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Endorsement: I didn't notice anyone mention SD Audra Ostergard she endorsed today

Let's take a look at which Democratic superdelegates haven't committed to a candidate yet.


Question about the media's narrative helping to drag this out.

And now for something completely different: William S. Burroughs-"Old Man Bickford"

How important is the VP choice to you

No way in Hellary.

News Clues for Latecomers

While our party's race for standard bearer and president draws on, it may be worth noting

So when are the super delegates stepping in?

Of course Obama is winning because he is black

Carville and Richardson both on CNN Larry King right now.

Moving the goal post: will of the people vs will of the pledged delegates


USA Today editorial board worried about Obama's GE weaknesses

Obama disrespected our national anthem

So Hillary netted about 10 delegates out of PA

Nomad1776's Thread Reaches 1,000 Recommendations - No. 1 With A Bullet!

Top Edwards adviser (Turlington) says he's backing Obama

So what's the delegate count for PA...I've been out all day.

This is painfully obvious. Bring on your nasty rhetoric!

Please tell me

"Older White Women I Hope to Emulate on Election Day!"

Caucus less than 10% turnout, Primary greater than 10% turnout

A request to supporters of both candidates

I just donated $250 to Obama

Hillary Demands that "Moon People's" Votes for her be counted, added to Pop vote!

Why shouldn't Obama get the *Uncommitted* votes in Michigan?

Hillary's Rev. Wright : His name is Richard Mellon Scaife.

Interesting VP Possibility for Obama - Colorado Governor Bill Ritter

Look at all of the usual suspect Hillary haters still

Two statements that just don't go together

Of course Hillary still thinks she can win because she is White, Female, and used to live in the WH

In your opinion, why are the right-wing media supporting Senator Hillary Clinton?

Is this PA delegate count correct?

CNN "comeback kid?" Quick Vote

The Math

Why does it matter whether Clinton's win margin in PA was by 9.5% or by 10%?


Waaaaaa! Leave Barack Alone!! No More Debates!!! You won't believe this..


"O Bummer" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial April 24:

Why should the SDs vote with the winner of pledged delegates instead of the popluar vote?

People think it's funny that Obama and Clinton team up.

Hillary Clinton and the Five Stages of Grief

We will hear a constant refrain from hillworlders and camp hillary over the next two weeks

What if the primaries were winner-take-all?

FINALLY! Can We All Agree That The Pledge Delegate Race Is Over? Finished, Finito'

Meet the great Senator Barack Obama

Meet the great Senator Barack Obama

Is "Because White Folks Won't Vote Him" A Good Enough Reason To Not Support Obama For POTUS?

Hillary can have the VP spot!

Before the primary started I said I had three top issues.

Before the primary started I said I had three top issues.

The first step to winning the General Election in November

Dupe. Please delete.

No More Debates!!

Obama campaign responds to "Willie Horton" ad:

Any proof on Hillary's 10 million? This journalist says not...

The Republicans have written of the Black vote. Can the Democratic party afford to do the same?

I have wondered wether it makes me sexist that I subcousciously dislike Hillary

Hillary supported NAFTA in 1993

Our Democratic nominee Vs. Two disgusting enemies at once..

Do either candidate really believe that sending dozens of the same piece of

CBS Reporting Hillary Nets 9 Delegates from PA

Delegate Counting Chart

Obama not being close to the Clintons will help with Independents and Disillusioned Republicans.

Hillary the "fighter" who said that you get change by "working" for it, not NOT "fighting" for it.

Hillary the "fighter" who said that you get change by "working" for it, not NOT "fighting" for it.

One Puer ganged up on by three Senexes

Rasmussen Daily Tracking: Obama Leads McCain 47% to 45%, Leads Clinton 49% to 42%

Indiana: He spoke to a rally of 7000 supporters and took NO questions afterward

The logical end of the Democratic Party as we know it.

Another subtle and very telling similarity between Bush and Clinton

The funny thing is, Obama would be just the kind of politician I'd expect Bill Clinton to support

Who is Rove Really Working For?

OMG! Bill Clinton switches his Super Delegate vote to Obama.

NY Times Thursday: Obliterating Hillary's Electability Meme

Only one thing I know: say NO to McCain.

If Hillary's such a fighter, why didn't she fight against the IWR?

Some Post-Pennsylvania Perspective

Hillary to N.C/Ind. "you are all in debt, DON'T WORRY SO AM I" LMAO

My 1000th post...

You Break The Rules...You Don't Count..FL&MI

Hillary's incredible shrinking Pennsylvania victory...two days later, the tide isn't turning

RAUMUSEN GE POLL: Minnesota: Obama 52% McCain 38%

If Hil is nominated, we'll never find out who tried to kill Leahy & Daschle

Don't stop believin', Hillary

What would happen to the delegate counts if Edwards asked his delegates to vote for Hillary

Why Obama can't beat McCain...the racist 8 percent...Roger Simon

Why Obama can't beat McCain...the racist 8 percent...Roger Simon

*** I guess both candidates can stop talking about Univ. Healthcare ***

Excuse Slip From Obama Doesn't Excuse Students

Hilary's official website is now asking for donations of $5.00

Yet another statewide poll showing Obama doing better than Hillary against McCain

The new Repuke ads against Obama. Show why they fear him the most in GE

Democratic superdelegates also divided over a prolonged race

nation's first Black governor has some advice for Obama

I am Putting You *ALL* on IGNORE1!!!1!!!

Keith gets low ratings in bed

Does anyone else think Obama will take Clinton as his VP?

Hillary, why can't you win the Democratic primary?

Obama should agree to a debate -- But only if it is moderated by someone like....

AWESOME Indiana Obama town hall yesterday. Took questions for an hour.

Let's clear this pledged delegate crap up once and for all

Clinton supporter challenges DNC over Mich.

A Question

GDP sporks a new acronym! What is an 'LIV'

GDP sporks a new acronym! What is an 'LIV'

Obama Magic Number at: 133

"Close the deal?" Doesn't it sound like HRC thinks the presidency's for sale?

Bobbing head - a short rant

***************** SCREW THE GOP ! ! ****************

Rec this thread- If you think it's time for Obama to drop out

Breaking News On Hillary's Campaign

To all my hip hop heads: Wu Endorses Obama!!!

DemConWatch: Obama has 300 to go!

Racism is an issue but not Sexism????? Camp Clinton has been saying

Hillary Turns Up Heat, Threatens to 'Obliterate' Iran

Which of these three swing states will Obama win for us in a general election?

Democratic coalitions are built with low-income voters, not just affluent liberals and the netroots.

The real victims of 2008: racist, misogynist Democrats

Remember when Bill did the interview with Mark Davis & not Rush?

Assessing Strength in Swing States

Clinton Trying to make Obama unelectable....

Oh...People Will Come Barack, They Will Most Definately Come.

Oh...People Will Come Barack, They Will Most Definately Come.

Hillary Clinton Will You Please Go Now !

operation chaos

Obama: 21st Century Mike Dukakis

Republicans= Shit. Check this story out.

Congressman David Wu Endorses Barack Obama for President

Is Jenna Bush supporting Obama? In an interview, she said that she

Is Jenna Bush supporting Obama? In an interview, she said that she

Strangest campaign sign of the year?

NY Times Decision Tree-If Your County has this- Your County voted Hillary.

Please note: when Republicans crossover for Obama, it's a sign of his bipartisan support...

A proposal for future debates

How To Tell If a GD: P Post Is Favorable Towards Obama Or Clinton Without Reading the Header

Why I support Barack Obama, but think Hillary Clinton is the better candidate.

Who would most likely start a war with Iran - Hillary or McCain?

So here comes more negative hits from Obama. Misleading mailers from Senator Obama?

10 Million and Still a big ZERO, eom.

REC if you think "WE CAN'T WIN" threads should be banned from GD-P

[HILLARY SUPPORTERS] - Your thoughts - Repubs Voting/Endorsing/BJ-ing Her....

Why can't Hillary seal the deal? She was the front runner for a long long time.

To those who equate this movement with that movement...

Largest Indiana Newspaper Calls For Democratic Debate

I've said it before, will say it again -- Why are Republicans helping Hillary?

Obama attack email my mother sent me.

Do NOT recommend this thread if you're for Obama: you've got more important things to do.

A word to the wise: Spend half your energy against McCain

Joe Klein is concerned about what the primary is doing to the Democratic Party.

Another SD for Obama! Congressman Wu from Oregon

Forget Farrakhan, Wright and Ayers! I want to know about Obama's connection with

Hillary Clinton, Ex-Arithmecrat. Enough with the fake metrics.

I don't have a dog in this primary fight. My dog died...

Superdelegate Wu Backs Obama In Oregon

Pennsylvania Win Makes Clinton Win Less Likely

"O"bama boy! (Video)

Clinton’s new 'friends' from Whitewater now pushing Obama smears

OMG! Look who Obama's been caught with now! Why hasn't he denounced this man!?!?

To those that say "Racist America" won't vote for Obama, I say this.....

Recommend this thread if you think the Hillary vs. Obama fight is good for the Party.....

Hillary winning in PA by 9.2% is considered "huge" when she had to win every remaining state by 25%?

How do we counter the Rev. Wright meme?

Church steeple used as cell phone tower

I need to correct my stance: i.e. I'll vote for either candidate.

To anyone hoping for a Super Delegate coup: Do you think it's Democratic?

Fun with sorting. Rec this thread if you knew...

Hill on Brinks radical: I didn't know!

Why won't Hillary tell us who she's been fighting for?

Challenge to Hillary supporters! Explain how she can get to 2024

The Trainwreck

Indy Star Editorial: It's time for serious debate ... Obama "disengages"

Rec this thread- If you think it's wrong to use children as bait while shark fishing

Obama supporters, good news from Rasmussen today

How the Corp. Media and the Clintons are ignoring MLK 's Dream at every Turn.

Another Oregon Superdelegate endorsement for Obama

IFPTE Union Endorses Obama

North Carolina mayors endorse Barack Obama

OBAMA leads mccain nationally!!

Congratulations on Pennsylvania, but the Clinton supporters still need some perspective.

Jenna Bush: I may not support McCain

A Message to All Super-Delegates.

SlickHilly's long list of lies, spins, and morphs.

Newsweek-Alter:Generation Gap-Obama is trailing with older voters. Can he win them over?(Yes he can)

Jenna Bush on the fence about presidential candidates

What's missing from each of these pics?

No recourse/justice for MI people who voted "uncommitted"

Disclosure of McCain's Tax-Free Disability Pension May Raise Fitness Questions

Uncommited in Michigan went to Obama and Edwards. Edwards was still in the race.

If Obama was making the same F'ING RIDICULOUS claims that Clinton is would he be taken seriously?

Some Clinton folks say RACISM should disqualify Obama 'cause folks won't vote for him, what about...

Rec this thread if you are tired of being asked to rec threads.

McCain's Mental Stability

Why are there STILL 45 PRECINCTS not counted in PA 9,219 out of 9,264 Districts (99.51%) Reporting

You want people like me to support Obama? Here's how:

Apparently Hillary Picked Up Three Endorsements Today...

It's the Politics of Negatives -- Not Negativity -- that Matters

From an Obama Supporter: Obama SHOULD Debate!

Indiana & North Carolina Obama Supporters Check In

Hillary has a club foot, eats small children, and laughs at the suffering of others

Breaking: NC and "other" states WILL run controversial

We're actually doing pretty well here, at least on one count.



Clinton Pastor Backs Reverend Wright

Join Barack Obama in calling for Hillary Clinton to stop saying really stupid stuff!

Breaking: NC GOP will not air Obama/Wright Ad per MSNBC

PA Ad Spending 2-1,

The shocking video Hillary Clinton doesn't want you to see

What specific changes will your candidate bring?

9.1 %

Clinton: "I'm saved. The tide is turning."

Voting machine types to be used in Indiana and North Carolina

"I can't WAIT to see where she grew up in Indiana!"

Rec this if you think....

Did Elizabeth Edwards campaign with Hillary yesterday?

if 'ifs and butts were candy and nuts....'

Hillary's Military Industrial Complex Pork & Her Under-educated, Low-Info Base

Hillary "didn't know anything about" Bill's Weather Underground pardons

"I'm closing in!" -Oh no, you're not!

LA Times Readers' Rep responds to a complaint. (If I did this, you can, too! )

William Ayers Killed One Less Person than Laura Bush

High profile superdelegate and senator set to make an endorsement soon per Reid but who will it be?

Nothing will change after November - brace yourself for 4 more years of the same old shit.

Positive thread: I strongly feel we are going to beat McCain

Hillary trades Pork for Donations, Rolling Stone article link

Positive thread: I strongly feel we are going to beat McCain

So who is going to Guam for the primary?

Don't be fooled by the McCain mystique

In less than four more years, Obama can join AARP

I think Hillary and Obama want the same thing, but they're going at it differently.

McClatchy Newspapers: Presidential candidates are no strangers to lobbyists

When Superdelegates Make Their Decisions, It is Not Pledged vs. Popular.

-- 9.2%--

The Hillary rap

Funny - Ron Paul Gets 16%, Mike Huckabee gets 11%... How does McCain Feel About PENN? Can He win his

Its over regarding Pledged Delegates - only 412 remaining with 150 difference

Superdelegate Rep. David Wu Backs Obama In Oregon

Jon Stewart explains the Clinton "logic"

Former Edwards National General Chairman & 49 Other Edwards Supporters Throw Support to Barack Obama

Former Edwards National General Chairman & 49 Other Edwards Supporters Throw Support to Barack Obama

Obama is within 300 delegates of getting the nomination

Rasmussen Markets: Democrats have 61.0% chance of winning in November.

Obama could pick up six delegates from Iowa on Saturday

look at what the Hill campaign was saying about delegates

look at what the Hill campaign was saying about delegates

DU POLL: Hypothetical President/VP options

Obama's Projections Becomes Reality

Wow, I didn't know all this about the terrorist that Bill Clinton pardoned.

I Guess Sexist Slurs Weren't Enough For Some So The Ante Has Been Upped To Ageist Ones

A Challenge, Call, Plea for a serious dialog with candidate supporters: criteria for nomination

Photo of little girl, "high-fiving" O'Bama.

Hillary Clinton Isn't Vetted, the Rezko Trial, Barack Obama, and Karl Rove

'Forget delegates, rules, votes: I deserve it. I'm Hillary Clinton, and I approved this message.'

'Forget delegates, rules, votes: I deserve it. I'm Hillary Clinton, and I approved this message.'

McCain got his ass kicked on taxes by some kid. Going to go happy hour, I'll post it when i get back

First, the media will get rid of the black guy, then they will get rid of the woman.

"Obama can't win in GE because he didn't win the big states" - rubbish

My take on the 2008 election, as I told one of my best friends

I've been reading a whole bunch of posts here where

I've been reading a whole bunch of posts here where

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Thursday April 24 2008

At this point, the candidates aren't running for delegates...

I don't want attacks on either candidate

"Focus Shift to Indiana"

Democratic turnout compared to Rethug turnout in the primaries this year.

Go ahead, let's seat Florida and Michigan


How Clinton can win the popular vote (+ info on PA Latinos and a "Jacksonian" ethnic bloc?)

RECOMMEND this thread if you THINK

The number 22. What's so important about it? Read on.

Obama disses seniors

Obama disses seniors



Let's google Bomb Joe Scarborough over intern death since he likes rehashing Rev Wright Story

Obama should copy Rove FL recount theme!

Obama should copy Rove FL recount theme!

PA is not the only damn state in this country. What the hell is wrong with

Simple question for Obama supporters

At least TWENTY supers set to trickle out for Obama

HRC Rule Change No. 2,743 ...

HRC Rule Change No. 2,743 ...

Hillary Clinton did not raise $10 million dollars in 24 hrs

You gotta hand it to both of them

On John McCain's Birthday, are we going to make sure everyone remembers this?

The Lord of The Rings part 4

Clinton Camp (McAuliffe): "Anything that's been out in the public is fair game."

Rec this thread if you are tired of threads asking for recs!

Skinner built this spaceship, and now he's not allowed to ride it?

Rush Limbaugh Calling For Riots In Denver (And A survey)

Rush Limbaugh Calling For Riots In Denver (And A survey)

Florida Statewide Count Our Votes /Get Out The Vote

BREAKING:Hillary reaches out to young voters by incorporating upcoming blockbuster into campaign!


Wow....Indiana tied in the polls, NC looking GREAT! I am so pumped about May 6th!!!

"Obama Will Take Away Your Guns"

The Nation: Bitter Politics

We are Eating Our Young!

Brilliant BRILLIANT Political Move!!

VIDEO (05:34) TDS Jon Stewart from last night

Four Ultimate Myths By Clinton Supporters!

If Bill Clinton were running today, would you vote for him?

Does anyone have any info on the meetings Hillary is holding with superdelegates as we speak?

Who among ye can withstand the wrath of Hillary, the Obliterator!!!

Pro-Hillary *psychic* claims she may be blackmailing Superdelegates.

Despite Pennsylvania Win, Clinton and Obama Have Similar Chances of Beating McCain

"Politicians" versus "Public Servants"

Youth Vote Growing, Supporting Obama - BostonGlobe

Obama is too afraid of Clinton to debate--he blew the issue questions

Who's expected to win Guam?

Hillary fans: might want to be careful of your newfound media 'friends'

The 2008 Primaries: Told in the form of the movie Snatch's Character introduction and music:

I think Obama should debate Hillary again!! Soon!

Obama Is NOT And NEVER Has Been A MUSLIM! And This Is Not The Free Republic!

OBAMA signs excuse slips for students.

I think Obama needs to sit down with Mudcat Saunders and other rurally focused politicos...

Obama's Touch of Class

Norah O'Donnell, with the question being, "Who's winning," says Hillary's claim is technically true

"Barry"?? the new clinton supporter meme? I don't get it.

Dear Secret Cabal of Obamabots (Updated With Hillarious Clinton F-Up)

Dear Secret Cabal of Obamabots (Updated With Hillarious Clinton F-Up)

Dear Secret Cabal of Obamabots (Updated With Hillarious Clinton F-Up)

Dear Secret Cabal of Obamabots (Updated With Hillarious Clinton F-Up)

Rec This Thread if You're Tired of "Rec This Thread" Threads

Wright back in the news soon - not good

Rove on Obama

We don't HAVE a popular vote! We have NO idea what it is,

MSNBC doesn't have the correct numbers for Maine's caucus

My biggest fear in all of this.

Is it a bad sign (for him) that McCain only got 73% of the vote in Pennsylvania?

So, WHEN exactly do we get our DU back?

DU Included in Google Search on Laws Re: Inciting Riots

If Colin Powell had run as a Republican, would the country have been embroiled in a conversation

Welcome to bitter Indiana Mr. and Mrs. National Politician. It has been a very long time.

Clinton seeks to burnish military credentials in NC

Memo to Matthews

That damn Bill Moyers, playing that race card!

If the six weeks wait for PA was hell...the next 11 days will be...

Outspent 3-1

Unethical Obama Behavior in Indiana!!!

Who got the bigger bang for the buck in PA?

Who got the bigger bang for the buck in PA?

Unexpected Obama Supporter???

Unexpected Obama Supporter???

Unlike Obama, Hillary loves the voters!!

I'm a racist and I'm voting for Obama.

Super Delegates Weekly Tracking Since 1/13. HC lead shrinks from 96 to 22

PA General Primary (99.99%) Reporting Statewide - 9.2%! MSM Get it Right! It is NOT double digits!!

I also love how many Obama supporters....

Don't Assume Hillary will Quit if Obama reaches the 2025 Delegates Needed to Clinch

Axelrod: Working class whites haven't voted strong Dem in years. HRC says, "Screw 'em!"

Axelrod: Working class whites haven't voted strong Dem in years. HRC says, "Screw 'em!"

Axelrod: Working class whites haven't voted strong Dem in years. HRC says, "Screw 'em!"

There is Only One Solution!


IMO, Edwards will un-suspend his campaign to try and break the deadlock. What do you think.

IMO, Edwards will un-suspend his campaign to try and break the deadlock. What do you think.

NYT: "Mr. Obama would draw majorities of support from lower-income voters and less-educated ones"

Attn. Super Delegates: Please note who the MSM Cons are shilling for.

Message over Personality -- Why Obama is a much better matchup against McCain (IMO)

I love ( get a big laugh out of) how if you do not support Obama....

North Carolina GOP leadership divided over Obama ad (or not)?

Tweety is all aglow and has been for weeks......

Dems: Experiencing a Rebirth

My choice for Obama's VP: Jim Hightower

Tomorrow I am going to vote early.

I support ( get a big laugh out of) how if you do not love Obama....

Clinton-Obama Dream ticket or Nightmare ticket?

Is Hillary Clinton Push Polling in North Carolina?

Is, by virtue of what she is now doing, Hillary Clinton comparable to Ralph Nader?

Steelworker's Union President: "not a business card's difference between Obama and Clinton"

Clinton Debt $5 Million Higher Than Reported

What Do You Think Of Closed Primaries?

Contradictions in Hillaryland

The Official Faux News(Rupert Murdoch)/North Carolina GOP/Richard Mellon Scaife Save Hillary Thread

Why does Obama have to PROVE his worthiness in ways Hillary doesn't?

Top House Democrat denounces Clinton campaign tactics

Washington Post does not believe Hillary has crossed the line. Plus she should stay in the race

Geez Louise. Very bad news for Obama.

mccain throws scrub under the bus

Come November, whom ever the Dem nom is, they get my vote. nt

The Three MSNBC "Racially Clueless" Amigos?

The Three MSNBC "Racially Clueless" Amigos?

Nice surprise when I came home tonight

DU admins: Call it

Obama electability memo: Outperforms HRC in IA, NC, OR, WI, MN, NM, MI, NV, CO, MT, VA, ND and TX

Obama electability memo: Outperforms HRC in IA, NC, OR, WI, MN, NM, MI, NV, CO, MT, VA, ND and TX

Obama electability memo: Outperforms HRC in IA, NC, OR, WI, MN, NM, MI, NV, CO, MT, VA, ND and TX

Obama electability memo: Outperforms HRC in IA, NC, OR, WI, MN, NM, MI, NV, CO, MT, VA, ND and TX

43 North Carolina Mayors endorse OBAMA today (From Iching--out of posts)

Rec This If You'd Kick In $100 To Entice The Clintons Go Away

Rev. Wright vs. Rev. Hagee

Rev. Wright vs. Rev. Hagee

Has it occured to anyone that the GOP is backing HRC in NC?

Obama let insurance lobbyists write health care reform in IL senate

Whither Florida and its delegates?

Clinton debt larger than reported

The young and the racists.

Barack Obama Destroys The Democratic Party

Peter B. Collins said it best...

Hillary's "obliterate Iran" stance reflects badly on the US. News from around the world.

Obama Beating McSame in EVs, Could Bring TX Back to Dems

Hillary and the BOMB

Let's make this simple

What Do You Think Should Be Done About Michigan & Florida?

To all of the so-called "Unity Ticket" proponents ...

BREAKING: Senators Hillary Clinton & Lieberman to Participate with ESRB Ad Blitz

I think some insider told Chris Matthews to cool

help--what's the communist poster with Mao in blue and orange stripes(rising sun) in the background?

Funny political cartoon from Scranton, PA

Funny political cartoon from Scranton, PA

The primary race will end on May 20

Breaking on CNN: Pelosi says Obama/Clinton should not be on the same ticket

Reid, Pelosi, Dean may intervene in nomination (writing joint letter to Superdelegates)

Rev. Wright Quickly Dismissed the Notion that Obama believed in Any of the Controversial things....

Who will in Indiana and by what margin

Hillary to endorse McCain Tomorrow

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

When will John McCain announce his VP?

Hillary acts like she didn't realize there was going to be caucuses!!!

READ: Possible leaked Hillary Indiana Campaign Schedule/Strategy!!

I can't see the Clintons dropping out without trying to take Howard Dean down in the process.

No more debates for Obama - A simple solution!

No more debates for Obama - A simple solution!

David Wilhelm just cleaned Terry McAuliffe's clock on Larry King Live....

About McCain and his wooing of moderate "democrats"....

Barack needs under 300 total delegates now

THE RULES - "Fair Reflection of Presidential Preferences" - Purpose of VOTES is to select DELEGATES

Thank you, Rachel!

Democratic men are not sexist

Dems hedge on healthcare (

Possible voter fraud in PA?

Do you think the Dem primary will be over on May 6th?

Sorry people, Hillary has lost the right to any future debates...

Hillary's brother sold Clinton pardons

The Clinton Campaign and historical precedents: The Donner Party

Rec this thread if you're tired of being asked to rec threads.

IN Police investigating 'Sniper Fire' comment/threat made toward HRC by BO supporter on Facebook...

Rec this thread if you think Obama is a poopyhead line-jumper who should have waited his turn to run

The Audacity of Hope (for Racism)

Nearly 100 Superdelegates Poised To Endorse Obama on May 20?

Obama picked up another vote in NC today---Mine!

The reason I am concerned about the division on DU...

Just remember Obama supporters....

Trouble ahead for Obama

Obama DID Seal the Deal with Pennsylvania. The Race Is Over.

Obama: "...if you are tough you don't have to talk about it."

Prejudice and the General Election

Hillary in Asheville, NC Tonight.

Rev Wright's words

Are you tired of humoring Clinton supporters?

How do you think Al Gore would think about pledged delegates vs popular vote in his SD decision?

So my wife texts me at work several times...

Barack Wanted To Have an Open Honest Discussion about Race

Latest GE polls from Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado and NY pitting Obama and Clinton vs. McLame

Humphrey won the popular vote in 1972. McGovern was the Democratic nominee.

I hope Dean destroys Hillary Clinton, especially if Obama loses to McCain

IN Polling Data SurveyUSA Vin Gupta CEO who gave 3.5M to Bill Clinton off the charts for Hillary!!

You know that even if HRC overtakes BO in pop. vote it won't work right?

Gov. Kulongoski is First Signer Of Online Petition Urging Sen. Obama to Debate In Oregon

Randi Rhodes is ripping Hillary a new one.

Let's Speed Things Along For Clinton Supporters: More Black Folks Obama Must Answer For...

Joe Scarborough Is Not A Journalist and Has No Business Masquerading As Such.

Obama Needs ONLY 43 More Unpledged Superdelegates-Not 100, Not 60, Just 43...

Good idea: let's make Hillary unelectable so the superdelegats will be stuck with voting for Obama.

The Clintons have finally revealed the Heart of their argument..."Obama is Black"

Hey let's discuss options to make our primary system better!

Given These Choices:C/O or O/C or mcsame or no vote, which is it?

GO HILLARY.. 9 delegates out of PA. If she wins the next 15 states straight she is the nominee

GO HILLARY.. 9 delegates out of PA. If she wins the next 15 states straight she is the nominee

Obama to appear on Fox Noise Sunday Morning.

walk into a diner and have fun.

John Dean, on KO,

I like Obama, if he wins the nomination I will vote for Obama, but....

New IN poll conducted after PA

Rec This Thread if "You're mad as hell with the Rovian Obama Electability Issue Crap."

Irony: A Clinton ad mistakenly using a factory sold out during Clinton era.

Philly Daily News: Did Obama blow the election by blowing off Philly?

Randi Rhodes Is Not Helping Obama

Obama is not Black

Jon Stewart on Hillary's Declining Respect for The Voters

Detroit News: Clinton amassing extra Michigan delegates

Colbert: Hillary’s campaign strategy like US Iraq strategy

I just donated $500 to Obama!

Hillary Claims she didn't know about Bill's Sentence Commutation of 2 Weather Underground members

Bill Clinton was the best Republican President we ever had (Michael Moore)

Bill Clinton was the best Republican President we ever had (Michael Moore)

If donating to Obama throw a share to the DNC

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/24/08 - Obama up 1 (49), Clinton down 1 (41)

The Hillary-hating press corps continues to pretend Democrats want her to withdraw

How Hillary's think tank went for Obama.

You are mistaken on this one, Maya

Campbell Brown Just Asked If Hillary Has Momentum After Her NINE Point Victory!!

Kucinich... Biden... Edwards... Whoever. No more, I'm pledged.

So you all think Michigan will just "go with the program" in November?

Rachel Maddow: "Fox News EXISTS to destroy the Democratic Party"

North Carolina Republicans pull anti-Obama ad - Reuters

BREAKING NEWS!!! Stunning new images of John McCain discovered!

BREAKING NEWS!!! Stunning new images of John McCain discovered!

The Democrats Have a Nominee


Kerry, Obama Push for Senate Investigation of Tax Shelter Abuses

Mike Malloy is ripping Limbaugh a new asshole

A bad sign for Hillary in Indiana: Bayh urging House members not to endorse

Anybody else chomping at the bit to go after McCain?


Who's buying the Clinton story that they raised $10M in 24 hours?

Obama Campaign Announces North Carolina Veterans for Obama

Clinton and the DLC/ Lieberman connection

End It Now - James Zogby

Don't like Rush calling for riots at the DNC in Denver?

First Rant: I am SO proud that MY Party has the first Woman and the First African American

First Rant: I am SO proud that MY Party has the first Woman and the First African American

BREAKING: Washington Nationals want pre-season victories added to current season record

Kos Makes the Electability Argument for Obama

The Mind Of An 8 Year Old (Get Ready To Smile And Be Inspired!)

Fellow Clinton Supporters: Time for the knock out blow in NC!

Meet the Credentials Committee.

I don't give a rat's you-know-what if Obama can't beat McCain.

Clinton's Ratchets Up Republican Tactics: Starts Push-Polling in North Carolina....

Rec this thread if you think it's idiotic to say Hillary won PA by 10 pts when she really didn't

Hillary Found Guilty of Dirty Campaign Tricks in Court of Public Opinion: Please List the Charges

It's not that close, and yeah, it's essentially over: Obama is the presumptive nominee

Super-Delegates Must Not Overturn Popular Will

Recommend this thread!

Clinton Debt Larger than Reported

Barack is not leading in African American Voters or Educated Liberal voters.

Hillary push polling audio link...this says it all

If the race were Obama v. Edwards instead of Obama v. Clinton

Obama Phonebankers -- Conference Call Tonight

One good thing: The DLC has shown it's true face in Clinton and people NEED to be told who they are.

Hillary's Latest International Flap: Tells Tasteless Joke About The Prime Minister Of New Zealand.

Thursday: My 25 daily calls for Obama are are FINISHED! Pledgers, check in!

Has Clinton reached a Bush level of incompetence?

If our votes are good enough, then our candidates should be good enough, too

Back Home in Indiana (Hillary: the Indiana Years)

What are your feelings today about the Primaries?

OMG, just realized, it ain't over until Skinner says it's over!

Richard Mellon Scaife endorsed Clinton. And she accepted it.

McGovern's "sun" logo

Write Obama's Campaign requesting surrogates point out Clinton won by SINGLE digits (9%)

Clyburn-Clinton's tactics“Scurrilous”,“disingenuous",know they can't win so want Obama to lose GE

Hillary rallies across FL against DNC.... surrogates building anger on purpose toward DNC

Michigan is becoming Clinton's secret weapon, Obama paying a price for "quashing" re-vote

**** 1.444 MILLION peopleave donated to Obama! Onward to the goal of 1,500,000 donors by May 6! ****

So who will be Obama's VP?

Vince Foster might save America from Hillary

Rev. Wright defends Sermons

Check out Drudge's frontpage picture. Hillary is "jacking off" Barack.

Check out Drudge's frontpage picture. Hillary is "jacking off" Barack.

Why the disdain for older white people and uneducated whites on DU?

Fuck you, Keith Olbermann! You are dead to me!

The United Church of Christ, what we all should know!

Pardon Power.... whitewater pardon revisisted....or the life of a serial liar....

Hillary is asking for $5 dollar donations...




Rec this thread -U think: candidate with the most pledged delegates is the presumptive nominee

Gravel. Helter Skelter. Genius.

Gravel. Helter Skelter. Genius.

A test for Clinton supporters: name TWO mistakes that you feel she has made. Be honest.

Final votes from Philly in (100% reporting), it makes rounding to 10 even more fuzzly mathematical

It's Time for Dems to Recruit Al Gore

Something I wish more Obama supporters understood

General Petraeus Gets Rewarded for Lying to Congress

Nomad1776's GD-P Thread Has Reached 1,000 Recommendations!


Remember the Y2K scare? They were talking about Bush's selection not computers.


Has anyone heard about outsourcing of passports?

Of Course, the most rec'd thread in history is Anti-Democratic, LOL

Of Course, the most rec'd thread in history is Anti-Democratic, LOL

Nightline's lead story was on the fence. Nobody in Bushco ever heard of grappling hooks?

Nightline's lead story was on the fence. Nobody in Bushco ever heard of grappling hooks?

Nightline's lead story was on the fence. Nobody in Bushco ever heard of grappling hooks?

The Cost Of Kiwi

KO on Dave L ...

Another "Gore is the solution" article

because we all need a laugh sometimes

the "Rush Limbaugh" of FDR's time.....

Everybody Ready for Hillary to Win Guam, North Carolina, and Indiana and Retake this race???

Senate Judiciary Committee will consider S.2533 (State Secrets Protection Act) today

== How to sing like a planet = By Mark Morford

A letter from Dr. Maya Angelou

Richard Perle on the Ray Taliaferro show 2-23-04

Siegelman on Tavis Smiley (video)

Mike Luckovich is hilarious today

Mike Luckovich is hilarious today

Why I am for Obama

Want to ski in May? Head up to Brundage (Idaho)

LATimes: On his weekends, Chinese Samaritan saves lives

Fear and trembling over Karl Rove: Rove has been a disaster for rethugs

I finally clicked on the Take this Job and Shove it banner

Obama benefits from Calif. gay couple’s ‘golden Rolodex’

Democratic leaders may add unemployment benefits to war bill

¿ International Crime = International Medical Humanitarian Organization?

If the war on terror is so important, why does Bush keep vetoing defense bills?

If the war on terror is so important, why does Bush keep vetoing defense bills?

How anybody seen this very disturbing video.

Make Bush Choose

I just realized something.

US Sells Secret Anti-IED Tech to Iraq (xpost from Veterans)

David Welch, assistant secretary of state

What in the world is this man thinking...

The latest surge

WJ this morning - the Petraeus promotion

Jailed Professor On Hunger Strike, Suicide Watch..

Clinto trying to make Obama unelectable....

Update on things at my local oil company

The Maverick

Hillary Supporters: A simple question for you.

Wexlar questions Muller on torture and failure to investigate - email fm Wexler

Keith Olbermann's appearance on Lettermen - Wasn't very good

Labor's First Strike Against the War Gains Momentum

There's oil in Colombia.

Ballpark funeral Sunday for long-missing soldier (Matt Maupin)

Y'all know that St Patreus has been cannonized and elevated to CENTCOM, right?

New home sales fell to lowest in 16 years. Yikes!

What are the candidate's views on food rationing? Sam's Club to ration rice.

Thousands flock to exhumed body of saint Padre Pio

Bush says US should not walk away from NAFTA

"Target Dean" 2004...Target Obama 2008?? The shameful media role.

They've raped this country, but good

Anyone been listening to Thom Hartmann lately ranting about the economy?

Meeting to address child poverty here

Thomas Friedman (Iraq war promoter) gets a pie in the face at Brown Univ.

Popular vote doesn't elect Presidents and so can Obama REALLY win in November?

Isn't this a sweet looking couple?

Cormack McCarthy's "The Road" made into feature film...

New-Home Sales in U.S. Plunge More Than Forecast to Lowest Level in 17 Years

Letter from Zimbabwe sent in by John Winter

More Homeowners than ever

NYT: Inmate Count in U.S. Dwarfs Other Nations’

Hispanic congress critters call Dem leaders spineless, no better than Rethugs (on immigration)

a woman stood up in the courtroom and began to scream about "EATING OUR CHILDREN FOR PROFIT."

Just when you though it couldn't get more surreal : Iraq Amusement Park

Just when you though it couldn't get more surreal : Iraq Amusement Park

Olmert throws Bush under the settlement expansion bus

Why I would choose some Clinton Supporters to be in my fox hole.

When was the last time the economy was so bad during a presidential election year?

Imagine the 08 Olympics were to be held in the US. World reaction?

Does anyone here read Larry Sabato?

Someone explain this to me.

How do we counter the Rev. Wright meme?

McCain can't even handle the NC GOP!! How can he handle Al Qaida?

Sam's Club, Costco Limit Rice Sales

To be a great Republican you need to believe:

Russian Bombers Patrol Over Atlantic Ocean

I feel better now knowing his invincible stupidity is to be the presiding genius of the Iran War

Kerry, Obama Push for Senate Investigation of Tax Shelter Abuses

Gas Price Predictions

What About the War, Benedict? By Ray McGovern

What are some of your post-apocalyptic scenarios?

Vt. soldiers can’t get home from Iraq (xpost from Veterans)

Fed Welcomes Sovereign Wealth Fund Capital Raised By US Banks

How Is It We Miss This Obvious Truth

"We Want Your Healthcare!"

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

oops... wrong forum

Bush cameo sinks ‘Deal or No Deal.’

Rep. James Clyburn: "Clinton Is Staying In Race To Derail Obama-Pave Way For 2012"

Gotta keep these wars going to prove you’re a man! - Today’s Headlines 4/24/08

Tony Zirkle-seeking Repub. nomination Indiana 2nd-speaks to Nazis on Hitlers birthday (VIDEOS)

The Rude Pundit - A Palate Cleanser ...

WTF?? Clinton makes a joke comparing PM Clark of NZ to a cockroach.

How to spend that Tax Rebate...

Bill Clinton is coming to my little town...

Constitutional Conundrum-Lawsuit "Could Limit Scope Of Presidential Power"

Where is the Outrage? So much to be mad about!

With oil prices this high, why is Bush still filling the Strategic Oil Reserve?

Punk'd! Abramoff impersonator turned away from GOP lawmaker Rep. Tom Feeney (R-crook)'s office

The media loves to characterize us into groups which do you fit?

The Self-Loathing "Liberal" Media

14 yr. old girl commits suicide by producing and inhaling poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas

The President's Executioner

FYI: The Young Turks are streaming LIVE right now!

Laura doesn't like the pounding that Chimpy gets

Please allow me to comment on "hoarding rice".

Hmmmm....oil price at $114.97 right now. Dropped $3+ WHY?

FLDS members don't even know about fumarase disease effecting the children born in the group..

my wish is for the white house press corp to grow a spine and voices. n/t

Does anyone know what's going on over at Bartcop?

AP:"U.S. says it has proof of Syria-North Korea nuclear ties"

I wonder how much of this stuff is coming from funeral homes? Or Iraq?

There should be a multinational effort to bring the maker(s) of the Yellowcake Forgery to justice

Kudos To Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama!

McCain Aide: North Carolina Anti-Obama Ad to Be Pulled

Court broadens police power in searches

Whoopi and Sherri rock "The View" this morning

So long as I avoid Costco and Sams club, I can find lots of rice, right?

Caption Bush's bubble

Report: Big Dig contractor gave Red Sox tickets to (Romney Admin) inspector

War Funding, Impeachment, and Health Care

On teevee NOW .... BREAKING:

$400 a month raise! Better than a Bush* incentive!

A Maverick, But He’s No Moderate

"The United States is selling the furniture to pay the mortgage"

TORTURE TAPES COME HOME TO ROOST: Lies-Obstruction-Destruction Of Evidence & Of Course-War Crimes!

One Million Members Pried from The NRA's Warm, Live Hands

CSPAN2 now, Stabenow on the floor speaking with a big sign behind her

Education for profit. Anyone have experience with so-called "Career Colleges"?

Marketing of boot camps under congressional scrutiny

Stop the Republican Filibuster of anti-discrimination bill!

Anyone who thinks the border fence will work needs to visit this site...

Anyone remember being irate over much less expensive gas?

McCain criticizes Bush administration on Katrina response.

Resko Trial: Rove tried to have Fitzgerald Fired

Data show ABC and CBS skewed pre-Iraq war coverage

Ex-Prosecutor: New Arrest Confirms Israelis Lied About 1980s Spy Ring

Just turned CNN on and then off. Apparently they think America is very concerned about an actor

Bush and McCain to New Orleans Survivors: Let 'em Eat Cake

Internet Hilarity! Try it yourself!

By campaigning for Bush in 2004, McCain shares full responsibility for every Bush travesty.

Idiot Tweety comparing our "whole" internet to China's censored internet

Sales Plummet, Biggest inventory of unsold homes since 81, Buyers vanish from the market

McCain, in New Orleans, Says Katrina Response `Disgraceful'

"The Politics of Food is Politics" (De Clarke and Stan Goff)

Boo-effing-Hoo-Hoo, Cry Me A River: "Laura Bush: I Don't Like The "Pounding" George Gets (VIDEO)"

China is Evil America is Good

It begins all over again: Syria making nuclear weapons

True justice

Per WaPo: Feith's contract at Georgetown not to be renewed...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

LOL- Jenna B*sh "doesn't know" who she is supporting for president!

The Sadr Trend, trending towards war? Or is this just propaganda?

Man sues over neutral feedback left for him on eBay

That annoying "take this job and shove it" ad....

Feith: ‘We Took An Extremely Strong Pro-Geneva Convention Position In The Pentagon’

A test for Obama supporters: name TWO mistakes that you feel he has made. Be honest.

A test for Obama supporters: name TWO mistakes that you feel he has made. Be honest.

Fairly damning segment about military TV analysts tonight on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

US govt: "Syria had a nuclear reactor that the North Koreans helped build" So, now are we gonna nuke

Problems with Republican Election Judge at Local Polling Place

did you ever get the feeling that jr. and the dick have the same...

Perhapst the stupidest story published this year..

Domenici accused of attempting to influence investigation (but off the hook, apparently)

Rec this Thread if you have nothing better to do than Reccin' threads!

Why is Burger King making such stupid & violent commercials?

Oklahoma: Allegations Of No Food Prompt Request For Army Investigation

What is the logic (if any) behind awarding delegates proportionally?

Over 800 EPA Scientists Complain of "Pressure to Skew Their Findings"

Rush Limbaugh Calling For Riots In Denver

I'm heading to the bomb shelter: Trader Joe's is out of baklavah

Are electric vehicles the answer?

Excerpts from Rev. Wright Interview With Bill Moyers -- To Be Aired Tomorrow

wrong forum moving to GDP please delete

Oh, sssssSNAP! Jeff Koopersmith spanks Ann Coulter for her latest cheap-shot attack on Obama

Disneyland type park being considered for Baghdad (land already bought)

I Disrespected The Troops Today

Calif. brewer ordered to stop using 'Legal Weed' bottle caps

America wussed out.

LTTE: In Defense of Jimmie Carter's Mission to Hamas

Internet campaign strategies

Only Removing Pelosi NOW Can Stop Congress From Lying

Wall Street may lose 36,000 jobs

USA Today: 60,000 firms owe $8B in taxes (Federal contractors)

I don't have cancer (warning: girlie parts will be mentioned)

How Do You Feel About Stick a Fork In It/Him/Her...

Are you FOR or AGAINST?

Is this terrorism or not?

The Oil bubble is about to pop

Have you ever flown in a passenger jet?

Sick of "Divisive" Politics & Cable Froo Frah? Want to stretch brain? Get over to DU Editorials...

Sick of "Divisive" Politics & Cable Froo Frah? Want to stretch brain? Get over to DU Editorials...

John McCain's revisionist history on Hurricane Katrina

Equal Pay – No Way, Say Republicans

Judge sentences Wesley Snipes to 3 years for tax convictions

Why can Rush Limbaugh calling for Riots be considered ok when Rev Wright;'s statements are condemned

Justice Isn’t Blind. It’s Partisan

Defending A 'Wide Stance' Requires A Thick Wallet

I feel safer now...

Ethics committee criticizes retiring Sen. Domenici

Challenge: name the single best book about the problems caused by the Bush administration

A man who says he made over $92,000 last year can't afford to

Hat tip to DU. I do like this blog. True pandemonium, true opionions, and fast moving

Jeb Bush skeptical about global warming: 'Climate change advocates acting from religious zeal...'

Seventy Two Hours A Day of Nooz ...... and the American public Don't Know Shit

Gingrich Says McCain Should Condemn Only Hagee’s Anti-Catholic Comments, Ignores Hagee’s Homophobia

Helen Thomas has many friends

Leading Neocon Democrats stifle hope of healthcare reform

easy to debunk McCain pledge to NOLA

Bill O'Reilly wants to know the name of the guy who sets the oil prices.

Did I just hear that with two more military deaths in Iraq today

But the President says, "They hate us for our freedoms"

Will McCain denounce the Call by Rush to riot in Denver...

The CIA has released the following video containing the allegations.

Is slandering a whole race with a racial slur justified

Let's talk ELITIST...

Judge Rejects Bush Administration's 'State Secrets' Claim;

Richard Lewis ...... I LOVE this guy's mania!

Stupid is as stupid does... local yokel news:

A quick break from all the doom and gloom...

I *know* this is shallow ...... but did anyone see Olbermann on Letterman last night?

What happened to the Racheal Maddow show?

I'd like to make a recommendation about, well, recommending threads. Kick or rec if you agree!

I'd like to make a recommendation about, well, recommending threads. Kick or rec if you agree!

The Anti-War Movement in the United States

World's highest standard of living...

MSNBC, the Democratic Primary, and the O.J. Trial....

The Kinds Of Men Who Represent The GOP

Will the democratic party

Will the democratic party

So DUers, what do you think those

The Dumnshine state strikes again: Christian licence plates!

The exorbitant price of higher education these days is as disturbing as the cost of a gallon of gas

maria schriver on colbert tonight.

World food fears mount as rice prices hit record

Anyone catching Malloy playing the Rush clip with the caller laying into him?

UN Cuts School Children's Meals

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Turkish jets target Iraqi Kurds

God, I am getting SO sick of the term "Latte Liberal"...

Now, isn't this convenient? "McCain says U.S. government failed New Orleans"

John McSame Receives 80% Discount & Use Of Free Inmate Labor For His Campaign

HBO is doing a docu-drama about the 2000 Florida recount.

Stupid "rice"panic story

Fraudulent set-up of small group of Miami hoods as Al-Qaeda boomerangs on FBI

A picture is worth a 1000 posts....

Dickipedia entry for Condoleezza Rice:

Safe nuclear dump discovered

In light of these comments by Limbaugh, let's remember the Montebello provacateurs.

Why are Democrats so fearful of what Republicans "might do"?

Why are Democrats so fearful of what Republicans "might do"?

How many DUers where there on May Day 1971? I was one of the 500,000.

Radio host on RNC protesters: 'Mow 'em down, baby!'

Finland to host Iraq conference this week

*When GALAXIES COLLIDE* pics from Hubble

When Times are Tight: 168 Frugal Tips to Make Your Dollar Stretch

Will we ever know all the truth behind the GWB administration?

I don't think we have anything to worry about with all the riot crap. I have full confidence in

What is a 6019 error

Republican Activist Caught With Pants Down 4/24/08

Let me tell you something about Racism.

Groundbreaking New Book Documents Widespread Election Fraud

Commodities Markets & Speculation.. "the new game"(replaces the housing bubble)

Our Gas in Kansa City just jumped again- to $3.49

GOP candidate defends speech at Nazi gathering

What's the least you've ever paid for a gallon of gasoline? I've been

Just watched REO Speedwagon on Rave and they played

Office of the strategic services planning group - secret memo on spreading rumors

I found the worst song in the world. Seriously bad.

When is this country going to realize that we need a comprehensive energy conservation plan?

The Blood of New Orleans' Dead is On John McCain's Hands As Much as GW Bush!

that hair doo the Polygamist women have is something else

Spy chiefs to show Syria nuke plant video to Congressional committees. It sure took them

Charlie Cook: Clinton in "Political Purgatory" and more about the hole Hillary dug

Does the world expect too much of ordinary Americans?

Don't like Rush calling for riots at the DNC in Denver?

So...what the fuck do I do with these 800 pounds of rice I now own?

Executive PayWatch Database

Why do Dems always put so much faith in the "youth vote"?

House leadership set to pass biggest war spending bill yet.

What do John Kerry, Richard Armitage and Gary Hart have in common...


The Barbies of Kiev Brace for Ukrainian Hitler Doll

Looking for a toon posted earlier without luck. Bush/McCain/polycult/DNA test

SALON: The GOP on the verge of imploding

Scalia On Bush v. Gore: It Was GORE's FAULT-"Get Over It-It's So Old By Now"

Judge to WH: Get your story straight on e-mails

Panic-Mongering Moves to the Wall Street Journal

BUSHCO: New Docs Reveal-America Tortures & "Will Continue" To Torture-"Without Being Legally Liable"

Accountability and impeachment silent thread-if you demand accountability, impeachment of this

What Came First the Torture or the Criminal Conspiracy to Avoid Prison?

"I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." -John McCain

Unfreep this poll please - *** Rush Limbaugh calls for riots in Denver at Dem Convention ***

Please DU this poll - Should officers at Missouri casinos carry stun guns?

Holy shit. Bibles were being distributed in my daughter's public middle school today!

Another Flower Drive for Helen Thomas (w/link to DU mention) from Politico

WOW!!! Abrams just reported that 25 of the mothers from that Texas sect

"Presumptive nominee" John McCain.. I think we may get "Schwarzeneggered"

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

SF Chronicle: S.F. landlords charged with tenant terror

Germanic vocabulary words: why it's OK to kick this thread if love Tony's Tumor (or not)

Iowa Smoking Ban Heats up

I'm no economist, but it seems to me that the answer lies in raising taxes

CNN: Report alleges abuse in Asia shrimp industry (Do we stop eating shrimp?)

50 best cult books

Do you read the Stock Market Watch daily threads in DU's LBN forum?

Jeremiah Wright - April 25, 2008 - BILL MOYERS Journal

The Texas Polygamist Sect: Uncoupled and Unchartered

The Texas Polygamist Sect: Uncoupled and Unchartered

After watching TeamClinton operate OPENLY the last 6 months, have any of you changed your

After watching TeamClinton operate OPENLY the last 6 months, have any of you changed your

Men with small penises..will you PLEASE TAKE

Antonin Scalia tells "60 Minutes": People should get over Bush-Gore decision

Its just Tera Tera Tera, now the NY cops are toting fucking machine guns!

Who else hates the new Rachel Maddow / David Gregory simulcast?

The United States of Stupidity: We, the people, didn't used to be this dumb

Wesley Snipes get 3 yrs jail time for tax evasion - the max

DUer Larisa Alexandrovna at Huffington Post: Is Rove Ready?

Why are people afraid of "Class Warfare"?

Ben Stein responds to Yoko Ono

30 pregnancies/babies among FLDS teens -- out of 77 children under 2 overall.

Who is the culprit?


Let It Die - Foo Fighters

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Being left handed in the middle ages...

'Puter problem...

I bought new underwear today. Because the beagle chewed up

I Can Now Buy A New Computer So I Can Play...........

I hate lattes





I want to get wasted on cough medicine

POST HERE to get a partially-eaten horndog

I just wanted to post something before my orange blossom makes it too hard to find the keys

Which is the weirder trio?

Simple MATH: If remaining pledged delegates split 50/50, Clinton needs 69% of uncommitted Super Ds..

Self delete--somebody beat me to it. nt

Have any of you ever taken Methotrexate?

Yes, I have ham

Tomorrow ...

Jane's Addiction reunites

Can I whine and ask for some female advice?

I hate to say it, because I am a total fan of Lewis Black, but "Root of Evil" is awful.

If we can write in candidates on a ballot, can we write in positions?

What performer is Jimmy Fallon parodying in this VMA opening number?

nevermind... thanks

Iceland appreciation thread

THE BAR IS OPEN.........butt

POST HERE to get a partially-eaten corndog

Happy Birthday Barbra Streisand and Shirley MacLaine!!!

Most interesting 'random stranger' odor?

Is there some common term for a bisexual female who dresses like a bisexual female?

Is there some common term for douchebags whose tiny egos feel threatened when they encounter a woman

I think my wife ordered something made with MONKEYS

Respond to flamebait with this image

Is there some common term for a bisexual female who dresses in a very butch or tomboy fashion?

As a chronic case, I'm debating whether to seek treatment or not.

Edwards: If members of Congress won't give Americans a healthcare plan, I'll take away theirs.

Anybody interviewed for a job where they asked for personal references, but not professional?

ZZZZZZ zzzzz zzzz zzzzzzzz


American Idiot.

Deep Cleans, Removes Horniness

Can you spot the crazy person in this photo? Old trucking pics.

Is there some common term for Jimmy Fallon beating Charles Grodin with a bisexual claw hammer?

i saw underpants' car in Norfolk today

Hi DU ladies, some fashion advice please..

Why did I click on it?

"Wot, behind the rabbit?" "I' IS the rabbit!"

Rec this thread- because I told you to

If there's anything sadder than a raggedy little out of season tomato on your sammich...

An apology.

Man Caught by Police Urinating in Car Gas Tank on Video! My nomination for Nut of the Year!

My son got hit by a bicyclist in Boston today.

I am Nasty

Video Game Villain Recruitment Posters

*Khashka...Please pick up the white courtesy phone!*

I'm packing my suitcase

Kitch! Liriano: TJ surgery washout?

Reeding about Scott Kleeb made me wonder, if DU's Kleeb still around?

I could get used to this....

Lessig - Google - fabulous - lip - syncing - Jesusgate

2008: a Space Erotica

I'm almost more tests at least..

If I post a pic of David Hasselhoff's groin-squirrel...

GD:P should be named GD:Objectivist

Did you guys see that the WSJ is advising people to start stockpiling food?

I think my brain just melted ... alsjdflska flwjf lawjf

"Ugly Betty" episode tonight!

OK So I Am Going To The Bar Again Tonight

Fashionistas, a handbag question


Regardless of whatever the ultimate action is on the FLDS case, I have one fervent hope.

Go Liam

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/24/2008)

Yesterday was fantastic. Today has been awful.



So I Am Having A Bunco Party Tonight, And Serving Boxed Wine

LOST fans






OK, WTH just happened?

My SIL sent this to my email... knowing her I laughed

The Audacity Of Hops

L O S T - will start a few minutes late

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/24/08

Ouch! TMJ surgery washout?

Ouch! TMJ surgery washout?



Does anyone else here set yourself up for disappointment

Listen to this absolute horror story.

Listen to this absolute horror story.

Do you hate bad days? I sure as frick do.

Son finds job-share drinkers to join dad at pub

Take a look at these excellent clouds !

Take a look at these excellent clods !

Crazy MN weather! I'm glad I'm leaving tomorrow..

Nashville to become a "first tier city" according to the news- we are getting a Nordstroms!


Can somebody bring some fried chicken and

This breakup HURTS.

I see Detroit Red Wings are cheating again as usual...

We put our 17 year old kitty down yesterday...

Can I post this in the Political Video Forum? Caution..."F" bombs!

Vinyl: what's the worst record in your collection?

searching for info about a death in Connecticut....


Breaking News in GD:P! I'm serial!!!

Anyone else having trouble with photobucket?

Raccoon's made me think of a game — 'They Can't Do That on Screen!'

OMFG...BREAKING, HUGH, SERIES NEWS! "Al Reynolds comments on his divorce with Star Jones"...OMFG!

Pic thread! (it's blurry, but it's new at least....)

The Penis Mightier

I'm officially in a lot of pain!

Digital History (cool interactive map)

You guys ever watch the front page videos?

I snore. Yet another thread that is not about penises.

10 minute email (gives you an email address for 10 minutes, to sign up for things)

Pain, Pain go away....

I don't have a penis or an adams apple

Anybody seen my penis?

If i could nurture a bonsai, I would hope it would look like this


Don't worry about Gordon. IT'S ALL PART OF THE PLAN.

Director chosen for The Hobbit

This pic is just plain wrong. But jeebus made me post it

Yellow canopy. Yellow drift.

Great introductions

Take me away.......

I tried to save a gopher tortise today. But saw it slaughtered before my eyes.

Can someone here explain satellite radio to me? XM? Sirius?

Some words of wisdom

Ingrown toenails. Ouch!

I voted today!

The Wings, Pistons and Tigers winning! It's good to be back home in Michigan!

Why don't we have memories of our babyhoods? nt

Earthquake in Reno!!

Photos of my recent big scores!

Men who understand that whatever is said on the internet about penises is horse shit check in thread


I'm at a coffee shop again, being irritated.

Post something stereotypically bisexual

Record-breaking Mentos and coke explosions

I am Thetrollbreaker.

Church Steeple used as Cell Phone Tower

Pic of my gigantic cock

This thread is not about my penis

and the new host of Late Night (NBC) will be... ....... Jimmy Fallon

Men with big p*nises check in thread!

How do I make Avatar

Daft punk Girl


I've lost 5 pounds on my do-it-yourself veggie "Nutrisystem-esque" diet!

Men with small penises check in thread!

after more than 6 years!

a picture is worth a thousand words...

Happy Birthday to AZDemDist6!!!

"They wouldn't do that" at the movies.

I met Parche today!!

I am beginning to think I won't be able to graduate in August either.

Is there some common term for a DUer who pops the cherry of a n00b with a one-post count?

Pick a Secret Ingredient for Iron Chef America

More new puppy pics! ***Dial-up Warning***

Don't tell this guy you have a boyfriend *some ads may be nsfw*

holy shit i'm bored...........

i like to think i'm open-minded in the extreme, but i find this pic disturbing of many levels.


Curtain Rods - and a Happy Ending!

Something terrible happened

Pork and Beans - Weezer

This is for retrolounge (fellow book lover)

Jesus. What next? Paparazzi captures pic of Carrot Top's penis.

wedding rings for geeks

So, last night, I played bunco.

What are some CDs you have gotten this year?

A cartoon - The white whale

Dems hedge on healthcare: Schumer "...not sure that we're ready for a major national healthcare

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

Michael McKean

So...I spent 7 hours researching in the archives today...

Those Mac users think they're so cool

OMG!! DU-ers on Re-issue of Rolling Stones cd!!


SHIT! If I'd have just had the vons discount card, I could have gotten Crown Royal for $16.99

Diabetes claimed my Grandmother's second toe

Campus Gun Free Zones Attract Murderers...

...Take a Look at My Enormous Penis...

Song dedications anyone?

Play a song in the styles from the 1400s to 1800s

The outrage continues! - PBR prices increase 100% over past 6 months

I've Been Accepted At Sarah Lawrence College!!!

Predict the Fed - April 30 rate decision.

Is there some term for a woman who wears dresses and makeup and you think she's probably straight

Mike Malloy says RECREATE 68 is a CIA front

Mike Malloy says RECREATE 68 is a CIA front

Nomad1776 - you rocked DU like I've never seen!!!!

How much oil are we going to need? It might be more than you think.

Some UN Envoys Walk Out As Libya Likens Gaza To Nazi Camp

Those Mac users think they're so cool

Obama Picks Up Nebraska Superdelegate

LatAm leaders in food price pact

US, Britain, France protest Libya comment on Nazis

Afghan violence could worsen in 2008-U.S. general

Brazil Oil Finds May End Reliance on Middle East, Zeihan Says

British troop withdrawals remain frozen

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Accidents

U.S. arms sales to OPEC at risk over oil -senators

U.S. Embassy in Kabul Not Safe Say Former Managers

McCain Opposes Equal Pay For Women Bill

All Eyes Turn to Indiana in Bitter Democratic Race

White House Influence Is Cited in Corruption Trial (Rove/Rezko)

Brazil Oil Finds May End Reliance on Middle East

States make room for DNA samples

US says it has no plans to besiege Iraq's Sadr City

FAA Tries Again to Fix Cover-Up of Air Safety Errors

Fallon: Petraeus At Centcom Doesn't Mean War With Iran

Rocket hits Poland's Iraq embassy (Green Zone)

US Sells Secret Anti-IED Tech to Iraq

Syria denies U.S. accusation over nuclear reactor

Obama agrees to Fox News interview

Judge orders La. school district to stop Bible giveaways

Knock, Knock. It’s Jack (Abramoff Impersonator Sent to The Office of Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL))

43 North Carolina Mayors Endorse Senator Obama

Durable goods orders drop 3 months in a row..

House speaker asks Bush to stop stockpiling oil

At Expense of All Others, Putin Picks a Church

Justice Scalia defends Bush v. Gore ruling

Florida lawmakers debate offering a Christian license plate

Rice price rises as curbs imposed

FBI chief, lawmakers clash over 2006 raid on Jefferson's office

Colombia's Uribe under probe over 1997 massacre (Bush ally)

For Indiana Voters, Talk of Change May Fall Flat

Congress Agrees To Add $10 Billion To Nutrition Programs

Labor leaders meet to discuss Mexican immigrant workers' rights

White House Influence Is Cited in Corruption Trial

Oil prices, gasoline costs to double: CIBC report

Syrian leader confirms Israeli peace offer

Shots reported at 2 schools in Omaha; soccer player injured

Jenna Bush not yet on board with McCain

US alleges baby-selling in Vietnam

Attorney leading suit a veteran in battling VA

Lobbyist Lott takes advantage of old Senate campaign cash

Republican Senators Block Pay Discrimination Measure

Syria 'had covert nuclear scheme'

Florida Lawmakers Debate Offering A Christian License Plate

Fourth Fleet to sail again in Latin America

Fed To Auction $75 Billion In Treasuries To Ease Credit Woes

Miami Man Pleads Guilty In Venezuela Spy Case

(Bill) Clinton calls local radio show (in Guam)

Microsoft earnings flat, despite server launches

Immigration: The Democratic divide

Senate Committee Votes to Overturn FCC Cross-Media Ownership Rules

Senate votes to ban insurers from discriminating based on DNA

TV station rejects state GOP ad

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 24

(US) Lawyer fears 9/11 mastermind trial will be 'insanity' ("That's not the rule of law")

Wu endorses Obama, tying up Oregon's superdelegate count

North Carolina Republicans pull anti-Obama ad

In food crisis, U.S. may cut support for ag research

U.S.-Iraqi troops raid hospital in Baghdad (detained all its staffs and patients)

Sales of new U.S. homes plunge to lowest level since 1991

Groups With Iran’s Backing Blamed for Baghdad Attacks

Wendy's Sold To Another Fast-Food Chain

Study says near extinction threatened people

CNN now sued for $1.3 billion - $1 per person in China

Hacker testifies News Corp unit hired him

Appeals court stays execution of sea lions

Black Congressman Denounces Bill Clinton’s ('Bizarre') Remarks

GOP wants to tack FISA bill onto war supplemental

Bush wants aid for religious schools

Yoko Ono sues in NY over song in movie challenging evolution

Scalia On Bush v. Gore: Get Over It

Republican (Rep. Pete Hoekstra): Lawmakers feel 'used' by WH

Argentine court decriminalises limited use of drugs

Carbon output goes off the chart

Slain Soldier's Parents Sue T-Shirt Maker

House Democrats return fire on rising gas prices

Wesley Snipes jailed for 3 years in tax case

Teacher allegedly burned crosses onto students' arms

New Mexico governor to meet with Chávez regarding FARC hostages

It's Official Paper BALLOTS for the State of New York

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

Obama decides to appear on Fox Sunday Morning

Scotts Ordered to Halt Selling Some Pesticides (A Miracle-Gro Lawn fertilizer and weed killer)

McCain to New Orleans: Never again

Vt. soldiers can’t get home from Iraq

Rush Limbaugh Calling For Riots In Denver

Wright Says His Words Were Twisted

Full video of Barack's speech in Evansville, Indiana last night

Who is Hillary really Fighting For?

Countdown: McCain & Ad; RNC Pushes Clinton (w/ Rachel Maddow) 4/22

An Excellent Critical Analysis of What Has Transpired in The Democratic Campaigns

Countdown: Bushed! - 'Is Cheney Getting Enough Oxygen?' 4/22

Hillary's gay problem and her gay face

Barack Obama On Equal Pay

Ledbetter v. Goodyear Equal Pay Hearing: Lilly Ledbetter

"I don't care how, I want it now!" -Hillary as Veruca Salt

Countdown: Worst Persons 4/22 - John McCain, John Ashcroft

Jackie '08: Older & Madder Than McCain

John McCain is UNFIT to be President

Hillary's "Popular Vote Count"

Hillary Clinton Rap: Taking Back The White House

Amnesty International's new anti-waterboarding advert

Scott Kleeb for U.S. Senate -

Pop-Up DoubleTalk, Episode 1: New Orleans

Hillary Clinton: Hail to the Chief

Larisa Alexandrovna Interviewed by Mike Malloy About DOJ Corruption - 4/21

Carter comes back from Hamas with an olive branch

KO and Rachel Maddow on the Electability Argument

The Internationale

Republican Candidate Celebrates Hitler's B-Day with Neo-Nazi's

Greenwash Guerrillas Pie Thomas Friedman on Earth Day

McCain: "Every Pressure To Bear" To Stop Obama/Wright Ad

24-APR - Obama talks to Roland Martin on Radio

TYT: The Appearance of Hillary's Win in Pennsylvania

TYT: Is Clinton Lucky To Be A White Woman?

Hillary's Attacks on Obama Stregthen McCain- Tom Hayden

Obama Addresses the UFCW

Waffles Obama '08 (Leave Barack Alooooooone)

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Rev. Jeremiah Wright | Clip #1 | PBS

Hillary's Oregon Compact (Proposes Two Debates)

CNN's Jack Cafferty: Bush Stole the White House

The Syria Propaganda Catapulted - CNN

Daily Show: Jon Stewart on Hillary's declining respect for the voters

Scalia: Get Over It! (Bush v. Gore)

Blumenthal: The GOP on the verge of imploding

Senate Republicans Block Unequal Pay Bill

Chinese Junk

Ex-senator doubts tale of Rove role (Peter Fitzgerald)

What the Family Would Let You See, the Pentagon Obstructs

Baye Begs Indiana SD's NOT To Endorse Anyone

Hillary! Wake up! We Won't Survive Even a Regional Nuclear Conflict!

Steve Clemons: Cheney's Compulsive Obsession with Iraq WMDs & Syrian Nukes

New York Orders Large Web Retailers To Charge Tax

Latin America flourishing from lack of U.S. focus

Top 5 Suggestions for Obama to Cut Into Hillary’s Senior Vote

Carter's Crusade for Peace Sows Seeds of Hope in Middle East

"Umbrella of deterrence" clearly discussed

Machine Gun-Toting Officers To Patrol NYC Subway

For Indiana Voters, Talk of Change May Fall Flat


Joe Conason: The Ritual Flaying of Jimmy Carter

The collapse of the United States is accelerating: Oil in Euros vs. US dollars

Karl Rove's "hijacking" of the federal Department of Justice

U.S. prison population dwarfs that of other nations

Ethanol's Failed Promise

Jesus Made Me Puke -Taibbi


UCS exposes abuse of science at the EPA

Business as usual

LIPA Seeks 50 Megawatts of Photovoltaic Systems (NY)

Bioheat Gaining Support in the Northeast United States

Civil War buffs couldn't see history for the trees

It's GARDEN TIME....I'm starting to grow WORMS

Deniers in GD! Deniers in GD!

Fuel poverty summit branded a disaster

Pesticides & Mercury Taking Down Worlds Last River-Dwelling Finless Porpoises

UK Butterfly Counts Hit Record Lows After Wet Summer In 2007 - Guardian

Pine beetle outbreaks turn forests into carbon source

Pharmaceuticals in water - Senate hearing 4/15/08

NOAA: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, Methane Rise Sharply in 2007

Jeff Rubin @ CIBC Projects Oil At $200/Barrel Within Five Years - Globe & Mail

What Nuclear Renaissance? (The Nation)

Is 450 ppm politically possible? Part 2.6: What is the impact of peak oil and peak coal?

Moth spraying in California county must wait, judge rules

UK Wild Bee Populations In "Catastrophic" Decline - BBC

Chinese Government Urges Oil Firms To Increase Diesel Shipments To Ag. Sector During Spring & Summer

Power strip to reduce standby power drain

World Facing Huge New Challenge on Food Front,

If Grangemouth Strike Hits, Expect Shut-In Of 25% Of UK Gas Supply, Poss. Closure Of 40s Pipeline

Arctic ice seen melting faster than anticipated - Reuters

NOAA - Along With 0.6% CO2 Increase YOY, Methane Up 0.5% After 10 Flat Years - SMH

Higher asphalt costs a strain (from the Kunstler-predicted-this files)

Yellowstone Wolf Killing Begins

Live from the North Pole!

The end of cheap clothes is near (from the Peak Everything files)

A nice, simple CO2 solution

Time to play "Spot the Interesting Feature"

Busting myth spread by "MythBusters

Petraeus picked to lead CentCom

Soldier killed by small-arms fire in Baghdad

General calls on al-Sadr to end attacks

Body in Iraq ID’d as contractor, 82nd vet

Report says Pentagon lacks cohesive ISR vision

Hood GI arrested in Mexico with weapons in car

Bill would reform testing of body armor

Tricare duped of more than $100 million

House panels pass 13 veterans’ bills

170 Benning soldiers return

Depleted uranium to be monitored at Schofield

WWII-vet senator defends Filipino pensions

Sailor dies in non-combat incident in Dubai

17 vets a month commit suicide under VA care

Rep.: Drop site as landing field possibility

Coast Guard opposes long-delayed spending bill

3 sailors in court in alleged marriage fraud

Corps weighs gunship firepower options

2 pilots killed in Talon trainer crash

Obering would welcome missile defense race

Powell to address Campbell high school grads

Gates still confident in DoD nuke handling

Soldiers in Afghanistan settle in at 6,000 feet

Ex-chief of staff Hayden retiring

Gates Addresses ISR, UAV Difficulties

Airmen fly millionth sortie since Sept. 11

Japan Charges Sailor in Cabbie's Death

Marine wife had mom mail marijuana to her

US Sells Secret Anti-IED Tech to Iraq

Suicides Cover-up Causes Stir in Congress

Windmills interfere with Travis radar

Republicans offer alternatives for schooling changes to GI Bill

Vt. soldiers can’t get home from Iraq

Democratic leaders may add unemployment benefits to war bill

Today in labor history April 24

Workers' kids build their own pieces of 35W Bridge (Mn)

Republican Minority Denies Women Equal Pay Rights: Clinton, Obama vote for cloture, McCain no show

Mine Workers Confront McCain in Kentucky

Honouring lost workers

AFSCME Members Tell NYC: ‘Save Our Day Care’

150 deaths per workday due to job injuries, illness, study says

International unions say Mexico repressing miners (THAT VIOLATES NAFTA BTW)

Nursing home won't fight union vote

Union workers picket at future Walgreens in Hampton Township

UPS Freight courtship is long one for unions

Does North Carolina’s Ban On Public Employee Collective Bargaining Violate NAFTA?

Texas and area nurses consider pros and cons of unionization

Labor's First Strike Against the War Gains Momentum

W Post: Take Two on Time Off (workers' rights advocates and the Bush administration are battling)

Labor Department Seeks More Than $400K in Back Wages from Brooklyn and Queens Supermarkets

American Axle CEO: Don't Know When Strike Will End

Aloha Pilots Authorize Strike

Labor leaders meet to discuss Mexican immigrant workers' rights

4,200 Ford Workers Take Buyout, Early Retirement Deals

AP: Obama seeks union's help while Clinton promotes vets issues

Breaking....IFPTE Endorses Obama

Breaking....Top union leader shot dead in Honduras

economic woes caused by criminals

There Is No Gas Shortage

Credit vehicle defaults continue to climb

The Financial Crisis: An Interview with George Soros (NY Review of Books)

Wall Street may lose 36,000 jobs

More states consider tolls on freeways amid budget deficits

Better return on your investment by stockpiling food?

Memo to Bernanke: Enough with the Rate Cuts, Already!

Obama supports same-sex marriage

Janet Jackson Warns Gay Youths (No, not about Michael. About AIDS).

Gay DNC leader to be deposed Friday

Younger Gays Want Long-Term Relationships, Kids

Clinton, Obama weigh in on plight of Iranian gays

What purpose is served by embracing an identity as a gay person?

Ang Lee making gay Woodstock movie

1000 straight adults plan to protest teens during Day of Silence at Seattle-area high school.

Asexuality is an orientation..

Can we please have clarification

Problem of classification

Speaker who was canceled by Aquinas College defends morality of homosexuality

I forgot to post this yesterday: Colombia's Uribe under probe over 1997 massacre

Cuban phone company reports 7,400 new cell phone accounts

Excellent article posted by struggle4progress on Uribe's threats to American journalist:

Opposition Student Leader in Venezuela gets $500,000 Prize from CATO Institute for his efforts!!

Sorry double post

"This is Not a Hobby: Taking Global Poverty Seriously " - Speech by Dr. Paul Farmer

Memory haunts 'Malvinas' veterans

DEM NOW Interview with Prez Evo Morales - link to video and transcript

AMLO's (Obrador) "Adelitas" SHUT DOWN MEXICO'S CONGRESS to prevent oil privitization -- great story

US, Britain, France protest Libya comment on Nazis

Brazil Oil Finds May End Reliance on Middle East, Zeihan Says

Israelis Claim Secret Agreement With U.S.

IDF hasn't begun court-ordered rerouting of fence

Clinging to dream of Palestine village

Biden statement on Petraeus nomination/promotion

I Know It's Early, But. . .

Big Brown sizzles in workout this morning.

Leaving Room for Miracles & Other Good Things (and trying to help others do so too)

Does anyone think that Rush/Sean/Billo, etc. troll here at

Ayahuasca Visions

A New Earth - or - The Eckhart and Oprah Show (just kidding)

Pat Burrell is Mr Clutch this April for the Phillies....

My Earth Day photo is, of course...

My take(s) representing Earth Day

Fertility test claims to measure good eggs

A boy in the sun

Anyone have experience with Canon G9?

So...I spent 7 hours researching in the archives at PUC today...

Accused priest released on $5,000 bail

New Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Baptist Church

Evangelical Pastor defends right to sex with 10-year-old child wife

Berea Baptist Church Youth Pastor indicted for having sex with teen

Former Acadiana Priest, Child Molester Arrested After TV Series Airs

Heading East to Hear My Son Preach!

Are religious beliefs that are opposed to yours wrong?

UCS exposes abuse of science at the EPA

My first try at posting pictures

Strange Scars on Mars Suggest Recent Glaciers

Hubble Telescope is 18 years old today!

Observatory nears 50th year and remains a vital presence

Gun initiative hasn’t turned up a single lead

The Today Show on UFOs, shameless

Scientists study evidence modern birds came from dinosaurs

Guns for Darfur

Survey shows hundreds of EPA scientists complain about political pressure

Inauguration Day - A few things jump out

Good thread to read down....reJK

Kerry, Obama Push for Senate Investigation of Tax Shelter Abuses

DailyKos diary to rec and comment

ASP email...

Michele Bachmann's dim-bulb bill makes Newsday

MN's Iraq Veterans Against the War Wes Davey's LTE on 4/23

Phyllis Bennis: "Empire Building in the Middle East"

Tues, 4/29 Co-founder Jodie Evans in Minneapolis

oops dupe

Rush Limbaugh calls for riots at Democratic convention, so pass out the ax handles?

New poll has Obama and Coleman widening their leads

Lena Guerrero dies

Help! I'm looking for the name of a mesh network company ...

Stupid question time again.

So, who is

What's a good email service provider?

You Rewrote a law (check that) Invented a Law to Decide a Presidential Election (Video)

Anyone up to comparing states won by candidates versus voting equipment?

illinois election law proposed changes

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Thursday, 04/24/08

Dirty Tricks" We know who really won.......

2004 Election Numbers

Groundbreaking New Book-Mark Crispin Miller: Smoking Gun Evidence Of Widespread Election Fraud

Obama's Nuclear Nugget

Excellent Obama Video

I am so sick of idiots who spew lies.

May 6th. That is when this all ends.

What do you know? Zogby closer to the mark in PA than St. SUSA

9.3%. Sorry, Hillary. PA was NOT a double digit victory.

On Electability and Who Obama Brings In

What do you know about this?

Guardian (Comment is free): The Canadian Nixon

Tories stalling Martin handover, Liberal MP says

College admissions dance gets longer, more complicated

Students Lose Billions as Colleges Petition for Loans

Bush administration continues to blame low graduation rates on public schools

Leaving America Behind

Has Tim Burton ever FAILED to fuck up a classic movie?

IT'S OFFICIAL: Guillermo del Toro to direct 'Hobbit'

I don't believe I have seen this site posted before, excuse me if it has.

MEPs to keep audit of wage abuse secret

Will there be a switcheroo of pro and anti-EU views between the main parties?

Cats and Dogs

For anyone in the Clubhouse wondering about the Dick Trickle reference

KOEB Meeting: 04/24/08 -- Intervention Edition

I'm off to West Texas again

Uh-oh -- is Karma back?