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NY TImes: The White Working Class: Forgotten Voters No More

To GD: P ; From the Obama and Clinton campaigns.

So, who do you really think is in the toilet now?

*** ACTION ALERT *** Faux News Jokes About Killing Obama

Muddying the waters....

Sorry, I posted information that turned out to be completely out of date.

Place bets on when Hillary accuses Obama of plans to disrupt Chelsea's wedding

Gallup: Key Clinton voters are shifting to Obama // Average National poll Obama 51.2/Clinton 41.0

Giuliani Owes $3.1 Million

Giuliani Owes $3.1 Million

After the last 3 primaries, it looks like Obama will need about 18 more delegates

Goddamnit, people, this is the last straw!1!!111111!

This is where Obama and Hillary stands with pledged delegates (which MATTERS, not popular votes)

I really think Obama will possibly win against McCain, for one silly reason.

I really think Obama will possibly win against McCain, for one silly reason.

Hillary's sexist argument

Barack Obama has given a LOT of commencement speeches

Nausea, Diarrhea, & Indigestion

Is NJSecularist actually Lanny Davis trolling these forums?

If HRC had just stayed true to her Wellelsey '69 values, she'd HAVE the nom and we'd all be cheering

I have to leave DU now.

Virginia (13) + Iowa (7) = Ohio (20)

Gazette State Poll: Obama holding sizable margin

A Hillarious Catechism

Grantcart and phrigindumass NEVER post the results of single polls

Time for more VP speculation!

I just remembered a piece of ancient history regarding Obama's willingness to talk with the so-calle

Are Obama supporters really that stupid?

This card proves that Mcauliffe is a Dick!

The main reason convention fights don't help Democrats

Obama picks up three superdelegates from Hawaii

Discuss: What is the worser of the two inescapable yet devastatingly awful train wrecks?

Buried in the details.

GD:P- cool or not cool?

Is McCain too sick to deal with a campaign?

Take a Moment and Please Remember .......

Lieberman's Step Son, Rabbi Ethan Tucker says I am voting for Obama

Not all Jews can return. Finkelstein detained, deported, and barred from Israel.

Just curious. What would happen if Atheists went door-to-door looking for converts?

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/26/08 - Obama unchanged (50), Clinton unchanged (44)

Yay! Ohio for Obama!!!

Obama to release medical records. Will Hillary do the same?

good grief...this place has jumped the shark

hehe - who doesn't want a little more

Thank you to my anonymous star donor!

Recount going to replay at 1am EST

Can we ALL agree on this?

Clinton Chairman Says Nominating Fight Might Go Through Summer

The movie Recount should energize all Democratic Voters to vote AGAINST mcNasty

I miss the day when many of us were proud of the dem candidates compared to the repubs

Since Werbe is off tonight, you might want to listen to a fledgling network started by Mike Webb

What do these 21 Democratic Senators have in common?

Bush History for Monday 5/26 (Bush's Double Standards)

She rallied the CROWDS in Puerto Rico calling for a DEBATE...

Hillary's trying to make a point about statistical improbability into a "calendric" point.

Interesting article about Pakistan President family support for Obama

Things Younger Than McCain

Iowans and DUers from other storm states, check in and let us know how you are.

How will Libertarian Nominee Bob Barr affect the elections in November?

Bill Clinton treks SD for Hillary

A good memory from this primary season-

Obama has too many supporters...

Hillary's latest delusion: It's Obama's Fault

Wanna See and hear the Next President of the United States?

G8 ministers endorse greenhouse gas cuts by 2050

A week from tomorrow, it will all be over.

Obama should be prepping for Jindl in the GE not McCain.

Obama should be prepping for Jindl in the GE not McCain.

Please delete!

Liz Trotta's Diary Entry: May 25, 2008

Seating MI and FL, but with each delegate getting 1/2 a vote (by rule*),

Time to question Obama on a few things

New London Priest Hopes to Give Voice to Guantanamo Prisoners

Recovering from Defeat: The psychological reactions of those who lose

Recovering from Defeat: The psychological reactions of those who lose

A song for Hillary: "Like a rolling stone..."

I. Just. Want. It.

Good Charts/Graphs related to Dem Primary

McCain's pastor, Dan Yeary, calls baptism the biggest cause of fear "for 99 percent of people."

How Birthrate Is Turning Modern Conventional Warfare on Its Head

Oil: A global crisis

Can you picture an Obama-Hagel ticket?

Wikipedia entry for Liz Trotta

AlterNet: Right-Wing Media Using Immigration Debate to Mainstream Hate

Bill Clinton's Remarks for Robert F. Kennedy, On June 6, 1993

I am very happy.

Has anyone seen anything on this Liz Trotto/Fox thing yet on Huffington or

Are there any rules for candidates being called names on DU?

Progressive vs. Liberal

Sounds like one of the last of the great originals - dead at 99

Egypt extends decades old state of emergency another two years

What is this crap?

What is this crap?

Gasoline isn't only rising cost for drivers

Clinton Staffers See Campaign Winding Down.

Obama supporters please help: My mom posted her first diary on Kos

Florida Democratic Leader Talking On The Floor About Moving Their Primary (VIDEO)

Teixeira debunks myth: Obama “is clocking in where he needs to be” with white, working-class voters

Teixeira debunks myth: Obama “is clocking in where he needs to be” with white, working-class voters

Yogi Berra called...

Monday Primary TOONS

If Hillary is not to be Obama's VP choice - I think the sooner that is confirmed, the better.

If Hillary is not to be Obama's VP choice - I think the sooner that is confirmed, the better.

New picture for chimpy collectors

Michelle Obama is fair game

Michelle Obama is fair game

Memorial Day Parades: Respect, Gratitude & the Glorification of War

One World Leader who envies DUH-bya's popularity

Two Year Old Reading Wall Street Journal (spoof)

End the War. Insure All Americans. Energy and Environment.

Looking back ........ and considering it in its totality .......

Stop yelling at each other and join me in watching two squirrels give each other a massage:

Breaking: Obama calls on Clinton to "take out" Liz Trotta.

Breaking: Obama calls on Clinton to "take out" Liz Trotta.

Hillary is acting just like the rethuglicans as seen on Recount

Feinstein: Obama should pick Clinton to be VP, "anyone accepts if they're asked"

What's in a name?

Italy Watch - Is it time to isolate Italy?

10 Days - 1000 Posts

Hillary Supporters: One Question

Breaking: Obama and Richardson live in New Mexico--NOW!!

Bush History for Monday 5/26 (Bush's Double Standards)

So what if Obama "stirred the pot" after Hillary suggested he could be assassinated

All Delusional, Bitter Latte' Drinking, Appeasers Check in Here!

"And for the last time as .......... "

Fidel Castro blasts Obama's proposed foreign policy to Cuba

The New Global Hunt for Tax Cheats

FL and MI... So what?

Listen up kids. You might actually learn something.

Listen up kids. You might actually learn something.

Obama has too many supporters. Donor lists too large for FEC!

Obama has too many supporters. Donor lists too large for FEC!

Clinton Gothic

Anyone notice Pairs of Airplanes flying?

US "Bullying" Hurts Cluster Bomb Ban Work-Activists

C-SPIN: Presidential Candidate Bob Barr...

Gibbering Twitch Monkey Speaks at Arlington Cemetery!

They say that Hillary Clinton will drop out of the primary race

The real crux of all this assaination talk....

fatal sand storm rips thru Yemen oil field

fatal sand storm rips thru Yemen oil field

The Federatoion of the World (posted with permission of the author)

New G.I. Bill Would Help Vets Get College Education (McCain opposed it)

Watching the old fucking devil at the tomb of the unknown getting his H.O.

Here is another take on assassination but from a progressive source not noquarter

California Ford Dealer Commercial: "Atheists, Sit Down and Shut Up"-

So who is McCain's preacher and where can I find transcripts of his/her sermons?


Why are you here?

Hillary just wasn't raised right

Blair protest at Yale graduation (photo)

Thom Hartmann Show Live Now

Why Post? Why Say Anything? WTF Difference will it make?

Is it right to have a holiday in memory of US soldiers that excludes their victims?

That hypermilizing thing.

Lanny Davis...You are a Fucking Moran!

My Memorial Day t-shirt

My Memorial Day t-shirt

Dead Troops Remembered By President Who Had Them Killed

NOW goes to DNC

A Typical Caricature of Bush; Ironic, Isn't It? [PIC]

Military Chief Warns Troops About Politics

Ray Taliaferro is back on the air at KGO after a two week vacation

Put Obama on a White Horse with full Knights regalia...incldg a Lance

Do you support equal rights for everyone?

Castro Afraid of Obama Policy - First Time There are Signs of Liberty, Hope and Prosperity

Should we help Barr "Nader" the Repukes?

Obama's up to Nixon's impeachment, Clinton hasn't reached G. Washington.

Bob Barr for President

The Century of Self by Adam Curtis - Must See Video

was Hillary trying to get attention?

Commander AWOL and the G.I Bill - Memorial Day Special

Connecting the dots of Hillary's strategy

This article is being censored as soon as posted... Dusty Foggo's mistress "revealed"...

Too Many Supporters: Obama's Donor List Too Large for FEC to Process

Bamboo, soy and saushuwashit? What is saushuwashi?

Michigan Primary Re-enactment

Do you think it likely that the Clintons have murdered their political rivals?

9/11 comic strips

Obama's within 50 of clinching the nomination officially!

Supreme Court of Canada Rules Gitmo an illegal Operation

Deleted because everyone is yelling at me

How is Smirky able to honor the fallen soldiers, when he still hides them

Sad to say but the GDP is worse than that unmentionable other site

Something Positive-Barackapella

Hey, I miss those 3AM Hillary ads. Bring them back!

Obama has a response for his foreign policy speeches: Fidel Castro's counterpoint

Obama picked up 7 new super delegates since yesterday. He only needs 49. Details?

In the name of solidarity, here's a post where I won't bash Hillary

Powerful aftershock renders 70 Chinese dams unsafe

Free energy

Customs slip cannabis into passenger's bag


I'm concerned for some of the HRC supporters here.

Wanna know the most ironic thing about Liz Trotta? She was in the middle of BASHING Hillary!

Calling it a "Popular Vote" is emotional manipulation. No General Election ever lasted 6 MONTHS...

Wouldn't you have greater respect for those that chose Memorial Day

UK's special relationship with US needs to be recalibrated, Obama tells ex-pats in Britain

For Memorial Day

Another airline to bite the dust?

Bob Graham is one of the VP candidates

A President John McCain would create a McCain Era that would be...

A Canadian Soldier Comes Home

Memorial Day TOONS

Per Obama Camp: Under 50 SDs to go...

Can AgBiotech Sink any lower?

How about SHerrod Brown for Obama VP

Has your opinion of Bill and Hillary Clinton changed because of the primary election?

Will Obama make 2026 by Saturday?

To all Vets living or dead thank you for your service.

Large German telecom company accused of spying

If Dem party in Florida & Michigan accept DNC compromise, what case will Hillary have to go forward?

I have switched!!! I used to be a Clinton supporter. Now I am an Obama supporter.

Obama: McCain's age should not be an issue (says McCain is healthy)

Re that landing on Mars...

No Room on the Wall

damn - wrong forum

Gen Mullen on CNN: "Military shouldn't be involved in Politics"

Monday TOON Roundup-the nightmare of *'s last days

Monday TOON Roundup-the nightmare of *'s last days

Why I’m Kinda Fonda Obama (And More So Each Week)

The reason I can't watch Recount...

Recount repeat, tonight on HBO. 6pm EST

Sony announces new solar product

No Room On The Wall

McCain's pastor-1 min airtime; Rev. Wright-1 month airtime

Migration of Superdelegates Continues To Obama : +9 for Memorial Weekend, 49 to Go !

What are the chances of the new G.I. Bill being veto proof? Senate OK'd it 75-22, but

Conclusive proof: Mars landing faked in Hollywood studio!!!!!

Are these numbers right?

Danger of high legal bills must be reduced, warns judge

Hillary supporters and defenders... take a minute to look back and realize...

Hillary who is "winning the pop. vote" is broke. Obama, losing the pop. vote is rolling in dough.

Bush and Mars

They Treat Us Like Idiots and We Clamor For More

If you cut the Florida delegation in half, you must do same in Michigan- Correct?

Clinton speaks of faith in face of adversity

Who Do You Support? Clinton? Obama? Other?

Anti-piracy strategy will help government to spy, critic says

Germany in call for ban on oil speculation

Honey Bee Losses Continue To Rise In U.S.

The Cold Facts of Terrorism and Fear.

Lebanon gets a president

Why is Bush's patriotism not up for review?

BUSH Council On Bioethics-No More Eating Ice Cream In Public

Could Marijuana Extend Ted Kennedy's Life?

This is why Bill Clinton (NOT HILLARY) is racist in my opinion:

If people had to guess: What is typical make up of Libertarians: Repub or Dem..

I would like to attempt to start a positive Hillary and Obama thread

On tonight's Memorial Day menu...

A Guide To Undisciplined Messaging - Politico

Memorial Day 2008 - take a moment to remember [ VIDEO ]

Predictions for Saturday? (MI/FL)

Krugman: Obama should ask Hillary to become VP

Who said Hillary lost because of sexism? Obama supporters debunk an argument that was never made

Happy Memorial Day....

Am I the only one who thinks the "disrespecting of Hillary", mentioned by Bill is ..well

Obama beats McCain in PA and NH according to right-leaning Rasmussen.

Obama beats McCain in PA and NH according to right-leaning Rasmussen.

Daniel Rubin: A labor of love stolen in Phila.

Who will be the Republican VP candidate? Predictions here

Fox analyst apologizes for Obama assassination joke

Hillary Clinton As Historian: A Bad Match - LAT

Jessica Lange Bashes Iraq War in Graduation Speech

Just a little rule of logic when debating people....

Bush at Arlington: "The number of headstones in a place like this grows with every new Memorial Day"

Here's my thoughts about the sockpuppets here in DU - 90% or more

BO wants Bill Clinton to heal rifts in the party?

Since calling out supporters seems to be A-Ok tonight- Team Hillary:

Will the Democratic Party once again champion the working people?

Will the Democratic Party once again champion the working people?

A Little Perspective Is A Good Thing

Barack Obama will replace DNC Chair Howard Dean...

Looking to find out the average age of DU'ers

Which of these would be the LEAST agonizing to sit through?

Very apprehensive here

Very apprehensive here

The last soldier.

Hello. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not a sock puppet.

Did You Miss The New Republic's Scathing Article on Obama's Strat of Depicting Clinton a Racist?

Clinton thinks a fair compromise in MI is to give her 101 delegates and Obama 27. Really.

Crooks & Liars' lead story: "Dead Troops Remembered By President Who Had Them Killed"

The Super Delegates going for Obama are extremely brave!!!!

The Super Delegates going for Obama are extremely brave!!!!

Our government is too big.

Are there any Puerto Rico Polls?

Hillary is no longer my friend on myspace.

Hillary is no longer my friend on myspace.

Memorial Day message from an Iraq War vetran

On the Trail, One Aide Looms Over Obama (NYT tomorrow, about Reggie Love)

Who decides which videos are on the home page of DU?

political cartoon

Sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers on Ebay

What were you doing when you heard about the SCOTUS 2000 recount decision?

The last job you'd want over the next year: President of Hawker Beechcraft

My personal Memorial Day salute to my dear friend Bain Wiseman. KIA 12/1970 in Viet Nam.

Obama is 197 delegates ahead

Bob Graham is spouting the Clinton campaign talking points about delegates,


Recount: Starting Now On HBO

OK, why is CNN's wolfieshit after President Jimmy Carter

Too Many Supporters: Obama Donor Lists Too Large For FEC To Process

Memorial Day...A thought, My thoughts, and my Brother at the Moving Wall...

Memorial Day cartoon

If you are looking for some middle-class people check the food pantries

330,900 traumatic brain injuries in Iraq War veterans! NY Times

Obama supporters steer message

On this day I remember the older brother of a childhood friend, Jim Rudd

Apologize to them, Hillary!

So are the cons going to get us all killed or just most of us before they get out?

Has the statute of limitations run out on OBama's repeated cocaine use?

I am no longer a virgin

Been gone all weekend. How cute... the Hill fan still think she has a chance at the nomination....

Casey was born on Memorial Day (a message from Cindy)

In Honor Of Memorial Day :: Their 'Words.." From 2 Serving Soldiers!

House Votes to Ban Pentagon Propaganda: Networks Still Silent

Los Angeles Times Picks up Liz Trotta Story

Los Angeles Times Picks up Liz Trotta Story

Jimmy Carter - 'Israel has 150 nuclear weapons'

The Audacity of Hope

In every national poll, Obama leads Clinton--but Hillary beats McCain while Obama sometimes loses...

HBO SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY: "RECOUNT Election 2000" for "NON HBO" Subscribers, here:

Proof Positive That We Have Republicans On Board

THE MATH Daily Widget – Monday, May 26 – Wigand +0.00 – Total +2.20

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world...

I firmly believe that Hillary will NOT get anything from Obama...

I firmly believe that Hillary will NOT get anything from Obama...

I firmly believe that Hillary will NOT get anything from Obama...

I firmly believe that Hillary will NOT get anything from Obama...

In Memoriam

Obama Supporters: Best Campaign Merchandise Ever!

Food banks facing new clients, mounting costs

Why Joe Lieberman has Gone All Traitor

Recount: Watch it and Never Forget...

his voice cracked with emotion that only one who has seen war can comprehend

Sharon Stone Calls Chinese Earthquake "Karma"..."When you are not nice bad things happen to you"

Obama caused the release of Hillary's RFK gaff

McCain afraid of being seen with Bush tomorrow

I bet China comes up with advanced Energy Solutions before

Some of the Obama Supporters Had it Right. Hillary Clinton = Glenn Close!

Polls:Hillary does much better than McCain and Obama in Kentucky (and FL, OH, PA)

Gas vs. Food. Which should we buy?

‘Everybody hates George Bush.’


IWW singer and storyteller Utah Phillips dead at 73.

IWW singer and storyteller Utah Phillips dead at 73.

Why aren't Florida and Michigan Democrats going after the real villains in this mess?

Love them gas prices!

bush meets tinkerbell (and more - a little fun to end the long weekend)

Which song best describes those posting oblique death threats on Obama?

Sydney Pollack, Film Director, Dies at 73

Voters are clearly still very upset with Republicans and don't seem to have finished venting their s

"They Used Pat For Public Consumption, Just Like Jessica Lynch" - An Interview With Mary Tillman

Juan Cole Excellent Commentary - He says Murdoch ought to apologies for Lotta remark!

Politico admits pushing the RFK quote too soon.

Be nice .... it is over.

Not gonna vote for Obama if he's the nominee?

Obama is not just the Dem candidate, he's the world's favorite

Obama is not just the Dem candidate, he's the world's favorite

Obama-Edwards is a winning ticket

There has been a lot of 'hero" talk about McCain, I am not one

Which Hate Site Is Worse... or

Iran/Nuclear weapoms

DU, and GD-P, are NOT worse than FreeRepublic.

Popular vote argument proves Hillary is unfit for the Presidency, or the VP spot.

Popular vote argument proves Hillary is unfit for the Presidency, or the VP spot.

Ferraro's time has come and gone people claiming to vote McCain if ....

Why is John McCain wrong for America? Tell us why.

When was the last time a candidate for nomination trailed her opponent in her home state?

California Court Weakens Ban on Unmarked Traffic Police

Saw my VERY FIRST McCain bumper sticker

GOP sees Obama mired in base

The most troubling aspect of Recount: Republicans are proud that they are bullying douchebags

Decency at the FBI

Agency: Iran may be withholding nuclear info

Repeat of Recount starting now

at my union meeting last week (NALC Branch #47)

TV's ‘Laugh-in’ comic Dick Martin dies in Calif.

A little Memorial day weekend perspective.

inflation on food prices highest in 17 years

When BO sat in the pews for 20 years

Why is there no day to honor these dead...?

the "Barack as Mcgovern" meme is misleading

Obama tells Bill Clinton to control his woman and her female friends

Bush coming to Utah Wednesday - could use some help with my playlist

Everybody thinks they just bought the winning lottery ticket...

“Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.

LTTE Fundy Pastor comments on evolution

any insurance adjustors? have some questions

Are we really at war?

The repukes love this shit, and so does the MSM. Can't anyone see that THEY are the ones

I'm looking for the word that best describes GD-P at this time???

Academy Award-winning director Sydney Pollack dies :-(

Anyone watching Truman on PBS?

What the Government will know: when you order a Pizza - ACLU

Will Hillary call foreign leaders sexist when they won't do what she wants?


We purchased one more item


John McCain wants to replace the tax benefit for employer-provided coverage with a personal tax cred

SLICK Willy at it again: Fingerwaving that there is a Cover-Up against his wife

The Mayor Of Birmingham Will Allow Gay Pride Parade

Obama on Memorial Day: "Their lives are a model for us all"(with link to video)

Rules and Bylaws committee

McCain is 72 in Aug. The average age of first timers in nursing homes is 79. Brother.........

Hillary's senior thesis taught her how to Swiftboat Obama: >>>

How Many Prisons Can MSNBC Possibly Feature On It's station??????

An Interesting Response From A Clinton Supporter From The Rules Committee

A Handy Guide To GDP Terminology: "Google It" = "I'm talking out of my ass."

If Hillary is losing because of sexism...

I hate to point this out to the Clinton Supporters

my war (pic heavy)

I am faxing Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee on Tuesday....

Re Recount.. let's not forget the first part of Fahrenheit 911, and what happened.

Liz Trotta's Diary Entry: May 25, 2008

update on my student whose mom was arrested Friday

He is playing chess with a 5-year old

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA Memorial Day Weekend, in Puerto Rico and at Wesleyan Commencement yesterday

First Hillary, now Liz Trotta: Will it soon be OK to discuss assassination possibilities in the MSM?

First Hillary, now Liz Trotta: Will it soon be OK to discuss assassination possibilities in the MSM?

RECOUNT/ Palm Beach County Voter Critique

Hillary Clinton, Presidente ---pix--->>>

Special Comment for Keith Olberman (a response)

I've noticed many Obama fans have adopted the disgusting

I've noticed many Obama fans have adopted the disgusting

I've noticed many Obama fans have adopted the disgusting

I've noticed many Obama fans have adopted the disgusting

We should all stop sharing our states' resources...

Resignations from DU have been good for me.

Standing beside Abel's bloody corpse, CainMc asked, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Politico: Obama is Fidel Castro's preferred candidate

In a Spirit of Bipartisanship DU Attacks Fellow Dems to Distract from John McCain's Health Issues

CAPTION * time again!

Photo Gallery: Meet new Honorary Rolling Thunder member George W. Bush

Listen to Mr Bolton speak, and then carry out this arrest.

New Generation Of Protesters Unites Against The War

Exchange between Gwen Ifill and Doris Goodwin on MTP

Exchange between Gwen Ifill and Doris Goodwin on MTP

"The Wind Was Just Right"

Clinton Could Face Uneasy Return to Senate

A note for concern trolls of a certain stripe.

Einstein: "The pioneers of a warless world are the young men who refuse military service."

Hillary Clinton


Chris Matthews Was Right --------------> See Video

Wanna save 1.1 million barrels of oil? Every week?

HAHA! A website where people post pics of themselves flipping off Hummers


CPR For The Antiwar Movement : Getting Back on the Streets Again

China Surpasses U.S. in Technological Prowess

My first ever "caption this pic" thread

Radio Poll in Puerto Rico....Go Vote!

Bill Clinton: She Is Really Winning-But The "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" Is Hiding It From Us

Interesting observation in Central Florida....

OMG. The death throes are ugly

Obama via his Axelrod lies/smears Hillary while claiming to not "stir it up" - ABC expose

Whoopee, there's a protest in Florida Tuesday to support DiMaio's lawsuit.

VP Speculation - Memorial Day Poll

Caption *

Imagine Peace.

There is always one

Bill Clinton is a disappointment and an embarrassment these's so sad to see

What If Hillary Was Winning?

Oh yeah, she's on the short list...

Mrs. Clinton's bitter supporters

Why are Educated Voters more likely to vote for Barack Obama?

Why are Educated Voters more likely to vote for Barack Obama?

Sir Paul is here in New Haven today to receive an honorary degree from Yale.

Lanny Davis' solution for Michigan: Give Hillary 101 pledged delegates to Obama's 27

Do you leave open any possibility that the Clinton's negativity is from what you've projected...

Worth of a photo?

These Clintons are so unrecognizable, they are driving sane people mad!

These Clintons are so unrecognizable, they are driving sane people mad!

These Clintons are so unrecognizable, they are driving sane people mad!

You know you're a diehard Hillary supporter if...

today's GOP & most Dems cowards compared to Jimmy Carter on OIL & WAR link

Frankly I don't think ANY delegtes from FL and MI should be seated

John Cusack's MySpace Page...

Robert Parry: End of the Bush-Clinton Era?

Ferraro: All black journalists are surrogates for the Barack Obama campaign.

Ferraro: All black journalists are surrogates for the Barack Obama campaign.

3 Minutes and 15 seconds to explain why Hillary has so many detractors!



A Black Female Army poster explains why Dem Party is dead to her after its Hillary Hate primary

If there were as many posts praising Obama as there are posts attacking Hillary, he'd be the nominee

Hillary's RFK remark made earlier in March

Hillary's RFK remark made earlier in March

Ferraro threatens to vote McCain if Obama's the nominee

Ferraro threatens to vote McCain if Obama's the nominee

Final Score: Obama 343, McCain 195.

I don't know about you guys*, but I am SO looking forward to the first Obama / McCain debate

Clinton Supporters, do you deny that Hillary is willing to destroy the party to get the nomination?

Is DU a good thermometer on overall Democratic Opinion

Thanks and God Bless to those who have served in the military....

Eye on the Senate: Another State with Republican Woes

TX repuke Pete Sessions to **8th graders**: "everybody hates George Bush"

I really wanted Hillary to be the First Female POTUS... Please Read

Where was 35yrs of leadership experience Senator Elect Hillary during the Election 2000 Recount?

Doubting Obama is silly. Here's why...

Recount... the votes were there

Baby boomers are afraid to fall in love with a hope candidate again.

I wonder why Google ignored Memorial Day?

I light a white candle for Senator Obama DAILY. Will you?

Bush to Judge: We Can Send Military Into ANY US Neighborhood-Capture+Imprison Citizens Indefinitely

Bill Clinton: 'my fight was over on April 9th'

One thing for sure.. if Obama will lose the GE the blame goes to Hillary

HIllaryIs44 reported to Secret Service regarding Obama death threat

++ About these early polls: Anyone here remember Rudy Giuliani?++

I see dead people.

I see dead people.

I see dead people.

Hillary's apologists (Krugman) and backers using threats to demand she be given the VP slot

Hillary's apologists (Krugman) and backers using threats to demand she be given the VP slot

Hillary's apologists (Krugman) and backers using threats to demand she be given the VP slot

Memorial Day message by Cindy Sheehan

Barack Obama's candidacy in Covers (warning: pics heavy)

An alternative, more scholarly take on the toxic Obama-Hillary GD-P postings:

Crazy About Barack - Obamamania Infects Germany, Der Spiegel

"This election they're having is not going to count for anything"


Bugliosi Wants Bush Charged with Murder

Bush may be planning to bomb Iran between November and January,

McCain says Obama should visit Iraq

Christian Newswire: New "After the Rapture" Email Service Launched

US uses bullets ill-suited for new ways of war

Help me out, "Desert Storm" ended in '91. What was the 2nd "Desert" called?!1

Will Bush pardon him self before leaving office?

Who is worse?

Teacher let classmates vote autistic kid out of class

Teacher let classmates vote autistic kid out of class

Petition Liz Trotta's Firing

RECOUNT: My own Florida election day 2000 nightmare

Girl, 12, told she can't play ball with boys

Can the "your Messiah" meme finally, once and for all, be retired?

Not being memorialized today.

Have Dems ever won w/ a candidate who started his race polling behind the GOPer?

The Reagan Revolution - I'm sick of it. A rant.

This is for those of you who asked about my family's friendship with the Kennedys

Al Gore hosts joint fundraiser the same day the RBC meets

Lieberman has an "Honorary" spot on the board of advisor's for "Vets for Freedom"

A fitting memorial: Which wars were worth fighting?

Re Recount: Remiss! Excellent Op-Ed

Tiny Homes Could be Giant Helping Hand for the Environment, Creator Says (100sq ft)

McCain is so old...

Coconut oil - Part Deux

Who else is working on Memorial Day?

Suicide in the Trenches

[DKos] Freepology Today: Obama with a Turbine on his Head

Golden Compass rant *spoiler*

I took a pic of "Engrish" today

Is there anyway to totally remove the free version of AVG 8.0?

My brother-in-law collects Studebakers...

Can EWE suddenly go bad?

Should EWE personnel be scaring people?

The Five Most Ridiculous International Music Acts

EWE look strangely familiar

today I feel every second of my age: woke up with headache, sore muscles

A fascinating look at the personal side of Howard Dean from his driver in Rochester.

Chris Gaffney died.

An Inspiring Rendition of Sousa's 'The Liberty Bell'.

Another old family photograph

More lyrics from Khash

Where do I post? Which forum here or elsewhere?

Geller and Gelber, Florida House and Senate minority leaders...complicity.

Caption this * pic

The scariest movie I ever did NOT see

Memorial Day. Please remember the surviving and fallen soldiers today.

It's an upcoming special event!

message to contemporary male concertina players

Somebody should install LoJack on GD-P

Bah! We don't need no stinking electrician!

Calling Debi from Iowa!! How was the rest of the T-Storm/tornado night for you??

MMjr. videoed NASA TV's Mars Phoenix landing today....

So I was awakened to the most GODAWFUL sound this morning

Lipstick or Dipstick: Choose one

Aaaack.... it is so hard to stay at work today....

Immigration Raids: Harbinger of a Police State?

Orioles - 6, Yankees - ZERO!!1!!

Getting to Know Greylock - xpost from Outdoors group

Help! It's a long weekend and I'm low on faux outrage.

Could someone please tell me about the process for proposing and getting approval of a new DU forum?

Could someone please tell me about the process for proposing and getting approval of a new DU forum?

Songs for Memorial Day!

Any Word experts here?

I'd ask for vibes....

Mmmmmmmmmmm... homemade vegan baklava

I now own a Sen. Larry Craig Bobblefoot...

I now own a Sen. Larry Craig Bobblefoot...

I am planning a marathon of zombie movies this weekend...

Do they make wireless surveillance cameras that I can tie into my wireless network?

NASA Mars Lander reports: No Freepers on Mars!

NASA: Phoenix discovers gaylien on Mars, lip syncing to Gloria Gaynor...

Nicholas Cage's best performance

need advice on learning Spanish

Lounge challenge: write a Lifetime movie!

Florrie Fischer PSA strips, you guys gotta see this shit.

Ah, nothing like a picnic under the giant sequoias.

Eleven flats, 320 lbs of topsoil and compost, five bushes, two lily plants

Do we have a mouse problem?

Elvis is not dead...

Conclusive proof: Mars landing faked in Hollywood studio!!!!!

Would you wear a tail?

Film clip question

Former President Carter reveals Israel has 150 Nukes!

Pathway To Glory

Yet more lyrics

heh... I have 652 songs on my IPOD... it will hold 20,000

Finally, the OFFICIAL pictures of the Sen. Larry Craig Bobblefoot...

We are back from Europe!

I'm cracking open a beer before noon.

There are, apparently, two kinds of DUers.

10 questions

My apartment has no water at the moment.

Greatest car chase scene in movies = "Bullitt" in HD today on MOJO - 3pm and 10om ET

We are back from Europa!

I am no longer a virgin

Under the same sky

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/26/2008)

Has anyone done the round-the-world flight plan?

Apparently one of my favorite authors has switched sides.

this is how I feel right now......

Memorial Day with the kids picture thread.

Jury Duty Summons tomorrow in NC; any advice?

This song just keeps drawing me in....

A gray cloud, a crane on wing...

I am Remembering You...

I met a one year old today who uses sign language to communicate with her parents

Day five ... another round of storms and now we are in a flood warning

Swearing in Customer Service is underrated.

I'm really sorry about these posts.....

do people still marry Americans to live here?

Its 57 degrees,

Should I go out in a blaze of glory?

Pneumonia Front For Chicago Area..... (A "Severe Weather Alert)

Help! I'm craving Ghirardelli's chocolate!

we just lost electricity...farkin storms


Oh. My.God. Sweet Jesus. I just realized something in my stupor.

How Do You Get Grease Splatters Out of a Shirt??

From the Vault: William Shakespeare's Thought For Memorial Day:

Forgive me father, for I have sinned....

Have you ever been so tempted to say something vicious in a thread you had to just...

Phoenix probe caught on "film" parachuting to surface of Mars

am i the last frikkin person in the world to have seen "Charlie bit me!"

Anyone have friends or family in Minn, where the storms hit?

Your Last Picture Show

OK, fess up.

Asparagus = Food of the Gods

I posted this in the dungeon of American History, but thought I would post here also...

Guacamole looks like baby poop

I'm thinking about buying a scooter, any suggestions?

I'm thinking about buying a scooter, any suggestions?

Do you tell the truth about a lousy trip or vacation?

Ptah's Pizza {dial-up warning}

Did you notice the Information Bar?

Customer: "My wireless internet connection isn't working"

looking for a website

Can RAM suddenly go bad?

Well here the holiday weekend is almost over

Fucking hell

So what's been happening around here in the last 2 weeks?

Message to contemprary female singers : you can be very sexy without showing skin

I am an Idiot!

Recommendations for a new vacuum.

Finished my "group" project today - as usual, without the damn group

GD-P has reached a new low and it depresses the hell out of me.

"Smells like...

Just got off the phone with the psychiatrist who assessed me.

Sydney Pollack died

What the heck time is it in North Battleford, Saskatchewan?????


I have a migraine and no migraine meds.

Anyone else interested in the remake of "The Andromeda Strain", tonight on

What are you listening to right now ?

What a perfect time for me to leave DU for good!

What a perfect time for me to leave DU for good!

Please explain the appeal of "Deadliest Catch."

I bought a portable air conditioning unit yesterday

I have The Sex Pistols' "New York" on endless repeat in Rhapsody. Ask me ANYTHING.

Most underrated comedy of all time...

My dad is pissing me off!

Monday night (Memorial day) Picture thread

My girlfriend's terminal lung cancer is in remission.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/26/08 (warning: language)

I just saw Indiana Jones - didn't like it - flame me

There was a thread recently about great movie exchanges. I want to add this one:

Teh Cuteness,it is lethal:

3 sets of bombers, flanked by two escort fighter jets apiece...

Two wolves.

Soundproofing a door?

Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Smedley "War is a Racket" Butler: Now there was a veteran!

Sir, No Sir! The soldiers who refused to be part of mass murder in Vietnam

Exotic cars, ice, players, bitches, bling What is wrong with Rap music?

Great Lakes fending off horde of sippers in 'water war'

I do not know how well corroborated this story is, but...

Would you be in favor of a Communications forum on DU? Topics: clearness, etiquette, logic

Military Chief Warns Troops About Politics

Oil prices supported above $132

Censors put limits on Guantánamo photos

Republicans Sense Disorder in McCain Campaign (Mike Murphy Visits to Avert GOP Electoral Disaster)

Google: Viacom's YouTube suit threatens freedom

EU Ministers Agree to Work Toward Deal with Russia

Iraq's inflation rate soars to 16 percent in April, blamed on rising worldwide prices

Diaz and Minor Cases, Others Probed; Selective-Prosecution Claims Investigated

Sen. Kennedy competing in ’Figawi’ sailboat race

Tony Blair is barracked over Iraq by students at Yale University (Booed)

Iraq replaces southern oil chiefs in major shake-up

Sydney Pollack dies of cancer at 73

Corporate political ties impact share prices: study

Corporate political ties impact share prices: study

Mexican miners stage (one day) nationwide strike

Death Toll Tops 51,000 in Chinese Quake

Obama picks up three superdelegates from Hawaii

FOX Pundit Wishes for Obama Assassination, Laughs

Smaller US cos feel the heat of rising oil prices

Canada's Foreign Minister Quits After Security Breach (Update1)

The Obama 17: Superdelegates Waiting in the Wings to Put IL Senator Over the Top

US Recession Still Probable: Greenspan

Poll: Peru President Garcia's Popularity Rebounds To 35%

Fears of racist violence rise as gang goes on rampage in Rome

Foreign affairs minister resigns

George Soros: rocketing oil price is a bubble

Potato king J.R. Simplot, U.S. fry innovator, dies

French Families Adopt U.S. Graves in Normandy

White House rips NYT for ‘misleading’ editorial

AP INTERVIEW: McCain criticizes Obama on Iraq

No breakfast for children because of aid cuts

McCain Defends GI Bill Opposition In Memorial Day Speech

Sydney Pollack, Film Director Dies at age 73

Castro calls Obama speech "formula for hunger"

Home value drop hurting cities

Bill Clinton: 'Cover up' hiding Hillary Clinton's chances

All systems go for record-breaking leap

Peacekeepers 'abusing children'

Malaysia won't compromise farmers in FTA with US: Minister


emilyg . . . . thread #2

Ferd Berfle

TheRealNews: US and Iran: Is an Iraq grand bargain possible?

TheRealNews: US system of deportation inhumane, detainments, forced drugging

Welcome home

Tim Russert, April 8, 1992: Bill Clinton is the Democratic nominee

Bush's Memorial Day

Rachel Maddow discusses Ellen and McCain's gay marriage talk w/ KO

American Blackout - Trailer - 2000 Election

Un Amigo Presidente

TYT: Cenk Makes a Bold Prediction on the Presidential Race

Skippy McAuliffe blaming Obama for HRC's offense

Obama Campaign Passing Around Olbermann Special Comment!

TheRealNews: Iran's role as a regional power

Mars Phoenix Landing - First Photos

Vote for Change: Los Angeles

Liz Trotta "apologizes" with a smile on her face

Devastating Hillary Clinton lies about everything - jedreport

'Let My Oil Go' The Palast Report on Air America's Clout

John Cusack talks about 'War, Inc.' on Democracy Now

Bill Moyers on honoring our veterans.

"Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it " What the World Needs'....

MIR: Turkey & Qatar - New Mediators on the Block

Liz Trotta sort of "apologizes". So far out of line.

Sydney Pollack's "Three Days of the Condor" (1975)

Barack's Message to Alaska Democratic Convention

ABC This Week w/ Karl ROVE on OBAMA, CLINTON, MCCAIN, Siegelman


Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world

Jimmy Carter : Israel Has 150 Nukes Or More

Obama Ad In SD:He Understands America,Rural And Urban Alike

Mullin: Shut Your Mouths Troops About Politics

Big Dog Whimpers: "I've never seen a candidate treated so disrespectfully, just for running."

Is John McCain a Gold Digger?

They Shoot Peacemakers, Don't They?

Hillary supporters: "I been cheated, been mistreated..when will I be loved."

TYT: Republicans Are Noticing That Something's Wrong

Obama Ad Airing In South Dakota - "Listening"

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.How the news media fails us

"Reliable Sources": Misogyny in the Media

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: RFK Gaffe-termath

Barack Obama on Memorial Day

'Presidential' Challenge: Confronting the Medical Industrial Complex

Orwell's Notes on Nationalism

ON MEMORIAL DAY-Broken promises to our veterans-Some Numbers We Shouldn't Forget SFGate

"They Used Pat for Public Consumption, Just Like Jessica Lynch": An Interview with Mary Tillman

The War on Drugs: 30 years of Failure

Supreme Court Stops Reruns of HBO's 'Recount'

Common Sense

Just don't tell me why (Humor)

Hillary's Shark-Jumping Moment

Joe Lieberman and Hagee: Is Holy Joe in the Twilight Zone?

Mr. Bush and the G.I. Bill

Republicans say Appalachia is theirs in November election

Doing the right thing (Webb's Bill)

Divided They Stand (by Paul Krugman)

THE EMPIRE’S HYPOCRITICAL POLITICS (an informed reflection on Obama's Miami speech)

Blatant, violent racism in Bolivia

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Obama v.Recount, Democracy v. Thugocracy

A Memorial Day Question: Who Would You Want in the White House for the Next 'Cuban Missile Crisis?'

Charley Reese: Insanity

Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 338

Indiana Jones: Is Spielberg Too Rich and Famous to Be Good Anymore?

Hating Hillary (New Statesman)

US slowdown wiping out the Indian native IT outsourcing infrastructure

Fox News Jokes About Killing Obama

Krugman - Divided They Stand (on latest Obama ginned up fake Hillary scandal)

IPCC High-End Case Would Make Southern UK Too Warm For Wine Grapes, Study Notes - Bloomberg

UK Scientists Bracing For Arrival Of Tiger Mosquito - Conditions Ripe For Colonization - Independent

Nature Geosciences - Study Shows Warming In Upper Troposphere Paralleling Lower-Altitude Trend - AFP

Tony Blair, Davos 2000 - "Economists Would Agree Oil Is No Longer The Most Important Commodity"

Aramco VP Claims Little Increased Demand For Light Oil - Meanwhile, Khursaniya Still Not Online

Indonesia Raises Fuel Prices By 33% To Avoid Budget Collapse, Sparking Rioting - AFP

Thai Scientists - "We Have Observed Death Of Hard Corals, Suspect It's Result Of Acidification"

Read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" to see the future. Our future.

As Ganges Flow Shrinks, Pollution Levels Reach "Alarming" Levels - Daily India

G8 Summit Calls For GHG Reductions By 2020, No Specifics, Blah Blah Blah Blah - IHT

Debt Collection Gets a Polite Indian Touch

Energy Policys For This Election Season(Campaign Travel)

Times Of London Reports US Fuel Suppliers Demanding Cash In Advance From Airlines

Volvo ReCharge : Anyone have info ?

Speculation: How could the system be "un-gamed"?

StatoilHydro to build first full scale offshore floating wind turbine (downlod presentation at link)

Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

The Illusion Of Vast Undeveloped US Oil Resources - Roger Blanchard ASPO USA

Rockefellers Seek Change at Exxon

Ward Hunt Ice Shelf "Barely Holding Together", Canadian Researchers Find

"From This Holy Font, All Cognitive Dissonance Flows" - JH Kunstler On Memorial Day, 2008

Future Apple Devices May Be Solar-Powered (patent filing)

GM seeks Volt tax break to avoid $40k sticker

An Artificial Sun Rising

Robert F. Kennedy speech - Mindless Menace of Violence

Women for Obama - Very nice video addressing specific women/family issues.

Any Chosen Few vets here?

Some call for open carbine competition

Soldier-brothers see all sides of war

Burials of vets nonstop at national cemeteries

Iraqi military: al-Qaida fleeing Mosul

Bill would pay extra for stop-loss service

Conscientious objector ruling protested

States look to fill veterans tuition gaps

Newspaper seeks ex-pvt.’s juvenile file

USS Intrepid faces new peril — money

IRR Marines put life on hold following recall

New barracks ‘just like home’

Battalion stands up, but where will it go?

Pendleton Marine arrested in shooting death

Trial set to begin in alleged Iraq killings

No charges for 2 Marines in Afghan deaths

Grants no predictor of business success

Groups ask Pentagon to review new AAFES card

Gas coupon sales in U.K. to end June 1

U.S. troops anticipate Shiite militia comeback in Sadr City

Army, Critics Debate Choice of Bullets

O-4 sentenced to 60 days in adultery case

Biker Group Presses Bush to Aid Vets

Military Chief Warns Troops About Politics

US Reportedly Bombs Somalia

Rolling Thunder asks Bush to become a member

A salute today to Monkeyman, RIP.

Mother of sergeant fatally beaten in gang initiation takes aim at son’s killer, military

United Farm Worker’s Union Blames Contractor For 18 Year-Old Worker Death

Can Unions And Employers Just Get Along?

Today in labor history May 26

New Steelworkers’ Website Sets Record Straight on Grupo Mexico

Unions support American Dream


Today's working family cartoon: Training

Caregivers on Strike Look to Labor Board for Relief

Obama Mamas gear up for DenverCrats

Jewish Labor Committee condemns Agriprocessors

Mexico Mine Union on Strike for Recognition of Leader

Utah Phillips remembered in Labor Beat video

NFL Rookie Salaries, Bonuses Complicate Labor Debate

Eleven-month union battle at Dakota marks new contract

Mozambican unionist killed in weekend S Africa violence: union

Children become orphans as feds bust union drive (tear a nursing infant from the arms of her mother)

ILO: Workers In Israeli-Occupied Gaza And West Bank Suffering

Don't forget to stop by Joe's Union Review

Too Late To Stop Bank Failures

Anxious Hiatus by Jim Kunstler

Holocaust Remembrance Day ( 2 photos of gay memorials in Europe)

Monument to gay victims of the Nazis unveiled in Berlin

Can a Ballot Measure Against Same Sex Marriage be Allowed?

Please DU this poll on Marriage

Which Queer as Folk character looks the best?

Same Sex Marriages to begin June 14th

My school has decided that "queer" is a bad word.

US scientist gives Israeli prize to Palestinians

MK Eldad: Anyone ceding Israeli territory should be sentenced to death

Hamas: Israel must open Rafah crossing for truce talks to succeed

Sources: Israel, Hezbollah strike prisoner swap deal

Report: Carter confirms Israel's nukes

Palestinians: Israeli attack wounds 2 Hamas militants in Gaza

Jimmy Carter says Israel had 150 nuclear weapons

FIDEL ON OBAMA'S SPEECH: "The Empire's Hypocritical Politics"

STATEMENT BY CUBAN MISSION TO UN: "Human Rights Activists or Terrorists"

Cuba dissidents say police raid meeting

The Buying of "Democracy" Agents in Cuba

Colombian "Democracy" and 80 Years of Murdering Workers

Made a new siggie pic

MUST SEE this thread by JeffR - too funny!

psst - VP poll

Scott Dixon Wins!!

Listen... You guys know that you're going to have to start paying for my predictions.

I can't wait!!111! .. Right BOSSHOG?!!

Why was there an Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 on the same day?

Has anyone ever seen a game winning walk-off hit by pitch?

Iraqi national soccer team suspended one year due to government actions.

Candles for the candidates

rite action...

synergy needed now

French open starts.....

The Mythology of The All: Volume Five: The Wheel

Hack your Canon point and shoot!

One Man’s Advice From Four Cancer Battles

Some souvenirs from a Saturday out of town

Share Some Beautiful Low-Res Pictures

Defrosting tips?

Older Brain Really May Be a Wiser Brain

Does anyone here make meat-stuffed jalapenos?

Wutcha makin' fer Memorial Day?

Do all commercially packed edamame beans come from China?

Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat

Salmon, Rice, and Peas---and Swiss Chard Too.

Chimney Charcoal Lighters rock!

The Revolutionary That Saved Christmas

A sign of the apocalypse, a girls night out, or both?

Gun Owners Caucus making debut at Texas Democratic Party State Convention in June

WAY cool underwater critters video!

MRO Captures Pic of Phoenix Landing

Anyone catch this video? 14 story steel building collapses from fire

The Attack of the Straw Man

I posted this in the lounge, but it should go here as well

MN chapter of Codepink and founder Medea B. June 6 at Pub

Memorial Day: Remember the 36th

Delegates: How to run for National Delegate, a practical guide.

Is there anyway to totally unistall AVG 8.0?

Any good places to sell domain names?

comodo's firewall and antivirus software

Storm damage

Can RAM suddenly go bad?

Obama Statement Honoring Memorial Day

Please consider this thread

Clinton Camp Blames Obama For Kennedy Flap

The Fall of Polarization

Obama and The White Working Class Vote

I posted a nice video this morning that got 2 snarky comments & then sank like stone...

Who else is pissed off after watching "Recount?"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 05/26/08 video: Exclusive Julie Couillard interview

Threading the Needle: Florida Plan Gives Citizens Real Paper Ballots

CBC: Harper shrugs off new concerns about minister's ex-flame

Web vote offered to military abroad

Foreign affairs minister resigns

I'm going to Vancouver from Los Angeles

Optical Scan is Computerized Vote Counting

Directory and Actor Sydney Pollack Dies at 73

Any LOST fans here?

Thursday, May 29, 7-9 PM Clovis (near Fresno) Steven Hill, elections expert