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Anyone else disgusted by the money required by this race?

As an Obama supporter, I am glad Zogby is not on our side this time!

Obama reports $42 million to challenge Clinton in April

C'mon Hillary, is it so hard to get your filings done on time?

Which is most likely to shine some light backward into the Bush years

I'm In YouR GDP

Obama reports $51M to start April; McCain raised $15M


Allentown- Obama's office buglarized. Took laptops. Web Site Hacked

* C-SPAN - President Clinton is on now

Cash on hand amounts (real numbers)

Anyone know if creditors can petition for involuntary bankruptcy against a presidential campaign?

Anyone know if creditors can petition for involuntary bankruptcy against a presidential campaign?

Post you presidential dream team

Pennsylvania papers that have endorsed Obama:

True fact: Obama has 38M on hand, Hillary has 17M on hand.

Welcome newbies!

Welcome newbies!

Rocco Omaha For President..

Cross-post. How to reenter society gracefully.

Obama supporters: Take a look!

Obama supporters: Take a look!

Expect to see Debt-gate starting tomorrow.

Please answer the following question.

Obama's new politics, Slash the officials Car tires and shut their website down.

Former right wing foes embrace Hillary -- told you the Repukes want her!

Clinton, Obama: Pa. 'chess game'

1880's term, that applies to today

1880's term, that applies to today

Summer Break is Coming: Hundreds of Thousands of Obama Students Let Loose on the Country

I can't help myself. I think. And thinking sometimes gets in the way. Damn it!

The Fate of the World hangs in the Balance...

Anybody still buying the Gibson capital gains tax bullshit?

Snap out of it.

I have been a pretty staunch critic of Hillary. I don't like the way she has ran her campaign, and

what will lead the news tonight?

The New Hillary Strategy For Victory

I was on Interstate I-91 yesterday and saw...

I was on Interstate I-91 yesterday and saw...

ATTENTION: all beer drinking bowlers and their associates in PA

Mark Penn is a thief

*****Hillary is 6 Million Dollars In The Red ***********

My Vote's for Obama (if I could vote) Michael Moore

Party Like It’s 1932: The Obama Option

Why do Democrats fall into the "Reverse Elitism" trap?

Dr. Justin Frank (author of "B*sh on the Couch"): "What Obama Should Have Said"

I am a proud sexist.

The McCain argument

Michael Smerconish predicts an Obama win by 2/3

Visual QUIZ: how to SPOT a worldwide LEADER...

My Vote's for Obama (if I could vote) Michael Moore

Poll: Clinton Headed for Keystone State Win

ABC Debate Protest Video

Hillary is $10million in debt. If her supporters won't fund her campaign, is she viable in the GE?

Hillary is $10million in debt. If her supporters won't fund her campaign, is she viable in the GE?

Hillary is $10million in debt. If her supporters won't fund her campaign, is she viable in the GE?

*** Popular Vote Predictions ***

(NYT) Pennsylvania's political landscape.

Those who knew better, became wimps, and let the press manipulate them

Partly cloudy and 72 here in Pa tomorrow for voting

Final Rasmussen PA Poll: Clinton 49 - Obama 44

what will it take to get Hillary to drop out and not take this to the convention?

When the primary is over, what happens to the "extra" money?

One day less than nine months til President Obama is sworn in!

Obama on Jon Stewart tonight! Stewart is a voice for our generation

Of candidates and foundations

Fact: PPP's sample size is LARGER than Rasmusen, Zogby and Suffolk COMBINED

Survey USA: Last Minute surge to Obama in PA; closes gap from 14-pts to 6

Obama was right

Hey Super Delegates! Obama = $51 million vs Hillary = in the red

Clinton push-polling on "bittergate" in PA, says PA blogger who was push-polled

Debate Analysis: ABC Asked Most Scandal Questions, Obama Was Clear Target

Senator Clinton to be on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight

A Scandinavian Perspective

Pennsylvania Dems - Please seal the deal

Rasmussen final PA poll: Clinton 49%, Obama 44%/ Obama 47%, Clinton 42% nationally

I shook Barack Obama's hand in Lancaster, PA

CNN INTERNAL MEMO: Questions that Larry King is allowed to ask Hillary Clinton tonight

Voices in Her Head: Inside Hillaryland's fatal psychodrama

How could she screw this up?

In The Year Two Thousand.... In The Year two Thousand........

KO should be just as fair to Hillary as Stephanopoulos was to Obama

KO should be just as fair to Hillary as Stephanopoulos was to Obama

Something I've noticed....

I'm a little confused...

I love sports. Never have I seen someone defile a sporting event with candidate signs

Think creatively about Obama's "better than bush" comment

Think creatively about Obama's "better than bush" comment

Undecided superdelegates don't feel bound by primaries

Obama Supporters Should we Concern Ourselves with the BRADLEY EFFECT.

Good Monday Morning News: Another Superdelegate for Obama

Who's whining now? Clinton team: Obama's a copycat

What else is there left to say?

DNC launches new anti-McCain ad

I have had this song on my iPod for a long time.

I have had this song on my iPod for a long time.

Cold War In Pennsylvania

Still no FEC report from Clinton's campaign? 'k, never mind it's here...

McCain most fundraising success in CA & FL. Guranteed McCain will take FL if DNC doesn't do

What year was it that Hillary personally strangled Ho Chi Minh?

Michael Moore is overweight

Obama predicts Clinton win in Pennsylvania

Obama criticized for stating the obvious? Mccain WOULD be better than bush.

Polling PA


Please Pennsylvania, do this for my mom

Brazile: There's a group around Sen. Clinton that really wants to take the fight to the convention.

Clinton/Obama /The Popular Vote Race.......

The numbers don't lie

If I hear the word "narrative" one more time, I think I'm going to explode

Who is that FARGIN TOOL who voices Hiwwaawy's ads?

SUSA - Clinton 50 Obama 44

Origin of the "kitchen sink" analogy?

Any other FORMER Clinton supporters?

Any other FORMER Clinton supporters?

Obama Camp responds to Clinton ad with 1992 Clinton-Gore poster: "Vote your hopes, not your fears."

Running a campaign is like running a Country

Running a campaign is like running a Country

Running a campaign is like running a Country

Running a campaign is like running a Country

Running a campaign is like running a Country

Please Pennsylvania put us out of her misery! nt

A headline you won't see in the MSM today

Obama supporters rejoice, this is why

Hillary Attracts a Much Smaller Crowd than Expected at Rally

Hillary Attracts a Much Smaller Crowd than Expected at Rally

**********The Good news/bad news in PA Polls for Obama supporters***********

c'mon, be honest. admit it. you're worried about PA.

If people started 10K threads about Obama being a sexist, racist, phony, fraudulent hollow suit

Ohio superdelegate action, this time for Obama


Talking points for tomorrow, win lose or draw:

Talking points for tomorrow, win lose or draw:

Obama actually said, "And all three of us would be better than George Bush"

Obama actually said, "And all three of us would be better than George Bush"

Just in: Gallup Daily: Obama Regains Lead Over Clinton, 49% to 42%

NPR just reported on Clinton slamming Obama for Criticizing bU$H!

The only poll that matters

Re: Obama being weakest primary front runner ever--WRONG!

Obama's Apathetic Young Voters Who Won't Turn Out

Obama Now Live: Obama campaigns in Philadelphia

[Reuters] Obama struggles to win white vote in rural Pennsylvania

We need a Senate with a progressive Democratic majority

The Ed Rendell Tape is to late for Obama, it will only hurt now in the GE

If Obama squeaks a win in PA, will Clinton thank her volunteers and congratulate Obama?

Clinton Camps accuses Obama of being a copycat - for appearing on Colbert

SD for Obama

Dare you believe this dance could end on Wednesday?

Hillary: Obama 'can' win, but I 'will' win. "He's doing what candidates do when they get desperate"

Primary voting day has arrived in a parallel universe:

Insane McCain's ex-mistress / 2nd Wife plasters on the make-up like a trollop for The View

Newsweek-Obama: Can’t ‘Swift Boat’ Me

My brother's daughter refused to take her turn doing the dishes. She blamed Hillary.

Good analysis of Penn Polls

Good analysis of Penn Polls

Professional Photos & Account - Obama's Surprise Visit to Bethlehem

Is head of AFSCME, a Clinton supporter, race baiting....

Breaking: Obama connected by association to #1 threat to America.

Hillary Clinton will be on KO tonight...per MSNBC

Self delete, double post

Michael Moore Endorses Obama, Calls Clinton Tactics "Disgusting"

If Clinton wins by less then 19% then she is bleeding support.

Obama now running TV ads in North Carolina

Yes, We Have

Rendell and Farahkan--facts please, when, where, a quote or two...

Breaking per Drudge: Clinton's internals show a 11 point lead in PA

Breaking per Drudge: Clinton's internals show a 11 point lead in PA

Dear Fellow Pennsylvanians:

Just one question, Senator Clinton.

PPP: Obama by 25 in NC

PPP: Obama by 25 in NC

The Passion of the Clinton

My April 11th PA prediction is about to come true...

Using Farrakhan Against ANYONE is sorta creepy.

Using Farrakhan Against ANYONE is sorta creepy.

Nervous, bitter, sad, or excited about tomorrow? Come on in.

DUer's for Obama-Where are you at when it comes to holding past and present criminals

New 4/21/08 Suffolk University Poll Clinton +10

SurveyUSA of PA : CLINTON lead CRUMBLES - OBAMA within 6pts!!! (+8% gain)

Hillary Opinion piece in today

Hillary in Bitterland: Clinton finds her people in Pennsylvania



Sorry, there's no excuse for a dem using the Osama/terror card in the primary.

The PA polls: Analyzing regional demographic differences

Undecided superdelegates don't feel bound by primaries- "they just want a winner in November."

Breaking: Clinton Internal Polling Predicts (Atleast) 11 Point Margin of Victory

"How Hillary Can Still Win" (or math learnings to make benefit glourious ELEVEN STATES OF AMERICA)

"How Hillary Can Still Win" (or math learnings to make benefit glourious ELEVEN STATES OF AMERICA)

"How Hillary Can Still Win" (or math learnings to make benefit glourious ELEVEN STATES OF AMERICA)

Me, Worried?

***** Official Prediction Thread *****

Two men and their waffles

Which Presidential Candidate Will Look the Worst in 4 Years?

A Blond Will Attempt to Talk Some Common Sense About Why We Are Having A Primary

Why Do People Post Pictures Of Hillary That Are Completely Fake.

Why Do People Post Pictures Of Hillary That Are Completely Fake.

POST-PA query: can anyone name one state where Clinton actually closed ground on Obama?

Huffington Post: "Hillary Plays The Bin Laden Card" (New Ad Features OBL)

Is the Rendell/Farrakahn love-fest being reported by Cable News at all?

Obama superdelegates find their 'sisterhood' questioned

So, that million dollar "minute." How did that go?

Family Members Voting for Hillary Tomorrow - Because They Want Bill Back.

I hope someone is watching the voting very closely. Hey all you vote machine

Q: the number of PA residents who will vote absentee b/c they attend collge out of state?

Q: the number of PA residents who will vote absentee b/c they attend collge out of state?

Why is it that when white voters support Clinton, it's because Obama has "failed to reach them?"

After reviewing Hillary Clinton's debt load information, I can conclude but only one thing...

Hillary using Obama's pro choice stance against him? (yeah, I know it makes no sense)

The dream ticket anyone ? Hillary for VP

Reverand Wright or "The Family"

Reverand Wright or "The Family"

PA's 100% Unverifiable Primary: Democracy of the Gods...

Someone know what happend in that million dollar minute?

Bill Clinton on the politics of Fear vs. Hope

Bill Clinton on the politics of Fear vs. Hope

Remember, it's only Pennsylvania.

Breaking: New poll

Rev. Wright to Appear on “Bill Moyers Journal”

BREAKING: Well-Known Secret Muslim/Terrorist Coddler/Hunky Senator Barack Obama to Appear on ...

PA is looking more and more like Texas.

I hope Rendell doesn't denounce Farrakhan. I sure won't.

Hillarys Farrakhan smear: Dog Whistling becomes Open Race-Baiting.

PPP has been GREAT this primary season! Don't count them out!


And now, amid the cries of "elitist," a flashback to early 2004.

All three remaining candidates to make special appearance this evening.

Drudge is Hillary's tool...

Voices in Her Head

Is Hillary ready to reject and denounce Ed Rendell? (interesting video)

How Obama Will Win Pennsylvania

A Preview Of Clinton's Campaign After Pennsylvania

Am I wrong to think Obama will pick Kathleen Sebelius as VP?

Am I wrong to think Obama will pick Kathleen Sebelius as VP?

So, tell me: Why is it ok for Obama to align his foreign policy with that of the GOP?

So, tell me: Why is it ok for Obama to align his foreign policy with that of the GOP?

Who's Bitter?

My Vote's for Obama (if I could vote) Michael Moore

Yo Mamma: Hillary Clinton as the battleground in the wars between mothers and daughters

Worst-case contingency plans: what are yours?

BREAKING: No debate in NC on 4/27

BREAKING: No debate in NC on 4/27

Top Clinton Advisor Quits Over Her China Bashing Rhetoric


Intentional lie or is someone "tired"???

Clinton Camp Won't Say How Hillary Disagrees With MoveOn

My pledge to Pennsylvania

CLINTON INTERNAL POLL LEAKED: 11 Points in Pennsylvania

When Obama loses PA, should he give a concession speech?

About Super Delegates

Rendell/Farrakhan spreading.. hits CNN 360 blog!

All right, this proves that this whole election is a joke.

Projected results after Pennsylvania, Indiana & North Carolina

Prediction for Larry King: Mystery* caller tells Hillary a Sad Story. Tears Galore..

I'm curious, and puzzled... help me...

Obama Praises McCain

Obama: Exposing Facts = Swift Boating!

Prediction: SWITCHING supedelegates will decide the nomination

Prediction: SWITCHING supedelegates will decide the nomination

Pat Buchanan's headline of the day

Pat Buchanan's headline of the day

very sick... the hatefulness makes little sense to me right now

What's all this fuss I'm hearing about delicates?!

Did Rendell really tell college students that they were drinking the kool aid?

Quinn the non-Eskimo: McCain's racist advisor

HuffPost: "SuperDelegates tell voters to go screw themselves. We'll vote however we want." Huh?


PA Primary "will be essentially unrecountable, unverifiable, and unauditable."

Hillary Country is Bush/McCain Country.....Why bother?

"We already have a president who plays the politics of fear and we don't need another."

Metamorphosis complete: Clinton is one of THEM- uses FEAR-MONGERING in Bin Laden ad

NC Debate cancelled due to "logistics", party unity concerns

If you have a waffle, and I have a candidate...

At the Obama Rally: King, Rock Star, Religious Leader--Anything But a Politician

Tony Snow joining CNN.. MSM continues to fill their spots with rePube cons.

Tony Snow joining CNN.. MSM continues to fill slots with rePube Cons..

Pennsylvania Democrats: Hunters, Bowlers, Beer Drinkers, Gun Owners

Clinton 49%, Obama 39% In Latest InsiderAdvantage Pennsylvania Survey

Clinton ads: Really hitting it hard on the local stations (Pittsburgh area) with ads.

Robocall observations

Bush's first campaign ad in '04 had images of Bin Laden and 9/11.

Obama-Napolitano a winning ticket

New Hillary Clinton Video

Every day she hits a new low. It's a bottomless pit

The solution to world hunger

Obama back UP on Gallup 49%-42%

A psychological explanation for what we've been seeing here on DU

Hillary's quiet departure from Lancaster

TPM: Ghost of Bill (Clinton) Past (video on using the fear card)

PA: Bill campaigning for Hillary pushes "tired" and "old" as Obama's campaign continues to gain

Bill Clinton: Under GOP Primary System, Hillary Would Be Winning

Hillary Clinton Ad Features Osama Bin Laden: Campaign AdWatch

New Hillary Ad Shows Bin Laden, Asks: "Who Do You Think Has What It Takes?"

New Hillary Ad Shows Bin Laden, Asks: "Who Do You Think Has What It Takes?"

New Hillary Ad Shows Bin Laden, Asks: "Who Do You Think Has What It Takes?"

"I prefer Obama, but either way I’m going to vote to stop the war."

Morning News: Obama

We are ALL forgetting about THIS Pennsylvania demographic...

RCP Average - Largest lead yet: OBAMA + 9.5

I hope Obama wins tomorrow because, (among other things)

Listening to David Gregory's Panel on seems that their attacks on Hillary are Repug

PPP: one of the worst pollsters during these primaries

Hillary's Bin Laden ad.

The Promise of Power

Joe Scarborough accuses Pat Buchanan of "paying activists to burn down the Dem Conv. in '68"

Just got home a bit ago and whattya know. There is an ape in a pants suit throwing feces and

Have you ever been called a Racist by a Republican? Have

Clinton Wants Pennsylvanians to be Afraid. Very Afraid.

Clinton campaign gets new conservative nod

9/11 Exploited for Political Gain by Chimpy, rudy911 and ....Hillary?!??

9/11 Exploited for Political Gain by Chimpy, rudy911 and ....Hillary?!??

When do the polls close tomorrow?

The Nation: The Liberation of Reverend Wright

Bill Clinton in 2005: "commended the Nation of Islam leader"

Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth: Pedro Cortes, a Rendell Appointee

Hillary Clinton Makes Her Stand in Bethlehem Pa.

"Are The Earthquakes in Illinois Trying To Tell Us Something?"

When Obama loses decisively Tuesday which excuse will his supporters use?

George Stephanopoulos & Charles Gibson give each other a hand job on the eve of the PA primary...

Does the campaign use VOIP?

Voting to let Bush take his eye off the ball in Afghanistan has had consequences, Hillary.

I know that everyone one acts crazy here. But at the end of the day after all of this drama

In case you missed this, in Michael Moore's lengthy endorsement,

Clear evidence that _____ is more competitive verses McBush

Clinton must win by 20... no, wait, make that thirty, uh, -five points tomorrow to claim a victory

Hillary and September/October Mother Jones article

Prediction: Tuesday Night We Will Hear Accusations of Racism and "E-Vote Fraud"

Rendell PRAISES Farrakahn and Nation of Islam

Prediction: Tuesday Night We Will Hear Accusations of Racism and "E-Vote Fraud"

Two Gallup Polls out today: Clinton beats McCain by 6; McCain beats Clinton by 1

Why is it that when white voters support Clinton, it's because Obama is "failing to connect?"

KO, please don't kiss Hillary's ass tonight

KO, please don't kiss Hillary's ass tonight

Hannity has issue with the "Million Man March"!

The Big List of Obama Lies

Hillary's newest ad:

Hillary's newest ad:


Heading out to Obama Rally in Pittsburgh soon...

Karl Rove worried for Hillary!

I denounce everything that's anti-anything

McCain's Exploitation of John Lewis (Obama Supporter) in Selma, Alabama

KO: By the way, you might try rubbing it on your ratings.

Obama gains from delegates from Democrats Abroad final tally

Clinton Releases Her FEC Report

If Hillary gets the nomination, I'm moving to Bosnia

If Hillary gets the nomination, I'm moving to Bosnia

Since it looks like it may be close tomorrow...

Since it looks like it may be close tomorrow...

The one unanswered question about the Pennsylvania Primary:

Obama: 'Why can't I just eat my waffle?'

The person who will finally tell Hillary to end her campaign

Waiting for Keith, heard slob Matthews say that Obama will get 28% because


Hillary Clinton's china.

Hillary Clinton's china.

Hillary Clinton's china.

Hillary Clinton's china.


Why Women Vote for Obama

Graph of today's PA polls with average of all of them


Greetings from the Keystone State: See you all after the primary tomorrow!

Pretty in pink

Hillary is more electable - YOU NEED A REVOLUTION TO ELECT OBAMA

Hillary's Scare Tactic Video Ad presents "Obama in 30 Seconds": vote on your favorite ad

Obama In 30 Seconds: You Can Start Voting Now!

White guys in Pennsylvania are a probelm for Barack CSM reports

Who really out spent who?

Did Obama's 1 minute Lobbyist Ad get air time?

Just reported on MSNBC that Obama has gone negative

Hillary needs to win by 25% tommorrow

Clinton Needs Record Margins to Win Popular Vote

Obama has come back from 26 points behind in PA against Billary (yes Billary)

WHY is KO giving HRC a free primetime ad? and will he have OBAMA on right after her TONIGHT?

I don't like Joe Scarborough

I don't like Joe Scarborough

Pat Buchanan's headline tonight: Barack Obama can't close the deal

Where Did All The Obama Signs Come From?

PHOTOS: Barack and Michelle campaigning today in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Obama rally at the Petersen Events Center (Pitt Campus) tonight at 9:30pm

USA Today/Gallup Poll National Numbers: Obama 50, Clinton 40

The Personality Factor: Another Reason For Clinton's Poor Performance

Obama Is Flush, Clinton In Debt - AP

Heads Up, KO on NOW. MSNBC

AP: Obama vows to boost Puerto Rico's economy

How the hell does BO think he can unite the Country if he can't unite the Democratic Party


This needs to be adressed

I should change my career path and become a pollster

Al Giordano at The Field Predicts Clinton Wins PA 52-48, but Only +4 Delegates

Al Giordano at The Field Predicts Clinton Wins PA 52-48, but Only +4 Delegates

I just want this PA spin-cycle circus to be over.

I just want this PA spin-cycle circus to be over.

Gallup: Obama 49, Clinton 42

Gallup: Obama 49, Clinton 42

Yes, Hillary is evil, the worst kind of evil, the kind that pretends to be virtuous.

Are There Any Obama Supporters Who Want Clinton On The Ticket For VP?


What do these people have in common???

What percentage of voters in PA tomorrow will be 'bitter' ?

Hillary Clinton, like the neoconservatives, has vivid flashbacks to the Cold War.

Obama - KDKA-tv - - Pittsburgh

The closeness of the polling suggests that turnout is the key to winning PA.


***Obama Rally Live on PCN 10:15 p.m.***

Obama showed last fall how to handle the hypothetical question on Iran that sunk Hillary tonight

Good luck and best wishes to all the Pennsylvania voters tomorrow

Anybody Feel Like Singing 'Kumbaya' ???

Pennsylvania 6 5000

Hillary live from Philly now - Obama in Pittsburgh soon - C-SPAN nt

Jon Stewart tells Obama the real concern voters have - LOL

If HRC were imposed by the superdelegates, wouldn't that make the primaries a waste of time?

If HRC were imposed by the superdelegates, wouldn't that make the primaries a waste of time?

A blast from the past--the Iowa ad that helped sink the Dems in the 2004 general

BREAKING: Why Obama will NOT win tomorrow!

Did Obama actually say, quote, "I'm going to lose," unquote, or

Sen. Casey, Michelle Obama and Sen. Obama...

Goalposts now in NC

fun for both sides if you want some(hillary vrs obama vrs mccain on wwe raw)

The Carlysle Group is also tied to the Clintons

Is Andrew Sullivan lying or did Bill Clinton really run anti-gay ads on fundie radio stations in 96?

If Obama Could Win Missouri, He Could Definitely Win Pennsylvania

Barack at Bethlehem Brew Works

Barack at Bethlehem Brew Works

1 month ago: Obama backer charged with 16 counts

Here are my questions

Here are my questions

Should Hillary Clinton face a primary challenge for her Senate seat if she loses the nomination?

I hope the people in charge of online PA registration....

The person who wrote this is not very smart

Post your StarWars quotes about the Primaries here

HA! Jon Stewart on finger-gate

The Obama people are all over my neighborhood

Hillary Clinton runs Bush like Osama Bin Laden Scare Ad

Katz sticks to his prediction: Clinton 54%, Obama 46%!

Here's how Hillary can still win!

Don't worry, George Bush will be keeping an eye on things tomorrow.

"Obama refused to put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance." -- Lyin' Tim Russert

Obama on Daily Show Now

Do you agree with the Osama Bin Laden Ad that Clinton is running against a fellow Democrat?

They showed McCain on the news tonite being walked in.

After seeing HRC on KO, I changed my mind

*** Obama LIVE @ University of Pittsburgh Starting NOW - 10:15pm est [WATCH IT HERE]***

*** Obama LIVE @ University of Pittsburgh Starting NOW - 10:15pm est [WATCH IT HERE]***

If Iran nuked Israel, who would obliterate Iran?

Hilarious video of McCain with gospel singers

Jon Stewart gives props to Primanti Brothers! Obama says he'll try it out......

"Can I just eat my waffles?"

Progressive blogger slams Obama camp for exaggerating over Hillary ad

I want an Obama victory tomorrow -

I just shut KO off

Voting for the Iraq War Resolution HELPED Osama bin Laden!


If Obama keeps it under 10 points it is a win, Under 5 and Hillary is done....

Post or Rate your favorite Obama pictures here!

Obama takes swipe at Stephanopoulos/Gibson (in good humor) on the Daily Show tonight.

Does Hillary really think that a SPEECH will lower gas prices?

Obama uses sexist language in speech.

The winner of 4/22 Primary:

Bill Clinton: Under GOP Primary System, Hillary Would Be Winning

Obama coming up on the Daily Show!

Do you approve of a Democratic candidate featuring Osama bin Laden in an advertisement?

BARACKY fans YES WE CAN it only takes ONE VOICE to brush the DIRT OFF OF YOUR SHOULDERS. . .

Huge surge in registration in Philly and its suburbs may help Obama

Oh. My. Clinton's FEC March Numbers are up. It doesn't look good. At All.

Oh. My. Clinton's FEC March Numbers are up. It doesn't look good. At All.

Final Zogby tracking poll: Clinton up big in PA-51-41%

What Kind of Dinosaur is McCain?

Obama ads running practically every commercial break here in pa

Outspent in Pennsylvania, bigtime.

Jon Stewart to Obama: "Our real concern, should you win presidency, will you pull a bait & switch"

Looks like Baracks's Rally at the Univ of Pit is on CSPAN

I Believe! ~OBAMA 44th POTUS~

**HRC on LKL now***

The General Discussion: Primaries Score Card. Keep track of how you do!

Please PRAY for Obama tonight. PRAY that he wins tomorrow! Please!!!

Republican 527 Ad launched

What does it say about America that the two Democratic candidates

Final Survey USA PA Poll: Clinton: 50, Obama: 44

S.C. Church sign links Obama with Osama bin Laden, pastor "just wanted to make people think"

I know this is futile, but I must ask

Hillary Clinton is not an evil woman.

Hillary is expected to win PA by double digits.

Let's go back to '04.. Imagine that Dean did NOT drop out

Financial Times endorses Obama

Obama staffer admits St. Obama has run a negative campaign. Change we can believe in?

Hillary looked 70 years old on Olbermann.

A prayer for Hillary..Hillary supporters

Hillary: Beyond hypocrisy

So first they leak it to Drudge, then they deny leaking it to Drudge?

So first they leak it to Drudge, then they deny leaking it to Drudge?

Why are so many Obama supporters so angry .. so

Poll: Clinton Headed for Keystone State Win--and Clinton winner of the debate

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp....that's the sound you hear

The one thing I won't put up with from Hillary supporters (OR OBAMA SUPPORTERS) ...

The spin is BS, Hillary needs more than 20% in PA, and the superdelegates can't help her.

My 1st and last OP in GDP

When Obama loses tomorrow in Pennsylvania....

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/21/08 - Obama up 1 (47), Clinton unchanged (42)

Why should Hillary GIVE the nomination to Obama?

Pennsylvania's Mostly Unverifiable, Unrecountable Voting

Why hasn't Obama been able to win the primary with Unity, Hope and Change?

A Guaranteed Hillary win in PA. How? - Almost 90% touch screen voting w/no paper record.

There is going to be a few disappointed Hillary Supporters tomorrow.

Madam Speaker... President Obama And His Cabinet (Pick His Cabinet via Pics)

Truth is, no one will ever REALLY know who will win tomorrow.

Yes, Hillary Clinton allowed Bin Ladin to escape

Out of curiosity, who here has an undergrad or graduate degree in political science?

Oh it sounds like Hillary is sick!

Hillary's smearing Obama with "Farrakhan" may make it impossible for me to ever vote for her.

Clinton and Obama will be at the NC Jefferson Jackson dinner May 3.

Questions you want KO to ask Hillary Clinton

CLINTON UNDER PRESSURE: Inappropriate laughter and bizarre comments.

5 polls out today. Clinton leads by 10, 5, 6, 7 and trails by 3 in one

Ron Paul's brilliant take on Iran

Why can't Obama put it away?

"Osama Obama... Hummm.. Are they brothers?"

24 more hours till PA..Where will YOU be? Here, I Hope!!!

Rendell in 11th-Hour Switch to Obama!

***********PA DUers check in here****************

Michael Moore on Clinton: "...Downright Disgusting." "...Stoking the Fire of Stupidity."

If Hillary's Supporters Won't Donate Money- They Won't Bother Voting, Either

If Hillary's Supporters Won't Donate Money- They Won't Bother Voting, Either

Wall Street Journal: Gun-owners happier, richer than non gun-owners

If SD's break for Clinton and end this thing early - one thing added

If SD's break for Clinton and end this thing early - one thing added

ABC News:Democrats' Pennsylvania Brawl Intensifies:Obamcans are tire slashing!!!

UNofficial PA prediction thread... post it here folks...

Obama Camp Robocall Hits Hillary On Guns

GOP Bait-and-Switch? Does anyone share my foreboding that McCain won't be the candidate?

There's a "keep going" win and a "change the dynamic" win

Obama avoids media in final days of PA

The shrill whining of the Anti Hillary Anti Obama crowd is pretty sad.

Read Between the Lines – Clinton Super Delegates are Packing their Bags and Moving On

President Obama will NOT retaliate against Iran should they attack Israel

President Obama will NOT retaliate against Iran should they attack Israel

Beyond Pennsylvania, a Weakened Clinton

Tomorrow is NOT going to change anything, whether HRC wins by 15 or 5. The supers

Check out my Obama in 30 Seconds ads competing on MoveOn.Org

Who would pre-emptively strike Iran based on faulty Intel/lies???

If I was $10.3 Million in the hole, I would be fired..... (regardless of what it says on my resume)

Win PA, Lose doesn't matter much

FT endorse Barack Obama

My 85 year old Irish Catholic grandma is voting for OBAMA tomorrow!

My 85 year old Irish Catholic grandma is voting for OBAMA tomorrow!

Get in on the Obama Million Dollar Minute - DO IT NOW - Deadline TODAY

Let's make a donation bet: Obama supporters estimate the percentages for PA...

Michael Moore Endorses Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton: Entire World is Watching Pennsylvania

It's That Time Again Folks! Give it up for Keith Olbermann!

Hillary: If Iran Attacked Israel With Nukes 'We Would Be Able To Totally Obliterate Them'

Hillary, War with Iran is No Laughing Matter- By Senator Gravel

With Hillary's bin Laden advertisement, she should leave the Democratic Party!

Media silent on Clinton under pressure: Inappropriate laughing and strange comments.

Hillary adds FOUR Super Delegates in 3 days:

Did I hear right? HRC told KO McCain would be worse than Bush then told LKL McCain has

Bill Clinton blames Ethanol for "Pasta Riots" in Italy

I have news for you.......buying an election does not mean your candidate is better.....

That was a cheap tactic Olbermann used

Question for Obama supporters re Hugo Chavez is a dictator...

Obama: "We already have a President who plays the politics of fear, and we don't need another."

Isn't it common knowledge that Israel has nukes?

Rendell says young Obama supporters "drink the kool-aid" and gets pwned.

Pic request: yard signs and neighborhoods bedecked for the PA primary!

The Pledged Delegate Race Has Been Over For Weeks, Its Now a Contest To Get To 2024

Hillary's campaign is officially broke! (Details inside)

I'm so angry I can hardly type this - Obama and Clinton supporters

Does Hillary propose killing every man, woman and child in Iran?

Does Hillary propose killing every man, woman and child in Iran?

Pennsylvania: “Trust us to count your vote, even though you can’t verify it” ( TIA )

If Spitzer can be brought down, I reckon anyone can be brought down

Pennsylvania. The Numbers. Part 2.

It Is April, Do You Know Who Your Political Opponent Is?

It Is April, Do You Know Who Your Political Opponent Is?

It Is April, Do You Know Who Your Political Opponent Is?

Regarding all of these "Obama has to do this" or "If this happens" or "Obama needs" lets be clear

I would like to donate $17.76 to Obama tonight.

Scary Quote From Sen. Clinton:

Mark Crispin Miller on Hartmann - "Get psychologically prepared for another election theft" and rasmussen shares: Obama 82, Clinton 15 .... same as weeks ago....

Mellencamp to join Obama on stage tomorrow in Evansville, IN.


Unofficial PA Primary Gambling Thread !

Iraq was the inevitable consequence of the policy of the DLC...ignoring your base constituency.

"They've got a secret." In Pennsylvania.

"Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton," Bush responded.

Are You Cool With Clinton Running an Osama Bin Laden Ad Against a Democrat?

Senator Obama is not an evil man

MY PA PREDICTION : Obama 52 / Clinton 48

MY PA PREDICTION : Obama 52 / Clinton 48

Obama 49/Clinton 46-Public Policy Polling-Final PA (Most Accurate This Election Cycle)



Rampant Sexism.

Don't Miss Special Coverage Of The PA Primary (W/ TYT, Donahue & Much More)!

Clinton superdelegate, Bill Nelson, lashes out at DNC again today.


As a Hillary supporter, I feel that I'm banging my head against the wall....

HRC on KO: Scaife = "deathbed confession" and "See! I'm a uniter -- w00t!!"

My prediction: Clinton 57%, Obama 42%

Obama chickens out of North Carolina debate.

BREAKING: Obama Wins in PA

"Why I'm running the Boston Marathon" ~ Boston Marathon tomorrow - 26.2 miles!

U.S. media deceitfully disseminates government propaganda

No improvement in climate fight since 2006 film: Gore

This Is Not America!

"F troop" in Baghdad.

TMI, pls. delete! I know what I'm thinking! nt

Should Babylon Sister change her OP title back to

4.5 aftershock in Illinois just a few minutes ago

Joy Ride

Piling On: Borrowers Buried by Fees

Colombian unions campaign against FTA

Help celebrate's 100th Caption Archive!

Jimmy Carter: Patriot

Rise In Desertions Mentioned But Spun In Palm Beach Post

Truth Vs. 'Trash Journalism:' McCain's Weak Rebuttal To Damaging Allegations

John Oliver: Terrifying Times

Michael Brown and Mark Penn to form a new company?

In Lean Times, Biotech Grains Are Less Taboo

Oil running out as prime energy source: world poll

Salvation Farming

Wake Up America!!!

Scott Horton LA Times Op/Ed: "Which Came First: Memo Or Torture?"

The Value of Anecdotal Evidence

A Serious Path to a Hillary Nomination

The Secret NAFTA PJ Party in NO

Flag pins

"Snafu" - Torture Victim Records Lost-He Was Sexually Taunted & Forced To Perform Dog Tricks

Al Gore slams the door on running or joining

When primaries and weather merge:

Economy is bad yet donations to the presidential candidates set record highs.

"In Sickness and in Power: Illnesses in Heads of Government during the Last 100 Years"

Would the Founding Fathers be proud of us?

The Peantagon has been paying media types to promote torture. Think I found one

What's your favorite regional colloquialism or word?

Vermont: Same-sex marriage report due

Rice itching to get Iran war going; mocks cleric al-Sadr as coward

"My Boy Jack" on PBS last night

Perhaps the woman who brought down the polygamist cult is psychic?

After 8 years, can you imagine a president who might disagree without

Rice Calls Sadr a "Coward"; Echoes "Bring'em On"

The Minutemen Scam

Pat Buchanan is an out and out racist

The Hole Digger

When this primary is over and we have a candidate, I don't want to hear any


After listening to Lionel ridicule and ignore his first two callers,

U.S. to Expand Collection Of Crime Suspects' DNA/Policy Adds People Arrested but Not Convicted

TIGHTENING THE SCREWS- U.S. to Expand Collection Of Crime Suspects' DNA

Judges deny some crack convicts legal help on sentences

Carter vs. Bush

"Egg-as-Person" Backers Call Out Conservative Wimps

Iran says Muqtada al-Sadr is NOT in Iran - I say he is in US custody with a bag over his head

Sales Of Hybrid Vehicles Zooming

Student loan 'train wreck' predicted

CNN quick vote---Are rising gas prices cutting into your food budget?

CLASS! The Phelps crew at Yankee stadium

Coulter signs books/posters at Furman...appropriately in the toilet.

Worst. Debate. Ever.

Al Sadr's Army : How Long Before Al Sadr Sends His Army To War, Will The Surge Stop Working?

Here is why we need to stay focused and fight this evil regime

Sequoia Voting Systems Confirms BRAD BLOG Takeover Attempt Report...

LOL! FOX business commentator by day, sells sex potion by night.

Rice, in Iraq, lashes out at Muqtada Sadr:The secretary of State mocks his threat of all-out war

Using Food to Make Fuel Is "Criminal" Venezuela's Ramirez Says

Carter: Hamas is willing to accept Israel as its neighbor

Somebody please see that this gets on the front page!

Brent Wilkes: Broke and Busted

higher oil prices this a.m. - CNN lists fired upon oil tanker as one reason

"We're for McCain"

"We're for McCain"

Rebuttal: Video clips showing Democrats saying Saddam had WMDs.

Looks like Hamas may be backing off their position a little.

Standing Up When It Counts.....

The Rude Pundit: John McCain Is a Total Dick

Obama folks, I'm depressed

Cheney: withdrawing troops from Iraq would create the same outcome as Afghanistan prior to 9/11

Enjoy a little laughter at a couple of idiots---

Mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s future for nothing! - Today’s Headlines 4/21/08

WTF Toddler Threatens To Kill President Bush! (This Video Is Banned From YouTube)

Harry Taylor (NC-09) earns labor endorsement

Florida Senate amendment takes on 'Truck Nutz'

McCain quote about 'angry' Americans. Why is it OK for him to say?

Pentagon Sock Puppets: Then and Now

Well,I guess we'll be in Iraq for 10 more years,at least

Activist charged with illegally feeding bears

At least one of the has some sense

Bernie Sanders on Colbert Report 2Night!

Didja ever notice that when Cindy McCain looks

Their country ravaged by Bush's war, Iraqi refugees find the U.S. indifferent to their plight

Survey: Majority of Physicians Support Not For Profit Health Care

WTF? Cindy McCain is co-hosting The View???

McCain holds a rally in Selma Alabama. and 100 people show up!!

Did John Ashcroft really lose in 2000 because of a sympathy vote?

What genius is separating the two issues when they are one?

Wow, hilarious! I actually googled my username

Are Liberal Commentators too gentle on John McCain?

196 days left until the end of the Reign of (T)Error..............

Aime Cesaire 1913–2008: Remembering the Life and Legacy of the Black Pride Poet

John Kerry:The "other" big event tomorrow(hearing on the internet)


In midst of recession, Halliburton rakes in billions.»

"To be a Republican" Great LTTE in Salt Lake Tribune

Gas went up 22 cents/gal in the last 5 days

Blast from the past - 11/19/1993 - McCain's endorsement of NAFTA

Rep. Don Young's (R-AK) Ties to Abramoff Found in Mariana Records

Does DU have a forum for McCain?

Another of B*sh's controversial judge nominees got through this weekend

John Yoo (fucking co-writer of "The Patriot Act")...

April 22 - Equal Pay Day

How do I verify a cashiers check?

I’m brillig again, and totally covered with slithy toves.

May Day call to ACTION

How do you think Richard Belzer has done as a guest host on "Air America"?

Carter now has a tentative agreement with Hamas. Now the ball is in

White House challenges release of visitor logs

Our friend Cokie on NPR this morning "He surely has studied this"

I Surrender, Air America Radio!

Condi: no private arms in "any democratic state."

Hillary supporters: Are you proud of the way that she has conducted her campaign?

Looking for a conservative, small-government candidate?


MSNBC Gregory Race for the White House will be simulcast on Maddow Show

I participated in a military base flea market over the weekend

Paying Respects

Remember Abeer, 14 yr Iraqi,raped,murdered?US army increases moral waivers to meet demand for troops

I am so embarrassed for Grampa..

Who would be in your DREAM CABINET?

TSA agents save us from a 5 foot 1, 74-year-old Holocaust survivor grandmother

Can someone explain why it is believed the U.S. isn't dense enough for trains?

Tony "3000 Dead Americans Just A Number" Snow Joins CNN As Political Contributor

Hamas offers truce in return for 1967 borders

From CREW-"Associated Press: White House Appealing Visitor Logs"


Something Clinton supporters need to understand-

LTTE - The local global warming denier turns his attention to the war and its protestors.

More convicted felons allowed to enlist in Army, Marines

Today I spoke with a moron. A citizen of Dumbfuckistan. The topic was 'socialized medicine'

Sen. Obama finesses his lobbyist ties

Vote for your Candidate with Vermont Bears

Does anyone know when plastic baby bottles came into use?

Earth Day speech by Cynthia McKinney

What do Mormon Feminists think of the FLDS raid?

Repuglican Congressional candidate Zirkle speaks to NeoNazi group

How close are you to your "tipping point"?

Tony Snow Joins CNN

Mrs. McCain (Cindy!) was a co-host on the View this morning

Radio interview with Robert Parry of Consortium News

Think Progress: Addington, Gonzales Witnessed Gitmo Interrogations In 2002; Approved Of ‘Whatever...

Caption Grandpa >>

Our Fathers - the movie about the catholic church's cover up

Our Fathers - the movie about the catholic church's cover up

Why does Rachel tolerate being marginalized

Message from CBS tonight:

Ann Coulter does a book signing in a toilet

The Bank of England offers help

Condi ridicules Sadr for cowardice

So what do you think of this?

Sec Def Gates calls on Air Force leadership to "dissent."

How the hell does HRC think SHEhe can unite the Country if she can't unite the Democratic Party?

Exclusive: Top 30 Newspaper Sites for March

House Dems Outraise Republicans, Again

Ms Rice wants to abolish the Second Amendment.

Anchorage Mayor to Challenge Ted Stevens (R-crook)

Anybody know anything about that TATA Nano?

Pot Smokers Welcomed At University of Colorado

General: Army Can't End 'Stop-Loss' Until Late 2009

This guy was on THE COLBERT REPORT with the Pentagon Black Ops Patches

I Believe In Miracles - Yes? No?

Which topics should be off limits when attacking McCain?

Military recruiting more felons than ever. "Moral Waivers" versus the draft?

Congressman Holt to press on with paper-ballot emergency voting bill

Egypt Could Become Global Gold Producer In Next Decade

Addington, Gonzales Witnessed Gitmo Interrogations In 2002; Approved Of ‘Whatever Needs To Be Done’»

when do the polls close in PA tomorrow...?

Why the huge crowds and $40 million a month and Obama is still not way ahead....

convicted felons enlist in Army, Marines; Air Force not doing enough...

Germans don't like George W. Bush

Obamites threatening, harassing black Clinton supporters

Operation Helmet-since we still haven't managed to "Support the Troops"

***Tony Snow joins CNN***

Save money. Find fresh items locally

Are there any good children's news websites?

Check out this idiotic poll

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition Released {on Thur 24 April}

It must have been the rapture...

US back in the killing busniess. The Supremes deny appeals.

Clinton on Iran Attack: 'Obliterate Them'

Commuter communities are are being abandoned

What If Iraq Had Invaded The U.S. (part 3)

Economic Report: The Economy Is On The Minds Of Young PA Voters

Ben Stein shows he's no Michael Moore: "Expelled" flops.

Man Arrested After Pumping Gas Into Imaginary Car

DNA tests begin in polygamy case

MSNBC: Sagging economy producing more mouths for relief agencies to feed, drying up donations

Abrams will speak about the letters re Siegelman

check out the nytimes webpage / bu$h* pic with baghdad story to left

"contraceptive methods of birth control have caused serious damage in family relationships"

Scientists: Even Bigger Quake Could Hit Midwest

King, School To Blame, Says Defense Lawyer

+++ 4,039 +++

Can You Spend $3 Trillion Better than Bush?

The elephant in McBush's face

what is that GROWTH on Senator McCain's face

Wow check out this GREAT video

If Hillary is elected President she will become


Hedge Fund Managers Making $2 Billion Salaries from Oil Price Hedges! [CNN]

A truly HONEST question that deserves an honest answer.

Anyone out there been banned lately at Huffingtonpost?

"the Bush administration never intended to leave Iraq and still doesn't"

"I'm bkmarking this thread so I can dig it up when Hillary becomes president"

US News Media's Latest Disgrace

"I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president we will attack Iran," Clinton said.

Here are my questions

Will Carter's Hamas Foray Bear Fruit?

GAO Says Bush Administration Violated Law on SCHIP Program

CNN don't seem to understand how URLs work with their TShirt generator

CNN has almost completed it's metamorphosis into Faux News II with the addition of Tony Snow!

Prince (William) Lands Chopper In Girlfriend's Yard

The trillion-dollar mortgage time bomb - Risks are rising that Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac need bailout

CNN Profile: "America's Money: In their own words"- SUPPOSEDLY about 'economic hard times'

Even with the sound off, the media is biased

13-year-old charged with felony, endangered a student allergic to peanuts

Malloy listeners: Link to NYT article about retired military brass on teevee

PLEASE respond to my congressman's editorial re:Gas Prices..It's OUR fault

earthquakes in Obama Land is it a sign or Message

So, are any of the House or Senate members investigating

God DAMN you, John Stewart!!

$3.50 gas, no health care, economy's a fraud, torture, genocide in Iraq...

Violence at the border...DA!!

Over 110 Aircraft To Take Part In CIS Command-And-Staff Drill

this is the high definition of an optimist....'McCain, in Alabama, Courts Black Voters'

A belated Happy Patriot's Day.

MSN: Average Joe still can't afford a home

StarTrib:"up to half of all houses ... (in) foreclosure during the past year are owned by investors"

Dean says DNC becomes "political operation" of the WH if Dem wins...won't do that.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

**OFFICIAL** Barack on The Daily Show Tailgate Party Thread **OFFICIAL**

Senate Dems Crushing GOP in Fundraising

Listen to Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes on AM 1150 (terrestrial radio)

So, lets be realistic

Primary MATH Made Easy with the Delegate Calculator

15,000 honor Tillman in Arizona at run on Saturday. Afghanistan too.

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World (USA)

1/6 of McSame's top fund raisers are lobbyists

School milk prices rising

Meet the Monsters: Men From Polygamy Cult Speak

And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for ?

How do we know McCain refused to be released from the POW camp

The U.S. Role in Haiti's Food Riots

One of the strongest women in the world died early this morning .. my aunt Frances.

Food Rationing - What the F? Anybody else experiencing this in your state?

FLDS polygamists make at least one valid claim, IMHO:

Karl Rove Called to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

We need a Senate with a progressive Democratic majority

Pilgrim where is your Visa?

Check it out for it chickenshit?

Rice, death and the dollar

A question about cancer

NYT: "Worked Over and Overworked" - About the SCREWED-OVER American Working Person

Robert Parry: US News Media's Latest Disgrace

chuckle nuts to be on Deal or No Deal next week. I will NEVER watch it again

What the hell is going on in Chicago? 21 shot in a 17 hour period.

Dan Abrams Answers Karl Rove at Huffington Post: (Re: Siegelman Case "You Have Refused To Answer")

I was wondering when grocery stores would start wising up

How does one commit suicide while being bound and gagged?

Critically wounded soldier requests John Kerry pin his Purple Heart

The "Other" Big Event Tomorrow by John Kerry (re: net neutrality)

Moonies Manipulating YouTube Ratings to Suppress Critical Video

Peace Might Break Out In The Middle East, Thanks To That Scoundral Jimmy Carter

CALIFORNIA MOTH SPRAYING is bad for your health

Is Senator McCain Really A "War Hero" Candidate?

It's official -- Mayor Mark Begich (D-AK) is running for Senate

Fresno, CA Police Kill Student at Local High School

Bush's Last Signing Statement -- Check Out What Parts of HR 4986 He's Ignoring!

DNA tests offer deeper examination of accused

Former Justice Official Charged in Abramoff Investigation

I hereby dub this Congress:

I hereby dub this Congress:

Will Bush Lose His Nazi Hideaway?

MSN article about a consistent drop in college enrollment

'More than 120 veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq commit suicide every week'

The Astie is gone! THE ASTIE IS GONE!!!

The ABC debate debacle requires us to take action now.

Elizabeth Edwards Responds to McCain over Healthcare - Hope its not a dupe.

VetVoice: Condi calling al-Sadr a coward "provides a huge piece of propaganda" & "a rallying point"

Gas Cost in Your Area?

The dark underside of Oprah's Big Give -- Generous? No doubt. But...

Greg Palast: Jose Can You See? Bush's Trojan Taco

Wow check out this excerpt from Chafee's book - IT IS CHILLING

Nazis fired from Poppy's Prez campaign in 1988!

How come the globalization cheerleaders failed to foresee the worldwide food riots?

A rant from my right wing cousin!

"I Like Weed"

I've got my rabbit ears on

I'm glad that I joined this place last year....

Need suggestions for good vegan cheese.

I want to live in a village.

Is Bush appointing Mayors now?

Should Babylon Sister change her OP title back to

Why in the hell do the UBS ports on my computer fail after a

"Shakespeare is best experienced in the original Klingon."

Question about self-employment and health insurance

There Will Be Blood was robbed.

Poppapalooza over yet?

Caption this dog!


Baseball fans - a poll

Sad day: Rockridge Institute (progessive think tank) is closing

The Engineer's Guide to Cats --

Does anyone live in the Chelsea/Village area of NY?'s "Five lies we all tell at work"

Joe Jackson: Night And Day, or Night And Day II?

Where can I start a blog? Best sites? Thanks!

Why are assholes people?

It's not that hard, is it?

What kind of accent does Daniel Radcliffe have in RL?


My apologies to all DU Catholics!

My apologies to all DU Catholics!

Shoeless Joe Jackson: Eight Men Out, or Field of Dreams?

Half of American Women would swap tv for 50 inch sex.

Today's moments of WHEEEE!

Can I use a "170-250V" input power supply with 120V input power?

Know your GIANT Oceanic GARBAGE PATCHes

Just one month of 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday

Ok, crank up the good interview vibe machine please...

What ever happened to mith nanthy?

There's two kind of people in the world.... people who like my cookie monster T-shirt.....

New Universal Sign For Gasoline

In honor of Darth tutlezoot's trip: caption a pic.

Is empathy a gene? And some people have it and some don't,

Its Monday

It's not like it's the best job in the world, but I'd rather KEEP it, if they don't mind.

The Pike's Place blend at Starbucks is really good!

Is My Boyfriend Gay?

Anyone else hate that f'ing commercial for AVIS with the jealous car?

Is my gay neighbor gay?

So I just finished ironing my dress up clothes for my interview, and I get an email

Is my father's, cousin's, boyfriend's dog groomer's mechanic gay?

What are some DU approved cars?

Well, I am off to blow my paycheck on food and gas for the week

I'm leaving soon..

Thanks to Mods and concerned DU'ers who alerted for the prompt

With his 4 CDs, 7 DVDs & ACTION Workbook, Tony Robbins will bring LOVE & PASSION to YOU (for $89.99)

Bond car slides off road into Italian lake. PIC

Who shops at resale outlets?

Man trapped in elevator for 41 hours.

Man trapped in elevator for 41 hours.

Now what?

Is My Friend's Boyfriend Gay?

Did anyone watch "The Bully" on the Independent Film Channel last night?

Can anybody tell me what kind of car this is? Photo is from about 1912.

Is Larry Craig gay?

I broke my toilet plunger this morning

You fashion haters will LOVE this...

I was walking down the alley by the dumpsters today..

More Obama Logos!


Political Activism through music....

Why are men in rock groups perceived as being better looking, sexier, etc., than if they weren't in

Am I gay?

Why are people assholes?

ok, screw cigarettes

Tell me if this would be a good name for a band.

It is going to cost me $1800 to fix my car. The car is not

Who the hell starts a ball game at 11:05 a.m.?

WOW! Check out who just landed on my porch! (pics)

Check out what just landed on MY porch!

Hey Philboy---I found a shirt just for you....

Typical of douchebag shredders, it's overnoted; but Malmsteen pulls of a sweet "Red House"

BREAKING: How To Identify A Persian Cat!

WOW! Check out who just landed on my porch! (pics)

Someone had a party

Help!!! Have four feral kitties with eye infections.

Do you know that song? : "One man went to mow, Went to mow a meadow, ...

Female DU'rs

Who in your mind, would say this

Advice from physically active people needed.

I'm having the worst week ever..... and it's only Monday

I just had the best Cuban Sandwich in the world

Jesus held for ransom!

My ice rink closed on Saturday, so I went out and bought some roller blades.

A dog attacked my mom's cat yesterday

To everyone who needs cheering up or having a bad day.

Reminder: Barack Obama on Daily Show w/Jon Stewart tonight.

Thinking of changing jobs.

How many Oreos is it okay to eat each day before it's considered a problem?

Advice from physically attractive people needed.

Spring time at my house (picture heavy)

Do you Believe In Miracle Whip Or Best Foods/Hellmans

How difficult can it really be to obtain a copy of one's marriage

Oh Noes! Playboy's actually gonna do a "GIRLS OF THE OLIVE GARDEN!!1!!!1!!"

Off to the hardware store

I just fed Ava to my zombie

animal(dog) behavior help would be appreciated, aggressive dashund- bad owner

Advice wanted Even being a Tech and MCSE I have ZERO experience with...

Advice wanted Even being a Tech and MCSE I have ZERO experience with...

I just heard thunder, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Guess this is old news Brewers fans

Does anyone else here think meditation is hooey?

BREAKING-white mob chasing black men through Boston area streets

yay! I found a solution to my coffee problem!

The New Deal held off a popular revolt after "The Great Depression,"

good vibes for my sis please

This woman scares me

I'm bored. Are you? How about a smiley thread?

Hello from Minneapolis!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/21/2008)

Happy Birthday to James Newell Osterberg, Jr.

I can't imagine a hell much worse that this.

For Pro-Wrestling fans....Fitt Finley taps out to Sir William Regal!

Another tap-out to an Englishman!

Anyone else like ? Well George W. Bush needs your attention there regardless

A dog question

Mmmmm! Dinner!

License pics are the worst

Ahem. I seem to recall The Lounge was promised puppy pictures.

Time for this REPOST on birth control and poverty: How the Christofacists are making us all poorer:

Air Travel. Why do I dread it anymore?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/21/08


Ya know what I hate about this $3.55 a gallon gas

Straight Edge

You should watch WWE Monday Night Raw tonight.

My eight-yr-old son is drawing my "perfect tree house." There's a sign the lawn:

DU ! Talk to me !!!

I got it! I got it! I got it!!!11!

I am listening to John Edwards on the rerun from Colbert last week, that was so funny! "The EDword"

Uff da! 'Father Kills Son in Hunting Accident After Mistaking Him for Turkey'

Going to see Newton Faulkner this Friday!

Auto repair question...

I've owned my new cell phone for less than 72 hours, and I'm already "customizing" it...

LOL! Lisa Simpson played a marvelously spot-on Nancy Spungen.

Mother of the Groom dress...or Lady of the Evening?

I am FINALLY watching Being John Malkovich right now.

Men in skirts

So, you hit My DU, and there's a little blue 1 reply next to your last post....

HELP! Suggest a mindless novel for me to read for my flight on Wednesday.

Headlights for Hillary

I am having one of the worst days ever.

Here you go...Pics from MN DU meet up....

Florida's natural springs--which are your favorites?

Yes, I watch Dancing with the Stars

Running out of time...

Running out of time...

How can you get a stray cat to approach you

Which female lounge lizard can drink the most booze

You know the caveman in the Geico commercials?

Do you have a blog?

My 18 Year Old Kitty Has an Abcessed Tooth! Got Any Advice?

India Tech Bubble Bursting? "India becoming too expensive for tech firms"

So what does matcom have to be proud of?

Straight Edge

Creepy guy on the bus today.

How do you light something you want to smoke with a candle?

Okay, I don't want any dancing in the streets nor shouts of joy

XemaSab, could you please explain the point you are trying to make with this post?

I Believe In Miracles - Yes? No?

Vinyl and the return of the Priest

Today is gay day in the lounge: please let us know on a scale of 1-10 how gay are you?

Got new glasses today

I'm a Phillies addict and it's ruining my health.

Okay who wants nekkid table dancing pictures?

Does anybody out there besides me have fruitcake crazy siblings?

Does this give you more or less confidence in "science" . . . ???

Seriously, why do new homes NEED to be so BIG?

4 teaspoons of coffee for 12 cups of water...

What's your favorite regional colloquialism or word?

APB - the boyfriend has joined DU - say HI!!!!!!!

Ranto, ergo sum

Can you watch hockey live on the net?

From the funny inscrutable squiggles in My Buddy Journals...

Don't do right, do wrong, Dudley.

Poll question: I Believe In Miracles - Yes? No?

Hey Lounge! I put up my 2nd best time ever in the half-marathon...

What movie genre would best describe humanity?

Why One Libyan Town Became a Pipeline For Suicide Bombers in Iraq

US says Arab states have few excuses to deny support to Iraq

Colombian unions campaign against FTA

Female Suicide Bomber Kills Three In Iraq City - AFP

Michael Moore Endorses Barack Obama ("My Vote's for Obama")

Ex-Colombian congresswoman says she was bribed

Clinton Needs Record Margins, Turnout to Catch Obama

US veterans sue over 'poor care'

Unleashing the Bugs of War

Ecuador’s Leader Purges Military and Moves to Expel American Base

In Lean Times, Biotech Grains Are Less Taboo

Emmy-winning actress stumps for Obama

Security And Governance Biggest Afghan Problems: Solana

Clinton, Obama Make National TV Appearances

Poll: Clinton Headed for Keystone State Win

McCain: A Question of Temperament

Leading GOP Donors Push to Catch Up to Liberal Groups

Iran loses patience with Shell

US military: Roadside bomb hits convoy in Basra, causes casualties

Pakistan declares long-range missile ready for wartime use

UAE, US sign nuclear cooperation agreement

Ecuador could suspend US accords

US warplanes bomb Baghdad's Sadr City

Hitler ad fans tensions over Mexico oil reform plan

TSA agents save us from a 5 foot 1, 74-year-old Holocaust survivor grandmother

U.S. relaxes bid to halt atom enrichment tech sales

White House Appealing Visitor Logs

North American leaders to meet on NAFTA

Ecuador’s Leader Purges Military and Moves to Expel American Base

Hamas offers truce in return for 1967 borders

Ed Rendell, Clinton Surrogate, Passionately Praised Farrakhan In 1997

Obama predicts Clinton win in Pa. but says it will be close

Pakistan orders release of pro-Taliban militant leader

Karl Rove Called to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

Headless bodies make comeback (in Iraq)

Condi ridicules Sadr for cowardice

New Hillary Ad Shows Bin Laden, Asks: "Who Do You Think Has What It Takes?"

Sen. Nelson pushes for more oversight of military contractors

18-year-old SC student accused of plotting to bomb school

(NATO) Troop pledges by allies fall short

Army, Marines Enlist More Felons

Wage erosion cuts deeper in U.S.

U.S. indicts Canadian defense contractor

List of McCain Fund-Raisers Includes Prominent Lobbyists

Hormones Tied to Traders' Deal-Making, Study Finds

Uneasy about Byrd uncertainty (FailingHealth)

McCain exits campaign money race

Bank of America's profit drops 77 percent in first quarter

Iraq will confront Sadr, not allow open war

Obama widens national lead in USA TODAY/Gallup Poll

Missile hits headquarters of Iraq Shi'ite party

Gates says Air Force not doing enough in Iraq war effort

US general says he's ready to go to war with Iraqi cleric

US-based Merck to double workforce by year-end (in India)

Clinton on Iran Attack: 'Obliterate Them'

White House challenges release of visitor logs

New anti-terrorism rules 'allow US to spy on British motorists'

US seeks to block Zimbabwe-bound Chinese arms

(Sec of Defense) Gates says Air Force not doing enough in Iraq war effort

Accenture and Indian School of Business launch Accenture Management Development Academy in India

Roadside bomb kills 2 US soldiers north of Baghdad, military says(monday)

(US) Department of Labor sues Aggregate Industries ($1 million in back wages due 302 employees)

Couple plead guilty for defrauding Pentagon

Talking Veterans Down From Despair

Indictment: Strip club trip among bribes to sell faulty grenades

Hitachi picks a fight with Toshiba / Ties up with GE in bid to grab part of booming N-power market i

Defense Chief Advises Cadets on Disagreeing with Leaders

Suit claiming shoddy treatment of veterans goes to trial in S.F.

Rasmussen Poll: Obama leads Clinton nationally 47% to 42%

Will Bush Lose His Nazi Hideaway?

Protein That Cuts Malignancy Of Breast Cancer Discovered

Wall Street Journal managing editor stepping down

Allawi called to broker Sadr cease-fire

Campaign cash: Obama is flush, Clinton in debt (10.3 million)

DNA samples taken from polygamists' kids

Saudis Wary of New Oil Projects Pending Sales Forecast

Fringe GOP candidate spends Hitler's birthday with neo-Nazis

Saudi women 'kept in childhood'

Colombia's Uribe hit by another political scandal (while awaiting Bush's FTA)

F.D.A. Identifies Tainted Heparin in 11 Countries

Paris Makes Dalai Lama, Chinese Dissident Honorary Citizens

Saudi women appeal for legal freedoms



Taser maker goes to court to clear name

Oil reaches $117 for first time

Admiral reprimanded for lying during probe of relationship

US army increases use of moral waivers to meet demand for troops

Gates calls Iran 'hell bent' on getting nuclear arms

Amnesty unveils shock 'waterboarding' film

Rep. Douglas Bruce Ordered To Leave Podium Over Mexican Workers Remark

Rice fails to clinch Arab commitments on Iraq

VA Hid Suicide Risk, Internal E-Mails Show

Japan Warns On Oil Prices After Pirates Attack Tanker

Feds want to require visitors' fingerprints when leaving US

Retail gas hits record $3.50 a gallon as oil marches higher

Shiite cleric's followers ready to fight

North Carolina Democratic debate canceled

PETA’s Latest Tactic: $1 Million for Fake Meat

Tony Snow Joins CNN as Political Contributor

Life expectancy on the decline in parts of U.S.

North America summit unlikely to yield major agreements (SPP meeting in New Orleans today)

The Trillion-Dollar Mortgage Time Bomb

Oops! Texas officials now discover 21 more FLDS children than they thought they had

Former Justice official charged in Abramoff lobbying probe

General: Army needs 'stop-loss' until late 2009

Carter Says Hamas May Accept Right of Israel to Exist (Update1)

BREAKING: Obama Takes Lead in PA

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

Obama Nabs Ohio Superdelegate

Bush Torture Interview (September, 2006)

Saleem from Pittsburgh


Obama's Family Values

New Hillary


Obama vs Cable News

Real Time Overtime 4/18: Ayan Hirsi Ali tries to defend AEI, guests don't let her

Andrew Card Now Afraid of One Party Rule. Get used to the GOP wanting a stronger Congress

Rachel Maddow on Swiftboating Obama: Race to WH 4/18 part 1

Bill Clinton's Bedtime Stories

Davos Answer: From Competition to Cooperations

McCain admits gas tax cut proposal probably won't do much; cites Americans' "psychological" problems

Rock bands and artists speaking out about voting - JTMP.ORG

Tweety's panel deludes itself that McCain can appeal to younger voters

McCain repeats Gibson's Laffer curve nonsense, claims obama is out of touch on economy

Hillary Moves On MoveOn

Delusional: McCain claims he will cut all earmarks, cut defense waste (ha!)

TYT: Last Week's Highlights--Hillary, Obama, Maddow & More

Ron Paul "The High Tide"

Campaign Ad: Ready

Face The Nation's Bob Schieffer on Patriotism and Flag Pins

Rejected: Obama in 30 Seconds Ad

Watch in amazement as Darth Cheney kisses the Pope's butt. Amazing. Is it theocracy yet?

Obama Ad - Response to Clinton's Fear Ad

John McCain is older than . . .

Gov Rendell's Tuzla Moment - praises Farrakhan

Road to Change: Obama Everywhere in Pennsylvania

Jim Hightower on McCain

Clinton Supporter Gov. Ed Rendell Insults Young Voters - "Students drink the kool-aid..."

Bill Responds to Hillary's "Fear Factor" Ad With Call for Us To "Think and Hope" - Endorses Obama

Ted Kennedy phone banks at York, Pa.

A Day with Hillary Clinton

Olbermann: Bushed! 4/21 - Rice Taunts The Enemy; Buying-The-News-Gate

Countdown: McCain Too Hot-Headed to Be President? Anti-Anything?

Kitchen (Outrageous New Hillary Ad)

Hillary Clinton on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann pt.2


'Deal or No Deal,' Mr. President?

TYT: Hillary Must Reject & Denounce Rendell Immediately!

Obama Post-rally March on Philly, in City Hall

Dan Abrams Responds to Karl Rove regarding Siegelman coverge.

ABC News Democratic Debate PROTEST!

Olbermann asks HRC about Scaife

World Wrestling Raw tonight... All three candidates speak to the fans

Hillary Clinton - 'Would Obliterate Iran'


In Sadr City's new wall, shadows of Gaza, Vietnam

First 527 attack ad against Obama to be aired

Hillary Clinton on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann pt.1

Wafer wars, wedge issues and the pope’s visit

Few Clear Wins in U.S. Anti-Terror Cases

Thomas Frank: Obama's Touch of Class

How to re-enter society gracefully.

New anti-terrorism rules 'allow US to spy on British motorists'

U.S., Iran agree: al-Sadr's out

Michael Tomasky: Obama cannot let the right cast him in that 60s show

Unleashing the Bugs of War

Pentagon Propaganda May Have Been Illegal

Rummy’s “Message Force Multipliers” & you thought this admin had done no post Iraq invasion planning

Iraq's Sadr cannot be defeated by force: experts

The Guardian: Top Bush aides pushed for Guantánamo torture

The New Class...analysis of Pennsylvania's new Democrats, and why they could mean trouble...

About Obama's terrorist acquaintance (Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune, April 20, 2008)

Sherwood Ross: Obama For President

Fetching Water

Why One Libyan Town Became a Pipeline For Suicide Bombers in Iraq

I am part of the problem - a reader blog from TPM

God damn which America? North-South- or Central?

When NO means YES

The United States, China, Peak OIl, and the Demise of Neoliberalism

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Blind Spot (James Kunstler)

Which came first: memos or torture? John Yoo's legal opinions & questions about culpability & timing

Norman Solomon: Party Like It’s 1932: The Obama Option

Nora Ephron: White Men

Dan Abrams: A Letter to Karl Rove

In Baghdad, Struggle Ties Security to Basic Services

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

Arab News Editorial: Quest for Coalition

John McCain's Health Plan - Don't Get Sick in America

Using DNA of Family to Make Arrests. Emerging Practice Turns Relatives Into Genetic Informants

Get me rewrite!(This classic Dave Barry column was originally published June 10, 2001.)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 333

The left has lost its nerve and its direction

War assessment sobering: Iraq war has become a "major debacle" & has actually made America less safe

Teacher refuses to administer standardized test.

God damn America Pt II

House investigators want Bush administration documents about overseas contracts

American Troops Going Insane

Pope Benedict Explains Why Pedophiles Cling to Catholic Church

Lack of skilled workers will lead to crisis, experts say; immigrants must replace retiring Boomers

A Manual for the Economic Evaluation of Energy Eflciency and Renewable Energy Technologies

Prius mileage...

Billionaire Oil Tycoon Bets On Wind

Good tidings to start the week: Work begins on wind farm

Family dairies object to Farm Bill (Maine)

Australia extends rights over sea - BBC

(Home garden) Seed demand rises, driven by food costs (Maine)

Surge in Natural-Gas Price Stoked by New Global Trade

Interview with the Sun: Gore says laws must change

Obama, Clinton woo coal vote in upcoming primaries

Beijing Pressures Automakers To Improve Fuel Efficiency - NYT

In Bhutan, At Least 25 Swelling Glacial Lakes Pose Growing Threat Of Massive Sudden Floods - LAT

Sudden Oak Death Pathogen Apparently Mutating - New Limits On Plant Shipping Urged - ENN

UNEP - US Emissions On Track To Rise 23% By 2025 - Putative Date Of Bush "Plan" - AFP

Pakistan's Largest Private Utility At Risk Of Defaulting To State Oil Company

Moose Populations Dropping As Minnesota's Climate Rapidly Warms - USA Today

Panic Buying Of Gasoline Begins In Scotland On Threat Of Possible Refinery Strike - Scotsman

In Candidate Debates & TV Interviews, Eight Of 2,372 Questions Focused On The Environment

Winergy Power Expands Off-Shore Wind Project Capacity to 940-MW

4th Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts and Islands

First New US LNG Terminal In Nearly 30 Years Takes 1st Shipment In Cameron Parish

Saudi Arabia "Does Not Reckon There Is A Need" For Production Expansion Beyond 12.5 MBD - FT

Pollution Cutting Ability Of Flowers' Scents To Travel, Limiting Pollination - Independent

Clipper Windpower:: Setting Up To Become a Global Player (US manufacturer)

Don't eat your dog!

Oil running out as prime energy source: world poll - Reuers

PEMEX Update - Oil Production Down 7.9% During Q1 2008 - Exports Down, Gas Up - Business Week

GM Will Sell First Hybrid Cars In China - Hybrid Version Of Buick LaCrosse - CBS

4/21/20:50 GMT - Three Of Eleven Oil Benchmarks Over $120/bbl - Dubai 1M Cheapest At $107.50

Australian Thermal Coal Hits $130.93/Metric Ton - Seven-Week High - Bloomberg

Coral spawn turns Palau seas pink (BBC)

World's largest wind farm begins construction in Texas

New Mexico fights to protect the lynx (AP/CNN)

Captive tigers 'may save species' (BBC)

Th!nk (electric city car) launches U.S. business

Grangemouth (Scotland) Refinery Closing In Advance Of Strike - May Force Gas Field Shutdown

New Threat to Farmers: The Market Hedge

Sorry about the spotty posting last week.

Distressed war veterans get day in court

Book recommendation

Oil supply response to high prices to stay sluggish - Reuters

The Great Migration Crisis

Ethanol argument in GDP

Analysts Predict 15 - 20% Growth In Chinese Car Sales, 40 - 45% Growth For SUVs, Luxury Models

PEMEX March Production Numbers - All Liquids Down 83KBD From February, Off 335KBD YOY

Virtual water is the new carbon footprint

Africa plans biggest dam project (BBC)

The Great Genetically Modified Crop Myth

Ethanol Production Efficiencies Improve

Kunstler On Airlines, Trains: "Exactly How Far Does America Have Its Head Up Its Ass?"


Today in labor history April 21

Workers Memorial Day Materials Include McCain’s Voting Record on Job Safety

I'll only have a few posts between now and Thursday afternoon

Tough times for American workers

Union leaders face off for Obama, Clinton in Pennsylvania

NYC Disabled Ironworker Pushes For Disaster Healthcare Legislation

W Post: Election E-Mails Can End Your Term in the Office (job)

AP: American Axle strike hits 2 more General Motors factories

Are you making At Least $20 An Hour?

Why so stubborn? (Right-to-work proponents risk more than they might gain)

Anatomy of a Wall Street collapse

Are or have either Democratic candidate weighed in on

Corporate Personhood and the power of bad anologies.

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 04/18/2008

I am eligable for my employers "retirement" plan.

Concerned Women for America Caught Lying about Ex-Gay Fugitive, Life Expectancy

Sen. Greg Brophy, (R-Wray, CO) - Mental Midget


Vt. Commission Makes No Recommendation On Gay Marriage

KINKY NEWS NETWORK: CNN's Quest a very 'knotty' boy

Flashback 1996: Ad Touts Clinton's Opposing Gay Marriage

Media Milestones: The Evolution of the Gay Press

Same-sex panel releases report (Vt.)

Feisty Gay Bookstore That Fought Canada Customs Up For Sale

I got good news and bad news about the Day of Silence at my school

Military Using Convicted Felons To Replace Drummed Out Gays

GLBT TV channel files complaint against cable network

Obama Addresses Crowd In Berks County

Lawmaker uses short people to question gay-bias bill

Ecuador could suspend US accords

Ex-Colombian congresswoman says she was bribed

Ecuador’s Leader Purges Military and Moves to Expel American Base

HAITI: Part II of Lendeman's Review of Hallward's Book, "Damming the Flood"

'Dictator' ad stirs anger in Mexico

Hitler ad fans tensions over Mexico oil reform plan

The US role in Haiti's Food Riots by Bill Quigley

The World Bank Tries to Re-Write Bolivian History

Ex-Colombian congresswoman says she was bribed

Colombia's Uribe hit by another political scandal

CUBA: White House Press Corps Piles on State Dept. at Briefing

Cubans Participate in Volunteer Work Day

MORALES at UN Forum: "Duty to put an end to the capitalist system"

Hamas’ new strategy

Carter: Hamas will accept Israel

Hamas offers truce in return for 1967 borders

They should send Joe instead of Condi

Totally OT --

1st Place Florida Marlins

Moron Sawx fan - HAHAHA

Kobe must be a Republican with all of the lying he does.

We have proof that God wanted Ohio State to win

Global Marshall Plan-spiritual

Troll headache

Can someone recommend a Joel Goldsmith book?

Good Eats stovetop Mac & Cheese is awesome

Scones. Hot, fresh, and yummy!

Elk salami

Bionic eye 'blindness cure hope' (BBC)

10 Tips for Being a Greener Photographer.

examine a gourd

Survey: Support for national health insurance grows among physicians

Life Expectancy Drops for Some U.S. Women, Historic Reversal, in 1,000 Counties.....

all those toys and what do they have the most fun with?

Didn't Make It For the April Contest

Disney Concert Hall in LA (Frank Gehry building)

Cream of Celery Soup

Falling Waters (Frank Lloyd Wright house)

Help needed. Recommend a wide angle lens for Canon.

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

Due any day now

The political rhetoric of "socialized medicine"

Alicia : "I could not give up my job and lose our insurance"

New Guidelines Urge Heart Tests Before Kids Take ADHD Drugs


Are you guys watching "Alaska Week" on Discovery Channel?

China tells living Buddhas to obtain permission before they reincarnate (not a joke)

I just had a thought about Daniel in the Lion's Den...I wonder if the lions were so full

Are Bodhisattvas gimmicks designed to help Buddhists?

No Religious Oath--No Jury Service

Do animals have an afterlife?

Coral spawn turns Palau seas pink

Are you preparing to celebrate?

This is what your beloved NRA is up to...

Violent Weekend in Chicago: 37 Shot, 2 Stabbed, 7 Dead

Kansas governor signs machine gun bill

School bombing instead of school shooting

Few problems encountered with concealed carry

Is There a Wild Mushroom Expert In the House? *** includes two pics ***

Late-Night Berkeley Crash Death Man Was a Truth Movement Activist (Jasper Summer)

FBI Documents Confirm Bush Allowed Saudis To Escape After 9/11

MONTH OF TRUTH series on Air America that will involve the first REAL NATIONAL DEBATES on 9/11

The North American Competitiveness Council.

Weird-ass wild yeast

Posts from Sen. Kerry up on DKos and SaveTheInternet

Kerry catnip on HuffPost

Sen. Kerry pins on Sean Bannon's purple heart (Pics)

Well-known Idaho defense lawyer takes on notorious 9/11 client

The only thing worse than stadium subsidies is mall subsidies

My report from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival

TOP Recommended/Discussed Election Reform Threads (Mon April 14, 08 thru Sun April 20, 08)

A thread in GD-Pugilists brave ER posters might peek at:

The Pennsylvania Primary: Democracy of the Gods

Court appointments bring allegations of cronyism

History Repeats Itself (Texas Observer Editorial)

Texas passes NY on Fortune 500 list

Doggett breaks leg in biking accident

Jim Hightower Booksigning - Austin 4/23

Hey VelmaD, Where are you and what is happening with you?

How Does Austin Compare To Phoenix As A Place To Live?


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 04/21/08

Obama to be on Daily Show tonight (11 pm ET, Monday, April 21) n/t

Good luck tomorrow, Gang!

Another Liberal Values Obama Flood

Andrew Wherry's blog - some nice digging on "in and out" warrent

Search warrants suggest Tories overspent by $1-million

Harper Index: Insults, discourtesy and disrespect mark Harper team's behaviour

This time of year, we can all use an inspirational story

Report from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival

Fresno Police Kill Student at Local High School

Kohl: Unveils bill to prevent foreclosure scams against financially distressed homeowners

U.S. Rep. Kagen: President Bush has power to reduce high gas prices

Potentially good news: Anti-gay ballot measure proponents are on the ropes!

If the rebels prevail, Brown could be ousted in days

Washington Post Supports Anti-Atheist Bigotry - Atheist Ethicist

Yes it is true I AM AN ATHEIST.

Hillary will be on Countdown tonight.

And, as Hillary stood before her last Pennsylvania crowd before going on Countdown...

KOEB 4-21-08 - Hillary's last stand edition