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Poll: Admitting that you made a mistake, and saying you are sorry.....

Poll: Admitting that you made a mistake, and saying you are sorry.....

Poll: Admitting that you made a mistake, and saying you are sorry.....

Obama Campaign Mulls Joint Appearances W/ McCain (Town Halls & Debates Over Summer)

Obama Campaign Mulls Joint Appearances W/ McCain (Town Halls & Debates Over Summer)

McSame... but different.

McSame... but different.

McSame... but different.

I figured out who Bill has turned into

Punch the Admins?

Punch the Admins?

Punch the Admins?

Do we have GE polls that refer to an unobstructed campaign between Obama and McCain?

Do we have GE polls that refer to an unobstructed campaign between Obama and McCain?

Do we have GE polls that refer to an unobstructed campaign between Obama and McCain?

Operation "Get the Media to cover McCain fairly"

Has your opinion of Bill Clinton diminished in the past six months?

Last post of this 24 hours. NEW JOURNAL for me

Hamartia and the Classic Greek Tragedy of the Clintons

Take a listen folks,

One good reason to support Obama

Something that I hope can bring the Hillary and Obama supporters together

Clinton Ad against Obama uses Troopergate Clipping

The new Obamabot talking point: If Obama loses to McCain, it's all Hillary's fault.

Been gone a while. Has Hillary dropped out yet?

Missing DUer

The power of the Clintons

Can we all agree on ONE thing regardless of who wins the nomination?

Poll: Most Jewish voters want Obama to win

The Top Ten Reasons to Vote for the Democratic Nominee...

"Like Monty Python's mutilated knight...

How Will The Results Of The Oregon Primary Be Announced ???

Who goes 20 million into debt for a job that pays 400k?

The ideal Dem presidential candidate

Thanks to John McCain -- Hillary can't drop out before Denver

A Fighter.....

Based on his website alone, who do you think Tom Allen will endorse today?

i have come to the conclusion that he is unelectable

i have come to the conclusion that he is unelectable

So much for "resistance is futile".


If Obama loses to McCain, who is to blame?

Anyone else find they've shifted from primary mode to GE mode?

MoveOn: Obamacan in 30 Seconds

To those who say they won't vote for Obama, well don't vote for him, vote AGAINST McCain.

New Clinton Theme Song Unveiled!!!!

Obama supporters: defend him if you can!

Anti-Semitic remarks over at Free Republic

Obama and Hillary's Debts, Take II. (Or, "No Frickin' Way!")


Obama Campaign Introduces Customized Lapel Pins

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Rasmussen: McCain 47, Obama 44 in Virginia

Rasmussen: McCain 47, Obama 44 in Virginia

Yowzer...there really are a lot of deluded and misguided people in America...

"ELITISM": The tag that keeps on giving and giving

Hey Hillary, you are $20 million in debt and it's getting worse. Don't expect us to bail

If Obama was to say "Hillary is not a racist, as far as I'm aware".

Congressman Allen to announce endorsement at 10:30am

There's a difference between saying a group of people haven't voted for someone before now & saying

Words of warning about McCain from Biden

Words of warning about McCain from Biden

Take the Bush-McCain taste test! Can you tell the difference?

Hillary who? Obama acts likes it's over

TIME: McCain's 7 Steps to Beating Obama

I heard Bob Barr is having a press conference at 11 EST (today). Anyone know anything?

South Dakota Clinton supporters will back Obama if nominee: "We're Democrats, hon"

Please save the WV vs PA stuff for the "backyard brawl" in November.

SFGate: Next president might be gentler on pot clubs

Another SD for Obama, from Maine

Obama hasn't indicated any plans to increase Welfare funding has he?

Obama hasn't indicated any plans to increase Welfare funding has he?

Obama Superdelegates 2 today so far

HACKING DEMOCRACY ON HBO. Everyone should watch this

More Delegate Math Toys



Hey! No fair!

CNN..Obama WV Speech

Hillary's path to POTUS

Hillary And McCain: The White Block That Must Be Stopped

Oh wait! NOW I get it. The fundraiser is a tribute to GD:P!

Edwards warns Clinton not to do damage

I know West Virginia - an anti-WV rant from a SW Pennsylvanian

John Edwards voted for Obama

John Edwards voted for Obama

Obama needs to make peace with the Clinton campaign if he wants to win in the fall

I know how Obama can upstage Clinton Tuesday night

John Nichols: Of Course, Edwards Voted for Obama

Are We in the Middle of Environmental and Geophysical Modification Warfare?

Obama supporters: A bit of good news from West Virginia

I love West Virginia

Clinton camp: "Hillary is within striking distance of winning the popular vote nationwide"

Why Obama Needs Clinton to Stay in the Race (LAT)

There really is no such thing as "The White Vote".

So That "double digit" Ohio Win?...didn't happen

Roses for Michelle?

HACKING DEMOCRACY ON HBO. Everyone should watch this

And another Superdelegate for Obama today (Monday)

Obama’s General Election Travel Plans

Hillary has the Hatfield clan wrapped up- McCoys for Obama? link

A Plague On Both Our Houses

**Edwards Supporters** Sign The Petition To Obama Campaign Saying "Edwards for VP!"

**Edwards Supporters** Sign The Petition To Obama Campaign Saying "Edwards for VP!"

**Edwards Supporters** Sign The Petition To Obama Campaign Saying "Edwards for VP!"

Remember when Hillary fans thought that SNL was the only place to get unbiased election coverage?

O.K., I'll say it. West Virginia = Racist, Uneducated Whites who wouldn't vote for Obama anyway.

Obama or O'Bama ? What's in a name ?

Obama or O'Bama ? What's in a name ?

Obama as president could be the best thing this country has seen in a long time...

Hillary supporters please donate to her campaign ASAP..

desperation of Hill supporters is that barack is not electable

Obama Mother's Day card!

Obama Mother's Day card!

Why Hillary should NOT be Obama's choice for VP

Why Hillary should NOT be Obama's choice for VP

If Hillary had any kind of an argument re "electability"

Obama on treatment of Vietnam Vets: "The sting of that injustice...should never be repeated."

Tweety: You will do anything to defend the Clintons

Sit Back, Relax, Get Ready to Rumble

Rahm Emmanuel Calls Kennedy Comments About Clinton "Out of Line"

Rahm Emmanuel Calls Kennedy Comments About Clinton "Out of Line"

Corps struggling to find a candidate, so far favor Obama

Whoopi Goldberg defends Hillary on "White working class comment".

Whoopi Goldberg defends Hillary on "White working class comment".

*********** HEADS UP - CNN - Barack Obama WV event coming up! ***********

Schumer Catches “Dream” Fever

Schumer Catches “Dream” Fever

Barr officially enters race for Libertarian Party's nomination

Third SuperD of the Day!! Senator Akaka endorses Obama!!!!

Third SuperD of the Day!! Senator Akaka endorses Obama!!!!

Gallup: Bush More Damaging To McCain Than Wright Is To Obama

I believe it's time to put a fork in the "you can only win with the DLC" meme

Why won't Edwards publicly endorse Obama ?

Clinton is the Energizer Bunny

Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain

Hillary - "'Tis But A Scratch!"

Are you done with Hillary Clinton?

THIS Is Hillary Supporter Irony .......

Who is most responsible for Hillary Clinton's defeat in the primaries?

WOW! Obama within moe in VA and NC vs. McCain (DEMS may gain two senate seats!)

CNN poll

McAuliffe: "We'll worry about the debt when this is over"

The REAL problem in WV

Uncommitted TN super delegate is a "dead man" to Hillary

Who is to blame for Hillary losing?

Does a candidate's FULL name have to be on the ballot ?

Inspirational story

Group pushing Clinton as VP choice tied to her campaign

Randy Rhodes: McCain has just been Nadered!!!!!

Terry "Baghdad Bob" McAuliffe Was Just On M$NBC...

The rhetoric and the reality on McCain and the environment

If one more person says "Hillary Clinton Should Drop Out" on DU....

a good reason not to live and die by the polls

Requiem for a Heavyweight

Great Speech Obama gave in W. Va. today

Bug Off Hillary Clinton

Look out! Here comes Hillary's STEAM ENGINE

Look out! Here comes Hillary's STEAM ENGINE

How many Obama supporters live in their mother's basements?

Barack Obama's Super Delegate "ace in the hole"

"She has to be really careful that she's not damaging our prospects, and our cause, for the fall"

It's terrific hearing McCain talk about global warming!

PREDICTION: when this General Election campaign comes to a close...

Hey, Skinner! (Spellcheck issue edited with a fix for those who have had issues)

Attn: Obama Supporters

Why don't more people mention the fact that when Clinton talks about the popular vote, she isn't

POLL: Bush May Be as Harmful to McCain as Wright Is to Obama

Why do SOME blue collar white voters refuse to vote for Obama? My perspective

no candidates should have 'dropped out' - the expectation should be that once in, you finish it

Dems to Clinton: Don't Say Anything to Hurt Us

109 to 16.5

Obama’s Full Remarks at Charleston, West Virginia Speech

Obama’s Full Remarks at Charleston, West Virginia Speech

Obama should be going all out in WV and the remaining primaries than pretending McSame will be their

So when Hillary or anyone associated with her campaign

Terry McAuliffe & Howard Wolfson continue to fight for Hillary

Bill urges WV to give Hillary 80-90 percent win...

Why blue collar white voters don't vote for Obama ?

Since Joe Lieberman wants to pimp McCain, let's hang Hagee around his neck

Former Mentor: Hillary Clinton Failed to Master 'Feminine Approach'

When will the media call out Lieberman for his ridiculous rightwing smears???

Obama uses W.Va. speech to open debate with McCain on new GI Bill

In the greater scheme of things the name Prairie Chapel is

Who I want for Vice President: somebody I've never heard of.

Issues, Issues, Issues...

Obama on McCain Speech: 'Breathtaking,' Not in a Good Way

CNN Poll needs some DU Love: 80% think popular vote should count more then delegates???

Obama, The Clintons & Positively 4th Street!

You must CHOOSE! Richardson or Webb for the VP!

Obama picks up *4* superdelegates so far Monday ...

Obama Supporters: Share Your Elitist Story! (Sarcasm)

Is the VP slot Hillary's for the Asking? Does she want it?

GOP Vet in contest

Little indicators in the Hamptons - Not Clinton country anymore

Bob Barr thinks he can pick up some of the non-Clinton or non-Obama votes. Bob Barr for President!

WV not a big win with 19 delegates more than Obama

Why are Obama people still slamming on Clinton???

271.5 delegates?

Clinton Chair Terry Mcaulliffe tells MSNBC: In it to win it through 6/3 and HRC will be the nominee

I HATE to see guys like Rangel out there spinning

It's all down to the popular vote now ....

Intrade numbers..very telling

Remember how sure you were that we were going to win in 2000?

So many people begged you to stop the Hillary bashing so the issues

Hillary in West VA talking like a southerner again

Now that Hillary is behind in pledged and super d's, is she banking it all on seating FLA/MI?

You all make me sleepy.

Voting Democrat in November

So what the fuck is Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski thinking - at McCain event?

Two Good Reasons

Can someone outline why Sebelius would be a good VP choice?


Lieberman: Obama's Alleged Endorsement By Hamas Shows "Difference" With McCain

Lieberman: Obama's Alleged Endorsement By Hamas Shows "Difference" With McCain

**14 Reasons Why HIllary Would be the WORST Choice for Obama's VP**

When its all over, and they all meet at the convention

Who's Your Pick For Obama's Chief of Staff? Obama's A One Term Senator

Regardless of Tomorrow it Is Hills Last Stand

Hillary will receive $11.4 m in donations

So many Obama supporters, but so few donations. come on yall!! DONATE!!

Obama and Hillary's Debts, Take II. (Or, "No Frickin' Way!")

Liberman has endorsed McSame. I don't get it.

When is a running mate usually selected?

Obama Camp Says They're 150 Delegates From Clinching Nomination

Obama Camp Says They're 150 Delegates From Clinching Nomination

Andrea Mitchell reported that members of Senator Clinton's campaign said they would quit

Andrea Mitchell reported that members of Senator Clinton's campaign said they would quit

There's too much mistaken optimism

If Obama had no probs handling Hillary and Bill - why would he have a problem with McCain?

McCain's 7 Steps to Beating Obama

Second thread I started ever: Probably discussed before Chuck Hagel for VP?

No matter what, I bet Wes Clark will be campaigning for Obama. Clark is a...

Oregon at center of presidential fight

What Will It Say About Hillary's Win If Barack Comes Within a

My final predictions

How much do you know about Hillary Clinton?

My final predictions

Obama LIVE in KY (CNN livestream) now

Obama LIVE in KY (CNN livestream) now

Two more female Hillary supporters "of a certain age," converts to Obama!

Obama LIVE in KY (CNN livestream) now

What about being a Republican makes you proud?

What does it say about Hillary (D-NY) if she does better in West Virginia than she did in New York?

Only ONE candidate has repeatedly specified who will vote for them and NOT their opponent.

Where do the Clintons get the idea that they own the White House?

Obama pulls ahead of Clinton 50% to 43% in today's Gallup poll.

Am I the only one left who likes both candidates?

Running to the Right: Barack Obama and the DLC Strategy (Black Agenda Report)

A BIG factor in Superdelegates choosing Obama

So today a (republican leaning) co-worker told me that she is scared that if Obama gets elected...

Barbara Ehrenreich: Hillary's Gift to Women

Honest question for Hillary supporters concerning Michigan.

Gallup Daily: Obama Pulls Ahead of Clinton, 50% to 43% pro-Obama anti-McCain ad

question for all the obama supporters

Bob Kincaid Broadcasts Out Of West Virginia Each Weekday At 7 P.M. Eastern Time

Are Things a Little Tense in Hillaryland? ---pix--->

Standing with Obama. Fired up!!!!

mccain Beats Clinton And Obama In Wisconsin

an analysis of exactly why some clinton supporters will not vote for Obama

Extended race great news for Puerto Rico (63 Democratic delegates)

Extended race great news for Puerto Rico (63 Democratic delegates)

A Mother's day present that bombs...

Serious Question- No BS. PLEASE NO FLAMES. Was Obama wearing a flag pin today?

Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain

Hillary's last hope is her only weapon.

Hardball pundits push Republican VP Hagel... Wouldn't that free up Hillary to

Clinton on the ticket would kill our chances. (And thanks for the star! :))

Clinton on the ticket would kill our chances. (And thanks for the star! :))

for those who say Obama cannot win allow me to introduce you to

If large groups of people think that Obama is the equivalent of the black muslim Manchurian

Obama breaking pledges to not campaign in MI and FL?

Senator John Mc"blank". Let's make some nicknames.

Clinton creaming Obama in Ky

You know what's REALLY offensive? Saying poor, uneducated people can't do math

Who's the real US Citizen: Barack Obama or John McCain?

I certainly hope Sebelius is the VP.

OK. Get it out of your system, post your nasties here - Obama or Clinton or McCain or Barr or Nader.

Oh, screw you, MSNBC pundits....Grrrrr!

Obama Leads McCain as Bush, GOP Hit Record Lows

I want to donate for 1 Obama supporter and 1 Clinton supporter: Nominate them!

It's November. What percentage of HRC voters do you think will NOT vote for Barack Obama?

radio lady was just mentioned on tom`s show....

Obama unelectable? No. Hillary is unelectable -- SHE IS LOSING.

My third ever thread: ( my second was an absurd question) so here is my third.

Observations from an Obama town hall meeting.

Observations from an Obama town hall meeting.

When was the last time we have felt this much Racism, this close to home.... really...

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/12/08 - Obama unchnged (52), Clinton unchanged (42)

Will you be watching the WV Election Returns on Television on Tuesday?

With Democrats like Hillary, who needs Republicans?

I have nothing bad to say about WV or KY dems

KKK Spokesman Endorses John McCain for President

Tom Daschle for VP ?

here dan abrams goes again...

Edwards: Dynamic, young, strong candidate Obama


This weeks weather prediction - Constant Super Delegate showers

I think that Obama can totally re-draw the electoral map

As a new Obama supporter, I'm finding the IGNORE function a WONDERFUL feature!

Hillary going on after NC is like Lee going on after Gettysburg

Remember Democrats: 10% of the people own 70% of the wealth

What does it say about Obama, our presumptive nominee, if he loses badly in WV tomorrow

OH GOD. The bane of NJ has metastasized.

The West Virginia working class has never fought for progress.

Thank You To Whoever Made A Donation In My Honor And Gave Me A Star.

Whites with No College - Interesting Stats on Black or Woman President

Thank You To Whoever Made A Donation In My Honor And Gave Me A Star.

I also want to thank whoever donated a star for me!

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer for VP---worth thinking about?

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer for VP---worth thinking about?

ABC News Matchup: Obama 51, McCain 44.

MSNBC FINALLY reporting Obama takes the lead in SDs (with another pick-up in HI)

*** Dear Hillary, it's over....

The "Decider" states.

Things to send to your "Christian" hypocrites about helping the poor

Massive votes for Hillary and Massive votes for Obama.. Ted Devine says a joint ticket is unbeatable

2004 W.Va primary results

2004 W.Va primary results

I am very sad.

The Daily Show gets thrown off of and under the bus

If the Clintons are so popular in WV, why didn't WV vote for Clinton's heir apparent in 2000?

Sam Nunn for VP ?

CNN poll - Hillary's determination

Need a Donor Star?

Norah O'Donnell has developed a CACKLE!

Hillary supporter (historian) Wilentz authors positive Reagan book

Pat Buchanan said Obama would be like JFK.

I just watched the biggest event (WV)from home

The last Democrat to win the WH without WV was Woodrow Wilson in 1916

What might West Virginia's primary mean?

Why are the Right Wing Talking Heads Pro-Hillary?

Why are the Right Wing Talking Heads Pro-Hillary?

9 Reasons to vote for the Democratic Nominee this Fall

William Jefferson Clinton...STOP IT!

William Jefferson Clinton...STOP IT!

William Jefferson Clinton...STOP IT!

West Virginia News article: please explain

West Virginia News article: please explain

A funny thing happened on the way to the numbers - what happened to Hillary's Add On SDs?

Hillary for Veep? Poll votes, thoughts and nominees welcome

I predict childers will win in mississippi tomorrow!!

Big Slip: Hillary Clinton Refers To The Next President As A "He"

Obama Barack!

Why Obama is more electable than Hillary: HE WON.

Why Obama is more electable than Hillary: HE WON.

Kudos to Hillary for pulling back on the negativity!!!

Hillary should drop out.

Edwards own words on Hillary

It's all over but the gnashing of the teeth and the....

It's all over but the gnashing of the teeth and the....

Shhh... Trust Your Instincts... Trust Your Path...

McCain & Lieberman are EMBRACING Hamas' Propaganda.

What kind of elitist are you?

Poblano strikes again! Rewriting the electoral college map

I have more respect for Democratic Nader voters than I do for Democrats who vote for McCain or don't

If Hillary's Oppo Research hasn't landed the big one by now to derail Obama, I'm feelin comfy

Shall I donate to Bob Barr's campaign?

Please, honestly, please, HRC supporters - share the strategy.

my $.02 on VEEP

Obama's GOTV was A ++++ Supporters On The Ground Stories

I must say that I deeply offended.

I have a serious question. I want serious answers only.

The Page: "Oh, the Expectations They'll Set!" Obama calls Bill out on his GOTV prediction.

How many times a day does Tucker Carlson say "Look, I'm not advocating for Hillary

Come on, people, the reason we see coverage of the WV primary is simple.

Hillarys biggest States: Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia

I bet if I use all 3 of my posts right away

Manners...They hurt no one and help everyone.

Oh sure! Now West Virginia and Kentucky are the ONLY states that matter.

Oh sure! Now West Virginia and Kentucky are the ONLY states that matter.

Webb Led On Women's Rights in Navy

Obama and Clinton pound Mccain in Pennsylvania according to new Susquehanna GE poll

Um... Apparently Everything IS Related...

I hate this primary...

I hate this primary...

Obama Donation Matching $25

Why doesn't anyone mention Bob Graham as a possible VP candidate for Obama?

Is West Virginia Welcome in Your Democratic Party?

The problem with Sebelius as VP

SUSA OR: Obama 54 (+4), Clinton 43 (-1)

Any recent polls for Travis Childer's MS-01 race tomorrow?

Any recent polls for Travis Childer's MS-01 race tomorrow?

thingsyoungerthanjohnmccain dot com

Dem Gov (Hillary Supporter) Puts Wind in McCain Sails

If Hillary wins 100% of the vote in WV, 100% of the vote in KY, 100% of the vote in PR, and Obama

The magic number is now only 18.5 (and falling fast!)

I _realistically_ think Obama will win in November

Sen. Obama plays pool in South Charleston. W.Va. - pics

Sen. Obama plays pool in South Charleston. W.Va. - pics

Obama should air this ad in the remaining states

Rally for Hillary ---pix--->>>

i wonder how this blue-collar typical white dude will vote?

Let's cut out the "Chuck Hagel for VP" shit right now!


Just attended Bill Clinton's: Bring Your Ballot Event in Oregon

ABC/WP: GE Obama 51, McCain 44 / Clinton 49, McCain 46. Primary #'s O53 v. C. 41

It's not the lying so much as the lack of respect.

It's not the lying so much as the lack of respect.

This snooty, lazy white guy does not want Hillary as v.p.

Don't be ashamed, BE PROUD!

I think it's interesting that both OR and WV are about the same percentage white.

I keep hearing: "There's no chance McCain will win!"

Someone said we were all in our Mom's basement not donating

Clinton promotes segregating politics and Obama promotes UNITING politics

Things are getting REALLY TENSE over at the Clinton Phone Bank

Things are getting REALLY TENSE over at the Clinton Phone Bank

Who will McCain pick as his VP? If he goes with Colin Powell or a women, will that hurt the Dems?

Obama dismisses Novak (Novak lied. Surprised?)

Young, evangelical ... for Obama?

I admit it, I am warming up to Obama/Clinton

This Is Clearly Overkill

Still Can't Help Laughin Sometimes At The Arrogance Or Cockiness Of Some Obama Supporters.

Are poor or undereducated whites more likely to be racist?

Clinton Serves Up Hellish Roux of Bigotry, Division and Suspicion

All HillBamacans report for duty. You know who you are.

Obama: "I'll do what's right by Florida voters"

I still love Bill ! Who's with me???

Just donated 50 dollars to the Obama Campaign, because he leads in super delegates /nt

Hey, Joe Lieberman...

59 percent of African-Americans want Hillary as VP - only MSNBC/Teddy K & bloggers/DU don't

Would Hillary have won IN by double digits if it weren't for Shitgate

W. Virginians are toothless, stoopid, inbred morans? Really?

Wow - I didn't know Jared Fogle from Subway was a DU Admin!

"Visualize January 2009": What this election has taught me.

Why does everyone rush to the aid of W. Virginians, but if you're educated and from San Francisco

Why is Obama doing well in South Dakota and Montana & doing poorly in West Virginia and Kentucky?

Top 5 Things That Make Insane In The McCain Angry

Oh my, Hillary has one strong West Virginia accent!

Utah Phillips will be interviewed by Peter Werbe soon (probably 10:30PST)

Cindy McCain is a drug alcohol pusher....

News to me

What's the deal with NoQuarter and Hillaryis44? (Particularly curious what Clinton supporters think)

Hillary Supporters Only Please: Do any of you REALLY think Hillary will be the Nominee?

Abortion and War - They Walk Hand in Hand...

Awesome endorsement: "The unprecedented enthusiasm Senator Obama has generated here in Idaho is

Hillary Supporters - Remember You Are Democrats - Why You Should Vote for Obama

Civil war fear as Lebanon clashes escalate

Stupid Colorado proposal: Please DU the poll

The Suffering of Soldiers

"She's now wearing a Certified Pre-owned Pants Suit"

Fresh GE Polls! Get your fresh GE polls right here: Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, and Oreg

Fresh GE Polls! Get your fresh GE polls right here: Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, and Oreg

WJ this morning -Bigger concern: Crime or Terrorism?

Democrats Plan Pre-Recess Push

The end of wars

Domestic spying far outpaces terrorism prosecutions

Anybody else unable to access the Top 10 list?

Jan. 2009: Alternative visions

Red Cross boat carrying aid for Myanmar cyclone victims sinks

900 students 'buried' in China earthquake

Chris Matthews mocks panelist for bringing up Iraq

Nostalgic for the 90's?

While domestic spying increases, terrorism prosecutions decline, or, what's the point?

Tribal warriors don't get PTSD because they don't slaughter innocents

Scholarships--I used to hear this talk about lots of scholarship money going

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Invasions of Privacy

"I really don’t want an African-American as President."

Conservatives fighting adding Polar Bears to Endangered Species list

The Clintons (and McCain) play to our worst human instincts. Look at Bill now running around WV

U.S. support for IraN during the Iran-Iraq war - Note: This is not a duplicate post

Nance Greggs?

LDS zomibes on Today now..

New Math

LTTE: Dems who may vote McCain, but it sounds like Republicans pretending to be Democrats

"Dumbfuckistan." We're still living it

I guess DU isn't as ticked off at the Admins as they think...

Iran Air Flight 655 - Nothing like never having to say I am sorry

Mary Tillman (mother of Pat Tillman) will be online @ WP e-discussion today

U.S. support for Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war

Mr. Jenna Bush to work for a most awesome polluter with BIG plans for the future!

McCain Aide Tied To Myanmar Junta

Thousands killed in China quake

Payday loan law loophole swallows borrowers whole

Protection orders not enough to save 3 women

Vintage clip of an O'Reilly meltdown:

Voter ID laws have put a lock on the ballot box

Good News, Bob Barr is going to run for President as a Libertarian

The General Election Cycle Has Begun !! It's Obama v McCain Everywhere !

Iraq’s secret war of widows deepens - At least my husband was alive then and we were living in peace

Michael Gerson on Patriotic Kink: red, white and blue boxers and special marital occasions

I think the 'gizmo" at the top of the page shows a clever sense of humor on their part.

Hillary making people on both sides nervous: "It's not going to be a quiet exit." (updated)

71 Percent Of Iraqis Want U.S. Forces To Withdraw Within A Year - Sep 27th, 2006

Bill Moyers is being interviewed and taking calls right now.

Mother's Day in red state hell. Our Julia's Voice vigil (pictures)

Stover said two "criminals" were shot dead by US troops

Stover said two "criminals" were shot dead by US troops

Agree or disagree? Hillary backer here questions Obama's citizenship.

David Sirota on with Thom Hartmann now

I hope Obama does better than expected on Tuesday

BIG immigration raid in Richmond last week (you may very well believe this)

Bush Comment on Food Crisis Brings Anger, Ridicule in India

What if I do WANT to punch the Admins?

MSNBC did it again...

John McCain, who was himself an early Chalabi backer with ties to the Iraqi going bact to 1991

What if I don't want to punch the Admins?

Shipping containers-Disposable ?? or in short supply??

17 hours of non-stop rain

Just as I was leaving my last location, I thought I heard that Barr had thrown his hat into the ring

Greg Mitchell: Arianna's New Book Shows How Media Ignored 'Downing Street Memo'

THE Generals HEART Rumsfeld: AUDIO

Earthquake death toll hits 7000 in China - 900 students buried

Top 10 Reasons Obama Defeated Clinton for the Democratic Nomination

I think that we may be lacking a perspective on the issue of 'whose supporters on DU are worse.'

Why are gasoline prices so high ?

Does anyone have connections in China?

Does anyone have connections in China?

Mike Malloy says Obama/Clark is the ticket which will bury Grandpa McLoony

Iraq: U.S. Confirmed Deaths = 4076... Iraqi's = over 1 million?

Environmental and Geophysical Warfare

My traffic has been a lot better lately.

I STILL don't understand why we would want to punch the Admins.

Getting hit in the face is no laughing matter (Graphic pic alert)

US Warship Heads Back To Mediterranean Amid Lebanon Crisis

Bush Hits Another Record Low

O'Reilly video over 100k views - O'Reilly: "just me practicing for my conversations with Geraldo"

The supposed "war critics" and the supporters of the Iraq occupation find common ground

VIDEO (1:56) Colbert "Oil is a ZERO PROFIT business!"

John McCain* supposedly has EIGHT homes.

Man Ticketed For Wearing Speedo On Beach

Thanks for $200 oil, George—The Saudis - Today’s Headlines 5/12/08

WTF is a slanighbourhood?

one of smirk's parting gifts to Israel

Why is it over?

Check out this card I got for Mothers Day! LOL

What if I don't WANT to punch the Admins?

Man Saves Elderly Woman From Certain Death (her wheelchair tipped and she fell on railroad tracks)

O'Reilly goes ballistic

Rubenstein Says `Enormous' Bank Losses Unrecognized

McCain makes another major gaffe that is ignored, of course (on eminent domain)

Meatout Monday: It's Bill-O Hot Falafel Night, S'Chug Me Baby!

Hey Veterans - Lets help DU out with a Donation

China: Up To 5,000 Killed In Massive Quake

McCain's tax plan reveals his connection with the Norquist plan to "drown" the federal govt.

I wish there was SOMETHING that could be done posthumously to Henry Wade

punch the admins????? they deserve a big hug, and cases of their beverage of choice

Should PBS be publicly funded?

A question for DU: Does Jenna's wedding affect her military draft status?

Looking for a bigger "help pool" - screen problem

Foreclosure ‘Walkaway’ homeowners may be urban myth

Are certain fundamental churches pushing, "Obama is the anti-Christ"?


My inner liberal meets his match

NH: Coast Guard Searches For Missing Lobsterman

Ruling Disqualifying CA's Advisor, U.S. vs. Hamdan

Can't admins lure John McCain in front of the boxing glove?

What exactly is going on in Italy?

Halliburton Rape Claim Goes to Court (instead of arbitration!!)

Mussolini's granddaughter appointed to the Italian cabinet

someone shut down half the HSU campus today with bomb threats....

Why are CNN/MSNBC/FOX having all night coverage of the West Virginia primary?

The GOP-led government forgot New Orleans in 2005....

So is Ebay going to buy the Post Office next and FORCE you to use their services?

Two of the proudest moments in a free Post-Saddam Iraq

Ron Reagan on Air America Radio this week from 3-6 (ON NOW!)

I found a couple of the bearings McCain lost, but what is weird is now

Ron Reagan Hosting Air America - Coming Up

The economy's tough. If you're hurting and can't donate, I've got two donations to give.

I guess Bush really is the irrelevant President now....

Anyone have any news or rumors about where Sam Seder is going to land?

What will Hillary be celebrating in West Virginia Tuesday night?

Voter ID Battle Shifts to Proof of Citizenship

Clinton downfall: Did it begin with Katrina effort?

Bob Barr Enters Race

McCain: Last week the microphone was upside down. Today, its invisible

McCain: Last week the microphone was upside down. Today, its invisible

GOP to attach telecom immunity to media shield law?»

Funny Toon about Vito Fossella...

What happened to DU? I've been locked out for 45 minutes!

An Affirmative Prayer for Barack Obama

NYT Op Ed declares Obama Apostate Muslim

Photos from China earthquake

GOP's nightmare year just got a hell of a lot worse-Bob Barr To Run For President

A record 120 preliminary foreclosure actions launched in The Hamptons during 2008 Q1

Harry Reid: We're Watching Lieberman's Conduct In Prez Race "Very Closely"

Feds: Don't label terrorists "Muslim"....& "Rapture Ready" board goes haywire.

Inhabited by 1.4 million people Mosul looks like a city of the dead

Jenna Bush Wed By Obama Backer Kirbyjon Caldwell

How far down are housing prices in your area?

In an unannounced change, the bounty for a most wanted terrorist is cut from $5 million to $100,000

One Hundred and Eleven (111) Pro-Impeachment Candidates (!!!)

Let's hear it for the D.U. moderator, wakemeupwhenitsover, a SNARK LOCK

Fox Business Network Revamping - The Question: Will Anyone Notice?

A question for folks who live in the Saint Louis Area

Bush approval rating hits all time low. WaPo three hours ago.

What good has bush done for the US?

Dead baby and teenager ruled to be 'collateral casualties'

Learning Not to be a Warmongering Nation

AP - Neil Young gets new honor -- his own spider

Neil Young Gets New Honor -- his own spider

Am I the only one who didn't realize that the mods were kinda cute?

What Social Security Isn’t Meant to Do

*ALERT* Downloading Music and vids Isn't Safe Anymore!!

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake hits Sichuan, China.

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake hits Sichuan, China.

it's awesome that lieberman is pimping mccain....

What if tobacco was totally ILLEGAL?

Ex-State officials allege corruption in Iraq

GOP's New Slogan Already Being Used To Market Anti-Depressant ("The Change You Deserve")

Correctly Political: Liquid Lunch with Donald Rumsfeld

Skinner - Don't Tase Me Bro !.... I donated. I'm series!!!

OMFG - Bush speaks to BBC Arabic TV

People on the U.S. West Coast and along the New Madrid fault...

Ex-State employees allege agency kept secret corruption at senior levels in Baghdad

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin has the best one liner so far today....

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin has the best one liner so far today....

Another N. Texas city to start fighting "illegal humans"

I like to call McCain "Bush 43-and-a-half"

FL and MI discussions are irrelevant. Obama will seat them and ensure they vote as he wins anyway.

WV Republican caucus: 52% Huckabee, 47% Romney, 1% McCain

I like to call McCain "Bush 43-and-a-half"

To lapel, or not to lapel...

US drug regulators refuse to disclose Chinese pharma's that produce tainted drug

Rasmussen: GOP Sen. Dole In Dead Heat Against Democratic Nominee

When Oil was Too Cheap To Drill

Penthouse, and I laughed

What if a Democrat had taken us into Iraq?

We've just turned another corner in Iraq

Please Do Not Donate to the Red Cross, re: typhoon/earthquake victims

Has it been pointed out that Barack Obama and Ted Strickland have the same birthday ?

Current Ne. election is an echo of 1968 (RFK vs McCarthy history lesson)

"Sir! No Sir!" airs tonight on Sundance at 7:30 pm ET - antiwar movement in the military during Nam

Is there any place in this country that is more "politically correct" than DU??

Tom Monaghan (Domino's) finds moving his rightwing law school is not easy as pie.

Do you have lots of empty houses where you live?

Reviled, White and Blue: DU on the Eve of the West Virginia and Kentucky Primaries

I have four sisters.

Background Info On Bill O'Reilly's Meltdown--Also, link to the video

Yet more Republicans in denial (about climate change)

Pentagon to Analysts: Don't Say "Softball!"

touching and inspiring article on Randy Pausch

OMG stop talking how bad the economy is...sarcasm...

LeMonde: American Elections, Cause for Hope and for Disappointment

I voted in my primary...finally!

The Truth About Veteran Suicides

The Truth About Veteran Suicides

Dad accused of shooting kids with BB gun: ‘Sometimes he shoots me when I get in trouble’

The McCain administration: Drowning the US govt in a bathtub & the planet in CO2.

Need a link

"Swingtown" - swinging 1970's heading to primetime

I do not dislike Hillary - and I sure respect Bill

This looks like an interesting book: The Fall of the Evangelical Nation:

Glenn Greenwald: John McCain's Vietnam-based view of war

Wildfires Force Hundreds to Evacuate in Central Florida


Skinner - Fundraising Suggestion


I'm about to enter the dreaded Medicare Part D "Donut Hole"...

**** Contact Congress about Stalls in Important Benefits!!***

The rhetoric and the reality on McCain and the environment

Thousands of gas pumps can't register above $3.99/gallon or over $99.99 for the total purchase

what? OJ confessed to killing nicole? i just saw this on nancy disgrace!

Why Do Repug Only Think...Oil and Newkular

They are here, the Repugs are here, lurking each day. What do you think of that?

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval Falls to Another All-Time Low

Huckabee Becomes MSNBC Insider

Tornado Deaths Underscore Risks Of Taking Shelter In Cars

Alarm at Google Yahoo partnering (BBC)

Whats the word in the Mississippi special election

IRAQ: The elusive Iranian weapons

First Responders, you have my sincere admiration.

KO will give us the O'Lielly blow up

"Nanny state" email taken to its logical conclusion by Slowpoke ('TOON)

Let us count the ways that the vote could be physically suppressed on Election Day

Anyone notice a lot of 3.99/gal gas recently?

Our party keeps picking candidates who can't win by a

Obama Has Absolutely No Chance in West Virginia

Good News From Iraq!

Genetically modified human embryo stirs criticism

The Congressman Fossela story just keeps getting better

On national TV Terry McAuliffe misleads about DNC rules. A former chairman should not do that.


PHOTO: "Wait! $4 a gallon gas? That's interesting! I hadn't heard that."

Real stories about regulation.

$4.00 gas next week

Obama Hits McCain For Not Backing Webb's GI Bill

George Bush gives us $4.00 / gallon gasoline. Is it impeachment yet?

American Legion Breaks with Bush, McCain on GI Bill

Jeesh. Our gas just jumped another 10 cents. We are at 3.659 now

For those who must post something

Mike Malloy is tearing into the voter ID crap the SCOTUS has endorsed.

nuclear plants face high costs

This violent tornado season.

This violent tornado season.

The Death of Paul Croutch – another casualty of Canada’s military misadventures

First lady says storm threatened wedding plans

Supreme Court guided by "partisan, cultural, and perhaps religious allegiance,"

This Modern World It's February 2009. Do you know where your ex-president is?

Saudis unlikely to give Bush the lowered oil prices he'll plead for

Saudis unlikely to give Bush the lowered oil prices he'll plead for

Dems aiming at S. Florida GOP stronghold

Army Corps of Engineers ignorant of condition of thousands of levees...

I adore Bill Moyers

Caption Barack.

If you are donating, a small thing to help DU save $

Conspiratorially Speaking: United Flight 93 and 9/11 (A BuzzFlash Editorial)

BillO's Angry Rant is Forever in the Wild - Mirrors Here " Bill O'Reilly Freaks Out "

These are the people we should remember...

Bushitler is coming to Phoenix May 27 to fundraise with McWar at the

New information on white people

The Dem candidate running against Virgil Goode (R) VA-05 sounds GREAT

Having gone through the '89 Loma Prieta quake, I still can't get my brain around it:

What has our Country become?

When a good mother sails from this world: for those whose good mothers have died

Economic Report: Bush Says $4 Gas Just "Too Darn Bad"

Follow up - previous thread someone posted about "U.S. lease of Waterloo fairgrounds"

Is it possible racism WILL keep Obama out of the White House?

McCain Camp's Salter Emails Newsweek about Planned Attacks against Obama

Latinos Aren't Americans

Dubya says the world ought to be angry at the slow response to cyclone

I'm just fucking sick of it all and tired of everything. n/t

We paid for a Republican Congressman to go to Europe with his mistress.

LOL- Govt sent WARNING LETTER to stop Effexor from using "The change they deserve" (new GOP slogan)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Kiss my ass! Not happening." ... Man refuses to stop using cell phone during flight

Immigration Officials Raid Iowa Meatpacking Plant, Detaining Hundreds

Fred Phelps Upgraded

Predictions for West Virginia: Clinton: 72%, Obama 28%

Kennedy 'Profile In Courage' Awards Announced

DOD Document Dump: The Joke's On (All Of) Us

Anyone else watching Doug Fieth on The Daily Show RIGHT NOW?

Rainbow Responds to Burma Disaster

From re the mall in DC

Republican Debate in Kentucky

Billo Effin Remix

The Rise in Postal Rates v. the rise in minimum wage rats. 1952-2008

Fifth of UK bee colonies killed

Bill O'Reilly Goes Insane

Obama and Hagel?,Nunn? is that OK with you?

Alec Baldwin on 60 min Sun 5/11

"Let me read it to you out of context..." LOL Wiley (Non Sequitur) 'TOON

Fail - DU's Dick Steele's thread set in motion & put to music

Actor Farina arrested after gun found in luggage at LAX

Hillary this and Obama that... You ALL suck!

Florida Wildfires

McCain will end up like Bob Dole

FYI: American Experience on PBS tonight has a profile of FDR. nt

Slowpoke TOON: Character Building Lead!

Is it time for DU to get rid of the GDP forum?

Veterans Denied Rights By Veterans?

Romney regrets leaving non-believers out of his faith speech

Reason #497 that Social Security Privitization is bad: Retirement Savers Make Costly Mistakes.

Scott Ritter: Taking a Stand Against War (w/Iran)

Voter ID Battle Shifts to Proof of Citizenship

Voter ID Battle Shifts to Proof of Citizenship

Are we being hoodwinked about getting out of

Former Under SEC of DEF fieth on Jon Stewart

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao actually

The way to stop the Right Wing may have been ironically said by a Right Winger

CNN's Gloria Borger must have done really well in Stating the Obvious 101...

Attending church where female clergy is no-no: Why isn't this an issue?

Am I a racist or protectionist?

Those who trumpet Appalachia as the reason Obama is not electable are not being honest

Will the neo cons attack Iran before the election, yes or no?

WTF!!!! Loyalty oaths required to teach at Cal State! (and other Cal jobs)

New Net Neutrality Bill in Congress--H.R. 5994

Domestic spying far outpaces terrorism prosecutions

I am so ashamed of my country

A president should only get ONE term of 6 years

Caption Mc*

Should a president have a third term?

in the spirit of "Operation Chaos", I'd like to introduce" OPERATION RUSH'S ASS-BOIL" or ORAB

Don't Trust Anyone Under 30... Duh! 8 reasons why this is the dumbest generation

Heads up: FDR - now - on PBS' "The American Experience."

Poor Keith O... steps in it once again in trying to sell Obama

School board member wants evolution dropped from its science curriculum

CBS Yanked the O'Reilly meltdown video..

So far, I think this might actually be the Worst Fund Drive Ever.

Classic Bill O’Reilly: Blowhard Blows His Top

C-SPAN 3 replaying Philippe Sands testimony to House Comm.

Cantelope $3.89 a piece? Fuck, we'll be carrying sacks on a stick and begging at the back doors of

Mark Crispin Miller: BushCo Plans "Surgical Strike" In Iran

Jeffrey Toobin: It will take a McCain-appointed court one year to overturn Roe v. Wade

So far, I think this might actually be the Worst Fund Drive Ever.

Man arrested for assaulting a police officer with M&Ms...

And I know what I did when I was in Iraq would not have made my family proud

$2.50 tomatoes

Should Obama Pick Sebelius as VP? Great Article:

Screw SNL's Clinton Impersonation! Check out this lady (video) OMG!

Doug Feith Is A Lying Piece Of War Criminal Shit

An endorsement of caucuses

"Hillary is within striking distance of winning the popular vote nationwide

Most excellent new blogger at Huffpost.

So, my friends, here we are

OMFG - The Bill-O "fuck it" Thing As Interpreted By A Mix-Master!

Jim Webb is the best VP candidate? So no problems with his anti-women writings?

Beer is now cheaper than gas! Drink Don't Drive!!!!

Racist e-mails of the Secret Service

WaPo SHOCKER! Americans gloomier than at any point since the last time a Bush sat in the Oval Office

For all the women supporting Hillary who would vote for McCain over Obama...

For all the women supporting Hillary who would vote for McCain over Obama...

Joe Scarborough in the tank again?

Newsweek says Organics are OVER

Hillary supporters, I am really disappointed in some of you.

Let’s face it, a lot of the country will still not vote for a Black Man!

As I drive through the city where Chelsea Clinton is speaking..

ALL DU'ers: Please, for the love of Sweet Jeebus, when calling out your adversary as a "moron"...

Hillary's campaign is not about advancing women, it's about advancing Hillary

Hillary Clinton Sending a Clear Message in West Virginia

Pawlenty As V.P. With McCain

What's your favorite adjective to describe Obama?

So the "Peace Mom" doesn't make the greatest page on Mother's Day?

The birth certificate mystery

The birth certificate mystery

Irena Sendler has passed

Dolly Strazar, Muhammad Ali, and the next Vice President of the United States

Will Hillary Take This To The Convention? Yes or No.


Teens Slain On Prom Date

Whar da hale did Hilry pick up da Hoopey accent?

Solar Power Isn't Feasible

I hate the Lakers.

What a dream (don't know if this will get locked?!) o well . . .

I think it is official now . . .

If you get REALLY bored tonight.....

Strawberry yogurt is the nectar of the gods.

CP: Shape Shifting Evil Genius

Alec Baldwin, on 60 Minutes, discusses "a 300 pound homunculus with a face like a clinched fist"

Roll Call. 2:30 am central time. Who's Up?

I was just in a 7.6 earthquake on the 29th floor

Mona Simpson, Homer's mother, has died

The shy cat, Mouse, has a hair up his butt tonight.

Excerpts from Class Report

I have a theory about the origin of the zombie myth.

Is that the Three Stooges on the right up at the top of the page?

Hey Mods and Du'ers, I don't WANT to punch the Admins.

Jared Fogle doesn't care what people call him

World's most talented (musically) kids to be on Oprah today

I'M ALIVE! ( In the line of tornadoes Saturday )

Check out this knee-slapping hilarious Mother's Day video

The three admins- Who is who?

Anybody have any fave podcasts?

BTW - that's not the admins on the fundraiser bars - this is what our admins look like....

Post your Hair Care Requiem

Books you would like to see published: "Peterson Field Guide

Why do some concert venues have curfews?

I think we're in for a world of hurt

I just got my refund check - I ask that all DUers use some of their refund checks for DU - I am!!

I just found this gem on Yahoo Politics - "Ask Him Anything" suggest questions for George Bush

lolcat Genesis 1, from the wiki lolcat Bible Project

Does anyone else ever get this overwhelming feeling

Well, I sure as hell cannot figure this out...

CONFESS!!!!! What would you do for imitation crab meat

Cool video for cat lovers

I will give $50 each to 5 different House candidates. Make the case for your district.

Mothers day for my family will be May 21 , still

Outstanding in her field

Swiss Spaghetti Harvest 1957 (2:24)

Oh whee! Conan O'Brien to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon

Trying this again...The whistled Andy Griffith Theme with're gonna love this poll on global warming

Anybody here an Archies fan?

Bill O'Reilly goes bonkers back in the day on Inside Edition

Of course, on the day that I have a killer headache and neck ache...

How tall should a pineapple tree get?

One kitten or two?

Please wish me psychometrics exam is today!

Please wish me psychometry exam is today!

65daysofstatic fans: I need your help! (Identify this piece, please!)

Oh, man, there's a puppy thread here that I soooo want to copycat.

Yep, they both go to eleven.

Please wish me luck.. my psychiatric exam is today

I don't want to PUNCH THE ADMINS

Skinner, I'll donate, but really, who the hell wants to punch you guys?

Shouldn't we be punching GD:Pffth, and not the Admins??


BEHOLD! New puppy pics!

I wish we had better commercials.

Gah, my heart is still racing....

Is it ok to read Kafka while sowing?

What do you mean, UBUMINCES isn't a word?!?

The admins look disconcertingly like a twee-pop trio

Biggest textbook ripoffs

Note: The Save Mart brand of Dr Pepper falls short of its namesake

Brrrr I'm freezing today

Is it ok to drink vodka while sewing

Turtleandsue, Put This One Your Wall To View Everyday

My DU wall

Interesting - Family Fued question "Which candidate is the most presidential?"

Feel the need for a bitch session? ... Feel free to join me!

Looking for a bigger "help pool" - screen problem

GD:P is where all logic and free thought goes to die. I need a drink, Loungies!

This is what I meant to post! I think these two look a lot alike; what do you think?

It's so disappointing when you hear "FUCK YOU, PIG!"

What makes life worth living? My own damn podcasts, Dammit!

Great Bob Uecker lines, no. 73

What's the correct bicycle size for me?

So far, I think this might actually be the Worst Fund Drive Ever.

I *hate* moving!

I got invited to Marine headquarters in VA

The ACLU was out and about in Harvard Square today

Why Do Gas Stations Still Have That 9/10'ths On Their Prices


I've got a question about the Olive Garden, and I feel as though this is the perfect forum to ask!

First Copper River Salmon Arriving In Seattle Friday

It's my birthday today. Shamelesss plug.

How old Cary Grant?


The typical conversation I've had with people who STILL insist my vote shouldn't count at all

The typical conversation I've had with people who STILL insist my vote shouldn't count at all

Is it ok to drink beer while mowing?

Playboy's 55th Anniversary Playmate Search page on YouTube

Amazing Photography!


Who's your favorite of the Three Stooges?

did you vote in the Spring Photography Contest? *finals*

did you vote in the Spring Photography Contest? *finals*

So Who Cares If Jenna Got Married This Weekend

LOL! I guessed a Jeopardy question before the answer was even finished.

I am a tease...

Who Barack Obama should NOT pick for vice president

Fuck this place....

Anybody watch the season of Survivor that just ended? Spoilers..

I better be nice-er to my second oldest sister!!

One of the funniest things I have ever heard on radio....

Is it ok to give yourself a barbed wire enema while loading your pistol or performing surgery?

did something zorch the Yahoo! servers?

did something zorch the Yahoo! servers?

You all made CalPeggy drop the F bomb!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/12/2008)

I might need a pesto intervention

Her Majesty

This has been a BEAUTIFUL October day here in New England

LOL! This American Life on Showtime: Talk to an Iraqi

I need a computer genius!

Ruby is scheduled to be spayed tomorrow

Does Love Really Bite?

News Footage: Squirrel Invasion

Here's to you! ....

New family member I'd like to introduce

cool tile...

So - whaddya think of Sarah Jessica Parker's hat?

Anyone have a recommendation for online calling cards?

New artist thread

A GDP thread not to be missed, and guaranteed NOT to offend either side's supporters!

Spork Appreciation Thread

DU People who drink: Can you recommend a good sports bar?

Dobby the House Elf and Gollum - separated at birth?

The Beatles vs. Nine Inch Nails

Whats For Dinner? I Am Having KFC

A sitcom to definitely skip: stars FlavorFlav and TO....

Paypal question... help please!

We're buying bicycles this week!

The Twins? on ESPN two nights in a row? They must be playing the Red Sox or something...

Great googly moogly! Anyone ever hear of a place closing for Mother's Day?

Two of my favorite songs-for someone special

so i'm thinking about going back to being a 'boring' brunette - which do you think is best?

She will never let your spirits down... :P

Unassisted Triple Play

How do you get an obvious freeper (and denier of the right to vote) tombstoned?

a question about exchanging currency

The Chicken...

Lebron is effing CARAAAAZY!

Grapes of Wrath - The Book and Movie that gave me a social conscience at age 17

Another night without sleep.

Anyone have $17,000 they can give me?

Rejecting Authority at Police State Checkpoint (Liveleak video)

Things To Bring On a Trip to the Southwest

Did anyone watch the VH1 documentary on the sexual revolution tonight?

I left the Dr's office with a lump on my forearm that wasn't there when I went in...

Anyone need $17,000 I can give them?

If you want to flirt send me a PM

DU men who exercise: Can you recommend a good sports cup?

What do the Astronauts do for entertainment (reading, music, video list on the ISS)

I just noticed... we have MORE THAN 37 MILLION posts on DU since its inception!

I am so sick of hearing about Katie Holmes' hair.

I blogged about the doofus coffee guy...

Do any DTV converter boxes have timers for VCRs?

Pic of a ghost? Several shots I took

OMG they're all drunk.

Escorts and Halo

Need help naming a puppy

When I grow up I wanna marry Rob Zombie

I have a date Wednesday night!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/12/08

Get Off The F-IN Phone

Which X-Men are you?

Have you ever sent a company a customer testimonial?

KISS fans!

jesus h christ on a popsicle stick!

Barry Bonds Has Been Blackballed: He Deserves Far Better

"If these brutal attacks were committed against any other religious or minority group...

Her Meowjesty

When you KNOW, really really know you're being lied to ....

ESPN been very very good to me.

Finally saw the movie Blood Diamond last night. Have a question...

Congrats to my Meggie! She's done with her Master's Program :)

Man, even the grocery stores are ridiculously pretentious where I am now

Video of Swedish soldiers firing a shoulder mounted cannon whlist naked causes scandal.

So one of my babies is going to France for a semester this week -

Job Resume (Thank you DickSteele for the help!)

Whoa! NY Local News Anchor, Sue Simmons, Just Said "Fuck" On The Air

Trying to activate a new credit card and got the third degree!

I think the starbucks "The way I see it" quotes are making society even dumber


Bomb threat: The three involved students were identified, interviewed and released

Does the fact that I want to boink Jenna Bush

Hex (game) will drive you nuts

It's official. Gas has hit $4+ here in my tiny little town

Skimpy prom dress lands teen in cuffs

100 Words You Should Know

We put an offer in on a new house!

Rusty is in the hospital.

Whats Your Favorite U-2 Song>

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA enroute to Charleston, WV, to highlight his support for our veterans.

I don't agree with her being arrested, however, I DO agree that this is inappropriate

Pru flipped out earlier when Skip was shredding some stuff...

OK, no flame wars but I need a new laptop, Mac or Win? Manufacturer

Dream Legislation


DU Women who exercise: Can you recommend a good sports bra?

Hey Tony Romo--stick to QB'ing! Your singing sucks!

RANT! Another collection agency call looking for previous tenants

Midlo is now marketing her own wine

Midlo is now marketing her own wine

Hilary Clinton far from finished, according to polls

After a clam.

Need help framing a puppy

What if the Republicans pull the plug and run no one, in order to save their war chest for 2012?

Someone says "shave and a haircut" and you have to say...

I tripped over Erin yesterday...


Star Wars geeks: a question concerning a novel.

"Democrats always knuckle under" - How would you answer?

I just had a big, fat molar extracted. Ask me anything. ANYTHING.

One of Sharon Tate's murderers dying.

Add this to the LONG list of reasons I love Neil Finn (half of DU will appreciate this)...

Let's get Sirius--question about Satellite radio!

watchin the finale of "Golddiggers of 1933" - it is more apt today

Playboy posts quarterly loss, shares drop

Cablevision buys Newsday from Tribune for $650 million

MBIA Posts $2.4 Billion Loss for 1st Quarter

Court Won't Block US Lawsuit By Apartheid Victims

Iraqi PM says crackdown shows he's not sectarian

Bob Barr expected to announce Libertarian White House bid

Army Corps Says Condition Of Many Levees A Mystery

Tom Allen (D-ME) endorses Barack Obama

Sen. Akaka Endorses Obama

US health secretary: Chinese Heparin shipped to US now safe

Sendler, saviour of Warsaw Ghetto children, dies



Senior Afghan generals suspended for Karzai attack

Ecuador Refuses to Renew Lease on U.S. Military Base, NYT Says

Cablevision and Tribune reach deal for Newsday

Christian Aid: Tax evasion costs 1,000 children's lives a day


U.S. strikes al-Qaeda base in Iraq

World CO2 levels at record high, scientists warn

Pole who saved ghetto Jews dies

Tornado season deadliest in a decade

EPA testing air for lead after twister destroys former Oklahoma mining town

U.S. Department of Labor investigating Kern County orchard

Dem gov puts wind in McCain sails

Death toll in China earthquake up to nearly 9,000

Clinton Team Acknowledges $20 Million Debt

Free barefoot doctor, say Nobel winners

Pocket of Ohio Republicans voted Democrat in primary

JPMorgan CEO sees $1 bn gain from Bear deal

Putin's hardliners keep places in new cabinet

China floats inviting Dalai Lama to Olympics

Neil Young gets new honor -- his own spider

Rove as a pundit raises suspicions

Iran involved in Sadr City truce, says Iraqi MP

Radical cleric appeals extradition from Britain to US

Strong earthquake hits southwest China

8,500 dead as earthquake hits China

Voter ID Battle Shifts to Proof of Citizenship: Could disenfranchise thousands of citizens

Ex-State officials allege corruption cover up

Gallup Daily: Obama Pulls Ahead of Clinton, 50% to 43%

Wendy's incoming CEO says employees should expect job cuts

Wall Street looks to US consumers for direction

Idaho Superdelegates United for Obama (another SD)

Iran says to sue U.S., Britain over mosque blast

Iran says to sue U.S., Britain over mosque blast

Chavez Says Colombia Could Provoke War With Guerrilla Claims

(Sen) Reid: Lieberman could lose chairmanship

AP: Barr announces Libertarian White House bid

N.Y. Senator Pushes For Cameras On Cop Handguns

Bush Hits New Low as 'Wrong Track' Rises...Eighty-Two Percent of Americans Say "Wrong Track"

HP Confirms Talks To Buy Electronic Data Systems

Marine Corps surpasses recruiting goal

Bush to discuss oil prices with Saudi king

MoveOn ad features pro-Obama Republican

McCain pledges to combat climate change

Bibles to be Delivered with 'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette'

Old gas pumps can't handle ever-rising prices

For Many Hispanics, a Tenuous Prosperity Lost

Democratic candidates play up "clean coal"

Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain

Man Says JetBlue Pilot Forced Him To Sit On Toilet

Bolivia's Morales approves August recall vote

Hundreds arrested in Iowa immigration raid

Democratic lawmakers warm up to vouchers

Ecuador's president denies backing Colombian rebels

Raul Castro's daughter spearheads anti-homophobia drive

READY TO BELIEVE - Obama Campaign Song

Vote for Change: Lawrence, Kansas

Hillary outlines her path to winning the nomination.....

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius on Vote for Change

John McCain's Sugar Mama

'Bomb Syria' Woolsey advises McCain

MoveOn: 'Obamacan'


Fifth of UK bee colonies killed

MoveOn - Obama Ad: "It Could Happen To You"

Chris Dodd: Obama is the nominee

McCain loses bearings on 5th Amendment to US Constitution, He Campaign covers it up

"Angry John McCain Song" in Mandarin

Barack Obama: Keeping Our Faith With Veterans (Excerpt)

Matt Taibi on Morning Joe Re: The Great Derangement

A Choice (Hillary Clinton cracks the Glass Floor)

Faux Republicans try to pick a VP for Obama

Barack Obama and the Holy Grail

Sebelius would be an awesome VP choice.

This Brave Nation Seeger Carter teaser

This Brave Nation Trailer

Just a friendly reminder before the general election...

Bill O'Reilly goes nuts .... in German

How the Bush White House Sanctioned Torture = Democracy NOW 1 of 2

How the Bush White House Sanctioned Torture = Democracy NOW 2 of 2

Unelectable (A Tribute to John McCain)

2 Hillary Clinton Campaign Song Parodies

Following the Bush Torture Trail = Democracy NOW 2 of 2

Yah.. and? Stupid Fucking Ass Hole!

Dirty Old Man McCain Finds 14-Year-Old Girl 'Very Attractive'

Texas Tech U - National Anthem, 6-8 year old girls

Why Won't FOX Denounce Rush Limbaugh? (

Hannity and Byron York ponder the question: gee, why would a black American woman . . .

Buchanan and Crawford Defend Race-Baiting in the Campaign, and Tweety Calls Them On It.

Rep. Mike Pence: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Rep. John Conyers: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

John McCain: I agree with Osama Bin Laden and Gen. Petraeaus

The Long Good-Bye...TPM TV

TYT: People Need To Get Caught Up On The Facts (On Obama)

Rep. Steve Cohen: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Bill O'Reilly Goes Nuts!

...And Justice For All ~ Eye The Beholder

Following the Bush Torture Trail = Democracy NOW 1 of 2

Home of the Hillarybillies


Bill Reilly - Confirmed Sociopath | repost

TYT: Girl Gets Arrested At Prom for Her Dress?

Nixon's Savage Attack on the Greatest Anti-War Movement in U.S. History

Boeing chief defends outsourcing

Beset by Medical Problems as She Fights Deportation, A U.S. Resident Struggles to Get Treatment...

Siege Mentality-How impeachment explains the Clinton campaign

Hillary's W. Va. Campaign Inadvertently Offends African-Americans

NYT editorial, Crandall Canyon’s Shame: No peace for the dead until criminal investigation

This bud's for you, and you, and you too

BPOs becoming breeding ground of fraudsters?

Wandering in the Woods

Attack Iran? Why Not Just Paint Targets on the Backs of Kids Like Those on PBS's "Carrier"?

Harold Meyerson: Titans on the Mat

Gates Touts Huge Sales Success Of Windows Vista

Medea Benjamin: Next Mothers Day Let’s Invite the Whole Family

An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

The Atlantic: Obama on Zionism and Hamas

A Party of Frauds? Glenn Greenwald with Theodore Hamm


Outsourcers Bargain-Hunting in the U.S.

Supreme Court Allows Apartheid Victims’ Lawsuit Against US Companies To Proceed

A Sneak Peek Behind-the-Scenes of the Hamas Superdelegates

McCain's Christian Problem

US Confession: Weapons Were Not Made In...


The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon & the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Part I.

US backs eastern secession in Bolivia

Soros: Financial Crisis Stems from Super Bubble

Food Crisis Hits Fallujah

The Why of Chokingly High Oil Prices: Bush Together with Saudi Arabia Spells Disaster for America

Twilight of the Psychopaths, by Kevin Barrett

Hackers hijack a half-million sites in latest attack

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Numbers Racket - Why the economy is worse than we know

Myanmar: Why It Should Fear Us - Others see us as the enemy because we are the enemy

Questions of Rent Tactics by Private Equity

The McCain/ Hagee Double Standard

It Isn't Morning in America Anymore -- It's Dusk on Planet Earth

China Quake Disrupts Power Supply in Sichuan, Shaanxi

LIPA Calls for 50 MW of Solar Energy (NY)

South Africa: Load-shedding not over yet

Greeks queue for petrol as fuel truckers strike

An unusually early and violent tornado season

Ritter Convenes Fire Season Summit - With Millions Of Beetle-Killed Trees, CO Officials Worried

January - Early April Dengue Cases Up Almost 34% YOY, Philippines Govt. Reports - AFP

McCain - "Among A Lot Of Bad Republican Votes In The Senate, He's One Of The Better Ones"

FL Legislator Will Retire This Year W. Plan To Protect Springs Undone By Homebuilders' Lobby

Khashagan Output Delayed For As Much As Two Years - ENI Announces - Houston Chronicle

Bangladesh To Tata Group - Lacking Oil & Gas, Pls Wait For Us To Finalize Coal Policy - TOI

McCain delivers climate remarks at foreign wind company(McCain has repeatedly opposed a renewable en

Smelter threatens closure over Govt's carbon scheme (NZ)

Organic food fight in GD!

The Guardian: World CO2 levels reach record high, scientists warn

JOB: Sustainable Food Center - Grow Local Program Manager (Austin/Central TX. area)

Japan scientists warn Arctic ice melting fast

Microwaves 'cook ballast aliens' (BBC) {invasive species}

Duke Energy plans $100M investment in solar


bill for obama

New Wave of Nuclear Plants Faces High Costs (WSJ)

McCain's Call For Emissions Caps And Nuclear Power

SA Threatens To Cut Off Oil Shipments To Taiwan Over Investment Spat - Khaleej Times

Is The Reality Stick Starting To Work? Chrysler Cancels New SUV In Favor Of Compact - Bloomberg

Peak Oil - "Its the Flows, Stupid!"

Interest In Native Pollinator Species Growing As Honeybee Populations Falter

Krugman: The Oil Nonbubble

7 Arab nations agree to boost energy resources using nuclear power

The limits to nuclear: McCain shouldn’t try to follow French disaster

We have reached 235,000 signatures!

Army sets rules for campaign stars

Contractor to face court-martial in Iraq

No clashes on 1st day of Sadr City cease-fire

Soldier dies in vehicle rollover in Iraq

Coroner: Hanging death of jailed GI a suicide

Lewis engineers returning from Afghanistan

Care costs rise as veteran population declines

2 commanding officers fired in one week

New Corps rules target unsafe driving

Senior enlisted course may become permanent

Air Force wants more from 2nd-chance program

Military buildup threatens to overwhelm Guam

As Iraqis return home, challenges await

AF loadmaster racks up 12,600 flight hours

Grafenwöhr CYS fighting to meet surging demand

Deadline nears for credit settlement claims

Mother, son in same Guard unit headed to Iraq

DoD Adviser Removed from Hamdan Case

Commander Stresses Interoperability

AF Academy Cadet Hopes for NFL Deal

For Wis. Marine, 3rd time in Iraq was charmed

Pool of disabled veterans grows

Today in labor history May 12

2,500 Workers at General Motors in Kansas on Strike and More Bargaining News

Guest, local workers suffer at employers' will

Government Employees Union Calls On McCain To Fully Fund Veteran's Affairs

Alberta will be short 6,400 nurses, union warns

American Axle reports progress in talks with union

California may boost payouts to workers injured on the job

Blokey union seeks baby leave for dads (Australia)

Janitors Reach Tentative Agreement on Wages, Benefits, Four-Year Pact for L.A. County

Keeping the heat on OSHA

OSHA Seeks Insight on Stockpiling Respirators, Facemasks for Pandemic Flu

225 USW Members Awarded Backpay, Johnstown America Ordered to Recall Laid Off Workers

Pro-Clinton Unions Continue Full-Steam Ahead

Plant protesters want to cook up attention at Paula Deen event

Study: Retirement savers make costly 401(k) mistakes

Los Angeles Downtown on Sale at 65% Off as Debt Drags Down Meruelo Maddux

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 05/09/2008

Help me respond to this LTTE please.

The Congressman Fossela story just keeps on getting better

Idaho GOP candidate proposes separate bathrooms in schools for gays and straights

GLBT show.

Federal Judge Hears Gay Button Case (Very odd case)

If you got married would your parents attend?

Former Police Official: Indictment Against Olmert Likely

Woman killed as rocket directly hits Negev home

Palestinian rocket explodes in Ashkelon

story on Yoani Sanchez, Cuban blogger denied permission to leave to receive award

U.S. government closes down European web sites promoting tourism to Cuba

DELETED: accidentally duped article on UK and Colombian Palm Oil

Changes in Cuba?

Capitalism, Agriusiness, and the Food Sovereignty Alternative

VENEZUELAN Youth Opposition Leader - "Praised in US, Vilified at Home"

Landowners’ Rebellion: Slavery and Saneamiento in Bolivia

Changes in Cuba? (Article written for people who haven't kept up on Cuba, or who misrepresent it)

Harpists bid for U.N. title (Paraguay)

Group urges U.S. to open cultural exchange with Cuba

High seas rescue (Coast Guard benevolently prevents Haitians from leaving Haiti)

Haitian president faces new government setback

More examples of Cubans denied visas by the police state

Cuban migrants land in Mexico after 17 days at sea

Canada's Unwitting Role in Colombia

FARC implicated in Apure (Venezuela) massacre, Ven. said it was paras

O. J. Mayo Involved in a Sports Agency Scandal

Did you see that LeBron dunk just now?! -- The Celtics look

"2012 The War for Souls" film (basMayan Calendar date)

Free Past Life Therapy Books!

Please join me in sending light energy to those suffering in China and Myanmar


Do you notice a pattern?

Someone brought this up in GD:

"Tears, Vertigo, and the Natural Disasters" - Karen Bishop - May 12, 2008

A Tribute to the End of World War II. (dial-up warning)

I will have a picture or two on the local news tonight.

Summer in Copenhagen

Spring comes to Anchorage

Sunrise in Illinois Farm Country

Clue to early pre-eclampsia test (BBC)

Prozac may benefit patients with multiple sclerosis

Former NIH director - vaccine autism link "government too quick to dismiss concerns."

It's spring and time for smokin'!!

The Politics of Commencement

Bible Theme Park backer photographed women for adult magazines

Where business meets religion: Holy drinking water

Happy Buddha's Birthday to all you Buddhists out there

Police in Gun Searches Face Disbelief in Court (NY, NY)

The war on drugs shows why more gun control is retarded

How do the anti-gun crowd feel about restricting other freedoms for the public good?

What kind of gun control would you propose?

N.Y. Senator Pushes For Cameras On Cop Handguns

What kind of gun control do you consider acceptable?

Victorian 'supercomputer' is reborn (BBC) {Babbage's Difference Engine 2}

Anti-Gunners: What is your vision of a "gun safe" future?

Gratuitous new puppy pix........

Reactive Revolution: Meet the Pulverizers (How man-portable explosives can destroy concrete)

So, what's the "Correction" for those problems? Listen to him: Rumsfeld

Airline passenger refuses to hang up cell phone during flight...

Are We in the Middle of Environmental and Geophysical Modification Warfare?

Looks like a great read...

Wow. John Kerry was 100% right about why health care reform did not pass in the '90s

College prof no walkover for Franken in Minn. Senate run

New Katherine Kersten logic: Bullying is a family value

From the former DeLay Land: HOLY JUSTICE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!

Maybe some kind of browser "wrapping" problem?

Ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron released

Any word about guest speakers at the Texas State Convention next month?

Relative moving to Austin - advice?

921 Primary Ballots Tossed in Mail Flub in Lucas County OH

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 05/12/08

Please DU Lou Dobbs "voter id" poll

False Charges in the Blogosphere That Obama Is Attacking Baby Boomers Who Opposed the Vietnam War


Halp! Halp, please... I am looking for an Obama TV ad I thought was for

I just heard Barack Obama give his speech in WV and I must say I

GOTV in Cincinnati, Ohio This past Saturday??

Obama Remains Strongest Advocate of Medicinal Marijuana Among Major Candidates

For any who are able, how about helping out in the DU fund drive

Ottawa Citizen: Conservatives won't commit defence strategy to paper

The Hill Times: Canada has had 'no natural governing party' since 1950s: Russell

SchoolSpring Applications

Court orders man to jail when daughter fails to get diploma


Boston Legal......coming back next season???

Conspiratorially Speaking: United Flight 93 and 9/11 (A BuzzFlash Editorial)

mccain Beats Clinton & Obama In Wisconsin

Dan Barker Oz Interview: Losing faith in modern America

Romney regrets leaving non-believers out of his faith speech

Childish superstition: Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear

BBC: Cardinal says Believers may be partly responsible for the decline in faith

TYT on Olbermann:


Delete- Dupe

KOEB - 5-12-08 - Barack has more superdelegates edition

I will be stuck in a horrible Pastor-Parish Meeting tonight.