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Nice pics of our candidates.

Now Barack should challenge Hillary to a joke-off.

The Patriotism Problem (Time Magazine's Joe Klein)

What solution to the Michigan / Florida situation would you support?

Hillary shouldnt have opened her appearance on Leno Joking about Bosnia

A thought, in a vacuum

Thanks mods

I love you all, except...

Obama MOntana. MOmentum. U of M Missoula appearance Saturday morning.

If Hillary stepped outside the basecamp in Bosnia in 1996 without a heavily armed escort she would

What would life be like for you "IF" McBush would happen to be "Selected"?

Jane Fonda endorses Obama ..and Hillary couldn't be happier

Clinton pitches petition on disputed delegates

HIGHLY Prophetic Speech Relevant To The War Today--MLK

Krugman: Hillary can fight Republican health care madness better than Obama

I've lost interest

It's not that there's more sexism than racism. It's that overt sexism is still socially acceptable

No more "What If"

Obama's high school-outreach program that targets students will turn 18 ..

The reason for outrage over Hillary's joke

No more "What If"

Dear Mika and other Hillary bashers

Halperin: What Hillary Clinton Has to Do to Really “Win” Pennsylvania

The REAL measure of a POTUS ...

Two people. Two private conversations made public.

New Poll: Obama leads McCain by 10-points in Maine; Hillary also leads in state

Saw my first Hillary commercial in NC

Saw my first Hillary commercial in NC

Clinton Fundraiser Accused Of Defrauding Nigerian Government

Clinton Fundraiser Accused Of Defrauding Nigerian Government

if you know a person or state that is now"dead" to the clinton campaign

Donna Brazile Was Behind The Stripping of The FL/MI Delegations?

Color of Change & McCain's record on civil rights

McCain delays release of medical records AGAIN... what's he hiding?

I'm only who thinks David Brooks in today's NYT really does not get it?

The Clintons are stuck with an inferior campaign model and fatigue is setting in

STOP McCheney!!!

I'm just Super how about you?

Hillary reminds me of a old friend of mine.

EFFIN' HELLYEAH: Rocking news for Obama, decent news for Clinton in latest polls.

Since it's the 40th anniversary of MLK's assasination, let us all take a moment to pay tribute to...

Stephanie Miller just announced that Hillary is supposed to call into her show this morning.

The Clintons' value system.

While we are pausing to praise and promoting peace..let us not forget

Matt Taibbi Answers Questions From the Campaign Trail

Does anyone know if Obama, Clinton, and McCain will be speaking today

Hillary said there is no such thing as pledged delegates

A Personal Story of Rev. Wright's ministry

YES THEY CAN: Young Students in the Bronx respond to Obama's Message

The reason blogs "critical" of Hillary are doing bad...

Hey Agent Mike......... in here:

Is Bob Barr our kingmaker this November?

Brand Republican is dead, McCain is history, and Barack WILL win!

Maureen Dowd thinks Obama is effete; a starlet who can't bowl and watches his weight

LINKS to Stephanie Miller Show

Chill out people!!!!!!! Geesh

Great Sharpton line on candidates in Memphis today: We aren't taking attendance we are checking ...

Delete - Duplicate Post

The Goddess of P L - E A S E!

Clinton is GOP: when memes go bad.

McCain returns $3m in checks as he considers public funding!

Hillary Clinton thinks sniper fire is funny. Maybe if Chelsea was in Iraq she wouldn't think so.

what is Hillary Clinton's average campaign contribution?

McCain talking about MLK legacy, despite voting against a holiday for MLK

USA Today: Why the Democratic race could end in North Carolina

mccain says it was a mistake for him to be originally against a day honoring King

It is Clinton's campaign not Senator Clinton.

Clinton to Call for POVERTY CZAR

McCain will seek Jeb Bush's help on education

HILLARY!!! How many excuses are you going to use?????? What a WHINER!

Poll: Clinton, Obama neck and neck in Hoosier state

Is this....(Froomkin)

Response to complaint about the arrest of Mr. Zirkel at Smith Haven Mall on LI...

Has anyone besides me noticed how Hillary seems to laugh off any serious charge thrown at her?

Watch Obama Town Hall Meeting In Fort Wayne, Indiana Now Live!

Terra Terra Terra!

Asshole War Criminal Douglas Feith on '60 Minutes' This Sunday and Guess What?

Why is it that when Obama doesn't participate in an event that's seen as "black," people ask

Tommy Franks to sit on Chuck E Cheese Board of Directors

Obama: Our Politics Should "Live Up" To Martin Luther King's Legacy

Bud Selig can just bite me.

Congress People profiting from war..

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/4/08 - Obama up 2 (48), Clinton down 1 (42)

B-L-O-W-O-U-T in the general.

I guess all the wasteful spending has finally taken its toll on HRC

Hillary's tax records were supposed to come out today, weren't they?

If Randi Rhodes were suspended for using the same abusive language

40 years ago today Dr. Martin Luther King made his Mountaintop Speech

Presidential candidates in Memphis

AP Video Report: John McCain is "fabulously wealthy."


Why IS Hillary afraid to go on Matthews' College Hardball Tour?

Army Vice Chief Of Staff: Today’s Army is out of "balance".

i saw something on

mccain voted against mlk day.

Hillary v. McCain : My electoral college prediction.....

Mark Penn meets with Colombian ambassador on "free trade"

'He, his dreams and my country will be in my thoughts tomorrow. And so will Coretta'

Goddesses, Princesses, Politicians. Let's get the semantics worked out.

Sonny Bono 'assassinated' by hitmen.

"Abortion" scrapped as research descriptor on POPLINE (govt-spons. database)

I am missing my Obama good news

Video Blogging Contests

Americans more ready for black than woman in White House, poll says


What do you think are Hillary or Obama's chances of passing their health care plans?

40 years ago today RFK spoke in Indiana about the assassination of MLK, JR (just as Obama is today)

Sniper Fire Joke, - ends it for Hillary..why?

Why did Secret Service let Obama's harasser harangue him like that?

from the ACLU about the Guantanamo kangaroo courts:

Apple Sued Over Deceptive "Millions of Colors" Advertising

CBS does a commercial disguised as a story.

Alternet: Another Brutal Rape Cover-Up At KBR

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Randi Rhodes: War of the Words (Oh, the whore horror!)

Ohhh Nooo There goes Denver, oh! Go Go Go-Bama!

Bill Press live on CSPIN, hawking his book

Goddess of Peace?

Should political cartoonists be free to draw whatever they want?

Obama Advisor calls for 60,000-80,000 U.S. Troops to Stay in Iraq through 2010

You Vile, N***, Bitch, Whore, C**k-Sucking, Faggot, SCUMBAG!!!!

Does Hillary have a man sized safe in her office?

Focus on your own damn family!!

WJ this morning - the legacy of MLK

PA is Clinton's neighboring state so a win there DOESN'T COUNT

NY Times Natl. Poll: Barrack 46% Hill 43%

How about Obama/ Bernie Sanders for a ticket?

Isn't it a little early for Hillary to cry?

More Than 1,000 in Iraq’s Forces Quit Basra Fight and Desert

Patriotism is the one word you hardly hear associated with Dr. King, or Obama for that matter

My Only Post For The Day-Bobby Kennedy eulogy for Marting Luther King

Call My Lawyer ... in India

McCain is McSame and he is Burnt Toast.

Prof. Ron Walters of MD (on MSNBC) has a problem with the Clintons since they started the DLC

"Starring John McCain"

Kennedy and Levin Want New Report on Iraq Released (NIE)

A special song for *

Heard on Bill Press Show - USA Today spokesperson says Rs want McCain's VP to be more conservative

Money worries may hinder tax rebate spending.

U.S. Loses 80,000 Jobs, Unemployment Rate Increases


Can Anyone Imagine Amy Goodman Calling HRC a "Fucking Whore?" Or Anything Equally Vile About BHO?

"Why we should ask candidates about their religion"

Hypothetical Time Capsule.

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall at Clinton campaign HQ?

Look! Up in the sky!

health care

264 pages, 4,009 names of troops killed in Iraq war.»

AIDS Was Created By The Government ?

Should this guy

Ron Walters Just Said He Considers The DLC The Right Wing Of The Party

Mark Penn is personally representing the government of the worst human rights abuser in the Americas

Wait a minute ... Isn't today a RW holiday?

Sniper Fire. ha! ha! ha! ha! Come on guys, it's a joke.

why is congress ignoring the use of torture? why oh why?

Terry (R-Ne) says RNC shouldn't take Nebraska's votes for granted

22-Year-Old Arms Dealer Not On the Up and Up?

A lesson today from Dr. King for all of us, especially the Bush regime

In keeping with GOP lockstep, Today Show. All you need know to buy a foreclosed home in auction.

Michigan Democrats officially have declared they won't hold a do-over presidential primary.

Michigan Democrats officially have declared they won't hold a do-over presidential primary.

Michigan Democrats officially have declared they won't hold a do-over presidential primary.

Should Maureen Dowd Be Suspended?

I refuse to believe

why doesn't Hillary Clinton want the people's vote to count?

The day after the Mississippi primary, Clinton led in PA by 55-36....

Government Floods City, Then Poisons Survivors Auction Eclipses $2.5 Million

Obama rates higher than McCain and Clinton on "shares values of Americans."

Randi Rhodes and, oh, the hypocrisy.

People wonder why Obama isn't in Memphis today. THIS might be why. (WARNING) (YouTube added)

Lamarr Waldron coming up on KPOJ.

Lamarr Waldron coming up on KPOJ.

78% of those polled said

Obama's Speech on MLK in Indiana on YOUTUBE!

Focus People, don't get distracted

Any Pictures of Hillary Shaking MLK's Hand?

Ron Paul has rejected Constitution Party overtures for third party run

Gallup (4/4/08): Obama 49 (+/-0), Clinton 44 (-2)

Gallup (4/4/08): Obama 49 (+/-0), Clinton 44 (-2)


I cannot support Hillary for the nomination.

Just heard on the radio, put didn't catch it all, something about a PAC

I posted this about gas prices a few weeks ago...

Are you aware of DOJ press releases?

Hillary's tax questions

Clinton Camp Feels Spent, and Outspent

Has Bill Clinton's legacy been tarnished by this primary season?

Be Thankful for Big Oil

Color of Change: MLK and John McCain

OMG! A house is on fire in Oregon!!!

Government Floods City, Then Poisons Survivors

Chavez to buy up Russian subs

Rep. McHenry (R-NC) calls U.S. soldier in Iraq a ‘two-bit security guard.'

Clinton's campaign registry

Ticket giveaway steals Bill Clinton's thunder

McCain's secret weapon to win the youth vote

It's always been about accountability.

Obama’s Support Softens in Poll, Suggesting a Peak Has Passed

Didn't Bush's new poodle in the UK Gordon Brown promise he was reducing his troops in Iraq?

When Chelsea Clinton was 12 years old, Rush Limbaugh called her a dog

Chavez Plans to Nationalize Venezuela Cement Industry

NYT lying for the Bush regime again - when will it stop?

Last week Bush said the fighting in Basra showed the surge was working. The fighting has stopped

Cindy Sheehan: 40 and 4

What happened to WWRL - Air America in NYC.

One man's trouble = another man's opportunity

Damn Obama....

January 20, 2009

Is anyone getting 'hung up' while loading DU threads?

Seal Hunt - Loyola Hearn, Fisheries Minister Canada threatens to bring charges on Sea Shepherd

Where. Are. The. Damn. Taxes????????

In Honor of MLK and solidarity I changed my avatar just for today

January 20, 2009

The Memphis demonstration that turned violent, the month before King's

Martin Luther King & the Age of Dissent

Correct Me If I'm Wrong - But Didn't Bill Clinton Just The Other Day Say Something About.......

We got your dream Mr.King

snake oil salesman Christopher Padilla opened his mouth

Daily Kos website growing in popularity: steady increase in traffic

Finally! Bush is down under 30% - He is dropping.

HEEEELP!! Air America Radio No Longer Streams For Me! Can Someone Help?

OMG - When did the granite pizza hit

Flying Spaghetti Monster takes up residence at county courthouse

My signature Pic just changed..... now it's 4,013 US service members killed in Iraq

McCain refuses Secret Service protection

Obama giving speech NOW in honor of 40th anniversary of MLK's death.

Obama giving speech NOW in honor of 40th anniversary of MLK's death.

McCain's Dismal MLK Record Proves He Didn't Believe in King's Dream or Civil Rights

McCain's Dismal MLK Record Proves He Didn't Believe in King's Dream or Civil Rights

New Bogeyman:Rising Leader for Next Phase of Al Qaeda’s War

New Bogeyman:Rising Leader for Next Phase of Al Qaeda’s War

Odom: "Rapid Withdrawal Is (the) Only Solution"

Massive Shiite protest planned in Iraq; more battles possible

Lieberman Creates New Imaginary Foe: Al Qaeda in Iran

George Soros: "We Are in the Midst Of The Worst Financial Crisis Since the 1930s."

McCain voted AGAINST a holiday for MLK in 1983

Wounded Iraq War veteran dies - 20 years old

New poll for OREGON will be coming next week

The Truth: Pro-Obama Daily Kos website actually growing in popularity

Now Hillary denies that she denied she said Obama can't win.

If she cries, I'm going to hurl a lung...

Miraculous! Even on the Bloomberg Financial Channel, which is an open bar of Wall Street Koolaid....

Stephanie Miller is laughing so hard, she's crying! To funny!

81% of Americans Dissatisfied with Our Country's Direction -- the Highest Level Ever Recorded

Dan Abrams show THE VERDICT. He's supposed to be an attorney and yet, not one word

Pride: In the Name of Love

I can't wait until Obama (or Hillary) gets to debate Grandpa Walton!!!

John Boehner: Republicans will gain House seats this year.

Burglars Plunder Food From Charity

It's not ok for Randi to call Hillary a whore, but it's ok to call a DUer a whore!

It's not ok for Randi to call Hillary a whore, but it's ok to call a DUer a whore!

The Executive Branch has a "constitutional authority to protect the nation from attack"

Lou Dobbs: I’m afraid to say ‘I love you’ to a guy from San Francisco

I did not expect the down in the mud tactics from the Clinton campaign.

Obama Adviser Calls for 60,000-80,000 U.S. Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010

Obama Adviser Calls for 60,000-80,000 U.S. Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010

Clinton's Plan is going to Force me to buy for-profit Health Insurance. How is this Healthcare?

McCain on my TV splainen why he voted against the MLK holiday

The RNC Needs Your Immediate Support by Laura Bush

Punctuation is Powerful

Quotes From Other Notable Radio Comics on Media Matters

I want to hear from DU's veterans. Are you ok with Hillary's joke about sniper fire on Leno?


Who's healthcare plan is better...or is single payer the way to go?

NAFTA Countries to Introduce Simultaneous Legislation to Stop SPP

Amusing take on what the WingNut blogosphere is up to these days.

DNC Caucus Chairs Call on McCain to Stop Advertising on Hate Site

81% - EIGHTY ONE PERCENT - of Americans think the country is on the wrong track

David Sirota: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

2 feet of snow in 24 hrs. strands 7,500 in W. Austria, another foot expected


America loses itself in senseless Iraq war

Is This the Same Hillary Clinton Who's Intimating to SDs That Obama Can't Win Because He's Black?

I've now officially moved from Hillary to Barak.

May I see the tax returns please? (You promised, if that matters.)

Texas has soft/hard ball sized hail - glass shards everywhere

Forty years later we're not out of the desert - Today’s Headlines 4/4/08

John Nichols: King, Kennedy and April 4, 1968

General Odom's remarks to Congress....

General Odom's remarks to Congress....

We get by with a little help from our friends.

Pelosi and Reid “plead” with Bush to end the war…WTF?

Stephanie Miller On Rhodes

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear -

Virtual protests and virtual anger...

Obama/Clooney '08

If you wanted to save human feces to be found in 14,000 years, where would you put it?

"Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

The Shoot Watermelons, Don’t They? The Right Wing Conspiracy Lives

If McCain wins in November

If McCain wins in November

Barack Speaks on the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"This meeting is over."- John McCain

BLOWOUT in the general.

Why isn't Obama in Memphis today?

80,000 jobs lost...stock market rises

Bush is responsible for more death in the past 25 years than any other single human

"My fellow Americans, I drank a pint of walrus milk once..."

The woman still made significantly less than the man.

Endless war and the Streets of Tempe

Pigs causing illness in humans even before they’re eaten

MSNBC/CNN: Obama to miss a second event, MLK memorial due to scheduling problems

Economists: No Doubt Now U.S. Is In Recession

Obama Speech: Our Politics Should "Live Up" to MLK Jr's Legacy

Obama Speech: Our Politics Should "Live Up" to MLK Jr's Legacy

Union Pension funds own 27% of Big Oil.

I support Air America and their action on Randi but not for her "comedy bit"

A moment of Silence in Honoring the life of Dr. King and commemorating his death.

LOL-NYT headline

BREAKING: Michigan Democrats officially have declared they won't hold a do-over presidential primary

Can we confirm Hillary's MLK story?

I'm going to waste one more post today. I have one word for you:

US Watchdog Says FAA, Southwest Ties Too Close

Voting is just like driving a car....

Naomi Klein on CNBC now speaking about the new movie

Colombia's president criticizes Obama!

Clinton Chief Strategist Says $20 Million More Than $40 Million

Let it sink, let it go, put it to rest.

George Clooney as VP

Stars & Stripes LTTE: Why not the truth?

MLK assassinated. 40 years later, there are still these kinds of folks out there. *link*

Hillary's speech... she's at the end of her rope.

MLK and my high school

Glenn Beck Rants Against Polar Bears: ‘They Eat People! ... They’re Big, Angry Bears'

This fucking white fuck thinks that Hillary rocks!

MoJo blog: A youtube video: The Death of MLK, Jr.: RFK Said it Best

Obama is going to get PAID!!$$$$ after His 8 years in office

Has MSNBC removed the direct email addy to Countdown?

NBC News Exclusive: Political ties to a secretive religious group

E.J. Dionne: In 1968, American liberalism suffered a blow from which it has still not recovered.

Calling for a fact check on the homeless problem

Email from Congressman Robert Wexler "What Would You Ask Petraeus?"

Clintons demand FL & MI votes but dismiss other 48 states

How a person handles a mistake says more about them than the actual mistake.

State Replaces Top Passport Official

Taxes and income for 2000-2006? How much in a single year?

Why haven't we ever seen THIS photo of Hillary?

Notes of a Former Clinton Defender

McCain rejecting Secret Service protection shows irratic, reckless judgement

Saudi Woman Killed For Chatting On Facebook

Thom Hartman is covering King murder and said he will unload a bombshell with a guest

Thom Hartman is covering King murder and said he will unload a bombshell with a guest


Where's the "fucking white fuck" thread?

The Clinton Strategy

Obama support softens

Senate Adds Katrina Tax Breaks to Housing Bill

Birthday tribute to a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King

Barack Obama's Speech - Arc of Justice

Who is your favorite talk radio host?

Wow sam seder callers and taking on AAR corporate

Why did the republicans put their star upside down?

All I want for my Birthday....

Myth: Americans tuned out Iraq * Fact: The press tuned out Iraq (Boehlert)

5 years Ago: Media Spread 'Lie' About Jessica Lynch Rescue

Caption Bush and the Allies

Chinese Police Kill Eight, Opening Fire on Monks and Tibet Protesters

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Annette O'Toole!

Ok, here's the reason why the Europeans and ex-KGB Colonel Putin....

Matthew Rothschild: Updated! Congress Whiffs on Housing Crisis Legislation

Janeane Garofalo on the phone with Sam right now

Clinton Strategist Penn Calls Meeting With Colombian Officials on Trade Deal 'Error in Judgment'

Gates: US Commits to Send MORE Troops to Afghanistan FOR 2009 WTF Are they planning to stay on?


George Soros: The false belief at the heart of the financial turmoil

PHOTOS: An Evening with Randi Rhodes- THIS IS GREEN 960'S EVENT.

Hagel: McCain too busy campaigning to deal with GI Bill.»

Taxi to the Darkside

Delete, posting bug error

The most important thing about the CBS Poll or why attacking Obama WON'T work

Friday Primary TOONS-A bit Rocky for HRC

Recognize this guy??

Clinton releasing her tax returns makes me think she won't drop out anytime soon.


U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee: Remembering Dr. King's Legacy on Poverty

Economist Ravi Batra (often on Hartmann's show) Joins TYT right now at

mods, pls delete

Did Hillary cry today because

From 2 years ago: "The more money the wealthiest have, the more job-producing investments"

Who Is Jeremiah Wright?

Breakdown of 2007 Clinton Income

I just got my Barack Obama yard sign!

Student-Loan Bond Prices Suffer a Record Decline on Concern over Defaults

Tonight's Worst Person in the World on Countdown? Ed Rendell

Tonight's Worst Person in the World on Countdown? Ed Rendell

TYT: Talking about Maddow and Now Randi Rhodes Right now at

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Please!

Village Voice's legendary investigator examines MSNBC's anti-Hillary bias (focus on Joe Scarborough)

I AM A MAN - What King wen to Memphis for

Bernie Sanders wants your middle class squeeze story

Compare: CEO Salaries, China & U.S.

Bushwacked -- the Sequel: Jobs Down, Unemployment Up

Homeless Numbers: A Sad Comparison Between US and Japan.

Voodoo Health Economics

Russia to Sell 3 Submarines to Venezuela

George Soros new book on the financial crisis

Senate housing bill fails homeowners. Pelosi hopes House bill will swing to favor families.

Debunking a RW smear against Barack Obama

CNN Reporting a B1 Bomber has gone down off Qatar nt

Where do they get these pictures?

Ferraro outrage irony - They would have already fired Randi if I were black

NATO Allies Rebuff Bush On Expansion, ‘Looking Forward Now To The Next President’

Patrick McHenry called a US soldier a "two-bit security guard"

Veto Threat Leveled at Bill to Overturn FCC Media Concentration Rule

So, exactly who is in charge of Iraq these days? Were going to find out next week

Abstinence education in FL leads teens to think smoking pot will prevent pregnancy

Breaking: $109.2M income for Clintons 2000 through 2007

Sam Seder.... Mr. Cogent

If Hillary were a great candidate for president, she'd be way ahead.

So Help Me....

The Republican War On Voting

I am no longer posting in GDP but...the day we silence liberals on radio and not go after rush ect

Rock with Amy!........The Amy Goodman "Standing Up to the Madness" Tour

Report Recommends Petraeus Be Quizzed by Congress on Iraq War Crimes

what a mickey mouse dictator looks like-

Explosives to bring down planes: peroxide and Tang???

Missouri legislators want to ban “cage fighting” for kids

Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, Jr. tells Congress no uranium mining on Navajo res.!

Breaking: U.S. - B-1 Bomber crashed in the ME

Artist beats ticket for 'driving' pedal car

"It's Distressing That I Can't Listen to AAR Due to...blah, blah, blah"

Navajo Nation likely to lose Internet service (AP/CNN)

Rosen: U.S. occupation in Middle East is ‘imperialist.’

(Bang) Union marchers in Memphis honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (my union AFSCME)

Well well well; Randi is being sued by a military contractor

Look what the world thinks of us - Foreign Press Political Cartoons

SFGate's "Day in Pictures" has Bush's number!

Clinton calls for a "Poverty Czar" Cabinet level position to eliminate poverty

Obama cuts into Clinton's superdelegate lead

81% Say

I am doubting everything Hillary says... her speech today...

I am doubting everything Hillary says... her speech today...

"Boys used to say that to me all the time" Hill on Ellen Degeneres

Starting now: the 1st four John Adams ep's back to back on HBO tonight.

Secretive CIFA spy unit: Closed or Outsourced?

"Breaking News" on CNN. Hillary Clinton released her Tax Returns

Have we entered the silly season yet?

How long was I out? (a joke for Friday about *)

Thousand Moron March: 1,000 supporters rally for anti-gay bigot Sally Kern in OK

Give it up Sen. Clinton: "Clinton Superdelegate Lead Nearly Erased"

Mexico reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that!

Mexico reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that!

McClatchy: Battle building in Congress over oxygen's cost to Medicare

How are Little Rock Duers faring after the tornadoes and floods

McCain opens call center

Question re Clinton 2007 return from the accounting-challenged

Maybe this has already been asked but should Barrack take Hillary up on her bowling challenge?

An evening of nostalgia, of affection, of community, and of HOPE.

The FBI Has Some Explaining to Do About King's Murder

How long could you survive trapped in your home?

Time (Time Life) Magazine at the checkout stand features MLK...

I got a letter from James Carville today!

Nooothing better to do than sit here....waiting... waiting on a CAPTION

Nooothing better to do than sit here....waiting... waiting on a CAPTION

Glenn Greenwald: Why doesn't the 9/11 Commission know about Mukasey's 9/11 story?

On the 40th Anniversary of his death, Dr. King's speech on Vietnam

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Just a reminder that Rachel Maddow is subbing for KO tonight

For Clinton Supporters Only Please --

We just got our new home value assessment in the mail:

Friday evening TOONs Part 2: War and the criminals...

Hillary's Assets and Liabilities

Time to shut down the Obama's wife attacks

BASK in the warm Kumbaya glow of Bill Maher's "Dickheads of the Year" (PIC-HEAVY)

General William Odom Tells Senate- "Rapid Withdrawal Is Only Solution"

wages VS cost of living VS value of the dollar

Mystery Creature In Utah Baffles Biologists (It came from GDP....)

Another thanks to the mods...

Here's what bugs me about Randi Rhodes' Suspension

John McCain's Real Record on MLK Holiday

Rachel in for Keith tonight

Rachel in for Keith tonight

So tell me ... who here hasn't said 'God damn America'

My son, on reading the latest Bushism book - [

They're banking on getting away with it (retroactive immunity for patent infringement)

Friday evening TOONs Part 1 - The Bushco Economy Sucks

Randi Back On The Air On Monday?

Would today's coverage tarnish Martin Luther King?

Howard Zinn is coming up on the Jeff Farias show on Nova Radio

His Rudeness gets it right (again)....

HOWARD ZINN on Jeff Farias' show now talking about war and American empire....

OBAMA in N. Dakota...cnn livestream now

Let me get this straight...

UN warns of “very grave” problems in Iraq - Bush and his thugs are starving the Iraqis to death

Hidden Swap Fees by JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley Hit School Boards

Government-funded website blocks searches on abortion

John Conyers blast John McCain over his actions on the Martin Luther King Holiday vote

Any idea what this thing is?

Any idea what this thing is?

Who lies the most, Barack Obama or those of his supporters who lie about Hillary all the time?

A late Friday afternoon and Hillary releases her tax returns..

Mexico reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that!

This article covers what Mr. King was focusing on that the media ignored, and still ignores.

We need to think about CONGRESS!!! (This is where you get your hearthcare plan BTW)

He's lonely for a caption

Who lies the most?

Google the phrase, "right-wing tool"

Google the phrase, "right-wing tool"

Michael Richards (Kramer) was doing standup too, when he called people a name in bad taste

Nope, no hatred. Not that there aren't sufficient incentives.

Howard Zinn and Jeff Farias LIVE Interview NOW... ~ Here-->

Key advisor on Iraq for Obama recommending 60-80k troops until 2010.

gore for head of epa?

Post: Ashcroft Didn't Sign Off on Yoo Pentagon Torture Memo

NBC News Does Segment On Hillary Clinton & "The Family"

Conyers slams McCain for 1983 vote against MLK Day

Who would you rather have answer the phone at 3am

MSNBC : Clinton taxes for 2000-2006 just released 109.2 mil in income confirmed

Brazile Tells Angry Clinton Supporters: "You Are Destroying Her Candidacy"

NPR: Democrats May Switch to GOP if Favorite Fails

Today, a Gallon of Gas cost 55% of a hour's minimum wage, In 1978 it was 24%!

Dubya looks in need of a friend at NATO

Rachel Maddow Is Dead To Me !!! .....

exercise your vote

White House Rips 'NYT' Column On Bush Economic Reaction

MLK Jr. and the wisdom of a child (piece from This American Life)

Oldest Human Remains in N.America Found: Blow to Current Theories

Wasn't there another refinery fire last Friday in or near L. A., C.A.?

My first hand account of MLK & RFK

NY neighborhood unites to find cats after crane collapse

Bill Moyers Journal Tonight: Hope in the Congo

Should Randi Rhodes quit Air America?

More HRC taxes: $18K in interest income, HAND WRITTEN in as interest from family loan???

Obama on Hardball (funny)

Clintons income 109 million

The 60's...a decade of death.

The world would have been a far better place if Martin were still with us.

Obama, JFK and a Sense of History

If Hillary Clinton is to be the Nominee, I ask for Only One Thing....

In Columbia, 2+2=

I LOVE what Obama had to say to Chris Matthews' question.....

I need that picture of McSameasBush in Memphis today

Both of their healthcare plans are bad


Gazans Cut The Head Off Rare Giant Sea Turtle!!

Eric Alterman: Why do conservatives continue to feel oppressed by the "liberal elite"?

Woman dragged out in handcuffs screaming at Hillary fundraiser

The Day I Met Barack Obama

DUzy awards will be posted Saturday, April 5

Employers cut 80,000 jobs in March, most in 5 years: Another cause for optimism?

HOTLINE POLL: Obama 50, Clinton 38

O’Reilly Disgusted By Transgender Couple: ‘Imagine A Poor Kid Getting Born Into That Family’

Abraham, Martin and John

Robert Kennedy's statement to a crowd on 4/4/68 in Indianapolis, Indiana on MLK,Jr. death

The motion has been tabled...


Tee hee Sea turtles off the menu!

Teacher offered to "break" student of shyness before sex act, detectives say

Hillary Campaign spins like crazy: Her own words on Michigan in October

Knowing More and More About Less and Less

JP Morgan Chase Out-Sourcing and Off-Shoring To India

~~~~~~~Official Friday Night GD Political Trivia Thread~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~Official Friday Night GD Political Trivia Thread~~~~~~~~

Will Bob Barr Be McCain's Very Own Ralph Nader in 2008?

If marriage is 'religious' and not 'civil', then why is the state dictating to the church?

The Clintons’ Yucaipa Millions (tax returns online)

April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr.

i wont vote for obama because....

Let's just say...what if MLK and RFK weren't gunned down by the CIA?

A few words from the immortal Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fuck this B.S. we need a forum for the "Democratic Nominee"

Anybody see McCain on NBC News?

Jonathan Alter just called McCain "McSame" on Countdown

What's Happening And Why......

Rachel Maddow taking Keith's place tonight!

If I were John Edwards, here's what I'd do about now:

"I had met him as a young woman....."

If 10% of your wealth going to charity is "standard," then why did Obama give less than 1% of his?

Does anyone know where this guy Russ Belleville's radio show comes from?


I Think, We Should Have One Big Assed Party About A Year And 4 Months From Now...

So red states don't count, but now Hillary will run a 50 state campaign

The Money Made at Randi Rhodes' "Whore Event" Went to Obama's coffers.

The Money Made at Randi Rhodes' "Whore Event" Went to Obama's coffers.

A tale of two Trinities

Rasmussen Maine: Obama 49 McCain 39 / Clinton 47 McCain 42

North Dakota is crazy tonight!! The Grand Forks showdown!!

Does anyone really know why Randi was suspended ?


Now that the Clinton's have released their tax returns, we need to start putting pressure on McCain

Ava has a new film up at Youtube...

Wow! Listen to Janeane Garofolo calling in to Sam

Is it a bad idea for Obama to use a Senator for his running mate?

Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight:

Obama, Clinton accept Messiah invitation

Dot connecting and the AAR situation

Hillary is 33...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Peter Werbe Subs for Mike

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance

Ok folks slam AAR with calls calling for her to come back on the air

Coded language?

Key delegates turn to Obama!

Freeper's are so damn brave!

Congress people CONGRESS!!!

You Decide: Are Americans Stupid?

Is there a Point in even Posting something Outrageous Bill O'Reilly Says or Does?

One reason the official stories about the assassinations of

One reason the official stories about the assassinations of

109 MILLION in the bank and Hillary still stiffs her backers??

Airplanes falling out of the sky left and right...

US Homeland Security recorded what book I was reading as I crossed the border

I don't get what they are trying to accomplish her in PA

U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry is the posterchild for Republican assholes.....

Our relations with NATO and the world - a pic that says it all

Obama has cut Clinton's superdelegate lead from 106 to 30

Pentagon: New MRAPs saving troops' lives

IMPEACH! I want the Constitution back!

most republicans don't understand the housing crisis affects

The Goddess of Pieces - Hillary's Cluster Bomb Ban Vote

The Election is about change.

DUers, in memory of MLK, can't we all just get along, for one weekend?

Randi and

Obama's Speech Today - Video Link?

Obama's Speech Today - Video Link?

The best Obama video ever made

Gazans still cut the head off a Giant Turtle!!!!

Randi Rhodes and ratings

who is this dumb woman on Real time right now? JEBUS is she in the 1950s

Where do they go before they come here?

After leading McCain by 8% in February, Obama now trails him by 2% in new Hotline/Diageo poll

After leading McCain by 8% in February, Obama now trails him by 2% in new Hotline/Diageo poll

40 years ago I was working in Washington, DC just two blocks from the WH

Casey Sheehan Died 4 Years Ago Today

NYTimes on torture : 'There Were Orders to Follow'

Casey Sheehan Died 4 Years Ago Today

Alec Baldwin on Obama v. Clinton:

Flashback: Kucinich to Introduce Impeachment of Bush Before State of the Union January 28

Hillary Clinton is a Democrat. Period.

The Goddess of Peace did grand on Jay Leno tonight.

Do you know why Dr. King was in Memphis? I want you to read this.

Do you know why Dr. King was in Memphis? I want you to read this.

McCain leads Obama by 5% in PA. Clinton leads McCain by 6%

$18 million dollars unaccounted for......

Hillary did a great job on Leno tonight. Warm, personable...

Grandma Zel Writes Postcards for Obama

Someone tore up my bumper sticker today.

Who would have been the 1968 democratic nominee if RFK had lived?

Obama Adviser Calls for Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010


John McCain Just Ran his 3AM Ad On Countdown!!!

John McCain voted against passage of a Martin Luther King holiday

A must listen! "Howard Zinn" interview live in 3 minutes!

That's it. This campaign video has made me switch allegiances

Deathwatch DAY 4

GOP Rep Calls a US Soldier a "Two Bit Security Guard"

Dumping AA’s Randi Rhodes Won't Cure Progressives Clinical Hillary Obsession

What Obama Could Teach the Treasury Secretary About the Economy

Why does U.S. claim to "spread Democracy" when our track record is actually the opposite?

Hillary plays the Crying Game again. She has no shame. Laughing at Snipers, Weeping for MLK...

While ordinary Americans struggle to make ends meet, the Clintons make 109 million.

No one said that the Clintons were not generous.

My niece just told me .....

What would a "poverty czar" accomplish?

Clinton to Obama - Enough with the speeches (unless they are worth $51,855,599)

Where's Pat Buchanan?

So Bill Hasn't Received His $20M Payoff from Billionaire Playboy Ron Burkle Yet?

Rasmussen markets: Obama shares jumped $2 more today to get to an all-time high of $85/share.....


Male Monkeys Prefer Boys' Toys

TYT: Kurt Vonnegut Through The Eyes Of His Son Mark (What Did Vonnegut Think Of Bush? & More)

Ferraro Calls For Randi's Head! (Updated With Video)

For Those Too Young To Remember, And Especially For Those That Do...

Sigh... please remain aware of this basic: McCain will continue to OVERPOLL

Barack Obama's Healthcare Plan Does NOT Include Me. How is it Universal?

Hillary offers "CZAR" position to EDWARDS???

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/4/08

I'm Alert button free and damn proud of it.

I'm Alert button free and damn proud of it.

You know what? I really hope Obama chooses John Kerry for VP!

"We are not as divided as our politics suggest." n/t

Key delegates turn to Obama

Obama and Memphis

How is that McCain, who's PROMISING to govern just like Bush, is ahead in the polls?

The Clintons are the poster children for mindless boomer entitlement

McSame just ran a "3 o'clock phone call" commercial in AZ!

How the AP Lies About the Iraq Occupation

Stop bickering. Relax and have a beer.

MARK MORFORD: The Very BestThing About Obama

I love this photo.

Harold Ford Jr was just on Morning Joe and he sounds just like a Republican

Clintons donated > $10,000,000 to charity

McCain admits error on King holiday ("I was wrong. I was wrong.")

george bush----the man without a friend

So why would anyone scrimp to donate to a person who's worth tens of millions of dollars?

Fuck You Larry Johnson! You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself!

caption these photo ops

Tweety calls Clinton Strategist Mark Penn "Mrs. Doubtfire"

Today is "Cyber Spank an Opposing Candidate Supporter Friday"

was Randy's rant live.. did she violate any FCC rules..? never got the real story

I don't know how to feel about Randi Rhodes

HRC's tax returns and The Quello Fund ("offshore tax haven abuses"?)

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

With John on Hillary's Side

How could you not like Hillary!

With words spoken by Randi Rhodes Obama would expect

McCain Booed At Martin Luther King Speech

Joe Conason: A truth teller who deserves justice

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 48 (+2), Hillary 42 (-1); Obama closing in on McCain, Favorables up.

Did Jimmy Carter bank $109 Million after he left the Presidency?

"the approval rating of President George W. Bush did not change since last summer, with 28 percent"

I'm Confused. Hillary Sends Thousands To Die In An Immoral,

98% of historians say Bush is a failure - 61% say he's the worst president ever

Is "biofuel" just a fancy way of saying we are going to use food to make fuel?

What should Air America be, range of opinions on left or Democratic Party fax readers?

The Clinton Taxes: Here are the Numbers

Rachel Maddow's Hosting Countdown

Have you completed and sent your Tax Returns yet?

Health insurance and freeloading

Sen. Barack Obama said it best..

Already noticed something odd in HRCs tax returns...

Where was Hillary's cry to let every state vote when she planned on "wrapping it up" Super Tues.?

Sorry, North Dakota. You *really* dont count.

Am I the only person here who doesn't give a shit about the Clintons' taxes?

Wow! No wonder the Clintons want back in the White House! It really pays!

national poll Obama up 12

Top Democrats demand Attorney General explain remarks about pre-9/11 phone call

Hillary in ND: 'I have absolutely nothing against rich people.'

BUSH TOON: "Freedom Is On The March!"

So you're going to sit this one out, huh?

Clinton will call for a cabinet-level "poverty czar," as the King family has requested

OH THE IRONY: On Huffington Post the lead story is of HRC:

How can yesterday's children turn against their defender/protector?

The photo op of McCain on the balcony in Memphis is infuriating!!!!!! It's bullshit!!!

Hillary Clinton: Let us remember how Dr. King’s faith connects us through time and place and history

Why is Bill getting paid so much for delivering speeches?

Seriously? Hillary gets a pass for her performance in Memphis?

lolol I was watching the news and John McCain giving his speech came up...

Here's your chance to convince 1 Superdelegate who wants to hear from you.

Obama supporter: Frankly the Clintons have deserved to make some dough...

Strong opinion by Charlie Rangel on Rev. Wright

So My Pseudo-Libertarian Friend Just Emailed Me At Work To Tell Me How Bad Democrats Are...

Rachel Maddow has done a great job tonight on Countdown.

Lou Black is back and doing an interesting hit on internet pornography . . . !!!

PURE F'ing genius rather than PIMP a photo op in Memphis like McCain and Clinton Obama delivers. . .

Obama vows to make AL GORE his anti-global warming czar ---

Washington Blocks Exports of Munitions Firm Suspected of Fraud

A gay liberal female is hosting a major cable news program...think about that for a second.

A gay liberal female is hosting a major cable news program...think about that for a second.


Did anyone else find Hillary's sniper joke disturbing?

Whoever you've been backing, if you SAID you wouldn't back the other candidate if nominated.

Hillary is worth millions so she can't possibly care about the Middle Class

Obama lies about Kennedy and King:

The Clintons have released 30 years of tax returns...more than any other

Chinese soldiers caught with monk outfits.

Judge orders lien on Westboro church

Why are internal polls considered more accurate than independent polls?

Let's join together on the 40th anniversary of Dr. King's death with a day of Peace on DU.

Which is more offensive, Randi Rhodes comments or Hillary's behavior that inspired it?

Clinton Release on Taxes



BILL MOYERS: Concern in Afghanistan, ... Congo..., Bread for the World

Here's a reminder about Hillary (She will Doom the Democrats)

For Those Too Young To Remember, And Especially For Those That Do...

Heard on NPR: "He worked on his next sermon, titled 'Why America May Go to Hell.'"

Florida superdelegates will apparently be combative at the convention. Not eager to compromise.

My main reservation with Obama:

Obama refuses to denounce minister who wrote sermon titled: "Why America May Go to Hell"

Book TV Schedule: April 5th - 7th

Randi on

When is the last time 81% of Americans agreed on anything?

This country's done

ANTI-HILLARY BLOGS TANKING, 'America Blog', Daily Kos, 40-30% DOWN

Ok What's he hiding?

Just thought I'd point out, Al Gore made more money than the Clintons

Clinton Charitable Giving is to Clinton Charity

Book bags 40 years ago

"Senator Clinton has denounced the denouncement of the denouncing of her retraction"

Hillary's poor public speaking ability...

Beth Arnold: Does Hillary Have Any Shame?

Ex-Puerto Rico governor on why Hillary will LOSE PR.

Ex-Puerto Rico governor on why Hillary will LOSE PR.

Hillary's Acting Coach Should be FIRED!

What is needed to improve GDP?

Proud member of the "Michael Moore Left" here.

Hillary (Act IV): “I walked into my dorm room and took my book bag and hurled it across the room."

Has anyone posted about those "Gun Running Punks in Miami" ripping off Taxpayers for Arms Deals?

Larry Johnson is a fucking punk.

The "joke" was awful.

I hate John McCain more today than ever

I just gave my two year old grandson $250.

I just gave my two year old grandson $250.

Brent Budowsky calls Randi a gift to progressive radio -- let's hear it for Randi!

Obama Camp: "Almost All" Of $40 Million Raised In March Is For Primary

AA SD Clinton supporters getting THREATENED by Obama supporters

While ordinary Americans struggle to make ends meet, the Obamas are millionaires.

Hillary Clinton's greatest enemy is herself

This is a welfare Queen

Chairman Dean gets grief from Clinton finance chair re MI & FL delegates

TYT: Crooks & Liars Egregious Clip Of The Week And Thank God For Rachel Maddow


Fascinating New Obama Anecdote-Use It!

With all the Suffering, I find the Senate Grandstanding SICKENING!!

Who do people think Clinton will pick as VP? Who do people think Obama will pick as VP?

How Reagan Created "The Homeless," & Why Charity Can't Fix It

So now we know. The Clintons are generous to the tune of 10 million bucks.

Is stand-up comedy art?

IL Cong. Dan Lipinski Endorses Obama

After a lot of soul searching, I've decided to switch my support to Obama

Come November, who here will hold their nose and vote for

Come November, who here will hold their nose and vote for

Come and get your pro-McCain/Anti-Obama talking points...

Brazille tells angry Clinton supporters: "You are destroying her Candidacy"

Pennsylvania SEIU Demands Resignation Of Mark Penn

Guys, I SERIOUSLY need help on this poll.

There Is Never a Good Reason to Hate Another Democrat: A Response to Another Thread

How to make offensive signature pictures go away

How to make offensive signature pictures go away

Anyone seen Oedi?

Let's remember Martin Luther King Jr. in our hearts (and also here on DU)

Dangerous Randi Rhodes has been silenced

I have decided...

I have decided...

I just saw Inchworm huffing Sharpie fumes.

Play a short song

In the time of chimpanzees In was a munkEE

I just spilled dried basil on my hot stove burner element and it carbonized and went up in smoke...

i've only been on the new job for two days and i already want to scream

Guadalcanal Diary


I feel like I'm about to drop over dead.

To all DUer's!

Anyone else into Placebo

heh. amusing results to a little poll i posted on another forum.

I have a date tomorrow

Four questions about

Why are assholes tolerated in the workforce?

Anybody heard from Old Crusoe lately?

Woman Bites Pit Bull

Bank Robber leaves ID in the bank...

Just when I thought my screwy relatives couldn't get any screwier...

Is anyone getting 'hung up' while loading DU threads?

Finally saw the movie "Babel"

Cherry Blossom Web Cam

More fun with health insurance!

Happy Birthday, Heath Ledger

I'm so friggin' happy today! - WooHoo!!

Everly Brothers fans--which brother had the lighter hair?

Happy Birthday Liman!

Have you seen an orange truck?

I hate checking my work voice mail!

Thank you to my Invocation Critics!

The grass is alwhens greener on the other side of the fence.

Why don't automakers put rear window wipers on all vehicles?

I woke up nekkid surrounded by dogs

Watch out, ladies! DUDES can get preggers now!

WOO-HOO!! The Pirates are in first place in the NL Central!!1!!

Oooh running on cobblestones in a THUNDERSTORM!!!- sign *me* up!!!

Hey! LostinVa has a fun thread in GDP......

8-year-old suspended for sniffing marker

Fenway Park hawk attack

OMG I am going to hell

Best concert of my life...last night

Ear worm. stuck in head. two. fucking. weeks. Killing me softly.

Today's "keep busy" plan - what do you think

"The Office" spinoff okayed by NBC-debut after Super Bowl next February

'Tom Cruise Purple' Medical Marijuana

aw, nice little fishie!

DOS text editors

Radiohead In Rainbows

Every so often I like to drink raw eggs

Something for the cat peeps: Oscar the Hospice Cat

Advice needed about a work issue.

The dinner scene from "Phantom of Liberty" (sorry, dial-uppers)

The running powered bike is pure ludicrousness

Why don't they just leave me the hell alone????????

Books will be written about the use of race in blogs during this campaign

Every so often, I like to check out the DU Gallery

Emergency punctuation help needed!

a question to my fellow DUers

Who shocks their cat?

cool advert

Mag your pic

Important English lesson: The word "fuck"

You can be a pot smoker and be in excellent health

Fun Facts about Male Pheromones

Mark Penn chief campaign strategist/lobbyist (WTH?)

People in the 15 items or less lane- too much stuff

Tell Hillary if she gives me 2 hundred thousand dollars I will vote for her

I love

Hey!! Where's the Moderator in Chief of the Village Idiots??

I think LeftyKid got in some trouble at his Dad's house yesterday.

Clinton gives 10 million to charity, Obama gives 60 grand

NYC DUer's need some info please....

My friend (who's in Thailand right now) posted her adress on her facebook page

Women Are Smarter (youtube and lyrics)

Look what I bought today

Clintons' tax returns: $94K to clean a home office and a motive for extending Bush's tax cuts?

Meet Miss Aloha Hula 2008, Kalimakuhilani Suganuma

Li'l Bush was teh awesome last night

The shitting caveman story seems to be a real hit.

Ugh, I hate salespeople sometimes...I'm back from the mall...

A charming Single Mom just sold me a Magazine Subcription

Bill and Hill made 109 million dollars

We need an e-mail list of the undecided superdelegates!

Could two posters be the same person?

Wait , Anderson Cooper is Gay ?

Could two people be the same poster?

Court Order protection for a duck...

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen

Where in the hell is Midlo? We need to know when her fellow hooligans are going to have their -

Do you love me? Are you playin' your love games with me?

Sniper-fire.. Har-dee-har-har & yuk-yuk, guffaw

My 6 year old Brownie, K, had an egg - the first EVAH!

Don't you know you gotta

Does anyone else like Jim "Kitty" Kaat?

Are you just happy to see me or is that a Stratocaster in your pants?

Garry Trudeau....... interesting interview


ok. 5 grams of Valerian root , 10mg of Melatonin , Benadryl , 2 cups of Celestial Seasonings

Britney Spears

I mean really, is there anything you *can't* do with Bacon?!

Inchworm!!!! CALLING YOU OUT!!!

Zombywoof....if you are reading DU

Could two people be the same poser?

a week into the season, how is your fantasy baseball team looking?

Hey are off the hook ....

Does anyone else like William Kaat?

Does anyone else like Immanuel Kant?

Market Tumbles on News That Bush Is Still President

Okay, I might get really really silly later tonight..

I'm really pissed at my son's college

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/4/2008)

whatever the outcome, I hope she never runs for the presidetal nomination again.

How china came up with their logo for the olympics

Toliet Paper- Fold or crumple?

Toliet Paper- Fold or crumple?

Had my first root canal today. Ask me anything and

Badger Badger Badger Badger

anyone else like Willian Katt??

I've now officially moved from Hillary to Barack.

What is the classical music piece they play on "Last of the Mohicans"?

Smallest Girl in the world

did JeffR post a duzy later thread??

Arrrghh..I just wanted to kick his ass!!!

Wild horse stranded on a cliff near Powhatan Point

Some guy kept screaming that he was going to kick my ass as I gassed up my Hummer today.

Trekkies: Nurse Chappel before she went to nursing school...

Shitty end to a shitty week.

The cat that says "Nie"!

OK - I may get really really mad later today

Obama made a homophobic joke?

It Has Been A While.. And So It's Time For

I'm exhausted... should I eat first or drink first?

I just hid a surprise in another thread.

it's been a long time....Get your Food Porn here! w00t!

To any of you who still have me in the doghouse....

The Official "I haven't filed my taxes yet" Happy Hour thread!

My little Bush flags are missing... and the poo piles are still there.

Copycat of madokie's GD thread: Abraham, Martin and John

Tonight's Lullaby

Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn.....texas

I have a $20 iTunes gift card.

I have a decorating question.

A question about lingerie

Either that pain pill I took has me completely wacked, or

Really weird family dynamics. Holy shit.

zOMG did they get friggen married????

God help me, I'm hungry enough that I could eat one of these...

Update on my outage

"Mind if I smoke while you eat?"

I like doing something new for my job. 1450 ° F worked for annealing BeCu.

Name a show that jumped the shark halfway through its run, yet remained watchable

I am descended from the Blowasses of Temperanceville

"This video is just wrong in so many ways"

Nice to see normalcy returning. GD (regular) has gone batshit again.

Just saw "10,000 B.C"

Roast for dinner. I hope I'm doing this right

I going to hang out with my brother so he can audition for "Deal or No Deal"

DUs new theme song...

I watched the show "Numb3rs" tonight, and something they said annoyed me. They

How can I get a record of every traffic ticket I've gotten in my life?

Is there any way to convert a FAT32 file to NTFS?

Mind if I flex my ripped, bronzed, manly triceps while you eat?

Is she really 44?

Bobby, it was all Whitney's fault

Be honest. Do I sometimes post things that make NO SENSE

So, what can a person do if they have airline tix for summer, and the airline stops operating?

My 9 year old hen, Brownie, had an egg - the first in 4-5 years.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestest friend Oeditpus Rex!!!!

"Never gonna give you up, Rick Astley"

Oh God. The stench! Help!

Play a song with an alternate meaning

Hey! I thought I was from the only "El DoRAYdo!"

Did you know that the classic 'Take Five' by Dave Brubeck is in 5/4 time?

What's for Dinner?


Obama's General Election Favorability numbers soaring-highest since Wisconsin primary

I think the final Cylon is...

Hello, My Name Is Southpawkicker...

What You Can Do To Stop Puppy Mills. from the Oprah show.

Is there a more exciting play in baseball than a well executed suicide squeeze bunt?

My fellow DUers, I shall return one hour hence. Battlestar Galactica is on!

Anyone know a word for a person who is overly 'nice'?

LIVE NUDE TROLL in GD! Get it while it's hot, folks:

How long would you leave a dead cow in the pasture? It has been a month!

The Freepers' latest attack on DU!

I am thinking of moving to New Orleans

It's Friday's your cat (s)?

Baltar aquitted!

Movies everyone else hates that you liked?

Does anyone else like Katt Williams?

Your local stand up comics???

Get 'em while he's hot....

Is she really 45?

Atheist sex thread

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/4/08

Lounge u-go-girl rah-rah cheers needed

New Tatu Pics: Just got it a couple hours ago!

Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes

The Twins will go 159-3!

Stories From the Road: The Hitchhikers

Central Nevada, beyond redneck without a clue.

Doctors for Iraq: Hospitals overwhelmed by number of casualties

madinmaryland sex thread

I got an A on a paper. I dont think my professor even read it.

Time is on Obama's side (Column)

Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn.....taxes

Favorite Airline that is no more?

Crews Attempt To Rescue Horse From Cliff In Ohio

At what age did you know your political orientation?

Those of you who want Randi Rhodes back on the air...

Randi Rhodes: Talent on loan from the gutter!

Bread Kills!

I want to thank everyone in The Lounge who supported me when i found out I was diabetic

Creepiest TV show ever?

Just got a new toy!

So this cop grabbed me up.

hey, i'm gonna take that alaska cruise.

North Carolina vs Kansas

Does Anyone Know Where I can find a HUGE yellow ribbon for the HUGE tree in my front yard?

Iraq intended to mark the official emergence of the United States as a full-fledged global empire.

BSG is gonna kill me (no spoilers, please)

Randi Rhodes FIRED from AAR?

WTF? My mother sends me an email that a really good friend of the family and an old

A surprising success story.

Photo Thread: Last picture you took.

New Tattoo Pics: Just got it a couple hours ago!

People Who Should Be Summarily Shot.

IRAQGATE: A DU historical discussion about the US covert arming of Iraq

Absolutely worst Californian City/Town

Thoughts about telling people they are "strong" or "a survivor"

Homebuilders Win Big in Senate Bill

Kennedy and Levin Want New Report on Iraq Released

Marches to Honor Legacy of MLK

Motorola to lay off 2,600 Workers

New Farm Law Hinges on Antihunger Programs

George W Bush: from drunk to world leader (Stone biopic)

Jobs Slashed, Pointing to Recession

IFAW: Shocking new footage from seal hunt refutes ‘humane hunt’ claims of Canada

'I Can Win:' Clinton

Iraqi PM seeks to ease tensions with militia

18 US States Sue EPA Over Greenhouse Gas Pollution

Asian states feel rice pinch

Federal Court: Website may not require 'Straight or gay?'

UK's Prince Philip admitted to hospital

Gas Prices Rise to New Record (Fuel Now Above $3.30 a Gallon Average)

State extends Blackwater's deal a year

Iraq: Suicide Bomber kills 15 at Funeral

Overreaction to Bush Administration Complaint Prompted Block on 'Abortion' Searches

Roofing Company Superintendent Faces OSHA Obstruction Charges (RARE)

Violence erupts in Nicaragua's indigenous community

Nearly two years after being fired, Charles Krug-Mondavi workers back on job and have new contract

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday April 4, 2008

AP: Govt. Plans to Cut Army War Tours

Dems Plead With Bush on Iraq

CNBC: 80,000 jobs lost last month; 230,000 YTD

Texas Takes Kids From Polygamist Retreat

Michigan Dems Say No Do-Over Primary

ACLU tapping top legal talent to defend accused 9-11 conspirators

ZANU-PF: Presidential runoff in Zimbabwe

Clintons Made $109 Million in Last 8 Years

Employers chopped 80,000 jobs last month

Russia To Honor Commitments To Iran On Peaceful Nuclear Programs

U.S. Extends Blackwater's Baghdad Work For One Year

US warns no vote on Colombia trade deal a fiasco

B-1 bomber crashes in Qatar

Report Says 90,000 U.S. Infants Maltreated a Year

Federal Reserve staff move into offices of investment banks to monitor activities

Art lovers raise money for teen who lost Student Gallery title

Skybus shuts down, cancels all flights

(FL) Foreclosures Are Forcing Renters Out

Crop switch worsens global food price crisis

Bill Richardson Plans Venezuela Trip On Hostages

Big banks face break-up calls in subprime wake

Pirates Seize French Ship Off Somalia

Penn calls trade meeting 'error in judgment'

Obama Adviser Calls for Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton & Bill Clinton Release Seven Years of Tax Returns

Poll: 76 Percent Say U.S. Ready for Black President

Gates: U.S. to send more troops to Afghanistan

Pentagon's Debt Collectors Accused of Ripping Off Soldiers

Seal protestors (Sea Shepherd) chased from St-Pierre port, Canada

New evidence of earliest North Americans

GM, UAW reach deal on lower-wage jobs

Agents at polygamist ranch checking 'safety of children'

Global warming 'dips this year'

Venezuela cement is nationalised

Chinese police kill eight after opening fire on monks and Tibet protesters

Martin Luther KING: Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Hillary's NEW 3 A.M. ad - "The Kitchen Sink"

WMD = government


You are wearing me out Brother! - Obama harasser exposed.

US Troops dying to protect one political party in Iraq

Olbermann: Worst Persons 4/3 - Rep. Issa, Glenn Beck, Murdoch

TPMtv: '08 Roundup: Episode #18-Racialized Voting

Como Padre - Obama run ads on Spanish-language TV in Philadelphia, PA

Obama on Sports Talk Radio, 610WIP in Philadelphia (2 April, 2008)

Olbermann: Bushed! 4/3 - Going Into Business w/ al Qaeda on Iran

TPMtv examines Clinton using Wright against Obama

Geraldine Ferraro Responds to Randi Rhodes (on Fox News) 4/3

Countdown: Five years of KO in five minutes

MSNBC examines electoral map for the general and the 3 candidates paths to 270 EC votes

Clinton hypocrisy exposed: Top aide (Penn) worked for trade deal

Forty Years Ago Today: Robert F. Kennedy announces MLK assasination

Martin Luther King's Last Speech

Martin Luther King's Last Speech

Barack Obama On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy

Barack Obama -vs- Hillary clinton


Ballad of the Skeletons

John McCain & The G.I. Bill

Olbermann: New Torture Memo Smoking Gun (w/ Jonathan Turley) 4/3

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Meet The Press Videos

TYT: Obama Might Be Lying To Us?

Brave Sir McHenry illustrates great Iraq progress with rockets in the Green Zone!

Cuteness ** Obama Dog As Batdog

Obama's six day bus tour across the state of Pennsylvania

Barack Obama in Fort Wayne, IN-speech on 40th anniversary of MLK's death

Grandma Zel Writes Postcards for Obama

Countdown w/ Rachel Maddow: Bush Refuses to Release NIE - 4/4

Cheney: War Is Not The People’s Business

Tensions rise at Russia-NATO summit

Maddow and Olbermann in disbelief that McCain hasn't supported new GI bill

Republicans, Dixiecrats, Newt, Trent, Strom & MLK

Bill Maher, Tavis Smiley on Buchanan the racist

John Ashcroft calls Obama.....

Inside Guantánamo with Detainee 061

Tata takeover a turning point in car industry: UK experts

NYT: Obama's Support Softening in the Polls

Scamming for America's Security

Dell CEO Says to Expect More Job Cuts

Countdown w/ Rachel Maddow: Bushed! - Dipsh*t Rep. McHenry 4/4

BBC: Final Day of NATO Summit - Watch Bush Get Snubbed

TYT: Adorable 7-year Old Girl Debates Obama Vs. Clinton

The Upside of Nationalism By David Sirota

AT&T outsources jobs, then sours on the idea

The mis-education of Michelle Obama

McCain: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

How the U.S. Just Got Schooled by a 'Rag-Tag' Neighborhood Army in Iraq

TYT: Rachel Maddow Introduces Scarborough To The Facts & Cenk Loves It

Latest 'Tracking' Poll: 81% Believe Bush Should Be TIED to Railroad Tracks

Blue Collar, Bare Cupboards

"Hillary Chokes Up Recalling MLK"

That Which Must Not Be Said- Right Now, We NEED Liberals

The Nation: To view education as a profit-making business attacks on the lifelong love of learning.

FREE AT LAST! - Day after MLK Jr. died !

How the White House twisted American law

Joel Connelly: Clintons -- a last stand that lacks class

Sources Report Mukasey's Tears Were Saved for Waterboarding

Spencer Ackerman: Petraeus Testimony Field Manual. An Annotated Guide...

McCain’s Mother Apologizes for Opposing the Emancipation Proclamation

We All know About Tibet, But Why Do the Chinese Persecute the Falun Gong?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam

Buddy, Can You Spare a Billion?

Leaders defend Wright's church and blast media - "enough is enough"

John Dean: Airline Passengers, Beware: Government Does Not Protect Your Rights When You Fly

Post: Ashcroft Didn't Sign Off on Yoo Pentagon Torture Memo

Hillary Clinton on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (April 3rd, 2008)

Press Intimidation after 9/11: NYT suppression of Bush warrantless surveillance until after Election

The prophetic anger of MLK

Eugene Robinson: Two Black Americas

Joe Conason: A truth teller who deserves justice

Levin: Bush backs 'corrupt and incompetent' Iraqi government

Rep. Louise Slaughter: For Shame: U.S. Army Failed To Properly Test Our Troops' Body Armor

Rhodes says Air America Breached Her Contract

The US-Colombia Unfair Trade Agreement: Just Say No!

Why John Edwards Cannot Endorse Hillary Clinton (In His Own Words)

H-1B crisis: Cisco has 1,504 U.S. job openings to fill

The Staging Game - a soldier in Kuwait tells the truth

Who wants a really good belly laugh? How Conservatives (Loyal to the King) viewed the rebellion

Hillary & Obama "debate" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Sen. Intros Bipartisan Ren. Energy Tax Credit Legislation

Cody: Army needs funding — now

Ex-soldier due in court on plane bomb charge

Soldiers kill woman shield in IED standoff

Irwin tank training forces tortoises to move

Accused Marine back on America’s Most Wanted

600 turn out to oppose Va. landing field plan

Hornet airstrike kills 2 militants in Iraq

Marine couple missing from Calif. bases

Former Marine admits looting Iraq troop funds

Developing Nations Oppose World Bank Bid To Control Clean Development Funding - Reuters

FAO - Rice Prices Up 70% In Past Year: Poor Nations Struggling With Cost, Shortages - BBC

GM Plans For 1,000 Fuel-Cell Cars In California By 2014 - Reuters

UNC Researcher - Future Bright For Toxic Cyanobacteria Blooms As Climate Destabilizes

Smokestack Injustice? Toxic Texas Smelter May Reopen

Attempts To Clean Up Chesapeake Hampered By Population & Economic Growth - Richmond Times-Dispatch

Canada's MacKenzie Delta Taking Hits From Climate Breakdown - Changes Happening Faster Than Expected

Rage Fatigue, Plastic Dirt and Happy Hour in America

Saudi Arabia Plans To Begin Importing Wheat, End Food Self-Sufficiency Program To Save Water

Cameron Calls For VAT Cut For Sales Of Bicycles, Wind Turbines In UK - Telegraph

Anne Arundel CO (MD) Rivers - In Heart Of Crabbing Country - Among State's Dirtiest

U.S. Senate Introduces Bipartisan Renewable Energy Tax Credit Legislation

"Implementation Of Biofuels Plan A Disaster" - 1 Million German Cars Can't Use Mandated 10% Ethanol

Wanted - Homes For Small Island People

Siemens Announces 325-MW (wind turbine deal) Deal (Oregon)

Researchers - Texas Dead Zones Have Appeared In Gulf For At Least 23 Years - Houston Chronicle

Catalonia Will Need To Begin Water Importation By Ship Starting In May As Spain's Drought Continues

Young Torontonians greenest commuters

Minot bomb wing recertified for nukes

Now you can wear ABUs on commercial flights

Air Force buys 28 more UAVs

‘Above All’ firm renews contract

Ballistic missile launched from Vandenberg

Community relations at a standstill

NATO pledges more troops for Afghanistan

Iraqi air force saluted for Basra actions

Soldier found guilty of being drunk on duty

Van Jones: Forty Years Gone: MLK's Dream Today Would Be Colored 'Green'

Biodiesel discussion in GD

Senators Slam Forest Service Cuts, Discussing Moving Agency To Interior Department

Pentagon to phase out SSNs on ID cards

McCain didn't know MLK at 47 yrs of age

Maliki Vows to Expand Basra Crackdown

Pentagon to shut down intelligence office

Congressman Wexler asks for questions to ask Gen Petraeus

SMUD and Woodside Homes Agree to Build Almost 1,500 Solar Homes (Calif.)

OPEC Crude Production Down 0.3% (85,000 b/d) In March - Bloomberg

Go for an 'Edible Estate': The Case Against Lawns

Video just in PROVES that Sea Shepherd boat WAS rammed by Can. coast guard

IFAW: Shocking new footage from seal hunt refutes ‘humane hunt’ claims of Canada



Eric Lee: Next Monday - online mobilization to protest murder of Leonidas Gomez Rozo

Today in labor history

AFL-CIO, MNA endorse Franken for Senate

SEIU Healthcare's Jigme Ugen: First Tibetan elected as union leader in U.S.

Business Digest: American Axle strike hits Nebraskans

Obama vows to support unions

Cross-Atlantic union ties could impact T-Mobile USA (1st ever cross Atlantic partners)

SARTA officials, union drivers reach tentative agreement (avoids strike)

BIW union workers rally for probe answers

Presidential Hopefuls Join Workers at Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Convention

As Paychecks Stall, Drug Costs Go Up

Sharpton praises AFL-CIO's civil rights connections

Blue-Green Alliance Works With Gore’s Group To Build Blue Collar Green Constituency

U.S. Jobs Tank Big Time

Workers sacrifice while profitable American Axle gives CEO a bonus

Security Guards Begin Strike At Kaiser Facilities

House Labor Committee to Vote on Bill to Help Prevent Deadly Industrial Explosions

At the UN, Complaints Against New Labor Chief Unanswered, Moonlighting Sportsman

McCain Skips Out on Worker Roundtable (+ video)

Day-labor numbers dropping in Orange County

OSHA: Company working near Oconomowoc blast has history of safety violations

Teachers Strike at 10 Catholic Schools

Crane Inspector Tied To Deadly Crash Resigns (+ video)

George Clooney in feud with writers union

Mr Mortgage expose Lehman Alt-A

As opportunity knocks on Wall Street, the vultures swoop

Skybus becomes third airline this week to close (CNN)

Employers cut 80,000 jobs in March

What's Happening And Why.....

Does the United States borrow the money or just print it?

Evil DINO-Nazi thug Sen. Robert Creedon (MA) to resign to spend more time gaybashing with his family

Arizona Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Appears Dead

Clinton Says She Would Be Best To Defend Gay Rights

Apparently Obama has only given ONE interview to the LGBT press...

Walls close in on Phelpses

Brazilian elite force prepares to evict outside settlers from Amazon Indian reservation

Clinton Aide Apologizes over Colombia Talks

Was interested in learning more about Brazilian Oil....

Senator Obama Has Sam Nunn On VP Short List?

Hamas man "tortured to death" in custody-lawmakers

First female Arab soldier joins elite IDF unit

Hamas tunneling and hiding weapons under UNRWA schools

Israel's Tehran connection

U.K.: Israel's future depends on Palestinian statehood

Dichter's assistant injured by sniper fire near southern Kibbutz

Exterminating Israel not the solution

Biden excerpt - video in that forum

Biden press release on next week's hearings

God Bless you, Joe!

Roll call - who is still here?

Carlyle Group's plan to takeover the banking system

Opening day pictures of your National League CHAMPIONS! >>

Serena storms by Kuznetsova in Key Biscayne semifinals

Tennis spoiler (men's semi)

Chain, chain, chain (chain, chain, chain )

Crossposting from pets grp - i rescued a baby squirrel

Okay guys, I need some help here.

My Cactus is Blooming

Pediatricians left guessing at drug doses


'We Know Exactly How You Feel'

Blame pollutants for hike in breast cancer: scientist

The last snow games and the bouviers

WWI photo needs help

SUBMISSION THREAD for April Contest. Post your pictures here.

Can you describe an event that cannot occur?

The moral status of pointless cruelty

Atheist's Church?

COMMENT THREAD for April Contest. Talk about 'em here

Its Dangerous For Children To Know Atheism Exists

New Arrivals to Help with Earth's Environmental Catastrophe

Oregon cave yields evidence of the earliest Americans yet

Badge may have saved officer a felony gun charge

Banning the .50 Caliber Rifle in Hawaii Sets a Bad Precedent

Legislature to tackle assault weapons ban (LA)

Best UFO pictures of 2007..

Confidential Document Warns Of Conflict Or Revolution For USA.

Thom Hartman is covering King murder and said he will unload a bombshell with a guest

Photo gallery from Sept 11...

AIDS Was Created By The Government ? ?

Sonny Bono 'assassinated' by hitmen.

I think JK's office needs to read this post in GD

Toledo Blade: Winner of Lucas Co OH Seat Lives in Michigan

Vermont: Instant Runoff Voting Awaits Governor's Signature

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 4/4/2008

Appeals court: Fla. can enforce anti-voter fraud law for now

Police Federation Wants Their Tasers

"Bachmann has been in the news and most of its has been positive".... Bwahahahahah!!!

Ramstad Town Hall today

Golf Ball sized hail in Denton

It's me again to say Hello and ask for help...

is it possible to copy a video from youtube?

Wanna Go to the Denver Convention? Here's a Roadmap!

Criminal complaint will be filed in DA's race (Travis)

WCCO's Paul Douglas is latest victim of CBS layoffs

Hey Wolvie!

XM Listeners:

Goalposts Moving Again: "The Winner of North Carolina Will Be the Nominee!"

A polite request from an HRC forum poster:


The first grunge song came out in 1983.

A song to commemorate tonight's Countdown:

KOEB 4-4-08 Rachel's debut hosting on Countdown edition

Farewell, my sweet Nellie 4/1992-4/2008

Please K&R my Randi support thread

State black 8th-graders rank worst in nation in writing

Oh joy. The Pope is coming to my city in 10 days.

CBC: "The Atheists - Spreading The Word"