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Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga

Some GOOD news

is this what hillary is bringing us to?

(( Obama Campaign or DNC )) - Republican Voter CAGING + FRAUD in 2008 - Your Plans for Stopping It ?

Food for thought for women considering voting McCain...

Food for thought for women considering voting McCain...

Food for thought for women considering voting McCain...

"For a young man with very little experience, he's done very well."

If Obama wins, don't you think his reelection slogan should be "MOBAMA"?

My take on whats been happening in GDP

Logic. Or rather its absence.

People who say: "I like Obama but not his supporters."

Does Anyone Recall John Kerry Promising Our Votes Would Be Counted?

Pelosi Says Women Won't Suffer a `Step Back' If Clinton Loses ( here it comes the Pelosi #s)

Would it be offensive to suggest that New York is a "Jew loaded" state?

4079 reasons why we need to get this election right!

I Hope Nobody Is Seriously Touting Sam Nunn For Vice President

Remember when everyone said it would be over after the first 4 states?

Hillary's basic argument is that Obama can't win over white racists

John McCain is an Asshole

"Good Night and Good Luck"

It's such a coincidence!!!

It's such a coincidence!!!

Dear Barack, I just blew through a quarter billion trying to destroy you,

Dear Barack, I just blew through a quarter billion trying to destroy you,

Good link on the status of Super Delegates

Clinton = Patty Hearst?

"Fighting reinforces the core brand and cements her status as leader of lunch pail carrying Dems"

Can you imagine the effect on Republicans of an Obama - Clinton ticket?

Question for you - is Hillary keeping going to pay off her debts?

IF you planned a corporate takeover of the country, wouldn't you target pollsters as well as media?

IRS concludes Obama's presentation did not affect UCC's 503(c) status

Fuck you Barack Obama ... Fuck You.

Roger Simon, Politico: What is Clinton's argument now?

Question for Obama supporters that have been to a rally

There's nothing trolls hate more than no one listening to them. IgSnore them all

Our Greatest American Draws the Line

Joe Biden on MSNBC now schooling Pat Buchanan on Iran.

Eugene Robinson: "The Clintons don't do moral victories."

Fuck you Hillary Rodham Clinton... Fuck You.

Fuck you Hillary Rodham Clinton... Fuck You.

Self delete in accordance with DU rules.

Recommend this thread if you have no respect for John McCain for voting against the vet bill.

McCain aide’s lobbying firm still being paid by foreign governments

CNN: Clinton Camp Pushing For Compromise In Formal Talks

If gas is above 5 in July, will the delegates be able to get to the convention?

A thought on Senator Clinton's failure to secure the nomination....

A thought on Senator Clinton's failure to secure the nomination....

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/23/08 - Obama unchanged (50), Clinton up 1 (43)

Oregon tallies finally complete: Obama wins by 18%, 108,000 votes, +10 delegates

Boston Mayor, pledged Clinton delegate, says she should not be VP

My favorite quote of the day: regarding sexism

Make no mistake, if you parrot the talking point "latte liberal" you are giving comfort to the GOP

I have a quick question and I hope I get a lot of response, please ! !

Did Kerry get to be Bush's VP because he won half the votes in 2004? NO!

Did Kerry get to be Bush's VP because he won half the votes in 2004? NO!

Two New Hampshire Edwards delegates back Obama

Hillary can do funerals, judge contests, meet and greet important

Kgo announces bad news coming from McCain's medical records tommorrow!

Obama is NO poker player.

A little clarification, here!

Congressman Cardoza switches from Clinton to Obama--Two Edwards NH Delegates Move to Obama

Yes, the convention votes for the VP also....BO WILL have to accept Hillary if she wants the job!

Raw Story reports on the behind the scenes dealings between the 2 camps over the VP spot

6:35 am cst: CNN Breaking News: The two campaigns are in talks right now

clarification on 2025: does that include FL and MI, or if FL & MI are included is the number higher?

If ~46% of the delegates support Clinton as VP, she will be Obama's running mate

McCain ADMITS he's too old to run for Prez!

Hillary's strategy: embrace racists, cry sexism?

Crybabies Do NOT Always Get Their Way.

McCain hits back at Obama's lack of Military Service - Wait, we care about this in 2008 now?

Hillary must go! - Investigation into Hillary's misconduct.

Rabbi Ethan Tucker - stepson of Joe Lieberman reveals he will be voting Obama

What Would Hillary Gain By Bullying Her Way Onto The Ticket?


My problem with Hillary as VP.

Us v Them

Dionne: Friends May Seal Clinton's Fate

hilarious encounter with out of town liberals, and one rightie.

A tale of two different approaches

Obama 'juggernaut' itching to tackle McCain - going to "overwhelm" him

Stephanopoulos: Bill pushing Hilllary as VP - believes she "earned the offer of vice president"

Howard Dean is my hero

Hillary's Top Fundraising Official: There's "Risk" Of Obama Loss If She Isn't Invited To Be Veep

*** "Paterson Sees 'Desperation' By Clinton, Disagrees On Florida And Michigan" ***

Tell me again how worried you are about Obama's chances vs. McCain.......

Mail out this URL (as described below) WIDELY if you DON'T want Hillary as VP nominee ...

Final Results From Oregon: Obama 59% Clinton 41%

McCain will be hurt by distancing himself from Rev. Hagee

Average National Polls: Obama 47.5/McCain 43.0 = Obama+4.5///Clinton 45.9/McCain 44.8 = Clinton+1.1

Only one question for Hillary

A Gallup question from yesterday

My simple statement about Hillary Clinton and the nomination end game.

Obama is not electable. Polls to prove it!

Obama, Clinton Campaigns Deny Discussions to End Race (Update1)

One Candidate in the RED - One Candidate in the BLACK

Can someone explain to me why Obama doesn't just agree to seat FL & MI???

(Video) Joe Biden Rips Lieberman and McCain on Obama Attacks - Why Aren't We Doing the Same?

The SD pattern of the past couple of days.

If you can't accept Hillary won't be on the ticket as VP you are just a big baby

Pictures of Barack Obama visiting the Crow Reservation in Montana

How many Delegates does Obama need to hit 2025?

Obama beats McCain in Ohio 48% to 39%


Another Obama veep discussion

HEADS UP: Obama to Deliver Major Latin America Foreign Policy Address in Miami, at 12:30 (ET)

Obama Gets Two SuperDelegates! One Switched From Hillary!!!!

watching the whites rumble over which white gets the prez is very interesting

Question - is Hillary carrying on to pay off her debts?

The 4 basic political, not personal, reasons Obama cannot choose Hillary for VP

Obama will not pick Hillary for VP because doing so will show he can't negotiate with tyrants

Are Democrats weak when it comes to foreign policy?

Am I The Only One Who'll Defend The Super Delegates?

For the level headed DU'ers, I have a strange dichotomy in my household between the candidates

Hillary as Vice President = Bargaining Phase

militant anti-Obama women pissing me off

Mike Lester: Yes, you can draw a cartoon in the absence of light or oxygen.

While the Clinton/Obama Bickerfest Continues, 165 Billion More Is Approved to Fund This Evil War

Ltte: Women who support Hillary are Stepford wives if they "fall in line" behind Obama

LA OBAMBA by Lalo Alcaraz (Music Video for Obama)

8 days till we lose our chance at the White House...

CNN: HRC exit strategy under construction and "formal talks" w/ Obama

Clinton Touting Popular Vote Projections

Will Hillary and Bill like the Naval Observatory?

Do we have a Super Delegate Countdown thread?

Big kudos to California Rep. Dennis Cardoza for saying:

watching the men rumble over which male gets the prez is very interesting

What are Obama supporters trying to do by attacking Clinton?

Obama won OUR map.

Misogyny vs. Fallacy

I have been thinking about Obama's VP.

I'm an Arkansan...never a Hillary fan, but I sadly think he's going to have to give her VP

Stop Yelling at Hillary to Stand Down & Start Yelling at the Superdelegates to Stand Up

Ready on Day One... NOT!

Obama Veepstakes Poll


Kick but DON"T rec this thread if you think begging for recs is unseemly and wrong

Superdelegate switchers during the primary

Michigan and Florida.

Obama can pronounce Spanish words..for real!

Obama has ended his VeeP search...

I've just hit my limit.

Okay -- SD's moving again: +5 (over Clinton) for Obama today

Just a Photo...

I'm an Obama supporter, but I am upset about his divisive tactics

Hey, Clinton Supporters and Obama Supporters, I've got something IMPORTANT to tell you.

It's time for a feel good video - Obama in Portland & with Crow Nation

"Full-Blooded" Column Criticized by Chicago Trib Public Editor

Obama to stand in for Sen. Kennedy at Wesleyan

Halt the Clinton Wrecking Ball Now - Contact Uncommitted Superdelegates - LIST

Ted Kennedy Inspires New Obama Delegate Endorsement.

Truth: "Rabid bases" win elections

2 Birds.One Stone. Can We Now Bag the Turkey?

2 Birds.One Stone. Can We Now Bag the Turkey?

Those that oppose an Obama Clinton Ticket- WHY?

Obama Hammers McCain on Cuba, Unveils Latin American Policy

I do not believe Obama should offer Clinton the VP post!

Having Hillary on the ticket would be a terrible idea

Awww. Obama Hurts Limbaugh’s Feelings - Lou Dobbs isn't going to be happy either

BIG HEADS UP! Al Giordano - Primer for Obama speech today:

She can't be Vice-President because she would crush the spirit of Obama volunteer nation

Is there live streaming for Obama's 12:30 Cuban American Rally? Nothing on CNN

*****TODAY'S ELECTORAL MAP: Obama 302, McHundred 236***********

Clinton Super: "the senator needs to consider the numbers and consider the reality"

Clinton Super: "the senator needs to consider the numbers and consider the reality"

***** =^..^= Kitteeeh needs help ******

Feinstein Backs Obama-Clinton Dream Ticket

Rachael Ray endorses McCain for President

Lanny Davis, always a whiner, has a "Can't Resist" List to complain about Obama

Exclusive!!!Lost end to Lanny Davis "things Obama couldn't resist doing to Clinton" list

Lee Mercer should NOT be Obama's VP. Please rec if you agree!

The Politics of Dancing

Clinton Obama Campaigns in Formal Negotiations for VP Slot (CNN)

Cold Fusion: History Suggests an Obama-Clinton Ticket Could Work

For the sake of the children

For the sake of the children

An Imaginary VP Negotiation Session....

*** Friday Super Delegate Update ** Obama +3 also +2 Pledged Delegates updates magic number '56'

Gallup 5/23: Obama's lead over Clinton slipping; Obama/McCain tie; Clinton leads McCain by 5%

Clinton: "I have heard some say counting Florida and Michigan would be changing the rules"

I have a question about Obama...

Simple truth: If this is not over by the 2nd week in June, our party leaders will have failed us.

The Top Ten John Hagee Controversial Historical Theories

Oregon Superdelegate Jenny Greenleaf: I'm for Obama

Clinton: Reports of veep talks ’flatly untrue’

No Hillary hate here. I just think there are so many VP candidates that have many, many positives

Thom Hartmann: Obama vs. Hillary: Punishment or Healing? (mentions DU)

Didn't Dean agree to overhaul future primaries but didn't have time before 2008?

I guess that V.P. slot is out the window now, huh Hillary?

breaking: Just heard on MSNBC Obama picked 3 delegates, 1 switched from Hillary

Are there any old farts for Hillary here? Or is the question redundant?

Question: Will we have enough energy & money left to fight hard enough for November?

I Just Purchased A Hat From The Obama Store

Sexism: Has it hurt Hillary's campaign as much as it has helped?

Lieberman's Step-Son: " I'M VOTING FOR OBAMA "

Stop projecting this murderous BS

Clinton superdelegate in financial/tax trouble

Obama should agree to seat delegates as is if Hillary promises not to make "popular vote" an issue

Hillary is the new MLK

Hillary is the new MLK

BREAKING inside info on Obama's VP pick

I don't even want to hear her voice.

Obama to Address Cuban American National Foundation in Miami, Friday morning, May 23

A lot of Obama supporters give me the cold shoulder. This irritates me.

Well good. Why don't we DU'ers encourage this assinination talk

Something To Remember For the Whole "It's Usually Not Wrapped Up Until June" Argument

Something To Remember For the Whole "It's Usually Not Wrapped Up Until June" Argument

Much of the current policy towards Iraq had its origins in the administration of Bill Clinton

Much of the current policy towards Iraq had its origins in the administration of Bill Clinton



I have come to the conclusion that a good chunk of GDP doesn't really read posts before they respond


This is now so far beyond simple disagreement over candidates.

I got it!!! First the sniper fire BS, now assassination BS....

Obama cares about Hispanics and its corollary the 12 million illegals in the U.S.

Obama cares about Hispanics and its corollary the 12 million illegals in the U.S.

Hillary no longer wants to represent the party Bobby died serving,

Hillary no longer wants to represent the party Bobby died serving,

Is Clinton Running Out of the Power to Force/Dictate to Obama?

If obama got shot, would hillary automatically be next in line?

Clinton's Zimbabwe rhetoric backfires with Super Delegates & Her MI/FL Plan DOA (WashingtonPost)

Hillary Has Lost Her Bearings & Is Unfit For ANY Office. She Should Be Impeached

Hillary Has Lost Her Bearings & Is Unfit For ANY Office. She Should Be Impeached

Obama is in LBJ's second term--Hillary hasn't even reached Washington's first.

HUGE! Cardoza Switch -- First of 40

Stop projecting this murderous BS

Huge Scoop From Al Giordano At The Field--40 Clinton SuperDs To Desert

"Sirhan Clinton"

"Sirhan Clinton"

That'll About Do It For All Of The Clinton-For-VP Babble, I Suspect...

She shouldn't just drop out of the race...she should resign from the Senate

Ed Rendell suggesting that the solution to FL/MI is to shoot Howard Dean and now this.

Who was Clinton comparing with Robert Kennedy?

Boston Globe, includes brief response from Obama campaign:

Obama campaign's response

Obama campaign's response


Obama leading McCain in NH, Ohio, PA

Obama leading McCain in NH, Ohio, PA

HELL - I'll say this - Anyone who defends Hillary AFTER that comment...

Do the Clintons owe the mafia some money or something?

Obama, "It’s time for a new alliance of the Americas"

Hillary Clinton is a bottomless pit

I won't embarass the Super?? I will just elude to assissination!!!!

It's time for Obama to concede

Assassination?! She's slipping bad! And remember the MLK thing?

So if something DOES happen to Obama now...

Heads-up!! Obama Live on

Hillary's top fundraiser admits dragging out nomination until June may jeopardize Obama's chances

Hillary's top fundraiser admits dragging out nomination until June may jeopardize Obama's chances

Robert Kennedy Was From New York

Yeah, we're totally overreacting.

***HRC causes Secret Service SERVER CRASH!***

Clinton is ignoring the realities of history, while attempting to invoke them....

Quinnipiac Has Obama Behind McCain in PA, OH... but Clinton leads in those states.

Trent Lott: "Maybe lightning will strike before (Clinton takes office)."

After Her Remark, the Ball is Now in the Super Delegates' Court

"Lots of things could happen in June. My husband won in 92. RFK was shot in 68. Who knows?

Talk about the ultimate dogwhistle....

So, er...did anyone hear about a comment suggesting a possible assassination of Obama?

Assassinate / Obliterate: Hillary has a penchant for bad word choice. Sorta like "Bring it On" by *

We all remember Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in December 2007

I could care less if Obama loses our primary popular vote. If the pop. vote is so damn important...

Obama Camp response to Assassination as reason to stay in the race remarks


HEY! Do something POSITIVE instead of exploding all over the place.

Hillary just jumped the shark!

HAHA! Hey, Make Sure You Watch the FULL Hillary Clinton Video

I'm not angry anymore.

The Superdelegates are doing a delicate dance right now.

SurveyUSA VP Matchups; Obama/Edwards strongest

Ever heard of Squeaky From? SHE tried to assassinate President Ford.

"Assassinationgate" all over CNN right now

"Hillary's Bizarre RFK Comment"

Undecided super delegates

I think it was a Freudian slip.

In most inclusive count, Clinton has the numbers

In most inclusive count, Clinton has the numbers

I hope Barack's kids don't hear those comments

Hilary comparing herself to Governor Moonbeam?

Hilary comparing herself to Governor Moonbeam?

An earnest plea to Chelsea Clinton: Get your mom under control

Hillary...what a f*&^ing GHOUL you are...

The 1968 Politics of Hope: Bobby Kennedy In most inclusive count, Clinton has the numbers

Hillary wants every vote to count except the undecided ones?

Hillary brought up the assassination because...

Hardball just announced this is the THIRD TIME HRC made reference to RFK assassination.

Hillary does NOT want Barack Obama to be assassinated.

What is Hillary's evil intent in invoking the assassination?

Hillary Apologized To The Kennedys -- NOT Obama

Hillary is a smart, even brilliant woman....

Hillary: Go away. Pour some water on the smoke, take the mirrors and leave quietly.

The Comment was tasteless to the point of disqualification.

Hillary Clinton has set women running for President back another twenty years.

Hillary Clinton Blows (Another) Hole in Her Florida Argument

Hillary Clinton Blows (Another) Hole in Her Florida Argument

NEW INFO -- IT"S NOT TRUE!!!! CNN: Obama, Clinton camps in 'formal' talks for VP slot

Boston Globe on the incident


Thank you Hillary, you can kiss any potential VP spot goodbye now

In most inclusive count, Clinton has the numbers....Philladelphia Inquirer.............

Just a reminder:

Didn't want to say this Before but Since Hillary Brought it Up

Remember when * said "Bring em on!" And what happen? They obliged

"Why Would I Drop Out Before Barack Obama Is Assassinated?"

Make no mistake about Hillary's comment

Why is Senator Clinton invoking assassination as a reason to continue in the primary?

Why is Senator Clinton invoking assassination as a reason to continue in the primary?

The Politics Of Violence: Pro-Hillary mydd blog says ENOUGH - "No context can save her. She must go"

Her "apology" was to the Kennedy family, not Barack


Are we allowed to call Hillary a vile asshole yet?

Words Matter

"Who will rid me of this foul Obama?"

IMHO, Hillary is an evil fucking piece of shit. But she's still better than McCain.

Will Obama respond to this comment? I hope he rejects and denounces her.

The real problem with the comments today is the race was not decided by June. This year it is.

Talk host: Time for Obama to fight back or prepare to be 'swift-boated'


HILLARY sinks to a new low. she must resign

Discussion Forum Rule #3...Civility: Treat other members with respect. Do not post personal attacks.

I remember that it was late at night. I was home from college ,

Hillary on the ticket will MOTIVATE the GOP to beat the ticket.

Okay, Hillary can stay ... BUT ... Florida must go!

In other words...

What needs to be pointed out to Hillary about month of June and campaigns still going on...

Who's disenfranchising who?

I think my head is going to explode. How can anyone try and defend the vile inference

seeing Hillary's video I'm even more outraged

Hasn't this always been the elephant in the room?

Help me out here: Isn't it just as sacriligeous to "make hay" off of someone who uses the Dead

Any serious political future for Chelsea Clinton got ruined today....

Since no one here knows history prior to to 2000, I will tell you: In 1968... just 13 primaries

Hillary Clinton: "Why Would I Drop Out Before Barack Obama Is Assassinated?"

Obama should stay in the race because, you know, Hillary might get her fucking head blown off

Havn't YOU Ever Said Something You Have Regretted Later

It is bad enough that DU'ers suggest he would need a food taster

Like waiting at the death bed for the inheritance

Goddamit, maybe Hillary's right about MI & FL.

I'm An Obama Supporter And I Don't Understand The Rage About Clinton's Example

Busloads of Clinton Supporters Plan to 'Swarm' DNC Meeting (May 31)

I don't feel like sorting through it all- can some one give me a summary? Clinton/Kennedy uproar?

Get The Hook.

Hillary... The California Primary Was In Febuary....

Gee, I wonder how they're feeling...

Clinton apologies for Kennedy remark

Have you no sense of decency maam, at long last?

How do you deal with stress?


THE MATH Weekly (GE Edition) – Friday, May 23

I'm giving Hillary a pass on this one.

It is truly over: MyDD calls for Clinton to end her campaign.

Can you imagine HRC's war room...

What should we do about Michigan? (from a Michiganian point of view).

If bringing up the RFK assassination is so bad why are there now so many threads about it?

Power corrupts. Lust for power makes you stupid.

Turn out the lights. The party's over..

Why say it?

Why say it?

The odd thing about Hillary's comment: RWers will have to defend it

I Love Rachel Maddow. Love Her, Love Her, Love Her.

Between Hucklebee's "joke" and Hillary's comment on RFK's assassination, what's going on?

Only on DU..does criticism go to a candidate who apologizes..

So when did David Gregory end up becoming such a dick?

See ya, Senator Clinton

Ignoring (you know) killing candidates, by this point in '68 less than 13 states had spoken

I've put Senator Clinton on my Ignore List

Hillary's "apology" was astonishing & bizarre...

So the truth is "wrong"...Hillary was correct you all know.

Wonder what Ted Kennedy would have to say to Hillary right now?

Hillary: 5/23 and the Cartoonists have spoken...

So she is exhausted, scared, desperate , BUT

Here is a translation of Hillary's RFK statement..........

Oh My God - Chris Matthews just asked Axelrod if he would have to vet a VP's husband..

Clinton is officially on tilt, now.

"Not a Musilim, as far as I know" "Snipergate" "Assassinationgate" Apology, apology, apology....

So did anything happen in the race today?

HRC's B.S. is exploding everywhere. Every major new source online:

With every passing day, the psycho ex-girlfriend analogy becomes more and more appropriate

Hillary NEVER gives Obama the benefit of the doubt! (Bitter-gate, "not a far as I know")

Hillary will always be known now for the assasination comment. She is done. n/t

One positive from all this: Obama has been freed of the pressure of making Hillary his vp

An Obama/Romney White House. And not from them running together.

Early March Hillary referenced RFK Assassination to Time Magazine

HuffPo: Hillary Gave Voters Permission to be Racist

I guess this isn't the first time Hillary's made that RFK reference...

That is not worthy. I did not survive my ordeals in order to be the agent of the re-election of Bush

A southern state declares independence...

Maddow: If it was a mistake it was uncharacteristic from a disciplined person, if it wasn't and was

Obviously Overblown

Hillary supporters - how do you justify Hillary's recent fuckup?

FOR OBAMA SUPPORTERS: Alright, alright. Check this out to take your mind off...

Obama should rehire Samantha Power today, and say nothing else about HRC's statement.

I don't believe Hillary meant to insinuate anything. She's not

why aren't the Superdelegates escorting Hillary's irresponsible ass off of the political stage

Clinton supporters-The popular vote is a meaningless metric that tells NOTHING about popular support

THE MATH Daily Widget – Friday, May 23 – Wigand +2.42 – Total +3.10

I'm trying to give Hillary Clinton the benefit of the doubt here

Why Didn't Obama Vote Yesterday?

How long before Ferraro hits Fox News and uses the sexist card ...


Hillary is far too precise a person to mention anything without a reason

she seems to have this weird fascination with guns, eh?

MODS: Pls consider shutting down GD:P for a cooling off period

for evrybody who thinks hillary should be kicked out of the party

She's right - Michelle

I am SO SICK of Chuck Todd's Hillary apologia ! ! ! ! ! !


Letter from dKos member to Sen. Kennedy about HRC's repeated assassination references (2 wks ago)

What a glorified banana republic in which we live.

From bittergate to assassinationgate.

It *would* have been a good long weekend

Do you think the GD:P forum is a mess?

June was the point. That's what she was trying to highlight.

I double dare you Hillary supporters to comment on her Assassination quote.

So Hillary is staying in the race "just in case". What's her plan?

Hillary gaves Sexist, pseudo apology to Kennedies.

What is the cost if our party does not unite.

Hillary's Bizarre RFK Comment (and BS clarification)

If the Dean Scream had been malicious, this would be the same thing.

Whats the most recent poll conducted in PR?

Biden's opinion piece in today's WSJ

Time - McCain's 7 Steps to Beating Obama

Hillary Supporters: She just gave you an out. Take it.

Time for the over under

She knows it's over now

I'll assassinate myself before I ever vote for a POS like Hillary

Look how quickly everyone rushes to forgive her after the phony "pained" apology

The thing about "the comment" that I find

No doubt Obama will make a comment that will rise above the fray

If something happens to Obama, HRC will be the last one standing

Was it a dumb thing to say? Yes. But, the Obama folks need to chill.....

Did CNN cover the assasination comment at all? I know MSNBC is covering it. Every time

People - The Primary Calendar Has Changed

MODS: Pls shut down GD:P so nobody can talk about HRC's slip-up and maybe they'll forget about it...

Obama needs to make his VP list longer, just in case...

KO to do "Special Comment" re: Hillary's Assassination comment

Ed Shultz on how to "gracefully" tell Hillary it's over

Attention Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, Dan Abrams and others


All delegates should pledge to support anyone but Hillary should the worst happen.

Barack Supporter in defense of Hillary...

I Just Noticed This Troll Has Left Us!!!! WooHoo!

Clinton Spokesperson Defends Assassination Comment

Today Hillary said something stupid.

My first thought on hearing about this was, "What does H20 Man think?"

Assassination as political gain.

My prediction -- Clinton's "gaffe" puts Obama over the top.

My prediction -- Clinton's "gaffe" puts Obama over the top.

So she's surrounded by secret service to prevent BEING ASSASSINATED

To set the record straight about the 1992 primary season & Clinton not "locking up" it up unti June

Hillary Is Ruined

PPIC Survey: Obama (and Clinton for that fact of matter) crushing McCain in the Golden State

Hillary is....

Presidential Historian: "Low Ebb Of Her Candidacy, And Of Her Political Career."

Let's concentrate on mccain, Obama IS our nominee

If something "BAD" happens to Obama, I choose EDWARDS (or Gore)


Third Time's A Charm: Parsing Hillary's Multiple RFK References

Hasn't Obama himself evoked the names of MLK, FRK, and JFK

Hillary Clinton is finished.


Recommend this thread if you just want the primaries to be over!

Hillaryis44 outdoes itself... again

Florida (Ras) Clinton beats McCain 47% to 41%., while Obama loses 40% to 50%

Florida (Ras) Clinton beats McCain 47% to 41%., while Obama loses 40% to 50%



This thread is for Hillary apologists to post their explanations of how

Lieberman's Step-Son: I'm Voting For Obama

I hate Hillary right now

She couldn't even have compassion for Ted Kennedy at this time

on a more rational note: this is the cost of a kitchen sink negative campaign

In every thread I'm reading there are a slew of Clinton supporters playing down what she said

hillary would be better positioned to be DRAFTED into the nomination in the event of assassination

Here are some prime examples of Hillary's lack of a "self-edit" button

Keith Olbermann will have a SPECIAL COMMENT about HRC's remarks...

North Carolina (SUSA) Hillary Clinton is leading McCain 49% to 43%, Obama is trailing 51% to 43%

and the GOOD NEWS is....

California primary this year

CHECK POINT; The June Benchmark

I'm going to go out on a limb here and give Hillary the benefit of the doubt.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and give Hillary the benefit of the doubt.

Lieberman's Stepson: I'm voting for Obama

Obama: ":Yes we can!" Hillary: Not if you get whacked first

Why is it OK for Obama to hint at Hillary's Death?

FLASH POLL!! Anyone think Hillary's on B.O.'s "short list" after today?

Hillary's mouth sure has been getting her in trouble lately...

hillary has every right to bring up assassination,..

self delete - double post n/t

You know your a terrible Preacher of the Gospel when..............

Chuck Todd: "She looked pained, like someone who realized she may have just destroyed

What will Hillary's next excuse/apology be?

The same defense of HRC's comments

The same defense of HRC's comments

Hillary apologists, please take the night off. Face it, there is no excuse.

Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid - Where the fuck are you?

Why are people excusing or defending Clinton's words?

THE MATH (Primary Edition) – Friday, May 23 – After Oregon and Kentucky

HRC to South Dakota Voters: "Don't waste your vote on a dead guy."

KO Countdown video and transcript links

Is Hillary's assassination reference worse than any Republican election tactic ever?

Is Hillary's assassination reference worse than any Republican election tactic ever?

Is Hillary's assassination reference worse than any Republican election tactic ever?

I wonder if HRC had the decency to call Barack privately to apologize to him.

Florida (Ras) Clinton beats McCain 47% to 41%., while Obama loses 40% to 50%

Florida (Ras) Clinton beats McCain 47% to 41%., while Obama loses 40% to 50%

2145 delegates were need to win in 1992. Clinton had about 3,000 before calif.

"People Get Ready There's A Train A'Comin"

To the Hillary Apologists & Obama Supporters.

Keith Oberman: THIS IS UNFORGIVING !!!!!! Senator Clinton

Everyone makes mistakes. Not being able to admit them is a serious flaw.

Keith: thank for verbalizing my rage n/t

KO: What was up with the gun/bottle cap shot?

Not this time.

She's been playing the assassination card for a while now.

So now that Hillary has assassinated her chances of being P & VP is GD:P going away?

Senator Clinton refers to Obama as "my opponent" (our opponent is McCain)

Was Hillary insinuating something with her reference to the assassination of RFK?

Hillary in APRIL : "I Remember Well What Happened To Senator Kennedy in 1968.."

Hillary in APRIL : "I Remember Well What Happened To Senator Kennedy in 1968.."

was that a light explosion during KO's Special Comment?

What Can Hillary Do to Recover Tomorrow?

Hillary Clinton is PLAYING WITH FIRE.

So... What *Would* Clinton Apologize For?

Hillary "apologized" in a liquor store

Hillary Clinton... I Loved RFK... And You Madame... Will NEVER Be RFK !!!

Hillary Clinton... I Loved RFK... And You Madame... Will NEVER Be RFK !!!

Obama will not pick Hillary as a VP now

"I'm honored to hold Senator Kennedy's seat from the state of New York."

"I'm honored to hold Senator Kennedy's seat from the state of New York."

Will you forgive Clinton? I do.

How could HRC say that when most of Bobby's kids had been backing her?

Rec this thread if you believe General Discussion: Primaries

Obama's chance to make amends with Clinton's supporters...Seize the Moment!!!

Women who are true feminists would not jeopardize a vote for a McCain presidency...

I'm troubled by how bewildered she is at how people are wanting her to concede

I'm troubled by how bewildered she is at how people are wanting her to concede

Earlier today, before I heard what Hillary said, I wrote this in

Hillary would love to have Obama 'disposed' of. YES, I said it and I don't give a fuck

Huff Po: Stop Yelling at Hillary to Stand Down & Get Superdelegates to Stand Up (list of undeclared)

Hillary, meet fork.

Hillary, meet fork.

So what's up in the news today?

PLEASE - pour this kind of passion into GOTV for Obama in November.

Hillary's faux apology was directed at the wrong people

To those who want to defend anyone attemping to use assasination an excuse for their candidacy....

It's the whole June thing to me

Why didn't HRC just use this week and the next as a graceful farewell tour?

KO Watch out for out of control buses, sir.

hillary just squatted and took a dump.......

Does anyone know if Countdown is streamed anywhere?

I wonder how this shit makes the Obama family feel?

I wonder how this shit makes the Obama family feel?

all I know now is that Kucinich is more likely to be nominated than Clinton

The Hillary supporters on Taylor Marsh are spinning up a storm about the RFK remarks..

Seriously, just today, I decided to vote for Obama

To the few, fair minded Hillary supporters out there

When is the soonest Obama could announce his VP pick?

Leahy Endorses Obama, Likens Him To Bobby Kennedy

She said "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated." ASSASSINATED.

Not everything your candidate does is right. It can't possibly be. Nobody's perfect.

Janet Napolitano-what a great surrogate for Obama

Is Hillary helping to deflect attention away from the release of McCain's medical records?

Daring to believe

Ok Hillary Supporters, have you FINALLY heard enough from your candidate? Do you get it now??

There is still a way forward for Hillary Clinton

I just have to say this.

Tweety(!) asked a serious & vexing question - Could Bill's business relationships survive scrutiny

I Call Bullshit on All these Polls that Show Hillary more "Electable."

RFK, Jr.

RFK, Jr.

Hillary has been Tomb stoned

Nobody knows history (including Hillary) let me explain '68 please

Hillary Clinton - Entire interview with Argus Leader

Stand aside, people, and let the stampede come on through...

I do not believe Hillary was being intentionally malicious...

Here is the actual transcript from the "assasination comment". Draw your own conclusions

So, I Havent been home all day...What did I miss?

She's no Democrat

Her despicable comment may well throw fence sitters to Obama's side..

Handy Guide to How John McCain Is Not a Friend to American Veterans

K&R this thread if you want Lee Mercer to drop out!

Well, Now I Will Say It. I Despise the Clintons.

Hillary is Annie Wilkes, Alex Forrest, Eve Harrington, Marnie Edgar, or Evelyn Cross Mulwray?

Hillary's RFK remark was simply inapposite and silly.

Hillary didn't suggest that Barack may be assasinated...

At this point, Clinton's campaing in a nutshell:

'She just gave Democrats a reason to say no.'

it was the statement of a vulture.

Thinking of RFK and not blaming Hillary one darn bit.

What we found out today is who Obama's VP won't be.

heh. i love du. the way we rail against "sheeple", "fear" and "terra"...

Who would be acting in TV drama about Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign?

How do you like your candidate Hillary Clinton now?

DU This poll. Only 58% find her comments offensive?! ?! let's fix that.....

What . . . . . . . . . the . . . . . . . . . . . fuck.

I've always wanted to marry this girl too bad she's married

I forgive you, Hillary....

Just now KO tore Hillary to bottom.....

Just now KO tore Hillary to bottom.....

Haikus for today? Who's in?

What Hillary can do to Redeem herself

What Hillary can do to Redeem herself

It's time for party leaders to politely usher Hillary out the door

Hey Hillary-please stop with the relentless robocalls in SD, PLEASE!!!

Obama Supporters: Hillary Clinton Has Simply Lost Her Perspective, Have Some Compassion

Obama Supporters: Hillary Clinton Has Simply Lost Her Perspective, Have Some Compassion

A note to the Clinton supporters

Something angers me even more than HRC's "assassination" comment...

Poor Hillary, she's been picked upon so much.......for what she says

He's not going to be far as I know...

Just a reminder:

During Olbermann's Special Comment on the Hillary Assasination statement..a load bang startles Keith

I wouldn't dismiss the NYPOST article on Obama having problems

I Think Hillary Should Get Out... Not Just Because Of These Remarks


As each candidate puts their heads down onto their pillows tonight,

I'm calling Hillary Clinton out!!

Castro attacks McCain LOL!

Senator Clinton's "apology"

Karma & The Parallels Between Assassinationgate And Bittergate

When you say "assassinate," you make an "ass" out of you and "me."

Why are people excusing or defending Clinton's words?

The fat lady has sung, stick a fork in her, the living trainwreck...

Clinton apologizes without the using the words "apologize" or "sorry"

The hypocrisy of Hill supporters of this assassination reference not being a big deal

"Obliterate", "Assassinate"; See a pattern?

Thank GOD Hillary is still in the race! Thank GOD!!!!

The dust up over Hillary's comments....

The more she is attacked, the stronger she gets......

And suddenly the room went quiet and the mood turned ugly.

Screw it. Happy birthday to me!

Screw it. Happy birthday to me!

Has anybody bedsides me not watched TV today?

Has anybody bedsides me not watched TV today?

Attention Obama and Clinton Supporters! "Missing Positivity" Needed!

O guys, calm the fuck down. H guys, what she said was dumb as hell.

The same defense of HRC's comments

Considering the outcry, the silence tonight from the Clinton camp is deafening.

Calm Down. Take a Deep Breath. It's Over.

Reactions to Hillary's remarks are pouring in!

The Official "Hillary References Assassination" Poll

I think she did mean she's sticking around in case Obama gets shot - here's why.

You know what?

Congrats Du, We have Surely Now Become A Laughing Stock to Rove and Cohorts...

I'm sorry I was promoting the Obama/Clinton ticket so much around here.

Gallup: "Obama clear leader" NYT: "Clinton Running Out of Money" Intrade: BHO/JM - 61

I love seeing the way they look at him. They KNOW he's going to be the next president.

Majority of Dems want Clinton to be V.P.

Answer: Because expressing a fear verbally makes it happen, Alex?

FACTBOX: Possible Democratic vice presidential candidates

Photo of Me and Barack....and the Mustard Seed.....!!!!!!

I really, really, really can't stand Hillary, but...

I felt like I was in church tonight, and Keith Olbermann was my pastor.

Has RFK, Jr. had anything yet to say about Hillary's remarks today?

The reason Senator Clinton's remark about the Bobby Kennedy assassination was so bad:

"I don't understand why I should get out of the race because Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June"

Question #2: Oil in 2008 Elections

URGING from a longtime ARDENT Obama supporter, VERY opposed to HRC on the ticket: PLZ DO NOT GLOAT!

HRC: We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June

HRC: We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June

Obama today laid out his comprehensive Latin America policy

Obama today laid out his comprehensive Latin America policy

Obama today laid out his comprehensive Latin America policy

Obama today laid out his comprehensive Latin America policy

Obama today laid out his comprehensive Latin America policy

I'll Cut Hillary Some Slack If Her Supporters Admit She Is Mentally Unsuited For Presidency.

I'll Cut Hillary Some Slack If Her Supporters Admit She Is Mentally Unsuited For Presidency.

I'll Cut Hillary Some Slack If Her Supporters Admit She Is Mentally Unsuited For Presidency.

"Have you actually read the rules?"

Hillary's not alone -jackass media has said "barring something catastrophic" Obama's the nominee

On MSNBC ...It was said that Wes Clark would sure to be on the VP list to give

When is an apology not an apology?

Another Note to Zealots. More Advice.

If anyone is obsessed with an Obama assassination, it is some of his supporters.

Check out this SUSA Ohio poll featuring different VP match-ups!

KO- rips the monstrous clinton to shreds!!

NH asked all candidates to remove their names from the MI ballot. Obama agreed, Hilliary would not.

Please E-Mail Howard Dean. He needs to put more pressure on SDs to endorse

My fellow Obama supporters: You do know, don't you

RFK Jr's remarks on Hillary's comments:

Odds of an Obama - Clinton ticket?

Is it Faux Outrage Day at Democratic Underground?

Clinton supporters are quoting RFK jr. (but they leave out the interesting usual)

Hillary's RFK comments have knocked McCain's strange medical release from the news...

Wake up! It's the month of May! Do you know what that means?

Photos: Rally at the Bank Atlantic Center, FL

DNC blunts GOP microtargeting lead

I'm over the top on this one, so don't read this...

I'm over the top on this one, so don't read this...

If you can't accept Hillary on the ticket as VP you are just a big baby

Keith ... Mr. Olbermann ... WOW!

Ironically, Hillary was waiting around in case Obama said/did something so stupid...

Keith is making me cry. eom

She Knows It's Over ---pic--->>>

She Knows It's Over ---pic--->>>

I don't accept her explanation or her 'apology'

My Ignore button is getting a workout

An artistic interlude to refresh our souls.

An artistic interlude to refresh our souls.

An artistic interlude to refresh our souls.

Dumb and/or ugly as her comment was, DU's reaction is 100000 times worse.

Dumb and/or ugly as her comment was, DU's reaction is 100000 times worse.

Recommend this thread if GD:P is making you ROFL

"If I Offended Anybody...."?? No Senator Clinton, This Time You Have Offended Everybody.


Obama would take California in November, Times/KTLA poll finds

Well - So Much for Nevada. Rasmussen JSM/BHO - JSM +6 JSM/HRC - HRC +5

Would VP Bloomberg tilt Florida for Obama?

Terry McAuliffe has REPEATEDLY said Hillary is staying in the race because "ANYTHING" can happen.

I'm saving all my outrage for the Bush Administration.


My simple reason for opposing Hillary on the ticket: You can't trust either her or her husband

I Know This Is A Tad Unfair, But They Brought It Up... A Funeral Train To Remember...

Clinton is lying about the 92 Primary ending in June.

Clinton campaign left bills unpaid at IU

Saturday is the last day for Super Delegates to make endorsements.

"Clean Bill of Health" my ass...

**Ian Fleming: "The 1st time is happenstance; 2nd time is coincidence; 3rd time is enemy action"

Hillary screwed up

A reminder. Hillary occupies Bobby Kennedy's Senate seat..

OK, so I'm convinced... (SUNRISE, FL OBAMA RALLY - LOTSA PICS)

OK, so I'm convinced... (SUNRISE, FL OBAMA RALLY - LOTSA PICS)

OK, so I'm convinced... (SUNRISE, FL OBAMA RALLY - LOTSA PICS)

OK, so I'm convinced... (SUNRISE, FL OBAMA RALLY - LOTSA PICS)

OK, so I'm convinced... (SUNRISE, FL OBAMA RALLY - LOTSA PICS)

OK, so I'm convinced... (SUNRISE, FL OBAMA RALLY - LOTSA PICS)

Dear Super-Delegates... What The Fuck Else Do You Need NOW ???

I remember that day.

I remember that day.

Oh come on!

Oh come on!

Well, The Good News For Hillary Is...

This seems like a good time to send some more money Obama's way.

2003 Boston Globe article on E. Kennedy - interesting and some great quote from other senators

Found a good replacement for some of those fired advisors in Mc Cain's

Senate Approves War Funding, GI Bill

The Rude Pundit on Hillary's on.

John and Cindy Mccain are... Saul and Ellen Tigh

IF you are willing to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt....

McCain's inaction speaker louder than words

Timmy Russert just said (paraphrasing): "He can't pick another woman, if he wants a woman..."

Wingnuts rank Patriots and Traitors...

Government Waste for a Good Cause?

HBO's "Recount" - K.Spacey, J.Toobin, & David Boies - for the hour - Charlie Rose tonight

They may not provide our troops in Afghanistan with the

How is it acceptable that McSame, Obama and Clinton espouse that we should be second class citizens?

Today in pictures...

ON THIS DATE in Bush History -- Friday May 23rd (A Matter of Loyalty)

Has anyone seen this? "www.dontvoteobama."

Question on big oil hearings

Average household income

I feel the Dems could win and win big if only..

Larissa with the funny smilies. Has anyone seen her?

Airlines ponder how far they can push travelers: "This is worse than 9-11"

Must Read

Hillary basically said:

And now for something completely different.

How we all feel...

Looks like the Poodle's coat tails are just like Bush's.

Woman Loses Home Over $68 Dental Bill


Recommend this thread.

Here're the savings from Arctic drilling — 75 cents a barrel

Oil drilling: For the record

Rove attorney Luskin mocks Conyers subpoena in letter

David Sirota: A Welcome ‘Shareholder Democracy’

AP: Prices Soar for Memorial Day Fixin's

The "LEFT" has stopped domestic oil drilling? Just the LEFT?

Rice: Iran has weeks, not months to respond to incentives package - June 4 2006

Hypothetical Hurricanes Causing the Price of Oil to Rise

Former Minneapolis City Council member wants Bush arrested on arrival for War Crimes

Former Minneapolis City Council member wants Bush arrested on arrival for War Crimes

Seriously, who on earth would choose to be gay?

John Cusack is on Democracy Now!

In preparation for the Republican National Convention, the FBI is soliciting informants to keep tabs

Barack Obama: Baby Boomer or Gen X'er?

"This is the cinnabon war"

If you'd like to see Richard Dawkins as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

Iraq Spending Ignored Rules, Pentagon Says

If atheism were a religion, would Richard Dawkins be the Messiah?

Haikus for today? Who's in?!

Soderbergh and Che, Provocateurs

Soderbergh and Che, Provocateurs

War Crime Charges Beckon for Bushie

VIDEO: Tornado Wrecks Havoc in Windsor, Colorado = 2008.05.22

I will not apologize for being angry

For His Treatment of Children in the ‘War on Terror,’ Bush Is a War Criminal

It's like someone took the balance of powers and shot it into orbit

Comcast fires on-air personality for criticizing Bill O'Reilly

Fear - a rant

Man's death fuels transplant debate

California Fundie Group: Gay Activists and the "Rebel" city of San Francisco ruining the world!

Mom who caged teen son gets 20 years behind bars

Word association test. Respond without thinking:

DoJ Appoints 30 Former Govt Officials As Corporate Monitors

Wasted fuel from U.S. flight delays costs billions

SURE you can see his medical records.... but LOOK QUICK!!

How can anybody support Hillary Clinton anymore?

Caption McCain.....

The insensitivity towards the kennedy's is a part that should be questioned

Can't TPTB release some oil from the oil reserve to alleviate the situation?

10,000 Iraqi troops bring calm to Sadr City

How would you disperse the federal budget?

Energy Watchdog Warns Of Oil-Production Crunch - WSJ

My LTTE to the Daily News on the GI Bill

Siegelman petitions court to throw out conviction

The Top Ten John Hagee Controversial Historical Theories

Presidential Race Ignores Arms Race, By Amy Goodman

Gay man assaulted a few hours after California Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriage ban

McCain: Obama wrong about the war

Awesome op-ed from Joe Biden in response to Joe LIEberman

Has anyone else had a similar experience? ( Conserving Fuel)

Republican Assemblywoman charged with stabbing husband.

Jewfish Creek Bridge Set To Open In Fla. Keys - Who picked this bridge name anyway?

What would be a good language to learn that would be in demand in the

You all know I am not a Clinton supporter. Nevertheless...

McClatchy: Here're the savings from Arctic drilling — 75 cents a barrel

USDA axes national survey charting pesticide use

so we are trying to deploy a missle defense system

A List of Bush Nick-Names

Right-wing lawyers attempt 5-month stall on marriage rights in California

What many of you Hillary Supporters might not understand

Did they ask the question?

Seven and ½ months until the new ballgame.



Grew up in mud hut, now she's college grad

Sign of the times, from Tupperware Parties to Gold Parties

How Much Does It Cost To Drive To Work? (A chart - gas is $4.05 regular in Bakersfield Today(

The golden years of the post WWII boom were an aberration.

Presidents condemn US shield plan

McCain aide’s lobbying firm still being paid by foreign governments.»

Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It

how high Gas prices would you pay if we had Universal Health Coverage?

Sistani Issuing Fatwas against U.S. Troops

McCain is lying...

Caption Kindasleazy!

Was Carter right talking with Hamas ?

Acidified ocean water rising up nearly 100 years earlier than scientists predicted

Condi *HEARTS* torture

Food Crisis Rippling Out Like a “Tsunami”

InBev May Acquire Anheiser Busch

Leahy subpoenaed Karl Rove a year'd that go for him?

R. Rep. Trent missile loony Franks shilled missiles this a.m.

Woman Wakes After Heart Stopped, Rigor Mortis Set In

Gas hit $4.19 in Michigan

Too bad no DUers can remember the Seattle General Strike of 1919

Leahy subpoenaed Karl Rove a year'd that go for him?

Congress finally starts to defy Bush - Today’s Headlines 5/23/08

I am so tired of the primaries.

Honor those whose wounds are not so apparent

WH Warning: NBC Blurs Lines Between News and "Blatantly Partisan" Talk Shows

Push back

Amid Global Food Crisis, Biotech Companies are Exposed as Climate Change Profiteers

Someone, anyone, justify spending another 165 Billion on Iraq

Oh irony of ironies... (Prescott)Bush Hurricane Survey Act

Reliving the madness of 1968

John Cusack is coming up on the next hour of Thom Hartmann

"Major Triumph"-"Canada has washed its hands of complicity in an abusive U.S. military process"

Things we could have bought instead for half a trillion bucks?

Nation's Poorest 1% Now Controls Two-Thirds Of U.S. Soda Can Wealth

Noonan: Republicans "Busy Dying"; Democrats "Busy Being Born"

Give Me Your Whites, Your Christians, Your Protestant Masses

Lieberman did what for McCain?

Jackson County teacher who fought test faces dismissal

The dam is breaking

The dam is breaking

Oh Thom.... sorry. But You are Wrong about Hillary

How you can help those affected by the tornado in Colorado


Why is this insane man trying to make a middle-aged woman...(Photo)

Drilling in ANWR Would Save $.75 Per BARREL .....($135 - $.75=$134.25)

Goddamit, maybe Hillary's right about MI & FL.

Don't forget to tip the attendant and then CAPTION

How to explain the term "neo-con"

Five Years of Mistaken Imprisonment (The Nation)

Main Street Squeeze

Cook Political Report upgrades three more races...

Boys 'enjoyed' killing two-year-old

Flashback and luv to WillPitt - Who's to Ultimately Blame For This Mess? Reagan.

Conversation With Governor Don Siegelman

$4 a gallon gas has come to the Old Dominion, and it's all Bill Clinton's fault.

New Tornado Watch: NE CO, Nebraska panhandle, E. Wy.

Hillary Clinton brought tears to my eyes this afternoon.

Have you ever seen a cat toy with a mouse, or similar vermin?

Last surviving Brown v. Board plaintiff dies at 88

As I Promised Earlier (Ted Kennedy's Autographed Book To My Students):

David Schuster has his own show on MSNBC now

Project compassion, an artist paints our fallen soldiers.

San Francisco Chronicle: Gas prices force many to change holiday plans

BIG NEWS 40 Clinton Supers switching. The end in sight.

BIG NEWS 40 Clinton Supers switching. The end in sight.

Mods pls delete, posting bug error

Veterans’ Benefits Bill Wins Approval in Senate (25 Republican senators broke with President Bush)

Is it really that hard to say "some" instead of "all"?

Vallejo Is Largest California City to File Bankruptcy

McCain Willing To Grant Telecoms Immunity After They Say They’re Sorry»

Through the looking glass: It's a long time since I've believed the media (McNASTY's health)

Boycott Fresh & Easy

Military service does NOT make one a better president...

Memorial Day

McCain backs away another pastor

Any reports in the medical dump about what's loose inside his head?

Are Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart brothers hiding, as their opponents charge?

No, no I don't want to get rid of all the DLCers and DINOs in Congress, thank you very much.

Check out the American Family Association's Poll of the Day......Batcrap crazier by the minute.

Injustices of the world? Where do I post where others give a fucking damn??

Wall Street Succumbs to Peak Oil - US News & World Report

Spanish language question

Stop projecting this murderous BS

"It's about time somebody shot that son-of-a-bitch!" (Comment by a "Democrat" in November 1963)

Stop projecting this murderous BS

Late night levity.. Know why so few republicans are twins?

5 Cities With Biggest Decline in Home Values

FBI: 'National Missing Children's Day 2008'

what will it take for anyone to do anything?


Schadenfreude for the Lieberman Haters

Barr begins quest for Libertarian nomination

.Its the PHILOSOPHY...not the Individual makeups/matchups...

I can't believe that some idiots out there still believe * "supports the troops"

CNN Headline News taking calls tonight on Clinton as VP, PH - 1-877-TELL-HLN

US Home Resales Drop, Inventories Rise to Record as Housing Woes Persist

The Nation: The Culture War Disarmed

PHOTO: "Wait! $4 a gallon gas? I hadn't heard that! THAT'S INTERESTING!" said the chimp.

WOW! The Decider is now the "StealthStumper"...he's gon' do it behind closed DOORS, Stretch! OMFG!

Global Warming Real?

Interesting map of gas prices across the country

So Cindy McCain is a Flop-Flipper.

In 2000, McCain joked that he’d be too old to run for president in 2008

Teen Attempts Suicide after Vulgar Diaper Attack by Classmate & Mom

So Hillary. How's that "graceful exit" working out for you?

Should WE negotiate with the enemies of America or just invade OUR White House?

BREAKING Hillary Clinton Announces Exit PLAN

Any Kennedys other than Teddy currently in Congress?

Downer and out? The USDA's new ban won't keep sick cows out of the food supply

First on the agenda...

Jon Stewart! You are a funny man!

GOP Campaign Reports Reveal More Mishandled Money, Widespread Wrongdoing

What does a bankrupt bank look like?

Google Ranked Worst In Privacy

Poll: Do you think Hillary's latest gaffe will put an end to her campaign?

I find Hillary's excuse that she had the Kennedys on her mind because of Ted's unfortunate diagnosis

Did Reagan have the solar panels taken down when he moved into the WH?

AB Culvahouse to head McCain VEEP search team

Corner gas station yesterday $3.99 today $4.15

AB Culvahouse to head McCain VEEP search team

AB Culvahouse to head McCain VEEP search team

Joe Conason: Joe Lieberman, ideological turncoat

Yes! Barr and the Libertarians got on the NC ballot over 72,000 signitures

The two leads in Oliver Stone's Dubya movie

Americans Driving At Historic Lows

North Carolina Beach Cottages Sit Empty as New Yorkers Stay Home

Is this Hillary's 'macaca' moment..?..n/t...

Please Read

Bob Woodward admits WMD evidence "skimpy" before War

"Level 2" coming soon? What's that mean?

A good point made on The NewsHour regarding addiction to oil:

Hillary NEVER gives Obama the benefit of the doubt! (Bitter-gate, "not a far as I know")

Cindy McCain Releases Some Tax Returns

About those soaring gas prices - according to my husband, the price

I want facts, not supposition, not lies, not swiftboating. About McCain.

Anyone Heard From Terry(Bagdad Bob) McCalliflower

Pet Owners Feeling Economic Pinch - abandoned and surrendered pets has grown significantly

Maxine Waters = Complete Idiot

Any BRAVE Du'er want to infiltrate the GOP convention and get inside footage to expose the shame?


Israeli Jets Mistake Tony Blair's Plane For Hostile Aircraft

Pilots run out of fuel, pray, land near Jesus sign (Well, we asked for a sign...)

Sniper who shot Quran sent away

"Negative Recs": is this coming?

54 sickened by suicide's toxic vomit

I've been wondering this for MONTHS....

Republicans and Our Enemies-By JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR.(WSJ)

David Brooks on The NewsHour: If McCain really knew anything

U.S. Treasury printing the new five dollar note for use this summer.

ON THIS DATE in Bush History -- Friday May 23rd (Permission to Screw Us)

Lieberman, Graham Violating McCain Campaign's Ethics Rules?

I'm calling Hillary Clinton out!!



Texas Super Unleaded gas price History (1979-2007)


Michele Bachmann Watch, 5-23-08

Will RECOUNT help Obama/Dems??? Peeps will be reminded/informed of what really happened in 2000

Senate holds pro forma session to block recess appointments.»

Gas Price-Gouging Post-Sept. 11

Bookmark it if you want but I bet it will be a McCain/Lieberman ticket

BUSH Supporting Democrats in Senate - 20 Say Yes to War - names

Bill Moyers Journal tonight: Bisphenol A in plastic; and how McCain might alter the Supreme Ct

WE WON!!!!!

WOOHOO!! My local guy got the endorsement from DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA !!

$4.35 per gal in northern california, diesel passes $5.00....

It's emails like this that really make me sad (and a rant about it....)

Joe Biden: ‘This Is Worst Administration In American Foreign Policy In Modern History, Maybe Ever’

Rejecting Authority at Police State Checkpoint

Torture and Democracy

McCain dumped Hagee, tonight he is dumping Rod Parsley.

Raw Story: "Shamnesty? McCain suffers right wing backlash over immigration flip-flop"

Wall Street Journal: If $4 Gas Is Bad, Just Wait

Lieberman strode to the stage, then compared Hagee to Moses

DOJ "Aggressively Pursuing Case Against BAE" (some very interesting stuff...?!?)

DOJ "Aggressively Pursuing Case Against BAE" (some very interesting stuff...?!?)

McCain's Train of Thought......

Massive (Wholly Predictable) ES&S Touch-screen Voting Failures in AR and WV (& Feinstein Approves!)

Arianna Huffington is on with Tavis Smiley tonight

"al-Maliki is just like Saddam Hussein,"

Col. Ann Wright: When Rape Hobbles Bush Administration Policies...

A cartoon which says a lot (about Iraq and 9/11)

Mr Obama Please Get A Progressive Private Company To Provide Security

"Bleep"scout in chief Bush and the sermon on the USS Lincoln...

NY Times: A Warning From the White House

It is not the oil companies

Flipping the bird. A generational or regional preference?

Tonight I'll watch "Wizard of Oz" on the big screen & meet a lollipop guild munchkin

CNN is currently airing a statement/sermonette by Hagee from his Ministry building

Talk Host: I wish Sen Kennedy had lived long enough to be assassinated

Anna Quindlen on HRC...The Highest Road

here's a shocker: Ku Klux Klan DOES NOT Endorse Barack Obama for President

Hillary was not calling for anyone to kill Obama

Tuned in late to "Countdown"...what was the "Breaking News" they were just talking about? nt

I can't believe we're being insulted for 'overreacting' to this.

I can't believe we're being insulted for 'overreacting' to this.

Why are the news channels acting like auctioneers for the oil industry??

Incredible tornadic radar signature heading towards Greensburg.

Obama attacks Lou Dobbs and Limbaugh for rise of hate crimes against Hispanics.

McCain had cancer surgery in February and didn't disclose it!

*** REC This Thread If You Think Hillary Must Get Out NOW!!! ***

ouch :)

GM Foods the Problem, Not the Solution

Why is a Houston-based contractor under investigation in Iraq now tearing down New Orleans schools?

Sorry Mods a dupid.

I just told my dog to quit his yapping

Rice's Lies About Torture-By Dave Lindorff

Who the fuck is RFK, Jr.

I'm tired of making excuses for the Clintons. Aren't you? I can't wait to be free.

Bill Moyers is discussing Bushco's administration

A look into the future, transportation 2015...

Sub-prime mortgage loan crisis question

KKKarl Rove dragging the GOP under water....shows no Honor nor Manliness

I just got invited to a private lunch reception with Bush

Popular Vote Argument Gaining Steam! Obama Losing Momentum!

My school banned replica weapons in drama productions.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Man who's had sex with 1000 cars gives new meaning to auto-erotic

Embryonic stem-cell trial put on hold

Son of RD Laing - skrink who blamed madness on poor parenting - found dead in tent beside vodka

My own special comment to Keith Olbermann .

My own special comment to Keith Olbermann .

Stay gone Morning Joe, stay gone!

Since the deregulation of the MSM, via the telecom act of 1993, the accuracy of their reporting

US attempting to disable cluster bomb ban

Strange phenomenon - The mysterious forest rings of northern Ontario

TRANSCRIPT: Keith Olbermann's Special Comment "Clinton, You Invoke A Political Nightmare"

Just rec'd an e-mail to buy child porn photos - What do I do?

Economic Exploitation and Empire

"World War 3" An article by GreenKid, grade 4 (written back in Jan. for his class newsletter)

Juicy email about John McCain

That's IT, Hillary. That's the LAST STRAW. GET OUT NOW.

That's IT, Hillary. That's the LAST STRAW. GET OUT NOW.

I Drove My Hummer To Walmart To Buy A Case Of Coke

Mike Malloy has blown a Hillary: "You're insane. Go away. Shut up."

College Grads Getting Rich in the Army

Song lyrics that best represent the state of the U.S. (and the world) today:

[Pretend Anger]How Dare She Mention RFK or Assassination!!!![/Pretend Anger]

Goodbye Senator Clinton

the biggest Obama fans will have to admit that he had NO CHANCE

For those of you too young to remember the murders of JFK, RFK,

Clinton Democrats will vote McCain as response to Obama & his supporters? Or vote O based on issues?

Hillary, if Tony Blakely says "Hillary has jumped the shark," you have jumped the shark!

I'm going to say it because it has to be said, anything happens to Obama, HRC has blood on her hands

"Straight Talk Express" - Comic Zine On John W. McCain

FLDS update, State agency to appeal ruling, and a look at what this may mean

October surprise of 1968

Douglas Brinkley on KO: Someone needs to "intervene"

Howard Zinn: Anarchism Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word, By Ziga Vodovnik

House Passes Amendment: Investigation of the Pentagon’s “Information Dominance” Program

Hagee was on MSNBC trying to justify his horrific views...

"Until this country comes to terms with its culpability in allowing widespread poverty to exist,

AP: McCain Had Cancer Surgery THIS YEAR, Didn't Tell Anyone

AP: McCain Had Cancer Surgery THIS YEAR, Didn't Tell Anyone

Some NCLB first grade test questions....

MSNBC Pimps KO So They Can Mind F**K Dems With McCain Propaganda


San Diego County Workers may be excused from performing same-sex weddings

Nationalize the Oil Industry into a truly "Big Oil"

Pentagon can't account for ANOTHER $15b

I agree with John Hardwood, just now on MSNBC. Just saying.

***DUzy Awards for week ending May 23, 2008***

Rec this thread if you REALIZE that the war on HRC supporters in GD:P is UGLY.

Think Oil Prices Hurt Now? Just Wait...

Woman Wakes Up After Family Says Goodbye, Tubes Pulled

Ted Kennedy .. Talk to us!

Okay, I am getting DAMNED pissed off with all the GDP threads in GD!!!

Mukasey defends lawyers that support torture. Who were those Democrats that sponsored him?

Could McCain really win????

Allergic to the Internet! (Group Wants to Ban Wi-Fi in Public Buildings)

Gotta love those senior citizens

Taking a big, big step back.... this really can't be happening, can it?

Taking a big, big step back.... this really can't be happening, can it?

Marines 'acted appropriately' in deadly Afghanistan ambush which left up to 10 civilians dead

US regrets need to detain Iraqi children-envoy

Abandoning All Hope

(Gambian) President plans to kill off every single homosexual

the sweetest child and best student in my class came in this morning,

***** HEARING - C-SPAN 3 Winter soldiers now testifying *****

Two Florida lawsuits against DNC pending...two already dismissed. Enough.

Jello Biafra comments on Michael Savage.

AGAINST SCHOOL - How public education cripples our kids, and why

Thanks everyone for the support and kindness.

Simple Pleasures

Dancing With the Moon

Dancing With the Moon

I'm going to see Bush & Cheney impeached!!

I got a free haircut last night! Due to a promotion that I participated in. But, excuse me ....

U. S. Capitol, 1908

Websites From Before the Internet was Invented

Rec this thread if you think ih8thegop is sexy

Can you identify this lyric?

Damn, I can't sleep!

Good Friday morning to you all.

Seafood chowder loses its crunchy companion (Nabisco Crown Pilot Crackers)

Republican Space Rangers!

I Just fucked up

Well if you are going to ignore me


PSA: All parents need to learn CPR!!!!

I would like to apologize for a picture I posted here on Wednesday.

Report: Apple to be hub of the digital home by 2013

so did anyone expect that big shocker on Top Chet las night?

teri garr! close encounters of the third kind. on tmc. right now...

Recommend this thread.

Jewfish Creek Bridge Set To Open In Fla. Keys

So Dunkin Donuts, owned by Carlyle Group, runs an ad featuring Rachel Ray in a Palestinian scarf...

What kind of barbarian defaces an ancient architect?

What kind of barbarian defaces an ancient architect?

Remember the Knack????

To all my peeps in the lounge, happy Memorial Day weekend!

"Possible side effects: flu like symptoms"

Keith's Special Comment Tonight: Hillary "This Time Sen. Clinton, You Have Gone Too Far"

I just gave madinmaryland a Marylander Squirrel Award!

Are you able to tell the OP just by reading the thread title?

I post on Youtube sometimes and then get emails saying that people

Anyone here a fan of the TV show Bones? Did you watch the season ender? SA

Obama-Biden in '08... K&R if you agree this is the REAL dream ticket!

Obama-Biden in '08... K&R if you agree this is the REAL dream ticket!

What DUer has the most clever DU name?

I'm going to post a thread in GD:P - recommend this thread if I should!!!

I know you are, but what am I?

I need to stop drinking soda, but I can't make myself do it for health reasons

Any fans of The Helios Sequence?

Anyone hear had a cochlear implant? Or some family member who did?

Mah na mah na......

What's on your .mp3 player/stereo/TV right now?

Language question for Spanish speakers (or drinkers) esp Mexican Spanish

I've been writing on my book.

John Cusack Goes to War ... (interview)

I wanna start a Uriah Heep tribute band

Wanna ride the jumpseat?

Well I just found the biggest no contest poll ever...

I want job openings posted by bus route

It is with a heavy heart that I....


*** Bjork Appreciation Thread ***

What have you got for kitchen sink hoses

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/23/2008)

Here is PROOF she played the assassination card:

He's at it again.

Ugly Betty fans:

Question for pilots

Favorite Steven Speilberg movie

Who would be a better Rumsfeld in Oliver Stone's Bush movie?

Healthy Choice "Cafe Steamers"...worst new product name in awhile.

Is anyone else sick to death of the Indiana Jones theme song?

Wallflower Mod...

Abstract Art

I wore a friggin' necktie for nothing...NOTHING!!!

Weiner dog's bark comes to the rescue

I'm a Grand High Muckety-Muck and I went to one of our shitty little branch offices today

I wore friggin' nothing for nothing...nothing!

35 balls to the face in 32 seconds. This is not about Paris Hilton OR Lance Armstrong

lost-in-nj Cheer Up Thread

I wore friggin' pants for nothing...NOTHING!!!

Two job rejections today

How does the 'friends with benefits' thing work, anyway?

Rachael Ray endorses McCain for President

STOP!!! Oh my God... DON'T DRINK THAT!!!


LIke 20 pieces of mail NONE of it is for people who live here

Our Boss Is Buying Us Chinese Food For Lunch What Are You Having?

Plans for the weekend?

Cranking one off

Is anyone else sick to death of the James Bond theme song?

I am reigning Emperor of the Universe. Ask me anything!!!

HELP!!! I think they're gonna kill MrCoffee.

Effing EAGLES admit that half of their 2-CD Wal-Mart masterpiece was probably CRAP.

Effing EAGLES admit that second half of their Jan. '07 playoff loss to the Saints was probably CRAP.

Effing EAGLES admit that second half of their Jan. '07 playoff loss to the Saints was probably CRAP.

Midlodemocrat Just Bought This T-Shirt At Walmart

CaliforniaPeggy Keeps Abreast Of The Situation

The vileness of the attacks on Hillary Clinton here make her look tame

I wore friggin' underwear for nothing....NOTHING!!

Best rapper ever ?

Favor.... will someone please please remind me to un-ignore half the Lounge...

Best. Blog Post. Ever.

Hey, guys! Let's get MrCoffee's thread to the Greatest Page!!!

I think I really need a hug and a reality check.

I love beginning my day with a nasty e-mail

I wore a friggen bra today for nothing!

Rachael Ray undresses McCain for President

Damn GD:P My Thread Has 30reply posts in less then 5minutes

Wallflowers Mood...


I am deposed Emperor of the Universe. Ask me anything!!!

Home from the interview, and I think it went well!!!

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Right now MrsGrumpy and BabyG are arguing.....

Is global warming real?

Feeder watch - a list of the birds that have been at my bird feeders this morning:

Should I put three slices of bologna or four slices of balogna on my sandwich?

Please don't post in Khaskha's porn thread

Oliver Stone(d) does it again...

Is there anybody else who SHOULD'VE been left handed, but wound up a righty?

First serious cat fix in months -- years, really

Dammit Midlo! We demand answers!

I'm going to the drive-in tonight...

There's been a super-mega sized truck parked...

OM NOM NOM NOM (bumblebee thread, might sting for dialup)

HEPA Air purifiers

That's right. I'm a proud daddy

The Bar Is OPEN.... Butt

A young moose taking an evening stroll thru the neighborhood

NYC issues warning after aphrodisiac (made from toad venom!) kills man

Oh YEAH! check out THESE bikinis!!!!

Is Global Warming Really?

Ok I Have One More Post In GD:P For My Maximum Of The Day

Lounge opinions needed!!!

Dear roomate - you watch HORRIBLE television

We are having real weather in SoCal for the second day in a row!

Are you writing a fucking novel or something?

So, someone else is writing my book. Again.

I posted a newsletter article my 10yo son wrote for his class over in GD. If you want to take a look

Next to Merlin, Stewart K. is the sweetest little boy cat I've ever

For the first time in 6 years our whole family sat down to dinner together

I just got back from Vegas! Ask me anything

My health update: I guess I've dodged a bullet.

Woman Wakes Up After Family Says Goodbye, Tubes Pulled

It's Friday, dammit. Bring on the Viking Kittens!

Star Trek

Oh YEAH! check out THIS Bikini!

Alternatives to 'fucking'

Would it be BAD to put your own kid on ignore...???

Hurry up or they'll sell out!


Damn. My cousin's daughter was killed Thursday.

Greatest middle stooge OTHER than Curly?

I went shooting for the first time today

Should I see Iron Man or Indiana 4 tonight, or something else?

My Semester is OVER! OVER! OVER!

Quick! Live one in GD!

Honey, I'm home!!

Day two NC mountains pics (lotsa pics)

If you've ever wanted to see GDP at its worst, now is the time

Havn't YOU Ever Said Something You Have Regretted Later

Straight jacket time! Confession: nearly all day in GD: P...

what is the point of the ignore feature?

Please don't post porn in Khashka's thread

Oh noes! The kudzu thread is in danger!!

roffle roffle roffle, you could drop the biggest steamer ever in GDP and still get at least one rec

everytime "you know who" says *anything* DU goes to Defcon whatever

Sweet Home Alabama

Indiana Jones IV is only slightly less disappointing than The Phantom Menace was

Yesterday's New Qunitet

DAMN I had a great day!!!!!

I just discovered my son racked up almost $160 in iTunes charges on our credit card

God damn primates forum. I just have to say it:

MF Doom meets Clutchy Hopkins

The Monkees

my apology

Clutchy Hopkins in Houston

Can you click my ball?

clutchy hopkins vs. time masters


who is clutchy hopkins

Hey, you! Theatre lovers!

Who is Clutchy Hopkins? Part II

Since it's that time of year...Post your graduation photos!

Clutchy Hopkins meets Roman Polanski


Clutchy Hopkins / Shawn Lee Testimonial (Ubiquity)

Clutchy Hopkins "3:02" / Mickey Mouse "Steamboat Willie"

Clutchy Hopkins at Westheimer Block Party

Clutchy Hopkins & Dudley Perkins

I'm so sorry, Spurs fans...


Alla Oscar-Clutchy Hopkins

A good night to hide in the lounge

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/23/08

That's Numberwang!

jimbo music

Stephanie Miller's morning radio show "like NPR with jokes" (I disagree)

A graphic for GDP (feel free to use at will)

3rd Element-Clutchy Hopkins

So....what would YOU do?

Poll question: Kissing Ass is Underrated

Crappy day.

The hatred in GD-cesspool is palpable.

She fucked up. She apologized. And the outrage here is fucking ridiculous.

Tonight I Am An Attention Whore.....

Tila Tequila and The Girls Next Door

Somebody STOP me...***more Kittimus P. (in action) pics***


Whoa . . .

Post your favorite DU username(s)

The Magistrate Appreciation Thread.

Who let Retro out of the lounge? Who's turn is it to watch him?

WOOHOO!!!! I just got called a troll in GD-cesspool.

Madonna to Introduce Her New Film "I Am Because We Are"


A summary of the first brainstorm meeting for Indy4 (no spoilers)

Woo-hoo I won my appeal! Take THAT bean counters!

Time to stop my dry spell.

Poem Rant

Who Else Is Invited To Matcom And TM's Wedding Next Month?

Oh my fucking GOD - I'm going to get my doctorate!

Anyone have an older Wittnauer watch?

Kissing is Underrated...

Linquistically challenged kitty companions

Members of The Swarm, Roll Call!

Your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

I'm an elitist asshole...A history "quiz" was emailed & I got a C+.

Post a Party Mix Video

Obama clinches 2026 with 15 more superdelegates; Axelrod slaps down Hillary VP meeting talking point

Obama clinches 2026 with 15 more superdelegates; Axelrod slaps down Hillary VP meeting talking point

Who here has tried that wonderful drug known as LSD?

Porn Rant

And now some print ads from the 1960s and my commentary! DIALUP WARNING

Step it up and Dance on Bravo

Dude, has anybody seen my sunglasses?

National Treasure: Book of Secrets sucked @$$ ***SPOILER WARNING***

Caption this!

Anybody with yahoo email? Is there a way to turn off those annoying ads?

Anybody with yahoo email? Is there a way to turn off those annoying ads?

Have you ever won a DUzy?

Hurricane Bertha . . . has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Do you have an article of clothing that your significant other would like to burn?

Isn't the point of software upgrades to make the software better and easier to use?

Should I see Iron Man or Indy4 tomorrow?

It's all worked out!!

I feel like a loser when I don't overcome.

What are you addicted to?

Describe one of your most embarrassing moments.

Why am I almost invariably attracted to people who would make my parents faint?

I am reigning Empress of the Universe. Ask me anything!!!

A cat question: We've had a variety of cats, gray tigers, yellow tigers,

God-Damned Primaries Forum: I Just Had To Say It, Ladies And Gentlemen

True Harbingers of Summer: what are they in YOUR area? Here there are two:

Hulk Hogan: Victim in son's car crash had heavy shit laid on him by God because of what he was into

Glorious Victory

Obama Landslide: A Preliminary 2008 True Vote Projection

Dance, Monkey, Dance

Conflict Brewing over Breakaway Georgian Province

India Emerges as Major Automotive Market

EU readying freeze on Iran's biggest bank-diplomats

2 New Hampshire Edwards delegates back Obama

US-Iraq agreement negotiations face snags-MP

U.S. Home Resales Drop, Inventories Rise to Record as Housing Woes Persist

March driving down for 1st time since 1979: government

Texas seizure of polygamist-sect kids thrown out

56 CIA Prisoner Transport Flights Overflew Portugal -Lawmaker

Obama to Clinch Democratic Presidential Nomination June 3 (with 1 Superdelegate Endorsement Per Day)

Myanmar Junta Agrees to Admit "All" Aid Workers: U.N. Secretary General

Connecticut widens probe into BNY Mellon data breach (4.5 million)

Silverjet suspends shares as lifeline fails (another airline failing)

Cuba says Bush cellphone speech "ridiculous"

American Axle workers vote to end nearly 3-month strike

Boys 'enjoyed' killing two-year-old

Every $10 oil rise ups Air Force costs $610 million

Top court says Canada complicit in Guantanamo case

GM expects $1.8B hit from American Axle strike

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Iglesias, Fired U.S. Attorney, Speaks Out on Karl Rove, Others

Blasts wound six US marines, kill seven Iraqi civilians

Iraq troops relax in cleric Sadr's former bastion

McCain rejects pastor's endorsement (Rod Parsley)

FACTBOX: Possible Democratic vice presidential candidates

Senate OK's bill barring contractors from avoiding tax

U.S. House Approves '09 Authorization Bill, Sustaining $200M FCS Cut

Bush begins rasing money for McCain

Mexican army marijuana haul in Sharp unit premises

Mike Huckabee Turned Down Invitation to John McCain's Ranch

AP: McCain appears cancer-free, healthy

Clinton sparks uproar with Kennedy assassination comment

Colombian paramilitary member pleads not guilty in cocaine-for-arms deal

Slugging to Work: Anonymous Ride-Sharing

Pentagon Forced to Release Information to SOA Watch

Rice Defends Post-9/11 Interrogation Rules

No charges for Marines in Afghan civilian deaths

CNN: Clinton 'insiders' approach Obama team about exit strategy

Report: Illegal immigrants contribute billions to (NV) state

Sun screen lotion threatens coral: study

Poll: 54 percent back Calif. marriage amendment

More H-1B visas, McCain's top priority

Top US officer warns not to mix military, politics(ref. to Ret. Gens' attacks on Iraq war policy)

Lieberman, Graham In Apparent Violation Of McCain Ethics Rules

Vallejo, Calif. files for bankruptcy protection

Cindy McCain releases 2006 tax return, shows $6 million income

Clinton apologizes for RFK assassination comment

Police board to fire two officers in miscarriage case


China, Russia Rule Out Military Actions On Iran

US troops to do humanitarian work in Peru where Shining Path rebels active

Uninsured Immigrant Patients Sent Home for Care Against Their Will

Bush Tours Once-Squalid Latrine

McCain's Ambien Use: a Security Threat?

What NAFTA-gate probe found

Here're the savings from Arctic drilling — 75 cents a barrel

Texas officials ask court to block ruling in sect case

Vast cracks appear in Arctic ice

Obama urges direct diplomacy with Latin America

Home price index posts largest drop in history

Rocky Anderson Prepares to Protest Pres. Bush's Visit


Feinstein Backs Clinton/Obama Ticket

Fidel Castro attacks McCain and Bush in column

Bush Eyes Unprecedented Conservation Program

SUVs plunge toward 'endangered' list

South America creates regional union

SENATE Judiciary: Sen. Durbin questions Sara Taylor on voter caging

The Virginia Voltmeter 09.20.06: Barack Obama on Jim Webb

GITMO Detainee Torture Hearings in Congress

Rep. Kanjorski admits the Democrats Over-Promised on Iraq

hillary clinton: LYNCHIN'

KARL ROVE ROUNDTABLE: Siegelman Isikoff Goldman Inglesias and Abrams

Has John McCain distanced himself enough from Rod Parsley and John Hagee?

ABRAMS Verdict: Congress Subpoenas Karl Rove Part II

Ollie North & Gen Petraeus = Worst & Worser Persons In The World!!!

Senator Hillary Clinton Questions General Petraeus 2008.05.22

ABRAMS Verdict: Congress Subpoenas Karl Rove Part I

Lieberman claims IRAN training and equipping extremists = Petraeus confirmation hearing

BUSHED! Poison-Gate, Swift Boat-Gate, Phoney-War-On-Terror-Gate

Ambassador Joe Wilson Reacts To Karl Rove Subpoena

Hillary 'SPADE WORK' (Clinton Racial Code Words)

Pastor Hagee withdraws Endorsement of John McCain

Ambassador Joe Wilson on Bill Kristol and Bob Novak

BUSH Pentagon's "Information Dominance" Program is "brainwashing"

John McCain Meets Daisy Girl

Clinton Supporter NY Gov. Patterson admits that Clinton doesn't really have a leg to stand on

Rep. DeFazio on Pentagon's "Information Dominance" Program

Rachel Maddow and KO on John McCain and Gay Marriage

OAR sings "Times they are a-changin" - JTMP.ORG

Rep. DeLauro on Pentagon's "Information Dominance" Program

David Iglesias on Karl Rove, I have a defective creep meter, etc.

Sen. Biden is Interviewed on NBC Today Show-destroys Bush/McCain/Lieberman doctrine

Huckabee's Humor

Comedian Betsy Salkind Does Political Standup & Squirrel Impression

Barack Obama at B'nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton, FL

TYT: Down Goes Rev. Hagee--McCain's Pastor Went Too Far

TYT: Cent rejoices for the Democrats and their unexpected win over Bush

Biden Rips Lieberman, McCain & Bush Admin. on Morning Joe - May 23

Obama In Portland & with Crow Nation - We Are All Made of Stars

[Hooked] On the Hope

CNN Reports on "Preliminary" Obama-Clinton Compromise Talks

AP: Gas Roars Higher ($5.59)

Top Cat


Obama: Renewing U.S. Leadership in the Americas

TYT: Darwin Award...One Dangerous Spitting Contest!

Maddow on Hillary's Comments: "lack of discipline at best...if it wasn't a mistake, it's disgusting"

What Does RFK's Assassination Have to Do with It?

Catching Hope

TYT: Liar, hypocrite, and bigot John McCain is confronted w/ the human face of his bigotry on Ellen

Obama 2012.

Lou Dobbs has Media Matters on (2 red faced parts)

Countdown: Johnathon Alter on Hillary's Comments

Countdown: Special Comment on Hillary Clinton Remark - PT. 1 (May 23)

Countdown: Keith Leads w/ Clinton Story - 5/23

Olberman on Hillary's Assassination Comments: "Unforgiveable!"

Hillary explains assassination comment

Hillary is Staying in the Race Because Obama Might Get Shot?

Samm Simpson for Congress - Democrat, FL Dist 10 vs. Bill Young et al

Countdown: Special Comment on Hillary Clinton Remark - PT. 2 (May 23)

Eugene Robinson rips Hillary over Kennedy assassination - apology adds insult to injury

Red State Update: Catching Up WIth Edwards, Biden, Huckabee

If Congress Slaps Rove with Contempt, How Will His Bosses at Fox and Newsweek Deal with It?

Burma is a brutal military regime, not a socialist one

He's taken everything in stride, it seems. How Obama and his team will battle the GOP onslaught

Congress seeks alternative to H-1B visas

Time for the rank and file to take control. These critters in your district? Call them now!

Biden in today's WSJ: Republicans and Our Enemies

GREG PALAST: 80 years of choking Iraq's oil output to keep prices high

Joe Galloway: How We Can Really Honor Our Veterans

Blood on the Tracks

Matthew Yglesias: The Accidental Foreign Policy

Hillary's Hostage Crisis

Ch 4 interview with Gore Vidal on US election :

I wonder what Clinton supporters would say...

Gary Kamiya: The ugliest election

Loved ones oppose travel limits to Cuba (Bush Cuba policy rebuked by Cuban-Americans)

Hillary Denies She Seeks to be Obama's 'Gunning Mate'

Jim Webb: Master Of The Senate

Obama Gets Even For Hillary’s RFK Reference

Johann Hari: Why bananas are a parable for our times

Ted Kennedy: The Lion in Winter

Why Bananas Are a Parable for Our Times

Feingold addresses crude oil prices

The choice: Fund schools today, or prisons and welfare tomorrow

Al Qaeda Endorses John McCain

The Last Roundup-Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

Feds: Much of oil, gas under lands off limits

Auto Cos Pressured As Truck, SUV Sales Wither On Gas Costs

EU Parliament Notes Current Grain Reserves @ 30 Days - Urges Establishment Of Reserves - AFP

5/23/08 - 15:10 GMT - All Eleven Global Oil Benchmarks Over $125 - Upstream Online

The peak oil crisis: The Secretary of Transition

Mile-wide tornado smashes Windsor, Colorado

Total CEO: Oil Relatively Cheap; Less Expensive Than In 1974

South Africa switches on 1st wind farm amid electricity crisis, criticism over lack of renewable ...

MEPs give go-ahead to Fuel Cells and Hydrogen JTI

Maersk Drills 12.3 Kilometer Well To Hit 20-Foot Reservoir Target - Gulf Times

The future of wind shear: will it decrease the number of hurricanes?

Science-meddling Scandal Grows and Grows -- Dems: Species hurt by politics

Dutch claim world's first solar speedboat

Sun screen lotion threatens coral: study

A nobel heir looks to energy saving in the modern world

Bush Eyes Unprecedented Conservation Program

U.S. greens wary of ecological cost of record oil

5/23 National Ice Center - Large Linear Melt Zones Near N. Pole; Beaufort Losing Coverage Rapidly

Senate weighs cost of acting, and not acting, on emissions

DOT: Vehicle Miles Fell 4.3% in March

Vast cracks in arctic ice

The high today here in Tempe was 75F. On Monday it was 110F.

Question about down shifting...

Convert a Saturn Sky to all Electric for $25k - Cinncinati Company

"Peak oil scenario" approaching faster than expected

Methane rise points to wetlands - BBC

X-Post: My 10 yo son wrote an article about Peak Oil (sorta) for his class newsletter.

It's nuclear power, not oil, that worries the Middle East

question about propane gas.

Update on thermal depolymerization (TDP)

Maine gas sales start to decline

Solar lighting

Gas and guns!

Under The Needle: Fuel costs driving truckers into red

FoxNews Smears Maxine Waters -- Accuses Her Of Wanting to Nationalize the Oil Industry

Whatever happened to the old fashioned clothes line?

Troop cuts possible in fall, Petraeus says

Senate passes Webb GI Bill

House adds troop bennies to 2009 budget bill

Drug suspects arrested near Fort Leonard Wood

Lowe’s, Home Depot offering discounts

Lawmaker: Stop political games with war funds

Senate OKs $168 billion for war operations

Sea Trials strike a more serious tone

Chavez accuses U.S. of spying on Venezuela

Iwo Jima films slammed for overlooking blacks

Marine found dead in barracks identified

Marine hurt in Mexico shooting released to U.S.

Being gay isn’t enough to get kicked out

Alaska Raptors head to Guam this summer

Vandenberg tests unarmed ICBM

U.S.: Insurgents knew of Kunar operation

Detainees overcrowded in Iraqi holding facilities

Beware of N.C. island: It’s a bomb range

Report: Iraq to spend $3B on U.S. military gear

Italian military to guard dump sites amid crisis

Airman details involvement in gang beating

Record gas prices keep going up

Riverine Squadron 2 returns to Norfolk

Contract ends Stripes’ relationship with ASY

Vt. Air National Guard to keep ‘Lethal Lady’

Yokota-based airmen on duty in Ecuador

DOD expands eligibility for travel benefit

Group: Calif. ruling won’t change ‘don’t ask’

VA forms panels to address suicides

Military Update: GOP senators sweeten their plan for GI Bill

US to Review Gitmo Juvenile Numbers

House Committee Subpoenas Rove

Reps Say Iraqi Leaders Steal Billions

Army Probing Plane Parts Supplier

Soldiers Helping Researchers Study PTSD

Gas prices in Europe pass $4 threshold

Marine Jailed for Refusing to Testify

Giant Plane Delivers Flight Simulator

McCain Blasts Obama for Not Serving

Senate passes Kohl measure to help Wisconsin veterans buy homes

McCain Evades South Florida Union Members

Mine Workers Back Obama for President

House OKs Bill Bringing Flight Attendants, Pilots Under FMLA Umbrella

McCain: Out of Touch on Trade

UAW plans Atlantic City rally to support contract talks with 4 casinos

Today in labor history May 22

Today in labor history May 23

Labor cartoon for the week: Boss feed

Labor joke for the week: Wrong Jurisdiction

McCain Evades South Florida Union Members

It's money over muscle in latest NFL tug of war

LA Times: The battle for labor's future

Hyatt deal creates Denver's sole union hotel

Senate Ignores Bush Veto Threat, Approves Extended Jobless Aid

NYT: Union Leader (Gerald McEntee-AFSCME) Has Advice for Obama

National Public Works Week

Labor movement vows to heal Democratic Party

Economic Report: Wages Plunge For Young Men Without Degrees

Could it be that workers are getting screwed because we are not radical enough

Halliburton offers $3.4 bln for Expro, tops Candover

Moody's shifts debt analysts as banks complain: WSJ


i now regret my support for john edwards and the

Being gay isn’t enough to get kicked out (xpost from Veterans)

this was for the funny thread but


For those of you here in the GLBT Community...who put me on your Greatist Gay Bashers List

Gambia's president vows to rout gays

IDF soldier wounded in southern Gaza op

Israelis Almost Took Out Tony Blair's Jet

French FM: Nothing can justify Israeli settlement expansion

Egyptian broadcaster: Jews want their property back

More than a Stone’s Throw Away, No Justice for Palestinian Child Prisoners

Us and Them - The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism

US political author Norman Finkelstein denied entry to Israel

We won!!!!!!!!!

Brazilian Indians: 'Nobody has consulted us about dams'

Chile's Bachelet assumes rotating presidency of UNASUR

Why Bananas are a parable for our time--check this out:

Loved ones oppose travel limits to Cuba (Bush Cuba policy rebuked by Cuban-Americans)

Plan Mexico Passed

US troops to do humanitarian work in Peru where Shining Path rebels active

Transcript of Obama Speech to Cuban American National Foundation

South America creates regional union

I'd like to know what you all think about Obama's remarks today on Latin America

Post in GD by kpete....

I posted a couple of lines from Joe's interview with Lauer:

If you'd like to tell your State's delegates you'd like them to endorse,

Did you guys see this yesterday in Newsweek?

another Biden VP thread

Joe mentioned on MSNBC again as potential VP

No octopus for Detroiters in Pittsburgh!

Porter sounds off, says Patriots 'cheated'

Taking care of details - is something going on in my chart, I wonder

If anyone cares, here's a link to my newest reading on Hillary.

I had a dream that I had a baby last night ( Dream Analysis needed)

More vacation pics from the mountains

A young moose taking an evening stroll thru the neighborhood

Liquid gold

NM.Lt. Gov. Gets Real 'Scoup' On Pros & Cons Of Uranium Mining - The Radioactive Hangover!

Pa. first to use Medicaid for autism help

A brewing storm:

Ever tried to make your own sun-dried tomatoes?

Coral Ridge Ministries’ Annual Spiritual State of the Nation

Did the Aztecs have the right idea somewhat distorted or past its expiry date?

If atheism were a religion, would Richard Dawkins be the Messiah?

Gun-control group secures $350,000 grant (Joyce foundation to CeaseFirePA)


Evangelical / Fundamentalist Atheism as an ad hominem

Jupiter Gains New Red Spot

Looks like NPR is in on the coverup!

Blair jet faced Israeli warplanes

Diary up on DKos about the HEART Act that passed yesterday

OT (kind of) - Karma IS a bitch

Michele Bachmann puts up a video for Memorial Day--and votes against veterans

RNC Host Committee disappointed there's no state money for convention

MN Army Recruiter: "55,000 Americans killed by illegals every year."

OK, it's official - I live in JesusLand....

DFW DU'ers -- join us for a party next weekend?

I am beyond disgusted with Hillary's comments today (assassination)

VIDEO on DU: David Brancaccio: How Republicans Stole 2004

Obama Landslide: A Preliminary 2008 True Vote Projection ( x )

Recounting the Recount and Counting the Uncounted

Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet

Massive (Wholly Predictable) ES&S Touch-screen Voting Failures in AR and WV (& Feinstein Approves!)

Will changes cause more nightmares this Election Day?

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. 05/23/08

Trollers blast $30-million salmon treaty as 'buyout'

CBC: Manley concerned Afghan panel recommendations not being met

update on Florida medical dean

Textbooks face ban under e-learning finance bill

Rep. Suder's ex-girlfriend charged with forgery

mcsame coming to milwaukee may 29th

"Be nice now!" "Wait for it!"

The Pledge Project - Atheist Ethicist

KOEB Meeting 5/23/08 Oh No She Di'n't Special Comment Edition