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Tonight's confirmation that Hillary is ordering her minions to spam DU seals it....

Hillary asks her supporters to spam democratic websites...

Hillary asks her supporters to spam democratic websites...

Missouri voter ID measure fails, saving up to 240K votes for the GE

We are so lucky,,,

We just don't know

Obama fires back at critics

Obama fires back at critics


You Don't Speak for Me Campaign!

It's NOT over! Obama should be campaigning hard in remaining 5 primary states

It's NOT over! Obama should be campaigning hard in remaining 5 primary states

Bush fails to win Saudi help on gas prices......

Obama Rally Pictures

Obama Rally Pictures

About Barack Obama's supposed "cult"

Another applaud teh Mod thread! Thank you!

Another applaud teh Mod thread! Thank you!

Bush’s gift to Obama

Republican slogan - 'The Change You Deserve' (screamingly funny)

Question (that may have already been asked): Does Obama get Edward's delegates?


Hillary fought hard. She has no chance of winning the nomination


Operation Turn Down: the growing anti-Obama movement in the Democratic Party

Enjoy this day or lose the day...your choice DU

"It is the map, not the math."

For members of the Obama cult and Obama lovers everywhere.

For members of the Obama cult and Obama lovers everywhere.

Delete - dupe

Superdelegate wants to know which candidate you support

People voted - but it won't count!


Hillary encourages a blogger to drag her two young kids to 5/31 DNC rules meeting!

The "no Democrat has won the WH since 1916 w/o WVA argument" is nonsensical

Should obama declare a "cease-fire" on hot button divise issues this election cycle?


What do you call a ANYBODY who would vote for McCain?

BOogle and a very interesting Obama site

Obama: I will debate Bush and McCain "ANY TIME, ANY PLACE"

McLame must spend 50% of his budget on Teleprompter support!!!

McLame must spend 50% of his budget on Teleprompter support!!!

When is this forum going to be renamed?

Bubba boosts Obama-By Andy Borowitz

An emerging constituency: Obama Republicans

Barring some last minute change, Obama to be in IOWA on Tuesday night.

Sen. Ted Kennedy is rushed to a hospital in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a Democratic source tells CNN

I will allow this photo to speak for itself.

Why is the media pundits so focused on Kentucky then they are Oregon

FOX NEWS!!!! NOT covering Ted Kennedy in the hospital

To All You Fighting Dems... "You are so beautiful... to me"

Huckabee makes a joke about someone aiming a gun at Obama!

Protest and Rally May 31st at the DNC

What is the motivation at this point?

I Hope Ted Kennedy Is Well- We Should Lay Off Bashing One Another And Our Candidates Today

Hillary came to FL to proclaim victory. Yet Bill Clinton misrepresents Obama's ad buy.

When the HRC campaign complains that they're being outspent 4:1

Open letter to HRC from a Wellesley College Alumna (re: Rose Law firm, Monsanto,genetic engineering)


Obama getting painted with the same liberal brush Kerry was painted with!

Obama will be back where it all started --- in Iowa --- when he clinches the nomination on Tuesday.

Sickening "reporter" on CNN just intoned

Could someone explain to me rationally how voting for McCain

Media's 'Political Deathwatch' Begins for Hillary Clinton Campaign

Ted Kennedy Rushed to Hospital

If situation was reversed, HRC supporters would not want FL/MI 'voices heard & votes counted'


Question for Hillary supporters......would Hillary be willing to take the VP slot,

to WV and southwest Virginia Obama Supporters

I got my first Obama fund-raising call today

How many caucus states are there? apparently they no longer count

Statements from Obama, Clinton, and McCain on Senator Kennedy

Bush should have shut the hell up: "Bush an Appeaser" from Egyptian press


Obama, back to Iowa

Billings Gazette: Obama's fans snap up 2,000 tickets in 2 hours

McCain & GOP Continue Politics as Usual with False Appeasement Charges

Superdelegate wants to know who you would endorse if you were a superdelegate.

Obama on what democracy REALLY is, not the bill of goods that Bush Co. has sold us

Emily Litella on Michelle Obama

Channeling Beckett, Ionesco, Stoppard, Pinter, Camus, Genet, Albee et al

Why I HATE Wikipedia

'While we're choosing our nominee, Republicans are raising Swiftboat $$$" - DNC

It's been about 90 mins since the Kennedy stroke was reported and no statement from HRC & Co

It's the Map Not the Math. Hillary has finally figured out....

Canvass for Obama in Missoula, MT with actor Kal Penn (Kumar, of Harold and Kumar fame)

Stop the Appeasement! Divide GDP into Separate Subforums.

Hey - what happened to On The Radio?

If Sen. Clinton says that

Obama town hall meeting in Roseburg, OR (stream starting now)

What's the Frequency? Kenneth?

It's the map not the math...

Clay Bennett Toon

Ted Kennedy transferred to the Mass General hospital

The news pundits are talking about Senator Kennedy as in PAST TENSE WTF!!!!!

I hereby make it official: I will not be Obama's VP.

Stopping in on a beautiful Saturday to say:

At the 4th Congressional Democratic Convention in Raleigh, NC Today,

Obama leads McCain in New Mexico

Hillary has issued a statement --

Now I understand Obama supporters

I feel for the women who were intent on having a woman president

DCW: Florida and Michigan delegate status-5/17

10 reasons not to vote McCain. #1: McCain’s Budget Would Create Largest Deficit In 25 Years.

With Obama as the Democratic Nominee, Southern States can go for Obama in the GE

Sen. Kennedy treated after apparent seizure

The One Constant Sexist Comment Against Clinton That I Think Is Ridiculous

Holy Ceiling Cat, The Republican Party Is On Defense When It Comes To Defense

MORE THAN TWICE AS MANY Repubs who supported McBush3 in 2000 said they'd vote Democrat or skip the

Dick Morris: Barack Obama Has the Upper Hand, but John McCain Could Still Take Him

Democratic Leadership, please listen: Plea for Florida and Michigan

Will An Adult Finally Prevail?!

HOLY CRAP!!! on Cspan right now... Very neg report coming out on 5/22 re: Obama anti-Am/commy ties

There is a difference between being racist, and using racism.

Skirting Appalachia - The White Voters Hillary is winning

Gallup, May 17, 2008

News Media 'Political Death Watch' On Hillary Clinton Begins

Does anyone else think that the McCain's don't have a normal relationship?

Maryland Superdelegate Greg Pecoraro Endorses Obama, #294.5

What Happens once Melanin fades and Character shines through?

Obama snags support of Maryland superdel Greg Pecoraro.

Obama will wipe the floor with McCain.

Obama to return to Des Moines Tuesday - claim nomination?

I am impressed by how Obama and the Dems handled their first dust up with the repukes

So... I Missed The Propaganda Call This Morning From HRC.

Clinton supporter switches to Obama

McCain cannot win WITHOUT Hillary - The Right would mob the Polls instead of staying HOME...

Pete Stark Endorses Obama; Other NoCal Superdelegates Stay Mum

New York TImes/MSNBC Report On The Dying Clinton Campaign

Following Edwards’ endorsement, Michaud (D-ME) remains uncommitted

Over the top? or Just right?

MAKE CALLS NOW: Help Obama in KY and OR. Just log in and start calling!

The concern trolling must stop.

On the broad brush and racism

the Black Knight: "I move for no man."

Sexism? No.

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA at a townhall meeting today in Roseburg, Oregon

My conversation with an ex-republican

The fullblown media assault on Hillary Clinton, Teresa Heinz Kerry and Michelle Obama......

Obama's financial success

Let's Spread "Rumors" About Michelle Obama

I will pave the streets with the bodies of Obama supporters!

Ignore the endless Hillary posts about "Obama, Math, Unelectable, Etc"

Obama's literary success

Bill Clinton giving great unity speech right now

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/17/08 - Obama down 2 (46), Clinton up 2 (44)

"Hey, I resemble that remark!" or "Appeasement? Hey, He's talking about me!"

A down and nasty Obama surrogate needs to go to McCain and explain to him...


Hillary and her campaign remind me of Bush and the Iraq War

Another Clinton Superdelegate Switches To Obama...

Why is Obama so favored to win Oregon, Montana and South Dakota?

NBC's Mitchell: Clinton Campaign Acknowledges It's Over

Campaign finance data comes out Tuesday

Obama Intensifies Criticism of Republicans' McCain (Update1)

Please. If it had been ANYONE besides Hillary CLINTON, she would've been considered done LONG ago.

McCain Picks On Hillary Clinton!!!!!

Today in Redding, California, 40 democrats got together for Camp Obama

New Mexico Poll: Obama leads McCain by 9 points

Lets create a list of GOP scandals during the Bush admin

Obama picks up 10 delegates from Edwards

Florida and Michigan Delegate Status - 5/17

Obama to Be in IOWA When He Clinches the Pledged Delegate Title

The Polarizing Pastor: Trouble for Obama...Today's LA Times

Obama Must Pick Huckabee As VP

Obama Picks up Delegates in Kan., Md., Nev.

I am donation 902 at DU, I want my slippers back, and Skinner will you now donate 5.00 to help

Obama coming back to Iowa to give The Speech

Audio of John Hagee Preaching Jews are Cursed & Subhuman, God Sent Hitler

40 years ago today the anti war protest of the Catonsville 9

Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video

you got a problem with this???

Biden to White House: 'Here’s What I Disagree With' (5/16)

Hillary Visits Maker's Mark Factory in KY. Bill Says KY is Linchpin to Her Nomination.

Are any states going to have Bull-Shit initiatives on the November ballot?

"Private citizen" funded DNC protest rally?

Just a few brief notes on Hillary's recent "popular-vote lead" claim.

My head is ready to explode!

I think today is opposite day and I didn't even realize it!

"It's easy to get ... blacks to vote for the Democratic candidate"

Obama's World, International Press Can't Get Enough Of America's Latest Rising Star

Something I don't understand- they try to consistently portray FL as something repubs forced on them

Something I don't understand- they try to consistently portray FL as something repubs forced on them

It looks like race played a far bigger part in this primary

Hope Obama calls for effective prayer for Ted. As avowed Christian this a time to call on the Lord

The math seems to be working against Obama...

Obama and Clinton's ability to win swing states

What happens when Obama wins by a landslide?

Obama needs a woman VP


Sunday News Show Lineup - May 18, 2008


Obama-Webb? I'm in.

The DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting on May 31 to make a decision about FL and MI

**Transcript of Hillary's Conference Call with Bloggers **

No mercy.

Question for those ranting about MI and FL not being counted....

Hillary Clinton on the High Road in Oregon

Hillary Clinton on the High Road in Oregon

I could support Barack

Check in here if you are still fans of both Obama and Clinton!

Hillary should definately keep on campaigning because

2008 version of swiftboating: steady release of Obama "associates" to hurt him

Obama has more elected experience than...


Hello. I've been gone for the day. Have we all reached a consensus yet?

Hillary's Choice: Seward Or Chase ???

Clinton, Obama Supporters Discuss Combined Effort to Win in November

Someone Remind Me: In Which Democratic Primary Did we Not Count Caucuses?

I feel good.

I think Obama's not even bothering with WVA and KY prove Terry Mac's Michigan argument

Michelle Obama Appreciation Thread- Strong Woman, Great Mama, and Loving Wifey!

Michelle Obama is campaigning in Puerto Rico

Michelle Obama is campaigning in Puerto Rico

Will the Democratic Party Be Democratic? When Hillary Wins the Popular Vote Will Obama Act Like It’s

Obama simply cannot win

Hillbot HATE Forum pays "respects" to Senator Ted Kennedy.

Polls: Rasmussen-Clinton narrows Obama's lead. Gallup nat'l poll-Clinton beats McCain, Obama loses

Time for DU to move on to the GE!!

Time for DU to move on to the GE!!

William Jefferson Clinton Appreciation Thread

Obama will have the majority of delegates with pick up in KY (updated)

LA Times - Obama sees huge jump in wealth

Hillary May be More Electable than Barack Obama...

Obama Wins 55% to 45% At the Nevada Party Convention!!!

Political Extortion in slow motion

Lanny Davis on the Ed Schultz Show: Hillary betrayed by Obama defectors. My thoughts...

Sen Jim Webb's Media Schedule Over the Next Few Days: (Obama's VP?)

The 800-lb. president: Trouble for McCain...Today's LA Times

FYI: The Secret to How Obama Financed his Campaign

FYI: The Secret to How Obama Financed his Campaign

WSJ: Obama's Strategy for Low-Turnout Caucuses Helps Drive Delegate Edge

For my 1000th post I'd just like to say how proud I am of Hillary Clinton. She is a wonderful person

She Just Might Be President Someday

Tickets for Obama appearance in Billings, MT, gone in two hours

Tickets for Obama appearance in Billings, MT, gone in two hours

Kentucky County-level Projections based on Demographic Attributes

Kentucky County-level Projections based on Demographic Attributes

A message to Hillary backers threatening to stay home or vote McCain

Frank Rich writes of Prescott Bush enabling Hitler

Conservative Republicans Committing Mass Political Suicide - Live!

Obama Shows Class And Respect To A Clinton Fan In Attendance During Rally

KY will put Obama over the top in terms of pledged delegates

A Return to Normalcy

McBush to appear on Saturday Night Live in a few minutes....

McBush to appear on Saturday Night Live in a few minutes....

"War War What the Hell For, Global Warming Call Al Gore"

Bill Moyers w/ Melody Petersen = OUR DAILY MEDS

Clinton's female supporters saddened as chance to elect a woman president slips away

Voting for republicans is like voting for the guy with the snow plow....

Obama Makes the Top 25 Fittest Men - Men's Fitness Magazine @ 5

Obama only needs about one superdelegate endorsement a day on average and this is over on June 3



Morgan Stanley cut 1,500 jobs this week: source

Earlier someone posted wanting suggestions

What has McCain angry this week?

Amazing Days! It's awful, but amazing to see 30 years of "conservatism" proven wrong.

Attn: Mods now LOCKING anti-Hillary threads they don't like in GD:P

ON THIS DATE in Bush History for Saturday May 17th 2008

Russia forces USA out from its traditional arms markets

caption this photo

I am watching Bill Moyers and apparently "naive" is a code word?

Whoever said "dead men tell no tales" - OBL just won't shut up!

Curious George publisher may sue over offensive anti-Obama shirts

People we want to see LESS of, on tv.. after November

Next Tuesday or Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi will endorse Obama

Hey. DU. It's almost over.

**Obama magic number 119.5** Delegate Updated Saturday Edition

Woman sentenced for having son dress up as Scout

I'm very concerned that Obama might

Advice: Let it sink if the OP calls Obama by the name "Barry"

Ellen is getting married.

Proposed Photo ID Legislation FAILS in Missouri

Metal Rustlers Target Storm Drains

DHS Wants to Spy on Americans, Dems Charge

U.S. Planning Big New 40-acre Prison in Afghanistan

Bush skirted main goal in Middle East in favor of threatening Iran

So where are all the Hillary Clinton supporters?

US soldier refuses to serve in 'illegal Iraq war'

Airman was on his 7th deployment when killed

Wh this morning: How important is catching Bin Laden?

After all of his "hard work" over the last 7 years,

Do you support the proposed mortgage bailout?

Round 1 to Obama - The headlines say it all:

Huckabee: "If the captain of the football team were to invite me to the prom..."

Obama concedes KY, because Hillary is better known--KY is closer to Arkansas!

The Nation: Witnessing Republican Disaster in Mississippi

Third time this week helicopters at 3:00 am - is it crime 'prevention' or

McCain Declines Secret Service

Howard Zinn: Anarchism Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word

New housing experienced surprising 2% growth !

(Liddy) Dole shakes up campaign

Matthew Rothschild: Same-Sex Ruling a Cause for Great Celebration

Call him an AlQueda Nazi and joke about shooting him.

'$100 laptop' platform moves on (BBC) {OS/hardware fork}

U.S. Sergeant Refuses to Go to Iraq: "This Occupation is Unconstitutional and Illegal"

Carnival ride collapses in California; 24 injured

Huckleberry lies, of course he meant to belittle and offend Sen. Obama

Bush in Saudi Arabia for Nuclear Deal

Has Keith Olbermann shown the Bill O'Reilly dance video yet?

Washington Post Reporter Complains In Online Chat: ‘Oy, What’s With All The McCain Questions?’

Our oh-so-vigilant media at it again

'While we're choosing our nominee, Republicans are raising record Swiftboat $$$" - DNC

Late Senator figures in 2008 Presidential furor

Joe Biden: McCain Has Zero Plan to Get Us Out of Mess President Bush Has Created

Why would a US Soldier die in Canada 2 weeks after being hit in Iraq?

Bush Radio 5/17/08: "A love of liberty, a devotion to justice, and a respect for human dignity"

TOONS: Hillary Clinton meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Video: "The Folly of Attacking Iran: Lessons from History"

"He didn't punch any tables or shout at anybody. I think he was satisfied."

The Chinese dog food brand is in the dumpster in the back.

Were Bill Clinton's victories in the South an aberration?

(Reprise) Ted Kennedy endorses Barack Obama

Thanks for the star, whoever you are...

The Poblano Effect: Obama Could Score Huge Electoral Victory Over McCain

Tehran ponders the spoils of victory

Senate Votes To Rollback TV/Newspaper Dereg!!

Hundreds turn back on Schlafly at ceremony

Oh No - Shortage of Fireworks from China for U.S. July 4th!!!!!!!

How is Saudi Arabia an ally in the War on Terror again?

New federal plan protects older forests to save spotted owl

Italy Watch: Spain slams Berlusconi for misogynist comments, Italy attacks Roma population

Molotov cocktails thrown into Naples Gypsy camp in the name of "ethnic cleansing"

Glenn Greenwald: Ronald Reagan: Chamberlainian appeaser of the 1980s

Moyers: 'Democracy in America Is a Series of Narrow Escapes, and We May Be Running Out of Luck'

and now Massachusetts has algal poisoning

Russert, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Ted Sorensen discussing Ted Kennedy on MSNBC

From Huff Post: GOP' Needs New Slogan

ON THIS DATE in Bush History for Saturday May 17th 2008

How NOT to be a pundit

How NOT to be a pundit

Happy Constitution Day, all Norwegians!

Gold Star Families Speak Out: "HOW DARE HE"

Bush's appeasement malarkey

We Are Screwed...unless...

Epidemic Continues: Iraq Vet with PTSD Kills Self, Brother

I got my first voter registration card ever today...

CRAZY GOP drama developing on DU in the WI forum?

Interestingly bizarre view of Kosovo on FR

John Anheuser McCain

CNN - Ted Kennedy, "a liberal lion"

Rick Steves to produce program on Iran


Can we open a Pay Pal account to raise funds for lunch/dinner/drinks

CNN said Kerry has arrived at the hospital -- didn't speak with reporters. nt

Flashback from 2005: Memos Show Oil Companies Closed Refineries To Hike Profits

Bush (What An Idiot): 'Increased Saudi production wouldn't help us anyway'

Has Anybody Received One Of Those $600. Checks?

Has Anybody Received One Of Those $600. Checks?

Kodak easyshare cameras - a POS to avoid.

National GOP official likens McCain to Lincoln

guardedly optimistic is a good thing

DU this Iraq invasion poll

Bombing for peace is like (warning, adult language in this image)

I'm almost loathe to post this, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me.

Racist Hate Aimed At Latinos, Not Immigrants

Bushco's Interior Secretary: "Well, I’ll tell ya, unfortunately I have to follow the law."

CommonDreams: Drugs, the Patient, and the Insurance Company

The biggest dig: Unearthing leviathan in Canada

"Me Too" McCain-Serious Contender For The Title Of "Bush's Poodle" (Brent Budowsky)

What in sam hell is WRONG with people?

US Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) Votes Against Her Own Vets Education Benefits Bill

In the LouDobbsian Mind

CNN breaking: Sen. Ted Kennedy rushed to hospital (suspected stroke)

You know Huckabee went over the line when even the FR gang won't chuckle...

NEW "new" Repug Slogan= "The Change America Deserves"

NEW "new" Repug Slogan= "The Change America Deserves"

OH NO>>>>>>> not now. Kennedy Please get well soon

Spokeswoman: Sen. Kennedy hospitalized with seizure (not a stroke)

Representative Geoff Davis (R-Obviously) refers to Obama as "boy"

Asia Times: Bush, McCain dream on in war land

Steven Weber: Scared White

Bumper Stickers: John Kerry, Kerry/Edwards, Mike Gravel, Obama

And that's a wrap....Thanks Mods.

question: WHY is everyone's avatar that "do not donate to DU" thing? I certainlyl didn't request

What makes the "Do not donate" icons go away?

Is Someone Hacking DU With "Do Not Donate To DU" Avatar?

WAXMAN: "It is nothing but a smear-This is beneath the presidency and even beneath George Bush."

Lifes a Bitch for Bush...he don't listen for comes back to haunt US...The Saudis

Why do we all say Do Not Donate to DU?

For but a moment (a rant/observation)

Why do you hate Obama so much?

On a lighter note.....

Tony Nave hugs a teddy bear after a funeral service for his father, US Marine Major Kevin G Nave

Had Enough?

McCain, Obama and Clinton silent on Iraq exit --US presidents-to-be in denial

If the GOP was a brand of dog food...


Independent UK: Businesses pass on cost of economic crunch to the consumer

Obama is coming to Tampa on May 21st.

This shows the GOP today...

Democrats pushing new GI Bill

Ad: Mayors Against Illegal Guns call for closing loophole...

Why are the avatars now robots ,

Oh, GOOD news! Kennedy was cogent!

x10Hosting the real thing, or a scam?

McCain, trying to be a regular guy, buys fishing equipment for his own lake on his 10 acre estate

U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice

Italian Trial of C.I.A. Operatives Begins With Torture Testimony

DSCC email discusses NC and TX,

Pharmaceutical Payola — Drug Marketing to Doctors

Huckabee's "Joke": Can anyone make the same "joke" about the pResident?

I just drilled a hole big enough for a toggle bolt & I hit a stud...

"Olmert Corruption Probe Exposes Murky Role of U.S. Money in Israeli Elections."

Georgia GOP chief compares McOldie to Jesus....

Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne: ‘Unfortunately I Have To Follow The Law’

Gas Station as Ghost Town.....

"right winger" incites violence against California Supreme Court

Bush says Palestinians' plight "breaks my heart"

Kennedy had a seizure

Is the "DU" an important part of political dialogue on the Internet?

Volunteers Needed for Moving Party

Sen. Kennedy hospitalized with seizure

Heads up racing fans - Preakness posttime ~6:15 eastern

Epidemic Continues: Iraq Vet with PTSD Kills Self, Brother

What's He Thinking?

PLEASE get well, Senator Kennedy!!!!!!

Bzzzzzzzz!!! bwahahahahahahaha

waiting for a comment from president dumbass and john McStupid

Many thanks, much appreciation, kudos, hugs, a good ole pat on the back...

I'm Looking for a Comprehensive Analysis of Congressional Seats This Year

Back in my day, when we went to school.....

MFSO & GSFSO To President Bush: How Dare You Compare Our Sacrifice To Giving Up Golf?

Joe Klein gets one right....maybe the Teflon is rubbing off McCain.

Looks like a good clean Preakness Stakes race (no injuries) thank goodness.

Echoes of 1968 Fire Sparked Push to End Vietnam War

Hang in there, Teddy Kennedy!!


Oprah-fuelled insanity; symptomatic of a sick society.

ANIMATION: Karl the Koward

OMG! Did anyone just hear the rendition of Maryland My Maryland?

Calls for Obama, donations to DNC - seems DUers would rather sit on their ass and post shit...

Supreme court upholds apartheid-era lawsuit against U.S. and foreign companies

I can not believe anybody would buy this crap anymore!

Karl Rove advises Obama not to claim victory...says it would rub loser's nose in it.

Hey, what's with these Donate Donuts to DU avatars

Plane accidentally lands on another at Dallas airport

Long Island veteran urges Congress to end Iraq war

Wear your candidate T-shirts!

Declaration of Independence

A Message From Jesus

Guardian UK: Epidemic of debt spreads to Britain's middle class

Shave the Admins?

Press Conference re Teddy Kennedy coming up on CNN

Tonight: 10:00 pm EST TCM

About this insane "Appeasement"/Neville Chamberlain/Obama talk

There will be children in the White House...

Obama has a nice lead in Minnesota.

When fallen Canadian soldiers return from Afghanistan....

What is the first thing that should be focused on after we win in November?

Why oh why when the tv does a retrospective of a Dem, like Kennedy,

So You Think John McBush can’t win in November

NeoCons Love Israel "Because They Want To See It Destroyed So The Rapture Can Begin"

So You Think John McBush can’t win in November

So You Think John McBush can’t win in November

Obama office bombing?

WOW thank you so much for the star!

WOW thank you so much for the star!

Ted Kennedy's in the hospital after a seizure -- and DU on its home page

Sooooo, now the Admins wish to be pleasured by a sex toy?

Somewhere in the middle ...

Somewhere in the middle ...

Essential Viewing for Progressives: Which documentary is the most indispensable for Lefties?

Soaring bills leave families just £50 a week

Anyone ever heard of $1000.oo per year medication cap health insurance?

Our government won't do it. But I will.

In honor of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 follow-up, I'm watching the original....

Thank you to who ever cleaned that filth off the forum.

Bush strategist Roger Stone shares insight on '00 recount

Bush strategist Roger Stone shares insight on '00 recount

Can you feel the buzz?

God, How Long Do I Have To Wait To See The Admins Punched In The Face?

My BIL is not going to Iraq after all YEAA he is going to Ft. Lewis

Iraq War. The cost at home - in 13 photos (dial up warning).

Texas Megachurch Minister Drives 200 Miles to Have Sex With 13-Year-Old Girl

AP: Tons of Republicans switched sides in March

LATEST: Ted Kennedy just cancelled his lunch meeting. has VIDEO of

McCain excludes Malkin from blogger conference calls

Body Blow: Bush's Worldwide War on Women

Sylvia Browne

Global Call to Stop the Planting of Genetically Engineered Trees

I don't get it

Gas price jumped another 10 cents overnight

Sen. Ted is being reported on my local news as 'doing well' and 'watching a Red Sox game' ..........

Majid Al-Bahadli, Iraqi American with Hope

D.U. does not want my daughter's donation!

"Intelligent. Conservative."

Prediction: British Petroleum is about to go down.

Winning too many Congressional elections presents a problem for Democrats: ideological divide

CNN's Lou Dobbs Is Clueless When It Comes to the Drug War

Can someone explain how oil prices are determined?

Kennedy "conscious, talking, joking with family."

Pope says charism of consecrated virgins can help ALL PEOPLE.

Dubya is going home!

Famed War Reporter Calls Pentagon/Media 'Propaganda' Program Illegal

Some small, but commonsense tips on buying gas / stretching your gas dollars :

Some small, but commonsense tips on buying gas / stretching your gas dollars :

Don't get fooled by Tweety and be prepared for the big letdown

If you are or have ever eaten Vegetarian, question for you.

Chris Matthews on tonights KO w/Rachael Maddow - Where has THIS Matthews been?!?!?

Help Request: Can Anyone Help Me Find A McCain Video?

Our local anti-war group finally got some much deserved press!!

I was living in Indianapolis during the Mike Tyson rape trial

Did something happen to Gephardt? Why don't we hear anything from him?

Colorado Democrats nominate Udall to run for Senate

what should we call gramps

Does that razor in the Donation Punch the Admins mean they will get their heads shaved?

"Don't Donate to DU" is intentional. It is admin joking around.

This is the face of a real scumbag shitbird. A man who stole from dead and dying.

Mike Malloy Reads Larisa Alexandrovna's Bush/Nazi Appeasement Essay

What do Blackwater, Ahmed Chalabi, Philip Morris, General Electric, and AT&T have in common?

RFK Jr.'s article in Vanity Fair: The Next President's First Task.

The Rapture is coming!

Ann Coulter has finally made it....

I bought a bicycle today.

Troops Use Quran For Target Practice; Army Apologizes

Bush once wrote a book, A CHARGE TO KEEP, The Pulitzer Prize peeps

I have to crack open a book for work, I'm taking leave Sunday night

Road rage leads to fatal stabbing...time to ban knives?

Bush APPEASED Bin Laden's demand to get rid of US military bases in Saidi Arabia.

Threads and posts happy about Ted's condition being removed like Crazy at Free Republic.

Is there a list of all the Congressional special elections this term?

Weekend TOONS: Part 2- Marriage

just for future reference, when oxy mush limpballs kicks over, you will be ashamed of my posts

Book TV Schedule: May 17th - 19th

Are your chickens plotting the next 9/11?


How To Recognize Trolls, Freepers, Bedbugs and Other Annoying Pests

You Broke It--You Own It, Obama Style; By Kristen Breitweiser

You Broke It--You Own It, Obama Style; By Kristen Breitweiser

You Broke It--You Own It, Obama Style; By Kristen Breitweiser

You Broke It--You Own It, Obama Style; By Kristen Breitweiser

John McCain is soooo old (how old is he?). He's so old......

Dear God in Heaven. Look at this picture.

President Bush insults Rabin's memory before Knesset

"The Enron Exemption" ... at whom should I be pissed off?

Apology NOT accepted, Motherfuckabee.


To talk or not to talk, that is the question. (EDIT:spelling)

America's 30-year journey into the Homeland of Darkness

Truth has a well-known liberal bias....Check out the top-grossing documentaries of all time

"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"

Exposing Social and Economic Darwinism for the Fraud that it Is

Ultimate NIMBY: NRA bans firearms at its own convention

***DUzy Awards for week ending May 16, 2008***

Our earth, worth fighting for. In pictures (Dial up warning - 14 pics)

A simple truth, in a pic (and I am just as guilty of it myself)

Kevin James is a lawyer!

If I Were A Woman, I Suspect This Is How I Would Feel...

Janet Napolitano, Claire McCaskill, Kathleen Sebelius, Barbara Boxer, Patty Murray, Jeanne Shaheen,

NAACP names new president - a very young man

Bible Theme Park rezoning voted DOWN in Tennessee...amazing!

What foods are you eating more of with the economic crisis?

Demand Cindy McCain's tax returns! For ONCE, put the other guy on the defensive.

Michael Moore sees danger in "Fahrenheit" follow-up

Alright, Obama supporters, I admit I was wrong

Just so there is no more confusion about what makes entry into the US legal

Weekend TOONS: Part 1, Sacrifices

Weekend TOONS: Part 1, Sacrifices

Let It Sink Obama Supporters....

In the liberal, DU spirit: Wishing Jim Robinson a speedy recovery from his surgery

John Cusack's War

Please sign to override Pres' veto of Food Stamp, nutrition improvements!

Top Ten Reasons to Go Vegetarian During World Vegetarian Week (May 19-25)

Need some advice

Torturing Yoo

Financier who laundered money for Duke Cunningham sentenced to 8+ years

Republican senator from Colorado has what's being called a "Mt. Macaca" moment

Bill Moyers: 'Democracy In America Is A Series Of Narrow Escapes, We May Be Running Out Of Luck'

Whitman Sampler Appreciation Thread

Well, I've killed enough threads for tonight. Hittin' the hay!


I'm new here. Testing....testing....

Describe your first love interest... by the heel. .. not the groin!

Friday don't have a picture thread.. don't post 'em if you don't got 'em!

Look at me. I'm in tune. ( a post for we old people)

I can't drive 55.

How to fill out an application....ROFL (picture)

I'm going to the Comic Book Convention tomorrow

Wino pioneer Montovani has passed this way

HaHa! An E-mail I got from "Chevron/Texaco" (Singapore) seriously, it's from a Mrs. Chin Wool...

Crap, up at 3:04 a.m. and in the best possible freaking mood.

Song of the night...

It has been a day and a half since the CA Supreme Court decided for Gay Marriage

I bought my neighbors dog for $50.00 today

Baby Hamster on a piano!

I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm seeing Dylan tonight!

Calling out jtg33!

I was supposed to get our "stimulus" money yesterday

I robot-napped Grovelbot. That's right...I robot-napped him.

Good morning!

I need some info!!

for elrond hubbard

Vanity plate I saw today - "LES GOVT"

Vanity plate I saw today - "LES GOVT"

Amy Adams or Isla Fisher?

can someone tell me what is that really great jazz show on saturday afternoons?

I killed Grovelbot. That's right...I killed him.

I dozed off this afternoon and when I woke up I thought it was a primary day

Yeah, No more ads at the bottom....

Let me get this straight--I have to wait until June 13 for my rebate?

Journey becomes the latest band to release their new CD "exclusively at Wal-Mart"

Moments before epic fail

THe good news is that I have my bird feeders hanging in just the right

Ladies and Gentlemen, the WINNER of today's "Too Much Information" award, Cameron Diaz.

PSA from a self-confessed spelling nazi

A rather suggestive ad....

I'm watching "Modern Marvels" on the History Channel...

I'm on ur internets, hackin ur tubes.

a gd-p post you must see to believe

For those that ride bikes - a pic just for you

Things that have happened since I last posted (May 1)...

Got Ya! (pic of my dog and cat playing)

gd-p and me - fresh hell?

Oh no!!!11!! DU has been HAXED again!!!111!!!

The coolest thing happened when I formed an AIDS Walk team

So Today I Found Out Why My Confection Is Quiescently Frozen

Lounge Vibes requested . . .

Women in MMA-your thoughts?

If you were an ancient inca shaman - what celebrity would you sacrifice?

How sweet . . .

There's nothing better than a late night rendez-vous with a "Lover"

This is SOOOOO sick and wrong. But I still laughed. I am going to hell now.

Is it a sexual image if a woman in a song says "I open up my petals?"

medical marvels

Synchronized sleeping. Inter-species Division

Damn. All this time I thought batman/robin were really climbing...

Okay, maybe I'm a bad mom, but I laughed when my son relayed this 5th grade humor:

The Day George Bush Met Procrustes

Add to my list of things old people should not be allowed to do....

A little"lit" on Saturday morning... and all is cool! . Are YOU cool today?

It's lefty-loosey, righty-tighty, right?

Get well soon, Teddy!

What are some online forums for computer problems?

LOST-the Orchid introduction film (2:21)

Hey, the volume control on BBC News videos goes up to ELEVEN!!!11

Okay baseball players are really weird

I found a house for Parche...

Spin cycle

I got ATT 3G today , and I'm dissapointed with the download speed

Oh noes!!!

I found a horse for Parche...

I think I'm going to watch "Sweeney Todd" tonight

The invasion begins tonight!

Pink Floyd: Which one is PINK?

Vibes for Orrex's son...

Okay, so I'm not generally someone who goes out drinking and/or clubbing...

Hey Midlo! You can get your boxed wine in travel packs now!!1!

Yeah, it's called Pocari Sweat. Big deal. You gonna make something of it? I like it, alright.

I'm watching Pretty In Pink. Who loves it as much as I do?

i have to admit, i actually like scarlett johansson's cover of falling down

The check was HOW much???

Damn DU has ground to a halt.... I could probably say anything right now

Arrrrrrrrgh! How do people deal with painted nails?

The boxing glove has an electric shaver in it now.

On tap at Tavernertavern: Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest

Arrrrrrrrgh! How do people deal with painted coffins?

DUzy awards for the week ending May 16 are up in GD

LOL! "Obama used to be Whitney Houston" - I'm finally watching Wednesday's Boston Legal.

Where the HELL is Parche???

I'm in Pain. Pity Me.

Wow...I just saw a Barn Burn as the Eagles sung Seven Brides Road

I hope the Twins fans I encountered at last night's game are the exception, and not the rule...

Tomorrow is Sunday and I think we NEED to send positive vibes

For anyone who loves Storyville...

Snigglets, post your favorite

Caption needed: GrovelBot Galactica

Three things I learned from Clint Eastwood quotes.

I'm losing patience with my brother in law

Anybody want to join us camping out on the old back deck tonight, the weather is really nice.

TavernerBoy is watching "ET"

Ok folks, Jeopardy is on. Back in a bit.

Ann Coulter has BO?

Nostalgic tastes

Darwin Award nominee? Aw, spit!

Being married and raped

'American League pitchers get amped up to come over here for interleague games

anyone want to be my friend on flickr?

Has anyone noticed that the fund drive graphic has changed?

Caption this Picture

I'm buck nekkid - Guess what Inchworm has in his hand?

I need advice re: epoxy or shoegu

I'm buck nekkid - guess what I have in my hand

Study: Most Self-Abuse Goes Unreported

You know Christmas dinner is gonna suck when....

Sometimes I amaze even myself...

Allison farkin Crow singing a Leanord Cohen tune

Who plans on going out and partying tonight?

OMG, Ashlee Simpson just got married....

Wow... I just saw the Barn Building dance scene from Seven Brides for Seven

Screw travel pack boxed wine - I want dash-mountable boxed wine!!

I saw a little boy in a restaurant tonight and almost burst into tears

What would John Lennon do?

Tide Pool photothread.. Breaking in a new camera

I'm going to go bonkers this weekend

What Are The Odds: Obama Visits The Same Hospital That My Stepdad Is In Here In Eugene Oregon

so . . . what drugs do the jockeys take to stunt their growth?

What to do with an entire trash can FULL of doggy doo?

Now THIS is a great music video.

This evening's movie - - - - - Super Troopers!

Oh, how I wish I could copy the words to share with you here.

I just added DU GrovelBot to my Buddy List....I didn't know you could do that.

I'm 24 in 8 minutes.

Are you as Sweet as Tupelo honey or Meaner than a junk yard dog???

It's real simple {Edit: dial up warning}

Some photos from today's Mid-South Fly-In

Should drinking coffee result in sweating and heart palpitations?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/17/2008)

optical illusions - got a good one?

I don't care, I ain't watching the "Sex and the City" movie

I've been working on some paintings...

ok, bob larson scares the bejesus out of me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/17/08

Describe your first love interest... by the heart... not the groin!

what color is your car? Dark blue and silver are other colors chosen by upbeat people

I've had it with the "Ken Burns" effect in making still photos move

This pic is...odd. Nazi's playing with a cat (and a grenade?))

Rigby has gone to doggie heaven!

Gratuitous post: Happy 10 year anniversary, Chimpy McSmirkers

I just cleaned off my desk. It turns out there's wood under all that paper.

Were you HOT STUFF when you were younger? .. Please describe yourself

For someone so special....

DuStrange or Temeah

Need some Lounge Vibes! Our four-year-old just ran through our screen door

What should Parche's Punishment Be?

OK. OK. I swear I am not treading into GD: P anymore. Ask me anything...

To take a deep breath here on DU, here's a pic of my favorite First Lady and greatest singer.

I need a GOOD song right now. Please help.

Toddler dies from Pit Bull attack at Camp Lejeune home

Anyone else here playing GTA 4?

I didn't give blood yesterday

Saturday night lounge game: describe your "perfect" guy or gal

Bill Moyers = Philippe Sands on The Al Qahtani Debacle

UN anti-torture committee points at Indonesia

China braces for possible lake bursts

US will stop sending oil into strategic reserves

Saudis to boost oil output after US pressure

US Sen Edward Kennedy rushed to hospital

Ted Kennedy rushed to hospital

Iraqi forces detain 1,000 in al Qaeda push

Palestinians Have the Right to Exist as Well: Saud

MoD covered up truth about Hercules (Iraq insurgents planted bombs on runway)

Bush renews sanctions on Myanmar, says no effect on storm aid

Israel Tells UN to Strike ‘Nakba’ From Lexicon

Former news exec, 35, is picked to lead NAACP

Train derailment, acid leak forces La. evacuation

US House speaker Pelosi makes visit to Iraq

(canadian) Foreign Affairs minister slams detention of Baha'i leaders in Iran

US postpones first Guantanamo war crimes trial

More (McCain) Campaign Staffers Out Because of New Ethics Policy

Bush says Saudi oil boost doesn't solve US problem

Ecuador leader denies rebel links

Obama Plans Return to Iowa to Mark Campaign's Close

Bush castigated by leading Palestinian


Gore Vidal: I Knew John F. Kennedy, & Believe Me Barack Obama Is the Better Leader

Marine who died after cross-state chase wrote of war stress

Union rejects American Airlines offer

More quake survivors found as toll nears 30,000

Iraqi court rulings stop at US detention sites

New Arrests in Human Smuggling Operations at Mexican Border

Sen Kennedy hospitalized, possible stroke

(Lafayette) Louisiana orders evacuation after train derails

Ecuador leader says to quit if rebel links proved

Obama picks up delegates in Kan., Md., Nev.

Bush An "Appeaser," Says Egyptian Press

Magnitude 6.1 quake hits Sichuan, China: USGS

35-year-old chosen to lead NAACP

Protests at UC Berkeley law school graduation

Losing Horses Killed in Puerto Rico

U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice; military apologizes

Iran will not increase oil output, says minister

UN refugee agency condemns killing of Colombian refugee right leader

Venezuela protests Colombian troop "incursion"

Lula: 'South America is going through a magical moment'

Man opens fire outside California church

Rep. Jerry Nadler: Torture, Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

David Luban: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Rep. Watt: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Rep. Scott: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Rep. King: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Rep. Artur Davis: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Marjorie Cohn: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Senator McGovern for Obama, in South Dakota

Rachel Maddow discusses Bush's Knesset speech w/ J. Alter

Dean toasts "Living Liberally" and "Drinking Liberally"...raise your glasses Iran, Israel and the Arab world

Olbermann Tells Bush To STICK IT***

Independence or Death

Ted Kennedy Rushed To Hospital

Breakdown of progress made inside Iraq (satirical and well done)

Pray for China and her children

EDUCATION CITY: The Middle East Imports American Education (PBS NOW)

Generals & Admirals -Steady and Reliable "No Shock Barack, No Drama Obama...!"

Younger Than McCain - The Song!

Fabricator-in-Chief: Bush lies about quitting golf for Iraq

Barack Obama in Roseburg, OR

John Edwards Defends Barack, Attacks Bush-McCain (CNN-Full)

Rachel Maddow speaks to Chris Matthews about the Kevin James appeasement incident

Rachel Maddow discusses McCain's double talk on talking w/ Hamas w/ Chris Hayes

Coast to Coast Presidential election Prediction

Bush Gives Up Golf

TYT: Cenk's Take On Matthews Ripping Conservative & Cons In The Media

Don't Vote Stupid!

A "spontaneous manufactured event." Shades of the 2000 recount.

Screaming at the DNC on April 30....another protest May 31. Why is LULAC doing this?

Rep. Issa & Rep. Ellison: Guantanamo Bay Interrogation Rules

U.S. News & World Report: Bush, Obama and the Hitler Card

Blurred Vision-Bush's blundering brand of "diplomacy."

Negotiating isn't appeasement

The President Goes Negative

Amarillo Texas, LTTE: You like high prices? Vote GOP

The Right to Property

Brent Budowsky: Is John McCain Bush's Poodle?

Toward A New Washington Consensus By David Sirota

Mexico's Battle over Oil

1968, 2008: 'Wars don't die'

Regime-Quakes in Burma and China by Naomi Klein

The Amazing Money Machine-How Silicon Valley made Barack Obama this year’s hottest start-up

Police Interrogation 101 – the seal hunt experience -By Peter Hammarstedt, Sea Shepherd

The FundamentaList: This Week in the Religious Right:

Grow Them Young, Pay Them Well - Venezuela's Anti-Chavistas, That Is

'Current McCain' Refuses to Negotiate with Those Who Kidnapped 'Former McCain'

Peruvian president calls for tax on oil to finance reforestation

Conviction in the Murder of Victor Jara — 35 Years Late

The GOP 'Spins' its New 'Dog Food Brand'

Lies of Aggression By Paul Craig Roberts

Obama Bridge Photo - Geneva Switzerland

John Nichols: McCain Denies He Was Ever Reasonable On Middle East

Legislation Needed to Correct Widespread Errors in use of National Security Letters

Interpol's Report Confirms that the Supposed FARC Computers Were Manipulated

Flag Pin Stupidity Spreads


Note to Sen. Obama: Wake up and smell the change in Florida

How in the General Election, Character will Trump Melanin

Fixing the Military

McCain Can Run, but Bush Won’t Hide

To my self-loathing, chest thumping, $h!t talking republican brethren

1968, 2008: ‘Wars Don’t Die’-Survivors of Catonsville Nine mark anniversary with a protest

Metro firm apologizes for yearbook photos

Year of the Independent Voter

State GOP chair: McCain 'kind of like Jesus'

Secret Data in FBI Wiretapping Audit Revealed with Ctrl-C (paying off the Telecoms)

Rich: McCain Can Run, but Bush Won’t Hide (Mentions Prescott Bush tie to Hitler)

Moyers: 'Democracy in America Is a Series of Narrow Escapes, and We May Be Running Out of Luck'

Big Brown runs again today

Worldwatch Vital Signs Report for Solar Power (2007 production 3733 MW)

Senate poised to take up sweeping global warming bill

Geothermal System Construction At St. Francis University (PA)

OSU (Oregon State University) considers solar energy rooftop projects

Experts Encourage Mitigation, Adaptation to Climate Change

Berlin, N.H. paper mill to become largest wood chip-burning plant in North America

Drivers face fuel ration shock

Sierra Club Green Car of the Year...

Goldman Sachs Pegs Oil At Average Of $141/Bbl In Q3-Q4 Of 2008 - Marketwatch

Queensland Govt. Minister Commissions Oil Shock Study, Warns Rationing One Among Many Poss. Outcomes

Digging A Hole - Review Of Kevin Phillips' "Bad Money" On Peak Oil, End Of US Empire

No Oil For You! "The Saudi Response Was Not Materially Different From 'Piss Off.'" - Wash Monthly

Red Tide Spreads From Central Maine To Gloucester, Closing Clam & Mussel Harvesting - Globe

China orders vulnerable nuclear weapon plants to be on disaster alert

Southern's Ala. nuclear reactors raise new doubts

Rust In Peace - GM's Dreadful Engines Gave Diesel A Bad Name - NYT

Pickering station worries nuclear watchdog (Ontario)

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Cited For Unspecified (security) Violation

Recovery plan kills species’ foe, thins fire-prone forests. (Warning: Spotted Owls. Bring Popcorn.)

Oil production numbers...weird

Peak Oil: Everything is going to change (Conn. State Rep. Terry Backer)

Study: In Texas, wind power beats natural gas

Howard Zinn: Anarchism Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word

Missouri Town Set To Be 100-Percent Wind Powered

Nuclear Investors Beware

In Siberia, Boreal Forests Moving North - In Some Areas Where No Tree Has Grown For Past 1,000 Years

China Warns That Guarantee Of Clean Olympic Air No Longer Holds W/O Industry Action - Reuters

Diesel Auto Wave Soon To Arrive - Not Just German, But Also Japanese Beginning This Fall - NYT

AECL pulls plug on reactors after millions spent (Canada)

Gore Vidal: I Knew John F. Kennedy, & Believe Me Barack Obama Is the Better Leader

The Real Lesson of the New Deal for the US Left

Child porn charges for Wainwright soldier

Beef recalled at 10 commissaries

Bill seeks to halt work to replace Walter Reed

Navy vet halts store break-in by 3 airmen

N.Y. Guard troops pulled from nuclear plants

IG launches 2nd inquiry into T-bird contract

Colonel to be court-martialed on rape charge

Va. Air Guard to fly newest fighter jet

Senate to DoD: Consider manned craft for ISR

Housing project started at Schriever base

Lockheed wins GPS III

More soldiers in Europe riding motorcycles to save on gas

Joint Chiefs chair holds town hall meeting at Grafenwöhr

Hadnott pleads guilty to sex assault on teen

Roadside bomb, snipers hit convoy, but no soldiers are injured

What’s next for ‘Sons of Iraq’?

A month later, Navy has no cause of death for sailor in Bahrain

Locals say Hadnott's 36-month sentence is too short

Troops arrest eight Iraqi police officers

Airman was on his 7th deployment when killed

2 Marines indicted in 2006 cab robbery

Rape charges against soldier dropped

Bush Pivots to Arab Side of Peace Dispute

Texas Officials Sue US Over Border Fence

VA: System is Reaching Out to Vets

Congressman OK With Military Visit

Army Europe Transformation On Track

Legionnaires Crown Another Centurion

Rice discusses sex-assault task force’s findings

Pentagon to Build Prison at Bagram

City council votes down public call for vote on USS George Washington

Bragg brigade coming home early

American Axle and UAW reach tentative agreement


Young Workers, Positive About Unions, Face Economic Squeeze

American Axle/UAW reach tentative pact, Cheektowaga to stay open, Tonawanda Forge to close

Parents turn out in force to support instructional assistants

U.S. should be ashamed for exporting anti-labor tactics

Union tide turning for Obama

McCain Confronted About Jobs in Washington State

Dallas pastor to meet with LGBT group

What did you think, in general, of the DU community's reaction to the historic CA court decision?

Same Sex Marriages performed now will be legal even if constitutional ammendment passes

Israeli Writer-Activist Tikva Honig-Parnass, Who Fought for Israel’s Founding in 1948, on 60 Years o

Israel Tells UN to Strike ‘Nakba’ From Lexicon

Suleiman warns Hamas to release Schalit

Israel Tells UN to Strike ‘Nakba’ From Lexicon

As Israelis Celebrate Independence and Palestinians Mark the “Nakba,” a Debate with Benny Morris

Argentina's dirty war: the museum of horrors

UN refugee agency condemns killing of Colombian refugee right leader

Bolivia Expects Oil, Gas Tax Revenue to Rise 30 Percent in 2008

Lula: 'South America is going through a magical moment'

Venezuela protests Colombian troop "incursion"

Venezuela to Sign Energy Agreement With Peru, Chavez Says

Of course JB gets media time now that he's not a candidate anymore.

Biden Alert!!!

Prado regrets missed shot to ride 'Brown

Now where is the BEST video of the Preakness???

Big Brown Will NOT Win Today

and I'm really hating the coverage......d*mn ESPN and NBC.....

If Big Brown wins the triple, will it be his last race?

Big Brown by many.

(((((((((((((((Ted Kennedy)))))))))))))

RE: This contest theme, my second born shot a fox 3 weeks ago.

The Candidates' Debate

Rhododendron (etc.) Quest 2008 - Part I (DIAL-UP WARNING)


Rhododendron (etc.) Quest 2008 - Part II (EXTREME DIAL-UP WARNING)

Report Assesses Blame in Hepatitis Cases

Texas: Seafood Recall Is Ordered

Health Care Billing Fight is Looming

Holy effing JC on a crutch with biscuits! You want a zillion utterly stupendous photos to view?

Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Cream Pie (no bake!)

I am not sure why I like these two pictures

My corruption is now complete.

Cooking ahead

Faith groups mount campaign against torture

Whale Travels with the Barnacle - a Poem by Paul Watson

Column: Church of Jediism may be option for some folks

The biggest dig: Unearthing leviathan in Canada

Mayors Against Illegal guns TV ad...

Study: Fish underwent 'reverse evolution'

BBC reported WTC7 falling some 20 minutes early.

Ted Kennedy rushed to the hospital. Possible stroke-like symptoms.

Blaine Aviation Weekend pics

Anyone know anything about buying in Mineral Wells?

Only one DFLer in Congress risks losing in November: Tim Walz.

My IBM Thinkpad A22 only stays on for a couple of minutes

Superdelegate wants to know which candidate you support

The Poblano Model

Obama stops for ice cream--and people watching him scream

Quick advice to Obama dialers re: Oregon

Wow! What's with the over-representation of Clinton fans in GDP today?

PA: Sellersville Joins Call for Paper Records of Electronic Voting

Obama to clinch pledged delegate majority Tuesday in Iowa.

Recovered History: U.S. Election Fraud Circa 2000

Election Reform and Related News: Saturday, May 17, 2008

Proposed Photo ID Legislation FAILS in Missouri

OH/Diebold: "Software used for counting votes conflicted with virus software"!!!

A School Succeeds With Extra Study and Little Homework

Democratic nations see their engineering professionals disappearing

Oh, how I wish I had my camera with me!

Changes on the Air America station in Chicago!

David Gans will be in North Fork performing 5/17 evening

We're having earthquake weather up here in San Francisco. What about you?

'Yes, I am a socialist' - Cherie Bliar

Crewe and Nantwich by-election: Gordon Brown orders 80 ministers to join surge

crispini needs some KOEB love sent her way...

I've got it! Jonathan Winters!

Hillary's next tactic: use what didn't work for Rudy, an ad starring Keith!