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People thought Wright was a bigot America hater from the looped clips,honestly,how does it get worse

Has Obama ever done or said anything to suggest that he shares Wright's extreme views?


McCain Strongly Rejected Long-Term Iraq Presence: "Bring Them All Home"

The Press in this country is Broken

Rev Wright= Howard Dean's scream

HEY M$M! This Rev Wright shit is so boring, I've gone back to watching the Food Channel

Myths That Must Die: Voter Fraud is not Election Fraud.

Myths That Must Die: Voter Fraud is not Election Fraud.

Its fairly sickening to witness the glee each side shows towards the other's problems...

What is the big deal? Republican's seek out the endorsements of and pander to a few strange pastors.

This is our world - made permanent

Farrakhan's bodyguards secured Wright?

GDP: The ultimate video

Why Obama Hasn't Responded to Wright's Speech YET:

If Hill thinks she can win the GE, why won't she run as an Independent?

So racist / Wright attacks on Obama are fine..... but use the same tactics on Hillary...

So what rule book shall we all play by?

Michael Moore -- The Awful Truth

Attention Obama Supporting College Students! I have A Message for you. Let me know if you're one!

Attention Obama Supporting College Students! I have A Message for you. Let me know if you're one!

If maverick means "flip-flopper" and incompetent, then McCain is indeed a maverick!

Are you buying into this racist concern troll freakshow?

Breaking! NYTimes sez Elizabeth Edwards is favoring Hillary!

Divide and Conquer: The GOP playbook Rule #1

New super for Obama. That's two today!

Trouble in River City....

Jeremiah Wright - Like Marvin Gay's father...

For supporters of both candidates -

For supporters of both candidates -

Farrakhan's Pennsylvania Admirer

Bill Clinton...

I'm tired of religion getting mixid in politics

If we're going to start playing the guilt-by-association game...

meanwhile...Rush Limbaugh is still not in jail

Krugman: "McCain is Bush Made Permanent"

Obliteration Or A 100 Year War

Another election cycle where....

Starting to think that I'm not a Democrat

Bring it on!!! Come-on Hillary Stooges enjoy your last week. Then you're gone to sulk

Hillary v. Obama: Comparison of their attack styles

What Rev. Wright is getting take.

Obama picks up Superdelegate #237: Former DNC Chair Paul Kirk

Is there one black pastor in the Chicago area who would not cause Obama this trouble?

wouldn't this be a good opportunity for Obama to attack McCain's connection to Hagee and Parsley

Regarding the unelectability thing...

HRC leads McSame in latest poll; Obama tied

Counteracting Wright

Counteracting Wright

Wright's curious mission - Chicago Tribune

Live stream Hillary and Gov. Easley at NC State

Delete Dupe

Hillary Wins in a Landslide!

John McCain's White Supremacist Problem

RUN, SUPERS, RUN part 2 - NC, MS, and now PA

Governor Mike Easley (D) NC endorses Hillary Clinton!

Karl Rove quote regarding Obama "You have talent, intelligence and tapped into something powerful"

Hill supporters and their partners in the MSM and GOP go on a coordinated Bullshit Blitz!

I like Obama.

Lobby the Supers

McCain Has A White Supremacist Advisor

Anyone who thinks the media "buried" the Lewinsky scandal is BLIND & DUMB

What percentage of black votes will the McCain receive?

I'm not sticking up for Obama, but Morning Joe is a lying fuck when it comes to Reverend Wright

Clinton Foundation Secrets

In Ras poll Obama maintains sizable lead

We need to Win in November!!!


I'll say it: Hillary can't win if accused of having an adulterous alien affair with a Martian

New Clinton supporter is potent symbol

So Is McCain Just Going To Get A Pass Here On DU, Just Like The One The Media Gives Him?

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Hillary accepts MT newspaper's longstanding Lincoln-Douglas debate invite

"Do you want to borrow my asterisk?"

Attention Hillary Supporters

If Hillary gets the nomination it WON'T be because most people like her....Think of the implications

If Hillary gets the nomination it WON'T be because most people like her....Think of the implications

The answer is simple folks.....

Obama chooses a VP!

Straw Poll

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters endorses Obama during is Coachella concert

The most undesirable VP pick (Tom Toles)

Worse than Jeremiah Wright!

anyone have a list of Obama's Indiana campaign stops?

Once again SUSA only poll in IN with HRC ahead! Assignment - is SUSA owned by Vin Gupta InfoUSA?

Obama should have used the Bill Cosby approach from the beginning

You know what? Let her have it.

Rev. Wright and the Dem candidates.....

Where can I find the list of food products the Feds use to measure cost increases?

N.C Governor Endorses Clinton

Barbara Reynolds, Wright NPC event organizer, supports Hillary. Link and full Op-Ed.

Nothing Will Get Hillary Out of the Race

The drip continues KY Rep.Ben Chandler endorses Obama

I'll say it: Hillary can't win if accused of having an adulterous lesbian affair with a Muslim woman

Sludge Headline: "Enthusiastic Hillary Supporter ORGANIZED Rev. Wright at Press Club"

*******The Official Thank God There is no Rev. Wright Event Scheduled Today Thread*******

Can you tell what the Barack is thinking?

Seriously - has their been a more unlovable VP than Dick Cheney

So we have a brand new qualification for President

Song parody: 'Hillary's Isle'

So will Charlie and George ask Clinton about "pansy gate"?

The hard numbers...or... the negligible effect of Rev. Wright

The hard numbers...or... the negligible effect of Rev. Wright

Tax cut could push gas prices higher


Powerful Hillary Supporter Set Up Rev. Wright National Press Club Talk to Damage Obama.

I feel like believing...

Better start backing Hillary NOW

Is this the third or fourth media cycle for Wright?

Why I Will Be Voting for Senator Obama on May 20th

Obama fun in the Pacific Northwest

With all the Wright-bashing and Obama-smearing HRC's campaign is doing...

Google just gave me 1.8 million results for "Obama Wright", 1.7 million results for "Hillary Tonya"

Google just gave me 1.8 million results for "Obama Wright", 1.7 million results for "Hillary Tonya"

Could latest Wright flap HELP Obama? (as in backlash)

Tuesday Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll: Obama: 49% Hillary: 41% (no change)

Jimmy Carter told his children to follow their hearts.

OK, Hillfans explain why SD endorsements keep rolling in to Obama

Congressman Ben Chandler (KY) to endorse Obama today; SD margin holds at 20

Will the MSM pick up on this: HRC's $2.3 billion in earmarks?

Rev. Wright and the candidates....

International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Endorse Obama

an observation re: who is "more electable"

**********Heads Up: Obama Now Live! - it started 12.05 PM EST - 29/04/2008************

Another slant from me, a born-again Christian Dem's perspective:

Obama should give a speech INTRODUCING himself to the American People...

No Compromise Ticket. Gimme a break!

Bob Herbert: The Pastor Casts a Shadow

Bogus NC Robo-Calls Similar to Those Used in Virginia and Ohio

Just voted for Obama in the Indiana primary. (No help from Diebold)

Hartmann will have Siegelman on for 30 min beginning at 1:00

Gallup 4/29 - Clinton 47% Obama 46%

I hope all you guys can reconcile after the primaries...

Hillary: the anti-Christ. Exacts revenge on the godly with plagues of locusts and vermin

PHOTOS: Barack Obama last night at a rally in Chapel Hill, NC

There is a Veterans for Obama group forming in Kentucky. If you are

Obama Heads for Superdelegate Edge

New AP-Ipsos poll: Obama and Clinton vs Mccain

Obama Folks Please Read

It's the media frenzy vs. the movement, and the media is losing

Deleted topic

Anything Worse Than A Fake Christian Pandering To The Right?

For your viewing pleasure... Mr. Limbaugh would like to introduce to you "Barack the Magic Negro"

Is There Any Reason Not To Start Posting Larry Sinclair Threads?

The Year is 2008, and I Just Heard Limbaugh Play a Song Called, "Barack the Magic Negro"

Obama Favored By Superdelegates Math

Obama Favored By Superdelegates Math

It's just politics, enjoy the show

I will vote for whoever has the most pledged delegates at the end of the primaries. Period.

Obama Plans to Address Wright Issue at Press Conference today

Obama Plans to Address Wright Issue at Press Conference today


It's official (or Unofficial?). Clinton Wins PA by 9.2%

Hilary's response to McLame's healthcare proposal.

SCOTUS decision on voter ID really hurts Clinton more than Obama

To the FEW Obama Supporters: Stop posting fucking rumors!!

Does Obama have a case of Battered Wife Syndrome?

**********Bob Barr For President************

Obama leads Hillary 51-37 in NC - Ras

Can THEY close the deal?

tough garbanzo beans, hillworldrers. Wright isn't a dead girl or live boy

Obama must Burn the Rev. Wright in effigy on the steps of TrinityChurch...

Which Is More Important?

What is wrong with you people??? Seriously??? Take a step back, a deep breath and get back to

It's inevitable.

It's like Barack is talking to GD:P

Now Hil's a lesbian. Last week Obama was a Muslim

Why do we have less tolerance for anger than for injustice??

so when does mccain do his live apology for hagee?

IF that story about Barack Obama being a crack head on the down low comes up again, I'm on his side

What we need to do now in retaliation is to somehow get Hillary to throw Bill under the bus.

Hillary Clinton to face Bill O'Lielly

By the end of this campaign, how many people will be under the bus?


Bob Herbert: Wright went to Washington to bury Obama

I'm gonna say it. No one, especially those with Obama avatars, needs to be pushing lesbian story

I guess soon all they'll have left is the claim that Obama BEATS Hillary :)

Angry Black Preacher Alert!

Let the MSM go nuts over Reverend Wright. It's a good thing.

"Louis Farrakhan is not my enemy. He did not put me in chains. He did not put me in slavery.

DU at its BEST!

Why I Voted For Hillary

Hey Hillbots: Are you happy that Obama is finally throwing Wright under the bus?

My mother basically called me a sellout [again] +Using MLK As a Speed Bump to Save Obama

My mother basically called me a sellout [again] +Using MLK As a Speed Bump to Save Obama

Is this GD Primaries/Politics, or GD Principles?

Pretending that a slur is not a slur doesn't help people "get over it."

BAM! ......

Praising KKK Supporters in the White House - Hilary Needs to Explain This

DemConWatch Now has SD Gap at 19

She's not a lesbian ... as far as I know. (So STOP saying that!)

Obama vs. Hill Death Match, Get Your Aggressions out here

How will the divorce play out with Rev. Wright?

Obama No Longer Has To Worry About Wright

Obama says he's outraged by Rev. Wright's comments.

Ya know what I LOVE about the bazillion Wright posts here??

If the rumor of Hillary Clinton is a lesbian comes up, I have her back

Tire tracks on Wright's back...

West Virginia Secretary of State Disenfranchising Thousands of Obama Voters?

Here's a fun question for today: who do you like as VP?

How does Obama get past the Wright comments?

Was Wright's performance yesterday a set-up to give Obama a

Most Americans are fair people.

For every worried, scared, sad Obama supporter !!

For every worried, scared, sad Obama supporter !!

What's all the fuss?

What's all the fuss?

Hillary is second Dem candidate to appear on "O'Reilly"; Kucinich was the first

HRC wants the SDs by swiftboating BHO by making Wright the "issue." NT

MSNBC - interview w/ Elizabeth Edwards coming up "next"

Every Black pastor of every Black church in every Black community...

Gallup Daily: Clinton 47%, Obama 46%

I'd like to use one of my precious few posts here to announce

***BREAKING: McSame to hold press conference to distance himself from Hagee and Parsley!************

Has your intelligence been insulted enough?

Obama's "Judgement" Comes Into Question:Re Wright

Settle down in here! I want sig lines back and off Level 1

The more Wright the better, he will clear both their names.

SUSA Today to reveal Clinton pulling to within 5 in N.Carolina

How long before Rev. Wright is as scarce as Obama's typical white granny?

Clinton Spends Money Like a Drunken Sailor--Requests $2.3B in Earmarks!

Obama news conference starting shortly on MSNBC. Andrea Mitchell clueless:

Amid all the Wright and PA hubbub...

Clintons have NO PATH TO NOMINATION. Obama would have to be PHYSICALLY stopped and removed

The Points and End Results of todays Divorce

Bookmakers HAVE NOT changed the odds of a Hillary win. She is not moving ahead!

Obama cannot waste his time explaining someone else's words.

This Poll Needs DU Lovin' - Not Good News, At All!

408 Pledged 297 Super Delegates

Hillary picks up new SD Ike Skelton of Missouri

Why did Obama prostitute himself before the Fascist Propaganda Network on Sunday?

Yet another Superdelegate for Obama - Rep. Ben Chandler, , KY

Can anyone help me obtain some Obama Yard signs?

Ok Clinton supporters... make the case... why are Caucuses Un-democratic?

The Republicans are DESPERATELY Trying to Spin this Press Conference Against Obama

Obama Derides Gas Tax 'Gimmick'

Do we really want a President who "accidently" understates debts by 1/3?

Give me a 63-37 victory or give me(a metaphorical) death.

Errr, just a reminder: you'll know who the republicans think they can't beat when they launch their

NC IS OBAMA's. Yesterday's polling only: Obama 51, Clinton 37.

Obama Supporters: Don't Despair. Wright isn't Fatal at all to his candidacy.

Hillary is not "anything" except a dead beat.

Howey-Gauge IN Poll: Obama (47), Clinton (45)

Clinton: $2.3B in earmarks

Breaking: Clinton Supporter Invited Wright To Speak At National Press Club

When it comes down to it, do you support Obama or Wright?

Hillary Clinton To Face Bill O'Reilly On "The Factor"

Hillary Clinton To Face Bill O'Reilly On "The Factor"

Hillary Clinton To Face Bill O'Reilly On "The Factor"

Hillary Clinton To Face Bill O'Reilly On "The Factor"

New Rasmussen Poll: Obama up by 14 in North Carolina

On the subject of the VP

****Enthusiastic HILLARY supporter ORGANIZED the Rev. WRIGHT National Press Club EVENT****


Dumb people who support a candidate because of the candidate's race or gender

Q: What will you realistically do if John McCain wins the Oval Office in November?

Republicans are soooo racist "The Chief White Woman"!

It is betterr for super delegates to take the chance on Obama, than lose loyal support

It's August in Denver (National Review)

An atheist's view: White Ignorance, Wright's Narcissism



Breaking: Iowa superdelegate Richard Machaceck to endorse Obama

the important thing is what Wright says next....

Hillary promises lower oil prices,a day after Bill says don't vote for anyone who promises cheap oil

New PPP Indiana poll Clinton +8....Clinton +1 in Gallup daily tracking

New PPP Indiana poll Clinton +8....Clinton +1 in Gallup daily tracking

Who ever knew there were this many black reporters? When ever

Hillary's Pastor MIA

Clinton Backer "Organized" Wright's Press Club Event

Democracy in the Balance: Indiana Goes Jim Crow by Bob Fitrakis

Piss on Wright, Mrs. Hillary, Mr. Hillary, McCain...

The main things the Super delegates have to ponder right now...

Well I voted - early voting in NC - and it was a tough decision

Obama Heads for Superdelegate Edge

If another nuclear power in the world had a candidate constantly changing the goalposts. . .

Obama rally. Live stream:

If Hillary wins Indiana, is it game, set, match?

If Hillary wins Indiana, is it game, set, match?

Are we being "Bamboozled?"

Obama just looked beaten and humiliated there - What a climbdown

If the Rev. Wright irks your nads, you might be a racist.

Obama and Wright appear not as close as the media would have us think

The Proof is in the Pudding The SD's are all moving to Obama . He is less than 20 behind despite MSM

Does anybody really think the SuperD's will make make history and take Obama's nomination away?

I tried to get Obama's Remarks on Wright as verbatum as I could, here they are.

My old mayer Ron Kirk is kickin ass

Rasmussen poll in North Carolina: Obama 51% Cliton 37%

Obama is taking on Wright! right now!

a flaw in the vast Wright-wing conspiracy theory

WOW, the top 2% is really scared of Rev. Wright.

Toxicity to Dem chances in November: Hillary: 100%; Rev. Wright: 20% n/t

You know what bugs me more than sheeple who'll believe anything...

Pick a side

CNN just reported this poll, and I have a question about it

A post re the Primaries and "Election Fraud: Obama Should Have Won the Nomination by Now" ( x )

A post re the Primaries and "Election Fraud: Obama Should Have Won the Nomination by Now" ( x )

A post re the Primaries and "Election Fraud: Obama Should Have Won the Nomination by Now" ( x )

Obama at Assembly Hall, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN -WEDNESDAY!

Ignore is my friend...ignore is my friend...

Has Hillary severed ties with the United Methodist Church yet?

I just want to say one thing about Wright and Obama and twenty years

POLL: Whose 2008 remake of "The War Room" would you like to see?

WHO is responsible for Wright speaking at the NAACP over the weekend?

WHO is responsible for Wright speaking at the NAACP over the weekend?

Hillbots, country singer Lee Greenwood has written a new theme song for you

Well I guess we know now who wears the pants in the Edwards family

RE: "Throwing Rev. Wright Under the Bus" - A suggestion for the Clinton camp

sounds about right

sounds about right

sounds about right

sounds about right

When Obama gets pissed

NY Daily News: Hillary supporter organized Wright event

Hillary on O'Reilly

Hillary on O'Reilly

Vietnam POW Activists Called McCain ‘Songbird’ and ‘Manchurian Candidate’

The best thing that can happen this week

How is Obama's crazy pastor more relevant to his campaign than Hillary's adulterous husband?

Jeremiah was a bullfrog...

I had no idea: Ken Starr spent $30 million taxpayer dollars during the 1990's...

If hillary really cared about the working class and poor

Why SD's go to Obama

I still want my country back. And I don't see Hillary talking like this...

Can the recent coverage on Wright be good for Obama?

DAMN!!!!! even Scarbough is phrasing Obama throwing Wright under the bus

Just shut the bitch down

Just shut the bitch down

Pro-Clinton Group Swiftboating Obama In Indiana

Isn't it about time some of the Dem-supporting 527's air some McCain/Hagee ads?

Obama can do ANGRY


Is Jeremiah Wright a colossal disaster for Barack Obama or a press trick?

It is time to end this

Obama Bites Hillary on German Parade Float


DUKAKIS SPEAKS! Predicts Obama will win the nom, but needs to step it up

DUKAKIS SPEAKS! Predicts Obama will win the nom, but needs to step it up

Wright! Wright! Wright! Wright! Wright! LOL

Jeremiah Wright... LOL!

Hillary's baggage would take three locomotives to haul down the track.

Carter: (No) Reason at All to Continue After June 3rd When We Know Who Got the Most Delegates,....

There is no way Clinton can make up the delegate difference. The race is over. n/t

Number Crunchers - can you help me out?

Ahmadinejad Shrugs Off US Election

Threatening the Superdelegates.

Funny Math, Part I, The Obama-Clinton Story

"I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community"

Hillary had to throw herself under the bus.

I just love this clip thought I'd post here. 82 year old lady for Obama's VP.

Fuck ALL This Shit! Let's Talk Issues!

Fuck ALL This Shit! Let's Talk Issues!

Hillary: "If you'd had my life, you'd be tough too." -- Wha?

There should be an ersatz post button

There should be an ersatz post button

Hell froze over

Hell froze over

Molly Ivins In Obama's Corner - Don't Let The Bullies Win THIS Time

I'm not willing to rule out the possibility that the government created HIV

"it would be the height of political foolishness to stay home or not vote for a Democrat "

*********** You can't hide this thread. ***********

*********** You can't hide this thread. ***********

*********** You can't hide this thread. ***********

I'll Vote For Hillary, But I Will NOT Work For Her.

Indiana Poll: Obama: 47% Clinton 45%

Indiana Poll: Obama: 47% Clinton 45%

Now Sharpton's pissed at Obama!

I really would like to know the difference

Someone should youtube Tamron Hall's defense of Trinity Church ...

Bob Herbert: The Pastor Casts a Shadow

Again...I've never heard a good answer for this...why does HRC hate activists and idealists?

Obama supporters:

Hillary controls the NAACP too! She is behind global warming!




No one seems to talk about the fact that it is not just a president we are electing

Good turnout at the Dean Dome (pics)

Anyone with buyers remorse?

“I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.”

Top Michigan Democrats Suggest Splitting Delegates

I Believe

Obama is a real man...

Wright NPC Event Organized By Clinton Supporter (Hit Job?)


Can't you see???

Empathy and Understanding for Wright

Senator Clinton, go kiss a pig or

Senator Clinton, go kiss a pig or

MSN poll... Obama winning

My one and only Wright thread, I promise

My name is Hillary and I'm from everywhere...

Which Way Should Obama Go? ..To the Condi/Colin Wing or Repugs or to Rev. Wright's View?


Regarding presidential elections, all other things being equal, which factor trumps for YOU?


Yesterday I was flamed to a crisp for anti-WRIGHT thread, what OBAMA said today

So...the African-American Vote is being "Split down Middle" over Rev. Wright...but what about Dems?

Is it me, or are the Clinton supporters now bashing BOTH Candidates

What time is HIllary on O'Reilly?

Is Obama or Wright a..(Pause)...Judas?

I agree with Margaret Carlson-Today was Obama's "New Hampshire moment."

Rev. Hagee believes in "The Rapture"?

Desperation is in the air......Just home from a

***OBAMA Supporters please e-mail MSM to Alert HRC Supporter Organized Wright event!!!!***

Hillary's First "Contrast" Ad In Indiana Attacks Obama On Gas Tax Holiday

If Clinton can't beat Obama... then Obama is more "electable".

The media are stampeding us again. You sign up to be cattle. Not me.

A question to all of my New York and Illinois residents.

Hope would die with Obama loss

Clinton on O'Rielly? According to ratings more eyeballs are watching "SpongeBob SquarePants"



O's got game. Obama joins Tar Heels in pick-up game.

O's got game. Obama joins Tar Heels in pick-up game.

Good god, is it low-post troll day?

Clinton and Obama supporters

Beware the man who refers to himself in the third person!

Bitterly, but audaciously, I cling to Obama

Beware the man who refers to himself in the third person!

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/29/08 - Obama unchanged (49), Clinton unchanged (41)

who will then dare . . ?

Question about Obama and Workers

How many former Obama supporters have switched to Clinton?

Clinton Campaign talking about this all being over by mid June??? WTF is up with that?

Preachers are but the flawed earthly messengers

With all this talk of's the New Math

The Real DNC Rules about the FL/MI debacle are posted, and it gets very quiet.

Obama says rivals Clinton, McCain pandering on gas tax

It's official. She's pulled a Fonzi.

GOP strategist: Hillary is the "chief white woman in the country"

Red Rover / Playground Politics: Obama in 30 seconds

I Hope Someone Gave Barack A Hug Today. My Heart Aches For Him.

And now for something completely different....

has the term thrown under the bus jumped the shark?


Interesting column Mike Malloy was reading a bit ago

"Hillary is the candidate", Gingrich and Hasselbeck on the View.

Hillary Clinton's Ready to Work for North Carolina

CQ: DNC Rules For FL Should Give Hillary 1/2 Delegates and Obama 0

What Will Candelovsky's Third Post of the Day Be?

Obama’s Sister Souljah Moment (Newsweek reads DU)

Humpin' the Stump Diner.......Primary Election Menu

Did you know about this DU rule?

NC Elections board seeking source of robocalls giving false info (to African-Americans)

Ed Rollins on CNN: If this Dem primary is decided on race instead

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

Will there be a backlash in the black community? Curious what black DUers on both sides think.

The New, New Math - Charlie Cook

Who's going to pay for their earlier sins?

Combining Conspiracies.

man, is everyone tired from pastorbating all day long?

Obama Heads for Superdelegate Edge

What does HRC's "Gas Tax Holiday" say about how she'll handle the economy?

Deadline: April 30th (Dutch Holiday Queen's Day!)

Would it be fair to make Hillary disown the "Rodham Bros."??

Would it be fair to make Hillary disown the "Rodham Bros."??

ExposeObama Exposed: The GOP’s Sleazy Nutcases Surface

***One Big Reason why we cannot afford to delude ourselves with a Gas Tax Holiday...***

Bob Herbert on Wright - narcissistic revenge

I swore off the Kool Aid years ago.

I don't understand the controversy over Reverend Wright...

The single oddest delusion of Clinton supporters--

Sexism Isn’t Holding Hillary Back

One BIG reason why any gas tax holiday is a disaster.

Prediction: I think Hillary may drop out of the race the week of May 11-May 18 after West Virginia

How could Obama throw such a patriotic Marine( who cared for LBJ)..

The Super Delegates are Moving to End This Primary

Who else regularly checks The Slate's "Hillary Deathwatch"? Rec this thread if you love it! Link:

GD:P in pictures, #2

The problem is, they researched Obama, and couldn't find anything on him

Andrew Sullivan re: Obama..."The only way past this is through it."

Will Rev. Wright continue... CNN Poll

I applaud Obama's decision to throw both Jimmy Carter and Jeremiah Wright under the bus

I wonder why the unfounded "sexist" charges have dropped off so much...

Another Iowa Superdelegate, Richard Machacek, endorses Obama


Sister Souljah Moment

I'm hard pressed to give much of a frog's fat ass any more.

BREAKING 4-29-08 Survey USA: North Carolina - Obama 49 / Clinton 44

Ok - this is why Wright tossed Obama under his double decker sight seeing bus

Ok - this is why Wright tossed Obama under his double decker sight seeing bus

The Media Has Some Things They Want to Tell You

The Dust up over Wright is pure and simple racism

LOL Checkmate! Check-In Obama Supporters !

I don't blame Reverend Wright one bit for his actions & I think Obama made a BIG mistake today

I don't blame Reverend Wright one bit for his actions & I think Obama made a BIG mistake today

Should Obama withdraw since Clinton leads amoung Dems (Gallup), beats McCain by 9 vs Obama only by 2

It's not like Obama didn't know this Wright moment was coming. They discussed it in April 2007.

Should Obama withdraw since Clinton leads amoung Dems (Gallup), beats McCain by 9 vs Obama only by 2

Should Obama withdraw since Clinton leads amoung Dems (Gallup), beats McCain by 9 vs Obama only by 2

Some of you should really be ashamed to compare some


Smooth and confident, Obama has hoops game

The Clergy and his Flock: How my Husband or I couldn't ever run for public office, I guess.

Obama's Risky Denunciation of Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Obama's Risky Denunciation of Reverend Jeremiah Wright

IF ...Barack Obama

For you supporters that want him to, Obama can't repudiate Wright

OK, GDP'ers - Here's a chance to REDEEM yourselves!

So What's the Bigger Issue?

So What's the Bigger Issue?

Clinton has better chance than Obama

Hillary's chances are rising steadily

The WaPo Editorial on Wright is dead-on.

Obama was more personally insulted than outraged by Wright's views.

Did Obama throw Wright under the bus

Obama didn't look good in that press conference

Obama didn't look good in that press conference

Do you give two pieces of poo about the Rev. Wright thing?

Iraq soldiers and Vets thrown under the bus by Bush, Cheney, McCain


Obama only needs 134 more pledged delegates for a majority (will get them by 5/20)

Obama only needs 134 more pledged delegates for a majority (will get them by 5/20)

It's a damn lie, the candidate of hope, change and unity did not throw his pastor

Obama dropping like a stone in all NC polls

Obama v. Wright is brilliant. It really is.

MUST READ! President Clinton, Dubai's best lobbyist! Conflict of interest - Can HRC deny this????

America's Revolutionary Moment

All you people who have been defending Wright, Obama just threw you under the bus

I think it is unseemly for someone, anyone to state

HIllary Clinton is going to have to talk to african americans!

Picture evidence why Condi Rice should be physically removed and why she can't be VP

I have a friend who has views I abhor. Must I reject and denounce him?

Watching an attack ad linking Obama to Wright already looks like old news

BREAKING: Elizabeth Edwards says that she will endorse.....

Rep. Ike Skelton (Missouri) endorses Clinton

Congressman Ben Chandler (KY) to Endorse Obama!! And yes, he's a Super Delegate!

"What Rev. Wright said yesterday directly contradicts everything that I have done during my life.

Bada Bing, Bada Bang...

I'd be getting whiplash if I was trying to be a good Obama supporter the last few days

This whole thing was staged.

They're DISTRACTING Obama so he can't talk about HOPE, CHANGE, and YES WE CAN

They're DISTRACTING Obama so he can't talk about HOPE, CHANGE, and YES WE CAN

Never post an OP in support of gay rights

Barack Obama's Got Game in North Carolina

Just Heard on Malloy >>>>

Hey Obama....what took you so long?

When was the last time Hillary and Bill "pumped gas?"

Ok, now that Barack Obama has distance himself frorm Rev. Wright

Barack Obama is a true leader.

“Harry T. and the Chamber of Secrets” co-starring Oil and Republicans–Screenplay by Bill Richardson

Ben Chandler (D-KY), a super delegate has announced for Obama.

Oh the hypocrisy-"Rural Americans for Hillary"=MONSANTO LOBBYISTS

What effect will the impending attack on Iran this summer have on Dem convention ?

What effect will the impending attack on Iran this summer have on Dem convention ?

A change is going to come

NC Elections board hunting robocaller

What if Kerry had done what Obama just did

Michigan Dems Propose Delegate Solution: Net +10 to Hillary

87% of Democrats see Clinton's presidency as "excellent or pretty good" (Harris poll)

Obama Phonebanking Results 4/29/08

As a pacifist who opposed and opposes all war, allow me to comment:

THE MATH – Tuesday, April 29 – One Week Before North Carolina & Indiana

THE MATH – Tuesday, April 29 – One Week Before North Carolina & Indiana


"Outsourcing will continue,” Sen. Clinton said.

My thoughts on Obama and Wright - read if you dare. Recommend if you like it.

IT'S A SET UP! Jeremiah Wright's disastrous NPC appearance was organized by a Clinton supporter!

Just taking the temperature: Who gives a flying F$ck about Obama's Pastor?

Who's looking forward to watching Barack Obama come out fighting over the next 6 days?

Glad That Obama Ran - Hillary Will Win The Nomination

Obama looked betrayed.

The Only People Throwing Wright Under the Bus, Are The Corporate Media.

Wright was overwhelmingly cheered at the NAACP events.

Newt Gingrich just totally silenced the crowd at The Daily Show while Jon was trying to defend...

Obama just won the Presidency by taking Wright off the table, Clinton will look petty if she pushes.

Powerful Hillary Supporter Set Up Rev. Wright National Press Club Talk to Damage Obama.

Roll Call says Debbie Wasserman Schultz might be next chairman of the DCCC. I have concerns.

There are rumors that Edwards is holding out for a cabinet post...

Schism Grows Between Obama and Liberal Bloggers


If Hillary steals the nomination, McCain wins -- do we really want that? n/t

Could someone please explain to me why Wright's speech will sink Obama?

Hillary's venom is poisoning the Democratic party

Waitress fired for waving Hillary sign during McCain arrival at an AR ariport

Woo Hoo! I'm at 700!

If Obama can't beat Clinton... then Clinton is more "electable".

Postcard to Overbeck

Prediction: I think Obama may drop out of the race the week of May 11-May 18 after West Virginia

Obama: "There's a reason I haven't attempted to go into the particulars and denounce each statement"

Picture not related.

Obama... is still BEST for this Country... Please - KICK - this.

DENOUNCE him! Why don't you DENOUNCE him?! DENOUNCE him NOW!

What Happened to Obama today happened for a reason and could not have happened any other way.

Why Jeremiah Wright's Tour Is Good for Obama

GoooooooooBama! He took the Wright issue head on. just now

Who baptized Obama? I had assumed Wright; heard that refuted today.

Obama won roughly 70% of most-educated counties, Clinton won 90% of the least-educated counties

What do *you* think about Obama distancing himself from Rev. Wright?

$$$$ HRC requested a 'Staggering' $2.3 billion in fed earmarks for 09' that's 3X any other Senator

Homophobia: N.C. Govenor Uses Gay Slur While Endorsing Hillary.

Hey Clinton supporters: wait a FUCKING MINUTE! Yesterday it was "he must denounce him" and today

I am an asshole.

Wouldn't Hillary support Obama if she lost?

Whose side do you take?

LOL!!! Keith just showed a Fux News clip about Hillary's proposed Lincoln-Douglas-style debate

"Count Florida's Votes" Says National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (NOW PAC)

Hillary's new chief strategist Garin once called for violent overthrow of the U.S. government

Rev. Wright helps Obama

Is that tough enough?

Mr. Obama and Rev. Wright (NYT)

Mr. Obama and Rev. Wright (NYT)

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.......

Reverend Jeremiah Wright as Hero?

"The person I saw yesterday was not the person I've known now for 20 years" --

"The person I saw yesterday was not the person I've known now for 20 years" --

Clinton supporters: Check in here and let's pretend she is winning..

KO...Leave the Edwards alone !

Wright's National Press Club speech is not to be missed.

Thom Hartmann suspects that Wright is "proving himself PR worthy" for a book deal.

How Reverend Wright is saving America

Obama's psyche

Was Rev Wright's performance yesterday a set-up to give Obama a

Can someone tell me what Wright has said so outrageous these past couple days?

Can someone tell me what Wright has said so outrageous these past couple days?

Obama has been fully aware of these controversial opinions of Wright's for a long time.

Hillary will end up with the popular vote....

Anybody see the Daily Show tonight? Stewart not so kind to the good Reverend.

I feel that Wright betrayed Obama yesterday. Under those circumstances, what was Obama to do?

Obama: "From here on, I do not expect those views to be attributed to me."

If Pansy is in, does it mean Bitch/Witch etc. are in too? If you are going to be hypersensitive

HRC Loyalist Krugman slams Clinton's Gas Tax Cut "disappointing, pointless, giveaway to big oil"

Hillary Clinton Supporters -- The Global Warming Deniers of Democratic Politics?

TYT: The Six Degrees Of Barack Obama

TYT: The Six Degrees Of Barack Obama

Reconciliation Is Not a Campaign Slogan

Obama to donate funds received from Rezko friend

sorry gays..sorry Rev. Wright...sorry granny..sorry typical white people.



The "threw him/her under the bus" metaphor is overused. (My first real rant)

Who should Senator Clinton pick as her VP?

In the two week period before IN/NC Obama likely to pick up 20 delegates

If Rev. Wright were a DUer, he'd earn 100+ rec's per post.

If Rev. Wright were a DUer, he'd earn 100+ rec's per post.

I will not vote for "Them"

Clinton debt larger than originally reported to FEC

Simply keep pounding the "100 year: meme over and over and over.....

20 years too late Obama.

Hillary supporter organized Wright event

Old Wounds Run Deep - America and Race

Now that Barack is off his pedestal...

Syria in the crosshairs? Khalizad blasts "malign interference in Iraq."

Want some donated FEMA disaster relief water? Come and get it

***POLL*** The ball's in his court, WHAT WILL WRIGHT DO NEXT?!?! (the supense is killing me!)

The Reverend Billy Graham A Prince of War Exposed

Another big FU from George to Amurkins: White House delaying chemical tests

John Stewart "fucking LOVES " Rev Wright - Must see tonight!

Why is Obama NOW outraged, but wasn't a month ago?

Why is Obama NOW outraged, but wasn't a month ago?

Once Upon a Time on DU ...

I only drove two round trips to work this week (out of 7)

17th exoneration in Dallas county most in nation.

Kentucky SurveyUSA: Hillary: 63, Obama: 27

Kentucky SurveyUSA: Hillary: 63, Obama: 27

Iraq puppet government says Turkish air strikes "unfortunate"

Clinton: $2.3B in earmarks

Abrams tanks were used to repel attacks on two army checkpoints

Mosche Dayan's "Mad Dog" leading us by the nose all the way to Tehran?

NY cardinal criticizes Giuliani for taking Communion during Pope's visit

Signs your campaign is in trouble #217

Rising prices boost Shell and BP

If HRC did take the nomination, what would you HRC people do to make it up to the Rainbow majority?

A corrosive stain on America's soul

Bernie Ward Seeks Free Speech Defense In Child Porn Case


Cardinal Egan criticizes Guiliani for taking communion because of choice but not because of divorce

Grandpa McCain or Godfather McCain? You decide

Shock McCain Quotes Unearthed (Huffpo)

LOL- McCain was FOR Iraq withdrawal before he was AGAINST it!

La. parish president still facing lawsuits over Katrina

Hope and Change = BITTER AND ANGRY

Glenn Beck threatens to kill Michael Moore

Something nice for the Mothers out their from 1870 Mothers Peace Day

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results of 2008 Election Early

Senators Clinton and McCain favor Gas Tax Moratorium

Senators Clinton and McCain favor Gas Tax Moratorium

If you ever have to go to a WalMart in your area, do you notice that the majority of the employees

The Rev Wright is enjoying the spotlight a little too much

More Than Half of Yellowstone's Bison Dead Since Last Fall

This sucks, I actually find myself agreeing with David Gergen...

Witness says Hastert linked to alleged plot (Rezco)

Bush to speechificate today at 10:30 AM

Chris Matthews to run against Arlen Specter for U.S. Senate?

Florida Tax Dollars at work

President Obama will be sworn into office in January, 2009.

Meritocracy: Good or bad?

House Democrats Look To Fund War Through 2009

Guess what TANCREDO told Brownsville, TX, about the border wall!1

The miracle berry

Would you rather be the first or last of your family to die?

Gas tax holiday = Terrible Idea

Who the hell is Jonathan Capehart?

Angry Asswipe on TV for press conference: it's all YOUR fault, America

Coachella: Pig Flies, and There's a $10,000 Reward

What the hell is Congress doing about High Gas prices & Mass

Unbelievable. Coryn on the Senate floor now trying to blame the dems for gas prices

bushler wants Anwar drilling. Now I finally know why he and haliburton

The schools are "training" the soldiers for the Urban Wars.

Has Bush totally lost what was left of his mind?

Former Gitmo Chief Prosecutor Says He Rebuffed ‘Guy Who Said Waterboarding is A-OK’

Former Gitmo Chief Prosecutor Says He Rebuffed ‘Guy Who Said Waterboarding is A-OK’

ANWR: My perspective.

"The WILL of the people MUST be respected,"...LOL

"You mix poverty with drugs and stuff like that, and this is what you get."

OH' we are sooooo going to win this!

Is it my eyes or does Bush look more like a chimpanzee every day?

Rice Panic Abating?

Rice Panic Abating?

White House policy undermining EPA scientists on cancer risks of chemicals, GAO says

Afghan's religiously insane men ban soap operas from India - much turmoil

An idea for action: are these KBR detention camps close enough to protest at?...

New record high mid-michigan gasoline prices. $3.76 unl/reg - Diesel $4.25

I'm frustrated as hell about the C/2-508 Infantry video

Everything is "fair game," No problem with using confessions obtained through torture.

Anyone else listening to the chimp stuttering his way through his lies on C-Span right now?

Gasoline prices top concerns over jobs, health troubles

The Cult of Reagan never ceases to amaze me

How does DU think the corpmedia would portray MLK if he were emerging as a leader in TODAY'S world?

Change? Change, My Big, Fat, White Ass

Aaaargh! There's a MONKEY on my teevee! And he can't pronounce "nuclear"!

Aaaargh! There's a MONKEY on my teevee! And he can't pronounce "nuclear"!

Sam Seder and Marc Maron are doing some kind of unfiltered webcast right now

Thank goodness, Chimpy pronounces BIG words S-L-O-W-L-Y...

New Zealand scientists thaw 1,000-pound squid corpse

Who writes Bushes speeches?

Barnes and Noble supports Limbaugh

the last 8 years was all about enabling the U.S. oil companies to

ANOTHER HARD-HITTING AD for Dean to make: teaching Iraqis democracy

i am barack obama's kitchen sink. wont you join me?

Idaho lab develops a quicker way to catch a thief

Caption *

on the economy: bu$h* says Congress blocking progress

Study: ANWR oil would have little impact

Mind's Limit Found: 4 Things at Once

These "separatist bases" Turkey is bombing in N. Iraq sure look like villages

An example for sustainability and survival: Cuba

$1 billion timber Deal?

First they got "freedom", now they're getting an amusement park!

Man gets prison after hundreds of thousands of spam e-mails

Bush says Congress is responsible for high gas...

Gene therapy experiments improve vision in nearly blind

Sick of high gas prices? Call and tell your rep to support H.R. 5473

Pentagon Pundit Scandal Broke the Law

The amazing thing about the hand-outs to the mortgage companies.

Turning an Ant Into a Berry

Chocolate may reduce pregnancy complication risk

The Rude Pundit: Live Vodka-Bloggin' the President's News Conference

Breeding the Oil Bug

Forty-four U.S. troopers have died so far this month

Bush @ Press Conference: "Cut off her mic"

Redux: Samizdat for a New Generation, or: Why and How Youtube has changed American politics forever.

In France, Prisons Filled With Muslims

Shrub press conference...high energy costs is Congress' fault...ANWR, Oil Refineries..

The role our Anti-Communist 'allies' played in the War on Drugs

Screwing up two wars is just not enough! - Today’s Headlines 4/29/08

McCain: Photo on OFFICIAL Web site has NO FLAG PIN!

So bush says the high price of oil is because we are not doing any drilling here

DON'T LET THEM WIN! They are trying to destroy the progressive's

Bush As A Moralist

at the unemployment office today there was a job posting ....

coal price hikes raise electrical rates

blood transfusions change dna

PHOTOSHOP: Food crisis solution: Soylent Green

I won't believe the GOP is serious about ethanol until...

Record number of vacant US homes: 2.9%, 2.28 million

Please support H.R. 594: Prevent Unfair Manipulation of Prices Act (OIL)- Call your reps!!

The Schizophrenia of U.S. Farm Policy

Terrorist drill in Seattle May 1 - 8

The Bush Administration and Darfur

Rebate Idea: if you can afford solar, pay part of the installation with the rebate.

Hacktivist Heads-up: Accuvote OSX optical scan voting machine **BRAND NEW** on sale at eBay

Are you so hurt by high gas prices that you're ready to drill in the ANWAR?

Dems Make New Move to Outlaw Torture

Chucklenuts!...Market reacts to his presser (Real photocapture)

Chucklenuts!...Market reacts to his presser (Real photocapture)

Rise of the Soviet Satellites

'Give Peace A Chance' lyrics going on sale in London

Shockaroo- Gas profits up

Anyone else having trouble with the stream of Randi's show?

In the "Representatives the rest of the party wishes weren't elected" department we have this guy -

Jesus Sign Torn Up, Crowd Cheers

TEDTalk Tuesday: String Theory

Home prices keep falling in February

Tom the Dancing Bug gets it. Why can't our leaders?

Chris Floyd: The Torture Election

Bill Lets Fla. Schools Teach Evolution Alternatives

Caption Photo of two of the Whitest people ever!

Inflation... oh lovely inflation

From Chief Prosecutor To Critic at Guantanamo - 'system corrupted by politics'-Col. Morris Davis

The EWWWW Factor

We're going to be severely vandalized.

Why are we at level 1? thanks. nt

I highly recommend that you give a listen to the Diane Rehm show today.

BRAD BLOG: How to Cast a Ballot in Indiana if You Don't Have State-Issued Photo ID

Ex-Prosecutor Tells of Push by Pentagon on Detainees

Sen. Tom Coburn - owned by the Health Industry

Genes Explain Race Disparity in Response to a Heart Drug

About contaminated drugs from China

NORAD/ USNORTHCOM/ FEMA, National Level Exercise Begins In May

Addington, Yoo, Ashcroft refusing to testify at Judiciary on torture/interrogation policies

100-year mystery: Did Indiana woman get away with murders?

The SURGE by the numbers . . . many more killed the last two months

top ten good things about neocons...

"the sergeant ordered him to suffocate the Iraqi and then killed the man himself."

Question about our DU Photo Contest

"Go Home" A Teacher's Tale

"Go Home" A Teacher's Tale

So I was at the grocery store yesterday...

GLENN GREENWALD: Brian Williams Nominates Peggy Noonan for a Pulitzer Prize

About Dubya's "talk" today and our strategic reserves...

The Martin Luther King remembrance has gone past and now

Man cleared by DNA free after 27 years

The nerve of this asshole: Bush: Congress blocking gas proposals

Cheney Lawyer Claims ‘Congress Lacks Constitutional Power’ To Investigate VP’s Role In Torture

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Rob Andrews: finally a REAL Democrat for Senate in NJ.

A Famous Guy Said Something Once; or Fuel Cost For Truckers

A Famous Guy Said Something Once; or Fuel Cost For Truckers

Consumer confidence: lowest level in 26 years.

Bug Has Sex with Orchids

Are we in touch with reality???

I've been accused of fear-mongering on the subject of peak oil

Race for the White House with David SHUSTER...So much better than that Ass Clown Gregory

The McCain Health Plan: Millions Lose Coverage, Costs Worsen, and Insurance and Drug Industries Win

Man's electric meter goes backwards...this is how we become energy independent!

Coping with soaring prices for the basics

Will general election debates include more candidates than the

food shortages in some places

Cheney lawyer claims Congress lacks power to conduct oversight over vice president

Photographers are having fun with * again - pic

Witness says Hastert linked to alleged plot (Rezko)

McCain has had full 'subsidized' (or free) medical coverage since birth.

I just watched a clip of Bush walking to the podium today

John McCain wants to give your family $5,000 bucks to buy healthcare

San Diego GOP chairman co-founded international piracy ring

Want to know what Truckers are paying for diesel fuel nationwide?

"Mr President, what about the high price of Hot Pockets?"

Halliburton Bribe Case Haunts Cheney

If one is going to criticize another for using F911 footage in an ad...

You know what will happen under McCainCare, right?

Sarkozy is now France's most hated post-WW2 leader!

Barbara Ehrenreich: Truckers Take Their Case to the Capitol

Vietnam Vets Will Be Active Participants In May Day Docks Antiwar Protest

Two Republican Congressmen Introduced Legislation That Would Deny The Carter Center Federal Dollars

Mississippi flood webcam from Davenport, Iowa

Tweety got in a good one on Bush

Who's tired of the word "GATE" being attached to every little incident

Powering Your Cell Phone Could Be a Walk in the Park

Tweety keeps talking about Wright & his comment "God Dam America" does anyone

So what is wrong with saying that if you terrorize

Terrorist Cigarettes?. . wtf?

"Human Organs for Sale, Legally, in … Which Country?"

Black Hole in Bush's Brain

GOP fears Pelosi power grab on Iraq

"Fossil Fool"

Should GI Bill be in war supplemental?

surge update - 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Baghdad Attack

Biologists say dozens of grizzlies reside in Anchorage

A bus load of piglicons crashes in this farmland in Illinois.

US Military Deaths In Iraq At 4,056

Carter to be tried and potentially prosecuted

Is There an Army Cover Up of Rape and Murder of Women Soldiers?

Is this country doomed?

I have a broken tooth


Arianna Huffington: Probing A Political Paradox - Why The Discredited Right Still Sets The Agenda

What will the republics do when The Decider has a (D) after their name???

Army widens probe after finding bad conditions at Fort Bragg

McCain's financial plan for the future results in the biggest jump in the deficit

The biggest issue is never discussed.

How much can we REALLY trust

I could have driven away not paying for $68 in gas a couple hours ago.

Someone Tell Tweedy to STFU

Could high oil prices be a blessing in disguise

I have a proposal.

Bush: "I firmly believe that if there was a magic wand to wave, I'd be waving it, of course"

If Obama does not win the Democratic nomination,

Foreclosures spike 112% - no end in sight

Candidate (R-Of Course) speaks at Hitler birthday party

Halliburton Bribe Case Haunts Cheney

President Pot blames Kettle Congress for failing to act on mortgages, energy costs, food prices

Did Barack Obama take the bait today?

Huffington Post: Just. Doesn't. Get It

The Bushistas will ..........

A scary Roman turn to the right? .... Check out this Guardian UK report from Rome.

How's that opiate of the masses working out for Sunni and Shia in Iraq?

Norm Coleman's wife using Coleman's Senate title to sell Blo and Go jobs

Republican Space Rangers!

I am incensed about them refusing a transplant

Just got back from Fort Wayne Indiana ....

Save $ - Escape Verizon without early termination fee

Dog survives 8 days trapped in rubble after Colo. explosion

So Olielly is going to interview Hillary

If I hear one more word about his Pastor Im going to Scream

I stand firmly with Obama. Who's with me? Say GOBAMA! if you are.

San Diego GOP chairman co-founded international piracy ring

Officials: Captive family in Austria reunited

Is Iran imminent?

Book Review: The Big Squeeze - Tough Times for the American Worker

CNN Video: North Minneapolis grocery store sells expired food at "low, low prices"

Ed Frawley exposes HORRENDOUS conditions in Fort Bragg barracks- TAKE ACTION!


Somebody remember the Gas Mileage Chart?

DUers did you just hear Lawrence O'Donnell

Frederick Douglass debated Lincoln?

Not that I'm sure most care.. But... I created a thread here yesterday where I called...

I paid 10 dollars for a roll of toilet paper

Jimmy Carter makes me proud

Okay, that's it. I'm outta here.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

On Colbert: Annie Lamott: "Even Dick Cheney will get into Heaven"

Why TF Do Chicagoans Say "Di-VI-sive" and Not "Di-VYE-sive?"

If you could actually stuff a human being in a gas tank and burn them like gas:

"Colombian goods come in this country duty free"

NYT- "It Was The MOST Forthright Repudiation That We Can Remember"

Caption the Chimperor.

McCain Strongly Rejected Long-Term Iraq Presence: "Bring Them All Home"

The weirdness of news

Would Obama Throw Martin Luther King Under The Bus?

Jimmy Carter coming up on Tweety n/t

Is reliable?

Why do you watch cable "Opinion shows"?

Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates botannical link to the far east

Today, in his press conference, Numb Nuts called for us, meaning

San Diego GOP CHAIRMAN Co-Founded One Of World's Largest International Piracy Rings

Foreclosures jump for seventh straight quarter

NYT Lets the Truth about Oil Slip, for a Second

Clinton leads 50-42 in Indiana (PPP)

Cool! McClatchy's new National Security Blog: NUKES & SPOOKS...

"And I can't get it out of my head..."

Judge rules against Bush Administration in polar bear protection case.»

"Not Just Unethical But Illegal"

Nationalize now!

CBS: Veteran suicide cover-up runs deep

WTF is "light, sweet crude"? .........

USSC majority ignored the Key Q: How many legitimate votes will be deterred per in-person "Voter ID" fraud prevented?

BRAD BLOG: Diebold Accuvote Voting System Now on Sale at eBay!

Freaking Al Franken

Freaking Al Franken

Bill Would Ban Adult Mags From Bases

Did you ever have any REALLY idiotic political notions when you were young?

"We're Making Good Progress"

I think Joe Scarborough is DRUNK!

"Freedom Fiscal Freefall" is Good for America, says Bush

cbs nightly news : pentagon drafting an 'ultimatum' for Iran

Biodiesel is Not The Problem

self delete - wrong board - oooops

Cash before chemo: Hospitals get tough

Elizabeth Edwards: McCain’s health plan ’shows he is completely out of touch’ with reality.»

So how come M$M has given Rev Wright so much airplay

Study links 'food environment' to diabetes, obesity

DynCorp Manager Used Armored Car To Transport Hookers in Iraq

Not all Republican Congressional candidates are dishonest.

I almost had a chance to pay $2.99/gal today for gas

Figureheads, Troublemakers, and Pooperscoopers: Anatomy of a Presidential Race

Funny Math, Part II, Impeachment

I am listening to Ed Schultz about drilling for oil

AFA Fundie Freaks: Procter & Gamble promotes SCANDALOUS GAY KISSING!

John McCain gets tax-free disability pension

AgitProp Ultrasound: OK law requires women seeking abortions to nontherapeutic ultrasound procedure

Former KBR employees say workers stole from Iraq, ‘melted down gold to make spurs.’»

Just got back from DC/NY...loved DC (except for the idiot in chief) hate can have it

Ben Stein dissed on House floor

What happens to US energy supplies when extracted in the USA. Exported?

How much is gas per gallon in China and India?

Yayyyyy I finally crossed the line...

Absinthe's Mind-Altering Mystery Solved

Maybe Obama understands now why so many gay people

Hey guys. Need some help about McCain.

The Eight Point Strategy for Conservative Election Victories

Americans unload prized belongings to make ends meet (at alarming rates)

Just shut the bitch down

Let's look at Doug Coe, Hillary's mentor, and some of his statements. Okay?

I can NOT understand this...

VP's Office To Conyers: "You really ought to be bugging a presidential aide"

The Problem of Race

Wow - I hope our Virginia people are okay! Huge tornadoes.

Anyone heard from Midlodemocrat after yesterday's tornadoes?


HOLY SHIT! It's snowing!

I just placed my Mothers day flower order, I such a good son.

Okay - I wanna play too . . .

My friend just got a new place on the beach........ in San Diego...

The King of Glory comes, the nation rejoices....

How long do you let potted herbs grow?

Top 50 "Cult Fiction" Books of All Time - Your Opinion?

I bought myself a bauble

I would buy all the pony rides in the country and give the ponies to

God, GD:P is so depressing

What do you consider to be the most accurate currency converter?

How much alcohol was involved in this event?

It's my two year 'dumped' anniversary ...

It's my two year 'dumped' anniversary ...

unintentionally funny audio clip on 1480KPHX just now (8:30am EST news break)

I've been awake since 3:30, and I have to "get up" in ten minutes (at 5:20).

My friend, Jess, rules

Okay Lounge Kids . . .

McCain's answer to healtcare: Tax credits and the market

Sexy Miley Cyrus pics don't necessarily reveal a hot bottom

Sexy Miley Cyrus pics don't necessarily reveal a hot bottom

Gas tax reality

Anybody tried to use italkbb, or heard about it?

Re: stimulus checks. If you used Turbo Tax or some other such program to get your return direct-

Antonin Scalia is a shit head

I have a question about protein drinks

God will still love you even if you dont forward me that email please

Good high speed internet options (DSL or Cable)

KC Star Blog: "It's Just One More Photo Of One More Dying Person In Sadr City"

This morning I have the music of "Music Man"

Anybody know of a website where it tells what size of a given font

So I watched part of "Three Men and a lil Lady" last night - that movie creeps me out

And now for a little humor - "The Preacher's Son"

I don't wanna stay at work...Can I go home please?

So is the whole "giant trash island in the Pacific" thing real or just an urban legend?

My first year grad social worker student is now a second year.

What cats really want...

Play a "world music" song from late 1800s to early 1900s

Scooter please

Dick Cheney's middle name is Bruce! Am I the only one who did not know that?

The Lyin' Sack of Shit is giving another press conference . . .

If Hulk Hogan had oiled his son that way instead of his daughter...

Post here questions that would have been asked if ABC hosted the The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Truck Nuts and Dildo Hood Ornaments

Dangerous TV!

I'm in your driveway...

I've been scarce because I'm making a big move out of NYC

I have this poster that is stalking me! He keeps finding these

Huk Hogan. Rockin' Dad or a little too helpful with the suntan oil?

Did you read about the Bunco Fight Clubs - what trouble is Midlodemocrat getting into?

We're at level ONE??

I just finished a 40 hour take home final--ask me anything!

Well my 401k has turned to trash. Anyone else?

NY Post - THE 35 BEST SHOWS ON TV--EVER (Their caps)

yes, this is a disturbing image....

Banh mi sandwiches from Nhu' Lan Bakery

How do you want to hear bad news? (inspired by bi-baby's thread)

What in the world is "cash gifting"?

Just because I'm watching "Bowfinger" (yet again)

Air America Radio: Rosanne Barr on....and it is horrendous

Find Roger Waters Pig! $10,000 REWARD!

Madinmaryland is having quite the day....

Reiser found guilty of first degree murder!

Lounge: How would you interpret this sentence?

With suggestions of planting vegetables due to gas prices and food shortages, I pose this question:

When Barney is tearing through the house with the crazies...

Carmen Electra + Bruce Willis:

Rude, Rude, Rude

"Selfpleasuring cowboy?" LOL!

Dog survives 8 days trapped in rubble after Colo. explosion

Remember Jeff Dunham and "Walter?"

I just spent a few minutes in GDP. Someone hold me!

4 pages down...12 pages to go

My mother gave me some diabetic chocolate chip looking cookies.

Well, he's certainly in a metal mood, isn't he? Just look at the gleam in his eye!

If gas increases further , it may be time to buy a scooter

Sexy Miley Cyrus pics don't necessarily reveal a hot problem

Sexy Miley Cyrus pics don't necessarily reveal a hot problem

Not Talking Earworms here

My God, our media simply do.not.know how to report on religion, esp. Wright

A few works by artists I admire

Fuck it. We need an NWA thread up in this muthaphucka

Return of the Bride of the Son of Goslings!

I am the reason DU is on heightened alert...

I just adopted a wild Mustang.

IT'S MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW! ..Excuse me sir, would you step in front of this special Camera??

MLB game of the night. Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles

On tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Bell's Hopslam

Lizzie Borden: Innocent....or guilty?

Name a remade tv show that actually lived long and prospered...

Albert Hoffman Dead? (inventor of LSD)

Is my Kaghime girl around?

Would you/have you applied for a new job while pregnant if you already had a job?

When you're on DU, how often do you refresh your posts to see if anyone has responded? -

I would really like to be self-employed

A murder of crows, a gaggle of geese

Unlikeliest word in a rock and roll song

"The Office of Iranian Affairs" discussion thread

Here's what happens when young stars surround themselves with "yes" men:

Shit, I have a basal cell carcinoma on my face

Would you believe

I am officially finished packing my Fiances stuff...

When you're on DU, how often do you check to see if anyone has responded to your post?

OMG I HAVE to have this...

May Day events

Hehe, funny email exchange today:

Mark Crispin Miller: From Don Siegelman - "I Am Now Considered A 'Special Offender'"

no link yet but Hillary

St. Fu! St. Fu! PLEASE shut Tweety's fat f***ing mouth!!!!


Redecorating Sucks. Totally.

Do you guys like the Avis ads with the jealous cars?

Alleged Jimi Hendrix / Miley Cyrus sex tape to be released

there is a news van in front of my house right now.

Any NCIS fans here? Maybe a Spoiler

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/29/08

Mother's Day

"The Alaska Experiment" - Discovery Ch.

Dumb or Petty Spouse, what's your call?


Oh lordy I responded to a post in GDP

Fundy website poster thinks Rapture is here everytime a plane flies over.

What would it take for Americans to stand up and revolt?

I thought of another fun thing you can post!!!!

How many is twelve and why?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/29/2008)

I almost majorly SLACKED today....

Try to listen and not tear up. Andrew Johnston, "Britain's Got Talent":

Alleged Jimi Hendrix sex tape to be released

Battlestar Galactica fans! Check it out!

Just saw an All-American Rejects concert on I want to hit their lead singer in the face.

Awww - Mr. DTBK always misspeaks and calls Monty "Fergus"

Why is a muppet singing "Sweet Caroline" on Fox?

Gas Prices: Fuckity fuck fuck FUCK!

I hate chemistry.

OMG, where's pawpicker?

Is there a "Dentist Office" radio station that is piped in to all dentist offices nationwide?...

Morrissey kitty has the cutest routine

Midlo and Madinmaryland WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THIS WAS GOING ON??????

Canned sardines--underappreciated culinary awesomeness, or satan's nastiness, only to be feared?

So I'm Thinking That The Women Of DU Would Put The "Women" Of Feax Snooze To Shame!!!

Just remember, Loungers, the weekly Match Game Story resumes tomorrow


Ryan Seacrest has an awesome tailor

Seriously! What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?

Do you ever just want someone to tell you

Anyone else ever get checked out for Ménière's?

Julianne Moore as the Lil Mermaid - what a stunningly beautiful woman!!

Any updates on Bullwinkle925

Robin Williams is going to be on Law and Order: SVU tonight!

Other than Chief O'Brien, how come we never ever saw enlisted personell on Star Trek?

So, my daughter tells her *boyfriend* . . .



Omgz, I want to live *here*

I'm in a question/answer mood

Caption this!

I have recently made a major discovery about getting old

The little girls I sometimes babysit lost their stepdad this weekend.

Look what I did today...Hot sexy photos!

My daughter just got into Cornell!!!

A week with the grandkids.

I was about to remind you all that Boston Legal is on tonight, but...

Dudes! {{{{{{Dial up warning, sukkas}}}}}}}}}}

"The universe is not required to conform to human ambition" - Carl Sagan

"Law & Order: Special Victims unit" (With Robbin Williams) was Excellent tonight.

Join me in wishing a happy birthday to IronLionZion!

What happens if I alert on one of my own posts?

Caption this pic...

I hope I can rock this f-ing hard when I'm 65 - Ronnie James Dio and "Heaven and Hell"

Always wanted fuller lips, but NOT because of falling face first on the sidewalk

So I got one of them... whaddyacallit... jobs! Yeah, a job!

Uhhhmmm, WHAT?

What If I Like Rev. Wright?

Today, in my liberal little beach town...

Does anyone else think Battlestar Galactica is getting kind of stupid? (SPOILERS)

Sexist pricks can kiss my "feminazi" ass and go to hell

FLDS: Author went undercover, lived with polygamists; confirms baby-abuse

I just realized my chemistry teacher wrote my chemistry textbook.

I have another celebrity crush


Oh Damn damn damn damn.....Can I have a hug.

Attention renters: You are in danger of getting shafted again at the Capitol

Caption *

Lower speed limits save gas.

Women Only Poll: Do You Carry Mace (Pepper Spray)?

How much do you identify with your DU nickname?

Skittles vs Chuck Norris: who would kick the most ass?

Jack Abramoff's Ties Ran Deep at the DOJ

Pentagon Pundit Scandal Broke the Law

BP reported a 63 per cent rise in profits on Tuesday for the first quarter of this year,

Shell Tops Expectations with $7.85 Billion Profit

Foreclosures spike 112% - no end in sight

From Chief Prosecutor To Critic at Guantanamo: "Justice System Has Been Corrupted" (Wapo)

‘Blood diamonds,’ ‘blood oil’ and ‘blood food’

She was a brilliant light

Anyone have experience with foam mattresses or toppers? We opened one and it STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN!

How many white people quit jobs, disown institutions or white friends

The Reaction To Reverend Wright Reveals How Totally Lame We Have Become

Musical instruments

Validation for RateMyProfessor.Com?

What is your favorite trashy novel?

"Fit, but Fat" Demonstrated to be Nonsense

Vote Fails to Save Historic Berlin Airport

AP Poll: Clinton leads McCain, doing better than Obama

Afghan intel: Karzai was warned of assassination plot

Afghan intel: Karzai was warned of assassination plot

BP and Shell's profits up on record oil prices

Countrywide posts $893 million first-quarter loss

Sexy Miley Cyrus pics don't necessarily reveal a hot problem

States, farm union, invite immigrant labor

KBR workers in Iraq stole weapons and art, senators told

Quito asks Colombia for evidence of FARC's wealth in Ecuador (Bush ally Uribe's charge)

Rise in health coverage charted

bushler wants Anwar drilling. Now I finally know why he and haliburton

Judge orders federal government to decide polar bear listing

Climate change could force 1 billion from their homes by 2050

Physician charged in fatal crash

Two Dead In Explosion in Terre Haute, IN

Hillary Clinton to Appear on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

Only 4 per cent of Iraqis in Syria plan to return home: UN report

U.N. and World Bank say to tackle food crisis

From Chief Prosecutor To Critic at Guantanamo: Witness was pressured to bring cases before election

From Chief Prosecutor To Critic at Guantanamo: Witness was pressured to bring cases before election

Coalition calls on Collins to take stand on Colombia pact

Transcript from April 29 2008 Obama news conference now available

Guantanamo Bay chief prosecutor : "Hicks charge was 'political'

U.S. Was 'Clueless' on Counterinsurgency (says Paul Wolfowitz)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 29

Bush to address Americans' financial fears (10:30am ET news conference)

Iraq budget cut by $171M after oil-profit windfall

Militiamen ambush drives back US patrol in Sadr City

EPA letter details contacts with White House

Clinton Files Debt Disclosure

Google, YouTube to bring presidential forum to N.O.

Aloha leaves cargo in lurch

Mexican Senate approves bill to end criminal penalties for undocumented migrants

Afghan stability will take a generation-US general

Congress push to stop SPR shipments gains steam (Strategic Petroleum Reserve)

Canadian lawmakers hold hearings on Guantanamo detainee

Cost overruns, delays plague DOD tank program, House says

Foreclosures spike 112% - no end in sight

House chairman wants civilian agencies to play larger role in Iraq (Skelton)

Senate Panel Votes to End Waterboarding

Is Iran imminent?

Port Authority Liable in 1993 Trade Center Attack

Presbyterian Church says minister didn't violate rules by presiding over same-sex 'marriages'

Senate panel makes second try at preventing waterboarding

Bush says Congress blocking progress

US defense chief visits Mexico seeking improved military ties

Union launches anti-McCain campaign

Bush Blames Democrats for Sliding Economy

Iowa superdelegate to endorse Obama


IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) pipeline doable: India

Cuba's Raul Castro Commutes Most Death Sentences

Two Shot at NE School

MI5 accused of colluding in torture of terrorist suspects

Federal Money in Health Care Plan From McCain

China's oil consumption hits record high in Q1

Militiamen ambush drives back US patrol in Sadr City

Millionaires feeling the economic doldrums

Gasoline prices top concerns over jobs, health troubles

McDermott pays $1.1 million (to Boehner) in tape case

Parents delay decisions about summer camp as economy weakens (no money)

Deleted Pro-Clinton Blog Entry from National Press Club Rev. Wright Appearance Organizer

Drone attacks hit high in Iraq

Bush: Syria nuke disclosure had objective

New developments in the FLDS case

Families of contaminated heparin victims tell stories of deaths

Gates opposes Senate’s GI Bill improvements

Guantanamo cases aimed to pique U.S. imagination

US making progress in Afghanistan: Bush

Teen FLDS mother giving birth while state officials stand by

Vets say they feel misled about GI benefits

U.S. Credit Card Debt Soars to Unprecedented Heights

Cries of 'Duce Duce' salute Rome's new mayor

Franken owes $70,000 in back taxes in 17 states

Chinese children sold "like cabbages" into slavery

BRIEFING: Doubt cast on Colombia's seizure (Bush's South American ally)

Mukasey calls for $500 million to fight drug smuggling

Officials: 8 killed, 67 wounded in Baghdad's Sadr City

Medicare "drifting towards disaster": U.S. official

Siegelman Hit with Travel Restrictions

Obama says he's outraged by former pastor's comments

US Jewish leaders call for boycott of Beijing Olympics

Schumer: Bush has lost faith of the people

Dukakis: It's Probably Obama in '08, But the Campaign Needs to Improve

Dallas Man Freed By DNA Testing After 27 Years In Prison

Army widens probe after finding bad conditions at Fort Bragg

US military deaths in Iraq at 4,058 (2 soldiers killed Tuesday)

Albert Hoffman, Discoverer of LSD, dead at 102

Wal-Mart to cash tax rebate checks for free

Studies on Chemical In Plastics Questioned ( Dems question FDA approvals)

Gates says 2nd carrier in Gulf is 'reminder' to Iran

Obit Reveals: Ex-Commander in Iraq Dies -- Suffering from 'Depression'

Cheney lawyer claims Congress has no authority over vice-president

Expert: U.S. population to hit 1 billion by 2100

Principal outs gay kids, ACLU steps in

San Diego GOP Chairman founded international piracy ring

Concentration camp doctor heads list of top 10 wanted Nazis

Obama stars in PA attack ad (this time over "bitter" comment)

Barack in Wilson, North Carolina

CNN: Indiana Voter ID decision upheld by Supreme Court

Pentagon TV Scandal:Media Fails To Ask Hard Questions

Olbermann/Maddow on McCain's Flip-Flop on Guilt-by-Association Attacks

No War

Jack Cafferty: Major Clinton Campaign Fundraiser Switches to Obama's Camp

KO: Bushed: Bechtel, Scalia

What do the talking heads think about the DNC 100 years ad? If you care, watch this

Barack Obama in Chapel Hill, NC

Jedreport -It's A Hard-Knock Life (feat. Hillary Clinton and Dr. Evil)

Don't Go In There, Laura

Barack Obama: Our Campaign is About You

War On Terror Escalates To Iran Prof Chossudovsky

Reverend Jeremiah Wright National Press Club

Red Rover / Playground Politics: Obama in 30 seconds

Political Cat Wars: Clinton vs Obama

Obama Indiana "Join" TV Ad

Edwards, Clinton, and Obama debate about Lobbyist

The Onion: Congress Debates Merits Of New Catchphrase

John McCain Ardently OPPOSING Bush Tax Cuts (3/18/03)

Obama on Wright

CNN On John McCain and Hagee

Barack Obama Takes Questions on Rev. Jeremiah Wright

TPMtv: McCain, In His Own Words

TYT: Cenk Isn't Happy With Obama's Fox News Appearance

The Onion: '9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda

Jonathan Turley on Abrams discussing Scalia's torture remarks.

Countdown: McCain Double-Talk (w/ Rachel Maddow) 4/29

Barack and Michelle on Rachel Ray

Jimmy Carter vs Condoleezza Rice

Clinton: 'Trouble'

Financial Crisis Protest NYC

Barack cuts Rev. Wright loose


100 Years: Here's Why McCain is Wrong

Obama - Gas tax gimmicks.

TYT: Clinton Leads The SwiftBoating Against Obama

Nancy Pelosi Rubber Chicken

Falling in the Crack

Shooting range owner cuts ties to Blackwater

Eugene Robinson: Where Wright Goes Wrong

Hillary has cynically turned to the one argument she has left: Race

Trial in defense contractor kickback scheme goes to jury (KBR)

Defending Mexico

Obama to donate funds received from Rezko friend (Alsammarae, Iraq's Former electicity minister)

Carter, Israel, Hamas and The Truth

Pentagon PressRelease: Politicized Military Would Lose Public Trust, Official Says

Supreme Court Decision Is Likely to Spur Voter ID Laws in More States

Bush drilling plan wouldn't have eased pump prices

Cheney's Total Impunity, How far will Cheney go to shield himself & his office from public scrutiny?

Why does America hate Hillary Clinton so much? - Joan Smith, The Independent (April 27)

Who’s Feeding the Watchdog?

But Does Business Really Outperform Government?

Developing the New “Capitalists’ Man”

the 20th century failure of wars of aggression

Gary Hart: The New Security

Ex-Gitmo Prosecutor Lays Politicization Bare

Invasion of the Pumpheads! By Dave Lindorff

The Queen of Pork

Food Crisis: "The greatest demonstration of the historical failure of the capitalist model"

A Call To Action By Michael Collins

Bush Made Permanent By PAUL KRUGMAN

Things Are Moving, But The US Is Absent

Truthout: Bomb Bomb Iran by Summer's End?

Prosecutors: Rezko sought cash to avoid lien on gov's home

Iran: Crushing Response Awaits Israel

Dean says Clinton or Obama will know when to drop out

Cyber-Swift Boating Obama

Obama Lines Up New Spiritual Adviser: One Who Takes a Vow of Silence

Halliburton Bribe Case Haunts Cheney

Independent UK: America's grim newspaper story

Networks continue to ignore NY Times' military analyst story, but all find time for Hannah Montana

Bush unique: (Sen) Reid (responds)

The Rockford Register Star's Pro-War Pandering

Robert Reich: The Best Thing Not to Have Happened During the Bush Administration

John Nichols: Wright, Jefferson and the Wrath of God

Pentagon Pundit Scandal Broke the Law

NYT editorial: The Court Fumbles on Voting Rights; "Democracy was the big loser..."

Evo’s ‘ten commandments’ to save the planet BY Federico Fuentes

How Much Land Would It Take to Supply the World's Electricity FROM Solar Cells?

John McCain Gets Tax-free Disability Pension

OMG! Disney is going to build a theme park in Baghad! Now I've seen everything!

According to Plan?

The Escape Artist

TYT: McCain Flip Flops On The Iraq War

"What's With Your 'Crazy' U.S Politics?" -- A Letter to European Friends

"The Complete Saudi Primer" (repost of 6-24-2004 Center for American Progress article)

Are water fuel kits a scam? I've never heard of these before

BBC: Nature's carbon balance confirmed

For Houston builders, going 'green' won't be optional

Oz Government Climate Advisor - Current Levels Of GHG Emissions On Track To Double By 2030 - Age

"Huge Changes" Sweeping Lake Erie - Invasives, Algae, Runoff, Industrial Toxins Taking Toll

US Researchers Hope to Tap Ocean Flows for Electricity

Scottish oil refinery strike ends

Israel’s Cuts off Cooking Gas Supply, Gaza Bakeries Shut down

Water Buybacks For Murray-Darling Basin Will Cost Government $3 Billion - SMH

McCain's Gas Tax Plan = Just Sticking Another Coin In The Fuse Box - Kurt Cobb

It's Happening, by Richard Heinberg

Algal Mass Found In Bays Now Growing To Cover All Of Lake Victoria - Toxins Can Cause Liver Failure

The Tipping Point ,,,,, James Hansen

American Airlines loses $3.3 million a day. Delta hikes airfares.

Investors line up for piece of new Australian perpetual motion machine

Will high gas prices cause unprecedented drilling?

Watching the Sundance Channel.'s ...The Green.

Deaths From Lung Cancer In China Up 465% In 30 Years - Xinhua

Oklahoma Bioenergy To Plant Switchgrass

Coal and agrofuels win the subsidy sweepstakes

Start-up: Affordable solar power possible in a year - USA Today

New Ohio Law Expected to Spawn 5,000-7,000 MW Wind Market

CO2 emissions to be reduced to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050

Termite Guts Could Boost (cellulosic) Ethanol Efficiency

There's a Lying Monkey on the teevee right now talking about ANWR

Southern California faces higher blackout risk this summer

Emptying the Breadbasket

MethuenProgressive ... thread #7

kenny blankenship

Future Soldier

Worth reading is “The Real War 1939-1945” (The Atlantic Monthly, August 1989)

Vets Go Green! Opportunities for skill development, education, employment in Green Industries

Dangling worker rescued by firefighters

Today in labor history April 29

United Steelworkers Union reaches tentative agreement with Domtar (umbrella master agreement)

Moroccan Factory Fire Kills 55 on Eve of Workers Memorial Day

Right-to-work amendment put on ballot (Colorado)

Excello Engineered Systems closing Macedonia site, ending 127 jobs (OH)

20,000 Pennsylvania Child Care Providers Gain a Union

Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living

Workplace deaths rise in California, nation

Drywall Finishers Reaffirm Their Support of Painters Union

Letters to the editor: Trade pact bad for human rights & The guerrillas in their midst

‘Card check’ bill would help prevent intimidation of employees

Activistas piden más protección para latinos

Workers Win Court Battle For Union Representation After Ten Years

Union Members Ask McCain: What About Workers’ Rights?

Does The H1-B Visa Program Really Bring The Best & Brightest To The U.S.?

Has anybody seen an ad campaign about keeping union voting anonymous at a worksite?

NAFTA "renegotiations" - My response to this action.

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 04/25/2008

Fannie CEO doesn't see housing rebound before 2010: report

What do you think Americans will do with their "stimulus checks"?

Baxter CEO says heparin tainting looks deliberate: reports

Long Island Gay Couple Charged With Trespassing In Marriage License Protest

McCain backer John Hagee tempers Hurricane Katrina comments

Australia Offers Small Olive Branch To Gays

bug chasing

I'm beginning to wonder

Reject intolerance cloaked in faith


Is a commodities fund a good idea now?

Principal Outs Gay Student Couple

Oh my gay god!

Ha ha ha. He thinks he can cover the Medina problem by claiming he never gave her anything.

Quito asks Colombia for evidence of FARC's wealth in Ecuador

The Conspiracy to Divide Bolivia Must Be Denounced (petition)

The FARC recedes over the past 10 years

Spanish paper El Pais article on the FARC

Jews Leaving Bolivia as Morales Favors Socialism, Iran, Chavez

Bolivian Students Against Autonomy Referendum

And from the Washington TIMES, yet! You won't believe it: BRIEFING: Doubt cast on Colombia's seizure

Qassam hits Sderot home; residents treated for shock

Hamas stole 60,000 litres of Gaza fuel

Israel is suppressing a secret it must face

'Our Dreams Are Dead’

U.S. Jewish leaders call for boycott of Beijing Olympics

Hamas: Hundred of thousands ready to become martyrs

PA negotiators furious over Israeli proposal

"The egg is hopelessly scrambled"

Reflections on the Palestine return movement

11 FARC insurgents "demobilize"

CUBA Denounces US Radio, TV Aggression

Is there a trustworthy Spanish speaking DU'er who would look at this?

Clip of Joe at Dem Dinner

Joe's having minor surgery today --

Garnett should be suspended a game for intentional contact with an official...


Roger Clemons.... cheater, liar, perjurer, steroid user, now a kiddie didler...

The Boston Celitcs?

A great lesson from The Intenders

Attempting to rise above schaudenfraude. Succeeding at intervals.

Is it just me.....

This ominous feeling ...

REMINDER: Seasonal Contest begins on May 1st!!!

Hey type 2ers--would you agree that chocolate is not the enemy?

Break out the shorts, it must be summer...

"You aren't leaving without me again...

Celebrity-snooping ex-UCLA Medical Center staffer is indicted

Getting Married for Health Insurance

herb flavor help please

~~~ MAY Photo Contest Theme ~~~

Doctors (in DE) to Monitor ICU Patients (in MD) Electronically

Life saving information

18 year old cat...

Education requested: I know nothing about sardines.

Roving Defender of Evolution, and of Room for God

When was it okay to say doctors should wash their hands before delivering babies?

Religion a figment of human imagination

Expelled creators whine about their movie tanking

interesting article by BBC a week ago

More "sensible" gun legislation, moving forward!!!

Looks like bringing your guns to work just stopped a murder

Well what do ya think of this....

Amazing Video: WeAreChangeLA member is attacked by Neo-Con David Frum

I wonder who Survey USA has interviewed in MA this month

"How to prepare for a possible depression" Tonight's Good Question on WCCO's 10 o'clock news

How hurt is Al Franken by this new financial problem?

Texas Enterprise Fund agrees to hand over $22 million to successful Texas company

Hi all

web security question

Reporter needs Computer Tekkie to find hidden files on website

So here is something sort of stupid

Election Equipment 2008

NJ Voting Machine Tape Shows Phantom Obama Vote

Open Thread Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 04/29/08

Was Guerrero a victim of Mission Superfund site, ask local residents

Why Jack Wins

Ms. Weiss cheered me up:

The more I see Richardson the more I like him for Obama's VP

Why does Obama tend to run worse in Survey USA polls than other polls?

Obama's statement on Pastor Wright was perfect!

Here is a list of US Senators who have not yet endorsed (super delegates)

Get your donation in before the April 30th reporting deadline!

This group is supportive and I feel like venting...

May 17, 2004: Harper proposes GST break on high gas prices

better then the newest Grand theft Auto!

4/29. trial in Fresno on Medical Marijuana. 3 on trial

CA GOP Finance Chair Exposed as Piracy Ring Founder

Physician charged in fatal crash

For those still broken-hearted about Favre retiring...

Janesville GM plant cutting 750 jobs

Hoey to work for Boris?

Only Tories, not Brown, can tackle poverty, says Cameron

Should cellars be banned in Austria?

Final polls forecast big losses for Brown

KOEB - 4-29-2008 Barack totally disavows Wright edition