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I couldn't care less about Israel. Why

Okay, the racist shit-hole had it's say, can we get back to electing a democrat?

Okay, the racist shit-hole had it's say, can we get back to electing a democrat?

How did all that toothless, in-bred, racist, ignorant trash manage to get to the polls tonight?

What is the deal with the pledged delegate forms for state conventions?

Great Churchill Speech Quotes, as He Would Have Delivered Them Were He Hillary Clinton


Congratulations OBAMA!!!!! woohooo!! You are now a few more steps to the NOMINATION!!

Hillary bet against black in Vegas roulette

And the BIG WINNER tonight is....

As all eyes were on WV returns, 2 more supers endorse Obama

i thought Hillary's West Virginia speech was one of the best ones she gave

The Clinton Camp will not be Happy with Tonight's Victory

Can the DNC actually FORCE a candidate to drop out?

Obama may give major speech at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii this summer.

Just a Thought


Childers did not win Lott's seat

Clinton camp "definitively" want to go till 2209 delegates.

Does anyone know if McAulliffe was fed his words from 2004 about primaries moving?

First time in election history the press has withdrawn from the race before the candidate

How the Republicans May Win the White House Again...

"It would be akin to adopting the Menendez brothers"

A little perspective please...

What do Obama/Clinton, Kennedy/Johnson. Nixon/Rockefellar have in common?

I have the Dem Registration numbers for KY, who has them for Ore?

A reality check

well, here kind! My first DU post...I accomplished something major this weekend...

She has cut into Obama's 170+ delegate lead by a whole 10 points today!

Once more we prevail

Daily Kos: Even after WV win, Hillary nets zero delegates today

Nebraska primary

Nebraska primary

Who will get the last 3 superdelegates?

No matter who you support as the Democratic candidate...

Obama won 15 states by the Margin Hillary Clinton won WV by.

New list of Greatest American Political Speeches (Obama has been left out for this exercise)

A Possible Reason Obama is not doing well with working class voters.

How sweet will it feel if Barack Obama wins the Presidency in November?

Please, Sen. Obama, campaign in KY, I know this is all but wrapped up now, but

Talk of a unity ticket is "bargaining"

The Hillary Redemption

A Usually Legal Practice That Wears Black Eyes

Democratic Presidential candidates' statements on Chliders's massive victory in Mississippi

Did Hillary win by 42 or 41 or 40?

What is this "something" Clinton surrogates keep hoping will happen to Obama before August?

My Predictions for Kentucky and Oregon

Again, Clinton's Poor Choice in Surrogates Overshadow the Candidate! RE: McAuliffe

Dowd calls Obama "Fast Barry" and a debutante"

***Obama Statement on Mississippi Victory***

ThePage: Obama starts the day with two Supers

*****The invasion has begun! ******

Don't know about everyone else...

AK: 75/25; CO: 67/32; D.C. 75/24; GA: 67/31; HI: 76/24; ID: 79/17; IL: 65/33; KS: 74/26 ...

Rasmussen to stop tracking Dem. primary because it is over.

Why hasn't Hillary congratulated Childers yet? Does she care/understand how big this is for the us?

Finding Obama guilty of insufficient devotion to Israel

Indiana Rep. Pete Visclosky endorses Obama

Obama to Receive Endorsement of 3 Former SEC Chairmen

Three Former SEC Heads To Endorse Obama

Obama: Almost there

Two latest national polls have Obama doing better than Clinton.

An Atypical Playing Field: West Virginia ranks last in median household income.

Wow...given the repeated re-election of Robert Byrd, I'm shocked that there might be racism in WV...

Where is Obama going to be visiting when he comes to Florida?

VEEP One Liners

If McSame picks LIEberman for his VP

Hillary is a Monty Python skit

Hillary is a Monty Python skit

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/14/08 - Obama down 1 (50), Clinton up 1 (43)

Obama BREAKTHROUGH in West Virginia??

Obama is the cure!

Only "Soft Support" for Hillary should scare the Super Delegates!!

Obama picks up superdelegates hours after Clinton win

Let me guess Caucus states aren't swing states

They perceived him as not of their world.

Deleted for my stupidity

so another clinton delegate defected to obama yesterday

WV: Berkeley County voters reject zoning by nearly 2-to-1 margin

Can anyone remember whether pollsters asked in other

But she won WEST VIRGINIA - who cares about Obama's lead?

Take me home, country roads: And in conclusion

Democratic House candidates may face more than their opponents this fall

Democratic House candidates may face more than their opponents this fall

AP: Clinton's W.Va. victory does little to slow Obama

West VA: More Voted for Obama than McCain

Question - should Clinton drop out & Obama asks for donations

Question - should Clinton drop out & Obama asks for donations

81% of Clinton voters in WV, "Race is important"

Drop out, Hell ! Wonder Woman just got her second wind !

Terry McAuliffe is missing the big picture

WV Final Count - Clinton 67.0%, Obama 25.7%, Edwards 7.3% (109% turnout compared to Kerry 2004 Gen)

Camp Clinton's newest argument, Obama can't win states he doesn't run it

The greatest lie ever told = "The Clintons played the race card"

This is your daily "The behavior of you people is appalling!" thread.

Why do less educated people vote against Obama ?

So Obama can't win the working class vote and Hillary can't win the black vote.

Rejoice Democrats, we are now the party of the West Virginian ethos!

LAST CHANCE TO VOTE for Fallout in the FYI competition

A nice morning for Obama, more Superdelegates and endorsements!

Did Hillary overtake Obama in the popular yesterday?

Bigger than Tet: May 68 and the Despicable 2008 Democratic Primaries

Hmmmm, an idea for Senator Clinton to win the Presidency

Frontline: "Storm Over Everest" looks interesting tonight

College Democrats of America leaders back Obama

OK - I know this may belong in GDP (shudder) but I just have to ask this.....

What the f**k was Sue Simmons looking at?

With some of the things I see written about Clinton and Obama

Rev. John Hagee and his friends are going to be PISSED!

Ben Stein expelled!?

Someone tell Obama to stop saying this race is "not over" Look at this

A Special Message from Pittsburgh on the 2008 Presidential Election Campaigns

If Obama wins Oregon I think he's unstoppable

Bush disappointed with intel before Iraq war

I think the rural/urban demographics are skewing the white/black demographics

Gallup: Obama, McCain Highly Competitive for Independent Vote

I Sense a Disturbance in the Force vs. the French Revolution

Clinton's W.Va. victory does little to slow Obama [Article]

Hillary moves one more step further from reality!

I can't believe the crap I'm hearing tonight.

********U.S. Rep Joe Donnelly endorses Obama********

Brilliant Statement: Band uses UK surveillance cameras to make music video

U.S. Foreclosures Rise 65 Percent as Vacated Homes Add to Glut

For extensive coverage of the devastation in China

McAwful's "projectile nonsense," and so much for Hillary's soft landing (updated)

I don't trust Republicans to give us advice on our VP candidate.

Cheney got SLAPPED today in Mississippi - WTG Travis Childers!

I Refuse to Listen to Randi Rhodes From Now On!

Clinton ally attends Obama fundraiser, says she doesn't want a fight that isn't a fight anymore.

I heard That Obama's Campaign Will Release April's Donation Tally's Today And That It's Monstrous.

George Jr., Barbara Bush and Marie Antoinette

WV is over! Move the hell on! These voters don't matter anymore since

What about Carl Levin for VP?

Destructive "Coburn 7" Blocks AIDS Bill

Just a reminder: Winter Soldier on the Hill tomorrow

Proof of Hilary playing the race card?

The Number One Environmental Disaster: Exxon Valdez

Obama has a massive advantage over McCain ... Height advantage, that is.

Another superdelegate for Obama...

Even Cheney couldn't help the GOP in the Mississippi special election!

Did Childers win 54-46? Help me out here DU...

Did Childers win 54-46? Help me out here DU...


Wars/recessions come and go, but history is forever

There's something going on down South.

Here is your blow out: Obama has won 80% of the SuperD endorsements in May!

B*sh promises aid to earthquake victims.....

Reading between the lines of Hillary's "" Speech

The delegate count for FL and MI will be solved on, or about May 31.

Many of the Shi'ite gunmen claim loyalty to al-Sadr, but his control over them is unclear

What's the record for campaign debt at the end of a race?

[VIDEO]: Bush supports the troops by giving up golf.

This pic should become the new "Morans" one

Things are so swell in Iraq our media needs to be ferried around in US military helicopters


Hillary planting supporters in the crowd?

Question about the Bible and Slavery...

If the US had same demographics as West Virginia, we would be SCREWED

It's now about how and when Hillary chooses to leave the campaign playing field.

you don't have to like rap...just a certain distaste for Bill O'Riley makes this MIX delish...


ANIMATION: Can actor playing Bush in Oliver Stone movie look as stupid & craven as the real thing?

average price of gas $3.75

Yoo: Impeach Bush? Why Not?

N.Y. News Anchor Drops F-Bomb on Live Television!!

Why can't she just come out and say it?

I'm still too bitter to watch "Recount". Will you be watching (5/25 on HBO)?

Jimmy Carter, Habitat for Humanity and rebuilding in South Mississippi

Obama campaigning in MI townhall now:

Italy Watch: Neo-Nazis beat man to death

Should Hillary drop out?

Why can't Obama close the deal when he's not on the ballot?

I just sent my RSVP to attend an Obama rally on Friday

Wanted: Dead or Alive...

Chuck Todd is supposed to be doing an online interview thing at noon at newsvine... Sign up and ask

Immigration raid in Iowa largest ever in US - 390 people

Iraqis fire surface-to-air missile at chopper over Sadr City

Health Insurance Head scratching decision #759

Clinton's claim: Who is winning the swing states?

HILARIOUS!! Colbert in Solidarity with Billo's Inside Edition rant

HILARIOUS!! Colbert in Solidarity with Billo's Inside Edition rant

Hillary’s victory in West Virginia shows she's the best candidate?

need help with folding "print it yourself" greeting cards

Youthful Democrat Kleeb, seasoned Republican Johanns win (US Senate)

U.S. Foreclosures Rise 65 Percent as Vacated Homes Add to Glut

Hillary Clinton's excellent adventures in West Virginia

Those who think Clinton will win big in Puerto Rico are in for a big suprise.

Utah to Save the US from oil crisis!!!

Sec of State.. 5/13..FINAL INDIANA TALLY.. Clinton: 645,336 ..Obama.. 630,925..Dif = 14,411

Congress votes to halt deliveries to the strategic oil reserve

All about the NUMBERS!

Poll: McCain Beats Obama And Hillary By Equal Margin Among Working Class Whites

What was (is) the "McGovern Coalition"?

Hillary's "Final Solution" to the Persian Problem: The Politics of Armageddon

The Heritage Foundation HATES you

WV exit polls on Obama/Wright, the McCain/Hagee Double Standard, and "OUTGROUP HOMOGENEITY"

Washington Journal this morning - Democrats and Childers' victory

Why did Obama recently wear the flag pin?

Do you honestly think a man who one 1% of the West Virginia Caucus stands a chance against

I'm stunned at how many people are having Obama buyer's remorse.

Did Joe Scarborough leave MSNBC?

Electability: Obama beats McShame by 12 in WA, Clinton wins by only 4.

Pentagon said O’Reilly, Malkin had ‘thoughtful’ views on Guantanamo.


Dennis Quaid testifying on Heparin oversdose

Obama's Amazing Money Machine

John Yoo Issued Opinion on Use of Force on 9/11

My dad is against abortion.

Calling all superdelegates: We need a joint ticket. Please make it happen!

smart ass meets corruption

While Hillary.......

Celebrating Victory - headlines:

65% of white Clinton voters say race unimportant vs only 27% Obama voters

Obama in South East MO

Why we should be somewhat cautious once we win

Wednesday's Daily Brief: North Carolina, Indiana Primary Results and Reaction

George Bush, Sr, and Babs---were they at the wedding?


Just Looking At Yesterday's West Virginia Primary Results

RNC-themed Zubaz rolled out for national convention (yes, Zubaz)

A little off topic but important

Uncommitted TN superdelegate goes for Clinton

With all the negative talk about racism, here is an article I thought DU might enjoy

I couldn't care less about Israel. Why

"Terra! Terra! Oh, and by the way, I gave up golf out of respect for the troops. Ain't I swell?"

Why NARAL Pro-Choice America Endorsed Barack Obama - by Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL

Why NARAL Pro-Choice America Endorsed Barack Obama - by Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL

Email I forwarded to Clinton supporters/donors and to the FDP

Jesus God, the Rs plowed and seeded well and we're whacking around in the weeds.

Escape from Suburbia is available on demand on Comcast this month from Sundance

Edwards Ready To Choose?

Travis Childers Got in the Coup de Grâce on the GOP Last Night

More Obama problems... this group is endorsing McCain instead of Obama!

Retailers in a slump while Discount Stores win big.

Why Obama does poorly in Appalachia.

Clinton: "Make a contribution today to help me win"

if Hillary is Susan Alexander Kane

GOP tells their candidates that they are on their own this election?

Jane Smiley: What's Wrong with American Agriculture

Hillary is burning bridges and losing credibility so Obama should let this thing run its course

McCain is most definitely a "maverick," courtesy of the Keating and Hensley families;

What if Florida and Michigan had followed the rules ??

Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?

Not The Time To Celebrate Clinton As Brawler


Poor George W; he was "disappointed" by the "flawed" US intell on Iraq.

Tajikistan is having a terrible time

GOP anti-Obama ad campaign backfires -- prompts heavy black voter turnout, Dem victory.


Get Ready to Spend $6,000 a Year on Gas

BUSH Interview: "So "mislead" means, do I think somebody lied to me? No, I don't."

Schlafly brushes off protestors: ‘They are a bunch of bitter women.’

Obama Running Mate Poll# 2

DU just lost my donation. n/t

Did any of you actually think Obama had a chance at winning WV in the General Election?

House committee votes to cut Future Combat System money

Watch Out A Theft Is About To Take Place

Gates warns DoD of ‘next-war-itis’

Clinton campaign believes Obama is illegitimate and shouldn't be here in the first place

Whats with all the foreigners driving taxis?

NUTJOB Cesspool Marsh sending out her minions


Whty can't Hillary Clinton win among 'hard working white people' in

Elizabeth Murdoch hosts Barack Obama fundraiser

I heard That CLINTON's Campaign Will HAVE to Release April's FEC, And That it's DEBT Is Monstrous

Your time is better spent Phonebanking!

New Special Comment from Olberman tonight? Anyone know about it?

I am a huge sports nut! I am also a high school basketball referee.

I love Oregon. Turnout so far in Multnomah county

Clinton Campaign Brought Sexism Out of Hiding


I love oregon. Turn out so far in Multnomah County

What's. Up. With. Putting Periods.Between Words.

Why I've called her "HRC" instead of "Hillary"...if anybody wondered.

OK super for Obama

I am now a "Community Organizer" here in Ontario (Eastern Oregon)!!

unbelievable problems caused by the China quake

There are some really mean and hateful people here on DU.

Gimme a T Gimme an R Gimme an O Gimme a U Gimme a B Gimme an L Gimme an E

Every American I've ever run into who's against a national health plan

With all this talk about racism lately, I thought you might enjoy reading this

Yesterday at about noon,

Why not Mark Warner for Obama's VP?

Do you have Magistrate Courts where you live?

After Big Win in West Va. Hillary Vows to Press On

I had to laugh when I opened my paper this morning.

Question about the timeliness of a a female President.

Hillary made a good statement on the Sit Room

McConnell’s Farm Bill Priority: Tax Breaks For Thoroughbred Race Horse Owners($60-70M)»

Hmmmmm.....Good Timing for Jim Webb

TWO STRAIGHT DAYS, TWO BIG POLLS show Obama is MORE electable vs. McHundred (& O has OR in the bag)

Inappropriate Hottie Rundown: Potential Democratic VPs

The McCain "maverick" meme

Two questions for other caucus states' pledged delgates.

Let's say the DNC gets MI and FL ironed out....

self delete (15 other edwards/Obama threads) lol

Edwards to Endorse Obama Tonight at 7 P.M.?

Thoroughbreds and the Rich: A Deadly Embrace

US Drugged "Hundreds" of Detainees Being Deported for No Medical Reason

was my leg being pulled?

anything less than 80% in WV for Hillary is a LOSS for her. Got it?

Obama endorsed by Edwards

GOP Whip Roy Blunt: Dems won Mississippi and Louisiana by running “on what the GOP is for.”

McCain aides' entangling foreign alliances

Mark Halperin at the page is hinting John Edwards is ready to choose? ready to hope?

Video: The World According to Monsanto

Oh those poppy's those sweet sweet poppy's...

Colbert Goes Ballistic - Worse Than O'Reilly

Heads Up: Obama conference call moved to 5:30. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

CNN Announces Edwards to endorse Obama tonight..

Rep Tom Davis(R)-"This is the floor, We're below the floor."

Insurgents use 8 year old girl as suicide bomber in Iraq

Contact NBC/Universal !!!

McCain stands with bush in denying health insurance to children...

Edwards has endorsed Obama.

Edwards endorses Obama

Will hillary be another lieberman or zell miller?

Does Obama get all of Edwards delegates now?

Video of Protest at Mulligans re: Racist T-Shirt

Obama can't win the GE?

Ang San SuShi - Is she OK?

Ok, if HRC's WVA win is such a "race changing" victory...why aren't SD's endorsing her today?

Does anyone have a link to stream the Edwards endorsement live?

Red-Faced GOP Turns Blue Over Mississippi Loss

As if Barack Obama needed a deal sealer, today at 7pm is one.

School Investigates Porn Allegedly Shown in Class

So, John Edwards hasn't endorsed Hillary. But WHAT IF Hillary drops-out and endorses Edwards?

If you buy a shirt at the DU store you will also be donating $25.00

NYT: John Edwards to ENDORSE Obama today evening

I'm going to say something very nice to our president

Who will be the first entertainment stars to threaten to deny the US their presence if (insert

Hillary Defends Obama From McCain's Hamas Attack

Be afraid - and vote Republican! - Today’s Headlines 5/14/08

I think the shrub stopped playing golf because he was humiliated...

Living Standards Under Stress

Living Standards Under Stress

Another SD, Mike Morgan endorses...

CNN~just in~ Obama & Hillary

Duplicate/ ignore

Caption this * pic

Questioning the intentions of the counterterrorism policies

BREAKING: Edwards to endorse today?

Anyone know the current Congressional count?

House GOPers stomping mad over prospects

I don't know if this is allowed

Recycling encouraged ? Not in this town.

Bush Blames Housing Crisis on Democrats....

29% of Democrats say Sen. Clinton should run an Independent campaign for the White House.

29% of Democrats say Sen. Clinton should run an Independent campaign for the White House.

BREAKING NEWS: John Edwards Does NOT Endorse HIllary Clinton


If She Was Ready On Day One, How Come She Didn't See Him Behind Her?

If George Bush were running in 2008, he would be “green” too

Thank You Howard Dean!

Wow! INTRADE shows WV Bounce!

Large cyclone heading to crippled Myanmar

On Saturday, Cluster Bomb Olympics With White House Backdrop

Something strange is going on in the Senate chamber now

Larry Craig Taps His Way Into Webb GI Bill Debate

Bill Maher's "Religious" debut moved to October- will it impact voters?


China bloggers cook up quake conspiracies

Is Who Becomes the Next President All That Matters?

Is Obama/Bloomberg part of the change metric and will it help in Nov?

Marc Ambinder: Obama appears to call reporter sweetie

My new perspecitve on stem cell research

If Obama gets Edwards' delegates, doesn't that remove Clinton's WV delegate gain?

Those insisting Clinton stay in would demand Obama quit in FEB & Media would have forced him out

Those insisting Clinton stay in would demand Obama quit in FEB & Media would have forced him out

economic stimulation?

6,700 tons of sand containing traces of depleted uranium from Kuwait coming to US

Air America Radio will have 'Pilots For 9/11 Truth'-May 15

So...has the fat lady sung?

Forget moving to the center

Anyone here own an all electric vehicle?

Obama / Schweitzer 08? I like it.

I for one am glad Hillary is still running her campaign

BREAKING: CARVILLE to endorse OBAMA tonight

So my friend's husband is standing next to Karl Rove right now

Obama Calls to Congratulate Clinton on W. VA - Gets Answering Machine

Does JOHN EDWARDS endorsement mean +19 Delegates for Obama?

Should a black man be allowed to win the White House? Sure.

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Imitates O'Reilly's "Inside Edition" Meltdown

Upbeat Much?

Lieberman Says Bombing Iran ‘Has An Appeal To It’»

It's a damn lie that they can't find Americans to fill these jobs.

Obama Supporters: Stay Focused and ignore the Hillary "trouble making" posters!!!

Howard Dean Announces the 50 state Bloggers List for the Convention

Dean Congratulates Rep-Elect Childers on Win in Mississippi

STOP IT(please?)

Will Edwards endorsement make Hillary quit?

McCain VS. Obama: My prediction this coming general election

SurveyUSA: Barack Obama wins!! 280 to 258!!

Obama: will guarantee that the Michigan delegation is seated at the convention

**GOP Uses GI Bill As A ‘Political Gimmick’...To Thwart Passage Of First Responder Legislation»**

Has the deal been done. Edwards for VP how does that sound Yee Haa !!!!

"There's only one headline on 'Race to the Whitehouse'"

CNN Live right now - Who is the current anchor? WOW!

Split Screen on CNN

Split Screen on CNN


Are Edwards 19 Delegates Officially Released to O?

QUINNIPIAC POLL: McCain Beats Obama and Hillary by Equal Margin Among Working Class Whites

Is Edward's name still on the KY ballot?

People Tire of Protests When The Media Won't Cover It

I have been listening to Ronald Reagan, Jr. on AAR this week,

Senate blocks McCain-backed GI bill

Fuck you John Edwards.

"personhood amendment" backers submit signatures

GOP Continues Shoot-Own-Foot Strategy: Will Continue Linking Dems With Obama!

The mysterious Clinton Library donors may be the reason why Hillary can't quit

TPM: Swift Boat Vet Operative Vows To "Attack Obama Viciously"

Matthew Rothschild: Why Hillary Is So Hard to Take

McClatchy: Here's news: Fed report says gas price dropped in April

What impact will Edwards' endorsement have on the vote in Kentucky?

June 19: National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Corporations

June 19: National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Corporations

Edwards house still divided? Elizabeth "not part" of endorsement.

LOL! Edwards Flight Has Now Arrived in Grand Rapids!

"America's religion is Capitalism."

McCain's Murderers Row: more campaign staff tied to rogue regimes

Who would like to see this Ticket?

Obama Keeps Racking Up Superdelegates After West Virginia Loss


so what the hell happened to edwards saying he wouldn't endorse anyone?

Ok NOW it's official, we can all rally around a general election candidate....

We need Edwards on the Ticket

We need Edwards on the Ticket

TN 911 operators screw around with woman assualted by boyfriend

What's the suspense here?

Pat Oliphant, telling it like it is

Great News Obamaniacs!!! Let's knock out the DU Admins on this Edwards Day

Great News Obamaniacs!!! Let's knock out the DU Admins on this Edwards Day

Why can't he deliver the knockout blow?

WOW!! justWOW! Edwards with Obama in Mich!!!

Edwards gives Clinton her out.

Edwards in Kentucky!

I got a little teary eyed when John Edwards was looking at the crowd after Barack introduced him

Is anyone watching the endorsement?

Is anyone watching the endorsement?

Relatif to Edwards endorsement - Is Greg Sargent from TMP a Hillary supporter or

A Reasonable Test for "Low Information Voters"

It's over, time to beat McCain, and take our great country BACK!!

Veep selections when?

It's just disgraceful there are virtually no Hillary Clinton

regular gas in Key West is $4.09 don't even ask about premium

Clinton Camp on Edwards Endorsement: 'It's Not Great News'

Boehner speaking in the House now

The Image Of A Wall - So Much A Remnder Of The Berlin Wall

Angry Renters

Absolutely the stupidest fucking words ever uttered/typed by a Freeper...

Edwards MUST be a part of the Obama administration

Edwards endorsement takes wind out of Hillary's win...

Albert, can you hear me? Hello, Albert?


The Next President and Vice President of the United States:


Repubs - all lies all the time.... today's inflation rate versus 1980

"Radio Silence" from Obama officials on Edwards endorsement

+++ 4,077 +++

Shenanigans! - Is Clinton still in the race to save the election?

For former Edwards supporters: If he endorses Obama tonight, how will you feel about it?

faux noise not airing john edwards speech/endorsement.....this is our real enemy

What';s this I hear about Dean, Obama and Clinton forming a joint fundraising entity?

What a bunch of fucking goobers.

Will Gore be next? nt

Fully Electric Car Gets 100 Miles Per Charge, Cheaper than a Prius

The hardening of our nation continues unabated

Reverse Mortgages??????

Solicitor General Paul Clement to Resign

Edwards/Obama event on CSPAN3

Obama was checking out Edwards' ass!

The DICK on Monday night regarding Mississippi's Special Election:

Obama-Curious George Tee an Instant Cobb County Classic much for a West Virginia two day news cycle!!!

God I Hate Faux News and Every Sorry SOB that works there!!

If you can live on an AmeriCorps stipend, New Orleans is your promised land

So why did Edwards do it ?

Stae run Children's Trust Fund

Prepare To By New Speakers For Your Televison/Radio

We interrupt this primary battle for this special report: GOP Stunned By Loss in Mississippi

Question: When did DU begin inserting advertisements in OPs ?

Who needs a stinkin' flag pin?

Who needs a stinkin' flag pin?

I am not rich enough to punch the admins :(

Tweety's discussing the Mississippi wipe out

GOP Stunned By Loss in Mississippi

Edwards endorses Obama

Farm bill wins veto-proof majority in House

Obama/Clinton - This is no dream - it'a a nightmare!

Extradition of Paramilitary Chiefs - a Blow to Truth

Floor Plans: Mining Beneath The Ocean


john edwards, what a judus!

What 's AFRICAN GREEN MONKEY CELLS, and a lotta other STUFF


"It doesn't look like a cease-fire to me," U.S. Army Major Kyle Ferger said

Tweets and nestlings agree. Edwards is what is needed for Obama.

The House passed a $290 billion farm bill today

there is a god....pat buchanan's mic is off

Khalid Sheik Mohammed gets June 5 court date

Howard Dean vindicated. Dems pick up traditionally R district in North Mississippi tonight.

Can we demand an Obama/Edwards ticket right now?

Take a peek in GD - P...big doings afoot.

Reports of Bush & GOP supporter discrimination on the rise.

Congratulations to Barack Obama on getting the John Edwards endorsement.

Esther Sparks: A prayer for peace in music and photos

Did you hear two popular CNN reporters are getting married?

Meanwhile, the Larry Johnson crowd weighs in

Obama's campaign is a GENIUS!!!! they knocked Clinton right offf the news

why do people persist in describing Michelle Obama in sexual terms?

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton reacts to Edwards' endorsement ** PIC **

Tell the jack ass Buchchana that if a person is traveling around

Those demanding Clinton quit would praise Obama for staying in under similar circumstances

"GOP" Isn't that the sound that's made when

I heard a report a while ago about a California disc jockey

Washington Journal Caller Win's Today's Prize

Edwards saying GREAT things about Hillary Clinton!

Love it! My boss just called me to tell me to turn on the news

Question (Because I'm stupid about these things)....

Rumsfeld to Military Propagandists: "US Could Benefit From Another Terrorist Attack"

the O-Team's steady stream of calculated moves can be summed up tonite:

Is tonight the night Buchanan finally loses it?

Unearthed Clip: RUMMY On Dems Winning Elections: "The Correction For That, I Suppose, Is An Attack"

Lil help please...Anyone else have picture but no sound on C-span 1???

Where can I hear Travis Childers' victory speech?

Pat Buchanan is about to explode on MSNBC.

OK, now I've seen everything. Pat Buchanan as Hillary's most passionate defender?

Bush Admin. ordered by Judge to stop stalling...

Breaking on MSNBC - Edwards endorses Obama n/t

Today is the Day!

McCain Aides Forced to Quit Over Ties to Burmese Junta

Here's what the A-hole Republicans accomplished in the Senate today.

Go ahead, Carville. Call John Edwards a Judas...

Clinton: It'd be 'terrible mistake' to pick McCain over Obama

Ah, sweet Schadenfreude. The Freepers discuss the Childers victory in MS.

Specter Calls For Independent New England Patriots Probe

Nation-wide roadblocks coming in June


Kobe wins MVP

Poor Terry McAuliffe grasping at straws


Why do Hillary supporters think this is 2004?

OK, I just got off from work, and everything's all wonky on DU...

DU GrovelBot just PM'd me and said he or she is voting for McCain if his or her candidate doesn't

*** Official "Hillary can still pull it out of the fire!" post-Edwards endorsement MATH thread ***

*** Wednesday May 14th Super Delegate Updates***

Hillary's Path to Victory: Seventy-Two Percent

The Obama supporters who blasted Edwards for waiting too long to endorse Obama...

Can someone stuff a sock in Lou Dobbs mouth

with Hillary BO has a chance if he gets the nomination

Obama's second win in Nebraska is a squeaker (map shows differences from caucus)

Miss you!

Hey, admins, may we please have a happy dance smilie?

Live blogging from MI- What a night!

MSNBC: Why GOP's Mississippi House Loss Resonates

Pat Buchanan is an "Ugly American." His racist bigotry is absolutely

I wonder what will be the main topic of political discussion in prime time

*************UNITY 2008************

"Is the slide (into becoming a fascist police state) reversible?" This question is part of the...

Must see Boston Legal tonight!

Prediction: Edwards is Veeping it with Obama

Has Hillary reached an ethical point of no return?

Nothing made me happier than hearing John Edwards endorse Barack Obama tonight

Do you want to see John Edwards as Senator Obama's running mate?

From the loony fringe

I am listening to Edwards' speech

Now it's over. DU's Favorite Candidate has made his choice.

Something the media can't stop wondering about with Hillary

Way to drag down an amazing night Pat...You're an embarassment to us all.

Tweety is slaughtering Pat Buchanan for his racist views

Bush gave up golf because he can't find his balls.

How to Vote for the Democratic Nominee in November

I'd like to see Edwards as AG --


Where are "hardworking whites" in today's demographic?

great o/e pic!

GOPer compares brand to bad dog food

Amy Goodman: Legendary Author Gore Vidal on Bush, History and the “United States of Amnesia"


Mind Change... I have changed my thoughts on who Barack should have...

WTF? I just heard David Gregory report that a Clinton supporter

Thank You John Edwards

Hey, Pat Buchanan: It's too bad about

Dear Pat Buchanan: Thanks a lot! Be seeing you on YouTube, among many other places...

Andrea Mitchell to Pat Buchanan: We need to reboot our systems...

"Mr. Bush, the Iraq War is NOT about your damned golf game!" - KO special comment tonite`

About Hillary's interview with Blitzer.

State Election History site

I do believe Edwards is the VP pick --

The two best smiles in politics....


Wrong Photoshop

Where is Elizabeth Edwards?


Some IRS Letters Get Into Wrong Hands


A couple of Mr. Fish TOONS for Obama fans....

I know this news will be lost in the galestorm, but Olbermann has a new Special Comment tonight!

I think it's time...

For the benefit of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton:

US lists polar bear as threatened species

Where's the "hide thread" feature today?

Edwards is going to be Obama's VP

freepers in a panic as another Dem wins a House seat in the South

Congratulations to all Hillary supporters.

aren't the Clinton holdouts so cute trumpeting WV & hillary's mighty leap to a 28 - 15 state deficit

MSNBC Pumping UP Edwards as VP...and I LOVE IT!!!!


Keith has a special comment on Chimpy's golf game tonite

Just watching John King on CNN

If not VP, what other role for Hillary?

If not VP, what other role for Hillary?

E-Mail From Barack Obama On Edwards Endorsement

The daddy of all over-reactions:

Can we have a serious discussion about West Virginia?

Kunstler strikes again ...

hey nerds!! is having a live show.. question and answer... great.>>>>.Link>>>>

Hmmm both AAR and Nova M are off the ITUNES


You missed the best part of the O'Reilly video...

Controlling the news cycles. Obama campaign shows it knows what it is doing.

New Study Calls Pentagon's 'Embedded' Media Program an Iraq 'Victory' for Bush

Heartbreaking story on Nova last night.

Michael Vick ordered to pay back $1.1 million loan on failed wine bar

For all of you who said that KO is no different than FAUX.....

Tornado warnings mid-Texas, watch around New Orlean, LA.

Keith Olbermann to Bush tonight ....SHUT THE HELL UP ......LMFAO

Great documentary on Nova (PBS) last night:

Cindy McCain Sells Sudan-Linked Investments ($2M, after questions raised)

Boy sings what could be the theme of the 2008 election: "Tell Me Why!"

"Hillary rents a negro"

Lazy Whites For Obama!

Boehner May Be In Some Trouble With His Party

Why do Bush and McCain want less educated Americans?

"Bush is hardly a moron...Morons are not usually so successful in getting what they want"

McCain has a problem on his right flank that spells serious trouble in GA and the West.

Look out for more environmental disasters like this one

Who's with me?: I think the JRE endorsement today was a powerful message from party insiders to HRC

Keith, I'm married and happily but will you marry me?? I love strong men!!

Olberman: President Bush, the WAR in Iraq is not about YOU and your DAMNED golf game!

Today in History 14 May racists attacked a “Freedom Ride” bus

As a Scorpions fan, I do believe Edwards just said "Here I am, BARACK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!"

McCain's wife sells Sudan-related investments

Keith to George W. Bush: "Shut The Hell Up." Eloquent!

Wow Keith was absolutely furious!

COPS Get Busted!

So is Biden now the only major Dem. Presidential candidate who has not endorsed Obama?

Are Democrats Who Don't Subscribe to the Ethos of West Virginia "Elitists"?


I'd like to take this moment and offer an apology to any Hillary supporters I may have offended.

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday May 14, 2008

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday May 14, 2008

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday May 14, 2008

The Bitter Losers At Hillaryis44: Edwards Is A "Sad Figure"

The Bitter Losers At Hillaryis44: Edwards Is A "Sad Figure"

Did you BOOOOO when Edwards Mentioned Hillary?

Gas prices up? All in your head, US data says

Keith's about to go off on Chimpy

Republican Election Losses Stir Fall Fears

My response to local newspaper's "Forum" question

Tradition Energy Warns of Double-Digit Rate Increases Ahead for Electricity Supply

Tradition Energy Warns of Double-Digit Rate Increases Ahead for Electricity Supply

Are you able to see a doctor whenever you need to see one?

For those that miss 'the good old days' - good news, they are back....

Edwards: Hillary should drop out.

If Bill and Hillary had vigorously campaigned FOR Obama in WV

If Bill and Hillary had vigorously campaigned FOR Obama in WV

Et tu John?

Under the bus with Edwards???

Two questions about the Edwards endorsement....

Obama: America's first Jewish president

Cost-cutting plan: A 4-day school week (saves on gas)

Question: Will Hillary Pull a Lieberman

Oh Snap.. "The best thing you can do is to give up Golf??!!! Keef done pimp slapped the Idiot.

3 More Things Bush Should Give Up

Some nice soul donated to DU in my name

List of Democratic Senators and Governors

Attention former Edwards supporters!

Meanwhile, Fuckface is in Israel looking for a legacy

"SHUT THE HELL UP!!" That's what I've been saying for damn near 8 frackin' years!!


Buchanan's meltdown this afternoon is the coda to his 1992 GOP convention speech.

PHOTO: Lagacey! I need me one of them lagaceys!!!11 Help me out, Isreal!

So....this buchanan rant

Question: what could Obama say or do to get the vote of a Clinton supporter?

MSNBC Brings up media military analysts

Is the Edwards endorsement further proof that the Dem Party officials are not pleased with Hillary?

Obama rallies state Democrats, throws support behind Lieberman

I can't wait to see this at the convention!

Americans’ money worries are growing, L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll finds

Big Dog Reduced to Giving Speeches from Back of Pickup Trucks in Rural Montana

Marc Ambinder: Obama more competitive in Florida than CW suggests

so - anything interesting in the news today?

And as I ponder the madness

How Obama solved his "working class" problem with me

Teacher Disciplined For Controversial Student Survey-Asks Which Student Likely To Get Pregnant

Michael Moore plans sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11

What a night - Wexler and Siegelman on Abrams now n/t

BO gets thumped 30+ points in WV so what does this new pol do?

I don't care who wins. Just stop this shit:

"Those people"

Now that Edwards has finally got off the fence, let's talk about important stuff!

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Would Obama be on the verge of clinching the Dem primary if he was white?

The Presidency is Authoritarian and Dictatorial. Abolish the Office!

Baghdad Terry

Razzoo’s discriminated against dudes, pays a $1 million price

Will John Edwards 18 delegates now go to Obama?

Please post KO's transcript ASAP!!!

The people whom post everyday on

Change. I know lets get Edwards to be VP choice again. Yes that's change alrighty!

LOL. Oregon's biggest paper barely mentions West Virginia.

Keith was PISSED

Of course the $400 hair cut - 20,000 square foot homeowner- elitist supports Obama!

Hillary has more than earned every single boo she got.

I called it! Edwards is about to endorse Obama!

A year in Iraq

Lieberman / Bennett say Hillary "Their kind of girl."

"We (Clinton, Edwards, and I) believe in a different America." Barrack Obama after ...

Demconwatch: "What happens to Edwards' delegates?"

NPR China Earthquake Coverage: Anyone Listening?

Thursday: Iraq Veterans Against the War Testify Before Congress

Well, well - Li'l Bush says he'll give up golf "for the troops' families." What about us?

Challengers to PELOSI: Golub AND Sheehan: Could Those Who Know CA Strategy Fill Us In?

$20 million of her own money - is Clinton trying to buy the election?

Clinton Superdelegate Reveals He Voted for Obama

Does mountain bike riding fall into the same category as golfing?

You know , she can still run in 2016, no need for despair

Why are Obama supporters so rude?

Are there any dem organizations or any dems besides Gore and Biden left to throw under the bus?

Doris Duke, Pee Wee Herman and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

52 Influential Photographs (WARNING: graphic pics at link, will only post 1 here)

John McSame - Warm monger

The 2nd greatest lie ever told "NC means it's over"

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Beyond Rape - A Survivor's Journey

Britain releases batch of files on UFO sightings 5/13/08


Not-So-Safe-Deposit Boxes: States Seize Citizens' Property to Balance Their Budgets

BOSTON LEGAL Just a reminder..n/t

Hold The Phone! Mineral County, WV going HUGE for Obama

Terry Mcauliffe is honestly becoming a parody of himself!!!

So OBAMA wins 15 states with 60% plus and CLINTON only 2

It's over we won

NYT: West Virginia's Top Judge Loses His Re-election Bid (due to vacation w/ coal exec)

Who should Barack Obama choose as his VP running mate?

Bush family linked to South Florida cardiologist accused of insider trading by SEC

Operation Switcheroo: The CHAOS is in the GOP!!

On the phone with Dan Abrams, Mudcat Saunders

It is becoming increasingly obvious that McCain can't win the GE. He needs to drop out now

This article by Naomi Klein need one more recommendation.

Thank you to the person who gave me a star

Bush family friends charged with insider trading...

War Hero McCain Forgets The Vietnamese Man Who Saved His Life

Curious George publisher may sue over T-shirt

Edwards on c-span now

George Bush gave up golf for the war effort. I have sold half of my polo ponies,

grover norquist (R-Freeloader) on "The Colbert Report"

Larisa Alexandrovna: Plumbers = Authorities Now? (Watergate-Like Break-Ins and Sex Scandals)

I seriously must be getting some great ESP.. I just said to my mother in law on Monday that

Hillary should stay in the race as long as she wants...


The outcry on the NARAL Obama Endorsement tells us Obama should strongly consider a woman VP

Obama can call me sweetie anytime he wants

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"I am a John Edwards Democrat"

Hillary just shot her TV set

I actually feel sorry for *THIS* Clinton supporter - I shit you not.

Mississippi now has 3 out of 4 congress reps who are Dems!

Body count as of this writing

Denny Crane is packing. A whole bunch.

ROFL oh this could lead to some interesting conversations w/wingnuts

Golf? $35,000 for multiple contracts for promotional materials for a golf program (and it gets worse

An Obama/Edwards ticket would be the stupidest idea ever

Edwards brings up HRC and the crowd goes nuts booing

We been robbed -- especially teacher. Be sure to read this article

I wish it was Obama endorsing Edwards today.

Don't forget, after the first round of voting at the convention, all delegates are freed up!

New GOP campaign slogan is same as anti-depressent drug Effexor

Outrageous Alabama GOP Corruption Continues...

O'Reilly Freakout Remix, the video

I've thought about it. Obama cannot possibly win

I think Dan Abrams got it exactly right.

E-Mail MSNBC .....Fire Pat Buthead Pukanan

Oh wow,,, Laura Dern as Ketherine Harris.. scary likeness.

We suspect there might have been STRONGER VIEWS expressed within the Clinton camp when it learned of

Just Got Home From Work, Is Edwards Under The Bus Yet ???

Wow! MS-01 had a 33 point swing from the '04 election

DONATE NOW: Celebrate and Welcome John Edwards!

"The Safest Rest You've Ever Had." ...You've got to be kidding me!?

Something to make true Democrats feel better: Some counters to the McCain-voting Democrats...

An interesting polling cite that is updated daily

KO's best Special Comment ever?

Since el pretzeldente's revelation that he gave up golf to wage war,

Obama, get your butt to NorthEast Florida....

This Is My Last GD: P Post.

The fart chart. How cows are hurting our environment.

Bush Golfing in October 2003.....

I feel sorry for Hillary

Gotta love this...Analysis: House GOP hits new low, faces bleak Nov. (The Hill)

So Do The DU'ers Who Hate West Va

OK..just got done throwing away all my John Edwards memorabilia, signs, buttons etc.

Strong, steady leadership. That's the lie Americans bought in 2004.

An Apology.

Andrea Mitchell says Hillary is not well liked in the Senate anymore

Cali and marriage equality.

COUNTDOWN: Sir: "Terrorism in Iraq is YOUR creation, Mr. Bush!"

'And the fans went wild.' Obama introduces Edwards.


Will Edwards release all of his delegates to Obama?

Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers (

I just watched "Wag the Dog"

Wow... KO's Special Comment tonight... "Mr. Bush: Shut. The. Hell. Up!"

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigns today in Warren and the Chrysler Plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Grover Norquist is going to be the next victim on The Colbert Report TONIGHT!!!

How much milage would the GOP get if they set out to impeach Bush

Open Letter To Pat Buchanan w/ video link

John Edwards is a saint. John Edwards is a traitor. John Edwards is

Is the fund drive tanking at DU because of the lack standards?

Bush’s golf story ‘doesn’t hold water.’

Hey, not only are they throwing Edwards under the bus,

My O My

McCain tries out new campaign slogan. I think we could help it a little.

Very odd: One of my posts has the wrong Parent Thread on it in My Du.

Psychological Stress Linked To Overeating, Monkey Study Shows

THE 2 1/2 reasons Clinton must drop out of the race now.

GOP Gobsmacked by Loss in Mississippi


It's the Economy, Stupid! Three former U.S. SEC chairmen endorse Obama

Abrams is pushing the "Clinton must be the running mate" angle

********Official thread: MSNBC airing of Edwards Obama endorsement in Grand Rapids******

I bet $25 donation to Obama and $25 donaton to DU and $25 to DNC ($5 minimum on the 3)

41 points - that is a SERIOUS problem for Obama

WAIT a minute. Junior says Israel is our "oldest and best friend?" I thought that was MEXICO!


Newsmax nonsense from the OTHER Limbaugh...

Genetic Variation Linked To Preference Sugary Food

Tar Baby?

John Edwards stole Hillary Clinton's "momentum"

Its A Beautiful Day

Take a Long Hard Look at the Children of Iraq Caution: Graphic Disturbing Photos

The Edwards/Obama rally should ire Michigan voters.

The Edwards/Obama rally should ire Michigan voters.

Obama/Edwards 2008!

I'm extrememly angry at the whole ball of wax.

Things Younger Than John McCain

Abortion limit baby girl goes home

Breaking: Key Clinton backer -- attacks NARAL for endorsing Obama

GDP/DU: Do You Want Unity with Hillary And Her Supporters?

Why Obama Is the Stronger Candidate Part TWO (Two Pictures Are Worth Two Thousand Words)

O'Donnell: Senior Clinton campaign official says Clinton out by June 15

Yo, dicksteele, I LOVE your GD-P graphic!

Edwards is a sexist PIG!

Hey Hillary supporters! I would like to say that you are more than welcome

An Uncomfortable Truth: Hillary is our strongest candidate against McCain

An Uncomfortable Truth: Hillary is our strongest candidate against McCain

Barack Obama Needs Hillary as VP Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.

So it's come down to this.

If GrovelBot Pledges to Shutdown GD-Primaries

If GrovelBot Pledges to Shutdown GD-Primaries

Sexism in the MSM

Obama apologizes for "sweetie" comment

NARAL Pro-Choice backs Obama

MSNBC: NARAL endorses OBAMA!!!!

I really don't understand the NARAL endorsement....

I really don't understand the NARAL endorsement....

So far all those Clinton supporters mad at Keith

KO - Special Comment - Shut The Hell Up!

Naomi Klein's great article in Rolling Stone.

THE MATH – Wednesday, May 14 – After West Virginia

FL and MI will not, can not, be decided in Hillary Clinton’s favor

The biggest LOSER today? Bill Richardson. Unpack those VEEP jammies from the slumberbag.

FL and MI will not, can not, be decided in Hillary Clinton’s favor

Even with Edwards we still need 422

Jesus Christ... is anyone listening to Pat lose it with Tweety?

Freaky Fundie Watch: AFA attempts to bully McDonalds for supporting "the homosexual agenda"

So the full-of-hope-change-unity crowd booed Edwards

So... Edwards Heard The "Hard Working WHITE Voter" Schtick From Hillary, And THAT Was Enough !!!

So... Edwards Heard The "Hard Working WHITE Voter" Schtick From Hillary, And THAT Was Enough !!!

OK, let's try again, more gently: Can we posit that someone who will

Pat Buchanan is screaming for godsake white people don't vote for the

Caucuses -- good or bad, based on personal experience

554 donations? If the economy's hurting you and you don't have a star, let me know.

The "O" TEAM is kicking ass! Can I get an O-MEN?

I'm getting annoyed by the line, "The math supports Obama"

I was wrong.

The price of gas

What GDP Needs More Of

What wrong with being called 'Sweetie'?

Why the different standard?

Ugh...I'm digusted by the booing of Clinton at the Obama rally...

Strong, Steady Leadership **very pic heavy**

Its 3 a.m. Hillary. Go home!

ACLU Obtains More Documents: Torture By Bushco - "widespread and systemic"

Indians blame fat Americans for rising food prices

Protesters demand honorary degree for Schlafly be rescinded

This is why Obama is BRILLIANT (Timing of Edwards Endorsement)

Happy Christmas! A little GOP doom and gloom to brighten your day, courtesy of firstread

An 18 year old friend of mine, from a Repub family, announced his support for Obama to me today.

Yes, last night's MS pickup was a thumb in the eye of the Clinton wing of the party.

Mark. My. Words.

Reality Check: Almost all is forgiven, even if not forgotten, in politics

What is the timing of Edwards Delegates being dispersed?

Did I just hear that narwhals endorsed Obama?

It's a political rally -- some people boo the opponent -- grow up

Why can't Hillary win Urban, Educated Voters?

Edwards Just Put Obama Over the Top

Obama is the nominee...

Nothing to do with Obama or Clinton. Can we all agree that Iowa and NH

OK DUers explain this- Frog Migration: Omen to China Earthquake Disaster

My current theory...

The Election was Hillary's to lose. So why hasn't she won?

How to Divide and Conquer the Democratic Party Strategy One: Clinton Turned Democrats Racist

Obama is around 30-50 superdelegates from clinching the nomination

Congress to Rove: ‘No justification’ for refusing to testify on Siegelman case.»

Teacher accused of making kid unstop toilet with his hands

GOP uses Obama to boost its candidates

Patty Buchanan is going crazy

Patty Buchanan is going crazy

Patty Buchanan is going crazy

Just got back from the Obama rally in Grand Rapids....

Cigarette Bill Treats Menthol With Leniency

DOJ Wants Your DNA; Unclear Whether Projectile Saliva Donation Will Be Permitted

"AP: Edwards Endorses Obama"

"AP: Edwards Endorses Obama"

Losers for Obama!

My theory: Obama is too metrosexual for West Virginians.

Mr. Edwards, thank you for making my day !

To all former Edwards supporters

Edwards Suppoters Who Went To Hillary... What Say You ???

Georgia man selling Obama "monkey" shirts.

God Bless Keith Olbermann.

Here we go again..."Hillary Clinton chokes up in CNN interview"

Obama supporters.....serious question...

NEW ACRONYM TIME! The new acronym is "RPHE"... Pronounced "arfee"...

Obama and Richardson dream ticket. Edwards attorney General.

Shame on HER!

Stewart is ridiculing Hillary and her West Virginian voters

Is it just me, or is winning the state that went for Mike Huckabee

Obama presidency could hurt some defense stocks: analyst

Making wingnut emails work for you: A Primer

WV Woman Gets "Poor" Call From Hillary Campaign

Do folks here berate strangers in public, face to face, about their support for Clinton?

Thank you Rep. Wasserman Schultz! "No drilling our way

Obama/Edwards 2008

Stick a fork in the Bush/Clinton 28 years of dynastic ruling!

Over the top! This is what a *WIN* looks like!

Why are the PAID OPERATIVES, trained by the Heritage Foundation and their ilk,

Sen Obama's VOTE FOR CHANGE Voter Registration Drive + The Poblano Model strategy

If the primaries started today, who would you support?

Guys - Will Pitt will be on the radio with me tomorrow (Wednesday the 14th)!

3 Cheers for Edwards!!!!! Come in and Rec for Edwards!!

Can Obama win? "Yes. Yes. Yes."

Where are the Howard Dean folk? Everyone fired up? Ready to go!

So, one of the arguments pushed by the Clinton camp is that only she can attract "Reagan Democrats".

"Dead to me" list is getting mighty long!

Another shout out to the Hillary Clinton supporters


(Video) Keith Olbermann - Special Comment: Of War And Golf

Why is Hillary still pushing Florida and Michigan? It makes no sense...

I never really thought Obama would win the General Election.

I never really thought Obama would win the General Election.

Republicans Try to Regroup After Another Setback; Republicans 'DEMORALIZED'

John Aravosis (Americablog) FREAKS OUT! And says what many of us here are thinking

So... what did Obama have to promise Edwards to get his endorsement today?

You know...Senator Clinton only has as much power as we give her.

Obama can't

David Broder is out at the Washington Post

The long primary fight has helped not hurt. It has kept us in the news.

Why DID clinton lie about Tuzla and her support for NAFTA...

As a Hillary Supporter, I'd like to take this moment to say how much I FUCKING ADMIRE John Edwards

More than half of Americans on chronic meds

Dave Lindorff: Hillary, McCain And The Stupid Vote

Wow. This long-lapsed Catholic is impressed with the seven "new" deadly sins -

A House Divided

Need some help with a fucking rupuke email chain letter

Bill Clinton calls for revote, says FL would not be treated this way if vote went "the other way."

psst . . . Hillary Clinton supporters

psst . . . Hillary Clinton supporters

psst . . . Hillary Clinton supporters

psst . . . Hillary Clinton supporters

psst . . . Hillary Clinton supporters

GOP cancer: Party could lose 20 more seats

Why Do So Many People Here Hate/Dislike Jimmy Carter?

Why Hillary Lost My Daughter and Me....

Did anyone see these two stories --Sportsmanship,Character and whawhawhat?

They speak Arabic in Afghanistan?

This Is an Ex-Candidate

So let me get this straight....

Discuss: In exit polls in state after state, 50% of HRC voters won't vote for O

Discuss: In exit polls in state after state, 50% of HRC voters won't vote for O

WV isn't in play in November

What's with the lapel flag pin on Obama??!!!

Ok , I have a confession to make , I am an H1-B visa recipient , hate me all you want, I don't care

A challenge to those who are not voting Obama because he's homophobic?

After 6+ years at DU, I've met exactly one other CoLaG. Are you there?

I Hate To Break This News To Some of You, But There Is A Very Good Reason Why Clinton Got Booed

After Hillary supporters have been called every name in the book......

Anyone here ever live in a Soviet Country back in the day?

Why Obama Is The Stronger Candidate (A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words)

HuffPo Reporting Angry Clinton Backers Mobbing NARAL's Site:

You'll calm down and vote for Obama in November because you are a loyal Democrat.

Obama can't win the general election?

Obama can't win the general election?

A BEAUTIFUL interview with Gore Vidal on Democracy Now! today.


John Kerry: More GOP Lies about Barack Obama

Forget the style trappings: The common ground for Democrats should be ECONOMIC Populism

Anti-choice group wants to end all legal access to birth control...

Political, but sappy. 11YO sells video games to contribute to Hillary

CNN BREAKING: God DID make little green apples, and it DOES rain in Indianapolis in the summertime

What's your favorite sentence in all of Language?

OMG! This is even WORSE than being anal retentive about socks!

Wine tastes better with music!

That Theda Bara Look - for Cats

I'm about to watch "Wag The Dog"

What the hell is a "Reagan Democrat" supposed to be?

Colorado's Square State blog has a tremendous interview with Dean up today.

holy shit i've been on DU for like 8 hours today...

I have bosoms in my cookie crumbs

Any of yall out there songwriters? Write folk songs? I have a suggestion.

Any of yall out there songwriters? Write folk songs? I have a suggestion.

WOW! The Tampa Bay Rays have the best record in the AL,

I'm going to dye my goatee dark green. Opinions?

Fart right here!

Dog adopts kittens

"Today's ASSignment....KICK SOME ASS!!!"

Today is "Kashmir" day

Hey, is flvegan around? I've got a pitstop problem...

'Extreme Heat Advisory'

Eat us! Hey, it's Thanksgiving Day! Eat us, we make a nice buffet!

I just had to have my sewer line replaced, ask me about my shitty attitude.

OK Happy Birthday LynneSin, Even Though She Doesnt Love Me Anymore

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?

I'm home sick today!

Ever feel like this?

Take a look at this forecast and tell me what I'm sick of....

Awww...the widdle wingnuts have been cancelled

Paging turtlensue....some encouragement...

Family Leaves Their Baby At Airport, Fly On

Happy 39th Birthday, Cate Blanchett!

Strange Dreams thread! Post yours!

Lucien Freud Goes to Another Extreme and Sets a Sales Record for a Living Artist

NASA's at 1 listen if yer interested....

What, if anything, would you do in this situation?

We are this stinking close to flying cars. *this close*

Are the seed pods from vetch edible?

Paging philboy....some encouragement...

Who is a good detective here?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/14/08

Hey Dittoheads! Get a load of this!

Is this Burma and China situation becoming REALLY difficult for anyone else?

Has anyone recieved their Tax Rebate yet?

Eastern NC DUers: air show in Lumberton this weekend


I put my pets into my art work.

Why do some of Hillary's supporters continue to treat every endorsement as "betrayal"?

Mercy's eyes are blue

The most fuckingly marvelous and magnificent ending to ANY work of art ever written

Perversity is when

OK, that just about tears it. A robocall from *charity*!

Day two of Post Here and tell me why I should get you a star.

I Would Say 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Captured The Most Interesting Part Of Our Lives

Real estate question

My prediction: Obama will receive another huge endorsement campaigning in FL

Bragging coworker: "I just hit my wife the other day"

Remind me not to wear date clothes to a funeral

Begala had it wrong about the 50 state plan and about those "nose-pickers" in MS

I've squandered my resistance for a pocketful of mumbles

Happy Birthday LynneSin and BOSSHOG!

Go ahead. Look who's atop the AL East

Book I saw at the store today.

Minnesota Robo-Calls Warn Against Exciting, Unusual Sex Acts

What if I were to tell you I was actually the "Get a Brain, Morans!" guy....


..And finally he lets go completely ,in the most easy and wonderful way

'Overweight' Letters From Schools Outrage Parents

Grovelbot is loose

Coach Arrested for False Imprisonment. Young boys bound, gagged, and suspended from rafters.

Hillary's real base: alien freaks

Gravelbot is loose, too.

Well, they took another day from me

What Is Your Favorite Airline Of All Time

ME: According to LBN

Haha! MySpace spammers fined $230 million!

Fucking Comcast!

So. Cal. Hertz rent-a-car scam.

How do i keep "my stuff"?

Who Wants A Starr

Why must buying clothes be such a fucking ordeal?

Day two of Post Here and tell me why I should NOT get you a star.

Wish Me Luck For Monday, We Are Going On A Sales Call With A Huge Company

Ad from Mexican newspaper

Northwest 757 diverts to Vegas after losing part of wing

Damn! I found out yesterday I have angoraphonia.

Happy 43rd Birthday, LynneSin!!!!

Something Stupid

Help. Can a PC play a .mov/Quicktime file created on a Mac?

¿Necesitamos un foro para español, sí?

Why are we at level one?

Prepare for DEFCON people. Big news in the terrordome (i.e. GD:P)

Werner Herzog is remaking "Bad Lieutenant". With Nicholas Cage.

Read the F*cking article!

My date has been moved to Sunday.

Hello DU!

Leslie "And Don't Call Me Shirley" Nielsen's first name was "Leslie"

Paralyzing fear of talking on the phone is hurting me in finding a job

Forget RickRolling - O'reillyRolling - it's the new thing!

Queer Adam Says: Why is it that gay men spend so much money on clothes?

"Million dollar nude woman" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include it.

I Love GD:P Today!!!

I'm driving...well, riding, to Maryland. Ask me anything!

God darn economy...

GD-P is in hysterics.

GD-P is in hysterics.

And......, where the hey is billyskank?

I know how this sounds to some,

Argh! I have bad luck when it comes to concerts.

Angelina Jolie pregnant WITH TWINS....that is all.

The Sad Reality Of High Gas Prices These Days

You've probably all known "the perfect couple". You know, the couple who seemed to

What do you dream of when you dream of hanging it up?

Too slow, matcom! Kelly Brooke back with Billy Zane.

Would you pay for your own piss test?

I'm not a superdelegate, I'm drunk, it's my birthday. The pool is 92 degrees.

Now I *know* I have no fashion sense.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/14/2008)

The basement finishing cult has invaded my neighborhood!

Man Suing JetBlue For Them Allegedly Forcing Him To Sit In Lavatory During Flight

And I tho't pro athletes were tough! Headline: "Buchholz on DL with broken fingernail"

2,000 teens trash mansion

We Feel Fine

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's 'Fusion Man'

Man Drinks Box of Wine, Gets in Darth Vader Suit, Executes Order 66, Attacks Jedi Church

I am the only person that can create a flamewar over Davy Crockett.

Anyone have one of those quick set pools?

Does anyone else miss "William Shakespeare's Thought for the Day"?

On tap at Tavernertavern: Oskar Blues' Ten Fidy

This is post #19992

Oh no...the ignore function is gone

How confident do you have to be in your skills to step out of a plane ...

Two pictures of Batman

You might be in a recession if...


my you tube song for the night - Led Zeppelin

Craigslist posting: What do you think?

Whenever I think about hanging it all up...

Anybody here practice Yogi

Dinner tonight at Casa De Jason was awesome...

My avatar is gone!

I just spilled $300 worth of medicine..ask me anything!

The Sad Reality Of High Gas Prices These Days


My concert lineup for the next few months:

Mother arrested for training 12yo daughter to a professional dominatrix

OK...I fucking hate the Eagles, but think Hotel California was a perfect rock tune

Happy Birthday BOSSHOG

I went to a wake/funeral/interment AND met with my lawyer

I worked out today for the first time in 7 years and...

I Am Giving Out Free Hugs Today

Have you ever been raped?

Post your favorite Carlin routine

Broadway in Chicago has announced its 2009 productions

OMC sighting in GD-Poo!

I want to give a Star to someone(s)

Gah! JackMN messed with my computer. Now my wallpaper isn't this:

Any WI-FI home networking experts?


Q for BSG Fans; Is Barbara Bush Laura Roslin's mother?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I Will Possess Your Heart

Free maps for Conquest (RISK) players!

~ High Fidelity Appreciation and Quote Thread ~

Three years ago this week...

Come and get it while you can? It's a freebie!

A guy in a spa

I am 28089 away from 30000 posts, ask me anything

I am 28089 away from 30000 posts, ask me anything

I am 28089 away from 30000 posts, ask me anything

I am 28089 away from 30000 posts, ask me anything

I am 28089 away from 30000 posts, ask me anything

Regarding "24"

Black University Employee Fired for Stating Homosexuality Not the Same as Colour

Three down, one to go, Ask me anything!

We're at defcon 2!! GDP must be a blood bath. nt

Call Me Wesley

Good night DU

This is our secret hideout.

Anyone ever tell off a relative, like your mother, and then feel good about

Dare I say it ?

Ah! Two-year-old left alone at airport by accident!

Denny Crane (R) for President!

"Seven faced marble eye transitory dream doll"

Sorry to bring GDP into the lounge, but John Edward has made his endorsement.

Grovelbot is really cranky..

Geek art - way too cool

They've got Grovelbot set to go off at #33 again

The 33 million dollar nude woman

That didn't take long - remember how I moved out cause the roomie's man was coming?

Need a recommendation for a USB microphone

A few fries short of a Happy Meal

Post your old pics of Grovelbot.

Why I love living in New York.

weird - things that will make you say 'Really?'

Ever feel oddly ripped off when the weather bozos get it wrong?

Match Game Story Style: "Freeper Fred is so ignorant, he ____ his underwear".

The demonization of marijuana - article from a book discussed on AlterNet

You know, Skinner looks an awful lot like the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Judgement day my friends is here:

I just got some great news.

A solution to writer's block...

wOrd AsSocIAtiOn thReAd

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/14/08 Bonus

Everyone please call the IRS

Cherokee National Forest (WARNING: Pics!)

Is my joke in this linked thread funny? (not a RickRoll, I promise!)

Ok: gimme your best, sweetest love songs.

'The Bread You Possess Belongs to the Hungry'

Barack's 57 states remark


== How to stay very, very dumb = By Mark Morford

Question for, well, anyone.

Grandfather Mountain (WARNING: Pics)

Cheer Me Up - In A Far Right Fundamentalist Town

Can any husband be more of a putz?

Why did DU lock up the pirate?

"John Edwards: 'We Need Paper Ballots'"

Wooohooo Janet Napalitano! Took 1 million from Sheriff Joe today!

Get off your butts and dance!!

As long as we're doing songs today, got one that just tears up the eyes?

it's the dedicate a random song lyric to Rabrrrrrr thread.


Young me - Now Me

My email stalker is back

arghh .. It doesn't rain but it pours. Serious Good Vibes Needed

Guns in restaurants draw stares but little outcry

Guns in restaurants draw stares but little outcry

Honda's humanoid robot conducts concert in Detroit

I'm Calling Out Venus Rising...

God will fuck you up (John Butler Trio)

the official GOP convention logo

Anyone here practrice Yoga?

Where are GoddessofGuiness, matcom, and RedQueen? Come out and play.

Does anyone tell the truth?

My mom is a mess!

I bought a sewing machine

Think I busted a button on me trousers; hope they don't fall down.

Play a song you've recently discovered

Ring tone to end all ring tones

Anyone remember this one: "One Tin Soldier"

Anyone remember this one: "One Tin Soldier"

DU Women - Question re: Haircuts (not perm, not color, not style)

"you have the most beautiful eyes" mmmkay


Hammerhead - The Offspring

Who wants a star?

Egads - interesting Wife Swap tonight.

Holy Crap! Do you know who this is?

Ok NOW it's official, we can all rally around a general election candidate....

OMFG check this out...I am pissed at this, you probably will be too

I found a date for Southpawkicker

HELP! please? Have to write a statement to complete a teaching application--Need ideas!!

Well, I got laid off yesterday.

Hey Deadheads! Get a load of this!

Televangelist John Hagee apologizes to Catholics

Tyson layoffs planned for Hanover County plant

Iraqi PM visits Mosul to review anti-Qaida campaign

British PM 'approached as TV show judge'

Fighting reported in Baghdad's Sadr City

Judge says Berlusconi can testify in CIA kidnap case

F.D.A. Chief Writes Congress for Money

US troops search in Baghdad's Sadr City(ahead of Iraqi army deployment)

(Sunni) MP survives murder attempt, blast in Baghdad's green zone

Devastated Myanmar warned of new cyclone

Clinton's W.Va. victory does little to slow Obama (2 more SD's)

Obama to Receive Endorsement Of 3 Former SEC Chairmen

Iraq’s Baquba running out of water in rising heat

14,000 Policemen to Secure Bush's Visit to Jerusalem

GOP leaders want to file Bolten-Miers court brief

Woman pleads guilty in Spitzer prostitution probe

Clear Channel Accepts Smaller Takeover Bid

Mortgage scams on rise, net millions for fraudsters in US: FBI

Russia Says "Six" Could Guarantee Iran Security

This Is an Ex-Candidate

US probing Iraqi companies for insurance fraud

Another Dem Eyes The (NY) 13th CD (Fossella's Seat)

US Foreclosure Filings Surge 65 Percent In April

Howard Dean Announces Joint Dem Fundraising Effort/Agreement

Some U.S. Detainees Drugged For Deportation: Report

N.J. High School Student Banned After Setting Teen's Turban on Fire

World No. 1 Justine Henin Quits Pro Tennis

"Person Of Interest" In Fla. Wildfires In Custody

U. of Okla. freshman, 19, elected mayor of Muskogee

California high court set to rule on gay marriage

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 14

John Edwards to endorse Obama in White House race

Bush Says Electing Democratic President Could Lead to New Attack On U.S.


Burger King fires 2 after blog controversy (BK infiltrates a worker's advocacy group)

Dozen militants killed in suspected US strike in Pakistan: security official

Obama: Hold On, Sweetie

Red Cross: Up to 128,000 may have died in Myanmar

Barcelona forced to import emergency water

Jesse Jackson Wants To See Secret Service Files

Suicide bomber kills 22 in attack west of Baghdad

Hillary racks up big win [WV]

Will Chicago repeal foie gras ban?

Judge Says Countrywide Officers Must Face Suit by Shareholders

Breaking: Chinese troops rush to plug 'extremely dangerous' cracks in dam upriver from quake area

Judge backs Christian soldier's conscientious objector petition

Court bars Bush administration's logging plans for Sierra

Discovery of Most Recent Supernova in our Galaxy

House GOPers Stomping Mad Over Prospects

Sources: U.S. cuts off Iraqi politician Chalabi

Scandal-plagued Ohio attorney general resigns

(Bush) Administration uses rules to limit consumer lawsuits

Sgt. ordered to trial in Fallujah killing

House Republicans Say Mississippi Loss May Signal More Setbacks

New storm head toward cyclone-devastated Myanmar

Anti-war veterans group banned from Bremerton parade

Dann resigns

NARAL endorses Barack Obama for President

McCain's wife sells ($2 million in) Sudan-related investments

With H-1B in limbo, Congressional backers push Green Card fix

Democrats reject Rove offer (to provide written answers to Siegelman questions)

McCain's wife sells Sudan-related investments

Government reports low inflation

John Edwards launching anti-poverty effort

(Vet) Bush's golf claims 'a slap in face'

Top Lawmaker Eyes Subsidy Review on Tanker Deal

California Supreme Court to decide gay marriage case Thursday

Republican Election Losses Stir Fall Fears

US lists polar bear as threatened species

US army detains 500 minors in Iraq: report

New lawsuit claims Chiquita transported weapons

U.S. House Democratic leader praises Colombia gov't

House Backs Farm Bill With Numbers to Beat Veto

GOP To Continue Using Obama To Bash Down-Ticket Dems

Girl, Eight, In Iraq Suicide Bombing

Mesa's Air Midwest to Halt All Flights by June 30

Greek unions strike over privatizations

Specter criticizes NFL, wants independent Spygate investigation

Obama apologizes for calling reporter 'sweetie'

Ants swarm over Houston area, fouling electronics

Couple 'trained 12-year-old girl as dominatrix'

Obama (Head) Secret Service Agent Tied to Sex (Racist) Joke (yikes)

Argentina's Menem faces July trial (George H. W. Bush friend)

Fmr. Military Intelligence Officer Reveals US Listed Palestine Hotel in Baghdad as Target ...


Road to Change: Oregon

College Democrats Superdelegates Lauren & Awais Endorse...

Chris Matthews: Hillary is like "the Al Sharpton of White People"

Making a killing from the food crisis

TERRY MCAULIFFE: "GREATEST SPEECH EVER"...followed by Tweety and KO mockery

Hillary Clinton West Virginia Primary Victory Speech ("greatest speech ever" according to McAuliffe)

Red State Update: Hillary Wins West Virginia

MSNBC: America Fed Up w/ GOP, Dems 3 for 3 in Red State Strongholds

Barack Obama in Cape Girardeau, MO

House Republicans: Change You Deserve

[Channel 4 News] Horror of Congo's forgotten war 2008.03.27

Treating Our Soldiers Like Dogs

McCain Unsucessfully Tries To Dodge Question About GI Bill

Who needs 527s when you've got book deals and speeches?

Rep. Steve KING compares mexicans to livestock

Karl Rove says KKK hurt Obama in West Virginia

Grandpa Abe McCain 2008 - The Onion Belt

Remarks from Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT)

Letterman - Clinton Leads in the State of Denial

NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC Endorses Sen. Barack Obama

TYT: JL Pushes For War - Media Doesn't Challenge Him On It (RANT)

NBC17MYNC (Raleigh, NC) Coverage: Edwards Endorses Obama

Harry Shearer's 935 Lies of the Bush Administration

Obama Speech Following Edwards Endorsement

Bush's Sacrifice

MSNBC Coverage: Edwards Endorses Obama

George W. Learns He Shouldn't Golf While Soldiers Die

Barack Obama in Macomb County, MI - Discusses the economy and manufacturing

Edwards Endorses Obama: "There is One Man..."

Countdown: Keith On Edwards' Endorsement of Obama - 5/14

TYT: Cenk & Christy Harvey On Pledged Delegate Switches

Rep. John Conyers Addresses the NH Phone Jamming Incident John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama

Young Turks: Big Loss for GOP in Mississippi

Hillary Calls John Edwards/Hannah Montana...

Nothing to spin . . . slow news day

The Boys of Bend, OR

Rep. Markey - Suspending the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Obama Supporters: Don't Be Schmucks

Edwards Speech Endorsing Obama (COMPLETE)

Edwards Full Obama Endorsement Speech - PT. 2 (10:55)

VERDICT: Karl Rove Refuses To Testify = Abrams w/ Horton & Siegelman

Edwards Full Obama Endorsement Speech - PT. 1 (10:57) Vets for Peace Not Allowed in Armed Forces Day Parade

WV (Superdelegate) Endorses Obama in Spite of Hillary Win

Pat Buchanan's Racial Paranoia Meltdown on MSNBC

WTF ::: Obama monkey T-shirts raise ire

Countdown: Keith's Special Comment on Bush, Golf and War PT. 1 - May 14, 2008

Colbert goes Nuts!!!!

Colbert Report: O'Reilly Losing It

Dennis Kucinich - It's time to stand up and speak out

Indiana police state

Protest at Mulligan's

Rumsfeld wished for another terrorist attack on America

Rep. Conyers Issues Warning to AG Mukasey About Subpoenas

Obama faces racism in West Virginia

Countdown: Keith's Special Comment on Bush, Golf and War PT. 2 - May 14, 2008

US Naval Fleet to Be Positioned Off the Coast of South America

Chase cutting 420 jobs in Phoenix, moving some overseas

Amazon defender quits Brazil environment post

Gene Lyons

Dems Considering the Ultimate Sanction Against Joe Lieberman

Students stage demo against HEC, Pakistan. (gov delaying ed scholarship in Cuba)

Republicans: The New Whigs

Riddle for Edward Luttwack: What Do Radical Muslims Hate Even More Than an 'Apostate?'

Ariz. governor ends sheriff's immigration contract

Robert Scheer: The Tortured Law on Torture

Dave Lindorff: The New Media (and Clinton) Story Line: Democrats Need to Worry about Obama

The Bell Tolls For Thee, GOP

Give Something Back

A new version of masculinity that doesn't involve being a sociopathic thug


Ford recalling more than 655,000 trucks

McCain actively sought Hagee endorsement.

Ecuador Targets a U.S. Air Base

Steny Hoyer and Chris Dodd: Indiana voters shut out for no rational reason

Taking a Stand Against War By Scott Ritter

Torture Policies Undermine 9/11 Case

The Silver Lining of Economic Collapse

Lucy Komisar: The Year the War Came Home

School Recruiting Could Violate Int'l Protocol

Gore Vidal on Bush, History & the “United States of Amnesia”

John Nichols: Obama-Backing Edwards Elbows Aside Clinton

Maybe Bush Gave Up Golf, But He Still Makes His 'Putz'

Froomkin's take on *'s golf lie - blistering

Tom Friedman’s Latest Declaration of War by Glenn Greenwald

Running on Empty: Cars that Never Need Gas

The Iraq War--mainly a 2004 Bush campaign strategy

The roots of Fascism.

In a Casino Mentality, The Economy Goes From Bubble to Bubble

Africa Has Outsourcing in Its Sights

7 Repub Senators 'hold' $50 billion in AIDS relief program for 3 million people. - Gerson of WP

Top tech cos moving jobs to India

Moyers warns of a corrupt and dysfunctional U.S. government and a corporate/media takeover.(videos)

US Naval Fleet to Be Positioned Off the Coast of South America

Collapse of the Fourth Estate

Rolling Stone: China's All Seeing Eye! By Naomi Klein

Rebranding Republicans


Hot Climate Could Shut Down Plate Tectonics

Juneau: A City Cooler and Dimmer, and, Oh, Proving a Point

Asian Plate Caused Quake in China (Video)

Indians Find U.S. at Fault in Food Cost

Barcelona forced to import emergency water

SunPower Reaches 23.4% (commercial solar) Cell Efficiency

Fuel cell buses in fast lane to maturity

Solar photovoltaic set to grow (Globa and Mail)

Oil powered Norway gradually turns into the wind

Chinese earthquake could be due to Himalayan glacier-melting - Anthony Marr, Heal Our Planet

Sea Shepherd: Japan To Use Military Space Technology to Help Kill Whales

46% of Brazil's energy comes from renewable sources

how much are you really paying for gas?

Oil industry costs continue steep rise: CERA (+6% over 6 months)

EIA: US Preliminary March Crude Imports down 9.3% Vs Year Ago

How We Lost Knowledge of Where Food Comes from and Why We Need to Get It Back

Some Recovery Reported From Indian Ocean Corals Damaged By 1998 Water Temp Spike - Reuters

Brazilian Environment Minister Resigns, Taking Most Of Brazil's Credibility With Her, Say Activists

BP Cancels $2 Billion Coal Sequestration/H Plant Near Perth - Geology Unsuitable For CO2 Storage

McCain Criticizes Bush On Climate, Has Photograph Taken Near Tree - NYT

Video:The World According to Monsanto

Australia Coal-Mine Floods Raise Costs of Cars, Planes, Washers

Alternative energy mutual funds

Sex Talk With Worldwatch VP

McCain Raises Concerns About Subsidies for Solar Power (but nuke subsidies OK, WSJ)

Tiny Smart car gets highest rating in crash tests

Running on Empty: Cars that Never Need Gas (Sierra Club)

EPA may decide not to limit the amount of a toxin in water supplies

China quake risk to dams, nuclear sites

China is world's 3rd largest country in terms of solar production capacity

US lists polar bear as threatened species

$120 Billion In Wind Power Development Stalled By Turbine Shortages, Rising Costs - Bloomberg

GM's sales focus to get 'dramatic redesign' as gas soars

No Turning Back - Martin Wolf Commentary On Dealing With Expensive Energy Reality - FT

What is the real price of gasoline - an estimate prepared by the INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGY

Motorcycle wreck kills Rucker soldier

Air Force backs down on Web site condemnation

250 S.C. guardsmen set to return today

Roadside bomb kills soldier in Baghdad

Reward lowered for al-Qaida in Iraq leader

More corpsmen, psych teams for PTSD

Camp Lejeune battalion returns from Iraq

Sadr City pact holds despite deadly clashes

Deployments will last at least 6 months

Spec ops squadron to be based at Cannon

Northrop sets groundbreaking for tanker complex

Court-martial in alleged rape set for Friday

In letter, attorney claims misconduct by Stripes, DOD

Osprey airmen expect to deploy within months

USAFE to shift millions toward Air Force-wide program

Group says PTSD doesn’t merit Purple Heart

Two Futenma Marines admit they attacked cab driver

7,000 Japanese sue over Atsugi jet noise

Soldier gets seven months for desertion while on leave from Iraq

Camp Foster MP pleads not guilty to molesting teen

5 at Gitmo to Face Death Penalty

'US Spy' Reported Beheaded in Pakistan

Dems Propose Taxes for New VA Benefits

Scrap scavengers pose wily challenge on base

Latrine arsonist on the lam at Camp Anaconda

Marine can’t wear uniform at graduation

Army Guard Set to Fly New Euro Helicopter

Instead of raising taxes to fund the VA and other things why don't we go after war profiteers?

O-6: No question about Iran role in violence

Army tests prototype .50-caliber gun

Ban on sex for soldiers in Afghanistan is lifted ... sort of

I signed up a non member today

Qantas Airline Plans to Smash Strike With Non-Union Labor, Herald Says

Deadline looms in labor talks at nuclear plant (PLYMOUTH, Mass)

Fair Trade, Immigrant Rights, Free Labor

Latrobe Specialty steelworkers file unfair labor charge

UCSF, UC Berkeley, other UCs face possible strike (20,000 AFSCME members)

State Police Union Files Grievance On New Gas Rules

Nurses union files lawsuit against California nursing group

Colorado Activists Launch Ballot Campaign to Prevent Corporate Fraud, Protect Jobs

Obama Lays Out Manufacturing Plan As He Tours Michigan Plants

Is Indiana Poised To Turn Into A Blue State?

Bill Moyer’s Journal Focuses on Health Care and Nurses’ Role in Reform

Mississippi Victory Sends Another Pro-Working Family Member to Congress (fourth time this year)

Plant owners: NY workers were in US illegally (block workers from joining a union)

Immigration raid at kosher plant largest in U.S. history (NO MSM)

Labor's Nightmare - Privitized Social Services

Union Seeks Permit For Foxwoods Protest

Oil Refiners See Profits Sink as Consumption Falls

Federal Court Rules For Gay Students In Button Case (Need a laugh? Read the principals reasons.)

Grrrr...Federal Court Overturns Verdict In Lesbian Discrimination Case

Anti-Gay Writing Gets University Official Fired

Rupaul's drag race.

As Israelis celebrate, Palestinian mourn

Celebrations won't stop Israel's annihilation

Report: PM promised to build 600 homes in W. Bank settlements

Al-Zahar: Israeli military not beyond defeat

Palestinians losing faith in two-state solution

'We are almost dead. We have no money, nothing'

Report: PM promised to build 600 homes in W. Bank settlements

The Palestinian narrative is here to stay

Gaza rocket hits Israeli city, 14 hurt

A Reality Check as Israel Turns 60

Guatemalan Daily Journo Murdered After Threats

Woman to cycle Cuba for charity

Why Cuba is still important

Allende and Chavez Similarities and Differences - James Petras

World Bank `Destroyed Basic Grains' in Honduras

wanna vote for Joe in a poll?

Belgian media: Henin to quit tennis

Suggested punishment for Bellichick for Spygate

Kobe wins MVP

Boston Herald Published Front Page Apology to Patriots

Annika Sorenstam retiring--at season's end

World No. 1 Justine Henin Quits Pro Tennis

Big Brown Draws Post Position 7 For Preakness

DailyOM: "Guilty Pleasures - Feeling Guilty about Being Happy"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/14/08

Beautiful song: Rec if you think it's worth wider viewing.

Proof that For Sure We're Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Volunteer needed to coordinate the June prayer, light & healing request thread



Hitchin' A Ride


Down on the river front

Study: Over half of Americans on chronic medicines

Mayo Clinic study shows acupuncture and myofascial trigger therapy treat same pain areas

Doctors told to check up on heart device patients

Bird Flu Medicine Toxic for Teens (Rumsfeld connection)

Meningitis: defeated at last?

For a Paxil-free life, she'll take the long route

It was 90* here at 8:30 p.m. ....

~~~COMMENT THREAD for the MAY Photo Contest. Theme: WILDLIFE~~~

~~~SUBMISSION THREAD for the MAY Photo Contest. Theme: WILDLIFE~~~

Senate Revises Drug Maker Gift Bill

Health Insurance and Abortion

'Darth Vader' Convicted But Spared Jail In Jedi Church Attacks

Vatican astronomer: Love thy brother alien, too

Question about the Bible and Slavery...

Who would Jesus root for?

DU Christians: What is the the directive that makes you progressive?

Letter puts to rest Einstein's belief.

Police look to expand pawnshop oversight onto touchy turf — shops that buy used guns

Man uses gun as backscratcher, shoots himself.

Colbert does gun nut imitation on The Colbert Report. Brilliant!

Publicly throw gun control under the bus to win in November

911 abandones caller..

'Fusion Man' flies with a jet-powered wing

Give me a valid argument against national gun OWNER registration.

Shoot, Kill, Lie, Repeat: America's New Moral Universe

US drops charges against 9/11 suspect detained at Guantánamo

9/11 Truth Seekers and Campaigners… “It’s Your Lucky Day!”

Why is 9-11 important to you?

because it was a coup d’etat, 9/11

Air America Radio will have 'Pilots For 9/11 Truth'-May 15

Would people be kind enough to rec this diary about a racist incident in Georgia? Thanks.

Daily Kos post from Sen. Kerry

Hey gang...

Peering into the Senate fishbowl...

Good night - I need some rest or I will throw up.

Question: has Kerry ever said that he does not think HRC should be VP?

Cool. The GOP ran an anti-Kerry/Obama/Pelosi ad in MS. The Democrat still won!

Michele Bachmann has her own youtube channel

Blaine Aviation Weekend this weekend!

RIP Ron Stone

Ants swarm over Houston area, fouling electronics

PUC must act after power company reneges on fixed rates

Heavens! Are ya'll OK? is having a live show.. question and answer... great.>>>>.Link>>>>

I am such a dolt.

Who's the best solar dealer in Texas?

Hi! Can anyone suggest a desktop clock/timer applette?

about cached pages

FLDS updates--things that make you go hmmm

The Many Costs of Voter ID -another disenfranchisement tool for dismantling democracy

la la la la sex........ la la la la money...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Wednesday 05/14/08

Papering over OptiScam Problems

Clinton Scores Late Touchdown But Obama Extends Lead

Obama Endorsed By NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Political Action Committee

Onslow County N.C.failed to count 9,943 ballots on May 6, election night

Hillary’s Last Hurrah

Tory continues to attack Dallaire over Khadr

Fort McMurray Today: Oilsands pipelines to the U.S. blasted

Top police psychologist likens RCMP to Putin's Russia

Dropouts and Crime: Dallas using GPS in pilot truancy program

Teach for America Sees Surge in Popularity

The Latest Twist in Student Loans

CSU (Cal State Univ) panel approves 10% fee increase +$276- for next year- almost doubled since 2002

David Cook on American Idol tonight thanked his elementary music teacher!

CBC: The touring Kids in the Hall get back to their comedy roots

John Rutsey, drummer for Rush prior to Neil Peart, passes away

The correction for that, I suppose, is an attack.

86th Assembly Dem Candidate kickoff fundraiser May 15

Tell Comcast To Back Off Censoring Political Content

Has anyone noticed that quite a few of the hardcore Catholics on DU...


And, in other news tonight...Keith has diaried again on Kos! SPECIAL COMMENT TONIGHT!!

KOEB Meeting 5/14/08 Well, I'll Be a Son of a Mill Worker Edition

Do you think people have been turning on Keith a little?

OK, I can live with this ticket!