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Alert Better Believe It - from paulk (General Discussion: Primaries)

Rooooccccckkkkkkkk Chhhhhhalllllllllkkkkk go KU Post your prediction

FL House Speaker Marco Rubio's budget wording benefits ally (Inserts stealth language)

Video: Phil Donahue & Tucker Carlson On Dan Abrams

Iraq, exactly what is the mission?

Anxiety Rises Over Vulnerable Housing In Iraqi Green Zone

Petraeus Testimony This Week Will Signal Iran Attack

Robert Reich from his Blog: "The Economic Costs of the Endless War"

"Harlan County, USA" - IFC at 1:30am ET - No way to watch this without choking up a bit.

Question: Is Bush the worst President in U.S. History?

Fewer batterers put into programs

Across the border, "a humanitarian crisis" is brewing

Juan Cole -- Wisdom

If Barack Obama wins in November I think I will actually cry.

Time and time my city leads the way! Can I just say, yet again:

Dupe, mods pls delete

McBUSHCO's "Policy Of-RETREAT-From Osama bin Laden & Afghanistan For The Last 6 Years"

Will anyone confront Petraeus or Crocker re: US casualty spike?

Is David Petraeus Dirty? Ted Westheusing Said So, and Then He Shot Himself

So they are considering canceling the Olympic Torch run but

Why are they holding this farcical hearing....

It's pretty sad when the Olympic torch has more human rights than the people of China or Tibet

It's a fucking match....

Grumpiest Old Men: Whackos in the White House -( A short movie script)

Marie Cocco: Seven Years of Scandal

Okay look W the timing couldn't be better. We'll GIVE YOU the place if you will leave our house.

Should other nations boycott our presence at the Olympics because of Iraq?

Obama's Brother-in-law the new Oregon State Basketball coach

Geebus even the Hillary fans are turning

surge update - 4 U.S. soldiers killed as Sadr City fighting continues

surge update - 4 U.S. soldiers killed as Sadr City fighting continues

Question about mccain...I recently read something about his early life

Official DU Thread

As Iraq surge sputters, PR surge cranks up

G.O.P. Struggles to Find Candidates for Congress (in New York)

Gurus/Experts/Writers who have been discredited--add your own.

Absolutely, Positively THE Most Cringe Inducing Thing.....

Common Bond for Uncommon Men: Roberto Clemente and Martin Luther King

Levin and McCain sound like they're talking about different wars.

DU Scholars: Can a President pardon war crimes and violations of international treaties?

The Bush Boom Was a Complete Bust

OMG!! Rock Chalk!!!

Ambassasor Crocker, Take Down this FACADE.

KillingandDying =/= "Winning".

The Petraeus Show is nothing but a diversion

SUSA WA Governor's Race: Gregoire (D) 48, Rossi (R) 47.

Guardian: Secret US plan for military future in Iraq sets no time limit on troop presence

Petraeus' Call for a Pause is Really Just "Stay the Course 2.0" (Huffpo)

Study links lack of sleep to weight gain in Babies

Hundreds flee fighting in Baghdad as showdown between government, militias looms

'Regional' Nuclear War Would Cause Worldwide Destruction


How much "live" video have you been seeing from Iraq lately?

When Did We Fail?..A Call for A DU Debate

Two State AFL-CIOs Endorse in Key Senate Races

An alternative to Petraeus: History Channel/Modern Marvels


Why is Feith hawking a book on tee vee instead of in jail? Any ideas?

Zimbabwe election officials arrested for 'undercounting Mugabe'

Blackwater Bulks Up Air Power Using Little-Known Company

The Right! question, Sen. Kennedy -> Malfeasance. Tear DOWN this Facade! nt Iraq: Who fired on the Green Zone?

Tuesdays With Morons: Whinin' Willie Kristol

Fuck it ... kiss his ass instead

MLK, Memphis and McCain

Al-Sadr threatens to end cease-fire - 2 minutes ago

Code Pink is at the hearing again. At least someone stands up for America

***Official Petraeus Hearing Thread #1****

Has Al Queda in Iraq EVER planned an attack on the "homeland"??

People who vote for mccain, are voting for a continuation of bush administration

I haven't watched any of the hearings

Holy Cow! This is amazing! An elephant paints a self portrait..

Fair Share Act

Clinton Charities

What gains, General Petraeus? - Today’s Headlines 4/8/08

Lieberman about to cream his jeans over the wonderful charts Petraeus brought with him

Does it unnerve you that someone who is responsible for so much death & suffering appears so normal?

"Progress" in Iraq ?

David Swanson live blogging from Patraeus testimony


Contest: Answer the question correctly and win!

Gallup Poll

McCain attends pro-Iraq war rally

Ansonia Smoking Lawsuit Is Settled

I Walked into My Room, and Suddenly became extremely depressed

Islamic Terrorism ?...Bullshit...its like calling Sitting Bull

Why don't we all go vacation in Iraq - Things are going so well there according to Gen Petraeus

****Official Petraeus Hearing Thread - TWO****

And Bush says he is going to cut the tours to 12 months...?

When does BODY OF WAR open in NYC?

Surge of Sadness - protesters demonstrate before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing - pics

Ha ha! Patraeus said that withdrawing (1) brigade a month was "do-able"!!!!!

Elizabeth Edwards was on NPR this morning

What is the US Institute of Peace and who's this asshat on C-Span

Petraeus: "There are over a hundred (Iraqis) who have actually requested to stay on in detention"

Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling the situation in Iraq?

I hae to interrupt the lies of General Betray-us, but can we talk about the military situation?

DU this CNN American Morning Poll!

Bush Bullies Congress On Colombia Trade Deal: Will Democrats Cave In?

Please vote. "Do you agree with US Military commanders that things in Iraq are better?"

Girls Record Brutal Attack On Teen To Allegedly Post On YouTube


Even After Listening To ‘Rousing’ Cheney Speech, Troops Back Pro-Withdrawal Candidates

Meanwhile in Iraq....(Froomkin)

So Ed Schultz called McCain a war monger?

So Ed Schultz called McCain a war monger?

So Ed Schultz called McCain a war monger?

Justice Will Answer Iraq Rape Questions After All (maybe)


Petreus, Worth = People have died ergo People should continue to Die. nt

Janet Reno said:

These lying SOB's just keep talking about al-Qaeda in Iraq being our "mortal enemy".

Advice on an e-mail received in elementary school e-mail:

Petreaus on CSPIN, now reading prepared statement

Open letter, stop the Fox propaganda

Budowsky: Harvest of shame

Is YouTube like Big Brother?

Petraeus testifies (Tom Toles)

Five Years Of War Crimes

Juan Cole: Rich, McCain, and the Coming Heartbreak Ridge

Republican's "War on Poverty" in Iraq.

Canada's killing of seals angers British Member Parliament

Petraeus: when we re-liberated Anbar province

Unbelievable!!!!! Man charged with petty theft after leaving pop under cart

If America Declines, Don't Expect Anyone To Talk About It

In Senate hearing McCain again muddles the whole Shiite-Al Qaeda connections

Government official requests continued funding and personnel at current levels

Woohoo! My ballot came in the mail today.

Is Hillary campaigning in PA at all?

Lindsay Graham is an asshole.


UT students ready for change in 2008 (Tennessee Journalist)

Bob Herbert in Reading, PA - A Different Kind of Election

what I am NOT hearing

If Condosleezebag Rice is the McCain's VP nominee...

Secret US plan for military future in Iraq

What is this IT to which General Betrayus refers?

Get A F***ing Grip People - Part Deux

US army turning to foreign mercenaries to fill ranks?

Told ya so: Bill Clinton already campaining in Puerto Rico

Obama will be doing a three-day bus tour of Indiana starting Wednesday


McCain-Rice 08 ... as if the conservatives didn't hate McCain enough already ...

Moqtada al-Sadr: "continue your jihad and resistance" against U.S. forces

There are two kinds of numbers in Hillary-world

Oregon: Obama 52%, Clinton 42%

Uninformed Cokie Roberts leaps to Cheney’s defense

Anyone else suspect, as I do, that Penn engineered the whole Colombia controversy as an excuse

****Official Petraeus Hearing Thread - THREE****

There was an interesting poster at Hillary's recent Pennsylvania rally playing the gender card

The Reason Hillary will lose this Election Ironically is Because of Eliot Spitzer

Heads Up! Stephen Colbert will be on The Today Show in a couple of minutes! (8:35AM ET)

McCain on Al Qaeda in Iraq - screws it up again

Crocker: Iraqi Parliament May Ratify Long-Term Agreement — But U.S. Congress Can’t»

"Attacks Against One Democratic Candidate Attributed to Another Democrat"

McCane went to a pro war rally before the hearings. Does anyone

RCP Poll Average: Pennsylvania Obama-41.4% Clinton-48%

My new ad campaign will propel Obama to victory!

Joe Lieberman's Popularity Continues to Tank

Is there ANY chance that

The Math - As of April 8

So 'everyone' now loves John McCain (poll numbers..),

I doubt Hillary is going to say she was right on the Trina Bechtel case.

Well Hot Damn For Iraq

Hillary Clinton speaks Truth against the Paper Worshipers


Back when America was still killing Indians...

Glenn Greenwald: Megan McArdle and Dan Drezner's defense of the media

If you decide not to support our candidate in November, be prepared to kiss Roe v Wade goodbye

Who is this wingnut crone debating health care with Tom Hartmann?

*Sigh* No Obama stuff at the Pittsburgh airport souvenir shop.

my 2 cents

Childhood malnutrition has increased 9 percent since Bush invaded and occupied Iraq

Three questions for Petraeus & Crocker

Raves, Rants & Roses April 8: Need For Greed

Petraeus today: Inappropriate

Petraeus today: Inappropriate

larry johnson

Who Are They?

McCain: Iraq pullout would jeopardize surge-generated "glimmer of something normal"

Geebus even the Hillary fans are turning

Terry McAuliffe endorses Barack Obama

From Rachel Maddow: Best description of Mark Penn EVAH!!

From Rachel Maddow: Best description of Mark Penn EVAH!!

From Rachel Maddow: Best description of Mark Penn EVAH!!

From Rachel Maddow: Best description of Mark Penn EVAH!!

From Rachel Maddow: Best description of Mark Penn EVAH!!

From Rachel Maddow: Best description of Mark Penn EVAH!!

From Rachel Maddow: Best description of Mark Penn EVAH!!

We are not Your Private-War Slaves, Mr. McCain.

GOP media shills Scarborough and Buchanan should be called out on their "Limbaugh"

Is it me or does CrockOShit sound like an autonomaton?

Clinton and Obama have their work cut out for them today...

The sweet things in life

Just for your information.... In case you were wondering.

She's Melting. Melting!

Obama/Rezko's "dirty money" list ...Obam's name was mentioned AGAIN in Fed Trial!!

General Petraeus is an asswipe.

Obama-Bloomberg ticket?

Empirically, it's ROYALTY who defines "Winning". What IS "American"? nt

Errors haunting Clinton's campaign

on no! they are digging a giant hole in the Everglades

Clinton: Penn controversy won’t be damaging - handled situation better than Obama

Sorry wrong forum

I will base my vote in November on what I have learned, and will continue to learn.....

Its 2 weeks before the PA primary can we DECLARE what the GOAL POSTS are today. . .

Forgive me if this great pic has been posted before, but

New Pennsylvania Numbers: Clinton 50, Obama 44

The Clinton Campaign - Like a Bad Day at the Race Track

The State Of Discourse On DU

The State Of Discourse On DU

Obama VP, who do you like

Obama campaign takes a page out of the Clinton playbook: Plans 12 ET conference call to blast Penn

Remember the Wendy's commercial, "The Soviet Fashion Show?"

Why isn't Clinton winning?

"Hillary, be my best friend" LOL!

Latest SUSA polls for Oregon and Indiana primaries plus Washington State General Election


Hillary’s Labor Pains

Bush's Colombia trade gambit sets up a fight with Congress

"Any further reconstruction money given to Iraq should be a loan."

Clinton Picks Up Male Vote in PA Poll

McClatchy: Energy Department forecasts soaring gasoline prices

Patraeus/Crocker hearings & Lindsey Graham

Hey Cokie...(and all you other talking heads who don't know what you're talking about)

Interview with Randi Rhodes' Ex-Writer Barry Crimmins on Clinton Controversy

Petraeus - Has anyone asked "General, how much

Clinton Raised $21,625 Online Yesterday

Clinton loses Super Delegate

This is painful to watch and listen to...

****Official SFRC Petraeus Hearing Thread - TWO****

Lobby for Colombia Trade Pact Casts a Wide Net... (incl. Wolfson, WalMart!)

This is my old band, the Jupiter Sheep -- on YouTube.

What do you want?

Hillary Clinton Picks Up Another Superdelegate In Arkansas

Obama chipping away at Clinton's Pennsylvania lead

The Misunderestimators

Is Hillary Clinton correct in thinking that Afghanistan hearings should be held in a subcommittee?

Guardian UK: Secret US plan for military future in Iraq (no time limit on troop presence)

New Rasmussen PA Poll-48-Clinton/43-Obama

Investors, not Fed, to blame for crisis-Greenspan

Gov. Rendell: Clinton should dump Penn altogether

Condi / McCain - Obama / Clinton


Anyone catch this? Patraeus says withdrawing (1) brigade a month is "do-able"!!! (Obama plan)

Anyone catch this? Patraeus says withdrawing (1) brigade a month is "do-able"!!! (Obama plan)

Anyone catch this? Patraeus says withdrawing (1) brigade a month is "do-able"!!! (Obama plan)

Anyone catch this? Patraeus says withdrawing (1) brigade a month is "do-able"!!! (Obama plan)

Anyone catch this? Patraeus says withdrawing (1) brigade a month is "do-able"!!! (Obama plan)

Anyone catch this? Patraeus says withdrawing (1) brigade a month is "do-able"!!! (Obama plan)

Anyone catch this? Patraeus says withdrawing (1) brigade a month is "do-able"!!! (Obama plan)

Anyone catch this? Patraeus says withdrawing (1) brigade a month is "do-able"!!! (Obama plan)

John K. Wilson: Why Clinton Must Stay In The Race

John K. Wilson: Why Clinton Must Stay In The Race

Dean Baker: The Foreclosure Prevention Act (a k a the Bank and Builder Bailout Act)

Watching The Petraeus Senate Hearings,...

Maybe I'm better at holding my tongue (fingers?) - an e-mail from my Penn. brother

I just need to say this:

Stanley Bing: A world where money grows on trees?

**********The OFFICIAL official thread**********

For McCain, Little Talk of a Controversial Endorsement


Whenever I watch TV, I learn a new stereotype. Did you know lesbians are all forgetful?

John McCain Repeats Al-Qaida Shiite Confusion

Why did the MI and FL Democratic parties vote to sit this primary season out?

Iraq Withdrawal Within Year Favored By Largest Number Ever In New Poll

Soldiers Support Obama!

Bill Scher: Would You Close Your School To Pay For Iraq?

A lesson for us for the general election: how easy it is for the Rethug media

Hillary would be winning if....

New SUSA Pa poll. Obama down with men. Clinton back to a 18 point lead overall.

Shocking proof that Hillary Clinton loves war.

Bigger Bullshitter?

Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Seder samstituting for Randi Rhodes Tuesday

Is Keith Olbermann a Sexist or simply a Cunning Linguist?

For those criticizing Obama's stance on the boycott of the opening ceremonies. . .

ABC: One soldier after another expressed support for the candidates who promised to end the war

Election Reform

McCain still confusing Shia and Sunni

IMF Says Financial Losses May Swell to $945 Billion

Two debates left for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton he Offensive or Misunderstood??????

from the WTF Files: Formula One boss's kinky Nazi orgy upsets Jewish groups

Suburban Obama delegate quits over 'divisive' remark

Gov't Raises Payments to Health Insurers

Caller on C-SPAN just called Obama the Antichrist

Why SUSA's Pennsylvania poll isn't worth fretting about

Hillary shamelessly plays the gender card again.

How do you recognize a fair election ?

SUSA: Exclusive Poll: Obama Loses Popularity With Pa. Men (HRC 18pts over BHO)

Iraqi Official: Gen. Petraeus says he has presidential ambitions

This is what happens when fucktards get computers

Mobile home park for the homeless under consideration

If Obama wins PA...

Wow. I have a last thread to say what I want.


Popular vote in primaries

I STLL SAY Biden was the best candidate we had! Did you listen to his

BE HONEST: Which candidate benefits the most from today's Iraq hearings?

****Official Petraeus Hearing Thread - FOUR****

Pssssst... they're watching.....

Iran attack?

I love opera!

Hillary: "OK, OK, you can be my Vice President!"

From an earlier thread by jgraz: If mccain really used the "C" word

Survey USA poll is completely unreliable, and here is why.

When it comes to choosing a president, none of you know what you're doing.

Clinton Said Rising Suicide Bombers Are a Sign of Success

Bill Clinton Opposed Skipping The China Olympics Opening Ceremonies In 2007

Come On, Baby!! Hurt me!! Abuse Me!! Lie To Me!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Gareth Porter: Iraqi rogues and a false proxy war (The false Petraeus narrative)

****Official SFRC Petraeus Hearing Thread - ONE****

Hillary's campaign has been emotionally manipulative, and full out outrageous, silly outbursts

So, where were all the people when we have trashed Condi over the years

Oddsmakers: Hillary will win some battles but lose the war; Obama favored as nominee

CLINTON: "I will be the best Tourism Minister of... Colombia!"

Obama's up! n/t

Newsflash: Words that are gender-specific aren't inherently sexist.

Obama's name removed from MI ballot

Winky the Elephant Dies at Animal Sanctuary

Campaigning for another lets Kerry be Kerry

20,000 Seat RBC Arena to Host Obama-Clinton North Carolina Debate


If our candidate spends the GE hammering away at Iraq, McCain is going to lose.

Can someone please tell Ambassador Crocker to stop stumbling like a fool ?!

Enough of the infighting!

How Hillary could be winning...

"Reports of Penn's death are greatly exaggerated" (Columbia fired him but HRC did not)

Sen. Rockefeller Calls McCain to Apologize

Author Probes Sex-Obsessed Scientists (Dept. Of Bow chicky bow-wow) in "Bonk"

Obama's happy, drama-free appeal

when confronted with dangerous and aggressive facts will nominee mccain cry "realityism" ?

Iran: not helping my concerns of a new war

Is it sexist to attack Hillary Clinton for Bill Clinton's current policy opinions?

Clinton 'speechless' at Obama's claim that he understands the world better

Clinton 'speechless' at Obama's claim that he understands the world better

HuffPo: The Diva's Camp: The Appeal of Hillary Clinton

A beautiful, and terribly sad, memorial and plea from Iraq.

Capital Steps Sends Up Geraldine Ferraro!

Hillbots.... I plan on giving you full amnesty when this is over. Your Welcome.

Beer Recalled After Brewers Find Glass In Bottles (Samuel Adams)

****Official SFRC Petraeus Hearing Thread - FOUR****

How many smell vote rigging in PA for Clinton?

Obama delegate quits over 'divisive'remark

Being mired in debt by student loans--An issue Barack Obama OWNS! Psst--don't tell Hillary.

All Clinton & Obama supporters there should be no doubt why you vote for the Democratic nominee

Brand New PA Polls: ARG: Obama 45% - HRC 45%; Quinnipiac: HRC 50% - Obama 44%

The Rezko word of the day is...

"I voted for Bush and I'm so embarrassed- He's such a scoundrel!"

Drudge Report: Obama Calls For Talks With Iran

Bulldog Biden is getting ready to sink his teeth into...


Scott Ritter says 80% chance of war with you know who . . .

Penn admits his resignation was a sham/Obama leads Clinton by 10 nationwide; they’re tied in PA

hearing and the candidates


'Revolutionary' CO2 maps zoom in on greenhouse gas sources

Polygamy case: details from court documents. I fear for this girl.

THE PLEDGE re: FL&MI for all who insist it was something it was not!

THE PLEDGE re: FL&MI for all who insist it was something it was not!

What kind of nutjob would protest this????

US water pipelines are breaking

Why the hell is this breaking news on this idiots web page

Why the hell is this breaking news on this idiots web page

Clinton Supporters: If Hillary loses PA, will you admit it's over and back Obama?

Clinton Supporters: If Hillary loses PA, will you admit it's over and back Obama?

Racist newspaper article refers to African American minors as "boys."

So let me get this straight...Obama stole the Hope theme from Bill, but then Hillary criticized his

This is what republicons are...

"Hillary Clinton portrays calls to quit as chauvinism" (Poor Nell!)

I Just Pulled my Grandson out of a Tree and Told Him to Stop Acting like a Monkey !

Check in and shut up the fake outrage: Obama Supporters AGAINST Calling Hillary a Bitch!

Are there any Clinton Volunteers in PA

We're paying $18,000,000 a month to keep the militia from fighting us?

Do you know what the Security and Prosperity Partnership is?

Do all Republicans read from the same script?

The return of the Scoop Jackson Democrat...

Answer me this question: Regarding McCain

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance

"Doctor Laura" gets weekly segment on Fox "News"

Crocker: Al Qaeda on Afghanistan-Pakistan border bigger threat than in Iraq.»

If Elton John dedicates "The Bitch is Back" to Hillary

Nebraskans help Iraqi firefighters with training, equipment

CNN Poll Ticker - Obama chipping away at Clinton's Pennsylvania lead

Songs that make you think of the candidates?

Bill Clinton reacts angrily to allegations he wanted trade agreement with Colombia

Breaking Proof: Bill Clinton Backed Columbian Trade Deal

After today's hearings, I REALLY can't bear the thought of President McCain. Ugh

Please use these quotes in your letters to the editor.

Know why the Clintons have to make so much money?

Paralyzed Iraq veteran transforms pain into protest music

Sen. Casey Jr. asking Crocker about BlackWater - MSNBC cuts him off. Had to switch to C-Span!

Dean Baker: The Real Case Against Greenspan

If you want to up-chug your lunch, check out the teary-eyed Bush picture here.

Did Doyle rig Wisconsin for Obama?

The Chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate hearings FIRED Hillary ?

Suburban Obama's delegate: Linda Ramirez Sliwinski ticketed for calling boys in tree 'monkeys'

Which causes the most pain, in your opinion?

It's true, Obama stole the Hope from Clinton.

Big sigh of relief here -- Petraeus doesn't seem to be pushing Iran war

Global warming denier needs debunking

I bet ya some Feb 5 states regret pushing their primaries so early

Of course, there are no sexists here ...

About Obama/Wright...

Teams of Rivals

Obama on NOW, questioning Patraeus & Crocker!!!

Obama-supporting union pres says Penn flap exposes 'credibility problem' for Clinton

Sirius Left - Could Lynn Samuels be any more annoying??

Google: Bird's Eye View of a Refugee's World

And now, something we *all* can agree on:

How did Obama do in the Hearings with Crocker and "Betrayus" Today?

Crocker: "uhhhh, and uuhhhhhhhhhh, and the uhhhh, and uhhhhhhhh, and uhhh." SHOOT ME

I would like to congratulate MSNBC for

I love a bitch chorus

I love a bitch chorus

Three PA polls out today: Clinton leads in all three as Obama momentum stops. H wins "Reagan Dems"

A Fishmonger Sells Fish. A Warmonger Sells War. Obama Distancing Himself From Schultz Remark Stinks

Media coverage of Obama office opening. in Lexington Ky

In the hard support of the Wilsons and Larry Johnson's support of Hillary

A dream starts to fade

somebody on the planet talked trash about John McCain

So, is John Mccain losing his mind?

As We Sow

Anybody else notice Petraeus' use of the term "trooper" vs "troop"?

Who Would You Rather Have? Tiger Woods or John McCain

What does your candidate say about the Security and Prosperity Partnership?

Sen. Obama On Now!

Watch for this phrase in Petraeus hearing (or any other hearing)

As an Obama supporter, the grandma ad fails

Obama's new Pennsylvania ad features his sister and his grandmother

New CNN/ABC/MSNBC/CBS/NBC/FOX Poll: Clinton 61% Obama 60%

New CNN/ABC/MSNBC/CBS/NBC/FOX Poll: Clinton 61% Obama 60%

New CNN/ABC/MSNBC/CBS/NBC/FOX Poll: Clinton 61% Obama 60%


New CNN/ABC/MSNBC/CBS/NBC/FOX Poll: Clinton 61% Obama 60%

New CNN/ABC/MSNBC/CBS/NBC/FOX Poll: Clinton 61% Obama 60%

New CNN/ABC/MSNBC/CBS/NBC/FOX Poll: Clinton 61% Obama 60%

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Hey, mckeown1128, where's your poll?

Why did Obama take his name off the MI ballot? I know,

how do they poll people with no landline phones (cell phones only).

It's a GREAT DAY! And a GREAT time to say

The Errors Haunting Clinton

OK-lets have 3 months of threads smearning/mocking Bush cause he had tears today

Why I'm voting for the Democratic nominee, regardless of who it is

AP: Colombia Trade Deal Splits Clintons

AP: Colombia Trade Deal Splits Clintons

It's OFFICIAL, even everyday Government Employees are stealing from us....

Joker in the Deck for PA

Hillary Clinton: Trojan Donkey

can anybody please explain

Young Obama Backers Twist Parents' Arms

I need Barack Obama?

Dems Exceptionally Well Positioned To Expand Majority In Senate

Under HRC's own plan she'd be fined.

Are we pulling together yet?

Clinton Told True Tale of Woe, Says Kin

If Keith Olbermann was objective, he would criticize Obama every now and then.

"Amusing" Lawsuit: "...the U.S. Constitution prohibits a woman from holding the office."

Why Clinton Must Stay In The Race - John K. Wilson (HuffPo)

Gallup poll: Clinton - 44% Obama - 63%

Bob Herbert: A Different Kind of Election

Hillary's new top pollster: “I don’t want there to be a thermonuclear climax” - wants united party

Questions Raised About Taylor Marsh

And now, a musical theater tribute to my candidate.

Rep. Monique Davis, `It’s dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists!'

Aging process quickly hits homes in Las Vegas - McMansions built in 2004 now outdated & unsold

THEY DON’T CARE! Trudy Lieberman gets it right about that hospital story

a poll on polls

Teamsters Prez to Obama: 'End the Mystery' on NAFTA Meeting

weekly round-up of news that got lost or ignored in the 24/7 "breaking news" rush.

Pennsylvania, Part III

A wager on who Obama picks as Veep.

Webb on Hardball Now

Matthew Rothschild: Petraeus Prepares the Battlefield for Iran

All Democratic Leaders and Candidates always should use the label 'Bush Republicans'

****Official SFRC Petraeus Hearing Thread - SIX****

Apparently, The Right Wing Conservatives Were Correct All Along

My Birthday Card--check it out!

Obama opens mouth and inserts foot

A post for reflection - If the lady who said "monkey" had been a Clinton delegate...

Why American Families' Incomes Rise When Dems are in Office and Fall with the GOP

I Just Got An Email From Sen. Casey...

Hoffa's Pennsylvania Convoy for Change - Day One

"Racism" gone astray? Delegate forced to step down for referring to kids climbing in tree "monkeys"

Earth to America - The Blue Man Group on Global Warming

How ignorant is McSame? He called Al-Qaeda Shia yet again

Question: why isn't the secretary of state being grilled with 'the general'

Gallup: About One in Four Democrats Have Switched Candidates (19% switched to Obama, 7% to Clinton)

Another Clinton story that could be wrong?

****Official SFRC Petraeus Hearing Thread - FIVE****

Democrats; A Day To Be Proud Of BOTH Of Our Candidates

When confronted with dangerous and aggressive foreign powers will President HRC cry "sexism"?

Do any Obama supporters get tired from the fauxrage from Clinton supporters..

Elizabeth Edwards Backs Clinton Health Care Plan

"I Dont know what they are Going to do when we end this War"

Obama needs superdelegates to win

Obama needs superdelegates to win

Fed members worried about deep recession

Caption this Obama picture!

The Basic problem the Clinton campaign never faced.

Iraq's civilian dead: why US won't do the maths

Saving the American Left: The Case for a New Progressive Creed

PSST!! Turn on C-SPAN 3 RIGHT NOW! - Edit : Obama up

My local TV station, WGAL, has a program on the PA primaries called,

Venezuela gives Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie the ole heave-ho

Please sign the petition telling congress to stop funding the war

Youths banned from buying ketchup (and eggs)

10 Things Never to Say to a Black Coworker

It's Time to Challenge Gen. Petraeus

Strategic Vision will be out with a Pa poll tomorrow. Clinton 47, Obama 42

The Real Clinton Mistakes...

****Official SFRC Petraeus Hearing Thread - SEVEN****

While Petraeus Testifies, U.S. Iraq Personnel Take Cover

Scarborough and Pat Buchanan supporting Hillary

Am I Being Too Simplistic Here - But Why Don't We Just Take Out Al-Sadr?......

McNasty McWRong for McMureka

The absolute ironic travesty of bush awarding the Medal of Honor

From inside the Patreaus hearing - a Code Pinker's blog

Am I the only one disgusted with Bush's timing on this Medal of Honor?

RASMUSSEN National Poll: Obama 51% Clinton 40%; largest lead... Developing...

Clinton: Big boys tried to bully Huckabee out because he's a woman.

Waukegan mom charged with murder said her daughter was possessed

Clinton will say: "With all the money Obama spent in PA, he could not win PA"

Bush's OSHA: No Laws? No Crimes

The dark moon (4/6) has come and gone, with no attack on Iran (as some predicted).

If Hillary can't run a decent campaign, how can she run a country?

How many civilians did THIS man kill?

Please don't mention the Middle East to me, or any other serious issue.

Tweety: "Bowling deficiency says something about the Dem party"

What's the chance Obama has of winning PA in the primary?

ABC's: It's "surprising" the troops like Obama

Caption this Clinton picture!

Is it too early to start planning for a PEACEFUL Democratic Convention?

Just a heads up on what the other side is calling for

Is it sexist to use the term "The Clenis"?

eight year old kid suspended for sniffing a marker pen?

I Got A Flyer From Obama Today In Central PA (large images)

I Can't Quite Decide Who To Be Mad At Here... Nixon\Stone\Novak\Penn... (RawStory)

The Secret Side of David Axelrod: The master of "Astroturfing" has a second firm for MegaCorps

CBS May Hire CNN for Some Newsgathering (Media Consolidation)

"The American people have had it up to HERE!"

At least 52 rockets or mortar bombs hit the heavily fortified Green Zone last week

How the HELL does Tucker Carlson keep getting new shows?????

I'm not enjoying the increased gloating, attacks on posters and bad attitude coming from my camp.

I Told You So Is Almost Here

McCain Girls: Here Comes McCain Again

Another smear job on Obama - Collins/autorank responds Scoop


"Some of you just automatically attack every lie Hillary makes up."

Candy Crowley : What's her story?

Harvard, Yale, Ivy League. They HAVE provided their share of assholes.

If you want to watch the Olympic torch relay/protests in San Francisco on Wednesday

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression hands out Muzzle awards...

General Tommy Franks

If Hillary blows out Barack in PA

How long until a prominent McCain supporter uses a racial epithet to describe Obama?

How many of you could have watched Petraeus but chose not to?

"Breaking the Baby"

IF we fail to hold torturers accountable, then WE MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE....

Haitians riot, loot over food prices

Sen. Obama Confronts Petraeus and Crocker on 'Major Strategic Blunder' in Iraq

Larry Sinclair, if you can read this..

Obama stole the Hope theme from Bill Clinton.

Greenspan: Yeah, we're in a f**king recession but don't f**king blame me....

When confronted with dangerous and aggressive Republicans will Nominee BHO cry "racism"?

State Sen. Monique Davis needs a primer on the violence religion inspires...

Name The Song Elton John Most Likely Won't Play For Hillary Tomorrow Night !!!

Obama says he's conflicted on Olympics

For a progressive state, CA is kind of behind on some things IMHO

Attn: Marc Maron fans. Marc to sub for Malloy tonight

Keith .. Keith. It was NOT the Medal of Freedom, it was the Medal of Honor. BIG DIF.

Greenberg Traurig on the Defensive as Abramoff's Guam Dealings Blow Up

TYT: John McCain's Enormous Hypocrisy on the War

Please Tell Pat Buchanan To.......


The ****OFFICIAL**** "I Will Vote For The Dem Nominee" Thread

Right Wing Thinkers - An Oxymoron?

"I want their money in our treasury!!!"

I want PA canvassing/phonebanking stories and other anecdotes!

*********New Polls confirm Obama w/in striking distance in PA, better vs. McCain, & ahead in Orgeon.


ABC cherry picks information to cover for McCain on Iraq and portray Obama as distorting McCain

North Carolina: Obama 49, Clinton 39

Oh please, oh please, oh please -- I am begging here

Christopher Hitchens to Andrew Sullivan: “Don’t be such a lesbian”

The Truth About the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’

Procedures and Rules of Conduct for Press Conferences with President John McCain

MORE Hillary ties to right wing South American governments......Carville!

OH my god I thought a nieghborhood cat was being tortured...the sound was so horrific

"You can have your Tiger Woods. We have Senator McCain."

Meanwhile in Iraq, I can't accept what is happening there.

The Housing Crisis--two locations near me, Condos for sale.

Does anyone have a direct link to the Mike Malloy Show?

DoJ's John 'Minorities Die First' Tanner Heads to Siegelman Country!

Hooded torture victim in Cheney's glasses

Since some of you think it's cool to call Hillary Clinton a "bitch"....

Can someone identify what is reflected in Cheney's sunglasses?

AHOY, Fellow Drug Addicts! (That's over 85% of you)

TAKE THIS TEST! Harvard's "Project Implicit" tells you which candidate you implicitly support.

How should IL state representative Monique Davis be dealt with?

CIA rendered 14 suspects to Jordan for torture...

Medicated Child - Frontline (PBS) documentary starting now. If you have young kids

Maybe it's time to ratchet it back, Obama supporters

when does this become facism?

No Democrat who voted for the Iraq War will be President

Two-Faced Baby In India Doing Well

I know she's a teen, but she's just so damn adorable!!!

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/8/08 - Obama unchanged (51), Clinton down 1 (40)

I'm a woman and Hillary...

That’s all Folks.

It's all about Credibility to Execute. Clinton fails miserably. Obama excels!

Do people really not GET the psychology of candidate support?

GOP candidates line up to face Kerry

"I want their money in our treasury!!!"

John Cleese offers to write for Barack Obama

Tweety dreams of being Timmeh

"errr....uhhhh..." CROCKER MUST GO!!

Remember : This is all about O I L

Metro Detroit schools coping with surge of homeless children

Jon Corzine “Clinton is the most qualified and prepared to be our next president”

So how does this primary end?

Anyone know a link to see what's happening in the Jackie Speier election today?

Don't you love the phrases from these hearings?

Petraeus Testimony: Summing Up Today's Hearing on Iraq

Edwards' LTTE NYT: Broken Soldiers, and a Broken System

The sum up Petraeus' testimony in one sentence thread! Join in!

The White Male Voter

Cokie Roberts was extolling Laura Bush on her fight for Burma -TDS

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!! Marc Maron Subs for Mike

Link to the actual court documents in the polygamy case,

Does replacing certain letters in swear words with *'s make them less offensive?

Do Clinton supporters realize that about half the field was more qualified than her?

Do you remember the "fruitcake lady" from Leno? What would she say about McNasty?

DUer's that are not New Democrats, just Democrats and traditional Democratic voters silent thread.

URGENT: Stop the Colombia FTA

Jeremy Scahill Confronts BlackWater Vice President

how long will congress put up with the petraeus/crocker dog & pony show?

Two more US military died in Iraq today

Thanks mods - A double header


Clinton's Sag in the Polls Makes Big Pennsylvania Win Unlikely

Guardian UK: Food price rises threaten global security - UN

Absolut Ad -- Mexican Revanchism

what is the worst name you ever called your SO...the worst you have ever been called?

Carl Levin Honing In On Torture Memo In "Secret Inquiry"

DEATHWATCH Day 8 -- The GOP is the Party of Death and Destruction (PODD)

Two deaths in Spain linked to mad cow disease

Former Fed Chair Volcker..."You don't have to predict a dollar crisis, you're in it."

Theodore Roosevelt As A Republican

"You have your Tiger Woods"

Is David Petraeus Dirty? Ted Westheusing Said So, and Then He Shot Himself

Canadians Prefer Obama

Howard Dean and Donna Brazile are referees in this MI and FL

Howard Dean and Donna Brazile are referees in this MI and FL

Sen. Clinton Confronts Petraeus and Crocker on Iraq

Huffpo: Bill Clinton's Ties to Colombia Trade Deal Stronger Than Even Penn's

The Power of the President to Deploy Troops

UNT students join walkout in war protest (photos & where is the MSM?)

Ahmadinejad: US used September 11 as 'pretext' for invasions

Who Is The Real John McCain? A New Book May Provide Some Interesting Answers. Also, At 4:30pm EST...

So Cindi McCain is getting a pass for the thinning hair comment in public?

The high cost of healthcare

Wanna Help Politico Make a Scoop?

Hillary excuse 1,245: Obama is outspending me! (4/8/2008)

"my friends. . ." Friends don't send friends to slaughter based on thoroughly bogus intelligence

70% of DU Women approve the use of the word BITCH

Were bookbags around in the 60's?

TEDTalk Tuesday: Asking big questions about the universe

This is what really pisses me off about Petraeus

We have so distorted the meaning of sexism here that it has ceased to mean anything

Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton

HAHAHA! Conyers wants to talk to YOO!

IMF: Credit crunch costs '$1 trillion'

“The Nation’s Top Ten Worst State Attorneys General” (1/24/07) cited by the Institute for Legal

The Nation: Meanwhile, in Texas

Working poor struggle to get by. Our party is the only hope for such folks

Hillary ridicules Obama's theme of hope then steals it:

Clinton Makes A Play For The Female Vote - AJC

Absolutely fascinating account, told by a brain scientist, of what she experienced

****Official SFRC Petraeus Hearing Thread - THREE****

Surge poll CNN

Hey, Mark Penn just earned $101,600 from the Clinton Campaign

If someone made a baseless accusation against John McCain, what is the moral response?

My letter to my old senator about the Colombia Free Trade deal

Thousands of Posts Flood Starbucks Site

Struggling economy hits home as people sell, pawn property

On January 20, President Clinton or Obama should fire Petraeus

Hillary's Speeches: Pure Out-And-Out Horseshit

Hillary's Speeches: Pure Out-And-Out Horseshit

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Indiana)... Discuss.

John McCain calls Congressmen "boy," gets into a fight

How in the hell did Michael Ramirez win a Pulitzer?

Priest Defends Rev Wright, Faux Reporter Gets Earful, MUST SEE

Greenspan: U.S. in recession - recommends settling the crisis by committing taxpayers' money

True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society

So the fucking war criminal is lying before Congress again

Wal-Mart Shopper Raped In Car With Baby, 1, In Back Seat, Police Say

Joe Lieberman is a piece of shit.

I swear, Republicans are just fucking idiots

Congress is selling us out. That is my take on these useless hearings.

Hillary's Hoosier Chair: Obama Running "Negative" In IN

22 yr old may have contracted Cruetzfeldt Jakob Disease from surgery.

I'll put it more bluntly: I'm an Iraq veteran

Bill Clinton: "I am in favor of the (Colombian) free trade agreement "

Obama AND Clinton would rather debate religion than science.

Wheelchair fight begins in San Francisco

Woman describes ‘escape’ from polygamy

Yemen: Empty Jewish homes destroyed

Vice chair of 9/11 panel: We have no record of Mukasey's 'warning'

"John McCain Accuses Me Of "Trash Journalism" While He Engages In "Trash" Propaganda..."

uuuuuu...umm mmm.uuuhhh ..uuuhhhh.uhhhh

The Nation: Don't Betray Us, General - Admit That Iraq Keeps Getting Worse & That The Surge Failed

Columbian Trade Deal? Drugs, Oil and Weapons Hooray!

So, who killed Davey Moore?

"Following the implementation of these techniques, more than 108 detainees died in detention."

Dean on McCain: Once is mispeaking -- five times is a dangerous lack of understanding (IRAQ)

Can O'Worms: Reconstruction - good idea or not?

Conyers Schedules Hearing with John Yoo! ... and text of his letter to Yoo...

Senate voted for cloture....Home Foreclosure Bill

Everybody loves freetrade agreements!!!!!!!!!

Republicans consider shutting down Senate over judicial nominees

Heil Hitler!

Military Families Call for Filibuster

Grandma gets it right!!!!

GM to managers: Volt is No. 1 priority

McCain Supporter's Comment About Obama: "You Can Keep Your Tiger Woods"

Oceanside CA- Off Duty Cop Shoots Woman and her 8 Year Old Son - Police defend his actions

Dear Skinner, you should not have

THE END of "BookBag-Gate." Yes, they were around in the 60s. PROOF. Now apologize to Hillary.

Do You Eat Beef?

Calling your wife a c*nt in public is not "a spat". It's not "nasty". It's abuse.

so, if i get a domain name like and print some crazy ass stories on it.....

Know what's shocking?

Lieberman on MSNBC had a BIG D by his name and...

Amy Goodman: In First Joint Interview, 2 Ex-KBR Employees Say They Were Raped by Co-Workers in Iraq

Bob Dylan is awarded Pulitzer Prize

Bob Dylan is awarded Pulitzer Prize

Quail Fighting. These are the people our tax dollars murder and the society our masters destroy.

Quarter Pounder with Crazy: McDonalds' support of the "gay agenda" driving AFA freaks insane.....

CREDO Action: Tell Congress: No More Funding for War in Iraq!

Depressing Peak Oil article...

A NATION AT RISK - 25th ANNIVERSARY (and the fear-mongering and scapegoating continue)

Failed Again: Widely-Used Diebold Touch-Screens Systems Dropped Votes in Recent Ohio Primary

Looks Like Cheney Might Be Getting Scared Afterall...?

DU! Let's End This Thing!--Activism Alert!!

Al Gore has a new video/slide show to update An Inconvenient Truth

Carlyle Group's Plan to Takeover the Banking System

The View today -- Hasselbeck came up with a doozy

"Squeezed to Death" a look at the Iraq of 2000.

Truck Drivers Block Freeway Traffic Across the U.S. to Protest Soaring Fuel Prices

You might be a right wing idiot if you say or believe this bs

This is why I like Obama

Just gotta say: Kudos to so many mature DUers to change the tone

Obama's happy, drama-free appeal

Black Guy Asks Nation For Change

Introducing the Obama Organizing Fellows - Grassroots for the General Election

Introducing the Obama Organizing Fellows - Grassroots for the General Election

The Press v. Dr. King and The Mother Jones Wing of the Democratic Party

DC Superdelegate Withdraws Support for Hillary Clinton. (Moves to Undecided)

A humble suggestion for Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich, Biden supporters

Al Gore! Take a Cue From Donald Trump and Fire Omarosa.

Virginia Democratic Chairs Send Petition to VA Superdelegates: Act Now! Support Obama!

Talking With a Friend Who Hates Muslims

McSame Hearts Jeb Bush's Antieducation Agenda

WTF is wrong with these female reporters and their names? Cokie? Candy? wtf?

Rooooccccckkkkkkkk Chhhhhhalllllllllkkkkk go KU Post your prediction

What an unbelievable blow job....

Congrats to Jimbo

Ruthless People is still a hilarious movie

Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned? I know it sounds absurd...

Brainwashed in our childhood, brainwashed by the schools

OMG we left the house and didn't watch the end of the game OMG OMG OMG OMG

Wasted Words

Should Memphis have fouled

No springs attached

What film do you falsely claim to like when asked "what's your favorite film?"

thanks to my brother in law..

Our Corporate World

i had never heard of 'carry on wayward son' til guitar hero

What are we going to DO??

Battlestar Galactica fans: Episodes on the Internet!

coolest robot ever

This is a great best of craigslist letter.

Another day, another storm.



Lunch time for a loggerhead shrike. (No, I did not take this picture)

I am glad that I didn't pay attention to basketball before Groundhog Day

You never know who's still awake, you never know who understands

Coroner Cyril Wecht another target of Karl Rove's US Attorney scheme?

Hundreds of hogs die in barn fire

Good Morning!

Well crap, I've got a song stuck in my head

This just hurts my heart!!! Why are we still there????


Sleep won't come...what's going on in here?

Your attention please.

So far I haven't been a big fan of Amy Winehouse

Why do the British say "have it off" and the Americans say "get it on"

Think good thoughts...Getting my Econometrics midterm back at 1

Ever have one of those days

Rolly Doty~You Ain't Shit !!

Congratulations to Jimbo - winner of the DU NCAA Tournament poll

Fake "Chick Tract" extoles history and use of LSD.

Java Programming

Everyone makes fun of the Edsel, but was it really a bad car?

My Sermon For Today

Polar Bear Cub makes debut... (AWWWWWWW!!!!!)

So last night in the office...

Microsoft Excel

New release: Guitar Hero: Rush


What exactly is a "Creek Dog" anyway...?

What happens if JeffR gets a DUzy?

Here is a GREAT Rick Roll!!!!!


Random answers for Loungers

Hey Gray, Bobby won a Pulitzer.

Time seems to have stopped here at work.

Anyone know where I can get free hearing aides?


Anyone going to see Dylan in Lewiston, ME May 17?

Paris Hilton: "If I bought a cheetah, would it run away from me or could I keep it?"

Lineup announced for Lollapalooza 2008 - man I want to go this year

So the test i took hungover i got a 92.5

You can sing the words of "Amazing Grace" to the theme from "Gilligan's Island"

Snake Handlers Appreciation Thread! Check in HERE if you like handling or are just snake-curious.

Ok who here has done it - Watched 'Wizard of Oz' with 'Stairway To Heaven' playing

Michael Franks - ANTONIO'S SONG


OK, this just rocks!!1!! 161-1

Ben Sidran - Down To The Bone

David Geffen named Most Powerful Gay Mogul. Anderson Cooper listed as #2

David Geffen named Most Powerful Gay Mogul. Anderson Cooper listed as #2


Looks like it's time to get serious about my health

** New Boston Legal Tonight **

Ok who here has done it - Watched 'Wizard of Oz' with 'Dark Side of the Moon' playing

Scholarship essays

Now I am become Shiva, destroyer of threads.

Teenager from India is smallest girl in the world at 1 ft 11 inches

Question About STAR Testing an Asperger's Child

Leona Lewis has me bleeding love.

Bigger Mistake: Dating Bret Michaels or Dating Nikki Sixx?

On April 25th

Dammit!! When do we get new episodes of LOST????

I need some good luck vibes.

Have a beer on me, passed my physical and start my new job tomorrow morning

I'm angry with my gay neighbor !

WOW! The Baltimore Orioles have the BEST record in Baseball!!

Kitty rapture

In case you were wondering about those things:

Someone is WRONG on the internet!

Holy crap! the Mets have been RickRolled!!!11!

Creek dog is a chicken. Nah Nah na boo-boo

Until today and I had never heard EITHER "Muskrat Love" or Macarthur Park

Moe's Tavern has a new patron.

Have you ever been interviewed by someone less intelligent than you?

Nothing beats an archaic boner

OMG - you can synch Rush's 2112 with 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'

UPDATE: The score I got on my midterm, after the curve was....

Bidets or berets?

We need to do something about global warming NOW!!!

What Is The WORST State In The Union, Besides Delaware?

So Chuck Norris and Rick Astley walk into a bar....

Why don't Americans accept beignets?

Tonight on Tap at Tavernertavern: Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA

Good evening!

damn you, Redstone.

11 More Days I Am Going To A Barbecue

I just want to tell all of you today...

Lindsay Lohan offers to go "full frontal" in her new film, producers say "no thank you"

Willy Wonka

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/8/2008)

We just got back from seeing the J.M.W. Turner art exhibit in Dallas

Health benefits of olive oil vs. canola oil? (cross-posted in Cooking & Baking group)

Coffee stains your insides.

We're all going to Hell.

NH Woman's Dog Killed At Atlanta Airport

Willy Wonka

Young And Restless 'Esther' Also Works As A Flight Attendant

Is there some sort of Lounge American/British War starting

How come when you eat corn, no matter how much you chew it, you poop it out in whole kernals?

I'm never, never, never going to take Spring for granted, ever again!

What Is A 'Rickroll'???

Zombie Strippers: The Movie (Rated R - starring Jenna Jameson!)

Don't Tay Z me, bro!

It's back! (glug glug glug)

It's back! (glug glug glug)

Ouch! Hillary's campaign debt:

Does anyone know if you can send a faxed copy or fax your tax return?

What do the following items have in common?

What is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

The problem with dames

Say Goodbye To Cheap Flights, Maybe Peanuts Too

I am my own worst enemy...

I wish Hell's Kitchen would do McDonalds



I have the Hiccups

America does, if America says it's so...

Serious Issue, Song About Consequences (graphic)

Did anyone else find "Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix" dissapointing....

She did it again! CalPeg + F-bomb

Once Upon A Time, There Was Cinema. Now, There's Only Movies

If you have "nose" you'd like to pick, post a pic of yourself in this thread!

The problem with men

Michelle Malkin wants you to boycott Absolut because of this Ad

Dating sucks!

Is this your homework, Larry?

Richard Belzer has not been on Law and order SVU

Yet again I order the *most* exciting books from Amazon:

So I Am Having A Blast Making Comments on the LOLcat generator

My boyfriend, Fidel Castro

Film Preservation/Archiving Masters Programs

My boyfriend, Pepto Bismol Castro

Darth Cheney's sunglasses...

vacation Pics ***warning dial up users***

What has become of MrCoffee?

Parche got me a room...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/8/08

My boyfriend, Jason Fidel Castro

Stay off the highways!!!

Kind of a downer - but have you seen the casualties of the war on drugs?


Anyone watching the NOVA show on Mayan languages

This makes me want to cry

what is IBTL???

My hand and wrist joints are killing me today!

Nine in the Afternoon

If you have "dog" in your nick, post a pic of yourself in this thread!

"Dancing is sexual floorplay"..

Free LSD trip

Embarrassing emissions

whats the point of being able to recommend lounge posts ?

Teens beat up girl to make 'popular' YouTube video

How long does it take a 1st class envelope to arrive from Texas to British Columbia?

I just got the BEST news via Facebook!!

Petey has been bringing me "prey" all morning (an amazing photo)

I got a new kitty and I'm in love, but need some advice on feeding and care..

i love my husband. he just rescued all my emails from a dying hard drive.

Packing progress.

My coffee's here! My coffee's here! (Photos!)

"No matter how old you get, we will always love you."

"Fiddling while Rome burned," "Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic"...

Why don't Americans accept berets?

My boyfriend, Jason Castro

American Airlines Cancels 500 Flights

TM got accepted into NYU and now isn't sure she wants to go.

If you were FORCED to sing a karaoke song

Talk about hanging onto the past. :/

You know, I've never found DUers to be particularly shy

Project Runway moving to Lifetime channel

I love it .... Tommy's new shitty movie is pushed back.

Vibes needed for a good friend.

Remember: They Are Liars

My Dad got kicked out of care facility.......Now what?


Three netizens being sued by Larry Sinclair.

Liberty University Now Accepting New Pleebs TM????


Add your band to Loungapolooza '08!

Dennis Wilson's CLASSIC "Pacific Ocean Blue" will FINALLY be reissued on 2-CD edition, June 10th!

Is it dangerous for children to know that atheism exists?

Play with me>>>>>>>>>>>Name this movie>>>>>>>>

Worst car you've owned/driven/been in.

If you could be any fictional TV or movie character, who would you be?

Great speech by Shirley Schmidt on "Boston Legal"

I've been thinking about DU's tombstoning procedure

my daffodils, even the ones I planted late, have all come up and most are blooming

If you could change your DU name... what would it be?

A terrible Oversight

What are Tensors?

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Write a Haiku based on a DU thread

The car that I want apparently sucks - what should I do?

Paris Sketchbook -

Coolest place you've been on vacation is....

Guitarists-you've got to check out this video

What's for dinner tonight?

Hey Ya! Check this!

The problem with women.

Embarrassing admissions

'The Simpsons' Yanked From Venezuelan TV

Do You Believe In Vampires?

Secret US plan for military future in Iraq

An Ambassador Born of the 'Dirty Wars'

John Cleese offers to write for Barack Obama

Russian spaceship blasts off with South Korean (First and Female) astronaut

Bush Pushes Free Trade with Colombia; Clinton Strategist Caught in the Middle

Iran begins installing more centrifuges

Uruguay seeks secret US archives on 'dirty war'

NATO soldier among 35 killed in Afghan violence

Iraqi Army: 52 Blasts Hit Baghdad Green Zone Last Week - AFP

Al-Sadr Threatens to End Cease-Fire

Al-Sadr threatens to end cease-fire

Iran Expands Nuclear Enrichment Plant

Pending Home Sales Fall 1.9% to Record Low


Beer Recalled After Brewers Find Glass In Bottles (Samuel Adams)

Blood for cash

(American Axle) Formal talks to resume Wednesday (strike has forced thousands of layoffs at GM)

Democratic Party in for Major Overhaul

General Resists Timetable for Withdrawal of Troops in Iraq

Army colonel with St. Louis ties dies in Iraq (Green Zone)

'The Simpsons' Yanked From Venezuelan TV

Credit crunch costs '$1 trillion'

Mistrial declared in (Coroner Cyril) Wecht case; new trial set for May 27

Senate housing bill wins key test vote

House Democrats Target Aid To Homeowners As Senate Plan Showers Tax Breaks On Businesses

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 8, 2008

Democrats plan to reject primaries

US Crocker: Deal Won't Create Permanent US Bases In Iraq -AFP

Colombian senator proposes fining unfaithful partners

Al-Qaida could be beaten in a few years, says head of FBI

Petraeus sees ‘significant but uneven’ progress

His Legacy Tarnished, Greenspan Goes on Defensive

Challenges Arise to Border Fence Project

Google defends user data policy after EU report

FBI Data Transfers Via Telecoms Questioned

Voter Rolls Swelling in PA (Surge of Dem Sign-Ups Reverses Years of Repub Domination in 2 Counties)

Gov't says gas prices could hit $4

Greenspan: No regrets; U.S. in recession

WaMu to lay off 3,000: Close all remaining standalone home loan cntrs

Libby Won't Fight for Pa. Law License

Fed members worried about deep recession

Human Rights Watch: CIA Sent 14 Suspects to Jordan For Interrogation After September 11

Russia FM: Moscow Will Do All It Can To Prevent NATO Membership For Ukraine, Georgia

Congress wants prosecution for assaults (sexual assaults against civilians in Iraq)

Morgan Stanley's Mack Sees End of (global credit) Crisis

Bush Says Economy Is Poised to Rebound

NYC mayor loses big on traffic fee plan

Metro Detroit schools coping with surge of homeless children

McCain: Success in Iraq 'within reach'

Medical Errors Cost $8.8B Over Three Years

New Data Show Strong Labor Market For Scientists And Engineers

GAO: Millions wasted on gov't cards

White House does not rule out Bush missing Olympics opening

State alleges 'pervasive pattern' of sexual abuse at Eldorado-area compound; 417 children removed

Fifth person dies in Haitian food price protests

GOP blocks surveillance extension

Rebels reject Betancourt mission

Affidavit: Report of child brides led to raid

Sunni leader assassinated north of Baghdad

Siegelman Speaks Out, Claims Karl Rove Behind Prosecution

U.S. Hits Cap On H-1B Visa Petitions For Fiscal 2009

ADL: Switzerland financing terrorism

Colombia union members still targeted

Church warns Bolivian conflict may end in violence

NAACP Wants Probe Of "Barbie Bandits" Case

Traders Bet Obama Will Win Democratic Nomination

Rice Leaves Door Ajar for Vice Presidential Chance

Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machines Subpoenaed in NJ

Fed Auctions Another $50 Billion

National Democrats are bullish on Florida

Athens girl says anti-illegal immigration sign led to attack

Girl in polygamist sect says was beaten (UPDATED story)

Row Flares Over Rudd's Tibet Comments

Iraqi army, Mahdi militiamen clash (al Sadr calls off rally)

Basra operations commander: ultimatum ended (Operations will start tomorrow)

FLDS retorts: Raid violated the sect's rights

Countdown: Bushed! 4/7 - Censorship-Gate 'Panoramically Corrupt Presidency'

Yes We Can - Immigration

McCain's "war on terror" remix

Countdown: Worst Persons 4/7 - Doug Feith, Bill-O's Comb-Over

NOLA Singer Susan Cowsill Sings: Powerful New Orleans Images

Countdown: McCain Fact-Checked on Iraq - 4/7

Keith Analyzes The Superdelegate Count w/Chuck Todd-4/7/08

Halliburton caught poisoning the troops in Iraq

Verdict: War Stories Apr. 7, 2008 pt3 Dan Abrams, Phil Donahue and Tucker Carlson

Pro Tibet protesters climb Golden Gate Bridge april 7 2008

TPM media looks at McCain's "100 years" in Iraq

CNN - Obama closing Pennsylvania gap

Obama's got High Hopes

Another Al Qaeda-Shiite McCain gaffe

VERDICT: Dan Abrams Interviews Don Siegelman (1 of 2)

VERDICT: Dan Abrams Interviews Don Siegelman (2 of 2)

Best reply to Obama antichrist accusation ever!

McCain's Health Care Plan

Senator Barack Obama interviewed on Today Show re: Iraq

Barack spoke to the Communications Workers of America in Washington, D.C. on April 8, 2008

Verdict: War Stories Apr. 7, 2008 pt2 Dan Abrams, Phil Donahue and Tucker Carlson

Obama questions Crocker and Petreaus on Iraq, PART 1

Bill in Puerto Rico campaigning for Hillary

Re: It's Raining McCain

Obama: "Decision to go into Iraq was massive strategic blunder" - "success" and "achievable goals"

How Will The Troops Vote? It May Surprise You

Wafaa Bilal interviewed on RPI Censorship

**Tell the Senate to stop the confirmation of controversial judges!**

TYT: Author Of 'The Real McCain' On McCain's Fist Fight!

Opening Statement at Petraeus Hearing - Biden

Mercenaries in Iraq immune to law - part 1

Levin questions Petraeus (plus protester: 'Bring them home!')

Barack Obama: We Are Family or "He's Like an Uncle" - FUNNY VIDEO

Petraeus: Sen. Clinton PT. 1 - 'Results Promised Time & Time Again'

Petraeus: Sen. Warner - 'Up to 80% Americans Don't Accept That It's Worth It'

Hillary Disses Patraeus

She wears pantsuits at 3am

Obama to Petraeus, Crocker: diplomatic surge, withdrawal timetable, our resources are finite

IRAQ: Ted Kennedy Questions Gen. Petraeus

Holy Crap. Voinovich making sense.

Petraeus: Sen. Feingold - 'Staying in Iraq is Playing into bin Laden's Hands'

The Petraeus Paradox TYT - Cenk

Sen. Clinton Questions Gen. David Petraeus at Senate Hearing

Crocker says he'd rather fight Al Qaeda in Pakistan/Afghanistan

As Iraq surge sputters, PR surge cranks up (Palm Beach Post Editorial)

More Time for More of the Same? (NYT editorial)

Next president faces limited options in Iraq

The Price of Iraq

Musharraf's worst fear: US will strike if I quit

China marches into outsourcing

H1B: Desi firms get the stick

The U.S. Supreme Court: Clearing the Way for Botched Executions Since 1879

Mark Penn Does It Again! Torches Hillary on Beijing Olympics

Petraeus: Sen. Kerry - 'There is No Military Solution, To Quote You'

Secret US plan for military future in Iraq/Document outlines powers but sets no time limit on troop

An Ambassador Born of the 'Dirty Wars'

US policy elites have been disconnected from reality for 30 years.

Andrew Sullivan: Bush Administration Officials Will Be 'Indicted For War Crimes'

Countdown: Gen. Odom 'We're Brutalizing Our Troops; Reminds Me of Nixon's Widening of War'

McCain Explains His Penance for Calling His Wife the 'C-Word'

Blood for cash

Bush Pushes Free Trade with Colombia; Clinton Strategist Caught in the Middle

The Lying Tree

The Climate is Changing Get Over It By Ted Coombs

George Lakoff Interprets Obama's "More Perfect Union" Speech -- A Call for A New Politics

Eugene Robinson: The Other Dream Ticket

Joseph Stiglitz: A Deficit of Leadership

As Petraeus Testifies: How Press Helped Bring Him the 'Surge'


Raid shines light on secretive polygamous sect (AP/CNN)

"Body of War"

State Dept. to Renew Blackwater's Security Contract in Iraq


A buck that can't be passed

Countdown: 'You Can Have Your Tiger Woods' 4/8

Sen Joe Biden: Gen Petraeus Iraq Surge Hearing

The Real McCain

Beware An Angry China...

Senator Barack Obama questions Petraeus and Crocker

Top Ten Signs Your Campaign is Not Going Well

Obama Everywhere....In Pennsylvania!

Guardian UK: Gen. Petraeus's declaration that the surge must go on will simply prolong the agony

Life on the street gets tougher

Representative Monique M. Davis (D-Ill.) - Bias against atheists

A List of Republican Offenders! 1998-2008 (and beyond?)

holy grail of physics – the elusive “God particle”

Why is General Petraeus Helping Iran?

Climate Reality Bites the Libertarians

Clear and Present Danger -- Election 2008 cancelled or manipulated

Verdict: War Stories Apr. 7, 2008 pt1 Dan Abrams, Phil Donahue and Tucker Carlson

Army fined $6,500 over Eustis waste

4 soldiers killed in continued Baghdad clashes

Hurricane prep exercise begins Wednesday

Coast Guard accepts first new response boat

No Peace Out West! More Nuclear Weapons On Shoshone Land

Coming together on climate

We Have Triple Yergin Action! 4/8/08 - 13:20 GMT - Tapis Hits $115.02!!

Blue Green Alliance Teams with Gore to Create Green Jobs and Solve Climate Crisis

Federal Judge Blocks Uranium Exploration In Kaibab NF, Next To Grand Canyon NP - ENN

Canada Creates New 1.9 Million Acre Park In S. Nahanni Watershed, NW Territories - Reuters

Gore launches climate change ad campaign

A Yuppie Heads Back to the Land-- Discussion in GD

Arctic Sea Ice Hit Annual Maximum 3/10/08 - NSIDC Now Providing Year-Round Coverage Of Arctic Basin

This Just In - Using Tanning Beds Is Bad For You - BBC

EIA Projects Gasoline Average Price At $3.60 In June, Consumption Down 0.7 % For Year - ENN

Most Powerful Laser in the World Fires Up At The University of Texas at Austin

Most Powerful Laser in the World Fires Up At The University of Texas at Austin

Scientists Isolate Hundreds Of Bacteria Strains That Use Antibiotics As Food - NYT

Microbial Fuel Cells Generate Rice Paddy Power

Sydney Harbor Seaweed Has Highest Bioconcentrations Of Lead, Copper Ever Measured

Call your representative today to stop mountain top removal.

U.S. seeks comment on possible Bering Sea drilling - Reuters

Price shock in global food

The technologies needed to beat 450 ppm

Navy lifts drinking ban for Yokosuka

Mid accused of storing child porn

Murder suspect arrested at Camp Pendleton

Voluntary separation program misses goal

Reserve space wing stands up at Peterson

16 die in U.S., Afghan strike against warlord

Soldiers are filling many different jobs at Camp Taji

Report: Conduct waiver use in Army doubled since 2004

Realignment moves come with installation fees

Plug-in vehicles most efficent even with use of fossil-generated power...

USFK issues bird flu warning

Reports: South Korea may ask U.S. to pause troop drawdown

A Better Sleeping Bag for $1 Million

Two American soldiers arrested after violent incident in Heidelberg

Detainees Treated Fairly at GITMO

Air Force cutback still allows roaring fly-by at game today

Westinghouse strikes deal to build US nuclear power plants

Democrats ask: Has the surge worked?

Carbon Dioxide Maps Zoom In On Greenhouse Gas Sources

Renewable Energy Jobs Soar in Germany

US Water Pipelines Are Breaking

US Water Pipelines Are Breaking

Crop switch worsens global food price crisis

Oops! Chevy Volt Cost Estimates Rise From $30,000 To $48,000 - Wired

21% Of Male Frogs In CT Suburban Area Are Hermaphrodites - Incidence Higher Than In Rural Areas

Well, we just had 30 Solar Power panels installed on our roof

Growing Pains for a Deep-Sea Home Built of Subway Cars

Jeremiah Wright Painting A Picture Of US Aggression

US reactors eight or more years away from coming online: NEI CNO

Hillary, Be My Best Friend

61% of Historians Rate the Bush Presidency Worst


Today in labor history April 08 128 convict miners, mostly African-Americans were killed

Thousands Of People Expected To March For L.A. County Workers Contracts

Labor Urges Congress To Defeat Bush’s Colombia Free Trade Deal

Unions: Ensuring Social Justice for African Americans

4,000 Sutter Nurses End 10-Day Strike and More Bargaining News

Reality Show Staffers File Labor Complaint

Upgrading China's labor force

Governor vetoed jobs and opportunity, labor leaders say

Labor chief: 100,000 jobs vacant in La.

Olsen: NLRB oversees labor pacts

Tip-rules switch broke pacts, labor lawyer says (just like Starbucks)

NY Post: Hillary’s Labor Pains

Mexican labor leader says free trade deals kill jobs

7,000 U.N. Employees in Jordan Strike for Higher Wages

NY Several Catholic Schools Teachers Back On The Job After Strike Is Suspended

NBC prez Zucker: Actors strike would be "devastating"

Superior newspaper union authorized for a strike vote

Union Rejects Appleton Contract Proposal, Reiterates Readiness to Bargain

Boston labor union takes issue with Bianco raid methods (Violations of 4th Amendment Rights)

AP Breaking...Agency (NLRB) dismisses claim by Santa Barbara newspaper against union

Union files labor charge against school district

Leaders of Buffalo-area construction union arrested (racketeering and extortion)

'Work stoppage' enters third month (this group volunteered and helped Edwards in CB, Ia I was there)

OSHA proposes hefty fine ($119,500) for NH company after forklift death

OSHA fines shipyard $5,000 for worker's death

T-Union: A New Global Union for T-Mobile Workers

Aloha, Pilots Union Talks Drag On (company wants to use more junior pilots)

Change to Win Opposes Colombia Free Trade Agreement, Demands Congress Reject Pact

GM will use Mexican axles to reopen 2 plants

Schwab Asks Who Needs Analysts After Biggest Flub

Asian Inflation Begins to Sting U.S. Shoppers

I have to ask the Secretary of Treasury...where's the gold

Citi, Wells Fargo May Fuel Recession by Slowing Lending After Downgrades

DHS increases foreign guest workers

10 years of Citigroup

IMF Says Financial Losses May Swell to $945 Billion

Morgan Stanley re-elects board slate

Greenspan: U.S. in recession - recommends settling the crisis by committing taxpayers' money

Those 232,000 jobs which have been eliminated from the U.S. economy

IMF seeks to sell 403.3 tonnes of gold to boost finances

A very general economic question

Japan says U.S. banks may need bailout

NY's Gov. Paterson vows to push for marriage equality, protection for trans people

What do I tell DNC when they call for $?

Anti-Gay Church May Soon be Homeless. Cry me a fucking river for Fred Phelps.

Anti-gay Republicans launch phone spam drive in California

If you want to have a fit, try and have a factually accurate one.

It's All Because ...(The Gays are Getting Married)

Hilary Makes An Important Statement on Gay Rights

The Master's Tools

An Ambassador Born of the 'Dirty Wars'

Uruguay seeks secret US archives on 'dirty war'

Church warns Bolivian conflict may end in violence

Colombian senator proposes fining unfaithful partners

COLOMBIA's Invasion of US-Uribe Sends Army of Lobyists & Infiltrators - FTA

HAITIANS Storm Presidential Palace Demanding Resignation of Prez

Sirens sound as IDF carries out largest civil defense drill ever

Israel won't work with fence watchdog

PM, Abbas aim for deal by end of '08

The who, what, when and where of pictures

Victims of Hadassah massacre to be memorialized

IDF collecting settlers' weapons

US left-wing bloggers to visit Sderot

Israel would destroy Iran if attacked: minister

Katsav becomes Israel's first ex-president to go on trial

Biden's Opening Statement at the SFRC Hearing

vid of Biden during the SFRC hearing --

Maybe I should be flattered and proud of Biden,

NYT "As nightmares of newsprint danced in Biden's head"


I wanted to get a Kansas Sweet 16 Tee-shirt


WOW!! The Baltimore Orioles have the best record in Baseball!!

Congratulations Redbear - Winner of the DU Sweet 16 tournament brackets

Lady Vols again!

Absolutely, Positively the Worst Team in the History of Professional Sports

Roy Williams wearing a Jayhawk last night. What say you Tarheel fans??

Royals beat the Yankees...they look to be having a great year

Who picked the Detroit Tigers to win it all this year?

My letter to my old senator about the Colombia Free Trade deal

Kentucky Derby Trail: Graded Stakes Earnings

Any experience with slow-cooker liners?

Oops, posted in the wrong place.

Another mystery thrift store find

Health benefits of olive oil vs. canola oil? (cross-posted in the Lounge)

Leftover dystopia

Some more small birds

60 FPS camera


Medical Errors Costing U.S. Billions

Measles case in the un vaccinated

Most Doctors Support National Health Insurance,,,,, Updated

The mobile home remodel is completed!

Gen. Petreus, Stop the Killing!

Mormon Church agrees to meet with Gay Mormon Group

What does "freedom of religion" really mean?

I think I'll crosspost this TEDTalk Tuesday here as well, for its relevance.

Birds Feed Citizen Scientists (Feed The Birds? Maybe...)

'God particle' expected to be found soon

Obama woos Pennsylvania gun owners

Are all religions equivelant ?

Fighting The Assault Weapon Ban the right way

Toronto mayor launches petition for handgun ban


The Truth About the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’

SFRC Hearing with Amb. Crocker & Gen. Petraeus

I found another HRC false story - Kerry actually already fixed this

Kerry: If You Can't Get Reconciliation With More Troops, How Can You Get Them With Less?

Sen Kerry is on Larry King Kive tonight

You guys, the baby has pneumonia

Video up of Sen. Kerry questioning Petraeus & Crocker today

Oddly written but mostly very nice Globe article on JK in PA!

Scheuer: CIA Threatened 9/11 Commissioners over Naming of Junior Officer

Brazil tries to Improve Elections.

Subpoenas issued to re-examine voting machines in New Jersey

The teeniest glimmer of good news in a sorry, democracy-challenged, US-Anglo demi-monde:

Did Doyle rig Wisconsin for Obama?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 04/08/08

Rush to Pass This Bill


More Ohio Voting Problems...

On KQRS, Tommy B said that if KQRS had to do a cut, let it be him...

How many smell vote rigging in PA for Clinton?

Tickets on sale for Nancy Pelosi and Amy Klobacher in Minneapolis, April 21, 2008

Cornyn Swearing Allegiance

why was neo-con Radio host Chris Baker fired ?


I need to learn MySQL indexing.

GOP crossovers not significant March 4

The Book of Revelation is...

Dang, all the PA polls were showing O closing big...then somes SUSA

Obama closing on Clinton in Pennsylvania

Does anyone have the picture

WV County Conventions Saturday!

I was riffed today, maybe

Dylan Receives Honorary Pulitzer Prize

KOEB Meeting: 04/08/08 -- I'll Take Tiger Woods Edition

I gather there truly is no love lost between Keith and Tweety.

Anyone know a link to see what's happening in the Jackie Speier election today?

Attention Sacramento folks (Cheney in Wilton this Friday)

Serious question about Denver and Wisconsin delegation

State election director wants to bypass federal testing of vote-counting device

Cameron aims to block abolition of 10p tax rate

House prices fall by 2.5%

Coming up on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann:" Atheists are a danger to children...