramm's UBS work raises new lobbyist questions for John McCain

Incomes and spending both slow in April

Friday Morning Political Pass/Fail Thread!

CNN Video: "McClellan critics read from same script"

Let's compare Sen. Obama's voting record to Sen. McCain's voting record

BUSHCO: In Response To ACLU/FOIA-The Only Thing They Admit To Are "The Most Serious War Crimes"

Obama wants to talk to our enemies and bad people, that's bad!

McClellan's book bashes Bush, but it's McCain who has some explaining to do (LAT)

TYT: Was Obama Sexist Against Clinton? Did Hillary Lose Because of Sexism?

Mika wants to talk about more preachers, I wanna talk about Phil Gramm and Scotty and Iraq and gas

So....I saw this the other day

Why is MSNBC spending so much time on this Rev. Pfleger BS

What are the peak usage days and times on DU?

Michelle Obama Outdraws Bush, McCain in McCain's Home State

LoL, so according to the freepers, the Europeans like Obama because they are anti-american.

George Bush, At Sea in the Desert0By Michael Winship

As Oil Prices Soar, Restaurant Grease Thefts Rise

Discuss this picture


Bush History for Friday 5/30 (Cheney's Ludicrous Prediction)


The Betrayal of America

The urge to buy is as manufactured as the stuff you have heaped in your shopping basket

The MSM needs to pressure McCain to fully release his medical records

Be prepared for more Iraq spin

Observations about Pfleger and McLellan

BBC front page: No news whatsoever on McClellan revelations?

What's this 'permanent campaign culture' bullshit mc LIE-len keeps referring to?

We "leftwing haters" never were a minority in America.

Interesting numbers I just ran across (book advances)

Should we just give the 13 American Colonial states back to the British Royal Family?

Harvey Korman has died. RIP Funny man!

AP: Marine Says He Was Ordered To Delete Iraq Photos

want to know what is going on with energy (you have to trust govt. numbers):

Don't let Conservatives win, reason #4,529,231

Poblano unmasked!

Hydrox cookies are back! (sort of)

Scott McClellan Apologizes for Bashing Richard Clarke

First view of a newly discovered tribe of indigenous Brazilians

The architecture of authority. Note how inhumane our

The most powerful revolutions occur in our minds.

Michale Ware on McCain and Iraq

Heard John Bolton on NPR this morning....

WY GE Poll: McCain 53, Obama 40.

My prediction on gas prices

111 countries formally agreeing treaty banning cluster bombs

The George W. Bush Anal Virginity Protection Plan

What Ailes Us (yup, Roger)

Strayhorn says son Scott McClellan tried to quit White House job earlier

There is a very good reason why McClellan is telling his story now

If Europeans could vote...McCain takes Russia, Obama takes everything else.

'Uncontacted tribe' sighted in Amazon

The White House attitude toward Scotty is so typical of the corporate elite..

Columbia update - all rivers rising fast - 16 known dead, injuries

Prince Vs. Radiohead In YouTube Clip Debate

Peace Groups Write to Congress

i suspect this McClellan business

Wife Calls Nevada Gov (R) a 'Philandering Liar'

A question for DUers?

Winter Soldier Blackout (FAIR Action Alert)

VIAGRA attack dog Bob Dole comes out of moth-ball-state just to unload on McClellan

We are missing a perfect opportunity

Article: "Rove Protege to Dig for Dirt on Obama". Must read.

In-flight surveillance could foil terrorists in the sky

Frank Gaffney ( Neocon Warmonger) on CSpan. This Is DISGUSTING!

Democrats use McClellan tome against McCain - Boston Herald

In Honor of Thomas Friedman Day

Thank you to whomever posted Hypermiling thread - Worked for me

Thom Hartmann's got Ravi Batra, the economist, on now

Great Song regarding NCLB Too funny

Just for a larf. The Dole/Kemp 96 website

McCain on the Plane

Rules for apologizing

A Pakistani view: Military rule causes polarisation

The NY State gay marriage change...What does it mean for us?

So which lying White House liars do we believe? - Today’s Headlines 5/30/08

Caption this

Ret. Lt. Gen. says a dumb thing on Wash. Journal

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Bob Dole unloads on McClellan (agree or disagree)

== The great Barack Obama insurrection = By Mark Morford

Dear Mr. Cheney

Vatican: No Dames as Priests, Got It?!?

Mn Democrats criticize Al Franken's porn story

Europe fuel protests spread wider

Hey did you notice mc CAIN's name has a ring to it

I'm tired of "I've got a bigger dick" foreign policy


Reports concern Muslims

Defense bill includes $4 million for Whiteman AFB kennel

After Cluster Bombs: Raining Nails

It's in the Top 4

Condi: "Iraqis are beginning to build a decent society"

Regarding Scotty's motivations

I hope this can add to your day, roses coming up as they are.

FBI Interviews McCain staffers in corruption probe...

Fox News employee sues over workplace bedbug bites

SUSA WI: Obama 48, McCain 42

How do freepers feel about Obama?

Bob Dole calls McClellan a 'miserable creature'...

Homeless woman found living in closet........

William Kristol, MoDo, Thom Friedman -- WTF is wrong with the NY Times?

Malkin finds more keffiyeh terrorists

Is Pentagon pushing for 9/11 trial during presidential campaign?

Columbus Man Accused Of Spraying Woman's Shoes With Water

Oh well I lost that bet.

So... about that impeachment motion Rep. Kucinich filed last November...

Caption cheney

Caption this * pic...

Ann Telnaes on bush's attack dogs, and Joel Pett on the dirty dogs

GOP talking point: How dare anyone speak the truth!

McCain admits it was inappropriate to fundraise using Petraeus picture.

Bob Dole's Rank Hypocrisy regarding McClellan's Political Conversion

Rice reviewing scholarship grants to Palestinians

Robert Wexler On McClullen, Rove, Subpoenas, Conyers, & A Mention of Siegelman

Has anyone called Scott a Liar yet? n/t

$320.8 million authorized by these three words..."Iraqi Salary Payment"...

The right-wing Politico cesspool-Glenn Greenwald

Bob Dole unloads on Scott McClellan

Illinois smoking ban riles union workers

Why aren't non-Veterans upset about this McCain quote?

Would McClellan Have Still Written His Book if Bush was at 80% in the polls?

I Don't Care How Dorky It Is: I LOVE The Spelling Bee!

Sen. Kennedy To Introduce Bill To Revise National Cancer Act

Hey...did you hear the one about the traveling salesman?

Where your missing socks REALLY go!

any word on how Sen. Kennedy is doing? been out of touch this week.

This is how we should be attacking republicans for their hypocrisy

If you are wondering about banning cluster bombs - see this

Jon Stewart: "Would we love him if he hadn't been fucking things up for the past seven years?"

***THANK GAWD*** for our Secretary of State, putting out global fires!!!11

US Oil Price Manipulation Investigation Underway- Fox In the Henhouse

Oh, no honey that one has lung cancer, don't let it touch you, it's already raised our insurance

Pedal Pusher: Cities and Commuters alike are starting to embrace bicycles

It's the Enronomy stupid!

Mia Farrow-What For Mr. Bush?-"How many more must die before this atrocity is stopped?"

McClellan was paid $75,000 for his book...

Damn Gas Prices! Milwaukee Police Investigate Bike-By Shooting

VERY interesting (non sensational) aspect of that crane collapse in NYC

McClellan Confessions Spark Media Denial (FAIR Media Advisory)

Internet Attacked as Tool of Terror

ACLU: Abrupt Dismissal Of Judge Is More Evidence Of Military Commissions' Illegitimacy

McClellan overheard Bush saying he couldn't remember using cocaine?

"Personal Days" (review)

Lesbian couple tossed from Major League Baseball game

Orwell Rolls in his Grave

TURN ON MSNBC! Later in the show, an alien contact event to be covered

McCain fundraiser sued by partner in lucrative contract with U.S. military

Twenty former U.S. attorneys challenge White House immunity claim

Guantanamo Judge Dismissed For Defending Constitution

So many "disgruntled" republicans...


more SUV jackassery

Condoleezza Rice enlists in Kiss Army fan club

"American Afternoon with Marc Maron" on Air America Radio Now!

Bush Administration claims it didn't attack Scott McClellan preemptively because...

White House had a copy of McClellan's book 1 month in advance!!!

Who thinks McCain will be the next President 'cuz the repukes are gonna steal this one too?

McClellan: 'I'd be happy' to testify about Bush White House

Vandana Shiva: Why We Face Both Food and Water Crises

South Korean parties file suits to stop {US} beef {imports} (AP) {No BSE/mad cow inspections}

...“puking Republican lobbyists” ?

Brookfield teens arrested after rope game causes accident

Can anyone tun me on to a David Sedaris type of author?

GOP shill on CNN just now: Bush lied about Iraq, well Bill Clinton said he saw the same thing

USA Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11

Name Larry Craig's Book

Perino Says White House Can Block McClellan From Testifying To Congress, But Won’t Say Whether It Wi

Bill Introduced to Take Camp Meehan Site By Eminent Domain

Jesus was bored, so he appeared in a tree

But the Trans-Texas Corridor is in Texas, Lou

Colbert Video Clip: "Malkin has once again protected our nation from the enemy within…Rachael Ray"

Four more years of Propaganda...NOT

The American Family Association's War Against Porn in the Military

I hope the people in California are fully aware of prop 98

Teen Sentenced For Forcing Toddler To Smoke Pot

Scott's book advance = 30 pieces of silver?

The Real Jeff Peckman Alien Video - Enhanced Version

Former prosecutors challenge White House immunity claim

Should everything be a commodity?

Bush in Orange - McClellan in Blue


"Support the troops!" until, of course, it's time to support the troops

MSNBC: White House Has Had A Copy Of McClellan’s Memoir For ‘At Least A Month’

In case you missed it, Phil Donahue and "Body of War" rpt on Bill Moyers' Journal tonight....

Stockton Man Beaten -- With His Own Artificial Leg

Friday evening TOONs Part 2: Grilled McSame With a side of boiled neocon

what's the history with Scotty and Poppy?

Can someone please help us?

White House: We Could Block Potential McClellan Hearings

Al Gore for.. what would he take?

White House doesn't deny McClellan's Bush-to-Libby leak allegation

Veteran Journalist Robert Scheer on “The Pornography of Power: How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11

The neatest trick that President Barack Obama could accomplish,

Sunday talk show tip sheet

Police say robbers donned thongs on their faces

KO KICKED O'Liely's FAUX ass last night

McClellan blames Bush Administration dishonesty on Washington Politics

Periodic table of Criminal Elements.

I'm gonna do it - I'm ordering the book

I'm gonna do it - I'm ordering the book

Kingdom of the Skull and Bones: The Aliens are Coming!!!!111!1!1 **SPOILERS**

Punishment for the crimes.

Punishment for the crimes.

Anyone else notice this? The judges in the FLDS polygamy case

A McCain Idiotic Statement Sampler

Ah, Redding! California's home for bigots of all stripes!

Grrr Tucker Carlson is trying to bring up the Wright BS again

Scotty McClellan -- I'd be glad to testify

MSNBC: White House Has Had A Copy Of McClellan’s Memoir For ‘At Least A Month’»

MSNBC: White House Has Had A Copy Of McClellan’s Memoir For ‘At Least A Month’»

Officers were encouraged to lie, indicted Chicago cop tells '60 Minutes'

Financial Times: Uncomfortable truths for a new world of them and us

For those of you praising Michelle Bernard ........

My son brought home paperwork today - our public school's football camp

Tweety just announced something about the coverage of the "Puerto Rican primary"

Stolen Lands (looks like an interesting book by a fascinating woman)

That priest, Phfleger, has no credibility at all. Instead of going

Friday TOONS: Too Little Too Late Scotty!

Friday TOONS: Too Little Too Late Scotty!

Californians: Anti-choice proposition makes November ballot for 3rd time. PLEDGE NO!

Freepers discuss why Jews vote the way they do and the mind reels

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XII

Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" becoming an Opera!

Mike Malloy is going to play a clip of Mark Crispin Miller tonight

Scott McClellan on with Blitzer now LIVE - Wolfie wants to talk about Bob Dole's namecalling.

Remember: 'West Point Grads Against the War'? This will piss you off!

Olbermann Thurs beat O' Reilly 25-54 Demo

Wingnuts Rank America’s Best Patriots, Worst Traitors!

National Spelling Bee on ABC Now!

Do You Know Who the Secretary of Energy is?

Phil Donahue on Bill Moyers tonight

See if you can read this David Frum review of McClellan's book without your head exploding.

See if you can read this David Frum review of McClellan's book without your head exploding.

are you watching this political ad on MSNBC???

Are you watching Richard Clarke on Tweety?

Are you watching Richard Clarke on Tweety?

Great quotes about privatization from the film "The Corporation":

Another gem from the Redding Penlight

The round table on News Hour

Is it just me?

5 years ago, Thomas Friedman said the Iraq War was about telling the Middle East to ’suck on this.’

Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress. (Thomas Edison)

Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress. (Thomas Edison)

Anyone sick of the newscasters being "the news?"

Marine says he was ordered to delete Iraq photos

Eighteen years of work destroyed in less than four hours

The GOP Situation Room is filled with empty XXX Bottles and Pain Killer containers

The GOP Situation Room is filled with empty XXX Bottles and Pain Killer containers

US paying allies to fight in Iraq

Cheney's Ludicrous Prediction, Today in Bush History (5/30/08)

Independent UK: Shocked! How the oil crisis has hit the world

GOP has more time to drink at convention

GDP: Another fake Increase

Shame on Dunkin' Donunts for pulling that ad that RW'ers screamed about

Weather question -is this still an East Pacific tropical storm

Poem for a Friday night: Jeffers' "The Answer:"

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." (Friday night is quote night)

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." (Friday night is quote night)

Video: Yet another teacher/student brawl . . .

Study Reveals Women Lawyers Less Likely To Make Partner

Yahoo is a great asshole!

Be Afraid. Officials: Iran, al Qaeda in secret talks

Is it true that Michael Savage was playing Dead Kennedies on his show today?

Please let me know what you think of Mark Crispin Miller?

Hey I'm trying to find a rush limbaugh quote where he said "If you're tired of hearing

Cheney's Ludicrous Prediction, Today in Bush History (5/30/08)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Please kick and rec this thread...

Approaching 400,000 views - help me out

What The Coming Election Is ALL About...

Should (or does) DU regard this source as a forbidden "hate site" that cannot be mentioned?

Anyone know about Sam Seder's future radio show?

Why is the MSM unable to speak of the elephant in the room?

I LOVE it when right wing nutbags eat their own. Randall Terry and Troy Newman fighting hehe

I LOVE it when right wing nutbags eat their own. Randall Terry and Troy Newman fighting hehe

Alton attorney accidentally sues himself

A Cold and Hard Fact....

From Feb 11, 2004 CNN on Plame leak

Widespread child sex abuse by UN peace troops and aid staff,

No Sicko Gay Equality In Christian America, Says Ohio Politician

Terry McAuliffe said WHAT????

Pat Buchanan: Springtime For Appeasers

ABC Nightline doing a story on an 'American Idol' guy. Somewhere, Ted Koppel is weeping.

To those who are tempted to compare Scott McClellan to John Dean: Knock it off.

Sequence of photos captures the "Bush Colorado Chest Bump" debacle, Zapruder Film-style.

Bush Assaults Air Force Academy Graduate

So, we wacky 'conspiracy theorists' were right all along. GET OVER IT.

Boycott US Doughnut Chain For Halting Scarf Ad, Activists Urge

Daniel Ellsberg

How Bush will use McCain to stay out of jail

Boehner says GOP slogan 'change you deserve' is working out just fine...

August 29, 2005. Don't forget.

SCOTT MCCLELLAN according to a TRUE HERO Daniel Ellsberg

Bush invaded Iraq to spread Democracy in the Middle East...

TYT: Cenk's Take On The Insane Dunkin Donuts Story

Boy whose parents made Lorenzo's oil dies at 30

What Terrorist Supporting clothing should be banned?

Anybody Know Why PBS Cancelled "Now" and "Bill Moyers' Journal" Tonight?

Teen Who Drove Drunk Gets 30 Days for Fatality

The Nation: Who'll Unplug Big Media? Stay Tuned

Audio: Mark Crispin Miller on Mike Malloy - 5.29.2008

The Independent:Has McClellan handed victory to Obama? (Matthew Norman)

Which, of Course, Changes Everything...

Bush "I have no intentions of reading the book ...Because its a book..."

in all the McClellan book-bashing by the RW tools...has anyone said he is LYING?

To Colin Powell:

Real headlines, real stupid (Volunteers search for old civil war planes, and more)

This Week on NOW: Fighting Child Prostitution - Sex Trade - Tomato Pickers

Bill Moyers Journal = Iraq Conflict in Numbers = Resources for Veterans

How the Pentagon shapes the world

Hemp for Vermont Bill Becomes Law

Periodic table of the Presidents:

Court weighs if doctors can not treat lesbian

Harvey Korman "The Greatest Actor in the Best Movie of All Time" dies

Does your City have Community Gardens like Denver?

**McCain accepted 100K from Abramoff firm and hid controversial email**

There is no such thing as reverse institutional racism.

Pakistani Bomb Scientist Breaks Silence - Khan

Pfleger is totally manufactured psyop-story to distract from McClellan

Pfleger is totally manufactured psyop-story to distract from McClellan

Jessica Yellin 180°

Polygamists' Kids in Their Own Private Gitmo (THE NATION)

This is guaranteed to make you LOL

Scott McClellan is a good guy and I forgive him

Bill To Protect Pets In Domestic Violence Situations

What's this about "Major 'King' Kong" being sick?

CFTC Targets Shipping, Storage in Oil Investigation: "Prosecutions Possible."

Do City Libs hate country bumpkins


Stealing '08 - Greg Palast video

Is Lindsey Graham a stalker?

Conceiving 'Peak Water': Is Water Becoming ‘The New Oil’

Joe Lieberman leading the effort to ban the internet, it seems

Marine in Iraq Suspended Over Coins Quoting Gospel

November Predictions?

Breaking: deal to return Texas sect kids to parents has collapsed

Susan Sarandan will move to Italy or Canada if McCain is elected.

Bill Moyers - Body of War on tonight....

How do you plan to observe "The Pill Kills Day"? It's coming up - June 7th!

Top McCain Campaign Adviser Outsources U.S. Jobs

Book TV Schedule May 31st - June 2nd

Sibel Edmonds' Kill The Messenger at DOXA festival

***DUzy Awards for week ending May 30, 2008***

Winning the war on terror by losing the war on drugs...

Does this look like an alien to you?

PHOTO: First Terminator 4 poster

All 'Blank Sux! (Discuss)' threads R teh SuXxOrZ

Wow...4 fire trucks are out on my street!

What are you going to do when the primaries are finished?

More job neurosis from me.

An unfortunate registry crash last night

Extended Family

Thundarr the Barbarian is on Boomerang!

The trouble with Hip-Hop...

Tomorrow is the last day at the shitty part time job -- I trained my

Live and work in the USA!

Damnit! Something woke me up. Who else is awake?

Church sign....

Anyone else like The Cure...

I am using Tibet Snow Skin Whitener: Ask me anything

It was 120+ Where I Live Yesterday: What about Your Location?

Harvey Korman Has Died

The girls all love me!

'Star Trek' theme composer dies at 88

Firefox tries to get in the Guinness Book of Records

Final Tribute To Harvey Korman

I never realized we had so many lectors/professors/control freaks here

kitty pic

It's 48 degrees at my house this morning

I am a breath of fresh air

Is anyone else glad The Mole is coming back on?

DU has the best collection of smart-asses anywhere!

House, M.D. watchers - did you notice the "Vote Change '08" bumpersticker in the bathroom?

I'm just *fucking* *fucked* tonite . . .

I'm home alone and I heard my front door open.


If we are going to be talking about Star Trek, I will embrace my closeted Trekkie and declare:

DU also has the best collection of pre-post-antebellum Czarist Faberge fondue forks.

Anyone else think Jennifer Hudson is overrated and can't act?

My manager threatened to fire me unless I stopped taking Chantix

Achoo...Achoo... It appears that one of my meds' side effects

Yay! No company this weekend, no going out of town, nowhere I have to go!!

There is a woman who does the same thing about a mile from my house

It's FINALLY raining

That's it. I'm listening to Lustmord while I go to sleep.

Now, THAT'S revenge against the boss

I swear my cats were playing the "stop touching me!" game today.

My plan to save money on gas shattered...

"How Dracula Got His Groove Back" is on TNT tonight!!!

Lounge snubbed in BraveNewFilms DU feature!

You know in real life I often think I am not the nicest person around

Simple home remedies (forgive the caps, cut and pasted)

Any fans of The Helio Sequence or Yeasayer?

Video: Four guys decide "Who Are You in Sex and the City?"

Funny Debbie Thomas ice skating spoof


Head's Up, Virginians!! Darth Cheney will be here tonight.

Show me a more schizophrenic life than mine

ISLAMO-FASCIST TERRORISTS! is the phrase of the day, substitute it in a thread

Is there a prettier and sadder song? I think not.

Tell me about your very first date

Another reason to adore Sarah Jessica Parker - definately a liberal minded woman

Some freeper did another photoshop of me. I like this one.

Kittimus Prime has his first VET APPOINTMENT(horror) today...

Funny Babelfish Translation: Hello! I am pink one

Where your missing socks REALLY go!

The ice cream man drove by the shop today very slowly..


Midlo Is Lying, She Is Actually Having Cheney Over For A BuncoHall Fundraiser

I set up a new spot for Maya (kitty pics)

How many of you are glad it wasn't Krispy Kreme who jerked that Rachel Ray ad?

Going to my 40th College Reunion this weekend and I'm not

The Bravery are nothing but thieving hacks

Tiffany and Glen Matlock (of The Sex Pistols) performing "Pretty Vacant."

I fucking hate online bureaucracies!

OMG my oldest graduates from high school tonight!

Elvis - the Real KING

Make up a lie about yourself...

Make up a lie about yourself...

Ahhhhh, what a productive 3 days...and now it's the weekend!

Question for iPod owners

Condoleezza Rice enlists in Kiss Army fan club

Should I watch Oprah go for a swim?

Either a good time or a good story...

One of Hanson brothers becomes a father

New Bon Scott era AC/DC concert added to Wolfgang's Vault (Towson State College, MD, 10.16.1979)

I am NOT on YouTube, but I am on MySpace

Defiant FIFA boss confident of getting '6+5' quota to work

The manager of a local theatre just dropped by

Are there any guys out there who are going to see the Sex and the City movie?

Been awhile since this guy had it....

I gotta go crawl under my truck's dashboard

Question re Bit Rate ; ripping an audio CD

what datasuspects have you hit accidentally while driving?

Who wants to mess with the Zohan?

Sick kitty help, please!

Nice rant, Hitler

There's only one reason for a man not to go see the Sex & the City movie

I think I ate too much dinner...

For my 30,000th post....

Knock knock

Brett Michaels, you've gotta be fucking KIDDING me.

I am on..........the pints

Poll results: Prettiest Face in Hollywood

copy cat copy cat thread:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/30/2008)

copy cat thread:

Cubs Rule!!

Radio Shack is fucking useless

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Oh look! It's Mr. Noodle's brother Mr. Delacroix

so i'm stuck babysitting tonight

How many gray hairs would you spot before deciding to dye it?

can you recommend a free people search ?

Anyone who votes for themself as 'Sexiest DUer'

Who is the sexiest DUer?

The ship sank after having a collision with Mr Big

Anyone who posts a Sex and the City Spoiler is dead to me

I have a house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in Washington, DC.

Anyone else see "Leatherheads?"

I *must* get these tshirts

I want to find someone to love.

Obey the picture

Pit bulls at the dog park

anyone have a free audio editing program they recommend?

How to torture your PC's CPU

The Mets are tres cool


Look at your hands, do you have fingerprints (whorls)?

Should I watch Oprah or go for a swim?

Sex in the City Spoilers: Carrie is 12th Cylon, Samantha's a Terminator, and Charlotte's a Replicant

Hey - a Blazing Saddle reference to DU!

National Spelling Bee on ABC Now!


TV Tonight "Get Smart"

Has this been posted yet? Martin Scorsese's New Movie Trailer

Imagine (Alec Baldwin's) Blake in Sex and the City

I'm drinking Richard's Wild Irish Rose..

Did you ever notice how the same five people always post threads in the Lounge?

Like the Obama T-Shirt I just Ordered?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/30/08

country with heart

The Prisoner's Picks- a Friday evening YouTube concert!

Well, it made *me* laugh...

I have a house a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC.

Sigh...Not everything has to become a PSA....

Khash does his lyrics thang again

Can beauty and bravery coexist?

Mets-6...A's-13.... That's right BABY!


What is it you Love

Did you ever notice how the same person always posts threads in GD-Poo?

Shameless plug for my cousin

It's 2:00 am, April 15, 1912 . . .

Post your favorite tongue twister

Succumbing to nostalgia, I reprint: Raven's Tomato Cheese Pie!

I'm so happy tonight

Hi Loungers!

Battlestar Galactica returns tonight! 10 minute preview online now

Oh boy..! Kittimus's vet experience was a TRIP!

You know you love flash games

I am working and eating Walgreens Chocolate Covered Peanuts, they are good.

Gotta be fake...

Thank you, Kevin McHale, thank you!!!!....

Has anybody seen Omphaloskepsis lately?

Tell me something you think is "despicable"

I got arrested today for "driving while distracted". But it was not for using a cell phone.

Battlestar Frackin' Galactica Thread

Bullwinkle925 and I are going to be great-aunts - boy do I feel OLD

Bee Gees "Tragedy" - most irritating song ever? much for my alcohol withdrawal....

That's my Seattle Mariners!

I have two attractive women from Spain bikini waxing in my apartment...

I haven't practiced piano in like two weeks. I was supposed to have a lesson today

Post a song.. any friday night song!!!!!!

Condoleezza Rice enlists in Kiss Army fan club (I was "thrilled" to meet them)

GOOOOO Celts!!! Beat L.A.!!!

Did you ever notice how the same six people always post threads in the Lounge?

Wow, here's a turlte that don't take no shit offa no one!

Has anyone done any research of Sylvan Learning Centers?

I have to admit (BSG Spoilers)

44 days until our 1st wedding anniversary...What should we do?

I can just see all the guys here CRINGE while reading this

Why were you scared of the 80s?

It's Friday - what are YOU listening to?

I can never get a satisfactory answer to this question...

The real 'golden globes'


Finally something to WOOHOO about!

Is it ever considered uncouth to change the name of a bird?

I enjoyed the heck out of "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" and I tried to find

Holy Crap the SE is beautiful

Sitting here, drinking wine and realizing with great pleasure

Sex And City Spoiler Thread

We interrupt teh Lounge for a very fucking important announcement

Musings of a parent....(this is long, but therapeutic for me to write)

Who is the horniest DUer?

just what is this "second life" thing i keep hearing about?

Why do I lose my internet connection every day at sunset?

So, I finally got the nerve up to ask my crush out...

Just back from "SATC" - LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

So I wanna upgrade my heating and air conditioning this summer...

Battlestar Galactica & Final Five

I have a house a few feet from Wolf Bay.

Why did I receive only $503 of my $600 stimulus check?

I have 16785 posts, how many times do I need to post to finally get to 17,000??

Who is the silliest DU'er

Okay, I'm home from seeing "Sex in the City" -- NO SPOILERS!

When you REALLY need to go, its always occupied!

Where's billyskank been?

Have their been any Reviews of Latest "Indiana Jones" movie here in Lounge?

Question for SATC fans (MOVIE SPOILERS!!)

Tomorrow, our son will be eight years old!

"Sex and the City" fans...

Tonight's Lullaby

Tonight's Lullaby

I need to drill a hole through a metal post but don't have the proper tools. Who do I call?

Anyone here remember the old Divorce Court tv show.

Can you get sick from eating too many baby carrots/

Major Thrift Store Scoring Today!!!!!!!

How do you get a Daring Jumping Spider out of the house (warning: pic)

Possibly the world's worst pun joke?

60,000 pounds of lobster lost in Boston fire

i take the SAT in a week

Any favorite Harvey Korman "Carol Burnett Show" memories?

Don't hate me, but I just found out I have $1500 more in my checking account...

For my 35,000th post at DU

For my 30,000th post on DU!!!1!

The Best guitar player alive (Warren Haynes) is on a webcast right now!

Man accused of spraying woman's shoes with water

Can you create "Invisible ________________" captions? See photos:

If I choose to not see 'Sex and The City,' will I still be allowed to vote in November?

Ditching the auto.....Cities with the highest percentage of commutes by mass transit

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( No doubt there will be BSG Spoilers in this thread)

Crash kills Chile's police chief

Ex-UBS Banker Agrees to Plead Guilty in U.S. Tax Evasion Case (Bank helped the rich evade US taxes)

Workers shifting to 4-day week to save gasoline

2 senators for McCain leave vets group after ads

Top Dems to push for swift end to primary race

Ailing Kennedy fading as top target for right wing

Tiffany Reports higher first quater profits..

Bush’s laws will be scrutinized if I become president, Obama says

Rep. Nadler Calls For McClellan To Testify About Allegations Against Bush Administration

More yawns than cheers in Puerto Rico primary

McCain Uses Image of Gen. Petraeus in Fundraising Solicitation

Former Gitmo prosecutor claims retaliation: Denied service medal for criticizing trial process

Marine says he was ordered to delete Iraq photos (Haditha)

Texas Democratic Chairman, Wife Endorse Obama

Rice says to check on Fulbright report

US chain drops 'terror scarf' ad

Lesbian couple tossed from Major League Baseball game

Iraqis say Marine promoted Christianity

U.S. army sacks soldier for ‘missionary activity’ – spokesman

Bombs kill Afghans, US-led soldier dies in action

Vice President Cheney says Iraq withdrawal would lead to future return engagement

Chicago Cop: Lies Were Encouraged

Internet Attacked as Tool of Terror

Croatia jails war crimes general

Consumers' mood hits at 28-year low

Condoleezza Rice enlists in Kiss Army fan club (I was "thrilled" to meet them)

Luxe airline Silverjet melts down, stops flying

NORAD had drills of jets as weapons

Bank loses tapes with data on 4.5M clients

Crane Collapse In N.Y.C.

'Star Trek' theme composer dies at 88

Conyers: McClellan Revelations May Require Hearing

60,000 pounds of lobster lost in Boston fire

Iraq: Thousands protest proposed U.S. security pact

(Jerry) Brown won't fight court ruling on same-sex marriage

Pawlenty (GOP) vetoes temporary freeze on foreclosures

Ex-Rep. J.C. Watts starting black news channel

More Friday Layoffs: 'Newsday' Cuts 32 to 'Reduce Management Layers'


Oops, we didn't mean Malaysians are terrorists - marines in retreat after gaffe (UK story)

Mars' Water Appears To Have Been Too Salty To Support Life

Alaska Democratic Party calls on Stevens to lift veil of secrecy on his $2.3 million foundation

Blair defends Bush on decision to go to war

Iraqi officials worry about security deal with U.S

Barack Obama beats John McCain in European vote: US election 2008

Iran's foreign minister slams US foreign policy

Iraqi children playing soccer blown up by bomb

Clinton camp: DNC lawyers 'incorrect'

U.S. Cites Big Gains Against Al-Qaeda: Group Is Facing Setbacks Globally, CIA Chief Says

'Star Trek' director Pevney dies at 96

111 nations adopt cluster bomb treaty, but not US

Scott McClellan Apologizes for Bashing Richard Clarke

Probe of Crude Oil Trading Disclosed

Ten states ask California to put same-sex marriage ruling on hold

McClellan: 'Happy' to testify about White House

Many consumers spend rebates on cost of living

McClain (AL Dem) Indicted as Part of Investigation (Senator: Plot from WH to Get Rid of Good Dems)

Gas prices inch closer to $4 while oil gyrates

Pelosi warns Clinton diehards

Broken Toilet Adds Urgency to Weekend Launch of Space Shuttle

Marine Reassigned Over Coin Flap

McCain Will No Longer Use Petraeus Photos In Fundraising Material

SITE red-faced as Islamist 'Washington ruin' image turns out to be from Fallout 3 game

Texas, polygamists reach tentative deal on kids

Update: Plan to reunite polygamist sect's children falls through

Could US scientist's 'CO2 catcher' help to slow warming?

Dole to McClellan: You're a 'miserable creature'

Taliban Insurgents Capture Remote Afghan Town

Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil


Kelvin Mace


Moderator Availability Thread: Friday, May 30, 2008



KO Countdown: John Dean Interview May 29, 2008 RE Scott McClellan

Indigo Girls discuss voting and perform "Devotion" live!

TheRealNews: Carter says Israel has 150 nukes

I hope this video is fake!

They Said He Was Unprepared - People's Choice, Obama in 30

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer Speech at MN CD 8 DFL Convention

Could Hillary Beat McCain?

Carville: We Want a Hostage Crisis Because Our Feelings Are Hurt

"Spineless" The American News Media

How Torture Works; commentary by David Neiwert of Orcinus

Michael Ware calls 'BS' on McCain's Iraq challenge to Obama

McCain falsely claims Mosul is ‘quiet.’

28-MAY - (1 of 2) - Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Rove

McCain on McClellan: ‘Every Intelligence Agency In The World And Every Assessment’ Said Iraq had WMD

L. O'Donnell finally speaks about the elephant in the room: Pat Buchanan and Nixon

Podemos Con Obama

Hardball panel discusses McClellan's book

Red State Update: McCain's Healthy? Cindy's MILFy?

Nixon defender and would-be Hitler appeaser Pat Buchanan thinks Obama should go to Iraq

McClellan's Greatest Hits!

Obama: Message to Puerto Rico

Europe wants Obama to win

TYT: Charlie Crist--Possible (R) VP Selection--SEX Tape?

CNN's Bill Schneider, DNC's Karen Finney discuss possible delegate outcomes

GOP priest attacks Obama in invocation

Bruce Lee versus right wing delusional author John Derbyshire

YouTube catches McCain lying about Iraq troop level gaffe

Pat Buchanan: If only we'd not demonized Hitler, the holocaust would never have happened

Clinton donors make ads to pressure the DNC.

Stop the Propaganda - End the War

WITHERING SATIRE: No Child Left Behind song ''It's Not on the Test''

Sarah McLachlan Asks You to Help Animals

Jack Cafferty On Verb Tense

John McCain's Propaganda Machine for Bush's War

Rush Nearly Blows a Blood Vessel over McClennan

Obama: Mensaje a Puerto Rico

Faux's Dildo Reilly is OUTRAGED over MSNBC's 'biased' coverage of Obama

Lawrence O'Donnell Humiliates Pat Buchanan

The Presidential Cadet Chest Bump Dance

KO: Hillary's Puerto Rico Argument Doesn't Hold Up

Keith Olbermann - Bill OReilly Goes Nuts

TYT: Cenk & Michael Shure Rant On Dunkin Donuts/Rachael Ray

Young Hillary Clinton - Rare footage of Hillary as a young girl.

NIU police chief criticizes Iraq policies in Kiwanis talk (Midweek News / DeKalb County IL)

Oil Majors Say U.S. Restrictions Delay Iran Projects

After Immigrant Raid, Iowans Ask Why

The voice of Obama on gender

Wheels of Health-Care Justice Grind Slowly in Chicago

Rezko hires attorney in attempt to stifle warrant over gambling debts in LV

Iraq War is a Eugenics orchestrated genocide masquerading as an anti-terrorist operation

Hillary Accuses Obama of Planning Sexist Counter-Protest at DNC Rules Meeting

Bush says he'll work to forgive ex-aide in a closed fundraiser for McCain in Utah

Financial Times: Uncomfortable truths for a new world of them and us

Sticker Shock and Awe at the Pentagon

'Like He Died Twice': Mary Tillman's Lonely Quest

Does Hillary's 'Drink' Hold the Secret to Her Intentions?

Why McCain can't be president

Kids In America(n Torture Camps)-Why Does the Media Cover Up War Crimes?

Hillary's DNC Protestors Should Borrow a Song From 1968

McCain's scary economic advisor, Phil Gramm

We Are All So Special

Guardian UK: Forget Bush, Rove and Cheney - Scott McClellan fingers the US media for its complicity

Mort Kondracke on Assassination Comment

Forget Delegates, Forget Popular Vote, Obama Wins the Quintessential American Contest

Independent UK: For all the anger around the world, the era of cheap fuel has ended

Unprofessional President

What a waste: dream of free energy turns into £3bn-a-year public bill (UK)

The Great Oil Swindle-How much did the Fed really know?

Army to help pay $35M arsenal cleanup (xpost from Veterans)

Oil costs could close Katahdin Paper (Maine)

It’s About Time the Feds Investigated Energy Futures Market

Heating oil roulette: Lock in now or take a chance later? (Maine)

Best Is the New Worst - Elite Bashing

AlterNet: Apocalypse in the Oceans

Navajo Nation Pushes for Uranium Cleanup

Eskom CEO: Crisis to last years

Rep. Capito's War Time Measures

U.S. emissions bill a "first step": U.N. climate chief - Reuters

Harnessing sunlight on the cheap

Making Renewable, Carbon-Neutral Oil — From Algae

Christian Science Monitor: Is water becoming ‘the new oil’?

Tricky Dick on energy

Hemp for Vermont Bill Becomes Law

signs of the times on NPR

Darkness at noon as National Grid and E.ON dispute price

'False optimism' climate warning (Guardian)

As Oil Prices Soar, Restaurant Grease Thefts Rise

ExxonMobil Still the Bull in the Climate Shop

Nuclear Market Meltdown, capitalists won't pay for nukes, they will pay for wind and solar

WH Science Report Recognizes Manmade Global Warming As Problem - Industry Shrugs - LA Times

population finally makes the news

Toshiba expects 33 reactor orders by 2015

Oil Exporters Are Unable To Keep Up With Demand

Toyota said to be talking to GM about making Prius in U.S.

Nobel Winner: CO2 going to 1,000 Parts Per Million

US presses IAEA to look for nuclear sites in Syria

Lynch nominated to replace Odierno

2 soldiers arrested in sex assault case

Ala. Guard colonel claims sex discrimination

Miss. Guard unit deactivating

40-year-old pfc. headed to Middle East

2 refuse to attend graduation over uniform ban

Army to help pay $35M arsenal cleanup

Old Guard soldier dies in motorcycle crash

Casey: Army reviewing complaints over bullets

30 Idaho guardsmen to return from Kuwait

Kidnap fear spurs birth announcement halt

Tarawa, 11th MEU to return to San Diego

Wife takes plea deal in Seabee murder trial

Army suicides rise again despite new focus by military

Elrod deploys Monday to Mediterranean

Lt. ordered photos deleted, staff sgt. says (Hadithah trial)

Former Marine convicted in sex tourism case

Lt. ordered photos deleted, staff sgt. says (Hadithah trial)

Judge releases Marine who refused to testify

Retired 2-star picked for Afghan rebuilding

Navajo code talker dies on Memorial Day

Silver Star recipient sentenced to 5 months

Shaw pilot jailed on assault charges

Governor seeks to preserve Hampton Roads fleet

Fourth of five ‘surge’ brigades completes 14-month deployment

Minot’s 5th Bomb Wing flunks nuclear inspection

Tight budgets prompt Air Force cuts in chief master sergeant billets

Japanese politicians question use for tours and leisure trips

Military Update: Agent Orange victory reversed for sailors

More schedule changes forecast for Patriot Express

AAFES gas prices leap more than 14 cents

Cabbies tussle with police outside Yongsan Garrison

Naples meeting focuses on trash, crime, health

‘Deep Steel’ leaving Europe, heading to Fort Lewis, Wash.

Pacific briefs: Air Force: F-22 Raptors to deploy to Guam

No stop sign ahead for base gas prices

Marine Reassigned Over Coin Flap

Gitmo Lawyers Link Trials to Elections

Ollie North OpEd: UN-Believable

Finding vehicle doors at a Baghdad metal dealer’s shop a bad sign to GIs

Fort Bliss raises its drinking age to 21

Army Reviewing Complaints Over Bullets

Today in labor history May 30 Police open fire on striking steelworkers many were shot in the back

Cabbies tussle with police outside Yongsan Garrison (xpost from Veterans)

Eric Lee: Two steps forward, one step back

How much is the life of a farm worker worth? Is it less than the life of any other human being?

Can't we just have a revolution?

Food for Argument - Public Sector Unions

Worse Than It Seems

I got a really cool book today: "Homo Economics"

Make it a gay-old time

No ‘heir apparent’ to Kennedy

Flunking gay rights 101

Ten states ask California to put same-sex marriage ruling on hold.

I'm heterosexual. What can I do to support civil rights for GLBT Americans?

Woman killed along Gaza-Israel border

Netanyahu: Elections needed to safeguard Golan Heights

Image of an Infighting South America Is History, Says Brazil's Lula

USAID Reveals Its Plans for Subversion in Cuba

REBELION: "The Contradictions of Amnesty International"

Venezuelan citizens required to cooperate with intelligence agencies or risk jail

Ecuador Hit from Colombia Again

Just heard that Musharraf is going to step down in a few days.

Biden's Strength in Foreign Policy Recruited by Obama (Wash. Times)

You know, this whole primary thing really just sucks, period.

FCBarcelona to visit Chicago and New York

MLS named 2008 League of the Year

How big will the officiating disparity be in the Pistons-Celtics series for the final game(s)...

I Believe The Patriots Should Be Allowed To Continue Playing Super Bowl XLII

Red Auerbach weighs in on tonights game...

The Boston Celtics are the 2008 Eastern Conference Champions !

Big fights this weekend (MMA).

Ok. I love you all.

CDC will study Morgellons disease

"The Out of Control Energies, Staying Vigilant, and Getting Back in the Saddle" - Karen Bishop

Light for all of those poor people injured by the crane collapse in NYC. nt

self sabotage

Paging Maestro: Guess what has nested in a neighboring tree?

Some historic houses from my trip to Oakville last weekend

Cactus Flower

Pot head?

Study finds regional differences in children's health care

CDC To Launch Study on Unexplained Illness

Dumb questions on blood sugar

Ailing ERs threaten patients, leave communities vulnerable

It really does work!

The Cotton Patch Gospel (Clarence Jordan c.1969)

Think anyone would buy holy books written in regional accents?

Nepal abolishes Hindu monarchy

"Everyone has a religion"

So, where do you think religion is headed in the medium term?

Questions about fanaticism and how to avoid it.

An anecdotal example.

Mars lander flexes its robot arm (BBC)

Common Aquatic Animal's Genome Can Capture Foreign DNA (Wild!)

Stonehenge was a place of burial, researchers say (AP/CNN)

Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon

Footprints in the Ash

Does belief belong on a license plate?

George Carlin comments on 9/11 Truth and the NWO

The Dangerous Cult of 9/11

Audio: Mark Crispin Miller on Mike Malloy - 5.29.2008

NORAD had drills of jets as weapons- two years before the Sept. 11

DailyKos diary to rec and comment. Thanks.

Quick Head's up..4:30pm. Kerry's comments coming up on Situation room CNN

NYT Blog: Kerry criticizes McCain's use of Petraeus Photo

Kerry: McCain "out of step with history and facts"

Enlightenment does not occur in a vacuum. Yes or no?

Sat June 7th, 11:30am Walk with Mothers who have lost loved ones

Obama picks up 26 El Paso delegates

Billboard for Karl Rove

Pawlenty (GOP) vetoes temporary freeze on foreclosures

Obama plans election kick-off at GOP convention site - XCEL Energy Center - Saint Paul

Count all the Votes

What Hillary Might Be Up to With Her Bogus Popular Vote Claims

Time for unity? Please go K&R this now!

I really wish these pastors who "support" Obama would just...

Here us Demconwatch's projection on MI/FL

Anyone care to chime in on a Youtube discussion?

Second Safe Injection Site operating in Vancouver quietly

Flaherty rejects recession fears as economy shrinks in quarter

Is there any place more fun to watch Liberals smack down Cons....

Will bill c-51 pass?

Rex Murphy: Deep down, the front bench is shallow

Teacher, Student Brawl Caught On Tape

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. 05/30/08

Naudet's 9/11 Plane Shot Staged

The Official Story

McCain says his campaign will stop in Madison

Where the hell is spring?

Pride Parade in Fresno, Sat June 7th

Anti-choice proposition makes November ballot for 3rd time. PLEDGE NO!