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Folks, get ready for it and stay calm - Obama's eventual steering toward the MOTR...


FOX News Uses Clinton’s RFK Assassination Comment To Attack Obama

I am sick to death of Hillary Nimrod Clinton

Thanks for proving my point

FOX Choreographs New Obama Attack Over Nothing

FOX Choreographs New Obama Attack Over Nothing

Primary Numbers - Pt. 2

So listen DU posters. I am very unhappy right now.

Why is it that some of the same people who were willing to

Last post of the night. My journal

Obama attacks Lou Dobbs regarding illegals.

Is this GBCW?

Just When I thought I Couldn't Be More Disgusted By Religion... FUCK! I CAN'T STAND THEM.

Obama urges supporters not to demonstrate at crucial DNC meeting

Remember this:

Guam Superdelegate

Stark Contrasts Between McCain and Obama in Judicial Wars

Obama competitive against McCain with key voters

McCain Lies about Negotiating with Iran and North Korea on Nukes

Clinton gets deep-pockets boost from loyalists

Commentary: No graceful bow-out for Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Candidacy Has Done Feminism No Favours

Dupe. Self Delete.

Dupe. Self Delete.

Eureka, I've Got It!!!! The Back Door!

Eureka, I've Got It!!!! The Back Door!

MSNBC: Chuck Todd said 50% seating for FL/MI based on leaked RBC guidelines doc.

time: Can Hillary Readjust to the Senate?

How about this ticket

Meredith Woods-Smith endorses Obama! (SD from Oregon)

For Barack Obama's consideration, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg for vice president

Party's Legal Experts: MI & FL Must Lose At Least 1/2 Of Their Delegates

80 Super Delegates to go!

DU this poll

Do you think Obama should attack McSame harder on the "housing crisis"

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/28/08 - Obama down 1 (48), Clinton up 1 (44)

2 more superdels for Obama (down to 46 needed, Wed 05/28)

DU members as a percentage of total voters in the GE?

The numbers if they give 1/2 votes to Florida and Michigan

The numbers if they give 1/2 votes to Florida and Michigan

Obama accuses Clinton of stoking up anger?

Biden should slam McSame's "I wore the uniform" drool

An apology post

UPDATE: Obama Makes Another Delegate Milestone: 200 Delegate Lead!!!

How long will the Hillarians keep the concentration camp slip on the front page?

Truthdig: The Disintegration of Hillary Clinton

What's your reason for not supporting the Democratic nominee...

Something that doesn't make sense to me

You decide...

HELP! Need a reply to a Racist "Buchanan to Obama" email

MSNBC: Obama to claim majority of all delegates next Tuesday night/Wednesday morning

PREDICTION: If FL & MI aren't fully seated, Hillary takes it to the convention

Hillary At Face-Value: Her Reasons for Staying In?

TPM Posts DNC Lawyer Michigan Analysis

Is it unpatriotic to be 100% loyal to a leader or a political Party ??

Florida and Michigan can only get half of delegates, legally..per lawyers



How do you spell 'toast'?

Who are these people crawling out of the woodwork to support Clinton after the campaign is over?


My decision if I were on the RBC, trying to be Solomon

My decision if I were on the RBC, trying to be Solomon

Clinton surging in Montana: Up 6 points over previous poll

Can A President Fire His VP?..........

Now this one is just cruel

Here's some "pre-game" analysis:

Rasmussen poll of Dems (5/23) shows why a unity ticket is essential

Primaries all in one day.

Primaries all in one day.

3 SDs for Obama today!

3 SDs for Obama today!

3 SDs for Obama today!

We need a new word

We need a new word

Democrats Miss Marks to Finance Convention (NYT 5/28/08)

New SUSA Michigan Poll Explans the Ineffectiveness of an Obama/Clinton Ticket

Obama getting bashed regularly in my local paper - please help

Houston area Democrats settle primary battle once and for all

Houston area Democrats settle primary battle once and for all

Houston area Democrats settle primary battle once and for all

Houston area Democrats settle primary battle once and for all

Now there's a 'great left wing conspiracy'??

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Hillary Clinton --Please Exit, with Dignity, June 4

DNC lawyers weigh in - rules state FL and MI must lose at least half their seats.

Poll: Are you informed about Obama?

Der Spiegel: Germans LOVE Obama while McCain's "fits of rage" are feared.

Der Spiegel: Germans LOVE Obama while McCain's "fits of rage" are feared.

Der Spiegel: Germans LOVE Obama while McCain's "fits of rage" are feared.

Yes, Hillary is doing better in the polls now..

Judge Not Allowing Florida Lawsuit Against DNC To Continue

This is Democracy

Where in the world is Joe Scarborough?

This is Democracy

Russert: Obama will claim win on June 3rd

Polls don't elect primary nominees, neither does a roughly estimated, debatable popular vote.

cnn just did hit piece on obama's patriotism

Clinton's Swing State Advantage

If you will vote for McCain over Obama, you are not a feminist.

Clinton's Swing State Advantage

Have Any Photos Been Put On The Web Of Bush/McCain On Tarmac Yesterday In Arizona?.........

So you've decided to vote for John McCain.

Clinton's Swing State Advantage

POTTY-GATE!!! - Obama candidacy Flushed!

The RBC Ruling on FL/MI Will Not Change the Outcome of This Primary.

The Case Against Jim Webb for VP

The MSM is conspiring with the Kleptocracy to tear us apart.

The MSM is conspiring with the Kleptocracy to tear us apart.

I'm hungry. Can one of the candidates come to Colorado to buy me lunch?

The Case Against Jim Webb for VP

Count Every Vote!

If Clinton destroys the party and Paul supporters fuck up the RNC convention.

Obama can't win? Really?

Obama can't win? Really?

Obama can't win? Really?

Obama can't win? Really?

Proportional allocation is the best thing since sliced bread

Proportional allocation is the best thing since sliced bread

Obama is at risk of not blowing this election. Who should he pick as VP to ensure failure?

So "disenfranchising" Obama supporters in MI is OK?

33% Percent of Americans think Obama is a Muslim or "don't know" if he is Christian

The delegate spread at DKos is 199!

The delegate spread at DKos is 199!

HRC ahead in polls, I think not: Here is an HONEST "poll" from Montana

Portland Police Officer: Obama campaign dishonored police memorial.

Clinton Camp: “there is a path to the nomination and we are pursuing it.”

neo con Fukuyama backs Obama

How the Democratic Nomination Fight Could Go Beyond Next Wednesday

How the Democratic Nomination Fight Could Go Beyond Next Wednesday

neo con Fukuyama backs Obama

Sen. Clinton won BOTH May 6th primaries.......

Here are some of the things that are being written about on the net!

Obama Camp: Not Encouraging DNC Protests - "in the interest of party unity"

It's really simple-Obama is the presumptive Democratic candidate.

I have decided...

Breaking - A judge has ruled that the Democratic National Committee has the right to determine...

Is there a difference between Tom DeLay's tactics and Hillary's tactics?

Well, I'm off to chat for a while with the Obama campaign's Chief Operations Officer. Betsy Myers,

Obama on CNN live stream now - he's in Colorado

Obama on CNN live stream now - he's in Colorado

Brush off the dirt TeamObama. They're just yanking your chain.

Wayne Allyn Root chosen as Libertarian Party's VP candidate

DNC lawyers: FL and MI Cannot Be Fully Restored

The DNC needs to back down this week.

If tatoos are the ultimate impulsive act, then what is this?

Breaking News: Judge rules in favor of DNC

McCain camp lies with ease -- claims to have more money than Obama, says McSame running for future

Good news re California Gay Marriage referendum

Holy Joe Liar-berman is crazy, but he's not stupid...

It is Clear that Hillary Clinton isnt Running for Vice President

Prediction: The Clinton camp will claim next that Obama was chosen in a "smoke-filled. room"

Prediction: The Clinton camp will claim next that Obama was chosen in a "smoke-filled. room"

Does Obama need to pick a female VP?

What the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on May 31st Determines

The real enemy: McCain voted with Bush 100% of the time in 2008. 95% in 2007.

Clinton Casts Wide Net of Exaggeration, Claims to Lead in “Every Poll”

Clinton Casts Wide Net of Exaggeration, Claims to Lead in “Every Poll”

The VP will be Edwards

Images from Mars lander!

Images from Mars lander!

Hillary's actual mathematical chances of being the nominee:

Suggestion: To help pay for Hillary's debts, let's make her President For A Day!

Here come the "Hillary Wins" posts again. So here's a reminder about Obama's 37 EV lead on McHundred

Clinton Letter To Superdelegates: Short Text

Just curious what DU thinks: Is Hillary taking this to the floor in Denver?


Regarding Obama's Great Uncle:

Does Hillary have the character to be president?

Ickes was FOR stripping their delegates...before he was against it...-nt

Clinton:"We have not gone through this exciting, unprecedented, historic election, only to lose."

Obama Vows To 'Do What's Right'

Another LTTE from a Hillary supporter

Anyone got a picture or Video Of Hillary speaking to the American Indians today?

Electability Poll

Electability Poll

FACTS: Barack's (great) Uncle Liberated Jews while Bush's Grandfather did business with the Nazi

Secretary of State Kerry??

Maybe it had to be Obama

Maybe it had to be Obama

DNC Defends Obama: John MCCain's Top 10 Gaffes

Intelligence vs. Cleverness

I don't think Hillary is trying to destroy the Dem party...

Hillary wins the White House on Swing States, Obama loses.

Does it bother Hillary and supporters that he is giving her the last states while he pursues McCain?

Does it bother Hillary and supporters that he is giving her the last states while he pursues McCain?

There is no Constitutional right to vote in a presidential primary or to have your vote counted

Give us this day our daily- REASONS MCCAIN MUST NOT WIN IN NOVEMBER!

Imagine, we have Obama's Acceptance and Inaugural Speech to look forward to

Hillary: Time for another round of cartoons!

Hillary: Time for another round of cartoons!

Please rec the thread at this link:

Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Thornton, Colorado

Obama’s Kenyan Roots

Lou Dobbs says he's "done" Obama

Today's obvious topic for the Clinton Conference Calls: meaningless polls



When will the RNC be sued?

What was Obama's (Great) Uncle's middle initial or name?

Obama Camp Says "Like, Duh" : McClellan Book is "Not News"

Obama and the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act"

A proposal for the 2012 Democratic nomination process

Auschwitz blunder. Can Obama make it through a WEEK without a gaffe???

Notice how nice it is here, now that we've thrown the racists out.

Puerto Rico Poll: Clinton 51, Obama 38

It's time to put Hillary (and Bill) on my ignore list.

John McCain is getting embarrassed in Idaho

Can someone provide an recent Obama-Hil head to head poll in Mi and Fl?

FOX Choreographs New Obama Attack Over Nothing

The False Consensus Effect and DU Politics

Hillary drinking and dancing in puerto rico

NOBODY should visit Iraq while this election is on, NOBODY!

...pssssst...this will come in handy, I think...

Mother Jones: The John McCain School for Lobbyists

Anyone remember this song?

This is the Spirit! Put a Party Leader to Work where it counts

Has there been a poll yet with Barr in the mix or when can we expect one?

DU this AOL poll - Obama vs McSame

Puerto Rico Poll: Clinton 51 percent, Obama 38

The War on the Clintons and the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

"Bush's Third Term" FREE bumperstickers from

Lost opportunities.

*** Compilation of all VP poll results on DU since Feb 16 ***

So Harold Ickes is on the Rules and Bylaws Committee, eh?

So Harold Ickes is on the Rules and Bylaws Committee, eh?

Why should we give Hillary the benefit of the doubt?

Hillary gives a damn about the delegates of FL and MI

Can someone explain to me Bill Clinton's FALN pardons?

Did Hillary get more money somewhere? With 17 million votes she oughta be rollin' in it

Did Hillary get more money somewhere? With 17 million votes she oughta be rollin' in it

Did Hillary get more money somewhere? With 17 million votes she oughta be rollin' in it

Did Hillary get more money somewhere? With 17 million votes she oughta be rollin' in it

Lol! I just saw the Moveon commercial, Cousins, Two of Kind!

Meeting on Saturday:

Proof That Hillary Is The Better Candidate - She Is Intimidating Limbaugh

At Visit to Mt. Rusmore (5/28) Hillary has her Photo Taken with her Head in the Lineup

Oh Boy New Site That Allows Supporters To Give The Campaign Advice.

In latest email, Hillary claims she can win the nomination by winning Puerto Rico

A political analogy quiz.

so it has now come down to swiftboating a veteran

Proof That Obama Is The Better Candidate

Will "GD: Primary" change to "GD: Politics" on Wednesday, or do we have to wait till the Convention?

What their names mean.

Will "GD: Primary" change to "GD: Politics" on Wednesday, or do we have to wait till the Convention?

Special report: The evil of banality!

Obama’s Lobbyist Connection


Need to find a photo to counter a photoshop e-mail

Hillary Clinton is not a monster

Hillary Clinton is not a monster

Hillary Clinton is not a monster

Keith Olbermann: It's not fair to attack me for being unclear with my words.

Scott McClellan better watch his back

I am carefully bookmarking posts from many DU'ers about what

I am carefully bookmarking posts from many DU'ers about what

Clinton Letter To Superdelegates: Full Text

Its Seems Like A Lot of Buzz Around Bobby Jindal For McCain's Running Mate Lately

ChuckTodd: Hillary's polling #s are typical for candidate with no campaign against her. Not unusual.

"It's clear, this election they're having is not going to count for anything"

THE GDP wont exist in a week.

The rights of voters in Florida and Michigan didn't matter until she needed them.

Obama meets with Las Vegas family saddled with rising ARM

The GOP's got HOTPANTS for Obama to visit Iraq! ("871 days" since his last visit....)

Anyone know of Clintons directing DNC (McAuliffe) to secure Dem votes after 2000s theft?

Wednesday Primary TOONS-Getting bleaker by the hour

Has the term 'HILL-billies' been used before?

Would Hillary even care about the FL/MI delegates if she had the lead instead of Obama

I want to know more about Obama's Fathers family

if she doesn't suspend her campaign and continues on to the convention, do we have to wait till then

Obama wins nomination!

Obama campaign smacks McCain down, again...

The winning formula.

The winning formula.

Can we all come together and admit that the corporate media coverage of this election is disgusting?

I called my Great-Aunts & Uncles just "Uncle" or "Aunt" - who else here did?

Andrea Mitchell said the Obama campaign said they might lose SD and that Montana is competitive. She

Hillary, McCain and Obama

Another MSNBC Night-Another Night Of NO Hillary Talk

Ignore the Death Throes.... the only numbers you need to know

DID YOU KNOW?--------->

Hillary: Why I continue to run

Hillary: Why I continue to run

Counting Florida results not nearly enough for Clinton

I look forward to being one DU, soon. However.........

So much for not embarrassing the Supers, I don't know why they would have believed her

Hillary can be president of the United States...

Rendell on being Obama's VP: "I wear a flag pin, so [it would] be a balanced ticket"

Just a bit confused tonight (tired from work) - why 6?

It's Official: Obama says NO PROTESTS!

2nd bullshit FL lawsuit thrown out

Mr. Obama: You're probably...

The Green Party Nomination Process

The Green Party Nomination Process

WillyT's - GD:P 'Caption This' - Challenge !!! (You're Asked To Do One Naughty, AND One Nice)

What will the DNC Committee rule on Saturday?

Is This True About Obama??????

How long ago was the last news cycle that Sen. Clinton had positive coverage?

An Excellent Discussion Here: The Hillary Mystique - New Republic

Obama back to Montana - Friday in Great Falls

Hillary: Your "more electable" argument is stupid and you should stop making it.

Hillary: Your "more electable" argument is stupid and you should stop making it.

" Rasmussen Reports believes the race is over and that Barack Obama will be the nominee"

Fact: Hillary Clinton Is 100% Justified In Staying In The Race. Try And Accept That.

Lewis W. Hillary

Obama/Clinton delegate total projection come June 4th

What does "Hillary" mean?

Possible Impeachment Proceedings? Cong. Wexler Go! Wexler

Clinton supporters to actively campaign for McClone

My Dad Fought In the Korean War ... How Does That Give Me Military Creds?

For Those Scoring at Home: Obama Picked Up 2 Superdelegates Today.

Gaffes we can all love: McCain's

Gaffes we can all love: McCain's

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA holds townhall at the Expeditionary School of the Arts today in Thornton, CO

A Special Commentary

Do You REALLY Think That Clinton Will Drop Out? Really?

I'm just curious, are there any Obama supporters here in favor of seating FL/MI?

Let's play family legends - stories that you heard and always thought were true

Obama's family.

The swiftboating of Obama's uncle is the lowest of the low.

HRC Planning For 2012 ??? - Hillary Clinton and the 'Told You So' Calculation - WaPo

Just bought 2 magnetic OBAMA bumper stickers....

I'm Getting Stoked! We Are Just Days Away From Barack Being The Nominee.

Obama and Hillary Supporters Not Really a Unity Thread

McSame and * are in town today. I'm in charge of the music pre-rally Playlist, and STREAM LIVE 5:30

Action Item Sent to Hillary Supporters ~ Contact SuperDelegates

Even Hillary's school classmates knew how much of a "fighter" she was

Even Hillary's school classmates knew how much of a "fighter" she was

Why Hillary will never be President: She's amoral. Americans can sniff that out.

Clinton is staying in the race says a lot about Obama's electibility.

Obama considering Iraq visit

These TWO cartoons pretty much sum up Sen. Clinton's campaign this week:

It's a sad state of affairs

Poll: Clinton wins = 300 electoral votes

John McCain is using Fear to beg for money, This is a must READ

Poll: Will Hillary supporters be well-behaved at the Rules Committee meeting on Saturday?

Rigged FL and MI politics, FEC, etc.

Face it folks: Obama Camp is a Class Act. Re: RBC Meeting.

As the economy gets worse, how badly will this hinder Obama in the GE?

As the economy gets worse, how badly will this hinder Obama in the GE?


I will cease my attacks on Hillary Clinton....

Hillary is wanting the rules committee to not seat all FL and MI delegates so she can appeal.....

The Political is Personal

The Political is Personal

THE MATH Daily Widget – Wednesday, May 28 – Wigand +0.00 – Total +12.70

Scotty & The Press Were 'Mislead' - I had an Internet Connection, DU, RESEARCH & KNOWLEDGE

Scotty & The Press Were 'Mislead' - I had an Internet Connection, DU, RESEARCH & KNOWLEDGE

Three Super Delegates endorse Obama - magic number now 46

Joan Walsh in Salon: "A new low in Clinton bashing"

Screw Bowing Out: If Hillary Takes The Popular Vote We Take The Nomination

Two generations back: Obama's family and W's family

Women and Hillary Clinton


Obama will not re-do the political map and he won't win one state in the South.

*** First and Second Tier VP Candidate Poll ***

*** Third and Fourth Tier VP Candidate Poll ***

If I thought someone was a racist, but needed his vote to beat an evil foe, I'd keep my mouth shut.

*** Joe Wilson - On Iraq and Hyde ( Hide ) Park.***

I know this might offend some people, but it must be said... Michelle Bernard is beautiful!

I Guess I Just Don't Get It

Obama's Auschwitz gaffe

BwahaHAH!1 The VFW glory hog had his cover (cap) on BACKWARDS in the newspaper pic!1

Abrams/Odonnel "Grilling" Clark on Obama VP

Will Hillary Protestors Make A Spectacle Of Themselves And Try To Disrupt The RBC Meeting?

DU Obama haters enjoy your last week of THINKING he won't be the nominee. . .

My mom's greatest regret.

It Could Happen To You

I do not want Wes Clark anywhere NEAR an Obama ticket!!!!

Get ready! On Saturday, Hillary brings more cowbell to the DNC rules committee meeting!

A shout out to all those who dropped out with GRACE !

From Obama for America: Deadline: Saturday

McCain Voted With Bush 100 Percent Of The Time In 2008

NY Times: The auto industry is getting sideswiped by the housing crisis

Gore given 450,000% probability of winning 49 states (resulting in self-imposed exile of McBush3)

400 in Mesa, 250 downtown Ceasar Chavez and another 30 or 40 until dark at 24th & Camelback!

The Millionaire's Pal, Today in Bush History

McCain Defends 'Enron Loophole'

Michigan gas prices reach another record: $4.10 a gallon..Bush says "That's interesting!"

Couric - Hagel - McClellan - what's up?

The worst part of "our" foreign policy, as it has been for the last

Then vote for McCain already, but don't complain to me when...

May 31st - Hillary Brings People Power To The Shores of The DNC!

Democratic Vice President Possibilities

Brian Schweitzer

Is anybody watching Andromeda Strain on A&E?

While most presidents are lame duck in their last year, Bush* has senioritis like a college student

Disturbing Phoenix photo from the Red Planet. "Did intelligent life fail on Mars?"

VP nominees don't mean shit.

== The good news, the bad news = By Mark Morford

Ron Kovic: Stopping the War Machine: Military Recruiters Must Be Confronted

Hi! Again!

GOP strategist: Democrats outmaneuver GOP over GI Bill

Latest poll shows McCain beats Obama in Michigan - but Obama wins if Clinton VP

Latest poll shows McCain beats Obama in Michigan - but Obama wins if Clinton VP

Bush 'Plans Iran Air Strike by August'

A Shocking Jacket For Personal Protection

The repuke war drum has a broken head, yet they keep pounding it anyway.

You've Been Left Behind

Donations earn VFW post reprieve

Something else to remember about Phil Gramm: The Enron Loophole

The Gaping Wide Hole In Hillary's Excuse: Why Doesn't She Suspend Her Campaign?

Hillary supporters.....Quit wasting your posts on "Hillary Can Still Win It" garbage!

Damning: Enron and housing crisis-linked lobbyist writes McCain's housing policy

Hey, Snotty and Chimpy, "some" say that catapulting the propaganda on America is illegal.

Adbot is posting Jim Gilmore for Senate ads?

"Maverick" McCain has voted with Bush 100% of the time in 2008 and 95% of the time in 2007

I think, in the end, Al Gore should be made ambassador to the UN

Colorado GOPer Bob Schaffer Tied to Federal Criminal Investigation

Lifelong illnesses feared for children in Katrina trailers

NY Times: The auto industry is getting sideswiped by the housing crisis

Today's non-stop coverage of McClellan's book shows another reason why Hillary can't be our nominee

Here's my favorite McLellan statement from his book:

New low in American democracy:Obama's site encouraging voters to pressure the DNC to NOT count votes

Bush (McCain) -- Hypocrites!!!

Democratic Showdown On Saturday Could Get Ugly

I can't seem to find any quotes from McCain about Scott McCelland's book

Fact -- Hillary has 100% lost, but she writes to superdelegates hyping Rove: I can win

Clinton Planned the Florida and Michigan Debacle

The death penalty, & nuclear arsenals: Are either a deterrent?

No!!! He's One of Us!! Rove: "McClellan Sounds Like a Left Wing Blogger" (video)

Jeter Envy / Obama Envy

Well, Scott McCelland needs to be called to testify before Congress doesn't he?

I have TWO WORDS for anyone trashing Senator Clinton for staying in to the end.

Vignettes from a Bollocksed-Up Country

ACLU Obtains Heavily Redacted CIA Documents Regarding Waterboarding

Justices Say Law Bars Retaliation Over Bias Claims

Bush History for Wednesday 5/28 (The Millionaire's Pal)

US Military Deaths, Revolutionary War: 4,435 Iraq, to date: 4,084

CIA Office Of Investigation: 'Reasonable basis to believe-5 Incidents Of Torture=FEDERAL CRIMES'

Did anyone see the item on Hardball last night

Anybody else wonder now if Scottie was interviewed by Fitzgerald in the Plame Investigation, and

McCain voted with Bush 100 percent of the time in 2008.

former presidential spokesman '"IRAQ WAR WAS NOT NECESSARY'

Nature Cannot Absorb This Growth

Commander AWOL will address the A.F. Academy gradgeeates today..

Exclusive: McClellan whacks Bush, White House

Exclusive: McClellan whacks Bush, White House

Laura Ingraham: I never liked Scott McClellan

In UK trophy wives ditching their former sugar-daddys fearing job losses.

Hillary is so concerned that every vote is counted. WHERE WAS SHE IN '04 WHEN WE FOUGHT IN OH

Has Hillary ever explained, why exactly she opposes a cluster bomb ban?

Should cities offer tax breaks to companies that hire and train former prisoners?

MSM pundits indignant over Scotty's "betrayal" and avoiding the SUBSTANCE of his claims

Rove Subpoena. Anyone know of any updates on this issue?

Nice try Junior...but it is not like WW II

"Why didn't he resign?"

Non Sequitur is good this week- Skewering McBush

Lionel is such a putz

Hulk Reply

Sorry Bobalouie, not yet!

First names for $400, Alex: Barack, related to hebrew Baruch, means this...

Charley Gibson & Brian Williams Trying to Defend Media From Scotty's Book

Man Allegedly Bilks E-trade, Schwab of $50,000 by Collecting Lots of Free 'Micro-Deposits' - Wired

Wedding Bed McSame and Bushitler Tee hee

McClellan: Bush Couldn't Remember If He Did Cocaine-LOL!

The problem, Skinner, is you assumed Hillary Clinton would have the integrity to drop out

Caption Scotty

Am I the only idiot on this board? Let's share.

Flash: Judge says DNC has right whether to seat FLA delegates

SFGate: California Majority Backs Gay Marriage

This McCain-Phil Gramm UBS mess reminds me of the Wendy Gramm-CFTC-Enron screwjob

will people be moving as soon as school closes for the summer?

Water park 'developer' - "I have Jeb Bush on speed dial"

Bill Clinton Loves Hillary

Bill Clinton Loves Hillary

I just met with Betsy Myers, Chief Operating Officer of the Obama Campaign. She and

McClellan's Book: Hillary Has Nowhere Left to Go. She Bought the War They Sold Us

So how is Scotty's kiss and tell all book going over in freeperville?

Missouri town refuses occupancy permit for another unmarried couple

Hillary at Mt. Rushmore - "This isn’t a press event."

What Happens If McSame Wins?

Has anyone ever compiled a list of excuses for people who watch/listen to MSM?

Rutland (VT) Herald: People must reclaim power

Let me introduce a hypothetical construct here--the "True Vote."

The Mega-Pentagon: A Bush-Enabled Monster We Can't Stop

Early polls suggest Dems can increase Senate majority

World News Trust: So Let's Talk About Assassination, Shall We? (Mary Lyon)

Just how much does John McCain suck?

Just how much does John McCain suck?

I know I risk Flamebait, but. I challenge any Hillary Supporter to prove Obama or I am a Misogynist

The Mega-Pentagon: A Bush-Enabled Monster We Can't Stop

In Case You Were Wondering - I Am Not A "Obomaton"

How A Primary Ends By Super Tuesday. Explanation Required From Clinton Supporters.

Do you plan on reading Scotty's book?

18 Things I've Learned from Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Hillary Clinton's got a lot of damn nerve to to show her face to Native Americans and beg for a vote

Some Call It Faith: An American President Steps Over the Line (Again)

Will Lieberman Skip Hagee Event?

Bushie wants more precise war

The media?-Let us see how much "play" McClellan's book receives.

Whattaya bet McCain's got a Nixon-Ford style pardon deal with Bu$h?

It would be interesting to see the numbers if Hillary started her own Party with the Disenchanted..

Obama Headlining DNC Fundraiser in NYC on June 4th

PHOTO: I'm a little teapot.

The Rude Pundit: Scott McClellan Confesses for His Damned Soul (and Lots of Cash)

Two early memories from this primary

NPR discussion Should the U.S. 'Talk with the Enemy'?

As a former leader of soldiers....

Could Stevens and Young be Indicted so Close to Elections?

Strickland or Richardson are the two BEST VP candidates for Obama!

Strickland or Richardson are the two BEST VP candidates for Obama!

What's with all the duplicate threads?

Biden Issues Statement Following McCain Speech on Nuclear Security

What a news report re protestors? WTF The world is coming to an end!

So I stopped at a red light today

Please help me Unfreep this poll on the CT minimum wage increase

Bill Scher: Trains, Buses and Bikes, Oh My!

Well fuck that

No shelters to be offered in New Orleans for cat 3 or higher hurricane

Repubicans are FUCKING HILARIOUS when they find their hand in the cookie jar is exposed

HMS Lusty: Royal Navy crew reprimanded over Turkish orgy pictures

McClellan: Bush Couldn't Remember If He Did Cocaine

Poll: Majority of Californians oppose overturning court’s gay marriage decision

Judge to Dell: Dude, you're defrauding your customers!

Every time I come in here, I'm a little more amazed.

Cynthia McKinney Close to Clinching Green Party Nomination

Protests outside Chevron and ExxonMobil shareholders meetings - pics

need some help debunking a right wing email called Obama LIES

David Gregory: on McClellan....sounds like he is mad at him for turning on Bush


The Nation: Amidst all the talk about talking to Iran, why doesn't Iran Contra ever come up?

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huffington Post: Good Job Folks, "War Inc." Expands June 13

It's nice to have a friend to help you get to Heaven. A special friend who has... a facebook account

Tony Snow Sick again

i may have to start watching katie couric.

Does anyone know the circumstances of Mcsames pow capture?

The "Presidential Prayer Team" wants you to "Adopt our troops in prayer!"

Breaking News: Scott McClellan was a Democratic Mole and was paid by George Soros.

The Cynic and Senator Obama

Charlie Gibson vs. Scott McClellan

Invitation To Steal: War Profiteering In Iraq

Shall we bomb Iran in August? Or how about September? - Today’s Headlines 5/28/08

Lest we forget: Some other smear campaigns against former Bushies

Hillary -- a trailblazer

(Humor): Revelations in Scott McClellan's Memoirs

Israel's PM urged to stand down

B*sh "doesn't remember" trying cocaine... what about YOU?

DEMAND that conservatives answer this question about the "liberal media"


WaPo: Choosing Bankruptcy to Stay Afloat

Check out what McClellan said about Richard Clarke's book back in the day

MSRNC helps Shrub skate away from Scotty's "bombshells" - FULL defusing

OUCH! The Media, In Their Alternative Universe, Gets Defensive About McCallan's Criticism

I Respect McClellan less than I do characters like Scooter LIbby

OMG! Ferraro strikes again.

Breaking: Poop-gate debunked.

Oroville Man Deported to Mexico After Living in U.S. Since He Was Seven

*Breaking*: MSNBC: Dana Perino issued a written response to Scotty's claims

Is it wrong for the US to have troops in Afghanistan?

How long before pics of Scotty with one of the DC Madame's employees or Jeff Gannon surface?

Looks to me like Whoopi is wearing the same Palestinian pattern as Rachel Ray.

MSNBC: Chimpy is "puzzled" by McClellan's claims

Tenn. woman, who lived in iron lung for 60 years, dies after outage.

Fleischer believes McClellan's editor may have been responsible for the shift in tone

Saw a good bumper sticker yesterday

Another Obama convert......

Critical thinking re: Little Scotty

McCain Staffers Interviewed In Federal Corruption Case

TOON: the best way for the chimperor to lead hist last Memorial Day parade:

i refuse to listen to the lying bastard anymore

I can feel the "Big Mo" towards Hillary. I'd sayit is 51/49 she becomes nominee now...

McCain voted with Bush 100 percent of the time in 2008. 95% in 07.

Pranksters deface Ashville tower - "could very well be a Homeland Security issue "

McCain must have a mouse in his pocket.

McCain must have a mouse in his pocket.

Regarding Presidential Pardons

Loyal Bushies Smear McClellan: ‘Disgruntled,’ ‘Self-Serving,’ ‘Sounds Like A Left-Wing Blogger

New Orleans: A Fairy Tale

Obama's Path to Victory in November

FBI interviews Arizona staffers (McCain)

Why Does Ari Fleisher Look Like A Deer Caught In The Headlights.....

RNC's "Victory 2008 Project"

Wasserman Schultz: Judiciary Committee Willing To Arrest Rove If He Doesn't Testify

Note To Scotty: "Conspiracy" - "Each member becomes the agent or partner of every other member"

Note To Scotty: "Conspiracy" - "Each member becomes the agent or partner of every other member"

Some important "breaking news" on the Democratic Primary battle:

we owe an apology to whores and prostitutes.

Guardian (UK): Campaigner fails to arrest ex-Bush official over 'war crimes'

Wikileaks: McCain plants operating at hillaryis44 and other sites to supress Dem vote if it's Obama

The real reason McClellan wrote the book:

SF Bay Area Public transit adjusts to surge in ridership

LOL- "What Happend" is #2 on Amazon!! (is Jeff Besos a Dem?)

Oil futures "Dark Markets" & how the prices are fixed

WH officials - Scotty = Traitor, Benedict, shot in the gut

The Republican Pro-Family Myth

Dan Bartlett on GEM$NBC now

Dan Bartlett on GEM$NBC now

Faux News advertise on CNN?

Silly question: Can you guess someones party based on looks?

The Gannon - McClellan link

Fliescher on MSNBC: Something isn't right about Scott, that's

Conference accepts draft on cluster bombs ban-more than 100 nations

My soothing advice to the WH regarding McClellan: "Don't worry! IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE....

I saw my first McCain bumper sticker today.

Salon: "John McCain's Arab-American problem"

Logical fallacies.

ESPN fires talk show host for "joking" about assassinating Ted Kennedy

Lesson From History: How to stop speculators driving up commodity prices

BREAKING NEWS: White House press secretary says McClellan 'disgruntled about his experience'

KKKarl: McClellan sounds like a "left-wing blogger"

Uggh. Alright, how much are you paying and where do you live?

NYT: Rival to Iran's President Ahmadiinejad is Elected Speaker

Tenn. woman, 61, dies in iron lung after outage

Scotty McClellen was duped by GWB!!!

A Scary Prank About Al Qaeda and W.M.D.

Looks like Scotty refused BushCo's payoff, unlike Ari

Scott McClellan Is A F-IN Liar

Operation Damage Control coming up on "Hardball": Ari Fleisher

Dunkin Donuts cave in to right wing nuttiness. Pull ad with scary scarf.

As gas prices soar, thieves grow more brazen

Big Daddy Cheney's War Machine [PIC] FUNNY!

McCain economic policy advisor, Phil Gramm

Faux News: Is Obama rooting for higher gas prices?

Dear Current and Former Idiots of the Bush White House,

Funny headline on Drudge today: SCOTT THE SNITCH

They're better writers and patriots. They're better journalists.

Energy drinks linked to risky behavior among teenagers

Video: Two Girls Steal $150.00 From a 9 Year Old Girl Scout

Contempt for Karl Rove?

Lieberman confirms he will speak at Hagee’s conference

Ok! Now that Scott McClellan has this book out!

Psst, hey, Keith...

Iran strike an unattractive last resort (but...): Bolton

Weird day. The cockroaches actually came out of hiding.

Obama: I'll review every Bush executive order with my AG & overturn any that violate Constitution

Scott McClellan: Phase two

Can Bush be sued in civil court when he's out of office

Scott McCelland Says Lefty Press Was Complicit And......

Bush would face no challenge in his own country, what happened outside the country, another matter

When you're up to bat and you strike out

Anyone listening to David Gregory on Tweety?

Say it with me! Obama-Kerry, Obama-Kerry, Obama-Kerry!

Say it with me! Obama-Kerry, Obama-Kerry, Obama-Kerry!

Fucking outrageous - Feds raid medical marijuana shops, arrest owners

Check out this State by State poll on their opinion of McClellan's Book

A Lifelong Republican ...

Madison (Wi) Gay activist murdered in Mexico

Why Hillary Clinton can NOT be Obama's running mate.

Wife of founder of Ozarks Minutemen claims Hispanics raped her but it's a lie

Dana Perino to the rescue: "It is sad — this is not the Scott we knew"

What now ?

Olbermann CRUSHES O'Reilly in ratings matchup

So, can Scott McClellan buy back his soul?

"It's not the Scotty we knew........"

"It's not the Scotty we knew........"

6 lions eat South African man

Nude maid steals $40,000 worth of jewelry.

Amy Goodman: Dr. Paul Farmer Challenges Profit-Driven Medicine While Bringing Healthcare to the Poor

Give General Clark his orders

I hope KO says something about all the protests before the war

What's Really Driving the High Price of Oil? By RALPH NADER

* gives his best Humphrey Bogart (Sam Spade) imitation >>

GREAT new anti Bush/McCain ad on CNN!

"Clinton's Two-State Two-Step"...Harold Meyerson tells the gospel truth.

Bush Air Force Talk Distorts World War II History

Damn - here come the flood rains for Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti,

Is Scott Setting A Trap For The WH?.........

Yippeeee! Dem congressman calls on McClellan to testify about book's revelations

Be sure to Watch Matthews for the REPEAT tonight! Scotty Turncoat, Ari and Gregory defending Bush &

Bush on Iraq: "We're learning as we go!"

The sad parallels between the Texas polygamy raid and Guantanamo

Republican running for governor in MO buys a gun and makes a photo op out of it


Monkey Think Monkey Do - With A Robotic Arm

hear the MSM today? check out williampitt here about their history:

Remember early in the year when the rumors hit about McClellan blasting

Email from Congressman Wexler about McClellan's book

Senators say report of planned US strikes on Iran untrue

For The Iraqi People: I Have A Dream

OMG! An MSNBC/NBC Special simulcast on

Will Snotty Come Clean About Gannon/Gunkert?

50 people "Walk Against Weapons" in MN.. (end cluster bombs)

Matthews Reveals RW Repug TP's./" McClelland is not the person we knew who was in Lock Step w/Bush."

Washington Post: Exposing Washington's spinning permanent campaign

Some pretty good responses to this poll. Want to add your's?

On the effectiveness of Tin Foil Hats

On the effectiveness of Tin Foil Hats

On the effectiveness of Tin Foil Hats

Kate Couric complains of GE interference in her coverage

Where is Fitzgerald???? Anybody hear a comment

Heard This Theory About Scotty's Book While Getting A Haircut.....

OMG!! Look at Huff Post front page

Did the media do enough to inform the public...

Ambinder: McCain's Predicament

Washington Metro preparing for more people to shift to transit if gas prices continue to skyrocket

Philadelphia Inquirer: Boy Scouts sue city in building dispute (policies re: gays and atheists)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Boy Scouts sue city in building dispute (policies re: gays and atheists)

Could McClellan's breaking ranks give some backbone to somebody like Colin

David Gregory is guilty of being a republican hack.... here is the proof

Those Who Were Wrong

Report: GOP VP Possibility Crist Circulating 'Make Out Tape' To Squash Gay Rumors

Wolf Blitzer: "CNN did a SOLID JOB" (in run-up to Iraq War)

it doesn't matter that scott mcclellan just now aired these positions

Tweety: Special Report - The Selling of the Iraq War

BREAKING: Gasoline-powered Tiki gods responsible for oil crisis

Between McClellan's book and "Recount" I would venture to say

Chinese Exports to U.S.

MarketWatch: Ford reportedly to cut up to 12% of salaried jobs

"Spreading Democracy by Coercion"

Well, Bush is visiting my city

BBC America

What is This "He wasnt in the room when they were talking about Iraq' crap?

2 commuter trains collide and derail in Boston

Let's nip the "disgruntled employee" meme in the bud...

AFA Protests Fairness Doctrine...Says Abortion Stories would have to include, gasp, pro-choice views

PHOTO: "A'hm right up HERE"

Entries for the Republican Dictionary for May, 2008

Don't indict any of them.

Clue for Tucker and Tweety - PNAC

Colin Powell is suffering, where is the compassion?

Choice passage from McClellan on Rice and Dick

Tweety's beating up on Ari

Wow, someone gave me a star! Thank You!

So the conversation is about "Turncoat McClellan" and not WHAT HE SAID...

I do hope no one here is planning to give Snotty their money by buying his book.

Dearest President Bush,

Fine, FINE. So where are your questions NOW, Matthews and Gregory???

UPDATE: First we kill the Lawyers

David Gregory-confirmed slut

THAT, my fellow DU-ers, was hardball.

Wow! The DC Village must have some seriously good Kool-Aid.

Scotty Mc is going to be on Keith tomorrow

Remember "Scotty Bingo?"

DAVID GREGORY: Blame the people for the Iraq war, not the media!

Wednesday TOONS : What we would really like Bush to do

caption time

Sign of the Times

"As if he could spell Greatness"

Corrections: In Which The New York Times Perpetuates the Myth It Created -– That Bush Won Florida 00

Veterans seek help at homeless shelter

Scotty & The Press Were 'Mislead' - I had an Internet Connection, DU, RESEARCH & KNOWLEDGE

The Google - any one else notice what's missing there this week?

After watching "Tweety Tonight" ...I will never give David Gregory ANY CREDIBILITY ..EVER!

"In speech to Air Force graduates, he (Bush) links conflicts to post-WW II era"

McCain Voted With Bush 100% of the Time

Next year, I'm starting a "Students for Free Expression" club at my high school.

I can't wait for Jon Stewart to go after Scotty

The United States was founded by LIBERALS

Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions Statement To Chevron & ExxonMobil Shareholder Meetings

Just recieved from Robert Wexler

Freeper panties in a twist over 'Scotty The Snitch'

Democratic Chimperialism (photo)

What will Joe Lieberman DO . . . . (that even John McCain will not) ?

CIA Information Policy: It looks like a joke but...

BASTARDS! "US Airways to cut free snacks on domestic routes"

NY Times: New York Begins to Alter Policy on Gay Marriage

"Guam media director arrested on arrival from Manila" (from Air America) (Not Drobny)

A fun game! How quickly can you balance the U.S. budget?

Pat Buchanan's head is exploding.

Air America - Money Laundering - Evan Cohn?

ROFL!!! CNN mistakes a derailed train for bush

Scott McClellan's Greatest Hits

Scott McClellan's Greatest Hits

Rachel Ray...Domestic Terrorist? Scarf-gate!

Contacting Dunkin Donuts about giving in to Malkin?

I've fucking HAD IT! Fuck the MSM!!! FUCK THEM!

I love Rachel Maddow.

New York Begins to Alter Policy on Gay Marriage

Not so strange company .......

NoraODonnel & All msRnc all verklept over Scott/"traitor"

The Truth Will Out, Even By Katie Couric - Years too late... Today on The Today Show

Will you buy McClellan's book?

Rick Perlstein: As liberals were once naive about wingers, wingers are now naive about liberals.

McCain, (you're) not Moses. We don't want to wander in the desert for 40 years

Scott McClellan's book

Where's babylonsister?

I will not buy little snottyscottie's book. But I'll read what's posted here.

Bulk Reply

The smearing campaign against Scotty in in full throttle

Bush thought the great upheaval of war would lead to a transformation...

Zogby: Obama Leads McCain by Eight Points in U.S.

5/28 Simple Math: Obama needs 6 Super Delegates to win the nomination on June 3


Dunkin' Donuts yanks Rachael Ray ad

Only way I see we may lose in November is if McCain becomes an anti-war candidate

Should an unstable, dangerous nation like ours be allowed to have nuclear weapons?

The "media" critiquing itself?? Give me a break.

KO leads with McClennan's claim that bush could not remember whether he used cocaine

Matthews doesn't get it

Larry Craig plans to pen a book, will discuss arrest "turmoil"

Anyone Remember Phil Dononhue's show on MSNBC ?

If we impeach one, does the wedding dress get thrown in for free?

Now this is why staying with DU is so much fun!

Obama's IWR speech will be used against him before November.

Brand new poll to vote on and watch. Scottie's book

Protesters greet "McBush" in Mesa, Phoenix

Fascist Ari Fleischer spinning spinning spinning!!

Protests link Bush to McCain, urge end to war in Iraq

Countdown Launches New Site

I think maybe we blame the MSM too much.

who else thinks McClellan's NON-mea culpa is plea to prosecutors? who else is confused...

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XI

Dell found guilty of fraud. Another reason to buy Blue.

Who is giving McClellan the speaker's dais?

Ari on Anderson Cooper now.....9:13 PM CST

Bush “Plans Iran Air Strike by August”

Judge Jury and Executioner.....what we call VIGILANTEism

Shreddin' the Oldies: Test Security and Ticker Tape Parades

I found a picture here today that is awesome

SPAM sales surging as consumers try to stretch food budget

Where California's Economy Has Gotten Us - Teacher Stikes

Where California's Economy Has Gotten Us - Teacher Stikes

Which minority is next?

I find it interesting that KO will do the first scottie cable interview!

Nightline: The Thrift Shop and Yard Sale business is growing

Seen on a bumper sticker this morning:

U.S. Commander: Iran War Would Be 'Disastrous'

Long but fascinating video:

Long but fascinating video:

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

There was a request to DU a poll on flag burning at the Green Bay Press Gazette on 5/18

Remember Ashleigh Banfield's 2003 critique of war coverage?

Send questions for McClellan

All of a sudden I am reading a strong meme emerging - Holding Bush Responsible.

Waterboarding children

Scott McClellen Gassed his own people & has a nuclear weapons program!

I Have Two Words For The Media Defending Their Conduct: Ashleigh Banfield...

Family seed business takes on Goliath of genetic modification

British PM warns of global oil 'shock'

I have a giant complaint:

Who Illegal Immigration Really Hurts

Katie Couric argues the networks were not aggressive enough

Can anyone tell me if starting a war with propaganda qualifies as tyranny or treason?

Does anyone else not care what Scott McClellan says?

CNN's Jessica Yellin said that corporate MSM execs pressured reporters to not report on Iraq claims

The president HAD to lie to us because of 9-11 so shut up!!!

Update E-mail From The Great Congressman Wexler: Hold Bush/Cheney Accountable

Wexler: McClellan Must Testify Under Oath Before House Judiciary Committee

NYT: White House Reacts Angrily to Former Aide’s Book

Fox News Employee sues over bed bugs - claims PTSD

Jenna Hager Gives Ellen Some Wedding Advice

Much more to FL and MI debacles than meet the eye.

Forget about white supremacy. It's all about RICH Supremacy now.

Countdown with Keith Olberman's New Web Site:

Do Political Scientists Have The Wrong View Of America

My Feedback To David Gregory....

Olbermann breaks HUGE McCain Lobbying Story

US Military Leadership Said to Oppose Iran Strike As Ineffective

you know how rattled the white house is by the sheer number of bu$h* defenders out there

From Scott McClellan

Matt Taibbi on Daily Show last night said Hagee exorcised Hemorrhoids

I agree with the White House comments about McClellan's book

Sooooo.....when do the impeachment hearings start?

Lung Cancer the leading cause of cancer deaths

Nevermind the War on Terror... Grandpa McCain just declared a War on Asparagus!

I just had a GREAT idea on how to settle this: Push BOTH Hillary and Obama to pick a V.P. NOW!

Program Note: McClellan is on C-SPAN's Washington Journal Friday morning at 7:30 am ET

John Bolton escapes

Vince Bugliosi on with Hartmann - * should be prosecuted for murder

Mother "gets out the word" on Pat Tillman

Who should write the next tell-all insider book on the Bush White House?

Too many folks just don't get it.

Plan Mexico: Plan Colombia Heads North

*'s motorcade leaves a fundraising function (ROFL - check out the yard sign) - pic

Chief Judge Mary Schroeder of Phoenix, first woman to lead 9th Circuit retiring.

McClellan: Bush said he doesn't know if he used cocaine.

I'd like to hear Helen Thomas' comments on Scotty's book

I've looked at all the numbers up & down & back & forth.Clinton DOES in fact lead the Shmopular Vote

Predict which Bushite will publish the next conveniently self-exonerating book:

New York Times comes Clean in Tomorrow's paper after the Scotty Book!!!

* accepts distinguished American award - pic

On CNN now: Ari Fleischer is heartbroken.

Robot + Super Gun = 'Crowd Control'

Does anyone else have a Comcast email account

More insurance will not solve our health-care woes

Rush Limbaugh explained Scott McClellan's actions to me today.

Prince William Cnty, VA: Much better after kicking out the brown skinners

"The Clintons recognize the skill Rove has brought to politics and admire his craft..."

Obama's Message in Spanish: "'Mensaje a Puerto Rico"

* at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony - pics

Karl Rove is coming to Rochester, Minesota.

YouTube law fight 'threatens net'

Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August' (Asia Times Front Page)

Video: Brokaw on book’s claim press ‘enabled’ Bush

* 'jokingly makes a face' - pics

So how many DUers are surprised by what McClellan is saying?

LOL!!! LMAO!!! Shocking! They're ALL shocked. Just Shocked!!!

A MUST Read For Denialists at CNNMSRNCNBCABCCBS: "Media Coverage of Iraq"

Finally! CIA releases several documents on their use of torture.

Great (corporatism) quote by Australian psychologist Alex Carey:

Fuck EVERY DAMNED "Reporter" Covering The Scottie Book

Tweety Is Smokin' Hot Tonight

"Get over it": a RW Buzz phrase from the 2000 recount.

If Obama was a white candidate in the same position this race would be OVER!!!!

Marc Maron on AAR right now

The salad I bought at the grocery store cost me 2 dollars more than a month ago.

Hillary given 100% probability of beating McCain

Main characteristic of a Lapdog: selective memory.....some examples of how completely

Health Insurance, your status:

Water is wet, sky is up there, asparagus makes my piss reek, and they fucking lied.

Free Bumper Sticker from MoveOn

Regarding Scott McClellan

VOICES of the Canadian Holocaust

O.k., so the war is illegal & based on lies, that's no reason to stop it, is it?

O.k., so the war is illegal & based on lies, that's no reason to stop it, is it?

Maybe someday an insider will write a book about 9-11 & what went down.

well-documented, tragic and -- especially if you’re paranoid -- terrifying facts

Sen. Larry "Wide-Stance" Craig (R-Notgay) bobblehead on E-bay. Current high bid is $102.50

These people are loyal to the President, not we the people or the US Constitution.

Anti-Bush rally in Salt Lake City (* is there for Mc* fundraiser) - pics

Larisa Alexandrovna: Shiksa Malkin Stars In Scarf Wars

I thought the NAFTA Superhighway was fake!

I thought the NAFTA Superhighway was fake!

Was William Shakespeare a Jewish woman in disguise?

Reporters are admitting ON AIR that they were pressured in 2003

Was William Shakespeare a Jewish woman in disguise?

Just a reminder: Senator Clinton already lost her presidential bid.

Scottie McClellen has proved 9/11 was NO inside operation

I think the GOP is getting depressed about McCain (surfing AM Radio)

Scott McClellan - Courageous or Cowardly?

Scott McClellen Suicide Watch

300--the pg version.

It's the little things.

Lame race thread, again.

Anyone reserved hotels through Travelocity, or AARP (which uses

no habla Espanol seems to be my most used phrase here in South Florida

Once-Disfigured Girl Attends Prom After 18 Surgeries

Tommy Lasorda should never try to sing.

Buenos noches, señores y señoritas.

I think I'll be hanging in the Lounge tonight...

Dan Rather admitted last year that corpmedia NEEDED to protect Bush for the favorable rulings

'If Oprah farted, it would help people'

Hi! Again!

So I'm a lousy poet who didn't know it!

I am kicking myself right now.

Sia - Breath Me

Zero 7 - Destiny (Live & Acoustic)

Portishead - Roads

Hard To Get - Jay Electronica feat. Mr. Porter

Ashley Slater's Private Sunshine


Makoto feat Cleveland Watkiss - Time

Zuco 103 - Treasure - Tales of high fever

Sunset - Nitin Sawhney


Jazzanova ft. Nicola Kramer - So Long

Pretty badass BSG this week.


Golden Brown - Omar Lye-Fook

Changes made to a Living Trust

UBS Warburg/Phil Gramm many DOTS so little time.

Thievery Corporation - Richest man in Babylon

Idris Muhammad - Loran's dance

'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestants Hit Hard As Vowel Prices Skyrocket

Gorn flavored Ice Cream..

US cluster bombs to be banned from UK

The Underwolves - So Blue It`s Black

Soulive Ft. Amel Larrieux- I Don't Know

Mark Rae Feat. Veba - Lavish (Deadbeats Remix)

Praful - Wishful Walk Rework by Kareem Raïhani

Johnny Hammond - Shifting Gears

David Gregory: WHERE was public opinion??? (in the run-up to the Iraq invasion)

Koop feat. Yukimi Nagano - Summer Sun

Do people put you on ignore in real life too?

For Bridgit: Donald Byrd - Dominoes

Rich Medina - Happiness

I feel beautiful today

National Spelling Bee starts tomorrow......

I had to wear pants - ALL DAY!!!

I hope this person got dinner and a movie first.

Nashinul Speling Bea starts tommarow......

"my good looks paid for that pool and my talent filled it with water . . . " May 28 1998

Possible Darwin Award Candidate...

Why do dogs lick their lips?

When you learn that someone who acts/appears "normal" has a mental illness . . .

How long can batteries be stored in a flashlight?

Advocates: JFK feral cats will face death

Can Anybody Help Me With A Joke Comeback?

Smokers warned to leave tits alone

O-R-I-O-L-E-S! Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic! Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!

WoW !! The Mods are on their top game today

How Much Do Cabana Guys Make

Real popcorn, not the microwave in a bag stuff, tastes WAAAY better.

Here's something you don't see everyday....

Greyhound Jumps Out Of Moving Man Bus on I-84, Runs Away Really Fast

I'm special

Man Jumps Out Of Moving Greyhound Bus On I-84, Dies

Hey, you mainstream news media people. Got something for you to check out...

Star Wars Stormtrooper halloween costume not available in Germany.

quick! What should I eat?!

Length: Like a standard 7 Iron. Capacity: Over half a liter, twice the volume commonly urinated.

Help Wanted

It's dedicate a song time...

today I am participating in a MoveOn.Org meetup in Downtown FW

And here I thought the Lounge was a good diversion from GD-P.

Thread picture?

Movies about court are always such bullshit, aren't they?

RC: Can't wait for The Daily Show tonight.......

Has anyone seen The Swarm??

'Andy Griffith' whistler dies at 88

one step closer to scoring some free hearing aides!!

Who Would Be The Best Cabana Guy For Midlo ,BNL and Turtleandsue

Funny Street Signs

Stick Figures in Peril

Mo. woman says employer retaliated after Harry Potter dispute

Parche is dead to me.

Has beer become cheaper than gas?

Calgon take me away !!!!!

So, I'm on antibiotics - never used em before

datasuspect is the new datasuspect of datasuspect

I love it when California Peggy drops an F-bomb!

Allergic conjunctivitis

Pssssst....Just so you know...WannaBeGrumpy has a super secret

OK, why the hell does Sonic keep airing commercials here when the nearest location is 172 miles away

MrCoffee done give me the 'itis

Who Loves Asparagus?

Today was Senior Switch Day at the High School.


Durango liquor store owner told to stop taking shoplifters' shoes

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!!!1!!1 (a hairy tale)

My fantasies regarding Rachael Ray and donuts are causing me emotional pain.

Can you decipher what I've keyed here? Shouldn't be too hard.

Dunkin' Donuts yanks Rachel Ray ad!

bwa ha ha ha ha ha.. so i was just going through vacation photos on my camera's other memory card

Call me old-fashioned, but there's something sweet about a man and woman playing saxophone together

"Cabana boys" is the phrase of the day. Modify a thread title to include "cabana boys".

Well, I bet I've got a few more gray hairs now...

Public Service Announcement!

I think we all know the real reason Dunkin' Donuts canceled the Rachael Ray ad...

we were just sitting there waiting for you to come home

i done run out of burrito coverins and french fries

I don't feel well enough to go to the doctor

Uh-oh. I just washed my cordless phone with a load of laundry.

is this a mid life crisis???

post yer shitty poetry here

Teens throw 1,500 eggs at hundreds of cars during four-week vandalism spree.

Hey, Midlo....

Error prone Guillen. ‘He can hardly move, he’s got hemorrhoids so bad’ So,......let him bat fifth.

Critters!! You have exegesis and CE reading to do!! Get off that 'puter!!

Hey Baby

i watched ricky bobby again on cable and it got me to thinking about nascar driver names

My Big Redneck Wedding: Real or really good Satire?

I'm searching for videos to use with a stationary bike

WTF? New James Bond novel released (on 100th birthday of Ian Fleming)...

Drool... (picture heavy nautical fetish pics warning)

I Just Saw Will Pitt Eating Asparagus At The Olive Garden

Post here to contribute to BNL's Pool Guy Fund

I have the greatest sister in the world!

What's your favorite "dancing" video?

XemaSab: I wish I had stuck out that extra semester of calculus

Are there "Cabana Girls"?

Anybody having issues with Time Warner Roadrunner email?

I don't feel like cooking dinner

I need your help tonight...

I just saw Parche casting asparagus at Will Pitt

Democratic Comeback Joke: What Do You Think?

I Am bored

Waterloo bridge

Anybody watching the basketball game? What musical piece did Boston open with?

Vote in this poll about bush's pResidency.

Hey Parche!!! I found a really great website for you

Do You Drink Coffee?

Sir, it's only *called* a blow job. You don't actually blow for it.

I just communicated with the person who was my best friend, the first time in almost a decade.

WannaBe had to make an appointment for the kitten at the vet this morning...

Who, exactly, is the demographic of Adam Sandler's movies?

We're ALL going to hell.....

i have a facial mask on right now for the first time ever

Your life is weak and purposeless. Let me show you how to fix it. But, send me money first

i had no idea that sitting at a desk for 6 hours could be so tiring...

Bill Hicks on HBO Right Now

Is there a dinner thread yet?

Is there a dinner thread yet?


Burn your bras

go to hell

turtlensue, BNL and I are in the market for cabana boys.

Whats Your Favorite Dessert?

Norwegian Recycling - How Six Songs Collide

Go Look

Another thing that sucks about Ghost Hunters

Do you ever do Something...and then *immediately* regret doing it?

Gratuitous Memorial Day Rack Post!

Turkeys can't screw.

I just got to talk to ThomCat on the phone!

Should I buy these earrings?

Cold Play is touring this summer....

They want it done tonight - Good luck with that...

So I have to learn Quickbooks tomorrow...Tell me about it

Speaking of bras - anyone know where full figured me can get a good front close bra

My Mom is going through North Dakota on a trip this summer...

What time do you go to bed on average?

I found a job I want...

My stupid bra doesn't fit right.

What I like about you...

I think the mods need to re-read the rules

Speaking of brass - anyone know where full fingered me can get a good set of brass knuckles?

I am not a happy camper tonight

Things I love about jasonc's Fianceee

Charlie Rose is doing a tribute to Sidney Pollack tonight...

Summer Classes For Men

omg wtf

Turkeys Cantu Screw

Fred Astaire: Smooth Criminal

I can haz bonus baseball?

Are my new boxers made of wool....?

Sometimes I still think of her...

I needz ma koffee

In Search Of A Home ---- The REAL **Housing Crisis**

Cleaning Out Wallet

I need a hug...


What the HELL did they do to my beloved Andromeda Strain? (No spoilers)

XemaSab: I got my lazy ass to the doctor

Paramedic versus EMT

My music collection no longer needs fixin

What will the GD:P Diehards do when there is but one Democratic Candidate?

hollowwood options "Red Dawn" sequel

Do you suspect that certain DU posters are really famous people?

Are you a fanatic about housecleaning?

Turtleandsue Awesome Appreciation Thread

So- how come you've never told me about THIS music video?

Woman held for raping man.

Walk Hard- funny or not?

All Time Suckiest TV Show Theme Song

Play a political Song

so, who goes home tonight on Top Chef?

Get your Europe pictures here! (dialup warning)

Weekly Match Game Story: "On Memorial Day, Do-Rag Douchebag mistakenly __ flags on veterans' graves"

They don't get along...

Bush Will Invade Iran To Make America MORE Safe?

Children's Ideas On Love

I need a smoke like NOW!!!

Oprah farts have that new car smell

All-Time Greatest TV Show Theme Song

PM from MidloDemocrat: "That's awesome! Is it big enough?"

Who few here pre-date Will Pitt and me with our 5/2001 seniority dates at DU?

¡Tuve que llevar pantalones durante todo el día!

Biology whizzes! Can you identify this housebug -- about 1/2 inch in length?

Off late I have been really wanting a baby and I can't understand why

Expired medications

What do you eat for breakfast?

I'm going to see Dar Williams tonight

Are these statements about men correct?

What words do you instinctively misspell?

I hit a dove today with a car

Just seeing if I'm alone: if you have no interest in the new Indiana Jones movie, please check in.

Anybody have any funny jokes or pics to spare?

My 5,000th post.

I just have to say...

Things I love about my Fiancee

TV game

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/28/08

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/28/2008)

To the reason Why I Burst and Why I Bloom...

What does your (real) name mean?


Umm Top Chef

When you've had a disagreement with your closest friend, that's lasted for 5 years.....

If the Lounge had Smell-o-Vision, what would I smell when reading your post?

Where does your workin' self stand on the DU 'Your Profession is Teh EEEvill' ladder?

The much-awaited second episode of the Bush war crimes trial comedy video is out!

Ooops! I am in over my head! (Book keeping)

Matinee movie=$6.25 One small bag of popcorn=$5.10

How much of a lazy-ass loser would I be

Tell me what state you are from, and I will tell you why it stinks there.

Attention DUers -- the second episode of "Fun With War Crimes" has been posted!

I am moving and I have to give up one of my cats and my dog (temporarily)

I am moving and I have to give up one of my cats and my dog (temporarily)

A pic thread! The theme: WTF?!

Some Muslims in U.S. Quietly Engage in Polygamy

In rare move, 3 candidates in U.S. join in pledge on Darfur

Asia Times: Bush 'Plans Iran Airstrike by August'

Number of troops with PTSD up 50 percent

Obama urges supporters not to demonstrate at crucial DNC meeting

Scorpion Stings Girl At W.Va. Wal-Mart

Do whites need training before parenting black children?

From farm to food bank (feeding 5K in Va.'s Shenandoah Valley)

McCain economic policy shaped by lobbyist

Jimmy Carter says Israel had 150 nuclear weapons

May consumer confidence falls

Israel's defense minister, Ehud Barak, calls on prime minister Ehud Olmert to step down.

McCain vows to back Indo-US nuclear deal

Human Rights Report Assails U.S.

Sunnis suspend talks with Iraqi government

Post-traumatic stress soars in U.S. troops

Rising gas prices spark increase in gas theft

Bush to stump for McCain in Utah (lackluster sales reported)

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit on Florida Delegates

Energy drinks linked to risky behavior among teenagers

Ohio State University law school dean appointed interim AG

Peacekeepers accused of sexual abuse of children

Ogonowski falls short on signature deadline (MA-Senate)

Coalition ally demands Olmert step down

Ford to cut U.S. salaried workers, Report Says

New Iranian Parliament Speaker Threatens to Limit IAEA Cooperation

Breaking on CNN (no link yet) - Florida delegate lawsuit dismissed

Actors union pushes for deal with studios

Battle brews over crime-fighting cash

Former press secretary's book bashes Bush

Karl Rove Denies Allegations Made Against Him in Scott McClellan's New Book

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 28

U.S. could see record twisters this season

Lawmakers in Nepal abolish the monarchy

Studies link lead to adult crime, brain damage

Argentine rights activists find woman taken by (U.S.-supported) dictatorship as baby

Sharon Stone films banned in China after 'karma' comment

Nepal abolishes monarchy

Photos Show Kansas Governor With Late Term Abortion Doctor (Rethugs Slime Machine Alert)

New Testaments Torched in Israel

Federal judge sides with DNC in Florida delegate lawsuit

Ex-prosecutors embrace courts for terror cases

Bush Distorts World War II History In Speech To Air Force Graduates

Protesters greet "McBush" in Mesa, Phoenix

Pentagon to shift funds to pay for Iraq war

Bob Barr is new piece in electoral puzzle

US Military Leadership Said to Oppose Iran Strike As Ineffective

Justices Say Law Bars Retaliation Over Bias Claims

Anti-Bush crowds gather at Salt Lake, Park City rallies

Dow Chemical to raise prices up to 20 percent, blasts Washington for 'true energy crisis'

Brown scraps all UK cluster bombs

Online Hate Activity Rises, Extremists Using Web 2.0 Technologies

Britain drops opposition to cluster-munitions

American Axle expects to cut 2,000 US factory jobs (more than half of its U.S. hourly work force)

NASA employee suspended for political blogging

Green Beret electrocuted in shower on Iraq base

British PM warns of global oil 'shock'

Colombia's congress opens preliminary probe into Uribe's re-election (Bush ally)

(Former White House counselor Dan) Bartlett rips McClellan, calls allegation 'total crap'

Medical charity helping US poor

Democrats Miss Marks to Finance Denver Convention

Former Bush press secretary Snow, sick, cancels Ohio speech

(Colin) Powell speech draws anti-war protesters

For McCain, A Switch On Telecom Immunity?

Barack Obama: McClellan "Confirmed What a Lot of Us Have Thought for Some Time"

John Bolton to be target of citizen's arrest at Hay Festival

Canadian foreign minister resigns after leaving secret documents with 'Hells Angel'

German expert warns against potential US operations in Venezuela

Memo: Fla., Mich. can't be fully restored

Lieberman says he'll (STILL) speak to controversial pastor's group

HydroGen to cut nearly two-thirds of work force (OH)

New York Begins to Alter Policy on Gay Marriage

Green Line Trains Collide in Newton (Massachusetts)

Amnesty International condemns US, China in report

Obama Says He Is Considering Iraq Trip

Gay marriage to begin June 17 in California

No new evidence of al Qaeda threat despite report: U.S.

Tropical Depression One-E Forms In Pacific

Bush compares today's wars to World War II efforts

Radio Host Fired For Kennedy Murder Quip

President Acknowledges 'Learning as We Go' in Iraq

Wasserman Schultz: Judiciary Committee Willing To Arrest Rove If He Doesn't Testify

Court Overturns Mississippi Voter ID Ruling

Wexler: McClellan Must Testify Under Oath Before House Judiciary Committee

Organically reared cows produce healthier milk says Newcastle University

(Katie) Couric Critiques Iraq War Run-Up Coverage

US Sen. Dodd says "change is coming" to U.S.-Latin American relations

(R-NE)Hagel Says McClellan's Book 'Right On'

Judge strikes down suburb's immigration-related rental ban

Laptop computers become evidence in Colombia

2 Senators for McCain Leave Group After Ads

White House press secretary says McClellan 'disgruntled about his experience'

Sales of Spam rise as consumers trim spending

Dunkin' Donuts yanks Rachael Ray ad

Climate report: Be ready for higher food prices, water shortages

Field Poll: Majority of Californians now support gay marriage



Finn Polke

Bush's New Stategery

Russert's Math - "Obama campaign will claim mathematical lock on nomination one week from today."

Bob Barr Meets Borat (keyboard alert!)

Richard Clarke, with Olbermann, on Iran

Cafferty: Pres. Bush an Asset or Liability to McCain?

Obama In Thornton, Colorado

The Bushies start the predictable smear on Scottie Flopsweat McClellan

BUSH LEAGUE JUSTICE: Abrams: 'There is a little jail in the bottom of the Congress' for Rove

Clinton supporters protest Obama at South Florida fundraisers.

John Roberts to Howard Dean: "Are there any honest brokers involved"


Footage Of The Secret Bush-McCain Fund Raiser

Bill Clinton 'Hillary's Winning The General Election!', Tweety Matthews reacts

McCain Pushes Bush's Iraq War Propaganda & Attacks Obama

Wolf Blitzer To Question Scott McClellan On Fri About Bush & Cocaine

David Gregory & Mike Allen Discuss Scott McClellan-5/28/08

Sen. Barack Obama talking some more spanish.

Rove: McClellan Sounds Like a Left Wing Blogger

White House Press Sec Ari Fleischer on New McClellan Book

Countdown: The Texas Connection

Why Do Mortgage Lenders Hate America?*

TYT: Hillary's RFK Comment - Does She Know What She's Doing?

Countdown: Rachel Maddow on McClellan's Book

Podhoretz: Bush to Bomb Iran Before Leaving Office

TYT: Obama Can't Attack Hillary Because Of The Women Shield

There's no one as Irish As Barack O'Bama

Countdown: James Moore on McClellan's Book

Olbermann on McClellan's Tell All Book: House Scandal

New Obama Ad In Puerto Rico: "Soy Barack Obama"

Countdown: Candy-Gramm for McCain

Michelle Obama in San Juan

How the Superdelegates are going to ZAP Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos!

Young Hillary Clinton

Yellin admits corporate executives pressured her in 2003

Germany bans chemicals linked to honeybee deaths (Bayer)

Obama's Modern Times

Bill Moyers' "Buying the War" -- Report on the media and Iraq War (ALL PARTS)

Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter

"Fun With War Crimes" #2 -- "9/11 Changed Everything" -- watch Lincoln smack down Dubya!

Voters of Montana and South Dakota can propel Obama to victory

India seeks easier visas for service professionals

From farm to food bank (feeding 5K in Va.'s Shenandoah Valley)

NYT (Thomas Friedman) "Truth or Consequences"

Taxpayers pay for Bush to attend McCain fundraiser.

Stark Contrasts Between McCain, Obama in Judicial Wars; Olson heads McCain court advisory committee

Girls' soccer: Immigrant finds American dream, while getting very little sleep

China, Russia, U.S. focus of human rights report; World "looks to U.S. as role model."

Gene Lyons on why infighting threatens Democratic Party

U.S. Incites Secession South of the Border

Freedom Rider: Bronx Bombers Grand Theft

Arresting John Bolton

The John McCain School for Lobbyists

Obama and the US-Latin America Time Bomb

Report Details Effects of Climate Change Across U.S.: "We're experiencing them now."


The Day Diplomacy Died

What's patriotism got to do with fat men with ponytails on Harleys?

Can Identity Politics Save the Right?

The POW Dodge

See the Brown in Us

(Dem) Challenger Gets Cold Shoulder in New Jersey

Congress should do it's constitutional duty or get impeached!

Who knew that it would take the likes of Scott McClellan to admonish the liberal press

Obama - Can he take a frisk? Maureen Dowd

Push-back against McClellan book begins

Bush Does Not Know the Reality

Gay marriage and queer immigration: Laboring over love

GOP Contender Tied to Attorney Firing

The Mega-Pentagon: A Bush-Enabled Monster We Can't Stop

Bush, Cheney tossed America in the toilet while they pursued their own perverse agendas

Obama on Latin America: "Small Change", If Any

Blackwater Files Lawsuit Against San Diego

Claiming he would not "add to the public record," Rove "add[ed]" to the misinformation in "the publi

Karl Rove and what he DOESN'T say about the Seigelman case

Independent UK: Falling out with the President: the devious world of George Bush

PM's judgment now in question

Bush to McClellan: REAM Me Up, Scotty

Independent UK: The world must end its addiction to oil

Hospital dumps Microsoft Exchange for Linux-based clone

Forget Rachel Ray, Michelle Malkin Claims Indy 500 Sold Out to Terrorists

The devious world of George W. Bush

Surprise, Surprise: Bush Lied by Robert Parry

David Corn:Scott McClellan, Where's the Apology?

Robert Scheer: Where Is the Outrage?

Bush Distorts World War II History In Speech To Air Force Graduates


Soaring cost of fuel is whittling away at Asia's cheap-labour advantage

Athens pellet mill opens (Maine)

Tufts global warming study eyes (enormous) cost of doing nothing

Press Release:Duke Energy Indiana Proposes Sweeping Modernization of Its Power Delivery System

In Vermont, a Debate Swirls Around an Aging Nuclear Plant

Cantwell and Inslee hold local hearings on ocean acidity

Bill aims to outlaw coal mined by removing mountaintops

Future Scenarios: Mapping the Cultural Implications of Peak Oil and Climate Change

Zap a FF Industry Lobbyist!

UK: Blackouts hit thousands as generators fail

PEMEX - Cantarell Production Declines By 24% In 12 Months - NineMSN

Kenya: Rural Areas Investing in Renewable Energy

New Climate Report Foresees Big Changes

Indonesia to Pull Out of OPEC as Oil Output Drops

GasHole: Interesting film on oil economics and alternative fuels

Nuclear costs 'to rise by billions' (UK)

Global Photovoltaic (PV) Manufacturing Capacity (10 GW per year in 2008)

The Effects of Ethanol on Texas Food and Feed (PDF)

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. It's starting: Dow Chemical raises prices.

Make sure we have jobs for high school graduates (Good Read)

researchers develop new process which reduces ethanol production costs by ONE THIRD

Do you own an oil company?

Judge: Vermont Yankee can discharge hot (105 degree F) water (into Connecticut River)

Hidden Nuclear Handout Seen in Climate Bill

Electric car? It's not unthinkable any longer (Maine)

Soldier's death prompts lawsuit (Electrocution and KBR)

Smaller-caliber bullets come under fire

Soldier killed, 2 wounded in IED attack

Former Ranger pleads guilty to bank robbery

Number of troops with PTSD up 50 percent

Man sentenced for killing Iraq war veteran

GAO faults training for VA claims processors

Handheld device to help track medical records

IG: Billions in defense spending unchecked

N.D. Guard engineers to return from Iraq tour

More Iraq war vets run for Congress

Kitty Hawk leaves Japan

Analysis: Why no one believes the Navy

Ex-SEAL trainee seeks to overturn conviction

CG: Work on Bertholf proceeding apace

Hadithah trial begins today

Pave Lows fly to Virginia for last training

IG says 7 contracts violated acquisition rules

Legacy of female major killed in Iraq grows

Lawmakers critical of Air Force budget

Prof. pleads not guilty in UAV secrets case

Military sees spike in number of PTSD cases

Troops do the dirty work to maintain berm in Mosul

Police: Body found in Fla. may be missing pilot

Pacific briefs: U.S. civilians in Korea see allowances rise

Okinawa police holding two Americans

Bush to speak on wars at academy graduation

'Pixie Dust' May Regrow Troop's Finger

McClellan Says Bush Misled US on Iraq

CG patrol boat talks paused for DOJ probe

Defense Tech: NorGrum's Secret X-Bomber

Post allowance down in Belgium

New Gitmo Head Called a Hero of 9/11

Troops Execute, Capture Militants

Today in labor history May 28

AFL-CIO pushes stronger legislation on plant closing notification


Tensions on display as local market unionizes (after 4 &1/2 years they won a UNION)

AFL-CIO-Led Coalition Moves Boardroom Votes on Universal Health Reform

Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions Statement To Chevron & ExxonMobil Shareholder Meetings

Delta Flight Attendants Narrowly Miss Getting A Union

The UAW screwed itself once more (American Axle settlement)

Liquidators of Bear Stearns funds lose court appeal

Girl Stung By Scorpion at Wal-Mart

Ideas for new businesses in the post-oil economy

Congress Seeks to Curb Oil Speculation

The Fading of the Mirage Economy

Log Cabin Republicans Announce Congress Endorsements

New resource for children of transgendered people


Germany Opens Memorial to Gays Murdered by Nazis


This seroquel I take every night gives me weird dreams


Call California Governor Schwarzenegger to protect Gay Marriage decision

" ...the younger kids began shouting anti-gay slurs, hurling food and...

(CA) State high court may give gays another victory



An acquaintance of mine was arrested over the weekend...

Conservative Gay Porn Star Slams Barack Obama

Palestinians, Israelis Protest Expansion of Separation Wall

Israel's PM urged to stand down

Keep up resistance, Iran tells Hamas

Washington's new Jewish lobby presses Israel

Bush: ”It breaks my heart” to see Palestinian suffering

Eighteen Years Of Work Destroyed In Less Than Four Hours

LBJ tapes show a strong connection to Israel

Hundreds of New Testaments torched in Israel

Amnesty: Siege on Gaza gravest humanitarian crisis yet

We will never recognize Israel, says Mashaal

Solidarity with Cubans?

EU commissioner calls for normalising ties with Cuba

Cuba Ratifies UNESCO Convention on Underwater Heritage

Ecuador Awards Cuba for Social Aid

Cuban doctors assist China's earthquake relief efforts

Cuba's role in promoting Haiti's literacy

‘HH’ admits over 3000 murders

Venezuelan Embassy Fact Sheet: What Does the Interpol Report Say?

German expert warns against potential US operations in Venezuela

Retired army general arrested in Colombia

Colombia's congress opens preliminary probe into Uribe's re-election

Cuba has world's highest rate of over 100-year-olds

Cuba supports press freedom

posted a Biden press release out there:

check for your email from Valerie Biden Owens (from

Someone must have told Jeff Van Gundy he needed to talk more

Penguins beat Wings 3-2 back in the series

Penguins down the Red Wings 3-2.

Joey Crawford and the Spurs

US v. England

Celtics win Game 5!

Need help with a dream.

Early C8 results suggest liver, immune impacts of Teflon ingredient

Economist traces height trends

SV40 virus in POLIO VACCINES(1955-1963) today's cancer epidemic

human right of self defence?

Exclusive: Obama, Clinton Make Closing Arguments as Montana Primary Looms

Philadelphia mayor takes gun control campaign to Harrisburg

progressives carry guns?

“In the man or in the jackass?”

Behemoth Star has huge belt

Berlin unveils 'crewed spaceship' (BBC)

Fossil reveals oldest live birth (BBC) {NOT about McSame}

flux and charge

Bicarbonate 'could detect cancer' (BBC)

Religion is a product of evolution, software suggests

Toronto mayor wants shooting ranges shut down

gays cary guns?

liberals carry guns?


Government Insider: Bush Authorized 911 Attacks

Sorry folks, but there were no planes...


The in-between season of politics

Kerry in MA - a few of the articles in the news

Secretary of State Kerry?

Brodkorb mispresents himself to Fox about not being paid by political parties

Texas AG Abbott Settles Vote Suppression Case

Tips to alter Trellix template - and why is it like that?

Turn Texas Blue Obama Party - Thursday June 5th

So, because I can manage to mess up anything, I decided to try

The Campaign for Change

I have installed 3Gigs of Ram, but Win XP save I have 2.75Gb

Clinton Exaggerates Position in Polls Against McCain

Is it true about Obama? Informative video

CBC: Canada serious about environment, Harper tells skeptical Europe

Staffer fired as Conservatives scurry from sex film screening

Bernier papers returned full day before PM learned of breach

Pew/ElectionLine: Voter ID Laws

"We find your report to be highly speculative and reject your assumption of human error."

At One University, Tobacco Money Is a Secret

Censorship widening, experts say

BradBlog: Ellen Theisen and John Gideon Hot on the Trail of Sequoia and ES&S

Anyone know of Clintons directing DNC (McAuliffe) to secure Dem votes after 2000s theft?

Feb 5th Essex county NJ Primary errors (Sequoia Advantage DRE)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 5/28/08

Barry Goldwater's Granddaughter Prefers Obama over McCain

Ziegler gets off with a slap on the wrist!

Film on economics of oil and alternative fuels coming to Madison and Milwaukee in June

Anybody Going To The State Convention In Stevens Point?

My friend Kamau Bell's 2 for 1 offer, good for next 3 Thursdays (SF Comedy)

" least they get your grass cut."

SF voters, Help progressives take over the DCCC in CA Assembly District #13

Raise your hand...

Ford dealership ad tells atheists to 'shut up' - Dealer Apologizes after ad has run for 90 days

Travel tips?

Can science and God ever get along?