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Doubled my contribution $ because: he won more delegates, more votes, and twice as many contests

Thank you Pennsylvania!

NYT: Obama & Clinton "keep standing there, pounding and bloodying each other, and no one is winning"

I watched 5 minutes of election coverage tonight and I'm confused

Obama Campaign Memo: A fundamentally unchanged race

It's all about 2012 now

Yawn, yawn, yawn

If these contests were winner take all......

What Barack Obama won't tell America.

Ignored is BACK!!!

Maybe there is something to all the backer-bashing:

Congratulations on the win, Hillary, and her supporters here

Big winner tonight -- John McCain

Home town advantage memory for you: Hawaii, Obama 76%, Clinton 23%

Won't get fooled again

Thank Fucking God Pennsylvania is O V E R!

So...What's the elected delegate count looking like now? Much movement?

Congratulations, Pennsylvania! Your prize is two more weeks of John McCain relaxing on a beach...

Obama in 30 seconds...

Did Howard Dean with Obama campaign stop the North Carolina

She's made of grease and metal

123 is the number of

123 is the number of

It's The End of PA As We Know It - And I Feel Fine

After tonight, I'm proud to call myself an Obama supporter

A Video for your enjoyment

If you hated one and loved one on the dem ticket

Too lazy to figure this out myself

The PA state site has it (rounded) at Hillary +8% (NO DOUBLE DIGITS)

Obama supporters: Great idea from another forum

Complete Breakdown Of Exit Polling For Pennsylvania

"It raises concerns about Obama's ability to close the sale. He may not have it."

8%: Bow before my prognosticatory skillz

I attempted to vote today. (PA)

Well, fuck you and your conscience...

I am sending $100 to Hillary!

Thank God for the Intelligent Voters of Pennsylvania!

WOW! Big Hilliary win tonight! A huge momentum shift? Giants v. Pats revisited?

My home state of Pennsylvania disappointed me tonight!

Congratulations Hillary

For the ones who wish that the race was over several months ago

Good night HRC peeps and congrats

Hillary's - The Low Road to Victory - New York Times Editorial April 23, 2008

100% Precincts Reporting...

She has won nothing Obama WILL BE THE NOMINEE !

I know Obama wanted to cold war Hillary into spending oblivion

Anyone else sick of all the "sore losers"

The analysts on TV get it fundamentally wrong

To the good folks at PPP...

Congratulations Hillary on your win!

So the closet republican won one - Whoo Fucking Hoo!

Does anyone else feel like boycotting the MSM over the incessant spin,

It's official: I'm an Obama supporter and have committed to

It's official: I'm an Obama supporter and have committed to

I Have to Switch My Support... Obama Just Can't Win Big States

I'll vote for either one in the GE....

And the winner of tonight's contest is the Republican party

If YOU were a superdelegate...

If YOU were a superdelegate...

lol. I just remembered, PA was a closed primary.

I'm sorry i signed up here.....

Oh you "I'm not voting for_______ EVER!" You are so ideologically pure.

Hillary DOES NOT WIN BY 10% !!!!!!!!! 8.5% is more likely

Clinton's speech had many Methodist allusions

The Democratic race is at the mercy of the superdelegates

Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia still aren't at 100%

Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia still aren't at 100%

No Gamechanger in PA and my spurs WON

Check this out! CNN has a totally different count than the State of PA. Obama has more votes

Obama's telepromter speech tonight.

NC Repubs to Attack Obama Tomorrow - Questionable people in his past MSNBC

NC Repubs to Attack Obama Tomorrow - Questionable people in his past MSNBC

Hi friends, President-to-be McCain here, and I want to thank you all

Clinton leading by 8.6 % with 98.80% precincts reporting, plus there are 100,000 +or-

Pennsylvania, what the heck were you thinking?

Pennsylvania, what the heck were you thinking?

Just one thing to say

Eyes on the prize, fellow Obama supporters!!!

What disappointing results!.....cautiously speaking on behalf of a silent minority at DU

Obama won the most delegates tonight and here's why:

It was the best of times, it's was the worst of times.

Congratulations Hillary supporters on tonight's victory

PA is a KKK state, as is Indiana and North Carolina... and many others

Can we blame Keith Olbermann for Hillary's win?

The Numbers: Why I'm So Excited About Obama Tonight

What this means: Barack's Message to Supporters

Did Hillary Clinton reach 55% in PA?

Was Race a Strong Factor in Clear Clinton Win in Pennsylvania? - Greg Mitchell

So now we are closer to the inevitable end of the Clinton campaign

Obama got a larger net delegate gain out of Kansas than Hillary did in Pennsylvania

Here's a very weird poll I cannot figure please

A Modest Victory

Pennsylvania Primary Results per Candidate by County

I bet sexism has worked more for Hillary than against her.

I bet sexism has worked more for Hillary than against her.

How did it come to this...

Delegate Counts are not adding up; what's with that?

Obama: Over 10,000 NEW donors in the last 4 hours

None of this fighting on DU is helping. None of it.

Which is worse knowing a Former Weather Underground or pardoning One convicted of killing 3

Which is worse knowing a Former Weather Underground or pardoning One convicted of killing 3

Which is worse knowing a Former Weather Underground or pardoning One convicted of killing 3

Current DISCREPANCIES between CNN and PA Dept of State

Don't forget ...add in 1.7 percent to Obama's total because..

What do you all think of this statement? Direct quote from a Clinton supporter on DU.

Do You Agree with Hillary's Stance on Nuking Iran?

CNN huge Banner - Clinton Double Digit Win

She's still trailing

Obama needs to drop out

Consensus time in GDP: Can we all agree on this?

Pyrrhic Victory...

The Endgame: Spend Neocon HRC into Oblivion

A little levity-"The Path to Victory"

Hillary plans to take warmongering away from McCain in the GE

the media hates Obama for saying Gore won in 2000

How Many Provo Ballots? Will they be counted?

Hillary Clinton's Pyrrhic Pennsylvania victory

All this whoop-di-do for 10 delegates? Nice nonmandate.

Advice On Political Writing. (yeah, I'm wasting a post on this)

So What Is Hillary's Plan After Obliterating Iran?

So What Is Hillary's Plan After Obliterating Iran?

Will HIllary Be Black or Red?

It is all absurd, like some play. Are we destroying ourselves in this process?

So, what was the final delegate split?

Clinton tells Democrats: Don't vote for McCain

Clinton tells Democrats: Don't vote for McCain

Congrats Clinton on the victory in PA, but I'm confused...

Can we stop pretending Hillary is a Democrat?

Why can't Hillary close the deal?

99% in and the lead is 8% and under under 195,000

Whither Super Delegates after Pennsylvania?

Fact: Clinton needs 70% of the remaining contests to catch up with Obama

Clinton - The Low Road to Victory - (NYT Editorial)

If "the tide is turning" why didn't Hillary pad the lead she had?

Republican primaries" Hucklabee 11 % - Paul 16 %" , McCain cannot close the deal!

Hillary's money issues

Two words: May Sweeps. We'll get no help from the media in ending this thing

another dupe

Question? Did Republican cross over vote, affect PA, as it did in Ohio?

Suppose Obama limps across the finish line . . .


I now agree with those of you who say it's going to be about 2012 for Clinton.

Clinton did NOT win by double digits in PA, +9.4 or, not a 10 point win w/ 2% outstanding in Philly

Clinton's spokesperson begging for money on NPR


Exit polls show Limbaugh's tricks DID NOT WORK ...

With 99.09% of the vote in, Hillary's ahead by 8.6%

1694-1556. She's still 150 behind. Why do we keep forgetting that?

So now what?

Scaife Now Pushing Obama Attack Ads For Hillary

I am so sick and tired....

Hillary's thrilled about Rush's "Republican for a day" campaign

Who's with me?

From Rolling Stone: Onward!

LA Times: Clinton's Pennsylvania victory doesn't do much for her odds

Is It Legal The Way Hillary Is Running A Campaign Via Debt-Load?

When's the next debate? Let's GO!!!

Accidental Dupe

Where is the Hillary board?

Pennsylvania Election Results

Congratulations to Sen Clinton again.

Democratic Governors, Obama and the GE

Obama's genius

Hillary's unintended consequences

Nothing short of a disaster for Obama

Lapel Pins and Hunting Girls

So Clinton now has 10 million bucks on hand

I just donated $25 to Barack Obama for President!

Arguing over whether Hillary won an arbitrary measure like "double digits" is stupid

After reading the posts of many HRC supporters this AM ...


Hillary: Presidents should never make blanket statements about using nukes

Popular vote update after Clinton gains over 210,000 votes. Margin down to less than 1%

Dear Hillary: You used to speak for me, from my heart to your mouth. No longer.

Congratulations HIllary on your Pennsylvania win, but it wasn't enough

IT'S DOWN TO 8 POINTS !!!!!!!!!!

How can you vote for McCain if you care about the troops?

When will IA, NV, ME, WA popular vote tallies be released?

Hiroo Onoda: The Future Of The Clinton Campaign And Its Supporters

What was the total number of votes cast for Dems yesterday?

Special Pleading for Hillary Clinton

Why does CNN and MSNBC show a 10 point win when is is 8.5???

NC's primary is May 6th. Are we about to be invaded?

CNN: Pennsylvania College Graduates went to Clinton 51% to 49%

Why did Hillary do EVEN WORSE with African American voters in Pennsylvania than in Ohio?

Anyone surprised at the number of votes Ron Paul got?

54.7-45.3=9.4 NOT DOUBLE DIGITS. Why can't the the MSM tell the truth ...

Questions Hillary supporters don’t want to ask

K, R & D

So do you think an exorcism would do it?

No Independents voted?


It's 3 AM and the Phone Rings

NYT Editorial: It's About Time for Superdelegates to End This Destructive Campaign

A little spreadhseet (16% IS 'double digits'!!)

Winning or losing a state's "PRIMARY" election ...


Celebrating the victory - on page one today

Oklahoma governor endorses Obama

Barack Obama maintains TRIPLE-DIGIT lead over Hillary Clinton

EDIT: The state website updated it's numbers to 9.2 difference

WWE Racist?


Hillary's new "Magic Number": 68% of the vote in ALL remaining contests

Juan Cole Re: HRC: "She should stop before more damage is done"

Another $25 for Obama from me in Indiana. $25 from my son in North Carolina.

Politco: Clinton Gains 10-12 Delegates, Obama Within 300 of Nomination, And Needs Under 100 S. D.s

Obama's Across-The-Board-Gains....

Obama camp denies WaPo report re: Whitewater, etc.

Hillary has a mandate!! nt

I am casting my vote for Obama again. Gave another donation this morning.

Good News: About 700 delegates remain, Obama only needs about 300!

Good News: About 700 delegates remain, Obama only needs about 300!

Obama can't Win the Big States

Susan Rice -"Barack Obama Will Do Anything Necessary To Defend Israel"

Lancaster county fixed on the PA website

How is "obliterate them" different than

Republican 527 Anti-Obama Ads to Be Released in No. Carolina.

Some things Obama must do going forward. (For Obama supporters)

* * * * * * * * * * OBAMA'S STRATEGY * * * * * * * * * *

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) denounces Clinton’s war rhetoric: "Obliterate" Iran

My, How Sour the Grapes Are This Evening

a question about numbers.

On second thought: She should stay in the race.

Hillary supporters - if you're going to donate, please begin by donating money....

Buchanon to Maddow: "Just hold the Marxist dialectic"

Hillary lying again- said she didn't know anything about Bill commuting sentences of WU members

Almost Laughable - Ron Paul Gets 16%, Mike Huckabee gets 11%... How does McCain Feel About PENN?

Hillary's only possible agenda is the destruction of the Democratic Party and by God she's doing it!

Obama speaks truth in the face of vicious personal attacks.

Stop The Drama, Vote For Obama..........It's Time To End This.

Stop The Drama, Vote For Obama..........It's Time To End This.

They're observant. They're intelligent. They're not easily fooled.

How did it come to this? It should have been EDWARDS

The Poll you CAN BELIEVE without a doubt...

If we're fantasizing about unity tickets, then here's mine: Obama-Gore.

Halperin Reports Clinton To Snag Blue Dog Superdelegate

R'oh! R'oh! Pushback has begun re: "double digit" win

McCain Campaign just said: Democrats should "take their time -- don't rush." (we need the money)

The Real Math: 2024

Whoa - Ron Reagan is voicing on Larry King What is Hillary's Plan B?

WORLD NEWS TRUST: How Hillary Can Knock-Out Obama (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

The HilLIARy supporters here on GD:P have convinced me

*** 99.34% Reporting *** PA 8.6% win = NPR & M$M 10% = Media LIES!!

Does anyone know the delegate count coming out of PA?

Why does the media keep calling this a "10 point win" when the PA website says 8.6?

Why does the media keep calling this a "10 point win" when the PA website says 8.6?

I CALL BS! Why has only 97% of the vote been counted in Philly?

All this talk about why can't Obama, or Hillary for that matter, close the deal.

I think it's fair to make mention of Vince Foster in exchange for all this Weather Underground talk.

Looking at the Pennsylvania Primary in the rear view mirror and onward...

SDs need to declare NOW

Obama interview coming up on CNN.

Why wouldn't Obama win the big states??

3 X's the $$$ and Still NO Win! He did have some big rallies though...

My concerns of Obama as a Obama supporter

Dont read this

Dont read this

God Bless PA-2

Hillary has been planning her campaign like this for years (link)

A glorious mess

Tell me about Indiana

We need to see some Obama SD's today or I'm gonna get nervous

Can we all agree that McCain would be the 2nd worst president ever?

Can we all agree that McCain would be the 2nd worst president ever?

Huffpost: "Last Night Clinton Won the Pennsylvania Primary, BUT

Everyone should try to listen to Hannity today if you get a chance

Love this Stat: 27% of the PA GOP voters didn't vote for McCain

Obama is the new FDR! Hillary supporters would throw FDR overboard for a bully???

Pay Up or Risk Long Battle, Obama Told

Get ready: The Clintons and Republicans will push for Obama to put Clinton on the ticket.

Pay Up or Risk Long Battle, Obama Told

Congrats Hillary on your 9 point victory.

Here is the Dilemma facing the Democratic party

How did it come to this? It should have been EDWARDS

If Clinton wins twice as many votes as Obama in every remaining contest,

Maureen Dowd & NY Times have stooped to a new low


How Hillary Can Knock-Out Obama

Ta Da !! And the DU PA margin prediction winners ****** !!!

Ta Da !! And the DU PA margin prediction winners ****** !!!

So how WOULD Clinton and Obama do in Fla and Michigan?

So why doesn't Hillary just self finance her campaign?

The Clinton Family on stage

Listen to Bill Clinton on how the Obama campaign played the race card!

Hillary's Use of Osama bin Ladin in attack ads . . .

Hillary will only net between 10-15 pledged delegates from her "huge" PA win

Why is Richardson debating Carville on Larry King tonight?


HRC people . . . STOP saying "10%" and "double digit"

Siphoning off McCain voters

Obama Is Not Associated With Ayers

Hillary supporters, stop saying double digit win. Say 200,000+ vote win.

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/23/08 - Obama down 1 (48), Clinton up 2 (43)

****PA: Two Obama counties still not at 100% reported*****

Our better natures. That will be the test. (follow up from previous post)

Is Clinton just running now to get enough money to pay off her debt- then bow out?

I think that John Edwards will endorse Obama and Elizabeth Edwards will show her support for Hillary

So. Will the 40 unreported districts in Phil. Co. be as slow to come in as the TX caucus results?

Hillary's "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

Democrats Divided? Mccain loses 1/4 of GOP votes ACROSS Pennsylvania

If Obama is as good of a politician as I think, he will soon exit after extracting his next career

If Obama is as good of a politician as I think, he will soon exit after extracting his next career

If Obama is as good of a politician as I think, he will soon exit after extracting his next career

If Obama is as good of a politician as I think, he will soon exit after extracting his next career

Why are the usual Obama supporters foaming at the

Obama needs a new speech

Obama Indiana town hall streaming live now.

Gallup, 4/23/08: Obama 50, Clinton 42

Why can't Hillary connect with Black voters?

Why can't Hillary connect with Black voters?

Sorry Hillary, but you're going to have to do better than that.

The Day After: if super-Ds give nom to HRC, even though BO wins delegates, popular vote

Obama To Attack Clintons on Whitewater, Cattle Futures, Campaign Fundraising, Lewinsky???

New NC Pub anti Obama ad also being used against Dems for Governor.

Not to nitpick, but since the margin's an issue - it is NOT A DOUBLE DIGIT VICTORY!

Would you vote for Obama if Hillary was his VP.

Hear That? The March of the Superdelegates has Begun: Oklahoma Gov. To Obama.

McCain Slams N.C. GOP for Anti-Obama Ad

Hillary Clinton is no longer electable in a general election.


Revenge is ours, ABC!!!

I like Obama's stance on nuclear weapons in Iran - missle strikes before they are able to use them.

NPR: all Klinton all the time

Hoyer: Electability Key to Democratic Choice

Hoyer: Electability Key to Democratic Choice

Hillary Clinton Isn't A Feminist : She's Just A Political Hack

I hope history will record something positive from this battle: a "Yes, I can" for our children.

I hope history will record something positive from this battle: a "Yes, I can" for our children.

Okay -- Here's the scoop on the conflicting numbers regarding PA

Hillary is unelectable

Whiny little brats on Ed Schultz show

It's time to put this primary behind us and back Barack Obama

Jesus Christ, Is This Shit Gonna End, EVER ! ? ! ? !

a math problem for the geekie among us- caucus/popular vote conversion.

Obama is inevitable. He now needs to ignore Hillary and focus on McCain.

Please: there is only one way to calculate the margin of victory

Edwards supporters for Obama

Has Hillary closed the gap in any contest from 25 to less than 10?

Super delegates For Obama -- Sooner?

Rush is at it again!

Obama: “We are not a collection of Red States and Blue States"

I support Obama because...

Be a MAN, Act like a President and DEBATE Hillary before NC OBAMA!

Why can't Hillary close this race?


The Rude Pundit: What We Learned Last Night ...

About that 25% of Democrats in PA who say they'll vote for McCain if Clinton isn't the nominee.

Obama supporters: If the ticket was Obama/Clinton, would you decline to vote in the GE?

Now That The Primary Is Over In Pennsylvania...

What should Obama's campaign do at this point?

Obama could have fought "bitter gate" better than he did

They are both going to have to be on the ticket.

Dowd: "It will take a village to help Obama escape from the suffocating embrace of his rival."


A few PA Primary pics that made me smile...

A reminder that Obama only congratulated Hillary on her PA victory...

Speak out against Hillary's claim that she is ahead in the popular vote!

Let Her Sink

Matthews: Media Created the "DELUSION" that Clinton Can Win

Does anyone else find this suspicious?


Hillary should drop out...

'Closing The Deal': Campaign Theme To Watch

50 State primaries what a concept.

Hillary is unelectable. Americans won't vote for an unlikable candidate.

Operation Chaos ******* ****** Kitchen Sink Strategy

What are the down-ballot implications of a Clinton or Obama nomination?

Did you donate last night?

You are the Obama or Clinton Campaign, What is your Strategy from here on out to win the Nomination?

It's become clear that simply saying "But the math doesn't add up" isn't going to work....

WTF is a Campaign Alert?

Why doesn't Obama challenge Hillary to campaign without going negative. I bet she can't do it!!!

Indiana/North Carolina -- we pass you the torch

Kudos To John McCain!

"if Iran does achieve what appears to be its continuing goal of obtaining nuclear weapons"

The math only gets gloomier for Clinton

Donating to Hillary's campaign?...Then don't forget to

Hillary 54.3% Barack 45.7% Pennsylvania State Returns Page

Hillary 54.3% Barack 45.7% Pennsylvania State Returns Page

Hillary 54.3% Barack 45.7% Pennsylvania State Returns Page

Hillary 54.3% Barack 45.7% Pennsylvania State Returns Page

So Who's The Election "Spoiler" This Year: Ralph Nader or Hillary?

FL GOP's nightmare approaches: Release of memo slamming Obama after PA primary

She gained 50 delegates. He gained 49 delegates last night.

PA: Independents upset about being shut out of today's election

women's vote gives Clinton PA win

women's vote gives Clinton PA win

women's vote gives Clinton PA win

It figures that it would take a small community newspaper to get it right

Has Anyone here heard of "The Denver Plan"?

How Hillary Lost Yesterday

A republican who cares about his constituents.

Has anyone tried getting legal about this operation chaos crap?

McCain tells reporters he "Question's Hillary's Personal Freshness" (Video)

9.2% Rounds Down to 9%--It Doesn't Round Up to 10%--WSJ Said Double-Digits Needed

why couldn't Hillary close the deal???

So how many of us are Latino/as for Obama?

Obama Supporters!! Indiana is the KEY to ending this mess!!! Volunteer!!!

Rush Limpballs is getting his way....."Operation Chaos"

The Right-Wing Slander Machine Was Not Completely Wrong About Hillary

Josh Marshall: "The Bright Side" - McCain likely at his peak

How many Hillary Clinton supporters are willing to send their children to her war with Iran?

How does central PA differ from some of the small states that Obama won?

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania by Triple Digits!!!!

North Carolina -- a slew of Obama endorsements

Another Super Delegate for Hillary!

If Obama is unelectable (as some nimrods say), then Hillary is still far less electable. Fortunately

A serious question for Clinton supporters.

The Audacity of Audacious Presidential Candidate Book Titles

THANK YOU to the Pennsylvania Voters who voted for Obama!

So let's sum it up.

43 Percent of Clinton Supports May Vote for McCain If Obama Nominee

You want a progressive thinker who can bring about change? REAL change?

Has Hillary gained any supers?

"If you count the votes in Michigan..."


Hill gets 10 million$$ in 24 hours!!

Clinton Not A Factor (If she ever was...)

The Daily Show asks "Whose Turn Is It?"

The Daily Show asks "Whose Turn Is It?"

If I post a picture of a squirrel waterskiing, will people recommend me to the greatest page?

I love the spin!

Is an 8.5% victory enough for her to continue to fake it?

Hillary Clinton raised $ 10 million dollars in one day - so she can't use that excuse anymore

Clinton ,Jerome, Real Clear Pol. rigged her popular vote numbers, exclusions of caucus states etc

McCain buddy John Hagee: NOLA punished for 'sinful conduct'

I called it exactly right: BLOWOUT. Obama is TOAST!!!

An urgent plea to Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, John Edwards, etc.

An urgent plea to Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, John Edwards, etc.

self editing this whole post. It was a stupid reaction to the Iran annihilation

Obama will win Indiana and North Carolina and then everyone will Shut the fuck up.

Finally media picking up on it: "Clinton's 'double-digit' win? Not exactly "

Is Barack Obama anti-semitic?

Why have the Republican pundits suddenly fallen in love with Hillary?

In regards to the remarks made by Senator Clinton on 'obliterating' Iran...

so did hillary actually win by 10? People were throwing arond 8.6% and so yesterday

EDIT: voters who said race was an issue - corrected numbers

I've changed my mind -- I want this thing to go on till June 3

About this mythical "popular vote"

About this mythical "popular vote"

We Have Lost Our Way. Get Back On Track!

We Have Lost Our Way. Get Back On Track!

Hillary, stop talking about IF michigan counted

Hillary is now ahead in the popular vote...

democratic rules

The media and the campaign funding spin

The facts.


Do you find yourself making political donations for the first time ever?

Two Numbers Out of Penn: 1720 and 1590

How big is the race issue?

Former Edwards Supporters

Former Edwards Supporters

Former Edwards Supporters

Former Edwards Supporters

SNOB: Which candidate do Americans most feel looks down on them?

Oh, shit. Is this forum still here?

Hillary Clinton is now ahead in the popular vote count

"People need to get past the 'race card thing'"

A New Kind of Politics Closely Resembles the Old-- June 2007

The Obama McGovern comparison is horseshit

Gallup for 4/23/08 - Obama 50%, Clinton 42%

chance that Clintons delegate total will be below 10

What is the voting machine situation in Indiana? And, of the states she's won

What Do We Do If We Lose in November Because of This?

I'm going to say something that will make me wildly unpopular with other Obama supporters:

SD Gov. Henry (Oklahoma) endorses Obama

Senator Obama has to win both North Carolina and Indiana on May 6 to remain viable

She needs to win all the remaining contests by how much (to catch up)?

BREAKING: Democratic Candidates Must Win 2024 Delegates To Remain Viable!

Hillary Runs To Help McCain Defeat Obama in 2008

12 Delegates????

What we'll hear from the Clinton Camp for the next two weeks, and how to react...

Party leaders don't seem to care Clinton has taken the big states

Obama Campaign must DO OR DIE in Indiana

Who said this, and where?

Do the superdelegates believe that black folks are just permanently in the bag?

Are both Clinton & Obama in Senate today? edit - yes they're both there

Just Because Hillary says she is the Most Vetted Candidate Ever, DOESNT mean There is nothing There.

I think the REAL issue in this election should be math education

Today's Taylor Marsh podcast!

Michigan? Hillary only won 55% of the vote,

Obama Supporters

What, exactly, is a Superdelegate?

I have friends from Iran and I am offended by Hillary Clinton.

Obama: PA and Ohio "Ready to shut down globalization tomorrow".

So much for that popular vote thing...

Hillary Is Not A Nice Person, But Is She A Democrat?

Hillary Is Not A Nice Person, But Is She A Democrat?

I want Hillary to go down even if racists WILL elect McCain ...

Nabbing Rush

John McCain shouldn't be able to be President since he on Disability.

If situation were reversed, would Obama have dropped out for the good of the party?

How did we go from being ahead by 20 and "she has to win by large double digits"

To all Obama supporters:

What makes you a tool? Talking about "delegate math."

Wow that was a MONSTERous win by Hillary yesterday huh?

Brokered convention = draft Gore

Terry McAuliff praises FOX news (video)

Am I bad?

Clinton wins most delegates in Pennsylvania primary (81-70)

If Clinton is nominated, we lose the House and Senate. R's are helping her in NC

Edwards Backers Team Up With Obama

Barack did NOT out-spend Hillary in PA by 3-to-1... He out-RAISED her by 3-to-1

Obama currently has about a 20% lead over Clinton in North Carolina.

Clinton trial date to be set April 25, 2008 in the Paul vs. Clinton campaign contribution fiasco..

Obama played "rope a dope" with Hillary Clinton

Who's celebrating an Obama VICTORY tonight?

GREAT TOON: The Andy Griffith Show on Obama's bitter comment

"Tide Is Turning"...LOL....Do the Hillbots actually believe this crap??

*** After PA: Obama Only 138 Away From Magic Number ***

I'm an Obama supporter, and I think we should just seat the MI and FL delegations.

A pointless, unimportant poll

If a person is tough, they don't need to talk about it all the time.

So the superdelegates in my state

**WINK WINK** Blue Collar Workers **WINK WINK**

"Why CAN'T".... the media report what actually happens?

Obama Supporters - Soon Hillary will be on stage crying & quitting! Help bring that day Sooner!

How Long Till She Uses "The N-word" Against Him?

I see that Hillary is promising to bring jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs to Indiana.

"Who Cares What You Think"? Redux

the primaries that are left and who is expected to win them

Rec this thread- If you think it's time for Obama to quit

McCain expects to fall behind badly once Dems have a nominee

Mr Fish!!!!!!!!

How did the Amish vote go?

A series of endorsements/Supers on there way for Obama?

The Low Road to Victory - NYT editorial rips Hillary

The Low Road to Victory - NYT editorial rips Hillary

Obama only needs 304 more delegates to seal the nomination

Is GE's Baby "MSNBC" becoming CNN over the Nuclear Debate?

close-to-final NYT results from PA: 54.7 - 45.3

Why Vote When You Can Bet? (Slate's guide to all the political markets.)

Hillary supporters: DOUBLE DIGITS BABY!

As Hillary Insists, It's Not About the Math. It's About the Superdelegates.

Her not dropping out doesn't mean we don't have a presumptive nominee

a fact is a fact Obama is electable Cllinton is not

For the last freaking time, Michigan does NOT count!

NYT: Obama Campaign and HQ Shifting Focus From Clinton to McCain

I have a dream

There is no 'closing the deal'. It's already closed.

How can being forced to buy a corporate health care plan

Obama Team's Strategy glossed over briefly last night. It's a good one.

Obama is a nice person but is he a Democrat?

MSNBC Spin During PA Counts Made Me Feel Sick

WHO is spending millions and still failing???

WHO is spending millions and still failing???

Limpballs sees "4 more months" of "Operation Chaos". . . . . . . .

PA Obama Volunteer Meetup?

The Democratic Primary & Iran

as this contest drags on, do we risk primary fatigue?

The New York TIMES Op/Ed piece on the Pennsylvania outcome:

Monica! There, someone finally said it.

How ODD - Late precincts just in - More votes for Clinton in Obama District???

How ODD - Late precincts just in - More votes for Clinton in Obama District???

Michigan counts! Nee, nee, nee, nee, nee

Question about donation threads.

Congratulations to my fellow Clinton supporters!

Simple question

Congratulations Hillary on your win in Pennsylvania.

Are certain Precincts being held up to give the Illusion of a double-digit Hillary victory?


Atrios gets it...

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday April 23, 2008

Isn't it WONDERFUL that we will have a black man or a woman

Tag Team Going On. And It's Ugly

Why the prolonged primary might be a GOOD THING for Democrats (and Obama)

Hillary should STAY IN THE RACE ...Until ALL STATES have VOTED!

For those of you thinking of not voting for the Democratic nominee in November , think

GOP to McCain ---> F *CK YOU; you're not the boss of us! GOP to Hillary---->We Love You....for Now

Did anyone else feel the M$M anchors getting unglued last night??

Clinton frames win as sign of strength---and Photos over time..........

Any Obama suppporters in Indiana or North Carolina? Could you please check in here?

I think it's beautiful.

Drudge mocks Hillary: "All that for 10 delegates?" haha

With 98.4% reporting at the Penn. Department of State website:

I didn't think Obama was a snob, until I read the latest Maureen Dowd's piece

After 8 years of Bush, a recession, and a botched war in Iraq, Obama trails McCain by 1%

Obama speech last night: "Sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch."

why you should support either HRC or Obama in Nov

A Question for Primary Watchers

If the Hillerator is only in the campaign now to raise $$

What's worse, Obama being a member of Wright's church and

I'm getting sick of being told that because I'm a loyal democrat, my candidate should quit.

For Obama supporters - a discussion-

If GD: P were a movie...


I don't like what's happening to Hillary's campaign.

Clinton Lead in PA Shrinking Below the Double Digit Threshold!

"Uneducated black voters"

Hillary's right. If a Dem can't win the big prizes, s/he's probably unelectable.

My 25 daily calls for Obama are DONE! How about the rest of you?!

I hate to sound like a PIA, but you & I KNOW a Dem will NEVER win

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the Hillary/Fox/NC-Republican nexus

"Missing Utopias and Dystopias".......Apocalypse Now......

So McCain and the RNC denounced the NC ad today, and Hillary is asked about it.

Rise Hillary, Rise.

Talk Barack Obama 08

Another Nebraska Superdelegate for Obama

Montana legislators, leaders and activists newly endorsing Hillary Clinton are:

Money, Votes, and Un-Endorsements...

Hillary's sad reality: she should have fought in all 50 states

I just want to thank you here at GD:P

Reminder to Supers: Unity Ticket is NOT necessary

Saint Hillary:Our Lady of the Cattle Futures...

what part of "Murdoch and Richard Mellon-Sciafe endorsed" do her supporters not get???

I think we can all agree that John McLame is full of s**T when he says he wants

Figured out the SCAM yet?

Hillary must be CRUSHED. Thank you. That is all. GoOBAMA.

Even with the Limpballs/"Operation Chaos" TEMPORARY REGISTRATIONS, HRC could NOT hit 9.2%.

Chuck Todd: "'Impossible for Obama to Lose His Lead" (Video)

I am truly embarrassed this morning, after reading the posts from Obama supporters

Do Clinton supporters have anything to say about republican attacks on Obama?

Obama people: Quit Pretending Your Guy Didn't Get Reamed In PA

I heard the most idiotic thing today.

Newsweek: Clinton's Popular Vote Argument Flawed

PHOTOS: Barack Obama campaigning today at the University of Indiana in New Albany, Indiana

As we all take a deep breath and regroup, let's consider the primary election process

If Hillary spent a billion dollars against McCain in Texas, would she win?

So what would Hillary do if McCain and Media start to press her on "wedge" elitist issues?

Does Clinton have to win all remaining states by at least 30% to take the lead?

You (Really) Don’t Need a Weatherman - Hertzberg calls out the McCarthyism of linking Obama to Ayers

Did your candidate drop out and if so who would you vote for if you got a do over?

"Can't close the deal" could be the stupidest talking point

Gallup shows Obama up nationally 50% to 42%.

AP ***HACK! into Obama campaign site redirected users to the "OFFICIAL" HRC Site!!***

Obama can't close the deal, so.....

I'm voting for Obama in November 2008

Does anyone have one of those scattered-dot charts

"The Low Road": Once a Clinton backer, the NY Times now savages her for Republican tactics.

For all you people who are surprised at Randi Rhodes calling Hillary voters "white trash".......

Obama gets a head start in Indiana, I call it a Panicked Move.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....


Saint Hillary: Our Lady of the Missing Paperwork


13 days. This will be over in 13 days.

If the Clintons only gained 9 delegates for Pa, how much did they

Why can't Hillary close the deal??? She just can't manage to land the knockout.

CBS on PA - Clinton only gains 9 delegates.

Hillary supporters: what will we be enthused about if she wins the general?

Ummm...aren't "firewalls" supposed to STOP damage?

This really bothers me - Hillary's hoodwinking re $3.5 milloin donated after PA

The Biggest Overlooked Comment I Heard Yesterday... Fuck You MSM!

Why are the Republicans supporting Hillary. Is it because she is less electable than Obama

I Love the way the press is spinning this as a HUGE victory for Clinton

I Love the way the press is spinning this as a HUGE victory for Clinton

NYTimes: 7 congressional districts in PA still outstanding -- Clinton 64 - Obama 63 delegate count

$9mil: money well spent

What does Pennsylvania tell you?

Obama's response to NC ad

Anyone else sick of the 'Take Your Job and Shove It' lady?

Bombshell Disclosure in Rezko Trial Today

Rep. Brady (Penn.) sort of endorses Obama

This Democratic primary is like a milkshake...

Jon Stewart's coverage of the PA Primaries

Jon Stewart's coverage of the PA Primaries

Yes We Can!!!!!

Black Hispanic unwed addict mother on welfare getting an abortion

So let me see if I understand the thinking here

Hillary should remember the "Tale of the Scorpion"

DON'T Listen To Hillary, Obama has Won the Biggest of the Big States

Saint Hillary:Our Lady of Small Munitions

Saint Hillary:Our Lady of Small Munitions

I'll say it again. We are a laughingstock because of our primary rules

Time for Hillary's: Word of the Day. Todays Word ; OBLITERATE


This is the first day of the rest of the campaign - Obama sittin' pretty.

Not Dead "Yet" Trentonian Headline

Has Hillary's tough talk increased pain at the pump?

Hillary is "mean and vacuous." Couldn't have said it better myself.

A question - and please support answers with data...

There is one thing I WILL NOT TOLERATE from our candidates.

Did she really raise $10 million?

Check in here if you are "White Trash".

States where Obama picked up more delegates than Hillary did in PA!!!

Obama campaign predicted they would win Indiana and North Carolina .... link

I got your 'electability' right here, people.

A request to supporters of both candidates

Attention Obama Supporters.....Let's Forget About

Remember a time when Democrats opposed using nuclear weapons while campaigning?

This is bullshit !!!!!! Someone needs to step in. A RANT!!

Again with the unity ticket.

Again with the unity ticket.

I love Bill Richardson as a VP for Obama but

So More Hillary Traitors then Obama

Gov. Brad Henry of Oklahoma (SD) endorses Obama Today

Keith Olbermann Alert....he is going to be on Letterman tonight UP NEXT 12:06

Do you REALLY want to go to war with Iran?

How possible is an Obama/Clinton ticket right now?

Gather 'round fo' da "Great GD-P Shark Jump!"

Gather 'round fo' da "Great GD-P Shark Jump!"

Clinton won't admit it, so someone should press her on it...

Fascinating article on Obama's campaign manager, Plouffe

Obama closes in on the 'Pelosi Trigger' Magic Number now only 143

Sheryl Crow Endorses Barack Obama!

Is there any Hillary Supporter here with faith enough to actually bet on her?


Clinton has taken the all state popular vote lead after PA - leads Obama by 122,728

Question: Is There Any Democrat That Could Run WIth Obama And Sure Up The White Working Class Vote?

Rasmussen Nevada: Hillary loses by 11, Obama loses by 5

can someone explain why anyone likes Hillary?

Lesson from the Pennsylvania Primary: Attacking Works

NC and INDIANA are fired up and WILL END THIS!

"It raises concerns about Obama's ability to close the sale. He may not have it."

$3M wasted (somewhat harsh- I'm sorry, Clinton folks)

I'm now a Hillary supporter.

I'm now a Hillary supporter.

I'm now a Hillary supporter.

The Term is 'Morally Bankrupt'

It's all over on May 6th really

Hi. I'm here to tell you something.

The Media Created "Delusion" That Hillary Can Win

Last Nebraska SD, Edwards National Chairman, 49 Other Edwards Supporters Throw Support to Obama

Question for Hillary Supporters: What could Hillary do to make you STOP supporting her?

Colbert "I Can't Wait To See Where Hillary Grew Up In Indiana"


A Pennsylvania Dutch joke from Edwards Supporters to Hillary Supporters

#1 Reason why Obama Can't Attack Clinton.... YEP I SAID IT!!!

Obama supporters... A quick reminder about Super Delegates:

All Obama Supporters, call the DNC tomorrow and tell them about the math!

The thing I love about the Clintons...

This radio caller nailed it.

Large mismatch between exit polls and results?

clinton can't quit now, even though she's doomed to defeat

Sleazy McAuliffe saying Obama and Edwards pulled names from MI Ballot b/c

Why Hillary Lost PA?

It's over.

If the SDs take this away from Obama, you will see the destruction of the Democratic Party for the

Hillary can't win the General Election because


She only picked up 10 in PA -- check my math here

Let's clear something up concerning the popular vote.

Voting problems primary night, and what it means for November

I think our primary is pretty much over except for the crying

Clinton-Obama will be the Ticket by June 1st.

The only numbers we need to remember: 90 ... 137 ... 65 ... 80

If nuking Iran is a valid option, I'd like a moment of your time please. (graphic warning)

Listen the fuck up: We are not fucking fated to lose the fucking White House in Fucking November.

Hillary Supporters: Please send me your donations

What makes anyone think "white working class voters" would vote for Hillary over McCain?

Hillary Clinton's Warrior-Spirit & Why My Support Continues

Hillary Clinton's Warrior-Spirit & Why My Support Continues

No more big states left Hillary. The biggest one left, NC, is going big for Obama. There is no

Hillary Clinton the Prize Fighter

How do I know Republicans are Morans?

If Obama is the nominee, should he ask Senator Casey (D-PA) to be VP??

Mike Luckovich TOON: Mighty Morphin' Hillary

Internal Polling

"Ease over the finish line with your dignity..." Howard Fineman on Obama's choice.

The official start to the Police State - and why we need every Democratic voter to choose Obama

DCCC's Van Hollen warns Dems to tone it down...consensus building around Dean's request for July 1.

Why the two key spins “can’t close the deal” and “Only the popular vote” are breathtakingly stupid

Our supposedely Democratic candidate Hillary talks about nuking, never mind Earth day 4/22/08

Clinton nets 12 whole delegates. SUPERDELEGATES NEED TO END THIS FARCE NOW

Clinton raising $10 million since victory

Why Obama Really Lost Pennsylvania

Obama: If you brag about being a fighter, your not really one

Former Edwards National General Chairman and 49 Other Edwards Supporters Throw Support to Obama

Did you know that Obama netted more delegates out of Idaho than Hillary did out of Pennsylvania?

The audacity of Hillary Clinton continuing

Midweek Primary TOONS- The waiting is the hardest part

Axelrod (Obama strategist) Writes Off The White Working Class

Is there any way you can find out if a person has donated

What happened to the "only uneducated people vote for Clinton" meme?

Obama in Ohio versus Obama in PA

Clinton Criticized Obama For Saying "It would be profound mistake for us to use nuclear weapons"

Update: Hillary claims to know nothing about Bill's pardons. Also, "The Rules of Clintonball"

Just a reminder of how far Obama came in PA

Let's play Obamaball

Is Obama the next McGovern? The superdelegates surely must be looking at these numbers...

Ignore list now at big is yours?

Was there *any* media coverage of Obama's legendary anti-war speech?

I am so going to jail....

Only way Obama can win nomination is if Clinton quits the race.

Rec this thread if you think it's idiotic to call for Hillary to drop out after winning PA by 10 pts

If the rumors are true, Hillary has chosen her VP for his experience and ability to withstand fire.

The only path I can see for HRC making her case at the convention (more math)...

You want to know who raised 10 Million?!! Obama added more than 60K new donors since yesterday!!

GOP ads against Obama in NC but NONE against Hillary? Who all NEEDS to be drawn a PICTURE?

In NC the GOP is doing fucked up shit against Obama and ALL DEMOCRATS should be beating their asses

Randi Rhodes

Hillary admiting to defeat and, demanding VP ticket?

Hillary admiting to defeat and, demanding VP ticket?


Let's be realistic: It really IS over. Academic. In the books.

Just remember that the Republicans WANT Clinton to win the primary race...

We fucked up.

"Fucking Lever Pullers" Jon Stewart Just Totally Devastated Hillary and Bill.

Clinton challenges Obama to two debates in Oregon

Chuck Todd Just Said He doesn't see Hillary even being able to win the Popular vote

McCain has more Integrity than Clinton: Asks NC GOP to Stop Running Wright Ad

Advanced Mathematics for Senator Obama supporters

I've never heard anyone but old, white racists use the term "Race Card" until Hillary supporters did

A Pennsylvania Dutch joke from Edwards Supporters to Obama Supporters

BEFORE primary Bill angrily sez Obama played race card on him. Day OF, Bill sez he NEVER said it.

Media Memo is clearly out - "Obama can't close the deal" - have heard that about 50 times so far

Can Clinton supporters agree that Obama has at least earned one of the two spots on the ticket?

How can anyone say Hillary is more electable when she only earns 10% of the African-American vote?

Bullshit ! Charlie Crist, Hillary Clinton did not "win" the Florida

How did that BLONDE get all those BLIND people to the polls?!?!?!

Pick your favorite candidate for Obama's running mate! New choices!

ABC News calls out Clinton Camp for misrepresenting their report regarding the popular vote

ABC News calls out Clinton Camp for misrepresenting their report regarding the popular vote

We will lose the GE.

When Barack Obama starts pushing for fair Primaries in Michigan and Florida

Iran: Hillary's statements have made me reach another decision

Hillary is a disgrace to women around the world who have achieved higher office

Why do old, not college educated people and women support Hillary?

Tom Hayden writing in The Nation: Why Hillary Makes My Wife Scream

Hillary WON in Pennsylvania....Obama Lost....! That's the TRUTH!


****************** STRAW POLL TIME ******************

Sec. of State: Barack Obama

Barack Obama is unelectable.

Barack Obama is unelectable.

Barack Obama is unelectable.

Barack Obama is unelectable.

So the Archie Bunker voters went for Clinton yesterday...

So the Archie Bunker voters went for Clinton yesterday...

I've got a great list

"I am a Democrat and I will fully support the Democratic nominee -- whoever he or she may be."

If DEMOCRATS overturn the will of the people, I'm no longer a DEMOCRAT

Obama: "The problem is older voters are very loyal to Senator Clinton"

Do we want to win or not?

No help for 70% of subprime borrowers (

HOT POLITICS on Frontline right now, West Coast viewers.

Some video from a John McCain rally

If you ran the DNC...

Zimbabwe is set to melt down - Opinions

We may not heal as a party because of the propaganda by the Clintons and their surrogates.

Obama still ahead. So here is my fear.

I'm starting to think Obama should make Gephardt his VP if he wins the nomination.

Do NOT get sucked in to supporting Hillary for vice president

Hallelujah! *Ignore* is back.

Why I prefer Obama -- not because I think he's "all that", but simply because he's not Clinton.

What is so appealing about HRC?

Is it anti-semitic to like Palestine?

The Endgame: Spend Neocon HRC into Oblivion

This is breaking my heart. 20 million of the world's poorest children.

Russia infuriated with Chinese export copies of Su-27 jet fighters

The Queen of Pork

Rev. Wright is such a scary guy, Bill Clinton invited him to the White House

If you were on national TV, what questions would you ask?

The Appeal of Hillary Clinton

The Whole Wide World Wants Obama

A Reagan Democrat is...

Afghans to probe whether U.S. used depleted uranium

How can we win in Novemeber, if we hate ourselves right here, right now?

Maybe the only time a future president will say "We don't want to have Cheez Whiz dripping..."

Dems eye bill to protect gays, end war

McSame Rolls Out Own GI Bill

President Bush Worse Than Nixon? Vote it up

Jury seated in Geoffrey Fieger criminal trial

Not just worst President, worst Administration ever!

Hillary Clinton is a fighter? Name one time she's fought for anything besides Hillary Clinton.

President Obama would make it illegal to use his middle name

Even more MOST CORRUPT EVER-DoJ's Coughlin pleads guilty (Abramoff)

Republican state senator says his drunk driving arrest was politically motivated

The Disconnect: American Mortgage Crisis v. World Food Crisis

Maybe people here can be more civil so Ill try again.....

I promise you this....

Virtual fence on Mexican border deemed insufficient

Canadian Seafood Boycott necessary to end brutality - seal clubbing

$20M virtual fence (border) scrapped. O.K.,Fine. Followed by $860M contract for Boeing

Cain - the progenitor of evil.

Peace and Impeachment Are Possible

Mayor to dispense sackcloth and ashes

Immigrants Are 'Illiterate Peasants'

Are Peace and Impeachment Possible?

Happy Birthday, Michael Moore!!

Americans hoard food as industry seeks regs

A list of why we are electing a Democrat

AFP: Israel downplays US spy affair

DEMS: Our first ad of the presidential campaign hit TVs

Today in History - April 23

Did anyone else catch this last night?

Nothing would bring this country together better than a Later Term Impeachment (LTI)

+++ 4,045 +++

Pew Research Poll: Only 28% of Americans have a general idea of how many soldiers have died in Iraq

US: 5% of world's population, 25% of worlds prisoners!!! "Incarceration rate stuns experts"

"There are thousands of innocent people in prison in this country," Grisham said

Tom Tomorrow: How Hillary Can Win

STREISAND denies cancelling Israel appearance to snub Shrub

Universal Health Care is closer to coming to my county

We've hit a new DU low

Petraeus to be commander of US Central Command

C-SPAN2 Congressional Gold Medal ceremony

Real Dems should run a primary challenge against Hillary's Senate seat next time around.

Can we delete all the posts in GD-P please?

Deal or No Deal - * pic

"Foreclosed Houses Bus Tour" Sign With Phone Number

Gas Prices Killing Average Worker?

An example of how 'screwn' our country really is

Bush's Guest Appearance Pulls Down Ratings for 'Deal or No Deal'

Grizzly bear grabs trainer by neck

Why have governments historically given food to the poor?

Will the feds help us?

Whirlpool suspends 39 workers, says they lied about smoking

Just How Secure Is Your Employer-Based Health Insurance?


The Best Kind of Asskicking Is When The Loser Thinks He Won

Study: Midwest has the worst drunken driving rates

Americans don’t love war the way you do, Mr. Bush - Today’s Headlines 4/23/08

Europe Turns to Coal Again, Raising Alarms on Climate

Oakland police brass say arrests not answer

Colbert can use his mokey on the lamb again`

I just donated $120 to Barack, despite being pretty broke. Who's with me???

Informant to pay for attorney with FBI funds

DNC Gay Leader Must Take Stand

Officials release 1st result in Zimbabwe election recount

Kofi Annan defends Jimmy Carter over Hamas talks

Border Patrol "spot checks" on ferries provoke outrage in San Juan Islands

We WILL Heal the Party By Getting Ourselves Out of the Circular Firing Squad

Remembering Hiroshima

McCain has a PLAN to deal with Big Oil

J.A.M.A GOOD NEWS!! 18% fewer seniors skipped food for meds in 2006!!!

The guys in the lounge triple dog dared me to post this here...

Petraeus picked to lead Central Command - payback time

Join me in my search: SIPIGDP

Life expectancy falls in poorer U.S. counties: study (especially among women)

THE MATH – Wednesday, April 23 – After Pennsylvania

6,570 Soldiers killed by Iraq War every year.

Sec Def Gates: "what the Iranians are doing is killing American servicemen and women inside Iraq"

Newsom's girlfriend stumbles into wrong party

What's going on with the blog sites today?

streaming progressive radio. . .?

Voting rights group sues Missouri, election boards

Dr. DeBakey' Starts to talk about Healthcare..AND...

I think he is more handsome than his Dad...what do you think?

Gas prices... Everybody should contact their Congressperson & Senators

Karl Rove, White House Surface In Rezko Trial

I want to thank some of DU for your posts. you have spared me the necessity

Dittohead Ed Schultz is not using Mike Shmerconish...

lalarawraw on with Hartmann NOW

McCain demands withdrawal of anti-Obama ad

Former Justice official pleads guilty in Abramoff probe.

Dr. Michael DeBakey is advocating for Universal Healthcare on CSpan2


How Many of the Liberal Blogs and Discussion Boards Lean Toward Obama?

LALARAWRAW is on Thom Hartmann NOW!!

Amnesty International:CIA must stop stonewalling congressional oversight committees

Survey: Half of EPA Scientists Complain of Political Interference, Waxman to Investigate

Is anyone here talking about the repug crossover vote?

What the hell is "soshacurity"?

"Ass-kissing Little Chicken Shit" tapped to replace Fallon as CENTCOM Commander

I accidentally entered GD:Politics


G.O.P. Set to Block Bill Easing Limits on Pay Discrimination Suits

** Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Tibet **

Help! Need pictures of McCain & Bush being 'lovey-dovey' for school project!

Penis theft panic hits city-Reuters News

Michigan Pulls Out Of Federal Student Loan Program

Only Removing Pelosi NOW Can Stop Congress From Lying Down Yet Again

CNN Site Hit By China Attack

Hillary won't rule out NUKING civilians?!


Caption Pickles

Siegelman: Rove 'hijacked' the Dept. of Justice to win elections

Can you get Food Stamps?

Norah O'Donnell, this woman wants her laugh back:

Absolute PROOF that Media is Propping up Clinton - MSNBC states FACT Hil raised 10 Mil in 18 hours!

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Thank God for Howard Dean (Mary Lyon)

So they're discussing comedy and television on Air America

Seperated at birth? (no disrespect intended)

Wexler Challenges FBI's Failure to Prosecute Torture

Hope for the Congressional races: An Alarm Bell Goes Off For GOP in Mississippi

Hope for the Congressional races: An Alarm Bell Goes Off For GOP in Mississippi

I voted for John McCain in the general election

If I post this picture of squirrel roadkill, will you stop the other squirrel posts?

the OTHER "dirty little secret"

Former Justice official pleads guilty to conflict of interest in Abramoff case.

Siegelman lauds pair who helped get him out of jail

If I post a pic of two squirrels massaging each other, would you recommend me for the Greatest page?

A republican who cares about his constituents.

A republican who cares about his constituents.

These Two Need To Go In November

If I post a pict of a squirrel with Obama or Clinton, will it be moved to GD-P?

If I post a pict of a squirrel with Obama or Clinton, will it be moved to GD-P?

Hillary Raises 10MM Since PA Victory

Who Says Congress Doesn't Have a Sense of Humor?

If I post a picture of a squirrel flashing you, will you recommend me for the Greatest page?

If I post a picture of * talking to a squirrel, how many rec's will I get?

If I post a pic of a squirrel with a cheese doodle, will it be locked for being a copycat thread?

First, the "I got mine; screw you!"-ers said, 'Nobody has a right to a handout; get a job!"

Rep. Wexler Diary: FBI Torture Cover-Up?

The First 100 Days

Please contribute to the Help Tony Blair Pay His Rail Fare Fund

Some Democrats in Sun City, AZ refuse to sign the petition of an African American candidate

Wisconsin gun dealer who sold to VT and NIU shooters To hold sale to "make people safe."

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. Pie.....

Tricky, Tricky Bushco: "A Covert Assault On California's Rules"

Getting punished for doing good ......

Yoo refuses to testify about torture memos.

Senate debating equal pay discrimination legislation

Nearly half of the Democratic voters between these two candidates have rejected Obama

TPM: Rove Attorney: Sure, People Wanted Fitzgerald Canned, But Rove Never Followed Up

Nearly half of the Democratic voters between these two candidates have rejected Obama

SFRC hearing live: The Continuing Crisis in Darfur (C-SPAN 3 online)

Rep. Wexler Diary: FBI Torture Cover-Up?

A vanishing priest and ghosts sexually assulting women!!! All on one news site!

John McCain to appear in New Orleans tomorrow

Pass the Fair Pay Act

c-span 2 - sounds like a couple of interesting Senate votes coming up

GOP group calling to revoke Carters passport.

Tier Four Drug Pricing,

Rachel Maddow Show is now a simulcast of "Race for the White House?"

I just read an article about some nutso suvivalist blog

Wal-Mart-owned Sam's Club limits rice purchases

it's such a comedy watching the media waffle back & forth, up & down

Democratic primary that Adolph Raymond, 87, of Gallitzin voted for the first time in 25 years

Lawmaker Accused of Giving Away Troop Positions May Sue

Dogs "rescue" girl abandoned by mother

And justice for the rest of us

My grandmother is a racist.

Hillary Clinton: The Luckiest Woman in the World

U.S. angry as Pakistan seeks peace deal with Islamists

Fallon's replacement...drum roll

The Official, HRC is soooo broke thread (add your own)

House GOP Candidate Spoke At Hitler Event

This is for all of you who are boycotting ABC

Midweek TOONS- No Squirrel edition

Arbitration ties consumers' hands

No More Tomatoes for Mid-Atlantic's Largest Producer

Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital

Caption this pic of *

What the hell is "soshacurity"?

KO just said "hey 'DICK' (meaning Cheney) stick with the comedy"

This Pic Kinda Says It All.... $100 gas fillups just around the corner! LINK

GD-P As Defined By " RAINDOG"

Governors Daughter WVU Degree Rescinded

Meet John "Dubya" today's Los Angeles Times...

Ex-Duke player sues over grade; accuser gives birth

Sure there's no such thing as climate change...

What a long, strange trip it's been...UC Santa Cruz slated to get archives of Grateful Dead

The best president we never had. Imagine what might have been if ........

Must be Wednesday, tornado touchdowns and watches in North Texas

Keith O'Bama'Reilly viewership poll

GOPUSA calls to revoke Carter's Passport-We Should Support Them

GOPUSA calls to revoke Carter's Passport-We Should Support Them

WaPo: Senate Republicans Block Pay Disparity Measure

WaPo: Senate Republicans Block Pay Disparity Measure

Whoopi Goldberg: "Part Of Me Wants McCain To Win"

Seen the new Pelosi/Gingrich Ad about Going Green? "We Can Solve our Energy Problems, Together!"

Seen the new Pelosi/Gingrich Ad about Going Green? "We Can Solve our Energy Problems, Together!"

Impeach or may God Damn America Please..

It's all over on May 6th really.

Economist Mark Thoma on food shortages and prices

UnitedHealth Unapproves Surgery From 2 Years Ago, Now Wants $7700 Back

So Cal big box stores are rationing sales of rice and flour.....really! -->

Rep. Wexler Diary: FBI Torture Cover-Up?



Rush Limbaugh needs to be arrested, indicted and jailed.

What do you think should be Michael Moore's next project

Jesus Made Me Puke (Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

If you have a house for sale here is a very smart thing to do!

Jesus Made Me Puke (Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

Jesus Made Me Puke (Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

Preselection of gender for children closer to FDA approval

The BRAD BLOG Invited to Address U.S. Election Assistance Commission... (X)

John Ashcroft speaking at Knox College

Obama-bashers in the name of GLBT rights take note! Hillary "has a gay problem"

Obama-bashers in the name of GLBT rights take note! Hillary "has a gay problem"

Katie Couric to get Larry King spot?

Hillary Clinton: The Luckiest Woman in the World

The Myth of "Tax Freedom Day"

Olbermann fans: Keith Appearing on the Letterman show tonight.

Bought Plastic Glasses Made In the USA Today

To simplify and help clear out things here, would all trolls please check in with me here? Thank you

They've Come to Suck Our Blood: How are conservatives like vampires?

PA primary vs. Zimbabwe Election. Surprising similarities.

Dems to follow the money from Iraq back to K Street

I'm mad as Hell at murdering morons....

Republicans don't like celebrities, oh wait if they're republicans then a ok.

Danish and Dutch evacuate Afghan embassies

We come on the ship they call the Mayflower

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

FLDS polygamists -- nursing moms allowed to stay with babies.

This has to stop

To Believe that Bush Won in 2004, You Must Also Believe that…-- Mar 2 2008 Update w more info ( x )

America's Most Sinful Cities

Surprise Mississippi Result Shows Unpopularity Of Iraq War In Deep Red States

Warmonger Propaganda Alert --> 'Peacenik' Protesters attack Iraq War Veteran and Family

Called Rep. John Murtha's office in response to a United for Peace . . .

My family donated $200 to Hillary today!

Carville vs. Richardson on CNN

17 Year Old Columnist Fired For Telling The Truth

Richard Dawkins: Open Letter To A Victim Of Ben Stein's Lying Propaganda

Richard Dawkins: Open Letter To A Victim Of Ben Stein's Lying Propaganda

The End of Cheap Food Prices?

Pastor Hagee-~ God DAMNED New Orleans~ (with audio!)

Has Anyone here heard of "The Denver Plan"?

"The Two Gilded Ages"...'white knights' and 'black knights,' 'killer bees,' 'hired guns,'

I am glad the economy is falling apart

Citigroup chiefs booed by irate investors

Hillary +12 delegates in PA, Obama +143 delegates in sham undemocratic caucuses

how much money would it cost to find a cure for cancer and aids?

Phil Donahue Joins TYT In-Studio To Talk Iraq, Body Of War, Olbermann,Taxes And The Mainstream Media

Prayer At the Pump

Bank of America cuts back on student loans

McSame Backer Hagee Still Blaming New Orleans' Sin for Katrina

Crooks & Liars Video: Helen Thomas Confronts Perino On Torture; Perino Denies and Lies

Feds to allow coal plants near National Parks

Rove didn't seek Fitzgerald ouster: Att'y

It's getting worse. No bok choy at Wegman's.

Slouching toward Iran.

A History Rhyme from 1877

SCOTT HORTON—The Decision to Torture Came from the Top

Government scraps prototype fence on Mexican border

David Gregory thinks Obama supporters will have buyer's remorse after PA...

My respect and admiration grows with each news story about Jimmy Carter.

Get ready for the next RW talking point: McCain's first marriage broke up because he had been a POW.

$10__ 5 people__ 2 years

Praying for lower gas prices.....Literally.

I saw Governor Siegelman last night. He seemed in good spirits.

Harkin, Feingold introduce veteran suicide tracking bill

John McCain gets tax-free disability pension (may raise fitness questions)

People Turn To Pawn Shops In Faltering Economy

Our LA LA RAW RAW! "The Finest Investigative Journalist In The World"- Thom Hartmann

Abortion is murder?

Diplomacy, Carter-Style

Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. VIII: The "Thank You Helen Thomas" edition

Heard the "Stagflation" bomb dropped on the radio today...

If the Democratic party throws black voters under the bus, I will lie down with them.

Pentagon obstructs Arlington funeral

McCain is throwing around the "E" word, elitist. But wasn't he the one

CREW Releases Most Complete List Of House Member's PACS (4-23-2008)

"Even Hillary's endorser, Bobby Kennedy, Jr., knows there's something funny ..."

South Jersey cop charged with barnyard sex

SUV owners who bitch about gas prices,

I'm glad the economy is falling apart *now*...

CARTER SAYS: Secretart Rice "Not Telling the Truth"

Fourteen bux for a single bottle of European beer. Fifteen bux for a four pack of microbrew

Suing DNC for discriminating against white people in FL, using Rule 11 to get to the Supreme Court

Freepers or, "Lay Off That Stuff, Guys. It'll Kill Yah!" -- (Smirking Chimp)

Email from Congressman Wexler. WOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen: the most delusional man in Pennsylvania. ("Liberal media" thing, NOT primary)

Mr. out-of-touch: "McCain visits poor Ky. town to slam big government"

Mr. out-of-touch: "McCain visits poor Ky. town to slam big government"

"We don't need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in the State of Colorado!!!!!11"

EPA scientists complain about political pressure

"A truthful person who, perhaps inadvertently, is continuing to make a statement that is not true"

Ladies And Gentlemen... Santana !!!

Manufacturing Panic?

Rice Shortages? Or Not?

65-year-old man sentenced to 20 years for growing pot

Did slaves build the White House?

Why cars aren't getting any better mileage and maybe even worse..

Siegelman: Rove 'hijacked' the Dept. of Justice to win elections

Has anyone else been squirreling away food this last yr?

Republicans stop bill for equal pay for women.

Star Jones files for divorce; meanwhile, in other news...

CIA Foresaw Interrogation Issues

Dear media, Hillary (aka Rocky) is still down for the count

WOW! "Blood, huh?" said Ashcroft-As Knox College Students Tell Him To "Answer The Fucking Question"

Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.): VA lying about number of veteran suicides

McSame opposes equal pay for women bill

rising gas prices requires sign change

In my America, they have to PROVE you're guilty. I like that

Welcome back, Iggy List, Avvie, and Siggy!

"Do you believe in love?"

Who are these three yahoos behind Obama all wearing A&F branded t-shirts?

I have but one request, at this moment. A double play.

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (04/23/08)

Meet the Beat-Alls!

Nite DU!

Are strikeouts fascist?

It's the little things after a tough day that can cheer you up

Clew hammer or claw hammer?

Tony Snow admitted to Spokane, Washington hospital.

Greatest Sports Name: Urban Shocker

"She's like a sexy, chocolate minotaur!"

Deadly Greed - food speculators

Night all

I think this whole semester has been one long depressive episode.

Uh-oh...the Ritalin isn't working!

Skittles Appreciation Thread

It is difficult, nay impossible, to relax to the final meditative section of a yoga workout.

This article gave me the giggles. "Hillary Campaigns For Zombie Vote"

I have caused a dust-up in GD-P

Does anyone care that regular gasoline reached $4.089 pg in San Francisco CA

Damn, I just looked down and saw a little field mouse by my feet.


We're number one! DC is named most congested city

"So if you think you're sexy, and you work for Olive Garden...."

Post your favorite comic strip

You all seem really smart and I have a question about Star Wars.

Does anyone else besides me find this to be ironic?

Hey, I hit 25K posts- 37 posts ago.

Monkey poop fight in GDP. soooooo....

I just made chef salad for eighty people!!

I am so super hungry...

The GD:P In Pictures Thread

Packing A Musket: By Jerri Blank

I'd move to another state if I found this in my kitchen.

Tonight is The Night

We're leaving for the airport in a few to go to Vegas...

BW Suez Boston

BW Suez Boston

Wow, today is the first day in two weeks my knee hasn't been hurting.

Crocodile brain stolen

A unidentified competitor takes part in the 2008 London Marathon

1980s Nuke Movie, The Day After, On Sci-Fi Channel, Sponsored By U.S. Navy: War Scenes Edited

Somali wild ass born at Saint Louis Zoo

Cow-fucking pig is in big trouble with the rest of the police

I have an Orange Crush.

Gift idea for departing employee

Police arrest 2 in India for allegedly stealing sperm

Most annoying singer ever?

I hate NPR pledge week

Anyone read "Falling In Place" by Ann Beattie?...

Umphrey's McGee fans - where should I start my exploration?

It's official Star Jones has filed for divorce

Star Jones files for divorce

Mixed news at the doctor

"Say McCain and smile."

Imagine GD:P in which everybody was like Mother Teresa.

Anyone ever try food dye

Debt Collection Done From India Appeals to U.S. Agencies

This donut place here makes the blueberry muffin type donut... that thing is SOOO good...

A Good Luck/Positive Vibe Thread for Turtlensue

Anyone ever try dry food.

Who is Star Jones?

Star Jones Admirers Unite

Uh-oh! I started a thread in GD:Pttth!

Star Jones files for divorce

Wesley Snipes files for divorce

Divine Jones files for divorce

Findlay Man Leads Police on Chase Through Sewer System

Do you... (warning, thrinuendo)


Rec this thread - if you want to drop your pants and scream! nt --watch TV and Movies whenever you want (this is cool!)

Soylent Beige is CHICKEN!!...

Ladies and gentlemen.....

If I post this picture of squirrel roadkill, will you stop the other squirrel posts?

I heard there was something going on with Star Jones. Can anyone fill me in?

Hey - did you all see my funny anti-jasonc pics in this thread?

Anyone know if Star Jones filed for divorce yet today?


Paris Hilton "autographs" suite wall of Moscow Hyatt Hotel, gets fined $9000 and is blacklisted

Have you used the snore pillow? Other snore remedies?

If I post a picture of a squirrel flashing you, will you recommend me for the Greatest page?

"Say Parche and Smile"

If I post a picture of * talking to a squirrel, how many rec's will I get?

There's a full-on squirrel revolution going on at DU!!!

If I post a pic of a squirrel with a cheese doodle, will it be locked for being a copycat thread?

"Ask your doctor if ass effects could be right for you."

Just to let you know....

Warning--don't watch this vid if you're afraid of heights

Greatest sports nicknames

Anyone know if Starship filed for divorce yet today?

Why are you all so squirrelly today?

need your help!

What did Elton John do with the Duck outfit?

If I post a pic of two squirrels massaging each other, would you recommend me for the Greatest page?

How do you handle a co-worker that is making you look bad?

If I post a picture of a squirrel waterskiing, will people recommend me to the greatest page?

I Just Saw 2 Squirrels Eating At Olive Garden

My Time As A Time Lady... (dial up warning pics)

wisconsin leads the way

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/23/2008)

"Authorities found the man in a heavily fortified gazebo..."

Awww, look at these cute widdle babies!!

My comfort food is Goldfish and Milk

Come on in, have a pint, and get those damn bushy-tailed rodents off your mind...

How Many DU'rs Have You Actually Felt

Should DU enforce a 3-post-daily limit on Star Jones threads, a la GD-P?

Motivate me

If I post a picture of Super Squirrel

Where'd that kitty thread go?

These birds deserve better than worms (56k and Will Robinson warning)

Drunk Squirrel video

I may have to KILL a bird..

How many DUers do you want to feel???

CIA Attempting To HIDE 7,000 Docs Relating To Rendition-Detention-Torture

Freepers or, Lay Off That Stuff Guys, It'll Kill Yah!

I Just Saw Star Jones Eating Squirrel At The Olive Garden

I Just Saw Star Jones Breastfeeding Squirrel At The Olive Garden

I was fucking robbed to the tune of $70!!! Here's the culprit!!!

This is what I felt like earlier today

Penis theft panic hits city..

Have the squirrels come home to roost?

How did YOU spend one of your three daily allotted GD:P posts today: Post-Pennsylvania edition

TODAY was Squirrel Day and nobody told me?!?

What's with all the tree-rat threads?

Hi everybody! Can I say..sedition rocks!

Hi everybody! Can I say..rendition rocks!


Bunny Follow-Up: They Euthanized The Baby Bunny

I am in painnnn....

There's a chicken pox epidemic happening at ShineGirl's school

How to spot a Persian prostitute (series!!111!!!)

I am going to fill out my


Hi everybody! Can I say..sedation rocks!

Uh, gee, if you can be bothered to stop typing crap about squirrels, I have something to say....

Imagine a world in which everybody was like Parche.


Did the internets explode or something?

Leona Lewis... who is in love with her????

Imagine a world in which everybody was like Mother Goose

Did anyone watch Boston Legal?? SPOILER!!!!``

I just picked 6 tomatoes and 2 strawberries from my garden.

I have been in the Lounge for less than 15 minutes today

Ann Coulter SNATCHED MY PENIS!!!111shift+1!!!

Red squirrels are cuter than gray squirrels

Todays tunes for us middle aged folks

Does anybody else find this amusinig? From Craigslist


If I post a picture of a fluffy tailed CANADIAN squirrel...

The calls are coming from inside the house

Happy 80th Birthday, Shirley Temple!!

My mother just gave me rice Pilaf

Latest Kitty Pics

and the award for Best Cookie for Munchie Satisfaction goes to....

So today, my parents sell our childhood home....



I have been out of the house most of the day

Yikes! Hikers kill attacking rabid bobcat!

Any of the rest of yas in love with Boadicea Geraldine Granger?

anyone watching Nat'l Geo.'s Strange Days on Planet Earth on PBS now.

What is with the squirrel threads? Please tell.

To those knowledgable about baseball rules (Oedi?)- who makes the call for WP or PB



"Idol" spoiler

Yahoo's got the meanest "at a glance teaser" headline ever right now

UC Santa Cruz to get Grateful Dead archives

I just took a punkin pie out of the oven

How about some chipmunk threads?

How sad is it when a 15 year old

Where's flvegan and his pics of his new puppy?

Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital

I'm begining to think the puppy was swallowed by the same black hole that got my birthday present.

Is this slug offensive?

I want to know when we are going to get

Is this lego offensive?

*I made the Greatest Page!*

Yoko Ono is suing Ben Stein

I had dinner tonight with Bullwinkle925 and DeposeTheBoyKing. We

Is this Yogi offensive?

Is this Yogi offensive?

Is this Lugo offensive?

My mother just gave me Piaf!

Is this Sluggo offensive?

Is this Yogi offensive?

Hu is on first

"Smile you're on ele-vision"

Flying squirrels are the cutest...

If Kelly Brook is single so is BILLY ZANE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Chef thread of quality and doom . .

"Except maybe tax attorneys, nothing sits better on the edge of a Martini glass than shrimp"

Only Flaming Lips song I really know

Mouse agility

Non-urgent vibes request

How can I tell if cooking oil is 370 degrees?

Rec this thread- If you think it's time for Hillary to drop out

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/23/08

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/10/08 Bonus

Did you know? The former lead singer of Letters To Cleo is now a backup singer for Hannah Montana.

I want a Wii...Where can I get one?

Who will explain the squirrel to future newbies?

billyskank Appreciation Thread

Is this Yugo offensive?

Is this logo offensive?

Should all public schools be privatized? Why or why not?

The groin squirrel of another beautiful young man


Shitty little shitty pop culture question.

Our Summer Guest Baseball Player arrived last night, and

Should all schools publicize their privates?

*** Hey Lounge. I've got to get something off my chest or I'm going to explode ***

I hate everything.

How does the high price of gas affect me?`

Are you married to, or in a relationship with, your first love?


McDonald's Ad in India

Mariah Carey: "You have to stay pretty...having children would leave me feeling violated"

Would I be wrong to beat Charles Grodin with a claw hammer?

YES! I got some getback to dish out!

Radio Lady: I need a quote sourced. Who wrote/said, "Let's let some time fill."

Begun, the second round of the NHL playoffs has...

Danica (sigh)

I'd move to another state if I found THIS in my kitchen (copycat from raccoon):

Lounge! What's your favorite Whiskey

My Time As A Pink Lady... (dial up warning pics)

American Idol

Imagine a world in which everybody was like Mother Teresa.

FUUUUUCK! My Dad leaves hospital...against medical advice

A classic NHL moment

If I post a pic of David Cassidy's groin-squirrel

If you were running for political office, what would your skeleon in the closet be?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Massive Propaganda Laundry at the Wall Street Journal

Harry Dresden fans?

James Spader is my hero!

PA Primary: Polling Place, E-Voting Problem Wire...

The Low Road to Victory

Al-Qaeda accuses Iran of 9/11 lie

Zimbabwe state media calls for Mugabe-led unity government

Deadly attacks hit Afghanistan (10 dead in 3 attacks)

$20 million 'virtual' border fence scrapped

Hillary raises $3M? Yeah, Well Obama raises . . .

Al Qaeda denounces Iran over claims Israel involved in 9/11

Iran To Cooperate With U.N. Nuke Watchdog

Global Food Prices Dubbed a 'Silent Tsunami' (by World Food Program)

Nepal expels climber with 'Free Tibet' banner from Everest


Grizzly bear grabs trainer by neck

GOP heavyweights reportedly tried to oust Fitzgerald

Seasonal jobs going unfilled

Danish, Dutch evacuate Afghanistan embassies

CIA to describe North Korea-Syria Nuclear Ties

Senate wants Pentagon to investigate courting of TV analysts

Delta reports $6.4B loss in first quarter

No. 2 US commander hopes al-Sadr will stop attacks

Guilty Plea by Official in Abramoff Lobbying Scandal

Mortgage Applications Plunge As Rates Soar: MBA

Dogs "rescue" girl abandoned by mother

Carter says US Secretary Rice "not telling truth"

Wal-Mart-owned Sam's Club limits rice purchases

$20M 'fence' scrapped for not catching enough illegals

People Turn To Pawn Shops In Faltering Economy

Report: Petraeus to take over Central Command

Rezko friend: Rove was asked to dump Fitzgerald

Final Nebraska superdelegate picks Obama

PA exit polls: Whites, blue-collar voters stick with Clinton

House votes to block Medicaid changes

Deepening Colombia scandal puts Uribe on defensive (Bush ally)

Israel willing to give up Golan: Syrian minister

Feds Scrap $20 Million 'Virtual Fence' In Ariz.

Conventions reveal divided Dems

Border Patrol "spot checks" on ferries provoke outrage in San Juan Islands

Dem Barely Misses Takeover Win in Mississippi House Special, With Runoff Next

House moves to close contract fraud loophole

Japan: Tackle crisis with U.S. public money

Criminals target energy, financial markets, Mukasey says

Ex-Official Linked to Abramoff Pleads Guilty(will cooperate w/ investigators ie: Doolittle)

Senators Want VA Official Out For Suicide Cover Up

Feds: (IL Gov) Blagojevich administration tried to have U.S. attorney (Fitzgerald) ousted

Cousin of Colombia's president surrenders to police (Álvaro Uribe, Bush ally)

Criminals target energy, financial markets, Mukasey says

Mugabe's party wins first recount

Soldier killed by small-arms fire in Baghdad

Protesters arrested at Olympic torch relay in Australia

McCain Vows War on Poverty, Says Nation in Recession

Obama likely to step up his attacks

Aid group to cut food ration to millions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 23

GOP pushes discharge petition to force FISA vote

Bush Letter Raises Mideast Peace Debate

McCain Slams N.C. GOP for Anti-Obama Ad Hit By An Attack Believed To Be From China

FBI warned Justice, Pentagon about interrogation tactics used against terror suspects

Sharkfins discovered on Taiwanese longliner - Activists board shark finning boat

Harrisonburg (Va.) Man Pleads Guilty To JMU Student's Abduction

RNC Calls (Rev.) Wright Ad 'Not Appropriate'

Washington too timid with China on Darfur: US senator

US Sen Dems To Threaten Arms Deals Unless OPEC Boosts Output

Times columnist (Friedman) pied in face by activist

Debt Collection Done From India Appeals to U.S. Agencies

Cambodian Kids Get No Free Breakfast as Rice Aid Cut

British Minister Says Clinton's 'Obliterate' Iran Tone Imprudent

500 DNA samples taken; no children expected to leave Texas arena today

Environmental Protection Agency scientists cite political interference

McCain opposes equal pay bill in Senate

Nevada Father Submits DNA, Lashes Out At Raid

Carter denies State Dept. told him to shun Hamas

Bush (hidden) fuel-economy rules called an 'assault' on states' standards

Pakistan seeks peace deal with Islamic militants, angering the U.S.

Supreme Court says police may search even if arrest invalid

Pentagon worried about spiking oil prices(DoD is the largest consumer of oil in US)

Bush threatens veto of Coast Guard bill over LNG security

US to pursue third trial in alleged Sears Tower plot (Liberty City Seven)

US 'war on terror' backfiring, says thinktank

Judge Rejects Bush Administration's 'State Secrets' Claim

US labor presses CAFTA complaint against Guatemala

Whirlpool suspends 39 workers, says they lied about smoking

Gas Prices Drive Motorists to Pawn Shops (Dozens of similar stories across the US)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A woman suspected of making false abuse claims in Colorado used a telephon

Both Obama and Clinton camps claim lead in popular votes

Source: lawmakers to get video evidence on Syrian facility

Gun dealer who sold weapon to Seung Hui Cho scheduled to visit Virginia Tech Thursday

Chavez says food prices "massacre" of world's poor

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em at Tribune

Lack of Cooperation Hampers Probes: Senator(Dorgan plans to resume hearing into contracting fraud)

UPDATE 2-Wal-Mart's Sam's Club limiting rice purchases

The Media Created "Delusion" That Hillary Can Win

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC's Pennsylvania Coverage - Part 2

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC's Pennsylvania Coverage - Part 1

Chuck Todd: 'Impossible for Obama to Lose His Lead'

SuperNews! Blue Collar Hillary

Barack Obama speaks following the Pennsylvania Primary

George McGovern takes a dig at John McCain

John McCain's Earmark Ferry

Pennsylvania Victory Song for Hillary

Hillary Clinton: "Thank you Pennsylvania!"

Campaign Ad: Hillary Clinton Reaches Out To Black Voters

The Secrets to Qualifying a Presidential Candidate

Buchanan Calls Maddow's Statement "Marxist"

John McCain----Crazy Old Soldier

Extreme (new Barack Obama attack ad)

YouTube - Hiroshima: Chaos & Debris

CAUGHT: Pentagon pundits on TV news

John Ashcroft at Knox College

Red State Update: Democrats, PICK ONE!

Congressman Wexler Presses Mueller on Torture Oversight

Hillary Clinton *Facts on Iran have Changed!* Morning Joe

Veterans on Barack Obama

What Obama Also Said (The Bitter Context)

Barack Obama has BROKE Hillary's Bank!* Rachel Maddow

Hillary Clinton *Obama is AFRAID to Debate Me!* FOX & Friends

Tavis Smiley Interviews Siegelman Pt. 1: 'DOJ Was Gonna Take Care of Gov.'


Iraq War Children -- Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young

Anti-Suicide Bombing PSA From Iraq

TYT: Top Generals Getting Paid To Push Pro-War Talking Points

Hillary Doesn't Remember Bill Pardoning Weatherman Underground Members

TYT: Donahue Joins TYT To Talk Iraq, Body Of War, Olbermann,Taxes & More

Terry McAuliffe praises Fox News for praising Hillary Clinton

Boston Legal: Alan Shore And The Supreme Court

Carville vs Richardson

In South America, the White House Has Nowhere to Turn: Bush's Paraguayan Fiasco

National Epidemic Reported By Tamzin A. Rosenwasser, M.D.

Hands Down (BushCo Torture Policy) By Dr. Dennis Loo


Paraguayan Election Could Tip the Scale Towards Venezuela

Out of the Way, Peasants By Steven Greenhut

Pentagon FOIA Request Required Court Order, Barstow's story 2 yrs in the making re: Pentagon

Siegelman lauds pair who helped get him out of jail

Obama Shifting Focus From Clinton to McCain

Meet John 'Dubya' McCain

Reports on war-zone rapes quashed, senator says

Pay No Attention to the Media Behind the Curtain

Foreign Policy In Focus: The New Walls of Baghdad

Iraqi Women Take On Roles Of Dead or Missing Husbands

Tuesday's Election Will be 'Unrecountable, Unverifiable, and Unauditable'...

House Intelligence Resumes Probe of Destroyed Interrogation Tapes

Gene Lyons thinks Superdelegates shouldn’t ignore the odds

Don't Call Me a Protectionist

God backs McCain

Questions the pundits won't ask: Can McCain win PA - 27% of GOP

The Two Gilded Ages

NYT, pg1: Europe Turns Back to Coal, Raising Climate Fears

Prisoner Rights Restored Following Venezuelan Supreme Court Decision

The Low Road to Victory

The Speech Obama Can't Give

FBI, politicos renew push for ISP data retention laws

Top political party member negotiates with terrorists

The Clintons Campaign The Way Bush Governs

Senate leader seeks Justice review polygamous abuse, crime

Obama Chose Right Word: Who Wouldn’t Be ‘Bitter’ About Being Bushed?

Petraeus Promotion Frees Cheney to Threaten Iran

Petraeus promotion keeps nation on its war course

The New Zell Miller: The Democrats Need To Boot Joe Lieberman Before The Conventions

A Primary with No End

Obama's Media Army

Republicans push for phone company immunity

Corporate Reporters Tell Lies for a Living

Quick psy-ops course for DUers:"Reframing Perception Space (P-space): A Quick Overview of a Unifying

Robert Scheer: Clinton Threatens to 'Obliterate' Iran

Tom Hayden: Why Hillary Makes My Wife Scream

The "Second Gilded Age!" incredible read: Tom Gram...

Dave Lindorff: Hillary Clinton's Monstrous Threat

crosspost: Paul Watson and the Armada of Death

General: More dwell time as growth goals met

Distant sands, smoke create haze in Alaska's sky

Aden (Yemen refinery) lives in severe diesel crisis

Scientists Project Tasman Glacier - New Zealand's Largest - Will Disappear Within 20 Years - Herald

USAID Funding For Global Agriculture Research Could Be Cut By As Much As 75% - ENN

Diesel Shortages Reemerge In S. China - Some Companies Supplying Only Long-Term Contract Customers

100,000 Acres Of Siberian Forest Burning Or Already Burned, Thanks To Mild Winter - AFP

Shell Will Cut Up To 180 Jobs In Aberdeen As It Sells Fields, Reviews Contractor Practices - Reuters

China Plans First Zero-Emission Coal Plant By 2015 - Reuters

Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and sinks: 1990-2006 (from EPA 4/15/08)

Rockport, MO becomes first energy independant town in US

Market Vectors Launches Solar Energy ETF on Earth Day

Ontario plans to ban garden pesticides

Physicist Describes December Arctic Voyage As "Surreal" - Beaufort Sea, McClure Strait Wide Open

Administration’s New Fuel Economy Rules Quietly Smack Down States’ Emissions Reduction Efforts»

Scrubbing King Coal

Greenhouse gases gathering at faster pace (AP/CNN)

Uranium mining could have similar carbon intensity to gas-fired electricity in a few decades

Anyone use composting toilet?

anyone watch Nat'l Geo.'s Strange Days on Planet Earth on PBS now.

China Down To 12-Day Supply Of Coal - Had Been At 15 In March - AU

3 governors ask to extend Guard stay on border

Thinking of the future in an optomistic way

Rising Sun for Electric Cars

Era of cheap food ends as prices surge

Hood GI arrested in Mexico with weapons in car

Statement allowed as evidence for trial of E-7

Fort Riley surge brigade returns

Republicans strike back with own GI Bill plan

UAV airstrike, clashes kill 5 in Sadr City

Army vet charged with giving secrets to Israel

DoD: Stop-loss up 43 percent in past year

100 MPs returning to Lewis

1,100 Drum soldiers to get sendoff Friday

Sailor found dead in Dubai

Stufflebeem punished for lying, will retire

Northrop selected to build BAMS drone

Adm.: U.S. won’t replace Ecuador base

U.S.: No plans now for Marines in Taiwan

DoD blasted for recruiting felons, not gays

B-2 bombers return to the air over Whiteman

New Bagram aircraft loader protects patients

Backtalk: Funding the future

11 Manas airmen busted on alcohol violation

Colt M-4 under fire as military considers spending millions more on the weapon

Severely burned JTAC continues his recovery

Alleged victim in Academy rape case testifies

DODDS-Europe closing nine schools

Clinics gird for doctor shortage

Guard’s top NCO wants members to train in Europe

Editorial: Corrosion of confidence

Military doctors urge awareness of Africa ailments

Scott Horton Speaks in AL on Media Corruption, Political Prosecution

American Bakers' Association - US Rye Flour Supply Gone By June Or July - Reuters

Radioactive waste, I had no idea as to the scope of this problem

Wal-Mart & Sam's Club Limiting Rice Purchases By Grocery Shoppers - Reuters

South Korean soldier may have contracted bird flu

Trash rules tighter for Americans living outside Misawa city limits

Gates says officers’ criticism should be honest, but discreet

Marines to Boost Helo Upgrade Program

3 Marines killed, 4 injured in Iraq bombings


Bill: Stop selling Playboy, Penthouse on base

Shorter Deployments to Reduce Stress

At 100, Reserve shows operational force

Cabbies limit service at Yongsan

Strong Union Turnout in Pennsylvania Primary (31 percent)

Ohio Union Members Ask McCain for Real Solutions (+ video)

Injunction lifted in nurses' dispute with SEIU

Aloha pilots seek restraining order

Unions helping close equal pay gap

The Hill: Doomed labor bill becomes fodder for campaign attacks

Episode 44 USW POWERcast!

School Custodians Say ‘No’ to Aramark

Equal Pay – Not Yet

A Chinese labor activist who won’t lie down

CA Labor Commissioner Cites Riverside & San Bernardino Restaurants for Labor Violations

Missouri Department Of Labor Applauds Supreme Court Ruling Resulting In Felony Conviction

Japanese union backs Pacific Beach boycott

Smaller Actors Union Delays Contract Talks to May 5

Starbucks Union (IWW) files more charges against Starbucks in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michigan State, 1,400 grad student TAs reach deal to avoid walkout

Writers Guild, Hollywood studios clash after strike

Ted Kennedy Wades In (shabbily reversed by Bush appointees during the Brown decision)

OSHA sets deadline for company's appeal in worker's death ($16,800)

House Panel to Examine Cintas Safety Record

OSHA Fines Guam Firm $135,000 For Safety Violations

Building Construction Trades Provide Millions of Dollars For Diabetes Research

Bill would give TAs at NYU (any US University) right to unionize

MGM Mirage Fights Workers' Effort To Form Union (filed unfair labor practice charges)

The Last Time I Saw César

South Africa: Union refuses to unload Chinese arms bound for Zimbabwe

UFW co-founder left mark on county (documentary "Harvest of Shame" by Edward R. Murrow)

Report data shows strong labor market for engineers

Do You Remember The "Look for the Union Label" Song?

Mortgage applications decreased 14.2% last week

Rice Shortages? Or Not?

Democrats Should Create a 'U.S. Common Wealth Fund' to Challenge Republican Business Hegemony

North American Union summit (without public consultation)

Students Plan Speechless Friday to Protest Treatment of Gays

Ok, I don't get this.

We ended up with 180 students signing up for our Day of Silence

DoD blasted for recruiting felons, not gays (xpost from Veterans)

who else here loves Bette midler?

You wouldn't know it on DU but significant claims out there that HRC has a "gay problem"

GAY USA on itunes...

Cousin of Colombia's president surrenders to police

In South America, the White House Has Nowhere to Turn: Bush's Paraguayan Fiasco

Posted to GD_P, if anyone wants to weigh in:

CHAVEZ: Bolivia is Exploding Plus Petition to Support Morales

Will Mexico Join Latin America?

Is it anti-semitic to like Palestine?

Israel 'ready to return Golan'

To Tel-Aviv, Mr. Jimmy Carter by Uri Avnery

Addressing the root problem

Bombed Syrian reactor was nearly complete

Some UN Envoys Walk Out As Libya Likens Gaza To Nazi Camp

I've been an asshole.

Darfur SFRC hearing on now (see my earlier link or my post in GD for link) nt

Has T.O. found a roommate?

Check out Chuck Liddell's leg!

Tressel: Boren coming to Ohio State

ABC Night News show guy without legs being banned from IAAF competition

I would like to make a reminder note: It's good not to have a 'scarcity' mindset.

How to sing like a planet (Mark Morford column)

Alright, if you could—let's turn up the white light for both candidates AND the world.

Interesting post in Science...

For cat lovers: An engineer's take on cats.

"Dis-connections, Re-alignments, and the Miracles of 'Local'" - Karen Bishop - April 22, 2008

Since we were talking about food supplies ...

EPA Earth Day photo contest winners

Wal-Mart-owned Sam's Club limits rice purchases

Finally, something useful: Scientists decode brain farts

Rehydrating parmesian cheese

Pinto beans gone bad? Help!

rye flour to disappear from U.S. in June or July

A posting about food prices in the Evironment Forum

Breast cancer gene fingerprint find

My Earth Day pictures

Join me & the Tokina 12-24mm in a wordy little walking tour

Flickr vs. PhotoBucket vs. others?

The Jason Beghe Scientology videos are online now.

My knife story ('cause only y'all can appreciate it).

Your favorite gelatin (jello) recipes

Turkey: Discovery of 12,000-Year-Old Temple Complex Could Alter Theory of Human Development.

"Still just a lizard" (evolution of novelty in 30 generations)

what the???

In the Bible: God Lied and Satan Didn't

Kerry catnip from cspan archive

For Sox fans: John Kerry's Advice for Big Papi

Hillary and September/October Mother Jones article

Wow, it's great to live in a place where one of your Commissioners is a Freeper.......

Molly Ivins Memorial Bench Dedication - Austin Friday 4/25

PA voting problems during and prior to the election enumerated.

Texas Presidential Primary Procedures - LWV - Austin 4/28

Voting in Pennsylvania

More exit poll data from PA showing small Clinton win.

Exit polls from PA


PA Primary: E-Voting, Registration, Polling Place Problem Report Wire...

DU This Poll -- VOTE NO (Not Satisfied with paperless DRE Centre Co Voting Machines)

The BRAD BLOG Invited to Address U.S. Election Assistance Commission...

OPEN THREAD Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Wednesday 04/23/08

Voting problems primary night and preview of November

She's Only Won Twelve States So Far

WHY is the media calling 8.5% a "double digit win" for Clinton?

I really think he's going to win

You've probably seen it already - NYT

So what has The Field put together for Indiana

Am I wrong saying that Barack is kicking' HRCs ass?

Obama needs to really start stressing the economy/pocket book issues

Current PA delegate count to cheer the team up!

Clinton Campaign Praises Fox A Second Time

Maybe it is time to start talking up Obama like the GE candidate he is.

Media Created "Delusion"

I just heard something almost jaw dropping

Tories to alter spending ways to suit courts

RCMP beef up security as threats against Immigration minister escalate

Secretary Spellings' proposal to strengthen NCLB

Wisconsin worst in nation for drunken driving

April 21st. Already have 6 mosquito bites

Eradicate Capitalism to Save the Planet

So how was it for you?

Family food shop up '£15 a week'

KOEB Meeting 4/23/08 Smoke and Mirrors and Disclaimers Edition