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Clinton Supporter Invokes JFK Killing (08 Jan 2008)

We are getting distracted by Hillary's comment

I'd bet a weeks pay

I love you RFK jr but my feelings are real and disagree with you.

It's starting to sound like Hillary could use some Hope and Change

The Cardoza 40 : Exodus of Clinton Delegates Begins

Michigan: What would have happened?

Clyburn quoted in NY Times - "beyond the pale"

Clinton/Huckabee 2008: The Assassination Reference Ticket

What I really wish Hillary will do.....

Take your pick

Please quit capitalizing hrc. Out of respect for RFK. Thanks.

Oh no, another post on Clinton, RFK and Obama.

Obama in Maitland Video on Youtube up now......

Awwww,,, poor widdle Rush... "Obama hurt my feelings"


As an Obama supporter I am not going to criticize Clinton for her RFK statement

Kind of Ironic, Clinton has been staying in "in case something happens"

This is open for discussion, but honestly, truly, have the Clintons EVER said anything by accident?

Thank you, KO. Thank you.






Obama: Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs Responsible For Rise In Hate Crimes Against Hispanics

Why Do Hillary Supporters Keep Threatening She Has 17 Million

The Argus Leader’s Executive Editor Randell Beck statement

Hill says Bill "clinched nom" in June-now she says it's not final until delegates vote at Convention

ASSASSINATION ISSUE - a Gaffe or a Trap - Read Fast, Gestapo comin'

All night long I couldn't get this image out of my mind.

I change my mind. I don't think there was anything malicious in Hillary's comments

I change my mind. I don't think there was anything malicious in Hillary's comments

Breaking Newsweek poll: After 5 years in Iraq and record oil prices, Obama and McCain tied.

What will Bill do/say about Hillary's RFK remarks?

Can I make an observation about Hillary?

She Knew Exactly What She Was Doing. But now has lost the Blair House too.

McCain/Bush not able to sell enough tickets to fill Phoenix Convention Center


Time for us "little people" to ACT and ACT NOW!

Who Gives a Shit What Hillary Said? She's Irrelevant

Nice try, HRC boosters - but no sale.


Slideshow of Maitland Florida Appearance for Obama

Admit it, this is a great opportunity for you to get your anger out at the Clintons

An invitation to "Ignored"

The Catchers In The Rye

Fox Radio: When asked why Clinton is still in the race she invoked the murder of Robert Kennedy.

Yes We Can!

Hillary can't use "anything can happen" to stay in the race now...

Why I feel strongly about today's events: the contexts of political violence

"Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?" (King Henry II, 1170)

PLEASE PLEASE DU This Poll, don't let her B.S. go down in history as minority rule.....

I give her the benefit of the doubt: I don't believe HRC meant it the way it's being interpreted

That's It.

LOL, they claim Obama is unqualified to be President.

Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers rocks an Obama shirt at the Lakers game!!!

Obama equates to RFK

The comparison of the 2008 primary to 1968 or 1992 is bullshit of the first order

New election buzzwords: "notion" and "somehow".

Let this thread sink if you think that GDP is toxic to the mental wellbeing of Democrats

Can you tell me the Clintons are not racists?

Mr Obama Please Get a Progressive Private Company to Provide Security

Lucrezia Borgia for Vice President...

Poblano Model Applied to MI: What Would have Happened (if Obama's name was on the ballot)

another thought while watching KO's comments....

I just got in and ..... Read the news today oh, boy ...

However she meant it...

If the A-Gate video was staring Osama Bin Laden instead of Clinton

Hillary's Analogy- Apples to Oranges

Rachel Maddow should be given a show on MSNBC. Tweety and KO have jumped the shark.

If this was simply a non-issue, features would not be turned off on a Saturday morning.

for the "it will die out by monday" crowd headlines from around the nation

First the HillBots went after Schuster, than Rhodes, and now KO

This is why she should have conceded gracefully months ago

This is the end of the innocence

Clinton's Core

Clintons non-apology apology.


NYT Editorial: Bush should get out of the way of diplomacy

Hillary's "apology"

after being accused of "overreacting" and "knee-jerking" so many times last night,

Not as bleak in Ohio for Obama?

WP: Hillary Clinton Raises the Specter of the Unspeakable (she spoke a double taboo)

I Would Rather Clinton Be The Nominee, Than Be Obama's VP Pick

Keith Olbermann raises the specter of Obama being assassinated

O-Bla-di goes on...

I think Hillary Clinton was threatening the month of June

The Cardoza 40 : Exodus of Clinton Delegates Begins

After what Hillary said she should not speak at the Convention.

California (A very BIG state): Obama 47 percent, McCain 40 percent among registered voters,

What Hillary HASN'T said:

What Hillary HASN'T said:

Obama draws close to 20,000 in Sunrise, Florida today.

obama is a SCAM as is hillary. both are PRO WAR, here's proof...

Please tell me there's at least one Clinton supporter out there

Sadly, Hillary is her own worst enemy. She jumped the shark -- long term...

Sympathy for the Clintons...

If You Find Yourself Pulling For "Stupid" In a Stupid-Or-Evil Decision - You've Already Lost.

Hillary should suspend her Secret Service Detail she has had since 1992.

Rasmussen: PA Clinton 50% McCain 39%

Hillary has her own 28% now.

Hillary has her own 28% now.

Hillary had no problem blowing Obama's "bitter" comments out of proportion ...

Hillary had no problem blowing Obama's "bitter" comments out of proportion ...

No, No, No, You Can't Give Hilliary A Pass On This.........

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/24/08 - Obama down 2 (48), Clinton up 1 (43)

What was her Intended Result, to get SDs to think, "He could be Killed! Better install HRC instead!"

Heads Up: Obama Now Live On CNN Campaigning In Puerto Rico

Obama stirs up South Florida crowds

This hysteria over Hillary's comment is quite absurd

Hillary Assassinates Herself In The Foot!

Sometimes, there is just nothing to say.

A serious warning to Obama's team: Tighten up security

Why are you surprised at the RFK reaction....Hillary had made everyone insane!!!

Thanks, Hillary, for giving Barack the cover he needs to pick his own VP

Having lost both the pledged delegates and the super delegates, Hillary brings up assassin delegates

what kind of apology would have satisfied Hillary critics?

I don't *hate* Hillary, I'm just disappointed

I Just Watched The Ending Of The Soprano's On You Tube And Here's HRC's Exit Strategy....

I Just Watched The Ending Of The Soprano's On You Tube And Here's HRC's Exit Strategy....

Hillary drop out.

So, what will the fallout be from Hillary's RFK comment?

What's Clinton's Campaign Carbon Footprint?

Where is Obama??

To anyone posting "funny" material about what happened yesterday:

To anyone posting "funny" material about what happened yesterday:

To anyone posting "funny" material about what happened yesterday:

To anyone posting "funny" material about what happened yesterday:

To anyone posting "funny" material about what happened yesterday:

When Obama said 10,000 had died in the Kansas tornadoes, I cried

Imagine; Vice President Hillary Clinton... just imagine...

Hillary Supporters, please explain to me WHY she phrased it like that.

Hillary Supporters, please explain to me WHY she phrased it like that.

Make up your mind. Was Hillary toast before yesterday, or wasn't she?

Can you imagine what Hillary would have said if Obama made similar remarks?

What if Obama suggested it's about time Clinton got assassinated?

DU favorite Michael Goodwin: Terrorist thugs love Barack Obama

it is our job to keep them both alive

We have seen an X-ray of a very dark soul

I have tried to be fair to both sides.

Obama criticizes McCain on veterans' benefits

Could Hillary's Obama/RFK assassination comments constitute a crime?

Hillary Clinton campaign stiffs University of Indiana $55,000.

On to Denver and lets win there!

Hillary's RFK assassination comments = Fear mongering that would make FOX proud

ABC news hit job on Obama because of Hillary's assasination comments

Hillary Clinton's disturbing pattern

Concern in G.O.P. Over Progress of McCain’s Bid (NYT)

Things that happen in June

Where were you in 1968?

I stayed at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in June of 1970

"Clinton Supporter Invokes JFK Killing"

A Hillarious take on the Hillary/RFK statement. If you want a really good laugh, read this.

Found: birthplace of Hillary supporters... maybe here too :)

OK, everybody out of the pool.

Obama, please announce your VP choice soon

Clint Eastwood feels 'sorry' for Clinton

Anybody who says Hillary was saying "anything can happen" is absolutely LYING

Does burying hillary on this point hurt obama more than help him?

The silver lining is that now Obama is off the hook about his veep choice...

Whether she meant it or not, she is going to be perceived as a Vulture circling above Obama

Yes, Hillary will still be campaigning in June. And August. It will never end.

Clinton Surrogate Makes Creepy Reference To JFK Assassination

This forum is starting to feel pointless for Obama supporters

Am I Too Late?

Obama electrifies Cuban exile group, long a GOP mainstay

the "i don't think she meant anything by it/gaffe" meme

CNN LIVE: Obama Speaking in "Puerto Rico" Right now

Is Hillary a fighter or is she a victim? Make up your damned minds, Hillary supporters.

POLL: What's your opinion of Clinton's Assasination Comment Today?

She just doesn't understand why people want her to get out.

Where will it all end?

Clinton to Remain in Race Until Obama is Assassinated

Clinton campaign owes Indiana University $55K

Virginia trio draws veep notice - Webb, Kaine, and Warner all mentioned as possible mates for Obama

To Hillary Supporters: It was incredibly tasteless for Hillary to have used the word ASSASSINATE

Booman: The Question Clinton Couldn't Answer

If I have to have 4 years of Hillary running the White House the same way shes run her campaign....

If I have to have 4 years of Hillary running the White House the same way shes run her campaign....

Trail of Tall Tales - Obama

Super Delegates: Hillary has lobbed this one to you now get to work

Death-Wish Hillary Primes Manchurian Candidate

The Cancer That Is Hillary Clinton

RE: Gaffes: "If thou thinkest twice, before thou speakest once, thou wilt speak twice

Obama should defend Clinton. It's the gracious thing to do.

Bill Clinton/Flowers original tapes to be auctioned off next month online.

Give me a fuckin' break

How many "You need us in the Fall..." posts will there be today??

Get a grip: NO Democrats want to see Obama assassinated.

Obama is no RFK.

The Responsibility of High Powered Clinton Supporters

Shame on all of you, really

She said it on March 6 too...its not a gaffe, its not misspeaking, its her talking point!

Death-Wish Hillary Primes Manchurian Candidate

Death-Wish Hillary Primes Manchurian Candidate

Obama, Clinton pick up delegates in Georgia

Some straight talk.

It's the incompetence, stupid! Hillary's campaign continues to demonstrate its incompetence.

It's the incompetence, stupid! Hillary's campaign continues to demonstrate its incompetence.

Of the 5 people you know best, what' the breakdown in support

HuffPo article on Hill assassination comment has EIGHT THOUSAND COMMENTS in less than 24 HOURS!

How you hear Hillary's remarks is a product of how you viewed her before she said them

WOW! 500+ R's In GDP!

North Carolina GE: Mccain 44 Obama 39 Mccain +5

Just wait till Sen. Clinton holds that press conference outside the Denver convention.

McSame is 'meeting' with VP Candidates? LOL!

Let's get a few things straight regarding Hillary's comments

I'm trying give Hillary the benefit of the doubt, but then she makes no sense whatsoever.

Obama, Clinton, McCain Join Forces To Form Nightmare Ticket

Obama, Clinton, McCain Join Forces To Form Nightmare Ticket

Obama, Clinton, McCain Join Forces To Form Nightmare Ticket

Obama's talk with The Palm Beach Post in Florida, May 23, 2008

The lynch mob is at the gate

I HIGHLY Recommend This Book To Everyone Here Right Now. Should Be Required Reading:

The RFK comments: will it be the top story on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows, or

The RFK comments: will it be the top story on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows, or

Hillary Clinton SHOULD Understand Where She's Going When She Says Assassination.

Are *these* Clintons the same Clintons we were so eager to vote for?

Changing the Subject. McCain's HEALTH....

To those who think it's unfair to attack Hillary today over her comments..

To those who think it's unfair to attack Hillary today over her comments..


Hillary has something in common with Dubya

Hillary has something in common with Dubya

Brilliant Speech given by Obama to CANF, and yet, all I read is about what Hillary said?

Say What?

Is this the way she wanted to go out?

Average National Polls: Obama 47.8/McCain 43.1=Obama + 4.7///Clinton 46.0/McCain 44.5= Clinton +1.5

Three Times Is Not A Gaff

"I believe in the forgiveness of sin and the redemption of ignorance."

Headlines - Obama in Puerto Rico Today

DAMN!!!! anyone ever seen this info on the Clintons

Please Tombstone me.

Fatigue? - But won't she be fatigued at 3 a.m. in the morning?

on "saving it for mccain"

My Interview With Pastor Hagee On His Anti-Semitic Statements (and What Will Lieberman Say Now?)

Excerpt from Tomorrow's Campaign Speech

Obama will win the nomination on June 3

Two SDs declare so far today - from GA

I feel like time has stopped, right after getting kicked in the nads

I feel like time has stopped, right after getting kicked in the nads

I feel like time has stopped, right after getting kicked in the nads



Will Third Party Candidates Tip the Presidential Race?

Clinton is wrong about 1992

Goodness! It's almost June. It's been so wonderful seeing you and Bill, Hillary.

If you tank us in 08, we will tank you in 12

If you tank us in 08, we will tank you in 12

to Hillary supporters claiming sexism

I'm just 20, so why should I care?

Hillary sided with Bush in 2006

Bittergate lasted for a week. Same with Wrightgate

Senator Clinton's Bitter Supporters

"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you

Rec this thread if

Rec this thread if

Why is Bill lending his weight to support this skank?


So how does it feel?

Can we agree that the four state pledge has expired?

I still think Ted Strickland is the best VP pick ...

I still think Ted Strickland is the best VP pick ...

How Lanny Davis will spin this:

So, is there anyone out there who honestly believes Hillary can still win the nomination?

I'll be taking your resignations - Hillary supporters, and in order

Obama fans want an apology!1?!11

Fundraising Idea - Hillary Can Post A VP Slot On Her Ticket On E-Bay

Hillary is a vulture.

I wish Obama had defended Hillary immediately.

McMummy? Is this a good name? His Ideas/concepts are Hysterical

IM RESIGNED TO BE BORED !!1!1@!1!12#@1!

IM RESIGNED TO BE BORED !!1!1@!1!12#@1!

Eugene Robinson on MSNBC yesterday about the Hillary incident:

Looking at both the Clinton campaign and the Obama campaign, how each one reacts under pressure

"If you're having trouble recalling another Dem primary that extended all the way into June...

"If you're having trouble recalling another Dem primary that extended all the way into June...

Are there any recent polls for Puerto Rico? I know Hillary

I just don't get this Hillary Comment Uproar!

Just glanced at Hillaryis44

This Hillary Camper Has Said Nothing YET

Who will be the last Hillary supporter to GBCW?

I just read the transcript of Sen. Clinton's comments.

I just read the transcript of Sen. Clinton's comments.

What has Hillary done to deserve the benefit of the doubt?

I sit back, smile and appreciate........

I sit back, smile and appreciate........

There are thousands of exceptional Hillary supporters at DU.

Remembering 1968

Clinton thinks people are upset ONLY because she offended the Kennedys.

Hillary Clinton on Obama's "bitter" "gaffe"

"We shouldn't negotiate with Russian PM Putin because you know, people get Assassinated."

I will not waste any of my three threads posting about leaving!

Hillary supporters please watch this

History lesson for Obamabots: RFK was assassinated in June, 1968.

No Clinton Supporters Responded To My Post About Empathy

A writing exercise: help me write out what Hillary Clinton MEANT to say.

A writing exercise: help me write out what Hillary Clinton MEANT to say.

Whew, we need some comic relief. Hmmm, I wonder Nader's up to...

attention hillary supporters!

Hillary still gas tax holiday pandering in South Dakota

This is exactly like that Kerry "gaffe" when it was thought he called the troops stupid

GOP Rumor: Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video Lurks....if true,

The meaning of my communication is the response that I get.

How much will Obama choosing a running mate from Virginia help in the region?

Hillary Supporters - DON'T QUIT DU, Hillary has not quit yet and look how bad things are for her!

She's not sorry for what she said. She never will be, either.

Debunking the Obama unelectability myth

Analysis Of The "Threat" Of HillaryIs44: It's Basically Just A Couple Hundred People At Most!

I'm feeling a sense of resignation

I apologize to Hillary Supporters

I can't leave you guys alone for a minute

Being a Hillary supporter here in DU is like being black at a KKK mtg., or

How does the Argus Leader (the editorial board that interviewed Hillary) see the RFK remark?

Is tonight the beginning of the end for the Democratic Leadership Council?

Keith Olbermann is generally full of piss and vinegar . . .

Keith Olbermann is generally full of piss and vinegar . . .

Keith Olbermann is generally full of piss and vinegar . . .

Keith Olbermann is generally full of piss and vinegar . . .

Keith Olbermann is generally full of piss and vinegar . . .


Regardless of the true meaning of her "gaffe", her biggest problem is she fails to inspire

1968, NH on Mar 12 with only 15 total primaries

HOPE: listen to this endorsement speech....

The Irony Involved In Hillary's Unfortunate Remark

Caroline Kennedy: A President Like My Father

Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself.

Some random snippets from a conversation I had today with real live people:

I remain unconvinced that HRC is the more qualified candidate for the presidency...

Hillary is NOT "Done" -

En la Isla Barack Obama

Gallup and Rasmussen release today's tracking polls (Obama vs. McCain)


Check these comments from Hillary supporters!

Stephanopoulos: Hillary's campaign is talking about taking the fight to the convention

Senator John McCain refuses to speak in lecture hall.

I'll stand with Obama - Bad word choice, gaffe, take her word. Lets move on.

I am trying to find a website that allows you to contact superdelegates

How quickly people forget the "Dean Scream" phenomenom...(HRC comment)

THE MATH Daily Widget – Saturday, May 24 – Wigand +0.00 – Total -3.00

In honor of Memorial Day, Bush vows to give up miniature golf.

Anyone else starting to like Edwards for SCOTUS?

McCain's potential running mate: Jindal - '100% against abortion, no exceptions'

Obama and his supporters take talking points from Drudge

"mr. clinton better watch out if he comes down here. he better have a bodyguard."

Damn! Bush-McCain Fundraiser Scaled Back - Can't Sell Enough Tickets.

Is Barack Obama Muslim? The question answered for good at the link.

Wait, it can't go to the Convention, can it? Is it possible?

What? Did you say something?

People are leaving?

'I don't think she's hoping for some tragic catastrophic event to intervene'

The 16 million Democrats who have voted for Sen. Clinton

NYT on Hillary: "Say What?"

Bill Clinton: Once Fla. and Mich. Are Counted, Neither Candidate Able to Get Majority From Pledged D

Bill Clinton: Once Fla. and Mich. Are Counted, Neither Candidate Able to Get Majority From Pledged D

Obviously, Govenor Huckabees comment was a huge gaffe. But I think it's apparent that his intent...

Watching CNN today, I have only seen Hillary/McCain and Tornado News?

some fun facts: dailykos vs. hillaryis44

Hey Clinton apologists, do you actually know what the primary process was like back in 1968?

Hey Clinton apologists, do you actually know what the primary process was like back in 1968?

What do you think Clinton believed her "assassination" remark would accomplish?

I started posting responses many times today- RE: Assassination comment.

Who has the better Qualifications to Lead Our Country And Why?

Will everyone please recommend the very reasonable message Skinner posted at

*** REC if you think HILLARY should be THROWN DOWN A WELL!!!

Bot Tactics - what to do when your LEADER has failed (super secret action plan!)


All she meant was that Bobby Kennedy's campaign was still active in June

Hillary is only guilty of a Gaffe at the very worst.

How dare Hillary Clinton insult my intelligence?

Well Then...

Well Then...

Karma's not magic...

Hillary's Power Play -- Split The Party, Win in 2012 For The DLC

"You get careless" ABC article quotes Obama

When members claim to have cried over certain remarks, do you believe them?

Historical Errors in Sen Clinton's June primary logic

Fellow Hillary Supporters: Time to Give Again!

Time: Hillary's Vice-Presidential Tango

There is something else assured in the world, other than death and taxes...


I see people posting GE maps, but how many of you understand how polling works?

PLEASE has anyone seen the NEW Obama poster with a Tree in the center? Need link.

REC if you think all "REC IF" posters should be flogged with a wet noodle!

I will not recommend my thread because quite frankly, I don't get it!

"No business being, nor the capacity to be, President of the United States"

Hillary haters and bush haters have a lot in common.

What lousy timing for Hillary to make her comments...

What is more important that Obama has more class than his supporters or Hillary

Obama Gave A Fantastic Speech Today In Miami...

Fifteen years of death threads against the Clintons

Fifteen years of death threads against the Clintons

Fifteen years of death threads against the Clintons

Cuba dissidents back Obama pledge

Lies, Lies, Lies....


SUSA VP Polls - Obama beats McCain in OH, PA, VA - NM (tied)

Obama now only 54 delegates away from 2025

What the hell was "RFK assassination" doing in her library of talking points to begin with?

Barack Obama wants Bill to heal Hillary Clinton wounds

In a sign that the two camps are drawing together-Al Gore-To Host Joint Fundraiser

Worries in G.O.P. About Disarray in McCain Camp

I'm going to post something very dramatic soon in GDP...

Pictures of the Obama Sunrise Rally (Sunrise, FL), yesterday

Breaking: Hillary Clinton was the shooter on the grassy knoll

Sexist much?

*** Saturday Super Delegate Update ** Obama's magic number 54

Grantcart, tell us the story about the delegate magic again, pleeeze!!??!?!?!?

Who else used to LOVE Bill Clinton, and now DESPISE him?

Political Vulture

Happy Birthday and all the best.. Barack Obama

Countdown has now surpassed O'reilly in the important 25-54 year old viewership

i keep hearing hillary apologized...but i cant ever remember her apologizing before

Front Page Newspaper Reaction to HRC/RFK Comments

I respect Hillary supporters

Spring Cleaning! Anyone interested in purchasing Kerry memorabilia ?Everything from pix to

If RFK's Babby Boy Understands What Hillary Meant why Can't DUer's?

Scenes from the trail: Obama's 'caminata'

Obama & The DNC Gave Hillary Enough Rope To Hang Herself

is there room for Clinton supporters in the Democratic Party anymore?

For the last time... It is not about GENDER....

Can we have an award for best dramatic "I'm leaving DU" message?

PROOF of media bias in Clinton/Obama matchup!!!

I RESIGN FROM THIS BOARD TOO!!!!11!!!1!!22111#

Obama: Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs Responsible For Rise In Hate Crimes Against Hispanics

Mike Gravel is in the Libertarian Presidential Debate on CSPAN

Obama's political team out-organized Clinton-Barack Obama's loyalists have stunned even themselves


Attention ALL DEMOCRATS!!! Philly's "OBAMA [insert suffix]'s" forgive the Clinton's.

Is it me or Obama looked very upset today?

Danged hot headed kid, threw a helluva tantrum yesterday.

Alaska Democrats have overwhelmingly backed Barack Obama at their state convention

I can't stand her; I wish she would just go away!

Obama says Clinton "stirring up" Florida controversy

Co-chair of Clinton Hispanic council endorses Obama

Revealed at last:how Obama gets hIs supporters

Three Times Is Not A Gaff

Thats' right, Folks! We're gonna need all of those racists!!!!!

Since Hillary and some supporters claim the race is "neck and neck," why no talk of HER short list?

To all the Obama supporters, I have a question. Just suppose, for just a minute

Stop clarifying what Hillary meant, it's clear. She also knew what Obama meant when he said "bitter"

I think announcing that you're leaving an on-line forum is kind of silly...

Sunday News Show Lineup-5/25/08


GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout’


I am amazed by the Hillary apologist

Sending cards to Sen. Kennedy - anyone know the best

Can everyone who is resigning please check in here?

Remembering the "stop screening people" at Dallas rally....

Radiation leaks detected in Chinese earthquake zone

ON THIS DATE in Bush History -- Saturday May 24th (The Slaughter of 1000s)

WTF? South America has a regional economic alliance and we still haven't moved on one?

It was CRUEL, it was CALLOUS, and it was CALCULATED

I have telling my husband for months that I fear for Obama

The Texas Appeals Court ruling on the FLDS may be correct, BUT

Seas off West Coast very acidic, study warns

ABC reporting on fallout RFK comment - screen said "Gender Politics"

Why WAS the RFK assassination repeatedly invoked?

I forgive Hillary for her poor judgment

A positive note: Bobby Kennedy predicted a black president in 30 years in 1967!

A positive note: Bobby Kennedy predicted a black president in 30 years in 1967!

Biochemical warfare?

I usually plant my tomatoes around RFK's assasination and harvest my potaotoes around 9/11

McCain's Health Report

Is Hillary Clinton a delicate flower or can she handle crisis like Obama handled his.

Is Hillary Clinton a delicate flower or can she handle crisis like Obama handled his.

Memorial Day Weekend for McCain

Why all the fake indignation and outrage from the Obama crowd?

FUNNY! Bush/McCain!

Countdown passes up O'Reilly Factor, 25-54 demographic

Hagee: Split With McCain Best For Both Of Us

Bush-McCain Fundraiser Scaled Back Due To Lack Of Takers

The Chalabsey Twins (McCain & Lieberman)


Lawmaker calls foreclosure of her home improper

A good Vanity Fair piece (no, not the Ironman reference)

Drinkin' the Kool-Aid - 'Expelled' Inspires Anti-Evolution Legislation

WJ this morning: Sen Clinton's comments on Robert Kennedy

Rob Rogers Toons

do other countries jump from crisis to crisis?

Team Clinton; People don't understand the context or the intrterpretation ...

Obama Says He Accepts Clinton Explanation of Controversial Comment

If you have been putting off getting your roof shingles replaced ...

Bush to campaign with McInsane in Utah - WE'RE PROTESTING!


Fighting for control of the planet's food supply

Indictment and Trial of Bush and Cheney

Indictment and Trial of Bush and Cheney

Delete..-moved to the other forum

Do any charities pay the cost of returning home...

Do any charities pay the cost of returning home...

Assassination is never ever an acceptable

Hillary should suspend her Secret Service Detail she has had since 1992.

Question about the Economic Stimulus

Food will be the expensive shopping item into 2030

House Aims At Pentagon "Propaganda" On Iraq War

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, did you ever hear of mosques being bombed? Or Sunni and Shia clashes?

Flanders Fields

How come when a woman does something.......

Boycott Olberman

Program for Memorial Day -- Walk, Give Thanks, Repent, and Pray

HAZMAT - Norway - oil

Obama in Florida

Do you think the media will forget how they were partially to blame

It's Larry Craig "Bobblefoot" Day!

Obama Landslide: A Preliminary 2008 True Vote Projection ( x )

Americans Driving At Historic Lows

Poor ticket sales, expected protests scuttle Bush-McCain fundraiser at Phoenix Convention Center

What would Hitler do?

Oldie but Goodie: How Corporate Personhood Threatens Democracy

Oldie but Goodie: How Corporate Personhood Threatens Democracy

A friend asks about Obama vs McCain and I respond...

Swine Song

Clinton doesn't want Obama dead. She just said something incredibly stupid.

The BIGGER problem with Clinton's RFK analogy

McCain certainly has spine


Just Because You Are Not Paranoid, It Doesn't Mean That They Are Not After You!

Blaming Republicans for Sour Relations in Congress

Blaming Republicans for Sour Relations in Congress

USA Today: Gas costs cut into vacation travel

A headline for Bushworld "Pace of Home Sales Decline in

McSame wants to overturn Roe/Wade by selecting RightWing Jurists to Supreme Court.

Vicious Racism Concealed by a British Accent

A lot of people are leaving DU forever today......

***** REPLAY on C-SPAN Senate Judiciary RISING OIL PRICES *****

They're Coming to Your Town - an anti-gay fundie DVD.....

The King Bows to the Serfs

Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.) says Dems were insincere about ending war

Jesse Ventura said America has reached a fascist state...

Bush's war sacrifice

Bush-McCain fundraiser not selling enough tickets to fill Phoenix convention center.»

Dem VS Bush-Dem

Bush Golfing Again, Says "Long Nat'l Nightmare" Over

I wonder how Hillary's comment goes over with the African-American community?


The More I Think About It The More I Realize It Was Congress That Failed Us

Vallejo, California, goes bust

IF... A Very Wise Poem for this Stormy Time, written by author and poet Rudyard Kipling...

McCain's Ambien Use: a Security Threat?

most important point about McCain's health records

ON THIS DATE in Bush History -- Saturday May 24th (The Slaughter of 1000s)

Obama throws Hillary haters under the bus

Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights

MarketWatch: Put your house on the market now? Are you nuts?

Bush Radio: Even though Junior doesn't attend Military funerals, he still grieves for your loss.

Kos: Ha ha ha ha ha (McWar fundraiser update)

Will playing with toy guns turn dangerous?

Barbie Battles Bratz as Toy Makers Head to Trial

Earth calling Obamites: "GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout’"

Chimpy can't fill seats at fundraiser...

Fashioning A Memorial Of Art And Stone

Wall Street Journal: If $4 Gas Is Bad, Just Wait

OK, so this was the last straw.

Sen. Mitch McConnell hiding his real reason for his "Medical Discharge" from

Sen. Mitch McConnell hiding his real reason for his "Medical Discharge" from

ID theft CEO dared thieves to take his Social Security they did

Profiles of U.S. soldiers who've died in Iraq

Profiles of U.S. soldiers who've died in Iraq

Why do individuals pay taxes on INCOME, but businesses only have to pay on PROFITS?

Here's a mayor worth voting for :) (pic of him presenting sex toy to young woman)

Must See TV Sunday - Talking Heads

ok, two threads by the exact same title on the front page.

Now this is no surprise...California's hate rePUKES

If Hillary used the N-word to attack Obama....

What corrupts politicians more donations or after-office jobs?

I will say one positive thing about McCain

HRC supporters, why are Wright, Bittergate, SOTU snub, etc. legit issues but assassination isn't?

HRC supporters, why are Wright, Bittergate, SOTU snub, etc. legit issues but assassination isn't?

To quote Charlie Murphy's "True Hollywood Stories" Hillary is a "a habitual line-stepper"

Toobin Calls Voter ID Laws ‘A Clear Attempt By Republicans To Stop Democrats From Voting

"I want to be the world's peacemaker."

Over Here: Iraq the Place vs. Iraq the Abstraction - World Affairs Journal

VA: "Is this something we should (carefully) address ourselves... before someone stumbles on it?"

California Home Prices Drop 32% Amid Foreclosures, Realtors Say

New questions about McCain's melanoma

First Ever Gay March Held in Ankara, Turkey

Richardson for VP?

Faux New's Shephard Smith: Bill O'Really " is Frightening"

Clinton Comments Not as Bad As Some Are Making Them To Be

Clinton Comments Not as Bad As Some Are Making Them To Be

Progressives vs. anarco-primitivists

Admit it people, Clinton made a mistake.

Admit it people, Clinton made a mistake.

Avg. Gas Prices by City (in ascending order)

Local articles for the holiday and notes on my dad

Obama's Classy Response Regarding Hillary's Assassination Comments

Lebanon set to elect new president on Sunday

Can you all stand just *one more* thread about Hillary/RFK?

With God on our side

4000 Americans Have Died In Iraq-This Is The True Story Of How 1 Of Them Came Home (Esquire)

George Bush, The Brave...

A blow to Arab neo-liberals

Michele Bachmann Watch, 5-24-08

Matthew Rothschild: Vets for Peace Booted from National Memorial Day Parade

Why leave the DU, when you can just use the IGNORE button?!

mitchtv has a great idea

SUPPORT OUR VETS - Makes a great magnetic sticker for your car.

Photos of Obama in Puerto Rico

2010 $200 a barrel $7.00 a gallon

1,000 miles an hour!!!!!

History in the making for Hezbollah

Media Matters on Lou Dobbs SOON!!!

U.S. Considers Outlawing 'Unauthorized Information Exchanges'

Group wants Wi-Fi banned from public buildings

Bill O'Reilly: Combat Veteran

Live Video on CNN, Tornado touchdown in Hennessey, OK

GDP is turning me into a crazy person....

Some people are doing just fine.

No love for anti-war veterans in Bremerton parade

So they irradiate mail going to Congresspeople

China, Russia rule out military actions on Iran

Over 100 found in mass graves

I will not recommend Skinners thread because quite frankly, he doesn't get it!

I will not recommend Skinners thread because quite frankly, he doesn't get it!

I would simply like to wish

I would simply like to wish

US Military Deaths In Iraq War At 4,081

Finally Proof: Smoking Marijuana Can Kill You

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Unpaid property taxes mount

So, What are You Doing to Cut Back? Do you even need to?

Veterans' burials nonstop at national cemeteries

Love Is Bigger Than Government

U.S. "Bullying" Hurts Cluster Bomb Ban Work: Activists

Iraq War Vets Return With Lung Disease

The Chemical Dumbing Down of America

Memorial Day ~ DU Edition

Utah Phillips died today. Congestive heart failure.

self-delete - wrong forum.

Barack's new flag pin...

Sunday TV news shows

a year and a half ago Hillary blasted Kerry

The AWOL pretzeldent wants us to go to a battlefield.

Is this correct? I thought we were way ahead in $.?

Cable Prices Keep Rising, and Customers Keep Paying

Why I am against Senator Clinton

Bush May Create Largest Marine Reserves in World (wants to leave legacy)

Tornado watches continue for Oklahoma

Co-chair of Clinton Hispanic council endorses Obama

Tornado watches in ND tonight as well as continuing in OK.

That Scranton Gal is a headline grabber.. 1,517 and counting

Now I have heard it all .

Bellevue VFW Needs $6,000 By Tuesday or will get foreclosed on

Why won't the US complain about all of the Russian and Chinese weapons pouring into Iraq?

Who does Obama want in the draft?

What's funny...for all the irrational loathing of the Clintons that occurs at DU...

Florida County Bans Hiring of Smokers (and some companies test your Spouse for smoking too)

Florida County Bans Hiring of Smokers (and some companies test your Spouse for smoking too)

Gas Price Surge Under Bush Follows Unchecked Refinery Mergers

Gas Price Surge Under Bush Follows Unchecked Refinery Mergers

Sharpshooters on the roof

Dave Lindorff: Rice's Lies About Torture

The Relationship Between the Popular Vote and the Electoral College in U.S. Presidential Elections

Data Mining and the Security-Liberty Debate

I think we need a bit of humor this weekend: Post your favorite Bush jokes!

Does anyone know what happened to adbusters

Why are so many people misspelling "protester" lately?

I`m done , gave 70.00 in the beginning of the year. Guess it wasn`t enough.

Deportations to rise 22 percent

Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan !!!

Watching ads for the humane society , and you know , I love animals and all

McCain snarling picture, what's the story behind this?

Goodwin: Hillary Clinton's colossal blunder simply the last straw & NY Daily News Cover

Is it time to lock up the site?

What's your WalkScore?

Democrats are…

Peak oil

When and how far will gas prices fall after Labor day and before the GE?

Has DU Sent Roses To Eliz Edwards Yet? Sorry, I can't remember

Has DU Sent Roses To Eliz Edwards Yet? Sorry, I can't remember

Ok, well it's true - Hillary has done better than Obama this week vs McCain.

Bobby Kennedy. Were you aware then, or not, and do you cry at the sound or thought of his voice?

Restaurant apologizes to black minister

Hillary tells Floridians McCain would like their vote...and various other outrages.

Matt Taibbi's excellent new article from Rolling Stone

Obama, Clinton move on from RFK (we should too)

Obama, Howard Dean speak up against attacks on immigrants...Rahm says "move right to win"

Teenager's Science Fair Project May Deliver Us From Plastic

Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

Obama's answer to mccain's criticism that Obama didn't serve in the armed forces

Did You all know the Stone of Destiny is now in Scotland?

GWB has been reduced to being McCain's backdoor campaign ho

Was out on errands..there is literally nobody on the roads.

Imagine how frightened Michelle must have been last night

& For His Treatment of Children, Bush is a War Criminal !

GOP fundraiser canceled for lack of interest

The irony of Hillary's analogy to RFK

NY Times: Worries in G.O.P. About Disarray in McCain Camp

Need info, please: what the heck is going on?

What is your favorite Republican lie?

Zogby: Obama has sprinted to 10 point lead over McCain!!


I wish the Hillaryists realized how much they are harming the true feminist movement

AP: "Obama's political team out-organized Clinton"

Why do we care about the Kennedys?

So Why Is Everyone Leaving The DU

So Why Is Everyone Leaving The DU

Resistance and Revolution

Memorial Day, and a short request...

I say "yes"

Breaking: MSNBC to burn Olbermann's Special Comment chair. Public health reasons cited.

Barack Obama is the BRAVEST Human Being to Run For President in 40 Years

We need leaders who understand, and have BOUNDARIES.


Q on Yahoo Answers: ''What rate of return for a capitalist is not considered greedy?'' & my answer

Hillary Clinton's greatest Hopes are my worse Fears

Why do Republicans hate all Democrats?

On The Road: Clinton's Very Bad Day

***** C-SPAN Guantanao Bay Detainee Treatment & Trials = House Hearing *****

In honor of RFK Jr: Ted Kennedy's Eulogy for Bobby

Larry Sabato:Republicans told him privately"if Richardson gets the nomination, it is all over for us

Playback: Terry McAuliffe on MTP 13 days ago. R:"Something catastrophic?" A:"Absolutely."

Barack Obama's Map to 270 - 5/24/2008

Vincent Bugliosi wants Bush charged with murder

Need a new car? How about a new handgun, too?

Senator Clinton: You lost because of Iraq, not sexism

Rove's Legal Team Caught: Involved With DoD Military Analyst Program

What Is A Veteran?

So sad to watch Hillary's long, slow, spiralling plunge into the ground.

If Hillary threw her bookbag across the room when Martin Luther King got shot,

If Hillary threw her bookbag across the room when Martin Luther King got shot,

the next president needs to put the gasoline situation in terms of the iraq war-

The Line Heard Across The Pond

The Line Heard Across The Pond

BookTV Schedule: May 24th - 27th (3 days!)

To all those leaving DU...

Just another useless "Unity" thread

Gas Prices check in ...... $4.35 in Brighton, Michigan

The Exit is the final Casualty

It's amazing to me that everyone who is cutting down Hillary Clinton...

Judge issues orders to city in Carnaby suit (Preserve evidence)

Russian Communist party calls for the new Indiana Jones film ban for distorting history

How long will it be before the Logan Act in enforced?

Another pro-Clinton blog calls for her to step down.

"In a tone both OUTRAGED and SARCASTIC, the appeal said Siegelman unduly punished for 'pure speech'"

for Utah.

A Talking Point Gone Awry - or - Hillary Pens Her Own Political Obituary: Blogosphere Reaction

DU has canged my mind and now I believe Rush and Sean.

Did Hillary Mean To Say It?

Ex-Clinton Supporter here...

Hillary's Nonsensical, Historical Excuse for RFK Assassination Crack:

"McCain had "normal" urinary habits and freckles scattered across his backside"

Racism is a serious problem in America.

Send Hillary a message: Donate $19.68 to Obama this week.

Obama's political jujitsu...

Bending Over for Bush - $165 Billion for More War Collins/Scoop

Some FLDS kids reuinted with parents (article, link)

How do you commute?

I talked to a techie from my computer's manufacturer today, presumably from a call ctr in India....

Obama's pick for VP should be the most experienced, capable man for the job: Bill Clinton

Obama's pick for VP should be the most experienced, capable man for the job: Bill Clinton

Sadly, I was largely wrong with my OP last night.

The Fall of Conservatism (The New Yorker)

I've decided to switch my support to Hillary Clinton.

I've decided to switch my support to Hillary Clinton.

The Need For Empathy


Obviously, Senator Clinton's comment was a huge gaffe. But I think it's apparent that her intent...

Support our Troops?

Poverty Wages , "progressives", and racism

I just wanted to let you know I resigned

LTTE from a Hillary supporter


Some interesting tidbits about the latest two lawsuits filed against the DNC.Timelines, coincidences

Mark Warner being considered for Obama's VP

Were I To Smoke Reefer Again Man, I'd Smoke It Like This...

I do not like Sobe

How would you good people like to have a look at my GD/P thread?

If you could have one, just one

Holy Swarming Smokes Folks..

I've Decided That I Will Once Again Be Emperor Of Teh Lounge

Khash does his lyrics thang again

I dipped my right thumb and index finger in boiling water. Ask me anything.


Christina Ricci - now and then

Deer tears through Wisconsin telecom business

Is this wrong?

If you are here, check in please

By this time tomorrow

Lucky shot pic thread


I am faxing Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee on Tuesday....

Dammit!! Why does this Redskin fan have to keep calling me.....

How many people post on GD:P drunk?

Which was the better Indiana Jones sequel?

My Uncle has a kid working for us that is on work release

Anybody else find the last scene of the new Indy movie very disappointing? (**spoilers**)

A Zen moment

The usual late night early morning sick, tired, short of money blues...

Happy Saturday!

OCD {Obnoxious Collection Display} [dial - up warning]

Midlo's word of the day: converation. Use it in a sentence.

Now that Kittimus Prime is a bit used to his surroundings...

"Down Boys"

Wow... Andy Dick has three children

Nice flame war Midlo

I'm at the beach for memorial day weekend... what are you planning for this long weekend?

Why the hell did I get out of bed at 6:45am on a Saturday?

When The War Came

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/24/2008)

It;s not so bad without a TV.

MEL BROOKS interview on NPR right NOW> funny as hell of course

This is a public service announcement...with guitars

I do not like Kobe

All the reason you need not to see Indy4 (no spoilers)

Holy fucking fuck!!

McCain's Use Of Ambien: Is It A Problem?

Someone who speaks Spanish better than I....

It is not necessary of give cats a bath , myth ?

Last words you might not want to say

My son woke up this morning and said,"Ahhhh today is really like Friday...."

Utah Phillips died last night.

"And I suppose Ted Kennedy isn't 1/16th black either!?"

My bird beat me up.

My brother graduate high school today!

What the **ck folks!! Why are we at Level 1??2??

This image makes no sense....

As My Gift To You... I Will Now Release ALL My Correspondence With

Bob Dylan: With God on Our Side (two versions)

WTF is up with the weather in Los Angeles?

The last thing I have to do this semester...write an abstract for an academic conference

Fresh salmon may cost more at walmart, but at least they leave the outer skin on!

Yes, its back: Breastfeeding in Public

Ever play Monopoly, people can get really strange when they start getting rich.

Question for the guys... (and some girls too)


American Idol , next year's season (Beware, BIG spoilers inside...)

Oedi's Camel Spotting Lounge neon lights (dial-up warning; animation)

Nice reference to a flame war, sasquatch.

Nice reference to a flame war, DarkTirade.

My washer is finally fixed.

Jimmy Page

Good Morning

I love the local indie record store, always great deals and very cool people working there.

I'm bored. Give me your iTunes playlist. :)

Will someone please, PLEASE, beg George Lucas to retire?

Minor leaguer traded for 10 baseball bats

wtf is this (from

My roomies rule - verdict is in

That was effen brilliant!!!!!!!

Highly scientific poll on the duration of love

Shit, Paula Abdul has had some "work" done

NEXTS YEARS American Idol

Awesome picture of the ISS from the ground

Go Azerbaijan!

How many internet memes can YOU spot? (Weezer's new one)

I thought of a way today for anyone to leave behind a lasting legacy

Simpsons fans, rejoice!! Season 20 is going ahead!!

Ugh: "Minnesota Church Files Restraining Order Against Autistic Parishioner"

So I'm Sirhan Sirhan now.........

four words:

Are there any movies out that don't suck?

Smelly cat, Smelly cat, what are they feeding you?

Susan B. Anthony sighting in GDP

"It's called SHRINKAGE!"


Anybody else not feel like going outside today?

Should I get this

I need to rant!!! Re: "Development" and wildlife habitat destruction

I have gmail accounts to give away if anyone wants them..

Really Cool Visual -- See Sound! (actual physical experiment - not simulated)...

Is there a YouTube of George Clooney's commercial for Nespresso anywhere?

Weird campaign collectibles: Slide/audio show at Newsweek.

So, I took a stroll in GDP last night...

Did anyone notice something new about Gmail today?

Ready for a cookout? Think again!

I got a new haircut! (with pics)

philboy doesn't deliver

Okay question, does anyone have a link to one of the actual Olive Garden flamewar threads?

Damn, Damn, Damn, Another death of someone I knew all too well

Teen actor in upcoming 'Harry Potter' film killed

before and after hair cut!

Anybody else having a problem with ants?

Thrown out

Every year the value of my car goes down

Every year the value of my car goes down

Magnetic stickers

Hey Midlo I got you topped!

I miss you

Lolz! There is a lolcat thread in GDP!

Way back when...Starting Friday Morning, January 1, 1869

I'm on top of Mildo

Ok. I am SO bored...Help!!

Who should be Queen of the LIFETIME CHANNEL?

My new humidifier comes with a fan only option, with a bin to put in ice.

Question about the Economic Stimulus

Question about the Ergonomic Stimulus

got lucky today: found not one but two summer weight suits, suitable for job interviews

My cat had a couple of hot spots, so the vet put her on a food

Let's have a complain about gas prices thread -- $4.19 here in WI today

Answer 4 earth (A trivia game to help the earth)

Answer 4 earth (A trivia game to help the earth)

I spent my day Sailing...

Folk singer Utah Phillips dies in California

Country music is the O.G. emo

Anybody from the Quad Cities area?

any college softball fans in the lounge?

I envision the day "full screen" pan 'n' scan is made illegal.

I walk 16 miles/week, do 75 situps and 50 bicep curls each day

Did you know Southpawkicker is a Golden Cod?

I got a new computer!

So the skull's made of quartz and is the size of a Christmas ham, right?

I am too lazy to check the rulez, are sex threads allowed in the lounge ?

I am too lazy to check the rulez, are sex threads allowed in the lounge ?

Going to Philidelphia... alone.

OMG I Rickrolled my brother, sister in law and mother

wtf is this (from google maps)

i'm whiped out(but bored)

High.....guys! (And girls)

What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW? (a message board classic)

It is FREEZING outside today. This is really weird.

How come everytime I turn on the tv there is one of the Aliens movie on.

Just back from spending time in my neighbor's hot tub for my knee, my knee feels great.

DU Musicians please explain this to me ,

your gonna hate me. Tonight's sunset in the NC mountains

I Saw Indy4 Today... I Liked It!!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/24/08

Is it possible to have a pizza with half anchovies, or is that folly?

This is one of the things that will happen to you when you quit smoking

Play a Dylan song

Play a Dylan song

The Italian Job- Caine or Wahlberg?

Self Portrait

My upstairs temporary neighbor snores like a goddamn moose

Oh man...people making out and dry humping across from my balcony...

Does anyone have a portable dishwasher? Hubby just got one at a yard sale and

Four years ago today, my health started to deteriorate at an alarming

I just watched Lions for Lambs. Ask me (almost) anything.

Anyone else using coconut oil - For anything?

My best childhood friend disappeared 18 years ago today

The cat's meds make him smell like waffles.

Austin, the tech at Directv, is a very nice guy...


Oh hai... I's lonely,so i's bugging MrsG...

Oh hai... I's lonely,so i's bugging MrsG...

At the halfway point of Indiana Jones 4, I started documenting how much it sucked. Spoilers

I normally don't agree with Roger Ebert,

Yes! GO Celtics!! w00t!!

Least popular "safeword" in the S&M community?

Some buttons for you (a pic) ROFL

Saturday Night Picture Thread. Post yourself in the Great Outdoors

Attention artists: Is there a way to prevent the drawings in my sketchbook from smudging?

"Put that shit out" Iron Maiden.......

There are two very different types of people in this world...

Incredible KISS footage!

I am craving peanut brittle

I don't love her...

Anybody else having a problem with aunts?

here's an odd concept. what do the "stars" you find attractive reveal about you?

One of my cats peed on my husband's new motorcycle boots!

Answer These Five Questions

Mourning the loss of a loved one, my least pretend you care

House Votes to Ban Pentagon Propaganda: Networks Still Silent

New Smoking Ban Blamed For Bowling Alley's Demise

Newt Gingrich tells audience Bush should have let a few terrorist attacks through

family pic and my new shirt

Really good friend from HS has become a libertarian wingnut

Really good friend from HS has become a libertarian wingnut

Some of my babies- Pic thread!

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan (67)! May you stay "Forever Young."

Muse sought by winner of an occasional DUzy award

The most disturbing gallery of photoshop jobs you'll see all year.

LOL. You guys will get a kick out of this.

Because bicentennial_baby is "almost nekkid" pic thread!!

Troops detain dozens in Shiite areas of Baghdad

No Charges for Two Marines in Deaths of Afghans

Porterville (Calif.) to vote on official motto: 'In God We Trust'

Afghans appalled Marines not charged in killings

Speaking for Dems, Boccieri backs GI bill (radio address)

Minor leaguer traded for 10 baseball bats

Aid teams set as Burma leaders say 'relief phase over'

(State Sen.) Maldonado (GOP) to run in primary for Democrats

Tornadoes rake parts of Kan., Okla.; 2 found dead

Surge in violence against women in Iraqi Kurdistan

US ambassador: Al-Qaida close to defeat in Iraq

al-Sadr Lawmakers Denounce Iraqi Government, Warn Of 'Black Clouds' Hanging Over Militia Truce

Iraq War Vets Return With Lung Disease

Medvedev Says China, Russia to Play Key Role in World Security (even if other powers don't approve)

U.S. and Iraq forces raided Shiite areas during prayers

Colombia says FARC rebel chief dead, hostages could be freed

Floods wreak havoc across Chile

Bush to Raise Money for McCain

270 Illegal Immigrants Sent to Prison in Federal Push

Indonesia hikes fuel prices nearly 30 per cent

Controversial Contractor’s Iraq Work Is Split Up (KBR)

25% Porn Tax Considered as Solution to California Budget Shortfall

Ecuadoreans reject Colombia rebel probe

Bush scales back McCain events (at campaign's request)

No room at the top: Calgary climber reaches peak of crowded Everest

Iran mosque blast plotters admit Israeli, US links: report

Microsoft to shut down book scanning operations

Buffett sees "long, deep" U.S. recession

A co-chair of Clinton's Hispanic council endorses Obama

Fred Meyer pulls Gardenburger products off shelves (Kellogg Co.'s voluntary recall)

Too many winning contracts being challenged, Pentagon says

Diesel price boost (now over $5) means you'll pay more at the pump and the market

FLDS Court Fight Heats Up

German parents post baby on eBay for 1 euro

Violence in Iraq falls to lowest level in 4 years

Colombian media claim FARC chief is dead

Birmingham (Ala.) mayor (D) denies gay parade permit

Obama in Orlando 5/21/08


Because the lyrics just fits

Obama in Orlando Part 2 5/21/08

Willy Wonka's Message to Hillary Clinton

Jeffrey Toobin on Indiana voter ID law

Barack Obama in Sunrise, FL

A better tomorrow

Obama Florida Volunteers

Obama Talks About Veterans Issues in Puerto Rico, 5-24-8

TYT: Spike Lee Gives His Thoughts On the Obama/Clinton Race

In her own words. Sen. Clinton's comments on RFK

Vote for Change: New York City

North America's Pacific Coast DYING


Hillary Explains Her Assassination Comments

Eleanor Clift: Do Democrats Have The Spine To Challenge Karl Rove?

The Chemical Dumbing Down of America

Obama in Sunrise

Operation Gladio: NATO Terrorists pt1 of 15

Takin' It To The Streets

Will Sistani end the war in Iraq?

Gore Vidal on the Candidates: 5.22.2008

Hillary says McCain will be more than happy to have Florida votes. Geller agrees.

Driving Suffers Record Drop: 4.3% in Year

Legal Scholars: Clinton’s Fight for Florida/Michigan Akin to 'Sybil Rights'

Right Grumbles, at McCain's Peril

Obama Campaign Claims a Bitter Hillary Clings to Guns and God

Hillary Refuses to Back a 'Second Amendment' of Gun Slights

What Game Is Hillary Playing?

Independent UK: The US constitution can't let Bush go

Tim Hortons trouble brewing:customer scolded over food for homeless woman

FAIR Study: TV News Stresses Strategy, Downplays Issues

Cindy Sheehan's Memorial Day

Fingerprint Registry Snuck Into Housing Bill

War Abroad and Poverty at Home By Paul Craig Roberts

'E&P' Editor on 'Witnessing' the RFK Assassination

Seeing through Transparency International

Changing Ruts

Bush Power Grab Since 911

Bush's War on Children in Iraq

Billions of Dollars Unaccounted For in Iraq, Pentagon IG Reports

Mexico: Oil privatisation halted due to mass protests

US Plots "Pirate Bay Killer" Trade Agreement .. Wikileaks..

Conservatives Dominate Obama Veep Speculation

Safety Lapses Raised Risks In Trailers for Katrina Victims

War on terror will end; then we'll argue if we won

Law Firm Files Suit to Bar Outsourcing of Client Data

Despite RFK Gaffe, Hillary Still Confident of No. 2 Slot on Ticket

Rove Protégé May Dig for Dirt on Obama

Memorial Day: In memory of my friends and family

Pay falling for entry-level IT jobs

Joe Lieberman, Would-Be Censor

Proposed Treaty Turns Internet Into a Virtual Police State

Peeved at Prices? Don't Blame the Dealer

Cusack and Scahill Go After War Profiteers on Amy Goodman Show

Hillary-Assassination-Seed one ups Johnny Apple Seed.

The Oil Panic of 2008

Sexpot Virgins: The Media's Sexualization of Young Girls

Peggy Noonan - "Sex and the Sissy"

Obama's Secret War Profiteering Tax

Former Prosecutor Says ISP Content Filtering Might Be a 'Five Year Felony'

Hating Hilary

Rising Atmospheric Methane Possibly Tied To Increased Arctic Wetland Emissions - BBC

How Enlightened! ExxonMobil Cuts Funding For Climate "Skeptics" - Reuters

StatoilHydro Reports "Serious, Confused" Situation At Site Of Major North Sea Oil Leak - ENN/Reuters

150 MPG

"No Self Respecting Woman Should Wish or Work for the Success of a Party That Ignores Her Sex."

Yay!! Lake Ontario Chinook Now Safe To Eat . . . 1 Serving/Month, No Pregnant Women, Kids Under 15


EPA tests plans to protect water from terrorists

Alberta Foresters Crossing Fingers That Cold Winter Will Help Battle Invading Pine Beetle

What's with the Weather? The La Niña-Tornado Connection

Ocean Upwellings In 2007 Showed Acidity Projected For 2050 AD - pH Of 7.7 - - Normal 8.0 - 8.3

Over 25% of our trip to the store today was organic

Despite gas prices, Americans hit the road...

As Barcelona Is Now Discovering, Money Alone Not Enough To Handle Record Drought - Independent

Where to live on a changing planet?

Rapid Unraveling And The Demise Of Adolescent America

National Geographic "Tapped Out"


Soldier charged in stabbing death at Benning

Bill would let troops sue for malpractice

House to observe monthly moment of silence

Graduation can be tough with parent deployed

Reservist to vote on school board from Iraq

2 dozen sailors treated after carrier fire

Mullen to grads: Question leadership

Maine shipyard hopes to build CG cutters

Casey praises new cannon in Minnesota

Commercial use of Willow Grove banned

Trial set to begin in alleged Iraq killings

Marine found dead in barracks identified

Pendleton Marine arrested in shooting death

Conway addresses vision for Corps, future

No charges for 2 Marines in Afghan deaths

Training jet crash lands at Laughlin

Laundering ABU won’t make you a target

Ex-Ranger to face robbery charges in Wash.

Many upset over decision to drop child care discount

Ramstein airman heading to jail for role in soldier's death

Dean of Muslim chaplains leaving Europe for the States

Kitty Hawk prepares for final farewell

Gas prices on rise for troops in Italy, again

Guiding Iraqi forces through the war effort

Three Accused With Plot to Kill Soldiers

Senator seeks better delivery of fall ballots

Do Contractors Protest Too Much?

U.S. House Approves '09 Authorization Bill, Sustaining $200M FCS Cu

U.S. Justice Moves Irk U.K. Officials

3 More FCS Technologies to be Sped Up

British Coroner Calls for Nimrods to be Grounded

Marine jailed indefinitely, refusing to testify

Firm, Professor Indicted For Sending Data to China

Blackwater, Raytheon Pitch JLTV Candidate

Pentagon Denies Report of New Iran War Planning

Afghans Outraged at US Decision

IA sub officer killed in Afghanistan

War Vet Accused of Killing Marine

Fully Fund Future Combat Systems

A Few More Dollars for New Zealand Defense

The Struggle of Injured Soldiers

Ross McGinnis and the Medal of Honor

Senators Threaten Saudi Arms Deal Over Oil Prices

Veterans' burials nonstop at national cemeteries

Good afternoon, all...just wanted to pop in and say "thank you"

This Memorial Day please remember the Nurses that served!

Today in labor history May 24

Headwaters Foundation moves event from D'Amicos because of worker firings

The U.S. Must Not Reward Murder

Labor alleges petition fraud on right to work

Neese: It's time for U.S. labor law to enter the 21st century, dream is fading for some women

Burger King Agrees to Better Wages, Conditions for Tomato Workers

Is $130 oil a bubble? (the article claims no tech shortage!)

Right to shirk the union?

Ex-med center employee accused of time card fraud for $450,000

Truckers Banned Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix As Well

Main Street Squeeze, 3 new books on the way

Toughest Summer Job Is Finding One

US Universities, industry find roadblocks to R&D partnering

Countrywide Financial Chairman Angelo Mozilo's e-mail sets off a furor

Gasoline bank pays off for handful of US drivers

Students are having trouble finding summer jobs.

Our Great Economic U-Turn

Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown"

Gambian leader orders gays out or beheaded

Face-off over anti-bias bill

Was anyone else offended by "Blades of Glory"? We were.

Saints promotion pays edgy tribute to Sen. Craig

Birmingham (Ala.) mayor (D) denies gay parade permit

India reconsiders its anti gay law (section 377 of Indian Penal Code)

A new Middle East, but not Condi's

The Palestinians' time is running out

WTF department:Foreigner Saved from Being Starved and Dehydrated to Death in American Hospital

Photos Allegedly From FARC PC Undermine Colombian Credibility

From Beirut to Bolivia : Ballots and Bullets


Background on Obama's Foreign Policy Advisor - Former Senator David Boren

Exiles Cheer Obama

Check this out you guys -- it'll put a smile on your face!

Gateley - I thought of you today....

The Celtics will win one of the games in Detroit

Joe Morgan, one more ESPN flop - NY Post

Is it football season yet?

Wings DOMINATE Pens 4-0 :-)

The Met Mile and other Stakes races Memorial Day Weekend

Do any astrologers here have the exact time of Hillary's remarks re: Obama

Okay, somebody tell me how *this* is possible.

The Renaissance Festival

Patrick Swaze responding well to traditional pancreatic cancer

Avoiding fuel eases jet lag....imagine that.

Probiotics in healthy adults reduce inflammatory markers such

Texas Vs The FLDS and the Native Americans

Should international law permit minutemen to operate along the border between Mexico and the USA?

Should international law permit Mecca to deny entry to someone without a trial?

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - On Children and Death

Unconditional Love - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 2008 - Making the Transition

Religion Thread: Three Questions...

Protestant Denominations Back Virginia Episcopal Diocese -- in fight against breakaway congregations

Was Jesus uppity?

A quick note to Christian friends here at DU

groan - HLS declares MIT science grad students to be security threats

Watch Phoenix Landing Live On Sunday (VIA WEB)

America's Shooting Gallery May 22, 2008

Science Thread: Four Questions

AK-47(ish) guns in the news

Is Hillary Warning Obama Regarding the Assassination of Robert Kennedy?

An Empirical Study (bad news for tin foilers)

Anyone from Washington State? Looks like Kerry is coming to town for its state convention.

Wow. A scathing review of Brokaw's new book, Boom. Omits Kerry & others from Vietnam War history.

I'm being attacked

Got a weird mouse problem

Is Barack Obama Muslim?

Hillary Says the Unspeakable, Creating New Uproar

New California Numbers: Obama 47, McCain 40---Clinton 43, McCain 40

? for the brain trust re-pbs now video

Another Election Outcome (2nd in a Week!) Changed in AR After Another ES&S Voting Machine Failure

New Feinstein/Bennett Electronic Voting Reform - Audits/paper trail by 2014 - it's not 08 audits but

oh Canada ..."Hero dishonoured in death"

David Orchard sets out to save Canada. Again.

Thieves steal 'priceless' Bill Reid artwork

Ottawa won't match all donations to Myanmar, China

Tories take heat for unreliable C-17s

Layton raises carbon-tax alarm

TX: Editorial: Still looking for massive vote fraud

Menomonie deer protests telecom invasion of privacy

Special Live KPFK Broadcast at Arlington West with Kucinich and others

Porterville (Calif.) to vote on official motto: 'In God We Trust'

British army vs. God. God loses.