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State of the Union Addresses 1790-2008 all online

John, thank you for bringing back the real issues to the election

Join John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

I do not understand

Where is OUR Grover Norquist....

West Coast .....Boston Legal

FISA modernization bill

Dem Candidates Seek Native American Vote - Native Journalist On Campaign Trail

Maliki Stalls US Plan to Frame Iran

Breaking: Per AP Big Suprise!! The military backed constutition has

ROTFLMAO - So now John Edwards is getting thrown under the bus!

US army detains 500 minors in Iraq

Anybody know what the expected turnout is for Kentucky or Oregon?

Whose ass will you most enjoy kicking in November (with a Democratic Presidential victory)?

Whose ass will you most enjoy kicking in November (with a Democratic Presidential victory)?

Ellen Church, first stew, wanted to be pilot

Charter to Snoop on Broadband Customers' Web Histories for Ad Networks

Donate to DU !!! Or my friends will come to see you.....

BushCo/Opec are terrorizing the poor people at the gas stations.

Same shit, different day - any one else really tired of this crap? If so, check in

Oops...mistake. My bad.

Clinton: It'd be 'terrible mistake' to pick McCain over Obama

The General Election begins next Tuesday night in Oregon.

Arlen Specter Demanding Probe Of 'Spygate'

Keith O on again on East Coast....Time to hear his special comment once again

Flashtoon: Blackwater Business School

This Obama supporter bought a star for my favorite DU Clinton Supporter

Maybe it is time to clear the ignore list ...

Okay, somebody fill me in. Did Obama call someone sweetie again?

Gosh, you guys are feisty!

School Military Recruiting Could Violate International Protocol

Patrick Murphy - future star?

I am sick of spin - - Lets talk turkey....

that kid who donated his bike: ATTN mods, Skinner et al

I finally have the 'pubbies diagnosis: Electile Dysfunction

Hillary is NOT a trollop.

Misogyny I won't miss

Clinton post WV interviews being played in the wee hours after preemption by Edwards endorsement

Alegre won't follow HIllary's lead - says Obama will lose to McCain

I heard the words "threat of impeachment" and thought "It must be about sex ...

If Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says "At the end of the day" ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME

If Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says "At the end of the day" ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME

If Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says "At the end of the day" ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME

If Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says "At the end of the day" ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME

Get Your 'McCain Eco-Friendly' items!!!

****BREAKING*****Obama just kissed 2 females that are not his wife

If Hillary's unwillingness to drop out is hurting the party, how can you explain this?

Alright, so let's pick out the morons who REFUSE to vote Obama in November.

Iraqi life not valued, apology not offered

Finally, a debate I'd listen to every word of;

How 'bout throwing phrase "throw under the bus" under the bus?

First Edwards pledged delegate jumps to Obama!

The Case for Jim Webb

Golf is out but fishing is okay?

Kentucky 's Demographics AND MORE!

The Pat Buchanan meltdown is on repeat right now.

I don't appreciate Obama fans kissing the ass and

I don't appreciate Obama fans kissing the ass and

My apologies for calling Maureen Dowd the C-Word yesterday on DU.

The three heads of our the "Punch the DU Admins" look too much like an al Qaeda wet dream

Older women call me sweetie all the time

GOP's New Slogan Already Being Used To Market Anti-Depressant (Not an Onion story)

Folks. This is OUR YEAR. 2006 was just a warmup.

So bush says talking to our enemies is equivalent to the appeasement of nazis...

WJ this morning: Edwards endorses Obama; Rethugs regroup

** Iraq Vets Speak out Open Forum on the Hill May 15th ***

c-span wj - duncan hunter

My theory on Gore

If we are to believe Barack Obama, he and his wife have been oblivious to all of this. No. Way.


Freepers' comment on Edwards endorsement of Obama....

Fuck you, you CRAZY monkey... Shut the fuck up and get back on the golf course

People: John Edwards sucks, I hope he isn't the VP choice

In a watershed year for the Democrats - there is no need for ANY pandering or triangulating

In a watershed year for the Democrats - there is no need for ANY pandering or triangulating

Ancillary point to KO's brilliant Special Comment

McSame flip-flops on "100 year war" and timetables. Now says Iraq troops will come home by 2013.

A cornucopia for rich farmers

When will the April fundraising numbers be released?

Man who is supporting Barack Obama, because the man reveres Ronald Reagan.

Man who is supporting Barack Obama, because the man reveres Ronald Reagan.

The Fives Stages of Political Death


Harold Ford Jr up bright and early kissing Bill and Hillary's ass on Morning Joe!

September 2011 Primary

Perfect metaphorical image of the future....

Appalachia needs more bus tours and actual investment

Every Dem Senator and Rep should take the floor to vilify Bush's "Giving-up-golf" ....

bush tells Israelis Dems who oppose Iran war are like Nazi appeasers.

Pundit "analysis"

Could John Edwards be the VP? Would he want it? Why did he leave the race right before ST?

Bush On Obama: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.'

Confessions of a "sweetie" addict

Bill Moyers' Journal tomorrow: A Dem House Divided and the perils of a market-driven Pharma industry

Bill Moyers' Journal tomorrow: A Dem House Divided and the perils of a market-driven Pharma industry

This is DU's Worst Fund Drive Ever!

When did you first realize that Senator Clinton was not the inevitable nominee?

When did you first realize that Senator Clinton was not the inevitable nominee?

McCain Wooing Independents; Distances Himself from Bush

The Bush admin funds 'terrorists and radicals'

Scrubs The Greatest Show Ever Is Back for another season

Gas is getting pricey but

My proposal for a Telecom Immunity Compromise

It isn't being a Republican; it's being shortsighted

Attention disgruntled Hillary supporters. If an endorsement by John Edwards is enough...

ok, absent the internet all last night, how long did it take after Edwards endorsement

Crooks & Liars Video & Full Transcript: Countdown Special Comment to Bush: “Shut the hell up"

Crooks & Liars Video & Full Transcript: Countdown Special Comment to Bush: “Shut the hell up"

Georgia bar's T-shirt links Obama, Curious George

Why doesn't Obama get more credit for winning votes from affluent and upper-middle class whites?

Gibbs: Bill O’Reilly Is a “Bully”

Dan Abrams Is An Ass

"But the American people deserve a lot more than the GOP thinks we deserve"

MSNBC's show "Morning Joe" is much better w/ out Joe.

anybody watchin mccain say weve won iraq?

You think McCain could possibly squeeze one more flag onto the stage with him?

today is john mccain day on cnn!

Bob Barr and the Ralph Nader factor

Bob Barr and the Ralph Nader factor

No to the 'Gas Tax Holiday'

Why do you suppose Bush appointed a known car bomber to be the Prime Minister of Iraq?

Keith Olbermann Special Comment **Transcript** (for those like me, who can't watch the videos)

Heh-Heh...Bush administration has "cut off all contact" with Chalabi.

NY TIMES: That Pundit on Fox News? An Upstart Named Rove

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC: Why can't they have token wingnuts like Fox does with liberals?

Time to call Bush on his bullshit .

Huffington Post: It's Past Time for Hillary Clinton to Address Race-Baiting Questions

Washington Post, May 15, 2008

`Dog the Bounty Hunter' to return to A&E

Reminder to Hillary: YOU LOST. HA HA. now take your debts,

Bush On Obama: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.'

The Obama AmBush - Hillary's Rezko Missile

Report: U.S. Cutting Off All Contact With Chalabi due to unauthorized contact with Iran

For GOP, third lost seat may (?) be cause for alarm

What Did Karl, “Potus,” and Hadley Know about Rumsfeld’s “Military Analyst” Propaganda Campaign?

Bush suggests Obama wants 'appeasement' of terrorists

Bush Compares Obama To Nazi Appeasers

I got an e-mail from a hard-core Repug friend and former co-worker

Obama The Evangelical In KY...O.M.G!

Obama men! Post here if you're tired of being called "sweetie" by sexist women

Why Donating to DU is Good.

Where in the hell are all of the McCain supporters?

Sebelius is a great, smart woman! But she will not help as VP....

Did anyone ever identify Chalabi's friend who kept showing up in the pictures with him?

Poll: How will you feel when Gore finally endorses

Poll: How will you feel when Gore finally endorses

John Edwards hasn't changed one bit. He's still AS PHONY AS EVER!

Winter Soldier hearings on the hill coming up in five minutes or so on C-span-3

Anybody else watch Keith Olbermann last night?

A note to all the people referring to WV as the mountain state...

A simple observation on why Obama and Edwards have always been a good fit.

Hillay before MI primary and Hillary after MI primary

Are DUers listening to Luis Montalvan at the Winter Soldiers hearing

Okay, moving on: time for everyone to be classy has full Edwards & Obama speeches up

A Victory Plan For Hillary

A quick synopsis of GD:P

Dean Announces Blogs Selected For 2008 Democratic National Convention 'State Blogger Corps'

Bowers on the popular vote argument

First Edwards Delegate Switches to Obama - Portsmouth

Three Edwards endorsing Obama threads voted to the top five on the front page.

Thank You Mr. Bush, You Have Finally Become A Uniter

What political news sites do you regularly visit?

Bobby Kennedy quote -- relevant in '68 and even more so today

Shaken Republicans look to McCain as savior

Barack Obama has a Posse!

thanks for my star, to whomever gave me one.

fuck you bu$h*......just fuck you


Tonya Harding up next on MSNBC - Will she be outraged at comparisons to Sen. Clinton?

Needy families find heat turned off in May

Video: The Daily Show: West Virginia And A Chris Matthews "Douche-Off"

Video: The Daily Show: West Virginia And A Chris Matthews "Douche-Off"

Caption this pic

Hurt? Bitter? Feeling picked on? Join the club.

McCain will pledge to be bipartisan; sees most troops home in 4 years

Oh Noes! MSNBC About to Interview "the Real Tonya Harding"

U.S. weekly initial jobless claims rise 6,000 to 371,000 or down by 18K... which is it?

Duncan Blathers&Lies Hunter was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

I strongly agree with what John Edwards said about Hillary Clinton

I strongly agree with what John Edwards said about Hillary Clinton

I strongly agree with what John Edwards said about Hillary Clinton

I strongly agree with what John Edwards said about Hillary Clinton

stupid is as...CA AG Brown Announces Mobile Meth Lab Bust In Casino Lot

So is king george winning or losing the Golf War?

So is king george winning or losing the Golf War?

What the hell is "porkbarrel spending" ??

Manners bush v Obama

Time's Joe Klein: Zell Lieberman

Bush gives up golf - "Now, watch this drive."

Your FAVORITE Bush Administration White House Press Secretary

Hartmann just called * sad, pathetic, wimpy

email from John Edwards (non-primary related)

If you support Obama, then you should Support his message of Unity.

Obama responds to Bush accusations of 'appeasement,' Perino denies Obama reference

Does Edwards' endorsement of Obama imply that he thinks Hillary should drop out?

Does Edwards' endorsement of Obama imply that he thinks Hillary should drop out?

Does Edwards' endorsement of Obama imply that he thinks Hillary should drop out?

Ana Marie Cox: "Maybe he {Bush} should stick to golf and give up wars."

To those Obama supporters who've had more class than to discuss...

Now is the time to unite the party and let go of the hate

Now is the time to unite the party and let go of the hate

I am so hopeless: I actually thought Specter was going to investigate 'Spygate': Nope, FOOTBALL.

As an avid supporter of decriminalization and hemp usage

Thoughts on this falling dusk, By Mark Crispin Miller

The General Election has begun!

McCain predicts Iraq war over by 2013

Edwards Message is Clear. Unite and get the vote out.

Edwards Message is Clear. Unite and get the vote out.

price of mangos going up some more

Price of gas in your neck of the woods? 3.56 is about as good as you can do here in

Bush had a good anology, he just got the wrong war

I have changed my mind about the Reconciliation of Obama and Clinton.

Clinton Superdelegate Reveals He Voted for Obama

McCain's speech today - his advisor's will make $1.00/year

Top Democratic Leaders Respond To Bush's Stupid Comment

OK, 'fess up . . .

Is Keith Olbermann going to be institutionalized????

GO LOOK! Obama's website GREAT pic of Obama & Edwards together!

Is "Morning Joe" better without Joe Scarborough?

National Quinnipiac Poll: Obama over McCain by 7; white voters favor McCain by 7 over both dems

Help--Does anyone remember after the 2006 Midterms when Bush said his denigrating remarks about the

Help--Does anyone remember after the 2006 Midterms when Bush said his denigrating remarks about the

MSNBC: 4 Edwards delegates pledge to Obama!

MSNBC: 4 Edwards delegates pledge to Obama!

"Working Class White People" and the Transparent Euphemism.

I am absolutely TERRIFIED of what the rules committee will do on May 31-Should I be?

This political genocide has got to stop!

Rep. Henry Waxman and Berman endorses Obama!!!!

Perception Management: McCain getting it from Democrats... and FReepers!

A Clinton Campaign Theme Song for 2008 - satire!

A Clinton Campaign Theme Song for 2008 - satire!

Time's Joe Klein: Zell Lieberman

So Obama has to apologize for calling someone "Sweetie" and Booshe can call him a Nazi appeaser?

Ouch! Bill Clinton endorses Rush against Obama!

Dean calls on McGeezer to denouce the Chimp's remarks to Knesset


Bush's nazi comments don't bother me

Obama doesn't have a "white working class" problem

Why is it only KO reporting that bush played Golf months after he said he "gave it up" to support

Lieberman's reaction: Bush got it exactly right

Would Clinton supporters be offended if Obama chose Sebelius to be his VP?

Jim Dean wants action to preserve voting rights.

Lieberman: Bush "got it exactly right today" with "appeasement" remark

I just stimulated the economy!

"President-Elect"...(very nice resource for past elections)

Kansas governor says Obama's the nominee

Generation Slap... This is a call to arms against Millennials

The Future vs. The Past

Obama Women! Post here if you love being called "sweetie" by a man while you are at work.

United Steelworkers endorse Obama

California Supreme Court Overturns State's Same Sex Marriage Ban

Holy Cow! Lanny Davis is on The Ed Schultz Show now!!!

How would you like your candidate to respond to the CA Supreme court decision?

Bush says Obama's an appeaser, Bush's grandfather was worse - Today’s Headlines 5/15/08

Caption this * & boner pic...

sorry kpete beat me to it

McCain's Murderers Row: more campaign staffers tied to multiple dictatorships

The only thing worse than a racist POS..

No wonder Democratic Party has a hard time in the General Election.(progressive Radio)

How Obama WON Tuesday - Clinton's net gain in delegates was exactly Zero

OK, it's the morning after Edwards' endorsement. Who should Obama's VP running mate be?

Don Young (R-AK) Legal Defense Fund Nets 0 Contributions

Governor Schwarzenegger Opposes The Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Initiative In CA

The Republicans' new anti-depressing slogan doesn't work anyway

Steelworkers Endorse Obama!!

Regardless of candidate preferences, can we all agree that Bush was out of line today?

John Kerry responds to Bush's disgusting comments...

Dana Perino is a mindless idiot.

Clinton Supporters To Protest Outside Ohio Democratic Party Headquarters Today

Do You Want To See Obama Over The Top? Let's Put The Donations Over The Top!

CNN "Poll of Polls" shows Obama beating McCain in fall matchup

grovelbot has hipmotized me.....must

Which rally would you rather be at?

Which rally would you rather be at?

If you vote for MCCain, you have some explaining to do

Appease This, Bush

Kerry defends Obama, Says Bush owes Americans an apology

Deep Thought Of The Day: When You Have A Forum Devoted To Less Filling/Tastes Great...

Contractors, insurance firms gouging taxpayers, panel says

Contractors, insurance firms gouging taxpayers, panel says

MN Protest in front of Sen. Norm Coleman's office 4:30-5:30pm

McCoot responds: Agrees w/ B*sh's Remarks to Knesset (Obama like a Nazi Appeaser)

Time is on our side on the gay marriage issue

For my 3rd and final post in GDP today...something very important!

**** May 15 Super Delegate Endorsements Begin ***

Bush's top Surpreme Court attorney resigns!

Today is a day to celebrate, not a day to abuse the issue of Marriage Equality to one up your...

Today is a day to celebrate, not a day to abuse the issue of Marriage Equality to one up your...

NY Times: A Plan For Clinton Victory

Henry Waxman endorses Obama!

TPM TV: Terrymania! (McAuliffe)

McCain Agrees With bu$h’s Remarks on Obama/Nazis

I went to the dark side just now.

I drive through the jammed freeways of LA 5 days a week...

bu$h* compares obama to nazis on foreign soil.....makes the dixie chicks look like true patriots

Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers

Congress Seeks to Close "Enron Loophole"

Just got Joint EMail from Gov Ed Rendell & Sen Bob Casey

duplicate, sorry n/t

2pm - SFRC hearing on China - pre-scheduled but timely due to events

Keeping Up With Pat Buchanan's Lies, In January Clinton was the Race Baiter, Now It's Obama

Keeping Up With Pat Buchanan's Lies, In January Clinton was the Race Baiter, Now It's Obama

So long as Bush is bringing up talking with Nazis... a little history.

last year, what did you think the GE match up would be?

Perino: Bush’s Comments Were Not ‘Aimed’ At Obama, But Do ‘Include’ Him (and Jimmy Carter, too)

Food shortages, part 2: Corporate power - Agrofuels and the expansion of agribusiness

Will Hillary be remembered as the Nader of 2008?

WTF?? There's a little box on my screen that says "Do not donate to DU."

Local Fox station investing lies told by Recruiters. 4 suspended.

The Republicans and the Media want Clinton as VP so they can continue the circus.

Kerry just tore Bush a new one


I could do with more days like today ........

In California, gay people are now considered a "suspect class"...

Cleaning Up The White House

Larry Cohen, President of CWA, superdelegate, pledges for Obama

Small study points to possible link between pet shampoos & autism risk

Thom Hartman is discussing 'Merchant of Death' Viktor Bout during the third hour of his show today

Can Hillary run as a Democrat but not the Democratic nominee?

Can Hillary run as a Democrat but not the Democratic nominee?

Tennessee GOP Declares Open Season on Michelle Obama

McCain Campaign Rips off My Idea on President's Questions

Zimbabwe bank issues $500m note

Why is Do Not Donate to DU showing up on every post I look at?

Senate Foreign Relations Committe - US CHiNA RELATIONS - Live on C-Span 3 now. Link:

How Obama should respond to Bush/McCain on appeasement comments:

Bush frightened of Israeli water

WVWV's Operation Chaos Hits Oregon

Is our own government appeasing the 'terrorists' by not impeaching & arresting them?

Steeling Obama: Today's Los Angeles Times

Steeling Obama: Today's Los Angeles Times


"I have to vote Republican, my husband works in the oil industry."

Robert Gates wants me to go to Iran!?

MySpace Suicide - Federal Indictment Sought For Four Counts!

Reflections on Wednesday in Grand Rapids, MI...

Love Wins!


Obama's Vice Prez = WHO?? Dream Cabinet = who??

WHITE VOTERS GONE WILD: 3rd Straight Day, 3rd Straight Poll Shows Obama More Electable than Clinton

My first post in here..

Clintons collude w Neocons to Cripple Netroots

Can you be fired for being robbed?

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power (From 2004)

David Brock's Tough-Talking Third-Party Group Fizzles(Obama is taking control of campaign's message)

Why I donated

I just made my first donation to Barack Obama for President

Senate polling shows at least ten Republican Senate seats could be in play for Democrats

CWA President and Superdelegate Larry Cohen Pledges Support for Obama; Delegate Countdown -129.5 To

Does feminism have its own generation gap?

7 Points of Dissent

Coming together

Why Donating to DU is A Good Thing.

That's the Ticket! ---pix--->>>

Does anybody know the etymology of the name Sebelius?

CWA President (super-delegate) will endorse Obama

How can Obama win their votes when he doesn't even know who they are ?

What would Michelle do if someone called her sweetie?

Just another day at

Obama Campaign Response to Tennessee GOP Video

Obama Campaign Response to Tennessee GOP Video

Breaking: Tornado warning for Hattiesburg Mississippi

This could go into the GD forum, but it's worth spending a thread to post it here.

We don't need to pick up a single Senate seat if we win the Presidency

Michelle Malkin to Obama: Bush wasn't necessarily talking about you, but he was talking about you.

I just called my wife to let her know that our marriage has been undermined!

It's your choice in November: Obama or McCain

If someone invaded America and we fought back would that make us thugs?

Woman Hopes To Sell Her 'Virgin Mary' Rock On eBay

cnn just did a piece that showed the DU logo! - DONATE NOW

The Ron Paul Supporters Nullify the Clintonites for McCain.

Hillary Finally Marginalized....Fianally

Edwards speech last night went a long way in convincing me that mending fences will be fairly easy

Have you ever voted in a Dem primary, then not voted for the Dem nominee?

Thank you George Bush

I found this online;

The cumulative list of all people dead to the Hillary Clinton supporters.

Taking a second to thank the mods...

I may be channeling Keith ...

Cambridge Wolf Kill

Obama supporters, you need Clinton supporters more than we need you

I am so happy for the gay people of California now

Working Class White Voters

Another Obama / Kaine thread!

Another Obama / Kaine thread!

I Predict Gore Endorses Next Wednesday

What's everyone so upset about, Democrats are Nazi appeasers...

CCR: "the government could take your DNA and keep it on file if you are arrested at a demonstration"

PHOTO: Hey, sober up before you call our nominee an appeaser, you lame-duck monkey failure.

I don't really think it's a matter of Dems not voting for the nominee that is the problem.

Bottomfeeders...Bloomberg mortgage story about man named "Angel"

Bottomfeeders...Bloomberg mortgage story about man named "Angel"

So when will Fred Phelps and his troublemakers be coming to California?

The Democratic party is SEXIST!

You want some real laughs....

"I want to get into public service...I want to write and help people who are disadvantaged."

Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will

Sen. Larry bathroom sniffer Craig - R is on C-SPAN2 in the US Senate

Exactly who are the Swift-boaters and why can't we extinquish them?

Is this appeasement?

Is this appeasement?

Anyone find it ironic/funny ...

House Dems approve non-binding plan seeking an

secretary of defense Gates: U.S. Should Engage Iran With Incentives, Pressure

Steelworkers endorse Obama for president..

Who is the decider on Hillary's new 'delegates needed to win' count of 2210?

I just got an assassination threat in an email!


Mom indicted in deadly My Space hoax

"The Change You Deserve"??? Orwell would be proud.

What's With The Avatars?

I don't know about you but I think the last 8 years have eaten my brain.

John McCain - Going Down

Do you think Obama already knows who his running mate will be?

Artificial Intelligence?: The ethics of Provigil (Viagra for the brain)

Edwards endorsement pays off for Obama EIGHT MORE DELEGATES TODAY

My LTTE on Bush's treacherous and stupid statements


Obama says Bush falsely accuses him of appeasement

Kevin James

Kevin James

Saw the first McCain sticker today. Right next to "Save New Hampshire, Vote Republican."

Why should Democrats take Hitler off the table when talking about the Bush family?

Colbert asks Grover Norquist "Why don't more Americans have bunkers in the wilderness?"

The Tennessee rethug party's cowardly and failed attempt to smear Michelle Obama!

I hope Bush keeps tossing us softballs like this BS from the Knesset

Pat Buchanan's "One of us" remark

BWAHAHAHAH I face 30 days to a year in jail. Too damned funny

yee-HAW!!!!! Wer'e the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest state in the union!!!

Alaska may elect a Dem president, House critter and US Senator this year (new poll)

The "New" Democratic Party ?

Is McCain Trying To Use Appeasement To Woo People To .....

here are bu$h*s exact words on nazi appeasers aka obama & carter....shame on this president

The perfect metaphor for GD:P

The Ohio, "Protect American Jobs Pact "

9-year-old girl's twin is found inside her stomach

Congrats and Mazel Tov to all who will now be able to marry!

Congrats and Mazel Tov to all who will now be able to marry!

Small study points to possible link between pet shampoos & autism risk

"The Republican brand is in the trash can .. if we were dog food, they would take us off the shelf."

With today's attacks on Barack and Michelle, I do not mind if Obama opts out of public financing

McCain...are you kidding me?

OBAMA gains more delagates than clinton this week!!

Will Edwards Help Obama with Kentucky Voters?...

Will Edwards Help Obama with Kentucky Voters?...

Obama now leads by 177 delegates. There are only 189 pledged delegates still up for grabs.

There is only One conceivable way to resolve Florida an Michigan

Hillary camp spreading rumors?

Hillary camp spreading rumors?

Remember when Gray Davis endorsed Clinton?

Remember the video tape Bin Ladin released three days before the GE?

Remember the video tape Bin Ladin released three days before the GE?

Remember when Gray Davis endorsed Clinton?

WTF? Has no one punched the admins yet??

Obama apologizes to reporter he called "sweetie"

Obama apologizes to reporter he called "sweetie"

Hillary is 404

BREAKING! House approves non-binding plan seeking exit from Iraq by December 09:

Which candidates have you voted for in the past? (presidential)

Here's an example we should ALL be following: Dems fighting Repubs!

What if Obama picks a Republican running mate?

[Clinton & Obama Supporters] - Killer Questionaire Accurately Identifies the CANDIDATE BEST FOR YOU

This Hillary supporter resigned up for Obama email subscription...

Why does it seem americans like their politicians to "talk tough"?

Bidenites! Biden is going to be on CNN within the hour.

The Nation: Manufacturing a Food Crisis

And now for some levity...

So now cowboy diplomacy is the standard norm?

Dear Al Gore, Forget Your Ex-Boss.

Edwards's Endorsement of Obama Starts `Al Gore Watch'

Greenwald's Attempt To Prevent People From Saying Stupid Shit About The CA Gay Marriage Ruling...

Mayor Gavin Newsom

The concept of 'hard work'....

O's 'change' is gonna be tough with the establishment's Kerry, Kennedy, Richardson, Edwards in tow

It has to be an omen: First Edwards endorses Obama

McCain invents time machine, goes forward in time, then comes back to fill us in.

Kid you not "McCain believes Iraq war can be won by 2013" Remember this in Nov

Aaauuggghhh!! Bogus anti-immigrant e-mail circulating around the office

Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., makes a point on Iraq spending - pic

Sherrod Brown is a great choice for VP

Why Are They So Bold These Corporate and Organized Crime Puppets

Bush swing at Obama draws complaint from Wexler

As an Obama supporter, I'm absolutely fine now if Hillary doesn't drop out till June 3

U.S. House defeats $162.5 bln in new war funds anti-War Dems Win

Anyone have a link to that house bill regarding artists rights and copywrite? nt

Where's Pat??

So McCain and Lieberman agree with what the White House chimp said today

I just finished a phone poll by Rasmussen

Vice Presidential Poll

If not Obama's First Choice, why would Hillary want the VP spot, since he decides her duties?

HRC on FL, MI: "They clearly believed that their votes would count." No end to her dishonesty.

Biden just mentioned Bush's deal with Khadafi on MSNBC

Reagan + arms-for-hostages = Appeaser

Republicans are only throwing mud to see what will stick...

Ted Strickland says he's not interested in being vp

Mystery Slick Spotted On Charles River, Cambridge, MA - (ewe! Gross!)

McCain: "MOST Troops Can Be Home From Iraq By 2013"

What do YOU know about past presidential politics

Bush skeptical about drinking water at Israeli historic site, gives Olmert a "big hug" instead

I think Joe Biden would make a great VP

Bush quoted a repuke isolationist today who wanted to talk to Hitler...

John Kerry is up for re-election

Hillary's pledge to win the nomination

Prediction: GOP will play the Gay marriage card this election (when not waving the race card)

Looking forward: What are the swing states?

Did I miss the April campaign donation numbers?

Analysis: Bush rallies Democrats behind Obama

Strange Bedfellows Unite to Pressure Oil Giants

VA discouraged staff from diagnosing PTSD for ‘compensation seeking veterans.’»

Whiplash: 2006 midterm elections all over again? Bush lied then, he's doing it now.

List of reasons to vote for the Democratic nominee agianst Mc Cain no matter who it is.

Would this be a fair and honest statement?

Woman indicted (FEDERAL) in Missouri MySpace suicide case.

Jason Leopold: Mark “Thor” Hearne, Bush Operative Pushes Voter-ID Law

PAPA flip flopping will the press that loves this guy go after him?

In our upcoming landslide, we have no need to slice and dice the electorate

In our upcoming landslide, we have no need to slice and dice the electorate

NYT Edwards is open to VP prefers to be Attorney General if asked

I DID NOT just make a donation to Democratic Underground.

Gore Endorsement Imminent

Bush: Winston Churchill An Appeaser

Hillary my ass as VP this guy Biden should be the one he's good

Anti-Clinton smear spread by Obama supporters debunked (that her pastor was a pedophile)

US Rep. Dan Lungren, R-California, on CSPAN just now, discussing CA Supreme Court decision....

Republicans fear public has lost confidence (not The Onion)

Poll: Obama tops McCain 47%-40%. Hillary beats McCain 46%-41%

Check out the AFA's poll on the California Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling......

How many of you agree with the pope's new definition of 7 deadly sins?

What does Gay Marriage mean for California?

Kudos to the mods!

Let's get one thing clear: Obama has never discussed appeasement.

who's the hysterical right-wing asshole on hardball?

If Shirley Golub beats Nancy Pelosi on June 3rd, is then impeachment on the table?...

Bush rallies Democrats behind Obama

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/15/08 - Obama unchanged (50), Clinton down 2 (41)

"He will save us from all evil." A meditation on the primaries so far.

"He will save us from all evil." A meditation on the primaries so far.

Kevin James OFFICIAL Radio Talk Website (INTELLIGENT. Conservative. Talk)

OMG! Who is this loud idiot with Chris? Good grief my nerves

Juan Cole: Is Obama the Apostate, or is Bush? A Reply to Luttwak

Stop! Step Back! Remember! Bush is a MadMan - addicted to killing & war... McCain is his twin

Beyond Appeasement: How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

I await with glee, the first "debate:...

GI Bill Passes

Over the past 50 years, who have our strongest nominees been and how does Obama compare?

Conyers: "We're closing in on Rove. Someone's got to kick his ass."

Amy Goodman: Whistle-Blower Points to Target List in U.S. Attack on Hotel


I want to thank the California Supreme Court, and I hope the rest of DU joins me

*****Update from the rest of the world******

Okay. So I'm watching KO and you already know I'm against McCain but KO was playing parts of

Poll: Two Major GOP Incumbents in Danger -- In Alaska

Bush Family 'Loyalists' in 1776

Kerry, Kennedy urge $2 billion in funding for low income Home Energy Assistance Program


So now that we have the major ones telling our Resident he was wrong in Jerusalem


McCain and Hillary form the "Centrist" Party

DUers are in a "confrontational" mood and the admins are using it to their advantage.

The Sebelius Sale

"Appeasement?" I wouldn't go there, George**.

Obama's Cabinet: I want Biden for SecState, Edwards for AG...

From the Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Top 5 things I'll miss about this bitter primary season.


Disturbing Sex Scandal Involves Swift Boat Vet - Bob Perry (Harpers)

Just saw this one: Henry Waxman Endorses Obama!

What Grovelbot can teach us all............


Paging Skittles: ASS KICKING NEEDED.

Something we need to fix for the GE

John Kerry requests your support to investigate secret Pentagon program - Please sign!

So has the GOP just painted itself into a corner and forced itself into an Iran war?


Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train?

McCain = Son of Cain (literal, from the Scottish) - a moniker that says it all...

Was Bush's speech to the Knesset purely election campaigning?

Of course only a son of a Nazi would call fellow Americans Nazis.

Obama campaign hires 400 bloggers to act nice...

I miss Al Gore.

Clinton Superdelegate Reveals He Voted for Obama

I don't fucking believe this.

Imagine our generation's MLK as Vice President - A true Progressive Hero - Amy Goodman

I don't understand how states get around "full faith and credit" in the US Constitution

Olive Branch

What's going on with the avatars?

Another advantage of having Edwards as VP, that is, IF

What's going on?


Burma's Desperate Hour

Wow - the Kevin James interview with Chris Matthews today is already on Wikipedia!

Definition of "appeasement" for Kevin James and George W. Bush: to yield or concede to the

Definition of "appeasement" for Kevin James and George W. Bush: to yield or concede to the

Who'd have thought? Lee Iacocca BLASTS Bush: "a gang of clueless bozos"

President Bush's Despicable Attack on Barack Obama by John Kerry

Laura Ingraham is asking people to write to GE about Keith Olbermann's Special Comment

Update From DemConWatch: Edwards Delegates Ready To Move To Obama

Update From DemConWatch: Edwards Delegates Ready To Move To Obama

Marriage wedge.

CNN: Dems fire back at Bush on 'appeasement'

Save your economic stimulus money tomorrow - free chicken sandwich at McDonald's today (May 15th)!

**Obama magic number 133.5** Delegate Endorsements Updated

L.A. prepares massive water-conservation plan

Today's episode of Things You Didn't Expect To Read: "Solar Powered Bra"

We interrupt these arguments about the presidential election for an important announcement

Who is this "appeasing" senator that * is quoting? A democrat or a republican?

Siege Heil: The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus and the Destabilization of California

Clinton defends Obama from Bush

Obama may win the nomination but he will need most of the Clinton supporters in the GE.....

Here's All I Have Ta Say About Michelle !!!

Heard something funny on Thom Hartmann today...

Heard something funny on Thom Hartmann today...

Appeasement! >>>

Troops home from Iraq by 2013: McCain

'Fusion Man' soars above Alps

Abrams lecturing Obama supporters again: STFU and accept Hillary as VP

Don't you think it's surprising all the wannabe presidential candidates have endorsed Obama

Clinton Supporters What do you want from us Seriously

Oldie but BADDIE from 2002 (EDITED to add PHOTO)

Food alert: Pig frog legs caught in the Everglades could have high mercury levels

GOP cancer: Party could lose 20 more seats


Uh, guys & gals?

Kumbaya turns my stomach

Why is there an ad asking "Should Obama Quit" at DU?

Bush back on a bike in Jerusalem

NPR story: confronting bigotry on the campaign trail.

How easily would Gore have won in 2000 without Rubber Face?

WaPo: Edwards Supporters Start to Swing to Obama

"As Bush rose to spoke (sic), three Arab-Israeli lawmakers walked out in protest."

The Rude Pundit: Drugged Immigrants and Lying to the Public? So?

GWB to make "surprise" visit to Baghdad?

What Michael Pollan Hasn't Told You About Food

Conyers referring to Rove: "Someone's got to kick his ass"

Please Donate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John McCain is a horrible speaker.

A question about counting Oregon's votes if anyone knows?

What the fuck was THAT? nt

Obama Camp smacks TN Repukes for smear on Michelle.

Should journalists declare Obama the winner at this point? Pew poll

Don't know if anybody else had mentioned this about Dub's "stimulus checks".

This Is One Hell Of A Picture...

It's time to end this............

VIDEO: CNN incorrectly reports on California gay marriage ruling

Let's remember, any ticket with Obama or Hillary in any combination........

Let's remember, any ticket with Obama or Hillary in any combination........

Super Delegates will put Obama at or over 2025 by the end of May

How will the MSM React to Obama's BIG win in Oregon?

Analysis: Gay marriage back as campaign issue

Dumbest of the Wingnuts: Who's the biggest idiot amongst the right-wing media knuckledraggers?

Who is Kevin James (on Tweety)? Oy vei! He's out of control and

The woman who fled to Canada for healthcare in "Sicko" is running for office.....

The Power Of The Nazi Metaphor! Recall Bush's 2003 Speech

You know what? I'm tired.

Do you think Obama gave Edwards his email list?

I was a Deaniac in 2004, and I can tell you, it is PAINFUL at the end.

Biden for Sec of State - Obama08

I was a Deaniac in 2004, and I can tell you, it is PAINFUL at the end.

CA marriage decision is HISTORIC - specifically REJECTS "separate but equal"

I just heard first-hand that Howard Dean is out canvassing door-to-door for DNC!

Is Nato repeating the USSR's mistakes?

Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change ... Now for Obama?

Remember how McCain and Bush protected NO after Katrina

Right on cue, here comes another OBL tape

I predict a LANDSLIDE Democratic victory in November of the likes we have not seen in a LONG time

I used to think that "fem nazi" was a RW slur... now I wonder if they had a point

Go a head and revote FL and MI...with both Obama and Hillary on the ticket

Obama plans three-day Florida swing beginning next Wednesday - Tampa, Orlando, South Florida.

The Kool Aid has lost it's punch . . .

Equal Rights Amendment - Obama's ace in the whole?

Send Kevin James a Message

John McCain is too weak to become president!

Geraldine Ferrara on FUX trashing Obama

Live streaming feed: Talk show host Kevin James on MSNBC right now discussing Obama

Freepers aren't the most tolerant bunch, are they?

I will prolly die w/ a Dem Admin. Happily! (hey I am 60) NT

Why Chris Matthews will ardently support Obama over McCain: Because he has to (run-for-senate)

Why Chris Matthews will ardently support Obama over McCain: Because he has to (run-for-senate)

Does Hillary know that Friday is the deadline to mail in ballots? She scheduled

Olbermann tied the O'Reilly Factor for first place at 8pmET in the A25-54 demo

Olbermann tied the O'Reilly Factor for first place at 8pmET in the A25-54 demo

Michele Bachmann Watch 5/15/08

Cspan1:Iraq Veterans are reciting "war stories" in testimony before "the Antiwar Caucus" of Congress

Portrayals of George W. Bush in international advertisements

How do I get my Obama avatar back?

Now that the primary is over, could Obama supporters PLEASE

I know we just had this discussion: I am now begging. End this NOW!

Winning: The Poo (Recycling sewer water into drinking water growing more popular)

Democrats: How afraid are you about losing the general election?

Here are some facts about West Virginia's voting record

Here are some facts about West Virginia's voting record

FACTBOX: Presidential candidates' views on gay marriage

Republicans as "That Mitchell and Webb Look" Nazi skit

Barbara Lee Applauds CA Court Ruling Allowing Same Sex Marriages

John McCain: Obama Unfit To Protect The United States

Thom Hartmann just said he no longer uses "Main Stream Media". It is...

Does a historic chance slip away with HRC?

Some bold Senate predictions from BooMan. Any thoughts?

George Bush Has Done Us All A Favor Today

The toxic atmosphere in Florida Democratic circles is shown in this article.

Obama to Pull a Big Switcharoo

In light of what Bush said today in Israel

I was checking out at Lowes today with cash and the cashier got teary eyed

You know who the Republicans are scared of now? Obama and Black voters

Alegre calls Obama a "jerk" who is full of "bullshit"

Bush: Not Doing McCain Any Favors


Makah tribal members who killed gray whale fined 20 dollars

Yes George, the Democrats *are* Nazi Appeasers....

Which governors would make good VP choices for Obama?

BREAKING: California ban on same sex marriage lifted! Gay Marriage legal!! n/t

As the grand-daughter of a Holocaust Survivor, I find Bush's comments to be beyond contemptible.

Hahahaha! F#@% Kevin James!

I feel another KO moment coming on. May not happen tonight but after Bush's stunt today it won't be

Inherent Contempt for Rove - **DUPE**

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Part IX

Anyone watching CSPAN?


Just wanted to say thanks to Bush today

Obama and Edwards look fantastic together

Saddham Hussein was a bum, but he also was a check against Iran.

Regardless of what Obama or his supporters want, Hillary should take the VP spot

"I should say that personally, I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman."

Updated: Woman is indicted in Missouri MySpace suicide case

Right-wingers believe people are inherently bad and lazy and NEED to be punished.

Right-wingers believe people are inherently bad and lazy and NEED to be punished.

Twee ty's covering Bush's madness on appeasement

Sheriff Joe Arpaio (corrupt-AZ) launches Pennies for Posse" after Gov. cuts funding; throws hissy

IRS: Some stimulus checks sent to wrong accounts

Robin Cook on Iraq and Iran

Have the candidates yet weighed in on the California marriage ruling?

did anybody else listen to bush's speech to the knesset?

Biden on Hardball Video:

Sweetie don't call me Sweetie

Japanese Whaling Scandal busted says Greenpeace

Japanese Whaling Scandal busted says Greenpeace

Wow. George Bush just reminded America why we're voting Democratic in 2008.

I know I'm way biased (being a lifetime Oregonian) but I am so looking forward to Tuesday

I know I'm way biased (being a lifetime Oregonian) but I am so looking forward to Tuesday

PHOTO: Elation.

Bush pictures - brace yourself, then caption

Bob Beckel: If Hillary Clinton Wants to be Veep, Obama Can't Stop Her

Details on Clinton, Obama visits to Oregon

I DID NOT just make a donation to Democratic Underground.

A new name for the GOP's presumptive nominee: McLobbyist.

The thing about Oregon is that

Kicking and screaming.

Too Funny - Colorado Republican Schaffer running for senate uses Mt McKinley as backdrop

McCain Going Nuclear (power)

Bush and Lieberman and McCain need to be censured for their remarks. (update)

Flight attendant, pissed about getting Saskatchewan route, sets fire to plane

Man, Biden is obviously very PISSED about Bushs' comments. He's on MSNBC livid to say the least!!!

Conyers' threat to arrest Rove on Dan Abrams now.....

Notice how Democrats are defending Obama rather than

Has Bill O'Reilly Responded to his temper tantrum Video?

Has Bill O'Reilly Responded to his temper tantrum Video?

Has Bill O'Reilly Responded to his temper tantrum Video?

Tell me someone else caught the guy in the Knesset TAKING HIS EARPIECE OUT

Conyers' threat to arrest Rove on Dan Abrams now.....

Tweety handing a Limbaugh imitator his ass to him right now

U.S. War Criminals and John McCain

U.S. War Criminals and John McCain

Colorado Republican Senatorial candidate climbs Mt. Macaca (seriously)

Am I the only one noticing less cars on the road? I have been

I have a couple of stars. Any single moms that need one?

What's up with that guy's hair on the right?

Wexler:Rove "Should Be Held In -INHERENT CONTEMPT- of the House of Representatives"

frickin nazi tonks. they suck. n/t

SF Chronicle: Can you get married today? Probably not.

Is it too optimistic to think that this version of reality, this quote, might be over soon?

Someone better keep an eye on Rove's travel plans...

It's On! And I Just Love The Grounds on Which The Campaign Will Be Fought

It's On! And I Just Love The Grounds on Which The Campaign Will Be Fought

Pat Buchanan: "I'm for Hllary"

Jim McDermott endorses Obama

Several People Who Never Got George Bush's Message about avoiding the Bad Guys...

Several People Who Never Got George Bush's Message about avoiding the Bad Guys...

David Sirota: Why Is Progressive Money Being Spent Promoting Grover Norquist?

Kevin James may not care about being exposed

KO body language "analyst": O'Reilly in tantrum video probably marking his territory, or spraying...

The local radio station is begging me to go spend my 'economic stimulus rebate'

Chairman Conyers to Rove: Testimony is Necessary

Robert Wexler may call for inherent contempt for Kkkarl Rove

Does Fuckwad Bush forget that Grand-daddy was a fascist appeaser?

Terminator Budget Cuts Spur Protests Across California

What the hell was that guy (Kevin James) from King of Queens doing on a politics show anyway?

Insane McCain forgets the Iran-Contra scandal like he forgets his Keating Five involvement.

Right now on the Verdict with Dan Abrams:

BREAKING: John Edwards endorses New York Giants as Super Bowl Champions ...

Iraq Veteran: Why Is McCain ‘Fighting To Kill’ ‘My One Hope And Dream,’

Are Bush's comments today...

How much longer will attacks on Obama be tolerated here?

How much longer will attacks on Obama be tolerated here?

My post to negate the coming ignorance...

Somebody has the vapors! Lordy Lordy!

And ya just gatta know dudes out there are cleaning up their act out of FEAR of the COUNTDOWN Factor

SS coverage of Obama: how good is it? The hatred building up by republicans

Oh, c'mon. Put him out of his misery already.

The House will arrest Rove ............

Tonight We Celebrate for Tomorrow We Fight

What BHO should say about the CA gay marriage decision....

I'm not going to be begging Hillary supporters to vote for Obama

So Bush is so stupid he sets it up for Obama vs. Bush

Glenn Greenwald: Tom Friedman's Latest Declaration of War

Love You !!

I know McInsane will lose in the fall, because

Clinton:I've received nearly 17 million, Sen. Obama's received nearly 17 million; I'm slightly ahead

email from Wexler on holding Rove in contempt

Obama will be in Tampa on Wednesday (after OR & KY Primaries)

Obama will be in Tampa on Wednesday (after OR & KY Primaries)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Freak James Dobson calls California Supreme Court Ruling "Judicial Tyranny"

So what is the best your neo-con / fundie friends/family can throw your way at this time?

So, was it Rush or Bill-O who did that limited vocabulary rapid repeat post stunt in LBN?

Is the feminist movement shooting itself in the foot?!!

I hope that when Bushie leaves the WH I never see his ugly

NY principal tells girls...No Date...No Prom n/t

Jenna Bush Wedding Photo - Comparison

The Gospel of Consumption ..... and the better future we left behind

Dan Froomkin: Bush's Idea of Sacrifice

As a progressive Democrat, let me say that I'm glad that Barack Obama is

As a progressive Democrat, let me say that I'm glad that Barack Obama is

How many knew this about Appalachia ??

Those that shall not be named

When is Bush going to give up biking for the troops?

Straight people - who else here just turned gay because of what happened in California?

House cuts off war funding

"we are at the mercy of many unstable energy producers who hate our freedoms and religion"

gay marriage ruling is a proud moment for California

Why I think Janet Napolitano is the right running mate for Obama

Hill Shill on MSNBC just inflated Edwards' hair cut to $1000. OK, let's talk Hill's hair

So President Bullshit....

Great, Now gay marriage is OK in CA, and I just decided to go straight.

Deja Vu? Bush Copies 2003 Nazi Comments Re Iraq

War budget takes a hit in DC today! GREAT NEWS!! Here is the roll call:

What other guilty pleasures might the chimp forego while he's busy serial killing..

Reid: McCain Lacks "Temperament" To Be Prez

Gov Arnold to uphold gay marriage and will work against prop to overturn it

Who else likes this image?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

McCain says setting a date for withdrawel will give Al Qaeda a victory...

Bush Flips for Israel

Bush operative pushes voter ID law

More math stuff--a picture is worth a thousand words

Obama's game-changing Kerry connection, now comes Edwards

I'm Out of the Loop. Why are we at Level 1 tonight?

digby: Basic Civil Right

"If we were dog food, they would take us off the shelf."

Food Costs Jump Most in 18 Years

Leave Hillary Be. It's Clear She's Not Going To The Convention.

LOL! Republicans' new slogan is trademarked ad for an antidepressant

Finally: The true impact of Obama WV's loss

Have you ever seen so much anger in a political race? These rwingers are NUTS!

Oh no, he didn't...Bush gives finger to press in Israel

Wow!! See Johnny run from Chimpy!

My Life after 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Corporal Abdul Henderson

I wonder where georgie heard such big words?

Kevin James... a product of the Educational system or willful ignorance?

Do you feel it, DU?

I just paid money to endure more insults!

You see the Chamberlan left A Peace Mint on his pillow in the

Fed Judge rules City of Fresno violated rights of Homeless

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1-Golfing A**

Perception management: When FReepers attack... their presumptive nominee!

Thank you, thank you, thank you George Bush you fucking idiot

In case you thought the freepers couldn't get any dumber

Officials say 90% of the Latino students at Postville high school aren't in class today

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- McLame and panic in the ranks

Spelling it out for the Republicans

does anyone know anything about the NY Sun?

Spelling it out for the Republicans

you know how when your health sucks,everything takes a back seat.

What Did Obama Promise Edwards?


Conyers: 'We're closing in on Rove'

Pelosi: "B*sh Comments Benath Dignity of Office"

They're re-running the Kevin James debacle on Hardball right now

Opponents of same-sex marriage plot their campaign strategy

How many of you remember the old "fuck the South" posts

Hillary took money from an 11 year old and ADMITS it?

The black helicopters just flew over again

We need political hitmen to go after McCain and his wife

How Terrified Is Rove Of The Battlin' Congressional Dems?

We'll Do It Live! (Bill-O YouTube remix)

San Diego News stations reporting fight against gay marriage in CA via Constitutional Amendment

OMG. Jon Stewart Just DESTROYED the GOP (spoiler for west-coasters)

The full RNC Election Disaster Memo

Today is 'FREE Iced Coffee Day' at Dunkin Donuts - nationwide - 10 a.m. to 10 p.m

Have any Obama volunteers experienced any racism ?

Chris Mathews just made a COMPLETE ass out of a GOP pundit re B*s attack on Obama

Sexist group of Hillary supporter plan to throw campaign to McCain.

Republicans among us

We're going to places like MS and Alaska, talk to them, tell them who we are.

BUSH in last Play to get rid of Obama- GOP really don't want MCCAIN'T to run against OBAMA!

Leaving, saying goodbye and I have a couple of questions

Schwarzenegger supports CA Gay Marriage Ruling!

Why aren't the pro-liars pushing for preferential tax treatment for fetuses?

I figured out why the notion of Jim Webb as VP is appealing to me.

I figured out why the notion of Jim Webb as VP is appealing to me.

Reasons to vote for the Democratic candidate in November

Bob Barr's website

I transformed into a NEOCON for 3 hours today

I transformed into a NEOCON for 3 hours today

Keith-O wins another Algae Award!

From MoveOn: Swift Boats vow to attack Obama like they attacked Kerry.

Clinton defends Obama from Bush

McCain's top VP picks

QUICK-Whose grandpa appeased & financed Hitler, bush's or Obama's?

Jon Stewart should apologize to the people of West Virginia for airing that footage last night

The Nazis walled off the ghetto in November 1940

Presidential candidate fires back at Bush "appeasement" comments

Presidential candidate fires back at Bush "appeasement" comments

Hillary Clinton will endorse Barack Obama.

Thank You Hillary Clinton for attacking Bush today and defending Obama......

A dreamier Democrat 'dream ticket'

Heinz breeding sweeter tomatoes so they can cut High Fructose Corn Syrup from thier ketchup.

AP story: "Old friends recall Obama's years in LA, NY"

Boy, that didn't take long! "Gay marriage back as campaign issue"

How I did in projecting IN and NC counties based on demographics

Who are your top five pick's for Obama's VP?

Who are your top five pick's for Obama's VP?

Laura Dern starring as...... Katherine Harris "Recount" (HBO)

Hey Olbermann! Bush's grandfather SOLD steel to the Nazis! It's IN the Federal Register. Watch this!

question about unions. i want a union to come to where i work.

Hillary Clinton Standing Up for Farms and Families in South Dakota

Hillary Clinton Standing Up for Farms and Families in South Dakota

NARAL made the wrong choice.

Obama Helped Supporters Get Millions in Illinois State Business

"I believe marriage is an institution for the union of a man and a woman."

Do you think women of military recruiting age....

When did the concept of 'diplomacy' become a bad thing? I'm

Trading my Hillary vote for good meatball recipes..

"Misogyny I Won't Miss"

"Misogyny I Won't Miss"

If Obama's a Mac.... Then McCain is a.....

Here's what I want to see


How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

To the convention!

Tuesday Evening Obama wins a majority of the pledged delegates! Where will you be?

3 Congressmen and 1 DNC Member endorse Obama Today !!


Six ways the GOP can save itself...

Some Lazy-day "observations" about the US

Radio Lady: This morning, in the shower, I had a complete revelation...

Dog whistle signal has gone out: Conyers promises to kick Rove's ass. War funding

Obama supporters unwise to attack Hillary Clinton

GOLFGATE TOONS: Now Watch This Drive ===========>

Should Puerto Rico be made a state?

CNN spins war funding vote as Republican victory

I truly hope that *'s dumbass Nazi comments result in an examination of his family's Nazi ties

Can We Declare a Truce and a Full Amnesty Now That Edwards Has Endorsed Obama?

Bush's Hitler of the Day - Didn't Bush Invoke Hitler To Justify Invading Iraq?

Are there a lot of illegal immigrant workers in the construction trades where you live?

Barack Obama and the 90%+ of AA vote he's Receiving

Good people of DU. Go vote in the MSNBC poll about the Supreme Court ruling today in California!

CA Supremes may have ended all GLBT discrimination today

First time in the history of politics that the popular vote leader is asked to quit the race?

My recent experiences with "hidden" food price inflation and declining quality.

I make $6.50 an hour. Am I poor?

Can we please stop the bull crap about Hillary being a racist.

What the hell has happened to Italy?

McCain's land deal benefits donor

Joe Lieberman Defends Hagee

Can you be proud of your country...

Lieberman On Bush Comparing Democrats To Nazi-Appeasers: ‘The President Got It Exactly Right’»

Attention All Americans: This is NOT a test, we are experiencing a true crisis

Is there proof that Americans are losing jobs to illegal immigrants?

Ah, it's that time of year again. Time to pledge your virginity to Daddy at a "Purity Ball"!

San Francisco Proposal For George W Bush Sewage Plant

We Stopped the War Money!

In Honor of Tweety's Hilarious Smack-down of Kevin James, a question in the same line.

OK...who did this?

If Clinton Wants VP, Obama Can't Stop Her

Thank You President Bush..

I want Your honest opinion regardless of who You support

funny, rezko trial didn't seem to get much coverage here.

funny, rezko trial didn't seem to get much coverage here.

McCain promises sessions like Prime Minister Questions

House GOP throws Iraq funding into chaos

McCain Goes for a Hike ---pix--->>

I have a philosophical question: Why is it that, on many occasions, we assume the "other" is evil?

If your DREAM Candidate chose your Worst Nightmare for the VP slot, would you still vote for them?

Conyers: We're Closing In On Rove" - ‘Someone’s got to kick His ass...or go & have him arrested’

"Tar Baby" ??? Tom Davis (repuke) uses phrase in a letter to Repukes.

Raw Story's - Larisa Alexandrovna takes Bush to the woodshed over "nazi" speech...

Tired of Democrats calling other Democrats misogynist?

HRC supporters: What Obama policy shifts would make it easiest for you to accept him?

Biden: Bush "OUT OF LINE" With Hitler Speech "This is bullshit-This is malarkey-This is outrageous"

Donate now or Phyllis Schlafly will be sent to your residence.

Bills Mount: Young's (R-AK) Legal Fund Doesn't

Feminism or Hillaryism? Victimhood and White Woman Entitlement

Ha! DU was just on CNN.

TYT: Republicans Who Just Don't Get It---A Political Tsunami is Going to Wipe Out the Republicans

TYT: Republicans Who Just Don't Get It---A Political Tsunami is Going to Wipe Out the Republicans

Angry Clinton Backers Vow to Undermine Obama

The Thrill Is Gone

The Thrill Is Gone

The Best Name For Joe Lieberman is?

Read the last letter. I'd pay to see this.

Ordinarily, I'm a happily married heterosexual woman...

Amy Goodman: Legendary Author Gore Vidal on Bush , History and the “United States of Amnesia”

I Was 5 Feet From Karl Rove Today

Senate rejects opening ANWR = 97-1 vote favors suspending reserve deposits.

Ted Stevens remains out of touch with Alaskan families

Mike Malloy just played the tape of Kevin James on Hardball.......

Chris Matthews Stumps Kevin James with VIDEO

So, I guess we're just going to let them all get away with it... Ain't that a bitch...

Larisa Alexandrovna: All the President's Nazis (real and imagined): An Open Letter to Bush

Conservative Icon Says GOP Faces 'Looming Disaster', Leadership Must 'Resign Immediately'!

I need health insurance. What company do you use? Do you recommend them?

Thanks for the star. Who ever donated it.

Ever tried to chase a bug off your monitor

Late night roll call....

One more thing before I go to bed...

good GAWD-- it's still defcon 1 in the middle of the night....

Peace from Iran (History of the Peace Symbol)

G'nite Lounge!

How do you price used appliances?

I like The Girls Gone Wild...

Hey KitchenWitch check this out

You lounge lizards are much nicer than the average DU'er

Good night everybody....

Headline in Yahoo News! Must read to believe!'Darth Vader' spared jail in Jedi church attacks

One for madinmaryland

Two freaky optical illusions.

Choo Choooooo!

Grovelbot sure looks pissed off this time around.

OK late lounge rats-- hot personals ad from the Atlanta Journal Constitution....

Major Panic Attack. Argh.

"I didn't know Jim Belushi was Albanian."

I'm into Chevy Chase.

Protect your laptop screen from roving eyes, a low-tech solution

called my aunt a right wing nazi nut

Happy 68th Birthday, Lanie Kazan!

"Ruined a pony" - replace a word in a movie, book, song, or thread title with "ruined a pony"

`Dog the Bounty Hunter' to return to A&E

OK, here's something MTV's putting out that just might be worth watching

Biggest laugh I've had all day...

Yeah... ok

How long are Capris supposed to be?

I Love The Blue Jays

Check out this double play by Manny Ramirez!

Howz u do teh interwebs?

Summer reading list

FOOD FIGHT in GD...Get 'em while they're red hot.

Video Clip: "Rare and Incredible KISS Performance"

Well I sent off a copy of my Certificate of Group Health plan coverage

If it were possible to know how old you'll live to be,

John Rutsey has died.

Anyone have a recommendation for an iron supplement that doesn't cause tummy troubles?

I got a brand new pair of roller skates....

Its free iced coffee day at

O-R-I-O-L-E-S! Magic, Magic, Magic, Magic!

Girl with stomach pains carrying embryonic twin

Super strict word limits on term papers make me cranky...

GOD did I have some fun in GD-P today!

I'm into Chase Chevy

"Fix You"- Young@Heart

Office worker awarded £5,000 after boss constantly broke wind in her direction

HELP!!!! Someone stole my avatar!!! Has anyone seen my missing

Going to see Lewis Black Saturday....ask me anything


WOO-HOOO!!! Got my concert tickets in the mail!!!!!!


Is this why we are at DefCon Level 1???

Today is my birthday

spent all my manic energy into redoing my room

So I got this semi-threatening email about something I wrote on my blog.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/15/2008)

HARPER'S (7/29/07): Prescott Bush was "key liaison" w/Nazis in 1934 "Plot Against America"

DU the donation stuff is getting out of hand.

Great Donation Idea: Make Grovelbot Say Shit

A late Mother's Day post

Do you think the 1000th donator is going to get TS'd?

ALERT: Serious CaliforniaPeggy Post

Rapture Index crosses 170 yet religious nut jobs still roam this country

4:44 of Shatner!!! on O'Reilly's show last night

Did I miss the annual Girl Scout Cookie Drive????

OUCH! Grammer/Heaton show cancelled---by phone

Meet Grovelbot's dad! (Dial-up warning)

here comes the helicopter, second time today....

I'm at the point where I don't want to see movies based on books anymore

sex..... this time, with KNIVES!!!

Who would win? Grovelbot? Or Gravelbot?

Is there an age by which a child should leave their parents' home?

Ok, I have a confession to make, I am VISA credit card recipient, hate me all you want, I don't care

I don't love all women

Holy crap, I've just seen television for the first time!! (New HDTV)

Was Captain Kirk a Spock blocker?

Everybody, my wife just gave me some horrible news!

$25 to DU if the angry Grovelbot is replaced with this picture of Liam Gallagher for 24 hours.

What ordinary, everyday things depress you when you see them?

I told you not to donate to DU!

I had a date tonight! Ask me anything!

A no-hitter through 6 and now we're losing 1-0 in the 8th

World Destruction by Time Zone

Hello! 911. Go fuck yourself!

Sex and Chocolate

If you like really creative animation, this is for you

people are hurting. We had a student (1st chair trumpet) not go to the concert he was starring in

Are aviators really better than pilots? Or is just a big pissing contest?

Honey, they shrunk my ice cream!

I'm not bothered either way about androgynes.

I smell sex and candy

Update on the flying cars! *We are EVEN CLOSER than yesterday*

I love music

"Sex and fighting" Is the phrase of the day. Modify a thread title to include "sex and fighting".

philboy's New Landscaper Works Overtime

he's so simple minded

How do we chose to spend our tax dollars?

Exclusive photo! Parche demonstrates his patented foreplay technique!

Wow, there's still a September 11th conspiracy page on DU

Songs explained with graphs - post your favorites

Need help with a serious problem.

Landscaping suggestions, if you please? (pic included)

What's up with the "DO NOT DONATE" Icons?

Geography and sex

How do you cook your morels?

Hey! Asshole George W. Bush! Your Grandfather Invested Illegally in the Nazis!

Midlo! Put down the wine and bunco cards and check your porn

Are sex and fighting inversely correlated?

matcom and my posse is so last year. Maddy and I just heard a click

It's deliciously ironic and counterproductive how the DU leveling system works

Not your typical airplane pic!

DAMN I Love This hot Weather And All Of The Nice Looking Sights

American Experience - FDR series going on

What are you driving?

For All Of Those That Cant Get Into Midlo's Clique You Can Join Mine


Life is good today

Is this even legal? Re: campaign meetings inside a church.


I'm being brilliant all over GD:P today, and everybody's ignoring me.

lookin for some "get up and dance your ass off" new songs

Joe Biden kicks ass! Calls Bush's comments "Bullshit"!

OfficAl pissed off vent thread (Now with puppy power!)

Hey..what happened to the DU Marketplace? I think I missed something.

Some good news from my SIL

EVERYONE read this (very important- not joking)

An environmentally safer way to kill ants

Graduating Journalism Students to Sign Ethics Pledge at University of Nevada

Graduating Journalism Students to Sign Ethics Pledge at University of Nevada

Beer, free stuff lead to 'man cave'

Baseball scoring question...

I've noticed there are thousands of Brokeback Mountain mash-up videos on YouTube

Angelic, isn't he?

Looking for 42,000 DUers to join my clique

Penguins at Flyers tonight at 7:38 p.m.

But he finally collapsed from a combination of drunkenness and blood loss, and Wiles called 911

Another minor pet peeve

like my new hat?

This has been a great day, and it's only 3:30

Wow. "I Dream of Jeannie" - Tony Nelson is pissed off at 96 cents/gallon gas!

Its Time For Some Dancing Booty Music

Thank you Keith, for Speaking of the Unmentionable

Any Grey's Anatomy Fans Here?


You Are A Smelly Trouser Queen Who Likes To Forgive Trouser Snakes

The Island: a "Lost" Map.

I need $1,000,000

I need a BRAZILLION dollars

Let me hold a dollar!

Now THIS is what I call a rec room!

Ever have a finger jammed by a basketball...

Ugly eyes!

OK, I need $42,000

Brother can you spare a dime?

I hate the Blue Jays

guessing game!

I need a Brazilian Dolores

Did you ever play "Dorm Politics?"

Freaky! A current soap opera star played a rapist on The Waltons once.

Doufi are on the loose tonight!

off to watch LOST

I need some cheering up.

I have a list of grievances today and I want to have a street fight over them

LOL! My bf's on his way over

Tortoise drama!

Shitty question here...

Seriously I ask: Is there ANYTHING Orrex can't do?

So I told this lovely young lady in the store that she had beautiful eyes

I love women

Today's "Six Degrees Of Separation" challenge: Frederic Chopin to Britney Spears.

dude , somebody has some grudge against LBN

oooook , hmmm

you know it's a good day @ the grief counselor . . .

get down

Midlo! Put down the wine and bunco cards and check your PM.

Obviously, there will be no more hetero marriages in California

I have to leave the U.S. on Sunday

Charcoal makes food taste yummy!

For you,my dear...if you're still up

Hey Grovelbot, if you keep bothering me...

An environmentally safe and guaranteed way to kill ants...

Love You !!

take a pic of yourself right now!

take a pic of yourself right now!

I need $100,000,000,000...


When did you start going gray?

I have a couple of stars available. Any single moms out there need one?

My new neighbors have some serious issues

Hillary group claims Dean allowed "sexism" in the race...ties it to the FL and MI votes.

Canada's Greatest Export? "Corner Gas"

Did you ever forget where you proposed to your SO?

had to say good bye to my first guide dog today

Rapture Ready pinheads react to Kollyforniya same-sex marriage ruling

BREAKING: California Supreme Court overturns same-sex marriage ban

My nomination for worst beer in the world goes to...

ER...who was in the ambulance?

Are sex and being funny directly correlated?

Post your "Separated at Births"

Ok , I got 2 Fiest CD's as a present

OMG ..Spoiler alert : The Last episode of LOST was leaked on the internet

new favorite time of the day

Man sexually abuses two dogs. But it's not illegal. Guess where.

I had a great first job out of high school, painting apartments and repairing drywall.

Favorite Moran/Freeper Photo Round Up - Post 'em if you've got 'em

Have you ever heard a baby panda sneeze?

First rock song I remember from back then

"This could be your last catalog!"

'Darth Vader' spared jail in Jedi church attacks

Am I the only one who watches QVC? Any Lisa R fans in the house?

what are you listening to right now?

Just for fun, make up an opera name and a composer

Does anyone know a natural tick & mosquito repellent ?

I just finished cooking dinner....curried cauliflower and quinoa...

Yay! I'm all done with the semester! Drinks on me.

Protecting baby birds!

Starbucks logo "has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute,".

May I give a short rant on men's health?

I just had a kickass talk with my Daddy, who's been in the hospital for 4 months...

I've decided to just accept the inevitable and marry a goat right now

We have a Brownie campout this weekend - forecast of over 100 - how screwn are we?

Question: Is the Quarter Pounder still a quarter pound?

For my 2000th post (finally), i propose a toast!

HELLO!!!!!!!! LOST is on tonight and there are NO threads!!!??

Anybody know what's happening on LOST tonight?

Obama and Hillary supporters make me just wanna...

Another curious juxtaposition...

**Email your Members of Congress Today - Urge Them To Do More to Ease the Pain of the Recession!**

Night visitors...

They are MEATBALLS- not BEEFballs, dammit!!!

100 + degrees unappreciation!

zOMG, MrsG is a genius...My new sports bra is teh awesome!

Had my pre-cancerous mole surgically removed.

I hate men.

I hate men.

matcom and my posse is so last year. Maddy and I are forming a new clique.

The Cubs win 4-0, beating Greg Maddux.

You can now take your gun into restaurants & on MARTA in Ga!

Did it ever take you years to pick up a piece of common knowledge that everyone else knew?

The WEIRDEST thing happened today

Post a random youtube link

Favorite Television Series

Apparently freeperland is full of effing morAns (think DU was hacked)...

US actions in Vietnam and Iraq are genocide

Wow, running for president is tough


Accused September 11 planners set for court (June 5)

Scandal-plagued Ohio attorney general resigns

Burma 'approves new constitution'

UN rapporteur slams 'complacency' on Afghan killings(Intrn'l forces kill 200 vsTaliban 300 past 4mo)

Ruling could put prosecutor on trial

Bush says nuclear Iran would be 'unforgivable'

Top Democrat confirms budget agreement

NH Edwards delegate announces he's supporting Obama

California overturns gay marriage ban

California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

China quake toll could soar to over 50,000: Xinhua

MySpace wins record payout from 'spam king'

Gas prices hurt but tax holiday no solution: poll

House panel votes to cut European missile funds

Audio of Rumsfeld on Iraq creates buzz

Dean: McCain Speech Highlights Hypocritical, Flawed Agenda

Honda's humanoid robot conducts concert in Detroit

Siege Heil: The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus and the Destabilization of California


VIDEO: CNN incorrectly reports on California gay marriage ruling

United Steelworkers endorse Obama

Gunmen wound 3 Iranian embassy staff in Baghdad

Bush suggests Obama wants ‘appeasement’ of terrorists

Solicitor General Clement Says He Will Step Down

Anger after apparent U.S. missile strike in Pakistan

Rough economy cuts into pay for US CEOs: Study

House cuts off war funding

Pentagon: US Seeks To Pressure Iran, Not Give It Incentives

Pelosi blasts, McCain defends Bush comments

DHS Wants to Spy on Americans, Dems Charge

Chile's Bachelet welcomes Palestinian refugees fleeing violence in Iraq

After string of losses, Republicans face crisis

(Iraq & Afghanistan) Contractors, insurance firms gouging taxpayers, panel says

Colombian president urges FARC to release hostages, threatens military rescue

E-mail from VA worker says to avoid PTSD diagnosis

Dean: John McCain Should Denounce Bush's Remarks

Alaska first state to hit $4 a gallon gasoline: AAA

US Defence Secretary Gates urges more private US contacts with Iran(appeasement?)

Historians sponsor petition to protest John Yoo's legal opinions on torture

U.S. seeks reports on Americans' foreign bank accounts

White House: Bush's ("appeasement") comment not directed at Obama

U.S. House sets Iraq troop pullout goal for end-2009

Gay marriage legal in California, court declares

U.S. House defeats $162.5 bln in new war funds (yeah)

Enemies securing U.S. night-vision gear

Interpol backs Colombia in case of rebel laptop

McCain adviser ousted in conflict uproar

McCain envisions how first term will go

Christian Soldier Is Behind the Obama Smear Video

Biden calls Bush comments 'bullshit'

Makah judge fails to empanel jury to prosecute whalers

Mosul a ghost city as troops press ahead with (‘the mother of two springs’) offensive

Senate votes to roll back media ownership rule

John McCain Urges UK Style 'Question Time' Sessions for US Presidents

Chávez warns Colombia not to allow U.S. base

Woman indicted in Missouri MySpace suicide case

Exile group: Not enough money getting to Cuban dissidents

Chavez ridicules Interpol report on rebels

Speaker Pelosi: Bush Administration's Energy Policy is 'Drill and Veto'

Rep. Welch - Suspending the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Ron Paul is going to Bang on the door until they let him in.

Rep. Markey to Bush: Stop Filling SPR at Record Prices!

GOP House of Cards...

John Edwards and Barack Obama: Working Together Again

Russian view on West Virginia Primary

Red State Update: Feminists hate Hillary???

What is really happening in Lebanon?

McCain's Junta Man

Buchanan Full Clip


TYT: Bush Gives Up Golf For The Troops

Clinton vs. Obama, circa 2000

California Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

Freeway Ride II

A 16 year old rape victim needs help

Rep. Walz (D-MN) - Expanding the GI Bill

TPMtv: Terrymania!

TYT: Will Ron Paul Supporters Show Up At The GOP Convention?

John McCain - Going Down

Mccain Pounces joyfully On Bush's Obama Comments


Columbia Dies over Texas: story by radio host Thom Hartmann

Dulé Hill and Max Kennedy at PSU - 5/14/08

Bill O'Reilly Flips Out : Crazy Mix

Rep. Wexler on Karl Rove, Inherent Contempt


John Kerry Responds To Bush's Hitler Comment

Rachel Maddow once again has to push her way past a male speaking over her

Oh my gawdz, they caught Barack BIGTIME! :P

Joe Biden : On Bush's Obama Comments


TYT: Cenk's Take On Bush Calling Obama A Nazi Appeaser

Howard Dean on Leno 5/14 - RE: Hillary Clinton's Campaign Debt

Bill O'Reilly Goes Crazy Remix


He IS the one

McCain "Forgets" Reagan's Arms-for-Hostages Deal With Iran

Chris Matthews Tears Up Kevin James on Hardball

Auction for War Funding (Mother's Day street theater)

WV voter votes Hillary:

Radio Host Kevin James Walks into a Smackdown

Hillary Clinton: It would be a "terrible mistake" to not support the Democratic ticket in the fall

Worried About the Price of Gas? End the Wars.

Misogyny I Won't Miss

Billion-dollar babies: The new global ruling class

Rambo is Burning

Cruel Intentions-Is Obama cynical enough? by Noam Scheiber

Sunday NYT Mag: The McCain Doctrines

Six Degrees of Scott Bloch: A Scandal Scorecard

Huffington Storms NYC With New Book, Skewering McCain as a 'Pandering Pawn of the Right'

Hendrik Hertzberg: Over Not Out

Iraq war won by 2013: McCain (cystal ball speech)

Hillary’s Latest Argument: Nomination Can't Be Decided Until ELIZABETH Edwards is Counted

GOP can't rely on money advantage now: "Those days are over..."

Why Barack Obama is (almost) the next US-President (health care article)

The Republican Panic

The Guardian Covers (Up) Colombia’s Reality

Whistle-Blower Points to Target List in US Attack on Hotel

The Penta-Pundits

Atlanta's Answer to America's Urban Transit Apartheid

John Edwards Still Holding Back on Endorsement of John Kerry

Joe Conason: Cindy McCain Flaunts Her Privilege

Obama says Bush falsely accuses him of appeasement

"Et tu, Brute?"

Laura and George: Hypocritical Ghouls of Disaster

Republicans are going to take an ass-kicking in November.

Sen. Joe Biden: McCain Has Zero Plan to Get Us Out of Mess President Bush Has Created

US IT firms outshine Indian peers

Here's news: Feds say gasoline prices fell in April

NY Times: No Rebates for You

Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Swift Boating Comes to Jerusalem

Guardian UK: McCain's Iraq fantasy

Republichol: For The Change You Deserve

Senators Say Have Accord on Housing Rescue

Holy Clown's Nose: Rumsfeld Advised Bush to Take Up Miniature Golf!

Right-Wing Radiohead Criticizes Wilt Chamberlain for Sleeping with White Women

John McCain and al Qaeda

'K.C. Star' Outsourcing Ad Production to India

Teacher refused to give NC End of grade tests now suspended

The Secret Bailout of J. P. Morgan: How Insider Trading Looted Bear Stearns and the Taxpayer

I give up, says Brazilian minister who fought to save the rainforest

Bush Birthday Gift to Israel: WAR

"The American Conservative" Magazine Argues FOR an Obama Presidency!!!

Police Terror and Lawless Order

President Bush committed political treason today

A Farewell to the ‘Hillary Nutcracker’ and Other Obscenities

Afghan death squads 'acting on foreign orders'

Total Media Blackout on May 2008 Bilderberg Meeting


I give up, says Brazilian minister who fought to save the rainforest

Process could help clear air for some who live near waste water treatment plant (Flint, MI)

HelioVolt hits 12.2% thin-film PV efficiency with 6 minute printing process

Obama Pushes Cellulosic Ethanol, Wind Energy, and Solar Power (and slams McSame)

Norway Cuts 2008 Oil Production Forecast By 100K B/D - 2.5 To 2.4 MBD - Reuters

JP Morgan To Begin Physical Oil Trading By Year-End 2008, Eyeing $200 Prices - Forbes

Catalytic vs. Non-catalytic wood stoves

First EV71 Deaths Reported In Beijing - AFP

Latest Red Cross Estimate - Up To 128.000 Dead In Burma - Forbes

No New Brazilian Oil Lease Auctions Until 2009 - Not Enough Equipment On Hand - Bloomberg

Australia's Big Dry "Without Historical Precedent" - Years Of High Rainfall Needed To Correct It

Pickens Places Order With GE For 667 Wind Turbines For Panhandle Farm - DMN

Nigeria's Nationwide Blackout Continues - Gov. Failed To Release Funds To Repair Power Plants - AA

First Water Tanker To Dock Today In Barcelona - Time

Eskom - South Africa's Electric Utility - Misses Targets For Winter Coal Stocks - Bloomberg

Petrobras Has Leased 80% Of World's 3,000-Meter Rigs, Pushing Other Supplier Costs Higher - BBerg

Tribe – ‘Vedanta is destroying us for profit’

A City Cooler and Dimmer, and, Oh, Proving a Point (Juneau, AK 30% power reduction)

Hybra-Drive to build three hydraulic series hybrid truchks for testing

Here's the video of Kunstler's appearance on CNN:

Bush Administration Readying New Air Quality Rules

Heatstroke killed six trapped sea lions at Bonneville Dam

PG&E asks customers to conserve during heat wave

Gardening in Maine shows signs of growth

Quick question about solar cell for the DU scientists...

OPEC Cuts Oil Demand Forecast; Buyers Shun Heavy Oil

With Nuclear Reactor Offline, Japan's TEPCO Doubles April Oil Purchases YOY - Reuters

ethanol production has significantly reduced the profit margin of the oil refinery industry


Climate now shifting on a continental scale, huge study says

The Last Bite: is the world’s food system collapsing? (New Yorker)

McCains land deals

Oil price projections to 2012

Joe Lieberman -2008's Zell Miller apparently issued a statement endorsing the president's comments

Prius sales pass 1 million unit mark (since 1997)

IBM's "liquid metal" promises concentrated PV breakthrough.

Has anybody looked at this idea? Re: damless hydro electricity.

Bill OReilly Flips Out - DANCE REMIX

Garbage to Ethanol

Conscientious objector status backed for GI

Illegal exports of night-vision gear on rise

DoD delays upgrade of military pay system

Autopsy of son angers Muslim soldier, wife

Senate battles over GI Bill improvements

Shipbuilding funds added to budget

F/A-18 bomb misses target, sparks fire in Fla.

Va. gets 15 extra days to rebut carrier move

Death at Lejeune under investigation

House committee votes to cut FCS money

Former E-6 to pay $11K to recruit sex accuser

24th MEU lingers in Afghan town

Firefighting airmen get upgrade after 34 years

Reports: Suspected UAV strike in Pakistan

Senate adds no funds for nuclear security

Active, Guard, Reserve meet recruiting goals

Detox program for vets would cost $374M

Camp Lejeune battalion returns from Iraq

Marine faces charges in Iraq shooting

Massive Guam project advances

Prosecutors get more time in Mildenhall oil spill trial

Officials work to provide clean water to Baghdad

Marine Corps calling up more IRR troops

Air Force adjusting AEF system to meet deployment tempo

Former sailor appeals sentence

Hadnott faces rape charge in military court

Thefts at Casey prompt probe, security review

Gitmo Adviser Says He Won't Resign

Security gains in Iraq give boost to new projects

'Bot' Force Proposed as Cyber Weapon

Senate Dems Nix Taxes for New GI Bill

Report Says Army Detaining Minors

82nd forced to expand memorial

ROTC professor arrested in child sex sting

Boeing halts Chinook production line

Today in labor history May 15

Why Workers Need the Employee Free Choice Act

Ask a Working Woman Survey 2008

Culver (Iowa Gov.) will veto collective bargaining, pay raise bills

Concrete Drivers Go On Strike



United Steelworkers File Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against Latrobe Specialty Steel for Illegal

Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed Against R.R. Donnelly Pontiac, Illinois, Employees Allege Harras

Tulsa City Workers Join AFSCME

Union Member-to-Member Walks to Reach Thousands This Weekend

State counts 35 on-the-job deaths in '07

Huffington Post:Union Leaders' Clash Over Dem Endorsements A Sign Of Racial Polarization (cat fight)

McCain Campaign Threatens Oregon Union Members with Arrest

Jump in fatalities of Latino workers

UAW President Says American Axle is Out To "Crush" Striking Workers

How many of you remember all the "fuck the South" posts

Post your story here for a donation in your name-I'm suffering thanks to the W economy!

Economic Report: U.S. Manufacturing Continues Its Decline

Private equity firms wary of regulations in U.S. bank buyouts

george bush and the strategic petroleum reserves

Kevin Phillips on cooking economic statistics

Wal-Mart's American Flag Attire Made in China and Bangladesh

Florida: State bars Allstate policy sales

Party in the Castro celebrates court decision clearing the way for gay marriages.

Did CA Supremes outlaw all GLBT discrimination with today's ruling?

California Supreme Court Overturns Same Sex Marriage Ban!

Congrats to Californians. For all of us, the push for full equality continues

Choice and Moral Imperatives

I really, really need some cheering up

Gay friendly companies. Bravo and Apple

My partner of 17 years and I...

Israel at 60: Zionism’s Fatal Flaw

Bush Speech Criticized as Attack on Obama

Glenn Greenwald: Finding Obama guilty of insufficient devotion to Israel

As Palestinians Mark 60th Anniversary of Their Dispossession, a Conversation with Palestinian Writer

Bush hails Israel's "chosen people" as Arabs lament

Reuters urges Israel answer on journalist killed

Driver: I personally handed Olmert envelopes stuffed with cash

Palestinians Mark Their 1948 Uprooting With Sirens, Rallies, Launch Of Black Balloons

Israel: Bush means business on Iran nukes

The Bolivarian Revolution is a global revolution

Exile group: Not enough money getting to Cuban dissidents

The Guardian Covers (Up) Colombia’s Reality

IMPORTANT: "The Alimentary Crisis and Latin America" - Eduardo Dimas

Interpol backs Colombia in case of rebel laptop

VEN INFO OFF sets record straight on those erroneous reports that lINTERPOL confirms COL claims

Council on Foreign Relations Group Calls For END to Cuba Embargo

Mexico finds it's not easy to end violence against women

Bolivian President Evo Morales scores goal during alternative summit soccer match

Chávez warns Colombia not to allow U.S. base

Amnesty International statement on the extradition of the death squad leaders to the U.S.:

New Chief Coming to US Interests Section in Havana - he's a "rights" expert

Yoani Sanchez Gets a Whack and then some from Machetera

Soon to be flaming thread, Biden says Bush comment's BULLSHIT

SELF DELETE -- 48 and I posted at the same time. Heading over! GOD I love Joe! nt

Wait -==- there are TWO threads on it (so far)

Here's yet another reason to be proud of Joe:

SFRC hearing yesterday - Responding to the Global Food Crisis

And yet another Biden Bullshit thread! He's become the darling of DU! link:

SFRC hearing today 2pm: US-China Relations

another thread about Joe on MSNBC - Hardball I think

Biden coming up on CNN within the hour - hurry!

Here's the link to the DU link :-) of Joe's CNN interview today --

Biden on Hardball Video:

OT on a great day for JBSG, I know, but you guys have got

fuck, FUCK, fuck ,FUCK, fuck!!


Peyote to LSD

Help me pick my contest picture

"Bear" with me for picking a contest picture


Not contest-worthy, but wild nonetheless

Foreclosures take toll on mental health

Autism: A road to recovery?

to celebrate the California Supreme Court ruling

it's official....

How many of you agree with the pope's new definition of 7 deadly sins?

David Brooks: Science and Buddhism are converging

Gun sign fires up Boones Mill meeting (VA)

Joppatowne woman denied bail in fatal shooting of ex-girlfriend

Gun owners protest police action

Dozens of illegal guns seized in raid on commodities trader's home in Lake Forest

Galaxy's youngest known supernova is 140 years old

On tap in space: Urine will not go to waste

Mars probe set for nail-biting touchdown

Facts Behind The Medical Mystery Of Morgellons - not just for tinfoil anymore


Newly released UFO files from the UK government

The Obama AmBush - Tony Rezko & 9/11

Believing the OCT=buying Tenet's BS

Where is the evidence OBL was responsible for 9/11?

Drug Pilot, Election Exec klled on CIA Plane. by Daniel Hopsicker

Wake up, guys...* is swiftboating...

Is this part of Kerry's piece of the Patriot Act regarding foreign accounts?

Sen Kerry on MSNBC Thurs, 11 AM (May 15)

John McCain just dropped a huge gift in Sen. Kerry's lap (Obama, too)

JK on CNN at 4pm

SFRC hearing today 2pm: US-China Relations

Big victory yesterday to save the polar bears

Sen Kerry's comments on Pres Bush's "Nazi Appeasers" speech to Israeli Knesset

Can I hang out here a little today?

New Diary

My first diary...

Sen Kerry is giving the commencement address at 3 graduations this year

Madia funder tomorrow evening

Ash wins Progressive Patriot Fund cash

Protest today at Coleman's office 4:30-5:30.. BE THERE !

Putting the O in Obama - An Irishman in Texas

Windows people of DU, can you help me out?

Playing .wmv on OSX?

WVWV's Operation Chaos Hits Oregon

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Thursday 5/15/08

Your Vote Counts Better on Paper

One more vote for Obama in Kentucky!

I'm really beginning to warm to the idea of Gov. Sebileus as Obama's VP

Let's use the Obama Forum as the point to start focusing on the GE

Petitioners agreeing to a new Forum "GD:GE" on DU ...

"John Edwards: 'We Need Paper Ballots'" (X)

ER Daily News Family Huddle

Tennessee Voter Confidence Act soon to be law -- bans DREs and mandates audits of paper ballots

Blumenthal Appeals No Child Left Behind Suit Dismissal

Ex-lecturer threatens to sue former students

Teacher refused to give NC End of Grade Tests now suspended

Reaper had been RENEWED!!!

Scrubs The Greatest Show Ever Is Back for another season

Fed Judge Rules City of Fresno Violated Rights of Homeless

I paid less than 4 bucks for lunch today...

Tonight We Celebrate for Tomorrow We Fight

Encinitas/San Diego area


Hitchens' Audio - "God is not Great" is up

Oh, Crap.

I hope KO has'nt used up his fund of outrage...

KOEB Meeting: 05/15/08 -- Ploy Vey! Edition