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Fair (and balanced) debate scenario for both candidates

Maybe the rubble of the divided party is merely a distraction from this:

A Thought Experiment: What would it take for you to no longer support your candidate?

Super Delegate Update

So Obama's the "Elitist", huh? Newsweek poll: Hillary 32% Obama 25%

Dear Senator Obama (From Rove)

Bill Clinton? Is it possible heart medication is affecting judgement?

***** It's not "The Clinton's", it's "The Clintons" !!!!!!!!111111 *****

I feel Hillary's pain! I smell Hillary's pain. I hear Hillary's pain. I see Hillary's pain.


Obama's VP : Jim Webb or Bill Richardson

Doonesbury Straw Poll: Who Do You Blame For Extended Primary? Media, Hillary or Barack?

Revisiting that Hillary Clinton quote on Southern Working Class Whites: "Screw 'Em"

I took everyone off Ignore for a day

Clinton fundraiser defects to Obama campaign

Clinton fundraiser defects to Obama campaign

[Video] OBAMA @ Indianapolis Star's Editorial Board Q&A on the Issues

buyer's remorse?

Why are you Hillary supporters behaving as if Obama is the enemy? You're aiming at the wrong guy..

I think I'll go visit freeperland, oh wait I'm already there.

Hopefully this is something we can all agree on

Obama Snubs Black Media?

Eat mor chikin

waste of a post

When faced with someone taller... Who's more comfortable in his own skin?

I don't understand the "unelectable" meme, given the wide variety of

Stop the friggin' back-biting & Fight the real adversary -- McCain! McCain!! McCain!!!...

Clinton's baffling response

LTTE: This Republican will support Obama

LTTE: This Republican will support Obama

NYT's MoDo on Obama: Desperately Seeking Street Cred

A certain style, 'messiness' follow Clinton

Latest Newsweek poll shows Obama has MOST favorable opinion.

Many on both sides are attacking the wrong person.


Hillary Fans, why are you not more disappointed and embarrassed in how bad she has ran this campaign?

Rise Hillary, Rise! Wake Forest University :Hillary and Maya Angelou. Pics

Rise Hillary, Rise! Wake Forest University :Hillary and Maya Angelou. Pics

Howard Fuckin' Dean! (Taking on Russert on MTP)

Dirty Tricks on a website

Latest Newsweek poll shows Clinton MOST likely to favor the rich and powerful

Familiarity breeds contempt: Obama's image is unraveling at a terrifying pace (down 24% in 10 months

Familiarity breeds contempt: Obama's image is unraveling at a terrifying pace (down 24% in 10 months


Hillary is attacking Obama worse than ....

Who Wins From The Enthusiasm Gap?

How McCain Lost in Pennsylvania

Election reform?

Let's have another debate -- here's the format

Why does Senator Clinton need to debate Obama? She's all talk and no action?

Electoral map favors a Democrat, has McCain playing defense

Change you can Xerox! Oh yeah, let's have more debates just like that classic one.

What was hillary's response to the NC ad?

Poll: Reaction to Obama on enemy territory?

Obama tells Fox that Rev. Wright controversy raised a 'legitimate issue'

Wesley Clark being smeared as an anti-Semite by the "positive" Obama's new brand of politics

Cynthia Tucker: Obama was always a long shot to win

**Breaking*: Obama to challenge Clinton to debate at Tuzla Airport

Dean loyalists, should Dean stay as chair or join the cabinet in a Democratic administration?

Chuck Schumer lies, Puerto Rico isn't winner take all

Hillary pursues big "O" through "mass debating" strategy. Voters ask -'Where

Hey Did you all hear? Obama is ascared To debate!


Hillary at the piano

Newsweek's new cover: "Obama's Bubba Gap."

Another Super Delegate for Obama

Hillary showed great leadership by asking for Rummy to resign

Obama Played Basketball In Indiana- Can't Find Any Photos :-(

OBAMA ON FOX - liveblogging the highlights


I actually watched FOX this morning.

Hillary Clinton, the War Chick

What a hypocrite: Clinton Campaign Chair Threatened to Strip Michigan of Delegates in 2004

I was in the "slow math group" in school but doesn't Obama have

The Hillary supporter math tutorial: Lesson 1 - Numbers

The ignored results of the Republican Pennsylvania primary...interesting!

I'm an Obama supporter but I continue to be a little shocked by the Rethug language used on Hillary.

I'm an Obama supporter but I continue to be a little shocked by the Rethug language used on Hillary.

(Unethical,hypocritical) ) 'McCain Used Wife’s Jet for Little Cost' -The McLame Excuse Doesn't Fly!

Obama: 'I've been taking some hits'

Does anyone expect Obama to just sit idly by and let Bill and Hillary Clinton strong arm the SDs?

Obama coming up on FOX News Sunday at 9:00...

Was it fair for Hillary to invoke ayers against Obama?

Obama on Fox news (video links)

Meagan McCain(PAPA'S daughter) thinks Obama is sexy and cute

Democratic bloggers look foolish squawking about McCain's babe's ride

What I would like to hear Obama say :

[CLINTON SUPPORTERS] - I Need Affirmation. How was PA a "Big Victory" again?

[CLINTON SUPPORTERS] - I Need Affirmation. How was PA a "Big Victory" again?

Hillary Clinton made it very clear, very early on, that she had distain for traditional women.

Barack Obama interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace W/Video

War on Terminology -- an Occupational Hazard?

HRC thinks Obama can't refuse "Lincoln-Douglas" debates because of the "black" angle

HRC thinks Obama can't refuse "Lincoln-Douglas" debates because of the "black" angle

Karl Rove’s advice for Obama

POLL: Should Obama accept public financing in the GE?

Take a break, peeps.

Obama/Sebelius 2008!

BG: A presidential candidate who lightly commits to obliterating Iran should not be answering

U.K paper asks if the Democratic Party is racist...

Iowa District Convention Results April, 26, 2008

Hillary is good at fighting, but what else is she good at?

What should be done!?!?!?!?!?

Did Huckabee & McCain get waitress fired for supporting Hillary?

Medusa, bitch, witch, mad cow, DemocRAT... Why does America hate Hillary Clinton so much?

47% of voters think Obama is too inexperienced to be a good president

We Should All Get Behing Lieberman As The Dem Candidate For President

Hillary 's bankrupt case to Super Delegates

Obama Has to We-We Really Really BAD

Obama Has to We-We Really Really BAD

Well, if the events that transpired at our AZ State Convention are any indication:

You know when Obama is the eventual nominee when.....

McClatchy: Clinton's campaign woes suggest bumpy presidency

McClatchy: Clinton's campaign woes suggest bumpy presidency

Hill is really winning...

Right Winger Barnett on Obama's FauxNews Appearance -- "I say Obama did quite well for himself."

The Experience MYTH!!!!!

Whose mind do the Hillary supporters think they are going to change?

Obama the heavy waight champ refuses bought with...

Lincoln Chafee on Tavis Smiley Show this week, did anybody else listen to it?


Regarding: Clinton Attacks Base Of Democratic Party

Hillary supporters a walk down memory lane

Without Obama, would Hillary be battling Edwards?

A question for those who will hold their noses and vote for Clinton

So Obama can't win the general election huh?

Hillary Strangelove: Saudis call Hillary's Iran threat "politics of the madhouse"

How many delegates does Ron Paul have?

Latest SD to declare for Obama: AZ Dem 1st Vice Chair Charlene Fernandez

San Francisco ?

******The Official Obama Fox News Interview thread******

So what did Hillary really mean when she said Friday it's OK to vote based on appearance?

The sad truth is that both Democratic nominees may not be able to win because of racicsm and sexism

Can you imagine Hillary and Bill telling Obama what to do for 8 yrs?

Obama Will "Take Fox On" In Appearance This Sunday ... NOT!!!

This Youtuber sounds like some people I know (The CAPS give it away)

What the gamblers are saying right now:

A dose of reality

Time for a Change: Obama campaign needs to refresh its Message

Why are you Obama supporters behaving as if Hillary is the enemy? You're aiming at the wrong guy..

A sure winner in any election, but never on the ballot.

Clinton Intensifies Ground Work in Ind.

Call it for what it is - Obama is scared to debate Hillary again.

Call it for what it is - Obama is scared to debate Hillary again.



Hillary Supporters Say Hillary "WIPED THE FLOOR" with Obama in the PA Primary...

Dean on Meet the Press

so, what are the long term effects of Clinton's "scorched earth" policy...

The Lincoln Style debate would be the best!!! YES!

"Ba-rok-bok-bok-bok-bok!" ROFLMAO!!!

Some choice Hillary quotes that I find interesting: Discuss

Obama on FauxNews Sunday - TRANSCRIPT

What is Obama afraid of?

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/27/08 - Obama up 1 (48), Clinton down 1 (42)

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/27/08 - Obama up 1 (48), Clinton down 1 (42)

My Fundamentalist-Republican Neighbor Just Called

Is Indiana and NC closed or open primaries?

The Dean 25 could decide Clinton's fate

The Dean 25 could decide Clinton's fate

Obama’s race problem in “liberal” South Florida

Video: Full Interview With Obama On Fox News

Fact: Senator Clinton refused to debate her Senate primary opponent in 2006.

She coulda had class. She coulda been a contender.

Hillary Can't Steal The Nomination

As the World Turns - In this episode Crazy Uncle Wright returns to create war among Repubicans

As the World Turns - In this episode Crazy Uncle Wright returns to create war among Repubicans

PHOTOS: Barack Obama's day in Indianapolis, Indiana

You, too, can Reject! Denounce!

Yet again tonight, NBC News on Rev. Wright. The "mainstream" media is hopeless, lazy and smug.

Guam - The forgotten island - The numbers

TFHT: There are 4 parties not two, which are they going to let you chose

GOP brother in GA (trucker, small home, no 401k, no insurance, no stocks) sent me an urgent email

Clinton over McCain 291-237

"The Clintons bathe in shit. It sustains them."

Bill Clinton ‘Woefully Unprepared for 21st Century Media’

Wake up my brothers and sisters. Voting Hillary is not about "dissing", "bashing" tearing down Obama

A question for Obama supporters: what is your goal when posting in GDP?

Gallup, April 27, 2008

Repugs in Chaos in Nevada

That Lady ... what's her name ... did she drop out yet ?

MoveOn: Obama in 30 Seconds

McCain is going to be a weak candidate

axelrod uses pr firm to mange Rev. Wright mess

has Wright's speech been posted online anywhere yet?

Cool photo from Wright's interview with Moyers

Cool photo from Wright's interview with Moyers

Obama is good at talking, but what else is he good at?

Bill Clinton lost the '92 NH primary by 8.4% and called himself "the comeback kid"

McCain Calls Obama Insensitive To Poor People

McCain Calls Obama Insensitive To Poor People

McCain Calls Obama Insensitive To Poor People

Obama's KY and WV problem: Out and out racism.

The Reverend Wright issue is history!!

I have to say Obama was Excellent on Faux News Interview..shown today...

Someone's gonna get whopped upside the head

The Team-Hillary "big state" argument debunked once and for all.

Arizona Superdelegate Charlene Fernandez Endorses Barack Obama for President

CNN Is Replaying The Wright Speech Now

What Senator Barack Obama has done for me:

"Democrats concocted this IRANIAN election system"

Hillary loyalists: Your desperation and delusion is showing

When Obama is President world leaders will be lining up to visit the white house....

The Guardian: "When he picks his nose, which digit does he use? And what does that say about him?"

Chelsea Clinton for Vice President?

Archie Bunker meets Sammy Davis Jr. -OR-

Rev Wright's NAACP speech will be a hugh Youtube sensation

Loyal democrat alert

How many campaign offices does Obama have in Indiana? nt

Table Tennis anyone? How Obama helped deliver $320,000 in state grants in exchange for ???

So what do we think about the DNC's 100 Years in Iraq Ad?

So what do we think about the DNC's 100 Years in Iraq Ad?

If Hillary wants a Lincoln debate so much, perhaps she should join the Party of Lincoln...

HRC's -gate flowsheet

post from march 30/ Wright and Pfleger

If Clinton can't run campaign, can she run White House?

No more debates, because you can't appease a stalker.

LA Times: Obama donor received a state grant

Went to the bookstore today.

Obama raised the "temprement" issue on Fox. he should keep that up

Obama raised the "temprement" issue on Fox. he should keep that up

Is anyone watching Rev Wright live on CNN right now at the NAACP dinner?

Rev. Wright seemed to think Bill Clinton was a good guy.

'Vast right-wing conspiracy' leader's paper backs Clinton

When obama is president, be prepared for a big bump in tourism.

When obama is president, be prepared for a big bump in tourism.

Another Peaceful GD:P Interlude... Brought To You By WillyT

Another Peaceful GD:P Interlude... Brought To You By WillyT

Obama donor received a state grant

CNN Coverage on Wright's speech has crapped itself right now.

I love you all.

Confessions of an Obama Skeptic, Part I

Got Cognitive Dissonance?

I refuse to yap about a unity ticket because it's fucking stupid.

What should Hillary get as a consolation prize?

Sen. Hillary is a great big Motor Mouth!

Can I get some DU love for the Secret Service protecting our candidates?

RISE HILLARY RISE; Hillary ties O. in Gallop and beats McCain +3: RAS; C&H playing tag.

LONG TIME LURKER here with a question for GD:P

LONG TIME LURKER here with a question for GD:P

I just heard on NBC news, Hilary is getting the “women and white working class votes”

I just heard on NBC news, Hilary is getting the “women and white working class votes”

War Hero? Meet the Real John McCain:

HRC uses time travel to stop OBama

Something interesting on Hannity's blog

Arizona Superdelegate pledges for Obama

"McCain Gas tax holiday is like Crystal-Meth for Economy"

Hillary Uses Holocaust Reference To Jobs Lost in Indiana

Hillary Uses Holocaust Reference To Jobs Lost in Indiana

Repost: "So, during hard times people cling to faith. That's what Obama basically said"


Democrats Registering In Record Numbers

Reverend Wright Speech at NAACP (video links)

Wright coming up again in 2 minutes on cnn

What kind of Fighter is Hillary Clinton most like?

You're a racist!

Politico: Obama team remains unshaken and unstirred

Obama donor received a state grant

Do you want to know why it is a GOOD thing Wright is out in public?

Haven't seen Wrights NAACP speech? Must see! But SKIP the "Let me break it down for you" punditry!

Neither of these politicians make strong candidates.

Reveille for Radicals

Reveille for Radicals

Reveille for Radicals

Reveille for Radicals

Hillary is good at debating, but what else is she good at?

Please run and tell my "stuck-on stupid" friends that Arabic is not a religion. Best "soundbite"?

Hillary supporters - a challenge for you. Read on.

I don't go to church and here's why....

Is it me or does this woman have evil eyes

Should Obama start offering cabinet positions to republicans?

If there is ANY question that Hillary's tactics have been worse than the rethugs...

Senator Obama turned me on to his books, his vision, his hope,

NOTE To All those who Helped me With My Project On DU

Clinton:tough questions in a debate is nothing like the tough decisions you've got to make in the WH

Which Candidate is Being Advised by the Former Chief Economist of the DLC?

Which Candidate is Being Advised by the Former Chief Economist of the DLC?

The real reasons Hill is crying and pouting for a 22nd debate..

Men and abortions. Who are they to decide what a woman should do?

Indiana's intolerant history and its relevance for the upcoming primary.

For seven years we cried out for a "tough candidate". Now we can't handle it and we want her to quit

Bill Clinton unhinged: advisor says "He doesn't like Obama;" yelled at James Clyburn after SC loss

Why does America hate Ann Coulter so much? It's SEXISM!!!!!!

Hillary (not BHO) has the progressive populist message in IN & NC re: high gas prices:

Hillary (not BHO) has the progressive populist message in IN & NC re: high gas prices:

NOW do you understand why Obama would not, could not denounce this man?

Did Sherri Jacobus, Republican Strategist, just say that Rev. Wright

Obama VP poll round 6 suggestions please.

On May 20, Barack Obama will seal the deal.

So racial issues are the most compelling issues in the 2008 presidential electioN?

The New Yorker: Bill vs. Barack

"Cloverfield" movie an allegory for Democratic primary race!

Hillary Clinton the Queen of Pork..One Presidential Copter $400 million

Hillary may be a master debater, but I've seen enough of her master debating for a lifetime

Can Clinton win the GE with 59% of the AA vote?

Summing up Hillary's entire argument since Super Tuesday, including her current debate challenge

This Modern World: The Elitist Menace!

Bill Clinton Says Portland Pundits Are Wrong About Rural Oregon

What's this all about? Watching the Obama blogcult imploding on itself is painful, I tell you.

Do Obama fans really believe Hillary's decision to

Do Obama fans really believe Hillary's decision to

CNN Quick Vote: Should Obama agree to debate

The "Beat Obama" Hillary Clinton


Has there been any numbers

Barack Obama Can't Wait to Bring Jobs to Indiana

Exposed: The Media Myths of McCain

WARNING: UNPATRIOTIC! This could either bring Obama down, or ensure him the presidency:

LISTEN to a Clinton Push-Poll call to NC Obama Supporter! (AUDIO)

Tonight I watched CNN and actually LEARNED something.

CNN - Obama: "Why I don't always hit back"

GIVE IT A REC if you think "GODDESS OF PEACE" is a lame moniker!

This is Who Obama Is.

This is Who Obama Is.

DEAN: The most important person is the person who doesn't win the nomination

Wright will continue to be the star of this campaign

So I posted this video...

my 4th GDP post: Question for Hillary supporters, what is your goal when posting on GDP?

Obama donor received a state grant .Letter on behalf of a table tennis company preceded the funding

Obama: "I go to church not to worship the pastor, to worship God".

Predictions for Indiana and North Carolina. ?? Here are mine:

Obama decries the campaign bickering - "I'm tired of that politics 'cause it doesn't solve problems"

Judge sets date in Paul vs. Clinton case & says to “say hello to his (Judge Munoz) friend Bill”

After they give up trying to figure out what Wright said, Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly's heads. .

Meet the Press: Sounds like Dean is changing his tune

The wrong message is getting out.

Obama Wins in Indiana by 10 !!1!

Who writes the intro material for Diane Rehm (NPR)? Mark Penn?

Elizabeth Edwards Speaks Truth To The Press

Why Hillary is still eating Obama's dust

Make Your Own Obama Poster Here!

Senator Clinton's tepid support from her Senate colleagues - Does she want to return to the Senate?

Scalia made a very good point

I have a great idea! Hillary Clinton could debate herself!

Sorry. I'm an Obama supporter, but I don't enjoy yelling

Hillary is for you and me

OBAMA and Republican good ideas:

Obama table in Madison: April 26 Edition (second one in 2008)

The only difference between Obama and Hillary

Hey there, DUers! :)--Message from a newbie

Oh, Yes Indeed, Hillary's Campaign has been Exposed for it's Racism and Hypocrisy

I can't believe Wright said two controversial things in one speech:

Why can't we all just get along? Easy. Obama is a Mac -- Hillary is a PC

Why can't we all just get along? Easy. Obama is a Mac -- Hillary is a PC

Why can't we all just get along? Easy. Obama is a Mac -- Hillary is a PC

Why can't we all just get along? Easy. Obama is a Mac -- Hillary is a PC

The New Yorker: The Kitchen Sink Yet to Be Thrown (at Hillary Clinton)

Hillary campaign intends to keep using the Wright is a shameful thing to do.

Hillary campaign intends to keep using the Wright is a shameful thing to do.

John McCain lied to the American people about the capital gains tax, while Obama got it right.

2007: "HRC's Mystery Money Men": Supporter bailed out Bush's oil company in 1986

I Vow to Keep Posting Obama/Clinton Unity Threads Until They Form Their Ticket

Funny new Clinton supporter mantra...

My FIL(Repug), who lives in palm beach fucking loves Hillary along with all his Breakers friends.

Hillary and her old enemies cuddle up for a kill

Axelrod: "Our goal in PA was to limit her margin there. We did that-got it to single digits..."

"The Master Stroke" Obama Pulls a Full Clark!

West Virginia Projections based on Demographic Attributes

Obama supporters: Your guy has nothing to be ashamed of. He did his best. It just didn't work out.

Obama's gift to the Rethugs in 2008: Florida, Ohio and 260 electoral votes.

What HRC did with the Tammy Wynette/cookie-gate situation is THE SAME THING

If Obama is somehow to blame for the past words and deeds of people like Wright and Ayers etc...

"My friends, the reason I went to Selma is because when I become President

American Wars

Alaska governor: New son has Down syndrome

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of April 27th 2008 - (Mostly) France.

So, during hard times people cling to faith. That's what Obama basically said


The way the MSM used to be...

Old Polls: Bush barely more popular than Axis of Evil, America a threat to world peace

Right Wing thinking: another reason why things are the way they are.

I never knew that Maya Rudolph was the daughter of Minnie Riperton?

NAFTA and the end of government by the people, of the people, for the people

Some More Effects of Plastic Bags on the Environment

Scary article about devaluation of the dollar!

Waxman Committee's Hearing On Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

NAFTA -- some facts and opinions

Bush makes the most startling discovery of his life:

Breaking: Gunfire near Afhgan president in Kabul

Well-connected political prodigy becomes a murder suspect

Afghan Leader Criticizes U.S. on Conduct of War

Which presidential candidate will first call for a change in U.S. ethanol policy?

Latest Newsweek poll Obama - MOST like to see nominated

Cost of Gas for a Round Trip at $4.00 / Gallon

VA debated PR plan on vets' suicides-Al Jazeera-Jason Leopold

Whatever happened to The Catholic League vs. Minister John Hagee?

Skidboot: The most wonderful and amazing dog...

Chris Hedges on CSPAN 2 now: I don't believe in atheists

A POW does not a Leader make.

A POW does not a Leader make.

Obama Had No Illusions About Fox & Takes Them On

Obama is flush; Clinton in debt

Just so you hear the things that Wright said tonight

Dean Changes his Tune. Whoever is the most "electable" candidate, will be the Nominee.

What a dirty shame Rudy Giuliani is no longer in the race for the White House.

Authorities warn of increased risk of Giant Squid attacks off Washington, Oregon and Alaska

Good morning Hillary Clinton supporters..........

HEY! Dr. Dean's on Meet the Press!

Newsweek: Helicopter Moms vs. Free-Range Kids

Syria: CIA fabricated 'reactor' pictures

Are Kurdish separatist targets inside northern Iraq actually peoples homes?

Does anyone truly think Limbaugh will pay for his "riot" comment?

Kleeb touts moderate message in Senate bid (was #5 on Act Blue earlier this week)

Have You Contacted Your Superdelegates Yet?

West dishonest broker in Iraq’s civil unrest

The Ugly American Says Adios

Bomb strikes pipeline carrying crude oil to refineries in southern Iraq

N.Y.-based business class airline Eos to cease operations

Iraq pipeline fire caused by mechanical fault not a bomb U.S. says

What you can do about that gravy sweating pigman

Iraq mass graves yield 100 bodies

Don't want to get pregnant? Don't have sex. Don't want Cancer? Don't smoke. (have fun....)

Congeniality prevails for Democrats in debate (Tony Raimondo a former R vs Kleeb for US Senate)

US Payrolls Probably Shrank, Economic Growth Was Slowest in Five Years

Kidnapped contractor's family awaits details of his death

Which phony war is worse? The war on terror, or the war on drugs.

background checks: has anyone run up against this?

Lest we forget: "Brother can you spare a dime?"

Bald Eagle live web cam

NYT op-ed: "Bowling 1, Health Care 0," by Elizabeth Edwards (Elizabeth calls out the press.)

Where's Your Flag Lapel Pins You Hypocrite Republikas? (Dial-Up & Hideous Pictures Warning)

Great article here.... don't miss it.

radiation filled mushrooms - bad. dioxin filled mushrooms - good

Glenn Greenwald's Latest Take on Bush, McCain and Torture n/t

Saving America

Sen. Salazar: Reprimand Rush

75 retired officers were coached by government and military officials to push Iraq war in our news

Senator Claire McCaskill just said "McSameAsBush"

Senator Claire McCaskill just said "McSameAsBush"

Howard Dean, MTP ..."The MOST delegates wins"

USPS prices changing May 12 (basic stamps up a penny)

U.S. Accepts International Criminal Court (US wants to control the ICC)

as I was browsing bumperstickers on Cafepress..warning..mind pollution

photographic proof that our democrats are less two-faced

Why didn't Arianna kick Mayhill Fowler's ass to the curb?

Recession Diet Just One Way to Tighten Belt - (How are you coping?)

Defense Department temporarily stops feeding info to retired military officers pending review

WHEN the next democratic President

Snopes: A soldier's Funeral (check all the photos at links)

The Clinton Administration and NAFTA

Death threats made against Chinese student who voiced support for Tibetans

By Stuart Rothenberg: For McCain, This Could Be as Good As It’s Going to Get

Is a living will pretty much the same thing as a DNR or do I need both?

David Goodman on Book-TV (CSPAN2) LIVE call-in show NOW

100 miles per gallon. If they can do it, why can't GM and Ford?

Shame on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz...Shame on her.

Russert Notes Hillary's Radical Days- What A Hypocrite She Is Using Bogus Ayers Crap

Boston Globe Blasts Hillary F/Saying She'd Nuke Iran; Says She Shouldn't Be Answering The 3am phone

surge update - Female suicide bomber kills 3 at checkpoint in Iraq

Ecuador’s Leader Purges Military and Moves to Expel American Base

Iraq Green Zone shelled amid sandstorm


First of the final three 'Seder on Sunday' shows on now

First of the final three 'Seder on Sunday' shows on now

Is $200 oil coming relatively soon?

weird stuff on presidential library donor lists.

Pentagon suspends controversial briefings of network television analysts

People...your 401k and IRA won't be affected by the Capital Gains tax because those are non taxable

Saaay .... I thought that leaf looked familiar ...

Just saw a payday loan ad that turned my guts.

FBI wants widespread monitoring of 'illegal' Internet activity

Top Russian Official Goes To Iran To Discus Security

"One windmill will power 30 homes."

LTTE > War IS Abortion and here's Proof

John Kerry ship strike legislation passes Senate committee (to protect endangered right whales)

Consumers Feeling Pain of Skyrocketing Gas Prices

USA Today: Comrades, civilians bid soldier Maupin farewell

LIVE, from Prescott , AZ..It's SUNDAY Night !!

Redefining Iran as the Enemy in Iraq

dupe; please delete

How Orwellian: McCain calls Obama insensitive to poor people

i find it odd that scalia has no problem with bu$h* trampling on our inalienable rights

I was going to watch 60 Minutes for the Scalia piece

Even cheaper recipes...

Beam me the fuck up, Scotty !

Hey, who's that guy on the Dime? And why do Republicans hate him so very, very much?

*FEMA: National Level Exercise Begins In May*

CNN to repeat the Wright's speech at 8 PM CST

Blogger Fouad al-Farhan released from Saudi jail

Yet another LTTE...

I feel so encouraged that a group of black leaders are emerging

Anyone here ever NOT heard Chuck Berry?? Young peeps apply withing!!


South African food prices cause consumer stress

Jeremiah Wright and the prophetic tradition

funny Bush joke I heard on the radio...

Republican Electorial Strategery: Make Gas So Expensive That People Cannot Drive To Vote?

Obama Says Will Back Petraeus For New Military Job

Fuck you Rick Sanchez

US would pursue Bin Laden through other countries

Elizabeth Edwards Rips Press on Campaign Coverage

Google Earth Isn't Fun Anymore

My Humbling Weekend.

Jeremiah Wright speaking now at NAACP in Detroit

Nevada GOP in disarray, cuts convention short over lack of support for McCain

Times have changed, thank you G-D!! Anyone else young and black??

Florida to examine faith-based health care

reminds me of a furniture company called Sofa King..........n/t

Pimped out 727 used by Saudi's and McCain up for sale.

President Jimmy Carter on The Daily Show tomorrow night.

President Jimmy Carter on The Daily Show tomorrow night.

Texas seeks U.S. ethanol cutbacks; cites corn costs


And they're playing it again!

PBS to Debut Stand Up: Muslim-American Comics Come of Age

I can't wait for the Clinton response

It's time to stock up on the ramen noodles!

I'm so fucking pissed off right now I can't even think.

It's no wonder the Bush Administration and the Contractors are all great pals

Republicans Continue Eating Into The Onion's Market Share!

I think Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" is one of the most compelling books

Anyone else watching this Scalia interview?

Larisa Alexandrovna: South Winning The "Cold" Civil War?

So I'm at a party in a McMansion in Scripps Ranch

LTTE...We suffer for Big Oil's greed

If you are trying to stretch your food's a link to lots of recipes/resources

Amid boos, GOP convention recessed

Reverend Wright brings CNN to a complete stand still will be all Wright rest of nite

I'm conflicted about the gas prices

Have you ever been under 'martial law' while living in the USA?

The big news ignored by the media from PA Primary: 27% of GOP voters voted against McCain

WHY is it necessary for CNN to tell me what Rev. Wright is saying??!!!

Samizdat for a New Generation, or: Why and How Youtube has changed American politics forever.

Chris Floyd: Critical Reaction: The Empire Strikes Back in Kabul?

Have to give credit to CNN for showing the whole speech of Dr. Wright....

From the "I wish I had written this" department: "Spiritual"

I just recieved my stimulus payment.

Hey they've OUTDONE us here at DU on flowers to Helen Thomas!!!

"Lincoln H.S. parents receive hoax 'prom night' letter"

In Chicago, a Volunteer Group Offers Students Safe Passage

It's Time to March. Or is it?

Rev. Wright's BRILLIANT speech being replayed on CNN now

Reverend Wright on CNN NOW!!! - This white boy would attend his church.

CNN Running Wright Again--3rd time!

Phony "Moderate" - - - John McCain & Bush's Torture Powers (Glenn Greenwald,

W Post: McCain Offers Tax Policies He Once Opposed

BUSHCO: "If my intent is to defend USA rather than to humiliate you-I have not committed an offense"

Letters Give C.I.A. Tactics a Legal Rationale - BULLSHIT

Holy moley ... there sure have been a lot of earthquakes recently!

Bush: "Hillary couldn't make it, she was dodging sniper fire & Obama was in church!" Hahahahaha!

What ever happened to?......

health care should be socialized because HEALTH is socialized

Woman With A Disabled Husband And Two Disabled Children Fights Foreclosure

If Rev. Wright were running for President, I would vote for him.

Dr. Wright gives a smackdown against division carried live by CNN LIVE ON CNN NOW*****

Harry Hopkins: FDR's "Rasputin:" "People don't eat in the long run, they eat every day"

Obama: "If I lose, it WON'T be because of RACE..."

Marian Anderson (a reference made by Rev. J. Wright tonight)

NAUSEATING photos: The "Wounded Warrior" Ride

Carolyn Jessop - Escaping from the FLDS and more videos

Ever seen a thousand pound steer? (Re: the coming food crunch)

Ever seen a thousand pound steer? (Re: the coming food crunch)


Having traveled by air a few weeks ago

Now that many DUers rushed to send money to Clinton and Obama

Screw the Hippy resurrection, we need the Tom Joad resurrection

Get ready for martial law

FLDS and abortion

Blitzer just asked Dianne Feinstein a pretty good question.

Next 9/11 scheduled for week of May 1-8, with Martial Law as a bonus

State moves to ban fake testicles on vehicles

I can't believe's cheaper to drive from Philadelphia to Chicago than take the train!

Daughter in cellar for 24 years

American Film Institutes List of the 100 Greatest Films of all time--do you agree?

Why in the world would a pharmaceutical company name a drug ACIPHEX???

Op/Ed In LA Times By HS Student Who Protested Right-Wing History Text: "I Knew This Was False"

run dont walk and buy this book...a peoples history of american empire

Torture, Destruction of Evidence, Lying about GI Suicide Rate -- Helen Thomas to WH Press Corp: "Whe

Them DEMs: Devastating new Iraq ad "McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years"

"Ron Paul's Delegate Wars"

A Special Birthday Shout Out To blockhead and Fox Mulder!

I just spent the last hour combing "fart putty" out of a five-year-old's hair.

I just spent the last hour combing "fart putty" out of some five-year-old Nair.

Anyone who knows about the ACT test - what is a good score?

I hate when people automatically assume you share their prejudices

I'm pooped, a bit inebriated, and gotta crash soon. Should I ..

The foot soldier R's have come to realize that the neo-con era

I crave a zero calorie beer, does it exist?

It's almost midnight here, on the Left Coast...

another one for the late-nighters...

A bit of something for the night-owls...

another one for the night crowd...and all the ships at sea...

Bubba Hotep

the Night They Blew Up Rapid Roy's!!!

don't think you can have a garden? you can have a garden...

Problem with Air Conditioner in Truck--Help wanted

Check me out

In half an hour begins a wet dream for fans of bad, old science fiction

Good times, bum times, I've seen 'em all and my dear, I'm still here.


Either the mockingbirds are making war or making love. Then a kiskadee ...

Quod erat demonstrandum, baby.

Who's got life insurance? Why? Why not?

Since it's Sunday, post something spiritual, something that really moves you!

Damn, I don't know why this song always makes me mist up.

My dream last night...

I dreamed I found a puppy on my porch...

I pimped my puppy!!!

Transportation technology has not kept pace

Good morning loungers . . .

Excited beyond reason about my recent order of an

I've run into a problem with my small business idea

Six Sigma: valuable tool, or crock of shit?

Damn earworm...

So a young married couple from different ethnic backgrounds...

1 down....Alternate title: I hate writing Philosophy papers...

my pet i-rocky...

I'm Eating Popplers For The First Time


Damn, food is getting expensive...

Anyone had their house fumigated?

I'm Eating Humans For The First Time

I'm a 26-year-old man with an MA and an active social life...

My cats are still not getting along

It's going to be a hard week.

There is one person who might read this in the lounge and be shocked, but here goes.

"Off the hook? Or very much ON the hook?"

Apparently people are trailer-crazy in my town.

Summer's come early

How I spent my Saturday: The LA Times Book Festival!! (pics)

I'm Eating Humans For The First Time

My brother called today, trying to borrow money

I'm Eating Humans For the First Time

"House" marathon tonight--USA, starting at 6:00!

Otto is in deep do do

While on the subject of copy cats...

'Ground ball to second base... Hu's got it...'

And people say Economics is boring!

Pepper (June 2007 - April 2008)

I'm Eating Humans For The First Time

WTF is up with this????

My God, it's good to be home.

OK all you MySpace peeps, my congressional candidate needs friends

I've had the weirdest ear worm all afternoon

I took care of everyone

We need to discuss a real debate. One not seen in the Lounge in ages:

I tried to watch "The Kingdom" last night

I have a brand-new pink iPod nano. Suggest some music for me!

cat daily diary vs. dog daily diary

ok... I don't understand this....

If you have comcast, "American Hardcore" is available on Encore on demand.

Las Vegas Pictures!

Why do I care what people think of my house?

I'm drinking mercury cocktails - what are you drinking?

I just lent my little brother $200

How old is this guy again? GodDAMN...

SHINE - How is ShineGirl?

Learned a new word tonight

I am the most ignorant person on DU!

Best commercial on TV: that talking baby for E trade!


I love my husband

So was anyone as insane as I was to go to Munster, Indiana for Dark Lord Day?

The unwise man mistakes the bull for an apéritif.

I have a series problem.

Where is a good place to get a cheap used Nintendo DS?

How are you NOT a liberal daguerreotype?

666th post! I am teh evile!

This Sounds Ridiculous... And I Wouldn't Blame You For Laughing Either

Out of pocket this weekend, and see my DRays swept the Red Sox

Well It Is Out Of Something

Something just hit me

Bar is Open

Pictures from a demonstration in Mexico City

I rode a bike for the first time in 15 years. And I fell off of it too. LOL My kids are

I've decided I'm gonna stop getting cable tv

We don't need an election. We need a revolution.

This is fun! Reject and denounce something...

can anyone answer this legal question?

It appears that I've been *fondled* - . . .

Has anyone else noticed that tv commercial makers have been getting their grubby lil hands...

Do you think people portray themselves as who they truly are on the internets?

How to send YOUR contribution to "a Web Site that consists of nothing but bad Mr. Spock drawings"

Your Sunday lolcats

Sunday Dental Thread: Dentist's Edition:

Does anyone else here get migraines from ingesting Nutrasweet (aspartame)?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/27/08

Has anyone ever dealt with a melanoma?

Kitty porn

Could use some of those lounge vibes tonight

Fun things to do in Denver for kids (particularly a 10 year boy)?

So when they finally foreclose on your house

May 09, 2008 - who's gonna go see it?

Skidboot: The most wonderful and amazing dog...

Battlestar Galactica: how many more?

Now I've seen everything. Paul Anka doing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Batman explains his superhero superiority.

Moderately disturbing YouTube video: "This is what I do, I sit on you"

I am the most ignored person on DU.

I fucked up.

DuStrange isn't here for the day, let's invent gossip about him!

and yet another...

It's my Birthday!

Man, I need some DU good vibes and a hug.

Roll Call ...

Good vibes needed - Bullwinkle925 is in the hospital for chest pain

I love my wife's husband

I don't get it. Lately it seems like a lot of people I once considered friends have just ditched me.

Blown out again.

Update on Bullwinkle925

It's church newsletter article time again! Help me, Lounge!

My cousin drove through town yesterday, stopped to visit,

Are "drop-off" birthday parties for children a thing of the past?

Interesting 10-hour PBS special begins tonight. "Carrier, Life aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/27/2008)

Worlds. Are. Colliding.

For fans of Hitchcock and Scorsese...

A scary forecast about peak oil from a University of AZ professor.

Have you read any "celebrity" bios? Which ones?

I just sprained my ankle.

I just sprained my ankle.

Why are you not a Liberal Stereotype?

I ate at the Chinese buffet in town.

I'm a trucker. Ask me anything about trucking,

What childhood/adolescent things did you just never grow out of?

Please permit me to brag for a moment...

I just finished my first 5K!

I absolutely LOVE this song - (if you like funk/hiphop check it out)

When I grow up I wanna be a Belly Dancer.

My kitteh had kittens yesterday...

What is your favorite classic novel?

post three of your favorite pictures that you have taken

I'm Eating Hummus For The First Time

Cat people: When you get up in the morning, do you...

Is fat acceptance a progressive issue?

How McCain Lost in Pennsylvania

CIA tactics given legal cover, newspaper says

Facebook tracking Darfur 'criminals'

Torch faces S.Korea protests, festivities in North

Iraq mass graves yield 100 bodies

Turkey steps up effort for Syria-Israel peace

Obesity leaves children with livers like foie gras

Producers to discuss "gas OPEC", Iran says

Eos Airlines Files for Bankruptcy, Plans to Shut Down Immediately

Ballpark funeral held in Ohio for long-missing soldier

Syria gives Iraq back treasure seized at border

Baghdad Green Zone blasted under cover of storm

Iraq Green Zone shelled amid sandstorm

Britons kidnapped in Iraq are ‘held by Iran’

Obama Seeks Private Funding

US helicopters attack militants in Sadr City, police say

Continental Air to Shun Mergers, Remain Independent (Update1)

Obama's ex-pastor slams 'corporate-owned media'

Babies seized by Robert Mugabe's forces as Zimbabwe hounds voters

Oil strikes new record near $120 on supply fears

McCain blames Obama for Wright issue

Iraqi Political Leaders Protest U.S. Siege Of Sadr City

Obama donor received a state grant

Petrol rationed to stop hoarding as supplies dwindle on the forecourts

St Francis's hometown Assisi bans begging: report

Greenspan, Bush to blame for U.S. crisis: Stiglitz

More U.S. Households Seek Help With Utilities

Boeing to outsource F-18 components to India

Gov. Richardson meets Chavez over hostages

To Stave Off Terror, Feds Issue Safety Strategy For Boaters

Investigators: Millions in Iraq contracts never finished

Karzai flees gunfire at Afghan ceremony

Obama says will back Petraeus for new military job

McCain calls Obama insensitive to poor people

Assad says facility Israel bombed not nuclear-paper

Debate without moderator? Obama declines

Waitress Fired After Showing Political Support

Recession Diet Just One Way to Tighten Belt

'Voracious' jumbo squid invading Pacifc Northwest waters

Expert Questions U.S. Claim over Syrian Reactor

Burst of blasts strikes Baghdad's Green Zone

Brazilian farmer killed in Amazon after reporting illegal loggers (where US nun, Dorothy was killed)

North Pole Could Be Ice Free in 2008

Geraldo vs Dick Morris: Should Super Delegates Decide?

OBAMA - Indianapolis Star's Editorial Board Q&A on the Issues 04/25/08

Barack Obama in Anderson, IN

Rev. Jeremiah Wright On Bill Moyers 2008.04.25, Part 6

Pt. 1 Dennis Kucinich Clips on Patriot Act

Barack Obama: What it really means to be tough

Barack Obama Goes on Fox News Sunday

TYT: Do Republicans Really Want Fair Voting in America?

Brazil bans rice exports, protests in Peru

Blood Blister: The New Political Commentator of Our Times

New York Police Officers Acquitted!! (The Young Turks)

Paul Waldman (Media Matters) and KO plumb the depths of McCain's memory loss

Sucky, Sucky, Sucky

John McCain - Flying Through A Loophole

Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright at the NAACP - mocks paranoid politicos, the media, "analysts"

TYT: Hillary's Popular Vote Argument Is Nonsense

Does Barack Obama look too good?


Rachel Maddow on Limbaugh's Hope for Riots (Countdown)

Rush Limbaugh- Operation Assh*le

Hillary Clinton's Coded Dogwhistle

Obama stars in Mississippi attack ad

Fox News Sunday - Obama Speaks to Chris Wallace (04/27/2008) - COMPLETE

Jimmy Carter says candidates can't risk offending Israel

DNC Ad on John McCain and Iraq: "100"

Republican Space Rangers

T-shirt showing Iraq deaths is needed reminder of war

Petraeus promotion an ominous sign of possible war with Iran

How McCain Lost in Pennsylvania

Torture News Was Ignored. But Why?

Head of Army defends Britain's role in Basra in open letter to his troops

Allegations Lead Army to Review Arms Policy

The Republican Erosion of America By Angel Of Mercy

Only Removing Pelosi NOW Can Stop Congress From Lying Down Yet Again

Stephen Douglas Challenges Lincoln to a 'Hillary-Obama Style' Debate

The McCain Game Plan

Ecuadorian officials want U.S. troops out; colonel warns of damage to drug

LAT op-ed by the NJ high schooler who charged conservative bias in American Government textbook

"Freetrade" With Colombia: Double Speak, Deadly Silence and Deception

Bush Clinton Remarks At Press Corp. Dinner Wholly Inappropriate

Titty-twisting the night away

The Clintonian Foreign Policy Legacy

"We Will Not Be Moved!"

Criminal, ethical questions surround Yoo's torture memos

Groups Wrangle With CIA Over ‘Ghost Prisoners’

Elizabeth Edwards in NYT: Bowling 1, Health Care 0

The IMF’s Dwindling Fortunes

The Neoconning of a Nation

Bowling 1, Health Care 0 by Eliz. Edwards

UK's super-rich 'getting richer' (BBC)

Israel's Grotesque Spying Operation

Three Reasons to Believe that Clinton and Obama are Electable

Guantánamo Drives Prisoners Insane, Lawyers Say

Chavez Swears In New Venezuelan Minister for Women’s Affairs

The Clock is Ticking for an Attack on Iran by Dave Lindorff

Laura Berg’s Letter - Receiving the Pen Award after being charged with sedition

Evidence-based Bombing By Scott Ritter

Samizdat for a New Generation, or: Why and How Youtube has changed American politics forever.

Doctors agree: We need single-payer health care...

Accounting ripe for outsourcing

India needs McCain as US President

A gentle and humorous evisceration of Martin Amis' "The Second Plane"

Hillary's BIG FLIP-FLOP on who is qualified to be president

Scalia on '60 Minutes' Reveals His 'Un-Original Intent'

TV Military ‘Analysts’ Are Part of What Ike Warned Against

Siegelman fights on

‘Western Leaders Are War Criminals’ By Mick Meaney

Pushing the Single-Payer Solution

Did U.S. intelligence assets kill Antioch College?

The Pentagon Strangles Our Economy:Why the U.S. Has Gone Broke By Chalmers Johnson


Asian Rainforest Destroying Surges, Thanks To Palm Oil, India And China Demand - AFP

Pine Wilt Nematode Moves Beyond 2.4 Million Acres Of Portugese Forest Already Affected - Reuters

UK Oil Crisis - How Wise To Allow Control Of Half Of N. Sea Output By 1 Private Equity Firm?

Gov. Goodhair Demands That US Government Cut Ethanol Fuel Standard In Half hearing: Opportunities and Challenges for Nuclear Power

Amazon Farmer & Illegal Logging Whistleblower Murdered At His Home - AP

U.S. Taxpayers Spent $264 Million in 2004 On Cotton Export Subsidies Ruled Illegal By WTO

Bolivian President Morales calls for 'reparations to the earth'

Selenium Runoff From W. Virginia's Biggest Mountaintop Coal Mine Killing & Deforming Fish

Haz Waste & Electronics Dropoff Event Gridlocks Washington DC Traffic - WP

Petrol rationed to stop hoarding as supplies dwindle on the forecourts

Oregon rail system grows as new lines crop up

Governor Of Matto Grosso State (Brazil) - Cut Down Amazon To Grow More Soy, "Solve" Food Crisis

20K Acres Per Year Of Cypress Destroyed To Make Mulch, Razing LA Storm Barrier - M.J.

T. Homer-Dixon: Satellite Animation Shows "Flushing" Of Old Sea Ice From Arctic Basin 10/07 -3/08

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Acta in talks with major auto producer to produce an ethanol powered fuel cell.


Monster warning to protect oceans (BBC/Viewpoint) {overfishing}

We ate at the State AFL-CIO breakfast (we honored those that died on the job)

Cracks in crackdown on illegal workers (homeland security & SS records could cost YOU your job)

Missouri Union Members Get Ready for 2008 Elections

Best Health Care Solutions Come from Nurses, Others Doing the Work

A Virtual Rally for a Real-Life Need: Paid Sick Leave

AFSCME PA Council 13 Launches ‘Operation Veterans Hope’

Airline Workers Demand Place at Table in Northwest-Delta Merger

Today in labor history April 27 First strike for 10 hour day 1825

Labor cartoon for the week of April 21, 2008

Working family cartoon: WTO

UAW plans "major demonstration" for opening night of MGM Grand at Foxwoods Casino

'Women of Steel' at the May Day parade

Commentary: NFL players union no evil empire

Does the Pope Care about Worker’s Rights?

Longshore workers plan to shut down ports for May Day

Bush's War on Workers

Let them eat … peanut butter

Kiss Half Your Pay Check Goodbye

KFPA, Democracy and Labor

State Labor Commission collects $53,500 in fines from recent county-wide crackdown on salons

When Time Is Not Money (can they do that?) withholding of pay and compensation for extra events

Home child care workers union seeks better service from state

Maquiladora Workers Fight For Unions and Aganist NAFTA

Union vote remains on hold (SEIU vs CNA)

Huff Post: On Worker's Memorial Day: Protest Bush Administration Policies Making Work Less Safe

I could use a small favor on this slow day

Obama Fires Up UFCW Activists in Chicago

Bus Drivers Vote In Bitter Union Election Friday

Painters union votes not to join carpenters

USW blasts Senate GOP for blocking equal pay law

Privately Funded Training Shores Up Declining Skilled Labor Force

EPA Wants New Rules for Testing Bacteria Levels in Airplane Tap Water

D.C. Security Guards Get FIRST Union Contract

Businessman gets 6-month sentence in tax evasion (undocumented carpenters)

Union made snacks, cars and food

New running post (I'm out of work in the W economy)

Greenspan, Bush to blame for U.S. crisis: Stiglitz

Dollar's fall forces new standard of frugality-w/list of IN/OUT in new economy

Parents of murder victim to urge lawmakers to protect gay kids

Mount Si's gay-rights Day of Silence is far from quiet

Comedian Richard Lewis: Mary Cheney is 'Casper the Lesbian'

Israel recognizes overseas adoption by gay couple, grants child citizenship

Anyone nervous about the Day of Truth

What did you parents say when you came out?

Bolivian leader enjoys slice of league action

A fairy tale from a guerrilla laptop

Granada - Mexico's homage to Spain

Ecuador Wants Community Stakes in Mining Projects

14 Countries Smack Down Secessionists in Bolivia

Bolivia in Flames, White Separatism-Bolivia, Letter to Cardinal Terrazas, Judi Gets Tip of Hat !

New education panel to promote Jews and Arabs living together

Hamas disrupts fuel supplies to Gaza

World Bank: Israeli Restrictions Main Factor in Sluggish Palestinian Economy

US presses Israel to reach Gaza cease-fire before Bush visit

Juan Cole: A Million Palestinians Threatened with Starvation by Israel

Hamas leader's 14-year-old daughter killed during Israeli dawn raid

MK Ariel: Arabs should be urged to willingly emigrate from Israel

Eliz. Edwards in NYTimes on media ignoring Biden, Dodd, etc.

Woo hoo! The Seahawks drafted the most easy to root for college player EVER

Jets Sign 5'6" Career NCAA Rushing Leader

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (April 27): Log jams at top of all tournaments

cryptic message from dream you may find value in

School of Metaphysics - Dream Hotline this weekend

Predictions for the elections by bookies?

Hey Meeeechigan fans---ya gotta be lovin the Dolphins.

Stock question. When you roast the bones for brown stock, do you use

City Club presents Dr. John Abramson

Nice photo thread in progress in the Lounge:

sister in law needs psychiatric treatment: does Ohio, Oregon have good treatment?

This probably belongs in the gardening forum, but here goes:

Obesity leaves children with livers like foie gras

Cops, soldiers block Biking Priest from delivering letter to Arroyo

Unwitting icon of Vietnam War brings message of forgiveness

Pope Sends Easter Greetings to Eastern Churches

Presbyterian church deciding case of pastor who performed gay marriages

Brazil: Rescuers Fail to Find Priest Carried Aloft by Party Balloons

Todays sermon is from "Battlestar Galactica"

What kind of pan do you use to stir-fry?

Insects Use Plants Like A Telephone

Clinton turns attention to observatory in Puerto Rico (Arecibo)

More guns, ..more firearms deaths.

A well, regulated militia meant the firearms knowledgeable and experienced portion of the populace

On the Quality of Discourse (Firearms Edition)

For the engineers here (and anyone else who would appreciate some humor)

I am *positive* JK had some hand in Obama's latest message

Hearings this week

I enjoyed my visit to your state

Marathon in Nisswa run during today's blizzard

OK computer geeks

What does "mirrored" mean?

So, my 'puter has been blowing up on

NYT: Election Day in Florida May Look Familiar

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. 04/27/08

TOP Recommended/Discussed Election Reform Threads (Mon April 21, 08 thru Sun April 27, 08

Clinton Donors Switching to Obama

some fun video from the '04 campaign. live from the heartland. 49th ward

Liberal Values on the Fox interview, Julia Sweeny, Independents, and Voting Behavior

Suggestions please!

Tom Hayden on Clinton

Rich get richer under Labour

I'd give Boris a job, says Ken

"It's Sunday...

What in the world is going on? Why are people blathering about Keith?

Hey! I Just Found This Group!

Tony Blair friend in bribery probe

"Many atheists are spiritually oriented"